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5. informative age/horizon

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Abstract. The 3rd dimension of a world cycle is the third age of the being, when the system first maximises its information, and form, as it wrinkles into repetitive cycles (biological systems) or ‘time warps space into mass’ Einstein (vortices of physical time) and so it becomes dominated by the stillness of the mind:

In the graph, 3rd age of physical systems, as they warp space into time singularities

As always though in the ternary Universe, the ‘3rd age’ is just a prelude to the next motion of death, so in the frontier between both dimensions starts first the stiffness of the membrane, then the drying of the vital energy, and as stiff-stillness spreads, it comes the decay in all its physiological networks, loosing energy and corrupting its form, warped and ‘imploding’ as the internal vital space of the ternary monad diminishes, but membrane and singularity keep growing its form, resulting in a warping, wrinkling of the cyclical membrane that cover the form.



In the graph, decay is loss of energy by the tear and wear of confronting all the other beings of the Universe. In the first graph a quantum potential jump that looses energy, in the 2nd graph the general curve which enters a 3rd age of decay for all beings, when its energy is exhausted:
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.05

Decay is the unavoidable final 3rd age of excessive information and minimal entropy, in which the being stops moving towards the future and starts to repeat its cycles with more form and lesser purpose as motion comes to a halt. And then IT EXPLODES and so the 3rd age gives birth to the fourth age of entropic death, a reversal of ‘time arrows’ from up to down, the game closes in, the ego who wanted to devour it all is about to find for the infinite Universe is just an expandable nothingness.

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