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Intermediate Space. Gravitational Waves and Solar Systems.

Now gravitons are massless just because it is considered to be a force with infinite range but this is not the case. The gravitation we study works within galaxies. Outside galaxies it should be the dark energy field, which is repulsive. So gravitons do not need to be massless in 5D. They might have the neutrino mass. It remains therefore to accommodate somehow the 2 rank tensor of gravitation, which determined 2 spin gravitons to convert them into ½ spin, as neutrino ½ spin seems to be proved.

We thus will consider the following proposition: Gravitons are ½ spin, do not have infinite range – nothing does in 5D, ‘are’ neutrinos, create gravitational waves that communicate galaxies and maintain the structure of galaxies as single organisms, form the second background of the galaxy along the light background, representing the duality of any organic system, and originate when used as strings that connect two atoms in opposite directions a photon of light.


The reader in that sense must understand how T.Œ works: any of the 4 analysis possible of an event – the mathematical, most detailed one – the mental and action oriented from the zero-point of view that survives, and apperceives automatically the Universe, seeking for energy and information, iteration and social evolution; the organic spatial one of 3 space-time elements communicated through the rules of ¬Æ geometry, and the temporal, causal of the 3±∆ planes of existence, ARE necessary to SATISFY and qualify a system, event or form as truth.

And vice versa, each of them can properly define an event. And so we give an o.25% of truth to a theory with a mathematical consistence, a 0.25% when such theory satisfies the organic paradigm, another 0.25% when it defines the 5 actions of a system and another 0.25% when it defines the 3±∆ ages of the system.

This of course will be contested for decades if no centuries till T.Œ is accepted if ever by mankind. It does not matter to me. The point here is that at this stage of ‘inflation’ on mathematical physics one can easily find a theory for everything. So the way this post is constructed is simple. Unlike the classic scholar of physics which have no intention to define organically, temporally and from the perspective of actions its systems, but merely will work out equations of physics, twist them (today not even coherence is required specially when dealing with the internal space of black holes the external dark energy and any other region not experimentally evident), and then seek for with expensive machines to find parallel Universes, muinos or whatever.

T.Œ does not work like that. What I do is to start with the organic structure of a system, then to define it in space as a simultaneous organic system, then in time through its 3±∆ges and then normally as a third stage to work out the mathematics of it, because they are closely related believe it or not with the 4th element, which are the space-time actions of each ‘mental point of view’. So basically we work in 2 blocks: the spatial and temporal symmetry on one side, and the actions o space-time of the 0-point of view and its mathematical equations on the other side.

In this 2nd line I will work out the space-time symmetry and refer to the mathematical and space-time actions and constants very briefly. We are making in this introduction an exception, for the sake of representing to the specialist the full concept of T.Œ, considering in more detail the Neutrino ‘affair’.

During the 1930s there was great interest in the neutrino theory of light and Pascual Jordan and Max Born, and others worked on the theory. We are here talking of 2 of the 6 foremost fathers of quantum theory. So it is not to be taken lighter (Jordan worked out the matrices of Heisenberg, as a better mathematician and Born the probabilistic theory of Bohr, which only give the idea). De Broglie and Fermi also worked it out, but there were some obvious problems to it. The one most often mentioned – that a photon is not a composite particle is silly. To start with is composed of a myriad of H-planktons and if we get to see it in detail it will grow as any fractal point to cosmic dimensions – to become a quasi-star of the string world.

Now this was understood first by Dirac, and with many of the ambivalences of quantum theory, only made reasonable with the 3 different perspectives of 5D physics (scale, space or time), as any point from an upper scale view is a fractal of populations (space view) or probabilities (time view). So we should choose the description that better fits a phenomena, as related the OBSERVER’S experiment and the OBSERVABLE through one of those different perspectives, all of which add truth to the analysis (but only all together describe the multiplicity of the universe):

Some time before the discovery of quantum mechanics people realized that the connection between light waves and photons must be of a statistical character. What they did not clearly realize, however, was that the wave function gives information about the probability of one photon being in a particular place and not the probable number of photons in that place. The importance of the distinction can be made clear in the following way. Suppose we have a beam of light consisting of a large number of photons split up into two components of equal intensity. On the assumption that the beam is connected with the probable number of photons in it, we should have half the total number going into each component.

If the two components are now made to interfere, we should require a photon in one component to be able to interfere with one in the other. Sometimes these two photons would have to annihilate one another and other times they would have to produce four photons. This would contradict the conservation of energy. The new theory, which connects the wave function with probabilities for one photon gets over the difficulty by making each photon go partly into each of the two components. Each photon then interferes only with itself. Interference between two different photons never occurs.

So indeed, photons do split into its h-plancktons as electrons do split into its photon cells, and so on. It is just the point of view we adopt. From our ∆o perspective obviously both electrons and photons are point particles but also waves smearing its components. The same with neutrinos. We see a neutrino ∆-3 beta decay as a single particle-point but we do see a neutron star ‘beta decay’ at ∆+1 as 1059 neutrinos rushing out.

So how we can manage all that? Through parameters which are ‘integrals’ of space or time quanta, such as energy. So we find that the proportion neutrino/quark mass-energy in beta decay is the same than the proportion of neutrino/star novae mass energy, a 10%, which incidentally is once more the decametric scale of 3 x 3 +0 elements of 5D theory.

(5D strictly speaking would be a 10 Dimensional theory of 3 spatial components, 3 time ages, 3 scales of size-time speed and a 0-point pegging it all together, but not to scare too much the ‘primitives’ I decided given the idolatry to Einstein and his 4D concept to call it 5D call the 3 dimensions of time, 3 ages, whereas 4D is the present age, and so on.

But if there was some respect for it, of course I would use the 10 Dimensional analysis which is much better for the full ® model, anyway that is how it was originally written 24 years ago; and so one can imagine if we are still here by 2140, some Chinese congress on 10D rewriting the whole thing on the proper 10 D formalism. In that sense 10D means 10 parameters to fully describe a system, which are 10 parameters in General relativity 10 parameters in string theory, 10 systems in physiology, 10 is then the number of the game).

We have so far settle down just for 10 isomorphisms.

Now that is clear that light is NOT a point particle but can be treated in many ways what the Neutrino theory of light means is merely the ‘feeding of light’ in its lower gravitational scale, the use of neutrino and then light by other particles, Fermion < Boson > Fermion to communicate and ultimately the beginning of a creation of a network between particles and or stars that ‘cements’ the internal structure of galaxies to make them ‘galacells’, not mere rotary systems with no connection between its parts.

The point more difficult is how to match the polarization which is different, and how to find a mechanism that makes 2 neutrinos to couple together into the photon, in ‘lineal fashion’ to avoid the problems of obtaining its Fermi statistics from Bose-Dirac ones.

Jordan’s hypothesis that the neutrinos are emitted in exactly the same direction eliminated the need for theorizing an unknown interaction, but his hypothesis seemed rather artificial and was ignored. However it is precisely because neutrinos are the first communication act between two particles, entangling them that this is in T.Œ a must. Jordan obtained exact Bose–Einstein commutation relations for the composite photon – a longitudinally polarized photon, as commutation relations for pairs of fermions were similar to those for bosons:

Bosons are defined as the particles that adhere to the commutation relations:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.27.04

The difference is minimal – a mere ‘delta term’

Specifically the size of the deviations from pure Bose behavior, ∆ (p, p) depends on the degree of overlap of the fermion wave functions and the constraints of the Pauli exclusion principle. which is cancelled by a Raman effect in which a neutrino with momentum P+K is absorbed while another o with opposite spin and momentum K is emitted.

But again that is precisely what 5D T.Πrequires: a particle communicates with a second particle, which absorbs the neutrino and emits in the inverse direction a new one.

Neutrinos as tachyons.

Now we must understand that humans simply speaking will not easily accept any correction to their dogmas. ‘humans are slaves they believe, they don’t reason’. So physicist do NOT accept the dogma that c-speed is the limit of light speed, as it is the absolute modern dogma of their idol-god Mr. Einstein. Trust me. My first work on T.Œ was called the error of Einstein – the part of physics his theory did not account for and that was enough – young and bold – to get 300 rejections to the book (-;

This I said because in 5D, outside galaxies, outside light space-time, there are faster than light speeds, quite likely in the ‘inflaton’ field of the Higgs o-scalar, and maybe if Neutrinos have properties that experiments seem to show – but at this stage there is so much ‘ad hoc’ arrangement of data to favor ‘theory’ that frankly I am skeptical, and this particular part of 5D theory – neutrino physics, is the only one I haven’t yet settled down for definitive conclusions.

Now for faster than light particles all what you need is negative mass, as the Higgs has above its minimal energy. So happens to neutrinos, till recently when assailed by all data against it, c-believers have scared anyone pretending to measure faster than light neutrinos.

Measurements for electron neutrino mass

The mass of electron neutrinos is measured in tritium beta decay experiments. The decay results in a 3-helium, electron and an electron antineutrino. If neutrinos have non-zero mass, the spectrum of the electrons is deformed at the high energy part, i.e. the neutrino mass determines the maximum energy of emitted electrons.

To be exact, the experiments measure the neutrino mass squared. Curiously, when taken at the face value, all results during the last century, pointed to a negative mass squared, before the last scandal of faster-than-light neutrinos who ended the career of a few researchers till they gave up and ‘found’ luckily a loose cable:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 13.25.44

Thus precisely in as much as the neutrino goes first back and the forwards between two particles that entangle each other with them, all the 3 problems of the neutrino theory of light are solved, miraculously by postulating what T.Πrequires in its organic and perceptive-action elements.

The 4 elements, the organic structure in which each new layer of reality builds upon the previous later (photons are created upon the previous layer of neutrinos), the mental structure that requires the event to correspond to one of the 5 possible actions of the Universe (neutrinos entangle particles over which waves of light communicate information), the temporal structure (neutrinos die-are absorbed giving birth to light at both extremes of the communication) and finally the mathematical structure (which can only be resolved precisely by a lineal communication of neutrinos and antineutrinos).

It remains now to consider the transversal vs. longitudinal polarization. Which is the final concept that truly solves the question

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.28.17In the graph, the V> c is the front wave of neutrinos, B and A are the particles communicated by the neutrino wave front, which start a non-local communication, the neutrino wave locates both and locks them to start the building up of layers of the 5th dimension that will give birth to light

In simple terms:

– The spin of the 2 neutrinos back and forth ad up to form a single 1-spin unit as the photon has. And here makes sense that wonderful discovery that neutrinos are always left handed (-: so we can put them together to ad up 1 spin.

The lineal back and forth motion makes them both follow a lineal form. And its polarizes them in the same direction than light. So a ‘new entity’, light appears, which as an emerging new form does have obviously new properties, but is born from the neutrino in which it feeds. This is an essential characteristic that imposes a certain order in the galaxy.

And so it allow us to go further and consider in general that the neutrino waves between galaxies that carry energy interact constantly with the light waves and are the minimal information quanta of the Universe, which only give us information on the location along its path but good enough to form the necessary background for light to maintain its constant c-speed. And we will go back to its details, latter.

So the task to develop by a top-top physicist today would be to consider the possibility of a neutrino, which acts as a graviton for transversal gravitational waves between galaxies, a theme we will outline ‘grosso modo’ in this post and develop with more finesse but by no means exhaust in the 4th line. In brief, there must be transversal gravitational waves with a fundamental role in the Universe to connect galaxies, and keep the inner structure of galaxies in place, as it is the case (galaxies act as a solid structure with no difference of rotary speed between stars regardless of position).

So neutrinos should play roles similar to the graviton, as the ‘photon quanta’’ or more precisely the H-quanta of gravitational cosmic waves. This role in most hypothetical models of physics today is played by a string with 2 spin as that of gravitons tachyon speed, in some cases, which is a feature also of intergalactic gravitational waves in 5D (not within galaxies, where light is the dominant force that slows down and maintains c-speed as the limit, as Relativity well considers). So here is the surprising fact, which makes neutrinos so likely to be the graviton ‘string’:

Standard Model neutrinos are fundamental point-like particles. But an effective size can be defined using their electroweak cross section (apparent size in electroweak interaction). The average electroweak characteristic size is r2 = × 1033 cm2 ( × 1 nanobarn), where = 3.2 for electron neutrino, = 1.7 for muon neutrino and = 1.0 for tau neutrino. As it happens 1.7 nanobarns is the area of a string. So both coincide.

Both can also be modeled as hyper luminal open strings/neutrinos, outside galaxies obviously, and so the only reason so far I do NOT affirm directly that the present neutrino IS the h-Planck constant of quantum gravity is the question of the neutrino, string and graviton spin, which is supposed to be ½, but by no means this question, in which I would recommend top theoretical physicist to work – as it is the unknown piece of 5D astrophysics which requires more analysis. Of course the strings to be used should be background independent, which is the other area that should be worked deeply.

Hierarchical scales between celestial bodies.

The synchronicity between all those cycles, which we established for all systems as a series of symbiotic chains between the bigger organisms and its cellular parts also synchronizes the central black hole with its star system. Let us remember those chains:

The rules of those complex chains are simple. It is a fact that informative cycles are shorter than energetic cycles, which are shorter than reproductive cycles, which are shorter than the cycles of social evolution of a species. So there is causal chain between the 4 cycles of all entities:

Max. Speed: Informative cycle > Energetic cycle (feeding) > Reproductive cycle >Evolving cycle

Yet at the same time, the smaller the species is the faster its cycles are. So there is a reversed scale:

Max. cyclical Speed:Minimal cells > Organisms > Social systems

This means that cycles of wholes and cellular parts are chained by those different speeds into symbiotic chains; since the parts need the Entropy and information of the whole, on which they depend.

For example, in most cases the feeding/energetic cycle of the whole organism determines the reproductive cycle of the cellular element, which requires the Entropy of the organism to reproduce and does so much faster than the whole organism; so a cell reproduces each day, which is the time cycle of feeding of its whole organism and so on. Thus, the ‘slow’ fields of Entropy and information of the bigger wholes determine the activity of the ‘reproductive and social’, fast cycles of ‘cells’.

Thus in any ‘scalar system’ of parts and wholes, the ‘Entropy of the superorganism or species of the macro-plane becomes in/form/ation, feeding the inferior scale, causing a symbiotic chains between the whole and the parts. The most obvious, extreme case is the fact that the Entropy detritus of bigger animals are informative food for lower insects and bacteria.

If we apply this concept to the gravitational waves of black holes, it is obvious that they function as information for black holes but act as feeding Entropy for stars and maybe planets that ‘grow’, transforming that Entropy into cyclical vortex of mass.

Further on, the calculated period of those waves show the synchronicity of the cycles/arrows of Entropy, form and reproduction of the different cellular scales of the galactic superorganism, which are tuned to each other.

Thus we can consider a hypothetical chain between the 3 scales of the Universe, the human scale, the solar system and the galactic scale. The specific event we are studying is the relationship between a fast, informative cycle of a black hole and a medium, energetic cycle of a solar system, which defines a reproductive, heating cycle of planetary systems. According to those synchronic chains, the reproductive cycles of life in planets are related to energetic cycles in sunspots, regulated by the shortest, faster, informative cycle of the galactic Black hole. That curious prediction, dating from 1994 was proved a few years ago:

Chinese astronomers detected that the galactic black hole has a minimal cycle of periodic activity of 11 years… It coincides with the sun spots’ cycle of 11 years, which coincides with the 11 years’ rotational period around the Sun of its bigger planet and main G-wave receptor, Jupiter that has a huge magnetic field, 19.000 times bigger than the Earth’s field and an enormous inner heat coming from its center, still unexplained by conventional cosmology. Yet if the black hole is connected to its stars by those waves that regulate the sun’s magnetic activity, which feeds Jupiter’s magnetic field, G-waves could explain why Jupiter has a bigger magnetic field, inner radiation and spatial size than any other planet. Further on, the sun’s spot cycles regulate the magnetic field of the Earth and the climatic changes that affect our life with longer cycles of cold and hot weather.

We might say recalling a Hindi parable that the blink of Vishnu’s eye (the rotating cycle of the galaxy) is a drop of sweat on the sun (its energetic cycle), which is the whole existence of a human being (a reproductive cycle of the Earth).

Due to the lack of space-time of these lectures we won’t consider in detail the reproductive body of the galaxy, its cyclical sun systems that feed on interstellar gas to create atoms and have also as a ternary topology – the center occupied by the star, a ‘reproductive space’ by cyclical planets and the external halo is the Oort planar sphere of lineal comets. Instead we will deal with the most fascinating cosmic object of them all, the black hole, informative mass-vortex and top predator species of the galaxy…

Recap. The galaxy is self-similar to an organic cell where black holes play the role of DNA-RNA systems and stars, mitochondria. The cycles of feeding, perceiving, reproducing and social structure of black holes and stars are related by gravito-magnetic waves. 

The ternary Method to discern between big bangs.

each symmetry of 5d physics should be ‘simple’. It just introduces in a Universe of infinite monads with different perspectives, those different perspectives, but each one must be coherent and hence it makes even more stringent the point of view. What are those perspectives? The 4 necessary perspectives that structure any Universe: the spatial, mathematical perspective, the logic, temporal perspective, the organic 5Dimensional perspective (as a system co-exists in 3 5 d planes due to its multi-organic functionality) and finally the mental Œ-perspective which must be objective).

So if we can describe a fact from all those perspectives, certainly it will exist. As any being tends to exist because it can play all those roles within a larger whole, and it is sustained by those scales within its own structure. And this means we shall offer an organic vision of galaxies, a perspective from its central black hole dominant point of view, a mathematical perspective and topological analysis of its form, and a logic, temporal perspective of its evolution, to fully describe it.

And use all those perspectives to study the larger whole (the cosmos) and the lower parts (its stars).

In that regard, all systems must be observed in those symmetries, of which the most important is the 5D symmetry of the being as a whole made of smaller parts and as a part of bigger wholes, which in physical systems are the atomic, electromagnetic quantum perspective, the individual, material, thermodynamic perspective and the cosmic, gravitational perspective.

The Universe manifests all its beauty in the symmetry between the lowest and largest limits of human perception; the ‘finitesimal’ atom and the ‘whole’ galaxy.

In ¬Æ there are not infinitesimals as all planes of the 5th dimension have a limit in its smallest perceived particles that become ‘fractal points’, ‘finitesimals’, but when enlarged do have volume as Non-Euclidean points crossed by a finite number of parallel space-time cycles.

It all depends on the relative perception of the point from below as an ∆-1 finitesimal or above, as a whole.

Those fractal Œ feel the center, from its Œo scale, but when seen from below, as œ-1 are in physics h-quanta, point-particles and point-atoms; in biology, point-cells; in sociology point-humans – indistinguishable from the upper scale of wholes, which are for h-quanta, point particles, for point atoms, molecular matter, for cells, super-organisms for humans nations and civilizations that handled them with their ‘physiological networks’, economic systems of credit and political systems of citizens.

This Absolute relativity principle is at the core of the duality between atoms and galaxies, which are the 2 limits of human ‘scientific perception of the Universe’.

Below those limits all is speculation about the absolute cosmos and possible more under h-Planck scale of lineal space and cyclical time, what physics call open and closed strings.



2nd isomorphism: space-time elements: SP<=>Tƒ.

Sp duality: Light has motion is quantized motion, E=hv, but we see it as fixed spar.

Light is what our mind sees and perceives as space – so both have the same 3 Euclidean dimensions– and what we uses to measure time – so a second is measured with cesium ¥-waves. Vacuum is light, constantly collapsing into photons, always leaving a minimum background ¥-radiation. And so light-space is the 1st scale of the ¥ space-time we inhabit.

Light is  the main force of human ‘Light-Space-time. Thus we confuse its T ages and the actions light performs in time, as they become our Space fixed-dimensions… (Sp, Tƒ Galilean paradox of light) 

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