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“DAVID BOHM: As there is visual space, space which we can sense as one, there is the space in the mind. Can we say that reality is in the space in the mind?
KRISHNAMURTI: Reality is the space…
KRISHNAMURTI: I don’t quite follow, sir. Are you asking if reality exists in space?
DAVID BOHM: That’s what I’m saying. Perhaps there is no reality in space, but in some sense there is the essence…
KRISHNAMURTI: That’s right, sir, there’s no reality in space. I can artificially create it.
DAVID BOHM: Yes, but there is some essence when you contact the thing; the thing is thought, we said, what we think about.”

“The Limits of Thought.”

FOREWORD: Why space is §paœ

We change the name of space to §paœ, to signify two new qualities of fractal space -to be made of multiple scales, §, self-centered into a o-mind, which is the true creator of the concept of still space as a simultaneous mind mapping in any language of the information of the flow of time cycles that conforms the Universe. And as a consequence of those facts, space is organic, co-existing in a series of scales which 5 Metric converts in ternary supœrganisms, œ (ab. for super organisms).

Space thus becomes §paœ when we ad its scalar, mental and organic properties to its mathematical ones.

Yet space is still in the linguistic world best described by Geometry. We must simply improve the postulates and axioms of ‘Non-Euclidean Geometry’, to describe better the vital topologic properties of spacetime beings, which we do on the post dedicated to non-Euclidean topology, from we extract this brief ‘abstract’ and graph, to fully grasp how a better Geometry can describe a better space:

In the graph, the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry define a point with parts, a line as a wave and a plane as an organic network of points: The 2nd postulate explains the interaction between two points connected by a wave of communication or ‘line’; the 3rd postulate explains the type of interactions between 2 points according to their relative equality, which will bring them together into a social network or dissimilarity, which will make them not interact or enter into a Darwinian relationship in which a point absorbs the energy of the other. Self-similarity is required to start an organic process of eusocial evolution; or else systems that do not understand their information use each other as energy, in Darwinian hunting processes or ignore their paths. The 4th postulate defines the creation of networks made of systems of points across multiple scales of space-time. It defines spaces as networks of points, interconnected by flows of energy and information: All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks of non-Euclidean points. Finally the 5th postulate that explains the processes of absorption of waves of energy and information that the point gauges to act-react with the Universe. It is then the social evolution of points into numbers and structures – groups, sets and categories (not the bottom but the top element of the evolution of points and numbers), what mimics the creation processes of Nature, where identical beings, points of ‘one dimension’ (as seen externally, but with three internal dimensions), evolve socially first into lines-waves (2D, as waves have volume, thickness, made of points with volume), then into topological networks (planes), and finally recreate a larger ‘fractal point on the ∆+1 scale’.  So the postulates of vital mathematics explain in a synoptic mental way how points evolve socially through scales of dimensions, to become first waves, then planes and social numbers which create a final Non-E ‘fifth postulate’ of a larger whole point through which infinite parallel flows of energy and information can cross.

In the graph, the formal view of space and its 5 Ðimotions, provided by the five postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry… 

The method of Gst derives all what exists including languages, as mirrors of reality from the realization that all  is a by-product of the 5 Ðimotions of space-time, themselves, ‘degrees of grey’, of the two ‘extreme’ purest forms of Space – absolute stillness or languages of pure form, ‘residing’ into an emerging ‘wholeness’ or upper scale, ¡+1, of the fifth dimension – and time (absolute motion or entropy, dissolution of the being into an scattered, ¡-1 lower scale or 4th dimension).

So space, form, yin and time, entropy, yang, combine into the 3 intermediate states, we perceive in a single plane, often as adjacent topologies of a superorganism:

  • Limbs and fields of locomotion (ordered entropy with no scattering or dissolution, akin to energy).
  • Heads and particles of informative perception (form with motion, as it allows the being through its language to move and interact with its world).
  • Reproductive bodies of information and energy that combine and iterate both.

So we shall redefine the main branches of mathematics, starting by its most important, geometry and topology with 5 Postulates that relate to those 5 Ðimotions and will be the basis on the future for a more vital model of mathematical thought as mirror of reality. To that aim we redefine the 5 most important elements, axioms and postulates of Euclid in correspondence with those 5 Ðimotions, taking into account the ‘cyclical nature’ of reality that either after completing a ‘world cycle of five Ðimotions’.

1Ð-5Ð: So the first-fifth postulate defines a point as a mind of perception, akin to the first Ðimotion of being – to perceive; and the fifth-first postulate that defines a point as a world in itself, a superorganism with its inner parts are the same. We just might consider that the point has evolved and grown to emerge from its minimal ¡-1 state in the first postulate – points with inner breath; into a full super organism, ¡º, living in the ¡+1 world, in the fifth postulate studied here.

 2Ð: And it has done so through a process of locomotions and changes of waves and forces of communication with other points that define the second postulate – lines with inner breath…

3Ð: And then it has formed planes, defined as social networks that correspond to the third Dimotion of energy and reproduction, becoming a super organism.

4Ð: According to the fourth postulate of congruence, which defines its relationships with other beings, based in his ‘angle of parallelism’, such as similar beings evolve socially together in groups, complementary ‘left-handed female/right-handed male’ beings come together in couples, and beings which are not equal neither complementary enter either in relationships of entropic perpendicularity, or ignore themselves if their worlds are ‘disconnected’. So the fourth postulate gives us the ‘¡logic rules’ of engagement between forms and particles.

And so we establish an immediate relationship between the fundamental concepts of geometry, the point, the line, the plane, and its congruence or dissimilarity, its relative parallelism and perpendicularity, and the 5 Dimotions of existence, the point is the mind that perceives first, the first Ðimotion; the line is the point in motion, in cycloid patterns, or two points communicating with smaller ¡-1 parts, as in the Fermion<Boson>Fermion relationship of forces; the plane has ‘holes’, it is a network of reproduced points socially connected into the 3 different species of networks that make a super organism (informative, reproductive and entropic, digestive, moving networks), and all this is ¡logically established according to the relative dissimilarity or perpendicularity between the beings (4th entropic Ðimotion) or social parallelism that evolves the point into a superorganism, a new whole (5th Ðimotion).

The pentagonal logic of the Universe applied to space.

This said, the proper way to fully grasp all the elements of space, is to consider how ‘space’ is perceived and entangled with the other elements of reality, either seen in motion state (the 5 Dimotions of the Universe) or in static, structural form, as ¬∆@st of spacetime. So we shall in this post consider how space entangles with entropy, scales, minds, ‘space itself’, and time-motion, using the ‘Rashomon truths’ of casting multiple perspectives in the being.

As usual in the pentagonal logic of the Ðimotions of the Universe §pace becomes more complex as it acquires properties of the 4 elements of reality, space, time, mind and scale.

Let us then study §paœ from the perspective of the other elements of reality to have a kaleidoscopic, pentagonal I-logic comprehension of it.

Since we are all systems made of ‘fractal space’ (a part of the whole space of reality) and cyclical time (a process of changes and motions from birth into extinction). One cannot exist without the other. We are ‘Ðimotions of spacetime’.  But some knowledge can be acquired by ceteris paribus analysis of one element together. So we can study the dimensions of space-form. It does though require a more complex view that the simple analysis of 4D, which reduced the dimensions of time to a single one, locomotion, hence simplifying the understanding of those Dimotions of timespace. 

Indeed, in the last paradigm, 4D, 2 dimensions of time, relative past and future are missing as Einstein studies basically simultaneous present measure of spacetime. It does so exhaustively and it is a remarkable feat of the humind but not good enough when we want truly to understand it all. So we shall here study Space in a more complex fashion, accounting for all its dimensions, interactions with the symmetric motions of time and relationships between them. To that aim we shall use the Generator equation and the multiple points of view of the Rashomon method. the key features of the Universe related to space – namely simultaneity and its scales – namely organicism.

We are all §patial Superorganisms tracing time world cycles and its generator equation.

Let us  go also a bit further in the nature and philosophy of spacetime dimotions as space. We cannot be by all means exhaustive, so we shall just as usual start with some classic work of pioneers in the understanding of physics in geometric ways, enlightened with ∆ST and then move onto more specific discoveries of ∆ST applied to the usual concepts of geometrical physics: the canonical curves of fields and forces, the vectorial calculus, the holographic principle, the co-ordinates systems and so on…

The multiple meanings of space.

It follows from the existence of 5Dimotions that we can look at space from any of those 5 elements with special emphasis in the study of space from the perspective of the minds that create spaces (S@), and the simultaneous topologies that come together into the creation of ‘present’ space: S=ø=Ox|. So here is a brief account of the 5 points of view on space. S <≈> T: Space in its a(nti)symmetry IS form the opposite function of time=motion=change, which however converges with time motion to create bidimensional holographic elements of the 5D² T.œ,( timespaœrganism).

ð: Space in term of time ages is NEVER the future. It can be most considered within the fractal point-being its PAST-still, memorial content or generator seeding form or it can be viewed as the present simultaneous ensemble of the ternary parts of any being as observed from one external point of view: It is the memorial tail of a flow of time, which becomes increasingly static. It is the seed of information from where all comes. It is the synchronous instantaneous being.

∆: Space in scales is related to the fourth dimension as entropy that expands ‘spatial vacuum’, and to the fifth dimension as a mental still mapping that gathers into a virtual space of the mind a finitesimal view of the whole often confused with the Universe itself (Paradox of the ego that sees its eye-space and thinks it sees reality). The mind space is infinitesimal, a o-1 image; the vacuum space is infinite, a 1-∞ word. Both are however mirrors of each other (Theory of Measure).

Science which is far less multidimensional however settles for the 1-∞ space. So space is defined as a lineal expansive, decelerating entropic motion, to which all material forms return, in the final relaxation of a big-bang death. Vacuum space is then the limit of perception of scales of reality by any system; in our case gravitational space. Space is in that physical description formless, res extensa in words of Descartes. Exactly the opposite that mind-space, a finitesimal image full of form.

S:  Space in terms of Spatial information, is the REPRODUCTION OF INFORMATION ALONG A MOTION PATH. Space then is limited in our light space-time Universe to c-speed of reproduction of information.

@: But of all definitions the true important one is the aforementioned Space as the mind’s still perception of all the cyclical time forms of the Universe.

Now, we have not even been exhaustive on the polidimensional elements that define space.

THIS FAST Rashomon looking on space concepts shows how little is understood by present science.

Yet from Leibniz to Einstein a clear picture of space as ‘simultaneity’ appears good enough to mathematize space with quantitative ‘distance measures’.

To grasp space as a maya of the senses, a mind image with a purpose, to ‘construct a mind mapping’ in stillness of the cycles of time of the Universe in the ‘form’ of in-form-ation, which helps the being to survive, we must backtrack to Buddhist philosophy and Eastern thought.

As such in the complex multi causal Universe space are many things and difficult to grasp for a human one-dimensional non-conceptual being, specially in this age of naive realism and picture taking as knowledge.

Yet the Universe is NOT as simplex as man is, and its scalar structure implies that ‘beings are many things at the same time’ have many roles depending on which ‘dimension of the being’, we explore and which external perspective or point of view we adopt.

Let us then start with the obvious, most important perspective of space as one of the 5 Ðimotions of time§pace, that of the mind that creates space.


‘Quidquid ab immobili causa manat mutabilem habet essentiam. Quidquid vero a mobili causa manat essentiam habet immutabilem. ‘

l§ Correcting Proclus

Proclus, a classic philosopher affirmed what seems obvious to all – that everything caused by a non-moving form must be immutable, and all what is cause by a moving cause must be mutable. Besides going to the point – it is all about motion and form, momentum and position would say a modern scientist -the paradoxical nature of the virtual mind that reduces the motions of reality to fit within the limited ‘space’ of its mental, linguistic brain, a static image of reality – cause of the paradox of Galileo: we see the Earth still in the mind but it moves – makes truth the opposite paradox:

What we see as immobile form is a virtual mind image, mutable as a Maya of the senses. Since form is in the imagination. On the other hand, because space is just a moment of the flow of time, made static in the mind, the ultimate substance of reality is motion. And so what is truly immutable, that is, immortal is motion not form. So welcome to the paradoxes of the mind and its virtual ‘spaces’.

§paœ as @-Mind.



‘The smallest point is a world in in itself’

Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality:

The fractal point=world of space-time.


5D postulate selfThe EGOCY of our present, entropic age of human civilization rejects this (Precisely because it is becoming dissolved).

So we  reject the power of networks – self-made man myths and tribalism in history rule the day.

Yet  networks are more powerful and survive.

How this work on languages IS OBVIOUS: LANGUAGES ARE LOCAL, IMPLEMENTED BY BRAINS, AS THEIR SOFTWARE, which orders reality AFTER THE LANGUAGE MIRRORS IT, not the other way around as creationist religions and mathematical physicists think:

In the graph, which I re-designed from” road to irreality” (: a work by Penrose, one of the most staunchest creationists of physics (a mathematician along his friend Hawking, which shuns off the laws of the experimental method) his view of reality is VOID as in all PLATONIC (PLATO by the way never said that, they should be called Pythagorean, a much more primitive ‘magic view’) of HARDWARE MINDS and LOCALITY. In his view the Language creates the Universe.

In reality the Universe is a fractal organism, and as all its parts can be considered similar we can ‘make synoptic language’ with enormous power to reflect multiple similar images in its essence, which ultimately will be the laws of ‘Space-time’, which are Organic because that is the main property of co-existence in different planes (∆§cales), topological because that is the main property of Spatial adjacent topologies that form super organisms, and Logic, Multicausal, as that is the main property of the dimotions of time. 

So the ultimate causality ∆->T->S IS not Platonic mathematics but ∆organic properties -> T-Logic properties -> S-Topologic, mathematical properties.

In true form, the proper expansion of mathematics allows also to develop a lot of ∆§calar properties as numbers are ‘Social ensembles of undistinguishable beings’ and polynomial algebra and analysis studies how parts and wholes become one; but then mathematics properly understood become another proof of the vital, organic nature of the Universe. And since mathematics is based in logic in its internal nature and experimental proof in its outside qualities, the mirror is very good but we REPEAT, the true causes come from the ∆§ðructure of reality and its ∆-scalar properties, STopo-logic ONES.

SO WE ADAPT PENROSE Graph to show how reality is constantly going back and forth:

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

In the graph, the marvels of creation in which the Universe dialogs between the infinite cycles, filtered through the membrain into the singularity-mirror that perceives in the language itself, in a pan psychic universe, reflecting then its selfish view in its territory of order, which through infinite points of view, creates reality.

Below the infinite singularities of order, the Maxwellian demons which ARE proved, when properly understood in terms of infinite ‘frames of reference’, by the fact that we study the Universe with mathematical frames of reference, and the equations of physics do portray well reality precisely proving the existence of infinite time-knots, minds that order and map with in/form/ation, internal form the Universe in an eternal dialog of multiple creative mirrors.

And so time cycles shrink compressed into linguistic memorial seeds that will ‘dis-seminate’ and grow and multiply, from evolutionary livings, compressed into the ‘genetic mind mirror’ of its seminal seeds, to verbal languages that ‘narrate reality’ into smaller sentences, to visual films to mathematical Lagrangian and Hamiltonian equations that focus the 3 ages of physical systems in its standing points, when the function of exi=st¡ence transits between ages, to topological varieties that reduce entire beings to fractal, minimal points, languages of the kaleidoscopic Universe keep forming and dissolving into zero sums as ‘linguistic singularities trans-forms ad eternal entropic motions into energetic actions and organic forms’.

Being entropy only the primary motion substance, the vacuum space, the nothingness to which we shall all return.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all:

Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality. In the graph we see them ordering with different languages, different scales of reality which will reflect in a larger whole, the linguistic image they hold.

The mind paradox: the meaning of Galilean relativity. The singularity as a mind.

“God is the unmoved (perceptive) center of a body of energy, moving around it”. “We are all Gods (of our super organisms” Aristotle

Now there is another way to observe the Equation, ∆ð≥S@, as the formal reduction of a temporal flow of cycles of space-time into a mind-mapping, from the infinite Universe into the linguistic, still zero mind.

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

Euclidean mathematics, as Descartes and Kant understood is only the 3 perpendicular ‘space-time elements’ of a massless ray of light merely shrinks all other scales of reality to fit into the mind:

In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

– The mind or •-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

•-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

Space is the simultaneous perception of multiple vital spaces by a still mind. Thus space is virtual. The true substance of reality being its temporal motions. On the other hand the description human minds  (@) make of the Universe is subconsciously biased by those ‘still, linguistic mind mappings of space’, (∫@) in which the ∞ of time motions (∆ð) is reduced and equalled to the spatial mind mapping.


This simple equation of similarity between the space perception of reality provided by a mind, and the whole Universe of moving time-cycles (as nothing is still outside the mind’s perception, being all observed in detail in perpetual motion), appeared in science as a philosophy of the Universe, when Descartes realized that what we see is NOT reality but what the mind ‘stops’ in its selective perception of all the information of reality. So the only truth we can depart from is the fact that we think and perceive still linguistic thoughts, hence we exist; making of informative perception in a still mind, the first ‘action’ of existence, even prior to motion which is unconscious of being.

Space as the body of God.

We can then in the Aristotelian sense of the unmoved territory ordered by a mind, and the Newtonian mystical sense of space as the plenum of God, talk indeed of space as the body of the Universe.

Space is the plenum, the body of the Universe, its mind, the logos of T.Œ. AS SUCH the sum of all the fractal planes of space, creates the super-organism of the Universe.

Yet in proper GST terminology this ‘plenum’ would not be so much the state of space-vacuum we do NOT perceive, but the scale of pure motion, beyond the c-speed spacetime of the galaxy we humans cannot see and then consider ‘expansive dark entropy’ or distance (cosmological constant in EFE equations).

So space=time symmetries preclude that the Plenum of God seems to the Maya of the senses static vacuum space-distance, but in true nature it is pure time flow, pure motion, the ‘non-euclidean mind points’ will form into ‘forms of mental space’…

In the graph, as astronomers advance in their ‘perception of reality’ with ‘metal-eyes’ (telescopes) an metal-brains (computers), they start to see the vital motions in time an the structural organisation of it all. So finally they have seen the speed flows of ‘gala cells’ (the name I gave to galaxies 30 years ago, when I first modelled them as super organisms of stars, its mitochondria, evolve by black holes, its DNA-strains of information), and part of a cosmological network (strings of galaxies), which I predicted would behave as any network of super organisms, do.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 13.37.30

In the graph, the local tissue of the supœrganism of the Universe, Laniakea, the region in which our gala cell exist, at the largest level of human perception of the ∞ scales of the fractal Universe. 

Yet we only perceive 4% of reality outside our closer world, which happens to be the ‘ideal’ perception of a pi-cycle with three diametral perimeters (π-3/π=0.14/π=96% of dark reality not seen from a self-centred singularity in a pi cycle).

This secondary law of the paradox of Galileo, itself a secondary law of the ‘mind’s equation’ structures our universal view. And make us thing reality is abstract, void of intelligence and life, static and our mind the only perceiver of it.

The paradox of galileo – the maya of the senses, differentiating ‘motion from form’- form and distance are ‘mayas’ of the senses; as all its time and motion; when we get more information about a system. The 2 graphs represent the same local region of galaxies, in the right now that we have enough info, we see it as a flow of ‘gala cells’ transiting through veins of the cosmos, in the right as we used to see it – a dark series of ‘monad-galaxies’ with no motion.  All in the Universe is ultimately a dynamic PART of a supœrganism, extending in three scales of the absolute 5th dimension of time-space, performing relative ternary worldcycles on time-space 

The Dualities of the Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still’ – are the key questions to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms:

‘While we see reality still and continuous, all what we study in the quantum or detailed scale has discontinuities and motion’; while we see reality flat, in a larger view all has curvature; while we see reality in a single scale, ∆º, with the proper instruments all systems co-exist at least in three scales, ∆ø±1.

BUT AS HuMinds (ab. human minds), can logically understand those dualities, its first perception is always one-dimensional, so most ‘simplex’ views seem more real and much of the history of thought consists on individuals whose ego perceives one side of it only as real, fighting to impose it, unable to grasp’ ‘complementarity, coincidentia oppositorum’. 

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same ðime; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together.

The principle of relativity of motion and form thus has taken 400 years to be understood hardly… Since Galileo did not give the right answer: The EARTH moves and doesn’t move at the same ðime

SINCE space has many more perspectives as each of the ‘essential elements’ of reality interact with it giving us ‘different Rashomon truths’ we shall now briefly consider..  


Space, an informative mind-mapping.

To start with space does not exist as an independent entity of those minds that measure it. The static form of space is a consequences of its mental creation.

In particular the space of mankind is a construct of its mind using a ‘rod of measure’ called light space-distance (hence its relative constancy):

‘Space is simultaneous motion from a point of view of reference’ Einstein on 4D

Minds create in the stillness of its singularity, a mapping in stillness of all forms – the purest of all space, information quiet in the mind, with frozen time cycles; adjacent to each other ‘giving meaning’ to its natural forms.

Maya of the senses.

Space is thus virtual or rather incomplete, does not exist as our simultaneous images are just ‘cuts’ on the flow of time.

And yet space does create meaningful super organisms, where the adjacency and simultaneity of its parts is real. So we must conclude that minds do create ‘order’ through the creation of still super organic spaces.

Minds of space, fix motion into form, reduced images of the whole; bits of time though want to be free and break into chaos and entropy in the eternal game of order into space, liberation into time that structures all the psychic monads of the Universe, l§ on 5D

The ego paradox – a mind mirage vs. Absolute relativity.
The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view.

And so a fundamental elements of psychology which explains the astound arrogance of man to the Universe and its laws is the subjective paradox of the ego all fractal minds of the Universe follow:

‘every infinitesimal singularity ego thinks to be the center of the Universe, which it perceives as its sensorial membrain, self-centred in its self’.

Only the objective mind of ‘stience’ is able to strain away from the paradox and realise he is in a buddhist sense just a particle-point, a knot of time cycles communicating with the much larger infinite whole,

Objectivity does only enter the mind of people who do science. And it is important to remember it, because the 5th dimension brings a much bigger jump into objectivity and lack of ego to our vision of the Universe; which I call Absolute relativity; the last step on the search for our position in that infinite fractal of time-space beings

The paradox of the mind confuses the whole Universe with its limited self-centred world of perception, BUT reality is absolutely relative and we must just discover the biased ‘theories’ the humind has established to keep himself in the centre, which contrary to belief do exist still in all sciences, from the entropic big-bang of lineal time that reduces the two arrows of time to the lineal entropy of physicists clocks, blatantly ‘forgetting the cyclical vortex of gravitational information’ in galaxies that warp ‘space into time’, to social sciences which cannot accept the organic evolution of machines, the higher importance of the super organisms of history and its informative, legal and economic, reproductive networks in the control of societies, to biology, which denies eusocial evolution to maintain the ego on top and the vital properties of inorganic matter, as even quarks and electrons reproduce, absorb energy, gauge information and evolve socially in magnetic fields – hence have ALL the properties of our supposed ‘unique’ carbon.


Advances on science happen when we ‘enlarge’ the human subjective point of view and its perception of space and time.

Thus humans first consider themselves or their tribes the center of the Universe (subjective, emotional age of ego-trips and Abrahamic religions).

Then they expanded their perception of the Universe centering its total space in the Earth (Ptolemy paradigm), the Sun (Copernican Paradigm) and light-space (Einsteinian paradigm). Yet in all those paradigms humans used human time clocks and equalized all other clocks of time with the human second. This was a useful way of measure but the Universe shows infinite time clocks each one with a different rhythm or frequency, ƒ=1/T and different topological form.

Thus in the 3rd age of scientific paradigms we move even further in the objective measure of reality using infinite time clocks.


In the graph we can see the fundamental particle of the Universe, a monad of temporal information, Tiƒ, surrounded by a vital space-time, it orders, ST, which it encircles with a timespace membrane, the larger simpler part of the system, Spe, which breaks the Universe into its inner and outer elements, Spe.

It must be understood that without a mind that observes the Universe reality would not exist and systems would not work efficiently as blind beings. So we must postulate as all philosophers of science from Aristotle to Schopenhauer did, a pan psychic Universe, which contrary to belief has been the only theory of reality in philosophy of language and science from its inception till the XX c. when logical positivism, which merely renounced to the search of a ‘why’, became the ‘standard philosophy of the mind’ , with a dogmatic postulate – that all what cannot be proved (from the human perspective and our limited perception, which does NOT include the ‘temporal mind’ that cannot be ‘photographed’ in space) does NOT exist.

All minds perceive within its language, as the singularity-membrain form the open-ball elements that surround an inner vital space of energy; and so if you look into yourself, you will realise you ARE your language/words, cogito ergo sum that perceives your membrain, which filters the universe for your singularity to ‘know’; but your mind is verbal, logic thought, not digital. 

Thus we should realise the essence of all this time beings is dual:

On one hand to survive through the reproduction in cyclical patterns of its timespace.

On the other hand to perceive linguistically as a mirror of the Universe that creates constantly in a dialog between informative, singularity mirrors that reflect and order its territorial reality, after shrinking it into an infinitesimal still mind, form.

We must then realize that time cycles in motion are translated into spatial mirrors, by reducing the information on them, to fit linguistic images in the brain. So time motion becomes spatial form, but in a very reduced mental space, which then is SENT BACK TO REALITY AS A FORMAL ORDER OF A TERRITORY OR REGION AROUND SPACE, WHICH IS WHAT ARISTOTLE UNDERSTOOD with its conception of God as the mind-mirror that orders the motions of time around them.



As we respect the principle of correspondence, it is worth to consider the antecedents of a theory of organic space-time beings, to signify the change of paradigm from an abstract single space-time continuous background, which Newton merely took from the  Cartesian Plane that became the ‘Plenum of God’ – the dependent background against which all motions were measured, into  a background independent theory.

Let us then before we introduce stientific beings, clarify from this historic perspective and the correspondence principle, the natural final evolution of the concepts of space time, from being a background of beings, to ‘being the being itself.

In Newton’s cosmos, space and time provide a fixed, immutable and eternal background, with respect to which particles move. Space and time are a stage. Like actors on that stage, particles move, exert forces onto each other and generally act out the drama of dynamics, while the stage itself does not change. This is sketched in the following illustration. There, we see objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, but there is also a fixed background structure, space, which is just as real, pictured here as a lattice of intersecting lines.

Newton’s view of the universe is manifestly background dependent – whether or not a particle is moving or at rest is determined in relation to Newton’s absolute space and time.

Relationism. Aristotle & Leibniz: The philosopher of science 

But even in Newton’s day, there were philosophers like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who took a different stance. In modern parlance, theirs is a relationist point of view. For a relationist, there is no background of absolute space and time. The fundamental properties of the elementary entities consist entirely in relationships between those elementary entities. Time is nothing but changes in these relationships, and consists of nothing but the ordering of these changes. In the relationist version of the above illustration, only the objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, are real. The lattice has no independent existence. Even without the lattice, it does make sense to talk about the distance between two given objects. But it does not make sense to talk about the distance between two space points where there are no objects at all.

A relational world without spatial background.

All what exist is a motion in time. Space forms are Maya of the senses. In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (S x T=K), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales.

Essentially all clocks of time are cyclical motions, so the speed of a clock of time depends on the number of ‘Herzs’ or frequency of its motion, the smaller the more Herz, as information is the form-frequency of those cycles, smaller beings have more information and code larger beings, but and that is the ‘trick’ that creates the fifth dimension, the ‘general law’ of those time clocks is accelerated.

Acceleration of time clocks, a little understood concept, is essential to fully understand that time change has 3 dimensions the steady state, present dimension of non-change or iterative repetition of form and motion, the vortex, accelerated, ‘informative’ dimension, > and the decelerating, expansive dimension of entropy:Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.47.15

i.e. Einstein’s principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass, define mass as an accelerated vortex of gravitational information, our life existence is accelerated when you are a seminal seed, etc.

we take all the time cycles of the universe, and we divide them in units till we get to measure them all in seconds:

Physicists  uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation… humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time. Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.


Space is the perception of the time cycles of the Universe as a still simultaneous form. Space as such carries the intelligence of the Universe but does not exist per se. A mind must measure and map reality into stillness to create space.

Space then can be treated in a relativity sense as Galileo and Einstein did – through simultaneous measures, as relative instantaneous forces collapse that simultaneous image. But this element of space so-much talked about in physics is relatively unimportant to the function that space-simultaneity occupies in the construction of topological super organisms, made of 3 adjacent ‘topologies of space’. In the next graph we see the dimensions of space as topological forms as opposed to its equivalent time dimensions as moving cycles. Space proper as time proper will be the 3 adjacent lineal  limbs/potentials, cyclical particles-heads asymmetric to each other, that come together merging in symmetric body-waves, forming the organic systems of the Universe.

Space then becomes exploded and expanded as entropy into the ∆-1 scale of parts, or collapses into an image as a whole in the ∆+1 mind-singularity that holds the ‘simultaneous space image within itself. THOSE would be the 4th and 5th dimensions of space. BUT SPACE DOES NOT EXIST WITHOUT A TEMPORAL CYCLE THAT GIVES IT FORM. SO WE MUST TALK OF SPACE-TIME ORGANISMS. LET US THEN define vital space-energy or present time in terms of a singularity and membrane of time that closes it into a fractal T.œ:

3 generator of clocks

Time is any cyclical clock-like motion. It follows that as all clocks break space into an inner region we shall call ‘vital energy’ and an outer region, we shall call Universe or rather world, when reduced to the region we can perceive from the point of view of the time clock, and a region between them, which we shall call time proper, which if regular can be found to have a central point, we shall call the singularity reality is easily mapped out as a game of time-cycles, as this simple scheme defines the 3 conserved forms of nature, and hence the Universe as a game of self-centered time cycles that break all into its 3 conserve dimensional parts:

Singularity (1D: lineal momentum) + 2D (angular momentum=time clock) = Vital energy 3D enclosed between them.

We shall study here all those aspects after a general introduction to the structure of the Non-Æ ‘a(nti)symmetric Universe of ternary forms and motions that either come together into a third symmetric form or break due to its antisymmetry:

The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations, such as the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of the Non-Æ points of the 3 scales are constant, allowing the symbiosis of its 3 ternary parts, which exchange lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum among them, the 3 conserved parts of all systems made of lineal limbs/potentials, ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) organised in superposed additive herds that move the system and dominate its young relative past age; part of 3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, the organism proper that iterates into a dynamic present the system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems), guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superorganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its world cycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.



Galileo’s paradox: meaning of dimensions and motions.

The first truth to understand about the Universe is that a motion of time is equivalent to a dimension of space. This was what Galileo found since we see still the Earth and flat but it is round and moving. Motions are perceived by minds that stop motion into form, into information, as distances. So if we see slow motion in the night a light it seems a long distance. Distance and motion CANNOT BE distinguished so they must be taken as two side of the same being, a Space=time ÐIMOTION (ab. Dimensional Motion):

S= T; Dimension-Distance = Time-motion = ST Ðimotion:

A dimension of spatial form can also be seen as a motion in time. Both together become a ‘Ðimotion’, the fundamental element of reality. It is the paradox of relativity of motion that started modern science but was not understood: Time Motions & space dimensions merge.

We said that all dimensions of space have a hidden motion to them. This again was slowly realized in mathematics, as they finally came to the conclusion that the still Geometry of the Greeks was part of a much vaster, generalized concept, a topological variety, where a topology as opposed to a geometry had internal motion-change. So while you could describe the dimensions of a being in an external locomotion without inner change, the internal change in the in-form-ation of beings, we have started with MUST BE A TOPOLOGICAL VARIETY. In-form-ation, form-in-action thus was in fact a topological dimotion of space-time. It had a content of space, we shall call in ceteris paribus (isolated) analysis, dimensions, and it had a content of time-motion, we shall call in ceteris paribus analysis ‘states, functions or ages of time’.
All this said about the real Universe, we can go back and trace the beginning of physics and comment on its I-logic paradoxical principles, in which so much literature have been ‘wasted’ by lack of clear thought; namely the principles in which Physics are based, Relativity conservation and symmetry, principles derived of THE NATURE OF SPACE AND TIME, not MAGICALLY produced by the mathematical language as creationist physics, latter studied in more detail will show.

LOCOMotion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

The Universe reproduces information and it tries to do a perfect replica, and this is the origin of the conservation of present energy, as all systems combine motion=entropy and dimensional form. Yet when the system has too much form and no motion as time never stops it reverses its ‘arrow of time’ and in a single quanta explodes and erases all information, in an entropic big-bang. So finally all is a zero-sum: entropy=motion is used to reproduce information, and evolves till the dominant arrow of information – call it a galaxy vortex, a technological planet, an ageing human, a species evolving through horizons, warps all the fields of entropy into information. In physical space-time ‘time curves space into masses (Einstein)’:  vortices of charges in lower scales, thermodynamic eddies and crystals in our scale and masses in the cosmological scales.

Thus the overwhelming purpose of the Universe is to maintain, conserve and repeat the ‘momentum’ that combines entropy-motion and vortex of information (charges and masses), of its beings, and its integral through time – or energy conserved in all systems of nature. Present reproductive energy is what the Fractal super organism of the Universe preserves.

For those skeptical readers, in simple terms, a mathematical fractal is defined by a generator equation, which ‘constantly iterates’, reproducing its form in different scales of reality. And this is exactly what nature does. And the fractal generator of 5D3 written above, to express the ternary topologies of all beings, through its 3 time ages, and co-existing 3 organic scales, is exactly that sought after centuries ‘formula which physicsts’ believe will conceptually resume all space-time events for all fractal beings.

Alas, there you have it a ‘simple fractal generator of 3 x 3 scales, topologies and ages of time’ define all systems of reality as parts or wholes of a super organism in a perfect, infinite, immortal ever balanced between entropy and information, to produce energy cycles, zero sum reality.

So take your pick: do you like what i just told you in a few pages – the 5D3 FORMALISM that describes REALITY AS IT IS in all its beauty and complexity, infinity and variety, including you. Or do you think CERN’s obsession with weaponry and entropic big-bangs, JUST THE END of any fractal relational space-time being, explains it all. What do you think is better, to do  thought experiments about the meaning of it all, or throw cosmic bullets to the earth with the excuse that murdering the earth is the sure path to resolve the meaning of it all? Well, murdering the earth seems to be the preferred choice to enlightenment of 7.5 billion minus 3 human beings.

So i state that the universe reproduces information; they say the Universe is about motion. Alas, I state then motion is just reproduction of ‘simpler information’ at faster speed.

Indeed, it is evident that all biological systems are about reproduction of genetic form in a lower scale of reality (cellular scale), which then reproduces and evolves, ’emerging’ into a higher scale. It is also evident that our historic civilisations are about reproduction of technological information in a lower ‘dimensional scale’ (blue prints for machines), which then ‘company-mothers’ reproduce.

So the big question left to answer is about physical systems, which are supposed to be about ‘motion’.

You might have heard an important insight of modern physics on the meaning of the limit of c-speed. Nothing can in this local part of the Universe – the galaxy – faster than light. There are many angles to study this important issue but now we are interested in the concept that this c-light speed is the limit of reproduction of information as the wave of light imprints vacuum space with its frequency and form.

So even motion is reproduction of form; and this, when extended to  the reproduction of a superorganism through all the scales of the fifth dimension determines that a being moves faster when less information reproduces. 

In the graph motion has always had a difficult paradox, never clearly solved, of continuity called Achilles paradox; which only has a solution if we consider as quantum physics seem to prove that in the scalar Universe, reproduction of form happens in all scales.

In as much as particles travel only as waves, WHICH ARE SYSTEMS THAT REPRODUCE INFORMATION.

Then they stop to become particles and gauge information when they ‘stop’. Then they go as waves and reproduce information. Stop and ‘create an upper scale of the fifth dimension’, the particle. Go… stop, as in a movie, where the camera stops the film to focus and gauge its information.

And this explains why C-SPEED IS CONSTANT: BECAUSE electrons that emit c-speed entangled to other electrons communicate in relative stop position a wave that moves and the electron stopped gauges it. So in the electronic scale YOU DONT ADD motions, to those electrons that stop and go regardless on the larger matter scales that might seem as the camera film to have continuous motion.

Andd so a new fundamental equation of speed, which takes into account the fractal structure of reality and the true meaning of ‘light speed’, which is speed of transmission of information solves the paradox of the constancy of speed (the reason which when I was a kid, at 8, reading Asimov’s guide to science, came to my mind as the biggest question to resolve in my long quest for ‘whys’.

So we write: V=S/Ti: that is speed is speed of transmission of information.

So we change the canonical definition of time in Galileo (and Einstein’s refinement) substituting the term of time for information: v=s/Ti. Thus the being with more form has lesser speed as it moves in stop-reproduction of form through motion-stop. And when the system has maximal density of form, obviously there is more to reproduce across all its scales of the fifth dimension, from its particles, through atoms, molecules, matter/cells, super organism  etc.

While the maximal speed is that of light, because it has the MINIMAL information to reproduce. And then gravitation that is invisible to us hence v=s/0 information must be infinite, non-local in speed. And inversely the densest vortex of gravitational information, the black hole IS ALWAYS STILL as it is in its own static frame of reference as the most attractive vortex of time.

While in the middle between maximal c-speed of reproduction of minimal information and zero speed of maximal black hole information the rest of beings, including us move reproducing all its scales of Information. So when you move your hand through all the scales of being you must reproduce all those scales to finally form your hand. What reproduces is NOT matter but form in motion, in action in-form-a(c)tion.

ou are the vital information which becomes imprinted in ever-changing, indistinguishable, replaceable CHNO atoms.

As your ‘real first scale’ of being, as a ternary superorganism of relational space-time, is your ∆-1, cellular genetic scale; formed with ‘any’ indistinguishable CHNO atom.

Galilean paradox


The st beatings of the Universe define 4 dimensions immediately of motion, s≈S, T≈t,  S<T, T<S, which are the four fundamental motions of the Universe. BEING THE FIFTH DIMENSION, the no motion of them all in the still pure space-time of the Mind, @.

So departing from 4 motions, we must first consider if an S≈s and a t≈T is motion: it is in the scalar growth OR DIMINUTION. WHILE the stop and Tgo, Stop, Tgo motion and form gives us the other two:

we cannot see motion and form together, the whole and its parts, we confuse lineal detailed view in short space-time intervals with cyclical, larger slower view… such galilean paradoxes are the reflection of Space=time dualities that the mind tries to ‘con-form’ into space-simultaneous view to ‘perceive them’. (Perception being always in space-simultaneity as still form a quanta of space=time).

The Universe is a fractal superorganism of 5 dimensions of space-time, where the fourth dimension of parts and the fifth dimension of wholes create its scalar, organic structure, as it is made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

Those super organisms follow a fundamental logic rule, which started modern science – the realisation that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from form’ (Poncaire, Principle of Galilean relativity) according to which all motions in time can be seen as form-distances in simultaneous space and vice versa.

So we conclude that space-time, what we perceive as motion and form is composed of 5 dimensions of space indistinguishable of its equivalent perceptions as motions of time, hence:

5 D ST = 5 T-motions + 5 S motions (S=t).

This simple equations of the logic behind galilean relativity will suffice to explain all what exists.

As it happens two immediate consequences of the formulae is that being S=T, the maximising function of S x T (S+t being equal to K, in this case 10 dimensions), what the Universe maximises is Sxt+S=t, which given the relationship between space and information and time and entropy we write as exi+s=t, which is the function of existence of the Universe, maximise your function of existence is what all systems, do.


The simplicity of the first beats of existence, S=t, s=t, and its s=s, t=t apparent congruencies is only the beginning of an incredible adventure, the motions of reproduction of information across the five dimension of space-time that we call reality.

The first beats of existence.

We have two states to start with space-form and motion-time. Space is the mind-intelligence, motion the constant original substance the minds try to stop.

The mind tries on the other hand to be also in constant motion, switching perspective not to be bored, so stop and go, but as go is reproduction of form, is really inform and reproduce, and reproduction being st, and inform, O-S.

The maximisation of an s=t balance happens obviously with the maximal number of s=t beats, as s and t become equalised by smaller moments and forms of it, the moving reproducing st>t>st>t ‘actual beat’ is sparkled by explosions of Ss,death.

Cyclical, temporal reproduction of Information rules the Universe.

It is then clear what we are going to do in this blog for millennials (: meaning for all scientists of the whole III millennium ):

To carry the ‘program’ of Mr. Steane ‘contra physicos’ simplex one-dimensional logic in its worldview, explaining the entire Universe as a game of time cycles with motion that repeat ad nauseam the information of the Universe, where motion is the simplest part of it (hence naturally the first part understood by humans through physics).  Let us then following Mr. Hawking’s best-seller resume the Universe in a nutshell but from the perspective of information, which is the goal of this blog:

In the graph, left, information is stored in the cyclical patterns and frequencies of the ‘closed motions’ of the Universe, which we define as time clocks. Time and information are thus intimately related and so all systems of matter, evolve constantly towards higher degrees of information as those time cycles reproduce their cyclical motions and ‘forms’. So the galaxy is a vortex of information self-centered in the black hole, the physical system that stores more information of the Universe in its ‘cyclical membrane’; and history is a process of evolution of human and metal-information as we evolve constantly in larger social organisms, nations and civilisations and evolve machines from its initial entropic forms (weapons) into information.

Even the evolution of life can be modelled as a process that tends to increase the evolution of systems, both in species and individuals through its three ages that end in a third age of excess of information, wrinkles and warping. So all systems do evolve increasing its ‘height’ dimension that allows better perception of information from reptiles to mammals, from machines to carbohydrates.

Even physical systems, MADE OF matter, constantly grow in information as solar systems fall towards the black hole of the galaxy, curved, ‘formed’ by gravitational forces that constantly in-form the galaxy. So the entropic expansive vacuum space between galaxies is balanced by the informative vortex of matter. And this duality between life-information arrows-actions and death-entropic-arrows actions balanced reality into an immortal Universe. 

In terms of the life-death cycle of all systems, we can say that the longest time passes through the information arrow from birth to death, when an entropic e=mc2 big-bang (inorganic matter) or dissolution of informative networks (organic matter) erases it.

And so the zero-sum of all life-death informative-entropic cycles makes the Universe immortal.


§PACE as ∆§CALE 

Each point is a world of itself.

But the true discovery of Leibniz was the philosophy of science behind calculus and mathematical finitesimals: the fact that each system is made of smaller points and each point is a singularity or monad that holds a still mapping of the Universe. And this is the game of existence we all play: to perceive motion and information, map reality and then try to order that reality with our mirror image of the forces we perceive. And for that to happen we need a fifth dimensional scale that shrinks and expands and shrinks reality into minds.

The universe is a game of time-motions, which are closed repetitive motions with form and frequency, the 2 parameters of information, that break space into inner vital energies and outer worlds, and are self-centered as all closed loops in a point-singularity the mind-point of view that gauges that information and moves the system. This is the primary particle of the Universe, measured with 3 conserved quantities – as the system tries to maintain its existence through the conservation of its membrane, angular momentum, time clock, all synonymous words, that encloses the vital energy, which allows the self-singularity, the center to gauge, measure, move with lineal inertia and enact its program of existence.

This simple scheme of an open ball with a singularity and a membrane then can become as complex as the whole galaxy with its halo of strangelets its central vortex of gravitation, aka black hole, and its vital cytoplasm of stars, which will end up becoming dark matter to feed the membrane and the singularity, or so simple as a spin in a quantum of vacuum energy; as familiar as a cell with a protein membrane and a Genetic center, or a nation with a border of hard metal-weapons a singularity capital with a king or government and a vital energy of believers and citizens… The nature of reality always turns around the 3 conserved quantities, its ternary symmetries and structures.

And yet as if this were not complex enough nothing can be understood without adding ‘5th dimension’ of scalar depth, as smaller systems peg together into networks of larger wholes.  Constantly we have to work out this 2 seemingly realities, the evident perceived reality of a single mind-mapping a single scale, which stiffness motion into form as the angular momentum converges into the singularity. And the complex motions that imply translations of form, of information between scales up and down to resurface in a new adjacent form, by reproduction.

Space and time do exist in infinite fractal closed paths with a vital energy inside… self-centered in the mass-singularity or active magnitude

It is then necessary to conclude since absolute continuous time and space are merely a mathematical cartesian artifact on paper to study equations, but there is nowhere to be found, and yet we are CONSTANTLY existing as beings with a finite time and a finite extension in space, that WE ARE space and time, merely of a different kind to that of Newton: organic (ab.œ), scalar  (a. §) §paœ, and cyclical discontinuous time ‘lives… existences’ .

So as organic space-time beings co-existing in several scales, we do change also the word science for STienŒ, stienœs that describe the different space-time beings ordered by 5D metric:

In the graph, absolute and relative timespace. Absolute timespace is the fifth dimension as wholes come after parts, evolution selects wholes and so the arrow of wholes dilates time adding ±scales, as each whole will be ‘grounded’ on a smaller part. I.e. a bigger whole will feed in entropic smaller beings, whales in plankton, galaxies in light space-time, Universes in dark entropy… Below the arrows of relative time, as all life-existences are zero-sums which return to its origin.

In the next graph we show you those concepts visually so you can realize that all is made of cycles of time (seen as information in still relative no motion) and planes of space (seen as kinetic lineal momentum, in its relative motion):

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

The graph clarifies the meaning of time – a tall cycle or clock; information, and its equivalent perception as still; information.

It shows the meaning of a generic quanta of space, a flat plane with lineal momentum or kinetic energy which is the lineal motion of a plane of space.

Now, to fully grasp the different clocks of Nature, we need to dwell on the 3rd fundamental concept of the fractal universe, the fact the Universe is made of such relative scales of space quanta and cyclical clocks, because it is a fractal, made of discontinuous pieces of space and cycles of time. Yet as we say we have the wonderful fact that Energy and information, the integral and still perception of all those quanta put together is conserved, to relate them all and ‘do mathematical physics’.

Why Energy works in all the scales of size of the Universe? And yet it is so improperly defined, with so many ambiguous terms.

If you grasped those simple concepts, Ei =∑ Sp x Tƒ ‘void’ of any historic bias, we can get into the order of all of them, called the ‘5th dimension and streamline physics and biology, into a single science.

Since, Ei = ∑Sp x Tƒ, becomes the most general possible equation for all the fractal systems of energy and information that integrate all the vital spaces and time frequencies of all the systems of the Universe. This is what we call the ‘Metric’ equation of the 5th dimension.

And while Energy seems to be a concept applied to all realities we have also localized different ‘quanta of spatial lineal motions-distances’, and different clocks of time for those quanta.

Cyclical times have more form, more dimensions than lineal space, as they are time cycles, not lines, and this fact – that cyclical time, has more dimensions than a line, is vital to the whole understanding of time cycles. How many more dimensions?

In the graph, since space and time now had two dimensions each, we can compare them, and transform one into each other, we could write that property with a simple formula, where Sp is a flat plane of ‘lineal space’ and Tƒ is a cycle of tall time.

Sp (length, width) ≈ Tƒ(height, frequency)

This simple beat of existence, flat fields of space that become tall cycles of time, energy that converts into information, is one of the commonest beats of the universe. And its rhythms explain infinite transformations.

Now this is very important because it can be generalized to all systems and allow the transformation of space dimensions into time dimensions. As only parameters with the same dimensionality can be transformed into each other. So a cyclical vortex of time (a mass, a charge, an angular momentum, you name it) can be changed into an, entropic motion that expands into a plane of space, precisely because they are 2 dimensional.

And this will then be carried to the 3 dimensional symmetry between 3 spatial topologies (toroid-limbs fields, hyperbolic waves-bodies and spherical heads-particles) and its 3 time motions-ages (entropic youth, fast motions; reproductive, iterative adult ages and informative, 3rd ages).

And then every 3 space-time symmetries that fill up a plane of the 5th dimension will emerge upwards or dissolve downwards into larger or smaller scales also with dual motions as ‘energy and information emerges’ into a new scale with new topologies of space, new motions and clocks of time, or dissolves into an infinity.

This resolves a fundamental conundrum of modern physics – why information is bidimensional: because it is the frequency and form of time cycles that are bidimensional, tall and with a bit rhythm, a dimension of motion.

So in the graph we can see the principle of the Holographic Universe, physicists are trying to define (10.000 papers only in the past decade about it) but have not yet grasped as they do NOT understand space, time, information and energy, (kinetic, potential, its integral, etc.).

We can then see that the holographic principle merely means that if you give to ‘time cycles’ the dimension of ‘height’, then you do have the 4 dimensions broken in 2 for spatial lineal, planar kinetic energy, width and length, and 2 for cyclical time clocks, beat, frequency-motion and height.

Alas, because only things with the same dimensions can transform into each other, now we can truly understand the holographic principle: Our 4 dimensional Universe is made of flat planes of spatial lineal kinetic energy, we shall call Spe and tall cyclical bits of information we shall call Tiƒ. When they combine they create a being of space-time, in 4 dimensions.

In the right we see the simplest one, a light beam clearly made of a tall, informative, electric field, perpendicular to a magnetic, energetic magnetic field, reproducing along the length of its c-speed.

Below we see humans and machines, which do have lineal, energetic, planar limbs//bodies, or as in weapons, lineal systems of release of kinetic energy, and cyclical, informative, eyes, brains, heads particles that gauge and process logically or mathematically information.

Further below we  see how a black hole, the informative nucleus of the Galaxy, similar to the DNA-informative nucleus of a cell in a smaller scale

It does have a tall high dimension and an enormous clock-like cyclical rhythm, the event horizon turning at c-speed. So if light is the quintessential plane of space, with both components but clearly dominant in flat, length, the black hole is the inverse, extreme case of an informative cyclical clock-like vortex of time.

The fact is the Universe is made of both lineal and cyclical motions, space and time, lineal and angular momentum, quanta of space and time clocks.

And the Universe is made of informative mass vortices, with gravitational information, as the galaxy we are in, reason why we are informative beings. Yet between galaxies, there are fractal planes of flat space with dark energy similar to the expansive entropy of gases. And both balance each other in the fractal universe.

Now because physicists; do not understand or accept despite amazing number of proofs, the fractal structure of the Universe, they do NOT realize that the expansive entropy of flat space between galaxies is balanced by the implosive conversion of that flat space into mass by cyclical clock-like tall vortices of information – black holes.

Thus the arrow of information or arrow of evolution increases the dimensions of tall information, and so life evolved from flat worms into tall informative humans. So it does space, which time bends into cyclical vortices of mass. Or as Einstein said ‘time curves space into mass’.

This is the Universe which Einstein said is ‘simple and not malicious’. And he put it in a simple equation E= M (c²), which explains how the Universe constantly transforms its kinetic energy/entropy (light, electromagnetic, thermal radiation) into informative masses, back and forth in big bangs and big crunches.

Now as always the simplest proofs of the bidimensionality of space and time, which is essential to the structure of the Universe, are mathematical. Of this, already the Greeks took note, as they could not calculate easily a cube volume from 2 cubes. He fact is, there is not superposition of tridimensional cubic forms: X3+Y3≠ Z3, the famous Fermat Theorem. And there are NOT numbers of 3 elements, but only single numbers, bidimensional numbers (complex numbers) and quaternary numbers (quaternions) albeit without commutative properties. An interesting property for more advanced courses.

So why we talk of 4 dimensions in standard physics, with a ‘signature’ of +, -, – , – whereas + is a time dimension and – means a space dimension? And further on in any bigger dimensional model physicists will always write a ‘signature’ of +, -, -, -, -, ….. , -.

Simple, because they have no idea what to do with ‘time’, what a time dimension might mean, stuck in a single lineal time duration and entropy, spatial time dimension. As they have deformed time into lines and never got back and look at what they did, but accumulate deformation upon deformation, and now the ‘hump’ paraphrasing Nietzsche is so huge that there is no lion able to cut it off and run faster.

Indeed, even the + in Einstein’s Relativity is NOT pure time, but ct, and since c is a speed, hence v=s/t, really what we write here simplifying the concept is ct=s/t x t = s, ‘eliminating time properties’ and making it lineal space-like. We analyze in depth many ‘times’ this spatialization that kills ALWAYS the 4 features of time cycles on the physical discourse: to be cyclical, hence to be repetitive and so causal reason of the repetitions and patterns we call laws of science, to break space into fractal inner vital spaces and outer regions and to be bidimensional at least to close the cycle.

Simple, the combination of bidimensional fields of energy and information creates a holographic Universe of space and time with 2 states present waves balanced in S and t parameters and  Past-Sp>Future-Tƒ: Potential>particles.

Or the superposition of layers of bidimensional ‘present’ wave-bodies create a ternary dimension, with a 4th dimension of motion:

∑ bidimensional (space or time) layers -> 3 Dimensional (space or time volume or flow) -> 4 Dimensional (volume of space with motion, flow of time with form).

Space as expansive, decelerating entropic field-motion and time clocks as cyclical accelerated motion are 2 concepts akin to Descartes’ ‘Res extensa’ and ‘vortices’, which he considered rightly to be the two formal motions of the Universe are thus the ultimate poles of physical existence.

WE DO have though here 2 ‘symmetries’, which constantly are used to explain reality. The dual symmetry of cyclical time clocks, accelerating inwards, and expansive entropy decelerating outwards.

But then we shall also consider the still vs. motion ternary symmetry between space and time: Sp-fields/limbs <ST-body waves>Tƒ-Heads/particles, perceived in simultaneous spatial stillness or temporal flow.

Yes, we know them so well, intuitively that before physicists reduced time to what the clock measures and not even that – we learned to talk to describe them. So we invented ‘verbal times’ to explain the 3 dimensions-motions of time: past, present and future.

What is the difference between them? We shall soon get to it. But first we must resolve the implications of a time described as a cycle. First the obvious: if time is a cycle, there are infinite times, and what physicists call lineal time, absolute time, is as Leibniz, the philosopher said to Newton – well not to Newton, who would not receive him, but to Clarke, a ‘friend of a friend’ – is just the pegging together of all those finite time cycles.

Next, if time is a cycle – and here is where the insights of Einstein have its value – we can SEE time, as long as the cycle is fast enough to close in less time that the eye takes into seeing. So all ‘time cycles’ that close in less than the second the eye takes into make a ‘still picture’ of the Universe.

And this brings us the solution to the second Principle of Physics: ‘e pur si muove, e pur no muove’. The relativity of all motions, which can not be distinguished from stillness, when the cyclical motion is fast enough to seem a solid form in the case of closed time cycles, or when we are moving along the frame of reference of the other motion with the same ‘spatial lineal speed’.

So in the same manner that Mr. Einstein built his Relativity on the aforementioned principle, (only referred to lineal space, as he never understood cyclical time), we shall build a much more rich meaning for the Universe, on the aforementioned principle, based in the duality of cyclical time forms of information or time clocks in motion and lineal space forms or distances and line motions.

The reproduction of Motion dominates the perception of form. A Universe of repetitive actions of energy and time.

Now, it is important to understand that the Universe is made of ‘Energy and Time’, ‘Lineal and Angular momentum’ Motion with form. But motion dominates form. Even if the mind things otherwise because of the Galilean Paradox. The perception of time and space as a moving cycle or line or a fixed form or distance is obviously an effect of the mind. It is NOT there, it is the mind that stops time cycles and lineal spatial motions.

This must be understood from the beginning, the ultimate reality is motion not form, time moves and space moves. They just move in different shapes. And then minds, lock those motions into a simultaneous, ‘informative’, ‘dimensional’ shape because it sees those motions in ‘slow camera’. The arrival of filming makes this easier to understand. Stillness is just the perception of very fast cyclical motions, as when we see a turning wheel as a fixed form.

Formal, topological definition of time-points: minds, and space-fields.

‘Each point holds a world in itself’ Leibniz

As we shall repeat once and again, the true colossus of science have been his philosophers NOT his physicists, though Planck and Einstein, once philosophy of science waned, have value in its statements. Aristotle, Descartes & Leibniz thus form the triad of intuitive geniuses GST will when fully developed consider its western pioneers. Let us then translate their ‘monad-intutions’ in a formal topological definition:

“A mind singularity is a point of time displaced in its latitude of synchronous clocks speeds that occupies a single quanta of space, a field is a extension of simultaneous space enclosed in a single quanta of time.”

We concluded earlier that pure time, the absolute arrow is that of the fifth dimension, relative time is the world cycle as it ends always in a zero moment, lineal time duration is a distortion of cyclical time, made continuous by pegging cycles of time one after another.

How can then we define properly relational time and space in formal terms? In the previous sentence we resume the concept, which takes the inversion of informative time and entropic space to its natural limits.

They will be the formal limits of the being – its linguistic mind that stores all the information of the system in a single point-quanta of space (atom, cell, citizen); and can be better understood closer to humans in our social systems: a point of time or mind in a nation is the king, president of the nation, a single quanta of its space population; which is connected through the physiological networks of information of the system (the laws) to all the quanta of space who obey, and become synchronised by it.

The quanta of the galaxy is the black hole, a single central volume similar to that of a star, connected by gravitational forces to all its stars; and your ego, likely will be a single neuron of maximal communication with all its other neurons, themselves connected to all other cells; in the super organism of history we call a religion, it is the prophet whose memetic DNA connects it to all other believers in time. A POINT OF TIME, thus is a mind and it will be structured through causal time in its connection to other beings through synchronicity.

On the other hand, a extension of space exists simultaneously in a quanta of time, and so its extension will paradoxically depend of the underlying speed of its lower scale that ‘entangles it’. Those are laws of quantum physics, ill-understood, which can be extended to all other systems of the Universe.

Nature’s time clocks constantly accelerate into information and decelerate into energy.

Nature’s time clocks do vary their speed in different regions of space – the great discovery of relativity – which means each space-time being has a different time speed. But they also vary their speed as they trace a finite time cycle, either imploding an accelerating as a time vortex of increasing information: max. tif x min spe (informative time arrow of future), or decreasing in speed of time and increasing in space (max. spe x min. tif), creating an entropic arrow. A world cycle of existence is therefore the sum of all those changes in the arrows of time of a being, which ‘magically’ become ordered in 3 ages: Max. Spe (youth), Spe=tif (adult-reproductive age) and Max. tif (3rd age of information), which explodes back into entropy in the moment of death (tif<<Spe).

In the graph on the left the version of those ages in an information-energy scale, in the center the first human observation of the process in scientific taoism, in the right, an informative time clock or vortex, V x R=k, which is the commonest manifestation in physical systems of the arrow of information, called ‘charges’ (∆-1 scale) or masses (∆+1 scale).

But we want to go a bit further and consider how the Universe does it; how it assemblies parts into wholes; how extends a form and expands it to ‘become’ a new whole departing from seminal parts.

We are made of vital space=energy, and temporal information, time-clocks that store the information, the form of the Universe in the frequency an form of its cycles. This is sooo evident, which first we must wonder how our nature as ‘beings that occupy a vital space’, whose motions and processes of time=change are finite in its world cycles between birth and extinction, which was fully understood in all perennial philosophies of the Universe and the common behaviour of people (as when we say I don’t have enough time and energy to do this), became forgotten.

Since, as yang-yin, space-time, energy-information beings, all similar words we soon will define with precision, the unity of it all, an our similarity as part of larger space-time beings, made of inner smaller cellular space-time beings, all our properties will soon be understood and seen as homologies of all other space-time beings.

But humans have for four hundred years forgotten this reality because when science started to facilitate measure physicists equalised all the time-clocks of nature to the beat of the mechanical time-clock, itself tuned to the human ‘time-clock’ of a second, which is the time-clock of our eye glimpses, thoughts, heart-beats and limb-steps.

Thus humans are one second frequency beings, and one meter (the average size of our spatial limbs-legs) space-beings. Our min thinks every second on the still mind-visual mapping the eye does, and moves the body with a second beat of the heart, to adequate the one meter per second steps of normal walking. But each other species of space-time will have a different size-space-rod of measure and time-beat-frequency. Reality is the tapestry of all those infinite time clocks and space-rods. THERE IS NOT an absolute background time-clock or space-rod, but ‘finite time clocks’ and ‘space-steps’ for each being (regardless of the more complex synchronicities an sequences established by the harmony between huge supœrganisms an its parts).

So where the cartesian absolute space-time graph, which Newton confused with an absolute Universal space-time graph, comes from? Exactly from the human mind-mirror of Mr. Descartes, which used it as an artefact to facilitate measures from the human point of view, our time-clock rhythm and size. But Descartes was very clear affirming this ‘euclidean, perpendicular’ space-time frame of reference was NOT the Universal space-time, but the ‘world-mind-mirror’ of man, our specific graph to measure space and time in a convenient form. As the word ‘Universe’ is NOT the background u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e lettering of which the Universe is made but merely a human language to refer to it, the cartesian graph with its lineal single time-clock and continuous paper-white space is NOT the ‘substance’ of which the Universe is made but a ‘linguistic representation’ of it, to make practical human point-of-view measures.

So it is useful for praxis of science but a  philosopher of science looking for the whys must be fully aware that the artefact of absolute space and time does NOT exist in the Universe. Yet since we do exist as time-durations occupying vital spaces, that is, space and time IS, if it is NOT an abstract background, but IT IS, we must be MADE OF IT. And this is truly a very important ‘first principle’, to do an objective philosophy of science about ‘god’, man and the Universe. As I did in the pioneer encyclopaedia of fractal cyclical 5D space-time beings, which upgraded the models of relational space-time, explored in this blog, back at the turn of the century (picture of the spanish edition of the model).

Because of the success of analytical geometry for a praxis of building and measuring space-time events from the referential point of view of man, was so enormous, the philosophical error of confusing the graph of mathematics used to measure time and space, with time and space itself, didn’t bother earlier physicists, which were concerned only with the praxis of measure and the construction of mostly entropic systems of war and transport (weapons, engines).

This bias due to praxis in science is often forgotten but plagues physics and we shall see soon history and economics, as sciences which are more concerned with power and action, construction and reproduction of systems than first principles. So the bias tends to make physical theories of the Universe entropic ‘big-bang’ like theories that match the job of creating entropic machines and weapons, ‘conveniently’ forgetting, as irrelevant the arrow of informative forces which balance entropic forces (i.e. entropy theories come from gaseous states of matter, which conveniently forget the crystal order of reproduction of information of solid states; the expansion of intergalactic space, origin of big-bang only theories, conveniently forgets the imploding informative nature of galaxies that create matter from vacuum space, curving and balancing the expansion of dark entropy, and what IS MORE IMPORTANT, defining planet Earth and life, as part of that vortex of galactic information as systems that evolve life and technological information) and so on.

So the reader should dismiss from the beginning his beliefs on a single entropic Universe, as an ‘idol of the tribe’, in Baconian terms; that is, a theory biased by power, proved false by the repetitive, energetic and informative events of the Universe.

Indeed, the physical theory of the Universe is an entropic theory where time-information is submissive to space; because most physicists are no aware the bias on his definition of time, produced by the worldly profession of physicists, due to the enormous respect machines and weapons cause in our technological civilisation.

Instead, for the ultimate whys he must look for the discipline of knowledge dedicated to that search  which is philosophy of science, because it does have NO praxis or power to impose biased, conscious, historic or subconscious views and because it does respect in equal footing every scale and discipline of stience – unlike physics with its entropy bias and professional bias, as they naturally try to construct all scales as if ORIGINATED by the particle scale they study, unaware of the ABSOLUTE relativity of all those scales, all of them self-similar, co-existing as organic structures across three ternary ∆-scales, performing similar ternary time-arrows and ultimately being made to the image and likeness of all other beings of the cosmos.

This larger, more complex view, perhaps less precise in some measure details, however embraced by the correspondence principle as ‘details’ of those larger thoughts of God is not new at all, but it has been expressed with more or less rigour by all the philosophers of science of the western an eastern tradition, without bias, in search of whys, as we shall repeat the Universe is a simple structure, made complex by its fractal repetition an multiplicity of variations in its ensembles. In the modern age, it was in fact underlying the work of the two founders of modern mathematics an philosophy of science, Descartes and Leibniz.

Indeed, modern philosophers of science, notably Descartes, who had designed the graph, and Leibniz, who used it to give the first hints to the scalar nature of the Universe with its infinitesimal calculus, where each point had a ‘world of infinitesimal parts within itself’, understood if mathematics worked as mind-mirrors with a center of reference, it was because the Universe must be filled with selves, ordering its territories from their points of view.

Both realized that if they could use a mathematical self-centred frame of reference to extract laws of science from it, it meant that the Universe was filled with topo-logic ‘selves’, points of view which mimic those graphs to act in the Universe from an infinite number of self-centred frames.
And thus a philosophy of science about a fractal sentient Universe, appeared from the very beginning of modern science, which the practical, pedestrian attitude of physicists, who ‘never ask the whys’, soon relegated to oblivion. Let us regain those insights of the founding fathers of philosophy of science, to understand the whys of the Universe.

We are all made of relational, vital space and time frequencies.

Leibniz argued with Newton that absolute ðime§pace – an artifact of measure obtained from the transposition of a sheet of paper drawn with a mathematical coordinates to the entire Universe – did not exist.

That beings occupied a certain §pace and lasted a certain ðime, different from each other. So we were all beings made of relational ðime§pace, the ‘ultimate reason of things’ or necessary substance. In the graph, on the left Leibniz’s view that gets away with the ‘nowhere to be seen’, paper an pen absolute graph of ðime§pace of Newton for the sake of ‘epistemological truth’. Space is what those objects occupy, and below there is another ‘scale of §pace’ (which ultimately becomes ‘background radiation’, that is light ðime§pace, or gravitational waves even smaller in size).

So §pace is really a series of fractal layers of growing scales of size. On the other hand, each of those objects will have ‘rhythms’ and ‘motions’ different of each other regulated by its inner ðime-cycles (circadian cycles in nature, wave-rhythms, repetitive actions of feeding, sleeping, mating and son on), which are the essence of what they are. As when we say ‘I don’t have enough ‘ðime’ to do this’. So reality is a tapestry of ðime§pace beings, and the laws of those beings must then be extracted from this substance of which they are made.

Because physicists are not worried with ontological questions; but with measure of ðime motions an §pace-sizes, as they came to dominate science, the search for the ultimate reasons derived of those two substances, §pace and ðime, were forgotten. And what is worst, the reverence to the machines of physics, brought about the dismissal as ‘secondary’ theories, those theories of ðime, notably evolution, which studies the changes of form and in-form-ation of beings through their life-death cycles as individuals or species. And all what people cared about ðime, was the extreme precision of measure in physical analysis of ‘motions’ through that supposed ‘measure tool’, which is the graphed absolute Cartesian->Newtonian artifact of ðime§pace.

Things went so far that finally a single ‘absolute clock’ set by God was declared by Newton and assumed regardless of whom put it on motion for all beings. Leibniz quipped, when this clock found itself ‘different’ for the rotary clock-like motions of Mercury:

“According to Newton, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from ðime to ðime: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. God’s making is so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.”
Leibniz. On Newton’s absolute ðime, its lack of understanding of gravitational vortices, (the errors of Mercury’s orbit) and the denial of cyclical, inertial motions, still features of popular physics.

It would take though despite the amazing evidence of ðime cycles in Nature an biology an history, (physicists as the high popes or ‘seers of ðime’ – definition of God in Saint Augustine’s work, do not consider relevant findings in other sciences), another physicist who realize the clocks of ðime around the sun decelerated, so Mercury ha different clocks, as gravitation ‘curves’ the form of those clock-like orbits more in its surroundings. So he discovered that after all Leibniz was right, and ðime clocks have different speeds in different regions of the physical Universe also (besides having different rhythms in different life beings).

When Einstein discovered the existence of infinite cyclical clocks of ðime (ðime bend §pace) and quantum physicists the broken nature of §pace, showing Leibniz right, physicists had gone so far into the ‘art’ of measure that the whys of reality, derived from its ultimate reason, the substance of which are all made, quantum §pace and cyclical ðime was parked as an ‘inconvenient truth’. ‘Leibniz is right – said Einstein – but if so we have to rebuild science from in its inception’.

So Leibniz, by far the highest mind of science in the western tradition, only comparable to the father of them All, Aristotle, was again denied, as Newton had done in a rather despicable way, accusing him of plagiarism for discovering and publishing earlier calculus, forbidding him to accompany the new king of England, and publishing in the royal society. Now simply speaking, Physicists didn’t feel intelligent enough to fully grasp the concepts behind relational ðime§pace and expand our view of the Universe of ðime§pace. So another century passed.

But truth, as complex as it might be always returns with a vengeance. ‘Truth exists’ and so the goal of reaching a more complex understanding of the fundamental principles of reality space, time, its casual actions that combine both and the minds that perceive them – will always be the goal of the philosopher of science.


Essentially all clocks of time are cyclical motions, so the speed of a clock of time depends on the number of ‘Herzs’ or frequency of its motion, the smaller the more Herz, as information is the form-frequency of those cycles, smaller beings have more information and code larger beings, but and that is the ‘trick’ that creates teh fifth dimension, the ‘general law’ of those tme clocks is accelerated.

i.e. Einstein’s principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass, define mass as an accelerated vortex of grvitational information, our life existence is accelerated when you are a seminal seed, etc.

physicists  uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation… humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time. Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.

Einstein more than in its discoveries in its quotes and thoughts showed to have a grasp of it: ‘Leibniz is right, there are infinite clocks of time in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from the beginning’ and its panpsychism pantheist Universe,.ð

According to Leibniz, space and time are not so much things in which bodies are located and move as systems of relations holding between things. Einstein added ‘Leibniz was right but if so we have to rebuild the entire scaffolding of science from its inception’.

So we shall do it here.

All what there is there is mindless, wanting to be free, ever circling time beings. Space is the stillness that creates the whole however, and the whole encases and quiets if briefly the time cycles.

But if we postulate the existence of God, the minds of all minds, the supreme T.œ, which is pure space, a form that does not seem to move just fleeting vibrations of infinite self-repetitive existences encoded as the potential of that still mind, within all its variations, the whole of wholeness, which has the absolute code of all the imperative Universe, whose ternary syntax will live and die – already remembered, in some eon corner of that block of time-space in 5² Dimensions, the immortal program of finitesimal fractal mind-points.

Those infinite minimalist, free time cycles, enclosed in the god-singularity/membrane, are however indistinguishable for the monad, which is a mere wheel moving its synchronised central time-vortex of spatial form and maximal speed, both together -and its actions as periodic motions that make it reproduce=move in space. yet this space-time reprodcution>stop-information, is unbalanced St+s+st+s… deriving into an excess of §-form, which then will explode in time-motion in an expansion of entropy:

What is space and what is time as inverse ‘functions’ related in parallel by its many properties makes its qualitative definition perhaps suspicious to the ‘only’ mathematical mind, but necessary.

Space is form and as such space is the mind. The mind though is reduced space. Outside there the full space is more complex, richer and hides its motions of its parallel dimensions of time.

So it is confusing when we realise that time is motion and can be lineal time, duration and cyclical time, ðƒ and both are inverse, such as t=1/ƒ, and both can be defined as |t and Ot, which then combine in wave-time, Ø… And so happens actually with lineal $pace, and §pace, fractal, cyclic. So what we really mean as time and space, motion and form? merely that, the perception of motion or time and of form or space. The mind thus is space but curiously enough commands the time actions of the system, doing a beat more or less like:

S-mind: ∑ T: ÅCTIONS

The beats of the mind thus start the motions of reality. And as the mind is pure form, pure planning pure ideal perfection within the syntax of its mirror from then on is all entropic time, down the ladder of expansive repetitions in space, entropic lineal motions in time, erasing, NOT improving, THE FAULTY repetitions of the mind-image which the physical reality insists in not printing perfectly.

Space is the simultaneous perception by a point of view of a series of time cycles, in a quantum of time, a slice of the flow of time. This is a first definition.

And it immediately relates space to a present slice of time, simultaneously connected by a third observer. This is what Einstein worked with his ‘derivatives of present time’, according to both Galilean and Einsteinian relativity, which measures with ∂s/∂t, slices of the flow of time-space a simultaneous moment, a pictorial photography of the vortices of space-time studied by Newton (through the concept of force) and Poisson (through the concept of Gradient) latter laboured by Laplace and Hamilton into the concept of a closed cycle of energy, which becomes a ‘unit of information’, a ‘slice of present’. 




In the graph paths of worldcycles, which can be expressed simultaneously in space, and summoned up for a social wave. The beats of time and its synchronous motions of collective smaller beats in herds and synchronous super organisms is mimicked by the laws of mathematical physics and time frequencies.



Let us  consider very briefly the correspondence principle between the classic concepts of time space from Galileo to Einstein and the expanded one, which includes properly all the dimotions of time.
Specifically we shall state now that what Physicists study as time, IS only present time, instants in which they measure simultaneously the locomotions of beings, with ‘derivatives’ – so reducing change to its minimal expression within a single slice of the whole flow of time. The question then to define is the absolute arrows of time, of past and future, missed in that description of time, as a mere instant of ‘space-motion’ v=∂s/∂t. In other words, when we ad the arrow of entropy and dissolution and the arrow of wholeness, of evolution of form, THE SCALAR ARROWS OF DEEP TIME-SPACE, which one is the past and the future? 
The answer is obvious. As a whole needs its parts first, to become, the arrow of the disjoined parts or ‘entropy’ is the arrow of past, and the arrow of ‘wholeness’ and organic evolution of ‘DEEP time’, as it includes both parts and wholes co-existing together is the arrow of the future.
And this is an absolute arrow, as it is pure logic. The Universe thus becomes constantly more and more entangled, building up new organic co-existing structures made of multiple layers. And because that is the preferential arrow of the Universe, call it eusocial love in social systems, and biological herds, or mathematical numbers in physics, as numbers are just social herds, every part of it strives to increase its social evolution and languages of information that synchronize them. In a short term view of course all systems end up ‘going back to the past of entropy and dissolving’. But in as much as systems want to acquire information, death IS a single quanta of time, which explodes the being, so he can keep returning again to the slow process of time-building of social structure.
So when we wrote the metric equation of the fifth dimension as:
$p x ðƒ = K we can interpret it in terms of past present and future as $p, lineal past, entropic, spacetime  and  ðƒ: curved, informative temporal future, where ƒ is the frequency of the system and the symbol for future flows.

We will latter give different versions of the formula, according to the different dimotions we consider – the universe, mind the reader, has a very different ‘logic’ to that of man, as it is an entangled reality in which all the parts constantly influence each other, all the dimotions interact, and so despite starting with only 5 motions-forms (3±¡, if we account for the difference between the present space-time super organisms, and the ∆§cales) by iteration and combination things can get as complex as they seem.
Thus unlike the simplified concept of time=change=locomotion of physicists as ONLY change=translation in space (v=s/t), when we add the ‘biological’, evolutionary time=change in in/form/ation, we can also explain the biological changes of life and death of human organisms, our topological VARIATIONS of forms in (evolution theory), and the mirrors of those changes produced by our languages of perception… which become the memetic ‘languages’ that organize change in the social organisms of history, mankind in time.
So we shall expand the analysis of time change and its laws to both biological and social sciences, something physicists have tried repeatedly with very awkward results (quantum fantaphysics, worldlines, entropy philosophers of ‘death’).
SINCE HUMAN AND BIOLOGICAL CHANGE is primarily ‘informative, social, technological and biological time=change’ NOT translative change=time, the ONLY one physicists study (v=s/t, or Galilean relativity and its fine-tuned Einstein’s version: S²=X²+Y²+z²-c²t²).
So we have put the theory of time of physicists at face value, the path that physicists should have taken when they discovered their fundamental theory of LOCOMOTION, also called Galilean Relativity, latter improved by Einstein, which defined time as the fourth dimension of space, since physicists merely was used it to measure spatial changes in location.


Synchronicity is the essential logic element of the scalar, social structure of the Universe.

3 only topologies of all systems of Nature. Internal ‘bidimensional’ and external classic dimensions.

5Ðimotional beings, are complex entities that travel through the 5 dimensions of space-time, as they move through it, tracing worldcycles of exist¡ence. Such a simple game of Ðimotional beings, can be observed from many perspectives, in an entagled Universe, in which can at least observe constantly those 5 Ðimotions, Social Generation, entropic death, locomotion, reproduction and gauging of information, aeiou… borriquito como tu.

The devil though is in the details so the first obvious question we must answer is what MEANS in REAL terms, the fact that all what exists is MADE OF SPATIAL topologies and TEMPORAL ages, of Space and Time? The answer is fascinating, as there are only 3 variations of mathematical space in a single “plane of the fifth dimension’, the so called hyperbolic, elliptic and toroid topologies.

Alas we can break our concept of internal change more properly in 3 ‘topological variations’, we shall call the 3 ‘first dimotions’ of the Universe.

And so the fact that we are made of spacetime means ultimately we are made of 3 type of organic topological dimotions – and we say organic because as it will turn out all systems of life are made of ensembles of those 3 topological dimotions. And this justifies our concept of ‘relational vital space-time beings’ that is beings made of spacetime with motion. Since as Aristotle put it – when things move they are alive. Welcome then to the study of ‘vital spacetime’.

The insight that there are only 3 topologies in 4 and 5D nature is the key mathematical finding to fully account for topological evolution, the ternary nature of all systems and its functions and physiological networks, resolved NOT through intelligent design but through the limiting fact that there are only 3 topologies in space in the Universe. So by force al systems are ensembles of those 3 parts, shown in its simplest ‘geometry’ on the next graphs:

So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

This is the simplest expression of the FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time beings, as all of them will display those ternary topologies.

The study of the ‘fractal generator of space-time beings’ (ab. Γst, Γ, Gst) will be the key formalism of the expansion of timespace ‘stiences’  achieved in this blog. It will fully give the model the needed connections with the topologic, organic and numerical equations of classic ‘science’. Stience obviously is the slightly modified term – a necessary pattern of the blog to upgrade concepts without making them too strange – we shall use for all classic sciences, now that we know they study vital space-time beings, such as those of the next graph.

The 3 elements of all systems, lineal/flat limbs/potentials; spherical, tall heads/particles and its hard membranes of dark matter, trunks and skins accomplish the 3 functions of motion, energetic reproduction and informative perception in all systems, varying to adapt the system to its larger world.

Let us start with a visual, topologic analysis of the dimensions of space-time, both internally (first graph) and externally (second graph):

Internal dimensions are topologic, bidimensional varieties: spheres of maximal in-form-ation, planes of maximal motion/distance, and hyperbolic body/waves of maximal reproduction.

The full understanding of these 3 parts of the being comes when we consider ‘bidimensional’, topological networks, which will show to correspond in form and function, as topology is geometry with inner motion: a topological variety can ‘change its inner form’ and remain the same as long as it does NOT tear.

So we talk in fact of 3 topologies of space=form +time=motion that will define in vital formal and moving terms all entities in existence. 

And so in a single plane of reality, we perceive systems as ensembles of the 3 varieties of space, (to which we soon will add the 2 scalar dimensions of entropic parts, and social wholes). 

Moreover as topology is form with motion, topology ARE space-time Dimensions:

So we can build reality with the 3 dimensions of space and its motions in time, we shall call ÐIMOTIONS or actions of space-time.

In the graph, a first hint to how the 3 ‘vital dimensions of space-time’ ensemble into parts and organic wholes in all physical, biological and social systems; since there are only 3 topological forms (geometries with motion) in the Universe.

So evolutionary topology BECOMES a new key discipline to understand how the forms of  species evolve as ensembles of the 3 ‘form of space & functions of time that define 3 topological varieties of space-time in all the fractal organisms of the Universe made of lineal maximal motions-functions (limbs/potentials),  maximal informative storages (spherical heads/particles) and its iterative, hyperbolic combinations (body-waves); which is the dominant element of the organism as it embodies the iterative, ‘present’ discontinuous reproduction of all the parts of the being that defines the immortality of the ‘information’ it stores, and the essence of any ‘fractal’

The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

The goal of all co-existing systems displayed in 3 scales of the fifth dimension is to reach the maximal symbiosis through synchronicity based in the ‘different speeds’ of clocks according to spatial size of the parts of the being across its ¡±1 scales.

As only present is conserved, meaning ¡logically that the past becomes erased and the multiple potential futures extinct as only one becomes, the conservation of present quantities (momentum in physics, with its similar term of energy and so on). But there is an infinitesimal flux always happening from past through present to future and from future to past (without moving through present in the death act) to make this eternal present dynamic.

This ‘quanta of present’ then is what we might call space, and consider space to be the region in which a relative infinitesimal cut of the flow of time of the fifth dimension, in all its future potentials and past, thinning realities co-exist:

Present = Past Operandi Future

The nature of that operandi, though depends on the mind, as it is the mind operandi of a pool of connections between past and future call present much larger than we huminds can realize.

WE HAVE highlighted the key ‘logic elements’ of those systems, which are profound laws of structure that define the Universe in its most abstract form.  A physicist however will use the 3 conserved elements of nature, and call time cycles, ‘angular momentum’, singularities, whose mind is not perceived but needs stillness and so develops a stop and go steady motion, ‘lineal momentum’, and the vital energy x information included within it energy and say the 3 are converted. Then if he were able to break those cyclical times, singularity motions and vital energy into ∞ beings, voila, we would be speaking of the same:

The Universe is a tapestry of time§pace cycles, which are organisms of vital energy enclosed by an angular momentum, self-centered into singularities with an Aristotelian, lineal inertial selfish mind, programmed by an obsession, to survive, last in time, performing its actions, the program of exist¡ence, beyond a reasonable finite presence – this thirst for immortality through selfish actions self-centered in the lineal inertial singularity moving ahead in open freedom, however is always defeated by the larger whole that pressures us into making a closed, conservative path, an informative world cycle. And we indeed oblige, as the ego paradox produces a systemic bias towards our own self, exhausting the energy of our vital space.. till we die – explore back into a zero sum. Welcome to reality.

This fundamental reality however was lost when to reach higher accurate measure of distances and time periods mathematical physics started to use a single time clock to measure all the lifetimes of beings (the mechanical clock) and a single space continuum to unify all measures of distances.

What we lost then was the capacity to understand the multiple elements of the Universe, as we had now a single human point of view on scale of size in space and time duration (the meter, the second). Soon this artificial ‘cartesian graph’ of space and time, as it did not fit the ‘real form of time clocks’ (cyclical motions) and the multiple scales of space-size occupied by ∞ beings, became also an artificial ‘background spacetime’ and so it lost its nature as the substance of reality -the yin and yang, the energy and information, the space and time duality.  So today we have a deep knowledge of details of beings which we can manipulate scientifically but are completely lost in what regards the fundamental principles and laws of nature.

Those principles are relational space and time, and as a consequence MOST PROPERTIES of beings, including its topological structure as systems, its time ages, and its world cycles can be deduced of the ultimate properties of space and time and its ‘energetic combinations’.

So when we study a being we shall use a method we have called the Ðisomorphic method, which consists on studying the entity as a world cycle born of a seed or mind-singularity that will evolve, reproduce and create a superoerganism that will live its lifetime cycles and ages in an orderly fashion, because that is what time does with vital space – puts it through a process of life and death; and so as we are all vital spaces, we all live a world cycle.

This said, we shall connect the concept of topological space and a simultaneous super organism and time and a worldcycle; as those are the essential objective concepts of ‘vital space’, a part of reality occupied by an organized, simultaneous, singularity center volume of energy, and time cycles, a duration in time made of a series of finite=closed motions=time cycles.

And this allow us to define logically both a block of time and vacuum space, Let us see how.

Block of time.

Spatial minds as whole enclosures of a vital space-time, sucking its energy, acting as inelastic membrains with osmosis, taking advantage of both the inner and outer world, focused in the vampirical, parasite singularity, wholeness thus SHOULD SCALE TILL GOD, IS THE ABSOLUTE STILLNESS OF THE WHOLE GAME IMPRINTED AS A BLOCK OF TIMESPACE:


In the graph, time is a block, but the proper way to interpret it as such is not the lineal ‘single plane’ block of Einstein, for if future does NOT connect with the past, it does not repeat itself, neither the ∆-view of determinist Laplacian time, as time does have ternary probabilities of branching, but the cyclical self-contained block of time, either in its ternary view of a pi-cycle that returns to its origin, or the somewhat more coherent ‘dice’ view, of a block of time with 6 alternative possibilities or ‘species’ of future, the 6th isomorphism based in the 6 possible ‘orientations’ or hierarchies between the S, T and ST physiological networks that define the being as dominant species of information, following/choosing that path, energy or entropy and its 6 hierarchical orders. Once those 6 combinations, s-st-t, t-st-s, st-s-t, st-t-s, s-t-st, t-s-st exist either in space as ‘species’ or in time, as ‘paths’ all the elements of the block have been created.

Finally to notice that the concept of simultaneity, which is what Einstein uses in his concept is relative to the speed of perception of the observer who might see a longer present, if it is a slower mind. So the absolute block of time, would be the paradoxical perception by the slowest possible mind of the whole range of existences in a quanta or ‘cycle of its own perception that happens in the last image when the circle of mapping reality comes to the repetitive red point after gathering information and then a still image occurs.

It is similar to the way a screen tv maps out all the pixel of an image moving the electronic cathode but we see it all together in a still mapping, so the absolute block of time, will be ‘God’ the slowest being, seeing it all in an absolute repetition of all possible limited combinations of the Generator as a block of time. Existence then as a block of time depends also in the detail of our perception, since in great detail the number of events are infinite entanglements, but if we do not see in great detail, blocks of time appear to our mind.

In the graph we see the concept of a block of time. If our ‘scanning of information’ lasted not a second as the human mind mapping does to create its spatial stillness but a year, we would see the image of a block of time for the earth, void of detail as a disk, and wonder if we know it all about the Earth, a mere disk. So indeed the perceiver of the whole Universe is actually a very slow thinker and a very undetailed dumb perceiver. We humans are in that sense ‘blocks of time’ in the perception of the much faster gravitational scale between galaxies, v>c and indeed we see in simultaneity a block of time, at that faster scale in our slow view with no detail.

So all minds perceive a block of time in the limit of its slow, dumb perception. – its subjective definition of vacuum space…

One dimension.

A FRACTAL POINT is considered to have ‘one dimension’, meaning it has volume and in the ∆+1 plane where we measure, it has a role as a moving point in a cycle of its larger ∆+1 world, so it appears to us, either as a point with volume or a moving point (which has less density as it is trans-forming information into a reproductive movie wave – ultimate reason of some paradoxes of relativity of motion).

So we define different ‘dimensions for the elements of fractal non-Euclidean geometry’:

  1. Fractal points have a minimal 1 dimension, when perceived (by definition if not perceived they don’t have a dimension). This only string theory in physics understands, giving to each point a lineal inner dimension. It is a good approach for formal work but we want to be more precise. So we shall define the non-E five postulates of non-euclidean geometry first, and consider that each point when seen in detail is a whole super organism of 10 dimensions, but as a whole membrain in the upper scale it appears to us, and works as an active entity in motion, as a one dimensional point with motion and an internal form we do not perceive.

So the point will either be a static point with an inner dimension that connects it to the lower ∆-1 scales (akin to the concept of string geometry), or a ‘point-particle’, that moves tracing a cycle in a larger ∆+1 world, and we shall see it as a line in motion also with a dimension.

2.Lines are waves with 2 dimensions, as light or any other form able to communicate information.

3.Planes are topological networks, which require three lines to define it and so they have 3×2=6 space and time dimensions (3st dimensions).

Planes are thus the spatial view of a superorganism with 3 entropic, informative and iterative-energetic networks; which in turn can be observed as a larger whole, unit-point of the new ‘scaling’ which starts afresh – hence the need for a fifth postulate which is akin to the first (definition of a point) but from the internal point of view (as a point with volume), showing how vital geometry is also cyclical, and refers to the geometric process of growth of scales between ‘two ∆±1 planes’.

It is then essential to consider the less understood and more important of the axioms of Euclid, the definition of similarity between two fractal points or planes which determine its behaviour  as only those forms who understand each other’s gauging language can herd and collaborate together in parallel, otherwise different forms with different languages will use each other in darwinian events of perpendicular hunting.

So this darwinian vs. loving duality IS ESSENTIAL TO THE INVERTED BEHAVIOR OF THE FOURTH AND FIFTH DIMENSIONS OF ENTROPY AND SOCIAL EVOLUTION, and it is ruled by the i-logic laws of congruence=similarity of the 3rd NON-E POSTULATE, the most important and less understood of geometry, concerning the nature of parallelism and perpendicularity.

This also introduces the answer to questions of the type – where it is the fifth dimension, how the dimensional scales of the Universe grow?

Answer in a cyclical manner as membranes-enclosures of a previous open ball; so layer upon layer of a spherical 1-dimensional form, the inner parts grow; and/or as a reproductive wave, the point-particle moves and creates in a new scale, a new game of social growth.


We cannot be by all means exhaustive, so we shall just as usual start with some classic work of pioneers in the understanding of physics in geometric ways, enlightened with GST and then move onto more specific discoveries of GST applied to the usual concepts of geometrical physics: the canonical curves of fields and forces, the vectorial calculus, the holographic principle, the co-ordinates systems and so on…


How dimensions are created? The scalar dimensions, as we have shown by social evolution in ternary and decametric scales.

Then there is the erasing of the fifth dimension by the fourth dimension of entropic death which is inverse.

But in a relative present of |-motion x O-information = ø-body waves, there is also transformations of one dimension of lineal form into one cyclical form, or one formal dimension of space into the equivalent dimension of time.

For example, a mind-‘Aristotelian God’ which doing his ‘thing’ can stop the energy moving around in a disk of accelerated vortex-time speed, expanding a motion into stillness, now stored in a ternary volume of space, or viceversa, quench a height dimension of form into an accelerated bidimensional disk:

image007A dimension of angular time-momentum coming out of a loss of a dimension of volume-space.

Above we show how dimensions of distance can become dimensions of motions. So the contraction of a 3rd entropic volume becomes a bidimensional accelerated space vortex and vice versa.

Two Dimensions. The holographic principle

The paradox of galileo shows the bidimensionality of time information and entropy space, and the equivalence between a motion in time, a distance in space, a frequency and a population, such as:

Space = ∑ T, that is distance = λ ƒ, whereas a quanta of space is multiplied by a frequency in time.

A second fascinating theme of topological physics, with the ad ons of GST is the understanding of why almost every physical equation and system can be written in bidimensional layers. We already explained it. Even Relativity in the so called ADM formalism, which is its natural Hamiltonian formulation (another huge element explained better in GST) is bidimensional.

We are not treating anywhere the complex AMD formalism. I have given up the initial intention of reordering 30 years of research and aim just to put the barebones of GST in this blog before my numerous sicknesses cancel my existence (and find myself every month wanting to work less and less)… So we shall consider only the simplest of all bidimensional elements in physics, the conics.

But before the  reason of all this is crystal clear. It is the holographic principle, coupled with Galileo’s px.:

image005IN THE GRAPH, THE GALILEAN PARADOX:All -motion can be seen as sP-distance; all ∆-continuous ARE ALSO an ∑∆-1 fractal sum of discontinuous parts, joined by force networks. Galileo saw the Saturn’s rings and thought its was a flat continuous disk. In fact is made of ∑ point-particles turning in cyclical motions, which from far away seem a continuous ‘area’.

The mind thus distorts perception and the whole subject of special relativity  can be considered an error of the mind, and a tool to adapt reality to that mind-perception (also general relativity as its vortices of accelerated time, curve space-time only if seen from our scale, but if we enlarge their inner, larger-faster gravitational distances-motions IT WOULD LIKELY BE euclidean and as such it is likely perceived by the black hole).

In that sense in mathematical physics, the cases in which we can bring the Galilean Paradox to resolve problems, are normally on the ‘verge’ of a given space-time continuum (c-speed T≥0 in our continuum). It will also be used as a renormalisation process of elimination of infinities and zeros, when we need to consider minimalist effects of the underlying ∆-scales and its ‘stress’ in the limits of the carrying capacity of entropy of information of a plane. At that is really pedantic stuff for the initiated, which only gets ‘worked up’ the most arrogant physicists of numerology, we escape it (the infamous 0.00… deviation calculation of the g-factor in the electron, being the most famous ‘engraving’ in the tomb of his author).

In mathematical physics, however, the cases in which we can bring the Galilean Paradox to resolve problems, are normally on the ‘verge’ of a given space-time continuum (c-speed T≥0 in our continuum); when the need to consider the underlying ∆-scales and its ‘stress’ in the limits of its carrying capacity of entropy of information are tested.

So we need to remain the readers that reality is both motion (time, energy) or form (information, space) and always bidimensional (holographic principle):

The holographic principle thus defines systems of bidimensional motion and/or form together, giving birth to the 4 canonical combinations:

So  reality is both motion (time, energy) or form (information, space) and always bidimensional (holographic principle):

energy information good

The perfect form of spatial MOTION is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of space – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal space. Both, opposed, inverse forms shape the spatial, linear, energetic bodies and cyclical, informative, memorial minds that become the complementary forms of all organic systems made of atoms of temporal energy.

Entropy and information are the 2 primary elements of the Universe. They form all its complementary systems. In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, lineal  entropy and cyclical form, mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Entropy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.

Holographic systems are thus expressed in everything.


We shall thus in the blog use mostly a simplified analysis of the 5 Dimensions and a more complex Disomorphic analysis of the 10 dimensions in a vital, organic sequential way, as the system grows from a monad of a single dimension THROUGH THE LADDER OF ISOMORPHISMS TO COMPLETE IN ITS WORLDCYCLE its final existence through all the 9 and 10 scales of social evolution (during its emergent age) and actions through planes… The astounding variety of the Universe being in variations of order, symmetries and stages of those worldcycles of topological super organisms. So we shall here briefly comment on that constant growth of the being till it reaches its zenith and then declines fast as a ‘dotard’ (:

The simples 1, 2, 3… 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions.

The Universe is a superoganism of 10 dimensions of symmetric space-time. Whereas time means motion and space form. Yet since due to Galilean>Einstein’s relativity we cannot distinguish motion from form, for each dimension of space, we must consider a symmetric dimensions of time (the form we see in motion).

Since as we can only compare entities with equal number of dimensions we must write,  S=T, as the fundamental law of the Universe, which is display in all kind of beings.

The equivalent of this law of balance in physics, is a Lagrangian of the form:

Sp (size in space) x Tiƒ (speed of time clocks of information) = Constant ∫S-T∂st=0

And or, the laws of conservation of momentum: S x T (mv, etc.), and energy its integral in a closed cycle.

Two simple laws of conservation and least time in which all of physics is based; albeit explained with complicated ‘pedantic’ obtuse laws, such as the Noether theorem, group theory, etc. which obviously need them to go back to school and learn what the magic of maths and the origin of those laws are in 11D.

This is the law of balance and co-existence of reality that make humans and civilisations co-exist as single super organisms. Cells and organisms co-exists in a single individual, and so, the Universe is a beautiful organic, fractal of scales of reality which follow the same goals of reproducing information to become immortal in ‘states of balance’. And those laws apply also to history and economy systems that should try to find such balances to survive.

Thus we can start studying beings of one dimension of space and one dimension of time-motion, simultaneously. As reality requires that for each dimension of space we perceive one of time.

It can allow us to construct bidimensional (minimal being) type of species, which go on constructing the reproductive equations of a bidimensional world of space-time.

So the simplest analysis are those in which we observe a ‘non-e point in space, a point with breath’, as a single dimension, coupled with a dimension of lineal motion, the first dimension of time.

Then we can consider holographic bidimensional entities with dimensions of form and motion:

In the graph we see systems with information and motion=time; systems with entropy and form (bidimensional space), and 4D combinations, of which the basic one is light space-time (our electronic perception of both being tuned to such ‘minimal quanta’ of our perceived reality.

Next we can consider combinations of 3 dimensions of form and 3 dimensions of space; and here we exhaust the existence of a system in single space-time continuum.

We can describe all systems with 3 ‘fractal parts’ with 3 topologies in space and 3 functions in time, and as it happens since a 4Dimensional system have only 3 possible topologies, that is enough to understand the processes of topological evolution that complete our work in evolution, through 3 topological ages, dominated by each of those 3 elements, and describe a generator equation for all of them:

Γ; $pe: lineal limbs/fields of entropy <Ø-ST hyperbolic-bodywaves>O-particle/heads of information.

All dimensions are motions and forms. Yet we have explained a few times that ‘motion’ implies reproduction of form in a lower scale of the being. You do NOT MOVE, you reproduce yourself in an adjacent region, and to do so you have to ‘reorganise’ smaller ∆-1 cells/atoms/individuals, with at least a ‘collective wave’ of information (genes, quantum numbers, memes distributed simultaneously to all of them). So all motions, all time dimensions MUST happen between two relative ∆ and ∆-1 scales as a wave of information that imprints a lower scale:






In the graphs, we see simple, basic motions of the lowest scales of particles and waves, which move reproducing in a lower scale. Moreover modern topology describes forms always as topological networks.

So to define a single space-time continuum form we need at least two scales, that of parts and wholes which form together a topological network of any of those 3 varieties:

So when we talk of a truly transformative motion in the fifth dimension which does NOT surface back into the ∆-scale as reproductive motions and topological transformations of networks do, we need two jumps in the fifth dimension.


The complex social dimensions and functions of reproduction and social evolution: 7th, 8th, 9, 10th.

So how then we go beyond the 3+3 topological dimensions of S≈T motion and form? The answer is the scalar ‘social dimensions’ of parts and whole, which are NON-commutative, that is different when we move from a whole to its parts of more information, than when we move upwards to a whole of more entropic motion, from a smaller part:

In the graph, we see that for each ‘scale, there will be a ternary system of space and time dimensions, which obey topological rules (the sphere maximises information in lesser space; the line maximises distance in minimal time; the hyperbola combines both in iterative body-waves), for a maximal of 6 dimensions in a single plane.

But then we can add two dimensions of space & time upwards and downwards in scale.

As those are ‘new dimensions’  we have the responsibility to name them. How shall we call those dimensions?

So the 7th dimension of ‘death’ and 8th dimension of pure entropic ‘big-bang explosions’ in space, are jumps across to scales of reality. We are talking serious ‘shit’ here. Nothing of this is fancy wishful thinking. We shall extract all the laws of nature, mathematical physics, death processes from it.

In mathematical terms, we talk of most ‘processes of timespace’ as single derivatives and integrals, which move up and down a given scale – but in process of death back into the potential field of minimal parts, we talk of Laplacians and Poisson double derivatives, which explode the whole from the ∆+1 mind-dimension down to the lower ∆-1 parts and this is the equation of death: Tƒ ∆+1 << ∑∑$pe ∆-1, or ∂”Tƒ=0.

Now for the inverse dimension of social evolution, we realise that as mind singularity is actually an ∆-1 singularity point, a single individual mind of a society (its king, president or prophet), a single crystal in a matter system (the first crystal cell which commands the reproduction and social organisation of the whole macro crystal) or an atomic entity (the black hole singularity of the galaxy), and so on But IT HAS A MIND-IMAGE that transcends and emerges beyond the ∆0 entity into the ∆+1 EXTERNAL WORLD, organising socially with similar beings, the 9th and 10th dimensions of eusocial love and creation of worlds beyond the super organism, unit of the larger ∆+1 world IS  also jumping to scales, from your infinitesimal neuronal-ego, through your organism into the outer world.

And this will be also the model for galaxies, where the black hole ‘DNA’ IS connected to other galaxies of the ∆+1 cosmos through dark entropy flows (bilateral jets), even if it is in fact the ‘best, densest’ possible frozen star of the ∆-1 scale.

Membrains, mind-singularities thus are also in the process of social evolution jumping two scales from its neuronal infinitesimal, past the enclosed organism its membrain closes into the larger social world; which is the super organism proper (∆-1 cell; ∆º organism, ∆+1: super organism, world, or ecosystem).

It is obvious that the dimension of ‘social growth’ is a dimension of social evolution; and we feel justified to call it:


So we write it often as 5D♥ (: or if we name them all together, just for the sake of ‘numerology’, they would be the 9th dimension – social evolution and the 10th dimension, the perception of the super organism as a whole or ‘mind-dimension’, which we shall see is made of a ‘singularity’ or linguistic point and a membrane that encircles the organism; closely related to the Tƒ element (perceived as such in a flat, shallow vision of the being as existing in a single scale of reality.

Yet when we understand the scalar Universe, it will turn out that the singularity does connect the system across its scales of size, as it is an ∆• single ‘crystal’, ‘neuron’, ‘governor’, which controls ‘internally’, ‘chemically’ its ∆-1 parts, and it feels itself through its sensorial membranes ‘connected’ to a larger ∆+1 whole.

The mind, the 10th dimension of a being, becomes then essential to grasp the workings and whys of reality even if ‘pedantic’ abstract physicists and its ‘philosophers’, logical positivists have completely ‘missed the point’ and deny the existence of such singularity minds. In the next graph we see this ‘completeness’ reached by the membrain singularity, in reference to the rest of the being, the open ball or vital body-energy=wave system:

In the graphs, the sum of the membrain+singularity, and the vital space of an open ball, gives us the whole being.

The infinite dimensions and the ceteris paribus analysis of all the Universal information.

We are being simple, given the fact that the present studies of physics are limited to 3 spatial dimensions reflected in the mirror of a present derivative dimension of time (the so called 4th dimension of time extracted from ∂t=∂s/∂v, as a series of still pictures in relativity theory).

THEY AD TO THE MIX, when philosophising about entropy arrows, some studies on the fourth dimensions OF SPACETIME the dimension of double entropy down two scales of death and big-bang in the ladder of scalar dimensions of the Universe.

And many more (:

So how many dimensions have reality? Actually as many as you wish, as each scale will have 3 dimensions of space-time in a single plane and 3 planes up and down the being, enclosed further in a larger world…

So if we are going to be exhaustive, with less than 56 dimensions/parameters we cannot make the whole sense of it (6 space-time topological dimensions for each of the 3 scales of the organism and the world above and below: 6 x 5 = 30 dimensions; four space and time dimensions of entropy and mind-evolution for each discontinuity between planes, which are two inner discontinuities between limbs/bodies/particle-heads, and two more with the outer world above and below, so 4 x 4 = 16 more dimensions, 30 + 16 = 46…

And then to fully describe the being we shall add for good measure the descriptions of even smaller and larger outer and lower worlds from where the being obtains its entropic motions and pixels of information, (5 dimensions for each of those interactions) for a minimal grand total of 56…

Now as current science works with only four dimensions, 3 of space and one of time you can assess how little information we extract in our description of most systems and why they look indeed abstract entities.

The situation though is much worsened by the ‘attitude’ of physicists with their infantile chit-chat on 4D models of reality, which they impose as dogma, so my experience in science congresses when I cared to assist was to be always surrounded by ‘savant idiots’ – masters of mathematical physics, which had zero idea about the meaning of the words they use in their mathematical equations, points, numbers, time, space, waves, particles, forces, masses, you name it… but wouldn’t care at all specially when the ‘speaker’ was not a certified specialist in mathematical physics (which obviously prevented him to break the straight-jacket of physical reductionism and 4D tensors), to hear anything about time, space and the meaning of reality. And this was specially truth when the speaker was a philosopher of science, the only discipline that ‘dares’ to challenge the reductionist, mechanist worldview of physicists.

So the reader will excuse me if I am specially sanguine among all the children of thought that play science in this planet with the false dogmas of physicists, which so much obscure the beauty of its equations, whose finding through the simple method of measuring and plugging information in mathematical structures seems indeed a marvel of Universal intelligence, given how little they understand of the concepts behind those equations, we clarify in earnest on our posts on astrophysics and its scales of time§paœrganism.

Don’t worry though, we are not making here 56-dimensional analysis (: at best we shall be happy with the reduced 5S+5T=10D³ analysis. We just wanted to show off a little bit of the ‘real complexity’ that all ‘the hidden information’ we do not study together for each space-time organism holds, so perhaps the reader become a bit humbler about the role and intelligence of us, the humind membrain… and finally learns to worship and respect the astounding beauty and symmetric harmonies of the infinite…

In that regard, if I ever achieve a converso that expands his mind from the 4D toddler world of physicists into 10D, I will be happy enough to fill some enlightenment of scholars is possible… So far we shall reduce us to that 5s≈5t analysis in broad strokes, of the main space-time super organisms of physical systems.

How to see the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Spacetime ‘dimensions’ are thus dual, as space and time are equivalent – a dimension of time motion seen in space as a dimension of form.

3±i is the way to see reality – the 3 canonical dimensions of space, seen either in one-bit of data as length=motion, width=iteration and height=information or with 2 bidimensional ST elements as topological lineal=cylindrical, hyperbolic=cartesian and polar=spherical geometries.

A key theorem of all dimensional construct is that only beings with the same dimensions can transform into each other. So for time to transform into space it MUST have the same dimensions. And this can be analysed in terms of one, 2 or 3 dimensions of time-space.

Hence TRINITY, means we have 3 space topologies and 3 functions.

DUALITY means we have the previous fundamental varieties:

One-dimensionality MEANS the Galilean Paradox; we can see any dimension as motion or form, any two dimensions as a bidimensional plane or an accelerated motion.

And then we can play with all those (and we are only playing with a simple plane:) and variations will appear to make sense of all species of the Universe its forms and functions.

But an important rule TO ADAPT 4D formalisms (4-vectors, etc.) to 6D (in a single plane) physics for ‘future pros’ (:

Time has the dimension of Height and the dimension of motion perceptive and the dimension of acceleration.
Space has the dimension of Length and the dimension of reproductive width and the dimension of deceleration.
So for non-topological analysis, those 3 form couples combine very often. Some interesting results of its combinations are:
Height and length combine adding into a cartesian geometry, or their cross product combine into a vector with motion.
Entropy expands in space, decelerating, as motion becomes space. As such they are spatial beings.
Informative vortices implode in space accelerating as space becomes motion – as such they are temporal beings.
Both combine in ‘unbalanced’ envents, S>T, or S<T, which tend to end with the destruction/split/unconnection of the event, as they split and so the ‘field’ goes one way and the particle the other, which for a wave<field and its complementary particle>singularity means the very definition of death.
While they come together they assembly a stable wave-particle system.
This view, on the bidimensionality of the wave or particle/vortex that come together to create a 4-dimensional fermion is thus a good point to introduce quantum physics…

Now, for what we have seen, there ARE 2-4-6 DYNAMICAL bidimensional systems, as motion dimensions can become formal dimensions; which we can apply to many entities, meaning ‘even’ systems ARE more stable as they are balanced; while odd systems are not (or they are ternary systems in time): so this odd-even duality that atomic systems always follow have its explanation.

And in general we find that…

INFORMATION… is dominant in HEIGHT and internal, ‘accelerated’ motion as a vortex of time. So it appears still to an external observer, as the dimension of outer motion have become internal motion and as it shrinks its dimension of size, it accelerates its motion.

ENERGY in reproductive width and iterative beat.

ENTROPY IN LENGTH, and expansive SCATTERING motion that decelerates inversely as it increases its space.

WHILE TIME: Is dominant also in rhythm or beat in the closed clocks, and SO INTIMATELY related to ENERGY.

It is also important to realise humans have misused all those concepts for so long that ‘normal words’ can incur in errors.

Reproduction of dimensions: vectorial product & present momentum

So we must understand a 5th dimensional being as one with the following natural dimensions:

  1. The dimension of height or ‘informative dimension’
  2. The dimension of length or ‘speed dimension’
  3. The dimension of width or reproductive dimension
  4. The dimension of frequency or ‘time speed’ dimension
  5. The ∆+1 dimension of size or fifth scalar dimension.

Those suffice for almost all studies of physical systems, as most scalar analysis are ∆>∆+1 or ∆<∆-1, so we do not need more than 2 scales (as in thermodynamics between the ∆-1 and ∆-scale of heat). And then when we put them together in bidimensional systems, we obtain:

  • The plane of pure space made of length and width, of motion and reproduction/storing of energy, which in motion tends to acquire an arrow or triangular, wave-like form.
  • The plane of pure time, which tends to be the height and cyclical rhythm, or time speed; so time does NOT offer ‘many spatial elements’. In fact the dimensions of time are derivatives of space, ‘speed’ and ‘acceleration’.

On the other hand when we consider tridimensional systems, we obtain.

-Space-like 3 dimensional volumes, where a bidimensional layer has reproduced or stored more of its kind in superposition (concept that also applies to present spatial waves)

-Time-like 3 dimensional systems, which are accelerated vortices (2 differential dimensions) with a dimension of height (black holes, Maxwell’s screw driver, rule of the hand, product vector, etc.)

-And finally when we consider a 4 dimensional being, we obtain a holographic ‘perpendicular merging’ of a space-like and time-like bidimensional sheet, with a frequency of motion; as in a light-wave.

  • Which will become a fifth dimensional being, when 2 scales become entangled and one feed on the other, or receives flows of information (as in the case of the Bohm’s model of a quantum wave, guiding a feeding upper particle).

So those are the vital whys of an enormous field, which allow us by form, function and dimensionality to interpret the structure of all kind of systems.

Topological physics deals with the ensembles of Spe<ST>Tiƒ structures, and has not been analysed in depth for very long. It is based in the holographic principle and its derivative laws, the most important of which is the ‘bidimensional nature of space and time, and its merging into 4 dimensional systems, which excludes a real 3-dimensional Universe (Fermat’s Grand theorem: x³+y³=z³.

This means the 3rd dimension does NOT really exist as an independent ‘parameter’ but IT IS THE DIRECTION OF reproduction of ‘identical beings’ which accumulate in layers

Creation & Destruction of Masses as Vortices of Physical Information. How Dimensional Form Becomes Speed.

8. Dimensional Vortex

The Universe creates dimensional form by reducing the motion/speed of a physical system and vice versa: it creates motion/ speed by eliminating dimensions of form. So a 3 dimensional nebulae of matter collapses into an accelerated mass vortex, in which, according to the Equivalence between gravitational forces, masses and cyclical acceleration (Einstein’s relativity), is an attractive whirl of spacetime.

The equivalence principle establishes a Universe with two limits of eternal movement: a lineal speed of gravitational and electromagnetic forces and a cyclical speed of masses and charges, which are vortices of space-time. Energetic forces create space, and vortices are clocks of time that carry information, eternally transforming into each other in self-similar events:

Σ spatial forces (lineal movements) ≤=≥Tƒ (cyclical clocks of information).

The sums of all those events maintain an eternal dynamic balance of cycles and lines.

Yet since lines have one dimension less than a clock cycle, the process can be also perceived as a game of creation and destruction of dimensions of form. In the graph, a three-dimensional slow nebulae accelerates its motion as it becomes a bidimensional vortex of faster, more attractive mass. Such transformation is common both in the cosmological world as stars become black holes and the quantum world in big crunches when electrons become quarks. r.

The Galilean Paradox is essential to understand the Universe as fixed lines are also ‘—motions’ and bits of information are time clocks. And one can transform into the other: Se x =Tƒ. They do so through the 3 ages of life or energy’s standing points of a Hamiltonian:

Spe<ST<Tƒ= Youth: Max. Se/Tƒ > Maturity: Se x Tƒ (Se=Tƒ) >Old age: Tƒ/Se

But in physical systems they do so through external motions mostly by loosing or acquiring back and forth in space, dimensions of form or dimensions of speed.

There are two concepts that do not appear in classic physics but are essential in understanding how the universe converts energy into information (motion into form): the paradox of Galileo, which allow us to describe those processes as “frozen pictures,” which is the informative point of view, or as changes in the speed or motion of things.

The graph shows the two events combined: when a system acquires forms, it slows down. When a system loses dimensions, it speeds up. Yet to understand this essential process, we must first clarify an error made by physicists who do not use the concept of dimensional form to define “information” but the algebraic “data” concept of a “bit of information.”

Fractal information is related to dimensional form while algebraic information is the simplest dimensional form: bits of broken patterns emitted by waves, which encode those patterns in the distances between the crests or frequency of the wave. But those patterns are the “minimal” pattern of information of the Universe. In that regard, the capacity to store information of any system follows a power law:

Information » X Fractal dimensions of the system

Yet in the same way, physicists have reduced all the arrows of time, previously defined to a single energetic arrow measured by a single “clock-time”; they have reduced all the forms of information to a single broken frequency pattern. Biology, a more sophisticated science of information, today is able to study how molecules and proteins store information in several dimensions; and that previous law can be deduced of biological studies. Yet physicists have not gone beyond the simplest one-dimensional information of lineal waves. They have not even discovered that mass stores much more information than waves in physical bidimensional vortices.

In duality, we study both sciences, physics and biology, and we can compare and use laws of both sciences to find self-similar laws in the other discipline. In that sense, Shannon’s standard definition of information is a computer-based definition, of technological science, useful to store information in numbers, with a limited application to the understanding of the universe, which stores information in four dimensions in very complex patterns and enormous volumes. Information is in that broader Universe form, in/form/ation. The simplest information is the one-dimensional broken bits of data that divide a line of energy into a pattern. This is what a computer does and what a physicist would understand as information. But in nature, a more precise concept is that of fractalization. Information increases when a continuous flow of energy breaks into patterns and acquires dimensions, bumps and points.

The arrow of information is a transformation of a surface of space, of energy into inner form: a change from lineal, chaotic movement into cyclical, repetitive one; from expansive waves into imploding particles; from disordered, equalized forces of indistinguishable forms extending in space into an ordered hierarchical system of non lineal mass vortices. Its inverse function is the explosion of energy, the dissolution of form, the arrow of death.

Though physics recognizes the inverse arrow of entropy as negantropy—that is, the negation of entropy—it is long overdue to name it properly as form that crystallizes and organizes chaotic lineal energy into cyclical, repetitive patterns of in-form-ation.

Indeed, Mehaute, a chemist studying fractal patterns and reversals of entropy into information, and other theorists in different disciplines have proved  that when a system stops creating energy, entropy, it reverses its arrows of time creating instead information, fractal patterns of form—the future never stops. This also applies to physics in the way form becomes motion and motion becomes form.

The unification equation relates the different scales/membranes of space-time. Yet for each membrane and particle, we must clarify a final concept, the meaning of dimensions of information and how they disappear, converted into speed and energy or appear as motion and energy slows down, creating form. In the Universe, there are multiple physical species of different fractal non-Euclidean dimensions.

The new mathematics of complex physics means though that a flat plane of two dimensions has a minimal height, as each of its points of the flat network is in itself a world of a smaller scale. Thus, a flat vortex of mass, a bidimensional quark, has smaller gluons and strings, which have smaller dimensions. For that reason, there is equivalence between different mathematical descriptions in different dimensions. A fifth-dimensional description of strings is equivalent to a four-dimensional description of quarks, which is equivalent to a three-dimensional description of an electronic atom, and so on. It is a general law that all systems of physical mass pack energy in fractal dimensions of form:

Strings (one-dimensional dark entropy in a 5-D Universe) -> bidimensional quarks and gluons in a 4-D world -> three-dimensional electrons

This translates sometimes into different equations for a physical vortex and different power laws and relationships between masses (the static, formal, dimensional perception of a vortex) and speeds (its perception as pure motion). For example, Vo × Ro = K is a bidimensional vortex, which we used to explain in its simplest terms the equivalence principle.

However, the unification equation of charges and cosmological masses happens in a three-dimensional world. So we used a three-dimensional vortex equation, U.C. × M = w2 × r3, which is the vortex used to unify the three-dimensional worlds of cosmological bodies and electronic matter we perceive.

Finally, in the next chapter, when we compare the two families of quarks, top quark particles and strange quark particles, the relationship between their rotational speed and masses follows a three-dimensional power law (w3 = M). So the world of top quark particles turn at 10 c-speed but it has 1,000 times the mass of the world of strange quark particles that turn at a maximum of c-speed, which obviously means that the world of top quarks has one dimension more than the world of strange quarks. This is further proved by the famous Maldacena conjecture, which studies top quark black holes as five-dimensional string systems, self-similar to four-dimensional quark gluon soups.

We are more interested in explaining the concept illustrated in the graph: how our slower three-dimensional electronic world will accelerate, acquiring energy/speed and losing a fractal dimension of form, when it becomes transformed into a strange quark condensate since transformations of energy into information take place by warping and unwarping dimensions of form into speed.

A basic case observed in all scales is represented by the previous graph, taken from a SciAm article about the formation of galactic disks, which we used to illustrate the creation of a quark by the crunching of electronic nebulae of three dimensions. The slow rotation of the electron becomes a bidimensional faster quark system. The same process gives birth to a black hole in the cosmological realm, when the nebulae of a star or the gas of a galaxy collapses into a black hole.

All this means, of course, that dimensions are “fractal,” limited dimensions, which never extend to infinity but to the limits of a certain entity of the Universe. Thus, the creation of fractal dimensions of information or its transformation into speed is one of the commonest events of the Universe and at the same time one of the many details of the generator equation of space-time:

Energy = speed ≤=≥information = fractal dimension

In the case we study in this post, we can consider a simple dimensional game by which slow three-dimensional electrons become faster bidimensional quark masses. There is a simple proof of the bidimensionality of our up and down quarks: quarks have one-third or two-thirds of the charge/dimensionality of electrons and so we need three quarks with perpendicular orientations called colors to form a three-dimensional quark structure able to interact with our three-dimensional electrons.

Further on, we must add the interaction of two different mediums and forces, the strong gravitational force of quarks and the electroweak force of electrons. This means that quarks “suck in” electrons, trying to absorb them, to feed on them, so they have implosive, strong gravitational forces, while electrons try to suck in quarks with its electromagnetic force, reason why we use a negative, implosive, absorbing direction for electronic charges.

In other words, quarks use its force to attract and steal momentum from electrons, and electrons use its electromagnetic force to attract and absorb momentum for quarks.

Those are the simplest visual concepts, to understand the interactions of those membranes. Obviously when we enter into topological details, the forms, dimensions, and charges of each of those elements become far more complex.

The layered 3rd and 4th dimensions. The mathematics of planes of space and cycles of time.

All this of course is not how we see dimensions and what we mean by the growth of dimensions in normal science – a far simpler proposition, which we shall address now. In the ‘simple 3D analysis +1 t dimension’, is all about ‘layers that accumulate making the 3rd dimension grow, and motions that create a time dimension to ad to it. This of course is a legitimate form of growing dimensions.

Only that after we have enough layers and motions, there are no fancy spatial dimensions to add in a single scale. But a new point of an ∆+1 scale, as the graph shows: the left graph IS how the Universe grows a 5th dimension entering into a social upper scale (for a sphere that becomes a circle that rotates into a sphere; or for a dot that move sin to a line, which becomes laterally a reproductive plane that surge upwards to become a cube, unit of the new scaling. IT is the right graph trying to fit impossible 5 dimensions of space into a single continuum plane what is nuts. The penteract there is a 3-D projected into a 2-D, point.

Thus, there is a lot of confusions on the meaning of  the fourth and fifth dimensions of scalar space-time, as 4D is the naming given by physicists to ALL TIME CONCEPTS IN PHYSICS, as they do NOT differentiate between the 5 dimensions of time and the 5 of space, unaware of the philosophical deep meaning of the Galilean ‘relativity’ paradox, which clearly makes sense of the 3 dimensions of past, present and future (motion, energy and information), which are equivalent to lineal, hyperbolic and informative cyclical vortex in topology; and they do NOT differentiate between the ∆±2 scales of size and time speed, which are the origin of entropy=death arrows (fourth dimensions of space-time, jumping down, << i- two scales in the simplification of information, from wholes to infinitesimals) and social, mental arrows (fifth dimensions of space-time,  jumping up i+2 dimensions).

So what the physicists mean when talking of time as the four dimension? Two things and since we are ‘nice’, we have called the fourth dimension, the arrow of entropy, which they use as the arrow of time, to match ‘magic!’, their reduced view of it:

They use the concept to signify a grand philosophy whereas the arrow of entropy, the fourth dimension of timespace (Ti<<Si-2),  is considered the only arrow of future time, disregarding all other arrows, explicitly those who create information (fifth dimension of social organic evolution of wholes, 3rd dimension of accelerated time vortices).

This is one of the key concepts of the faulty philosophies of science.

Then there is the concept of Einstein, and the formalism of Minkowski, which corresponds to the ‘present 2nd dimensions of time-space’, which is used to study waves such as light is, and present ‘derivative’ minimal quantum changes, ∂t=∂s/∂v.

In that regard Minkowski grand conceptual thought, established a useful mathematical equation of 4-vectors, where the concept that time reduced to a present dimension of space, is useful to study translations in space, with derivatives, which by definition do NOT change state with ‘peak standing points’, and changes of parameters that happen when we move from a motion-state of maximal Space-translation=lineal speed and minimal information-density to a vortex state of maximal information density and minimal translation in space=lineal speed.

Once we understand such conceptual limits of time conception in physics we should 1)discharge as faulty, irrelevant and biased to 1/5th of time changes any entropic grand theory of the Universe, including the cosmic big bang, balanced by accelerated mass vortices (galaxies) that shrink entropy into matter, the evaporation of black holes as they do not travel lineally to the past, hence do not evaporate, and other grand bizarre scheme on reality.

While the fourth dimension of ‘space’ (time concept as a derivative that studies present slice of wave motions), must be understood as what it is a partial, wave-oriented analysis of spatial motions, which in special relativity makes more exact measures of those translations by reducing the total motion by a wave factor of warping, -c²t².

As physics has parameters which can be added as ‘curvatures’ and ‘scattering’ elements to define the ‘informative accelerated, and expansive decelerated’ other two arrows of topological time, in a single plane, relativity as well as other equations of motion in physics do reflect perfectly (even if the concepts behind become blurred) those motions, its topological trajectories and so there is nothing to correct as usual in the processes of measuring of physics. The four vector formalism merely adds conceptual confusion but improves measure in ‘derivative details’. 

Two conceptual interpretations can be done in detail on those 4-vector equations (well beyond this introduction): if we divide its four dimensions in two dimensions of space, Sx, Sz, and two of time, Sy -ct, then we can find many interesting symmetries between the space state (width-length: reproduction-motion) and the time state (height-information, ct-curvature-motion). It is only then when the proper understanding of the meaning of worldlines and light cones, becomes clearer.

The layered 3rd and 4th dimensions. The mathematics of planes of space and cycles of time.

How those planes of existence build their social planes, of space.

Now, there has been much confusion on the meaning of dimensions, since Minkowski grand nonsense in conceptual thought, established departing of its useful mathematical equations of 4-vectors, the concept that time was a dimension of space.

Then properly interpreted, those 4-vectors show truly is a series of Sp=C/Tƒ, and  Sp=Tƒ, maximal, minimal and steady points of the 3 ages and symmetries between space and time. Albeit the time 3 ages/motions are integrated into a single lineal time duration and loose most of its meaning. So for each of those 4 vector equations, its fundamental S≈T symmetry must be studied departing from space-time symmetries. That’s all.

The relationship of time and space in those vectors is thus just one of essential balance and symmetry between the 3 vectorial dimensions of space and the 3 ages of time, sequentially added by duration.

Another expression common to mathematical physics are relations between the fundamental parameter of lineal motion, speed, and cyclical motion, density of an scalar, whose product is the flux of a quantity.

All these equations of dynamics require a specific analysis of which dimensions are seen as dimensions/distances/areas/ volumes/membranes/topological forms and which one are seen as time, motions, rotary or lineal or wave-like motion, and so a lot of conceptual analysis on how the human observer quantity a given space-time symmetry and its dimensions/parameters of motion/distance is needed.

Yet there are generic models which allow us to extract clear formulae of combination of motions and forms in the construction of being. The 3rd dimension of pure form or volume, for example is obtained through the layer accumulation of bidimensional, think membranes along a gradient of accelerated time vortices, from relative max. S x Min. T past upper layers to inner ones, as density increases.

This new ‘dimension of motion and form’, is thus a dual dimension which intersects with the membrane and creates a 4 dimensional ‘vector’, whereas however it should be considered the existence of two densities of form, the gradient towards the center and zero point and the motions within one of the perpendicular, ‘normal’ layers or planes of space, along the time, integrative gradient direction of the vortex.

4 dimensionality must be seen generally as a holography of space-time bidimensional forms with motion.

We can also consider a 3 fixed form dimensions, the 2 of each layer membrane normal to the dimension of the time vortex, its rotary dimension and gradient dimension.

Now what matter is to observe that any of those diverse formulations of an event in terms of higher form and motion, gradient, curl, divergence or any multiple vectorial spatial or time tensor equation to describe the event and form on space-time can be reduced to an interplay of motions of time dimensions and space forms along the rules of 5D, Œ,Æ, non-Euclidean geometry, existential algebra and 5D metric.

In the next graph we see how new dimensions are added by adding 2-manifold layers which create the ‘3rd dimension of depth, gradient, and hierarchy between those layers, established in equipotential surfaces of similar value, which in detail appear as relative ‘planes’ of minimal curvature, as we saw the Earth for millennia:

LAYERSNow the growth of planes of existence has in its simplest mathematical meaning an obvious limit:

it grows in pairs, often of space-time (complex plane of binary numbers), or by superposition in the Cartesian-hyperbolic Plane, of weaves and present space-time systems, of SS combinations, or in a polar plane for TT combinations.

So the Planes of bidimensional numbers permit bidimensional forms, but THERE ARE NOT TRIdimensional numbers. The next level is the plane of quaternions, ‘OBVIOUSLY MOVIN IN THE 5TH DIMENSION’ as it is not-commutative as motions in 4 dimensions are.

So we have a simple guide for the first steps of construction of worlds: to know that numbers are social groups of any kind of points, growing in the fifth dimension, and to know that the complex plane is an space-time plane, where the angular frequency mounting the plane of space, sucks in as i does on the negative square part of it.

In the graph, we can understand better the meaning of a bidimensional Universe in which the 3rd dimension is made by a sum of bidimensional layers where the relative X≈Z>>Y structure extends over an equipotential ‘democratic’ surface clone ‘œ-points’. Then the gradient of a given force or flow of information structure them in the ‘hierarchical dimension’, normally of Height, where the ‘strongest’, energetic point is in the lower center and inversely, the highest informative, most perceptive observer point in the upper layer.

It must be notice though the essential duality of the 3rd postulate of Non-AE: perpendicular motions are darwinian, and parallel are social. So the vital energy herds are structured in parallel, but there should be between the singularity and the membrane, crossing perpendicular networks, invaginated, mostly made of the substance of the hard membrane (golgi channels in cells, electro-magnetic flows guiding matter on Earth, nervous systems on organisms, legal inforcers in nations, which will PREY and control the vital space for the @monad system).

So on Earth, the outer membrane or continental crust hosts its highest informative points, human heads, while the center stores the most energetic=massive atoms, an iron core, probably seeded of high density uranium-lead crystals.

The bidimensional structure is common to all systems, which have an outer thin membrane that breaks the inner vital space and outer Universe. It is not however an absolute concept, as there is always a gradient which allows transfers between layers or social classes, but this osmosis that transfers momentum between them normally is far thinner, slower than the communication between atoms-particles-heads of the same layers.

And so changes of layer membranes require an existential ST effort, either an increase of energy or information (in the inverse gradient of both formal motions). This case is illustrated by the electron ‘plane waves’ which constantly vibrate around the atom (Schrodinger’s equation), but can change layer by an Energy impulse.

Thus in this manner the Universe adds a 3rd dimension of depth that gives volume to a bidimensional system, and also new forms of motion, which the classic model of physics group all together into the concept of the 5th dimension.

Dimensions grow as systems grow and multiply. So paraphrasing cheng-tzu, the Chinese philosopher, from one, Tao, ‘time motions’ comes 2 ‘space forms and time motions’, yin and yang, space lines and cyclical forms’ and from 2 comes 3 varieties of space-time, which give birth to the infinite beings of the Universe.

Einstein’s metric explain the contraction=warping of time-information by a slowing light ray.

Let us now consider the geometry of Einstein, where time subtracts -c²t², considering time ‘i’, -c²x-¹ = +c².

Thus what the Einstein metrics write really is: Ds²=x²+y²+z²+c², and that is ‘speed’ not ‘time’.

But for the non-mathemtical reader, a conceptual explanation makes more sense: we subtract a dimension of information/height of the light wave to the flat line of its underlying neutrino≈graviton scale with less ‘height and more information’; so what the -ct term merely means is that ‘we loose neutrino speed’ and we gain height-wave information, we pass from a pure $-tate to an ST-wave state with curvature taken away from pure speed, as the neutrino≈graviton can ONLY give us information on the distance to the emitter but the wave height and frequency will give us a lot of information.

And then doing the proper S=T equalisation of dimensions, we can use as physicists do all those space-like and time-like cones, knowing height is also a dimension of time information, so  (Sx, Sz) ≈ (Sy, Tƒ) IS the general rule for all systems that makes sense and gives the why to the ‘magic’ of maths.

We though have many times mentioned that special relativity (not so general relativity concerned with gravitation, which is invisible and accelerated time clocks of mass) is a mind exercise of measure to adapt to our constant motion view, the ‘stop-emission of information’ go-wave motion duality particle-wave in which the speed of light is fixed as the emitter and receiver are entangled in the neutrino-graviton scale of ‘action at distance’ and simultaneity, stopped in relationship to each other.

So of course it is a cumbersome formalism with measure uses more than conceptual magic. And here is where the inflationary amount of multiple views to adapt measure exploded in XX c. with computer thought to make every physicist a high pope of relativity science, to the point that the great master, Einstein quipped ‘since mathematicians entered the field of relativity, I don’t understand it’ (:

For example, downwards we have the AMD, my preferred, formalism, where we use bidimensional sheets. But on the upper growth of complexity the description of this complex space-time 4 dimensional system can be done also with quaternions as a single block of timespace.

And so on… but all this is hardly needed fro a human pov of slow beings which do not curve space at c-speed in its translations.

Only the military propaganda of the discoverer of the equation of the A-bomb made the system of our corrupted organism of history convert 4D physics in the ‘summit of all human forms of  thought’  and fog in the process our concept of time. What we were actually told in the height of the cold war is: if this guy gave us the A-bomb to kill all humans it must be a genius because the military ARE the salt of the earth. Lol, the harder they fall.

Cross product, as reproduction of dimensions.

It is then far more important given the blindness on meaning of mathematical physics to enlighten even the simplest concepts as ‘dimensions’ and ‘vectors: space-time bidimensional entities’, ‘numbers=social groups’ and ‘fractal points with growing breath’, etc.

Of course this is an INSULT for our geniuses which as Hilbert did with Einstein, despising first relativity for its simple maths – he was the God-talking man who ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ and set a ‘paradise’ for Cantor’s ‘building up’ of mathematics from the roof down, with its sets and axiomatic method, which denied experimental mathematics and its real units, simultaneous fractal points of space (Leibniz’s monads: each point is a world in itself) and  sequential social numbers of the 4th and 5th real scalar dimensions. So He and Cantor imagined first the units of its axiomatic self-contained, ‘detached’ world of formal mathematics from the top down.

But the TOP of maths is NOT the set or category, constructions of the inflationary human mind, but the Universe itself WHICH IT MIRRORS, so the relationship IS from math’s units, fractal points and social numbers to Universe, the reality it mirrors, through the classic scales of topological networks of points and algebraic causal relationships between social numbers and its scales of ±, x ÷, x²,³…, ∫∂ (continuous operations in the 4th, 5th dimension) and log, ln (exponential death and decametric social growth), which are all the operandi we need to construct reality.

Needless to say Hilbert and Cantor were all about ego. They wanted to be God. So Cantor ended in a mad house literally, and Hilbert when he realized that ‘simple Einstein’ was the ‘thing of the future’ stole his theory which Humble Einstein had sent him to review, improve a bit the maths and published it with his name! And yet today we still live in that ‘Dante’s inferno’ not paradise of those  whose capital sin of arrogance fogs their reason, for wanting to be more than God.

How can then go around studying the ‘hidden meanings’ in terms of its Time§paœrganisms of physics, and its ternary parts and symmetries an equation of physics?

It requires to know ‘mathematical meanings’ better than currently understood, besides the basics of the 10D³=(5+5)D.

5ST³ Dimensional realities observed by ‘4-dimensional’ self-centred @-minds is a fun game of confusions. As the mind is interpreting with its strictly reduced to see 3 dimensions of space and one of time… so there is always a lot of conceptual analysis behind.

A mathematical equation of physics, this said tends to be simple and mostly of the type:

E(st) = K (s) x ƒ (t)

That is the simplest ‘metric equations of the similar concepts: (5s•5t) D=5st D

Equations of physics in that sense are ALL as always in T.œs partial equations of the generator equation of 10D³ symmetries, whereas Γ@, the mind generator equation is an aristotelian, mathematical abstraction and syntax, in ternary symmetric dimensions:

Γ@:  ∆-1: $past potential limbs ≤≥ ∆ø: preSenT- body waves ≤≥ ∆+1: Tƒuture ahead-particles

Whereas the Generator equation of physical systems, as expressed by the mathematical mind, will reduce the whole generator to a series of partial equations, which try to show part of it.

In the fantaphysical world of reductionism there is of course the search for a Unification Equation but expressing only in an equation the equivalence between the four forces of nature, which we have resolved as a trivial case of 5D metric.

What we mean here is a different thing: All what happens as expressed in all languages are mirrors of sub-equations of the generator, and its 3 ‘parts in space-time’, its 3 flows of time arrows, <-entropy, >information, ≈ iteration, and its combined operandi, + -, x ÷, ±³, ∫∂.

So for those who want to understand this section I refer them first to those on organic, vital mathematics.

Let us put a simple example: vectorial mathematics.

Vectors as ST dimensional analysis.

A vector is by definition a mind-mirror in two dimensions of a physical Time§paœrganism, where there is a simple dimension of motion, lineal time motion and of space, often an active magnitude, mass, charge or (light) colour.

So we can build mappings of multiple simple ST-physical forms with vectorial magnitudes, and generally speaking as humans work often with bidimensional magnitudes, one of ‘volume’ of space (which they decompose often in 3 parameters) and one which aggregates all time arrows, there are a lot of meaningful vectorial analysis of the type: 

3 s = 3t

A basic symmetry of space-time dimensions with T.œ meaning for the timespace organism.

Whereas the space dimensions are analysed further in its simplest (not bidimensional topology), one-dimensional height-information arrow, length-motion arrow, width-reproduction arrow, void of all organic meaning, and time is analysed in the ‘future’ arrow mostly or present arrow (Einstein’s relativity) or past arrow (entropic processes), as if all where the same.

So the maths are good, the interpretations as usually poor.

It is then when the most useful ‘concept’ of physics, the concept of a present momentum, represeting such St COMBINATIONS appears, and its ‘conservation’ laws and ‘integral’s (energy worldcycles) allow an analysis of the event at ‘∆-1’ time-space quanta level (the momentum) or in its whole development as a world cycle (energy integral).

Such momentous momentums are then easily interpreted as expressions of ‘actions’ (the quanta of existence of any system), and worldcycles (the whole event when larger than a mere action integrated often as a conserved closed cycle).

The product of an s and t parameter though might be considered depending on the case, as a simple dot product, if one of the two parameters is a mere quantiser of frequency in time population in space, and basically we are just ‘adding up’ social units of an ∆§caling perceived in space as populations that last, in time as sequential frequencies that have little memorial tail. 

Or as a true process of creation of a third dimension, which is the cross product, such as:

S x T = st-Perpendicular new dimension.

Thus the more interesting case is described by the cross product, which to be real must have the two dimensions that originate them, so it must have motion, which becomes ‘reproduction’ as it creates the 3rd space-time present, reproductive, ‘energy’ dimension of physical systems within the same plane, such as S  x  T = ST (reproduction dimension), which is the general translation of the cross product to GST.

A vector that reproduces the system, taking from it motion and form. This is the origin of the magnetic field and in general any growth of a new membrane that encloses a previous scale absorbing its motion and form, ‘cooling’ the inner energy of the system, and as such is how the Universe creates new ‘layers of reality’ and we shall return to it.

In that regard it must be understood as a general rule that:

“sin functions are ðime functions of informative height or time§pace-like functions that reproduce a new combined ternary dimensions  and cos functions are $pace-like functions that flatten and increase the single dimensionality of speed-distances-forces.”

As we talk of the Y-coordinates as time-like coordinates (height-information dimension) and so a sin function = diagonal:st/y:t-coordinates, and a cos-function: diagonal:st/s-coordinates     Sin = st/t    cos=st/s ratios.

While the cross product combines two S, T factors, which form together an ST-plane adding a new direction of reproduction (z-width plane):


In vector algebra, the cross or vector product (is a binary operation on two vectors that creates a three-dimensional space (R3), denoted by the symbol ×.

Given two linearly independent vectors a and b, the cross product, a × b, is a vector that is perpendicular to both a and b and therefore normal to the plane containing them. It has many applications in mathematics, physics and engineering. More generally, the magnitude of the product equals the area of a parallelogram with the vectors for sides; in particular, the magnitude of the product of two perpendicular vectors is the product of their lengths.

The cross product is anticommutative (i.e., a × b = −(b × a)) and is distributive over addition (i.e., a × (b + c) = a × b + a × c).

It also depends on a choice of orientation or “handedness”.

Wave motion.

It is then easy to introduce two simple examples of vectorial physics, one to express the complex dimension of Sxt REPRODUCTION or wave state, and other to consider the particle-field cyclical vortex state.

The first equation is obviously c² ≈ K-urvature=acceleration/µagnetic ‘density’=inertial resistance,

where the field of light reproduction of information is the ratio between the spe accelerated speed and magnetic density of information of the system.

What all this means generally is that a and b are $pe and tfunctions and a x b is therefore an ST ‘new dimensional form’.

This in abstract might sound very general but when we study mathematical physics, we shall see what it means. Consider for example, the field of light space-time:

In the graph, the cross product of the ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC, Tïƒ and $pe elements creates the 3rd dimension of reproductive speed in a light ray, and both are perpendicular to maximise the ‘inner product space’ they ‘absorb’ to reproduce its form in the speed of the wave (disregard the wrong wording, where it says energy should say entropy). Consider the magnetic force F on a charge q travelling at speed v in magnetic field B. (See electric motors for examples of magnetic forces.)

The magnitude of that force is proportional to v and proportional to B, so we need a product of the two vectors. The magnitude F of the force is also proportional to sin θ, where θ is the angle between v and B. Now this magnetic force F is a vector, so we need not just its magnitude, but its direction. That direction is at right angles to both v and B.In this case from the human pov, a being, which uses electronics as information and the gravito-magnetic field as entropy of motion, the magnetic flat field (Spe) x the informative high electric field, equals the ST-energy speed of the system (energy ≈ v²). So the cross product DOES generate a 3rd element, normally st.

Angular momentum

We have considered that certain ratios are of enormous importance as they become constants of the Universe, one of them is the ratio known as angular momentum. As it is the best description of a particle state, with 3 bits of information, the ‘density of information of the membrane’, its ‘speed of rotation’ and the radius to the ‘mass-mind singularity’, thus bringing together the ‘whole’ @ system with 3 simple parameters.

As such IT MUST BE CONSIDERED THE KEY parameter of the membrain-singularity physical system, and as such the unit of the quantum world, h, is measured in such terms, and ultimately mass can also be seen as a measure of an angular momentum, giving us the information about the whole system.

 The angular momentum L (Ts) of a particle about a given origin is defined as: L = r x P

where r (t) is the position vector of the particle relative to the ‘singularity’ tiƒ origin, and P (spe) is the linear momentum of the particle.

cross product physics

Now consider the torque τ produced by a force F about an axis from which it is displaced by r.  The magnitude of that torque is proportional to r and proportional to F, so again we need a product of two vectors; since R is obviously the radius of the Œ-system, related to its singularity, Tiƒ, and F, the membrane in motion that limits the system (its maximal Spe-element)

The magnitude τ of the torque is also proportional to sin θ, where θ in this case is between r and F. (Notice that it, in both these cases, we need sin θ, whereas the scalar product had cos θ). The torque τ is a vector: torques in different directions in general cause rotations about different axes. That direction of the torque (which is often but not always parallel to the axis about which it causes rotation) is at right angles to both r and F.

So we define the vector product thus:
|a X b| = ab sin θ, and
a X b is at right angles to a and b in a right handed sense.

And the beauty of it is that it also has an ∆-interpretation depending on which is the DOMINANT arrow $pe or tïƒ, upwards (so it becomes an informative growing ∆-dimension) or downwards (so it becomes an entropic diminishing ∆-direction).

3 space quantaAnd so we talk of a simple ternary system, generated by a cross product, which in modern maths is better described as the ‘surface’ parallelogram between both.

So the creation of dimensions or its transformation into each other fully defines the construction of full Spe<St>Tiƒ physical systems.

Finally we shall deal with the fifth dimension in physics, when we introduce the birth of ∆nalysis, its formalism, found in mathematical physics, which definitely married both disciplines. And will be our last part of introduction to mathematical physics, as an introduction to the third part of this blog, a review of all physical ∆-planes…

We can in the graph observe how the ‘Rashomon effect’ (different povs and different equations to portrait the same phenomena) and the usefulness of relativity and 4D models, to  illustrate different perspectives and dimensions.

In this case a key concept of both classic and new stience is the angular momentum, which can be seen as the membrane vortex in motion of physical systems, which will be ultimately the membrane of a mass singularity/enclosure.

In the four vector vision, angular momentum IS HOWEVER seen as a ‘quantised’ informative angular surface which shows the perspective of the centre of mass, which ‘absorbs’ a ‘radian’ quanta, h/2 of the force field ‘each slice of time.

So we can see in the relativity=max. mental stilness=max. present view of angular momentum, as a bidimensional triangular, radian plane.

It is then important to consider in much more depth the meaning of the ‘constants’ of action and 5D planes in physical systems, h, k, and.. c…as they will also have different states, as circular motions, (c-speed around black holes, h as spin), as lineal motions and energy parameters (h in e=hƒ, c in e=mc², etc.)

Ultimately our thermodynamic/magnetic world is a ‘vibration’ between the limits of those 2  ‘constants’ of our minimal informative particle/quantum scale, and our maximal speed of motion=reproduction of form, the  constant c, which becomes the constant of scale of the next dark world beyond our Universe…

As the maximal value of reproduction of information of an ∆-1 scale becomes a mere minimal quanta of space in the larger ∆+1 scale where the game starts afresh. So a cell might be a full being in ∆-1 but becomes the minimal quanta of entropy to feed and ∆+1 super organism, and so on.

Let us then go deeper in the meaning of Universal constants, and its multiple roles on mathematical physics.


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