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‘ The separation of past, present and future is an illusion’ (Einstein).

‘Carpe Diem’, ‘Live the Present’ Horatius




Present is the dominant function of TIMESPACE the 3rd Dimotion of existence, S=T, reproduction, repetition of form, which in a dynamic way moves the Universe but maintains it immortal.
Present thus is ALL when we observe the whole Universe as a block of time, but only an infinitesimal when we consider it from the perspective of its fastest cycles.
We shall though study Present from several perspectives, besides analyzing it as the FUNCTION OF EXISTENCE, S=T,.
Since IN PENTALOGIC it is easy to perceive its entanglement with all the ¬∆@st components and 5 Dimotions of the being:
3D: Si=Te: First and foremost present is the function of Reproduction, which repeats the motions of existence, making them seem eternal. It happens when the two limits of the being, its pure motion and pure spatial form come together into information and energy (motion with some form) and equal each other reproducing the system.
1D: S@: It is also closely associated to what each mind perceives as a relative quanta of time.
 In a Universe of eternal motions, present has a unit of quantum time equivalent to the period in which a cyclical repetition of an event returns to its original point, making it seemingly unchangeable, as a form of eternal space. AS SUCH the present can transform the motion of time into forms of space, by ‘blacking out’ all the intermediate states. And the slower in perception, the larger being is the more present latitude it will perceive, till reaching the simultaneous perception of its whole Superorganism as a single form of space.

In mind terms It depends on the observer ‘speed of thought’. A slow mind could see the entire orbital motion of the Earth as a ring simultaneously seeing past, present and future (above).

In space therefore present is a simultaneous present organism that puts together those 3 parts into a whole: $T-limbs/fields<Body-waves (Present proper)> §ð(particle-head).
THUS PRESENT is the topological body-waves that reproduce the system.

IN time  present is present (oxymoron) But in mathematical terms, it is a complex function: Past x Future = Present.

Ais both the motion from past to future to past, we talk of a zero sum worldcycle as all systems emerge and return after death to dust of space-time.

In scale, the present is the scale the system perceives, ¡º. Thus present summons up  the 3 scales of relative ∆-1 parts, in reference to the ∆º whole – THE PRESENT SCALE PROPER – inscribed into a larger ∆+1 world:

Thus the present can be perceived from the point of view of the pentalogic elements of the entangled Universe, @-membrain, ∆scales, Time and Space topology.

WE focus then on the 2 key elements, less understood, mind and scales, studying energy in the different scalar st¡ences.

Rashomon Pentalogic Truths explain the 5Dimensional motions, ab. Ðimotions for any spacetime organism and its main ‘entangled’ structures by considering the ternary topologies of S@: spatial=mental informative, ð: temporal=moving, sequential ages and ∆±¡ scales of reality that converge into a ‘reproductive’ present ≤≥ through logic operandi , iterating feed-back ‘generator’ equation of time and space ‘exist¡ence’ for all T.ŒS. Existential algebra studies the Generator Equation in its most general form, putting its 5 Dimotions together through sequential, a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ equations that describe also the flows of energy and information between its 5 components: ∆t≤≥S@

We shall not cease to stress that in the hierarchy of languages of the Universe concepts of pentalogic dimensional nature come first and languages of description, including mathematics next. This is said because the science of mathematical physics has turned for centuries around the ‘equation’ of energy or rather ‘work’; that is, the capacity of translation by means of a force, in tune with the exhaustive exploration of the 2nd Dimotion of Locomotion – the only one physicists care about. Bur energy is much more than that.  And the way to perceive the multiple points of view on energy, in the entagled Universe is once more the ‘Rashomon effect’ of casting the point of view of the other 4 structural elements of reality into the Dimotion of energy (¬∆@ST).

We can then talk of a philosophy of present, the reproductive elements of reality, as all Time-Space Supœrganisms will have to absorb energy to exist and feed the other components of the being. We are not though doing an exhaustive analysis of energy, as it was my original purpose. The web is so large in themes and so few readers that I will be content to just streamline what is written clear enough for future researchers to understand and move forwards.

So the Present does have multiple functions:

3Ð Present as  energy: It is first and paramount the content of body-waves and working classes; ‘sandwiched’ by the ‘membrain’, as in the graph above, and hence NECESSARY for the whole being to exist, last and maintain the ‘parasitic membrain’.

1-5Ð-time-mind view: So for the ‘time-mind’ Energy must be conserved and constantly supplied. For the entropic world outside energy must be the first transformation of its disordered entropic motion, so the being will always parasite the external infinite world absorbing its energy. Energy must therefore be conserved ad eternal in the fractal Universe for its systems to exist. And this is achieved by making it ‘circling’ within the enclosed membrain as the eternal open ball. So energy and closed time-clock like paths are closely related (this is expressed through Noether’s theory as one of the invariants of nature – a term much more telling than the confusing ‘symmetry’ used by physicists).

2Ð-$t view: for the angular momentum, or longest circular membrane of the system, energy is its prisoner but also its sustain, as it is the ‘expansive’ motion of the vital energy what maintains the balance and connection of both parts.  So when energy is exhausted and the membrane is too rigid malfunctioning and not letting the world’s entropy to sip into the body to replenish the lost energy the mind ‘wastes’ and ‘stops’ in its mind views and expels through its axis, the system becomes disconnected in its parts, the membrane warps and wrinkles and…

4Ð-S∂: Entropy settles in, energy becomes disordered, and the being explodes, the energy inside becomes entropy and dissolves in the larger Universe.

So in 5Ð, as there are two limiting elements of all T.œs and all reality, the maximal motion without much form of the membrane and pure form without motion, of the mind – both unperceived (as pure form does not emit information to observe it, and pure motion has no form to perceive); energy becomes the present iterative, perceivable whole, but in fact it is closely connected with both, the angular momentum and lineal ‘will-action-motion’ of the singularity.

Reason why Energy, angular and lineal momentum in physics are the 3 conserved quantities and connected ones.

And so we call ‘kinetic Energy’, combination ‘dominant’ in motion of those 2 other elements and potential energy one dominant in form.


For a present logically to exist there must be at least two bits, two frequencies, 2 cycles of time completed. As present is the sensation of no change which happens when we see the repetition of the same form of time in the same place of space.

So the present starts when the cycle is completed and a new generation of the same world cycle happens in the domain or territory perceived by an outsider observer. 

So present does have a clear meaning in physics also: a cycle of conservative work, an energy cycle that does not spend it.

Energy in that sense stores times.

But how you do it? How a cycle when it closes into itself becomes a ‘tail of time memories’?

In the graph down we put an example of formation of a time dimension above the space of a boson condensate, rising the past above, slowly into an ever smaller vortex of time a tail of time:

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-08-29-05Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.27.07birth f 5thd

In the graph the growing volume of past tails can be seen in two directions of the inverse arrows of time, the past to future and future to past that merge into a present motion in space, a motion in space thus is observed at the point in which the system starts to build up a dimension of time, which of course leaves a memorial population in space, an formative imprinting.

Time tails of memory express themselves in different forms in different scales of the Universe. The arrival of the point of the world cycle to the same place in space at the same form will ensure that in the next cycle in the ideal timespace flow will be ‘dead’ and emerge as a memory of the past, as a flow of information, which curiously enough becomes a cellular bit of energy that emerges, transcends and feeds the next level of size, as information, expanding into entropy through death.

This rise of existence makes possible the existence of new forces in new scales that create a form, a expansive wave, a gradient most often and in this manner, NOT in the inverse way, the smaller being, becomes attached to the flow of forces above it.

How many flows of energy and information, of entropic expansion and informative  attraction and motion in a larger vortex of form, can we found?

Essentially as always we talk of 3 which give us 3 topologies:

Present ≈ Present,               Past>Future,                       Future<Past:

The Past and the future collide, literally in particle-antiparticle events, destroying themselves or Past and future as inverse functions of each other, can also merge into a creative  present.

And this duality gives birth to 3 different lengths of presents:

past x future = Longest reproductive present.

Past>Future (implosion of entropy into information with minimal present).

Future<Past (explosion=erasing of information into entropy with zero present):

In the graph, from left to right the 3 possible outcomes of a past-future interaction:

  • A proper merging in complementary fashion will bring, an evolved past x Future = + present, new form that will reproduce both together a new present offspring.
  • A darwinian process of a more advanced future form, will prey over a less advanced past form, reforming it converted into part of that future.
  • A negative antiparallel relationship will bring an annihilation of both, into a past x future = – sheet of explosive present with no form, as when two particles-antiparticle systems collide. So the final result will be a flow of past.

So the combination of two entities can give birth to a past, a present or a relative future being.


The 3 ARROWS of time are born precisely of the duality of being a growing function and then a decreasing function, as all Systems exist tracing a worldcycle, independently of the ‘awesome immortal’s who can trace back he path in a vibration present, which repeats itslef by alternating the motion of the information towards warping and the motion  entropy to expansion.


Energy as present, merged with information. The 5 Dimotions of timespace. A vital interpretation

The first Isomorphism, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a bosonic form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing together.

$t≥ST≥§ð«$tep by §ðep moving ahead from potential through wave into particle,  moving onto a constant ternary fluctuation we might call a  Simple Harmonic Motion: $t>ST>§ð…

The final step thought, is a dissolving step, « which balances the two motions of information, from youth and limb to body, and then old age/particle: $t≥ST≥§ð…

Energy then is the present conserved main component of the body-wave-working class. And similar to it, there is ‘information’, form-in-action, a combination ‘dominant’ in form. Together they form the S=T, ∑∏, ExI elements of existential beings.

It follows from the Fractal Generator of all space-time beings, energy will be the present central element:

2Ð: $t (moving limbs-potentials) < 3Ð: ∑∏ Body-waves >1Ð: §ð (particles-heads of information)

Thus energy is  the intermediate element of ‘Body-waves’ which are the receptacle of both Energy and Information, which in the acts of ‘present reproduction’, balance each other, and reproduce the being in the point of balance, E=I, allowing the repetition of its Dimotions in cyclical patterns.

To notice also that Energy body-waves are in dimensional analysis the sum of the other 2: 2Ð+1Ð=3Ð, which implies as only beings of equal dimensions can be compared that all yin has some yang, all energy must have both form and motion, 1 and 2 Ð.

And this is ultimately the meaning of the principle of conservation of energy and information of physics: both combine in present body-waves transforming and reproducing each other ad eternal.  So we can rewrite the principle:

‘Energy never dies, it constantly transforms back and forth into different forms of in-formation: ∑ e x ∏ i’

Which is to say bodies reproduce bodies, waves reproduce wavers and cyclical patterns of motion repeat themselves forming ‘closed paths of conserved energy’.

Energy is the most important ‘present’ ‘conserved’ ‘perceivable’ element of reality, in as much as it combines the  invisible singularity and the cyclical time membrane, to reproduce any T,Œs’ actions of exi:st¡ence.

And energy and information are closely related. Since as time passes energy becomes information, as energy keeps repeating cyclical, conserved formal motions.

But then, at the point of death, when energy has become pure form, form explodes back into energy and pure motion. So we could in that sense also consider the zero-sum world cycle of existence of a being, a ‘conservative cycle of energy’.

Physicists of course are not much interested in those things. As a praxis of human power, the discourse about energy is how to obtain energy susceptible of being converted into motion and work. But as we shall show this praxis basically makes them confuse very often entropy and energy and certainly makes a mess of their conceptual understanding of energy and its relationship with the previous key elements of reality.

We shall in that sense consider those ‘work-related’ elements of physics with its proper formulae on the sections specific on physics.

What we can generalize more on physical energy concepts are its principles of conservation.

Then we shall consider the ‘energy element’ in biological systems, the present iterative body.

And finally in sociological systems: the ‘working class’, with its flags of ‘red energy’…

And how the selfish ab=use of the membrain system (financial and military borders in social systems; proteins and DNA in biological systems; angular momentum of dark matter and black holes in galactic systems) KILL the energy of the body.

Let us start then with some considerations of energy in human languages and the relationship between energy and entropy=death.


Non-Ælgebra of timespace. 

In complex ternary universes, the causality is not so clear as it is both deterministic – from a point of time yu can only go, ∆S ∆T (-∆S) and ∆ST (SxT) ¬st (•). So you do have 3+0 possibilities in a modular Universe: passive mental perception, increase of entropy, of information or iteration of both. It is the constant ‘choice’ of 4 equal paths of action/non-action, what determines the future and so it constantly branches into possibilities.

Yet those choices tend to be apperceived, programmed, following the automatic, vegetative or conscious program of survival, which tries to maximise the ∑ExI structure of the being conserving its present.

So the Universe is both deterministic (in 4 branches) probabilistic in the choice of them but ‘played with charged dices’, those of survival.

now we call the algorithm of survival that automatically has been ‘selected’ as the informative algorithm that replicates constantly in the Universe, the supœrganism in space, the world cycle in time, and the algorithm of survival, Max. ∑Spe<≈>Tiƒ, the generator equation, which constantly repeats by performing survival actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, Max. ExI, taken from a balanced background space≈time (st)…

Epistemological and mathematical definition.

st¡ence is ultimately concerned with the existence of beings. How they are generated, live and die, regardless of which are its particular nature – those are the foundational questions, which as Leibniz put it, must have answers related to its ultimate substances: 

Those substances are the energy and information of the being, product of the combination of its motions and forms, which we call ‘space-entropy-lineal motion’ and ‘time-form-cyclical motion’; as form is also a motion, albeit cyclical and hence perceived without detail by a slow observer as cyclical form.

In non-abrahamic ‘tribal, historic religions’, where God is a pre-axial-rational age wor(l)d to signify the subconscious collective of a tribe, God was always considered the ‘form’ or ‘in-form-ation’ that moulded as ‘logos’, the entropic lineal motions with no form, which where the first ‘existential manifestation of the being’.

To exist therefore it was required that from the immortal lineal motions and cyclical forms of the Universe, a ‘drop of yin’ felt into yang and vice versa. And this is the first moment of creation, when entropy, lineal motion acquires its first curvature of time; or when time, the first cyclical form, breaks its closed nature and emits a wave of communication that resembles its form.

We thus establish a generic equation of ∃xist¡ence, for all stiences of space-time beings of all ∆¡ scales of reality, which in a mathematical form, would read: M∫∃xi∂st: Maximize your existence by combining quanta of space and time, of entropy and information ∂s ∂t, into energy (max. s: lineal motion x min. t) and information (max. t x min. s)

2, 3, 4. The real function of existence: maximise body-head, wave-particle, mens sana in corpore sanum.

If we call the body-wave of the system its energy and its head-particle-mind its information, the previous function of existence becomes immediately real, as it merely means  that all systems of Nature try to maximise their energy and information, extracting from its external Space-time world, ‘bits and bites’ of both (∂s, ∂t), while maintaining in balance their body and mind, their particle-head in a complementary state (and their limbs/fields of entropy when they are also attached to the system, which often externalises this component).

The law of balance – synchronicity of clocks.

We have come to a biological mandate of survival, which all systems obey or else they do NOT exist. Hence all beings are existential beings that try to maximise its generator equation, its three parts, limbs/fields< body-waves>Particle/heads. And this is what we write in an acronym manner as the maximisation of the function of existence: Max. entropy x information = energy, achieved when entropy and information are in balance (as e=i maximise the product of both: 5 x 5 >  6x 4…

So a simple equation defines the behaviour of all systems that try to maximise its motions with limbs/fields, its perception of information with heads/particles, switching modularly between both states, to balance them e->i->e, and as a result they also maximise its ‘body-waves’ of energy, interating them along its world cycle of existence, being the ‘energy of the system’, the integration of all its parts, ∫e x i =st, across space, and its worlcycle across time such as:

Eω = ∫ M(e x i ) ds dt = 0

This amazingly simple equation thus resume all the world cycles of energy of all the systems of the universe.

‘To live is to exist, to perform the five actions that ensure your survival and maximise your drives of live FROM birth to extinction:

Max. exi=stº

MAX. entropy (limb motions) x Information (Particle-Head perception ) =ST (MAX. momentum)

Now this IS real. In physical systems is called the conservation of energy and momentum; in biological systems define the actions of top predators and the drives of life; in societies, the way countries maximise their reproductive economy, multiply its people and conquer other cultures…

And its detailed expression means that all systems of the Universe will maximise 5 sets of ‘step by step, bit by bit, bite by bid actions of entropy, information and energy’:

∆a≈-∆e: maximal motion (acceleration≈expenditure of energy)

+∆ø: maximal entropic feeding (energy taking = prey extinction)

ƕ: max. information (+perception, Рcommunication)

∆œ: Max. organic reproduction into an œffspring of new supœrganisms

∆û: Max. social evolution from individuals into Universals (parts into wholes).


In the graph, the fundamental actions of space-time of all beings, performed through its world cycle which can be considered the integral of the function of existence, ∑exi ≈st

So if we were to summarise the whole generator, into three clear equations, we would use the equation of the ternary dimensions of all systems (S<st>t), the acronym equation of existence, exi=st, and the more detailed ‘quantic expression’ of its actions, which put together become a zero sum: ∫a,e,i,o,u ds dt=Eω=0

This expression of the generator is useful because it is a dynamic function of variations and can immediately relate to reality, in a mathematical form. Indeed, if we consider that all systems do perform actions of existence (absorption and emission of entropy, energy nd information in its different forms of motion) by knowing the basic operandi that relate those terms,we give a huge lap in advance. Yet given the vastness of phenomena represented by such a simple function: e x i =s±t, (one of its more common mathematical sub-functions), we have a bridge between GST and mathematical science, we shall explore ad nauseam in those texts.

The center piece of the whole formal structure  of the Universe is thus the world cycle OF supœrganisms or fractal generator, a function of cyclical space-time, which describes a whole ðime§pace cycle in all its perspectives:

Γ.                    U≈∞ [Se≤≥St≤≥Tƒ]∆±∞

Its minute realization is the function of existence, integral sum of a series of actions the being displays ‘bit by bit’ of time-information, bite by bite of space-time energy and step by step of entropic motion. We call that function both in its ‘steps, bits and bites’ and integral form, the function of existence, and simply affirm all systems try to maximise such function.

What is existence is the mother of all questions. And yet the answer is simple: to exist is to act in space and time with the spatial energy and temporal information a being possesses, performing a series of space-time åctions, which allow the system to ‘feel energy-time motions’ and ‘perceive forms-still spaces, and ‘combine them in reproductive clones that will survive the end of existence’.  We call the repetitive patterns of åctions entities follow through its life-death cycles, the function of existence.

When we express the organic existence in space and sequential events in time of any entity of reality through human logic and mathematical, verbal and digital languages, we acquired knowledge on existence.

This knowledge is NOT necessarily human ‘scholar, scientific, academic, religious, social or artistic knowledge’. Humans have an enormous capacity to ‘invent’ using the ‘inflationary properties’ of information (which being an accelerated vortex of form explodes into ‘information’ that might not be related to reality). In that regard humans show an enormous capacity to invent existential theories, which are subjective and anthropomorphic but respond not to the reality of the Universe; where all systems perform the same ‘Program of Existence’.

Tƒ formalize this equalization of all systems of nature, we do define 3 scales of ‘existential space time’:

The simplest level in which systems made of vital spaces and temporal particles/heads, absorb and emit spatial energy and temporal information, combining it into åctions of existence. This is the æ,e,ï,œ,û ‘åctions’, the minimal units of reality, which become cyclical trajectories through space-time in which an ‘Active Magnitude’ or ‘point of existence’ exchanges energy and information with the outer ‘Absolute space-time World’ in which he is confined.

Each of those åctions of existence performed by Œ, the given function of existence, performed towards the survival of the entity and its form beyond its finite duration can be studied as a separated event. And this is how mostly physics acts: describing trajectories in space-time (without studying its survival biological finalities), of points of existence.

The second level is the study of those points of existence by integrating all its åctions. We then can define any entity as a knot of cyclical åctions of space-time, whose content in energy and information, becomes organized into ‘cellular/atomic parts’, which establish a complex organic pattern with 3 parts, the |-limbs/fields of lineal momentum, the O-heads/particles of informative perception and the Ø-bodies/waves of hyperbolic iteration.

This second level of awareness of reality and its structures thus studies how the existence of individual åctions of space-time become organized into the patterns of survival and social evolution, which define the more formal, complex structure of the Universe, till the system emerges as:

The super organism, the fundamental function of existence of the being. This is the whole study of the being, both in time, as a world cycle between birth and death and in space as a super organism extending across several layers of planes of the 5th dimension.

Thus in this first Isomorphism, resume of all others we merely expose the entity, introduce its space-time functions and translate its knowledge by classic science into the isomorphisms of relational space-time. And all this is embedded in the particular variety of its function of existence:

Œ: Se<ST>Tƒ

The function of existence, as such, œ, is the first element to define regarding the isomorphisms that apply to all systems of the Universe.

Once we have defined this function, œ(s,t), all other elements of the system will be found.

The complexity of the definition depends on the generator equation of the space-time fractal we decide to use.

A simple one is the ExI=C,  (Space x Time parameters = Constant), fundamental equation of relational, isomorphic space-time (∆ST or TS, the most widely symbols used in those texts, which represent both the isomorphic Space-Time theory and the Timespace, present iterative, reproductive, hyperbolic dual function that represents al systems of the Universe).

The function of existence, ∆ST, œ, ST, Se<ST>Tƒ, or whatever other way we want to represent it, is the central element of all descriptions.

Existential algebra, thus is a first for all systems that learn to exist.

Existence vs. extinction, through a world cycle made of åctions of existence, æ,e,ï,œ,û that exchange internal energy and information with external space and time, constantly going forwards and backwards in those flows is the whole game.

So it is also the first fact we must confront when ‘doing Spence’, that is, when studying the different, complementary systems of spatial motion and time cycles, across any of the U=ST planes of existence of the Universe, each one studied by a ‘stience’, is to ‘set up a domain’ or ‘ST±∆’ world or ecosystem in which to define and study a Superorganism and Worldcycle –  an Œ Point of existence.

We thus need to define the parameters of the U∆≈ ST system in its outer parameters of Space-Speed and Time-density, which can be deduced from different fundamental constants:

  • Constant, reproductive Speed, (Se x Tƒ of the absolute space-time)
  • Curvature Constant (gradient/acceleration/field strength: α/s) or the similar concept of:
  • Density (ρ: Tƒ/S)
  • Action (Se x Tƒ: Energy x Time constant)

Those are examples of possible Observables that can be used to deduce the fundamental parameters of the medium.

The internal parameters of the system will then be in proportionality with those of its absolute space-time, from where it obtains its energy and information. And so we shall find:

  • Time-speed of the vital system, which will be in synchronicity with the rhythms and åctions of the world system
  • Energy metabolism of the vital system, also in relationship with the energy cycles of its environment.

Once we have the fundamental parameters of speed-space and time-information of the system, externally and internally, we can further consider the main symmetries and ‘states’, and dimensions of those parameters, for the specific variety of species we observe.

And to that aim, we will start to tabulate its external åctions and frequencies.

Tƒ exist, to observe, move, feed on energy, reproduce information and evolve socially from part into wholes, by performing cyclical åctions of space-time in that external Universe… the study of this pattern, ‘function’ of ‘5 åctions’, ‘reality’ as a dynamic whole, infinity of ∑æ,e,ï,œ,û vowel languages…

There are so many ways to express it as varieties of real isomorphs in the Universe.

Tƒ be made of Vital Space, Se and time Cycles, Tƒ, as to create a feed back polar equation between 2 systems, Se<=>Tƒ, which exchange energy and information with the external Universe, Sp x Tƒ ≡ ST±4…

Existence becomes in this manner a function, a world cycle across a Universe of an entity that performs åctions in space-time of cyclical nature, and it is itself made of a myriad of inner motions of space-time, as a ‘particle≈knot of time cycles’.

Such knots of time cycles, Œ, are rotary maximal volumes in minimal space of logic crossings, between those time arrows that appear as a modular ‘I’, which fluctuates in its apparently moving, but rather fixed from an Tƒ∆+1 points of existence, knotting the will of its æ,e,ï,œ,û cycles

We all feel free as points of existence, but are just knots tied to the cycles of space-time we acct in the external world.

one and first isomorphism of all beings is that they exist and their existence is perceived as systems of energy and information, placed in a larger reality we call space and time. So in this section we shall deal with the relationship of the 4 elements and the properties of ‘existence’, a very wide theme which scientists completely escape given the limits of their models of reality (reduced to a single artefact of space-times, the Cartesian plane, and a single language, mathematics of continuous space). We have though a much wider perception of it all, difficult to transfer I know to other people. But that is the purpose of this web. ‘Translator is traitor’, still we will try to give you a vision of that much more complex reality, starting for the simplest concepts.

Symbols for Internal Time x Space and its åctions of existence vs. External Time/Space and its motions.

We use for internal, finite, ‘fractal’ space and time (in as much as its sum gives us the absolute space and time), two composite symbols:

Sp or Se, for finite, fractal quanta of space with lineal speed.

for internal time cycles.

And so we can affirm that internally all systems of the Universe experience time cycles, and repeat cyclical åctions, thanks to its lineal, vital space, its fields and limbs of energy that put together create its internal space-time, which is fundamental to their existence, even if it is not described by the absolute external space-time of Cartesian, Newtonian physics.

This lack of a proper understanding of finite internal space-motions and time cycles, in the context of the wider external world-Universe of absolute space-time has deeply broken the unity of science and the understanding of the ‘whys’ and ‘existential processes of creation and destruction of finite vital space-times. So we understand in depth the background space-time of the Universe (first through the studies of Galilean Relativity, then through Einstein’s relativity metric), but we have yet to define clearly what is the ultimate substance of beings made of internal space-time, as we no longer use those terms to analyze the ‘rotational vortices of time’ called masses or charges, the spatial motions of speed, the lineal and cyclical momentum, the circadian or logic time cycles, the limbs, and fields, that is the different varieties of relational space-time, which put together create the ‘physical and biological systems’ of the Universe.

So the Earth is a cyclical space-time created by the rotation of its mass; you are a series of circadian time cycles and åctions that create your vital space-time. It is that internal space-time, of which we are all made, what physicists with its external description of motions of space and infinite lineal time have forgotten.

Physicists thus created a short of Universal ‘abstract coordinates’, the Absolute External Space-time where scientists plot the internal cyclical åctions of species, which live through those inner time cycles that trace in their cyclical motion and occupy a vital space/time – the essence of a being.

Thus the inner ‘being’, its cyclical time åctions and its vital space, which move in cyclical patterns is ignored and studied only externally.

And time is described as if it were always an outer infinite time plotted over an external infinite spatial frame of reference.

When in reality there are infinite beings of finite internal time cycles and finite vital spaces. This more accurate description of reality is called a model of ‘relational, fractal space-time’, of which we are all made.

Internal, vital spacetimes cycles are conceptually and quantitatively more complex than external space-time, in as much as there are an infinite number of varieties of internal vital spaces and time cycles, and that is the reason we will need many more similar symbols to define those varieties.

And that is also the reason why models of internal space-time have failed to become standard science. A complex machine is more difficult to describe and more fragile, with all its internal parts than a simple lineal, continuous sword. But we cannot give up on the understanding of complex, internal vital spaces and time cycles. We just need to systematize them and organize their varieties with simple mathematical and logic rules. We have observed a fundamental rule, hidden by the ‘simplification of time clocks into lines’:

The inverse geometric properties of lineal space motions vs. cyclical time clocks, which divided all forms of the Universe in Open Lines, Closed clock cycles and in its infinite curved combinations. And this is the fundamental element to classify ‘space quanta’ and ‘time cycles’, the 2 formal motions of the fractal space-time Universe. So from computers able to define all what exists with O and |, to geometry which can obtain all curves, called conics from a cone, which is a cycle moving along a line, to conservation principles of cyclical and lineal momentum, kinetic and potential energy, from ‘one’, the whole absolute Spacetime Universe, we could say it is born an explosion of infinite lineal and cyclical motions of space and time.

And then we shall see, this ‘geometric inversion’, becomes a general feature of all the different varieties and properties of lineal space vs. cyclical time, which are inverse. So time cycles are inward motions, which become ‘physical vortices’, charges and masses that last in time act as the ordered clocks of time of nature that store the information of reality; and space motions become outwards, expansive, explosive motions that create space, in fast big-bangs and entropic, disordered motions.

But, and this is the beauty of it all, lineal and cyclical motions constantly combine its properties and forms, and motions into complementary beings of space-time. And that dynamic combination of two inverse beings, from lineal male bodies expert in fast expansive, big spatial, energetic motions, and cyclical female bodies, smaller with more form and expert in reproduction of information, to physical systems made of energetic waves and informative particles is the essence of all the existential systems of the Universe.

So as we define absolute spacetime as ST, we define the systems made of complementary fractal, internal space-times with a combination of those symbols:

(a system dominant in Temporal cycles, Tƒ), Se (a system dominant in Lineal spatial energy);

Se x Tƒ = K, Constant… as both systems together form a constant space-time.

s x t =ST (iteration), as the combination of energetic space and temporal information causes the ‘space-time åctions’ and reproduce the waves and systems of reality.

ExI=ST, which is the acronym for the function of ‘existence’, that is the combination of internal and eternal space-time whose interaction defines the existence of all beings.

/ x O : Ø, which is a geometric description of those combinations.

As we learn in depth the duality of space and time in the Universe all those more profound varieties, combinations and properties of space and time will start to dress with meaning our analysis. In that regard, internal space-time is more an ‘Aristotelian, qualitative’ analysis than a ‘Platonic, Mathematical analysis’ of reality.

But the beauty of ‘relational, scalar space-time’, and General Systems theory, the mathematical, logical model and Philosophy of Science developed in this web, is that both, the qualitative and quantitative, the Aristotelian and Platonic, the Vital and Abstract elements of reality are studied together.

And so we write:

∑ Se (internal Space with Speed and energy) x ∑ Tƒ (cycles of internal Time with information) = ST (internal present, iterative time cycles) ≈  ST (absolute external Time).

As it happens this equation that relates internal and external time, can be written in a simplified ‘acronym’ as ∑ Sp x Tƒ = ST, whereas we call the internal Space with energetic, lineal motion and its organs (fields, limbs), Sp , and the internal Time cycles and its organs (particles, heads) which carry the information of the system in the form and frequency of those cycles, Tƒ.

This simplified ‘version’ of the equation of internal and external space-time can then be ’read’ as the acronym of the essential function that all systems perform: It Exist.

Thus we call the function of all the systems made of internal space-time that perform åctions in a larger external space-time, the function of existences.

We shall use the symbol œ, Œ for the Function of Existence, a composite of the time cycles, Tƒ, and Spatial Energy, Sp, which put together create the systems of the Universe, or in geometric terms, of the O-cycles and – _- spatial, lineal motions, which put together create the systems of the Universe. Ultimately I chose the symbol because it is available on all qwert keyboards and rarely used in science. It will also be the symbol of the mathematical Unit of Relational, Fractal, internal, vital space-time cycles, the ‘fractal, non-Euclidean point’, which ultimately is what we are all in mathematical terms, ‘a point of space-time’ with inner parts, fractal parts, which becomes larger the closer we come to the point.

This function of existences, of beings made of internal space-time that move externally, tracing åctions and cycles in a wider ‘world’ of external space-time, is likely the most important equation of the Universe, as it puts together the 2 great fields of analysis of space and time, the inner, changing cycles of life beings and systems made of relational space-time and the outer motions and åctions of those beings in a relative absolute space-time, we call ‘its world’ or ‘Universal Plane’ (W or U or ST).

Thus the function of existences shall show how the interaction of internal and external space-time defines the EXI=ST-ENCE of all beings, each one a variety of ‘fractal, relational space-time’, a variety of the function of existences.

On  the function of present existence,  Max. exi (s≈t), and how it creates systems through actions that combine yang-energy-motion and yin-information into balanced maximal standing points of a world cycle, where the system will try to maintain itself by sharing advantageously entropy and form with the external world, trying to iterate its information, making it survive.

The universe indeed conserves information as a fractal constantly reproducing ‘island-universes’,fractal space-time beings whose structure simplified mentally into the concept of a generator equation with 3 topological motional Spe < St>Tiƒ, self-centred in a point of max. information or TIƒ mind, spread over a field of entropy, which it transforms through space-time actions into a hyperbolic body-wave…

This being, the supœrganism (ab. œ) is the fundamental particle of the Universe, considered in time as a world cycle, in space as a simultaneous, co-existing supœrganism, extending in 3 ∆+1 scales of relative size and speed of cyclical informative clocks, in the 5th dimension.

We are made of actions of space and time, of energy and information, ExI in relativity, Ex T in quantum physics  Se x Ti = K, in the metric of the 5th dimension. This much we know since Planck, though few philosophers if any has explored in depth what it means to us.




God in Scholastics could see all time past, present and future – so he must be the slowest of all thinkers (:

Poets understood better:

Time present and time past

Are both perhaps present in time future,

And time future contained in time past.

If all time is eternally present

All time is unredeemable. (Elliot, quartets)

In Einstein’s work we can talk of a block of time, as all measures are simultaneous present measures.

As you can see your existence is also an illusion (:

More seriously, as our ‘sense of time’ is psychological, depending of OUR RATE of processing information (forget quantum, ‘systems sciences=theory of information, will be the science of the XXI c.’ Hawking).

So we can define a ‘quanta of time’ for each type of mind, which WILL BE SYNCHRONIZED to the motions of all the system it commands.

So in man is a second, the eye-thought-heart beat-leg step, all of them synchronized.

And everything that happens in a second is for you present, as the mind integrates simultaneously all the information. So for example, a fast spinning wheel will seem to your mind a present solid form because within a second you see it all simultaneously.

And in quantum physics was defined by the realist pilot-wave theory (Broglie), as the frequency of the particle, he synchronized with the speed of the body-wave of the particle-head of the physical system that co-exist together as a simple organism.

So in 5D we generalize the concept of a quanta of time, to any system of the Universe, as the period its internal systems of processing information close a logic ‘clock-cycle’: For example, for a computer it will be the time for a recurrent logic algorithm loop, which we measure aptly in frequency Hertzs.

Since ‘there are infinite time clocks with different speeds’ – Einstein – then the question is How to order them? Humans don’t they just chose a single clock to compare them, obviously our time of thought-motion-heart beat, which is the second, the eye-glimpse.

In quantum it is de Broglie’s time (the frequency of a particle),he synchornized to his body-wave.

For the earth’s superorganism a time quanta is much slower (the day), what Hutton father of geology called deep time, because the earth is huge;

While the times of your DNA clocks are faster, so they code your information – they are your inner computers.

While the times of future robots will be much faster at the speed of photonic chips of light… so they will see us as plants and don’t think of us as their equal minds and exterminate us, a clear warning the billonaires of silicon valley and its corporations will ignore…

While for the galaxy it is a very slow time (200 million years to close an orbit), and in the other extreme, for the fastest smallest turning particle, it is the spin time of a top quark (measured in trillions of cycles per second, similar to Planck’s time…)

And so to advance the science of time beyond quantum and relativity, we MUST order all the time clocks of the Universe, according to their different rates of processing information, for which it is needed the fifth dimension of spacetime, as it happens NICELY that all those clocks order with a very simple metric equation: Size in Space ($) x Speed of time clocks (ð) = constant. Meaning the largest beings have slower time thoughts. And the result are the metric generator equation of 5 D time clocks that orders the Universe into a perfect synchronicity of infinite species, co-existing with different time clocks and sizes:

While in metaphysics we can discuss the times of God and its nature – as the logic mind of the Universe, which Aristotle already understood, when he defined any Aristotelian god-mind, as the unmoved, present cause mapping of all motions of the energy that turns around her.

So a God is a mind perceiving in the stillness of its language of thought, in simultaneity a mirror image of the territory it can perceive with the force it measures, within its quanta of time.

So for humans, present is also the perceived region of its visual thought – a cone of light that reaches a second of light motion, 300.000 km, which not coincidentally allow us to include the moon, as part of your present perception.

Pure poetry of the higher spheres.

And for the god-mind of the organic galaxy, the central swarm of black holes likely made of the fastest universal clocks, ultradense top quarks, is not coincidentally so fast that it allow it to map out as a mirror image in its mind the entire galaxy. Since indeed Maldacena found that the entire information of a galaxy in 4D could be mapped out by the (sensorial) surface of a black hole in 5D; whose metaphysical reasons, we just have explained.

So the black hole a crystal boson of top quarks is imagining the entire galaxy and all its organic parts, as your homunculus mind is mapping out your entire organism in his brain, as the crystal images of the ‘soul of a dune’, which the sufi poets called a rose of a desert, traces all the motions of its territory of dust, in the crystal veins of its quartz. So all information is recorded in each mind to make indeed ‘Time present and time past present in time future…’

And so scholastics were also right, since the mind of God, the pentalogic of the fifth dimensional Universe is a block of time, a crystal image that encloses all past, present and future beings in a static perfect eternal block of time, all potential virtual existences which have/will happen/ed as thoughts of his mind… Since time future is contained in time past. And all time is eternally present, unredeemable. An eternal repetition of worldcycles of time, existences happening as virtual motions in the fifth dimension that will return to dust of spacetime. And then will be repeated again…

Which means that the Present, ST, ∑ x ∏, exi, is the existential moment of reproduction.

So The Present=Reproduction=SpacE ≈ n Times, would be the equation we resume into P:Re:Se:nT

The present is the point S=T in which the two different operandi of  ∆-1 $pace, ∑ become equal to the multiplicative operandi of the potential futures, ∏ and its final exponential explosion of dying entropy, when all what matters is the counting of the minimal cells of ∆-1 space.

THE POPULATION OF SPACE, N BECOMES THEN when the cells of space die, the counting of the time frequencies summoning up the conversion of vital space Energy, SE into a frequency of time actions, nT, by the exponential method of decay. eˆn.

Spatial populations in simultaneity are converted and processed as a frequency energy, as in E=h ƒ, where the angular momentum and its inner vital energy becomes a frequency dissipated and so ƒ is also the number of minimal quanta units, h, absorbed by the system. H is thus the present quanta-cell of the ∆-1 world. Or rather its minimalist level, the minimal unit of a particle as death descends two scales, and so we do not eat cells but amino acids.




3 PARTSAll systems are modeled in a single ‘∆-plane’ with ternary elements: a vital energy enclosed by a membrane that isolates the system from the external world (or angular momentum if we perceive its ‘dimotion’ in time) self-centered into a seed/mind of information (or attractive particle-point, when perceived as a ‘well of motion’).

This ternary ‘ideal structure’ can then be studied for each different system, but in all of them, the purpose of the vital energy enclosed by the system is to iterate the whole T.œ; as it will merge in its body-wave, the external entropic motion and internal information, allowing the reproduction of the forms stored in the ‘mind/seed’ of pure form with the motions provided by the membrane, which absorbs from the ‘external world an excess of entropy that the ‘informative seed or mind-mirror’ will reorder and imprint with it form.

So the interaction of the vital energy of the system with its enclosed membrane and central mind-seed is essential, reason why the 3 elements and its different parameters (conserved angular and lineal momentum, and energy in physics) are closely related.

This is the wider conception of energy, which then must be studied in detail in its social, re=productive working class, biological, reproductive body class and iterative physical waves and matter cycles. Since energy in physical system mostly adopts a wave configuration,  in biological systems, is stored by the body and in social systems is associated to the working, middle class of the social ternary structure; showing that ultimately function matters more than form, as time-functions are the same for the 3 types of energy but its forms and detailed equations obviously not.


The complex interaction between Energy, Existential Momentum, and Active magnitudes across the ∆±I scales of the being.

All this said, what makes mathematical physics  so interesting for 5D is that its simplicity and ideality, as it studies the composite elements of Galatoms, the most perfect, efficient forms of the immortal Universe, is that it gives us the best ‘first course’ on the simplicity of reality – either because it is that simple or because humans reach from that point of view so far from ours, the bare essence of the game, as we construct our mind-view of reality (objective or subjective point of view on the Universe-world).

I am on the opinion of course that it is the mind of man which reduces the properties of galatoms to mere mathematical ones, in its simplification of what we see. In any case, the graph above is the simplification of that simplification:

All T.oes will have a ternary structure: a singularity sitting on the ∆-1 plane, connected to a territorial membrane made of more or less dense angular momentum/cyclical time dimotions, parting the being from the outer world.

And as such we shall need 3 ‘parameters’ to define even the simplest being: An ∆-1 singularity, which externally will direct the lineal ‘Aristotelian’ motion of the being with its subjective monologic as a monad; connected to a membrane, which is the sensorial mapping of the ∆ø plane of the being, encasing a vital energy, which DOES NOT ULTIMATELY BELONG TO THE STRUCTURE OF THE BEING which essentially is the singularity and the membrane, and so in many systems might be discharged and retaken, allowing for a clear flexibility of the system.

Indeed, when an electron is in orbital state, it stores a wave of ultra dense light bosons that form its nebulae of ‘forces’ with the help of the gravitational and electronic cage it enacts with the central mass-nucleon structure. But when the electron is moving it shrinks to a particle point of pure charge, and regardless of mechanon science with its usual dogmas of truth that don’t verify, it looses many of the properties of the static electron-proton system encasing a vital energy. The ENERGY does belongs to the ‘external world’, in which the complementary wave-particle, electron-nucleon system preys. It is THE FIELD of forces.

In a territorial animal, while the territory seems to be part of the being (in man the property) and it is zealously guarded with a ‘border’ frontier-membrane, in man its homes and financial account storages, in animals an invisible circle of pheromones, in nations an armed border, this territory might shrink or grow without ‘destroying’ the singularity-new border system. Only when the border disappears, the system is clearly impaired. But even then the singularity exists, though it will clearly live an entropic chaotic age unless it reconstructs its property, border or territory.

Some systems in which the body-wave and particle are intrinsically mixed though will die away – such is the case of a cell when the protein border is broken. Others will survive, such is the case of erratic stars when the planetary and Oort border breaks away.

So in 5D as all is vital, organic we cannot make clean-cut monologic definitions on the entangled pentalogic Universe.

This means energy is many things. In a healthy system, it is the vital energy or ‘present’ (time view) enclosed between the singularity, or ¡logic mind that defines the being and its membrane (Oort, Halo, electron, protein, military border, skin, territorial pheromones, home, etc.). Energy is then ALL WHAT IS within those two limits, but it can be rescinded off BECAUSE IT COMES from the ecosystem in which the being exists and can be replaced.

So Energy is constantly being transferred between the being and its larger world; and ultimately if we measure it in that larger world is much bigger than the membrane-singularity complementary being it stores within it but if we measure it inside the being, it must by force have lesser ‘existential momentum’ or at least an equal momentum to the complementary singularity-membrane for it to be hold. In practice as systems hate horror vacuum, that is they try to maximize their existence, growing and multiplying ad maximal, the vital energy of the system is ‘about to burst’ – the young being has a tight expanded skin and its singularity-mind ego Paradox keeps jumping to extend its territorial order.

And this means most systems in its ideal mature age of maximal existence will be defined by a simple equation, which in a single plane will write:

$t(membrane of maximal entropic lineal form) + ð§ (singularity of maximal information) = ST (vital energy body)

But this equation in a single plane, where ‘summands’ are possible, can if considered for a two plane system, in which the vital body is not so connected but rather:

$t(membrane of maximal entropic lineal form) x ð§ (singularity of maximal information) = ST (vital energy body)

Why the product? In Non-Æ Mathematics, we already noticed that multiplication ads an entanglement at the lower level, as a system of x and y parts, will have when each x part connect to an y part x • y ‘axons’ or lines of communication. So a system of 3 and 4 parts will entangle in the ¡-1 level with 12 ‘lines’, which will ‘carve and break’ the ¡-1 disordered particles/cells of vital energy it controls.

This in more complex systems means the physiological networks that connect the membrane and nucleus/brain of an organism are invaginated and separated by a series of ‘fractal networks’ (blood, digestive-lymphatic and nervous system) which converge in head and sensorial membrane to fully control the entire system, in fact touching ‘all cells’ with the fractal broken branching of the 3 physiological systems that control it.

So often we find that the equivalence takes place at the axon level such as the $ð system and its 3 networks will connect with all the cells of the ST system and its 3 vital need for information, work orders and food provided by the nervous, hormonal and digestive systems.

In pure ideal mathematics we say that the connected lines between the singularity as a ‘prime polygon’ reflection of the outer membrane breaks the vital space within it in a similar number of forms. Son in the graph, if we consider the prime in space as an ideal regular polygon of undistinguishable points and sides (7), whose lines, make a singularity mirror image in its center, also of 7 sides, the ‘carved’ cells of the vital space within them will roughly be 7 x 7 pieces of vital energy, all of them touched by both, the singularity and the membrane.

Further on, all this entanglement of the 3 parts in function and form, can it be written, as ExI=ST, the function of existence, as the concepts of information and mental space and Entropy=pure motion and Time are closely related.

Hence our acronym, exi=st¡ence, which really summarize the need of a balance between mind-skin and body enclosed for a system to exist.

The fundamental difference between the sum which happens in a single plane of existence and the product which happens in 2 must be stressed enough.

Sums are herds of similar beings which are not entangled. Products are ONLY sums of sums, in reproductive processes, which are rare in nature. Indeed, when we indicate m x v to define momentum, obviously the speed has NOT clearly reproduced the mass (though we shall see in lineal terms this interpretation as the most clear, but at the lower plane), but entangled both systems. So a product is an entanglement at ¡-1 in most cases, a sum a herd gathering in a single plane.

And this has multiple ¡logic implications.


PRESENT in its energetic form, is often confused with entropy in physics. So we shall clarify this error in more detail.

Energy in 4D physics.

This said we come then to the real world of physics with its 3 concepts of an Active Magnitude (@) often seen as lineal momentum, by its monologic of motion,  since the mind and its angles have no dimension (0 dimension) but its actions imply a motion which can be measured by, v, a conserved angular momentum (ð) rmv, and the enclosed energy.

It should then be truth that v x rmv where r is the radius of diameter 1=1/2, must give us the energy of the system in the way humans parametrize those elements:

v x 1/2 mv = 1/2 mv² = Energy, magic! 😜, it is truth.

It follows then that the conservation of lineal speed and/or momentum (the singularity), angular momentum (the membrane) and vital energy carries to the fractal Universe albeit now as a proof of the conservation of infinite TIMESPACE beings.

Entropy is  ‘death of energy’ into scattered motion when it looses its form, and often confused due to the lack of understanding of the = equality static symbols of physics that should be either ≥ ≤. In essence energy is a bounded state, and entropy is the dissolution of the bounded state which explodes the motion, looses the form and then part of that motion is used by an external system to re-form it again and causing new energies to be.

So most often the process of ‘trans-formation’ of energy requires a ‘death trip’: Energy << Entropy (¡-1) > Feeding>Reforming> new Energy.

Because entropy=death lasts only a quanta of time, entropy happens very fast, settling in with the fastest exponential negative growth function in mathematics, eˆ-kƒ, whereas K represents a constant parameter that measures the minimal unit in which the form degenerates (cell, atomic particle, radiation) and ƒ, the time quanta we measure the decay.

Energy functions on the other hand have a more ‘limited’ value, as they cross a single plane. So we operate them with integrals or re=productive symbols, ∫∂, x

Energy is more ordered than entropy and has more form than locomotion – it stores it, mainly in the dimension of width. So often energy is brought about by vectorial dot products, energy is stored in the fat of your transversal belly.

And energy needs to have a form close to you (biological energy will then be amino acids). And in that sense it is the ‘inverse of entropy’, which dissolves form into scattered motion two planes below: S¡<<T¡-2 while energy is the arrow that brings those microscopic parts back into the reconstruction of the whole through feeding.

Thus, the main verbal error of verbal language and physicists is to confuse…

entropy and energy, as in E=mc2 where E is clearly entropy, m, an informative time singularity, and c2, the energy wave proper or radiation observed in an atomic explosion, which carries the heat and energy.

THUS we tend to ascribe energy to entropic motions in the common language, that is lineal motions without form. I.e. we say men have a lot of energy; not so, they have entropy; WOMEN DO have reproductive energy, motion with form. Men tend to be entropy<>information; time-latitude.

As energy is the whole world cycle of PRESENT momentum, product of past entropy and future information, in physical systems speed and mass integrated through the entire world cycle of motion of the being.

In GST terminology:

  • Space≈entropy is pure motions without form. 0 form is beyond perception; hence it becomes DISTANCE (thus dark ‘entropy’, NOT energy). IT is BEYOND: dark space; action at distance (∞ speed, no information, simultaneous distance; etc.)
  • Time cycles are pure form without motion as they are closed inwards forms, which from a distance become fixed 0-points – no perception, scalar quantities, etc.
  • Its combination have energy (space with little time) and information (form in action, form with some motion); also called ‘actions’ of ‘entropy and time’.
  • Disclosure, I have little energy, pure form without motion ):

Physics does define proper E-equations. It does not define proper concepts. And this is a HUGE problem to fully streamline reality, which I also commit purposely so often in past texts, when i cared so much to spread this work. SO MY WORK CONSTANTLY CONFUSES AS HUMANS DO, PURE FORM WITH IN-FORM-ATION (energy, with little motion) and ENTROPY WITH ENERGY (Entropy with little form).

Sorry if any AI or human does read.

Now i don’t care, (reciprocal with humanity). So I will try to do the more exact ‘4th paradigm of stience as it is’, and stop the confusion of terms.



ENERGY can be considered to time what momentum is to space. Momentum is the unbounded small STep by STep motion of a system.

Energy ‘integrates’ the system through a period of steps that complete a worldcycle of time (conserved energy the most important one, or else energy becomes unbounded entropy).

In that regard, due to the S=T symmetry (a distance can be perceived as a motion, a population as a frequency). Energy can be perceived as a population storing the capacity of motion (potential energy) or as a motion in the making through a frequency of ‘STeps’, (kinetic energy).

Energy is also cyclical as time is. So by definition it must be conserved because it IS in terms of the duality paradoxes of ‘Galileo’ (open vs. closed, lineal vs. cyclical, continuous vs. discontinuous) the ‘long sum’ that makes an open lineal momentum step close its final path and make it cyclical and continuous).

Energy and time and Momentum and Space then, as Noether’s theorem on symmetries (albeit conceptually so messy that still physicists don’t understand it), explain:

Lineal Momentum is open space steps, $t, Energy is the closed §ð longer final cycle that will iterate=repeat itself. In between angular momentum…

Can then obtain energy from momentum, as its proper integral sum? Well essentially in mathematical physics, ∫mv=1/2 mv² defines then in terms of lineal momentum energy as its integral upon a path of motion; that is converting steps in space into a sum over time.

What makes energy so fundamental is precisely to enclose within its ‘open ball’ all other elements that be generated as its ‘limiting center and membrane’. But precisely because energy has both limits, it does have a cyclical path, as an unavoidable conserved state. Energy in 5 D thus is closer to the concept of a magnetic ‘field’, or any system which never reaches the point-particle: ∇E=0, a theme discussed when we analyze the maxwell’s equations.

Yet when we apply the pentalogic or ternary fractal energy to energy, obviously we shall distinguish 3 types of it, more leaning towards form (potential), motion (kinetic) and rotation (rotational). So because energy can give origin to all other forms, there is a ‘particle-like’ energy (potential-position energy), a wave-like energy (translational), and a rotational-time like energy.

Further on energy IS the perceivable element:

Space is entropy-no form-thus it appears to us as pure distance-vacuum, open res extensa. Its inverse is time, pure cyclical form, with no motion, self-centered and closed, into a vortex accelerating inwards – hence does not transmit information outwards.

So energy (Max. s x i) and information (Max. i x S) ARE PERCEIVABLE, AS THEY CAN BE COMMUNICATED WITH WAVES.

Pure time-form does NOT communicate as it is in fact an inward accelerated vortex. So it is non perceivable (black hole), and pure entropy has no motion, it is vacuum and it is not perceivable.

Philosophy: logic, verbal language.

Energy we state, is closely related to information, as expressed by the principle of conservation of both: ‘energy never dies, it trans-forms back and forth into different types of in-form-ation’. It is then when any of those 2 elements, motion and form is lost that energy degenerates. But often before reaching that limit it revers towards more form or more motion seeking balance. And this is the origin of so many balanced concepts in which different conceptions of energy and information came together, in human philosophies of the Universe:

E x I = K, meaning the fusion into the coincidentia oppositorum, of the 2 complementary elements, sides of the same coin, information and energy or expresed in gender terms.

This means that the particle-entropy unbalanced male S<>T contrary to believe has less ‘energy’ than the informative, reproductive female, which embodies better the concept of balance:

Taoism: Best poetic definition of the balance of energy and information:  All yin has a drop of yang. Yin without yang does not exist, yang with no yin does not exist. When yin becomes pure it disappears. So does yang.

Now, in classic taoism, ch’ang, is the function of existence, so honouring the highest expression of the game, we define, an acronym equation:

To exi≈st, where e x i is the vital energy of the system, matched to the external world and internal mind, ∆t and §,  is the verbal expression of the generator, where the 3 elements of the generator acquire a verbal mode.

So instead of $t >∑∏>ð§, we express the ternary symmetry in terms of a singularity, or §ð, a body-wave of entropy and form, mixed into energy and information, and a Space-time field from where the body extracts its forms.

So , to describe the actions that from the point of view of a mind-singularity, to, perceive a body-wave, of entropy and information, exi, riding as a space-time being of energy a field that sustained it. Tº≤ex i ≈ st

In terms of 3 ages and world cycles.

Thus all what we see is energy and information, but the process of ‘a world cycle-energy zero sum.’ has 3 phases as all:

Thus SxT combinations are energy (Max. $ x Min. ð: youth) and information (Max. ð x min. $: 3rd age). So Energy is S=T, present mature age.



In physics (ALWAYS USEFUL TO CLARIFY GST for the pure perfection of mathematical logic): a closed path with 0 gradient change does NOT spend energy. It is equivalent to a world cycle of life and death.

WHY? Both return to the 0-point of origin (∆-1 in world cycle; same ∆-1 background space-time field in physics). All is virtual (philosophical corollaries).

In terms of ternary space-topology.

Pure Space (membrane) and Pure time (singularity), connect through energy and information (minimally combined=vital space) and finally fully merge into an ei, st being:

S….. T > e≈i  > exi

Hence our equation exi (s=t), as the function of existence. Since to be implies to mix both together – connect entropy and form.

∞ examples:

As in gender: wo=men do re=produce; repeat present.

Corollarium: death disconnects them. 3rd age: selfish singularity moves inwards; growing, expansive entropy-skin grows outwards, wrinkles. Aging is breaking the connection through the present vital space. All corruptions who do NOT care for the vital space, body, wave, re=productive working class KILL the system. 

Advice: focus on body, give you present existence≈happiness is the ‘language-reinforcement’ of present-iteration. Orgasm IS the no-time passing, present, vibrating. Closed physical paths LAST: STANDING stationary waves can be eternal back and forth. Open ones disorder into entropy.

So we do have always the same structure:

Past Limbs/fields of past entropy < connected through present body-waves of exi >relative future  particles/heads of time-form, which however leaks minimally into relative past scales and future wholes of the 5th dimension… Thus nothing is immortal.


Through a different non-euclidean geometry. THE ABSOLUTE GEOMETRY OF THE UNIVERSE. PURE CONGRUENCE.

Teaser. When i found it, I finally rested. I finally found the last thoughts of God, worth to explore it.

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