By the time I complete this Blog (dec. 2015) I will include all the main laws, forms in space and events in time of the main species of all sciences, each one studying a ‘scalar plane’ of different size of he Pantheist Universe, from quantum particles to galaxies; all of them unified by the isomorphic laws and metric equations of the 5th dimension.

 In this post we introduce the model and explain the main sections of the blog. Luis Sancho, Philosopher of Science.


‘Each point of space is a world in itself’ Monadology.

‘We are made of relational space, we occupy a vital space, and we are made of clocks of time, of world cycles of time, we are NOT in a background space and time graph, as Mr. Newton believes.‘  ‘Letters to Clarke’ rephrased by author

Leibniz author of the relational model of space and time, forebear of the 5th dimension.

The metrics of a 5th dimension: a pantheist Universe of clocks (heads/particles) of information and bodies/waves of energy.

body head
In the graph all Universal Systems are complementary forms made of a vital space with capacity to move, ‘S’, which makes up most of its energetic fields/limbs and reproductive body/waves and a sum of time cycles, ‘To’ that regulate its ACTIONS through its clock frequencies, stored in particles/heads.

Both together form ‘beings’ of relational space, time, where the  To, ‘informative’, head/particle and its clock-cycles, dominates the whole system.

This dual, organic principle, structures all physical, biological and social systems of the Universe in a given plane of space-time.

It is called the complementarity wave-particle in quantum physics.

It is called the duality body/mind in philosophy.

It is a fact of biology where all organisms do have a DNA nuclei or head.

It is a fact of evolution, where biological systems which have more brain that stores and process faster temporal cycles which accumulate its  information in its form and frequency, dominate larger, slower species (mammals vs. dinosaurs, man vs mammals)

It is a fact of technology where chips control machines. And it happens in its binary languages, (also discovered by Leibniz) made of Os and |s.

It happens in societies, where the informative caste in control of the verbal, legal and digital, financial languages of society controls the ‘reproductive body of workers’ and the energetic geographic plane of space or nation of the civilization.

We thus talk of 2 symbiotic elements in all systems of the Universe made of temporal cycles with form, To, and spatial bodies and limbs larger in space but slower in its time cycles.

Yet this symbiotic dual structure proper of all systems of nature is only possible thanks to the metrics of the 5th dimension, Se x To= Ci that harmonizes both systems.

We thus say in ‘technical language that the morphology of all systems of the Universe is  an isomorphism of To:heads/particles and Se: limbs/fields and write:

Se x To: Ci

The planes of space-time of the Universe.

metrics 5th dimension

But systems are ‘organic’. They are NOT only made of a single plane of existence, a ‘solid’ head/particle and a ‘solid’ body/wave.

As it happens systems do have a structure of ‘smaller systems’ and they form part of bigger systems. And this ‘scalar structure’  is what the ‘i’ in the second part of the equation refers to.
Systems are NOT only in balance between their energetic and informative parts (C for constant), but they deploy across ‘scales’  of size ‘the i’ of the equatio. When we observe a system, we see 3 different planes of space-time parts:, the galaxy with a body/wave of stars, dominant in electromagnetic energy and a central particle/head of gravitational energy; we see a human being, with a body/limb of cells loosely connected and a head of information made of faster neurons, connected to each other by axons; and finally we see a cell’s nuclei of informative DNA,  which is surrounded by a cytoplasm body, filled with energetic mitochondria and proteins.

How can we order all those planes of existence, and organise all those structures, the parts that become wholes?

This is what the metrics of the fifth dimension do.

Since as it happens, there is an order when we compare the size of beings on one side (The Se in the equation) and the speed of its temporal cycles (The To),, according to a paradoxical law:

Systems that grow in spatial size paradoxically decrease the speed of its  temporal clocks and hence its volume of form (and its speed, processing information).

In the graph above we can see those metrics; the larger systems (the galaxy) run slower time cycles than  the smaller ones, the human i-scale, which runs slower than the cells in the right, which run much faster its atomic clocks. This law explains in decametric scales (the graph is taken from Eames’ film ‘potencies of 10’), the structure of the Universe, and so it is the key to unify all sciences.

Clocks of time run at different species according to size, being faster, hence processing more information in smaller planes, explains an infinite number of facts, from the Chip evolution (Moore’s law, if you half the size which we do every 2 years, the chip runs twice more time-cycles or Hertzs of potency), to genetics (smaller systems store more information in the frequency and form of its cycles, and that is why genetics codes slower humans and not the other way around).

There are so many new avenues of knowledge opened by the 5th dimension that at the beginning if you explore this blog all will become a bit overwhelming and confusing. So be patient. 


Let us then resume the 2 unifying principles of reality with more precision.

All systems of the Universe can be harmonised by  2 ‘i’ principles:

  • The isomorphism of its ‘spherical particles/heads’ made of ‘time cycles’ , and its lineal limbs/fields of energy, made of space, which mix together in an intermediate wave/body reproductive ‘ovoid’, ‘toroid’ region. And so we write for all systems, using ‘geometric’ symbols that latter we will elaborate with more rigour, a fascinating form≈ function isomorphism:

|-Limbs/Fields of Spatial motion x O-Particles/Heads of cyclical time = Ø-Reproductive Waves-Bodies

  • The Invariance of the product of its Size, the vital space they occupy and the speed and frequency of its time cycles, its two essential parameters of existence, which determine its force in space and its intelligence in time, what we call the ‘Existential Function’ of the being, which we write in different ways, depending on the parameters we use to measure them (Spatial Size, Motion, Energy vs. Temporal  speed of Clocks, Density of Form, Information). We will latter clarify the exact meaning of all those similar terms. Let us now consider a general formula to include all of them:

Se x To = i(nvariant)

If we consider Se, the ‘limbs’ of spatial energy and To, the heads of Information, and its ‘combination in waves and bodies’, X, and i, the symbol for ‘isomorphic and invariant’, and we add an ∑ symbol for the sum of all those systems across the Universe, we can then write a symbolic equation for the Universe, and all the scales of its 5th dimension, which we call the ‘metrics’ of the 5th dimension, loaded of meanings, paradoxes, and ‘facts’ of everyday reality.

Thus as complementary systems of spatial energy and temporal information become smaller (right graph), paradoxically their information grows, compensating the loss of energy. So small DNA molecules have more information and code the larger human scale with more energy-mass. And vice versa, as we grow in size, time clocks, which carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles, slow down. So the galaxy as a ‘whole’ is a simpler structure than the human being. But, the product of both parameters tend to remain invariant for systems which are connected between them, by Constants of Actions, ratios of exchange of energy and information between different planes of spatial size and temporal information, that define the ‘webbed’ structure of the Universe.

Such Co-invariant equations for different systems extending across relative ‘isomorphic’ planes of existence (abbreviate iST or i) form families of beings connected and different ‘motions’ through those scalar planes, in which beings change their spatial size and temporal information.

For example life can be described as a travel between 3 of such i-planes, as systems are born in the i-1 cellular plane as fast seminal seeds that grow in size, slowing down its rhythms of development, being born in the i-ndividual plane, and then dying back to the i-1 plane, dissolving into cells and molecules.

So we call the ‘whole’ sum of  all those planes of existence, the 5th dimension and we call the general equation for all those isomorphic systems extended across several i-planes,  the Metrics of the 5th dimension. And write a general equation for all the planes perceived by humans:

∑ Se x To = i±4.

How this model relates to the classic concepts of science

The 5th dimension allows the unification of all sciences with a set of 10 type of laws, called ‘isomorphisms’, derived from the common topologies, similar ages of all time world cycles and the co-invariance of the product of both parameters, defining a pantheist where all systems of the Universe follow similar laws.


In the graph, a synopsis of the 3 fundamental elements of the Universe:

Below the ‘equal topology’ of all systems, composed of cyclical particles/heads and networks of information, lineal limbs/fields of energy and its combined wave-body topologies.

By the side, the symmetric 3 ages of all time systems between birth and death which define the fundamental clock-cycle of all systems its life-death cycle.
And above the main ‘space-time scales’ of different size, where the co-product of those 2 elements, its time clocks and its spatial sizes are roughly equivalent.

Thus the 5th dimension, which organises the different scales of spatial size and the different speeds of time clocks of the Universe, which form together the infinite beings of reality, which are NOT placed in an abstract absolute frame of reference, as Newton thought, but are made of relational vital space and time clocks, as Leibniz explained to us.

Above we introduce its paradoxical, metric equation, which defines the Universe as a fractal sum of infinite beings which occupy a finite vital space with motion, Se (for space, speed and energy), where they perform a series of clock-like time cycles, To, (for time, cyclical form and information) whose frequency is inverse to its size: Max S = Min. To.

So smaller beings turn faster and perform more time cycles hence process more information than larger ones.

Yet the Product of both, the spatial size, and speed of its clocks remains constant: Sx To=Ci

In such paradoxical Universe, it is only natural that when form stored in lower planes moves, becoming ‘form in action’, in-form-ation, it does so ‘informing’ upper scales of lesser form. Thus,  information moves from lower scales to larger ones. So humans are coded by genetic, molecular information and not the other way around.

And vice versa, when ‘motion’ stored in larger planes of space is transferred (the essence of the concept of energy, used here as synonymous of motion, that is, ‘anything able to do work and move another entity’), it is natural that moves as energy to a lower plane of existence. So life receives its energy from stars and takes it from the planet.

On the other hand, if we move upwards in planes of existence, above the individual i=5 human plane, humans code their social super organisms, st=i±1, where spatial size is bigger (S+1) but temporal form, information is leaner (O-1), because the cycles of existence are slower, according to the decametric scale.

It is the plane of existence cultures and civilisations whose life rhythms are slower, but perceivable in the mental evolution of those civilisations, the collective art, of those civilisations that live ±80 x 10=800 times longer than the mean human generational cycle of 72-80 years, between birth by a ‘prophetic seed’, from the lower scale, as humans are born by the seminal seed of a faster lower scale; then go through a young epic, dramatic age, a mature, classic age of balance and reproduction, when the civilisation expands and the individual reproduces, to end in an age of baroque excess of form, the 3rd age of information of all life-beings.

As life is a travel through two scales of the 5th dimension, between birth and extinction, through those 3 ages of maximal space-motion, Max. Se, (youth), reproductive balance Se=To and old, informative age, Max To, join then back to the ST=i-+1 cellular plane.

In the graph below we observe that process and write the equation of existential algebra that describes it in the simplified notation.  The reader could notice even if it does not fully grasp what we just explained, the enormous enlightenment that the understanding of the paradoxes and inverse arrows of scalar space and cyclical time, and the flows of energy and information between planes of existence, should bring to many themes of science.

If he is able to go through the initial difficulties of understanding the primary concept and paradoxes that structure the Universe, he will learn about a revolution of thought, unlike any other in modern science since a century ago the understanding of the 4th dimension and the paradoxes of quantum physics, many of which find an explanation in the metrics of the 5th dimension.

The philosophy and formalism of scalar planes of relational, isomorphic multiple vital spaces and time clocks.

Now from a philosophical perspective, what we describe is a pantheist Universe, in which indeed ‘all points are worlds in themselves’, and all of them have vital isomorphic behaviour, derived of its 3 fundamental ‘elements’, spatial dimensions, time cycles organised in ages, and multiple, co-existing planes of space-time, organised ‘biologically’, hierarchically as organisms are, in 3 i±1 planes – the cellular/atomic, individual and social/cosmic scales.

And all this is studied in science by a new discipline called general systems science, born at the death of Einstein at Macy’s and sponsored by the founders of information theory and cybernetics. The goal of the science is explain reality not only with energy but with information, (our Se and To), and explain the isomorphisms of all species of nature, with the concept of ‘organicism’, the self-regulating processes that structure parts into wholes, through organic networks. And to that aim it seeks for a ‘fractal generator, feed-back dynamic equation’ able to resume the organisation of all those systems.

That equation are the metrics of the 5th dimension:  Se x To = Ci±4, from where we shall deduce all the laws of all sciences and all its equations.

Thus the model of this blog is the long-sought formal, mathematical and logic model of Systems sciences, also called complexity, which happens to be the relational model of multiple space-times of Leibniz, also sought after by physicists since Einstein found that the clocks of the Universe run at different speeds.

So in a way this blog unifies physics and biology, through this common formalism, in which the 4th dimension formalism is merely the description of 2 of those ‘planes of space-time’ (the light-space plane and the gravitational plane), but above them, we find many other planes studied by different sciences.

Thus the blog studies all the elements of  general systems sciences, a field of research which its author has formalised into the only standing mathematical and logic model of the Universe and all its parts, as fractal ‘systems‘ made of scalar  ‘planes’  of infinite relational planes of vital space and clocks of time’.

The model was first proposed by Leibniz, against Newton’s absolute time, but lacking a mathematical-logic formalism for 300 years was not adopted by sciences, since as Einstein put it, when it discovered that there are infinite time clocks in the Universe (hence Leibniz was truth), ‘Leibniz is right but if we have to adopt his model we have to rewrite the entire body of science from its beginning’.

Well, yes, we have to rewrite science but NOT the data of SCIENCE and in fact almost ALL the laws of science – certainly ALL which are based in sound data, fit within the model of scalar space-times and further on, AN ENORMOUS NUMBER of questions pending in all sciences become resolved with the model.

Since as it happened when Copernicus put the sun in the centre, TO HAVE THE PROPER SCAFFOLDING for reality helps a lot to simplify and make easier the understanding of the whys of the Universe, as the 2 fundamental rules of truth in science, embodied in Ockham’s razor prove (simpler theories that explain more things are truth).

This is what to have the proper model of space-times, ‘Leibniz’s relational world in which beings are made of quanta of relative vital space (atoms, cells, i-1 entities of any kind, ‘fractal poitns’ which seen in detail ‘become worlds in themselves), which last a finite number of time cycles of different speed, does. While the concepts of time and space become a bit more complex, the laws derived of them become much simpler, and on top, those laws called isomorphisms, explain many more things, as they are the same laws for all beings.

As all beings are made of clocks of time that run a finite time – its life-death cycle and quanta of energy ‘cells’ that occupy a vital space, being he Universe the relational sum of all those clocks and vital spaces:

Since we are all made of Scalar planes of  multiple relational space-times. Thus the metrics of the 5th dimension finally formalises Leibniz’s work. And will open a new age of scientific understanding not only of the ‘hows of measure’ in science but also of its vital ‘whys’, signified by the change from ‘geometry’ to ‘topology’ as the queen of mathematical sciences, from the study of ‘lineal time’ motions and entropy to the study of cyclical time or ‘form’  and information, of mechanisms, to organisms – as the fractal planes of space-time that make up any being of the Universe are ‘organised’ in a organic, hence biological fashion.

Thus all this mean that the metrics of the 4th dimension and the work of present science is no longer correct? Of course not, by the principle of correspondence those metrics do work when we study only ‘a plane of space-time’. Moreover it is possible to adopt an i-centered point of view in a given i=st plane, and do measures of the collateral planes above and below from that plane, which will be slightly distorted by produce correct measures. this is the case of human perception of the Universe which departs from the i-plane of electromagnetic light-space, and does measures of the lower and upper planes (the gravitational plane of invisible gravitational forces at distance and perfectly ordered black holes), as Einstein showed with his special and general relativity dedicated to each of those planes. Yet still in those cases to have the correct perception of multiple space-times and understand the peculiar laws of transference of energy and information between collateral planes solve many paradoxes, as it does to understand the 3 arrows of time and its proper order.

The formalism and its relationship with normal science.

Now you might wonder how all this connects with ‘classic science’ and its mathematical equations. It does, in fact unifying them. But what is perhaps more interesting, it explains a series of concepts ill-defined in classic science, such as waves, charges, information, energy, universal constants, etc.

To do so we must study in more detail the metric equation:
Se x To = Ci±n, focusing now in the other side, the Ci±n.

In the left we see that the product of both parameters of a system, its clocks of time and size in space remains roughly constant, co-invariant.

But what truly the two terms of that co-invariance means?

‘Ci’, means that the energy and information of a system is invariant for entire families of systems (such as living organisms, from insects, ticking 10 times faster than mammals but living 10 times less in lineal duration, or mixes running their metabolism much faster than elephants).

But it also means that it remains co-invariant for physical systems and entire physical Planes of the Universe, from Charges running its clocks of time 10∧40 times faster than gravitational cosmic galaxies (from where we can deduce an isomorphic equation of unification of charges and masses).

And this leads to understand in physical mathematics the concept Ci,where C is a Universal constant proper of each plane of existence (Q in the plane of charges, G in the larger plane of mass, a constant of temperature in our plane, certain vital constants in different species, and i either the ordinal for the whole plane (the cosmic gravitational plane, the electromagnetic plane and so on), or for certain mathematical operations, what scientists call an ‘active magnitude’ (Mass, Charge, Temperature, etc.)

Thus the Universe truly is divided into ‘planes of space-time’, with different speeds of its clocks of time, different size of its species, different Universal constants, which are relative ratios of those clocks of time and size of space, and different ‘type of active magnitudes’ living on them. But all of them organised by this curious co-invariance the Metrics of the 5th dimension:

5th Dimension:            Se x To = Ci±n,

where i±n refers here to the different planes from the planes of forces through the human planes into the cosmic planes.

All of them ordered by the inverted size & speed of its clocks.

Now, all this amazing ‘new way’ of seeing the Universe, has many consequences and ways to perceive it. There is the previously mentioned mathematical and physical analysis of what things like mass, charge, temperature, G, Q and other different universal constants and magnitudes mean. And we deal with it in different posts of this web. But there are far more interesting elements, when we study the human and biological planes of existence, such as the analysis of the life and death cycles that beings perform by living in several of those planes from its seminal conception  into the upper individual plane back to the cellular state of death.

But do those different planes of the Universe exist as ‘differentiated realities’ and how they are different of each other?

Yes they do, and the true law that ‘separates’ them is the fact that those planes of existence transfer ‘both’ elements, energy (motion) and information (cyclical forms stored in clocks of time) between planes of existence, in different ways. Motion travels according to those equations from upper scales downwards while information travels from the  lower scales of maximal form upwards. 

And so those planes have a structure similar to the wormholes discovered in the communication between the gravitational plane and the electromagnetic plane in Einstein’s equations. Perpendicular connections that transfer energy or information between such planes: Nervous networks that conned the upper organic plane of consciousness of a living being with the individual chemical cells of the lower scale. Inverse flows of both elements born of the inverse properties of space and time, energy and information. 

But all this is flexible, quantised into infinite beings, with structures that sometimes are seemingly chaotic and confusing.

And for that reason to fully grasp the ‘structure’ of a Universe of infinite such systems, we need some guidance. And that guidance are the isomorphisms studied in this web – the common topologies of all systems, the common ages of all systems, the ternary i±1 structure that organises all systems in cells/quanta, individual/organic and gravitational/social planes. The common actions of all systems, which absorb energy and information, move and reproduce with it and evolve socially according to certain numerical parameters in a logarithmic 10 scales in bigger groups emerging in new planes.

The pantheist Universe at first might seem impossible to clarify, but the order is there, and so beyond this introductory posts, which try to give you a general impression of the whole, we do systematise the Universe, through those isomorphisms and planes, around the metrics of the 5th dimension. Let us consider now the ‘quantifying equations’ between those planes, as social beings fusion their clocks of time and vital spaces in bigger groups, which grow in size and slow down their time cycles.

The quantifying equations between planes.

The result is an isomorphic Universe, structured in a series of Planes of Cyclical Space & Times, with the same constant value that can be classified either by its speed of time cycles and the quantity of information they process, as in the graph, from the most informative, smallest entity (electromagnetic quanta, O=9) to the less informative, largest structure (Local Universe; or inversely. by the size of its Systems, according to a logarithmic Scale, on base 10¹º – the number of individuals needed to ’emerge’ in the upper scale (atomic ties in a DNA molecule; cells in a simple organism, stars in a small galaxy – from the smallest perceived electromagnetic force (S=1) to the largest perceived Local Universe (S=9).

Thus the logarithmic scale of Spatial size and Temporal Cycles is inverse. Yet the sum (logarithm products are sums), of both inverse scales still remains constant.  Thus we classify those invariant cyclical planes departing from the human Ci scale, with 2 inverse parameters: C±n, or inversely C-+n (the inverted ± symbol). That is, any cyclical plane of existence except that of man (i, i) will have a pair of  cardinals to represent its size in space as it grows +n, and its information in time, -n, which diminishes and so both will cancel each other. And vice versa, a system that goes down in size by a logarithmic -n factor will grow in information by a similar +n factor.

The complex Universe is indeed paradoxical, both because the mind is imperfect in its perception (so it stops cyclical clocks of time into forms with no motion, it perceives smaller planes of energy as spatial distances and so on) but because to maintain its ‘isomorphism’, its ‘invariance’ across the different cyclical planes of Times and Spaces, it must take when it gives, give when it take, to stay immortal it must be a zero sum, a place in perpetual balance.

Thus for each Space-time plane, we should really use a dual ‘complex number’ (a,bi), where a would be the value of its spatial scale and b, the value of its ‘informative’ cyclical time scale. In the complex mathematical model of iST this is truth in more than a way (i-numbers have certain importance when dealing with cyclical time calculus), but we are not going so far in this web or else the i will mean I am the only person ever to read these texts )-;

Thus the proper way to write those paradoxes would be to use the logarithmic dual ± scales of Se and To and inverse -+ sum symbols. But experience tells me that people are one-dimensional minds and tend to ignore the complexities and dualities of the Universe. So while we will from time to time remind the reader of both scales and indeed, bring about in some graphs the ‘isomorphic scale of inverse information’ to facilitate comprehension, we have choose the most obvious scale of ‘size in space’ to qualify the systems of the Universe:

S= 1-Force < S=2-Atom < … <5-Human<6-World <….S=9<Cosmos.

So unless we do ‘notify’ the reader or the graph does use the inverse O-scale of informative/temporal cycles, for all equation and systems, even those who refer to the temporal world cycles of existence, we do use the Spatial scale in all texts. Thus we shall write:

i= 1-Force < 2-Atom < … <5-Human<6-World <….9<Cosmos.

Which really means in a more accurate analysis and sometimes we will write:

i-4S+4O-Force < i-3S+3O-Atom < i-2S+2O:Molecule<       i-1S+1O: Cell, i=human i+1S-1O:World …and then:

i±2: i+2S-2O: Star   >  i+3S-3O:Galaxy  >i+4S-4>Cosmos.

Which is philosophically, epistemologically and objectively much more accurate, why? Simple, because it stresses several of the paradoxes of the Universe:

That we humans are the centre of our perception of the Universe as the space-time i-scale to which all other refers.

That from our point of view we perceive as equal both in form and 5th dimensional equations the upper world of galaxies and atoms, the scale of molecular atoms and the local Universe, and the scale of the nebulae of stars and the nebulae of electrons. And in fact, Einstein-Walker model of relativity model galaxies as Hydrogen atoms; modern astrophysicists model star’s nebulae around black holes as electron nebulae, and I have obtained for the proton the same equation than for the black hole of the galaxy using the metrics of the 5th dimension.


The ternary principle:  heads of Max. information, limbs of energy and constant body-waves.

The next graph shows the inverse scales of space and time speed. It is the informative scale of increasing time speed, placed in the height dimension and the spatial scale in the length dimension. As we said this scale is more natural to the Universe, where the information grows with height, and space grows along the lineal dimension of motion, so we will keep this type of graph for informative analysis to counter-balance the use of the intuitive for ‘human senses’ but counter-intuitive for the structure of the Universe S-scales.

In the next graph we can see that dual dimensional structure of most Universal systems and we order all the planes of existence of the Universe through the ‘existential frame of reference that plots the information speed in the height coordinates and spatial size in the length coordinates of any system according to the Se x To = i±4 metric equation:

5th dimension informative scale
In the graph, the basic structure of all Universal systems, across the main planes of space-time of the Universe, unified by the metrics of the 5th dimension. In the lower graph, the 5TH Dimension of ‘scalar space-time sizes’, each one studied by a science. The graphic is a representation of the metrics, Se x To=Ci in 2 coordinates, the height coordinates of information and the X coordinate of space-energy of the main planes of the universe.

Notice that paradoxically as we become smaller in space-size upwards in information we increase our fractal information.

All this said,  to make it less confusing, the spatial scale, from 1 force to 9 local universe will be the one used except for some graphs of ‘heigth-information’ as the previous one, from Force=1, atom=2, molecules=3, cell/matter=4, human organism=5, earth’s world=6, star=7, galaxy=8, cosmos=9, between the invisible beyond of dark energy=0 and dark matter=∞.

So when we write i+1 it means we have grown in spatial size, from cell to organism, from atom to molecule, etc. even if we have diminished i-1 in information – unless we warn the reader or write on top of the graph: informative, cyclical o- scale.

Now once this is clear, the metrics and partial equations and dynamic analysis of motions through those i-planes, will be able to describe an enormous number of phenomena of which perhaps the most important s the world cycle of life and death:

i-1 (seed) <∑i-1 (fetus)>i (birth)< Max. Ei (Youth) ≈ Se=To (adult iteration)> Max Oi (3 informative age) <∑Ei-2  (death).





‘Complexity (General Systems) will be the science of the XXI century.’ S. Hawking

On the other hand a mode of relational space-time does have a philosophy attached to it, called organicism.

The science that studies the organic nature of the Universe, its planes of space-time and the common laws or ‘isomorphisms’ which exist between them is called General systems sciences.

And so this blog is dedicated to ‘GiST’, the formalism of the 5th dimension – scalar space-times or ‘iST’, and its philosophy of Science, General Systems Theory or ‘GST’.

As today this blog is the only ‘formal’, logic-mathematical model of both disciplines, known commonly the science of Complexity.

There are other efforts worth to notice. Notably the work done in Santa Fe Institute and the congresses of the International Systems Sciences Society, among collaborative efforts , and the work of Mr. Troncale at Ponoma U. among individual researchers have tabulated many isomorphisms in the Universe (self similar laws across different disciplines of science, which as it happens are ordered by space-time planes of relative size, hence according to iST metrics: fig.2). But collection of data is only the 1st step of the scientific method, which requires to fit data into  a ‘general mathematical and logic model’ good enough to fit new discoveries in different fields – to test its veracity.

In the case of GiST,  the model fits all the data of all the sciences of those scales to the extent of the knowledge of this polymath writer. Thus it is probably the better tested model in terms of the Principle of Correspondence and Ockham’s principle (a theory that fits more data in simpler laws, is the most truthful.)

Thus the site studies mainly those 10 isomorphisms in great detail ³.

The whole site, on general systems sciences, when I rewrite it properly, will be a small encyclopaedia of all sciences, seen through the focusing, orderly mirror of the 3+3+5Dimension of the Universe, its 9 planes and scales and isomorphisms. I started to do this, in august 2015. Though the work is much older.

While the model was published in a very reduced format  in a series of peer reviewed conferences at ISSS during the last decade, this blog is the place where I will pour 2 decades of independent research in the aforementioned formalism.

You might then wonder why nothing of this is well-known in science (and why this blog i assume won’t change that trend).

In the field of social sciences we explain the anthropomorphic causes. In essence, humans as all systems are i-centered,and so they don’t like objective science. They like myths and that make them the centre of the Universe. So religions are always more successful. And i attribute to that fact the delay on understanding the 5th dimension: human anthropomorphism. Since the 5th dimension shows an organic, ‘vital’ Universe ruled by Absolute relativity. Since humans simply occupy a relative i-plane of an infinite 5th dimension, self-centered in its point of view, an infinitesimal point with no importance whatsoever, ruled by the same laws that define the form and functions of all other systems and ‘scalar social herds and superorganisms’ .

Thus the ‘organic philosophy’ of the 5th dimension of isomorphic, scalar space time (iST), called ‘General Systems Theory (GST) ‘ is a philosophy of an organic vital Universe:

“All type of Universal systems can be described as social networks of energy and information. Its similar=isomorphic laws are the content of the formalism of the 5th dimension, from where we can deduce the main laws of each science that studies a relative ‘scale’ of spatial size of the social, organic Universe, from physics which studies its smaller and larger atomic and galactic scales to biology and social sciences which study its intermediate life and human scales.”

 The organic whys of the Universe: The 4th paradigm of knowledge.

A deeper explanation of this work considers the meaning of knowledge and what questions it must answer to exhaust the study of a certain subject. In journalism we ask what, who, how, when and why.

The evolution of science implies big shifts in the paradigms, languages and philosophical dogmas we use to understand the Universe. In the evolution of science we observed first ‘what’ (experience) and then asked ‘who’. It was the mythic age of science, the first paradigm of knowledge – when an anthropomorphic being, often a god was the cause of all events. Then the Greeks used reason to ask the what (experience) and how of things, its causes and consequences. It was the 2nd paradigm of knowledge: logic thought.

The 3rd paradigm started by Galileo with his use of machines (clocks and telescopes), responded to when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail with a single space-time system.

The ticks of the heart, the stomach, the moon, the atom and the clock are different, but to measure them we needed a unit of time and so we equalized all rhythms with a clock, and to compare the spatial trajectories of those cycles we needed a ‘background of space’, so we put together all the broken spaces of reality into a joined puzzle, which we called Cartesian space-time. The error of a single space-time came when we forgot those simplifications and considered that the abstract space-time continuum of Descartes used to measure all other spaces and times was the real space-time.

The culmination of this process of mechanical measure came with quantum theory, which refined the measures of the cyclical trajectories of particles in the microscopic world and General Relativity, which refined them in the cosmological realm by correcting the deformations of those rhythms of time and distances of space caused by the limits of speed of our light-based Universe.

In philosophical terms, the paradigm of measure meant the birth of mechanism, the fundamental philosophy of our world today: the machine – no longer man, an organism – became the ‘measure of all things’.

This was a simplification, as today we realize that machines merely imitate our organs of energy and information with networks of metal-atoms (so a crane is an energetic arm of metal and a chip an informative brain of metal), which now we fusion into ‘organic’ robots. And so the change of paradigm from the Greek, Aristotelian and Asian tradition of organicism to mechanism is only a hiatus on a richer, more complex understanding of the whys of the Universe.

Mechanism changed also the language of understanding of the Universe, from Aristotelian Logic to mathematical Platonism, since mathematics was the language used by machines to measure the Universe of time and space with clocks and telescopes; while logic was the language embedded in the syntax of words, which measure time with causal verbs that describe the logic relationships between its 3 dimensions of past, present and future.

So in terms of philosophy of science, mechanism meant a pendulum law that changed the paradigm from Aristotle (organic, temporal causality) to Plato (mechanical, spatial geometry).

This was a wrong choice, because a truly inclusive theory of reality has to put together both languages and approaches as we shall do in this work: the geometric how & instrumental when matched by a temporal why, which must be by definition a causal, temporal process. The 3rdparadigm obsessed by spatial measure was not very kin of such inquire, as Feynman famously put it: ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never asks’. And yet the why has always been a fundamental question of knowledge.

That why should respond to the existence of a program of creation, evolution and extinction of the reality we see all around us, which always gives birth and extinguishes the same entities, repeating their forms once and again. What is the purpose of the Universe and all its repeated parts? Why they have those forms and follow always a life and death cycle? Thus, scientists, not satisfied with the limits of the 3rd paradigm of measure kept asking the why, which could not be a personal God (the who of the 1st paradigm), neither the machine, the instrument of measure of the 3rd paradigm (‘God is a clocker’ said Kepler, because he used clocks to measure it and ‘God speaks mathematics’ said Galileo, because those machines translated the events of the Universe into mathematical data).

According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work.

According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton. Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

 Paradigms adapt Theory to the existent data of each age of science.

Each theory is proper of the information and ego of each time.

Following then with the analysis of those theories, after Abrahamic religions, it came the Earth as center. And this was also obvious at the time.

The Earth does not move and it seems bigger than all the stars combined. And when we saw only the sun, the Earth and the moon, it is easy to consider an earth-centric theory as both, sun and moon are equal in size apparently and turn apparently in circles. So the earth-centric theory  was meant to explain the earth-sun-moon relationship and for that it was ok as the POV was relatively truth. Yet as people discovered planets which could not turn in circles around the Earth, the theory became bizarre. Then scientists stretched it to explain the planetary motions.

And it needed strange ad ons (epicycles) and so it moved from its ‘classic’ age of harmony with the experimental data into what we shall call the old, 3rd,  baroque age of complicated information, inaccuracies and phenomena it could not explain. We say that data, the external point of view, had gone ahead of our mental point of view – theory.

And so we can establish another relationship between theory and experimental facts:

– First in the young age of a theory there is only experimental facts.

– Then a theory is devised that explains those facts from a relative self-centered, human point of view. It is the classic age of individual, tribal and human collective ego-trips, which expanded the point of view as we understood better geography from our valley-tribe into the planet inhabited by the same species.

– Finally a theory becomes ‘baroque’, complicated as new experimental data blows up the point of view but believers censor new theories, try to keep their power as ‘high priests’ of knowledge (power corrupts absolutely) and invent all kind of complicated arguments to keep the theory going.

And here is where the problem lays, because there is at this age a complete lack of phase between data, established theory with powerful people and realpolitik behind them, and the new paradigm which is only in the mind of a few researchers that have a hard time to get it out, opposed by the old high priesthood. This was perfectly explained by Kuhn in his study of paradigm shifts:



  1. Normal science was Ptolemy till experimental data proved the existence of planets with erratic motions.

This was the data that caused 2. model drift.

The 3rd stage, model crisis, however lasted for almost 2000 years! since Aristarchus till Newton in which the ego paradox of Abrahamic Religions prevented the acceptance of the model.

So strong was the opposition of the high priests of astronomy that Copernicus only published after death and Galileo died in house arrest.  But the Model Revolution HAD BEEN DONE already. It simply was not known and power with its vested interests prevented the dispersion of new knowledge.

There were biblical paragraphs written in the tribal age of Judaism when our point of view was that of our valley in which the king of the hill was God (Jericho’s sun episode). There was an industry behind dedicated to create very expensive clocks with all the weird motions of planets and people with high salaries to guess the future with astrological motions, etc. etc.

And then of course there were the limits of a first, simple age of the new paradigm. As all paradigms start with simple equations and still have some errors. So the new classicism was Copernicus, simpler but in fact with more errors than Ptolemy when you put together all its ad ons and epicycles.

This people forgets. The new paradigm lacked accuracy in its initial times – till Kepler changed the circular orbits of Copernicus for ellipses. And it lacked as it had drifted away from a human point of view, a clear experimental confirmation that could only come from the mind. AS THE EARTH SEEMS STILL TO US.

So it could only be accepted by very intelligent people for whom logic and mathematical languages were more important than visual facts.

All this again can be applied to the next paradigm of Einstein, when it became a classic theory to explain 2 new phenomena that Newton’s theory could not explain – the Model Drift of Mercury’s orbit that differed from Newton’s calculus; and the motion of electromagnetic waves on vacuum.

So the Galilean, Newtonian paradigm had entered its baroque age. But of course Einstein was chastised by the old paradigm. He confronted the ‘ether guys’ who had even found the constant of Ether – even without the slightest experimental proof and decided that ether was denser than steel, softer than butter, infinitely elastic and only with those properties could let light go through it.

To solve all that came the new classicism of Einstein. And it took decades to be accepted. The Nobel committee declared a year the prize deserted because it did not want to give it to Einstein and when it did so it did not mention relativity. 

But finally the paradigm imposed itself and proved very useful to study all things concerned the space-time of the galaxy, which has a background radiation of light, because it is light-space and for all things related to light-space obviously a light-space point of view was perfectly Ok.


The Universe and all its parts are an organic system of networks of spatial energy and temporal information.

All type of Universal systems can be described as social networks of energy and information. Its similar=isomorphic laws are studied by general systems sciences. IN THE GRAPH we see one of such isomorphisms: that of form, as systems form spherical topologies with a centre of information -the nucleus of the galaxy, the game of the stadium, which is a ‘ball’ that all players, lines of energy pursuit (-; While in the centre we see two herds without a clear centre, proper of ‘energy systems’, a herd of insects feeding, a polymer atom of great strength without a crystalline centre.

This site offers, the first formal, logic and mathematical model of those isomorphisms, from where we can deduce the main laws of each science that studies a relative ‘scale’ of spatial size of the social, organic Universe, from physics which studies its smaller and larger atomic and galactic scales to biology and social sciences which study its intermediate life and human scales.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of dual systems of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: Se<=>To. Since we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe. And so we define a widened principle of energy and information:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

And so from the fact that all systems are made of dimensions of Spatial motion->Energy and Temporal Form-> Information, across several i±4 spatial planes of Time world cycles of life and death, we extract common laws, called isomorphisms for all of them.

Let us consider them briefly and then study them in more detail. Since they are the core element of iST

The isomorphic laws derived from the common spatial topologies, temporal world cycles (life-death ages) and existence across several spatial planes of cyclical time, through which systems exchange energy from above to below S-planes and information through O world cycles, from smaller to larger beings are the core element that structures and explains all morphologies, events and flows of existence in the Universe.

They xplain an enormous number of Universal phenomena common to all systems, and species extending across those i±4= 9 cyclical planes. And we call those common set of 10 type of laws the ‘isomorphisms’ of the Universe; of which 3 are essential as they derive of the essential space dimensions, time ages and i±4 planes of space-time of which all beings are made:

The described isomorphism of the 3±i time ages or ‘world cycle of life and death‘ (the expanded concept of a world line used in physics of 4 Dimensions, as now the 5th dimension allows a back and forth movement up and down which completes the life-death cycle, hence making time cyclical).

The isomorphism of the 3 ‘topologies’ of all systems in space, symmetric to the previous one: fields/limbs of hyperbolic energy, dominant in youth; toroid, reproductive body-waves, dominant in the adulthood and informative spherical membranes and zero-points dominant in the 3rd age.

And the isomorphism of the 5 actions, which the being accomplishes by exchanging energy and information with its i-n planes of space-time:

Aa (motion, by absorption of energy flows with the i-4 plane of forces).

Ao (perception of form, by absorption of quanta of information from the i-3 plane of electromagnetic light).

Ae (feeding on energy by absorption of energy quanta from the i-2 molecular plane).

Ai (reproductive iteration by emission of an i-1 seminal seed).

And Au (social evolution from individuals into Universals by association through a common language of information of similar beings into larger wholes).

This is the a,e,i,o,u (-; program of the scalar universe, which all systems accomplish for a simple reason: survival, sine they try to maintain its metrics of space-time existence as beings made of a finite vital space with energy motions and a finite duration in time. So they try to obtain external energy and information (Aa, Ao actions), internal energy and information to repair cells, grow and reproduction (Ae,Ai actions) and become stronger by sharing energy and information with larger wholes with more existential force (Au actions).

Moreover the ‘speed’ of those actions and its frequency is also ruled by the metrics of the 5th dimension. So motions are fast actions as they belong to the i-4 force plane; then comes i-3 informative perception, which in man has a second eye wink cycle, and establishes the general time clock of humans; next comes the frequency of energy feeding in the i-2 atomic and molecular scales, with daily frequency in man; next the i-1 reproductive year frequency and finally the social generational cycle in the i>i+1 planes.

Thus those  are the 3 essential Isomorphisms of Time (ages), Space (topologies) and Planes (Actions) born of the fact we are all made of spatial topologies, temporal cycles and act across i±4 ST planes. 

We do though study also 7 secondary isomorphisms derived of those 3:

  • The isomorphism of the function of Existence, Exi=ST, derived of the symmetries between space-motion, time-form and its ‘combined’ parameters, Energy (dominant in space motion) and information (dominant in time form)
  • The isomorphism of the zero-point or mind-will of the system, the point of maximal information connected to an spherical external membrane that perceives the Universe and according to Poincare conjecture (a sphere can shrink without deformation) maps an image of the external Universe, derived of one of the 3 topological varieties f the Universe.
  • The isomorphism of creation and diversification of spaces, derived of the isomorphisms of the 3 topologies in space and its symmetry with the 3  time ages/horizons.
  • The isomorphisms of universal and vital constants, derived of the isomorphism of actions.
  • The isomorphisms of Social scales of evolution derived of the isomorphism of Au-social actions.
  • The isomorphisms derived of the specific i±4 planes of existence the system relates to, derived of its actions.
  • And the isomorphism of organic classes, derived of the structure of those social organisms in cells specialised in reproductive body tasks, neurons specialised in informative tasks and energy quanta predated by both.

The result of all those isomorphic laws, duality of vital space bodies/waves and temporal heads/particles of information that exchange of energy and form across several planes of existence is a complex Universe made of a fundamental structure, the super-organism, a complementary system of vital spaces, heads/particles of information extending across 3 planes of i±1 existence, the cellular/atomic, individual and gravitational/social planes, which acts across other i±2-4 planes through its actions.

And this is the system that defines the Universe as a super organism made of smaller super organisms, whose parts are sub-systems that fit in a role within that perfectly ordered Universal structure.

Thus the description of the main 9 planes of relative size and its species, with the same laws of ‘space-morphologies’ and time-ages; unifying all sciences, the fundamental equation of Leibniz’s model of relational space-time, formalised in this blog, poised to become the next r=evolution in time-space theory and philosophy of science.

Further on since the product of both parameters remains constant, Sex Ti=K, it is possible to travel through those planes of existence, as we do in our life-death cycle, born in the i-1 seminal scale as a single cell which runs its cycles so fast that in 9 months evolves the equivalent to 3 billion years of big life-systems evolution dividing into trillions of cells that organise a living system.


We are made of time and space, which can be seen in motion, still or exchanged between planes. Meaning of Space, Time, Form, Motion, Energy and Information.


In the previous graph we illustrate our ‘Space-time’ Essence: Time is measured with clocks, which are actually, one dimensional cycles. Information is the same than a time clock, a ‘form’ that we see static. Energy is made of quanta, which are lines, that group together into sheets of space. And to perceive them, we have ‘spheres’ made of multiple layers of cells, and cameras which are isomorphic. An to move through Space we have ‘lineal members’, which move us in hyperbolic open and closed curves. And so happens to lineal weapons. And then fields of energy and information make together a light ray, which is really also a bidimensional surface.

Now the study of all the ‘isomorphisms’ (similar=iso forms and functions) across all the systems of the Universe is the purpose of an alternative philosophy of science to that of physicists, called ‘General Systems’, ‘cybernetics’ or ‘complexity’ , born after II world war, by the hand of the pioneers of Information Theory.

Since General Systems builds models of all sciences and the Universe at large, no longer as a simplex machine dominated by ‘energy’ ≈ ‘entropy’, existing in a single space-time continuum (Physicists’ world view), but as a fractal complex organism, dominated by information, which extends across ‘several layers’, which are  ‘planes’ of space-time, both at Individual level (as the above image shows) but also at collective level – layers of increasing and decreasing size, which add surprisingly enough a 5th dimension:

How does the organic Universe structures itself? As an organism and that means it has parts that become wholes, cells that become organisms, atoms that become stars and galaxies. That is, several scales of space-time co-exist together. And so we need to define a new dimension that groups all those scales, the 5th dimension.

And what are those organisms made of? Of those planes of space-time. We are made of vital spaces that last a duration in time. This means the 4th paradigm of Science will bring back the astounding insights on the structure of the Universe of Leibniz. A logic and mathematical model of relational time and fractal space.

This concept of philosophy of science, which we formalise in this site, was first enunciated by Leibniz, with his ideas opposed to those of Newton about a Universe in which beings were made of a fractal part of vital space and lasted a quantity of time cycles, as opposed to the ‘abstract’ artifact developed by Descartes – the Cartesian graph, in which beings were ‘put’ to measure its motion in space/time.

The first mathematical physicists, notably Newton, made a ‘Kantian error’ of thought, confusing the artifact with reality. So they developed a similar ‘Cartesian Universal graph’, or background absolute, continuous Space with a single Time dimension of ‘lineal duration’, obtained by uncoiling all those infinite time cycles of which we were made (circadian biological cycles, mass and particle rotatory cycles, stars and planets orbital cycles, cyclical actions of feeding, perceiving, reproducing which construct the beats of the Universe), and equalizing all of them with the cycle of the mechanical clock:

time cycles

In the graph, mathematical physicists developed a Universal Cartesian graph to facilitate measure, and as times went by, they confused the artifact with reality, forgetting its abstract nature. So they equalized all time clocks with the mechanical time clock. And Kepler said: the Universe is a clock and god its clock maker who have waited 5000 (biblical) years to find and intelligence like his who understand his work.

The graph and Kepler’s concept shows truly the core problem of Physicists worldview: it makes them confuse their artifacts with reality. So if Kepler thought the Universe was a clock, now it is fashionable to think it is a computer. And if he considered that science consisted ‘only in making measures with clocks’, which extracts all the properties of it worth to know, now most of the scientific community just feeds data in computers and models reality with the mind of the computer.

Leibniz was much more profound. He realized we were made of spatial vital energy and temporal clocks that lasted our life-death cycle. As when we say ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this’. We are made of energy and time in perpetual cyclical motion and we do actions of energy and time, which is truly the substance of the Universe.

But Newton with the help of the P.R.ess at a time when England started to build his empire with clocks and cannonballs and take over the world of the industry of information won the public battle and Leibniz who had also discovered calculus was accused of plagiarism and left behind in Brunswick to die alone, when his employer the Duke was chosen king of England, banned by Newton.

In this manner a false but ‘simpler’ easier to grasp and use for measure, the Cartesian Universal background continuous space-time was born. And the true essence of the Universe, to be a ‘game of vital spaces with quanta of energy’ that performed cyclical motions called time cycles, through the actions of infinite beings was lost. Leibniz died poor, alone and forgotten except for his calculus 300 years ago.

Now run forward 200 years more. The abstract Cartesian Universal background and the mechanical single clock, whose ticks were elongated into space according to the formula, V=S/T was all that humans wanted to know about time cycles. And it worked to do measures of motion in space that lasted a time.

It didn’t work at all to understand the nature of the life-death cycle, the main time cycle of humans, neither of the longer time cycles of evolution that changed the internal form of the beings not only its external motion. But it worked very well to enthrone the mechanical clock, motion, weapons that moved and needed to be calculated in their speed and aim (Galileo was a maker of ballistic instruments, hence you learn the v=s/t formulae with cannonball trajectories).

But alas!, quantum physicists suddenly found that space was made of ‘quanta of energy’ in motion, they called H-constants. And those H-constants were ‘actions of energy and time cycles’, measured with frequencies.

And they condensed, forming particles according to Heisenberg’s Principles. So we were all made of ‘plankton’ of light condensed into particles of cyclical time and energetic motions, electron nebulae in perpetual motion, masses rotating, quarks pulsating.

And then Einstein found that in different places of the Universe time clocks ran at different speeds, so there were infinite time clocks.

And so indeed we are made of vital spatial energy, Es and clocks of time, which carried the form, the information of the universe in the frequency and form of its cycles. So we could write a generic equation for all beings: ∑Es x To = Ci (Constant being).

And yet because physicist as Feynman put it ‘never ask the why’ and they had been for 200 years using a single clock and a continuous space-time graph, they didn’t change its Newtonian model. Einstein said ‘Leibniz is right but if so we have to start the scaffolding of science from the beginning’.

So for 100 years more, we were left with a model, absolute space and time, which we all knew it was wrong, but it worked fine to do measures with clocks. Problem is it didn’t explain much of it, just measured the hows. And that is where we are still, because most physical ‘big science projects’ are today no more than industry of machine measures . 

It was left a final property of space-time and all its beings made of space-time to account for, discovered with the other great ‘tool’ of scientific measure. Indeed, if we had changed our notion of time cycles, all pervading in all civilizations before Descartes and Newton for the abstraction, and substituted our verbal times, which humans used to measure and describe qualitatively time cycles of past, present and future and its ages and life-death cycles by mere clock measure, in our study of space, we had changed our spatial sensorial instrument, the eye, by the telescope and microscope, a machine.

This is the core matter: we substitute human time senses (verbal times) for a machine, the clock and that impoverished our understanding of the logic, causal cycles of time. And we changed a human spatial sense, the eye by microscopes and macroscopes – telescopes, but that opened our perception to an infinity of scales and planes of space-time where a myriad of other beings existed, and it did expanded our vision of space, into infinite ‘planes of existence’.

And yet because we were dragging the baggage of the Cartesian Universal graph in all our scientific thoughts, we didn’t realize we had to create a fractal, scalar concept of space-time, to account for the fact that in any single region of reality multiple ‘entities’ co-existed across multiple scales. And when we came closer to them, they enlarged and became full of information and life beings. This was the amazing sensation the first microscopes produced. But scientists didn’t formalize this reality of multiple ‘fractal’ scales of space-time, what I call ‘isomorphic planes’ since they and their beings display similar properties.

In a sentence General Systems sciences and its logic-mathematical formalism, explaines who relational multiple planes of vital spaces and time cycles create the ‘infinite beings of the Universe’ .

Energy and information: transfer of motion and form between place of cyclical existence.

We mean by energy, motion transferred between planes, thus Energy is spatial transfer between i-scales; that is, displacement in space caused by another i-plane, usually a force of the larger S-planes of existence.

When we see those motions together, ∑E=S, we observe the space-vacuum of the Universe.

The sum of all motions, simplified by the eye-mind as a continuous, static extension creates our perception of space.

And we mean by information, dimensional, cyclical form, when transferred also from different scales, from the particle of an i+n plane to the i+n-1 plane of force.

For example, when an electron emits a form and the form imprints and reproduces along the lower plane of forces, information is reproduced.

Reproduction of forma and information are thus similar concepts.

Further on, form is often the sum in time or in space of multiple time cycles. Thus the 3 concepts, form, time and information are intimately related, and we will go deeper in those concepts as we go deeper in details of iST. Enough to say that we represent To and Se, as Temporal information, and Spatial energy, to simplify and widen our analysis of isomorphic laws that apply to the 3 concepts: Space=motion (static, moving perception) ≈ energy (similar but not equal since energy transfers between scales) and we write To, to signify Time cycles = Form (moving, cyclical perception) ≈ (similar to) Information.

The key to understand energy and information is precisely the understanding of how two similar forms communicate energy and information between them by ’emitting’ usually a wave or particle of a lower scale, i-1 (spatial cardinal scale), where it will move and be absorbed by another similar particle evolving the i-1 system into a collapsed cell of the i-particle that receives the communication.Thus for example: 

i-Fermion < i-1 Boson with energy and information > i-Fermion 

Is the fundamental equation of quantum physics which implies a transfer of energy and information between two i-fermions by means of a boson of a lower scale, which will collapse when reaching the i-fermion.

In our mechanical scale, we do produce Energy which is stored in a larger, formal system. And the system is destroyed and lowered in scale:

 In the case of E=Mc2, the energy stored in the i+n mass becomes radiation, lowering its scale. In most systems, energy is released by the ‘destruction’ of the system that stores it back into lower scales of organisation, as an entropic, death process.

In most of those cases, then energy, is upgraded of scale, as it becomes ‘momentum’, which is its ‘derivative’ respect to speed, 1/mv²∂v=mv= momentum which is transferred back to the other system as motion.

And this connects with other fundamental themes of iST: the understanding of fundamental operandi of mathematics such as derivatives which is normally an emergence of an STi-1 scale upwards, to an scale with lesser form and more motion. As in the 3 derivatives of ‘space’ (form) into speed (motion) into acceleration (maximal motion) and viceversa, the integration of motion-energy into form.

All those fascinating relationships between mathematical operandi, classic magnitudes of science and the laws of i-planes of cyclical time, are the ultimate whys of the Universe, and bring us back again to our narrative of Leibniz, the discover of calculus.

What is information? The inverse of energy, in as much as it is a process that transfers mostly form, and so tends to upgrade from scales, as when genes imprint a human being of the upper scale, even if often the procedure of transfer of energy and information in combined waves is the same. Yet when information is transferred, the wave does loose energy but maintains the information without change, and we can classify waves by their different carrying of energy and information.

Further on, form is not perceived, time cycles do NOT communicate unless a reproductive wave of information appears. Hence the 3 concepts are intimately related.

Now, what we call absolute form or absolute time are the sum of all the cycles of time and informations of the Universe.

And this sum of all cyclical forms-in-action, in-form-ations, which our mind perceives as cycles of clock-time, creates relational, ‘fractal’ time, also defined first by Leibniz, one of the fathers of the 4th paradigm. Energy without motion or form without energy is not perceivable. Thus, systems to exist need a minimal quantity of both or they cease to exist – they die. Or as Taoist, the closest, classic philosophy to this book put it: ‘All yin-information has a drop of yang-Energy; all Yang has a drop of yin’.

Further on, because all systems respond to the same laws, we can recognize the shapes of a network dominant in energy by its form that will be lineal, planar, extended in space, as the line is the shortest distance between two points; hence the shape with more motion. And we can recognize the shapes of information because they are smaller in space, broken and cyclical, as the cycle or sphere is the shape that stores more form in lesser space; hence the perfect form of information.

So DNA nuclei, particles, heads and coins of money, made of gold, the best informative atom of the Universe, are cyclical and small. While fields of forces, moving bodies and weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, are lineal and big. Finally, real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles: E<=>O.

It follows also that cyclical information, frequency and time cycles are related. On the other side, expansive energy, motion and space, which stores energy in the vacuum are also related. So energy is fractal space and information fractal time – facts that will allow to fusion the jargon of many sciences in this volume of the series dedicated to the detailed description of physical systems and the 3rd volume dedicated to biological and sociological systems (the superorganisms of history and economics).

Thus the blog  analyses the ‘3’ BUILDING STRUCTURE OF REALITY’, Space, Time and Planes of existence.

Since reality STARTS as SIMPLE SPACE, WHICH BECOME CYCLES OF TIMES (lineal strings and cyclical strings of time in the lowest possible scale) and then grows in complexity through i-planes of scientific species, guided by the metrics of the 5th dimension, which can be seen in structural terms, in fixed space as i±4=SxT or in dynamic terms, in terms of the actions of its organisms that try to maximise its existence, increasing its energy its information, reproducing and evolving socially, ∆SeXTo.

And so guided by those laws systems grow into Societies and super organisms, through the planes of the Universe, all of them following 3 sets of laws derived from those metrics, and its dimensional elements, space time and planes of existence:  The isomorphism of its topological spatial organic parts, its time ages and its actions across those multiple planes. 

To do though a better detailed analysis of those planes, we subdivide the 3 main isomorphisms of spatial topologies time ages and plane actions in 10 isomorphisms. And then study with them all the planes of reality, from Forces to Atoms and Molecules (which form the first ‘super organism’, the atom), through states of matter, geological formations and celestial bodies (which form the 2nd super organism, a cosmic body), through stars, galaxies and Universes, (which form the 3rd fundamental super organism of physical matter, the galaxy), and its ‘biological varieties.

Now in the rest of this text we will explain the content of the web, structured in 3 lines:

  • A general view of GiST: Systems sciences and the meaning of its 3 fundamental elements, space dimensions, time ages and planes of space-time, which structure all beings of the Universe.
  • An analysis of the 10 isomorphisms or set of common laws which happen in those scales of science
  • A detailed study of all the laws of all sciences according to the properties of scalar space-time and its isomorphisms, divided in the 9 scales of the Universe.

The blog though will keep growing from august 2015, till christmas with increasing complexity in new posts. I will pour  thousands of pages of detailed analysis in all sciences, explained with the laws of iST (abb. for i-somorphic, Scalar Space and times) and the philosophy of GST (abb. for general systems theory).

Luis Sancho, Philosopher of Science, Barcelona, Aug. 2015.



1st. sentence: General Systems Sciences

2nd sentence: The 10 Isomorphisms of the Universe 

3rd sentence. The proofs: a synopsis of the 10 Isomorphisms of all its species:

The structure of the site is thus obvious. This ‘home page’ explains the model in two post, the first very simple, considers the GST philosophy of the organic Universe. The next post also in this page, explains the more complex iST formalism and shows in a very synoptic way how it applies to all sciences, explains all the laws of all those disciplines and further on, creates new avenues of knowledge and resolves many pending questions in all of them (it is in fact the last paper I gave at the International Systems Society on the subject, before retiring from active science, so it is very packed, very synoptic, very abbreviated, to 30 pages). If you want to wide the content of this central page, then you have 2 options:

The WEB’s sentence resumes the entire meaning of ‘reality’:

‘The Universe and i=ts parts are isomorphic systems of i-scalar spaces and time cycles’.

We write i=ts, because it symbolises the ‘isomorphic’ scales (i) of time and space that make us all. So each of us is a ‘fractal part’ of the Universe made to its image and likeness – a system of 3 scales of space, made of a finite number of time cycles developed between birth in the i-1 cellular/atomic scale, life in the i-ndividual and i+1 social scale and death back, after dissolution in a ‘big-bang’ that separate our parts again into the i-1 scale.

This is the meaning of life, a travel through 3 scales of social organisation as a puzzle of ‘parts’ of vital space with a limited duration in time.

To further widen the meaning of that sentence you can read the ‘next post’, and if you find it too ‘compact’ (it is too compact), go through each ‘word’ in the upper ‘blue encased’ Phrase. Each word is a ‘fundamental’ category of this science of sciences, or unification theory of all systems of the Universe.

And you can read it as 3 sentences; the first two explains the formalism of GST and iST, the 3rd studies all the scientific planes, from particles to universes, and all its sciences and species with those laws, enlightening them and pouring all the knowledge of mankind into a general frame that unifies them.

So finally the last words of the first sentence: systems, organisms and whole , could be considered the science of ‘metaphysics’, which considers the properties of wholes, the ‘sentient’ perception they have of the Universe, their program of existence as wholes.

You can connect with them or open each word and find the entire sub-disciplines it has, or look at those sub disciplines in the side. Now we shall resume their content word by word, through 3 sentences.

‘ ∑E=|-spaces       & ∏O=Times :     Metrics: ExT=i’    ……..


– 10 isomorphisms:         O point  1. Existence   -2manifold       -3ages     4.±i    5Actions   6 Social Classes.  7 constants   8. Creation     9Social scales      10 i-planes.

-9Ps:  1Force  2Atom   3Mol   4Cell    4Matter    5I      5Organ    61Gaia    62World   63Stock   7Star   8Galaxy   9Cosmos





The first sentence: Fractal Space-time and General Systems. Metrics, Dimensions, scales and planes of space-time. 

In the 3 FIRST letters ‘ ∑motions=spaces       & O-Times=Form :     iPlanes: SxT=i’    ∆ExO:  Systems> ‘Societies> ‘Superorganisms  +10 isoforms: ………

In essence, what ‘fractal relational spaces and times’ means, is this: All the parts of the Universe are organic parts, which co-exist in 3 relative scales, the i-1 (cellular/atomic), i-ndividual/organic and i+1 social/cosmic scales. As Leibniz put it ‘each point is a world in itself’. So reality has 4 kind of properties:

  • Mathematical-spatial, which are the ones normal scientific models study.
  • Causal-temporal, as all systems do go through 3 relative ages: birth in a seminal i-1 scale, emerging into the past or young age of energy, which increases its information till the present, most active, reproductive age, and then as information increases, the system enters into the future, or old age of information, in which it exhausts its energy and warps, wrinkles, after which the system dies, back to its energy age in a big bang or cells’ dissolution to the i-1 atomic/cellular scale. This equation of the life-death world cycle:

i-1>i-STe (youth)>i+1Str(reproductive,social age)>i-STo (old age) < i-1 (death)

Is one of the key equations I found in the formalism of General systems sciences and it applies to all systems, including civilisations, from where I was able to model, the super organisms of history explained in this web, with its collective life ages, which are parallel to those of human beings as individuals (or the states of matter and its Gas-energy age>Liquid-balanced and Solid>informative age).

Now in the graph we resume all this: in the upper part we translate the 5th dimension metrics to the duality of all systems, which have a faster, smaller, cyclical clock-like head/particle/chip brain, which processes information and controls a body/transport machine/field of energy, and together form a complementary ‘living system’, as the system performs what we call life drives: gauges information wight he particle/head/chip feeds on energy and reproduces its elements with the body/limb system, and we find them in ALL the scales of reality, each one studied by a science.

Moreover the Universe is organic because this is the manner in which the 3 scales of reality organise themselves. The law that put together scales of reality in organic galaxies, organic atoms, organic humans and organic machines, such as ‘sin chronicity’ of different cycles with different speeds (fast atoms and cells, vs. slow individuals vs. much slower societies and galaxies) are the same ‘isomorphisms’, the same laws we have resolved for organic systems. We live in a  fractal organic Universe. And this is the 3rd set of laws common to all species that only ‘anthropomorphism’ and the hang-ups derived of Go(l)d religions, and the chosen of… ego-trips of 2 brother goatkeepers, bragging to a deluded community of desert scavengers in the bronze age, prevent us from understanding (sorry i tend to be harsh on the bros, nothing personal except that if they had not succeeded brainwashing the western world, and rational ‘Greece’ had triumphed, maybe we would understand the world and survive.)

And finally, there is a 4th set of fascinating laws derived of a concept called the ‘fractal, non-euclidean zero point or mind’, a topological marvel, known also as the ‘Poincare Conjecture’, recently proved truth by a Russian guy called Perelman, which got the Fields medal, for it: namely that a spherical topology such as that of the eye, the mind, most of the systems of reality allows to shrink without deformation the information of a spherical like closed surface into an infinitesimal point, from where I deduced the equation of all minds:

O-point x ∞ world= constant mapping or ‘mind.

So we find in reality that there are cpus, crystals, DNA minds, visual eyes, particle-points which ‘gauge’ information and can order reality with different linguistic programs whose values encode the Universe and create its systems and organisms. And all of them merely try to ‘maximise’ the function of existence, or metrics of its space-time organic planes:

max. ∑[Exo]i±1.

This simple equation I call the function of existence, and since this is a blog of history we shall quote the master of cultures who understood it:

‘The function of existence is not the evident reality,

It is the combination of yang-energy and yin-information

which creates the 10.000 beings in time and space’

Well, you should know who said that. And he founded the most successful ever culture of the world, by the only way to test that, its population, since to know the laws of the organic Universe will make you ‘live for ever’. Here we had a prophet of history in the west who said the same, ‘those who believe in me, my mind, eusocial love’, the max. ∑ of that function of existence will live for ever (their social organism, history).

Indeed, that function translates into an infinity of equations for all kind of systems, all of them made of a vital energetic space and an informative head/particle that gauge information with time cycles. And all of them compete for survival according to its ‘maximal existential force’ defined by that equation. For example the human system, described in the 3 fundamental isomorphisms of the Universe in the human being:

  • The isomorphism of spatial topologies, limbs/fields of energy: STe, waves/bodies that reproduce the system, Str, and particles, heads of information, STo.
  • Symmetric to the isomorphism of 3 ages, the young energetic age, Te, the reproductive, mature adult age, Tr, and the informative 3rd age To.
  • Which equal form in space and function in time, and cause the 5 main actions of all beings: external energy motions and informative perception; internal energy feeding and informative reproduction, and Social Evolution with other systems, ∑i, to create an i+1 synchronous whole stronger than the individual and better fit to survive.

No, what we call ‘existential algebra, the development of that Metric equation and its infinite partial analysis, defines all systems of the Universe, which try to maintain a balance with it, and increases its existential force, ∑SexTo that happens to reach a maximal at E=O (so 5×5>6×4>7×3…)

This means that 2 essential laws that happen in all systems are derived of the maximal existential force:

  • The law of eusocial love, as ∑sexTo> SexTo, thus the whole overpowers the individual. And so it survives better in the struggle for performing the 5 actions of existence, and get enough energy and information to replenish the Se-To systems, and reproduce in other space-time region, to survive beyond death.

And so this is the cause that all evolves socially and form the 9 scales of the Universe, from i=1 forces, to i=2 atoms, to 3-molecules, 4-5 matter states and 4-cells 5 (human) organisms, to 6 planets and social life on its informative membrane (life beings: Gaia->human beings (the world)-> Machine societies: World-stock, the mechanocene)… to 7 Stars, 8 galaxies and 9 Universes, part of a new game of 9+i scales (since as we shall see in the metrics of the 5th dimension each atom is isomorphic to each galaxy, reason why physicists use the same equations – Einstein modelled the universe as if eau galaxy were an atom, etc:

10 human scale informative scale

In the graph, the 9 planes of existence that humans perceive and enact with them through its 5 actions: ∆Ai±4 (motion through the i-4 invisible gravitational fields of minimal size and maximal i+4 extension throughout the cosmos; ∆Oi±3 (perception of information through the absorption of i-1 light quanta emitted by the stars of the galaxy), ∆Ei-2, absorption of energy food, reduced to amino acids that become our bricks to construct life), ∆Ri±1, reproduction with other human beings of a seminal cellular seed that will emerge as us, i, to play the social actions ∆Ui=i+1, which does finally create our ‘Universal’, the societies of Humanity. It is thus clear that we do perceive those scales because they are the ones we interact with.

In the graph, the dimensions, planes and scales of all Universal systems and species can be better ordered from a past of lesser information into a future with more social organisation, given the fact that ‘scales’ have an ‘arrow of future organisation’ (you cannot construct a molecule without making first its atoms and an atom without making first its particles, and you cannot make a society without making first individuals and individuals without making first cells), there is a general arrow of ‘future time’, towards higher organisation.

So it is more correct to define not only 3 i±1 scales of isomorphic structure in all organisms and physical systems, but also 3 relative arrows of time for each of them, past, present and future. And all together, the 3 dimensions of classic space, the 3 of causal time and the 9 i-somorphic scales, which are ‘finite’, ‘fractal dimensions’, limited by each species, limited vital space, limited time and limited scales of co-existence form a ‘whole’. 

The graph shows them ordered in size and evolutionary informative time. And it shows also the duality of ‘heads/particles’ made of cyclical clocks of time.  We can see this duality of systems always with an informative centre and a body and an external lineal field, the energy system or lineal limbs to move:


The definition of any General or Universal System reflected in that graph is this:

Any system of the Universe is a complementary whole made of a points/particles/heads that gauge cycles of temporal information and control planes/fields/bodies of energy that move them (mathematical, physical and biological jargon of a Universal System) The understanding of this ‘fundamental entity of the Universe, ∑e<=>o,

allow us to resolve an enormous number of ‘fundamental questions’ about reality, recognizing those energy/information entities by its morphology, as the purpose of an informative particle/head is to gauge and perceive and process information fast in time, it will be smaller (chip paradox) and it will be cyclical (the sphere stores maximal information in minimal space) – as heads, eyes, chips are.

Since the purpose of the body/field is to move the particle/head it will be lineal (the fastest distance between two points) or planar (the biggest surface with less volume). And so the topologies of the Universe are ‘organic’, vital – the more so when we introduce concepts of Non-Euclidean geometry – in which points have volume – and topology – in which motion is part of the geometry.

  • The laws of ‘conservation’ and Darwinian struggle of nature, as all systems try to increase their existential force and maximise it, by keeping a golden mean balance e=O, mens sana in corpore sanum and by taking the energy from other systems.

So the existential force Max. e xO, defines most dual systems.

It defines the momentum of physical systems (Mass is a cyclical clock like vortex, O, and motion is an energy byproduct), so we write momentum mx v as M(o) x V(e), and the particle, celestial body with more momentum always wins in collisions, and absorbs the other matter – the black hole absorbs the star, the big atom with maximal weight (O) and electronegativity (e) wins the chemical reaction.

It defines the top predator system, so the animal with maximal information and energy wins.

It defines the best machine, so today robots are taking over, as they merge perfectly both systems.

But in case of equality, information rules, the head rules the body, money rules the physical economy in the i+1 social scale, david wins goliath, the rat extinguished the dinosaur, moving faster, eating its eggs, the chip rules the machine.


The symmetry between space dimensions and tie ages and social Planes.

In the first word we are concerned with the dimensions of space and its symmetry with the ages or dimensions of time and the planes or scales of space-time.

The 3 Dimensions of Space, length, width and height and its ‘symmetric’ 3 Dimensions of Time:

Past, as length is synonymous of entropic, expansive ‘past motions’: Sl≈Tpast, or written together as a ‘bidimensional topology’ STe

Width is synonymous of repetitive, iterative, ‘frequency’, present motions, the duration of physicist, which we prefer to represent by its inverse function, frequency,  Sw=Tν, or written together as a bidimensional topology, STa (for repetitive actions)

and height, the dimension of evolutionary form, and information, as systems grow in height with time, which we represent with the f of future, Sh=Tf.  Or written together as a bidimensional topology, STf (for form, information and future)

Yet those ‘dimensions’ are fractal, diffeomorphic, since remember we are made of ‘spatial dimensions’ and temporal time-ages, a young, past age of entropic, energetic motions, a present steady state of repetitive motions and future age of maximal information, or old age.

So space-time beings, are only a part, of the absolute space-time of a certain i-scale, filled with an enormous amount of similar beings. And so we evolve socially in a given ‘Universe’ with similar beings of similar 3 ST dimensions.

And so the next ‘stage’ of reality is the association of individuals into social groups, which happen in a scalar, decametric social rhythm as ‘3elements’ that specialise in STe energy, STo information and STa repetitive actions, or relative, past-present-future, come together into a social group of 3 x 3 elements, where the 10th element becomes the coordinator of all.

Yes, i know this seems ‘magic’ and complex, but it does happen all over the Universe.

It is a series of fundamental discoveries, grounded in zillions of individuals, each one a proof.  And it has a rational to it, based in survival and efficiency:

All systems of information are in height positions from heads, to antennae, from photons, the particle of a light wave, to black holes, the brain of galaxies, to ‘perceive’ and gauge information from a mathematically advantageous point of view. So we do analyse the rational of all of it.

Just to go through, social Scales, in decametric systems, where the boss is the 10th, that communicates all as in a billiard game, the black hole, in a tetraktys, a10 point triangle, the central point, in many armies the 10th corporal, and becomes the unit of a new S2 scale of 100 people – a legio in the army, and so on… arrive to a point after 10 to 13 scales in which they form a ‘saturated’ cellular organism or system, which becomes then the unit of a next i-scale – the number of atomic ties in a DNA molecule, of cells in an organism, of stars in a galaxy, and so on.

So this leads to the 3rd level of organisation of the Universe, what we call ‘Planes of existence’, which are in Non-Euclidean Geometry, topological networks of such S=10 up to n, points. Those planes of existence thus are the next i-scale of the Universe. And there are 9 of them, from forces to the Universe.

And so those 3 ‘levels’ are the levels of organisation of reality: Space-time, finite beings, that gather in social scales that gather in i-scalar planes of space-time. (i-scalar space-time or planes of existence are also used as terminologies).

Recap: 3+3 space-time beings, evolved in S=10¹º-¹³ Social scales, interacting with i=9, planes of isomorphic scalar space-time.

This is the best way to explain it all: 3 spatial dimensions symmetric to 3 time dimensions, which create beings that evolve in 9+1 decametric scales that evolve in 9i planes (so far of what humans perceive), where the 3 is the key element of organisation as it responds to the 3 space-dimensions, the 3-time dimensions, the 3 energy-reproduction-information organic ST functions and forms of a bidimensional topology (and there are no more varieties of geometry, and this might be the ultimate explanation, only 3 varieties of geometry for only 3 organic forms and function)…

And then 3 x 3 social scales become a 10th whole, and then 10th wholes evolve again 3 x 3 time to become a tenth organism, which evolves again sometimes into 3 scales of size, micro-normal-macro organism, sometimes as a unit of a i+1 new scale: forces that become particle that become atoms that become molecules and so on.


The 5th dimension: Compact, ‘classic science’ model.

So what about the ‘5th dimension’? Well it is an introductory level to iST theory, which I find helps people to start into the matter.

Since the ‘name’ 5 Dimension’ studies all the isomorphic i- planes of existence of the Universe together.

So while at a professional level, it is better to differentiate each plane and each dimension of the Universes, in a  first ‘simpler’ approximation, with a Compact, ‘Universal’ Model that uses the classic 4D model of physics, with a single 4th time dimension of ‘duration’ or its inverse parameter (preferred) of frequency, T=1/v…

Thus we use the term 5th dimension for all these i-scales.

And the 4th dimension for the sum of ‘frequency’ steps (length of  waves, steps, etc, which together create a duration by elongating all time cycles into an infinite lineal dimension of time, and equalising all clock cycles of different speeds, with the mechanical clock cycle).

It is let it put it this way a study of the whole reality. And it helps us to establish the metrics i=SxT of all the scales and some common laws for all.

The Evolution of Geometry, required to ‘fit’ scalar space-time.

Next we define those scalar planes of space with more mathematical rigour.

And so we study the fundamental formal science of space, mathematics, or rather geometry, ‘the science of space’ with the enlightenment provided by the understanding that space is multiple, organic, carries energy and it is structured into fractal scales (each scale being smaller and similar hence like a ‘fractal’ of the i+1 bigger scale)

So how to study them with available mathematics? The answer to this question breaks this ‘category’ into 3 sub-categories of mathematical nature:

We realise soon that the best mathematical models are those of the most recent ‘avant-garde’ mathematics of the XX century, namely, ‘Non-Euclidean Mathematics’, ‘Topology’ and ‘Fractals’ and to a certain extent ‘set theory’ (we will find that its paradoxes due to a faulty understanding of the concept of infinite makes set theory not that good for our formalism, so we shall escape this fashionable way to study mathematics).

It becomes then evident that the work of those XX century mathematicians must be completed, since they only found a 5th non-euclidean postulate of mathematics. So they left incomplete the definition of the other 4 postulates of geometry (the foundation of mathematics) in non-euclidean terms. And this is what we do.

And this is the first r=evolution achieved by iST, the completion of the mathematical revolution started by Lobacheski and Riemann with the discovery of the 5th non-E postulate and applied by Einstein to describe the space of the Universe. Now with 5 sound non-E Postulates, we do have better tools to further advance on the path of Einstein and Leibniz who said that ‘each point of the Universe is a world in itself’, and indeed, we shall find when applying those advancements that each ‘particle-point of the Universe’, each point-star, point-head when observed in closer range grows and can fit infinite parallels of energy and information. So the Unit of the Non-euclidean Universe is a ‘fractal point’ that grows in size as we come closer to it.

We call this enlarged Non-Euclidean Geometry, with the next letter after the ‘E’, i-geometry, or i-logic geometry, since the ‘logic structure of this space’ is also different from the usual continuous ‘Aristotelian’ foundations of Euclidean maths + 1 Non-E Postulate.

Then we also realise that the Universe is an assembly of bidimensional parts, which create as your bidimensional ‘each eye sight’ does, when put together by the brain, a tridimensional perception.

And this is the second big r=evolution of the site regarding not so much ‘mathematical laws’, since 2-manifold aka bidimensional topologies are perfectly studied and we do not find new theorems, but its application to explain the structure of all the organic systems of the Universe.

Since we will find that there are only 3 ‘varieties’ of 2-manifold topologies. And so magically we will see how those 3 varieties of bidimensional, vital space coincide with the form of all limbs/fields of ‘hyperbolic energy’, all bodies-waves of toroid, repetitive/reproductive organisms and physical systems, and all spherical heads/particles of information.

Here is where ‘set theory’, ‘Non-euclidean points’ come again into work. As in modern mathematics we define those topologies as ‘networks of points’. And since points are fractal and grow in size, they are in fact particles in physical systems and cells in biological ones. And they form ‘social networks’ with the 3 aforementioned topologies, which become the  3 type of organs assembled in systems; all of them with 3 bidimensional space-time physiological networks, STe limbs/fields + Str Bodies/waves and STo heads/particles that form ‘wholes’ built across 3 social scales of topological networks.

And so we have an astoundingly beautiful, simple mathematical model of the organic Universe that applies to all systems; just within the category of ‘scalar space’. The next graph resumes in a simplified manner those scales and the two main topologies, ‘O’=informative spherical heads/particles and its E=nergetic, lineal limbs/fields, combined into ExO=toroid bodies and waves found in all systems of the universe.

The third sub-section of ‘scalar space’ deals with those social networks of fractal points from the perspective of classic mathematics, which is based in the concept of ‘number’. But a number is indeed a ‘society’ of points. 10 are 10 points, and so on. So we study each discipline of mathematics except those which are more connected with ‘change in time’ (analysis, probability), in the 3rd part, ‘social numbers’, translating its main postulates into the real Universe. As mathematics is a simplified language of the real Universe which describe its isomorphic properties as social systems of numerical points.Here the most innovative section, which enlightens many theorems that classic mathematics has never fully explained is ‘number theory’. Since it is the less developed part of mathematics regarding the meaning of its laws. What are primes? Why such curious laws such as Fermat’s last theorem, Goldbach’s conjecture or Perfect Numbers and ‘irrational numbers’ so common in Nature, such as pi, phi, e, exist?

Irrational numbers will be indeed a fundamental element of the whole theory as they have to be seen not in its ‘numerical expression’ but mainly as ratios of lineal energetic, cyclical, informative and reproductive functions; and as such are the equivalent to Universal and Vital Constants which are also expression of those balanced ratios between energy and information or between i±1 scales that create stable present structures.

In that regard number theory returns to its original Pythagorean expression, where numbers are also ‘geometries’ of social groups among which undoubtedly as Pytagoras understood the triangular 10 is the most perfect form.

“Time Cycles”. But a spatial description of the Universe is a ‘static’ one with no change=time, even if topology includes internal motion to those organic structures – reason why is the key to the study of its morphological 3 ‘organic parts’.

Still we must complete the spatial analysis of form with the ‘other side of the coin; its functional analysis of ‘forms in time’, with motion and change.

Time is thus defined as the study of change and in this section we analyse its 3 ‘relative dimensions’ or ages of all species, which go through the same ‘young, past, age of maximal motion or gaseous state, dominant in hyperbolic forms and energetic functions’, its mature, present, liquid age of balance and iterative reproduction and a 3rd future age of excess of ‘form’ or information functions and minimal motion, followed by a reversal of time back to the past in the moment of big-bang death or dissolution of the organism in its i-1 cellular atomic scale.

This fundamental ‘isomorphism’ of all systems is the greatest discovery of iST regarding time. Why it happens needs to understand the aforementioned scalar, fractal nature of space-time. Unlike the simpler 4D models of classic physics, the non-euclidean scalar Universe of ‘size scales’ adds a ‘dimension’ of depth to all systems; and hence life is not a unidimensional ‘world line’ as in Physics but with a ‘new dimension’, life makes bidimensional world cycles, up and down those scales, from i-1 cells/atoms to i-organisms and societies or galaxies, and back.

Further on, life defined now as a world cycle or ‘travel through the 10 dimensions of scalar space-time’, is finite in time. So there are infinite time clocks in nature. This means of course that time travel in the sense of going back in time is impossible, as each part has its own world cycle rhythms, but we do all travel back in time when we die and erase our information. Remember, we are made of space-time scales, so going back in temporal information, means that the clocks that accumulate information its cycles and forms, start to erase it. And that is the meaning of the 3rd age.

So happens in matter structures that start as gaseous energy, go through liquid and solid states and die in big bangs, from simpler atoms to galaxies that explode in quasars to Universes, whose 3 ‘ages’ are in fact the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equations, which are accordingly ‘hyperbolic, energetic big bangs’, steady states and Godelian vortices or big crunches, and so physical systems also go through the 3 ‘bidimensional varieties’ of spatial form and temporal function, making the universe also a scalar i-space time structure.

So again, in an astoundingly beautiful, isomorphic manner, we crack the ultimate meaning of life-death cycles and its ages/states/horizons common to all species (evolutionary species do also go through those 3 ages between birth, reproductive radiation, informative diversification and extinction).

Thus the model is truly a r=evolution in time theory which includes according to the correspondence principle, the previous 4D Einstein’s theory of time and space, as it did also include the previous Non-E mathematical systems. They are merely simplified models with less dimensions, what scientist call ‘ceteris paribus’ models of the larger reality, studied with less variables.

So in this section we study the different past, present, future dimensions/ages/horizons of time.

But we also analyse the duality between space and time, as ‘form and function’. And the philosophical understanding of time as change.

In the next graph we see the isomorphism of the Universe in time, for some of its fundamental species, across its different life-death ages:

13 3 AGES

In the section ‘change‘, we deal thus with the more classic understanding of ‘time as change’, and the fundamental formal sciences that have studied it:

– Mathematical analysis, which study the ratio of change, with derivation and integration, and is the fundamental formal tool of classic science now understood in a deeper sense. Here again there is no mathematical discoveries of formal nature, but insights in the great questions about calculus since Leibniz discovered it: The problem of infinitesimals, limits, infinities, etc. that plague science at conceptual level due to the lack of a proper scalar concept of the universe, where infinities are limited as those discontinuous scales have all ‘a minimal quanta’, an infinitesimal now properly defined, beyond which the ‘system breaks’ down into the ‘parts’ of the lower scale. 

Thus integration, renormalisation, Zenon and Cantorian paradoxes (for the non-specialist these are the conceptual problems aroused by the use of a single continuum space-time) are now properly solved establishing limits for infinity. For example, we cannot talk of infinitesimals without limit in an organism. The infinitesimal is the cell, and then the system ‘breaks down’ to the lower i-2 chemical scale. So it is improper to talk in reality of infinitesimal cells.

The same happens in physical systems even if they are far larger. Even if a few grams of an atomic substance – a mole – has around a ‘decillion’ of atoms – that is, 6 x 10²³ atoms – those infinitesimals are its limit.

The question left to metaphysics and fundamental to understand the unification equation of charges and masses, long sought by physicists and resolved easily in the model of fractal scalar space-time, is if the i-scales are infinite. But is ‘metaphysics’ because it certainly goes beyond observation. Those are in any case themes studied in the ‘scales’  and ‘whole’ section of the web.

Finally the other fundamental theme on time theory are the laws of causality between past, present and future, since now there are 3 time arrows, which are all possible: life goes from past energetic to future informative states, death is the inverse arrow, and the present which doesn’t seem to change, because it repeats, reproduces the same structures, is the 3rd arrow. And so to study those themes, we must consider a ‘formal equation’ that makes easier the handling of causal chains between dimensions, ages or function in time, and its parallel forms in space.

It is the next section of the web – the generator equation of the universe which we describe now.

Just to mention a last fundamental element of time theory, which is also analysed in the sections of ‘wholes’ and ‘scales’ as it is important for the 3 type of dimensions (temporal, scalar and the 10th whole being), the theme of ‘synchrony’ between the actions of those scales. As indeed, if smaller cells co-exist in symbiosis with larger bodies, how they do it? If bigger predators hunt smaller ones, how the small survive?

All this themes require communication, synchrony, symbiosis or sometimes ‘perpendicular predation’ when a system occupies the other’s vital space-time and absorbs it. And so we end this section with a first outlook to all those concepts whose laws related together all the scales of the system – which again require for a proper formal analysis the study of the ‘metric, generator equation’ of all dimensions of scalar space-time.

 ‘ExT=i’: The Generator equation of Planes of Existence (: mystique jargon 🙂


The 5th dimension


‘The smallest

point is a world in in itself’

Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality:

The fractal point=world of space-time.

 metrics 5th dimension

The 5th dimension studies the ‘fractal, scalar’ structure of the Universe of which we, all its parts, which occupy a vital space and last a finite time, are made. All those ‘vital space-time beings’ are organised in different scales of size (so we are made of cells and form part of a global society, matter is made of atoms, and forms part of planets and stars that form part of galaxies and so on. How to order all those scales in a meaningful way?

We can do so by putting them together in a ‘fifth dimension’ of space-time: the dimension of relative size in Space, Se, and relative speed of time clocks, To, which evolve in scalar opposite ways, when we become ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’. So smaller systems tick faster its clocks and carry more information in the frequency and form of its cycles, than larger beings.

A fact that we write as a metric equation, Se x To = Ci, since the product of both parameters remains constant, a fact that allows the interaction between ‘different scales of reality’ from the atom to the galaxy from the cell to the planet.

Those facts explain all type of phenomena, from the life-death cycle that happens in 3 scales (the cellular seminal scale, the human and the social one), to the Unification equation that puts together the quantum, electromagnetic and cosmic gravitational scales. It is indeed a fascinating subject, a much more advanced philosophy of science than the simplex mechanism of Physicists, which dates back to the work of Kepler, who said, ‘the Universe is a clock and God has waited 5000 (biblical years) to find a person (him) who understands it’ marvelled by his mechanical clock of measure. Since indeed, a machine NEEDS A MAKER, a God, and so Newton, a pious believer who dedicated more time to biblical studies than physics, also validated the model. Only organisms are self-sustained, self-reproductive, and self-organised… That is why if we take seriously the laws of truth of science, we need an organic model.

Planes of space-time. Fractal Monads.

But what are the mathematical units of those planes of space-time.All the beings of the Universe can be defined as Leibniz wanted, as points that hold a World in itself.

They  are fractal points, defined by the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry that started Einstein’s revolution when he applied it to the Universe: points with breath which allow infinite parallels of energy and information to cross them, points which are a world in itself when we come closer to them.Now, when Riemann defined them among others and Einstein used them, they didn’t realise that if a point can be crossed by infinite parallels it must have breath, because even if they bent the parallels into curves, they cannot fit a point without breath, which by definition can only fit a line, curved or not. So the way to do it is making it a fractal point of a smaller scale that when we perceive it closer in its plane of existence enlarge. stars become worlds, point-particles become worlds, all grows in size. And then fit through its holes and mouths infinite parallels.  And minds can fit infinite pixels of information, to mirror the Universe.

So i realised long long ago, when this adventure started, that if you change the 5th postulate of geometry, you MUST change the 1st (definition of a point as a fractal point with breath and volume) the second, (as lines now have breath and are rolling points, that is waves) the 4th (as planes are now networks of points, which are the topologies that combine into organisms) and then interpret the seemingly redundant 5th equal to the one, as a mind-point, and the 3rd, ah the 3rd… 

The most beautiful of them, all the postulate of equality, which is NOT a geometric, but a logic, loving postulate that says when things are equal and love each other and form societies and when they are not and do not mix well… because now points are circles which have inner regions, enclosed by the surface (Jordan first postulate of knot theory). So i rewrote the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry and as Einstein mused, rebuilt all human sciences from the beginning. And so the next course of the 5th dimension, is the understanding of its mathematical formalism, non-euclidean non-aristotelian space-time i-logic geometry and existential algebra (i like funny mystical names 🙂

Now everything can be modelled mathematically as a set of fractal points, cells, atoms, stars, human heads, you name it, which organise topological networks with volume, physiological systems, webs, and together form a social organism.

Beings are thus scaled at least at 3 levels: points, networks and organisms.

So what happens with all those planes of space-time? How they structure together? How your cells, and you as an individual part of a higher society structure together? If we call each ‘isomorphic plane’ an i-plane and number them, how the i-1 cellular plane, the i-ndividual plane and the i+1 social plane come into being? How i±1 planes co-exist? And how the i-1 quantum, atomic plane, the i-Newtonian, mechanical plane and the i+1 cosmic Einsteinian plane come together in physical systems, such as galaxies or planets?

This is the great question poised by the ‘5th dimension’, which I defined as the dimension of i-scalar planes of space-time, of different size with different time clocks.

What organizes then all the planes of the 5th dimension? Because organization, organism, is the key word. Hutton the father of geology already said that the Earth was a super organism with slow life cycles. And this is the key to all this conundrum:

Systems made of vital energetic space and time cycles organize their co-existence in multiple scales, because the time cycles of bigger beings run slower than the cycles of smaller cells and atoms, and through this multiplicity of clock times, of different speeds, synchronise together.

It is all a delicate game: your daily eating, your ‘action’ of absorbing energy, goes down to the faster scale of cells which use that energy to reproduce every day. You are slower reproducing, but the female has synchronized her clocks to the slower rhythm of the moon that turns around the earth every month (so its ‘second’ or time beat is a month), and then she synchronized the process of producing the child to the rhythm of the earth’s clock (a year minus the cold 3 months season). So every 9 months she gives birth.

All this is the stuff that we study in the fifth dimension.

Now run another 100 years, from the time of quantum theory and relativity. We now really well the data, we know Leibniz is right, we know the continuous single space-time is an artifact, but scientists have not created the proper theory about all this. Well they have. I did it more than a decade ago. It works, it explains most of the questions you ever wonder about. The life-death cycle, the program of actions that all beings that exist follow, the questions of the whys of physics, biology, etc. why there are less antiparticles, 3 families of mass, what was the big bang…

For all what we have said it is clear that these wealth of essential discoveries must fully formalised, we need a mathematical ‘equation’ that defines the metrics of all those scales of space-time put together. Since as Klein explained any space-time system needs a co-invariant equation that defines the ‘invariance’ or ‘isomorphism’ of that space-time. That is, in layman terms, for a space-time to exist as we know it – a region of reality through which we can move and travel, we need to define its ‘stability’, so travel is possible. In the case of i-scalar space-time, it is possible to travel through scales, precisely because the product of the ‘size in space’ and ‘speed of its time’ clocks remain constant, within a given ‘ecosystem’, ‘world’ or ‘organism: Se x Te = Ci.

So when we are born as a seminal seed, in the smaller i-1 scale our time cycles are very fast, but as we ‘travel=grow’ in spatial size to emerge in the i-scale of life, we ‘slow down our clocks’, and so Se x To = C. Then once we are born we can perform tasks in the bigger social scale of our nation, because the rhythms of change of society are also slow, so we can learn our rules of behaviour which are the same generation after generation – our memes.

Thus we write Se x To = Ci, for all species or Se  x To = i±1 for any specific world that co-exists in 3 dimensions, and consider this equation the metrics of the i-scales of space-time.

The 5th dimension.

In the ‘classic’ simplified model, which is a bridge with classic science, since there 3 space dimensions and the 3 time dimensions of past, present and future, are ‘compacted’ into a ‘lineal duration’, we could talk of all the i-scales of space-time of the previous pyramid as the ‘5th dimension’. Hence those ‘ceteris paribus’ simplified versions of the full model talk often of the 5th dimension as the entire i±∞ range of scales of reality.

This is useful to do studies of the properties of all those scales together. As Relativity is useful to do studies of the entire space-time in a single i-scale continuum (the gravitational scale in general relativity, the light-space time scale in special relativity). In the same manner string theory uses 3 scales of space x 3 dimensions, plus a time dimension for the whole duration of the string.

All those theories are valid and are included within the more complex 10 dimensional analysis that we prefer here.

The Generator equation: ∆ExO: The Universal mandate or will of its actions.

The species of reality though, to fully extract its meaning and find its isomorphisms in a riguruous way must be described with its 3 time ages, 3 formal topologies of space and 3 i±1 scales that form together a ’10th whole dimension’, (that studies to the ‘total duration and total space’ of the being through its entire world life cycle).

And to do so with formal rigour, we need not only a ‘geometry’ of space and the understanding of world cycles through 3 scales, but an equation that puts them all together. And it studies with the ‘algebra’ of those 10 dimensions the events, forms, symmetries, causal chains and actions that take place in the Universe through those scales. This is the generator equation and its ‘existential algebra’ (as it represents all forms, entities of existence and its events and organs).

The simplest form to write it is the aforementioned compact form Se x To = i, where Se means spatial energy and compacts its 3 dimensions either in static form (space) or in motion (energy), as the mind sees all moving things, still to reduce its information and focus it. We call this duality, the galilean paradox as he saw the earth still but learned it was moving (e  pur muove e pur no muove). And so happens with time perceived as a cycle-clock or as a form of information. Thus space-energy and temporal information together are the components of each invariant isomorphic iscale of reality.

But the previous form is only the beginning of the fundamental ‘sub discipline’ of 10D iST – the study of the laws of scalar space-time through its symmetries and partial equations that represent fundamental events of reality.

It is the core of this theory, which I resolved 2 decades ago, as all the laws of all sciences will be derived from it.

In the future as today we start the study of science with Mathematics, in its 3 fundamental branches, euclidean geometry, algebra and infinitesimal calculus, we will do so, but they will be called i-logic geometry, existential algebra and scalar calculus; and the foundation of all of them won’t be the abstractions of set theory with its infinity paradoxes but the direct understanding of i-logic mathematics as the language that better reflects the underlying laws of scalar space and time.

So the equations of existential algebra and the laws of fractal points and its networks will be then applied to each science to understand the unity of the whole and its parts.

We shall then fill this part with the main equations of existential algebra, among which the most important one is the equation of balance E=O or R=O (depending of the system being a ternary form with a reproductive wave/body, R, with a particle/head O, more common in biological systems; or a dual one with an E field/motion and an O particle/Mass that maximises the Existential Force (R or E)xO.

Beauty thus is seen as a balance between energy and form, steady states are those in balance, health is a balance between body and mind, homeostasis is a balance between the i-1 environment and i-network scales of the body.

Max. E x O (e=o) is thus the function most systems try to achieve in the universe and we can interpret most processes as systems following such paths. of action.

And so we can understand dynamically the equation, as a game of two poles:

Se (Spatial energy) or Ra (reproductive, active wave/body) < => TO.

Where two poles exchange energy and information to maintain its balance in an invariant constant equilibrium. Equations such as E x T = H(i), express the fact that the combination of energy and form of any particle is relate to that balance, the Planck Constant. G, defines a degree of curvature proper of the gravitational i-scale, the balance of that medium. 36.5 is the temperature balance of the human body. Motion and form are always in search of such balances,  from the conservation of momentum m(O) V(E), to the perfection of the Parthenon.

And so the Generator Equation, E<i>O, and other variations will represent ‘statically’ an organism and its 3 topological organs/networks in balance, a system in time, that evolves from its young energy through its balanced reproductive age into its age of information, a Universal constant of action, that combines e and o into a balanced i-ratio, and the 3+i actions that all systems follow, ‘feeding’ on energy, ‘gauging information, and combining them in reproductive bodies and waves (which form social numbers emerging into a higher + i scale) .

And so with those simple motions we come to understand why there are isomorphisms among all the species of reality.

Finally in the last words of the first sentence, we look at




The 10 isomorphisms and metric equations of scalar space-time.

This blog lay down the only logic and mathematical model of the metrics and isomorphisms of the ‘5th dimension’ and its scales of space-time – a concept of philosophy of science, first enunciated by Leibniz, with his ideas about relational time and fractal space, explored by Einstein with his theory of multiple time clocks, but never fully realised, till the enunciation of those 5th dimensional metrics, Se x To = Ci.

Since it is the co-invaraince of Space-energy and time-information parameters what allows the interaction between ‘different scales of reality’ from the atom to the galaxy from the cell to the planet, which are able to exchange energy and in/form/ation, equalising in this manner, their properties and forms. 

Thus what general systems sciences and its formalism of scalar planes of space-time does first, is to develop the metrics of the 5th dimension, in depth (first line of this blog), by studying the 10 isomorphisms that the species of all the scales of the Universe, each one studied by a different science, follow (second line of the blog) and then apply them to every scalar science (third line of the blog) to explain all type of phenomena, from the life-death cycle that happens in 3 scales (the cellular seminal scale, the human and the social one), to the Unification equation that puts together the quantum, electromagnetic and cosmic gravitational scales.

‘Isomorphisms the second sentence thus deals with the common laws of all those systems:

– 10 isomorphisms:         O point  1. Existence   -2manifold       -3ages     4.±i    5Actions   6 Social Classes.  7 constants   8. Creation     9Social scales      10 i-planes. 

The 3 fundamental isomorphisms: space topologies, time ages and actions through planes of existence.

Now for all what has been said, it must be clear that the nutshell of all beings is the fact they are made of:

Time cycles, from where we derive the common 3 ‘ages of time’ of all beings, born as seminal seeds in a lower ‘i-1’ plane of plasma/cellular space-time, emerging in the i-ndividual plane as atomic matter or organism, and going through 3 ages, the young, past age of energy, the present, repetitive, reproductive age or steady state and the old age of excessive form, or information, the future, after which systems die back to the past, dissolving into the i-1 cellular/plasma states, completing not a world line as simplex physicists thought but a life-death world cycle, as the 5th dimension of scales has added the depth to make such cycle possible: So all existences (no longer life, as it has been restricted for too long to carbon species) go through a world cycle, and existence can be defined as a travel through the 5th dimension

Vital, energetic space: And those world cycles are possible because, we are made of vital, finite, energetic space, we are made of ‘topologies’, of which there are only 3 in our 3 dimensional Universe:

The hyperbolic topology of limbs and fields of energy in motion, which extend through the length dimension of space.

The spherical topology of heads and brains of information, which process information and create minds, because they have a curious property, called the Poincare Conjecture: only spheres can shrink without tear or deformation without limit, so they can reflect as crystals or eyes do a bigger Universe into a smaller, infinitesimal mind and make a constant mapping of reality:

O-Point mind x ∞ external world = constant mapping

And the toroid body/wave that communicates both, the energetic limbs/fields and particle/heads that gauge information. And so it combines spatial energy, Se, and temporal information, To, reproducing both.So we find a direct symmetry between the 3 dimensions of finite Time, Tpe: past-entropy, Tra: present repetitive actions, and Tfo, future form, information, and the 3 dimensions of finite space, Sle, long hyperbolic lineal motion, Swr: toroid, wide, reproductive motion and Sho, high, informative, spherical minds, placed in the tall advantageous point of view. So we put them together into 3 ‘fundamental’ bidimensinal topologies, STe>STr>STo(life) <STe(death).And this simple equation of the symmetry between the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 ages of time, explains perfectly all forms in space and function in time, in any single i-plane of the scalar Universe.

Whereas, > is the symbol for growing information.

And < the symbol for information erased back into expansive energy.

It also follows that Energy-space is larger > than time cycles of information, and indeed, particles and heads are smaller than limbs and bodies. So we are already seeing some properties common too all beings, made of fields of energy/space, particles of information/time cycles and bodies/waves that exchange energy and information between them. And this common properties are called isomorphisms.So we say that the 3 more important isomorphisms of all the species of the Universe are the isomorphism of 3 time ages, of 3 topologies… and the isomorphism of i-planes of existence.Now we can simplify a bit more the previous equation, by merely writing STe<>Str<>Sto, and further on as Se<=>To, that is, Se⇔To, S⇔T. Since now we introduce death as an inverse arrow, and ⇔ accounts for both kind of flows energy that becomes information from past to future and information that becomes energy from future to past.

Whereas the balanced repetitive intermediate age/wide wave body, is presented by the = symbol in ⇔. This S⇔T, becomes then the ‘fundamental law of the Universe’ that substitutes the simplistic Physicists single time-entropy discourse about energy.

‘The Universe is made of infinite fractal systems of lineal limbs and fields of spatial energy and particles and heads of cycles temporal information that transforms into each other ad eternal through bodies and waves that combine both: Se<=>To’

But what about the 3rd isomorphism? It is the isomorphism of scalar planes of space-time.

Since as we have said, the life-death cycle shows that we are born in a lower i-plane, of seminal existence, and we enter a larger i+1 plane of social existence, so there are multiple planes co-existing together. And this brings the third element of all realities and beings, the 5th dimension².

So there is the i-1 plane of cells with its own (STe>STr>STo)i-1 cycles, and the larger World of society with its (STe>STr>STo)i+1 cycles.

In total there are 9 of those planes clearly separated by the fact that there is a ‘well-done’ Organic system in each scale, which shows clearly a zero-point, ternary space-time structure: the scale of:

i-4 forces, i-3 atoms, i-2 molecules i-1 states of matter and..

i-1 cell, i-ndividual human and geological structures, i+1 societies and planets and…

i+2 stars, i+3 galaxies and i+4 cosmos.

So we can incorporate to our simple equation for the entire Universe and i±4 parenthetical to account for all those planes

U= ∑ (Se<=>To)i±4.

I write that fractal generator equation of the Universe and its parts and species in many different synoptic or extended ways, so you will see in my texts on the 5th dimension many of them.

One which is worth to notice is the ‘metrics of the 5th dimension’, because how indeed all those planes are ordered?

As we said they are in synchrony because smaller beings in space, run faster cycles in time which carry more information and vice versa, bigger space beings run slower time cycles. But the product of both, the speed of time and the size in space for any organism across the i-planes that co-exist together in the being (normally i±1) is the same, so cells, individuals and societies can synchronise its cycles, and atoms, matter and cosmic bodies can synchronise their cycles. So we write the metric equation of the fifth dimension:

Se x To = i±n

Where i is a ‘constant’ space-time plane of existence.

This as the reader can notice comes to be really a ‘static’ version of the dynamic equation of the Universe, Se <>To, Se><To, SexTo…

But it explains many things from the Moore’s law (smaller chips run more information) to the extinction of man by black holes (smaller black holes turn much faster its cycles, so they attract much more as eddies do when turning aster and they have also higher metabolic rates so they will feed faster) to rats vs. elephants (rats also have faster metabolic rates so need more food per gram) to genetics (cells have more information so they code the larger i+1 beings) etc.

And so those 3 isomorphisms and the ternary principle of 3 dimensions, 3 time ages and 3 major i±1 i-planes of existence for all beings (plus the secondary i±2, i±3 and i±4 planes from where entities obtain quanta of energy, bits of information and forces of motion), define existence for all species.

We talk therefore of the isomorphism of time ages and life-death world cycles, the isomorphism of topological organs, and the isomorphism of actions or space-time planes as the 3 isomorphisms fundamental to all beings.

Why the isomorphism of ‘actions or space-time planes’. As we shall see for practical studies,the i±4 planes in which humans and by extension all beings co-exist, are realised because the being acts with them:

The being extract forces of motion from the i±4 cosmic, gravitational rather invisible plane…

The being extracts bits of informative light from the i±3 galactic, electronic plane, (hence the plane below, the gravitational force plane is invisible to us, beyond our bits of informative perception, we see light, not gravitation)…

The being extracts quanta of energy-food from the i±2 world where it preys to obtain molecules of life, breaking food to the amino acid scale to reconstruct its cells.

The being produces an i-1 seminal seed after mating with an i+1 member of society.

And so the being mixes with individuals of the same species in the i-plane to create social groups that evolve together into a bigger i+1 plane. And so we talk of 5 actions common to al beings, the ∆ i-4 a (acceleration) the ∆i-3O (information) the ∆i-2 E (feeding) the ∆i-1 R (reproduction) and the ∆i S (social evolution) as the manifestation of the planes of existence.

And we talk of the Program of existence as the realisation of those 5 actions, motion, perception, feeding, reproducing and evolving socially, through the use of our 3 topologies (energetic limbs that move and digestive systems that feed; heads that inform and talk languages used to evolve socially and bodies that reproduce) during our 3 ages.

Whereas the limbic/digestive system performs two actions, feeding and moving, and the informative head 2 more, perceiving and talking in social languages.

The holographic Principle & the metrics of multiple time clocks and Planes of Space.

bidimensional topology

              In the graph, we live in a Universe in which all beings are made of the same substances, energy which occupies space and information, carried in the frequency and cycle of time clocks. Those 2 ‘substances’ that we call Se (Spatial energy) and To (Temporal information), combine together in ‘bidimensional’ Space-time layers, that put together create together all the species in the Universe. Layer after layer of bidimensional membranes create the third dimension, which forms when moves a 4th dimension of temporal motion.

But the ‘simplest unit’ is a bidimensional sheet, with form, with information. So for example, you are looking at a screen with 2 dimensions, which carry this information. Your eyes see in 2 dimensions but put together with both eyes a 3D representation of reality. A black hole stores all its information in its surface. This ‘Holographic principle’, has enormous consequences for our understanding of the Universe.

Since as it happens, there are only 3 varieties of ‘bidimensional’ geometries that move (called for that reason ‘topologies’).

Thus all systems can only have 3 kind of parts: Hyperbolic, lineal limbs and fields that provide energy and move the system (biological/physical jargon); toroid bodies waves that iterate/reproduce it, and spherical membranes which enclose the system and ‘sense’ the Universe around, mirroring it in an internal ‘infinitesimal zero point’ or informative mind that controls the whole organism. In the graph, atoms, seeds, planets, cells and bosons show those 3 similar topologic structures. This similarity is called an ‘isomorphism’, iso=equal, morph=form.

The Ternary Principle. From 3 to 3×3+i.

Those 3 isomorphisms, organic topologies, ages and actions, is the core of reality, the generator equation, ∑(Es<=>To)i±4, the logic instrument to study dynamically the causal flows of energy and information that create those topologic forms, move them through life-death world cycles by the actions they perform. And this simple fractal generator that encodes in its symbols all the elements of reality, iterated ad infinitum, studied with more and more detail is the relational scalar, fractal model of space-time planes, which Mr. Leibniz first thought of 300 years ago, and the rest of the article and the web to which its links connect explain with growing detail.

Now in what it follows we will go in detail about those 3 isomorphisms, the 2nd one of 2-manifold topologies, the 3rd one of 3 ages and the 5th one of actions…And then summarise them for all species of those i±4 planes of existence, to prove that ALL follow the same isomorphisms because ALL is made of scalar planes of space-time, ‘ALL points are a world in itself’ as Leibniz thought.

But you will notice there are 10 isomorphisms. The practical fact is that the other 7 derived from the 3 master ones help a lot to study in detail reality, so we do NOT crowd our analysis. They are elements taken from the 3 fundamental isomorphisms of space, time and scalar planes (what we are made of, hence what we have in common with all), to make more detailed the analysis.

So we study also the isomorphism of the equivalence between Space and energy, Time and information, the 4 elements of existence, exi=st (the first isomorphism) to understand better space, time energy and information and the relationship between them.

Then we study space-time bidimensional topologies in its 3 hyperbolic, toroid, spherical STe,r,o varieties (2nd isomorphism) and the 3rd isomorphism of 3 time ages (the reader could see i ordered them for mnemonic reference with ‘numbers’ related to the ismorphisms: 1 existence, 2 bidimensinal ST topologies, 3 ages, etc.)

So next we move after those 3 ST-related isomorphisms, to 3 i-scalar related isomorphism:

the 4th isomorphism of i±4 planes of existence to which we relate through:

the 5th isomorphism of 5 actions, which define our ‘treatment’ of the

6 classes of beings we interact with from forces to societies and the world (6th isomorphism)

And so to formalise all this in a coherent manner and relate it to classic science, we have the 7th isomorphism, which studies the 7 type of quantitative constants and partial equations of the Fractal Generator, which convert all those actions and dimensional symmetries in hard science and explains the equations and laws of all other sciences, as each science is merely the study of a plane of space-time and its species, from where it deduces its forms, events and laws of exchange of energy and information and constant proportions and ratios of exchange, all of them mere manifestations of the aforementioned isomorphisms:

5th dimension informative scale
The fundamental ”planes of space-times’ are shown in the graph. The site studies the isomorphic laws of each scale of space-time and then each of its scientific scales grouped in those ‘scalar planes.

So the 8th isomorphism of ‘creation’ studies how all those space and time dimensions and ages and planes of existence combine through the duality of gender (female, informative poles and male energetic ones) and the ternary principle of dimensions, and the 4 major actions (as i-4 motion is a ‘given’, invisible to us), to encode reality and generate its diversity. This is the game of creation coded by 2 genders, which we find in all system with a pole of information and one of energy (proton-electron; black hole-star; male-female, etc.), 3 ternary topologies code the structure of all beings and its 6 primary varieties (according to primacy, i.e. topological linguistic divides all languages in vso, vos, sov, svo, ovs, osv, 6 type of physologies explain the varieties of chordates, etc.) and ages, and 4 action numbers (so 4 quantum numbers code the 4 actions of electrons, the principal, its energy and motion, the secondary its form and information the magnetic its social structure and the spin its gender and decoupling=reproduction; 4 letters of genes code life organisms, 4 drives of existence, feeding, perceiving, reproducing and evolving socially code life behaviour, 4 maxwell equations the behaviour of electromagnetism and so on).

You see why we needed more isomorphisms. We can now once we now the 3 principal space, time and planes of existence, see unfolding the beauty of the ‘most perfect of worlds’ in words of Leibniz in front of our eyes, ‘creation’ but not of a personal God, but much more closer to eastern religions, ‘Existence is not the evident but the game of combination of yin-information and yang-energy that creates the 10 thousand beings’. Master Lao new better. Master leibniz knew better.

Since now we have the 9th isomorphism, the game of 3 languages of social evolution, which make systems transcend and emerge from the individual Sº =1 being, through the S1 1-1o family and so on to the S10, billion cells/atoms/stars organism.

This social evolution which is an isomorphism of social groups of space-time that evolve through spatial geographical languages (density of space, herds of hunting energy, make beings come together), through temporal, genetic languages clone beings come together into generational systems (families, tribes, etc.) and through a complex STi languages (nervous, gravitational, verbal languages allow the creation of much more sophisticated organisms), will finally emerge and complete the process of creation giving birth to an i+1 new plane of existence, millions of force quanta create a particle and atom, millions of them create a DNA molecule and crystal, millions of them create a cell and then an organism and planet and star and galaxy…

All thus is explain with this 3 x 3 game of isomorphisms. But wait… something is missing. Who performs those actions? who moves the Universe? Ah, Master aristotle, that man so admired by Leibniz who said ‘we are all Gods’, and God is an unmoved point that moves all the energy around i=ts self, that mind so despised by the simpleton newtonian physicists with its childish worldview, knew better. So the 10th isomorphism studies the Fractal points that store a world in themselves, the atman knots of communication, of infinite flows of energy and information, the monads, the souls, the zero-point.

Now, this sounds mystical but it is not. there is an equation for it, aforementioned:

O(point-mind) x infinite (world) = Constant universe.

Since 0 x infinite is a constant, but we do not know which one… many of them.

So the 10th isomorphism gives way to the next level of understanding of iST, isomorphic scalar planes of space-time, Non-Non-Euclidean geometry. Since those zero points are fractal points, defined by the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry that started Einstein’s revolution when he applied it to the Universe: points with breath which allow infinite parallels of energy and information to cross them, points which are a world in itself when we come closer to them.

Thus in the second sentence we explain the fundamental sets of similar laws that all ‘scientific’ scales follow, or 10 isomorphisms, which in the future, when GiST becomes the philosophy and formalism that unifies all sciences, will be the way we shall study a given ‘species’ by considering in detail its 10 isomorphisms and the set of laws of each of them, which the species follow, as a ‘variety’ of isomorphic scalar space-time.

The Isomorphism of its 3 space dimensions, time dimensions, 10 social scales and relation with the 9 i-planes known to man. Basically here we ‘define’ a system in its relative i-point with its fundamental parameters. As each system will define its ‘energy, information, world, force etc.’ in relationship to its relative point within the entire Universe. So once we know the i-scale of the being, we shall know that he will socialise, ∆i, in its i-scale, reproduce through seminal cells in the i-1 scale, obtain its energy from i-2 quanta, its information from i-3 bits, and its force of motion from i-4 force.  And we thus define for each particle those elements.

Of course, we do so now without encasing those phenomena within the iST order. But remember we are giving you the WHYS of all beings, phenomena, events and forms. That is what iST is; a theory that orders all the knowledge of mankind. So we know why we obtain our i-4 gravitational force of motion, our i-3 electronic bits of informative perception, our i-2 amino acids of structural cellular energy, our i-1 seminal seeds and socialise with individuals as we are.

Then we study in different sections those isomorphisms,in detail:

– The 2nd isomorphism of the 3 topologies in Space.

– The 3rd isomorphism of the 3±i ages of time.

– The 4th isomorphism of the 10 up to 10-13 scales of social organization

– The isomorphism of the 5 actions of all systems- the will or program of the universe, which all systems follow as all ∆its speed, Vi-4, its perception, Oi-3, its energy, Ei-2, reproduce, Ri-2 and evolve socially Si.

-The quantitative 6th isomorphism of Universal constants and vital constants, which are ratios and symmetries between those dimensions, planes, social scales and actions of Spatial energy and temporal information, which fully connects iST with the standard formalism of all sciences. That is, here we derive the equations of each science from the generator equation or metrics of the 5th dimension, by defining particular equations as cases of the equations of the previous isomorphisms.

Those universal constant seek to find a balance that favours the ‘present, reproductive body i-scale’, anchoring past energy and future information in an immortal reality.

And so philosophically the Universe seeks a balance, E=O, which is the equation of beauty and immortality.

The next graph explains briefly with the ‘existential equations’ derived of 5th dimension metrics, the scalar structure of the Universe and the topological organisation of all its systems.


The graph explain the ternary structure of all systems of spatial energy and temporal Information of the Universe, made with ‘lineal limbs/fields of energy; spherical heads/particles that gauge information’ and its bodies/waves that combine both, creating ‘stable systems’  that try to survive with actions that maximise those 3 ‘elements’ and socialise in larger, synchronic groups that form larger social planes of existence; ∑individuals = i+1 Universals; to increase their  existential power.




And so we are equipped with the underlying laws, functions, forms and actions of all systems and we can now, ‘knowing the thoughts’ of God, as Einstein put it, ‘take care of its details’ describing all its systems across all its main…

-9Ps:  1Force  2Atom   3Mol   4Cell    4Matter    5I      5Organ    61Gaia    62World   63Stock   7Star   8Galaxy   9Cosmos

We then have to deal with the Unification equation of the first and 9th scale, atoms and galaxies, which have the same metric equations, when we translate the jargon of electromagnetism to that of gravitation. And so we enter into metaphysics: is each atom self-similar (but not equal) to a galaxy of an infinite scalar universe, limited only by our perception of it? Or are those limits real?

This ushers us in GiST  the part we left behind – the philosophy of isomorphic scalar space-times.

Here we shall study metaphysical themes such as perception, the zero-point STo, spherical mind and the self that integrates all wholes.

Since all systems always display a ‘zero point’ particle, centre of gravity, crystal, eye, cpu or brain where the mind sees the whole and emerges into a higher i+1 scale, as a 10th unit of a bigger social  scale.

We thus deal here with the ‘General systems’ philosophy of an organic universe, finally answering the key question of mankind and the ‘social consequences’ of GST from the perspective of our future – since there is indeed an entire sociological, economic and political theory derived of it, treated in the section of ‘Man’ and other web called http://www.economicstruth.com (-;

Still we will consider here some basic concepts of social sciences in the last planes of life – namely the super organisms of social humanity and its counterpart, the super organisms of machines.



Its application to social sciences.

Since what will be a surprise for many readers, is the fact that GiST also  explains with the same metrics, the nature of all religions and human arts. Since religions born in the ‘seminal mind’ of the prophet, expanded through its believers in a ‘radiation’ of equal memes (not genes, but memes, which are the ‘informative carriers of the next i+1 scale of human social organisation) act as the social code that makes possible the creation of super organisms of history civilisations. Thus the books of revelation of religions are  verbal, ethic mandates of social love, that utter in human verbal languages the isomorphic laws of eusocial evolution, proper of all systems.

They are the collective subconscious ‘mind’ of a human super organism. And as it happens with DNA, what matters is the capacity to put together believers into eusocial love mood, to become a single super organism. They are as such, the temporal, verbal mind of civilisations, while art and its 3 ‘age-styles’ are the visual collective mind, and ultimate proof of the existence of i+1 social super organisms:


5th best human

Now the graph shows the generic application of the main isomorphisms of the Universe, its 3 ages, and topologies, and actions, which apply also to the super organism of History and history itself that went through the 3 ages of the Earth (I Earth: Gaia> II Earth: History> III Earth: Mechanocene).

Conclusion: The Universe is indeed an organism of infinite fractal scales, with the same value.

Let us thus end as we begun, after this brief resume of iST and GST discussing again the key philosophical question about all those scales and its systems, the parts of the whole Universe.

What are systems: Organisms or Mechanisms?

They are organisms, but the model of organisms is more complex and took more time to formalise, that is why we have used for so long the concept of mechanisms. The model was there in eastern philosophies mainly, but it was not easy to convert in hard science which is what this blog will do.

In that sense humans have always had 2 different philosophies of the Universe:

—   One is called mechanism. It considers all what exists a machine, including the human being, the Universe and of course machinesmechanism is the official philosophy of our technological civilization. It was developed initially by Galileo, whose real-life profession was that of an engineer of military devices, working for the princely salary of 1000 ducats a year for the Arsenal of Venice. Galileo was a mechanic, who started to philosophize about the Universe, departing from his job.

Thus, he took the instruments of his work as the models for his cosmogony, in which the universe was compared no longer with a human organism but with a machine. Today mechanism is still the main philosophy of economics and Physics—the 2 sciences that manufacturemachines—not because mechanism is the truth of the Universe, but because machines gave power and power imposed those ideologies to the rest of mankind.

So scientists made of the machine the ‘idol of the human tribe’ that established our superiority over Nature and all organic philosophies of knowledge. Galileo’s idea that the Universe had to be observed with machines, telescopes, today evolved into cameras and clocks, today evolved into computers, instead of human senses, eyes and verbal words that describe time with past, present and future verbs, however degraded the mental organs of human beings to a secondary status.

Soon, the Universe became modeled no longer as a complex organism but as a mechanism and man became an imperfect machine, (instead of considering machines imperfect organisms): ‘I should like you to consider that these functions (including passion, memory and imagination) follow from the mere arrangement of the machine’s organs every bit as naturally as the movements of a clock or other automaton follow from the arrangement of its counter-weights and wheels.’ (Descartes, Treatise on Man).It was a radical change in history of thought. Since mechanism created the world we live in. Because all other ideologiescapitalism, techno-utopias, even Marxism, come from mechanism, the belief in the machine as the measure of all things.

—  The other great philosophy of the Universe is called organicism, as it considers all what exists an organism, the human being first, made to the image of the Universe also an organism, whose biological mind – the laws of organic science—we might call in mythic terms God.

Organicism considers the machine also a primitive evolving organism that will become one when robots acquire Artificial Intelligence. Organicism was the dominant doctrine of mankind during most of our existence, till the Industrial Revolution changed the paradigm. But precisely, because machines are becoming ‘organic’, suddenly organicism has become all the rage – as engineers study biology to replicate organic systems in machines. And so, paradoxically, the III Millennium will witness the final victory of organicism over simplistic mechanism, as the Earth, Gaia and ‘her new inhabitants’; machines, become organic beings.

Indeed, it is only now in the XXI century when science and mathematics (fractals, non Euclidean and chaos theory) has reached a level of sophistication that allows us to return to an organic, more complex vision of the universe. And the key to that advanced philosophy is in the understanding of the bidimensional topologies of the organic parts of systems and its ages in time. So we shall end this post with a wider analysis of those topologies.

Universal Systems made of Energetic Limbs< (Reproductive waves-bodies) > informative brains:

Energy and information are the 2 primary elements of the Universe. Their properties and interactions studied by the science of complexity, are inverse: Energy is spatial, big, mobile,  lineal, destructive, as bodies and weapons are; information is temporal, small cyclical, still, perceptive, creative, as brains and eyes are. In the graph the 2 primary elements of the Universe, energy and information, mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems. In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘bodies and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

From these simple facts of universal morphology, applied to human beings and metal, we can classify ‘objects’ and human organs, as energetic, lineal systems, or as cyclical, informative systems that combine into complex organisms:

—  Energy organs are lineal systems with minimal ‘form’ that kill, simplifying information into energy. Thus, a field of energy, released by a physical particle or an energetic weapon, such as a sword or a missile and a top predator, energetic animal, such as a lion, will have both lineal forms and kill, destroy the in-form-ation of their ‘preys’.

—  In-form-ative organs create form and trans-form energy into languages that map out ‘reality’ with formal ‘bits’. Those bits are smaller symbols, which form images in the brain that represent reality and help to simulate reality ‘faster’, in ‘lesser space’, the ‘future’ cycles of reality, anticipating them.

Then, according to those ‘logic’ simulations of the future, heads will move and direct energy bodies towards sources of energy and information. So any system that ‘gauges’, measures and reacts, is an informative organ, regardless of the specific language it uses to gauge reality. A chip measures with numbers reality, a man with words, an atom with electro-magnetic ‘bosons’; yet the 3 act-react to their measures. So they all are informative organs.

—  Reproductive organs repeat informative and energetic organs, by absorbing energy and ‘imprinting’ it with its particular in-form-ation. Thus, human mothers and company-mothers of machines are both reproductive organs. Even the simplest particles of the Universe, quarks and electrons, absorb energy and emit new particles, small quarks and electrons, with the same form that the parental particle.

So in fact, we have come to the objective conclusion that all systems of the Universe have organic properties. Since even its simplest entities, quarks and electrons that form atoms do absorb energy, gauge information and reproduce, the 3 ‘properties’ of life.

It is a revolution on the making, which this web brings to social sciences, with the minimal mathematical rigor needeed to fully grasp its scientific principles and so we have to introduce some more complex concepts of time, energy and information that those used by physicists to fully grasp the organic paradigm from where Bio-economics and Bio-History, the 2 new disciplines explained in this web depart.


Thus, the Universe must be defined not as a mechanism but as a complex organic system, made of organic atoms, which can combine to create many different complex organisms, including company-mothers that reproduce machines, atoms that reproduce quarks, electrons and forces and mothers that reproduce kids. The difference between all those species is not one of ‘quality’ but of quantity and complexity of their organs of energy and information, which determine their survival chances and status as top predators of any ecosystem.

The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human, energetic bodies. Both compete in a war and the ‘metal-energy’ species wins and kills us, causing the biological process of death. So weapons are lethal, machines and should be repressed as we repress biological predators and killing virus. company-mothers also compete with human cultures for the control of mankind and the creation of a world madee to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines.

Yet Mechanism affirms that machines are objects that do not influence or compete with humanity. So, if some ‘collateral effect’ happens, our death, or the ddestructionn of gaia, the life superorganism by machines, it must be blamed on humans.

This of course is false: the only difference between organisms and machines is that organisms possess both, a body and a head or particle of information. On the other hand, machines normally have only one of both elements in perpetual balance. They are either dominant in informative systems (computers, TVs), or energy systems (weapons, transports). As such they don’t switch behavior, becoming first informing heads and then moving bodies, as biological life does. . .  till the arrival of robots.

Thus, classic machines are predictable, reliable and their simplicity makes them efficient.

If a mechanism is a system that has only information and energy organs, an organism has both systems and so it is able to reproduce by combining its energy and information into a replica of itself. In that regard, the reproductive organism of machines is today the company-mother that reproduces them with the aid of informative metal (money) and machines (chips), energetic machines and human workers that act as catalysts and re=producers of those machines.

And because we live all in a planet of limited resources, machines and life increasingly compete to reproduce the limited energy and information of this planet. So a series of vital relationships of symbiosis and predation between carbon-life and machines take place, despite the stubborn denial of ‘mechanism’, the ideology of scientists that make those machines.

Of course mechanism argues ‘ad eternal’ that computers will never be able to process information better than our brains, but the fact is they already do and that is why they displace workers. We can build computers that process the same information our brains process, encoded in numbers, with a few atoms of gold, while our brains need very complex masses of carbohydrates that move 3 million times slower than photonic chips do. The creators of intelligent computers are today the stars of scientific media. They are funded by the scions of ‘money and weapons’ of our society, Wall Street and DARPA, the robotic arm of the Pentagon.

Sadly enough our economic ecosystem is interested in metallic brains more powerful than ours. Why? Because we have created a series of myths and ideologies, along the historic path of evolution of metal that justify the creation of all types of machines, according to the ethic values of our ‘Technological civilization’, which consider all machines positive to mankind regardless of their lethal use.

The change of paradigm, from a World in which man was the measure of all things, to a world in which the machine and its evolution became the engine of history, can be traced to the discovery of clocks and telescopes that made obsolete human eyes and verbal words, which had been till then our biological senses of space and time. They also brought about the ‘mechanist’ ideology of science that denies an organic Universe, built to the resemblance and likeness of man. Yet, in fact, a mechanism is a simplified organism.

Mechanism, as a philosophy of the Universe, is a simplification of the organic cosmos. Since a mechanism is just a deconstructed organism that has only energy or information organs; while Nature’s organisms are made with both, energetic systems (called bodies in Biology, machines in economics, and fields of forces in matter) and information systems (called heads in Biology,money in economics and atomic particles in matter).

Indeed, the Universe turns out to be dual, based in systems that can handle and switch, in ‘feed-back cycles’, between the arrow of energy and the arrow of information.

This is the fundamental law of quantum physics, called the Principle of Complementarity between informative particles and energetic fields (so not single particles or pure fields of energy

In Biology it is called the Complementarity between heads/cellular nuclei of information and bodies/cells of energy, or between female, informative, perceptive beings and males, specialized energetic sub-species. Thus, most life systems have genders and all life systems have bodies with heads or cells with informative nuclei. Since heads without bodies or bodies without heads don’t exist as living species, according to the Complementarity Law.

Thus, classic machines need humans to reproduce and act as information or energetic systems, since they are incomplete beings. And so a symbiosis between classic machines and humans exist and it is beneficial to man, because it is based in the human, mental control of machines.

Yet that symbiosis no longer holds as machines will become soon in the singularity age, organic, autonomous robots which don’t require a human being to work and will be able to consume other machines. So robots compete with humans, as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers that use other machines: Workers in the age of the singularity are becoming obsolete to robots and software systems, in a process that is causing the biggest wave of unemployment since the creation of assembly lines in the 1920s.

Absolute relativity.

Finally, we must consider a philosophical fact, which has always dragged organic models of the Universe; Anthropomorphism. Humans like to be the centre of the universe. And yet the 4th paradigm will puts them a little further away.

Indeed, I have also called the metrics of the 5th dimension, ‘Absolute Relativity’, since it puts man a notch further into the objective minimalism of true science.

– If the first paradigm of knowledge, religion put us in the centre of reality, both in space (the centre of the Universe) in time (the immutable, perfect species) and in scales (the most important plane of reality) with all its myths.

-The second paradigm, that of Copernicus removed us Copernicus from the centre of the Universe in Space.

-The 3rd paradigm that of Darwin took us from the centre of Time, just a moment in the constant evolution and devolution of form.

-Thus man only needed to be removed from the centre of the Universe in its relative planes of spatial size and temporal information. And this is what the metrics of the 5th dimension does. We are just ‘dust of space-time’, a mush over a rock lost in the corner of the Universe (Schopenhauer). We are a speck of space-time lost in one of the infinite planes of the 5th dimension.

This philosophical reason of course explains why since the times of Leibniz this more ‘complex’ model of planes of space-time as opposed to the simples single space-time continuum of single clock measures that tell us so little about the whys of the Universe, never carried the day. It is called anthropomorphism. If each point of each plane of discontinuous space-time is a world in itself, and all those  planes are organised as organic systems, we humans and ‘carbon-life’ made of carbon atoms, are nothing special.

The Universe becomes absolutely relative. So a Universe of fractal scalar planes of space time is an objective philosophy that displaces further away man, from the centre of the Universe, in a 3rd step, after the Copernican Revolution (the Earth no longer the center) and the Darwinian Revolution (man no longer chosen of God).  Since now man no longer inhabits the only space-time continuum. But he is just a member of one of the infinite relative scales of size and information of the fractal Universe.

Barcelona 2015, Luis Sancho, a Philosopher of Science


Note 21. We call all the planes of space-time the 5th dimension, because we respect the concept of grouping the 3 dimensional ages of time, past, present and future, as the 4th dimension of ‘lineal duration’ so we call the dimension of all the planes of space, the 5th. It would be though more proper given the symmetry between past, length= entropy; present-repetition= width, and future, form=height, to call each time age a dimension, and then to consider that in each plane of space-time there are 6 dimensions.

But this would make the whole thing full of ‘dimensions’, so I prefer to use the concept of time ages and space-time planes, and 4th and 5th dimension for the ‘time being.

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