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∆-3: Informative Forces


The vortices of time, are the ∆±3 plane.

The i-2 and i-3, relative scales of any i-system are outside the i±1 ‘organic scales’ in which the i-ndividual co-exists.

They belong to the outside i+2 world, or i+2 cosmos, and as such are expendable bits of information and quanta of energy. Depending on the type of species that absorb them, they might be ‘reversed’.

That is, the bigger i-2 quanta is normally energy, for the being to recompose its i-1 ‘cellular/atomic’ structure. Such is the case of humans, which absorb ‘amino acid’ molecules and atoms to construct the substance of its cells.

While the i-3, smaller pixels paradoxically are used to create a more detailed, infinitesimal map of the world, according to the equation of the mind, which we can now develop in more detail:

O-Mind (zero point) x ∞ Universe (∑∞ bits) = i-mapping (constant image of the world).

However in large species which are not informative but energetic, almost blind to information, such as plants or stars – as opposed to informative animals and black holes – there is no need for a detailed mind mapping of reality. So the system usually requires big ‘informative species’ and might instead use the smaller quanta for energy.

So plants use the i-2, atomic relative scale for its informative bits extracted by its STo-root systems (informative network) and uses its i-3 light electrons as its energy quanta.

While stars use its i-3 relative gravitational force as the energy of its motion, and its i-2, relative plasma ions to construct its electromagnetic fields of likely ‘vegetative’ perception.

It must then be understood as we consider the function of either the i-2, or i-3 scales, as information, the existence of 2 different type of perception:

  • I-2 diffuse ‘vegetative perception’, proper of stars in the i+2 scale, plants in the i-human scale or proteins in the i-2 scale (as the perceptive nitrogen atoms are ‘inside’ the protein, in its bending points, and hence has a blind perception, managing the 3D form of the protein which defines its active structure through ‘weak’ van der waals forces).
  • i-3, enhanced ‘animal perception’,  proper of black holes in the i+2 scale, animals in the i-human scale or Nucleotids in the i-2 scale (as the perceptive nitrogen atoms are ‘outside’, the head of the Nucleotide,  and hence has an eye perception, managing the carbon body and oxygen/Phosphoric Oxide legs with its free orientated motions.

The relationship between i and i-3 ‘bit scale’ is always ‘predatory’. But unlike the conscious ‘i-2, energy quanta’, absorption, which often requires the hunting of an i-similar prey, to ‘dissolve it’ down two scales to reconstruct its parts (from black holes devouring stars back to its atomic scale; to humans eating flesh, to reduce it back two scales to amino-acids), the absorption of i-3 forms is painless and subconscious. It does not mean that a photon which might be a star in the 9i-² scale, will not be consumed to a ‘Götterdämmerung’; but that it is unknown to the observer.

In that regard, the i-3 bits of information are the ‘frontier’, with the ‘unknown’ invisible world, of scales, we no longer perceive. Beyond that scale, perception occurs only at a limited level, as a ‘i-4’ invisible force (gravitation in the human scale), or as an i+4 Universe (the absolute whole of which only some ‘cosmic’ i+3 galaxy-atoms are perceivable to us).

Thus the i-scale only cares for its  i±1 dimensions – its i-1, internal, relative Space-fOrm, fixed  structure (1st isomorphism), its i-centered ego scale and its i+1 social moving scale, in which he is an ‘active motion’ of a higher network.

We will deal with specific bits and bites of information in other posts, with specific analysis, which range from ‘electronic light’ in animal and digital minds (as it is the electron or a fractal part of its boson light nebulae, what we see not light in itself), to neutrons in ‘nuclear, radioactive minds’, (potential but obviously as all themes related to minds, belonging to the non-experimental metaphysical science), through atomic minds (plants), and gravitational cosmic minds (black holes).


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