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1. Conception

±∞ ¬∆@ST:


We exist even before being, in the potential future of our parents, thus the first of the 7 ages of existence is their lives and our conception.

 Motions of existence in the 5th dimension 

 In the motions of a world cycle studied in those sub-posts the order of the 5 actions=dimensions=motions of timespace are different.

The true process of eusocial evolution, has been packed in the generation from seminal to emergent super organism, which we know will be completed after eons of trials and errors. Generation of a social scale will  be tried again as the being enters its mature age in its world cycle, encased within the larger world, ∆+1, its whole, but in this case, the being does NOT generate the social organism but it is a mere point-particle moving slavishly to the tune of the cycles of the larger whole. So social evolution in its full sense does happen by palingenesis from seminal conception to emergence as a super organism. We shall study here those processes, the most important comprehensive age and yet subconscious and hardly understood of any system of Nature.

The act of generation, which starts the motion of all events in its different forms (generation of a seed that will become a whole, generation of a motion that starts as an impulse, and so on), is an act of creation of a form, and as such as always in Ƽst, its will has the origin in a mind-mirror:


The first motion of time is palingenesis, a purely informative, accelerated time vortex that generates the being through its memorial past steps, compressed to eliminate all entropy into its pure informative, trans-formative motions.

Evolution though can be subdivided by the ternary principle in 2 man in elements, ‘spatial growth’, and ‘informative change.



existence in the zero-1 sphere of palingenetic creation is a fast track to perfection and emergence in A HIGHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE: 3 travels in time seed prophet 

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 23.00.17


Existence is a game played in two different realities, a single plane of spacetime, ∆ø that of the organisms and its territory of order, which the mind perceives. And that of the different scales of size in which the being co-exist, the closest ∆±1 cellular territory of smaller parts, and larger world… and the ∆±¡ scales which they system uses to absorb its pixels of energy, form and motion=entropy.

Amazing as it might seem to the reader, who didn’t even know there was a 5th dimension on the Universe beyond rock stars, the structure both of the organism through its cellular, individual and organic social scales, ∆±1 and the exchanges of energy, information and entropy-motion with the ∆¡≥|2| are the SAME for all systems of Nature. And this astounding realization allow us to fully organize the whole range of actions and exist¡ences of the entire Universe according to 5D metric and the exchange of actions of the being.

Indeed, actions are connected to scaling to the point that any true motion in nature requires a motion and ‘translation’ of the being through scales of the fifth dimension. As all motion is ‘reproduction’ of form, into an adjacent region of reality after a travel through the lower ‘scales’ of the fifth dimension.

In the graph we see how a particle reproduces as a wave, then stops, gauges information and reproduces again in the quantum realm. In the left side we see the reproductive growth of a system as it emerges into the ∆+1 organic and world scales.

So the knowledge of the laws of ‘scales’ in a far more vital, dynamic way, through the actions of the being is essential to understand the ‘architectonical, symphonic Universe’ of layers and scales.

Dimotion of social evolution: generation. 

Contrary to belief, the most important dimension of the Universe is a static dimension, with no motion and hardly any volume (: The dimension of the seed or mind that stores in stillness all the potential information of a future super organism, or a mind mapping of the territory of order in which the organism will ‘create’ its self-centred reality.

The beginning of reality thus start in a static seed of information, the central Aristotelian unmoved God of a territory of order which will organise its moving vital energy, as it grows and multiplies as a seed or moves and acts as a mind with a will, reflecting its inner form into the larger world, to finally grow and multiply from its ∆-1 ‘finitesimal size’ or relative ‘o’ to become 1. So we write with the formal symbols of ¬Æ logic:

1D:      ∆-1 ∑∆-1 > ∆º

That is a seed of information in a lower plane, ∆-1 starts to reproduce, ∑, collapsing through its network structures into a whole super organism of the larger ∆º scale, emerging as a new individual being.

Minds and seeds of information.

And so two essential different forms of the 0-1 being might be considered, the ∆º mind and the ∆-1 seed.

It is the first atomic crystal unit, or seminal seed the center of the future super organism, the future mind of the 1 being, once it has developed, transforming itself into the central cell-atom-being? This question requires an empirical homologic test, which seems to be positive. In theory, in all systems ‘first come first served’. That is, the first cell of a network becomes its nodal center with maximal number of axons.

So the seed should become the central knot-neuron of the mind and as such it is the father of the 1-∞ being, of the whole in the outer ∆+1 world.

This happens in physical crystals, with the central cell unit, and we can prove it also for the socio-biological system, as the ant-queen becomes the reproductive mind of the superorganism, and the founder of the empire, its king, father of future central minds – and the prophet, or rather its verbal memetic code of revelation, the DNA of its civilization repeated ad nauseam by all the seminal believers ‘sangris martire semen christianorum’.

The 0-1 transform is often palingenetic, meaning that it compresses all the time cycles,  and trials and errors of evolution into the ‘correct’ steps, avoiding redundancies. How the Universal fractal reduces errors? This is a complex theme of which much evidence can be gathered for the fourth line of complex studies. But essentially as we humans do – each new generation ‘remembers’ what must not be done from the previous seeding.

So as eons pass, systems become more efficient. Generation is therefore the fastest time process of evolution of information, of a perfection that defies our minds.  And we observe it either in quantum physics as a 0-1 process of collapse of a cloud of density of forces through a wave into a particle, or in the biological realm from the seed through the morula, to the fetus till it emerges as a being. And so in the study of this process, we can accumulate the maximal amount of relevant information of any process of the Universe.

In mathematical terms the generation is modeled into the 0-1 unit sphere through time probabilities, which adscribe to each path or step of motion a probability and discharges in the real world, all those probabilities that are not efficient paths – in physics it becomes the law of least time. Time is of the essence and must not be wasted.

The o-1 unit sphere is thus in its short time-span of generation packed paradoxically with more information that much larger beings. The o-1 dimension is in its small space enclosure the most profound resume of the meaning of the Universe as a reproductive process of information.

As such it is also equivalent to the 1-∞ spatial existence of the full being, which in its next scalar evolution seldom finishes as a new super organism but rather ends in entropic death, before reaching the open ball limit of relative infinity and become the seed-mind of the whole world. 

I.e. In human beings this new resurrection to enlarge the seed from semen to being, from being to civilization has been reached ONLY 7 Times by the 7 Gods of History which reached planetary scale in its memetic mind. So while potentially 0-1 ≈ 1- ∞; the infinity is never truly reached and the next existence ends in entropy. And this is signified by the fact that the o-1 sphere is closed, determined by 1 and ‘temporal’ but the 1-∞ equivalent (quantum physics vs. thermodynamic ensembles in physics, individual life vs. historic civilization, organism vs. species being the o-1-∞ scaling of physical, biological and social systems) IS OPEN with no clear end (species made of cellular individuals, thermodynamic ensembles of heated gaseous entropic atoms and human cultures which will end in entropic death, have a chaotic final state in space).

All what we have said is known, we just have packed it nomologically into a seed of information, which encloses all generation processes of Nature. What we further advance and it is not known is the expression in non-Æ logic of those processes, derived from the laws of vital mathematics:

The o-1 seed then is then also equivalent in the non-euclidean formalism to the 5th postulate as it reverses the order expanding through infinite parallels crossing beyond the fractal point, each one connected to a reproductive cell, which expands the being and inner volume of energy and information as a point with parts (1st Non-EA postulate). The seed or mind of reproduction or informative order, it is both a 0-1 dimensional seed but also a 5th dimensional territory which will grow and emerge as a mind crossed by the flows of existence  of the ∆+1 world, which it cannot longer control but only ‘live’… the seed first as past-memorial seed, and then as mind-future memory, resumes the entire travel of existence across the fractal spacetime Universe of a T.œ, residing in it the consciousness and soul of each Monad of the Universe. 

Let us then consider briefly both states, the ∆ø mind and the ∆-1 seed in different scales of being. Even if classic science ignores most of it, and rather denies its existence.

∆ø Singularities as ‘doors’ to new 5D scales/dimensions.

Singularity and membrane are synchronized in time to control the slower vital energy between them, but have opposite forms in space: the clock-angular momentum has maximal extension, the singularity minimal space, as IT IS THE DOOR-still mind mapping of the whole in the microcosms, hence always a door to the ∆-1 plane and the origin of ‘scales’ in the Universe. It also justifies its sentient nature.

I always have a riot with philosophers of science coming from the amateurish field of 4D physics – the likes of my ‘acquaintances’ Mr. Penrose and Mr. Hawking, with whom I have been involved not always in the best of terms, due to my activism against the Black Hole Factory – when they come around with their ideas that black holes are ‘doors to the past’, and ‘new dimensions’.

As all in reality is a biased mind perspective in fact all has a bit of truth.  It is impossible to go the past and kill your father, because time is local. 

All clocks of time are local and only act within the membrane of angular momentum which is the time proper and its inner ‘vortex’  with slow time motions, dominated by the two elements of the T.œ, which are synchronized – the membrane and the particle-head in the center.

Both are synchronized in time to this angular momentum outer clock to dominate the slower vital energy in the center.  So now we can related the 3±i fundamental ‘parameters of reality to form and function and the 3 conserved  substances; since:

-Time clocks are the angular momentum membranes conserved in the Universe.

-Space is the vital surface enclosed by those membranes, which in itself is an open entropic, expansive surface that only under the constrains of the limiting membrane acquires order, form (and can be parametrized mathematically as any student of calculus knows: to find solutions to equations it is always required a ‘constrain and limiting parameter’).

-Scale finally has its origin in the very definition of a mind and its equation as a singularity: O-mind x ∞ time cycles (universe) = Constant linguistic still mirror mapping… Indeed, we could IMAGINE A NON-SENTIENT UNIVERSE WITH NO SINGULARITIES, WHICH WILL EXIST IN A SINGLE PLANE OF SPACETIME CONTINUUM, AS THEN it is not needed to ad on the monad’s inner infinitesimal view of the whole, which reduces its volume by eliminating motion and dimensions of perception to fit a ‘crystal mirror’ image within it. And so by the correspondence principle because 4D physicists do deny singularities, it is indeed not required a 5Dimension to ‘navigate’ the locomotions of a single physical world, but even if the 4D non-singularity models of physicists do work, it will NEVER find the whys of existence which are provided precisely by the singularity that also ‘creates’ the inner fractal worlds of the mind.

And so the coda is as mystical, beautiful and intense as it comes: the mind IS the site of EVERY smaller scale, and so the Black hole has a mind-mirror in 5 Dimensions (maldacena’s conjeture) of the 4D larger galaxy brain. Your mind has a homunculus smaller mirror of the whole organism you observe, and the crystal of the visual reflected Universe above.

THE MYSTICAL CODA is immediate. As we are small, we MUST be part of a mind that ‘imagined’ us… What is that mind, we shall discuss when studying the evolution of Mother Earth -as we are the mind of the Earth in its outer membrane. 

And viceversa, as the mind-mirror reverts the motion of information back to the territory it orders, we can consider that we are all born in an infinitesimal mind. Thus mind and membrane, form together the membrain, the intelligence of the Universe that orders the slower more extensive inner vital ‘temporal energy’ (preferred name for the inner region of the clock) of the ternary system. Minds, Seeds, creation, information, God as the maximal information point or singularity of the system, and many other terms are now entangled into ‘Dasein’…




In the evolution of Philosophy of science – a subject different of Physics – the 2 great steps were in the modern age of the scientific, mathematical method, Descartes and Leibniz, the true founders also a modern mathematics (analytic geometry and analysis). The first established the 3 parts of the fractal world, cyclical membrane, vital space and Tiƒ-point of view or monad which the second elaborated as made of infinitesimals (calculus), 1/n cells of an n-organism.

Such fractal points, obviously are minds, at the centre of a CARTESIAN UNIVERSE, from where they perceive linguistically both verbal and mathematically, a larger Universe holding a still mapping world of themselves, as source of Aristotelian God-like attractive power – he was describing the 3rd element of reality, the singularity, connected though time flows of the fifth dimension to the upper and lower scales of the super organism, ∆º, the zero point, in geometry, ∆ª, the aristotelian mind in logic, which reduces the ∞ Non-Æ Universe to its small point of view.

“The Universe is the body of an organism (t.œ.), whose logic mind (∆§) we call God.’ Plato

‘We are all Gods, the unmoved center of a body of energy’ Aristotle – best ever definition of a mind-singularity, the linguistic mapping and will of existence of any super organism of space-time.


In the graph, the Monad, or center of the will of the system, or T.Œ (timespace super organism). But as we have already described it in depth in our first line, ‘@Monad’, we want now to consider a philosophical question: the mind as an aristotelian God, still linguistic center of all the energy-body that is its territory around which it orders ad totally controls. The singularity as the max. informative point or local god of a system is what Aristotle thought of, when he shouted ‘we are all gods’. As in those earlier pythagorean, Greek ages, the simplicity of the game without much detail, rationally analysed revealed as in CHINESE taoism, the first principles of reality in a clear form.

WE shall thus explore the ‘metaphysical equations of God and its meaning’ in different scales, centering in the 2 final mysteries of existence: how gods singularities create reality through mirrors that project its linguistic still minds on the Universe? And what is the origin of the will of existence of those minds. Are they automatons of a mirror program of creation? Or there is even beyond perception a final level of awareness of existence that pull us into willing to fight for it?

The answer which can only search by considering the homology of all space-time beings, hence looking into human beings is Yes: SENSATION more than perception is the LAST DUAL, pain and pleasure game that seems to exist in man as its final will and should also exist in Nature.


We have so far considered the Universe in its fundamental principles – the topological adjacent construction in simultaneity of super organisms, which sequentially will live a world cycle, ‘traveling’ through 3 planes of the fifth dimension. Neat and simple, that is really what there is to it. Minds though, mirror those infinite worldcycles of existence of other space-time super organisms with languages ‘stopping’ them into a mapping that allows them to ‘perceive=gauge=sense‘ information.

And we highlight sense because a ‘still mapping’ sense in each stopping, locked ‘crystal image’ a measure of its self. The sentient Universe can only be ultimately explained if ‘perception’ exists within the language, as when you think words, you sense words, when your eye sees light and maps into an electronic mapping you are seeing. And when an atom maps a geometric image in its ‘locked’ ‘stopped’ spin, it must perceive that geometry as information.

Minds thus are infinitesimal points-particles that stop, gauge, perceive, and move – and then we have the sensation of motion-pleasure.

This of course is not within the realm of the scientific method. You cannot measure those sensations of awareness-pain vs. pleasure-dissolution, in-form-ation, pressure vs. release-entropy ONLY sense them as humans. So if we had first a difficult hurdle to cross trying to prove the existence of minds but passed it objectively by considering a mind-singularity to hold the will of existence of a T.œ – hence as invisible gravitation shows in its external effect, so will the existence of a singularity through its external actions; at the final level of ‘human awareness’ of the game of existence – sensations of the dual pain-pleasure reward system (with all its parallel and perpendicular events/sensations) there is ONLY a justification to the existence of other minds – that we humans are made of the same substances that all those other minds, space and time, and hence what we sense other atomic systems must.

Therefore IF OUR LAST REWARD is the flow of sensations, with its duality pain-pleasure, hate-love, etc. which we can easily adscribe to geometrical perpendicular (cut, pain) parallel (friction pleasure) properties and many other dualities we have established for all systems, IT MUST EXIST IN ALL OTHER SYSTEMS of space-time. That is, atoms must feel pain when op-pressed by huge masses, pleasure when released in entropy, but also ‘awareness’ of a more complex inner still image, when flows of information converge through forces in its non-euclidean singularity; and so it is only left then 2 questions:

  1. What are those sensations? Answer: the very essence of time as a motion/flow. Motion in itself seems evanescent; as sensations are… Yet combining them, this flow of sensation-motion becomes very likely the ultimate program-will for all T.œs to exist – the ultimate, ‘Dasein’, ‘being in time’.
  2. Yet we cannot go beyond this, as this is the ultimate ‘reference’ of reality we have as humans. So there is no MORE methods of knowledge beyond what it is contained in our ‘selves’. Know yourself, the method of knowledge of Aristotle; ‘saper vedere’, the method of Leonardo and know how to see and calculate with attached machines, the method of Galileo, to which we have added a few ‘tricks’ thus completes the capacity to probe reality. Are there more layers beyond motion as sensation in time? We cannot answer. We don’t know. As all is relative, in the same manner we can only probe into ∆±3 planes around our ∆º and hint by force of motion the existence of an invisible gravitational/cosmological plane at ∆±4 but no more, beyond the duality of sensation, there is nowhere else to go.

In the graph, Science and any other form of knowledge merely tries to reduce the infinite Universe to a smallish mirror mapping or ‘monad’ or ‘frame of reference’ or ‘language’, to act and react to the flows of entropy and information of that Universe (combined in the 3rd arrow of time, energy).

What both physicists and religious people do is to ‘exclude’ all other mind-views, mirror-mappings and languages of perception from reality, biasing the Universe into a ‘straightjacket’ called ‘theory of everything’ based in its single language.

Let us then return to the origin of their peculiar concept of ‘reality’ created by the language of mathematics and the force we perceive, entropic lineal light, which excludes completely the in-formative force of ‘invisible gravitation’ and the intelligent mirrors of all other species, from feromonal ants to gravitational black holes who externally act as if they were ‘intelligent’ perceptive beings ordering their territorial domain, as we do with words, and scientists and sensorial machines (clocks of time, eyes of metal, telescopes and microscopes) do with maths.

In other words, the Universe needs infinite minds, focuses of information to order it.  And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’, the less important part of the ternary systems of the Universe, the cytoplasm of cells, the inner space-time of light matter in galaxies, where we live, the cells of your body, the light filled space of atoms, etc.

– Closed, cyclical times, the external membranes, which he called ‘vortices’ and separates the system from the outer Universe, the halo membrane of galaxies, the electron of atoms the skin of your body, which jails the inner space.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, is the fact that he perceived them from a singularity, central linguistic point of view, the verbal mind that controls the system – the black hole of gravitational information, the nervous system, the DNA code. So he said: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’. Yet this point and language-mirror is an infinitesimal reduction of the whole Universe, even if the mapping is quite accurate reflection of it. So we can now define in a simple equation all the minds of realty:

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

0-mind x ∞ Universal cycles = C: constant World mirror of the Universe.

So each mind is an infinitesimal world mirror of the infinite universe. And so there is only one infinite Universe but infinite Linguistic Monads.

What the physicist or religious person does is TO DENY all other mirrors, languages, monads and affirm HE CREATES WITH HIS LANGUAGE the Universe, the infinitesimal creates the infinite talking words in arab or ‘imagining point, lines, planes and particles that collapse when the physicist looks at the moon that before was NOT there’ LOL, try to laugh at them. Then they will show they are right because they can kill you.

The explanation of this paradox though is immediate if you look again at the equation of ‘any mind’ (o x ∞ = Constant, undetermined world):

The mind believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which seems to be quiet, as the mind stops motion to put it all inside and so human minds have always thought the Earth did not move, and it was the center of the Universe.

And while Copernicus taught us not to be the case, Einstein proved it was all relative motion, Darwin explained we are just a step in the ladder of evolution of information, and my models of duality and the fractal Universe shows our scale of size to be also relative, the concept has creeped slowly back into physics, with the anthropic principle, the big-bang theory, the marketing and propaganda and ego-pumping P.R.ess that made of nuclear physicists in the cold era, to back their worldly religion of producing enough atomic bombs to kill us all, to heights of anthropomorphic ego never seen since G. Bush talked to the bronze age peasant. 

Alas, now we again confuse the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’  WITH THE UNIVERSE, which Hilbert, Bohr and CERN is creating with entropic death. So their minds are just fractal points, but believe to know it all.

Descartes  was not a simpleton though as those big-bang physicists are. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

Newton though carried the day, and all attempts to put the record straight by Leibniz (relational time), Einstein (infinite time clocks), Bohm (pilot-wave theory of normal quantum physics), Darwin (man as an evolving species), and so many others including this writer, Sancho (Organic dual theory of the Universe) have met with the imposing Wall of the EGO-CENTERED man

In the graph cartesian points of view, have 2 inverse mirror-like symmetries.

the one observed in philosophy of science by physicists, in which the mind-monad acts platonically over the world, and the most important flow from the world into the being.


Now it should be clear why languages are lesser mirrors: because the whole, the UNIVERSE holds ALL THE LANGUAGES AND ALL ITS PROPERTIES, BUT EACH LANGUAGE, ONLY describes parts of the whole properties of the Universe – even in this enlarged version of mathematics, which puts logic (not mathematical) equations to the life-death cycle and other elements of the space-time Universe. As there are ‘sensations’, such as pain, associated to pressure or information, or pleasure to entropy and expansion, or choices, such as those at each moment of future time, between the 3 arrows of entropy-motion, information-perception, iteration-reproduction, or those associated to the program of evolution, survival and selection of species, which give ambiguity to the future paths of existence, and are better described with temporal verbs.

It is not the purpose of this blog to lay down the entire model of a Universe of infinite world-languages, first conceived by Leibniz, but to show, how far removed from a deeper knowledge of reality is the ‘childish game’ of bombing the earth and taking pictures of irrelevant particle debris, which only matter when you reduce all the arrows of time, all the languages of knowledge to a single arrow, a single language, and a few digital numbers. 

Of course, for the scholastic philosopher of the middle ages, the bizarre fictions of the language, such as how many ‘angels’ fit on a pin, provoked hot debates, and even duels on La Sorbonne; and for the believer in big-bangs and the fantaphysics of the mathematical language, what goes on CERN is truly important to find dragoons and SUSYs.

But this is a theme that unlike the angels in the pin does have collateral effect in all mankind. And this IS WHAT mankind has NOT understood, as it seems also hypnotised by magic numbers it does not understand, big toys assembled by the big hands on the homunculus boys; as children, the staple food of the Universe, cannot even ‘imagine death’ – reason why they so easily die. Turtles hatch in costa rica and the lizard has only to open his mouth – the children will enter into the hole.

And so we can also ad a final assessment on the relationship of languages with reality, more sophisticated that the previous Penrose graph.

In as much as the lower scales of the fifth dimension carry faster time clocks, they code the information of the larger scales. So what we call a ‘language’, which runs as the tiƒ software of a ‘wave of energy’ IS MERELY A LOWER SCALE OF FORMS OF 5D SYSTEMS, which codes NON-E GEOMETRIC-SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS AND NON-A LOGIC-TEMPORAL ONES.

By this we mean, information stores memorial cycles of time, which will then be imprinted in the entropy of reality, enlarged into a higher scale as a seminal seed that codes and reproduces larger forms.

So all forms start as a seed of language, you started as a seed of ‘information’ in the ∆-1 cellular scales; societies appear as seed of prophetic information, in the ∆-1 memetic scale of the prophet and maker of instruments. Matter systems start coded in the quantum language of mathematical information (spins, electronic quantum numbers) coded in smaller particles. Galaxies are coded in the information stored in gravitational invisible quark relationships within black holes and strangelets, which HUMANS WILL NEVER DECODE, at best hint at the existence of an ‘homunculus’ of the galaxy within the ‘information stored in black holes’ (Maldacena hypothesis), on a more compressed five-dimensional mapping of the whole 4D galaxy. Anthills are coded in pheromonal, chemical languages, stored in the queen metabolism. Crystals code in the structure of its ‘cell’, the future growth of its larger solid structure.  And so on.

You see there on the left how  the mental world creates maths and maths creates the Universe. At least though Penrose unlike Hilbert and verbal religions recognises that the physical world influences our mind (Hilbert would have erased ‘2’ below, and certainly all those mathematical physicists that invent particles with their imaginary maths like Hawking does, HAVE done away with ‘2’). On the right I readdressed the arrows as they are. The Universe is mirrored by multiple languages, of which maths is an excellent one to help the human mind-mirror to understand experimentally the real world.

Ok. Now we can understand what religious people, aka physicists do NOT understand about their mirror-language mathematics, which we concede carries more informative detail than words (but less than images), and so it has become after images (most humans today believe more in celebrities than in physicists 🙂 the dominant language today, overcoming religious wor(l)ds.

Still the language of mathematics DOES NOT CREATE REALITY and in its present ‘underdeveloped and fictional forms’, (its incomplete structure which I finished when young, after understanding the scalar metric of 5D Analysis and its 3 arrows of space-time) is quite a distorted view of what a proper mathematical truth that IS also real, will show. And for that reason, mathematical physicists at CERN can create so easily ‘a la Trump’ alt-truths, imposed ‘a la Trump’ with full homunculus mechanical, big-hand power.

So how to complete the theoretical minimum of realist mathematical physics? Again following the path of Einstein, which used the r=evolution of Lobachevski on geometry to upgrade our theory of space. Indeed, solved the 5th non-euclidean postulate of mathematics, noticing that space was not necessarily Euclidean, as points can hold infinite parallels. So he said we should look at space to decide experimentally how it ‘is’ really. This Hilbert didn’t understand and confused, without being able to define then what a point is, as it was no longer possible to define it as an Euclidean point with ‘no breath’, came with his idea that a point was what his mind imagine, and left it undefined. So the first task is obviously to define a point as a mirror of the fractal Universe, where points grow and hold ‘infinite finitesimal parts’.

While the logic of mathematics has to be upgraded from the present single causality of Aristotelian and its single time arrow, to the ternary non-aristotelian logic (meaning logic requires to study the 3 ARROWS OF TIME CAUSALITY as physicists working only with one arrow, entropy, have the MIRROR distorted, UNFOCUSED, and limited). An trust me when you do show, as I have done it, light pours through your mind in a blast of intelligence and focused information, far more pure and telling than the blast of entropy, essayed at the LHC.

Only a few examples. As we said lobachevski changed ALL the outlook of mathematical physics, when he found the 5th postulate of non-euclidean geometry, the fact that through a ‘point’, infinite parallels can cross and Einstein applied it to physical space in General Relativity. But lacking the understanding of ‘real space’, a fractal of scales of wholes and infinitesimals, and its correspondence with Analysis, physicists misinterpreted the meaning of those points, incurring in clear logic contradictions.

Indeed, to fit those lines they bended the ‘straight lines which define parallels’ to fit them into the point. But then they became ‘curves’, no longer parallels. Because they didn’t take seriously Lobachevski’s dictum that from then on geometry had to be an experimental science. So they missed the ‘meaning of a ‘non-euclidean point’, as it is in Nature, where points grow in size when we look closer, in detail its inner ‘space-time, behind its ‘cyclical membrane’. Indeed, if a POINT can be crossed by ∞ parallels:

– The euclidean point is just the minimal information of a point fit in the homunculus reduced mind (: that shrinks it, to fit it inside. But this distorts it, because parallels are straight lines and a ‘point with no breath’ (Euclidean point) can only fit one line.

So to fit more lines, the point must be enlarged, when we come closer to it, so the point is no longer a star-point or a particle-point but a FRACTAL POINT of the scalar 5th dimension, which becomes a huge star and then yes! voila, infinite parallels which are now real parallel straight lines can cross it.

So reality allow us once more to define properly the first undefined postulate of Non-Euclidean mathematics: “a fractal point has a volume of energy and information that grows, as we come closer to it.”

And the second undefined Postulate: ‘A fractal line is a ‘wave’ (time view) or ‘string’ (spatial view) of fractal points, communicating energyy and information  between two larger point-beings’.

And the 4th postulate, ‘a plane is a network of fractal points’.

And so on. This and NOT the ‘runaway definition’ of Hilbert, who confused by Lobachevski’s discovery just said for lack of a better idea that he ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ IS the proper, realist way to upgrade Geometry to reality as we have already upgraded topology and its 3 forms with motion to describe the 3 ‘organic forms’ of all systems of the Universe.

Why we bring this here – as we are selecting only the ‘theoretical minimum’ to fully grasp what CERN does and the position of the homunculus in the infinite Universe – should be obvious to the reader: Hilbert was wrong, so it is the Copenhagen interpretation derived of it. The fact that CERN will produce microscopic strangelets of black holes from the ‘larger’ scale of cosmological mass does NOT mean they are ‘infinitely small and harmless’ just because or mind does NOT see gravitation and so only sees them as point-particles. They ARE HUGE in terms of mass-density which IS as we shall soon show the ‘stuff’ that matters in the Gravitational cosmic scale of space-time. If we could SEE gravitation those points WILL grow, to hyperbolic dimensions filling MOST of the galaxy and we would shrink accordingly as ’empty bubbles’ of almost null mass.

So our Euclidean mathematics, which as Descartes and Kant understood is only the 3 perpendicular ‘space-time elements’ of a massless ray of light merely shrinks all other scales of reality to fit into the mind:

In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

A subject in itself fundamental to understand Relativity, is brought here to point out, the reason why in entropic only big-bang theories, we do see indeed light space-time expanding between galaxies, as light is space and so when it comes closer to the mass of the galaxy, elongates/red shifts its color (the only real effect observed; as we obviously are NOT out there in-between Andromeda and the Milky way with a tape). And vice versa, when Light collapses into our electronic ‘eye’ or any electronic source, it increases its frequency  balancing both effect to cancel the supposed big-bang death of the Universe.

But in the scalar REALITY, gravitation makes points LARGER when we observe them in the scale of the fifth dimension where they do interact above us, and will EASILY evaporate our ’empty bubble’ of light-light beings.

So Hilbert and Cantor who talked of ‘their imaginary paradise from where nobody would expel them, ass the Jihad warriors who die to enter paradise, just invented non-existen points, lines, planes with their imagination.

In the next graph, we see thus, the true meaning of the 5th and 1st Non-E postulate, which define both the real fractal point (1st postulate) and the real mind that bends it into a smallish mind. Since the fractal point does have breath, as it includes a volume of energy, entropy and information, carried by a relative number of ‘finitesimal’ parallel waves, but the ‘Aristotelian mind’, reduces it to an Euclidean point:

We have to introduced the first postulate of non-Æ so you realise how ‘limited’ is the homunculus mind.

Thus, human egos are just finitesimals with a huge ego, because they confuse their zero point-mind with the real infinite Universe, of fractal points, thinking the volume of information they store in their mind is all. 

Now, this theoretical minimum, which gives birth to the biggest r=evolution of maths since Riemann, ‘does away with Hilbert’; but to fully  put the copenhagen interpretation to rest and complete the understanding of mathematics in experimental terms,  we need as we have done with spatial geometry and topology, show how temporal algebra and its numbers, do also reflect reality, in an evolutionary process called the closure of numbers that again will follow the ternary, universal syntax of ‘REALITY’.

The particle point features heavily in Nuclear physics and it is still a ‘mess’. I like of all of them, the Delta Function, which is ∞ at 0, 0 on the infinite line and 1 in its integral. It is perhaps the best mathematical definition and for that reason, Dirac without understanding what it means – the emergence of a point-particle as a 1-element of a higher ∆+1 scale, made it the non-rigurous foundation of its beautiful quantum thoughts. Then Newman quoted above got berserk. He wanted it to be ‘rigurously’ proved by Hilbert’s axiomatic arrogant method and just make it more messy, pedantic and obtuse.

It is plainly ridiculous that a people who understand so little of the why of its magic religion, pretend to be so dogmatic as Popes with its infallibility theorems. In the graph, the final understanding on how 10 ∆-1 ‘tetratkys’ pythagorean elements become a bosonic point of identical beings to emerge in the delta function. It is in that sense connected as the fourier transform from where it ultimately departs, from a fascinating phenomena of the Universe, the emergence through resonance, which I call ‘fusion love’, of a higher being, made of identical parts; as we are all resonances of cloned information; but only in a point the parts transcend into a whole; only in a neuronal small network your infinitesimal ego-mind believes to be infinite. 

And of course pi and e are ever present, around 3. Of its many definitions the one mathematicians ignore of e, is the more proper one, e+ e/10 = 3, a unit of growth of the perfect game of decametric scales of social numbers, which is a good way to introduce…

ð: information: first age of time.

Indeed, 3 positive, negative and lateral numbers are all the time numbers, needed in a single ∆-scale of the fractal 5th dimension (resolved by fractions and irrational ‘finitesimal ones’) to describe the 3 arrows/ages of timespace.

So to fully grasp them we need to explain you the most beautiful cycle of the Universe, the life-death cycle, which also applies to physical ‘big-bangs, an its 3 ages.

Let us then apply the far more evolved concept of a Universe made of ‘systems’ with  the 3 ‘space-time’ organs, a cyclical clock-like membrane that contains a body-wave of energy, self-centred in a  singularity of information to the galaxy, to further understand the Witten hypothesis, and why it is so likely we become merely a strangelet particle in the halo of the galaxy.

Since the beauty of having a higher reality, that of space-time and its ternary parts is that we can now EXPLAIN IT ALL, not only in mathematical equations, which of course will offer us a lot of detail – more than any other human language, except direct visual images, but we can also put other linguistic mirrors, of which the most important is the organic, ternary topological structure of all systems, as discovered by Descartes, with its cyclical closed membrane, its informative mind-singularity and the vital space-time of energy between them.

Now, let us be a bit more humble and explain you where those lonely researchers that do thought experiments a la Broglie and Einstein are taking sound physics further in the explanation of the Universe using the 2 arrows of time entropy and information and its present energy combinations, which sorry does not make you immortal, does not make you god or vhod and does not create infinite universes only one, which stubbornly refuses to go away and let all those other ones ‘appear’ in this reality, despite the zillions spent in their search (indeed CERN has NOT seen any other new particle besides those who we knew they were there, no other hint of extra-dimensions, extra-universes or dragoons running amok, it is just producing in its 99% growing lumps of strangelet matter that will sooner or latter big-bang planet Earth at the reduced scale where big-bangs are proved: novas, quasars and E=mc2 bombs).

Since the big bang is ONLY  the death of matter that eliminates from the mix, the gravitational informative force and the dark quark heavy matter that holds those galaxies together, enclosed in his halo of strangelets, and shrinks the expansive space between them.

So when we put together both arrows of time, and realise they balance into energy beings, we observe what we observe: REALITY AS IT IS.

The most beautiful result is indeed, the symmetry between the 3 organs of all beings, the entropic limbs/fields, the reproductive body-waves and the informative heads/particles and the 3 ages of life in time, the entropic moving youth, the reproductive maturity and the informative, 3rd age of excessive warps and curves. Nobody had ever solved the ultimate question of existence, with equations. And all systems of the Universe followed them:

THEN all those languages coding they are unfolded as a ‘program’ of fractal reproduction in a larger scale:

So in the graph we see how languages code in seeds of maximal information and minimal speed a ‘fractal program of reproduction and reorganisation’ of clone-cells/atoms/citizens that become then a superorganjc ternary system in space-time. Below we see what would then be the meaning of the ‘big-bang’ IF, there is above the galaxy-atom another huge scale of reality, and/or below the atom-galaxy. We don’t know. We will NEVER know. The homunculus ego CANNOT peer, below the point-particle and the Universe’s horizon, in the limit of ‘entropic death of light’, when light becomes a pure action at distance, gravitational space with 0 information, whose speed appears to us infinite, in terms of the simple 5D equation:

Vst=Spe/Tiƒ, whereas we add the ‘topological forms’ of a wave of present speed, an entropic spatial lineal distance and an informative cyclical time. Thus when the wave carries no information, as gravitational languages do for man, who does not perceive them, Vst=Spe/Tiƒ = Spe/0=∞, speed seems to us infinite, non-local. And this is what we perceive of the quantum field discovered by bohm, non-local action at distance, because it is the ‘gravitational scale’ we do not perceive.

BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN AT ALL that black holes ‘have no hair’, as Wheeler thought, because humans CANNOT OBSERVE the information coded in the gravitational scale, above us in mass density beyond the event horizon, with more order, T<0 temperatures, and below us in the action at distance of its gravitational forces, with V>c, and 0 perceived information.

In that sense the Universe of scales can be understood in terms of ‘Nested russian dolls’ with increasing latitude on the ∆±i scales of each growing super organism. So for example, your cells, are smaller than your organism, their informative code is genetic and slower, chemical, than the nervous, electric code of your organism, and so its V=S/T IS SLOWER, even if it is small thing. 

So the whole is your nested larger informative, faster nervous system, and larger body, with its faster flows of blood. But you are inside a global super organism or civilisation coded externally by faster light visual thought, and larger entropic territorial nations. And the earth and solar system of electromagnetic space-time is a ‘cell’ inside a larger gravitational galaxy, coded by faster than c, gravitational information, invisible to us, with denser top quark black hole stars, which do have hair and probably rotate in its heavy mass vortices beyond the c-horizon at faster than light speed.

This of course will be nonsense for the reduced mind of the homunculus physicist, with its limits of understanding of reality. It is like talking to a lower cockroach of chemical languages, which will run away if you throw a light beam on it. And this of course leads us to the III element of this question: how and when the technological civilisation reduced itself so much in the search for true knowledge about the complex structure of the universe, the cultural element, because if we learned something on those suits is that while they attacked us ad hominem, we were fighting a ‘culture’ , the animetal culture of people obsessed by weapons, money and machines, as vehicles of knowledge, who did NOT do thought experiments, understood nothing and without an ethic verbal volume care nothing for life and survival, a reduced ‘pseudo-religious sect’ of pythagoreans, ready to throw out of the boat, as legend has any Hipppasus, who dare to try to enlighten them further in both ethic, moral survival terms, and mathematical, logic experimental sound models of the Universe.


The inverse scales of energy and information. The second postulate of i-geometry.


Now all this is formalized by the 2nd postulate of i-geometry which studies the flows of communication between 2 ∆-points that create a wave, and then as multiple ∆-points communicate, a network (4th postulate). A social gathering of points into herds, and then the gathering of several planes, creates an organism:

That is the game. And understanding how to exist in balance, in the golden mean, the best way to play it.

In the graph, the maximal creative function combines energy and information from two polar beings, establishing a balance of to and fro transformation of energy  into information that make the system stable, ‘existential’, to last in time. When the Sp and Tƒ components of the event are unbalanced, it is a predatory, Darwinian event in which the pole with maximal exi force will absorb the other as relative energy extinguishing the entity. Thus in death (max. Tƒ or Max. Sp) an unbalance breaks the ‘ties’ of existence between body or field and particle or head and the system becomes extinguished.

271The minimal Universal event communicates 2 Non-E points: a Non-E point with more energy, Eo, that each science defines with different slangs, (‘a white hole’, ‘energyzer’, ‘past form’, ‘male’, ‘body’, ‘yang’, ‘moving field’, etc.); and an informative point, Ot, the smaller form (‘a black hole’, ‘codifier’, ‘future form’, ‘female’, ‘Head’, ‘yin’, particle or ‘center of perception’, etc.) Both become united by a dual wave that transfers energy from Eo to the informative point of relative future, Ot, and information from the future point, Ot, to the relative past point, Eo, creating together a cycle of temporal energy, the minimal ExT, stable structure of the Universe. When those cycles organize themselves in more complex feed-back loops, the result is a system, network or super-organism.



In the graph, the oldest understanding of the cycles of life, and its connection with the physiological networks and ages of a system happened in the pre-metal age of taoism, by observation of similar cycles in Nature, through the 8 baguas, which the work of this writer in systems sciences translated to modern biology and theory of super organisms, allowing the prediction of life cycles, stock-cycles, the explanation of the variations of particles in physics, horizons of species…



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