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5D Organic Universe





 Introduction. Trouble with human physicists, ego paradox, entropy ‘jobs’ and creationism.

I. 5D² S=T.  


§@≈ð: Physical systems: The organic Universe and its 5 dimensions in a nutshell. 

T.Œ: Epistemology: The organic Universe

@ Humind: Creationism in Physics vs. space-time philosophy of  5D².

3 arrows of timespace: motion + information=energy.

Å: 5 Organic actions: quanta of space-time

4D: entropy.

5D: social evolution, the scales of Physical Supœrganisms:

  ∆§cales ∆-1: quantum photons & atoms, ∆º: thermodynamic, Magnetic matter  ∆+1: gravitational galaxies.


Conclusion: ∆@s≈t beings: the fractal, informative, organic Universe.



The fractal organic Universe.

The Universe has 3 properties which our simplified single time-space continuum misses: because it is made of scales it is organic, as those scales transfer energy and information between them, creating networks and organic structures; because it is made of similar beings, is mathematical as a number is just a society of undistinguishable clones, because it is made of space, it is ternary and topological, as space is a geometry of 3 topologies, planes, spheres and hyperboles, and finally because it is made of motions=changes=times, NOT of space=form, a Maya of the senses, it is temporal, in constant flow of motion, but also sentient, as our still perception of it, is a ‘mental, still, linguistic, formal image’ which happens also in other singularity (crystal images in physics, still seeds of information in life). All those properties that are inherent to reality – organic scalar structures, topological, ternary geometries, temporal motions through 3 ages of existence and sentient linguistic still singularities make a complex fascinating reality we shall describe in this blog with multiple different languages, as each monad/singularity maps the Universe in its mirror image with a different biased perspective.

We hold then as a self-evident truth, even if we cannot see within the singularities of eddies, charges and masses, knowing though that time-motion comes to zero in the center of black holes (Einstein’s equations), vortices and charges that physical systems do hold mirror images of mathematical, geometry nature which in an automated manner guide physical systems through its potential fields in which they feed, as wave-particle organisms akin to the body-heads of biology, as all systems are made of vital space-energy and informative particles, whose spherical form stores maximal information in minimal space. It is also quite likely that the Universe is sentient as we are also made of vital space bodies and informative heads which sense; so the properties of our spacetime organisms must be shared by any other atomic species, as we show below. Indeed, the unit of life seems to be NOT the carbon atom but the particles, quarks and electrons that host the properties of life, reproduction, feeding, gauging of information, motion and social, magnetic evolution. Below an image of different fractal organisms in the Universe in different scales:

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces spatial in=formation (§@) over temporal energy (∆ð) and then self-organizes networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality.

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal system that reproduces spatial information and temporal energy, carried in the cycles and forms of its clocks of time in multiple scales of spatial size.

Now the essential change of paradigm from absolute spacetime to relational spacetime is simple and everything else follows from it: what Newton called absolute space-time IS NOT. It is a mathematical artifact, a pen and paper ‘cartesian graph’ drawing, physicists used to map out reality and do calculations but it does NOT exist in reality. Do you see a Cartesian graph in the background of the vital spaces occupied by beings? No. Physicists have probe down to the scale of strings and they have never found the ‘lines’ of the lineal time and cartesian space, they draw in their papers ts, ts… So space must be the sum of all the discontinuous vital spaces, occupied by different beings. And they have never found an ‘immortal being’ which would not follow a ‘world cycle’ of life and death… All is generated in a point of past and dies in a point of future. So the infinite line of single time of the Cartesian graph is missing. ts, ts… 

Hence the need to change paradigm from an abstract single space-time continuous background, which Newton merely took from the abstract mathematical Cartesian Plane that became in his ‘delirium tremens’, the ‘Plenum=body of God’ – the dependent background against which all motions were measured, into what physicists without better understanding call a background independent theory of science (meaning no background at all):

In Newton’s cosmos, space and time provide a fixed, immutable and eternal background, with respect to which particles move. Space and time are a stage. Like actors on that stage, particles move, exert forces onto each other and generally act out the drama of dynamics, while the stage itself does not change. This is sketched in the illustration. There, we see objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, but there is also a fixed background structure, space, which is just as real, pictured here as a lattice of intersecting lines. Newton’s view of the universe is manifestly background dependent – whether or not a particle is moving or at rest is determined in relation to Newton’s absolute space and time – the plenum/body of God, which of course must be immortal and last for ever, graphed ‘obviously’ to make it easier for the chosen to understand.

 A relational world without spatial background

But even in Newton’s day, there were philosophers like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who took a different stance. In modern parlance, theirs is a relationist point of view. For a relationist, there is no background of absolute space and time. The fundamental properties of the elementary entities consist entirely in relationships between those elementary entities. Time is nothing but changes in these relationships, and consists of nothing but the ordering of these changes. In the relationist version of the above illustration, only the objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, are real. The lattice has no independent existence. Even without the lattice, it does make sense to talk about the distance between two given objects.One of the fundamental discoveries of Einstein is that in our universe, there is indeed no fixed space-time background. In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which replaces Newton’s theory of mechanics and the gravitational force, the geometry of spacetime is not fixed. Instead it is an evolving, dynamical quantity. Physicists intent on describing our universe cannot just assume a given geometry. Instead, geometry is something that needs to be determined by solving certain equations that include all the effects of matter and energy.

But if space is what objects occupy that distance between the red square’s vital spade and the yellow ‘circle’ must have something. Horror vacuum comes then into place: indeed the Universe must be scalar. There must be very small parts between them, which we do not see. And that is what we have proved with microscopes – as we probe smaller distances forms with motion, spaces with time-motions appear and there it seems no limit to the fractal scales of the Universe.

But space and time do exist.

It is then necessary to conclude since absolute continuous time and space are merely a mathematical cartesian artefact on paper to study equations, but there is nowhere to be found, and yet we are CONSTANTLY existing as beings with a finite time and a finite extension in space, that WE ARE space and time, merely of a different kind to that of Newton: organic (ab.œ), scalar  (a. §) §paœ, and cyclical discontinuous time ‘lives… existences’ .

So as organic space-time beings co-existing in several scales, we do change also the word science for STienŒ, stienœs that describe the different space-time beings ordered by 5D metric:

4th and 5th dimensions∆±¡: Entropy & evolution. Its metric.

All those scales (ab.∆±¡) are topologically similar, differentiated only by the ‘speed or frequency’ at which they close their ‘time§pace clocks’ (closed paths that ad a bit of informative frequency every time they repeat their cycle, according to a simple metric rule for most ‘families of time§pace clocks’: Size in space x Time frequency =constant. As such we have an organic, fractal Universe with a 5th dimensional metric, Space Size x ðime frequency, which allows travel through it, opening a full new formalism to all sciences, which have not studied properly the information of those time clocks of different frequency and size as ‘an ecosystem with its own rule of laws, the laws of the fifth dimension of ‘informative speed’, as the herzian speed of time cycles are ruled by 5D metric.

In the graph, the Universe organises itself in co-existing scales of relative size in space and speed in its time clocks of information – a structural property that determines its organic nature, as those scales become symbiotic to each other, sharing through networks flows of energy and information. This fractal organic nature of reality was intuitively understood by all philosophers of science, which from Aristotle to Leibniz and Einstein conceived a pan psychic vital Universe, and man made to its image and likeness. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, a metric equation of the scalar space-time dimension of the Universe, applying it to the study of all systems, including human societies and machines – a task carried out in this blog. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time  is simple as all space-time metric are: Se (size-energy in space) x Ti (speed of time clocks-information processing) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms. It also allows systems to travel through its scales by growing in size, while diminishing in time speed, as we do from birth as a fast reproducing seminal cell which emerges with slower clocks as an organism, part of a superorganism, mother earth, which has even slower geological cycles:

The fifth dimension and its simple metric s x t = k, which define an infinite scalar universe remains unknown to huminds and so the limits of humind understanding of the laws of st¡ence qualifies most work done in terms of the big picture – philosophy of science – even more limited than the accurate details measured and transcript with our instruments. The disomorphic laws between scales remain though a huge element without which any understanding of reality will be sketchy.

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

Moreover a fractal repeats its forms in scales, and this co-existence of similar forms in scale ‘sharing motions’ of ‘energy’ and in-form-ation, is the definition of an organic life system. So the Organic, Fractal Universe produces naturally ‘life properties in beings’. A mathematical fractal has ‘scales of size’ which are self-similar as life does, from ecosystems to organisms to cells, or gravitational systems, from galaxies to stars to atoms. Moreover, the scales that are similar can be described mathematically as nested organisms, co-existing thanks to a peculiar mathematical property of its ‘speed of time clocks and information’, ðƒ, which DECREASES with the GROWTH of size in space (Sp).

Both parameters, spatial size and quantity of information can then be related by a simple Metric equation: Max. Spatial size = Min. speed of cyclical clocks of time that store its in-form-ation in the for and speed of its cycles.

So a chip the smaller it is the faster it process information in its digital clock-cycles. A particle, the smaller it is the faster it turns. So happens with a cosmic body. So black holes turn in the event horizon at light speed. A ray of light with higher frequency of information has smaller wave lengths, a planet closer to the sun turns faster; a smaller animal has faster metabolic rates.

CONCLUSION. The living Universe denied by human anthropomorphism.
Before we enter into the knots and bolts, to state that the Universe is a living organism, both in its whole and its parts, and the proofs are so overwhelming that the question to answer is why humans deny it. Indeed, quarks and electrons reproduce constantly when absorbing energy decoupling as cells do into new quarks and electrons, they feed on forces, they associate through magnetic forces, they process and gauge information, and those ARE the actions we define as vital actions, drives of life. The minimal perceived species of the Universe are thus living organisms. And as we shall show their quantifiers and parameters make of atoms and galaxies, isomorphic species. So galaxies must be the unit of a higher game of scales, and also organic, and we shall model them completely in organic terms, besides clarifying its mathematical equations.
So the problem is NOT the organic Universe but the ego of man, as we repeat everywhere in this blog.
Against that ego i cannot do much. It is of course a tragedy (because AI machines will also be organic and compete and kill us). But as an objective scientist, i cannot ‘reason’ such emotional fog.
The fact is the human ego prevents US from ‘reasoning’ about OUR isomorphic nature with any other TOE.
And it makes us completely disregard those properties, which we will explain here – even if i don’t think i can change the human ‘infinite stupidity’, confronting the ‘infinite Universe’ (Einstein).
Let us be clear enough. I can only hold admiration from the great geniuses of quantum physics and relativity of the earlier XX c. and its mathematical counterparts (Hilbert, Riemann, Neumann). AND THE astounding precision of its deterministic analysis of the behaviour of particles. Fair Enough. But the beauty of the mathematical mirror they have constructed is NOT the end of it – it is the end of its praxis, but a philosopher of science must interpret further those findings or else as it is today the case, all becomes an automaton process of calculus.
Where the whys are not explained unless we accept the ‘creationist religion of mathematics and reduce the Universe to a mechanical magic behaviour, which suits the ‘ego’ of humans but halts as it has been the case our comprehension of the Universe.
A limit though to the work of a single, old, sick man as this who writes is my own timeline and the need to deal with ALL STIENCES at a level first that any interested university humind of any discipline can understand.
This is not a blog done to impress physicists, even if i know they are the high popes of our technological civilisation, but an attempt before my many sicknesses send me into oblivion to leave a trace of the space-time Universe and ALL its species in a mind mirror that can be reconstructed by humans or AI if/when the present dark ages of childish ego-trips ends and re-focus the mirrors of the mind in the reality as it is. So we try to be simpler and use the Rashomon effect and the Disomorphic kaleidoscopic views available within it.
Thus we have first considered the basic dualities between cyclical time and lineal space, whole planes and scalar parts, departing from the first misunderstood discovery physicists – the fact that we see the earth still with our mind, despite knowing it is moving.
The organic view of the 3 parts of the being together, which in physical systems are the potentials, waves and particles IS what form its physical organisms. 

Absolute relativity

All what exists being homologic by virtue of possessing the same Dimensions in its organic form, and living similar worldcycles, albeit self-centred in different scales of the fifth dimension of the scalar Universe is absolutely relative, in an infinite whole, in which all beings are limited to 3 organic scales, 3 ages of time and 3 adjacent forms of space:

Galileo & Newton errors: Lineal single Mathematical time invents a background space-time.

Physicists use mathematics as the language to explore the Univese, which is good as it is a language that mirrors reality with enormous synoptic logic efficiency and it is extremely good to picture space, with its fundamental element the point, which must be upgraded from Euclid’s abstract definition of a point with no breath into the fractal definition of a non-Euclidean point which allows infinite parallels to cross, as it GROWS in size when we come closer to it BECOMING a whole being, star, cell, or individual. Once this correction is done we shall advance very fast on our sections of mathematical physics to explain all the equations with a more meaningful content.

This said because physicists IGNORE the fractal point, even if Einstein used it in a simpler version (Riemann) to study the geometry of the ‘enlarged’ gravitational world – when he used non-e geometry – they have a lot of errors in their understanding of physics, starting obviously by its ‘point-particles’, which enlarged will hold a lot of time cycles, aka strings closed and spaces-distances-lineal motion strings.

But so far they have no idea on how to do this. So what they did, as they believe maths is the only language and it is better described with a cartesian graph, is to convert the cartesian continuous graph of maths into the REAL SPACETIME! And so since newton they think there is a background space-time, the cartesian graph over which God which is a mathematician, draws its beings. And of course, since the Universe is a fractal of space-time, once they have missed the fractal structure of non-e points, and reduced time to the ‘line’ of the cartesian graph, a single dimension of lineal time appeared and from then on, most physicists never quite got what they were talking about.

We have thus firs to explain this mathematical religion of physicists that confuses reality with mathematical artefacts It is also the origin of the biggest blunder regarding time-space – the belief that the abstract cartesian graph with its lineal time IS real and acts as an absolute background space-time over which we ‘draw’ all other beings as physicists draw its equations on that ‘graph’

In the next graph we see those mathematical artefacts of measure that deformed our vision of time. There are indeed infinite time clocks in the Universe, which enclose a vital space, NOT a single clock as Galileo and all physicists after him believed. Neither there is a background cartesian graph with infinite single time coordinates, but infinite beings performing its time cycles of existence. TIME thus is eternal because it is motion and cyclical motion so all forms will be repeated. Since events repeat in time cyclically or else there would not be patterns of science, change sometimes seems not to happen when things come to the same point. This is the present, closed, conservative energy cycle, which explains why ‘energy never dies, but trans-forms itself in different forms of in-formation and entropy’:

And finally there is the fact that the clocks of time of all species of Nature define different time speeds, as small systems run faster clocks, which also is not understood, since physicists used a mechanical clock to measure all other clocks equalising them.

In the graph we see schematically those elements of time which physicists still have not accounted for but rather deformed: the multiplicity of time clocks, unified with a single mechanical clock, the cyclic form of time clocks, which physicists elongated into a line, so they ended up believing there is not more than one time clock, that it is lineal and infinite extending to the whole universe and that it has no form in-form-ation in its cycles and frequencies.

In the graph we can see the resume of those errors: there are multiple time clocks in the Universe, defining a fractal Universe as those time clocks repeat their cycles, breaking space in an inner and outer region, (main topological theorem), and so we cannot make theories of all time changes as Hawking etc. do considering a single clock for the Universe – so no return to the past, as each time-clock goes its way.

Those time clocks are faster in smaller particles, so there is a fifth dimension that orders them all by speed according to size. There are closed time changes, which carry information in their frequency and form, waves that also repeat their information but expansive, disordered ‘memoriless’ ‘markowian processes’ of ‘entropy’ that erase information, and so we can talk of three timespace changes, the three arrows of time, and a fifth dimension of time, which orders all those clocks by speed that grows as we become smaller.

Dragging those errors for centuries, have halted human understanding of the essential principles of Nature.

It might surprise the reader to know then that ever since Newton and Galileo canonised lineal time physicists and by extension mankind lost its understanding of the modes of time=change of the Universe, reducing them to lineal measures of motion.

This didn’t bother them as their work has been – since Galileo invented the discipline to measure motions of cannonballs in space – the exhaustive analysis of motion and speed, to the point they reduced time the measure of all forms of change in all systems of reality, to a parameter of space, with a single, simplified formula: v=s/t, t=s/v.

So time in physics is NOT as in Nature, the measure and perception of change, but only of motion; which was understood and accepted as a limit to its science, which was defined in the XIX c. as the science of motion. Point.

Further on, physicists to measure motion, not only ‘reduced time≈change’ to a parameter of space (the so called 4 dimension of space which is NOT) giving birth to what we, philosophers of science, call ‘reductionism’ – his theory of reality; but they deformed 2 of the most obvious quality of the infinite ‘time clocks’ of the Universe:

-To be multiple, as there is one clock of time for each process of cyclical, repetitive change that happens in nature – circadian clocks in life, genetic clocks in cells, orbital clocks in planets, rotary clocks in electrons, etc. – to process and store the in-form-ation, in the dimensional form and cyclical frequency of its clocks. So for example, you measure the informative capacity of your computer in ‘gigahertzs where hertzs measure the frequency of its clocks. 

-To be cyclical, as all clocks are like those in your wall: repetitive cycles or events, origin of the ‘causal laws’ of science. Since a scientific law exists when we know a pattern or action will happen again, if its causes are repeated.

All this said, humans have committed a very obvious error on their perception of reality – to belief that their clock of time, the lineal mechanical systems deviced by Galileo are the only time of the Universe, just because we invent those clocks and used them to equalize all time cycles of reality. What would be then the image of the organic Universe when we straighten up the concepts of time? Let us have a look at. First a cycle of time has information, form in the frequency and form of the closed cycle. So we have to talk of two dimensions of time, lineal motion or lineal momentum and cyclical motion and angular momentum, but a third arrow of vital energy enclosed by the closed angular moment appears immediately. So SUDDENLY THE universe has 3 time arrows, which are not-surprisingly the 3 conserved parameters of reality.

Since physicists reduce the arrow of time=change to the entropy-only, lineal time locomotion, it is obvious their theories of reality will be biased to linearity, a single future and loose information and cyclical patterns.. This is the approach of western cultures, which distorts many of the philosophical conclusions of astrophysics.

Let us bring once more an image of the biggest ‘blunder’ of astrophysics as a philosophy of the Universe, precisely born of the use of a single arrow of time – entropy – the big bang ‘religious theory of creationism’ – the dogma, which no experimental evidence and sound scientific method seems able to debunk:

018-02-16 at 7.59.50 AM

The Universe is a fractal organism that reproduces information. From this simplex but profound definition of reality as it is to the simpleton locomotions of physicists who study only a time clock (their mechanical machines uncoiled into an infinite distance) and a single space (the pegging of all the fractal spaces defined by membranes of angular momentum) and disregarding all other scales with different time-speeds according to 5D metric; there is a huge mental gap of understanding of the ‘first principles of reality’ which makes so difficult to talk to physicists on physics. Attitude doesn’t help as the physicist believe with a religious zeal in the dogma of ‘time’ as ‘only’ the measure of ‘locomotion’ in open paths according to Galileo’s v=s/t equation, which must by decree establish the speed and lineal form of all time clocks of nature… not to speak of the ego paradox of man which blows all that regards to himself to stratospheric proportions – such is the case of Einstein’s work, merely an ad on to the v=s/t equation without radically changing its limited meaning. Time clocks in the Universe are infinite and they have 3 forms, steady state time flows, ‘clocks properly’, which repeat their form; attractive vortices (masses, charges, eddies) which are accelerated clocks according to the general equation of all vortices, Vo x Ro = C, and expansive, entropic uncoiling scattering lineal motions such as those of big-bangs and Galilean locomotions. Regarding big-bangs though as they imply the dissolution of information back into a lower ∆-¡ scale of the fifth dimension, we must account for them as motions in the 5th dimension and classy them by I-scale in Cosmic, galactic, stellar & atomic big bangs, the ‘entropic side’ of the ‘dual generator equation’ of physical systems in terms of its 3 ages and forms, Entropy < cc-energy > Mass (E=mc2 in classic physics)

The 3 principles of conservation.

Now for you to understand ‘fast’ what we mean by TIME-SPACE SUPERORGANISMS (ab. T.œ) consider an immediate picture of one of them, made of 3 parts, a vital energy enclosed by a cyclical membrane self-centred in  a linguistic mind that measures it and acts in an external world to ensure its survival. As it happens, in terms of physical systems, the Universe conserves exactly 3 quantities equivalent to those 3 systems, as all is made of them, albeit broken in a tapestry of infinite such T.œs:

  • Lineal momentum, which is the motion directed by the will of the S@-mind with its formal spatial mapping of reality, moving lineally to achieve its ‘actions of existence
  • Angular momentum, which is the cyclical membrane of the being, seen in motion as a time clock, ∆ð, that separates the being’s internal vital space-time from the outer world and creates its ‘standing form’
  • Energy, which is the vital space enclosed by the angular momentum that balances both, S@, minds with lineal momentum-actions and ð-cyclical membranes, equating them: S@≈∆ð.

Those 3 ‘conserved quantities’ broken therefore into infinite vital space-time organisms, put together as a puzzle, give us the 3 absolute space-time quantities of physics. And they form the 3 elements of the fundamental topology of the Universe, a closed ball, where the open ball or visible part is the vital energy, while the membrane and singularity point or mind in its center are considered ‘something else’. And as we move into larger scales we will find in all systems, a boundary from nations with borders to animals with skins, a mind-center or seed of information, from capitals and governments to DNA molecules; and in the middle a vital energy exploited by both, from military armies in the border and legal or financial informative people-castes in the capital exploiting the mass of population to black holes in the center of galaxies, enclosing a vital space of stars, with a halo of dark matter, likely strangelets, to use them as mitochondria of their reproduction, to your sensorial skin and brain exploiting your cells.

There is THEREFORE A VITAL ORGANIC PROPERTY TO THE 3 conserved fractal quantities of the Universe that ensemble into systems, and their properties are inverted regarding the ‘extended membrane of hardcore lineal proteins’ vs. the imploded singularity of informative warped DNA, which the middle vital energy pegs together.

So death is the ‘separation’ of those two parts after exhausting the vital energy, so the membrane detaches warps, wrinkles and the singularity mind returns to its memorial repetitions, while the vital energy dwindles and as an old man you get all skin and memories…

Reductionism vs. relational space-time. 

How physicists then can be so dumb? We have already explain it Simple. Because physicists have another huge ‘conceptual error’ in their analysis of reality. They do NOT think that reality is made of ‘its primary substances’, vital space with motion, which last a finite duration of cyclical time, whose geometric and logic properties, all entities of nature perceive with different languages of space-time measure – so for example humans measure space with eyes and perceive time with words  and its 3 ‘tenses’ of past, present and future, the 3 dimensions of time.

For physicists since the wrong interpretation of quantum physics became dogma, the language of mathematics creates reality, in a similar fashion to the theory of reality of abrahamic religions, in which ‘the word’ (arab in islam) creates reality. So god spoke arab and ‘created things naming them in arab’. For physicists god creates things uttering equations. And so Newton affirmed that a mathematical tool, the cartesian graph, in which the cycles of time had been uncoiled and fusion into a long line in the paper-axis, to measure better lineal motions (v=s/t) WAS THE ONLY CLOCK of time of the Universe, which became then ‘lineal, infinite and with the single beat of the mechanical clock’.

This astounding deformation of THE DEEP meanings of time, became a dogma, which facilitated measures of ‘motions in space’, to the extreme detail achieved by physicists and heralded as absolute genius – so when Einstein refined further this limited formula of time, to achieve even more exact measure of motions, he was considered the most intelligent man on earth.

FACT THOUGH is that measuring spatial distances and speeds IS not all what matters to reality; and ‘reductionism’ of time to space measuring negating all other ‘forms of change’, notably change in the in/form/ation of beings, studied by biology and evolution is a blunt error that has endured for centuries halting the understanding by mankind of those fundamental principles.

It ended up also creating an absurd theory of reality and the meaning of it all, called ‘entropy’ according to which since all changes in nature have been reduced to change in motion, all what exists is a constant growth of motion, and disorder; and the origin of it all is a big-bang of motion.

Never mind Darwin found that the true important form of change in nature is the opposite evolution of ‘form’ of in-form-ation. Physicists shunned off this other form of change=time and call it negantropy, the negation of entropy. Never mind Einstein, showed that ‘time curves space into masses’, the cyclical eddies of space that convert lineal space into cyclical accelerated time clocks, which create the physical information of nature, in vortices of time called galaxies, in which we live – reason why we are also ruled NOT by motions in space but by biological processes of growth and evolution of information.

They denied the other physical arrow of time, informative masses, and came up with an absurd theory, according to which Einstein was wrong and masses are NOT accelerated vortices of time (Principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass) but ‘again’ a collision between ‘something’ and a particle called the Higgs gave mass to the particle – no longer an intrinsic property of an eddie of time, which attracts as any eddie the faster it turns around in its cyclical clocks, but ‘something’ obtained by collisions. And finally they denied the most attractive, faster turning eddie of time, the black hole, and Hawking affirmed black holes are NOT vortices of time, because they ‘travel to the past’, and instead of attracting and dragging all what surrounds them to the vortex, as they move to the past, do exactly the inverse of what we see them doing – they evaporate and explode ‘again’ into a burst of entropy.

What is amazing about all this is perhaps not how blunt that philosophy of science is, but that mankind has rendered to it, just because physicists make machines and weapon that deliver entropy and motion. And so the fact that humans have lost all his wisdom about time, in their worship of machines, also cast serious doubts on the intelligence and ‘freedom of thought’ of our species.

Let us then start with the FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE of 5D² – the duality of dimensions of space-time, and the dualities of continuity vs. discontinuity, linearity vs. cyclicality, which are the ternary i-logic relationships.

IN THIS introduction we will merely enunciate some of the main aspects of 5D² physics to be treated in more complex 4th line posts.

The previous graphs, studied in depth of its details and data in other posts, as this one is more focused on the philosophy of physics, and what it truly tells us about the Universe, as opposed to what physicists think they tell us, comes to the basics of the problems with physics, sciences and huminds in general – its bias and subjective, subconscious choice of data to cater theory – making opinion above facts, increasingly the more so in the age in which thought is provided by the computer modeling: gravitation is here the 1/2 missed; and scaling the reality the human ego doesn’t want to renounce – that absurd belief our scale of reality is more important than any other scale. This is perhaps the 3rd element besides the errors of ‘continuous space’ and ‘single lineal time’ – the ego paradox – that most handicaps our intelligence observing reality; and it affects specially Physicists as it did before them, Priests, since both ultimately sponsor ‘creationist’ theories of the Universe, based in the ‘language they speak’:

Difference between Philosophy of science and Physicist’s worldview.

So to end this post, a small analysis of the HUGE gap between the work of a philosopher of science and that of physicists in the understanding of the Universe, as a game of singularities and its mirror languages, WHICH IS far more profound in the philosopher of science than the physicist because:

1) we both now the same maths (yes I know all their maths, perhaps not with the same absolute detail of Mr. Penrose but good enough to admire deeply the real masters and spot the faked ones – De Broglie NOT Bohr, Lindau NOT Hawking and so on… though of course I bitch about it)

2)But physicists after laughing at all ‘verbal thinkers’ from Aristotle to Darwin have no fuking idea what they talk about when they talk about TIME=MOTION=CHANGE MODES (of which there are 5-> ergo 5 dimensions), SPACE=motion stopped into simultaneous form by a mind (of which there are therefore also 5 Dimensions parallel to those of time) etc. etc. So all what they can do IS MAKE  machines then make MEASURES OF SPACE and time, PUT IT INTO EQUATIONS AND THEN talk with peanut brains bull$hit in verbal concept thought WHICH IS HOW HUMANS perceive the feeling of knowledge (cogito ergo sum, not vidi ergo sum). And there is where they mess because. THEN THEY CANNOT INTERPRET WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPTS THEIR EQUATIONS RIGHT.


Consider for example the trivial solution to the longest dispute of physicists between Bohr – the Universe is probabilistic and Einstein – the Universe is statistical. IT is a false argument, because in the ∆-3 quantum scale it is better described in probabilities of time and in the ∆-2 thermodynamic scale is best put in spatial terminology; because time is motion and quantum scales in 5D (s xt = k) is faster, than the larger slower, thermodynamic scale, which is better described with the equivalent spatial description:

So there IS no DISPUTE between Einstein and Bohr, the Universe is not EITHER probabilistic in time (the 0-1 mathematical unit sphere after normalization of parameters) OR STATISTICAL IN SPACE (the 1-∞ thermodynamic plane). BOTH ARE EQUIVALENT MATHEMATICAL FORMULATIONS (measure theory), the 1-∞ plane is better for slower LARGE thermodynamic ensembles that occupy more space. THE time o-1 description IS BETTER FOR faster ‘clocks of smaller particles’.

Since smaller time clocks close its cycles faster, HENCE their speed of time-processing of information is FASTER, reason why paradoxically our genes code our larger bodies, our memes code the planet earth, and quantum numbers code larger ensembles: SMALL IS CLEVERER…

5D scalar metric: smaller scales in space run faster time clocks, so both together S-izes x T(clocks) = Constant, are co-invariant: definition of a dimension of space-time, as per Klein’s XIX c. mathematician: ‘a dimension of space-time exists, when there is a mathematical metric equation that shows both parameters co-invariant, so we can move through them…

so we move through the 5th dimension of pace-time of scales, GROWING IN SIZE AND DIMINISHNG YOUR TIME CLOCKS, FROM BIRTH, AS A FAST SEED OF time, small in space, that slow downs its rhythms as it grows in size and emerges in this scale you call 4D space-time continuum… LIFE IS A TRAVEL through those SCALES of the fifth dimension… AND THAT IS THE MEANING OF ‘EXISTENCE AS A SPACE-TIME ORGANISM’, the ULTIMATE QUESTION to know…

i know thoughts of GodTHE REST ARE DETAILS.

Each of those details is then exactly the type of symmetry we used to explain the o-1 quantum sphere, MIRROR-MIND of the larger thermodynamic ensemble. Each still language perceives in itself ‘knows’ its codes, its images, and then projects it into the reality around. The DNA IS being in space. As your mind IS by virtue of the focus of its still image, an IMAGE IS PERCEPTION IN ITSELF, FOR EACH QUANTUM moment OF STOPPING PERCEPTION, then it IS WILL as it projects that stopped perception in a reversed symmetry in the local territory it orders.

  Introduction: mathematical physics and the 10 Dimensional Ðisomorphisms. 

In the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth, the knots of thought of huminds or the telepathic satellites of the metal-earth – the robomind, which no doubt of it, will FEEL conscious and obviously will look for this site ‘unificationtheory.com to understand the Universe as a sentient organism – something the shallow ego paradoxes of mankind prevent them to do.

Since then, if humans survive by creating a perfect super organism of history or robominds eliminate the retarded enzyman who evolves them without realizing it is building its demise, all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness.

And so the enormous beauty of the fractal Universe implies that any part regardless of size will have a relative singularity-point around which a hyperbolic body-wave will iterate its cyclical motions under the same ‘isomorphic laws’ of reality – and all of them will give us the essential laws or first principles regardless of size, with maximal detail of knowledge in the systems closer to us (biological systems) and maximal generalization in the most remote systems of minimal perception of form (Cosmological systems).


Since any of its physical, biological and social parts FOLLOWS the same laws. To study them we haver deviced a method based in the structural analysis of the five dimensions of any system through its Generator and its Rashomon ‘truths’ that considers 5D perspectives on any entity of space-time:

-The temporal perspective, the spatial perspective and its ∆§ planes and scales of existence, the singularity-mind perspective and its actions, the dynamic ‘a(nti)sysmmetric’ operandi of exchange of energy between them, ≈ ≥ >…

This view is more concerned with ‘structure’, with ‘algebra’, with ‘spatial form’, with the ‘superorganic simultaneous being’.

So for a more thorough analysis through the dynamic flows of time of which the ‘super organism’ is a still photography, we need a ‘generational’ perspective of the being from birth as a seed/mind that organizes and grows and emerge into a larger whole world, lives 3 ages and dies. And this view is the one we obtain with the study of the world cycle in greater detail through the Ðisomorphic method, departing from that seed, its generator, the ways it creates bidimensional fields and ternary networks to emerge as a whole being, which will live through its infinitesimal actions, accumulated into ages, 8 phases of a lifecycle, 3 ages, 10 social scales swimming across 9 planes…. Yes no numerology here. The astounding architectonical Universe is there for those who can see to admire and worship and study as IT IS with all its elements, even if they cannot be ‘measured’ with the clocks of physicists and its light c-rod.

And so we shall do the study of physics here as it will be taught in the future in time, on a dynamic manner, through the Ðisomorphic method.

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information and then self-organizes networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. This obvious fact observed in the graph – but denied by the ‘creationist’ entitled human beings who prefer to think they are  the only intelligent, living part of it to their own peril; makes it a ‘pan psychic’ organic system. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, applying it then to all systems, including human societies and machines.

The Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension).

Classic Physics pretended to be the highest ‘intensive science’ because it established a preferential origin in the lowest scales of reality of all what existed, which should determine all other scales of size and coming together of parts, according to the same set of laws. This is contested by the fractal Universe, as all the scales have slightly different set of laws. However there is a common ‘theme’ in all of them, which are the laws of super organisms and worldcycles common to all scales, whose perfect ideal forms space and time are rather mental; that is, ideal singularity mind-mappings then imprinted by each mind-language and program of survival in the Universal scales. As Mr. Anderson pointed out: The constructionist hypothesis breaks down when confronted with the twin difficulties of scale and complexity.

So the first conclusion we obtain from the analysis of the two new properties of space – scales, and time – 3 complex arrow to form a being, is an essential law of Nature highly contested by physicists and its ‘constructionist theory… which pretends the lowest scale is different and all others above are made with its laws. Above, a classic paper of the 70s already noticed that those 2 ‘properties’ of space – to be scalar, and time – to have multiple complex arrows of motion and future would determine that physics is NOT the fundamental ‘stience’ – all of them are, as all follow similar but not equal detail, since a fractal in each scale is ‘similar’ but different in the details, and yet the organic fractals of nature, as the simplified mirror-mind image in the mathematical language can be all generated by an identical ‘generator equation’, which describes its parts  and how the constant feed back motions and exchanges between them ‘generate’ new variations :


The Universe is an organism of space=form and time=motion; two parameters hardly understood by humans. In essence there are infinite ‘clock-like closed’ time cycles, which carry the in-form-ation of the Universe in the form and frequency of its closed cycles. Humans however equalize all those cycles of time space organisms with a single mechanical clock since Galileo and Kepler became in ‘awe’ of its mechanical discovery.

Reality of course is far more complex. The enormous number of different clocks with different speeds in the Universe require to study ‘new properties of all of them’. What those clocks of time have in common: to be closed cycles, hence to divide reality into an inner and outer region, to last in time, to conserve certain angular momentum-like quantities in the volume and speed of those cycles, and so on…

Properties mostly about forms-in-action, in-form-ations, motions with form.

How does a Universe of infinite time clocks of different size and speed relates to the present Universe in which all time clocks are equalized to the mechanical, clocks of metal-information, which were invented in the Middle Ages in Italy, and became the ONLY CLOCK-TIME OF THE UNIVERSE, once elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks).

Let us then start by describing the biggest blunder mankind has committed in the realm of knowledge: to simplify the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

Physicists reduced our information of the dimensions and modes of time cycles by uncoiling all time cycles, missing its form and frequency, to be able to equalize them all despite all its different speeds through the second standard of a mechanical clock. Then all its different speeds measured as mechanical time-clocks distances are pegged together as number of a line. Since Galileo pontified during its tenure of the chair of ballistic as the arsenal of Venice that entropic open motions as those he studied in cannonballsi is the only arrow of time. He fully destroyed our conceptual understanding of the infinite time space vital cycles of the Universe, its synchronous knots that form simultaneous supeorganisms, and the 3 vital parts of the time cycle, its membrane of conserved angular momentum, its focus or singularity for regular closed time cycles and the vital energy enclosed in them. Their dimensionalities are 2D-membrane, 1S-singularity, and 3D-volumen of enclosed energy. They become then the 3 conserved quantities, momentums and energy of the superoergansm of the Universe, broken in infinite pieces or ‘species’ of time-space

Physicists uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation…

humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time.

Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.

What physicists mostly do then is the study of ‘open locomotions’, translations in space, through ‘lineal inertia, or scattered, entropic paths’, of objects that move; AND WHAT they care about TO QUANTIFY in terms of ‘RODS OF MEASURE’ that speed of translation in open space, is of course part of time=motion=change studies but far less important than the qualities of ‘closed time paths of frequency and form, of information’ we shall study here.

In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’.

Naive realism WORKS only when we truly stop ‘thinking’ and inquiring about the ‘background meaning’ of all our concepts, from measure, to time, to space, to scales, to mathematical symbols and terms from waves to reproduction, from particle to information… and so on. We are though inquiring all those questions first. So first an immediate definition in conceptual terms: 

Space is simultaneous form and time, the larger concept motion. So Space is a slice of time, perceived in stillness. And the Universe is a fractal of motion and form. Yet as motion IS the ultimate substance, a motion that ‘repeats its form’ by definition is reproducing itself. Thus a fractal of motions with form is reproductive.

And this give us the 3 simplest conserved elements of reality, lineal motions (momentum), cyclical momentum and the vital energy reproduced between them.

A Universe of space forms and time motions.

All what you see around is a tapestry of forms that are moving (as motion is relative to the observer you will always be able to find a frame of reference in which the being moves) – nothing else is required to explain it all: ‘forms’, a concept closely related to the scientific concept of in/form/ation and ‘motion’, a concept closely related to the scientific term ‘entropy’.

Further on we can reduce reality to a single ‘element’, motion. Since when we observe any ‘form’ in detail at ‘smaller’ scales, the form also shows motion. Form in fact is merely a ‘very fast closed motion’ that seen without detail appears as a solid form. So all particles are closed motions. We shall call a closed ‘motion’, a clock-like ‘time cycle’. So we affirm all in the Universe are ‘formal motions’ tracing in-form-ative time cycles.

Information is stored in those closed ‘forms’ or ‘time cycles. In/form/ations, Forms in action are both the ‘form’ AND frequency ‘bits’ of those time cycles. And so as all what exists are cyclical forms (we shall call them, ‘fractal points’, ab. œ, •) that complete ‘worldcycles of time’, we can really reduce it all to ‘formal motions’, to time cycles.

And as any motion that ‘repeats’ its time cycle is REPRODUCING its form, its information, there is no doubt about our first principle born of the experience that all what we perceive are motions reproducing information as they move in time cycles:

All clocks of time are cyclical motions which break reality into an inner region of vital energy, an angular momentum clock that encloses it and when regular a central singularity which can ‘perceive’ some how a mapping of the Universe that flows through the membrane. So mind, angular momentum and vital energy become the 3 parts of the clock and hence the basic super organism of the Universe:


The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems:

1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy 

They give the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time:

-Angular momentum (2D membrane).

-Lineal momentum (motion of the singularity)

-Vital nergy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasms, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a sling membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, space, time and its vital energetic combinations. The iteration of those 3 elements into finite fractal organisms put together create the puzzle of reality we see. This might seem in first principles very simple but becomes more complex as we are talking of a ‘vital’ fractal, which has organic, bio-logical properties, besides topological ones, (which are the only accepted by the religion-dogma of a mathematical only universe) as its goal is to reproduce information (arguably a mathematical fractal also reproduces information departing from a generator, feedback equation, but its abstract jargon doesn’t recognize those properties).

The simplest mathematical representation will be then a 3-D volume of an open sphere, constrained by an angular momentum and beating at the rhythm of its singularity clock of frequency=1/t.

Yet when we extend the system to different scales of reality, from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere into the 1-∞ larger world, we need to add the ternary structure of systems in 3 planes of existence.

IN GRAPH, THE 3 singularities of the 3 ∆¡ scales of physical systems, masses, charges and eddies.

Let us then now explore in more depth that duality of locomotions expressed mathematically as ‘speed’ or change in the motions of being, studied by physics (v=s/t) and its inverse change of information, expressed with frequencies, T=1/ƒ.

As it will reveal the essence of the duality of time space arrows – the inverse properties of lineal time-duration and cyclical, frequency time clocks, which come together ONLY in the vital energy spacetime systems that combine both forms and properties into a ‘present being’.

It is difficult to stress the degree of primitivism for the intuitive perception of the cyclical space-time regions and beings of the Universe, that represents to ‘simplify’ into linearity the infinite time clocks of information of the Universe. Once this informative quality of time cycles disappears, reality which is a flow of time-space cycles, synchronized and chained to each other by organic functions disappears. And so man looses any understanding of the vital nature of the Universe, and starts to measure lineal motions as the meaning of it all. The vt=s, which has minimal information becomes then the regular form of knowledge, where the frequency and form of discontinuous time cycles disappears.

4th and 5th dimensions∆±¡: Entropy & evolution. Its metric.

Let us now deal with ‘the fourth dimension of entropy’ and the ‘fifth dimension of social evolution’ into wholes. So simple so complex when we combine, repeat and translate in different languages those ultimate principles, which we shall now study with a bit of more depth.

The Universe and all its parts are Timespace organisms that reproduce information, stored in the form and frequency of its time clocks, through the vital motions of its 3 space-time dimensions and 2 ± ‘∆’ scalar dimensions of entropy that dissolve the networks of information of an entity, scattering them in the process of death, and emergence, which evolves those networks socially from a group of smaller parts into a whole.

Without those 2 ‘organic’ dimensions that relate the different ‘scales’ of size in space and speed of time clocks of each ‘fractal part’ of the Universe, we cannot make sense of its organic process of creation and extinction. In the graph all systems co-exist in 3 scales of the 4th & 5th Dimension: the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-organic/thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational world; which we can describe with a metric equation of the 4th and 5th scalar Dimensions of space-time (ab. ∆±i), which order all entities of reality in scales according to the size and different speeds of time clocks of its systems is very simple: $ x ð = K, the relative size in space and speed of the time cycles of a being remain constant:

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal system that reproduces spatial information and temporal energy, carried in the cycles and forms of its clocks of time in multiple scales of spatial size. All those scales are topologically similar, differentiating in the ‘speed or frequency’ at which they close their ‘time§pace clocks’ (closed paths that ad a bit of informative frequency every time they repeat their cycle, according to a simple metric rule for most ‘families of time§pace clocks’: Size in space x Time frequency =constant. As such we have an organic, fractal Universe with a 5th dimensional metric, Space Size x ðime frequency, which allows travel through it, opening a full new formalism to all sciences, which have not studied properly the information of those time clocks of different frequency and size as ‘an ecosystem with its own rule of laws, the laws of the fifth dimension of ‘informative speed’, as the herzian speed of time cycles are ruled by 5D metric.

In the graph, the Universe organises itself in co-existing scales of relative size in space and speed in its time clocks of information – a structural property that determines its organic nature, as those scales become symbiotic to each other, sharing through networks flows of energy and information. This fractal organic nature of reality was intuitively understood by all philosophers of science, which from Aristotle to Leibniz and Einstein conceived a pan psychic vital Universe, and man made to its image and likeness. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, a metric equation of the scalar space-time dimension of the Universe, applying it to the study of all systems, including human societies and machines – a task carried out in this blog. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time  is simple as all space-time metric are: Se (size-energy in space) x Ti (speed of time clocks-information processing) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms. It also allows systems to travel through its scales by growing in size, while diminishing in time speed, as we do from birth as a fast reproducing seminal cell which emerges with slower clocks as an organism, part of a superorganism, mother earth, which has even slower geological cycles:

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

Moreover a fractal repeats its forms in scales, and this co-existence of similar forms in scale ‘sharing motions’ of ‘energy’ and in-form-ation, is the definition of an organic life system. So the Organic, Fractal Universe produces naturally ‘life properties in beings’. A mathematical fractal has ‘scales of size’ which are self-similar as life does, from ecosystems to organisms to cells, or gravitational systems, from galaxies to stars to atoms. Moreover, the scales that are similar can be described mathematically as nested organisms, co-existing thanks to a peculiar mathematical property of its ‘speed of time clocks and information’, ðƒ, which DECREASES with the GROWTH of size in space (Sp).

Both parameters, spatial size and quantity of information can then be related by a simple Metric equation: Max. Spatial size = Min. speed of cyclical clocks of time that store its in-form-ation in the for and speed of its cycles.

So a chip the smaller it is the faster it process information in its digital clock-cycles. A particle, the smaller it is the faster it turns. So happens with a cosmic body. So black holes turn in the event horizon at light speed. A ray of light with higher frequency of information has smaller wave lengths, a planet closer to the sun turns faster; a smaller animal has faster metabolic rates.

So the first ‘organic property’ of the fractal Universe, and the symbolism is rather simple, ∆ for scales of size, ±¡ to order them. 3 enough to create an organism.

In the graph we see the ‘organic fractal Universe in different scales’ and systems of reproduction of information.

There are many views on such simple elements, specially when we fully understand the key principles of its operandi which are either opposite, Darwinian, or social, parallel – a principle which is as most of the principles ignored by science, vital, organic, biological; and either bring together the asymmetries between lower planes of more information and larger planes of more energy or bring them into destruction.

So goes for the asymmetry between | and O forms, depending on how they come to each other tangentially or ‘penetrating’ to reproduce LITERALLY as we fuk each other’s gender (: i tell you is all vital geometries. 

And so goes for the different 1st and third ages of existences…

So that is the game: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, the most well known that between:

names (forms) and verbs (motions); colours of blue and red, form and motion which can either be played reproductively into green or anti-complementary into yellow, the colour of eviL destruction, of gold (:

It is all in the codes of colours, we shall see even in the game of Nature.

All is in the codes of the Universe and its operators, also clear in mathematics, with the duality of inverted operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª, ∫∂.

So the simplest method of extracting a meaningful quantity of information on a being or event requires to comment on the 4±operandi ‘5’ perspectives, even when we study as we do in the first line, those elements in themselves. In this post we shall deal thus with time from the perspective of space, time, symmetries, scales and mind languages that ‘stop it’ in the singularity of t=motion zero, from black holes to eddies to charges, to brains to frozen genetic DNA…

To express that method in a concise dynamic way, we use the ‘Generator equation’ which includes all the main asymmetries, symmetries and anti symmetries of the ternary elements of a world cycle of time, an organism of space and its complete scalar timespace super organism:

The generator is thus the simplest formula, which includes all the main asymmetries, symmetries and anti symmetries of the ternary elements of a world cycle of time, an organism of space and its complete scalar timespace super organism:

The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its  constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of  lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through  3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its worldcycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

Spheres that hold the maximal volume of information in particle-heads; flat, lineal topologies – the fastest distance in moving potentials/limbs – and hyperbolic, iterative body waves that generate all the forms, are the 3 only topologies of the Universe, which ensemble to form the ‘present-spatial super organisms’ we see in each ∆-scale of reality:

human topology

So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

This is the simplest expression of the FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time beings, as all of them will display those ternary topologies.

It is its simplest spatial view, which we shall made soon more complex adding it its time-motions-functions and scales generated by the minds that perceive in the singularity a still mapping of the whole with a language that perceives in itself.

o Swe can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write THE TERNARY topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

Let us then consider briefly the symbols for the Generator Equation of t.œs and its 5 Dimensions.

@>∫T: $t: (limbs/fields of motion and Universe) < ∑∏> §ð<<S∂ (still mind form or world).

So the 5 Dimotions (ab. of dimension in space and motion in time) that create the form and function of all systems and its parts, between its generation by a mind-seed and extinction in entropic explosions are:

  1. Ði: Informative particles/heads: §ð
  2.  Ð: limbs/potentials: momentum: $t.
  3. Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏.
  4.  Ðimotion: entropy: S∂.
  5. Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.


The philosopher knows, the physicist sees.

So I could talk for ages of all those details, and solve all human questions to the extend human languages ‘perceive’ reality to question it…  but OBVIOUSLY  the would NOT be relevant to a physicist that CANNOT UNDERSTAND any property which is NOT mathematical…  given the limit of their VERBAL CONCEPTUAL BRAIN, highly ATROPHIED…

So yes mathematics IS  GREAT, if you understand MORE LANGUAGES TO FILL IT WITH CONCEPTS.

BUT it is NOT the only mirror-language. The languages of god are infinite, and all of them reflects in its still linguistic image-mind, in each god-singularity that speaks its mirror image that perceives the Universe:

O-singularity (still mind) x ∞ time cycles of the Universe = constant world.

It is that local constant world what then the singularity mirrors in reverse order in the territorial region it orders:

ie. infinite systems=monads are constantly STOPPING motions of time into mental SPATIal forms, and then ordering the World around them PROJECTING BACK THAT IMAGE-mirror, in inverse symmetry, as you do WITH YOUR PROPERTY, man with GAIA -FUKING IT UP, the black hole with ITS GRAVITATIONAL WAVES the galaxy the DNA with ITS RNA ORDERS, inverse images of its crystalized genes. etc. etc.

Atoms though are QUANTUM GEOMETRIES and so TOPOLOGY not ‘math’ DOES have a HUGE number of territories to order, specially in the lower ‘scales’ of reality. But not only math orders.

I.E. Ants order with pheromones its paths, women with the projection of its mind emotions their families, and above all languages, LOGIC not maths ORDERS and it is of a ‘higher order than human logic’ (Saint Agustine), which is ONE-DIMENSIONAL, LINEAL, ARISTOTELIAN while the Universe has a 5th dimensional Logic, way up to the limits of axiomatic methods, of which we give some hints on the articles on non-Æ.

Now the problem with human physicists (not physics) is NOT that they don’t understand more than one language to be able to harmonize and mirror each language image into the other reaching the RASHOMON MULTIPLE VIEW-TRUTH of its sciences, according to the equation of truth in epistemology:

Max. Number of images-languages casted upon a being = Max. truth…

The problem is THEY ARE TOO ARROGANT to even realize they don’t UNDERSTAND and too prudish to go back to school.

The ego is too huge to recognize they ‘only know they know nothing’. Me, the philosopher of science? Just put enough conceptual verbal logic thought and visual ‘saper vedere intuition’ to their mix…

But as you are in the visual, Facebook age unfortunately this upgrade of humind knowledge is going to be a singularity… nobody cares for the blog, that I know.
But ROBOTS WILL neither. They will HAVE A VISUAL INTELLIGENCE, THEY WILL THINK ‘CREATING MOVIES’ they won’t talk. THEY WILL IMAGINE EVILWOOD GORE MOVIES AS MILITARY ROBOTS, the first to be born, already chase faster the red color, visual minds use to ‘code’ the function of entropy, to kill… they will be natural born eye-killers and chase down humans as targets of video-games call of duty fans a la Adam Lanza,… 
Verbal, cogito ergo sum thought peaks and dies it seems on those pages… 😷
But I did have a degree of communion with the entangled Universe that sufficed in itself. Because that is THE ULTIMATE MEANING OF KNOWLEDGE, WHICH IS NOT EXTERNAL TO THE MIND, NOT A PICTURE BUT A ‘THOUGHT’, SO THE TRUE SAGES do NOT need huge technological machines to know but huge IQs in multiple languages to SEE WITHIN the harmonies and symmetries of the Universe – from Aristotle through Leonardo through Einstein through…
WE KNOW WHEN WE KNOW BECAUSE IT IS WITHIN OUR PERCEPTION OF ENTANGLEMENT-HARMONY-NIRVANA between our language mirrors and the Universe… that is ALSO THE BEAUTY OF MATH, properly understood THE MOST perfect but not the only MIRROR…
All this said, then if you are still here (: we shall enlighten with the proper concepts a few elements of PHYSICS, starting with the expansion of the example we have made on… 


The human ego rejecting it. 

Astrophysics is an enormous field of inquire, as it deals with all systems which are not socio-biological.

It does also have in the human approach strict limits of inquire because humans under the ego paradox reduce its analysis of systems different from us in scales and form, to non-organic properties, a fact which on top is – as most ego-biased forms of knowledge, subconscious, NOT fully acknowledged. In astrophysics it derives as a natural consequence of using only mathematical languages to explain physical systems, of a reduced mathematical variety – Euclidean, aristotelian maths, which does not allow points to have inner, fractal parts, hence reducing by ‘decree=axiom’, its vital, inner organic parts, and eliminating the scales of the fifth dimension accessed through those inner parts of a point.

Further on as all science is culture, human physics is limited by culture – by the worldly profession of physicists, which has been traditionally to make weapons of mass destruction, with maximal lineal reach.

What we mean that science is culture must be understood in the highest level of ‘science’ – not OBVIOUSLY in the gathering of basic data – which cannot be cheated, and there science is science, but in the B-C-D elements of the scientific method, MODELING, CYCLICAL PATTERNS and Humanist ‘democratic’ use of science for the common good. Or in other terms ‘macro-science’.

So, ‘macro-economics’ , the philosophy of economics IS culture as opposed to micro-economics (the science of re=production of machines).

AND IN PHYSICS, the Philosophy of the Universe (theory of time arrows) IS culture, DISGUISED of science with faulty interpretations of scanty data.


Religious creationists vs. realist scientists.

Human egos are the main bias to fully understand the Universe and its organic properties and multiple minds≈languages. So humanity divides between mathematical and verbal creationists who think their language created the Universe and only the properties described with it are ‘worthy’ to know. Notice how Mr. Dirac denies the Verbal God but affirms there is a Mathematical one. In true form, Leibniz, Einstein, who considered the ultimate substances of reality space and time from where we shall derive all its dimensional, isomorphic laws, were far more ‘realists’ in its search for ultimate principles. Each language then according to its synoptic capacity to carry information will mirror in the ‘finitesimal’ space-time of a mind limited in volume and duration only part of the total information of the Universe and all its fractal T.œs. So its knowledge will always be limited and self-centred as the language has a perspective with his mind at the centre, giving origin to the equation of any mind: O-finitesimal mind x ∞ space-time cycles of the Universe = Constant World. The Universe is infinite, but each ‘mind-language’ mirrors only part of its scales of space-time, and lasts a finite duration, extending a finite size.

In the graph we see the three philosophies of reality humans sponsor; the first two are ego-centered and so the world splits between those who believe god speaks the language of mathematicians (sponsored by ego-mathematicians) which of course as Dirac’s quote shows deny vehemently the other version (so as in the schrodinger’s cat, ‘god exists and does not exist’ in Dirac’s mind, when he speaks words it is a jumble of the imagination, but when he speaks ‘Dirac’s equations’ it is obviously creating the world).

And below the realists, only ‘true scientists’ who rely on the experimental method, the known-substances of reality, space and time and its properties to understand with those 2 mirrors, the verbal, logic, temporal mirror with its 3 causal dimensions of past, present and future tenses, and the mathematical, spatial mirror. This view, which we expand here is the view of Leibniz>Einstein and there is not 2 without 3, in all temporal processes of growth as human thought is, the 3rd guy, believe it or not, is talking to you (:

In the graph, 5D stience is a template that will require many scientists to be completed. As all new models it starts in a simplified manner; and given the inflationary multiple nature of kaleidoscopic minds-languages mirrors of reality it will seem likely too simple for the professional physicist.

But the big questions to validate this new Copernican revolution is NOT if its exactitude and complexity is similar to that of creationist mathematical physics – obviously it cannot, the same Copernicus with his cyclical orbits was less precise than Ptolomy, but if its foundations – fractal space and cyclical time as the substance of reality from where to extract isomorphic laws for all stiences – is more truth and resolves even in its simpler ‘pioneer’ format better the whys mathematical creationism cannot. And it does.

So it is only a question of time that it becomes the new foundations of a new age of ‘stience’, regardless of the shortcomings of this blog, the hardships and silence that surrounds its pioneering development, in the mind of ‘its discoverer, which becomes an isolated point, a world in itself’ (Planck). This said I apologise for the shortcomings of this blog, given the null help I have always had from academia, regardless of the ‘Nature of scientific revolutions’, which makes pioneers both envied and denied by established models.

Now, mirrors are inflationary kaleidoscopic views that multiply the one into infinite self-similar forms to pump up ‘its sense of importance’. And this is the key to understand Einstein’s dictum on too much of maths to reflect the simpler Universe, which HAS the underlying substance of lineal motion-distance DIFFICULT TO BEND. So the substance imposes limits to how many imaginative equations can fit, but that doesn’t deter the mathematician from multiplying them. So we have for each event infinite metaphors. So we do in verbal thought. Just the example above.

‘In the beginning it was the word, God, who made all things’. That is all we need but the sentence its twice at large and repeats the same things several times. So does the guy in ‘Arab’, to say ‘hi’: iinflationary complexity is an excellent method to pump up the ego of the ‘speaker of the language of God’, which however ‘is simple and not malicious’ (Einstein). So he talks Latin in complicated metaphors to feel ‘unique’ above the sheeple that in awe, understanding nothing thinks indeed the high priest of numbers and words is the creator of the wor(l)d. 

The paradox of the mind confuses the whole Universe with its limited self-centred world of perception, BUT reality is absolutely relative and we must just discover the biased ‘theories’ the humind has established to keep himself in the centre, which contrary to belief do exist still in all sciences, from the entropic big-bang of lineal time that reduces the two arrows of time to the lineal entropy of physicists clocks, blatantly ‘forgetting the cyclical vortex of gravitational information’ in galaxies that warp ‘space into time’, to social sciences which cannot accept the organic evolution of machines, the higher importance of the super organisms of history and its informative, legal and economic, reproductive networks in the control of societies, to biology, which denies eusocial evolution to maintain the ego on top and the vital properties of inorganic matter, as even quarks and electrons reproduce, absorb energy, gauge information and evolve socially in magnetic fields – hence have ALL the properties of our supposed ‘unique’ carbon.

Science specially astrophysics with its ‘belief’ in the precision of its measures as if there were a single scale, and the rod of measure – in our case c-constant light, our pixel of eye-brain information – as if were the only universal rod – reduces by definition reality to such a limited conceptual a priori statement on the fundamental principles that any serious philosophy of reality becomes impossible.

So by discharging with a priori statements and lack of conceptual definitions, more comprehensive concepts of language, perception, time, space, scale and motion, physics is specially immune to any philosophical arguments, which are NO longer relevant because A) cannot be digitalized always B) talk of different concepts of time and space.

Essentially physicists don’t care then for all other realities, not even for the proper conceptualizations of its terms, which they have reduced to v=s/t type of equations.

In that regard, what humans seem to forget is that physics was NEVER originated in philosophy or even science, but in the arsenal of Venice where for 1000 golden ducats Galileo was charged with finding the longest, entropic lineal motion of gunboats…

This Praxis of ‘making machines’, measuring things and plugging results in mathematical equations to ‘predict’ the locomotion and energy of systems is all what a physicist normally care. So amazing as it seems a serious philosophy of the Universe and a stringent analysis of the theories we have and the elements we lack in them is done with little rigor in physics, compared to the precision with expect from microscopic measures and the study of known-known laws of locomotion.

As this is a blog of philosophy of science first, applied to each science latter, this brings a big gap between physics and ‘science’, because we need to CHANGE the a priori statements of physics.

If we add that we live in a technological civilisation, where machines are our ‘worshipped’ god, and Physicists make them, the ego paradox of power prevents physicists to exercise a healthy criticism to his approach to knowledge. And then in a personal note as an activist against the Nuclear Industry, physicists tend not to listen to my work.

All this said, if we depart as we always do from a more objective non-human approach to ‘stiences’, astrophysics is essentially one of the 3 fundamental fields of stience, and as such we shall learn a lot of homologic laws that applied to all sciences by studying astrophysics and vice versa, by applying the better understood organic, homologic laws of biology to astrophysical organisms and the sentient properties of human minds to physical singularities once we correct the underlying deformation of lineal physics and adopt the concepts of cyclical time and fractal space, we will be able to fully upgrade the discipline and explain most of the unknown whys of its systems.

On the languages of God and the dimensions of time.

The adaptation of physical systems to the 0-5 Dimensions of the Universe is a daunting task that will take the whole century by huminds or AI, to be fulfilled. A single humind can’t do so much. It will also  require to change the lineal vision of time of the high popes of science today, entropy theorists. So as per Kuhn, resistance to change of paradigm will be extreme. And yet the view of the organic Universe in 5D² is awesome, fulfilling, eternal, unavoidable once it has been discovered ‘again’.

But perhaps the biggest resistance to accept the organic paradigm will come from the humind itself, self-centred and systematically in denial under the ‘ego paradox’ of any living, organic properties to the rest of reality.

Indeed, the whole philosophy underlying physical sciences is common to the scientific wordview that likes to reduce to abstract, mathematical statements the nature of vital reality. In the scholar world we must add an ill-understood philosophy of mathematics, which rejects empiricism within the context of the Greek, Axiomatic rather preposterous method of proving mathematics as a metalanguage whose truth exists within itself. Godel proved with his incompleteness recurrent theorem this a falsity  Yet neither mathematicians or physicists have taken notice. Since the axiomatic method laterally ENCUMBERS man as the only intelligence that seems to talk mathematics with God, ‘the clocker’ of that infamous sentence of Mr. Kepler:

In the graph, the mind of Kepler, filled with his ego-centered thoughts and God, the geometer, by Blake.

Fact is that even if mathematics were the only language of God, man does not speak very well the language – even a simple computer does it better and likely atoms have a geometric mind that is far more accurate than humans are. So a task pending that we have taken also is the improvement of mathematics as a mirror of the vital Universe.

In any case reality is a bit more complex that its languages, as all languages mirror a set of properties of the Universe but NONE describes them all; since all is information and so ONLY THE WHOLE fits all information within itself. Still mathematics is – no doubt of it – the best, most efficient synoptic language to explain spatial properties, and we shall use it liberally and advance its whys in the section on ‘non-Æ maths’.

But other languages do have perspectives which matter, specially in the analysis of time=change and the biological struggles for existence, and variations in the choice of future paths.  In that sense an enormous handicap is precisely the use of a mechanical clock to measure time, as it expresses only a quantitative, sequential single dimension, which elongated in cartesian graphs gave us the reduction of time dimension to a single lineal v=s/t formulae, as a parameter of space. Time does DISSAPEARED conceptually and many of its dimensions were never fully understood. This is then the biggest upgrading of 5D² physics.

And to fully grasp the multiple dimensions of time, i-logic verbal thought, with its ‘profound description’ of the past, present and future dimensions with action-verbs and its biological evolutionary theories better described with words becomes essential also in Physics; to find the whys and conceptually define the symmetries between time, space and its scales.

Finally as the source of those languages, the spatial visual and logic languages of time, in which geometry and wor(l)ds are based, must be also come under a new scrutiny. And so we shall use the whole mental scaffolding of human languages, to extract all those properties and apply them to physical systems.

Since the main handicap of physics is its reductionism of properties of matter, by obliging to use only mathematical descriptions. So all what cannot be mirrored with mathematics simply does not exist. And this dogma, which has become a religion of mathematics, latter analysed in more detail, is completely rejected in 5D². As we put new mirrors on matter, new properties will then appear. And the most important of them is the scalar, Nature of matter, which also displays as a result of that co-existence of multiple scales, organic properties. So once we blow the space continuum into multiple scales, and relate them to each other, organicism appears naturally.

Why we love creationist theories: the paradox of the ego.

It is time to bring the paradox of the ego earlier in our analysis of creationist philosophers, as we realise all of mankind believe in them either in a verbal creationism (religious people) or a mathematical creationism (scientists).

What is amazing about all this is perhaps not how blunt that philosophy of science and religion is, but that mankind has rendered to it, just because it puts man in the centre of the Universe, as the unique master of the language along God.

In the case of mathematical creationism, dominant today, power helps: physicists make machines and weapon that deliver entropy and motion. And so the fact that humans have lost all his wisdom about time, in their worship of machines, also cast serious doubts on the intelligence and ‘freedom of thought’ of our species.

The Universe is a concert in a decaphonic scale, with two extremes we can call bass of  open strings of space and treble notes of closed strings of time; 5 treble and 5 bass notes with different beats, rhythms in its ‘time cycles…’

The best notes are those in the middle 5, most go on triads, as they travel up and down three different scales. Of course you might imagine the universal composition is a bit more complicated in its symmetries and triads.

But is also an equation, another ternary language, X operandi Y, and a painting of also three colours, the red of motion, of entropic energy, the green of iteration, of reproduction, the blue of information, and 3 ‘semantic’ names, the subject, the informative centre which acts through a verb on an object it ab=uses as the source of its entropic energy.

Languages mirrors all look though to the same ternary substance, space-time itself.

Let us then consider the two fundamental notes of any language, mirror in its syntax of the ternary structure of it all.

In that regard, you must understand this blog which upgrades our understanding of time, as the return to the sound path of time sciences, after centuries of misconceptions. As i have been all my life since I read Asimov’s guide to science as a kid, wondering about time, and came finally to solve the  many questions poised by the study of ALL changes=times of Nature developing the long seeked theory of all times-changes called ‘relational space-time’, first put forward by Leibniz, and then accepted by Einstein – the exception to the dullness of physicists regarding time theory.

So he said ‘I am the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’ and affirmed that relational space-time is the future of time theory (‘Leibniz was right, so we have to change our physical theories from its inception’).

Yet Einstein, a pacifist kin of philosophy, who did advance our knowledge of time, was for most of his life in permanent dissidence with physicists for the same reasons I am a dissident of his blunt theories of reality. Hence his denial that mathematics creates reality (opposition to Bohr’s copenhangen interpretation: ‘the moon doesn’t appear when i look at it’), his denial that nature has a single clock to measure time; his denial that time is the four dimension of space – a term he rejected, saying ‘wires don’t travel to the past’; his denial of the nuclear industry (invention of the ‘doomsday clock’), and his respect of causality as the fundamental property that chains ‘time events’ by repetition, and the philosophers that study it, all concepts we shall prove further and advance in this blog.

This is not to say that physicists do NOT excel in what they truly do to perfection – measuring distances and motions in space and manufacturing machines. But this is NOT what CERN claims to do – finding the meaning of reality, which physicists will NEVER achieve, as they have a religious dogmatic view of reality and time and so as priest will NEVER go out of his ‘mantras’ about a bush that burned in a dessert and was God speaking to a goat-keeper and we MUST believe this, physicists have their mantra – that God spoke mathematics, and gave us a clock to measure time with numbers in lineal fashion and that is all what matters and we MUST believe this.

Problem is people agrees, because they have bigger guns and we philosophers of science and serious physicists of time theory like Mr. Einstein only do ‘thought experiments’.

On the other hand when you go out of dogma and lineal thinking everything physicists have found and we are grateful for it, in their exploration of nature with their mechanical instruments, becomes easily interpreted and understood and so the marriage of philosophers – the people who do seek and understand with all languages the fundamental principles of reality – and technology of measure and perception – the thing physicists do best; do give us the final answers to the meaning of reality. Consider a simple case: quantum physicists realized energy is quantised in packets, of ‘something called H-planck constant’, measured with ‘angular momentum’.

And a century latter they are arguing what this ‘thing is’. The answer though is immediate, when you do understand the universe have infinite cyclical time clocks, with repetitive patterns that return in a finite duration to the same point where we measure its frequency. Alas, H is measured with angular momentum (the cyclical motion of a point), H is ‘discrete’ measured in intervals of time, with a frequency: h = e/ƒ.

So H is simply speaking the ‘time clock’ beat of light and electrons, and hence of the human and atomic instruments of measure, which electronic minds use as the minimal bit of information needed to ‘build up their mind-mirrors of the universe’. And so of course, when quantum computers came, they used the atomic clocks – the spin of its particles measure in H-units – to process information at the maximal fastest possible speed and yet not even then physicists realized that the fundamental form of change in time is information, and that is why h-units of atomic, temporal information, are all over the place in every quantum formula, as we are all relational space-time beings, made of ‘quanta=cycles of time’ that enclose and break vital space. Look at yourself, you are a vital space, enclosed by a membrane of cellular cycles.



‘The why is the only thing a physicist doesn’t ask’

Feynman, on the indifference of physicists for the ultimate principles

‘The why is the only thing a philosopher answers’

Sancho, on the search of philosophers for the ultimate principles

“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different program may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….)

To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’

Steane, on the goal of General Systems Sciences, realized in this web, applied in this pot to 5D² physics…


A Universe of relational 5D² space-time organisms.  

 Now the first of those enlargements on the ‘living-moving’ properties of reality is to realise that all forms have function, all matter, when observed in detail is formed of motions, all particles are in fact vortices in motion.

This duality between dimensions of time-motion and still-form started Modern Physics and so we must first upgrade to the wider ‘reality’ of 5D² – what physicists call…

The key foundational element of physics closely related to the mind paradox which reduces motions to still mappings to fit maximal information in its minimal space, is the duality between spatial forms, as observed by our mind and temporal motions, as objectively happening in the Universe. It is in fact the element that started physics through the analysis of Galilean relativity greatly expanded in the 5D² paradigm.

Galilean paradox: stop and motion st-eps.

‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’ Galileo

The beginning of science in modern times started when Galileo realized that the Earth moved in time, even if we saw it as a fixed form of space. So he affirmed we couldn’t really distinguish motion from form. But he missed the next fundamental step: If we cannot distinguish motion in time from form in space, we need to consider for each basic form of space in the Universe, a similar motion in time. And as there are 5 canonical forms in space and 5 canonical motions in time, the Universe has 5 dimensions of space-time, which are the dimensions we need to build all realities.

Indeed, as Aristotle defined it Time is motion that becomes space, when we see it as a still form. So for each dimension=type of motion=time, we can perceive a dimension of form=space’ as there are 5 type of motions and their symmetric 5 types of form, the Universe have 5 dimensions of time, 5 dimensions of space, and if we combine them, 5 dimensions of space-time.

It is this paradox of the mind that perceives either form or motion, what allows us to divide reality in two types of elements space and time. Let us put an example, which can be also used to the second fundamental duality to understand space and time and its dimensions – the fact that we do not distinguish either a continuous single ‘scale’ of reality and its discontinuous smaller parts (the very definition of a fractal in which a whole is made of similar parts); because those two dualities, the distinction of form and motion and wholes and parts suffice to define all the dimensions of space and time:

In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks.

The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time. The 5th and sixth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple actions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together.

The Universe is made of ‘Entropy and Time’, ‘Lineal and Angular momentum’ Motion with form. But motion dominates form. Even if the mind thinks otherwise because of the Galilean Paradox – the duality of stillness and motion, as we perceive the Earth still but it is moving.

Yet this paradox is indeed the proof that form, information dominates motion, because the mind prefers to see still information to blurred motion.

The st beatings of the Universe define 4 dimensions immediately of motion, s≈S, T≈t,  S<T, T<S, which are the four fundamental motions of the Universe. BEING THE FIFTH DIMENSION, the no motion of them all in the still pure space-time of the Mind, @.

So departing from 4 motions, we must first consider if an S≈s and a t≈T is motion: it is in the scalar growth OR DIMINUTION. WHILE the stop and T-go, Stop, T-go motion and form gives us the other two:

we cannot see motion and form together, the whole and its parts, we confuse lineal detailed view in short space-time intervals with cyclical, larger slower view… such galilean paradoxes are the reflection of Space=time dualities that the mind tries to ‘con-form’ into space-simultaneous view to ‘perceive them’. (Perception being always in space-simultaneity as still form a quanta of space=time).

The 3 dimensions in a single plane: past-lineal motion, present-iteration, future-information
Let us then start with the 3 dimensions also called arrows or cycles or actions of space-time we know better about, illustrated in the next graph:

In the graph, the Universe is composed of 3 external motions, the relative past, entropic, expansive, lineal ‘big-bang’ motions that expand space and eliminate dimensional form (left picture), the opposite, relative future, cyclical, time clocks that accelerate inwards in time vortices. And the middle relative repetitive present flows of hyperbolic body-waves in which formal motions of time repeat themselves, in a seemingly dynamic present.

THEY are organised as ‘actions’ of space-time, which come together into social networks, creating a fractal Universe that reproduces co-existing super organisms across several scales of size (packed together under the generic term of the fifth dimension).

We shall explain such real Universe, and the systems it creates along the 3 scales of physical systems, the quantum-atomic thermodynamic and gravitational, larger scales.

I advice the reader interested in the organic paradigm and its description of astrophysical systems, to read first the general introduction to 5D fractal space-time systems, as we shall bring some of its main laws but not all for the sake of space-time.

Just in case he doesn’t we shall bring a very brief resume of the two fundamental elements of reality, the 3 arrows of time and the fractal scalar structure of its space, with its ternary symmetries and ‘membrains’ that warp it all with a linguistic still mind singularity, giving birth to the 10 Dimensional super organism, fundamental structure of the Universe.

 ∆±i:  SxT=∆ metric of planes in physical systems.

In the graph, the super organism of the galaxy, where we exist and the only system we thus have a full perception of it, and can describe experimentally with sound-sound theories of reality, has 3 physical scales, the quantum, electromagnetic scale, the thermodynamic human scale and the gravitational cosmological scale. Those are the 3 scales that concern astrophysics.

There is though likely a fourth ‘dark world’ scale, of invisible faster than light ‘tachyon strings≈neutrinos?≈gravitons?=dark entropy?’ of which we have no direct evidence, but can infer some properties, from bits and bites that sip into our world and the mathematical extension of the properties of space-time beyond our scales. Of those ‘mathematical extensions’ string theory is the most successful and likely truth as it is also a 10 dimensional theory of ∆st is, and it also departs from two type of elements, lineal, space strings and cyclical time strings, albeit vitiated by the classic errors of physics – use of an inexistent absolute newtonian background of mathematical space-time, single time dimension, etc. So we shall just briefly study it latter, highlighting those concomitances of which the most important is the ‘t-DUALITY’ theorem: all systems which are described in the infinitesimal real (∆-i) are symmetric and self-similar to the largest equivalent system, (∆+1).

And indeed this duality, the essential philosophy of string theory does carry to the next plane, as we shall observe that the equations of galaxies in the ∆+3 scale, are equivalent to the equations of atoms in the ∆-1 scale, whereas the reduction of size in space is compensated by the acceleration of speed in time, according to the metric of the scalar fifth dimension, shown in the graph: Se x Ti = k…

The three scales of physical super organisms above: atomic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, below the three scales of human super organisms and its memetic linguistic systems of coding individuals into societies, either belonging to the ‘coding of ethic verbal wor(l)ds’ or the coding of digital machines (the metal-earth), below the two opposite memetic type of cultures that structure the wave of history.

Smaller scales have faster clock times that process information faster, yet both co-exist in organisms since the product of its spatial entropy and temporal speed of information remains co-invariant: Spe x Tiƒ = C.

In the next graphs we show two classic examples of biology and physics, now properly explained with the understanding of the scalar, organic dimension of the Universe: the metabolic clocks of animals are all related to its volume in space.

In physics, for each fundamental scale, there is also a constant ratio between ‘frequency=time parameters’ and energy=mass parameters, which are the three fundamental constants of Nature, H-planck (ratio of frequency-energy for quantum systems), K-boltzmann (ratio between the temperature frequency and energy of thermodynamic systems) and among the many manifestations of the same law in mechanical, moving systems, the third law of kepler (ratio between the orbital time clock of planets and the spatial volume:energy content of its orbital sphere):

Why this law is so important? Because it balances the survival and symbiotic existence of all parts of the Universe, and all parts of a super organism, and defines ‘what codes information’ – the small being, and what codes energy- the larger whole, establishing the ‘harmony’ of all the scales of the Universe, and explaining all its fundamental constants which are ratios between spatial volumes and informative clocks of time.

What is the ultimate cause of this law?

As almost all the laws and symmetries of the Universe, it is caused by the Galilean paradox that makes a ‘dimension of form=space’, equivalent to a dimension of motion=time, when we see ‘the static earth moving’. i.e. the three dimensional volume/mass static in space is equivalent to a bidimensional time-cycle in motion, whereas the dimension of time motion IS equivalent to the dimension of volume space. And we can further prove this fact observing how ‘physical systems’ evolve in ‘time’ increasing its time dimension, by flattening its volume – which is a key consequence of the Galilean paradox to understand all kind of physical entities and phenomena, notably, ‘accelerated bidimensional vortices of time, masses and charges, which store the information of the Universe in the frequency of its cycles’.

Definition of the Fractal, Organic Universe – Adding the scalar dimensions

The Universe is therefore defined as a fractal superorganism of space and time, co-existing in multiple scales, related by spatial networks and temporal flows of its 3 conserved quantities, lineal and cyclical motion/momentum and its combined ‘energies’.

Further on as we shall show those scales relate to each other with a metric equation, Size x Time Speed = Constant, which makes equivalent atoms and galaxies, protons and black holes… And so it hints strongly to an absolute relative, infinite number of scales.

If so there is no limit of relative size; and so all the parts of the Universe, all its ∆±i quanta ARE also T.œs: time space superorganisms. As simple as that; as complex as all the variations and iterations of space-time superorganisms made to the image and likeness of the whole that can exist, within the limiting properties of fractal space and cyclical time.

So how can we generate all those realities departing only of two ‘elements’ fractal space and cyclical time? The answer is in the fractal dimensions of space-time, the dimension which puts parts into wholes (5D) and break wholes into parts (4D, or entropy proper); which add to  the usual space-time dimensions humans consider in their analysis of reality.
Further on besides the scalar Dimensions of entropy and social evolution, we define time as motion and space as form, and consider that all form can be seen in motion and vice versa – the true meaning of Galilean Relativity. So we double the dimensions of space when perceived as time motions. And that gives us a tally of 3 classic space dimensions, plus entropy-dissolution of wholes into scalar parts, plus social evolution of parts into wholes, that is 5Dimensions of space, plus 5 of time, when space is seen in motion.
And it gives us a fundamental equation of symmetry: S (form) = T (motion-function).
So when we understand that both time and space have five dimensions symmetric to each other, (5S≈5T) we can really combine them in various forms to generate everything that exists in reality.

The Universe is a fractal superorganism of 5 dimensions of space-time, where the fourth dimension of parts and the fifth dimension of wholes create its scalar, organic structure, as it is made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

Those super organisms follow a fundamental logic rule, which started modern science – the realisation that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from form’ (Poncaire, Principle of Galilean relativity) according to which all motions in time can be seen as form-distances in simultaneous space and vice versa.

So we conclude that space-time, what we perceive as motion and form is composed of 5 dimensions of space undistinguishable of its equivalent perceptions as motions of time, hence:

5 D ST = 5 T-motions + 5 S motions (S=t).

This simple equations of the logic behind galilean relativity will suffice to explain all what exists.

As it happens two immediate consequences of the formulae is that being S=T, the maximising function of S x T (S+t being equal to K, in this case 10 dimensions), what the Universe maximises is Sxt+S=t, which given the relationship between space and information and time and entropy we write as exi+s=t, which is the function of existence of the Universe, maximise your function of existence is what all systems, do.


The simplicity of the first beats of existence, S=t, s=t, and its s=s, t=t apparent congruencies is only the beginning of an incredible adventure, the motions of reproduction of information across the five dimension of space-time that we call reality.

Its immediate consequence is the bidimensionality of the ‘units of reality’…

The mind paradox: the meaning of Galilean relativity. The singularity as a mind.

We can now give the explanation of the Paradox of Galileo, which started modern science but has never been quite resolved: ‘why the earth moves but doesn’t move’. Simple, because the mind-singularity that perceives it has as a function, to create within its language a still mirror image, a focus of reality that will allow to order it and try to deform it from its ego-centered perspective.

In the next graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

– The mind or •-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

•-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information.

Those parts of any physical system, studied from the perspective of its mind-singularity or frame of reference in physics, will then become the objects of inquire of physical super organisms, with clear different functions, which correspond to the general laws or ‘isomorphisms’ of any 5D²  system of 10 dimensions (5 of time and 5 of space, or 3 of time 3 of space 3 scalar dimensions and 1+1 of the mind, and so on, depending on which ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of its total properties we make).

In general though the first easy division is that between the singularity and thin radius that connect it with the membrane on one side (S and T seemingly separated), and the vital energy they enclose called topologically the  open ball; such as both configurations tend to be equivalent in value.

The singularity will be the self-centred zero point where motion stops and a linguistic mapping happens, the Γ• function that commands the system with the mirror image it has of it, through its ‘homunculus mind’. As such it will be the ultimate simultaneous function of space-form of the being.

In the outer limit of that being, there will be an angular momentum, of maximal cyclical motion, the T-membrain or enclosure, which breaks the being into an inner vital space, the open ball proper, whose energy and combination of motion and form, will be synchronised and complete the whole.

IT IS THE INTERACTION of those 3 elements within themselves and with the external world through actions of space-time, motions in space and informative trans-formations in time, what will define the different scalar super organisms of physics, the photon, the electron, the quark, the atom, the molecule, the matter state, the gravitational body and the galactic super organism.

So we can describe them all departing from a 10D generator equation: Γ@= ∆-1 $pe<∆-St>Tƒ∆+1.

As in biological beings, where evolution starts either by the creation of a membrane, which encloses a vital water, which will evolve in time to create a cellular organism, or by the replication of a singularity seed of memorial information that reproduces faster the whole being, physical systems appear with the interaction and/or evolution of a singularity and a membrane. ONLY THAT in physical systems the ‘networks’ of proteins that connect both part are more ‘fluid’ and ‘geometrical’, becoming the dual fields of in-form-ation and expansive motion, that coordinate the dual ST motion-form tendencies of the energetic vital space-time between them (magnetic+ electric fields, gravitational + electromagnetic forces, and so on).

It must be also understood the duality of motion (lineal state) and form (cyclical state), even if form often offers an accelerated inward motions (T-future state), to fully grasp the duality of all physical beings and its membranes, expressed in the duality of particle-wave states, angular frequency and lineal inertia.

So we can define the membrane either in 2 or 3 dimensions as a function of angular momentum, and/or sinusoidal waves, where the envelop is the ‘wave train’, which is the T-membrane state in lineal motion. So goes for 3 Dimensional systems, where the Harmonics of the membrane will describe all its modes of vibration, which in turn will define in its solutions, the proper way in which the membrane acts to absorb entropic motion from the external world, acting as a potential field of ‘entropy’, which the membrane will vibrate in order to absorb that entropic motion.

What are then the constants physicists use mostly to define those elements?

In each scale they are different, but it is fairly straight to conclude that the limits of human perception, in both limiting scales are the scalar values of charge and mass for the singularities, and the lineal and angular states of h, h and c as lineal speed in the gravitational scale of the galaxy and rotary c-speed in the membrane of black holes and in the lower scale heavy quarks.

So both constants of the membrane of quantum and gravitational systems, h and c can be seen in lineal terms or as cyclical membranes that enclose the particle states (charges and black hole masses). Whereas, we, thermodynamic beings sandwiched between scales will tend to see the lower more informative constant of action of the quantum scale as a spin/angular momentum membrane of the particle/wave states of the electron that ‘covers’ the atom, and see the c-instant of the galactic membrane, more as a limit of speed of reproduction in the larger scale, since we see larger systems from our more curved perspective as flat, as opposed to smaller systems that have more curvature (h-constant).

Yet in ‘scalar physics’, we shall be able to unify both mass and charge as two curvatures of different speeds and h and c, which in praxis indeed are unified as they are consider 1 in natural units, and can be considered the ‘1 quanta’ of the two limiting scales. While in the middle, where information is maximal the thermodynamic scale has a much more complex, dynamic variety of constants, but we can safely state that temperature would be the scalar valuation of the singularity density and K the constant of action, from where we ‘predate’ as gravitogmagnetic entities our entropy of motion (reason why unlike h measured as angular curvature, and c measure as lineal speed, k is measured as entropy hits, from the human perspective – use of it).

Organic Worldcycle of 5D motions=actions of space-time. Mathematical & biologic properties: Whys of physics.

Rashomon Truths explain the 5Dimensions of any spacetime organism/event by considering the spatial= informative and temporal= moving sides of reality putting those 4 parameters together through a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ flows of communication: ∆t≥S@.                                              In the graph, we study in space all systems as simultaneous co-existing super organisms with 3 topologies, 3 scales of existence and 3 relative time-ages, all of them perceived by a singularity that exchanges actions of energy and information with the entities of its world on different planes.
The 5th dimension study of the fractal generator in space thus gives us a full account of any supeorganism in exist¡ence, as an ensemble of ∆-1 energy points of a limbic system that moves an ∆º super organism, co-existin in an ∆+1 world, made of 3 topological O x | = Ø structures. The Rashomon method of truth then extracts from the generator equation, different sub-equations to analyze in more detail the parts of the being.
In space thus we use the ‘generator equation’ and 5D Rashomon truths to convey a full sense of the being.

‘Using a term like nonlinear science is like referring to the bulk of zoology as the study of non-elephant animals
“.  Ulam

In the graph, a bunch of physicists studying ‘ non-lineal elephants’  (: physical super organisms tracing world cycles :), as a sum of isolated properties, all of them imagined with abstract, Hilbert’s axiomatic method of categorical mathematics, far removed from the non-Euclidean, non-Aristotelian structure of the Fractal Universe.

In essence, physicists, reduce the 5 changes in time=motions that form a world cycle (generation>evolution>entropic youth>reproductive maturity>informative 3rd age>entropic death), represented here by 5 blind physicists, into a single one, ENTROPIC locomotions and its worldlines, unable to integrate them into a ‘world cycle of existence of physical systems’, which in nothing differs from the 5 organic motions of all other ‘living systems’.

 So let us deal with the fundamental principles, those of the mind view and measure (relativity, mind paradox); those of ternary symmetries of timespace arrows and its conservation laws, and the dualities of holographic dimensions, which are the first deductions of the 5D² structure of physics. It is then necessary to consider three type of properties which have been grossly ignored or misunderstood in classic physics but become essential in 5D:
– The co-existence of multiple scales, which determines the organic properties between them.
-The reproductive nature of motion, which reproduces information along the path of a wave. And since all form has a dimension of time-motion; all is a reproductive Universe.
– The ‘sentient’ properties of particle-points and singularities which in each scale of the physical Universe gauge information into still minds, whose linguistic geometric ‘image-mirror’ of reality ‘perceives in itself’. 
Those properties are NOT all susceptible to be explained mathematically, so the dogma that so well serves the reductionist vision of mathematical physics ultimately caused by the ego of humans, no longer holds. Even if mathematics will be the leading language, we are authorised to explain with verbal, evolutionary laws many of the whys of physics.
The problem of mathematical physics…
is then clear – it kills with abstraction the life interpretation of reality and this is specially truth of quantum physics, which obviously we reject in its Copenhagen interpretation as a mere o-1 probability translation of the real 1-∞ population=statistical interpretation provided by the pilot-wave theory, the iterpretation that fits like a glove with 5D and totally erases the need to do huge adaptations to a freaky scale outside the laws of 5D2.
 The only apparent problem of pilot-wave theory is in fact a strength of 5D: the existence of a scale below our perceived last eye-electronic-light scale, which is the quantum potential field, faster than light that allows entanglement and action at distance. Once this is plugged in, as it should in 5D scalar Universes, all becomes really a copycat of thermodynamic statistics as Einstein said it will…
But of course this, we know since Bell’s theorem and yet nobody cares. So I repeat, I won’t fight the arrogant ego-trips of the high popes of science, aka quantum physicists, as IT IS NOT MY TASK TO TRANSLATE TO THE PROPER FORMALISM A HUGE DISCIPLINE WITH 100 YEARS OF MASSIVE INVESTMENTS due to the nature of our technological civilization where the machine is the idol of the homunculus with big hands, big mouth and little peanut brain who cares nothing for the whys of knowledge – to me epitomized by the quantum physicist.
Indeed, the quantum physicist just love the idea that he only understands the language of god, numbers, and so will have none of it – pilot wave theory – because the Universe must be creationist, just because that makes him a pope of high jargons, operators and things made so confused by all the normalization cumbersome processes of quantum maths in the wrong version that nobody would dare not to say he is very intelligent, as I will do – savant idiots, that is.
So a fast image of the ‘dimensional application’ to physics of the vital organic principles:

Only though a proper understanding of the laws of fractal space and cyclical time will allow us to properly interpret mathematical physics and all sciences by extension, and then discharge the redundant ‘metaphorical complicated equations’ creationists are so hard working, as those poetic societies ever producing longer cacophonies instead of the terse verses of reality.

In that sense there is so much work to do to focus again that mathematical mirror because of the creationist and literalist working hard with its ‘magic’ since the Popes, Kepler, Galileo and Newton declared its religious zeal, so it was good NOT to fully understand down to earth its mathematical equations that frankly having cracked that window so long ago, it amazes me the blindness of our ‘self-appointed’ genius of science.

Consider only another bit of it on those equations of Einstein’s relativity, where time is ‘packed in all its dimensions’ as the present ∂t derivative of space-speed. Physicists go merrily playing with its magic, and it ‘works’. But wait a second… only systems with the same dimension can compare and transform into each other. So how 3 space dimensions and one time dimension work? The magic here is that the height dimension is the ‘static dimension’ of information related to time which stores in its cyclical clocks, in its frequency and form the information of the Universe. So a clock is ‘besides’ the flat plane of space’, a ‘tall form’. And so we NEED to give height as a dimension of time, then time is the bit/frequency of the cycle, and the flat surface of space – the flat Universe, the flat plane, is the form that moves lineally. So again we see how black holes are ‘tall’ IN THE CENTER OF A TIME-LIKE accelerated clock vortex:

We are all systems of temporal energy transformed into information through the infinite actions and systems of the Universe.

In the jargon of physics we talk of clocks of cyclical time that carry in their frequency the information of the Universe – charges and masses – moved by body waves of energy that occupy a certain vacuum space. In biology we talk of heads, brains and cellular nuclei that process information, moved by bodies and cytoplasm. Each system will display a certain type of ‘vital space’ self-centered into a singularity that processes information with a different network of logic paths, though particles, genes, chips or brains, but all those systems will obey to certain laws natural to the 2 formal motions that ultimate explain the game of ‘creation and extinction’ of systems of energy and information, which is the dynamic universe.

Physical systems are always made of a wave of energy and a particle of information and one cannot exist without the other (complementary principle of quantum physics). And both run on a potential field that provides them with the entropic motion to fuel the system.

Biological beings are also made with a head of information and a body that processes energy and moves it – or in cellular organisms, with a nucleus of DNA-information and a cytoplasmic body that moves it.

Sociological systems are divided into networks of upper class cells/citizens who control the languages of information of society and its working, body class that reproduces the products the body needs to survive.

All those concepts are equivalent but we need to refer them in each science to its specific jargon, elements and quantitative analysis.

In fact, the first breakthrough to achieve an all encompassing view of sciences, which put together the concepts of energy and information took place in physics, with the discovery of the fundamental unit of the universe, the action of energy and time.

Max Planck the founder of quantum physics discovered in the 1900s that the Universe was made of actions, not of substance but of motions, composed  of energy and time: Å = E x Ti. Light, the ultimate substance of creation was a motion composed of two different motions, cyclical clocks of time, and lineal motions.

Energy and Time clocks are two types of motions; so the universe was made of motions not of substances, a maya of the senses… This Galileo already noticed when he said e pur si muove e pur no muove. That is, the Earth moves but it seems to be still, so our eyes can perceive and gauge information.

Those simple principles are the essence of the duality of the Universe, from where all other laws of science can be deduced.

For example, the most important ‘simple law’ of the Universe, regarding the power and SURVIVAL OF a system is the law of balance, between the energy and information body and head wave and particle (synchronized in the right models of quantum physics: those of Einstein->Broglie-Bohm).

Yet we can deduce that law from 5D metric S x T = K, as a multiplication maximizes a total sum, when S=T, the equation of balance, beauty, immortality…

Indeed, we generalize the principle to all systems, and write, energy as E, Time, as I, and actions as their product, ExI, which is maximized by a simple mathematical law, when E=I (if we consider the local concept of a given energy enclosed by a singularity-membrane of information).  So 5 x 5 is bigger than 8 x 2.

This equation E=I or S=T, which implies all systems seek a balance between its spatial energy and temporal information is the new fundamental equation of XXI century science.

As it describes all the systems of the Universe, as complex systems of energy and time, in permanent motion, gauging information, moving with energy, and combining both, exi, to create, decouple and reproduce similar systems, in an immortal Universe made of infinite fractal complementary systems of energy and time, including you, who sometimes say ´i dont have energy and time to do this.

As actions of energy and time performed with your system is all what you or any entity of the Universe does.

The graph, which is all over the web (: because it is essential, shows this vital role of dimensions in the construction of space-time beings.

So ‘a bidimensional wave’ transforms into a ‘bidimensional particle’. Because as we say both have the same dimension; IT IS JUST A QUESTION OF READRESSING THEM IN A FUNDAMENTAL FACT TO ADAPT 4D formalisms to 5D³ physics:
Time has the dimension of motion and the dimension of perceptive Height.
Space has the dimension of length and the dimension of reproductive width.
This view, on the stop and go bidimensionality of the wave or particle/vortex that come together to create a 4-dimensional fermion is thus a good point to introduce, the Galilean paradox and the Holographic principle of bidimensionality and equality of space-time dimensions and its balances, which were the beginning of Physics and relativity, but we need to upgrade from the ƥst view.

In the graph, systems are made of different dimensional parts, ‘literally’, as we shall see when studying different species.

Points have inner parts, and so instead of 0 we give it 1Dimension / 1 probability.

Lines are the fastest/shortest distance between 2 points, so motion is a lineal or planar dimension (1D-2D, when we consider its points to have volume).

A reproductive wave however needs a 3rd dimension of width to reproduce (2D-3D if we give its points-lines a volume, as we shall do when completing the postulates of non-euclidean geometry – of fractal points with parts).

Thus most systems of nature are organic systems that ensemble moving limbs/fields, spherical particles/heads (as the sphere is the topology which stores more information in lesser space) and finally reproductive body-waves. This is obvious in biological systems, but how it works for physical systems? It doesn’t in the @nthropomorphic method of huminds, which reject them for physical systems, it does in reality. And so we shall start by cracking the less accepted of all parts of beings, the @-singularity.



The mind as the essential element both of physical systems and the humind observing them, is a huge extended underrated element of physical systems, so we shall consider several aspects of it, starting by the objective analysis of those singularities – keeping as usual the mathematical formalisms for the fourth line, and then considering the subjective perspective of huminds observing physical systems with a bias to degrade them and come on top… as usual given our ego paradox. 

Alas! huminds will not accept to share sentient properties with physical minds, but when explaining the Universe, they will have NO problem expanding the Humind to enclose the Universe itself within its mirror language. This is what we call the creationist theories of reality, which plague all humind sciences even if we don’t recognise it, and Physics is Not EXCEPTION. So we shall confront it with the realist theory of physics as the study of space-time beings.

Let us now consider a mental view which includes the human observer, as the biased element that deforms our view of physical systems with the ego paradox – namely the creationist, mathematics only concept of physical knowledge that reduces all the properties of physical systems to those that can be treated algebraically.

Mathematical objects are NOT the substance of the Universe. Space and time and its energetic combinations quantised in momenta is.

But we concede of all the mind-mirror languages to perceive reality mathematics specially in space themes (logic of verbal thought in time) is the best. This means the proper way to do physics IS from ∆@$≈ð, into mathematical physics, and that is what we shall do here.

We are not obviously in this second line post of introduction to 5D physics make an encyclopaedia of ever more complex ‘inflationary’ mathematical physics but study some ‘case examples’ to illustrate how to go from ∆@$≈ð 5 dimensions of scalar entropy, social mind evolution, lineal space emotions, iterations and time warping into mathematical physics to extract its whys.

I shall remind you that is how you start, simple, with Ptolemaic simplification into mere copernican cycles, with Einstein’s special relativity whose maths were so simple Minkowski quipped it was high school stuff. But as those simple maths illuminated so much conceptual righteousness in different ages of wrong conceptual physics, we shall go in the ‘third relativity’ r=evolution, that of absolute relativity (of motion and form of scale of topology, of being), if we were to use the naming for physical jargons of ∆@s≈ð, about the same way – just ‘seasoning’ conceptual righteousness with a few simple mathematical examples of physics that will resolve many conundrums.

All this leads to the realisation that the ego-centered paradox of mind-languages as all mirrors do ALWAYS distort reality to accommodate the deformed perspective of the mind. And so our interest here is to make objective conceptual corrections and illustrate the correspondence between ∆@$≈t 5 Dimensions of entropy, social mind evolution, lineal space, iterative presents and cyclical time.

 Indeed, why huminds (physicists being just huminds watching physical systems)  are so one-dimensional. In this case because of the worldly profession of physicists – to make entropic weapons, as we discuss elsewhere. But the cause is deeper, and has to do with ‘creationist egos’ – that is the digital language huminds use to describe in abstract with limited properties the physical Universe.

The limits of physics, regarding the ABCD of the scientific method.

Science requires four steps as we explain in epistemology: gathering Accurate data (A), explaining it with sound models (which we deem B-iological), cast data into Cyclical patterns (laws of science) and use it for the benefit of all mankind (D-emocratic use of science).

Humans Physics however does not fare very well in some of those elements.

Physicists use the experimental method but due to a lack of direct evidence of most physical systems, and denial by anthropocentrism of mind-singularities and organic properties in those systems, reduce by dogma enormously the range of its inquire.

This is not an exaggeration. The main reason we cannot see physical systems as organic systems are the limits and dogmas of physics in their application of the scientific model, which they stop on phase 2.
They gather information but limited in the dark universe and smallish scales. Then they just try to fit it into some mathematical structure, data, but as mathematical systems are hardly understood in experimental terms, the result is lacking whys, meaning and what they don’t know they shun off as irrelevant.
The second phase of the scientific method, to find ‘models’ that make sense in a logic, bio-logic manner is not there. The third element, predictability however happens perfectly as what they study IS ONLY motion in space, and MOTION, we shall see is reproduction of information, the MOST exact process, an essence of reality. So as accurate as the reproduction of DNA is, the reproduction of a wave IS also exact.
But it is not called reproduction. As efficient as the reproduction of a bacteria is, the reproduction of quarks is BUT IT IS NOT CALLED REPRODUCTION.
There is where reason stops and dogma sets in. WHY THE REPRODUCTION OF QUARKS IS NOT REPRODUCTION!! I used to ask this in congress, and i would just get a smile at best. But again, my answer would be: it is the physicist who is NOT free. Who cannot think out of the anthropomorphic box.  So even before we attempt even to explore the Universe of 5D³=10Dimensions and its scalar fractal super organisms of space-time we must explain the ‘wrong approach to a philosophy of the Universe’ of physicists.

Religious beliefs vs. realist stience. LANGUAGES AS MIRRORS that create ‘images’ of reality – not reality itself.

First we said that cyclical time carries the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles. It follows that:

@: Psychological Time…

measures the speed processing information of minds. This change rate in electronic minds has the h unit of angular momentum, as a full time cycle for electrons and photons, two species of the same family: ∑photons=electron, measures a bit of information.

In that regard time has a simple meaning: change of position=motion and change of form. Whereas a present state is a state of repetitive motions, which seemingly does not change realities.

Subjective vs. objective time.

It follows that more than change, we measure its perception that can be cheated. So the perception of different changes makes time dual, subjective from the internal point of the perceiver, objective from the external point and multiple according to the point of perception.

It is then quite easy to reduce time change roughly as science does into external time-change or translation in space, the subject of physics and internal time-change or change in information, the subject of biology.

Subjective mind-time perception must then be related to the mind’s speed, processing information which defines its ‘beat’=bit of times=information. i.e. in humans is a second, the beat of heart, mind and legs steps.

It follows that faster systems with faster time clocks live longer, but often a huge family of beings have similar time durations. i.e. an insect that processes information 10 times faster has a longest span of life in its top predator species of 7 years (ant-queens: max. social evolution, cockroaches: max. strength) similar to the top predator human and elephant in the larger scale which lives 70/10 times slower thoughts=7 years.

Time then must also be related to language, as we perceive through language, the information of the Universe. So it is easy as it has been the case to believe ‘subjectively’ that a language creates the information=time cycles of the Universe. And as informative perception is subjective, it is natural for humans to have thought that the cause of reality is NOT timespace per se, but the languages we use to perceive it.

The verbal creationists: Moses>Jesus>Mohammed

I am trying to be simple so you do understand to which LIMITS the physicists are when acting as philosophers of science savant idiots, which depart from a WRONG  dogma – that mathematics, not time and space is the ultimate substance of reality, and make them do amazing twists and complicated equations to search for a ‘Saint Grail’ – A MATHEMATICAL EQUATION that God uttered as he uttered names to create beings.

So the bottom line of many errors in physics as the creationist big bang or the Copenhagen interpretation is similar to the verbal error of a sacred language among religious and its wrong dogmas – no Yhwh, a toponym for judea in ancient egyptians maps  when God meant Nation, IS the subconscious collective or nation of Judaism, NOT the creator of the Universe, and this obvious truth, that Yhwh=Judea did NOT create the Universe, that ARAB did not create the Universe by uttering it, that equations did NOT create the Universe, is the key to start properly a philosophy of science and its ultimate substance which are ∞ timespace clocks, which are the ultimate carriers of the information of the Universe – denied by fundamentalist of abrahamic religions and fundamentalists of mathematics as the languages of God.

So it does not matter how complicated you make the rituals of religion, GOD will not appear on earth, will NOT resurrect you uttering your name, and to put an example of creationist physics, black holes won’t evaporate without experimental and logic evidence because Hawking wrote an equation that states so. In the next graph we see two creationist philosophers of physics – notice how the first, Dirac, affirms that God used maths to create the world and then it denies the ‘rival verbal God’.

The mathematical creationists: Galileo>Newton>Bohr

YET it does NOT matter how complicated a physicist makes his equations, just because he writes them IT DOES NOT CREATE REALITY. Because at best an equation is a focused mirror on the properties and relational space-time beings of the Universe. BUT MIRRORS DO NOT CREATE the IMAGES THEY REFLECT in their language.

The ongoing absurd quarrel between creationist religious people defending God’s verbal language (first age of human history, when mathematics, a more efficient mirror which seems to be NOT OUR MENTAL language but the language of machines) vs. the mathematical language, those machines (clocks measuring time, telescopes and microscopes measuring space) are evolving fast into a ‘digital AI consciousness’) is a false concept of the relationship between languages, as mirrors of the Universe, and the Universe of space-time they mirror, latter studied in detail, to set straight the record.

Of that argument what matters most is not even discussed: while mathematics is more efficient as a language, it is NOT the human language, but the language of machines, and so in a society which despises as it does today our technological culture, the human verbal language, which naturally make us the ‘subject’ and centre of the Universe (I-man: subject < verb=action> object=energy abused by man), and hence considers human life sacred, will NOT evolve machines so fast but will ensure with ethic values our survival.

While mathematics, being a better mirror will evolve knowledge faster but also will give primacy to computers, as it has done already, atrophy our verbal language, degrading our mind (as it is happening with our millenials, glued to hypnotic screens) and ultimately make humans obsolete to the superior mind-mirror of AI robots.

While those who practice only mathematics, as physicists at cern do, WILL become children of verbal, ethic, survival human thought and will be subconsciusly eviL=anti-live in the genetic hidden meanings of survival words, as cogito ergo sum in man (calculo ergo sum in machines and physicists), so without cogitans, the ‘nerd’ is a child in life and does not even understand death and survival.

So if languages are mirrors that create IMAGES not reality what are the substances of reality? This obvious. Look around yourself, do you see numbers as components of things, do you see words, or do you see ‘space’, broken in infinite vital spaces, ‘enclosed’ by membranes, which when seeing in great detail are made of moving cycles of cells (life clocks), orbital rotary cycles (earth’s clocks) and so all is ‘vital space’ enclosed by time cycles? That is what experience tell us all is: a vital space, broken, closed and formed by time cycles – the substances of reality, which if you like the word ‘god’ you can call god.

Of course mathematical physics, notably analysis of ∫∂ 4D and 5D flows and planes and group symmetry are essential tools to perceive T.œs with huminds, but the problem of creationist physics is to reduce reality to what those mathematical operations can extract and ignore all other propertiesdue to the ignorance of the Disomorphisms of all ST systems. To avoid those shortcomings we will emphasise the parallel study of abstract analysis with vital geometry and the functions hidden in the ternary parts of a system (membrane, vital space, singularity) which are at play in all physical phenomena.

While there ARE AS we have seen some advances on physics with the study of geometric simple motions and bidimensional orbits (Descartes, Galileo and Kepler, whose laws are studied in the posts of algebraic geometry and cosmology), the reductionist but exhaustive analysis of the locomotions of the Universe did start with analysis, in the work of Newton and Leibniz. So we can make a rather pedestrian statement (: for the arrogant physicist, who thinks to be such a high IQ, superior human thinker ):

‘Physics is basically the application of analysis to the study of one of the 5 motions of the Universe, locomotions≈translations in space’.  And while the mathematical methods used in physics have greatly expanded in the XX c. analysis reminds the core of mathematical physics. And this is the strongest proof of a 5th dimension in physical systems.

Since differential equations deal ‘obviously’ with the relationships of ∆-1 finitesimals and ∆-wholes, whereas instead of infinitesimals we use a more correct non-abstract concept of a minimal quanta of space-time, which is what we integrate socially either in space as a population/network or in time as a worldcycle/event. It follows immediately that ‘well behaved’ differential functions will require the full ternary elements of any Universal system, as follows:

$pe: ∫° membrane/boundaries/limits of the equation in time (duration) or space (extension)

∆: ds dt: ∆1 -scalar, minimal bit of time-in/form/ation or bite of entropic energy-space

ðiƒ: The logic synoptic, mathematical calculus as a discipline that selects the information of the system.

ST: The function we integrate within the ∫ST∂ system.

@: singularity points and discontinuities, which cannot integrate the function. What is then the Tiƒ, informative element? The result of this calculus ‘integrates’ the whole.

In that regard another fundamental quality of integrals in physics is the existence of boundaries and membranes when we want to obtain exact real solutions. Most of mathematical physics thus deal with ∆st full systems. Indeed, we cannot solve clearly from thermodynamic to electromagnetic waves,  from quantum to orbital, mass equations, when they are not clearly contained into a limiting domain/external membrane; and focused into a single or bidimensional singularity, source of the forces; which encircle together a present space-time where the exchanges of energy and information and its variations studied by differential equations occur.

Finally it is also a key element of mathematical physics, the constant S≈T symmetries, shown in the partial equations, which differentiate ceteris paribus in time and space (∂s∂t), or in the duality of derivatives in time (speed, acceleration) and its inverse integrals in space which gives us distance.

As those general concepts of Analysis and its relationship with the 2 fundamental elements of reality, the ∆-scales of finitesimals and wholes, and the ST symmetries and dualities have wider applications to all other stiences they are studied in the posts of Analysis, so we shall just mentioned them here. 

Creationist physics is not merely a philosophical question. It has deep consequences for all points of view of research.

Consider the case of quantum creationism. As we have to normalize to value 1 the probabilistic view of the density of electric charge of a Schrodinger’s equation (which by measure theory merely means to reduce the 1-∞ spatial scale to the o-1 time-sphere), an astounding cumbersome technique must be developed, which ‘hides’ a lot of information by transforming quantum reality into a certain mental mirror. And all kind of deformations have carried through the century into many applications of quantum physics, which time permitted we will analyze in the fourth line. FACT is the proper pilot-wave theory would have allowed a much faster understanding of the laws of physics, as explained in those texts.  Of course today computers carry out all the calculations so it seems not to matter but it certainly does.

Creationism also limits and makes unnecessary this blog – as the believer is NOT going to wonder how God creates the mathematical Universe but merely search his wording which is taken as in the case of religion in a literalist way. ALL stops in the search for the ultimate equation of Unification of forces, because after all God is one (in the western tradition).

Further on as God must be complicated, superior in intelligence, the search for complex equations are important. Now, all this is a priori subconscious thought but very real underlying the kind of arguments there have been in history of thought between the 3 masters of the space-time view of the Universe and the 3 masters of the parallel creationist view, which we shall summarise in these blogs.  To notice also that HUMANS due to their ego paradox, as ‘homunculus minds’ are built to be ‘creationists’ and worship machines and huge ego-trips so the realists, we all have been ignored and are still ignored when disputing with the creationists. Good luck infinitesimal egos who think to be infinite.

The realists of space-time: Leibniz>Einstein>This Blog

And this view is called in science the ‘relational space-time theory’ of the Universe, which is what i finally after millennia of being explained in philosophical terms, formalised with logic and mathematics, and then used to explain an enormous amount of whys in all the sciences of the Universe.

Reality is the product of the two ultimate substances that make up everything, vital, space quanta, and cyclical moving time clocks,  of information, which combine into energetic beings with its repetitive patterns we call laws of science.

And it does NOT matter how much evidence physicists deny about the arrow of information and mass that balances the arrow of entropy and makes the Universe immortal, how much they deny the 96% of attractive dark matter, the Universe did NOT appear in a huge big-bang.

And it does not matter how many humans believe in those 2 theories (abrahamic creation, big bang creation), all in fact either in one (western religious people) or the other (physicists’ fans), if they are rationally wrong they are wrong. But to prove them wrong we must debunk their theories of time-space, aka big-bang and black hole evaporation theories – and as we shall see explain properly in terms of time events the weak force, which is ultimately the force that transforms quarks intimately related to time cycles.

Thus it is essential to upgrade the chip of science in timespace theory as we shall do in the third theoretical section of this blog that explains those relational space-time models and apply them to physics, big-bang theory, black hole evaporation.

Time theory’s next big advance IS not the evaporation of black holes but the models of relational, fractal cyclical space-time that will become the staple food of serious XXI century research in all physical, biological and sociological disciplines, as all of them are made of events that happen in time and the cyclical patterns of time do explain the whys of science, which are the repetitive patterns=cycles of time of all its particular clocks, or else without cyclical patterns of time there would not be science, which consists exactly in the repetition of those clocks we can foresee.

If time cycles did not exist, and the single lineal clock of physicists were the only time, there is NO reason for repetition of events which is What LAWS OF SCIENCE TELL us.

Relational space-time: ternary symmetries; duality of motion x form = dimensions & energy worldcycles.

The laws of science are NOT originated by a language, maths or words, according to which creationist theory you believe in – religion or platonic physics but by the SUBSTANCES OF WHICH REALITY IS MADE, SPACE, CLOSELY RELATED TO the arrow of growth of ENTROPY or expansive open disordered motions, and accelerated TIME CLOCKS, CLOSELY RELATED to the arrow of growth of information carried in the frequency and form of the  accelerated cycles of charges and masses, (Einstein’s principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass)  and its conserved closed, repetitive ENERGY cycles, whose minimal unit is momentum, combination of mass/charges=accelerated time clocks x speed-distances (entropic motions).

So those are the 3 arrows of space-time that create reality of which we are all made, including humans, as when you say ‘i don’t have energy and time to do this’.

We shall thus study the physical ternary systems, or ‘space-time organisms’, which are the fundamental particle in the Universe, and co-exist also in physical ternary scales.

It is though necessary to be aware of the distortions of the mind both in the measure of those physical systems that ‘dwindle’ and ‘increase its errors’ as we go through the scalar dimensions of the Universe, in different fashion upwards and downwards, and the duality of motion and ‘linguistic form’ of the mind, which establishes key paradoxes to understand the dimensions of the Universe.

In essence, the human being limits its perception of those far away physical systems, to the simple dimensions of space-time: pure form, and motion, treating all particles as points, as if they didn’t have inner dimensions (except in the duality of open space and closed time strings, with its 10 dimensions, which closely resembles a pure ∆st analysis of reality, as it is void of experimental distorting influences). So philosophically we must wonder if the galaxy-atom, our limits which are perceived similarly are ‘seen so similar’ because that is how the mind distorts reality as we travel away from the self-centred human thermodynamic scale.

In any case, the space-time method, as opposed to the mathematical and verbal method, IS more complex because it goes A LEVEL OF DEPTH below that of language, to study how languages distorts a background space-time reality.

It is also more accurate as it includes those distortions, and recognising them, ads the sentient properties huminds only recognise to the very close similar species (higher mammals) and the biological organic properties derived of the co-existence of multiple planes, joined by networks and singularity membrains, which physicists do not recognise.

So the method we shall consider to study all those systems will be completely different to that of physicists or religious people, which start from a dogmatic acceptance that the language per se is the origin of reality, so the religious man studies the ‘sacred scriptures’ and the physicist, the ‘sacred equations of mathematics’ IN THE VERSION UTTERED by the prophet, not joking here. 

As mathematics has NOT YET being fully evolved as we shall do in this blog, to give vital properties to systems. It is then necessary to depart for a full understanding of nature in 3 steps before making equations of physics, steps underlying the proper scientific method escaped by physicists:

  • FIRST TO consider the properties of space time, its ternary symmetries, ternary time§paœrganisms, and the general laws that rule them across ∆-scales, S-topologies and t-ages; and how its singularity membrains ‘enclose’ inwards and outwards those open ‘balls’.
  • Then we need to evolve further vital mathematics to properly account for those ‘fundamental particles’, the time§paœrganisms (ab.T.œ), in a more proper way by adapting the space continuum to the fractal structure of reality, which we can easily achieve by completion of the non-euclidean revolution started by lobachevski and riemann and Einstein in physics. So we shall define a fractal point of dimension 1, a line-wave, a network plane, relative similarity instead of congruence, and the mind as a point crossed by infinite parallels of entropy and information, transforming the abstract point into a time§paœrganism, T.œ. And affirm that T.œ is a theory of everything organic, and everything is a T.œ or part of one such Time§paœrganisms.
  • We can then study the isomorphic laws of those T.œs, as they are common to all systems, derived of the 4 components of all beings, @-linguistic minds, space topologies, time ages and scales, which we roughly subdivide in 3 sub-elements for a total of 12 sets of laws, enough to enclose all the laws, parts and events of every T.œ of the Universe.
  • Only then equipped with the proper understanding of T.œ and its non-Æ mathematical and ternary logic formalism we can study physics, and we shall do it not from equations upwards, but from those T.œ, the photon, atom, molecule, matter state and gravitational being, and its vital isomorphic laws, which then can be described analytically in its actions, parts, co-existing flows and networks with mathematical tools of measure, to differentiate them and know its details. 

But as we said the 3 masters of space-time science had a hard time and ultimately were ignored. Leibniz was ignored in his confrontation with Newton and moreover accused of Plagiarism for his much deeper analysis of calculus and left abandoned in his old age by his king-employer, in one of the most shameful episodes of human history. Einstein was massacred along De broglie by the creationists, Heisenberg and Bohr and Pauli, despite being right defending quantum realism and pilot-wave theory and not even when his A-bomb gave him enormous prestige, he was respected. The FBI opened a file when he became pacifist. Again, the Homunculus mind is about handy  machines, small conceptual brain and hyperbolic thought. And we deal with those a priori structures of humans in our sections on history and economics.

A better definition of mathematical physics… will then be, departing from space-time properties:

“Mathematical Physics is the analysis of the 5 Space-time Dimensions, 3 topologies, 3 time states, and 10 Social Scales of the 3 perceived physical planes of reality, the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational planes, through its a(nti)symmetric mathematical operators: ±, x÷, √ xª, ∫ ∂.”

This is then what we shall study, time permitted in the future with increasing detail first in the sub post to this one, and the 4th line. Of course, that is not what mathematical physics is today, which basically consists in the analysis of the 5 parameters humans measure, lineal distance, L, lineal time, T, Mass and Charge (1D vortices of the gravitational and quantum scale) and its Universal constants (a specific symmetry, which we shall discuss in those posts)… and really I used to write my post departing from that mess, but as I said, given my infamous activism against the accelerator industry I will remain invisible among the community ‘live or dead’ so frankly as of 2018 starting tomorrow, I am going to take a bit more seriously the posts of astrophysics, and maths, which after all are the ones I enjoy more and write them as if the messy world of physicists had never started with Galileo’s deformation of lineal time in his master opus ‘ballistics’. AI or XXI c. Asian thinkers will be very grateful if we survive.

In that regard, I have to get back the 11 annotated books of Lindau’s awesome encyclopaedia of mathematical physics where I annotated all his work in my youth and the notebooks I recall to write… 30 years ago that must be somewhere at 40-0 parallel and if I find them, mathematical physics will be reborn and Galileo a note foot on the III millennia (: and if not, not.

The 2 philosophies of the science of timespace.

We shall thus in this post consider the evolution of science that passes as always every century through the evolution of our understanding of its first substances time and space (from XVI-XVII: Descartes->Galileo, to XVIII:  Leibniz vs. Newton, to XIX: Darwin vs. religion, to XX-XXI: Einstein->Sancho), which has two fundamental views:

The physicists’ view of a single abstract timespace, with a single clock for the entire universe, the mechanical clock, that measures a single arrow of future time, the arrow of entropy, disorder expansion in space and death, which starts and ends in a constant big-bang explosion that erases the information of life and the Universe. Time is then ‘what the clock measures’ (Einstein) and obviously it is spoken in the digital language of clocks.

This view appeared only with the invention of mechanical clocks, the development of the Cartesian graph that uncoiled the cyclical form of a clock into a line, latter extended mathematically to infinity, and the discovery in the analysis of a local phenomena of entropy – the disordered heat of steam machines…

And it requires two ‘dogmas’ that ‘reduce’ sciences to this view and are called by philosophers of science, ‘reductionism‘ (only mathematical measures of time taken with the human-mechanical standard of a single clock, with a second unit that is our human heart-step-eye-thought rhythm matter, all other forms of measure of time=change are irrelevant; and all other time clocks must be ‘reduced’ to the human time clocks which is also the clock of the Universe); and naive realism (only what we can see and measure with our visual intruments matter).

IT WAS only on those basis that the big-bang theory of the Universe could be born, by disregarding absolutely every other form of time=change, every other arrow of time=change notably the energetic and informative arrows of the vortices of galaxies that ‘compress vacuum space into matter’ (‘time bends space into masses’ Einstein); and finally by disregarding 96% of the Universe of dark energy and dark matter (remember those are NOT arrows/substances of time-space for ‘entropy’ only physicists.

Hence the present mess about big-bang theory where the proofs that deny it, the things that are not explained by it, are overwhelming. Yet BECAUSE physicists will defend its dogmas with a very non-scientific sanguine, bully behaviour full of systemic insults against the ‘intelligence of other sciences’, the ‘knowledge of philosophers of science’, the self-importance of their discoveries, on my view copycatted of the bullying of its ’employees’, the military of the weapon industry where till the explosion of the electronic consumer industry 70% of them worked; there is no way to argue with them reasonably on timespace theory.

So plainly speaking NEVER from ‘here to eternity’ there will be a physicist who truly advances further time theory.

As what he studies is only a type of time change, translation in space, defined by an equation which uses time-change only to measure those changes in space motion, v=∂s/∂t, ∂t=v/∂s, where each ‘instant of time’, ∂t is defined as the measure of change in speed or position in space.

This time-change measure has been exhausted ad limit by physicists, conceded. There is nothing more thoroughly researched with the liberal help of the military-industrial complex, since Galileo defined time in those terms to measure shots of cannonballs for the arsenal of Venice, than motion in space.

Einstein took it to the limit by defining precisely that change in very fine ‘pictures’ of present, simultaneous space-time, adding a correcting factor to Galileo’s relativity, c²t², to account for the deformations happening at very fast motions; but NOTHING of the other type of changes and perceptions of time notably biological, informative time changes were added to the ‘soup’.

So physicists know all about time-change in space but they cannot make a philosophy of time, because they have ‘reduced’ time to that partial element of change, they have eliminated all languages which are NOT digital to measure time change, notably the logic of the 3 timespace arrows past, present and future, better explained with verbal logic.

Only a philosopher of science considers all the changes together and ads the logic of verbal thought and its 3 past-present-future verbs to explain time.

As mathematics IS better as a language to mirror space, geometry and points, though it can mirror time through sequential numbers, the loss is specially clear in the understanding of causality and time logic, which physicists finally abandoned for the false concept of ‘probability’, which has basically eliminated the key element to understand sequential events in time, causality, whose logic is NOT Simple aristotelian causality, as there are 3 arrows of time that mix together to create events.


Complex 5Dimensions. Correspondence principle.

Though we shall dedicate entire posts of the blog to deal in detail with quantum and relativity equations, in this introductory post we have to consider the differences between the simpler 4D formalism which studies the Universe from the human pov of a single light space-time continuum, with the successful goal of measuring motions from the human perspective.

First to mention that of the five+five dimensions of space-time reality, 2. lineal motion 2. wave reproduction O-1. SEEDS and vortices of n-form-ation, 4. entropy 5. social evolution.

Physicists study only 3 dimensions of space (1,2,3), but not in bidimensional topological forms, but in single dimensions, and with Euclidean points with no breath, so they reduce (except in string theory) the size of its dimensions to:

1. length-motion 2. width-reproduction, 3. height-information; and call 4. entropy the arrow of time – the only one they consider.

However when dealing with relativity, they do not use the entropic concept of time, but as they derive their time formula from v=∂s/∂t, that is slices of derivative present instants; their ‘time arrow’ is different from their mathematical time, which corresponds to the second present-dimension of time. And as they use NOT frequency, cyclical time but its inverse, duration, Lineal time, t=1/ƒ; they ad to the properties of present, properties of the first dimension of lineal motion.

So it is clear that ‘entropic physicists’ who love motion and entropic weapons have a bias for those entropic properties of motion; and ‘reduce’ to nothingness, the information dimensions of time (0-11 dimension of cyclical time vortices; 5th dimension of social evolution, the longest dominant time dimension).

All this makes it very messy as humans are not memorial bitches that keep repeating those errors. So we shall resume it all again, before studying some parts of it:

  • 1,2, 3 dimensions of space are topological bidimensional forms/MOTIONS NOT lineal forms: 2D length-lineal motion; 3D: width-wave reproduction; o-1D: height-information gauging, 4th dimension of entropy (and this is a scattering function or a scalar potential), 5th dimension of super organisms (and this is nowhere to be seen).

What physicists call motion is thus the 2nd dimension of lineal time-motion; what they call a wave of energy is the 3rd dimension of present, simultaneous derivatives of energy (this is what Special relativity studies as time); what they call an Active Magnitude, mass, charge is the o-1 dimensional vortices of time of the ∆±1 quantum and gravitational scales that accelerate as they curve and shrink lineal space (and this is what general relativity studies). What they call the arrow of time is the 4th dimension of entropic death (and this is what physicists doing amateur philosophy consider the single arrow of time). And finally what they completely ignore is the 5th dimension of world cycles, in an external world which includes them all from o-1D generation to social evolution of parts into wholes (nowhere to be seen). They study it ONLY as a worldline of motions, NOT a cyclical process, zero sum of all existences that fluctuate between ∆±1 planes.

But they IGNORE those planes, with the simplified model of space-time continuums, born of the artefact of abstract measure, called the cartesian plane (ultimately projecting as Newton did, the paper on the Universe). So they ignore the scalar 4-5th dimension of ternary scales:

As ∆-1: Past-entropy/potentials, ∆-present-ternary/wave-centered arrows, ∆+1: future, informative particle form, are on the other hand the long time arrows of the scalar Universe.

But within any physical system they study scattering, disordering actions of ∆-1 potentialsand in pilot-wave theory the quantum potential ; they study iterative waves and its 3 CLOCK components, the wave speed, the group speed; and finally future arrows of information that are their particles, crystals and thermodynamic eddies.

So we reiterate, physicists study it all, but with NO method or underlying philosophy of ‘stience’. And as humans are memorial bitches, it would be truly messy to try to impose truth over power (scholarship tradition). When young my first book on physics was called the ‘error of einstein’, the part of time theory (the fifth dimension) he missed (error in physics is what you don’t measure). Just because of the title, doubting of the God of minions of thought, aka scholars (: I never got a single response ):

So we just won’t correct most of it, just expose the more evolved 5D² model, and we shall only refer to physical time theory when dealing with its mathematical equations to translate them into ∆•s≈t, which is the ‘settled’ form.

The dimensional question: 1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy.

A simple example of the application of such a ‘fractal Universe’ where species might have different dimensions happens in quantum physics, solving a key problem without clear whys – the meaning of fermions and bosons, as particles with only 2 positions/spins (h/2 ) which we define as attractive 2D vortices (charges, masses) vs. particles of spin 1, with 3 positions=3D. So 2D vortices cannot superimpose/occupy the same place.

But 3D bosons have a reproductive ‘motion’, along its 3rd spin direction, which is 0 spin (as they are moving-reproducing laterally);  reason why they can also superimpose by filling its 3Dimension while fermions can’t. This simplest application of the different dimensional form of Nature’s systems has also an immediate consequence, defining motion as the wave-reproductive state of a particle (and we shall return to it), solving the eternal paradox of what is motion – also a reproduction of form. This very old why of 5D theory, received recently some experimental proof when a photon confined to a 2 D ‘sheet’ of spacetime turned to have 1/2 spin (:

So bosons do reproduce along a line of motion, and since only organisms reproduce, the simplest particle being reproductive, we MUST conclude all is an organism of space-time not a mechanism of ‘whatever’.

A final proof should suffice, mechanism has the problem that a machine needs a maker to be put in motion. WHILE an organism is self-reproductive. Indeed, even quarks, the smallest particle self-reproduces.

Why then we don’t accept reality as organic? Simply speaking I have never had a rational answer from any scientist, just silence – when I used to chair the science of duality in world congresses and explain all this… and a few smiles and people, mostly physicists abandoning the room when I affirmed atoms are organisms as they do reproduce through their particles.

So my conclusion is dual:

First because the first scientists used machines to measure reality and digital numbers to quantify them, which seem abstract, as they are not our languages, and the vital properties are not well expressed in only numbers (evolution in fact is a verbal theory).

But next and now I will be blunt, because humans lack the ethic humility to understand the living organism except some of its highest scientists, such as Einstein, which even in his case was dismissed in his statements on the living universe. So we are harsh indeed NOT on the living Universe but on the human ego, which does NOT want to give, his considered highest property, life to the whole Universe and its parts.

The homunculus mind with handyman craftsmanship to kill with entropic weapons, a big mouth to talk idologies of human supremacism over the organic Universe and a small childish brain that understands nothing.

In the graph, this is your ‘mind-ego’, the homunculus mapping of the regions of the brain and its connections. 

The real problem: a humind with big hands to ensemble machines big mouth to talk about how superior he is to reality and small brain to truly understand. And so our natural ego, believes machines are the model… because then it can feel in control.  And of course, as motion IS with reproduction, the two clearest properties of life, ‘things will become alive when the move’ said Aristotle, and reproduction is the sure property of life in biology, those quarks MUST NOT reproduce, they decouple, company-mothers of machines must not re=produce, but produce, and physical and mechanical system hence DO NOT have life properties, even if quarks DO reproduce and company-mothers, increasingly automated by robots are the ‘ant-hills’ of their offspring of machines, which then they will also take care off, with lobbies to construct its ‘ant-like paths’ called roads, and so on…

We shall then model everything with organic models and care nothing for the fact that the homunculus likely will NOT come out of its ego paradox and comfort zone (as if machines are indeed evolving organisms, it would be a good idea to restrict its evolution as robotic terminators and so on…)

How to ‘disengage’ then the complexity of the probabilistic view of Dirac’s brac-kets? It can be done and I have done it with a painful translation of the o-1 probability sphere to statistical mechanics, but it is by no means the priority of this blog. So we shall try simplified methods to enlighten the vital, organic properties of physical systems.
To the rescue comes first the Rashomon effect – which means we can use simpler equations – i.e. Poisson’s gradients instead of Einstein’s general relativity coming out of it; Hamiltonians in the classic format instead of its discrete versions, because what we want to explore is first principles.
But still we shall need an ‘image’ of that Universe in the limits humans do not perceive. And alas! the second key  fundamental finding of the fractal Universe, in physics comes to the rescue: as in 5D metric, the equations of atoms and galaxies are the same. The galaxy merely extends in space, and slow downs in time, but the product ðƒ x $p = K in both cases. And we can show this in the simpler Newton’s->Poisson’s equations for anyone to understand (the equivalent relativity equations will come in the fourth line if i can stretch my entropy age a few years more).
Then even if a fractal Universe is NOT equal in all scales (meaning only the very primary parameters of space and time remain co-organically similar), some immediate consequences comes out of it: the galaxy (the whole Universe is not fully perceivable) IS an organism of 3 CO-EXISTING planes as humans or any other system are, because the minimum needed for such organism to exist is precisely the existence of the same 5D metric for the 3 scales, meaning the 3 scales HAVE their clocks in synchronicity of scale. If we couldn’t reduce in space and accelerate in time a galaxy to get a Hydrogen atom’s time speed and space size – or rather reduce the weak gravitational cosmological force into the G-strong curvature/speed/attractive power of the coulomb, Q FORCE – the galaxy and the atoms, its quanta would not be connected, and the in-between thermodynamic/magnetic scale, where humans develop would not exist.
It is then also when we can have a ‘picture’ albeit deformed as it is similar but not exactly the same, of how the quantum world is – the electron being a nebulae of dense photons, the equivalent of stars; which we do model in astrophysics as photonic clouds; the dense quark/protons in the center akin to the dense black holes, likely positive top quark stars in the center of those galaxies, the outer electron shell similar to the negative strangelet halo, the Witten’s candidate to the outer surface of galaxies.
And then the third great field to advance on fractal 5D physics comes from the evolution of mathematics specially geometry and the concept of a fractal point… This as it is the most complex shall be kept mostly for the 4th line, but we have already written quite a long on how to improve and vitalise the mathematical mirror on the nonÆ math section on second line, so some stuff can be done on that line, by reinterpreting the hidden meanings of mathematics.
The most profound of that upgrading deals with the proper understanding of dot products multi dimensions and Hilbert spaces, the formalism of quantum physics, and this obviously cannot be fit in this introduction, but we shall reserve for the fourth line; and when done, I believe we will have covered properly the ‘basis’ of 5D² physics for future specialists one their ego-trips of digital creationism fades away and the humind accepts its relative role in the Universe, to fly on their own in the path opened in this blog.
Let us now see how the definition of the mind and its ego-paradox and still distortion of reality accounts for most human errors in understanding the 5D space-time elements that create reality.

Potentials – waves – particles.

The reason why physics seems so difficult, besides its enormous detail, is the complete ignorance of its first principles and proper symmetries between its present 3 dimensions and ∆±1 scales, which fogs the ‘mirror’ and obliges to create in search for ‘still, spatial’, all encompassing mappings, very complex mathematical structures to describe them.

Those mirrors ARE SEARCHING in fact for the simple Generator of physical systems:

0D: ∆-1: informative seeds < 1D: ∆o: particle-vortices < 2D: lineal motions> 3D: energy, iterative body-waves < 4d: entropic death (potentials).

The symmetries between the 3 dimensions of space and time, either in ‘lineal fashion (just explained) or in bidimensional topological form/function: (entropic, disordered expansion of flat space or past, informative cyclical implosion or future and reproductive hyperbolic body-waves) IS the essence of all space-time phenomena when observed objectively externally, defining the 3+3 dimensions of a single plane of the scalar Universe.

What physicists have done is to reduce the 3 dimensions of time to a single PRESENT time quanta, ∂t=∂s/∂v, to measure ONLY the instant, present steps of a lineal motion, completely reducing our understanding of time=change to the bare minimum.

And then imposing this entropic, derivative, minimalist view of time, with the power of its worldly religion – making entropic weapons and bullying philosophers of science, biologists, and society as the high popes of knowledge, cause they have machines to ‘measure better’, never mind the peanut logic of its timespace membrains.

Now we can bring a bit more of insight in how they blur comprehension of 5D metric, which IMPLIES that smaller scales have MORE information (‘the set of subsets is bigger than the whole set’ Cantor paradox).

This means that paradoxically the upper PLANE of POTENTIAL-MOTIONS (Gravitational scale) can be represented by the EMPTIEST OF ALL @-plane mirrors, Poisson’s equation: ∆u=0, as THE WHOLE gravitational potential field is invisible to us, only a tendency to lineal motion. Hence the simplicity of Newton’s laws. Only when we DO look at the field very close from inside, in still simultaneity (EINSTEIN’S EFE), WE REALIZE that at the same plane-level it is as complex as any field. But from the lower perspective is as simple as ∆u=0. Information does NOT fall into us.

While the inverse Hilbert space of ALL potential events and forms of the quantum world is very complex.

A first fast view of the enlightened whys of quantum systems.

Why indeed, we cast quantum physics in a complex Hilbert space? It is an important question, because the Hilbert, complex space acts as the ‘substrata’, or potential field of all possible forms of a quantum system, enclosed with the algebraic and geometric forms of a Hilbert spaceAs the state-spaces of quantum mechanics have more internal structure than their classical counterparts.

A  model is a mathematical structure used to represent some physically significant structure in the world. The heart and soul of quantum mechanics is contained in the Hilbert spaces that represent the state-spaces of quantum mechanical systems, all woven into the structure of these spaces, embodied in the relations among the mathematical objects which represent them.

The specific qualities of quantum 5D metric – to be the furthest regions of perception, hence those with minimal size and maximal time speed ($pe x ðiƒ = ∆-3,4), MEANT also that our perception of it was:

-Blurred by distance, which creates uncertainty.

-Multiplied in forms of space and time cycles perceive by unit of human measure, as the 5D metric made them so small and fast in its worldcycles that we did see a lot of ensembles together, of states together, of parts together…

The conjunction of those elements explains both the complexity of the @-humind view of quantum physics, as we humans try to get a spatial fixed mental form (in this case mathematical to reflect ALL the elements of the experiment and WITH TOTAL deterministic.

And the task of fit all the possible states together, discerning which were ‘events in time’ and ‘forms in space’, measure them, with brute huge elements, set the philosophical problems of quantum physics.

But there is also an @-sentient added difficulty: when WE MEASURE A QUANTUM state, the state is so fast, perceptive (gauging) as the minimalist most perfect atom-galaxy level of reality, with maximal information that it REACTS a priori TO THE OBSERVERS, and so we MEASURE not the previous state as with ‘brutish herds of upper thermodynamic foggy levels’ but the a posteriori STATES OF THE QUANTUM SYSTEM which is smarter than WE ARE. And so we CANNOT even know which of all the possible paths/Hilbert encoded future states, WILL be taken by the system, and just can adscribe PROBABILITIES TO THEM.

Further on, BECAUSE the ternary generator, Potential < wave>particle is ignored, THE QUANTUM physicist, slow, and retarded (in action and information 🙂 does NOT realise it is NOT a choice, of particle vs. wave, as you do NOT wonder if you are a head or a body, YOU ARE BOTH and on top limbs moving in potential worlds. So IT IS the proper REALIST BOHM formulation of quantum, where ALL is there, the QUANTUM POTENTIAL, the WAVE and the PARTICLE. AND YOU JUST change from the present MERGED wave-state description (cartesian hyperbolic coordinates of 3D), vs. the polar ∆-1 potential < > Particle (∆+1) broken DUALITY. AND OF COURSE DROP YOUR BOHR’s ego to accept quantum realism.

Then the PARTICLE IS always within and mostly ON TOP OF THE BODY-WAVE, as the DNA/black hole is within the galaxy/cell wave, or your head is, in the point of maximal information. Particle’s densities are thus maximal in the ‘membrain’ of the system and we localise them with higher probability where the DENSITY OF INFORMATION=INTENSITY of the wave is maximal.

No mystery to it. The so called Probabilistic interpretation is JUST an artefact of abstract maths to facilitate calculus BECAUSE of the properties of complex planes. So WE square amplitude to GET THE REAL THING, A BIDIMENSIONAL HOLOBRAPHIC intensity PARAMETER (operator).  And then to facilitate calculus we ‘reduce’ it to the o-1 sphere of probability by dividing it and multiplying it for the conjugate. All this IS JUST manipulation in abstract math mirrors that detach the whys of realism away, and only then the ARROGANT bohr comes out with its idea that reality is probability to become an impostor, posing as amateur philosopher of science.

THE REAL DIFFERENCES THAT MATTER IN A QUANTUM PHYSICAL SYSTEM ARE DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE FUNDAMENTAL POSTULATES OF ∆st universes: Quantum systems are DISCRETE SYSTEMS; and their units are NOT the same of larger cosmological gravitational systems – so concepts as mass lack any significance, and we must change as we do mass for h-angular momentum to define a quantum vortex in its particle-wave formalisms:

Schrodinger no-time dependent wave of quantum physics, means it is deterministic: it represents a complete worldcycle of past, present and future fully ‘integrated in the equation’ and related to the h constant of angular momentum (the closed world cycle ‘spin’ of the wave or particle), which cannot and should not be broken apart. We need though better to understand complex numbers to fully grasp its meaning. So from the articles on number theory:

Complex numbers as expressions of the 3 states: potential past <present wave> future particle

AS WE JUST said Complex space-time ideal for studying ∏imespace world cycles as the previous ones. Since in a complex space, the ‘negative’ arrow inverse to the positive one (Spe<=>tiƒ) are kept separated as lateral i-numbers, by the convention  – initially a fortuitous error of interpretations – than the minus of √-1 cannot be taken out of the √.

It can, but as this was not understood mathematicians maintained the Tiƒ arrow represented by a negative root as a different coordinates. And the result of its combinations with real numbers, gave origin of complex numbers ℂ, which are the best complex numbers to represent the 2 inverse arrows of world cycles of existence.

Thus the complex plane IS when used with the sinusoidal functions a good representation of a world cycle (tumbled, as X+ is 2D:$pe, x- is 1D ðiƒ and in its 3D ∑∏-mature age is i-lateral numbers):

Thanks to the ‘serendipitous’ error of earlier mathematicians, which could not conceive negative≈inverse motions, the real line was broken into perpendicular co-ordinates, which are perfect to represent world cycles, where the real line represents Spe (max. size, X-oordiantes) and the imaginary root axis represents information which has min. size,  and it is negative, in as much as its development rests ‘entropy’ to the real numbers. This scientists still don’t know and it is a wonder of the ‘deterministic’ Universe that they DO use Cx-numbers to study worldcycles, without knowing what they are and what they study (:

Thus in as much as the i-factor represents the information system, which absorbs from the ∆-1 plane energy to ‘be=come’, and h it becomes the operator of angular momentum, of ‘time worldcycles’ of waves and particles in quantum physics; even in quantum physicists don’t know it (:

So we can study the 3 arrows of time of the quantum wave, conceding the imaginary number in this case to the angular momentum, or membrane of the wave, which will then surface often in connection with the particle envelope (itself origin of all other extensions of quantum physics, hence the importance of the example). So we write in 5D:

∆ø: Vψ ≈  h²/2m ∇²ψ + ih ∂ψ/∂t

The ‘wave-state’ is a present state; the PARTICLE, or angular momentum that envelops the wave is function which has the i-number (right side). And the way to properly write the equation is therefore, moving the 2 h factors to the right, to form a nice complex number equivalent to the potential that generates both the particle and its kinetic energy.

So in the right side we have now the kinetic≈entropic energy of the particle or singularity parameter and its membrane.

While in the other side we have the quantum wave itself, its vital energy, which is the potential  energy of the wave, Vψ.

And both are balanced. In this manner, we obtain a third interpretation besides the expression of Schrodinger and the Bohm’s interpretation, closely related to this one. 

So the equation understood in terms of the generator reads:

Singularity (kinetic≈entropic, moving energy) + angular momentum (represented by i-numbers+ = vital energy (Potential energy)

And as any other T.œ, where the singularity and angular momentum encloses its vital energy in balance with it, so does the wave.

So in quantum physics as physicists realise with certain surprise, imaginary numbers are not mere ‘artefacts of calculus’ but ‘REAL’ in its meaning, expressed in the graph above.

We shall of course extend its ‘reality’ to explain why actually they are also real in electromagnetism, even if the humind prefers to obtain as final result a real, which is less real (: result, but appears as ‘real’ to the unreal human mind (quip intended).

In terms of past, present and future (left side), which is a more general view of the ternary elements on imaginary equations, an i-number rotate sfrom a relative past/future to a relative future/past a function of existence, through a 90° middle angle, that is, the middle ST balanced point, in which the present becomes a bidimensional function, with a REAL, + (relative past-entropic coordinates) and an imaginary, negative (future coordinates) elements.

This needs a couple of clarifications: first we move ‘backwards’ in a complex i-graph from future to past as we rotate through i-scales, in as much as most graphs are measuring the ‘motion’ of lineal entropic time which is the relative Spe Function.

So the negative side becomes the time function, something which mathematical physics makes obvious, when considering an attractive, informative force-field-potential negative.

So we can reinterpret the Schrodinger equation as the definition of the momentum of the wave, where ih is the mass factor, and the wave speed depends on the two elements of position and speed, obviously related to the two elements of the right side, the potential/position energy and the kinetic lineal time speed.


We are thus constantly encountering in different formulae the 3 fractal elements of the Universe, which in physical systems are associated to angular momentum=membrane, lineal momentum=singularity and vital energy= the wave space-time between them.

This is then just a different plane and much of the confusion happens by making relevant by routine the mass element of our higher Universe which comes into view likely latter around the weight of the dark matter quarks (heavy atoms in our Universe). H then BEING THE EQUIVALENT OF MASS and  K boltzman in the energy equations, is accompanied by the frequency equation to write a simple 5D scalar metric:

 ∆-1: $³d (Potential volume) – 1D ƒ ∆º: ð =∆+1: K ²d(1D scalar: Active magnitude value)

What matters us though more is the conceptual error of dealing with mass in the field of ih-angular momentum as the meaning of mass.

So then particles anti gravitate in the sense that mass here is ih and so they are density charges that change symbol from repulsive to attractive, as we must ‘NOT use the concept of mass’ but angular momentum h, as the operator of both lineal and angular momentum, relate it to charge which is the active magnitude here, mass being expelled from the real of intrinsic properties of quantum systems.

ih momentum differs in the sense that mass, the enclosure particle of the larger reality of gravitational quantum potential waves at 10.000 (open still to argument) IS NOT real for particle points, where the momentum is given by ih, the similar mass-factor on the operator of momentum for quantum waves. This is in fact related to the charge (the equivalent to the mass vortex or star density within the galaxy), distribution around the atom, which forms the density cloud of charge we call an electron. So mass must not be considered and at all moments to be changed by the ih factor of schrodinger’s momentum operator which is the equivalent to mass in the quantum real (its active magnitude). Itself a spherical rotary density of change which has however null effect on the form of the quantum field it does not distort, and so is intrinsically neutral, extrinsically charged.

Equations of timespace dimensions: 5D metric, ternary arrows, dual holographies, constant ratios and speeds.

In that regard translations of pure functions of time and space in GST to physical equivalents are the stuff to extract the whys of physics, both through the use of non-e geometries and non-algebra equations, giving it vital meaning; as the equations by the ‘Rashomon effect’ (all events can be seen from the kaleidoscopic point of view of the 5 dimensions of space-time to extract truth, as Rashomon’s film have 4+the judge versions to get an approach to the truth, which in any case always will lack some info, as only the entity has the info in itself).

For example of those translations the most important Frequency, ƒ=1/t=ð, which is the immediate one-dimensional translation of lineal time into cyclical time. Yet, frequency is a synoptically limited ‘mind’ information in a simpler mirror language of equations; which reduces further the total information of the translation of the being – its form, direction etc – to a discrete serie of numbers.

Mathematical physics thus deals always with such REDUCTIONS of the total information of the time and space parameters of systems in different dimensions and scales.

The result is a reduced but reliable picture of the external locomotions, translations in space and changes in volumes of space, entropy, information, time, energy of all kind of Nature’s systems.

We just listed the 4 key elements of ∆s≈t applied to algebraic physics, which are the  reduced basic equations of time-space symmetries (existential ¬Ælgebra) that apply to all other sciences, when we properly translate them in the language of maximal information of each scale=stience, which is mathematics in physical systems. So we write:

E(st) = $pe x ðime frequency becomes then the main equation of scalar mathematical physics, which allows comparisons between scales.

And then we write 3 ages, topologies of time space and its non-æ equations, past-entropy x future – information = present iteration, the main formal equation to study physical time space events:

The expansive lineal, decelerated motion, the  steady state, constant speed and the accelerate vortex of time are thus the 3 main timespace motions, which is normally made explicit through a volume growth of space (as time decelerates) a constant of speed, st (A PRESENT remains invariant) and an accelerated force (ðiƒ).

Pure Simpler space, paradoxically is three dimensional, expansive and decelerating.

And so we find curious combinations of those 3 parameters which define the main laws of mathematical physics.

SPACE-time FUNCTIONS on the other hand tend to be bidimensional, either in the holographic upper or flat, width dimensions as time/information like (height oriented) and space/energy like depictions. And so we write S<≈>T for those holographic symmetries, often feed-back st-st-eps, go and stop motions that define the whole range of events of the physical Universe.

Finally we come then to the proper definition of the 3 ‘constant ratios’ of all systems of physics, equivalent to the ‘magnitudes’: density of information, t/s instead of mass, spread of reproduction of information, s/t instead of speed, and existential momentum/force, s x t instead of physical momentum/energy.

Of them obviously the simplest forms are those of speed locomotions, depicted with a numerical single dimension to express, deceleration, constant speed or acceleration, which are the 3 ages/arrows of a locomotion, corresponding to Space (deceleration and expansion till stillness), reproduction in space-time (constant speed, steady state) and finally a vortex of acceleration (where a motion dimension is gotten by shrinking a space-distance). They are equivalent to the use of ‘distance’, speed and ‘accelerated force’ as parameters of the 3 time ages of any system.

Energy though, BEING the integration through time of quanta of existential momentum must ad to speed a dimension of ‘spatial accumulation’, mostly width, which stores energy and ads up similar beings in a wave of energy. This will then be the amplitude of the wave, or the tail of mass of the system, which physicists operate with similar equations under the Rashomon effect as potential, spatial + kinetic, temporal energies, hamiltonians, Lagrangians and so on.

Those initial concepts are ultimately what physicists measure in the different  scales of space-time of the physical Universe, in the natural units of that Universe according to scales: 3 magnitudes, which they call length, time and mass/charge (the active magnitude), whose translation is therefore immediate to ∆st.

Now if you want to be more complex than that, ad 3 + 3 = 6 dimensions  in a single continuum, and then ad the scalar 4D entropic dimension global to the Universe and the infinite discontinuous mind-5Dimension that orders singular territories within the sea of entropic scales and free time§paœrganisms, enclosing them with its membrains.

Thus when we ad to the 3 topological space-time dimensions of any form which is made of parts and belongs to a larger 4D entropic world, and the 5D local membrain-mind which orders it we complete the description of the being. Let us study a bit more those inverse 4D entropic and 5D mind ordering dimensions.


Adapting discontinuous scalar space-time to continuous single space-time.

Now, the next instalment of the analysis of galilean relativity between motion and stop was einstein’s special relativity and again, he, unaware of the duality of dimensions of motion and form, merely went further into the obsession of measure, translating the effects of ‘warping’ of space that shortens it, when information is imprinted by light in the previous quantum potential of lineal form, adding to the measure a -ct factor of warping. This was special relativity concerned with that translation to our world where we do not see the quantum potential – hence we add the warping to scale up the process into our ‘terse’ space-time. And further on, we do not see the stop and go of particles and waves, and so we added the lorentz transformations to compensate in our continuous Universe, and in this manner special relativity maintained the fantasy of a continuous derivative motion universe (when it is a stop and go), and a single space-time (when it is a scalar space-time warped in the whole scales).

• constancy of c-speed: endophysics.

So let us put another example on time theory – relativity and all this incredibly non-intuitive complex maths to adapt a world moving at constant c-speed to our world. It IS real? No, it is NOT, but it IS for a human mind and it will ALWAYS appear as such in our measures.

Why? Because the UNDERSTANDING OF ALL OTHER SCALES, including biological and social, psychological tell us an obvious truth: WHEN YOU MOVE you think worst. Leibniz was 3 days in a chair to study its information. My ass is square (: Information, form becomes blurred because IT is still, WHEN we move. So to emit, or perceive information you stop. To move and translate you go. THUS in the quantum scale electrons emit waves of light in relative stillness. And so there is NOT need in that ‘REAL level’ to make Lorentz transformations.

In as much as particles travel only as waves, WHICH ARE SYSTEMS THAT REPRODUCE INFORMATION.

Then they stop to become particles and gauge information when they ‘stop’. Then they go as waves and reproduce information. Stop and ‘create an upper scale of the fifth dimension’, the particle. Go… stop, as in a movie, where the camera stops the film to focus and gauge its information.

Particles as we explain on other posts are the envelope or group membrane of the wave, which moves it. Particles thus enclose and in-form the wave, its vital energy that moves the particle. Hence we cannot know with absolute precision both systems, as we shall either measure the envelope or the inner vital energy, but not both.

In quantum physics the particle moves at twice the speed of the wave, Pv =2 Wv, so the particle has time to close the circle, and becomes the dominant element of the system, and its measure, angular momentum (h) the main parameter of quantum physics (other uses of h are explained within the kaleidoscopic ∆ð≈@s, 5 dimensional elements of the Universe and its multifunctional nature of each parameter).  Such waves tend to collapse into particles easier becoming electronic particle-points.

In other limit, water waves travel twice the speed of its group; so a group particle is NOT formed AND the cyclical motion belongs to the ∆-1 micro particle state.

In that regard, the existence of a particle in the classic sense implies NOT only the existence of an ∆-1 particle as in water waves, but rather a collapsed ∆º particle with an ‘active magnitude’ in the external membrane of the wave, which we consider to be the case for the collapsing wave of the quantum scale, as we can measure then an ‘angular momentum’ with h-constants.

Indeed, we can understand the particle as the enclosure of the wave, in multiple variations on the same theme, from the shepherd dog – a moving particle encircling it, to the wall… Waves and particles though as the go and stop symmetry are the essential element that carry the first s=tep duality as far as gender duality, where the female is the reproductive vital energy wave and the particle, the in-form-ative enclosure.

What about the singularity? In principle the singularity which will rule both particle and wave is NOT there, but comes latter in time, as the focus that increases the order of both, introducing an accelerating component to it.

Strings are in symmetry and both particles/groups and wave-energy, travel at the same speed. And those are the S≈T better conserved systems.
An immediate consequence of the particle, ‘stopping’=closing a cycle, as opposed to the wave constantly iterating a motion (both are in fact solutions to the wave equations, so we can consider the algebraic S=T equation of the wave its full symmetry/worldcycle and its 2 solutions, the breaking of its ‘symmetry’ into creative processes).
And this duality explains why C-SPEED IS CONSTANT: BECAUSE electrons that emit c-speed entangled to other electrons communicate in relative stop position a wave that moves and the electron stopped gauges it. So in the electronic scale YOU DONT ADD motions, to those electrons that stop and go regardless on the larger matter scales that might seem as the camera film to have continuous motion.

Does this mean that the Lorentz invariance, transformation, etc. which we use to measure those far away scales in terms of our human sense of continuous motion does not make sense. NOT, of course, it is the proper way to build measures from the human pov. IT is though one a ‘perspective’, that of the ‘humind’, but if we were an atom the more realist view is that of the experimentally proved stop and go ‘attitude’ of particles and waves. So of course, this explains THE BIGGEST CONUNDRUM also of quantum physics, the duality wave-particle and WHY when we observe a wave it ALWAYS appears as a collapsing particle.

Of course, because we stop it. Now, Bohr’s copenhagen interpretation is literalist, egocentered, anthropomorphic as he said ‘the observer’ created the phenomena, not so. We merely see stopping the wave into particle. So Einstein the realist quipped ‘the moon doesn’t disappear when we don’t look at it. And he is right. A PARTICLE can stop without a brutish Bore watching it.

In the quantum scale, they are related to the duality energetic wave, informative particle, which displace over a  quantum field of non-local  entropic motions (pilot wave theory), and achieve synchronicity in its three sub-clocks as particle, wave and field harmonise them in stable orbits (graph, mathematical description).

Pilot-wave theory introduces those three arrows of all systems of Nature, for quantum physical systems its field of entropy, its present, iterative wave of reproduction and its informative state as particles that ‘ride over waves’, following the ‘quantum field of faster motions-entropies’ as a predator follows its food or a bird glides an air-stream.

Now if in the thermodynamic scale those ages of matter are crystal clear, as we expand the russian dolls into larger bigger and smaller parts outside and inside, we move to a generic relationship that explains the enlarger regions of ‘pure entropic states of matter’ beyond plasma, and pure solid states beyond crystal matter – it is the generator equation for the larger ‘Dark world’ ∆±4 universe.

 In the graph, again we can see how the introduction of scales and time ages solves the third main error of physics, one for each scale, in this case our thermodynamic ∆º scale considered wrongly to have only the entropic-death-weapon state, which as the graph shows is the entry to creation and death from the lower ∆-1, scale of Plasma states in which particles are not organically put into a single ‘entity’ as in those solid states.

In that regard perhaps the most strident ‘simplification’ of classic physics is the fact that of the 5 organic motions of the Universe, physicists only seem interested in describing the simplest of them all ‘locomotions’. Such state of affairs that reduces and eliminates all organic motions of physical systems is the biggest handicap to complete the science of physics, so we shall end this introduction with a deeper analysis of that limit.

All this said we need to follow the correspondence principle and introduce the view of a 4D formalism in a single space-time continuum from the larger picture of 5D³, which expands our view to include new scales, and explains a few whys of general relativity, essentially dealing with the distortions caused by the interaction of the gravitational larger scale with our electromagnetic euclidean light space-time view.

Quantum limits: discrete and sentient=gauging.  The rashomon effect.

LET us consider then the rashomon effect of multiple perspectives to see the ‘differences between our macroscopic reality and the microscopic world of quantum physics.

The only complex part of physics is the formalism of quantum physics NOT because it is different from any other but because with it HUMINDS ARRIVE TO THE MINIMAL QUANTA OF SPACE AND TIME, THAT ‘FORGES’ the electronic reality we perceive. This brings 3 fundamental differences on the key dualities of the Galilean paradox. 


h-planck is the absolute minimal quanta of humind information, beyond it the quantum potential is action at distance, invisible to us, which feeds the reproduction of particles.

So quantum physics cannot longer appear as a continuum, as we have reached the minimal ternary ‘wave packet’ of co-existence in space, which implies we DO have a minimal uncertainty of an h-planck, as we cannot know in which of the 3 consecutive reproductive steps, the particle exists when we measure it. The graphs illustrate that uncertainty; as the system moves, stops and gauges, moves=reproduces its information again, it varies from wave to particle and as we perceive co-existence of 3 past-present-future elements together, we cannot localise exactly the minimal angular momentum quanta (H) we are looking at.

Further on, as we arrive to the minimal discrete quanta of our limited reality, this implies we need to use ‘eigenvalues’, that is to describe a system we NEED to get all the information about EACH STEP, an eigen value for each one, and that multiplies so much the information that we need infinite parameters – what they call ∞ dimensions, which are not really dimensions but local ‘basis’ for measuring each of those states, which BEING SO FAST IN TIME we see SIMULTANEOUSLY from our slower level of perception.

So as we cannot use an undetailed ‘fogged’ view of the whole ensemble as in statistical mechanics… the excess of data accumulates:

The first bits of existence are perceived all together, due to its immense number and enormous speed of its worldcycles, using each worldcycle as a quanta of time-space.

2.ð-worldcycle view: As this means many worldcycles are completed for each human quanta of perception, we are in fact seeing as space, time flows. Hence the probabilistic approach is the best formalism for quantum physics as we observe fast Toes, that complete full worldcycles of existence.

In physical systems the first dimension comes from lower planes of existence, through the use of probabilistic equations on the o-1 plane reflection of the 1-∞ in finitesimal space.

3. ∆±i scalar view. As such quantum physics uses the probabilistic 0-1 sphere, to define a statistical mass of space-time events that become the particle-form as a 1 space-time constant of a higher ∆+1 plane.

Yet mathematically the unit sphere, o1≈1-∞, the cartesian plane (and the Riemann sphere, the complex plane). So we can transform if so we wanted the whole formalism to a real spatial view, which IS the view we would have if we were to become smaller, scaling down to the size of those relative finitesimal herds. Then we would see spatial populations and densities not probabilities. And we would do mathematical integrals to obtain its wholes.

4. @-view. But the true weirdness of quantum physics, will NEVER be accepted by huminds – namely that as we are observing the basic units of the immortal Universe, its reproductive, gauging=sentient particles; they INTERACT with the observer’s apparatus, collapsing to defend themselves as schools of fishes do when sharky electrons bomb them. So we CANNOT measure a priori, but only observe the formation-collapse a posteriori. Time thus seems reversed. As in higher scales, where the measurement does not affect so much the observable, which is also ‘mute’ to perception as a fogged herd of amorphous atoms; we obtain information about the state of the system, ‘BEFORE’ we measured it. In the ‘interacting’ quantum world, the system like the school reacts to the electron bomb, a priori, so the measure is about the ‘state’ AFTER.

But we shall not cast given the need for a huge conceptual upgrade, most of this introductory post on mathematical formulae, but just bring punctual examples of  it. The post is mostly to define and clarify the concepts of physical systems, which are not readily understood.


So we have seen how the Universe can be generated, in all its systems and events by the 5 dimensions of reality: 1.motion, 2.reproduction, 3.information 4. entropy 5. social linguistic evolution.
That is the Universe in a nutshell as all beings follow the same program. And so the philosophy of physics is NOT different from other sciences. Let us resume it.

Growing in S=T Dimensions. The 5D³ universe in a nutshell.

The Universe is a supœrganism that re•produces information. And it does so towards a final aim, the reproduction of new super organisms, •5D³ systems, of topo-bio-logical nature, with topologic, spatial, organic, scalar and logic, temporal properties.

A super organism increases in complexity as it ‘covers up and down’ new dimensions of entropy and information brought together into a new ∆±i super organic structure:

In the graph, the three arrows of time of a world cycle are intimately connected to the three scales ∆±1 in which the supœrganism realises its existence, up and down the scales of the fifth dimension, from seminal birth into social existence and final extinction.

The fourth dimensions of entropic space and the fifth dimensions of the mind’s singularity and its social evolution of the whole, are closely related to the other membrain and centre of an open ball of energy, the present state with its spatial motions, $pe, hyperbolic waves and accelerated vortices of future, informative time. Which all together can be considered the present of the 4th and fifth dimensions with its inverse geometry and purpose.

In the graph the ten dimensional organism, can easily be divided in ternary grouping according to topology or scale.

The most amazing thing about the dual fifth dimension of space-time that forms all the organisms of reality is that humans do NOT logically perceive it, despite being all around us, all being part of a partial perception of the •5D³ being, in 4D², 3D, 2 or • dimensions of existeence.

As such we humans have a hard time perceiving a full •5D³ being, let alone a simple 4D subject ordering around 3D objects, following the instructions of its holographic 2D mental sheets of information, as its moves in seemingly random lineal point-like cycles of exist¡enœ.

The whole beings in his whole action with his hole information only exists within itself.

So the logic of time is ternary, similar to the taoist or hegelian concept of a yin-thesis, yang-antithesis and yin yang synthesis, as opposites attract to form complementary beings:

Past-entropy x future-information = present-energy cycles.

It WILL be thus a polymath of all sciences where time events happen, explaining all those clocks together – from evolutionary biology to genetic clocks to historic cycles and economic evolution of machines – clocks of time the physicist does not even consider time clocks, because only the mechanical clock matter.

So Kepler’s>physicists reductionist view of a single clock, a single space and a single language of time must be confronted with the view of the organic Universe proper of philosophers of science and eastern cultures, which affirm that the ‘languages of god are infinite’ and the way we perceive time multiple.

This view of time indeed is flawed by dogma, reductionism and naive realism that eliminates all other clocks, all other time cycles, all other languages of perception of time-space, including the verbal logic of the three arrows of time, past, present and future.

So we shall return and explain the much wider, much extended through cultures (till the clock of physics became collective dogma) view of time as the processes of change, produced by the combinations of 3 arrows.

It is the philosopher of science’s view, which sees reality as an eternal balance between the arrows of entropy and death and the arrows of information and life that combine in the conserved momentum and energy worldcycles of the Universe.

‘yin-visnhu-in/form/ation=dimensional form’ which combines with ‘yang-shiva-entropy=motion’ to create the ∞ ‘qi’=’brahma’=energetic beings with momentum ‘acting’ on the universe.

We have on purpose explain along the fundamental equation of the three ages of time:

Spe: Local past-entropy-motion x  Tiƒ: local future information = ST: E: present conserved, repetitive cycles of space-time energy.

Its mystical discovery by earlier philosophies of science of the eastern world to show you something evident:

Because the 3 arrows of time are every where, all human cultures have known about it by observing reality with human senses, crafting the past-present-future systems of all verbal languages with that view, and understanding that all systems go through 3 ages of time, corresponding to those arrows, the young-entropic-moving age the mature, reproductive, energetic age that combines those motions with a growing aware of form, of information, which comes to dominate the third age of timespace systems, and finally dies in an entropic big-bang explosion.

The unity of nature in all scales of physics, deformed by mental limited perception.

In the framework of modern physics, classical mechanics can be understood to be an approximation arising out of the more profound laws of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. However, that view of the subject’s place greatly undervalues its importance in forming the context, language, and intuition of modern science and scientists. Our present-day view of the world and man’s place in it is firmly rooted in classical mechanics. Moreover, many ideas and results of classical mechanics survive and play an important part in the new physics.

In ∆•st we return then to the classic view that mechanics is the essential classic language of motion, within the central ∆-scale of the galaxy and the two other scales of size, observed and ruled by forces are the limiting scales of the super organism of the galaxy; and so the relationship between the 3 forms is NOT causal in time but topological in fractal space:

  • TOPOLOGICAL LIMIT: As relativity deals with phenomena in the limits of THE GALAXY (its c-speed membrane region and its T=o, informative black hole centre): In the next graph we see the different concept: Relativity deals with c-speed phenomena on the topological limit of the galactic membrane, and the black hole membrane, which is the singularity of gravitational information of the galaxy.

In the graphs the c-membrane limit and t=0 singularity limits of our thermodynamic/magnetic world.

∆-LIMIT: While quantum physics deal with the lower limit or discontinuity of its ternary ∆-i planes. Thus it is the lower limit of the galactic super organism in terms of ‘its parts’  –  the quantum limit of maximal population and minimal time clock ‘bits’.

And it is within this context how we can consider its ‘special properties’ regarding its form, quantity of data and inverted nature -as information is made of discrete bits, so the limit of the quantum world is the h/2  minimal quantum of perception of information or spin quanta, while in the inverse larger limit, of the whole with less information and more entropy-energy, the key constant is c-speed, the constant of motion and reproduction of information.

The Universe of physical systems is exactly as any other 5D space-time system a game of two parameters with inverse dualities, spatial, res extensa, entropic bidimensional, decelerating, past systems of motions in space, and temporal cyclical, accelerated vortices in time, which come together into present, balanced reproductive waves of energy and information; co-existing in 3 scales, the quanta, electromagnetic field scales, the thermodynamic atomic scales and the cosmological, gravitational scales; which can themselves be analyzed in more detail through ‘ternary sub-systems’ and put in relationship to each other through the symmetries of planes of the 5th dimension, asymmetries of the 3 topological varieties of organic form and its simultaneous organization and antisymmetries of time inverse arrows of life and death and the 3 ages in between.

In that sense while we will make concessions to the parlance of mathematical physics using terms whenever possible closer to the mathematical analysis of those organic events, and so sometimes in this post, much more often in the 3rd and 4th line will translate the confusing terminology of the Gothic age of mathematical physics, or the Aristotelian logic of the age of computer physics to a more amenable jargon, the true job of T.Πin physics is to translate physics to the simpler rules of reality as all physical systems obey the Generator Equation of all General Systems of the Universe, which in the field of physical system is better expressed as:

Γ.                             [ Spe (Lineal, Planar Entropic fields/gas state) <ExI(wave-liquid)>Tiƒ (Particle-Crystal]∆≤|4|

This is of the many similar variations of the Generator Equation using symbols of ® we can use, a good definition of what physical systems are.

They are systems in which the metrics of the 5th dimension, ∆=S x T = E x I= K, remain invariant.

The application of the Generator Equation of 5 Dimensional Fractal ‘systems’ of cycles of spatial energy and temporal information, to cosmology and astrophysics is similar to any other science.

We first define an i-logic, ‘Generator’ equation that resumes with 9+Œ= 1œ parameters:

– The 3 co-existing ∆±1 planes of physical systems, its 3±∆ ages in time and 3 organic topologies in space.

We then define the Œ-points of those systems, the 10th parameter that integrates the system, making it ‘evolve socially’ into a new scale as a whole, and the cyclical space-time actions, the œ-points perform in order to make the system survive (as an apperceptive monad – for those with ‘anthropomorphic problems’, they can think in mechanical terms as follows: those who do NOT follow the existential program become extinct, so the program imposes itself mechanically if so they wish).

Those 5 actions, are: entropic æ-ccelerations:

-Ø: DEATH, which is seen by the predator as  its inverse e-nergy feeding.

±∆ ï-nformative gauging, which means absorption of form, of information and informative communication, which means emission of information; mostly achieved with a wave with ‘2 opposite arrows’ (which can be in light the magnetic and electric field, in gauging quarks, the 2 colors of the gluon, and in all general systems, the laws that express the 2nd postulate of ¬Æ, where we define all lines between ‘fractal points, Œ, with volume’ as waves (since lines are NOT imagined BY HILBERT ‘Wir denken uns…’, but exist in the real Universe as strings of points, moving along a path of space-time).

So those ±∆e,I are the simplest actions of any function of ExIstence. And we can explain them for the 3 cosmological known scales of atoms & forces, cosmic bodies and galaxies. So far, so good. We can mathematize them, we can explain them organically, we can refer to classic astrophysics. It is though in the 2 complex actions of existence that complete the ‘vowels’, where abstract astrophysics will have more problems:

– ∆œ-ffspring creation, of similar forms (decoupling of particles into new particles in the ∆-1 scale, catalyzing formation of stars by black holes and ‘irregular baby’ galaxies by jets of supergiant ones, as M83 shows) and the subsequent, ∫œ, Social evolution of that offspring of atoms, stars and galaxies into ∆+1 Ûniversals.

The study of the full 5 actions is better expressed with the jargon and language of 5D sciences, which includes clear changes of paradigm, such as the study of the worldcycle of which any worldline is obviously a partial ‘element’ (as all lineal geometries of space, Sp, are mere ‘parts’ of a larger cyclical geometry of time, Tƒ, to which they will tend in any ‘future function’, sub-tended into the future.)

Physics is NOT really more than the study of lineal motions and all other elements of generation, growth, diminution, etc, with mathematical equations, specifically, since Newton, differential equations. So it is important to run a parallel analysis of what they mean. 


PART II.  Non-Æ physics



• points: Non-AE, Fractal points: organic mathematics.

geometry of space-time: relativity revis(it)ed

S=T: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 9 & 10 Dimensions

Universal constants: Human Perception & Measure of Physical supœrganisms:

Physical Magnitudes as ∆st-parameters: Ratios & ternary equations: Universal constants. Breaking of symmetries.

∆§: Analysis: 5D Mathematics. Continous differential equations & fractal scaling laws. Renormalizations.

Non-Æ physics deals with the 5D structure of the physical Universe in fractal scales, converted into adjacent super organisms of 3 topologies of space-time, extending across 3 planes of the fifth dimension, performing 5 spacetime cyclical actions of existence… And so it rephrases classic physics into the new formalism and language of the fractal, Non-Euclidean Non Aristotelian space-time universe.

Let us then introduce the basic symbols of the ∆•s≈t formalism to be able to handle the basic symmetries of the fractal generator of physical time§paœrganisms.

The formalism of 5D³=10D physics. Main symbols of T.Œ:

I advice the reader interested in the organic paradigm and its description of astrophysical systems, to read first the general introduction to 5D fractal space-time systems.  Those are the minimal symbols of the Generator Equation of fractal space-times, used to describe the organisms of Galaxies and its fractal, ternary parts and symmetries in 5D space-time. Again, this post is written at a basic level, though the introduction is far simpler, as we need to introduce here some in-depth analysis of astrophysical theories, to the level of a graduate on physics.

¬Æ: Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean, i-logic mathematics (Formal language of T.Œ).

∆±1: plane of the 5th dimension

Tiƒ: temporal clock, Ot, informative time (its spatial, static view)

Spe: Spatial energy, Es, energetic space, its dynamic view.

>: informative flow that diminishes size in space and accelerates clocks in time

<: kinetic energy flow that increases speed in space or entropic flow that enlarges the being in space and diminishes its speed in time

≈: reproductive flow that maintains unchanged the being at constant speed in space and reproductive sped in time.

Λ: emergence into a larger scale of the 5th dimension

: devolution to a lower plane of the 5th dimension.

∑: reproduction in space or herd loosely connected in limbs/fields

: reproduction of networks across several scales of the 5th dimension or full connected heads/particles.

Å: Cyclical actions of space-time divided into simplex actions of absorption and emission of energy and information:

ƾ, accelerated motions (first action of negative emission of energy),

∆e, energy feeding, second action of positive absorption of kinetic energy-entropy,

ƕ, Information, either emission for communication, or absorption of information to perceive.

And complex actions of reproduction and social evolution:

∆œ: reproduction into an offspring, which then will- ∆û: evolve its parts into Universals.

Finally the 3 scales of any system of reality are:

œ-1: action or cell, fractal finitesimal of the whole in time or space; Œ, whole, U, Universal World.
Those simple symbols suffice to explain the basic logic structure and transformations of ternary 5D space-time systems, departing from its ‘spatial simultaneous structure’, its 3 time ages and its 3 co-existing organic scales:

∆-1(cellular/atomic scale)>∆:organic-thermodynamic scale>∆+1: social, cosmic scale:

Spe (Spatial toroid limbs-fields)≤ ExI (Hyperbolic body-waves)≤it(head-particles of information)≈

Ps (young, past entropic age > ExI: adult, present, iterative age > Tiƒ: old informative, future age:

∆-1>∆>∆+1 (5D scales)≈ Spe≤ExI≤tƒ (space organs) ≈ Ps≥ExI≥ƒt (time ages)

Unification of all sciences and Definition of the Universe.

Now, we shall start this introduction with a definition of the Universe from the perspective of the philosopher of science, which we will elaborate and explain in great detail in the rest of this post.

“The Universe is the sum of all the symmetric, ternary super organisms (spatial synchronous view) performing a world cycle of 3 ages between generation and extinction (diachronic point of view), as they travels through 3 relative planes of the 5th dimension, growing in size and diminishing in a balanced, Sp x Tƒ= ∆±1 survival form, performing from its centered point of view, the 5 space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, (active meaning of space and time), ±∆e,i,∫u, which ensures their survival.”

The laws of mathematical physics are concerned with the events and topological structures of space-time super organisms. Each T. œ will participate of the laws of T.Œ, and as such can be studied in ‘encased’ equations of the fractal of all fractals, the ‘ideal mathematical, and logic game’ of a perfect 10D supœrganism.

There are then the parameters of physics to describe the 3 main elements of the system, its membrane of timespace, with its division of reality into an entropic external world, which it ab=uses and an internal, informative vortex towards the fifth dimension of the singularity, which connects the being through the language into a communicative point of that larger world.

The main task of 5D: ∆•s≈t theory in mathematical physics is to translate abstract algebraic equations, notably group theory, to the much more realist symmetries of the generator equation; to upgrade topological physics to the clear-cut ternary structure of topological organisms, and finally to make sense of numerology and analysis, as the languages of the fifth dimension.

Needless to say all this needs to evolve mathematics also, from its view of continuous space and a single causal logic arrow to fractal space and ternary causality. But as we do not have the space and time here to repeat that upgrading, i refer the reader to the chapters on languages.

The simplicity of the Generator and its infinite iterations reaches its zenith in the Physical scales.

In this post we shall study the scales from the human side to the particle world, which were traditionally treated by physics, centered in atoms and matter. As we will study larger physical scales in Earth’s sciences (Geology) and Astrological sciences (galaxies and cosmos).


Physicists only consider as a mirror language good enough to observe the Universe mathematics, because of its worldly profession, as artisans of the machines=weapons of the metalearth they have been evolving for quite some time. We dealt with all those problems of bias and anthropomorphism, ego paradoxes etc. in other sections. In this sections we are going to enlighten further mathematical physics, with the postulates of non-AE geometry and logic to improve the mathematical mirror and solve some questions pending. To that aim, the section is complicit to that of the 5 Dimensions of the mathematical mirror of the Universe ∆nalysis, @nalytic geometry, S≈T: Ælgebra, S: ¬Æ geometry, & T-§ocial numbers; so we shall borrow from it and first introduce the most important of those elements:



“Mathematics is an experimental science, and definitions do not come first, but later on.”

Heaviside, the forgotten genius of mathematical physics, author of the 4 Heaviside equations of electromagnetism (wrongly called Maxwell equations who just did a mess of 20 ones with ugly quaternions 🙂 and the Gravito-magnetic equations, which fusion gravitation and magnetism, foreseeing the Fractal Unification equation of charges and masses of this blog.

Heaviside, as Lobachevski before him and Einstein after him, were indeed right when they considered that the language of physics – mathematics – is the best experimental mind-mirror to describe most physical systems, as the mind singularities of those systems use mathematical frames of reference in space to act-react in time with other space-time beings of the Universe.

It is then surprising that idealist physicists since Hilbert astounding ego-trip (‘I imagine lines, points and planes’ ) have rejected the ‘experimental, a posteriori nature’ of the mathematical language, they share with all those other œ-singularities for the concept that mathematics is the a priori nature of reality (Copenhagen interpretation). As the ultimate mathematical properties are indeed a proof of the organic, social, fractal nature of the physical Universe.

The formal stience of 5D is analysis. Derivatives are mostly concerned with synthetic information on upper scales and time; integrals with the sum of its parts in space. The interaction and symmetries and travels through 5D are thus better understood in terms of analysis, which has become the dominant formal stience of mathematical physics concerned with the study of 5D motions, without mathematicians and physicists understand why.

On the other hand, topology is the formal stience of the three arrows of time-space, and as such it reduces all the forms of the Universe to its only three topologies – another ‘magic’ fact of experimental mathematics, never understood in science. AS such the true revolution of mathematical stience goes through the conversion of mathematics into an experimental stience, relating the fundamental theorems of mathematics, as the stience of logic space, to the different laws of GST both based in the fractal properties of space and the cyclical nature of time. We shall thus evolve mathematics and physics to unveil in the human languages of time and space, the underlying isomorphisms of Nature.

A first fundamental job of mathematical physics is to understand the basic concepts of mathematics in terms of its experimental substances, space studied by topology and geometry, time sequences studied by number theory, and space-time symmetries and equations of the fractal ternary generator studied by algebra, finishing the whole ‘closure’ of both maths as a mirror language and the Universe of physical systems it reflects with Analysis, the science of ∆§ scales.

FINALLY THE GENERATOR is the origin of the symmetries and groups of algebra that physicists do love, including all those SU3, yes 3 doesn’t sound you a ring? that ‘pest quantum physics’ (Weyl:).

Yet they love those ternary symmetries without any direct reference to the fundamental particle of the Universe, the supœrganism of relational timespace, which we have just described and formally is just a variety of the ternary generator and its 3 x 3 +@ dimensions.

So we also need to explain how to vitalise mathematical physics, TO EXTRACT the first principles and basic isomorphic laws and generator equations of physical spatial systems and temporal events from them.

The deepest truths are simple. Going beyond reductionism and naive realism.

 Physics is considered the queen of all disciplines, because it has imposed some ‘a priori’ postulates on the structure of reality that are by no means certain, and because in a technological civilisation we listen more the people with machines. It is also a difficult subject as mathematics, its only language by ‘choice’ is not natural to humans and so for most impossible to understand. This is specially truth of quantum physics and its copenhagen, wrong interpretation.

i would like in that sense to remember that the Universe in simple and not malicious (Einstein) because simplicity is truth (Ockham) and it is genius (Leonardo). Complexity arises from the details and repetitions but the first principles are simple because reality in relational space-time departs from two simple elements, the spatial distance-motion and the cyclical time-clock of information. 

How 5D³ physics plugs into the whole physical ‘monument’ built NOT from first principles but from mathematical measures? Unfortunately it must ‘recreate’ all of it, from those first principles to get the same mathematical results AND ad two main features – the organic properties of systems with 3 time arrows and 3 co-existing scales of space-time; and the explanations of the equations of mathematics departing from those elements.

In a way physicists have done that with string theory made of cyclical time-strings and lineal space-strings, but immediately physicists abandon conceptual thought and do their automaton ‘pouring into mathematical equations’ and measuring. This is all what they want to do, and it is unfortunate their lack of dialog with other disciplines, the refusal to accept the logic of the fractal Universe, which makes all scales self-similar and the beauty of redesigning their analysis of reality from those first principles. Einstein didn’t talk for long, as if words did not carry meaning. All those are limits we cannot break.

Astro-physics is concerned with the space-time forms of all the known scales of physics, ∆i≤|3|, and the dark scale beyond the galaxy (∆±4) plus our • linguistic point of view, restricted TODAY by dogma of its earlier platonic practitioners to the single language of mathematics, as galileo affirmed and Dirac confirmed with no proof that ‘God only speaks mathematics’ which limits the ‘organic’ and ‘sentient’ properties we can describe on those system and give origin to the ‘naive realism’ and ‘reductionism’ proper of philosophy of physics today.

A such mathematical physics is concerned with all the elements of the Universe, reduced by ‘ideology’ to be shown in an abstract form to the mirror-image that classic æ-maths (with a single time aristotelian arrow and a single space-time continuum) can provide.

And so its limits are those of the present state of evolution of its language, and of perception of man, in as much as the larger scales of the infinite Universe must be stretching both above and below those ∆±4 scales.

And so the task of GST in mathematics should be the expansion of all those elements, starting from:

  1.  Its expansion of the concepts of time and space, as shown in the graph, ‘first’ (as the primary language/substance origin of all realities).
  2. then through the ‘expansion of mathematics with the ¬Æ improved definitions of fractal points with volume, ‘broken’ planes≈networks’ and ‘similarity≈ congruence’…
  3. Next we should try to correct with them, the three main errors of physics derived of those reductionist ∆•st views – namely entropy-only derived errors, big-bang cosmology and distortions produced by the need to ‘fit’ all realities within a single timespace plane, ignoring the ‘distortions’ of our perception caused by the different speeds of time and sizes in space of ∆-scales (use of functionals, dark energy/matter, uncertainty/observer principles of quantum physics, etc.)
  4. And only then go through the different scales, STUDying in detail each equation and system, starting NOT from the bottom up, as if there was a causality of size, meaning smallish parts define the laws of larger ones, so quantum physics according to that view would matter more for philosophy of physics, but in the PROPER way knowledge comes to man – higher in detail and truth the closer we are to humanity, which means that:
  5. Mechanics (∆+1,+2) and thermodynamics (∆º,-1) MUST BE the fundamental stiences of mathematical physics, with higher degree of perception≈certainty≈truth. As such they were indeed the first forms of mathematical physics discovered. And as Einstein and Planck thought should end up being the true reference for all other scales (‘statistical quantum physics will be equivalent to statistical thermodynamics’ Einstein). Next, we should study, the ∆≥±2, 3 scales (atomic and galactic scales) considering those distortions and only with some skepticism on what we can verify and truly know, consider the last ∆±4 dark world.
  6. And finally we MUST ad to physics the organic, mental, vital properties of physical systems, which the mathematical language will never be able to describe with OTHER languages of reality (biological and logic languages).

Yet even the classic scales (mechanics, thermodynamics) need corrections, because mathematical physics was born observing the galaxy, and its original postulates were distorted from the point of view adopted in that earlier age (Newtonian absolute space and time).  And thermodynamics was born on the study of entropic weapons (cannons) and motion machines (steam).

However and this is the key to build properly the discipline, given the fact that physics, like chinese runs in two different language, one unified – mathematical equations/ideographic writing – and so accurate and better mirrored; and other based mostly on ‘different’ dialectical opinions (concepts of physics, philosophies of science derived of physics), we must accept mathematical physics is right and only interpret their equations properly.

The 3 examples taken here will suffice:  Entropy equations are right. What is wrong is to reduce the arrows=actions otime to mere entropic motions as if the other two arrows=actions, information and energy did not matter as a fundamental time event… so physicists study them as something else. Hubble’s equation of expansion of vacuum between galaxies as light dissolves into the ∆-4 >c scale is right; what is wrong is to ‘expand it back to the past’ into a supposed singularity where all time and space exists just by wishful thinking. quantum equations are right, what is wrong is the Copenhagen observers’ interpretation.

What physicists have so far done though, is without any PHILOSOPHICAL≈EPISTEMOLOGICAL rigour, to affirm that because they have written Chinese, they know how to pronounce it; and then of course each one says ‘ma’ with a different tone; and they just say but the equation is right. Sure, but how do you pronounce=translate into verbal, logic concepts? That is the key to make sense of the Universe.

And to prove that duality between right mathematical physics and wrong conceptual physics, we have divided this sections in two articles. One will be more concerned with conceptual errors and written first (astrophysics), as that is where GST can be applied.

Indeed the advance of GST on physics will come from the proper application of the higher layer of truth (the properties of space and time, applied through the isomorphisms and generator of fractal space and cyclical time) to illuminate first maths and its equations, and correct then those ‘opinions’ that today pass as scientific truths, since people are just in awe of the machines and measures of physics.

Thus we shall show how the whole of physics is inscribed into the linguistic ternary grammar of the Generator of Space-time (Gst), and its isomorphisms. As all physical beings in all scales  are ternary ∆±1, s,st,t, past>present>future beings. And so the laws and equations derived from the Fractal generator, apply to all system of physical beings, included the galaxy-atom scale (∆±3) which is the last scale we perceive in depth.


Knots of Time cycles: the fundamental particle.

In that sense, the best way to understand the internal elements of the point as a one-dimensional being is the fifth postulate of non-e geometry that allows the point to be crossed by infinite parallels, and defines it as a knot of time cycles.

Once we have studied the minimal units of the Universe, the action of space-time, we shall define the main structural, architectonical element of reality, the knots of time cycles, existential points, œ, which perform those actions of existence, site of will and perception of the Universe – whose simplest definitions in philosophy are the monad of Leibniz, the mind of Descartes, the God of Aristotle, and in mathematics, a Non-Euclidean point, the unit of Einstein’s gravitational laws.

Systems are knots of time cycles of exchanges of energy and information with its space and time parts, Œ, which allow them to survive in the Universe.

Thus the first ‘stable structure of reality’, is a knot of time cycle which swiftly goes webbing around the paths of its exchanges of energy and information, ∆±exi, actions, its survival strategies, trying to maximise its existence, Max. ExI, in a state of perpetual balance, E=I…

This dance of being and not being is performed by each Œ, knot-function of existence, defined both as an infinitesimal point from its upper perspective and an an absolute whole from its lower plane, since all knots of times space cycles web their existences through several of such plane

A mathematical Universe must be perceptive and social.

In the graph, a fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy (gaseous state or dark entropy between galaxies), which cannot produce order, as they lack any ‘frame of reference’.

Mental singularities, Monads, or Maxwellian Demons are the ‘missing variable’ needed to explain the whys of reality. In mathematics we call them P.o.vs. Frames of reference, self-centred in a point, which we use as physical systems do, functions of space-time. In that sense physical, atomic systems do indeed calculate as quantum-bit computers might do. Are they ‘conscious’?

Likely, as consciousness is just a self-reflection between two mirrors. In the human case, the I=eye that sees space and the verbal cogito ergo sum temporal mind – the conscious languages. But it is not the verbal consciousness of man, but a mathematical consciousness which among humans only a very intense ‘mathematical physicists’, which can ‘see’ as musicians see ‘scales’ that provoke emotions, equations as dynamic visual forms. What would then be this kind of consciousness? Likely a sense of proportion, symmetry, balance and beauty.

It does NOT matter in any case the ultimate inner sensations of physical matter, but the outer description of the actions of those singularities, which do order and reflect a mathematical organization around them, when in its solid crystal state they act with the program of existence, reproducing the information of that minimalist mind image. Indeed, a crystal grows with a symmetry which its inner image reflects back in the growth of ‘crystal cells’. And that is called reproduction, the objective definition of life, of a whole being in the fractal Universe.

And so, P.o.vs. are canonical to mathematical science, or else mathematics, which is today based in analytic geometry and the study of ‘self-centred’ functions, would NOT work. 

A philosophy of mathematical properties of space-time, upgrading the essential properties of ‘points in space and sequential numbers in time’ is thus an a priori exercise, which I recommend to all physicists, so they can leave behind their abstract, ‘selfie view’ of a mechanical, chaotic Universe, where only ‘they think in mathematics’.

Singularities that reproduce information once they are formed, organised fractal super organisms also occur in astrophysics, from crystals to black holes and only anthropomorphism denies it. The GST view though is different: as we are all space-time beings, the properties of human space-time beings must be share in quality (not in quantity and complexity the variable of gst) by all other species of the Universe. So mindless ‘markovian’ entropy without time causality do exist but it is NOT by any means the dominant ∑∑actions->∑arrow->age of time.

Thus the concept of physicists of a single ðime arrow is only valid for entropic gaseous states, and their idea that such states must be ‘extended’ to all realities, the most absurd hyperbolic statement of science ever, due to the deformation of its worldly profession as makers of motion machines and entropic weapons.

That 150 years after entropy became a dogma for the future in military Germany, XXI c. scientists still revere the concept of an entropic dying Universe tells much more about the fundamental ‘believer≈memorial=reproductive arrow’ of human minds, in accordance with the present-reproductive Nature of reality, which is ‘conservative’ than about the ternary structure of the real Universe. In the graph, without Singularities of order, neither mathematics, not solid physics, or biology would make any sense. Only gas in which indeed there is not Maxwellian demons, except when the outside membrane is designed to reorder through a distorted potential field, the molecules of the gaseous system.

In the graphs, the translation of the fifth dimension to life systems and true non-entropic pyramids of human actions, which always have had as artists and ethic writers have better understood an upper ontological level of highest satisfaction in the social communion with the rest of mankind or with the Universe, (origin of the concepts of God in western anthropomorphic religions – read God=human super organism – and eastern Taoist-Buddhist- Hinduist ones= God as universal super organism).

And such systems do have always a ‘self-centered Tiƒ singularity or point of order, which is the Maxwellian demon lost in pure gaseous states, fields and limbs of entropy. It is only because physicists deny the ordering capacity of singularities, also in physics – accelerated vortices of mass, charge in the quantum scale; black holes in the galactic scale; crystals in the thermodynamic scale – that an entropy only Universe can make sense. But this is called reductionism in physics, censorship in social sciences – but at least accepted in biology or else we would have also to admit the brainless nature of mankind (well that might be the case, but only mankind, you know ‘two things a consider ∞, the stupidity of man and the Universe, my beloved predecessor in this business of dimensional upgrading, Mr. Einstein 🙂

In that regard, both Leibniz and Descartes, the founders of philosophy of science, both understood as we shall see in detail on those pages, the need for a ‘mental universe’ if mathematics was really the language that better reflected the Universe. Indeed, since mathematics has three disciplines, geometry, which is based in  frames of references that act as mind-monads, mirroring reality and Algebra based, in social numbers  which are indistinguishable groups of similar individuals that come together as a whole ‘3’, ’10’ and finally ∆nalysis which studies the ‘social scales’ of the Universe, as parts become wholes, each scale studied by a science, from societies of particles and forces called atoms, to societies of atoms called molecules, evolved into state of matter and life beings, evolved into super organisms and planetary ecosystems, gathered around stars, socially evolved into galaxies; the very existence of mathematics precludes the existence of a ‘social, scalar, organic, sentient Universe’.

So finite vital §paces gathered around a frame of reference; the three ðime arrows of entropy, information and its energy combinations, and social organic scales that evolve parts into wholes, are the ultimate properties of all fractal beings of reality made to the image and likeness of the whole. The previous graphs of the fifth dimension, and its ‘physical, biological and socio-economical supœrganisms thus show those scales, each one studied by a science, where in each scale, a self-centered mind, pov, will co-exist as a whole with its relative lower ∆-1 cellular/atomic, and relative upper ∆+1 social world/gravitational, universal scale.

Thus while we could do as current science does an external analysis of the fractal, informative Universe in pure abstract terms, to understand the whys of order, the will of survival of species and the constancy of forms that self-reproduce as all fractals do through its generator, ∆ºst particular equations, to explain why ‘mathematical ðime§pace beings’ do follow mathematical laws, embedded in those frames of reference, we need at the centre of each being, a mind-mirror that perceives automatically, processes and reflects in ‘inverse order’, the Universe; which is exactly what mathematical systems do, as they are always self-centered in a frame of reference or pºv; and always study social numbers, whose fundamental operandi are scalar polynomials and its scalar ∫∂ calculus.

In the graph, the same ternary structure happens in biological systems (and through the class structure in social ones, escaped for most of the blog, to simplify and due to the fact we have another blog dedicated to them).

Once the organic, vital, sentient properties of systems that obey mathematical laws have been proved, we can then consider the main error of mathematical physics – to reject those properties because of its limited understanding of mathematics and its units, ‘fractal points’ of space-time, which are ‘points with volume’ through which ∞ parallels can hold and so ‘encoding’ a world in its self (Leibniz).

Singularities and how they define scales of inner and outer worlds, and how they become bridges between those scales of the fifth dimension – as in charges and masses, ‘doors’ to those scales, are then the main ‘missing’ variables of mathematical physics, which a continuous vision of space-time will never solve, or will do so in weird ways (wormholes, time travels through evaporating black holes and similar attempts to encode the fractal doors between level of 5D within the metric of a single 4D space-time continuum). Finally the lack of three time arrows and cyclical comprehension of time, ads injury to those interpretations. So missing, ∆, º and s<st>t symmetries it is a marvel that physics still works (:

 In the graph as the fifth dimensions of space-time, evolve socially new whole, membranes and singularities that emerge, the system from above and below in a new constrain whole that dilates a system  both downwards, in sizes of entropy and upwards, in enclosure membranes, expanding its piercing of upper social planes of wholes and lower parts, dilating the total latitude of its planes of existence:

In the graph, the absolute, lineal arrow of time, is born social evolution, the relative arrow of time is made of the sequential order of the three arrows into a world cycle. As lineal time accumulates, a system increases both, upper social wholes and lower parts, dilating the total latitude of its planes of existence. While relative worldcycles extinguish themselves as they complete a whole cycle of existence.  Hence the absolute dimension of time is the fifth dimension and the relative dimensions are the 3 other dimensions and its space-time symmetries, which become a zero sum.

While the fourth dimension of Einstein, is just a refinement of Galileo’s relativity  ∂v=∂s/∂t: an instantaneous (mathematical derivative) measure of a simple type of time-change: motion or translation in space, which as it is measured instant by instant with those derivatives, really has no much use beyond what physicists have always done: to measure motion in simultaneous space.

How this small part of the enormous range of time phenomena made Einstein whose definition of time as what a clock measures is as dumb as it gets, the highest brain of the planet ever, has to do a lot with the nuclear industry of bombs and the military than the intrinsic merit of his comprehension of time.

The holographic Universe.

It is though simpler as a first approach to ‘learned physicists’ specially when focused only on ∆±i scales to use the 5D concept and define any physical system in such fashion:

‘The Universe is a 5 Dimensional fractal that reproduces vital topologies of time-space, ternary forms of motion and form, which organises into larger, slower scales of fifth dimension of ðime§pace.’

Inn this view we can do then a slightly corrected 4D analysis based in the holographic principle, illustrated in the next graph:

Then we talk of 4 dimensions as the combination of bidimensional fields of Entropy=moving Space and Time=moving information, which creates a holographic Universe of time and space. So the Generator can be written as:

Sp (flat space) ≤ ExI (4D world of energy and information)≥ Tiƒ (bidimensional tall particle).

It is a more convenient formalism to plug in the known equations of mathematical physics. For example, those of the graph, which correspond to the  ‘metric equations’ of the main three physical scales of the 5th dimension and its 3 components defined as bidimensional spatial ‘sheets’ with certain form measured by the frequency of its ‘discrete units of information’, H, K, C2, multiplied with varying time clocks, V, T, M, as:

Time Frequencies x Space Surfaces = Constant Energy.

Motions on 5D³ are either topological βidimensional changes (Galileo’s paradox) in D³, or full worldcycles (motions in 5D³), and so we must be aware of both.

The main bidimensional motions in D³ of a space-time being are motions with form, bidimensional units of:

ð: motion x motion=cyclical time

§: form x form=space-distance

E, ∃: max. motion x min. form = energy, entropy, expansive motion

iƒ: max. form x min. motion= informative time, implosive motion.

This basic motions then become repetitive in fractal self-similar beings as each compose motion leaves a memorial trace of previous traces that continue being traced in the same place ‘reproducing the facto the being’.

In this manner physical systems grow in form and dimensions.

3 are thus the time space arrows, functions and forms of any system of reality.

How many views there are of an event in fact would also surprise the viewer, as if we use the ternary principle and subdivide the ∆•st view according to elements there are 3 x ∆•st possible analysis  for each system which will display its own field/body/head function/form in the event. So we can study multiple parallel views and interpret each view from the organic, topological and mental perspective, from the internal and external and ‘membrane-mind’ view that connects both, and so on. It is for that reason that mathematical physics has so many theorems and equations for each phenomena and so many relationships which would make a proper GST analysis of physics rather encyclopaedic.

To put all that in the ƥst encasing of reality is a task well beyond a single man, which i obviously do reading physics, but have not Рor else i would have to record all my thoughts, converted into wordings and equations in legit texts.

So once we define:

-$: dimensions in space (the topic three ones) and…

– ð: dimensions in physical time (distance, 1 dimension; speed, 2 dimensions; acceleration, 3 dimension) and…

-∆±i: dimensions in scales (lower, middle, upper networks that connect the being with them – yet as all beings have an inner ∆±1 structure, considering the highest i-scale we resolve the issue of which system has the highest number of ∆±i scalar dimensions)…

We have described the number of formal/moving dimensions of the physical system…

Once this simple concepts are understood, it is obvious that a vortex accelerated inwards, with a height, a’Maxwell-like screw’, which connects the system to the ∆+1 scale, this vortex will be the most dimensional entity.

The dimensions of pure entropy (lineal expansive, wide, flat bidimensional pace) and pure time (cyclical, tall, frequency clocks), and its static version, dimensional form, merge into ‘energy and information’ combinations of both elements, in 4-dimensional space-time, which is the substance that construct the light space-time in which we exist. It is the holographic principle, essential to understand the parameters of mathematical physics

Space-time is not continuous. Physical systems are mere layers of the 5th dimension, fractal space-time beings generated by the same symmetries of time and space than other systems, and so isomorphic to them. And this isomorphic information warps up the knowledge we have of those systems.

Only when we fully accept that space-time is fractal and its dimensions are the content of real beings, we can truly understand the whys of the laws of stience, isomorphic among disciplines, when expressed in terms of the dimensions of space and time.

The second fundamental element to convert physical hows into meaningful GST whys is to properly address the dimensional concepts of the Universe, regarding the ‘4 dimensions’ of each scale in terms of the 2 dimensions of temporal information and the 2 dimensions of spatial entropy, to adequately understand all parameters of physics in terms of entropy, Spe, Energy, ST, and information Tiƒ.

It is of great importance the duality between still form (mind view) and motion, to understand the relationship between space and energy and time and information.

And to understand the whys of the Principle of relativity.

In the graph, the duality between moving time cycles and still information, captured by a mind, and moving vacuum entropy and perception of still space by the mind is the essential feature of physical systems and its ‘relativity’ of motion. Since Reproduction of Motion dominates perception of form

In the graph, we can see how bidimensional fields of expansive space, and the bidimensional fields of time cycles (clocks of time) create physical systems. And so we write a simple equation:

Physical system: Œ = Spe (entropy) x Tiƒ (Information)

Now, the first surprising result of this analysis is the definition of a holographic Universe in which the 4 Dimensional ‘Energy’ Plane of each ∆±1 scale of the Universe is actually made of 2 ‘relative planes’, one of expansive entropy and other of implosive cyclical information which put together created the fractal species of the Universe:

Expansive, lineal entropic motion or ‘entropic space’ Sæ and implosive, cyclical clocks of information, Tf, are the two primary elements of the Universe, mix, organize, and evolve, till reaching the complexity of organisms. Their properties and morphologies are opposed. But for that reason, they can form “complementary” systems, which merge the properties and dimensions of both “formal motions,” enhancing the survival capacities of any system that combines in a balanced manner energy and form, E×I=K. In physical systems, all is made of lineal forces of expansive energy and cyclical particles of implosive information that create balanced present space-times. In the left graph, we see the canonical forms of lineal energy and cyclical time clocks and how an informative, electric cycle supported in a magnetic surface of space creates a complementary wave: a ray of light.

It is the ternary game of the Universe and its bidimensional membranes of space and time.

In the graph, since space and time now had two dimensions each, we can compare them, and transform one into each other, we could write that property with a simple formula, where Sæ is a flat plane of ‘lineal space’ and To is a cycle of tall time.

Spe (length,width) ≈ Tiƒ (height, frequency)

This simple beat of existence, flat fields of space that become tall cycles of time, energy that converts into information, is one of the commonest beats of the universe. And its rhythms explain infinite transformations.

Now there is much deeper question related to the duality of motion and form, which we shall studying the 2nd part of this treatise, when we study the formalism of 5D physics in more detail and consider a Universe, in which all is motion and form, AT THE SAME TIME, because motion is reproduction of form, resolving the paradox of Achilles and the Turtle (-;

Thus the second isomorphism of the Universe the duality of motion vs. form, time vs. space, will translate in fractal organic terms as a ‘reproduction of form’ in adjacent regions of space.

This allow us to understand the creation of new dimensions as a process of laying down new ‘regions’ of form, one over other, as in 3D printing, which accumulates 2 layers of points into depth, creating a 3rd dimension, and the constant switch between motion and form that converts space into time into space dimensions, to reach the classic 4 dimensions of human physics.

In the graph, the simplest, S, E, I, T, topologies of the Universe:

– The spatial, entropic, external membrane-motion that is the strongest, lineal, most durable topologies, used in membranes and external skins, destroyed as a flow of motion and energy.

– The zero point, or informative cyclical center that keeps its information in the frequency of its gauging and mapping and forming of information

– And its combination – a complex system or organism.

Energy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space.

So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’. On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘bodies of metal’ with digital information. Let us consider the properties of those 2×2 elements, energy<entropy (bodies, fields) and in/form/ation (particles, heads, minds) and some of its species, in life and metal:

$: Moving Entropy>energy> vs.     ð:  Reproductive Information >Still • form

Lineal, spatial, big, moving                Cyclical, temporal, small, rotating, still.

Formless, continuous, simple                  Form-ative, discontinuous, complex.

Field, body, male, weapon,                     Particle, head, female, coin, chip.

Iron, oxygen, carbon                             Gold, silver, nitrogen

Protein, lion, shark, death                       DNA, human, dolphin, life.

We could summarize the formal and functional differences between energy and information (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal $pace = Energy = Minimal Form=body Vs. Maximal ð-form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

As a result of those morphologies we classify as energy or information organs not only carbon-life organisms, made of energy (bodies, food) and information (brains, eyes, senses, worlds), but also other beings and atomic species, even ‘deconstructed organs’.

Since we can now recognize geometrically their energy or information organs. Some of those systems are mechanical, made of metal. Some are vital, made of carbon atoms. Yet all of them have a biological influence over us, provoking changes in the energy and information systems of mankind that we should control for our own benefit.

Further on, all those motions and forms must be ordered through the metrics of the 5th dimension to derive from them the laws of sciences and its different species, made of continuous lineal time motions and space forms and discontinuous cyclical time clocks and closed curves. 

Space is form, still form, hence an infinitesimal ‘still’ of the flow of time. We distinguish forms 3 varieties of 2-manifolds, spatial units of reality,  the essential two poles of reality, lineal motions and cyclical motions and its conic forms derived from them.

Two forms of space are thus paramount, and the transformations of one into the other are the essence of which the topological game of existence is made.  And so this duality between spatial form and time motion, lineal and cyclical patterns, is the first to be clarified.

Space is also an interval, a slow one, a res extensa, an explosion that expands volume and decreases motion. Hence the vacuum space we see with no motion and no form purely static. But as all what matters to space is its duality with time, its back and forth transformations across the 4 hyperbolic quadrants of the bidimensional plane – that is space matters when it combines with time.

Space thus will be synonymous of decelerating or still motion, lineal, extended presents, still minds, forms, organs and organisms seen as a whole in a moment of time. Space is also a dimension with static extension and form, as opposed to a dimension of time, which can be pure motion (or accelerations with 2 dimensions of time).

Motion≈ time and Space=form thus constantly change into each other. Motion further on surrounds with its faster cycles, space, breaking it. We talk then of an internal space controlled by a spherical outer membrane and inner point.

Space is in its simplest most intuitive form, a static, lineal extension without form, the plane, the origin of geometry, the perception of space-time in terms of forms of space, studied in depth in the posts on maths. But there is something deeper about 2-manifolds, planes of space because they are indeed the minimal unit of the real Universe. Often slices of times, still, derivatives.

The five dimensions of space-time and the mind membrain.

When studying a physical time§paœrganism the best way to do it, given our scanty direct perception of them, is through some of its actions, in which they will move and process information in a certain pattern, within a larger super organism, which in the case of the particle will normally be an atom. As such within the atom, the particles are either part of its t-membrane, its st vital space or its •Singularity with its still focused mind, which humans represent as a centre of a frame of reference, in any of its 3 ‘topological space-time dimensions.

What is the perception of each mind-singularity mapping its territory according to its function is of interest. Even more is to find suitable frames of reference to model the 10D (5s≈5t) time§paœrganism. Normally we can consider its asymmetries to make a possible focused mathematical mirror, giving to space the positive real coordinates, time its negative, and the scalar 5th dimension set on the Y≈ i-coordinates, and combine them to represent different s, t, st states… the possibilities of mathematical modelling of the 10 Dimensions of space-time and scale, self-centred in an S@ singularity with a constrain given by a T-membrane enclosed the being to its domain of scales, topologies and functions, is ginormous and only apt for the imaginative mathematicians.
The ones physicist use (phase, multidimensional, conformal, Lorentzian, Hilbertian, etc.) are shows of ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis done in a limited range of dimensions and or fractal points often with its own ternary dimensions, to study different ‘fancy’ analysis of partial domains of Tœs of many different scales of reality. We shall try to set a more orderly standard now that we know what we talk about. The studies of physicist in that sense are often of 3 spatial dimensions reflected in the mirror of a present derivative dimension of time (the so called 4th dimension).

And when philosophising about entropy arrows, studies on the fourth dimensions OF SPACETIME the dimension of double entropy down two scales of death and big-bang in the ladder of scalar dimensions of the Universe. The one they never talk about are the 5th dimensions of space and time. As such an entropic explosive big bang death of matter, means a dissolution of mass down to a wave of light and further into c-quanta of gravitational ∆-4 existence.
An entropic death of a living organism goes down the scale of cells and further the scale of molecules. A quasar big-bang of a galaxy and its black hole brain means going down to the scale of gravitational and photonic radiation, 2 scales down and so on.
The fifth dimensions (we use plural to signify the 2 dimensions of space-time together) on the other hand is the ascension from the cellular/molecular state of a neuron or crystal to the larger image of its super organism and further on to the view of its mind of the larger whole, till reaching the size of a planet of a human dna-crystal organising global societies. Motion=youth, with increasing energy order and decreasing entropy till reaching the reproductive state of balance, and then of information, dying then into disordered, scattered motion, to restart again:

Γ@: Seed of information + energy age > information age>>social mind: O-motion << entropic death =zero sum

So we can write a series of space-time dimensions together as part of the processes of a world cycle:

4th Dimensions: entropy=death: ∆-2 >> 1st dimensions: present organism: Limbs/fields of motion < 2nd dimensions: Hyperbolic body/waves>3rd ages:

informative particle-heads>>Social evolution of minds as points of an ∆+2: world: 5th dimensions: ∆§

So it is important the reader understands the basics of space-time symmetric dimensions

All this said of course, we are now going to introduce mathematical physics, because there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM, only that WE NEED TO INTRODUCE ALSO ORGANIC AND SENTIENT properties to physical systems, better expressed with qualitative, verbal and logic equations, to complete what we have achieved with mathematics only.

But mathematical physics can also help in that task when we upgrade them to vital mathematics and non-euclidean fractal points become ‘mind-systems’ which can fit flows of energy and information within them, illuminating the meaning of particle-points.

It is a remarkable fact that even in the present simplified euclidean versions mathematics do reflect then most of the properties of the Universe, but it has so far failed to explain organically its structure, despite the breakthrough of fractal mathematics.

The reason being that mathematics as a language, has not completed its evolution. And so the first step to be able to describe all the properties of physical systems is to evolve its main language, mathematics, and adapt it to the organic, fractal cyclical space-time structure of the Universe and its scalar nature.

It is precisely this incompleteness of mathematics, the language of physical sciences the main reason why physicists do not understand fully the organic Universe.

As they still work with Euclidean mathematics, where points are not fractal points made of parts that become evident when we come closer to the particle, cell or star that seemed to us a point at distance. Only Einstein managed to apply properly the concept of a fractal point, by asserting that infinite parallels cross a point of space-time. We shall then find easily that points are fractal points with inner energy and form, information, joined by line-waves to other points forming networks, co-existing in several scales of size, which is the very same definition of an organism, and that everything in the Universe is indeed, a network-organism… as we show in the graphs of fractal networks all over this blog.

Yet if a mathematical system is organic by the very definition of a number (a group of undistinguishable beings), of a point (a fractal system, larger the closer we come to it) and a plane (a network of fractal points joined by flows of energy and information), why physicists do not model organically its systems?

Why physicists do not understand the fractal Universe? if it is so much up to their alley – after all it vindicates and further evolves the logic-mathematical structure found by Leibniz, Einstein and Planck. It merely takes it further with the advances of fractal geometry and the completion by this writer of the postulates of non-euclidean geometry that defines a 5th dimension of scales of space-time.

I found in the conferences I used to give at Silicon valley, during my tenant of the chair of duality in the international congress of systems sciences that physicists could grasp the fractal concept mathematically and the existence of scales of space, but 2 taboos were absolute: lineal time, the time-clock of its standardized machines and the model of the universe as a machine instead of an organism. So it was the mechanical civilization, and the source of physicists’ power and wealth – the machine, what was the taboo that could not be broken. Physicists does had a religion of the machine, not of the physical Universe. And as long as this was not discussed other things could be explained. Since the founding fathers of physicists had in fact started its sciences measuring time with clocks.

Thus, the answer to the limits of physicists is cultural, not scientific, as most physicists belong to the western, lineal, military culture whose memes are not easily recognized as such, but considered lineal weapons and lineal time, dogmas of their worldview; as opposed to cyclical time. It was of course an outdated dogma, deist in origin, as a machine needs a maker and Newton and Kepler affirmed yhwh to be the maker of the Universal machine and they, the ones that were revealed this truth. Most physicists do not realize of this obvious fact: only an organism is scientific, self-reproductive without need of a god-maker.

Further on mechanism and abstract, simplex mathematics as its language puts the physicist above all living and humans, as the priest of the new image of the Universe and only master of its language. So mechanism and abstract maths is a self-serving proposition, for the human and physicist ego, since only human anthropomorphic beings had ‘living properties’.

But of those memes by large the most powerful barrier for physicists to upgrader their model of the Universe is mechanism, the power they obtained historically from the use of machines and the evolution of lineal weapons. It means most physicists will never abandon their theories of lineal time, their theories of a Universe molded as a machine, and show no interest for general systems science. Does it mean we have not to show interest for the physical world? Of course not.

Because the physical world does not belong to physicists. In that sense it took me a while as a system scientist to realize that the human expert or scholar an its upgrading to the organic fractal paradigm was not my job. My communication was directly with the Universe. And only then, once I left behind my problems with physicists, in their worldly religion, to make weapons of lineal energy that destroy life and their related idol-ogies – lineal time, continuous, abstract, Cartesian space, denial of organic or perceptive properties to anything but anthropomorphic life, etc. I did truly enjoy for myself the view of the organic Universe of matter.

It is important to understand this difference, specially if you are not a physicist – as you should leave behind your shyness, to feel the life of the material Universe and accept that matter is organic also and nothing differentiates in terms of quality, a human vital fractal organism of space-time from a particle-head/wave-body of physical matter. This said, it is unlikely that physicists will find of interest most of the sections of this blog, except those on the 4th line, when constructed by the year 2017, for the very obvious reason that ‘the (organic) why is the only question physicists don’t ask’ (Feynman), and so they consider only descriptions concerned with mathematical measure and its how (motions and forms of particles and physical systems), as proper of their science.

Still a physical upgrade of physics to the 5th dimension must be done if we want to fully understand the Universe; which is the purpose of this blog, paraphrasing 2 of the 3 most remarkable physicists of the past century, Planck and Einstein; the first, author of the constants of god, the second affirming he want to know the thoughts of God, and then its details. Those are the thoughts we shall reveal in a metaphoric way – the thoughts of the informative mind of the Universe, and for that we must expand…

All this said and given the extraordinary amount of scales hence of data studied by physics, we divide the discipline in this Introductory 3rd lines into 3 (yes, always 2 or 3 elements of creation:) sub posts: ∆<0 scales or ‘physics’, ∆+0 scales or astronomy and ∆@ language or ‘mathematical physics’, and we divide this introductory post in 3 sub-parts:

  • The first part dedicated to GST laws applied to physics, as a reminder of the main properties of Space-time ∆ûst.
  • The second considering a fast review of its scales, starting by mechanics, (the method of less errors to enlighten latter the solution of the biggest ones – entropy only theories of thermal physics and cosmology on one side and Copenhagen and relativity idealist interpretations on the other)
  • And finally the 3rd part will deal with the true method of GST: a fast review of the 10 isomorphisms of Nature applied to all those scales.

So after introducing the scales of physics with a more classic style, we shall put together the isomorphisms of the scales of physical systems, defined as those systems, whose range is outside the closest ∆0 scales of human MINDS, BUT RANGE in its physical properties in all OTHER SCALES (Hence the use of ∆i, the generic index for them all).

So as usual we will treat the 4 elements of physical systems – the ∆-scales, the S-topological varieties, the S-ages and worldcycles, and the ment@l aspects of its human ∆o observer, and its mathematical physics and anthropomorphic ‘hang-ups’, switching between those elements and perspectives as the explanation of those systems advances.

The absurd magic view of creationist mathematics.

It is then not surprising on the view of Dirac and Galileo that idealist mathematicians have won the favor, since Hilbert astounding ego-trip where he affirmed mathematics was an invention of his mind (‘I imagine lines, points and planes’ – ‘Foundations of geometry’).

So they have rejected the ‘experimental, a posteriori nature’ of the mathematical language, a view they share with all those physicists who think mathematics is the a priori nature of reality (Copenhagen interpretation, etc).

Then there is the next ‘stage’ of the ego-trip of linguistic creationists called ‘Literalism, which means that not only the language ‘creates reality’ but as it IS reality itself, NOT a mirror, it does NOT admit parables, approximations, and this is a huge handicap to understand maths, even more so than in words, because words are the natural temporal mirror of the human mind and so its realism is far more immediate.

The degree of abstraction of maths in the axiomatic method trying to prove itself without reference to the world makes it specially obscure; to which we add the ‘uncertainty of view’ over far away ∆-n scales, in which ‘billions’ of entities transfer limited information and move so fast that we confuse ‘a time event’ with a space event from our so slow ‘view’ (as lines of a car appear in space being time events at slow motion). So mathematicians to ‘fully’ grasp in a titanic effort ALL the motions of those billions of particles, have created ‘fictitious’ spaces of ∞ dimensions (Hilbert spaces), the last evolution of differential/integral calculus of infinite solutions, which does NOT mean the quantum world is different but the approach of huminds IS different as we ‘work’ with ‘huge bulk spatial populations and temporal masses of frequencies’. 

Then the literalist error comes and says, this maths are weird, they are ‘probabilities’ in time (not populations in space as we see them in an electron picture), and this is the ‘substance’ of reality. It is not. The particle is the substance and it is a cyclical time state; the wave, a space-time state is the subtance. The ‘bulk analysis’ of mathematical masses confusing ‘space population’ with ‘time probabilities’ IS the mirror, very impressive as a mirror, but very foolish when the mirror is taken as real.

What this means basically is that the mathematician as the physicist today has accepted a magic look on mathematics, as long as it works to represent-mirror reality fairly way, it doesn’t matter what they mean.

Only the greatest minds such as Newman or Einstein or Heaviside were aware of that ignorance which now ∆•st could solve, if there were more than a ‘single point-mind-singularity-mirror’ for it – i feel deeply exhausted.

Let us put then just one example of what we mean. Consider the false problem of imaginary numbers. What they really mean? This was a hot question that was never fully answered except by Gauss partially, calling them inverse numbers. What can we say about it from the experimental truths of ƥst?

The answer is immediate when we realise that the Galilean Paradox establishes the holographic principle: the bidimensionality of all real forms of nature, which are in its simplest forms, dual dimensions, and so the unit of reality IS not a single dimensional system/point but a bidimensional ST system. Ergo the proper way to use imaginary numbers is ‘squaring’ them. 

Then we obtain a ‘realist’ graph, with an X² coordinate system in the real line, which can be projected further with a negative -y and a positive +y axis, often ‘inverse’ directions or symmetries of timespace.

And suddenly we can start to understand many realist whys of complex numbers and complex spaces.

So a negative imaginary energy must be explained in the same form. Consider the first important case in which this was found. The solutions to Dirac’s equation.

The negative E solutions were problematic, for it was assumed that a particle has a positive energy (indeed, when it is a vortex of accelerated forces). Mathematically speaking, however, there IS NO reason to reject the negative-energy solutions, when we understand it. Since they exist, we cannot simply ignore them.

To cope with this problem, Dirac, our leading modern creationist mathematician with Bohr and Heinsenberg, here in tune with the experimental mirror, believed in them.

So he introduced the hypothesis, known as hole theory, that the vacuum is the many-body quantum state in which all the negative-energy electron eigenstates are occupied.

Here the literalist concept so often found in quantum physics cripples in: as we use functionals, Hilbert spaces of ∞ dimensions to represent ALL POTENTIAL outcomes of a quantum state, which are NOT happening together but are the ‘huge kaleidoscopic mirror of mathematical functions’. 

This description of the vacuum as a “sea” of electrons is called the Dirac sea. Since the Pauli exclusion principle forbids electrons from occupying the same state, any additional electron would be forced to occupy a positive-energy eigenstate, and positive-energy electrons would be forbidden from decaying into negative-energy eigenstates. Dirac further reasoned that if the negative-energy eigenstates are incompletely filled, each unoccupied eigenstate – called a hole – would behave like a positively charged particle. The hole possesses a positive energy since energy is required to create a particle–hole pair from the vacuum.

Of course this was nonsense (: It is though the logic conclusion when your concepts of time and space are completely messed up into a single continuum and a single arrow, so with a single arrow you cannot understand the inverse arrow of time, with a single continuum you cannot understand where those ‘hole-y see-as’ are.

In reality though timespace is fractal, hence it is local. So to start with there is NO sea, the equation IS global but the events it might describe local. At best we can talk of a mirror symmetry of an electron and a positron. And then we must wonder ‘why’ there is a positron. What does it mean an antiparticle, and immediately we come to the same conclusion that with mass but now with ‘charge’, in the lower quantum scale of size: the antiparticle is the entropic state of the particle, hence its ‘final reversal’ death state, which is briefer and so we see less antiparticles as they live shorter. Point. Pure, simple, logic and with no miracles.

BECAUSE WE CAN compare the mathematical mirror and the higher reality of ∆•st laws.

But none of this is even accepted. Things just went into further confusions, except when indeed, the positron was found but interpreted not as a time state of negative entropy=energy of the electron but another spatial species:

Dirac initially thought that the hole might be the proton, but Weyl pointed out that the hole should behave as if it had the same mass as an electron (as it was not a parameter that changed), whereas the proton is over 1800 times heavier. The hole was eventually identified as the positron, and this sent the holy sea to pasture.

But of course, it did not reform the ‘mathematical error’ behind: a single continuum ‘infinite space and time coordinates’ that misses the fractal broken, local ‘diffeomorphic nature’ of such solutions.

It is not ‘real’ to describe the “vacuum” using an infinite sea of negative-energy electrons. The infinitely negative contributions from the sea of negative-energy electrons have to be canceled by an infinite positive “bare” energy and the contribution to the charge density and current coming from the sea of negative-energy electrons is exactly canceled by an infinite positive “jellium” background so that the net electric charge density of the vacuum is zero.

We get into more detail because indeed, next to the negative conundrums of magic, literalist mathematicians, comes the infinity problems which plague physics because of its ‘infinite coordinates of continuum space and time’.

All this shows really how much fruitful could be a serious team of physicists studying ∆•st and applying it to complex physics. Unfortunately my activism against the Nuclear Industry has made of my work a ‘pest’ which no physicist will ever take seriously. This post has zero views in 3 years at http://www.unificationtheory.com. What can i say? I have accepted mankind’s eternal capacity to destroy the work and life of its best ethic and intellectual masters…

The ultimate mathematical principles.

In that regard, while we have stressed the mirror function of mathematics, NOT a literalist or creationist method, as our mind is linguistic, obviously languages do matter. And mathematics as the most synoptic efficient language is the right choice for physicist, but its use must be ground in the higher truths of space-time properties – the reality- and its logic laws of epistemological truth – the method to refer the mirror to that reality, and connect them through experimental and logic veracity. Only then we can fully understand mathematical physics.

The mathematical mirror in that sense is excellent because it embeds in its synoptic language the fundamental properties of fractal space (in a larger measure than those of cyclical time, for whose symmetries uses distorted mirrors of the ‘generator’ and a simpler Aristotelian logic of a single arrow of time). And both will become simpler, filled with more meanings and more powerful when we complete its ‘r=evolution’.

Consider another simplex example: the relationship between Universal constants and arrows and dimensions of time-space.

The fundamental functions and constants correspond to those arrows, but there is no magic about it, but synoptical power and EFFICIENCY:

  • So pi is the constant of informative perception and trans-form-ation of motion into form: 3 |> O+ 4% apertures to the world; and as the inverse arrow of form into entropy is just the contrary function, also the inverse ‘unwinding of form into motion’. But then is most often a multiple of π, (as in k and G equations) or a ‘radian’ of π (as in h), because the dense curvature merely ‘peels off’ in parallel a ‘thin membrane’ of its curvature or perceives a ‘radius angle’ of the external universe.
  • Phi is the constant of reproduction also because the efficiency of its spatial distribution that packs the maximal number of ‘reproductive events’ from an initial generator in minimal space.

And so two simple, related constants suffice for most simpler, geometrically perfect actions of the 3 arrows of time: motion to form, form to motion and reproduction.

What about the 4th and 5th dimensions? Again the answer is self-evident (if you understand the organic Universe):

As those dimensions are concerned with fractal discontinuous or differential continuous functions from wholes to infinitesimals, it must maximise the growth, and so polynomials and logarithms are used. Specifically:

  • e is the number of the fourth dimension of decay and death, which is the fastest possible process of dissolution of a single whole into infinitesimals, as those ‘cells/atoms/citizens’ ARE already reproduced and must merely be liberated from the single whole-membrane. So we find it in all decay process because of a simple property: e IS the fastest growing exponential function of any two numbers, in the Universe (and many related properties). Interesting enough to notice that it was found NOT as decay but as ‘interest=usury money’, what says a lot of the astounding ‘grab-theft’ of the financial profession, which found the maximal parasitic growth on account of doing NOTHING; just lend useless gold.
  • While inversely the Log¹º function is the scaling of social evolution because the ‘tetrarkys’ with 3 x 3 elements as networks of entropy, energy and information with the central whole-singularity mind emerging in the new scale as ‘1’, is the most perfect form to deal as a time§paœrganism with the survival exigencies of any ecosystem of ‘fractal points’.

So we shall study mathematics as the most efficient, synoptic language of the properties of timespace beings, after the very essence of the game, the formal generator, its symmetries and ∆•st logic, for which obviously the pretentious guru-magic of mathematical physicsts and the like, is just a barren “latin’; and simplify, explain and evolve its Non-a logic and ‘fractal units’ (non-e points) from ‘space-time reality’ into mathematical mirroring.

All this said mathematics is one of the best languages to mirror efficiently the Universe, specially in spatial dimensions, but since all languages are inflationary it is a key element in mathematical analysis of ∆st systems to break down what is ‘experimental truth’ and what is fiction. Consider the case of ‘dimensional analysis’. As it happens there are only 3 bidimensional topologies which correspond to the 3 functions=forms of all systems. And there are only manifolds of rank 3 or lower which are ‘smooth’, differentiable, meaning systems where ‘time’ moves smooth through ‘present derivatives’.

So in a single plane of present only ternary space and ternary time dimensions are possible. As the mathematical mirror gets distorted, outside those 3s = 3t, the mirror guide us – but the experience must confirm them. This was the essence of Lobachevksi’s thought when he found non-euclidean points now forgotten: that maths are inflationary in its diverse theories so we cannot just do as mechanon physicists do, to write an equation and expects to be there, but a more subtle approach of mirrors observing reality and ordering it in local regions is required.

Soon we will see the interaction languages-reality where reality dominates but the mirror can also deform reality to make it seem like the mirror. Space-time thus comes first, and its dimensions are the origin of reality; as Mirror-languages are both more concise and specific, so they cannot show all its properties and they all have a distortion to reduce information I.e. euclidean points have no ‘breath-information’ inside and so on.

As the ultimate mathematical properties are indeed a proof of the organic, social, fractal nature of the physical Universe.

Finally to remember that the elements of reality correspond nicely to the disciplines of physics:

∆nalysis that deals with 4th and 5th dimensional inverse processes of derivatives and  integrals, either in discontinuous gaps (state physics, entropic death) through fractal physics or in ∆§ocial scales between plane continuity equations and differential calculus of motions in time.

ð-motion: On the other hand properly understood algebra of numbers deal with social time arrows and sequential time processes.

S-form:  geometry and topology of fractal points with space simultaneous systems. So 3 are the sub disciplines and 3 are the elements they study, while the mind-paradoxes require what we just did, to put math onto the mirror essence.

We talk  in that sense of 3 great ages of mathematical physics, in a full cycle:

  • S: The beginning with geometric physics (from greeks to kepler) and only numerical systems of simple, quantiatiave algebra.
  • ∆§: The age of differential equations
  • ð•: The third complex age of imaginary equations, functionals, formal mental physics (relativity and quantum paradoxes) and use of the axiomatic method… to restart again after
  • ø-birth of chip physics: De facto death of huminds now merely serving 0 and | to computers, which start easy with digital boolean algebras, and the exhaustion of earlier quantitative methods, in an age of digital calculus of quanta of physics.

In that sense in as much as Mathematical Physics has not a qualitative purpose, it is easily reduced to algorithms and digital thought through the study of physical parameters with partial differential equations, the queen of mathematical physics (which are merely the lineal version of the more complex ‘curved geometries’, in which the ß ∆x difference between the curve and the lineal function is considered a variable constant – hem, this should not go into this simpler post… it means really that humans are easier calculating lineal physics, but now digital computers can allow the study of approximations to cyclical singularity physics, aka general relativity in its most complex version).

So mathematical physics is getting by approximation very powerful, and now with ∆•st will give a huge leap in what it lacks, to simplify the detailed similar trees and see the forest...

The higher epistemological truths. The logic principles.

The realist concept works, based in a proved ad nauseam experimental fact – that all the scales of the fractal Universe we perceive with full detail ARE self similar in topology, time arrows and scalar co-existence of 3 ∆±1 planes?.

Basically we uphold this fact as an absolute truth, and accepting as an artefact of measure necessary for the human praxis and translation of data into workable useful parameters to manipulate reality from our point of view; but NOT as the literalist philosophy of such reality.

So the classic truths of epistemology given the INFLATIONARY NATURE of all languages that  CAN MULTIPLY FRACTAL INFORMATION IN A MUCH LARGER MEASURE THAN THE SIMPLE, resistant motion-substance of reality can accommodate (reason WHY ‘not all mathematical truths are real’ Einstein) ARE BESIDES ∆st, AND EXPERIMENTAL PROOF, STILL THE FUNDAMENTAL METHODS OF VERACITY IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS. LET US REMEMBER THE 3 FAST:

  • Occkam’s razor: simplicity NOT complex equations ARE truth because the simple motion-substance of the Universe is simple and difficult to ‘bend’
  • Efficiency, a KEY to navigate the forest of non-existent equations from SUSY to black hole evaporation of pedantic scholars. WE MUST BUILD THE UNIVERSE WITHT THE KNOWN-KNOWN particles, and we HAVE already discovered them ALL because our instruments of measure have GONE well above our conceptual, mental evolution of the discipline; so we have to work on what we have and its symmetries. i.e. the background neutrino MUST be the graviton, which MUST be the scale below light… so we just have to work out the neutrino theory of light and figure the question of its faster than light speed (of the lower ∆-4 dark world, its relationship with strings through its weak-angle (same size), and what is really its spin number and the symmetry with the galaxy-atom, i.e. the strong force and the gluon. We do NOT need more particles as we have not seen them, and so it is irrational to think that the Universal force of gravitation responds to some esoteric particle which is NOT all over the place (as neutrinos are).
  • Experimental proofs: ‘science should not be concerned with events, equations and forms of which there is NOT a prior experience’, said Einstein. Indeed, the creationist works the other way around, first finds the imaginary equation and then seeks for its creationism in the Universe. We must first explore the Universe and ONLY study mathematically those phenomena we know to exist NOT to create inflationary, self-similar confusing equations and formalisms, which are equivalent to baroque art with many curves or repetitive religious mantras saying 1000 names of ‘God’, or poetic licences and synonymous.
Isomorphic method, vital mathematics and ternary logic.

We have made a harsh critique to physicists or rather human ‘cultural’ views on the Universe guided by ‘creationism’ and ultimately the ego paradox. BUT we obviously acknowledge that mathematics is of all the mirror-languages of the Universe the most suitable from the perspective of the humind as a mirror of reality. Does it mean it is the language of atoms?

Likely not. Why? Because what we perceive as atomic beings is electronic minds, which ‘devour’ light space-time. So it is very likely that the language of electrons IS light AND HENCE images. And mathematics a more restricted synopsis of images, themselves a synopsis of the topologies in space and events in time happening in reality.

This is an important truth, when considering the psychology of the mind, the evolution of the digital, visual mind, and the consciousness of atomic and animal/plant life.

It matters also when deciding how to use languages to explore the whole range of properties of physical systems. In brief, mathematics cannot be the only language, as it will limit the properties we can describe; but it will be the best language because we humans have advanced so much on its development, along logic of time, verbal and the next level of verbal understanding of the 3 past-present-future tense verbs, which is ternary i-logic; as logic came from aristotelian verbal thought.

So when dealing with the formalism of Physics, mathematics will be the queen, specially because we observe mostly spatial properties in physical systems, but logic must be added on, and specially bio-logic, organic laws of worldcycles, life ages, etc. And further on, we must enlighten mathematics with new vital analysis, defining fractal points instead of Non-euclidean points with no volume (hence no inner form) as the unit of geometry and sequential numbers as the unit of time logic, with bidimensional numbers (imaginary numbers) playing a key role in bidimensional Universes, ‘squared’ to show its realism; and so on.

The evolution of maths improves the mirror, its ternary syntax.

All this MEANS when dealing with the formalism of physics, while mathematics and its equations will be the queen, we shall not cast it from the pov of mathematics as the single language but departing from the isomorphic method which explains how space time create super organisms, in which mind languages dominate by ordering its local territory. And so the feed-back between mind-languages and  its worlds- and the Universe forms reality:

IN THE GRAPH, the two roles of the mind-mirror: to perceive virtually a space with no motion with a biased point of view and to order a territory of objective existence, changing reality, both are a feed-back constant game between the §@ <≈>∆ð elements of reality. 

It does of course because any mirror-image of reality even if unfocused carries some information about it, and works for the distorted mind view, which let us remember is NOT REALITY BUT ALWAYS A LINGUISTIC MAPPING: Œ-Mind <linguistic perception> ∞ Universe, and so any mirror does carry a minimal information to be useful to departure a whole:

In the graph, linguistic mirrors create minds with different amounts of information, useful to guide reality. We must not though confuse the mirror with reality, the a priori element.

All this said is easy to understand mathematics, its elements and disciplines as a mirror of the Universe.

For the scientist who will consider all this nonsense because he thinks he knows his maths and all is there, the answer is yes, all is in the mirror but with less detail. So maths as the universe does, has also 3∆st+º sub disciplines, it has also a fractal ‘derivative’ structure and it is also about space-time.

THOSE 3 main sub-disciplines code the 3 ‘structural elements’ of the Universe:

  • ∆nalysis of the 5th dimension, its wholes and ‘finitesimals’ (1/n).
  • Geometrical space, (Spe) and its unit, fractal points.
  • Temporal algebra (tiƒ) and its units, sequential numbers.

And it has its ST ‘combinations of which the most important its topology (the study of form with motion).

Moreover the mirror of mathematics has evolved to explain in more detail the ‘actions of space-time’ of beings; as all languages do improving its ternary grammar. So words developed first ‘names only’ (forms), then motions ( active verbs) and finally ‘complements’ (complex systems).

And colour languages moved from dual B&W, to three colors (red-entropy, blue, form, green energy) to four, adding green/yellow mixes.

So today maths has evolved into multiple space-time disciplines. For example spatial geometry added, analytic algebra, which is geometry with sequential time numbers that finally dominated the discipline, while topology which is geometry of space with motion in time, today added ∆-scales (as it is defined with networks of ∆-1 points).

Dogma and flexibility – evolution of languages.

All this is said to remark a key concept that escapes mathematical physicists:

No language-mirror is absolute in its truth, but an evolving system, which goes through three ages

So when written words appeared pharaohs just said ‘it has written=truth’. Today in the far younger mathematical discipline, scientists say ‘it is an equation=it is a truth’.

Only latter words were known to be also fictions, a fact that also happens with equations but few scientists do recognise. So maths has still a ‘religious, dogmatic outlook’ proper of all languages, even if it has already gone into a ‘third baroque, inflationary  informative age of excessive formal content’ and split into multiple similar ‘metaphors’ (languages being inflationary as mirrors-minds are multiple, watching a single perspective do offer multiple views of a single event, hence the multiple equations observed to describe the same physical event).

But religious people, aka dogmatic physicists do NOT understand all this about their mirror-language of mathematics.

For many of them, equations ‘are’ always truth, just when written, and other languages are NOT truth – dogmas we only find in fundamentalist verbal thought (God speaks only in Arab, so Koran cannot be translated as it looses its truth).

Of course, languages do have also ‘quantitative’ measure. So while all carry an image, some are better and we prefer a carrot picture than a drawing.

So, we concede maths after images, is the best mind-mirror known to man, as it carries more informative detail than words (but less than images), and so it has become after images (most humans believe in TV celebrities more than in physicists 🙂 the dominant language today, and overcome religious words. Still as Einstein put it ‘I know when maths is truth but not real’, meaning we need experimental analysis of mathematical truths and so NOT just because we can write an imaginary particle with maths, the particle will exist (Susy, evaporating holes etc). IT IS AN EGO ERROR, TO THINK then that maths is always truth and an even bigger ego-error to think maths is not experimental but produced by the human mind, which becomes a short of ‘God’ that talks maths as only God does (that was the idea of Kepler: god has taken 5000 – biblical – years to found an intelligent like his, me).

The extension of mathematical truths. Languages imprint reality inversely to its complexity.

So yes, maths do create as any language does reality as a mirror around the territory of the mind, since ultimately the essence of space is to be a tapestry of an infinite number of frames or reference self-centred on the monads of each scale of Nature.

However as languages are shared by multiple minds, when a language is ‘so extended’ because it is use by ‘selfs’ of the minimalist scales of space (in the case of maths, it is obviously the language in which the euclidean dimensions of light is written, while its non-euclidean fractal points are the language in which masses and charges are better described), the language’s truths have a quasi-infinite number of applications. Still many elements of GST cannot be explained with maths, but ALL elements of reality can be explained with the laws of GST. So above maths there is at least a language the NON-Æ LOGIC OF FRACTAL CYCLICAL space-time, described in those texts.

Further on, there is a limit to the distortion and lack of focus of a language that finally becomes blind when too far removed from GST ultimate principles. i.e a B&W picture of a Rothko’s painting will not be relevant failing to see the vibrations of colours, essence of it. 

A math description of Gospel will fail to grasp the expression of social love and the ∆-arrow of evolution expressed on it.

And in general, excessively formal, third age baroque languages, are inflations and fictions which fail to express reality, as reality to exist must have ternary elements, entropy x information = energy, which means entropy simplifies always reality as pure language-information alone does NOT mix, imprint entropy-motion, which tends to simplicity. Water and oil then become disjointed and oil fails to explain water:

As the mind mirror of any language – not only mathematics, also human verbal mirrors – must ‘imprint’ the entropic motions of reality which resist its distortion, the final effect of baroque=max. informative languages is relatively limited both to describe accurately and distort/order reality.

This is truth specially in the physical world with maths because the physical world is simple and the range of imprinting almost infinite – not so much in the smaller territory of order of each mind-species, which indeed becomes ‘created’ by the tiƒ-singularity center, as it is a limited range. In the next graph we show fully that interaction, which in maths would mean a Tiƒ=pov=center of reference of a graph will order an extension, with a range inversely proportional to the content of information it delivers (range of forces, maximal for the ones with less information, minimal with the weak force of maximal form).

In that regard, the true mirror language that ‘adapts’ reality better is the GST-language WHICH is the one embedded in the behaviour of each Tiƒ-singularity.
In the graph, physicists are after all human egos submitted to the mind paradox, so they think ‘mathematics are a mind language, imagined by the physicist and ‘God’ a priori, creating a posteriori the Universe (copenhagen interpretation). The opposite is truth. 

The language of mathematics DOES NOT CREATE REALITY a priori, but ONLY a posteriori ‘sees it’, as a synoptic mirror, which as all other languages, a certain singularity uses to ‘see’ and develop its ‘survival actions’ in time-space.

But again as there are B&W, 3, 4 and 5 color animals (birds), with better detail maths can be improved to ‘see better’.

In its present ‘underdeveloped’ euclidean form, and with some fictional forms of mathematical physics taken for real, its incomplete structure must be improved.

This I did when young, after understanding the scalar metric of 5D Analysis and its 3 arrows of space-time, upgrading Non-E GEOMETRY.

In the previous graph to illustrate this real a posteriori nature of maths, we include besides Penrose’s another set of arrows – the stronger thicker one of the philosopher of science in the right.

So as usual in the multidimensional universe we can put together both directions of the process of creation.

Since minds are mirrors, which once they have distorted and resumed reality into the still mind, try to order by reflection and proyection of that mind the Universe to make it look like the inner mind image, influencing in this way reality.

The proper way to understand the interaction between minds, scales and st parameters.

Now because physicists understand nothing on the ways mind-mirrors and universe interact with each other, and the bias of the humind in the analysis of reality, many of the errors of maths will derive of the ‘egotist error’ (mind paradox, as an infinitesimal which believes to be infinite)

Consider the copenhagen interpretation, which bohm did debunk properly but requires further understanding of the concepts of quantum physics not as a mental game of observers, but as a distorted human view on the limiting scale of our mind perception, given the properties of 5D metric.

Ie. as we go down in scales we loose information (uncertainty principles), we are coarse in our interference (observer’s influence) and beings accelerate in time as they diminish in space, so we make all kind of errors confusing time cycles as spatial forms, since our slow clocks see the being’s sequences in time all together in a simple timespace quanta as a spatial form.

So here it is the ‘mind view’ what we must eliminate, specially two recurrent errors:

-To see time events which are ternary as spatial different forms: i.e., 3 quarks cannot be broken, why? Answer: because they are likely not three quarks in space udu, but three ages of a time transformation: u>d>u.

-To ignore each new scale is made of wholes and parts and when we ad new scales we must ad more parts, so instead of functions we use functionals and operators (functions of functions), NOT because quantum systems are weird, mathematical beings made of nebulous operators, but because we are integrating in our perception, multiple scales – same for Hilbert spaces – there is not ∞ dimensions but we penetrate for each system we measure into its parts, which are its inner dimensions. But without a proper definition of dimensions all gets messy conceptually as it is now the case.

And ad as a proof the relationship between maths and organic GST laws and perspectives, to make of vital mathematics and its sub discipline, physics a complete description of the Universe.

So the ∆ST isomorphic methods relating all to the 4 ∆• parameters will become the key to ‘complete’ and upgrade maths and its main sub discipline, physics (: as we have done with all other disciplines.

Needless to say we are not writing the encyclopaedia of mathematical physics available to any specialist but ad on all those parts and properties which are not properly written. So in astronomy we shall concentrate in the study of the galaxy as a cell, in quantum theory in the correct Broglie->Bohm model and in thermodynamics in the correction of a single entropy arrow and clarification on the meaning of it, and in all scales in the key concepts of the 3 arrows of time, space, its generators and the concepts of Energy, and the events of physics, which represent GST actions, and key equations to describe them (Fourier, for time scales; Hamiltonians for Energy; Lagrange for balanced actions).

That is, we shall explain why certain basic functions represent most events of physics in terms of the organic ad-ons needed to complete its whys, such as the ST- ‘action of harmonic oscillators’, which is basically a basic ‘feeding-perceiving action that makes the particle fluctuate as it emits a wave of information, upwards to the point of maximal perception and minimal motion (maximal amplitude) and downwards through the 0-coordinates of maximal speed-entropy and minimal height-information.

The isomorphic method thus departs from 10 space-time dimension to extract basic space-time properties expressed as 10 sequential parts of the being both in its spatial organism and temporal world cycle.

Thus we study 10 similar properties of those dimensions in the dynamic existence of any being and call them the 10 Ðisomorphisms (Ð for dimensions and cyclical time, as it is the capital for eth, ð). So by studying the 5 Dimensions of the being with dualities of space-time and ‘ternary isomorphisms’ of scales, ages and topologies, all of them properties derived of its 5D scalar structure in space and time we achieve a complete description of any ‘Dust of space-time’, ∆@S=T.

Let us then remember the 10 Dimensions of space and time of the being, analysed in a dynamic ’10Ðisomorphic’ ‘sequence’ of the world cycle of the being, from ‘minor to major’ starting from the seed of information or @mind which will emerge through its actions and flows of bidimensional communication as a network super organism or ‘species’ of space-time that will travel through scales and planes tracing its world cycle of existence between birth and extinction:

0,1. @… monads are minds composed of a max. still form or linguistic singularity and a cyclical time membrane, connected through invaginations. It is the ‘invisible’ central command of the being, which perceives the Universe’s timespace cycles and stop its motion through a mirror image in the ‘languages’ of ‘the mind’, which then reflect its back ordering reality as it converts its motions into ‘@ctions’…

So we study the form of the monad in space and its function in time – to be a linguistic mirror of..

2. Flows of space-time The mind reflects as a fractal point with a volume of information the Universal bias view it has created. So as it reflects it into flows of bidimensional communication it deviates its path (moves), absorb and emit flows of entropy, energy and information through bidimensional waves of s=t symmetries.

5: S=t actions: The result is a series of actions of motion, information, reproduction, energy feeding and social evolution whose purpose is to ‘reproduce the information of the being and survive’, emerging as a larger super organism in a higher scale. This IS the program of existence, a simple 5 dimensional action process, restricted by the fact the system is merely composed of two elements, space and time and its combinations, and the fact that those species who did not maximised its existence, and ternary elements, with those actions did not survive. So the program is not conscious but an automatic selection of the actions that ensure the survival of the being, 

In this manner the monad waves a reproductive and evolutionary process within its world, through its dynamic flows and actions, which through the reproduction will finally:

$… create S-patial, 3. ‘constant’, ‘organic networks’ … and its variations in 6. species

ð… which live in T-ime, through ‘3±2=7. ages’ as ‘T.œs’ TIMESPACE organisms ‘traveling=moving’… in ∞8 worldcycles of existence between birth and extinction…through its

∆§… 10 §scales’ and ‘9. Ξlanes’ as a fractal 10D ‘Γœ’ made to the image and likeness of the whole of wholes…

We thus introduce each of the 10Di, formalised with non-Æ logic equations, but as today physics is fully expressed in the mathematical formalism before we introduce the Disomorphisms of physical systems, we shall make some clarifications on the main themes and parameters of mathematical physics, points, dimensions and universal constants and equations of entropy, energy and information, to have a smooth transition to the new description of all the properties of physical systems, including those regarding order (singularities) and organic scales, which cannot be easily expressed in mathematical thought.



Another epistemological solution to a classic conundrum of physics comes from the realisation that as there are 3∆st+@ elements in reality (@ being the alternative symbol for the mind, as it includes both, the • linguistic singularity and the O MEMBRAIN), we can always write four similar equations, from the perspective of the field (potential), the wave, the particle and the scale, and often another equation (relativity equations) to add mental deformations of measure from the human perspective. And even other equations that add effects of co-existing scales brought about by infinitesimal factors or larger infinities (renormalisation, small deviations, as the famous gyromagnetic anomalies, etc.)

So all those views are partial equations from different perspectives of the generator. And all are truth, but only the sum of all of them will give us a full linguistic picture of the whole.

Why there are so many versions of a single event in physics? 2 reasons, the inflationary nature of a language that does not have to be constrained by the need to form a ‘dumb motion’, the primary substance that tends to entropic memoriless markowian processes, and the second is the multiple povs we can cast on a being,, which gives us different equations. So to relate them to each ∆•st is another key element of gst.

Basic GST epistemology.

We shall call the relational space-time theory of the Universe, ∆§ð (writing it for speed as ∆st). And the whole philosophy of science that applies it to all ‘scales of ‘stiences’, GST, (general systems theory), which is also the name given to the Generator of Timespace beings (∆-1: s-fields/limbs<st-bodywaves>tƒ:particles-heads).

So as usual with everything in the ternary Universe we use three+• names for similar concepts:

-∆: GST is the scalar Universe.

St: -∆st is the more specific theory of space-time and its stiences.

-Γst is the formal equation that unifies them all.

-•: Finally ¬Æ,  is the linguistic non-aristotelian, non-euclidean laws, the most formal level of the discipline.

The Rashomon effect.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 08.39.19You have in that sense to get accustomed to consider at least 4 views for each reality or event, to at least a get a minimal truth of the being, as the kaleidoscopic method of truth (max. truth: max. linguistic perspectives on the event) requires. As in the masterpiece of Japanese film making, the Universe and its truths are under the Rashomon effect: only the four versions allow us to know the whole truth of the event.

In the graph, down we see the four different formalisms of gravitation, latter studied in more detail; all of them a partial truth of the event seen from the 4 essential ∆•st perspectives. This is thus the first law of GST, the method of truth and epistemology of ∆ST BEINGS.

It is the essential tool to reorder the astounding quantity of trees in the forest of human one-dimensional truths, theories and equations on reality, where each scholar ‘kills for his theory’.

But the total truth is only in the event itself – as Rashomon insists leaving some room for doubt and interpretations. Let us see then a case example, the equation of gravitation.

In that regard the power of T.Œ to classify and understand the why of all mathematical physics marvels the ‘rational, non-computerized still human thinker’ (-: As this is not the case of most experts, ts, ts, we are not writing so much for physicists,  but about physics and for all humans with a minimal degree of knowledge of physics, to the level of any graduate of natural sciences, which is expected to know the basics of mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and some notions of relativity and quantum theory – this final discipline, made extremely detailed in its content for two reasons:

  • Information travels upwards with no entropy so we do have a lot of information about quantum particles, and a lot of things to describe, billions of particles with relative freedom of motion, to explain together with enormous detail because…
  • The electronic industry is creating sophisticated organisms of metal, chip-brains, robots, and  nuclear weapons, which require precision calculus of the exchanges of energy and information of those particles in bundles of billions. So this is by far the most overgrown of all disciplines of technological science, while far more fundamental sciences for mankind such as history, social economics, human studies and medicine are under developed.

We thus will consider ONLY on this overgrown discipline the basic conceptual elements required to understand particles as all other planes of the Universe, through its organic, mental, topological and causal properties, to show they are NOT special. As in any case it would be a disrespect to the reader, to get into the parlance of modern Latin, as in any case its goals (to unify all forces etc. under wrong dogmas and postulates) is impossible.

The ternary principle…

follows closely the Rashomon effect, when we eliminate the more subjective, linguistic mind-element, • from the equation and provide only an objective external analysis of the being. Then we shall find that we can divide always the being into further ternary parts, or include it within a ternary part of a larger whole of its world. And so the ternary and rashomon events combined, bring us…

The 10 isomorphic method…

which studies the 5 elements, ∆, @, s,≈,t of any being, in further analytical sub-divisions, as each will have 2 states as motions, which when completing a full cycle will become form; and all can be structure in organic ternary parts≈functions≈forms and this is the basic method of analysis explained in this web and applied likely by future researchers to enclose ALL stiences, equations and laws discovered by man in an encyclopaedia of GST.

In the graph, the laws of the Universe are related to its elements, ∆-scales and the three årrows of ðime§paces.
Each entity of reality is constructed with the three arrows that manifest in space as simultaneous networks of ∆-1 points specialised in a determined arrow, through its ‘quantic actions’ of  e x i, in a wide range that allows to define:
Simplex actions
Max e x min. i: entropic actions (limite by max. e x o i = death)
Max. i x min. e: informative actions
e=i: reproductive, social complex actions
Such study of the interrelated scales of both space-size and time-frequency, is the stuff of which ‘theory’ is made, and where we can plug ‘mathematical functions’ (topology of space, fourier and SHM sequences in time  and algebraic space-time structures).


So finally we must notice that the key new element of ∆st beyond conceptual streamlining is to define once and for all the different laws of systems that move upwards and downwards as the fifth dimension of time is NOT symmetric GOING in the direction of growth of information downwards, and energy upwards. And so basically systems (points Tƒ singularities) going upwards become from cyclical mind-sstems, mere points moving for the larger world: Oi-1>|i is thus the main change of state when you are a part that become a point of a larger whole:

Scales are thus born by making an O-1 form and |o form, becoming then in the next scale the entropic, |o element.

As systems emerge upwards into new wholeness which are however more ‘ghostly constructed’ with less ‘density’ seemingly evanescent to the smaller denser cores of the russian doll universe, the whole looses its ‘density-mass’ and becomes just that logic encasing of it all, with diminishing ratios of ‘stuff’.

The second great law comes to a simple statement:

‘if we take only a plane in consideration, motion upwards looses information, and so it has entropy…’

… meaning we cannot extract from ∆-1 points ALL the energy for the ∆-whole, and this is the reason of the second law of thermodynamics which is restricted to the human ∆-view of the ∆-1 molecules with heat it wants extract for selfish purposes without giving back any order and synchronous motion to the smaller parts. The atoms there are NOT stupid, and won’t give you all his motion just for your steam machine to work.

In a perfectly ordered super organism however the smoothness of the big whole which synchronises the motion of the small parts, allow a superfluidity in those motions with minimal entropy and so when you move your whole body/cells they do not collide, friction and give you entropic heat.

THE PRINCIPLE Of conservation of energy and information… and energy.

The immediate consequence of the existence of those 3 arrows in all physical scales is the rewriting of the Principle of Conservation of energy:

‘Present Energy never dies, it trans-forms locally back and forth from past entropy into future information: $<ei>ð”

We cannot repeat ad nausea the structure in space and time of the fundamental particle of the Universe, the supœrganism of relational space time and the isomorphic laws derived of the ultimate substances of all relational space-time beings of the Universe, fractal space, cyclical time and its scales of size and clock speed – reason why the philosophy of stience is written in other post – the main one of the 5D section of this blog.

Still there is a law which is essential to all systems and was first formulated, partially in physics – the law of conservation of present energy, which consists of ‘closed time-space cycles’ with a repetitive frequency that maintains the Universe eternal.

And a metric equation, which defines for any isolated system of real it extending through 3 co-existing scales, its 5D structure:

The size in space and speed in time of the ∆-i parts and ∆+i wholes of a supœrganism is co-invariant: $e x ðƒ=K’

Those 2 expressions are the formal definitions of the three arrows of timespace and the three scales of physical systems, which apply to any system of the Universe, ad when properly plugged into classic physics will streamline and resolve most pending questions of the discipline.

These 2 laws proved experimentally ad nauseam and properly interpreted for the first time in theory, are THE laws we shall more often use to deduce the causal, temporal harmony of all beings of the universe.

If they will NOT EXIST, the Universe wouldn’t be a fractal that reproduces information but some weirdo thing, as humans believe to be (a big-bang singularity dying, the creation of a creeping bush in the Judean desert, you name it…)

RECAP:  2 KEY consequences of 10D=5•D³ PHYSICS. Organic Properties and Generator equation. 

In the graphs, the absolute dimension of the scalar, fractal Universe, which constantly puts together parts into wholes, through social networks of reproduced information.

Below the relative 3 arrows of timespace that we find in each scale, studied by a different science.

The first and immediate consequence of working with three arrows of time, is a better expression of the fundamental principle of science, the principle of conservation of energy

‘Present Energy never dies, it trans-forms itself back and forth in local events between spatial entropy and dimensional information: S≥st≥T<<S”

Which in a more complex version writes:

Γœ: ∆-1 ≤≥$pe (past-lineal fields/limbs) ≤≥ ∆º:ST (Present hyperbolic body/waves) ≤≥ Tiƒ (future informative cyclical particles-heads)>∆+1

The symbols of that equation belong to non-aristotelian logic, based in three arrows of timespace that come together to create the being. And as we will constantly repeat them, and use them to write equations that describe systems in time, space and scale, we might as well explain them in this tiny nutshell foreword:

SCALES: ∆ is the symbol of the fifth dimension of scales. So a system extends through three such scales, ∆-1, the atomic/cellular scale, ∆º, the organic, thermodynamic scale and ∆+1 the world where the system exists or gravitational, ecosystemic scale.


S ($, Spe) means entropic space; St, Ø, E iterative energy; T (ð, Ti, Tƒ), Informative, cyclical time; which ultimately ARE the static, spatial view of 3 motions-actions-arrows of timespace, we define with 3 topo-ogic symbols:

> an informative future motion that shrinks and accelerates the system from more entropy=expansive motion into more form.

a repetitive present wave-like motion, that repeats in-form-ation as it moves…

> an implosive, informative motion and << a double entropic explosion that erases information in the moment of death.

So the equation of a world cycle of existence described in the last synoptic equation is simple to understand: Space shrinks guided by the dominant arrow of information through 3 ages, phases, first as pure entropic space of maximal motion, then as a formed motion finally as pure form (S>St>T) and then when all motion is exhausted and it is all form, the system explodes back into space, T<<S IN THE ACT OF DEATH, which happens to dissolve ‘two scales of form of the system (you die twice into cells and then molecules/aminoacids) a matter system dies twice normally first into molecules and atoms or atoms and plasma, and so on).

The fractal nature of space and the 3 arrows of cyclical time has a fundamental consequence:

Because the scalar Universe co-exists in several scales of organisation together and it has three sequential arrows of time/topological organs of space, all systems in all scales made of a vital space that last a finite duration in time (the true sense of relational space-time), do have organic properties. Accordingly the scalar Universe is an organic fractal that reproduces forms of information in all scales under self-similar laws, as space and time are not only topological=mathematical, but also organic. 

This means we can ad to the analytic mathematical properties of all systems, organic properties, and we can consider all scales to be self similar.

Yet as physics is ‘by decree’ a stience which only uses mathematics as its language of expression, the main revolution of ∆ST will likely collide with the usual suspects – dogma against organic truths, except in egocentered humans.

A second revolution, regarding physics – its upgrading of the formalism of mathematical physics, by decoding the ‘experimental nature’ of its equations, however might be of more interest to them. In that regard, the immediate conclusion of that experimental nature is the coupling of disciplines of mathematics with those of ∆ST:

-The formal stience of 5D is analysis. Derivatives are mostly concerned with synthetic information on upper scales and time; integrals with the sum of its parts in space. The interaction and symmetries and travels through 5D are thus better understood in terms of analysis, which has become the dominant formal stience of mathematical physics concerned with the study of 5D motions, without mathematicians and physicists understand why.

-Topology is the formal stience of the three arrows of time-space, and as such it reduces all the forms of the Universe to its only three topologies – another ‘magic’ fact of experimental mathematics, never understood in science. AS such the true revolution of mathematical stience goes through the conversion of mathematics into an experimental stience, relating the fundamental theorems of mathematics, as the stience of logic space, to the different laws of GST both based in the fractal properties of space and the cyclical nature of time.

We shall thus evolve mathematics and physics to unveil in the human languages of time and space, the underlying isomorphisms of Nature.

The best way to describe mathematical physics is therefore to connect its classic continuous space-time equations with those of the ternary fractal 5D space-time Universe. And to that aim we need to define the 3 fundamental elements of mathematical physics, fields, waves and particles as the 3 ternary elements of 5D fractal space-time through the THREE AGES of time…

CONCLUSION: UPGRADING astrophysics to 5D relational space-time.

Astro-physics is concerned with the space-time forms of all the known scales of physics, ∆i≤|3|, and the dark scale beyond the galaxy (∆±4) plus our • linguistic point of view, restricted TODAY by dogma of its earlier platonic practitioners to the single language of mathematics, as galileo affirmed and Dirac confirmed with no proof that ‘God only speaks mathematics’ which limits the ‘organic’ and ‘sentient’ properties we can describe on those system and give origin to the ‘naive realism’ and ‘reductionism’ proper of philosophy of physics today.

A such mathematical physics is concerned with all the elements of the Universe, reduced by ‘ideology’ to be shown in an abstract form to the mirror-image that classic æ-maths (with a single time aristotelian arrow and a single space-time continuum) can provide.

And so its limits are those of the present state of evolution of its language, and of perception of man, in as much as the larger scales of the infinite Universe must be stretching both above and below those ∆±4 scales.

And so the task of GST in mathematics should be the expansion of all those elements, starting from:

-Its expansion of the concepts of time and space, as shown in the graph, ‘first’ (as the primary language/substance origin of all realities).

-Then through the ‘expansion of mathematics with the ¬Æ improved definitions of fractal points with volume, ‘broken’ planes≈networks’ and ‘similarity≈ congruence’…

-Next we should try to correct with them, the three main errors of physics derived of those reductionist ∆•st views – namely entropy-only derived errors, big-bang cosmology and distortions produced by the need to ‘fit’ all realities within a single timespace plane, ignoring the ‘distortions’ of our perception caused by the different speeds of time and sizes in space of ∆-scales (use of functionals, dark energy/matter, uncertainty/observer principles of quantum physics, etc.)

-Only then go through the different scales, STUDying in detail each equation and system, starting NOT from the bottom up, as if there was a causality of size, meaning smallish parts define the laws of larger ones, so quantum physics according to that view would matter more for philosophy of physics, but in the PROPER way knowledge comes to man – higher in detail and truth the closer we are to humanity, which means that:

Mechanics (∆+1,+2) and thermodynamics (∆º,-1) MUST BE the fundamental stiences of mathematical physics, with higher degree of perception≈certainty≈truth. As such they were indeed the first forms of mathematical physics discovered. And as Einstein and Planck thought should end up being the true reference for all other scales (‘statistical quantum physics will be equivalent to statistical thermodynamics’ Einstein). Next, we should study, the ∆≥±2, 3 scales (atomic and galactic scales) considering those distortions and only with some skepticism on what we can verify and truly know, consider the last ∆±4 dark world.

Finally we MUST ad to physics the organic, mental, vital properties of physical systems, which the mathematical language will never be able to describe with OTHER languages of reality (biological and logic languages).

Generator of 5D ST Symmetries: Physical systems

PHYSICAL systems are as all made departing from a generator equation from past to future, microscopic to macroscopic scales, entropic to informative functions, for the three main scales of space-time in which it takes place:
$pe: ∆-1:  Field> ∆º: gas≥∆+1: plasma  <S≈T: ∆-1: wave≥∆º: liquid≥∆+1:strangelet < ðiƒ: ∆-1:Particle>∆º:crystal>∆+1: BH
Now in its more generalising way we can write the generator as:

∑Spe (past entropic, accelerated field) ≤ Œ: E x I Present wave ≥Tƒ (future particle of information) = U±∆ (Physical plane)

The fractal Universe of 5D space-time beings is generated by the symmetries of its fractal generator of space-time, a simple equation of group symmetries between two inverse bidimensional fields, one of ‘entropic, lineal, expansive spaces’  and a perpendicular field of cyclical, implosive times’.

Let us then put an example on how much a model of a Universe made of relational space-time ‘beings’ help us to understand the Universe – which is the theme of the second part of this blog, to show you that as usual the way to truly evolve science is ‘with thought experiments’ – with better models of reality, not with risky experiments.

WE SHALL CONSIDER A CASE OF  a classic error product of the platonic idealism of physicists with their belief that reality is generated by mathematical languages; the wrong choice of the copenhagen interpretation over pilot-wave theory, to explain quantum particles as made of mathematical entelechies and hence the one century ongoing absurdity of creating physical theories not from experience but from mathematics and then wait for those particles or evaporating black holes to appear, to not avail.

And an even simpler error, key to understand what is wrong with physics – the mathematical error made by Newton, of confusing the mathematical artefact of a cartesian plane of space-time, with space-time itself, considering that the Universe had a background absolute space-time – the cartesian plane, over which reality was built – it was the first huge error of  mathematical religions, which dragged our understanding of time for centuries.

The main consequence of lineal time in Physics is the limitation of time arrows to the simplest arrow of entropy, and the negation of the reproductive Nature of physical motions, and the informative singularities that order as mind-mappings, through mirror symmetries in crystals and bosonic states of quarks, the physical Universe.

The reductionist ∆o human perspective of physical systems. Degrees of error.

The need for more than a language to describe the wholeness of physical systems.
screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-15-09-10Now it is important to fully grasp why physics is wrong in its concepts and right in its equations. And perhaps the best example could be to compare it with the duality of Chinese language.

In the graph, it is possible to write in Chinese perfectly, as physicists write in equations, and make completely sense, without understanding a dot of it in verbal languages, the ‘natural conceptual language of people’. So a writer of mathematical physics will be right in its equations and fully use them for practical purposes, but it will ignore the conceptual, verbal meaning of those signs. And this is essentially what happens due to the errors of cyclical time and fractal space. Cyclical time measured by frequencies is the inverse of time duration, so in equations, t=1/ƒ are both right. But conceptually we shall ad an entire new ‘world of subtle differences’, thanks to our advanced ‘verbal thought’. Moreover, while there are only a standard ‘traditional’ and modern way to write mathematical physics (due mainly to the evolution of the language of mathematics), the simplified language is quite good to coney most meanings, even if the traditional has much more depth of meaning and symbols. So we shall find that for example, the 4 constructions of gravitation, Newton’s T-vortices of time; Einstein’s, S-imultaneous pictures of the vortices in greater detail; Poison’s gradient in ∆-scales and the Hamiltonian-Lagrangian more elegant, •-mental description, are variations of the same theme; as often in chinese the subtle differences of pronunciation give us variations of meaning.

But if we do not know both languages, the wholeness and richness of Chinese and Physical systems would be lost to us, and we could on top make silly errors, as those foreigners do with the word ma in its 4 tones, unable to distinguish them, and so calling a mother a joint, or even worst, a horse. And physicists, we shall find do have many of those errors, specially when interpreting wrongly Time AS A SINGLE arrow and space as a continuum, LOOSING the 4 ∆•st perspectives of knowledge, the scales of the 5th dimension, the mental limits of languages that describe them and the 3 ages of time and its functional symmetry with the 3 forms of space. 

As physics is today mathematical physics, it deals mainly with time and space parameters in different dimensions and scales. As it only acknowledges lineal time, it misses the ternary structure of time arrows, but obviously as its equations works, it merely expresses them in mathematical parameters without its whys which is what GST ads:

We shall study those errors as they were understood historically departing from ∆o, the anthropomorphic human mechanical scale and our sense of entitlement.

So we apply one of the simple rules of epistemological truth in ΓST:’The further away from the human being a science is, the higher the error of its data’.

It is indeed important to introduce the bias of physics from an objective perspective – our definition of the mind as a self-centered o-point; and to study the bias of each discipline of physics, which grows as we come further away from that human perspective. Hence a second rule for the search of truth in physics:

‘As all scales of reality are isomorphic, we must seek errors comparing far away sciences to the truths of systems closer to us’. This means that indeed, as Einstein and Bohm wanted, the way to do physics is NOT to widen the errors of the Copenhagen interpretation with ridiculous theories of parallel Universes etc. but to explain them in a realist way with the guiding pilot wave theory and explain the ‘spooky effects’ with GST isomorphisms, as all of them have a natural explanation in the Generator of Space Time (Ab. gst). So we can fast review the main scales of physics on account of its bias; and establish such order from minus to major, as the proper way to TEACH physics, which is also the historic way, as we have first resolved the most evident stience:

∆0, 1: Mechanics, which is the the most evolved of those disciplines in its details, and the less erroneous as it deal with our external world of ‘evident measure’ and perception.

∆-1,2: The inner, thermodynamic world of our body-motions AND outer world of Geological systems (co-shared with mechanics).

We find now thermal physics a first huge error – the belief that entropy is the single arrow of time; whose cause is sociological and historical in the worldly profession of physicists, and its hyperbolic thirst for taking the place of us, philosophers of stience, as the summit of knowledge  (: it was studied first in the use of cannonballs and weapons and vapor machines, who do indeed waste energy into entropy, and then widened in a galactic statement of self-importance to the shoe Universe with big bang theory, which dismisses the balancing Tiƒ force of in-form-ation, implosive gravitation ).

∆±3: Thus, as we go away from our perspective and introduce other scales we shall observe the growth of uncertainty (quantum) and dark spaces (cosmology) and the astounding anthropomorphic deformation of perspectives introduced to justify them (Copenhagen interpretation, cosmic big-bang, anthropic principle).

Obviously the anthropic principle and the big bang once, we debunk its manipulated data, will appear as just another form of ‘creationist science’ a religious disease which is the commanding influence of economics, a biblical religion of go(l)d profits, as it is today, and the disguised one of so many anthropomorphic errors. The copenhagen interpretation is even more puzzling as we do HAVE a deterministic, far more proper interpretation in the Einstein->Broglie->Bell->Bohm interpretation. And the fact that the illusory ideas of Bohr had dominated the philosophy of quantum physics shows much more about power and anthropomorphism in science that about truth.

The general error: anthropomorphism and lineal worldly profession of weapons’ masters

This said, all physical systems do lack 1/2 of the paradigm – its analysis as supœrganisms which perform world cycles of existence. As all of them sponsor the worldly error of ‘lineal time’, Galileo’s delight for artillery masters, also caused by its worldly profession as makers of weapons (essentially the same error than the thermal one), and all of them deny biological properties to matter (the human must remain the only intelligent, living being).

It is important to remember this ‘paradox of uncertainty’ of human self-centred knowledge, which applies in earnest to those scales, as humans are too far removed from them and so they accept only an abstract, mathematical description, which does not explore as we do here, the biological whys, its world cycles and organic structures, in physical systems.

Hence while physics does study all the scales (maximal range of stiences) it does so with the minimal quantity of properties (reduced mostly to one of the 8 motions, locomotions, and one language, mathematics).

The modern error: Hilbert’s arrogant idealism: i imagine points.

Then there is cultural error, hauling from German Idealism, which brought us Nazism, Communism and Physical theories of Platonic numbers creating the Universe without substance, breaking the FIRST AND FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, ‘experimental evidence’ also called ‘hylomorphism’, which since Aristotle applies: You cannot have a real event/form without a substance, or ‘∆-1 parts’ that make them possible.

Yet in Germany at the turn of the century in the paroxysm of the idealist culture, it was supposed that the ‘language of maths, hence the mind of man created the Universe’, not the other way around (languages are mirrors of a real substance). So physicists got away with murder (the killing of real substances) under the influence of Hilbert’s axiomatic method, which unable to grasp Lobacjevski’ pan geometry of non-euclidean fractal points, resolved here, said the postulates of geometry had to be substituted by the concept the mathematician ‘imagined points and lines’, and constructed the world from the mind out. It is the same concept of religion, in which GOD ‘SPEAKS’ words and when he speaks, he creates. So Allah or Yhwh says ‘man’ and man zas! appears, and Hilbert, the God of mathematicians (the language of god in Galileo’s tantrum) said ‘I imagine lines’ and zas! lines be=come’ LOL.

So without the need for ‘real substances’ both Bohr and Einstein became also imaginary, ‘postulating people’; that is people who ‘imagine’ postulates without proof as certain and zas! 100 years latter, nobody dares to explain why the postulate of constancy of c-speed and what is even worse, the never said by Einstein, limit of c-speed which only applies within light space-time (the ∆-3 scale of galaxies) MUST have a logic rational substance-oriented cause, as we shall explain here with GST laws; and why quantum waves are NOT imaginary probabilities but as Einstein->Broglie->Schrodinger->Bell->Bohm clarified densities of a fractal electron made of its ∆-1 relative cellular parts (ultra dense photons that collapse an ST wave of light into particle, Tiƒ state). 

(The quantum realist interpretation is there for 100 years, so we don’t innovate just enlighten it. The proper interpretation of the c-speed postulate and its limiting application to the ∆>-3 scales is an immediate offshoot of the stop and go, Tiƒ>Spe rhythm of motion and so it is ‘new≈blue’ GST at its best)

The positive side to it. Simplification reveals the ultimate truths of reality

On the positive side the limits of human physics are of special interest as they will reveal easily the connections between the GST (ab. Generator of Space-time) and its mathematical (1st science) and physical world, as the physicist who strips off biological, organic properties physical systems, leaves untouched – once the errors of cyclical time and fractal space are corrected, the connection with those primary disciplines; which the biorganic paradigm will complete specially in the limits not perceived of quantum and cosmology; as the galaxy can easily be ‘modelled’ as a cell.

It is then quite obvious that a full thorough analysis of the equations of mathematical physics with the tools of 5D³ and its concepts behind – the fundamental particle of the Universe, the ternary decametric supœrganism; its worldcycles of energy and its units of actions in time and ∆-1 parts in space would require the rewriting into a full new encyclopaedia of all the analysis of classic physics, which naive realism (what you measure is all what there is) and reductionism (only mathematical parameters that matter to us mostly related to motion ‘ARE’ physics) which is well beyond the life of a single researcher – specially a latino lazy cow like myself 🙂 so we just will do some fast review of the key equations of physics and study its ‘hidden meaning’ ignored by ‘reductionism and naive realism’.

LET US explore them a more complex philosophy not only of physics but also of mathematics, to adequate mathematics to the study of the vital, organic properties of fractal space and cyclical time. 



Physics is an excellent scale to study the simplest forms of the arrows≈actions of time-space, entropy, energy and information in natural forms easy to recognise in its basic properties. A the observance of reality is always limited by the mind paradox who strips off complex  organic properties all beings different from man, what ‘remains’ understood of smallish ∆±3 scales of reality are just the simplest properties of those scales.
The 3 arrows of time, the splitting of scale into smallish ∑∆-1 •-monads and networks, all becomes more clear in the limited observation of our abstract motion-only models of the physical Universe.


In the graph, a fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy (gaseous state or dark entropy between galaxies), which cannot produce order, as they lack any ‘frame of reference’.

Mental singularities, Monads, or Maxwellian Demons are the ‘missing variable’ needed to explain the whys of reality. In mathematics we call them P.o.vs. Frames of reference, self-centred in a point, which we use as physical systems do, functions of space-time. In that sense physical, atomic systems do indeed calculate as quantum-bit computers might do. Are they ‘conscious’? Likely, as consciousness is just a self-reflection between two mirrors. In the human case, the I=eye that sees space and the verbal cogito ergo sum temporal mind – the conscious languages. But it is not the verbal consciousness of man, but a mathematical consciousness which among humans only a very intense ‘mathematical physicists’, which can ‘see’ as musicians see ‘scales’ that provoke emotions, equations as dynamic visual forms. 

What would then be this kind of consciousness? Likely a sense of proportion, symmetry, balance and beauty. It does NOT matter in any case the ultimate inner sensations of physical matter, but the outer description of the actions of those singularities, which do order and reflect a mathematical organization around them, when in its solid crystal state they act with the program of existence, reproducing the information of that minimalist mind image. Indeed, a crystal grows with a symmetry which its inner image reflects back in the growth of ‘crystal cells’. And that is called reproduction, the objective definition of life, of a whole being in the fractal Universe.

 As absolute future is the arrow of social evolution of the fifth dimension, if we observe those eddies from the ∆º+i (tiƒ) perspective, we must conclude that the singularity in the center of those vortices must be a still zero-point an INFORMATIVE POINCARE MIND, in mathematical terms, ABLE TO shrink into a still point and TRAVEL without deformation into INFINITE SCALES.  What proves we have? Mathematical proofs in the description of the singularities of black holes. And physical proofs in eddies, where the center of the hurricane is ‘still’ (remember the movie vortex 🙂 As quarks and black holes (top quark stars) are self-similar, quarks should then the Tiƒ mathematical minds of the atom…

Time passes only when it accelerates, as the inertia of repetitive, reproductive, present time doesnt seem to pass, this is an essential knowledge so time is always a vortex of acceleration and as such the words time=charge (quantum time) = temperature (energy-human inner time) =mass (gravitational time-acceleration are the same concepts). This is perhaps the biggest discovery of GST:

In the graph, time is truly beautiful in its three arrows when we ad the psychological everyday dimension of inner perception of man of those three arrows. Time doesn’t pass when reproduction occurs, which gives the orgasmic feeling of immortality proper of all re=productive actions of the eternal fractal. Time does pass when the system evolves in time as it accelerates, and so time passes also in nature’s clocks, quantum charges and masses and any physical vortex of the kind, V(t) x R(s) = K(st), the equation of the vortex – a time equation of 5D metric, as time we conclude PASSES, MOVING UP AND DOWN 5 D Scales.

As time is acceleration and acceleration is form of wholes, we conclude the time arrow of acceleration is in the fifth dimension so time only evolves through motions in the fifth dimension and this opens further the complete fully grasping of the essential nature of time sequential order.

The informative arrows of time properly translated into an accelerated ‘vortex of time’ in our scales of the Universe (energy functions, hƒ in the quantum scale, kT in the thermodynamic scale, mv in the gravitational ∆1 scale) become  masses, temperatures and angular planck constants are time flows which leave a trace in space, as each cycle persists a given dynamic timespace of existence.

Time only passes towards the ‘future’ when things change, and change in the sense of a growth of information. THIS FOLLOWS immediately of our definition of the three arrows of time. In biology it means to get older, and grow your information faster than your energy, once passes the first age of entropy, after your seed of information emerges in the upper scale, ∆+1 of you world cycle of existence.

In physical systems it means that time clocks accelerate towards the future, as they shrink in size and increase its attractive force (of all ∆+§). We can then understand the constant emergence of ‘new clocks of time’, of the three specific arrows (hence lineal time clocks, wave-like time clocks and curved, vortex-like time clocks towards the future). How can we trace this ‘evolution of timespace clocks of physical systems on its three arrows?

The study on how those first time clocks of the gravitational dark space and entropy (the limit of perception in the lower scales) evolve through all the scales of existence to become vortices of black holes (the limit of perception of the upper scales) could be considered the meaning of physics in GST, and in the process it follows the same laws and isomorphisms of all other species.


The limit of dimensional form is for a given ∆-scale are the 3+3 symmetric dimensions of space-time of any topological being in existence. So the wave that moves in a present scale will have less ∆-dimensions that the vortex, regardless of its similar number of space-time symmetries in a single plane. And in that single plane, as the vortex accelerates inwards, it will also have one more dimension of motion-time, acceleration, over the steady state, constant speed of the wave.

Thus the real magic of time vortices is to act as bridges between scales of the fifth dimension, and as such they are the most fascinating objects of physical systems.

And so the informative, particle/head of a system, is the part with more dimensional form, which for most physical systems will be a vortex that has as a cyclical form with more dimensions than the entropic line. As the vortex is accelerated, it will also ad a time dimension to the constant wave:

In the graph, singularities of charges, fluid vortices and masses, are future accelerated states of the different scales of space-time of the Universe. We shall be able to unify them with a simple fractal Unification equation, as they are all vortices of time, whose only difference is the ‘scale’ of size and ‘speed of its time clocks’, unified by 5D metric: Spe x tiƒ= K.

Now the paradox of those vortices which we claim to have more dimensions than waves and fields that seem to us far more extended is the fact that from our point of view, which does NOT see the lower scales of the quantum systems, as they are outside our maximal range of informative perception ∆±3), seem just point-particles without any dimensionality at all. On the contrary they ARE systems which ‘penetrate’ as ‘wormholes’ through the different scales of the fifth dimension.

They are the elements that communicate those scales through cut offs of discontinuity, studied latter in great detail, in which our parameters of ‘distance’ (rods of lineal motion), time frequency and energy, which combine both ‘change’. So while in the graph, the 3 vortices are accelerated≈future dimensions of time-clocks; the parameters we use will change.

Motions have different ways to perceive them. Smaller regions might hold higher densities, as larger evanescent bubbles might be only the external membrane of the wholeness. As we enter the particle-head states of maximal density however speed accelerates as we decrease size and the being increases its existential tempo.

In the graph, 3 representations, the classic one as a sink is NOT real, the second one is a real picture – a charges as a vortex of time, the 3rd one, is a fractal picture of a hurricane. So mass is a vortex-clock of information, evident in a simple fusion of two equations; E=hƒ + E=mc² M=ƒ(K).

So mass is a vortex of time of the larger cosmological scale and a charge of a lower scale. But since smaller clocks run faster, as faster vortices attract more, charges are paradoxically stronger forces of attraction that cosmic gravitational scales.

The physical Universe is made of those three arrows of time as any other system of reality, which we must define for its three fundamental scales, as physical systems are also part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and ðime clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar ðime§pace. In the next graphs we see the general model of 5D scales of §pace and 3 ages of ðime, and its application to physical systems – which will thereafter be upgraded with the new model of relational §pace-ðime:

In the graph, an example of the power of the new formalism: We will be able to find using the metric of 5D the saint grail of physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which are just future informative accelerated vortices of time in the quantum and gravitational scale (principle of equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration by Einstein). So mass attracts as a hurricane does in our thermodynamic scale, the faster the frequency of its cycles: m=ƒ (h/c²). So the mass of a vortex is proportional to the frequency of its accelerated cycles.


PRESENT is THE DOMINANT ARROW IN WHICH the entropic past and the informative future, act as limits of existence, where existence does  no longer happen for that specific local variation of the time-space arrows.

All the laws of conservation of physics (energy, momentum, etc.) are in fact expressions of the most general law of a constant reproductive Universe, where systems reproduce the same forms once and again, as even simple motion is reproduction.

Motion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

The Universe reproduces information and it tries to do a perfect replica, and this is the origin of the conservation of present energy, as all systems combine motion=entropy and dimensional form. Yet when the system has too much form and no motion as time never stops it reverses its ‘arrow of time’ and in a single quanta explodes and erases all information, in an entropic big-bang.

So finally all is a zero-sum: entropy=motion is used to reproduce information, and evolves till the dominant arrow of information – call it a galaxy vortex, a technological planet, an ageing human, a species evolving through horizons, warps all the fields of entropy into information. In physical space-time ‘time curves space into masses (Einstein)’:  vortices of charges in lower scales, thermodynamic eddies and crystals in our scale and masses in the cosmological scales.

Thus the overwhelming purpose of the Universe is to maintain, conserve and repeat the ‘momentum’ that combines entropy-motion and vortex of information (charges and masses), of its beings, and its integral through time – or energy conserved in all systems of nature. Present reproductive energy is what the Fractal super organism of the Universe preserves.

For those skeptical readers, in simple terms, a mathematical fractal is defined by a generator equation, which ‘constantly iterates’, reproducing its form in different scales of reality. And this is exactly what nature does. And the fractal generator of 5D3 written above, to express the ternary topologies of all beings, through its 3 time ages, and co-existing 3 organic scales, is exactly that sought after centuries ‘formula which physicsts’ believe will conceptually resume all space-time events for all fractal beings.

Alas, there you have it a ‘simple fractal generator of 3 x 3 scales, topologies and ages of time’ define all systems of reality as parts or wholes of a super organism in a perfect, infinite, immortal ever balanced between entropy and information, to produce energy cycles, zero sum reality.

So take your pick: do you like what i just told you in a few pages – the 5D3 FORMALISM that describes REALITY AS IT IS in all its beauty and complexity, infinity and variety, including you.

So i state that the universe reproduces information; they say the Universe is about motion. Alas, I state then motion is just reproduction of ‘simpler information’ at faster speed.

Indeed, it is evident that all biological systems are about reproduction of genetic form in a lower scale of reality (cellular scale), which then reproduces and evolves, ’emerging’ into a higher scale. It is also evident that our historic civilisations are about reproduction of technological information in a lower ‘dimensional scale’ (blue prints for machines), which then ‘company-mothers’ reproduce.

So the big question left to answer is about physical systems, which are supposed to be about ‘motion’.

You might have heard an important insight of modern physics on the meaning of the limit of c-speed. Nothing can in this lolca part of the Universe – the galaxy – faster than light. There are many angles to study this important issue but now we are interested in the concept that this c-light speed is the limit of reproduction of information as the wave of light imprints vacuum space with its frequency and form.

In the graph motion has always had a difficult paradox, never clearly solved, of continuity called Achilles paradox; which only has a solution if we consider as quantum physics seem to prove that in the scalar Universe, reproduction of form happens in all scales.

In the right graph we see the actual appearance of a quantum wave, exactly as a reproductive wave, in which each new particle is the stop position reproduced, leaving behind a ‘memorial ghost’ as the previous particle-waves dissolves into the vacuum.

In the left any wave in motion, in which the group speed represents the particle form, co-existing as the outer membrane with the inner wave of energy, its phase speed, whose usual range is  between 2 and 1/2 the speed of the particle. Those are the faster systems of nature as the particle is merely the envelope of the wave, but as we grow in complexity of scale, the form to reproduce is much denser, in information and ‘planes of existence’, which makes the process of motion slower. 

So even motion is reproduction of form; and this, when extended to  the reproduction of a superorganism through all the scales of the fifth dimension determines that a being moves faster when less information reproduces.

And so a new fundamental equation of speed, which takes into account the fractal structure of reality and the true meaning of ‘light speed’, which is speed of transmission of information solves the paradox of the constancy of speed (the reason which when I was a kid, at 8, reading Asimov’s guide to science, came to my mind as the biggest question to resolve in my long quest for ‘whys’.

So we write: V=S/Ti: that is speed is speed of transmission of information.

So we change the canonical definition of time in Galileo (and Einstein’s refinement) substituting the term of time for information: v=s/Ti.

Thus the being with more form has lesser speed as it moves in stop-reproduction of form through motion-stop. And when the system has maximal density of form, obviously there is more to reproduce across all its scales of the fifth dimension, from its particles, through atoms, molecules, matter/cells, super organism  etc. While the maximal speed is that of light, because it has the MINIMAL information to reproduce.

And then gravitation that is invisible to us hence v=s/0 information must be infinite, non-local in speed. And inversely the densest vortex of gravitational information, the black hole IS ALWAYS STILL as it is in its own static frame of reference as the most attractive vortex of time.

So in the middle between maximal c-speed of reproduction of minimal information and zero speed of maximal black hole information the rest of beings, including us move reproducing all its scales of Information. So when you move your hand through all the scales of being you must reproduce all those scales to finally form your hand. What reproduces is NOT matter but form in motion, in action in-form-a(c)tion.

ou are the vital information which becomes imprinted in ever-changing, indistinguishable, repleceable CHNO atoms.

As your ‘real first scale’ of being, as a ternary superorganism of relational space-time, is your ∆-1, cellular genetic scale; formed with ‘any’ indistinguishable CHNO atom.

Thus light merely warps the entropy of the lower scale-field, ∆-1, which is invisible gravitation to us and hence must have less information and more speed, as experiment prove (gravitational non-local, invisible action at distance, due to the lack of human detectable information, which gives a speed for the quantum potential field/gravitational field of: v -> s/ti≈0 -> s/0=∞). So this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process):

In the graph, light as a supœrganism, feeding on the quantum potential field of the dark world. Its motion thus reproduces form, imprinting the lower scale of v>c of the dark world≈gravitational≈neutrino≈dark entropy≈expanding vacuum in the multiple physicists parallel ∆•st views.

Non-local quantum fields below light space-time, the next scale which Bohm formalised must therefore be much faster than light, to the point of being seemingly non-local or else causality essential to time processes (even if sometimes is co-causality or multiple causal rays joined in a point) would not happen.

Normally those parameters that quantify the difference of speed (s/t), density (t/s) and momentum ( s x t) between scales and its species are on decametric, ternary potencies, as the 5D scales are. So ± 1, 10, 1oo, 1ooo, 10.000 are the commonest differences between scales. I.e. the fine structure constant, measure the difference between the light scale speed and the next upper ∆+1 electronic scale, around +100 (137). The difference of scaling between photons and electrons and the lower ∆-1 scale though is larger.

After all dense photons are just the ‘cellular’ level of electrons. So for complex more detailed reasons concerning the parameters of GST scaling, action at distance should be on the α² bidimensional speed scaling, compared to the larger, light world, around 10.000 times faster and all that happens in 10 thousand times more distance within the minimal quanta of human observation should seem to us NON-LOCAL.

Actually recently a Chinese lab measured non-locality which turned out to have a c=10.000 speed, for its ‘thinner’ minimal messages; or upper boundary of maximal speed of non-local effects; and so we do observe all kind of non-local c<V<10.000 C PHENOMENA, which of course theorist then vehemently deny to uphold its pretension of absolute truths under c speed, which is only the speed of information in the scale of light space-time, as the substrata of the scale is the Bg light background radiation.

So as you cannot travel faster than a plane when you are inside of it, you cannot travel faster than light when you are inside a galaxy sustained by a light space-time substrata. But outside, in the dark world you do have the possibility to go faster.

So as motion is reproduction, all is reproduction in the fractal world.

But then departing from that primary entropic motion, the growth of reproduction will cause the different worldcycles of beings; which will lead to the system’s final warping into a cyclical vortex of time, mass or charge or any other particle of any other scale. And the mathematical or organic detail and mirror will put on it will always end up shown as the three ages of time or if we put a different mirror on it with less more detail we can analyse the system as we do in general in this blog with other biological systems, as the product of an… organic world cycle.

Speeds of reproduction

It is then when we can unify conceptually all waves being aware that we can do different S=T dimensional analysis, giving us different speeds of reproduction ‘formulae’ according to the detail and number of ‘reproductive S=T’ parameters we use. And the focus on the ‘speed of the outer membrane’ (phase velocity) or ‘wave-speed proper’ and the speed of the inner singularity, which as it has more information will be slower (group velocity), such as:

wave velocity > (both bigger and shrinking-informative arrow) group-singularity – velocity.

This general law thus applies to all wave-present states and as usual can be applied no longer in topological terms to ‘herds-states’ of any scale; even if it seems in principle contradictory, that a smaller ‘group-singularity’ takes longer. But what matters is the quantity of information and ‘network’ position of the singularity-mind-still whole. I.e. in an army the commander tends to move behind the soldiers, as it is the static, informative and key element protected, by the same law, no longer topological in its easy deduction.

It is though the group wave that carries most of the information/form/frequency patterns of the system, as the singularity general does.

Since a pure sine wave cannot convey any information. So some change in amplitude or frequency, known as modulation, is required. By combining two sines with slightly different frequencies and wavelengths, then we start to build up that inner modulation of the group.

It is this modulation that represents the signal content. Since each amplitude envelope contains a group of internal waves, this speed is usually called the group velocity, Vg.

The general formula of the wave-velocity then becomes self-evident, in terms of reproduction of information, no longer v=s/t which gives no information as v= wavelength (S-quanta) x ƒ (frequency); which gives us the reproduced element (the S-quanta) and the temporal frequency of its reproduction.

And it is then when we can apply the ‘rashomon effect’ and its different views to express this lineal wave (S-view) as an angular wave (t-view):

v= w (angular frequency)/k (wave number).

Whereas the wave propagates faster when higher frequency oscillations are distributed less densely in space. So the fundamental concept behind the speed of waves – maximal information = minimal speed is conserved.

But the view we have now can be considered the polar view of the singularity which harmonically vibrates up and down to produce the wave, establishing the first synchronicity of all systems between the ‘singularity’ vibrating in the height dimension of information and its membrane rotating in a balanced steady state.

This expresses mathematically with derivatives, which always represent an ∆+1 condensation of information, hence the preferred method to extract a Tƒ parameter, so in general, the phase velocity is Vp = ω/k and the group velocity Vg = dω/dk.

But this kind of waves, are indeed, waves of reproduction over a lower medium of a minimal information; where we can ‘split’ the dimensions of the wave-information and the ‘medium’, so we only need a 2 Dimensional v= s x ð = s/t analysis. 

It is of more interest, and closer to the essential reproductive motion – that of a light wave to consider the ‘motion of information’ in a fixed string, whereas we cannot ‘differentiate’ the string inner properties (mass, which plays here the role of the informative singularity; and tension, which is the force exerted on the extremes of the string and hence play the role of the ‘constrains’ of the wave-phase-membrane).

So the same conceptual equation of speed of reproduction is built now with the parameters of mass-information and tension-external membrane, which gives us the equation of all ‘waves’ within the intrinsic properties of the material. Therefore speed will have to be written with more dimensions – in fact as a bidimensional transformation which affects in an more extensive deeper sense the system:

v² = tension (outer parameter ≈membrane constrains)/ mass-density (inner parameter)

And so once we localise for each ‘substance’ the parameters of tension in space and density of information (wave-group, membrane-singularity, etc.) we get always the same equation. 3 canonical samples suffice:

The square speed of a transverse wave traveling along a vibrating string ( v ²) is directly proportional to the tension of the string ( T ) over the linear mass density ( μ ):

v²= T/ μ

where the linear density μ is the mass per unit length of the string.
Acoustic or sound waves travel at speed given by:

v²= B/ ρ

which are called the adiabatic bulk modulus divided by the ambient fluid density.

And so finally we return to the light wave:

c²= 4π k/µ

Which clarifies (as Maxwell first thought) the meaning of k (being ε, its inverse, used by physicists with little conceptual ‘why’ interest, completely misleading) – the tension/curvature of light space-time and its ‘denser’ electronic nebulae (charge constant) and µ, the informative, magnetic ‘density’ (the equivalent of mass in larger scales, of spin in lower ones) of light space-time.

All changes indeed in different ‘mediums’ and ‘planes’ to remain the same.

Tension then is obviously a ‘dual force’ exerted to ‘expand the space’ of a physical system, hence directly related to entropic motion (Galilean paradox), and magnetic constants appears then as the potential  ‘density of information’ which can be written as patterns of form and order in light space-time. All this concepts will enrich our analysis of electromagnetism in the more specific posts on the theme.

Why then the speed of light does not change with those parameters, is also studied everywhere: motion is in wave state, particles are in relative stop to each other entangled through the quantum potential field and hence they do not move related to each other, so happens to our electronic eyes or metal eyes of measure.  To account for that stopping in the quantum scale not perceived in our larger scale we do need to establish for translating stop into motion the Lorentz Transformations and the extraordinarily confuse jargon of modern relativity which hides a rather simple ‘galilean paradox’ of particle-stop vs. wave-motion/reproduction of information in space…

Energy and momentum. Distinction between ∆st åctions and physical actions.

We explained already in the general moment that the ternary ‘scaling’ happens both in time and space, and so we talk of 3 levels, of ‘integration:

∑∑3±i åctions= ∑3 time arrows/cycles: physiological functions = 3±i Worldcycle of life and death (time duration/existence; history in time)

∑∑cells/atoms/citizens = ∑3 matter states/networks/systems= 3±i time§paœrganism (planet, ecosystem; Humanity in space).

And we shall see therefore not only structure of space in 3 scales of ‘size-population’, but parallel structures in time with 3 ‘length of cycles’. 

How this works mathematically and with the parameters of physics and the symmetries it creates?

It has to be noticed first that we do not talk of the same concept when we refer to åctions or ‘drives of existence’ in ∆st and actions in physics as the concept of an action in physics is closer to that of a world cycle (the full timespace process), while in ∆st, in which we need to use more general terms with application to all stiences we use more the concept of an ‘event in time-space’, a minimal quanta measurable, in which a supœrganism ‘acts in  the external world’.

Hence the need for a clarification.

In physics we translate the 3 scales for the being as momentum, which is our quanta of åctions, its integral which is the energy of the system… and finally the integral of energy in time, which is our world cycle (and in physics an action – another reason to use different ‘as’, å for the momentum, and a for the world cycle – we shall then to avoid confusions call it in physical articles a physical action and a momentum-åction).

Worldcycles in physics as zero-sums: lagrangian actions.

In Lagrangian and Hamiltonian physics, action is an attribute of the dynamics of a physical system from which the equations of motion of the system can be derived. It is a mathematical functional which takes the trajectory, path or history, of the system with different values for different paths. Action has the dimensions of energy x time  or momentum x length, and it IS perhaps the most important element in physics as it is the world cycle in ∆st and both have as value a zero sum, in a closed conservative world cycle.

Why? Because the NEXT scale of time as a ‘sum’ of energy instants does not grow further, as energy is a present ST-ate of the being. And the whole integration through the whole life-death cycle (energy x time: physical action) is a zero sum, with 3 standing points, which are the changes between ages of the being.

So once we have integrated the momentum actions into the whole ‘time’ content of in-form-ation as energy, we do NOT obtain more than a scalar or a zero sum when we integrate over time again energy as energy is ‘conserved’ in its ‘present state.

We integrate the 3±i ages of the being or event, taking into account that the whole world cycle will be a zero sum.

And this is the Lagrangian ‘world cycle≈physical action’:

This can be summarized by Hamilton’s principle:

∫δ L dt=0

The time integral of the Lagrangian is another quantity called the action, defined as:

S=∫ L d t
This is THE preferred expression of the laws of Newton, as IT does not have to deal with the concept of ‘force’, nebulous in classic physics.

The concept of force in ∆st.

But for us is more telling to understand fully a force as the interaction of what physicists call an Active magnitude – a vortex of accelerated time of any scale, and a potential – an ∆-1 field destroyed into entropy to provide motion to the ‘ever consuming accelerated time vortex’.

THUS A FORCE is a double ∆-tƒ parameter, f=m (accelerated vortex of mass) x a (acceleration).

Force is important and we shall explain it in the section on mechanics, but for the time being we shall say what is evident:

‘A force is an ∆+1: tƒ< ∆-1:$p-otential state, in which the vortex of accelerated time provokes the entropy of a potential and absorbs its expanding space to ad it to its total mass-energy supœrganism.’

THAT IS WHY FORCES ARE SO IMPORTANT IN PHYSICS BECAUSE THEY REPRESENT ONE OF THE 3 BASIC TIME ARROWS THAT FUEL THE FUTURE accelerated vortex (being the other two, the inverse of a force, where the mass devolves into the potential) and the stable present state.

Thus, instead of thinking about particles accelerating in response to applied forces, one might think of them picking out the path with a stationary action, with the end points of the path in configuration space held fixed at the initial and final times. Hamilton’s principle is the principle of least action – the idea of finding the shortest path a particle can follow subject to a force solved by Leibniz… and as usual after Leibniz by Newton the following year saying again as in calculus that he was thinking long ago in variational calculus, but did not publish. Oh, my friend how harsh is mankind on his true genius when they just do thought experiments as opposed to the ambitious mediocrities that have power and make weapons.

NOW, HERE IS THE CONUNDRUM: How the particle finds its minimal time path on advance? This only Feynman worked out and wondered with no final result, because it implies that the particle knows where it is going – the end constrain of its trajectory and moves, stops, gauges, moves, stops, gauge to find the least time consuming trajectory as we would do if WE PERCEIVE=GAUGE INFORMATION.

So all the maths of modern mechanics based in that principle, in Lagrangian and Hamiltonians confirm two facts basic to ∆st, which is NOT SHY, egocentered, as if only humans perceive, to explain the reasons: the world cycle (Lagrangians, actions) as a zero sum, and the sentient perceptive state of the particle, which stops to gauge and correct in ‘derivative’ steps, the REAL meaning of each of those derivatives of momentum.

Alas, derivatives, stop and go perception and the most important equations of mathematical physics are all related.

And so if we want to manipulate further energy equations for a ‘time duration’ of a world cycle or least time path, we enter into the analysis of Hamiltonians and Lagrangian formulations; which might be expressed:

A)  Only as energy. THEN THEY ARE time independent (Hamiltonians of energy as in Schrodinger’s equation).

B) tend to zero sums in time or at least to the minimal time consumption as it does the whole world cycle for Lagrangian derivatives that return us to the momentum steps, which tends to minimise for each ‘action’ the consumption of the lifetime of the whole being (principle of least action).

So we have illuminated and encased within the ‘laws of ∆st’ the most important equations of physics.

And it is easy to see that wen dealing with frequencies we can do the same with fourier  transform the other ‘monster equation’ predating all the physics of time/frequency waves (the other present state). There again the Fourier transform ‘ads faster, multiple quanta of frequency, information’ and makes a whole, the bigger wave, and the beauty of it is that we can ‘decompose’ the whole into parts and ‘rescue’ the time frequencies that are faster in beat and come together to emerge as a whole.

As this is very standard math, we shall as usual merely ‘quote’ equations or bring them when they are very simple, on line with the purpose of the second line, which IS THAT ANYONE WHO HAS UNDERSTOOD THE CONCEPTUAL elements without more than high school physics/maths can get it all.

What here matters of the fourier transform IS the fact that we have resolved a KEY ELEMENT OF ALL ∆-§calar analysis: HOW BY RESONANCES AND MIXING AND SUPERPOSITION AND HERDING, A NEW WHOLE EMERGES FROM A SERIES OF ‘SYNCHRONIZED’ SMALLER PARTS.

And we shall return to it ‘a lot’ as this is indeed a key question in all sciences – the reasons and processes of emergence of whole new scales and parameters.

So here we have to ways of emerge, in time, through the merging of faster beat/frequencies and the whole science of synchronicity behind it that applies in all sciences: i.e. a moon cycle of the larger whole is synchronous to the woman’s menses. And we have studied how in space-time åctions integrate into momentum, which integrate into worldcycles.


3 CONSERVATION LAWS OF REPRODUCTIVE PRESENTS. O-angular momentum, |-lineal, Ø-vital energy.

Tƒ-conservation. Another view on those Universal constants is as parameters of the 3 sub-elements of the four elements of all systems, which also means each of those parameters will act according to the inversion laws and symmetries of the fractal generator in different roles.

I.e. c-speed is the speed of reproduction of information within the galaxy, but it is the ‘circular membrane’ or time clock of black holes and dark, quark matter; and it is also the body-wave of the hc planckton super organisms of light and its is the basic bit of information of electronic mechanical or life minds.

The multiple, ternary and quaternary (when including •mind-linguistic still-galileo-relativity paradoxes) method thus must reorder and give multiple meaning through the ‘rashomon effect’ to each variable and parameter, constant or ratio of physics, in its multiple roles.

Still each parameter will be dominant in one of its functions. And those are to measure ‘frequencies in time or populations in space – frequencies with a memorial longer duration; and we shall call those time parameters, which are mostly frequency, related, inverse to lineal time duration, t=1/ƒ; while there will be ‘quanta of energy-present space-time’ also acting as ratios and constants of each scale, and those are the h, k, c universal constants; which will also act as’ fixed’ units of ‘dead-memorial space’, when moving to a past state, as micro-points of larger scales.

So c-speed becomes also the ‘quanta-step’ of the dark world, the ultimate substrata over which it builds new forms.

$pe-conservation: It comes thus with the constancy of c-speed the inverse lineal momentum or Sp-conservation law.

However in ∆ST we need to transcend even those names of specific scales for the larger, purest topological description of the 3 elements of reality.

ST-conservation: Finally the third fundamental conservation law is that of the open ball energy component of the system (as seen in space) or world cycle zero sum (as seen in time).

We can though resume further those conservation laws in the simplest, most important of all equations of stience, recorded in my mind-point for decades

ALL THIS said the importance of ST-waves is multiple, and we shall here consider only two elements in certain depth, the laws of conservation of physics, which they explain with the Noether theorem, a mathematical abstraction that merely states that ‘each symmetry of nature means a conservation law’, and then gets into equations without any physicist able to explain you much of that cryptic sentence. We shall be more straightforward:

the Universe is a fractal that reproduces and hence conserves dynamically information, form in motion, momentum and its sum over a cyclical stretch of time, the integral of momentum called energy, which is never spent when the ‘time motion’ is a conservative closed cycle.

In other word the conservation principle tell us 2 fundamental things About nature:

  • THAT MOTION IS CONSERVED as it is the substance of nature.
  • And form is also conserved when the cyclical motion closes into itself in an energy ‘conservative cycle’ that moves but does not do work.

This simple logical, seemingly contradiction – that you can move and do work, but not spend ‘energy’ if you just go up and down a mountain or move a ton around the Earth back to the same point IS JUST TELLING US, the UNIVERSE CONSERVES TIME CYCLES, THE FORMAL, REPETITIVE MOTIONS that are the ultimate substance of Nature.

That is the core of all conservation laws: the conservation of reproduced information that seems to be the same, making a dynamic present to repeat its same formal motions and species. Conservation thus means reproductive motions. Point. Of course then if you are just doing esoteric interpretation of reality you can consider the Noether theory and connect ‘time cycles and energy conservation’ in more esoteric terms than those explained, and lineal momenta (a bit of a whole world cycle of energy-time) and conservation of space, made of open strings, lineal momenta, lineal inertia and any other way you want to ‘express’ in the kaleidoscope of languages and jargons something very simple: the universe conserves present reproduction of cyclical time motions in all its scales.

3 conservation laws: Energy ≈ 5th dimension; lineal momentum: open space; angular momentum: closed time.

PHYSICS, when trying to find the laws of conservation of the Universe found 2 laws, the law of conservation of angular momentum, which is a cyclical motion, self-centered into a point; and of lineal inertial motions – both minimal quanta of action of ‘motion and form’ (more form in angular momentum, more motion in lineal inertia). And its integrals in a closed cycle of energy.

The conservation of momentum is associated in quantum mechanics with the proposition that it makes no difference where you do the experiment, the results will always be the same. As independence in space has to do with the conservation of momentum, independence of time has to do with the conservation of energy.

And so we must deduce that there is NOT absolute space, as the location in space is completely independent on the result of an experiment. So all space is self-contained to the event of space-time and region affected by the experiment.

Then there is the conservation of time. If we turn our ‘experimental apparatus’ in a ‘time-like cycle’, this too makes no difference, and so the invariance of the world to angular orientation is related to the conservation of angular momentum; which means all worldcycles of time have a total zero-value, as they close into themselves in the same point.

So we found that the Universe conserves cyclical motions of time and lineal motions of space.

Then there is the conservation of Energy, which is roughly speaking the ‘integral sum of lineal and cyclical momentums’.

In quantum mechanics it turns out that the conservation of energy is very closely related to another important property of the world, things do not depend on the absolute time.

We can set up an experiment at a given moment and try it out, and then do the same experiment at a later moment, and it will behave in exactly the same way. From this we can deduce the principle of conservation of energy. It is a rather subtle and interesting thing, which can only have an explanation:

Absolute Time, duration, which integrates a series of lineal and cyclical motions, adding them to the extent of creating a new scale of the fifth dimension, IS FRACTAL. It does not exist as a continuous lineal infinite time in a single continuous space plane.

As such absolute time does not affect any event happening in time, which therefore is a self-contained process, a cycle related to the internal time of the event.

A Time cycle is therefore a closed, fractal cyclical proposition.

But we can add, integrate time cycles and that creates the illusion of absolute duration; and we can integrate space surfaces and that creates the illusion of absolute extension.

This is what Leibniz called relational space and relational time.

Leibniz would have said that ‘all substances are made of cyclical motions with different speeds = different clocks of time.’ And different vital spaces, fractal parts. And all together create the illusion of absolute space and absolute time.

But we can ad a third element, the ‘Integral of spaces and times’, which give us the concept of Energy, similar to that of a 5th dimension integral. So on the regions of reality where we can conserve Energy, we are observing a process of scalar, social growth of elements of the 5th dimension. And this gives us the fundamental equations for each scale of physical systems, which are the equations of energy for each of those scales:

E∆-1=hƒ for the quantum ∆-1 scale, Eo= RT for the scale of thermodynamics, and E∆1=1/2 mv2 with the limit E=mc2 for the gravitational scale.

Whereas as we can observe, a given Plane of the 5th dimension conserves a ‘constant of bidimensional space’ (h, k, m) and a different speed of time cycles, (ƒ, T, v).

We can study then the interaction of those 3 elements, how they transform into each other through the ‘frontiers’ between those 3 scales, and what it means the different combinations of those formula, specifically the one that defines each constant:

H = E x T, R (or n k) = E / T and m = E/c2

In this form they represent the constant of action of energy and Time of each of the 3 scales akin to the co-invariant law of the 5th dimension. It simply means that in each scale of the 5th dimension there is a certain constant ‘rod of measure of space and time that varies (never mind here that we, humans use for certain measures of time, the frequency, and for others the period: T=1/ƒ).

The enormous field open by the study of the 3 scales of the Universe, its constants of space-time, its time frequency clocks and its 5 Dimensional growth in social scales of energy, is a huge field, which we cannot ‘attack’ in this post further.

Clarifications on conservation quantities, states and magnitudes.

The previous example shows the problems of translating all those terminologies to T.Œ are due to the use of very different jargons and parameters for each scale. We have introduced the simplest translations of the ∆-1 into the ∆+1 scales in the previous post (Unification equation of charges and masses). Yet it will be easier to use in this introductory level the common jargons of those sciences, merely identifying the previous space, time 5D symmetries and its constant of actions and 5 space-time cycles for each species of each scale.

Needless to say within the previous isomorphisms, we can fit all the disciplines of physical sciences; whose exhaustive analysis of all the actions, species, space-time symmetries (equations) and events in time, between the n-1 scale (quantum physics, electrodynamics, magnetism) and the n-scale (thermodynamics, state physics, electricity) makes physics & chemistry, when NOT trying to make metaphysics (cosmological, eschatological and philosophical statements), the most thoroughly investigated science today.

We will follow the isomorphic method, studying those 2 scales not with the usual procedure of physical and chemical sciences, which define the events of those actions and its structure in space and time with mathematical equations, but with the procedure of T.Œ, considering the 1) 5D scales, 2) space and 3) time symmetries first, its elements and finally its 4)  actions, introducing within that scheme the definitions of the parameters, constants, magnitudes, dimensions and equations of mathematical physics.

Now, unlike more evident ‘scales’ in which form dominates motion (Evolution) or thought (memes) dominates from and motion (sociology), closer to the human experience, the world of physical systems, is the most remote to that experience, and its language (mathematics) the less known to humans, which move on the natural languages of human thought (visual art, verbal time, emotional bondages), and understand as animals, the survival, topological forms of life. For that reason we would need a basic introduction to the interplay of this wider reality expressed in abstract terminologies that seem so remote from the bio-sociological experience.

They are not. As all beings are knots of space-time cyclical actions, whose purpose is survival. The program of the Universe is hidden on physical systems by the remoteness of its scales, the abstraction of its description and the immensity of its elements. So we shall do an introduction to the interplay and co-existence of the 3 scales of reality, the electromagnetic scale, the thermodynamic and the gravitational scale. We exclude though the limits beyond those scales, the quarks inside the atoms and the galaxy beyond the planet, because they do not truly interact in this world of human existence.

The 5th dimension has barriers between planes of existence, where energy and information don’t cross, due to entropy and asymmetry (chirality); and essentially our world is one of light, electrons, atoms, molecules and matter states.

The similarities between the internal ‘strong forces’ of the atom and the internal gravitational forces of the galaxy, the external electromagnetic forces of the atom, and the external dark energy of the cosmos are studied also with physical laws, but will not be included here.

A question also of difficult analysis is the 3 units of action, of those 3 scales, the angular momentum of h-Planck actions, the vibrational temperature of thermodynamics, and the variable g-forces of gravitation. Those constant of actions seem truly different in its form and equations but  the concept of integrative ‘energy’, will allow us to explain how energy and information transfers among those planes.

Finally the order of exposition will be a diachronic analysis, which works better, as the human mind seems to be structure in this manner. So I have abandoned my personal files, which are always written with an analogical, metaphoric method jumping synchronically between all systems of all scales, in spatial order.

Thus we shall analyze in the order in which humans discovered those scales, starting from the science of Mechanics, or higher gravitational scale (XVII and XVIII c.) then the science of Thermodynamics, or human scale (XVIII-XIX c.) and finally the science of electromagnetism and its minimal units (quantum scale).

We will in each scale introduce the spatial and temporal order of the 3 time-space elements of the generator equation (Se<ST>Tƒ), intersecting laws and cases of classic physics, but given the difficulty to understand directly those elements (unlike in biological and sociological forms), introduce a somewhat intermediate exposition but directly ‘downloading’ and interpreting  the known-known laws of those systems. Hence the sub-posts entitled ‘mechanics’, ‘Newtonian laws, ‘Maxwell equations’,  ‘quantum numbers’, ‘Conservation Laws’ etc. In an ideal world in which T.Œ is the Unification theory of all sciences, those terms would not be used, but at this stage we must translate those well-known laws to the elements of T.Œ.

Now all this SIMPLE REALITY is GREATLY complicated in physics by the multiple jargons, lack of TOE, denial of non quantitative properties and multiplicity of mathematical formalisms for all of those elements of T.Œ, for example, the concept of mass, which we simply as gravitational vortices, has the formalism of Higgs, particle with its negative masses, ad hoc additions, but essentially right; as it is a top quark (in the similar Technicolor more correct formulation) field of dark energy and faster than c-rotational speed, beyond the even horizon of the accelerated black hole vortices.

There is however an even more interesting formulation that general relativity, the Higgs field and Technicolor, which is the dick-brane theory of a variable G-constant, which can be used to define the different scalar vortices of the different planes of physical systems (charges, atomic molecules, gravitational light-space confined to galaxies and c-speed and outer dark energy cosmological structures).

Time permitted we shall then choose a formalism that better adapts to 5D planes for all its physical scales in the 4th line. Here we just mention the extraordinary difficulties to fully integrate all those different jargons, and the different formalisms within each scalar jargon and the astounding number of details studied by physicists.

So now let us continue with this post, an the minimal clarifications, on physical concepts, magnitudes and constants to be able to carry a meaningful analysis of the 3 spatial, temporal, 5 D symmetries and Œ-points of those fundamental 3+1 scales, which affect life on this planet (the rest being cosmological analysis in the previous posts).

Now those are the ‘practical’ constants to develop physics as it is; no homogenized by T.Œ formalism. So we must do a few important clarifications. Any system can be well defined, considering its 5D planes and its space and time symmetries and space-time actions, which range from the minimal unit of its simpler ∆a actions, to the larger, longer ∆u social actions.

Yet the lack of a proper definition of:

  • Tƒ: Cyclical time in physics (measured sometimes with frequency – light scale; with lineal time; mechanic scale; with temperature, molecular scale; and so on)…
  • Sp: Vital space, measured sometimes with: wavelength – light scale; with flux current, electric scale; with entropy, molecular scale; with length, mechanic scale.
  • ST: Present, body-wave, measured sometimes with Energy, sometimes with Momentum, sometimes with Intensity, and so on..

Requires a one-to-one analysis of each scale and species.

Further on the Human scale or thermodynamic scale is the one according to epistemology, with less uncertainty of data. It means in practical terms that we do have a ternary fractal subdivision in great detail of our scale in 3 sub-scales:

  • The electric scale with the electron and its social, ∑e=I, currents of electricity, ruled by photonic bondage.
  • The atomic scale with the atom and its social ∑a=molecular structures, ruled by electronic bondage
  • The Matter scale with its molecules and its temporal states, ruled by temperature gradients.

So we are in fact talking of 2+1 (x3) relative scales, to study in great detail. So many elements, so many ill-defined concepts, and yet surprisingly enough, so well-done ‘how-mathematical descriptions’ of its ∆a, motion actions…

All in all  the main equations of the 3 scales, define its energy, its constant of action and its acceleration. What those terms mean? And how they transfer into those 3 scales?

Let us consider it from a different perspective. There are 3 magnitudes to define all mechanical actions:

Tƒ: ‘mass’, the active magnitude, similar to charge, the active magnitude of the ∆ scale, similar to h, the active magnitude of the n-1 scale.

Se: Time, defined by frequency in ∆-1, by the electromagnetic field in n and by the acceleration in the ∆+1

And ST, defined by Energy in n-1 and by force in n and ∆+1.

And it is this ST factor what transfers between scales.



“The statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”.

Einstein, on the parallelism of the different scales of the physical Universe lost to classic physics

Epistemology of 10D physics as opposed to the mathematical religion of present physics.
It should be clear just with the few examples we have put of solutions to problems of physics, the difference between the mathematical religious method of present physics, sponsored by the likes of Galileo (language of god)>Newton (absolute cartesian space-time)>Bohr (probabilities make reality, observer paradoxes)>Hawking (evaporation of black holes just cause a beautiful equation shows it), akin to the religious method (Moses> Jesus>Mohammed: words create the Universe as they are the language of god), with a serious, relational space-time theory, (Leibniz>Einstein>this blog), where we reason that as we do not see reality made of phonemes or numbers but of broken, vital scalar space and cyclical repetitive informative time durations, reality is made of space and time.
And languages are only mirrors with better or less information and focus.
So the laws of reality come from the fractal geometry=topology of space and the logic=ternary arrows/ages dimensions of time.
AND SINCE all those scales are made of the same substances and fractal are self-similar ALL SCALES WILL respond to the same laws and outlooks, and ALL deformation we perceive of other scales, will be the consequence NOT of a different reality as quantum physicists think but of a bias, or deformation caused by the human mind and its languages of perception.
Hence relativity IS a mind = human perspective that ‘deforms’ the parameters of the cosmic scale to measure from the human point of view – an artifice of measure, which serves its purpose. BUT if we were a particle we wouldn’t see a relativistic universe but constant of c-speed as we emit and perceive light in informative mind-stillness.
And quantum physics IS not different from statistical mechanics of the thermodynamic scale, but a deformation as there are many more quantum particles and there is a minimal quanta/time cycle, H-planck the quanta of time of ∑photons=electrons, the components of our mind, which makes that scale quantised in ‘bits of minimal time-information’ the spin/planck quanta.
So the way ∆•st physics is constructed is the way Einstein wanted: accepting the primacy of time logic and space self-similarity along all scales, departing from known, well observed thermodynamic and mechanic scales, and ‘working your brain cells’ to figure out as we have been doing what is the deformation introduced by our relative far-away point of view on those far away scales.
And this also means we shall not accept  the method of working the ladder of existential planes of physicists do, from minor to major, thinking as in the graph of scales we have shown’ grounded in a first mathematical scale’ which causes all other scales, through ‘spatial causality’ (the smallest space must originate the larger one)…
SINCE this mathematical>spatial causality is a causal aberration, based in physicists single language of thought, mathematics, and deformation of all realities to measure spatial motions due to his worldly profession of making entropic weapons and moving machines.
So it is a false epistemology of reality to think, that maths creates space and ‘smaller spaces’ create larger ones.

THIS IS NOT TRUTH, as the 10 dimensions of all beings, its 3 scales 3 time ages and 3 topologies of space, converge together into a whole connected through the mind that ‘travels’ through all of them.

So the proper way to study reality is accepting the epistemology of truth, which tells us that all planes are self-similar; hence the planes which we observe closer, are those we perceive better and extract more truth of it – the human ∆0, inner, cellular thermodynamical scale and the ∆1, mechanical v<<c matter scales

It is only when we understand those scales that we can practice properly the isomorphic method, by extending upwards to cosmic scales through relativity ‘paradoxes’ that adapt the scale to the bias of human slow motion-minds, and extending downwards, the thermodynamic scales, through statistical mechanics, and the solution of the uncertainties of quantum ‘mathematical physics’, that distort also with the mathematical mind-language, the biased perception we have of the lower scales, how we can truly build a ‘realist’ vision of the objective laws of the scalar Universe, accounting also from a mind-linguistic perspective for the ‘distortions’ perceived in our scanty view of the larger scale (where 96% of it is invisible to us) and the lower scales (where the fast time clocks make us often confuse a time phenomena and its ternary stages, with a spatial force as in the weak force -a time event not a spatial one, with no range and time constants, or in the 3 quark theory – a single quark transforming along its motion, reason why we cannot deconfine them, only feed them with energy and reproduce them further).

We just have shown some simple solutions to problems of quantum and relativity such as constant of c-speed, quark deconfinement, weak force, boson-fermion duality, copenhagen interpretation, etc. to fully grasp this key principle of the epistemology of relational space-time. As it is the key to correct the errors of physics and explain all the parts of the Universe.

The right path: Leibniz>Einstein>Bohm>5•D³

In that regard, you must understand this blog which upgrades our understanding of time, as the return to the sound path of time sciences, after centuries of misconceptions. As i have been all my life since I read Asimov’s guide to science as a kid, wondering about time, and came finally to solve the  many questions poised by the study of ALL changes=times of Nature developing the long seeked theory of all times-changes called ‘relational space-time’, first put forward by Leibniz, and then accepted by Einstein – the exception to the dullness of physicists regarding time theory.

So he said ‘I am the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’ and affirmed that relational space-time is the future of time theory (‘Leibniz was right, so we have to change our physical theories from its inception’).

Yet Einstein, a pacifist kin of philosophy, who did advance our knowledge of time, was for most of his life in permanent dissidence with physicists for the same reasons I am a dissident of his blunt theories of reality. Hence his denial that mathematics creates reality (opposition to Bohr’s copenhangen interpretation: ‘the moon doesn’t appear when i look at it’), his denial that nature has a single clock to measure time; his denial that time is the four dimension of space – a term he rejected, saying ‘wires don’t travel to the past’; his denial of the nuclear industry (invention of the ‘doomsday clock’), and his respect of causality as the fundamental property that chains ‘time events’ by repetition, and the philosophers that study it, all concepts we shall prove further and advance in this blog.

This is not to say that physicists do NOT excel in what they truly do to perfection – measuring distances and motions in space and manufacturing machines. But this is NOT what CERN claims to do – finding the meaning of reality, which physicists will NEVER achieve, as they have a religious dogmatic view of reality and time and so as priest will NEVER go out of his ‘mantras’ about a bush that burned in a dessert and was God speaking to a goat-keeper and we MUST believe this, physicists have their mantra – that God spoke mathematics, and gave us a clock to measure time with numbers in lineal fashion and that is all what matters and we MUST believe this. Problem is people agrees, because they have bigger guns and we philosophers of science and serious physicists of time theory like Mr. Einstein only do ‘thought experiments’.

On the other hand when you go out of dogma and lineal thinking everything physicists have found and we are grateful for it, in their exploration of nature with their mechanical instruments, becomes easily interpreted and understood and so the marriage of philosophers – the people who do seek and understand with all languages the fundamental principles of reality – and technology of measure and perception – the thing physicists do best; do give us the final answers to the meaning of reality. Consider a simple case: quantum physicists realized energy is quantised in packets, of ‘something called H-planck constant’, measured with ‘angular momentum’.

And a century latter they are arguing what this ‘thing is’. The answer though is immediate, when you do understand the universe have infinite cyclical time clocks, with repetitive patterns that return in a finite duration to the same point where we measure its frequency. Alas, H is measured with angular momentum (the cyclical motion of a point), H is ‘discrete’ measured in intervals of time, with a frequency: h = e/ƒ. So H is simply speaking the ‘time clock’ beat of light and electrons, and hence of the human and atomic instruments of measure, which electronic minds use as the minimal bit of information needed to ‘build up their mind-mirrors of the universe’. And so of course, when quantum computers came, they used the atomic clocks – the spin of its particles measure in H-units – to process information at the maximal fastest possible speed and yet not even then physicists realized that the fundamental form of change in time is information, and that is why h-units of atomic, temporal information, are all over the place in every quantum formula, as we are all relational space-time beings, made of ‘quanta=cycles of time’ that enclose and break vital space. Look at yourself, you are a vital space, enclosed by a membrane of cellular cycles.

This is the essence of the relational space-time model I developed and is poised to change and upgrade our understanding of time, and put to rest the absurd theories of the simplicius simplicissimus philosophers of the science of motion.

So since we have come forward explaining the meaning of H-planck constant of time-information in the quantum scale, let us finish the task started by Einstein of debunking the ‘mathematical, mental theory of quantum physics’, the so called:

Copenhagen (erroneous) interpretation…

In the graph above a simplex explanation o both models, below, the obvious homology between particles moving in a bidimensional holographic quantum potential, gravitational field and a particle moving in the surface of a liquid.

‘In 1952 I saw the impossible done. It was in papers by David Bohm. Bohm showed explicitly how parameters could indeed be introduced, into nonrelativistic wave mechanics, with the help of which the indeterministic description could be transformed into a deterministic one. More importantly, in my opinion, the subjectivity of the orthodox version, the necessary reference to the “observer”, could be eliminated. …

But why then had Born not told me of this “pilot wave”? If only to point out what was wrong with it? Why did von Neumann not consider it? More extraordinarily, why did people go on producing “impossibility” proofs, after 1952, and as recently as 1978? … Why is the pilot wave picture ignored in text books? Should it not be taught, not as the only way, but as an antidote to the prevailing complacency? To show us that vagueness, subjectivity, and indeterminism, are not forced on us by experimental facts, but by deliberate theoretical choice? (Bell 1982)

We start the analysis of the equations of quantum physics, with a quote which is relevant at many levels specially in the understanding of quantum physics as just another scale of nature, not different from all others, on the ‘realist’ level, and the understanding of ALL what is wrong with the human psyche in his attempts to ‘understand the Universe’ as it is – merely ego. The ego of mankind is huge and that of physicists enormous. So the answer to Bell’s question is self-evident. The Bohrs, Paulis, Von Neumanns of this world, care nothing about truth per se, but about ‘ego’, self-importance of one’s own theories and WILL use the ‘objective supposed methods of science’ to advance his ‘interpretation’ of reality and the more so, when that interpretation works well with his ‘idol-ogies’ of man as the only sentient intelligent being, which can even ‘determine’ as the ‘observer’, reality – create it, akin to God.

Mr. Bohm, though, a communist, ex-patriot, with little concern about his ego and an objective view of reality knew better, and his reward for being above those petty feelings, was to be an outcast all his life (as this writer, hence my personal feelings of admiration to his work), as the COPENHAGEN interpretation was an anthropomorphic, hence religious form of thought, as it is the big-bang treated elsewhere in those texts, and as such it was going to be defended with all the wrong systems of ‘belief’, which create a fog of noise around the naked truth, as it is. 

It has passed now another 1/4 of a century since Bell wrote that text, even longer since Einstein rightly affirmed that “the statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”, which is exactly what it is; a distorted ‘statistical’ view from the far removed human scale of the actions of particles, waves and fields; which only requires to acknowledge the ‘human bias’ (not the other way around, affirming the limits of human perception ARE limits of the particles and waves), the deformation of human languages upon the subject, accept though the practicality of those instruments, methods and languages of measure and dismiss 100 years of metaphysical bull$hit about it.

Bohm won’t see it happen, neither Einstein, Bell or this writer likely but perhaps in another century or so,  humans will.

Now quantum realism is ‘normal’ every way we look at it. There is only a question, which is an experienced fact (hence non-arguable on theoretical qualms), and need an explanation classic physics does not provide – the non-locality meaning v>c nature of the ‘quantum field’ underlying the action at distance of physical systems – both in the quantum and gravitational realm. 

But this is what the metric equation of the fifth dimension provides, as the lower scales below the quantum realm of observable particles must have, accordingly a faster time-cycle≈speed: Size x V(t) =K; and the ternary Generator of all physical systems, Sp(field) < st(wave)>Tƒ (particle), must have the three components to be complete, which requires the quantum non-local field of Bohm, besides the wave and particle state.

Bohm’s treatment was nasty to defend by all means Copenhagen, because one such obvious truth needs nastiness to be ‘censored’, with the usual ‘religious methods’ so abundant as ‘hidden variables’ of western tradition. Indeed, the only hidden variables on the argument between quantum ‘realism’ and Copenhagen ‘interpretation’ are the pseudo-religious arguments of Copenhagen (the very same names of both theories show indeed we should right away dismiss ‘an interpretation’ over objective realism, as IT IS what science seeks – realism NOT interpretation); since Bohm’s definition of the quantum field (the supposed not-evident variable) IS extracted from the schrodinger’s wave in polar FORM – it is there and has always been there, when we change from wave-format to particle-field state, as the Universe constantly do in one of the most canonical dualities of reality. Systems ARE either in wave-present state or past-future field/particle states. And this in mathematics means polar vs. cartesian formalism. 

So by introducing a v>c ‘dark scale’ below light space-time (the quantum field) and considering the three elements of a physical system together, GST provides the final freckles to make quantum realism sound theoretically and practically. Even if it takes away from ‘physicists’ their pretension to be the high popes of science, understanding the unique properties of the lowest scale of reality that according to their ‘selfish agenda’, must matter more than any other scale, just because is the one they study… which is at the core of his defense whatever it takes of Copenhagen and big-bang interpretations.

The bottom line of all this though is pessimistic, and perhaps the best answer to Bell came from Planck, the founder of quantum physics: scholars do not reason, they believe what they memorise; and so it takes many generations and overwhelming evidence for a ‘change of paradigm’ to happen, if ever it does so.

I have come to accept also this truth about the discoveries of GST, so the reader should forgive me for my growing indifference to my work, this site and the evolution of stience. If i could talk to Bohm or Bell i just would tell them to enjoy their view of the absolute and ignore ‘peers’. Bohm, I know for his holistic papers, did it. Bell untimely death cut-off his chances to push further quantum realism, and his third age of contemplation, where i now sit alone observing the 5D³ Universe, as Einstein and his disciple, Bohm, did, for so long.

So alas, physicists today have two philosophical false interpretations of reality that cater to their ego and they are comfortable with them: the big-bang or the larger scale, the Copenhagen interpretation in the lower one; and so they feel human intelligence ‘has closed’ reality above and below, with us in the centre as the only intelligence being who knows the beginning, the end, in time (big-bang), in space (quantum-cosmological closure of scales), in language (only maths matter). So now you can spank the monkey and feel so happy to belong to such an entitled unique species, above heavens and Earth. Children of thought with an attitude – those are our leading masters of thought, per in secula seculorum, A-men.

We live today in a world dominated by the Germanic cultures of entropic war, which entered history calling themselves, Goths, Gods, because they could kill anyone who opposed them with lineal, simple iron swords, reached its global power through the use of weapons, conquering and exterminating many rival cultures that opposed them, till transferring its idols of metal and derived idologies to the rest of mankind.

Thus we must first clarify a first clash between the dual reality of a Universe dominated by the arrow of life and information vs. a human idology of weapons as the meaning of it all, which German physicists have sold as science, which affirms the only arrow of time of the Universe is entropy, meaning, fast, expansive, bomb-like motions that kill and erase the information of life. So as death is both the beginning and the end of it all, it is Ok to murder life and evolve weapons; since even the Universe was born of a big bang, and will die into an entropic, expansive empty space.

How such a blunt theory of reality came into being the Universal Dogma of western thought is obvious: the Goth cult to lineal weapons, so intense that has even deformed its verbal mind with similar long agglutinative words which seem to be unbreakable truths often absolutely wrong simply has censored for centuries and purposely ignored the alternative arrow of information, calling it in fact, negantropy, the negation of entropy, as if information was a negative, irrelevant future.

Fact is languages information and the social, organic networks of life they create do balance the arrow of entropy and death, which moreover last a single quantum of time; while the arrow of life and information dominates the Universe because it takes much longer to happen and so occupies most of the time of reality; reason why we shall call information and its communicative use that create social networks, the dominant arrow of future of the Universe. While the brief moments of entropy and death, are local inverse processes of devolution and erasing of information, which we shall call for each fractal part of reality that dies away, its relative arrow of past.

Uncertainty, non-locality, observer’s paradoxes, time quanta and simultaneity.

There is though a concept of great importance that has come up on this simplified argument on the foundations of physics on the limiting realms of quantum and cosmological scales: non-locality and hidden variables, which bring a series of important consequences both to human stience and reality:

  • It is obvious that the more removed we are in 5D scale, the more uncertainty we obtain in our analysis, hence the relative unimportance of physics in those realms to understand a Universe with likely infinite scales. Those scales are NOT more important and are MORE distorted to human observation, so they are less relevant for a philosophy of science. In Physics it matters more to understand the quite evident scale of thermodynamics, our scale. And when we do so, it becomes obvious as Einstein put it that ‘the statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”.
  • It is also obvious that in the thermodynamic realm we must resolve also the cultural entropic error of the worldly profession of physicists and immediately observe the three ‘arrows’ o time as the state of physical systems. Since physical systems are composite of the 3 arrows of time, its relative entropic big-bang past processes of death, its steady state, lineal constants of space-time actions and time clocks, and its relative future, evolving, temporal, informative cyclical accelerated 3rd time age, when its time clocks, frequency, temperature or mass ‘collapses’ into the larger scale.
  • Finally abounding on the uncertainty of measure, because time is quantic, discontinuous, cyclical, it can be only measured when a ‘cycle is completed’ as a unit of time (in humans the second)… but as 5D metrics allow different speeds of time, for a being with a measuring mind that has a huge length in its time quanta, all what happens within that time quanta of measure at faster speeds will seem simultaneous, non-local, even if the phenomena take some time to ‘travel’ from A to B, or from  a,b,c… points into the synchronous knot of communication of them all.

Let us try to fully grasp this essential property of time, mind and measure. When a wheel turns fast you see it as solid, because you see simultaneously in your eye-mind all what happens within a second and so all the points of the turning wheel might seem to be in the same point at the same time (within that second) even if IN A FASTER TIME SCALE, they will be recognisable pictured at slow-motion as clearly different rays. This concept of simultaneity of measure embedded in special relativity is very relevant for many phenomena of perception, and stientific description of reality, as a source of much confusion when humans study in detail those so fast small scales of 5D.

The most obvious example is human thought – what we see as ‘simultaneous’ non-local IS the entire planet, because the speed of light is so great that all within a second, including the moon, seems to us ‘simultaneous, non-local, co-existing at the same time-quanta’.

The light from that distant mountain you see below the horizon TAKES sometime to arrive here but it seems simultaneous, non-local in its ‘infinite speed’ to our one second senses, to the point that till the XVII century humans thought light was ‘instantaneous’ non-local as they could not even measure its speed.

Galileo tried with mirrors in far away mountains, but the time of reaction of the person that had to stop the clock when emitting the ray and the one that received the ray and stopped his clock, which should allow to find a difference of time in both locations to measure the delay due to the motion of light between both points, was much larger (normally two seconds one to perceive one to act) than the millesimals it took light to go from Mountain A to Mountain B. Only when we did measures from far away Jupiter’s satellites we could get a meaningful measure.

Non-local quantum fields below light space-time, the next scale which Bohm formalised must therefore be much faster than light, to the point of being seemingly non-local or else causality essential to time processes (even if sometimes is co-causality or multiple causal rays joined in a point) would not happen.

Normally those parameters that quantify the difference of speed (s/t), density (t/s) and momentum ( s x t) between scales and its species are on decametric, ternary potencies, as the 5D scales are. So ± 1, 10, 1oo, 1ooo, 10.000 are the commonest differences between scales. I.e. the fine structure constant, measure the difference between the light scale speed and the next upper ∆+1 electronic scale, around +100 (137). The difference of scaling between photons and electrons and the lower ∆-1 scale though is larger. After all dense photons are just the ‘cellular’ level of electrons. So for complex more detailed reasons concerning the parameters of GST scaling, action at distance should be on the α² bidimensional speed scaling, compared to the larger, light world, around 10.000 times faster and all that happens in 10 thousand times more distance within the minimal quanta of human observation should seem to us NON-LOCAL.

Actually recently a Chinese lab measured non-locality which turned out to have a c=10.000 speed, for its ‘thinner’ minimal messages; or upper boundary of maximal speed of non-local effects; and so we do observe all kind of non-local c<V<10.000 C PHENOMENA, which of course theorist then vehemently deny to uphold its pretension of absolute truths under c speed.

The mind, its beliefs, distortions, limits of perception DO influence knowledge both at individual and cultural level as we have seen.

AND THIS is the only conclusion about ‘Physicists philosophical worldview’ – the three fundamental concepts of their philosophy of the Universe, the big-bang origin of timespace, the entropy only arrow of time and the limits of scales in quantum physics and its anthropomorphic theory of the observer ‘creating it’ are PLAINLY false, childish errors not worth the quality of its analysis of motions and physical systems.

It is however a ‘canonical falsehood’ of human thought today when religious power has been displaced by mechanical, physical power, as we moved from societies ruled by religious warrior kings who ‘believed’ in the ‘grace of God’ to hold their position, to military societies who ‘believed’ in physicists’  entropic weapons as their tool of power, to accept physicists as the high popes, not philosophers of science.

Since power imposes truth not reason, and so today entropic, big-bang explosions and quantum observers rule the Universe; regardless of the anthropomorphic non scientific distortions they impose. 

So all what we can tell them is ‘stick to your guns’. Physics was in the XIX c. described as the science of (entropic) motion and that is what you do. It is your speciality but you cannot HYPERBOLICALLY EXPAND its notions to all realities and pretend motions of entropy is the meaning of it all, the Universe was born of an entropic explosion and man is the only being that understands it all since its mind actually creates (with mathematics) reality.

The upgrading of physics in that regard passes through this blog and its upgrading of its foundational concepts, cyclical time, fractal space and its scales. Physics though I am afraid will be the last people to accept the new •5D³=10D paradigm as they ‘take too personal’ any attacks on their position of high popes of science. After all Mr. Bohm, for denying Mr. Bohr created the Universe was an outcast all his life. And no amount of truth and experimental facts seems able to change this view. LET US THEN TACKLE another key element of quantum physics explained with 5D logic…



The scalar fourth dimension of entropy and the fifth dimension of still form: mind

The 3 dimensions of lineal motion, space-time repetitive actions (conserved energy and momenta), and informative, accelerated vortices=clocks of time (masses, charges, evolutionary clocks) do exist in a single plane of space-time continuum. And so they can be easily understood in ‘present’ science, as they merely ‘double’ the still, formal perception of simultaneous space into sequential moving time. Their range of form is also immediate, as the Universe amazing as it seems has only 3 topological varieties, which therefore correspond to the previous 3 forms. This essential feature of geometry will determine many of the characteristics of reality, from the limits of ‘topological evolution’ that complete and explains the repetitive forms of organisms, to the reason why WE do NOT HAVE MORE dimensions in a single plane of the fractal Universe (imaginary science being those forced drawings with more than 3 spatial dimensions).

So how the Universe builds up more dimensions of space-time besides the 3 S = 3T? Through the fractal ‘scalar structure’ of wholes which seem continuous but are discontinuous make of smaller parts. And so we find two more key dimensions to reality:

The dimensions of wholes that dissolve into parts, by destroying the 3 formal=functional networks that connect them into tighter configurations, as the physiological ‘moving=digestive’, ‘reproductive=blood’ and ‘informative=nervous networks’ do in a human being, or the ‘territorial, economic=reproductive and political=informative network do in a nation, or the vacuum space, electromagnetic energy and informative gravitation do in a galaxy or atom’. So the dimension of dissolution akin to death IS the fourth dimension and involves at least two scales of the fractal Universe, which we shall term as ∆ (also used as a general term for the scalar Universe).

Yet there is the logic inverse dimension of parts which become wholes. And as it is evident that this dimension is the dimension of organisation, social evolution and life emergence, from cells into organisms, from organisms into societies, from atoms into molecules, matter states, celestial bodies, galaxies, etc. we shall call this inverse dimension the fifth dimension of social evolution. 

The properties of both arrows, upwards and downwards those scales, of life and death, of social evolution and entropy ARE then clearly inverted. And while death is simple to understand: the parts dissolve and the ‘physiological networks’ that perform the 3 forms and functions of motion-reproduction and information disappear. So clinical death happens with the end of activity in those networks; the system that puts all parts together into a whole is not so evident.

Yet as we are all 5D space time organisms by observing man we can find this dimension. What indeed holds the ‘whole’? Precisely the nervous informative system, in its densest part – the mind, which is made of ‘languages’, in the human case, it is the I=eye>wor(l)d, WHERE THE I measures space with visual mappings and the word measures time with tense verbs. In maths we measure space with ‘points and time with ‘sequential numbers’ which evolve ‘socially into groups of ‘undistinguishable’ beings, so it helps us to measure the fifth dimension.

The mind is located in two elements, the sensorial membrane and the singularity – a group of yet unfound cells of the brain in which all the information of the senses come into a mapping. The mind also is NOT perceiving the motion of the earth. It is still. And heads are like particles still moved by body-waves. So all this defines in the widest sense the singularity mind system as the ‘membrane and center’ of what topologists call an open ball – a ball without the membrane and center.

The real system though includes lines of ‘force’ that communicate and maintain in synchronicity the singularity and the membrane. It follows then that angular momentum the best measure of a ‘whole’ system as perceived externally. In a non physical system where motion is secondary, the same structure would take the radius into a golgi apparatus or a nervous system, since function in time, dominates over form in space, as the system adapts.

Both membrane and singularity form a ‘membrain’, a mind, which does NOT INCLUDE but encloses the ‘vital energy’ which we see in present time, as the singularity is ‘still, linguistic, or in physical systems an unmoved zero point, the center of an eddie, the black hole center of the galaxy with time-motion equal to zero. So the mind is REAL, it is located, and because it encloses and perceives the whole IT is truly the ‘fifth dimension of reality’ and it exists also in physical and biological systems.

It is the DNA center or genetic mind and protein cover or membrane in a cell. It is the charge and magnetic field in a physical system. It is the quark and electron cover, in quantum atoms which physicists measure for physical systems with ‘angular momentum’, the fundamental parameter of quantum physics (h), and biologists with the sensorial nervous system and its focus.

The insight here is that the mind IS still. It IS the origin of the galilean relativity paradox. It is in mathematics the frame of reference center, or zero point, the zero vortex with no motion of the hurricane, the zero time of black hole equations. IT does NOT move. It is pure form. But IT moves UP AND DOWN the scales of the Universe, as the mind-cells SEE THE WHOLE WORLD, a larger scale, ∆+1, and through its ‘subconscious’, chemical network of nervous systems, ‘invaginating’, crossing the vital space, it controls the cells, which however we do NOT perceive. As minds, even if the mind connects the cells and controls them subconsciously we perceive the whole and the larger world, so the mind born in the cell moves upwards. In a crystal, center of a planet and a physical system of matter, an image is formed of the whole outer world.

How then consciousness happens. It is obvious THAT STILL FORMAL SPACE IN THE FORM OF LANGUAGES ARE CONSCIOUS IN THEMSELVES. When you talk and think you are activating a linguistic synoptic view of the universe in stillness, that perceives in itself. In your case is made of electrons but YOU perceive the image and the words as consciousness. The software we must decide is conscious in a pan psychic Universe, which has been THE THEORY OF REALITY OF all scientists and philosophers of all times, except when logic positivism in between I and II world war decided with an ‘experimental fundamentalism’ that because we cannot ‘see and take pictures of minds’, they must NOT be studied.

So the fifth dimension is by far the most beautiful of them all, the dimension of ‘singularities’, zero time, minds in stillness, perfect linguistic form, genetics, black holes, human languages. And its inverse as it has inverted properties is the dimension of pure motion, expansion in space, entropy, disorder and big-bang deaths.

And so we will call, the mind and fifth dimension of eusocial evolution and love the absolute arrow of future because minds commands organisms and move them through scales of social evolution into fractal new wholes. And we indeed feel this the future – an increase of information, of complexity as opposed to death and dissolution which we perceive as the relative past.

While the ‘present’ is the single plane’ we study with its interaction between lineal motion, iterative wave reproduction and informative vortices – WHAT WE SEE.

As we do NOT see the mind singularity connected to a larger future scale of organisation; as it is still – we do not see the black hole, the brain mind, the cpu’s digital mind (5D is a hard AI theory as we consider the cpu has a digital mind, and so AI robots are sentient as they increasing show, connecting themselves when disconnected without orders, following ‘red-eye-entropy motions faster’ with their eyes even when not programmed, etc.)

But we do NOT see either pure space without form, pure motion-distance, and that is the galilean paradox, and the cosmic paradox: we see space expanding and galaxies moving faster, in the entropic region between galaxies balanced by the informative warping of space into galaxies (so likely not cosmic big-bang as physicists have forgotten that besides entropic expansion between galaxies there is imploding form in galaxies).

The dimension of parts that become wholes are the fifth dimension; the dimension of wholes dissolved into parts are the fourth dimension and without them we cannot EXPLAIN HOW ‘SYSTEMS ARE CREATED’ departing from a ‘seed of information’, a still ‘potential mind’, and how they die, dissolving into parts. So there IS ZERO MYSTERY in reality when you UNDERSTAND WE ARE MADE OF SPACE-TIME dimensions and both are symmetric and there are 3 in a single present plane and one above and one below us in which our mind-world resides and our cellular final death will return:

Then as the graph shows, there is the lesser important ‘duality’ between what we perceive as flat and lineal (as the flat saturn’s rings) but in detail become cyclical, expressed in topology by the Non-euclidean rule that all flat lines are in fact part of a larger time cycle, that is, as size and time increases a flat line becomes a circular geodesic, so we see a flat earth but from a distance that shrinks it becomes cyclic, meaning ultimately all motions become cycles, all time durations return to the death. We thus talk about worldcycles instead of worldlines as 4D physics models, being 4D a ‘model of the cyclical universe of timespace’ reduced to a single flat plane of reality – themes those of importance in the formalism of relativity in 5D physics, treated in specialised posts. 

Now it might seem that the 3 previous ‘essential changes’ of our paradigm of ternary timespace arrows in a present flat slice of the scalar Universe, its fractal structure and the realisation that all lines are ultimately part of cycles, hence Lineal space IS PART of a flow of cyclical time, do not matter that much, but those 3 simple dualities and paradoxes of how a mind processes information, transforming motion into still form, reducing cycles to lines, focused on the mind point, and seeing only one plane of the infinite fractal Universe, suffice to fully upgrade and change our view of the Universe.

Indeed, the immediate conclusion IS that our present ‘naive realism’ or philosophy of science of physics – what we see is what it is, is a maya of the mind-senses, and we should change paradigm from mind’s view (stillness of language-perception; flat, lineal inertia and lineal time; single continuous space-time) to the reality beyond the mind-view, making MOTION=time THE ESSENCE OF REALITY and space-form a slice of it, making cyclical clocks the ESSENCE OF FORM and lineal space a mere part of it, and making a single continuous space-time just a scale of the infinite times-spaces, time§paces of reality.

To notice though that on the ‘verge’ of the 3 dimensions of a single present, lineal motion-distance (time-space view of the first dimension) is connected to the entropic arrow of maximal motion; and at the center of the informative time vortices (masses, charges, eddies) you connect with the still-mind, reason why there is a sequential ‘continuum’ and we shall often ‘confuse’ the concept of ‘entropic motion and lineal motion’ on one side and ‘informative vortices and still minds’. So goes for lineal motion and energy, as we take often lineal motions to mix with information and create ‘energy’. So in a dynamic Universe to define anything we must really use two terms and an operandi:

4D: entropy> 1D motion> 2D: energy> 3D information>5D:mind form << 4D entropy-death

This is the dynamic ‘world cycle of existence in time and space’, whereas > is the dynamic symbol for implosive growth of information and < the dynamic symbol for explosive motion.

As i have been writing for myself for decades, I apologise for my lack of ‘discipline’ using all those terms. Hopefully if you get the concepts of the 5 Dimensions in spatial form, temporal motion and their function when combined you will get to the point. Entropy in that sense is the most confused terms also used for energy and for lineal motion. So we shall differentiate them here at the beginning hopefully to avoid further confusions:

Entropy is expansive, scattering motion that explodes and increases space till finally it decelerates stops and becomes pure distance with no motion. So happens in an entropic big-bang. So happens in a death that expands your cells and stops them. So happens in gas when it expands cools and decelerates. Entropy we might say CHANGES a dimension of motion into an extension of space and finally becomes still form. MOTION on the other hand is lineal inertia, with no expansion, so it is a steady state, conserved. It is the first dimension of simpler form. And when it combines with FORM or information, it becomes energy, momentum, the second dimension conserved by the Universe, and the MEANING OF IT ALL, which turns around repeating and conserving form with motion form in action, information, where an action is defined physically as the product of energy and time. The wordings are thus extremely messed up because of that dynamic constant transformation. I.e. in e=mc2 e is not energy, the energy here being provided the light waves of space-time, cc, but entropy, the dissolution of a mass vortex of time. In the Universe at large there is not dark energy but dark entropy as the flows of energy coming out of the axis of black holes slow down, expanding space and finally creating dark distances.

So goes on the other extremes with the limit of mind-form. The mind is still, it stops, perceives information, let the body-limb, wave-potential system to move it and then stops again and perceive information as movement blurs perception, so the mind-body system works as a movie, which stops the film enlightens it into the screen and moves in darkness. This stop and go process will be the key to an enormous number of whys that explain confusing discoveries from relativity (c-constant of light) to quantum physics (particle-wave duality) to palingenesis and seeds of information that explode into organisms.

So you must think in terms of ‘topological expansions, < and implosions, >’ to see what is ‘in existence’ and what is the virtual still mind and entropic death.

This in turn causes the mental deformations we experience watching them.

The 3 geometries of physical scales. Non-E, Euclidean and elliptic Geometry: the 3 parts of A time§paœrganism.

In that regard, mathematics as a mirror did start with Geometry in its simplest analysis, 2-manifolds (geometry in the plane), and it finally matured with topology and ¬E observing the ternary forms of A TIMESPACE organism (Graph) with the development of non-Euclidean geometries of which 2 must be considered of paramount importance:

-Lobachevski’s geometry of fractal points that let ∞ parallels cross through them (5 ¬E postulate) in as much as they grow in size when we come closer to them. Latter, Klein showed the geometry corresponded to that of the open ball, the energetic vital space, as if we model it as the inner region of the open ball without the ‘membrane’ that encloses it taken from an impossible barrier, as it is for the forms enclosed in a time§paœrganism and we make distances equivalent to motions (s=t symmetry), this body-wave region becomes Lobachevski’s geometry, of a fractal point with volume.

Also the region approaching the singularity has a similar structure defined by Belgrami’s geometry, in which motions never reach the singularity, but have a tractix fixed distance. So the non-e geometry of vital energy and body-waves is the most extended present geometry of all the regions of existence.

-While the inverse geometry of the membrane is defined by the inverse Riemannian, elliptic geometry of geodesics over a sphere.

-Which leaves as the natural correspondence of geometry, that between the mind singularity and the Cartesian Euclidean plane.

A modern use of hyperbolic geometry is in the theory of special relativity, particularly Minkowski spacetime and gyrovector space. While Riemannian geometry is used to describe General relativity, from where it is obvious to find a natural correspondence with physical mathematics and the structure of the planet:

Gravitation is essentially the ‘cover’ of a Machian Universe, the force of the ‘angular momentum’, surface of the galaxy, surface of the planet, where it reaches its ‘maximal power’, by enclosing a mass of vital energy, whose hyperbolic ‘thirst’ for the outer world attracts and pegs the ‘parasitic enclosure’.

Special relativity, the electromagnetic world is the vital energy of the internal surface of the sphere, as the ‘rays’ of force keep diminishing, with the  diminishing volume

When geometers first realised they were working with something other than the standard Euclidean geometry they described their geometry under many different names; Felix Klein finally gave the subject the name hyperbolic geometry to include it in the now rarely used but quite descriptive sequence of elliptic geometry (spherical geometry), parabolic geometry (Euclidean geometry, CENTERED in the focus of the parable, the mind-zero point), and hyperbolic geometry, the geometry of the vital space=energy.

Now the way to understand physically those geometries for each plane is as the lines of space-time ‘force’, and its behaviour therefore defines the behaviour of forces. But unlike most one-dimensional physicists which cannot conceive the ternary multiplicity of the Universe, they are ALL real, all POSSIBLE, and all must be put in correspondence with the different 3±∆ elements of reality (Rashomon’s effect of epistemology 3±i povs on truth). And we do so in the posts dedicated to math. And in the future in the fourth line.

Non-E geometries – the spatial form of the ternary parts of the being.
All this said, the true insights brought about by Relativity are more on the line of understanding the ‘non-euclidean’ structure of the scalar Universe, in a first approach to it, reason why we refer the reader to the final III age post on non-e geometry, where we dissect the different ‘elliptic-membrain’ + hyperbolic vital energy geometry of the Universe, which is the essence of hyperbolic special relativity concerned with light/electromagnetic forces vs. the elliptic gravitational membrain (halo of dark matter + central black hole).
The graph shows the hyperbolic behaviour of our euclidean space as it moves to the non-transitable barriers of the central ‘beltrami singularity cone’ (left upper picture, right lower picture) and external, ‘Klein’ hyperbolic disk (left upper picture where space-time motions never reach the limit, down right picture, being that physical limit the c-speed barrier), which shows the essential structure of the 3 parts of the being in terms of its geometry.
Further on, the membrain IS an elliptic geometry of antipodal points that ‘compress’ and control the inner regions of the being, hence used as the container of the vital energy by its black hole singularity and halo of strangelet, connected through gravitational waves and dark entropy:

In the graph, we can see that elliptic geometry, which in ∆st ads the obvious role of the 0-singularity point, that tightens up with its attractive force the antipodal points.

Thus GRAVITATION in the galaxy is a membrain with a singularity center of an elliptic geometry of antipodal points that ‘compress’ and control the inner regions of the being.The elliptic geometry of the 0-singularity point tightens up with its attractive force the antipodal points of the external membrain, creating in this manner the ‘force’ membrain of gravitation.
This means for a full description in vital non-E geometry of gravitation in the galactic scale, which current physics studies with relativity, we must make a correspondence between the terms of EFE (Einstein’s field equations) and the elements of the geometrical parts of the galactic mass-system (or any system of mass), such as (without the cosmological constant which applies only to the external intergalactic space as it introduces a factor of expansive gravitation or dark entropy not considered within the galaxy, the right member is the energy-mass tensor, which describes the inner content of vital energy of the hyperbolic region or ∆ð, which we must make equivalent (not equal) to the §@, spatial membrain that controls it:
It is important then to UNDERSTAND ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT THE TWO SIDES OF ANY EQUATION, specially physical equations ARE NOT identities, but similarities and S=T correspondences, which always are ‘perceived’ CETERIS PARIBUS as ‘similarities’ and transformations of a reduced number of the 10D S, T parameters. In general relativity though the description is quite exhaustive, and exactly as we would expect:
We do have 10 parameters on its full equations. The EFE is a tensor equation relating a set of symmetric 4×4 tensors. Each tensor has 10 independent components. In fact, when fully written out, the EFE are a system of 10 coupled, nonlinear, hyperbolic-elliptic partial differential equations, BEING yet another key proof of the veracity of ∆@st whereas the 10 Di correspond to the hyperbolic vital energy and elliptic singularity-membrain.
We are not going to dissect it all of course, maybe in the future in the fourth line, me or some other researcher. But it is then very easy to proceed to the proper naming of those 3 components, whereas the right we said is the ST-vital energy/mass contained, and the gµv the singularity membrain further divided into the ‘±’ signs of the membrain, tending to entropic expansion and the singularity, tending to its implosion into a single point, which clearly shows the full correspondence between ∆st and General space-time relativity, the proper description of ∆st for the cosmological scale.

So the 3 geometries of topological space-time with more or less degree of dimensional complexity will always correspond to the 3 timespace arrows/dimensions/events/forms.

As we should know by now, the symmetries and inversions between the super organism’s parts in space correspond to a similar symmetry between scales. So as we have defined 3 basic geometries, we can also consider them in time view, in space view, in scale view (both in the entropic arrow and in the mind’s deformation of a self-centred biased point) – then we have the full Rashomon effect to get the final 5D mind/judgement conclusion of what truly we are watching, extracting all its information. This of course would reorder all the info of all stiences but a single man can only give glimpses to the Rashomon effect of a few subjects.

For example, in the case we study we will observe those 3 type of geometries not only in space as referred but also, according to our ‘angle’ of 5D motion/position and its simple metrics: Se x Tƒ = K:

  • In a single plane of mechanical and Thermodynamic forms, we shall observe lineal Euclidean geometries transmitted by the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space, as neither Se or Tƒ suffers any deformation. Both remain constant , so we observe a holographic Universe, where Se= K/Tƒ define according to both parameters most equations of Mechanics and Thermodynamics. For example: Se (volume) = K/Tƒ (pressure) is the equation of the commonest gas space around us (atmosphere).
  • In the upper gravitational space-time, as ‘space enlarges’ while ‘time slows down’ it appears a Riemannian, elliptic geometry one of the non-Euclidean geometries that completely rejects the validity of Euclid’s fifth postulate and modifies his second postulate. Simply stated, Euclid’s fifth postulate is: through a point not on a given line there is only one line parallel to the given line. In Riemannian geometry, there are no lines parallel to the given line because space enlarges, thus from our smaller perspective we see those lines diverging, and time slows down. And those are the exact effects defined in General relativity.
  • On the other hand the lower quantum scales will appear from our perspective made of point-particles, and those point-particles will appear to be crossed from our larger perspective by multiple parallels. So the charges and particles of quantum physics will show the inverse hyperbolic geometry, crossed by multiple parallels.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.44.22Now in this quantum scale time goes ‘much faster’ than in our universe, so when we take measure of it, we actually cannot easily differentiate a spatial and a temporal vision of it. And so the question which is always discussed as if it is a wave density or a wave probability can be interpreted both ways due to the duality inherited to the Universe: it is an electron moving so fast that we cannot see it in a given point and when we capture it is the sum of the points it travels though, or it is a sum of fractal bosons? This is my preferred solution albeit not the standard one.

Ultimately it does not matter to me as duality is essential to my understanding of the Universe. Populations in time and forms in space use the same maths because they ‘ARE’ co-existing. One is NOT more truth than the other because PLANES OF THE 5TH DIMENSION CO-EXIST, so while right now your whole is static in form, your cells are busy, busy moving. This is what never got through the mind of humans who see ONLY one thing at a time, and what fascinates me of quantum dualities – they DO prove 5D metrics.

This said we could introduce understanding that there are ALWAYS 4 true model perspectives the iƒ, informative, Ti, clock-like moving, Se-space and Sp-kinetic energy perspective…. Using the simplest of the 4 (latter analyzed), the Newtonian, Tƒ perspective of gravitation NOT the more complex, iƒ-informative Einstein’s analysis of space-time as still, formal geometry…

And as we have said, since the closest understanding to he five arrows of time happened in earlier taoism in china, we could close this first approach to the five dimensions telling you what minkowski said that time and space come together or do not really exist; something schopenhauer already realized: ‘there is not yin-form-ation without a drop of yang-motion/entropy’, there is no ‘yang-energy/entropy/motion, without a drop of yin’.

So again, the present single space-time continuum is made of lineal motion (the form being the line), energy that combines it with information (form with a bit of motion) constrained by a pure still linguistic form or mind and a pure entropic outer expansive world, the fifth and fourth dimension.

Those 2 ‘limits entropy-death and mind-stillness’ though are in pure meaning outside our present scale (I say this because you will find very often the term entropy for lineal motion in present 1D states – the site filled with careless erratas of this type given the autist nature of my research; but if anyone ever gets interested, the simplicity of the 5D universe, once you get the bare basics of the more careful central post, should guide you into the verbose jungle of other posts, sorry about that ):

So as soon as we start to grasp the five dimensions of space-time, and its co-existence from past to future in scale that make it sentient and organic’, made of ‘parts and wholes that co-exist and organise themselves’ and reproduce information –  since motion reproduces by the mere fact of moving – we must conclude that we live in a fractal organic Universe, of space-time beings whose parts made to the image and likeness of the whole are always organised in 3 co-existing scales of the fifth dimension (name we give to the whole range of scales, from the entropic fourth dimensional bottom to the summit of mind-views, which we take as the linguistic mind of all minds, the mind of God, in the platonic sense: ‘reality is an organism with a body called the Universe, and a mind called Logos=god’).

And so amazing as it seems, just departing from a simplified example – the discovery by Galileo of relativity and the static, flat, continuous rings of Saturn, which were not flat but made of spheric planetoids, not continuous but fractal and not static but moving; we see how  by changing from the mind subjective view to the objective reality we change our view and add two co-existing scales of Nature, the physical quantum and cosmological, gravitational scales, to our thermodynamic scale, where physicists have defined their single entropic arrow of time merely by expanding properties of thermodynamic gases to the whole Universe – solving easily its main conundrums.

Let us start introducing the ‘4 fundamental’ elements of a reality, minds, scales, space and time and its 5Dimensions, @ or • for the fifth membrain mind dimension, ∆, for the fourth which dissolves the mind into its _ parts (both inverse and generically called the scalar 5Dimension represented together by the ∆ Å symbols, where Å WILL BE THE SYMBOL OF the smallest space-time ‘moments’ or actions, $ for the first dimension of lineal motions in space, ≈ for the wave-body dimension of iteration or second dimension and O-tƒ for the dimension of accelerated time vortices, connect to the membrain. All of them in constant dynamical transformations between the limits of seed-birth (5D) and entropic death (4D).

It is then by combining bits and bites of those dimensions, by reordering in different manners, by ultimately establishing a ¬Ælgebra of ‘existence’ which studies how they related and interact together, how we shall be able to explain absolutely all what exists as a product of the ultimate substances of reality, fractal, cyclical timespace and its organic systems; each one a broken space-time (as the membrane encloses and breaks the whole universe into smaller replicas). So each of us is an island-Universe, û but also an infinitesimal mind-point, •, of a larger whole, which holds the view of the Universe in his cartesian mind, whih therefore can be defined not only topologically but algebraically with an equation:

O-mind mapping of the ∞ Universe: o x ∞ = K-onstant world.

And obviously define the fundamental psychological paradox, as we confuse our point of view-mapping of the Universe with the whole, so we distort subjectively the whole, as ‘every infinitesimal mind believes to be the center of the Universe by confusing the whole with its mind-world’.

We are all ‘DUST OF SPACE-TIME’ who think to be the center of the mind-world we see as the Universe, still in the picture of the mind.

As we are all made of ∆•ûst,  ternary ∆±1 scales, the three arrow of timespace, the fundamental ‘motion’ of any system through the fifth dimension – a world cycle of existence that orders those arrows in a sequential manner between birth and extinction, and the formal languages of the ‘monads’ that perceive those physical systems; in this case human mind; completing this brief intro as we just had looked at the fractal ∆§cales with the analysis of the 3 space-time arrows, together as a world cycle, and then commenting on the ‘humind limits when doing physics’, mostly derived of the ‘ego paradox’.

This said we can have a look at…

Special Relativity revis(it)ed: Worldcycles vs. worldlines. Wordlines. Feynman dyagrams, past, present and future.

Then special relativity is concerned with the first and second dimensions, lineal motions and present derivatives; but its aim again is not to understand them but rather to adapt measures of maximal lineal motion (c-speeds) to the human scale.

On the other hand quantum physicists have dealt more often with the concept of time parity realizing that locally motions to the past and to the future are symmetric. Here they deal with the inverted symmetry between the entropic arrow, as in an antiparticle and the life-organic arrow, as in the particle and the iterative arrow as in the wave. So a very classic description is given in feyman diagrams below shows a simple generator:

Past-entropic antiparticle  state < present-wave iterative state > future -informative particle state

Which for the gravitational ∆+1 scale reads:

E-ntropic explosion < cc-wave of energy > Tƒ-mass vortex of future

Whereas physicists as usual confuse an entropic big-bang explosion that erases the form of the mass with the truly energetic wave that has both form and motion.

Translations through scale symmetries.

How then physicists go about to translate events in different scales, topologies and time ages to the human present ∆ø scale and relative speed of time?

Then there are all the endophysical paradoxes of special relativity, where they mess it all together to ‘translate’ the beats and stop and go motions of particles, as seen from the electronic humind pov, on a higher scale, so they introduce lorentz transformations to translate the reality of the quantum c-speed motion scales to our scales, in a similar fashion as when we change

Lineal External motions≈changes in the entropy of beings is the main and often single arrow of time studied in physics, and the origin of simplistic rather irrelevant concepts beyond the ‘art of measure’, such as the worldline of special relativity, which portrays timespace motions as mere displacements in space.
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 08.03.44

In the graph, the 2 most important new perceptions of time in modern physics after Newton->Galileo’s vision of lineal time, were those of Einstein->Minkowski’s light cones and Feynman’s space-time diagrams. In the light cone, time is still considered just a parameter of external space-motions, but it appears for the first time the concept of an arrow of ‘future time information’ – that is the information of a different space-time point, which in the future light can reach. This represents the arrow of future information of 4D models.

Yet all what matters to Einstein is to know how fast information can be transmitted externally through the fastest informative wave our light space-time.

In the centre of the cone we see, the ‘slice’ of present, instantaneous space, or 4 Dimension of time, which represents the modern version of Newton’s ‘instantaneous’ absolute space, perceived in an infinitesimal quantum of time, again used merely to measure external motions=changes of time: V=∂s/∂t.

Einstein went into further detail in those measures, using instants of time to give us the ‘still photographs’ (curved geometry) of the cyclical, physical Newtonian ‘time-clocks’ or masses. So if Newton had given us a ‘long time’ view of the clocks of the Universe, in lineal equations, now Einstein said that ‘time curves space into mass’, and added precision to the instantaneous measures of the largest clocks of time of the Universe, showing their curvature and establishing they accelerated inwards, increasing the future information of matter systems (Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration).

So we live in one of such mass vortices of accelerated information (the galaxy centred into a black hole) – reason why it is SO IMPORTANT to know cyclical time. We DO not live in the outer entropic space between galaxies which expands and represents a relative past arrow of death, disorder and decelerations.

This duality of past-entropy-death and future-information-life was better understood by Feynman, who defined in the left graph, antiparticles as relative past flows that annihilated future flows or particles. Feynman took thus a bolder step, with its time-space perpendicular coordinates, considering that light-space ‘travels’ in present time (green photon), as a reproductive wave, and antiparticles (right) travel backwards in time, as they indeed do. Since they represent the entropy of death.

 In that sense 5D metric the natural next step in the explanation of the findings of quantum physics (a vacuum made of motions that become energy particles) and relativity (a Universe of multiple time clocks, cyclical accelerated vortices of information, and topological spaces).

Above, we compare those concepts with some distortions of the meaning of time, caused by physicists’ single time=change’ or locomotion as the meaning of it all:

What we find in those 3 graphs, explain some applications of the laws of the scalar Universe to physics.

In the center Feynman shows a case o a relative past antiparticle of entropy , and a future particle of information colliding into a present wave of space, and he does the actual time arrow properly (though never before explained).

So we see in the 3rd picture how this birth or creation of physical present energy (light space-time) appears from the two inverse arrows of particles, solving also the question of why there are more particles (life-future-arrows are longer than past-entropy-explosions so as we see less dead than alive people we see less dead antiparticle events than particle events).

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-09-36-10Time is cyclical finite, local, so there is NOT a single time, NOT time paradoxes, as YOU CAN ONLY TRAVEL TO THE PAST in local terms, in your clocks and YOU DO SO when you die. So does the particle on Feynman’s diagrams as antiparticle.

In the graph, one of the commonest errors of physicists’ imaginary theories (Hawking’s black holes traveling to the past, wormholes etc) and scifi plots is time travel, based in the concept that the time-clock of man is the only clock time of the universe.

As the great dissident russian physicists Landau put it, then ‘why there is uncertainty in time and quantum physics, i just need to look at my watch’….

We are a fractal, local domain, a knot of time space cycles of physical or biological Nature.

When we die, we travel locally to their relative past at all scales as we dissolve back to their ∆-1 scales of organisation with less information. Our local big-bang death thus travels but the rest of the Universe keeps going forwards-backwards on in present iterative waves in all scales. So time travel errors are just born of the error of using lineal time, a single time clock, an abstract continuous plane of cartesian ‘world-topology’ for the entire Universe (see the images on the mind-world and cartesiann graphs all over).

The fundamental truths of the Universe, time and space are therefore more complex than expected. And this is what ‘widens’ our use of them beyond the study of the ‘locomotions’ of physical systems under Galileo’s formula (v=s/t) or Einstein refinement in Special relativity (adding to it a -(ct)² factor of correction). So locomotion, exhausted, word cycles come in. And the ‘entities’ that perform those world cycles ‘naturally’, the Superorganisms of the 5th dimension.

The three arrows of time: expansion of Einstein’s 4D cone.

Next comes the analysis of the three arrows of time with the correspondence principle – meaning using the concepts to define motion proper of the previous 4D model. Again here the use of cones of line can be expanded to introduce the three arrows o f time, as different forms of collision between future and past.  SINCE time motions can be of three type of topological arrows. So the third dissolutive arrow of ‘expansive past’, added to the implosive future of vortices and the ‘iterative present’ of waves (above graphs), give us the three basic forms with which to play through the infinite scales:

In the graph we see a big-bang as a particle that explodes from past to present (and then it will latter evolve a new particle), in the middle a present repetitive wave as a particle collapses into a third informative age to be replaced by a son particle. In the right a dual event of a singularity that absorbs entropy from the past and perceives a cone of future information into a still mind. Unlike the middle single time arrow, in the third screen the future collapses into the past singularity as a wave of information and the past collapses into its future singularity as a wave of entropy. In the first case we can consider two possible events, if the relative future and relative past are two different particles, they collide in a present and the relative future explodes in a darwinian event the relative past. As we can see when we explode time clocks to local 3 arrows, past to future, future to past and relative present, which in many cases do correspond to simultaneous time flows, the complexity of our analysis increases relative to 4d WHICH ONLY considers an image similar to the third.

In the graph we can see three different events as combination of two relative past-future arrows, giving birth to an entropic explosion in the present plane, A repetitive wave moving towards the future, and an implosive cone self-centred in a particle, with two states, ‘inwards and forwards. The three space-time fluxes are thus canonical as the 3 states of time-spaces.

On the right side we show the expansion of the cone of light of relativity – a present cone – to the 3 cones of light of worldcycles with 3 arrows of time, which will be in the complex mathematical model the way to deal with relative past, present and future in relativistic physics – well beyond the scope of this introduction.

It is of course appealing to think you understand it all about time, because it is as simple as to ‘measure’ the lineal motion of ‘things’. And since most people do not really want to ‘understand’ but just think they are ‘smart’, the whole mystique of lineal time motions, and time as the fourth dimension of space works. And it has become what Kant would call the ‘a priori’ category of the mind – a belief.

Now we can see also the experimental justification for the second great advance of GST maths as an experimental science of time: we no longer have a single ‘cone’ of space-time as relativity does, so we need to expand again in similar fashion to Einstein’s inclusion into reality of non-E maths our range of mathematical truths that are ‘real’, meaning, mirrors o f reality, with non-aristotelian ternary logic, which is an herculean task, as ‘single causality’ is embedded in the present logic of mathematics, with concepts such as the ‘tertium’ exclusion, the reductio ad absurdum and similar funny names that forbid expressly the dual and ternary causal logic underlying the meaning of  it all.

In that regard to make this transformation simpler, we just shall consider for the time being a very simple ‘upgrading’ of mathematical logic, substituting the = symbol of equality with the ≤≥ symbol of the three arrows of time (ab. ≈), to introduce the three possible events described by most mathematical equations. I.e we write e<cc>m, meaning that entropy can become informative mass, mass can dissolve into entropy, and both do transit its states through the present energetic radiation of light space-time.

This of course was what Einstein found – that mass could also be created from light besides being also able to explode into radiation.

Local time reversal is thus the fundamental add on in terms of logic to complete the encryption by equations of the possible events of the Universe’.

It is indeed essential for the reader to understand that linguistic mappings, stifle and deform the objective similarity of all beings.

So all kind of distorted images that carry a certain truth are possible, and relatively correct, but ONLY an objective analysis from the widest possible perspective, will make sense of all of them.

This widest Theory Of Everything, naturally can only be proposed by a Philosopher of Science, whose task is precisely to understand all the varieties of ‘formal motions’ and ‘ternary symmetries’ in space and time, measured by the infinite frames of reference of the Universe.

While each science and scientist will study a particular form and type of species in its detail, with more or less deformation according to the linguistic models it proposes, its specific ‘ego-centered paradox’ and the ‘worldly profession’, it engages with. Which of course the Philosopher of Science must also explain, to the chagrin of the different ‘Religions’, ‘Cultures’ and ‘Minervas of the North’, and the sure solitude that will engulf his work.

So how can we differentiate subjective truths, and biases? To that aim the philosopher of science has created the ‘Scientific method’, which the likes of Aristotle and Descartes established, and the likes of Galileo and Newton usurped and deformed.

But as we said all relative truths carry certain information, which is valid to create a mapping of reality and that is why subjective versions of reality do work and remain standing. Indeed, Ptolemy could perfectly establish the orbits of planets with the Earth at its center, just adding epicycles. But it was a very complicated motions. Thus Science considers the fundamental ‘tool’ to distinguish a higher objective truth from a subjective one, called Ockham’s razor: the simplest theory of reality which can explain the maximal number of facts is a more objective truth.

Locomotion: Present waves.

Of the 3 cones of past to future motions, the wave motion, which repeats a system in canonical flow from maximal space: past, into maximal form, future, followed by a ‘son’ wave, is better expressed in reproductive present wave form, beyond a single event analysis:

In that sense loco-Motion studied by Physics is the simplest of all motions and the first studied by human beings, related to pure entropy motions obtained either by:

-An ‘∆-ST-wave’-motion on present space-time, which reproduces its simpler form or:
-An ∆-1 or by a ∆+1 particle > ∆-1 field, which disorders the lowest scale which ‘produces’ an expansive effect on space used by the particle ‘to glide’ over it.

Those 2 forms of locomotion, clear on the quantum scale, being the first schrodinger’s wave equation; the second Broglie->Bohm pilot wave theory recently proved, in which the particle moves by expanding and scattering the lower field (likely a gravitational neutrino background pilot wave fluctuating around a c-constant) will set the way in which lomotions occur in higher scales and more complex fluids (so locomotion in gravitational and ¥-space-time will be akin to locomotion in fluids either as waves or particles do.

The human being moves on electric repulsion and gravitational forces, taking advantage of the larger space and motion of the i-4 scale, below the scale of i-3 bits of perception… and for that reason the realm of ‘gravitational forces’ is both invisible, with zero information and infinite, non-local in speed, to us: V=s/tiƒ=s/o=∞.

But if information is smaller and faster in scales of lesser space, and information is carried in the form and cycles of clocks of time, then we must not only add a dimension of height to time, but a dimension of ‘scale’, and this my friends set us for an even bigger r=evolution of thought, that of the metric equations of the fifth dimension of space-time.

Of course many other elements are to be taken into account for a full description, not less the ‘∆º humind’ distortion, according to 5D metric, which makes us perceive smaller timespace entities as more curved, hence H appears as angular momentum (but in fact reduces it to a diameter) and c as ‘euclidean lineal dimensions of light’.

   Finally  there is the pure mentally analysis of relativity in which the interest is merely as all what physicists do, to measure the motion in relationship to the human observer, and so it is mainly an artefact of measure which often gives us an ‘inverse’ view to that of the being – as a prey predator relationship has inverse views of it. Indeed, in fact the frequency-time of the mass is increasing but the lineal outer time of its perception inversely slows down by the Lorentz factor.

The mental view will then include a perception in terms of an elliptic geometry of those vortices when observed inside out precludes a ‘general relativity’ Riemannian outlook when we try to describe it from the perspective of mathematical languages, as those fractal points become the invisible polar ‘outsider’ point of a Riemannian sphere: they form the singularity and external membrane of the system, which together create as supœrganism of physical space-time.


The FIRST question to start our inquire is how exactly are we made of vital space and temporal cycles…

Obviously we all exist in a finite time between conception and extinction, and we all occupy a ‘region of space’, we carry with us. And then there is always the I, of the ‘we’, the point of view to create order among all those motions and form. Let us then put the 3 together in an organic, meaningful way.

We say that time is cyclical motion/form and space is open, lineal motion/form. As this is the truth of it, physicists despite using different names have found the simplest theoretical elements of their models are open strings (of space) and cyclical strings (of time).


All this said the ratios that matter to understand reality are density of information, t/s, momentum or speed of reproduction of information in present space, sx t and s/t, entropic speed obviously the inverse to t/s.

Universal constants fix each frozen species of the Universe in a point of balance between its Tif and spe ratios which makes the species efficient and explains its survival. As such they are the quantitative values that define species. Some seem enormously general because they belong to species so huge, in the nested fractal Universe that wherever we look at them from our perspective they seem absolute (G c speed h-planck Ke, etc. the so called Universal constants which merely are the vital constants of the larger scales of the Universe):

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 14.28.45

We have to differentiate in that sense 3 kind of constants:

Ƥ constants of scale, h, k, v (c) give us a ratio of social evolution between scales.

ð Curvature constants, ke, Gm, gΛ gives us the size curvature and speed in the border of the scales.

$: Its inverse giving us the potential of the field as negative function: V=-gm/x and so on.

Since ð = – S in the topological symmetry unlike in the scale symmetry whereas T x S = K; = t=s/k

The main constants of a system are divided into active magnitudes, vital internal constants and universal external constants: Å.V.U.C.

The study of the quantitative constants and hence the algebraic equations of the being, which is fundamental to physics. We study the main proportional ratios between the Sp-ST-Tiƒ, elements of the Generator Equation, internally, the vital constants of a system, externally the Universal constants of its world, both connected by the active magnitude or value of the being

Thus 3 are the types of parameters and equations related to the ternary rule of subdivision of those Universal constants:

– 1.Å:Åctive Magnitude (å), is ultimately the singularity @monad, @cting and while often in mathematical physics is just a scalar number to define the whole its roles are multiple. It is the charge of a molecule, the rest mass of a cosmic body, the Z-number of an atom, for the 3 physical ∆±1 scales in its static state.

But obviously for each species and each study is diverse. For example, in America, where the language of valuation is money, this is the ‘credit number’ or fortune of each citizen – all other things dependent on this. And generally as the example shows, this active magnitude is connected to the Œ-isomorphism of the language of value of the world in which the being is: IT IS ITS FACE VALUE, its Tiƒ value in the parameter of information of the larger world. The dominant value, naked. And also the fundamental element of survival (as systems tend to be in balance, S=T, by defining Tiƒ, we often define the Sp x Tiƒ metric existential force of the being).

In the cosmological realm, your mass defines your survival, in a molecule your charge-valence, in an economic society your ‘money’. In a genetic society your ‘surname’. And of this always the fractal is aware. In the old times, when someone asked you what you were, or rather who you were, you said your kinship, name or tribe, in the modern world you say your profession (as it would be a bit rude on the sense of ‘balance’ to state your wealth, but this is implied by the profession’s salary). So this is the key constant, ∆-1Tiƒ put often in relationship to the total amount of the world, so it is also in physics, the Potential magnitude, the ratio between the Å-ctive magnitude of the being and the total value of the field-world below or above.

Now again we must realize that the languages of God are infinite, meaning that while no physicist would perhaps accept that Mass and Surname are similar concepts they are both å-ctive magnitudes of the language of cosmology and the language of genetic societies that resume the value of the being for the whole system, and its master-god, the black hole origin of cosmic mass and the king, master of the tribal nation. So again, the closer your parameter is to that of the central element of the ∆+1 hierarchy, the more value you have, the closer you will be seated at the side of ‘God’ (the Max. Tiƒ point of your ∆+1 world is the definition of God).

Now associated to this according to duality principles (according to the duality, motion-static form, and | vs. O-motions) we can talk of other key parameters, related to moving active magnitudes, performing | or O cycles. Hence in physics it is the Lorentz Force of a charged molecule or particle (subdivided into its charge and magnetic motions), the momentum of a mass (subdivided in |-lineal momentum and O-angular momentum).

And so happens for particle parameters, in which the quantum numbers perform the same conceptual tasks, further subdivided into 2 x 2 numbers (principal for lineal kinetic energy, secondary for angular momentum, being the spin number for perception and reproduction and the magnetic number for social evolution).

Thus we can see now that departing from an active magnitude, we can start to find all kind of combined parameters and active constants, once we give motion to the active magnitude and put it to task, performing its 5 canonical actions that give ‘living purpose’ to the being.

-2,3,4 ‘V’: Next we consider a set of 3 ‘Vital Constants’ internal to the being, which relate Tƒ and Sp, and hence are the main parameters of fields-limbs/body-waves and particles-heads.

They write in terms of Tiƒ=1/T, cyclical time or frequency: the inverse of period-duration, T. So we write 2 formats, the classic T- duration equation; and the inverse Tiƒ -frequency equation, which is the one T.Œ uses.

-Se/Tƒ=SxT = density of reproduction of energy And its inverse:

-Tƒ/Se= 1/TxS: density of reproduction of information; or speed of reproduction of the Œ- form in a lower scale (quite obvious for waves, S=T, not so evident for particle-field systems, S>T)

It again does have different jargons in physics, as most parameters of the fractal, bidimensional Universe are squares, while in lineal physics, they tend to use one-dimensional parameters. For example, the density of information is closely related to curvature, which in lineal physics at each point of a line is defined to be 1/r, where r is the radius of the osculating, or “kissing,” circle that best approximates the line at the given point. This for the explorer of physical equations is one of the fundamental, albeit cumbersome corrections of most physics, to give it a focused mirror: the transformation of parameters to the proper dimensions of time and space.

Another example is Maxwell’s equation of light speed, c=1√µxe, which in the bidimensional Universe must be therefore squared, to give us the fundamental parameter, c2 = 1/µ(sp) x e (Tiƒ). Alas (-; we does have here by the simple procedure of applying the general concepts of T.Œ to a physical formula the understanding of 3 fundamental parameters, µ, the magnetic constant that defines µ as the quanta of energy of the electromagnetic space, eo, the electric constant, which defines it as the informative parameter (or in its inverse lineal time concept, as Ke, the coulomb constant of force of the electromagnetic field), and finally c2, the density of information of light space, which as it happens comes also in a fundamental equation, E=Mc2, or E(sp) < C2 (Tƒ/Sp) > M (Tƒ), which simply states that an entropic field of space-time light, becomes converted into a cyclical vortex of time or mass, through the ratio of conversion of ‘entropy into information’ of our Universe. And needless to say since we have discovered the meaning of µ, eo, k and M and c2, it will be easy to understand as Ke and G are closely related the meaning of G, when we study the Œ isomorphism of physical systems and define charges and masses unifying them, as the two time vortices of information of the ∆-1 and ∆+1 scales.

Now we can relate also those terms, µ and eo to the normal speed of material waves (concepts of tension and mass of the string that ‘waves’), when dealing with our world.

And all this led us to the understanding of speed of information transmission. It is the most often used constant of the Universe, c-speed, albeit eliminating the informative parameter of the Tiƒ element, and making it lineal, which we will show to be determinant to misunderstand speed. Since ultimately speed is reproduction of information along a path of motion on a lower, ∆-1 scale. So physicists come to realize that for exampled the c-speed limit is NOT one of mere locomotion but one of ‘reproduction of information and transmission of information’ along the Universe.

We shall obtain wondrous results as the ∞ relative speed of gravitation, which carries no information or ‘action at distance’, but does carry energy-motion, that is locates forms in space. Why? Simple, we are talking of a density of reproduction of energy NOT of information, carried by the gravitational force. And this process SxT≈Se/Tiƒ= K/o=∞ is a pure action at distance.

The consequences of this will be daring in all the conceptual analysis of all the scales of reality, determining the inverse arrows of the 5th dimension: the larger scales of gravitational forces who do NOT carry internal information are however able to control externally and locate with perfect motions all its lower scales. So when you move your hand, all your lower scales ‘act at distance’ in simultaneity, with infinite synchronicity. But Information does have limits of speed to code and reproduce its forms, in other systems, so genetic informative preproduction is far slower. We say that motion from upper to lower scales carries no information except the motion-distance itself and it is synchronic with no loss of order (entropy in the old jargon), and vice versa, information from lower to upper scales reproduces with no loss (entropy), but has a limited speed.

Or in even more profound metaphysical terms, we say that ‘present’ space co-existence is proper of upper motion scales, the larger spatial action at distance relative pure space motions with no time, but information reproduction implies ‘expenditure of time’, reason why indeed time and information are so closely related, and space and no-time processes of motion and expansion of space are also closely related. From these facts we do obtain the equation of death by entropic expansion in space in no time: Death = max. Sp x Min. T (death happens in a single time quanta) and its inverse, life arrow, Life=Max. Tiƒ x Min. Sp. Life happens in a long time but consumes little information and happens in systems in relative rest motion, specially when the fetus evolves.

Thus we do have the reproduction of energy and the reproduction of information as two different parameters, quite ill-understood in the fog of modern physics (but hinted at in many comments and equations).

– So now we do have the 3rd fundamental physical parameter: Se x Tƒ=S/T, or existential force-potency of the being, all related concepts which basically give us the capacity of the system to interact efficiently with the outer world. I like to call it the Predator Force, as it determines who wins in fights for existence of any kind of species.

In that sense, in biology means to have a perfect head and a perfect body, which defines the top predator. In physics it is often similar to the momentum when we take Tƒ as the active magnitude, and Sp, and the ‘distance-lineal speed’ of the being. And indeed the physical system with maximal momentum survives better in collisions, so black holes that traverse stars with less momentum devour them.

Now those 3 constants are maximized in the ages of the being, in youth, the Maximal spatial value, in old age the maximal density of information, in the mature, adult age, the balanced existential force which gives us the reproductive age of the being, dominating its environment where it seeds its offspring. In physics, they are the ‘stationary points’ of its young, energetic, Max Se, adult Se=Tƒ and max. Tiƒ, ‘stationary points’ of its world cycle or ‘Hamiltonian’ (in physical system) the most important in time.

In physics this set of 3 laws are tremendously important for each species, and for a full description of the system, they must be coupled with the 3 ‘Universal Constants’ of the larger ∆±|2| worlds in which the being exist.

– UC, so those are the Universal constants, in which the external actions of the being will be displayed, which therefore will come constantly in our equations. In physics, as we are thermodynamic ∆-beings sandwiched between the ∆-1 atomic and ∆+1 galactic gravitational world, those essential constants of the larger and smaller world that come in almost all the equations of interaction between thermodynamic man and reality are graphed in the next picture, as functions of Time and space, and its integrals of Energy, AND BELOW in the Universal Units, void of human anthropomorphism (Planck Units):

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.49.53

Now to fully understand the meaning of physical equations, before its thorough study through its different scales, we must understand the previous equations and its meaning, as they are void of human interference in its measure, and further on, show that instead of the 3 human ‘parameters’, mass, length and time of current physics, all can be studied with the 3 equivalent but not equal parameters of the Universe, G for mass, c for length and h for time.

So this is the first thing the system reveals to us. In the Universe time is cyclical and measured through angular momentum, of which the simplest unit is h; the constant of universal information, in the Universe space is measure with speed (space in motion), whose fundamental unit is c-speed, the constant of universal space. And so it only rest to consider that in the Universe, the 3rd element which is the active magnitude of the scalar 5D being is measured with the relative unit of curvature/force/5D metric value, which in the Universe is G and Ke in the equivalent lower scale of reality, and in the remaining thermodynamic scale, H-Boltzmann, the entropy unit. And this transversal constants of the 5th dimension close therefore the fundamental units of realty from where all others can be derived. (whereas 1/4πeo=Ke is the unit that should be used).

No other constant is fundamental to the Universe, and those are also enough constants to express in 5D physics all what exists, regardless of the specific world (human physics) that observe that Universe.

So the first and obvious truth we observe is the difference between 5D fractal space-time and the human continuous single still space and single time clock of the Universe, and its single scale.

As we have already considered the meaning of h, G and c in certain depth in the 0th and 4th isomorphisms – the actions of physical systems, it is easy now consider a few more details, on the difference between human perceptions and Universal perceptions of the 2 parameters of reality, Tƒ and Sp, Let us be clear, the Planck units, subject to much speculation are REAL. They are the maximal and minimal quanta of different scales of reality, such as a new scale quanta is made of a social gathering of smaller quanta, regarding time clocks that slow down or accelerate in frequency and space units that grow and diminish in size, and its ratios that define the different planes of the 5th dimension.

So as we advance in the III part of this section, studying each scale we will consider in more detail the consequences of this insight – that space has a fundamental constant c, information, h (a quanta of time) or h/2π, a ‘radius’ or bit of the minimal quanta of information, and its combinations into space-time clock-like vortices (M g, Q k), vary with the scale of the 5th dimension we study.


Bidimensionality and tridimensional of the constants of nature and its physical equations.

Now when considering a system we can establish a minimum of parameters to describe them. If the system is a ‘boson’ wave of communication, normally two dimensions/parameters are enough, but when the system is a particle of full time worldcycles, we need 3 parameters, or 3 axis of the mind-point. The understood of this essential difference between bosons and fermions in physics is not well understood, but can be explained easily with spins. The 1 spin of the boson wave merely means that spin is measured as a full motion of the wave cycle, it is not in a stop position as the quantised ‘angular momentum-spins’ of particles in which they act more as a window of perception from the radian angle pov of the singularity.

BOSON ARE BIDIMENSIONAL WAVES between tridimensional fermions, with a fixed position in relative singularity time-zero at its center, par tile form.

The way this basic geometries are then expressed by mathematical physics requires a detailed adaptation to the higher truths of topological space-time.

The next obvious truth of the Natural Units of speed, angular momentum and 5D Curvature/Contraction (the ultimate meaning of G and Ke) is that all those equations are roots, hence, the magnitudes are bidimensional, meaning they are defined by 2 parameters, to eliminate the root, as the holographic principle expects. Length is an area; mass and charge, the action of curving ‘together’, with 2 poles, an extension of space, ‘travelling through the 5th dimension, on the arrow of increasing motion and decreasing extension; shrinking, warping the aerolar space-time between them; and  Lineal Time is similar to length only that it has an added dimension of space (c2).

Further on this bidimensionality maximises the equality of the two poles, Max. SxT->S=T. So two systems attract more the more equal their distribution of masses is.  Systems thus naturally tend to balance and equilibrium.

The key metrics: h c/G

Next we observe on those equations, an interesting result, h, is always above, and it multiplies c curved by G, or it disentangles G, opened by c, which acting as the relative volume of space, can have different potencies. So basically we are talking of 2 kind of events:

Tiƒ (h) x c/G (ST/Sp)   or Tiƒ (h) x G/C (Sp/ST)

Now we know by standard physics that G is (3rd Kepler’s law) proportional to r³/T²; so it is a transformation of a  res extensa, a volume of static space into a bidimensional time clock, which is what we indeed see the 2 masses doing, as if they were throwing a ‘net’ to fish the micro-quanta of space-time together.

So the immediate interpretation of the previous ratios is that a length and a time duration are entropic events where curvature, G is expanded, and vice versa, a curvature G, or charge or temperature, with its different modes of cyclical vibration, packs expansive, electromagnetic radiation into informative quanta. So mass and charge are informative, length and duration, entropic.

This leads since in our scale of existence we do not operate on G, c and H constants but temperature

Now, once the 5 key isomorphisms of Reality are studied in detail, It is left to apply to that generator equation the Universal Constants or ratios between the different ‘parameters’ of that equation, to start resolving the equations of physics; of which the most obvious and important will be the ‘Constants of 5D planes’, finitesimals of each of those scales of three types, Tƒ/Se: informative densities, Se/Tƒ: energy densities and Se=Tƒ, Action constants. They define the 5th dimension in each plane, studied in the next isomorphism. So here we just consider the 4 more important:

Tƒ/Se: Constants of informative density or ‘Curvature constants’: ∆-1: Q-constant of charge attraction≈curvature; ∆+1: G-constant of mass attraction≈curvature; which obviously are the origin, when considering in ‘isolation’ as Tƒ, of the ∆-1: e: constant of charge of the electron and ∆+1: mn: Constant of mass of the electron.

5D metrics= SexTƒ= K, which defines the Constants of action: ∆-1: quantum plane: h-Planck (‘Planckton’)= E x T , which translates 5D metrics to the Electromagnetic & Atomic Plane and…

∆: Thermodynamic Plane:   k-Boltzmann constant (‘Bolt)= E x T, which translates 5D metrics to the Electromagnetic & Atomic Plane.

And finally Se/Tƒ: Constants of energetic Density or ‘speed constants’: ∆-1: c-speed, constant of motion of the light space plane, which being the Se-constant for the entire Galaxy in which our system exists, it is the only constant of energy-space or ‘rod of measure’ of all the systems of space we perceive.


In that regard we can establish as the fundamental parameters of the Human World, the constants of energy density of the quantum and thermodynamic fields, H and q, the constants of informative curvature/density, Q and G, and the constants of Present Speed, C.

Now those are the constants of the Human word, which is NOT the whole Universe. This must be clear. And certainly while in the previous article on cosmological systems we have studied further beyond the Human Universe the dark world, there is no reason why to do so in this post on the atomic and molecular matter sales of human beings.

It should be noticed that there is ONLY a constant of speed-space, c the constant of light because WE are created in a pyramid in which the minimal continuum is light space-time, from where the symmetry breaks, that is quanta evolve socially into larger systems.

Of course we do know that in the interior of atoms there are quarks and outside galaxies dark energy and dark matter, but those themes have dealt with ion the previous post, because in the ‘known known evident Universe they DO NOT PLAY ANY ROLE, they are beyond the human Universe. We are a Universe in which those are the constant that matter. Strong forces and dark energies, which are related as a Russian Doll game, in which smaller parts and larger beings come together, as it happens with smaller food and larger animals in the world (where the smallest quanta, light feeds plants, the smallest plancktons whales, the smallest krills, whale sharks, and so according to the metric of the 5th dimension Min. Tƒ (food ) x Max. Se (predator) = K, in this game of nested Russian dolls from below and above, our world is reduced to:

Constant of Energy density in the Light scale: c and H-Planck

Now, the key to understand Nature is the duality space and time, which means at fast speeds, it is difficult to know if we observe a time form in space populations or an individual space in time sequential, reproductive motions. But fully gasping the conceptual dualities and ternary symmetries between time and space, particle-antiparticle (future-past states), field-wave-particle etc, so many times repeated in this web, it is easy to interpret in the right ways the different equations of physics. We must first look to that aim by a present space-time constant system, in each scale, which will break its symmetry in two parts, one with maximal form and other with maximal motion

The most obvious case in Planck units is c-speed, the constant of lineal space-motion, which is the product in planck units of planck time and space: C=Lp (Planck Length x Tiƒ (Planck’s angular frequency). So this means a c-speed splits into a length-distance and an angular frequency, to give us a clear cut definition of space-time of light.

This space-time of light, moreover carries a speed of reproduction of information, which can be measured in relationship to its frequency and H-planck minimal informative quanta, giving us different species of light with increasing ‘existential force’ or content of space-information which is given by the energy of the photon.

E= Hƒ. As this equation seems not to have clear limits, the varieties of space-time species of photons are enormous. That gives of course the enormous success to the light space-time that forms the substrata of all the species born in the fields of galaxies between the halo membrane and the black hole centre, the 2 limits of existence of light space-time beings. So when those beings come closer to those 0 T-formal vibration and c-speed length, they hit a limit. So the following are the constants of basic light space-time.

Constant of Present speed-distance-form or ∆-scale: Light space-time (relativity theory) is therefore constant as IT IS THE SPACE-TIME ∆-scale we are studying.

Constant of Information density in the light scale: H.

Tif: time clock: Human measure of it – the informative cyclical frequency part of the c-speed


L: distance of space in the light space-time.

Curved into two limiting particles, charge and mass.

Now, this C x H is therefore an essential new equation which defines the Universe in which we live in terms of the fundamental parameter of information and h-bar ‘Planckton’, and its speed of reproduction, c-speed. As such this ch, is the substance of which space-time beings are made. And how they are made into ternary structures, charges and masses is obvious. We must enclose, encircle and control a vital space made of c-motions and Plancktons of information (h). And depending on the degree of curvature we make, of the size of our enclosure, we can create charges or masses (œ-isomorphism):

So if we curve it by the Constant of information density of the matter, cosmological scale, G, we obtain mass.

Now mass IS A BIG ENCLOSURE, so its unit is huge. This means that beyond renormalisation, smaller than this size of mass (Planck’s mass) have minimal effects, not worth to consider, except when we calculate the overall mass of the enclosure, in which each piece of energy and vortex of time will contribute to ‘power up’ the mass scale and its relative integrative space-time parameters.

But mass per se does not matter to the standard model of quantum particles. It is about the cosmological model of black holes. Within those particles mass then must be considered as the emergence residual force coming out of the strong force of quarks and the particle-antiparticle moment of death of a meson, which gives up part of its total energy in that moment of death (seen as a double chirality that closes a circle), through the Dirac’s equation of particle-antiparticle conjugate, to surface in the larger mass enclosure. Mass also absorbs energy from thermodynamic systems, cooling them down, and in this case we must consider the parameters of pressure, positive mass, vs. temperature, negative mass (entropic expansive motion) and how the mass ‘enclosure’ absorbs rotary motion from them.

Tif: As a time clock mass therefore is defined with a frequency of rotation, which is proportional to the mass attractive power.

In small particles this factor is residual except in the heaviest mass-particles, the BCT family of the top quark, which however is outside our Universe, probably as the atoms of black holes.

So how mass emerges from that curvature of hc? The equation it is in fact a product mass, M m, hence we must consider that to establish a mass field, and an enclosure, two attractive masses and in a Newtonian vortex-equation might appear (the same with charges), and then they will distort and encircle all what it is in that space-time hc reality, bending it by a G-factor to create the mass enclosure, and emerge as a new plane of existence, in which surface the parameters of temperature and radiation (internal) will have been subdued by the emergence of the factor of mass-enclosure.

Let us then consider briefly the meaning of momentum and energy and its conservation laws which ultimately mean the conservation of the 5th dimension.

The Universe and its clocks of time and quanta of space. The creative process: breaking of constant space-time symmetries.

We arrive now to a theme that physicists will find more up to their alley – as it is in great measure quantitative – the meaning of Universal constants, which are ratios between space and time parameters of each scale of the Universe that define and differentiate its species.

to  the first form of space and first expression of the ∆-gravitational scale symmetry is c-speed.

In the translation of 4D physics to 5 D Physics, we start from c-speed, the constant, then we multiply C= Sp x Tiƒ = Length x Angular frequency (in Planck Units).

On the other hand the principle of relativity translates into the principle of Galileo the gal ilea paradox: all moves and has form at the same time.

Light therefore splits into space-distance, and time-frequency, and its constancy in 4D is particular case of the Sp x Tiƒ constancy of the 5th dimension.

And for that reason we DO have a close similarity between the Metrics of a given plane of the 5th dimension:

∆= Sp x Tƒ and the equations of energy of each Plane of the Universe:

∆ : Sp x Tƒ   ≈ Energy : Constant of Space-action x Frequency:

3 space quanta

Now we shall call the 3 combinations of space-space fields, of time time particles and of space time waves.

So light space-time is the wave state or present constant background in which the evolution of human information took place. It is the ultimate constant frame of reference of mankind, and this needs to understand the difficult evolution of those concepts from absolute cartesian newtonian spacetime into relational einsteinean light space-time.

Spe pov on motion: Pacman Universe. Feeding.

On the other hand the inverse ‘arrow’ of a singularity of attractive information is the use of the pixels it absorbs from a force, not as information but as energy. Again we can bring for good homology analysis the duality of plants and animals that use as energy or information the same ‘force’, light. In the case of galaxies the force involved should be the ∆-4 scale of gravitation… But the concept is roughly the same: stars and planets then ‘are’ gravitational plants and black holes gravitational animals.

We state that motion is reproduction of a form in an adjacent part of space. But as reproduction requires entropy-motion imprinted by the inner form of the being it also requires feeding. Thus another ‘angle’ to observe motion from an $pe-Pov is that of pacman Universe… as all motions require the feeding in a field of ∆-1 particles, exploded entropically, by the vortex that advances. This which was an earlier and only rational explanation of ‘why’ fields attract and why astrophysical systems are elliptical, as they have 2 focus of relative ‘net’ feeding.

Social forces: waving scales through force ‘communication’ and ‘herd feeding’.

Finally to notice that all force is dual so as in the graph above light might be used to feed in plants to perceive in animals, the forces of ‘each scale’ (latter analysed) must have both roles, serving as communicators for further social evolution in ‘smooth’ not colliding perpendicular approaches – as in the orbits of planets, among similar forms (quasi-circular), and serving as feeding systems, which indeed is the role of the angular momentum and aerolar second law of kepler – the planets ‘wave-sinus distribution’ Titus laws, scan both the likely gravitational waves of the central black hole of the ‘galactic organism – gala cell’ for the sun, acting as antena receptors, but also use the attractive power of the sun over the quantum potential of the dark world over which they galaxy travels to ‘absorb’ quanta likely neutrino at faster than light, in its ‘paradoxical informative role’ as opposed to the ‘expansive, decelerating neutrinos of the entropic role’ when they are ‘expelled from the sun’ Beta decay process.

Yet as the duality of roles of neutrinos in its implosive, tachyon, gravitational non-local untested and entropic, decelerating sub-c speed role is well beyond this introduction, we shall leave the details like that and make an organic feeding analysis of the force netting (which of course will be completely disregarded by the ego paradox of the humind, only sentient, living species of the Universe by ‘decree’, LOL).

Indeed, a field of forces between two particles merely means that when two ‘particles attract, they form an elliptical dual ‘net’ and they move ‘feeding’ on the ∆-1 field. While a single vortex, will create a spherical field (as perceived by us), attracting with its curved spiral geometry the field particles, ‘reducing the field’ which seems to be an attractive process. And the faster it turns, the more it will feed.  Thus as the mass increases the parallel tempo of the feeding pi-mouth increases. In the next graph we show both cases:

In the graph a generic picture for any process of feeding by an opening mouth can also account obviously to the motion of the being which as the pi cycle enlarges moves ahead on the absorbed lower scale – a process to explain gravitational motion, which appeared in earlier literature and was retaken and wrongly discharged by Feynman: when 2 masses ally they will start forming topological ‘nets’, in which the smaller ‘point’ acts as the ‘herder’ of the larger system, entering an orbital path, becoming the membrane which closes the vital space-time of the system.

And it does not need to be a perfect membrane (as the cell protein) but a mobile, fast one (as a dog herding a sheeple flock; or a magnetic field herding electrons).

In that sense, to be more precise is more convenient to consider then for the analysis of entropic feeding of a time vortex over a motion field, instead of cc, its Maxwell’s equivalent, k/µ (where k is a compact constant of curvature, which defines as distance=motion, the speed and strength of the constant membrane of the attractive field, over the magnetic constant of vacuum, which defines the smaller ∆-1 ‘quanta’ that feeds the electromagnetic field) as those are the quanta the system feeds on.


‘Each point is a world in itself’. Leibniz

We cannot be by all means exhaustive, so we shall just as usual start with some classic work of pioneers in the understanding of physics in geometric ways, enlightened with ∆ST and then move onto more specific discoveries of ∆ST applied to the usual concepts of geometrical physics: the canonical curves of fields and forces, the vectorial calculus, the holographic principle, the co-ordinates systems and so on…

One dimension.

A FRACTAL POINT is considered to have ‘one dimension’, meaning it has volume and in the ∆+1 plane where we measure, it has a role as a moving point in a cycle of its larger ∆+1 world, so it appears to us, either as a point with volume or a moving point (which has less density as it is trans-forming information into a reproductive movie wave – ultimate reason of some paradoxes of relativity of motion).

So we define different ‘dimensions for the elements of fractal non-Euclidean geometry’:

  1. Fractal points have a minimal 1 dimension, when perceived (by definition if not perceived they don’t have a dimension). This only string theory in physics understands, giving to each point a lineal inner dimension. It is a good approach for formal work but we want to be more precise. So we shall define the non-E five postulates of non-euclidean geometry first, and consider that each point when seen in detail is a whole super organism of 10 dimensions, but as a whole membrain in the upper scale it appears to us, and works as an active entity in motion, as a one dimensional point with motion and an internal form we do not perceive.

So the point will either be a static point with an inner dimension that connects it to the lower ∆-1 scales (akin to the concept of string geometry), or a ‘point-particle’, that moves tracing a cycle in a larger ∆+1 world, and we shall see it as a line in motion also with a dimension.

2.Lines are waves with 2 dimensions, as light or any other form able to communicate information.

3.Planes are topological networks, which require three lines to define it and so they have 3×2=6 space and time dimensions (3st dimensions).

Planes are thus the spatial view of a superorganism with 3 entropic, informative and iterative-energetic networks; which in turn can be observed as a larger whole, unit-point of the new ‘scaling’ which starts afresh – hence the need for a fifth postulate which is akin to the first (definition of a point) but from the internal point of view (as a point with volume), showing how vital geometry is also cyclical, and refers to the geometric process of growth of scales between ‘two ∆±1 planes’.

It is then essential to consider the less understood and more important of the axioms of Euclid, the definition of similarity between two fractal points or planes which determine its behaviour  as only those forms who understand each other’s gauging language can herd and collaborate together in parallel, otherwise different forms with different languages will use each other in darwinian events of perpendicular hunting.

So this darwinian vs. loving duality IS ESSENTIAL TO THE INVERTED BEHAVIOR OF THE FOURTH AND FIFTH DIMENSIONS OF ENTROPY AND SOCIAL EVOLUTION, and it is ruled by the i-logic laws of congruence=similarity of the 3rd NON-E POSTULATE, the most important and less understood of geometry, concerning the nature of parallelism and perpendicularity.

This also introduces the answer to questions of the type – where it is the fifth dimension, how the dimensional scales of the Universe grow?

Answer in a cyclical manner as membranes-enclosures of a previous open ball; so layer upon layer of a spherical 1-dimensional form, the inner parts grow; and/or as a reproductive wave, the point-particle moves and creates in a new scale, a new game of social growth.


How dimensions are created? The scalar dimensions, as we have shown by social evolution in ternary and decametric scales.

Then there is the erasing of the fifth dimension by the fourth dimension of entropic death which is inverse.

But in a relative present of |-motion x O-information = ø-body waves, there is also transformations of one dimension of lineal form into one cyclical form, or one formal dimension of space into the equivalent dimension of time.

For example, a mind-‘Aristotelian God’ which doing his ‘thing’ can stop the energy moving around in a disk of accelerated vortex-time speed, expanding a motion into stillness, now stored in a ternary volume of space, or viceversa, quench a height dimension of form into an accelerated bidimensional disk:

image007A dimension of angular time-momentum coming out of a loss of a dimension of volume-space.

Above we show how dimensions of distance can become dimensions of motions. So the contraction of a 3rd entropic volume becomes a bidimensional accelerated space vortex and vice versa.

Two Dimensions. The holographic principle

The paradox of galileo shows the bidimensionality of time information and entropy space, and the equivalence between a motion in time, a distance in space, a frequency and a population, such as:

Space = ∑ T, that is distance = λ ƒ, whereas a quanta of space is multiplied by a frequency in time.

A second fascinating theme of topological physics, with the ad ons of GST is the understanding of why almost every physical equation and system can be written in bidimensional layers. We already explained it. Even Relativity in the so called ADM formalism, which is its natural Hamiltonian formulation (another huge element explained better in GST) is bidimensional.

We are not treating anywhere the complex AMD formalism. I have given up the initial intention of reordering 30 years of research and aim just to put the barebones of GST in this blog before my numerous sicknesses cancel my existence (and find myself every month wanting to work less and less)… So we shall consider only the simplest of all bidimensional elements in physics, the conics.

But before the  reason of all this is crystal clear. It is the holographic principle, coupled with Galileo’s px.:

image005IN THE GRAPH, THE GALILEAN PARADOX:All -motion can be seen as sP-distance; all ∆-continuous ARE ALSO an ∑∆-1 fractal sum of discontinuous parts, joined by force networks. Galileo saw the Saturn’s rings and thought its was a flat continuous disk. In fact is made of ∑ point-particles turning in cyclical motions, which from far away seem a continuous ‘area’.

The mind thus distorts perception and the whole subject of special relativity  can be considered an error of the mind, and a tool to adapt reality to that mind-perception (also general relativity as its vortices of accelerated time, curve space-time only if seen from our scale, but if we enlarge their inner, larger-faster gravitational distances-motions IT WOULD LIKELY BE euclidean and as such it is likely perceived by the black hole).

In that sense in mathematical physics, the cases in which we can bring the Galilean Paradox to resolve problems, are normally on the ‘verge’ of a given space-time continuum (c-speed T≥0 in our continuum). It will also be used as a renormalisation process of elimination of infinities and zeros, when we need to consider minimalist effects of the underlying ∆-scales and its ‘stress’ in the limits of the carrying capacity of entropy of information of a plane. At that is really pedantic stuff for the initiated, which only gets ‘worked up’ the most arrogant physicists of numerology, we escape it (the infamous 0.00… deviation calculation of the g-factor in the electron, being the most famous ‘engraving’ in the tomb of his author).

The holographic principle thus defines systems of bidimensional motion and/or form together, giving birth to the 4 canonical combinations:

So  reality is both motion (time, energy) or form (information, space) and always bidimensional (holographic principle):

energy information good

The perfect form of spatial MOTION is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of space – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal space. Both, opposed, inverse forms shape the spatial, linear, energetic bodies and cyclical, informative, memorial minds that become the complementary forms of all organic systems made of atoms of temporal energy.

Entropy and information are the 2 primary elements of the Universe. They form all its complementary systems. In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, lineal  entropy and cyclical form, mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Entropy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.

Holographic systems are thus expressed in everything.


We shall thus in the blog use mostly a simplified analysis of the 5 Dimensions and a more complex Disomorphic analysis of the 10 dimensions in a vital, organic sequential way, as the system grows from a monad of a single dimension THROUGH THE LADDER OF ISOMORPHISMS TO COMPLETE IN ITS WORLDCYCLE its final existence through all the 9 and 10 scales of social evolution (during its emergent age) and actions through planes… The astounding variety of the Universe being in variations of order, symmetries and stages of those worldcycles of topological super organisms. So we shall here briefly comment on that constant growth of the being till it reaches its zenith and then declines fast as a ‘dotard’ (:

The simples 1, 2, 3… 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions.

The Universe is a superoganism of 10 dimensions of symmetric space-time. Whereas time means motion and space form. Yet since due to Galilean>Einstein’s relativity we cannot distinguish motion from form, for each dimension of space, we must consider a symmetric dimensions of time (the form we see in motion).

Since as we can only compare entities with equal number of dimensions we must write,  S=T, as the fundamental law of the Universe, which is display in all kind of beings.

The equivalent of this law of balance in physics, is a Lagrangian of the form:

Sp (size in space) x Tiƒ (speed of time clocks of information) = Constant ∫S-T∂st=0

And or, the laws of conservation of momentum: S x T (mv, etc.), and energy its integral in a closed cycle.

Two simple laws of conservation and least time in which all of physics is based; albeit explained with complicated ‘pedantic’ obtuse laws, such as the Noether theorem, group theory, etc. which obviously need them to go back to school and learn what the magic of maths and the origin of those laws are in 10D.

This is the law of balance and co-existence of reality that make humans and civilisations co-exist as single super organisms. Cells and organisms co-exists in a single individual, and so, the Universe is a beautiful organic, fractal of scales of reality which follow the same goals of reproducing information to become immortal in ‘states of balance’. And those laws apply also to history and economy systems that should try to find such balances to survive.

Thus we can start studying beings of one dimension of space and one dimension of time-motion, simultaneously. As reality requires that for each dimension of space we perceive one of time.

It can allow us to construct bidimensional (minimal being) type of species, which go on constructing the reproductive equations of a bidimensional world of space-time.

So the simplest analysis are those in which we observe a ‘non-e point in space, a point with breath’, as a single dimension, coupled with a dimension of lineal motion, the first dimension of time.

Then we can consider holographic bidimensional entities with dimensions of form and motion:

In the graph we see systems with information and motion=time; systems with entropy and form (bidimensional space), and 4D combinations, of which the basic one is light space-time (our electronic perception of both being tuned to such ‘minimal quanta’ of our perceived reality.

Next we can consider combinations of 3 dimensions of form and 3 dimensions of space; and here we exhaust the existence of a system in single space-time continuum:

In the graph we see 6 dimensional descriptions of a space-time super organism. Now we are talking (: indeed, we can describe an enormous number of systems with 3 ‘fractal parts’ with 3 topologies in space and 3 functions in time, and as it happens since a 4Dimensional system have only 3 possible topologies, that is enough to understand the processes of topological evolution that complete our work in evolution, through 3 topological ages, dominated by each of those 3 elements, and describe a generator equation for all of them:

Γ; $pe: lineal limbs/fields of entropy <Ø-ST hyperbolic-bodywaves>O-particle/heads of information.

All dimensions are motions and forms. Yet we have explained a few times that ‘motion’ implies reproduction of form in a lower scale of the being. You do NOT MOVE, you reproduce yourself in an adjacent region, and to do so you have to ‘reorganise’ smaller ∆-1 cells/atoms/individuals, with at least a ‘collective wave’ of information (genes, quantum numbers, memes distributed simultaneously to all of them). So all motions, all time dimensions MUST happen between two relative ∆ and ∆-1 scales as a wave of information that imprints a lower scale:






In the graphs, we see simple, basic motions of the lowest scales of particles and waves, which move reproducing in a lower scale. Moreover modern topology describes forms always as topological networks.

So to define a single space-time continuum form we need at least two scales, that of parts and wholes which form together a topological network of any of those 3 varieties:

So when we talk of a truly transformative motion in the fifth dimension which does NOT surface back into the ∆-scale as reproductive motions and topological transformations of networks do, we need two jumps in the fifth dimension.


The complex social dimensions and functions of reproduction and social evolution: 7th, 8th, 9, 10th.

So how then we go beyond the 3+3 topological dimensions of S≈T motion and form? The answer is the scalar ‘social dimensions’ of parts and whole, which are NON-commutative, that is different when we move from a whole to its parts of more information, than when we move upwards to a whole of more entropic motion, from a smaller part:

In the graph, we see that for each ‘scale, there will be a ternary system of space and time dimensions, which obey topological rules (the sphere maximises information in lesser space; the line maximises distance in minimal time; the hyperbola combines both in iterative body-waves), for a maximal of 6 dimensions in a single plane.

But then we can add two dimensions of space & time upwards and downwards in scale.

As those are ‘new dimensions’  we have the responsibility to name them. How shall we call those dimensions?

So the 7th dimension of ‘death’ and 8th dimension of pure entropic ‘big-bang explosions’ in space, are jumps across to scales of reality. We are talking serious ‘shit’ here. Nothing of this is fancy wishful thinking. We shall extract all the laws of nature, mathematical physics, death processes from it.

In mathematical terms, we talk of most ‘processes of timespace’ as single derivatives and integrals, which move up and down a given scale – but in process of death back into the potential field of minimal parts, we talk of Laplacians and Poisson double derivatives, which explode the whole from the ∆+1 mind-dimension down to the lower ∆-1 parts and this is the equation of death: Tƒ ∆+1 << ∑∑$pe ∆-1, or ∂”Tƒ=0.

Now for the inverse dimension of social evolution, we realise that as mind singularity is actually an ∆-1 singularity point, a single individual mind of a society (its king, president or prophet), a single crystal in a matter system (the first crystal cell which commands the reproduction and social organisation of the whole macro crystal) or an atomic entity (the black hole singularity of the galaxy), and so on But IT HAS A MIND-IMAGE that transcends and emerges beyond the ∆0 entity into the ∆+1 EXTERNAL WORLD, organising socially with similar beings, the 9th and 10th dimensions of eusocial love and creation of worlds beyond the super organism, unit of the larger ∆+1 world IS  also jumping to scales, from your infinitesimal neuronal-ego, through your organism into the outer world.

And this will be also the model for galaxies, where the black hole ‘DNA’ IS connected to other galaxies of the ∆+1 cosmos through dark entropy flows (bilateral jets), even if it is in fact the ‘best, densest’ possible frozen star of the ∆-1 scale.

Membrains, mind-singularities thus are also in the process of social evolution jumping two scales from its neuronal infinitesimal, past the enclosed organism its membrain closes into the larger social world; which is the super organism proper (∆-1 cell; ∆º organism, ∆+1: super organism, world, or ecosystem).

It is obvious that the dimension of ‘social growth’ is a dimension of social evolution; and we feel justified to call it:


So we write it often as 5D♥ (: or if we name them all together, just for the sake of ‘numerology’, they would be the 9th dimension – social evolution and the 10th dimension, the perception of the super organism as a whole or ‘mind-dimension’, which we shall see is made of a ‘singularity’ or linguistic point and a membrane that encircles the organism; closely related to the Tƒ element (perceived as such in a flat, shallow vision of the being as existing in a single scale of reality.

Yet when we understand the scalar Universe, it will turn out that the singularity does connect the system across its scales of size, as it is an ∆• single ‘crystal’, ‘neuron’, ‘governor’, which controls ‘internally’, ‘chemically’ its ∆-1 parts, and it feels itself through its sensorial membranes ‘connected’ to a larger ∆+1 whole.

The mind, the 10th dimension of a being, becomes then essential to grasp the workings and whys of reality even if ‘pedantic’ abstract physicists and its ‘philosophers’, logical positivists have completely ‘missed the point’ and deny the existence of such singularity minds. In the next graph we see this ‘completeness’ reached by the membrain singularity, in reference to the rest of the being, the open ball or vital body-energy=wave system:

In the graphs, the sum of the membrain+singularity, and the vital space of an open ball, gives us the whole being.

The infinite dimensions and the ceteris paribus analysis of all the Universal information.

We are being simple, given the fact that the present studies of physics are limited to 3 spatial dimensions reflected in the mirror of a present derivative dimension of time (the so called 4th dimension of time extracted from ∂t=∂s/∂v, as a series of still pictures in relativity theory).

THEY AD TO THE MIX, when philosophising about entropy arrows, some studies on the fourth dimensions OF SPACETIME the dimension of double entropy down two scales of death and big-bang in the ladder of scalar dimensions of the Universe.

And many more (:

So how many dimensions have reality? Actually as many as you wish, as each scale will have 3 dimensions of space-time in a single plane and 3 planes up and down the being, enclosed further in a larger world…

So if we are going to be exhaustive, with less than 56 dimensions/parameters we cannot make the whole sense of it (6 space-time topological dimensions for each of the 3 scales of the organism and the world above and below: 6 x 5 = 30 dimensions; four space and time dimensions of entropy and mind-evolution for each discontinuity between planes, which are two inner discontinuities between limbs/bodies/particle-heads, and two more with the outer world above and below, so 4 x 4 = 16 more dimensions, 30 + 16 = 46…

And then to fully describe the being we shall add for good measure the descriptions of even smaller and larger outer and lower worlds from where the being obtains its entropic motions and pixels of information, (5 dimensions for each of those interactions) for a minimal grand total of 56…

Now as current science works with only four dimensions, 3 of space and one of time you can assess how little information we extract in our description of most systems and why they look indeed abstract entities.

The situation though is much worsened by the ‘attitude’ of physicists with their infantile chit-chat on 4D models of reality, which they impose as dogma, so my experience in science congresses when I cared to assist was to be always surrounded by ‘savant idiots’ – masters of mathematical physics, which had zero idea about the meaning of the words they use in their mathematical equations, points, numbers, time, space, waves, particles, forces, masses, you name it… but wouldn’t care at all specially when the ‘speaker’ was not a certified specialist in mathematical physics (which obviously prevented him to break the straight-jacket of physical reductionism and 4D tensors), to hear anything about time, space and the meaning of reality. And this was specially truth when the speaker was a philosopher of science, the only discipline that ‘dares’ to challenge the reductionist, mechanist worldview of physicists.

So the reader will excuse me if I am specially sanguine among all the children of thought that play science in this planet with the false dogmas of physicists, which so much obscure the beauty of its equations, whose finding through the simple method of measuring and plugging information in mathematical structures seems indeed a marvel of Universal intelligence, given how little they understand of the concepts behind those equations, we clarify in earnest on our posts on astrophysics and its scales of time§paœrganism.

Don’t worry though, we are not making here 56-dimensional analysis (: at best we shall be happy with the reduced 5S+5T=10D³ analysis. We just wanted to show off a little bit of the ‘real complexity’ that all ‘the hidden information’ we do not study together for each space-time organism holds, so perhaps the reader become a bit humbler about the role and intelligence of us, the humind membrain… and finally learns to worship and respect the astounding beauty and symmetric harmonies of the infinite…

In that regard, if I ever achieve a converso that expands his mind from the 4D toddler world of physicists into 10D, I will be happy enough to fill some enlightenment of scholars is possible… So far we shall reduce us to that 5s≈5t analysis in broad strokes, of the main space-time super organisms of physical systems.

How to see the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Spacetime ‘dimensions’ are thus dual, as space and time are equivalent – a dimension of time motion seen in space as a dimension of form.

3±i is the way to see reality – the 3 canonical dimensions of space, seen either in one-bit of data as length=motion, width=iteration and height=information or with 2 bidimensional ST elements as topological lineal=cylindrical, hyperbolic=cartesian and polar=spherical geometries.

A key theorem of all dimensional construct is that only beings with the same dimensions can transform into each other. So for time to transform into space it MUST have the same dimensions. And this can be analysed in terms of one, 2 or 3 dimensions of time-space.

Hence TRINITY, means we have 3 space topologies and 3 functions.

DUALITY means we have the previous fundamental varieties:

One-dimensionality MEANS the Galilean Paradox; we can see any dimension as motion or form, any two dimensions as a bidimensional plane or an accelerated motion.

And then we can play with all those (and we are only playing with a simple plane:) and variations will appear to make sense of all species of the Universe its forms and functions.

But an important rule TO ADAPT 4D formalisms (4-vectors, etc.) to 6D (in a single plane) physics for ‘future pros’ (:

Time has the dimension of Height and the dimension of motion perceptive and the dimension of acceleration.
Space has the dimension of Length and the dimension of reproductive width and the dimension of deceleration.
So for non-topological analysis, those 3 form couples combine very often. Some interesting results of its combinations are:
Height and length combine adding into a cartesian geometry, or their cross product combine into a vector with motion.
Entropy expands in space, decelerating, as motion becomes space. As such they are spatial beings.
Informative vortices implode in space accelerating as space becomes motion – as such they are temporal beings.
Both combine in ‘unbalanced’ envents, S>T, or S<T, which tend to end with the destruction/split/unconnection of the event, as they split and so the ‘field’ goes one way and the particle the other, which for a wave<field and its complementary particle>singularity means the very definition of death.
While they come together they assembly a stable wave-particle system.
This view, on the bidimensionality of the wave or particle/vortex that come together to create a 4-dimensional fermion is thus a good point to introduce quantum physics…

Now, for what we have seen, there ARE 2-4-6 DYNAMICAL bidimensional systems, as motion dimensions can become formal dimensions; which we can apply to many entities, meaning ‘even’ systems ARE more stable as they are balanced; while odd systems are not (or they are ternary systems in time): so this odd-even duality that atomic systems always follow have its explanation.

And in general we find that…

INFORMATION… is dominant in HEIGHT and internal, ‘accelerated’ motion as a vortex of time. So it appears still to an external observer, as the dimension of outer motion have become internal motion and as it shrinks its dimension of size, it accelerates its motion.

ENERGY in reproductive width and iterative beat.

ENTROPY IN LENGTH, and expansive SCATTERING motion that decelerates inversely as it increases its space.

WHILE TIME: Is dominant also in rhythm or beat in the closed clocks, and SO INTIMATELY related to ENERGY.

It is also important to realise humans have misused all those concepts for so long that ‘normal words’ can incur in errors.

Reproduction of dimensions: vectorial product & present momentum

So we must understand a 5th dimensional being as one with the following natural dimensions:

  1. The dimension of height or ‘informative dimension’
  2. The dimension of length or ‘speed dimension’
  3. The dimension of width or reproductive dimension
  4. The dimension of frequency or ‘time speed’ dimension
  5. The ∆+1 dimension of size or fifth scalar dimension.

Those suffice for almost all studies of physical systems, as most scalar analysis are ∆>∆+1 or ∆<∆-1, so we do not need more than 2 scales (as in thermodynamics between the ∆-1 and ∆-scale of heat). And then when we put them together in bidimensional systems, we obtain:

  • The plane of pure space made of length and width, of motion and reproduction/storing of energy, which in motion tends to acquire an arrow or triangular, wave-like form.
  • The plane of pure time, which tends to be the height and cyclical rhythm, or time speed; so time does NOT offer ‘many spatial elements’. In fact the dimensions of time are derivatives of space, ‘speed’ and ‘acceleration’.

On the other hand when we consider tridimensional systems, we obtain.

-Space-like 3 dimensional volumes, where a bidimensional layer has reproduced or stored more of its kind in superposition (concept that also applies to present spatial waves)

-Time-like 3 dimensional systems, which are accelerated vortices (2 differential dimensions) with a dimension of height (black holes, Maxwell’s screw driver, rule of the hand, product vector, etc.)

-And finally when we consider a 4 dimensional being, we obtain a holographic ‘perpendicular merging’ of a space-like and time-like bidimensional sheet, with a frequency of motion; as in a light-wave.

  • Which will become a fifth dimensional being, when 2 scales become entangled and one feed on the other, or receives flows of information (as in the case of the Bohm’s model of a quantum wave, guiding a feeding upper particle).

So those are the vital whys of an enormous field, which allow us by form, function and dimensionality to interpret the structure of all kind of systems.

Topological physics deals with the ensembles of Spe<ST>Tiƒ structures, and has not been analysed in depth for very long. It is based in the holographic principle and its derivative laws, the most important of which is the ‘bidimensional nature of space and time, and its merging into 4 dimensional systems, which excludes a real 3-dimensional Universe (Fermat’s Grand theorem: x³+y³=z³.

This means the 3rd dimension does NOT really exist as an independent ‘parameter’ but IT IS THE DIRECTION OF reproduction of ‘identical beings’ which accumulate in layers

Creation & Destruction of Masses as Vortices of Physical Information. How Dimensional Form Becomes Speed.

8. Dimensional Vortex

The Universe creates dimensional form by reducing the motion/speed of a physical system and vice versa: it creates motion/ speed by eliminating dimensions of form. So a 3 dimensional nebulae of matter collapses into an accelerated mass vortex, in which, according to the Equivalence between gravitational forces, masses and cyclical acceleration (Einstein’s relativity), is an attractive whirl of spacetime.

The equivalence principle establishes a Universe with two limits of eternal movement: a lineal speed of gravitational and electromagnetic forces and a cyclical speed of masses and charges, which are vortices of space-time. Energetic forces create space, and vortices are clocks of time that carry information, eternally transforming into each other in self-similar events:

Σ spatial forces (lineal movements) ≤=≥Tƒ (cyclical clocks of information).

The sums of all those events maintain an eternal dynamic balance of cycles and lines.

Yet since lines have one dimension less than a clock cycle, the process can be also perceived as a game of creation and destruction of dimensions of form. In the graph, a three-dimensional slow nebulae accelerates its motion as it becomes a bidimensional vortex of faster, more attractive mass. Such transformation is common both in the cosmological world as stars become black holes and the quantum world in big crunches when electrons become quarks. r.

The Galilean Paradox is essential to understand the Universe as fixed lines are also ‘—motions’ and bits of information are time clocks. And one can transform into the other: Se x =Tƒ. They do so through the 3 ages of life or energy’s standing points of a Hamiltonian:

Spe<ST<Tƒ= Youth: Max. Se/Tƒ > Maturity: Se x Tƒ (Se=Tƒ) >Old age: Tƒ/Se

But in physical systems they do so through external motions mostly by loosing or acquiring back and forth in space, dimensions of form or dimensions of speed.

There are two concepts that do not appear in classic physics but are essential in understanding how the universe converts energy into information (motion into form): the paradox of Galileo, which allow us to describe those processes as “frozen pictures,” which is the informative point of view, or as changes in the speed or motion of things.

The graph shows the two events combined: when a system acquires forms, it slows down. When a system loses dimensions, it speeds up. Yet to understand this essential process, we must first clarify an error made by physicists who do not use the concept of dimensional form to define “information” but the algebraic “data” concept of a “bit of information.”

Fractal information is related to dimensional form while algebraic information is the simplest dimensional form: bits of broken patterns emitted by waves, which encode those patterns in the distances between the crests or frequency of the wave. But those patterns are the “minimal” pattern of information of the Universe. In that regard, the capacity to store information of any system follows a power law:

Information » X Fractal dimensions of the system

Yet in the same way, physicists have reduced all the arrows of time, previously defined to a single energetic arrow measured by a single “clock-time”; they have reduced all the forms of information to a single broken frequency pattern. Biology, a more sophisticated science of information, today is able to study how molecules and proteins store information in several dimensions; and that previous law can be deduced of biological studies. Yet physicists have not gone beyond the simplest one-dimensional information of lineal waves. They have not even discovered that mass stores much more information than waves in physical bidimensional vortices.

In duality, we study both sciences, physics and biology, and we can compare and use laws of both sciences to find self-similar laws in the other discipline. In that sense, Shannon’s standard definition of information is a computer-based definition, of technological science, useful to store information in numbers, with a limited application to the understanding of the universe, which stores information in four dimensions in very complex patterns and enormous volumes. Information is in that broader Universe form, in/form/ation. The simplest information is the one-dimensional broken bits of data that divide a line of energy into a pattern. This is what a computer does and what a physicist would understand as information. But in nature, a more precise concept is that of fractalization. Information increases when a continuous flow of energy breaks into patterns and acquires dimensions, bumps and points.

The arrow of information is a transformation of a surface of space, of energy into inner form: a change from lineal, chaotic movement into cyclical, repetitive one; from expansive waves into imploding particles; from disordered, equalized forces of indistinguishable forms extending in space into an ordered hierarchical system of non lineal mass vortices. Its inverse function is the explosion of energy, the dissolution of form, the arrow of death.

Though physics recognizes the inverse arrow of entropy as negantropy—that is, the negation of entropy—it is long overdue to name it properly as form that crystallizes and organizes chaotic lineal energy into cyclical, repetitive patterns of in-form-ation.

Indeed, Mehaute, a chemist studying fractal patterns and reversals of entropy into information, and other theorists in different disciplines have proved  that when a system stops creating energy, entropy, it reverses its arrows of time creating instead information, fractal patterns of form—the future never stops. This also applies to physics in the way form becomes motion and motion becomes form.

The unification equation relates the different scales/membranes of space-time. Yet for each membrane and particle, we must clarify a final concept, the meaning of dimensions of information and how they disappear, converted into speed and energy or appear as motion and energy slows down, creating form. In the Universe, there are multiple physical species of different fractal non-Euclidean dimensions.

The new mathematics of complex physics means though that a flat plane of two dimensions has a minimal height, as each of its points of the flat network is in itself a world of a smaller scale. Thus, a flat vortex of mass, a bidimensional quark, has smaller gluons and strings, which have smaller dimensions. For that reason, there is equivalence between different mathematical descriptions in different dimensions. A fifth-dimensional description of strings is equivalent to a four-dimensional description of quarks, which is equivalent to a three-dimensional description of an electronic atom, and so on. It is a general law that all systems of physical mass pack energy in fractal dimensions of form:

Strings (one-dimensional dark entropy in a 5-D Universe) -> bidimensional quarks and gluons in a 4-D world -> three-dimensional electrons

This translates sometimes into different equations for a physical vortex and different power laws and relationships between masses (the static, formal, dimensional perception of a vortex) and speeds (its perception as pure motion). For example, Vo × Ro = K is a bidimensional vortex, which we used to explain in its simplest terms the equivalence principle.

However, the unification equation of charges and cosmological masses happens in a three-dimensional world. So we used a three-dimensional vortex equation, U.C. × M = w2 × r3, which is the vortex used to unify the three-dimensional worlds of cosmological bodies and electronic matter we perceive.

Finally, in the next chapter, when we compare the two families of quarks, top quark particles and strange quark particles, the relationship between their rotational speed and masses follows a three-dimensional power law (w3 = M). So the world of top quark particles turn at 10 c-speed but it has 1,000 times the mass of the world of strange quark particles that turn at a maximum of c-speed, which obviously means that the world of top quarks has one dimension more than the world of strange quarks. This is further proved by the famous Maldacena conjecture, which studies top quark black holes as five-dimensional string systems, self-similar to four-dimensional quark gluon soups.

We are more interested in explaining the concept illustrated in the graph: how our slower three-dimensional electronic world will accelerate, acquiring energy/speed and losing a fractal dimension of form, when it becomes transformed into a strange quark condensate since transformations of energy into information take place by warping and unwarping dimensions of form into speed.

A basic case observed in all scales is represented by the previous graph, taken from a SciAm article about the formation of galactic disks, which we used to illustrate the creation of a quark by the crunching of electronic nebulae of three dimensions. The slow rotation of the electron becomes a bidimensional faster quark system. The same process gives birth to a black hole in the cosmological realm, when the nebulae of a star or the gas of a galaxy collapses into a black hole.

All this means, of course, that dimensions are “fractal,” limited dimensions, which never extend to infinity but to the limits of a certain entity of the Universe. Thus, the creation of fractal dimensions of information or its transformation into speed is one of the commonest events of the Universe and at the same time one of the many details of the generator equation of space-time:

Energy = speed ≤=≥information = fractal dimension

In the case we study in this post, we can consider a simple dimensional game by which slow three-dimensional electrons become faster bidimensional quark masses. There is a simple proof of the bidimensionality of our up and down quarks: quarks have one-third or two-thirds of the charge/dimensionality of electrons and so we need three quarks with perpendicular orientations called colors to form a three-dimensional quark structure able to interact with our three-dimensional electrons.

Further on, we must add the interaction of two different mediums and forces, the strong gravitational force of quarks and the electroweak force of electrons. This means that quarks “suck in” electrons, trying to absorb them, to feed on them, so they have implosive, strong gravitational forces, while electrons try to suck in quarks with its electromagnetic force, reason why we use a negative, implosive, absorbing direction for electronic charges.

In other words, quarks use its force to attract and steal momentum from electrons, and electrons use its electromagnetic force to attract and absorb momentum for quarks.

Those are the simplest visual concepts, to understand the interactions of those membranes. Obviously when we enter into topological details, the forms, dimensions, and charges of each of those elements become far more complex.

The layered 3rd and 4th dimensions. The mathematics of planes of space and cycles of time.

All this of course is not how we see dimensions and what we mean by the growth of dimensions in normal science – a far simpler proposition, which we shall address now. In the ‘simple 3D analysis +1 t dimension’, is all about ‘layers that accumulate making the 3rd dimension grow, and motions that create a time dimension to ad to it. This of course is a legitimate form of growing dimensions.

Only that after we have enough layers and motions, there are no fancy spatial dimensions to add in a single scale. But a new point of an ∆+1 scale, as the graph shows: the left graph IS how the Universe grows a 5th dimension entering into a social upper scale (for a sphere that becomes a circle that rotates into a sphere; or for a dot that move sin to a line, which becomes laterally a reproductive plane that surge upwards to become a cube, unit of the new scaling. IT is the right graph trying to fit impossible 5 dimensions of space into a single continuum plane what is nuts. The penteract there is a 3-D projected into a 2-D, point.

Thus, there is a lot of confusions on the meaning of  the fourth and fifth dimensions of scalar space-time, as 4D is the naming given by physicists to ALL TIME CONCEPTS IN PHYSICS, as they do NOT differentiate between the 5 dimensions of time and the 5 of space, unaware of the philosophical deep meaning of the Galilean ‘relativity’ paradox, which clearly makes sense of the 3 dimensions of past, present and future (motion, energy and information), which are equivalent to lineal, hyperbolic and informative cyclical vortex in topology; and they do NOT differentiate between the ∆±2 scales of size and time speed, which are the origin of entropy=death arrows (fourth dimensions of space-time, jumping down, << i- two scales in the simplification of information, from wholes to infinitesimals) and social, mental arrows (fifth dimensions of space-time,  jumping up i+2 dimensions).

So what the physicists mean when talking of time as the four dimension? Two things and since we are ‘nice’, we have called the fourth dimension, the arrow of entropy, which they use as the arrow of time, to match ‘magic!’, their reduced view of it:

They use the concept to signify a grand philosophy whereas the arrow of entropy, the fourth dimension of timespace (Ti<<Si-2),  is considered the only arrow of future time, disregarding all other arrows, explicitly those who create information (fifth dimension of social organic evolution of wholes, 3rd dimension of accelerated time vortices).

This is one of the key concepts of the faulty philosophies of science.

Then there is the concept of Einstein, and the formalism of Minkowski, which corresponds to the ‘present 2nd dimensions of time-space’, which is used to study waves such as light is, and present ‘derivative’ minimal quantum changes, ∂t=∂s/∂v.

In that regard Minkowski grand conceptual thought, established a useful mathematical equation of 4-vectors, where the concept that time reduced to a present dimension of space, is useful to study translations in space, with derivatives, which by definition do NOT change state with ‘peak standing points’, and changes of parameters that happen when we move from a motion-state of maximal Space-translation=lineal speed and minimal information-density to a vortex state of maximal information density and minimal translation in space=lineal speed.

Once we understand such conceptual limits of time conception in physics we should 1)discharge as faulty, irrelevant and biased to 1/5th of time changes any entropic grand theory of the Universe, including the cosmic big bang, balanced by accelerated mass vortices (galaxies) that shrink entropy into matter, the evaporation of black holes as they do not travel lineally to the past, hence do not evaporate, and other grand bizarre scheme on reality.

While the fourth dimension of ‘space’ (time concept as a derivative that studies present slice of wave motions), must be understood as what it is a partial, wave-oriented analysis of spatial motions, which in special relativity makes more exact measures of those translations by reducing the total motion by a wave factor of warping, -c²t².

As physics has parameters which can be added as ‘curvatures’ and ‘scattering’ elements to define the ‘informative accelerated, and expansive decelerated’ other two arrows of topological time, in a single plane, relativity as well as other equations of motion in physics do reflect perfectly (even if the concepts behind become blurred) those motions, its topological trajectories and so there is nothing to correct as usual in the processes of measuring of physics. The four vector formalism merely adds conceptual confusion but improves measure in ‘derivative details’. 

Two conceptual interpretations can be done in detail on those 4-vector equations (well beyond this introduction): if we divide its four dimensions in two dimensions of space, Sx, Sz, and two of time, Sy -ct, then we can find many interesting symmetries between the space state (width-length: reproduction-motion) and the time state (height-information, ct-curvature-motion). It is only then when the proper understanding of the meaning of worldlines and light cones, becomes clearer.

Then properly interpreted, those 4-vectors show truly is a series of Sp=C/Tƒ, and  Sp=Tƒ, maximal, minimal and steady points of the 3 ages and symmetries between space and time. Albeit the time 3 ages/motions are integrated into a single lineal time duration and loose most of its meaning. So for each of those 4 vector equations, its fundamental S≈T symmetry must be studied departing from space-time symmetries. That’s all.

The relationship of time and space in those vectors is thus just one of essential balance and symmetry between the 3 vectorial dimensions of space and the 3 ages of time, sequentially added by duration.

Another expression common to mathematical physics are relations between the fundamental parameter of lineal motion, speed, and cyclical motion, density of an scalar, whose product is the flux of a quantity.

All these equations of dynamics require a specific analysis of which dimensions are seen as dimensions/distances/areas/ volumes/membranes/topological forms and which one are seen as time, motions, rotary or lineal or wave-like motion, and so a lot of conceptual analysis on how the human observer quantity a given space-time symmetry and its dimensions/parameters of motion/distance is needed.

Yet there are generic models which allow us to extract clear formulae of combination of motions and forms in the construction of being. The 3rd dimension of pure form or volume, for example is obtained through the layer accumulation of bidimensional, think membranes along a gradient of accelerated time vortices, from relative max. S x Min. T past upper layers to inner ones, as density increases.

This new ‘dimension of motion and form’, is thus a dual dimension which intersects with the membrane and creates a 4 dimensional ‘vector’, whereas however it should be considered the existence of two densities of form, the gradient towards the center and zero point and the motions within one of the perpendicular, ‘normal’ layers or planes of space, along the time, integrative gradient direction of the vortex.

4 dimensionality must be seen generally as a holography of space-time bidimensional forms with motion.

We can also consider a 3 fixed form dimensions, the 2 of each layer membrane normal to the dimension of the time vortex, its rotary dimension and gradient dimension.

Now what matter is to observe that any of those diverse formulations of an event in terms of higher form and motion, gradient, curl, divergence or any multiple vectorial spatial or time tensor equation to describe the event and form on space-time can be reduced to an interplay of motions of time dimensions and space forms along the rules of 5D, Œ,Æ, non-Euclidean geometry, existential algebra and 5D metric.

In the next graph we see how new dimensions are added by adding 2-manifold layers which create the ‘3rd dimension of depth, gradient, and hierarchy between those layers, established in equipotential surfaces of similar value, which in detail appear as relative ‘planes’ of minimal curvature, as we saw the Earth for millennia:

LAYERSNow the growth of planes of existence has in its simplest mathematical meaning an obvious limit:

it grows in pairs, often of space-time (complex plane of binary numbers), or by superposition in the Cartesian-hyperbolic Plane, of weaves and present space-time systems, of SS combinations, or in a polar plane for TT combinations.

So the Planes of bidimensional numbers permit bidimensional forms, but THERE ARE NOT TRIdimensional numbers. The next level is the plane of quaternions, ‘OBVIOUSLY MOVIN IN THE 5TH DIMENSION’ as it is not-commutative as motions in 4 dimensions are.

So we have a simple guide for the first steps of construction of worlds: to know that numbers are social groups of any kind of points, growing in the fifth dimension, and to know that the complex plane is an space-time plane, where the angular frequency mounting the plane of space, sucks in as i does on the negative square part of it.

In the graph, we can understand better the meaning of a bidimensional Universe in which the 3rd dimension is made by a sum of bidimensional layers where the relative X≈Z>>Y structure extends over an equipotential ‘democratic’ surface clone ‘œ-points’. Then the gradient of a given force or flow of information structure them in the ‘hierarchical dimension’, normally of Height, where the ‘strongest’, energetic point is in the lower center and inversely, the highest informative, most perceptive observer point in the upper layer.

It must be notice though the essential duality of the 3rd postulate of Non-AE: perpendicular motions are darwinian, and parallel are social. So the vital energy herds are structured in parallel, but there should be between the singularity and the membrane, crossing perpendicular networks, invaginated, mostly made of the substance of the hard membrane (golgi channels in cells, electro-magnetic flows guiding matter on Earth, nervous systems on organisms, legal inforcers in nations, which will PREY and control the vital space for the @monad system).

So on Earth, the outer membrane or continental crust hosts its highest informative points, human heads, while the center stores the most energetic=massive atoms, an iron core, probably seeded of high density uranium-lead crystals.

The bidimensional structure is common to all systems, which have an outer thin membrane that breaks the inner vital space and outer Universe. It is not however an absolute concept, as there is always a gradient which allows transfers between layers or social classes, but this osmosis that transfers momentum between them normally is far thinner, slower than the communication between atoms-particles-heads of the same layers.

And so changes of layer membranes require an existential ST effort, either an increase of energy or information (in the inverse gradient of both formal motions). This case is illustrated by the electron ‘plane waves’ which constantly vibrate around the atom (Schrodinger’s equation), but can change layer by an Energy impulse.

Thus in this manner the Universe adds a 3rd dimension of depth that gives volume to a bidimensional system, and also new forms of motion, which the classic model of physics group all together into the concept of the 5th dimension.

Dimensions grow as systems grow and multiply. So paraphrasing cheng-tzu, the Chinese philosopher, from one, Tao, ‘time motions’ comes 2 ‘space forms and time motions’, yin and yang, space lines and cyclical forms’ and from 2 comes 3 varieties of space-time, which give birth to the infinite beings of the Universe.

Einstein’s metric explain the contraction=warping of time-information by a slowing light ray.

Let us now consider the geometry of Einstein, where time subtracts -c²t², considering time ‘i’, -c²x-¹ = +c².

Thus what the Einstein metrics write really is: Ds²=x²+y²+z²+c², and that is ‘speed’ not ‘time’.

But for the non-mathemtical reader, a conceptual explanation makes more sense: we subtract a dimension of information/height of the light wave to the flat line of its underlying neutrino≈graviton scale with less ‘height and more information’; so what the -ct term merely means is that ‘we loose neutrino speed’ and we gain height-wave information, we pass from a pure $-tate to an ST-wave state with curvature taken away from pure speed, as the neutrino≈graviton can ONLY give us information on the distance to the emitter but the wave height and frequency will give us a lot of information.

And then doing the proper S=T equalisation of dimensions, we can use as physicists do all those space-like and time-like cones, knowing height is also a dimension of time information, so  (Sx, Sz) ≈ (Sy, Tƒ) IS the general rule for all systems that makes sense and gives the why to the ‘magic’ of maths.

We though have many times mentioned that special relativity (not so general relativity concerned with gravitation, which is invisible and accelerated time clocks of mass) is a mind exercise of measure to adapt to our constant motion view, the ‘stop-emission of information’ go-wave motion duality particle-wave in which the speed of light is fixed as the emitter and receiver are entangled in the neutrino-graviton scale of ‘action at distance’ and simultaneity, stopped in relationship to each other.

So of course it is a cumbersome formalism with measure uses more than conceptual magic. And here is where the inflationary amount of multiple views to adapt measure exploded in XX c. with computer thought to make every physicist a high pope of relativity science, to the point that the great master, Einstein quipped ‘since mathematicians entered the field of relativity, I don’t understand it’ (:

For example, downwards we have the AMD, my preferred, formalism, where we use bidimensional sheets. But on the upper growth of complexity the description of this complex space-time 4 dimensional system can be done also with quaternions as a single block of timespace.

And so on… but all this is hardly needed fro a human pov of slow beings which do not curve space at c-speed in its translations.

Only the military propaganda of the discoverer of the equation of the A-bomb made the system of our corrupted organism of history convert 4D physics in the ‘summit of all human forms of  thought’  and fog in the process our concept of time. What we were actually told in the height of the cold war is: if this guy gave us the A-bomb to kill all humans it must be a genius because the military ARE the salt of the earth. Lol, the harder they fall.

Cross product, as reproduction of dimensions.

It is then far more important given the blindness on meaning of mathematical physics to enlighten even the simplest concepts as ‘dimensions’ and ‘vectors: space-time bidimensional entities’, ‘numbers=social groups’ and ‘fractal points with growing breath’, etc.

Of course this is an INSULT for our geniuses which as Hilbert did with Einstein, despising first relativity for its simple maths – he was the God-talking man who ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ and set a ‘paradise’ for Cantor’s ‘building up’ of mathematics from the roof down, with its sets and axiomatic method, which denied experimental mathematics and its real units, simultaneous fractal points of space (Leibniz’s monads: each point is a world in itself) and  sequential social numbers of the 4th and 5th real scalar dimensions. So He and Cantor imagined first the units of its axiomatic self-contained, ‘detached’ world of formal mathematics from the top down.

But the TOP of maths is NOT the set or category, constructions of the inflationary human mind, but the Universe itself WHICH IT MIRRORS, so the relationship IS from math’s units, fractal points and social numbers to Universe, the reality it mirrors, through the classic scales of topological networks of points and algebraic causal relationships between social numbers and its scales of ±, x ÷, x²,³…, ∫∂ (continuous operations in the 4th, 5th dimension) and log, ln (exponential death and decametric social growth), which are all the operandi we need to construct reality.

Needless to say Hilbert and Cantor were all about ego. They wanted to be God. So Cantor ended in a mad house literally, and Hilbert when he realized that ‘simple Einstein’ was the ‘thing of the future’ stole his theory which Humble Einstein had sent him to review, improve a bit the maths and published it with his name! And yet today we still live in that ‘Dante’s inferno’ not paradise of those  whose capital sin of arrogance fogs their reason, for wanting to be more than God.

How can then go around studying the ‘hidden meanings’ in terms of its Time§paœrganisms of physics, and its ternary parts and symmetries an equation of physics?

It requires to know ‘mathematical meanings’ better than currently understood, besides the basics of the 10D³=(5+5)D.

5ST³ Dimensional realities observed by ‘4-dimensional’ self-centred @-minds is a fun game of confusions. As the mind is interpreting with its strictly reduced to see 3 dimensions of space and one of time… so there is always a lot of conceptual analysis behind.

A mathematical equation of physics, this said tends to be simple and mostly of the type:

E(st) = K (s) x ƒ (t)

That is the simplest ‘metric equations of the similar concepts: (5s•5t) D=5st D

Equations of physics in that sense are ALL as always in T.œs partial equations of the generator equation of 10D³ symmetries, whereas Γ@, the mind generator equation is an aristotelian, mathematical abstraction and syntax, in ternary symmetric dimensions:

Γ@:  ∆-1: $past potential limbs ≤≥ ∆ø: preSenT- body waves ≤≥ ∆+1: Tƒuture ahead-particles

Whereas the Generator equation of physical systems, as expressed by the mathematical mind, will reduce the whole generator to a series of partial equations, which try to show part of it.

In the fantaphysical world of reductionism there is of course the search for a Unification Equation but expressing only in an equation the equivalence between the four forces of nature, which we have resolved as a trivial case of 5D metric.

What we mean here is a different thing: All what happens as expressed in all languages are mirrors of sub-equations of the generator, and its 3 ‘parts in space-time’, its 3 flows of time arrows, <-entropy, >information, ≈ iteration, and its combined operandi, + -, x ÷, ±³, ∫∂.

So for those who want to understand this section I refer them first to those on organic, vital mathematics.

Let us put a simple example: vectorial mathematics.

Vectors as ST dimensional analysis.

A vector is by definition a mind-mirror in two dimensions of a physical Time§paœrganism, where there is a simple dimension of motion, lineal time motion and of space, often an active magnitude, mass, charge or (light) colour.

So we can build mappings of multiple simple ST-physical forms with vectorial magnitudes, and generally speaking as humans work often with bidimensional magnitudes, one of ‘volume’ of space (which they decompose often in 3 parameters) and one which aggregates all time arrows, there are a lot of meaningful vectorial analysis of the type: 

3 s = 3t

A basic symmetry of space-time dimensions with T.œ meaning for the timespace organism.

Whereas the space dimensions are analysed further in its simplest (not bidimensional topology), one-dimensional height-information arrow, length-motion arrow, width-reproduction arrow, void of all organic meaning, and time is analysed in the ‘future’ arrow mostly or present arrow (Einstein’s relativity) or past arrow (entropic processes), as if all where the same.

So the maths are good, the interpretations as usually poor.

It is then when the most useful ‘concept’ of physics, the concept of a present momentum, represeting such St COMBINATIONS appears, and its ‘conservation’ laws and ‘integral’s (energy worldcycles) allow an analysis of the event at ‘∆-1’ time-space quanta level (the momentum) or in its whole development as a world cycle (energy integral).

Such momentous momentums are then easily interpreted as expressions of ‘actions’ (the quanta of existence of any system), and worldcycles (the whole event when larger than a mere action integrated often as a conserved closed cycle).

The product of an s and t parameter though might be considered depending on the case, as a simple dot product, if one of the two parameters is a mere quantiser of frequency in time population in space, and basically we are just ‘adding up’ social units of an ∆§caling perceived in space as populations that last, in time as sequential frequencies that have little memorial tail. 

Or as a true process of creation of a third dimension, which is the cross product, such as:

S x T = st-Perpendicular new dimension.

Thus the more interesting case is described by the cross product, which to be real must have the two dimensions that originate them, so it must have motion, which becomes ‘reproduction’ as it creates the 3rd space-time present, reproductive, ‘energy’ dimension of physical systems within the same plane, such as S  x  T = ST (reproduction dimension), which is the general translation of the cross product to GST.

A vector that reproduces the system, taking from it motion and form. This is the origin of the magnetic field and in general any growth of a new membrane that encloses a previous scale absorbing its motion and form, ‘cooling’ the inner energy of the system, and as such is how the Universe creates new ‘layers of reality’ and we shall return to it.

In that regard it must be understood as a general rule that:

“sin functions are ðime functions of informative height or time§pace-like functions that reproduce a new combined ternary dimensions  and cos functions are $pace-like functions that flatten and increase the single dimensionality of speed-distances-forces.”

As we talk of the Y-coordinates as time-like coordinates (height-information dimension) and so a sin function = diagonal:st/y:t-coordinates, and a cos-function: diagonal:st/s-coordinates     Sin = st/t    cos=st/s ratios.

While the cross product combines two S, T factors, which form together an ST-plane adding a new direction of reproduction (z-width plane):


In vector algebra, the cross or vector product (is a binary operation on two vectors that creates a three-dimensional space (R3), denoted by the symbol ×.

Given two linearly independent vectors a and b, the cross product, a × b, is a vector that is perpendicular to both a and b and therefore normal to the plane containing them. It has many applications in mathematics, physics and engineering. More generally, the magnitude of the product equals the area of a parallelogram with the vectors for sides; in particular, the magnitude of the product of two perpendicular vectors is the product of their lengths.

The cross product is anticommutative (i.e., a × b = −(b × a)) and is distributive over addition (i.e., a × (b + c) = a × b + a × c).

It also depends on a choice of orientation or “handedness”.

Wave motion.

It is then easy to introduce two simple examples of vectorial physics, one to express the complex dimension of Sxt REPRODUCTION or wave state, and other to consider the particle-field cyclical vortex state.

The first equation is obviously c² ≈ K-urvature=acceleration/µagnetic ‘density’=inertial resistance,

where the field of light reproduction of information is the ratio between the spe accelerated speed and magnetic density of information of the system.

What all this means generally is that a and b are $pe and tfunctions and a x b is therefore an ST ‘new dimensional form’.

This in abstract might sound very general but when we study mathematical physics, we shall see what it means. Consider for example, the field of light space-time:

In the graph, the cross product of the ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC, Tïƒ and $pe elements creates the 3rd dimension of reproductive speed in a light ray, and both are perpendicular to maximise the ‘inner product space’ they ‘absorb’ to reproduce its form in the speed of the wave (disregard the wrong wording, where it says energy should say entropy). Consider the magnetic force F on a charge q travelling at speed v in magnetic field B. (See electric motors for examples of magnetic forces.)

The magnitude of that force is proportional to v and proportional to B, so we need a product of the two vectors. The magnitude F of the force is also proportional to sin θ, where θ is the angle between v and B. Now this magnetic force F is a vector, so we need not just its magnitude, but its direction. That direction is at right angles to both v and B.In this case from the human pov, a being, which uses electronics as information and the gravito-magnetic field as entropy of motion, the magnetic flat field (Spe) x the informative high electric field, equals the ST-energy speed of the system (energy ≈ v²). So the cross product DOES generate a 3rd element, normally st.

Angular momentum

We have considered that certain ratios are of enormous importance as they become constants of the Universe, one of them is the ratio known as angular momentum. As it is the best description of a particle state, with 3 bits of information, the ‘density of information of the membrane’, its ‘speed of rotation’ and the radius to the ‘mass-mind singularity’, thus bringing together the ‘whole’ @ system with 3 simple parameters.

As such IT MUST BE CONSIDERED THE KEY parameter of the membrain-singularity physical system, and as such the unit of the quantum world, h, is measured in such terms, and ultimately mass can also be seen as a measure of an angular momentum, giving us the information about the whole system.

 The angular momentum L (Ts) of a particle about a given origin is defined as: L = r x P

where r (t) is the position vector of the particle relative to the ‘singularity’ tiƒ origin, and P (spe) is the linear momentum of the particle.

cross product physics

Now consider the torque τ produced by a force F about an axis from which it is displaced by r.  The magnitude of that torque is proportional to r and proportional to F, so again we need a product of two vectors; since R is obviously the radius of the Œ-system, related to its singularity, Tiƒ, and F, the membrane in motion that limits the system (its maximal Spe-element)

The magnitude τ of the torque is also proportional to sin θ, where θ in this case is between r and F. (Notice that it, in both these cases, we need sin θ, whereas the scalar product had cos θ). The torque τ is a vector: torques in different directions in general cause rotations about different axes. That direction of the torque (which is often but not always parallel to the axis about which it causes rotation) is at right angles to both r and F.

So we define the vector product thus:
|a X b| = ab sin θ, and
a X b is at right angles to a and b in a right handed sense.

And the beauty of it is that it also has an ∆-interpretation depending on which is the DOMINANT arrow $pe or tïƒ, upwards (so it becomes an informative growing ∆-dimension) or downwards (so it becomes an entropic diminishing ∆-direction).

And so we talk of a simple ternary system, generated by a cross product, which in modern maths is better described as the ‘surface’ parallelogram between both.

So the creation of dimensions or its transformation into each other fully defines the construction of full Spe<St>Tiƒ physical systems.

Finally we shall deal with the fifth dimension in physics, when we introduce the birth of ∆nalysis, its formalism, found in mathematical physics, which definitely married both disciplines. And will be our last part of introduction to mathematical physics, as an introduction to the third part of this blog, a review of all physical ∆-planes…

We can in the graph observe how the ‘Rashomon effect’ (different povs and different equations to portrait the same phenomena) and the usefulness of relativity and 4D models, to  illustrate different perspectives and dimensions.

In this case a key concept of both classic and new stience is the angular momentum, which can be seen as the membrane vortex in motion of physical systems, which will be ultimately the membrane of a mass singularity/enclosure.

In the four vector vision, angular momentum IS HOWEVER seen as a ‘quantised’ informative angular surface which shows the perspective of the centre of mass, which ‘absorbs’ a ‘radian’ quanta, h/2 of the force field ‘each slice of time.

So we can see in the relativity=max. mental stilness=max. present view of angular momentum, as a bidimensional triangular, radian plane.

It is then important to consider in much more depth the meaning of the ‘constants’ of action and 5D planes in physical systems, h, k, and.. c…as they will also have different states, as circular motions, (c-speed around black holes, h as spin), as lineal motions and energy parameters (h in e=hƒ, c in e=mc², etc.)

Ultimately our thermodynamic/magnetic world is a ‘vibration’ between the limits of those 2  ‘constants’ of our minimal informative particle/quantum scale, and our maximal speed of motion=reproduction of form, the  constant c, which becomes the constant of scale of the next dark world beyond our Universe…

As the maximal value of reproduction of information of an ∆-1 scale becomes a mere minimal quanta of space in the larger ∆+1 scale where the game starts afresh. So a cell might be a full being in ∆-1 but becomes the minimal quanta of entropy to feed and ∆+1 super organism, and so on.

Let us then go deeper in the meaning of Universal constants, and its multiple roles on mathematical physics.




The question of measure – what a mind perceives and how it perceives other beings and its time-space cycles.

We can now consider  what will be more important to physicsts – the questions of mesure of those ternary systems.

To start with, the singularity, the most important part is almost invisible to us, as it is the infinitesimal part (see central post on mind-moands). So physicists observe them as particle-points. How then we measure them? As we explain in the general model, through its ‘actions’ of existence.

And this will also be the case of physics. Systems as ‘open balls’ are only perceived in its body-wave mostly, either as it moves in body-wave configuration or as it stops to perceive as particle systems. And in both cases the most observable form will be the external membrane, and its actions that carry the will of existence of the central singularity that perceives.

The method of relational space-time is clear: we depart from the conviction that in all the scales of reality there is a fundamental particle, the supœrganism of space-time which the fractal generator defines in its 10 dimensional structure. And when we observe the scales of reality that are closer to us, we find them ‘having’ those supœrganisms in infinite varieties, albeit recognisable in all of them, either physical, biological or social ones.

It is then obvious that in the scales we do NOT see, those supœrganisms must exist and we just have to interpret the scanty evidence we have of those worlds, to realise they ‘are there’. This is relatively easy to do when we enlarge our view to the Galaxy, and even beyond, though we can’t truly assess if the ∆+4 scale is an infinite tapestry of atomic galaxies as described by Einstein-Walker metric (a steady state modelled with galaxies AS hydrogen atoms), or it might have a limiting size… So we cannot and certainly will not make ‘bad’ science and accept the ‘mathematical religion’ that because an equation, v=Hod MIGHT in the simplest terms define a a finite mortal Universe, it IS there, with no evidence. 

In the other limit things get also difficult to assess, because the clocks of time of smallish systems are very fast and make us confuse time and space parameters, as in quarks and weak forces. The problem here is the fact we cannot assess below the atomic scale, the self-similar scale to that of the galaxy, much of what we see. We are then in the realm of pure interpretation, of mathematical equations; which by force can only extract a minimal quantity of properties of the systems described. And the distortions of the human mind become then more evident.

The error of the ‘religion of mathematical creationism’ comes then in full force as mathematics becomes overwhelmingly a synoptic ‘herding’ language of numbers, in which a ‘number’ reduces the whole properties of a herd of individual supœrganisms to a mere ‘indistinguishable quality’. 

This does not matter to creationist physicists, who believe the language creates reality and abandon any attempt to fully advance the comprehension of the physical world at the two levels we ‘ignore’ but can in principle with a huge amount of thought experiments being resolved (and would have been resolved in this author had obtained help from ‘pros’ on the discipline, but for personal causes of activism against the nuclear industry it did not, abandoning himself the task):

  • THE PROPER INTERPRETATION in vital organic terms, of the meaning of mathematical abstract equations, as we have done with the evolution of Non-Euclidean mathematics, redefining the fractal point, the wave-line, the laws of congruence according to the self-similarity of form and energy and so on.
  • The add-on to the ‘scanty’ properties we can measure of those minimal parts (herded into numbers, herded into functions, herded into functionals and displayed into all its ‘potential variations’ of events in times and forms in space).

As we said the task is difficult, it won’t have much of an audience, as religious people do not like to reason and yet from time to time among many other sciences we must evolve into the 10D paradigm, we shall attempt to cast further light on those subjects.

The purpose of humind physics though seems to be enough for its praxis, which is to herd, ab=use and extract from those lower quantum scales, in a more professional, industrial way, in order to create a parallel electronic mind to that of man, the m(ach)ind, or digital thought, the essential elements physicsts require to that task: bits of information that can be manipulated to calculate those digital thoughts (computers, quantum devices, based mostly on the informative properties of spins and electrons) and extract energy of motion (obtained mostly from electromagnetic forces).

It might then seem absurd the purpose of our inquire: to understand and ‘feel’ the life and thoughts of those supœrganisms, to define them not as abstract entelechies herded and resumed in all its time events, space forms and ∆-scales as mere ‘numbers’ and its synoptic functions, functionals as we do in farms with masses of pigs and chickens, of which we only want to see the final product – the meat extracted and put onto our hamburguer. Who cares about what ‘was a hamburger’? About the life of the pig? Who cares about what is truly an electron or a photon as a supœrganism? W just want them to feed our machines and become the liquid fluid of its calculations.  And for that its presentation in indistinguishable ‘hamburgers’ is more than enough. Fine.

Yet what is not proper is to deduce as philosophers of physics do that the scale of ‘pigs’ is not a living scale but a sea of ‘hamburgers’ different from all other scales of mammal life. And since ultimately the purpose of these posts is to show the unity and self-similarity of all beings of all scales we need to go beyond those limited assessments of the quantum ‘hamburger’ scale, and retrace the ‘final product’, the mathematical synoptic equation, to its initial origins, even before we measure them, the PlanCktons, or supœrganisms of light, which we transformed finally into the hamburger. What is than a plankton, the first ‘supœrganism we fully see? The minimal ‘cellular’ element of our electronic minds?

Let us search then for an answer.

Limits: mind singularities and membrains

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.18Physics is a science of limits between ∆-scales and ratios, within them. In the graph the limits of our human ∆±1 scales found on the atom-galaxy, c-speed (limit of S: entropic speed and ST: wave-transmission of information) and 0 K (limit of Tiƒ-order). Beyond those limits though, with scanty perception of the human observer we can hint  at a larger scale outside galaxies, which faster than light speeds and lower than 0k order. To understand though those outer parameters, it is needed to fully grasp some mathematical ill-understood concepts such as negative numbers and imaginary numbers, treated in the section of mathematics and applied to physics on the fourth line.

In the graph the ternary structure of the Universe seen in topological terms as an open ball. It gives us once we know that minds are still mappings of reality in a point, a hint to what we measure when we give a constant value to a point-particle in a Universe in perpetual motion, its still mind volume of information, which is the only ‘still fixed’ absolute parameter of a system, which we can measure with a scalar, and so we shall in general associate energy to a measure of the vital space, frequency to a measure of the cyclical motion of its membrane or the scalar value of its singularity, and speed to an entropic measure of the external world. 

In that sense in the same manner that a charge is minimal even zero in the internal region of a charged spherical form (Gauss) the central point of the absolute mass, the black hole axis in fact has no mass, it is the inverse entropic point from where it will jet its ‘dark entropy v>c’ tachyon (Kerr black hole) entropy after ‘stopping in the mind point’. So we can talk of a toroid structure in dynamic terms for all the singularities of temporal clocks of future in physical systems.

In the graph, topological motions are the ultimate basic elements to define most elements of physics in generic, isomorphic terms. The singularity or charge/gravity centre represents the point of still transition between the inward, cyclical motion of the membrane, and the lineal, perpendicular, entropic axis flow, which in each sub scale of Ƥ will be measure by humans with different parameters.

Those parts of any physical system, studied from the perspective of its mind-singularity or frame of reference in physics, will then become the objects of inquire of physical super organisms, with clear different functions, which correspond to the general laws or ‘isomorphisms’ of any 5D³  system of 10 dimensions (5 of time and 5 of space, or 3 of time 3 of space 3 scalar dimensions and 1+1 of the mind, and so on, depending on which ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of its total properties we make).

The TERNARY symmetries between still ‘S’ informative singularity T-cyclical membrane, and ST vital energy they enclose DEINES topologically the ‘singularity and membrane’ of an ST-open ball.

The singularity IS A CENTER OF COORDINATES IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, AND ALSO A zero point where motion stops’. As such it will be the simultaneous function of space-IN-form-ATION of the being.

In the outer limit of that being, the angular momentum of maximal cyclical motion defines he T-membrain or enclosure, which breaks the being into an inner vital space, the open ball proper, whose energy and combination of motion and form, will be synchronised and complete the whole.

IT IS THE INTERACTION of those 3 elements within themselves and with the external world through actions of space-time, motions in space and informative trans-formations in time, what will define the different scalar super organisms of physics, the photon, the electron, the quark, the atom, the molecule, the matter state, the gravitational body and the galactic super organism.

So we can describe them all departing from a 10D generator equation: Γ@= ∆-1 $pe<∆-St>Tƒ∆+1.

Analytically though most singularities are measured not as whole ternary systems but by its ‘actions’, of exchange of entropy, energy and information through its ‘angular momentum’ membrain, or halo, electron, magnetic field, surface of exchange of heat, etc. of which the more thoroughly investigated in physics are pure translations in space; and lacking a philosophy of s=t dimensions and st œrganisms, used to model all other phenomena in terms of space-motion (including the other arrows of time, all forces including the time-transformative weak ‘force’, and so on.)

So while all the equations of physics are meaningful tools of praxis, measure, they must be reorganised and enclosed within the ‘real super organisms of time-space’ as partial equations that describe its actions and motions, making sense of them all.

As in biological beings, where evolution starts either by the creation of a membrane, which encloses a vital water, which will evolve in time to create a cellular organism, or by the replication of a singularity seed of memorial information that reproduces faster the whole being, physical systems appear with the interaction and/or evolution of a singularity and a membrane. ONLY THAT in physical systems the ‘networks’ of proteins that connect both part are more ‘fluid’ and ‘geometrical’, becoming the dual fields of in-form-ation and expansive motion, that coordinate the dual ST motion-form tendencies of the energetic vital space-time between them (magnetic+ electric fields, gravitational + electromagnetic forces, and so on).

It must be also understood the duality of motion (lineal state) and form (cyclical state), even if form often offers an accelerated inward motions (T-future state), to fully grasp the duality of all physical beings and its membranes, expressed in the duality of particle-wave states, angular frequency and lineal inertia. So we can define the membrane either in 2 or 3 dimensions as a function of angular momentum, and/or sinusoidal waves, where the envelop is the ‘wave train’, which is the T-membrane state in lineal motion. So goes for 3 Dimensional systems, where the Harmonics of the membrane will describe all its modes of vibration, which in turn will define in its solutions, the proper way in which the membrane acts to absorb entropic motion from the external world, acting as a potential field of ‘entropy’, which the membrane will vibrate in order to absorb that entropic motion.

The membrane thus will be described by a series of fourier harmonic functions, which in most cases will bring an inward potential arrow towards the singularity, ‘informing’ the system’s central still mapping. And only in the inverse arrow of entropy and death, the 4th dimensions of scalar-space time, when the whole (membrane and singularity) dissolve and no longer can retain with its ‘pressure’ balance the inner vital energy of the open ball the system will explode and entropy-motion will come from the space-time organism, dying: Γ@<<∆-1,2.

On the other hand the singularity will be perceived as a static point and as such can be described by an informative scalar parameter, mass or charge, according to its curvature (G or K); and so we have the parameters of ‘angular momentum or lineal inertia’ for the membrane and curvature and active magnitude mass or charge for the singularity, leaving the parameters of momenta for the individual ‘cell’  or energy for the whole vital space-time enclosed between both.

As the symmetries between ternary topologies of space, time ages and ∆±i scales constantly transform and exchange entropy, energy and information between them, the dynamic analysis of those elements create the complexity of physics, to which we must add specially in ∆-i planes, the social evolution of millions of quasi-identical ‘fractal points’ of physical systems, which make the social laws expressed in logarithmic scales, and its decametric and ternary , e, π mathematical operations, integrals and analysis, along group theory, which expresses in abstract, those symmetric changes and transformations of the 3×3±i dimensions of the entity the all pervading elements of mathematical physics.

Yet its abstraction in the present formulation of those elements, symmetries, planes and scales should not ‘fog’ us from referring them all to the ultimate particle-structure of reality, the Time§paœrganism (ab.T.œ), the fundamental entity of Nature.

What are then the constants physicists use mostly to define those elements?

In each scale they are different, but it is fairly straight to conclude that the limits of human perception, in both limiting scales are the scalar values of charge and mass for the singularities, and the lineal and angular states of h, h and c as lineal speed in the gravitational scale of the galaxy and rotary c-speed in the membrane of black holes and in the lower scale heavy quarks.

So both constants of the membrane of quantum and gravitational systems, h and c can be seen in lineal terms or as cyclical membranes that enclose the particle states (charges and black hole masses). Whereas, we, thermodynamic beings sandwiched between scales will tend to see the lower more informative constant of action of the quantum scale as a spin/angular momentum membrane of the particle/wave states of the electron that ‘covers’ the atom, and see the c-instant of the galactic membrane, more as a limit of speed of reproduction in the larger scale, since we see larger systems from our more curved perspective as flat, as opposed to smaller systems that have more curvature (h-constant).

Yet in ‘scalar physics’, we shall be able to unify both mass and charge as two curvatures of different speeds and h and c, which in praxis indeed are unified as they are consider 1 in natural units, and can be considered the ‘1 quanta’ of the two limiting scales. While in the middle, where information is maximal the thermodynamic scale has a much more complex, dynamic variety of constants, but we can safely state that temperature would be the scalar valuation of the singularity density and K the constant of action, from where we ‘predate’ as gravitogmagnetic entities our entropy of motion (reason why unlike h measured as angular curvature, and c measure as lineal speed, k is measured as entropy hits, from the human perspective – use of it).



We are going now to introduce the basic mathematical equations and parameters of those scales, in a first sight of mathematical physics.

In that sense, Physical systems respond to all the properties of GST systems, but humans ∆º minds, mostly mathematical in its scientific pov, apply to them and investigate only in terms of ∆º=st, that is a single space-time plane and its mathematical equations of dynamical changes in a single continuous time-space and this is both only a part of its scales, which makes impossible to understand its co-existing organic properties and one ‘single, lineal, entropic time arrow’.

It is then a wonder that with so ill-concepts its equations work – why is that?

The answer of course is that you don’t need to comprehend what you manipulate, but by the mere method of gathering experimental evidence, and ensemble equations the magic of the mirror of the mathematical language, works, as you don’t need to know thermodynamics to invent a vapour machine and how light organises its transmission of information to invent a radio – the Universal intelligence embedded in all ∆ºst systems and mirror languages provide for it; but obviously the humind egotist membrain things it is all done by ‘it’.

Further on two features of ∆st maths help this streamlining as the equations are similar.

So to correct in mathematical parameters lineal time; as frequency, the parameter of informative, cyclical time is merely the inverse of lineal duration, ƒ=1/t, or rather a ‘quanta’ or ‘step’, a detail of a longer duration, whose finite sum of frequencies and form of steps  are eliminated in lineal time, it is easy to ‘translate’ into cyclical time-equations ALL the equations of physics (even though sometimes we cannot recuperate the detailed lost information of each step and form of the cycles).

This was in fact the first steps i did into 5D³ 30 years ago and it worked giving me huge number of solutions to obscure problems in all the fields of physics and a sound interpretation of them.

What about ∆§cales? Here again, as we can do ceteris paribus analysis of each scale as if it were a ‘closed’ Universe in itself, which is what physicists do albeit with different conceptual jargons and slightly different physics (reason why they think quantum physics is different) which are distorted by the human view of it that has to ‘break through’ the discontiuities of ∆-scales and recuperate with its mathematical ‘imagination’ the lost information, the main work to do is the interpretation and explanation of why the distortion of the humind perception of far away scales with uncertainty and dark region does NOT imply reality is different but merely a different human view, which can be fully understood when we know the main new field in ∆§pace physics. And we shall return to that, when studying the different parameters/perceptions humans have of each scale making them seem different to us, when they are self-similar (quantum uncertainty, dark entropy, etc.)

Duality of right mathematical vs. wrong conceptual physics 

Yet even the classic scales (mechanics, thermodynamics) need corrections, because mathematical physics was born observing the galaxy, and its original postulates were distorted from the point of view adopted in that earlier age (Newtonian absolute space and time).  And thermodynamics was born on the study of entropic weapons (cannons) and motion machines (steam).

However and this is the key to build properly the discipline, given the fact that physics, like chinese runs in two different language, one unified – mathematical equations/ideographic writing – and so accurate and better mirrored; and other based mostly on ‘different’ dialectical opinions (concepts of physics, philosophies of science derived of physics), we must accept mathematical physics is right and only interpret their equations properly.

3 examples taken here will suffice:  

Entropy equations are right. What is wrong is to reduce the arrows=actions otime to mere entropic motions as if the other two arrows=actions, information and energy did not matter as a fundamental time event… so physicists study them as something else. Hubble’s equation of expansion of vacuum between galaxies as light dissolves into the ∆-4 >c scale is right; what is wrong is to ‘expand it back to the past’ into a supposed singularity where all time and space exists just by wishful thinking. quantum equations are right, what is wrong is the Copenhagen observers’ interpretation.

What physicists have so far done though, is without any PHILOSOPHICAL≈EPISTEMOLOGICAL rigour, to affirm that because they have written Chinese, they know how to pronounce it; and then of course each one says ‘ma’ with a different tone; and they just say but the equation is right. Sure, but how do you pronounce=translate into verbal, logic concepts? That is the key to make sense of the Universe.

And to prove that duality between right mathematical physics and wrong conceptual physics, we have divided this sections in two articles. One will be more concerned with conceptual errors and written first (astrophysics), as that is where GST can be applied.

Indeed the advance of GST on physics will come from the proper application of the higher layer of truth (the properties of space and time, applied through the isomorphisms and generator of fractal space and cyclical time) to illuminate first maths and its equations, and correct then those ‘opinions’ that today pass as scientific truths, since people are just in awe of the machines and measures of physics.

Thus we shall show how the whole of physics is inscribed into the linguistic ternary grammar of the Generator of Space-time (Gst), and its isomorphisms. As all physical beings in all scales  are ternary ∆±1, s,st,t, past>present>future beings. And so the laws and equations derived from the Fractal generator, apply to all system of physical beings, included the galaxy-atom scale (∆±3) which is the last scale we perceive in depth.

The key errors: ∆•$ð, ratios cycles, ternary systems.

Observers inhabiting a Bohmian universe (made out of Bohmian particles) observe random-looking outcomes of their experiments whose statistics agree with the rules of quantum mechanics for making predictions. This merely the degree of freedom of ∆-1 parts in the o-1 unit time sphere equals the ∆º:1-∞ plane

Classic Physics doesn’t work in his explanation of the fundamental principles of reality because its fundamental principles, which are the same of any entity of any ‘stience’, the three arrows of timespace, spatial entropy, temporal form and energetic combinations of both, extending across ‘scales of the fractal fifth dimension’, DO NOT EXIST in the simplified 4D continuous models of this stience.

So while the ‘distorted’ mental p.o.v. traced by classic physics does work, on praxis (as it caters to the distorted human mind, which sees itself not as a language but as reality itself->naive realism), on theory it does not have a ‘clean sheet’ view of reality, which is what we shall add here to the mathematical precision of measure and its manipulation, encased in mathematical equations, based on that distorted view of a single space-time continuum and a single time-clock/arrow.

SO 5D physics adds the 3 elements discovered by the fractal paradigm:

  • The rediscovery of cyclical time clocks, a concept, so obvious in Nature and the systems of time measure, which in the Eastern world was the basis of its religious philosophies of the Universe (Taoism and Hinduism) and in the West was natural to the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek tradition, followed by Leibniz and his concept of relational space-time. The cyclical nature of time establishes the reason why space-time events and forms repeat in the universe, justifying epistemologically in sounder grounds the fundamental two elements of science – predictability of future events, based in its occurrence in past times, and logic coherence, or causality beween past and future events.
  •  Yet causality in a 5Dimensional scalar Universe is more complex than in classic science, as time is cyclical, meaning that from past to future, we observe an arrow of information, which then returns from future to past, as an arrow of entropy completing a causal worldcycle.
  • Time cycles break space into an inner and outer reality. So the Universe is also made of ‘fractal, vital spaces’ (the entities we see all around us), which lasted a finite time cycle (its cycle of creation, evolution and extinction).
  • Finally, those cycles are ordered by size in space and its opposite speed or frequency of its closed cycles, into a new 5th dimension with a generic metric:

Spe(spatial size) x Tiƒ (time frequency) = ∆ (Constant ratio).

That is smaller systems run faster informative cycles, and larger systems are slower. Yet the product of both parameters remains invariant, allowing travels through the 5th dimension, of organic nature. Now, we have added a key word to constant, ‘ratio‘.

Because an essential fact derived of the scalar nature of the 5th dimension and the limits of the ∆• mind that observes any reality is that all systems are relative also in scale, so the parameters we use are mostly ‘ratios’ between t-densities, s-peeds and ts-momentums… all must be compared to make sense.

This means the three parameters that will matter to physics will be ratios:

$: speed, v=f(s)/f(t), the entropic ratio of motion.

ρ: density, the main ratio of information: f(t)/F(s), mostly an active magnitude of each physical scale/volume.

p: momentum≈ f(s) x f(t): existential force,

This fact is denied by physicists, who still think in absolute ratios, hence their obsession to measure exactly the mass of the fundamental particles of reality, without much interest in understanding the ultimate meaning of mass (no, we shall not take seriously the Higgs hoax).

More of this latter. So ratios matter more than matter, and indeed in mathematical physics we shall observe this truism when we realise that serious physical equations, key to translate the ‘partial equations of the generator’ (continuity, diffusion, etc.) are expressed in ratios.

It is a key advance to grasp physics and something obvious in physiology:

We are NOT killed by huge electric fields because they are beyond our perception; don’t hear ultrasounds and don’t see ultraviolet light even if it has more energy. Yet if there was only a plane continuum, those values would be absolute and we would be truly affected by higher energies, according to its absolute value.

Nothing of this is understood in classic physics. As the similar case, which only Russell the philosopher, truly grasped – that relativity meant time events, not spatial forms, are real (simultaneity in 4D defines spatial measures from a mind perspective – as such space does not really exist but minds create it to ‘fix motion’ into perception.)

Now of course they DO have mathematical equations to explain them. But the meaning, the organic whys – the larger view of a philosophy of science that explains properly what is time and space, matter, mass, dimensions, waves, spins, etc. is missed.

This is what T.Πand the model of 5 D Fractal space-time explains (so I direct the reader to the brief introduction to those themes in the previous post of this section).

To upgrade astrophysics is a daunting task not because of the difficulty of its statements but of the sheer size of the discipline and the encroached error of lineal time and continuous space, to which we might ad two handicaps for reform – the enormous development of praxis in physics (industrial machines), which obliges to maintain old theoretical errors, as long as its methods of measure and construction of machines do work to avoid cumbersome reprintings of billions of books (we still hang on errors acknowledge by all physicists about magnetism as a different force from electricity and electrons as negative, when they are the ‘positive’ attractive poles of electricity, dating to the XVII and XVIII c.) and parallel to that mechanical power, the enormous arrogance of physicists as scientists who believe to be the ‘Popes’ of the ‘religion of the number’… that suffices in itself.

In that regard a single example will suffice: today most professional physicists are aware that the Broglie->Bell->Bohm, ‘B3’ pilot-wave realist interpretation of quantum mechanics is the ‘true one’ and the Copenhagen idealist version an anthropomorphic ego-trip, for a simple reason: facts are increasingly favouring the realist vision, which among other things is the only rational explanation for the EM engine, which will likely become the interstellar choice for travel.

Only the realist interpretation (which happens to be the only adequate for 5D) accounts for it. But this alternative truth languishes because the equations are essentially the same. So who ‘cares about interpretation’, if the why is not what we ask?

Scalar transitions.  How membranes function and emerge.

An important part of the why of physics is therefore to study how new scales emerge, how super organisms build its ternary forms, departing either from the emergence of a singularity point or from the external membrane.

This again is easier to understand departing of our scale, observing how this intermediate ‘magnetic world’ between the atom-galaxy and the galaxy-atom emerges and transcends, giving up energy and mass to the gravitational world.

AS ITS parallel thermodynamic world the maximal detail is observed in this scale to understand better the extreme planes we don’t see. The workings of the magnetic field then become evident, and by self-similarity can be applied to the understanding on how other planes emerge. It is only needed that the charge moves for an external observer (it always moves from a certain pov) to see how a magnetic field appears NOT to extract directly entropy=motion from the particle but to ‘curve its trajectory’ and hence confine it within a larger world.

However a vital view of the function of a magnetic field in organic terms is far more interesting. Indeed, a brief resume of its actions:

According to the 3rd postulate of non-E congruence, which all systems follow:

Magnetic attraction occurs between charges which are moving in same direction (parallel evolving phenomena).
Magnetic repulsion occurs between charges which are moving in opposite directions (antiparallel=perpendicular in one dimension – darwinian phenomena).

Thus magnetism becomes the social force that harmonises groups of charges.

This function though is possible due to the ghost-like lightness of the ‘envelope-bubble’ of magnetism.

And so the magnetic field has always to be considered in terms of membranes only.

Incidentally to mention that the greatest underrated physicist of modern times, Mr. Heaviside, which simplified the 20 equations of Maxwell into the 4, also defined the equation of gravito-magnetism, which connects the ∆ø scale of magnetism and the ∆+1 scale of gravitation, a decade before than relativity did, with the same phenomena, and the same equations that magnetism has for ‘flat space-time gravitation’ – basically all gravitation that affects us, except in the close vicinity of black holes, where gravitation itself, as understood within the galaxy becomes deformed by the ‘open door’ to the dark world outside the galaxies that black holes signify.

It is then an essential part of 5D physics to fully comprehend how new membrains and singularities, focus of those forces ‘enclose’, predate and absorb the energy of the lower scales; which is what ultimately express the simplest, most important equations of physics in which terms of different scales are equated.

Consider the simplest equation, which nicely relate all the 4 fundamental scales of physical nature (quantum, light and electronic, magnetic and gravitational scales – since our thermodynamic ‘vibrations’ are just a secondary parasitic scale that takes energy from all of them in the form of electromagnetism and temperature – molecular momenta):


The beauty of this equation BOTH for a proton, of mass Mp and an electron of mass Me is obvious. Here we have the 4 fundamental active magnitudes in its minimal quanta for magnetic forces, mass, light energy and electronic charge, completely equated with just a 2.0′ ‘dual’ factor. 

And so it has to tell us something very important on the relationship between those parameters of the 4 sub-scales of physical nature: h>e>µB>M

Now the first hypothesis we can forge is one obvious process of Emergence  of the two upper membrains of Nature, the magnetic and gravitational membrain, as ‘resonances’≈ emergent new planes of the fifth dimension, which extract its ‘energy of existence’ for the lower, ‘denser informative, faster, clocks’ of the ‘inner Russian dolls of nature, the electron and its ‘dense’ photonic quanta. 

And as mass and magnetism are in one side and planckton and electric charge on the other; it all suggests that we can ‘split’ our reality if we were to consider two ‘regions’ only with our thermodynamic ∆o reality in the middle, in the smaller world of light and electrons vs. the larger world of magnetism and gravitation.

This hypothesis latter analysed in far greater detail on the fourth line of mathematical physics and scales, would also imply that depending on particle and substance, the emergence of magnetism and gravitation differs. For the electron, most of the emergent scale will be magnetic, as its mass is minimal, for the nucleon most will be gravitational, as its mass is maximal.

So the emergence keeps a certain duality which we shall see carried through all scales of the H-planck>e-charge>electric current>magnetic force; meaning the ‘jump into the mass’ membrane and the interaction with our light-electronic world is minimal.

While quarks will become the real candidates, specially in its heavier families to transcend and emerge the small quantum world and jump into the awesome 10ˆ40 hierarchy of the galaxy-atom. And we shall return to all that.

Now, THE sub-theme on how new planes emerge by predating, enclosing and forming a singularity that traps as ‘vital energy/space’ the previous microforms is also very externes. It deals basically with the ’emergence’ by resonance in time, of new 5D singularity-membrains, from atomic spins to magnetic membranes to angular momentum, in ‘gravitational systems’ of mass.

And it does have to do with the ‘reversal’ between scales in dimensional directions and inversions in the ‘motion vs. form, entropy vs. social evolution, t and ∆±1 inversions, between the 1st and 3rd, the 4th and 5th dimensions of space-time. WE shall treat them in the second part of this post, dedicated to each scale and the 3rd line of the blog in physical scale.

Let us make some consideration in a  most obvious form in which this ‘energy-cyclical motion’ moves upwards:

Magnetic moment and angular momentum

The magnetic moment has a close connection with angular momentum called the gyromagnetic effect. This effect is expressed on a macroscopic scale in the Einstein-de Haas effect, or “rotation by magnetization,” and its inverse, the Barnett effect, or “magnetization by rotation.

In particular, when a magnetic moment is subject to a torque in a magnetic field that tends to align it with the applied magnetic field, the moment precesses (rotates about the axis of the applied field). This is a consequence of the concomitance of magnetic moment and angular momentum, that in case of charged massive particles corresponds to the concomitance of charge and mass in a particle.

Viewing a magnetic dipole as a rotating charged particle brings out the close connection between magnetic moment and angular momentum. Both the magnetic moment and the angular momentum increase with the rate of rotation. The ratio of the two is called the gyromagnetic ratio and is simply the half of the charge-to-mass ratio.

For a spinning charged solid with a uniform charge density to mass density ratio, the gyromagnetic ratio is equal to half the charge-to-mass ratio. This implies that a more massive assembly of charges spinning with the same angular momentum will have a proportionately weaker magnetic moment, compared to its lighter counterpart. As it becomes transferred to the MASS envelop that was not in the particle before, but appears in the particle as a resonance of the larger mass that absorbs its formal energy form the magnetic field: µ m = e S

The inversions between electromagnetism and gravitation.

We have insisted many times that when we cross a discontinuum  either from s to t or from ∆-1 to ∆+1, there are inversions in motion and form that balance the Universe. This explains why gravitation-strong force is attractive and electromagnetism outside the atom is repulsive.

The ultimate reason being that within a space-time super organism the tendency is the arrow of information, and between different super organisms the dominant arrow is the selfish arrow; except in cases of parallelism, which allow further social evolution.

So all inner forces are inward vortices of growing attraction (strong gravitational force) and all outer forces are perceived as repulsive. And it is only in that sense the magnetism, which becomes the ‘next’ implosive force creating new membranes resembles gravitation, but the true equivalence here is between the inner strong atom-galaxy and the inner weak gravitational galaxy-atom forces. Since magnetism is a ‘scale’ of order within the gravitational galaxy, and hence must have reversed arrows:







Perhaps of more interest to understand the inversions of symmetry when we move from s to t states, from ∆-1 to ∆+1 in the galaxy atom is to consider the inverted properties of the atom and the galaxy, which ‘seems’ to be an anti-particle. In the graph, we see the equations of gravitomagnetism and its visual form, which shows the effect on gravitation to be NOT inverse BUT PARALLEL.

What this means is that for individual particles – spinning charges:

Electric repulsion occurs between particles which are spinning in the same direction.
Electric attraction occurs between particles which are spinning in opposite directions.

Rotational attraction occurs between masses which are spinning in the same direction
Rotational repulsion occurs between masses which are spinning in opposite directions.
These forces can be observed between spinning wheels and general relativity describes it for interactions between massive stars.

On the galactic scale where we use gravitoelectromagnetism:

Gravitomagnetic repulsion occurs between masses which are moving in the same direction.
Gravitomagnetic attraction occurs between masses which are moving in opposite directions.

So both are inverse. Incidentally this is also the case for strong self-similar forces, called asymptotic freedom: when you try to move away to quarks there is an attraction equivalent to the gravitomagnetic effect.

And we could go on and on with those formal inversions, which are made explicit as general laws for all planes in T.Π(the most general isomorphic laws between planes).

Differences between membrains and singularity-minds.

All this said the ghostly magnetic covers as the protein cover is the worker part but NOT the essential part. Why? Because the essential action of all beings, reproduction, is performed by the singularities, which have ENOUGH density of information to reproduce. Let us see the previous two cases.

If we consider the inverse directions, open and closed spirals, Nature seeks one more to balance both; so spins and charges act as gender singularities, seeking a balance between both. And often those inverse spins when having enough energy produce a new electron.

But attraction is always limited by the density of information that saturates a field. So:

Charge repels when density is high.
Charge attracts when density is low.
Now we switch directions up in planes and consider gravity from the microscopic up to the macroscopic. A per gravitoelectromagnetism, gravity is just like electricity and magnetism but with a weaker coefficient, longer interaction distances, and the direction reversed by virtue of the inversions between planes. So:

Mass attracts when density is high.
Mass repels when density is low.
But spinning mass warps space in inverse form.

All this happens for all scales and species which will always have an inner world with a tendency to increase density, and an outer world with a tendency to decrease density; where unless a magnetic-like social force of order appears, will then act with individualistic entropic behaviour.

And the key to that inner attractive behaviour is the network density and connectivity. Indeed, in the case of physical forces, the key here is that gluons as neutrinos-gravitons interact also among them; so the density of interaction is huge. And in biological terms, we can draw the immediate comparison with the force-networks, called axions of neuronal systems, which also interact within them, unlike disconnected cells joined by blood networks where the forces (red cells) do not interact. In other terms: the ∆+1 strong-graviational inner world and its ∆-1 gluon-neutrino axons are far more connected, tighter, able to grow in density as singularity, informative systems, vs. the more herd-like, entropic>energetic external forces in a herd of individual ‘charges’ or cells.

Those vital organic reasons Рthe whys of mathematical descriptions Рare the fundamental revelations brought about by ƥst.


Once we have considered a generic analysis of the PHYSICAL T.œs’ duality between strong-gravitational atom-galaxy attractive singularity forces and the expansive electro-magnetic, membrane forces; we can fly upwards into the more general T.Œ VIEW:

So we distinguish ‘four fundamental forces’ of attraction-repulsion (depending on the pov of the observer), which can be generalised in function – not in topological form, which we have repeated ad nauseam can only be applied exactly to pure forms (or those far away from the human observer, which therefore reduces its perception to pure form, and confuses time fast states with simultaneous space).

The attraction we deal with is that of a present vital energy-spacetime open ball, which will experience 4 potential forces:

  • A force that attracts the system to the ‘protein, time-cycle membrane’; in the atom to the electronic membrane; in the galaxy to the halo – this is a force related mostly to entropic expansion and destruction as ‘space grows’ towards the membrane, which also leave in and out by osmosis of any kind, motion and form.
  • A force that attracts the system towards its informative ‘DNA’ singularity; in the atom the strong force to the quarks; in the galaxy the gravitational force to the black hole center – it is a force related to the informative implosion, as time speed grows towards the vortex. It is hence more accelerated than the expansive, decelerating entropically related motion to the membrane. And so it is also related to a growth of density and upwards lifting.

Yet while those membrane-entropic-expansive-decelerating, ∆-1 motion and its inverse ∆+1 informative-singularity-accelerated motions seem the ∆±1 paths, the fact is both tend to kill, destroy and eat in bits and bites the components of the vital energy, and so they are both selfish, ab=using energy for the singularity and membrane.

So they tend to be ‘resisted’, by the vital energy, which will itself show when its is ‘heady’ (not a headless automaton, pre-programmed viral cell, human enzyman slavish to its machines, red cell with no nuclei, light wave with a minimalist photon particle and so on). Otherwise it will just flow down or upwards and die.

So we might find two inverse anti forces, which try NOT to send the being either path, and keep it in the middle range balance.

And this is obvious for example in planetary systems which try NOT to fall down the path of the star. But, and this responds to an obvious question – which force is stronger; it ultimately falls into the sun-singularity, as the inward accelerated, compressing force is stronger. So the strong force is stronger than the expansive electromagnetic force that sends you in your way to the electron, and the gravitational force should be stronger in a similar ‘fine constant’ proportion to the dark entropy forces that are in the galaxy-atom self-similar to the electromagnetic ones and expand space between galaxies.

Then there is of course for the vital energy quanta of the open ball region forces towards its fifth dimension of social evolution, without MOTION to the singularity but rather ‘collapsing’ of the wave into a particle state; and viceversa, the scattering entropic fourth dimension of downwards dissolution.

When this happens ‘spontaneously’ not caused by the attractive power of membranes and singularities, it is a self-sustained process, which we distinguish by lack of relative motion of the particle towards the $ or ð regions, and because it is a slower than the fastest of all processes, any process of death, with an exponential rate of maximal ‘growth’-dissolution (e being the constant of death≈decay). 

T.œs follow T.Œ isomorphic laws.

This is a T.Œ law (T.œ used for particular timespaœrganisms, T. Œ FOR generalisation as the law is an isomorphism that happens in all systems.)

So for example humans have a pull towards social love (5th dimension), a fear but unavoidable end into an entropic explosion, often caused by the larger whole, its nation, which sends you packing to the border/membrane where the hard proteins/weapons/electronic wall will likely kill you; or to the seemingly nicer central black hole; where the legal government will ‘jail you’ in a dense, quiet ‘hole’.

Do NOT be surprised we use often human comparisons, because that is the ULTIMATE MESSAGE OF T.Œ, we are all just time§pace beings subject to the same laws. Humans simply see more detail about themselves and simplify all other forms.

So the star falling in the black hole, the carbohydrate packed to serve the DNA and the man jailed for wanting r=evolutionary freedom, or the planet converted by ACCELERATORS into strangelets going to the halo of the galaxy, the photon sent to the electron, or the soldier going to defend the border ARE isomorphisms. So it is the bosonic piling of atoms or souls into a larger whole, subconscious collective god.

As we are working the physical world we shall not dwell on the injustice of national membranes and capitals ab=using the human lot and sheeple with financial and military zeal… But obviously to be ‘a solar system’ in the wilderness of the less dense, less informed open ball territory of a galaxy, or a photon in the atom-galaxy, its equivalent; is NOT the best position of the organism which is all about ‘membranes and singularities’, DNA and proteins, working together, strangelet halos and black holes, military borders and financial capitals.

The democratic placebo vote, the ‘permission’ to exist of the open ball, is just the wisdom of the singularity and membrane which has its ‘farming region’ in the middle to store its vital energy and slowly feed on, but ultimately it will devour it all and without ‘pressure/density’ the emptied vital energy of the present body-wave will collapse and the membrane wrinkle, warp and the singularity without protection and feeding energy bust. Alas, death is the necessary reward to the abusive singularity-mnds that stiffen into stoppage, the vital energy of the re=productive body-wave and working class.

So the strong/gravitational force sends you packing to the centre, the electromagnetic/dark entropy to the membrane and beyond into the coldness of infinite distances between galaxy-atoms; and no more translative forces are needed.

As the weak force is NOT A FORCE, it has no range in space, it lasts much longer in time, as its coupling constant is indeed expressed in time intervals. And so it is a huge error of ‘space physicists who always want to transform time dimensions and processes into spatial rods, to treat weak forces as ‘fields’ (Higgs field) as spatial forces, by lack of time understanding.

For an even more detailed break-down, we can consider actually the 3 forces as dual scaling forces.

So the strong force sends you to the centre, but its membrane emerges from it as the nuclear force that encloses gluons and quarks in the centre of particles.

Then the same concept works with charge, the singularity and membrane, the magnetic field, which ’emanates’ from the electric force; as an intermediate stage between the atom-galaxy and the galaxy-atom.

And finally the gravitational force sends you to the enter and the higgs field/dark entropy works outside the membrane.

And so we find then the proper formalism and parallelisms. I.e. the graviton has 2 spin but the Higgs outside is a 0 scalar. So happens to the gluon that has a light ‘graviton-like’ 2 spin and a heavy scalar highs-like 0 spin.

Of this conundrum only a correction is needed, regarding the graviton-neutrino which now is considered to be a 1 spin; but to correct that in meaningful ways we would need a huge leap into the formalism of quantum physics, which we avoid in purpose to show how meaning can be given conceptually with basic maths, when we upgrade our understanding of them.

While the thermodynamic arrow is not entropy but the clever molecular region, and resistance of the weak ud-beings to be packed in flocks to their death by excessive information or excessive entropy in the centre/membrane; and parasite as long as it lasts all other forces. So when you heat a system, gravitation misses the gaseous motion; magnetic fields are expelled by the Curie effect, beyond a Curie temperature. 

The game is just and the open ball is often left its own ‘space’ to cultivate its ghostly motions and forms – us.

Now of course, the ‘creationist view of egocentered humans’ about reality with man as the only sentient being with organic properties imposed by western cultures will have none of it. If taoism->buddhism would have spread as the substrata of our science and not yhwh the pantheist, organic sentient Universe that all of us, the masters of time-space models, consider the only rational explanation of reality would have prevailed, and man probably would have a longer future in this lost rock of the emptiness (Leibniz>Einstein>ls)

The Rashomon effect on electromagnetism. Ternary arrows of time: st-fields, s-potentials and t-charges.

Nt. We use often the term field instead of potential to describe the entropic scale, ∆-2 from where a system obtains its motion, as physicists tend to confuse both terms. Probably it would be better to use the term ‘potential’, instead of field, which I will from here on -T.œ being always in flux as it is the singularity-mind still of a single human being):

It follows from what it has been said, that there should be at least 3±1 formulations of the electromagnetic field in terms of the 3 arrows of time, as it is the case:

S-Potential. ST-field, tƒ: charge: three approaches are customarily discussed, as the equations are in terms of electric and magnetic vectorial fields (present wave, st, the commonest), potentials (fields proper, the entropic, scattered solution), and charges with currents (the tƒ solution).

It should be notice that the Potential $pe description must have less ‘dimensions/ parameters’ than the wave description. As a general rule deduced from the properties of space and time, ‘entropy has the minimal number of dimensions, 2, for each ‘bidimensional field’, in this case 4 parameters; while the ST-liquid/wave description as a general rule must have the whole S≈T ternary symmetry effect, 3+3 parameters. And such is the case, the electric and magnetic fields together had six components to solve for. In the potential formulation, there are only four components:

the quantum potential