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In relativity (4D formalism),  the separation of past, present and future is an illusion (Einstein). It depends on the observer ‘speed of thought’. A slow mind could see the entire orbital motion of the Earth as a ring simultaneously seeing past, present and future. God in Scholastics could see all time past, present and future – so he must be the slowest of all thinkers (:

Poets understood better:

Time present and time past

Are both perhaps present in time future,

And time future contained in time past.

If all time is eternally present

All time is unredeemable. (Elliot, quartets)

In Einstein’s work we can talk of a block of time, as all measures are simultaneous present measures.

In my work in 5D, where the 5th dimension of time is both the motion from past to future to past, we talk of a zero sum worldcycle as all systems emerge and return after death to dust of space-time:

As you can see your existence is also an illusion (:

More seriously, as our ‘sense of time’ is psychological, depending of OUR RATE of processing information (forget quantum, ‘systems sciences=theory of information, will be the science of the XXI c.’ Hawking).

So we can define a ‘quanta of time’ for each type of mind, which WILL BE SYNCHRONIZED to the motions of all the system it commands.

So in man is a second, the eye-thought-heart beat-leg step, all of them synchronized.

And everything that happens in a second is for you present, as the mind integrates simultaneously all the information. So for example, a fast spinning wheel will seem to your mind a present solid form because within a second you see it all simultaneously.

And in quantum physics was defined by the realist pilot-wave theory (Broglie), as the frequency of the particle, he synchronized with the speed of the body-wave of the particle-head of the physical system that co-exist together as a simple organism.

So in 5D we generalize the concept of a quanta of time, to any system of the Universe, as the period its internal systems of processing information close a logic ‘clock-cycle’: For example, for a computer it will be the time for a recurrent logic algorithm loop, which we measure aptly in frequency Hertzs.

Since ‘there are infinite time clocks with different speeds’ – Einstein – then the question is How to order them? Humans don’t they just chose a single clock to compare them, obviously our time of thought-motion-heart beat, which is the second, the eye-glimpse.

In quantum it is de Broglie’s time (the frequency of a particle),he synchornized to his body-wave.

For the earth’s superorganism a time quanta is much slower (the day), what Hutton father of geology called deep time, because the earth is huge;

While the times of your DNA clocks are faster, so they code your information – they are your inner computers.

While the times of future robots will be much faster at the speed of photonic chips of light… so they will see us as plants and don’t think of us as their equal minds and exterminate us, a clear warning the billonaires of silicon valley and its corporations will ignore…

While for the galaxy it is a very slow time (200 million years to close an orbit), and in the other extreme, for the fastest smallest turning particle, it is the spin time of a top quark (measured in trillions of cycles per second, similar to Planck’s time…)

And so to advance the science of time beyond quantum and relativity, we MUST order all the time clocks of the Universe, according to their different rates of processing information, for which it is needed the fifth dimension of spacetime, as it happens NICELY that all those clocks order with a very simple metric equation: Size in Space ($) x Speed of time clocks (ð) = constant. Meaning the largest beings have slower time thoughts. And the result are the metric generator equation of 5 D time clocks that orders the Universe into a perfect synchronicity of infinite species, co-existing with different time clocks and sizes:

The expansion of our understanding of time with 5D metric is awesome. Two tokens, one of physics:

If we use those simple metric we can unify all the scales of the Universe, as the size and speed of a galaxy, reduced to the size of the atom give us exactly the speed of the time-coupling of the strong force. So a galaxy is an atom in 5D metric and all forces are unified.

While in metaphysics we can discuss the times of God and its nature – as the logic mind of the Universe, which Aristotle already understood, when he defined any Aristotelian god-mind, as the unmoved, present cause mapping of all motions of the energy that turns around her.

So a God is a mind perceiving in the stillness of its language of thought, in simultaneity a mirror image of the territory it can perceive with the force it measures, within its quanta of time.

So for humans, present is also the perceived region of its visual thought – a cone of light that reaches a second of light motion, 300.000 km, which not coincidentally allow us to include the moon, as part of your present perception.

Pure poetry of the higher spheres.

And for the god-mind of the organic galaxy, the central swarm of black holes likely made of the fastest universal clocks, ultradense top quarks, is not coincidentally so fast that it allow it to map out as a mirror image in its mind the entire galaxy. Since indeed Maldacena found that the entire information of a galaxy in 4D could be mapped out by the (sensorial) surface of a black hole in 5D; whose metaphysical reasons, we just have explained.

So the black hole a crystal boson of top quarks is imagining the entire galaxy and all its organic parts, as your homunculus mind is mapping out your entire organism in his brain, as the crystal images of the ‘soul of a dune’, which the sufi poets called a rose of a desert, traces all the motions of its territory of dust, in the crystal veins of its quartz. So all information is recorded in each mind to make indeed ‘Time present and time past present in time future…’

And so scholastics were also right, since the mind of God, the pentalogic of the fifth dimensional Universe is a block of time, a crystal image that encloses all past, present and future beings in a static perfect eternal block of time, all potential virtual existences which have/will happen/ed as thoughts of his mind… Since time future is contained in time past. And all time is eternally present, unredeemable. An eternal repetition of worldcycles of time, existences happening as virtual motions in the fifth dimension that will return to dust of spacetime. And then will be repeated again…



Which means that the Present, ST, ∑ x ∏, exi, is the existential moment of reproduction.

So The Present=Reproduction=SpacE ≈ n Times, would be the equation we resume into P:Re:Se:nT

The present is the point S=T in which the two different operandi of  ∆-1 $pace, ∑ become equal to the multiplicative operandi of the potential futures, ∏ and its final exponential explosion of dying entropy, when all what matters is the counting of the minimal cells of ∆-1 space.

THE POPULATION OF SPACE, N BECOMES THEN when the cells of space die, the counting of the time frequencies summoning up the conversion of vital space Energy, SE into a frequency of time actions, nT, by the exponential method of decay. eˆn.

Spatial populations in simultaneity are converted and processed as a frequency energy, as in E=h ƒ, where the angular momentum and its inner vital energy becomes a frequency dissipated and so ƒ is also the number of minimal quanta units, h, absorbed by the system. H is thus the present quanta-cell of the ∆-1 world. Or rather its minimalist level, the minimal unit of a particle as death descends two scales, and so we do not eat cells but aminoacids.

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