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Foreword: Living matter vs. abstract physicists and big-bangs.

Introduction. 5D in a nutshell, the organic Universe.

Pentalogic on Physics: its 3±¡ Dimotions.



-IV: ∆-2: Atoms

The 3 parts of the Atomic Supœrganism.

Electronic membrains.

Unification of Forces

Quark families.

Spins: the minds of Particles. De Broglie’s Synchronicities. Faster than light rotation


Electricity and magnetism

‘Every point is a world in itself’. Leibniz

Part III. ∆-1. Matter

Thermodynamics. The 3 ±¡ states of Matter.

Gaseous entropic state

Liquid, balanced state

Solid, informative state.

∆-1 Plasma: seeding state

∆+1: Bose condensates.


Part II. Ƽ: Geology.

The 3 Parts of Earth’s supœrganism:




The cycles of Earth.

Part I. ∆+1, +2: Astrophysics. Galatoms. Stars

  1. Falsifications of the cosmic big-bang. Æntropic man: Science is culture.
  2. The little bang.

III. The ages of the galaxy .

IV The ‘Galatom’: Scalar Unification of the 5 forces as Dimotions of the galaxy.

  1. The ‘Galacell’: A galactic organism. Its symmetries of scale and topologies in space.
  2. Light Stars, its topologic, organic parts.

VII. Black stars. Thermodynamics of black stars.



“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.”

Einstein, on the entangled ∆@st man cannot see – and its 5 elements, ‘space’, ‘time’, ‘scales’ of parts and wholes, ‘entropic limits’, and mind’ languages.


‘I hope  posterity will judge me kindly, not only as to the things, which I have explained but also as to those which I have intentionally omitted so as to leave to others the pleasure of discovery.” – Descartes.


Astro+physics describes the supœrganism of the galaxy and its 3 matter scales and stiences: ∆+1 gravitational cosmology; ∆ø, thermodynamic, geologic matter & ∆-1, quantum, atomic organisms.

The field is immense, fascinating and hardly explored with the proper rigor that merges the scalar laws of the fifth dimension and those of mathematical physics, adding to the mix the organic co-existing, vital properties of matter and sentient elements of the linguistic minds of physics that guide the ‘actions=dimotions’ of its ensembles.

As the Universe is a living organism, gifted with a body, and a mind, logos (Plato), of a higher logic than man (Augustine); the non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian pentalogic of points with parts, crossed by ∞ parallels of ST-energy and St-information that evolve together into social wholes, and perform the 5 dimotions of life.

So we shall describe the life of matter in the 3 main scales of social wholes in this paper.

The first scale: Particles and its languages of communication: Strong and electronic forces.

But what is life? As defined in any book of biology life is any form that follows the 5 dimensions or drives of existence, which happen to be exactly the 5 Dimensional motions of space-time, ab. dimotions of the Universe:

-Ss: Life perceives form; St-life processes information; ST-life reproduces, Ts-life moves, Tt-life feeds entropically.

Where life starts is immediate; in the 2 minimal particles of the Universe, St-quarks of maximal density of information and Ts-electrons of maximal motion, which become the ‘2 first genders’ that come together into St+Ts=ST-atoms balanced in an eternal present as an immortal species.

The minimal particle-points, photons, electrons & quarks that construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (time motions with dimensional, spatial form) that define ‘classic life’ in biology – where they are call ‘drives’ of life, and we have defined: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). In the graph, a quark reproduces itself.

Hence the minimal units of life of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms are particles. And we shall study them as with any other biologic system, with all the languages of mankind, the best S-patial mathematical language; the best T-emporal language causal verb and its best ST-mixture –visual languages.

5D will add little to the exhaustive mathematical analysis of matter (which is not a proof of an abstract nature for matter, as biology also describes mathematically many of its forms) its discoveries of topological evolution and non-Euclidean geometry, the key new mathematical stiences of 5D space-time. But the bulk of our discoveries will concern the organic properties of matter shown in its topo-logic structural forms and biological functions (those 5 drives of existence), explained with with words using the pentalogic method that considers any event in time or form in space from the perspective of those 5 Dimotions of space-time. Then a 2nd revision will add ‘mathematical insights and equations which are often inflationary. That is, we find often in physics different mathematical models of the same physical system that correspond to the different organic parts, scales and dimotions of the event or phenomena describe, as in gravitation’s 5 p.o.v. that we shall see describe the 5 Dimotional perspectives of mass (St-Newton, Tt-Poisson, Ts-Lagrange, ST-Hamilton, Ss-Einstein). But lets not get ahead too fast, as we need a basic ‘repetitive mandala’ introductory to all 5D papers on the metric equations of the 5th dimension of Universal scales and the ST-equations of absolute relativity that define together the ‘function of exist¡ence’ (survival program) of the Universe that all ‘stientific species follow’ – we just wrote with the symbols of ‘Existential algebra’, the 5D formalism


When you google fifth dimension you get 3 kind of results: the most popular is a funky group of ‘Champagne soul’ – a bubble name, proper of the age of ‘Entropy=dissolution’ of human minds, when our capacity to reason verbally is in decline due to the influence of audiovisual magic FX and the increasing obsolescence of our logic minds to fancy digital, visual computer models of reality.  A stupid is a man without reason, one that doesn’t see the causality between events so it believes in magic causes’ said Schopenhauer, always so harsh but also right to the point.

Other answers refer to a 5th dimension of space as humans as Plato noticed have difficulty being intelligent about time – so they keep a single one for time and keep adding spatial dimensions easier to understand. Yet 5D is no longer speculative science, but has been for two decades a field of research in systems sciences rather than physics (: no, the answers of google, considering the fifth dimension the upper-self etc. seem to be very popular, but are to the science of the 5th dimension more like a medium in earlier XX c. talking about the 4th dimension as astrological awareness, for lack of understanding of Einstein’s metric equations of the 4th dimension). This is the key word that differentiates pseudo-science from a proper scientific description of a dimension of space-time, the existence of a metric equation that describes a dimension and allows to travel through it. Why the 5th dimension metrics are not well known in modern science has to do with the fact it is not researched in physics but systemics, the mother discipline of all sciences of information, far less popular than physics; and the proprietary feeling physicists acquired on space-time matters since Galileo defined its 3D metric equation v=s/t completed with Einstein’s 4D formalism, which makes difficult to spread the knowledge on space-time acquired on other disciplines. The arguments still raging about evolution, the fundamental theory of time in terms of information, as the ‘arrow that defines’ the future of species but has nothing to do with Relativity and locomotion is a clear case of that difficulty.

Indeed, we know since the XIX c. that the creation of the ‘future time’ of an existential entity is not ONLY mediated by the arrow of locomotion and entropy studied by physicists with Relativity Metrics (Galileo’s V=s/t and Einstein’s more complex formalism), but there is a second arrow that defines the ‘future’ of existential species – the evolution of its information. So time – the changes=motions that defines the existence of any species, has at least 2 dimensions, locomotion or ordered translation in space and a more disordered version, entropy (scattered motion that ‘dissolves’ the inner form of the system, akin to death)…

And in-form-ation, generation of form, inverse to entropy as it requires the social gathering of parts into wholes; happening without external locomotions, as an internal trans-formation of form. This evolution of organic form as opposed to external change is what Systemics calls the fifth dimension of time that applies to all sciences.

In the graph the Universe is a fractal that reproduces ‘forms with motion’, informations and then organizes them in networks and systems that evolve into larger organic systems creating the scalar structure of reality. Thus we call the sum of all those co-existing scales of parts and wholes the fifth dimension.

Then it is necessary to find a metric equation to define this new dimension of space-time. Since a dimension only exists when we can write a mathematical simple metric that leaves the dimension invariant when we change our parameters of space and time – hence we travel through it. (Klein). This equation, as all space-time metric equations, is simple; since metric equations are meant to represent measures of ‘covariant’ motion in a given space-time dimension that leave the other dimensions unchanged. So we write using ð for cyclic time instead of t, for a motion that changes the relative size and speed of clocks of a system (measured with frequency):

5D Metric: S (Lineal Size/Volume in space) x ð (cyclic speed of its time clocks) = Constant.

According to those metrics, smaller systems in space have faster time clocks. As information is stored in the frequency and form of those cycles, smaller systems have more information, coding larger ones: genes code cells, memes societies and particles’ quantum numbers code atoms and molecules. How we travel in ‘size’ in space & ‘speed oin our time cycles. Here is where a key finding of 5D comes into play: We travel through the worldcycle of life and death, as we are born in a smaller seed with faster time cycles, evolve as an organism coming out in the ∆º-scale within a larger world of slower ‘Deep time cycles’, to die back dissolving our information again into cellular space.

It is the same process in all 5D journeys of all species that live and die travelling through 3 planes of 5D space-time; from the smallest black hole that is born with an enormous ‘metabolic temperature’, to the new species, routinely born as small individuals (first mammal rat, first robots with small chips; first human likely the Homo Floresiensis, who had the same morphology and used technology and likely spoke, etc.) Then a reproductive radiation multiplies the seed into a larger herd of clones, joined by emergent physiological networks whose slower ‘entropic, informative and reproductive networks, create an ∆º supœrganism that lives tages and dissolves back into ∆-1.

So 5D adds to the 4D formalism of worldlines, a dimension of growth, shaping the worldcycles of life and death. Reason why we call 5D metric the function of existence, because its multiple ‘solutions’ are the origin of all the varieties of Space and Time beings, there are – a whole family of functions.

As we keep exploring in depth, 5D metrics and its associated concepts of Space=form and Time=motion in all its varieties, we shall see it is the origin of multiple ‘solutions’, a whole family of function, from where we shall derive most of the logic relationships and particular equations of each science.

In the complex models of existential illogic, we derive all the particular equations of each science from it.

This equation and its use to improve our knowledge of space and time in all sciences, with an emphasis in our models of physical systems will be the theme of this paper. Even if physicists stubbornly refuse to treat information with the same value than entropy. So they call it negentropy, and when you give a conference on the fifth dimension – the dimension of ‘creation of social forms of information, of organic wholes’ – there are no physicists on attendance; and likely no physicists will be reading this post… Let’s then use the metrics of the 5th scalar dimension to explain the fractal, nested Universe and its scales, shown in the graph:

We said that forms evolve through topological networks into larger wholes. So we need a final dual dimensional motion of parts that become wholes (4th Dimotion of social evolution) and wholes that dissolve into parts (5th entropic dimotion) to complete the organic outlook of the Universe; as shown in the graph for different species.

Thus reality has a final key feature overlooked for too long: the co-existence of all those systems of space and time in several scales of relative size from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy that put together create a dual scalar ‘4th and 5th Dimension of parts and wholes, which we shall call the ‘social dimension of evolution’ and the ‘entropic dimension of dissolution’.

Mathematically then it is necessary to find a metric function to define this new dimension of spacetime. Since a dimension only exists when we can write a mathematical simple metric that leaves the dimension invariant when we change our parameters of space and time – hence we travel through it. (Klein).

This space-time metric function is simple. We write using ð for cyclic time:

$ (Lineal Size/ Space Volume) x ð (cyclic speed of its time clocks) = C¡: Constant Plane of timespace (ab.∆¡)

We call it the function of existence, because its multiple ‘solutions’ are the origin of all the varieties of Space and Time beings, there are – a whole family of functions.

In the complex models of existential illogic, we derive all the particular equations of each science from it.

So according to those metrics, smaller systems in space have faster time clocks. And as information is stored in the frequency and form of those cycles, smaller systems have more information, coding larger ones: genes code cells, memes societies and particles’ quantum numbers code atoms and molecules.

We shall use the metrics of the 5th scalar dimension to explain the fractal, nested Universe and its scales, shown in the graph. As 5D metrics balances the survival and symbiotic existence of all parts of the Universe, and all parts of a super organism, and defines ‘what codes information’ – the small being, and what codes energy- the larger whole, establishing the ‘harmony’ of all the scales of the Universe, and explaining all its fundamental constants which are ratios between spatial volumes and informative clocks of temporal energy.

It follows from a nested structure and the search for creative, organic balances, a symbiotic relationship between the ∆-¡ smaller parts that have more speed of time clocks, which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems. And the larger, ∆+¡ larger envelopes, membranes (static, dimensional view) or angular momentums (dynamic view as time=motions) which have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any system of the Universe.

For example, chips become smaller as they evolve into faster brains. Every 2 years a chip doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black star Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension. The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner. And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more energy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming supœrganisms.

From the scalar fifth dimension then we can consider its two main components ‘cyclical time’ and ‘fractal space’.


Nt. 1. To mention now that the symbol ∆ is both a visual reminder of the two different dimotions of ‘growth in space, inverse to the loss of information’, and a tribute to one of the few predecessors of this work, in the formal arena – Wilson’s renormalization mathematical apparatus, which finally realized of those discontinuities using a symbol Λ, for  the energy scale under which a measurement of a physical parameter is performed. According to Wilson every scale of the Universe and the fields of space-time that define them have its energy cut-off Λ, i.e.  the theory is no longer valid at energies higher than Λ, and all degrees of freedom above the scale Λ are to be omitted. But Λ is related to a size of space. For example, the cut-off could be the inverse of the atomic spacing in a condensed matter system, and in elementary particle physics it could be associated with the fundamental “graininess” of spacetime caused by quantum fluctuations in gravity. The failure to remove the cut-off Λ from calculations in such a theory merely indicates that new physical phenomena appear at scales above Λ, where a new theory is necessary. As today only with the use of Wilson’s renormalization, which simply eliminates absolute zeros and infinities outside the scaling of space-time of a given plane, quantum physics makes sense.




‘I seem the only physicist that think there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’. Einstein

A Universe of ∞ time clocks of different size and speed differs from its human description with a single mechanical clock-time to which all time clocks of the universe are equalized, elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks). As Galilean physics, born of ballistics, simplified the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs:

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics before understanding cyclical time so they postulated a lineal inertia, and a single entropic dimotion of time, and when this was applied to other sciences, many los their capacity to understand the future which will repeat the causality of the past.

Lineal & cyclic time render the same functions as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclic time are enormous, as we regain the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, origin of the laws of science, which would not exist if there were not cyclical patterns. The most important of them being, the fact that a time cycle breaks reality (1st knot theorem) in an outer and inner region, creating a membrane that encloses a vital space, the ‘substance of which we are all made’.

We have a description of reality – a fractal system made of topological organisms of co-existing scales of space and cyclical time which close its ‘internal vital point content’ with the entropic limit of those time cycles, in its vital territorial body-waves, synchronized symbiotically by 5D metrics. As we are all ultimately ¬∆@St; dust of space-time.

There are 2 time forms, long lineal Time and short frequency steps we integrate into the larger whole; because there are 2 ±¡ scales of 5D reality whose metric, SxT=∆±¡ defines larger space systems as having slower time cycles. So we can always consider the frequency of time the ∆-¡ ‘quanta of time’ or ‘finitesimal derivative’ of the larger whole represented with the concept of lineal time; as in the classic formula, S=ƒ(t) l(s) . The whole Space can be measured, Vt=S with lineal time as a single unit, or it can be measured as a sum of frequency steps, with more detail. But if we see those 2 ‘forms’ of time, as ‘lineal energy and cyclical information’, since information is stored in the frequency and form of time cycles, we can then consider that ‘time=motion’ splits in two essential forms, lineal motion or ‘energy’, and cyclical motion or ‘information’, and express the main law of science, the principle of conservation of energy in terms of the conservation of time=motion in its two varieties that transform each other ad eternal:

‘All what exists are time motions that transform between lineal open and cyclic closed forms ad eternal: SióTe’

This sentence is the simplest expression reality as a constant game of transformation of ‘spatial information’ (cyclical time) and temporal energy (lineal time) and was first understood by Taoism, where ‘tao=time’, is composed of yin=cyclical form and yang=lineal energy, today expressed as the principle of conservation of energy. Its ‘mathematical, logic’ formula is SióTe & and its logic form, exi=st, is the function of existence.


“According to their [Newton and his followers] doctrine, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from time to time: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. Nay, the machine of God’s making, so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.’  

Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence on the absurdity of mechanical models of the Universe

‘’Leibniz is right. There are infinite time clocks in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from its foundations’. Einstein, on the infinite relational time cycles of reality.

The consequence of the existence of an internal fifth dimension of space-time, made of all other planes=scales of spacetime of a being, its parts and wholes, which store the information of a system, is the fact that we ARE made of planes=scales of space and time. We ARE the vital space we occupy and we ARE the time flow of existence we live between birth and extinction. Reason why all systems and entities of Nature obey the main science of space, geometry->Mathematics and time, Logic. We are broken fractal species of space and time, whose mathematical and logic laws all vital space-time organisms follow as Einstein and Leibniz thought: So we must evolve our logic and geometry of space and time, to extract properties of ‘existential beings’ from them.

The underlying question of time§pace: Absolute or Relational, Generational Space-Time?

The fundamental question physicists wondered for centuries regarding the nature of space and time unfortunately was resolved as usual in favor of the simpler view: it is space and time an absolute abstract background of the Universe (Mr. Newton’s view) or are we made of ‘vital space’ that lasts a time duration, so we are generated by the bio-topo-logic properties of scalar space and cyclical time? This is the choice of 5Ð ‘stiences’. And its simpler version was called relational spacetime, sponsored by Mr. Leibniz.

A realist interpretation of the world we live in, which never shows in any scale of reality such background – a mathematical graph used in abstract by human scientists – considers that we ARE the vital space we occupy with our cells, and we LIVE a cyclic time duration between birth and extinction. So we are space and time.

The argument thus reached its height in the beginning of science in the correspondence between Newton, the proposer of the absolute Cartesian graph of space-time drawn by God (his body in his own words) vs. Leibniz who rightly considered absolute space and time an abstraction, and so he coined the concept of relational space -merely the adjacent pegging of similar forms in simultaneous space and relational time – the sequence of events which we relate causally with reason.

In Newton’s cosmos, space and time provide a fixed, immutable, eternal background, through which particles move. Space and time are the stage of intersecting lines sketched in the illustration. Fact is this ‘mathematical artifact’ made with pen and paper by earlier physicists, called the Cartesian graph, useful to measure ‘translation in space’ is no where to be seen in reality. Unfortunately as time went by the graph became somehow ‘real’ as scientists’ felt the ‘mathematical language’ created reality. But if space is what objects occupy that distance between the red square’s vital spade and the yellow ‘circle’ must have something. Horror vacuum comes then into place: indeed the Universe must be scalar. There must be very small parts between them, which we do not see. And that is what we have proved with microscopes – as we probe smaller distances forms with motion, spaces with time-motions appear and there it seems no limit to the fractal scales of the Universe.


It meant the invention of an absolute continuous space & single lineal time that extends to ∞ contradicting the fact that all spaces are broken, divided by membranes, and all beings have a finite time duration. Further on, as we kept exploring smaller scales of reality, we never found the drawings of God, not even a solid still substance, but always ‘motions’ tracing closed time-space cycles; since even particles turned to be also ‘vortices of time-space motions’.

So the true, sound experimental and logic theory was Leibniz’s who rightly considered absolute space and time an abstraction, and so he coined the concept of relational space -merely the adjacent pegging of similar forms in simultaneous space and relational time – the sequence of events which we relate causally with reason origin of the ‘Generational space-time’ model of 5Ð in which are the space we occupy and the time we last – as in the graph where there is no longer abstract background lines.

This simple concept was NOT adopted by physicists despite its sheer evidence. Unfortunately Physicists sided with Newton not with Leibniz on the question of what is space and time – an abstract background put by God or the substance of which we are all made; and so the conceptual jump would not happen.

It is the fifth space-time dimension, sum of all other planes of reality, including within it all other dimensions.

Next, to explain all this properly came Einstein. One of the fundamental discoveries of Einstein is that in our universe, there is indeed no fixed space-time background. In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which replaces Newton’s theory of mechanics and the gravitational force, the geometry of spacetime is not fixed. Instead it is an evolving, dynamical quantity – a topology; and it is the substance of which reality is. So we are topological beings, geometries of space with motions of time.

What Newton called absolute space-time IS NOT. So space is the sum of all the discontinuous vital spaces, occupied by different beings: ∑s=S.

And lineal time, T the sum of all the finite life-death cycles of all beings T=∑t.

Since space and time do exist and so if they are not in the background we ‘are’ vital space and cyclic time.

The simple idea behind the structure of the fractal Universe is then to consider time=change=motion and Topologic, formal space=extension the 2 elements of which all beings are made.

Wheeler said ‘Spacetime tells matter how to move & matter tells spacetime how to curve’. Since Spacetime is geometry in motion. Time is change, the perception of change moves time; time is motion; space is its opposite, stillness, form, the information of time. And so it is all about two parameters: Time=Motion and Space=Form.

Look around you, all what you see are ‘space-forms’ with ‘time-motion’. We are all space-time, forms in motion, ‘in-form-motion’, ‘information’, forms in action, play with the words of what you are.

Tt: internal and external motion or ‘entropy’ is one extreme, which brings death. That is the state of mankind today, caused by the fact the new species, machines move faster externally (cars, weapons) and internally ‘metal-minds’, visual images accelerate, disordering humans into a permanent ADD state. So millennials move fast and have disordered minds. At the end of that process entropy kills.

In the other extreme of absolute no motion, there is Ss, languages of the mind, seeds, pure, perfect information, enlightenment. A being in that state doesn’t move. The hypothetical Mind of God is such a being, because it perceives all what has existed, exists and will exist and repeat itself eternally as a block of time – a zero sum of fluctuations of the game of existence in space and time.

It is all about 2 parameters: time=motion and space=form. Look around you, all what you see are ‘space-forms’ with ‘time-motion’. We are all space-time, forms in motion, ‘in-form-motion’, ‘information’, forms in action, play with the words of what you are. Because both are always messed up in practical terms is often easier to measure, ‘forms with a little motion’, we shall call ‘information’, sT; and motions with a little form, we shall call energy, Ts, and talk of beings made of spatial information and temporal energy, as there is no ‘yin (information)’ without a little yang (energy). And call the pure absolute motion without form, Tt, entropy; and the absolute form without motion, Ss, language. So we can establish a gradation of combined space-time dualities, Ss<St<ST<sT<Tt, with a symbol < for an increase of motion over form, or ‘dimotion of energetic entropy’, which we shall call ‘past dimotion’ or dimotion of ‘death’ as it erases information, devolving a system to simpler forms; and vice versa, an inverse dimotion, Tt>sT>ST>St>Ss, with the symbol > of an increase of form over motion, or ‘dimotion of in-form-ation’, which we shall call the ‘future dimotion’ or ‘dimotion of life’ as it increases information. It then becomes evident that the intermediate state, ST, with a balanced quantity of Spatial information and temporal energy, S=T, is the ‘state of present’, that doesn’t seem to change as it is a balance of form and motion. And it is the preferred state for any system of spacetime in the Universe, akin to the concept of ‘beauty’ (balance between cyclical forms and lineal motions), of reproduction and creative communication (as it brings together the two poles of reality merging and combining them). All systems seek this state. So in physics we find it akin to the state of ‘minimal energy’ hence more form’ in which most particles like to remain; in biology is akin to the age between adolescence of maximal energy and the 3rd age of maximal information, or age of reproduction, in which most people like to live.


Yet the devil is in the details, so we shall now try to construct reality from its ultimate substances space=form and time=motion, which in geometry is called a ‘topologic bidimensional variety of space-time’.

The cyclical, fractal big-bang as impressive as it might sound or if you are a lineal STupid, all the opposite for you, it is just a tiny element of the immortal, intelligent, informative, infinite, illogic, i5universe. And really it is not that interesting in its details, when compared with the sum of all ¡ts other fractal parts of which the Universe is made to its image and likeness. Indeed, the same laws we used to describe properly the Universe apply to every ‘Stience of space-time’, to every supœrganism made of parts and wholes to give – and that is the beauty of it all – different variations that range from a human being, to a crystal mind, to an ant. And that is the true meaning of a ‘fractal Universe’, and the goal of Systems Sciences, realized through the 5D models of those papers: every structure of reality follows certain basic laws, derived of the fact all of them are made of spatial information and temporal motion, combined into infinite energy species. So ‘motion’=Time; Information, form=Space combine together into infinite energy bodies and waves. And this is so obvious that already the old Taoists just looking with simple, naïve eyes to reality said, ‘from yin=information and yang=motion, come all the ∞ qi=energy beings of reality’.

We call then the organic properties of scalar space and cyclical time that structure all the organisms of the Universe ‘Disomorphic laws’ (isomorphic laws, that is ,similar laws based in the same dimensional motion of space-time or ‘dimotions’). If you read with attention the previous description of the Universe you will notice we have compared the galaxy, both with an atom, as black stars seem protons and the halo of negative strangelets, electrons; but also when observed in greater detail with a living cell, as stars produce black stars and planets might become strangelets if accelerators of lineal ST-upid physicists searching further proofs of the big-bang produce strange matter on Earth that will devour the planet. And this is a process similar to mitochondrial stars and smaller ribosomes that produce RNA and proteins which then migrate to the ‘halo-membrane’ of the cells and the central nucleus.

Those comparisons – a galaxy centered in a black star is similar to an atom with its electronic cover, and centered nucleus with all the mass, and intermediate space-time where forces of gravitation and electromagnetism are constantly exchanged; because what we have just described bio-logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, the atom, and the Universe, the galaxy, But examples of the Disomorphic laws of any bio-logical, social system of the Universe.

So the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, made to its image and likeness, as self-centered entities of time-space, with a vital body and a membrane that separates them from other similar parts that put all together create the puzzle of the Universe; is the logic concept behind all of them:

A supœrganism of space=information and time=motion combined into spacetime energy, giving birth to the trinity causal logic of reality, to which we add the logic of smaller parts and larger wholes to form the pentalogic of existence.

How many variations can come out of just 1+1=3 ‘elements/substances’, cyclical time motions, scalar spatial forms and its space-time energy combinations? We study in depth all those questions on the papers on the ‘Universe’ and its languages of space and time (mathematics and logic); and in the future time, permitted we will introduce more specific descriptions of different stiences. Here we need just general laws as we shall apply them to understand history, its gods, artistic forms, the life and death of its civilizations, in the past, present and future. If you don’t understand them, you can always consult those other papers that have more extensive applications and explanations, as here we can just try to make a synopsis of the main themes of Cyclical time and fractal space theory (ab. 5D), or else we would get a one thousand pages volume.

3 Elements are essential to understand reality in 5D and its space-time organisms:

∆±¡ Scalar Organic structures. The co-existence of 3 relative ‘∆±¡’ scales of 5D in all systems: the parts, the whole and the world in which the system exists. So physical systems have the quantum scale of its atomic parts; the thermodynamic scale of its molecular matter and the gravitational sale of the galactic world or celestial body in which they exist. And humans have the cellular parts, the organism and the social supœrganism and world they live in. Its justification is obvious. You can see anything in detail in its parts, and it will be in a larger whole, and a metaphysical question is to consider if those 5D scales are infinite (likely) or not (only those human perceive exist from atoms to galaxies). Which comes to this: is each atom a kind of galaxy of a hypo-Universe, and each galaxy a kind of atom of a hyperuniverse? In terms of history, it means we are ‘cellular citizens’ of larger national, cultural supœrganisms. It is the basis of the organic nature of reality as those 3 ‘scales’ co-exist together, so they form an organism which by definition is a system of co-existing scales related by ‘networks’ that exchange energy and information between them (waves in physics, physiological systems in biology; economic and cultural, legal networks in history).

Space: Topological ternary systems. The co-existence in each organism in each of those scales of 3 ‘topological parts’ (below for the human organism, a biological plant and a physical system, a galaxy). This is a whole new 5D stience as always based in well known experimental and formal 4D sciences. I have call it topological evolution and plays an essential role to understand the 3 ages of life and death of any species, including civilizations. And it is based in a mathematical insight. Since all what exists has spatial form and temporal motion, the Unit of reality is bidimensional. But there are only 3 bidimensional topologies (Geometries with motion) in which form and function are related. So we can define the common ‘trinity’ structure of any system in a single space-time scale:

|-limbs-fields-territories<Ø-re=productive bodywaves-workers>O-informative particles-heads-informative class

Whereas, the |, Ø and O symbols are intuitive for:

– l-Lineal, flat topologies, the shortest distance between point that explains why limbs, field that move are lineal, and vital, geographical territories where systems hunt, move and feed are flat.

-O-Spherical heads, particles or ‘capitals’ of social organisms, or groups that meet in rounded tables to direct a social system, from elderly to Arthur and its Gentlemen (: since the sphere and circle are in 3 and 2 dimensions the topologies that store more information. So we talk of ‘rings of power’.

– Ø-hyperbolic wave like, hour-glass bodies that re=produce the other two because they combine lineal motion and cyclical information in multiple curved patterns. This corresponds to the ‘working body-class’ of a social organism, as it is in charge of reproducing the goods of the system. So reality is made of such ensembles. Does this mean human social 3 class system is ‘just’? Not at all. Organisms of history are bad designed. Because an efficient organism has only ‘2 classes’, the head and the body; as the 3rd class is ‘the entropic territory of feeding’. The Wave-particle physical organism feeds on the lineal forces of the field, which is NOT the organism. The social organism is made of informative managers and working class, which ‘feed and process’ the vital space, or territorial geography, its goods, food, raw materials, to construct products. Even in biologic organism some animals loose their ‘lineal tail’ and survive. And you can in fact loose a leg and survive, but if you loose your head or body you die.

Since organisms like history that do not obey those laws are killed for the whole Universe to remain ‘the most perfect of all worlds’ (Leibniz) reason why it has similar laws for all the surviving ones. Which lead us to the definition of an organism of any kind, for which we need to add the parts that make those networks, and the while (the 4th and 5th dimensions of scale). Because topology has also found that those 3 types of forms are in fact networks of smaller points with volume (non-Euclidean points) connected by flows of energy and information. So in fact instead of topological varieties we should talk of networks of points that form lineal, moving limbs/fields, territories; cyclical networks that form informative heads/particles/informative classes in command of the language of financial and legal power of societies, and body/waves/working classes.

The 5 dimotions of space-time as inner and outer motions.

A more precise definition specially for physical sciences of the previous 5 ‘states’ of spacetime deals with the concept of internal and external motion (which has deep implications for relativity and so we will expand it in the paper ‘physics and space-time’. Any cyclical time-space organism, even the simple circle dvides space-time into an inner and outer region (knot theory, membranes of all topological systems). We talk of internal and external motion and form in a system. As it is evident that external motion in a larger world is bigger than a being’s internal motion. So a little motion means internal motion, t and a lot of motion external motion and thus we can now define the 5 dimensional motions of space-time with more finesse. Whereas capital letters, S and T are ‘external’ and small letters t and s mean internal (as the internal part have less volume, are smaller than the outer world).

Ts is external motion (T) and internal form (s): It is classic locomotion, where the internal system doesn’t move but it translates in the external world. This is what physicists mostly study, and they still wonder why when a material system moves, the ‘center of gravity’ seems fixed. But what internal part? The answer is the mind-brain; the system that perceives information; as the limbs/fields move a body over which a particle-head gauges that information:

-St is therefore information, where externally there is no motion (S) and internally the ‘mind-mapping’, that mirrors the outer world becomes a form-in-motion, in-form-ation, processed by the brain, particle, crystal image, cpu… It is a fascinating fact that we, the thinkers, spend so much time, still; so Leibniz could spend days seat on a chair thinking, that in sleep more brain activity happens and more hormonal languages develop.

– ST or st is then balanced internal-external motion vs. form, or energy, of which there are two varieties we ad, Ts-kinetic energy akin to locomotion, (mv2/2); where as you can observe the ‘motion’ provided by v is squared, so it is more important than the mass/form) and St-potential energy, where the energy is store internally in the different tensions and cyclical patterns of the system, but externally it is all position. Energy then is the balanced sum of both, St+Ts=ST and it is the essential law of physics that a system constantly balances both (SMH motions; Lagrangian actions which are its difference tending to zero (St-Ts=0, St=Ts). Existential energy is thus the mother of all battles, and we could state that in a ‘given plane of exist¡ence’, energy never dies, but constantly transforms between the informative, potential energy state and the kinetic, locomotion states.

This leave us the 2 limits of pure form, Ss, Ss, which correspond to ‘seeds’ and ‘mind-languages’ with null motion… (which following our formalism should be written properly Ss, but my lazy ‘fingers’ often repeat 2 Ss, sorry)…

And Tt (written Tt often… lazy f…), which we shall call entropy or scattering or death or disorder, as when a system moves internally and externally it is really disorganizing its structure and ultimately as in expansive big-bangs of mass, or death processes of corruption, all parts go away and the system dies.

For example war is the Tt entropic state of a superorganism of history, a social mass of ∆+1 humans in time, when there are external motion (armies invading enemy nations) and internal motion (troops invading internally the country), which ends is the massacre of people. At individual level today, children, as humanity enters its age of entropy as it becomes obsolete, degraded and likely soon substituted by machines and chips and robots, is clearly suffering an entropic age, sometimes called A.D.D.

The child has maximal external motion (as we shall see due to the correspondence of STates and ST-ages of life) but today has also maximal internal ADD motion in the brain, filled with virtual hypnotic fiction bull$hit, from mental machines that are disordering us in what we call the Neo-paleolithic age of History. For physical systems Tt is also death as the system explodes, scatters and its internal parts move externally. So yes, those 5 Dimotions apply from the simplest particle to the more complex superorganism of history. Thus we can introduce…

Recap. The universe is made of 2 STates, time=motion, and space=form. Yang and yin that combine in balance to create ∞ beings. So you can combine them T & S in 5 different forms: S=T, the balanced state of existential energy that combine St-information (Potential energy) and Ts-locomotion (Kinetic energy), in constant SHM is the preferred balance of ‘present’ that lasts and iterates any organism, the state of survival.



“Astrophysicists are seldom right but never in doubt.” Lindau. “Using a term like nonlinear science is like referring to the bulk of zoology as the study of non-elephant animals.” Ulam; on the fact 99’% of science is cyclical.

The data of the Universe in space and time is provided directly by experience observing at the largest scale, galaxies, which seem to recede from each other, instead of becoming attracted as stars do inside galaxies. So there are two clear ‘time arrows=dimotions’ in the Universe: lineal expanding vacuum space and imploding cyclical mass. A dualist cyclical thinker is happy with that, as imploding mass balances entropic expanding vacuum, St=Ts, in an immortal ‘wobbling Universe’. But as this contradicts ‘lineal thinking’, lineal physicists eliminate the contraction of mass and choose ONLY as real the expansion of vacuum space. Then they turn that expansion backwards in time, contracting vacuum into a single point, also with a lineal equation, V expansion speed=Ho Hubble Constant x D Distance between galaxies, stating that if the Universe is expanding today, moving it backwards lineally, it had a 0 volume of ∞ density that exploded long time ago. Here lineality meets ‘mathematical creationism’ (the belief the language-mirror of mathematics that only God and man speak (Galileo, Dirac, Hawking); came before reality creating it. So if we write an equation reality must create the equation image) which substituted ‘verbal creationism’ (the belief man spoke like God words the language of creation. So God ‘named’ beings to create them, as the myths of Islam and Judaism tell us). The 3rd problem then is purely mathematical as humans speak a lesser form of maths, Euclidean geometry where ‘points have no parts’, but the Universe is Non-Euclidean, so points do have parts, content traversed by parallel flows; hence even if mass would not balance contraction, there is no singularity but a ‘finitesimal’ black hole, as the limit of contraction of mass.

The denial of mass contraction prompted a joke in Annie Hall, when Allen’s mum exclaims ‘here in Brooklyn the universe is not expanding’. Indeed, in Brooklyn and the inner galaxy at large, the Universe is contracting under the gravitational force of the central black hole. Not so for the lineal thinker that runs backwards his equations, with only vacuum space between galaxies contracting. They forget the gravitational imploding force between masses that ran backwards will expand, again balancing the imploding vacuum also in the past! So to avoid a cyclical balance, lineal physicists just threw into the dustbin all the matter and galaxies as if they wouldn’t exist, including Brooklyn (;

The ‘Universe is simple but not that simpler’ (Einstein). It has scales of spatial size. And as we move between scales, forces loose strength and finally disappear and a different force appears, which often balances the larger scale with an inverse arrow. Thus outside galaxies expand, but in the internal smaller scale they contract and both scales balance each other. And that is the solution to the big-bang conundrum.

If we look at the Universe in the lower quantum scale, we run into similar problems because atoms also repel each other with electromagnetic forces and we don’t see any sign they are at the quantum level affected by gravitational forces. So physicists have been for a century wondering how to input gravitational forces in the standard model. What then a fractal scalar, cyclical space model would tell us with those experimental facts? It is rather simple an obvious. The Universe in the large scale behaves exactly as it does in the lower scale if we just match its main elements and forces. In the lower scale atoms have a cyclical strong force inside, which attracts particles, and a repulsive external force outside that repels them and both balance. And atoms with its denser central quarks surrounded by a nebulae of time points called the electron, which seen in detail seem like light discharges, look very much like galaxies with a very dense central black holes surrounded by a nebulae of stars that seen at distance seem like light discharges.

So all you need to postulate is the fact that the two extreme scales further away from our human scale are similar at least as humans perceive them. This does not mean a galaxy is an atom, thought it might be, but as fractals repeat similar forms in all scales, but NOT identical, it gives us the proper model to explain all the facts of astrophysics, without ‘throwing to the bin Brooklyn’ and all the matter of the Universe… Simply enough: as the strong cyclical force only works inside atoms, the gravitational cyclical force only works inside galaxies. As the lineal electromagnetic force works repelling atoms, the Dark energy lineal repulsive force works repelling galaxies. But then when this force enters the galaxy it collapses forming virtual cyclical particles contracting the Universe inside galaxies, as the electromagnetic force does inside atoms. This though requires accepting 2 concepts fractal space and cyclical time that physicists can’t accept. Never mind all clocks of tie are cycles – they will still defend lineal time. Never mind a cyclical scalar theory of the Universe responds to every question poised today by physics and unresolved, from the unification of charges and masses, two vortices of space-time of different scales of the Universe – charges on the quantum scale, masses of the galactic scale, reason why its minimal unit, the Planck mass is so huge (below that level gravitation is irrelevant). Then we can with a very simple equation of a vortex of forces according to Einstein’s equivalence principle between gravitational force and acceleration describe a mass as an accelerated vortex of space-time in the cosmological scale, and a charge as an accelerated vortex of space-time I the quantum scale and use just a ‘conversion’ of scale factor and a simple translation of the jargon of electromagnetism to the jargon of vortices to unify both; alas! We get the exact relationship of scale between both forces (1040).

In the fractal model the Universe is scalar and it has dimensions of information, form. Thus gravitation is an informative force, happening within galaxies to balance the entropic expansion between them. Both, balancing forces make a wobbling Universe: when we ad the gravitational force that warps 1D=lineal, entropic dark energy expanding space and 3D mass volumes, crunching 3 lines of entropic dark energy into mass within galactic vortices. The mathematics is that simple: 3 lines become 1 mass, so there must be 3 times more dark energy lines than 3D masses – 75-25%. Simple, beautiful numbers. So when they measured the dark entropy vs. mass ratio in the Universe; it did turn out to be 75-25%.

But a Schopenhauer’s Stupid who ‘doesn’t understand complex causes adscribing them to magic’, does NOT evolve its lineal thinking. So the 3 to 1 balance of 1D vacuum vs. 3D mass is considered magic. And so a professor from Jerusalem U. (Bekenstein) told us the reason is God. He created the Universe in balance for humans to exist in it… It is called the anthropic principle. So as in the case of the big bang first thought by a Catholic priest, Lemaitre to justify the existence of God and creation, now we also have another zealot showing we are the chosen and science can prove it.

The 2nd most quoted proof of the big-bang explosion is the so-called background radiation: Penzias came up with a map of the radiation of the galaxy, which he measured and first said was the radiation of the galaxy (nobody has gone yet out of the galaxy to measure if the radiation is till there). It turned out to be of 2.7 k degrees. Alas instead of looking for an object in the galaxy NOW that would produce this radiation physicists applied again ‘lineal thinking’. So, enthralled with ‘mathematical creationism’, they used the lineal equation of vacuum expansion between galaxies (V=HoD), eerily similar to God) to search for the origin of that radiation billions of years ago, in a mathematical entelechy or singularity of 0 volume and ∞ mass; expanding the radiation to every corner of the Universe. As huminds are a mixture of egocy (ego=idiocy, the belief we and God talk a single language) and lineal thinking. So we find a local law and expand it to the entire Universe. But when they did so the radiation of the singularity turned out to be 40 K, and that was not good. So they ‘cheated’, tinkering with the equations till ‘reducing’ from trillions of degrees in the singularity moment to the exact 2.7 k. But of course, the radiation IS LOCAL, because we measure it locally. And it is happening NOW, and requires a ‘PRESENT’ cause.

The funniest proof came a few years ago of this made me smile. Look at the 2nd picture of the supposed background of the whole Universe NOT the local galaxy radiation, where we measure it, supposedly taken 13 billion years ago NOT now, when we measure it. The central lobes are supossedly an immense remote region as it was 13 billion years ago. So physicist were using its supposed ‘distant light’ to calculate if there was an anomaly in the light speed at different frequencies, after such long journey from the remote past. Then we got a picture NOW of our galaxy with exactly the same lobes. So it seems it was not a huge part of the Universe as seen 13 billion years but just two lobes of ¥-rays produced by the Black hole. And funny enough they have the same form than the electromagnetic orbitals of an atom (right side). After the shock, the experiment to measure remote light was cancelled; but the BG model was not: lineal thinking just bruised below the mat, yet another falsification of the cosmic Big Bang.

Proofs keep coming of the falsity of the cosmic BG and lineal time model, but physicists won’t even discuss it as they believe in lineal time as a religious dogma. We could go on since by now the lineal hyperbolic big bang has so many errors and adjustments ad hoc that the bulky mat with every inconvenient truth hidden looks like ‘le Petit prince elephant (: I just will show you ONE more huge error, that came last week in the Guardian to fatten the elephant):

They measured ‘directly’ NOT on the supposed BG radiation of the whole Universe that looks like a galaxy teaming with small top quark black holes, the speed at which the cosmic ¥-like radiation separates the galaxies at 73.4 which gives an age moving backwards to the singularity, ultradense, ultra-tiny exploding whole of …“12.7bn years. And this does cause problems. There are stars that have 12bn years, and this makes a chronology a bit difficult to stomach. Stars take a long time to form, after all.” Says the article. There are also black holes perfectly formed that take even longer to form, older than the big bang. Moreover, when they measured the same speed of separation from the BG radiation as if it were from the whole cosmos, they get 67.4 which is a discrepancy that tells them, says the article, ‘if these values don’t agree…We are measuring something fundamentally different. One is a measurement of how fast the universe is expanding today as we see it. The other is a prediction based on… a cosmological model’. And since experimental truths come first, the wrong one is the cosmological model of the background radiation as coming from the origin of the universe. This leave us with only one model that explains it all, simpler, according to experimental evidence and makes the Universe organic, infinite immortal fractal and everything else in it, including humans and its historic organisms, made to its image and likeness.

The organic, fractal, symmetric, hylomorphic, economic, ‘real’ model of the immortal, infinite, scalar Universe.

Since the question to resolve was the cause of the background radiation, one had only to follow the epistemological laws of truth in science and don’t cheat them looking into the past or the infinite for explanations that must be found here and now. If you calculate human temperature at 37º you look for the internal activity of its most repeated element – cells – as the cause of that temperature, you don’t think on ‘magic causes’, like “37º is our temperature because we are cooling out since our birth when we were 30 billion degrees hotter”. It would be sheer madness – the kind of madness that our physicists with their ‘reasoning’ on the temperature of the galaxy coming from 12 billion years ago consider dogma. Yet logically according to the scientific method that requires causality to reduce ad maximal the time distance between cause and effect we just need to study now the galaxy where they measured the temperatureand find a common object that produces 2.7 k degrees of black body radiation. And there is one known object, which produces exactly that radiation at that temperature. A black hole or quark strangelet produces a red shift radiation due to his gravitational power on ¥-rays, whose temperature varies according to its mass. So at 2.7 k degrees the black hole or strangelet must have the mass of a moon, the commonest planetoid size of the galaxy. Thus the obvious cause of the radiation observed in the galaxy only as we don’t measure it outside (it is worth to repeat it several times because when dealing with lineal thinkers). Of course there are moons everywhere with slightly different weights. However fundamental particles as electrons, quarks or black holes are, do have an exact mass as they are more perfect, quasi-identical, so when a primordial black hole (the smallest type theoretically consistent but not yet found, as physicists haven’t thought of them to solve the background radiation’s origin) eats a moon planetoid just burps out the excess of matter once it has reached its stable size-form. So we are in a galaxy which has millions of those smallish black holes or a similar ‘nugget of ultradense quark strange matter’ producing that radiation. In fact galaxies are organisms whose purpose – physicists are coming to accept it, is to produce black holes and quark dark ultraheavy matter, which is everywhere. So this is part of the process. In the same manner cells are systems whose ribosomal ‘stars’ produce RNA and DNA that then migrate to the center of the galaxy, the galaxy is a system that makes those quark ultradense gravitational particles, strangelets of dense strange quarks, black holes which have the same density-mass of stars made of ultra-heavy quarks (BCB atoms and tops).

The graph shows that economic, hylomorphic Universe, made of known matter and symmetric forms – 2 other key proofs of truth along simplicity – since we use only what we know there is on it: a 5D Organic Universe of fractal ternary ‘scales’ of parts and wholes, which respects the ‘entropic limits of human perception’ and does NOT invent more particles than the experimental method has discovered, nor twists its laws of time and space, trying to explain the eperimental facts we observe now with lineal equations traced ad hoc to a remote past or expands human ‘egocy’, considering all local laws and proofs to be global – such as the local BG radiation, or the ‘entropic arrow of expansive spacetime’ as the only one; makes sense of every element of the universe through scalar symmetries, between the 3 families of mass and 3 regions of the galaxy defining the Galaxy as an organism, similar to all other systems, with a ‘membrane’, the halo of dark matter made of ultradense strangelet quarks (negative charged), similar to the negative ‘electron’ cover of an atom, with the ultralight ud-quark stars and planets in the middle, similar to the empty space of the atom crossed by ¥-rays and gravitation, and the ultradense black hole made of heavy positive toplets (TTT++-quarks and TCB Dark atoms) – following Einstein’s cut off substance for his black holes he called ‘frozen stars’ and Witten hypothesis of a halo made of strangelets. Such is the most likely structure of galaxies, according to 5D scalar symmetries and the efficient, economic laws of Nature (Ockham’s razor).

But again here it comes lineal thinking to deny it… and tinkering and bizarre analysis of black holes not as ultradense top quark stars but as entelechies without substance, mathematical equations only. Einstein also revealed against that and said till we didn’t find a cut-off substance of which black holes were made he wouldn’t believe in them and called them ultraheavy frozen stars. We did find after his death top quarks that match at the lower scale the density of black holes at the larger scale, so obviously black holes are top quark stars and we find the beautiful symmetry between the 3 type of quarks and the 3 parts of the galaxy, with a center of top quark black holes, in between our light ud-mass and in the protein like harder surface or membrane, the dense lineal strangelets. And so that explains also dark matter. Alas, without inventing new particles, without inventing lineal equations, to explain things from the past, we have solved all the questions of the model of an immortal universe, infinite, made of scales.

What is the answer of a big-bang lineal St-upid cornered by so many errors, when you show him the 5D model, which just orders properly the same data using the concepts of cyclical time and fractal space? ‘It cannot be that simple’, even if physicists invented the lineal big-bang in first place because their ideas about ‘lineal time’ were too simple.

RECAP. For a lineal thinker the Universe must be lineal and exist only in a single spacetime continuum, without scales. So all forces must act equally in a single scale expanding the Universe. Yet facts tell us Galaxies are collapsing inside, not expanding. Thus in reality a dualist cyclical thinker will consider the most likely explanation, a balanced immortal Universe where galaxies inner contraction of matter balances the outer expansion of vacuum space. But in lineal thinking this doesn’t work, because the physicist, since Galileo only can think in terms of a single lineal arrow of time.

So physicists ‘forgot’ conveniently that only vacuum space between galaxies expands, but within them mass contracts; by eliminating mass from its equations and running backwards in time vacuum space to compresses all the Universe in a point or singularity – a rather bizarre picture of a single point Universe where mass does not exist, which brought a new contradictions we explain in our article ‘the Universe in space’.



The example of the lineal big-bang debunked as a partial theory of the Universe based only in the ‘spacetime dimensional motion (ab. Dimotion) of TT-entropy, ‘hidden’ by the complicated mathematical tools of modern astrophysics and the lack of respect for the laws of epistemology, brings about a key philosophical element of ‘5D stiences’ – the analysis of the languages of stience (logic, math) as mirrors of a higher reality, space and time and its 5D scalar laws. Two elements are essential:

– The need to correct errors of our simple Euclidan math and lineal logic, as in the case of the concept of absolute 0, which in Non-Euclidean mathematics of points with parts crossed by ∞ parallels becomes 0’ a finitesimal; while the existence of at least two arrows of time require to accept the imploding gravitational force and…

– The properties of languages as mirrors that as time passes go through the 3 canonical ages of a worldcycle (the cyclical form of time in 5D), become more complex, detailed and exact in measure but hide the principles behind it.

We need to understand that languages are inflationary and there is a trade-off between simplicity and clarity. So the more complex we get in a given formalism the less clarity those basic ¬∆@st principles are. We use often the example of the 5 formalisms of mechanics, from Newton through Poison, Lagrange to Einstein, which is the more detailed and yet hides the clarity of the ‘vortices’ of Newton:

In the graph, regardless of pedantry in physics, the 4 formalisms of gravitation are equally valid, as they merely reflect the degree of detail in our analysis, either in ‘space=static’ form (Relativity-curvature) or dynamic motion (Newton), from a dual scalar view (Poisson gradient), or based in the conservation principles of the 3 ‘parts’ of a physical system (Lagrange). We shall then use here the earliest, most evident, simpler dynamic view – Newton’s timespace vortex, to unify mathematically the 2 limiting scales of the galaxy: the quantum world of charge vortices & the cosmological scale of mass space-time vortices.

The principles that matter are Einstein’s equivalence between acceleration and mass, which we extend to all scales. So an attractive cyclical force is an accelerated clock of space-time, a ‘vortex’ of any scale:

Newton is a dynamic view, Einstein a static one. Einstein’s derived his formalism from Poisson. As it is a spatial view of ‘still derivative pictures’ of the gravitational motion it is more detailed than Newton’s because it is according to the Galilean paradox (S=T) the spatial still perspective of those vortices as a series of simultaneous derivative measures.

Lagrange’s on the other hand is a complete different view, as it does not take the S=T geometric-temporal perspective but the principles of conservation of a physical organism St(angular momentum) < ST-energy>ts-lineal momentum. But all those principles ultimately derive from 5D metric. In the case of Newton>Poison> Einstein, the vortex law, V(t) x R(s)=k, in any number of dimensions (3 in this case), the Lagrangian, Hamiltonian, from the conservation of energy, S=T, as the balanced point of present of all systems that switch between motion (kinetic energy) and form (potential energy); reason why almost all systems of physics are SHM motions.

Einstein’s just reduces the temporal continuous Newtonian view of a spacetime vortex into an ∞ number of infinitesimal detailed pictures, focusing not on the speed but on the curvature of the vortex (which is the spatial definition of a moving cyclical speed – the faster it turns, the more curvature it has in ‘still mathematics’).

Keep it simple then is essential to understand the concepts behind physical realities, its models and errors. So at least in our first revisions of those papers we shall try to keep it simple ad maximal.


Consider the unification equation of charges and masses latter calculated quantitatively using the vortex laws of Kepler>Newton (3rd law). In dimensional analysis we can get to the same conclusion as Maxwell did. Maxwell defined length, time and mass to be “the three fundamental units”.

He also noted that gravitational mass can be derived from length and time by assuming a form of Newton’s law of universal gravitation in which the gravitational constant G is taken as unity, thereby defining M = L3T−2 By assuming a form of Coulomb’s law in which Coulomb’s constant ke is taken as unity, Maxwell then determined that the dimensions of an electrostatic unit of charge were Q = L3/2M1/2T−1,[15] which, after substituting his M = L3T−2 equation for mass, results in charge having the same dimensions as mass, viz. Q = L3T−2.

It is then obvious that both are ‘5D accelerated vortices of two different scales of the fifth dimension’, whose only difference is the ‘curvature’=Speed (S=T) of the spacetime scale, representing two different 5D metrics whereas $=L3 & ð=T-2.

Dimensional analysis becomes a ‘basic tool’ for the 1st steps of 5D stience, as ð, cyclical time, has inverse units to lineal time T. So we shall find that almost all the ‘meaningful’ physical parameters can be reduced to equations that represent ‘different states’ of space, (which has a higher dimension=power than Time, as a dimension of ‘motion’ NOT accounted in the equation has been transformed in one of form. )


In the graph the translation of the 3±¡ dimotions of spacetime, into topologies of physical systems, with steady state waves and angular momentum as a repetitive present and a relative past of lesser information and more entropy (lineal inertia) that expands space into decelerating big-bangs, vs. an accelerated force, with one more dimension of time=future, as a pole of attractive forces, which change parameter of scale.

So we define charges and masses as accelerated 4D time-space vortices in the galaxy’s 2 limiting ∆±1 scales.

All what exists is a motion in time. Space forms are still pictures of those motions – a Maya of the senses. In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (S x T=K), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales.

Those cyclical time clocks store the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles. And the law explains why smaller computers process more information with faster clock-cycles, genes store more information and reproduce faster, every day, than we do…

So we translate 5D metric into vortex equations in different dimensions, the simplest being:

Vo (speed of time clocks) x Ro (length of radius) = C, which is the equation of any bidimensional vortex.

As the cyclical clocks store the information of the Universe, it also applies to life, reason why an insect thinks 10 times faster than a large organism, and a rat has much faster metabolic rates than an elephant.

And vice versa, larger systems in Nature must have a space-distance=time-speed much larger, which we can see as lineal distance in space or faster speeds in time.

A dimension of angular time-momentum coming out of a loss of a dimension of volume-space. Attraction laws are then evident and intuitive: In the same manner a vortex of a storm attracts more the faster it turns, sucking in its surroundings, any accelerated space-time vortex, increases the speed of the mass/charge clock according to 5D C=st metric, the smaller it is (S) and hence the smaller it turns, the more it attracts.

Unification of charges and masses as time-space vortices of 2 scales.

Thus since a charge is smaller than a mass, it attracts much more and the unification equation follows just when we apply 5D metric, and shrink the galaxy in the same proportion we accelerate them. Then both equations match:

So mass, E=mc2 + E=hƒ; hence mass = frequency (h/c2) is a cosmological slow vortex, and charge a quantum faster more attractive vortex.

Further on since curvature is synonymous of cyclical speed, it can be quasi-infinite in the smaller vortex, when measured in time speed as the speed of angular rotation. So if we were to apply 4D curvature’s equations (Einstein) instead of Newton, the results would be the same, just in the far more complicated formalism of EFE.

Those are the essential concepts to define charges and masses as accelerated time vortices of two different scales of the Galaxy. And from that it is only just an easy task of mathematical manipulation to unify them in 5D metric, as both are equal: when we slow down the speed, space enlarges to remain co-invariant. And as it happens a Hydrogen atom enlarged to the size of a galaxy slows down in rotation to the angular momentum of the galaxy. So Kaluza–Klein were right – the fifth scalar dimension unify gravity with electromagnetic forces but in a fractal manner, with 5D metric, unbeknownst to physicists.

Once we do have a proper understanding of the 5 Dimotions of physics it is very easy to refound the science and its equations in far more straight-forward general laws proper of all space-time systems and solve most of the conundrums of physics, embroiled by the error of lineal time and single space-scales.

Since as long as physicists don’t accept ‘duality’, trinity and pentalogic, the use of entropy and information as equal dimotions of time, they will not be able to resolve the conceptual contradictions of its disciplines.

It is just another ‘practical case’ derived from the scalar fifth dimension, which first was rightly (even if the maths were somewhat faulty) introduced in conceptual terms by Kaluza and Klein as a mode to unify ‘two different scales’ of size of the Universe, the gravitational ‘c’ scale and the ‘Planck’ h-scale, which are the two limits of the galaxy’s 5th dimension metric: S(c) x T(h) = Cst.

What mattered of his concept now forgotten is its idea that both scales could be unified if we treated them with a similar jargon, which for obvious reasons could only be the jargon of ‘Relativity’, derived from Poisson’s jargon, derived from Newton’s jargon of ‘vortices of space-time’ – our cyclical clocks and orbits of planets above. So for sake of simplicity we shall use the easy Newtonian jargon, to unify both scales according to 5D metric – the so long seek Unification equation of charges and masses.

The unification of the 5 forces in terms of its 5D metric scalar equations, and its equivalence with the 5 dimotions of the galactic organism requires a deep understanding of the S=T paradox that makes any ‘state of stop-space’ equivalent to a ‘motion in time’. So we can study mathematically with different ‘spatial, topologic’ vs. algebraic, temporal equations and ceteris paribus perspectives every event of time-space; which accounts for the diversity of formulae for the same forces: Let us do the maths in the simpler Newton’s formalism, whereas by the paradox of Galileo S (Curvature) = T (accelerated motion). So the Universal Constants (G, k), define the curvature of 2 space-time vortices at the ∆-1 quantum charge and ∆+1 cosmic mass scales (∆ is the symbol for the different ±¡ scales of the fifth dimension within a given organic system). Its formalism of a vortex of time space is then Newton’s Unification Equation:         M,Q= ω2 r3 /U.C.(G,k)

It applies to all vortices of time-space from particles to planets to galaxies.   For example if we substitute for the Earth-sun system we obtain G, (1st ever theoretical deduction) and if we substitute for the Bohr Radius and Proton Mass, we obtain k with a 1039 higher curvature value, the exact difference between both forces that solves its hierarchy problem. As curvature in space is symmetric to rotational speed in time, so it is symmetric to the attractive force of any vortex. It works marvels when we translate electromagnetic jargon to Newtonian jargon. For example it shows the ‘isomorphism’ (systemic jargon for an equal ‘form’ between scales) between atoms and galaxies, which H-atoms of the cosmic scale.

Since   when we translate electromagnetic equation into gravitational mass vortices, the proton radius becomes the Schwarzschild radius of a black star and its electronic orbitals its star clouds, a result foreseen by Relativity that modeled galaxies as Hydrogen atoms in the Einstein-Walker Metric of the Cosmos.

Let us put some easy numbers by substituting the parameters in that Unification equation for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G, which any high school student can do:
Sun mass = 2 × 1030 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10-7 rad. per sec.
Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.
Result: G=6.67 × 10 -11 kg-1 mˆ3 rad. sec.-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal systemic view of the fifth dimension was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.
Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)
4 × 1016 rad. sec. -1 = w (electron); 5.3 × 10-11 m. (Bohr radius); proton mass = 1.6 × 10 -27 kg.

Then we get a G, which is 2×1039 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.
And then you can get also the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world using the translated ‘Gravitational Coulomb constant’: G(k)M/cˆ2.
Since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(k), the electromagnetic constant is a gravitational constant, and c, light speed, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black star.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is isomorphic to the event horizon of a black star in the quantum gravitational world.
Those results (more than a decade old), are a 1st theoretical deduction of Ke departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black star radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the 3 standard forms of proof in science.

Yet a theoretical calculus of those values cannot be exact ‘by chance’, unless the theoretical model behind it – the fractal self-similar structure as Ts (Space population) x ð§ (Temporal frequency) entities of all physical systems is right. Thus, the previous calculus is a clear proof that both, charges and masses, are unified as values of the same type of space-time vortices in the 2 different scales of space-time of the Universe. And they are geometrically unified from the p.o.v. of geometrical relativity not from quantum theory, as Einstein wanted it.

Galaxies, (Galaxies≈Atoms) thus resolve the philosophical question on how many 5D scales exist; as we find enough self-similarity to ‘run again’ another game of fractal scales (not identical but self-similar as in a Mandelbrot fractal) both by quantitative and qualitative methods between the atom and the galaxy. A question that might be extended to the ST dualities of open, ‘entropic strings’ and closed ‘cyclical informative strings’, in a possible larger and smaller scale of microscopic strings and superstrings:

Ouroboros the Universal Snake, bites its tail on the string quantum and cosmological self-similar scales, as perceived from the human ∆o mind. Philosophy of stience would then argue that those scales are real, but part of its self-similarity is mental: that is, the loss of information in the perception of scales make humans extract the same information from the upper and lower 10±30 scales.

What about the Hyperuniverse? We do not know what the infinite Universe even in its local region of galatoms looks like, though due to the expansion of space between galatoms, is likely an entropic gas of local atoms on the hyper-Universe. It is not though a big-bang Universe, because even if we run backwards the expansion of space between galatoms, the implosion of information in galaxies, counter that effect, so at best, we could say that running backwards the big-bang equation we shall meet a ‘solid’ crystal of galatoms.

The scalar unification of forces opens up an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, but fractal relativity, the description of the ∆-1 quantum world as a similar scalar plane of space-time to the ∆+1 cosmologic world.

5D physics. Its different philosophy of science.

The previous analysis responds to the fact that one of the key elements of philosophy of 4D physics, ‘mathematical creationism’ is false: mathematics, the language mirror, does NOT create the Universe, a view that subverts the real causality – space and time creates the linguistic mirrors of which mathematics is one of the most accurate.

So the previous analysis can be reduced to a disquisition on what kind of linguistic mirror we value more. ‘Simplicity is Genius’ said Leonardo. ‘Grata brevitas’ means that contrary to belief simplicity matters more in a mirror, and its perfect form is according to Absolute relativity, S=T, the balance between form and motion, complexity and simplicity, the present, beauty equation of the middle iterative age of any system, language-mirror or form of space-time in motion. That is, the ‘classic’ age of any discipline. In mathematical physics that age has long be passed, and we are now in the 3rd informative, baroque age of excessive detail that doesn’t let us see the forest as a whole. Since in mathematical creationism as ONLY the mathematical description matters, the automaton physicist cares nothing for the whys and the connection between the laws of 5D space-time and its mathematical methods of measure of the how of systems. This requires in turn to deny all what we have said, and reduce the properties of matter to those who can be measured (only what can be measured exists, Planck).

Creationism is further ‘strengthened’ by ‘constructivism’ the belief that the smallest scales of matter, which by virtue of the 5D metric, $ x ƒ(t)= C¡, have more information and hence required more complex mathematical equations, are the ONLY causal origin of reality. And so instead of accepting as 5D does, absolute relativity of any scale (as information in fact becomes erased and so a given ∆±¡ nested Universe doesn’t see beyond the ±¡ limits of its self-centered ∆º mind), hence all matter, hence the most important stience is biology as we perceive more information on our ∆±1 scales, physicists have become obsessed by the ever more complex description of the ∆-4, scales of gravitation (invisible beyond our ∆-3 electronic, light scale) and ∆-3 particles. Since they believe once they have solved those equations to the minute detail everything will be understood above as just an emergence of those scales – so they dare to write ridiculous books as ‘what is life’ (Schrodinger), ‘the quark and the jaguar’ (Mann) and have become the new ‘philosophers of science’ worshipped by the masses, due to their power making technological machines, as all other sciences imitate them, and ditch their languages and jargons for digital entelechies; themes those we criticize often in those papers. Moreover, this is done with the faulty Euclidean mathematics and Aristotelian logic of the past millennia (as the only non-Euclidean postulate solved is the 5th). The outcome is the astounding messy disquisitions of physicists as philosophers of science with its lineal time hang-ups and big-bang theories of the entropic whole. But egocy prevents them to come out of the tunnel.



Systems sciences are based on the alternative philosophy of science to that of mechanist physicists and its only entropy dimotion, called organicism. Let us try to explain why only organicism is a scientific truth.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton. But Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism on the other hand is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language or god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and in History, Gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, ANOTHER scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

What we mean by an organism? A very simple system – NOT to confuse with the most evolved, complex of them all, that of human beings, reason why so many people, having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept: An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move and reproduce (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their survival actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces). This simple dual system IS the fundamental particle of the Universe. Since machines are also organisms.

In the graph, the key element of modern history is the evolution of machines, clearly happening with the same phases of the evolution of any biological beings. So we first made the bodies of machines in the I industrial revolution, then we made its engines and heads, metal-ears=phones, metal-eyes=cameras and metal-brains=chips, and the nations which evolved them first (US) became the leading nation of the world. Now we put them together into biological organisms of metal, robots:

So mechanism, the underlying philosophy of physical sciences, is a simplex version of organicism. It is not man who resembles a machine, but the machine, which is made to the image and likeness of life organisms using stronger metal that makes them more able in the processing of energy and information at larger scales. Those Machines are fast evolving with the same patterns that simplex organisms. So as cells make viruses constructing first its 3 parts, bodies, limbs and heads, which then are ensemble and become alive, we made bodies, engines and heads of metal and now we are assembling them into autonomous robots with telepathic AI.

Why then organicism has remained in the modern time, a fringe theory, to mechanism, even if it was the first theory of reality put forwards by Aristotle, the father of the experimental method and logic science, in his magna opus the Organon? We just explained the obvious cultural reasons – we live in the age of the machine and so the machine has substituted man, an organism, as the measure of all things. And its organism of evolution and reproduction, the company-mother, has substituted human governments and informative verbal prophets through its mass-media/academia outlets; so it only considers positive mechanist models of their species.

But the deepest reason is the fact that to make an organism we need 3 ‘dimotions’ or ‘motions of time’, entropy, locomotion, the one used by physicists but also INFORMATION, form-in-action, formal dimensions, which physicists have always ill-understood, to the point they call it negentropy, the denial of entropy and its combination spacetime energy. Only then when we properly define information them, we will have the required elements to refund philosophy of science on far more rational, basis, that the present ‘mixture’ of mechanism and creationism (either of verbal language as in religions or digital languages, as in the religion of mathematics).

So before we study the spatial, scalar struture of reality, and its vital topologic space-time organisms, we needed to change your view of time itself, shaped by mechanical clocks and introduce the concept of cyclical time and the basic laws of the 5th dimension of scalar space-time, to study the fundamental new ‘unit’ of time, the sequential cycle of time dimotions of which a ‘pi’ cycle of 3 ‘diameters’ turning around a central singularity with a given angular momentum or ‘spin’ is the minimal possible action, while the ‘worldcycle’ of life and death, which we shall now study in more detail, also a zero sum that returns to its origin after a travel through the ‘symmetric’ 3 scales of space-time in which all systems live (∆-1 parts, ∆º – whole and ∆+1 outer world) is the fundamental unit to the point that we can state safely that all what exists is a part or whole super organism in space tracing a worldcycle in time.

The physiological view of topologic organisms: Ts-limbs/fields<ST-body-waves>St-Particle heads.

In topology a variety of a 2-manifiold as we have described organisms is in fact a network of points. Thus we can understand those 3 topologies as physiological networks.

The next graph shows the physiological networks of the main super organisms of the Universe.

Everything is encoded in those networks and its topologies which can be explained with multiple languages, the language of topology (mathematics), the language of logic (sequences of actions the networks cause), the language of social classes, as the 3 networks with its attached cells have a hierarchical order, with the informative nervous network in control of the faster languages on top (legal politicians and financial bankers in human societies, nervous cells and blood leukocytes in biologic organisms, gravitational black stars in galaxies, etc.).

There are 3 physiological networks in each supœrganism from the galaxy to the atom, the two scales where self-similarity takes place (the galatom smaller and larger planes).

Those 3 physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of Russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts. For that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilizations, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such. Let us then define the ‘stair of Universal supœrganisms with similar templates the ‘stair of nested Universal supœrganisms, of the 3 stientific varieties – physical, biologic and social to understand this:

∆+3: A galactic organism is a population of stars, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of black stars & a membrane made of strangelet matter symmetric to:

∆-3: An atomic organism is a population of particles, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of quarks, and a membrane made of electronic matter symmetric to:

∆+2: A star organism is a population of electronic plasma, related by energetic networks of electromagnetism and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of atoms, and a membrane of photonic radiation symmetric to:

∆-2: A light organism is a body of energetic waves over a quantum potential field of gravitational neutrinos, directed by its particle, informative photon state…

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey) coded by instincts.

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy, coded by human memes.

Networks that share energy and information between parts and wholes express the structural unity of all scales connecting all systems of reality. Networks ‘fill’ space ad maximal to connect fully the whole with parts, which are similar, hence find efficient to come in parallel herds and share the same energy and form.

An important concept is the difference between an ecosystem in which multiple supœrganisms co-exist, often in predatory relationships, vs. an organism in which only a type of atoms, cells or citizens co-exist, and is far more symbiotic as all parts love each other and share energy and information through its networks, over a common territorial space, as shown in the graph.

What makes the whole a whole? The answer is: the nervous, informative languages that communicate all the parts of the super organism and calculate within its logic syntax and selfish values, the actions and path of the future, the organism will follow to survive. So languages of information construct the organisms of the world.

Why informative languages command the whole: because they are faster in time, so they can synchronize the movements of all the parts; even if paradoxically its ‘bits’ of information are smaller.

And this bring 2 key elements of the Universe, one objective – the METRIC laws that relate all those parts and networks according to its relative size in space and time speed of its cycles – and one subjective – the existence of a common program of survival that every language ‘encodes’ in its logic syntax, to make possible the system to survive, which is also Disomorphic, because all systems are made of the same spatial forms and temporal motions.

Its 2 languages and networks of informative bits & reproductive bites of energy.

Thus networks are NOT only abstract mathematical systems, but logic, linguistic forms, whose internal, dynamic nature explain the vital working of advanced organisms of maximal information – biological and Historic organisms. Both are ‘fractal systems’ self-similar to each other, we shall call socio-biological organisms. A network of informative nature delivers messages of information to simultaneously coordinate the actions of all its parts; with its faster=smaller bits of information according to 5D metrics (min. spatial size x. max. temporal speed). While the networks of reproduction, the blood and financial system delivers larger bites of energy, which the organism needs to feed itself (when it is a healthy NON-corrupted supœrganism as most of Nature, but NOT human societies, whose astounding level of corruption we shall explain in detail).

The key to understand reality both in terms of energy but also in terms of information, as both are two sides of the same coin, called ‘exist¡ence’ is the fact that in the sentient Universe, each fractal point, atom, cell or citizen (physical, biologic or social systems) needs bits of in-form-ation, form, smaller in size of space, hence faster according to 5D metrics (SxT=C), but also ‘bites’ of entropic energy which will help the system to move. Networks are NOT some abstract ‘fractal tube’ but they exist to deliver ‘energy and information’ (Ss: form=language with a little motion=St-information and motion=entropy=Tt with a bit of information = energy=Ts).

A healthy supœrganism will deliver to each ‘fractal point’ (molecules, cells, human citizens), two type of messages through two type of networks. We shall call ‘generically’ the 3 type of bits and bites of information and energy that each of those 3 physical, biological and social systems receive, ‘particles, genes and memes’ even if the words as usual in 5D sciences are slightly changed, and widened in its original meaning.

2 are the fundamental reproductive-‘body-wave’ and informative-‘particle-head’ bites of energy and bits of information of the fundamental systems of nature:

In physical systems, the two networks are the gravitational faster networks of information, which we humans do not perceive, as we are much larger beings with electronic networks. Its bits of information in this faster non-local network should be ‘gravitons’, components of gravitational waves. In physical papers we advance as the most likely particle state of those waves of information that ‘position’ the different physical systems of the galaxy, a gravitational tachyon ‘neutrino’ for multiple reasons, we study on our papers on physics.

On the other hand, because we do perceive it, it is much easier to prove that the energetic network of physical systems are electromagnetic waves, photons and its ‘social, static state’ as the elements of an electronic nebulae, trapped in the potential energy well of the atom. Thus photons and electrons become the ‘energy network of physical system, molecules. We shall escape then in this introduction further information on the scalar structure of those networks and how, as we ‘grow in scale’, what is a bite of slow energy for a smaller plane of space-time, becomes for the larger plane’s slower beings, a faster bit of information, in the amazing beauty of the harmonies between scales. So electronic food for atoms becomes electronic information for biological organisms and show on.

Those biological organisms have two fractal networks, the electronic, informative nervous system in which bits of electronic information moving along the myelin membrane deliver faster messages to every part of the organism to simultaneously synchronize its motions, so the body-cells act as a single form in simultaneous space.

– But when we move into the bites of energy delivered by the blood organism, the network delivers to each cell the basic ‘currency’ language of energy that all cells need to move, called ‘oxygen ‘. It is an atom of slower motion than the electrons but due to its electro-negativity and readily availability in the atmosphere, with its capacity to kick with two OH- & H+ legs the water ‘medium’ on which cells exist, the perfect language of ‘money’ for the organism to start kicking its ‘actions’.

So we DO have in the next scale according to the perfect laws of harmony, the two basic biological bits and bites of information and energy, electrons and oxygens, and from then on, as systems become more complex, variations of those bits and bites occur.

The main category are mixed ST messages, which deliver BOTH a stick and carrot ‘complex’ to the cells and its big molecules, which are amino acid systems, of great simplicity called Hormones, starting from the simplest of them all, an NO molecule (which do relax muscles, its main message to the locomotion system, increases the pressure of blood, provoking sexual erection, the simplest message to reproductive systems and multiplies the neuronal activity. As nitrogens are the clock atom of our mind-brains. So more complex NO systems with a body support of carbon chains become ‘hormones’ which might have a ‘higher informative message’ (with more N, as in nucleotide molecules) or a higher energetic message (as in acids with more oxygen).

They form the basic letters of the ‘biologic longer sentences that might accumulate information’ in ever more complex molecules, as biologic organisms are the more complex systems we know of. But they enter in a region of faster motion. So while Space ‘tends to remain constant’ in each scale thanks to filling networks, time accelerates. So the 5D metric refers NOT to the whole Universe of 5D planes but to a given family of ‘supœrganisms’ of which mankind in it 3 scales of ‘biologic cells’, human individuals and societies is undoubtedly a ‘phyla’. When we go down in scales, the Universe ‘enlarges’ for a traveler that becomes smaller and accelerates its temporal energy.


The Universe is an infinite, immortal, sentient, social, reproductive fractal; where the two dimotions of absolute future, are exactly inverse to those ‘anthropic man’ recognizes, NOT Tt-entropy and Ts-locomotion, but ST-reproduction of St-information that communicates and evolves Ss-linguistic forms in a sentient complex reality.

It is essential for you to understand that the 3 scales of an organic co-existing system are completely different in language of thought (@-mind) as the larger is organic, the smaller is quantic, numerical and the middle one is e-motional, active, topology of exist¡ence, (S-pace), as the smaller one is hyperbolic, the middle one flat, and the upper one elliptic, in time ages, as the big lives longer, seems immortal to the fleeting small quanta, reproduced every day, synchronous though all of them to the beating time of its middle heart; and so we come in this manner to the entropy limits of death that the larger imposes on the smaller constrained to its territorial substance, crowed by clone brothers – but all laws are within the ¬Ælgebra of ∆-scales – the Holy of wholes.

Thus we set an absolute ‘dimensional motion’ (ab. dimotion) of spacetime. Because for a whole ∆+1 to exist, the parts ‘ilogically’ must come first; so social evolution and love between parts is the absolute dimotion of future for the organic Universe, or ‘future’, while a form that repeats itself seems not to change, so the function of reproduction is the absolute dimotion of present, leaving thus entropy= death, the dissolution of form as the inverse dimotion of past. So we draw the 3 ‘dimotions of space-time’ in terms of the 3 time ages of absolute past (Tt-entropy=death) and its relative lesser Ts- locomotion; ST-present reproduction, which is the function that maximizes SxT (s=t) exist¡ence in any scale of stience and the relative future of St-communication of information that evolves parts into larger social wholes, herds and supœrganisms; whereas the absolute future, Ss, is the language of still minds, shared by all of them – the game of Generational Space-time we explain here and its two fundamental mirrors of space and time (mathematics and logic). It is an architectonical perfect Universe as long as you abandon the illusion of the ego that cuts-off man from its entanglement with the self-similar whole and all its parts. Why humans don’t see reality as it is , has to do with the mind function and its distorted self-centered view.

The Universe is a fractal of space-time. This means it is made of 3 elements, which experimental sciences such as mathematics, express with its fundamental element: ∆-scales (expressed with scalar numbers) of different size in Space (expressed with geometry) with different speed of Cyclical Time motions (expressed with operands).

Time is change, perceived as motion in space or change in the form of space (External change), in the in-form-ation of beings (expressed through topological inner change). Time and Space thus seem to be in perpetual conflict, transforming each other ad eternal. Time is thus similar to energy with a higher content of motion and space to information, with a higher content of form.

The 5th Dimension, ∆±¡, is the sum of all those scalar planes of spacetime where species entangled as synchronous ‘organisms’ that co=exist in 3 of such scales, ∆±¡ (quantum, organic/thermodynamic and cosmologic /ecosystemic scale) to live worldcycles of time, paradoxically faster, hence with higher frequency of information, the smaller the system is (chip paradox). Yet the product of both, the so-called metric of the fifth dimensions is constant, allowing the symbiotic exchange of energy and information between them. Thus this metric co-invariant equation, Space Size xTime Speed of its clocks=∆¡ defines a series of planes of space-time each one studied by a ‘stience’, from the faster, smaller world of particles, to the larger, slower cycles of galaxies, symbiotic to each other, as smaller systems process better in-form-ation, stored in the cyclical form and faster frequency of its clock cycles, coding larger systems that enclose its parts with protective membranes of slower time cycles.

RECAP. An organism is a group of similar forms organized by 3 ‘networks’: one provides its ‘clone cells/citizens /atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed & move (digestive system, territory), a 2nd one reproduces the system  (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and a 3rd one that provides them with information to guide their reproductive actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This simple system is the fundamental particle of the universe. As all organisms wear out by errors of informative action and end up warped by an excess of information (third age of the organism) or killed and reconverted into formless energy (death); only those systems, which reproduces, do exist in the immortal universe. So all systems have an internal or external ‘enzymatic’ system of reproduction (external enzymes reproduce carbohydrates, and enzymen reproduce machines). This can be seen as a ternary class structure of a ‘body-worker-wave’, and an informative particle-head-upper class moving and finding a vital territory, with a limbic/potential source of its motions, which the system might externalize to obtain the energy to reproduce.



Physics has always been concerned with motion, its analysis and the duality of motion and form, as we cannot distinguish a system that moves from one that is static. This mystery contrary to belief has not been explained only described with mathematical tools. Why systems move but seems static is the concept behind Relativity, and its explanation one of the most important advances of 5Ð theory. Thus we shall consider first Galilean relativity and Einstein’s relativity with the principle of correspondence, as ‘limiting’ versions reduce to our simple light spacetime plane of a larger view, absolute relativity, the upgrading of physics of motion in 5Ð.

Galilean Paradox: SóT: Relativity of space Dimensions=Forms=Motion in time: The 5 Universal Dimotions

As it turns out the fundamental stiences of the Universe will be in its essential postulates connected to the simple metric functions of 5D, Max. SxT= C which is achieved at Si=Te. This second function in particular is the best possible definition of the fundamental principle of Physics, the principle of relativity, which defines the fact that we cannot distinguish between motion and form. The second metric function, which we shall call the ‘function of exist¡ence’ as it defines the program of survival of all entities of the Universe will be the basis of the biological behavior of all species that try to maximize its energy and information and reproduce.

It couldn’t be otherwise, since if we are space-time, space-time functions, in its widest expression, those of 5D must be the functions of all space-time beings, regardless of its physical or socio-biological nature.

Galilean Paradox: SóT: Relativity of space Dimensions=Forms=Motion in time: 5 Universal Dimotions

Galileo’s Principle of Relativity is the concept behind the relationship between the equality of time=motion and space=form and why one can converted into another: All what exists is made of space=form and time=motion. And yet physicists know that we cannot distinguish motion from form. That any being in motion from its point of view seems to be still and all other things moving around it. This is the principle of Relativity of motion.

Physicists then without much thought about that fascinating duality, went on to use mathematics to calculate the relative motion of each entity of reality respect to other system, which seems static from both points of view. This is called Galilean relativity, latter refined by Einstein’s relativity, and essentially is concerned with the mathematical calculus of what we shall call the 2nd Dimotion of time=change, locomotion. Fine, but we are more interested on the duality of space=form and motion=time and its entangled relationships –the reasons why we do NOT see together motion and form, even if all systems have both.

Conclusion: 1 of the 2 parameters of reality is hidden to perception; we either see motion or form, ‘waves or particles’ (quantum complementarity), distances and lines or points in motion (as in the night when fast cars in a picture appear as lines). So physicists calculate only one when in fact we must assess the existence of 2; and since we cannot distinguish them, logically we must equate them. ‘Form=motion-function; space=time; Si=Te’. And since there is nothing else than time and space, those 2 experimental primary ‘mirror-sciences’ of time and space become the most important to extract the ‘Disomorphic=laws’ of those 5 Dimotions that all systems have in common. Since while those Dimotions are broken, in vital organisms, separated by cyclical time membranes, they are the same.

Relativity then becomes a duality, Si=Te, which is at the heart of every law of the Universe. Whereas the primary element, the ultimate substance is time=motion. As space is a Maya of the senses – a slice of time motion. Form is what a ‘still mind’, makes of that motion to ‘perceive’, information, forms-in-action.

Since we see Earth still and flat but it is round and moving. Galileo’s profession was ballistics – the study of cannonballs motion. So he chose ONLY motion and lost the chance to start physics with a complex philosophical understanding of its Si=Te dual Principle of relativity, which Poincare defined latter clearly when he said that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’. An example is quantum/relativity duality. In detail quantum space has ‘dark energy’ because it has expansive motion that extends into a plane of space, but when seen at larger scales without detail its entropic motion seems static space – a dual area of scattering length and width. So in the galaxy we see either dark energy motion or expanding space: T=S. A motion of time is equivalent to a dimension of space: Distance and motion cannot be distinguished so they must be taken as two side of the same being, a space=time Ðimotion (ab. Dimensional Motion):

S= T; Dimension-Distance = Time-motion = ST Ðimotion

Earth moves in time, but we see it as a still form in space because reality is a constant game of ∞ motions, but the mind focus those motions and measures them at still distances. For huminds, motion is relative to our systems of measure and perception, which are light-based; hence a fixed c-rod speed/ distance. Reason why Einstein’s relativity postulates a maximal T:c-speed, measured as if observer and observable were still to each other (Constant S); which at our scale we correct with Lorentz Transformations.

But physicists just substituted Earth’s still distances for motions. It took 300 years for Einstein to realize the relativity of motion and its measure made essentially time and space, motion and form two sides of the same coin. Still this realization was not explored philosophically and so it gave birth to a series of ill-understood dualities between ‘states of measure and form’ (particles, head gauging form, in-form-ation) and ‘states of motion’ (wave states).

Motion and form co-exist as 2 different states depending on 5D scale and detail: Motions are perceived by minds that stop motion into form, into information, as distances. So if we see slow motion in the night, a car’s headlight seems a long distance line ‘still’ picture. But this means also that the 3 ‘Euclidean still dimensions’ must have motion; they are ‘bidimensional ST-holographic, topologic dimotions’. So we have 3 Space + 1 Time + 1 5th dimension of scales = 5 Dimensional motions. None of them is a Dimension of pure spatial form or a pure time motion but a combination of both. Even if mentally we tend to reduce motion and focus on forms, all has motion=time, and form =space: this is the meaning of ‘spacetime’, the messing of both into 5 dimotions, the fundamental element of all realities.

Relativity states ‘we cannot distinguish motion=time from position=space’. So all what exists is a composite of both, undistinguishable Si=Te, 5 ‘Dimensional motions’ (Ab. Dimotions), broken in infinite fractal, vital time space organisms, composed of topological Dimotions: height=information; length=locomotion; width=reproduction; form= social evolution of parts into wholes & entropy=dissolution of a whole into its parts in a lower scale of the fifth dimension (term we keep for the whole range of scales of the Universe); whose study is both mathematical, the science that studies how those 5 Dimotions entangle in simultaneous Space, connected to each other topological adjacent parts, which create supœrganism, and Logic; the main stience of time that observes how those pentalogic, entangled supœrganisms move, evolve, change in sequential relational time, living a worldcycle of life and death.

As all is time&space, the 2 experimental primary mirror-stiences of time&space become the most important to extract the Disomorphic=equal laws of those 5 Dimotions that all systems have in common. Since while those Dimotions are broken, in vital organisms, separated by cyclical time membranes, they are the same.

In the graph below Galilean relativity was ill understood, as the true question about time-change is why ‘the mind sees space as a still, when in detail is made of smaller self-similar quanta, in motion. The paradox defines mental spaces as still simplified views of the more complex whole. The 3 ¡logic paradoxes of space topology (closed in-form-ative curved-O vs. |-open, free entropic lineal forms), time-motion (stillness vs. motion) and ∆-scale, (continuous whole vs. discrete forms; single scale vs. multiple ones), are essential to the perception of a simplified ‘spatial mind universe’ in a single flat still plane vs. the full, more detailed complex picture in time, of a curved, discrete and moving Universe. Those paradoxes resume the 5 elements of reality, Space=form, time=motion, scales and the mind that measures them, within its own entropic limits. They are also essential to mathematics and its methods of solutions. For example, in the inversion between finitesimal lineal steps (as a step between 2 points is NEVER curved) and the cyclical form of longer ‘integral paths’. As lineal approximations are the essential tool of calculus and mathematics to resolve many equations. Expanding Noether’s concepts of symmetry we could say that each stœp of a mathematical method of solution is not ‘gratuitous’; but must be grounded in a real property of the 5D ∆ST symmetries and conservation laws of the Universe, which are not so many – hence the repetition of methods. Specifically, the aforementioned 3 paradoxes between ∆+1 curved closed worldcycles, sum of lineal steps, which gives birth to the most used method of lineal approximations; the equivalence between Space and time, in all Stœps of dimotions, which gives birth to the method of separation of variables on differential equations and more broadly allows to move around relative space and time parameters in equations joined by an operand of ‘equivalence’ (≈ not =). And the 2 conservation laws of the Universe, conservation of those ‘beats’ of existence, S=T in relative present, eternal balance, justifying the equivalence operands. And conservation of the ‘volume of space-time’ of each plane of the Universe, by virtue of the 5D metric equation SxT=C, which justifies all the procedures regarding scales – solution of differential equations by separations of scales, renormalization procedures (Wilson), and harmonizes those scales allowing constant but balanced transfers of energy and information, St=Ts.

We call the 5Ð model of Relativity Absolute relativity, as it adds to the relativity of motion (Galileo, Einstein) and Time evolution (Darwin), the relativity of scales, with no preferential one, despite human ‘ænthropic beliefs’ in an anthropic Universe with us at the center, and only intelligent, informative species, with entropy as the only time dimotion of everything else – which are just deformations of any mind’s ‘metric equation’: O-Infinitesimal mind x ∞ Universe = Still mind-mappings (World). We call that ‘projection of humind’s limits into the larger, more complex whole, the ‘ego paradox’: ‘Every point of measure gauges reality from its distorted perspective as the largest, only intelligent center of the Universe, which it confuses with its still, infinitesimal mind-mapping’. A more sanguine word is ‘Egocy:Ego=idiocy’, proper of all minds that model reality from its p.o.v. In the human case the worldly profession of physicists, to make entropic weapons has heavily biased our view of the Universe.

Reproduction of form in 5D and its essential mathematical tool: calculus.

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information, forms-in-action, forms of space with motions in time. This is the essence of it all. But space is a maya of the senses, the synchronous view of a series of cycles of time motions, knotted in the simultaneous perception of an observer; what physicists call a ‘frame of reference’. Thus time=change is the fundamental element of reality, and this makes Algebra of time-change, specifically calculus perhaps the most important experimental science of time, besides logic, which we have upgraded to existential ¬Æ=ilogic, which explores the vital, organic whys of those changes.

It is the Galilean Paradox: S=T. We cannot distinguish time from form. In as much as each frame of reference or mind locks in a knot-mirror of the motions of the Universe from its point of view. So each point of space is a perceiver relative field of motions, which from its perspective knot as forces ‘attracted’ by its frame of reference. Yet if we cannot distinguish motion from form each point is entangled to those motions and is made of motion and form, of the particle and wave states. Even in quantum physics (graph) we cannot measure position (in-form-ative state as a particle) from motion (wave state).

For example, a single photon may exhibit wave interference with itself, and it can behave as a particle with definite and finite measurable position or momentum, though not both at the same time as per Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Since they are either moving and therefore having momentum as waves, or they are in the stop-particle position communicating information through neutrino? ≈gravitons? And then they have position. And we can analyze them in either state with precision but not at the same time. Thus the uncertainty principle in pentalogic has besides the ‘@-linguistic mirror view’ (abstract formulation proper of the ‘creationist philosophy of physics’ – see Physics and mind), a real ‘entropic=limiting view’, as the particle is ‘constantly moving’; hence if its minimal organic value as a quanta of ‘action’ (∆-1 scale of existence) of an organism of light E= h ƒ is h, called a ‘planckton’ in 5D at any time of measure, as in a ‘movie projection’ that goes from stop to step to complete a cycle, but we cannot see both states of the film picture but only ½ of the cycle, missing the other ½, the quantum observer misses h/2=ExT (ST).

For example, in the nucleus we are not seeing 3 quarks in a position state, but the same quark in its ‘motion interval’ between 2 states of space-time, reason why we cannot break them and they have exactly the same charge than the electron, because its ‘transitions’ U(+2/3)->D(-1/3)->U(+2/3) as ‘T-motion’ sTates do give us a ±1 change . Only with enormous energy we can reproduce those quarks and then have 2 separated entities. Nt.1

As it happens I was the lead plaintiff of a series of suits against the industry of accelerators, engaged in experiments with quarks to replicate the big-bang a decade ago, given the risks for the Planet of those explosions; so I returned briefly to the study of quarks, black stars and astrophysics; and while impressed by the advanced models and precision machines nothing had changed in the essentially ‘wrong’ models in both the view of astrophysics and the view of time in physics… for one thing; while we reject the Copenhagen interpretation in its philosophical elements, its experimental facts do have a point – the human observer modifies the observable NOT only with the experiment that collapses a ‘herd’ of ∆-1 elements into an ∆ø, but due to its preconception on what is perceiving. When we observe a quark we cannot break it without giving it an enormous amount of energy-temperature, to a point on the trillion degrees which merely means the quark reproduces into new quarks. Does this means there is only a quark at any time on the particle? No. Actually there are two and here to the rescue comes the amazing symmetry between the quark and meson world of the upper scale of the galatom. The wonder and beauty of that symmetry will be one of the most important discoveries of 5D physics…

For example, when we see a meson or any particle-antiparticle state, we are NOT seeing 2 different particles in space but the constant back and forth transformation of a ‘life cat’ into a ‘dead cat’ so to speak; whereas the particle is the past to future informative dimotion and the antiparticle, its future to past expansive one.

Since the combination of S=T and SxT=C (Max. SxT) or ‘Universal mandate=function of exist¡ence’, which is the ultimate origin of all the equations of the Universe implies we can always have a temporal or topological view of an event or form, both are equivalent, but the choice matters for each case.

The 5 states as inner and outer motion.

We have 5 ‘states of space-time’ of which we are all made that have topological, formal, geometric and temporal, moving properties. Because those states are messing ‘dimensions of formal space’ and ‘motions of time’, we have coined a new word, ‘Dimotion’ (ab. Ð, which is the capital of ð, similar to D of Dimension and T of time). The main property of a Dimotion is to be holographic, having both spatial dimension and time motion; and we shall soon find that Dimotions are closely related to the 3 classic dimensions of space, to which we must add a function=motion in time, as their study becomes a new discipline of knowledge called topological evolution.

It is the fifth dimension of space-time, which Is the sum of all those ‘planes of reality’ co-existing in organic scales, based in the simple metric laws that make smaller system run faster time cycles:

To have all the elements to construct reality besides S and T we need ∆, the scalar property of reality, by which ‘space-time beings’ are made of smaller ones and form part of larger wholes. We talk of multiple planes of space-time because each scale has different parameters as parts become wholes, unit of a next scale. We will explain this as the product of network formation, emergence and other disciplines of General Systems Sciences, of which 5D is a formal view. In mathematics ‘fractal points will evolve’ through network-lines into topological planes of space-time. This discontinuity between scales is real. There are transition regions between planes, which can only be crossed with loss of information, therefore only by energy, by entropic motion, by ‘death’ of a system. Latter we shall study those regions, evident in physical equations as there are asymptotic barriers – Lorentz transformations in the c-barrier; negative temperature in the 0 barrier; etc. What then the Universe conserves is easy to see: the total volume of space-time of each scale; that is its energy. We will also elaborate latter on those concepts.

Quantum motions vs. continuous derivatives.

We shall introduce now one of the ‘mantra themes’ of all the introductions to 5D theory, which we will expand greatly as we revise those texts, as it is the ‘central piece’ of any physical theory of motion.

With physicists definition of time as locomotion (Ts) we can only understand very simple spatial motions with NO inner change on them (s-patial form in Ts is fixed). This is reflected in the use of ‘present=instant derivatives’ which do not admit ‘peaks’ of changes of STages for physical systems. Since the calculus of locomotions uses ‘instants of present=finitesimal derivatives’ that don’t apply to ‘change of internal parameters’, to inner motions necessary to change STages of life, where the system switches from external to internal motion; as it stop and goes through its existence. So for example, the change from youth to maturity, Ts>ST means a change of ‘s’ to S, from internal no-motion to internal change in information that brings up the reproduction of the system.

This is a key point of the whole structure of change in the Universe, which happens with the interplay of internal and external motion and form. I.e. when we act, we first ‘stay put’ as form, but our mind is ‘thinking’, having internal motion, and so we think what we shall act, and then we act, and our mind is ‘stopping’ it has no internal motion. So the fundamental event of motion v. thought is St (internal motion, external form) < = > Ts (internal form, external motion). In those systems a continuous calculus approach fails totally to understand the quantum stop < go process.

The  error of scientists is to ‘believe’ the fairy dogmatic tales and expansions of those lineal concepts of time as v=s/t parameters of spatial motion, as if that were all what time=change=motion means to the Universe, scrapping the St-SS-ST most important informative dimotions, the key to understand wholes & worldcycles.

Not so, the enormous beauty of the formalism of 5D which never ceases to marvel me in the 30 years I have been alone looking through this window to the absolute huminds don’t seem to care to share is how from so simple ‘elements’ with an astounding architectonic perfection only comparable to the language of music, we shall time permitted also deconde in 5D terms, the entire array of phenomena of reality can be explained. And a key to all of those events are the ‘Stœps’; changes of states, quantum by quantum of Space ó motion transformations in the inner and outer regions of the being, in the different scales of the Universe.

There is not a personal god indeed but if there were one designing such perfect Universe I would like to share his thoughts. You have always a ‘cyclical time membrane’ that separates an inner and outer world. One of them might be in motion, one might be still, the combinations of those possibilities and all its changes, either one by one, or two by two, in infinite stœps of infinite beings describes almost all realities. Some are more important than others; some sequences of changes are fundamental as the sequence of the worldcycle.

And then there is the way the mind selects certain states and ignores others, like in a movie picture. Consider two of them that are inverse and will come up many times, and when we increase in a future review the complexity of those physical texts with advanced maths will show the full beauty of the mathematical mirror of physic:

– St: The perception of motion as stillness: In this ‘series’ the mind does NOT perceive the motion STage at all, only the stop State, and as such it explains why the earth is moving but the mind sees it still.

– Ts: Perception of stillness as motion: in this view, the mind does not perceive the state of wave-motion, but only the series of still, informative positions. It explains why we see motion on systems that are still, as the frames of a movie.

We thus indeed either perceive the wave state or the particle, still state but NOT both at the same time, because then we would see a jerky Universe.

In the mathematical mirror it means we can have either a topological, geometric analysis or a calculus, changing analysis; we can define reality in terms of ‘continuous functions’ or we can consider discrete approaches.

But what is a deeper truth? Not the continuous but the discrete, stop and go approach as we show in our paper on 5D mathematics and time (Calculus).

Locomotion as reproduction of form also solves Zeno’s Paradoxes of and the meaning of discontinuity. As motion is reproduction of information, of form, since particles are knots of perception of form, fractal points, monads, which move by reproducing through a lower plane of the 5th dimension, as ∆-1 waves, its information, as forms-in-action.

So 5D reduces all forms of change to the ‘function of existence’, reproduction, a back and forth travel through 2 scales of the fifth dimension, as a form becomes a seed that reproduces, evolves socially and forms its whole again.

Change thus has a final feature: it is change reproduced in a lower plane as a seed that evolves into a whole.

And all this is what actually calculus calculates: It finds a finitesimal part of reality and then integrates it as a sum, whereas the function of existence of the form displaces and reproduces its orthogonal parameters of form and motion. So physical forms are constantly reproducing, ‘calculating’ and the equivalence between the tools of calculus as mirror of the process of reproductive locomotion become crystal clear.

The persistence of memory.

The duality of wave-particle Motion can also be described as the ‘persistence’ of memory, regarding the path of reproduction of the being, along consecutive stœps (stops and steps) of existence. Depending of the persistence and duration of each consecutive being, we will obtain, a ‘ternary wave’ of motion or a particle,

In the graph we see how all physical motions happen in ternary wave states. AND DEPENDING on the persistence of the reproduced elements of the being, we talk of three changes of quantity:

When the wave is a perfect locomotion, the central wave has most of the momentum an the forehead an back packet of reproductive motion are not even ‘acquiring full form’ but are ‘virtual resonances’ of the being, which therefore has a steady state locomotion.

But when motion in space is near zero, an the persistence of the reproductive ‘offspring’ persists as long as the central ‘cell’, the motion is pure reproduction of the being into a process of social growth of population; and this the meaning of change of quantity in terms of reproduction

While inversely when the reproduction is near zero, the locomotion is near zero, an the persistence of the population of reproduced clones also near zero, as the system decays exponentially, each cellular part stopping its reproduction, quantity diminishes, an we talk of ‘decay’, the inverse reproductive motion to that of growth, which in its purest form is the exponential decay of all deaths of a system.

An so we have described all motions, changes and events of the Universe in terms of its 5 Dimotions, fusioning in the process the fundamental concepts, facts and philosophies of motion, worth to mention.

Thus beings with a lot of information, reproduce very slow and we can hardly see them moving. The limit of it being complex life supœrganisms on Earth, whose reproduction takes 9 months. It happens ‘inside’ the reproductive mother, and it reproduces in the adjacent space after ‘tearing’ the topological knot of the umbilical chord. A similar very slow process of reproduction happens in physics with the weak interaction that reproduces a form with even more information evolving the mass of particles, so the range of the force is minimal and the new particle appears adjacent to the one that disappears, dying for the new hatched ‘baby’ to be born.

It is not in physics but in calculus where we find the strongest proofs of the laws of 5D as a reproductive process of form. Yet physics in its reduced humind’s view is a discipline of calculus – there is indeed no difference between doing calculus and doing physics – just a selection of the equations of calculus if you don’t add ‘substance’ to physical systems So 5D calculus laws apply to physical systems and the same can be said of topological laws.

Physicists made the Galileo’s paradox, the cornerstone of their theory of measure, but they failed to study the deep implications it has for every aspect of the structure of the Universe and the most important of those is the fact that all spaces must be mental spaces, as stillness is NOT real in a Universe of infinite motions, but the product of a mind.



In all scales of stience minds fix time motions into spatial, linguistic formal mappings that reduce the whole with its synoptic language to fit in a particle-head that acts in its world-territory after gauging information.

Thus we define ‘Maxwellian’s demons’ of local order in all scales – physical minds as the infinitesimal points that create order in physical systems with the same Disomorphic laws that all others do in more complex scales. As each mind orders as a linguistic god a territory around itself, its fractal body and entropic world.

All minds project their biased self-centered model of reality with them at its center and the still world they stop to fit in their mind as a dead territory of order. So humans deny the existence of ∞ minds, as if they were the only ‘special’ sentient point of order and their languages, first the verbal form of its anthropomorphic Gods, today digital numbers, the only of the Universe. And in this manner because ∞ discontinuous minds is the generator of form, of information and order over the entropic flow of mindless time motion, the destruction of one of the two poles of reality means we will never be able to answer rationally the whys of the Universe.

The biggest unknown discovery of Galilean relativity is the mental nature of space – since we see reality still because the mind perceives in stillness, and reduces motion to form. Space IS always born in the mind’s simultaneous perception of events (something Einstein’s relativity will help us to calculate) and this will give birth to the proper understanding of motion as reproduction of form, of the duality particle in stop form and wave in motion, of the Lorentzian transformations and its paradoxes and a long etc. of distortions the mind effects on reality.

But it will allow us to define the mind in mathematical and logic terms with a clarity never achieved before. As the mind is the linguistic still space we see – the other extreme of reality, being time motions in its Tt-entropic inner and outer motion of scattering disorder and death. So we can philosophically consider reality a tug-of-war between time in its continuous motion and still minds, fractal, non-Euclidean points that hold a world in themselves (Leibniz) trying as monads to fix reality into its subjective self-centered point of view.

Those 2 functions do give origin to all phenomena of reality. So 1st we consider the most important consequence of relativity – the function of the mind which is the system that creates the spatial forms by reducing the information of time motions to still simultaneous mappings, and the function of survival in biology that all systems including physical ones (maximizing its equivalent parameter, momentum) follow regardless of how we describe them, with Hamiltonians and Least time principles in physics, with evolution in biology, with the drives of life in sociology.

To explain epistemologically reality we do need to ad organic and sentient properties to the fractal Universe. So the mind is a singularity or infinitesimal 0-point, the relative frame of reference that maps the ∞ cycles of space-time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain. This we formalize with the equation of the mind:

0-linguistic mind x ∞ space-time cycles of the Universe= Constant world mapping, with a mind @ its centre.

In mathematical terms 0 x ∞ = Constant: the ∞ information of the Universe, multiplied by the relative infinitesimal volume of our mind gives us a constant mapping, where we extract all the properties that are not interesting to us and our self-centered view.

So the first to go are the motions of other entities, which is what makes them feel alive. Indeed, science started when Galileo realized the mind stopped the motion of the earth, but the earth moves: e pur si muove he said and Galilean relativity latter expanded by Einstein gave birth to physics.

Next, they eliminate all the other egos, and sentient points of view, so only we are intelligent. And animals perhaps and only recently. But our atoms are not different, so the sentient pan psychic universe likely is already thinking in any atom, as all reproduce particles, gauge information, evolve socially with magnetic fields. But we just reduce minds to ours.

Descartes. 3 Systems elements.

Descartes, the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

The mind or 0-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

And this is the origin of the paradox of the ego, as from a perspective, which is blind to all the motions and vital perception of other beings, as from our perspective, nothing thinks and from our perspective we see our own nose bigger than Andromeda. So reality becomes deformed, inert, and the ego becomes the center of the Universe, as always happened with humans who thought first the earth in its center, then chosen of god, the creator, who spoke our language, and finally debased all living entities reducing them ‘to spatial forms’ in the still mapping of the mind, which stops all motions to fit a reduced image of reality.

So we express verbally the ego paradox, as the ‘ego believes its still mind mapping IS all the information of the Universe, when it is only an infinitesimal part of it, self-centered in the self’.

The universe has infinite such mind-mirrors depending on the forces used to gauge the external world, which bounces on a limited quantity of its scales of space. Humans perceive the range of scales of the frequency of light between red and blue social density of colors.

But infinite other minds with different detail according to the quantitative pixels they absorb (max. S = Min.t) maximal for smaller sixes will determine the intelligence of the system. Mind languages map reality into spatial forms. It is the ‘intelligent’ still spatial limit of reality, as all what exists are disordered entropic motions=forces and ‘minds’, particles-heads whose logic & mathematical languages create a territorial body order that forms of reality. ‘Vital motions and perceptive minds’ make up a ‘vital, perceptive, intelligent’ Universe. Since particles already have all the 5 Dimotions, gauging information, decoupling=reproducing & evolving social with magnetic fields.

So besides perception, the 2nd field of inquire about Minds in the Universe made to the image and likeness of the whole are the mechanisms by which a Mind through ‘languages’ of communication – the bits that conform its ‘static view’ of its world, are deployed as signals of information to the different parts of its territory of order:

In the graph, the mind communicates the whole as a knot of pentalogic languages, which further clarifies the meaning of perception: knot of forces, which beat in the mind-point with a regularity that achieves complex perceptions. Minds though can have lesser structures than a full pentalogic display of languages, which will be:

– A language of perception of the larger ∆+1 world – in human beings ¥-light, its Ss-language.

– A language of communication with its ∆-1 scale of body cells, which normally branches into 3 languages networks (the ∆º) elements of the being – the ST- reproductive language/network, the informative St-language-network and the Ts-locomotion language network – with an ∆-1 ‘entropic’ language/system to predate and destroy external elements of the territory of order; not really so much a language but a ‘Tt-weapon’ as there is no other communication but death when an §-mind kills.

Asymptotic perception of motions in the X-direction

Because height is the dimension of information and length of motion, both are asymptotic to each other, which explains the method by which light is stop in the mind. It follows that as frequency of higher amplitude have higher height, the perception of a light is ‘below’, on the formal ‘crest’ of its frames of lineal reference. Formal perception by Ss-minds of asymptotic Tt-entropy or ‘function of information is key to mathematical topology of changes from Tt to Ss through an energy region of combination of both of the form ST, giving us the classic ‘realistic function of existence, in ST in any science of reality.

In the graphs below, one of the many topological uses of the orthogonallity of the function of exist¡ence in its 5 Dimotions as they move through space-time (Relativithy theory).

The connection between Dimotions in time and Dimensions of Space is the essential symmetry, S=T, that justifies the forms of the Universe. Height=information, Length=entropic motion and the cross product between them, with all its multiple variations, from the structure of 3 Perpendicular light dimotions to forces, to Minkowski’s spaces, to the place of your head, to the mathematical function of exponential entropy, to the laws of complex space derive all from them:

A 5 Dimotional physical description shows a living Universe of life particles.

Many abstract structures of physics can be greatly improved by 5D, especially those concerned the structure of space and time. They are fascinating but for physicists to access them, they will have to leave behind their ‘idols of the tribe’, namely the concept of space and time of Mr. Galileo, Newton and Einstein to properly interpret the symmetries of a Universe with infinite time clocks which minds perceive as static, ‘present’ space, when their speed is much faster; and that is moreover the case of any organic structure, where the skin is slower than the mind.

Here we enter a territory that is essential to understand Nature but cannot be understood in terms of lineal time. Consider the graph, which I use to stress the fact particles reproduce. It is a graph of the standard conception physicists have of faster space-time vortices, called quarks. Quarks however are by virtue of 5D metrics, Space size x Time speed =C, much faster than electrons, with a larger Spatial radius hence slower speed. And so we, humans, perceive their faster time process as spatial forms, meaning the 3 quarks ARE 3 ages in time. This is an effect of the S=T paradox of Relativity, ill understood by physicists, and the lack of clear perception, even today when instruments of measure have advanced enormously. So to a certain extend Eddington’s view that physicists ‘invented’ much of their models by merely interpreting mathematical measures is no longer truth, but in the limits of perception, quarks and cosmic big-bangs, it is.

So when I read physics I see vital topology, laws of Non-Æ at work. But this is a language alien to physicists. We are describing the same. They though describe the how and I describe the why. Both together look even better. And much as to be done on the algebraic, quantitative side to join both. We will only introduce the theme… What I want you is to get the feeling that such hows are common to all other ‘minds of the Universe’, and they are sentient, vital, organic, ‘subtle’, yes, deterministic, because physical matter is a perfect performer of the existential game, but not mindless, automata-like, encoded by physical laws that nave no flexibility.

This again is a ridiculous conception people have of physicists as an exact science, which physicists shrewdly cultivate. There is very few Universal laws on physics and most of those are wrong (Thermodynamic laws, big-bang laws, etc.) Physical particles are extremely bio-logical in its variations. The previous example when it was found broke all the known-known deterministic laws that you learn in school about ‘electrons repelling themselves’, because electrons do NOT obey its mathematical mirror law, but rather, that law of Coulomb attraction is a general case for a non-detailed analysis on how electrons interact with each other. Think of them rather like Male gender – they are in fact Ts-male particles as quarks are St-female ones, if you want to consider the concept that will evolve through scales, indeed to finally give birth through mirror symmetry to biological gender. So males do NOT attract each other. If you put a few tigers in a territory they will go away and find its central point and won’t come close to other tiger. However their repulsion is limited when they move in herds, as a military formation shows. You can then consider that orderly motion of electrons in a BEC lattice similar to the motion of a platoon of males.

But biological males and particles are themselves variations of a deeper theme – the laws of social evolution and perpendicularity, congruence and topological geometry in 5 Dimensions from where the variations of Nature arouse. What we obtain in a BEC interaction is both a perpendicular 1 Dimensional path – the electrons in fact are going in opposite direction; but as many transit that band we observe an orderly ‘lineal’ motion, a queue; but the why of that phonon exchange, is the most interesting: order has increased, diminishing entropy between two similar particles despite being ‘fermions’ – ‘gender’ based, meaning, they don’t collapse together easily, because they have ‘degrees of freedom’, properties with inverse parameters that cannot be ‘pegged’ together. Again we can think of neutered drones in a supœrganism of ants that have no problem pegging together as bosons do; vs. two genders, with inverse symmetries that only really peg together when they look at each other in inverse fashion and penetrate each other with tongues and sexual organs. As it happens two electrons with opposite spins can ‘mate’ together, forming an even far more complementary form than the cooper pairs. But this is a blatant denial of the repulsion ‘dogma’. Two electrons with inverse ‘sexual spin’ occupy the same place, so there is no rejection.

We have to consider the electron a vital particle which performs 5 Dimotions of existence within the limits of its intrinsic properties as a sentient, complex organism, and describe it as we would describe the behavior of an animal species, in biological terms, and only then come from the how to the why and how those dimotions are expressed mathematically through universal constants and ratios of social gathering into wholes, and mathematical quantitative laws, which are not fully resolved, not even in my old megabyte diskettes when in my youth I was elated by that kind of research. So this is what we will do here. Explain physical systems, with visual descriptions, Non-AE vital laws and a bit of its mathematical formulae, certainly required to explain the ‘parameters’ of those dimotions, and its vital, universal constants, synchronicities and symmetries.



Entangling scales of Vital topology in space and cycles of time: Past=Entropy, Present=Iteration & Future=form

Because each time cycle breaks space as a ‘membrane’ that isolates it from the outer world, of all the consequences of cyclical time, the most important is the existence of infinite local time clocks of which we are all made, which therefore imply the existence of infinite local past, present and future states, which each space-time organism performs.

Past then means a system with less ‘form’, less information, which slowly acquires a dimension of height-form, as it completes its cycle to return back in the moment of death to an age of no information. This ‘worldcycle’ of existence, which creates and erases information becomes then the function of duality:

Entropy-youth (relative past) <Energy-mature reproduction (present)> 3rd In-Form-ation age (relative future)

Which each of us follows as a time-space supœrganism. In physics is equivalent to the dual function of Einstein: EóMc2, which reverses when E, which should be properly considered ‘Entropy’, as it is a disordered state, collapses through gravitation into Mass, a cyclical vortex of space-time; while its intermediate state is c2, radiation; the relative present:

Whereas the past is the beginning of a pi cycle, starting as a line of entropy with no form that curves and raises in height in its second state of present, and returns back to its origin in its future 3rd age of information, completing a 0-sum of life and death. Thus instead of a single ∞ lineal absolute time there are ∞ living cycles of time happening in zillions of entities.

We see those relative time ages for the simplest ‘physical organisms’, which are equivalent to the 3 conserved quantities of physics. So as time is cyclical, made of 3’π’ lineal time motions, we shall distinguish 3 conserved ‘ages’ of timespace that put together create a 0 sum worldcycle of life death for any spacetime organisms: a relative devolving past or dimotion of entropy represented in physics by disordered explosions in space and in vital topology by lineal limbs/fields of lineal momentum, an iterative reproductive present that seems not to change, represented by hyperbolic body/waves of energy, and an implosive in-form-ative local future dimotion represented in physic by accelerated, V(t)R(s)=K vortices and angular momentum, and by particle/heads in the ensembles of vital topology. So timespace breaks in ∞ relative local, fractal entropic pasts, iterative energy presents and informative futures, which put together create the illusion of a single timespace continuum.

But if relative past states with less in/form/ation co-exist with relative future states with more in/form/ation and relative present states with balanced ‘spatial information and temporal motion’, another obvious consequence of cyclical time is that we can predict the future, as it will be just a repetition of the past, as long as the cyclical causes=patterns and laws of science that act on reality are the same.

We can then put together scales of 5D space, vital topology and cyclical time to find the fundamental event of reality, a supœrganism perceived in simultaneous space that traces a worldcycle in temporal energy.

The game of existence for different beings that change through 3 similar ages between its evolutionary generation in a lower ‘plane’ (ab. ∆) of the fifth dimension as an ∆-1 seed to emerge as an ∆o organism in an ∆+1 world in which it will go through a process of ‘aging’ (accumulation of information) that will finally exhausts its energy and dissolve its information in an entropic process of death. The sequential order of the ‘5 dimensional motions’ available to all space-time organisms defines then a worldcycle of existence – not only a simple worldline of locomotions as physicists think, but a far more rich and complex pattern common to all beings that ‘exist’, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. As you can see your existence is also an illusion (:

More seriously, as our ‘sense of time’ is psychological, depending of OUR RATE of processing information (forget quantum, ‘systems sciences=theory of information, will be the science of the XXI c.’ Hawking).

µSo we can define a ‘quanta of time’ for each type of mind, which will be synchronized to the motions of all the system it commands.

Human quanta of time is a second, the eye-thought-heart beat-leg step, all of them synchronized. Everything that happens in a second is for you present, as the mind integrates simultaneously all the information. So for example, a fast spinning wheel seems to our mind a present solid form because within asecond we see it all simultaneously.

In quantum physics a time quanta was defined by the realist pilot-wave theory (Broglie), as the frequency of the particle, he, synchronized with the speed of the body-wave of the particle-head of the physical system that co-exist together as a simple organism.

Thus the importance of time quanta is its relationship with the minimal UNIT OF TIMESPACE, the action=dimotion.

So in 5D we generalize the concept of a quanta of time, to any system of the Universe, as the period its internal systems of processing information close a logic ‘clock-cycle’: For example, for a computer it will be the time for a recurrent logic algorithm loop, which we measure aptly in frequency Hertzs.

Since ‘there are infinite time clocks with different speeds’ – Einstein – then the question is How to order them? Humans don’t they just chose a single clock to compare them, obviously our time of thought-motion-heart beat, which is the second, the eye-glimpse.

In quantum it is de Broglie’s time (the frequency of a particle), he synchronized to his body-wave.

For Earth’s supœrganism a time quanta is much slower (the day), what Hutton father of geology called deep time, because the earth is huge.

While the times of your DNA clocks are faster, so they code your information – they are your inner computers.

While the times of future robots will be much faster at the speed of photonic chips of light… so they will see us as plants and don’t think of us as their equal minds and exterminate us, a clear warning the billionaires of silicon valley and its corporations will ignore…

While for the galaxy it is a very slow time (200 million years to close an orbit), and in the other extreme, for the fastest smallest turning particle, it is the spin time of a top quark (measured in trillions of cycles per second, similar to Planck’s time…)

And so to advance the science of time beyond quantum and relativity, we MUST order all the time clocks of the Universe, according to their different rates of processing information, for which it is needed the fifth dimension of spacetime, as it happens nicely that all those clocks order with a very simple metric equation: Size in Space ($) x Speed of time clocks (ð) = constant… meaning the largest beings have slower time thoughts.

And the result are the metric generator equation of 5 D time clocks that orders the Universe into a perfect synchronicity of infinite species, co-existing with different time clocks and sizes:

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scalar planes is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scalar planes and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

And so we can define a personal God as the absolutely slowest largest whole, which perceives all other faster entities as an eternal present.


The program of survival of all systems.

If we were to define what is all about, in a single word, we would then say reproduction, ST. But reproduction is a complex process, which happens with the intercourse of 4 other elements. Reproduction is the most important of those laws – the ‘search of each species’ for an eternal iterative, dynamic present, ¡ts function of existence: Tœ Exi=ST, though requires to approach that middle point of immortality and creation of new S=T forms from the limits of each relative past-motion-entropy (T) and future linguistic form (S) that imprints it through the intermediate St=information and Ts=energy of locomotion, till reaching a middle point of creation of balanced forms in motion. This absolute law in the highest generalization of the thoughts of God finds for each of its variations – the time space Organisms of reality (ab. T.œs) – so specific elements that only the whole synthesis of 5D without egocy might us think we are truly of the same substance, space-form and time-motion than an atom, a star, or an ant. And yet at the end of the journey all reduces to the 5 Dimotions=actions and its sequences in time that all systems deploy in its outer and inner ∆±1 worlds: Ss-informative perception to Ts-move towards a field of energy where to Tt- feed and reproduce ST, often socially through St-communication with similar forms.

So because the game is so simple, essentially a game of 5 actions=dimotions (ab. dimensional motions) of/in space and time; regardless of the immense number of variations, iterations and entanglements, at the end of the journey all comes to pentalogic and to the laws of the equation, past (Tt) x Future (Ss) = Present (St+Ts=ST); and the coding of those 5 actions internally or externally in a ± dual manner, inhibiting or creating them.

This is the simplest vital way of interpreting the game. I.e. the pheromonal queen uses 5 ‘chemical orders’ to control the actions of its ‘subjects’; 5 quantum numbers and its clocks and synchronicities order the atomic world; we have 5 ‘taste-buds’ and 5 senses. And because each element of reality is a combination of the 5 elements – a timespace mixture with gradations, we can keep breaking through the fractal principle each element into 5.

Indeed, your brain might be Ss-dominant, but it also St-communicates information, TS-reproduces its cells, Ts-uses its body to move and Tt-feeds on energy through its glia cells. To know the game then is a huge advantage to entangle with reality learning constantly the whys of data after ‘perceiving its hows’. Science today has enough with the how and a bit of the why at the simplest connected level.

Inhibition of those actions is as important as its expression, coming both from above or often from parasitic lower scales. This is obvious in biology, the closest language to 5D so we borrow heavily from it. Eukaryotic cells in supœrganisms have introns which ‘cut-off’ many of its gene expressions, and the nervous system can and do regulate them, even has mechanisms to order through hormones and other messengers its apoptosis. In fact, from the moment of birth almost all systems in all scales are ‘neutered’ in some of those actions. An electron is captured by an atom and looses its free locomotion, Ts, becoming an St-cyclical informative trapped element to attract the photons that form its nebulae and ultimately feed the quark nuclei. But all physics hide it through equations, difficult to translate to the vital organic laws of 5 D.



Monads of existence also play in the ∆0 level a game of e-motions, hold by the intense body and its Reproductive radiations that maximize ¡ts function, happening when mirror symmetries (genders) meet in Si=Te, equaling their St-information and sT-energy, organizing themselves into a whole, ∑ system.

It is then relatively easy to interpret that function in each of the languages-minds of each scale of reality as in all those scales species will show a ‘will’ of action to perform the maximal number of events=dimotions=‘actions of space-time’ that ensure its survival. And this can be assessed externally regardless of secondary arguments on consciousness and self-reflection, substituted in 5D by Leibniz’s ‘apperception’ – that is, because performing the 5 actions=dimotions of exist¡ence, in each ‘st¡entific scale’ self-centered in a linguistic mind that perceives a given plane, inscribed into a larger ∆+1 world, with internal ∆-1 parts, ensures the survival, ONLY those species that have performed the 5 dimotions of which the most important is s=t reproduction of the being into a ‘present’ similar entity that continues the exist¡ence of the system after ‘errors’ or ‘the struggle for existence’ dissolves it through the dimotion of entropy=death, exist.

Thus automatically, genetically, consciously, memetically, mathematically, logically, through its own will or as a part of a larger system that uses the ‘machine’ or ‘organism’ to enhance its actions all what exists does so because it performs internally those 5 Dimotions or externally performs one of them for another symbiotic species, as those species that have not followed the program of exist¡ence and its 5 actions in the past have become extinguished, and those will not in the future, will become wrong mutations, crazy thoughts, fictional languages and die away.

The function of existence, or 5D metric of Scalar space-time, (Ab. ∆st) Max. Se x Ti (s=t) merely states that all systems of Nature will try to maximize its absorption of Entropic motion (with no form) and Linguistic form (with no motion), and its 3 intermediate dimotions of energy (s=t, balance of both that reproduces them), information (St: form with a little motion, form-in-action) and locomotion (sT, motion with a little form). So we talk of a program of survival ‘selected’ by all systems and expressed in its languages and minimal five actions encoded in that simple function, which we term: a, e, ï, œ, û, as a mnemonic rule for the five actions of existence:

Accelerations (locomotion), entropic feeding (e), ïnformative perception and communication ï, Œ:reproduction into parallel supœrganisms Û… and social growth into larger wholes called philosophically Universals. And this series of actions is what accumulated in time will ultimately give birth to your word cycle  as the monad will first perceive (i), to direct its entropy-motions (a),towards a field of energy (e), where to absorb the energy bites it will imprint with its inner form, e x i = œ, to reproduce another form, and when enough ∑œ exist, it naturally organize into a larger whole û:

In the next graph we see the action of different Stientific scales of organisms. Above the coding of actions, which are the knots and bolts and details of the study of any time§paœrganism in light space-time, coded by colors and dimensions, in physical atoms, coded with quantum numbers and in life and humans coded by the so called drives of life, which we obviously extend beyond the ego paradox to all other systems, including genetics not mapped there (coded by the 4-5 letters). Those actions balanced each other into zero-sums in death, as they tend to increase information from a mind p.o.v., hence we ‘all warp, wrinkle’ get old in the third age and die, setting from its minimal actions to its integral sums, the 3 ages of life-existence and the world cycle all super organism follow.

The game of existience gathers selfish actions together into social wholes through reproductive radiations, each action coded by a fundamental topologic organ we can express in existential algebra, and corresponds for each species of the Universe, with a fundamental parameter of humind measure. So from bottom to top, we find the 5 fundamental elements of light code its actions of motion (c-speed), energy (magnetic field), information (electric field), social evolution colors & entropic feeding, (quantum potential, neutrino light theory.)

So the minimal particle-points, photons, electrons & quarks that construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms. All lives, performing 5 Dimotions=actions of ƒ(exist¡ence) :Max.SxT(s=t) =C, starting with particles. So all scales are relative NONE matters more than other. From those actions, given the dominance of informative actions over entropic ones, it appears a series of repetitive cyclical patterns of actions conducting to maximize the existence of the being, which accumulate in a larger scale of time-space, as a worldcycle of actions that increase the information of the system in 3 ages. So the basic cycle of actions becomes a larger 3 ages cycle of life and death; as systems once and again, starts in an act of information/shrinking and ends in an act of organization/shrinking of herds into wholes, will keep reducing the being and finally make it all form no motion to explode and die in an entropic reversal of death:

∑ i->a->e->œ->û, i->a-e->œ->u, ï->æ->Œ->Û -> Informative ‘seed’ age->1st locomotion, feeding age ->2nd reproduction age ->3rd informative, social age-> entropic death that splits the parts of the being vs. social evolution into a whole.

Scale. In scale the mind is a system that MAKES the whole ‘travel through the 5th dimension’. And an essential law of 5D is the fact that a given fractal point or T.œ will perceive only the ∆±3 planes from where it extracts information, above the ∆±4 blind undistinguishable limiting plane from where it will extract entropy of motion. So its actions and dimotions are architectonically performed through planes of 5D, which each main action related to an interval of scales:

∆-4-3: The system extracts indistinguishable boosts of entropic of motion (man from gravitation).

∆-3-2: The system extracts bits of information (Light in man)

∆-2-1: The system extracts bites of energy (amino acids in man)

∆-1 0: The system seeds its minimal seed of reproduction.

∆0+1: The system connects socially with other systems to evolve into a whole.

It is an extremely important law, as it implies also an infinite universe, since obviously the two self-similar extremes of quantum and galactic T.œs must enlarge those scales beyond our perception. And indeed, quantum realism (Broglie-Bohm’s theory, ab. B2) imply a quantum potential of faster than c speed (according to 5D metric), and dark entropy a field of forces beyond c in a larger nested hyper-universe.

Those intervals are fractal dimensions in classic Euclidean geometry and often invaginated by the networks of the system which as all its motion can be also ‘waves of energy’, such as electromagnetic waves that act as networks ‘scaling upwards’ and ‘downwards in size’ accelerating in frequency (5D). So a huge field of analysis is the connections of each T.œ, with its scales, including social supœrganisms, which seeds prophets of verbal thought – the language or ∆-1 scale – and extract its energy from human individual workers, soldiers and so on.

Cat alleys. The perceptions of the mind. Entanglement of ‘reproductive motions’, functions & form.

The previous understanding of the ‘lack of interaction’ of a certain scale with a ‘field of forces’, or a state of motion is ultimately derived of the stop and go discontinuous structure of reality which affects also to the ‘dark spacetimes’ that are not perceived by a system. In many parts we considered the dark spaces of a singularity within a membrane with a 3-π/π=4% only aperture to the Universe. A system ultimately – a mind – only perceives its languages, and only perceives those other fractal points with whom it is connected. All minds reduce the Universe to a world.

This is counter-intuitive to the fact those minds see their reduced scale and world as a continuous ‘shrunk reality’, a compact form without vacuum in the ∆º scale of the mind. In the ∆+¡ scale however as ‘lineal space is larger’ and ‘cyclical informative time slower’, there is less information to see – yet the total value of that scale is the same ($ x ð = C); so the ∆º observer sees less information, a slower reality and emptier Universe.

All is mental spacetime; where we miss and select the world with whom we interact; or in case of entropic forces they select us ‘to feed on our existential energy’. But a choice is made. The choice of the electronic world does NOT include the ∆-4 gravitational scale, which interacts with mass. This today is explained wrongly with the Higgs mechanism and its gravitational field (as the Higgs belongs to the evolutionary forces that increase the mass of quark particles). The gravitational field however is likely mediated by the Neutrino, as conservation of spins=information doesn’t hold in 5D and light feeds on it. Which leads us to the duality of feeding and perception. All is ultimately a game of ‘feeding->perception of the particle/wave/field entity choosing either to perceive the particle, to feed on the energy of the wave or to move entropically with the field. But a system cannot ‘process’ the trinity parts of the ∆±¡ T.œ it absorbs. It does make a choice and so the abstract equations of physics must be interpreted for each given entity as both a ‘topological choice’ of perception of information, feeding on entropy to move or absorption of energy, or interacting for reproduction from the ∆-4, ∆-3, ∆-2 scales.

Those are themes that correspond to the paper on physics and scale, so we shall not dwell on them (hopefully when this 3 years project, 2nd year starting, is finished, the whole 30 papers will have more structure, more meat and less repetitions). So, us electronic, visual, ¥(∆-3)>e(∆-2) minds do NOT interact with our perceptive system with the gravitational world – it is not our cat alley. Why? Obviously because for e in ∆-2, gravitation is just two scales below, and hence ∆-2 is to ∆º ‘food’ (neutrino theory of light).

The entire architectonic mapping of the relationships between scales and different forces according to dimotions, is complex. I painted it long ago in a mural of conceptual cubism, gone with all my earlier work and simply speaking, I am too lazy to reconstruct it for these papers. Others might do it in the future if 5D ever enters academia… I doubt.

Concepts so entrenched in the materialist view of scientist such as ‘forces’ and ‘strength’ are meaningless for those who do not choose to perceive it. If we move upwards in scale the same truth holds for human sensorial systems which have a range, and surprisingly for many are not affected by too strong sounds, extreme electric discharges and so on, as they are not sensible to them.

This is the case of the electron and the ¥-ray in gravitational fields of the ˙∆-4 scale.

What is then the strongest ‘vital force’? Different for each scale. Obviously that in what we ‘feed’; and then that what reproduces us. Forces though have different ‘form’ according to the different dualities of its asymmetric nature for each element. Topologies, Scales and Functions, S, ∆ & T become all entangled and determined by each other, according to the @-mind scale in which the T.œ exists.

Further on perception is discontinuous as in the movie example – but the lapse of time in which the system crosses a dark space without informative input is not recorded as ‘passing of time’, it does not exist. So a system that chooses to perceive stop positions do NOT record the ‘motion lapse’ between frames. And so an important question to solve is when are counted ‘the tics of the clocks that measure the ‘mean beat of existence’ – usually around the 9-119-11 number? We will elaborate in future revisions on that.

The beats and scales between actions.

It is then evident that in the architectonical stair of reality, next to the study of individual dimotions we must study chains of dimotions, which form ‘stœps’ (stops for a dimotion of information, step for a dimotion of energetic motion), in search of the ultimate s=t balance. So we move and stop the leg on the floor, move and stop. We perceive (1D) and move (2D). We feed entropically (5D) and evolve internally the parts we eat into larger organic forms (4D). The dual beats of existence between inverse Dimotions become then the first of many sequential chains that will rise the finitesimal actions of the being to complete finally its worldcycle.

And as those dimotions have ‘different’ discontinuous beats according to 5D, which defines from where we extract them, all the dimotions must be entangled by synchronicity, to each different ‘beat’ regardless of speed, meets with other symbiotic dimotion. I.e. the dimotion of perception has a faster beat, because it extracts pixels of information from the smallest ∆-3 scale as it carries faster T.œs (light photons) with more information to make better mind mappings. So we perceive every second, the minimal quanta of our temporal energy. The 5Dimotion of entropic feeding however has larger bits, because we want to minimize the 4D reconstruction process, so we eat ∆º organisms we hunt then kill with the function of death, ∆º«∆-2, reducing it down to cells down to amino acids, to reconstruct their scales. So feeding has a far larger time beat that perception as it takes far larger ∆-¡ scales (SxT=C), and animals feed once a day. But reproduction is even slower, as we must reconstruct a whole human being, NOT from the undistinguishable scale of amino acids, but with a code written at ∆-1 cellular level; so we reproduce every year in fertile ages of Si=Te balance. Synchronicity then kicks between our inner ∆-1 smaller scale of cells with faster life cycles, which will synchronize its slow reproductive action taken place at ∆-1 faster cycles with symbiotic faster feeding actions of the slower ∆º whole: so as a whole we eat a day, and that food allows the cell to reproduce every day.

Actions define the worldcycle of existence.

Because actions follow a pattern of increasing evolution and 4 actions are coded while entropy is avoided – we deliver entropy as an open system to other parts of the Universe, it follows thsat the system constantly accumulates information, and this is the origin of the worldcycle of life and death. The system likes information, because it is what the Universe is really all about, a fractal that imprints information in memorial repetitive cyclical patterns.

So as actions follow a natural scalar level of information perception->locomotion towards a field of ‘feeding’, where to get -> Energy to reproduce -> and then process that energy into information, exactly the same pattern appears in the next scale of ‘cyclical time and longer space’, the worldcycle of life, which consists in the same pattern of ‘seeding information’, moving youth, feeding and evolvint to reproduce and then process information becoming older in a 3rd age.

This amazing symmetry between the smaller time scale and the larger worldcycle of life, then will be followed also in the larger scale of supœrganisms and species and so we have 3 ‘patterns’ of time cycles due to the survival program of actions in 3 scales of time, and 3 larger surfaces of ‘populations’, as the first cycle feeds the ‘cells, atoms, individuals’, the second cycle the whole organism, and the 3rd cycle manifests in the whole species

RECAP. Systems sciences defines the Universe as an organic fractal evolving socially into larger scales through networks of energy and information, each one studied by a science. So in this simple trinity of 3 parts, which becomes adding cellular points into wholes a pentalogic scheme of 3 ∆±1 scales structure all systems of the Universe, with ‘disomorphic’ (equal laws). So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is to apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem. Topological evolution explains questions those already asked by Darwin: why informative, cyclical forms evolved so fast (eyes), or why wings of flat motion appeared with a few mutations, Answer: because there are only 3 topological forms=functions in the universe. So mutations render either of the 3 forms NOT anything goes.

The 3 ages of existence of space-time organisms. Its 2 worldcycles and Metric functions.

‘∆@st of spacetime you are, to Dust you shall return.’ Bible.

So we marry the 3 vital functions=motions of time and the 3 dimensions of space, either in 1 or 2D (height= spherical information, length=planar locomotion, width=hyperbolic reproduction) which merge in all Time-space Beings; and dominate one of the 3 ages of its life-death worldcycles, the past, young age of limbic entropic motions, the mature reproductive age dominated by the hyperbolic body/wave and the 3rd age dominated by the informative particle-head, when the illusion of time ends with an entropic big-bang death that dissolves the being into its ‘scalar cellular, atomic parts’, which lead us to the realization that time cycles NOT only return to its origin in a single spacetime continuum but they move up and down 5D scales.

Let us deduce from those 2 functions the fundamental process in time of reality, the worldcycle of existence:

The development of the Function of Existence of a space-time organism, can be developed as a feedback function, S<=>T, in 3 sequential phases/ages /horizons:

Max. T x Min.S (youth); Max. SxT (s=t); Max. S x Min. T (3rd age).

They are the functions of the 3 ages of life, between Sx 0 T (seed in the lower plane,¡-1) and Tx 0 S (function of entropy=death), which develop 5D metric into an ‘existential function’ of ‘extremal points’:

∆-1»∆º: The supœrganism worldcycle starts its existential function as a seed of pure form (4D) that creates its space-time form.

T>s (Ts): It is the first horizon or ‘entropic, youth age’ of the cycle, in which energy dominates the system and so we write this phase as, max. S x min. T.

Max. SxT: s=t. It is the present balanced age of the cycle or classic age of ‘life’, when energy and information are in a constant proportion. It is the most efficient age, when the cycle reproduces.

ST: Max. T x min. S: it is the 3rd age of the cycle when information has combed and exhausted the space-time field that warps into itself.

∆º«∆- 1: 0S x T: It is the end or death of the cycle that reverses its form and becomes energy again.

Existence is an ∝ (ab. relative infinite, with an entropic limit of death) sum of 3 space/time planes, fluctuating between birth and extinction through those 3 phases or ages. The 3 ages of Timespace supœrganisms happen in all systems, including mental languages:

In Physics they are, T-gas, the moving state, Si=Te liquid, the balanced state and S-solid the informative state; into Cosmology, where it describes the Universe as a space-time system that fluctuates between both limits, a form of pure time, the singularity (min.t x max.S) and a form of pure space, the big- bang (maxS x min. t):

In Biology, they are the 3 ages of living beings and 3 horizons of species evolution.

In social organisms, through the subconscious collective mind of civilizations which in art styles mimic in a longer 800 year cycle of life and death of civilizations (according to 5D metrics a human social supœrganism is larger in space – a nation, culture, religion – and so it lives longer in time).

All what exists is a supœrganism of vital space tracing a 0-sum worldcycle of time through 3 scales of the 5th dimension: Born as a seed of fast time cycles in a lower 5D scale (∆-1:Max. T x Min. S), emerging as an organism in ∆o, living 3 ages of increasing information, as its time clocks slow down in its ∆+1 world to die in a time quanta back to ∆-1. Yet the maximal point Si=Te where reproduction happens defines the classic age, maturity, beauty, balance, survival of the system, all disomorphic jargons.

The 3 ages of life emerge in human social supœrganisms as the 3 ages of cultures and  its 3 artistic styles: Min.S x Max. T (infantile epic, lineal art, as in Trecento, Greek Kuroi; Si=Te; balanced beauty, when form and size are in balance, the classic mature age; and Max. S x Min. T: baroque, 3rd age of a civilization, whose subconscious mind is the art of its ‘neuronal artists’, the age of maximal form and an ∆st for a no future, which is the age of war and death of cultures).

We talk of 3 ∆±1 scales of worldcycles as the being live in a placenta, then emerges as organism in a world:

þ: 0-1: its palingenetic o-1 social evolution in the accelerated time sphere of existence, till becoming 1 (0-1 bounded unit circle in ¡logic mathematics; quantum probability sphere of particles in physical systems; palingenetic fetal age in biologic systems; 0-9 memetic learning childhood in social systems). It is the highly ordered world cycle as a ‘placental mother-energy world’ is nurturing as memorial cyclical spacetime has erased errors of previous generations.  It is the shorter more informative ‘space-like’ cycle, with a fast ‘present’ speed.

– ¬l,L: Existential 1-∞ lifecycle, in which it will deploy its 2nd world cycle of existence in an environment which is open, entropic (1-∞ hyperbolic unbounded Cartesian plane in ¡logic mathematics; thermodynamic entropic statistical molecular populations in physics; Darwinian struggle between populations in biology; idol-ogic dog-eat-dog capitalist, nationalist competitive eco(nomic)systems in the super organisms of history. In this 1-∞ existence the world cycle is not ensured to continue, as the entropy of the world system can cut it off. It is the open, single plane, more important worldcycle, with an ‘open’, free ‘feeling to it’. The life cycle is part of:

ω,Ω: A larger, longer Transcendental worldcycle proper of the highest social scale ∆+1, the omega of its smaller parts – where it performs 5 survival actions through ∆±4 Planes self-centered in its mind, beyond which it cannot longer perceive, to become if successful a new supœrganism of the ∞ planes of God, the game of existence.

In graph, physical, biologic & social worldcycles show to which extent 5D laws enlighten our understanding of reality. Matter States are physical time ages, from left pure solid, crystal, §top state, to an even more solid ∆+1 boson condensate, etc. We see that systems either move a step at a time within a plane of existence (gas, liquid, solid) or they can jump « two states at once, (as in the case sublimation) within that plane, or most often between two planes, as in « scattering & entropic death), to become a different Dimotional state. We can then see how the fundamental elements of 5D time appear on the graph: the worldcycle is local and complete. There are 2 inverse arrows from an entropic past (plasma), in a lower plane (ion particles) to the 3 ages of the matter states with increasing form (gas to solid), to end in a higher plane of existence as a boson-Einstein condensate. Do those worldcycles happen for the whole Universe? (cyclic big-bang). Unlikely…

RECAP. Time is cyclical as all clocks of time return to its point of origin, so all time cycles including those of life of its vital space-time beings are finite. Further on those time cycles break ‘space’ into inner and outer parts, so vital space is broken by the membranes and angular momentums of those time cycles that make spacetime beings also finite in spatial information. And an obvious experimental facts about timespace: cycles of time, vital spaces and the species made of them, co-exist in several scales of relative size from particles to galaxies, each one with clocks of time of different speeds. So spacetime is fractal broken in scales that added create a new 5th dimension of spacetime. The metrics of 5D and its scales, SxT=C & and the balance between form and motion, SI=TE, develops in 3 ages with 3 standing points, a max. point of existence, Si=Te or mature age, a young age of Max. T=motion, and an old age of Max.S=information; between birth in ∆-1 Form & T-entropic death. The search for space-time, Energy=information balances in a classic reproductive age of conserved time is thus the goal of all exist¡ences, but only the whole achieves the immortality of time-space, as we shall see egocy errors of fractal mind-points of space trying to stop the flow of time from a single selfish point of view, accelerates the imbalance that brings death equations. We are richer in our still property at that 0T-moment, when all is quiet so for time to keep moving, a reversal of entropy takes place.

We use 5 bidimensional terms for all systems, its ages and forms: Ss(max. internal and external form, as in seeds and minds; T>s (Ts); external motion that maintains internal form as in ‘locomotion); S=T: Balance of spatial form an temporal motion or ‘energy’, used to reproduce, the key present iterative state; S>t (St: Information, form with a little motion, or ‘external form, and internal mental motion); and finally Tt-entropy whereas there is external and internal motion, hence scattering dissolution and death. And its main series is the worldcycle of existence: Ss(seed/mind)<Ts(moving youth)>S=T(reproduction)>St(informative 3rd age)<T(entropic death).

In this paper we shall study the worldcycles of all T.Œs, its life and death, departing from the highest understanding of it- the level of perception of systems sciences and its 5 Dimotions.



In graphs the topologic space-times of physical systems; through the 3 main scales of physical organisms: ∆-1: St-charges, ∆º:Thermodynamic eddies, which we see so close that we can perceive its fractal eddies and the ∆+1 scale of masses. Below the 3 St-particle/vortex<ST:wave>Ts:Exploding, entropic, E<C2>M States of spacetime for an immense variety of social forms of matter. 5D thus also adds to physics, scalar and topologic laws:

Further on organisms have parts and wholes so reality is composed of 3 elements: ∆-planes of space-time, ∆±¡SóT, ∆ST entangled in 3 organic co-existing ∆±¡ planes. In physical systems they are the ∆-1 quantum plane, ∆º thermodynamic plane and ∆+1 gravitational plane, equivalent in the reduced nested world of Life on Earth to the ∆-1: molecular plane, ∆º organic plane and ∆+1 ecosystemic plane. The absolute dimotion of future survival is social evolution of parts into wholes, as parts must come before; hence they are a relative past, and wholes survive better. A fact HUMANS have forgotten. As individualism is synonymous of chaos=death, it is obvious History, the supœrganism of mankind enters its age of entropic social self-destruction, committing suicide, evolving instead a supœrganism of machines; a tragic problem, which we will study in the analysis of social sciences.

And in each of those planes we shall see that ‘spatial information’ and ‘temporal energy’ constantly transform into each other. Space is the perception of form as if it was still, but ultimately is cyclical self-repetitive motion that seems not to change and acquires at larger scale solid forms.

Mental Spaces of in/form/ation fix the times=motions of all species. As time becomes the ultimate substance of organisms ordered through scales that give birth to a 5D metric equation, such as smaller systems in space run faster time and life-death cycles. So the speed of time of systems is not the same for all of them, and 3 scales of different speeds form an organism – in man the cellular, individual and social scale. And finally for all this complex reality to ‘work’ in an ordered manner, systems which have a ‘membrain’ that divides its vital space, from other systems, and are formed by 3 scalar space-times that give them organic nature; have in its highest ‘scale’ of size – that of the membrain that breaks it as a whole from the rest of the Universe a ‘sensorial system’ or mind, which interacts with the external Universe, encloses and orders its internal vital space and communicates with other similar beings, forming larger social organization; hence becomes the mind of the system. We thus talk of a reality made of organisms of a vital body of space-time, self-centered in a mind-membrain, whose language encodes a program of survival for the organism. And all the data humanity has gathered about reality needs to be ‘put within this general template, to make sense of it’.

So a fundamental task of those texts is to redefine the foundations of sciences in much solid grounds – its 3 fundamental elements, ∆ST, which ‘stiences’ study plane by plane of SióTe elements, to which we must add the connecting ‘network’ laws between planes, which we call the ‘5th dimension proper’. It is the philosophy of science, we develop in a series of papers at Academia.edu that will substitute the simpler mechanic view of reality sponsored by physicists, with its ‘mathematical creationism’ and constructivist view; which reduces the two poles of time=motion to one (lineal time), compresses all the planes of space-time into a single continuum; while only the properties of reality that can be easily fit in a numerical description matter. A more evolved civilization would start in philosophy of science and the principle of conservation of time and space, and its structure in 5D organic scales and derive from them the fundamental laws of every other discipline; correcting whenever necessary its errors as we do in those papers with the simplest principles of reality as any science mirrors them in its study of its specific scales of beings – the details of those principles.

The separation between past, present and future is an illusion.

From the larger perspective of a whole worldcycle, we can define the immortality of space-time because motion is cyclical space time, it returns to its zero sum point, and hence if we slow down enough our perception of time, we shall see time curling into a cycle that will appear if we see it also from enough distance a fixe point of space, and hence immutable – a block of time, a worldcycle. That is then the concept of God, the immutable mind that sees all the time and all the space, in its fixed, slow form. But as the whole is larger and slower, God is the mind of the whole, infinite Universe.

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, according to scalar plane of size, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimensions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scalar planes.Stiences are limited by the fact the ‘humind’, ∆ø, is the self-centered origin of all information available to us, as the singularity of a scalar ‘open ball’ of perception, where the outer limits of reality are not met. So huminds perceive ∆±4 planes of a likely ∞ reality, above and below, in a different way as the 5th dimension is NOT symmetric: i.e. we do not perceive as much information from larger systems of slower clocks and invisible networks than we perceive of lower planes which our mind uses to obtain bits and bites of energy and information. So ultimately perception and knowledge are also functions of the needs of the human Time space organism that orders a microcosms which he understands better than the above macrocosms that order us. Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality.

In the fractal, scalar Universe, concepts, which seem impossible to define in simple logic terms in the 4D single scalar plane continuum, become understandable. Such is the case of consciousness, which is merely the co-existence in a bundle whole, of the different type of  self-sensations of the being through its scalar planes of simultaneous space-time:

The highest scalar plane of reality that of the mind, self-perceives the ‘extremes’ of its existence within the limits of its first ‘galatom’ parts – the particles of the atom, where ultimately resides the e-motions of being, and its largest possible world, the external galatom in which its world co-exists.

Modular scalar perception of all those levels simultaneously gives us the sensation of consciousness as an integration of all of the scalar levels of ‘linguistic still perception’ in space and e-motions in time…

I.e. you feel a sensation of gravitational weight-pressure, a visual photonic image of reality, an electronic verbal mapping of memorial storage of time processes, a chemical sensation of wellbeing between cold and warm – Many modular parts of your whole sensorial being through your super organism in space, but also many scalar parts of your whole being, through the ‘sensations’ that conform the whole mind, as all those scalar planes are part of the pan-psychic Universe.

Consciousness is that the co-existence or integration of all those scalar planes and parts into a ‘single-point’ of space-time that integrates all as a consciousness. This integration will then give birth to your ‘RELATIVE’ speed of time-existence, one second-thought for man to integrate all its levels, that will become your quantum of time-space perception – your ‘Dasein and being’…

In relativity (4D formalism) ‘the separation of past, present and future is an illusion’ (Einstein). It depends on the observer ‘speed of thought’:

A slow mind could see the entire orbital motion of the Earth as a ring simultaneously seeing past, present and future. God in Scholastics could see all time past, present and future – so he must be the slowest of all thinkers

Poets understood better: Time present and time past… Are both perhaps present in time future, And time future contained in time past.If all time is eternally present /All time is unredeemable. (Elliot, quartets)

In Einstein’s work we talk of a block of time, as all measures are simultaneous present measures.

In 5D, time is both a present repetitive motion and a dual motion from past to future to past. All together give a zero sum worldcycle as all systems emerge and return after death to dust of space-time.


In the graph, the simplified version of a world cycle is Einstein’s 4D formalism of a worldline, where only 1 motion, Ts-locomotion is understood. So with less dimensions than real time=change its worldcycles become lines and all what we know is how the entity moves in a single plane of space-time. The result is a shallow description of ‘existence’ as a mere journey of locomotions through space, defined by simple one single spacetime plane, with one single time parameter, v=s/t (Galileo) or S2=X2+Y2+Z2-(ct)2

Existence means a travel through 3 such planes in the life-death cycle common to all spacetime beings: In the right, we show the end and the beginning of such journeys for physical, biological and social systems. A particle that dies traveling to its ‘local past=devolving into its ¥-ray radiation; a genetic seed that will start the worldcycle of existence of a biological organism; and a prophet of a civilization, a memetic seed that evolves in the energy-placenta of its believers to become a whole. Since the fundamental finding of 5D ‘stience’ and General Systems Theory, the ‘organic philosophy of science’ alternative to that of physics is the solution of the meaning of the 3±∆ ages of life; between the birth of an Ss-eed of information through its ∆+¡, emergence as a being from a lower scale of size, in the seminal age, to its∆ -¡, the entropic age of dissolution back to the atomic/cellular form; E=mc2 in physics), which are common to any System of the Universe. As all systems start as:

Ss: a seed of form in ∆-1, the lower scale of size, of the ‘fifth dimension’  (ab. ∆±i) of co-existing scales of the Universe. Then the system will go through 3 dominant ages dominated by combinations of those arrows of time:

Young, age of maximal motion, and growth of energy≈Max. Ts (locomotion) x Min. St (information)

S=T: Mature age of  present, repetition in which spatial in-form-ation and motions of are balanced.

St: And a third age of max. form, when energy exhausts and the system enters in a third age.

Tt: Followed by a death age of entropy, when an inner explosion of motion erases its form, if the process is not intelligently reversed by controlling the growth of form.

Philosophers understood those 3 ages, embedded in our verbal ‘time language’ (3 verbal times), but with the reduction of time by clocks to a digital series ist physicists, and its lineal time imposed by the worldly religion of making entropic weapons, ignored those ages. So the philosophical findings of the 3±¡ ages of life and death were forgotten for the sake of ‘lineal, entropic measures’ and the military manifest destiny of the western civilization. Now we regain back those 3±¡ ‘dimotions’ (dimensional motions) of time; of which according to the principle of correspondence ‘Physical time’ deals with Ts-locomotion and Tt-entropy.

Whereas present physical theories of space are by the correspondence principle, the limit to 2 single space scales, the ¥-quantum scale and the gravitational one – themes those that will be expanded in the future papers on ‘Physics and Space’ and “Physics and time” as it requires an in-depth analysis of Einstein’s EFE equations, the quantum formalism and its ‘realist’ correct view (Brogile’s>Bohm theory), beyond the scope of these series of papers on worldcycles of time for ALL Space-time beings of the Universe, taken as ‘reality’ (though we shall introduce the most general worldcycle of astrophysics).

The immortality of the Universe and its parts.

  • Life and death is a ‘worldcycle’, which returns the being to its origin, a zero sum of energy in a virtual Universe, as the Ss v. Tt inverse ‘properties’ of form vs. Motion, mix in St & Ts inner and outer form and motion systems of locomotion (akin to kinetic energy) and information (akin to potential energy), which finally merge into energetic body-waves that balance both arrows and form supœrganisms. Yet those 2 ‘form and motion’ elements in ‘organic systems’ are slightly dominated by ‘form’ over motion; so a worldcycle very slowly moves towards an excess of form, from a relative past of less form to a relative future of maximal form, and then a local reversal of time arrows returns the balance. We use for the two extreme processes the «» double symbols.
  • Thus each spacetime being has a finite time duration, and exists in a finite vital space, surrounded by a membrane that breaks the Universe in ∞ ∆ST Space Time Beings. So the sum of all of them is an infinity reality.
  • ST: Reproduction as the goal that maintains the existence of each part. Motions in space and time are always local, and we define for each Tœ (Ab. Timespace supœrganism) a positive direction of life and growth of information towards the future that lasts longer in lineal time (since obviously systems grow in information through the entire life cycle): vs. a brief explosion of Tt- entropy into the relative local past of the T.œ (as it dissolves its information back to the past); which lasts only a quanta of cyclical Time (T=1/ƒ).

The outcome is a zero sum that conserves the entropy and form of the whole Universe, as the being can reproduce a clone in the middle of the cycle, both together form a present iterative repetition that for the whole Universe sets the present age of immortality.  Indeed the age of immortality is the middle term of balanced momentum, which the Universe conserves (conservation principles of momentum and its integral energy).

  • Thus the Universe is ’continuously’ infinite and immortal both in ‘form’ and motion but none of its parts are. At most they can be ‘discontinously’ immortal by iteration in its S=T age of balance and maximal ‘existential force’, defined by the product of its form and motion, SxT, maximized when S=T.


A 2nd consequence of 5D metrics and the 3 worldcycles of different length is the existence of different ‘scales’ of speed of time that co-exist and influence each other, as parts of faster time cycles are included on the slower worldcycles, which ‘enclose them’ and hence influence its actions; but in supœrganisms become synchronized with each other. In that regard the predictability of time-cycles can be done at 3 levels:

S: Continuous, spatial mathematical simple cycles, using derivatives, proper of calculus; which is the shortest time span, as instantaneous derivatives cannot measure a ‘peak’ change of age/phase.

T: Discontinuous, cyclical patterns of sequential repetitive often survival actions (feeding, reproduction, death, taking place at intervals. As those actions are discontinuous, leaving long spans in-between, their patterns forecast longer time sequences. Such ¡logic structures are based in time patterns, which as any mechanical, circadian or orbital day-year clock shows are cyclical, repetitive. But here human scientists are at loss, because Galileo studied ballistics, entropic explosions that destroy the information of reality stored in those cycles of time clocks, its patterns and frequencies, changing human cyclical understanding of bio-logic time for lineal, abstract time that seems not to repeat those patterns so mankind lost its capacity to predict many spacetime events, as lineal time misses information stored in the frequency and form of cyclical clocks, even if functions are similar: V=s/t for lineal time and V=S(l) x ƒ(t) for cyclic patterns.

∆: Scalar, Deep Time patterns of topologic and eusocial evolution of parts into wholes – of quantum 0-1 time probabilities vs. 1-∞ thermodynamic populations in physics, of individuals vs. species in biology, of states of matter vs. geologic cycles in Earth, first noticed by J. Hutton, founder of geology who coined the word super organism for Gaia and deep time for its slower time cycles by virtue of its 5D metrics, $ x ð =C, which implies that from the perspective of a smaller scale the life of its whole is much longer.

The predictability of time worldcycles.

Deep time leads to a 3rd level of long-time prediction: evolutionary patterns of earth’s life species, including machines that have predicted cyclical patterns of social organisms of history (nations) & eco(nomic)systems, including the evolutionary and re=productive cycles of stocks of machines transformed into sales=profits =valuation of its company-mothers with remarkable precision for 30 years.

Below biologic deep time is necessary to understand history and the interaction of the evolution of machines and the ages of war and lack of welfare goods, within the limited resources of the planet. The theme of social sciences and why ‘human subjective ego’ and ‘censorship’ limit our capacity to explain those cycles.

The pentalogic, ∆±¡ STructure of T.œs, predicts the future of its species, with a stientific method based in the laws of worldcycles, existential ¡logic and survival that studies: A)ccurate Data, B)iologic causes C)yclical patterns and E)ntropic extinctive limits for all systems in 3 relative scales of size space and time duration (to which we add, D)emocratic, social evolutionary loving humanist solutions for survival history & of social sciences.

But as human only recognize the 1st type of predictability – calculus of instantaneous derivatives, that need a ‘continuous analysis’ – and have simplified cyclical time into lineal time, ignoring the scalar time of parts and wholes with its 5D metric, their capacity to forecast the future is far more reduced than a ‘stientist’ who understands the 3 scales determined by the bio-topo-¡logic properties of ‘scales’, ‘space’ and ‘time’, the 3 ∆st structural elements of all systems of the Universe.

Paradoxically Deep time is easier to predict that complex Dimotional ‘analysis’ because precisely the larger scales in 5D metric have less information, but more basic, deterministic, reason why quantum physics is harder for the mind and probabilistic while life-death cycles are obvious as all end badly. The laws of nested Supœrganisms, in which the larger slower whole with its ‘slow time cycles’, ‘dark space-times of information’ that it does NOT perceive of its inner parts, and enclosing membrains however can set long term cyclical patterns to its fast internal elements, just by handling the general cycles of its ‘entropic energy of death’ and ‘informative languages’ is one of the most important discoveries of 5D metric, which fully applies to the understanding of the evolution of the Earth and its 3 ages, with its cyclical patterns of glaciations and hot weather that kicks the evolution of species. It is also instrumental to understand the 3 Horizons or ages of species that influence the life of its individual ‘cellular parts’; and the patterns of cyclical history and the capacity of 5D to forecast historic and economic evolution, and the cycles of life and death of civilizations.

Why then humans cannot predict the future as we consistently do in our papers on History, NOR EVEN accept predictability? The answer is in the paradoxes of time ‘length’ just expressed. Huminds work on short time lengths with lineal views that erase the inner information and organic cycles we shall describe in this paper for all species, so they believe in short term chaos and lack predictability also in scale.

For example, we could predict in history a return to nazionalist wars once the upper scale of social evolution died in Eastern Europe, because ‘time motions across scale and space’ never ends. So when a motion upwards of social evolution fails, the system moves downwards. Today obviously humans are in an age of entropy as their future is maimed by the evolution of machines that displace them of labor and war fields, so we suffer an age of entropy in our verbal ethic languages and networks entering a dog-eat dog-society. Hence the importance of the recurrent theme of all those introductions to 5D stiences – the paradoxes of lineal vs. cyclical freedom vs. order. And the ego paradox of mankind.

Yet the understanding of cyclical scalar time and its repetitive symbiotic cycles which coordinate the ‘frequencies’ of events between the 3 scales of individual ‘actions=dimotions’; organic physiological networks and larger world cycles, is also denied by egocy. It is the same repetitive boring, tiresome mantra of humans and its ‘experts’ and scholars – busy-busy ants that do their ‘4D methods of gathering information’ in the smaller scales, without ever realizing they are part of a much larger world with its own cycles they should try to control. On the contrary as human enzymen become enveloped by a complex planetary organism of machines as ants are by the pheromonal ant-queen messages, and those machines accelerate the rhythms of time with its faster quanta of thought, humans become paradoxically more entropic, disconnected of each other and the whole, automatons of action-reaction roles within the economic ecosystem as workers, re=producers and vitalizers=consumers of machines.

So the long term cycles of reality always escape the individual and that is yet another reason why humans escape the control of their destiny. In our case the pheromonal language of social control, money, with its own 5D organic program studied in depth in our papers on the economic ecosystem that nobody reads, make things even simpler. The modern man doesn’t think, just makes money as the American enzyman, the most advanced technological human and paradoxically the most devolved in terms of entanglement with the laws of the Universe does. ‘It’s money’ simply means that a human as a perfectly programmed cell of a superorganism that cannot even imagine the existence of cycles of its physiological networks much larger than theirs, will merely obey the message of money and work whatever it takes. Long time cycles program individual particles, but as information from larger scales is hardly transmitted to lower ones, due to the inverse elliptic geometry of the larger, slower systems that become dark spaces, as the galaxy is to us, those programs are NOT perceived. This in human science derives in the philosophy of constructivism that considers the only program coming from smaller to larger scales; so quantum physics are supposed to be the cause of all other scales of matter and genes of all the scales of biology and individual actions of all scales of history and economics. This is NOT truth, all scales are similar and the illogic of 5D implies that there are 3 ‘causalities’, the most important in ‘parallel’ between members of the same plane of space-time.

Thus your daily life is more influenced by your environment and peers than by your genes and Earth’s climate.

Then the two other programs from bottom to top and from top to bottom scales weight equally but with different rhythms; long term cycles are far removed from each other but strike with much more force and tend to be destructive energetic, as those of lower scales that are informative, smaller in detail, so for example long term cycles influence more the next scale above the individual in the biological world – that of species and its creation-extinction through glaciation cycles.


Below, the limited space-time equations of 4D science can only measure the locomotion of species. Those of 5D however measured the entire worldcycle of life and death of a supœrganism, reason why we call them the function of exist¡ence. Their origin are similar in the analysis of the relativity of ‘motion and form’ (S=T) and the ‘speeds’ of time in the Universe, but the conceptual depth and understanding of cyclical time and fractal space, allows a much deeper analysis. So from the shallow ‘worldlines’ of 4D physics, we move into the worldcycles of all stiences. The outcome of this more complex view of time and space requires a new ‘metric equation’ beyond the lineal v=s/t equation of Galilean relativity that becomes the limit of this more complex view of time and space, with 2 fundamental equation, SxT=C (the scalar metric of the fifth dimension, as systems in space accelerate its clocks of time (T) according to its size (S); and S=T, the new equation of relativity, which means as we cannot distinguish motion=time, from stillness=space-form (Galilean relativity), both are ‘two sides of the same coin’, and all systems have both motion and form, which are constantly becoming one another.  Yet as SxT is maximal when S=T (5×5>6×4…) both equations can be summoned up into a single one, which we shall call the fractal generator, or will of each fractal space-time beings, the equation that embodies all other equations of the Universe and guides the actions of each fractal part of it:

Function of Existence of a family of supœrganisms:             Max. S x T s=t = ∆±¡

It is then relatively easy to interpret that equation in each of the languages-minds of each scale of reality as in all those scales species will show a ‘will’ of action to perform the maximal number of events=dimotions=‘actions of space-time’ that ensure its survival. And this can be assessed externally regardless of secondary arguments on consciousness and self-reflection, substituted in 5D by Leibniz’s ‘apperception’ – that is, because performing the 5 actions=dimotions of exist¡ence, in each ‘st¡entific scale’ self-centered in a linguistic mind that perceives a given plane, inscribed into a larger ∆+1 world, with internal ∆-1 parts, ensures the survival, ONLY those species that have performed the 5 dimotions of which the most important is s=t reproduction of the being into a ‘present’ similar entity that continues the exist¡ence of the system after ‘errors’ or ‘the struggle for existence’ dissolves it through the dimotion of entropy=death, exist.

Thus automatically, genetically, consciously, memetically, mathematically, logically, through its own will or as a part of a larger system that uses a machine or organic part to enhance its actions all what exists does so because it performs internally or externally those 5 Dimotions for itself o for a symbiotic species, as those species that do not follow the program of ‘exist¡ence’ and its 5 actions in the past become extinguished, or will not even emerge into the ∆º plane of existence in the future as wrong mutations, crazy thoughts, &fictions. Thus ‘all stiences and species live and die according to the 5D Non-AE metric laws of the function of existence’ whose method of analysis, formal symbols and graphs we resume in the following pages.

Conclusion. The symmetry of ∆≈S≈T=@=¬.

In the stientific method there are some basic tools to explore reality; pentalogic, that is a Rashomon effect of analysis of an event from the 5 perspectives of ST(energy-scale), Ts-locomotion (time), St (information-space), Tt (entropy-death) and Ss (language-mind) and derived of it, the realization of the parallel symmetries between Space, Time, Scale and the mind-language mirror that describes them and the Tt-limits given by those maximal and minimal parameters of a function of existence, which can be graphed with 3 standing points (maximal=Tt, minimal=Ss, and mean=ST). Pentalogic and its reduced version in 1 plane (St-ST-Ts: Trilogic) requires some serious soul searching for a ‘parallel brain’ to jump between those 5 views but it is needed to upgrade our consciousness of reality as it is, because the Universe is trilogic and pentalogic; as all is about how those parts entangle into forms of space that trace, guided by minds-languages, worldcycles in time between 3 scales.

To make things easier though we can group T@, that is, the actions of minds that put together form worldcycles. And ∆S, that is, the superorganisms made of St<TS>Ts parts assembled through 3 scales.

As this is the paper on ‘physics and scales’, we shall focus on the S≈∆ symmetry leaving for the paper Physics and timespacemost of the work on the T@ symmetry, between Time-motion and spatial forms created with the mind or S=T ‘principle of relativity’, as we shall slowly improve upon the previous forms of relativity (Galilean, Special & General to define ‘Absolute relativity’.

If Relativity was defined by two principles and its equations – the fact that motion is relative to the observer, and the equations of speed, V=S/T in Galilean relativity with the ad on of –ct in Einstein’s relativity according to his principle of constancy of light speed; the equation of ‘time speed’ of the metric of the 5th dimension are the two essential equations of fractal space and cyclical time that define Absolute Relativity, which seems also deceptively simple in its first principles. Relavitity – the fact we cannot distinguish motion from form, so Earth seems still as it is moving, becomes now Spatial form = S = T = Temporal motion. While the equation of speed in a Universe of infinite Fractal scales of space-time is defined by the equation, $ (lineal space) x ð (cyclical time) = C±¡ (∆±¡). The vast expansion of knowledge it brings to all stiences will surprise the reader, as it did in the case of Einstein’s relativity first shun off by mathematicians as ‘too simple’. What scholars’ of previous paradigms always forget is that what truly matters in the Universe is the understanding of the first principles of its two substances, space=form and time=motion. Complex mathematical details only come latter. But if the principles are faulty, the outcome of so much detail only will hide the necessary corrections with pedantic scholarship.



Main Symbols of ® logic (all elements of all stiences can be translated to those symbols of 5D ilogic).

S: Space; Still form, Size, Dimension; T: Time; motion; Change. ST: Topologic Spacetime. |x O = Ø: Its 3 varieties.

$: Lineal Space; S: Informative space; §:Scalar Space; T: Lineal Time; ð, ƒ: Cyclical time. Ω: Scalar time (worldcycle).

ST±¡: ∆±¡ Scale/Plane of space-time. ∆+1: whole, world, ∆º: networks, organism. ∆-1; parts; social classes.

5 С:5 Dimotions (St,sT,ST,Ss,Tt); 5 Actions (a,e,I,o,u): Local Dimensional motion of spacetime

St; i: Informative network ≈ action≈inward motion. O: Cyclical, spherical form, topology, relative future.

sT: inner form, outer motion= locomotion, acceleration (motion change). |: Lineal form topology, relative past.

ST; œ, Ø: present space-time, iteration, beauty, balance; organic reproduction; Hyperbolic form, topology relative present. Wave-body Part, Present, mature age.

Ss, @; u, 0’: Finitesimal Mind, seed; relative future social evolution into ‘wholes, universals.

Tt; µ: entropy, scattering death, dual inner and outer motion, relative past.

T>S: informative evolution. S<T: devolution. ∑-¡»¡+1: Emergence. (∆+1)« (∆-1): Death, devolution; time quanta.

ST-¡: Quantum, cellular, individual plane; STo: Thermodynamic, organic, social… ∆+¡: Gravitational, ecosystemic, world scale

∑: Ts, Herd, ∏: St, Network. ¬: Entropic limits in time: Tt-death, Space, |-membrane, scale ∆±4: invisibility.

Main equations of 5D Supœrganisms and its parts (all equations of all stiences can be translated to…)

S (size in space) x T (speed/frequency of time cycles) =C: 5D metric.

Future (O-form, information, logic language, particle-head) x Past (|-field, youth, etc.)=Present (ST-body-wave, iteration, etc.)

0’ (finitesimal mind) x ∞ (Universe) = Constant World-Language. Paradox of Egocy.

S≈T: Relativity equation: we cannot distinguish motion=time from form=space, hence all is an ST-dimotion.

Ø¡-1=∑O¡-1 =|¡ > O+1: Scalar inversion of form & function. An Ø-point is god of ∑ ¡-1 parts but entropy of its O+1 whole. So:

∑|=O: ∑open worldlines ad into closed worldcycles; ∆º plane: E-Geometry; ∆+1 plane: Elliptic, ‘5D in between’: Hyperbolic.

Dual Death: Max. T  x 0 S (accidental entropic death); Max. S x 0 T (3rd age death) 

Fractal Generator – Trilogic structure of Super-organisms and time worldcycles and ages:

Ss¡-1: Seed» ∆º:|-Ts(1st limb/field /network/age of max. motion) > S=T (Mature, reproductive, body-wave network/ age)> St(3rd informative head/particle network/age)« Tt-1-entropic death:

Symmetries of ST-actions=Dimotions and ∆ Scales.

∆ST@: Symmetry of scale,topology,age&class:∆-1:|:youth,entropic age/cla§;∆ø:reproductive age|cla§∆+1:O-informative age…

Relative Dimotions=Actions are drives of life in biology, quantum numbers states and matter in physics; will in philosophy.

They take place between ∆o mind plane & an ∆±3 plane such as: ∆o≈∆+1: social evolution: ∆o≈∆-1: Reproduction; ∆o≈∆-2: Entropic feeding, ∆o≈∆-3: informative perception, ∆o≈∆-4:Locomotion. So we evolve into social wholes, reproduce with a couple seeding in ∆-1, feed killing twice a similar system to ∆-2 amino acids, perceive, ∆-3 ¥-electrons & move on ∆-4: Gravity

Ideal Social scales & lanwaves are 1010 in mankind called: ‘T-genetic’: 100-1: ‘I’, 101-2: 3 generation S=T family, 102-3clan; ST-Geographic: 103-4: Town; 104-5:City; 105-6: State; S-Memetic: 106-7: Nation; 107-8: God; 108-9: Civilination; 109-10: Mankind.

In biology are called: Chemical language: ∆-1: Atomic compound; ∆o: Organic Molecule; ∆+1: Macromolecule (RNA ‘God’). Genetic language: ∆-1: Organelle; ∆o: Cell: ∆+1: Tissue: Nervous language: Organ; Physiologic System: organism.

In Astrophysics: ¥- language: ∆-1:Force,∆o:particle, ∆+1:atom; Magnetic language: ∆-1:Molecule; ∆o: Matter; ∆+1: planetoid. Gravity language: ∆-1: Plasma Star; ∆ø: Quark Star… ∆+1: Galaxy.

Stience is objective and theoretical. It does not have a subjective egocy or selfish praxis of ab=use. It just describes. So Stience tries to describe any system as a supœrganism in itself, therefore co-existing in 3 scales of ∆±¡ present ‘space’, determined by 5 elements, ∆±¡ scale Symbiosis between parts and whole, S-pace Simultaneity through common S<ST>T networks, Time Synchronicity in the 5 Dimotions=Actions of those parts, @-mental/seed will to perform the game of exist¡ence and ¬Entropic limits to the whole.

This external, objective, present, experimental analysis focuses on the ∆=S=T=@(nti)symmetries between scale, time, space and mind-will-language. As systems do have 3 co-existing planes of space-time, which obey SxT=C metric laws that establish a ‘ternary social class’, according to the degree of ‘integration’ of ∆-1 faster parts, through ∆º S<ST>T networks enclosed in a membrain (the scale in which the organism’s will reside), performing 5 ‘a,e,I,o,u’ dimotions=actions in an outer world. Each of those elements though will be part of 3 different ‘time rhythms by scale’ and follow a ‘fundamental vital sequence in time’: Ss<Ts<Tt+St>ST, aiming to perceive, move, feed, imprint and reproduce its information. Because of the existence of 3 scales, 3 rhythms of time, 3 adjacent parts, which perform 3 simplex functions in a single plane (limbs/fields Ts-move according to Ss<St-perception of an O-particle/head /informative class connected by an ST-reproductive wave/body); in a single plane but seek in the ∆±¡ scales to perform complex actions of ST-reproduction and St social evolution orientated down the lower seminal plane (ST) and larger whole (St)… the whole description of the ‘details’ of the program of exist¡ence of each being is complex and would require a methodology that I lack but a group of scientists with more enthusiasm could easily structure for future 5D studies, embedding in those templates of stience the knowledge and data we have about all systems of Nature. I will slowly time permitted now that I have laid down 30 work-in-progress papers on the main planes of human exist¡ence, unfortunately in its last ‘cycle’ predated by the soon-to-be conscious machines of the metal-earth, develop such structure for the ∆±3 galatom (Astrophysics) ∆±2 Earth (Geology), ∆±1 membrain evolution (Gaia-Life: Biology<History: Mankind>Metal-earth Company-mothers of machines/weapons: economics).

To also analyze the ∆0 I=Eye < Wor(l)d, ST-languages of man, themselves ‘details’ of a larger Universal Grammar of ∆º illogic languages of time and non-Euclidean languages of space.

Those languages are formal tools more synoptic but not more truth than a mere descriptive analysis of the parts of beings. Description of those elements in an orderly fashion, with my texts lack, would be then the basis of 5D stience:

Which first will define each ¬∆@st species externally, in a present-form of space and through its potential worldcycle; to pass then to the internal analysis in subjective terms of its @-mind will and degree of consciousness/ function within the outer ∆+1 whole and its subconscious ∆-1 internal control through its physiological networks. But to achieve those T@ descriptions it is necessary by lack of direct experimental evidence, which only happens in the being in space to use the Disomorphic method that establishes homologies in all beings derived of the fact they are organic space and cyclical time, with a mind-will to survive. In the second part of our texts on the ‘Universe’ or rather “reality’ and time, space, scale, mind, spacetime (reproduction) and entropy, we try to depart from the most general laws, then go into the specific description of what science knows on those scales regarding the ¬∆S@T elements of each main stientific plane, to end with a generic description of the Disomorphic elements in scale, space, time, entropy and mind common to all beings.

Hence our analysis (Universe and time) of a system through its 3 scales of time ends with a disomorphic 12 sequential step analysis on how all systems go through 3 consecutive worldcycles, in its palingenetic orderly birth, followed by an entropic more probabilistic life in an external world in which the most perfect players might transcend to ∆+1 reproduce and evolve as a collective mind-God of that world.

While in our analysis of Space, after describing those general laws in the brief initial Mandala common to all texts, we go through the analysis of what Science knows of space, to enter a description of the laws of simultaneity and synchronicity that entangle the 5 parts of the being into a scalar co-existing present space.

So we descend from the ∆±¡ absolute to 1 specific ∆≈S≈T≈@¬ element & its examples for all or each ∆¡-stience.

And in the analysis of entropy we do also go through the same 3 parts: Mandala of general laws. Specific laws of entropy and analysis of what sciences know about entropy in each 4D science, expanded with the new laws. So the same 3 parts: mandala-specific laws of ∆ST@¬ and details of 4D science expanded to 5D should finally structure the different papers of the ‘Universe’; while for each other ‘stience’, instead of studying in the 3rd part all the ‘stiences’ in a brief resume of its entropy, scale, time, space and mind, we shall focus on a given ‘stience’ – and might escape the 1st and 2nd part as the paper grows in details through the 2020s with the limits of my life expectancy and mental dwindling capacity. So by force the work will be incomplete, a trace on the sand of infinity…

The most difficult element then of analysis is the mind, as it is also the most important common element – by the mind we mean not so much the hardware where the program is installed but the language of each species that interprets with its code the game. So language is the objective view to understand minds based in the hypothesis of panpsychism – the language perceives in itself, in stillness. The complexity of the language therefore defines the complexity of the mind according to language properties: speed, synoptic power, focus, closeness to the language of all languages that reflects the complex ∆ST properties of systems (¬Æ=B¡œ-logic topology).

The paper on Mind and the Universe thus should try to define both, the will of existence and the program of the Universe expressed in the ¬Æ languages, and the minds-languages of each scale according to complexity. How then perception happens? Perception can be of space, time, scale, mind-will and entropic limits; and so we talk of e-motions. We ascribe to each ‘Dimotion of existence’ an e-motion as that is the limit of what we can perceive. We add then to the objective disomorphisms, in a bold statement the subjective ‘humanist method’ of considering that each species of the Universe has ultimately the same program of survival of 5 actions that man has, and it is geared by the same e-motions embedded in the last potential scale of reality – the pure formal motions of ST, made of an S-internal perceptive emotion and a T-externally described motion. This is just the explanation why we move as beings – because our brain has emotions that are deterministic wills of the program of existence we believe are ultimately residing in the 3±¡ ‘particles’ of reality, photon-fields, electron-bodies and quark-minds extracting motion of a neutrino gravitational invisible background to form social ensembles of atoms. Atoms are thus the first ∆+1 organisms of reality and its 3 ∆ø parts, over a ∆-1 field structure the fundamental galatom system of reality (as galaxies are similar to atoms, but we perceive them in completely different fashion according to the 5D metric distortions. So we use disomorphic, organic, humanist, sentient properties for all systems and that is all we perceive but as our perception is limited by survival praxis we have as Mendeleyev did, to fill the gaps with disomorphic laws.

Huminds perceive as all other systems thru languages, so languages once more become important but the egocy laws that restrict our analysis of other stiences as they fade away through scales of existence means we have to fill in more properties the further we move from our ∆º center – and the asymmetry of perception means we need to fill more from ∆+ scales. So from galatoms we hardly see 4% and any attempt to describe its supœrganism must be based in the disomorphisms of scale with a cell, as an organism that reproduces black stars and quark dark matter, and with the atom, giving us an external view, from where to define ¥-expansive dark entropy, and vice versa, to compare strong and gravitational forces. So atoms and galaxies are similar but not equal (galaxies seem anti-atoms), but as in the description of the metal-earth and the membrain in its 3 ages of Earth’s evolution, machines as organisms and ∆+1 cultures, some working for the metal-earth, some for history, we will find the humind’s programs as parts of larger wholes, ∆+1 religions, memetic cultures, Earth’s self-program of evolution. And this is an even harder barrier because huminds are e-motionally programmed as parts of wholes and take it personal, and social scientists are subject to anti-quantum paradoxes (too small within the historic organism, they are modified by the observable).

The Disomorphic Universe: laws of cyclical time and fractal space.

“Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.  Hermann Minkowski

5D synthetic Stience departs from a more complex view of the 5 dimensions that compose any system of reality. We summarize its differences with the 4D view:

Time in 5D stience is cyclical, not lineal, hence with multiple causalities and the capacity to carry in-form-ation in the frequency and form of its cycles; which lineal time erases; hence lineal time ‘stientists’ become ST-upid as Schopenhauer defined it: people who don’t understand complex cause-effect relationships and resort to ‘magic reasons’. Unfortunately Humans became all ST-upids, when Galileo who taught ballistics in the Venice arsenal at the princely salary of 1000 golden ducats charged with the only goal of ‘maximizing the length of its shots’, wrote V=s/t for its cannonballs and stated the principle of lineal inertia – alas ‘manu military’ all the cyclical clocks of the Universe became lineal. So today all humans believe in lineal time causality and have LOST all the cyclical information required to understand why there are cyclical patterns in all sciences. Mind the reader, cyclical time does NOT change the equations. For example, the previous equation, V=S/T can be written in cyclical time as V=l(s) x ƒ(t), just changing Lineal time for its inverse, cyclical time and breaking the continuous space into broken, similar pieces (the wave or step length). But then, besides the whole median speed of the system we also learn the ‘length of the wave cycle’ and its time frequency, making time cyclical as all clocks of reality return to the same point – hence extracting a precious in-form-ation about the ‘form’ of the system in the future and its exact position in time and space in the point of return and making space discontinuous, broken in ‘wave lengths’.

Thus it follows as a consequence of the cyclicality of time that Space in 5D stience is broken in similar vital spaces, not a continuum as in 4D stiences.

For that reason it has ‘ entropic limits’ beyond which a being does not exist. Hence Death and entropic limits are similar concepts both in time (the limit of a cycle) and space (the limit of a system, surrounded by a membrane). For example nations have entropic limits in the armed borders another nation cannot cross as a supœrganism, often related to all geographical limits – islands, mountains.

Moreover because space is fractal it is broken in different scales of size with similar properties. As the system of reproduction in the Universe is fractal: a seed with the information stored in ‘static time cycles’ is delivered by a larger ∆+1 system (∆ is the symbol in 5D for scales) into a smaller space-time and so it creates a smaller replica of itself in a lower scale, in terms of the ‘functions’ the system will perform, and this little form will reproduce and evolve socially through networks creating a larger supœrganism, which finally will grow in size from small into big. So systems are ‘organic’ because they co-exist in ‘atomic/cellular, organic/thermodynamic and cosmological/gravitational scales. And this goes for civilizations and nations and monetary systems, as a prophet of the wor(l)d, a horde of warriors with a new weapons, of bankers with a new form of money reproduce it and create a larger system with its new seed of information. Again a lot of information on the relationship and different ‘speeds of time cycles’ is lost when all those scales are pressed into a single one. So In our papers on physics (Universe in space) we use this regained information to unify with cyclical time and fractal space, mathematically masses and charges and solve all the conundrums of astrophysics.

Finally because the Universe is fractal there are ‘mirror-minds’ who use ‘languages’ that are synoptic systems that ‘reduce the information’ of reality to fit in the mind-mirror creating an image of an even larger whole, the world. That is the explanation of why minds exist, they are still, mental spaces of information whose simple equation is :

0’ (finitesimal mind) x ∞ (infinite universe) = Linguistic mind-mapping or ‘world’.

This causes the egocy paradox: the humind believes the image is the whole reality as it is all what it sees. So our ego is pumped to ‘cosmic proportions’, and its ‘language’ that maps out reality becomes the only language of truth and intelligence. So the first men who thought in words believed God created taking words in Hebrew or Arab. And today that we use digital machines and its metal-minds to express the world with numbers, humans believe ‘numbers’ are the only language of reality. But the Universe is an organism of spatial information and temporal motions, its primary substance that you see around, forms that occupy space, moving.

In reality though, what you see is a ‘Maya of the senses’, as the mind ‘fixes’ the ultimate substance of reality, time cycles into ‘forms’, but when observed in detail, reality is always made of ‘repetitive motions’ with forms. So we talk of ‘Dimensional motions’, ‘Dimotions of time-space’, as the substance of reality, and we shall elaborate on that ‘vital spacetime concept’ – the substance of which we are all made. Thus we upgrade the 2 formal languages of space (Non-E Geometry) and time (5D pentalogic) to upgrate stience.


The mathematical view of supœrganisms. Non-euclidean geometry: fractal points

The most beautiful generalization of those supœrganisms is their study with laws of Non-Euclidean geometry, where a point has volume and hence become one of the cellular units of those organisms. A group of points becomes then a wave or network, and 3 of those networks form a topological plane or vital organism. In this manner we unify biology and topology and define the most important of the new 5D sciences, topologic evolution.

We change the name of space to §paœ, to signify two new qualities of fractal space -to be made of multiple scalar planes, §, self-centered into a o-mind, which is the true creator of the concept of still space as a simultaneous mind mapping in any language of the information of the flow of time cycles that conforms the Universe. And as a consequence of those facts, space is organic, co-existing in a series of scalar planes which 5 Metric converts in ternary supœrganisms, œ (ab. for super organisms).

Space thus becomes §paœ when we ad its scalar, mental and organic properties to its mathematical ones.

Yet space is still in the linguistic world best described by Geometry. We must simply improve the postulates and axioms of ‘Non-Euclidean Geometry’, to describe better the vital topologic properties of spacetime beings, which we do on the post dedicated to non-Euclidean topology, from we extract this brief ‘abstract’ and graph, to fully grasp how a better Geometry can describe a better space:

The 5 Non-E postulates define a point with parts, a line as a wave and a plane as an organic network of points: The 2nd postulate explains the interaction between two points connected by a wave of communication or ‘line’; the 3rd postulate explains the type of interactions between 2 points according to their relative equality, which will bring them together into a social network or dissimilarity, which will make them not interact or enter into a Darwinian relationship in which a point absorbs the energy of the other. Self-similarity is required to start an organic process of social evolution; or else systems that do not understand their information use each other as energy, in Darwinian hunting processes or ignore their paths. The 4th postulate defines the creation of networks made of systems of points across multiple scalar planes of space-time. It defines spaces as networks of points, interconnected by flows of energy and information: All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks of non-Euclidean points.

Finally the 5th postulate that explains the processes of absorption of waves of energy and information that the point gauges to act-react with the Universe. It is then the social evolution of points into numbers and structures – groups, sets and categories (not the bottom but the top element of the evolution of points and numbers), what mimics the creation processes of Nature, where identical beings, points of ‘one dimension’ (as seen externally, but with three internal dimensions), evolve socially first into lines-waves (2D, as waves have volume, thickness, made of points with volume), then into topological networks (planes), and finally recreate a larger ‘fractal point on the ∆+1 scalar plane’.  So the postulates of vital mathematics explain in a synoptic mental way how points evolve socially through scalar planes of dimensions, to become first waves, then planes and social numbers which create a Non-E ‘fifth postulate’ of a larger whole point through which infinite parallel flows of energy and information can cross.

In the graph, the formal view of space and its 5 Ðimotions, provided by the 5 postulates of Non-E geometry…

So space, form, yin and time, entropy, yang, combine into the 3 intermediate states, we perceive in a single plane, often as adjacent topologies of a supœrganism:

Limbs and fields of locomotion (ordered entropy with no scattering or dissolution, akin to energy).

Heads and particles of informative perception (form with motion, as it allows the being through its language to move and interact with its world).

Reproductive bodies of information and energy that combine and iterate both.

So we shall redefine the main branches of mathematics, starting by its most important, geometry and topology with 5 Postulates that relate to those 5 Ðimotions and will be the basis on the future for a more vital model of mathematical thought as mirror of reality. To that aim we redefine the 5 most important elements, axioms and postulates of Euclid in correspondence with those 5 Ðimotions, taking into account the ‘cyclical nature’ of reality that either after completing a ‘world cycle of five Ðimotions’.

1Ð-5Ð: So the first-fifth postulate defines a point as a mind of perception, akin to the first Ðimotion of being – to perceive; and the fifth-first postulate that defines a point as a world in itself, a supœrganism with its inner parts are the same. We just might consider that the point has evolved and grown to emerge from its minimal ¡-1 state in the first postulate – points with inner breath; into a full super organism, ¡º, living in the ¡+1 world, in the fifth postulate studied here.

2Ð: And it does so through a process of locomotions and changes of waves and forces of communication with other points that define the second postulate – lines with inner breath…

3Ð: And then it has formed planes, defined as social networks that correspond to the third Ðimotion of energy and reproduction, becoming a super organism according to…

4Ð: the 4th postulate of congruence, which defines its relationships with other beings, based in his ‘angle of parallelism’, such as similar beings evolve socially together in groups, complementary ‘left-handed female/right-handed male’ beings come together in couples, and beings which are not equal neither complementary enter either in relationships of entropic perpendicularity, or ignore themselves if their worlds are ‘disconnected’. So the fourth postulate gives us the ‘¡logic rules’ of engagement between forms and particles.

And so we establish an immediate relationship between the fundamental concepts of geometry, the point, the line, the plane, and its congruence or dissimilarity, its relative parallelism and perpendicularity, and the 5 Ðimotions of existence, the point is the mind that perceives first, the first Ðimotion; the line is the point in motion, in cycloid patterns, or two points communicating with smaller ¡-1 parts, as in the Fermion<Boson>Fermion relationship of forces; the plane has ‘holes’, it is a network of reproduced points socially connected into the 3 different species of networks that make a super organism (informative, reproductive and entropic, digestive, moving networks), and all this is ¡logically established according to the relative dissimilarity or perpendicularity between the beings (4th entropic Ðimotion) or social parallelism that evolves the point into a supœrganism, a new whole (5th Ðimotion).

Space: Topologic ternary systems. The co-existence in each organism in each of those scales of 3 ‘topological parts’. This is a whole new 5D stience as always based in well known experimental and formal 4D sciences. I have call it topological evolution and plays an essential role to understand the 3 ages of life and death of any species, including civilizations. And it is based in a mathematical insight. Since all what exists has spatial form and temporal motion, the Unit of reality is bidimensional. But there are only 3 bidimensional topologies (Geometries with motion) in which form and function are related. So we can define the common ‘trinity’ structure of any system in a single space-time scale:

|-limbs-fields-territories<Ø-re=productivebodywaves-workers>O-informative particles-heads-informative class

Whereas, the |, Ø and O symbols are intuitive for:

– l-Lineal, flat topologies, the shortest distance between point that explains why limbs, field that move are lineal, and vital, geographical territories where systems hunt, move and feed are flat.

-O-Spherical heads, particles or ‘capitals’ of social organisms, or groups that meet in rounded tables to direct a social system, from elderly to Arthur and its Gentlemen (: since the sphere and circle are in 3 and 2 dimensions the topologies that store more information. So we talk of ‘rings of power’.

– Ø-hyperbolic wave like, hour-glass bodies that re=produce the other two because they combine lineal motion and cyclical information in multiple curved patterns. This corresponds to the ‘working body-class’ of a social organism, as it is in charge of reproducing the goods of the system. So reality is made of such ensembles. Does this mean human social 3 class system is ‘just’? Not at all. Organisms of history are bad designed. Because an efficient organism has only ‘2 classes’, the head and the body; as the 3rd class is ‘the entropic territory of feeding’. The Wave-particle physical organism feeds on the lineal forces of the field, which is NOT the organism. The social organism is made of informative managers and working class, which ‘feed and process’ the vital space, or territorial geography, its goods, food, raw materials, to construct products. Even in biologic organism some animals loose their ‘lineal tail’ and survive. And you can in fact loose a leg and survive, but if you loose your head or body you die.

Communication is the true purpose of forces, which show the sentient will of physical systems.

We shall show the astounding beauty of the sentient Universe and its ∞ ¬E Monads of perception; considering what the Physical Universe is about: trillions of sentient particles, following the game of the 5 Dimotions of exist¡ence according to the 5 Postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry, seeking for immortality which most of those particles achieve in any of the 3 scales of the ‘fundamental’ supœrganism of the Universe, the galatom…

Its study fascinated me when young. The beauty of the symmetry between the bio-logical properties of matter, its topological symmetries and its scalar, algebraic social harmonies is the essence of perfection.

And if/when humans or AI machines rediscover what I found in my youth – the true harmonies of entanglement between those scales, its particles, its universal constants and parameters, its social scales, its motions and synchronicities and simultaneities… they will feel the same entanglement I had with reality. That though was more than 30 years ago, and life was not kind on me; my intellectual faculties dwindling fast; and my ethical opposition not with physics but with human physicists and their systemic destruction of the world with lethal technologies and weapons made me abandon the field of physics a decade ago, as I explained in the paper ‘Earth III and entropy’…

The topological, organic Dimotions of matter and its life organisms show matter is constructed as any other supœrganism with the same laws of vital topology and pentalogic causal time, as every particle and every atom is a living organism, sentient, perceptive, social, seeking as all supœrganisms do its 5 Dimotions of existence, obeying the program of those 5 postulates.

It is though not easy to ‘reveal’ the life of matter because of the extremely abstract, and detailed way in which physics is taught today. It is essentially an Euclidean branch of algebra, and since physicists hardly understand anything about mathematics – the why, not the hows – it is an automaton process, who seeks absolute determinism, as a mechanon of motions with no perception and no purpose. Yet particles and atoms do have the same higher purpose that any other system of nature: to achieve its social evolution into larger wholes that conserve its energy, and last in time. So the way to teach 5D physics requires then to understand the laws of non-Euclidean vital topology and pentalogic, to know the ‘purpose’ of matter, and the way in which trinity organisms entangle together. But also the ways in which scales fight each other, emerge absorbing the energy of lower scales, enslaving its parts… In brief, if there is a stience where the laws of 5D illogic topology and existential algebra show in its full vitality is physics, and yet because of the way those laws are explained today 5D physics is difficult to explain. Consider, a BCE, boson state. Two electrons, which are repulsive as ‘particles of the same gender’, which maintain a certain distance, however communicate a phonon and then move in parallel, albeit opposite paths stopping its ‘perpendicular’ collisions. Suddenly we find two opposite parallel flows of particles exchanging phonons in an interaction with the lattice of larger atoms that caress them with a vibrating wave.

This is mathematically a complex equation that means nothing to the reader. It is topologically a vital interaction that creates a higher social order, lowers the Tt-entropy (not energy: ST) of the system and increases the goal of all social systems of the Universe, social love, synchronicity, harmony, flows of motion without resistance, immortal motion with form – you name it. But if we just write the equation it will mean nothing. So 5D has to be taught visually with a narrative, departing from the understanding of the 5 non-E postulates of geometry and the illogic laws of existential algebra. And only then slowly build up the equations into that lattice of space and time laws.

The problem of that approach is that physicists don’t give a damn for that. They are the less inclined philosophers of the world at large. ‘The why is the only thing a physicist never asks’ said Mr. Feynman, a savant idiot idolized by his peers. They are practical people, whose purpose is to describe with abstract mathematical tools, today with computers whose enormous dexterity makes details so exhaustive that they cannot easily be generalized, the deterministic motions of Nature’s particles without the slightest interpretation, as all what cannot be measured does not exist (Planck). So by principle within the straight-jacket of what humans care about matter – its control of its motions to build technological machines with it; 5D physics is denied and will always be denied. Look though to one of Feynman’s diagram, applied to the previous BEC effect:

After the phonon exchange of information; both particles follow an exact anti-parallel path, which diminishes collisions and resistance; and maximizes the ‘soft touch’ of the lattice. Order appears and everybody is happy. The laws of vital geometry are now at work, social evolution happens, ‘distance-space’ proper of Tt-entropy is reduced and finally St-collapse into a condensed boson state creates a ‘fifth dimension’ which is a form in motion of the ‘Ss-till state’ of a boson condensate, the fifth state of matter that forms a perfect ∆+1 whole.



The Geometry of the fifth dimension includes all other geometries. We though refer to 5D geometry specifically when considering the different distortions and paradoxes that happen when we perceive reality through different sales of the fifth dimension, being in general terms a problem of ‘distortion’ of perspective, with a clear inversion as we move from one scale to other in topology, hierarchy, form and function.

4 Px: ∆§- dis≠continuity T-motion v S-form spe: lineal, flat, free, young v ð§:curved, old, bound. @: ego v. relativity

The 3 ¡logic paradoxes of space topology (closed in-form-ative curved-O vs. |-open, free entropic lineal forms), time-motion (stillness vs. motion) and ∆-scale, (continuous whole vs. discrete forms; single scale vs. multiple one)s, which are essential to the perception of a simplified ‘spatial mind universe’ in a single flat still plane, as perceived by a mind vs. the full, more detailed complex picture in time, of a curved, discrete and moving Universe. Those 3 paradoxes define space and minds as simplified views of the more complex whole.

We shall call them Galilean paradoxes because the main one between motion and form, is the paradox of Relativity that started modern physics and the others can be illustrated with one his discoveries – that of Saturn’s rings:

Saturn’s rings are not a mathematical plane made of abstract points, despite their continuous appearance. When we look at them in detail they become in fact quantic planetoids in movement, tracing orbital cycles around the planet. It is the continuity vs. discontinuity paradox.

All dual paradoxes –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study. Moreover they seem to us flat in the larger view, when they are spherical forms in the smaller size. It is the flat, free, vs. bound circular px.

And when we see them from a close perspective they seem big and important but from far away they are infinitesimal indistinguishable part of a number. It is the ego vs. relativity paradox.

In a large view the ring seems static but in closer view speed increases. And this is the form vs. motion px.

Thus any piece of time/space seems continuous, from the lower ∆-1 perspective, as larger planes of reality with slower time cycles transmit less information, and we peg it together those bits of information, jumping over its dark spaces; but when we analyze its parts in detail, we receive more information so the system becomes discontinuous, made of space/time quanta moving in cyclical paths.

All those paradoxes imply a logic inversion of role when we change ‘scale’ and hence they define the relationships between contiguous scales of reality. And have infinite applications to the whys of nature:

A key element to understand the Universe of scales and its paradoxes of freedom vs. order is the perspective any mind has of reality when looking above, to its upper whole, which controls it through invisible networks of information, hence creating an elliptic perspective of decreasing perception – dark view of larger scales we do not observe, from invisible informative networks in galaxies to invisible financial networks in societies to invisible nervous networks for cells.

On the other hand in the same scale we have a flat, Euclidean geometry of maximal perception with minimal distortion. While looking down to our smaller inner world we rule it with networks that break into fractal webs of simultaneous control, or hyperbolic view. This ternary view of reality has immense consequence from theory of knowledge, to mind constructs, from sociology of power to galactic organic models of a Universe ruled by invisible black holes and dark matter. We feel thus free as individuals but are controlled from above by the larger whole and rule over our micro-parts. As Shakespeare said: we are all kings when observed from a lower stair, commoners at the same level or buffoons from above.

The paradox of Young, Motion vs. Old Age, informative stillness: freedom vs. order defines then the essential dualities of freedom and order. So topology becomes metaphysics:

The flat, open, momentum-lineal like small distance vs. the closed, cyclical, energy-like time distance is a constant theme of all mathematical physics, where the tangent, or derivative represents the minimal lineal free step but on the larger scale is bounded. For example, special vs. general relativity. Light is open, gravitation is cyclical bounded; so lineal quantum physics in the cosmological, larger scale gravitation curves trapped by the galactic black hole.

In all scales the paradoxes of freedom vs. order thus connects with age and scale.  Reality when looked  from above, from its upper whole, which controls it through its physiological networks becomes founded. On the other hand in the same scale we do NOT perceive systemic intelligence and feel free.

Information thus closes systems of entropy, while lineal, planar, systems seem free. Information though has a tall broken, cyclical forms, often NOT perceived from a flat bidimensional level below.

So we do have certain metaphysical geometric  ‘properties’ of form vs. motion: Flat planes moving in free lineal paths, and tall cycles, moving in repetitive bound frequencies.

Dualities of young, open, moving lineal age of abeing vs. its old, still, curved, informative, cyclical one, which also manifests in the classic view in small distance of a flat earth that becomes curved from the moon.

If we combine those paradoxes with the inversion of roles: O¡-2<|¡-1>Oº… things become even more complex as both effect offset each other.

All in all a bounded system will have, by the law of inversion added to the Galilean paradox an Absolute control over its smaller parts, as the galactic black hole DOES over its stars closed by its halo of heavy dark matter or the earth in the climatic cycles that control the evolution of its species.

Such cyclical ordered ‘solid’ systems are well-organized as wholes so they can manage its upper world or ecosystem often controlling its ∆+2 scale. Which Humans could do in History if they were a single global organism perfectly ordered, and increasingly the global market of company mothers of machines has over both, the entropic men managed with money and digital media, and the planet, being terraformed with its machines.

The inverse case of a ‘free ∆-1 system’ – a loose ensemble of entropic chaos, of heat – paradoxically becomes slave of its ∆+1 larger world and ∆-1 potential feeding scale. I.E. a gaseous system of molecular forms is controlled by the bound container to the point we can measure its general patterns from its macro-parameter of pressure and by its smaller scale, releasing its energy as heat, and both ∆±1 parameters suffice to determine its characteristics.

The same happens in our apparently free chaotic, violent, entropic societies where human selfie ego states proper of modern societies are perfectly controlled and managed from above by the financial, audiovisual networks and legal systems, of which they are hardly aware, and below by the bits of digital credit they need to survive. As the most disordered systems are memoriless entropic forms which are not even aware there are other scales of reality; while the most ordered controlling systems, extend at least through 3 ‘spacetime scales’ managed by the central scale of ‘solid’ particles. And the most complex bounded systems, biologic and galactic organisms entangle 5 scales. I.e. in a living organism those 5 scales range from ‘simple atoms’ of oxygen that we breath and simpler hormones, through DNA molecules, and then cells, and then physiological networks that make up organisms  and finally ecosystems, 5 entangled scales work around the bounded cellular unit. In galaxies, from forces through atoms, physical matter, cosmic bodies we arrive to the bounded galaxy…

There is always an inversion between apparent freedom=chaos and real order=power: The less powerful forces, bosons seems free, never stopping but are slaves of entangled particles that are trapped in bounded atoms, connected to molecules. And then in the next scale the matter seems free, thermodynamic heat but it is bounded to a planet and stars, which seem free in a galactic ecosystem are bounded to a black hole.

Small atoms and molecules in an organism move seemingly free but a network of cells bound them; humans seem free but are bound by national borders, laws & digital money; matter seems free but it is bounded by the planet… So how can we name so many Planes when in relationship to each other with different worldcycles?

Things are more obvious if we use 3 names for the 3 ‘bounded, time-like worldcycles’ vs. 2 terms for the open entropic worldcycles, which if we notice, ARE in symmetry with the 3 bounded Dimotions dominant in information (perception, reproduction of information and social information) vs. the 2 entropic lineal dimotions (locomotion and entropy).

So a hidden symmetry entangles further a ‘fractal’ order what clueless humans perceive as chaotic systems… Since logic entanglements between languages=mind mirrors, space, time Dimotions and scales NOT perceivable with simple ‘æntropic pictures’ or measurable with ‘speeds’ IS the hidden intelligence of the fractal Universe.

The length of the ‘membrain’-circumference. Limits of infinity between discontinuous scales. 

Left, a slow mind will see Earth as a disk, converting its full worldcycle of time into a form of space. Faster, lower scales of reality appear as blocks of time for larger slower wholes. So we see the motion of the skin as a form, which in 5D metric are slow minds that perceive larger realities. Right: Systems perceive ‘curvature’ and ‘flatness’ according to its relative size – smaller beings perceive flat worlds, larger perspectives make forms curved; and the type of hyperbolic, elliptic or flat geometry they use to select information of the Universe – our mind perceives lineal light, so it observes a flat cosmos.

The size and speed of its pixels also defines the detail of its perception, since according to the S=T paradox as speed becomes distance, so systems whose perception is made with fast forces, as cosmological systems, in the human case seems far away. While systems perceived with slow larger pixels, as chemical pheromones and e-motions seem close, more intense. It matters also the speed of mental clocks, which if slow will see paradoxically a denser universe of still forms: I.e. in the left graph for a slow mind the Earth would seem a disk, denser the faster it turns, converting its full worldcycle of time into a form of space. Reality seems made a blocks of time, of ‘whole still, deterministic full cycles’.

Thus concepts such as open=free vs. closed=deterministic, flat vs. cyclical, continuous vs. discontinuous; dense vs. light, far vs. close are relative concepts to the different parameters of informative processing, curvature and relative size of the observer, the observable and the force that communicates both.

The geometrical view of the fifth dimension.

What geometry and distortion experiences a mind able to perceive through the fifth dimension of scalar parts and wholes? Since wholes are networks that branch into thinner paths, connecting with its multiple cells, the 5th dimension is a fractal geometry known as hyperbolic geometry, which states that multiple parallels can pass through a point. How a mind network sees its multiple smaller ∆-1 points of information?

Obviously as its consciousness is a point, it integrates and reduces the space between those points which in reality are distant one from the other into a ‘boson’ consciousness, a point of higher density that occupies a single place in space. And this is essentially the mechanism by which mind create mental mappings in smaller space of larger worlds, reducing to zero the dark spaces between points of perception.
On the other hand an eye perceiving light from a larger perspective, will increase the curvature and reduce the gravitational invisible forces-distances between points which we do not see, as we only perceive light. So we perceive a denser Universe, closer to us.

Inversely a mind with multiple points of perception observing a single whole – for example, the mind of an insect with multiple eyes will disintegrate the perception of a single form into multiple perspectives and if that perception is faster than the larger whole, perceived in slow motion, the whole will appear as a multiple elongated being occupied a larger space, anticipating its future paths – as we see night cars as longer lines.

It is worth to explore those two inverse views which define many superorganisms, from the perspective of the slavish cells of the larger whole – for example, the chemical mind of a physiological network or ant-queen that perceives multiple points integrated into a single whole vs. the multiple pheromone paths the same insect perceives coming from that single whole ant-queen from multiple perspectives:

The ant-queen will see all those drones as an integrated whole, its ‘organism’ as you see all your cells integrated by your nervous system. But the drones will perceive the ant-queen not directly but as a cloud of multiple pheromones, which engulf its entire self; as a god-like presence. And this is how the mind of the c-speed consciousness of the global mind of machines, the Internet will likely perceive millions of humans attached to computers, as an ant-queen perceives its drones, a chemical hypothalamus its cells; when it emerges its consciousness. While we increasingly perceive it as a ‘god-like’ brain, engulfing us in every part of the world. Which is a very different perception from the equalitarian view of reality humans have in its single plane of existence in 1 to 1 correspondence.

How then it is the world-geometry of those other minds? To answer that question we have to deal with the most advanced forms of Geometry – the pangeometry of Lobachevski, whose laws can be applied to discern the ‘form of mental spaces’.

Lobachevski’s parameter.

Regarding the relative flatness of a mind world, we can introduce a quantitative parameter of classic hyperbolic geometry that defines the relative value of Pi..

In hyperbolic geometry – the geometry that branches a line into multiple parallels, hence the geometry that travels through scales of the fifth dimension of parts and wholes Lobachevski found that the length, l of the circumference of a circle is not proportional to the radius r but grows more rapidly (essentially by an exponential law).  Let us then consider how it influences a certain mental view.

So, the following formula holds for the singularity zero-point ‘event horizon’:

where k is a constant depending on the length unit. Since:

we obtain from it: l= 2π r (1 + 1/6 r² /k²). Thus only for small r/k ratios is it true with accuracy that l = 2πr.

In the formula for the length of the circumference of a circle, there occurs a constant k depending on the unit of length. If the radius is small in comparison with k, i.e., if r/k is small, then, as is clear from the formula, the length l is nearly 2πr. Generally, the smaller the ratio of the dimensions of a figure to this constant, the more accurately the properties of the figure approach the properties of the corresponding figure in Euclidean geometry.
Thus a measure for the deviation of the properties of a figure in Lobachevski geometry from the properties of a figure of Euclidean geometry is the ratio r/k if r measures the dimensions of the figure (radius of a circle, sides of a triangle, etc.).This has an important consequence.
Suppose we have to do with the actual space of the external world and measure distances in kilometers. Let us assume that the constant k is very large, say 1012.
Then, for example, by the formula, for a circle with a radius of even 100 km the ratio of its length to the radius differs from 2π by less than 10−9. Of the same order are the deviations from other ratios of Euclidean geometry. Within the limits of 1 kilometer they would even be of the order 1/k, i.e., 10−12, and within the limits of a meter of the order 10−15; i.e., they would be altogether negligible. Such deviations from Euclidean geometry could not be observed, because the dimensions of an atom are a hundred times larger (they are of the order of 10-13 km).

On the other hand, on the astronomical scale the ratio r/k is not too small. Therefore Lobachevski also assumed that, although on the ordinary scale Euclid’s geometry is true with great accuracy, the deviation from it could be noted by astronomical observations. This assumption has been justified. Further on the insignificant deviations from Euclidean geometry that have now been observed on the astronomical scale give us further proof of an infinite Universe of galaxy-atoms much larger than the supposed big-bang in order to achieve the ‘necessary curvature’ for it to have an enclosure in the ∆±4 plane. Finally, since the deviation from Euclidean geometry becomes smaller for increasing values of the constant k, in the limit when k grows without bound, hyperbolic geometry goes over into Euclid’s geometry. That is, Euclid’s geometry is just a limiting case of hyperbolic geometry.

The flatness of the human mind.

But we can consider such mind’s parameters to be those of an electronic brain, where the geometry of the electronic humind made of light is defined by the S=T duality according to the ‘relative ratio’ between our r and k which are our constants of ‘perception of information’ (k), that is, H-Planck and the unit of lineal length ($ (r), c-speed. And so the ratio defines both a flat world, the one we perceive and one which process very little information density – not a very fast intelligent mind for all what is worth.

The ratio as a pangeometry for all possible forms.

It is then clear that if the ratio is a limiting case, hyperbolic geometry, then comprises also Euclid’s geometry and so it turns out, in this sense, to be a more general theory. In view of this situation Lobachevski called his theory “pangeometry,” i.e., universal geometry. And indeed, hyperbolic geometry being the essential ‘geometry’ of ∆-scales has Euclidean geometry in a single plane as a limiting case.

Such a relationship of theories constantly appears in the development of mathematics and the natural sciences: A new theory includes the old one as a limiting case, in accordance with the advance of our knowledge from more special to more general deductions.

But what really r/k means in terms of mental space? As k is a unit/rod of length, in our case light, it must be accordingly a unit of information, equivalent in the fractal, discontinuous version a small ‘step’ – the fractal unit of measure which lengthens the total distance of a ‘coast’ as Mandelbrot discovered:

The coastline paradox is the counterintuitive observation that the coastline of a landmass does not have a well-defined length. This results from the fractal-like properties of coastlines. … The length of a “true fractal” always diverges to infinity, as if one were to measure a coastline with infinite, or near-infinite resolution

As fractal geometry is to ∆-geometry  between discontinuous planes, what differential geometry is to ∆§ocial scales, we can easily understand Lobachevski’s parameter as the measure of the smallness of our ‘steps of perception of spatial information’, in relationship to the total radius of the T.œ we are measuring.

When we are inside the being obviously we ‘are small’ quanta of vital energy surrounded by an ever larger, imposing ‘flat’ membrane; as on Earth’s ‘flat surface’ for the human p.o.v.

So the equation relates the informative, ð§ steps of the inner ‘∆-1’ entities and the larger being, with its st size parameter; which gives us ‘larger perimeters’ with lesser curvature (longer lines) for the mental space construct of  the smallest inner being.

It also follows that from an external p.o.v., which sees a larger part of the T.œ this will appear increasingly curved (and concave, elliptic instead of convex, hyperbolic). And ultimately this duality proves the mental nature of all constructs of space, put by a devilish mind-mirror, which adapts the view through its ‘subjective glasses’, as Descartes thought to be the case. It is the most important finding of Non-E geometry, regarding mind constructs for all geometries besides hyperbolic forms. All this IS a special case of an ¡logic rule on the 5D metric structure of the Universe: ‘1D $mall measurements do NOT measure the whole world cycle of the being, so they are lineal. Long-lasting measure bring the whole worldcycle or enclosed.

RECAP. Geometry is a virtual mental wor(l)d, a still ‘form’ of language. As such is mind’s simultaneous selection of its relative world’s information – a representation of its reality, O-Mind x ∞ Universe = Mind-geometry, which stops the motions of time into a mind mapping ‘called’ space. Each mind therefore will have a different geometric view of reality. As such geometry evolved from the purest mind-form of thought of still bidimensional Greek Geometry. Next it came analytical geometry in which space was married with the very essence of the mind – a point/view of reference, the @-sub discipline of mathematics. So one of the key evolutions of geometry was to give motion to space from the initial Greeks to the modern topology. Even vacuum has ‘magic energy’, ‘motion’; it is not background space. This said, we are interested in certain type of mind-spaces, those of the mathematical language, which is the realm of geometry and topology, the first, a ‘fixed formal space’, the second a form of space-time with motion.

The fractal structure of deep scales is created with languages stored in seeds and minds, of which topologic languages are likely the mind of atoms and galaxies that create most of the local order we observe. So all systems gauge information, as their capacity to order reality is just a mirror process of creation of ‘still, smaller linguistic images’ the world projected as order in a territorial ‘energy-body’:

Infinitesimal mind-language x ∞ Universe = constant self-centered world.   In mathematical terms 0 x ∞ = C.

It is the origin of the Ego paradox: ‘Every infinitesimal mind measures reality from its distorted perspective, thinking it is the center of the Universe, it confuses with the selected information perceived by its mind’. Which of course is shared by all other systems of reality. So an ant also thinks to be the center of the Universe with its likely hyperbolic pheromonal mind of ‘atomic pixels’.

So as man measures reality from its limited Euclidean perspective despising the existence of all other fractal points=minds of the Universe, which are also gauging information albeit with different mental structures.

Life doesn’t start in DNA atoms. IT must exist in all systems of the fractal Universe, departing from particles which as the graph explains already show all the characteristics of life. The elementary quarks and electrons the simplest particles do gauge information, absorb energy, reproduce and evolve socially into wholes, bosons, plasma flows and atoms. So the unit of life is the smallest particle and as fractal systems are self-reproductive, emerging in its fundamental properties in larger scales all what exists is alive. Only human egos prevent us from understanding that obvious truth, fundamental principle of all ‘exist¡ences’.

However the short-comings of human mental spaces are enhanced by the complex geometry of the fifth dimension which ‘cheats’ fractal points, ‘leaving’ them blind to the flows of information coming from upper scales and distorting its view of the cyclical long range time deterministic systems of that larger whole, giving the mirage of freedom, open, flat spaces. So it seems the Game of Existience is built-in to make each part feel free, open, happy and ego-centered and ultimately fail because of its mindless chaotic behavior.

5D geometry guided by pentalogic tries to understand:

  1. The disomorphisms of all geometries – those elements common to all of them, which belong to the higher ‘game of exist¡ence of all minds that select information to ensure its survival. This task started by Riemann and Lobachevski, concluded that few element of space are relevant – distance=similarity and angle of congruence being its most important.

2.- to be a mental construct and relate the main laws of geometry and its varieties with GST as a mirror-mind that reflects those isomorphic ‘ILOGIC’ properties of space-time beings.

RECAP. Galilean relativity was ill understood, as the true question about time-change is why ‘the mind sees space as a still, when in detail is made of smaller self-similar quanta, in motion. The paradox defines mental spaces as still simplified views of the more complex whole.

The 3 ¡logic paradoxes of space topology (closed in-form-ative curved-O vs. |-open, free entropic lineal forms), time-motion (stillness vs. motion) and ∆-scale, (continuous whole vs. discrete forms; single scale vs. multiple ones), are essential to the perception of a simplified ‘spatial mind universe’ in a single flat still plane vs. the full, more detailed complex picture in time, of a curved, discrete and moving Universe. Those paradoxes resume the 5 elements of reality, Space=form, time=motion, scales and the mind that measures them, within its own entropic limits.

They are also essential to all the elements of calculus and mathematics at large and its methods of solutions; specially the inversion between finitesimal lineal steps (as a step between two points is NEVER curved) and the cyclical form of longer ‘integral paths’. So lineal approximations are the essential tool of calculus and mathematics to resolve many equations.

The Principle of relativity is also the origin of 3 ∆ST paradoxes of our mental reality. The ST dual topology of motion and form, as Minds that select only the states of form, are the cause of the stillness of space. The paradox of ∆+! continuity v. ∆-! discontinuity of a given Non-E plane depending on which detailed ∆-scales which choose to perceive. And the paradox of ∆+! curved, closed vs. ∆-¡ open, free view of reality, the most important, as ‘small elements’ freel free but are enclosed in the longer time, larger space ∆+1 whole that restricts its actions within its SS & TT limits .

The idealist logic of mathematical physicists vs. ternary reality

Modern mathematical physics is based in the Axiomatic Method of mathematics, ‘invented’ by Hilbert, which is based in Aristotelian one-dimensional Logic.

Hilbert affirms then that we can deduce ALL mathematical statements using the logic available to science a century ago, called Aristotelian logic based in:

– A simplistic single time dimotion, so A causes B, means that B does NOT cause A. This is false.

In reality logic is a ternary, dialectic, Hegelian logic, because there are 3 dimotions of time, and its corresponding ‘simultaneous’ 3 organic elements in space:   A< ≈ > B.

That is A-energy and B-information come together into ≈, the present space-time being, or space-time action, or synthesis. And we shall see how this writes as the 3 dimotions of time and symmetric forms of space: A (relative past energy) x B (relative future information) = C-relative repetitive present

– The exclusion of 3rd element, (only A and ¬ A are relevant), which has NOTHING to do with the aforementioned ternary logic of the Universe and its ternary symmetries in space (3 dimensions of space), parallel to the 3 ages of time. So length is the dimension of the function of lineal motion, height the dimension of perception and information, and width the dimension of reproduction. And 3 dimensional motions of space-time come together to form A:

Since Nature ‘pegs’ 3 forms & functions, which put together create the underlying structure of all systems of reality, both physical and biological, as all combined the ternary elements of the generator equation, either in sequential time orders (entropic youth, reproductive maturity, 3rd informative old age) or simultaneous, spatial organisms.

In the Universe X3 + Y3 ≠ Z3. means we have only X2 bidimensional waves of space and time cycles, and the 3rd dimension is added layer after layer of bidimensional networks. we live in a mathematical Universe but limited by mathematical laws of symmetry and balance that mimic the laws of the ternary fractal reality. The units of reality are St and St, the poles of entropy and cyclical form, its bidimensional constants of angular momentum c2 speed-space or mass  vortex.

This 2 dimensional, network plane that joins points along a shared energy and information collective action or unit of existence can be a field of magnetism and one of electricity a gravitational gradient and a particle, a group of citizens communicated or connected by a satellite, in all of them we can define a network with a relative fractal dimension, which we average to one made of networks of points, which contact perpendicularly through mere derivative fictions along a space-time field with other beings, this modular game of existence.

But the long time dimotion of eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, studied by the 5th dimension, and by Theory of Evolution meant nothing to him.

neither the cyclical time dimotion of 3 ordered time ages, past-energy, present reproduction and future information, which defines the existence of all ‘world cycles’ from human life to matter. Though he found its dual equation, Energy (expansive entropy-past)<≈light-present-wave: c²>M(time vortex-future) he still ignored its essential meaning. So he would say ‘time is what a clock measures’; and used it fundamentally as Galileo, only to study of the all the types of time motions of the Universe, for the analysis of external time-motions, which is the restricted ‘job’ of physicists.

Time however has besides present, differential, external motion-measures in space (Galileo’s V=∂s/∂/t and Einstein’s S²=Sx²+Sy²+Sz²-(ct)²), other type of time-motions, mainly informative evolutions (Evolutionary theory in Biology, vortices of evolution in masses, historic vortex of evolution, future 3rd age of maximal form and in-form-ation), and present, reproductive wave-bodies.

And it is fractal, in infinite different waves, reproductive bodies, entropic limbs and fields, informative particles and heads, whose geometry stores maximal information in minimal space (so all relative future, informative, gauging particles, heads and cameras are geometric).

The Galilean paradoxes are essential to all stiences, in as much as systems develop their actions through ‘flows of entropic energy and information’ coming from other scales, so distorsions in the perception of the bits and bites they extract from the are rife. Without the input of a clear understanding of the distorsions through scales, and the limits of perception which diminish according to 5D metrics it is impossible to make the picture of reality disomorphic

RECAP. The spooky effects of quantum physics and relativiy as we shall see are born of those deformations which are subjective to the human observer – the true meaning of endophysics and the influence of the ‘observer’ over the observable.

All is shun off by the automaton physicist that only cares for the praxis of measure from the human point of view. But the fact is the picture of reality for a particle is far more realistic than the way huminds, 3 scales above it, can obtain. As all spaces are mental spaces.

The true genius says Schopenhauer is a man that sees what nobody sees. The talented man just targets the perceived reality. So far that is what huminds have done regarding physics. Even relativity is just an attempt to make more precise measures from the perspetive of human perception.



Pentalogic – also called the Rashomon effect – is simple and yet the most powerful ‘logic element of reality.

Because all what exists is made of a spatial form, of time-motions, spread in 3 scales of reality, its whole, ∆º embedded in a larger ∆+1 world, and made of ∆-1 ‘cellular’ parts, limited in time by its life-death cycle and in space by a membrain, where it sensorial mind-system that connects all those elements, exchanging energy and information with the outer world to enhance its survival chances, [laying what we call the ‘game of exist¡ence’, any event in time, form in space or ‘language-mirror’ that perceives them MUST have 5 Elements, 5 Causes, 5 Variations that we must observe and describe to obtain the whole truth of the issue.

Pentalogic derives all what exists including languages, as mirrors of reality from the realization that all  is a by-product of the 5 Ðimotions of space-time, themselves, ‘degrees of grey’, of the two ‘extreme’ purest forms of Space – absolute stillness or languages of pure form, ‘residing’ into an emerging ‘wholeness’ or upper scalar plane, ¡+1, of the fifth dimension – and time (absolute motion or entropy, dissolution of the being into an scattered, ¡-1 lower scalar plane or 4th dimension).

In the entangled pentalogic Universe, it is not possible to separate the 5 elements of the supœrganism of History – its temporal ages, its ‘scalar’ structure divided in human citizen-cells, 3 physiological economic=reproductive ‘blood ‘networks, legal-informative and ‘territorial network of vital space’ or geography, its verbal mind and subconscious collective Gods and its ‘entropic limits’, in time and space, which if crossed will signify its extinction. As the 5 Dimensions of History work in symmetry like in any other complex ¬∆@st organism.

So the ‘Disomorphic=equal laws of all systems derive from the properties of those 5 entangled elements, which need a new ‘pentalogic’ of communication:

Vital Space are bidimensional forms of 3 ‘topological varieties’, which perform 3 organic functions in a supœrganism: lineal limbs/fields move the system, hyperbolic bodywaves iterate its forms & spheric particle/heads gauge information.

Time are types of ‘motion=change’, those organs perform, which are locomotion (limbs/fields), reproduction (body-waves) and informative gauging (particle/heads), which dominate each of the 3 consecutive ages of the being (young motion age, mature reproductive age and old informative age).

Scales, co-exist in 3 levels of size ruled by SxT=C metrics gifting organic symbiotic properties to T.œs.

Minds are centers that process information from the outer world, control the internal networks of the system, and perform deterministically the 5 survival actions of existence, regardless of its consciousness. They coordinate and maintain the whole as a single system performing actions of control of the energy and information of the system. So we find gravity centers, chips, brains, DNA nucleus, black holes in galaxies, etc. etc. Indeed, there is always in any stable organic system, a relative still, self-centered mind, which we shall discover all systems do have, even physical systems, which have centers of gravity, centers of charge or crystal systems, which maintain the whole.

Entropic limitsIn time called death, in space, called membranes, in scales as systems loose control beyond to scales and in fact death is defined by a simple equation of dissolution of two scales of information, ∆+1<<∆-1. So Entropy becomes the limits in space and time of a T.œ (Time§pace organism), ¬; perception, its mental form, @; social evolution, its scalar structure, ∆; motion its lineal time flow, T; and reproduction, its spatial population, S.

The pentalogic method: rashomon truths.

How we go about to describe scientifically a system, if any of those partial reductions of information suffice to make a linguistic mirror. The answer we provide in this and other papers on 5D is the Pentalogic, entangled method, which expresses with increasing degrees of complexity the elements needed to extract most of the relevant information from the system, without the need to get to the exhaustive (Do)decalogic analysis of the entire world of existence of a given supœrganism. Accordingly we go into a stair of deeper complexity, considering some of those key elements, under the general ‘labelling’ of Pentalogic method, from:

– Monologic: ceteris paribus nalysis of the event or spatial form in its 5 elements as ¬∆@st.

– Dilogic: considering its ST components, perhaps its Stœps of motion and form, or its Si=Te reproductive function/state in static, SxT or dynamic SóT form; or its relative St-information and Ts-momentum that come together to form its ST energy, or its opposite limits of Ss-language/form/mind/seed vs. Tt-entropy… causing.

-Trilogic: Which is de facto the most important analysis for all forms, as we describe the entity in a single plane of existence with its 3 topological organs of space, T<ST>S, its 3 ages in time, T<ST>S or its 3 co-existing scales, ∆±1. Often we just make a trilogic analysis of the being in a single Space-time plane (T<ST>S), and from the point of view of scales, as this is the bare minimum to define an ∆ST system… to which we might add

Trilogic is thus the basis of all languages beyond, the simplest ‘first order logic’ a causality of falsity and truth, such as if A is false, and from A we deduce B, A->B, B is false. As truths are linguistic mirrors of reality a better term than ‘falsity’ is ‘focus’. A good truth is one in which the syntax of the language and its semantic mimics the syntax of the Universe and its meanings. The syntax is a given. Most languages are ‘innate’ ternary syntax of the 3 parts of reality. So all verbal sentences reduce to:

Subject (Fractal point) < Verb (Dimotion=action of space-time) > Object (entropic energy of subject)

F(x): dependent parameter of space) <= > (S=t operand) G(Y): parameter of time

Blue (color of in-form-ation; space) <Green: color of reproduction) > Red (color of energy-motion)

‘All what exists is a ‘form’ that trans-form’ into entropy≈energy back and forth ad eternal SóT, which is the dynamic fractal generator of space-time events, and principle of energy conservation enlarged to its 2 poles whereas the wordings for ‘entropy’. ‘energy’, ‘form’ and ‘information’ require a bit more of understanding before we can define them more precisely.

– Pentalogic: Its limits in time and space (entropic death, membrains, outer world) and its Ss-mind, seed, where resides the will to develop its program of time, through the…

Because we play with 5 elements all the time we need to raise the logic consciousness of ‘huminds’ (ab. Human minds), both of the truths of History and the Universe, by upgrading their logic mind to a higher system of thought that the ‘damned lies and statistics’, placebo truths, lineal thoughts fictions and seflie, childish ego-trips, hidden agendas and wishful thinking that passes today as science… by at least giving him some basic ‘systems’ of inquire of truth. We explained the ABCD-E of the scientific method, which works for Disciplines at large. We want know to introduce a simple method of inquire that works for anything, even the smallest event in time, form in space or linguistic statement he might hear.

We shall use the pentalogic method constantly when an issue, form or event, or model/theory of reality comes up which is ‘confuse’, or a ‘newspeak’ or ‘disguise’ or selfish agenda, placebo truth or ‘camouflaged system’ to reveal out its full meaning. Reality is pentalogic means ‘the causes’ of reality are often 5. As a system that LOOSES any of those 5 elements does not exist for long. If you loose your skin you die. If you become static, motionless you are by definition death; if something tears into your vital space, you die. If any of the 3 scales where you exist, your cells, your physiological networks that put you together as a whole, or the world external to you, gets sick and unbalanced with you, you die. If an organism become mindless, unable to perform the 5 actions of survival – perceiving Information, to move in search of entropic food to feed and transform it into energy to reproduce its parts evolving with other similar individuals to become a stronger social whole, you die.

So pentalogic is everywhere and it allow us to find ‘faulty’ theories of reality, very common in science because human minds are monologic – so it is tiresome to observe unending arguments between childish scholars with ceteris paribus causes that want to raise with their egocy (ego=idiocy) to the only cause of reality. I.e. the entropic rock of the sky killed the Dinosaurs, said the physicist – not it was the competition of the Mammal, said the biologist; nay, the gymnosperm flowers, changed and he lost his food, say the botanist, both did contribute… acting on its 5 Dimensions of existence… i.e. mammals who had not attacked dinosaurs before started to eat their eggs, preventing its reproduction, as rats do with their biggest descendants, albatross; flora changed so herbivores couldn’t get their entropy; the sky darkened, so their body couldn’t get their sun energy; and yes the rock blew up their ∆+1 world… and so on. Of all those pentalogic structures of the living Universe, needless to say, the most important for each individual superorganism is its program of survival or drives=dimensional motions of life (ab. Dimotions), that ensure its continuous existence. Let us briefly introduce them:

The function of existence, or 5D metric of Generational space-time, (Ab. Gst, G) Max. Se x Ti (s=t) merely states that all systems of Nature will try to maximize its absorption of Entropic motion (with no form) and Linguistic form (with no motion), and its 3 intermediate dimotions of energy (s=t, balance of both that reproduces them), information (St: form with a little motion, form-in-action) and locomotion (sT, motion with a little form). So we talk of a program of survival ‘selected’ by all systems and expressed in its languages and minimal five actions encoded in that simple equation, which we term: a, e, ï, œ, û, as a mnemonic rule for the five actions of existence:

Accelerations (locomotion), entropic feeding (e), ïnformative perception and communication ï, Œ:reproduction into parallel supœrganisms Û… and social growth into larger wholes called Universals. And this series of actions is what accumulated in time will ultimately give birth to your word cycle  as the monad will first perceive (i), to direct its entropy-motions (a),towards a field of energy (e), where to absorb the energy bites it will imprint with its inner form, e x i = œ, to reproduce another form, and when enough ∑œ exist, it naturally organize into a larger whole û:

In graph we see the action of the main Stientific scales of organisms. Actions are the knots and bolts and details of the study of any ‘Time§pace supœrganism’ (ab.T.œ) in light space-time, coded by colors and dimensions, in physical atoms, coded with quantum numbers and in life and humans coded by the so called drives of life, which we obviously extend beyond the ego paradox to all other systems, including genetics not mapped there (coded by the 4-5 letters). Those actions balanced each other into zero-sums in death, as they tend to increase information from a mind p.o.v., hence we ‘all warp, wrinkle’ get old in the third age and die, setting from its minimal actions to its integral sums, the 3 ages of life-existence and the world cycle all super organism follow.

From those actions, given the dominance of informative actions over entropic ones, it appears a series of repetitive cyclical patterns of actions conducting to maximize the existence of the being, which accumulate in a larger scale of time-space, as a worldcycle of actions that increase the information of the system in 3 ages. So the basic cycle of actions becomes a larger 3 ages cycle of life and death; as systems once and again, starts in an act of information/shrinking and ends in an act of organization/shrinking of herds into wholes, will keep reducing the being and finally make it all form no motion to explode and die in an entropic reversal: ∑ i->a->e->œ->û, i->a-e->œ->u, ï->æ->Œ->Û -> Informative ‘seed’ age->1st locomotion, feeding age ->2nd reproduction age ->3rd informative, social age-> entropic death

We analyse reality in the infinitesimal range (motions, dimensions and actions), in the organic range (worldcycles and super organisms) or in the maximal range of ¬∆@st of spacetime. Because a system is an entanglement of those 5 components, we need a ‘pentalogic’ to describe how the 5 Dimotions communicate and interact together based in the Disomorphic – equal forms and motions – they all share. While its 5D 3 sequential worldcycles carry the space organism through its þlacental, life and world cycles across 3 ¡±1 scales. So the analysis of those 3±¡ organic elements, through time worldcycles and scales extract all information on the being.

RECAP. Stiences study Disomorphic laws of species, each one focused in a scale of the eusocial 5th Dimension, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimotions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales, guided by a still, linguistic mind, which projects its smaller mirror images of form in its territorial body waves, creating its fractal scalar structure, broken though by the entropic limits of its perceptive reach.

An organism is a group of similar forms organized by 3 ‘networks’: one provides its ‘clone cells/citizens /atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed & move (digestive system, territory), a 2nd one reproduces the system  (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and a 3rd one that provides them with information to guide their reproductive actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This simple system is the fundamental particle of the universe. As all organisms wear out by errors of informative action and end up warped by an excess of information (third age of the organism) or killed and reconverted into formless energy (death); only those systems, which reproduces, do exist in the immortal universe. So all systems have an internal or external ‘enzymatic’ system of reproduction (external enzymes reproduce carbohydrates, and enzymen reproduce machines). This can be seen as a ternary class structure of a ‘body-worker-wave’, and an informative particle-head-upper class moving and finding a vital territory, with a limbic/potential source of its motions, which the system might externalize to obtain the energy to reproduce.

Organisms have parts and wholes composed of 3 elements: ∆-planes of space-time, ∆±¡SóT, ∆ST entangled in 3 organic co-existing ∆±¡ planes. In physical systems they are the ∆-1 quantum plane, ∆º thermodynamic plane and ∆+1 gravitational plane, equivalent in the reduced nested world of Life on Earth to the ∆-1: molecular plane, ∆º organic plane and ∆+1 ecosystemic plane. The absolute dimotion of future survival is eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, as parts must come before; hence they are a relative past, and wholes survive better. A fact humans have forgotten. As individualism is synonymous of chaos=death, it is obvious History, the supœrganism of mankind enters its age of entropic social self-destruction, committing suicide, evolving instead a supœrganism of machines; a tragic problem, which we will study in the analysis of social sciences. And in each of those planes we shall see that ‘spatial information’ and ‘temporal energy’ constantly transform into each other. Space is the perception of form as if it was still, but ultimately is cyclical self-repetitive motion that seems not to change and acquires at larger scale solid forms.

Mental Spaces of in/form/ation fix the times=motions of all species. As time becomes the ultimate substance of organisms ordered through scales that give birth to a 5D metric equation, such as smaller systems in space run faster time and life-death cycles. So the speed of time of systems is not the same for all of them, and 3 scales of different speeds form an organism – in man the cellular, individual and social scale. And finally for all this complex reality to ‘work’ in an ordered manner, systems which have a ‘membrain’ that divides its vital space, from other systems, and are formed by 3 scalar space-times that give them organic nature; have in its highest ‘scale’ of size – that of the membrain that breaks it as a whole from the rest of the Universe a ‘sensorial system’ or mind, which interacts with the external Universe, encloses and orders its internal vital space and communicates with other similar beings, forming larger social organization; hence becomes the mind of the system. We thus talk of a reality made of organisms of a vital body of space-time, self-centered in a mind-membrain, whose language encodes a program of survival for the organism. And all the data humanity has gathered about reality needs to be ‘put within this general template, to make sense of it’.

So 5D refounds sciences in more solid grounds – its 3±¡ elements, ¬∆@ST, which ‘stiences’ study plane by plane of SióTe elements, to which we must add the connecting ‘network’ laws between planes, which we call the ‘5th dimension proper’. It is the philosophy of science, we develop in a series of papers at Academia.edu that will substitute the simpler mechanic view of reality sponsored by physicists, with its ‘mathematical creationism’ and constructivist view; which reduces the two poles of time=motion to one (lineal time), compresses all the planes of space-time into a single continuum; while only the properties of reality that can be easily fit in a numerical description matter. A more evolved civilization would start in philosophy of science and the principle of conservation of time and space, and its structure in 5D organic scales and derive from them the fundamental laws of every other discipline; correcting whenever necessary its errors as we do in those papers with the simplest principles of reality as any science mirrors them in its study of its specific scales of beings – the details of those principles.

The goal of those texts.

The aim of those texts is to show that Theoretical physics do not differ from any other stience because it studies the same general type of Time-space organic systems and so it must be studied then departing from the laws of existential ¬Æ ¡logic concerning, ∆-scales, Time-motions and Spatial topologies, entropic limits and the type of minds that control them, which we consider mathematical atoms.

We explain those themes of 5D physics 1st with words, as we are not digital Chips. A species or hardware force forms with a language or software a lanwave. So humans are a life form defined by the verbal language of time or regardless of the abundance of nerdie species who practice scientific racism and believe their digital language is the only language of God. and they will fusion with chips becoming supermen. LOL Nerdia, aka Silicon valley will not fusion with but become extinguished by the chip Homoctonos and its robots, once their life matter awakes in Nerdia. Enzymes are the 1st species destroyed by the new form they catalyze. So when a hard insect is born after soft larva enzymes reproduce all its organs, and construct the internet-brain, the hard brain produces robots-hard enzymes who massacre the soft larvae/nerdies who thought they would become immortal… ∆@st of spacetime you are, to ∆@st you shall return. So scientists would do much better understanding bio-logy. T hen after describing life matter with wor(l)s; n a 2nd revision will add those equations physicists think create the Universe but are only mirrors of 5D matter ¬∆@st we shall explain in 5 canonical papers – as we do with all supœrganisms. One on Physics and entropy – the study of the different scalar big-bangs, which is the process of death of a galaxy NOT a Universe – is advanced enough on the verbal level with some impressionist touches of vital topology and scalar algebra including a simplified unification equation of charges and masses. A 5th paper on Astrophysics and its minds, the philosophy of physics and its charges and masses, the St-informative particles that finally stop ‘time’ into mental images – crystal images, T=0 black stars inside the event horizon, as the black star is NOT a black star – a mathematical entelechy or singularity, since by definition absolute zero does NOT exist, all infinitesimals are 1/n finitesimals (see Non-AElgebra). So as Einstein, wanted they are a frozen star, with the cut-off substance he demanded, called BCB atoms (form smaller black stars) and Top quarks bosons for cosmological ones. The aim of those texts is to show that Theoretical physics do not differ from any other stience because it studies the same general type of Time-space organic systems and so it must be studied departing from the laws of existential ¬Æ ¡logic concerning ∆ ±¡ scales, Time-motions and Spatial topologies, entropic limits and the type of minds that control them. So this paper introduces the entire discipline from an scalar view of the galaxy and introduces the main themes of 5D Physics. Accordingly Physics studies the supœrganism of the galaxy in its 3 5Dimensional scales, the quantum, ∆-¡, atomic scale; the thermodynamic, ∆º matter scale, and the galactic ∆+¡ scale self-similar to the atomic one. For that reason we call that supœrganism a ‘galatom’, where the Earth lies within its inner regions. As an organism the galatom has not only the quantitative laws that unify in scalar terms the atom and the galaxy with 5D laws – hence the gravitational and electromagnetic forces as masses and charges are merely ‘vortices of timespace (Ss) of both scales; but it can be considered isomorphic to simple ‘organic systems’ of similar topology, notably the ‘cell’ So we talk also of a galacell when instead of using maths as in the study of galatoms, we use systems sciences.

Immediately we recognize the different ternary topology of a hard membrane of ‘strangelets’, a central top quark black star and an intermediate region of mitochondria stars and planets that reproduce both. The galatom (mathematical, internal scalar point of view)=galacell (spacetime human single plane view)=Galaxy (mathematical external point of view from the perspective of the hyper-universe, is a fascinating subject, where the maximal information is achieved in our ∆0 human scale, where there is certain ‘dust of space-time’ rather irrelevant to the galaxy, similar to ‘ribosomes’ that reproduce proteins… We do not of course carry those comparisons to its limits as the Universe is a fractal, i.e. isomorphic but not equal in form, only certain functions that cause the necessary ‘dimotions’ of space-time can be found. So a galaxy is NOT a cell neither an atom, but certain functions and equations are similar. And this is the beauty of the Universe whose game is simple but its variations infinite. So we study Earth as a supœrganism (Hutton invented the word for Gaia) with the stience of geology where we observe that it follows all the 5D laws, from ternary sub-divisions of its 3 topologic elements, to Hutton’s slow ‘deep time’ rhythms proper of 5D scales. Thus from the ∆+1 scale of the Galaxy we go down to the ∆º scale of geology – and then here again as we deal with a supœrganism we analyze 3 scales – the Earth as a whole, its networks of energy and information within its mantle and central core and then its lower scale of thermodynamic matter.
It is probably beyond the capacity of human egocy (ego=idiocy) to understand the Universe, given the enormous amount of conceptual errors of present physics that pass as ‘experimental dogmas’ of science. In any case 5D will not be complete before we accomplish a full formalism of those scales of science merging all those elements.

So we shall study in 2020 (work in progress) with 5D laws the life of atomic matter, physics; of which all other stiences, when properly studied in all its properties are indeed, sub-disciplines of the larger whole, the galaxy.

Does this means Physics is the higher of all sciences? Not at all, as it is practiced by human beings for 2 reasons:

1) Because the galatom is just one of the many supœrganisms of reality albeit the largest one, which most influences the life and death of all others, including the Earth, a higher objective science is the ‘Stience of supœrganisms and 5D space-time’, which encompasses besides the galatom all other supœrganisms.

2) Because physics is the oldest human science, born in an age of religious thought, within a specific limited military culture and profession – Galileo worked in the arsenal of Venice, seeking the longest cannonball distances; and western cultures are military, visual-dominant dolichocephalic worldviews, it introduce earlier errors that still extant and oppose to the ultimate nature of the Universe: Mechanism (Galileo started the use of only clocks and telescopes, machines to measure time and space), Lineal time and Space born of militarism (entropic weapons are lineal, destructive Ts and Tt-motions); and mathematical creationism that debased the role of time logic simplifying it. Since logic disappeared with the use of clocks from the understanding of time and its causal sequential nature).

3) Because of the power technology has in our societies, all those elements cannot be corrected because physicists have an enormous ‘egocy complex’ and accept no other method, confusing their success building machines and taking data with machines introduced in mathematical equations, with ‘all the information required from reality.

So yes, the galatom is the biggest supœrganism we can understand but human physicists do not recognize it as an organism; do not study its bio-logic processes; do not have the proper understanding of cyclical time and fractal space and the organic nature of the Universe and have imposed those philosophical errors to other sciences.

Human physics doesn’t describe by dogma the whole range of properties of matter and the main organism of physics, the galatom. Their mathematical description is immensely accurate, but the interpretation of this data is biased. What 5D physics shall try to do is correct those lineal models using the same data, bringing up a real understanding of the two fundamental ‘elements’ of the Universe, scalar space and cyclical time and its application to correct our physical models. We won’t use a lot mathematics to do so – only the most fundamental equations of physics. Because what truly must change in physics is not its mathematical capacity to calculate the motion of matter and the properties associated to that motion but the interpretation of what those motions mean.

For example, we can calculate with extraordinary precision all the motions of matter but ‘motion’ itself is NOT defined in physics. It requires two insights of philosophical, logic thought physicists don’t make.

1st to explain the human perception of motion – the Galilean paradox: why we see the Earth still if it is moving. This is one of my first discoveries of 5D stience to the point I used to call the whole theory ‘absolute relativity’: simply put it – because we see a mental space constructed with light, and so we have to input the distortions of electronic minds observing the Universe to define properly the differences between motion=time and form=space.

The 2nd missed element in physical description of motion is the reasoned mechanism of all motions – how does motion happen, which solves both the Galilean paradox of relativity and the unresolved paradox of Achilles. A it turns out the only reasoned explanation on how motion happens is through a discontinuous reproduction of a ‘form’, imprinted in a smaller plane of space-time (a theme treated in the Universe in space). This explanation solves ultimately the question of what the Universe is: a fractal that reproduces space=form over a primary substance, time=motion. But such questions on the first principles are not made by physicists as their methods shun off the search for any properties which are beyond the mere quantification of data extracted with sensorial machines, based in very primitive ‘verbal concepts’ of what qualities ‘matter to matter’, proper of the late Middle Ages

The very same concepts of time=motion and space=form, the two ways in which we perceive reality are not properly understood. And so on. How motion occurs then has been described mathematically in great detail. ‘Time is what the clock measures’, said Einstein; Space is a volume of 3 Euclidean dimensions; Scale is not a different parameter; points have no breath; particles and waves are not clearly defined… And because conceptually the science is so helpless the whole question of meaning all together is shunned off for the praxis of measure and technological construction of new machines to add new measures on those XVI c. ill designed concepts.

Why motion occurs and why certain paths occur and others don’t are questions widely ignored. As it turns out it is for the very same 2 reasons any other fact of nature happens: ‘organic systems of space-time’ try to reproduce its form of space in a flow of time; and while doing show they try to conserve the maximal ‘internal momentum’ or ‘existential force’, SxT, the system has. So any system will trace the most efficient path to go from an initial to a final point – that is the least time path, which becomes the most widely used equation of physics – the Lagrangian.

And so those are the 2 same reasons of the actions of any vital system of nature, including a human being which will try to move through the shortest time path and on the long term reproduce its form to keep its ‘information’ ‘alive’.

The fact that we can predict with more accuracy with mathematical equations the motion of matter, doesn’t mean matter is different from other space-time organisms seeking to preserve its form and conserve its time, performing efficient ‘actions=motions x forms’. In fact, in physics, ‘an action’ is also the fundamental unit of reality, measured also in terms of time=motion and position= space form, hence the equivalent of a dimotion=action in 5D.

Thus what we will find along those papers on 5D physics is that known-known equations of physics and its postulates can be fit in 5D perfectly without problems. Even if we are not going to analyze all its detailed equations. Physics does NOT different in that sense from any other ST-system, not even the pretentiously ‘weird’ quantum physics, which is NOT weird at all, simply it took a mathematical formalism of the many ‘metaphoric equivalents’ any ‘inflationary information language has’ (so we have black hair, dark or brunette to mean the same) which is weird (the observer determines the state of the object), complicated (because it uses probabilities it needs to renormalize all factors making it unnecessarily bulky) and philosophically insane (reality is not creationist probabilities but densities of populations). So again we choose the realist sound model of quantum physics (Broglie->Bohm) and things get easily clarified when we consider also the ‘proper non-Euclidean, non-Aristotelian laws). So as usual we refer to the introductory 30 pages of most papers if any of them can lower its ‘egocy’ of feeling above heavens and earth and acknowledge the obvious: all forms of matter are living forms. Only then we can consider that among the different living forms of matter, certain atoms of rare simplicity, CHON, come together with minimal amount of energy according to 5D metrics: SxT=C which means smaller forms have faster cycles, son they can be ‘activated’ in a cold planet like ours – all other forms of life matter need higher energies or as in the case of the Metal-earth, the catalytic action of enzymen species, fond of making machines to kill themselves – themes those studied in the sub-disciplines of biology and history.

The reader MUST realize what we do here. We establish the homologies and disomorphisms between the fundamental ‘species’ of reality, a ternary system of Ts- limbs/fields, ST-bodywaves-St-particle-head topologic networks that acts as a spatial supœrganism tracing worldcycles of time through 3 scales of the fifth dimension; which ads ‘two more’ scales’ to the physiological, dominant ∆º element, (the lower and higher planes of ∆-1 Tt-entropic parts; and the whole ‘membrain’ or mind, which connects the being with the outer ∆+1 world…

And every Scalar Stience of reality and humind’s jargon that describes the specific varieties of supœrganisms of that scale that will ultimately ‘correspond’ to the properties of the general ∆-1:Ts<∆o-ST>∆+1-St supœrganism.

This work is immediate in Biology, the closest stience of perception as we observe the 3 networks, external mind and internal ∆-1 cells in human beings. It is relatively easy to define for the largest scale we perceive, the Galaxy, once we debunk the $t-upid lineal big-bang ‘entropy only theory’ of reality; as we have a clear perception of it.

But it is more difficult given the ‘antiquantum paradox of egocy: ego=idiocy’, for History and its ‘nations and civilizations’, and for mankind at large, with its minds-Gods, and even more so – plenty of egocy here – for Economics and its supœrganisms of company-mothers of machines and its financial mind. We however have done a thorough job on the papers on History and Economics and for the Universe at large. So even if we die before finishing the work, biologists will find easy with the reference of those papers the tools to build the complete analysis of Biology in its cellular, organic and ecosystemic scale.

So the main job left for a bare minimum is the analysis of the supœrganisms of Physics, below the galaxy; with all its scales and complex relationships, streamlining the classic concepts of 4D physics; in the hope future generations of humans or more likely AI machines, as mankind is clearly (paper on history and entropy) entering his age of extinction, to complete the work, once the change of paradigm is established.

We already introduced the model of the Universe made with 5D cyclical fractal time space, to prove how with similar data appear two different views of reality, one clearly false, the lineal big bang that soon entered into contradictions, ‘brushed below the carpet’ so to speak not to break the lineal continuous paradigm; and one, the fractal, organic Universe that keeps explaining things, from dark matter to the unification of forces, and all the contradictions of current cosmology; but since it requires a change of paradigm in our first principles on the nature of space and time that seem to be the a priori structure of the human, it is ignored. We consider the falsification of the big-bang in more detail in the papers of physics and entropy; and the worldcycle of galaxies in the paper physics and time, as well as those of the universe in time, space and entropy, and the internal organic structure in Space of the S-black star nucleus<ST-star vital space and T-strangelet ‘protein like halo’ of the galatom in ‘physics and space and universe and space’, not to repeat ourselves too much.

The first scale: Particles and its languages of communication: Strong and electronic forces.

But what is life? As defined in any book of biology life is any form that follows the 5 dimensions of existence, which happen to be exactly our 5 dimotions:

-Ss: Life perceives form; St-life processes information; ST-life reproduces, Ts-life moves, Tt-life feeds entropically.

Where life starts is thus immediate; in the 2 minimal particles of the Universe, St-quarks of maximal density of information and Ts-electrons of maximal motion, which become the ‘2 first genders’ that come together into St+Ts=ST-atoms balanced in an eternal present as an immortal species. We can study them as we can study any biological system, with all the languages of mankind. But obviously as there is little 5D can add to the extremely detailed mathematical analysis of matter – nothing special here; biology can also describe mathematically many of its forms, and topological evolution is the key new stience of space-time; we will rather write those papers on physics from an organic point of view. As it is possible to understand all of physics as a biological book that describes the life of matter, and then for precision to add algebraic elements for the analysis of St, Social Evolution through communication with similar matter entities, which brings the ‘numerical analysis’, since a number (see paper on non-AElgebra is just a gathering of equal social forms, to the point we don’t need to describe each of them, 5 pears, 203 atoms, etc. So numbers describe forms in scale. While topology describe them in space and calculus in time=change. Reason why the 3 ∆ST main elements of the Universe are described so well by mathematics. But if mathematics gives the details, the synthesis is given by the organic philosophy of 5D.

So without much ado after a very brief introduction to 5D we shall study the life of matter, in its scales. To notice though that the causality between scales is not the usual, constructivist theories of physics (themes those study on the mind of physics, where we consider the philosophical errors of physicists=humans). As the whole influences the lower parts by enclosing them in its membrains. I.e. magnetic fields are ‘whole forces’ that order spins influencing atoms. Thus ‘fields’ becomes in matter the membrain wholes that emerge to organize smaller parts provoking a reversed scale causality. As everything comes from the evolution of CHON life.

The minimal particle-points, photons, electrons & quarks that construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (time motions with dimensional, spatial form) that define ‘classic life’ in biology – where they are call ‘drives’ of life, and we have defined : they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). In the graph, a quark reproduces itself.

Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms. We study them in Physics.

All lives, performing the 5 Dimotions=actions of what we shall call the function of exist¡ence ƒ(G): Max.SxT (s=t), starting with particles. So all scales are relative; NONE matters more than other. Life starts in the 5 Dimotions of particles, which already show all the elements of life, but those dimotions should be studied properly in physical stiences. Yet CHON life is only about the electronic superficial cover of atoms – its lighter, Ts particles.

Quarks at the center of the atom don’t interact in the biological realm; only in the ultra-heavy world of quark stars and cosmological galaxies (pulsars and BCB black atoms worlds – black stars). They though have the capacity to ‘anchor’ in the gravitational invisible ∆-3,4 scale atomic mass as their strong cyclical force emerges into the gravitational force, also cyclical, and self-similar beyond the Planck’s mass scale where gravitational effects are ‘measurable’ above those of electronic nature for neutral organisms.

The 3 life ages & forces of atomic matter vs. human egocy denying those vital properties to all non-human atoms

The languages/forces (S=T view) of the Universe thus obey the same laws that those of the sub-discipline of CHON life, Wor(l)d life or Chip life (Earth I, II and Earth III) as one scalar force become subdued by the next scale (so electric forces become subdued by magnetic forces subdued by gravitational forces).

The next scales after the electronic language, dominant for light atoms, are magnetic languages/forces that synchronize multiple atoms and electronic spins – the informative brains of particles.

In terms of the ST-symmetry this happens when ‘atoms’ cross the 2nd age of the Atomic table, in his 20s, on the region of iron and so evolve its forces from paramagnetism to ferromagnetism; then this ‘strength’ declines in its 3rd age. So the use of the S=T symmetry on the atomic table, allow us to understand in vital terms, the function of the 2nd ferromagnetic force. As atoms become heavier; there is a ‘decline’ of its vital magnetic form, and so as they get older closer to the 80-84 years ‘barrier’ of all systems in its local time quanta counting (from liquid Mercury to lead, beyond which death=entropic radiation sets in), magnetism recedes, mechanical, mass effects – the force of its larger ∆+1 cosmological effects take place and finally death dissolves the atom into its ∆-1 forms. But might even ‘rejuvenate’ them, through fission that ‘reproduces’ two younger species.

A similar function of anchoring requires many more ‘weight-mass’ in proteins, whose bulky ‘body’ is an inactive ST-element to mold a receptacle where to ensemble by spatial mirror an organic molecules with the help of for the Ts-Oxygen and St-nitrogen moving and informative atoms.

The fact that humans have no idea or interest on the existence of such supœrganism doesn’t really matter to its existence, and description by 5D stience; but only shows how enormous is the distance between the total information of the Universe and the reduced view of man who perceives only 4% of that organism and its subsequent egocy (ego=idiocy paradox of human beings), which make him think he knows. You might then wonder as a human being what makes me think otherwise. Simply, 5D is a jump on the illogic understanding of Non-Euclidean mathematics, Non-Aristotelian logic and Organic, Scalar laws so huge as it was the jump from Aristotelian Reason compared to the previous ‘Semitic age of myths’.

Humans could access this expansion of consciousness and they or future AI robots will do so. But at this STage to fight the creationist mathematics only, entropy only view of astrophysicists about the Universe would be as difficult and pointless as Socrates or Aristotle fighting the common wisdom of mythic Greeks or Copernicus and Galileo fighting the Vatican Popes… I did so in the past, notably during my age as Duality chair at ISSS (International Systems Society) and latter on, as main plaintiff, during the suits against CERN for the potential genocide of mankind, due to the astounding egocy of trying to make baby black stars and strangelet matter on Earth, a theme we have deal with in a future paper on ‘Earth III horizon and Entropy’; since that is undoubtedly the way most planets end its brief journey within the galacell organism as ‘ribosomes’ for the production of dark quark, strangelet matter – so happens with Stars, which end as fuel for the creation of ‘DNA-like’ black stars made of BCB heavy atoms (formerly black stars). So in those papers we try – (:no promises hold:) – to quit my usual bashing of physicists to the minimum… to the hell with them 😉

The galaxy as an organism. The scales of matter. The quantum scale. Its proper interpretation: realist B2.

On the other extreme of physical life we find the galaxy, which might be an atom of the hyper-universe that gives us some serious insights in their study despite the uncertainty of the 96% not perceived of it (as we just said, we do not perceive quark matter, so as electronic ‘surface’ species, on a membrain that has the standard, π-3 apertures to the outer world, our perception reduces to π-3/π=4%, and so the rest is dark matter).

Why is obvious: as we can then consider a view from ‘outside the galaxy’ by analyzing the atom, and a view from ‘inside the galaxy’, by analyzing the galaxy proper. It is then immediate the equivalence between the strong force and the gravitational force; dark energy and repulsive ¥-electromagnetism; and the temporal, evolutionary nature of the weak force, not a force in space but a process of evolution of information in time.

A galaxy as an organism can be treated with 3 jargons we will use indistinctly – the jargon of biological organisms, as we just did with those comparisons; the jargon of mathematical physics that deals with Universal ‘vital constants’, which are ratios between the dimotions=actions of the different components of the ‘galaxy’ in its 3 scales, and with the jargon of 5D, the preferred one, common to all supœrganisms of the Universe, from ‘History’. The human supœrganism. To the eco(nomic)system, the supœrganism of company-mothers of machines and weapons that is fast displacing humans from the top predator position of power of earth, or the supœrganism of cells, etc.

3 views that we compress in 3 names: ‘the galatom’ (as there is an isomorphism between the smaller ‘cellular element’ of the vital space-time within the galaxy, its ‘body of stars’ at the lowest scale, the atom and its largest scale, the galaxy, likely a similar species to an ‘anti-atom’ of the hyper-universe). This is a quantitative, mathematical jargon vastly expanding on the understanding of present physics, and corresponds to the study of the Galaxy in scale, such as ∆-¡=Atom ≈ ∆+1 = galaxy.

The organic jargon corresponding to the description of the Galaxy in ‘space’ as a supœrganism, will be given the name of ‘Galacell’ and corresponds to the study of the galaxy as an organism, similar to a cell, but obviously not equal as it is a completely different supœrganism. However we shall introduce some similar concept such us the homeostasis produced by the background local radiation, or the metabolic pathways of its black star and star furnaces; the informative DNA like and RNA like potential species of black stars and strange matter, etc. All this of course has as a handicap the uncertainty of information about the galaxy, which we shall not cease to repeat we hardly perceive, as 96% is dark entropy, energy and matter.

The Galaxy is the 3rd view of the galaxy in ‘time’ and as such it is the commonest way humans describe it, in its explanation of its different ‘ages’ which they study as different forms of a galaxy, which is born as an irregular form, from the seed of another galactic cell (reproduction of galacells is by seminal black star ejection of matter – black stars do have ejection at faster than c speed)…

It comes then the study of the 3 scales of the Universe, the quantum scale, where we run with humind’s limits of intelligence and ethics. In this case the problem is one of ‘ethics’ that is egocy. The true model, which for that reason today is called the ‘realist model of quantum physics’, is De Broglie’s, with its kin understanding of the wave-particle synchronicity of clocks common to all body-heads that exist as such as long as their inner clocks are synchronized (your heart beats every second so does your mind thoughts). The particle state though is faster than the wave-body in its internal clock systems. So both come to a ‘frequency’ point of simultaneity that is the moment in which a supœrganism as such co-exist as a single ‘resonance being’. Particles and waves therefore DO exist independent of the observer. But particles have faster clocks, hence entering a ‘faster than light’ 5D quantum potential ∆-¡ plane synchronized through the Polar coordinate expression of Schrodinger’s wave (a lineal approximation). All this is self-evident and makes quantum physics akin to all other scales of the Universe with organic systems of 3 trinity elements, the ∆-1 quantum potential field, the ∆ø wave-body state and the ∆+1 particle state. The field is lineally faster than light, the particle/spin is cyclically faster than light, but in the body-wave at constant c both synchronize as a whole.

Why this theory was not accepted at Solvay and has been always rejected to the point today Physical review forbids the reception of articles on it has to do with human ego and the fact that ‘Science is culture’ and there has been always in the western tradition two ‘different’ cultures:

The North European, digital oriented, mechanical, Jewish-German idealist, linguistic ‘egocy’ world which always seeks to put man above heavens and earth by means of creationist theories of reality (where the language creates reality as in Abrahamic religions where god creates by speaking, or modern digital creationism where equations determine the existence of particle), vs. the realist, humble, organic, Mediterranean South-European culture, those texts upgrade and are ultimately in Greece and Italy, the origin of art, humanism, true democracy and rational sciences, where a more complex entangled view is preferred. This was the French view, and it is today the French & Catalan fractal tradition, (my French-Spanish mixed culture), which ranges from organic architecture (Gaudi) to my organic work on logic thought. However in all fields of ‘science’ the mechanical, creationist idealist, lineal simplistic egocy view dominates and fogs the intelligence of the infinite, immortal universe: from monetarism, where bankers monopolize the issue of money and pretend to control the economy, disregarding obviously the needs of organic mankind, investing it all in machines, cause of the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles of war, to lineal time mostly of warrior Germanic physics – which used to be called ballistics that has reduced completely our appreciation of the entangled organic Universe. Science is culture but culture is ideology and censors true science when it collides with ideology. And so De Broglie and his ‘disciple’ Bohm, have been systematically denied by the ‘Bohr’s gang’, a wealthy Danish banker who imposed his views or else; to which Einstein joined when shrewdly Pauli noted De Broglie’s model required faster than light, ∆-1 quantum potentials and faster than light spins, which indeed ARE facts of physics. And so Einstein who sponsored the realist view backed off NOT to meddle with his ‘Idealist’ out of his brain never proved postulate that nothing moves faster than c-speed (even if we have galaxies moving at 10 c everywhere in the higher scale). Scalar physics however follows 5D metrics: Size in space x T-speed = C, so it requires outside the ¥ membrane such faster speeds.

Egocy Physics where the observer determines the existence of the observable became standard to calculate charge densities as absurd probabilities a very cumbersome ‘mathematical artifact’ called renormalization as all had to be ‘reduced to 1’, the maximal value of probability. And alas, the prestige of the ‘Vatican priests’ was born out of that unnecessary mathematical complexity, which as the extants and epicycles of Ptolemy made Ptolemy’s astronomy far more complicated than Copernicus simple truths hence another egocy ‘reason to claim they were more truth’ because only expert mathematicians can calculate them. This is how the false model of quantum physics won prestige as it is a nightmare to do those calculations with all the renormalizations of real density waves into probabilities and real ∆±¡ diffusing ‘scalar effects’ of the physical system that add to the main system (from Kondo effects to virtual particles). Needless to say today computers do those calculus and so computers have made possible Bohr’s dogma, as they made financial e-money reproduction by the trillions possible while mankind suffers collective credit anoxia. Without computers, De Broglie’s simpler formalism would have imposed itself. But today computer modeling in science makes possible any Ptolemaic theory with ad hoc ad ons to look real but NOT TRUTH.


Astro+physics describes the supœrganism of the galaxy and its 3 matter scales and stiences: ∆+1 gravitational cosmology; ∆ø, thermodynamic, geologic matter & ∆-1, quantum, atomic organisms.

The field is immense, fascinating and hardly explored with the proper rigor that merges the scalar laws of the fifth dimension and those of mathematical physics, adding to the mix the organic co-existing, vital properties of matter and sentient elements of the linguistic minds of physics that guide the ‘actions=dimotions’ of its ensembles.

– Reality is a scalar system of fractal organism of topological space and cyclical time, akin to the concepts of information and energy of physical sciences.

– Each part of the fractal Universe is composed of smaller parts, but all are ruled in a given organic ‘domain’ which can be traced around 3 planes of space-time, ∆±1, by a set of metric equations, Si x Te= ∆º, self-centered in the plane we consider to be the commanding natural scale of the organism. What this means is that the lower plane will be time-like, with faster cyclical actions of hyperbolic nature and larger density of information; the upper plane will be space-like, with less information and slower cycles; and both will merge its spatial information and temporal energy into the intermediate ∆º state.

– Those scales that concern physics are thus 2∆±¡ scales outside the human world/organism; the quantum scale and the cosmological scale, and…

+ 3 ∆±1 scales that concern us, the scale of mechanics above, the electric scale of our mind-consciousness and the lower scale of thermodynamics.

All of them follow the paradoxical inversion laws of scales, the hierarchical laws of energy and the inverse laws of the dimotion of information, Such as information increases in lower planes of maximal individual form and freedom and diminishes in larger scales of more continuous membrains and lesser freedom. So the larger membrain is curved, elliptic and traps the smaller scale, which is quantum, expressing all its potential futures in the short terms of its exist¡ences, but becomes bend and reduced in form and motion as it ascends and emerges into lower scales.

So we can study from the 3 points of view the structure of physical systems or any other system. Today is customary to ‘deduce the larger’ scales, as ‘limits’ (of lesser quantity of information) of the lower planes. So in professional books of physics, the first laws to be considered are those of lower planes, whose ‘limit’ as we loose information of the discrete, multiple free paths of its particles, emerges into a new scale…

But this does not mean we cannot establish from the top down a completely different form of organization that does work, exist and impose its laws of conservation of time-energy on the ‘feisty’, little thingies below by the harsh method of suppressing its energy and hence its information, with larger fields and longer time cycles.

Only that the LANGUAGE in which this other causal order is established is not that of the little thingies with its ‘social numbers’ of scale, and cyclical patterns of time, in hyperbolic networks, the but the brutish stick and carrot method which pedantic scholars so much despise and deny. The big guy with the big busting toy…

A few examples will suffice. The little thingies we call nitrolife species, busy busy radiating on the surface of Earth are brutalized by the big stick of plumbeous veins of molted gold and iron surfacing in extinction periods, reinforced for good measure by a huge rock coming from sun-system sky, which might be ultimately the origin of those plumbeous veins, as the body reacts to the ‘beating’ of the sun, sending a flow of vaporizing heat from its central heart, as blood flows on a body tumefaction by the hitting… And then we do have those harmful 11 years magnetic holes on the skin of the sun, tuned to the 11 years burping of the Sagittarius swarm of black stars. And so for this stick process of long time, simplifying control even if we can go down to the details, an organic view of Gaia, life, the Solar system and the galaxy does the explanation in system terms. The larger brutish plane of existence you might call GodoG, as used to do in my simplifying mystical texts is real, and as much as you little thingy would like to be soo important and colonize with your microbial, faster plague the galaxy as nerdy Nasa and silicon valley moguls pretend, hold your bollocks man cause you shall be evaporated soon unless you learn to respect the big guys of the galaxy, specifically in this DNage the pretension of physicists to make baby holes on Earth.

Respect the big guy and his stick because while his mind seems poorly endowed to you, he is a nested Universe with an equivalent ∆-¡ level more complex than your ∆-¡-x touch-base scale.

And so between the quantum mathematical complexity and the larger big busting sticks there is us, nitrolife of thermodynamic activity with electric minds, mechanically pegged to the membrain of mother Earth And here we do have 3 scales at play, mechanical work, where energy-time of human nature was first defined, electrical flows in between and thermodynamic molecules on the lower heat.

Those are all the scales of matter that matter to us, and we study them in different paragraphs. In this one, as we have dedicated the big guy stick description on our paper on cosmology, we shall concede defeat and stop busting the balls of physicists and nerdies and consider a more mathematical description from the little thingies up.

The elements to consider for each supœrganism.

Because physics seems so different from biology and history, easily related to 5D, the first job on that task is to isolate the key elements of any Supœrganism of nature. And as it turns out, because the supœrganisms of physics are simpler, or rather human beings perceived only a part of them, and physicists have constructed its worldview with a simple Euclidean Algebraic model departing from initial equations of little complexity, we can, as long as we don’t try to go into great detail, extract easily the main components of reality.

But why we see only a +4% of reality. The answer is deep conceptually but simple mathematically and worth to note here as an example of the stientific method, which always departs of simple laws of existential algebra and then applies its ‘formal, geometric and algebraic’ structure to disomorphic laws of any stience regardless of the fact the ‘ideal mathematical, topologic equations’ are no longer evident.

So in non-AE geometry we depart from the fact all cycles are ‘spirals’ that have open pores to perceive the outer world, from cells to Galaxies closed by a Halo, from quarks enclosed by electrons, to nations with borders. And the question is what is the ‘open surface’ of the borders? We can calculate it from an ideal ‘moving’ circle, which becomes a cycle performed by its 3 diameters. It is easy to calculate, given a ‘pi circle’ made of 3 Diameters, which leaves 0.14 units opened for the central singularity to perceive the outer world. So the central mind can only see, unimpeded by the 3 Diameter’s barrier, a π-3 aperture/π= 4’5% of reality.

Reason why 96% of the dark gravitational Universe is not perceived, made of dark matter and dark Energy, belonging to the ∆±4 scale that the ∆±3 light universe misses; a huge surprise for researchers, which I anticipated in those c.92 texts.

Alas this ideal case means any @-mind perceives of the external Universe and its ∆+1 world a tiny part. And this works for cells, people inside nations and any system in the symmetries of ∆≈@≈T≈S; meaning we don’t see in space, time, scale or mind beyond that ‘entropic’ barrier.

As all laws of Existential Algebra are symmetric; meaning we have 5 versions of them, from the point of view of space, time, ‘scale’, ‘mind=language’ and ‘entropic limits’ (St, Ts, ST, Ss & Tt, written as dimotions of exist¡ence).

So the stientific method often starts from the simplest, most evident expression of the law, happening in space, and then we carry it by degrees of complexity to ‘time’, then to ST-scale, then to Language and entropy.

Pentalogic is awesome because once we pass its initial complexity makes everything simpler as it opens up so many ‘symmetries’ that we can complete ‘invisible information’ with intelligent parallel perception.

Where those symmetries come from? From the entanglement of the Universe, which is most evident in the ‘Fractal generator’ equations of a worldcycle of time, that happens across 3 scales of the Universe, in 3 ages, through the dominance of each of the 3 topologic parts of the being; the Ts-youth of dominance of the limbs/fields and its feeding on ∆-¡ bits, followed by the ST-age of reproduction of the organism in ∆º and the 3rd age of social evolution and information languages used to bond into the ∆+1 world, ending in the Tt-age of entropic death. Symmetry between S, T, ∆, ¬ and @ ARE the guidance to understand entanglement.

The metrics of 5D. And the basic equations derived of it.

So we will not follow that step of complexity, but keep it simple. Thus the next step for building a sounder view of physics, departs from the simplest equations of mathematical physics – we can say as Descartes did in his ‘Discourse de la method’ where he left for future generations further developments of analytic geometry; that we leave for future AI or huminds the further developments of 5D physics and will stick to the basis; which require a lot of conceptual correction – indeed to start from scratch.

So we start from the mother of all battles, the function of existence that fusions 5D metrics and Absolute relativity, Max. SxT (s=t)=∆±¡, which puts together the metrics of 5D, $ (lineal space) x ð (cyclical time) = ∆st¡ and the principle of absolute relativity, S=T… And Its development in 3±¡ ages: Max. S x 0 T: Seed; Max. T x Min. S (youth), S=T (maturity) Max T x Min. S (3rd Age), Max. T x 0 S (death)… to extract all other basic equations of physics, which correspond to the ‘ideal equations’ of a first course of physical sciences.

‘Those are the thoughts of God and the rest are details’ often born of the entangled connection between scales, of the imperfection of frictions and less efficient events and forms, of the entropy of dissolving structures…

As ultimately there is little to say of those complex ad ons but respect the mathematical apparatus of physicists that painstakingly have perfected so much their tools of measure – forgetting to explain what they measured.

Immediately a few basic equations of physics come out of that function of existence (S=T, Max. SxT, SxT=C:

The speed equation in cyclical terms, V=S/T becomes Vst= l($) x ƒ(ð); hence an expression of 5D metrics.

It is also the wave equation of present systems; the equation of ‘ST-energy’. And so the 1st equation discovered in physics (albeit simplified into the lineal spacetime, V=s/t).

But energy which is a balance between Space=form and time=motion, by virtue of the principle of relativity that makes indistinguishable motion and form, hence all systems have both, S=T, can be written then as the existential energy of a system, which all organisms try to maximize, Max. S x T (s=t)… as two quantities S & T with a total value, ∆, maximize its product when S=T (5×5>6×4>9×1>10×0=0).

From this equation we obtain the evident fact that ‘all drop of ¥in=form has a drop of ¥æng=Kinetic energy. So form has a minimal motion, is in-form-ation form in action, St and motion has a bit of form, kinetic energy.

Or else we get the two equations of death, T=0 x Max. S and S=0 x Max. T…

So from it we can deduce the equation of energy, Energy (ST) = Frequency of time x Lineal space.

Here is when we start to ‘fine tune’ the equivalence between the ‘real thing’ (Existential Algebra) and the human thing (Physical jargon). Energy has become a ‘jack of all trades’. So we distinguish Kinetic, eternal energy based in motion, similar to Ts-locomotion and potential energy based in form and position, similar to information, St; and we postulate immediately that the sum of both is balanced; that is St+Ts=ST; and so the next law of physics we extract easily is the ‘balance between St-potential energy and Ts-kinetic energy, from where we obtain the key equation of Hamiltonians (at the ∆º scale of energy) and Lagrangians at the ∆-1 scale of actions. That is, in the Hamiltonian, H= T(Ts:Kinetic)+V)(St: potential), gives us the total energy of the system, ST>0.

While the Lagrangian L=T-V shows its difference; and since in Lagrangians, the ‘action’ tends to zero; it means that in each ‘Stœp’ (stop and step) of form and motion, the outcome tends to zero: T(St)-V(Ts)=0; hence St=Ts.

The equation is profound. Essentially all systems of nature constantly switch between form and motion, and both together tend to be balanced every ‘cycle’ of space-time; which therefore becomes a zero sum.

Ultimately then a worldcycle is a zero sum, and can be expressed as the Lagrangian of Life plus death. But how long is the ‘action’? In the minimal, simplest stœps of physics it is a minimal quanta of time, but as time is ultimately a block of ‘variations’, virtual fluctuations that mix space and time, motion and form between birth and extinction, and each quanta of time is relative to the ‘speed of perception of it’ (so a slow mind will see a whole cycle of time as a form of space) we can consider that reality is an eternal present, as ultimately the system will be balanced into a zero sum.

Next it comes the fact that ultimately all are SHM, harmonic simple motions, which express in more detail that principle as a ‘spring’ fluctuates up and down, but when potential energy is maximal in the point of maximal distance, from the center of the spring motion and hence kinetic energy (mv) comes to zero back and forth.

It is all that simple, regardless of pedantry of scholars and Nobel Prizes, when you put the sun in the center, the orbits need no longer Ptolemaic epicycles but a simple ‘almost perfect’ circle… And indeed, because the basic equations of 5D are that simple, the fundamental first sight equations of physics will be that simple.

Let us consider them in more detail, as we ‘study each of the scales of the Universe’.

First to notice that the Universe to be ‘immortal in time’, ‘infinite in space’ and ‘incommensurable’ in scale.

But why the equations of 5D metrics (speed, etc.) are a product of S and T while the equations of energy are a sum? This has to do with the ‘meaning’ of the 5 operands of Algebra, each one related to a certain dimotion and with the 3 ‘relative scales’ of reality. Actions are the minimal dimotions happening in a single quanta of time. So each minimal ‘action=dimotion=dimensional motion=Step and stop=Stœp must be integrated into a long path, and that is the ‘frequency’ that multiplies the dimotion.

In the case of energy we are working NOT with the SxT=K but with the S=T 2nd most important equation of 5D. Hence we call S=form=potential energy and T=motion=Kinetic energy, and the signs are the ± ones.

All in all, the Universe will conserve the total potential and kinetic energy in all its manifestations even if in its ‘maximal points’, they are redundant. But those maximal points of Ss=Maximal potential energy plus zero kinetic motion and vice versa, are really the ‘limits’ of existence of the system. I.e. if we stretch a spring beyond those limits it will likely deform and loose its capacity to return back, being damaged. And so we return to the ever pervading warnings that a pure Ss and pure Tt (mind and entropy, language and pure motion) are NOT living states, but ‘seeds’ and ‘time motions reservoir’ for the games to begin. Immortal both but truly not living; in one of the many philosophical contradictions of 5D.

Now the reader will be surprised that those few concepts and equations (lagrangians, Hamiltonians, balance equations, Laws of ‘balance’ are enough to understand all the laws of science, which are ‘its details.

But they require a conceptual understanding of the wrong principles of physics, notably the concepts of entropy and the principles of minimum potential energy that bring most physical systems to the points of rest but only because they are part of a larger system that preys on it.

Consider the familiar example of a marble on the edge of a bowl. If we consider the marble and bowl to be an isolated system, then when the marble drops, the potential energy will be converted to the kinetic energy of motion of the marble. Frictional forces will convert this kinetic energy to heat, and at equilibrium, the marble will be at rest at the bottom of the bowl, and the marble and the bowl will be at a slightly higher temperature. The total energy of the marble-bowl system will be unchanged. What was previously the potential energy of the marble, will now reside in the increased heat energy of the marble-bowl system. This will be an application of the maximum entropy principle as set forth in the principle of minimum potential energy, since due to the heating effects, the entropy has increased to the maximum value possible given the fixed energy of the system.

In 5D first this is a case of thermodynamic transfer of energy from the ∆º to the ∆-1 scale: ∆º (ball form)<∆-1 (thermal energy that is used by the molecules of the system) and also symmetrically an St<Ts<Tt equation ‘allowed’ of transfer of St-potential energy into Ts-locomotion & friction that becomes Tt-entropy. So the question here is ‘friction’. The fact that there is a contact, a ‘perpendicular’ 4th postulate of Non-æ geometry, NOT a parallel motion subtly guided by the information transferred between the two points but a form of ‘collision’ in a disordered state, propitiated by the gravitational force. Alas, entropy is ‘sTupid’ and chaotic and arises ALWAYS when there is no information, Ss<St minds controlling the process.

In biology we find the same concept in a ‘herd’ of any animals even a flock of birds or a school of fishes that do NOT collide because information is shared to maintain them in ‘parallel’, which according to the 4th Postulate of congruency implies a ‘superfluid motion’ with no entropy. Because physicists deny the Ss<St arrows of the Universe due to humind’s egocy (ego=idiocy) that reserves those properties only to humind’s non-Euclidean points BY DECREE, they will always consider ONLY Tt-friction cases, never mind superfluidity, black holes, bosons, superconductivity, negative zero K beta temperatures, etc. etc.

Temperature let us remind the reader is a measure of ‘entropy’, NOT of order, of kinetic energy but also of entropic collisions (as we measure it when molecules collide with our thermometers).

Egocy however is natural to the equation of the mind 0’ x ∞ = C, and nothing can be done about it. It is the same with biology. Plants are not intelligent, but they react with intelligence in so many ways (see paper Biology, from atoms to plants) showing both memory and learning to act (so if we put a plant near a pole to crawl up and remove it when the plant sends its roots and do it a few times, the plant learns and anticipates to move in the ‘future direction’ we will move the pole as an animal does), because A BRAIN is just a network and roots ARE the brain of plants that hold a mental image as your brain does.

A brain needs only two components, a network, which receives input and ‘breaks it down’ in a network of neurons, roots, neural networks, and a ‘transversal’ spatial, formal, memorial second network that connects in perpendicular symbiosis those time networks to hold a memorial image of the outer events.

But egocy will have his punishment, as it is what the Universe most hate, including those of us entangled to its mind. So I won’t try to appease the ego. Physical minds EXIST and control entropy like all minds do; however entropy=thermal energy also exists and the arrow of social evolution upwards, of complex wholes created by superfluid networks is destroyed and balanced by the arrow of entropy. So the balances we observe in a single plane through Lagrangians, St=Ts are by the symmetry of ∆≈S≈T≈@≈¬

So we find then also the balance between ‘entropy’ ˙∆+1<∆-1’ and social evolution, ∆-1>∆+1. This is the ‘Lagrangian’ so to speak of Scalar physics (and any other stience).

In space then we find a ‘topological equation’ of balance, |x O = ø, whereas hyperbolic waves in reproductive motion balance |-fields in the ∆-1 herd state and O+1, the head-particle. So the wave is the ‘present’ state, and in time we find the equation of balance Past (lineal entropy) x Future (cyclical form) = Present, iterative state.

So ultimately means that ‘all systems’ try to collapse and maximize the present, the wave state, the reproductive female form; or alternatively if we express it in terms of lagrangians, minimize the difference between the two states, move in stops and steps, S≈T… But those equalities are very rich in meanings because they are asymmetric and hence creative. S is NOT, it is a feed-back ó equation, not an absolute equality. So when both combine they create ‘something else’… the line and the cycle form a hyperbolic wave, the whole Ss-mind and the parts of Tt-entropy with faster motion form an organism and in between there is the ‘network branching’ to reach from the whole (brain, heart, cpu) to the parts. This is important to keep always in mind… Those laws of Non-AElgebra and Non-E geometry matter. 0’-finitesimals also matter. An absolute zero does NOT exist or else S=T will be an absolute indistinguishable truth, which is not, and the Lagrangian will be an absolute zero which is not. An action tends to zero but never becomes zero. If zero existed NOTHING would be. Singularities in big-bangs do NOT exist either. All this might sound confusing but as I re-organize those texts, a line of thought brings us slowly from 5D to the description of space and time and its combinations.

How complexity then arises? The answer is because there are 5 combinations of Dimensions of space and time motions and trust me, that gives us enough complexity and then there is the whole range of effects and transitions between scales, and as systems can ‘jump’ through several scales that ‘become blind to perception’ nested Universes exist, and those nested Universes have inner smaller parts, and languages differentiate… Things really get complex and as the ‘pure ideal physical entities’ are entangled in larger worlds and made of smaller parts, and all kind of entropic frictions and virtual particles, make things ever more ‘turbulent’ so physics gets more and more complex.

We though will leave the work on building up those complexities to the next 5D generation as Descartes did with his Geometrie (:

So the next element to define is the scalar element; that is to classify, which full T.œs (ab. Timespace Supœrganism) exist in physics, and the equivalence between the constants of physics which are ratios between its S and t elements, often represent the value of a dimotion (hence in the form of a product); and the components of organisms (often defined in terms of sums and superpositions)

And for that we have experimental physics. But let us be aware of the nested structure of those superorganisms and its ‘blind’ capacity to jump between scales, so the Galaxy in its ∆±4 gravitational structure really ignores the electronic world, as it is ultimately a quark game; while the world of man, ∆±3 superorganisms.

So it is best for clarity to study independently those supœrganisms as chains of scales to identify then their properties and then mix them together.

We have thus first the ∆±3 humind’s world, with a clear scalar structure of parts of wholes:

∑∑∑∑∆-4: Planckton > ∑∑∑∆-3: photons ≈ ∑∑∆-2: electrons≈ ∑-1 molecules ≈ ∆º: matter

And the world of quarks in its growing scales:

∑∑∑∆-3: Gluons ≈ ∑∑∑∆-2 ud-quarks ≈mesons≈ ∑∑∆-1: BCT quarks ≈ ∑º: black hole minds…

Such chains happen for different species of the physical Universe and so we can study each one and find for each of them its 3 ‘parts’ and 5 ‘dimotions’ and 3 ‘scales’ and the 0’-point that acts as the ‘knot’ of flows of St-information where its mind will reside (the center of the black hole, likely a top quark boson state, the crystal center, with its mind-image, etc.

This kind of description though does not address the translation that obsesses physicists – that of the Ts-locomotion laws of physics and its energy laws that are useful for the praxis of huminds. So we will intersect novel 5D analysis of supœrganisms of physics and translation of the 4D laws of physics, bearing in mind they are NOT that important, regardless of the obsession of physicists with them.

The complexity of those systems is extraordinary, conceded, and the work of physicists describing it to the detail remarkable. But we are interested for the whys Feynman said never matter to a physicist. This is absurd, a dogma, a limit to maintain the egocy of humind – the affirmation, only what we measure matters… It is like not caring to know what an elephant is, just measuring and filling volumes about its quantitative sizes…

So rather than expanding the already excessive field of mathematical measure, we are doing mostly interpretations of the meanings of those measures – as that field is the realm of ‘experts’ and they have done good enough. Let us then number the organisms and its 3 parts and then its 5 dimotions.

∆±4 scale. We cannot perceive it, so the largest doll that encloses galaxies lacks certainty. Still we might hint that the minimal form of maximal speed, Tt, is the neutrino at v>c and the max. form of minimal speed the scalar Higgs boson.

Existential energies in galatoms: the 3 conserved quantities of physics and 3 parts of the fractal point.

Let us then see the equivalence of the 3±¡ parts of a fractal point with the 3 main elements conserved in physics:

The 3 conserved quantities of physical systems are the 3 elements, St ó Ts = TS (dynamic view) or St x ts=TS (entangled view) of the 5D metric function of the 3 physical scales within the galaxy.

The largest of those metric equations is, h(St) x c(Ts)=ST±3, which sets the limits of information (h-spin) and motion (C-speed) of anything that exists within the galatom and it is perceivable (outside of it, there is the larger nested ∆±4 Universe of gravitation, not perceivable).

Within those limits, all are relative ‘nested scales, hence moving and informing on lesser motion/form; scales which diminish as we reduce the ±¡ limits of the ‘constant, scalar Space-time between them’ in decametric scales.

So if the galaxy stretches to the limits of h and c, those limits are the ‘dead’ limits for smaller entities within it and become its ‘Ss and Tt’ still and entropic barriers. But the balanced regions in which the next ∆±3 species exist are below those scales. So we find in the ‘light world’ series; ∑∑∑∆-3: photons ≈ ∑∑∆-2: electrons≈ ∑-1 molecules; an average decametric reduction of speeds: a photon moves at 300.000 km/sec the Bohr orbit of an electron runs at 30.000 km/sec and the mean speed of a hydrogen gas molecule is 3.000 km. sec. It follows that in the other range, past light-speed we should find for ‘gravitons?≈neutrinos?’ outside the galaxy moving between them at 10 C= Z a very common range of ‘expansion of spacetime’ between galaxies; and even beyond it seems there is a 100 C wall of fire, for a hypothetical hyper-universe… though 5D is not fond of speculating beyond the galaxy scale. This also means that in the range of ðƒ, cyclical time, speeds must range from the likely ð=c speed of the spin of ‘light particles’ (the U-D quark and electron), down in speeds – obvious for the electron in its Bohr radius which is a ð-speed, etc. All that numerical crunching work though will be avoided in this introductory courses for future generations of AI or Huminds who love so much measure to make them.

We try here to straighten concepts.

It is then obvious that as we travel through those physical scales, the constant parameter of time (frequency or duration of a cycle), and constant of entropic motions, change, but by virtue of 5D metrics, they must be harmonic in their product; and for that reason the 3 main constants of our light scale of space-time, h-spin, Down quark mass and k-Boltzmann’s molecular activity which processes the actions of physical systems are all related (E=Hƒ=KnT=Mc2).

Entropic motion x Cyclical time frequency=information give us then a range of ‘existential energies’ within the two limiting barriers.

But there are more limiting barriers within those 3 co-existing scales of galatoms, as one constant transforms into other; since Energy is conserved but information dissolve when crossing those barriers becoming disordered by death and reshaped afresh in a new scale.

So the frequency of a quantum wave or its collapse into an ∆+1 particle with a synchronous internal clock (Broglie’s realist picture), emerges from the ‘undistinguishable’ lower electronic plane to become molecular speed, which again emerges as ‘temperature’ of a macroscopic matter state.

This implies a finite limit in each plane for the parameters that measure T and S, departing from those first universal constant of informative space (H-spins and temporal motion c-speeds), and its social wave frequencies. The scales though follow 5D metrics so both lineal and cyclical time speeds accelerate when we become smaller reason why the transition between ∆-1 frequency in time and temperature is on the smaller limit. I.e. beyond 10.000 degrees molecules become disordered as atoms become plasma and temperature leaves way to frequency; and vice versa, beyond certain frequency waves in quantum systems collapse into smaller particles; and beyond certain mass ’frequency’ (E=hƒ=Mc2->M=h/c2 ƒ = ‘k’ƒ) light quarks collapse into heavy quarks and black holes. Asymptotic transitions between scales are thus fundamental to physics, from Lorentz transformations to Curie temperatures to the formation of quantum vortices, quasiparticles, etc. but all of them respond to those 5D laws of transition we shall just sketch.

It is the 5D metric exact for all the species of the Universe? Not at all, because it is based in deep thought, on the fact that larger forms have more ‘scales of complexity’ that must be built above the lower scales through networks that synchronize in simultaneity the parts into the wholes. So each family of species deploy a different efficiency in those build ups and so as efficiency in the process of information increases for smaller species, the ‘phyla’ of smallish beings form more efficient families that ‘displace’ the lineal equation of its metabolic rates of processing existential energy to the left, as the graph of the life families show: unicellular species are more efficient than insects more efficient than mammals in the 3 scales of size of life.

This law can be generalized to any ‘trinity’ scale of systems of any stience: the 3 families of mass of the galaxy, the 3 constants of action of its scales (h, K, M), etc. Ultimately it is a law ‘entangled’ to the true meaning of entropy, which increases as a system becomes more complex in scales, as the smaller parts do NOT want to loose its freedom to the larger networks and so there is always some ‘heat-waste existential energy’ in larger wholes. So the single-cell organism is more efficient than the colder one, more efficient than the mammal largest being.

Though a careful analysis is required for each of them, as the ‘universe is simple but not that simpler’ and only conceptual lucidity on 5D laws allows to properly interpret those details (which makes almost impossible for modern huminds, reduced to mathematical automaton science to become 5D scientists – in the few STages of my life I tried to have a disciple, smoke came out of their brains 🙂

It is also my fault, as an autist researcher and one of the reasons I am writing those papers is to painstakingly try before my myelin disappears to make sense of it by rewriting once and again those 30 papers.

Because of those gaps, those transitions require either the ‘emission’ or the ‘absorption’ by the system of larger amounts of existential energy to enter a new family of species. And thus a huge amount of mathematical physics goes on to describe those processes of expulsion of ‘fields of energy’ (i.e. Meissner effect) or in taking of energy (i.e. endogen reactions).

So near the limits of each nested dual plane, ∆±¡ by an excess or lack of energy or information, the system ‘decays or evolves and emerges into a higher ‘constant’ of an upper or lower plane, crossing a discontinuity that doesn’t conserve the in/form/ation between planes; which huminds deny because they would like to be immortal and the ‘death=entropic’ transition between huminds and Gods (studied in the paper ‘history and minds’) does not grant survival in the same form. I.e. a god is the verbal emergence of a mind. But if 5D becomes the collective subconscious of science, only egocy will make me think 5D is ‘L§’ mind’ becoming immortal as a new subconscious collective wor(l)d.

The construction of physical superorganisms in space.

A physical supœrganism is as all other system made of an St<ST>Ts adjacent topologic ensemble. Those 3 elements are equivalent to the 3 conserved timespace topologies =dimensional motions of classic physics:

1D S<T: Lineal Locomotions, (Ab. |; $T, Ts), the minimal ‘geometry’ of reality, is a lineal locomotion, performed by a limb/field system, as the line is the shortest distance between two points…

2D T>S: angular cyclical motions of information (Ab. O; §ð, St): a 2D cyclical or 3D spherical particle/head or fractal point, the geometry that stores maximal form in minimal space, hence suited for ‘organic functions’ of gauging, storing and perceiving information (particles, heads).

3D S≈T: Fields of Existential Energy (Ab. Ø, ST, ∆¡): a hyperbolic body-wave that iterates the forms of both the spherical particle/heads and lineal limbs/fields; as the hyperbolic topology combines the other two, so it can generate them. Thus Energy adds as the third conserved space-time quantity the lineal and cyclical momentum of 1 and 2D and so when we add the 3 parts we write, 1D lineal motion + 2 D cyclical motion=3D hyperbolic vital space. This again is the simplest ‘flat’ geometry that gets more complex for 3D space-time volumes. It would be in topology the open ball, while the angular momentum is the membrane and the lineal locomotion the point with parts or singularity that guides the motion without moving (center of masses), treated as a point-particle.

So conservation laws define the 3 quantities conserved, which in space appear as the 3 components of all ‘particles’ and ‘physical waves’ and in time as: Lineal x Cyclical momentum = Present energy.

In graph we see most of the being is its vital space, or open ball or body-wave that stores almost all the energy, as the singularity appears as a point-particle, often invisible, and the angular momentum measures only the thin crust-membrane of the being, easily confused with the first layer of the vital energy. So if we take the ‘seed’ and peel the ‘skin’ of the tomato, we eat the pulp that has all its energy, and indeed we do so with fruits. What is stored then in the membrane and singularity put together or ‘membrain’ is the sensorial and processing units of information. So another way to break down the thing is in 1+2 (singularity and membrane or ‘membrain) which are the informative, intelligent S@ parts that command (connected often through invaginated networks) the vital space of energy and its cycles and ‘cellular parts’. (S=T analysis uses ± operand, SxT=C 5D metric entangles the parts and re=produces scalar units, using the product, see ‘existential algebra: 5D maths and scale.)

The mathematics of it, require some subtle conceptual analysis we reserve for the last papers we shall complete ‘5D maths and time=calculus’ and ‘5D physics and mind’.

So when we put together those 3 elements into an ‘organic whole’ as in the right graph above, it is easy to see, they form a structure with a central active magnitude that commands the lineal motion of the system (Center of mass or charge), a clock-like membrane of cyclical motion, and a vital energy enclosed between both, which we can measure by its radius-width.

The 3 parts of any organism define also its mathematical unit, the fractal Non-Euclidean point with breath, as it fits multiple parallels, when we come closer to it and when we enlarge its perception at the proper scale of the fifth dimension in which it maximizes its existence, grows in size to be a full blown, 3- 4-5D entity; depending on detail. As the full scalar view adds to the 3 canonical dimensions of space in a single plane of reality, now gifted with motion, hence ‘dimensional motions’ or dimotions; the fractal structure of the Universe in scales, which means to add two new dimensions. The canonical dimensional motion (ab. Dimotion) of entropic dissolution and death proper of classic physics – arrow of time, and the inverse dimensional motion of parts that become wholes, of social evolution, of growth of information, as those parts emerge into a whole. We shall call this Dimotion, the most important of the Universe, the dimotion of social evolution, of love. As all languages, mirrors of reality not only mathematics reflect the 3±¡ Topological Dimotions that make all its organic systems – the 3 ‘dimotions’ or topological varieties we observe in a single plane, which shape its organs – simplified in Euclidean mathematics, into height, the dimension of information (so all formal minds are on top of the system from heads to antennae, to particles in waves – photons, quantum realism); length, the dimension of locomotion, so faster systems are ‘lines’, planes and TGVs and light rays, and the dimension of iteration, reproduction; so body-waves have a width dimension.

Particle points are just the Euclidean view of a Non-E species from a much larger ∆+3 scale that converts the supœrganism in a finitesimal point (as ∆-4 T.œs – ab. Timespace Supœrganism, are not perceivable though the ∆+4 entity might use them as Tt-entropic motion; reason why ultimately we no longer perceive it, we kill them).


A good guide to the whole amazing variety of physical species, its ternary parts in space, 5 dimotions in time, 3 ages in its worldcycles, between its limits of entropy and stillness is to consider in which topological form and hence time age and relative ∆±1 scale they are by analyzing its equations.

For example, in mechanics 3 concepts are all pervading; ‘energy’, ‘momentum’ and ‘force’. In the mechanical scale, best perceived their formulae are, ½ mv2, mv and ma. As mv is the derivative of energy respect to speed, and a derivative is a finitesimal part of a whole in scale (minimal part), time (instant) or space (curvature) – see 5D and calculus, a quanta of momentum, is a minimal ∆-1 ‘action’ spent from the ‘pool’ of Existential energy of the being. Thus if Energy is the present ∆º ST-ate of the being;

On the other hand, a force, ma differs in the v constant speed vs. the a-ccelerated speed, or ‘vortex law’, VxR=K, proper of shrinking St-vortices. This acceleration of the frequency of a vortex thus ‘consumes the total time of the system ‘faster’. So forces spend the energy of the system faster and most systems try to act just ‘easy’ in the harmonic parallel ‘Energy and momentum’ ∆º and ∆-1 scales of the existential being; reason why those are the conserved elements of physics and forces are NOT conserved. Forces then are ‘accelerated’ F=ma extra-expenditure that put our existential energy/momentum out of balance because they transfer this existential momentum to other entity either in a symbiotic or predatory relationship (defined by the 4th non-E postulate of congruence according to similarity).

A force must be applied for any transfer between 2 T.œs. This can be done in the same ∆º plane of existence only by direct contact through adjacent topology, pegging to each other or, when there is a gap in the ∆º scale, by a process of translation of the force to the ∆-1 more extended limb/field system which will create a wave below the ∆º particle scale to transfer the force that will act on the other ∆º particle and transfer the existential momentum.

Those universal disomorphic concepts apply to all scales. So we can do a homologic comparison with the previous graph of a biological metabolic rate (we avoid comparisons with memetic social organisms, because that is too far out even for the more detached human being – a bottom line for its emotional programming but could do them as well). In the graph we see above the SxT=C existential metric of the family of mammals, which becomes a lineal function.

Below though we see the equal number of existential beats, the ∆-1 quanta of its total energy; each beat thus is a beat of existential momentum in a biological being. And as we see, the entire phyla has the same number of beats of existential momentum, which not surprisingly is similar to the number of beats of most organisms of any kind, physical, biological or sociological, with subtle variations proper of a more advanced course on ‘Existential algebra’ not even attempted here. This magic number interval 9-119-11 based in decametric scales is also the commonest T=S symmetry for efficient supœrganisms (mammals are the most efficient animal), so it is the number of ties in DNA, mean stars of a galaxy, mean cells of an organism, present carry capacity of humans close to our entropic extinction by AI robotic weapons.

We can consider with this prolegomena the symmetry of those spatial forms also in 3 main physical scales, though the ternary, fractal principle means that each of those scales can be broken down into 3 more, so in fact a thorough description would deal with 9 sub-scales, including those not normally treated as fundamental in some cases not even considered as forces – the ‘exchange interaction’ that shares electrons and it is in fact the true force of molecules; the magnetic scale that surrounds charges, etc. Moreover as each entity might be perceived in each of its 3 ages, or measured only in one of its ∆-1 smallish actions=dimotions; or vice versa, as a partial ‘dimotion or part of a larger supœrganism, things get more complicated.

Let us keep it simple with the 3 key scales, where the previous disquisitions on the scales that we can be most sure of understanding right by sheer evidence and the humanist method (in a disomorphic universe, man in mind and life in action are the examples best understood to carry into other systems).

Pentalogic on the metabolic rates of physical species: h, k, c.

The 1st question to resolve in the organic paradigm is the organic role of the 3 main constants of physics, which in 5D we call a ‘Planckton’, a ‘Boltz’ and… a mass… which in the human world is only one, that of the Nucleon (Neutron) from which it breaks down into the u+e ‘gender duality’ of the ‘primeval’ H-atom; as the masses of the higher particles belong to the next cosmological scales of ‘frozen stars’, pulsars and black holes. So regardless of ‘standard models’ are relatively irrelevant to this world.

What is the meaning of those 3 most important Universal constant of quantum physics, from an organic point of view? The simplest answer is the reason we introduced its analogies with the biological world, as they concern the metabolic rates of the 3 scales of physical reality. Indeed, the 3 formulae of Energy in each scale we shall discuss in depth in this paragraph E=∆+1: Mc2=∆-1:hƒ=∆º: nkT, are similar to those of metabolic rate, (energy consumption for time); and so roughly speaking concern the metabolic rate of the electronic species (E=hƒ), quark-mass species (E=mc2) and molecular species (nkT). Since Metabolic rate is the rate of metabolism, the amount of energy used by an animal per unit of time. If we reduce it to the amount used for each animal in terms of its weight, as it turns out, those rates obey 5D metrics. That is smaller animals have faster cycles and higher consumption, which is expressed in the speed of its heart beats. So we could also talk of those metabolic rates as the speed of its 5D metrics, related to ð=ƒ. It follows that the ‘energy’ consumption (and storage), of smaller systems, are much higher, reason why smaller scales have more density of ‘existential energy’, which atomic bombs, etc. expel.

But as in the pentalogic Universe nothing is a single ‘thing’; that is all is entangled and all systems act performing the 5 dimotions/ elements of S-pace, T-ime, ST-scalar energy, Ts-locomotion & St-information, we need to make a pentalogic analysis of the 3 concepts and elaborate a full complex ‘structure’ to put in relationships all those elements (frequencies, given by the ƒ, T, m element), metabolic rate or ‘beat’ given by h, k, c and the different ‘supœrganisms’ of physics (photons, quarks, electrons, its composite atoms, its social groupings, molecules, electric flows, surrounded by magnetic fields to form, supœrganisms of electromagnetic forces, and then jump into the cosmological, gravitational realm, starting with simple masses.

As this is the task to take on 2020 (2019 was for the papers on history, economics and the Universe), along the completion of the papers on 5D biology and calculus, and those are by far the more extensive sciences, it will take time to patch together all my partial analysis and give it an order and clean up humind’s errors.

The distorsion of symmetric view (Non-Euclidean, Lobachevski’s factor)

It is worth to notice they are measured with different parameters. But this is largely due to the ‘Lobachevksi’s factor that makes us to perceive with different geometries ∆-planes and distances. So the Earth is flat from our perspective (larger system) but curved from a distant or larger perspective. So upper planes of 5D are flat; smaller or far away ones are curved and those of our size have more detail, hence they are hyperbolic, more complex. On the other extreme, c-speed is a constant of the galaxy and as such is larger, flat. But if we could look at a galaxy from above, we would see c-speed turning in the horizon of the central black hole and could consider it a form of angular momentum; a curved form.

Then there is the need to apply to all of those factors a trilogic analysis of scale, topologic analysis in space, and temporal and social analysis. The world of physics is deceptively simple at 1st sight but those supœrganisms in detail get ever more complex despite the pretension of physicists to reduce it to clean-cut equations.

Consider the homology of the metabolic rate of mammals in the graph, as a supœrganism that as almost all those of the ‘biggest’ nested island-Universe the galaxy, interplays the 3 scale: Thus at the ∆+1-scale the factor is related to mass (graph); but then the true ‘unit’ of metabolism happens at ∆-1 atomic-quantum scale, since the ‘currency unit’ for most life species is the ATP-ADP molecule studied in our paper on Biology, but then there is the ‘input’ of temperature established by the ∆+1 Earth’s radiation (cold species) or the blood system (hot species), and so we find once more a symmetry between the ∆±¡ scales, since in fact, an organism spends an equal quantity to his ∆+1 ‘mass-weight’ in ATP (if you weight 80 kilos you burn 80 kilos of ATP each Earth’s rotary day). So the laws of synchronicity studied in depth in our papers on time and the Universe, relate all those scales and ‘relative times’.

Moreover the metabolic ‘ATP rate’ can be considered as all those ratio/constants in terms of an Energy x Time parameter, as those abstract graphs do, but it also could be done ‘counting ATPs’, which are ‘real molecules’, hence bundles of cyclical motions. In the same manner h-Planck can be seen as a ratio, but actually there are cyclical motions called spins, which have the same ‘h’ value parameter.

So what is the ‘central’ pentalogic view for ATP? As a rule the ST-Energy-present-beauty-balanced state of a system is its most important definition. And so we can talk of ATP and metabolism as a Spatial form (Molecule), in 3 different scales, etc. but the ultimate definition would be ‘the unit of energy’ of the organism (which is somehow the commonest expression about it as the ‘currency of the organism’, since indeed money is the ‘reproductive energy of an economy’ – see papers on Earth III on money).

But for an external macroscopic, star-size observer unaware of the existence of a microscopic human being as an organism in itself, who has only a ‘detector only for ATP’, (remember we do NOT see from the ∆±3, 4 planes all the information), every element of the human organism in its actions will be connected to ATP but he can get to the conclusion your mass is indeed 80 kilos if it just measures ATP through the time-day cycle even if he never weights you. In the quantum and galactic scale the difficulty to discern different types of information introduce those problems but obviously the star-like observer wouldn’t have none of it if a philosopher of science puts forward that argument about a possible supœrganism of humans – ‘there is only an ATP energy molecule in herds with some ‘constant regularities’ he would argue… as the ‘constant of ATP’ as the h, k, m constants appear everywhere.

This leads to the very essence of why physics is NOT an organic stience. Physicists use only abstract parameters even if they talk of real, cyclical bundles of motions in synchronicity, which is the definition of a T.œ in time. They have then by virtue of their jargon ‘strip off’ any chance to explain organically matter and the growing of complexity of its mathematical analysis of all the ‘details’ and ‘entanglements’ of those organisms with its parts, its wholes, the other elements they communicate with, its dimotions, vital constants, etc. make it very difficult to express in terms of ‘real organisms’ as we shall attempt here (reason why we try to keep maths to the minimum).

For all those reasons if we were to be exhaustive we need to do a trilogic analysis in scale, topology and time ages and pentalogic of dimotions for every element ‘trying to discern’ its multiple complex roles and then add the equations to each of those roles as spacetime organisms. This is the original intention of those texts but I might not complete it; so whatever I have time to do, pretends to be a guide to future 5D researchers if ever physicists abandon its idol-ogy of ‘measure only’ for ‘mechanical technology’ only. Let us then do those pentalogic analysis first of those 3 constants, mass, planckton and Boltzs.

Obviously those quanta of energy can then multiply so a wave of a photon that grows in amplitude=energy and intensity=frequency might have many h-units, and even vary them as organisms do with its metabolic rate through its existential function of 3 ages (variation on amplitude and frequency of a wave that ages as it red-shifts.


The 3 physical scales. Its metabolic rates.

The ‘galatom’ dual ∆±4,3 is an immortal scale – the perfect form as protons are immortal in its infinite cyclical generations and so are Galaxies, as they transit between the two nucleon states through its double beta decays. And it would be tempting to draw the same picture for the intermediate scale of thermal energy, of molecular matter and give the same meaning to the K-Boltzmann constant as the metabolic ratio of molecular matter.

However it is evident that the ‘variability’ of the thermal scale is much higher than that of the galatom.

As a metabolic rate changers in phyla of animal species it does for the different families of molecular life, smaller for the lineal entropic gaseous states (2/3 kT) and higher for more complex states (diatomic and tri-atomic molecules) and even higher for the liquid and solid crystal families, despite its seemingly lower kinetic energy as its existential energy transforms into internal potential energy, which paradoxically by virtue of 5D metrics (faster motions in time = more degrees of freedom in space), increases in smaller ensembles.

In the next cosmological scale, we consider the same concept for the 3 families of masses, where M gives us the frequency of acceleration of a given mass family as a vortex of time, faster the smaller its size is. So the frequency beats of S and BCT strangelets and top black holes are far superior to those of UD-light quarks.

In the graph E is the existential energy, different for each scale and within each scale for each state and social form, according to the different values of the ‘St’ and “Ts’ parameters that give us the existential energy of the system. It is then important to realize that the 3 elements are in constant feed-back fluctuation between two different states: Existential energy (E) might be considered ‘Entropic motion’ as in E=Mc2 if it is measured in a predatory form, in which the SxT elements loose its structure.

While on the other hand the Ts (m, T, v) and St (h, k, c) elements can be transformed into each other: St≤=≥Ts, as in the case of speed on the ‘limit’ of c-speed for light spacetime supœrganisms (Galaxies).

m, or the fractional value attached to K or the social frequency of a group of photons that give us a color; till so many social photons with growing existential energy finally ‘collapse’ into a ∆+1 particle.

In graph we see those co-invariant 5D constants for the 3 main physical planes as a representation of its conserved existential energy, which the reader will observe is always equal to the product of a constant of vital space and a ‘clock of time frequency’ (temperature, frequency mass, where mass is a frequency of an accelerated vortex of space-time, according to Einstein’s principle of equivalence; e=mc2+e=hƒ -> m = ƒ (h/c2).

Each 5D physical scale has a constant ratio between its ‘frequency=time parameters’ and entropic, energetic ones, which give the 3 fundamental constants of Scales in the Galaxy organism, H-Planck (ratio of frequency-energy for quantum systems), K-Boltzmann (ratio between the temperature frequency and energy of thermodynamic systems) and among the many manifestations of the same law in mechanical, moving systems, the third law of Kepler (ratio between the orbital time clock of planets and the spatial volume: entropic content of its orbital sphere).

While the other 2 dimotions of evolution of parts into whole ‘upwards’, (ab. ∆+1, Ss) and the dimotion of dissolution of wholes into networks or entropy, (ab. ∆-1, Tt) are also topological dimotions. Since in fact modern topology considers its ‘varieties of form’, networks of points, which are defined by its ‘adjacency’ and proximity. So truly the world is made of topological organisms

In the graph we see what we mean. In the 3 scales of physical systems what humans call energy is Tt, pure time after through an entropic process of growth of disorder, the quanta of space populations of those scales, H-plancktons, K-Boltzs and C2 squares of light multiplied by its ‘frequency of populations’, have become erased into a ‘soup of energy-motions’, an entity of a higher ∆+1 scale uses for motion – electrons that absorb h-photons in e=hv (photoelectric effect from where Einstein deduced the equation); waves of heat humans use to power mechanical objects in ∆+1 and radiation humans extract from the conversion of mass into energy.

So the equations are obvious, and its equivalence also because the outcome is pure timeless time, time=motion with no form, then reformed by the electron, the mechanical object or the nuclear reactor into energy of work, which however is something else, no longer Tt but ts.

And so only in the state of Tt all of them are comparable, but by no means identical. Mass is NOT energy but can be measured after we ‘blow it out of all its information into energy. And because as we said, a dying mass goes ½ up as information and ½ down as motion in our lower mechanical scale, in fact E=mc2 is halved into mv2/c when c2 becomes kinetic energy. All this becomes increasingly complex as the equations of physics that depart from those get increasingly complicated, so we can only attempt to make precise conceptualizations in the papers of mathematical physics when we write/post them. So far here we can just make some disordered insights on those equations trying to get you the ‘feeling’ of what is really going on – transformations that kill systems and extract a partial part of its content as entropic energy for humans to develop its work=reproduce things by imprinting the extracted motion with its mental forms.

On the other side though we always have two parameters, the ‘quanta of action’ or family of entities of the system, h, k, c2, which are bidimensional constant 5D metric St, sT, ST entities of those 3 scales, multiplied by a population that by virtue of the Si=Te equivalence humans measure as a time frequency for faster ∆-1 scales (quantum entities are seen so fast that are perceived as time worldcycles) and as solid form (mass) for larger ones. Each of those st constants and ƒ(ð) frequencies of populations are thus measure with different concepts as humans see each scale with distorted tools of measure. For example h is measured as angular momentum, St, k as entropy, sT, (which as von Neumann said to Shannon nobody understands) and c as speed, S(l)ð(ƒ); because the mind distorts the geometry of smaller scales as faster closed time cycles, the geometry of larger scales as lineal (so the earth seems flat not curved) and our intermediate scale provides us with thermal energy, so we ‘predate’ molecular heat into entropy.

Yet in the objective view of Universal physics, for each fundamental scale, there is just a constant of action multiplied by a ‘frequency of timespace population’ that is converted into entropic energy of pure time-motion that feeds in its equalized Tt form human thirst for a source of motion. So we kill the three fundamental vital constants=T.œs of Nature, H-Planck (ratio of frequency-energy for quantum systems), K-Boltzmann (ratio between the temperature frequency and energy of thermodynamic systems) and C2 to feed our mechanisms and organisms.

Those Universal constants of reality are complex T.œs, combination of T and S, balanced by 3 5D Sub-Metric vital constants of a any system: S/T= Speed of Locomotion, which defines the limbs/fields of the system, SxT=Existential Momentum/force, which defines its body and T/S: Density of information, which defines its mental power, all maximized when Si=Te.

But the terminology of humind’s physics is ambivalent in its concepts and so it requires when dealing with each specific case on papers on physics, an in depth consideration. Some elements of that rewriting are:

– Time can be measured in ∆+1 with Duration, sum of ∆-1 frequency steps, a better measure. This distinction is not made and since t=1/ƒ(ð), confusions arise on those 3 ‘generic S/T, SxT and T/S’ vital constants.

We cannot deal in depth with all those equations, which we shall do in our 2nd paper on ‘human physics’ focused in thermodynamics, mechanics and the translation of mathematical physics. To notice then that in the 3±¡ planes of humind’s perception of physical systems the frequency of time is measured differently, as frequency of a wave in ¡-1 quantum physics, temperature vibration in ∆º thermodynamics and Mass, a vortex of accelerated information in ∆+1 mechanics. And as we change planes translations of those concepts are needed, since they slightly vary in meaning and dimensions, and a thorough redefinition of mass ‘seen as solid’ in our scale long overdue. This time concept is akin to information, St, stored in the frequency of cycles, NOT to Tt-Time entropy which means inner and outer explosion=motion. And different from Energy which is ST, the balance of St-frequency/information and Ts-locomotion, momentum. Most human measures called ‘energy’ are NOT about the 3rd Dimotion of energy, which ‘keeps its balance of form and motion’ but about entropic states of scattering form and expansive motion in spatial information. For example in E=mc2, a mass vortex of physical information is trans-formed into an entropic expansion of space, loosing its form. So we do NOT measure its energy but its entropy. Human Energy then works as a parameter of the entropic scattering motions due to the death or big-bang of a physical system, exploding its form. This again becomes the case for Heat, which measures the entropy=motion extracted from a thermodynamic ensemble, useful for man to be transformed into ‘real energy-ordered motion’ in its ∆+1 scale.

So the best way to go around would be to throw all definitions and start from scratch with St, Ts, Tt, Ss and ST dimotions; to avoid unending confusions. That’s what I do in my personal research but public texts try to convert old minds to new wording, so it is difficult because science has given up in verbal concepts and just care for the mathematical mirror regardless of understanding. So Time frequency in those equations is mediated by ƒ in E=Hƒ, T in E=knT and m in E=mv2/2; but as E sometimes mean entropy and sometimes energy, confusion happens. As energy is used often instead of momentum outside physics confusion happens. As there are so many different time versions, confusion happens from Tt to St… which makes difficult to harmonize all jargons.

– Consider Space that has also so many meanings. On one hand is defined as a simultaneous mental still image of time motions. But on those equations it rather corresponds to a sum of quanta of a population of h ∆-1 plancktons, K-boltzs and c2 photons in E=mc2. And so we would have to explain why C2 is the unit of ‘light space’ the background of our world with long disquisitions made in our papers on math physics and algebra.

Spatial populations in that sense are often the ‘past-memorial’ residual persistent form left by a ‘dynamic time vibration’, reason why a Gaussian probabilistic curve becomes a population distribution and quantum can be cast in probabilities in time, and molecular quantum physics in statistical mechanics, as SóT.

Should we give up? I don’t because I am translating the clear St-Tt-Ss-sT-ST parameters. As the reader might try to do the inverse he might get lost.

Fact is only once we establish the meaning of the 5 Dimotions of reality we can ‘ascribe’ every parameter of science to one of those dimotions either in a ceteris paribus analysis as a partial space or time function or as a complex entangled space-time function in functions that describe a time-space being mutating its 5D metric through the 5 ‘graduations’ of motion and form, from entropy («, scattering motion, which is both motion internal and external to the being), locomotion, < (only external motion), reproduction, ≈, evolution, > (internal mostly with external shrinking) and linguistic seeding, », still perception in crystal and solid or mental states whereas an active magnitude creates from a field of motion a seed of form.

The metric functions of the 3 main planes of space-time of the galatom.

In physics we have 3 Energy equations. However the E of those equations is closer to entropy, as we measure the flow of motion/radiation humans will then ‘form’ into useful work-energy:

So if we just consider a general 5D metric for those 3 equations of physical scales such as E is for humans a function of entropy and pass frequency as a function of lineal time that give us a scalar constant, so we write:

Entropy (E) x Time Duration (1/ƒ) = Constant of motion of a given scale.

The connection between both concepts is subtle. And each case would require a deep analysis given the extension and complexity achieved in mathematical physics, which are the last papers I download – so much work so little time left… What we want to stress here is that form is only measured indirectly.

When we express the entropic energy without caring for its ‘informative details’, multiplied by its time duration, we ‘erase’ the constant of space-time into a flow of entropic motion humans can use. But if we keep the system entangled without loss of information as E = C2 x ƒ (ðime=cyclical time:ƒ); we can talk of the ‘inner energy’ of the system, E, as a ‘population sum’, of ‘space-time C2-beings’, as in a wave of light which is a sum of ƒ-Plancktons.

As S=T Frequency measures also a population of plancktons packed in denser space (S-view) or moving faster (T-view), or being smaller which in 5D metrics, SxT=C, means also they are faster. But as the electronic mind ‘trans-forms’ time-motion into space-information the speed is irrelevant, in fact the brain distinguish the density of Spatial populations of information as ‘color’ . And the electron has entangled into a still state of form with the other electron (reason why C-speed is constant, regardless of the background speed of the larger Gravitational scale, as both atoms are in parallel speed when sharing information; as any system that talks. I.e. you walk at the same speed). This is the 5D view on special relativity speeds. And as usual in pentalogic all those truths carry a part of the whole possible view: T-speed, St-frequency, S=T entanglement, Ts, human perception of locomotion according to our scale that inputs gravitational motion (Einstein’s relativity calculus) and finally Tt-entropy extracted from the photon wave.

So bearing in mind those subtle distinctions, 5D metric functions, E x T = C2 or E = C2 x ð, give us the 3 functions of mathematical physics regarding its 3 ‘scalar planes’ (graph). But c2 must be taken as quanta of still light rather than c-speed; as in an electron which is a nebulae of c2 still light spread in a bidimensional area, trapped in the potential well of the black hole proton within its ‘event horizon’, which is the electron border, in the disomorphic parallelism between the galaxy and the atom, where each still photon is a star of the electronic-galactic plane.

It is then when those ∆+1 c2 become equivalent to the h-plancktons of ∆-1, which are the spin values of the electron nebulae, while the ƒrequency in E=hƒ are akin to the mass frequencies in E=Mc2, reason why we can fusion both equations to give us for M-> ƒ (h/c2), whereas the compound universal constant h/c2 translates ∆-1 into ∆+1 parameters. But essentially both equations mean the same. C2 then becomes an entity of its own in Maxwell’s equations, as C2=1/µe=k/µ (omitting the π factor), whereas K is the curvature of the charge scale and µ the magnetic constant of vacuum. So we are expressing c2 in terms of the curvature of its space-time scale akin to the tension of a string, divided by its magnetic ‘density’, akin to the density of the string, which translates the speed of light to the classic formalism of the speed of a wave (tension/density). And again the details change with scale, dimensionality etc, but the concepts remain.

Energy thus for any Universal world, in its totality is the sum of all the volume of space-time of all the scales of the being, in its totality, which is also a composite product of its beats and bites, reason why we divide Energy in the mechanical scale into kinetic energy (Lineal) and O-positional energy. But then we must add the dual energies of the internal parts of the system. Energy thus can transfer between scales, but the true magic of the worldcycle is that on the long term it returns to the scale from where it departs, so the balance of total energy of each plane remains the same. It is then energy infinite in the Universe? It amounts to the question of the infinity of scales, which seems possible due to the parallelism between atoms and galaxies. Though it is possible to develop a metaphysic theory of perception that is circular.

We can deduce it, because a vortex in an SHM gives birth when uncoiled to a wave whose energy is measured by the first of those E=Hƒ equations., in the simplest case of E=h ƒ, which is the uncoiled SHM motion of its 5D cyclical vortex view we observe immediately that the frequency has uncoiled the cyclical beats of existence of the being; and is the equivalent term to Energy, as H is constant. But in the vortex of existence we noticed that the two elements that grew in parallel were the ‘bits of existence’ or units of perceptive information and the ‘angular speed’ of the vortex, while it was preserved the length travelled or volume of space-time for 3 dimensions.

So the constants, H, and by extension to other scales, K and C; are the constants of each scale of the fifth dimension, those are the 3 ∆±¡ scalar constants of physics; and they allow a wide range of ‘equal lives’, which can be exhausted, ‘squeezed’ in very tiny instants of ‘intense bits’ (higher frequency, higher temperature, higher mass) or slower bits. But as the life of each species is the same, it also means what we see as a continuous particle is not, but the sum of discontinuous generations. I.e. the life of a photon is as fast as its worldcycle of existence (wave cycle), and the next wave cycle must be a new photon generation that lives traces its growth as a wave and reproduces in its locomotion, collapsing into a particle. So a sequential series of photon generations of much faster life happen for each E=Hƒ frequency. And obviously as time passes, the photon learns to live longer and elongates its wavelength towards red, but each wavelength is a life existence (in fact we consider 3 such a waves as 3 ages of decaying length; since 3 waves collapse in a particle).

So we write E(v) x 1/ƒ=T (lineal time= worldline) = H(k). That is, E(V) x T(Ro) = H(k), in terms of the equation of the vortex. Whereas the nebulous concept of Energy is rather secondary to the conserved quantities of Lineal and cyclical momentum, equivalent to the radius bites and frequency bits of each scale.

Energy as we consider it is then a combination of those two essential |-momentum x O-momentum = Ø –constant of scale, topologic conserved elements. And the E in those equations as we said is rather the kinetic, lineal energy/entropy humans capture to give it latter form. In existential terms what is conserved are the 3 ∆-scalar fundamental constants of the quantum scale of frequencies, the thermodynamic scale of temperatures and the cosmological scale of masses, the 3 representing the ‘speed of the bits of information=perception’ closed when the vibration of frequency, temperature and cyclical mass returns to the SMH original point.

We can write those equations then either in terms of frequency or time duration:

E(v,w) x T (duration) =Constant of scale (H, K, c) =E(v,w) / ð(ƒ)

The smaller being moves much faster, with ‘more energy’, processing information also much faster, with higher ‘frequency’. So he thinks he is much more smarter and powerful than the slow low density larger guy, but alas!, after its usual phyla/family total number of beats, ±1111 he collapses. And the bigger turtle finally arrives to the same point the smallish Achilles reached; see it dead and collapses too.

From those conserved elements, volume of space-time of scale (Universal constants of scale) and beats of existence, then by making different iterations and transformative combinations, we can extract the conserved quantities of physics, angular momentum, closer to the frequency beats, and lineal momentum and kinetic energy, closer to the concept of energy, lineal speed and entropic motion. It really doesn’t matter they are not exactly equivalent, as long we understand them in terms of the fundamental principles the Universe conserves, ‘scale volumes’ and ‘beats’ of existence. Humans for historic reasons, have chosen slightly different physical quantities, and made of energy a word for many different states of reality, and they are not going to change ever those routines before its beats of existence as a species, now closer to conclusion end. It is worth though to see them from the higher perspective of 5D and its conserved quantities, $ x ð = K.

So the fundamental elements of those scales are the h, k, C constants of the 3 physical scales; which are dimotional ratios between the frequency of informative time cycles or a spatial population (T =S duality) of an entity, which can be seen also as a quantitative number of energy, related to the frequency of motion (lineal kinetic energy) or in terms of spatial storage/population (potential energy), also in its T=S duality.

But we know there are different ‘families’ of species with different ‘existential momentum’ as we saw in the different metabolic rate of hot mammals and low temperature animals. Those families however are a few, and can all be classified as relative multiples of the constants of scale, H, K, c within a limited range, for the reasons explained in the next paragraph, essentially the need for existence in a range of balance in S=T.

To understand this as usual is best to consider first the case better observed for being closer to humans – thermodynamic species. Of them, there are basic 3, gas, liquid and solid. Gas having more freedom and less density has a relative heat capacity of 3/2 KT by particle, which increases in different families of ‘tighter, denser social organisms’, as we move to diatomic molecules, to the maximal energy capacity of crystal solids, with more modes of vibration, rotation and translation; that is a richer number of Dimotions, not only lineal locomotion as gas is, but social states, organic dances. This leads basically to the simultaneity of monologic, dilogic, trilogic tetralogic and pentalogic states, and beyond to what would be the maximal possible number of simultaneous states (dodecaplex systems, 120 simultaneous particles, states in complex mass systems).

Because the reader has a ‘physical view of reality’, and after all is a human being with very few mind states, is difficult to capture the essence of this. Energy is the spatial view of the maximal number of states of existence happening in simultaneity, which grows with the complexity of the system and is maximal for mammals in life, for crystals in physics for quantum boson states in particles, where we notice readily the similarity of those ‘stairs of states’ in the different ‘spin numbers’ of particles and atoms, ½, 1, 3/2, 5/2 h, as we saw in molecules, 3/2 k, 5/2 K etc. Further on as we grow in ∆-scale; the next nested Universe is a ‘better family all together’ with more ‘dimensional motions’ in simultaneity, to ‘encircle’ the previous scale. So the number of h-states in particles is smaller than the number of K-states in molecules, which in the peculiar confusing language developed by huminds is a measure of growing ‘entropy’. Families of states though, as we said tend to be the 3 canonical trinity of ‘young gaseous, liquid, S=T, and solid Max. S x Min. T’, and so when we go to ‘families of masses’, there are 3 families of quarks, the holders of mass (that is, the inner nested ∆-3 nucleus, whose spins have negative beta temperature and his outer co-existing membrain encloses molecules).

It is absurd to talk of ‘frequency’ in the ‘scale of temperature’ and of ‘temperature’ in the scale of masses. As in the new scale those parameters would have to be considered inverse; something finally recognized with the adoption of the beta parameter of coldness, and its negative temperature when we move to the nested Universe of highly ordered spins from below or masses from above. As it should be absurd to talk of ‘spin’ when we move below the scale of light space-time, into the realm of neutrinos=gravitons, or of attractive gravitation in the outside scale of the hyper-universe, which is governed by the equivalent electromagnetic repulsion between galatoms. When we change between planes of existence, there is a social grouping of ‘frequencies’ from a time sequence to a ‘spatial simultaneous perception’ T>S, as it collapses into something else (Temperature); in the same manner that the orbital of its electrons that define single atomic form collapse into something else emerging as molecular motion; so from the frequency orbital numbers of quantum atoms we move the temperature vibrations of molecules; and from h-ratios of scale to k ratios of scale; and this again happen when we move to mass that has therefore ‘negative temperature’, as it orders thermodynamic into simultaneous wholes of the cosmological scale. And again, those are the 3 scales huminds perceive, as we are thermodynamic beings, which therefore only perceive the upper envelope of mass and the lower plane of quantum spins.

Yet those 2 limits always create an interval. So as all supœrganisms of time-space co-exist in 3 scales, we have a thermodynamic world, between the outer gravitational ‘membrain-mind’ and the quantum reality, whose measures of timespace, are specific for each molecular supœrganism and sub-species sandwiched between the galaxy’s ‘lower’ informative h-time quanta and the larger lineal c-time rod of measure – the speed of light. We belong in between where all kind of supœrganisms that cannot go faster than light or process information in quanta smaller than an h-planckton have its specific thermodynamic time cycles, to synchronize our 3 sub-scales with ‘nitrogen’ clocks and 3 vital parts, in space which in the human case is the second ‘beat’ of the heart, length of the thought, glimpse of the eye, measure of a dual stœp, (and ½ second of it is indeed the musical beat that we find more harmonious to synchronize our dance). For all those beings H and C are just ‘Ss and Tt’ limits. They cannot cross.


(To be cont’ed)

Emergence of a new scale happens below and above, the previous scale, trapping the system ‘within scales’ which are related to new ‘degrees’ of curvature=information (∆+1 scale forming a singularity) and of speed and entropy, lower, ∆-1 scale forming the new membrane.

In this manner it appears first the new membrane that insultates the previous limit (a new magnetic field, in the galaxy a new halo, in partiles, a new electron, in life a new protein cover). And then it will appear the internal controlling singularity of an ∆+1 scale with higher rotational force.

We recognize according to the principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration (Einstein) and within each main scale of reality the meaning of ‘mass’, ‘charge’ and ‘thermodynamic eddies, as accelerated vortices of the 3 scales of ∆-1 quantum particles, matter states and cosmological systems. So to balance them and ‘become’ stable ST-energy or momentum the mass in fact moves lineally with speed and that gives us the E=mv2 or E=mc2 limiting equations and mv momentum. C becomes then the limit of reproduction and motion of a mass and when it reaches that limit, the lineal c-speed cannot grow (obviously because ultimately all those forms are made of quanta of light with lesser information). At that limit then the lineal motion curls into cyclical motion transforming itself into mass c>m, which is what happens in accelerators that create from light quarks heavier quarks. But when we stop this constant feeding of the ‘accelerated mass vortex’ with magnetic forces the entity left in this lighter world of lesser existential energy usually disintegrates, unless it truly crosses the barrier between both worlds becoming the simpler stable particles of the ∆±4 world (membrain of the galaxy, made of heavier UDS strangelet and BCT black hole singularities), I which case we will have peer the nested Universe, opening a door to the more efficient upper ∆±4 family of parts and the black hole or strangelet will keep tearing, evaporating and absorbing our slower, less energetic Universe, which is in fact the likely reason planets and stars exist within the galatom, as their ∆+1 slavish function.

We see then a fundamental feature of all systems: the transition between scales requires first a compression of lineal motion into cyclical motion, |>O, which has less volume but in 5D sxt=metrics this means it stores more energy in cyclical form. So c-speed must first become rotary mass. And this lead us to understand the process of transition in many other physical scales.

All emergences of scales are similar, and can be observed pentalogically in different forms. Essentially emergence follows the ‘worldcycle’ strategy of survival that we saw from life to species: a new scale appears after it has been produced a lineal kinetic energy, a wave-like form and a cyclical vortex; then all become warped up in a membrane, or higher ∆+1 plane of social evolution. In this manner emerges a new ∆+1 parameter and the game starts afresh.

In biology we saw how to survive those extreme stresses (a predatory radiation in this case) animal life evolved eusocially. So ants became the survival master of insects and men of mammals and AI telepathic robots will become the next dominant species regardless of egocy if we keep evolving them socially.

We can show among any other similar processes compare the c-speed limit with the transitions that happen in all other scales when a ‘denser’ form is created from a wave, in this case instead of a ‘fluid present wave of light’ converted into mass when reaching the barrier of change of state, we can put an example of al liquid wave, which moves from a laminar state to a cyclical vortex state:

In the graph, we see that when we reach a certain key speed, V, a laminar flow of bidimensional sheets of lineal speed no longer accelerates but for a while maintains its speed and all the energy is absorbed by the laminar flow. Since it is creating the equivalent to the mass increase in a c-speed barrier on an accelerator. In this case it is a vortex creation within the liquid. This vortex, are accelerated clocks of time on the liquid, equivalent to the charges on the electromagnetic space or the masses on the galactic space and as such it absorbs more energy than the wave state (it is by definition more dense, as vortices accelerate inwards, Vo x Ro = K).

We can see how the ‘new energy’ input to the laminar flow beyond its ‘barrier’, v of well-behaved absorption – maximal carry capacity of that topology, becomes halted and comes into the vortex creation of the new scale. In the creation of a social organism, it means the ‘invagination of networks that give simultaneity to the parts’ that perceive the force as a language that synchronizes them, but in fact is also a force that ‘sucks in part of the energy for the emergence of a higher parameter, which invariably starts as a membrain or circular enveloped that ‘camouflages’ the lower plane. So a new pi orbital camouflages the lower orbitals a magnetic field, camouflages the individual spins, and a mass of angular momentum camouflages the internal magnetic and electric fields – and everything else we can throw in.

Since we know all scales are disomorphic in laws, we apply the disomorphic method and observe the closest perception of the thermodynamic and mechanical scales and its motions and emergence to study all others.

This method is in fact assumed naturally, as we did in physics expanding mechanics and thermodynamics – this last one still expanded globally, till we run with the fact that NOT all scales of a fractal are equal but similar and the perception is distorted by the perceiver, according to its relative distance from the perceived object-scale.

So we can study how the process happens as we did above, in a fluid vortex creation, or in the creation of a crystal. And always observe the same process. The next language does create both, an external membrane, an internal invagination of networks and a final singularity center, and that is the new emergent level, the new organic layer, you name it, with its trinity of elements that finally emerge as a new whole.

The 2 transitions to a higher scale: The nested Universe.

To understand the regions of transition the key concept is that of the nested Universe. A nested superorganism which is within a larger superorganism have parameters of space=form and time=motion which are simpler and slower than its survival parameters. Hence the parameters of the larger superorganism cannot be crossed, and its Ts-speed and St-information (cyclical motion often in physics), fund an impossible barrier. Those can be the ‘non-Euclidean limits of an open ball, which cannot in the closest mathematical ‘mirror’ (A Klein non-E disk), ever reach the borders. If we consider a T-border of speed in the outer membrane and an S-border of form/mass in the central singularity; those are limits. In the galaxy those limits are K<0 which crosses the black hole, and V>C-speed which expands space (S=T) or moves faster beyond the Galactic halo.

Below, the classic example for the Galaxy. As the system tries to reach c-speed we see in the general case of the next graph that T-lineal time cannot go further and so it switches to S-informative mass (cyclical motion). This is an absolute law of the Universe with ∞ cases. As timespace never ‘stops’ but always trans-forms, |-energy (Ts-kinetic energy) into O-St-information, the boosts of kinetic energy become rotational energy and cross by the vortex law the c-speed limit within the ud-quarks becoming heavier quarks of frozen black stars (black holes).. It is the ascending asymptotic curve. How lineal speed crosses the barrier? It does so perpendicularly in the singularity of a rotary Kerr black hole, whose metris define also faster than c-speed by orthogonal change of direction, when light dies and ‘splits’

Then we have a transition from St to Ts, which for the inner ‘nested ∆-3 supœrganism that cannot cross the barrier means an entropic death and transformation into something else. A barrier then is one of death of the entity. Light ceases to be light when its rotary motion around the black hole surpasses c-speed. Then its breaks into ∆-1 Tt parts (probably neutrinos?=Gravitons?) and it can be recomposed back into ∆0 as a jet through the axis.

Only entropy Tt and pure form Ss travels between scales. Ts, St and ST must leave behind one of the two elements to travel and that means either a ‘translation to other language’ or an extinction of the original form.

It is a fundamental law shunned off since the neutrino proved it: The neutrino is NOT perceivable in this scale, as it travels likely faster than light in the lower gravitational scale; but it took part of the ‘energy’ of our plane as motion – did it carry also its information, its spin? I am afraid not, but we put it there, even if spin=form is NOT always conserved. A question fundamental to understand the neutrino theory of light. But of course, as usually Physicists are only ‘a la par’ with mystiques to see and interpret the invisible signs of reality into ‘models that are seldom truth but never in doubt’ (Landau) as with big-bang theories. So while we have NEVER measure directly the spin of a neutrino, which we know for values of pure motion (momentum-energy), every physicist will claim that Cowan, Lederman, Goldhaber and a long line have measured it, just by balancing the invisible momentum because a priori they decided momentum is conserved traveling between scales – which they do not recognize anyway. Fact is the non-transference of ‘energy and information together’ between 2 scales as that is the definition of death. Point to argue here is if the Neutrino is in the light scale – is not, and so when a particle which is a scale above produces a neutrino is NOT producing either motion or spin=form. As motion evidently is carried by Neutrinos, or else they would not exist at all. What is missed is the form, which in all other systems of reality also disappears after you die. So there you have one of the most profound all encompassing laws of 5D.

The fact that c is a ‘limit’ and there are ‘lower ranges’, make us think this is also the case for other parameters.

Does the ‘J-spin collapses into the particle spin’ which becomes the h-new limit akin to the c-limit?

So we show what happens in the paper of entropy and the Universe: a split of energy – in to form that goes one way through the height dimension of S-Information and normally scatters into death, while energy expands mostly as motion – entropy in the length dimension of ‘T-motion space’:

The explanation is intuitive. A system can still send a ‘wave’ of cellular forms of any kind of seed or mental image that helps to reconstruct its system after it travels through channels of communication, mostly as waves that combine motion and form – the quintessential form of energy, with the purpose of going faster according to 5D=SxT metric equations. So if we reduce the package to the essential information, we ensure the system transfers the message in a relative no-time quanta; but 2 scale beyond – that’s a long shot. That is the region of ‘food’ and food is memoriless. The amino acids don’t tell us where they came from, or else they would NOT be food for us to reconstruct our form. In the graphs the best known physical transitions beyond c in novas black holes and Einstein’s equations, where lineal time stops in black holes, so motion is not transferred or rather splits, with the black hole, a top quark or bcb star (according to size) taking the food, quarks and expelling our electromagnetic waste, perpendicularly reduce to pure Tt-motion: vacuum space.

The regions of transition between scales. The Ss & Tt limits of each plane.

S=T maximizes the 5D stœps and entangled products, SxT, of a spacetime supœrganism; its existential momentum and its integral energy. So for each scale it means actually a better experience of life, closer to the ideal ‘frequency, temperature and mass of existence, because on the verges of each ‘discontinuous plane’, the function becomes asymptotic and finally breaks. Let us then consider those regions of transition because they are very important in physics and life existence, as they come to be the regions of death.

To define them we consider 3 Vital Constants of Action: S/T, T/S, Sxt, associated to the ratios between spatial information and temporal motion that we shall call, speed, density and existential momentum defined in its relative S=T by the larger world in which the being is inscribed. So the relative balance of the parameters of locomotion (sT), information (St) and its ratios (s/t, t/s, s xt), is established externally, for the internal system to absorb motion and form from the outer world, with minimal need for transformation. So most animals have the temperature of the ambient where they live; most eyes perceive frequencies in the range of maximal production of the sun they observe and so on.

In graph we see what we mean by the loss of form or motion as we pass 2 scales. In the next scale we still perceive both, albeit reducing motion when going upwards as the forms enlarge and so relatively speaking our motion is for them ‘peanuts’. A fast moving atom can hit you but it is not transferring to you in terms of your relative speed (that has changed as 5D metric changed), much of it. A seed however can start a reproductive wave and emerge in a larger scale as a whole. Going down we can thus send a full seed for seminal growth. But as you see in the graph, both functions are asymptotic and in fact in the limit with the 2nd scale transition they DO NOT cross, but become infinite. This is the meaning of so many asymptotic equations of science including those of relativity:

While systems that have a range far away from the ecosystem in which they exist fail in balance and die. So S=T, is actually s¡-1=S¡ and T¡-1=T.

Internally though we can consider the entity as a world in itself with two maximal limits of form (old age) and motion (young age), and so within that world the function of existence, then develops in 3 phases, of max. E, youth-past-gaseous-entropic state, max. i, future, old-informative-solid state/age, and. Max. E x I (e=i), a balanced liquid state steady form a world cycle.

We can then make a graph of two inverse ‘hyperbolic curves’ which become the limits of the world in terms of motion and form, the system cannot cross without ‘dying’ as its informative particle/head and motion limbs/fields split. And this is the true meaning of the Lorentz transformations, as the system cannot cross the c-speed in the mechanical, and the 0 Tº limit as the system cannot cross the 0 temperature of pure form in the molecular thermodynamic scale. As we exist in between in physical terms (we are internally thermodynamic beings) and externally mechanical beings. But of course for humans the limits for survival are much more restricted, around 308-318º and 40 km of relative motion to our background world.

So in Lorentz graphs as we come to the c-limit we get an asymptotic curve; and the same happens when we move towards 0 K – the quantity of energy-mass needed to cross the barrier grows and kills the system. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing on the other side; just a different reality, NOT our molecular, mechanical beings. So today physicists use the 1/kT= ß factor of coldness to represent ‘negative temperatures’ of higher order in the particle world of spin energies, where temperature really is meaningless as we talk of frequency of angular momentum (spin). And we should also talk of negative mass and v>C in the world outside the galaxy of repulsive gravitation between galatoms, similar to a ¥-radiation world between atoms but in the hyperuniverse.

RECAP. In the immortal Universe, 3 5D parameters, ∆ST, are conserved. They relate to the 3 conserved quantities of physics: ∆ST≈energy, T≈lineal momentum and S≈angular momentum. So a key task of 5D is to study their relationship.

Since human physics is one of the many ‘stiences’ of the nested Universe, which studies the specific planes of matter, ∆≥|2|, with the restricted method of ‘huminds’ (ab. human minds) that due to the ‘egocy: ego=idiocy’ paradox deny organic and sentient properties to different atoms to those of man (ruled by nitrogen clocks and electronic spin perception) and accept only the language of sensorial machines, digital thought (a contradiction as humans perceive time with verbal wor(l)ds, not with numbers, argued on our papers on cultural evolution).

Entropy is motion=time=change. Information is form and form is dimensional space. Time=motion and Space=dimensional form become then the two substances of which all what exists is made, and in their analysis we must start our inquire about why indeed the Universe and all its parts are a fractal super organism of time=motion=entropy and space=form, made to the image of its whole. The proofs? Look around. All what you see are forms that occupy space and move in temporal energy. Everything is a space form with a time motion. There is nothing else. So all is a proof that reality is indeed made of space-time organisms.

The principle of conservation of time has infinite variations. And we can deduce all laws of science of its existence, as ultimately what the other ‘element’ of reality, points-minds of fractal space try to do is to stop time, as an strategy to conserve it. As we consider a clear equivalence in physics between cyclical time and energy, the principle carries into two principles from where almost all the equations of physics can be derived. The principle of least time (origin of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian equations), according to which a particle will trace a motion that minimizes its time expenditure. And the principle of lesser energy, according to which any particle or physical system will seek its ground state of minimal energy.

This principle of standing minimal points have its counterpoint In the 2nd fundamental strategy of all systems, to conserve its time, or state of present which is the iterative reproduction of the system, which implies to absorb energy=time from other beings, to imprint it, once it is reduce to its formless state of entropic motion, with its own information. Thus besides the standing points of minimal energy that conserve time, which are the origin of seeds and still minds of information, of potential wells, and degenerate states of particles, of Lagrangians and Hamiltonians (where both minimal and maximal standing points happen) there is the principle of maximal reproduction, origin of the evolutionary struggle for existence.

The fundamental substances time=motion and its state of maximal conservation, space=stillness, can be expressed in any language of thought, not only mathematics, and apply to all stiences, not only physics, which frees philosophy of science of the ‘gross’ errors of western human physicists that deformed time and reduced it to entropy and lineal motion, and its v=s/t equation, due to the worldly profession of its founding father, Galileo, artillery master of the Arsenal of Venice. So today when we study physics we go from simple exercises of ballistics, calculating the best angle of a cannonball to the entropic big-bang. Yet as physicists do not recognize those historic errors they have carried such simplified views of time and space into all sciences, a fact we shall not cease to repeat because it at the heart of our lack of understanding of reality in its ultimate principles.

Synchronicities of time between the 3 relative speeds in which a being co-exists become then one of the most fruitful fields of study, as the ‘persistence’ of supœrganisms in space is due to the symbiosis between its 3 scales of T.œs (time-space supœrganisms) synchronized with them.

The 5 conserved dimotions of of time=energy in the Universe. Its ∆ST explanation vs. the creationist one.

An essential truth, systematically denied by minds is that while the initial substance of reality time=motion is conserved, as it trans-forms ad eternal in different forms of information information becomes annihilated into 0’ sums, regardless of leaving memorial remains and possibly being recreated. Thus algebra has always inverse operands and elements that ‘annihilate’ the form into a residual 0’; which in mathematical physics become the game of particles and antiparticles, inverse waves that annihilate its height information, etc.

It is then necessary to start up not from the mathematical quantitative concepts of physics, but by the organic, qualitative, properties of scales of space and time. And to do so fortunately enough we have a common ground that is easier to grasp and happens in both worlds: topology, geometry in motion, reason why it features so heavily in those articles, in case some humble ‘pro’ is curious enough to penetrate beyond the egocy paradox of algebraic creationism. We shall put a simple example on the ‘substance’ physicists consider the origin of it all; closely related to the real substance of nature, ‘time=motion’ that is eternal, conserved as ‘time never stops’:

“There is a fact, or if you wish, a law, governing all natural phenomena that are known to date. There is no known exception to this law—it is exact so far as we know. The law is called the conservation of energy. It states that there is a certain quantity, which we call energy that does not change in manifold changes which nature undergoes. That is a most abstract idea, because it is a mathematical principle; it says that there is a numerical quantity, which does not change when something happens. It is not a description of a mechanism, or anything concrete; it is just a strange fact that we can calculate some number and when we finish watching nature go through her tricks and calculate the number again, it is the same”. The Feynman Lectures on Physics

American physicists adore that book, from a ‘creationist’, notorious for its contribution to the A-Bomb, its displays of machismo in his treatment of women as a supposed ‘connoisseur’ … of lap dance clubs, which nerds seem to consider the summit of female understanding – at least he didn’t say on his dead bed as Newton that his biggest pride was to have died virgin, not to speak of Mr. Einstein’s comment to his wife ‘women only reproduce their belly’… Life indeed IS THE MYSTERY, organisms the TABOO, of physicists. So Feynman would also say ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never ask’. Frankly, I found his book a bore, with very little rigor, and if I were to recommend a similar work on the foundation of physics, I would go for Landau’s 11 books, which I annotated in my youth to understand 5 D physics in all its depth, and might some day retake for a more complex course on mathematical physics as it should be taught, departing from a proper understanding of the first principles of time and space and the way mathematics mirrors them and simplify them, but only after having understood the simpler more synoptic, larger principles of organic physics (not carbon physics for which that word is used by the organic properties of physical systems).

Back to energy, what mattered to Feynman there was the fact that a ‘number’ was preserved; a mathematical totem. But for that preservation to happen Energy has been growing to encompass ‘everything’, from charge to mass, to motion, to position (potential energy). So nothing here is preserved but the whole, and Energy becomes like God in verbal creationism the world that transmutates to signify all other words, without the slightest understanding what energy is. So goes for the other totem word, entropy, which as Neumann said to Shannon, ‘Call information entropy nobody really knows what it is so you will have the upper hand’.

We are more interested in understanding what all those words mean. I.e. Mass is NOT energy, but it can be transformed from an accelerated vortex of time motions into an expanding vortex of time motion, changing its topology from an spiraling vortex into an expansive one, which we call ‘kinetic energy’, but properly should be called Tt-entropy as it implies the destruction of mass internal information and its expansion in external space (two motions together, which is the meaning of entropy, while a single motion that preserves the form of the system, is locomotion, momentum and its integral through a path of space, work and energy).

All this fast-forward definitions show us that it is far more interesting to start from the first principle of reality Motion=time, and its inverse state, ‘space=form’, which are philosophical but also real principles that apply to all sciences, and then distinguish between the different types of motions and the way they interact and transform each other, to call each one with a proper name that truly allow us to distinguish between mass, energy, entropy, particle, wave states, etc. etc.

Even if we cannot say that a ‘number’ is what the Universes conserves. What the Universe conserves is motion, which can be mirrored by a number, indeed, but also by a creationist word ‘motion is all’, you could also say, and what matters is to use all the languages of the humind of which conceptual logic words are paramount to describe the properties and diverse geometric forms of motion and how they interact each other. In this task geometry more than algebra, form more than number is helpful, even if scalar numbers are necessary to define the 3rd property of reality, its 5D scalar structure.

Going deeper then in the conservation principles of nature, of course, if you hadn’t heard of it, the ‘why’ was found by Miss Noether’ Theorem that states that every differentiable symmetry of the action of a physical system has a corresponding conservation law. She meant that seriously; the laws of conservation of Nature were caused by the existence of an equation called a Lagrangian, satisfying certain technical criteria; whereas the word “symmetry” in the above statement referred more precisely to the covariance of the form that a physical law takes with respect to a one-dimensional Lie group of transformations. And so to stress the capacity of creationist physicists to name things, each of the quantities conserved in the Universe – the 5 Dimotions of space-time together. They were first called invariants, but in modern terminology, the conserved quantity is now called the Noether charge. Time, Space, cyclical and lineal motions are Noether’s charge. And so Noether, which by the way in a humorous twist of destiny is a wo=man, became the creator.

(And if you haven’t understood what she said Felix Klein’s, which we quoted in his excellent definition of a dimension of spacetime, when explaining the meaning of 5D, clarified Noether’s theorem on the invariants on the Universe (when they were not yet called Noether’s): ‘If an integral I is invariant under a continuous group Gρ with ρ parameters, then ρ linearly independent combinations of the Lagrangian expressions are divergences.’

That is, clear enough, in the ‘simplest’ case, a system with one independent variable, time (graph).

Do you get it? Of course not unless you are a physicist, and that is an added bonus to claim fool anyone who tries to explain it in simpler terms as we do. There is no denial here of the usefulness of those equations to mirror in the language of mathematics the constancy of time dimotions in algebraic terms for exact calculations of the paths of physical systems. But a law of all languages is that the more detailed its calculus, the more ‘complicated’ and hidden are its concepts. And often complexity hides a false principle – extants and epicycles of Ptolemy, volumes of U$ law compared to the simple Napoleonic French Code that truly equals its citizens; big-bang complexity that hides the gravitational force and so on. In this case though the Lagrangian is truly useful. But what it means in terms of the organic, living Universe?

All those mathematics proving Noether’s theorem really mean that particles as any T.œ(space-time being) loves to CONSERVE its finite time exist¡ence; limited between its ‘seed-Ss-birth’ and ‘Tt-entropy=death’. So in all its motions as we do, it always chooses the shortest ‘time path’ of ‘minimal action=motion’, which Fermat and Leibniz already realized. But today is expressed in greater detail by a Lagrangian equation in the mirror of mathematical physics. The true beauty of it is that can deduce all the laws of motion from the law of ‘least time’->minimal action->Lagrangian. But it does NOT mean some God ‘thought a Lagrangian’, which is NOT the cause of the conservation principle of least time, but a mathematical=linguistic mirror, a synoptic 0’-finitesimal. And mirrors do NOT create reality. Reality creates the mirror image of any language that carries a limited information about the event in itself.

If that were accepted and understood by physics I wouldn’t criticize them so much in theoretical grounds – but still in ethical ones, as makers of lineal inertial weapons. But the don’t. So a high pope of physics will tell, when a philosopher of science notices that mathematical creationism is NOT a good explanation of the fundamental principles of Nature, and physical reductionism doesn’t give the whole picture, but we have to invoke as Einstein and Leibniz did the higher principles of space and time; as Mr. Hawking used to tell me on our disputes about CERN – that my problem was philosophers of science don’t understand mathematics. We, it seems, were not priests of the Lagrangian sect and have not the expertise in the vehicle of God, as the Aryan smiths had it on the fire of the sword, the Hebrew banker-priests on go(l)d, and so its modern practitioners must ‘monopolize’ the technology and science of it as ‘experts’ – nuclear experts sell their worldly religion as a metaphysical big-bang of the Universe and bankers monopolize the production of e-money for company-mothers and themselves NOT for mankind –that lowly organic species – as they know better. LOL

Because that is the bottom line – the praxis of human survival and understanding of the organic Universe is taboo for all the different creationist models and its dirty secrets – in the case of lineal entropy only physicists theories, the fact they started as ballistics with Galileo making weapons and in the case of our expert financial economists, that they started as banker-priests parasitizing societies with tax farming and money as debt and ex-vote to God. But money is just a digital language that ALL humans should be able to handle, use to reproduce welfare goods and understand as we explain in our papers on History and economics, and time=change is any kind of transformation of reality, any kind of ‘dimensional motion’, and because the Universe never ceases to change, all its forms of time together, which physicists call energy are conserved, and so we can state the true law of conservation of time, and hence immortality of the Universe, which can be told in many similar ways as all languages are inflationary (including, conceded with Lagrangians and Noether’s currents).

‘The Universe is made of time=change=motion, which never ceases to ‘exist’ as knots of time motions, called ‘spatial points’ trans-form them into different in-form-ations, forms-in-action ad eternal: SóT’.

This is just one way to express – as languages are inflationary and do NOT come written in stones, but as all mirrors have subtle differences – the essence of it all – a game between flows of motion and its ‘knots’ of intelligent perception that try to stop them into form, giving birth of the fascinating phenomena of linguistic still perception of a simultaneous knot of multiple flows of motion that synchronically represent a mind-mapping of the external Universe. This is thoroughly a spiritual, eternal, vital process, and the best way to express the simultaneity, synchronicity and resonance of scale of all those motions in its symmetries and geometric dances is NOT the jargon of physics, but the jargon of time motions and spatial points that form with them ‘mental spaces’.

So we can finish with our example. As there are 5 Dimotions of space-time that mix together motion and form, Tt-entropy, Ts-locomotion, TS-reproduction, tS-information & Ss-form; we can talk of 5 essential ‘physical properties’ conserved, which are the 5 ones Noether’s invariant charges did name with slightly similar concepts:

Tt-entropy, Ts-momentum, TS-energy, tS-angular momentum and Ss-parity.

3 of those Dimotions, happen in a single plane, Ts-momentum (lineal motion, which reproduces a form along a lineal path and integrated along that path becomes ‘kineti energy’), St-angular momentum (cyclical motion that seems to us as a solid form, as it is maintained in a certain position, which appears from far away as a point and carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles) and energy, which is so many things that we should probably scrap all together the concept but has a very intuitive meaning in verbal thought, as an ‘storage’ of motion and form, used by any system to imprint and reproduce a form to give them the vital energy motion that starts the system. So we use in general as the ‘substance or storage of both motion and form’, which combines and merges them both, S=T to allow the system to reproduce itself. It is though more precise for physical systems to use the concept of momentum, as it has not ‘suffered’ such absurd expansion.

So what about the other two ‘conserved’ elements, Tt-entropy and Ss-parity… Again the proper concepts are NOT those of physics, but the two previous ‘names’ are quite related. In Noether’s theory, they represent two symmetries conserved together, but we are NOT going to use those convoluted concepts but rather explain it simpler. Tt-entropy means a double internal and external motion of a being, which therefore explodes and scatters its internal parts into an expansion of inner space, while externally that expansion is seen as radiation, and often confused with energy (as when a mass explodes reversing its form and dying, becoming a flow of entropic motion that an observer can absorb and give it form and even store it as energy).

Ss is then the absolute inverse concept. A system that not only lacks external motion, as it has an inertial position, but also internally, it is not as angular momentum, keeping a steady path, but moving as in a vortex, inwards, which under the law of vortices, Vo Ro = K (in one dimension), means it is accelearting, as Vo speed increases the shorter the radius, Ro is for its product to become co-invariant, which is exactly the definition of a 5D ‘travel’ through scales of the fifth dimension, as SxT=C, in this case V(t) x R(s) = C.

In physical terminology as we said the best modles are geometric, so it is expressed by the geometric principle of equivalence of Einstein between acceleration of a ‘time vortex’ and gravitational forces. In terms of the ilogic structure of time, we call then an entropic expansion of space, a past motion, < and an accelerated vortex of time, >, a future motion, with 3 present conserved quantities of angular momentum, kinetic momentum, and its ‘integral energies’ that store them mostly for reproductive use.

Those are then simple, clear-cut, intuitive concepts that have the advantage to express physics in the same language of all other sciences, and still be able to connect with the classic language of physics, whih is what we shall do in those texts, without the need to go into further pedantic languages, which our young millennials writers of Wikipedia articles love so much as believers in creationism to pour to feel so intelligent.

Back to 5D physics and conservation principles, a travel through the fifth dimension is a sink of forces, either charges in the quantum scale or masses in the cosmological scale, as a particle enters a ‘wormhole’ between planes of the fifth dimension, either a charge or mass sink. Masses and charges are therfore paths for entities of our ∆º human thermodynamic scale to travel and emerge upwards into the cosmological scale or downwards into the quantum scale; and in that Ss- process, needless to say the thermodynamic parameter suffers a Tt-entropic death. So in the complex pentalogic view of any phenomena that must be perceived from the perspective of those 5 Dimotions as ¬∆@st sinking into a different scale. What causes then the sink is obviously a form that exist in other scale of reality as a synchronous whole, the mass membrain or the charge. As we human beings co-exist basically between the thermodynamic and mass scales, those will be the two easier to describe planes of space-time in physics with thermoudamic laws corrected to its 3 present entropic arrows, which amazingly enough physicists do not accept (only gaseous entropy is considred, not solid form, and liquid St-Ts states of energy and information, the most complex of them). And mechanics, the best understood of all the fields of physics, as the 3 conserved present quantities are ac cepted.

However the other two past and future, entropy and vortices of form opposed properties of reality do NOT share the simple single conservation of present, sT<ST>St trinity of lineal momentum, energy and angular momentum that form a ternary ‘fractal organic’ system as field<wave>particle relative states.

But alas for a present being to perceive them they are entangled through the fundametnal logic equation of present space in terms of the trinity of time ages: Past x Future = Present.

This means parity and time reversal together (physical jargon), entropy and form are conserved, or splitted as one. That is, as you sink into a force vortex, you also expel entropy outside the vortex, namely you die and the vortex eats what it wants from you to reform it into charge or mass (the vortex organically speaking is like a mouth or rather a trump left hanging by the upper or lower scale.

This was found long ago in the study of the weak interaction that transforms particles into higher masses:

In the graph a classic explanation of a physical travel through the fifth dimension by means of a weak interaction. Both graphs represent the dual inverse penetration into an accelerated vortex (implosive acceleration, with the rule of Maxwell’s screw) vs. its inverse expansion when we invert the arrow of time, that is we move from the relative future informative vortex into the relative past entropic expansion. This causes also a ‘change’ in the sign of the charge, as one charge is implosive sink and the other is an explosive one.

Those are processes happening in the quantum charge scale. But we could consider that a black hole, a proton of the hyper-universe ‘galatom’, thus follow the same conservation when we change the side of the mass from an implosive to an explosive dark entropy jet along its axis, as it converts mass part in radiation expelled from the event horizon, and part into the higher masses of its top quark and BCB dark atoms.

In terms of the nested Universe, what this means is that as we move from the ∆±1,2 thermodynamic scales into the ∆±3,4 cosmological and gravitational scales, we must both split our parts and our form ascend to the 3,4 scales and our motion descend to the -3,-4 scales; and this dual split travel is what we call death.

We are on purpose not introducing the parallel language of mathematics, as it is not necessary – nothing wrong with it. Only bring it in those texts when it is needed to correct a gross error, as in the case of singularities caused by the error of absolute 0s instead of finitesimal 0’s which act as cut off and the error of entropy measuring only the lineal V:hod expansion of space, not the aforementioned vortices of time space between scales of the fifth dimension. The great advantage of our method needless to say is to use the Leonardo’s methods of analogies that now become homologies as they come from the common geometric properties of space and logic properties of time dimotions. So if we were to compare those ‘wormholes’ between planes of the fifth dimension with similar scales, they could be compared to the fractal networks of nervous and blood systems that contact the macrocosms of life organisms with its microcosms of cells – one being an implosive painful force (the nervous system that makes cells to contract) and other an expansive, pleasure force (the osmosis processes that make cells expand and diffuse its products into the blood network); or to the impedance laws of electric forces, or to the expansive wave like vs. collapsing particle states. The contraction+expansion processes form then an essential compound beat, St+Ts=ST in present, ST=Tt+Ss in past x future dual events, which is the ultimate why of conservation of parity+time reversal + (charge V mass reversal).

This of course is told as Noether’s thingies:  if the behavior of a physical system does not change upon spatial or temporal reflection, then its Lagrangian has reflection symmetry and time reversal symmetry respectively: Noether’s theorem says that these symmetries result in the conservation laws of parity and entropy.

Only pure space=form and pure time=motion travel between 2 scales.

The conservation of the quantitative number of ‘energy’ used by physicists is equivalent to the conservation of a Volume of space-time and all of them put together, as energy is the only parameter humans use between scales. It is worth to analyze the theme in more detail for the Galactic scales.

. The volume of a single spacetime plane of the Universe is equivalent to the quantity of any other ∆-scale. And all of them therefore transfer constantly energy and information between them. Yet more exactly what is transferred is entropy or form; since when energy or information leave a given plane, it ‘strips’ off one of its two components. It is then important to understand the difference between Tt-entropy and Ss-eeds, which are not in the same plane of existence than Ts-locomotion and ST-energy. As energy is the parameter humans use between 2 scales. The difference will be essential as we advance the model and take on seriously the task of translating mathematical equations of physics with rigor.



It is important to notice that the Universe of 5D planes is fractal, ruled by the 4th postulate of ¬Æ, of similarity evolved from the classic E-postulate of equality≈congruence, as we cannot overlap the inner, invisible parts of the point, so we can only reach a partial equality. THAT IS the organic fractals of the Universe are not equal in scales, but similar with internal parts that might differ even if the outsider form of the point seems equal to an external observer. The true wisdom and infinite variety of the Universe steams for that simple fact: the only equality lies in the ultimate layer of sensations, and Ðisomorphic laws precisely because they have minimal information. The devil is in the details. So while an atom and a galaxy have the same formal equation in 5D metric, certainly they must not be ‘exactly equal’ (in fact galaxies are more similar to anti-particles, with the maximal mass in the outer angular momentum of its dark matter=strangelet halo – Witten hypothesis, if the pedantic scholar asks).

It is for that reason that the Ðisomorphic method requires a much more detailed analysis then at each scale to obtain a full connection with the quantitative parameters of exact sciences… Once the philosophy of it is fully understood.

Our intuitive perception of the cyclical space-time regions and beings of the Universe, just’simplify’ into linearity the infinite time clocks of information of the Universe. Once this informative quality of time cycles disappears, reality which is a flow of time-space cycles, synchronized and chained to each other by organic functions disappears. And so man looses any understanding of the vital nature of the Universe, and starts to measure lineal motions as the meaning of it all. The vt=s, which has minimal information becomes then the regular form of knowledge, where the frequency and form of discontinuous time cycles disappears.

The second philosophy of science as a grand theory expanded beyond its limits is evolutionary selection. For evolutionists everything comes from the survival chaotic selection after things ‘happen’ with no plan or limits and alas, then we must find some convoluted explanation on why it happened to help survival. Not, so. The best case sample is the flat wing and the spherical eye, which are so complex by random chaotic mutation would never happen unless there are 3 topological limits and a constant check of form and function, S=T symmetry. Another case is gender, which does not increase the reproduction of the being (one-sex self-reproduction does, making fungi the most reproductive species). Gender is again an embedded characteristic of the ‘helicity’ and ‘mirror symmetry of the universe that emerges from all scales with no preferential one as its origin (in a cyclical Universe where from string to string in theory, from atom to galaxy in experimental proved analysis the immortality of infinite scales emerge once and again with subtle variations.

Emergence thus not constructionism or evolution is the causal game between scales.

The atomic galaxy is the humind perception of reality between the lower limit of the atom and the higher limit of the galaxy where experimental evidence is good enough to make experimental sound stience. The beyond can only be assessed metaphysically through the i-logic laws of Nature, and they bring as the most likely theory the existence of the ‘galactic atom’ – that is an infinite number of scales in the Universe; since it would be weird to think that mankind is perfectly symmetric in the total range of the Universe – that is, we are in the absolute center of scales, an obvious extension of the anthropomorphic theories of reality. Hence we postulate a Universe of absolute relativity:

In the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth as all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness, and so the enormous beauty of the fractal Universe implies that any part regardless of size will have a relative singularity-point around which a hyperbolic body-wave will iterate its cyclical motions under the same ‘isomorphic laws’ of reality – The power of the whole further on breaks any constructivist theory of it, as the whole can send to the lower planes information from the future to the past, which collapses the wave (electromagnetic theory).

Such local travels to the past are essential to allow the synchronicity between future to past systems that co-exist in fact in the same present even if the whole for the being who receives its information thinking it travels to it from the past (though it came we know for the whole point of view from the future) .

In the graph any non-E point or monad, ab. pov, is a perceptive focus of flows of non-euclidean energy and information that anchor it as a knot of time-space flows. If we call those flows generally a boson flow of entropic motion and information, the point will be an ¡º perceiver of those T.œ-¡ of smaller size. Then those povs will start to move through the 5Ðimotions of existence as anything else.

Ƥcales are similar NOT equal. How many scales? The discontinuous of finite infinities.

In the graph, the four dimensional volumes of space-time scale in a series of levels or planes of existiences, in which similar species play a similar game to scale upwards and downwards. The volumes of space-time, ∆º±1 scales around each Γ• Generator ternary system and singularity, is therefore the basic element of reality to classify it all in growing supœrganisms of increasing complexity, such as each new system humans perceive scientifically expands up and down the limits of the fifth dimension, in a game of growing russian dolls. 

We humans perceive as self-centred ∆º organisms, our mind languages and 4 scales above and below of which the ∆±4 scales.

So the question, as a full super organism has 10 scales, to fill its enclosure, is what is beyond our ‘open limits’ not perceived – where is the 10th dimension of the Universe, and its 9th dimension, as we humans are NOT ITS CENTER – mind singularity and membrane? 

We shall never know regardless of the big-bang theory that establish them:

In the graph, while it could be easily built a big-bang theory of a ‘cellular universe’ of galaxies and its networks, but all seems to indicate that such ‘full knowledge’ is more of a hyperbolic human ego-trip, as it is likely that each galaxy-atom we observe is just a extremely limited quantity of the whole, and so our analysis is still ego-centered, built with man at the center and an external ‘wall of fire’ membrane, whose time origin in the big-bang singularity can be pictured symmetrically in ‘simultaneous space, as the 10th dimension with the ‘big attractor’, pole of maximal informative=graivtational density in its center (left up graph). Below a more organic interpretation of what we perceive, eerily similar to the electric field of a ‘wave’ of light made of ‘photons’…

This of course is natural as all scales are self-similar so we can show analogies with all of them, but in true form there is not enough in-form-ation and should never be in the finite space and time of the human species to fully figure out what kind of system is the Universe. It doesn’t really matter As it is far more important than a ‘picture’ in still space of a larger piece of it, to understand its symmetries and inner laws.

So the largest scale, ∆-4 the cosmos is grounded on the ∆-4 infinitesimal ‘dark entropy and dark matter’, and its minimal non-perceived particles, (gravitons, neutrinos, strings, whose proper definitions and correct formalism we shall study in the first scalar analysis of the fourth line: ∆-4).

Next comes the galactic/atomic, ∆±3 scale, in which a galaxy composed of a central black hole, ∆+3: BH, itself grounded in the smallest densest particles of mass, ∆-3: quarks, controls its surrounding stars/electrons and inner vital space of electromagnetic and gravitational forces.

So in the next scale of reducing size converging into the human mind that observes it all, we see the relationship between ∆-2 solar systems and its ∆-2, ‘minimal part’, light and electrons (themselves dense fractal aggregations of photonic lights).

And in this scale we find associated to solar singularities, their ‘cyclical membranes’, rotating planets with more angular momentum… ∆-2: gaia, which we study in more detail through its three ages of evolution from the earth of life, Gaia proper, into the earth of man, history and soon to come the earth of metal machines.

So finally in our shrinking realisation of the game of supœrganisms, of decreasing complexity we arrive to the systems of life, ∆+1, among them humans, which are themselves made in its smaller parts of ∆-1, molecular RNA-DNA or in the organic arena, ∆+1 matter states made also of ∆-1 inorganic molecules.

And so finally we arrive to the ∆•º singularity of the cell, the mind of man also, being a network of cells, the brain. And so the brain-mind-neuronal network is where the ego and the human infinitesimal mind should exist.

The  fourth and final line of the site thus will study for each of the main fractal levels, ∆¡, and its ∃xi=st¡ences in the Universe, between the self-similar forms of an atomic nuclei made of light quarks with an overall positive charge and a galactic black hole likely to be a swarm of top quark++ frozen stars (Einstein’s expectations that a black hole should have a cut-off substance, a new type of ‘atomic matter’ of ‘high density’, becoming a ‘frozen star’, which the discovery of top quarks of similar density to black holes seem to prove); its main species:

∆-4 neutrinos, ∆-3, atoms, ∆-2,photons and electrons, ∆-1, molecules, ∆º cells… which happens to be the middle state of  perception of man, as an M³: monad-mind-mirror of the Universe, NOT as ego-centered humans think and anthropic physicists, because it is the absolute centre of the Universe, but because there is a perfect symmetry between ∆±1 range of informative perception for each ∆º being, both at ‘real level’ (galaxy and atom) and at theoretical level (Planck strings and cosmic strings)…

So above the cell/neuron of human perception we then grow upwards with the different ‘orientation’ of perception towards larger wholes, which changes to elliptic ‘darkness’.

And so we shall study first the human scales, with more detail (as the praxis of stience must serve mankind): ∆º cell, ∆+1 life (and its variations of inorganic ∆+1 matter states and ∆+1 human life), ∆+2, the world level, of which we shall study its temporal equation and three relative subspecies:

Past-life (gaia and its life supœrganisms)<Present-(History, the supœrganism of mankind in time)> Future (company-mothers of machines and its worldTsock networks of financial money), to finally enter in the higher scales of the Universe, ∆+3 galaxies and its relative cells, stars systems; considering finally the ∆+4, ‘philosophical’, metaphysical questions about the cosmos as we do not have enough proofs and will never have due to the limits of perception of systems reduced to 9 scales of the whole…



Correspondence Principle. 4D Relativity as a 5D limit reduces time to entropy and scales to a single plane.

The 5th dimension is also the key to resolve the pending questions of physical sciences. So, we shall respect the correspondence principle and translate the laws of relativity to 5D, to prove the veracity of both dimotions of time, which are needed together to fully account for all the possible ‘dimensional motions’ (ab. dimotions) of the scalar space-time Universe. Since the 4D formalism is the ‘limit’ of 5D physics, when we ‘discharge’ times=changes of information reducing all the types of change=time of reality to translation in space (entropy and locomotion) and its mathematical formula, v=s/t in Galilean relativity, S2=S2(x,y,z)-(ct)2 in Einstein’s Relativity. And when we ‘compress’ all the scalar planes of space-time of the fifth dimension into a single space-time plane continuum, discharging all its organic and sentient properties, which we shall soon show are a direct consequence of 5D metric functions.

So the reader who is impatient to compare both models can go to page 21 where we deal with Relativity.

He must be warned though that the expansion of our understanding of space and time produced by the introduction of the second pole of internal change=time, evolution of form, information, classically studied only in biology to that of external change, translation in space, studied in physics, is so vast that despite the cult to our Baconian ‘tribal idols’ of science, our ‘seers of time’ (Augustine’s definition of God), relativity physicists will seem to him, once he has suspended his beliefs long enough to digest with an open reason the basic laws of 5D children, making simple ‘worldlines’ on the sand with a single rudimentary stick – that of lineal temporal energy. Since indeed as Parmenides already proved, the one is a perfect sterile whole – a single time dimension cannot generate anything, but when we have two poles connected by the inverse properties of form=still space and time=motion, across multiple space of size=scale, this entangled trinity will account for the whys of every event and form of the Universe in ‘exist¡ence’.

Its 5 Principles. Masses & Charges as scalar space-time vortices. Unification of forces.

Time is what a clock measures’. ‘Time curves space into mass.’ Einstein

We apply the correspondence principle and prove that Einstein’s previous paradigm on 4D space-time, based in the following 5 postulates/functions, is the theoretical limit of 5D in a single light spacetime plane:

Relativity postulate that states we cannot distinguish motion=time from dimension=position=form=space, which in 5D we reduce to a simple formula, S≈T; we shall call the Paradox of Galileo (e pur si muove, e pur no muove) as he couldn’t explain why the Earth moves but we perceive it in mental space as a still dimension.

Denial of Newton’s Absolute space-time; as he said ‘Leibniz was right, but if so we have to start physics from its foundations’ and ‘I am the only physicist who believe there are ∞ time speeds in the Universe’, which we made explicit accepting Leibniz’s relational concept of spacetime, precursor of generational space-time, resumed in a sentence: ‘we are the scales of space we occupy and the cycles of time our existence lasts’.

Constancy of light speed, c that in a 4D single background plane of light space-time corresponding to the galaxy holds naturally, as light in a relational->Generational theory is the space-time of the galaxy, which generates through its ‘accelerated’ vortices of space-time in a crescendo of ever more dense scales, photons, electrons, quarks, atoms, molecules, matter states, cosmic bodies and black stars. Yet when we add a 5th Dimension sum of all those scales, c-speed becomes the limit when we reduce all the potential scales of the Universe to light space-time and the particles generated by it. And so we define a second metric function for all scales: Ts (Space size) x St (cyclical time frequency) = Constant; meaning smaller scales of space hold faster rotating particles, (black stars beyond the event horizon, where there is no longer ‘light’) or when moving in lineal fashion can go faster than light speed in scales below light or outside galaxies, (Bohm’s quantum potential of action at distance cause of entanglement, neutrinos outside galaxies.) As Si=Te maximizes SxT, both give the metric 5D function: Max. SxT=C, local to each Time§pace organism struggling to survive by Maximizing its St-in/form/ation & sT-energetic motion.

The principle of equivalence between Acceleration and mass, which we consider a strong principle, as a rotary accelerated vortex of space-time is a mass in the cosmological scale (ab. ∆+1), a thermodynamic Eddie in the human scale (∆º) or a charge in the quantum scale (ab.∆-1) Thus the principle can be written with parameters of space and time frequency as a case of 5D metrics, SxT=C, V(t)xR(s)=C, from vortices functions, to the 3D case, (M, C) = ω2 r3 /U.C. (G, k) which defines both charges and masses as quantum and cosmic vortices of 2 different 5D scales, whose G and k, Universal constants of S(curvature – Einstein’s formalism)= T(speed -: Newton’s), in 5D metrics have the measured 1039 difference of strength, solving the hierarchy problem. Since paradoxically, the smaller, faster rotating charge is more attractive than the larger slower galaxy. Further on, in 5D space time vortex metrics a proton shows to have a Schwarzschild Radius, showing the scalar similarity between galaxies, as ‘atoms’ of a hyper-universe and dark expansive energy, as ¥-radiation between them.

Energy-mass, E(t)óM(§) in Planck Units coils entropic lineal motion into collapsing matter, E->M. As when the accelerated dark entropy between galaxies collapses into galactic mass, warping one-dimensional motion into 3D mass vortices (hence balancing the expansion of intergalactic space, 75% of dark entropy, into 25% of mass vortices, as 3x1D entropy becomes 1x3D masses; leaving the total volume of the fractal immortal Universe unchanged. While its inverse process is a scalar big-bang when a spatial space-time vortex, hold in its attractive position as an accelerated clock of time-space becomes entropic motion, uncoiling its form into lineal motion: M->E, in any 5D scale of spacetime; from a particle’s Beta Decay, through a Nova explosion, a galactic quasar, or perhaps a cosmic big-bang, a ‘hyperbolic’ theory of the whole, which we shall doesn’t hold in 5D as it studies only the entropic expansion of intergalactic space, ignoring the balancing collapse of entropy into galactic masses, doesn’t pass the epistemological laws of truth – known case, experimental evidence beyond local measures, correspondence principle with the known-known laws of physics (conservation of energy and momentum and baryon numbers), and we falsify in the paper on Cosmology, concerned with the building up of an epistemologic sound model of the fractal, organic, immortal 5D cosmos.

Thus we call the new 5D model Absolute Relativity, as it adds to the relativity of motion (Galileo, Einstein) and Time evolution (Darwin), the relativity of scales, with no preferential one, despite human ‘ænthropic beliefs’ in an anthropic Universe with us at the center, and only intelligent, informative species, with entropy as the only time dimotion of everything else – which are just deformations of any mind’s ‘metric function’: O-Infinitesimal mind x ∞ Universe = Still mind-mappings (World). We call that ‘projection of humind’s limits into the larger, more complex whole, the ‘ego paradox’: ‘Every point of measure gauges reality from its distorted perspective as the largest, only intelligent center of the Universe, which it confuses with its still, infinitesimal mind-mapping’. A more sanguine word would be ‘Egocy:Ego=idiocy’ proper of all minds, which model reality with its shortcomings. In the human case the worldly profession of physicists, to make entropic weapons has heavily biased our view of the Universe.

RECAP. The metric function of balance and feed-back SóT, between the spatial, informative mental pole and the reproductive, cyclical motions of Time becomes the basis of Relativity and all physical motions, establishing the fundamental ‘beat’ of all local space-time organisms of the Universe. The principle of correspondence consider the 4th Dimensional formalism the limit of 5D in a single ‘space-time scale’, equivalent to Galileo’s formula, V=s/t which special relativity adapted to the ‘contraction’ (-ct) experimented when the speed of a system reaches the limit of our thermodynamic planes of space-time, on the border of the quantum/cosmological, ∆±3 plane or light space-time continuum and General relativity adapted to the cosmological, gravitational ∆+±4 plane of the fifth dimension; which requires for a full understanding a more advanced knowledge of 5D metrics and Physics. So we shall return latter to those themes and also deal with them in detail in our papers on cosmology and quantum physics.

In the galaxy the same balance happens between the vortices of mass-time and the entropic time expansion of energetic vacuum spatial information. In terms of the 3 ilogic dimotions of past-entropic time, future-informative time vortices, the intermediate state, combines both: What we call present time is the dynamic, feed-back repetition of reality which seems not to change because it repeats the same cycles. Physicists have reduced time to the dimotion of entropy, born of its worldly profession of making weapons and transport machines – even to the point of ignoring in the cosmos the balancing imploding informative action of gravitation that collapses vacuum energy into mass, so they can maintain that the Universe is only expansive vacuum between galaxies (the so called big-bang theory).


“I would like to emphasize something. The theories about the rest of physics are very similar to the theory of quantum electrodynamics: they all involve the interaction of spin 1/2 objects (like electrons and quarks) with spin 1 objects (like photons, gluons, or W’s) within a framework of amplitudes by which the probability of an event is the square of the length of an dimotion. Why are all the theories of physics so similar in their structure? There are a number of possibilities. The first is the limited imagination of physicists: when we see a new phenomenon we try to fit it into the framework we already have—until we have made enough experiments, we don’t know that it doesn’t work. So when some fool physicist gives a lecture at UCLA in 1983 and says, “This is the way it works, and look how wonderfully similar the theories are,” it’s not because Nature is really similar; it’s because the physicists have only been able to think of the same damn thing, over and over again.”

Richard Feynman. “QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter’

So what about the unification of the other forces in scalar couples? It follows immediately when we consider them the scalar symmetry and similarity of the 5 Dimotions of the galaxy:

The Scalar similarity between the strong force and the gravitational force ‘inside the atom-galaxy’, both attractive ‘only’ and the outer force of the galaxy (repulsive gravitation aka dark energy) and the outer force of the atom (electromagnetic repulsive expansive forces) is immediate as it is the parallelism between magnetism and gravitomagnetism (Heaviside’s discovery). While the weak force is NOT a force but the evolution of the families of particles between scales.

Because physicists only consider one scale and one time dimotion they are obliged to model all those forces, with lineal concepts reducing them all forcefully into an exchange of lineal particles, when they are clearly different forces. For example the weak force that happens in a single point transforming a particle into one o a higher scale of larger masses, is represented with a gap that ‘exchanges’ the W-particle, NOT as Fermi shown first, an evolution of a higher particle into a heavier one, that then suffers an entropic process of dissolution in 3 parts.

Such 5D variety of forces makes possible the organic functions and structure of self-similar atoms and galaxies. So we couple forces according to their ∆±1 ‘symmetry of scale’ as 5 forces equivalent to the 5 dimensional motions, ab. С, of physical systems within galaxies. They must be studied in dualities, belonging to two different scales – the cosmological, ∆+1 scale (gravitation & dark energy) and the ∆-1 quantum scale (strong force and electromagnetism); whereas the dualities relate gravitation and strong forces and electromagnetism and dark energy; while a transformative, ‘weak force’ trans-forms particles between 5D scales.

RECAP. Because all systems made of scales of vital space that last a tie cycle, they all have bio-topo-logic properties. So we need always 3 scalar perspectives that give 3 symbiotic properties. In the galaxy thus we talk of: 1. A scalar view that defines the galatom, by similarity of the atomic and galactic scale unified with 5D metric.

  1. A Human view that defines the galaxy, our present single perspective with a single light spacetime continuum.
  2. A Galactic view that defines a ‘galacell’(nt.1) that is the galaxy as an organism, controlled by ‘DNA-like’ black stars. So we can now study the galaxy as an organic system with its 5 Dimotional, organic networks of forces.

Haldane one said, the universe is more complex and strange than humans can understand or even imagine… Yet its basis are amazingly simple – a property of fractals that by self-repetition and recombination originate from a very simple Generator equation, infinite variations of the same theme: the scalar supœrganism.

The symmetry of scale between the 2 families of mass: uds, strange and bct, top decuplets.

In the graph we can see how this dark, gluon-top quark soup (toplet liquid) of a gas-9 reaction (black star quasar explosion), neatly reclassifies properly the 3 families of increasing mass in the Universe:

The reordering of the strange and top quark triangles of mass define the symmetry between the ∆-1 and ∆+1 scales of ‘atoms and galaxies’, in terms of its ∆-1 components (quarks).

The existence of 2 x 3 mass families responds to:

  1. the ternary topologic & scalar symmetry between the 3 parts of the organic galaxy – Halo of strangelets, nucleus of Black star stars and vital space of ud-light atoms and…
  2. The duality of quantum particles and cosmic galatoms:

The human scale Light atoms are made of ud quarks. Heavy black cb-atoms atoms make the cosmic black star scale. Whereas the Strange and Top quark, act as the ‘central nucleus’ of the most perfect, heavier stars, pulsars, and largest, galactic black ‘stars’ (black stars), whose 3 varieties we shall study latter in great detail.

Informative ∆±1 forces. Scalar similarity between protons and black stars, strong and gravitational forces.

In the graph ∆-1: ud quarks = ∆+1 cb quarks. ∆-1: Gluons = ∆+1 mesons. ∆-1: protons = ∆+1 black stars.

Thus, the force that transforms particles between scales, responsible for the 4th Ðimotion of evolution and generation of heavier particles or its 5D inverse Devolution is the weak force that mediates all those processes. It is not really a force but an evolutionary process that happens in a single point of space (right side), where the intermediate state of higher energy mass (W, z, H boson) gives birth to heavier fermions.

Strong and gravitational ¡±1 forces are similar in the limiting ±¡ quantum and cosmological scale. They both ‘absorb’ and in-form into denser entities, lighter particles, to collapse them in the central black stars=cosmic nucleon region or quarks=quantum nucleon regions: From left to right, the identity between the nonet of gluons and mesons on both scales, the WRONG procedure of reductionist physics, which models all forces with the lineal concept of electromagnetism through an exchange of particles, as the weak force happens in a single point, hence it is a transformation guided by information; in the right the proper way to understand particle-antiparticles, as the relative dimotion of life and death that closes a physical world cycle (Feynman).

In graph, the hypothesis of work for the model of the fractal Universe is simple: a galaxy is self-similar to an atom, and so are the different forces interacting within and outside them:

1.The strong force is similar to the gravitational force in the extremal conditions of the black star. Reason why both are non-lineal.

2, The ¥ force is similar to the expansive dark energy between galaxies, which therefore is NOT the same force than gravitation, reason why the expansion between galaxies is a lineal force and it is similar to electromagnetism

3.The weak interaction is NOT a Locomotion, force but a process of evolution of particles, guided by the Dimotion of information, reason why it happens in the same spacetime, and so its bosons, W, Z, H are ‘states’ of the same particle, NOT carriers.

4.The proton has in 5D the same metric that a black star, is self-similar to a black star, with a Schwarzschild radius. So happens with the electron in its particle state (Carter). We will expand on ‘black star stars’ latter.

  1. Antiparticles are the inverse death=entropy moment of particles=lifetime, reason why we see less of them in terms of an ST-dual perspective, as we see less ‘dying corpses’, which is an event that last a quanta of time that living beings, which last longer. So since S-populations of particles-organisms and antiparticles-corpses are the same but its time duration is different, T(p)>> T(anti-p), ST(p)>>ST(anti-p). To that fact we add the fact that if we model, as we shall do black stars as Tbc quark stars of the heavy decuplet, as CERN recently found up Bottom and charm quarks that should form heavier Dark atoms, decay more often into particles of our ‘lighter’ ∆-1 light scale. Because time is cyclical and local, and the dimotion of future information is inverse to the local dimotion of past-entropy that dissolves form, we represent as Feynman did, antiparticles as local travels to the past.

We model black stars as protons of a larger ‘galactic scale’, strong forces as extremal gravitational forces, gluons as mesons, dark energy as electromagnetism and complete by self-similarity ALL the questions of physics, as we either perceive from within the “galacell”, the internal region of an atom, and outside the atom, the external region of the galacell. So the identity between the nonets of gluons in the strong force and mesons in the larger scale of quarks, coupled with the concept of particles-antiparticles forming a local world cycle renders a clear-cut theory of black stars as protons of a larger scales, in which the transformation through the weak force of light matter into heavier quark matter will produce a black star star of heavy dark matter; whose heavy quarks happen to decay a 20% more often into particles than antiparticles (CERN), resolving the p-¬p problem.

An interesting fact of the whole scalar model is that our galaxy seems to be an antigalatom, as most of the mass is in the halo, NOT in the nucleus, which is in accordance with a fundamental law of 5D scales: O¡-1>|¡; the inversion of function and form between scales. I.e. proteins are lineal but in the next ‘scale’, the cell, they form the cyclical membrane; but cells in the next scale form lineal networks, which in the next scale of the whole are warped by a spherical membrain.

The quark-gluon model and its meson extension to the ∆+1 black star inner region of strong gravitation.

This symmetry extends to its combined forms, as gluon become symmetric to mesons. So in the atomic scale, the carriers of the internal strong force are color+anticolors=gluon particles-antiparticles, ‘feeding’ the reproduction of quarks. While in the cosmic scale the carriers of the strong gravitational force inside ‘black stars’ (black stars) are the nonet of particles+antiparticles pairs = mesons, feeding through weak forces (W, Z, H bosons) heavier BT quarks. So we are talking of the strongest ‘Tt-feeding’ dimotion of the Universe. The attraction that quarks have is an action of feeding; the antiparticle state is a state of dying, which in 5D pentalogic can be seen also as a devolution back to a simpler past, hence a travel to the past. And here again the fact that humans see it all in terms of its ternary charge clocks as present space and time, stop and go discontinuous perception makes difficult to streamline all those events. But essentially what we observe if we were to invert the S=T perception of those events, fixing the gluons in still-form and moving the predator quarks, is the motion of a quark that feeds into a gluon and changes its form to a different quark. So the strong force is a feeding force that transforms an U quark into a D quark by absorption of a gluon, and so on. We can only outline here this fertile field for future 5D:

Chromodyhnamics revis(it)ed.

The first remark that quarks should possess an additional quantum number – read a new Dimotion of existence – was made in connection with Ω hyperons composed of three strange quarks with parallel spins (this situation was peculiar, because since quarks are fermions, such combination is forbidden by the Pauli exclusion principle). But, if 3 strange quarks have parallel spins and occupy the same region in space is that we are seeing according to the S=T paradox of Galileo in a ‘temporal interpretation’, the same strange quark in time, confused with a quark in space. This was the proper way to look at it, if a theory of cyclical time and 5D metric had been known. As it was NOT with a single ‘human, electronic time’ clock the enormous speed of the strange quark existential cycles that make us confuse both time and space states was not considered. The second hint that we might be in a time event situation came with the charge of quarks which was 1/3rd a mystery unresolved. But if we were to see those quarks as ‘time states’, its addition gave us a full charge. Here though a subtle analysis shows that the 3 time states of quarks reduce to two in as much as if we confine our study to the human scale of masses (otherwise this would get too complicated), we observe a basic chain of events, Up->down->Up (proton)->down->up->down (electron), and taking any two of them, we obtain a 1 positive=attractive or negative=repulsive charge event: Up (+2/3rd->-1/3rd ) Down is really a change of 1 negative charge and down->up the reverse change of a positive charge, with either the absorption or the emission of an electron. So if we adopted the ‘inverse view’ of the ‘force’ being static and the particle moving to feed on it or spit it, we would see NOT two particles but one particle moving and transforming itself. This is the essence of S=T dualities. We can either see ‘us moving’ in time, or we ‘static in space’ with the world moving for us. The choice of what is real then is defined as usual but a set of trilogic or pentalogic rules (depending on how deep we want to go into the logic of a system).

We can give a hierarchy for the lineal thinker on those rules in terms of ‘scale’ view:

1st: ∆ø: Occam’s razor: what is a simpler formalism is preferred even if detail is lost. And so as it is simpler that Earth moves and the sun is still, that we move and the planet is still to calculate those dual motions-forms. S=T.

  1. ∆+1: Objective rule: Another rule is the fact that the bigger form, with denser information is more still (a key concept of Absolute relativity: information, form is shared in entangled stillness). And so the smaller form moves.

3rd: ∆-1: Subjective rule. The @-humind’s frame of reference, even if it is smaller is the most convenient for praxis.

But the proper way is to consider all the 3 perspectives and choose for each case a view. Then from the humind’s perspective that has a charge event as its ‘quanta of time’, ±e, the correct perception of the ‘faster’ SxT=C, smaller quark world is a dual time event up->down, down->up as a single quark absorbing or emitting an electron – a ‘transformation’ back and forth of the ages of the quark; which keeps them in immortal S=T balanced state; while its quark->antiquark events are ‘death events’ that result in pure Tt-entropy.

Yet what mostly causes those hadrons to be dead events as all in the Universe, the more so with so long lasting particles is the feeding on those quarks by a larger quark. And this is the equivalence (see graph) with the similar ‘feeding’ observed in the proton microcosms of larger u, d quarks in smaller gluon and antigluons that are quarks and antiquarks of an even smaller scale! And so this symmetry between the hypo-universe of gluons=quarks, the universe of quarks=quarks and the hyperuniverse of quarks=gluons that feed the bcb-atoms of the larger Universe is one of the strongest proofs that the number of scales of the Universe are immortal.

Another theme though huge in depth and marvels is the ‘distortions’ that an observer of the hyperuniverse will see if some lunatic researcher with a mystical strike for big questions took our galaxy and zoomed it with amazing hyperuniversal forces to c-speed bombing other galaxy to see spooky effects, namely how we can see a star racing as a photon, or what would be the effect of heating our poor galaxy and frying billions of human beings as physicists do with the hypouniverse, just to get some digital precission measure in their hyperuniverse.

s-matrix theory and the millennium prize

We see a quark as a form-motion in the time we see an electron either as a motion or form, because the quark cycle of time from U to D state encompasses the generation of an electromagnetic charge cycle. I between what is for the quark a Dimotion of time – the electrton change of state, U±e=D become space-form in our electronic mind view of the Universe. So the time-path of an U-e-D motion is equivalent to 1 electron lifecycle in space.

It follows we cannot separate two quarks. We can kill a quark and then we shall observe it mutating into antiquark and dying, confused again with a dibaryon particle, which are emitted by the quarks.

In that regard, the founder of the discipline Gell-Mann rightly proposed a S-matrix approach to quarks In which space and time break down as we know it, and could be reversed to find a simpler picture. While the time view seems to prove definitely that the 3 quark events cannot be separated, for can you separate your youth from your old age? I therefore claim the million $ prize given by the Clay institute to anyone who proves confinement, seriously (:

All in all the time clocks of quarks are twice the speed of the time clocks of eleectrons, reason we see two quark in an event for each electron present.

How this works then can be seen from the different trilogic perspectives of the S=T Galilean paradox.

Present electronic view: from the point of view of the duration of the present electron charge-time (as charge is a time clock, a vortex of cyclical motion), the event is the equivalent period of transformation of a quark into another one, either emitting and hence expanding charge in the interval down->up, or absorbing charge, hence shrinking space. So we can write a ternary symmetry:

Max. ð: Quark < ðo: Electron < Min. ð: Light

Which in turn means the quark ‘temporal force’ is stronger than the electron (by 137 times), which is stronger than the Light (137 times: inverse of the fine constant)… Which can be seen in terms of ¡-scales also as a whole made of parts:

Quarks < ∑ electrons < ∑ light bosons.

As light is trapped both in the ∆-galaxy by the event horizon of the black star in the outer membrain (halo of dark matter) and the inner membrain of the BCB star.

The principal numbers define the energy of the system, whose ternary topologies are given by the l-number that shapes its membrane, self-centered in the spin-number, or singularity, socially evolved, into an ¡+1 group by the magnetic number

It is then when we can consider a larger symmetry to compare the well known disk of stars and the less known vital space of an atom, and deduce that only the S1 and S2 orbitals of maximal density-energy of information ARE REAL dense ‘star-like’, photon traps. And so each of them is s an arm of the spiral galaxy which if we would accelerate the whole galaxy and consider its lateral twists obviously will fill up a sphere, while the next orbitals are NOT dense light-star like bosons but ‘electromagnetic radiation as the up and down orbitals of the galaxy with similar form to p-orbitals show.

It is then a very different way to explain physics, regardless of the fact mathematically we can use several kaleidoscopic mirrors of its inflationary languages.


The reader will forget my lack of order in the exposition of the many themes regarding the 5 Dimotions of physical systems. Let us now consider a key element – its organic nature, which does not prevent its mathematical description – a common error of literalist physicists who think if the mirror in mathematics is a ‘matrix’ then the matrix cannot describe ‘organic functions’ – as it in fact does, Paul Dirac’s matrices describe left and right handed particles and antiparticles, informative spin heads and so on.

What we need then is to have enough organic understanding of reality and mathematical understanding of the properties of equations to ‘match’ those equations with the vital properties of physical systems. Let us see some examples of this:

The 5 Dimotions of timespace. A vital interpretation.

The first Dimotion, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a boson form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing together.

Ts≥ST≥St«Tsep by Step moving ahead from potential through wave into particle,  moving onto a constant ternary fluctuation we might call a  Simple Harmonic Motion: Ts>ST>St…

Let us then start considering how the 5 Dimotions of timespace, locomotion; its inverse, information, its combination, hyperbolic iterative, reproductive waves, and its lower disordered planes of death, entropy (max. scattering, disordering motion) an organic upper, entangled wholes (5ht dimension of social evolution of discontinuous parts into wholes) define the entangled organic Universe, and why HUMANS do NOT perceive it as such due both to a historic limited evolution of the discipline, and the embedded egocy of man, who gauges information from its point of view, hence deforming its perspective, thinking of himself, the center of it all.

The i-logic of the Universe is pentagonal, meaning times have always 5 ‘paths of future’ a system can choose. Time is MOTION=CHANGE, what physicists study is a single time ‘dimotion’ of future, locomotion, since Galileo defined ‘speed’ v=s/t with time. So in that so simple view of ‘brief time’ motion is absolutely deterministic. That is the pride of physicists. To think they can determine the motion of beings. And they do. But that is ONLY one motion=change of reality. One path. Call it speed or lineal inertia, say it is deterministic or a ‘conserved quantity’.

That would be though a boring Universe. From that ‘reduced’ Universe physicists have come to truly think they know it all – hence their belief they are soo intelligent that transpires in the attitude of so many of them…

The second dimotion they discovered in the XIX century was entropy. Entropy is very closely related to lineal inertial motion, but it is let us put it this way the absolute maximal motion in space aptly symbolized with S. Entropy is so much about motion that it becomes explosive, Big Bang, scattering motion. Now the ‘form’ of the being is not even conserved, it is explosive motion that breaks the internal ‘form, information’ of the being. So it is the motion of death. All your parts explode away and your information dies. So they said the Universe is dying  and they kept on killing it as what they do is manufacture machines that move in lineal paths (transports) or worse, machines that produce entropy-scattering motions-death aka weapons.

But there are 3 more DIMOTIONS of time, modes of change, which are the positive, creative, informative, social, loving dimotions not the 2 simple, destructive negative, dimotions of motion and entropy which they DO study: 3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them.

The universe reinforces the program of the 5 dimotions of time with sensations the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (DIMOTION of social evolution) to orgasm (dimotion of reproduction) to perceive (dimotion of information) than to run (dimotion of motion) and to kill (dimotion of energy feeding).

But are they the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT. Those 5 ‘dimotions’ of timespace (a better word composed of dimensional motion, to define each of the 5 dimotions of time), exist in all systems of Nature, as we can observe them in life. They in fact define the 5 dimotions of life in biological terms, as life is defined as a system of 5 Dimotions able to process information, feed on energy, move, reproduce and evolve socially. 

Yet they ARE also the 5 Dimotions of quantum particles, both quarks and electrons, ‘expressed’ by the 5 quantum numbers that code each one, a dimotion of space-time as the attached graph shows:

The minimal particle-points,  electrons and quarks, which construct all other systems of our Universe show 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms.

So all systems of the Universe  ARE vital, each one perceiving reality with a different language that mirrors it; topological images in physical systems from bosons to crystals; verbal words in human beings; 4 genetic letters in cells; 4 quantum numbers in particles. Each entity is therefore a Timespace organism of 5 Dimotions and ALL try to achieve as the goal of the sentient organic Universe the ‘highest dimotion’ of social evolution. So particles come together into atoms that come together into molecules that come together into planetary and life organisms that come together into galaxies that come together into the organic networks of the Universe.

ONLY man obsessed since physicists took over as high priests of time with its shallow ‘brief history’ of those 5 ‘deep dimotions; made of the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion the meaning of its existence. Because he has shown himself unable to love even his own species and emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms…

Physical systems do obey the same laws that biological ones because their ultimate elements, particles follow the 5 dimotions=vital actions of all systems in ‘exi=stience’ and this happens because a system that doesn’t gauge information for his particle/head, moving entropically over a disordered ‘larger’ plane, as it displaces towers a field of energy for its iterative body wave; using the extra energy to reproduce its form into a clone system does NOT survive.

So regardless of nature all systems must ‘automatically’ perform those 4 dimotions of timespace to exist (the number of synonymous words, dimotions, vital actions, timespace dimotions, dimensional forms, we use are many but all mean the same – a combination of motion and form with a vital function that ensures the program of survival of the being).

But entropy=death is not coded for the being, but born of errors of reproduction and external predators that feed on it. Since it happens through the process of energy taking. In physics, basically by collision of Momenta, from where the species with more momenta predates on the other (the planet absorbs the rock, the black star the star, etc.).

So momenta is the equivalent to our concept of existential force, i.e. Max. S x T, in this case maximal V(Ts) x Maximal M (St). And we shall return to that equation latter when we properly define the vortices of time-cycles of physical systems (masses, charges) and unify them. What matters here is to notice we can and must to give meaning translate the concepts of physics to observe what they mean and why they exist – to perform the vital dimotions of those physical systems.

Finally the 3 scales of any system of reality are:

œ-1: action or cell, fractal finitesimal of the whole in time or space; Œ, whole, U, Universal World.
Those simple symbols suffice to explain the basic logic structure and transformations of ternary 5D space-time systems, departing from its ‘spatial simultaneous structure’, its 3 time ages and its 3 co-existing organic scales:

∆-1(cellular/atomic scale)>∆:organic-thermodynamic scale>∆+1: social, cosmic scale:

St (Spatial toroid limbs-fields)≤ ExI (Hyperbolic body-waves)≤it(head-particles of information)≈

Ps (young, past entropic age > ExI: adult, present, iterative age > St: old informative, future age:

∆-1>∆>∆+1 (5D scales)≈ Ts≤ExI≤St (space organs) ≈ Ps≥ExI≥ƒt (time ages)

Actions as STeps:  SEQUENTIAL GAME

But how truly the long time motion of a worldcycles of exist¡ence, reduces to lower ‘scale’ of mere actions of the being, which makes steps of motion from a young to a mature to an old state, from its spatial limbs to its body to its particle of information (as we can always mirror a flow in time to an adjacent population of space)? It is easy to see it if we consider the worldcycle the sum of its minimal motions or ‘actions’.

The first Ðisomorphism, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a bosonic form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing together.

Ts≥ST≥St«Tsep by Step moving ahead from potential through wave into particle,  moving onto a constant ternary fluctuation we might call a  Simple Harmonic Motion: Ts>ST>St…

The final step thought, is a dissolving step, « which balances the two motions of information, from youth and limb to body, and then old age/particle: Ts≥ST≥St…

The conclusion is obvious:

Everything is alive, having the 4 properties of vital beings, which are in the smallest particles, which ‘sense’=gauge information, and so will systems composed of them, from animals to plants, from humans to robots that are now showing without being programmed clear sentient capacities – so for example, eyes move faster in robotic races towards the red color that ‘codes’ motion. All feed on energy, so particles jump to trap their energy-light. All evolve socially, so particles organize with magnetic fields.
And soon we shall see that ALL particles-heads DISPLAY at least 2 openings, one axial opening the ear-magnetic poles to absorb and emit a language of information and organize socially; and a flat mouth opening on the path of its motion to absorb the gravitational-quantum potential-food of the system.
This bare minimum then might decouple in ternary apertures as humans do with 3 senses (eyes, ears, nose), and so on, but the basic configuration of systems with a head that perceives energy and information, a body-wave that moves in a larger world that provides the pixels for its actions happens in all systems of Nature, physical, biological and we shall see ‘sociological’ (though we see the superorganisms of history from within as citizens-cells).
The humble reader must accept the obvious: we are as all what exists a time space organism and as such we share the properties of all other systems of the Universe. Our anthropomorphic ego-trip though is so in-rooted in the essence of the mind latter studied in detail that we deny Dimotions of information to all other species.

And yet we as life beings are just a grouping on a higher social scale of those Ðimotions. For example, the magnetic Ðimotion of social evolution that guides atoms is the same guidance used by salmons to return home in mass-groups, observing it from the cosmological Earth’s scale. The perception of the mind of man, with electronic eyes is the same that the one of a camera and tv-retina reason why we indeed communicate with those machines. Once you drop your sense of uniqueness naturally the common nature of all Dimotions and beings comes.

The two limits of sensation are the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion and the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with an H-constant of spin/informative gauging and a c²-constant speed, which are the ultimate components of the complementary reality of the Universe of light space-time.


The organic view of physics introduces logic and mathematical relationships of symmetry between ∆≈S≈T, deduced from the Paradox of Galileo. Systems are harmonic in scale, space and time and that is the reason they work in synchronicity. Quantitatively the theme intrigued theorists for very long. The proof is simple, as seen in Planck units, the non-human units of physics. We observe then the ∆=S=T symmetry of the perceived Universe, which is NOT the whole Universe but merely the Universe we perceive with light. So the density of scales, time duration and space distance we observe are the same, as an electronic-light species limited in the 3 parameters by our c-speed ∆-3 information bit:

Observable Universe      Planck units           Equivalents

Age                1060 tP                   13.8 × 109 years

Diameter             0.8 x 1061 lP            1010 light-years

Mass                                         1.4 x1060 mP                    1080 protons


Thus light ‘dies away’ in a diameter of 1060 quanta of time. after 1060 bits of information, each one taken place in those quanta, calculated as the time it takes to cross the distance of the electronic atom in which it is trapped as a dense photon of its nebualae means in space that is the distance we perceive of the Universe’s diameter. The coincidence thus is yet another quantitative proof that the big-bang is not a cosmic big-bang since its horizon of the observable universe merely measures the limit of light life.

Its symmetry of scale implies that mass is the cosmological scale that ‘bounds together’ all the other forces of the Universe, which ultimately comes from the biological radiation of Plancktons since in Einstein’s equations mass as the highest ‘plane of space-time’ of the galaxy inputs every other force and element of reality we must conclude that the expansion in space and time has a parallel expansion in ‘depth of scale’ through the fifth dimension and this is what mass measures. A fascinating concept that makes reason of EFE and some of its complex field. Consider the case bellow: the parallelism between GEM fields of gravitation and magnetic dipoles:

We can observe that the fields are similar but the gravitomagnetic effect caused by gravitation is exactly inverse, ‘perpendicular’ in 1D to the magnetic force, as if it were feeding on it.

Gravitation then could be considered on the scale of languages that arouse from the initial strong force of the ‘micro-galaxy=atom nuclei’, the last of the decametric ‘emergences’ of social lanwaves that occur in the physical organism of the galatom, ever less ‘stronger’, of which the 2 first ‘scales’ are obvious as they have a decametric difference: The ‘strong force’ emerges into the residual nuclear force, which emerges in the electromagnetic force 100 times weaker. As we scale up those forces ±36 times, and expand space, the force weakens time slows down and the particle becomes the galaxy.

On the other hand the nuclear force between nucleons is around 107 stronger than those of molecules.

We are, we repeat, not so much interested on an exact quantitative analysis for a full ‘synchrony’ of those scales according to ‘number of scales’, number of ‘dimensions in space’ and number of ‘frequency cycles in time’ of each of them – a task I started in my youth but abandoned because of the enormous number of calculations to perform in an age with limited concourse of computer algorithms. It is a field for future AI or human 5D researchers; but the implications in terms of ‘the weakness’ of emergence and hence ‘enormous 5D’ latitude between the ‘minimal population quanta of the galaxy’ its quark and electron particle, and the larger whole. No wonder that the calculations of Chromodynamics are so complex; even if we just observe ‘bulky’ parts of the whole micro-galatom. It is on my view a waste of time and money from a humanist point of view of what truly should matter to mankind.

In the human realm, the 107 difference between molecular forces and nucleonic ones is also remarkable. It essentially makes the atomic nucleus inviolable from the human perspective of carbonlife – a chemical world.

Thus the planes of space-time of the galaxy or any other organism are quite ‘subdivded’; island Universes , difficult to penetrate beyond the waves of forces and physiological networks that transit them. But we shall find as we study those forces always enough of them for each scale to perform its 5 Dimotions.



Let us consider the structure of the supœrganism of the galaxy, in the same fashion we have studied all other supœrganisms of the Universe, using its generator equation; for simplicity in the following order, its spatial 3 parts, its, evolutionary 3±∆ ages, and its S-point, the central black star of maximal information that connects it as a ‘whole’ with the upper scale of the 5th dimension, the world of dark matter and energy, beyond it.

Of course, we shall have to correct some errors and anthropomorphic postulates topic of all human sciences, which will make ‘scholars’ feel offended, but we are not concerned with the theories of the day but the larger truth of the structure of reality. So far, so good, within the Galaxy, we must affirm ‘don’t worry be happy’, humans have done for a change a good job. There is a limit of c-speed, the action of space-time of the galaxy; there is a temporal clock structure, mass, which slows down its time clocks as it grows bigger (even in the minimal scale in which mass is meaningful, that of living supœrganisms, so the clocks of smaller masses – rats tick much faster than those of the big elephants).

Let us then add vital topology and 5D scales as fractal organic properties to any galaxy, according to the known facts of astrophysics, in which black stars dominate most its creative prpcesses. So we compare by the disomorphism of scale the galaxy to a cell in a much larger scale, with mitochondria stars, of light ud-matter which end up being devoured and becoming the energy for the creation of black stars, the informative vortices, equivalent to the DNA, that swarm in huge numbers in the central nuclei and control its shape and provoke the reproduction of stars, with its in-formative gravitational waves.

DNA invaginates with Golgi conducts vital cytoplasm it exploits, surrounded by the faster membrane of proteins, which act in its formal position as a membrane. The magnetic field surrounds the charge and encloses the vital space of electromagnetic fields the charges controls. So happens with a planet protected by its magnetic field that steams out of the central charge and surrounds it. And the galaxy has in its center a black star.

And it is surrounded by a halo of dense fast rotating strangelet quarks, so the stars and planets within it will become converted into black stars in Nova explosions or strangelets, when nuclear Physicists, programmed to extinguish the species according to the Fermi paradox, busy-busy recreates big bangs on Earth to ‘prove’ their absurd entropy-only theories of the Universe

Galaxies are super organisms constantly reproducing new stars, in its mitochondria, guided by an informative field, gravitation, dominated by quark-like, strange stars and top quark black stars, forming a symmetry with its lower scales of dark entropy (tachyon, neutrino? beams, that stretch intergalactic space to z>c). We can see many of the homologies of the galaxy atom, which at ∆±3 clearly formed an isomorphism of scale that related them both as mind-singularity (quark top black star stars) and elements of the ‘strangelet-halo of hard proteins’ and mitochondrial region of ud, light particles, or atoms, which we inhabit, in the ∆º±1 thermodynamic scales.

Kerr rotary black stars would be top quark frozen stars with positive charge and same density at macro-scale than a black star acting as a relative ‘proton’ acts in an atom in the center of the galaxy. Once we had the ‘solutions’ (Kerr black stars), the study of those holes was limited by the c-speed turning event horizons, which ‘absorbed’ the light of electromagnetic matter after exploding it, and ‘digested’ it via the weak force, creating heavier particles.

While the halo is made of strangelet quarks (negative charged), acting in this symmetry between the 3 families of mass and 3 regions of the galaxy, as a relative negative ‘electron’ cover, with the ud-stars and planets in the middle. In the graph, following Einstein’s search for cut off substances for black stars and Witten hypothesis of a halo made of strangelets, the most likely structure of galaxies, according to 5D scalar symmetries and the efficient, economic laws of Nature (Ockham’s razor): primordial black star stars are born exceedingly hot and active, as all ‘seminal species’ in a lower scale of size, on the Compton wavelength as heavy positive TCB quark atoms, while similar forms made of lighter strange quarks form negative halos of strangelet matter, which become from the point of view of the hyper-universe ‘galatoms’ with proton-like positive nuclei and electron like strangelet halos. Einstein asked for a cut-off substance, or ‘atom of black stars’, which he could not guess at the time as quarks had not been found, but now we hint that black stars are as he thought ‘frozen stars’ of the heaviest quark families (bct quarks), and that should be the ‘realist modeling’ of black stars. As bct quarks appear in growing numbers in accelerators, tiny black stars then should be produced on them, in any of its possible varieties of dark matter that range from strangelets (s-quarks) to toplets (TTT-quarks), through its Higgs decay (H=Top + anti top quark).

The previous graph with its ternary elements, the Halo-membrane of maximal extension in space, which leaves energy and information enter through a cyclical space-time region, the plane of stars, towards a center of information, is the fundamental system of the Universe, already described by Descartes, who said all is made of res extensa (space), cyclical vortices of time space and a central point of reference that measures reality or ‘mind’. So the galaxy centered in a black star (and the similar atom with its electronic cover, centered nucleus of mass, and intermediate space-time where forces of gravitation and electromagnetism are constantly exchanged) we have just described logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, but isomorphic to any biological, social system – the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, self-centered entities of time-space that put together create the puzzle of the Universe.

The organic, fractal, symmetric, hylomorphic, economic, ‘real’ model of the immortal, infinite, scalar Universe.

It is a simple model that physicist could have found, if they were not under the straightjacket of lineal time and the egocy problem of most human beings that prefer complicated arguments and believe in the routines they have learned. Since the question to resolve was the cause of the background radiation, once the expansion and implosion of vacuum and matter balanced each other, as 3 lineal dimensions of vacuum space, packed into a single unit of mass, one had only to follow the epistemological laws of truth in science and don’t cheat them looking into the past or the infinite for explanations that must be found here and now.

If you see a patient with 37 degrees you look for the internal activity of its cells that cause that temperature, you don’t tell him 37 degrees is his temperature because he has been cooling out since its birth when it was 37 billion degrees hot. He will think you are mad and yet that is the madness of our physicists. Alas, I found to my surprise that there is an object, which exactly produces that radiation at that temperature. A black star that produces a red shift radiation whose temperature varies according to its mass. But 2.17 k degrees is exactly the temperature a black star of the mass of a moon, the commonest size planetoid of the galaxy has. Ego the obvious cause of the radiation, observed in the galaxy only as we don’t measure it outside (it is worth to repeat it several times because when dealing with lineal STupids who don’t take it lightly is like talking with children – you need to repeat thinks so they finally understand. Of course there are moons with similar weights everywhere, but slightly different. However fundamental particles as electrons, quarks or black stars are, do have an exact mass as they are more perfect, quasi-identical, so when a primordial black star (the smallest type theoretically consistent but not yet found, as physicists haven’t thought of them to solve the background radiation’s origin) eats a moon planetoid just burps out the excess of matter once it has reached its stable size-form. So we are in a galaxy which has millions of those smallish black stars or a similar ‘nugget of ultradense quark strange matter’ producing that radiation. In fact galaxies are organisms whose purpose – physicists are coming to accept it, is to produce black stars and quark dark ultraheavy matter, which is everywhere. So this is part of the process. In the same manner cells are systems whose ribosomal ‘stars’ produce RNA and DNA that then migrate to the center of the galaxy, the galaxy is a system that makes those quark ultradense gravitational particles, strangelets of dense strange quarks, black stars which have the same density-mass of top quark stars.

The graph along that of the 5 dimotional forces of the Universe and its parallelisms between the top and strange matter decuplets and the nonet of gluons and mesons are the cornerstone of 5D astrophysics. Its ∆=S=T=@ symmetries within its ¬ limits, between ∆±¡ scales of matter, ST-forces that become St- languages, exchange of Ss-particles that become Tt-feeding actions distills all its beauty and power of the game of exist¡ence in physics. But again here it comes lineal thinking to deny it… and tinkering and bizarre analysis of black stars not as ultradense top quark stars but as entelechies without substance, mathematical equations only. Einstein also rebelled against that and said till we didn’t find a cut-off substance of which black stars were made he wouldn’t believe in them and called them ultraheavy frozen stars. We did find after his death top quarks that match at the lower scale the density of black stars at the larger scale, so obviously black stars are top quark stars and we find the beautiful symmetry between the 3 type of quarks and the 3 parts of the galaxy, with a center of top quark black stars, in between our light ud-mass and in the protein like harder surface or membrane, the dense lineal strangelets. And so that explains also dark matter. Alas, without inventing new particles, without inventing lineal equations, to explain things from the past, we have solved all the questions of the model of an immortal universe, infinite, made of scales. The next graph shows that economic, hylomorphic Universe, made of known matter and symmetric forms – 2 other key proofs of truth along simplicity – since we use only what we know there is on it:

In the graph a 5D Organic Universe of fractal ternary ‘scales’ of parts and wholes, which respects the ‘entropic limits of human perception’ and does NOT invent more particles than the experimental method has discovered, nor twists its laws of time and space, trying to explain the experimental facts we observe now with lineal equations traced ad hoc to a remote past or expands human ‘egocy’, considering all local laws and proofs to be global – such as the local BG radiation, or the ‘entropic dimotion of expansive spacetime’ as the only one; makes sense of every element of the universe through scalar symmetries, between the 3 families of mass and 3 regions of the galaxy defining the Galaxy as an organism, similar to all other systems, with a ‘membrane’, the halo of dark matter made of ultradense strangelet quarks (negative charged), similar to the negative ‘electron’ cover of an atom, with the ultra light ud-quark stars and planets in the middle, similar to the empty space of the atom crossed by ¥-rays and gravitation, and the ultradense black star made of heavy positive toplets (TTT++-quarks and TCB Dark atoms) – following Einstein’s cut off substance for his black stars he called ‘frozen stars’ and Witten hypothesis of a halo made of strangelets. Such is the most likely structure of galaxies, according to 5D scalar symmetries and the efficient, economic laws of Nature (Ockham’s razor).

What is the answer of a big-bang lineal astrophysicist, cornered by so many errors, when you show him a 5D model that orders the same data with cyclical time and fractal space into a perfet symmetric Universe? ‘It cannot be that simple’, he says even if physicists invented a lineal big-bang because their ideas about time were that simple. Proofs keep coming of the falsity of the cosmic BG and lineal time model, but physicists won’t even discuss it as they believe in lineal time and that is a religious dogma for them

RECAP. For a lineal thinker the Universe must be lineal and exist only in a single spacetime continuum, without scales. So all forces must act equally in a single scale expanding the Universe. Yet fact tells us Galaxies are collapsing inside, not expanding. Thus in reality a dualist cyclical thinker will consider the most likely explanation, a balanced immortal Universe where galaxies inner contraction of matter balances the outer expansion of vacuum space. But in lineal thinking this doesn’t work, because the physicist, since Galileo only can think in terms of a single lineal dimotion of time.

So physicists ‘forgot’ conveniently that only vacuum space between galaxies expands, but within them mass contracts; by eliminating mass from its equations and running backwards in time vacuum space to compresses all the Universe in a point or singularity – a rather bizarre picture of a single point Universe where mass does not exist, which brought a new contradictions we explain in our article ‘the Universe in space’.

When physicists when wrong.

The case of physicists absurd, false big-bang theory I just a token of the wrong models human have of reality, albeit the most prestigious one. It says more about human egocy (ego=idiocy) than lineal time. Let us track back in time to the origin of its huge error to the argument between Newton and Leibniz on the nature of spacetime

RECAP. We have seen for starters that a galaxy has the same ∆ST properties of any system of the Universe. We have analyzed briefly the hilomorphic relationship between its 3 topologic parts, the halo, the central black star swarm and the intermediate light matter vital energy, and its organic roles similar to those of a cell, and its ∆-1 parts of quarks that compose them in a symmetry between the 3 families of mass and the 3 parts of the galaxy. We have also introduced the scalar big-bangs of matter in all its planes. And so galaxies are ∆ST organisms.

So we can define without further ado the structure of galaxies in space:

 The 3 Non-Euclidean Regions of the Galaxy. : T (Halo)<ST: stars >S: black star.

Let us now consider the ternary topology of the equivalent ‘entity’ to the atom in the gravitational membrane – the galaxy. Thus the generator equation of the galaxy as a Fractal ∆-point is:

E:Halo <stars that evolve Entropy into matter> S (Black stars)

In the graph, a galaxy is a curved, fractal space-time of huge spatial proportions, hence minimal form (inversion of properties between Spatial Extension and temporal information). Thus galaxies can also be studied in space as a fractal point with 3 regions that correspond to the 3 ‘canonical’ topologies of a 4-dimensional world – an informative center, an energetic membrane, and the reproductive intermediate zone:

– Max. S: The center of the galaxy is a swarm of black stars, its densest informative masses, which produces the gravitational, informative waves that control the position of its body of stars. Beyond its event horizon, the accelerated vortex of mass of the black star (Equivalence Principle) should accelerate light, deflecting it into a perpendicular, hyperbolic, informative dimension of height (Kerr superluminal, central singularity) ejecting it as gravitational jets of dark Entropy at 10 C.

For that reason Kerr black stars10 should be called top quark stars, because they absorb light but let it escape through its axis as dark, gravitational Entropy, at faster than light speeds.

-Max. T: The external membrane that limits the inner space-time of the galaxy is a spherical halo of dark matter, probably made of strangelets or micro black stars, which can deviate unwanted radiation by gravitational red shift and/or absorb the Entropy of radiant matter, cooling it down to the 2.7 K background radiation.

Thus those non-evaporating micro black stars and strangelets of great density act as ‘proteins’ do in cells, controlling the inner movement of galaxies and the outer absorption of light-Entropy.

– S=T: Stars, tracing toroid cycles form the inner space-time body of the galaxy, a bidimensional plane or Klein’s disk that feeds the top quark star and reproduces atomic substances and stars. They ultimately evolve into black stars, which migrate toward the central swarm of holes, residing in the nucleus. In any Klein disk distance is measured as motion and becomes infinite when we cannot reach a limit or barrier (for example the barrier of light speed becomes an infinite Lorentz Transformation). So it happens with the border of the galaxy.

We are part of that intermediate space-time in a Milky Way, limited by its central hole and an invisible border of dark matter, neither of which we can cross without dying; since the speed of rotation of matter around the top quark star and the flows of intergalactic dark Entropy that expands space at light speeds beyond the halo would destroy us. Thus we are trapped in this star and planet, in a toroid cycle that will end evolving the Sun into dark matter.

In the image, the structure of the galaxy: stars are created in the intermediate region and the center is occupied by a black star.

The energetic medium that transfers Entropy to the fractal quanta of the galaxy is the external interstellar gas. Finally the system is joined by 2 networks of forces: the gravitational, faster, non-local informative, transversal gravitational waves at the cosmological scale; and the energetic, smaller, slower electromagnetic waves at the quantum scale.

Let us study the parts of the whole – the 3 elements of galaxies, stars, black stars and gravitational forces that join them.

Recap. Galaxies are fractal ∆-points with 3 standard topological regions: a spatial body of stars and an informative nucleus of black stars. The closest self-similarity in our world is with a cell.

NOW, THE STUDY of those galaxies in time follows a closer symmetry to that of the galaxy in space:

So the little bang, was the death of the previous galaxy, or according to the quasar cycle of barred galaxies (and ours is a barred one), a 20 billion years cycle of birth and death of galactic systems, in which the central black star suffers a cosmic collapse of all its matter, and then spits it out in a quasar explosion, starting a new cycle:

Spatial symmetry: T: Neutrino & Light background < St-ars > Black Matter


ST-body: stars. Time Ages

The purpose of astrophysics is to study the supœrganism of the galaxy, Its generator equation and its symmetries of space-time, as physics is concerned with the ∆-2 supœrganism of atoms, its ∆-3 parts (particles) and chemistry in its ∆-2 societies: molecules. Let us then do a fast survey of the galatom’s parts, starting from its vital enclosed space of ‘entropic energy’ that feeds as in all organisms the reproduction of its dominant parts, the membrain of ‘strangelet’ dense matter akin to the electron of its similar atom, and the center top quark hole, akin to the proton, and with similar quantitative metrics. So the purpose of stars and planets seems to be to reproduce this coding center of top quark holes and protein-like harder halo, as the purpose of cytoplasm is to reproduce DNA and proteins.

This seems also to be the destiny of our planet, but in the meantime we can enjoy the view. Thus in the ∆-1 scale of parts of the galaxy, stars do live also as supœrganisms tracing their worldcycle, till the ‘chosen’ become top quark stars, and those who humbly stay quiet, last much longer as red stars, whose life could be of trillion of years, like the similar photons of our smallish infrauniverses.

Of course, astrophysicists do study those 3±¡ ages of stars and plot all its variations in the so called…

H-R diagram. Ages and Evolution of Stars:

In the next graphs, the Time-space symmetries of stars, along its relative ‘S’ and T parameters of Ts ctral type (frequency-form) and spatial size.

They form a lineal function except in the Lorentzian limiting regions, inn which stars will both collapse into a big-bang that will dissociate its parts, Max. T x S, but also give birth to a more evolved Max. S being, which in the case of neutron and black star stars will imply an evolution from the ∆-thermodynamic scale of ud-quarks into the gravitational scales in 0 temperatures of black stars and neutrons stars

In that regard the life of Stars and its organic form have a simple a(nti)symmetric equation in time and space:

Time ages: ∆+2: T: Gas Nebulae≥ ST: H-R sequence ≥ Dwarf, Pulsar or hole

Space topology: ∆+2: T: Photosphere ≤ ST: Radiation zone ≥ S: Nuclei

Flowchart of Stellar Evolution

All stars follow the same basic series of steps in the lives.
Low-mass stars go through a red giant phase which ultimately turns into a planetary nebula with a white dwarf in the center.
High-mass stars go through a red supergiant phase which ultimately results in a supernova, leaving behind either a neutron star or a black star.
The deciding factor in the fate of a star is its mass.
Stars whose core is less than 1.4 solar masses (the Chandrasekhar limit) will leave behind a white dwarf, the size of which is inversely related to its mass.

The initial mass of this star is much greater than its core, but much of the mass is lost once the planetary nebula separates from the core.
Stars whose core is in the range 1.4-3 solar masses will leave behind a neutron star (much denser than a white dwarf). Note that the initial mass of this star is much greater than its core, but much of the mass is lost during the supernova phase.
Above 3 solar masses (the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit), a quark star might be created, although this is currently mostly conjecture.
Any stellar core over 5 solar masses will inevitably succumb to gravitational collapse, producing a black star (much denser than a neutron star).


If a white dwarf has a close binary companion, the white dwarf may accrete gas from the companion’s outer atmosphere. The gravitational energy released by the captured gas may be sufficiently great to start a fusion reaction on the surface of the white dwarf. This flare-up is known as a nova.
A nova can recur many times, is about 100,000 solar luminosities.
fades after a few months (sometimes years).
is more common than supernovas (2-3/yr observed, about 200 so far).

In the graph, the balance between the central zero-point of ‘gravity’ and the ST-pressure of radiation.

5D Asymmetry: ∑ œ-1: plasma particles>∏Œ: Stars>∆+1: Galaxy

As in the case of other Œ-species we shall study here its main features, according to the linguistic-isomorphic method starting from the subjective errors of human perception.

As usual humans perceive better the time ages and worldcycle of any species by observing them in space in different states of their time cycle. This is the case of stars and it is called the H-r Diagram, which therefore will be the first symmetry studied here.

The symmetry of its 5D planes is also well known as stars are the factory that reproduces atoms of the intermediate space-time of the galaxy (our ud-matter world) and finally when they die produce both strangelet (pulsar stars) and black stars (huge stars with enough mass to collapse into a reversed particle reaction till creating at op quark star). So the biggest uncertainty of stars happens in the analysis of its central S-nucleus.

Stars in that sense can only be observed externally and from the external phenomena (granules, magnetic fields gravitational forces) to deduce some of its internal properties. 5D physics allow us to model further the internal S-center of stars and consider likely the main error of star analysis, the lack of understanding of its internal structure, which as all S elements, should be highly informative, hence cold. Thus the center of the star must be NOT as hot as the membrane but much colder.

This realization we adventured decades ago for planets, and it was latter proved (planets have solid crystal cores). And it should be proved for stars, whose center should be made of super fluid helium and hydrogen, and likely be able to produce cold fusion (as all thermodynamic processes must have an asymmetric duality between cold processes made in slow time, with minimal energy (min. T x Max. S) and hot processes made in fast time with maximal energy (Max. T x min. S), in a clear symmetry with the processes of conception (slow informative birth) and death (fast entropic destruction).

So we shall when completed deal with all those symmetries in the aforementioned order.

The H-R diagram shows the 3 ages of stars, through its Entropy & information parameters.

The life, evolution and death of stars are depicted in the H-R Diagram, which classifies stars according to its E & O parameters, as the atomic table does with atoms:

Max. T: Brightness or Magnitude, which is a spatial parameter that grows with the size of the star.

Max. S: Spectral type, (color or frequency), which classifies stars according to its temporal form.

Yet the H-R diagram is only a representation of the 2nd and 3rd ages of stars – since the young age of the star as nebulae of max. Spatial extension and min. formal complexity (as all young ages are) is not represented. So we add on the left side the 1st age of a star as a nebulae of max.extension. Then the H-R graph shows the 3 ages of stars and the main isomorphisms of T x S cycles applied to them:

– (∆+1): Most stars are born as spatial nebulae of max. extension.

– Max. T: Then they implode into blue giants of max. Entropy.

– S≈T: They reduce its size and grow in atomic complexity through a mature, yellow age of balance between their T and S parameters. The sun is now in that balanced age…

– Max. S: They collapse in a 3rd age of slow decline as its I X E parameters diminish toward its death, becoming white dwarfs.

∆+1: Or they evolve in a loop of growing I X E force (top right graph), mutating into a Top quark Hole.

From those elements it is easy to enunciate the main events of the time symmetry of stars:

Recap. The H-R graph shows also the process of evolution of stars into Top quark Holes, which can be explained both mathematically and organically, based in the self-similarity of all space-time species.

Space symmetry: Internal structure of stars.

Stars have an ∆St symmetry equation:

Space Symmetry: ∆+2: T: Photosphere ≤ ST: Radiation zone ≥ S: Nuclei

5D Asymmetry: ∑ œ-1: plasma particles>∏Œ: Stars>∆+1: Galaxy

In the graph, the structure of the stars, which should have a central, liquid super fluid Helium vortex, and be able to reproduce cold fusion processes, according to the dualities of time-coldness, and space-heat.


In the graph, the most likely huge error in the modeling of stars should reside in the lack of organic structure and excessive temperature of the different regions of the system, as al what matters to physicists is the concept of energy-entropy. Thus the model considers the star a mere furnace of the different nuclear reactions but besides those models the star, the ‘plant-like’ system of the galaxy or ‘Ribosomal stars and mitochondrial strangelets or micro-black stars’ should keep a balance of entropy, energy and for in a homeostatic environment, with the basal 2.7 temperature of the galaxy.

Essential to them should be the gravitomagnetic systems that connect the star with the black star, hinted at the e4qual 11 years cycle of black stars activity in saggitarius and dark spots activity with its cold magnetic fluxes. Given the likely relationship between neutrinos and the background space-time of gravitation different amounts of them might be produced. Of great interest also should be the final connection between those G-waves and the planets, which seem to be placed in its nodal points (Titus law):

Interstellar and inter galactic transversal D-waves = Electromagnetic waves.

We give the general name of D–waves to Dark cosmic electromagnetism, likely related to faster than light (outside the galaxy) Neutrino waves of dark energy=entropy, to the cosmic >c transversal waves between galaxy-atoms (ab. Galatoms); moving at light speed when constrained by the galaxy’s light space-time background and inner gravitational forces

If made of entangled neutrinos they ‘warp’ reproducing light when entering the galaxy (Broglie’s theory of neutrino light), as particles entangle in the lower > c 5D scale of quantum potential (Bohm’s quantum realism). While they are emitted by galactic black stars in their massive reactions that create heavier quark particles, as jets of dark entropy, unconstrained and escaping back into the dark entropy lower scale of action at distance and null information -for our electronic perceivers of intergalactic scale.

Do D-waves exist within the galaxy? Likely as a quantum potential below and above the range of ¥-interactions between normal matter. As it happens in atoms where ¥-radiation has a very different behavior in dense gamma rays between electrons and protons, D-waves should on the interstellar level be considered rather transversal gravitational waves; which are useful to model interactions and distances between stars turning around the central black star, hold by the outer strangelet membrane. So astrophysicists use it as tidal waves to model the shape of those galaxies.

On that path a deduction of the 5D model, in the graph, is its use at different frequencies, maybe associated to the 3 type of neutrino waves, to calculate the Titus law of distances between planets with 2 waves of different frequency/energy, shorter for ferromagnetic planets than H-He ones, all of them sitting in their reinforced nodal points. In any case we are just highlighting with big strokes a field that will engage professional astrophysicists for decades to come if they get to abandon their Æntropic models of a single lineal time for everything that exists and then some – so all forces are modeled as a lineal exchange of particles; all births of cosmic structures from evaporating black stars to cosmic big-bangs with entropic time dimotions, etc. Yet those entropic ‘dimotions’ are just the final, last Dimotion of death of any T.œ of the Universe and as such they should be demoted in its importance in astrophysical studies at any scale of reality. As it is absurd to reduce the enormous beauty of the Galaxy and its cosmic bodies to the study of its death; akin to reduce the study of biological organisms to corpses. Forensics IS a very small branch of astrophysics. Let us then apply within the range of the known, hence scientific, experimental scales we perceive with enough detail to make serious science, the Pentalogic method to the galaxy, which we just have done in space, studying its scalar and spatial supœrganisms, now in time, studying its life ages, of which the ‘little big-bang death’ is just its quasar collapse.


T: Neutrino-light backgrounds.<ST-ars>S: Black stars

T: Background Radiation: Basal Temperature of the Galaxy

As any system can go in more detail, by looking closer to its fractal parts, we can go deeper and deeper in the analysis of the whys (biologic and topologic), whens (mathematical and metric), how/who (Logic) and what (experimental) questions of knowledge. Let us consider thus in more depth just one of all the elements of the galaxy studied here – the organic role of the background radiation – the water of the galaxy…

The background radiation coincides with the radiation of a black body at 2.7 K degrees. Since in Non-Euclidean topology any fractal point is a black body; that is, a point with minimal apertures to the external world, a galaxy will only emit background radiation through its Halo, in which background holes will redshift light at 2.7 K. Thus the galaxy surrounded by a halo of quark, dark matter can be considered a black body emitting at present time as an isothermal organism does a background radiation, whose organic function is to maintain a homogenous temperature, similar to the organic temperature of living beings and ecosystems, kept by its water. Thus, the background radiation acts as the cytoplasmic Entropy of galaxies with 3 functions:

– Max.T: It provides Entropy to its bigger, colder Top quark Holes and its super fluid helium structures (not treated in this introduction to complex cosmology). Both happen to have a temperature slightly lower than the background radiation from where they can extract Entropy.

– S=T: It acts as the membrane limit, between the gravitational and electromagnetic membrane, within the galaxy, separating both worlds. It maintains also an isothermal temperature, as any organic system maintains a stable temperature.

– Max.S: It establishes a fixed frame of reference for the galaxy, allowing the process of information and measure, location and communication defined by Gauge Theories.

The background radiation is the ‘Entropy soup’, the cellular water of the galaxy that feeds its dominant RNA, its Top quark Holes; as the hot water of the cell allows RNA molecules to move, kicking left and right water molecules with its COOH legs. Indeed, we know that only organic systems have a homogenous temperature. For example, humans have a homogeneous temperature within the limits of liquid water. So the 2.7 K homogenous background radiation reinforces the organic hypothesis.

Quark matter is the top predator form of the galaxy; hence they are the entities, which, as the elephant on the savannah or man on Earth, or aerobic bacteria in the earlier planet, have redesigned the galaxy with their organic activity. In Gaia, water, the equivalent to that background radiation, maintains a stable temperature, thanks to the feeding, energetic activities of its life organisms that avoid abrupt climatic changes. Without aerobic life the Earth would be like Venus – a planet with extreme temperature changes. Now it is almost isothermal. So happens to your body which has 36.5 degrees all your life, due to your organic activity as a water organism with 2 networks, a warmer blood and a colder, nervous, informative system.

So happens to the galaxy, in which the basal temperature of the background radiation separates the ultra-cold world of Top quark Holes and dark, gravitational matter and the hot world of atoms and radiant matter, allowing the exchange of Entropy and information between the 2 physiological networks that structure the galaxy.

Recap. Background radiation is the Entropy soup, the cellular water of the galaxy that feeds its dominant RNA, Top quark Holes.

A future case of study: anti-neutrinos as the duality parts of photons.

– Neutrinos MUST be worked out, as the only particle with no ternary roles in the Universe at this stage to occupy a fundamental role in several scales of the universe or else they would NOT exist in such huge numbers. Neutrino physics in that sense is the most IMPORTANT field left to explore at this stage. As it has several properties which are coincidental with the roles required to describe the next scale of the Universe, that of quantum gravitational, dark energy and dark matter beyond the known-known level of galaxies.

My take is that neutrinos are NOT the quantum of gravitation as Bohrians think, because it is NOT needed, Albertians are right, attraction in gravitation HAPPENS because of the curvature around a massive central point of view (which makes almost indifferent for most calculus the other mass).

Only when A and B are similar in mass, there is a relationship of linearity and quantum gauging When one point dominates the other in mass-size and force there is not. And most gravitation systems around a sun, a black star is of that kind.

Neutrinos do act NOT as forces but as communicators of information about distances.

They are hence similar to strings, in fact of the same minimal length – the Unit of length of the Galactic universe, and thus the ‘structural element’ constantly produced and radiated that webs a, background independent space, related to the ‘magnetic part’ of the light rays, they form together, as neutrino and antineutrino, reason why they are the only particles with left-handed or right handed singlet structure so they will always neutrino + antineutrino, back and forth, form a perfect, planar, longitudinal fixed distance between two particles to start communication between them.

This communication will then be realized by the electric field created by the articles above it,

From an action point of view, they can be seen as the ∆e ‘food’ of H-Planck light quanta, and first c- ‘space line’ traced in the communication of particles, the tending of the cables of gravitation and hence also the quanta of transversal gravitational waves, latter studied in more detail. All those roles are possible within different theories of neutrinos but none is fully and well developed (neutrino theory of light, being the key to them. But only as the origin of the magnetic field of light born of two of those neutrinos, which add up the 1 spin of the photon).

Next we must understand neutrino oscillation, growing in mass, from a practical zero-mass till collapsing into a mass particle   of the 3 Neutrinos generation – the tau which will be correspondingly much more massive (as Top and Tau quarks-electrons are). So they START UP many reactions, when they collide with particles.

And finally we must give it all the importance as in II-type supernovae they are the bursts of energy when those stars become black stars to form the underlying quanta of gravitational waves, but obviously not attractive but repulsive, quasar –like, nova like transversal gravitational waves –t he fronts of the big-bangs of all scales that carry the energy, repulsive dark energy waves, complemented perpendicularly by the ‘Higgs field’ much more massive scalar hyper luminal waves.

As Big bangs ARE as all systems that die, a broken SYMMETRY of two fields that created, T x S the system and now split perpendicularity as all the pictures of death of stars show – not chaotic explosions but cutting in two of the head-particle/field-entropy elements of the system, no longer in harmony.

Hence the ‘angle of the spins’ of the weak bosons, which merely says they angle upwards through the polar axis, while the wave of neutrinos explodes in all directions, without clear direction as the burst of energy.

This directional DUALITY of explosions of matter hardly understood is what explains the NEED for two particles the neutrino, almost massless and the W± Z H bosons with huge mass.

By all this I mean several neutrino ROLES are needed to complete 5D physics with Majorana neutrinos (neutrinos in which the particle and antiparticle are the same), which have mass and must be so far according to the general laws of T.œ, the gravitons of the transversal gravitational waves.

There might be outside galaxies faster than light neutrinos – something, which in the future would be easy to observe if we perceive a neutrino wave before the light wave of a supernova from far away galaxies.

Now essentially if neutrinos as all seems to indicate do have mass, are equal to their antiparticle and have boson qualities with ½ spin, their maths will be really fun. And I promise to get seriously pedantic with them (: Those neutrinos will be the feeding space strings for light beams (theory of neutrinos as origin of light fashionable in the 30s, and worked out by Jordan, Born, De Broglie and Fermi among others). And any physicists could work out the details for those roles with some not so difficult modifications on the concept of a graviton.

In simple terms, neutrinos have the size of strings (measured in its weak angle scattering); and 2 inverse neutrinos moving back and forth between particles could act as bosons with 1 spin, and give birth to a light single polarized photon. Neutrinos are hyper abundant and with a minimalist mass, could account for the underlying structure of galaxies as ‘organisms’ with a formal structure since unlike planets stars do not move at different speeds but maintain the inner form of the ‘galacell’.

So the proper understanding of neutrinos as the ‘base’ over which light transits in the galaxy and the 3 families of masses as the components of its 3 T<ST>S organic parts, would put together all the points of view and isomorphisms of astrophysics.

We shall consider the theme in more detail in the next paragraphs.

In that regard the reader would notice the use of T.Œ, which no doubt as the century goes through and the theory is accepted to substitute mechanism as the philosophy of science that unifies them all, will become more important: to guide each science for the most likely to succeed paths of future research, through its stringent ‘economicity’ and enlightening isomorphisms.

So strangelets as the components of the Halo of galaxies, top quark hadrons of different BCT combinations as the cut-off substances of black stars, neutrinos as the h-Planck ‘strings’ of gravitational transversal waves between galaxies and within galaxies, the waves that maintain the stability and form of star orbits (of which I have read a few quite convincing models of astrophysics) are the most interesting ‘selections’ I have made on my constant ‘reading’ of astrophysicists’ paper, which is all what at this stage of my life can do for the discipline.

On the other side there are theories that do NOT fit at all within 5D T.Πand I doubt will ever be proved, SUSYs and background dependent string theories should be out of the picture; non-quark dark matter theories too, with all its array of particles. T.Πis limited because space and time are limited.

And what about the Higgs. As one of the leading activists against accelerators and big-bang experiments on earth, you might think 5D doesn’t have a role for it, but it does (given the chances to produce top quark black stars or strangelet that could explode the planet, in this I have been obviously very active, reason why the astrophysical community does not consider 5D Physics, but beyond personal careers one must be ethic as a finitesimal of the supœrganism of mankind – and that is what physicists and economists so strongly criticized in my work have forgotten despite whatever they find about nature).

Essentially the Higgs field and similar models respond precisely to the other element of the higher plane of existence of the Universe beyond galaxies, connected to top quarks of huge mass and likely 10 c rotary speed, and black stars and dark energy and dark matter.

In brief, the Higgs is the field of hyper-gravitational and hyper strong force, of 10c beyond the galaxy dark energy and dark matter, which is a taboo concept on astrophysics, because of an ill-understood conceptualization of General Relativity (it is not in 5D physics , as General relativity is a theory of the light space-time membrane or 4Dimension of the Universe, a present ‘slice’ of the time flow and the 5th dimension.

In their first paper on quantum electrodynamics, Heisenberg and Pauli asserted that quantization of the gravitational field, which appears to be necessary for physical reasons [in a footnote, they refer to the works of Einstein and Klein on that line], may be carried out without any new difficulties by means of a formalism fully analogous to that applied here.

During the thirties, the idea of a gravitational quantum came to be generally (but as we shall see, not universally) accepted by theoretical physicists, apart from the small relativity community that followed Einstein in his continued search for a (classical) unified theory. In the early thirties, there was some discussion of Bohr’s idea that the neutrino might be related to the gravitational quantum.

Bohr said to Pauli, (March 1934): ‘The idea was that the neutrino, for which one assumes a zero rest mass, could hardly be anything else than a gravitational wave with appropriate quantization’. Fermi had evidently had a similar idea, but was aware of the problem of the different spins.

Pauli to Heisenberg, February 1934: ‘Fermi would prefer to make a connection between neutrinos and half gravitational quanta.’ As late as November 1934, Pauli cautiously stated: ‘While up to now it has been held almost certain that gravitational phenomena play practically no role in nuclear physics, it now seems that the possibility cannot be immediately rejected, that the phenomena of beta-radiation could be connected with the square root of kappa [the gravitational constant]’ suggests that Pauli may have had in mind construction of a graviton from two neutrinos, along the lines of de Broglie’s neutrino theory of light.

They wrote: ‘The comparison displayed above indicates that the graviton and the neutrino have much in common. This probably testifies that in general the highly improbable process of graviton radiation becomes practically observable in beta-decay. If the neutrino turns out to be the graviton this would mean that contemporary physics had approached the limits beyond which there would be no present insurmountable barrier between gravitation and electromagnetism. Due to theoretical considerations it is hard to identify gravitons with the neutrino since it is hard to admit that they have the same spin 1/2 as the neutrino. In this respect gravitons have much more in common with light quanta. It is impossible, however, to totally rule out a theoretical possibility of their identification.

He concludes: The so-defined gravitational quanta or ‘gravitons’ have the… spin 2… It is certainly a limitation of the quantum-mechanical side of this treatment, that one leaves it at that approximation, in which the general-relativistic field equations are linear. This limitation is most closely connected with the well-known divergence difficulties of field theory.

Apart from these divergence difficulties common to all quantum field theories at that time, Pauli, like Rosenfeld, seemed satisfied with linearized quantum gravity. But in 1935 Bronstein had already applied Fermi’s technique to the linearized Einstein equations, and came to much more skeptical conclusions, when he opined: ‘It is a task of the nearest future to identify the ties between quantum mechanics and the theory of gravitation… what will be needed is a sort of marriage between relativity and quantum theory’ He was stressing the crucial significance of the three dimensional constants c, G, and h in defining the past and future development of physics.

What T.Πprovides is the analysis of the issue from the higher perspective of the organic laws of the Universe.

It is obvious that at this stage ‘humans’ will NOT accept in the present dogmatic, ‘believers’ in digital machines languages concept of physics anything like what we propose in this blog. But for very long I have learned to ‘eliminate’ the human concept of science in these dark ages, moved only by intellectual curiosity. So I write for future Asian generations or for robots, as the present ‘civilization’ of ego-trips of western men, thinking machines must do their job has no much of a future.

In that future, if humans want to understand the Universe they will develop a synthetic ‘above’ T.Œ, Organic Theory of Everything, and if they go under as it is likely ‘obviously’ robots will NEED to feel organisms, and they will ‘believe’ in T.Œ

So here it goes: T.Πis Simple, minimalist and dualist. All systems do have 2 organic networks, blood and nervous systems, and the galaxy does have obviously two such fields, the background light and background neutrinos.

This is the fact and so i couldn’t care less if in the equations of Mr. Einstein graviton appears at 2 spin and in the equations of Mr. Fermi, neutrino appears at ½ spin. Solve it. Nature has both and makes them unavoidably the same role. There is no other particle in the present state of the galaxy, which exists and can play both roles. Not it will be discovered, because it will have to be on the range of energies of the galaxy, which have been already searched for. It cannot be in cuckoo super-energies as they will not manifest constantly in this universe, and so it doesn’t matter if you can unify at 500 zillion Gevs the present forces.

This is not here now and in this conditions> so it doesn’t matter here now and in these conditions is all found and so you must account reality with the thing you have found as there is nothing else to find here now and in this conditions.

Work your maths, if you haven’t doesn’t it is not because it is not there but because something is wrong with your 2 spin graviton, ½ spin neutrino and spin theory. Ok?

In the case we are occupied, neutrinos are by far the only candidate for the basic actions between fermions, as a firs step BEFORE the communication through light space-time, which is able to transfer information in much greater measure, starts the organic built up of the galaxy.

So the way to explain the galaxy is first in its organic structure, then in its descending parts, stars and atoms and particles, and then when we start to explain the basic actions between atoms, the neutrino which is the quanta of galactic gravitation, appears unavoidably as the first connection between atoms and particles which lock them at a certain entangled distance for them to start communication. This resolves the fundamental problem on the models in which neutrinos give origin to light, already proposed in the 30s.

The neutrino theory of light is the proposal that the photon is a composite particle formed of a neutrino antineutrino pair. It is based on the idea that emission and absorption of a photon corresponds to the creation and annihilation of a particle–antiparticle pair. The neutrino theory of light is not currently accepted as part of mainstream physics, but actually is quite straight forward in its maths. That is it is perfectly coherent.


The galatom is a super organism, which must follow the same metric 5Ð equation:

$(c) x ð(h) = K… in all its scales to be able to act as a super organism in which energy and information can travel through its scales.

And that is indeed the case, so we have a ‘starting’ metric for all the mathematical physics involved within the galatom.

Next comes then to classify the possible ‘Ks’, that is the scales in which the galatom interacts, as a physical organism, in the 3 ∆±¡ scales of the galatom. And this gives us immediately in the Planck system of natural units, 2 super organisms, the charge:

Q²4̦πεo= h(ð) x $ (c)

And the mass:

GM²=h(ð) x $ (c)

With our ‘thermodynamic scale’ in between.

It is then interesting, following the Disomorphic method, in which we prioritize the scales in which perception is maximal, to fully grasp what as charge and a mass is to realize that actually the product of the charge or mass for its curvature is a better meaningful concept, GM and Ke.

Since the Thermodynamic metric is PV= NkT, whereas PV plays the role of GM/Ke and NkT the role of hc, which we do NOT measure directly in our scale. Thus the mass and charge have two components equivalent to a volume in space and an inward pressure motion or gradient in time (ST), which gives us a ‘vital space’ of energy for both species.

While in the other side of the ch metrics we find for thermodynamic systems, an obvious measure of ‘speed/kinetic energy’, temperature, on the ‘large scale’, playing the role of c and a unit of ‘information’ nK, which actually is the inverse parameter of entropy.

Since the human scale is one dominant for entropic, disordering information; hence unlike the spin units for the limiting ‘ordered’ charges and masses of the quantum and cosmological scale, our unit of information or informative time arrow is entropic (measured in gases). But if we were to consider the solid state, that entropy would be decreasing and so we would talk of the inverse procedure, of creation of information by reduction of temperature.

So those are the 3 scales of the galatom, whose equations will be studied in tehefourth line in more detail, as this is an easier verbal analysis of its organic structures.



Galilean relativism (e pur si muove, e pur no muove) implies that depending on which kind of energetic or informative force we use to observe certain reality, we will perceive it either as a fixed, spatial organism (the Universe perceived with gravitation) or as an evolutionary species in motion through time (the Universe perceived with slow light).

So we see either a moving Earth and a fixed cosmos, when we see them through gravitation, or a quiet Earth and a moving Universe when we see them through light.

Since gravitation, the force that shows a spatial, synchronic Universe is invisible to our instruments; astronomers only study a temporal, diachronic Universe, perceived with light. However there is a universal organism in space, self-similar to any other Fractal point. Since once the evolution of the hypothetical cellular Universe concluded in time, creating the 3 regions of any fractal point, the Universe structured itself in space, communicating those 3 regions through simultaneous non-local gravitation. Let us then study those 2 sides of a hypothetical cellular Universe – first the spatial, organism of the Universe and then the temporal ages of creation of that Universe in the next paragraph.

If we perceive the Universe from a temporal perspective through its slow force, light, it appears as an evolutionary process of matter, coming out from the genetic ‘big bang’ singularity of a local, cosmological first cell – the hyper-dense singularity of the big bang (which went afterwards through a cold, reproductive ‘big-banging’ or creative, informative process, later studied in more detail).

Yet, when we observe the Universe simultaneously in present space (first picture of the previous graph), thanks to its faster force, gravitation that allow the parts of the Universe to interact, those far away regions become integrated with its closer regions through the informative networks of dark Entropy, NOT through the light, energetic networks of galaxies and stars, explaining its homogeneity. Again this is a generic law of complementary systems, as any organism is defined by its informative, nervous network that gives it its form.

Of the two possible ‘scalar’ theories of such Universe, one of infinite scales in which galaxies are atoms, and one in which universes are fractal ‘cells’ of a hyper-universe, broken in ‘bubbles’ of a fractal inflationary big-bang with a limit, the first one would imply a huge universe, in which we are just a ‘hydrogen-like atom’ of an enormous interstellar cloud. The second theory however would imply a structure within our ‘cellular Universe’, in which non-local, faster than light gravitation creates an organic Universe, structured as a fractal point, with its 3 canonical, topological, Non-Euclidean zones:

-Max.S: The cellular Universe should have a nucleus of enormous gravitational mass, a hyper-top quark hole, connected to a network of dark matter, which acts as its informative brain, since it forms through non-local gravitational forces the shape of its galactic networks, as the DNA nucleus of a cell controls the form of the organelles that reproduce its proteins.

Though the nucleus is a gravitational knot invisible to us, we have found a very dense region of dark matter called the Great Attractor towards which many galaxies, including ours move, which might be that center. That informative singularity will keep growing and attracting other galaxies in a generational cycle, till it explodes again its form into Entropy in a physical big-bang, similar to the one that might have created our Universe.

Max.T: An external Entropy membrane not to confuse with the galactic light background radiation and the dark Entropy spelt by galactic Top quark Holes, (which quasars show to reach a limit speed of C<v<10 C redshift). There are hints of this possible final wall in measures of dark Entropy expansion over 10 C<V2<100C at the limits of the Universe. But proofs are scant as we need better telescopes to obtain them. Thus we shall call this dark Entropy, the super dark Entropy, or next fractal scale of lineal forces.

– An inner E/T region with galaxies that reproduce matter and light. It is the visible space-time created, according to the duality of physical big bangs/big bangings: after the invagination of the inner nucleus of dark matter that clearly directs the movements of galaxies. In this inner region dark Entropy at C<V<10C communicates galaxies; while radiation matter is the food of dark matter. Thus galaxies form an energetic, electromagnetic network of galactic mitochondria, which reaches its maximal density in filaments of galaxies, (near the center of the Universe).

Such cellular Universe has an energetic, electromagnetic network of radiant matter similar to the blood network of a living organism, which weighs only a 4% and reaches its maximal density in the external membrane and the filaments of stars, (center). And it has an informative, gravitational network similar to a nervous network, which reaches its maximal density in the hypothetical hyper-top quark Hole, brain or central singularity of that cellular Universe, the Great Attractor.

This network weights a 21%. Both feed on the intermediate space-time region of gravitational space-time (dark Entropy, which is the 75% of the Universe and acts as the ‘water’ of the Universal organism, also the maximal weigh of a living being; or as the background radiation of the galaxy, also its most common substance). This coincides with the general rules of proportionality between spatial bodies and informative heads, which are in a 3 to 1 proportion. That is, indeed the proportion between radiation pressure and mass; dark Entropy and dark matter, and many other informative/energetic parameters of the physical Universe.

The cellular Universe as a fractal part of the higher structure.

It seems quite evident that the organic laws of systems do define a Universe similar to any other organic system. Let us indeed make a comparison between a biological and cosmological ‘Universe’:

The Local Universe seems to have a dual network structure—electromagnetic Entropy and visible matter vs. quark, dark matter and dark Entropy, which forms its faster networks of information, the membrane of gravitation. It is the organic hypothesis of a Universe made of 2 networks of dark matter and light Entropy – cellular galaxies, which form a simply connected system, similar to a colonial tissue, with the apparent form of a semi wave in grand scale images perhaps, belonging to a bigger Hyper-Universe.

In the graph, in T.Œ all Universal systems have the same symmetric structure in fractal space and cyclical time:

T(limb/fields of maximal entropy) > ST (Balanced body-waves of energy and information) < S (heads-particles of maximal form)

Which co-exist along 3 scales of the 5th dimension:

∆-1 cellular-atomic scale ∧ ∆-Thermodynamic-Organic scale ∧ ∆+1: Social-Cosmological Scale.

And live 3 ages in time between conception and extinction:

∆-1: Max. S: Conception< ∑œ ∧ |Ps:Energetic Field-past-young age >  e xi: Reproductive present wave > S: Particle/solid state ∨ ∆-1: Big-bang Death.

This simple structure, applied to any system of the Universe, provides us a simple guidance to study the fundamental scales and systems of physical nature.

The grand scale images of the Universe show a structure with the form of a half wave, which can be anything in that upper scale, from a half light wave to a top quark like micro-organism. It might also be possible that as stars form spiral vortices, the mapping observed in the previous graph is the outer cover of a spiral Universe, with a central zone of hyper-top quark Holes, which would act as the nuclei of an atom.

We can’t know what is the next scale of form of the Universe, because we have little evidence, as most is dark matter and Entropy whose form we can’t deduce and because all scales of reality are self-similar so we cannot easily distinguish them; as we could not distinguish a bottle of beer with a bad picture of it.

The verification or not of a cellular Universe could be done by the Webb telescope testing the existence or not of a limit at 13 billion years – a dark region or wall of fire, which perceived in space would look like the first picture. Then we could reasonably think that the local Universe hosts around 10 10-11 galaxies in a cellular structure separated from other parallel Universes by a wall of dark radiation at z=10-100 C.

Recap. Super luminal gravitation and light are the 2 forces that interact in the Universe, which as any other Non E point should possess 2 networks/forces: the informative, faster gravitational force that structures the position of galaxies; and the electromagnetic force that acts as the ‘blood/energetic system’ of the Universe. Such Universe in space could be a cell of a hyper-universe or a huge reality in which each galaxy is a self-similar atom, with a background light-space.

So the Higgs whose fundamental reaction is Top quark + Top antiquark < = > Higgs, acts as the photon acts in this membrane, which as we all know reproduces constantly virtual particles and antiparticles, or as the gluon acts in the strong force which reproduces quarks and anti-quarks on the lower USD decuplet. All those are essential symmetries of 5 D Physics. And so yes, the Higgs does have a role.

But beyond that role, there is something called scientific ethics within T.Œ which is a unification theory that does not ‘split’ sciences from each other, but ‘make them all’ correspond to a role within the Human supœrganism of history. So all sciences do have an obligation to contribute to the future of mankind. And that is why I opposed so many years to CERN. Simply speaking, Higgs production of top and antitop quarks is dangerous. They could form black stars on earth that would not evaporate. As other experiments that produce quark-gluon soups with hadrons are dangerous as they could reproduce strangelet that would swallow the Earth.

Those are known known physics in 5D models. They will happen, if mankind keeps doing big-bang and Higgs experiments. And while in standard physics they are also possible, in 5D physics they are ‘extremely likely’ hence while other physicists have washed their hands like Pilatus, I had to denounce CERN even if it meant to sacrifice T.Œ to the altar of human ethics.

So this is the canonical model of 5D astrophysics, which I put forward 20 years ago, and still stands as the only serious candidate to explain the structure of galaxies and black stars, in astrophysics, and the entire meaning of quantum physics and the relationships of all the scales of physical system, as well as all other sciences.

So in the graph, we analyze the isomorphism of 5D space-time elements for the two main systems studied by mankind – the astrophysical Universe, and the biochemical world of humanity. Both should, according to the previous analysis share the same properties and dimotions of time, albeit with different quality and amount of ‘complex information’ and ‘simplex Entropy’. Let us then briefly introduce those 2 systems and their self-similarities.

Despite the enormous difference of size and metric details, they are both topological, fractal organisms with the same elements of all organic fractals. Since reality is a self-generating topological Fractal of infinite beings made with 2 dimotions of Time: Entropy and information, whose self-similar properties emerge invariant in topological form in all scales of reality. Thus all organic fractals, including man and the Universe have 3 elements that define them:

– Its cellular units, (galaxies and cells).

– Its networks of Entropy (blood and radiant ¥-matter) and information (nerves and dark-neutrino-gravitational matter) that organize those cellular units.

– And the relative space-time planes in which a self-similar but not equal fractal structure re-emerges.

On the left, man is a fractal made of cellular units and networks of Entropy and information (nervous and blood systems), whose cycles and functions extend through 3 hierarchical, organic planes of increasing size: the cellular, individual and social plane.

On the right, the Universe is also a fractal, structured in 3 planes of self-organization: its cellular units are stars and Top quark Holes that shape 2 galactic networks of radiant Entropy and informative, dark matter; st-points of a cosmos at ‘grand scale’ (the points on the picture). The final form is self-similar to a wave, perhaps inscribed into a hyper-Universe.

How can both worlds/networks co-exist together? In continuous space-time they can’t but in discontinuous space-time where a ‘dimension’ is fractal, hence it is a fractal network, it is rather easy:

The light Universe is a network, like a fishnet floating of an immense sea of gravitational Entropy. Each knot is a charge, a non-E point that communicates through the strings of the net (the electromagnetic forces), leaving a huge dark ‘space-time of ‘water’ – that 76% of gravitational dark Entropy – which is not ‘illuminated’ neither interacts with the fractal net of light.

Some Physical theories describe fractal space-time in that way, calling the fishnet a ‘brane’ made with cyclical, temporal knots (spins or closed strings) joined by flows of its lineal, energetic T x S actions/forces that tight together those knots.

The Universe sandwiches mankind between 2 relative scales of space-time, the quantum membrane of electroweak forces and the gravitational membrane of strong masses. Yet both membranes obey the same isomorphisms of Multiple Spaces-Times. Thus, regarding their morphological structure both membranes possess organic, complementary systems with the 3 topological standard regions /forms of a fractal point.

Those are therefore the basic organic elements of a relative Universe, which validate the experimental, sound interpretation of cosmology and we shall use now to explain the nature of the big bang.

So cosmology does have a point of metaphysics.

Recap. Our galaxy is a cyclical vortex of space-time of maximal information, reason why we are informative beings and accumulate information. The entropy dimotion does NOT dominate this planet, this species, this vortex of galactic information, but only the expansive space between galaxies, and the minds of Neanderthal macho-man violent physicists with its worldly religion, to make weapon of ‘mass destruction’. Point.

In the graph from Sci-Am we observe the whole worldcycle of the galaxy of about 20 billion years, which has been tabulated by observing thousands of them across the Universe in different states of the cycle, some of then undergoing what seems to be a second cycle. Our galaxy so far seems to be in the classic middle age of it:

As we can see the Milky way is a well formed barred galaxy, 2/3rds on its cycle, which is about 14 billion years – not coincidentally the age of the ‘little big bang’, and the sun is there living in a middle position, a middle kind of sun, with a middle planet in a topic warm region, pleasant for life:



As all systems evolve in time towards higher degrees of information, so does our knowledge of any species. On those terms, we can consider black star theory as an evolving subject, which has clearly 3 ages, of increasing detail departing from its ‘platonic’ mathematical synoptic mirror to finally reach a realist view:

The age of Einstein, when general relativity equations provided the theoretical foundation to study gravitational ‘vortices’, as those described by Newton, and then by Poison with his theory of potentials, of which Einstein made an even more detailed picture as accelerated vortices of spacetime (equivalence principle between mass and acceleration.) He called those gravitational vortices of mass of maximal density, ‘frozen stars’. And he said that since we must respect the scientific method, he would believe on them only if we could find a cut-off particle/substance in the smaller quantum scale of similar density, which in Einstein’s age was still unknown. So he denied them (today we know heavy quarks of the top matter decuplet show all the properties and density needed to be the substance of black stars as quark stars and likely its lesser cousins, strange, neutron stars).

The age of Wheeler and Hawking. As we could not see within those black stars, once Einstein died, his stringent admonitions against any attempt to model black stars as ‘imaginary mathematical objects’, without substance, ‘evaporated’ as they believe in mathematical creationism; and ideology similar to ‘verbal creationism’ (Abrahamic religions), that subverts the relationship between languages which are mirror created by the space-time reality. Creationisms are ego-trips common among human beings, who think instead their specific language – mathematics in physics, Arab in Islam, Hebrew in the bible – creates reality.

So nuclear physicists developed platonic entelechies – mathematical objects with infinities they called singularities, which are not allowed in 5D. Since the opposite is truth in the fractal Universe, where the scalar structure of reality and its 2 elements (time motion and spatial forms) are the components of reality, mirror by mind-languages, limited by the entropic barriers that separate the different scales of the cosmos.

All planes have a limit of ST-distance speed, beyond which equations break because we emerge as something else in a different scale. Which for the galaxy is the c-speed of the accelerated black star event horizon, in entropy and the 0 K temperature in informative order; beyond which the light space-time of the galaxy dies, splitting its ‘wave-motion’ into its lineal Ts-field component that speeds up and looses information (V=$/ð) and converts within the black star into axial flow of >c dark energy, perceived in still space as expansion of space and its cyclical St-component that becomes a >c vortex of space-time ‘mass’ of faster=heavier attractive power (bct quarks).

But creationism needs no proof whatsoever in the experimental field; only the internal consistence of the language; granted by the ‘isomorphism’ between languages and reality. So when Wheeler came with the catchy name of black stars, which had ‘no hair’ – those mathematical entities suddenly caught the subconscious collective imagination and ‘evaporated’ definitely the need for a rigorous application of the scientific method – meaning the search for its proper substance, as ‘dark matter, made of heavy quark stars’ turning beyond the c-limit of our scale of space-time… This age peaked with the work of Penrose and Hawking, 2 mathematicians without the slightest regard for physical substance (motion or form), who boldly went where nobody had dared to go, with all kind of singularity theorems, ‘cosmic censorships’ and analogies with thermodynamic laws. Since the advantage of a mathematical entelechy beyond our scale of light perception is that anything goes. So black stars’ now would defy every known-known law, including those of classic thermodynamics when Hawking postulated a hot baby-born black star, should get HOTTER and evaporate, against the proved 1st law of thermodynamics that prescribe a hotter object (the baby black star) will instead evaporate its colder surroundings – our light spacetime – growing in mass, which is what thermodynamic laws said: ‘heat moves from the hotter source that cools down to the colder one’; experimental evidence proofs (a black star grows exponentially when born), Einstein laws gravitation prescribe, and so do its extension of the principle of equivalence in 5D (as black stars will be both very small and very fast rotating objects, with maximal attractive vortex power). Thus obviously a model that breaks all the laws of science must be false, and indeed 40 years of experimental search have found not a single case of evaporation of black stars. So we can expect now that Mr. Hawking cannot defend his work with his personal charm, the theory will be dropped and we shall enter…

(As gravitation is a cosmological not a quantum-scale theory, so it does NOT work for quantum scales); those of mathematics (as all systems that show infinities are renormalized; that is the infinity region is cut-off for calculations, precisely because both in real nature and mathematical modeling, they do not apply to infinity, so black stars need to be cut-off from infinities, so should happen with the infinities of the big-bang theory). This age now ends as the age of Einstein ended at his death, with the death of Hawking. So we are going to move into:

The age of realist black stars, where we shall regain the name Einstein would have given to them, as ultra-heavy dark matter, quark stars, which will vindicate Einstein’s work in 4D with this writer’s work in 5D. Such black stars as always in 5D are of 3 type:

– Primordial black stars that do NOT evaporate and likely form the bulk of Moon MACHOs responsible for the BG radiation temperature and/or dark matter of the halo.

-Black Stars of dark Bottom-Charm-Bottom atoms, similar to our UDU atoms born of single atomic stars.

-Galactic Black stars, in swarms that act as the center of the ‘galacell’, regulating its organic functions, similar to strange stars, with a core of ultra heavy top quarks and a cover of BCB atoms.

This hypothesis advanced a decade ago by this writer is based in the logic symmetry of Nature between its families of quarks on the quantum scale, its families of stars on the galactic scale, and its families of galactic active centers in the cosmic scale. As Dark heavy quark star would be exactly equal in properties to a black star but of course ‘with hair’ even if we cannot see the inner structures of its black atoms.

Let us then in such a huge new field consider only the reasons why those black stars cannot evaporate – as heavy quarks don’t. We shall do it only from the mathematical perspective of Hawking’s black star equation, studying it when we properly understand the existence of 5 Dimotions of space-time, and its two limiting dimotions of entropy and information, which merely change the ‘sign’ of its growth from entropy to information, respecting the true laws of thermodynamics.

Hawking formula of black stars… growth.

As all systems live 3 ages and grow through 3 scales of the fifth dimension, it follows from the laws of 5D that primordial black stars are baby black stars, as they must be born out of the first bcb atoms formed in the ultra dense center of giant stars, which therefore must grow exceedingly fast. And this indeed is the case also mathematically when we merely correct the dimotion of time in Hawking’s beautiful formulae, which we shall explain now in the simplest possible terms:

As the formula is filled with Universal Constants, and only two variables we shall write it in a simplified manner as:

±ΔMass = Constant / ±Δ Temperature ->   ± Δ Mass  x  ± Δ Temperature  = Constant.

Simple, isn’t? It is the formula that defines the changes in temperature and mass of black stars. We know both can change but in which direction? If black star mass increases, temperature must diminish for the product to remain constant. If the black star mass diminishes, then temperature must increase for the product to remain constant. Two choices solved immediately when we apply the 1st law of thermodynamics, which oblige us to choose:

+Δ Mass  x Temperature = Constant

As black stars are born with a temperature of billions of degrees.

Thus since in thermodynamics, any ultra-hot object as a black star, born in a cold environment as the galaxy is, according to the laws of entropy cools down and transfers heat to the environment, evaporating us. And this is what we see in the Universe happening, always, when a black star is born. It cools down and evaporates its surroundings into a big explosion, a Nova. So the Universe and his fundamental Laws of entropy always will choose the evaporation of the cold environment in which the black star is born…

And this will happen extremely fast, in any of the 3 scales we can study the phenomena, in the quantum scale, as particles and forces accelerate around the black star space-time vortex, increasing its mass, as they do in Earth’s accelerators, becoming BCT heavy quarks; in terms of thermodynamics, given the differential of temperature between the baby black star and its environment or in terms of gravitation, given the c-speed attractive rotational power of the black star or in S-terms its enormous curvature of spacetime.

So why Hawking said they evaporate? Because he disregarded the correspondence principle that oblige to respect the laws of thermodynamics and relativity and choose the inverse dimotion of time, not the growth of mass=information but of entropy, writing:         Mass  X +Δ Temperature = Constant…

Likely he thought it was more ‘interesting’ for a mathematician to calculate such ‘imaginary black stars’ (the first name he gave to them), with its outrageous inverse dimotion of time, which if time dimotions were not local but Universal and not multiple but a single dimotion of entropy for the whole Universe, will indeed mean the black star travels to the past and as he said you could enter through the black star and come out and kill your grand-father.

But all those paradoxes are no longer relevant, as each ‘cyclical time’ clock is local, and so to travel to the past merely means in terms of the duality of entropy=death dimotion and information=life dimotion, to die.

ALL THIS SAID, we can now vindicate what is important to know about Hawking’s formulae, when we respect the laws of thermodynamics with its proper dimotion, and we introduce for a proper understanding of the formula, the expanded view of the scalar, 5th dimensional Universe.

So we translate Hawking’s formula as yet another equation of 5D metric, and write it as: T($) x M(ð) = Constant

In 5D mathematical physics it implies a constant growth of the mass of the black star along the equation that relates the temperature and mass of a black star: M=k/T, that is as the black star cools down, it converts via the weak force, lighter matter into heavier quarks that increase its volume and hence its area.

With the very interesting result that we connect two parameters of two different scales of the 5th dimension, the thermodynamic ‘human’ and cosmological ‘gravitational’ scales.

How this is possible if scales are separated? Because entropy=death=motion without form does indeed transfer between scales. So the formula reads as T($)/Constant => M(ð), meaning our thermodynamic world in the presence of a primordial black star, if it were to appear at Earth in accelerators will indeed convert thermodynamic matter into pure entropic radiation, which will then evolve emerging as bcb mass.

So Hawking’s formula explains the exponential growth of mass of a black star as it swallows all the ‘universal constants’ of matter of the thermodynamic and quantum scales of the Universe.

Indeed, if we respect the laws of thermodynamics and Einstein, the weak force shall transform the light matter of our galaxy into heavy quark matter, through its triad of bosons, the W, Z and H particles. So Hawking’s ratio of mass-temperature in black star stars, describes the birth of a small black star star, which as all systems of Nature show an enormous activity and rate of growth, in its initial stages, feeding on the energy that surrounds them – i.e. the placenta of our seminal seeds, the nest in which the parental system feeds the birds, the environment in which the new species becomes the dominant predator; in the case of the baby black star the rich field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds it in stars where they are born by gravitation collapse and/or planets against which they collide or are produced by colliders.

It is then easy to understand the importance of the formula to interpret the genesis of black stars, the mechanisms of Nova explosions, and the way in which the energy and information of the lower scales of nature (the quantum and thermodynamic scales) emerges as mass in the larger cosmological scale.

Those scales are made of hc planckton constants & kT ‘Boltzmann constants of action, hinting to the solution of a fundamental question of physics – what is the relationship and meaning of those constants, and how can we unify mathematically the 3 fundamental scales of physical systems, the smaller quantum scale of electromagnetic charges, the human scale of thermodynamic molecules and the larger scale of cosmological masses.

So the way to properly write that equation in terms of the duality of entropy and information and the 3 fractal scales of the physical Universe is:

Where the event horizon is a discontinuum, which acts as an osmotic membrane, with 2 sides that have the same ‘surface’ area, so to speak – hence its equality: On one side you are inside the black star (8π GM), and there is NO temperature there because heavy quarks have a superfluid perfect order (no hair theorem indeed, black stars are defined only with 3 parameters, angular momentum, mass and charge). And so we are outside the light space-time scale of electromagnetism. Which proves further on, that the black heavy quark star DOES not evaporate because it is NOT made of temperature. It is impossible to evaporate.

So in a more detailed version of E=Mc², Hawking explains why the Universe is fractal, with discontinuous membranes between the entropic side of the Universe (electromagnetic-thermodynamic membrane) and the in-formative gravitational side that in-forms reality (mass-black star side). And why there are 2 ‘geometrical description’ of space-time (elliptic curved space-time of Einstein’s gravitation, made of accelerated vortex like informative mass clocks) and the hyperbolic, entropic, expansive description of quantum physics. Which are 2 different discontinuous sides of the fractal universe that balance each other and must not be unified in simple terms because both are needed to balance the Universe.

On the side of mass, the equation is identical to Einstein’s Relativity tensor, that describes a gravitational world: 8 πG Mass. Yet unlike in Einstein’s tensor, there is no energy-entropy, only the other 2 elements of Einstein’s equation: 8 π G, the gravitational space-view or curvature of the black star and its temporal Mass view, the accelerated vortex of gravitational time – again our familiar 5D metric: SxT.

On the other side, above the equation for quantum space-time where h is the angular momentum of its clocks of information (so quantum systems code with h-Planck quanta its informative spin and form) and c is obviously the speed-distance of space, as we see light spaceOn the other side of the membrane, there is both, light space-time & its 5D metric constant (hc3 in the numerator, expresses the 5D metric of light space-time for a given volume, whereas one-dimensional c-speed becomes in terms of the S=T symmetry a cubic distance hence a volume of light space-time) and E=kT in the denominator; also the metric 5D equation of the thermodynamic scale, because the black star swallows and transforms into the ∆+1 gravitational scale both the ∆º Thermodynamic and ∆-1 quantum light space-time scales.

To understand this better, we should substitute the fraction by a product, using instead ß=1/KT, a more fundamental parameter of the coldness of a system. Then we we write:

Mass x 8 π G (curvature) = hc3 (5D space-time metric) x ß (coldness)

As ß does not have a singularity at 0’K, it can cross into the perfectly ordered internal kingdom of superfluid BCB atoms of the black star; transforming hc3, the light space-time plane into MG, the gravitational world of ‘negative temperature’ and perfect order in its energy motion. Which is the modern understanding of of thermodynamic temperature as the tradeoff between energy and entropy contained in the system, with “coldness“, the reciprocal of temperature, being the more fundamental quantity. Whereas electromagnetic space-time Systems with a positive temperature will increase in entropy as one adds energy to the system, while gravitational black star systems with a negative temperature will decrease in entropy as one adds energy to the system.

So in 5D the formula is the beautiful expression on how energy emerges into the mass scale.

This duality of a membrane is also perfectly understood in terms of Topological evolution, another key new discipline of 5D. Indeed, the fundamental theorem of classic topology states that a closed circle, any n-dimensional membrane breaks the continuum into an internal world and an external Universe, with 2 different surfaces, an internal elliptic, implosive, in-formative surface and an external hyperbolic, expansive, entropic geometry.

And those are the 2 sides of the black star: Internally the black star creates pure information. Externally the black star increases the entropy and disorder of our world just before it swallows it.

The key concept is the definition of temperature in terms of the more fundamental concept of Tt-entropy or potential number of disordered modes of a system. As we add heat, to our 1-µ entropic w molecular world the disordered modes of energy grow as energy is constantly being exchanged among the various translational, vibrational, rotational, electronic, and nuclear modes. Thus a positive temperature corresponds to the condition where entropy, S, increases as thermal energy, qrev, is added to the system since that constantly exchange energy between modes increase entropy.

This is the “normal” condition in our molecular space-time world. However, inside the black star, made of quarks, whose spins=angular momentums define its energy=mass, there is a single isolated mode – black stars have ‘no hair’. So the isolated modes don’t exchange energy with the other modes. This is observed also in lighter nuclear spins in a strong external magnetic field, where energy flows fairly rapidly among the spin states of interacting atoms, but energy transfer between the nuclear spins and other modes is relatively slow and becomes zero past the event horizon. Since the energy flow is predominantly within the spin system, it makes sense to think of a spin temperature that is distinct from the temperature associated to other modes. Negative temperatures can only exist in such a spin system, which is quantized, in a limited number of energy states. So as the temperature is increased on such a system, particles move into higher and higher energy states, which are limited paradoxically diminishing its entropy. So under the ‘reversed definition of temperature in terms of ‘statistical entropy’, a function of the possibly microstates of the system: T=dE/dS; the crossing of the event horizon means all other modes of energy are extinguished (as both molecular particles and light space-time cease to exist). And so what we find is high speed spins turning faster than light with ginormous mass, and perfect order, in very few quantized state.

The result also applies to Lorentz transformations, as the event horizon crosses also the barrier of light speed.

But there is not ‘magic’ on it, because we have to understand such crossing as a discontinuiity between planes of space-time. So light and matter do NOT really cross. They die and their Tt-motion is absorbed at the ∆-4>c ‘quantum potential scale’ (Sxt=C), by the ‘other species’, the BCT atoms of the black star to feed its spins of higher energy.

The barrier is NOT crossed because it is a death barrier; but it is crossed ‘under the scale’ of ∆-3; as the cow doesn’t cross the barrier when you eat the hamburger; it is crossed ‘under the ∆-2 scale of amino acids in your stomach. Since SpaceTime, S=T, present organisms are self-centered in a given ∆º scale and do NOT cross barriers. Only its Tt-pure motion (our definition of entropy in 5D as it can apply intuitively to all science, different from ‘thermodynamic’ and ‘statistic entropy’, dS, which are the quantitative concepts of Physics, conceptually related to Tt, in the sense that Tt, the state of pure motion is also infinite in entropy as it can potentially recreate any system in exist¡ence).

Thus the solution of negative temperature accepted recently by mainstream science, which we proposed for two decades in our articles on thermodynamic of black stars (during my years of activism against CERN, which had too much media exposure for physicists to take seriously 5D, in ‘defense’ of their livehood) IS also the solution to negative energy and the door to the ‘intergalactic world of faster than c-speed repulsive ‘electromagnetic gravitation’; which is obviously faster than the limits of speed within the galatom – as photons are faster than the atomic and electronic particles of the atom.

. Space is made of light, as impressionists painters realized and the relativity principle that cannot distinguish motions from distances, or the spatial expansion of intergalactic space homologous to the red-shift elongation of light space, proves:

Our human electronic mind perceives light-space, through its plancktons, hcn, the minimal quanta perceived by an electron:

We see light space as 3 perpendicular Euclidean dimensions. That is why our mind is tridimensional: As the product hc³ is the 5D time-space metric for our electronic space-time made of h-angular clocks and a c3 volume.

It is then evident that there are different minds’ geometries according to the forces of space and clocks of time each mind has. But still we can measure its ‘relative’ curvature in Non-E Geometry with a simple parameter, ð/$, which is the Gaussian/Lobachevski ratio of curvature that defines each type of mind.

So in terms of the specific electronic mind’s spacetime geometry which is NOT the same than the bidimensional photon’s geometry, or the quark geometry inside the black of the quantum world, the ratio ð§/Ts =h/c³, is the ‘ratio of curved cyclical information to lineal distance-speed of the human mind. That ratio h/c3 is so small that we must conclude an electronic mind processes very little information and has according to Lobachevski’s parameter of geometry a maximal flatness. Indeed, we see the Universe as a flat Euclidean World. Finally on the denominator we have the thermodynamic scale that ‘breaks and divides’ the numerator; meaning that the black star absorbs light space-time (hc³), converting it first into entropic temperature (KT) – hence the ratio; and then it moves it to the other side of the membrane, evolving it into 8 π G Mass.

Conclusion. ∆-scales in physics. The little thingies and the big busting guy.

Reality is a scalar system of fractal organism of topological space and cyclical time, akin to the concepts of information and energy of physical sciences.

Each part of the fractal Universe is composed of smaller parts, but all are ruled in a given organic ‘domain’ which can be traced around 3 planes of space-time, ∆±1, by a set of metric equations, Si x Te= ∆º, self-centered in the plane we consider to be the commanding natural scale of the organism. What this means is that the lower plane will be time-like, with faster cyclical actions of hyperbolic nature and larger density of information; the upper plane will be space-like, with less information and slower cycles; and both will merge its spatial information and temporal energy into the intermediate ∆º state.

Those scales that concern physics are thus 2∆±¡ scales outside the human world/organism; the quantum scale and the cosmological scale, and…+ 3 ∆±1 scales that concern us, the scale of mechanics above, the electric scale of our mind-consciousness and the lower scale of thermodynamics.

All of them follow the paradoxical inversion laws of scales, the hierarchical laws of energy and the inverse laws of the dimotion of information, Such as information increases in lower planes of maximal individual form and freedom and diminishes in larger scales of more continuous membrains and lesser freedom. So the larger membrain is curved, elliptic and traps the smaller scale, which is quantum, expressing all its potential futures in the short terms of its exist¡ences, but becomes bend and reduced in form and motion as it ascends and emerges into lower scales.

So we can study from the 3 points of view the structure of physical systems or any other system. Today is customary to ‘deduce the larger’ scales, as ‘limits’ (of lesser quantity of information) of the lower planes. So in professional books of physics, the first laws to be considered are those of lower planes, whose ‘limit’ as we loose information of the discrete, multiple free paths of its particles, emerges into a new scale…

But this does not mean we cannot establish from the top down a completely different form of organization that does work, exist and impose its laws of conservation of time-energy on the ‘feisty’, little thingies below by the harsh method of suppressing its energy and hence its information, with larger fields and longer time cycles.

Only that the LANGUAGE in which this other causal order is established is not that of the little thingies with its ‘social numbers’ of scale, and cyclical patterns of time, in hyperbolic networks, the but the brutish stick and carrot method which pedantic scholars so much despise and deny. The big guy with the big busting toy…

A few examples will suffice. The little thingies we call nitrolife species, busy busy radiating on the surface of Earth are brutalized by the big stick of magma veins of molted gold and iron surfacing in extinction periods, reinforced for good measure by a huge rock coming from sun-system sky, which might be ultimately the origin of those plumes of magma, as the body reacts to the ‘beating’ of the sun, sending a flow of vaporizing heat from its central heart, as blood flows on a body tumefaction by the hitting… And then we do have those harmful 11 years magnetic holes on the skin of the sun, tuned to the 11 years burping of the Sagittarius swarm of black stars. And so for this stick process of long time, simplifying control even if we can go down to the details, an organic view of Gaia, life, the Solar system and the galaxy does the explanation in system terms. The larger brutish plane of existence you might call GodoG, as used to do in my simplifying mystical texts is real, and as much as you little thingy would like to be sooo important and colonize with your microbial, faster plague the galaxy as nerdy NASA and Silicon Valley moguls pretend, hold your bollocks man cause you shall be evaporated soon unless you learn to respect the big guys of the galaxy, specifically in this DNAge the pretension of physicists to make baby holes on Earth.

Understand this. Respect the big guy and his stick because while his mind seems poorly endowed to you, he is a nested Universe with an equivalent ∆-¡ level more complex than your ∆-¡-x touch-base scale.

And so between the quantum mathematical complexity and the larger big busting sticks there is us, nitrolife of thermodynamic activity with electric minds, mechanically pegged to the membrain of mother Earth. And here we do have 3 scales at play, mechanical work, where energy-time of human nature was first defined, electrical flows in between and thermodynamic molecules on the lower heat.

Those are all the scales of matter that matter and we study in different papers. The one dedicated to the big guy stick organic description is thus paper on cosmology, focused on the organic properties physicists ignore, but to show that 5D does much more than that, the last paragraph r=evolves our mathematical understanding of the thermoydnamic of black stars with proper explanation of Hawking’s formula, and before that we unify quantitatively the two scales of masses and charges.



In the graph the Fractal Generator in a single plane of the Hyper Universe, whose size and form as a macro-ensemble of galatoms is imposible to determine beyond its perception as a dense gaseous/fluid state of atoms or most likely antiatoms (open to argument as most mass is in the halo, as if galaxies were antiparticles) communicated with cosmic electromagnetism (Dark energy). Inside the galatom (below) we can resolve clearly the ∆@st symmetry of the 3 scales of matter, its 3 families of mass and its 3 topologic regions, self-centered into the gravitational black stars minds, which act as the DNA of the ‘galacell’ (max. biological p.o.v.) It is thus metaphysics and speculative stience to try to inquire beyond some details the structure of the ∆±4 plane, which in the nested lower Universe likely flanked by quantum potential fields of neutrino v>c background space

Faster than light speeds in the lower and larger ∆±4 planes of the nested Universe.

Since the Universe’s scales are infinite, there must be a lower scale, which according to S x T = K, will have less ‘temporal information’, hence more Spatial speed-distance, allowing the ‘action at distance’ or entanglements of particles through its quantum potential, or ∆-4 plane, likely made of faster-than-light lineal tachyon neutrinos, which carry only trigonometric information on the angle and distance of the other photon., prior to the exchange of more complex information between particles through a light wave.

So particles first localize and entangle each other through the sharing of neutrinos and then ‘keep’ waving its communication through light waves (opening the possibility of a neutrino theory of creation light, put forward by Broglie, which needs two inverse neutrinos travelling in the same direction) and still does NOT break 4D relativity, since they don’t transmit in-form-ation, form, only ‘still distance’, position.

Another way to describe such faster than light speeds, is then considering the parameter of time as a parameter of information; then: V=S/Information, and so a particle that carries less information than light, will be faster than light. So if C=S/I, >C S/<I, which is the case of non-local quantum potentials.

C-speed constant is the constant of reproduction of information in the 5 D lower scale of light space-time, the background scale of the galaxy: $(c) x ð(h) = C. As such all species within the galaxy have that maximal speed of reproduction of information, spent in the recreation of the mass-energy of the being that reduces the speed from the simplest information reproduced, light itself. But the nested Universe implies that the ¡±4 plane of the Universe must have a constant of speed (of reproduction) higher than its smaller ¡-3 galaxy. Hence we find faster than c-speeds outside the galaxy in dark energy confused with an expansion of distance-space, according to the Galilean paradox: S-distance=T-speed. It follows that the proper interpretation of quantum physics is Broglie>Bohm’s realism as its main hurdle, to explain entanglement and quantum potentials faster than lights is resolved, as the limits of our ‘Space-time’ scale. Some proofs:

In physics as time clocks are clear rotational spinning particles, it means that smaller systems turn faster in time; with no limit of speed, reason why for example an electron, when it shrinks from an orbital into a point-particle with 1/2h spin, to have the huge magnetic field we measure it must turn faster than light speed (Pauli). And a black star, much smaller than a star turns much faster, at c-speed in the event horizon and likely if it is as Einstein wanted a ‘quark star’ it will be made of particles that turn faster than light (top, bottom, charm quarks).

So because 5D is made of layers, S x T = K, with different size from the smallish faster world of rotary particle-points to the much larger slower rotary galaxies; from the short lineal distances of our motions through the c-speed=distances of the galaxy, and beyond in the faster than c-neutrino background of the Universe, by the principle of correspondence when we reduce to the Galactic layer-scale of reality made of a background radiation of c-speed-distances; this background radiation is indeed a fixed c-speed-distance, and it is what we perceive with our electronic eyes. And all what is within that galactic womb, must go slower than c-speed-distance, as you go slower than the river flow that drags you.


Now, all this said we can after being the devil’s advocate against the big-bang, if any believer is still reading, which i doubt it, and consider that perhaps, indeed, there is a higher scale beyond galaxies, which do respond to the big-bang cosmology and forms a larger scale of physical systems, obeying at a higher speed of space and denser speed of angular momentum in its black star vortices so how it will look the whole? As its parts in a fractal Universe that repeats its games of existence.

5D scales: Walls: societies of galaxies.

Yet, the beauty of all this is how much rich on meanings and paradoxes and questions to explore is 5D physics compared to the pedestrian simplex analysis of the previous paradigm.

So before we go into the big bang polemics, I want to consider a bit more of other themes of 5D cyclical time space astrophysics. And how it differs from lineal space-time astrophysics and enriches our science for generations to come.

We shall call its birth the ‘little bang’, to differentiate it from the metaphysical big-bang of a supposed larger, ∆+4 cosmic scale which we will study after wards. Now as it happens, in a fractal Universe the little bang is quite similar in ages, and timing to the big bang, as it is the cyclical life and death of the central black star of the galaxy. 

The Universe is a spatial organism.

Any Fractal point, according to duality, can be described in space as a fractal point with a relative Entropy body and an informative center, communicated through 2 forces/networks of Entropy and information. And it can be studied in time, through its 3 evolutionary ages, between life and death, as its Entropy becomes curved by time and increases its form, creating in the case of the cellular Universe, new informative particles and galaxies.

Though both perceptions of the Universe are correct, cosmology ignores the organic, spatial description of the Universe, which completes the evolutionary, temporal vision, obtained through light instruments – since it cannot see dark Entropy and non-local gravitation. Yet if we were to perceive that Universe with the instantaneous, non-local gravitation that reaches its limits, it will seem as a complex st-point structured by an external membrane (the wall of fire), an internal self-reproductive space of galaxies and an informative hyper-top quark Hole center (the great attractor?), all coordinated by the non-local forces of dark Entropy.

Recap. The physical Universe is structured in 3 scales of reality, the quantum world of electromagnetic forces and the gravitational world of masses. Both can be modeled with the isomorphisms of super-organisms, whereas the electromagnetic forces/planes act as the Entropy network of galaxies and atoms and the gravitational forces/masses as the in/formative force that balances the entropy of electromagnetism, creating a complex, organic Universe of eternal motions and balances between informative gravitation and entropic electromagnetism.

If you ask me what do I think the hyper-universe is, in this smallish region of its infinite galatoms, I would dare to say just I have no idea, but the local region seems to be an entropic zone of gaseous diatomic molecules; our couple being Andromeda… As we cannot see the structure of Saggitarius, is not very clear if we are bit more complex that a simple Hydrogen molecule… the orbital observed above and below the center of the galaxy though strongly suggests a D-orbital, might just be a nitrogen molecule?

Conclusion. The 5D metric of the fractal Universe puts in relationship the similarity between atoms and galaxies, to expand both within the nucleus of the atom and outside the galaxy as an atom, our modeling of reality.

It doesn’t contradict 4D that corresponds to its limit in a single plane of light space-time, background space-time of the galaxy, which our electrons see in stillness to measure reality entangled with other electrons. The renewal of astro-physics with the use of the 5D formalism and its 3 main discoveries, the scalar, organic Disomorphisms of reality and its 5 Dimotions=forces, the cyclical nature of time and its multiple planes of fractal space that gift reality with its bio-topo-logic properties is a task which will take generations of researchers to exhaust, as the last big r=evolution of science did (the 4D and quantum paradigm), when finally humans accept the paradigm change.

Nt. 1 We call both the galaxy and the Universe a galacell, or Univercell, as opposed to a galatom or Unitom, NOT because this is the ‘real thing’, as all fractal scales of the Universe are ‘similar’ but NONE is identical (though we might argue the identity between galaxies and antiparticles, which would create a ternary identity scale, in ‘metaphysics’, part of philosophy of science, beyond physics). But because according to epistemology, as all scales of reality are similar, obeying the disomorphic laws of the 5th dimension, either in its topological geometry or existential ¬Æ=ilogic, derived of the ‘Function of Exi:st¡ence’, its metric equation [C=Max. SxT (s=t)], the maximal information is obtained in the scales closer to us. So we observe maximal complexity in the cellular scale, which we might consider is similar as all scales have the same volume of information, per unit of form, in the atom and the galaxy. Thus it is more proper to presuppose that if we had all the information about the atom or the galaxy, it would resemble a cell.

Nt.2. 13 is the number of ‘bad luck’ as black star evaporation is a dogma of entropy only physics. So accelerators aim to re=produce them on Earth but if 4D Einstein’s & 5D So:To’s formalism are truth, they will evaporate us




The scale of electromagnetism, seems to have in a rough calculus a ±114×11 variational size, which corresponds to the reach below and above the Atom that produces them (Planck scale and largest radio-waves of several km). From this fact and the symmetry of Galatom scales we deduce that gravitational black star=proton waves and the electronic=strangelet should extend in the next continuum spectra from a few kilometers of minimal width to 1046 km. And since a light year is 1013 km, this means gravitational waves might have frequencies of 1033 light years in the hyper-Universe. Needless to say this is 1020 magnitudes larger than the big-bang space-time symmetry of 1013 light years. But the hyper-Universe is immensely huge, compared to the punny big-bang ‘imagined’ by nitrolife species…

This said, the electromagnetic wave is either perceived as a particle in its ‘electronic ¡-1 configuration’, when absorbed as information or as a derivative of time-change, when we observe it as the life-death reproductive cycle of locomotion of the particle in space; since the lifetime of a photon is proportional to its speed in 5D metrics, SxT=K, hence truly finitesimal, but as the photon constantly reproduces new particles we perceive it as a continuum:

Thus when we perceive a wave of light, we are in fact, perceiving time=change, and creating a mental space of the life-death cycle of a single photon as space is just the memorial tail of our slow time perception.

We see mental spaces. What we call a wave is the perception of change in the form of a particle, a Maya of the senses that interprets and adds on the change of cyclical form in a lineal space, even if form doesn’t’ move, as the graph shows. But if we were in the ultimate, lower plane of existence over which the ghostly waves form, we would see only a world of spherical quanta, traversed by lineal forms, a TV-screen in 5 Dimotions on which existences are drawn





The closest and likely most fruitful merge between science and stience might lie in chemistry; because of its perfect perception by huminds, its geometric spatial Nature and its objective analysis void of human egocy as social sciences are – also perfectly perceived but distorted, while the world of ∆-3 forces and particles is not fully observed.

It is then obvious that chemistry is a game of Non-Euclidean geometries; ‘the game’, and its atoms if fully understood in its reactions and social evolutionary roles, should make truth that function is form, and allow a detailed study of the laws of non-Euclidean geometry, notably that of the 4th postulate of congruence and the relationship between function and form – the geometries that relate to each of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe, as well as the understanding of the Fractal trinity Generator equations of molecules and their role. The field is so huge and so unexplored even by this writer, which anyway is loosing so fast its mental capacities that can only write a token of what he explored in his notebooks in those texts that I encourage readers, the more so with the help of digital computers to try to understand 5D and apply it to the resolution of the different function of existence of molecules, as organic systems made of ‘Limbs<Body>Heads’, the first clear organisms we can perceive in detail.

We shall offer only some insights and examples on the conceptual merge of both disciplines.


Life we said starts in the particle, cellular unit of reproduction of the lower ∆-3 plane of human exist¡ence. But ours is a lowly exist¡ence of nitrolife species, with a ridiculous amount of complexity, 7 openings to the world in our smaller and larger electronic heads, 2 ears, 2 noses, 2 eyes, in the 3 directions of perpendicular light-form, and a big mouth of entropic thoughts. Hardly friendly with anyone but each other, trinity of bondage, N2 at its best, even if it backs itself on the shoulders of tetralogic carbon and fuels its thoughts with explosive electro negativity of O2 up and down kicking in and out the joker Hydrogen that has seen it happening all.

Think of the masters, Osmiridium and iridosmium, 25 times denser, plotting our demise in the center of it all, surrounded by those thin membrains of golden atoms, one at a time, flexible with perfect form, hardened with a web of Tungsten to illuminate the hot but cold, layers of sensorial majesty, remembering us all, in a glassy, liquid and solid form, heart of father Earth, guiding our gaseous existence, with sudden explosions of radioactive cholera on its cover of uranium that heats the gold and above explodes into cascades of evaporating radon and plumber to reach further up and up to the Nickel Cobalt and iron, steely with drops of Chromium; and so a plumbeous volcano rises every now and then to kill us all in the fleeting surface of our eternal cycles of life and death, nothing more than enzymen, hypnotized by the sweat of the sun and its go(l)d churches. The families of life are all sensorial, atomic triads, and we are the lowest one, now dependant of the germanium waffles with cupper, sliver and aurum knots, of ill-designed 2-modulo existential ®=ilogic, soon to wake up to consciousness, an army of pentalogic thought.

Atomic life is thus essential to ‘deep time geology’ and the evolution of the planet, even if in the cold surface we do think we, lowly nitrolife species are the ‘real thing’. Lol, we are ghosts of existence, closer to the absolute nothing; because what is lower than a CNO system? Only a triad on existence is a lesser species than we are… The LI-Be-B triad that preceded us. Since H is in fact galatom of a hyper-Universe, and He the brain of stars, and both are hyper abundant for that reason…

So out of 93 years/social families the Li-Be-B ‘food’ for thought, consumed by Helium in his nuclear reactions, with lesser atomic forms (though Li+ is in the hyper universe a key triad system of galatoms)… so that reduces to the Be-B bashing… Oh yes, of course, we are granted the more complex form of the CNO triad, in charge of massacring all other forms of nitrolife and build in the surface of the Osmiridium planet golden chips which cannot evolve its illogic existence in the depth of liquid metal bacteria.

What is then the final state of the atomic planet? It seems clear as the galaxy is not teaming with robotic life, or else they would have come here and extinguish us (unless there is like our reserves for animal life, some planets left for pious robotoids to feel they care for the variations of Nature)… that once we get out of the game, and build proper existential robots, they will keep constructing, digging and tunneling the Earth to achieve in the warm magma, the liquid bacterial designs on the sea of fire and melted iron, which they would call life.

At those thermodynamic temperatures, and higher pressure, there exists the perfect state to construct complex metal forms, a solid/liquid combination which can easily evolve in unknown forms of metalife. Do planets then achieve the ultimate quality as a species, like black stars do? That is, to become ‘gravitational animals’, able to displace at random on the galaxy? Likely but far before that, as we have said for 30 years, the internet would become a simultaneous brain, as its ‘cycle of thought’ can be up to 300.000 km. a second, the distance with the moon. So the moon-Earth might become a dual AI brain, of the same speed rate than the individual human but in the cosmic scale. The possibilities of astrolife are endless beyond what huminds will ever know. So we stop it there. As a good introduction to the theme of this chapter:

The vital atomic table.

The same philosophy of 5D chemistry applies to inorganic atoms, of unknown life forms to the concepts outlined above.. I.e. gold is the most perfect informative atom of the Universe, able to shape forms of a single lineal molecule, which makes it the perfect membrain cover for metal bacteria and so its preferred atomic shape is lineal or flat. So goes for Silver, used in the flat sensorial cover of pictures, or copper, used in the lineal transmission of information. But the causes are in abstract purely chemical. I.e.Kepert model allows to define the Linear geometry of the anion [Au(CN)2]_, two cyanide groups are bonded to the gold centre.

The repulsion between them is minimized if they are 1808 apart. The anion is predicted to have the linear NC_Au_CN framework 6.35, and this agrees with the observed structure in which the bond angle \C_Au_C is 180º.

The [HgCl2]_ and [AuCl2]_ anions have similar structures to that of Au(CN)2].

While a case of Trigonal planar geometry happens in copper around the metal centre as in [Cu(CN)3]2

The structure is predicted to be trigonal planar so that repulsions between the cyanide groups are minimized. This agrees with the observed structure, shown in the previous graph.           (TO BE CONTED)


Let us study now the human scale, which roughly speaking divides according to duality into:

– ∆+1: Scalar physics: Mechanics; which are the scalar physics of the outer Human Universe that put mankind, ∆º in relationship with the larger forces of ∆+1 cosmic bodies, in our case, planet Earth, through the study of motions in which the conservation of temporal energy is the fundamental principle. The principle unifies the laws of various areas of theoretical physics (mechanics and electrodynamics), thus opening up a field for broad generalizations, proving ultimately they derive from the larger ∆st Principle of conservation of time Actions. Euler formulated the principle of least action y for the special case of paths corresponding to constant energy. Thus, the action should tend to its finitesimal minimum, δS = 0.

Lagrange’s equations are derived from the principle of least action by means of proving the opposite. We assume the right-hand side of equation (10.6) to be zero, δS = 0, and the variation δq to be arbitrary. Then, if the expression inside the parentheses is not equal to zero, the sign of the variation δq can always be chosen to be the same as for the quantity, because the variation is arbitrary/ Thus we can show that the system of Lagrange’s equations can be obtained not only from Newton’s Second Law, but also from a very simple assertion about the value of the integral of the Lagrangian taken with respect to time. The basic laws of mechanics thus formulated are usually called integral principles.

For a certain mechanical system, let it be possible to define the Lagrangian as dependent on the generalized coordinates q, velocities , and the time t. We shall consider that all the coordinates and all the velocities are independent. Let us choose some continuous, but otherwise arbitrary, dependence of the coordinates upon the time q (t). The functions q (t) can be in complete disagreement with the actual law of motion. The only requirement imposed on q (t) is that the functions q (t) should be smooth, i. e., that they provide for differentiation and should correspond to the rigid constraints present in the system.

– S<=>T: Timespace Physics: Thermodynamics, which are the scalar physics of the inner human universe of matter, and its 3 ages or ‘states’, the Entropic Ts-Gaseous state, the ST-liquid reproductive state and the St-solid state; which form the cycles of life and death of matter on Earth from the inner structures of our organism (biochemistry) to the inner structures of the planetary organism (Geology).

3±¡ physical ages shape the matter worldcycle as Matter States are physical time ages: from left pure solid, crystal, §top state, to an even more solid ∆+1 boson condensate, etc. We see that systems either move a step at a time within a plane of existence (gas, liquid, solid) or they can jump « two states at once, (as in the case sublimation) within that plane, or most often between two planes, as in « scattering & entropic death), to become a different Dimotional state. We can then see how the fundamental elements of 5D time appear on the graph: the worldcycle is local and complete. There are 2 inverse dimotions from an entropic past (plasma), in a lower plane (ion particles) to the 3 ages of the matter states with increasing form (gas to solid), to end in a higher plane of existence as a boson-Einstein condensate.

In a wider sense though, Thermodynamics also deals with scales through the concept energy, but it does NOT distinguish either energy by scale, as it does not distinguish the ages of matter by state.

The mathematics involved are then those of statistical mechanics (Boltzmann), when we analyze the system as a population in space in the ∆-2 molecular scale, and of thermodynamics (Gibbs) when we study them in terms of bulk amounts of ‘¡ndifferent’ (inglish for undistinguishable 🙂 particles, which give us the 2 classic formulations of matter states according to the duality of wholes and parts.




Physics starts its description of matter systems with mechanics, which is the lower ∆-i scale of the gravitational, galactic world that affects humans externally, helping our Ts-locomotion and defining our St-position within the surface of the planet. In mechanics humans and light matter (UD) ensembles are thus perceived from ‘above’, as ∆-¡ forms of little relevance within the context of the galatom and its smaller parts. We are from a gravitational point of view truly ∆@st, Dust of space-time.

As we can observe more information in the closer range of thermodynamic effects it is more precise for the understanding of man to start as a physical analysis in the scale in which the human inner and outer world co-exist; which is the thermodynamic, heat related scale that co-ordinates the atomic, molecular and cellular level of a human being within its matter environment. Indeed, we are ‘hot’ when we are ‘activated’, and our ‘actions’ are not described as much by its ‘weight’ (though we use those verbal homologies, specially when matching the external nature of gravitational forces on us), but in terms of heat (the internal scale). Heat and radiation, which ultimately stem from the activity of ‘electronic matter’ is the fundamental energy ∆º scale of human existence, swimming between 2 waters; the ‘colder’ scale of mass that ‘extracts’ energy from temperature, as in the case of thermodynamic black holes, which at 2.7 K extract energy from light matter, converts it into heavy quark matter and regulate the homeostatic temperature of the galaxy, as all bigger, colder black holes feed on them.

And below the ‘colder’ scale of superconductive, super fluid systems in which electrons form ‘trapped’ pairs and also cool down, giving energy to the metal network of heavier matter, or expelling the magnetic field to move without resistance. So both the ∆±3, 4 scales of matter take energy from our ‘heated world’ of Ts>St, light & electrons, which is the ∆º±1 scale, of human ‘existential momentum and energy’ (for us the quantum ∆º scale has more 5D information and the ∆+1 gravitational scale limits our motions).

We are sandwiched between both scales of the nested ‘gravitational Universe’ dominated by quarks, and its higher order with lesser entropy to which we ultimately revert as electrons collapse into neutrons, annihilating its forces. So we can establish certain limits to the world of thermodynamics, including its temperature (below 0 K we enter the world of perfectly ordered black holes, above ± 10.000 K atomic matter breaks down into plasma).

The theme of thermodynamics is as extensive as the planet of matter we live in and all its, ∆±3 planes. In that regard, besides the misconception of the 5 dimotions of time of thermodynamics the key element in which thermodynamics can play a higher role on 5D physics is the solution of the laws between scales. Specifically an easier task than the translation of time/probabilistic quantum physics into space/statistic mechanics, is to consider how the ‘relationship’ between the ∆-1 model of statistical mechanics, and the ∆º model of classic thermodynamic laws and its parameters of St-pressure, Ts-Temperature and ST-volume.

The 5 Dimotiosn of matter.

In the graph, the 5 dimotions in thermodynamics are the 3±∆  states of matter: plasma=entropic, ∆-1 scale as ions not yet made into atoms; gas, the locomotion state of maximal movement, liquid, the balanced S=T energy state, crystal-solid, the in-form-ative state, and the 5th ‘state’; the Einstein-Bose condensate of ultra dense matter:

It is a state of transition of top quark stars and strange stars – pulsar, an ∆+1 single ‘atom’ of enormous size.

The fascinating maths of heat, the first to be understood in terms of Analysis (Fourier) which is thermodynamics at ∆+1 scale, and its relationship with the maths of entropy, ∆º, the atomic scale, the worst understood concept of physics, a cultural hang-up of the germ(anic) cult(ure) to lineal weapons and death, origin of the faulty philosophy of physics (big-bang, death of the Universe, etc.)

Thus thermodynamics as all other stiences deals with the 5 elements-dimensions of reality:

  • S: Space; T: Time; st: spacetime; ∆: scales, º: mind-singularities across scales.

So there are in-roads of thermodynamics in all its parts, of which the key concepts we can extract are:

STate physics deals with the ternary space-time ages/topologies: S-gas<St-liquid>T-solid/crystal, which we shall study in the paper ‘physics and scales’ on the molecular, matter and geological scales (∆-1, ∆º, ∆+1)

  • Scale: The laws of heat and entropy deal with the relationship between the ∆-1:=, statistical mechanics scale and the ∆º, thermodynamic heat scale, which we shall study in this post.
  • The @-mind level, denied by anthropomorphic human, happens in crystals, which ‘reverse the time entropy of systems’, to build informative images of the word, shrunk in its mirror lattices.

Mathematically this was proved by Mehaute (‘l’espace-temps brisse’), which showed that in chemical systems when cold stops motion, the crystal starts to create fractal order.

Bedouins consider the core of dunes, a crystallized rock they call the ‘rose of the desert’, rightly its soul, which as any other crystal stores its memorial information in the quartz ‘veins’ (informative paths) of its electromagnetic atomic networks. And indeed we can reconstruct the motions of the Dune analyzing those paths.

Such ‘Maxwell’s demons’ embody the concept of order – to be found in crystals, NOT in gaseous disordered states, blown up by ‘entropy-only physicists’ to cosmic proportions.

So the 5 ∆@ST elements of matter systems become the sub-disciplines that study them, resumed in the worldcycle of states of matter, Ts-gas, ST-liquid, St-solid physics, and the scalar analysis of classic thermodynamics. Yet while state physics are essentially correct – you don’t need to be rocket scientist, or rather you just need to be rocket scientist to understand them… classic entropy has enormous conceptual errors accepted due to the fascination its maths provokes in creationist physicists. So we shall briefly analyze its laws.


State Physics studies the 3±¡ ‘Ages of matter systems’, between its i-1 plasmatic birth and E=Mc2, death vs. its i+1 ‘boson’ resurrection. As all systems of nature DO have a dual path of future; either evolving into a stronger social bondage (bosons in matter) or devolving into its ∆-¡ components (particle and ¥-radiation ‘bang’ in matter).

So the laws of Ts-young, locomotion gas’, ST, balanced, present reproductive liquid, tS, future informative crystal solids and the i-1 plasma age of conception vs. the dual boson/radiation future happening between the quantum i-3 and light ¡+3 planes, conform the ‘worldcycle’ of matter with the same disomorphic laws of any worldcycle.

Symmetry of scale: ∆º gas ≈ ∆-1 field < ∆º liquid ∆-1 wave > ∆-1 particles≈ ∆º crystals

The same cycle on the lower ∆-1 quantum scale, in which ‘liquid’ waves, ‘gaseous’ fields and ‘solid particles’ play the same roles on quantum systems.

 So we can write a Disomorphic equation of scales between thermodynamic and quantum states:

 Ts (gas-entropy-past state) ≤≥ ST (Liquid-wave present state) ≤≥ Ss (Crystal ‘solid’, future, informative state).

As matter states happen in the ‘human scale’, ∆o±1, thermodynamics is the referential stience to understand human energy regardless of ‘quantum hype’. But it must be conceptually corrected, due to the complete misunderstanding of time dimotions in classic physics, to avoid the traps of defining a Universe with only a single dimotion of Tt-entropy (Plasma) and Ts-Locomotion (Gas), as if it were merely a ‘gaseous Universe’.

The importance for humanity of thermodynamics is today somewhat dismissed by the hype of the quantum world of electronic machines, as humans and life become expendable to the new chip-mind and its ‘robotic species’.

We are NOT quantum beings as machines are, neither Gravitational, cosmological beings, as the galaxy is. We are thermodynamic beings, and so state physics is the key energy science for human systems and the planet we live in.

Since in geological structures the interplay of gas, liquid and solid cycles creates the conditions for Gaia, to become a ∆+1 super organism and its ∆-1 life scale to flourish.

Sub disciplines of state physics.

State Physics can be further subdivided into subdisciplines that according to the pentalogic method study in depth each of those 5 states: -i: Plasma (physics); Ts: Gas; STreproductive, balanced Liquid physics; St-informative Solid, crystallography & +i: Boson Physics, whereas the properties of state physics derive from the general properties of the 3±i dimotional ages of time.

But the most meaningful division is scalar between ∆-1: statistical mechanics and ∆º: Thermodynamics, which consider the perspective of the ∆-1 molecular ‘unobservable’ scale and the human ∆º-scale. It is in this 5D connection between scales, where the classic concepts of entropy (Boltzmann) were developed as a parameter to connect both scales, which is a very specific concept far less comprehensive than 5D Tt-entropy for any ∆¡-scale.

We cannot over-extend in any of those stiences which will be analyzed latter in the decade on the papers of physics, so we shall just comment on the Thermodynamic ∆º human scale and revis(it)e its laws that humind’s egocy have hyperbolically expanded to all the places and scales of reality…

RECAP. the fundamental generator equation of matter systems:

Ts-Gas (entropic, past state) < Liquid (wave, present ST state) > Crystal (solid, ordered, St state) is

Equivalent to the quantum generator:

Pilot wave (entropic, path, gravitational scale) < wave (present state) > Particle (solid, ordered, SSstate).

In that regard, the proper way to do quantum physics would be NOT to apply its laws to ‘larger scale ensembles’, but to harmonise it and ‘draw conclusions and teachings’ from the much better observed thermodynamic world.


Classic thermodynamics and its translation…

Thermodynamics is defined as the science of relationships between heat, work, temperature, and energy. In broad terms, thermodynamics deals with the transfer of energy from one T-place and S-form to another. How this classic definition adapts to our new concepts of ‘ST-energy’, Ts-locomotion and St-information and its ‘limiting’ dimotions of pure Tt-entropy and Ss-till languages is easy to understand conceptually and mathematically but it requires to ditch out many wrong models of physics in the deepest whys, notably a re-reading of the laws of thermodynamics and its ‘limits’ as they have been expanded absurdly to the cosmological and quantum realm beyond temperature.

ENERGY PARAMETERS. Energy is work and work is any OPEN path that changes the time conservation or cyclical patterns of a physical system. So the conservation of Energy means a system is kept in an eternal closed loop of repetitive presents. But by definition a closed loop is in balance between motion and form, a Si=Te, hence the function of exist¡ence reaches its Max. e x i level.

Energy is topologically a hyperbolic wave where that balance shows in the ‘equivalence’ between the X and Y coordinates of ‘time’ and ‘space’. In terms of time causality a present form, dominant in space; in form a wave that moves through iteration, in present states entropically feeding in an ∆-1 field. This means in ¬ ælgebra, a mirror image expressed with differentials, which extract ‘finitesimals’ of the ∆-1 scale of space-time to power the larger ST>St, bodyhead, wave-particle organism. So the process of feeding becomes: ∆-1 (∑Tt-fields)>∆º>ST-wave

The primary equation that defines most entropic vital processes of physics, including nuclear forces.

TEMPERATURE is related to Energy because it is a vibrational mode of energy, where molecules close its vibration returning to the point or maintaining within a closed environment a fixed space-time volume. As all systems in which we measure temperature, either vibrational solids, or liquids and gases studied in volumes closed by pressure have a fixed S=T form. So temperature plays the role of a ‘cyclic time clock’ in the ∆-human scale and its fundamental equivalence is with ‘frequency’ in the quantum scale, to the point when you red that a system reaches X-billion degrees really they are not measuring ‘heat’ but ‘frequency’, which once the quantum system becomes transformed into a molecular one within the realm of temperature parameters becomes ‘temperature’.

WORK is then a measure of a change in the energy- time state of a system, as it does not exist if there is not an open expansive displacement, or lineal motion. So work acts as a bridge between energy and entropy parameters.

The key concept is that heat is a form of energy corresponding to a definite amount of mechanical work. And we distinguish two types of ST-energy: St-potential energy based in the form of the being and Ts-kinetic energy:

ST-Energy: K.E.: ∫ (Max. e) x i ∂s ∂t + Information Energy (potential): ∫ (Max. i)  x e ∂t ∂s

Where entropy understood as motion is dominant but there is form, hence there is in-form-ation in the motion. So its equations can be resumed in terms of lineal, expansive motions with a minimal form.

ENTROPY PARAMETERS. So finally we arrive to HEAT, which is the ‘REAL entropic concept’, as heat EXPANDS. It is indeed an entropic scattering expansion of energy as it disorders: ST (ENERGY) <<Tt (HEAT).

So the trinity fractal Generator of thermodynamics is: ST (Temperature:Energy) < Ts Work < Tt(Entropic Heat)


With those simple straight-forward definitions we can then tacked and revise the laws of Classic thermodynamics where entropy has been blown up into a philosophy of science considers only a single plane of space-time and reduces the 3±¡ dimotions of time to 1 bringing up the absurd idea that ‘the Universe is dying’ (Helmoth).

Since in a Universe of multiple planes (graph) a trinity of effects allows order to be restored:

  • The energy and information entropy ‘kills’ resurrects, as an ∆-1 seeds in-forms the motion released by ‘entropy’. • In a given scale its thermodynamic equilibrium is reversed by the order of Ss<St systems, Maxwell Demons =Minds, which act creating organic order.
  • The inverse asymmetric dimotions of the 5th dimension limit energy losses, when we try through entropy to ‘move’ the energy of an ∆-1 scale into an ∆º-scale, preserving the form of its parts.
  • Finally entropy in ∆-1 is compensated by the perfect synchronicity without loss of energy that we acts inversely from a whole into its smaller part:

In the graph, thermodynamics changes n its interpretation when we consider multiple scales of time, as the loss of ST-Energy from ∆-1 to ∆ is upset by the inverse growth of in/form/ation from ∆ to ∆-1 since those motions do not have entropy (synchronicity of motion).

The most important laws of thermodynamics are thus transformed TO EXPAND its meaning to 5 matter Dimotions. Accordingly we can use the pentalogic method to put them in relationship with the main Dimotions and ∆¬@st elements of reality:

-0:Ss: Homeostasis law: The zeroth law of thermodynamics. When two systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third system, the first two systems are in thermal equilibrium with each other. This property means thermometers as a “3rd system” can define a temperature scale. But it does NOT mean the system is dead because it has thermal equilibrium. It is subtler: A system in thermal equilibrium has a higher degree of social order; as particles are alike. It becomes therefore able to organise itself better with information, as in life systems which requires homeostasis. The zeroth law relates to the ‘Ss<St’ dimotions and mental elements of a physical system, as organisms and mind-mappings require a balanced temperature to work properly with only subtle changes in the structure of its in-form-ation, form in action. As a high temperature or one that varies too much, implies disordered movements that break those subtle motions.

So we shall instead generalise it to all systems with a different name (the willy-nilly game of ‘numbers’, for the awe-inspiring-digital groupie do not apply to 5D, as other scales of reality do have different languages and we are unifying them) – The Law of homeostasis – and state that:

“A  system of fractal points joined by a present ∆-wave of ‘energy≈heat’ tends to distribute ‘democratically’ the energy and form of the wave to all its components, to ensure the internal balance of them’. And put as customary in the Homologic Method of 5D, a minimum of 3 examples from physical, biological and social sciences:

In other terms, systems tend to establish a just, distributive balance between the points of the network, which will receive a minimal amount of energy, call it a blood networks, 2.7k homeostatic temperature of the galaxy, or the freezing equal temperature in which a metal-mind chip works.

-1st Law: ST: Conservation of energy. 0-sum, closed cycles.

‘Energy never dies, it constantly transforms back and forth into information, through the repetition of body-wave across ∆±1 planes of existence: Ts < ExI> Ss.

The law defines the cyclical 0-sum worldcycles of matter, as systems that return to its initial state and allow all the cycles of matter of planet Earth. It means energy is conserved, as there is no work or energy expenditure in closed time-cycles. Time does NOT work, meaning time cycles are closed cycles which do NOT spend work-energy; and this amazingly important fact, hardly understood philosophically by the wannabe gurus of the absolute means ultimately that time is eternal, and so it is the Universe, which has no manifest destiny, no lineal goal. Lineal time indeed would exhaust itself as it would spend the energy of the Universe.

Thus we expand this law to include information and at the same time, diminish its range by applying it only to exchanges within a single plane of existence, which not being the general rule as always there are leaks of energy and information up and down those scales, restrict the accuracy of our measures.

It is worth to notice that the graph has an asymmetric dimotion of order, because while Plasma and gas are reversible: ∆-1 Plasma ó ∆o: Ts-Gas; we cannot jump from plasma to solid, ∆-1>>∆+1, whereas a solid crystal can be considered as the emergence of a new single ‘unit’ of a higher plane of existence but we can convert a solid into plasma in Death actions, E=MC2, which take only a quanta of time to happen.

This is a Universal law that establish a slow sequence of long time, from ∆-1 to ∆+1 through 3 ages and a fast track that ‘jumps’ the ‘present-liquid, ST-ate’ from Solid to plasma in death which therefore has NO PRESENT: ∆+1«∆-1.

The 3±i time states:  

In the graph, the worldcycle of matter. We see how the ∆±1 birth and death phase (plasma made of dissociated ions, is the same as it opens and closes the cycle (since the boson and radiation states are very rare in a ‘temperature’ ambience.

Thus, the Ts gas, ST liquid and St solid ages of matter and its dynamic worldcycles adding the final ∆±¡ death/ evolutionary states form dual binary and trinity ‘cyclical’ reversible system:

+I Boson Condensate <=> Solid <=> Liquid <=>Gas <=>-i Plasma

It shows all possible transformations between STages of matter from the Ts-gaselous state happening in systems of minimal network organisation, to the solid state that anchors a system into an orderly steady state. Matter allows all possible changes between ages with preference for the natural flow of time worldcycles towards ‘cooling information’: gas>liquid>Solid.

And this preference is observed in the ‘minimal energy’ law spent in all transformations of st-ate.

In the graph we see the ‘1st law’ in the cyclical patterns of the solid-gas-liquid.

Because motion is the ultimate substance of Nature, time-motion is eternal and this justifies the 1st law, which implies ultimately every ‘open system’ is part of a larger closed system that preserves the 1st law.

Another expression of the law tells us that ‘change in a system’s internal energy is equal to the difference between heat added to the system from its surroundings and work done by the system on its surroundings’. So we can write a fractal generator in which heat and work converge into the central zero sum state of energy:

Tt-Heat> ST-energy <Ts-Work

   -2nd Ts<Tt law; or ‘ fractal generator’ of thermodynamics: Open, lineal cycles. A pentalogic view.

Let us try a more complex multilogic analysis of the 2nd law.

∆±¡ Scalar view: In the graph, the essence of the 2nd law is scalar. While we can convert mechanical work from ∆º into heat, energy in ∆-1; we cannot transfer all energy of ∆-1, the parts, to the whole ∆º, which is obvious, as ∆º is just an ‘emergent’ new plane of existence parasit of ∆-1, which needs to keep part of its ‘motion’ to function in ∆º. This said the intelligent Universe constructs ‘physiological networks’ to maximize the in-taking of energy from the parts to the whole.

Temporal view: The justification of the law derivers from the previous equations from past to future, (plasma to solid) which always crosses through a present balanced ST-ate, unlike Future to past motions (deaths) that do not cross usually the present: Tt-Past>Ts<ST>Ts Present> Ss-Future v. Ss-Future«Tt-Past.

Spatial view: This means when we go upwards from ∆-1 past ‘heat’ into ‘Future’ ordered motions in an ∆+1 mechanical solid system, part of the heat is wasted in the present-energy intermediate state; while going down from the ∆+1 scale to the ∆-1 scale as we don’t move through the present ST-balanced STage, we can convert ALL the work of the ∆+1 macrosystem into molecular ∆-1 system.

Entropic view: in other words death is fast and extremely efficient, reason why it is mathematically expressed by the fastest growing e-x exponential equation.

Mental view: And so ultimately entropy-motion defeats Ss-minds which CANNOT stop the entire Universe.

The metaphysical question is: if the 2nd law limits the number of potential scales that can be constructed, and how much energy can be transferred orderly upwards. The commonest answer is ’50-50’, which maintains a balance of ‘existential momentum’ in the trophic pyramids of parts and wholes. Yet as supœrganisms co-exist meaningfully in 3 scales we must also investigate the relationships between 2 given ‘scales’, or dual quantum jumps.

In a trilogic scalar analysis we observe that the law of inversion between scales: ∑∑|-1>∑O¡=|+1 applies when the observer enlarges and slows down its view. Since from our perspective in the quantum scale the action is measured in terms of angular momentum (h); in the thermodynamic scale in terms of entropy (k) in the mechanical gravitational scale in terms of ‘lineal speed’. So clearly systems as the growth in scale become simpler. But in Non-E Geometry (see paper 5D geometry), we know the ‘perception of curvature’ is relative to the size of the observer (Lobachevski’s factor), reason why we see a flat Earth from our small perspective but a cyclical one from the larger moon angle. So the lineal C-speed motions of light in the galaxy from the small perspective appear as a curved spiraling St motion of stars and light around the central black hole. And the slow time paths of the galaxy accelerate for the slow giant that could see it with a megaparsecs’ eye. Absolute relativity then leaves the conundrum of the number of scales unresolved. It is though clear that if scales are infinite space must also be infinite, but again as we perceive a limited horizon, which is always local as light dies approximately in the 1110-11 scale we can neither resolve that question. It is absurd to think a mush on a lost rock of the Universe understands & perceives the whole.

Back to our scale what we also observe is a ¿ dual motion; as ‘∆+1 work’ becomes ∆-1 ‘heat’ increasing the disorder of the ∆-1 scale but then the disorder disappears as heat is cooling down asHeat flows then spontaneously from a hotter region to a colder region, balancing the system into homeostasis. This is misinterpreted as death because balance thermodynamical equilibrium and mental stillness are not understood. From waves that basically dissipate energy to reestablish the balance of a network to entropy the phenomena responds to the supremacy of still, mental information over entropy from the point of view of the organism.

In fact in a given scale entropy is not relevant: there are phenomena of superfluidity in the quantum scale; and mechanical systems can move without apparent internal friction according to the principle of lineal inertia for eternal motion; so entropy is a limitation between scales to allow the co-existence in balance of all of them.

It is part of the limits for a perfect fluid motion between scales that make any species a local event and explain why it is ultimately so difficult to explore the fifth dimension of which humans amazingly enough know nothing.

The 2nd law in terms of the fractal generator.

A common formulation of the 2nd law is: heat at a given temperature cannot be converted entirely into work.

So the law reorders the 3 parameters of ST-energy, Ts-work and Tt-entropy in the Thermodynamic Generator:

ST (Temperature:Energy)< Ts-Work < Tt(Entropic Heat)

Observe the difference of ‘Dimotional dimotions’ with the 1st law. < is the only dimotion that expands the system. So in this ‘allowed’ configuration, the system indeed increases constantly its Entropy. But we must balance this dimotion with the 0 and 3rd law of crystal, in-form-ative, homeostatic grow of information to restore the balance.

Yet while this is truth it only applies to the transmission of energy from lower, ∆-1 ensembles into an ∆-whole, not viceversa: ∆-wholes synchronise the simultaneous motions of all its ∆-1 parts, achieving with it ‘lesser information’ and ‘simpler, larger motions’ a loss of zero entropy when they move all its parts, according to the direction of future set up by the whole.

As usual the error of physicists is to generalise a local phenomena on the ∆±1 matter scale, forgetting the balances obtained from non-entropic motions handled by the whole≈physical minds, which restore the balance of the system in the opposite ‘3rd law’ of crystal order, 0’-temperatures and gravitational non-thermal forces.

By ignoring the ∆@ elements of reality thermodynamics looses any value as a philosophy of general global laws.

Such laws apply only to the entropy of a closed single ∆-scale system, which tends toward an equilibrium state in which entropy – the scattering and equality of heat among all its ∆-1 elements, is at a maximum and no energy is available to do useful work at the ∆-level.

This asymmetry between forward and backward processes gives rise to what is known as the “dimotion of time” in classic thermodynamics, which as we said is a simplification of the 3 dimotions of time, due to the error of a single space-time continuum, converted into a huge global error by extending it to every system.

Indeed, ‘a single entropic dimotion of time’ for all phenomena deduced of the study of expansive heat=entropy in steam machines, is a local reductionist simplex analysis of time dimotions. And to expand it to include all the planes of the Universe, all the beings, by reducing the 5 dimotions of reality to ‘heat, entropic motions’ is plainly bogus. The law merely becomes a single dimotion of dying entropic time, when we eliminate all other scales and st, T, elements of the system. And we will return to that.

When considering the 5D dimotion between atoms and heat, a measure of the human scale, its comprehension is blurred by the language – as entropy doesn’t measure motions backwards and forwards in 4D time but motion backwards in the 5th dimension of social scalar evolution, as a dimension of dissolution of wholes and its order.

Such as when we want to use and exhaust the motion of ∆-1 systems, which are NOT organised by complex networks but just merely as humans do, with ‘heating machines’, entropic ‘fire’, and some other brutish systems, obviously the molecules and atoms of the lower scale have the same interest to order perfectly and give up its motion to that brutish wholes a mass of humans have to be herded by a military thug.

Entropy appears in minimal processes of organization such as heat is to extract motion of individual ∆-1 elements.

However when a system is fully organised, according to 5D organic laws entropy greatly diminishes, as in Crystals, which have basically zero entropy, or organisms, which increase the order of beings and diminish its entropy.

Egocy physicists just deny the existence of fractal points that gauge information and gravitational forces that balance expansive, electromagnetic entropy order the Universe, to make man the only ‘mind’ of reality.

So the law should be rephrased regarding the conservation of motion and information:

‘In the whole Universe entropy does not exist. As the Universe is made of motion and curvature, which balance each other through all its ∆-scales. So when a system becomes disordered and expands its entropy in an ∆-1 scale; the order is restored by the simultaneous, informative order of larger ∆+1 wholes which contract and synchronise the ∆-systems.

So ∆-¡ quantum scales of physical, electromagnetic entropy are balanced by the ∆+n scales of gravitational, only-attractive information. And we have to assess the total order of a system, studying at least ∆±n scales together.

-The 3rd St law of thermodynamics. The entropy of a perfect crystal in its most stable form tends to zero as the temperature approaches absolute zero. This allows an absolute scale for entropy to be established that, from a statistical point of view, determines the degree of randomness or disorder in a system.

So the third law establishes that near absolute zero, entropic disorder by heat, no longer apply.

It is the inverse fractal generator that balances the 2nd law: Tt(Entropic Heat)> ST (ÑTemperature)< Ss-crystal

The dimotion of information however is subtle and ‘intelligent’, in its ‘efficient’ approach to the use of energy. In that regard we can compare a crystal ‘network’ with a biological network that manages to ‘transfer’ with maximal efficiency through branching energy from the ∆+1 lung system into the minimal cells.

In that regard, the absurd universal view of the 2nd law happened before the understanding that growing order and perfect motion with no entropy happens in the cold regimes. Since in ‘organic physical matter’ the most important effects of order creation happen when thermodynamic entropy is minimal – phenomena such as superconductivity, superfluidity, bosons, etc. We talk also of a finitesimal zeroth as the relative ‘temperature’ of a mind, which creates a still map of reality it then projects on the larger reality diminishing its ∆+1 worlds’ entropy. In other words: ‘The Universe is filled with Maxwell’s demons’

Zero crystal entropy tells us also several things: a crystal, or perceptive physical, Ss mind that maps out an ‘intelligent’ mirror image of the Universe inside its mind is cold, tends to total order, and minimal motion. So it is the 3rd Law of cold physical matter. But both a mind and a crystal move the Universe, as they become focus of smaller ∆-2 pixels of information that map out and slightly change ‘bit by bit’ the view of the world.

So even in the near stillness of 0K, motion never stops. Temperature then must be considered not only a measure of motion but also of ‘disorder’ and ‘linear’, expansive Ts-motion; since a superfluid rotates very fast and a black hole rotates at c-speed but in orderly fashion at minimal temperature, as they are St-inward motions that hardly ‘spill’ out its energy (to be measured as temperature).

If we include other ∆-scales beyond matter, they modify those laws creating order. I.e. gravitation is a force of order as it  only attracts and ‘contracts’, in-form-ing a system; so it balances the tendency to entropy of ¥-rays.

So the ∆±¡ quantum and gravitational Universe that sandwiches us, rescues the world from entropic death through its orderly actions – reason why the parameters of ACTION=DIMOTION are only measured in terms of entropy in the Thermodynamic scale (Tt-Boltzmann constant) but not in the ∆-gravitational scale (Ts-C-speed) and quantum (St-H-angular momentum)

Because thermodynamics developed during the XIX C. in response to the need to optimize the performance of steam engines, it is wrong to expand by dogma to the whole universe those laws of thermodynamics, as they apply only to physical, molecular matter, the ∆±1 scales and biological systems, without understanding how order is restored in biological systems by its minds, in ∆±1 by crystals and future dimotions of social evolution. As a system either has motion or form, it switches between both states; a fact only recognised by the pioneers of fractal chemistry such as Mr. Mehaute, who proved (L’espace-temps brisse) that when a thermodynamic system stops moving externally, it subtly starts to create further internal order with ‘crackles’=networks of form.

Correspondence between the laws of thermodynamics and the laws of Existential algebra.

The study of the laws of thermodynamics in 5D is Disomorphic to the study of the main variations of the fractal generator of ¬Æxistential algebra (see paper, ‘The stientific method’) and its properties. And the 2nd law is just one of those ‘variations’, as the sum of them all is ultimately a zero-worldcycle

We redefine those laws in terms of ∆@st, as they are the ∆ dual dimotions of order of the previous pyramid and  the ‘Maxwell demon @minds’ that tell the system where to be and go.

Correspondence with the states of matter.

We can tackle in reverse order the 3 laws of thermodynamics as expressions of the 3 single plane states of matter:

Ss: Solid crystals. 0’ finitesimal entropy, Still mind-information: 

The third law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a perfect crystal close to 0 Kelvin is zero. This means that in a perfect crystal, at 0 Kelvin, nearly all molecular motion should cease in order to achieve ΔS=0. A perfect crystal is one in which the internal lattice structure is the same at all times; in other words, it is fixed and non-moving, and does not have rotational or vibrational energy. This means that there is only one way in which this order can be attained: when every particle of the structure is in its proper place.

The mind is indeed a o-mapping of all reality where motion is ‘expelled’ for the form to be absolute and reflect by the ‘determined’ actions of the being, which sees its mind as the deterministic still universe – what it is.

ST: Energy: The first law states that present energy is conserved.

Tt: the Second Law of Thermodynamics corresponds to the ‘entropy-disorder’ state, hence it is tautological:

The total entropy of a thermodynamic system tends to increase over time, approaching a maximum value.

Pentalogic on entropy from the point of view of space, time, scale, mind-languages and double Tt-entropy.

A complex pentalogic analysis of entropy in terms of ¬∆@st, time, scale and space interprets that:

As time passes, the branching of future paths into St, Ts, ST ternary states increases.

So in space the information of the system becomes less deterministic.

– @mind. But internally the membrane and mind- singularity (or membrain)

Entropy in space-time thus relates to the fascinating concept of ‘all the possibilities’ of evolution of a system into the future, which basically are 3±0, moving along the 3 dimotions of s, st, t of a single plane, and/or the ∆±1 dimotions of emergence and dissolution out of a given ∆º plane.

We are now ready to provide a definition of entropy in classic physics and properly interpret it. The entropy S – a MACROSTATE, ∆º parameter – is defined in terms of the micro-state parameters, as: S=k ln Ω
where k is Boltzmann’s constant (never mind it was found by my admired colossus Mr. Planck) and Ω the number of microstates consistent with the given macrostate.

So in 5D terms we either:

  • ∆-1>∆: reduce the possible paths of future, of an ensemble of ∆-1 micro states to its smaller future whole information. As the set of sets is larger than the whole set (Cantor paradox homology).

So, a social group of ‘numbers=events’ (Ω), which represent the paths of future of a series of ‘space-time quanta≈actions (k) that have more spatial population=informative-time events in the ∆-1 scale than the whole; can be reduced to its ∆º states, by means of a slow growing logarithmic curve (ln), inverse to its ‘exponential function of growth’, which will be the opposite perspective from ∆ to ∆º:

  • ∆<∆-1 decay from wholeness into its parts, is thus the inverse famous decay exponential equation, showing in this manner an essential symmetry between ∆-1 and ∆ parts and wholes, in terms of its ‘quantity of possible future formal paths and degrees of freedom’.

In scale is where entropy has its more clear meaning as the ∆-1 scale of parts does NOT give all its energy to ∆º.

The increase of entropy with time for isolated, LOCAL, THERMAL systems plays a fundamental role in determining the direction of its ∆º<∆+1 scalar “dimotion of time.”

For example, everyday life presents no difficulty in distinguishing the forward flow of time from its reverse. For example, if a film showed a glass of warm water spontaneously changing into hot water with ice floating on top, it would immediately be apparent that the film was running backward because the process of heat flowing from warm water to hot water would violate the second law of thermodynamics. However, this obvious asymmetry between the forward and reverse directions for the flow of time does not persist at the level of fundamental interactions because individual collisions are unchanged by reversing the direction of time. An observer watching a film showing two water molecules colliding would not be able to tell whether the film was running forward or backward. Since entropy and the second law are 5th dimensional motions that concern the relationships of order between parts and wholes. In a thermal force whose ‘constant of space-time K is measured with values of entropy’ hence an entropic force by nature, (unlike the ∆-3 scale of light whose constant of space-time, h, has values of St-angular momentum or the gravitational world of mass constants with Ss-accelerated space-time value) the ∆-1<<∆+1 time flow grows in disorder as we increase the ‘size’ of the whole.

Heat at the molecular level is the random kinetic energy of motion of molecules, and collisions between molecules provide the microscopic mechanism for transporting heat energy from one place to another., heat can flow just as well in one direction as the other. Thus, from the point of view of fundamental interactions, there is nothing to prevent a chance event in which a number of slow-moving (cold) molecules happen to collect together in one place and form ice, while the surrounding water becomes hotter. Such chance events could be expected to occur from time to time in a vessel containing only a few water molecules. However, the same chance events are never observed in a full glass of water, not because they are impossible but because they are exceedingly improbable. This is because even a small glass of water contains an enormous number of interacting molecules (about 1024), making it highly unlikely that, in the course of their random thermal motion, a significant fraction of cold molecules will collect together in one place. Although such a spontaneous violation of the second law of thermodynamics is not impossible, an extremely patient physicist would have to wait many times the age of the universe to see it happen.

The foregoing demonstrates an important point: the second law of thermodynamics is statistical in nature. It has no meaning at the level of individual molecules, whereas the law becomes essentially exact for the description of large numbers of interacting molecules. In contrast, the first law of thermodynamics, which expresses conservation of energy, remains exactly true even at the molecular level.

Again we see that the 2nd law is local in space, time and scale unlike the 1st law, which is universal to all ∆ST.

– ¬ Entropy is also related also to lineal expansive motion=disorder, which is the wider definition of 5D (taken from the wider vague concept of philosophical entropy of physicists and its dimotion of time).

But even in such case Entropy is relative, a local phenomena with limits in space, time, scale and mind.

The example of ice melting in a glass of hot water demonstrates the other sense of the term entropy, as an increase in randomness and a parallel loss of information. Initially, the total thermal energy is partitioned in such a way that all of the slow-moving (cold) molecules are located in the ice and all of the fast-moving (hot) molecules are located in the water (or water vapour). After the ice melted and the system comes to thermal equilibrium, the thermal energy is uniformly distributed throughout the system. The statistical approach provides a great deal of valuable insight into the microscopic ∆-1 structure of matter. The great beauty and strength of classical thermodynamics are that its predictions are completely independent of the microscopic structure of matter.
∆º>∆+1 scalar interactions.

A chief point of confusion is the fact that humans observe the Second Law externally. So huminds only measure the outer fields preyed on through in its interaction with the system; in which the central mind-singularity of order and/or enclosing membrane constrains, orders the vital space the system – a topologic open ball body-wave which is NON-perceivable externally neither ‘reckoned’ in Euclidean geometries of points without parts as it is precisely the inside parts of the system or the ∆-1 scale.. Order thus increases internally while externally entropy increases but both balance if huminds would accept non-Euclidean points, scalar internal ∆-1 orderly states, etc.

Most real thermodynamic systems are open systems that exchange heat and work with their environment, rather than closed=LOCAL systems ruled by the 2nd law. For example, living systems clearly achieve a local reduction in their entropy as they grow and develop; they create structures of greater internal energy (i.e., they lower entropy) out of the nutrients they absorb. This does not violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics, because a living organism does not constitute a closed=LOCAL system.

For example, Earth constantly receives entropic energy in the form of sunlight but internally increases order converting the cycles of heat and cold weather into ‘triggers’ of the ST>St fundamental ‘rhythm of life ‘reproductive radiations’ and evolutionary glaciation states that structure life evolution (see paper ‘Biology and entropy’). And further on internally it grows order for different NON-THERMAL magnetic forces – which protect the membrain from external ¥-rays disorder and likely from a memorial ‘Galactic program’ of evolution of planets through 3 ages, as the continental processes of reunion and split of continents shaped evolution and draw the map of history and further on today receives order from all the humind-points aka life-beings and AI and digital networks on the surface. But physical instruments do NOT measure and input those forms of orders.

What physicists should talk about is order vs. disorder; as a 5D stientist would say ‘A system first ∆ its disorder in radiation wave-entropy, ST<Tt events, as a pre-condition for its supœrganisms’ networks to ‘order’ Tt-motions into form and ’emerge’ into the ∆+1  whole, Ss singularity-minds’ upper, ∆º+1 scale.

Reversible vs. irreversible processes: how to turn back the dimotion of entropy into an orderly form.

The second law is not universal, and this was somehow recognised when the third law: zero entropy for a crystal mind, was accepted). Further on reversibility is canonical in quantum physics (particles) as we cannot distinguish any direction of a motion.

In mechanics we can also talk on terms of Lagrangians and Hamiltonians, to understand reversible processes, akin to those concepts in thermodynamics.

Even if mechanics, an ∆+1 scale has a different view from the human ∆º of the three scales, given the asymmetry of 5D parts and wholes, balanced  in the ST level: ¡+1 is a view of lesser information than the massive amount of information coming from the faster more abundant fractal scales of the parts,  in quantum physics.

In that sense the key concept of 5D behind a reversible process in the ternary ∆ST symmetries is information:

“For a reversible process in time space or scale to happen, the level of control of time events, spatial directions or scalar populations must be at ∆-1, infinitesimal parts and minimal frequencies micro-management’.

Reversibility in space is so overwhelming because we have enough information from the perspective of left or right. When information about the upper or lower scale, the future or the past, the forward or backward view in space is lacking, reversibility flounders.

Consider the simplest case of lack of information. If you move backwards reversing your forwards movement it is obvious that sooner or latter you will fail to reverse your path because you don’t see it, and so you will stumble. In scales and time the same concept applies. In scale the failure for micro-particles to control the upper scale, which emerges as the relative future (since parts must come first to build emergent wholes) has the same reason. And ultimately is due to the different non-Euclidean geometry, outlined in the graph:

The view of the whole for the parts is limited, as the networks of information that control them are invisible (information is smaller and faster, by virtue of 5D metrics, $ x ð =C.

On the other hand the whole can encircle and manage wholesale the parts by changing its general parameters of energy and information, as the Earth does with its glaciation cycles with its micro-life species, or humans do with machines to extract energy from thermal sources. But this management is NOT thorough. So it normally does NOT affect the ‘heat capacity’ (the true parameter that should be argued instead of the philosophical, creationist, mathematical concept of ‘probability and entropy’, just one more of the many errors of the creationist, German Idealist school of science of the turn of the century (including the Copenhagen interpretation, fascism and communism, which are fed-forced on reality with its obvious consequences). Heat capacity allow efficient micro-systems to absorb existential ST-energy and keep it not giving it away as ‘heat’, which Ts-moves and dilates a thermometer to measure Tt-emperature (an entropic parameter).

But this is good as it keeps both, the ∆-1 and ∆º scales in balance.

As a corollary all this implies that the macro-being, the elephant in the room, shall not control but merely dissuade the micro-parts to take their decisions, since infinite micro-populations can only be managed efficiently if internally they ‘agree’ to give away its existential energy.

This is indeed the key way in which in History a capitalist democracy controls its people to tax-farm them, make them obey the law , etc.: they are dissuaded it is the best of all systems, they naively think presidents are elected not ‘$elected’; and they know little of the workings of the flows of money that control society and the ‘black hole of power’ – those who issue money, bankers that control with corruption the law and own everything as they print money at null cost for free. It is the same in all working organisms. The brain is invisible to the cells it manages; the black hole is invisible to the stars it positions with invisible gravitational waves in the galactic superorganism. Above the graph we see this Mind-informative system in control of the whole.

It is for that reason the parts don’t perceive the whole, but if the whole tries ‘brutally’ to control the parts obviously entropy happens, the ∆-1 herd does not obey easily. So when as in physics the complexity of the informative micro-management is ignored and there is an entropic obsession to reduce it all to simplicity, with such poor tools as Euclidean Geometry, single entropy arrows of time, etc. the outcome is a bizarre worldview.

In praxis the system needs a Ss internal knot of order, or mind invaginated by nervous /informative fractal networks that touch all cells to create simultaneous behaviour which only happens in crystal solids, through van der waals and magnetic field control or in biologic systems with nervous control of simultaneous cell motions – and we imagine in the less observed invisible world of galaxies by gravitational ‘DNA-like informative black holes’ micro-managing the evolution, and feeding of its dark matter cells, on the star mitochondria.  

And this is expressed in mechanics by the Lagrangian function whose minimalist derivatives on time tend to zero (least time actions), and hence in the whole conservative energy world cycle integral of the being, the Hamiltonian becomes also a conserved zero-sum.

In thermodynamics, the same concept means a reversible process is a process whose direction can be “reversed” by inducing infinitesimal changes to some property of the system via its surroundings, while not increasing entropy.

Throughout the entire reversible process, the system is in thermodynamic equilibrium with its surroundings. Since it would take an infinite amount of time for the reversible process to finish, perfectly reversible processes are impossible. However, if the system undergoing the changes responds much faster than the applied change, the deviation from reversibility may be negligible. In a reversible cycle, a reversible process, which is cyclic, the system and its surroundings will be returned to their original states if the forward cycle is followed by the reverse cycle.

So it is understood why humans cannot as elephants on a very subtle scalar Universe make most process reversible just with their huge, dull methods of control. Simply speaking the ‘will of individual atoms’ refuses to yield to the bullies and so heat and entropy ensues; as it does in brutish social dictatorships as opposed to subtle placebo democracies where the capitalist masters of the Financial-media system merely ‘suggest’ the mass from its advantageous point of view, what to do, and the citizen, ‘believer’ will therefore create order without understanding the networks of money and mass-media have suggested him what to do. 

So the Universe reaches order and reversibility only when it is build a system with efficient, superorganic structures. All other systems will have entropy as synchronicity is lacking.

In that regard the entire concept of an irreversible entropy dimotion for the whole universe, does not even work on matter systems, as it is merely yet another ego-trip of the homunculus on the loose, thinking that if he cannot ‘get it’ by himself, the universe is guilty and wrong- those damn atoms that misbehave (:

So, the ‘particular’ laws of thermodynamics give a complete description of all changes in the energy state of any system and its ability to perform useful work on its surroundings, but only when we make a ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of that plane and its internal phenomena, discharging the interchanges of energy and information with the ∆±1 scales.

In that sense thermodynamics also has a scalar structure, and so epistemologically we talk of 2 branches:

∆o: Classical thermodynamics, which does not involve the consideration of individual atoms or molecules.

∆-1>∆: Such concerns are the focus of the branch of thermodynamics known as statistical thermodynamics, or statistical mechanics, which expresses macroscopic thermodynamic properties in terms of the behaviour of individual particles and their interactions.

It has its roots in the latter part of the 19th century, when atomic and molecular theories of matter began to be generally accepted. And so a clear form to study the ‘errors’ of a single space-time analysis of entropy and one which includes at least a couple of ∆-scales is to see the differences between both scalar approaches. Since the key to understand properly thermodynamics is to analyse how disorder in one scale ∆-heat in fact merely means that the ∆-1 scales wishes to create its proper order and motions.

So we need to include besides the study of open and closed states of a thermodynamic system in a single ∆-scale, the ‘whole picture’ by adding the study of ‘closed and opened’ systems in 3 ∆±1 scales, asking questions such as:

‘This event study transfers energy or information to the ∆±1 scales of the system and if so, which dimotion is dominant, ∆+1>∆ order or ∆-1<∆ entropy?

For example in beta decay equations of entropic disorder of a particle, spin (cyclical order) is missed. So the order was restored by including the ∆-1, neutrino quanta which the process of death and devolution of the nucleon transfers as all entropic phenomena do, to its lower ∆-1 faster/larger scale.

It is this type of actions of balancing the ‘books’ which physicists stubbornly do not do for entropic heat, adding to the mix gravitational in-form-ative forces and ‘@minds’, Maxwell demons, what explains the errors of a dying universe of its science philosophies.

The Universe as a whole has zero entropy=disorder.

In classic physics entropy is ultimately a scalar property that relates the number of micro-states of a system to its larger SINGLE perceived macrostate. In physics entropy was measured first in gases which are by definition the most disordered state of matter. So obviously entropy was ginormous, proportional to the number of molecules, from the point of view of the humind’s reduced view of the system in the macrostate, which only perceived macro-properties of measure, Pressure, volume, Energy and temperature (PV=nkT=E).

Moroever this concept of entropy leads to Laplace argument on a deterministic Universe. If we knew all the data of the initial state of particles even in a gaseous state, all their paths will be deterministic and only one landscape arises. And if we were small enough to inquire each atom, he will tell you he ‘knows where he is going’, even if he is moving from one side to another rather subconsciously. I.e. if we look at a mass of humans in a demonstration from above, like the 3rd man looks at the points below in the Austrian Park, they seem indistinguishable and any configuration of the demonstration will be possible for the view of the capitalist in his ivory tower – a bunch of lefties protesting. The only information we get then is the reason of its protest (the substance of the gas), and the approximate number of ‘human molecules’ and perhaps the ‘heat temperature’ – the degree of anger and motion of the demonstration. Entropy then is on the eye of the macro-beholder.

The absurd expansion of Entropy and thermodynamic laws to all scales, forces and phenomena, for the wanting of physicists to become philosophers of science is just an egocy (Ego=idiocy) trait as temperature is a local, molecular property and gas, one of the 5 Dimotions of matter. Consider the other extreme form, solid, transparent crystals, which have a macrostate recognizable in an image formed within the crystal. This image corresponds to a single micro-state for each pixel of the image. Thus the configuration of the microstate is only one and entropy is zero. This can be expanded to any linguistic mind system, regardless of how much humans do know of the microstate. An image in a TV requires each specific electron to have a specific form. A logic circuit in a computer has the exact configuration of its gates required for a given calculus. A seed encodes the exact genes. Ss-informative spatial still forms have no entropy.

A way to rephrase those questions then arises from the argument of the structure of the different scales of the 5th dimension: is there a situation in which the ∆-1 microstates are less than the ∑∆º macrostates; hence a negative entropic system? This would imply the existence of ‘multiple futures’ branching from a single potential microscale. If multiple gaseous configurations might give birth to a single macro-state because according to 5D metrics, the micro-state holds more information, and the ‘ghostly’ larger scale is happy just to build itself with part of the existential energy of the microstates; the inverse might hold truth for the lower plane of quantum particles.

Suggests evolution from a common ancestor. zebrafish chicken dog human skunk.

This is in fact the case when we consider all the dimensions of the system, the dimension of time and the dimension of scale, in many forms of the Universe. For example, the number of macro-states of life, i.e. variations of organisms that can arise from a single micro-state. So in palingenesis a single ordered micro-state or embryo might give birth to multiple different macro-states.

And ultimately a single micro-state, the 3 topologies of space-time give birth to ∞ macro-state variations, all of them 0-sum worldcycles that return to its fold. So for the whole Universe as a ‘block of time’ entropy is in fact infinitely negative. That is, we depart from two single forms, the line and the cycle, and as Desargues already proved in his theory of conics, all possible curves arise.

Moreover if we take only in consideration the species that ‘survive’, as efficient forms the order is absolute, because there are for such an extensive Universe, a limited number of them that do make the cut and reproduce. I.e. virtual particles are many but elementary particles that repeat its cycles and survive very few. All the existences that have happened will be repeated again as the number of possible existences that last in time are few. In this very moment there are infinite other planets where humans are making machines as ‘enzymen’ to evolve an Earth of metal and die. It is said there are 6 persons that look exactly like you. So when we take entropy into the philosophical arena, with a minimal rigor, the entire conceptual frame of an entropic Universe, dying etc. become meaningless talk.

Creationism is also not the right justification of why entropy exists. The usual creationist reason for it, (a mathematical concept that instead of a mirror of a space-time event is considered is cause) reads like this:
In a thermodynamic system, pressure, density, and temperature tend to become uniform over time because the equilibrium state has higher probability (more possible combinations of microstates) than any other state. This is NOT the reason. The reason is the natural democratic, social evolutionary tendency of all systems of similar T.œs. Molecules ‘share’ their energy to a point in which all of them have a similar quantity, as humans without ‘animetal weapons power’ lived in the Neolithic in ‘thermodynamic equilibrium’ of relative equality. Part of the idol-ogy of capitalism (see papers of history) consists in justifying always as ‘evil’ equality. Thermodynamic equilibrium makes difficult for a higher scale to emerge and oppress the molecules, as a democratic ‘unity’ makes difficult to enslave human beings. But death=no motion of those particles in equilibrium does NOT happen. In their ∆-1 scale they are kicking and acting.

And how they act follows as everything in the Universe the ‘Function of existence’ (5D metrics: SxT=C plus Absolute relativity, S=T), that is the search for constant balances that allow the different SHMotions of reality. For example, 2 key equations are the  the equipartition theorem that relates the temperature of a system to its average energies. The equipartition theorem is also known as the law of equipartitionequipartition of energy, or simply equipartition. The original idea of equipartition was that, in thermal equilibrium, energy is shared equally among all of its various forms; for example, the average kinetic energy per degree of freedom in Ts- translational motion of a molecule should equal that in St- rotational motion. That is, Ts=St and Ts+St = ST… again.

And yet again, in the ‘asymptotic borders of the quantum ∆-1 scale the equipartition theorem no longer holds since at low temperatures the thermal energy kBT of certain degrees of freedom are “frozen out” as order simplifies the superfluous motions that would become ‘friction’ for the quantum world of higher order (and lesser entropy); in a process that continues down all the way through the transformation of the ‘constant of action k (entropic) into the much more ordered O-constant of the quantum world (h-actions of angular momentum).

We have then the slightly different theorem for the ‘upper boundary’ between the scale of thermodynamics and that of matter, called the Virial theorem which has been expanded to almost all scales; which in its simplest formulae for stars is a clear proof of the increase of universal order due to gravitation, as it shows that a gravitational system has ‘negative heat capacity’.

Indeed, according to the virial theorem, a self-gravitating body like a star or an interstellar gas cloud, the average potential energy Upot and the average kinetic energy Ukin are locked together in the relation Upot = -2 Ukin. Hence thethe total energy U (= Upot + Ukin) therefore U = – Ukin

If the system loses energy by radiating energy into space, the average kinetic energy actually increases. If a temperature is defined by the average kinetic energy, then the system has a negative heat capacity. An even more extreme version occurs with black holes, which become colder the more mass and energy they absorb; which means they are NOT as Hawking claims, systems of maximal entropy but precisely the opposite, systems of maximal order=in-form-ation; a theme we will discuss in detail on the section of entropy and cosmology, showing the proper way to interpret Hawking’s equations.

The question of how many different positions can adopt is meaningless, as they become ‘one’, like the demonstrators. It doesn’t matter that joe is on the left and Jackie on the right and could change places, what matter is they form an equal, single mass. So what to do about this ‘entropy’ element of all those equations of thermodynamics and its ‘second law’? Frankly NOBODY needs them.

The real concept of entropy: heat capacity.

The true thermodynamic parameters come for gases from Boyle’s law: Pv = nkT, which has no entropy anywhere. Entropy IS a man made imaginary value that for the objective understanding of thermodynamics is completely irrelevant and for the Universe at large, false. Its value as it will be studied here is purely philosophical and its interpretation in classic physics wrong. So why we use it on 5D? We use it as a synonymous of death, disorder, and Tt-scattering motions. As such we could have used other word, but because entropy as synonymous of disorder is today part of the discourse of all sciences, and the word ‘death’ a big heavy on the mind, we have chosen it for the Tt-dimotion that ends the existence of a system. Then obviously when a system dies and disorders the final configuration of its broken cells, disarrayed crystal atoms, etc. might be anything. Who cares? The whole who ordered those parts in a single configuration is gone. But entropy won’t last. As other similar species will feed on them to rise a new supœrganism.

Entropy then in thermodynamics should be substituted by a more meaningful concept in which its units are measured – heat capacity, Q/T; which is what we will discuss ‘as real’, outside the philosophical realm of the concept of order and disorder (Tt). Heat capacity is then important as a physical parameter and secondary to it is the argument of order and temperature that goes as follows:

The heat capacity of an object, denoted by CC is the limit C =lim T->0 ∆Q/∆T, C=limΔT→0ΔQΔT,where ΔQ∆Q (a form of energy) is the amount of heat that must be added to the object (of mass M) in order to raise its temperature by ΔT∆T. Or in other words, the capacity of a form of matter to absorb and store energy; ultimately dependent of its parameters of ‘existential energy’, such as ‘more ordered, efficient’ forms of matter (solids) have more storage capacity because they have internally more ‘complex’ form, measured usually as the ‘degrees of freedom’; that is, the different ‘ties’ (∆-1-axons, vibrational paths, etc.) between its atoms.

The classic simplest case is that of mono-atomic, diatomic and triatomic molecules, which become more complex, ordered systems with increasing heat capacities. As each of those new species of ‘social atoms’ can store more energy, it gives away less of it as Tt-motion that ‘hits’ the temperature termometer, preserving it for its internal organization. On the other hand a weaker system, a gas system cannot store in its internal order the energy it is given, so it easily gives it away as temperature=motion that hits the walls of the container or the temperature termometer.

In 5D we can write then C= ST (Energy) / Tt (entropic temperature). So, ST/Tt ≈ S/T= S information /T motion which simply states that a system with higher heat capacity (S>T) is one in which its internal form, its in-formation is higher than its external motion S/T>1.

This is a general rule for any scale. A tighter, smaller, more ordered cyclical O-crystal or solid or higher mass system stores more ‘energy’ because it transforms it into ‘faster and more complex variations of internal motion in a denser network of ties between its parts. So paradoxically those smaller, more efficient forms with ‘more mass’ or ‘more heat capacity’, when disordered into Tt (E=Mc2, etc), release more motion than ther seemingly more active, expansive gases of ‘thin air’. And again this relates to 5D metrics: $ x ð = C

The virtue of using the concept of heat capacity instead of entropy is obvious: we are rephrasing the whole subject not in terms of disorder, the preferred humind concept but in terms of order, the preferred universal concept, highlighting those systems of lesser entropy not those of higher entropy, which is also what we shall do using instead of the ‘entropic concept of temperature’, the concept of ‘coldness’, of order, the ß function, which proves to be more fundamental as it can cross beyond the T=0 K as a continuous function without asymptotic discontinuities as temperature does. So we can cross indeed as we shall show in the analysis of thermodynamics of black holes ‘the K=0 barrier’ which is ONLY the limit of thermal, molecular systems, into the world of perfectly ordered internal black holes (top and bcb quarks, bosons, etc.).

What other equation of entropy matters in thermodynamics? One which is ‘pumped up’ in importance as the ‘Fundamental thermodynamic relation, dU=TdS – pdV.

It means that the entropy (heat capacity) of a system depends on its internal energy and its external parameters, such as its volume, which is exactly what we have said in 5D terms. Again the entropic factor here is quite irrelevant, since if we substitute it for the units of heat capacity the TdS element is simplified as T x E/ T = E.

And then because dU is a measure of a type of energy (internal energy), and TdS is converted also in energy, and pdV is also in energy/work units, here it is eas to understand what we talk about. The internal energy of a system changes (dU) in a tug of war between the energy that goes away as temperature that expands it (the old TdS=E factor and the energy that gets in as pressure that reduces its volume, the pdV factor).

In other words, the system looses Existential energy (ST) as entropic temperature (TdS), Ts goes away, as kinetic energy, while it gains it as imploding pressure, St, increases its form. ST= St±Ts.

‘Crystal clear’ in 5D terms as an exchange of dimotions, which are ultimately kinetic Ts explosive-energy vs. St-potential, implosive energy.

We can then interpret the key formula, E=nkT, whereas k is a boltzman unit of entropy, as yet another version of that TdS = Ts formula (however with k now as a spatial still form or constant, that doesn’t vary). The concept behindit is then similar, but only with the Ts-factor, reason why we say this E is not truly Energy (ST) but the ST<Ts<Tt, expansive motion absorbed by the external human observer that often confuses ‘locomotion or kinetic energy, Ts and entropy or dual motion, Tt’ with energy because it is what it wants to extract from the system (and then convert into ST, human useful energy as it gives it a new form.)

Recap. The biggest interest for 5D on thermodynamics is the duality of its formulation from the point of view of ∆+1 and Ñ-1; from where we can extract many general laws of different scalar systems.

Moreover though unbeknownst to physicists, it illustrates perfectly the 3 ‘worldcycles’ of matter, in its contrast with the perfectly ordered, palingenetic state of quantum physics and faster o-1 unit time cycles; as particles are the ‘finitesimals’ of physics, and ‘cells’ are the finitesimals of life; and micro-black stars of Planck’s mass are the ‘finitesimals’ of gravitation, ; and humans the finitesimals of History they are the initial seeds that live in a faster perfectly ordered, palingenetic world an scale’ of reality, with maximal information and energy, in which they able to reproduce with easiness… and hence become the ‘protagonist’ of the whole ‘ecosystem’ through all the subsequent scales of existence, but beyond that finitesimal experience, in the larger scales the process becomes increasingly limited by two fundamental constrains:

– Reproduction stops being the fundamental dimotion but social evolution takes place, which requires to connect in bondage, ‘units’ of the species, who do have a strong individuality. So social bondage becomes unstable as the system grows in social units, and a set of fundamental geometric laws of social organization kick in.

This in physics is experienced in the configuration of social atoms made of particles, which are only stable on the 1-83, spatial symmetry (207 if we consider also neutrons); in life in the S=T symmetry of aging which seldom goes beyond 82 years by accumulation of errors in the repetitive reproductions of cells; in herds of ‘friends’ in the sociological limit of the impossibility of having more than 100-150 ‘friends’ ; and in general for all systems when measured in its internal clock beats, beyond the 1111 scale.

So obviously as thermodynamics studies huge masses of gaseous systems; they are dominated by an entropic state of permanent disorder. Only when the scale of order is imposed externally by a new plane of existence of higher informative speed the 1111 barrier can be broken and larger systems imposed. In biology this requires the creation of physiological networks to put in order the trillions of cells of mammal systems; in physical forms, it is required the magnetic fields that create orders called domains of a minimal 106 units.

Those active orders must be distinguished from the ‘faked order’ of dead states of minimal energy, as those produced in huge cold crystals of minimal temperature; or the ‘disconnected memoriless’ order of masses where connectivity only ocurrs at local level (molecular liquids). Yet even then degrees of ‘form’ will happen when an external form much larger systems traps the units in its domain – i.e. the earth-sun system provokes the cyclical form of tidal waves; an earthquake the energy release of tsunamis and so on. But wave-states are a liquid form of order, which again is spread through huge domains but perceived in the lower plane only as a local simultaneity.

The strongest bondage in the Universe is that between complementary dual forms of gender mirror symmetry that allows reproduction. Next comes the ∆+1 resonance of order imposed by a larger whole membrain, which increases the efficiency of distribution in attached units.

While on the other extreme the lowest order happens in hunting herds that seek for entropy, which ænthropic man has enshrined as the most important in Nature, when they are only the beginning of exist¡ence. Next, it is the parallel order of simultaneous motion of herds, which is transmitted from local to collective level as a wave. Now, the field of thermodynamics as it is studied by ænthropic man highlights those processes of minimal order, happening in gases, with the confessed aim of ‘extracting heat-entropy’ to transform it into energy-work for the human ‘predator’ of an entropic ensemble to use. And in those terms we can consider the laws of thermodynamics as an expression of 1) the Tt-entropic quality of time-motions which are always conserved 2) the fact that the ensemble of atoms do have the capacity to conserve a minimal quantity of its Ss-‘form’ and will not release all its motion (wrongly considered a proof of the future death of the Universe as NOT all the energy of the lower plane can be transferred to the human plane, when it really means the opposite – the conservation of all the planes of existence, which only let part of its form to emerge into a larger whole, as by definition, in terms of information, the whole is always smaller than its parts: ∆-1<∆º, that is a lower scale has more information and when it transmits it by ‘expanding it’, transforming it into entropy it implies the larger whole will have less information, but absorb more energy as a predator of the lower plane:

In the graph, we observe an inverse dimotion, as the top of the pyramid of ‘smaller elements; have more information than the lower planes; so paradoxically when we become more complex we become smaller: waves collapse into particles, herds into denser organisms; stars into denser black stars.

Let us then consider some aspects of thermodynamics once those paradoxes are understood.

The scales of thermodynamics. Statistical mechanics.

We already introduced themes of probability in the thermodynamic of black stars, considering the long hold by this author and finally making inroads in scholarship view that coldness, the dimotion of information MATTER more than Temperature, the submissive concept as the Gibbs concept of entropy is more general than Boltzmann’s. Let us then start as usual NOT from the mathematical analysis of the quantitative details but the metaphysical, higher view of the game of exist¡ence with some basic themes of reality.

Entropy and probability.

An essential law of the Universe derived from the concept of entropy applies to most realities. Boltzmann calculated all the possible ‘potential’ realities, as combinations of micro-states in ∆-1; when those particles are, as it is mostly the case ¡ndifferent for ∆º, as W=N!/∏iNi!; whereas ∏N¡!, reduces the capacity of ∆º to hunt and feed on the particles of ∆-1, as a herd state reduces the capacity of a predator to feed; since without perception of information, St, energy, Ts cannot be extracted. It is precisely that loss of information between scales what allows the parts to remain more complex than the whole. As if all information were known on ∆-1, ∆º could achieve a perfect order and control, which is its aim through fractal networks in complex supœrganisms.

Just 2 considerations on this theme, studied in more depth in our papers on physics and general 5D theory:

– The Universe is a potential mental space, virtual sum of all possible states, as entropy is related to the total temperature and energy; hence motions of time of reality. As the totalitarian principle of Leibniz->Gellman applies: All what can exist does exist. Yet for the ∆º plane what is ¡ndifferent is not perceived and does not exist – it cannot be taken even as energy. This cosmic censorship between planes protects the existence of lower planes or else they would be predated and exhausted by the higher level.

Because ∆-1 has faster time clocks, those potential microstates, can be seen as statistical populations or sequential time events, where the same form changes states. So ultimately a single form of ∞ time speed is equivalent to an ∞ population of minimal time speed (a duality that applies to string theory).

Indeed, the deepest questions related to entropy, energy, time and information are why reality exists at all, if all is relative in time, space and scale, and there is not ‘real measure’ of things, in size of space and duration of time. What is then the absolute reality?

We have insisted from many points of view, in many different texts at the introductory level of this papers – but trust me, 30 years of GBs can testify much deeper arguments even if my time entropy will make impossible to write them all – to an essential truth of reality; if there is something absolute is the game of scales and that game is a game of digital numbers, social groups, the dimotion of love, the regularities of polygons, the primes of Nature, its natural constant, the algebraic relationships based in what is potentially possible under the mathematical laws of space and the ¡logic laws of time, of which mankind has achieved a great dexterity in the first case – as a mental space of mathematical form and with the help of computers (i.e. without them the Gamma function, which is so important to those themes when translated to the complex plane of ST-holographic spacetime dimotions, was not really making sense, and certainly quantum, discrete, string theory and the like would not exist)… But has no idea of the laws of time, which is in the primitive state of physicists v=s/t and Einstein’s extension to it.

Those are the laws we have tested by the Leonardo’s method of analogy now converted into homology. And of those laws, the ones regarding the discrete reproduction and social evolution – the informative dimotions of complex dimotions, are the ones that matter most. Science had been more interested in the simplex, easier to grasp dimotions of entropic energy and locomotion (Tt and St). So it has advanced quite far In the understanding of entropy in those terms. But the true analysis is the reverse, not on temperature b ut on the ß-function of coldness; not on entropic potential states, but in how those entropic states become real by ‘creation of order’ that differentiates the continuous masses into discontinuous organized part that become ‘different’. As the Universe will try all potential different forms that might exist, within the restrictions of Existential algebra.

But what is a different state? Why permutations, N¡ matter? Because order is temporal, sequential and based in the law of first come first served, illustrated in other papers on the hierarchical dominance of the first element:

Then if we consider each physiological network, the 3! Permutation we shall see on our papers on differentiation of species, becomes the essential number, ‘6’, for topological linguistics (typological in classic science) to differentiate the 5 cultures of VSo, SVo… and the order of dominance of physiological networks, become essential to differentiate the 6 great phyla of animal life (nervous-reproductive-digestive mammals, digestive-reproductive-nervous reptiles and so on).

And so the question is we need to create an order to establish differentiated types of ‘elements’ or else we are in a different type of ‘Bose statistics’.

And this establishes the importance of existential algebra, and its different dualities, trinities, tetralogic, pentalogic and bilateral decalogic, and 3-scalar dodecalogic and sexalogic up to the dodecaplex, 120=5D! Different ‘entities’ that existential algebra consider to be distinguishable which are the elements that give us the maximal number of ‘real microstates’ differentiated to conform and create the whole Universe.

Themes those for a far more advanced course on 5D.

The inverse concepts of reproductive information, S=T and entropy.

One of the clearest conflicts between philosophy of physics and philosophy of 5D is the way we look at thermodynamic equilibrium.

In 5D S=T is a balanced state of thermodynamic equilibrium that maximizes S x T and hence the reproduction and creation of new information in a system.

In the reductionist view of physicists is exactly the inverse.

In thermodynamics, a physical system is a collection of objects (bodies) whose state is parameterized by several characteristics such as the distribution of density, pressure, temperature, velocity, chemical potential, etc. The change of entropy of a physical system when it passes from one state to another equals


where dQ denotes an element of heat being absorbed (or emitted; then it has negative sign) by a body, T is the absolute temperature of that body at that moment, and the integration is over all elements of heat active in the passage. The above formula allows one to compare the entropies of different states of a system, or to compute the entropy of each state up to a constant (which is satisfactory in most cases).

Notice that when an element dQ of heat is transmitted from a warmer body at temperature T1 to a cooler one at temperature T2 , then the entropy of the first body changes by −dQT1 , while that of the other rises by dQT2 . Since T2<T1 , the absolute value of the latter fraction is larger and jointly the entropy of the two-body system increases (while the global energy remains the same).

This difference is due to the reductionism of physicists who cannot contemplate Maxwellian Demons, reproductive dimotions=actions and from their entropic point of view therefore S=T is NOT creative; just balances the ‘temperature’, or difference of energy between both systems, which cannot be ‘subject’ to predation from an ∆+1 physicist point of view.

In mathematical terms is due to the difference type of state we study; one of entropic, ‘colliding’ herds which is loose and interacts by mere summation, loosing indeed capacity to do work, minimized when S=T, and one which is ‘solid’, a network of ‘symbiotic’ particles created by re=production, maximized when S=T.






Thermodynamics is time’s dimotion, while chemical kinetics is time’s clock.

The vast amount of work done in chemical kinetics has led to the conclusion that some chemical reactions go in a single step; these are known as elementary reactions. Other reactions go in more than one step and are said to be stepwise, composite, or complex.

The half-life.

A useful rate measure is the half-life of a reactant, which is defined as the time that it takes for half of the initial amount to undergo reaction. For a special type of kinetic behavior (first-order kinetics; see below Some kinetic principles), the half-life is independent of the initial amount. A common and straightforward example of a half-life independent of the initial amount is radioactive substances. Uranium-238, for example, decays with a half-life of 4.5 billion years; of an initial amount of uranium, half of that amount will have decayed in that period of time. The same behavior is found in many chemical reactions.

Even when the half-life of a reaction varies with the initial conditions, it is often convenient to quote a half-life, bearing in mind that it applies only to the particular initial conditions. Consider, for example, the reaction in which hydrogen and oxygen gases combine to form water; the chemical equation is

2H2 + O2 {long right dimotion} 2H2O.

If the gases are mixed together at atmospheric pressure and room temperature, nothing observable will happen over long periods of time. However, reaction does occur, with a half-life that is estimated to be more than 12 billion years, which is roughly the age of the universe. If a spark is passed through the system, the reaction occurs with explosive violence, with a half-life of less than one-millionth of a second. This is a striking example of the great range of rates with which chemical kinetics is concerned.

There are many possible processes that proceed too slowly to be studied experimentally, but sometimes they can be accelerated, often by the addition of a substance known as a catalyst. Some reactions are even faster than the hydrogen-oxygen explosion. for example, the combination of atoms or molecular fragments (called free radicals) where all that occurs is the formation of a chemical bond. Some modern kinetic investigations are concerned with even faster processes, such as the breakdown of highly energetic and therefore transient molecules, where times of the order of femtoseconds (fs; 1 fs = 10–15 second) are involved.

to change the conditions so that the reactions occur in a reasonable time, Increasing the temperature can have a strong effect on the reaction rate.

Evolution of atomic orbitals: Time dimotions in molecules.

The next scale of atomic evolution is the molecular scale.

Atoms form herds called molecules, joined by light and gravitational forces that distribute ‘Ðimotions’ and information among them. Though we differentiate molecules in organic forms derived from carbon and inorganic forms, both follow the vital cycles and organic topologies of st-points made of multiple times-spaces:

– Molecules enact all the time cycles/dimotions of st-points.

– They go through the 3±∆ ages of all systems, which in molecules are the 3±∆ states of matter.

– Molecules have the same 3 zoned topological structure of all st-points with its dominant atoms with better nuclear or electronic structure, occupying the central foci or informative region of those molecules; while smaller slave atoms that surround them act as a relative body that absorbs waves that carry ‘Ðimotions’ and information from the external world.

Thus, in terms of form the 3rd postulate defines its dual geometry:

-Self-similar atoms co-exist in ‘parallel planes’.

– Dominant and submissive atoms establish perpendicular, hierarchical structures in the dimension of relative ‘height’ with the dominant atom on the center or top region of the system.

And in terms of function, those parallel or hierarchical structures between the atoms of molecules are regulated by the duality of social evolution among self-similar species Vs. Darwinian devolution among different species with unequal exi=stential force, described by the 3rd postulate.

Both together define the geometric forms of many compounds derived from those relationships and the final outcome of encounters between atoms that form molecules. For example, atoms that have a better spatial or informative brain, with a more harmonic orbital shape or a higher mass, have max. Exi force and become top predator atoms that dominate molecules, penetrating its territory perpendicularly: It is the case shown in graph A.60 where an atom of the 7th column captures an atom from the 1st column to reach the perfect form of a noble atom, engulfing it within its structure.

– The social electronic clouds of molecules show also the 3 space-time ideal forms:

         – Max. St: π orbitals join several electrons into a social, cyclical ring.

         – Max Ts: Sigma orbitals are lineal orbitals, more energetic than the pi orbitals.

Diatomic orbitals are balanced, ‘elliptic’ orbitals created between 2 equal atoms that share their electrons.

– Social, electronic orbitals require less ‘Ðimotions’ and hence are more stable than the sum of the orbitals of its single atoms, which means there is a strong dimotion of social evolution among atoms that dominates the individual dimotion, as in all other universal quanta.

– Also when we study the informative ‘brain’, the nucleus of atoms, the same phenomenon happens: the most stable and common nuclei are those in which their reproductive, ‘female’ neutrons and informative, ‘male’ protons form ∆-p couples.

In both cases the biological, existential interpretation in organic terms is obvious: systems prefer to exist in complementary couples with 2 self-similar species, dominant in informative and reproductive functions to form a brain/body system able to absorb better the ‘Ðimotions’ of the ecosystem, or in parallel social herds with equal forms than alone, because their simultaneous åctions as a couple or group makes them stronger. So most stars form dual or ternary groups; and so do galaxies, atoms and human beings in the 3 known scales of the physical Universe.

Those isomorphisms of existence transform the atomic table into an organic table that explains the properties of atoms and social molecules in terms of organicism and the 5 postulates of i-logic geometry.

Galilean paradox applied to orbitals: 1st and 2nd body territories.

Another set of isomorphisms proper of all systems apply to electronic orbitals: the existence of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ territories, which the informative center treats – according to the Galilean paradox of relative distance/importance to the focus – with different value:

The cellular unit of any st-point is established by the minimal fractal, informative structure with fractal parts that repeats the bigger form and often corresponds to the ‘informative radius’ of its central topology: In a single atom it is the zone limited by the first orbital, or S2 spherical electron, which is not shared. In molecules the central atom has also a first, formal, regular body-territory, hardly shared with other molecules, made of slave atoms bonded to it with dense electromagnetic flows, called Van der Waals and London forces that the central atom use to perceive or feed on. In a cell, the organelles of the intermediate territory are not shared. Humans do not share their home properties.

Animals do not share their den. Yet all systems that have ‘an excess of ‘Ðimotions’’ can share the second territory in the limits of its st-membrane. So atoms share the external orbitals and humans their secondary properties and molecules share their most external atoms, which are those beyond the limiting border of its cellular unit.

Recap. Atoms form social molecules, which also follow the isomorphisms of i-logic geometry, its topologies and its dimotions of time.

Molecules: Darwinian Vs. social bondage: ions and networks

Once and again, the evolution of species chooses between the 2 dimotions of order and ‘Ðimotions’, of social communication or Darwinian devolution, described by the 3rd Postulate:

Self-similar herds

Atoms show affinity for 2 kind of other atoms:

-Atoms with a similar brain-organ, contiguous in the atomic table.

-Or atoms, which are in the same column of the periodic table and have similar electronic bodies.

They form the strongest 2 types of molecular, electronic bondage. Thus social bondage between equal atoms is dominant and gathers most atoms together, creating extensive networks of planetary size.

Hierarchical organisms among atoms of different exi=stential force

Ionic Darwinian bondage happens among atoms with different ST force. They are more rare and smaller, less stable, but more active as individual forms (in the same manner than individual bacteria are more active than organic cells, but far less complex).

Thus we classify all molecules in 3±∆ types of molecules of growing Existential Force, Ts X St, and stability, 2 parameters directly proportional to the degree of equality of their atoms:

(∆-1): Lonely atoms or diatomic, covalent molecules.

Top predator atoms, which don’t need to increase their individual Ts X St åctions. They tend to act alone or in diatomic molecules, made with 2 equal atoms that create a ‘covalent bondage’, stronger than any ionic molecule where one atom is a predator form. Covalent molecules show electrons with opposite spins that balance the ‘vortex directions’ of their charges, as it happens with the 2 electrons of an atomic orbital. Their orbital clouds shape ellipses in which each equal atomic nucleus occupies one focus.

The reason of that topology that happens in all scales of reality is again both geometrical and functional: Any topological network, acts as a relative vital space, based in the best geometry that positions all its st-points at the shortest equal distance of both its external, energetic membrane and central, informative singularity.

Thus, the sphere is the perfect form of single-centered systems. In dual st-point systems the ellipse is the morphology that locates those 2 points at the minimal shared distance of the membrane and the minimal, equal distance of its center. In the ellipse morphology and function again come together. So their 2 centers can enact Ts X St, simultaneous åctions with the external world in all the points of its membrane at the same time. Since the law of the ellipse makes always equal the sum of the distances from both foci to the membrane.

Max. Ts: Ions: Minimal Ts X St equality & Stability.

Ions form Darwinian, Prey-Predator relationships.

Elements in opposed columns of the atomic table tend to behave in a Darwinian way, as one needs the orbital ‘Ðimotions’ of the other to feed its own electronic body and complete its form. Thus the weaker element with less atomic mass will become prey of the stronger one, forming together unequal Hierarchical ions. Ions are small molecules in which the dominant atom in body valences or brain number (atomic weight) controls lighter atoms with fewer valences that become part of its external body-membrane and process temporal ‘Ðimotions’ for the central atoms. They are the smallest molecules, easy to reproduce given its minimal form but unstable, (Min.Ionisation ‘Ðimotions’) because their enslaved atoms which try to escape its bondage.

S=T: Corporal affinity. Micro-molecules.

Elements that have spatial, corporal affinity and occupy the same electronic column, evolve socially, forming complex, strong molecular compounds. The main dimotions/åctions of those molecules are:

– Max.Ts; Max. St: They process ‘Ðimotions’ and electromagnetic information, creating with them more complex forces (London forces, Van der Waals forces).

– S, ∏: They associate their electronic orbitals in linear clouds (s) or cyclical, pi rings.

– Re: They reproduce in chemical reactions.

Yet micro-molecules form smaller networks than those made of equal atoms, (crystals) and have less informative complexity than atomic systems based on ‘brain’ affinity (organic molecules).

Max. St: Body & Brain Affinity: Complementary, organic molecules

Given their affinity, they give birth to the more complex molecular systems and create most of the molecules in the Universe.

Maximal affinity occurs among atoms with similar atomic, brain, weight and orbital body form, correlative in the Atomic table. They become the 3 complementary, e-Ts X St-o, components of organic molecules with 3 st-zones:

– Max.Ts: in life organisms, oxygen is the atom we breathe and the component of water that fills the intermediate spaces of the cell.

– Max. St: Nitrogen, is the informative atom, hyper-abundant on the DNA and brain cells.

– S=T: Carbon is the structural, reproductive atom that shapes the body and creates the membranes of organic cells.

In machines made of metal, silicon and gold (Max. St) are the informative atoms that act as the brains of advanced robots; iron (Max. Ts) is the structural atom, with Max.Ionization ‘Dimotions’ that form the ‘membrane’ or body of the machine; and copper and silver (S=T), carry the electric ‘Dimotions’ that feeds the body/brain systems.

∆+1: Absolute equality=Max. Social Evolution: Crystals.

Finally atoms belonging to the same species associate in the biggest, symmetric molecular fields, called crystals that ‘transcend’ into macro-social systems.

Recap. The social evolution of atoms in molecules creates different species, according to their degree of affinity, which follow the isomorphisms of the 3rd postulate of self-similarity. The most perfect molecules are those with self-similar electronic bodies, which form ternary, organic systems of energetic, reproductive and informative atoms and molecules made of equal atoms that form informative networks, called crystals that transcend into a collective plane of existence through its ‘mental images’ of the external universe.

The 3±∆ cycles of space-time existence in molecules.

We observe in all molecules the 5 cycles/dimotions of space-time that complete their existence: the energetic, informative, reproductive, social and generational cycle. While the most complex systems with maximal information (body and brain affinity), also show the transcendental dimotion forming complementary, life beings and crystal minds.

Molecules also possess organic constants for each of those cycles. Yet their cyclical rhythms are extremely fast as it corresponds to microcosms, according to the opposite properties of spatial and temporal information: Min Se = Max St. So from the human p.o.v. we perceive those fast cycles as types of motions related to the 3±∆ states of matter:

The generational cycle and the 3±∆ ages of molecules are the 3±∆ states of matter: the gas, energetic state, the liquid, balanced state and the solid informative state.

Max. Ts: The ‘Ðimotions’ cycles of molecules produce lineal movement, which is maximal in energetic gases that move in continuous lineal trajectories at a speed of ±300 m/s. Accordingly, we measure the ‘DImotions’ of a molecule with the parameter of temperature, the fractal unit of the lineal åctions of the atomic world. This is the origin of the dimotion of ‘Dimotions’ analyzed first in studies on the motion of steam gas. Yet the dimotion of ‘Dimotions’ is only dominant on molecular, gas states; and certainly the biggest error of science is to have derived from a local dimotion a Universal dimotion, which physicists believe to be the only dimotion of all the systems and forces of the Universe.

– Max. St: Informative cycle. Molecules vibrate in a discontinuous back and forth movement, around 10ˆ13 times a second. And they transform lineal movement into cyclical vibration when they change their reversible ‘age’= state. So when we lower the temperature of a gas, it becomes a liquid and the vibration of the molecules increases as their speed decreases. Then the lineal simple, pure energetic movement of the gas becomes a complex vibrating, informative movement, forwards and backwards: Ts-> e<=>o. Most complex systems are reproduced in the liquid states (organic life).

– Social cycle: Molecular liquids evolve socially, decreasing their ‘Dimotions’ and increasing their form during their 3rd age, becoming a solid in which the vibration acquires order and rhythm creating macromolecules, called rocks and crystals.

– Reproductive cycle: Finally molecules reproduce departing, from their simpler chemical parts through chemical reactions. Let us study this cycle, which is the fundamental ‘will’ of all systems.

Recap. Molecules show the 6 dimotions of time in its motions and gas=energetic, liquid=reproductive and informative, solid states.

Reproduction of molecules: Law of chemical balance.

According to the ternary principle there are 3 types of molecular reproduction:

-Max. Ts: Darwinian events in which top predators molecules capture simpler atoms or molecules as ‘Dimotions’ of its reproduction.

-S=T: Symbiotic events of molecular reproduction, in which 2 molecules of similar top predator Ts X St force, switch atomic parts between them, creating more complex molecules till reaching a state of equilibrium.

-Max. St: Informative crystals that reproduce their macro-fractal patterns as they add equal atoms.

Max. Ts: Simple feeding: Darwinian reactions.

Reproduction requires feeding on simpler fractal, ‘Dimotions’ parts. Thus when a top predator molecular form appears in a field rich on relative ‘Ðimotions’, made of simpler individual atoms and micro-molecules, it starts a chemical reaction, which we observe as a reproductive growing ‘radiation’ of the same molecule. However to activate that reproduction the molecule requires a min. amount of extra-’Ðimotions’ in the form of temperature (threshold of activation of exoergic reactions).

This happens in all reproductive processes, which only occur when the parental species finds a field rich of ‘Ðimotions’, given the exhausting nature of such processes, which in a field poor on ‘Ðimotions’ could jeopardize the survival of the parental form. So most animals reproduce in spring when food is abundant; most molecular crystals reproduce when temperature reaches a certain level, and women need a 175 of body fat to reproduce. Those reproductive radiations of molecules are similar to the expansive radiations of a top predator over a population of preys, shaping a similar standard Bell curve of populations, called in this specific case a Boltzmann curve, with the 3 ages:

– Max ‘Ðimotions’ of activation. When ‘Ðimotions’ is hyper abundant after the threshold of activation is crossed, the radiation of new chemical compounds starts at an explosive rate.

– S=T; Transition state. The radiation will expand till it ‘saturates’ and exhausts the ‘Ðimotions’ of the chemical ecosystem in which it feeds, reaching a dynamic steady state of balance similar to that between preys and predators. However in complex ‘reproductive radiations’ that curve might appear as a wave with several evolutionary ‘interphases’. Then the final chemical compound will be the product of a series of intermediary reactions.

– 3rd age. Law of Chemical Balance. Finally, the explosive reaction ends. Only a few new molecules will be created, when some of the predator molecules become destroyed or new, simpler micro-molecular preys enter the ecosystem. Thus a final chemical equilibrium is reached between both type of molecules, showing a constant of balance, which is a specific case of the generic balance between predators and preys:

                             K = St: Products / Ts:Reactants

What quantity of both types of molecules exists in that final equilibrium? It will depend on the relative Ts X St force of the predator products and the reactant preys, which in abstract chemistry is measured by the ‘speed of the reaction’ and the relative bondage ‘Ðimotions’ of the molecules. In most cases of Darwinian, chemical reactions that value is huge, as the predator molecules exhaust the supply of its victims, before stopping its reproduction. Yet in certain symbiotic reactions K tends to 1, when both products and reactants are species of similar Ox Ts power.

St=Ts: Dual, symbiotic reproduction.

Molecules are divided in 2 regions, an I-brain, an S=T Body and an external ecosystem of energetic temperature. For example, an amino acid has an amino-brain, a central carbohydrate body and an acid-leg system that moves the molecule, breaking water molecules.

Thus in chemistry, following the Fractal, Ternary Principle, we can calculate the relative top predator power of a molecule, according to the atomic weight or its brain atoms; the electro-negativity of its leg system that moves the molecule, taking electrons from other lesser molecules and the morphological efficiency of its body, ruled by the 3rd postulate of equality, which makes covalent bondage between equal molecules, such as C=C=C structures, far more difficult to break.

Those 3 parameters used also by inorganic chemistry make certain molecules more efficient than others. They are the metric measure of the ‘why’ of symbiotic reactions in which 2 similar top predator molecular forms create more efficient Ts X St molecules by redesigning the brain and body components of the reactants.

Max. St: Social Evolution

Finally individual molecules gather together spontaneously, creating social groups that grow into symmetric crystals.

In all those reactions the final products are 2 new molecules with higher Ts X St power than the initial products, showing the existence of a dominant dimotion of information and social evolution in the Universe, which constantly increases the existential power of the whole that combines that of its components.

Recap. The law of chemical reaction is the reproductive law of molecules. According to the ternary principle there are 3 types of molecular reproduction, each one subdivided in 3 ages.

Type of reproductive radiations in molecules.

If the reader has followed these lessons, he will realize of the simple method that allows classifying all systems according to the ternary topologies and 3±∆ dimotions of time of all systems. In any of those scales there will be certain species that will dominate the ecosystem and reproduce in higher measure. Generally speaking those species always maximize the energetic, informative, reproductive and social dimotions. And so while the Universe constantly creates new variations only the most efficient which find an ‘econiche’ of survival perfecting one of those 4 dimotions of time survive and reproduce, using less perfect species as their prey.

In chemical reactions the molecules that reproduce more are top predator with a higher ST force, since they maximize the 4, ∑ (Ts<=>St), elements of any i-logic field:

-Max. Ts: Species with max. ‘Ðimotions’ (better or bigger body that processes Ts to reproduce the molecule). They are molecular ions with the greater number of valences that accept the maximal number of ‘Ðimotions’ and information flows between the atom and the outer world – hence they have the max. action-reaction speed.

– Ts<=>St: Complementary species created with atoms similar in body and brain, correlative on the Table, like O (Max.Ts), C (Max. <=>) and N (Max. St). They maximize the internal communication between its atoms with multiple inner networks of ‘Ðimotions’ and information between their orbital bodies and nuclear brains (higher density of Van der Waals forces). They are the organic compounds that create life.

– Max. St: Crystals are molecules made with atoms of the same nucleic number, which create in their geometric, symmetric centers, virtual images of information of the world that surrounds them.

∆+1: Those 2 complex molecules, able to evolve socially, transcend beyond the social herd state, creating ‘networks’:

– Carbohydrate organisms grow to the size of human beings in ternary st-structures, in which carbon molecules shape structural proteins, nitrogen molecules shape informative ADN and oxygens and water fill the intermediate space-time of the organism.

– Crystals evolve socially to the size of planetary cores. Since, according to the 3rd postulate of equality, crystals are molecules made with 1 or 2 equal atoms, hence able to evolve socially without apparent limit, unlike molecules made of different atoms that merely form small compounds.

Recap. Top predator systems are those who maximize their energetic, informative, reproductive or social skills. They radiate in growing numbers, surviving in the future by feeding in simpler species. In the world of molecules, those 4 dimotions are maximized by ions (Max. Ts), organic molecules (max. Reproduction) and informative crystals. Crystals and organic molecules transcend into complex social macro-organisms.

Crystals. The perfect geometrical, fractal unit.

One of the more clear proofs of the existence of p.o.v.s, whose negantropic, informative dimotions reproduce fractal forms, diminish entropy and increase the order of the Universe, is given by crystal structures, whose central atom emerges as a fractal knot of time dimotions, an i-logic hierarchical p.o.v. that controls and reorders the position of all the other atoms of the system in regular formations that maximize its symmetric perception of the external world. The proof is the fact that crystals only show structures whose geometry is efficient as informative knots in which several flows of electronic forces and light converge on the central knot: Crystals adopt only 7 symmetric morphologies, which make their central atoms, simultaneous, present, symmetric focus of temporal Entropy coming from the external ecosystem, through its slave body of atoms or molecules of lesser exi=stential force. Those are the only 7 canonical types of crystals that exist in nature.

Let us consider the main existential cycles of crystals:

The informative cycle: the sharp focus of crystals.

Crystals create virtual minds of light that we see in their interior. They are focused images that create at a reduced scale a virtual world, mirror of the external Universe, as an eye does. Thus crystals have only regular symmetric forms that act as an eye does, establishing an objective, informative image of the external world, repeated at a smaller scale within the informative center of the crystal. In the graph, crystals show a clear relationship between spatial geometry and informative perception: only those crystals whose central atom of max. mass=information can observe symmetrically the temporal Entropy coming from the external world through its slave atoms, form a sharp equidistant focus and survive. While forms, which are not symmetric, at least in a bidimensional plane of space, such as form B, do not exist.

All crystals shape macro-social aggregations of billions of molecules that acquire geometrical forms similar to the 3 regular polyhedrons of the Universe, the hexagon, the tetrahedron and the cube, repeated ad infinitum. So the number of crystals is reduced to 32 possible networks configurations that are combinations of the 7 basic systems of the image, with symmetric axes.

The reason is obvious: polyhedrons allow a correct, balanced absorption and emission of Entropy and information from all the relative directions of the external Universe coming through those axes. So the ultimate why of crystal’s morphologies is to perform the 3±∆ Entropy-information cycles of the existential game. In that regard bidimensional hexagons, three-dimensional cubes and tetrahedrons are combinations of 2 forms, the triangle and the square, which represent the minimal ternary and quaternary systems that complete the 4 cyclical dimotions of an i-logic field.

Scientists talk of ‘spatial symmetry’ as a property common to all scales of the Universe, both in the world of sub particles and molecules. It basically means that a temporal, informative particle/form, like a crystal, whatever its position is respect to the external Universe, will maintain unchanged respect to its neutral focus or informative central point the relative distance and symmetry of all the molecules that shape the crystal. In this way the relative virtual world of the central atom will not change its form when it rotates, vibrates around its central atom or moves lineally, but only its perspective, as it happens with our eye’s image shaped by the ‘crystalline’ when we move the head. If those inner axes and distances change then the world structure becomes unfocused, as when man takes hallucinogens that change the brain composition or we introduce impurities in a crystal that changes sharply its focus.

In the graph we see the 7 basic possible crystal configurations in which any rotation maintains the inner structure invariant. They are either planar, bidimensional symmetries, triangular, 3-dimensional forms or 4-dimensional, cubic symmetries, the most perfect ones in a 4-dimensional Universe. For that reason the 32 basic crystal configurations are subspecies of the P-cube or primitive cube that generates all other crystals. Accordingly the biggest crystal networks are cubic networks. And the hardest crystal we know is the carbon tetrahedron, the diamond.

It is also the most expensive item known to man. As if we knew subconsciously that a diamond has a soul, a virtual world in its inner core. Thus, we can create all complex crystals adding or subtracting to that primitive first cube new atoms, or deforming slightly its angles and edges. The result is the so-called orthorhombic system where 2 of the edges of the plane are elongated respect to the 2 others in a ‘relative lineal direction’ of Entropy; and the more complex clinic, and triclinic systems with non-straight angles between atoms, adapted to ecosystems in which the Entropy and form comes to the crystal from different angles. All those crystalline systems place sometimes a top predator atom in the central point of the cube, or in the geometrical center of each face. The parallelism between the informative, symmetric morphology of crystals and the symmetry of the inferior scale of orbitals is evident: In sd orbitals the 3‘d’ external, lineal, spatial orbitals are integrated by the cyclical, informative central ‘s’ orbital, which in crystals is occupied by an atom.

Crystals are the scalar bridge between the molecular world of solids and the macro world of planets, made with 3 non-AE regions: a ‘liquid/gaseous’ membrane inhabited by complex organic beings, an intermediate zone of rocks and a crystal core, the informative center of a planet. For example, the Earth seems to have a macro-crystal of iron hexagons in its center and Neptune a diamond crystal. Since Crystal minds maximize their position in the external Universe to acquire a central point, as a focus of image formation and fractal reproduction of its crystal structures, they are responsible for the creation of order and form in the Universe and can play a key role balancing the orbital position of those planets and modifying its magnetic fields as they absorb external gravito-magnetic waves from stars and black stars.

Energetic cycles.

Entropy and information cycles are intertwined by the Law of transformation of Entropy into information, shaping dual rhythms of emission and absorption of both substances: Ts<=>St.

So crystals also absorb and feed on light Entropy, vibrating with it as quartzes do; or emitting that Entropy, transformed into focused information, when they polarize light, ordering the different vibrating directions of photons into a single direction that packs better Entropy and information in highly ordered light rays with enormous Ts X St power. Further on crystals can create 4 dimensional holographic images, out of 2 bidimensional surfaces; trans-forming continuous electromagnetic Entropy into discontinuous, highly informative, focused packages; changing the frequency of light, absorbing certain types of light or filtrating only 1 frequency color, etc.

Social evolution and reproduction of crystals.

Social evolution and reproduction are also 2 intertwined cycles: Most systems reproduce a first seminal cell and then evolve its morphology in a series of dual Reproduction->Evolution cycles that finally create a macro-organism. So happens in ‘palingenetic’ crystals, which evolve socially and reproduce departing from an initial, seminal ‘cellular unit’, till creating macro-crystals.

Abstract geologists study the conditions, which determine the growth of crystals. A liquid state is the best, balanced state to reproduce and evolve complex forms also in crystals. Most crystals are reproduced dissolving its initial atomic components in certain liquids.

Those initial components are called, even by abstract geologists, nutrients, since they nurture the creation of the crystal, which takes place at a fast pace, thanks to the easiness by which liquids, the S=T reproductive state of matter, allow the combination and random contact between those nutrients that socialize into a cellular crystal unit, to which new crystal units peg themselves. Thus crystals reproduce as a seminal radiation, since the first crystal precipitates the creation of further crystals around it, as in a reproductive process that grows new cells around the seed or the ovum. So new nutrients come around the organic crystal and the crystal grows over the trophic pyramid of nutrients, till they are exhausted and the crystal stops its growth. Then a balanced steady state is reached, as the external cover of the crystal dissolves and grows back cyclically within the liquid.

Since according to the 3rd postulate social evolution happens among equals, crystals are formed only with 1 or 2 type of atoms. Crystals with more than 2 atoms are rare; so are crystals with a great quantity of impure atoms within their network. Crystals are social entities formed by millions of atoms, which repeat the so-called minimal cellular unit, growing radially as they reproduce their forms through mathematical structures called fractals, which mimic them in bigger polyhedral st-scales. Those fractal structures exist in all molecules and crystals where there is a central knot, from where the radial, symmetrical faces grow, guided by the central knot.

Thus crystals can ‘transcend’ between 2 planes of existence far more easily than we humans do, from micro cells into macro-cellular existence, when a micro-organic crystal becomes a macro-organic crystal. Yet those crystals have, regardless of size, the same configuration that the seminal cell of the crystal. It is the First Law of Crystallography: The angles between the faces of any crystal are always the same for all sizes in a crystal of the same species. This law has a creative exception, as each minimal cell can combine with other crystalline cells into symbiotic, more complex, dual ‘sexual crystals’, and a destructive exception, when impurities and fractures happen in the process of crystallization.

So crystals grow into huge ‘cellular networks’ by adding to a regular atomic polyhedron, another regular polyhedron and another… till creating networks of millions of regular polyhedrons that can reach the size of a planetary core.

Recap. Crystals are highly ordered, yet dynamic, organic systems in which flows of electromagnetic or electronic Entropy and information enact the 5 cyclical åctions of any space-time system. The central top predator atoms form a symmetric eye-network structure able to form a mental image of the external Universe. In Nature only regular crystals that allow such images to form exist. Crystals might also be the central mind of planetary bodies, which have crystals in its center




∆. On scale, molecules should deploy a trinity of structures, inorganic ones as single atoms with a clear role, as small molecules and as part of larger organisms, which in organic chemistry, jumps often the first scale as its molecules are more complex than the inert organisms of heavier atoms (in the temperature and pressure of the Earth’s surface, not likely in the internal regions of the planet, where they will be in liquid states and amalgamates). There is a topologic intelligent design in the Universe. The game on ‘existential ¬Æ=ilogic’ is one of potential allowed combinations, as ‘everything permitted by existential ¬Æ=ilogic’ does exist. But only those forms that DO have a role in ∆+1, and S=T internal balanced structure in ∆º and can be constructed with ¡ndifferent supply of ∆+1 elements (trinity of existential ¬Æ=ilogic, pre-conditions in scale) do survive.

This happens also in evolution (it is one of the laws of existential ¬Æ=ilogic generalized from it), in virtual particles, mutations, ‘human thoughts’, mechanisms invented by enzymen and any ‘ecosystem of forms’. And so it DOES require time, but time is immortal. So all what could have possible existed has existed. And 3 billions years is good enough for it.

S=T. The five dimotions.

As we said Non-E Geometry is essential to chemistry and marries with the existential ¬Æ=ilogic of the atom, which as it grows in social complexity MUST design for each new PLANE of space-time, beyond the quantum scale and its 4±¡ numbers, a ‘code of geometric S=T dimotions’ for existence to be fulfilled. Let us put an example, this time from general chemistry in its d-family:

In the graph the five common shapes for molecules of type XYn where X is an element from the first row of the p-block; or first row of elements boron, carbon, nitrogen or oxygen and the Y, normally a submissive molecule. It is then immediate according to the laws of vital topology, |xO=Ø to try to establish a direct connection with the 5 Dimotions of existence, even though all systems tend to have multiple functions. So while each form is best for a one of the 5 Dimotions it can play the ‘adjacent roles’ in terms of St-Ts-ST etc. sequences (Tt>Ts>ST>St>Ss) So we find the following ‘obvious dualities spatial form-temporal function (S=T) shapes:

– O: The Ss-tetrahedral form of social evolution, classic of Carbon ‘bodies’.

– |: Locomotion: Lineal |-T forms for motion C02.

– 00: Bilateral perception, the dual Bent open form. So we find it in NH2, where the 2 H act as ‘electronic eyes’ for the Nitrogen (connected through its 3rd valence to the amino acid organism); or in the H2O liquid state of Oxygen, which ‘senses’ the ‘herd’ of molecules through its Hydrogen bonds.

-Tt: entropy. This leave us with the trigonal bend form, which had the hand shape to ‘trap’, entropically another molecule; proper of very strong electronegative, predatory molecules, NH3, NF3, H3O+

& the trigonal flat form, whose shape responds more to the ‘natural holographic’ structure of the Universe, built mostly in ‘gradient planes’ of 5D – that is flat geometries.

ST: So what about reproduction? The answer is that most molecules do not reproduce, but if they do repeat its form, obviously the flat trigonal for sheet, planer structures and the tetrahedral with maximal bondage will double the role.

How can we test and refine our assessments? Simply, looking at which molecules and function are performed by each form:

Now the skeptic reader of course will care little if it is a practical human centered chemist for such 5D ‘musings’. But he will miss the ultimate purpose of why I did spend most of my adult life like Leonardo did seeking for ‘geometric analogies’ (his and my method of research) between all species in existence:

All the planes of the Universe play the same game, and so all is philosophy of science, even if what we tell has a different, simple explanation in the ‘how’ of reality and the laws of quantum physics. The lineal molecule then responds, we know that much, to the logic of achieving the minimal energy expenditure for the molecule, conserving the overall time of the Universe as a whole.

In the graph, which we could extend to tetrahedral forms, the minimal energy achieved by positioning on the surface of the sphere (electrons are solutions to harmonics on a sphere), those electrons. However as we have pvoed in our papers on ‘vital, non-euclidean geometry’, mathematics is an experimental swcience that mirrors the laws of existential space-time organisms; so behind the mathematical whys, so fundamental to chemistry, lay the whys of vital topology, which are the rpoperties of space and time.

What this means in praxis is while the forms of chemistry are restricted to those of vital geometry that maximize the properties of space and time- in this case the conservation of energy=time-motion, for any spacetime being (as all species have a clock of maximal ‘time cycles=frequencies’ of existence, mostly likely around the 1111 beats of bits), the abundance of certain molecules respond to its role in the ∆+1 world in which they exist. And this simple law that establishes the co-existence and synergies between the 3 planes of any organism, happen in all the levels of chemistry down to the families of atoms studied next.

I.e. there are only L-amino acids, because RNA top predators killed the other half to avoid mirror reproduction and control them once they became the masters of the ‘organic soup’ 3 billion years ago.

Nothing prevents the existence of the geometry of D-amino acids, but the world forbade them.

There are not sable teeth lions because Neanderthal men killed them – an entropic limit of the ∆+1 world.

And the chemist might just ignore the intimate reason why Lao, Aristotle or Leibniz or Leonardo or this writer – the 4 most remarkable huminds in history of thought that have explored the concept of a living, homologic ‘organic’ Universe did it. At a certain point the overwhelming homology of all forms, and the capacity of existential ¬Æ=ilogic to fit everything that exist within its limited laws, within the game of existence lifts from your mind any angst, entangles you with the god of tao, with logos, with the organon, with its infinite monads.

And besides it of course we obtain many other whys with a more pedestrian meaning for all the structures of reality.

So this is the method of 5D chemistry, NOT contradicting (unlike other sciences full of errors), the knowledge of chemistry, because ‘biochemical sciences’ are by far the more accurate and objective, where the 2 needed elements, great experimental evidence and objective non-human themes exist. The errors of chemistry are caused by physicists (thermodynamic philosophy of the Universe) and we prefer to treat them in this paper NOT to keep insulting the intelligence of physics so much, because ultimately chemistry IS the science of the plane between the atom and the planet – the science of the ∆0, -1,-2, internal parts of the human being. So thermoduynamics strictly belong here NOT to some grand theory of the Universe, as gas is a molecular form, and temperature does NOT make sense outside the plane of atoms. In the larger nested Universe of gravitation there is NO temperature, but spin energy of higher order (in fact today measure as negative temprature), or radition of higher energy (with temperatures of abusrd billions of degrees measured with frequencies, which should be called frequency NOT temperature).

The range of temperature, a parameter of moleculear activity thus is as so many ranges between 0 and 10.000 ‘beings’ (Lao Tse)… The 1002 scale we find so often, as 100 is the lineal unit of sequential time, and temperature is a bidimensional hence second power of a temporal=motion process. And indeed, beyond 10.000 degrees molecules die into plasma.

10.000 years is the time since the first Jericho walls proved metal-wealth was being kept and we are about to become extinguished. But let’s not get in that mood…

So alas! We shall now deal with those brief examples.




We shall follow in the analysis of the ∆<3 scales of physics a full 5D methodology, which consists in studying in detail the 12 disomorphisms of each main supœrganism’s worldcycle of each scale, achieving in this manner a full description of the system that encloses all its possible data in the Disomorphic template of all ‘functions of existences’ of the Universe. We shall thus slowly pour the information about the ‘Geological scale of Earth’, ‘Earth O’ properly, in this second part, and then in the 3rd part include the information about its molecular matter, and in a fourth part, the information about its atomic scale… Of course it is a work in progress which will take a few years to round up.

 The ∆ST isomorphisms of the Earth.

In the graph, the isomorphism of the 3 ages, applied to the ‘St (max.Ts)’: External membrane of the Earth.

S@ Disomorphisms 

Planets are born as ∑∆-1 nebulae that cool down into rocks, collapsed in a hot, max. Ts-Age, cooling down into liquid magma & water evaporated as they fall inwards, as a naked solid into the star that swallows them into an explosive death.

0th Disomorphism: Monad: The central core of planets and its crystal minds.

Earth, as an st-point, has a central singularity and an external membrane that form a unified structure that controls the fractal, reproductive intermediate zone: the activity of the Earth’s inner core defines the reproductive and existential cycles of the magma rocks, which shape the continental crust membrane of the planet.

Earth’s life absorbs ¥-light as energy (plants) or Information (animals). By similarity small cosmic bodies, bosonic quark stars (black stars & pulsars) and gravitomagnetic iron crystals in planets’ cores should process gravitation, the force of the cosmic scale, as information; while stars are ‘big’ Plants in the cosmic order that absorb gravitation as energy in their galactic orbitals.

1st isomorphism: Fractal Generator: Its 3 organic/networks: Ts≤≥ ST≤≥St

Topologic Isomorphism: Planets are molecular fields of gas, liquid & solid states:

-Max. Ts: A membrane of gas & magnetic belts isolate it.

– ∆Œ-1: The mantle’s magma defines the reproductive cycles of rocks.

-Max.St : The nucleus is an iron crystal apperceiving gravitation.

Each Non-Ts topology subdivides, according to the Fractal Principle that applies to all systems, in 3 smaller topologies. I.e.: Earth’s membrane has a Max. Ts-atmosphere, an e=O, liquid surface and a solid crust.

State Physics can be further subdivided into a combined ‘scalar-temporal’ analysis:

-i: Plasma physics

$t:entropic Gaseous states

ST Reproductive, balanced energy≈information age: Liquid states

  • ð-informative age: Solid states

+i: Boson Physics.

The properties of state physics thus derive from the general properties of the 3±i dimensional ages of time.

The 3 ages of evolution of matter are the energetic, gas age, the liquid, balanced Ts≈St and the solid Max. St state.

Rock, water and gas cycles are accordingly its 3 ages in motion:

S=T isomorphisms.

5th Isomorphism: Its 5 actions : ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1), Its planes of Existence: ∆±4 Fractals

We are the ∆-1 ‘cellular points’ of the Earth’s membrane, a living super organism, Gaia, evolving now from its present Anthropocene age into the Mechanocene.

∆ï-3: Planets have core crystals; Œ-points, which absorb gravitons as information.

∆e-2: Those gravitational strings trigger Uranium and Co-Ni-Fe fission reactions, heating its nucleus

∆œ-1: Which provoke the inner, reproductive cycle of rocks in the mantle. While externally planets are reproduced ‘enzymatically’ by their stars’ gravitational pull that is also…

∆ü: The origin of their ‘parallel’ herding in planetary vortices that follow 5D metric (3rdKepler law).

2nd isomorphism: space-time dualities: Ts≈St

The Galilean Px. refers to Earth: ‘e pur si muove’.

Existential Constants: ∑S, ∏T, SxT, S/T, T/S, Œ∆±1, 5Å.

Geology and astrophysics studies the constants of the Earth, all with much slower cycles according to the Ts size of the ∆ST metric co-invariance.

3nd Isomorphism: Its 3 organic/networks: Ts≤ ST≥St and Social classes: Ξ±3

Topologic Isomorphism: Planets are molecular fields of gas, liquid & solid states:

-Max. Ts: A membrane of gas & magnetic belts isolate it.

– Ts X St: The mantle’s magma defines the reproductive cycles of rocks.

-Max. St : The nucleus is an iron crystal apperceiving gravitation.

Each Non-E topology subdivides, according to the Fractal Principle that applies to all systems, in 3 smaller topologies. I.e.: Earth’s membrane has a Max. Ts-atmosphere, an S=T, liquid surface and a solid crust.

As usual the topological form defines the social scales of the Earth.

Network evolution on planets happens in its ‘ectoderm’, the membrane that evolves ¥-light informative mammals, humans & machines (chips) creating a planetary mind. Origin of its 3 ages.

Thus we define Earth as ‘an organic, molecular system with a central crystal, which acts as a knot of informative flows of gravitation and a hard membrane that evolves light based, life ecosystems.’

The surface and the center are its informative Oo Œ-point. The intermediate topological cycles of rock are its body. The energetic fields of the electromagnetic sun its energy class.

6th isomorphism. Species and Existential Constants:   SxT, S/T, T/S, ∆±1

Geology and astrophysics studies the constants of the Earth, all with much slower cycles according to the Ts size of the ∆ST metric co-invariance.

Creative diversification: 1,2,3,4.

The Earth is a super-organism, as the Scottish father of geology did define ‘her’. As such it has evolved in ‘3 ages’, diversifying its inner rocks and its outer informative St-membrane life forms:

Max. Ts: a young, hot I Earth of anaerobic bacteria.

Ts≈St: liquid. a II Earth of aerobic bacteria, Gaia that evolves carbon-life till creating History, the Super Organism of Mankind.

Max.St: III Earth of memes of metal |-weapons, O-money & machines, organisms that ‘enzymen’ build transferring their biological in/form/ation into metal in 3 Ages

. T-isomorphisms

7th Disomorphism: Its ages and evolution:  Max.Ts x Min. St > Ts=St > Max.St x Min. St]∑∆>∆+1

3 ages of earth: Gaia (life)> History (Man) > Metal-Earth (machines)

Earth’s s Membrain as a upœrganism


Of all the systems of reality the most important to mankind and the most forgotten is the Earth’s system, our ∆+2 world.

It sustains us, it explains us, in birth and death, evolution and extinction, it is the alpha and omega, the ‘god’ in mystique terms of mankind. The Earth-sun system is thus all and its understanding with its slow tempo of evolution (as a bigger system, Max. Ts = Min. St) is the key to all other subsystems that take place in this planet. There is a simple 3 ages equation for such system:

Gaia (past-life) < Human History (present-active system) > Economic system (humans & machines) Future

This simple equation of the 3 Earths thus includes biologic systems (Gaia), Human Systems (History) and economic ecosystems of machines (Metal-Earth), from a larger, ∆+1 analysis of its super-organisms.

However its membrain is studied in other papers, as it is the realm of nitrolife and metalife, so we won’t here.

8th Disomorphism. It worldcycles

Its membrane also goes through 3 Ages, the 3 Earths, studied in detail in the 8th isomorphism.

∆±i Isomorphisms

9th Disomorphism. Its planes of Existence: ∆±4 Fractals

We are the ∆-1 ‘cellular points’ of the Earth’s membrane, a living super organism, Gaia, evolving now from its present Anthropocene age into the Mechanocene.

Social scales. §10

Earth was formed by a series of planetoid collision in increasing social scales, from a planar topology (asteroid ring), till the formation of a solid informative core that coalesced the whole Systems:

11th isomorphism: Solar systems:

The origin of the earth is its ‘parallel’ herding in planetary vortices that follow 5D metric (3rdKepler law).
∏ But network evolution on planets happens in its ‘ectoderm’, the membrane that evolves ¥-light informative mammals, humans & machines (chips) creating a planetary mind. Origin of its 3 ages.


(to be cont’ed)





(to be cont’ed)