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0-1 ages: seed & generation




Creation vs. repetition

The 2 first ages of the being is its seed and palingenesis, grouped as the ages of generation, of the fifth dimension as a travel on scales.

As such the seed and generation equations is rather simple:


the dimension of creation always requires a travel through the fifth dimension, ∆∑∆+1, therefore it is a deep-state of relative past, generation, present repetution intrerpt etaitonand future, correction editing. I.e. consider what a composer which direct the orchestra (Mahler Wagner) and then corrects it, as a creator does in 3 past-present-future dimensions, so for the scripting, shooting, and editing of an auteur film directors vs. the instrumentalist o actors which only works in present reproduction. Thus creation and generation as opposed to present reproduction is a past to future absolute travel in the fifth dimension.


In the graph 3 seeds that generates a particle from a seminal seed, a biological human through its informative seeds, a human super organisms through a book of revelation, palingenesis is always the first motion of existence.

Abstract: The 2 first pre-ages of existence, are the conception by a generator of the ∆+1 age that releases an ∆-1 in-form-ative see of its code to make it grow and become. Thus it is actually a dual motion of palingenesis back and forth from the ∆±1 world illustrated in the graph for 3 different physical, biological and social systems.

Foreword. Motions of existence in the 5th dimension 

 In the motions of a world cycle studied in those sub-posts the order of the 5 actions=dimensions=motions of timespace are different.

The true process of eusocial evolution, has been packed in the generation from seminal to emergent super organism, which we know will be completed after eons of trials and errors. Generation of a social scale will  be tried again as the being enters its mature age in its world cycle, encased within the larger world, ∆+1, its whole, but in this case, the being does NOT generate the social organism but it is a mere point-particle moving slavishly to the tune of the cycles of the larger whole. So social evolution in its full sense does happen by palingenesis from seminal conception to emergence as a super organism. We shall study here those processes, the most important comprehensive age and yet subconscious and hardly understood of any system of Nature.

The act of generation, which starts the motion of all events in its different forms (generation of a seed that will become a whole, generation of a motion that starts as an impulse, and so on), is an act of creation of a form, and as such as always in Ƽst, its will has the origin in a mind-mirror:


The first motion of time is palingenesis, a purely informative, accelerated time vortex that generates the being through its memorial past steps, compressed to eliminate all entropy into its pure informative, trans-formative motions.

Evolution though can be subdivided by the ternary principle in 2 man in elements, ‘spatial growth’, and ‘informative change.



The evolution of species as a world cycle of ∆+1 individuals. 

Species can be treated as super organisms, loosely connected in space that follow the 3 ages of time evolution, ending when surviving, into a social evolutionary ∆+1 state, which ants and humans, and now chips/robots are reaching, as the most successful species of the 3 scales of size-life in this planet, the insect, mammal and mechanical scales.

There is a fundamental main consequence to of all what we have said: Information dominates entropy, because in time-ages, the growth of information is much longer than the explosion of entropy and death that happens in a single cycle.


The second motion of the Universe, after the palingenesis, which generates the being and evolves it through its earlier stages is a reproductive growth that will take the being across §cales towards its emergence in a higher ∆+1 plane of existence:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 13.24.40

In the graph, the growth processes which will make emerge a new ∆+1 being, are similar in all species. We compare the birth of the super organism of the metal-earth, final phase of the evolution of Gaia, and the birth of an insect from a softer larva.

(to be cont’ed)

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