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“DAVID BOHM: We are seeking a substance, something, that stands under the appearances. We seek it in reality. It has been the age-long habit to look for some solid, permanent reality that underlies all the changes and explains them so that we understand. But it may be that the whole of reality is no substance. Perhaps it does not have an independent existence, is a field, and what stands under this reality is truth. Would that make sense to you?
KRISHNAMURTI: The inner is the truth. Are you saying that?
DAVID BOHM: Not exactly, no. We are saying that truth is action.
KRISHNAMURTI: Yes, truth is action. Perception is action, seeing is action.”

“The Limits of Thought.” iBooks.

‘Don’t confuse motion with action’ Hemingway to Dietrich.

On the simplicity of those who think the only motion of the Universe is scattering entropy and locomotion; while the true purpose of the Universe is to mix motion and form, in actions perception and reproduction – the TRUE GOALS of the Universe.

As rightly understood by Hemingway and Mr. Bohm, from the heterodox, true interpretation of quantum physics (Planck>Einstein>De Broglie>Bohm) reality is always dual and balanced, entangled and made of actions that COMBINE FORM AND  motion (ENERGY X INFORMATION: CLASSIC ACTION OF QUANTUM, ENTROPY X TIME, the more extreme classic action of relativity).

Without entering in details of physics, as we should do a lengthy conceptual correction and disquisition of the differences of energy and entropy done on our article on 4D entropy, this ultimate reality – that the Universe is based in a substrata that is pure MOTION without form, the field, and over it, rises constantly form, combining therefore both to produce actions the true=existence of reality (as ultimately a pure motion with no form cannot be perceived and a pure form without motion cannot be communicated). TRUTH always has a bit of form and a bit of motion, and so it is a Dimotion, all yin=form has a drop of Yang=entropy, said the taoists.

It is this concept of a Universe with two ‘unperceived limits’, pure linguistic still form and pure motion, the first isolated, unable to communicate, the second unperceived as its motion has no form, which are mixed in DIMOTIONS (dimensional=formal motions), which each ‘fractal entity’ performs as its actions of existence, what better resumes the Game.

Life is then the process of constant switching between the 5 Dimotions=actions of existence from a selfish ‘formal linguistic point of view’ the mind (the extreme of pure form of the being), which aims to form the motions around it – God is the unmoved last cause of the motions of the body of energy around it, and we are all Gods, said Aristotle.

Those concepts are ESSENTIAL to fully cast life as a sum of dimotions, with a survival purpose for the point of view that acts. And then to affirm that ALL IS ALIVE, because all ENTITIES perform what biologists call the 5 drives of existence, the 5 actions of all particles, the Dimotions.

Yet of those two elements, pure mental, spatial form is the Maya of the senses, whose truth perceives the ultimate substance, a field of temporal motion as form.

WHAT IS existence? The world cycle: Existence in time: travels through 5D.

This question so seemingly profound has an immediate answer in the fractal organic Universe:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 23.00.17Exist¡ence is travel through 3 ∆±¡ planes of growing size in space and slowing time clocks of information that define the fifth dimension (S x T = K).

As mathematicians define a dimension of space-time, with an equation that is co-invariant when we travel through it, existence is possible PRECISELY BECAUSE WE can travel, growing in size and reducing our time-speed of our ‘existential clocks’ through that ‘metric equation’ from seminal fast moving, smaller in space, seminal seed, to human being, in a slower world.

And so in that travel through the scales of the 5th dimension we exist,  by means of ‘finitesimal’ actions, a,e,i,o,u (a-ccelerations/motions, e-nergy feeding, I-nformation gauging, o-ffspring reproduction, u-niversals creation of wholes).

This existence again follows 5D metric (all does:). So the actions we perform with smaller scales are more frequent (perception of smallish light pixels, feeding in small amino acids, etc). Those who engage us with larger, slower beings are far less frequent or even do not exist at all (reproductive and social actions). But in any case all together with its different rhythms and synchronicities are the stuff of which existence ‘in detail’, moment after moment of ‘present’ action IS MADE.

Those sequences of actions, thus conform the program of existence that all systems live as they emerge from its fast seminal ‘∆-1 plane of exist¡ence’ (belonging to a given st¡ence ‘i-ndexed’ by the i-parameter of scale) into its relative ∆º-st¡-entific scale, where the LONGEST period of existence happens, and we shall call the present-individual state of the being. However – and this is the reason why existence has never been properly answered – the full world cycle of existence of the being requires to understand the 3 scales in which it take place, the seminal ∆-1, individual ∆º lives its ‘present life cycle’ in a larger ∆¡+1 world and finally, the process of extinction of existence (death), when the system erases its information and descends back to its ∆¡-1 scale where it was first ‘seeded’, completing a zero ‘cycle’ of motions in time (moments) and stops in space (forms), which carry the being, through its ‘ST-eps’ of existence, ‘momentum after momentum’, to complete a conservative whole ‘zero sum cycle of energy’, integral of all those ‘momentums of existence’.

We are on purpose mixing jargons of different languages, and mathematical equations BECAUSE THE PROPER PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE OF THE universe of 5 dimensions must SHOW THE HOMOLOGY of all the ‘languages of god’ which are ‘infinite’ (Upanishads), in its description of the worldcycle of existence. As we live under the DICTATORSHIP of the simplified jargon of 4D physics and people are ‘slaves they believe they don’t reason’ (Aristotle), I hold little hope that the usual scholar will do nothing but jerk out of those pages, because they do not talk of simplified worldlines (4D formalism of existence), pretend to take as serious science the logic of verbal though not only his clocks etc. etc. Enough quips. Back to exit¡ence and the mixed jargons.

Because the Universe is made of time motions, with the mind stiffens into still, linguistic mappings, there is this mind-error, of thinking that existence stops, because the mind stops, slices the infinite cycles of existence into finitesimal 0 mappings (Galilean paradox of relativity of motion) to ‘fit’ with less motion and dimensions reality into the mind. Motion though is all and motion never stops and that is the reason why:

1) The universe is immortal as a whole, as it never stops motion.

2) When we ad to the entropic arrow of 4D physics the arrow of information, all motions are balanced by forms, and so all is a zero sum (the big-bang is balanced by the big-crunch provoked by gravitational in-formation, even if physicists are at ‘ideological pains’ adding gravitation to it).

3)Existence as we like it requires motion, but existence as it is, keeps spending our vital energy of motion, increasing our gauging of information by our selfish mind-mappings, by the BIAS OF THE EGO, that wants to order and stiffens and stop motion into informative perception, and so we get old, wrinkle warp existence and finally as motion cannot stop, time cannot stop, when we have no energy to spend, existence explodes us and liberates our form into motion and we die: ∆¡+1<<∑∆¡i-1, which is the equation of death in the simple I-logic jargon of existence (where ∆ is the scale, ∑ the symbol of many and < the symbol of growth of size in space, diminution of information and vice versa (>).

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.37.14 AMSo death is a double explosion of existence << from the slow existence in the world of the old man to the existence in the cellular amino acid scale after its sudden death, which for all systems happens in a single quanta of momentum (the unit of any action of existence).

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

So in this post we have first to define life in terms of those 5 actions (fractal dimotions performed by each T.œ) and then show that they ARE common to all entities in all scales of reality, and finally study them with the ‘Rashomon effect’ from the perspective of space, time and different scales of beings.


The 5 åct¡ons of vital exi≈st¡ences

 The Universe is a fractal superoganism of 5 entangled Dimensional motions of motion=time§pace=form (ab. Ðimotions), which broken and knotted by the will of ∞ linguistic minds that try to stop and order them from its spatial, informative point of view of perception, become a tug-of-war of selfish points of view, and its territories of order, fighting to impose those mind views as the only monologic of existence.

To that aim each superorganism will break down those 4 dimotions into 5 type of actions akin to the drives of life the all systems including humans perform to exist:


And this can be resumed in an equation of pentalogic: Max.actions -> Max. exi -> E=I  , maximize the ‘form’, the information absorbed by your brain (I), the motion-entropy of your limbs (a), the energy stored in your body to elongate your world cycle, so you can reproduce your form (e), multiply your being and then evolve socially with clones into a larger social whole, a universal (u), by ‘dishing out entropic acts of destruction of all rival systems of the Universe (ø).

We thus use 5 vowels, a, for accelerations, e, for reproductive energy, I, for linguistic information, ø for entropic destruction and u for universals creation as mnemonic recall of those 5 actions of existence, which can be further resumed in the supreme act of them all ‘reproduction’, which requires the complex participation of all other actions, and it is in itself, through palingenesis a ‘small world cycle of existence’.

In terms of the dimensions of time, we can say that ‘past-entropy x future-linguistic form’ mix to reproduce the bits of information of the system, and repeat the being in exist¡ence. So entropy and form, the motions of the ∞ disordered universe, ∞=ø+ø… imprinted by the information of the mind-seed, combine into forms-in-action, which slowly will build up through palingenesis a new clone; and gather them socially to make finally a replica, or in a new act of creation through social evolution create a new plane of existence, a new social whole, a Universal number 11 of a new decametric scale.

So we differentiate simplex, selfish individual actions that gather information for the mind, energy for the body and entropic locomotion for its limbs (aøi), and the complex, social actions of energetic reproduction and social evolution (eu) that require a partner or social herd to happen.

YET ALL ARE NEEDED FOR THE BEING TO SURVIVE, as an individual and as part of a social whole, whose reproduction will be ensured by the reproduction of the genetic memetic and quantum structures of each being. Moreover, ALL SPECIES OF The UNIVERSE THAT EXIST, perform those 5 actions, because if they don’t they would become extinct.

It is the human egocy (ego=idiocy) what makes us think we are the only ones to perform them and fully exist.

Life actions generate beings in space, scale and time.

Now, it is necessary to understand that as there are 3 scales of size in space, there are 3 scales of time quanta parallel to them. So we talk of smaller, faster ‘actions’ as the minimal unit of time dimotions, of larger sums of them, the world cycle of individuals as the time-range of organisms, and the slower ‘deep time’ cycles of the superorganism or world in which the system co-exists with other systems as the 3rd level of time clocks.

And while spatial, visual man might have an easier time to understand the 3 scales of spatial size of super organisms, they are ALWAYS ENTANGLED WITH THE 3 SCALES OF TIME CLOCKS OF REALITY AND WHAT TRULY MATTERS TO THE ORDER OF REALITY are the games of synchronicity of those actions, as some are larger in time-scale than others.  Reason why we have a post on synchronicity which is likely the hidden gem of this blog.

When we order those ‘dimotions’ in space we get a superorganism. When we order them in time we obtain a worldcycle of existence, when we order them in scales, we obtain the 5 actions of all systems that absorb energy from its lower ∆-2 scale (humans absorb amino acids), information from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb light), motion from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb gravitation) or simplex actions, while developing two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution from its higher, ∆-1 seminal scale, ∆o scale and ∆+1 social scale.

Such a fractal Universe however should require a new ‘scalar fifth dimension of space-time’, as all fractal systems have more dimensions than those of a single spacetime continuum, since they co-exist in structures at multiple levels of size.

But the fractal Universe is not merely a mathematical fractal, void of motion, extracted in geometry, which simplifies the structures of reality to further simplify them into an equation; it is a fractal of space=form and time=motion, an organic fractal in which those different scales are not merely drawn in a mathematical graph but move, co-exist, interact and exchange energy and information as it happens in a human being, a fractal of 3 scales, the cellular, organic, and social scale in which humans live; or the galaxy, a fractal of 3 scales, the quantum, thermodynamic and cosmological scales.

So we have come to the conclusion that reality is made of topological space that creates super organisms, which trace a world cycle in time, across the 3 scales in which they live. But why, what ultimately orders them, why information dominates entropy till systems warp inform? Why they are fractal, constructed in small image-mirrors of its larger wholes? All those questions require the fourth element of the being its particle-point-mind (being its negation, or entropic death, the fifth element in this structural description of the five dimensions of the being.)…

WE CAN THEN define 3 “levels of depth’ in time analysis ACCORDING TO ITS DURATION:

  • The minimal units will be actions of space-time, the minimal ‘Steps’ of the being, related to its minimal ‘cellular’ elements (in fact when we study locomotion as reproduction of form, we shall see how the particle moves as a Compton wave giving ‘cellular’ virtual steps sliding over minimal representations of its information.
  • The life world cycle sum of those actions as they repeat in patterns that favor informative actions, warping/wrinkling the system in its 3rd age ending in an entropic death.
  • The horizons of the species as it evolves itself as a super organism through variations that tend to favor also informative systems till they emerge into a whole super organism or become extinguished by a better system.

Thus the study of actions is the study of the minimal elements of space-time, the ‘steps of dimotions’ the species performs by exchanging energy and information with different ‘scales’ of reality.

Actions are thus the FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE of the limits of perception of any ∆ø and relate directly ‘perception’ and ‘stientific’ knowledge to the relative position of the mind that perceives. They are also the essential element to fully grasp WHY we perceive only a limit number of scales of reality with us at the center: namely because we ‘HAVE THOSE ∆±¡ practical limits in our actions’ – NOT because there are NO more scales above or below.

As such it has topological, spatial, mathematical properties; logical, temporal ones, and organic, scalar properties derived of its spacetime structure, which must be added to the usual analysis of time space systems.

Thus we consider then for each species of space-time a basic ternary description of its ‘adjacent topologies’ that define all systems as simultaneous super organisms in space; that will perform 5 ‘aeiou’ vital actions: accelerated motions, energy feeding, information gauging, offspring reproduction and universals’ evolution’

Existence is the function we want to explore. This is clear Beings try to exist by performing actions=dimotions of space time which satisfy its singularity ego of existence, starting by its desire to perceive, then to move, feed, reproduce, evolve socially think of the being of yourself, in every part of reality. In this manner the dimotions of the being externally become parallel to its actions of timespace internally. 

Physicists study locomotions and transferred the concept of an action of ‘angular momentum’, to a time-space ‘form-event’ measure often with energy parameters.

We take from that restricted use of actions the logic consequence.

The 5 Dimotions of timespace as actions of existence. 

Because of the reductionism of physics to a single locomotion arrow, which due to its simplicity can be calculated with maximal precision physicists tend to be arrogant to other sciences, thinking they know it all about time. Fact is they ignore everything about 4 of the 5 arrows of time.

The i-logic of the Universe is pentagonal, meaning times have always 5 ‘paths of future’ a system can choose. Time is MOTION=CHANGE, what physicists study is a single time ‘arrow’ of future, locomotion, since Galileo defined ‘speed’ v=s/t with time. So in that so simple view of ‘brief time’ motion is absolutely deterministic. That is the pride of physicists. To think they can determine the motion of beings. And they do. But that is ONLY one motion=change of reality. One path. Call it speed or lineal inertia, say it is deterministic or a ‘conserved quantity’.

That would be though a boring Universe. From that ‘reduced’ Universe physicists have come to truly think they know it all – hence their belief they are soo intelligent that transpires in the attitude of so many of them…

The second arrow they discovered latter on, in the XIX century of the 5 TYPE OF MOTIONS was ENTROPY. Entropy is very closely related to lineal inertial motion, but it is let us put it this way the absolute maximal motion in space aptly symbolized with S. Entropy is so much about motion that it becomes explosive, Big Bang, scattering motion. Now the ‘form’ of the being is not even conserved, it is explosive motion that breaks the internal ‘form, information’ of the being. So it is the MOTION OF DEATH. All your parts explode away and your information dies.

So they said the Universe is dying  and they kept on KILLING IT as what they do IS MANUFACTURE MACHINES THAT MOVE IN LINEAL PATHS (TRANSPORTS) OR worse, machines that PRODUCE ENTROPY-scattering motions-death aka weapons.


ALL THIS SAID, there is a huge other field of analysis of time-space, called Evolution, founded by Darwin which deals with the changes in the information of beings. Why? Because indeed, besides the previously analyzed dimotions of locomotion, origin of relativity, and entropy, latter considered in more detail as the synonymous of death and dissolution, (which physicists also merely describe mathematically and confuse with the motion of gases, so we shall work that theme on the sections of physical laws),  there are 3 more ARROWS of time, modes of change, which are THE POSITIVE, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIAL, LOVING ARROWS not the 2 simple, destructive negative, arrows of motion and entropy which they DO study: 3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them.

THE UNIVERSE REINFORCES THE PROGRAM OF THE 5 ARROWS OF TIME with SENSATIONS the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (ARROW of eusocial evolution) to orgasm (arrow of reproduction) to perceive (arrow of information) than to run (arrow of motion) and to kill (arrow of energy feeding).

But are humans the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT. Those 5 ‘dimotions’ of timespace (a better word composed of dimensional motion, to define each of the 5 arrows of time), exist in all systems of Nature, as we can observe them in life. They in fact define the 5 arrows of life in biological terms, as life is defined as a system of 5 Dimotions able to process information, feed on energy, move, reproduce and evolve socially. 

Yet they ARE also the 5 Dimotions of quantum particles, both quarks and electrons, ‘expressed’ by the 4 quantum numbers that code each one, a dimotion of space-time as the attached graph shows:


The minimal particle-points,  electrons and quarks, which construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms.

So all systems of the Universe  ARE vital, each one perceiving reality with a different language that mirrors it; topological images in physical systems from bosons to crystals; verbal words in human beings; 4 genetic letters in cells; 4 quantum numbers in particles.

Yet the Universe tries always to be positive: If you realize the only dimension of time the Universe does NOT code is entropy=death, which it treats as a maximal motion that disorders the being.

So there are NOT 5 quantum numbers/genetic code but only 4. Because the same quantum number that codes motion just increases it to create entropy and disorder the system (Principal number that ‘jumps’ in size as the particle ‘feeds’ on a force and disorders it). The oxygen that moves the cell also as a free radical destroys it, cars going fast kill you in accident, etc.

DEATH is the needed  error of the Universe NOT desired by the program. 

For that reason it lasts only  a ‘single quanta of time’ (whereas a quanta of time IS for any ∆±¡ super organism, the ‘tic’ of a ‘cell/atom/individual’ of its lower, ∆-¡ scale, for biological, physical or social organisms).

So you die in a second, your relative time-clock quanta the time of 1 thought=glimpse in your head, 1 beat of your body-heart, 1 step of your limbs… And the rest of your existence is life-lasting… 

Same with the conundrum of antiparticles (entropy=death arrow of particles): they die in an instant, so we see far less antiparticles because the product of its numbers in space x duration in time is so short, while particles live almost for ever. Same reason you don’t see corpses around.  Death is the shortest possible arrow.

This is LEIBNIZ: ‘THE UNIVERSE is the most perfect of all worlds possible’.

Each entity is therefore a Timespace organism of 5 Dimotions and ALL try to achieve as the goal of the sentient organic Universe the ‘highest dimotion’ of social evolution. So particles come together into atoms that come together into molecules that come together into planetary and life organisms that come together into galaxies that come together into the organic networks of the Universe.

ONLY man obsessed since physicists took over as high priests of time with its shallow ‘brief history’ of those  ‘deep arrows; made of the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion the meaning of its existence. Because he has shown himself unable to love even his own species and emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms…

The automated survival program. Physical, Biological and social åctions.

All systems perform the 5 åctions of space-time existence.

In fact most of the parameters we use to study them refer precisely to those actions, from quantum numbers to genetic coding to biological drives to social behaviour.

We shall then bring again the ultimate vital meaning of those dimensions in light space-time and electronic minds, as ONLY IN THOSE LOWER SCALES OF OUR MIND-VIEW BOTH THE PHYSICAL, GEOMETRICAL DIMENSIONS AND ITS VITAL MEANING COME TOGETHER, WITHOUT ABSTRACTION – meaning the height, width and length, and colour that define the four dimensions of a ray of light DO have all a vital meaning for the photon-wave, as they code their reproductive speed, social color/frequency, magnetic information/entropy and electric entropic/informative forces (in the complex Universe all elements have ternary roles, so the way magnetism and electricity act in both arrows/roles, depend of the specific function light has for the larger organism that uses it to transmit energy and information):

Below we see also that our electronic mind is ordered by the ‘vital’ uses of the geometry in space of an electronic orbital. The electron will have a particle state, hence a particle spin, a body wave state, hence an angular momentum for the standing bidimensional wave, a social action given by the magnetic field that organises all the social electrons in harmonious orbital game; and a reproductive event, which required spins of opposite direction os they can ‘couple’ decouple merge and reproduce new particles, and the simplest numbers that regulate its motions (principal number) and energy/informative simpler actions, absorbing=feeding on light (provoking quantum jumps on size-volume-energy) and using it to orientate its spin, angular momentum, and form of in-form-ation (second number).



The dynamic vital outlook of reality departs from the fact that every singularity (ab. @,º) has an automatic will of survival born of the very simple, obvious fact that to exist you must reproduce and last before your finite time. If time were not finite, cyclical, you would not need to act, reproduce and evolve. So there is a simple function of existence that r=evolves around the process of reproduction which is a back and forth travel through scales of the fifth dimension; as you ‘seed’ a smaller version of your self in the lower scale, then you reproduce in energy you feed on, your information and then socially you evolve the parts of the being into a whole.

The singularity perceives initself-thestillness as being. But it is not. It varies.

The stop and go motion are ¡ts steps. Continuous discontinuous sensation of being, sum of actions repeated and chained by memory ‘weight’, slides into higher warping, the singularities despite they wanting to explode in growth not shrink and warp, but in its war declaration to the external Universe,which will ALWAYS HAVE LESS CURVATURE, it looses and grows with more in-form-ation, till it becomes a hollow death as all ST-fields of existence: Ø<<:

Existence is made of moments/actions in finite time, pegged to a flow of vital space-energy across dimotions.

In the graph, this series of ‘necessary @tions≈Ðimotions’ of spacetime forma natural survival program, self-centered into the @, which for obvious reasons, as the center of flows of communication and energy between the elements of the being, will therefore be also the center of the will of action.

We express therefore the chain of actions->survival->perception->actions that define the being with a simple equation, we shall call the function of existence: Max.  S x T… Which departs from the ‘automatic’ fact that any singularity will act as a ‘mirror’ expressing itself, or organic view of its territory in the outer world which it orders to achieve its goals.

We can describe it in an automaton manner, as only those systems who best perform the program of existence survive, or in a ‘will-way’ as we might consider the consciousness of the process – that is the mirror image of still form of the being that ‘perceives’ in itself, constantly acts to maintain that image.

‘We act to Max. ∫exi ∂st, we exi=st to act’

Existence is seen from the singularity povs as a chain of actions.

And we do so by maximizing the 5 dimensions=actions of beings. So when we talk the vital approach to explain the time space dimotions of reality, we have a completely new jargon to use in socio-biological systems, better suit for vital explanations even if those actions will also have a topological, qualitative, numerical, social explanation/model as those of physical systems performing similar actions of existence:

The aei, simple actions of accelerated motions, informative gauging and energy feeding are thus merely the ‘preparations’ for the necessary higher, complex actions of social evolution and reproduction (universals creation and offspring reproduction, to follow the mnemonic rule of the 5 vowels).


Quanta of space-time’s: 5 actions.

We have now schematised the field-particle states of the 3 physical organisms. If we concentrate in its present state, as waves both the photon and the electron will then easily display its ‘internal structure’ and external actions of ‘survival’ that will show clearly its organic, bio-logical properties tightly connected by symmetries in ∆, s and t, with the parameters and Universal constants aforementioned. Let us then connect the dimensions of the most important scale, our mind-world of light and electrons, with the vital actions of ‘entropic feeding’, e, lineal motion, a, informative perception, i, reproduction, o, and universal, social evolution, u; since almost all detailed events we study in physics as in any other scale responds to those vital actions.

In the graph we see the structure of a quantum supœrganism of light in its wave and particle state and its fundamental laws of action, which draw an organic program of survival for both ∆-1 photonic and ∆electronic scales.

The equations of a c-light wave or photonic particle and its social group, the electron which is a bidimensional dense herd of photons (wave constrained scale).

THUS IN THE SMALLEST SCALES OF REALITY FUNCTION, FORM, DIMENSION, VITAL ACTION COME ALL TOGETHER NICELY AS SYMMETRIES BETWEEN THE ORGANIC SCALAR ACTIONS AND SPACE AND TIME DIMENSIONS OF THE BEING.But as we move beyond the main stream of perfect symmetries between topology, time ages/actions, and enter into the more messy, less perfect world of molecules and thermodynamic life, the exact mathematical geometry of those entities BECOMES COMPLETELY secondary to the organic functions in a far more complex and convoluted geometry. So as we move into life scales FUNCTIONS AND ACTIONS AND DRIVES OF EXISTENCE – THE PROGRAM OF FEEDING ON ENERGY, GAUGING INFORMATION, REPRODUCING, EVOLVING SOCIALLY far outweighs the importance of simple motions and the perfect topology of those dimensions, which are less accurately followed, despite the ‘still similar’ dimensional form and equal number of actions and dimensions of a human being.

Yet when we study civilisations we shall see they are also performing social actions, reproducing by conquest, feeding on gaia’s energy as they destroy the planet into entropy, gathering information internal and external from its singularity-capital, and evolving socially into larger world structures, and of course, while a nation doesn’t move, its planet does around the sun to absorb its entropy energy, from its gravitational potential… åctions are thus the ultimate ‘WHY’ of reality, and as we said, because its signature favours information over entropy, the cause that the informative mind who prefers informative actions, finally warps and dies.

Now it must be understood that departing from only a substance, time space, which we have broken into 5Dimensions, everything else is generated; everything happens, with slight changes in the order and quantity of those parameters.

For example,in the world cycle, death is the end, in the action, death is of the ‘other prey’, so it is the second action as the motion takes the being to the prey (information being the constant discotnous minimal action).



So we talk in space of the super organism as the fundamental particle of the 5D Universe and in time of the world cycle of life and death as its fundamental event – whereas the worldlines of 4D models restricted to a single plane of space-time are the limit of the 5D formalism for a single spacetime continuum; which fail to describe those organic properties happening in 3 co-existing scales, since all forms of reality are born as a seed of information, emerging a larger super organisms in a larger world, to finally after 3 ages of growing information, collapsing back into a 3rd age of warping, which exhausts the energy of the system, provoking a time reversal into entropic big-bang local deaths:

The game of existence for different beings that change through 3 similar ages between its evolutionary generation in a lower ‘plane’ (ab. ∆) of the fifth dimension as an ∆-1 seed to emerge as an ∆o organism in an ∆+1 world in which it will go through a process of ‘aging’ (accumulation of information) that will finally exhausts its energy and dissolve its information in an entropic process of death. The sequential order of the ‘5 dimensional motions’ available to all space-time organisms defines then a worldcycle of existence – not only a simple worldline of locomotions as physicists think, but a far more rich and complex pattern common to all beings that ‘exist’, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy



We perceive Ðimotions externally. They are internally actions for the being in exist¡ence.

We use 5 terms for the same event according to the ‘entangled principles of the Universe’ which make a ternary ‘minimum’ ¡logic view necessary to absorb in present space-time a minimal amount of truth on the being.

S-Dimensions, T-Motions, 5¬Ðimotions, @-ctions & ±∆¡motions, which express the concept of Dimotion from different perspectives, being obviously ∆imotion, the scalar perspective, Åctions, the O-mind perspective and Dimotions the external, entropic, all gathering perspective; Dimensions the spatial perspective and Motions the time perspective.

Why entropy, (we use the existential symbol and its negation, ∃ ¬ as well as the usual symbol S, ∂S for it), is the sum of all dimotions is obvious. Only in the entropic death normally shown in a maximal function of  entropic death, with the symbol e (e-letter is the entropic equation by exponential decay, eˆ-x), all the parts of the being are equalled,  and valued at the reduced parameter of quantity in its final ∆-1 death state as an unconnected sums of its ‘minimal clone unit’ – an atom, a cell, a particle, a citizen, a credit number, you name it…

So often we find equations of the type E (4D) = 1D+2D+3D – 5D

When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.

So we can study the Dimotions of the Universe in a general objective way, and then the actions of each physical, biological or social system as the expression of those Ðimotions from the point of view of a given species.

THE MIND IS THE LINEAL TIME FUNCTION OF REALITY as such is Aristotelian, (ab. @), with a direct A->B causality, as it tries to progress through the PROGRAM OF existence, as opposed to the SOCIAL NETWORKS, the higher collective level of Intelligence, in the paradoxical Universe, which requires to consider at least several points of view across the scales of the fifth dimension that define a co-existing super organism of time-space.

The mind singularity as a function of pure time motion can be then topologically referred to the ‘dimension of height’, to the bidimensional topology of spherical form, to the accelerated dimension of double time derivatives; to the point of still perception, where reality splits, and the perceived ‘pixels’ break into a flow of pure motion with no form and a point of pure stillness all form.

The mind as such is always as the site of self, in constant conflict with the larger world as a whole with network social intelligence, which in the Universe even if the mind doesn’t recognize it – not humanity in the present ego-selfie stage.  But the Universe, this must always be recognized IS more powerful as a social herd, network and superorganims, reason why the self will always loose, the @-mind will leave way to the non-Æ logic of the group.

We use then the symbol @t, which really means act (the A enclosed in the c) to signify this self-centered point of view of the mind which is the site of the actions of survival of the being to clearly differentiate as we always do in the symbology of I-logic, actions of exist¡ence, proper of all ‘st¡ences’, from actions of physics.


The flows of energy and information between scales are asymmetric.

So we write, Spe (we use here the term for spatial-speed-size only as ‘energy’ Sp is a combined parameter that does not apply here), x Tƒ (we prefer to use temporal information, to Tƒ, temporal cycles, as the key parameter of the 5th dimension is the quantity of information a smaller being, a genetic system, a quantum atom carries), equals a constant, co-invariant quantity, ST±4, where the ∆±4 index is a parameter that allow us to classify systems from the smallish atomic particles (which paradoxically have more information) to the larger ones, which have paradoxically less information hence a smaller index:

5th dimension bestcylesofexistence_image002

In the graph, two different flows of energy and information, define:

  • The thermodynamic arrow: energy-motion flows emerge perfectly in smaller world-planes downwards, but they do not emerge perfectly upwards, without loss. So when energy flows upwards, there is heat loss, waste of food and a diminishing quantity of upper systems, which feed from lower ones (trophic pyramids). Yet energy does flow perfectly downwards, so when a larger being moves, all its smaller systems do move in perfect synchrony without apparent effort with it. And this duality determines strongly the way systems ‘act’ to absorb energy in the Universe. And how they position themselves in ‘equipotential’  bidimensional fields of larger system to move without apparent effort on them (from planets in gravitational orbitals to cells along layers on morphological structures).
  • On the other hand, information does flow perfectly upwards but it does not downwards. And this duality explains the evolutionary laws and arrow of information: Indeed, there is no perfect Lamarckian evolution; that is, traits acquired in the larger scale do not imprint easily cells and genes, but there is perfect genetic evolution: information stored in DNA do determine the characters of larger planes.
  • Finally information and energy can flow perfectly in the same plane, which determines the principles of cyclical inertia (Tƒ conservation of angular momentum) and lineal inertia (conservation of lineal momentum) and the laws of reproduction of energy and information in ‘mixed’ waves and bodies that radiate both across extended space-times (light radiation and biological radiations).

Thus the laws of thermodynamics (energy arrows) and evolution (information arrows) and reproduction (repetition of both across a single space-time) are also derived of the metric of the 5th dimension. They are perhaps the most important laws to understand the dynamics in time and space of the Universe.

We shall call those 2 different logarithmic scale, which added for any species gives us the same 10 value, the Tƒ (time-information scale, graphed above) or evolutionary arrow; and the U (size) scale or thermodynamic scale graphed below.

Those two scales, which are logarithmic scales in base 10¹º, the commonest number to emerge from the individual to the Universal (∆+1 plane); that is the number of stars in a galaxy, of atomic DNA ties in a molecule, of humans soon in the global planet, of cells in organisms… mean that to transcend from U to U+1 (a larger whole), we need that number, but we will become a ‘whole’ unit, hence loose the quantized information as perceived in the new scale, as a single being.

And vice versa: if we become quantized down, and perceived as a sum of quanta, we will gain that logarithmic quantity of information. And this introduces an essential element of ∆ST – the understanding of the quantic or continuous perception of systems, such as ∑e∆-1=U (the sum of quanta seen with maximal information in motion, becomes a whole continuous perception, so the sum of quantum energies becomes the relativity continuous description of still space) and ∑Tƒ=Tƒ, the sum of cycles of time becomes a still form of information.

And we will return to that paradoxical duality, which is the key to understand space and time and its motions and stillness, as well as perception, minds and languages.

Thus an essential consequence of the difference of quantity of energy and information between the larger, continuous energetic planes and smaller, quantized, informative planes of the Universe, is the non-commutative nature of the arrows of energy (transfer of motion between planes and entities) and information (transfer of form between planes and entities):

Planes of space that structure cellular/atomic, individual/organic and social/cosmic scales which synchronize its cycles in inverse fashion to its size.

So the informative, genetic, smaller faster plane codes the larger planes, which transfer back energy to the lower planes (thermodynamic laws: energy can be transferred fully downwards to the molecular space in the form of heat, but heat cannot be transferred fully upwards as energy, and the inverse law of information: smaller systems can code fully with their information upper layers as in genetics, but upper layers cannot transfer its form downwards fully – there is no Lamarckian evolution).

This structure thus gives birth to the specific åctions of a being, which are transfers of energy and information among scales limited by the laws of evolution and thermodynamics.

It essentially means that energy will flow downwards, and so bigger systems will control lower systems by controlling their energy – cells will depend on the digestive systems to feed. While smaller systems will control upper systems by forming them: cells will code genetically upper systems.

The same happens in physical systems where atoms and molecules code the forms of upper systems, from crystals to geological cycles, but they are trapped by the larger gravitational and electromagnetic fields created by the cosmic bodies.

Thus evolutionary and thermodynamic laws/arrows (we shall call the U scale of size the thermodynamic scale and the Tƒ inverse scale of informative growth, the evolutionary scale), and its exchanges of information and energy are a consequence of the metric of the 5th dimension, which makes smaller systems to process more information than larger ones, even though the product of both remain co-invariant: Se x Tƒ =ST.

This could be stated in the following manner, when considering exchanges of energy and information across multiple scales:

‘The total energy obtained from upper planes by an individual system is roughly equivalent to the information it obtains from lower planes, and both are mixed in the world-plane by its bodies and waves to reproduce the system: ∑Tƒ(i-∆)<≈>Se(∆+∆)’.

5th Isomorphism: 5 fractal Åctions: ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1)

‘Do not confuse motion with Action.’ Ernest Hemingway

As we define the main åctions in a general analysis on the 1st line, in this post we shall study in more detail the different åctions of space-time that explain the program of the universe, in a sequential pattern, after a brief introduction defining them, from the åctions of light, throughout the physical scales, into the biological and Universal scales.

Now, the study of the ‘Program of Existence’ is an enormously extended field, and so we must consider for the reader not to loose its ‘mind’ (-; on such vast field, which encompasses all the åctions and events of the Universe, only a few generic elements in ∆ST, which are latter studied in detail for each species, as in the aforementioned cases of the 4 quantum numbers. 4 genetic letters, 4 biological drives and 4 Maxwell equations.

Thus, immediately the reader would realize that according to the duality between ‘the thoughts of God’ (∆ST) and its details (all the different sciences) 2 are the main sub-disciplines of this field of knowledge are:

– The study of the 4 drives of existence for each species of the Universe. This should be realized in each science, as an introductory course that embeds the science in ∆ST

– The study of the interåctions, synchronicities, order and relationship between the 4 drives and its generic laws for all systems. This second field is the purpose of this post.

Thus for all said, it is quite evident that along the study of the topologies in space and ages in time, the study of the åctions is the 3rd most important isomorphism of the universe.


The 5 cyclical ‘Actions’.

Now time cycles and åctions are the same. This might surprise the reader. In Physics they are measure as angular momentums (h-Planck) or as circular paths that balance the potential and kinetic energy (principle of least action), which is the S=T point of the hyperbola, or ‘steady state in which S=T, Max. S x T is achieved, the point of immortality of the cycle.

The cycle thus is NOT a geometric cycle except for very simple forms of angular momentum – which are visible as a cycle, but we can transcend some properties of the cycle of simpler closed knots to other more complex ‘knots’ of multiple cycles.

The mathematical treatment here though has been too poisoned by the spatial theory of reality so we rather use an entire new approach, based in the ‘functions’ of those repetitive cycles, or ‘space-time åctions’ that all beings trace.

As we can then easily order causally all of them in 4 basic åctions (energy and information absorption and emission, ±∆œ).

Thus an action is a derivative of the function of existence of the being that is its composed quantity of particle/head: knots of time cycles, and lineal inertial motions (limbs) and its body/field combinations.

Actions in more complex beings that particles though are to be seen as drives of existence, the biological concept for a being who perceives information, ∆ï, iterates=reproduces information, ∆œ, feeds on energy (∆e) moves expelling energy, ∆a, and finally as an integral of those other åctions, during its worldcycle ’emerges’ in a larger Universal ST-plane of existence (∆ST=∆+1)

Probably the most important isomorphism of the Universe is the existence of 5 æ,e,ï,œ,û åctions which conform the program of the Universe:

Change of motion or acceleration, ∆a, absorption of energy, ∆e, of information, ∆ï, reproduction, or iteration ∆œ and social evolution, social union from individuals into Universals, ∆u.

Actions are always exchanges of energy and information between two ∆-∆ planes of existence. And so there are 5 åctions:

Social relationships between i<-i(∆=0): Au.

Seminal seeds: ∆->∆-1 ∆=1): AI

Energy feeding: ∆->∆-2: Ae.   Informative perception:  ∆->∆-3: Ao; and changes in motion: ∆-∆-4: Aa.

Actions thus require to understand the other form of travel through the 5th dimension – not a temporal travel through the ages of evolution, in which the whole system is carried through the metric of the 5th dimension; but a travel that involves only the ‘transfer’ of energy or information, between two poles.

And so we dedicate a whole post, to understand this fundamental element of the 5th dimension: transfer of ‘Spatial Momentum’ Sp, or Spatial Energy, Sp between two planes and its inverse: transfer of form. In this post we will briefly analyze and classify åctions in physical, biological and social systems, and study the 5 åctions briefly.

Actions in a single plane of existence.

Physical Actions

In physics an action is the fundamental present, ST element of the Universe that combines energy and time:

Spe x Tƒ =∫ ST

So for example, a Planck constant is an action of Energy and Time: Ex T = H

We are not using though the same concept in relational space-time, changing in this rare occasion the formula, as we prefer the qualitative concept for action, closer to the sentence that opens this paragraph: ‘don’t confuse motion, Sp, for action: Sp x Tƒ= ST’.

We thus call an action, the quanta of existence, a derivative or ‘unit of force’, which all systems display to exchange energy and information with the environment, to achieve in this manner the 2 higher goals of existence: reproduction and social evolution of parts into wholes, new units of a higher plane of the 5th dimension.

We could consider then all possible ‘åctions’ of past-energy and future-information that combine together. Action is the ‘short’ present dimension, the most complex, rich and important element within a single plane of existence. And the study of this basic concept of physics and its ∆ST equivalent: combinations of form and motion into purposeful åctions is essential to many fields and science.

Social Actions.

But probably the man who better understood its concept in the upper scales of life was Hemingway in the above sentence; for an action to be meaningful it must have both motion (P) and form (F), yin and yang, in purposeful combination. Most motions today are confused with åctions – demonstrations without purpose. Social Actions must have a point-like directionality, a form, a goal. 

Thus the classic concept of physics and normal language, as when we say, ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this (action)’ do open a wide field of physical, biological and psychological, social analysis.

Actions in multiple planes of existence.

We can also consider åctions from the perspective of the ∆-metric, in its ‘existential mandate’.

Indeed, the function of existence of any vital space system surrounded by time cycles, is the multiplication of those time cycles of exchange of energy and information from the surrounding world. This means a series of exchanges with the U±4 planes of the Universe with whom the organism of space-time interact, which try to maximize the content of energy and information of vital space and cyclical time of the system.

Thus if we establish a Mandate of Existence, or ultimate meaning of a vital-space-time world:

Max.   Sp x Tƒ = ST±4

We can deduce from the exchanges of energy and information with the ±4 Universal Planes with whom the U∆ system communicates, the 4±∆ type of åctions any system in the Universe performs.

Thus relational space-time define a much wider concept of an action, as the fundamental tool of classification of the space-time cycles in which a form changes its relationships with the absolute space-time in which it exists by exchanges of energy and information (space-time cycles).

Actions in ∆ST allow us to classify all time cycles, study its sequence in world cycles and consider all the patterns of ‘inter-action’ between the fractal non-Sp=i points of the Universe

In the next graph we see the main 5 åctions of all systems in the main Universal Planes of Reality:

In ∆ST, however we define a much wider concept of an action.

An action is better understood in normal languages: an action is what all entities of the Universe constantly do. Our program of existence. And it can be mathematically defined with the tools of Existential Algebra. Thus we define an Existential action:

‘ An action is a flow of energy and information between 2 consecutive planes of existence: ∆-∆≤A≥∆-(∆+1) ‘ 

Since 0±4 are the planes of existence, it follows that there are only 4 possible Actions.

Thus we divide åctions into 5 fundamental types in which the ∆-being relates through exchanges of energy and information to each of the lower and single scale it perceives.

–  We absorb and process energy for our system, ∆Sp, we absorb and process information, ∆ï, we iterate our systems, ∆œ, we socialize in groups, ∆U, and we move around, accelerating and decelerating to do so, ∆Å.

And as it happens, we do all that by interacting between our ∆-∆ scale and a higher scale of reality:

We move through ∆-4 gravitational forces, which change our steady state (inertial speed) into acceleration and decelerations:  Aa: ∆a(∆-4>∆-3)

We perceive light and electronic quanta to inform ourselves: Ao: ∆ï(∆-3>-2)

We absorb ∆-2 energy quanta (amino acids) to recompose our bodies: Ae: ∆e(∆-2>-1)

We reproduce through ∆-1 seminal seeds which emerge in our scale: Ai: ∆r(∆-1>i)

(and for other species, NOT to provoke the anthropomorphism of humans we talk of iteration in other species, hence we call this action Ai.)

And we socialize with individuals like us creating societies that in its larger form become universal. Au: ∆u(i>∆+1). And that is why all fits nicely.5 ACTIONS

The æ,e,ï,œ,û of åctions is all what we do.

All what humans and everything else do are varieties of those 5 åctions. So write this 5th isomorphism with another simple equation:

∆a(∆-4>∆-3), ∆ï(∆-3>-2), ∆e(∆-2>-1), ∆œ(∆-1>œ),and ∆u(œ>∆+1)

This is the simplest mathematical and conceptual definition of the åctions of reality.

The 5 åctions in humans and other species.

In the next graphs we see the concept of åctions. In the first – a decades old graph, I omitted motions, the lowest action and included generations, an action above the ∆+1. Yet since now I consider ∆+1 generations, as part of Time Theory (evolution in ∆+1 planes), and have changed my consideration of ∆-4 accelerations as part of Space theory, we could exchange those åctions. i am not doing so much corrections for laziness and also to show the ‘continuity’ of the whole Universe. The choice though comes from the philosophical considerations:

‘An action requires a conscious will by the individual 0-point of the system which performs it’.

In that regard, the choice is ambivalent, but motion seems to be more conscious than the passing of multiple generations, which beyond reproduction is not an individual action. Of course, ∆ST is a perfect structured Universal order created not by humans, but by Reality and my perception of it has improved with time. Still the graph is a nice portrait of what åctions are in multiple planes of existence, performed by many ∆-species.

Deduction of åctions from the metric of the 5th dimension and the existential force .

We can also consider åctions from the perspective of the ∆-metric, in its ‘existential force’ mandate: Max. [∑ Sp ≤ ≈ ≥ Tƒ]±4

It is obvious then that the åctions describe are those related to Energy and Information exchanges between those elements: Spatial Motion and Energy feeding are the Sp related åctions, Perception of form, Tƒ, and iteration through a language of genetic information, i, are the two åctions related to Tƒ and i. And finally Social evolution, Max. ∑, is the 5th action. Actions thus are born of the survival program of the existential force of a system and its organic structure.

We can in that sense consider primary, external; secondary, internal and complementary åctions.

All complementary entities displace a particle/head that gauge information over an energy body/field directing its åctions, which are MOTIONS WITH FORM, Sp x Tƒ events that combine the 2 elements of reality.

What are the types and purpose of those åctions?

If we depart from 2 motions, energy and information, expansive and implosive motions, we can combine try to obtain more of them in ONLY 5 Invariant åctions:

Sp åctions:

∆a: The simplest one motion, which accelerates, reaches a steady state and decelerates in its 3 ‘ages’  (external motion). But we could also can be considered to be internal motion, of generational ages (the one represented on the graph). What defines in that sense ‘motions’ is the limited capacity of the ‘∆-being’ to modify it.

– ∆e (feeding) on energy to create the structural pieces of the body/wave.

Tƒ Actions:

-∆ Tƒ

– ∆Ei: SxT: Reproductive Communication; SxT: creation of complementary systems, which sometimes we group together as ‘present’ reproductive åctions.

Energy feeding and reproduction are mixed åctions since they process both energy and form, so they are secondary åctions. Perception and motion are pure Sp an Tƒ åctions.

– Social Actions; Au.

There are different åctions in society according to which scale we relate and the languages we use.

there are 3 types of languages, ∏-temporal genetic, ∑-spatial and ⊕, organic social growth in the final stage of the S9=∆+1 creation of a Universal through Social scales.

∏Tƒ creation of genetic informative networks, in which all systems are connected, for simpler societies.

∑Sp: energy herding in the same scale over a extended spatial word…

⊕ Sp Tƒ; the more complex societies, which signifies the creation of networks and social classes, the informative upper, reproductive body and energetic classes, distinguished by its degree of connectedness.

Since in the upper class, each ‘neuron/particle’ communicates with all others, through its axons/bosons, forming a ‘whole’ new ∆+1 unit (hence the multiplicative symbol as axons are the square of its neurons).

On the other hand, the ∑-scale of reproductive individuals are only connected to their spatial neighbors (and their genetic families). Thus it is easier for the far more connected neuronal caste to control its body herds of loose cells/atoms with those ‘axons/cyclical waves’. And it does so with nervous messages, invaginating the lower ∆-1 chemical language of cells with nervous receptors, or the gravitational with electromagnetic waves.

Finally the quanta of the energy level is disconnected and easy prey for the body herds.

Unlike disconnected quanta or herding of parallel quanta in the same ∆-plane by simple communication with neighbors to maintain distances, or reproduction of a wave that imprints its form in a lower scale, ∆-1, network creation is multiplicative, ∏, as the number of axons is a potency law of its neurons and this makes it more powerful. Since it has a faster language to connect at the ∆+1 scale, but a potency of its numbers communicating in the lower chemical scale in neurons or gravitatomagnetic language in physical systems.

Thus as we see the field of åctions analysis gets more complex in terms of information when we study the higher åctions. And it gets more mathematical when we study lower åctions.


non reversed 5th Dimension

All energy-information cycles can be described as action-reaction systems that have 2 directional arrows, which close the cycle OF SPACE-TIME, and reach a maximal at √Se2 + Ti2 =  1.

This essential cycle of existence thus takes from the hyperbolic function, which is both the shape of a cycle seen from outside and inside, two states of all systems, and develops it either as a wave (sequential perception on lineal time of it), or as a rotational angular momentum (internal perception).

Thus at Sp=Tƒ, √SxS+TxT=1, the system maximizes its existence and finds a balance, which is the steady state, reproductive, iterative, present point that tries to conserve itself.

And to that aim there it comes to the rescue of the system the invariance of angular and lineal momentum, which rest on the isotropy an isomorphy of the Universe.

Why isotropy and isomorphy are needed deals with issues of continuity known to experts, what matters here is that between two relative U∆ planes of existence, the perception by the upper ∆observer which initiates communication of the ∑∆-1 -∆e-nergy quanta is null. It is precisely in the border in which energy quanta appear as mathematical Euclidean points with no breath, where the limit between infinitesimals and quanta continuity happens. This is the h -kingdom, where h is both the h-Planck, or minimal constant of action of any Universal plane, and the h of the derivate, the minimal action, the infinitesimal quanta that sums in the derivate that constructs and destroys with its anti-derivative, integrative function, different planes of existence.

where energy and time mix into åctions, till finally the cyclical action ends, returning the form or event to its origin.

Cyclical åctions are thus made of energy and time and are the fundamental unit of the Universe:

 Action =  ∆ Energy x Time-information

For each species, each vital space and each clock of time in connection there is a discontinuous, quantic åctions, mixture of lineal momentum and angular cycle. The Earth, of a cesium wave, of a living being (a circadian cycle) have all a different morphology and content of space and time, because they reflect the cyclical, action -reaction dual arrow that changes each different being.



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