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E<cc>M and Beyond: the c-t limits.

There is first a concept of great importance that often come up on this blond on the argument on the foundations of physics on the limiting realms of quantum and cosmological scales: non-locality and hidden variables, which bring a series of important consequences both to human stience and reality:

  • It is obvious that the more removed we are in 5D scale, the more uncertainty we obtain in our analysis, hence the relative unimportance of physics in those realms to understand a Universe with likely infinite scales. Those scales are NOT more important and are MORE distorted to human observation, so they are less relevant for a philosophy of science. In Physics it matters more to understand the quite evident scale of thermodynamics, our scale. And when we do so, it becomes obvious as Einstein put it that ‘the statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”.
  • It is also obvious, abounding on the uncertainty of measure, because time is quantic, discontinuous, cyclical, it can be only measured when a ‘cycle is completed’ as a unit of time (in humans the second)… but as 5D metrics allow different speeds of time, for a being with a measuring mind that has a huge length in its time quanta, all what happens within that time quanta of measure at faster speeds will seem simultaneous, non-local, even if the phenomena take some time to ‘travel’ from A to B, or from  a,b,c… points into the synchronous knot of communication of them all.

Let us try to fully grasp this essential property of time, mind and measure. When a wheel turns fast you see it as solid, because you see simultaneously in your eye-mind all what happens within a second and so all the points of the turning wheel might seem to be in the same point at the same time (within that second) even if IN A FASTER TIME SCALE, they will be recognisable pictured at slow-motion as clearly different rays. This concept of simultaneity of measure embedded in special relativity is very relevant for many phenomena of perception, and stientific description of reality, as a source of much confusion when humans study in detail those so fast small scales of 5D.

The most obvious example is human thought – what we see as ‘simultaneous’ non-local IS the entire planet, because the speed of light is so great that all within a second, including the moon, seems to us ‘simultaneous, non-local, co-existing at the same time-quanta’.

The light from that distant mountain you see below the horizon TAKES sometime to arrive here but it seems simultaneous, non-local in its ‘infinite speed’ to our one second senses, to the point that till the XVII century humans thought light was ‘instantaneous’ non-local as they could not even measure its speed. Galileo tried with mirrors in far away mountains, but the time of reaction of the person that had to stop the clock when emitting the ray and the one that received the ray and stopped his clock, which should allow to find a difference of time in both locations to measure the delay due to the motion of light between both points, was much larger (normally two seconds one to perceive one to act) than the millesimals it took light to go from Mountain A to Mountain B. Only when we did measures from far away Jupiter’s satellites we could get a meaningful measure.

Non-local quantum fields below light space-time, the next scale which Bohm formalised must therefore be much faster than light, to the point of being seemingly non-local or else causality essential to time processes (even if sometimes is co-causality or multiple causal rays joined in a point) would not happen.

Normally those parameters that quantify the difference of speed (s/t), density (t/s) and momentum ( s x t) between scales and its species are on decametric, ternary potencies, as the 5D scales are. So ± 1, 10, 1oo, 1ooo, 10.000 are the commonest differences between scales. I.e. the fine structure constant, measure the difference between the light scale speed and the next upper ∆+1 electronic scale, around +100 (137).

The difference of scaling between photons and electrons and the lower ∆-1 scale though is larger.

In graph, experimental evidence of faster than light intergalactic scales: 10c quasar jet at ∆+4 and quantum non-locality at ∆-4 at 10.000 c

After all dense photons are just the ‘cellular’ level of electrons. So for complex more detailed reasons concerning the parameters of GST scaling, action at distance should be on the α² bidimensional speed scaling, compared to the larger, light world, around 10.000 times faster and all that happens in 10 thousand times more distance within the minimal quanta of human observation should seem to us NON-LOCAL. Actually recently a Chinese lab measured non-locality which turned out to have a c=10.000 speed, for its ‘thinner’ minimal messages; or upper boundary of maximal speed of non-local effects; and so we do observe all kind of non-local c<V<10.000 C PHENOMENA, which of course theorist then vehemently deny to uphold its pretension of absolute truths under c speed, which is only the speed of information in the scale of light space-time, as the substrata of the scale is the Bg light background radiation.

So as you cannot travel faster than a plane when you are inside of it, you cannot travel faster than light when you are inside a galaxy sustained by a light space-time substrata. But outside, in the dark world you do have the possibility to go faster.

Thus C speed (v=s/t) and 0 temperature (limit of friction, disorder that impinges faster speeds) are JUST the limits of our light space-time world. And we bring this conclusion in many parts of this blog in many ways, from the different ∆ºST perspectives, as it is customary in GST, this perspective being that of the ‘mind paradoxes’ of perception.

Let us consider the other perspectives on faster than light.

• mind: The 3 dimensions of light space-time. Its functions in all systems made of it.

Let us  consider the meaning of faster than light speeds from the perspective of reproduction and perception of information. The mind’s quanta of time and speed simply cannot see ‘gravitational smallish, faster than light carriers of information’. But smaller particles do, as the dark work is ∆±4 and light, electrons and atoms exist in the neighbourhood: ∆±3,2.

So the dark world IS the ∆-1: ‘energy-feeding level’ for a photon… reason why it follows as prey-predators do the ‘scattering’ rays of Bohm’s pilot wave theory.

Don’t raise your eyes. We can explain all phenomena from all languages and povs. So as all has topo-bio-logical properties, we can always make an abstract mathematical explanation, in ‘detail’ but also a biological, organic explanation in ‘whole vital terms’.

Thus light merely warps≈feeds≈evolves the entropy of the lower scale-field, ∆-1, which is invisible gravitation to us into visible information, and for that reason ‘as information must be copied and imprinted on the quantum potential field with no form, it takes time and reduces speed into c-light.

Indeed, gravitation from our mind pov must have less information and more speed, as experiments prove (gravitational non-local, invisible action at distance, due to the lack of human detectable information).

And if we plug this act into the equation of ‘cyclical time-speed’ it gives as an ∞ speed for the quantum potential field/gravitational field:

v -> $/ðƒ≈0 -> s/0=∞:

Below we see the humind which better understood this paradox, Monet’s first ‘impression(ist): sunrise’ painting, in which space is no longer painted as ‘a background’ cartesian canvass, but as the frozen view of light rays by the human eye. Physicists though still don’t get what artists eyes saw intuitively. We shall in that sense consider the relationship of art with physics, as a pioneer of its space-time analysis, from the work of Alberti on perspective, way before Desargues found projective geometry and Descartes the self-frame of reference, to the work of Leonardo, under his lemma of a living Universe of organic forms we must learn how to see (saper vedere), which certainly would have enjoyed immensely this blog and the part on topological vital space-time, to the impressionist realisation light is the mind of space, to Picasso’s analysis of imaginary worlds made only with ‘lineal motions’ (cubism) or cyclic, reproductive yin-female ‘forms’ (post-war period).

In the graph, the infinite speed of the quantum potential of gravitation that feeds light, which follows the ‘string’ of gravitation, tended between the emitter and perceiver particle, which lock each other in entanglement, (neutrino theory of light)

And so when both particles have connected through non-local action at distance in the dark world, they can guide their motions; they can assess their relative distance (which is the main information a single line provides) and as a secondary effect – since they are all ‘locked’ joined by the gravitational string, regardless of the external speed of their world, the speed of light communication between both will be always constant as they are in relative stillness to each other (explanation of the constant of c- light speed from the •mind perspective).

All this in fact has been explored by physicists in its ‘fringe theories’, notably by Feynman’s absorber theory whereas the two solutions of electromagnetism, one with a negative sign are considered two rays simultaneously produced by A and B particles, but as usual in physics, while all has been discovered ‘mathematically’ by the mere pedestrian process of manipulating algebras, its deepest meaning is not understood – this is the guy that said the why is what he never questions, an extraordinary mathematical physicist with the usual conceptual peanut brain of his practitioners.

The mind of man as Kant understood is EUCLIDEAN, because our space is Euclidean, and it is so because it is light space-time, made of three perpendicular fields able to carry information: the electric, magnetic and c-speed field, the longest direction of view, which explains why we indeed look ahead in the horizontal plane, but have an informative head on the height direction of information as the electron which produces the ray of light does, moving up and down (left, bottom); and finally storeS ‘energy’ in the width, MAGNETIC ‘BELLY’ direction (: ALL HAS changed in the evolution of light through 5D scales till creating man, but all has ultimately remained the same: a game of vital dimensions of space-time.

The consequences of the previous graph for the understanding of both the humind (human mind) and the external Universe of space-time are multiple, from a proper understanding of special relativity to the analysis of magnetism as an independent force NOT an observer’s effect as modern physics think, to the fundamental analysis of light and photons as the minimal organism of our known-known Universe, each of those themes exploring an element of the ∆•st light supœrganism.

Back to the understanding of motion as reproduction of information.

What this means is that motion is not only relative, but related to the density of information of a system, so as mass-information grows in density the system takes longer time to reproduce the Ti element of v=s/Ti, and so it slows down. And on the other extreme when information tends to zero speed increases.

So as we humans perceive information with light that is our limit of speed of transmission of information we can perceive c=s/Ti. But this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process).

It is then obvious that from the proper endophysical perspective of the human visual mind, faster than light speeds cannot transmit information among us. But – and this is again a topic egotist error of the humind – this doesn’t mean as physicists claim that other species, specifically those on the ‘verge’ of ∆±4 (galactic black holes and quantum particles), which are connected directly to its ∆±1 scales can communicate information through dark (to us) gravitational waves. 

It is then the humind, which sees those flows of information as ‘invisible’ actions at distance – but as we predicted even action at distance has a limit of speed… which seems to be on the 10.000 c range.

ST-perspective: travels in time.

Now, the most beautiful perspective on faster than light speeds comes from the proper understanding of the quoted Feynman’s absorber theory – an interpretation of electrodynamics derived from the assumption that the solutions of the electromagnetic field equations must be invariant under time-reversal transformation.  Indeed, those equations do not  singles out a preferential time direction and thus makes no distinction between past and future, but consider both rays one from past to future and one from future to past, to happen at the same time. 

Why then physicists discharge one solution? Essentially because they do not understand the logic of the 3 arrows of time, and its local past to future and future to past converging flows of space that create a present simultaneous event in space.

But that is exactly what those two solutions show. 

Maxwell’s equations and the equations for electromagnetic waves have, in general, two possible solutions: a retarded (delayed) solution and an advanced one. Accordingly, any charged particle generates waves, say at time t0=0 and point x0=0, which will arrive at point x1 at the instant t1=x1/c , and other waves, will arrive at the same place at the instant t2=-x1/c, before the emission (advanced solution).

The latter, however, violates the causality principle: advanced waves could be detected before their emission. Thus the advanced solutions are usually discarded in the interpretation of electromagnetic waves.

In the absorber theory, instead charged particles are considered as both emitters and absorbers, and the emission process is connected with the absorption process as follows: Both the retarded waves from emitter to absorber and the advanced waves from absorber to emitter are considered. The sum of the two, however, results in causal waves, although the anti-causal (advanced) solutions are not discarded a priori.

Feynman and Wheeler obtained this result in a very simple and elegant way. They considered all the charged particles (emitters) present in our universe and assumed all of them to generate time-reversal symmetric waves.

It is exactly in this manner how the ‘present space-time light background’ of our perceive light Universe – the eternal present underlying reality – is formed. Since we live in a galaxy with a background radiation substrata of present, constant light space-time.

So what GST does as usual with the awesome mathematical work of mr. Feynman is to add ‘consistency, logic’ and its whys (: even if he also had a long-life laugh to philosophers of science with the usual egotist view of the ‘entropy-only’ makers of weapons who think all comes from big-bang bombs ):

So this is what we ad on the simple mathematical equations to explain action at distance with the absorber theory, just by moving the sign in t2=-x1/c, to the side of time: –t2=x1/c,

If A sends to B at c speed a ray of light, from the future to the past, which will take t1=x1/c time, but A is in the relative past, – t2; as the ray moves towards the future and A also moves to the future, both meet in the present.

Since the absolute value of |t1|=|-t2| both cancel each other, meaning the time, t1, it takes the ray to travel from A to B in the -t2 past, is cancel by the fact the ray was emitted in an equal amount of time back to the past, so both sum o and the ray arrives in relative present for both beings, seen in our Universe as infinite non-local speed.

This is also implicit in Feynman’s sum of both fields, as he writes:

The assumption that the free field is identically zero is the core of the absorber idea. It means that the radiation emitted by each particle is completely absorbed by all other particles present in the universe, as they feed them.

If the incoming wave is absorbed, the result is a zero outgoing field. In the absorber theory the same concept is used for both retarded and advanced waves, the meal of the two electrons who emit the photons who feed on the neutrino-string that guide the pilot wave.

Then the resulting wave appears to have a preferred time direction as feynman discovered when adding both solutions to maxwell equations:

So at the macroscopic level of huminds it respects causality.

However, this is only an illusion. Indeed, it is always possible to reverse the time direction by simply exchanging the labels emitter and absorber. Thus, the apparently preferred time direction results from the arbitrary labelling (objective view), or from the role of the particle which will feel to be both, in the relative past of its causality-time as emitter, and the relative future as absorber – hence ultimately in an eternal present (for us).

Why is that? On a different psychological perspective of time, which is essential to understand how the human mind perceives time, regardless of the more objective ∆st perspectives on it – we deal with the logic of actions vs. the passivity of perceivers:

The ‘active part’, the emitter is looking always at the future of his actions that ‘move forwards’; but the passive perceiver is actually looking at the past, from where he receives the information or action.

And if you have not understood anything of it. Well, JUST  remember Einstein’s quip: the separation between past, present and future is an illusion.

You live indeed in an astoundingly simple Universe in terms of its first substances, which the enormous number of spatial parts, make complex enough to ‘fog’ the forest. Science today deals and cares only to describe each tree, with its parameters of measure and that is what they call knowledge. We are interested in the absolute synthetic knowledge, which is provided by the organic whys, far simpler and intuitive.

∆-perspective: The deepest truths: time reversals.

Sof why, light travels to the past from A to B? In organic terms, because it feeds entropically on the lower scale of the dark world of neutrinos≈strings≈gravitons.

The ‘formal’ answer is then more complicated than the intuitive vital one. And it brings us a key equation of ¬Æ:

It is called the reversal of time between scales of 5D. And that plugs in the dark world, theme of this post. It was first formulated as usual by the forgotten genius, Mr. De broglie, and it is called the neutrino theory of light. Neutrinos are the ∆-4 singularity, which therefore become the entropic food of light. And entropy is literally NOT only figurative, a past motion, as in death. So when light eats neutrinos≈strings (same scattering weak angle≈size, likely the same concepts: Gravitons≈neutrinos≈strings, explained from three different perspectives=functions arrows)  it follows a flow of past and meets finally the entangled ‘other particle’ hunting together the neutrino. Now, for two neutrinos to create a ray of light, Jordan proved they just need to be emitted in perpendicular, inverse but parallel form, which is exactly what they do in Maxwell’s equation, in absorber theory, in neutrino-light theory, in GST, all over the Universe.

But alas, physicists wishful thinking decided such precision was not possible for lowly photons (reason why the usual idiot, Mr. Pauli, who also busted Broglie – he along Bohr had to be the genius, so they basically stole the material of the French humble aristocrat, who had also discovered the particle-wave duality today ascribed to the power-broker, a banker’s son, with political, financial and military clout, Mr. Bohr, also busy bullying Einstein – what a bore!)

So the dark world is faster than light, it is made of neutrino strings of gravitation, and it is the lower ∆-1 relative scale of light, and so we have now defined properly the invisible ∆-4 scale, which in the inverse ∆+4 world corresponds to the dark entropy travelling faster than c (expansion of the Universe) between galaxies, produced by ∆+4 ‘stringy black holes’.

As usual the maths of it are all over the place, scattered in physical papers not even physicists understand (:conceptually:)

So we shall not play the pedantic role of writing here specialised equations – physicists do know what I talk about and can plug in the articles if so they wish. Our goal is that any university major who has been serious about studying his ‘first year courses’ or even last high school physics can understand the Universe conceptually better than any specialist does today by adding on the GST main discoveries and isomorphisms written in a simplified language. 

why we do this is obvious: there is an overgrowing of computer-generated maths that make physicists think they (their machines in fact) are so smart, exactly inverse to the degradation of conceptual thought by lazy plugged-into-chips scientists. The real task left to mankind though is to upgrade their conceptual logic chip and that is what we do.

So this is all for today folks. This post has had only a view in 2 years so i won’t waste more ‘past time’ on my pastime (writing fascinating discoveries in the dark world of internet blogging, about the dark world nobody will ever read):


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