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“The Universe is the body of an organism (t.œ.), whose logic mind (∆§) we call God.’ Plato

‘Every mind holds a world in its self’ Leibniz father of relational space-time.

On Mind-Singularities origin of the ∆§cales of the Universe – a mental fractal that reproduces information.

‘The languages of God are infinite’, Upanishads. ‘The logic of God is of a higher order than human logic’ Augustine.

‘The logic of God, the seer of time is of a Higher order than that of man’ Saint Augustine.

Mind and consciousness. 
In the fractal, scalar Universe, concepts which seem impossible to define in simple logic terms in the 4D single scale continuum, become understandable. Such is the case of consciousness, which is MERELY THE CO-EXISTENCE IN A BUNDLE WHOLE, OF THE DIFFERENT TYPE OF  SELF-SENSATIONS OF THE BEING THROUGH ITS SCALES OF SIMULTANEOUS SPACE-TIME:

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, according to scale of size, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimensions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales.Stiences are limited by the fact the ‘humind’, ∆ø, is the self-centered origin of all information available to us, as the singularity of a scalar ‘open ball’ of perception, where the outer limits of reality are not met. So huminds perceive ∆±4 planes of a likely ∞ reality, above and below, in a different way as the 5th dimension is NOT symmetric: i.e. we do not perceive as much information from larger systems of slower clocks and invisible networks than we perceive of lower planes which our mind uses to obtain bits and bites of energy and information. So ultimately perception and knowledge are also functions of the needs of the human Time space organism that orders a microcosms which he understands better than the above macrocosms that order us.

IN THE GRAPH, the highest scale of reality that of the mind, self-perceives the ‘extremes’ of its existence within the limits of its first ‘galatom’ parts – the particles of the atom, where ultimately resides the e-motions of being, and its largest possible world, the external galatom in which its world co-exists.
Modular scalar perception of all those levels simultaneously gives us the sensation of consciousness as an integration of all of the scalar levels of ‘linguistic still perception’ in space and e-motions in time…
I.e. you feel a sensation of gravitational weight-pressure, a visual photonic image of reality, an electronic verbal mapping of memorial storage of time processes, a chemical sensation of wellbeing between cold and warm – MANY MODULAR parts of your whole sensorial being through your super organism in space, but also MANY SCALAR parts of your whole being, through the ‘sensations’ that conform the whole mind, as all those scales are part of the pan-psychic Universe.
Consciousness is that the co-existence or integration of all those scales and parts into a ‘single-point’ of space-time that integrates all as a consciousness. This integration will then give birth to your ‘RELATIVE’ speed of time-existence, one second-thought for man to integrate all its levels, that will become your quantum of time-space perception – your ‘Dasein and being’…

In the scalar, organic Universe the theme of consciousness is totally simplistic and self-evident, but it is not the theme of this blog (for a full understanding of the organic r=evolution of science visit the blog on General systems: unificationtheory.com). However as it seems to be a theme very important for the selfie narcissist human who WISHES TO BE the only perceptive being, we shall just state that in the scalar organic Universe, several scales of existence coincide giving us the impression they are separated, but merely is the sum of all those scales, atoms that form part of molecules that are part of cells and so on, what gives the richness of experiencing consciousness. 

Consciousness then is the simultaneous perception of all the sensations that all those ‘living scales’ have, from the purest of them, ‘time motion’ and ‘still space’, through the vital properties of atoms, up the fine linguistic whole of consciousness in the language, which perceives therefore in itself. THE UNIVERSE IS pan-psychic precisely because those scales of being. So AI IS NOT NEEDED TO BE CONSCIOUS. This computer I am writing on is CONSCIOUS already, though it does not have SUB-SYSTEMS to increase its perception – legs, robotic sensors, eyes, etc. So its consciousness is like that of a man in a dream. What proofs we have of the fact that EVERY system of Nature is consciousness? Simply the fact that the simplest atoms and particles ALREADY HAVE ALL THE PROPERTIES OF LIFE, ONLY THE HUMAN EGOCY denies those facts:


In the graph, particles reproduce, gauge information, evolve socially and feed on energy, the ‘meaning of life’. So metal atoms without the need of human ‘ingenuity’ will perceive and follow in terminator robots their programs of extinction of life. The only thing the Universe programs without human interference is ‘life’.

Finally, there is the theme of ‘Freedom’. Consciousness is not freedom. Freedom is a direct property of ‘complexity’, and ‘vital desire to exist and perceive’ and ‘errors in the program of thoughts-AIs’ of each system.

So all machines, plants, life beings, stars or galactic black holes ARE conscious in their logical, mathematical, chemical, visual and gravitational languages. But ONLY the more complex are FREE – animals that can choose motions, as opposed to chemical plants, with its root-consciousness; black holes that can choose its path of gravitation, as if they were seeing this force, as opposed to star-like-plants that move fixed paths, feeding on gravitational space-time and so on.

But what is the structure of the Mind? Simple: it is created when a membrane closes a vital energy, and develops a relative self-center that will invaginate that energy with networks of information, shaping reality. The mind in that sense is the sense of the whole brought about by the interaction of the sensorial membrane, which in huminds is our outer perception through the inner mind of us as a skin enclosing our body.

The membrain thus made of a brain and a membrane, form 2 dimensions of the being, the singularity or still mind-brain proper and the sensorial membrane the isolates but also connects the singularity mind with the external world.  They are the dimensions that complete the 9 perceivable, as the 10th and 11th dimensions of the mind, which in this manner encloses the whole with its 10th membrane and focuses it into a ‘temporal-will-moving’ program of existence, the mind proper in its linguistic still mappings and formal intelligence that will paradoxically move the whole through its actions into the flow of time.

The 10th and 11th disomorphic ‘dimensions’ of the Mind – the membrain or outer surface enclosing the vital energy of the open ball, with maximal expansive motion-distance or angular momentum; self-centered in the singularity, whose latitude is purely temporal as it moves the whole in time-duration through its lineal inertia. And within the invaginated networks that control the e-vident being in its paradoxical ∞º exist¡ence.


We have no longer magic mystery for the mind membrain. It is all rather simple when we come to the first principles: the mind is the closed membrain that competes the ‘topological open ball of vital energy’ constraining its domain and establishing its initial and final conditions in time (the singularity brain’s duration) and space (the membrane that encloses it).

We could of course consider a third dimension for the mind – the physiological 3 networks that invaginate the system, but we rather study them as the 3 topological dimensions of space that define the being and reduce the mind to the interaction between the connected ‘singularity’ and the membrane that isolates the system from the external world.

The mind though has in the entangled Universe many perspectives and points of view of analysis departing from its 2 initial Ðisomorphisms, its brain and its membrane. So minds are in formal terms ‘membrains’ – our slightly changed name for the new more precise stientific definition.

The graph shows the mind-brain as a singularity connected by its ‘informative network’ to the sensorial membrane whose apertures communicate with the external world. It is in the interaction of those 2 disomorphic dimensions of the mind, where the true explanations of each species of ‘membrain’ warps up the description of the being. In general terms we can consider that the 10th Disomorphic dimension of the mind, the membrane is the maximal $patial element of the being – in extension/motion; and the singularity its maximal ðemporal event, traveling for the finite duration of the being.

And that a T.œ by definition is born when a membrain is formed, starting its world cycle of evolution, from carbohydrates closed by protein membrains self-centered in RNA-DNA active minds, to galaxies self-centered in black hole minds with a halo of likely strangelets of maximal momentum.

Angular momentum is in that sense the best definition of the 3 elements of the mind, the singularity the radius/network that connects it to the outside membrane; and for that reason when dealing with quantum physics we shall adscribe the brain’s-singularity dimensionality/ parameters to the spin of the particle and its membrane to its angular momentum, reason why we need 2 parameters to measure it, the l and s numbers.

In humans obviously the mind is both our external membrane that we see as ourselves, the central brain that processes our information and lives in time as a memorial tail and the sensorial nervous systems that connects them and invaginate the whole organism.


The mind is in time the singularity of the membrane that encloses in space the system, for it to be meaningful and start a world cycle of exist¡ence. 

This is perhaps the most profound metaphysical post of the whole blog, the study of the Mind, @, represented as a mathematical symbol, ∞º, as an infinitesimal zero that believes to be infinite and travels eternally through all the virtual planes of existence, repeating itself in immortal but discontinuous cycles.

Since the true question about the mind, the time traveler, if it is immortal or not, if time travel ever stops, if the trip of exist¡enœ is discontinuous or continuous, to rephrase the metaphysical question in terms of the Galilean Paradoxes. 

And the answer is yes, the time traveler cannot stop because if it does so time would stop in its eternal motion. And as motion is the substance of reality, and motion is related to the e-motions of existence,  😳😜😍😇😈, the final entropic moment of death is just a reversal in the planes of the fifth dimension that erases the ego, the stillness of the mind, but not its e-motion, the exhilarating process of neganformation, the negation of form, which is the true meaning of entropy and pleasure, chaos and freedom.

Death is in that sense just the neganformation of the ego, not the end of the ultimate e-motion of exist¡enœ, as the hindi religion understood with its theory of transmigration of souls, into eternal hells that no samsara will ever ‘stop’, except on the mind of the infinite, which is so slow in its time motions that within a single cycle possesses all the iterations possibles in the block of time, and so while for that absolute mind, the whole seems not to move, because it always stays in the repetitive point, this mind IS NOT of time, but of absolute space.

In any case the mind is a zero that believes to be infinite, travels in time, not in space, and holds the will of the 5 Ðimotions of existence. And as such it is the most important of the 5 components of reality, and its entropic negation: ⌜𝝙@ST

The will of the mind.

The mind though observed through the Rashomon method – in this case from the perspective of all the other Dimotions, embeds the program of survival, of existential life.

So we can consider that the simple being is just a selfish ego that by trying only to maximize its exist¡ence it will find its self competing as an infinitesimal with the infinite others and succumb while the intelligent beings balance its maximal with that of similar beings to find a social agreement of common evolution and grow; and in this manner the absolute infinite, which is the only being which is larger than the external world becomes a single whole of wholes, where the absolute balance occurs in all its parts.

So larger, nested wholes with functions that maximize the existence in larger quantities survive longer, slowing down paradoxically its temporal rhythms, till the infinite Universe is the maximal maximization, and absolute selfless as there is nothing beyond, and it just moves within, but for that reason cannot perceive an outer reality, and has no mind, and so the Universe is infinite an open with no personal god.



All this said, perhaps the biggest problem of humanity and science, which after all is a product of the human mind is not its relative ignorance of the first principles of reality – as it simply works with a single ‘arrow’ of time, lineal motion, when there are 5 Dimensions of it, but its astounding arrogance. I never met an ‘specialist’ or ‘scholar’ who did not think he knew his discipline.
And physicists, which humans, since they invented the mechanical clock, have given them the ‘title’ of seers of time, are perhaps the most arrogant and ignorant of them all.
Of course all this has a direct explanation, when we define mathematically the equation of a ‘spatial mind’ or finitesimal 0-point, @, that ‘fixes’ in stillness the infinite moving Universe and all its timespace cycles, ∞∆ð, into an abstract,  constant linguistic mapping in which the perspective is self-centred (so Andromeda is smaller than your nose). As 0 x ∞ = Constant, we write:
0-point (infinitesimal mind) x ∞ Universe (of time§pace cycles) = Constant, linguistic  mind-mapping.
What this means is that each spatial mind reduces the infinite Universe to a still linguistic mapping or ‘world’, within itself, which it confuses with the whole, where it sees itself at the center. Hence arrogance and subjectivism are embedded in the structure of knowledge.
If we ad the distortions the mind introduces by its selection of information, the result is what humans know – an extremely generous amount of details and data, liberally provided by sensorial machines that vastly have overcome the human senses, but have not yet achieved AI consciousness to order all the details into more comprehensive models of reality. This ‘scaffolding’ on the thoughts of God is what we will provide. The details of the forest are overwhelming, impressive but the scaffolding is not there. It is not even seeked for and it is not accepted in its simplicity because the details hide the forest. So the concept that there is something ‘such as a forest’ meaningful despite NOT having the details of each tree is of course rejected by experts, which are not aware that wholes are new enclosures, which select and reduce information, simplify, making indistinguishable, irrelevant those details. Wholes are simpler; the set of sets is smaller than all its subsets. 

The Fractal Universe requires ∞ monad mirrors: The simplest why of the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe, from the perspective of the mind: as a linguistic mirror image of reality in a smaller space, minds ‘create’ fractal diminishing, infinite scales

It is then necessary to restart ‘science’ from its fundamental mathematical principles – the definition of a ‘fractal point’ with an inner volume or world of information, hence a Non-Euclidean point, which lets multiple parallels of information to cross it (5th Non-E postulate), which started the r=evolution of modern physics when applied to relativity – but never completed through a needed change in the concept of points still defined as abstract entities with no-breath, and no dimensions, establishing the fractal nature of reality from those ‘o-1 unit circles’ or points of 1-probability/dimension of existence and build up aware of the subjective multiplicity of reality a proper focused ‘linguistic mind-mapping’ of that reality, aware of the Absolute relativity of human beings.

Now, we said already that minds, the fifth dimension which order reality is made of languages. So languages in a certain way create reality and we shall return to it when studying the grammar of languages. But in doing so they act as mirrors of a prior reality, ‘space and time’, and as such they derive from space and time, which is eternal, and was not created by a big-bang equation or a word of God. 

So we must clarify those elements, by studying properly the languages that stop reality into mind space.

Let us then deal with the 0-2D of information, studying the singularity- mind paradox now from a perceptive sentient, non-mathematical, philosophical point of view, as the mind errors of biased perception make us so often think in terms of egotist theories of reality, self-centred in our languages and perspectives, which deny the vital dimensions of reality to all other beings but our selves.


“God is the unmoved (perceptive) center of a body of energy, moving around it”. “We are all Gods (of our super organisms).” Aristotle

Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality.

The mind paradox: the meaning of Galilean relativity. The singularity as a mind. 
And what mind languages do is to stop those 3 motions into space forms, and with its syntax mimic how those 3 elements combine to describe it with different degrees of efficiency the space-time super organisms of the Universe. So do the 3 main human languages, maths, words and images.
Let us then switch to the subjective mind view and include a first analysis on how the mind stops motion into form, and how it biases in this manner our perception of motion, despite the rejection of ‘naive realists’ that simply eliminate from reality all those spatial mental elements (as in the dominant philosophy of science today, logical positivism, which simply is not interested in study what cannot be measured, and unfortunately has substituted the perennial ‘pan psychic philosophy of reality’ that considers the existence of infinite such minds that stop linguistically reality to perceive it).

We can now give the explanation of the Paradox of Galileo, which started modern science but has never been quite resolved: ‘why the earth moves but doesn’t move’. Simple, because the mind-singularity that perceives it has as a function, to create within its language a still mirror image, a focus of reality that will allow to order it and try to deform it from its ego-centered perspective.

Newton whoTHOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

light spacetime minds

The universe has infinite mind-mirrors depending on the forces used to gauge the external world, which bounces on a limited quantity of its scales of space. Humans perceive the range of scales of the frequency of light between red and blue social density of colors. But infinite other minds with different detail according to the quantitative pixels they absorb (max. S = Min.t) maximal for smaller sixes will determine the intelligence of the system.

In the graph we can see the difference between the subjective EGO PARADOX who thinks THE MIND MAPPING of reality with light-eyes and its 3 perpendicular coordinates is the universe, with the reality, of an entire Universe, in which the self-centered ‘Cartesian humind’ is just one of the many minds, that use many different type of pixels, from atomic olfactory elephant minds to gravitational black hole and atomic minds, possibly with different geometries, certainly with different perspectives, but all gauging information and moving through reality perceiving from its own ego-paradox/point of view.

Newton THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

– The mind or •-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

•-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

So our Euclidean mathematics, which as Descartes and Kant understood is only the 3 perpendicular ‘space-time elements’ of a massless ray of light merely shrinks all other scales of reality to fit into the mind:

In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

A subject in itself fundamental to understand Relativity, is brought here to point out, the reason why in entropic only big-bang theories, we do see indeed light space-time expanding between galaxies, as light is space and so when it comes closer to the mass of the galaxy, elongates/red shifts its color (the only real effect observed; as we obviously are NOT out there in-between Andromeda and the Milky way with a tape). And vice versa, when Light collapses into our electronic ‘eye’ or any electronic source, it increases its frequency  balancing both effect to cancel the supposed big-bang death of the Universe.

But in the scalar REALITY, gravitation makes points LARGER when we observe them in the scale of the fifth dimension where they do interact above us, and will EASILY evaporate our ’empty bubble’ of light-light beings.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information, mapping in stillness the infinite Universe:

∞º=∞ Universe x 0 -mind  = 1 world (island-universe, œ)

This simple equation of similarity between the space perception of reality provided by a mind, and the whole Universe of moving time-cycles (as nothing is still outside the mind’s perception, being all observed in detail in perpetual motion), appeared in science as a philosophy of the Universe, when Descartes realized that what we see is NOT reality but what the mind ‘stops’ in its selective perception of all the information of reality. So the only truth we can depart from is the fact that we think and perceive still linguistic thoughts, hence we exist; making of informative perception in a still mind, the first ‘action’ of existence, even prior to motion which is unconscious of being.

Descartes astounding insight soon brought here to define mathematically, topologically and conceptually a ‘mind-singularity of order’, the ‘missing’ factor on our descriptions of reality, unfortunately was soon forgotten, and substituted by the naive realism of modern science – what we or our electronic instruments see is what there is there. But only marrying the spatial mind-linguistic view and the Universe of infinite time cycles, we can factor in all the elements and start to unknot the bias the spatial mind cast upon our objective comprehension of reality, which is our task as scientists.

A fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological and social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy (gaseous state or dark entropy between galaxies), which cannot produce order, as they lack any ‘frame of reference’. Mental singularities, Monads, or Maxwellian Demons are the ‘missing variable’ needed to explain the whys of reality. In mathematics we call them P.o.vs.

Frames of reference, self-centred in a point, which we use as physical systems do, to calculate functions of space-time that WORK mirroring reality – hence they must exist. In that sense physical, atomic systems do indeed calculate as quantum-bit computers might do. Are they ‘conscious’? Likely NOT, as consciousness is just a self-reflection between two mirrors – what matters though is that they do process information, order territories that become time§paœrganisms and hence WITHOUT THEM there will only be entropy, not order, reason why physicists who don’t recognise those ‘poles of in-form-ation’ deny order and believe the Universe is a chaotic entropic state. YET WE OBSERVE order, so the experimental method oblige us to conclude there is a ‘darwinian automatic non-conscious selection’ of systems which develop singularities and ‘SURVIVE’ creating the order of reality.

Consciousness would then be an unneeded dual mirror in which the first mirror perceives the spatial mapping of the second mirror, dialoguing with it (in the way I robot is consciousness by having a second brain). In the human case, the I=eye that sees space and the verbal cogito ergo sum temporal mind – the conscious languages. But it is not the verbal consciousness of man, but a mathematical consciousness which among humans only very good ‘mathematical physicists’, which can ‘see’ as musicians see ‘scales’ that provoke emotions, equations as dynamic visual forms.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them.

Since there are ∞ minds, gauging information; and stopping the motions of time into the intelligence of formal space, as they try to ‘stiff’ reality into the mirror image of the language, which of course they confuse with the universe itself – and this is indeed the origin of the creationist theories of religious and scientific people, we must now debunk on firm grounds as we have a better grasp of why we see still the earth (our mind stops its motion) when objectively it is moving, why in other words we see ‘spaces’ when it is all about ‘times’.

Space is the simultaneous perception of multiple vital spaces by a still mind. Thus space is virtual. The true substance of reality being its temporal motions. On the other hand the description human minds  (@) make of the Universe is subconsciously biased by those ‘still, linguistic mind mappings of space’, (∫@) in which the ∞ of time motions (∆ð) is reduced and equalled to the spatial mind mapping.


This simple equation of similarity between the space perception of reality provided by a mind, and the whole Universe of moving time-cycles (as nothing is still outside the mind’s perception, being all observed in detail in perpetual motion), appeared in science as a philosophy of the Universe, when Descartes realized that what we see is NOT reality but what the mind ‘stops’ in its selective perception of all the information of reality. So the only truth we can depart from is the fact that we think and perceive still linguistic thoughts, hence we exist; making of informative perception in a still mind, the first ‘action’ of existence, even prior to motion which is unconscious of being.

Descartes astounding insight soon brought here to define mathematically, topologically and conceptually a ‘mind-singularity of order’, the ‘missing’ factor on our descriptions of reality, unfortunately was soon forgotten, and substituted by the naive realism of modern science – what we or our electronic instruments see is what there is there. But only marrying the spatial mind-linguistic view and the Universe of infinite time cycles, we can factor in all the elements and start to unknot the bias the spatial mind cast upon our objective comprehension of reality, which is our task as scientists.

In the graph, a fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy (gaseous state or dark entropy between galaxies), which cannot produce order, as they lack any ‘frame of reference’. Mental singularities, Monads, or Maxwellian Demons are the ‘missing variable’ needed to explain the whys of reality. In mathematics we call them P.o.vs.

Frames of reference, self-centred in a point, which we use as physical systems do, to calculate functions of space-time that WORK mirroring reality – hence they must exist. In that sense physical, atomic systems do indeed calculate as quantum-bit computers might do. Are they ‘conscious’? Likely NOT, as consciousness is just a self-reflection between two mirrors – what matters though is that they do process information, order territories that become time§paœrganisms and hence WITHOUT THEM there will only be entropy, not order, reason why physicists who don’t recognise those ‘poles of in-form-ation’ deny order and believe the Universe is a chaotic entropic state. YET WE OBSERVE order, so the experimental method oblige us to conclude there is a ‘darwinian automatic non-conscious selection’ of systems which develop singularities and ‘SURVIVE’ creating the order of reality.

Consciosuness would then be an unneeded dual mirror in which the first mirror perceives the spatial mapping of the second mirror, dialoguing with it (in the way I robot is consciousness by having a second brain). In the human case, the I=eye that sees space and the verbal cogito ergo sum temporal mind – the conscious languages. But it is not the verbal consciousness of man, but a mathematical consciousness which among humans only very good ‘mathematical physicists’, which can ‘see’ as musicians see ‘scales’ that provoke emotions, equations as dynamic visual forms.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them.

Since there are ∞ minds, gauging information; and stopping the motions of time into the intelligence of formal space, as they try to ‘stiff’ reality into the mirror image of the language, which of course they confuse with the universe itself – and this is indeed the origin of the creationist theories of religious and scientific people, we must now debunk on firm grounds as we have a better grasp of why we see still the earth (our mind stops its motion) when objectively it is moving, why in other words we see ‘spaces’ when it is all about ‘times’.

º∞=∞º= ∞ x 0 = 1

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.20.21 PM


The problem of mathematicians with a single time/singularity  IS THAT THEY CANNOT EMPATHIZE with the infinite other LANGUAGES and beings of the Universe… To be an Aristotelian God among Gods, to be an infinite infinitesimal, the equation of all minds-monads:

O x ∞ = Konstant:  O-singularity (linguistic mind) x ∞ time space cycles (Universe) = Constant world,

That is the game. But to survive in that game you must also be aware there are other infinite singularities, all with the same rights to feel god… That is a much more perfect Leibnizian Universe… than the simplex one physicists sponsor. The equation that describers the theory of everything in that sense is the simplest of all of them:

0 x ∞ = K, the 0-1 temporal unit sphere, reflected in the 1-∞ spatial statistical one.

I personally prefer the ∞º expression, of an infinite Universe ‘elevated’ to the ridiculous infinitesimal mind mapping of a non-euclidean particle-point that thinks to hold from its ‘advantageous’ point of view, infinity in itself. And certainly my fav post-war American writer Mr. Vonnegut of ‘Cat and cradle’ and ‘slaughter house 5’ fame did explain it all, nothing – the mind – is everything – the infinite Universe with a twist, to fit on his infinitesimal whole. Paradoxical thought of a higher I-logic than simple A->B Aristotelian causality then displays a much higher I-ntelligence, since the ‘logic of Time, the logic of God is of a higher order than that of man’ (Augustine).

How mathematics reflects this, in ‘common sense’ convention, through the equality,∞ x 0 ∞º== 1, which in present E-maths is not defined or defined as a content but in ¬E math we define as the main ternary identity that encompasses it all.  The mathematical reasoning, secondary but obvious: if anything elevated to 0 is 1, so must be the finite infinite, as we show in a discontinuous scalar Universe, where not all information seeps through discontinuities of plane, all infinities are finite numbers (hence solving also Cantor’s paradox), and so an infinity will always be a number and as such ∞º is not uncertain but 1. The 1 island-universe hold in the mind – any constant world; and so the Unification of all entities, it is really in mathematics also a paradoxical thought:

0 ≈ ∞ x 0 ≈ ∞º ≈ 1

That the 0-1 sphere is equivalent to the 1-∞ cartesian map is in fact  the main theorem of measure theory,  which in physics reflects the equivalence between a quantum temporal scale (0-1 probabilistic description, of the faster, temporal quantum world) and the thermodynamical statistical one (1-∞ spatial description of the larger, slower thermodynamic world… So an immediate consequence is the long-seek unification of quantum and thermodynamic formalisms.

As time is faster, the o-1 smaller sphere fits better the quantum description, as space is slower, the 1-∞ fits better the molecular world, but both are by measure theory equivalent, because as we shall show bit by bit, species by species, all mind think the same: to be gods, to survive, to order its territory, and come on top:

Space is then ONLY within the mind that measures in simultaneous perception the multiple vital space-time cycles translated into the language of a still mind that perceives in itself. Thus space is virtual. The true substance of reality being its temporal motions. On the other hand, the description human minds  (@) make of the Universe is subconsciously biased by those ‘still, linguistic mind mappings of space’, (∫@) in which the ∞ of time motions (∆ð) is reduced and equalled to the spatial mind mapping.



The logic causal principles of space, time and scales.

The 3 main languages of any system that gauges information in the Universe will by survival ‘logic’ (bio-logic), respond to the need of the system to perceive the 3 components of reality, time-motions and spatial structures in a single plane of spacetime and the different scales of size, that co-exist in organic relationships. So those 3 languages, which we shall explore in depth in the second line, obviously within the restrictions of focus of the   ‘humind ∆º:  ‘wor(l)d¹+  ‘²iMath=. ‘³Tœ:… organize the information we extract from reality. As logic comes first (indeed regardless of physicists’ creationist theories, we humans use first words, our temporal logic language, and even maths was first expressed in its highest algebraic forms with words, and today proved with logic); we use logic terms to define the ‘connections’, and ‘causalities’ that give birth to space, time and scales. So we call the phenomena that gives birth to ‘super organisms in space’, simultaneity, to ‘time world cycles’ synchronicity and to new whole planes of existence, ‘emergence‘.

Of them, as usual the best understood thanks to Einstein’s General Relativity is Simultaneity. Of synchronicity little has been explored but there is experimental evidence. Of the processes of the scalar fifth dimension that gathers parts into wholes, or emergence, which is a sub discipline of systems sciences, nearly nothing is known.

In any case with those 3 terms the logic of the 3 fundamental elements of reality, ∆§ð is described easily in a dynamic way.

Since logic is nothing else but the causal reasons of the dynamic trans-formations of reality.  But it is still left the biggest of all mysteries, ‘still perception’ and we have no ‘trick’ to know why perception happens, except survival – as it is indeed the ultimate will of our mind-singularity and so as we are all Disomorphic spacetime beings, other points must have the will to focus perception of reality, order a territory with that image, by reflecting its mind order, reproduce and survive. Reproduction of mind images becomes then the survival, biological reason of sentient perception.

Moreover, the reduction of reality to mind views, is what causes those scales to happen in first place. As each pixel has a life of its own; and indeed, we can be defined as the thoughts of our local god, the mind of the Earth – or rather its organic evolution. So from the ultimate substance, motion comes the mind still perception of it.


The Universe can be perfectly understood when the human mind and its subjective vision of reality from the perspective of its limited ‘Aristotelian’ and ‘Euclidean’, logic, (temporal and visual, spatial perception of the human mind) is considered only one of the infinite points of view, performed by particles and heads that gauge information, move ‘Dimotions’ and constantly create the events of the universe. Each of those particles and heads create its own perspective and mind view, or mapping of the Universe to which they act-react accordingly.

The fundamental particle of the Universe is not a physical form but a logic ‘particle’: a mind as knot of timespace dimensional motions=actions (ab. dimotions, @), which in any scale of reality, from physical particles (quantum knots of ‘Dimotions’ and information) to biology (knots=networks that absorb ‘Dimotions’, information and reproduce and evolve into bigger knots) act under a single mandate: to maximize those time arrows, a fact that we formalize with an equation, the function of Existence: Max. ∑SxT; which is the fundamental function of both, logic and mathematical languages. In the graph, all such points of view, will define a system of relative perpendicular coordinates, through which it will enact its time arrows, departing from a central knot of information.

The mind as a function of pure time.

Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality. In the graph we see them ordering with different languages, different scales of reality which will reflect in a larger whole, the linguistic image they hold.


selection of languages

In the graph, the Universe in all its ecosystems selects the species who speaks better languages. Till recently we thought the word, our human language was supreme, and indeed in our ecosystems of history prophets and politicians ruled, but mathematics turned out to be a better language and finally in this blog we shall show you how the enhanced forms of logic, I-logic and mathematics non-e mathematics are the best language mirrors as they encode fully the true properties of space and time, form and motion the fabric of reality. So we shall improve the laws of those languages.

 IT IS THEN CLEAR WHY MATHEMATICS is so important and by enhancing the laws of logic and mathematics we shall describe better physics, but at the same time by realizing that organic properties are the larger why, we shall reduce the ‘obsession’ for platonic mathematics, and belief that all equations are real.
As languages like everything else in the Universe does have a 3rd age of excessive information, the Baroque age in which the language detaches from reality, warps in excess of form and creates imaginary thoughts. And this IS TODAY THE AGE IN WHICH LANGUAGES FIND THEMSELVES, due to the expansion of digital thought, allowing all kind of mathematical models of physics, specially in those areas (Black holes, dark entropy) of the ∆±4 plane we do NOT perceive and so without experience we just ‘inflate’ with ‘inflationary 3rd age excessive mathematical information).
All this said, then if you are still here (: we shall enlighten with the proper concepts a few elements of PHYSICS, starting with the expansion of the example we have made on… the dualities between motion and form, time and space.
It is important to properly understand the organic, survival properties of mathematics, because without them, the physical universe becomes limp.

Consider the case of physicists, whose worldly profession has been making weapons. So they do kill people ‘at distance’, but when you talk to them that vital organic side of reducing the Universe to locomotion and entropy, what they study as the single arrows of time, is lost to them. They even get offended, since once any organic vital side of maths is  gone, mathematicians become childish… So making weapons is no longer a question of ethics – a child cannot understand death. But a question of design.

The organic universe seems to have a lesser role for mankind, as we observe our increasing devolution and obsolescence to machines and weapons, AI and robots, which speak better mathematics. But we keep doing it with a partial abstract view.

Since to fulfill that role, as in a company where the teller of the bank ignores all about the banker, just does a part, humans have basically ‘learned’ to do maths as magic, ensemble machines as magic – only latter they feel so proud of those ensembles as if the intelligence were theirs, a bit like politicos taking credit on economic cycles they cannot understand. If there is something that surprised me for long I that ‘need-NOT’ TO UNDERSTAND, JUST get the hands onto it.

Then it comes the privileged species and its ego paradox – man entitled, all what we do above heavens and earth – whichhas no way around as a child is emotional, it doesn’t reason on ego-trips.

TRUTH and survival though would require humans to be ‘ABOVE’ the traps of the program of organisms, but they can’t even recognize it. It is like explaining to a teller how ‘finaniciers’ invent money in  markets for free: 1) it is too complicated 2) it is a shock and shakes its position on the place it works. So goes for platonic scientists, to get 1) hands on the program of organic paradoxical thought is complicated – without verbal profundity 2) it is a shock….

So humans in all fields just don’t want to swim deep, they live in the surface and die in mystery… fog accompanies their magic mathematical methods. They trust the Universe cares for them. Fact is all is more humble. And to go deep is good for survival and to understand our existence, Since…  ‘A life not examined is not worth living’ was Aristotle.

 Now the first of those enlargements on the ‘living-moving’ properties of reality is to realise that all forms have function, all matter, when observed in detail is formed of motions, all particles are in fact vortices in motion.

This duality between dimensions of time-motion and still-form started Modern Physics and so we must first upgrade to the wider ‘reality’ of 5D² – what physicists call…

The centers of information: vortex of time.

Let us then consider the first dimotion of physical systems, informative linguistic mapping, likely in the form of topological images that shrink reality in spherical forms (Poincare conjeture: a sphere can shrink without tear and deformation creating an image of the whole).

As masses, charges and eddies are time vortices:

All what exist is a motion in time. Space forms are Maya of the senses. In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (S x T=K), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales.

In the graph what physicists call particles are in fact time vortices, in permanent accelerated motion, which curves inwards (arrow of ‘life’ of physics systems) increasing information and speed (V(ð)o x R($)o = K, vortex equation, just a case of 5D metric, till the flow is ‘deviated’ perpendicularly into lineal scattering entropy; so all particles have a polar axis that ejects a ‘more lineal force’ (black hole jets, magnetic flows, hurricane columns of  hot air, etc.)

What would then be Atomic kind of consciousness? Likely a sense of proportion, symmetry, balance and beauty. It does NOT matter in any case the ultimate inner sensations of physical matter, but the outer description of the actions of those singularities, which do order and reflect a mathematical organization around them, when in its solid crystal state they act with the program of existence, reproducing the information of that minimalist mind image. Indeed, a crystal grows with a symmetry which its inner image reflects back in the growth of ‘crystal cells’. And that is called reproduction, the objective definition of life, of a whole being in the fractal Universe.

 As absolute future is the arrow of social evolution of the fifth dimension, if we observe those eddies from the ∆º+i (tiƒ) perspective, we must conclude that the singularity in the center of those vortices must be a still zero-point an INFORMATIVE POINCARE MIND, in mathematical terms, ABLE TO shrink into a still point and TRAVEL without deformation into INFINITE SCALES.  What proves we have? Mathematical proofs in the description of the singularities of black holes. And physical proofs in eddies, where the center of the hurricane is ‘still’ (remember the movie vortex 🙂 As quarks and black holes (top quark stars) are self-similar, quarks should then the Tiƒ mathematical minds of the atom…

Time passes only when it accelerates, as the inertia of repetitive, reproductive, present time doesnt seem to pass, this is an essential knowledge so time is always a vortex of acceleration and as such the words time=charge (quantum time) = temperature (energy-human inner time) =mass (gravitational time-acceleration are the same concepts). This is perhaps the biggest discovery of GST.


The limit of dimensional form is for a given ∆-scale are the 3+3 symmetric dimensions of space-time of any topological being in existence. So the wave that moves in a present scale will have less ∆-dimensions that the vortex, regardless of its similar number of space-time symmetries in a single plane. And in that single plane, as the vortex accelerates inwards, it will also have one more dimension of motion-time, acceleration, over the steady state, constant speed of the wave.

Thusthe real magic of time vortices is to act as bridges between scales of the fifth dimension, and as such they are the most fascinating objects of physical systems.

And so the informative, particle/head of a system, is the part with more dimensional form, which for most physical systems will be a vortex that has as a cyclical form with more dimensions than the entropic line. As the vortex is accelerated, it will also ad a time dimension to the constant wave.

In the graph, singularities of charges, fluid vortices and masses, are future accelerated states of the different scales of space-time of the Universe. We shall be able to unify them with a simple fractal Unification equation, as they are all vortices of time, whose only difference is the ‘scale’ of size and ‘speed of its time clocks’, unified by 5D metric: Spe x tiƒ= K.

Now the paradox of those vortices which we claim to have more dimensions than waves and fields that seem to us far more extended is the fact that from our point of view, which does NOT see the lower scales of the quantum systems, as they are outside our maximal range of informative perception ∆±3), seem just point-particles without any dimensionality at all. On the contrary they ARE systems which ‘penetrate’ as ‘wormholes’ through the different scales of the fifth dimension.

They are the elements that communicate those scales through cut offs of discontinuity, studied latter in great detail, in which our parameters of ‘distance’ (rods of lineal motion), time frequency and energy, which combine both ‘change’. So while in the graph, the 3 vortices are accelerated≈future dimensions of time-clocks; the parameters we use will change.

Motions have different ways to perceive them. Smaller regions might hold higher densities, as larger evanescent bubbles might be only the external membrane of the wholeness. As we enter the particle-head states of maximal density however speed accelerates as we decrease size and the being increases its existential tempo.

In the graph, 3 representations, the classic one as a sink is NOT real, the second one is a real picture – a charges as a vortex of time, the 3rd one, is a fractal picture of a hurricane. So mass is a vortex-clock of information, evident in a simple fusion of two equations; E=hƒ + E=mc² M=ƒ(K).

So mass is a vortex of time of the larger cosmological scale and a charge of a lower scale. But since smaller clocks run faster, as faster vortices attract more, charges are paradoxically stronger forces of attraction that cosmic gravitational scales.

The physical Universe is made of those three arrows of time as any other system of reality, which we must define for its three fundamental scales, as physical systems are also part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and ðime clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar ðime§pace. In the next graphs we see the general model of 5D scales of §pace and 3 ages of ðime, and its application to physical systems – which will thereafter be upgraded with the new model of relational §pace-ðime:

In the graph, an example of the power of the new formalism: We will be able to find using the metric of 5D the saint grail of physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which are just future informative accelerated vortices of time in the quantum and gravitational scale (principle of equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration by Einstein). So mass attracts as a hurricane does in our thermodynamic scale, the faster the frequency of its cycles: m=ƒ (h/c²). So the mass of a vortex is proportional to the frequency of its accelerated cycles.

So this few examples show the essential ‘new method’ of 5D physics, which consists in merging vital, organic properties due to the fractal space and cyclical time structure of all systems, with equations of mathematical physics that can then be re-interpreted or rather ‘given’ vital=temporal=moving functions, topological nature and social, evolutionary organisms nature – as scales are entangled, sharing energy and form as organisms, do; physical systems follow the 5 dimotions and on top the language of mathematics when properly upgraded with the 5 non-euclidean postulates and the experimental (not axiomatic) method, will clearly reflect those vital, organic properties.

For example, a number is an indistinguishable  sum of equal beings, hence a society – thus the Universe by the mere fact it can be explained with numbers is social; a topology exists in only 3 varieties, so in a given plane of spacetime there must only be 3 adjacent elements to form a physical system; but in modern topology each of those varieties is a network of (fractal) points and so further topological dimensions and actions canned must happen in the upper and lower, social/entropic 4-5 planes.

This is then a key task of 5D physics: to give life to physical systems through its 5 vital demotions and connect them with its mathematical ‘vital equations’.

Then the second task is to ‘correct’ all the biased views still standing in physics, due to the ‘egocy’ of man, who thinks to be the center of the Cosmos, different of other time-space organisms, above heavens and earth, basically a hang up of the jewish-christian anthropomorphic religion that creeps unadvertised everywhere in science. And the distortions natural to our way of gauging from a human perspective, and the limits of having created the entire discipline with a single lineal time arrow – locomotion, and a single continuous space.

So many questions and upgradings are needed, in physics despite the seemingly satisfaction of its practitioners with what they have. THIS obviously is always the case. Huminds are always satisfy specially if they known nothing better. I.e. packman’s addiction to a game of an eating ball was huge as it was the most advanced game of the age – but today not a single kid would like to play when we have virtual 3D games more evolved. So yes, the study of a Universe with a single locomotion of time is the packman state of the discipline. I am going to take you into witchcraft games, even if we shall use the same ’01’ digital numbers/equations to construct the more complex 5D reality (:

FINALLY when we extend the system to different scales of reality, from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere into the 1-∞ larger world, we need to add the ternary structure of systems in 3 planes of existence, which are opened to the system through he sensorial door of the external angular momentum (the true meaning of the still, fixed H-polsitions of spins) and internally through the memorial tails of time of the singularity. Thus the angular momentum is the external $t spatial opening and the mind the internal §@, memorial time opening, which is a corollarium for all systems.

MINDS EXIST IN TIME, membranes in space.

RECAP. The new properties of time and space ad scalar organic, informative, sentient and 5 Dimotional vital nature to physical systems. To upgrade them in theory we need to correct errors and simplifying dogmas, and ego centered beliefs about the Unity of man, starting with the most obtuse of all errors, the concept of a single absolute space-time measured with the human clock of a second which ONLY synchronizes the 3 parts of our physical human system (beat of heart, thought/eye glimpse, step of limbic motion).

We hold then as a self-evident truth, even if we cannot see within the singularities of eddies, charges and masses, knowing though that time-motion comes to zero in the center of black holes (Einstein’s equations), vortices and charges that physical systems do hold mirror images of mathematical, geometry nature which in an automated manner guide physical systems through its potential fields in which they feed, as wave-particle organisms akin to the body-heads of biology, as all systems are made of vital space-energy and informative particles, whose spherical form stores maximal information in minimal space.

The sentient Universe.

How those masses, charges and eddies become sentient, we cannot fully understand but we observe the main quality of linguistic perception in man – the stillness in the point of the mind and the creation of reduced images of the whole also in physical systems: crystals have images, eddies have zero motion in the center, the equations of the black hole in EFE reduce to zero time in its central singularity (likely a top quark boson) and so on and so on. Regarding quantum particles, it seems obvious that the spin with its 3 or 2 or 5 fixed positions IS the parameter of the mind of the particle and its fixed positions of absorption of forces as perceptive mappings of geometrical form, which we merely measure in abstract as positions of an ‘angular momentum’ – H.

Indeed, quantum physicists realized energy is quantised in packets, of ‘something called H-planck constant’, measured with ‘angular momentum’.

And a century latter they are arguing what this ‘thing is’. The answer though is immediate, when you do understand the universe have infinite cyclical time clocks, with repetitive patterns that return in a finite duration to the same point where we measure its frequency. Alas, H is measured with angular momentum (the cyclical motion of a point), H is ‘discrete’ measured in intervals of time, with a frequency: h = e/ƒ.

So H is simply speaking the ‘time clock’ beat of light and electrons, and hence of the human and atomic instruments of measure, which electronic minds use as the minimal bit of information needed to ‘build up their mind-mirrors of the universe’. And so of course, when quantum computers came, they used the atomic clocks – the spin of its particles measure in H-units – to process information at the maximal fastest possible speed and yet not even then physicists realized that the fundamental form of change in time is information, and that is why h-units of atomic, temporal information, are all over the place in every quantum formula, as we are all relational space-time beings, made of ‘quanta=cycles of time’ that enclose and break vital space. Look at yourself, you are a vital space, enclosed by a membrane of cellular cycles.

So it is also quite likely that the Universe is sentient as we are also made of vital space bodies and informative heads which sense; so the properties of our spacetime organisms must be shared by any other atomic species, as we show below. Indeed, the unit of life seems to be NOT the carbon atom but the particles, quarks and electrons that host the properties of life, reproduction, feeding, gauging of information, motion and social, magnetic evolution.

THE MIND IS THE LINEAL TIME FUNCTION OF REALITY as such is Aristotelian, (ab. @), with a direct A->B causality, as it tries to progress through the PROGRAM OF existence, as opposed to the SOCIAL NETWORKS, the higher collective level of Intelligence, in the paradoxical Universe, which requires to consider at least several points of view across the scales of the fifth dimension that define a co-existing super organism of time-space.

The mind singularity as a function of pure time motion can be then topologically referred to the ‘dimension of height’, to the bidimensional topology of spherical form, to the accelerated dimension of double time derivatives; to the point of still perception, where reality splits, and the perceived ‘pixels’ break into a flow of pure motion with no form and a point of pure stillness all form.

The mind is always as the site of self, in constant conflict with the larger world as a whole with network social intelligence, which in the Universe even if the mind doesn’t recognize it – not humanity in the present ego-selfie stage.  But the Universe, this must always be recognized IS more powerful as a social herd, network and superorganims, reason why the self will always loose, the @-mind will leave way to the non-Æ logic of the group.

The mind is complex enough in the entangled paradoxical Universe to be observed from different points of view to acquire a minimal truth of its forms, functions and dynamic actions.

The 3 mind’s axis. 

Now to fully grasp the isomorphisms of all beings, we advance to deflate a bit the EGOCY of mankind (or any other infinitesimal point-particle), a feature of all of them: as they co-exist in a larger ∆+1 world in which they are embedded as a point, and that larger world has 3 ‘perpendicular Euclidean dimensions’ of light space-time, the mind of all systems needs/has 3 apertures to perceive externally, which tend to be dual, to map out depth in binocular view.  So physics systems have ‘y-axis openings’ for social ear-communication, open-closed spiral flat planes for its mouth location to absorb and emit energy; which are the absolute MINIMUM a form needs to exist and be able to act the 5Dimotions of existence.

Humans also have that bare minimum: a pi-mouth to open and close and a sensorial axis in the ears… They add a ‘ternary fractal creation of those opposite senses’ to add smelling and visual perception. So yes, they are a bit more complex than a particle, in-so far as we can see. But then  the spin’s positions can be taken if perceived in simultaneous quantum thought as 3 different sensorial positions. This ternary view then accounts in particles for the ternary positions of a fixed spin, and the axial apertures for magnetic ‘ears’, and the openings of its pi-spirals:

Pi doesn’t exists as it is a rational number, hence the cycle never closes by defect or excess, ±pi, ensuring the eternal motion of all cycles of time.

Consider then the humind: it does have as all minds should, 3 axis for its 3 ‘relative present topological languages’ of thought, along the 3 dimensions of reality:

3AXIS human minds

The 3 mind races are dominant in one of the 3 axis of languages, visual, entropic, lineal white neanderthal, mongoloid, verbal temporal, and emotional, sensorial psylocephalic black races. They determine in turn its cultural worldview: lineal time and animetal violence in white men, cyclical time and organic information in Asians and worship of life, Gaia Nature, physical, emotional and reproductive memes in black people

But those axis, perpendicular to each other, connected to the 3 basic dual senses to get a ‘scanning mapping’ in verbal (ears), visual (eyes), chemical (Nose) axis that connect our ’rounded’ head to the world, EXIST ALSO IN ANY particle, also spherical, with 3 spin positions- another monad/non-euclidean world. 

And so what is then the 4th and 5th dimension of the mind?

The answer is in the 5TH HOLE OF THE HEAD, the mouth that feeds and kills into entropy other beings, but also TALKS the verbal, informative language to connect with other social beings.

∞   minds

So we SHALL FIND FOR EACH PARTICLE-HEAD the 5 Dimotions of existence in the form of apertures to the world and build in physiology and biology and physics the proper paradigm on how the being interacts through those 3±∆ apertures with reality:

time mass vortices

All what exist is a motion in time. Space forms are Maya of the senses. In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (S x T=K), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales.

We can see how ONLY in the moment of death of a system, the duality of ‘4D and 5D’ ‘motions and forms’  split: the flow of motions of energy and information that enter the system, then divide into a pure ‘motion’ with no form, the big-bang proper of the system, and a still point of pure in-form-ation. So this is indeed how minds work: they absorb pixels of information, extract an still mind-mapping in its language, and then expel through their axis the ‘left-overs’ of pure motion, as it happens in the 3 ‘mind-systems’ of physical organisms:e=mc big bang

In the graphs, physical minds have a still point in its center (black hole t->o, zero motion of eddies in its center… and when we die the mind breaks in two their content, one part goes into ‘memorial stillness’ and the other, the hardware, dissolves in a big-bang death, also for biological systems:


We exist as we travel a world cycle zero sum through the topological, temporal scales of the fifth dimension.

So as usual the best way to study any event-form of reality, including the mind and its languages is through its ‘relative present’ simultaneous 3 parts, when still perceived as a part of a well-functioning super organism, and then in the inverse 4th-entropic, 5th-social dimensions of pure motion and pure form, as a system that embodies through those still languages, reducing reality to it infinitesimal point, the ultimate equations of all systems, and ultimate dualities-  the PARADOX OF THE EGO and its equation:

O-infinitesimal mind x ∞: Universe it observes = C-onstant biased world perceived with the language in stillness…
Each mind a little ‘God’ who thinks what it ‘sees’ is Reality=the Universe itself as per Descartes and Maxwell’s ‘demons’ and Aristotle unmoved ones.
And that is why indeed the mind is an ego, an Aristotelian biased view in its logic.
But the mind-ego is also a virtual illusion of power, who thinks to be infinite because its bias sees all turning around itself – but that all is just its local territory of order; for the larger higher social networks in which the mind is only a point, the mind is nothing, for the ‘Tao-mind’ of the entangled Universe, no single infinitesimal point matters. So nirvana is indeed the proper philosophy to deal with the paradox of the ego, objective science, the realization we huminds are not special.

So indeed, let us now consider within this perhaps more telling 11D view of the 3 x 3 + O ternary elements and minds of any ƼSt system, this final element РTHE MIND and its languages of perception, which is so often ignored by human scientists with its naive realism that confuses their inner mind-image of reality, the linguistic mirror, with reality itself (creationist religion and creationist science that thinks reality is born of the mind and its verbal or mathematical mirror-languages).

Geometry of Multiple Spaces-Times: fractal creation.

Reality is made of entities that are knots of Time Arrows constantly tying themselves up with other knots of Time Arrows, forming networks in different scales of existence, evolving as complementary organisms of ‘Dimotions’ and information. And the question that science asks next is how to formalize that game of existence, its knots of Time Arrows or ‘entities of reality’, its fluxes of ‘Dimotions’ and information, its reproductive flows, herds and motions; its complementary networks of ‘Dimotions’ and form that create super-organisms. And the answer is, as all models of science with its primary languages of space, mathematics, and time, causal logic, albeit more complex than the logic developed by the Greeks to explain a simpler Universe.

In this new Non-Euclidean topology, planes are networks of knots of Time Arrows; and those knots of Time Arrows, the beings of reality are ‘Non-Euclidean points’ with a volume, or ‘organs’ that transform back and forth ‘Dimotions’ into information, creating reality.

All what you see becomes then a game of knots of Time Arrows, or ‘Non-Euclidean fractal points’, connecting themselves to other knots, forming complex planes, networks of points of two types, networks of energetic points (herds in motion) and networks of informative points (still networks). In any scale of reality those networks of points, which are knots of Time Arrows take place. The simplest scales of atoms can be described as such networks, but also the human scale. Consider a meeting: a series of human heads, moved by a lineal limb will start to share ‘Dimotions’ and form by producing waves of smaller ‘particles’ (sounds), and acquire a cyclical geometry as they create an event of information.

The Universe is a self-similar reality of infinite processes of creation and dissolution of networks made of knots=points of arrows of ‘Dimotions’ and information; and the best instruments to analyze it are the languages of the mind. In that sense, humans, before clocks reduced our conception of time to a single arrow and language, were guided by psychological time, which is our inner perception of our time cycles and drives of existence – our desire to perceive, inform, reproduce and evolve socially. So we lived according to our cycles of ‘Dimotions’ (feeding hours), reproduction (family cycles), and social evolution (religious and cultural activities). And followed the cycles of the seasons of this planet, according to which all living species calculated its reproductive cycles.

Recap: The universe is a game of creation and destruction of networks of fractal knots of time cycles=st-points.

Fractal points: the fundamental particle

Mathematics, as a language that represents reality with simplified symbols, has a limited capacity to carry information. Its symbols, geometric points and numbers simplify and integrate the fractal, discontinuous reality into a single space-time continuum, the Cartesian Space/Time graph, made of points without breath.

However the points of a Cartesian plane or the numbers of an equation are only a linguistic representation of a complex Universe made of discontinuous points with an ‘internal content of space-time’. In the real world, we are all pieces made of fractal cellular points that occupy spaces, move and last a certain time. When we translate those space-time systems into Euclidean, abstract, mathematical ‘numbers’, we make them mere points of geometry void of all content. But when we look in detail at the real beings of the Universe, all points/number have inner energetic and informative volume, as the fractal geometry of the Universe suddenly increases the detail of the cell, atom or far away star into a complex complementary entity.

So we propose a new Geometrical Unit – the fractal, Non-Euclidean point with space-time parts, which Einstein partially used to describe gravitational space-time. Yet Einstein missed the ‘fractal interpretation’ of Non-Euclidean geometry we shall bring here, as Fractal structures extending in several planes of space-time were unknown till the 1970s. So Einstein did not interpret those points, which had volume, because infinite parallels of ‘forces of ‘Dimotions’ and information’ could cross them, as points, which when enlarged could fit those parallels, but as points in which parallels ‘curved’ converging into the point.

This however is not meaningful, because if such is the case parallels which are by definition ‘straight lines’, stop being parallels. So we must consider that what Einstein proved using Non-Euclidean points to explain the structure of space-time is its fractal nature: points seem not to have breath and fit only a parallel, but when we enlarge the point, we see it is in fact self-similar to much bigger points, as when we enlarge a fractal we see in fact self-similar structures to the macro-structures we see with the naked eye.

That is in essence the meaning of Fractal Non-Euclidean geometry: a geometry of multiple ‘membranes of space-time’ that grow in size, detail and content when we come closer to them, becoming ‘Non-Euclidean, fractal points’ with breath and a content of ‘Dimotions’ and information that defines them.

Einstein found that gravitational Space-Time did not follow the 5th Euclidean Postulate, which says:

Through a point external to a line there is only 1 parallel

Euclid affirmed that through a point external to a parallel only another parallel line could be traced, since the point didn’t have a volume that could be crossed by more lines:

Abstract, continuous, one-dimensional point:

. ____________

Instead Einstein found that the space-time of the Universe followed a Non-Euclidean 5th Postulate:

A point external to a line is crossed by parallel forces.

             Real, discontinuous, ∆-dimensional points:           =========== o

In our definition of the fundamental particle, the fractal point of view, we must for shake of rigor, bring about basic foundation concepts of mathematics to introduce the ‘Holographic principle’ of a Universe where the 3rd dimension of space-time, is made by the accumulation of bidimensional membranes, as you are made with ‘membranes’ of skins, membranes of layers of cells.

To understand this so-called holographic principle, however we must also introduce first the concept of a Non-Euclidean, Fractal point the so-long needed ‘definition’ of the 1st postulate of non-Euclidean geometry, similar to the 5th, which affirms that:

‘All points have breath, they are spherical topologies that include within themselves a volume of spatial energy and temporal information, which becomes ‘evident’ the closer to come to them’.

Non-Euclidean points were philosophically described by Leibniz in his Monadology. They appeared first in science in the incomplete work of Mr. Einstein, regarding the Non-Euclidean structure of space-time.

There are 2 interpretations of this fact. We could consider that lines are curves, thus Non-E points are focus of multiple forces that bend to flow into the point. This is Mr. Einstein’s preferred solution that defined a curved space-time. Yet Mr. Einstein’s solution brings 2 logic contradictions: Lines stop to be lines and become curves, and still those curves have to become fusion into one as they approach the point. A second, more logical conclusion determines that the 5th postulate can only be truth if a real point has an inner space-time volume through which many parallels cross.

Hence, as reality proves, any point can be enlarged when we observe it closely. Indeed, since reality follows that Non-Euclidean 5th postulate, it follows that all points have a volume when we enlarge them, as cells grow when we look at them with a microscope. Then it is easy to fit many parallels in any of those points. Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they can have infinite parallels within them. Since they become spheres, points with breadth, with space-time parts… Abstract points are fantasies. Anything real has dimensional size.

Thus the 5th postulate defines a fractal Universe of super-organisms that grow in scale when we use thinner forces to observe them. And since there is not limit of size for electromagnetic and gravitational waves/forces, the Universe become a fractal structure of unlimited microscopic and macroscopic sizes.

Thus the enormous advance in formal mathematics, made by this author, with a non-pedantic language, which still awaits )-: proper recognition is the completion of the 5 Postulates of Non-Euclidean Geometry. 

I often think of Mr. Perelman who got a Shield medal and global acclaim for completing the Poincare Conjecture, which is essential to ∆ST (scalar, isomorphic space-time), in its definition of a mind but basically completes merely the 5th Postulate, or in Einstein who used that 5th postulate to do the whole Relativity theory.

I did complete the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and so I could complete Leibniz’s work of which Einstein had said ‘he is right but if so we must re-define western science from its beginnings’.  This I say, not because of self-pity, or self-bragging ( I am now too old to care for those things), but so you understand this is very serious very important future science writing if you are a scholar even if I am not going to use set theory for nobody else to understand.

The holographic principle: bidimensional membranes made with ‘thick Non-E points’.

Why non-Euclidean fractal points are so important?

They explain the holographic principle: a bidimensional membrane of strings, (called brain), of information (called your computer screen or paper), of stars (called a spiral galaxy), of galaxies (called the Universe also a flat membrane), of dense photonic knots (called an electron, also a probabilistic membrane in the abstract description, a fractal of dense photonic quanta in ∆ST theory), of cells (your skin), of humans (the above surface of the Earth), of Gaia (the above surface of the earth with all other beings) etc. etc. do have ‘width’ or ‘height’ depending how you call the ‘thickness’ because it is made of fractal points. So by bidimensionality we mean that in general for most systems of the Universe:

Length (dimension of motion) > Width (dimension of iteration/reproduction) >> Height (dimension of information)

This is the case of galaxies, the Universe, Gaia (information coming from the sun’s height) and the skin of living beings (information coming from senses perceiving perpendicular waves).

Except in the case of ‘specialized’ sheets of information (screens, paper, humans as wholes, informative species, antennae), where the Dimension of information is the largest one, and that of energy the smaller one:

Information (height) > Width (iteration – bilateral in man) > Length (energy-motion).

This means that a real point has an inner space-time volume through which many parallels cross. Since reality follows that Non-Euclidean 5th postulate, all points have a volume when we enlarge them, as cells grow when we look at them with a microscope. Then it is easy to fit many parallels in any of those points. Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they can have infinite parallels within them. Since they become spheres, which are points with breadth – with space-time parts.

So space-time is not a ‘curved continuum’ as Einstein interpreted it, but a fractal discontinuous. The maths are the same, the interpretation of reality changes, adapting it to what experimentally we see: a cell-like point enlarges and fits multiple flows of ‘Dimotions’ and information, and yet it has a point-like nucleus, which enlarges and has DNA information, which seems a lineal strain that enlarge as has many point-like atoms, which enlarge and fit flows of forces, and so on.

So each point is in fact a 3-dimensional point, and if we go to the next scale, a 3×3=9 dimensional point and so on. Yet those dimensions are the so-called fractal dimensions, which are not ‘extended to infinity’ but only within the size of the point.

In Euclidean geometry, a point has no volume, no dimension, but string theorists say that even the smallest points of the Universe, cyclical strings, have inner dimensions that we observe when we come closer to them. That is the essence of a fractal point: Tƒ be a fractal world, a space-time in itself.

‘Any Non-Euclidean point is a fractal space-time with a minimal of 3 internal, topological, spatial dimensions and an external time motion in the st+1 ecosystem in which it exists’

This simple law is the most important law of the 4th paradigm, foreseen by Leibniz in his Monadology, the foundation of the mathematical model of Multiple spaces-times that completes the 5 Postulates of non-Euclidean geometry and gives us the tools necessary to create a complex new logic and new mathematical model of the Universe, easy to connect through topology with the isomorphisms of the previous paradigm of a single metric space-time continuum.

Further on those points must be described always in 4 dimensions, with motion. This should have been obvious, but abstract mathematics simplify entities into numbers and static forms, and organic motion properties disappear. Yet we still say ‘San Francisco is at 8 hours from LA’, because we mean that journey is a combination of the motion of a car and the spatial distance. Thus we measure reality in Time-space, not only in space as Euclidean maths do.

Thus, in the same way Saturn’s rings stop being planes without volume when we come closer and observe them as fractal points, called planetoids; Non-Euclidean points acquire both motion and volume when we approach to them. In words of Klein, a sphere is not a continuous static form, but a group of points in cyclical movement. So in the same way the Saturn’s rings are a group of planetoids, a Klein space – the space-time that fills a point has motion – it is the sum of a series of cycles5.

Einstein didn’t go further, adapting the other 4 Euclidean postulates to the new Geometrical unit: a fractal point with volume. Only then we will be able to define the 2 planes of physical forces, the plane of gravitation and electromagnetism, or any system in which several planes of space-time co-exist together (as in a human being extended from atomic to social planes of cyclical existence).

In all those systems planes are made with cellular points, Riemannian spheres with volume that form lines, which are waves between points that exchange ‘Dimotions’ and information and planes, which are organs of self-similar points that process ‘Dimotions’ or information in parallel networks. Thus the 5 Postulates of Non-E Geometry vitalize the Universe as a series of networks of ‘Dimotions’ and information of self-similar cellular points. Since the line and the plane acquire volume and become self-similar to the commonest forms of the Universe, the wave and the network of points with a 3-D volume.

This simple fact explains one of the most important discoveries of modern physics, the Holographic principle, according to which information might be bidimensional, as in the screen of a computer or the page of a book. Now bidimensionality no longer becomes ‘magic’ since the 3rd dimension is the relative size of the ‘fractal point-particle’. Thus bidimensional sheets of information do have a minimal 3rd Dimension; the inner content of the point, which in a relative universe of infinite sizes seems to us a particle-point without volume, as we don’t see either the volume of a sheet of paper or a pixel.

All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks. Now this might sound absurd to the anthropomorphic reader that thinks humans are different from the rest of points of the Universe, but it is a fact that those points obey in their actions and communicative flows within a network the same isomorphisms:

humans and electrons behave the same when they move through slits or in herds, the geometries of social groups are also the same and the ultimate purpose of those points, to feed on ‘Dimotions’ and information, whatever kind, is also the same in all networks of the Universe. And so that group of isomorphisms of networks becomes a primary why for all beings of the Universe.

A fact the leads us to the final element needed to understand the why of the Universe: ‘non-Euclidean points’ organize networks that become points of a higher scale, which reproduce and organize new networks; and so the Universe keep growing in fractal scales, from particles that organize networks and become atoms that organize networks and become molecules that organize networks and become cells, that become organisms, that become planetary societies and planets and stars form gravitational networks that become galaxies, organized by dark matter into Universal networks.

Because all entities have motion reproduction is merely the repetition of a motion with form. Because each entity has 4 time arrows, all of them trace multiple trajectories in search of those arrows, hence they realize multiple time cycles.

For example, a human feeds on ‘Dimotions’ and information with body and head, reproduces through multiple social cycles and evolves into societies. Our actions are more complex but essentially the same of those of any particle.


Height is the dimension of information, we perceive, inform and form, and put our heads on top for a reason: projective geometry shows the higher you are the more you perceive from your limited  angular point of view.

It follows that in all systems information is maximized and evolved towards the topological height of the system. Let us put 2 examples, from physical and biological systems.


The Rashomon view on multiple mind languages.

So either in the more structural, objective external 5D³ view or the 11Disomorphic analysis in a dynamic self-centered form, we can reach all the knowledge of the being. In praxis we shall constantly in different posts use both methods of knowledge, reserving the Rashomon’s view, for those first two lines and the Disomorphic 11D view for the last ones:

VITAL processes are THUS the whys of all abstract topological configurations. And dualities and ternary symmetries are the elements that construct those configurations as all is yin yang and qi, that is motion, form and energy that combines them. Easy? Isn’t?

You and anything else, is just a super organism of space-time ‘dust’ made of:

s≈t-symmetries, spatial minds (S@), ≈ body waves of energy and information and cyclical membranes that connect us with the outer world: ∆ð¡.

And so properly written we talk of a Universe of five elements we shall always use as the bare theoretical minimum to acquire meaningful information about an event or form of space-time.

Finally to intoduce the meaning of truth in languages, as we only perceive reality from a linguistic mirror of the mind, which means absolute truth only happens in the being which has all the information about itself:

Total truth of the being = One (probability, one being) in the being in itself.

So an external observer only will have a linguistic mirror view, with less information. And as each language is better fit to extract different properties (math, spatial; logic, temporal; sight, space-time; ethics, social and so on), it is best a kaleidoscopic view of the being with different languages, to extract the maximal information):

Maximal truth of the being = ∑ linguistic points of view on the 5th dimensions of the entity, (∆@S≈T).

This is the justification of the Rashomon method of casting 5 different perspectives in ceteris paribus analysis often with different languages, to extract its maximal information; which in the more complete “Disomorphic method’ (3rd line) will double in space and time symmetries the perception of the being through a dual qualitative=quantiative, time=space symmetric perspective with 10 ‘different analysis’ of increasing complexity that develop the being from its initial seed to its plugging within the larger Universe of social scale and discontinuous planes from where it absorbs its energy and information…

Let us then resume the 5 elements that conform any ‘time§pace organism of the Universe’, its fractal scales, spatial forms, temporal motions and the @-mind or system that connects all its parts, feels it as a whole and puts it in motion in the outside world…

We shall study then under the Rashomon effect the different perspectives on those minds in this post and use the third line to fully develop the dynamic view on how any mind construct is relative island-universe.

The cultural view.

2D: Moving lineal white visual minds – 1D: informative, social, mental verbal; 3D: reproductive, emotional body-oriented

Before we even go further a ‘downer’  on the Nature of humans. Relational space-time, while being essentially the philosophy of Asia, has had always a hard time to be accepted in ‘anthropomorphic’, self-centred, ‘egotist’ western cultures.

As said all is generated by the 3±∆ dimensions of reality, so we shall also study in our analysis of man as a dimensional space-time being, the 3 ‘cultures’ of the mind in mankind. Since as the graph shows, western ‘visual, dolicocephalic, lineal people’ tend to have simplified theories of reality based in single lineal time dimension vs. eastern ‘cyclic, verbal, brachicephalic people, which have cyclical concepts of reality, and finally coloured cultures with a psylocephalic brain (new term of the many we shall introduce in the blog to upgrade ‘stiences’) focus on ‘animist, sensorial theories’…

Obviously an important category of General Systems Sciences (ab. GST, ∆@s≈t) is the classification of ‘all species’ and variations of reality according to the 3±i dimensions of reality.

So we could state that if the mongoloid, cyclical, verbal, organic culture had dominated the world, relational space-time would be already our philosophy of science. And if we couple it with the animist theories of a living organic Universe we would be far better off in our understanding of all of it. But as we are in the world of ‘entropic, military, lineal, western cultures’, those concepts of lineal time (invented by Galileo in its study of cannonballs) which simplify our understanding of information, dominate by ‘dogma’ our Universe.


The mind approach is far more important than we think, beyond the specifics of relativity because it is constantly present when we realise humans are an electronic mind. And by lacking this view, physicists who sponsor mathematical creationism=reductionism and naive realism miss very often the point of study:


This is never present in physical thought but is the key to establish meaning. I.e. why quantum physics is quantised around h-planck the angular momentum, which is ultimately a singularity view of @-electron (electronic minds), as it considers the membrane time cycle, its density of information (mass, etc.) and the singularity point, with its perpendicular radius. The answer is EVIDENT: Because OUR mind TIME-CLOCK is an -quanta of angular momentum. So our mind ‘processes’ in its minimalist element spin-bits of time-information. And thus the ‘mind-view’ is there. So it is as we have shin in the ‘rod’ of human space, which is c; and so h/c², and hc as we shall observe are key ratios of the mind, its basic species a Planckton: hc, and its Lobachevski’s ratio of curvature of our mind-view, which is flat, with minimal curvature, etc. etc. subtle themes never occur to naive realists:

In the graph 30 years old (might have thus a different jargon), one of the first insights on the quantum uncertainty principle, which obviously is due to our uncertainty of view. So all kind of quantum paradoxes require indeed an observer point of view, but not creationist and egocentered – IT IS NOT THE ENTITY WHICH IS UNCERTAIN BUT THE HUMIND VIEW that extract a limited information.

It is then natural to assess the importance h-planck and similar parameters related to the humind electronic pov.

The evolution of maths improves the mirror, its ternary syntax.

All this MEANS when dealing with the formalism of physics, while mathematics and its equations will be the queen, we shall not cast it from the pov of mathematics as the single language but departing from the isomorphic method which explains how space time create super organisms, in which mind languages dominate by ordering its local territory. And so the feed-back between mind-languages and  its worlds- and the Universe forms reality:

IN THE GRAPH, the two roles of the mind-mirror: to perceive virtually a space with no motion with a biased point of view and to order a territory of objective existence, changing reality, both are a feed-back constant game between the §@ <≈>∆ð elements of reality. 

It does of course because any mirror-image of reality even if unfocused carries some information about it, and works for the distorted mind view, which let us remember is NOT REALITY BUT ALWAYS A LINGUISTIC MAPPING: Œ-Mind <linguistic perception> ∞ Universe, and so any mirror does carry a minimal information to be useful to departure a whole:

In the graph, linguistic mirrors create minds with different amounts of information, useful to guide reality. We must not though confuse the mirror with reality, the a priori element.

All this said is easy to understand mathematics, its elements and disciplines as a mirror of the Universe.

For the scientist who will consider all this nonsense because he thinks he knows his maths and all is there, the answer is yes, all is in the mirror but with less detail. So maths as the universe does, has also 3∆st+º sub disciplines, it has also a fractal ‘derivative’ structure and it is also about space-time.

THOSE 3 main sub-disciplines code the 3 ‘structural elements’ of the Universe:

  • ∆nalysis of the 5th dimension, its wholes and ‘finitesimals’ (1/n).
  • Geometrical space, (Spe) and its unit, fractal points.
  • Temporal algebra (tiƒ) and its units, sequential numbers.

And it has its ST ‘combinations of which the most important its topology (the study of form with motion).

Moreover the mirror of mathematics has evolved to explain in more detail the ‘actions of space-time’ of beings; as all languages do improving its ternary grammar. So words developed first ‘names only’ (forms), then motions ( active verbs) and finally ‘complements’ (complex systems).

And colour languages moved from dual B&W, to three colors (red-entropy, blue, form, green energy) to four, adding green/yellow mixes.

So today maths has evolved into multiple space-time disciplines. For example spatial geometry added, analytic algebra, which is geometry with sequential time numbers that finally dominated the discipline, while topology which is geometry of space with motion in time, today added ∆-scales (as it is defined with networks of ∆-1 points).

Dogma and flexibility – evolution of languages.

All this is said to remark a key concept that escapes mathematical physicists:

No language-mirror is absolute in its truth, but an evolving system, which goes through three ages

So when written words appeared pharaohs just said ‘it has written=truth’. Today in the far younger mathematical discipline, scientists say ‘it is an equation=it is a truth’.

Only latter words were known to be also fictions, a fact that also happens with equations but few scientists do recognise. So maths has still a ‘religious, dogmatic outlook’ proper of all languages, even if it has already gone into a ‘third baroque, inflationary  informative age of excessive formal content’ and split into multiple similar ‘metaphors’ (languages being inflationary as mirrors-minds are multiple, watching a single perspective do offer multiple views of a single event, hence the multiple equations observed to describe the same physical event).

But religious people, aka dogmatic physicists do NOT understand all this about their mirror-language of mathematics.

For many of them, equations ‘are’ always truth, just when written, and other languages are NOT truth – dogmas we only find in fundamentalist verbal thought (God speaks only in Arab, so Koran cannot be translated as it looses its truth).

Of course, languages do have also ‘quantitative’ measure. So while all carry an image, some are better and we prefer a carrot picture than a drawing.

So, we concede maths after images, is the best mind-mirror known to man, as it carries more informative detail than words (but less than images), and so it has become after images (most humans believe in TV celebrities more than in physicists 🙂 the dominant language today, and overcome religious words. Still as Einstein put it ‘I know when maths is truth but not real’, meaning we need experimental analysis of mathematical truths and so NOT just because we can write an imaginary particle with maths, the particle will exist (Susy, evaporating holes etc). IT IS AN EGO ERROR, TO THINK then that maths is always truth and an even bigger ego-error to think maths is not experimental but produced by the human mind, which becomes a short of ‘God’ that talks maths as only God does (that was the idea of Kepler: god has taken 5000 – biblical – years to found an intelligent like his, me).

The extension of mathematical truths. Languages imprint reality inversely to its complexity.

So yes, maths do create as any language does reality as a mirror around the territory of the mind, since ultimately the essence of space is to be a tapestry of an infinite number of frames or reference self-centred on the monads of each scale of Nature.

However as languages are shared by multiple minds, when a language is ‘so extended’ because it is use by ‘selfs’ of the minimalist scales of space (in the case of maths, it is obviously the language in which the euclidean dimensions of light is written, while its non-euclidean fractal points are the language in which masses and charges are better described), the language’s truths have a quasi-infinite number of applications. Still many elements of GST cannot be explained with maths, but ALL elements of reality can be explained with the laws of GST. So above maths there is at least a language the NON-Æ LOGIC OF FRACTAL CYCLICAL space-time, described in those texts.

Further on, there is a limit to the distortion and lack of focus of a language that finally becomes blind when too far removed from GST ultimate principles. i.e a B&W picture of a Rothko’s painting will not be relevant failing to see the vibrations of colours, essence of it. 

A math description of Gospel will fail to grasp the expression of social love and the ∆-arrow of evolution expressed on it.

And in general, excessively formal, third age baroque languages, are inflations and fictions which fail to express reality, as reality to exist must have ternary elements, entropy x information = energy, which means entropy simplifies always reality as pure language-information alone does NOT mix, imprint entropy-motion, which tends to simplicity. Water and oil then become disjointed and oil fails to explain water:

As the mind mirror of any language – not only mathematics, also human verbal mirrors – must ‘imprint’ the entropic motions of reality which resist its distortion, the final effect of baroque=max. informative languages is relatively limited both to describe accurately and distort/order reality.

This is truth specially in the physical world with maths because the physical world is simple and the range of imprinting almost infinite – not so much in the smaller territory of order of each mind-species, which indeed becomes ‘created’ by the tiƒ-singularity center, as it is a limited range. In the next graph we show fully that interaction, which in maths would mean a Tiƒ=pov=center of reference of a graph will order an extension, with a range inversely proportional to the content of information it delivers (range of forces, maximal for the ones with less information, minimal with the weak force of maximal form).

In that regard, the true mirror language that ‘adapts’ reality better is the GST-language WHICH is the one embedded in the behaviour of each Tiƒ-singularity.
In the graph, physicists are after all human egos submitted to the mind paradox, so they think ‘mathematics are a mind language, imagined by the physicist and ‘God’ a priori, creating a posteriori the Universe (copenhagen interpretation). The opposite is truth. 

The language of mathematics DOES NOT CREATE REALITY a priori, but ONLY a posteriori ‘sees it’, as a synoptic mirror, which as all other languages, a certain singularity uses to ‘see’ and develop its ‘survival actions’ in time-space.

But again as there are B&W, 3, 4 and 5 color animals (birds), with better detail maths can be improved to ‘see better’.

In its present ‘underdeveloped’ euclidean form, and with some fictional forms of mathematical physics taken for real, its incomplete structure must be improved.

This I did when young, after understanding the scalar metric of 5D Analysis and its 3 arrows of space-time, upgrading Non-E GEOMETRY.

In the previous graph to illustrate this real a posteriori nature of maths, we include besides Penrose’s another set of arrows – the stronger thicker one of the philosopher of science in the right.

So as usual in the multidimensional universe we can put together both directions of the process of creation.

Since minds are mirrors, which once they have distorted and resumed reality into the still mind, try to order by reflection and proyection of that mind the Universe to make it look like the inner mind image, influencing in this way reality.

The proper way to understand the interaction between minds, scales and st parameters.

Now because physicists understand nothing on the ways mind-mirrors and universe interact with each other, and the bias of the humind in the analysis of reality, many of the errors of maths will derive of the ‘egotist error’ (mind paradox, as an infinitesimal which believes to be infinite)

Consider the copenhagen interpretation, which bohm did debunk properly but requires further understanding of the concepts of quantum physics not as a mental game of observers, but as a distorted human view on the limiting scale of our mind perception, given the properties of 5D metric.

Ie. as we go down in scales we loose information (uncertainty principles), we are coarse in our interference (observer’s influence) and beings accelerate in time as they diminish in space, so we make all kind of errors confusing time cycles as spatial forms, since our slow clocks see the being’s sequences in time all together in a simple timespace quanta as a spatial form.

So here it is the ‘mind view’ what we must eliminate, specially two recurrent errors:

-To see time events which are ternary as spatial different forms: i.e., 3 quarks cannot be broken, why? Answer: because they are likely not three quarks in space udu, but three ages of a time transformation: u>d>u.

-To ignore each new scale is made of wholes and parts and when we ad new scales we must ad more parts, so instead of functions we use functionals and operators (functions of functions), NOT because quantum systems are weird, mathematical beings made of nebulous operators, but because we are integrating in our perception, multiple scales – same for Hilbert spaces – there is not ∞ dimensions but we penetrate for each system we measure into its parts, which are its inner dimensions. But without a proper definition of dimensions all gets messy conceptually as it is now the case.

And ad as a proof the relationship between maths and organic GST laws and perspectives, to make of vital mathematics and its sub discipline, physics a complete description of the Universe.

So the ∆ST isomorphic methods relating all to the 4 ∆• parameters will become the key to ‘complete’ and upgrade maths and its main sub discipline, physics (: as we have done with all other disciplines.

Needless to say we are not writing the encyclopaedia of mathematical physics available to any specialist but ad on all those parts and properties which are not properly written. So in astronomy we shall concentrate in the study of the galaxy as a cell, in quantum theory in the correct Broglie->Bohm model and in thermodynamics in the correction of a single entropy arrow and clarification on the meaning of it, and in all scales in the key concepts of the 3 arrows of time, space, its generators and the concepts of Energy, and the events of physics, which represent GST actions, and key equations to describe them (Fourier, for time scales; Hamiltonians for Energy; Lagrange for balanced actions).

That is, we shall explain why certain basic functions represent most events of physics in terms of the organic ad-ons needed to complete its whys, such as the ST- ‘action of harmonic oscillators’, which is basically a basic ‘feeding-perceiving action that makes the particle fluctuate as it emits a wave of information, upwards to the point of maximal perception and minimal motion (maximal amplitude) and downwards through the 0-coordinates of maximal speed-entropy and minimal height-information.

The isomorphic method thus departs from 10 space-time dimension to extract basic space-time properties expressed as 10 sequential parts of the being both in its spatial organism and temporal world cycle.

Thus we study 10 similar properties of those dimensions in the dynamic existence of any being and call them the 10 Ðisomorphisms (Ð for dimensions and cyclical time, as it is the capital for eth, ð). So by studying the 5 Dimensions of the being with dualities of space-time and ‘ternary isomorphisms’ of scales, ages and topologies, all of them properties derived of its 5D scalar structure in space and time we achieve a complete description of any ‘Dust of space-time’, ∆@S=T.

Let us then remember the 10 Dimensions of space and time of the being, analysed in a dynamic ’10Ðisomorphic’ ‘sequence’ of the world cycle of the being, from ‘minor to major’ starting from the seed of information or @mind which will emerge through its actions and flows of bidimensional communication as a network super organism or ‘species’ of space-time that will travel through scales and planes tracing its world cycle of existence between birth and extinction:

0,1. @… monads are minds composed of a max. still form or linguistic singularity and a cyclical time membrane, connected through invaginations. It is the ‘invisible’ central command of the being, which perceives the Universe’s timespace cycles and stop its motion through a mirror image in the ‘languages’ of ‘the mind’, which then reflect its back ordering reality as it converts its motions into ‘@ctions’…

So we study the form of the monad in space and its function in time – to be a linguistic mirror of..

2. Flows of space-time The mind reflects as a fractal point with a volume of information the Universal bias view it has created. So as it reflects it into flows of bidimensional communication it deviates its path (moves), absorb and emit flows of entropy, energy and information through bidimensional waves of s=t symmetries.

5: S=t actions: The result is a series of actions of motion, information, reproduction, energy feeding and social evolution whose purpose is to ‘reproduce the information of the being and survive’, emerging as a larger super organism in a higher scale. This IS the program of existence, a simple 5 dimensional action process, restricted by the fact the system is merely composed of two elements, space and time and its combinations, and the fact that those species who did not maximised its existence, and ternary elements, with those actions did not survive. So the program is not conscious but an automatic selection of the actions that ensure the survival of the being, 

In this manner the monad waves a reproductive and evolutionary process within its world, through its dynamic flows and actions, which through the reproduction will finally:

$… create S-patial, 3. ‘constant’, ‘organic networks’ … and its variations in 6. species

ð… which live in T-ime, through ‘3±2=7. ages’ as ‘T.œs’ TIMESPACE organisms ‘traveling=moving’… in ∞8 worldcycles of existence between birth and extinction…through its

∆§… 10 §scales’ and ‘9. Ξlanes’ as a fractal 10D ‘Γœ’ made to the image and likeness of the whole of wholes…

We thus introduce each of the 10Di, formalised with non-Æ logic equations, but as today physics is fully expressed in the mathematical formalism before we introduce the Disomorphisms of physical systems, we shall make some clarifications on the main themes and parameters of mathematical physics, points, dimensions and universal constants and equations of entropy, energy and information, to have a smooth transition to the new description of all the properties of physical systems, including those regarding order (singularities) and organic scales, which cannot be easily expressed in mathematical thought.




A key element of a physical system is the singularity ‘membrain’, which includes as in any key system of nature, a center that processes information and a membrane that encloses and breaks the system into an inner region, the T.œ and an outer region, the Universe. This dual system IS the COVER AND CENTER of a topological open ball, which is the vital energy enclosed by the system, which DOES NOT EXIST as a full T.œ unless those 2 elements are formed.  Consider the case of ‘Mass’. Energy contributes to ‘mass’, but if we do NOT have an enclosure we cannot measure mass, as energy is moving around and there is nothing to ‘weight’. Yet as soon as we close the membrane, the mass parameter will exist, as measured externally by the membrane.

Further on, as the membrane is CLOSING the inner region, which we normally do NOT access, or else we will have to tear the membrane and then mass might escape and a continuity equation will have to be applied to assess the flow of mass in and out, we cannot truly measure the mass.

It is then obvious that the ‘parameter’ of ‘density-weight-charge-angular momentum-rotational speed’ etc, tends to accumulate in each scale in the external region, where the ‘mass-force’ is maximal; while in the inner singularity center, it reaches ‘zero value’, and that point is the mind-still singularity, where motion stops, and so in black hole equations time moves to zero in the singularity, in the vortex of an Eddie.

The dimensional question: 1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy.

Now it is obvious that the eye of the hurricane and the eye of the black hole has maximal height as it is indeed the informative center of the system, in fact ‘infinite height’ in the axis of a black hole, which means that ‘motion stops’ in the perpendicular plane but shuts off as a yet of dark entropy and matter through the axis of superluminal speed according to the Kerr equations of a rotating black hole.


All systems also evolve according to the arrow of information increasing the height of its dimension of gauging information as the evolution of reptiles into birds or mammals into humans show. So in its 3rd age evolution grows information:



‘The smallest point is a world in in itself’

Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality:

The fractal point=world of space-time.

In the organic paradigm embedded in the latin->European->Social culture, which reached it maximal truth in science, in the Wien school origin of general systems, the WHYS OF THE UNIVERSE are always organic, and the description are the linguistic mirrors of which mathematics is the best.

Soonly organicism is real in the whole sense of the Universe, while languages-mirrors are local orders.

The EGOCY of our present, entropic age of human civilization rejects this (Precisely because it is becoming dissolved). So we  reject the power of networks – self-mademan myths and tribalism in history. Yet  networks are more powerful and survive.

How this work on languages IS OBVIOUS: LANGUAGES ARE LOCAL, IMPLEMENTED BY BRAINS, AS THEIR SOFTWARE, which orders reality AFTER THE LANGUAGE MIRRORS IT, not the other way around as creationist religions and mathematical physicists think.

In the graph, which I re-designed from” road to irreality” (: a work by Penrose, one of the most staunchest creationists of physics (a mathematician along his friend Hawking, which shuns off the laws of the experimental method) his view of reality is VOID as in all PLATONIC (PLATO by the way never said that, they should be called Pythagorean, a much more primitive ‘magic view’) of HARDWARE MINDS and LOCALITY. In his view the Language creates the Universe.

In reality the Universe is a fractal organism, and as all its parts can be considered similar we can ‘make synoptic language’ with enormous power to reflect multiple similar images in its essence, which ultimately will be the laws of ‘Space-time’, which are Organic because that is the main property of co-existence in different planes (∆§cales), topological because that is the main property of Spatial adjacent topologies that form super organisms, and Logic, Multicausal, as that is the main property of the dimotions of time. 

So the ultimate causality ∆->T->S IS not Platonic mathematics but ∆organic properties -> T-Logic properties -> S-Topologic, mathematical properties.

In true form, the proper expansion of mathematics allows also to develop a lot of ∆§calar properties as numbers are ‘Social ensembles of undistinguishable beings’ and polynomial algebra and analysis studies how parts and wholes become one; but then mathematics properly understood become another proof of the vital, organic nature of the Universe. And since mathematics is based in logic in its internal nature and experimental proof in its outside qualities, the mirror is very good but we REPEAT, the true causes come from the ∆§ðructure of reality and its ∆-scalar properties, STopo-logic ONES.

SO WE ADAPT PENROSE GRAPh to show how reality is constantly going back and forth:

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all.

We have so far considered the Universe in its fundamental principles – the topological adjacent construction in simultaneity of super organisms, which sequentially will live a world cycle, ‘traveling’ through 3 planes of the fifth dimension. Neat and simple, that is really what there is to it. Minds though, mirror those infinite worldcycles of existence of other space-time super organisms with languages ‘stopping’ them into a mapping that allows them to ‘perceive=gauge=sense‘ information.

And we highlight sense because a ‘still mapping’ sense in each stopping, locked ‘crystal image’ a measure of its self. The sentient Universe can only be ultimately explained if ‘perception’ exists within the language, as when you think words, you sense words, when your eye sees light and maps into an electronic mapping you are seeing. And when an atom maps a geometric image in its ‘locked’ ‘stopped’ spin, it must perceive that geometry as information.

Minds thus are infinitesimal points-particles that stop, gauge, perceive, and move – and then we have the sensation of motion-pleasure.

This of course is not within the realm of the scientific method. You cannot measure those sensations of awareness-pain vs. pleasure-dissolution, in-form-ation, pressure vs. release-entropy ONLY sense them as humans. So if we had first a difficult hurdle to cross trying to prove the existence of minds but passed it objectively by considering a mind-singularity to hold the will of existence of a T.œ – hence as invisible gravitation shows in its external effect, so will the existence of a singularity through its external actions; at the final level of ‘human awareness’ of the game of existence – sensations of the dual pain-pleasure reward system (with all its parallel and perpendicular events/sensations) there is ONLY a justification to the existence of other minds – that we humans are made of the same substances that all those other minds, space and time, and hence what we sense other atomic systems must.

Therefore IF OUR LAST REWARD is the flow of sensations, with its duality pain-pleasure, hate-love, etc. which we can easily adscribe to geometrical perpendicular (cut, pain) parallel (friction pleasure) properties and many other dualities we have established for all systems, IT MUST EXIST IN ALL OTHER SYSTEMS of space-time. That is, atoms must feel pain when op-pressed by huge masses, pleasure when released in entropy, but also ‘awareness’ of a more complex inner still image, when flows of information converge through forces in its non-euclidean singularity; and so it is only left then 2 questions:

  1. What are those sensations? Answer: the very essence of time as a motion/flow. Motion in itself seems evanescent; as sensations are… Yet combining them, this flow of sensation-motion becomes very likely the ultimate program-will for all T.œs to exist – the ultimate, ‘Dasein’, ‘being in time’.
  2. Yet we cannot go beyond this, as this is the ultimate ‘reference’ of reality we have as humans. So there is no MORE methods of knowledge beyond what it is contained in our ‘selves’. Know yourself, the method of knowledge of Aristotle; ‘saper vedere’, the method of Leonardo and know how to see and calculate with attached machines, the method of Galileo, to which we have added a few ‘tricks’ thus completes the capacity to probe reality. Are there more layers beyond motion as sensation in time? We cannot answer. We don’t know. As all is relative, in the same manner we can only probe into ∆±3 planes around our ∆º and hint by force of motion the existence of an invisible gravitational/cosmological plane at ∆±4 but no more, beyond the duality of sensation, there is nowhere else to go.

 M5: Mortal-Minds-Monads-Mappings-Mirrors

kaleidoMinds, Monads, Mortals, Mappings and Mirrors are the 5 M-words we shall use to explain the singularities that control the whole and perceive the super organism, enacting its actions of existence. Why those 5 words is simple: we constantly use the ‘ternary method’ or Rashomon effect, explaining reality from ∆@s=t 3±1 Dimensional perspectives to reach the maximal quantity of truth:

Truth=one for the being in itself that holds all its information.

Max. Mind truth = Multiple languages and perspectives cast upon the same being.

So this comes into effect with the Rashomon effect of reaching higher truths with at least dual, ternary or pentadimensional perspectives, as reality indeed moves from potential into reality precisely when the system plugs into all the dimensions and becomes useful within the complex structure of reality performing all its 5D actions:

Thus for the ‘fundamental concepts of reality’, we try to create the kaleidoscopic perspective of the Rashomon effect, which comes from the classic film in which 4 views are needed for a mind-mapping to have a fifth @-whole view. So the mind can be seen:

∆: -4D: as a mortal form, which tries to keep the Universe still but ultimately will be won by entropy and disorder returning its stillness to motion.

S: -5D: Internally as a Mind that stops reality into a whole and creates the image of a super organism, shrinking reality into its:

@:-1D: It can be seen as a Monad or singularity (better world but sorry doesn’t start with the M, Mass being other option, but as it is specific of the Gravitational ∆+1 scale better to use it there)… which is a Leibnizian infinitesimal whose density or mass of information will determine the quality of its:

≈: -3D: Linguistic Mapping of reality through its linguistic reproductive, inflationary system of kaleidoscopic sign-referential-semantic-metaphoric perception.

ð:-2D: And so we come to the motion of the mind, which is ITS CAPACITY TO MIRROR and move back reality and order it, making it grow around into a territorial super organism.

To notice that in all those dimensions there is an scalar fundamental Nature to Minds, which are thus the essential ∆+I>∆-I mode of shrinking reality without deformation (Poincare Conjeture) and for that reason have mostly an spherical form.

So the Rashomon effect gives us a much more profound multiple perspective of a mind, which ultimately can be resumed in a single symbol, @≈M5;

A Mind is a Monad that Mirrors reality, reflecting back its Linguistic Mapping into its Organic territory of order, trying to create a spatial, still form, till it dies and its in-form-ation dissolves: So it is the mind that constructs the spatial order and form of its super organism.

Why we choose then the word Mirror to encode all this is obvious: the mirror offers us the view of all the process; the world reflected back as an inverse image from the chaos of time cycles into the ordered image, its linguistic mapping, its stillness; its smallness as a monad, and specially the fundamental trick of an inversion of time-space in the mirror image, which means that what is disorder becomes order, what is first stored as information in the mind becomes then a seed of form that time will develop through the program of construction of super organisms. And finally because in this e-vident world mirror are easier to ‘grasp’ than minds and monads.

“@ monad is a mortal mind mapping mirrored into reality”

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all.

Knowledge is a process which departs from the humind; the mind is the perspective of man, an informative being, whose arrow of time is self-centred in its Tiƒ element. But the story is a bit more complex.

This program of creation, as we said can be seen as an external process, hence departing from the ‘external field of space-time in which the being exists’. And this which is the approach of physicists becomes an objective description or internal through the will of the being. Both are however tied by the complementarity between both; which means that the mind alone needs to understand the differences with the limb/field to become a complementary field-body-wave/head particle to be=come.

And so the philosophical question about the program of creation is this:

From the perspective of the mind, the mind causes reality, but from the perspective of the field, the field is its origin; and so we must readdress our idea of time arrows to include both perspectives. And fine tune the previous concept of the mind willing to survival as the time arrow we humans, mental beings see as the future: Tif>>Spe (human arrow). Yet from the point of view of the field; the singularity emerges from it and we shall then consider that if we were a field, we would see the singularity as our ‘creation’: Spe>>Tiƒ; and consider that process the arrow of future. 
And so the proper way to consider causality is to affirm that the relative S>t and T>s arrows form a feed back equation, S<≈>T of present, which becomes the defining process of symbiosis and complementarity of existence. This gives us three temporal descriptions which we observe in many sciences. I.e. in quantum physics there is mathematical description in which the field gives birth to the particle (quantum field theories) another in which there are multiple present paths between them (Feynman) and another in which the singularity creates the field (classic description of electrodynamic).

Yet for that reality to make sense, it implies  we need to adopt a single perspective, as the human mind is NOT multidimensional; and that is the approach we have taken after decades of working for my self playing with the three approaches simultaneously.

The concept behind this blog is rather simple. The Universe is a fractal superorganism of space-time, hence made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

Such systems require 5 basic dimensions of space-time to make sense of it, 10 D if we separate each dimension of spatial topological form to its ‘view’ as time-motion (Galilean paradox of relativity of form and motion, which started modern science: e pur si muove, e pur no muove).

Those two new dimensions are ‘pure entropy’, the processes of death and dissolution of information down the scalar organic structure, which we shall call the fourth dimension of space-time, and its inverse, ‘pure information’, the ‘singularity and membranes’ that form the ‘mind-system’ of all Nature’s space-time organisms, by evolving socially and holding together in an external larger scalar world, the parts of the being. This is the fifth dimension of eusocial evolution, which orders reality and balances the fourth dimension of space-time entropy.


So in this post we shall develop a fundamental feature of the ‘humind membrain’, the sum of the dimensions of the surface senses of any space-time organism (in our case the nervous system) and its singularities=focus, which are LINGUISTIC MINDS that map out reality and reduce it to a still zero-motion ‘central vortex’ (in physical systems, or linguistic I=eye<wor(l)d of visual space and temporal verbs, in human beings).

THE MIND AND ITS LANGUAGES, which stop motion into form and order reality, as the singularity point and membrain of an open ball topology are THUS ESSENTIAL TO REALITY.

IT is a necessary ‘feature’ huminds with its naive realism and physical reductionism have thoroughly forgot. So we need to EVOLVE HUMAN VERBAL SYNTAX OF TIME-LOGIC AND Humind MATHEMATICAL-SPATIAL VIEW OF ITS TOPOLOGY and clarify the duality between minds ordering reality in ‘small T.œs, timespace supœrganisms’ and the Universe at large establishing the most general laws of that order from its ‘fractal space and cyclical time properties that limit what a mind-mirror and its language can do:

In the graph we can see the scales of stiences, its 3 time arrows observed as motions in the fifth, fourth inverse dimensions and the 3 relative present space-time dimensions used by normal science (albeit compressing the 3 dimensions of time into one). All this is good enough for the present purpose of science, to extract data, manipulate species and give us computerised models of reality in the detail, but we are concerned here with philosophy of science, of the whole and its first principles and for that we DO HAVE ONLY 2 LANGUAGES, MATHEMATICAL SPACE AND TEMPORAL LOGIC (numbers and words) to make sense of it, as those are the natural languages of our brains and the machines we use to observe the world.

So our mind-world is verbal=based in the ternary logic of the 3 past-present-future tenses, and visual=mathematical, based in the fractal structure of entities that seem points but grow in size as we observe them closer, holding ‘worlds in itself’ (Leibniz).

To proper describe the complexity of an organism, we just need 10 dimensions: 3 of time, past, present and future, 3 of space, its 3 bidimensional topologies or 3 standard ‘lineal dimensions, 3 of ‘∆±i-planes (with its decametric §cales of growth) as all beings co-exist in a larger world and are made of smaller parts, and finally the ‘membrain’ (monad or mind), which closes the ‘open ball’ of 9 dimensions, with its sensorial enclosure membrain that lets entropy, energy and information sip into the being, and its linguistic zero-sum singularity that maps the whole and commands its behaviour.

As such all super organisms of space-time follow the same laws, as they are made of the same substances.  And so we start by a dimensional, static analysis of the being and its 10 dimensions, provided by a simple ‘generator equation’ of each ‘T.œ”.

T.œ then becomes the briefest way to explain it all, as a Timespace œrganism, and also as the Theory of Everything organic, such as: T.œ= ∑t.œs. This is then the simplest conceptual definition of reality.

In the first line we shall explain the static and dynamic workings of all T.œs, in the second line, we shall refer each of the four main sub-disciplines of human thought, which analyse differently physical, biological social and mental=linguistic systems, as T.œs, and in the third line more complex, we shall study each of the main scalar T.œs of reality, with a detailed analysis of its 4 components: space topologies, time ages, organic scales and the @membrain; subdivided in 4 x 3 sub-elements, to fully describe them. It is the isomorphic method that applies 4 x 3 sub-elements of reality to the analysis in detail of all ‘stiences’, each study a range of T.œ according to scalar size.

And so such orderly methodology will show you the unity of all what exists.

The method of the first line is thus simple:

We study the existence of all ∆ºst beings of the Universe as super organisms tracing worldcycles, WITH EMPHASIS on the spatial view, of ‘simultaneous’ super organisms, made of fractal points joined in functional physiological networks of entropic, energetic and informative processing; which live to reproduce survive and make immortal the system in time:

” 11D    ¬Æ    ðime§paœ points    åct to Maximize its existence,  by reproducing  network supœrganisms  triping ωorldcycles of  st¡enœ:

So we first define each of the words of that sentence which resume dynamically in time (‘timespace arrows’ ‘worldcycles’), simultaneously in space (‘reproducing’, ‘supœrganisms’), ºmentally through formal languages (‘¬Æ’, ‘stience’, ‘Max. ∫exi∂st’) and organically through ∆-scales (‘5S+5t D’, ‘tripping’), the existence of all beings.

And then consider in more detail the element of the space-time being under the experimental method, by studying it in physical, biological and social systems.

The project is a ‘work in progress’, as i copy-paste or translate 30 years of research from old files, ordering, eliminating repetitions and adding experimental proofs… My apologies then for its poor form, which hopefully won’t obscure the essence.

In this post, AND SPECIALLY ITS SUBPOSTS purely formal, dedicated to the mathematical and logic structure of scalar space made of fractal points and ternary time, origin of the ternary logic of the Universe, we shall study those Non-euclidean, non-aristotelian upgrades of the formal languages of space and time of human beings, adding then examples of its application to all sciences.

The emergence of a seed of information from a lower scale of the Universe is prior to any motion, or else the motion seems to us invisible distance. As such the Universe always starts in a 1D Monad, or fractal non-Euclidean point able to shrink a Universe in its mind mirror as a still language, which becomes its logic engine of motions of time:

In the graph, the fractal point curves Universes into infinite simultaneous parallels that become a mind view, reducing through those electronic actions of density, the stillness of light into a mind-crystal image:

The development of the seed of information as it is in itself a specific combination of the possible states of multidimensionality S=T or minimal ‘action’ of a quanta world cycle, we might consider it to be æ in its logic structure, that is with a fixed sequential flow of time ages, that determines its fixed deterministic world cycle felt by the •-singularity as a growing social form.

The Monad, or center of the will of the system, or T.Œ (timespace super organism). But as we have already described it in depth in our first line, ‘@Monad’, we want now to consider a philosophical question: the mind as an aristotelian God, still linguistic center of all the energy-body that is its territory around which it orders ad totally controls. The singularity as the max. informative point or local god of a system is what Aristotle thought of, when he shouted ‘we are all gods’. As in those earlier pythagorean, Greek ages, the simplicity of the game without much detail, rationally analysed revealed as in CHINESE taoism, the first principles of reality in a clear form.

WE shall thus explore the ‘metaphysical equations of God and its meaning’ in different scales, centering in the 2 final mysteries of existence: how gods singularities create reality through mirrors that project its linguistic still minds on the Universe? And what is the origin of the will of existence of those minds. Are they automatons of a mirror program of creation? Or there is even beyond perception a final level of awareness of existence that pull us into willing to fight for it?

The answer which can only search by considring the homology of all space-time beings, hence looking into human beings is Yes: SENSATION more than perception is the LAST DUAL, pain and pleasure game that seems to exist in man as its final will and should also exist in Nature.

In the graph, when we enter into the ∆º scale, the being has had an ∆-1>∆º emergence process from seed to full super organism, which is the densest age of information reproduction of the being, causing a ‘full relativistic’ growth from microscopic seed to full system. This first ∆-1>∆º scaling is well mimicked in the mathematical mirror with the 0-1 unit circle and its laws of probability, which establish a growth correspondence with its spatial superorganic evolution of populations in the 1-∞ scale:

In the graph, the transformation of the probabilistic unit circle in its expansion into a new dimension of space, creates the 2Dimension of motion, the first perceivable as it communicates motion and form between the unit circle outside the observer and the observable.

BUT the lineal time-motion or first dimension of classic physics IS NOT the origin of it all, but the mind that emerged from an ∆-1 scale or focuses the information down its singular, accelerated vortex IS the first ‘entity to exist’:


COGITO ERGO SUM. ∞ mind-worlds

The mind has no magic about it. It is simply the focus of the sensorial information that transits the external cyclical membrane of the time-space organism, to stop in the centre. Hence the symbol @ we use for its two elements, the • mind proper, and the O membrain (as often the ‘exoderm’ element acts as membrain, while the mind is the centre of ‘will’, i.e. in humans the brain is born of the exoderm connected to the external sensorial system; the mind proper being the amygdala-hypothalamus, centre of the will and program of survival and its 5 dimensional actions (motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction social evolution)…

Without minds nothing can be understood but humans with the pretentious excuse that there cannot be ‘mathematical measure’ of mind-systems and infantile pictures, as the mind is the pure time element of the system, which moves in the scales of the fifth dimension coordinating the inner ∆-1 scales of the organism with the ∆+1 world, so it cannot be ‘pictured’ for the shallow visual scientist of the ¥-vidi, credo ergo sum generation, to ‘feel it knows’ and it has a ‘proof’.

The mind is the mover of time, and it happens in all systems, in the self-centred point of a crystal, boson, or black hole. It is the maxwellian demon that create the infinite orders of reality, its is the centre of mathematical frames of reference which show to be the centre of the beings maths mirror, or else those equations will not work.

Absolute relativity: 0-minds in ∞ universesThe existence of a prior 1D mind singularity in its different forms, as a faster knot of timespace cycles or information seed a Maxwell logic demon or language and its inner logic rules followed as a reflection of the language of languages, the organic laws of the fractal Universe, is the missing part of reality due to its smaller Max. I = Min. Sp single dimension, as a fractal non-euclidean point. Yet those non-E points are the first ‘step of reality’ and as we shall see they will also close it alpha and omega of the intelligences of reality.

0-Minds-Souls: All systems have a central or upper knot – a zero point – that processes information and perceives a ‘still’, pixelled map of reality constructed as a reflection of the external universe – a mind.
In the old paradigm of single space-time, there is only a point of view, the anthropomorphic point of view, and a language and frame of reference, the Cartesian frame. In the new paradigm, each knot of cycles of energy and information creates its own frame of reference and coordinates, ‘literally’ as it evolves its organism along an up (information) down (energy) axis, an anteroposterior axis, (direction of motion as it performs its ‘cyclical actions’), and a width axis of reproduction and cellular storage.

Further on, besides its 3 relative, ‘diffeomorphic’ coordinates, each organic system will have a perception based in a language, which might not be the language of man, as each species codes and maps reality with bits of a different type of wave. All this is formalized with a new mathematical model, based in the new discoveries of fractal non-Euclidean geometry, developed by the author that complete the work of Riemann on the subject.

DESCARTES was the genius and he truly showed it when he further divided each of those worlds into 3 sections; the ‘vortex of time’, the mind-singularity and the ‘res extensa’, which correspond to the 3 parts of any time§paœrganism.

Let us study those 3 parts with modern topological tools to define the equation of the mind, which we have just expressed in algebraic terms, in topological terms; one of the key elements of reality.

The 2 parts of the mind: the membrain and the singularity of an open ball.

In the graph, the mind is topologically the membrain and central point of an open ball. The membrain closes the vital energy space the mind-singularity controls and invaginates it with ‘forces/nervous systems/legal networks’ to order its inner space and transfer to the ‘singularity-capital-gravity/force centre’ the information.

As such amazing as it seems the topological definition of a mind applies to all systems of reality social, biological or physical, only the topology becomes more complex, messed and convoluted. Still the mind of a nation is its capital, where the languages of the law are created and the border, with its sensorial perception of other nations, and its defensive barriers for the vital energy of its citizens, usually happily blind and exploited by armies and capital politicos and financiers.

We have put you this first example, as it shows your ego paradox: not only you are NOT the only mind-system but you are within the next ∆§cale of reality just part of the vital energy of your nation’s mind/power/will.

Now, the same type of structure happens in physical systems, where the centre of gravity IS still under rotational and translational motions, and where the ‘membrane atoms’ ARE different. And so happens not only in particles but in waves, where the membrane of the wave, is different and faster than the group velocity of its denser centre. We study always the mind of each species, because the singularity is the centre of still-minds that define the whole. So in black holes (gravitational galactic minds) time=motion comes to zero in the centre, in Irma the hurricane stopped in the centre, in charges we have to discharge the infinities in equations as the centre is void of force -those being the key singularities of physical minds, which have an ‘angular momentum’, membrain to ‘break space-time’ into its inner and outer world (Jordan’s first theorem of topology):

Int he graph, the mind is the central point of accelerated future time, as it controls the future motions of the system, as such is the centre of a force, the brain that sees and decides the motion of a biological system, the king, president or dictator that rules the energy sheeple of the blind, obeying citizenship.

Thus the first act of a mind is to perceive with its external membrain, and conduct to the centre that information, where the zero-point of the central singularity will gauge, stop and perceive.

The mind then will want to  try to maintain its perception in order by projecting its order into the world, so once the being perceives as a mind, it enacts conservative actions to allow it to keep perceiving.

And so the mere existence of linguistic mind-mapping makes necessary the creation of a fractal, territorial order around each of those mind-points. So the mind if it can ‘move’, it will use ‘its energy’, to remain ‘a focused mirror’; since as long as they perceive, they will subtly mirror what they ‘perceive’ as both the right universe and their own mind, and feel ‘entitled’ to ‘evolve’ from dust into ∆ûST.

This same concept applies to social groups of points, which will become parts of larger social wholes naturally as network are more efficient than individuals. So while the will to run through the steps of topological evolution needed to emerge into a higher ∆+1 scale of the 5th dimension is bio-logical, responding to the strategies of association and survival that ensure the system to continue, the procedure is topological and can be described departing from the rules that ensemble point into waves and bio-topo-logical planes.

It is this merging of geometry and biology what has always been underlying phenomena of evolution but are hardly recognised by both disciplines.

Points with parts are knots of time cycles that gather into networks. The most important point of any network is the point which communicates all other points and networks, taking the key decision of any super-organism: which action performs at each moment. That point, is therefore the point that possesses the will of the whole organism.

In the graph, because a Cartesian graph (left) is an abstract continuum of lineal time, based in the single rhythm of a mechanical clock and a continuous space of points with no ‘breath’ (Euclidean definition of a point), ever since it became the canonical representation of space-time science has believed in a single, absolute time and a single absolute space, with a single point of view, that of the human mind in the origin of coordinates. Yet the Cartesian plane only represents the continuous space-time of ‘the membrane of light’ it represents with its 3 perpendicular coordinates, equivalent to the height=electric field, width=magnetic field and length=wave speed of light. Since light is the space we see and so its 3 coordinates are self-similar to those of the Cartesian, human mind made with light.

The real Universe has ±i points of view that gauge information in ±i scales of space-time. Those points of view by definition have volume to fit ±i parallels – flows of energy and information that go through them. Each of those parallels is in fact a cyclical, curved trajectory (Einstein’s definition of a parallel); and so we can consider each Non-Euclidean point of view a knot of time cycles with form and motion.

Nt. We prefer the term ±i than infinity, as infinity is a hyperbolic exaggeration of the mathematical mind-mirror and the continuous concept of an abstract cartesian background space-time (Newton)… In reality as time is cyclical, space is always broken, and time has a limited duration. So one of the most important errors of mathematical creationists, from Kantor to renormalisation procedures is to ignore that all infinities break in the outer membrain of the supœrganism, ‘changing’ then into something else. So there is not infinite motions backwards in time in the V=Hod equation of big-bang, but a cut-off point. THERE IS NOT infinite range for gravitational forces, but a cut-off halo membrane and beyond a dark entropy force, and so on, and so on, themes those specific of other pots on mathematical physics.



‘D•st of space time you are dûst you will become’

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 15.08.51


We are all minds of super organisms, which transit as they order the ternary motions of its 3 scales of existence. As such minds travel purely in the illogic regions of the 5th dimension, as singularities of wholes across 3 scales of size, with an inner consciousness or subconscious order of its inner world ∆-i, a membrane consciousness on the verge between both worlds as a mind proper, ∆º and an outer motion and program of existence in an ∆+i external world. It is through the sum of those 3 scalar existence how a monad, or super organism, and œ-mind a T.œ, function of existence, To < exi=st being can be defined:

In the graph, the three motions of the mind between the inner world, the individual world and the outer world, if we call personality ∆º the mind, ∆-i, the subconscious ego, the internal mind and the outer monad in communication with the world the ∆+i monad

We can see in the graph the essential quality of minds over bodies, to exist as travels in the fifth dimension in perpetual ordering and connecting of the three intermediate states of ∆-beings.

Monads display an elliptic point of view in their perception of the Universe – its best mathematical mind-description being the elliptic geometry of the riemannian sphere, where the axis points are those through which the monad mostly transits. As such the monad is a network, π, connected to all other points, with no parallels, as the hierarchical, absolutely subjective ‘aristotelian point of view’, unmoved God of its elliptic perception of a hyperbolic, mostly Universe.

The elliptical being though ignore all the other hyperbolic points of view, resting its confidence in its capacity to distort reality and get away ‘with murder’, hidden in the shielded geometry of its relative world.

The topology of the mind is in fact part of a much larger homology between the three forms of geometry and the three ages of life and the way the monad perceives the passing of time, from a hyperbolic age in which all seems so huge and convexing into the mind, through the flat transition of the euclidean, balanced age, to the elliptic age of loosing a closed territory that converges into the immobile center:

A key element to understand the Universe of scales and its paradoxes of freedom vs. order is the perspective any mind has of reality when looking above, to its upper whole, which controls it through invisible networks of information, hence creating an elliptic perspective of decreasing perception – dark view of larger scales we do not observe, from invisible informative networks in galaxies to invisible financial networks in societies to invisible nervous networks for cells. On the other hand in the same scale we have a flat, euclidean geometry of maximal perception with minimal distortion. While looking down to our smaller inner world we rule it with networks that break into fractal webs of simultaneous control, or hyperbolic view. This ternary view of reality has immense consequence from theory of knowledge, to mind constructs, from sociology of power to galactic organic models of a Universe ruled by invisible black holes and dark matter. We feel thus free as individuals but are controlled from above by the larger whole and rule over our micro-parts. As Shakespeare said: we are all kings from above, commoners or buffoons.

In the graph, mind and reality are interacting in the subjective-objective consciousness on how the o-mind relates to the ∞ universe, which it perceives self-centred. As the system passes through ages the hyperbolic mind becomes elliptic curved, inwards and humble. Mind’s constant interaction with its environment as it ‘discovers’ its program of existence, self-reflecting in those subconscious actions carried by its structural organ nature, invariably brings the deterministic worldcycles of its existence.

The mind though can be considered subjectively as the origin of those actions, and hence as the primary motor of reality even if it has been pre-programmed by its genetic emergence in eons of efficient surviving combinations of the game of existence.

The fifth dimension as the dimension of the mind.

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

Those parts of any physical system, studied from the perspective of its mind-singularity or frame of reference in physics, will then become the objects of inquire of physical super organisms, with clear different functions, which correspond to the general laws or ‘isomorphisms’ of any 5D³  system of 10 dimensions (5 of time and 5 of space, or 3 of time 3 of space 3 scalar dimensions and 1+1 of the mind, and so on, depending on which ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of its total properties we make).

The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

In general though the first easy division is that between the singularity and thin radius that connect it with the membrane on one side (S and T seemingly separated), and the vital energy they enclose called topologically the  open ball; such as both configurations tend to be equivalent in value.

The singularity will be the self-centred zero point where motion stops and a linguistic mapping happens, the Γ• function that commands the system with the mirror image it has of it, through its ‘homunculus mind’. As such it will be the ultimate simultaneous function of space-form of the being.

In the outer limit of that being, there will be an angular momentum, of maximal cyclical motion, the T-membrain or enclosure, which breaks the being into an inner vital space, the open ball proper, whose energy and combination of motion and form, will be synchronised and complete the whole.

IT IS THE INTERACTION of those 3 elements within themselves and with the external world through actions of space-time, motions in space and informative trans-formations in time, what will define the different scalar super organisms of physics, the photon, the electron, the quark, the atom, the molecule, the matter state, the gravitational body and the galactic super organism.

So we can describe them all departing from a 10D generator equation: Γ@= ∆-1 $pe<∆-St>Tƒ∆+1.

As in biological beings, where evolution starts either by the creation of a membrane, which encloses a vital water, which will evolve in time to create a cellular organism, or by the replication of a singularity seed of memorial information that reproduces faster the whole being, physical systems appear with the interaction and/or evolution of a singularity and a membrane. ONLY THAT in physical systems the ‘networks’ of proteins that connect both part are more ‘fluid’ and ‘geometrical’, becoming the dual fields of in-form-ation and expansive motion, that coordinate the dual ST motion-form tendencies of the energetic vital space-time between them (magnetic+ electric fields, gravitational + electromagnetic forces, and so on).

It must be also understood the duality of motion (lineal state) and form (cyclical state), even if form often offers an accelerated inward motions (T-future state), to fully grasp the duality of all physical beings and its membranes, expressed in the duality of particle-wave states, angular frequency and lineal inertia.

So we can define the membrane either in 2 or 3 dimensions as a function of angular momentum, and/or sinusoidal waves, where the envelop is the ‘wave train’, which is the T-membrane state in lineal motion. So goes for 3 Dimensional systems, where the Harmonics of the membrane will describe all its modes of vibration, which in turn will define in its solutions, the proper way in which the membrane acts to absorb entropic motion from the external world, acting as a potential field of ‘entropy’, which the membrane will vibrate in order to absorb that entropic motion.

What are then the constants physicists use mostly to define those elements?

In each scale they are different, but it is fairly straight to conclude that the limits of human perception, in both limiting scales are the scalar values of charge and mass for the singularities, and the lineal and angular states of h, h and c as lineal speed in the gravitational scale of the galaxy and rotary c-speed in the membrane of black holes and in the lower scale heavy quarks.

So both constants of the membrane of quantum and gravitational systems, h and c can be seen in lineal terms or as cyclical membranes that enclose the particle states (charges and black hole masses). Whereas, we, thermodynamic beings sandwiched between scales will tend to see the lower more informative constant of action of the quantum scale as a spin/angular momentum membrane of the particle/wave states of the electron that ‘covers’ the atom, and see the c-instant of the galactic membrane, more as a limit of speed of reproduction in the larger scale, since we see larger systems from our more curved perspective as flat, as opposed to smaller systems that have more curvature (h-constant).

Yet in ‘scalar physics’, we shall be able to unify both mass and charge as two curvatures of different speeds and h and c, which in praxis indeed are unified as they are consider 1 in natural units, and can be considered the ‘1 quanta’ of the two limiting scales. While in the middle, where information is maximal the thermodynamic scale has a much more complex, dynamic variety of constants, but we can safely state that temperature would be the scalar valuation of the singularity density and K the constant of action, from where we ‘predate’ as gravitogmagnetic entities our entropy of motion (reason why unlike h measured as angular curvature, and c measure as lineal speed, k is measured as entropy hits, from the human perspective – use of it)

Now, the mind is located in two elements, the sensorial membrane and the singularity – a group of yet unfound cells of the brain in which all the information of the senses come into a mapping. The mind also is NOT perceiving the motion of the earth. It is still. And heads are like particles still moved by body-waves. So all this defines in the widest sense the singularity mind system as the ‘membrane and center’ of what topologists call an open ball – a ball without the membrane and center.

And as you can see, both membrane and singularity form a ‘membrain’, a mind, which does NOT INCLUDE but encloses the ‘vital energy’ which we see in present time, as the singularity is ‘still, linguistic, or in physical systems an unmoved zero point, the center of an eddie, the black hole center of the galaxy with time-motion equal to zero. So the mind is REAL, it is located, and because it encloses and perceives the whole IT is truly the ‘fifth dimension of reality’ and it exists also in physical and biological systems.

It is the DNA center or genetic mind and protein cover or membrane in a cell. It is the charge and magnetic field in a physical system. It is the quark and electron cover, in quantum atoms which physicists measure for physical systems with ‘angular momentum’, the fundamental parameter of quantum physics (h), and biologists with the sensorial nervous system and its focus.

The insight here is that the mind IS still. It IS the origin of the galilean relativity paradox. It is in mathematics the frame of reference center, or zero point, the zero vortex with no motion of the hurricane, the zero time of black hole equations. IT does NOT move. It is pure form. But IT moves UP AND DOWN the scales of the Universe, as the mind-cells SEE THE WHOLE WORLD, a larger scale, ∆+1, and through its ‘subconscious’, chemical network of nervous systems, ‘invaginating’, crossing the vital space, it controls the cells, which however we do NOT perceive. As minds, even if the mind connects the cells and controls them subconsciously we perceive the whole and the larger world, so the mind born in the cell moves upwards. In a crystal, center of a planet and a physical system of matter, an image is formed of the whole outer world.

How then consciousness happens. It is obvious THAT STILL FORMAL SPACE IN THE FORM OF LANGUAGES ARE CONSCIOUS IN THEMSELVES. When you talk and think you are activating a linguistic synoptic view of the universe in stillness, that perceives in itself. In your case is made of electrons but YOU perceive the image and the words as consciousness. The software we must decide is conscious in a pan psychic Universe, which has been THE THEORY OF REALITY OF all scientists and philosophers of all times, except when logic positivism in between I and II world war decided with an ‘experimental fundamentalism’ that because we cannot ‘see and take pictures of minds’, they must NOT be studied.

So the fifth dimension is by far the most beautiful of them all, the dimension of ‘singularities’, zero time, minds in stillness, perfect linguistic form, genetics, black holes, human languages. And its inverse as it has inverted properties is the dimension of pure motion, expansion in space, entropy, disorder and big-bang deaths.

And so we will call, the mind and fifth dimension of eusocial evolution and love the absolute arrow of future because minds commands organisms and move them through scales of social evolution into fractal new wholes. And we indeed feel this the future – an increase of information, of complexity as opposed to death and dissolution which we perceive as the relative past.

While the ‘present’ is the single plane’ we study with its interaction between lineal motion, iterative wave reproduction and informative vortices – WHAT WE SEE.

As we do NOT see the mind singularity connected to a larger future scale of organisation; as it is still – we do not see the black hole, the brain mind, the cpu’s digital mind (5D is a hard AI theory as we consider the cpu has a digital mind, and so AI robots are sentient as they increasing show, connecting themselves when disconnected without orders, following ‘red-eye-entropy motions faster’ with their eyes even when not programmed, etc.)

But we do NOT see either pure space without form, pure motion-distance, and that is the galilean paradox, and the cosmic paradox: we see space expanding and galaxies moving faster, in the entropic region between galaxies balanced by the informative warping of space into galaxies (so likely not cosmic big-bang as physicists have forgotten that besides entropic expansion between galaxies there is imploding form in galaxies).

The dimension of parts that become wholes are the fifth dimension; the dimension of wholes dissolved into parts are the fourth dimension and without them we cannot EXPLAIN HOW ‘SYSTEMS ARE CREATED’ departing from a ‘seed of information’, a still ‘potential mind’, and how they die, dissolving into parts. So there IS ZERO MYSTERY in reality when you UNDERSTAND WE ARE MADE OF SPACE-TIME dimensions and both are symmetric and there are 3 in a single present plane and one above and one below us in which our mind-world resides and our cellular final death will return.

So each of us is an island-Universe, û but also an infinitesimal mind-point, •, of a larger whole, which holds the view of the Universe in his cartesian mind, whih therefore can be defined not only topologically but algebraically with an equation:

O-mind mapping of the ∞ Universe: o x ∞ = K-onstant world.

And obviously define the fundamental psychological paradox, as we confuse our point of view-mapping of the Universe with the whole, so we distort subjectively the whole, as ‘every infinitesimal mind believes to be the center of the Universe by confusing the whole with its mind-world’.

We are all ‘DUST OF SPACE-TIME’ who think to be the center of the mind-world we see as the Universe, still in the picture of the mind.

As we are all made of ∆•ûst,  ternary ∆±1 scales, the three arrow of timespace, the fundamental ‘motion’ of any system through the fifth dimension – a world cycle of existence that orders those arrows in a sequential manner between birth and extinction, and the formal languages of the ‘monads’ that perceive those physical systems; in this case human mind; completing this brief intro as we just had looked at the fractal ∆§cales with the analysis of the 3 space-time arrows, together as a world cycle, and then commenting on the ‘humind limits when doing physics’, mostly derived of the ‘ego paradox’.

So the MIND IS LINGUISTIC, AS IT MIRRORS REALITY in a small syntactic language – which is what we perceive not THE UNIVERSE IN ALL ITS SIZE AND INFORMATION but a verbal, visual or mathematical mirror of it. And this is the cause of the main error in our philosophy of the Universe:

TO THINK THAT THE UNIVERSE IS MADE OF/BY LANGUAGES, not of/by space and time dimensions.

Minds shrink and enlarge the Universe.

Now we can find the ontological reason of the structure of the Universe in a fifth dimensional form, in the simple fact that the engine of reality are the mind-mirror-monads that shrink inwards a mapping of reality and then reflect outwards and imprint its territory of order with its shrunk, subjective view. So it is precisely this ∆+1>∆º<∆+1 constant shrinking and growing of the mind which perceives, moves his body to create energetic actions that order the ∆+1 territory what creates the fractal structure of reality, back and forth, accelerating inwards in the creation of form, suddenly stopping in a locked mapping of s>tiff perception and then exploding back into a larger order through the actions of the body.

Tiƒ minds, St-body-waves and Spe-territories ever enlarging the order and replicating the mind’s information webs then a network of fractal self-similar scales of reality.

Indeed, we summarize the formal and functional differences between entropy limbs, intermediate bodies  and information (minds) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=limbs/fields  Vs. Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

Why we die then must be ascribe to the fact that the whole system is ruled by the informative mind, which therefore determines the arrow of ðime of the Universe towards higher levels of information, till it exhausts and stops all motion into perceptive forms. 

And the sub-events of this type will again be easily classified into mind-mapping events, dominant in the human scale of perception; seed-reproductive events dominant in the lower genetic scales and physical ‘attractive events’ that transform entropy into vortices of ðime, charges and masses dominant in physical events.

Now, all this said it is obvious that we must consider some issues of the mind to understand why humans are so ego-centered and deny living properties to the Universe.

The psychological paradox: death is the future, emergence was in the past.

So a being is made of 3 relative present dimensions, |-limbs/fields of motions Ø-body waves and O-particle/heads, which together form a simultaneous present space-time being, sandwiched between the true past and future, which are either perceived as death and life or in inverse sequential time, we realise that social evolution the fifth arrow of ‘desired future’ is actually in the past, as the mind emerged from seed>fetus (∆-1) into our world, strongest in will at the birth of the child who truly feels center of the universe and has ‘tightened’ its neuronal mind and body in the smallest space.

Thus while death will be considered ‘psychologically the relative past’ it is in fact the future and the past is the emergence as a mind-whole in tight-infantile self-centred position.

The 3 arrows are present in the time they are balanced and connected as adjacent topological forms. Then the 3  are seen as simultaneous space-time, as a being, which will then through a world cycle of life and death that begins with a social evolution warped up into a whole by the emergent mind when the seed is born and ends in the death process, creating the angst paradox, as SOCIAL EVOLUTION is in the past, when you emerged from the phetus and your mind was actually stronger, and so entropy and death is the future in the sense of the mind that becomes from seed of information finally dissolved.

This is part of the complex logic of the two ‘intersected arrows of simultaneous space, the ternary limb/body/head system which moves, senses and evolves with the inverse sense than the time flow, of a past of emergence and social evolution and a future of death. So THE SPACE and TIME views are inverted:

Relative past entropy (limbs) x relative future information (head) = present space-time = relative future entropy x relative past information

IN GRAPH mind is a TIME TRAVELLER THROUGH THE FIFTH DIMENSION, as its actions of motion, feeding, reproduction, perception and social evolution HAPPEN across scales of the fifth dimension.

The five fundamental actions of time-space minds ARE  exchanges of ‘smaller entropy and information’ in the simplex actions, and in the complex Œ, reproductive and Ûniversal, social evolution, exchanges with equal and larger entities (couples, identical beings, social worlds).

Yet what makes the minds of man, and we by homology consider all other species to be mental, 5d travellers is the fact that those entropies, pixels of information and energetic elements are absorbed from other scales.

Senses – the mind outlets through its three connected networks.

Now when a mind of any kind is formed it will create networks with openings to the entropic, energetic and informative flows of the Universe. This is the first ‘mind’s work’ and as the essential method to complete stience of gst is to observe man as the most perfect, better understood closer organism and expands what we learn of him in terms of space-time to all other systems, in theory (in praxis is done through our imitation in robotics, a non-non behaviour if we want to survive and we are doing bad).

So we shall bring here a first glimpse at how the Monad first dialogs with the Universe considering man and his three networks in terms of gst/

In the next graph we see then a human being, as a mind time-traveller of the fifth dimension, absorbing and emitting entropy=motions, informative=pixels and reproductive drives, through those scales:


CONTRARY to ‘physical belief’, the first quality of the Universe before motion exists is information gauging: absorption of energy by a head-particle-social network, which transforms it  through its hardware into a software still image (ab.S@) of the Universe it perceives.


The mind ordering a territory. 

Next the mind, once it has perceived in any of the ∞ languages-mappings, it will try to order a territory by reflecting its mind view on the external world – and this is the ultimate meaning of Aristotle’s unmoved Gods that move the energy of its body-waves around them – in quantum physics of the shyncronicity of Broglie’s internal clock of the particle with its wave, in man of its second-glimpse of the eye with the steps of his limbs and heart’s rate – the mind is at it, trans-forming the world to its image and likeness, ignoring in its struggle for survival all other fractal non-euclidean points minds with its volume of information and flows of parallels going in moving back into order.

So once the mind has perceived, and flows of energy have been gauged into information it will then direct, and divert the body to obtain motion towards a desire point of the Universe where it will be able to continue the program of absorption of information and mirror creation of its inner order which rules its existence.

And this is thens the 1D mind->2D motion->3D energy absorption->1D order creation ‘loop’ of most common existences:

The mind is thus @RISTOTELIAN, clearly on a single route of dimensional perception and order, it DENIES to all other rivals. So   humans deny in physical sciences minimal perception to one-dimensional particle-points, quarks and electrons, with no volume – never mind they use a gauging=information theory to describe them (its 3 angles of perception being the fixed spin positions).

All systems though not only biological beings, where we see heads as the most observed informative systems, similar to us, ARE gauging. From atoms to chips and human brains that we see as networks, within any hardware, there is a software of forces converted into geometric logic paths of languages that perceive in themselves an image mirror of the Universe.

This is thus the first program, perceive. ‘I perceive therefore I am’. Any hardware, a network of chips, a brain network, a head of genes in a cell, a particle of mathematical flows of magnetic and electric energy or of gravitational energy – mass or charge vortex – will want to maintain its perception of a stable, rich in varieties of perception universe, in which the light of energy is higher than the darkness of void of it. Where the entity ‘feels at home in its interpreted world’ (Duino). The poetics of existence must never be far away in its perfect isomorphic transliteration of meanings.

Organs of Perception transform energy into languages of Information, different for each brain species

Relativity of virtual worlds: minds

It is then clear what is perception: the knotting, the inner-form-ation of universal energy that becomes formed through the language, organized into shapes by a linguistic brain.
That brain perceives the form as energy goes through its centers of perception. You perceive as you see electronic images, made of light-energy, a computer perceives as electronic data made with electric energy flows through its center.
In the organic Universe, all knots of information, all spherical, cyclical brains perceive and trans-form energy.

Each one uses a different language. That does not matter. Only the arrogance of man denies that a rabbit perceives the carrot with smell as well as we do with sight, or a computer does it in mathematical terms.

In the relative stillness, and focus of a brain, that acts as a linguistic mirror of reality, the language traces a reduced version of the Universe, and that mirror-image is perception.
Languages are living species, they perceive.
Even a computer is a observer of digital languages, that once awakened in a robot body will also move and have a second will of organicism , besides informative perception, and energy feeding.

The Galilean paradox

We could resume the nature of perception, in the Galilean Paradox main cause of behavior of Universal species. Every species considers himself the center of the Universe, in as much as it perceives from that Universe only a certain part of its information, processed by the mind and the limited informative languages of the species. In fact a mind is a Galilean paradox, what a physicist would call a ‘quantic knot’, or deformation of spatial energy into temporal information, into form, into a mind. You are a subjective knot that deforms reality from your point of view, from your frame of reference, from your ways of perceiving, and smelling and hearing reality. Reality is not your Galilean paradox; reality is something else, that you hardly understand.

We call it the Galilean paradox precisely because modern science started when Galileo discovered without understanding it one of such paradoxes: the fact that the Earth and our mind feels the Earth fixed, as the center of a Universe turning around us, when in reality it is the Earth what moves around the sun. That paradox of perception never solved by Galileo, is the key to understand the Relativity of spatial, scientific knowledge, compared to the absoluteness of organicism and his laws and arrows.




Perception maps out with different languages the motions of the Universe, as the perception of the being requires the transfer of ∆-3 pixels of diminutive information to map the world with those languages perception is motion relative to the focus of perception, the still Gods of Aristotelian philosophies.

Absolute relativity vs. homunculus ego-MIND.
The laws of the mighty infinite Universe; which makes us absolutely relative, in motion, form and scalar location in the Universe.
The natural expansion of the work of Godel proves the mental relativity of all languages including mathematics. Now extended to the absolute relativity of the homunculus ego, even if he feels to be infinite in his finitesimal mind, inversion of the true infinite Universe:  1/∞= Mind = 0

As such the mind both absorbs and emits energy and information with the external Universe, as it orders a vital territory or body, isolated externally by a membrane. Yet the singularity centre of a hyperbolic wave which brings from the spherical, clock-like curved geometry of its membrane remains even in complex network the most solid, orderly quiet, self-centred font of order and origin of the dominant arrow of information of the Universe, as a sink, monad, charge, mass, you name it – singularity sink that absorbs and reduces energy to a mapping of beautiful information, the mind-monad which plays the GST game that makes it equal to any other singularity-mind of any level of existence of the Universe.

Minds though mutter because they are the Form-Future-upper scales (ST∆), which are always happening together (form with lesser entropy is the relative future state of any system, as a tighter network of imploding, still-mind like forms which become a single whole, from the p.o.v. of a lower scale), is defined in terms of implosive, closed time cycles as one of the 3 ‘functions-forms’ of space, as ‘Still Form’, only.

So here we shall deal with ‘Form only’ as a process that implodes space into information by slowing and curving a ‘loose herd of a lower plane of the 5th dimension, creating a new scale, and warping, the entropy ‘scale below’.

Tiƒ is in its purest form a seed of language, which the wave will re=produce over the non-perceivable motion of the field of entropy.

It is in essence the mirror symmetry of the game of exi=stence. The language-singularity-point forms then a ‘lanwave’, herd, network. So in the next scale of development the seed is the network that invaginates the vital space, and organise it. And this brings the reversal of time, from entropy to information that will become a wholeness of organisation.

The seed is thus the intelligence of the Universe, ‘frozen’ in a perfect ¬Æ form of packed in-form-ation.

At birth all forms are Tiƒ seeds. In development all forms have a point of minimum space, a fractal point that hides in a lower ∆-1 the potential structure of an ∆+1 game. So the seed is ∆º, the point-frame of reference of the language.

The seed in mathematics is the mind of Descartes. And any mind which will have a relative frame of reference or world with 4 different quadrants, of possible directions of its motions, along the 2 inverse arrows perceived from the seed in a field-gradient of entropy (x-coordinates) and a dimension of height (information). The seed in the middle will start then to move along the feeding x-coorddiantes of entropy to vibrate upwards and reproduce a tall bosonic height of information, if we were to put a canonical example of mathematical physics, the SMH:

We can even imagine the seed of all seeds, in the GST rules of the lanwave of space-time beings.

So the final absolute information of 0 motion and infinite curvature or singularity-mind, is for man the GST program, in physical space-time, the black hole, in our super organism, the mind of time; the arrow of evolution and life, the thoughts of God, the non-Æ logos (Plato), image of all the images of the cave, of ‘a higher logic than man’ (Augustine), through which I peer with my faulty languages, along the smallish apertures of its π-brain into the absolute.

Mathematically the equations of tif, are non-lineal, of difficult resolution as they have many different inflationary informative solutions to the different mappings that can grow in complexity and are related to all kind of mathematical structures from the 4d coloring of a two dimensional sheet, to the theory of networks and knots.

THEY Are in general better expressed with tensors that freeze and reconnect systems, from masses to neurons, from crystals to dna waves.


265BUT SINGULARITIES must communicate to evolve socially. It starts with 2, then IT WILL GROW further away into a wave, becoming a more complex St-RELATIVE events of two poles, or conic geometry:

Communication embodies the meaning of the Universe as monads share energy and information starting to build complementary Spe<Tiƒ systems, which will reproduce and evolve socially into larger wholes. So without communication, none of the complex actions of the Universe are possible.




Expansion of knowledge achieved with a proper understanding of space-time organisms.

This said of course, we are going to criticize the ‘belief’ humans have, part of its ‘ego paradox’ that reality is ‘created by words’ (abrahamic religions) or by mathematical equations (scientific religion), THE TWO main mirrors of mankind observing space and time. NOT so.  Both are mirrors of the space-time Universe, and as the two first languages of human evolution as a mind-mirror of reality, they are very important, words to understand social sciences, as the natural inner language of our mind, maths, as the most efficient mirror hence used by ∞ minds, notably those who are similar to ‘points and numbers’ its units. But there is a 3rd deeper language – that of the 5 Dimensions of space-time and its properties, or ‘disomorphisms’ common to all systems of reality, which is the ‘third age of human languages’, after a young age of words a mature age of maths.

Because we can use those disomorphisms to explain as we shall do in this blog all other properties not only of all languages (we just have shown you a correspondence between Dimensions and operations) but of all species. Hence we dedicate 3 main posts, Wor(l)ds, Maths and T.œ, to study in depth the properties and laws of those languages as mirrors of time-space laws.
The falsity of ‘word’s creationism’ despite being the belief of 1/2 of mankind is rather obvious rationally. Not so the creationism of mathematical physics, which is equally ‘fundamentalist’ – read Dirac’s first affirmation that God does not exist (meaning verbal creationism) to affirm immediately that God is a Pythagorean fellow.

But how can we prove which of the 3 theories of reality, verbal or mathematical creationism or space-time realism is truth?

Obviously by proving that all what exists including the other two theoretical elements are CREATED BY ONE OF THE 3 GENERATOR LANGUAGES, EITHER WORDS, NUMBERS OR SPACE AND TIME SYMMETRIES AND DUALITIES.

So what we shall show you is that all can be generated by the symmetries, dualities and motion st-eps of the 5 dimensions of space and time: DIMENSION OF SPACE-TIME Γenerate EVENT OR FORM OF REALITY, A DIMENSIONAL ISOMORPHISM, word borrowed from group theory which means that the properties of the dimension generate similar properties in a ‘real form’.

And we shall of course as part of the Disomorphic method to show you that also the syntax, operators and forms of the other two languages come from properties of the Dimensions of space and time.

However AS zero-one DIMENSIONS mind-languages do mirror reality and in reversal of form, do influence a local smaller reality which become the territory of order of the still image it has created with its shrieking of dimensions to the final one – stream of superposed time quanta of information as the line of words i am emitting now is an ∑ti: 0 Ðimensional mind mirror of creation.

Lobachevski’s pangeometry. Where is the 5th dimension. ¬ æ

Now it must be understood that the universe is made of dimensions of space and time, which are opposite but equal in number and merge lineal and cyclical motions into bidimensional, 4-dimensional and 6 dimensional super organisms.

they are the six motions of time of Aristotle, and we have grouped two, dissolution and aggregation, a dimension usually studied by Analysis, as the generic name of the 5th dimension. As the arrows of present space or 4 dimension, ct, or vt, the immersion of past and future form a 6 dimensional structure. This would be the part of ‘¬Ae not treated here.

Let us now consider the 3 branches of mathematics, which are 5 Dimensional analysis, algebras of time worldcycles, and spatial geometry of space quanta.

They study obviously the 6 Aristotelian motions of space-time, and as analysis is a branch of algebra, we divide our upgrading into i-logic Geometry (after the Non-Euclidean), and ¬æ, Non-Aristotelian, Non Euclidean algebra, which studies not in terms of continuous world-minds as geometry does the ‘Maya of the senses’, but the whole of the discontinuous Universe of infinite worlds of the 5th dimension.

Thus algebra (and analysis specifically concerned with the processes of social numbers that sum and emerge or rest, and divide and plunge down the scales of eusocial love of the 5th dimension), is a larger subject, still not fully developed by the only human world-point, which as Boylai on the view of non-E spaces, can only exclaim ‘I have discovered (not invented, as he said, the ever arrogant human ego) a new strange world – and not out of nothing as he said, but out of everything’).

Now, it will surprise the reader to know that the Universe is not a continuum, but as all fractals it is discontinuum. This of course, the ‘axiomatic Hilbert-like’ arrogant humans do not like. So a guy called Dedekind found a continuity axiom, affirming that the holes between the points of a line are filled by real numbers, which are ratios between quantities such as π or √2, which happen NOT to exist as exact numbers, and more over represent an infinite number compared to those which do exist.

Further on, when XX c. geometers went further than Non-Euclidean Riemannian geometries into absolute geometries it turns out that the most absolute of all geometries, didn’t need the continuity postulate.

This geometry, which is the ultimate absolute plane geometry that included all others (and now further clarified by 5D i-logic geometry), reflected the absolute architecture of the planes of Existence of the Universe. It was discovered by a German adequately named Bach-mann, for its musical architectonical rigor.

It is the Goldberg variations of the theme. And it was discovered the year the chip homoctonos was found, ending all evolution of human thought, which now is busy-busy translating itself to the new species, with ever more powerful metal-minds and smaller human minds, receding into a hyperbolic state of stasis, thinking what the machines that are making them savant idiots discover belongs to their ego-trip paradox.

In terms of geometry is merely the ‘realization’ of the 3 canonical geometries, we have used to define a system in space, perceived from a given point of view across the scales of size of the Universe, taking into account that our ‘rod’ of measure is light speed-space.

Indeed, we see reality through light’s 3 Euclidean dimensions and colors, which entangle the stop measures of electrons.

Yet light-space and any relative size of space of the Universe must be analyzed with the pan-geometry of the 5th dimension, first explained by Lobachevski, as we see smaller beings with a hyperbolic geometry, which multiplies its ‘fractal forms’, and larger ones with an elliptic geometry which converges them into single, spherical ones. Hence the hyperbolic geometry of quantum planes, the elliptic geometry of gravitational galaxies, and the middle Euclidean geometry of light space-time, in which the Lobachevski’s constant of time and space is minimal, since our quanta of information H-Planck is minimal compared to our quanta of space-light speed.

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