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Rashomon Truths explain the 5Dimensional motions and actions of any spacetime organism and its main ‘entangled’ structures by considering the spatial= informative and temporal=moving sides of reality putting its 5 Dimotions together through sequential, a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ equations that describe the flows of energy and information between its 5 components: ∆ t ≥ S @

The Past is the classic dimension of time that we leave ‘behind us’, but for a full comprehension of the meaning of past, we need in the entangled Universe to relate the past to the 5 elements of all ∆@st of space-time:

  • THE @ mind in its first Dimotion of perception as a seed of information that transforms its memorial past in a mirror of futures.
  • The limbs in its 2nd Dimotion of lineal $t-locomotion, whose simple forms are the young past age of the being,
  • The body, in its reproduction of past beings INTO FUTURE generations to elongate a constant present.
  • The PAST PROPER, entropy, the scattering destruction of information.
  • And the process of social evolution, the inversion of the past, which is only the past because in the cyclical future one all is destroyed in will be reborn again.

So the past proper is the 4th Dimotion of entropy. The past is also the young age of locomotion; and then past are the memories of the mind.

The present is reproduction. The future is social evolution and hardly make sense to talk of them as the past.

Reason why we write:  P: @«$t, where Past is made of memorial minds, «, dissolved into entropy or enjoying the motions of youth, $t.

The past in terms of scales.

Finally in terms of scales, the past are the components that create the whole: ∆-1. Since they must be born before the whole that emerges from them.

And the past is also the young, individual being part of the whole superorganism because its world ecosystem will evolve faster than the individual and so as  the individual ages it will become the past of its whole world, in which unavoidably the individual will lag in its evolutionary speeds

1D: The past of the mind, its youth… its seeds of reproduction, its ∆-1 scales.

The memorial past of the spatial mind is its paradoxical idealization of the age of young free locomotions when the being is fitter to survive, with minimal errors in the reproduction of its cyclical clocks, and recently born still ahead. The past is then the ideal age, the future always the negative one, when the mind learns the ‘perverse’ inversion of its existence that is the third age,

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