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“(Gravitational) Time tells matter how to move; electromagnetic matter tells space how to curve≈form.” Wheeler, on how the two scales and states of reality: motion=time and form=space in the gravitational, ∆±4 and electromagnetic, ∆±3 scales.

In the Fourth Line, we study in greater detail each Plane of Existence of the Humind’s perceived Universe between the invisible force of ∆-4 gravitation and the partially perceived ∆+4 galactic cosmos, by describing the world cycle of those super organisms through the Ðisomorphic method; which means to study:

  • ∆§: Its new spatial qualities as a super organism co-existing in 3 scales, the ∆-1 atomic/cellular/individual scale (physic, biologic, social system), the ∆º organic thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1cosmologic, gravitational world in which the system exists; made of 3 topologic parts, $-potential/limbs<ST-bodywaves>-ð particle-heads.
  • S=T: Its new temporal properties as a world cycle of existence that orders its 5 Dimotion in time in 3 scales of temporal duration; in steps that form its actions; in worldcycles and as a member of a larger set of species that go through 3 horizons of evolutions.
  • 5й¹: Put together in detail, in the dynamic display of the system as it is seeded by a mind or informative still seed, which will reproduce, evolve and emerge in its ‘generative’ cycle as a larger whole, part of that world where it will perform its 5 Dimotions=actions of the program of existence to survive through reproduction, in a social world of scales, till entropy sets in and the organism dies.

Thus we subdivide the 4th line in a central post that summarizes the ’11 Disomorphic set of properties’ of the being which in a dynamic manner express its temporal world cycle of existence as a scalar, fractal spatial superorganism; and then we summarize its world cycle in time and super organism in space in two other posts; with secondary subposts that might study specific species, ages of its worldcycles or organic parts of the super organism, in time, space and scale.

We shall thus in this post summarize the 5й¹isomorphisms of the lowest of all scales with whom the human mind interacts to perform the simplest of all actions, locomotion, through the force of ∆-4 gravitation.

Let us then consider the few things we know of the…


Beyond the limits of full human perception, (cosmos, dark entropy scales) we can only ‘guess’ some properties and isomorphisms.


2nd Disomorphism:

Gender duality. Sp vs. Ti differentiation. Evolution of its species:

Gravitons or ‘cyclical-time strings’ will be the ð-informative class, lineal energetic gravitation, its |-energy.

3rd Disomorphism: Species Vital Constants AND network forces.

G is its main constant, studied in detail when we consider its parallelism and unification equation with charges.


Gravitons or ‘cyclical-time strings’ will be the ð-informative class, lineal energetic gravitation, its |-energy.

Evolution: Neutrino theory of light.

Dissolution: Beta decay of ∆-3 into ∆-4 neutrino waves.

Evolution: Neutrino mediated weak forces.

Dark Energy: expansive, cosmological gravitation

Now those scales are the inner gravitational and outer scales of the Universe. So it is useful to remember its structure as mirror symmetries between the top quark and black hole planes.


1st isomorphism: space-time dualities: ∑E=S, ∑t=O

The system’s Space and Time components, which are also its Energy and Information, as Space is a fixed vision of the energy quanta that make a system, and information a still vision of time cycles that carry it in the frequency and form of those cycles.

So we identify the main elements and plane of existence of a system and consider its ‘gender varieties (lineal energy=male, cyclical information=female’ and Se<i>To symmetries.

2nd Isomorphism: Its 3 organs/networks: $t≤ ∑∏≥§ð

Its 3 organic/network topologies in space… and 3 x 3+i subsystems

3rd Isomorphism: Its ages and evolution: [Max.E x Min. I > E=I > Max. I x Min. O]∑i>i+1

its 3±i ages in time…and its evolutionary ages in the i+1 plane of species.

4th Isomorphism: Its planes of Existence: i±4

The ‘metric’, Scalar Space-time Generator equation which describes all i=ts Space-time dimensions and isomorphic planes: i±4=SexTo. And it allows to study its i-4, motion, i-3, information pixels, i-2, energy quanta, i-1 seminal seeds, Si, social scales, i+1 super organism, i+2 world and that’s about it. We do not really care for its i+3 galaxy (-: and beyond.   And so now that we have it almost all said, we define the PsD structure of the being, with its specific generator equation in which the whole is represented, with all the previous data. This generator equation completes our understanding of the being.

5th Isomorphism: Its actions: ∆(Ai-4; Oi-3;Ei-2, Ri-I, Si)

Thus now we can easily describe its main 5 actions derived by those Dimensional components across its i±4 planes of existence: ∆Ai-4 (acceleration of motion), ∆Oi-3 (perception), ∆Ei-2 (feeding), ∆Ri-1 (Repetition), ∆Si (social union)¹.

6th Isomorphism: Social classes: i±1; i<-1

Then we find its internal hierarchical social class structure and exchanges of energy and information among its i±1 ‘willing’ scales (the cellular/atomic i-1 plane, the i-ndividual and i+1, social/cosmic plane, where the being exists and which remains co-invariant through its inter-actions. So we analyse the closest world around it, through the perpendicularity and parallel laws of Non-Euclidean geometry’s ‘3rd postulate’ of similarity.

7th Isomorphism. Existential Constants: C(∑S,∏ T,i±4,5A)

Next, we study the system quantitatively, through its Constants of Action, its Social Constants and its Space-time symmetries, all of them determined by the ratios of exchange of energy and information between its PSD elements. This is the most mathematical detailed analysis after the qualitative understanding of all the elements of the being.

8th isomorphism. Creative diversification: 1,2,3,4.

We show now the processes of creation and diversification of a given species. We study its gender dualities and its topological varieties caused by STe,r,o differentiation and the coding 4 numbers of its ‘eros’ actions.

9th isomorphism. Social scales. S10

Finally we consider the last phase of its evolution which is social – for the most advances species, which transcend into a higher i- plane of existence through S10=(3×3+i)¹° scales.

10th isomorphism: Self: O-Point x ∞ World = Constant mind Mapping

It is left to study the alpha and omega, the 0 and 10th isomorphism: the point of the mind, site of the will, which orders the system internally in its ∑i-1 parts and perceives it as an i-whole, part of its i+1 society. The topological center of a sphere, which can according to Poincare’s conjecture represent without deformation its whole world in the infinitesimal fractal, non-Euclidean mind point.

The STP isomorphisms of strings.

String theory explains the smallest physical scales. Further on it MUST be corrected in its formalism to make them background dependent as strings ARE space-time. Then they show the key 5D Isomorphisms, the ∞ of i-scales and the Galilean Paradox:

1st isomorphism: space-time dualities: ∑E=S, ∑t=O

– Their length is proportional to its energy: ∑E=S (Galilean Px.)

They are 2 motions mutating into each other: To- cycles (closed strings) & Se-lineal motions (open strings). Hence they prove the topological, functional Isomorphism in 2 Dimensions (Cyclical and lineal forms).

2nd Isomorphism: Its 3 organic/networks: : STe≤ STr≥STo

There are 3 varieties: O-closed, |-open and its vibrating combinations that reproduce laterally (Str).

3rd Isomorphism: Its ages and evolution: [Max.E x Min. I > E=I > Max. I x Min. O]∑i>i+1

Strings evolve socially, and likely they also evolved from a planar Universe, (max. E) into cyclical forms (Max.O) and vibrating modes (ExO)

4th Isomorphism: Its planes of Existence: i±4

They exist in 3 main i±1 planes: as single i-1 strings, as social ∑i-1=i membranes and as ∏i=i+1=social particles

The 10 or 26 dimensions of strings are the inner scales of a fractal point that seen from our world shows only ±i=1 dimension of lineal or cyclical motion. So 10D fermion string theories are equivalent to the 3x3i±1, Se dimensions of most entities studied in 5D metrics from a spatial p.o.v. and the To=33i =27±1=26 dimensions of bosonic strings, those of most entities studied with a Time p.o.v. as bosons are To-forms and fermions, Se-forms.

Strings prove the infinity of scales, as there are hypothetical, self-similar to cosmic strings of galactic size…

5th Isomorphism: Its 5 actions : ∆(Ai-4; Oi-3;Ei-2, Ri-1, Si)

They are actions vibrating in 4±i modes:,

∆Ai-4: they move lineally.

∆Oi-3:They form closed cycles

∆Ei-2: They form lines of energy.

∆ Ri-1:They reproduce laterally, ∆exo, creating planes or cyclical tubes in social motions.

∆ Si: They create i+1 structures:  bosons & quarks.


6th Isomorphism: Social classes: i±1; i<-1, particles made of membranes (D-Branes) made of single strings, attached to the membrane as energy cilia are to a cell form a ternary system.

7th Isomorphism. Existential Constants: C(∑S,∏ T,i±4,5A)

Strings are mathematical objects, defined by basic mathematical constants and operators.

8th isomorphism. Creative diversification: 1,2,3.

Its gender duality is O & |-strings, its diversification happens as both combine into all kind of tertiary curves.

9th isomorphism. Social scales. S10

They gather together creating enormous string bundles that originate relative i+1 membranes and i+2 particles.

10th isomorphism: Self: O-Point x ∞ World = Constant mind Mapping

A simple pi circle can already be a 0-point.  So 3 lineal strings and a cyclical one can form an organic system – a π-cycle acting as an organic membrane, made of 3 unitary ‘open strings’ with 3 x 0.05D ≈ 0,15 apertures for a total π-perimeter. This π-membrane receives external, imploding vibrations of energy, which it transmits to its internal space, through its 3 apertures as a broken Cantor dust: 3 bits from the external world that finally stop as a still image in its center, creating the zero point; thus forming an organic topology with 3 canonical parts: the external membrane, the toroid whose cycles transform energy into form till reaching the static zero point that integrates the flows into a mind.

This is its ‘life-informing’ arrow. Or in the inverse direction, the zero point or membrane can grow finally expanding in a big-bang vibration, dying away. This simplest structure has already all the Isomorphisms of the 5th dimension, and it’s a model to study many self-similar properties of more complex Universe. An example: How much external space the 0-point sees? If it has ≈ 0,15 apertures in a π-perimeter, it sees 0,15/π of outer reality ≈ 4%, leaving 96% of the Universe out of its perception as dark space. It is the same proportion of dark matter & energy our ¥-eye 0-point doesn’t perceive of the Cosmic, gravitational, lower scale – solving the mystery of dark matter. 

We shall in the future introduce all those Disomorphisms in detail. Only one ‘advance’ is needed now… To consider the mechanism of faster than c-travel in both the quantum and cosmological realm.




Let us consider this misterious force between galatoms, THE so called dark entropy, which IS exactly in all its properties equal to the electromagnetic force between atoms. It is expansive, keeping them at distance… starts from a ‘high frequency’, expands in the middle and ‘collapses’ when it arrives to the next atom-galaxy.

And what puzzles more scientists; as galaxies-atoms distance from each other, more ‘dark energy=electormagnetism’ appears, because of course, the ‘central proton-black hole’ keeps vibrating through its magnetic/polar-Kerr axis (which physicists found to move at non-local, ‘infinite’ speed, so it can escape the black hole).

So the dark entropy mystery is resolved. But what about the non-local force. This requires to understand that in cyclical time there is always AN ENTROPIC SOLUTION OF TRAVELS TO THE PAST. This paragraph from the more specialized post on ‘time travels’ will clarify it:

In the deepest understanding of time, we say that the ‘lower scales’ of parts is in the relative past, as the whole must be built over the past parts, and the whole larger world is therefore in the relative future, while in between the ‘organism’ is the relative present.

This might sound strange to you but as we are talking of relative local parts and wholes, the fact that the parts are the relative past and the whole the relative future does NOT affect other parts and wholes, so it is POSSIBLE TO TRAVEL locally in time, within the super organism. And further on because time is ultimately as all clocks are cyclical, there is a section of the cycle which is inverse and so we talk of the moment of ‘entropic death’ as a travel back to the past.

The deepest understanding of the Universe which is a fractal OF TIME-motion, not of space-form (the static Maya of the sense, the language, the mirror, the mind that stops reality), comes then when we fully account for the different motions from past to future and future to past in each local system, for its cycles, synchronicities and co-existences. 

One example will suffice: Maxwell’s electromagnetic radiation has 2 solutions in time. One that travels to the past called the collapsing wave, and one that travels to the future called the expansive wave. Einstein insisted all his life without knowing how to solve the conundrum that the 2 solutions were real. Physicists ended up discharging the solution of ‘traveling to the past’, in which the ‘wave collapsed’.  Then Feynman calculated that IF THE TWO SOLUTIONS WERE REAL, both cancelled each other to create light as an ETERNAL present. This is indeed the case. The co-existence of ‘past’, ‘shrinking waves of light’, (traveling to the ¡-1 plane) and future, expansive spatial waves (traveling to the ¡+1 scale) cancel to the create a ‘constant light speed’ in present, which is the background spacetime of our galaxy.

So we have a general equation, studied in depth in our articles of time that relate, scales and time states to create a simultaneous super organism in present:

Past (smaller parts, entropy-death dissolving motions) x Future (informative particles/heads arrows) = Present (repetitive body-waves).

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.33.08 AMThis also works for minds. Researchers realized that the body seems to ‘act’ before we detect the ‘thoughts’ that actually causes the motion of the body. It is a huge mystery. How the ∆º body networks of the ∆-1 cells can act ‘before’ the ∆+1 mind that makes it act gives the order?

Because in the fractal Universe of different arrows of time from past to future, future to past, and present to present, the 3 co-exist displaced in time. You must imagine the co-existing scales, as OCCUPYING THE SAME PLACE IN SPACE, BUT HAVING A ‘LATITUDE’ FROM PAST TO FUTURE IN TIME. So as the next graph illustrates, the Future whole sends a message to the past parts, and the scientist that measures the process in the ‘co-existing present’, sees FIRST the reaction of the ‘past’ body-cells and then sees the ‘future firing’ an electromagnetic MESSAGE from the ‘waves of the brain’ THROUGH its nervous system, such as this travel from future to past, which lasts a time v=s/t (motion duration) is cancelled by the ‘interval from future to past jumped by the message’ ‘-t’, so -t + t = 0, the 3 scales co-exist synchronically in present, and so the cells, the networks and the head-mind move together without ‘dislocating’. Internally they have a time latitude from past parts to future brain, externally they seem a co-existing present.

But for the simplex humind and its concept of an absolute LINEAL TIME from past to FUTURE only, it all seems as the past parts determine the future whole – human mind (remember humans beyond their egocy – ego+idiocy – are far less intelligent than the Universe, as we HAVE A SINGLE ARROW OF TIME CONSCIOUSNESS in the mind).

If you extend this concept to every other ‘science’ and scale things start to fall into place. For example, GRAVITATION seems no local, but it is in fact an informative language, sent from the future to the past by the ‘brain of galaxies’ = black holes. And those gravitational waves create non-local, instantaneous gravitation as it happens with electromagnetism between atoms but at the larger cosmological scale, so all seems an eternal present.

So the proper explanation of non-local QUANTUM POTENTIALS, in the De Broglie>Bohm realist models of quantum physics and the cosmological models of gravitation (or rather ‘cosmological electromagnetism as we have seen) is also simple:

A travel from future larger waves to smaller collapsing particles balances the past to future ‘time’ v=s/t spent in the travel to create an eternal simultaneous ‘background spacetime present’, either light over gravitational waves in galaxies, or dark entropy between them.

In the graph, the quantum potential of non-local electromagnetism and gravitation in the cosmological scale – an eternal present over which the electromagnetic wave travels as long as it does it TOWARDS ITS COLLAPSE as a particle of a lower plane than the larger wave. It is an essential component of 5D quantum physics.

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