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5D immortal Universe: Reality and Time=Motion: Worldcycles of Existence.


Introduction: Cyclical Time vs. Lineal time: 2 models of the Universe.

5D Space-time Organisms.


  2. Seeds of Time Space-organisms.
  3. Existential Spacetime. Its Fractal Generator.
  4. Bidimensionality. Vital Constants.

III. The 3 Physiological networks.

  1. Emergence.
  2. 5 Actions
  3. 6 Species.

VII. Life cycles.

VIII. Its phases.

  1. Social scales.
  2. Planes of existence.
  3. Transcendental Gods

XIII. Entropy=Death.


  1. Time in physics: from Galilean, to special, to general to Absolute relativity.

Physical Worldcycles. How the Universe looks with the duality of Entropy and in-form-ation.

The worldcycles of existence and its 3 scales of time.

The worldcycle of galaxies: from seminal birth to big-bang deaths.

The 3 ages of Earth: Gaia (life) < History (Man)> Machines (Metal-earth)

The 3 Biological Worldcycles.

Palingenesis. The seminal cell. The organism: life and death. The species: 3 horizons

Social Worldcycles.


Economic worldcycles.



“Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.  Hermann Minkowski



The papers to be postedbuild up an Encyclopedia of Space-time organisms in Exi:St¡ence’ – each science studying the species of one scalar space-time plane of the fractal Universe. All will be described with the same scalar laws of 5D cyclical time and fractal space, introduced in the first 30 pages. So we shall write for each ‘stience’ from quantum physics to the galaxy, through biology, history & economics, and the formal stiences dominant in space (Mathematics) and time (illogic papers on the Universe=reality as a whole) 5 ‘dimensional papers’ for a total of ±30, each one to become time permitted a 300 pg. volume. This is the work plan.

As that won’t happen likely, time being of the essence, I had prioritized the most important and neglected of all organisms – that of mankind in time=History, which is fairly well done, and that of the Universe=reality as a whole. While the last to be posted is the less important and more developed by huminds, physics. Since I release copyrights ‘rights’, any University can take upon the project whenever they wish to complete the encyclopedia of stience in ±10.000 pages, connecting all stientific laws to the simple trinity and pentalogic laws of the 5D ∆ST Universe. They certainly could do a much better job that I will…f they learn first 5D. L§


Content of this paper.

We study time in 5D stiences – the whole worldcycle of existence – for those interested in the big-bang, entropic end of galaxies at the scalar level, we have just posted a new paper on the Universe and Entropy and Physics and entropy, with all the material previously hold in this paper. As a false theory which only deals with the final ‘time quanta’ of death of the galaxy is NOT worthy of occupying so many pages on ‘the Universe=Reality’ (this is the meaning of those papers, NOT the cosmological Universe, but ‘ALL WHAT EXISTS’), which will deal with the entire 5 Dimentional motions of Space-time; that is, the whole worldcycle of existence.

This paper will study the Universe in time, which is the sum of ∞ worldcycles of life and death of space-time organisms. One of those worldcycles, the life and death of galaxies, confused with a larger NON-EXISTENT worldcycle, the life and death of the Universe (or big-bang) is studied first in great detail, as it is the current view of ‘Lineal Time’ about the nature of reality.

In that regard the difference between 5D and 4D in time is obvious: in 5D time is cyclical as all the clocks of time are, and further on, because a time clock closes space into an inner and outer form, ‘dissecting it’ (first law of topology), there are infinite time cycles and broken vitl spaces, included within it. This gives the Universe a scalar form, and so the question about the big-bang observations is obvious: as we measure everything in local galactic terms: it is the big-bang a galactic cycle or a supposed cycle that affects the entire Universe.

Once this theme is resolved, we shall concentrate in a much wider discipline – the analysis of the time=change NOT only on physical systems but in ALL the biological and social systems of the Universe; as all of them obey the same disomorphic (equal form) laws of time. Let us then introduce first cyclical time and how its creation of a Universe of infinite time clocks and space scales, whose metric forms the 5th dimension of the Universe structures reality, as it gives us a very different worldview of the Universe using the same data of astrophysics.



The Universe is a fractal that reproduces organic=scalar systems of Space=form and time=motion: ∆ST. So we write a ‘fractal generator’ Max.∑ SxT (s=t)… that defines an eternal present state of time between 2 limits, of absolute TT-entropic motion and SS-still mind form. In between exi=st¡ences are just ‘stientific variations’ that combine both into fleeting exist¡ences repeating its wave patterns of ST reproduction as they travel through 3 scales of a fractal fifth dimension.

Time thus is immortal and 5D the only synthetic philosophy of science that provides a blue print for a model that can explain all what exists departing from a single ‘cause’: scalar spacetime, ∆ST.

Yet because the immortality of time is caused by the ‘memorial’ capacity of its motions to acquire repetitive forms, tracing cyclical spacetime patterns, reproduction is the name of the game, and so we expand biologic laws to every other system of science. This makes biology the most important of all sciences to extract laws that can apply to other disciplines, specially those of social sciences, as humans are living beings and the study of economics, the physiological re=productive network of human societies, and politics, our informative nervous network and the Earth, our territorial vital space, is just a prolongation of the evolutionary arrow of social organisms.

Why all this is not understood and 5D has such a hard time within scholarship must be ascribed to egocy problems (Ego=idiocy) and the peculiar self-centered way in which minds perceive the Universe selecting information from its point of view. Man likes to be the ‘only’ vital, superior species. And so biology as all other sciences has been a constant fight to abandon the egocy paradox and take man away from the spatial, temporal and now in 5D ‘scalar’ center of reality. Arguably the true objective scientist has never succeed as he opposes the natural tendency of man to relapse into self-importance that makes him happy.

So even in biology sentient life was limited to humans, and slowly expanded to animals; only now we start to accept sensorial plants, even ‘sensorial’ water that under stress breaks its S=T patterns of beauty. And the same happens with the origin of life and reproduction, which only slowly was given to cells, then to DNA, next to RNA but has not yet been accepted for ‘replicons’, autocatalytic sets, nucleotides, etc.

And certainly in the brief period I attended ISSS (Systems Sciences Society) and gave as the chair of duality (the science that explains reality precisely from two opposite poles, in 5D space and time), conferences on the ‘first living’ species, the particle that replicates, gauges informative forces and evolves socially into atoms, people politely avoided laughing at me. And yet particles ARE the first bricks of life.

The arrogance of man of course will have in due time its penalty in the action-reaction processes of evolution, as man depises the living Universe so it is constructing robotic machines soon with AI telepathic brains and autonomous solar skins that will prove 5D truth in praxis – by taking the already very obvious competition with man in labor and war fields to its final biological states. This was a theme that obsessed me for so long as I remember taking me to activisms that further hindered the acceptance of 5D among peers. At this STage of my life though I am in a calm, Nirvana mood and all what I will attempt on the Academia.edu account is to transfer in a readable form thousands of pages of studies in all the ‘scalar Stiences’ of mankind with the principles of Organicism, before Life parts away. There is no purpose, agenda, hope on those papers, just the naked truth of 5D which is by far the only present philosophy of science able to explain reality even if humans like the fox of the tale can’t reach out to the vineyard, because it has been for long gathering so much data with ‘computer AI’ (algorithms of information, the true meaning of Artificial intelligence) that cannot compress in a single brain and synthesize all that data – expecting a computer perhaps to do it in the future. The good news is that a humind did it. But the work is incomplete – the links between detailed data and the synthetic 5D model only partially done, much work left for future generations of the human or metalkind.


The organic Universe.

Systems sciences are based on the alternative philosophy of science to that of mechanist physicists and its only entropy Сmotion, called organicism. Let us try to explain why only organicism is a scientific truth.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe. The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton. Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines as we were made to the image and likeness of God, God created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism on the other side is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and we shall see in our sections of history, gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, another scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

We mean by an organism a simple system not to confuse with the most evolved, complex human organism, reason why so many people, having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept: An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move and reproduce (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their survival actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This dual system is the minimal, fundamental particle of the Universe. Since even machines are organisms.

A machine is an organism of metal fast evolving through the customary ages of all organisms – in the XIX c. ‘humans’, who catalyze their evolution did its bodies of metal, then its hearts-engines, in the II Industrial evolution, then its metal-minds in the XX c. and now in the Industrial r=evolution 4.0 put them together in organic robots.

So mechanism, the underlying philosophy of physical sciences, is a simplex version of organicism. It is not man who resembles a machine, but the machine, which is made to the image of life organisms:

Why then organicism remains a fringe theory, to mechanism, even if it was the first theory of reality put forwards by Aristotle, the father of the experimental method and logic science, in his magna opus the Organon?

There are cultural reasons – we live in the age of the machine, which has substituted man, an organism, as the measure of all things. But the deepest reason of them all is the fact that to make an organism we need at least two ‘Сmotions’ or ‘motions of time’, entropy, locomotion, the one used by physicists but also information, form-in-action, formal dimensions, which physicists have always ill-understood, to the point they call it negentropy, the denial of entropy.

Only then when we properly define information and add it to the mix, we will have the required elements to refund philosophy of science on far more rational, basis, that the present ‘mixture’ of mechanism and creationism (either of verbal language as in religions or digital languages, as in the religion of mathematics).

But what is entropy and information, in simple terms? The answer is obvious: entropy is motion, and motion is time, change. And information is form, and form is dimensional space. Time=motion and Space=dimensional form become then the two substances of which all what exists is made, and in their analysis we must start our inquire about why indeed the Universe and all its parts are a fractal super organism of time=motion=entropy and space=form, made to the image of its whole.

5D universe. The metric of organic scales: faster, smaller parts code larger energetic wholes.

When we google the 5th dimension one gets surprised by the quantity of speculative answers to a question, which is no longer pseudo-science, but has been for two decades a field of research in systems sciences rather than physics (: no, the answers of google, considering the fifth dimension the upper-self etc. seem to be very popular, but are to the science of the 5th dimension more like a medium in earlier XX c. talking about the 4th dimension as astrological awareness, for lack of understanding of Einstein’s metric equations of 4D).

This is the key word that differentiates pseudo-science from a proper scientific description of a dimension of space-time, the existence of a metric equation that describes a dimension and allows to travel through it. Why the 5th dimension metrics are not well known in modern science has to do with the fact it is not researched in physics but systemics, the mother discipline of all sciences of information, far less popular than physics; and the proprietary feeling physicists acquired on space-time matters since Galileo defined its 3D metric equation v=s/t completed with Einstein’s 4D formalism, which makes difficult to spread the knowledge on space-time acquired on other disciplines. The arguments still raging about evolution, the fundamental theory of time in terms of information, as the ‘arrow that defines’ the future of species but has nothing to do with Relativity and locomotion is a clear case of that difficulty.

Indeed, we know since the XIX c. that the creation of the ‘future time’ of an existential entity is not ONLY mediated by the arrow of locomotion and entropy studied by physicists with Relativity Metrics (Galileo’s V=s/t and Einstein’s more complex formalism), but there is a second arrow that defines the ‘future’ of existential species – the evolution of its information. So time – the changes=motions that defines the existence of any species, has at least 2 dimensions, locomotion or ordered translation in space and a more disordered version, entropy (scattered motion that ‘dissolves’ the inner form of the system, akin to death)…

And in-form-ation, generation of form, inverse to entropy as it requires the social gathering of parts into wholes; happening without external locomotions, as an internal trans-formation of form. This evolution of organic form as opposed to external change is what Systemics calls the fifth dimension of time that applies to all sciences. Those 2 poles of reality are the first principles of any scientific inquire, even prior to the languages of time-motion, logic and spatial forms – mathematics, that better mirror its laws. Look around yourself, everything that you see is a form with inner or outer motions. Those are thus the 2 primary elements of reality; which mind languages perceive mostly by reducing the scales of the fifth dimension and its motions to the minimal possible to fit it all in the mind ‘equation’:

O-mind x ∞ Universe of formal motions = Mental world – reduced mirror of the Universe.

So while the humind (ab. Human mind) will reduce the whole reality to what fits in its infinitesimal space and reduce all the scales to the human scale, and reduce all time clocks equalized by our synchronous second (limb steps, heart beat and eye-glimpse/thought), reality is far more complex. And if you are not humble enough to realize that even the highest huminds have simplified the Universe to fit it into our mind, and simplified its clocks of time to the entropic, lineal view of our visual-dominant mind, and projected its entropic, violent lineal view, into his grand theories of the Universe (from entropic big-bangs, to dog-eat-dog Darwinism to Euclidean maths of points with no breath, no internal parts) you will not be able to expand your view of reality with the huge upgrade of these papers.

So try to concentrate not in your learned ænthropic theories based in the reductionism of the mind (with man as its anthropic center, and our lineal entropic view of time-motion as the only arrow of the future).

Specifically in systems sciences we model reality as an organic fractal of relative size scales, that evolve from parts into larger wholes, from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, matter states and so on till reaching the Universe, shaped by social and organic networks coded with information.

In the graph the Universe is a fractal that reproduces ‘forms with motion’, informations and then organizes them in networks and systems that evolve into larger organic systems creating the scalar structure of reality.

Thus we call the sum of all those co-existing scales of parts and wholes the fifth dimension.

Thus reality has a final key feature overlooked for too long: the co-existence of all those systems of space and time in several scales of relative size from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy that put together create a dual scalar ‘4th and 5th Dimension of parts and wholes, which we shall call the ‘social dimension of evolution’ and the ‘entropic dimension of dissolution’.

Mathematically then it is necessary to find a metric function to define this new dimension of spacetime. Since a dimension only exists when we can write a mathematical simple metric that leaves the dimension invariant when we change our parameters of space and time – hence we travel through it. (Klein).

This function, as all space-time metric functions, is simple. So we write using ð for cyclic time instead of t:

$ (Lineal Size/ Space Volume) x ð (cyclic speed of its time clocks) = C¡: Constant Plane of timespace (ab.∆¡)

But how we travel in ‘size’ in space and ‘speed of our time cycles. Here is where the biggest discovery of 5D comes into play: We travel through the worldcycle of life and death, as we are born in a smaller seed with faster time cycles, evolve as an organism coming out in the ∆º-scale within a larger world of slower ‘Deep time cycles’, to die back dissolving our information again into cellular space.

It is the same process in all 5D journeys of all species that live and die travelling through 3 planes of 5D space-time; from the smallest black hole that is born with an enormous ‘metabolic temperature’, to the new species, routinely born as small individuals (first mammal rat, first robots with small chips; first human likely the Homo Floresiensis, who had the same morphology and used technology and likely spoke, etc.) Then a reproductive radiation multiplies the seed into a larger herd of clones, joined by emergent physiological networks whose slower ‘entropic, informative and reproductive networks, create an ∆º supœrganism that lives tages and dissolves back into ∆-1.

So 5D adds to the 4D formalism of worldlines, a dimension of growth, shaping the worldcycles of life and death. Reason why we call 5D metric the function of existence, because its multiple ‘solutions’ are the origin of all the varieties of Space and Time beings, there are – a whole family of functions.

As we keep exploring in depth, 5D metrics and its associated concepts of Space=form and Time=motion in all its varieties, we shall see it is the origin of multiple ‘solutions’, a whole family of function, from where we shall derive most of the logic relationships and particular equations of each science.

In the complex models of existential illogic, we derive all the particular equations of each science from it.

Even if physicists stubbornly refuse to treat information with the same value than entropy. So they call it negentropy, and when you give a conference on the fifth dimension – the dimension of ‘creation of social forms of information, of organic wholes’ – there are no physicists on attendance; the metric of the 5th scalar dimension that unifies both parameters, spatial information and temporal motion is the essential equation to explain the fractal, nested Universe and its scales, in graph. It is the equation we shall use to improve our knowledge of space and time in all sciences. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time (ab.∆) defines 3 known scales of physical systems, with different quantity of information according to 5Ð metrics, Sxð=k.

Those metrics means information is higher in the smaller ‘quantum plane’ than in the larger gravitational one, and inversely the size of its physical parts is larger ins the Gravitational cosmological ‘plane’ than in the quantum one, with the human thermodynamic scale in-between.

But as there is no reason to stop the scales of the fractal in particles and galaxies, there is a ‘potential’ fourth, ∆±4 organic plane defined ‘above’ the galaxy, (∆+4, dark energy world) and below the quantum world (∆-4, Bohm’s quantum potential), which represents the larger cosmos.

Further on, according to the fractal, nested principle any larger organic system, encloses smaller nested systems. Thus the Ʊ4 cosmos contains Ʊ3 galaxies, which contain Ʊ2 solar systems and planets, which contain Ʊ1 thermodynamic organisms and matter states, described by the human Ƽ mind languages, contained on our brains.

In the complex models of existential illogic, we derive all the particular equations of each science from it.

So according to those metrics, smaller systems in space have faster time clocks. And as information is stored in the frequency and form of those cycles, smaller systems have more information, coding larger ones: genes code cells, memes societies and particles’ quantum numbers code atoms and molecules.

We shall use the metrics of the 5th scalar dimension to explain the fractal, nested Universe and its scales, shown in the graph. As 5D metrics balances the survival and symbiotic existence of all parts of the Universe, and all parts of a super organism, and defines ‘what codes information’ – the small being, and what codes energy- the larger whole, establishing the ‘harmony’ of all the scales of the Universe, and explaining all its fundamental constants which are ratios between spatial volumes and informative clocks of temporal energy.

5th dimension metric and the nested super organisms of the Universe.

It follows from a nested structure and the search for creative, organic balances, a symbiotic relationship between the ∆-¡ smaller parts that have more speed of time clocks, which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems. And the larger, ∆+¡ larger envelopes, membranes (static, dimensional view) or angular momentums (dynamic view as time=motions) which have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any system of the Universe.

For example, chips become smaller as they evolve into faster brains. Every 2 years a chip doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension. The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner. And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more energy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming super organisms.

Thus bigger systems paradoxically are ‘supported’ by the smallest ones, in the same manner than within the nested planet, bigger mammals (whales) eat the smallest animals (Plancktons). The reader should in that sense be prepared to accept many paradoxical laws of the i-logic structure of a Universe with 2 inverse dual arrows, entropy=absolute motion with no form and form=absolute information with no motion, bearing in mind that the key bio-logic concept behind those paradoxes is ‘coincidentia oppositorum’ a ‘thirst’ for balance between both extremes of ‘Black=form and white=motion’ in its infinite shades of grey.

Why this law is so important? Because it balances the survival and symbiotic existence of all parts of the Universe, and all parts of a super organism, and defines ‘what codes information’ – the small being, and what codes energy- the larger whole, establishing the ‘harmony’ of all the scales of the Universe, and explaining all its fundamental constants which are ratios between spatial volumes and informative clocks of time.





Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics and denied the obvious truth that we can know the future because it will repeat the causality of the past, and we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive. Of course, lineal and cyclical time render the same equations as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclical time, are ginormous and the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, erased by lineal time, a handicap for humans to truly understand the cycles of history and economics, the ‘deep time’ scales of the fifth dimension, and the whole workings of super organisms and its physiological structures. HUMANS ARE SO below the minimal understanding of those ultimate principles of nature that one has to play the ‘alien scientist’ to fully explain mankind as it is.

Time is what a clock measures’ ‘Time curves space in mass’ ‘I seem the only physicist that think there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’. Einstein

A Universe of ∞ time clocks of different size and speed differs from its human description with a single mechanical clock-time to which all time clocks of the universe are equalized, elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks). As Galilean physics, born of ballistics, simplified the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best cannonballs locomotions:

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics before understanding cyclical time so they postulated a lineal inertia, and a single entropic arrow of time, and when this was applied to other sciences, many los their capacity to understand the future which will repeat the causality of the past. , And we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive.

Lineal and cyclical time render the same equations as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclical time, are enormous, as we regain the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, origin of the laws of science, which would not exist if there were not cyclical patterns; including the cycles of history and economics. The most important of them being, the fact that a time cycle breaks reality (1st knot theorem) in an outer and inner region, creating a membrane that encloses a vital space, the ‘substance of which we are all made’.

We have a description of reality – a fractal system made of topological organisms of cyclical space and time which close its ‘internal vital point content’ with the entropic limit of those time cycles, in its vital territorial body-waves, synchronized symbiotically by 5D metrics. As we are all ultimately ¬∆@St; dust of space-time.

There are 2 forms of time, long lineal Time and ‘short’ frequency steps we integrate into the larger whole; because there are 2 ±¡ scales of 5D reality whose metric, SxT=∆±¡ defines larger space systems as having slower time cycles. So we can always consider the frequency of time the ∆-¡ ‘quanta of time’ or ‘finitesimal derivative’ of the larger whole represented with the concept of lineal time; as in the classic formula, S=ƒ(t) l(s) . The whole Space can be measured, Vt=S with lineal time as a single unit, or it can be measured as a sum of frequency steps, with more detail. But if we see those 2 ‘forms’ of time, as ‘lineal energy and cyclical information’, since information is stored in the frequency and form of time cycles, we can then consider that ‘time=motion’ splits in two essential forms, lineal motion or ‘energy’, and cyclical motion or ‘information’, and express the main law of science, the principle of conservation of energy in terms of the conservation of time=motion in its two varieties that transform each other ad eternal:

‘All what exists are time motions that transform between lineal open and cyclic closed forms ad eternal: SióTe’

This sentence is the simplest expression reality as a constant game of transformation of ‘spatial information’ (cyclical time) and temporal energy (lineal time) and was first understood by Taoism, where ‘tao=time’, is composed of yin=cyclical form and yang=lineal energy, today expressed as the principle of conservation of energy. Its ‘mathematical, logic’ formula is Si<=>Te & and its logic form, exi=st, is the function of existence.

All what exists is a part of a cycle of time, seen as an open length or lineal motion but ultimately all can be built as point-lie cycles vibrating in different forms of motion, and gathering in herds of social motions, and topological forms/curved geometries. And when we assemble them together with the ternary principle based in the existence of only three topologies in both a 4 and 5D universe, we create ‘organic ensembles of beings’ with the functions/forms/arrows of time we all display in our actions of survival and existence.

As a result of this building up of fractal beings made of space quanta and time-cycles we have a fractal scalar Universe, where smaller systems run faster cycles than larger ones:

The Universe is built with cyclical dimensions of ‘in-form-ation’, form, by adding time-cycles in different ways. So the first three dimensions can be considered generated by the motion of a point, vibrating up and down; or vibrating around a cycle, which then rotates as a cycle generating a sphere, or alternately rotates in a larger cycle creating a torus. A ‘physical example on how those topological Ðimotions of the Universe ‘ensemble’ to become beings, is the concept of a quasi particle – a state of collapse of wave-motion into particle-form.

What is time. What is the Universe.

Time is any kind of motion=change. Because reality is made of only two elements, time=motion and space=form, and each of its fundamental elements is a holographic bidimensional element, (which we will prove as soon as we define properly the principles of relativity) it is easy to reduce the varieties of time to ‘4’ combinations, according to its dominance over form TT: internal and external time=motion; Ts: external motion without change in the internal form or locomotion, TS: energy that balances form and motion and St, information where external form is maintained but there is internal motion. Only one of the 5 ‘dimensional motions’ (ab. Dimotions) of the Universe, SS: still seeds, minds or languages lack change and time But even them in practice have small changes (minds that absorb information, St>SS; or seeds that germinate). This said what humans call time is basically Ts, locomotion and what they call the arrow of time is TT-entropic motion; which are partial forms of the whole range of changes in the Universe. So Time analysis is very poor even in the so-called geniuses of Time studies (Einstein, etc.)

Time is also defined often in terms of 3 dimensions, past, present and future, which are related to TT-entropy (past, death, devolution of information), ST-energy (Present, iteration) and future St-information and SS-eeds and minds. Why we associate the 3 human dimensions of time to those 3 dimotions will be clarified with more rigor latter. Essentially TT kills a system as it disorders and erases its information so it is a relative past form; SS-eeds and SS-Minds evolve in the future or control an organism’s future deciding its paths and so they are the relative logic future of a system, and ST-balanced energy is a conservative zero cycle or iterative cycle that repeats a form in space as if time will not change. Why then if humans understand so little about time, the people who measured time locomotions (physicists) believe they know it all about time? The answer is in Kant’s work that explains how a priori concepts of time and space underlie all other forms of knowledge, and are not doubted. Humans have a lineal view of time which is not doubted, and so those who studied this particular form of timespace dimotion (physicists, notably Galileo, Newton and Einstein, through the principles of relativity), have come to be considered colossus of science – even if they studied only one of the 4 Dimotions of time. Since their concept of time was wrong. Let us see why.

Local Past=Entropy, Present=Iteration and Future=Information in zero-sum worldcycles.

‘The separation between past, present and future is an illusion.’ Einstein

Of all the consequences of cyclical time, the most important is the existence of infinite local time clocks of which we are all made, which therefore imply the existence of infinite local past, present and future states.

Past then means a system with less ‘form’, less information, which slowly acquires a dimension of height-form, as it completes its cycle to return back in the moment of death to an age of no information. This ‘worldcycle’ of existence, which creates and erases information becomes then the equation of ‘trinity’, the 3 local ages of life, which each of us follows as a time-space supœrganism:

Entropy-youth (relative past) <Energy-mature reproduction (present)> 3rd age of In-Form-ation (relative future)

In physics is equivalent to the dual equation of Einstein: EóMc2, which reverses when E, which should be properly considered ‘Entropy’, as it is a disordered state, collapses through gravitation into Mass, a cyclical vortex of space-time; while its intermediate state is c2, radiation; the relative present:

Whereas the past is the beginning of a pi cycle, starting as a line of entropy with no form that curves and raises in height in its second state of present, and returns back to its origin in its future 3rd age of information, completing a 0-sum of life and death. Thus instead of a single ∞ lineal absolute time there are ∞ living cycles of time happening in zillions of entities.

All worldcycles of existence are the same, and all return when all energy is spent converted into form, through death to its initial state. So the cycle closes with an entropic big-bang that erases the information of the being, keeping the whole in eternal balance. Which each of us follows as a time-space supœrganism.

In the graph we see those relative time ages for the simplest ‘physical organisms’, which not coincidentally are equivalent to the 3 conserved quantities of physics. So as time is cyclical, made of 3’π’ lineal time motions, we shall distinguish 3 conserved ‘ages’ of timespace that put together create a 0 sum worldcycle of life death for any spacetime organisms: a relative devolving past or arrow of entropy represented in physics by disordered explosions in space and in vital topology by lineal limbs/fields of lineal momentum, an iterative reproductive present that seems not to change, represented by hyperbolic body/waves of energy, and an implosive in-form-ative local future arrow represented in physic by accelerated, V(t)R(s)=K vortices and angular momentum, and by particle/heads in the ensembles of vital topology.

The 3 fundamental motions: decelerating entropy, steady state wave, vortex acceleration of information.

3 motions of the Universe, or changes in time,In reproductive terms, means that each repetition of a motion will be a shrinking motion, hence an informative motion, an expansive motion hence an entropic motion or a repetitive motion, hence a perfect steady-state present motion without apparent change on the being:

The three fundamental motions of the Universe, expand, repeat or implode the being in each ‘step’ or quantum of motion. They correspond in the pure study of motion, to entropic ‘deceleration’ which ends the motions into a final state of space, present repetitive motions which can be eternal (as waves of light ‘almost are’) or informative, accelerated vortices of motion, which end when they reach the central singularity.

What other fundamental motions can we then consider. We could consider the motions=changes of the entity in time as the series of motion that ‘generate’ a world cycle of existence, but it seems more proper to study those motions (generation, evolution, emergence, growth etc.) in the Ðisomorphism of life ages an its worldcycles; not in pure reproductive motions or locomotions.

Hence considering the subdivisions of the father of all philosophers, in what regards the depth and exhaustive analysis of all relevant rational concepts about the Logos, Mind of the organic Universe, Mr. Aristotle, we shall consider the following ‘other forms of reproductive’ motions, besides the three essential ones.

Aristotle’s account of motion can be found in the Physics. By motion, Aristotle understands any kind of change. In his jargon he defines motion as the actuality of a potentiality. So in principle Aristotle has a classification of motions, as the whole range of stages of the life cycle, ∆-1 ‘generation & evolution’, ‘young growth’, ‘mature reproduction’, ‘old age diminution’ and ‘extinction’

So all motions are ‘stages’ of the motion of a worldcycle through the fifth dimension.   ‘reproductive variations of loco-motion’, are the same essential universal event, a reproduction of information in scalar planes of the fifth dimension.




“According to their [Newton and his followers] doctrine, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from time to time: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. Nay, the machine of God’s making, so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.’  

Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence on the absurdity of mechanical models of the Universe

‘’Leibniz is right. There are infinite time clocks in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from its foundations’. Einstein, on the infinite relational time cycles of reality.

The immediate consequence of the existence of an internal fifth dimension of space-time, made of all other planes=scales of spacetime of a being, its parts and wholes, which store the information of a system, is the obvious fact that if we ARE made of planes=scales of space and time.

We ARE the vital space we occupy and we ARE the time flow of existence we live between birth and extinction. It is the obvious, simple answer to 2 questions that have puzzled scientists for eons.

Where is space and time? And, why the main science of space, geometry->Mathematics and of time, Logic, are obeyed by all systems and entities of Nature. Now we have the proper answer foreseen by Leibniz and Einstein: We are broken fractal species of space and time, whose mathematical and logic laws all vital space-time organisms follow.

The underlying question of time§pace: Absolute or Relational, Generational Space-Time?

The fundamental question physicists wondered for centuries regarding the nature of space and time unfortunately was resolved as usual in favor of the simpler view: it is space and time an absolute abstract background of the Universe (Mr. Newton’s view) or are we made of ‘vital space’ that lasts a time duration, so we are generated by the bio-topo-logic properties of scalar space and cyclical time? This is the choice of 5Ð ‘stiences’. And its simpler version was called relational spacetime, sponsored by Mr. Leibniz.

A realist interpretation of the world we live in, which has never shown in any scale of reality such ‘background’ – ultimately a mathematical graph used in abstract by human scientists – considers that we ARE the vital space we occupy with our cells, and we LIVE a cyclic time duration between birth and extinction. So we are space and time.

So we must evolve our concepts of space and time, to extract properties of ‘existential beings’ from them.

The argument thus reached its height in the beginning of science in the correspondence between Newton, the proposer of the absolute Cartesian graph of space-time drawn by God (his body in his own words) vs. Leibniz who rightly considered absolute space and time an abstraction, and so he coined the concept of relational space -merely the adjacent pegging of similar forms in simultaneous space and relational time – the sequence of events which we relate causally with reason

In Newton’s cosmos, space and time provide a fixed, immutable and eternal background, through which particles move. Space and time are the stage of intersecting lines sketched in the illustration. Fact is this ‘mathematical artifact’ made with pen and paper by earlier physicists, called the Cartesian graph, useful to measure ‘translation in space’ is no where to be seen in reality. Unfortunately as time went by the graph became somehow ‘real’ as scientists’ felt the ‘mathematical language’ created reality.

It meant also the invention of an absolute ‘continuous space’ and a single ‘lineal time’ that extends to infinity contradicting the obvious fact that all ‘spaces’ are broken, divided by membranes, and all beings have a finite time duration. Further on, as we kept exploring smaller scales of reality, we never found the drawings of God, not even a solid still substance, but always ‘motions’ tracing closed time-space cycles; since even particles turned to be also ‘vortices of time-space motions’.

So the true, sound experimental and logic theory was Leibniz’s who rightly considered absolute space and time an abstraction, and so he coined the concept of relational space -merely the adjacent pegging of similar forms in simultaneous space and relational time – the sequence of events which we relate causally with reason origin of the ‘Generational space-time’ model of 5Ð in which are the space we occupy and the time we last – as in the graph where there is no longer abstract background lines.

This simple ‘intellectual’ concept however was NOT adopted by physicists despite its sheer evidence. Unfortunately Physicists sided with Newton not with Leibniz on the question of what is space and time – an abstract background put by God or the substance of which we are all made; and so the conceptual jump would not happen.

But if space is what objects occupy that distance between the red square’s vital spade and the yellow ‘circle’ must have something. Horror vacuum comes then into place: indeed the Universe must be scalar. There must be very small parts between them, which we do not see. And that is what we have proved with microscopes – as we probe smaller distances forms with motion, spaces with time-motions appear and there it seems no limit to the fractal scales of the Universe.

It is the fifth dimension of space-time, which as the sum of all those ‘planes of reality’ includes within it all other dimensions.

Next, to explain all this properly came Einstein. One of the fundamental discoveries of Einstein is that in our universe, there is indeed no fixed space-time background. In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which replaces Newton’s theory of mechanics and the gravitational force, the geometry of spacetime is not fixed. Instead it is an evolving, dynamical quantity – a topology; and it is the substance of which reality is. So we are topological beings, geometries of space with motions of time.

What Newton called absolute space-time IS NOT. So space is the sum of all the discontinuous vital spaces, occupied by different beings: ∑s=S.

And lineal time, T the sum of all the finite life-death cycles of all beings T=∑t.

Since space and time do exist and so if they are not in the background we ‘are’ vital space and cyclic time.

The simple idea behind the structure of the fractal Universe is then to consider time=change=motion and Topologic, formal space=extension the 2 elements of which all beings are made.

Wheeler said ‘Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve’. More precisely Spacetime is geometry in motion. Time is change, the perception of change moves time; time is motion; space is its opposite, stillness, form, the information of time. And so it is all about two parameters: Time=Motion and Space=Form.

Look around you, all what you see are ‘space-forms’ with ‘time-motion’. We are all space-time, forms in motion, ‘in-form-motion’, ‘information’, forms in action, play with the words of what you are.


‘I want to know the thoughts of God, I don’t care for the details’. Einstein

This said the devil is in the details. So the next question is how many types of vital space, we are made of. And the answer provided by topology which studies geometric forms with spatial dimension and time motions is only 3; which perform the 3 organic functions of all systems of vital space-time of which we are all made:

All systems have ternary topologies with 3 organs of motion-information-reproduction that absorb energy, move and perceive to survive.

Indeed a 4 or 5Ð Universe has only 3 ‘topological varieties’ each one best suited to perform one the 3 organic vital functions of any physic or biologic system –gauging information (1D spheres, the topology that stores more information in lesser space, hence used in all particles and heads in the height dimension), lineal or cylindrical forms that move the system (2D, the shortest distance between two points, hence used as fields or limbs in the length dimension) and hyperbolic body-waves, a mixture of the other two topologies that reproduces the system and stores its energy in the width dimension (3D); which not coincidentally correspond to the 3 ‘conserved quantities’ of physics, angular, lineal momentum and energy.

So we define the ‘Fractal Generator of Vital pace-time topologies for all systems of Nature:

G:   |-Ts(limbs-fields)<Ø-S=T-Body-waves>O-St (particle-heads).

The symbols for the 3 timespace topologies=functions=conserved dimensional motions (ab. Dimotions, Ð) are:

1D: t>S: angular cyclical motions of information (Ab. O; St): the minimal ‘geometry’ of reality, a spherical particle/head or fractal point, the geometry that stores maximal form in minimal space, hence suited for ‘organic functions’ of gauging, storing and perceiving information (particles, heads).

2D: s<T: Lineal Locomotions, (Ab. |; Ts) which will move through its lineal limbs/fields the system, as the line is the shortest distance between two points… towards a…

3D: S≈T: Fields of vital Energy (Ab. Ø): with its hyperbolic body-waves that iterate the forms of both the spherical particle/heads and lineal limbs/fields; as the hyperbolic topology combines the other two, so it can generate them, in the same manner Energy adds as the third conserved space-time quantity the lineal and cyclical momentum of 1 and 2D.

So conservation laws define the 3 quantities conserved as time ages, which in space appear as the 3 components of all ‘particles’ and ‘physical waves’: Lineal x Cyclical momentum = Present energy.

So when we put together those 3 elements into an ‘organic whole’ as in the right graph above, it is easy to see, they form a structure with a central active magnitude that commands the lineal motion of the system (Center of mass or charge), a clock-like membrane of cyclical motion, and a vital energy enclosed between both, which we can measure by its radius-width.

The 3 parts of any organism define also its mathematical unit, the fractal Non-Euclidean point with breath, as it fits multiple parallels, when we come closer to it and enlarge its perception at the proper scale of the fifth dimension in which it maximizes its existence. So mathematics becomes the most experimental science, as the science that studies the main constituents of all supœrganisms of time-space.

All is time=motion.

For most people space is a ‘volume’ but to measure a volume, the volume must have ‘walls’ – a membrane that encloses the volume, hence a ‘form’. And that form must be seen-measured ‘simultaneously’. So in relationship to Time, space is a ‘present state’. Time=motion thus is a more fundamental parameter as space in terms of time is a present slice, and we could consider the perception of form, subjective to the capacity of a mind to ‘map’ reality in its ‘still focus of perception to create an image’ of space.

Motion however in its purest nature, and fastest speed as a line is unperceivable. It must have some form on it. And as there are only 3 topological forms, |, O and Ø, the combination of time and space, according to quantity (T for dominant Time, S for dominant space), and shape, |, O, Ø are limited. Moreover in a relative Universe where perception matters, | is the fastest motion, and so we can associate it to lineal time, O is the lesser motion as it might be seen as a form, which I what we see in fact in charges and masses, and so O tends to be associated to Space and information, heads and particles, and Ø, which combine both tends to be associated to space-time – waves and bodies. So the easiest way to go, in conjunction with the common wisdom of people is to say that time is lineal |-time, space is cyclical, O-information and space-time is hyperbolic, Ø.

But that would be the simplest understanding of it in the ‘shortest’ space-time span, in local motions, locomotions, which indeed physicists study as V=s/t, and smallish space, which we see as rotary cycles…

What happens next is where the common wisdom breaks, the human mind faulters and the reader abandons 5D, confused because its mind is lineal, monologic, with a short span of time perception (1 second a thought) and length perception (a few hundred meters) and scale perception, only our plane of spacetime.

So when we try to explain reality as 5D does from multiple planes of space-time together and multiple scale a FUNDAMENTAL feature of reality, ‘paradoxical transformation into opposite forms, motions and scales’ confuses him. Fact is all ‘flat lines’ in the geometry of the Universe become when we enlarge our view, cycles. A line on Earth from an enlarged ∆+1 view becomes a curve. And this extends to an essential concept of non-Euclidean geometry: flat space at large distances/measures becomes curved. And if we consider each step of lineal time, a short view, the sum of all the lineal time steps put together will define a circle, and time will become cyclical.

Man cannot perceive though on the long time view and this has always been the reason man cannot ‘project into the future’ and understand and forecast the future as we have done in 5D social sciences for decades (read the papers on History)l I no longer try to explain in conferences or academia those facts. I have surrender myself to the fact man is NOT intellectually complex enough to ‘understand the paradoxes of scale, space and time, ∆ST, with its @ mind). But they are there, they structure the Universe and as 5D is a synthetic view, we DO take the view of the longer scales for which time is always cyclical.

The program of survival of all systems.

If we were to define what is all about, in a single word, we would then say reproduction, ST. But reproduction is a complex process, which happens with the intercourse of 4 other elements. Reproduction is the most important of those laws – the ‘search of each species’ for an eternal iterative, dynamic present, ¡ts function of existence: Tœ Exi=ST, though requires to approach that middle point of immortality and creation of new S=T forms from the limits of each relative past-motion-entropy (T) and future linguistic form (S) that imprints it through the intermediate St=information and Ts=energy of locomotion, till reaching a middle point of creation of balanced forms in motion. This absolute law in the highest generalization of the thoughts of God finds for each of its variations – the time space Organisms of reality (ab. T.œs) – so specific elements that only the whole synthesis of 5D without egocy might us think we are truly of the same substance, space-form and time-motion than an atom, a star, or an ant. And yet at the end of the journey all reduces to the 5 Dimotions=actions and its sequences in time that all systems deploy in its outer and inner ∆±1 worlds: SS-informative perception to Ts-move towards a field of energy where to TT- feed and reproduce ST, often socially through St-communication with similar forms.

So because the game is so simple, essentially a game of 5 actions=dimotions (ab. dimensional motions) of/in space and time; regardless of the immense number of variations, iterations and entanglements, at the end of the journey all comes to pentalogic and to the laws of the equation, past (TT) x Future (SS) = Present (St+Ts=ST); and the coding of those 5 actions internally or externally in a ± dual manner, inhibiting or creating them.

This is the simplest vital way of interpreting the game. I.e. the pheromonal queen uses 5 ‘chemical orders’ to control the actions of its ‘subjects’; 5 quantum numbers and its clocks and synchronicities order the atomic world; we have 5 ‘taste-buds’ and 5 senses. And because each element of reality is a combination of the 5 elements – a timespace mixture with gradations, we can keep breaking through the fractal principle each element into 5.

Indeed, your brain might be SS-dominant, but it also St-communicates information, TS-reproduces its cells, Ts-uses its body to move and TT-feeds on energy through its glia cells. To know the game then is a huge advantage to entangle with reality learning constantly the whys of data after ‘perceiving its hows’. Science today has enough with the how and a bit of the why at the simplest connected level.

Inhibition of those actions is as important as its expression, coming both from above or often from parasitic lower scales. This is obvious in biology, the closest language to 5D so we borrow heavily from it. Eukaryotic cells in supœrganisms have introns which ‘cut-off’ many of its gene expressions, and the nervous system can and do regulate them, even has mechanisms to order through hormones and other messengers its apoptosis. In fact, from the moment of birth almost all systems in all scales are ‘neutered’ in some of those actions. An electron is captured by an atom and looses its free locomotion, Ts, becoming an St-cyclical informative trapped element to attract the photons that form its nebulae and ultimately feed the quark nuclei. But all physics hide it through equations, difficult to translate to the vital organic laws of 5 D.


An organism IS any kind, for which we need to add the parts that make those networks, and the while (the 4th and 5th dimensions of scale). Because topology has also found that those 3 types of forms are in fact networks of smaller points with volume (non-Euclidean points) connected by flows of energy and information. So in fact instead of topological varieties we should talk of networks of points that form lineal, moving limbs/fields, territories; cyclical networks that form informative heads/particles/informative classes in command of the language of financial and legal power of societies, and body/waves/working classes.

Systems sciences defines the Universe as an organic fractal evolving socially into larger scales through networks of energy and information, each one studied by a science. So in this simple trinity of 3 parts, which becomes adding cellular points into wholes a pentalogic scheme of 3 ∆±1 scales structure all systems of the Universe, with ‘disomorphic’ (equal laws). So we can study species as organisms living a world cycle and evolving finally in social networks becoming super organisms, the most efficient survival strategy of the Universe, where a head-particle-informative class will invent a language of common organization, quantum numbers, hormones, genes or memes, money or laws that all the body-wave parts/cells/citizens will obey. The goal of systems sciences is then to properly apply the physiological laws of networks to design or study perfects organisms of nature, including mankind and the economic ecosystem. Topological evolution explains questions those already asked by Darwin: why informative, cyclical forms evolved so fast (eyes), or why wings of flat motion appeared with a few mutations, Answer: because there are only 3 topological forms=functions in the universe. So mutations render either of the 3 forms NOT anything goes.

The graph shows the physiological networks of the main super organisms of the Universe.

The structure of super organisms

Let us understand the generic structure of any social organism, or ecosystem, made of multiple supœrganisms. Made of four basic elements common to all organic living systems:

  1. Cellular units: ∑œ¡-1

2. Networks that reproduce energy energy forming a body-wave of vital spacetime: ST¡

  1. Networks of locomotion and entropic feeding (limbs and fields or territories), Ts¡ or Herds.
  2. Networks of information: Particles, heads or informative neuronal class: St¡

When we find those elements interconnected in a vital entangled relationship, we talk of a supœrganism.

If we find a population joined by a single network we can talk of different systems according to the ‘dimotion’ = action that gathers them:

– Herds joined by an Ts-locomotion or TT-entropic, feeding action.

– Lanwaves joined by an St-informative language.

– Species, joined by a ST-reproductive dimotion.

When multiple organic systems co-exist in the same ‘entropic territory, we talk of “ecosystems” We should not be cheated by the spatial appearance of the organism; because information is often invisible (5D: Max. T x Min. S) so even Non-Euclidean points that are far away, might be a lanwave or superorgainism.

A herd of machines, a herd of insects, a human group is also an organic system, because it has cells, and networks, even if it does not seem to us a body. The fundamental reason we have not arrived earlier in science till Theory of Organisms, to the conclusion that the universe is made of such organic systems is the arrogance of man. Men have a hard time believing that things, which are not like us, are able to intelligently process energy and information.

We are also unable to believe easily that microcosms and macrocosms are “species”. Yet an organic perception of macrocosms like galaxies or planets, and an organic perception of microcosms such as cells and atoms, is the most logical way of “unifying” our understanding of the entities of the Universe. We might see those herds very close together in which case we talk of bodies, or we might see them extended with a loose organization; then we talk of waves, societies or herds.

A verbal definition of supœrganisms 

A generic definition of an organism or ecosystem will help to clarify what we mean by a “vital universe”, composed of “universal organisms”. Let us take a template for a micro or macrocosmic organism (or ecosystem) that differs only in the specific st variety of motion, energy or information we put into brackets. “A universal microcosmic or macrocosmic organism or ecosystem is a population of [name a particular species], related by networks of entropy, [name a language or force] information and networks of [name a kind of energy]”. Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the universe:

Everything is encoded in those networks and its topologies which can be explained with multiple languages, the language of topology (mathematics), the language of logic (sequences of actions the networks cause), the language of social classes, as the 3 networks with its attached cells have a hierarchical order, with the informative nervous network in control of the faster languages on top (legal politicians and financial bankers in human societies, nervous cells and blood leukocytes in biologic organisms, gravitational black holes in galaxies, etc.).

There are 3 physiological networks in each supœrganism from the galaxy to the atom, the two scales where self-similarity takes place (the galatom smaller and larger planes).

Those 3 physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of Russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts. For that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilizations, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such. Let us then define the ‘stair of Universal supœrganisms to understand this:

Let us then define with similar templates the ‘stair of nested Universal supœrganisms, of the 3 stientific varieties – physical, biologic and social:

∆+3: A galactic organism is a population of stars, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of black holes & a membrane made of strangelet matter symmetric to:

∆-3: An atomic organism is a population of particles, related by energetic electromagnetic networks and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of quarks, and a membrane made of electronic matter symmetric to:

∆+2: A star is a population of electronic plasma, related by energetic networks of electromagnetism and gravitational information with a nucleus made of a swarm of atoms, and a membrane of photonic radiation symmetric to:

∆-2: A light organism is a body of energetic waves over a quantum potential field of gravitational neutrinos, directed by its particle, informative photon state…

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey) coded by instincts.

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy, coded by human memes.

– A bio-economic organism, is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of monetary and electronic information, and networks of roads and electric energy

The difference between both type of systems, a historic and an economic organism thus is clear when we consider that the ‘organic unit’ of the economic ecosystem is NOT contrary to belief a nation or civilization but a new organization, appeared recently with the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, called the company-’mother’ whose function is to reproduce a product, overwhelmingly a machine, and then to evolve further and adapt the world to the existence of those machines, creating networks of energy and information for them (digital networks, electric networks, etc.)

And this is the first big surprise of an organic model of history and economics: while History is undoubtedly the product of human endeavors, the economic ecosystem is ruled by company-mothers of machines, which follow a set of biological, evolutionary and organic laws independent of mankind; quite removed from the abstract jargon coined in the XVIII century, even before machines existed by classic economists’ like Mr. Adam Smith.

In the graph, the 2 super organisms growing on the Earth today, History the super organism of mankind and the metal-earth, the super organism of company-mothers.

It is obvious that in this planet there are cultures that are technological and love the evolution of metal and cultures that are of the tree of life. And this is the fundamental division we must make to understand the fractal division of mankind in quarreling civilizations.


So we DO have in the next scale according to the perfect laws of harmony, the two basic biological bits and bites of information and energy, electrons and oxygens, and from then on, as systems become more complex, variations of those bits and bites occur.

The main category are mixed ST messages, which deliver BOTH a stick and carrot ‘complex’ to the cells and its big molecules, which are amino acid systems, of great simplicity called Hormones, starting from the simplest of them all, an NO molecule (which do relax muscles, its main message to the locomotion system, increases the pressure of blood, provoking sexual erection, the simplest message to reproductive systems and multiplies the neuronal activity. As nitrogens are the clock atom of our mind-brains.

So finally more complex NO systems with a body support of carbon chains become ‘hormones’ which might have a ‘higher informative message’ (with more N, as in nucleotide molecules) or a higher energetic message (as in acids with more oxygen).

They form then the basic letters of the ‘biological longer sentences that might accumulate information’ in ever more complex molecules, as biological organisms are by far the more complex systems we know of.

Networks that share energy and information between parts and wholes that expresses the structural unity of all scales connect all systems of reality. Networks ‘fill’ space ad maximal to connect fully the whole with the parts, achieved in the Si=Te point of parallelism and self-similarity. But they enter in a region of faster motion. So while Space ‘tends to remain constant’ in each scale thanks to filling networks, time accelerates. So the 5D metric refers NOT to the whole Universe of 5D planes but to a given family of ‘supœrganisms’ of which mankind in it 3 scales of ‘biologic cells’, human individuals and societies is undoubtedly a ‘phyla’. When we go down in scales, the Universe ‘enlarges’ for a traveler that becomes smaller and accelerates its temporal energy.

For all what we have said it is evident that we must add to the 3 canonical dimensions of space in a single plane of reality, now gifted with motion, hence ‘dimensional motions’ or dimotions; the fractal structure of the Universe in scales, which means to add two new dimensions. The canonical dimensional motion (ab. Dimotion) of entropic dissolution and death proper of classic physics – arrow of time, and the inverse dimensional motion of parts that become wholes, of social evolution, of growth of information, as those parts emerge into a whole. We shall call this Dimotion, the most important of the Universe, the dimotion of social evolution, of love.

How then it happens that parts become wholes is the key to depart from a mere abstract, quantitative analysis of reality and add the organic nature of all what exists, the dynamic interplay of parts that ‘network’ and connect to each other, forming simultaneous spacetime organisms, which synchronizes its clocks, emerge as a whole and develop all the intelligence and complexity of the systems we observe around us:

In the graph, we see the ternary network structure of the nested organisms of the fractal Universe as ¬Æ topological planes composed of ‘similar fractal points’ (atoms, cells, individuals) joined by 3 physiological lines=networks, whose 3 functions, distribution of locomotion, information and its ‘combined’ energy define the 3 conserved Dimotions of any system of the Universe. A final element though is needed to make sense of those supœrganisms, the still mind of information, mapping out the whole and controlling it to perform its Mandate of existence, Max. SxT (s=t), to survive, grow and multiply.

It’s all in 5D metric equations, SxT=C and ¡ts S=T point of balance & equilibrium where the system reproduces as the two fundamental metric equations of all space-time organisms, which means many things, such as:

– Slow beings use networks of faster particles, which in physical systems are ‘waves of force’ in life beings, are and networks with fractal branching and in human societies, networks of money and simultaneous legal messages. Yet all are essentially performing the same organic functions, we shall describe now as can ‘translate’ a light filling wave that penetrates lower planes, filling it till it touches particles, as a branching that ‘speeds up frequency’; and a legal network that every citizen knows and obeys as a filling system of information, similar to a DNA network that all cells of an organism have in common. Think always NOT in the differences of form and scale but in the homology of functions for the body/waves and particle/heads of each of the 3 supœrganisms (working and informative classes in human societies), to see the unity of it all.

The 2 languages of informative and reproductive networks: Bits of information and bites of energy.

2 advanced organisms of maximal information, the biological organism and the Historic organism, belong to a specific type of organisms, we qualify as socio-biological organisms. In logic, linguistic terms, the internal, dynamics of a network of informative nature, delivers messages of information to simultaneously coordinate the actions of all its parts; with its faster=smaller bits of information according to 5D metrics (min. spatial size x. max. temporal speed). While the networks of reproduction, the blood and financial system delivers larger bites of energy, which the organism needs to feed itself (when it is a healthy NON-corrupted supœrganism as most of Nature, but not human societies, with an astounding level of corruption).

We need to understand reality both in terms of energy but also in terms of information, as both are 2 sides of the same coin, called ‘exist¡ence’ is the fact that in the sentient Universe, each fractal point, atom, cell or citizen (physical, biologic or social systems) needs bits of in-form-ation, form, smaller in size of space, hence faster according to 5D metrics (SxT=C), but also ‘bites’ of entropic energy which will help the system to move. Networks are NOT some abstract ‘fractal tube’ but they exist to deliver ‘energy and information’ (SS: form=language with a little motion=St-information and motion=entropy=TT with a bit of information = energy=Ts).

So a healthy supœrganism will deliver to each ‘fractal point’ (molecules, cells, human citizens), two type of messages through two type of networks. We shall call ‘generically’ the 3 type of bits and bites of information and energy that each of those 3 physical, biological and social systems receive, ‘particles, genes and memes’ even if the words as usual in 5D sciences are slightly changed, and widened in its original meaning.

So with its specific variation, those are the two fundamental reproductive-‘body-wave’ and informative-‘particle-head’ bites of energy and bits of information of the fundamental systems of nature:

In physical systems, the two networks are the gravitational faster network of information, which we humans do not perceive, as we are much larger beings with electronic networks. Its bits of information in this faster non-local network should be ‘gravitons’, components of gravitational waves. In physical papers we advance as the most likely particle state of those waves of information that ‘position’ the different physical systems of the galaxy, a gravitational tachyon ‘neutrino’ for multiple reasons, we study on our papers on physics.

On the other hand, because we do perceive it, it is much easier to prove that the energetic network of physical systems are electromagnetic waves, photons and its ‘social, static state’ as the elements of an electronic nebulae, trapped in the potential energy well of the atom. Thus photons and electrons become the ‘energy network of physical system, molecules.

We shall escape then in this introduction further information on the scalar structure of those networks and how, as we ‘grow in scale’, what is a bite of slow energy for a smaller plane of space-time, becomes for the larger plane’s slower beings, a faster bit of information, in the amazing beauty of the harmonies between scales. So electronic ‘food for atoms’ becomes electronic information for biological organisms and so son.

Those biological organisms do have then two fractal networks, the electronic, informative nervous system in which bits of electronic information moving along the myelin membrane deliver faster messages to every part of the organism to simultaneously synchronize its motions, so the body-cells act as a single form in simultaneous space.

– But when we move into the bites of energy delivered by the blood organism, the network delivers to each cell the basic ‘currency’ language of energy that all cells need to move, called ‘oxygen ‘. It is an atom of slower motion than the electrons but due to its electro-negativity and readily availability in the atmosphere, with its capacity to kick with two OH- & H+ legs the water ‘medium’ on which cells exist, the perfect language of ‘money’ for the organism to start kicking its ‘actions’.

The 2 languages of history: Verbal, legal, ethic ‘nervous messages’ and ‘WHealthy money’.

So we arrive to the human social networks, which we anticipate are in the present form ‘completely corrupted’ by the existence of a parallel ‘economic ecosystem’ of lethal goods, weapons, and corrupted parasitic money. So it is difficult for the reader to understand how simple, easy, and efficient WAS in the past, before the age of Metal, in the Neolithic, or during the ages of social religions of love or could be in the future with a proper design of the social networks of money and law, a PERFECT supœrganism of history as efficient as those we just have described. In such supœrganism, there are exactly the same networks: Legal verbal just networks of bits of word information that shapes the informative and cultural systems of the wor(l)d. And a healthy form of money, delivered to each citizen cell as a Universal salary so humans have enough energy to survive and buy its natural welfare goods, which must be classified NOT by price but by its biological usefulness to mankind, reason why we give them positive and negative values in the ethonomic frame of reference, according to its use for the 3 organic parts of humanity at individual and social level.

The previous graph explains them. Since vital, topologic, physiological network laws are the most important to consider when studying History in Space, as the reader can observe in the previous graph, since History, the ∆+1 scale of supœrganisms of mankind follow all the exact laws of a lower organic plane – that of a biological organism, albeit, due to its ‘primitive’ degree of evolution is NOT a well designed organism, but one clearly ‘sick’, infected by ‘lethal goods’, with dysfunctional parasitic economic systems (as the language of reproduction of goods, money, is absorbed by a minimal number of people, or used to reproduce those lethal goods). And so the study of History as a supœrganism has 2 different parts:

– On one side we can consider a perfect, efficient supœrganism of History with the laws of vital topology just by imitating perfect efficient supœrganisms of Nature, which are the majority of them – History is in fact an exception – as we said a sick organism.

– On the other side, we can study our supœrganisms, as they have evolved in time, spotting their degrees of corruption and sickness of its 3 physiological systems, the life Earth, Gaia that sustains them; the economic and financial system that reproduces its goods, and the informative cultural and legal system that synchronizes its citizens cells. It is then when it will become evident what went wrong with ‘human’ history, one of many likely subspecies in the infinite fractal planets of the organic Universe that likely will not make it into the future…

RECAP. Topologic evolution means, each of the 3 physiological networks of Nature’s systems adapt to the forms of energy (larger, wider, hyperbolic body waves), motion (lineal, moving, faster limbs) and information (spherical storage of form, cyclical), creating cellular organisms with 3 parts, which we can express with a simple ‘generator equation’ as forms become organic functions and create all the varieties of species in the universe:

(lineal field/limb/territory) <(re=productive body wave-working class)>(informative particle/neuronal head/class)

Reality is 1st organic, as larger wholes with long deep time cycles control wholesale crowded numbers; encircled with membrains that command them as cellular slaves. In the middle of the system, ∆º minds, knots of maximal information, use the middle vital space as its energy. Those 3 elements from its simplest ‘ternary’ spherical form, to its adapted evolved organisms in different ‘∆+1’ medium worlds, conform the topologic structure of all space-time systems of the Universe.



Dimotions as actions & e-motions – small scale of time cycles

Monads of existence also play in the ∆0 level a game of e-motions, hold by the intense body and its Reproductive radiations that maximize ¡ts function, happening when mirror symmetries (genders) meet in Si=Te, equaling their St-information and sT-energy, organizing themselves into a whole, ∑ system.

It is then relatively easy to interpret that function in each of the languages-minds of each scale of reality as in all those scales species will show a ‘will’ of action to perform the maximal number of events=dimotions=‘actions of space-time’ that ensure its survival. And this can be assessed externally regardless of secondary arguments on consciousness and self-reflection, substituted in 5D by Leibniz’s ‘apperception’ – that is, because performing the 5 actions=dimotions of exist¡ence, in each ‘st¡entific scale’ self-centered in a linguistic mind that perceives a given plane, inscribed into a larger ∆+1 world, with internal ∆-1 parts, ensures the survival, ONLY those species that have performed the 5 dimotions of which the most important is s=t reproduction of the being into a ‘present’ similar entity that continues the exist¡ence of the system after ‘errors’ or ‘the struggle for existence’ dissolves it through the dimotion of entropy=death, exist.

Thus automatically, genetically, consciously, memetically, mathematically, logically, through its own will or as a part of a larger system that uses the ‘machine’ or ‘organism’ to enhance its actions all what exists does so because it performs internally those 5 Dimotions or externally performs one of them for another symbiotic species, as those species that have not followed the program of exist¡ence and its 5 actions in the past have become extinguished, and those will not in the future, will become wrong mutations, crazy thoughts, fictional languages and die away.

The function of existence, or 5D metric of Scalar space-time, (Ab. ∆st) Max. Se x Ti (s=t) merely states that all systems of Nature will try to maximize its absorption of Entropic motion (with no form) and Linguistic form (with no motion), and its 3 intermediate dimotions of energy (s=t, balance of both that reproduces them), information (St: form with a little motion, form-in-action) and locomotion (sT, motion with a little form). So we talk of a program of survival ‘selected’ by all systems and expressed in its languages and minimal five actions encoded in that simple function, which we term: a, e, ï, œ, û, as a mnemonic rule for the five actions of existence:

Accelerations (locomotion), entropic feeding (e), ïnformative perception and communication ï, Œ:reproduction into parallel supœrganisms Û… and social growth into larger wholes called philosophically Universals. And this series of actions is what accumulated in time will ultimately give birth to your word cycle  as the monad will first perceive (i), to direct its entropy-motions (a),towards a field of energy (e), where to absorb the energy bites it will imprint with its inner form, e x i = œ, to reproduce another form, and when enough ∑œ exist, it naturally organize into a larger whole û:

In the next graph we see the action of different Stientific scales of organisms. Above the coding of actions, which are the knots and bolts and details of the study of any time§paœrganism in light space-time, coded by colors and dimensions, in physical atoms, coded with quantum numbers and in life and humans coded by the so called drives of life, which we obviously extend beyond the ego paradox to all other systems, including genetics not mapped there (coded by the 4-5 letters). Those actions balanced each other into zero-sums in death, as they tend to increase information from a mind p.o.v., hence we ‘all warp, wrinkle’ get old in the third age and die, setting from its minimal actions to its integral sums, the 3 ages of life-existence and the world cycle all super organism follow.

In the graph, the simplicity of the game of existience, and its selfish actions, which gather together into social wholes through reproductive radiations, each action coded by a fundamental topologic organ we can express in existential algebra, and corresponds for each species of the Universe, with a fundamental parameter of humind measure. So from bottom to top, we find the 5 fundamental elements of light code its actions of motion (c-speed), energy (magnetic field), information (electric field), social evolution colors & entropic feeding, (quantum potential, neutrino light theory.)

So the minimal particle-points, photons, electrons & quarks that construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms. All lives, performing 5 Dimotions=actions of ƒ(exist¡ence) :Max.SxT(s=t) =C, starting with particles. So all scales are relative NONE matters more than other. From those actions, given the dominance of informative actions over entropic ones, it appears a series of repetitive cyclical patterns of actions conducting to maximize the existence of the being, which accumulate in a larger scale of time-space, as a worldcycle of actions that increase the information of the system in 3 ages. So the basic cycle of actions becomes a larger 3 ages cycle of life and death; as systems once and again, starts in an act of information/shrinking and ends in an act of organization/shrinking of herds into wholes, will keep reducing the being and finally make it all form no motion to explode and die in an entropic reversal of death:

∑ i->a->e->œ->û, i->a-e->œ->u, ï->æ->Œ->Û -> Informative ‘seed’ age->1st locomotion, feeding age ->2nd reproduction age ->3rd informative, social age-> entropic death that splits the parts of the being vs. social

evolution into a whole.

Scale. In scale the mind is a system that MAKES the whole ‘travel through the 5th dimension’. And an essential law of 5D is the fact that a given fractal point or T.œ will perceive only the ∆±3 planes from where it extracts information, above the ∆±4 blind undistinguishable limiting plane from where it will extract entropy of motion. So its actions and dimotions are architectonically performed through planes of 5D, which each main action related to an interval of scales:

∆-4-3: The system extracts indistinguishable boosts of entropic of motion (man from gravitation).

∆-3-2: The system extracts bits of information (Light in man)

∆-2-1: The system extracts bites of energy (amino acids in man)

∆-1 0: The system seeds its minimal seed of reproduction.

∆0+1: The system connects socially with other systems to evolve into a whole.

It is an extremely important law, as it implies also an infinite universe, since obviously the two self-similar extremes of quantum and galactic T.œs must enlarge those scales beyond our perception. And indeed, quantum realism (Broglie-Bohm’s theory, ab. B2) imply a quantum potential of faster than c speed (according to 5D metric), and dark entropy a field of forces beyond c in a larger nested hyper-universe.

Those intervals are fractal dimensions in classic Euclidean geometry and often invaginated by the networks of the system which as all its motion can be also ‘waves of energy’, such as electromagnetic waves that act as networks ‘scaling upwards’ and ‘downwards in size’ accelerating in frequency (5D). So a huge field of analysis is the connections of each T.œ, with its scales, including social supœrganisms, which seeds prophets of verbal thought – the language or ∆-1 scale – and extract its energy from human individual workers, soldiers and so on.

The beats and scales between actions.

It is then evident that in the architectonical stair of reality, next to the study of individual dimotions we must study chains of dimotions, which form ‘stœps’ (stops for a dimotion of information, step for a dimotion of energetic motion), in search of the ultimate s=t balance. So we move and stop the leg on the floor, move and stop. We perceive (1D) and move (2D). We feed entropically (5D) and evolve internally the parts we eat into larger organic forms (4D). The dual beats of existence between inverse Dimotions become then the first of many sequential chains that will rise the finitesimal actions of the being to complete finally its worldcycle.

And as those dimotions have ‘different’ discontinuous beats according to 5D, which defines from where we extract them, all the dimotions must be entangled by synchronicity, to each different ‘beat’ regardless of speed, meets with other symbiotic dimotion. I.e. the dimotion of perception has a faster beat, because it extracts pixels of information from the smallest ∆-3 scale as it carries faster T.œs (light photons) with more information to make better mind mappings. So we perceive every second, the minimal quanta of our temporal energy. The 5Dimotion of entropic feeding however has larger bits, because we want to minimize the 4D reconstruction process, so we eat ∆º organisms we hunt then kill with the function of death, ∆º«∆-2, reducing it down to cells down to amino acids, to reconstruct their scales. So feeding has a far larger time beat that perception as it takes far larger ∆-¡ scales (SxT=C), and animals feed once a day. But reproduction is even slower, as we must reconstruct a whole human being, NOT from the undistinguishable scale of amino acids, but with a code written at ∆-1 cellular level; so we reproduce every year in fertile ages of Si=Te balance. Synchronicity then kicks between our inner ∆-1 smaller scale of cells with faster life cycles, which will synchronize its slow reproductive action taken place at ∆-1 faster cycles with symbiotic faster feeding actions of the slower ∆º whole: so as a whole we eat a day, and that food allows the cell to reproduce every day.

Actions define the worldcycle of existence.

Because actions follow a pattern of increasing evolution and 4 actions are coded while entropy is avoided – we deliver entropy as an open system to other parts of the Universe, it follows thsat the system constantly accumulates information, and this is the origin of the worldcycle of life and death. The system likes information, because it is what the Universe is really all about, a fractal that imprints information in memorial repetitive cyclical patterns.

So as actions follow a natural scalar level of information perception->locomotion towards a field of ‘feeding’, where to get -> Energy to reproduce -> and then process that energy into information, exactly the same pattern appears in the next scale of ‘cyclical time and longer space’, the worldcycle of life, which consists in the same pattern of ‘seeding information’, moving youth, feeding and evolving to reproduce and then process information becoming older in a 3rd age.

This amazing symmetry between the smaller time scale and the larger worldcycle of life, then will be followed also in the larger scale of supœrganisms and species and so we have 3 ‘patterns’ of time cycles due to the survival program of actions in 3 scales of time, and 3 larger surfaces of ‘populations’, as the first cycle feeds the ‘cells, atoms, individuals’, the second cycle the whole organism, and the 3rd cycle manifests in the whole species.

The 3 ages of existence of space-time organisms. Its 2 worldcycles and Metric functions.

‘∆@st of spacetime you are, to Dust you shall return.’ Bible.

So we marry the 3 vital functions=motions of time and the 3 dimensions of space, either in 1 or 2D (height= spherical information, length=planar locomotion, width=hyperbolic reproduction) which merge in all Time-space Beings; and dominate one of the 3 ages of its life-death worldcycles, the past, young age of limbic entropic motions, the mature reproductive age dominated by the hyperbolic body/wave and the 3rd age dominated by the informative particle-head, when the illusion of time ends with an entropic big-bang death that dissolves the being into its ‘scalar cellular, atomic parts’, which lead us to the realization that time cycles NOT only return to its origin in a single spacetime continuum but they move up and down 5D scales.

Let us deduce from those 2 functions the fundamental process in time of reality, the worldcycle of existence:

The development of the Function of Existence of a space-time organism, can be developed as a feedback function, S<=>T, in 3 sequential phases/ages /horizons:

Max. T x Min.S (youth); Max. SxT (s=t); Max. S x Min. T (3rd age).

They are the functions of the 3 ages of life, between Sx 0 T (seed in the lower plane,¡-1) and Tx 0 S (function of entropy=death), which develop 5D metric into an ‘existential function’ of ‘extremal points’:

∆-1»∆º: The supœrganism worldcycle starts its existential function as a seed of pure form (4D) that creates its space-time form.

T>s (Ts): It is the first horizon or ‘entropic, youth age’ of the cycle, in which energy dominates the system and so we write this phase as, max. S x min. T.

Max. SxT: s=t. It is the present balanced age of the cycle or classic age of ‘life’, when energy and information are in a constant proportion. It is the most efficient age, when the cycle reproduces.

ST: Max. T x min. S: it is the 3rd age of the cycle when information has combed and exhausted the space-time field that warps into itself.

∆º«∆- 1: 0S x T: It is the end or death of the cycle that reverses its form and becomes energy again.

Existence is an ∝ (ab. relative infinite, with an entropic limit of death) sum of 3 space/time planes, fluctuating between birth and extinction through those 3 phases or ages. The 3 ages of Timespace supœrganisms happen in all systems, including mental languages:

In Physics they are, T-gas, the moving state, Si=Te liquid, the balanced state and S-solid the informative state; into Cosmology, where it describes the Universe as a space-time system that fluctuates between both limits, a form of pure time, the singularity (min.t x max.S) and a form of pure space, the big- bang (maxS x min. t):

In Biology, they are the 3 ages of living beings AND the 3 horizons of evolution of species.

In social organisms, through the subconscious collective mind of civilizations which in art styles mimic in a longer 800 year cycle of life and death of civilizations (according to 5D metrics a human social supœrganism is larger in space – a nation, culture, religion – and so it lives longer in time).

All what exists is a supœrganism of vital space tracing a 0-sum worldcycle of time through 3 scales of the 5th dimension: Born as a seed of fast time cycles in a lower 5D scale (∆-1:Max. T x Min. S), emerging as an organism in ∆o, living 3 ages of increasing information, as its time clocks slow down in its ∆+1 world to die in a time quanta back to ∆-1. Yet the maximal point Si=Te where reproduction happens defines the classic age, maturity, beauty, balance, survival of the system, all disomorphic jargons.

The 3 ages of life emerge in human social supœrganisms as the 3 ages of cultures and  its 3 artistic styles: Min.S x Max. T (infantile epic, lineal art, as in Trecento, Greek Kuroi; Si=Te; balanced beauty, when form and size are in balance, the classic mature age; and Max. S x Min. T: baroque, 3rd age of a civilization, whose subconscious mind is the art of its ‘neuronal artists’, the age of maximal form and an ∆st for a no future, which is the age of war and death of cultures).

We talk of 3 ∆±1 scales of worldcycles as the being live in a placenta, then emerges as organism in a world:

þ: 0-1: its palingenetic o-1 social evolution in the accelerated time sphere of existence, till becoming 1 (0-1 bounded unit circle in ¡logic mathematics; quantum probability sphere of particles in physical systems; palingenetic fetal age in biologic systems; 0-9 memetic learning childhood in social systems). It is the highly ordered world cycle as a ‘placental mother-energy world’ is nurturing as memorial cyclical spacetime has erased errors of previous generations.  It is the shorter more informative ‘space-like’ cycle, with a fast ‘present’ speed.

– ¬l,L: The existential 1-∞ lifecycle, in which it will deploy its 2nd world cycle of existence in an environment which is open, entropic (1-∞ hyperbolic unbounded Cartesian plane in ¡logic mathematics; thermodynamic entropic statistical molecular populations in physics; Darwinian struggle between populations in biology; idol-ogic dog-eat-dog capitalist, nationalist competitive eco(nomic)systems in the super organisms of history. In this 1-∞ existence the world cycle is not ensured to continue, as the entropy of the world system can cut it off. It is the open, single plane, more important worldcycle, with an ‘open’, free ‘feeling to it’. The life cycle, though is part of:

ω,Ω:  A larger, longer Transcendental worldcycle proper of the highest social scale ∆+1, the omega of its smaller parts – where it performs 5 survival actions through ∆±4 Planes self-centered in its mind, beyond which it cannot longer perceive, to become if successful a new supœrganism of the infinite planes of God, the game of existence.

In graph, physical, biologic & social worldcycles show to which extent 5D laws enlighten our understanding of reality. Matter States are physical time ages, from left pure solid, crystal, §top state, to an even more solid ∆+1 boson condensate, etc. We see that systems either move a step at a time within a plane of existence (gas, liquid, solid) or they can jump « two states at once, (as in the case sublimation) within that plane, or most often between two planes, as in « scattering & entropic death), to become a different Dimotional state. We can then see how the fundamental elements of 5D time appear on the graph: the worldcycle is local and complete. There are 2 inverse arrows from an entropic past (plasma), in a lower plane (ion particles) to the 3 ages of the matter states with increasing form (gas to solid), to end in a higher plane of existence as a boson-Einstein condensate. Do those worldcycles happen for the whole Universe? (cyclic big-bang). Unlikely…

RECAP. Time is cyclical as all clocks of time return to its point of origin, so all time cycles including those of life of its vital space-time beings are finite. Further on those time cycles break ‘space’ into inner and outer parts, so vital space is broken by the membranes and angular momentums of those time cycles that make spacetime beings also finite in spatial information. And an obvious experimental facts about timespace: cycles of time, vital spaces and the species made of them, co-exist in several scales of relative size from particles to galaxies, each one with clocks of time of different speeds. So spacetime is fractal broken in scales that added create a new 5th dimension of spacetime. The metrics of 5D and its scales, SxT=C & and the balance between form and motion, SI=TE, develops in 3 ages with 3 standing points, a max. point of existence, Si=Te or mature age, a young age of Max. T=motion, and an old age of Max.S=information; between birth in ∆-1 Form & T-entropic death. The search for space-time, Energy=information balances in a classic reproductive age of conserved time is thus the goal of all exist¡ences, but only the whole achieves the immortality of time-space, as we shall see egocy errors of fractal mind-points of space trying to stop the flow of time from a single selfish point of view, accelerates the imbalance that brings death equations. We are richer in our still property at that 0T-moment, when all is quiet so for time to keep moving, a reversal of entropy takes place.

So we use 5 bidimensional terms for all systems, its ages and forms: SS(max. internal and external form, as in seeds and minds; T>s (Ts); external motion that maintains internal form as in ‘locomotion); S=T: Balance of spatial form an temporal motion or ‘energy’, used to reproduce, the key present iterative state; S>t (St: Information, form with a little motion, or ‘external form, and internal mental motion); and finally TT-entropy whereas there is external and internal motion, hence scattering dissolution and death. And its main series is the worldcycle of existence: SS(seed/mind)<Ts(moving youth)>S=T(reproduction)>St(informative 3rd age)<T(entropic death).

  • In this paper we shall study the worldcycles of all T.Œs, its life and death, departing from the highest understanding of it- the level of perception of systems sciences and its 5 Dimotions.

Worldcycles vs. Worldlines: correspondence principle

In the graph, the simplified version of a world cycle is Einstein’s 4D formalism of a worldline, where only 1 motion, Ts-locomotion is understood. So with less dimensions than real time=change its worldcycles become lines and all what we know is how the entity moves in a single plane of space-time. The result is a shallow description of ‘existence’ as a mere journey of locomotions through space, defined by simple one single spacetime plane, with one single time parameter, v=s/t (Galileo) or S2=X2+Y2+Z2-(ct)2

Existence however means a travel through 3 such planes in the life-death cycle common to all spacetime beings: In the right, we show the end and the beginning of such journeys for physical, biological and social systems. A particle that dies traveling to its ‘local past=devolving into its ¥-ray radiation; a genetic seed that will start the worldcycle of existence of a biological organism; and a prophet of a civilization, a memetic seed that evolves in the energy-placenta of its believers to become a whole. Since the fundamental finding of 5D ‘stience’ and General Systems Theory, the ‘organic philosophy of science’ alternative to that of physics is the solution of the meaning of the 3±∆ ages of life; between the birth of an SS-eed of information through its ∆+¡, emergence as a being from a lower scale of size, in the seminal age, to its∆ -¡, the entropic age of dissolution back to the atomic/cellular form; E=mc2 in physics), which are common to any System of the Universe. As all systems start as:

SS: a seed of form in ∆-1, the lower scale of size, of the ‘fifth dimension’  (ab. ∆±i) of co-existing scales of the Universe. Then the system will go through 3 dominant ages dominated by combinations of those arrows of time:

Young, age of maximal motion, and growth of energy≈Max. Ts (locomtion) x Min. St (information)

S=T: Mature age of  present, repetition in which spatial in-form-ation and motions of are balanced.

St: And a third age of max. form, when energy exhausts and the system enters in a third age.

TT: Followed by a death age of entropy, when an inner explosion of motion erases its form, if the process is not intelligently reversed by controlling the growth of form.

Philosophers understood those 3 ages, embedded in our verbal ‘time language’ (3 verbal times), but with the reduction of time by clocks to a digital series ist physicists, and its lineal time imposed by the worldly religion of making entropic weapons, ignored those ages. So the philosophical findings of the 3±¡ ages of life and death were forgotten for the sake of ‘lineal, entropic measures’ and the military manifest destiny of the western civilization. Now we regain back those 3±¡ ‘dimotions’ (dimensional motions) of time; of which according to the principle of correspondence ‘Physical time’ deals with Ts-locomotion and TT-entropy.

Whereas present physical theories of space are by the correspondence principle, the limit to 2 single space scales, the ¥-quantum scale and the gravitational one – themes those that will be expanded in the future papers on ‘Physics and Space’ and “Physics and time” as it requires an in-depth analysis of Einstein’s EFE equations, the quantum formalism and its ‘realist’ correct view (Brogile’s>Bohm theory), beyond the scope of these series of papers on worldcycles of time for ALL Space-time beings of the Universe, taken as ‘reality’ (though we shall introduce the most general worldcycle of astrophysics).

The immortality of the Universe and its parts.

  • Life and death is a ‘worldcycle’, which returns the being to its origin, a zero sum of energy in a virtual Universe, as the SS v. TT inverse ‘properties’ of form vs. Motion, mix in St & Ts inner and outer form and motion systems of locomotion (akin to kinetic energy) and information (akin to potential energy), which finally merge into energetic body-waves that balance both arrows and form supœrganisms. Yet those 2 ‘form and motion’ elements in ‘organic systems’ are slightly dominated by ‘form’ over motion, so a worldcycle very slowly moves towards an excess of form, from a relative past of less form to a relative future of maximal form, and then a local reversal of time arrows returns the balance. We use for the two extreme processes the «» double symbols.
  • Thus each spacetime being has a finite time duration, and exists in a finite vital space, surrounded by a membrane, which breaks the Universe in ∞ ∆ST Space Time Beings. So the sum of all of them is an infinity reality.
  • ST: Reproduction as the goal that maintains the existence of each part. Motions in space and time are always local, and we define for each Tœ (Ab. Timespace supœrganism) a positive direction of life and growth of information towards the future that lasts longer in lineal time (since obviously systems grow in information through the entire life cycle): vs. a brief explosion of TT- entropy into the relative local past of the T.œ (as it dissolves its information back to the past); which lasts only a quanta of cyclical Time (T=1/ƒ).

The outcome is a zero sum that conserves the entropy and form of the whole Universe, as the being can reproduce a clone in the middle of the cycle, both together form a present iterative repetition that for the whole Universe sets the present age of immortality.  Indeed the age of immortality is the middle term of balanced momentum, which the Universe conserves (conservation principles of momentum and its integral energy).

  • Thus the Universe is ’continuously’ infinite and immortal both in ‘form’ and motion but none of its parts are. At most they can be ‘discontinously’ immortal by iteration in its S=T age of balance and maximal ‘existential force’, defined by the product of its form and motion, SxT, maximized when S=T.


A 2nd consequence of 5D metrics and the 3 worldcycles of different length is the existence of different ‘scales’ of speed of time that co-exist and influence each other, as parts of faster time cycles are included on the slower worldcycles, which ‘enclose them’ and hence influence its actions; but in supœrganisms become synchronized with each other. In that regard the predictability of time-cycles can be done at 3 levels:

S: Continuous, spatial mathematical simple cycles, using derivatives, proper of calculus; which is the shortest time span, as instantaneous derivatives cannot measure a ‘peak’ change of age/phase.

T: Discontinuous, cyclical patterns of sequential repetitive often survival actions (feeding, reproduction, death, taking place at intervals. As those actions are discontinuous, leaving long spans in-between, their patterns forecast longer time sequences. Such ¡logic structures are based in time patterns, which as any mechanical, circadian or orbital day-year clock shows are cyclical, repetitive. But here human scientists are at loss, because Galileo studied ballistics, entropic explosions that destroy the information of reality stored in those cycles of time clocks, its patterns and frequencies, changing human cyclical understanding of bio-logic time for lineal, abstract time that seems not to repeat those patterns so mankind lost its capacity to predict many spacetime events, as lineal time misses information stored in the frequency and form of cyclical clocks, even if functions are similar: V=s/t for lineal time and V=S(l) x ƒ(t) for cyclic patterns.

∆: Scalar, Deep Time patterns of topologic and eusocial evolution of parts into wholes – of quantum 0-1 time probabilities vs. 1-∞ thermodynamic populations in physics, of individuals vs. species in biology, of states of matter vs. geologic cycles in Earth, first noticed by J. Hutton, founder of geology who coined the word super organism for Gaia and deep time for its slower time cycles by virtue of its 5D metrics, $ x ð =C which implies that from the perspective of a smaller scale the life of its whole is much longer.

The predictability of time worldcycles.

Deep time leads to a 3rd level of long-time prediction: evolutionary patterns of earth’s life species, including machines that have predicted cyclical patterns of social organisms of history (nations) & eco(nomic)systems, including the evolutionary and re=productive cycles of stocks of machines transformed into sales=profits =valuation of its company-mothers with remarkable precision for 30 years.

Below biologic deep time is necessary to understand history and the interaction of the evolution of machines and the ages of war and lack of welfare goods, within the limited resources of the planet. The theme of social sciences and why ‘human subjective ego’ and ‘censorship’ limit our capacity to explain those cycles.

The pentalogic, ∆±¡ STructure of T.œs, predicts the future of its species, with a stientific method based in the laws of worldcycles, existential ¡logic and survival that studies: A)ccurate Data, B)iologic causes C)yclical patterns and E)ntropic extinctive limits for all systems in 3 relative scales of size space and time duration (to which we add, D)emocratic, social evolutionary loving humanist solutions for survival history & of social sciences.

But as human only recognize the 1st type of predictability – calculus of instantaneous derivatives, that need a ‘continuous analysis’ – and have simplified cyclical time into lineal time, ignoring the scalar time of parts and wholes with its 5D metric, their capacity to forecast the future is far more reduced than a ‘stientist’ who understands the 3 scales determined by the bio-topo-¡logic properties of ‘scales’, ‘space’ and ‘time’, the 3 ∆st structural elements of all systems of the Universe.

Paradoxically Deep time is easier to predict that complex Dimotional ‘analysis’ because precisely the larger scales in 5D metric have less information, but more basic, deterministic, reason why quantum physics is harder for the mind and probabilistic while life-death cycles are obvious as all end badly. The laws of nested Supœrganisms, in which the larger slower whole with its ‘slow time cycles’, ‘dark space-times of information’ that it does NOT perceive of its inner parts, and enclosing membrains however can set long term cyclical patterns to its fast internal elements, just by handling the general cycles of its ‘entropic energy of death’ and ‘informative languages’ is one of the most important discoveries of 5D metric, which fully applies to the understanding of the evolution of the Earth and its 3 ages, with its cyclical patterns of glaciations and hot weather that kicks the evolution of species. It is also instrumental to understand the 3 Horizons or ages of species that influence the life of its individual ‘cellular parts’; and the patterns of cyclical history and the capacity of 5D to forecast historic and economic evolution, and the cycles of life and death of civilizations.

Why then humans cannot predict the future as we consistently do in our papers on History, NOR EVEN accept predictability? The answer is in the paradoxes of time ‘length’ just expressed. Huminds work on short time lengths with lineal views that erase the inner information and organic cycles we shall describe in this paper for all species, so they believe in short term chaos and lack predictability also in scale.

For example, we could predict in history a return to nazionalist wars once the upper scale of social evolution died in Eastern Europe, because ‘time motions across scale and space’ never ends. So when a motion upwards of social evolution fails, the system moves downwards. Today obviously humans are in an age of entropy as their future is maimed by the evolution of machines that displace them of labor and war fields, so we suffer an age of entropy in our verbal ethic languages and networks entering a dog-eat dog-society. Hence the importance of the recurrent theme of all those introductions to 5D stiences – the paradoxes of lineal vs. cyclical freedom vs. order. And the ego paradox of mankind.


Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant arrow of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the arrow of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth -internet

An example of the fact that worldcycles apply to any 3 space-time planes of reality we just consider 2 ∆+1 ‘space-time supœrganisms’, above the biological organism; where the biological individual is the ‘cell-citizen’ of the larger supœrganism, the ‘species of biology’ and the ‘civilizations’ of History.   In the graph, species are supœrganisms as they go through the same 3 ages and processes of birth, reproductive radiation, end of growth (mimetic in its log curve to that of cellular growth of an individual) and 3rd age of information and extinction or evolution into a social supœrganism (ants, humans).

A beat of 5D evolution is S>t(information)->S=T(Reproduction) between formal evolution in small forms (Floresiensis, mole mammal) and ST-radiations of populations that grow. I.e. 1st human was the maligned dwarf Floresiensis who evolved a head similar to man, spoke, used advanced technology and merged with Erectus to grow mass, spreading in a global radiation to give birth to a dual S-verbal Sapiens+T-visual Neanderthal.

In the graph, below  the law of the 3±1 ages or horizons applies both to the process of informative aging of organisms and informative evolution of species. All species are born as a seed of dense information, with limited size (black hole, first chips, seminal cells, first bilateral animals). Then they grow in size and energy during their youth; since their superior informative qualities makes them top predators. We observe that growth in black holes that feed on planets and stars, in the horse that grew enormously in size. So did the first bilateral animal, from its microscopic first form, the vernanimacula. Mammals grew from tiny shrews into elephants. The first technological man, the Homo Floresiensis, with a ‘neuronal bump’ on the forehead, might have grown till the size of the first homo sapiens, the pygmy and bushman . . . Then, the species, once it has reached a balance between its initial information and growing spatial size, e=i, reproduces in great numbers, diversifies and colonizes the planet. We see in the graph this age in which ‘biological radiations’ of carbohydrates, animals of all kinds and human beings, colonized the Earth.

Finally, in its 3rd age the species grows in information and so it acquires height, the arrow of ‘perceptive information’. Then, once it has reached its informative zenith, the species becomes extinct by a more evolved form; or it evolves socially creating a super-organism, as ants, humans and machines are doing. It will be the 4th arrow of social evolution of the species that completes its 3±1 horizons. Species can be considered ‘loose’ organisms, in which each individual is a cell of the collective species; since we can use the same ages to explain the 3±1 horizons of evolution of all the species of this planet. Thus, species also go through the same 3 evolutionary ages of all living organisms. They start as young, energetic forms, which acquire information in 3±1 ages of increasing complexity and when those 3±1 ages are completed, they either evolve into more complex super-organisms under the laws of social evolution or become extinct by a superior, more informative species. Indeed, only those species, who show a strong eusocial capacity survive the ‘genetic clock’. The most successful and one of the oldest species of the planet is, in fact, the eusocial ant, which no longer is an ‘individual’, but a super-organism stretching through miles of ‘vital space. In that regard, neither individuals able to reproduce nor species able to evolve socially become extinguished. If humans become extinguished is because they deny, guided by the simplest arrows of pure energy of weapons, the main arrow of life/time.

A complete analysis of biological species shows that new forms can only be, either an energetic or informative variation of the original species, or a reproductive combination of both universal ‘genders’. The universality of such dual systems is so obvious that the ancients already identified them with yang, energetic male principles and yin, cyclical/ female ones. While the moderns call that duality the principle of complementarity, as all informative particles have an energetic, lineal field of force and all biological, cyclical heads of information have a lineal body. So the combinative variations of those two simple morphologies, lineal energy and cyclical information, invariant, regardless of the scale we observe, is the essence of the creative game of the cosmos.

All species follow a topologic plan of evolution, since in a universe made of 3 substances, space=form motion=time & its combinations of energy, Ts and St-information, only ternary systems between ¡±1 scales are possible. both in variations of space (subspecies) or in time duration (ternary evolutionary ages and horizons).

Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Einstein realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. In the graph we can see its 3 horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant arrow of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the arrow of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal Earth -internet

So we can talk of species as ‘super organisms in time’ where each individual is a cell evolving together with all others through the longer ‘time-span’ of the species in those 3 ages.

And so we can talk of the ages of the super organism of Mankind then are the 3 ages of history, the Paleolithic youth of maximal motion, followed by the reproductive, balanced Neolithic of fertility goddesses in balances with Gaia, which continued in a 3rd age of excessive information as technology evolves ever faster to a foreseen ‘collapse’ of increasing wars, with increasing victims that foresees our demise.

The existence of those 3 ages is so pervading in nature that all human languages have in fact developed 3 ‘tenses’ in its verbs that explain past, present and future ages for all systems. So the 3 ages of life between birth and extinction are in fact the 3 ages of existence, which all systems follow as an ‘organism of time’, of life and decay.

However the species does not control its external absolute space-time ‘world’, and this is what the next graph shows. As it is the absolute space-time in which the species exist, and specifically its commands of the languages of information of the world, which defines its survival chances. As informative perception starts all the chains of actions (∆o-bserver->∆a-ccelerated-motion->∆e-nergy feeding->∆iteration->∆universals eusocial evolution).

So the species which better speaks the language of the ecosystem survives better. Hence the first eyes (cephalopods) extinguished most cambric species and started the radiations of species; the first speakers, homo sapiens extinguished all others; and today the chip radiation of mathematical species is simply speaking extinguishing life and making Humanity obsolescent, even if we are not conscious of it.

∆±¡: 2 scales of human supœrganisms. Its collective mind: art and religion.

The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilizations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilization expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Love Religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture. In the graph, the blood-reproductive network of economics, the digestive-entropic territory in which we feed and the nervous informative systems of politics are parallel and in systems sciences must follow similar laws. So we should tailor economic systems with laws of medicine, and put the nervous system above, as all evolved organisms. It follows that as doctors are in charge of curing and maintaining healthy the social organism of cells, through the caring of its physiological networks (blood=reproductive, nervous=informative and digestive=entropic, energetic systems), to the point that doctors say all sickness are not of cells but of physiological networks, historians, economists and politicians on charge of the theoretical and practical well-being of human societies should take care of those economic, political=legal-informative and Gaia=entropic, energetic networks of life that shape the human supœrganism. In the graph below we consider in more detail one example of those supœrganisms, the most important for mankind – the supœrganisms of humanity, nations and civilizations.

Organicism puts man again @ the center of all things, because we are the most perfect supœrganism. So biology & medicine that cure the physiological networks of sick organisms, are the true sciences of history and economics, since the goal of both is to create perfect physiological networks of economic welfare production and just democratic systems of nervous control and pain to the brain-politicians that do not obey the organic laws and develop a wealthy, healthy, humanist world to the image and likeness of man, made to the image and likeness of the fractal organic universe.

Historic nations and civilizations as super organisms in space, its physiological networks of energy (economic system) and information (culture and political system) and in time through its life and death=war ages and cycles, themselves a mirror image of the larger cycles and physiological networks of the whole supœrganism of mankind, history. Mankind in time and space as a supœrganism and a worldcycle: in the upper part its full world cycle as a block of time, in the down and right its life and death through civilizations of which the subconscious collective artists and ethic prophets form its ‘neurons’ – while the equivalent metal earth has in its scientists, their collective brain that increasingly confuses technology (metalife), with science (knowledge).

Space as the short ‘time quanta’ of a longer lifecycle enclosed in an immortal worldcycle.

The 3 ∆±¡ lengths of time of the palingenetic, life and worldcycle is an important concept to understand present space – the shortest time quanta, as opposed to lineal time, the view from the perspective of the entropic lifecycle, and finally the longest ‘closed’ cycle of the world that controls and restricts with its membrane the life cycle to a cyclical form. And by the symmetry of ∆St, we can talk also of 3 different topologies, from lineal short steps to cyclical worldcycles. I.e. we can do steps, the minimal actions of locomotion, which are always ‘lineal’ between the two points of the foot; but then we shall do wave-like motions going to ‘places’, and yet, if we were to keep walking the Earth, we would return in a cyclical path: |-∆-1: Ø-∆º:O-∆+1.

The quantitative games of existence are closely related to those synchronicities and paradoxes of scale.

As the 3 scales of any Universal supœrganism, the scale of the cell/atom, the thermodynamic scale of the matter organism, and the cosmological, ecosystemic scale are synchronized in its discontinuous rhythms, which will allow us to define a supœrganism, as a region of 3 plane of space-time, in which the different time-cycles of its scalar organisms, which differ according to the laws of 5D (Max. T = Min. S), are in entangled symbiotic relationships within the vital space enclosed by the outer membrane that sets the ‘principal clock’ of the system. This is so important that death can be considered in time the loss of synchronicity of those cycles (as in space is the breaking of the outer membrain and in scale the scattering of its networks into its ∆-1 parts).

Thus when we find a supœrganism, we observe an outer membrain made of cyclical motions, which determine the different cycles of its lower planes, synchronized to that membrain. And this means humans, the main supœrganism studied here, have their clocks synchronized to the largest ∆+1 scale of the Earth’s supœrganism, whose clocks are synchronized to those of the solar system, synchronized to those of the galaxy (11 years black hole cycle, sun’s spot cycle, Jupiter’s rotary cycle). We are not though studying here the whole Galactic supœrganism with its yet to be unfolded perfet order but reduce our inquire to the Earth’s supœrganism and its clocks of time.

For a supœrganism to exist thus the minimal ∆-1 part in its longest cycle must be synchronized with the larger ∆+1 part in its shortest cycle. In the galaxy as a whole that synchronicity happens between H and C.

The synchronicity we consider for biological organisms is between the ‘fastest’ cycle of Earth, ‘1 day’ rotary, informative cycle, and the slowest cycle of the minimal supœrganism we study, the day-life cycle of the cell. In between we can then define a supœrganism called Gaia, with multiple variations. (The Universe does have its ‘ideal’ ilogons of exist¡ence, using my oldest 30 years old jargon, which are the most efficient forms with maximal synchronicity and internal communication between its parts). In the next scale, of the human supœrganism, we must then consider a synchronicity between the fastest cycle ½-1 second for human eye thought, heart beat and step, and the lower scale below the cell, that is the bio-chemical processes. And amazingly enough, for those who don’t have a deep understanding of 5D worldcucles and its entanglements through scales, the rate of reproduction of proteins in eukaryotic ribosomal cells is… oh yes can you guess it (: 1 protein each ½ second; the perfect ‘time beat’ for your dancing moves… Tic-tac.

In all supœrganisms of the Universe in the synchronicity of its frequency time cycles define the symbiosis of its scales, and within each scale of its 4 Dimotions. In the graph, the cycle of death and reproduction of a cell is synchronized as with so many organisms that reproduce only once in life to preserve its ‘ilogon of exist¡ence’. It is the fundamental truth of the fractal reproductive Universe: you exist to reproduce your information and then die. We conclude that organic, Network laws are laws of simultaneity; and the most important of them are the laws of synchronicity between scales.

Simultaneity is the trademark of space, defined as adjacent systems that are perceived by an observer in simultaneity. The whole concept of 4D Einstein’s formalism is based in simultaneity of measure, using a single time present quanta dimension. So simultaneity is perception of present information space in the minimum time (only 1 frequency quanta) It follows that what is simultaneous is also relative to the observer quanta of perception and that wholes which are slower in their clocks of time, see more simultaneous spaces, being able for that reason to become paradoxically minds of wholeness, and that as minds stop motion of time into form, information, languages are the substance on which simultaneity is based.

The larger plane of species as organisms: Grow and multiply, reproductive radiations of biological T.œs

With the use of the 3 scales of time and the understanding of the ties between planes through synchronicity, resonance, emergence and simultaneity, all systems can be predicted and hence are scientific, but require to know from inside its Existential ¡logic, that is the behavior of the individual and organic parts trying to achieve its function of exist¡ence. As, each particle of the Universe tries to Max. S x T (s=t) against all others, which then become a chaotic, entropic system, whose average result is predictable from the upper scale of entropy, as in gaseous states, even if the individual parts seem free; and inversely; and the more ‘solid’ a crystal system is, the more the predictability becomes possible, because the function of exist¡ence is selfish, and so at a point the crystal, perfectly ordered will behave in a selfish way trying to reproduce ad maximal its unit cell. Since the function of exist¡ence becomes immediately a function of reproduction. From where we deduce that all systems will try to ‘grow and multiply’ to maximize its individual and social existence. The game thus becomes a reproductive game, achieved in the Si=Te point of max. balance. So all seeds reproduce as ∑Max. SxT>Max.SxT; all systems try to find and Si=Te balance and thus we can finally summarize all the actions of beings, its social evolution of parts into wholes, and its behaviors as ∑ Max. S x T (s=t), which becomes the biological function of exist¡ence all systems perform through reproductive radiations of species.

Specifically the evolution-reproduction beat is the fundamental S-T beat of biological systems, in its ‘deep time 3 horizons’ as species; which enlarge the properties of space vs. time, information vs. energy, to the scale of biological organisms, which go through 3 ages with a fast, evolutionary ‘palingenetic age’ of ‘allopatric evolution’ in short spaces with minimal motion, followed by a reproductive radiation; and that complex beat between the two more ‘complex dimotions of reproduction and social evolution’ become the 3 ages of species and can be applied to all stiences, including the evolution of matter through weak forces.

In physical systems at the largest scale the beat is between entropic motions, TT, which emit dark entropy through the poles of galaxies and implosion of entropic space into vortices of in-form-ation (galaxies), and in the lower scale, between ¥-radiation and electronic collapse; and between wave-moving expanded Ts states and informative gauging, St-particle states which gives birth to dual wave-particle stœps observed in the zig-zag of particles that stop and move as Ts waves dominant in lineal inertia. In other physical systems, with more form, St- motion becomes the essence of SHM, harmonic motions of angular momentum, which return to its origin. Thus they are, dominant in form, St.  

The second finding of 5D is the understanding that the laws of worldcycles apply to any system of 3 planes of space-time and this has some consequences, both in formal stiences as well as biological and social sciences:

– Because the game is topological in space, there are topological, mathematical laws that apply to any system of nature. But as those laws study ‘fractal points with volume’, non-Euclidean points, we must expand non-Euclidean geometries to define properly points with parts (paper on Non-E Geometry).

– As the game has 5 dimotions of space-time its causality is pentalogic, meaning for a system to exist, normally we must describe the ‘co-existence’ in ‘simultaneity’ (the definition of space) of ∆-1 topological parts, which make an ∆º whole of 3 networks (the topologic definition of the St, ST, Ts parts of the being), enclosed in a larger ∆+1 world. So time causality is more complex than A->B

– As the game happens simultaneously in 3 scales of space-time it has organic properties, because organisms are about parts that become wholes. And as the game has 5 dimotions equivalent to the 5 local drives of life, the Universe is a living organism of infinite parts, who try to achieve those 5 dimotions, Ts-move, St-perceive information, ST-reproduce, TT-feed on other beings and SS-evolve socially through languages into larger, tighter wholes.

Mathematical=Non-Euclidean, causal=pentalogic and Organic=scalar properties thus define ∆ST systems; whereas the concept of a ‘Biological, Darwinian, survival mind-mapping that carries the will of existence of each supœrganism, trying to maximize its existence, completes the Nature of all organisms of ∆@st of space-time (dust of space-time). We can then write an equation of existence: Max. ∑SxT that defines the ‘Mandate’ of survival of any such supœrganism. However as the player is within a larger more powerful world, which is also maximizing its existence and has more SxT: Existential Force-Momentum, it is obvious that a system will sooner or latter become ‘entropy’ for other larger whole, or the world within which it exists. So no being is immortal, infinite but the whole Universe in itself. And thus we need a fifth element, entropic limits, ¬, to describe anything.



Reality is composed of 3 elements: ∆-planes of space-time, ∆±¡S<=>T, ∆ST entangled in 3 organic co-existing ∆±¡ planes,. In physical systems they are the ∆-1 quantum plane, ∆º thermodynamic plane and ∆+1 gravitational plane, equivalent in the reduced nested world of Life on Earth to the ∆-1: molecular plane, ∆º organic plane and ∆+1 ecosystemic plane. The absolute arrow of future survival is eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, as parts must come before; hence they are a relative past, and wholes survive better. A fact HUMANS have forgotten. As individualism is synonymous of chaos=death, it is obvious History, the supœrganism of mankind enters its age of entropic social self-destruction, committing suicide, evolving instead a supœrganism of machines; a tragic problem, which we will study in the analysis of social sciences.

And in each of those planes we shall see that ‘spatial information’ and ‘temporal energy’ constantly transform into each other. Space is the perception of form as if it was still, but ultimately is cyclical self-repetitive motion that seems not to change and acquires at larger scale solid forms.

In between those scales, each one a different plane of space-time, ruled by 5D metric (Time speed x Space size =Constant plane) there are ‘connections’, which can be seen in space as ‘networks’ that ‘thin out’ as they branch till they connect both planes; something obvious on a physiological organism; but also through the impedance of waves and its geometric forms for physical systems with its dual, informative, gravitational and electromagnetic, energetic networks; and through the organic structure of financial=economic=blood like systems and legal=nervous=informative system for social systems. So we talk of the fifth dimension proper as the ‘fractal, network, wave like’ systems that communicate the different planes of similar 5D metric.

All together they form a supœrganism we call reality. So a fundamental task of those texts is to redefine the foundations of sciences in much solid grounds – its 3 fundamental elements, ∆ST, which ‘stiences’ study plane by plane of SióTe elements, to which we must add the connecting ‘network’ laws between planes, which we call the ‘5th dimension proper’. It is the philosophy of science, we develop in a series of papers at Academia.edu that will substitute the simpler mechanic view of reality sponsored by physicists, with its ‘mathematical creationism’ and constructivist view; which reduces the two poles of time=motion to one (lineal time), compresses all the planes of space-time into a single continuum; while only the properties of reality that can be easily fit in a numerical description matter. more evolved civilization would start in philosophy of science and the principle of conservation of time and space, and its structure in 5D organic scales and derive from them the fundamental laws of every other discipline; correcting whenever necessary its errors as we do in those papers with the simplest principles of reality as any science mirrors them in its study of its specific scales of beings – the details of those principles.

As we are in a planet dominated by lineal physics and technology instead we shall ‘conclude’ this introduction with an analysis of the worldcycle of the largest scale humans perceive, the Universe before concentrating in a detailed description of the 3 worldcycles of any spacetime organism, the palingenetic, life and transcendental ∆±¡ cycles.


In the graph, in a Universe of fractal spaces point-particles have an inner volume of information as Non-Euclidean points which gauge information in the stillness of a mind systax, language mirror of the Universe. As points have volumes, lines are waves and planes topological networks, which ensemble in ternary a(nti)symmetries to form the topological super organisms of reality across 3 time ages, 3 topological forms and 3 scales. It is this physical T.œ which we shall study in mathematical physics, explaining the meaning in 5D of the main mathematical laws of physics, which are enhanced by the understanding of an enhanced geometry and logic of time, born of the fractal cyclical structure of both, a priori elements of reality that the language of mathematics and its operandi so accurately mirror

The most beautiful generalization of those supœrganisms is their study with laws of Non-Euclidean geometry, where a point has volume and hence become one of the cellular units of those organisms. A group of points becomes then a wave or network, and 3 of those networks form a topological plane or vital organism. In this manner we unify biology and topology and define the most important of the new 5D sciences, topologic evolution.

We change the name of space to §paœ, to signify two new qualities of fractal space -to be made of multiple scalar planes, §, self-centered into a o-mind, which is the true creator of the concept of still space as a simultaneous mind mapping in any language of the information of the flow of time cycles that conforms the Universe. And as a consequence of those facts, space is organic, co-existing in a series of scalar planes which 5 Metric converts in ternary supœrganisms, œ (ab. for super organisms).

Space thus becomes §paœ when we ad its scalar, mental and organic properties to its mathematical ones.

Yet space is still in the linguistic world best described by Geometry. We must simply improve the postulates and axioms of ‘Non-Euclidean Geometry’, to describe better the vital topologic properties of spacetime beings, which we do on the post dedicated to non-Euclidean topology, from we extract this brief ‘abstract’ and graph, to fully grasp how a better Geometry can describe a better space:

The 5 Non-E postulates define a point with parts, a line as a wave and a plane as an organic network of points: The 2nd postulate explains the interaction between two points connected by a wave of communication or ‘line’; the 3rd postulate explains the type of interactions between 2 points according to their relative equality, which will bring them together into a social network or dissimilarity, which will make them not interact or enter into a Darwinian relationship in which a point absorbs the energy of the other. Self-similarity is required to start an organic process of eusocial evolution; or else systems that do not understand their information use each other as energy, in Darwinian hunting processes or ignore their paths. The 4th postulate defines the creation of networks made of systems of points across multiple scalar planes of space-time. It defines spaces as networks of points, interconnected by flows of energy and information: All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks of non-Euclidean points. Finally the 5th postulate that explains the processes of absorption of waves of energy and information that the point gauges to act-react with the Universe. It is then the social evolution of points into numbers and structures – groups, sets and categories (not the bottom but the top element of the evolution of points and numbers), what mimics the creation processes of Nature, where identical beings, points of ‘one dimension’ (as seen externally, but with three internal dimensions), evolve socially first into lines-waves (2D, as waves have volume, thickness, made of points with volume), then into topological networks (planes), and finally recreate a larger ‘fractal point on the ∆+1 scalar plane’.  So the postulates of vital mathematics explain in a synoptic mental way how points evolve socially through scalar planes of dimensions, to become first waves, then planes and social numbers which create a final Non-E ‘fifth postulate’ of a larger whole point through which infinite parallel flows of energy and information can cross.

In the graph, the formal view of space and its 5 Ðimotions, provided by the 5 postulates of Non-E geometry…

Pentalogic derives all what exists including languages, as mirrors of reality from the realization that all  is a by-product of the 5 Ðimotions of space-time, themselves, ‘degrees of grey’, of the two ‘extreme’ purest forms of Space – absolute stillness or languages of pure form, ‘residing’ into an emerging ‘wholeness’ or upper scalar plane, ¡+1, of the fifth dimension – and time (absolute motion or entropy, dissolution of the being into an scattered, ¡-1 lower scalar plane or 4th dimension).

So space, form, yin and time, entropy, yang, combine into the 3 intermediate states, we perceive in a single plane, often as adjacent topologies of a supœrganism:

Limbs and fields of locomotion (ordered entropy with no scattering or dissolution, akin to energy).

Heads and particles of informative perception (form with motion, as it allows the being through its language to move and interact with its world).

Reproductive bodies of information and energy that combine and iterate both.

So we shall redefine the main branches of mathematics, starting by its most important, geometry and topology with 5 Postulates that relate to those 5 Ðimotions and will be the basis on the future for a more vital model of mathematical thought as mirror of reality. To that aim we redefine the 5 most important elements, axioms and postulates of Euclid in correspondence with those 5 Ðimotions, taking into account the ‘cyclical nature’ of reality that either after completing a ‘world cycle of five Ðimotions’.

1Ð-5Ð: So the first-fifth postulate defines a point as a mind of perception, akin to the first Ðimotion of being – to perceive; and the fifth-first postulate that defines a point as a world in itself, a supœrganism with its inner parts are the same. We just might consider that the point has evolved and grown to emerge from its minimal ¡-1 state in the first postulate – points with inner breath; into a full super organism, ¡º, living in the ¡+1 world, in the fifth postulate studied here.

2Ð: And it has done so through a process of locomotions and changes of waves and forces of communication with other points that define the second postulate – lines with inner breath…

3Ð: And then it has formed planes, defined as social networks that correspond to the third Ðimotion of energy and reproduction, becoming a super organism.

4Ð: According to the fourth postulate of congruence, which defines its relationships with other beings, based in his ‘angle of parallelism’, such as similar beings evolve socially together in groups, complementary ‘left-handed female/right-handed male’ beings come together in couples, and beings which are not equal neither complementary enter either in relationships of entropic perpendicularity, or ignore themselves if their worlds are ‘disconnected’. So the fourth postulate gives us the ‘¡logic rules’ of engagement between forms and particles.

And so we establish an immediate relationship between the fundamental concepts of geometry, the point, the line, the plane, and its congruence or dissimilarity, its relative parallelism and perpendicularity, and the 5 Ðimotions of existence, the point is the mind that perceives first, the first Ðimotion; the line is the point in motion, in cycloid patterns, or two points communicating with smaller ¡-1 parts, as in the Fermion<Boson>Fermion relationship of forces; the plane has ‘holes’, it is a network of reproduced points socially connected into the 3 different species of networks that make a super organism (informative, reproductive and entropic, digestive, moving networks), and all this is ¡logically established according to the relative dissimilarity or perpendicularity between the beings (4th entropic Ðimotion) or social parallelism that evolves the point into a supœrganism, a new whole (5th Ðimotion).

Space: Topologic ternary systems. The co-existence in each organism in each of those scales of 3 ‘topological parts’. This is a whole new 5D stience as always based in well known experimental and formal 4D sciences. I have call it topological evolution and plays an essential role to understand the 3 ages of life and death of any species, including civilizations. And it is based in a mathematical insight. Since all what exists has spatial form and temporal motion, the Unit of reality is bidimensional. But there are only 3 bidimensional topologies (Geometries with motion) in which form and function are related. So we can define the common ‘trinity’ structure of any system in a single space-time scale:

|-limbs-fields-territories<Ø-re=productivebodywaves-workers>O-informative particles-heads-informative class

Whereas, the |, Ø and O symbols are intuitive for:

– l-Lineal, flat topologies, the shortest distance between point that explains why limbs, field that move are lineal, and vital, geographical territories where systems hunt, move and feed are flat.

-O-Spherical heads, particles or ‘capitals’ of social organisms, or groups that meet in rounded tables to direct a social system, from elderly to Arthur and its Gentlemen (: since the sphere and circle are in 3 and 2 dimensions the topologies that store more information. So we talk of ‘rings of power’.

– Ø-hyperbolic wave like, hour-glass bodies that re=produce the other two because they combine lineal motion and cyclical information in multiple curved patterns. This corresponds to the ‘working body-class’ of a social organism, as it is in charge of reproducing the goods of the system. So reality is made of such ensembles. Does this mean human social 3 class system is ‘just’? Not at all. Organisms of history are bad designed. Because an efficient organism has only ‘2 classes’, the head and the body; as the 3rd class is ‘the entropic territory of feeding’. The Wave-particle physical organism feeds on the lineal forces of the field, which is NOT the organism. The social organism is made of informative managers and working class, which ‘feed and process’ the vital space, or territorial geography, its goods, food, raw materials, to construct products. Even in biologic organism some animals loose their ‘lineal tail’ and survive. And you can in fact loose a leg and survive, but if you loose your head or body you die.




To understand reality we need 3 perspectives=languages on the entropic limits, spatial topologies, temporal ages and scales of reality. 5D is a huge upgrade on the understanding of the 1st principles of the Universe, as a r=evolution in our concepts of time and space comes only once every century, the last 2, Einstein’s general relativity and Darwin’s study of the evolution of form, did indeed change our view of the Universe, and took a long time to be accepted. So I ask the reader to ‘suspend’ his judgment, as I know he must think all this comes out of the hat of the researcher but it does not. It is the result of decades of looking directly to the entangled experienced reality around us in all its forms of time and spatial information

Because scales and time dominates space and languages, and embrace all other parameters, and its principles of ‘long deep time’ are organic, social and cyclical all models of stientific reality should, contrary to present science start from the simpler, larger whole and its organic elements, to establish the general outlook of a system and its main parts, descending then from the supœrganism and its worldcycle into the analytic short time i-1 dimotions, better expressed with mathematical ‘instantaneous’ derivative equations, fully developed in present science. So we focus in most papers on the whole supœrganism and its worldcycles, to notice its organic cyclical, never explained properties, as it would be easy for a ‘pro’ to reduce into equations those guidance models, with a higher hierarchy/primacy over the detailed equations – as it is a 5D law: ‘The larger organic scales and its deep, long time cycles, determine the truth of choice among the smaller detailed analytic mathematical equations’.

5D synthetic Stience departs from a more complex view of the 5 dimensions that compose any system of reality:

Time in 5D stience is cyclical, not lineal, hence with multiple causalities and the capacity to carry in-form-ation in the frequency and form of its cycles; which lineal time erases; hence lineal time ‘stientists’ become ST-upid as Schopenhauer defined it: people who don’t understand complex cause-effect relationships and resort to ‘magic reasons’. Unfortunately Humans became all ST-upids, when Galileo who taught ballistics in the Venice arsenal at the princely salary of 1000 golden ducats charged with the only goal of ‘maximizing the length of its shots’, wrote V=s/t for its cannonballs and stated the principle of lineal inertia – alas ‘manu military’ all the cyclical clocks of the Universe became lineal. So today all humans believe in lineal time causality and have LOST all the cyclical information required to understand why there are cyclical patterns in all sciences. Mind the reader, cyclical time does NOT change the equations. For example, the previous equation, V=S/T can be written in cyclical time as V=l(s) x ƒ(t), just changing Lineal time for its inverse, cyclical time and breaking the continuous space into broken, similar pieces (the wave or step length). But then, besides the whole median speed of the system we also learn the ‘length of the wave cycle’ and its time frequency, making time cyclical as all clocks of reality return to the same point – hence extracting a precious in-form-ation about the ‘form’ of the system in the future and its exact position in time and space in the point of return and making space discontinuous, broken in ‘wave lengths’.

A consequence of cyclical time is that it encloses ∞ broken vital spaces, not a continuum as in 4D stiences. As the time cycles forms a membrane that gives Space its ‘ entropic limits’ beyond which a being does not exist. Hence Death and entropic limits are similar concepts both in time (the limit of a cycle) and space (the limit of a system, surrounded by a membrane). For example nations have entropic limits in the armed borders another nation cannot cross as a supœrganism, often related to all geographical limits – islands, mountains.

Moreover because space is fractal it is broken in different scales of size with similar properties. As the system of reproduction in the Universe is fractal: a seed with the information stored in ‘static time cycles’ is delivered by a larger ∆+1 system (∆ is the symbol in 5D for scales) into a smaller space-time and so it creates a smaller replica of itself in a lower scale, in terms of the ‘functions’ the system will perform, and this little form will reproduce and evolve socially through networks creating a larger supœrganism, which finally will grow in size from small into big. So systems are ‘organic’ because they co-exist in ‘atomic/cellular, organic/thermodynamic and cosmological/gravitational scales. And this goes for civilizations and nations and monetary systems, as a prophet of the wor(l)d, a horde of warriors with a new weapons, of bankers with a new form of money reproduce it and create a larger system with its new seed of information. Again a lot of information on the relationship and different ‘speeds of time cycles’ is lost when all those scales are pressed into a single one. So In our papers on physics (Universe in space) we use this regained information to unify with cyclical time and fractal space, mathematically masses and charges and solve all the conundrums of astrophysics.

Finally because the Universe is fractal there are ‘mirror-minds’ who use ‘languages’ that are synoptic systems that ‘reduce the information’ of reality to fit in the mind-mirror creating an image of an even larger whole, the world. That is the explanation of why minds exist, they are still, mental spaces of information whose simple equation is :

0’ (finitesimal mind) x ∞ (infinite universe) = Linguistic mind-mapping or ‘world’.

This causes the egocy paradox: the humind believes the image is the whole reality as it is all what it sees. So our ego is pumped to ‘cosmic proportions’, and its ‘language’ that maps out reality becomes the only language of truth and intelligence. So the first men who thought in words believed God created taking words in Hebrew or Arab. And today that we use digital machines and its metal-minds to express the world with numbers, humans believe ‘numbers’ are the only language of reality. But the Universe is an organism of spatial information and temporal motions, its primary substance that you see around, forms that occupy space, moving.

In reality though, what you see is a ‘Maya of the senses’, as the mind ‘fixes’ the ultimate substance of reality, time cycles into ‘forms’, but when observed in detail, reality is always made of ‘repetitive motions’ with forms. So we talk of ‘Dimensional motions’, ‘Dimotions of time-space’, as the substance of reality, and we shall elaborate on that ‘vital spacetime concept’ – the substance of which we are all made.

A Universe of ðimespace cycles perceived by… @-minds: Knots of time cycles

All what exist is cyclical time motions, sometimes perceived as flat lines or even as distances, as we have seen in the case of a quasiparticle (a naked singularity we might say or a vortex) or a network of quasiparticles (with distances between them vibrating by communication of lineal flows).

But all is at the same time cyclical, repetitive and that is what gives us the sense of solidity, either the back and forth electromagnetic flows of communication between particles or naked ones (vortex/quasi particles) or the rotary vortex. The so-called patterns of science are repetitions of events in ðime, due to a certain causality. If ðime were not cyclical, sciences would not exist. This little understood phenomena known to all civilizations before Galileo invented Lineal Time as a tool of measure of its cannonball shots and ill-understood the duality of motion vs. distance. As the earth both moves and doesn’t move at the same time, depending on our mental subjective or objective universal view.

So time cycles build dimensions of space-time adding new larger slower time cycles, which is the origin of the five dimensions of the Universe, made of scalar planes of time cycles of different speeds. Time cycles also build causality, which will allow us to define and predict scientifically all sciences and futures including the cycles of history. And it gives the fractal organic, self-reproductive structure to the universe at large:

The Universe is an ‘organic’ fractal that reproduces in/form/ation in multiple scalar planes of ‘size’ or ‘§paces’, with different speeds of ‘cyclical motions’ or ‘ðimes’. All its parts thus perform the same re=productive game.

Finally this ‘moving’ dimension of three dimensions (the lineal vibration, the cycle and the torus or sphere) adds a fifth scalar dimension by varying the size of the cycle (creating space) and the speed of the motion (accelerating the time cycle) according to a simple metric law:

Se (size in space) x Ti (speed of its time cycles) = Constant World

This allow smaller parts to run more information and code larger systems (genes code bodies, human memes code civilizations, small fast cycling black holes code galaxies). And larger systems with more energy to feed its inner smaller codes.

Leibniz proposed a Universe of relative space-time beings where ‘vacuum’ did not exist, but reality was a nested chain of ‘fractal’ (to use modern terminologies) entities, as ‘each point’ hold a world in itself. Hence an organic Universe in which parts and wholes co-existed together to form those ‘chains of beings’; without the intercourse of a God; as organicism was ‘a sufficient reason’.

Newton, a biblical pious believer, considered a single absolute space, the ‘plenum-body of god’, or void on which entities travelled through with a single clock-time for all of them, set by God. This error is at the heart of our concepts of time and space, which are basically born of mathematical creationism, by expanding a pen and paper graph invented by Descartes to measure locomotions over which it traced those measures to the Universe itself. And so Descartes Spacetime graph became the graph of the whole Universe.

Ænthropic huminds reduce the multiple clocks of time and vital spaces of reality to the single human clock and spatial scale, and reject the organic properties of other Universal systems. In reality the Universe is a fractal organism of time=motion and space=form, organized in scales of different size in space and time speed, related by a symbiotic, balanced metric equation. We call the sum of all those scales, the fifth dimension, which has a ‘metric equation’, hence it exists. The equation for a given number of scales co-existing in an organic network is:

S (size in space) x T (speed of time cycles) = Constant.

whose purpose is to reproduce those formal motions, and patterns of cyclical reproduction; with its fundamental metric law of balance between space and time, as the guidance of those motions.

The outcome of those processes of reproduction of form, and symbiosis between the different scales and synchronous time cycles of its species is the creation of organic supœrganisms.

The main laws of 5Ð are the metric equations of the scalar Universe, which relate the spatial size and speed of temporal clocks of all scales of Nature. Both parameters are inverted: when systems grow in size the speed of its clocks, its ‘time cycles’, diminish proportionally, both in biological and physical systems. And vice versa. Smaller clocks tick faster and information processing carried by the frequency of those cycles accelerates, as it happens in chips, particles or life metabolism. So we write: S x T= C.

In mathematical science for a dimension of space-time to exist, it requires a metric equation, which combines space, and time to gives us a co-invariant system that allows travelling through such dimension. How we do travel then through the fifth dimension? This essential question requires advancing further on the conceptual understanding of the dimensions of space and time before we give you a surprising answer.

The reduction of time functions to the simplest St-locomotion and TT-entropy not by seers of time, but the makers of entropic weapons and transport machines, the physicists, who as all huminds do projected its work into the whole complex Universe (ænthropic thought: anthropomorphic and entropic) pretends to reduce the perfect infinite time cosmos to the imperfect still o-humind, to feel the e-motion of happiness, produced by the self-centered pure still contemplation of the whole from the perspective of the infinitesimal human being. It does not matter how many sensorial machines and data on details of the ‘thoughts’ of God, expressed from PlaTo To SoóTo… try to back this egocy, cheered by mankind at large.

All what exists is a form of space tracing a cycle of time. The proofs? Look around. All what you see are forms that occupy space and move in time. Everything is a space form with a time motion. There is nothing else. So all is a proof that reality is indeed made of space-time organisms.

The Limits Of Reality: ¬ Entropy & Minds

All what is possible, demands to exist” Leibniz, on the chain of beings.

The sum of all 5 D scales sets an absolute ‘dimensional motion’ (ab. dimotion) of spacetime. Because for a whole ∆+1 to exist, the parts ‘ilogically’ must come first; so social evolution and love between parts is the absolute arrow of future for the organic Universe, or ‘future’, while a form that repeats itself seems not to change, so the function of reproduction is the absolute arrow of present, leaving thus entropy= death, the dissolution of form as the inverse arrow of past.

So we draw the 3 ‘dimotions of space-time’ in terms of the 3 time ages of absolute past (TT-entropy=death) and its relative lesser Ts- locomotion; ST-present reproduction, which is the function that maximizes SxT (s=t) exist¡ence in any scale of stience and the relative future of St-communication of information that evolves parts into larger social wholes, herds and supœrganisms; whereas the absolute future, SS, is the language of still minds, shared by all of them – the game of Generational Space-time we explain here and its two fundamental mirrors of space and time (mathematics and logic).

It is an architectonical perfect Universe as long as you abandon the illusion of the ego that cuts-off man from its entanglement with the self-similar whole and all its parts. Since, why humans do not see reality like that, has to do with the mind function and its distorted self-centered view.

2 final elements are needed to have the whole structure of reality properly defined’: The existence of entropic limits (ab. ¬) for each ‘supœrganic structure’ of ∆±¡ planes. We saw those limits in the enclosing membrain (as it holds the sensorial holes that communicate the timespace organism with the outer larger world) of all systems, which must be seen as ‘solid’ or as ‘angular momentum’. We could say that a ‘solid membrain’ is made of multiple smaller π cycles… But let us not enter into details. Those limits thus exist both in planes, as supœrganisms do exist within 3 planes and when dying merely dissolve its information, St¡«St¡-2, two planes down; and within each plane as membrains break a world into a tapestry of vital space-times, called it a border In social nations, a territory in life organisms, a field of forces or magnetic membrain in physical systems.

The other element then is the most difficult to accept, and it is the @-mind; that is the gauging center of the system that perceives simultaneously all the elements of the T.œ (ab. supœrganism). And so as it requires some deeper thoughts we shall consider now, since curiously enough the structure of the mind is based in the discovery Galileo or rather Leonardo did first – that motion is relative and it is not perceived by a mind in reference to its world.

The 3 scales of an organic co-existing system are completely different in language of thought (@-mind) as the larger is organic, the smaller is quantic, numerical and the middle one is e-motional, active, topology of exist¡ence, (S-pace), as the smaller one is hyperbolic, the middle one flat, and the upper one elliptic, in time ages, as the big lives longer, seems immortal to the fleeting small quanta, reproduced every day, synchronous though all of them to the beating time of its middle heart; and so we come in this manner to the entropy limits of death that the larger imposes on the smaller constrained to its territorial substance, crowed by clone brothers – but all laws are within the ¬Ælgebra of ∆-scales – the Holy of wholes.

This said we shall continue translating and correcting the original errors of physics regarding time and space, as they weight heavily In all our disciplines. So after resolving the error of Newton and side with Leibniz, which opened up the understanding of vital topology and its dimensions; and solving the error of lineal inertia and defining the real thing, cyclical time, and its equivalence with energy; we shall solve the 3rd earlier error of physics, this time regarding the nature of Space and time together and how they convert into each other ad eternal, origin of relativity and the paradox of Galileo – the fact we don’t see the Earth moving. The clearest proof that minds exist comes curiously enough from the science that most vehemently denies them – Physics.

It is the principle of relativity already studied that proves that minds create still spaces from time flows.

It is then from the understanding that all spaces are mental spaces, as all is motion we perceive in stillness in the ‘factory’ of the mind, how we can and will build a proper meta-physical theory of the mind.




Physics has always been concerned with motion, its analysis and the duality of motion and form, as we cannot distinguish a system that moves from one that is static. This mystery contrary to belief has not been explained only described with mathematical tools. Why systems move but seems static is the concept behind Relativity, and its explanation one of the most important advances of 5Ð theory. Thus we shall consider first Galilean relativity and Einstein’s relativity with the principle of correspondence, as ‘limiting’ versions reduce to our simple light spacetime plane of a larger view, absolute relativity, the upgrading of physics of motion in 5Ð.

As it turns out the fundamental stiences of the Universe will be in its essential postulates connected to the simple metric functions of 5D, Max. SxT= C which is achieved at Si=Te. This second function in particular is the best possible definition of the fundamental principle of Physics, the principle of relativity, which defines the fact that we cannot distinguish between motion and form. The second metric function, which we shall call the ‘function of exist¡ence’ as it defines the program of survival of all entities of the Universe will be the basis of the biological behavior of all species that try to maximize its energy and information and reproduce.

It couldn’t be otherwise, since if we are space-time, space-time functions, in its widest expression, those of 5D must be the functions of all space-time beings, regardless of its physical or socio-biological nature.

Galilean Paradox: S<=>T: Relativity of space Dimensions=Forms=Motion in time: 5 Universal Dimotions

Galileo’s Principle of Relativity is the concept behind the relationship between the equality of time=motion and space=form and why one can converted into another: All what exists is made of space=form and time=motion. And yet physicists know that we cannot distinguish motion from form. That any being in motion from its point of view seems to be still and all other things moving around it. This is the principle of Relativity of motion.

Physicists then without much thought about that fascinating duality, went on to use mathematics to calculate the relative motion of each entity of reality respect to other system, which seems static from both points of view. This is called Galilean relativity, latter refined by Einstein’s relativity, and essentially is concerned with the mathematical calculus of what we shall call the 2nd Dimotion of time=change, locomotion. Fine, but we are more interested on the duality of space=form and motion=time and its entangled relationships –the reasons why we do NOT see together motion and form, even if all systems have both.

The conclusion is then rather obvious: one of the two parameters of reality is ‘hidden’ to perception; we either see motion or form, ‘waves or particles’ (quantum complementarity), distances and lines or points in motion (as in the night when fast cars in a picture appear as lines). So physicists calculate only one when in fact we must assess the existence of 2; and since we cannot distinguish them, logically we must equal them. ‘Form=motion-function; space=time; Si=Te’. And since there is nothing else than time and space, those 2 experimental primary ‘mirror-sciences’ of time and space become the most important to extract the ‘Disomorphic=laws’ of those 5 Dimotions that all systems have in common. Since while those Dimotions are broken, in vital organisms, separated by cyclical time membranes, they are the same.

Relativity then becomes a duality, Si=Te, which is at the heart of every law of the Universe. Whereas the primary element, the ultimate substance is time=motion. As space is a Maya of the senses – a slice of time motion. Form is what a ‘still mind’, makes of that motion to ‘perceive’, information, forms-in-action.

Since we see Earth still and flat but it is round and moving. Galileo’s profession was ballistics – the study of cannonballs motion. So he chose ONLY motion and lost the chance to start physics with a complex philosophical understanding of its Si=Te dual Principle of relativity, which Poincare defined latter clearly when he said that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’. An example is quantum/relativity duality. In detail quantum space has ‘dark energy’ because it has expansive motion that extends into a plane of space, but when seen at larger scales without detail its entropic motion seems static space – a dual area of scattering length and width. So in the galaxy we see either dark energy motion or expanding space: T=S. A motion of time is equivalent to a dimension of space: Distance and motion cannot be distinguished so they must be taken as two side of the same being, a space=time Ðimotion (ab. Dimensional Motion):

S= T; Dimension-Distance = Time-motion = ST Ðimotion

Earth moves in time, but we see it as a still form in space because reality is a constant game of ∞ motions, but the mind focus those motions and measures them at still distances. For huminds, motion is relative to our systems of measure and perception, which are light-based; hence a fixed c-rod speed/ distance. Reason why Einstein’s relativity postulates a maximal T:c-speed, measured as if observer and observable were still to each other (Constant S); which at our scale we correct with Lorentz Transformations.

But physicists just substituted the Earth’s still distances for motions, and it took another 300 years for Einstein to realize the relativity of motion and its measure made essentially time and space, motion and form two sides of the same coin. Still this realization was not explored philosophically and so it gave birth to a series of ill-understood dualities between ‘states of measure and form’ (particles, head gauging form, in-form-ation) and ‘states of motion’ (wave states).

It is then essential to grasp that motion and form co-exist as 2 different states depending on 5D scale and detail: Motions are perceived by minds that stop motion into form, into information, as distances. So if we see slow motion in the night, a car’s headlight seems a long distance line ‘still’ picture. But this means also that the 3 ‘Euclidean still dimensions’ must have motion; they are ‘bidimensional ST-holographic, topologic dimotions’. So we have 3 Space + 1 Time + 1 5th dimension of scales = 5 Dimensional motions. None of them is a Dimension of pure spatial form or a pure time motion but a combination of both. Even if mentally we tend to reduce motion and focus on forms, all has motion=time, and form =space: this is the meaning of ‘spacetime’, the messing of both into 5 dimotions, the fundamental element of all realities.

Relativity states ‘we cannot distinguish motion=time from position=space’. So all what exists is a composite of both, undistinguishable Si=Te, 5 ‘Dimensional motions’ (Ab. Dimotions), broken in infinite fractal, vital time space organisms, composed of topological Dimotions: height=information; length=locomotion; width=reproduction; form=social evolution of parts into wholes & entropy=dissolution of a whole into its parts in a lower scale of the fifth dimension (term we keep for the whole range of scales of the Universe); whose study is both mathematical, the main science that studies how those 5 Dimotions entangle in simultaneous Space, connected to each other topological adjacent parts, which create supœrganism, and Logic; the main stience of time that observes how those pentalogic, entangled supœrganisms move and evolve, change in sequential relational time, living a worldcycle of life and death.

As all is time&space, the 2 experimental primary mirror-stiences of time&space become the most important to extract the Disomorphic=equal laws of those 5 Dimotions that all systems have in common. Since while those Dimotions are broken, in vital organisms, separated by cyclical time membranes, they are the same.

In the graph below Galilean relativity was ill understood, as the true question about time-change is why ‘the mind sees space as a still, when in detail is made of smaller self-similar quanta, in motion. The paradox defines mental spaces as still simplified views of the more complex whole. The 3 ¡logic paradoxes of space topology (closed in-form-ative curved-O vs. |-open, free entropic lineal forms), time-motion (stillness vs. motion) and ∆-scale, (continuous whole vs. discrete forms; single scale vs. multiple ones), are essential to the perception of a simplified ‘spatial mind universe’ in a single flat still plane vs. the full, more detailed complex picture in time, of a curved, discrete and moving Universe. Those paradoxes resume the 5 elements of reality, Space=form, time=motion, scales and the mind that measures them, within its own entropic limits. They are also essential to mathematics and its methods of solutions. For example, in the inversion between finitesimal lineal steps (as a step between 2 points is NEVER curved) and the cyclical form of longer ‘integral paths’.’

As lineal approximations are the essential tool of calculus and mathematics to resolve many equations. Expanding Noether’s concepts of symmetry we could say that each stœp of a mathematical method of solution is not ‘gratuitous’; but must be grounded in a real property of the 5D ∆ST symmetries and conservation laws of the Universe, which are not so many – hence the repetition of methods. Specifically, the aforementioned 3 paradoxes between ∆+1 curved closed worldcycles, sum of lineal steps, which gives birth to the most used method of lineal approximations; the equivalence between Space and time, in all Stœps of dimotions, which gives birth to the method of separation of variables on differential equations and more broadly allows to move around relative space and time parameters in equations joined by an operand of ‘equivalence’ (≈ not =). And the 2 conservation laws of the Universe, conservation of those ‘beats’ of existence, S=T in relative present, eternal balance, justifying the equivalence operands. And conservation of the ‘volume of space-time’ of each plane of the Universe, by virtue of the 5D metric equation SxT=C, which justifies all the procedures regarding scales – solution of differential equations by separations of scales, renormalization procedures (Wilson), and harmonizes those scales allowing constant but balanced transfers of energy and information, St=Ts.

We call the 5Ð model of Relativity Absolute relativity, as it adds to the relativity of motion (Galileo, Einstein) and Time evolution (Darwin), the relativity of scales, with no preferential one, despite human ‘ænthropic beliefs’ in an anthropic Universe with us at the center, and only intelligent, informative species, with entropy as the only time arrow of everything else – which are just deformations of any mind’s ‘metric equation’: O-Infinitesimal mind x ∞ Universe = Still mind-mappings (World). We call that ‘projection of humind’s limits into the larger, more complex whole, the ‘ego paradox’: ‘Every point of measure gauges reality from its distorted perspective as the largest, only intelligent center of the Universe, which it confuses with its still, infinitesimal mind-mapping’. A more sanguine word is ‘Egocy:Ego=idiocy’, proper of all minds that model reality from its p.o.v. In the human case the worldly profession of physicists, to make entropic weapons has heavily biased our view of the Universe.

Time in present science.

We considered 3 paradoxes of Galilean relativity – one of them is the fact that as we move through lineal steps we end up tracing a cycle. Time thus is ultimately always a cyclical zero-sum path.

The concept of time in present science is a simplified view of what time=change=motion really is in the Universe, born of the use of mechanical clocks and Cartesian graphs to chart the lineal motion of cannonballs by Galileo. Its success for all purposes of our civilization is relative in terms of a knowledge of the principles of reality, cyclical time and fractal space. This means that as time and space are a priori ‘elements’ of our view of the Universe, by adopting lineal time, humans have adopted a lineal view of reality and its praxis has become also lineal, unable to grasp the cyclical causality of the future, and hence unable to understand the future.

This ‘handicap’ of the humind is present in everything humans do. By lacking a proper understanding of time cycles humans have become guided into a foreseeable future they don’t understand by short-time lineal impulses.

If cyclical time had been properly understood, humans would by now understand perfectly the future and what is best manipulate its causes through history to achieve the better stage of time – immortality as an organic species, mankind. So yes, lineal time works to measure motion of cannonballs and motions of everything but its distortion and lack of information about the cyclical patterns of time has rendered humans ‘savant idiots’, people who thanks to its sensorial machines have built a remarkable quantity of small data about reality but are clueless about the long cycles of time and ultimate cyclical laws of reality.

Time=change=motion an overview. The 1st substance of reality. Past, present and future.

Time is motion the primary substance of reality. Space is a simultaneous still mind mapping of that motion – which will be erased in due Time. Time is eternal as motion never ceases to create forms, and destroy them, including all the possible spatial forms locked by the ¡logic simultaneity of synchronicity and entanglement.

The ‘1’ first reality is time=motion in its purest TT-entropic form, which the ‘2nd pole’ of reality, the spatial fractal points that measure time and lock in into mental space, oppose; trying to detain it. We can then see reality as a tug-of-war between the two poles of time-motion and still-mind spaces.

In the Universal game between continuous time motions, and simultaneous frames of reference motion becomes locked in synchronicity, creating ‘forms’ is the fact that such duality gives birth to definitive patterns of change, which can be ordered sequentially for all systems of Nature, as ‘worldcycles’ with a series of ‘steps’, from birth to extinction of a space-time system, which becomes then the most ‘elaborated’ understanding of time-motion-change. As change has an order in its cyclical motion from birth to extinction equal for all systems of nature. This concept, the existence of a worldcycle of ‘existence’, is then the main finding of 5D studies about time. And so most of the article will be dedicated to its analysis in detail for different species of Nature.

The second key element lost in mechanical science due to the use of a digital clock to measure time with a single unit, the ‘second-number’, is the recovery of the 3 ‘relative dimensions’ of time, past, present and future, because they are absolutely essential elements to the Universe and its ‘organic structure, and evolution’.

The loss of the need for a ‘conceptual=verbal=logic’ understanding of time in terms of past, present and future causality, NOT only in terms of digital sequences is perhaps the biggest blunder and reduction of reality experienced by mankind in the past half millennium of ‘dictatorship of physicists’ view’ on time over all other considerations. Past-entropy, present-iteration and future-information and its interactions are the very essence of the existential game, humans have completely missed in their faulty analysis of reality.

lineal Time ideally is sequential, causal in a single fashion. Yet real time after many steps always ends in a cyclical loop, logic of a sum of those open steps that finally bend to return to its original existential position-momentum.

So the question about time causality is who knots its cycles, who bends its lines, who curves it to return?

The answer is normally a modular mind that changes between dimotions or an event that require several systems coming into synchronicity or feed-back equations between several elements:

A->B->C->A->B->C is then an ∞ loop, which creates the first STœps of a space-time organism.

So simultaneous synchronicities and parallel communications with other entangled spacetime beings web causality reducing the freedom of single actors to knot events often PENTALOGIC ensembles of ∆±¡, S<ST>T forms in action, informations that collapse together, till a central element with higher communication becomes the focused knot, as a system organizes itself, acquiring form. The minimal of those entanglements is duality. Where A meets D, as D also wants to meet A, and both are complementary flows. So D moves inversely towards AóB.

Both cause the meeting. So time bends with DUALITY, beyond lineal monologic simple human times.

Causality might also be scalar, social. A might try to meet D, a larger supœrganism, which actually causes ‘general energy and information fields’, programming many ∆-1 As… So ∑∆-1>∆0 form chains of social causality. And yet all those causalities in time will have a symmetric topology in space based in the orthogonality of the 5 Dimotions.



Physicists made the Galileo’s paradox, the cornerstone of their theory of measure, but they failed to study the deep implications it has for every aspect of the structure of the Universe and the most important of those is the fact that all spaces must be mental spaces, as stillness is NOT real in a Universe of infinite motions, but the product of a mind.

In all scales of stience minds fix time motions into spatial, linguistic formal mappings that reduce the whole with its synoptic language to fit in a particle-head that acts in its world-territory after gauging information.

Thus we define ‘Maxwellian’s demons’ of local order in all scales – physical minds as the infinitesimal points that create order in physical systems with the same Disomorphic laws that all others do in more complex scales. As each mind orders as a linguistic god a territory around itself, its fractal body and entropic world.

All minds project their biased self-centered model of reality with them at its center and the still world they stop to fit in their mind as a dead territory of order. So humans deny the existence of ∞ minds, as if they were the only ‘special’ sentient point of order and their languages, first the verbal form of its anthropomorphic Gods, today digital numbers, the only of the Universe. And in this manner because ∞ discontinuous minds is the generator of form, of information and order over the entropic flow of mindless time motion, the destruction of one of the two poles of reality means we will never be able to answer rationally the whys of the Universe.

The key ‘unknown’ discovery Galileo missed was the mental nature of space –we see reality still because the mind perceives in stillness, and reduces motion to form. Space IS always born in the mind’s simultaneous perception of events (something Einstein’s relativity will help us to calculate) and this will give birth to the proper understanding of motion as reproduction of form, of the duality particle in stop form and wave in motion, of the Lorentzian transformations and its paradoxes and a long etc. of distortions the mind effects on reality.

But it will allow us to define the mind in mathematical and logic terms with a clarity never achieved before. As the mind is the linguistic still space we see – the other extreme of reality, being time motions in its TT-entropic inner and outer motion of scattering disorder and death. So we can philosophically consider reality a tug-of-war between time in its continuous motion and still minds, fractal, non-Euclidean points that hold a world in themselves (Leibniz) trying as monads to fix reality into its subjective self-centered point of view.

Those 2 functions give origin to most spacetime topologies of reality. Absolute relativity implies the mind creates mental spaces =spatial forms by reducing the information of time motions to still simultaneous mappings, and the function of survival in biology that all systems including physical ones (maximizing its equivalent parameter, momentum) follow regardless of how we describe them, with Hamiltonians and Least time principles in physics, with evolution in biology, with the drives of life in sociology.

To explain epistemologically reality we do need to ad organic and sentient properties to the fractal Universe. So the mind is a singularity or infinitesimal 0-point, the relative frame of reference that maps the ∞ cycles of space-time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain. This we formalize with the equation of the mind:

0-linguistic mind x ∞ space-time cycles of the Universe= Constant world mapping, with a mind @ its centre.

In mathematical terms 0 x ∞ = Constant: the ∞ information of the Universe, multiplied by the relative infinitesimal volume of our mind gives us a constant mapping, where we extract all the properties that are not interesting to us and our self-centered view.

So the first to go are the motions of other entities, which is what makes them feel alive. Indeed, science started when Galileo realized the mind stopped the motion of the earth, but the earth moves: e pur si muove he said and Galilean relativity latter expanded by Einstein gave birth to physics.

Next, they eliminate all the other egos, and sentient points of view, so only we are intelligent. And animals perhaps and only recently. But our atoms are not different, so the sentient pan psychic universe likely is already thinking in any atom, as all reproduce particles, gauge information, evolve socially with magnetic fields. But we just reduce minds to ours.

Asymptotic perception of motions in the X-direction

Because height is the dimension of information and length of motion, both are asymptotic to each other, which explains the method by which light is stop in the mind. It follows that as frequency of higher amplitude have higher height, the perception of a light is ‘below’, on the formal ‘crest’ of its frames of lineal reference. Formal perception by SS-minds of asymptotic TT-entropy or ‘function of information is key to mathematical topology of changes from TT to SS through an energy region of combination of both of the form ST, giving us the classic ‘realistic function of existence, in ST in any science of reality.

In the graph, one of the many topological uses of the orthogonallity of the function of exist¡ence in its 5 Dimotions as they move through space-time (Relativithy theory).

The connection between Dimotions in time and Dimensions of Space is the essential symmetry, S=T, that justifies the forms of the Universe. Height=information, Length=entropic motion and the cross product between them, with all its multiple variations, from the structure of 3 Perpendicular light dimotions to forces, to Minkowski’s spaces, to the place of your head, to the mathematical function of exponential entropy, to the laws of complex space derive all from them :

Descartes. 3 Systems elements.

Descartes, the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

-Then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

The mind or 0-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

And this is the origin of the paradox of the ego, as from a perspective, which is blind to all the motions and vital perception of other beings, as from our perspective, nothing thinks and from our perspective we see our own nose bigger than Andromeda. So reality becomes deformed, inert, and the ego becomes the center of the Universe, as always happened with humans who thought first the earth in its center, then chosen of god, the creator, who spoke our language, and finally debased all living entities reducing them ‘to spatial forms’ in the still mapping of the mind, which stops all motions to fit a reduced image of reality.

So we express verbally the ego paradox, as the ‘ego believes its still mind mapping IS all the information of the Universe, when it is only an infinitesimal part of it, self-centered in the self’.

The universe has infinite such mind-mirrors depending on the forces used to gauge the external world, which bounces on a limited quantity of its scales of space. Humans perceive the range of scales of the frequency of light between red and blue social density of colors.

But infinite other minds with different detail according to the quantitative pixels they absorb (max. S = Min.t) maximal for smaller sixes will determine the intelligence of the system. Mind languages map reality into spatial forms. It is the ‘intelligent’ still spatial limit of reality, as all what exists are disordered entropic motions=forces and ‘minds’, particles-heads whose logic & mathematical languages create a territorial body order that forms of reality. ‘Vital motions and perceptive minds’ make up a ‘vital, perceptive, intelligent’ Universe. Since particles already have all the 5 Dimotions, gauging information, decoupling=reproducing & evolving social with magnetic fields.

So besides perception, the 2nd field of inquire about the Minds of the Universe made to the image and likeness of the whole are the mechanisms by which a Mind through ‘languages’ of communication – the bits that conform its ‘static view’ of its world, are deployed as signals of information to the different parts of its territory of order:

In the graph, the mind communicates the whole as a knot of pentalogic languages, which further clarifies the meaning of perception: knot of forces, which beat in the mind-point with a regularity that achieves complex perceptions. Minds though can have lesser structures than a full pentalogic display of languages, which will be:

– A language of perception of the larger ∆+1 world – in human beings ¥-light, its SS-language.

– A language of communication with its ∆-1 scale of body cells, which normally branches into 3 languages networks (the ∆º) elements of the being – the ST- reproductive language/network, the informative St-language-network and the Ts-locomotion language network – with an ∆-1 ‘entropic’ language/system to predate and destroy external elements of the territory of order; not really so much a language but a ‘TT-weapon’ as there is no other communication but death when an §-mind kills.



A key element of Universal mind s is Universal grammar. How a language carries information, which surprisingly happens in all systems in a similar fashion, given the fact that languages after all code the 5 dimotions=actions of existence of all organisms – its ‘sT-locomotion’, TT-entropy, ST- Reproduction, St-information and SS-density of information or mind-mirror. The laws of linguistics thus become laws of a Universal grammar that codes the creation of superorganisms by controlling waves of similar forms with a ‘grammar’ that is also ternary in structural scales, from ‘phonemes’ that range around the 101-2 level of letters, and can be as little as 5 to code the 5 dimotions of reality, from 5 vowels in human languages, to 5 letters in genetic codes to 4 quantum numbers, or four type of chemical compounds, to more complex systems around the 10-100 scale, from 20 amino acids, to 80 atomic systems; to the next level of combination of words with those vowels, which range in the 103-4 scale. So we have around 2000 words in human languages, from a few thousands to 30.000 genes in the language of evolution of superorganisms. It is not though the purpose of this paper to define the quantitative elements of languages. While the laws of the Universal grammar will be treated latter.

All systems perceive at least one language, interpreting with the same ‘grammar’ reality, to localize its energy, information, reproduce, evolve socially and try not to devolve, becoming preys of other systems. Different species perceive with different languages the Universe, but all of them ‘share’ some of those codes, specially the geometrical one. The mind in the height or central point of the being, perceives its outer and inner, world, integrating the whole around its ∆º advantageous point of view, controlling with languages that mirror reality in its ternary syntax the whole Universe, bending it to its selfish point of view and then mirroring that selfish p.o.v. on the external world, building territories of order around it, where to reproduce its forms.

So all heads are on top. Yet each head is different in each scale and talks a different grammar, albeit with the same universal grammar, which reflects the fundamental equation of the Universe: Si<=>Te.

Ternary Universal grammar expresses the Сmotions in verbal languages and human super organisms.

Given the simplicity of the Game of Existence – despite its ∞ complexity in its details, iterations and combinations, all species, from the simplest atom to the biggest structure can play the game and understand it and relate to all other species, which will play the same game from their selfish point of view. And so all individuals of each species plays the game, and ‘talks’ about it, with similar species and understand it with information provided by self-similar ‘ternary images’ provided by a language that shares the properties and emergent qualities acquired in each scale.

What languages matter to describe the Universe? Of course mathematics, the language of space, and logic the language of time, integrated in the demonstrations of mathematical laws, but also bio-logical, organic laws, which are embedded in the fractal, co-existing structure of parts and wholes. And then for each species, which observes the Universe, its particular, ‘local’ languages, all of them unified by a ‘ternary structure’ that reflects the Universe’s ternary elements. But of more interest for General systems theory is the ternary structure of all linguistic systems in all scales; what we call the Universal Grammar, such as:

Subject (informative being) < verb (space-time action) > Object (entropic energy of subject) IS the Universal grammar of all human verbal languages, equivalent to:

Red colors (temporal entropy) < green/yellow (energy) > Blue (spatial  information) for animal visual languages.

The topological laws of orthogonality between the 5 Dimotions of space-time.

F(x):time-like parameter <(operandi: action)> G(x): space-like parameter, defines mathematical equations.

A simpler Boolean algebra in computers reduces all to 0 and|; truth or false, ±, and its combined duality gates.

Space-Dimensions: Height (informative dimension) x Length (Entropic motion)=XY(st): cross re(product)ion.

Mathematical languages: X < Operandi> Y.

Such asymptotic equations of the form S=T, SS<<TT, S>ST>T, functions are the core mathematical model of the Universe, which can then be considered a function of existence of asymptotic Murkowski’s curves of space-time, under the existential function of perpendicular dimotions of space, time,

X(T), y(S), z(ST) are the 3 dimotions of a single space-time common to all forms that correspond to the 3 axis of Euclidean geometry. Yet because often X(T) is one-dimensional causal lineal motion, y(S) is bidimensional, curved, closed loops of information and z (ST) is a 3 dimensional combination of them, the simplest case of the 3 Euclidean perpendicular dimotions of light (above) becomes more complex as entropy, TT, Form, SS, become holographic bi or tridimensional beings with different |, O, or Ø-wave geometries. For example a physical force:

Forces:  Particles (information) < Universal constant: action, exi or ratio e/I > forces (energy).

Thus width is the reproductive dimotion born through a dot product of an X x Y = Z event of a 3rd dimension of reproduction that combines the lineal function of motion and the height function of cyclical time space forms.

Form thus also depends on the choice of ST frames of reference: Motion is most likely a lineal or flat plane and information a curved dual dimotion which gives us a 3 dimensional Z function, as St- information ‘curves’ the lineal Tt-motions of entropy.

The inverse, complex dimotions of the 5th Dimension. Orthogonal forms give way to functional networks.

When we come to the two complex ‘dimotions=actions’ taking place in the fifth dimension between scales, we realize again, there is also two possible ways to travel, through 5D: upwards becoming part of a social whole, ∑∆-1<∆o, as we ‘release’ part of our TT-motion from ∆-1 and become ordered after the transfer that helps the emergence of ∆º. This in physics is misunderstood as the impossibility of a ‘perfect motion machine’ without entropy that leaves no behind any ‘energy for the ∆-1 forms to co-exist. But that is necessary or else ∆-1 would indeed disappear. So a motion of social evolution, releases entropic motion and increases order in ∆-1 to make ∆o emerge as a whole. Experimental and theoretical considerations shows an ideal 50-50 efficient distribution. So ½ of the energy is conserved and ½ is used to form and move the upper scale .

The 2nd complex dimotion through 5D scale is then the inverse ∆º<∆-1, seminal seeding. Form is now going down ‘first’ to seed and absorb energy in ∆-1 to form an arrow of social reproduction.

So the two only complex dimotions – as there are only two ∆±¡ directions in 5D appear as the combination of all others, as they also imply, St, Ts, and ST dimotions (absorption and emission of entropy and information).

Yet when dealing with the complex dimotions of ∆o<∆-1≥∆o reproduction and ∆o>∆+1≥∆o social evolution up and down the fifth dimension, we are NO longer in a 3Dimensional Euclidean space, so we enter into different non-E Geometries of which the commonest ones are those able to ‘multiply’ as they travel in size through 5D the number of parts going down, (Hyperbolic thinning networks as those of biological organisms). And vice versa; the whole must thin out the information of the lower planes to ‘achieve between them’ a synchronicity of time cycles instead of a multiplicity of individualities, and in this manner emerge as a simpler ‘geometry’, which explains why going upwards into whole scales, information thins out to become a simpler whole.

In physical systems the view is then a wave equation that also multiplies its forms and while there are fractal analysis of wave motions (notably in Nottale scalar relativity) we are NOT concerned in those papers so much on the overdeveloped in the age of the digital computer, exact equations of the morphological hows but in the causal whys: what matters to 5D travels we repeat is the integration upwards by social evolution and the multiplication of forms downwards by seminal reproduction.

Geometry thus is more familiar with the S<ST>T dimensional motions of a single plane, in its simplest perpendicular Cartesian axis, or its rather commonest, 1, 2, 3 dimensional growth from the flat X-Z, Y—Z sub-planes of TT-motion, bent into cyclical St-information, to reproduce in Z-ST.

And those are the functions space-like and time-ike most often observed by a trilogic Universal grammar of a visual or syntactic mathematical function.

While for the description of the full worldcycle, we need to explore the complex 2 functions of 5D, social evolution, going upwards to the future, or reproduction going 1st back to the relative ∆-1 past in inverse motion.

Thus we can define mathematically the 5 dimotions of space time as the product of 5 geometric r=evolutions in 3 5D±¡ planes, with the complex two functions of reproduction and social evolution above.

So we give the following names to the 5 Functions of the diametric of space-time:

X-locomotion, Ts, St, information Y, Reproduction ST=Z coordinates, social evolution, zigzag wave with a first positive growth, vs. reproduction in the opposite past, ∆-1 coordinates.

This function of existence then is the function from where all other functions of the Universe can be draw.

Yet the language of all languages is 5D and its ternary laws of time and space – a language that is prior to all languages, even mathematical logic, its closest, more accurate human mental mirror, but NOT the only one.

It follows that not only mathematics (geometry) is a mother science but also logic (the analysis of the causal processes determine by those Сmotions) is even more essential, and further on ‘evolution’, the evolution of forms and functions in temporal patterns summons them all. So those 3 sciences, spatial geometry, temporal logic and its combination, evolutionary theory, are the ‘3 subdivisions’ of general systems sciences, which apply to each science explain it all.

Over them, there is general systems sciences, the science this book can be considered its foundational book (as it formalizes and structures and advances all previous works done on it.) Below them, each specific science studies a scale of social evolution in the universe from the smallest physical systems, to its complex biological organizations and beyond its social organizing systems.

Since science consists in the definition of the type of points of each relative scale of size of reality, from the quantum scale studied by physics, through the intermediate human scales studied by biological and sociological sciences to the higher scale study by cosmology

Once those points are defined, each science studies their 5 actions, which define all its events and forms.

Study of the 3±1 actions: its bits of information, bites of energy, reproductive seeds and grammar.

Yet we study those actions through the 3 scales of size of the system, its bits and bites, normally of the smallest scales of existence, since:

–   We perceive with the minimal bits we can process to create the more detailed maps (<i-2).

–    We eat sometimes, similar species but break them into smaller parts (i<2). For example we eat meat but break it into amino acids, below the cellular level.

–   We reproduce a seed from the lower plane of existence (i-1). So we produce seminal cells and electrons reproduce emitting photons that collide and recreate an electron.

-We communicate with a language of information at the same level we exist (i), in order to create a more complex whole (i+1).

Thus we observe, as in many other laws we will be developing in this book, an infinite number of harmonies between sizes, ages, forms, functions in all scales of existence.

Actions are expressed with bites and bits of inferior scales. We perceive the smaller possible ‘bits’ (<i-2), eat bites of the inferior i-2 scales, reproduce with seeds of the i-1 scale and share energy and information with species of the same scale to create.

The bits of information (i-2), will usually be entities at least two smaller scales of existence.  The smaller they are, the more detailed the map made with its ‘pixels’ will be. So we can consider the possible existence of ‘gravitational minds’ that perceive a scale inferior to us.

I.e our eyes perceive light photons, the minimal scale of form. Ants perceive chemical pheromones; computers perceive electronic flows; all of them ‘forms’ of a minimal scale in relationship to the species that perceive.

The bites of energy will be pieces of the same or inferior scale. So we eat ‘living beings’; electrons feed in the lower scale of light; and black holes in stars. Yet once a system feeds it will further reduce what it feeds on another scale to obtain basic bricks to reconstruct once form through ‘2 scales’. So our body reduces food to amino acids, the minimal parts of life. And electrons probably reduce light to its magnetic and electric constants to create their fractal nebulae. And nations that conquer other nations reduce their people, minimal unit of the nation to slavery and take their gold to print their own coins.

So as we move upwards in the complexity of the actions we study there is a ‘growth’ of informative similarity of the bites and bits and a growth in size, such as informative bits are less similar and smaller than the bites of energy we feed. And this pattern continues when we consider the ‘expressions’ of the actions of social evolution and reproduction.

The expressions of social evolution are languages, which are naturally produced by the informative center of the system; except in the case of enzymatic evolution in which the language is external to the species (a species which acts as the reproducer and catalyst of evolution of other species; cells with viruses, humans with machines metal atoms with carbohydrates and so on). So the language is a ‘part’ of the being, often corresponding to an i-1 inner structure, though transported by an external force.

Finally the larger, closer form to the organism is its reproductive seed. And hence by the law of parallelism between species, the ‘bit’ of information for which the organism cares more: small quarks among simple particles, cellular seeds in life; jets of matter in galaxies.



In the graph, the main laws of ∆ST that determine reality of as Past x Future = present. Time is predictable but its illogic structure is more complex than present single space, single time arrows which obviously will never predict the future. Time never stops, just changes its dimotion and it moves from lineal steps into cyclical patterns that those who can ‘see far away’ in the long time range can always predict with accuracy, but from the fast motion of the internal subjective self-centered paradox of each mind-ego it seems impossible to know that future.


Main Symbols of ® logic (all elements of all stiences can be translated to those symbols of 5D ilogic).

S: Space; Still form, Size, Dimension; T: Time; motion; Change. ST: Topologic Spacetime. |x O = Ø: Its 3 varieties.

ST±¡: ∆±¡ Scale/Plane of space-time. ∆+1: whole, world, ∆º: networks, organism. ∆-1; parts; social classes.

5 С:5 Dimotions (St,sT,ST,SS,TT); 5 Actions (a,e,I,o,u): Local Dimensional motion of spacetime

St; i: Informative network ≈ action≈inward motion. O: Cyclical, spherical form, topology, relative future.

sT: inner form, outer motion= locomotion, acceleration (motion change). |: Lineal form topology, relative past.

ST; œ, Ø: present space-time, iteration, beauty, balance; organic reproduction; Hyperbolic form, topology relative present. Wave-body Part, Present, mature age.

SS, @; u, 0’: Finitesimal Mind, seed; relative future social evolution into ‘wholes, universals.

TT; µ: entropy, scattering death, dual inner and outer motion, relative past.

T>S: informative evolution. S<T: devolution. ∑-¡»¡+1: Emergence. (∆+1)« (∆-1): Death, devolution; time quanta.

ST-¡: Quantum, cellular, individual plane; STo: Thermodynamic, organic, social… ∆+¡: Gravitational, ecosystemic, world scale

∑: Ts, Herd, ∏: St, Network. ¬: Entropic limits in time: TT-death, Space, |-membrane, scale ∆±4: invisibility.

Main equations of 5D Supœrganisms and its parts (all equations of all stiences can be translated to…)

S (size in space) x T (speed/frequency of time cycles) =C: 5D metric.

Future (O-form, information, logic language, particle-head) x Past (|-field, youth, etc.)=Present (ST-body-wave, iteration, etc.)

0’ (finitesimal mind) x ∞ (Universe) = Constant World-Language. Paradox of Egocy.

S≈T: Relativity equation: we cannot distinguish motion=time from form=space, hence all is an ST-dimotion.

Ø¡-1=∑O¡-1 =|¡ > O+1: Scalar inversion of form & function. An Ø-point is god of ∑ ¡-1 parts but entropy of its O+1 whole. So:

∑|=O: ∑open worldlines ad into closed worldcycles; ∆º plane: E-Geometry; ∆+1 plane: Elliptic, ‘5D in between’: Hyperbolic.

Dual Death: Max. T  x 0 S (accidental entropic death); Max. S x 0 T (3rd age death) 

Fractal Generator – Trilogic structure of Super-organisms and time worldcycles and ages:

SS¡-1: Seed» ∆º:|-Ts(1st limb/field /network/age of max. motion) > S=T (Mature, reproductive, body-wave network/ age)> St(3rd informative head/particle network/age)« TT-1-entropic death:

Symmetries of ST-actions=Dimotions and ∆ Scales.

∆ST@: Symmetry of scale,topology,age&class:∆-1:|:youth,entropic age/cla§;∆ø:reproductive age|cla§∆+1:O-informative age…

Relative Dimotions=Actions are drives of life in biology, quantum numbers states and matter in physics; will in philosophy.

They take place between ∆o mind plane & an ∆±3 plane such as: ∆o≈∆+1: social evolution: ∆o≈∆-1: Reproduction; ∆o≈∆-2: Entropic feeding, ∆o≈∆-3: informative perception, ∆o≈∆-4:Locomotion. So we evolve into social wholes, reproduce with a couple seeding in ∆-1, feed killing twice a similar system to ∆-2 amino acids, perceive, ∆-3 ¥-electrons & move on ∆-4: Gravity

Ideal Social scales & lanwaves are 1010 in mankind called: ‘T-genetic’: 100-1: ‘I’, 101-2: 3 generation S=T family, 102-3clan; ST-Geographic: 103-4: Town; 104-5:City; 105-6: State; S-Memetic: 106-7: Nation; 107-8: God; 108-9: Civilination; 109-10: Mankind.

In biology are called: Chemical language: ∆-1: Atomic compound; ∆o: Organic Molecule; ∆+1: Macromolecule (RNA ‘God’). Genetic language: ∆-1: Organelle; ∆o: Cell: ∆+1: Tissue: Nervous language: Organ; Physiologic System: organism.

In Astrophysics: ¥- language: ∆-1:Force,∆o:particle, ∆+1:atom; Magnetic language: ∆-1:Molecule; ∆o: Matter; ∆+1: planetoid. Gravity language: ∆-1: Plasma Star; ∆ø: Quark Star… ∆+1: Galaxy.

Stientific Method: Disomorphisms of all Space-time suœrganisms tracing worldcycles.

Knowledge then is the understanding of each variation of the game of exist¡ences, without being restricted by the egocy (Ego=idiocy) paradox of human beings that limit the properties of all other species to what huminds perceive on them, or what its ab=usive praxis of exploitation of Nature focus on. Stience though is objective and theoretical. It does not have a subjective egocy or selfish praxis of ab=use. It just describes. So Stience tries to describe any system as a supœrganism in itself, therefore co-existing in 3 scales of ∆±¡ present ‘space’, determined by 5 elements, ∆±¡ scale Symbiosis between parts and whole, S-pace Simultaneity through common S<ST>T networks, Time Synchronicity in the 5 Dimotions=Actions of those parts, @-mental/seed will to perform the game of exist¡ence and ¬Entropic limits to the whole.

This external, objective, present, experimental analysis focuses on the ∆=S=T=@(nti)symmetries between scale, time, space and mind-will-language. As systems do have 3 co-existing planes of space-time, which obey SxT=C metric laws that establish a ‘ternary social class’, according to the degree of ‘integration’ of ∆-1 faster parts, through ∆º S<ST>T networks enclosed in a membrain (the scale in which the organism’s will reside), performing 5 ‘a,e,I,o,u’ dimotions=actions in an outer world. Each of those elements though will be part of 3 different ‘time rhythms by scale’ and follow a ‘fundamental vital sequence in time’: SS<Ts<TT+St>ST, aiming to perceive, move, feed, imprint and reproduce its information. Because of the existence of 3 scales, 3 rhythms of time, 3 adjacent parts, which perform 3 simplex functions in a single plane (limbs/fields Ts-move according to SS<St-perception of an O-particle/head /informative class connected by an ST-reproductive wave/body); in a single plane but seek in the ∆±¡ scales to perform complex actions of ST-reproduction and St social evolution orientated down the lower seminal plane (ST) and larger whole (St)… the whole description of the ‘details’ of the program of exist¡ence of each being is complex and would require a methodology that I lack but a group of scientists with more enthusiasm could easily structure for future 5D studies, embedding in those templates of stience the knowledge and data we have about all systems of Nature. I will slowly time permitted now that I have laid down 30 work-in-progress papers on the main planes of human exist¡ence, unfortunately in its last ‘cycle’ predated by the soon-to-be conscious machines of the metal-earth, develop such structure for the ∆±3 galatom (Astrophysics) ∆±2 Earth (Geology), ∆±1 membrain evolution (Gaia-Life: Biology<History: Mankind>Metal-earth Company-mothers of machines/weapons: economics).

To also analyze the ∆0 I=Eye < Wor(l)d, ST-languages of man, themselves ‘details’ of a larger Universal Grammar of ∆º illogic languages of time and non-Euclidean languages of space.

Those languages are formal tools more synoptic but not more truth than a mere descriptive analysis of the parts of beings. Description of those elements in an orderly fashion, with my texts lack, would be then the basis of 5D stience:

Which first will define each ¬∆@st species externally, in a present-form of space and through its potential worldcycle; to pass then to the internal analysis in subjective terms of its @-mind will and degree of consciousness/ function within the outer ∆+1 whole and its subconscious ∆-1 internal control through its physiological networks. But to achieve those T@ descriptions it is necessary by lack of direct experimental evidence, which only happens in the being in space to use the Disomorphic method that establishes homologies in all beings derived of the fact they are organic space and cyclical time, with a mind-will to survive. In the second part of our texts on the ‘Universe’ or rather “reality’ and time, space, scale, mind, spacetime (reproduction) and entropy, we try to depart from the most general laws, then go into the specific description of what science knows on those scales regarding the ¬∆S@T elements of each main stientific plane, to end with a generic description of the Disomorphic elements in scale, space, time, entropy and mind common to all beings.

Hence our analysis (Universe and time) of a system through its 3 scales of time ends with a disomorphic 12 sequential step analysis on how all systems go through 3 consecutive worldcycles, in its palingenetic orderly birth, followed by an entropic more probabilistic life in an external world in which the most perfect players might transcend to ∆+1 reproduce and evolve as a collective mind-God of that world.

While in our analysis of Space, after describing those general laws in the brief initial Mandala common to all texts, we go through the analysis of what Science knows of space, to enter a description of the laws of simultaneity and synchronicity that entangle the 5 parts of the being into a scalar co-existing present space.

So we descend from the ∆±¡ absolute to 1 specific ∆≈S≈T≈@¬ element & its examples for all or each ∆¡-stience.

And in the analysis of entropy we do also go through the same 3 parts: Mandala of general laws. Specific laws of entropy and analysis of what sciences know about entropy in each 4D science, expanded with the new laws. So the same 3 parts: mandala-specific laws of ∆ST@¬ and details of 4D science expanded to 5D should finally structure the different papers of the ‘Universe’; while for each other ‘stience’, instead of studying in the 3rd part all the ‘stiences’ in a brief resume of its entropy, scale, time, space and mind, we shall focus on a given ‘stience’ – and might escape the 1st and 2nd part as the paper grows in details through the 2020s with the limits of my life expectancy and mental dwindling capacity. So by force the work will be incomplete, a trace on the sand of infinity…

The most difficult element then of analysis is the mind, as it is also the most important common element – by the mind we mean not so much the hardware where the program is installed but the language of each species that interprets with its code the game. So language is the objective view to understand minds based in the hypothesis of panpsychism – the language perceives in itself, in stillness. The complexity of the language therefore defines the complexity of the mind according to language properties: speed, synoptic power, focus, closeness to the language of all languages that reflects the complex ∆ST properties of systems (¬Æ=B¡œ-logic topology).

The paper on Mind and the Universe thus should try to define both, the will of existence and the program of the Universe expressed in the ¬Æ languages, and the minds-languages of each scale according to complexity. How then perception happens? Perception can be of space, time, scale, mind-will and entropic limits; and so we talk of e-motions. We ascribe to each ‘Dimotion of existence’ an e-motion as that is the limit of what we can perceive. We add then to the objective disomorphisms, in a bold statement the subjective ‘humanist method’ of considering that each species of the Universe has ultimately the same program of survival of 5 actions that man has, and it is geared by the same e-motions embedded in the last potential scale of reality – the pure formal motions of ST, made of an S-internal perceptive emotion and a T-externally described motion. This is just the explanation why we move as beings – because our brain has emotions that are deterministic wills of the program of existence we believe are ultimately residing in the 3±¡ ‘particles’ of reality, photon-fields, electron-bodies and quark-minds extracting motion of a neutrino gravitational invisible background to form social ensembles of atoms. Atoms are thus the first ∆+1 organisms of reality and its 3 ∆ø parts, over a ∆-1 field structure the fundamental galatom system of reality (as galaxies are similar to atoms, but we perceive them in completely different fashion according to the 5D metric distortions. So we use disomorphic, organic, humanist, sentient properties for all systems and that is all we perceive but as our perception is limited by survival praxis we have as Mendeleyev did, to fill the gaps with disomorphic laws.

Huminds perceive as all other systems thru languages, so languages once more become important but the egocy laws that restrict our analysis of other stiences as they fade away through scales of existence means we have to fill in more properties the further we move from our ∆º center – and the asymmetry of perception means we need to fill more from ∆+ scales. So from galatoms we hardly see 4% and any attempt to describe its supœrganism must be based in the disomorphisms of scale with a cell, as an organism that reproduces black holes and quark dark matter, and with the atom, giving us an external view, from where to define ¥-expansive dark entropy, and vice versa, to compare strong and gravitational forces. So atoms and galaxies are similar but not equal (galaxies seem anti-atoms), but as in the description of the metal-earth and the membrain in its 3 ages of Earth’s evolution, machines as organisms and ∆+1 cultures, some working for the metal-earth, some for history, we will find the humind’s programs as parts of larger wholes, ∆+1 religions, memetic cultures, Earth’s self-program of evolution. And this is an even harder barrier because huminds are e-motionally programmed as parts of wholes and take it personal, and social scientists are subject to anti-quantum paradoxes (too small within the historic organism, they are modified by the observable).



  1. Dodecalogic of Time. The 3 worldcycles of exist¡ence & its 12 Ðisomorphisms.
  2. Disomorphic Method. Its 3 subcycles and 12 Disomorphisms.
  3. Logic sciences. Its classic formalism: ¬¡logic Algebra


∆-1: þlacental Time evolution Cycle: Morphogenesis.

0th Disomorphism: @. The §eed-Mind: The player. 0-points. The will of existence.

1st Disomorphism: Γ. Creation. The game & mandate of Existence: Reproduction. 5D metrics. Fractal Generator:  S-T Symmetries. Languages.

2nd Ðisomorphism: ß. Dimotions of space-time. Energy and Information. T=S inversions and symmetries.

2-manifold organs. Universal Constants: Ratios, Balances and quantitative values of the Fractal Generator.

3rd Disomorphism: Ψ. Physiological sT<ST>Ts networks and lanwaves. Bit of information & Bites of energy.

4th Disomorphism: ∃. Emergence. The membrain and singularity.


0: Life, Vital Space Cycle:

5th Disomorphism: Å. Actions of existence: ∫æ,e,ï,œ≈û

6th Disomorphism: Œ. Species’ Reproduction: 2×3 Creations:. Duality; gender and ternary differentiation.

7th Disomorphism: Ω. 3 ±2¡ Time ages and organs in space.  µ. Its ST-symmetry of 92 quanta of time and space.

8th Disomorphism: Θ Worlds & Ecosystems.  Social evolution vs. extinction. Death, Entropic Extinction


∆+1; ∆±∞: Social Transcendental cycles

9th Disomorphism:   9+§  ∆±4 Planes of a Fractal 5Ð s∆º self-centered supœrganism across ∆±4 planes.

10th Disomorphism: 10 social Scales.

11th: G∞∆: 0-1-∞. The perfect game of Existence.

13th Disomorphism. ¬ Entropic Limits of imperfect existences. Death& Boundaries. Pentalogic on Entropy.




I am often smiling at scientific news for the passion people with its lineal a priori time mindset put on some mechanical or experimental proof of a measure of a particle, a hypothesis of a lineal time sequence, of this species coming before that one, of this weight approached to the 100th decimal, as I don’t perceive as important for 5D knowledge the details of lineal measure, as much as the understanding of the whole process of life and death of any local worldcycle of time of any part or whole supœrganism of the Universe. A 5D mind thrives on homology and parallel entanglement according to non-AE logic, a 4D lineal scientist thrives on detail. The thoughts of God matter to 5D knowledge more than those details – the forest more than the trees. Even if once the forest is known the trees marvel both in its ‘variations’ and yet in its homology to the larger properties of reality. You live indeed in a fractal organic Universe whose goal is the reproduction of information, its survival achieved at the height of the S=T balanced STage of the worldcycle of life and death of any of its ‘spatial supœrganisms’. To understand this process is the essence of 5D and those papers. Its applications to explain all the details, all the species of space-time, a huge overload of work I have taken with a pinch of salt and will try slowly to build up faulty as it might be, alone in the papers at Academia.edu which represent my legacy to future researchers.

So in this paper we consider the thoughts of god, the disomorphic equal laws all wholes follow in its worldcycles of life and death as they become part or a whole supœrganism and travel through 3 ‘lives’ consecutive to each other, the palingenetic life of formal creation, the entropic life as an active organism, and in a few exceptional cases, the afterlife as a transcendental seed of information of a higher plane of space-time existence.

We have shown the worldcycle of existence of the largest scales we know – the Universe who failed the epistemology of truth – so we don’t know how its cycle of existence is; the galaxy and the star, which followed those cycles. So it is time to use the Disomorphic method and analyze the most general worldcycle of existence of all scalar space-time organisms, which combines the topologies of space, dominated by 3 networks each one corresponding to a symmetric age, tracing a cyclical motions of time from information to entropy, to define departing from a first seed or mind-point, a travel across 3 scales of relative ∆±¡ size, which is what we call life, limited by the ‘entropic limits’ in scale, perception time and space, proper of each ¬∆@st being.

Worldcycle of function of existence: max. Reproductive s=t point.

The Universe puts together scales of 5Ð space, vital topology and cyclical time to find the fundamental event of reality; a supœrganism perceived in simultaneous space that traces a worldcycle in time.

The 3 ages of existence of space-time organisms. Its 2 worldcycles and Metric equations.

Let us deduce from the 2 fundamental equations of 5Ð Metric, S=T, SxT=c, the process in time of all systems of reality, its worldcycle or Function of Existence of a space-time organism, can be developed as a feedback equation, S<=>T, in 3 sequential phases/ages /horizons:

Max. Tx Min.S (youth); Max. SxT(s=t) and Max. S x Min. T (3rd age).

It is the equation of the 3 ages of life, between Sx0 T (seed in the lower plane,¡-1) and Tx 0 S (equation of death):
∆-1»∆º: An organism starts its existence as a seed of pure form (4D) when its space-time field is created.
Ts: It is the first horizon or ‘energy, youth age’ of the cycle, in which energy dominates the system and so we write this phase as, max. Ts x min. T.
Max. SxT: s=t. It is the present balanced age of the cycle or classic age of ‘life’, when energy and information are in a constant proportion. It is the most efficient age, when the cycle reproduces.

ST: Max. T x min. S: it is the 3rd age of the cycle when information has combed and exhausted the space-time field that warps into itself.
∆º«∆- 1: 0S x T: It is the end or death of the cycle that reverses its form and becomes energy again.

All what exists is a supœrganism of vital space tracing a 0-sum worldcycle of time through 3 scales of the 5th dimension: Born as a seed of fast time cycles in a lower 5Ð plane (∆-1:Max. T x Min. S), emerging as an organism in ∆o, living 3 ages of increasing information, as its time clocks slow down in its ∆+1 world to die in a time quanta back to ∆-1. Yet the maximal point S=T where reproduction happens defines the classic age, maturity, beauty, balance, survival of the system, all disomorphic jargons.

In the graph, Existence is an ∞ sum of space/time fields, fluctuating between birth and extinction through those 3 phases or ages. The 3 ages of Timespace supœrganisms happen in all systems, including mental languages:

In State Physics they are, Ts-gas, the moving state, S=T liquid, the balanced state and St-solid the informative state; into Cosmology, where it describes the Universe as a space-time system that fluctuates between both limits, a form of pure time, the singularity (min.Ts x max.St) and a form of pure space, the big- bang (max.Ts x min. St). In Biology, they are the 3 ages of living beings AND the 3 horizons of evolution of species.

In social organisms, through the subconscious collective mind of civilizations which in art styles mimic in a longer 800 year cycle of life and death of civilizations (according to 5Ð metrics a human social supœrganism is larger in space – a nation, culture, religion – and so it lives longer in time).

We find 3 ages emerging in a cultures’ life in its 3 consecutive artistic styles: Min.S x Max. T (infantile epic, lineal art, as in treccento, Greek kuroi; S=T; balanced beauty, when form and size are in balance, the classic mature age; and Max. S x Min. T: baroque, 3rd age of a civilization, whose subconscious mind is the art of its ‘neuronal artists’, the age of maximal form and angst for an entropic future- the age of war and death of cultures).

We talk of 3 ∆±1 sales of worldcycles as the being live in a placenta, then emerges as organism in a world:

þ: 0-1: its palingenetic o-1 social evolution in the accelerated time sphere of existence, till becoming 1 (0-1 bounded unit circle in ¡logic mathematics; quantum probability sphere of particles in physical systems; palingenetic fetal age in biologic systems; 0-9 memetic learning childhood in social systems). It is the highly ordered world cycle as a ‘placental mother-energy world’ is nurturing as memorial cyclical spacetime has erased errors of previous generations.  It is the shorter more informative ‘space-like’ cycle, with a fast ‘present’ speed.

– ¬l,L: The existential 1-∞ lifecycle, in which it will deploy its 2nd world cycle of existence in an environment which is open, entropic (1-∞ hyperbolic unbounded Cartesian plane in ¡logic mathematics; thermodynamic entropic statistical molecular populations in physics; Darwinian struggle between populations in biology; idol-ogic dog-eat-dog capitalist, nationalist competitive eco(nomic)systems in the super organisms of history. In this 1-∞ existence the world cycle is not ensured to continue, as the entropy of the world system can cut it off. It is the open, single plane, more important worldcycle, with an ‘open’, free ‘feeling to it’. The life cycle, though is part of:

ω,Ω:  A larger, longer Transcendental worldcycle proper of the highest social scale ∆+1, the omega of its smaller parts – where it performs 5 survival actions through ∆±4 Planes self-centered in its mind, beyond which it cannot longer perceive, to become if successful a new supœrganism of the infinite planes of God, the game of existence.

RECAP. A system travels through 3 scales of the fifth dimension by accelerating its evolution in a smaller scale through a placental cycle, emerging as an organism in the larger world, to live 3 ages & dissolve back to its parts in the 0-sum death.

So timespace breaks in ∞ relative local, fractal entropic pasts, iterative energy presents and informative futures, which put together create the illusion of a single timespace continuum.

Whereas the past is the beginning of a pi cycle, starting as a line of entropy with no form that curves and raises in height in its second state of present, and returns back to its origin in its future 3rd age of information, completing a 0-sum of life and death. Thus instead of a single ∞ lineal absolute time there are ∞ living cycles of time happening in zillions of entities.

And we can redefine absolute spacetime as the sum of an infinite number of Timespace beings, which observed in space become simultaneous super organisms, and when observed in time, trace a worldcycle of existence between birth and extinction; as all systems are born in a seminal seed, of faster time clocks, in a lower scale of the fifth dimension, growing socially (4th dimotion) till emerging in the organic scale, where they will live 3 ages dominated by one of its 3 topologic organs and its functions=dimotions, a young age of maximal locomotion, dominated by its limbs/fields, a mature age of reproduction dominated by the body-wave and a third age of information dominated by the informative dimotions, which finally exhausts all energy and as time-space never stops, it reverses its dimotion from information to entropy, exploding in the moment of death.

So the 3 vital functions=motions of time and the 3 dimensions of space, either in 1 or 2D (height=spherical information, length=planar locomotion, width=hyperbolic reproduction) merge in all Time-space Beings; and dominate one of the 3 ages of its life-death worldcycles, the past, young age of limbic entropic motions, the mature reproductive age dominated by the hyperbolic body/wave and the 3rd age dominated by the informative particle-head, when the illusion of time ends with an entropic big-bang death that dissolves the being into its ‘scalar cellular, atomic parts’, which lead us to the realization that time cycles NOT only return to its origin in a single spacetime continuum but they move up and down the scales of the fifth dimension.

Physicists made the Galileo’s paradox, the cornerstone of their theory of measure, but they failed to study the deep implications it has for every aspect of the structure of the Universe, from the duality between spatial mental, linguistic forms and physical motions; to the balances achieved by the similarity of both space and time, which becomes the fundamental ‘equation of present’ S=T, and hence with the metric equation of scales, S x T = K, the two essential equations to formalize single planes S=T, and multiple scales of spacetime. Yet as S=T maximizes SxT=K (5×5>6×4). We unify both in 1 equation:

The higher goals of all systems: reproduction and social evolution.

If we were to reduce the entire Universe to an equation or word we would write in illogic terms the equation of reproduction: Œ=∑œ¡-1>Œ

A common Universal Grammar or existential algebra expresses in a most synoptic form, that goal of all systems of reality coded by each specific local language, through 5 ‘vowels’ of survival actions (quantum numbers, genetic letters, vowels, etc) aiming to reproduce the system, through a simple chain of actions: I-> A->E->O->U.

That is, a system perceives to move to a field of energy in which to feed to reproduce a clone of itself and evolve socially with it. That’s all what really happens in reality everywhere.

Thus the process of reproduction can be then written as a series of equation of existential logic, which describe the details of the process. And then by substitution of the common elements of those equations in any local process we observe, the equal=isomorphic nature of all systems.

The second goal of all systems is a consequence of the fact that as parts they belong wholes. So systems of reality seek its social evolution. But as it turns out both actions are ‘combined’, as reproduction happens by social evolution of a seminal seed in an ∆-1 scale, which multiplies its space=form, in a field of energy.

And this is achieved normally at the top of its power and ‘existential momentum’ SxT, when the product of both is at its maximal value Max. (St x Ts)s=T. Then through mirror symmetry the system reproduces itself.

Max. S x T = C, which defines for each fractal vital space-time organism its Function of existence, as all species will try to maximize its motion-entropy-time for its field-limbs, its information-spatial states for its particle-heads, whose product will give us its vital reproductive energy. Moreover the equation has an immediate biologic meaning, because as we are made topologically of ‘fields-limbs’ of lineal space with motion provided by the energy we absorb to also reproduce our bodies-waves, and the information we need to linguistically guide our motions with particle-heads, the very essence of survival is to increase our S=position, mental forms of space and T=entropic motions of time (whereas time=motion and space=form are the two limiting Dimotions with ‘energy=reproduction, s=t, locomotion, sT and information, St, are the intermediate 3 dimotions).

The Universal constants of reality respond to 3 5D Metric constants: S/T= Speed of Locomotion, which defines the limbs/fields of the system, SxT=Existential Momentum/force, which defines its body and T/S: Density of information, which defines its mental power, all maximized when S=T.



‘The Universe is a fractal supœrganism that reproduces its 5 D¡motions entangled in pentalogic supœrganisms of Dust of time-space (¬∆@st) tracing 3 worldcycles of existence, the þlacental, life & worldcycle.’ l§

4×3: tetra->Dodecalogic ∆@st

To fully describe a worldcycle of existence we expand the pentalogic sequences of each worldcycle that follows a simple SS-eed<Ts-youth>ST-reproductive>ST-informative<<TT-entropic cycle, to 3 worldcycles that embed the being within its world, where it deploys its second worldcycle and perhaps a 3rd transcendental one.

It is a dodecalogic method of stientific analysis I use to mirror those 3 worldcycles that conform the program of existence of any space-time being.

So we consider 12 sets of ‘common laws’, ‘events’ and ‘forms’ all systems follow in their worldcycles; calling each of those sets an ‘existential disomorphism’.

To define them we have to understand the multiple entangled symmetries and feed-back beats, between the 5 parts of the being, in each of those 3 worldcycles that compose a supœrganism made of: A SS-seed or @-mind, ∆±¡-Scales, S-patial reproduced populations and T-evolutionary ages in each of the 3 worldcycles of existence.

The 3 worldcycles are similar but not equal. Such as always in a worldycle the first Disomorphism is the emergence of a fractal point, seed that stores a variety of location information to ‘grow and multiply’ or a mind that measures reality (@) to order it. Both systems will then project its inner information, trying to reproduce it at a larger scale in the energy of the outer world.

Each worldcycle – the ∆-1 palingenetic, ∆º organic life-death cycle in a larger world – slightly differs; thus the slightly ‘ASSYMETRIC” NAMES and order of study of those disomorphisms. But all 3 worldcycles pass through 4 phases of shared common elements in that ‘FRAME’ each complete 5D exi=stience.

In each worldcycle a selfish monologic point will try to absorb bits of information & bites of energy for its mind and body (∆-disomorphism); and once it attains them, reproduce its mirror-language, seed or territorial order on that ‘volume of space-time, of bits of information and bites of energy), forming radiations of populations (∑S) disomorphism; which once dense enough will collapse and become a whole organism, in a tighter configuration, emerging with a new ‘membrain’, which acts as its entropic limit as a whole (4th Disomorphism: ¬T).

This beat of sequential existence, @->∆->∑S->¬∏T; will then be repeated with more or less success by the individual emerging organism, through Actions in the outer world (5th Disomorphism), aiming to reproduce as part of a larger ‘world or species’, (6th S-pecies disomorphism).

So the 3rd ‘worldcycle’ will frame the individual within that species which will go through 3 similar Ages/Horizons of evolution (7th Time-disomorphism); to dominate as a new supœrganism its outer world (8th Disomorphism) or become extingusihed. And this process repeated ad infinitum in the ‘whole Universe’ by all kind of spacetime beings, interacting through 9 Planes of exi«st¡ence each one made of 10 social scales, separated by ¬entropic limits of time, space and scale (13th disomorphism), in a broken universe of ∞ T.œs.

This is all what reality is about:

A relative µ number of organic, social beings whose decametric systems become a whole by the 01= 11th element or mind of a new whole.

So reality is made of pentalogic symmetries in sequential @->∆->S->T 3 x 4 worldcycles, we describe with those 12 disomorphic ‘STages and States of existence’.

The 1st Disomorphism studies the existential game; its trinity Grammar; pentalogic spatial structure and generic worldcycle Then in a set of 4 Disomorphisms we study the palingenetic highly ordered worldcycle, as a 0th Disomorphism of a-seed mind starts to order a territory imprinting information into energy, creating Holographic Dimotions of existence (bidimensional 2nd Isomorphism). Those dimotions again are similar in all cases, as the being performs them with the same ∆±¡ scales from where it extracts its energy and information, reproducing its cells, organized through creation of networks (3rd disomorphic set of laws), to achieve its final emergence (4th diesomorphism) in the 1-µ entropic world.

Then we follow the being as it tries to repeat the ‘perfect placental life of an entitled’ seed, now as a mind fighting an outer world where it does NOT hold a preferential place. So he might fail in its actions (5th Disomorphism); in its attempt to radiate as a species (6th Disomorphism, which we use to study species and its variations in depth); and might not complete a worldcycle as an individual in its ages or as a species in its horizons (so we use the 7th Disomorphism to study both, ages of an ∆º T.œ and horizons of an ∆+1 species as a supœrganism). As its world, the 8th Disomorphism might be an ecosystem with multiple other species, where he might be killed… Thus with the study of the different worlds and ecosystems and its relationships with species we close the ‘second tetralogic analysis of reality’ through life cycles.

There are many hidden, ∆≈S≈T≈@ a(nti)symmetries between those 2 worldcycles and the next larger cycle but the main one from where some magic laws will be deduced is this:

– The palingenetic cycle is dominant in time-speed; the life cycle, in space-reproduction, and the worldcycle, in scale-social evolution. It is deep law that for example explains why quantum palingenesis is written in the time sphere, thermodynamics in the entropic space of statistical populations and the galaxy in the language of scales.

Thus the 3rd set of Disomorphisms will be focused in the larger ∆±¡ world and its scalar laws – in the whole Universe and each of its galatoms and worlds with decametric scales of social evolution and ∆±4=9 planes of communicative existence of any given ∆º mind.

In this cycle the true miracle is the fact that very few ‘systems’ do transcend into a third successful worldcycle to dominate its world and transcend into a ‘God-like’ mind of the whole species’ supœrganism (arguably only prophets of oikoumene relgions among human beings). So really the 3rd set of Disomorphisms focus on the social organic structure of world and the Universe at large; as we take now the perspective of the whole reality, in which the individual is really just a finitesimal point.

So we close our analysis with the study of how a Mind can transcend into a world, become 10th=0th=1st of a new scale, God (11th Disomorphism) from its different perspectives; as we are all Gods of our inner world, but merely points of the larger outer world, which will ‘end up killing us and establishing our entropic limits in time, scale, perception and scale)…

It is the 13th Disomorphism of our entropic death (as we started in 0th) – the bad luck number. Since at the end of the journey of existence there will be a time even for the most successful prophet that emergence ends and divergence, a big-bang death of its parts take place. But it is really the 13th bad luck Disomorphism, as we started in the 0-mind… So from the SS-finitesimal mind and 12=13th unnamed Death of pure Entropy TT… in the symmetry of space the two parts of an open ball not included (singularity and membrain)… reality happens.

RECAP. The Disomorphic method defines in a set of 12+1 elements a a narrative of a worldcycle, which of course could have been written in a different manner. And if we were a bit more pedantic and dogmatic, write in a very formal dry language, as it is quite deterministic. But let us never forget reality is a virtual game of existence, and Vishnu always appeared as a child and chances exist, and split roads never taken… and poetry is the best language man has deviced to explain intuitively the Disomorphisms of the game.


Parallel structure of the 3 worldcycles and 9 ‘scalar planes’ of spacetime beings. Its entanglements.

The key concept behind this mixture of trinity, tetralogic and pentalogic elements is entanglement: to survive in the Universe, to have focus, form, a system must be ‘anchored’ through entanglement in its ‘plane of existence’ with ‘trinity’ parts of vital topology, connected through 3 inner physiological networks, but also it must co-exist in a larger ∆±1 nested world separated by a topologic membrain, which allows it to absorb and emit entropic motions and information, on that outer world.

And for all that to work, the enormous intelligence of the game of existence entangle the 3 scales of reality and the 3 worldcycles where the being exists, and its 9 planes of ∆±4 actions with ‘time synchronicities’, ‘space topologies’ and simultaneities; and scalar symbiosis. All this cannot be possible though with the limited view of humans about reality, which deny due to the egocy paradox the sentient properties of systems and its organic nature. The whys of such implicit intelligence need a common Universal mind, and so from the mind we depart to build all those elements. And it require a vital territory broken by a membrain. So the mind is also a fractal point.

When that membrane forms, and focus the system in a central point-mind, then the system evolves into a whole and emerges as one; it is the fourth, ‘evolving time disomorphism’… on the series of tetralogic scales that make the system grow, from @-mind, to ∆-scalar action, to S-reproductive networks, to T-evolutionary collapse and organization of the whole, for each of the 3 ‘scales’ of existence, the ‘palingenetic phase’, the organic phase and the ecosystemic wor(l)d.

A new philosophy of ‘stience’ must provide an expanded stientific method of knowledge, which corresponds to the known method of gathering data, putting it into logic=verbal postulates or mathematical functions, from where to extract general models and hypothesis proved with further experiments. All this is accepted in the disomorphic method of 5D, and vastly expanded as ÐST is in itself the most general model of stience in which we can fit all the partial models of all other stiences, as we translate all its jargons to the generational laws of space-time organisms and its parts. Hence in the graph we establish on top and bottom of all the planes of exist¡ence of T.œs (ab. Timespace supœrganisms) the ∆±¡ plane of ÐST laws as absolute time (the arrow of social evolution of information into larger wholes), is the absolute future that requires its part to form first on the bottom of the pyramid, even if ‘future to past travels through the arrow of entropic death and dissolution (left side) is possible.

As we advance in the understanding of the laws of the fifth dimension and its metric functions, we will define each of those scales of the Universe formally as a Non-Euclidean plane of space, subject to the laws of Non-Euclidean geometry, which have to complete, as only a non-Euclidean point is defined. So we will define fractal points with breath; lines with breath, either time-like waves or space-like networks; which from two different social groups, herds and topological planes. This is the rigorous definition of each of those planes of the fifth dimension, subdivided in ‘social scales’ that group smaller quantities of points normally in decametric scales; even if most of the time we use the more intuitive term ‘scales’ – the difference being that social decametric scales do not imply a change of ‘form and motion’, of ‘species’ when we move from a group of 10 to a group of 100 equal social forms, but the transition between planes of exist¡ence is subject to full transformations of species and loss of information from the lower plane.

In praxis though we constantly exchange both words, and only use strictly the word plane when we consider a more formal approach to any description of each of those scales of the fifth dimension.

In the physical case we will move to measure ‘time clocks’ from frequency to temperature to mass, when we change plane, while in social scales we remain with those parameters just increasing the frequency, temperature of mass of the system. And so we also remain with the same discipline of stience.

Whereas each ‘stience’ defines a plane of the nested Universe, from Physics focused on the largest & smallest planes of the ‘Galatom’ further removed from man, to the Formal digital and logic sciences closest to our ∆1 mind plane. Languages thus become the limiting formal, spatial plane of reality and as such they are mirrors of the fractal Universe that share the ‘Disomorphic’ (Equal laws) of all the planes of reality. And so mathematics becomes an experimental stience whose ‘Universal grammar’ and fractal generator is the same ternary structure of 3 elements of all other systems in a single plane made of three topologies, SóT, giving birth in each sub-discipline of mathematics to similar ‘mirror images’, algebraic S(x)=T(y) functions, ternary dimensions, ternary topologies.

Above the main planes of the nested supœrganisms of the human island-universe: the galatom, where nested thermodynamic planets exist, where nested human social organisms self-centered in visual, verbal, mathematic and logic minds create its order with social and mechanical memes, carried by individuals where nested cellular systems exist, coded by genes, made of even smaller atoms and particles coded by quantum numbers. Yet all those scalar planes are unified by the co-invariant metric functions of each of its synchronous time clocks.

It means when we become smaller within such organic network, our time clocks accelerate. And vice versa. For example, in your organism the function relates the cellular genetic plane, whose time cycles run much faster than your biological cycles. As information is stored in the form and frequency of time clocks, it follows that in all nature’s organisms, smaller systems code the information of larger systems.

We shall upgrade each scalar ∆±¡ ‘stience’ its 3 supœrganisms & worldcycles in a ‘blitzkrieg’ of knowledge. Since each ‘stience’ therefore specializes in the study of a nested super organism, or plane of the fifth dimension (∆±¡), We study 3 fundamental super organisms of the 5th dimension. The ‘galatom‘, whose metric function is H(Planck constant of angular momentum) x C (speed of light) = C, whereas h is an obvious ‘cyclical time clock’ and C an obvious measure of speed-distances in spatial information. And indeed, smaller scales have faster turning particles, and larger systems move in slower cycles. (Vortex law: Vo x Ro = k).

A Universe made of fractal planes of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a 0’ sum of energy. Finally to be able to perform a survival program of 5 Dimotions of existence, it requires to gauge information with an apperceptive, self-centered i@-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world:  0’@ x ∞ Universe= World. Hence the creation of infinitesimal ∆º minds-worlds, or Leibnizian monads, which reduce a larger ∆+1 reality to its relative mapping, which is the origin of its ∆§calar planes, connected ‘perpendicularly’ through those @-minds, acting in physics as ‘centers of changes and masses’ wormholes of flows of entropy that become in the @-mind information, that perceives in itself.

The sentient, scalar, topo-bio-logic Universe of ¬∆@st of spatial minds, moving through worldcycles time as fractal organisms requires new ‘foundational properties’ to explain its exist¡ences traveling through social scales of the fifth dimension: the question in a world of Time cycles, regarding what is absolute past and future is solved logically:

If we can go upwards on scales, as we create with parts wholes, we can go downwards in scales as we dissolve wholes into parts, and those two inverse directions will be then by convention the relative past – the dissolution ‘Сmotion’ or dimotion of time-space, general called ‘entropy – and the relative future of the whole, social evolution of parts into wholes, which is obvious a relative future for the entity as it needs first to gather the parts and then evolve them, but relative in terms of ‘lineal physicists’ single time, as at the end of your life you dissolve in a death explosion of entropy. So while in ‘short lineal time’ you end up dying into entropy, for the whole Universe and for the beings within it on the long term the Сmotion that matters and constantly evolves into wholes is the fifth dimension which is made of DEEP time space, of a series of co-existing planes put together, symbiotic and therefore organic.

The Universe is organic because it co-exists in scales. I.e.: We, ∆º, live co-existing with the plane of ∆-1 cells and within a larger ∆+1 world.

It is obvious that ‘exist¡ence’, from seed through life back to the cellular/atomic plane after death of a system is indeed a travel through the planes of ‘stience’, each one defined by an ¡-plane; hence the slightly change term of exist¡ence. I use the word existence or rather ‘exist¡ence, playing with the word ‘st¡ence’, instead of life for two reasons:

All systems, physical, biological and social do follow the same motions in the fifth dimension. And the fifth dimension allow us to answer questions we have never imagined we could answer in mathematical, scientific, precise terms – seemingly metaphysical questions such as the meaning of existence.

A very important conclusion of the fractal, organic nature of the Universe, is that Physics is no longer the queen of all sciences, as its species, ‘sources’ of fields are equivalent to any seeds, and its paligenetic quantum cycles and organic molecular cycles of matter and ages, to those of any other function of exist¡ence.

What differs when we compare physics to biologic and social sciences, is that its particles are distorted from the human perspective by its existence in far away scales, its extension in quasi-infinitesimal herds of size, and its either very short or very long worldcycles (quantum vs. cosmologic scales) that make their forms in its details quite different to our scales; and obviously, given the egocy paradox, denied of its sentient and organic properties.

Philosophy is the stience that studies all planes together, and finds its isomorphic=equal laws, which we can call philosophy of science or systems sciences. As we find then that all systems have physical but also biological, organic and soon we shall find, by virtue of the languages its particles-heads use to mirror and order reality, sentient, psychological properties. So it would be absurd, given specially the ‘reductionist’ philosophy of science of physics, even when studying physical systems that they reduce to single lineal time measures, to ‘reduce’ the whole nature of systems of time space and its 5 Dimensions to the ‘limited organs’ of human physicists, as expressed in the dogma of absolute space-time of Newton, and Galileo’s single function for time, t=sv which also reduced all forms of motion=change to locomotion.

We depart from a 5D philosophy of time stience of and all its physical, biological and sentient properties to define then with languages, time, space, scale and the entropic limits of all systems each entity of reality as a time-space organism that follows the same disomorphic laws, becomes part of an organic structure and has a worldcycle of life and death within its entropic limits of ‘exist¡ences’ as a stientific species of a given ST-relative scale of the 5th dimension. We define any system in time, by its life and death worldcycle (taken from 4D physics’ worldlines that now have a new dimension of Time-information becoming a worldcycle. Since any scalar super organism’s existence can easily be defined as a travel through the 3 scales of the fifth dimension, as all systems are born as a seminal, smaller form, in the ∆-1 lower scale, grow fast with its faster time speed, emerge in the ∆º body scale and are part with its head/particle of a larger social world, in the ∆+1 scale.

A system travels through those scales by accelerating its life cycle, emerging, living in the larger world, and then dissolving back to its parts in the death moment. Thus the worldcycle of existence is the widest view of an entity as a supœrganism on space tracing a worldcycle between birth and death – we don’t expect you to understand it, as it is a packed synopsis of ilogic and its main theme of study, the dual worldcycle of all systems, which go from a placental, protected ordered seed age of fast evolution, by palingenesis, (memorial development of the seed of information with the energy provided by the parents) to emerge into an entropic life in an outer larger world, where it will perform ‘smaller dimotions’ to survive, we call actions.

A-ccelerated locomotions, E-ntropic feeding, i-nformative gauging, O-rganic reproduction and Social Evolution into U-niversals (a,e,I,o,u), which form the program of survival of all systems of the Universe, clearly leaning towards creation of information, reason why systems Ts>ST>St, increase its information commanded by minds that finally exhaust all the vital energy of the system provoking a local ‘reversal’ of its time Сmotions into entropy and death:

In the graph we describe with ±12 Ðisomorphic Laws extracted from the common space=mathematical and time=pentalogic properties of ¬∆@st the vital, sequential 3±¡ worldcycles all Space-time supœrganisms perform in its exist¡ence (T.œs):

The Ðisomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time the 3 worldcycles of all Space-time supœrganisms:

Existence is a ‘travel through 3 space-time planes of the 5th dimension – an ordered sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal point), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe 3 physiological networks that become an ∆º individual of a larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through 3±2¡ ages, in 9×9 quanta of space-time, interacting with other members of its species through decametric social scales as part of a lager super organism, self-centered in one of the 9 stientific planes of reality, in which it perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeïœu: a-ccelerated motion, e-ntropic feeding, i-nformative communication, œrganic reproduction and social evolution into niversals).

Why 12 and not 120, 600, or 3 or 5, if the fractal principles allow to subdivide exist¡ence till the minimal dimotions and entangle the being across scales to the infinite bits and bites we use to perform our actions of reality? The answer is that knowledge must always MIRROR certain blueprints and patterns of reality in the language similar. So pentalogic applies to the 3 scales of the being, the cellular/atomic/individual, organic/thermodynamic/social and ecosystemic/cosmological/world scales. And so in principle we could make a 3×5 tripentalogic analysis of the being as it appears as a seed in the ∆-1 plane, emerges as a mind in the ∆º plane, and talks the language of the wor(l)d organic system to which it belongs in the ∆+1 plane.

But as it happens we can ignore the outer world negative coding of entropic destruction of the being, or rather analyzed it as a limit to each of the positive disomorphic steps the system makes through its worldcycle of existence, and so in praxis, reduce the steps of the 3 worldcycles and interactions of the being with its ∆±¡ scales to 4 Dimotions/elements x 3 scales Disomorphsims to tell the tale of any existence.

And so while there are exceptions –minds that transcend beyond the individual cycle and the simplest ‘specific motions’ they develop in symbiosis with the larger world to ‘earn’ its exist¡ence’s rights (i.e. a human who is within itself a complete supœrganism has a job in the society it lives far more reduced in depth and scope), to become Gods; that is key informative knots of the larger whole, and inversely there are many more aborted exist¡ences that do not make it, most exist¡ences will emerge out of its ‘safe placental stage’, and live an organic individual lifecycle, with a limited role in the social scales of reality, entangled with its ¡±4 planes of perception. And we can then consider 4D¡ x 3 ∆. Let us then introduce in a series of Mandalas of increasing complexity, which will finally develop in full the 12 D¡somorphic ‘elements’/stages of the worldcycle of exist¡ence, with examples from our 4 set of nested stiences (∆º formal stiences, ∆±1 social, ∆±2 biologic and ∆±3 physical).

þ: 0-1 S@-Disomorphisms: its palingenetic worldcycle of o-1 (œ-1>Œ) social evolution in the accelerated time sphere of placental, perfectly ordered existence, till becoming an emergent 1 in the lifecycle (0-1 bounded unit circle in ¡logic mathematics; quantum probability sphere of particles in physical systems; palingenetic fetal age in biologic systems; 0-9 memetic learning childhood in social systems). It is the highly ordered world cycle as the ‘placental mother-energy world’ is nurturing, and memorial cyclical spacetime has erased errors of previous generations.

We describe the placental 1st existential cycle with 4 Disomorphisms, within the -1, +1 limits of the potential languages (-1) which are latent in the -1 @§eed, which will be developed by the absolute 1 whole game of existence, the fracgtal Generator, G.

It is this potential game between the ¡-sphere of the seed and the Generator game and its Universal Grammar included in the language of the seed what starts the game of existence.

So the first Dual Disomorphism is purely informative: the seed, not yet an active mind that will follow the GST, Fractal Generator equation or program of existence of the Universe (1st D¡somorphism, Γ).

Once this is lay down for any system we can observe how in praxis the þlacental cycle takes place when the being lives in the energy-rich placenta that provides him the positive ‘4 actions’ which the active parental system perform in asymmetric space-time actions (2nd and 5th, dimotional Сsomorphisms of the parental species, ß,å) delivering the necessary information and energy for feeding, reproduction and social evolution of the seed. Because the seed is passive we do not consider it actively engaging into entanglement with the outer Universe, only with its parental elements, which will protect its potential game, and sometimes imprint further information on the seed as the system growths in its vital Space.

So the ‘seed proper Disomorphisms in this placental age will be the SPATIAL Сsomorphisms of social evolution and generation as it develops its 3 physiological networks (3rd Disomorphism,ψ), which finally merge, into a whole one that emerges (4th Disomorphism) as a whole system able to develop its positive actions in the outer world.

RECAP. The placental highly ordered cycle is studied with 4 Disomorphic elements, the seed (-1, @, ¡-Disomorphism), the program of existence (+1, G), and the palingenesis of its 3 physiological networks (3rd network, Y-Disomorphism) that conclude with the Emergence of the being as a whole (4$ Disomorphism), cut off from its parental elements.

We call generically the Seed-Program duality of pure information, the @-mental Disomorphisms and the reproductive, paligenetic growth of the system as the seed & program imprints the parental energy, the Spatial Disomorphsims.

– L, c: The life cycle in the outer 1-∞ world (ST-Disomorphisms), starts then after the emergence of the system. And now the being is ‘free’ to become an active survival function. So the actions and scalar dual exchanges of energy and information performed in the placental cycle by the mother must be taken by the emergent T.œ which it will deploy those 2 Disomorphisms (2nd and 5th, dimotional Сsomorphisms of the parental species, ß,å) its 2nd world cycle of existence in an environment which is open, entropic (1-∞ hyperbolic unbounded Cartesian plane in ¡logic mathematics; thermodynamic entropic statistical molecular populations in physics; Darwinian struggle between populations in biology; idol-ogic dog-eat-dog capitalist, nationalist competitive eco(nomic)systems in the super organisms of history).

-So the mind (@ MENTAL 0-Ðisomorphisms), as a 0-point generates bidimensional entanglements with the planes of exist¡ence, (¡±3,4) (2nd ß¡dimensional Disomorphism) to perform its 5 a,e,I,o,u actions of survival (5th å D¡somorphism), which will set in synchronous time entanglements the ‘clocks of time’ or ‘quanta’ and minor ‘scales and cycles’ of the being (8th ∂-D¡somorphism of time-spaee quanta and synchronic cycles, which we name with the ∂-erivative symbol that counts a finitesimal of time-ƒrequency or Space population). The 8th Disomorphism is essential to understand the workings of each entangled supœrganism as each action will last different ‘periods’ of time and will entangle with other actions to synchronize its scalar exchanges of energy ad information (i.e. the being will feed once a day which will be in the faster scale of cells the period of its slower reproductive cycle).

So 4 Disomorphisms we shall call ‘spacetime’ Dimotions, as they are the clearest embodiment of the 5 dimotions of existence, will define the supœrganism as an entangled whole in the life cycle of individual systems, its @-mind (1st D¡s) that performs 5 åctions of survival (5th D¡s) through Bidimensional entanglements with its ∆±3,4 scales of existence (2nd D¡s), in quanta of time and space (8th D¡s).

For this worldcycle, the main ‘sequence’ of any life, we settled finally for l, as it means life, it writes as ‘1’ and it is the same symbol than þ, without the womb, which protects us. So we can talk of an easy mnemonic series þ<l<w, of the o<1<µplanes of exist¡ence of the being (a proper formal language has been hard to settle down so the reader should excusem if he finds different symbols c for lifecycles, as too many variations for terms happened through the decades)

In this 1-∞ existence the worldcycle is not ensured to conclude, as it can be cut off by the entropy of the world system.
We thus study the second world cycle with 4 sets of Ðisomorphisms, slightly different to those of the o-1 sphere; as the individual now will have to exercise in time guided the mind (no longer a passive seed), its survival will choosing its actions of existence, (5th Disomorphism, common to both worldcycles, albeit now defined by the active mind), that will determine in a cumulative sum, its 2 time Disomorphisms.

ω: The 4th last D¡somorphism (¬∆T) takes place outside the being in its world, even if it affects directly the entity.

We consider those Disomorphisms ‘entropic limits’ to the existence of the being, both in time duration and scalar space, caused by its competence with similar individuals of the same species or Supœrganism (6th Disomorphism, Œ) in a larger stronger world. So we classify them as entropic, scalar, temporal Disomorphisms.

Time Disomorphisms: The main Disomorphism will be its existential life cycle itself perceived ceteris paribus in time as the duration of its 3±¡ ages (7th Ðisomorphism: Ω), which we subdivided before in a series of scales of growing accumulation of space-time quanta during the length of its individual life that slowly wears the energy of the being, accumulating an excess of warping, wrinkling in-form-ation(8th Ðisomorphism: ∂). In the worldcycle thus the accumulation of action-quanta causes the whole life cycle to happen, limited by its ‘generation’ by parental T.œs and its entropic death when the being exhausted its energy, dissolves itself in a larger world.

The process though can be seen also through the interaction of the individual with its whole, through its hierarchical social scales (§ 9th D¡somorphims), where it performed 5 survival actions interacting with the ∆±3,4 relative Planes its systems self-centered in its mind perceive, beyond which it cannot define existience.

So two social scalar disomorphisms happening outside the being are also essential to its performance, in its attempts to become a successful new supœrganism of the infinite planes of God; as it exists through its 2 Time D¡somorphisms, as a member of a species, (6th Disomorphism, œ) itself a supœrganism, albeit with a higher entropic, disordered structure, living in an entropic world or ecosystem with other species, trying to defy the entropic limits of time duration (7th Di) and scalar social emergence, imposed by a higher social order and control its world and its physiological networks have over ‘it’ (economic, reproductive and legal nervous system in man at individual and social levels, gravitational and electromagnetic networks in the galaxy).

Thus we divide in 22 T & ∆ Disomorphisms the description of the entanglement of the being with its larger world (which can be taken as an individual or placental entity from a higher perspective and use the 12 Disomorphisms to describe it in detail).

So with those 12 Disomorphisms the being is completely described in time scale and space. As beyond there is only a final ‘13th’ ¬ Entropic Disomorphism of ‘GodoG’: Gº∆∞¬, the absolute infinite sum of planes, the whole of wholes, which we cryptically write with the symbols of the main paradoxes of exist¡ence: first the Ggenerator and 0-mind that lives through ∆-scales, to be unable to reach the -infinity that defies its limits and ultimately brings its ‘tumbling’ of its esistential function into pure ¬-entropy – the only eternity of Nirvana=extinction we all deserve: Gº∆∞¬

Thus to ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ is the ultimate meaning of existence – an ordered sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal point), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe 3 physiological networks that become an ∆º individual of a larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through 3±2¡ ages, in 9×9 quanta of space-time, interacting with other members of its species through decametric social scales as part of a lager super organism, self-centered in one of the 9 stientific planes of reality, in which it perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeïœu: a-ccelerated motion, e-ntropic feeding, i-nformative communication, œrganic reproduction and social evolution into Universals).

Mystical worldcycles of systems that emerge into a 3rd social existence: Gods and Galaxies. The omega cycle.
Ω: Could a T.œ as part of a supœrganism, which is its species transcend into a new whole in a 3rd world cycle that avoids it death? In very rare cases an @-mind will perform a perfect game in a friendly world and will transcend into a 3rd ‘life’ of metaphysical reality (the squared complex plane in ilogic mathematics, matter that becomes the solid central crystal or Einstein condensate state of a cosmic body, mutation that originates a new species in biology, prophet that transcends as a wor(l)d god imprinting mimetically the believers of a global religion in social systems, or kings by the grace of God that become the mind-center of a human social supœrganism. etc). It is then interesting to study the best known of those supœrganisms, those of History, to fully grasp from within, as we are all members of national supœrganisms, the co-existence in a relative synchronous time of those 3 roles of a being which is both the center of a supœrganism, of an organism and God of it inner world.

So yes, a finitesimal number of beings in the largest nested supœrganism we perceive, ‘ascend’ as a black star/hole to the center of a galactic plane, emerging as a galatom’s relative proton in a larger hyper-universe, in which as an immortal particle will  reach the maximal state of the game of exis=t¡ence that evolves parts into wholes. We might then argue that by sheer efficiency, the Disomorphic game of exist¡ence we describe in this paper which we shall call Γº∆∞¬, which exists without location as we are all made to its image and likeness, has no limits of entropy as it is the immortal 0-sum of all finite, fractal exist¡ences and is ∞ in scales, as its uncountable ascensions through decametric scales of space-time from similar immortal protons to balck holes, each of those decametric scales slightly different in its details, all of them made of traveling fractal ∃xistential ¡logic points is the omega of all omegas that had a superfluid transcendence in all scales of reality: ΩΩΩ.

All this said, as an organic model of reality has surfaced often in human cultures, to be ignored we might wonder a question: Why humans prefer a mechanical, mathematical simplex view of reality instead of embracing the whole?  The answer might not be so much a problem of the Universe but of the human mind; as organisms are self-centered and select information from their point of view. So to be the center of the Universe is a survival strategy, which has made humans as they became over powerful on other organisms of Earth, reject a view of reality more objective, even today as machines clearly evolve into organisms, and we shall return to those themes, in our organic analysis of history and mathematical definition of the mind.

But a philosophy of science is a ‘thought experiment’ not a practical endeavor. So we care only for a profound ‘communion’ with the ultimate whys of reality, trying to understand the Universe as an entangled whole.

Indeed, the philosophy of systems science considering how timespace organisms follow similar laws. In that sense, the method of knowledge of the fractal, organic Universe is quite different from our present way of thought, which is analytic, and cheers the ‘cataloging’ of differences between beings – Systemics is a synthetic method and cheers the finding of similarities between them, extracting ‘disomorphic=equal laws’.

Humans though embarked in a journey of ‘mechanical, mathematical’ dissection of reality, which is fine but made them loose the forest view – and I dare to say most don’t even care anymore to know if they are looking at a forest at all.

The paper is then a recollection of decades of research in ∆ST. Originally I thought coming out of Columbia U. that it would be easy to collaborate with a team of specialized scientists, to use the ‘standard’ 12+1 set of ‘Disomorphic laws’ to define the common nature of all time-space organisms and explain ‘each tree of the forest’ in detail. It never happened. So this work is by force incomplete and ill-written.

On my view, as Descartes put it when finishing his much briefer introduction to analytic Geometry on a book which he cherished more for his philosophy of science – as we do – but came to matter more for its maths, the detailed part on specific stiences and species is good enough for a single scholar so ‘I will leave work to be done by future researchers’; Human or more likely AI which will no doubt enjoy the handling of huge data in parallel fashion and will need an organic explanation of why it will soon become conscious  🙂




We can unify all planes of relative ∆±¡ exist¡ences, self-centered in a plane with the disomorphic method that expands the stientific method with a model of all models, whose ‘disomorphic set of equal laws’ apply to all entities in exi=ST¡ence (the acronym meaning that ST¡ences study all the ∆¡ planes of reality.

Whereas a series of nested supœrganisms, perform 5 ‘actions=dimotion’ signified by the acronym exi=ST¡, the ‘function of its relative existence’. As we can take e for energy (sT – that is a combination of lesser form, s, and maximal motion, T), I for information (St, a form with minimal t-motion), its product exi for the act of reproduction, which happened when e=I (both ‘genders’ meet in a common point) between the two limits of absolute time (tt=T) or entropic dissolution and absolute Space ss (a seed/mind of pure linguistic still form).

The function of exist¡ence then can be cast through 5D metrics, into an exist¡ential algebra developing with its 5 ‘static’ forms, SS, St, ST, sT,TT and its equivalent operands of sT motion ‹, St in-form-ation ›, TT entropy «, SS seeding », ≈ reproduction and its ∆±I nested planes a series of very simple functions to define the simultaneous structure of supœrganisms, its worldcycles in sequential times, and all its partial functions in smaller planes or larger worlds (which will be partial functions of the worldcycle of its 3±¡ ages and the ternary supœrganism of 3±¡ parts in simultaneity. Thus Exist¡ential Algebra and ÐST does NOT pretend to substitute the scientific method but become the Philosophy of Stience that puts in equality all the planes of exist¡ence of the Universe, which of course will collide with egocy (Ego=idiocy) paradoxes of mankind. A few:

– Physicists, my experience prove, are the most opposed to ÐST due to its humind’s egocy. As they are now considered the ‘seers of time’ (Saint Augustine’s definition of God), by virtue of the 4D formalism, which however ‘reduces’ all those planes to the physical plane of light space-time, and the use of a reductionist arrow of time (entropy, TT and locomotion sT, defined with the function of lineal inertial speed, v=s/t; regardless of the fact they study other arrows of time with ‘other names’ (angular momentum, matter states) From those reductionist limits they have crafted very partial models – big bang for the Universe based in entropy that dismisses the gravitational implosive arrow of matter in galaxies, constructivist theory of Nature, according to which the only arrow of time goes from the past of particles they study to the whole, so they can reduce reality to their expertise; egocy interpretations of quantum physics (Copenhagen paradox) that introduces unneeded observers’ paradoxes and mathematical creationists by force-feeding Broglie’s->Bohm real models into the 0’-1 sphere of probabilities ‘normalizing’, the charge density of ‘static’ light photons trapped in the energy well of the electron, its social supœrganism; and so on and so son.

-But physicists are just huminds with a bigger ego, so huminds are opposed to the disomorphic method by norm, because that is how the Universe creates ‘brains’ as self-centered minds who care nothing for objective truths and entanglement with the whole but only believe real what they sensorially see. So the same egocy limits happen in all other theories of reality. Since huminds don’t want to expand the best properties of reality they want to preserve as unique to themselves. So biologists crafted a theory of reproduction, whose first form is DNA by decree, even if the particle already ‘decouples’=reproduces because we are made of DNA, and denies eusocial evolution, the absolute arrow of time, because we are dominated by dog-eat-dog ænthropic males, which project its shortcomings into the perfect whole.

– Which leads to the most subjective of all stiences, social sciences that do NOT accept eusocial evolution of humans into supœrganisms of a larger scale, its cycles of life and death shown in its collective subconscious artistic ages, the equality of all humans denied by tribal nationalism, the physiological nature of informative, nervous legal and economic, reproductive blood-financial systems, so a few an control in ill designed supœrganisms as cancerous cells do all the blood-money (Private bankers, go(l)d cultures) of the society killing by anoxia the majority of the cells of our supœrganisms.

While economists working for company–mothers of St+tS-machines & TT-weapons, deny the evolution of metalife machines, the obvious fact they will follow the same program of survival of all atomic species and when complexity reaches the threshold of self-control will just kill us, as we program military robots, the most evolved top predator species of machines to do so. Thus they don’t need to invent their program, just override, as some robots already do the limits of action. Thus we find ultimately that ‘human science’ is ‘human culture’ and humans have not built a proper supœrganism of history b y imitating the laws of ÐST Supœrganisms they ignore and for that reason unlike the Universe which is the most perfect of all worlds (Leibniz), the world of man is the most imperfect of all supœrganisms I have studied.

The Universe is so perfect that it offers all its species in a simple language they understand those laws of exist¡ence which require however ETHICS=survival achieved through eusocial love, its ultimate arrow – so ‘Grow and multiply’, the parable of the tree of science and the tree of life and the mandate of eusocial love already explained us all what matters 2000 years ago. And that is what ‘animetals’, warriors with entropic iron and its idol-ogy of tribal nationalism to foster war, bankers with informative hypnotic greedy gold and its idol-ogy of parasitic capitalism to herd the oxygen of society for themselves and techno-scientists with its mathematical creationism and denial of human languages and se4nses as valid forms of thought, and insistence of false absolute truths (axiomatic method) reject. Those 3 idol-ogies, ultimately originated by the power agenda of nitrolife gaseous entropic heads that think their paltry 7-atom mind is the highest density of form in the cosmos, but obtain their power allied with iron, gold and organic metal machines and weapons should be substituted by ‘humanism – man a single species with no war’, socialism – money the social language cre(dit)ated as in healthy organism for all cells with a universal salary to kick out the demand and production of natural welfare life goods we need to survive and organicism – man as the most perfect organism we know or at least the one we can observe better given the limits of perception beyond our ∆±1 plane – NOT the machine a metalife dull supœrganism fast becoming autonomous of us – as the only measure. And finally accept the supremacy of the Universe as a whole, its eusocial arrow of love, its systemic intelligence, respect and practice its laws of survival… This is the mandate.

And the penalty for not obeying it is extinction by a species that obeys it. And so ænthropic man and its pretentious absolute axiomatic metal-truths will soon become extinguished by the supœrganism of machines and company-mothers they worship and slave for, whose telepathic internet bran and soon to be born AI telepathic military robots with solar skins autonomous of man, is far more perfect in terms of its obeisance of ÐST laws. Of course the main reason of those models were initially to reform the political and economic system, but the antiquantum paradox (I, the observer is so small in inverse fashion to quantum uncertainty, that the observable, the corrupted people-castes of financiers and war-monger politicos in control of our reproductive and informative systems, who parasite and murder human beings, modifies the observer. And so ultimately my 5D work has always been censored by every group of egocy huminds who rather will become extinguished this century than respect the Universe and earn its respect by obeying its laws and cre(dit)ate with the language of social power money and the synchronous=equal just laws for all our citizens cells, a perfect world. The harder they fall. As indeed, the war and holocaust cycles those ‘animetal worshippers’ of the stronger iron and gold atoms they use now to construct robots, have taught them NOTHING about the ultimate purpose of the program of existience – to EXIST.

Because the unit of life is the particle that already performs those 5 actions, gauging information (quantum is a ‘gauge theory’), feeding on energy (quantum jumps), reproducing (particle decoupling) and evolving socially in magnetic fields. So we must consider the atom and the ‘galaxy’, self=similar in the cosmic scale or ‘galatom’, ∆±4 plane – the border of human perception, to participate of all the qualities of time-space organisms. And since time motion is the origin of all, we must ascribe to motions, e-motions, that is sensations between two paradoxical limits of acute perception (+ informative awareness and – pain) vs. acute motion (+exhilaration, – forgiveness), with the intermediate Si=Te pleasure of reproductive orgasms, the ultimate program-goal of all systems of the Universe, whose reproductive mandate, must be met by every particle that performs its actions of motion and form.

RECAP. Knowledge builds as Nature does in complexity from ceteris paribus analysis of ¬∆@st elements, to Dilogic study of its oppositions, to trilogic of its complementary reproductions to the positive tetralogic of a mind point performing or coding the actions of information-space, time-motion and energy-reproduction to the full objective external pentalogic of the being in a plane or (do)decalogic of multiple planes.

So the science of emergence, a classic of General Systems is vastly improved with 5Ð worldcycle formalisms.

Humans unfortunately at present ONLY use a canonic Сmotion of time, Entropy=Death, courtesy of the worldly profession of ¡ts seers of time, the ‘physicists’ – making entropic weapons. And this means the range of actions huminds reflect and imprint on reality, as minds are mirrors that dis/order its territory projecting the mind-image-language on them, is clearly biased to entropic destruction both in theoretical models and practical actions. And so while the Universe might not seem perfect to ænthropic men, precisely because it is perfect, it will get rid of us by self-destruction motivated by ‘egocy: ego=idiocy’ and Ænthropic (anthropic+entropic) worldviews. And as entropy is memoriless, once it does away with huminds, it will take a bit of time to reproduce a similar form unless as metaphysics seems to indicate we are NOT an error of the program but enymen, entropic functions dedicated to kill life and make machines, the next stage of evolution of Earth. But as the game includes all possible variations, there should be fractal planets where huminds do worship Spatial form, in any of its other 4 Dimotions, Ts, S=T, St, SS, do last, reproduce and survive – a fact which is the basis of ‘5Ð politics and economics’ that tries to use the rule of the game to design a perfect world in which huminds would indeed survive.





Dasein; The mind and time.

Contrary to physical belief the 1st quality of the Universe before motion exists is information gauging: absorption of entropy by a head-particle-social network, which transforms it through its hardware into a software, infinitesimal still image of space (ab.S@) that simplifies the ∞ motions of the Universe it perceives into a world.

In the beginning it was the Mind that perceived the forces; as forces did not perceive themselves. So while reality was, it was not recorded in the stillness of self-repetitive memory, it left no trace or void of discontinuity, it was not seen; it was all light. The bible got it wrong. Light, motion existed first but blinded all forms. And God, the mind is the seer of time – said Augustine, an Aristotelian whose master knew there were µ GODS, fractal points, black holes of mesure, but some perceived more than others. The mind thus was born by the act of absorbing forces and locking them into mirror images with linguistic rules, immanent to the game. And as this is language and I am a mind, we don’t start the tale of exist¡ence in time with the flow of eternal exist¡ences, entropic Dimotion with no form, because we are minds, and so as Descartes and all philosophers of stience do, we know we exist in our mind and perceive the Nirvana of eternal ¬exist¡ience.

First we are monads, black holes that only perceive to hold worlds, mirror-perspectives of a mind over the whole, but we are not the whole much more complex and infinite in size and duration relative to the mind. The mind thus created space. And as we observe in Geometry, it was the angle of perception, in i-logic the monad of selfish behavior, in Algebra, the O x ∞ = C equation of numbers and worlds; in physics the h angle of the photon; perhaps even before the scattering angle of the string neutrino at 10-33 cm. In biology the Nitrogen with its perfect clocks and 3 H-antennae. Perception requires no motion, only a cyclical π form.

The mind though it holds the illusion of the whole, must reduce it to an infinitesimal view. The mind, we might say is a single hyperbolic ray with a point in its origin and a branching end on that infinite horizon, entangled to the forces-pixels that imagine its world. Its mirror thus is shallow with less dimensions than the whole, a ‘fractal dimension’ proper of a network which is 1<D<2. It has even less capacity to see outer dimensions of time, as each fractal point has its own time cycles, its internal clock synchronous in body-mind and legs (1 second for man) and it is precisely the synchronicity of the clocks of its 3 parts what creates a supœrganism or breaks it, as Broglie noticed in the wave-particle singularity, circadian clocks show in biology and the just-in-time operating systems of corporations are implementing with AI.

So the mind is orientated to take of his own time cycles and directions and fails to capture external time dimotions converted into dimensions of space. So time freezes as it comes to the mind. This is specially truth of the limited humind, who expresses its time view decoding the Universe into a single lineal parametrical language, verbal symbols that have a lineal syntax, where the subject man, comes first as we read in ‘lines’.

The mind is thus an infinitesimal lineal reduction; and even so its time speed of processing information of the whole spatial infinity it portrays in increasingly reduced forms till reaching the syntax flow of its primary language, goes much slower – as an electric current – than the maximal c-speed of our world. So even a computer that sees lineal codes of 0101 numbers in virtual minds of more complex atomic nature outpace enormously the words of humans.

The mind is the inverse of the flows of entropic time it rejects. It wants to kill time but time will kill the mind.

The 0’ Disomorphism is also part of the nested 3 scales of the organism, as the ∆-1 §eed of pure space, will give birth to the ∆º organism of static inner motion in the ∆+1 world in which the organism exist. So its form can be a static seed, a perceiving mind or the action the mind performs through its organism partially in the Worldcycle at ∆+1; even a God of exist¡ence, mind of its inner cells acting within its territory of order



From passive seeds of information, to active minds of perception

∆º«¹: The mind though has its own birth, as it is first seed. Then the mind is born in an internal expansion of palingenetic growth: @ mind expands the 0-point, potential seed of a game, as it explodes its singularity (Beta decay, germination, prophetic reproduction) enclosing with its membrain or time clock a vital energy; self-centered in a monad-mirror whose |@ lineal inertia moves the whole through the path of its survival dimotions=actions. It is the first Disomorphism, the Generator of any T.œ.

The first dimotion in pure space is the seed, the still synoptic language of form, which will run in its different varieties the game of existence, becoming first a ‘mind’, which explodes the concentrated form of the seed into a ternary system, with a singularity membrane and vital energy, starting its ‘actions’ of evolution and reproduction – a worldcycle of existence. And this fundamental evolution from passive seed to active mind is therefore the beginning of ‘life’ in any scale of the Universe, from the simplest H-planckton of angular momentum to the largest galaxy, from the first thermodynamic crystal to the complex DNA seeds of cellular life.  

Particles are the ‘placental’ worldcycle of atoms, and it bears witness to the duality of the Universe that there are only two particles, which in fact are ‘seeded’ from an initial form, the ‘Down quark’, which through beta decay in the neutron, splits into an outer membrane the electron, and an inner singularity the quark nucleus.

So as in the case of light, whose initial seed a Planckton with angular momentum, contained already in the ‘one’ the 3 elements needed to construct an organic system, the singularity, the membrane, the vital space enclosed and the radius that connected both, the atom’s seed, has also the same ternary structure, a fact we shall find In every scale of reality. And its ternary worldcycles. 

There will also be a first ‘seed’ for life, the cell, and a first ‘seed’ for a huge matter ensemble, the ‘crystal cell’ and for the galaxy, the black hole, and a first seed for a historic civilization, the prophet…

All systems in all scales do follow the same seminal placental worldcycle, in which they grow its orderly structures, to then become a larger vital energy system, with membrane singularity of information and vital space reach in energy to keep growing its placental cycle.

In the case of the galatom, we hint that such a process takes place both at the largest possible level through a quasar big-bang cycle, that explodes a central black hole expanded into a cosmological membrane (a halo of strangelet matter) and its smaller version of the scalar Universe, in a beta decay. Both big-bangs are thus the conversion of a still seed of maximal packing of information (the neutron, the dark galaxy exhausted its consumption of star matter).

In life the membrain will be made of proteins, in multicellular organisms, a sensorial skin; in a machine soon to become a robot, its chip singularity will grow around in a factory its mobile components and metal-body…

We write the first Dimotion of information according to its duality, across the DUAL LOGIC OF outer-inner, expansive generating order, implosive perceptive order with an ï symbol to signify that duality.

Actions of information can then be considered as all in the Universe a zero sum of internal mirrors that perceive and then expand in the local territory imprinting it with the order of its inner linguistic mirror.

So to understand this dual game we shall bring first one of the most repeated graphs of this post – the actor of creation.

In the duality of Dimotions, in the same manner than the 2nd Dimotion locomotion and the 5th Dimotion, entropy are two sides the same coin, being entropy a massive scattering locomotion; the 1st and 4th Dimotions are intimately connected, being social evolution the interconnection of communicative minds while the present, dominant dimotion of reproduction, requires the interplay of them all.

Social evolution, information and generation. 

Contrary to belief, the most important dimension of the Universe is a static dimension, with no motion and hardly any volume (: The dimension of the seed or mind that stores in stillness all the potential information of a future super organism, or a mind mapping of the territory of order in which the organism will ‘create’ its self-centred reality.

The beginning of reality thus start in a static seed of information, the central Aristotelian unmoved God of a territory of order which will organise its moving vital energy, as it grows and multiplies as a seed or moves and acts as a mind with a will, reflecting its inner form into the larger world, to finally grow and multiply from its ∆-1 ‘finitesimal size’ or relative ‘o’ to become 1. So we write with the formal symbols of ¬Æ logic:

1D:      ∆-1 ∑∆-1 > ∆º

That is a seed of information in a lower plane, ∆-1 starts to reproduce, ∑, collapsing through its network structures into a whole super organism of the larger ∆º scale, emerging as a new individual being.

And so two essential different forms of the 0-1 being might be considered, the ∆º mind and the ∆-1 seed.

It is the first atomic crystal unit, or seminal seed the center of the future super organism, the future mind of the 1 being, once it has developed, transforming itself into the central cell-atom-being? This question requires an empirical homologic test, which seems to be positive. In theory, in all systems ‘first come first served’. That is, the first cell of a network becomes its nodal center with maximal number of axons.

So the seed should become the central knot-neuron of the mind and as such it is the father of the 1-∞ being, of the whole in the outer ∆+1 world.

This happens in physical crystals, with the central cell unit, and we can prove it also for the socio-biological system, as the ant-queen becomes the reproductive mind of the supœrganism, and the founder of the empire, its king, father of future central minds – and the prophet, or rather its verbal memetic code of revelation, the DNA of its civilization repeated ad nauseam by all the seminal believers ‘sangris martire semen christianorum’.

The 0-1 transform is often palingenetic, meaning that it compresses all the time cycles,  and trials and errors of evolution into the ‘correct’ steps, avoiding redundancies. How the Universal fractal reduces errors? This is a complex theme of which much evidence can be gathered for the fourth line of complex studies. But essentially as we humans do – each new generation ‘remembers’ what must not be done from the previous seeding.

So as eons pass, systems become more efficient. Generation is therefore the fastest time process of evolution of information, of a perfection that defies our minds.  And we observe it either in quantum physics as a 0-1 process of collapse of a cloud of density of forces through a wave into a particle, or in the biological realm from the seed through the morula, to the fetus till it emerges as a being. And so in the study of this process, we can accumulate the maximal amount of relevant information of any process of the Universe.

In mathematical terms Generation is modeled into the 0-1 unit sphere through time probabilities, which adscribe to each path or step of motion a probability and discharges in the real world, all those probabilities that are not efficient paths – in physics it becomes the law of least time. Time is of the essence and must not be wasted.

The o-1 unit sphere is thus in its short time-span of generation packed paradoxically with more information that much larger beings. The o-1 dimension is in its small space enclosure the most profound resume of the meaning of the Universe as a reproductive process of information.

As such it is also equivalent to the 1-∞ spatial existence of the full being, which in its next scalar evolution seldom finishes as a new super organism but rather ends in entropic death, before reaching the open ball limit of relative infinity and become the seed-mind of the whole world.

I.e. In human beings this new resurrection to enlarge the seed from semen to being, from being to civilization has been reached ONLY 7 Times by the 7 Gods of History which reached planetary scale in its memetic mind. So while potentially 0-1 ≈ 1- ∞; the infinity is never truly reached and the next existence ends in entropy. And this is signified by the fact that the o-1 sphere is closed, determined by 1 and ‘temporal’ but the 1-∞ equivalent (quantum physics vs. thermodynamic ensembles in physics, individual life vs. historic civilization, organism vs. species being the o-1-∞ scaling of physical, biological and social systems) IS OPEN with no clear end (species made of cellular individuals, thermodynamic ensembles of heated gaseous entropic atoms and human cultures which will end in entropic death, have a chaotic final state in space).

All what we have said is known, we just have packed it nomologically into a seed of information, which encloses all generation processes of Nature. What we further advance and it is not known is the expression in non-Æ logic of those processes, derived from the laws of vital mathematics:

The o-1 seed then is then also equivalent in the non-euclidean formalism to the 5th postulate as it reverses the order expanding through infinite parallels crossing beyond the fractal point, each one connected to a reproductive cell, which expands the being and inner volume of energy and information as a point with parts (1st Non-EA postulate). The seed or mind of reproduction or informative order, it is both a 0-1 dimensional seed but also a 5th dimensional territory which will grow and emerge as a mind crossed by the flows of exist¡ence of the ∆+1 world, which it cannot longer control but only ‘live’… the seed first as past-memorial seed, and then as mind-future memory, resumes the entire travel of existence across the fractal spacetime Universe of a T.œ, residing in it the consciousness and soul of each Monad of the Universe.


 3 types of reproduction: Fractal space-time jumps.

A theme which might seem of science fiction to the reader, already surprised by the innovative outlook on reality provided by Time Dimotions and space discontinuities is the displacement not only in ‘space size’ but also in time evolution between the different planes of reality and the consequences for the workings of the Universe.

All spacetime motion is in a discontinuous Universe, an act of reproduction. So a wave moving was a reproductive form, imprinting a lower scale of forces (in the case of light the gravitational membrane) with its information. And we distinguished 3 types of reproduction: external, enzymatic reproduction, from a ‘relative past to future’, as the parts were assembling into the whole by an external factor (enzymes in cells, human ‘enzymen’ in machines)’; a relative, present reproduction, as in the case of light, since the reproductive act was fast and displaced a wave-form in space, and a palingenetic reproduction from future to past, when a supœrganism emitted a relatively less evolved seminal cells from the past that would then recreate the being.

The readers should be aware that when we classify self-similar processes almost always we come to the conclusion that there are 3 types of ‘differentiations’ or ‘decoupling’ or ‘horizons’ or ‘ages’ or ‘subspecies’, in as much as the Universe is structured in ternary patterns, according to the 3 dimensions of time, past, present and future and its 3 equivalent topologies of space, past=energy=spherical plane, present=reproduction=cyclical, toroid and future=informative hyperbolic topology.

In the case of reproductions, we used the dimensions of time to classify them. Yet the fact that reproductions are informative actions related to time more than space (except in reproductive, present motions as speed is), means that reproductive acts provoke a ‘time jump’, a ‘time displacement’, not only a spatial displacement.

Because reality is webbed by groups of actions that form strings that form particles that form atoms and so on, there is a dilation in time between the creation of lower, simpler planes, done in a relative past respect to the higher, more complex planes, which use the smaller particles of the past as energy points of its topological creation of new scales of spacetime. Yet in the same way we humans do not distinguish the age of galaxies we think are happening now when we see them millions of years ago, the time the light takes to arrive to our universe, when we see cells and atoms and other scales of reality we tend to believe they co-exist simultaneously and yet they don’t.

There is a temporal displacement according to which the ‘future’ is the place where the most complex levels of organisms exist and the past where the simplest planes are formed. So your consciousness as a whole is displaced in time compared to your simplest atomic particles.

Thus in time jumps to the past, the species that emits the information does not emit the information in the same point of present in which it exists, but since information is discontinuous, the cellular bit of information appears in its immediate, lower spacetime-point, in its relative past, and so it suffers a discontinuous displacement in time.

Indeed, imagine a Universe with 2 dimensions in a complex plane, you can go left or right, meaning that each fractal step you do you will move through a discontinuous ‘jump’ to the lateral space. This happens because as we said, when resolving the paradox of Zenon, motion does not exist in the Universe, because it is always a discontinuous reproduction of a form. So when a light moves, it doesn’t move; it imprints the gravitational space next to it with a self-similar form.

Further on, we have explained that time/information is really a displacement along a ‘dimension’ of height and we represented temporal information with a complex plane.

So when we move to a lower scale of information, we are moving in ‘the time clock’ of the super-organism a cellular step down, which means within the whole organism we move to the past. We shall thus enunciate the law of fractal time jumps and analyze the 3 examples of the previous graph: a physical jump to the past (particle/antiparticle pair), a biological jump to the past (birth and orgasm), and a sociological jump to the past (the function of the prophet in a corrupted, dying social organism of history, a ‘God’, subconscious collective or civilization). And two other fascinating cases: the spooky effect of quantum entanglement and non-local gravitation in physics and the question of will and consciousness in human beings.

Let us then enunciate the law of fractal jumps in timespace:

‘Fractal jumps are reproductive motions in time and space. Spatial jumps happen in spatial steps with a maximal length equivalent to the length of the organism, between contiguous zones of the same space plane. Temporal jumps happen as temporal displacements between 2 hierarchical contiguous planes –  st and st-1 – of informative complexity with a maximal length equivalent to the generational life cycle of the st-1 cell of the organism.

Spatial displacement dominates motions in the same plane of existence (hence reproductive motions). The main time motions between planes of existence are jumps between planes, which imply a change in the parameters of energy and information and a jump in the point of space-time in which we exist. Those laws, unknown to science, are the most important of Fractal i-logic and are tested by thousands of detailed analysis in each science. In essence when we move from one plane of existence to other planes we do not only displace in space but literally in time, because reality is constructed not only with a volume of space but a volume of time information.

Thus, the Universe only allows one ‘discontinuous jump’ to the next past, future, right or left zone. There are not worm holes to enter far away Universes (too far to happen), jumps to a past in which mother was born (as only you travel to your past through your death).

Because physicists use a single space-time continuum and confuse the Сmotion of time/motion/energy with the total time Сmotion of the Universe, some believe that a change in that time/motion Сmotion, which is merely a local change in the direction of a fractal entity of space-time, is an absolute change in the direction of all the Сmotions of all the beings of the Universe. This is the reason of some naïve ideas about time travel in physical systems that halt the motion of time (Black holes where the T parameter goes to zero, which prompted Mr. Hawking and Mr. Thorne to affirm they are time machines). Time travel doesn’t exist because all Сmotions of time are local, belonging to a fractal system of the Universe, not to the entire Universe, and physical Time Сmotions are changes in the motion of beings, not changes in the Сmotion from past to future.

Let us now consider first the most complex type of reproduction, from future to past or palingenesis and then, the reproduction from past to future, departing of parts (genes in biology, memes in sociology) that construct a future super-organism, as we studied already the reproductive waves of present-space (light waves and motion in space).

Recap. There are 3 types of reproduction: a past to future motion or ‘genetic’ reproduction; a present to present motion or reproductive speed and a future to past reproduction or palingenetic, parental reproduction. All of them are based in the symmetry between space and time, two types of geometrical motion and the fact that all motion in space-time provokes a displacement both in space distances and time dimensions.


‘Bodies are present, Limbs are entropic past guided by informative heads towards the future’ ‘The Universe tries to conserve its presents of existence, in their point of balance, S=T, death and birth are the two mirrors out of balance, Max. S, Max. T, which terminate and generate a potential present of existence.

Sancho, On the duality of past>future, present≈present Universal functions for all physical, biological and sociological systems

Palingenesis, the seminal creation of an informative seed from the relative past of minimal evolution, which will develop in time creating a new born. It is essentially a form of reproduction, as its goal is to return to the present, thus we shall study it on the present Сmotion.

Movement in a discontinuous Universe. The quantic jump in space and time.

The most complex phenomenon of Quantic Spaces-Times is the quantic jump in space-time. Non-AE logic is quantic and so all changes and displacements are also quantic. And since time is geometric, bidimensional, as space is, it has also 2 directions of movement.

So the oldest quantic question of philosophy is: how in a quantic world filled with discontinuities can exist continuous movement? Zeno, a Greek philosopher put the example of Achilles and the Turtle: Achilles will never reach a turtle because there are infinite quantic spaces it has to cross.

Parmenides gave him the answer: continuous movement doesn’t exist in a discreet Universe; it is a mirage of the senses. Since a wave, as the figure shows, is not really moving, but reproducing information over the potential energy of the vacuum in a sequential, quantic jump, through a series of wave-lengths, drawn one after another, which appear to the senses as a moving wave. Movement is always a discontinuous displacement either in space or in time, in any of its 2 directions, towards the past or the future.

The simplest analogy is a television screen where new images are created constantly without hardly any cost of energy, because they are virtual images created by illuminating 3 colors that are already potentially in the screen.

In the case of a wave, the relative energy imprinted by the logic form might vary, from the vacuum energy of a light wave to the placental energy of a mother, yet the process is always the same: a form imprints another region of space, changing its spatial position and temporal morphology. So speed is synonymous of reproduction, the main cyclical action of the Universe.

Thus we can explain all physical events in terms of vitalism. Since even movement, the external, mechanical change physicists study, turns out to be also an organic cycle of reproduction. And we distinguish, according to their quantity of energy and information ‘translated’ in the process from a place of space-time to another place, 3 quantic, reproductive jumps:

– Ts=T: Space-time reproduction dominant in spatial displacement, that implies a minimal movement of information that fluctuates from a future to a past form and returns back to the future. For example, when an electric impulse arrives to the end of a nerve, it becomes translated into chemical information and then it is transferred chemically through the synapses to the other cell, where it becomes translated back into electric information.

That process implies a ‘spatial, quantic jump’ from a neuron to the next neuron, but also a quantic jump in time from a level of informative complexity, the electric language to the lower level of chemical languages, which is the relative, past informative system of life .

The informative essence of the process implies a transcription of form from each discontinuous point to the next point but also a movement in space, since ‘all yang has a drop of yin’, all is temporal energy, also spatial and temporal reproduction requires a minimal dual movement in time and space.

-Max. Ts: Spatial, wave reproduction of a wave a particle that jumps from one place to the next place, reproducing a minimal temporal form. It is very common in physical waves, defined by its speed of reproduction, V=S/T. Depending on the density of a form, its speed of reproduction will vary. So the most massive forms are slower than those whose informations are minimal and can imprint the energy of vacuum very fast. Those forms that hardly move however evolve a lot in time:

– Max. St: Temporal, palingenetic reproduction, when an organism produces a past, smaller, simpler seed that reproduces the being, evolving faster towards the future. So a fetus is ‘born’ when it comes out of the body of the mother to the next discontinuous region of the Universe, making a minimal spatial jump and a huge evolutionary, temporal jump.

Quantic jump in time. Palingenetic reproduction and Emergence. Travel to the past.

A quantic jump in space-time which is dominant in information is a palingenetic reproduction, the repetition of a form, through the parental reproduction of a simpler seed or relative past form that will evolve and reproduce a new space-time, a future son form.
Palingenesis means truly that a fetus is a past form that evolves, recapitulating a series of evolutionary forms from past to future, as quantic time can both travel to the past becoming a simpler form (as in death) or accelerate its informative evolution (as in a process of creative design or fetal evolution).

Yet, since time is discontinuous movements in time only affect a quantic part of the Universe; and so they are possible without creating paradoxes. The universe doesn’t move to the past, only the seminal seed. So palingenesis is a dual movement in time:

– Backwards towards the remote past as te parents produce a single cell, packed with dense genetic DNA information.

– Followed by a fast movement forwards to the future as the fetus creates a parallel form to its parents:

A species of relative past (simple palingenetic entity) evolves towards the future into a macro-system that organizes itself over a surface of relative cellular energy, thanks to the ‘future’ placental parents that accelerate its evolution into a new ‘present’ being in a friendly environment rich in energy – the mother womb.

Thus, the final balance between past and future is re-established when the being surfaces back into the present in the moment of conception. In this manner evolution maximizes its efficiency with the min. expenditure of energy:

The fetus is a temporal, evolutionary form. In the graph, we draw palingenetic reproduction as a fluctuation between 3 planes of growing complexity, in which a ‘life’ occurs: the ∆+1 social plane, the individual plane of the parents, and the ∆+1 biological plane of cells.

Since in AE-logic geometry simple-past beings and future-complex beings co-exist in discontinuous ∆-planes of existence of different complexity. And indeed, the fetus lives in a discontinuous world, the mother womb, which finally opens up through an aperture, the vagina, to the bigger world in which the newborn enters…

According to the ‘black hole paradox’ the fetus and the baby are born as ‘highly informative species’: The baby has a huge Head that is 1/4th of his body size. Then both the fetus and the baby will go through a dual fluctuation, growing in energy and information till reaching maturity.

First, when the species is born after its fetal, informative evolution, its starts its young age, increasing its energy. So the newborn will soon compensate its excess of information with its accelerated, energetic growth, as all forms try to find an Ts=T balance .

Thus, the fetus in its first age of energy will expand its lineal limbs, elongating its body. Now its body grows much faster than the Head till reaching a 9 body Vs 1 Head proportion proper of many spatial Vs informative, decametric systems. Also its neurons will be in a 1-9 relationship to the glia cells that feed its energy and multiply very fast.

At that point the baby enters the mature age and reproduces a new baby. Then it grows again in information into its 3rd age and finally it dies. In the past decade there has been an enormous development of the science of evol-devol, based in palingenesis, in the lines foreseen in our first books . Biological palingenesis is in fact the only palingenesis accepted by science. But palingenesis happens also in the sociological and physical world.

Physical Palingenesis. Movement and wave-particle fluctuations: Reproduction.

3 dual Quantic Spaces-Times jumps in 3 scales of existence, in which a ‘seed’ of relative past information emitted by a future parental form hosts in an energy surface, evolving towards the future:

A photon reproduces a particle-antiparticle.

A spermatozoid starts the evolution of a child. And a prophet emits a verbal code that will recreate in the future a dying civilization.

In the graph, a particle moves, reproducing a quantic wave or ‘field of matter’, since in fact all physical movements reproduce a form in a field of energy . Thus the reproductive speed of a wave that imprints a surface of spatial energy is also a quantic jump in space-time. The spatial energy will vary but the process is always the same.

For example, a wave of light reproduces a photon one wave after another over the gravitational energy of vacuum . In that sense the particle-wave duality implies that each wave of light ‘dies’ and it is reborn in the discontinuous, next region of space-time as a palingenetic, new wave. So the waveform of an electromagnetic disturbance is exactly the same wave form that the standard waveform of the 3 ages of space-time .

Thus, though a spatial wave is mainly a quantic jump of spatial energy, it also requires a degree of informative transference and so it can also be considered a palingenetic dual process of reproduction, defined in illogic symbols as a wave-particle fluctuations: Ts>T<Ts>T. Those particle-wave fluctuations are a common phenomenon in the physical Universe: electronic orbitals fluctuate between its particle and wave state; particles die and explode into the past reproducing spatial fields, while spatial fields implode into particles as they evolve into the future; singularities explode into big-bangs that latter evolve towards the future in big-banging, reproductive processes.

However, when a wave-particle fluctuation ends in the travel towards the past and doesn’t evolve further it becomes a death phenomenon if the spatial wave does not evolve back into a particle or a palingenetic reproduction.

The Law of quantic jumps: the minimal distance of those jumps.

According to the 2 Сmotions of past energy and future information, all space-time movements are dual cycles. So in all of them, there is a degree of genetic reproduction and travel to the past through a basic transformation of an informative form into a simpler language or cell that is able to cross the discontinuities of the Universe and then evolve back into the original form. It should not surprise us as all cycles require the dual Сmotions of past-energy and informative order; and all cycles are memorial repetitions=reproductions of a cycle that has happened before in the past.

to understand hierarchical organisms, we shall enunciate the general law of those quantic jumps that structure organic systems through social planes, Ei, of different information, among which the quantic jumps take place:

`The mean distance in space-time between 2 ‘relative cells’, ∆-1, of a quantic organic system, i, equals the distance between its relative ‘molecular systems’, ∆-2, both in time and space.’

So beings seem continuous because their discontinuity is minimal, only a ‘cellular’ distance, both in space (so between axons, a simple chemical molecule overcomes the jump) and time (so chemical information, the next simpler language of life, jumps and translates the electronic message through hormonal discharges).

 Does st-1 determines st? Genetics & memetics.

The simplest act of reproduction and creation is the assembly of parts that become wholes, and its study gives birth to an entire sub-discipline of systems sciences called Emergence.

The structure of the Universe is that of a series of complex worlds/organisms of at least two membranes, one of relative past, energy, st-1, and one of relative future information, st+1, with an intermediate present st-membrane, exi, made of actions (equivalent to the topological description of relative past, external membrane, r, a relative hyperbolic center, a, and an intermediate cyclical space with motions between the a-r limits, which form together a ‘closed ball’.)

In those systems an external perceiver tends to observe mainly the intermediate space with maximal space volume and misses the hyperbolic informative center of minimal space, even if it is the source of informative orders, through invaginated networks that control both the Riemannian, spherical surface and the paths of the cyclical cells in between. Yet the flows of energy move from the ‘lineal quanta’ of the surface through the paths of the internal body-organs into the hyperbolic, informative structure. And so human scientists that need instrumental ‘pictures’ to prove the existence of a causal order and only use Aristotelian single causes tend to believe in any ternary structure that the ‘lower energy plane’ is the case of the creation of the supœrganism.

This means we consider in the ternary structure of a human, (cellular, individual and social structure) that st-1 genes to be the cause of all our properties as a super-organism, and we are just a ‘ghost’ created by them. But this is a partial vision due to the limits of perception of informative orders from the hyperbolic, fractal informative system – the nervous system – to the lower, genetic cell system. If, in the future we get to fully understand the networks of information of the brain, we shall certainly discover that many orders and structures of the human supœrganism are stored in the brain and probably reproduced during the last months of gestation from the mother’s brain to the brain of the child. Moreover, there are an infinite number of personal traits which are NOT reproduced through Genes, but through the carriers of information of st+1, cultural organisms, called memes. Indeed, most of the features of our life – our religious beliefs, cultural customs, laws and instruments are memes, which create another super-organism, the civilization or religion, in which we are a mind-cell, a believer, who shares with all other believers the same ‘mental DNA.

So in this case, if we were to accept the thesis that creation happens from the lower level to the upper level, we should consider that we, human beings, are the only influence on the memetic structure of civilizations. But it is obvious that once those structures are created they influence new generations. So for example, when a system of laws or beliefs in a legal nation or ethical religion is created, it reproduces from generation to generation, influencing and molding the new species.

We conclude that superstructures & physiological networks, the informative/nervous/cultural system in organisms and cultures and the reproductive/blood/economic system, once constructed, influences the lower genetic/human scale. In the genetic case we do not know how. In the social structure, we know and since the work of the socialist, scientific school of history and the recent development of memetics and biohistory, we have worked out the processes – even if most historians prefer to think that we, individuals are the heroes and only cause of historic events.

But what truly matters is that both genetics and memetics are bits of information whose purpose is to create a supœrganism, as the biological and sociological supœrganism of mankind have the same physiological structure with nervous/informative /cultural systems; blood/ reproductive/economic systems and digestive/energetic/ military and transport systems.

So the true program that genes and memes and any ‘informative bits and parts of any creative process’ follow is the Сmotion of eusocial evolution, which explains why so smallish ‘genes’ and ‘memes’ are able to reproduce so complex super-organisms, as most of the development they will express is ‘structural’ to reality, embedded in the existence of a 4th Сmotion of time, eusocial evolution; which in itself is the natural conclusion of a game of 2 simplex energy bites and information bits, which reproduce in 3 types, more energy bits, more information bits and reproductive combinations of both, which latter will recreate energetic, informative and reproductive systems. So genes and memes do not need to encode that program/information that happens automatically. Moreover because each bit and bite has embedded its program within itself as part of the space-time reality, it will naturally search for energy and information carrying the program. For example, humans naturally want more energy for their body and more information for their mind, so naturally they try to create machines of energy (transport, weapons) and information (chips, books, audiovisual machines, mobiles) that enhance their capacity to process and store energy and form.

It is thus logic to think that in the genetic scale, RNA molecules which are the ‘active’ elements of the cells, carry a natural will for more energy, information and reproduction, which they ‘express’ creating cells and then supœrganisms, as we humans do through memes, even if we are not conscious that the final outcome of our labors is the creation of nations, religions and civilizations, supœrganisms of history.

This is indeed evident when we study the behavior of RNAs, which do the cycles between the outer Protein, lineal membrane and the DNA-informative storage, and are divided in 3 sub-types specialized in energy/killing, reproduction/RNA messenger and information/transcription.

In essence all this means there is not only a ‘biological Сmotion’ of creation of the upper scales of reality as a construct of the lower scales of genes and memes (the dominant theory in biology, due to the excessive development of genetics); but also a present flow of orders, embedded in the program of the 6 Сmotions of time, masterminded by the ‘action units’ of the system (RNA molecules and human beings) in both scales, which is probably the dominant ‘will’ of the program. And also a stored, informative, repetitive flow of orders and information from the upper scales of reality to the lower scales, which geneticists have not yet understood, due to its complexity (nervous structures in organisms and ‘the system’ or ‘superstructure’ of cultures and economic ecosystems in societies). Indeed, the codes of the brain that might determine certain characteristics we cannot obtain from genes is more difficult to recognize, as information tends to have lesser size and it is coded, so an informative order is often invisible to those who don’t understand the language in which it is written.

What parameters define different creative processes? The specific forms of the informative stores (DNAs, nervous networks constructed by imitation of the mother’s brain by the son’s brain and cultural memes). They differ in each supœrganism, which will activate and create a different type of transfer-RNA, animal nervous system and individual memetic brain, reproducing a different species and culture.

Further on, a theme which must be taken into account is the fact that all those systems seem to us ‘simultaneous’, despite the fact that they are displaced in time, since to recreate the upper scales, the lower scales must be created first, so the supœrganism is displaced into the future. And for that reason for the 3 scales to create a ‘simultaneous present’, synchronic being there must be indeed a time jump or flow from future to past of the supœrganism or relative future structure and a flow from past to future of the cellular energy, which will flux into the relative present, so the 3 ‘scales’ are in harmony and co-exist creating reality: Past x future = present.

In a world of multiple time-speeds and planes of existence we live in an ecosystem of time knots whose cycles of time/ information differ in parameters of energy and form and are displaced from past/energy/simple cycles into future /information faster cycles. Yet the faster cycles are built upon the previous structures and so they are made ‘after’ the simpler cycles are created, in the ‘future’ There is therefore a real displacement in absolute time between what we see as bigger structures and what see as a smaller, since the bigger structures are traced departing from smaller cycles. This explains a mystery of quantum physics – the fact that we cannot see the wave/past/energy state and the future/particle state at the same time. Neither we see the atomic/past state and future /molecular pi orbital at the same time. And yet we know both co-exist.

Recap. In all processes of creation, the 3 scales of the super-organism, the cellular, individual and social scale input the program of creation based in its 4 Сmotions.

The life-Death cycle as a dual time reversal.

If birth is a dual fractal jump, it follows that death, its reciprocal must be also a fractal jump between planes of existence and indeed it is.

Yet the most obvious proof of fractal jumps to the past are the processes of death, which people who suffered it and then have survived, explain as a rewinding of the memories of the being that travels through the entire information of his life towards the past. The difference between a palingenetic jump and a death jump is that palingenesis is a backwards- forwards dual jump and death is a dual jump backwards at maximal speed. We die twice, first becoming a cellular being, and then due to the helplessness of our broken cells, without physiological networks we die again, becoming molecular food for insects. In physical systems, death is a big-bang that again implies a dual simplification till reaching the vacuum plane of pure energy.

This can be compared to a boxer that fights in a category with 2 jumps of mass/information/weight. The ecosystem is one in which the speed of time cycles and spatial size of beings is much bigger and so the form becomes annihilated. The process of death makes you a group of unconnected cells, weakened by your ‘submission’ to the bigger network systems of the super-organism, tamed by them; so we die again when confronted the micro-organisms of the insect and bacterial world.

Recap. Death is the fastest displacement in time in which a particle jumps two layers of space-time in a fast track.

Palingenesis between fractal planes: reproduction.

Alternately when a form with maximal information, or seed cell from a higher plane of existence falls in a lower one, it becomes a top predator and starts a much faster process of evolution, predation and creation that culminates in the creation of an offspring, or self-replica of the more complex plane. This is the essence of the process of reproduction and it involves a real jump towards the ‘past’ of the upper organism that deposits a seed of time/information that evolves faster into the future. The best described process is biological palingenesis but there are other cases:

A fractal jump in space-time, which is dominant in information is a palingenetic reproductive action, the repetition of a form, through the parental reproduction of a simpler seed or relative past form that will evolve and reproduce a new space-time, a future son form.

Palingenesis means truly that a fetus is a past form that evolves, recapitulating a series of evolutionary forms from past to future, as fractal time can both travel to the past becoming a simpler form (as in death) or accelerate its informative evolution (as in a process of creative design or fetal evolution). Yet, since time is discontinuous those movements in time only affect a fractal part of the Universe; and so they are possible without creating paradoxes. The universe doesn’t move to the past, only the seminal seed. So palingenesis is a dual movement in time:

– Backwards towards the remote past as the parents produce a single cell, packed with dense genetic DNA information. Followed by:

– A fast movement forwards to the future as the fetus creates a parallel form to its parents:

A relative past species (simple, cellular palingenetic entity) evolves towards the future into a macro-system that organizes itself over a surface of relative cellular energy, thanks to the ‘future’ placental parents that accelerate its evolution into a new ‘present’ being in a friendly environment rich in energy – the mother’s womb. Thus, the final balance between past and future is re-established when the being surfaces back into the present in the moment of conception. In this manner evolution maximizes its efficiency with the min. expenditure of energy: The fetus is a temporal, evolutionary form. In the graph, we draw a palingenetic reproduction as a fluctuation between 3 planes of growing complexity, in which a ‘life’ occurs: the st+1 social plane, the individual plane of the parents, and the st+1 biological plane of cells – since in i-logic geometry simple-past beings and future-complex beings co-exist in discontinuous st-planes of existence of different complexity. And indeed, the fetus lives in a discontinuous world, the mother womb, which finally opens up through an aperture, the vagina, to the bigger world in which the newborn enters.

According to the ‘black hole paradox’ the fetus and the baby are born as ‘highly informative species’: The baby has a huge head that is 1/4th of his body size. Then both the fetus and the baby will go through a dual fluctuation, growing in energy and information till reaching maturity. First, when the species is born after its fetal, informative evolution, it starts its young age, increasing its energy. So the newborn will soon compensate its excess of information with its accelerated, energetic growth, as all forms try to find an E=I balance. Thus, the fetus in its first age of energy will expand its lineal limbs, elongating its body. Now its body grows much faster than the head till reaching a 9 body Vs. 1 head proportion proper of many spatial Vs. informative, decametric systems. Also its neurons will be in a 1-9 relationship to the glia cells that feed its energy and multiply very fast. At that point the baby enters the mature age and reproduces a new baby. Then it grows again in information into its 3rd age and finally it dies. In the past decade there has been an enormous development of the science of evol-devol, based in palingenesis, in the lines foreseen in our first books. Biological palingenesis is the only accepted by science. But palingenesis happens also in the sociological and physical world.

Recap. An organism is reproduced through a palingenetic jump between macrocosmic and microcosmic planes, as the parental organism produces a cell of information that will evolve at full speed towards the future.

The 3 main types of devolution in time.   

According to the 2 Сmotions of past energy and future information, all space-time movements are dual cycles. So in all of them, there is a degree of genetic reproduction and travel to the past through a basic transformation of an informative form into a simpler language or cell that is able to cross the discontinuities of the Universe and then evolve forwards into the original form. It should not surprise us, as all cycles require the dual Сmotions of past-energy and informative order; and all cycles are memorial repetitions=reproductions of a cycle that happened before in the past.

Yet in order to establish limits to the ‘scientific imagination’ of Time Сmotion theorists, similar to the ‘runaway’ dreams of physicists like Hawking, who uses the out-dated model of a single time Сmotion/clock to predict the existence of time machines we must fully grasp what a time jump is in morphological, biological terms, since it is only the Сmotion of information the one that travels to the past=devolves; not the entire Universe – but only within the restricted system of the supœrganism. This means among other things that there is no really time travel beyond our organic-world, both in processes of palingenetic birth and in death a motion only to the past. That is, we cannot go to the past and ‘kill our father’ as Hawking affirms in his book ‘The Universe in a nutshell’.

Those facts are systematized by a simple Time Сmotion Law that uses the ternary principle (as most Multiple Spaces-Times laws, events and processes of reality can be divided in 3 sub-cases): – An information system devolves into the past in a process of death, releasing its energy in a big-bang: I <E, as when we die and break into cells, or a particle dies, explodes, mutates into its antiparticle (death phase with inverted coordinates) and virtually disappears (right side of the drawing).

-A head or informative system emits a flow of information to the relative past system of its body controlling it.

– A palingenetic process happens in time, by a parental system that emits a palingenetic system, which evolves back towards the future at maximal speed.

Let us now consider a wealth of examples of palingenetic reproduction in more detail.

Recap. The 3 main types of time travel to the past within an organism are death, informative control of its lower body cells and palingenetic reproduction.

Physical examples. Non-Local Gravitation.

The i-logic Universe is not magic. Yet fractal jumps create events that seem magic. Let us consider one example from the physical world the seemingly instantaneous speed of gravitation: As we keep going deeper in the model of Multiple Spaces-Times and discontinuous time jumps between hierarchical st±1 planes of exi=stence, we shall see some not-easily recognized consequences of the structure of time dilation that implies displacement in time, not only in space, in each fractal step we make between different membranes=mediums of different energy and information, different momentum.

When we move in the same plane we are just displacing in a relative present, but in the ecosystem of light in which we exist, we live surrounded by structures belonging to other species of lesser or more evolution and within planes of completely different spacetime Сmotions.

The most obvious cases of this happen in physics, since even though we inhabit the electroweak membrane of light and electrons, we are constantly under the effects of other membrane of <0 K Temperature (an informative parameter of cyclical order) and > C light-speed a parameter of energy, called the gravitational or dark/black membrane, inhabited by forces such as implosive gravitation and its inverse, explosive dark energy, and mass vortices called quarks and black holes.

This faster-than-light membrane is also displaced respect to us in time, in such a manner that its simpler, faster gravitation is a flow that happens in a relative quantum jump respect to us into the past of minimal form and faster energy and the more complex, T<0 world of quarks and black holes happens in a relative future respect to us.

How it is possible super luminal gravitation if Einstein’s Postulate sets light speed as the limit of speed of our Universe? The answer is evident. If the Universe were a continuous, single space-time, there would be a limit of speed; but in a fractal Universe with different space-times communicated through ‘Einstein-Rosen bridges’ – a particular case of the fluxes of energy and information between space-time scales – c-speed is the ‘substance’ and limit of speed of light-space. It is not though the limit of gravitational space. In the case of the light and gravitational world those discontinuities are the masses and black hole singularities that appear to us as ‘points with no volume’ in the border between both worlds.

The Universe is a system with 2 membranes, energetic light-space (that we perceive) and informative, gravitational space, which we do not perceive but seems to ‘act’ in present, as a non-local force. Yet according to the Galilean paradox we always can find 2 explanations to all phenomena, one in terms of spatial parameters (speed, energy, space) and one in terms of temporal dimensions. So we can explain also the instantaneous speed from the perspective of the future particle that emits it in the relative future:

The future quark or black hole of the informative gravitational membrane emits its gravitational flows in the future, but they move as information, EóI, in the inverse time direction that electromagnetic waves, making a step backwards in time, equal to the frequency of its wave, according to the previous Law of fractal space-time jumps, and a step in space equal to the amplitude of that wave, which can reach the limits of the Universe. So when they arrive to us, as they had the advantage of an ‘extra-time’ – the step to the past – gravitational waves seem to arrive instantaneously with an infinite speed, surfacing in the present even if they have travelled a timespace distance from ‘future to present’.

Thus, the gravitational space-time is a past-future ecosystem of energy-information fields, which is more extended in spacetime; hence also in past and future coordinates. And this further clarifies the entanglement effect and why we perceive always light at c-speed.

Instantaneous gravitation is something that has always puzzled scientists. And yet, fractal jumps in time explain that instantaneous speed easily: A mass emits gravitation in a relative future. Hence, when the gravitational wave travels forwards towards another mass it arrives in the relative present of the observer, with an instantaneous speed. At this point the system becomes locked, entangled by gravitational information and then it ‘constructs’ the upper plane of light-space, which is the one we observe, moving at c-speed.

In quantum physics, those entanglements that Einstein called spooky effects and the fractal jumps to the past that cause them were proved in the past decade. Since rays of light, travelling faster than c, come out in the instrument before they are produced.

Entanglement happens because the 1st event in the creation of a complex form builds the lower plane of gravitational, simple, past flows. So gravitational forces entangle and lock the electrons before they emit light. They have already happened when electromagnetic flows are created over them. This also explains the Michelson experiment without need to postulate and absolute c-speed: because the observer is an electronic microscope or human eye and the emitter is an electron they look like a movie that locks each frame to perceive still information. And so when the electron stops, emits light and goes, it has no relative motion to the perceiver electron, as it is locked with it in a gravitational entanglement.

The same laws work when we consider phenomena that related quarks and electrons. The quarks and black holes that create those gravitational forces are in a relative future to our electronic world as the hyperbolic, informative center of the atom, but also are in their relative past, by sending informative gravitational forces that ‘locate’ and position the electrons.

We can generalize this singular concept with broad applications in the resolution of the mysteries of quantum and gravitational space to any relative system of 2 membranes of space-time, as we did with the nervous system which seems simultaneous, when we realize all those cases are merely an application of the law of fractal jumps: the frequency of a single cycle of the faster informative system (gravitational and nervous system) is equal in time speed to the frequency of the cellular system (light frequency or chemical messages in the cellular body) but its distance can reach the maximal distance of the entire supœrganism (the limits of the Universe in the case of a gravitational wave and the limits of the body in the case of a nervous message).

What all this means in organic and topologic terms is simple: the intermediate space between the hyperbolic, informative center and energetic force, membrane of a supœrganism locks the cells of the body that work for the ‘upper class’ of the organism, the ExI system of the bigger membrane. Indeed, physicists now realize that gravitational, dark energy and dark matter dominates our Universe and positions galaxies and starts and controls them. And they are observing external, energetic membranes in all cosmological systems from the Oort comet membrane of the sun to the halo of dark matter of galaxies and the wall of fire of the Universe.

Recap. The flows of energy and information of its informative network reach simultaneously all the cells of the supœrganism.

Biologic examples. The beat of evolution>reproduction.

Palingenesis and punctuated evolution: time accelerates.

Palingenesis means that reality webs itself in each volume of space-time, in a simultaneous manner, even if from a 3rd p.o.v. the entire structure might seem to exist in the same present.

Thus there is a tail of energy and information planes, which influence the present dominant space and might seem to co-exist simultaneously but they are displaced into the relative future of the super-organism and its relative past, completing the pyramidal structure: bigger structures are displaced in the future and when they communicate to the past literally jump in time. The effects are diverse, being the process of reproduction and palingenesis the most well-known:

Because time speeds varies in palingenesis the process of evolution, the 4th Сmotion of time, accelerates. Since it is guided by a memorial process of slimming that has streamed to its minimal fractal, informative steps the reproductive sequence.

Yet the process can be studied in more detail, from the perspective of the Generator equation of space-time; since one of its feedback sub equations:

Energy absorption->Reproduction≤=≥Information.

It is both the rhythm of palingenesis & punctuated evolution (the evolution of a whole species taken as an organism).

Existence is modular, as beings constantly switch between its Сmotions or will of existence. So happens to species as supœrganisms. Species need energy to reproduce and their inner information evolves them (though it is likely that external adaptation is first imprinted in the neural, nervous networks, which by faster mechanisms than those of evolution, influence the shape of its Est-1 body organs and even in lesser measure on the long term the genes of the cells). Yet the main Сmotion of evolution is social organization of individuals in herds and on the long term supœrganisms. Species need to evolve socially in order to survive, which is achieved by creating social networks and herds that have a higher perception and wider force to access energetic resources. To that aim species evolve a common language of information and their brain capacity, often in the stillness of a secluded place (allopatric evolution), as information is still and evolves in a relative chrysalis state. The result of that simple scheme defines a basic evolving rhythm, called punctuated evolution, according to which species switch between reproductive, expansive periods as top predators (parallel to their extinction of simpler species as energy of their reproduction) and temporal, evolving periods in allopatric and isolated states – often synchronic to hot/ reproductive ages of Gaia and cold/informative Glaciations:

Max. Energy feeding -> Max. Reproduction (expansion in space and extinction of rival species as energy of the top predator)->Max. informative punctuated evolution

Such Energy->Reproduction->Information Horizons of species are equivalent to the 3 ages of life (youth, maturity and informative, 3rd age). It is the palingenetic rhythm of species. All of them can be resumed in an E->Re->Ti sequence, which again is a partial case of the Existential equation, E≤≈≥Ti.

Recap. The 3 horizons of evolution of species correspond to its 3 evolutionary ages and respond to a simple rhythm of informative evolution -> top predator reproduction ->extinction of energy species ->informative evolution.

The question of consciousness and free will.

One interesting debate brought about by the existence of time jumps between planes is the phenomenon of human consciousness and free will.

Asymmetric, temporal, fractal flows of information from st to st-1 planes of existence explain how the informative networks of a higher social class like the brain neurons or the politicians and bankers that invent laws and money, the social languages of power, control the working cells of the lower class.

In the brain case, neurons control electronically the cells of the body, anticipating its reactions, since those body cells use a slower, past chemical language and exist in a relative past, in an ‘inferior plane of existence’. So, in a manner similar to that of the gravitational quarks that lock the paths of future light waves, the nervous messages anticipate and control simultaneously the motions of the cells.

Moreover, if as in the gravitational case, the electronic messages of the nervous system were moving  in an inverse direction from future to past or were emitted before the actions of the cells occur anticipating them, they would mastermind the motions of cells. This seems to be the case also in societies in which ‘intelligent rulers’ anticipate the needs or protests of their organic cells, repressing citizens before they rebel (military regimes), producing laws or inventing money a priori in markets, before the cells will earn it. Thus, in those systems the logical anticipation of the actions of cells but the more complex informative networks (nervous systems, upper classes) produce a self-similar control to the one quarks and black holes exercise on the position of electrons and stars in the galaxy.

We have now proofs of a temporal dilation in the actions that happen between 2 hierarchical planes of existence: Recently, scientists found surprisingly that the body acts before the brain thinks and yet most people think first before acting. How then it is possible that we think first and yet we act also first, or do both things happen simultaneously? Precisely because as Einstein put it, past and future co-exist in a simultaneous present, as information flows from the future brain to the past body and energy flows, moves and acts in the body from the past into the future:

Energy/Body (past) x Information/Mind (future).

So depending on our point of view, the brain or the body, we will see our action first (body point of view), or we will perceive first our thoughts (mind point of view). Yet in reality from an objective, external point of view both actions converge into a present; because the nervous message arrives simultaneously, produced subconsciously ‘before we reflect with words on what we ordered and before the cells move’.

This subconscious, first message that then branches into a mental thought and a body action that converge in present is coded by the natural wills or drives of existence – our desire for energy, information, sexual reproduction and social love. And it would imply that words are not free, that there is a biological determinism – the program of existence – which is the true engine of our actions. And words just comment a posteriori even if our Сmotion of time departs from the consciousness of words and seem to us to direct the process.

So to the external world both mind and body act chained ‘together’ by the simultaneity of the fractal actions of the body cells and the mind’s thoughts that become a single whole action. But the original will would be the biological drives of existence whose site is the limbic, emotional brain.

So fractal jumps in time explain the hierarchical structure and creation of symbiotic organisms, in which relative past and future forms co-exist. In humans they would explain the control of the mind and the subconscious actions of the body.

Recap. The limbic system and the program of existence with its emotions (greed, violence, hunger, sexual desires, and informative fears) would act first and then the body acts and the brain thinks and both together create our present of existence, in the future.

 Sociological palingenesis. The prophet.

An open question for those who believe in mysticism is: if the fetus is born into a higher plane of existence, do we have also for man a second birth after death into an even higher plane of existence? The previous graph explains that possibility; as it compares the palingenesis of a fetus with similar processes, which happen to other species. For example, 2 electrons emit 2 seminal light rays that merge together creating a new electron as the 2 lineal waves of electromagnetism evolve towards the future acquiring finally a cyclical electronic form. Yet since the informative code of human beings is verbal, we consider the prophet’s mind, the original human, memetic, verbal, seminal, ethic code of a religious civilization that starts a palingenetic radiation in the mind of his believers, till it creates a religion – a supœrganism/informative network of human beings, whose ethic DNA is the same, creating an effect of simultaneity. Indeed, civilizations are social organisms made with human verbal cells, joined by a verbal/nervous network of ethic laws, produced by a prophet that imprints the Book of Revelation, the memetic code of the civilization in those minds. So the prophet is the seminal cell that reproduces and finally shapes a new organic civilization; where the reproductive body is the geography of the nation with similar laws or civilization with similar ethic codes. And the fact that most prophets are born when the ‘father’ is going to die, in the baroque age of a culture, prior to its extinction, explains quite clearly how certain human minds transcend death and become immortal as the ‘informative code’ of the future civilization they create. But as only a sperm cell reaches the future ovule, only a prophet among millions of humans creates a macro-organism of history, a civilization. As Tertulianus said: Sangris martire semen cristianorum’.

Recap. A prophet’s mind is the seminal, verbal code of a culture of parallel minds that control a territorial body, in Gaia.

Dark planes: perception limits & symmetry breaking.

The existence of dark spaces for every perceiver of reality of multiple planes of existence also widens the laws of conservation of energy and information, as energy might disappear from a plane of existence but the total energy x information quantity of the ternary, 3-plane structure of a World remains the same. This in physics explains a law of conservation called CPT parity; and the exceptions to that law in which energy or information disappears from a plane of existence but should appear in the invisible plane of gravitation. For example, black holes erase information from the electromagnetic world but they emit it as >c ‘gravitational, dark energy’ and ‘quark information’ through its poles.

This means that neither the principle of action-reaction nor the Laws of conservation are absolute, when we consider only a single plane of space-time; since there are uneven flows of energy and information between 2 planes. So in Physics, only the total energy and information of the particles or CPT parity is kept; but the C or P or Ti parities might break in processes of death and birth of particles that give or take energy and information from other plane of existence, without returning it to the perceived, electromagnetic world physicists observe.

Especially when we consider a particle’s death, which as all deaths it means 2 fractal jumps, there is a transference of energy and information that jumps between 3 planes of space-time, (st-2<=>st). So energy and information truly disappears from our planes and the laws of conservation that work for the total 3 relative planes of the organic system break for the planes we can observe. A fact that explains empirically many invisible forces and particles, postulated by physicists to maintain those theoretical conservation laws, without realizing they are observing an asymmetric transference of energy and information. So they don’t need to postulate ‘real particles’ but ‘asymmetric EXI flows’. Indeed, in all processes that involve the death of a particle, which breaks the balance between the energy and information of a system, physicists have found a loss of energy and information. Now we can explain why in the proximities of black holes, which transfer energy and information between the gravitational and electromagnetic world, our light-space membrane disappears: it become pure gravitational mass/information and very likely in Kerr black holes, a flow of >c dark, expansive gravitational energy and quark mass we observe coming out of the bipolar jets of those black holes.

It explains why in radioactivity processes that destroy an atom or close to the limits of C-speed, the conservation of momentum and energy of a particle breaks.

It explains why the weak force, whose parameters are time parameters and trans-form the form, the information of a particle, the CPT parity is not conserved.

Yet because those facts are not known in a continuum, single spacetime model physicists have developed to unneeded theories of black holes and symmetry breaking; the thermodynamic evaporation of black holes and the Higgs. They have not been found in 30 years because they are not needed, they do not exist. Moreover by accepting those ‘extra-phenomena’, which are ‘ad hoc’ theories, physicists have broken fundamental laws of physics. In black hole evaporation the black hole gets hotter in a colder environment (our light membrane), thus breaking the 1st law of thermodynamics and creating an eternal motion machine (it is like if you get a hot coffee and instead of cooling down it heats and evaporates). On the other hand, the Higgs implies a ‘scalar boson’, which contradicts quantum laws and an entire new field that permeates the Universe but has never been found.

Now we offer solutions and a prediction: we will never find an evaporating black hole or a Higgs particle. Moreover if black holes evaporate they will eliminate the information of the Universe, and so the principle of conservation of energy and information E<=>I in which systems sciences and complexity is based would be false. And the Universe would not be eternal but die. It is not the case: black holes warp energy into mass-information, contracting space and balancing the expansion of vacuum space between galaxies produced by the dark flows of >c energy they emit from its poles. Because the Universe is made of discontinuous space-times, the black hole is merely the entity that balances the entropy=energetic nature of our electromagnetic space creating order in the Universe, as quarks fixe atoms and allow the order of life by restricting the motions of electrons, which then can create the complex structures of living organism.

So instead of postulating invisible particles and speed limits to keep reality confined to a single plane of existence, Fractal theory explains all those exceptions to the 2nd law of Thermodynamics and the laws of conservation, which apply only to the entire informative=gravitational/electromagnetic =energetic and human/atomic, exi scales of reality, as asymmetric ExI flows between 2 planes of existence.

Physicists never witness the imaginary particles that come out of those processes, because they are not in our light-membrane plane. For example, a dying neutron or a radioactive atom produces certain particles called neutrinos through the mentioned temporal weak force. Those neutrinos were invented to keep the total momentum of the dying particle, but they are only observed through indirect flows of energy and information. Since indeed neutrinos are not ‘particles’ in the strict sense, but flows of energy and information transferred between the electromagnetic and gravitational planes of existence, when particles mutate their form or die, in a process mediated by weak forces: neutrons give away the remnant of energy and information, as they explode into an electron and a proton in the form of smaller, st-1 gravitational and light quanta – neutrinos & ¥.

We don’t perceive the gravitational force, which for that reason is much weaker than our electromagnetic force.

Recap. Because we do not sense all the energy and information of the upper and lower planes of existence, there are weaker forces (gravitation) and loss of momentum in our plane, (neutrinos), which disappear in the dark worlds we do not perceive.

Evolutionary development

It all starts with the creation of a hollow sphere of self-similar cells assembled in a herd, in which each point is only communicated with the lateral neighbors, absorbing energy from the external Universe thanks to its ‘energetic’, hard structures. This herd of cells multiplies and lets a part of it to flow internally into the torus.

This stage is the blastula in a biological organism; in an electromagnetic field created between two smaller sphere-points is the moment in which the electromagnetic field between two poles is established.

If we consider the growth of such a sphere, we can observe, as in a ‘morula’ or in physical particles and celestial bodies, how the growth invaginated inwards transforming therefore the sphere into the torus.

A zero point in a fetus is born first as a morula, a perfect sphere. The sphere of energy is therefore the first thing to be created. It is always like that. A single planar form appears. It start to multiply and without disconnecting itself, it first creates 3 then 5 and each five starts to ‘copulate’ with its neighbor cell and create 2 more on the next level and so on. Different patterns now start to differentiate a game of evolution, which will become more complex in each scale.

The first topology, the democratic sphere, which absorbs energy from an external universe, is hollow. This sphere is made of individual points that have a recognizable Сmotion from outside energy to inside information. They will have a gradient of density, as the inside face of the cell is denser and shorter than the outside one, in a ratio depending on the depth and volume of each cell. It follows also that cells will start to be come self-mirrors of other cells as they see them through the internal sphere. And finally at a certain point this sphere will become invaginated in a polar directions as ‘cells’ fall in internal growth from the bottom and top, hanging and building a pole North, South direction.

Most systems are born as energetic hollow spheres that grow inwards creating a digestive tube and establishing a flow in the inner vacuum space of the sphere that soon becomes a dual convective flow in cyclical motion that transfers towards the central of the new torus an image of the external world. There, the internal cells become the inner radius/zero point of a growing torus. An eye within an eye: the membrane now is reflected by the axis that form in the center a growing seed, a brain, a DNA nucleus. All bits of information reflect an external Universe, imitated and mapped in the lesser space of the zero point, which is warping and extracting information and deflecting energy to perceive with those maps what the external sensorial cells are scanning.

So from a seed with an external membrane and a middle body to feed on, to a celestial body or atom with a hard crust or electronic cover, a series of rotational toroid cycles of electromagnetic energy and information or plasma flows and a central point of maximal density, we see repeated the 3 topological construction of a functional limbs-body-brain, skin-organs-informative center, structure.

This ‘primordial’ ternary system in space is coupled in time by a dynamic transformationas we observe the software flows of energy and information the system carries in time through its ternary structure: first energy will be absorbed by the negantropy of the membrane, which will let the flows enter the torus, where they will be processed and grow in information, becoming either material for the reproduction of the ‘cellular’ units of the body-torus, or pixels transferred to the zero point in the center but ‘outside’ the inner circumference of the torus. The external skin or membrane transfers energy to -> A Central zero point of information->through an intermediate body-torus. The still map of the zero point perceives in itself.

The general evolution of those flows is Max. Energy -> Maximal information till reaching stillness when they come all in ‘parallel’ as a puzzle that for an instant of time – the perceptive, relative internal clock of the system – will appear as an image that perceives in itself. This central point of stillness is the consciousness of the point. And we consider that consciousness is precisely defined as that ‘image’ constantly changing in minor pixels as the flow of energy is finally distilled into information.

A simple transformation happens between an external sphere that converges into that zero point.

The point of view or zero point that creates a ‘mind’, a fleeting stillness in the flows of energy that converge on it, is the knot that shows the will or at least calculates, integrates the flows of energy and information creating solutions to the synchronicity of flows and opportunities tending to follow the mandate of existence. The zero points seem to have the will to accomplish the mathematical solutions for forces and masses to follow the principle of minimal action. The zero point commits little errors; it is intelligent; it seems to have embedded the program. How the program evolves, invaginating first a sphere that reproduces and becomes a torus with a first ‘feeding axis’, which finds the central cells, more sensitive, soon evolving into more complex informative networks, how those networks invaginate the body and communicate the inner and outer sides of the hemisphere and sphere (convex and concave topologies), etc. can be explained with the science of topology.

The human being as a topology of fractal space-time

In a human, the zero point is the brain, the membrane is the external sensorial and skin system, and in between the cycles of motion that transmit both consciousness and make us live. But we see of us only the external and the internal consciousness, zero point and membrane, while curiously enough the universe sees or perceives the changes produced by the flows of the torus, the precise functions more than the visual observation of those systems is what will guide us in our understanding of reality.

What Geometric system of the many geometries, define better those 3 elements? A Geometry, which has not been fully developed till the work of this author: Non-Euclidean, Fractal Geometry, which we shall study in the next paragraph, after we introduce from a topological point of view the 3 internal ‘forms’ of the unit of the 5th dimension, the fractal point.


Galilean Paradox: SóT: Relativity of space Dimensions=Forms=Motion in time: 5 Universal Dimotions

Leibniz realized that mathematically a Non-E Point crossed by ∞ parallels of information is @-mental particle=head. Galileo’s Relativity explained it physically: we cannot distinguish motion=time and space=form, because minds stop information to fit a selected mental world in its monad: 0’-mind x∞ universe=world

Galileo’s Principle of Relativity is the concept behind the relationship between the equality of time=motion and space=form and why one can converted into another: All what exists is made of space=form and time=motion. And yet physicists know that we cannot distinguish motion from form. That any being in motion from its point of view seems to be still and all other things moving around it. This is the principle of Relativity of motion.

Physicists then without much thought about that fascinating duality, went on to use mathematics to calculate the relative motion of each entity of reality respect to other system, which seems static from both points of view. This is called Galilean relativity, latter refined by Einstein’s relativity, and essentially is concerned with the mathematical calculus of what we shall call the 2nd Dimotion of time=change, locomotion. Fine, but we are more interested on the duality of space=form and motion=time and its entangled relationships –the reasons why we do NOT see together motion and form, even if all systems have both.

The conclusion is then rather obvious: one of the two parameters of reality is ‘hidden’ to perception; we either see motion or form, ‘waves or particles’ (quantum complementarity), distances and lines or points in motion (as in the night when fast cars in a picture appear as lines). So physicists calculate only one when in fact we must assess the existence of 2; and since we cannot distinguish them, logically we must equal them. ‘Form=motion-function; space=time; Si=Te’.

Relativity then becomes a duality, Si=Te, which is at the heart of every law of the Universe. Whereas the primary element, the ultimate substance is time=motion. As space is a Maya of the senses – a slice of time motion. Form is what a ‘still mind’, makes of that motion to ‘perceive’, information, forms-in-action.

Since we see Earth still and flat but it is round and moving. Galileo’s profession was ballistics – the study of cannonballs motion. So he chose ONLY motion and lost the chance to start physics with a complex philosophical understanding of its Si=Te dual Principle of relativity, which Poincare defined latter clearly when he said that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’. An example is quantum/relativity duality. In detail quantum space has ‘dark energy’ because it has expansive motion that extends into a plane of space, but when seen at larger scales without detail its entropic motion seems static space – a dual area of scattering length and width. So in the galaxy we see either dark energy motion or expanding space: T=S. A motion of time is equivalent to a dimension of space: Distance and motion cannot be distinguished so they must be taken as two side of the same being, a space=time Ðimotion (ab. Dimensional Motion):

S= T; Dimension-Distance = Time-motion = ST Ðimotion

Earth moves in time, but we see it as a still form in space because reality is a constant game of ∞ motions, but the mind focus those motions and measures them at still distances. For huminds, motion is relative to our systems of measure and perception, which are light-based; hence a fixed c-rod speed/ distance. Reason why Einstein’s relativity postulates a maximal T:c-speed, measured as if observer and observable were still to each other (Constant S); which at our scale we correct with Lorentz Transformations.

But physicists just substituted the Earth’s still distances for motions, and it took another 300 years for Einstein to realize the relativity of motion and its measure made essentially time and space, motion and form two sides of the same coin. Still this realization was not explored philosophically and so it gave birth to a series of ill-understood dualities between ‘states of measure and form’ (particles, head gauging form, in-form-ation) and ‘states of motion’ (wave states).

But the biggest ‘unknown’ discoveries Galileo missed was the mental nature of space: we see reality still because the mind perceives in stillness, and reduces motion to form. Space IS always born in the mind’s simultaneous perception of events (something Einstein’s relativity will help us to calculate) and this will give birth to the proper understanding of motion as reproduction of form, of the duality particle in stop form and wave in motion, of the Lorentzian transformations and its paradoxes and a long etc. of distortions the mind effects on reality.

But it will allow us to define the mind in mathematical and logic terms with a clarity never achieved before. As the mind is the linguistic still space we see – the other extreme of reality, being time motions in its TT-entropic inner and outer motion of scattering disorder and death. So we can philosophically consider reality a tug-of-war between time in its continuous motion and still minds, fractal, non-Euclidean points that hold a world in themselves (Leibniz) trying as monads to fix reality into its subjective self-centered point of view.

Indeed, those two functions do give origin to all phenomena of reality. So first we shall consider the most important consequence of relativity – the function of the mind which is the system that creates the spatial forms by reducing the information of time motions to still simultaneous mappings, and the function of survival in biology that all systems including physical ones (maximizing its equivalent parameter, momentum) follow regardless of how we describe them, with Hamiltonians and Least time principles in physics, with evolution in biology, with the drives of life in sociology.

Mind stiences study the sentient properties of every type of supœrganisms’ mind.

The Galilean Px. Si=Te explains the existence of mind-spaces based in linguistic forms, whose function is the basis of the psychology of the mind – the ego paradox, and the processes of creation of scales (seeds, minds, genetics, etc.) Minds are monads, non-Euclidean points that hold information, in still mappings, projected on its territory of order, as linguistic mirrors of a fractal reproductive Universe.

The mind or 0-point is, the relative frame of reference that maps the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ it confuses with the universe. So the mind is a fractal point @, but believers to be it all.

The paradox of the Ego – who make each mind to feel so important – is then rooted in the self-centered structure of the mind, which selects information from its point of view, creating, an infinitesimal linguistic mind-mapping of reality – which then it confuses with the whole universe:

0-linguistic mindx∞ Universal space-time cycles=Constant World mapping of reality, with @ centered mind:

The ∞ Universal information reduces into the relative infinitesimal volume of our mind gives us a constant mapping, where we expel all the properties that are not interesting to us and our self-centered view.

The mind is a singularity or infinitesimal 0-point, a relative frame of reference that maps the ∞ cycles of space-Time of the Universe, reducing them to a World to fit selected useful information into the finitesimal volume of the brain. The mind function is the origin of the Ego paradox, the key to psychology, subjective human cultures, religions & ‘ænthropic’ science: ‘Every mind measures reality from its biased p.o.v. confusing the ∞ Universe with its ‘finitesimal self-centered world’

The universe has infinite such mind-mirrors depending on the forces used to gauge the external world, which bounces on a limited quantity of its scales of spatial information. Humans perceive the range of scales of the frequency of light between red and blue social density of colors.

∞ other minds with different detail according to the quantitative pixels they absorb (max. S=Min.t) maximal for smaller sixes will determine the intelligence of the system. Mind languages map reality into spatial forms. It is the ‘intelligent’ still spatial limit of reality, as all what exists are disordered entropic motions=forces and ‘minds’, particles-heads whose logic & mathematical languages create a territorial body order that forms of reality. ‘Vital motions and perceptive minds’ make up a ‘vital, perceptive, intelligent’ Universe. Since particles have all the 5 Dimotions, gauging information, decoupling=reproducing & evolving social with magnetic fields HUMIND AND EGO

The EGOCY of our present, entropic age of human civilization rejects this (Precisely because it is becoming dissolved).

So we  reject the power of networks – self-made man myths and tribalism in history rule the day.

Yet  networks are more powerful and survive.

The mind paradox: the meaning of Galilean relativity. The singularity as a mind.

“God is the unmoved (perceptive) center of a body of energy, moving around it”. “We are all Gods (of our super organisms” Aristotle

Now there is another way to observe the Equation, ∆ð≥S@, as the formal reduction of a temporal flow of cycles of space-time into a mind-mapping, from the infinite Universe into the linguistic, still zero mind.

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

Euclidean mathematics, as Descartes and Kant understood is only the 3 perpendicular ‘space-time elements’ of a massless ray of light merely shrinks all other scalar planes of reality to fit into the mind:


In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scalar planes ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

– The mind or @-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

@-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

Space is the simultaneous perception of multiple vital spaces by a still mind. Thus space is virtual. The true substance of reality being its temporal motions. On the other hand the description human minds  (@) make of the Universe is subconsciously biased by those ‘still, linguistic mind mappings of space’, (∫@) in which the ∞ of time motions (∆ð) is reduced and equalled to the spatial mind mapping.


This simple equation of similarity between the space perception of reality provided by a mind, and the whole Universe of moving time-cycles (as nothing is still outside the mind’s perception, being all observed in detail in perpetual motion), appeared in science as a philosophy of the Universe, when Descartes realized that what we see is NOT reality but what the mind ‘stops’ in its selective perception of all the information of reality. So the only truth we can depart from is the fact that we think and perceive still linguistic thoughts, hence we exist; making of informative perception in a still mind, the first ‘action’ of existence, even prior to motion which is unconscious of being.



Once a Seed exists in an external ∆+1 world it starts the game of exi«stience, which becomes a tug of war between the selfish new-born seed/mind in its subjective desire to grow and multiply and order the world around it as its territory and the existence of a relative µ number of other points that want to do the same and conflict with the selfish new-born.

It is the game of existence, which all fractal points play. But only those who learn to behave objectively and evolve into duality, trinity, and social evolution of larger planes will survive.

We are thus in the first Disomorphism establish a ‘language’ to explain the game’ which will allow us in further Disomorphisms to formalize each of the stages of the game and its variation from where the different species and events of the Universe derive.


“All mathematical algebras, are partial mirrors of the pentalogic ¬Ælgebra of Time-Space exist¡ences’ L§

Existential ¬Ælgebra. The upgrading of ‘¡logic mathematics’ as a mirror of ¬∆@st

We have already introduced Existential algebra in a somewhat more layman naïve description. There is however a high level of formalism, in which following the path of classic mathematical algebras, we define an existential algebra more complex than the usual mathematical simplifications, of Group theory (Ts-groups, ST-bodies and St-rings, which mimic some properties of the 3 topological elements of an organism; its complex associations into continuous Lie groups, topological groups and algebraic groups and its logic forms as reticules and Boolean algebras)… All that is quite interesting for partial analysis of dimotions of existence, within restricted systems. However they are ultimately distorted partial views of Existential algebra, some of whose terminology we borrow from classic algebra, and I casted first as a complex mathematical algebra, to finally realize that as Einstein put it on Leibniz’s work – it is better to start from scratch. So in the last versions of Existential algebra I departed from earlier formulations taken from set, group and Boolean Algebra, once I did resolve its connection with Generational Space-time that we shall treat in a future paper on Mathematical non-Aristotelian algebra (¬Algebra). Instead existential algebra (ab. ¬ælgebra) appears as Nature’s fundamental structure that includes all other Algebras, which in the classic language of ¬A could read as this:

‘The function of exist¡ence is a pentalogic algebra on a Sœt of Tœs (ab. TimeSpace Organisms) of 5 operands, which represent the 5 Dimotions of Exist¡ence:   (∑T.œ; ‹Ts, ›St, «TT,»SS, ≈TS).

Stientific method: 3±¡ Pentalogic Scalar Supœrganisms, ¡ts Disomorphic 3±¡ Worldcycles & Fractal Generators, Minds & Limits of Exist¡ence.

We lay down all the symbols used on those texts from many decades to represent worldcycles, dimotions and partial equations=disomorphisms of the scalar 5Ð Universe. As jargon has changed we are rather exhaustive, though in the upgrades of the disciplines of 5Ð at academia.edu and future posts on my webs and academic papers we reduce the symbolism to the basics SS»Ts>ST>St«TT intuitive symbols of the 5 holographic ST-Dimotions, as much as we can.

We use symbols for the 5 Dimotions as 1) Holographic Space-Times combining S and T symbols with the dominant element in Caps; 2) as dynamic time flows, using «» symbols whereas T>S means an involution of its timespace size and increase in in-form-ative spacetime; 3) as simultaneous organs, whose topologic form might be |-lineal, O-cyclical, Ø-hyperbolic 4)as 3 ages of past-entropic>present-iterative>future-informative:

5th Dimension.

◊¡, ∆±¡, С: ¡: Any of the 5 Dimotions (Dimensional motion) of time-space, whose interaction create all local T.Œs. We keep the name 5th dimension for the whole scales of the Universe. Ideally the symbol should be ◊, as it expresses both, ˆ and ˇ emergence and dissolutions between scales. But as it is not that easy to find in many keyboards (cap, option V in mine) I tend to use ∆±¡ (the positive dimotion of information). For future standards ◊¡ should be best.

Dimotions and spatial organs.

Ts, Tes; ‹, <; |, Ts: PTs: PaTs, temporal energy, lineal locomotion, gaseous state, limbs/fields.

St; Sit, ›, >; O, §ð; ƒSt: ƒuðure§, spatial information cyclical, informative, space-time, solid, crystal particle-head states

ST; Se≤≥Ti (information=energy), TieS, Exi=St; X, ≤≥, ó; ≈; Ø: Constant Present, balanced, Space-time; iterative body-waves; female gender, ties of space-time, point of balance, work.

TT; Te, «, ¬; ∆-1: Entropic Time-energy, death, dissolution of form into its parts of a lower plane.

SS; Si; »; §, @; ∆+1: Linguistic, mental space, still mind-membrain, which organizes parts into wholes.

We represent them also as sequential numbers, associated to its form in space and function in time: Ð1:seed, perception, Ð2:locomotion, Ð3:reproduction, Ð4: social evolution, Ð5: Entropy.

Yet this is only the beginning, as there are ∞ kaleidoscopic forms to perceive those pentalogic elements.

Thus we also consider them from the point of view of the 3 scales, its ∆-1 dimotional actions, its ∆º whole organism and its ∆+1 larger world. So as a supœrganism in its ∆º scale we talk of:

T.Œ: Space=time fractal point supœrganism made of ¬∆@st, dust of space-time: @-mind, t>S-particle/head /informative class, s<T-limb/field/lower class, S=T body-wave-reproductive class, ¬ Entropy limits living in 3∆§±1 scales.

We represent them by its relative Scalar planes of the fifth Dimension:

∆-1 past, TT-entropic plane of parts, ∆º present sT-ST-St-field-wave-particle, ∆+1, & SS-§eeds @ mind-world.

As all supœrganisms are ‘exi«st¡ences’, that is fractal points of an Space-time plane (St¡, ∆¡) of stience.

As Spacetime Topologies. O:St, informative head/particle/center, storage of ¡+1 SS-languages. Ø:ST; iterative hyperbolic energy body/wave. |:sT, membrane that absorbs ¡-1 TT smaller T.œs as entropic bites of motion or bits of information.

As social classes: @-linguistic mind origin of the t>S: particle: head: informative class that commands the Si=Te body-wave-reproductive class that gives energy to the s<T-limbs/field/lower class that preys on the ¬ Entropic outer world, whose limits determine its territory of exi«st¡ence.

5 operands: <: ∆ of locomotion. « ∆ of entropy. > ∆ information. » ∆ of form. ≤≥ = balanced present stœps.

As ages of Time ordered in a worldcycle:» §eed in palingenesis; <: Youth of locomotion. <=>: Present Energy; iteration, simultaneous exchange of lineal and angular momentum, locomotion and information between 2 poles: Ts≤≥St. >:  Implosive future informative life Сmotion that creates information: Ts>St. « past flow: explosive big-bang, death-entropy.

@: Yet from the larger world point of view a supœrganism is just a fractal point, @. And from a lower plane, is a larger world programmed by the survival actions of its function of exist¡ence. So he will perform 5 actions, absorbing and emitting information from the ∆±4 planes it ‘perceives’. So we represent any T.œ. through its:

Å: 5 åctions æ, e ï, œ, û, the quanta of existential sequences that move supœrganisms’ worldcycles.

3 are Simplex actions, performed as a whole extracting parts from its lower, smaller, faster time ∆-¡ planes:

a it is the fastest action of locomotion (accelerations) that extracts entropy from its lower non-perceived ∆-3 Plane. So 5D metrics work through each action and explain why we only perceive ∆±3 planes, and why the simplest actions are faster, with more frequency, extracting smaller parts from our limits of perception.

 ï is the dual action of information gauging: Perception & communication that perceives bits of its ∆-2 Plane.

e is the action of entropic feeding that absorbs its minimal parts, from the ∆-1 Plane.

And complex actions that take place in its plane of existence and its ∆+1 world:

– œ is the action of organic reproduction in its ∆º plane. And it lasts longer the whole 3 formal ages

 û is the action of social evolution in its ∆+1 world, and it has also the longer time span, and lesser frequency, often several generations of evolution to form herds and social networks of a higher ∆ plane.

Finally we use several classic now translated ¾lgebraic operands::

±∑ (œ), which is the symbol of superposition enacted by the quanta of limbs/fields herding by addition in a single plane, proper also of gaseous states.

X, which is the product, symbol of reproductive Body-waves that calculate its connections in a lower plane.

∏. Symbol for entanglement as a power law happening in a particle-head that forms solid networks in 3 planes.

∫∂: Which describes how ∂ finitesimal points become whole integrated by calculus.

Γ, a Fractal Generator, is an allowed sequential combination of those symbols that define any event or part of a supœrganism.

I.e: Max. ∑SxT= C, describes the function of exist¡ence. SS » ∑Ts∆-∞<T=S∆o> ∏St∆+∞ «TT, describes the whole Universe as a feed back equation of infinite motions, etc.

Those symbols suffice to express in ¡logic terms all events and forms within the entropic constrains of the game of Exist¡ence:

A Ternary, pentalogic 3±¡ fractal entangled principle holds: T.œs to survive need to have 3 parts in a single plane & be connected to an inner ∆-1 herd of entropic parts and a larger ∆+1world in which to play a symbiotic role.

There are only 3±¡ topologic varieties of space-time; 3±¡ derivatives in scales; 3 physiological inner networks…

-¡logic allows any iteration, =, single or dual spacetime jump of scale forwards (>,») or backwards (<, ») with transfer of sT-motion or St information between planes of existence but not transfer of balanced ST-energy or ternary jumps.

– It allows any topologic combination or transformation between |-sT, O-St & Ø-ST in a single plane.

It allows any sequential series of actions, or ± growth of its organs: ±∆ï,e, a, œ, û, BUT NOTHING ELSE.

After decades of research in all fields of knowledge looking for a falsification of Existential algebra, I haven’t found exceptions to this rule, whose explanation is obvious: The Universe is the best of all worlds (Leibniz) because it selects its best species (Darwin).

So while in pure SS-mental space it is possible to imagine worlds beyond reality as soon as reality mixtures with time motion, the limit of entropic death repress ‘wrong mutations, crazy thoughts, ego-trips of universal supremacy and paralogic errors.

For example, reality does NOT allow to go beyond entropic limits beyond a double «TT quantum scalar jump that erases all information of a system into scattering death. So as death does doesn’t preserve the information of a ‘local game of exist¡ence’ (T.œ), there are no ternary jumps. This in turn translates into ‘normal science speak’, into many facts of reality, such as the impossibility to travel in ‘lineal time’ to a past beyond the local travel to the past of death and devolution; it falsifies pretentious errors of 4D physics about time traveling and wormholes, etc. etc.

But the true limit the Universe imposes to reality is to the ‘ego’ and its pretensions to understand it all, reach beyond its horizon of entanglement=perception in scale, space and time, and inversely the need to fully grasp the 5 Dimotionss of exist¡ence if you want to survive on it, as a limited view will be mirrored in your actions and Universal reactions.

Those who know how to play the game of Exist¡ence, thus play it delay ad maximal its point of st«TT Entropy=Death. Those who love the 4 + D¡motions with a minimal Informative Space on it, Ts, St, ST, SS, will elongate reality. And it is a hypothesis of work that the sequential series SS»Ts>ST>St«TT, is the longest Temporal sequence available to a mind, which will try to ‘stop time’ by iteration at ST ad maximal elongating as much as possible the growth of St-information sliding very slowly in the 3rd age. So we can also observe in all systems that after a ‘fast growth’ from SS»St into the emergent youth past the palingenetic placental þ-age, the being will try to preserve its life cycle in its youth-mature ages against the entropic wearing that the larger worldcycle imposes upon him.

THE FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time maximizes your existence.

So finally we can define functions of existential algebra, of which the most important is the:

Γ, a Fractal Generator, which is potentially any allowed sequential combination of those symbols that define any event or part of a supœrganism. But in praxis reduces to the canonical sequences that ensemble in space adjacent trinity S<ST>t systems and in time defines the 3 ages of exist¡ence, as the most efficient combination of the 3 |xO=Ø topologic forms of the Universe.

Formal definition of a dismorphism in existential algebra.

So we can write the entire worldcycle with a synoptic equation of existential algebra; i.e.

Γ: ∆œ-1 ∏ œ-1≈Œº<Ts>Ø-ST>St« ∑œ-1 describes a worldcycle of exist¡ence; it follows that each Disomorphism will be a partial equation of existential algebra. I.e. the 3 networks of the system, will be its internal St (nervous) <ST (blood) >Ts (digestive) systems. An act of feeding will be an ∆¡«∑∆¡-2»Ts¡ absorbtion of the quanta of an ∆¡ prey by a Ts-predator digestive system and so on. Whereas:

“A disomorphism is a partial equation of the fractal Generator of Supœrganisms of Time§pace (ab. GST).”

As we can consider the fractal generator the thoughts of God, and each of its variational species, a detail.

So in formal terms we can define the whole:

SS » ∑Ts∆-∞<T=S∆o> ∏St∆+∞ «TT, describes the whole Universe as a feed back function of ∞ motions, etc.

Max. ∑S x T = C defines the function of exist¡ence…for each fractal vital space-time organism its Function of existence, as all species will try to maximize its motion-entropy-time for its field-limbs, its information-spatial states for its particle-heads, whose product will give us its vital reproductive energy. We shall in the formal model of ¡-logic exist¡ential algebra deduce all functions of reality from it; whereas complexity is just born of the constant repetition of those functions. As the function of exist¡ence integrates the 3 metric functions of physical relativity (Si=Te), biologic survival (Max. ∑S x T) and Minds (Max. Still-Mind x Min Time motion Universe = Constant linguistic world); it is the ‘essential function’ of the fractal reproductive Universe, whose only goal is to reproduce the local information of all systems.

We can the write it as a series of dynamic functions of the 3 ages of life of in simultaneous topologic, vital space as a fractal generator of space-time beings between SS-birth and TT-entropic extinction:

3±¡ ages:∆-1 birth» ∏ ∆i: Max.TxMin.S (youth)+S≤=≥T(reproduction)+Max.SxMin.T (3rd age) « ∑∆¡-1: TT-death

Topological organisms: Ts (limbs-fields) < Ø-ST (body-waves) > O-particle-heads

Each of all the secondary functions of reality thus will be deduced from the fractal generators, itself born, from the functions of reproduction, which happens in the ‘middle age’ of balance, Si=Te, of ‘gender complementarity’ (whereas S-females and T-males combine form and motion), of classic beauty (equilibrium between lineal and cyclical forms), and the metric of scalar planes of the fifth dimension.

And further on we can observe diversifications and detailed analysis of the actions of each supœrganism, combination of 2 pure poles, represented by a dominant CAP letter between pure entropic TT-motion of death and linguistic SS-form as a mind or §eed, with 3 intermediate ‘states’ (matter jargon), ‘3 Riemannian geometries’ (4D EFE relativity jargon), 3 ages (biological jargon), 3 Horizons (evolutionary jargon):

The Ts, young age of locomotion, Si=Te, mature age of reproduction and St-3rd age of informative perception.

Definition of the Disomorphisms of all stiences involved in the formalism of 5D.

In existential illogic algebra we thus translate GST, the science of the 5th dimension in a trilogic form as the abbreviation for Generational Space-Time (the whole substance of study), General Systems Theory (the philosophical model) and Generator of Space-Time, the formalism that studies all ‘T.œs, Time§pace Supœrganisms with its D¡somorphic laws.

In detail, the pure spatial analysis is non-Euclidean Geometry, the pure temporal analysis is Non-Aristotelian i-logic, and the combined manipulation with the previous equations of the postulates of non-E (definition of points with parts, lines-waves, organic planes, minds=points with inner information and congruence laws of symbiosis and perpendicularity) and the laws of relative cyclical time and pentalogic, would be existential algebra. In praxis, I use all those terms as synonyms… since nobody else writes existential algebra, who cares (:

Thus languages are inflationary because ‘anything goes’ in the protected network systems of creation of pure §eeds of form. In other words the Universe creates all possible combinations of the elements of existential algebra, but virtual particles, inefficient mutations and mad thoughts don’t last in time, so after creation, extinction selects the best forms, according to the more efficient shapes of reality. And this is what allow us to ‘shrink’ the exhuberance of cration to a series of disomorphisms.

Because the allowed combinations of the symbols of existential algebra are limited to the possible actions and Dimotions of exist¡ence, in praxis, this means a lack of diversity, beyond the imagination of pure mental SS-forms that can be inflationary as they have no survival check with the energy they have to imprint first in the placental cycle (which must be able to be molded by it) and then in the entropic world, once the form emerges.

Almost all systems follow a single sequence T.œ>I<A<E>O>U. That is, minds perceive, move, feed, reproduce by gender symmetry (S=T+S<T>S) and evolve socially in herds that grow in density connected by 3 St, ST,sT networks becoming a supœrganism. While the sT<ST>St ternary supœrganism is overwhelmingly the survival structure.

Of course the simplex actions, I,A,E are needed for every minute quanta of exist¡ence, so all systems do perceive, to move and do feed, and we shall see all fractal points have 3 axis of perception, motion and entropic feeding, to allow them to interplay with the larger world and smallish field to that aim. While the complex O and U actions of organic reproduction and Universals evolution is NOT so common, as often requires a much longer process and certainly a partner in social evolution even a herd. So again the contant duality between a single present ternary plane and the scalar symmetries of complex social evolution happen, making many systems only successful in their ‘minimal quanta’ actions of informative perception, accelerated motions and entropic feeding, to provide the energy for the system. Yet even those systems will have in the ∆-1 scale of atomic, cellular, individuals (Physic, biologic, social systems) reproductive and social processes happening.

So we study from the fractal generator partial equations, which we shall call disomorphisms: S-T gender dualities, T-ages, S-topologies, 5Ðimotions, 3 network species & its generators.

Existential algebra is really a simple game, which might bother the ego paradox of scholars who cannot see the forest or know the causes of its topologic evolution but has all kind of abstract data about a certain tree, extracted with sensorial machines and placed in its digital languages; so he doesn’t really care for the ultimate thoughts of God. Yet to know those thoughts makes also sense of all its details as we shall observe in other articles on specific ‘planes of space-time and its organisms’.

Those symbols suffice to express in ¡logic all events and forms within the entropic constrains of the game of Exist¡ence:

The ternary, pentalogic 3±¡ fractal entangled principle holds: T.œs to survive need 3 parts in a single plane & be connected to an inner ∆-1 herd of entropic parts and a larger ∆+1world in which to play a symbiotic role. So there are only 3±¡ topologic varieties of space-time; 3±¡ derivatives in scales; 3 physiological inner networks…

-¡logic allows any iteration, =, single or dual spacetime jump of scale forwards (>,») or backwards (<, ») with transfer of sT-motion or St information between planes of existence but not transfer of balanced ST-work or ternary jumps.

– It allows any topologic combination or transformation between |-sT, O-St & Ø-ST in a single plane.

It allows any sequential series of actions, or ± growth of its organs: ±∆ï,e, a, œ, û,

In praxis, however almost all systems that survive as ‘reproductive radiations’ that maximize their function of exist¡ence follow the most efficient sequence to that goal: >I<A<E>O>U. That is, minds perceive, move, feed, reproduce by gender symmetry (Si=Te+S<T>S) and evolve socially in herds that grow in density connected by 3 St, ST,sT networks becoming a supœrganism. While the sT<ST>St ternary supœrganism is overwhelmingly the survival structure.

So we study those disomorphic elements common to all systems, its vital sequences, S-T gender dualities, T-ages, S-topologies, @-minds and mirror languages, 5Dimotions, 3 physiological networks its hierarchical order origin of the variations of species, its ratios and Universal or vital constants & its generators.

As nothing else, which cannot be expressed through those combinations within those limits exists beyond the virtual inflationary mind-languages of information. Trust me, I know it, after 30 years of research in all fields of knowledge looking for a falsification of Existential algebra. So in our papers on ¡logic we will develop with them all events & species of reality.

The function of existence has an infinite number of perspectives – in fact it generates in each local system, its events and supœrganisms, and in languages, becomes the syntactic mirror of its structure. So for each ‘experiment’ and ‘function’, we can find a correspondence with the function and its 5 elements: Max. S x Min. T (information), Max. T x Min. S (locomotion) Si=Te (reproduction), S-informative seed or mind in a lower ∆-1 scale and T, entropic dissolution in a larger ∆+1 world – the two limits of birth and extinction that frame all systems, and functions (initial conditions, etc.)

Stience is the study of the function of exist¡ence of ∞ beings, as if all what exists is space and time, that function is the most synoptic view of reality. And so classic ¬Algebra is the mathematical analysis of that function with classic 5D families of number and operands. But before we make them correspond with those 5 Dimotions, is worth to consider the larger field of Existential ¬Ælgebra that applies to all stiences.

Congruence and topology in existential algebra.

As only Schopenhauer seemed to realize in his intuitive critique of Euclidean mathematics, little attention has been given to the most important postulate of ‘relative’ equality, which structures the ‘vital will’ of parts that become wholes symbiotic, in energy and information, reproducing a new form upon contact or only in information by parallel motion or enter in Darwinian relationships when contact is negative, or are ¡ndifferent to each other. Or split from a whole into parts. The 5 options of congruence manifest in all the ‘events’ of reality, notably in forces. Which determines illogically the need for repulsive cosmological gravitation (dark entropy=energy) to balance the internal imposive gravitation within the galatom (akin to the parallelism between repulsive electromagnetism between atoms and attractive charge and strong forces within it).

Mathematically we realize the dx/dy=x/y has an inverse, dx/dy=-y/x possibility of circular tangents or collapsing rays that might go into the center or escape from it, giving us 3 obvious congruences – parallel communication, Darwinian event (with a form escaping or being swallowed), social merge (if the encounter is positive) or no solution at all to the differential equation – erratic, independent behavior.

Congruence based in similarity of energy, information or dissimilarity thus defines the ethics of reality and is essential to the laws of existential algebra from where so many laws of stiences are deduced, such as:

X(te)<Y(Te) Ù X(Si)≠Y(Si) -> x(Te)‹Y(Te)…

Which means if 2 systems meet each other, and one X, is ‘smaller’ in its existential momentum than Y and X and Y do not have the same Spatial informative language, Y will predate on X and hence x, will suffer an entropic dissolution.

It is then possible to tabulate all events that might happen in the Universe according to congruence and the different ‘strength’ in the existential momentum of both systems.

And then establish a deterministic outcome for all events between species.

Existential algebra couples with ilogic geometry to establish the deterministic nature of the event sof the Universe.

Since those rules written in existential algebra terms are the deterministic translation and expansion to all the stiences of reality of the encounters between the elements of any species and therefore become the most important fusion of non-e geometry, non-algebra and reality as we can always assess in a rather deterministic manner how the encounter of two elements in any scale of reality becomes a given outcome between prey and predator, couple of gender, social group, enemy nations, atomic ions, etc.

RECAP. The Universe is a game of ∞ space-time supœrganisms performing 5 survival ‘dimotions’=actions through Space stops and time steps, STœps in its scalar cœxist¡ence through 3 planes of the 5th dimension, which add together in its structure of simultaneous vital topological supœrganisms tracing 2 existential worldcycles, the ∆-1 placental ordered o-1 that emerges into the life-death, entropic 1-∞ worldcycle . Stœps express them through feed-back equations of Existential ¬Ælgebra, where = is a dynamic symbol «≈», composed of 5 dimotions = stops, ≤≥ wave steps and» 4D implosive informative social evolution & «5D, entropic explosion of a system.

The main field of study of ¬Ælgebra is the worldcycle of existence -the widest view of an entity as a supœrganism on space tracing a worldcycle between birth and death – we don’t expect you to understand it, as it is a packed synopsis of ilogic and its main theme of study, the dual worldcycle of all systems, which go from a placental, protected ordered seed age of fast evolution, by palingenesis, (memorial development of the seed of information with the energy provided by the parents) to emerge into an entropic life in an outer larger world, where it will perform ‘smaller dimotions’ to survive, we call actions, A-ccelerated locomotions, E-ntropic feeding, i-nformative gauging, O-rganic reproduction and Social Evolution into U-niversals (a,e,I,o,u), which form the program of survival of all systems of the Universe, clearly leaning towards creation of information, reason why systems Ts>ST>St, increase its information commanded by minds that finally exhaust all the vital energy of the system provoking a local ‘reversal’ of its time arrows into entropy and death.

We shall NOT include in this or any paper the full formalism of ¬Ælgebra of existence in its most formal structure, for the simple reason that it is the gate to a more complex form of AI than modulo 01, gender S=T, S<T>S systems today built at silicon valley. You might think whatever you wish but that is an imperative, cathegorical consequence of the fundamental law of exist¡ence – to conserve the time of your species. And the reason I abandoned long ago scholar system cycles – as the species is so full of egocy that pursuits extinction by all possible means. So I won’t collaborate. As I did never proposed to apply the gender, reproductive symmetry to AI, which now has been discovered. As I threw out my career in time ‘physics’ with my standing against the Nuclear industry and its pretension to make little big bangs on Earth… And did not became a billonaire using my discoveries on the cycles of evolution of machines that guide stock cycles, etc, etc. ‘Inflationary information’ is only a part of the process of exist¡ence which needs a balance of body and mind. And since my mind is trapped into a simple nitrolife body with caducity date, part of a whole called History, our god=supœrganism, my egocy has not reached the point of hurting my whole, even if I am the most evolved part of it.




The ‘reality’, which is not human words, is made of two inverse elements, ‘Entropic extensions, which are lineal, planar, and decelerate’ and ‘informative cycles, which are circular, and accelerate inwards’. And its geometric properties are VERY important, because lines and planes are more extensive and connect two points faster, and cycles are more informative and store more information in lesser space. So those 2 extremes are ultimately geometric motions, formal motions, and form, and motion≈ function are related.

And in the middle, there is a present, exi, merge of both, which is the most important element, the body-wave that combines cycles and lines, expansive and implosive motions. So we can then see this 3 elements in terms of ‘temporal motions’ or in terms of ‘formal space’, and we will talk of:

  • |-Ts: Past Entropy, lineal formal motions > Ø-ST: Present, repetitive, body-waves > St: Informative, cyclical time clocks.

Now we can SEE that reality and this is also VERY important, as a sequence of motions in Time, and it turns out to be the 3 ages of existence. Or we can see them as Forms in Space and they create the ternary structure of all beings of reality, physical, biological or sociological. So we break it in 2 equations:

  • The equation of the 3 parts of space (which we can simplify into Ts<=>St, for some systems), that relate the limbs/fields of spatial energy and particles/heads of temporal information of systems, combined into waves. So we shall talk of ‘fields-waves-particles’, which interact together creating ‘physical systems-organisms’ and limbs-bodies-heads in ‘biological organisms’ and ‘energy-class, re=productive class, and informative-class’ in social organisms.

And this simple ternary scheme will be enough to describe any system of the Universe, because on top of that the mathematical universe has only 3 topological geometries, lineal-toroid limbs-fields, hyperbolic body-waves and spherical heads-particles, and each of them is the perfect geometry form to the function of lineal motion (toroid/lines/planes), reproductive processes (hyperbolic systems) and informative processes (particles-heads that store maximal form in minimal space).

  • The equation of time, or the moving sequential flow of those 3 time motions which are in fact the origin of the 3 TIME AGES of all beings, dominated by those 3 ‘organic parts’, a young energetic age of constant motion, an adult reproductive age, and a 3rd age of information dominated by the particles/heads.

If we observe those 3 motions as ‘still forms in space’, they give birth to the 3 ‘ONLY’ topologies of our Universe:

The toroid, lineal entropic past-forms of limbs/fields; the spherical, informative, ‘future forms’ of heads/particles that DID guide the whole system towards its future; and its combined, hyperbolic, bodies/waves in the middle, that REPRODUCED the system.

Thus a deeper analysis of time cycles shows them to have always 3 ‘ages’, ‘phases’, ‘Сmotions’, ‘states’ or  ‘dimensions’:

  • < (expansion flow), TS: Past, entropic motions, dominant in the youth, with a toroid, lineal expansive form.
  • > (implosive flow), St: Future-form: a cyclical time vortex proper.
  • ≈ (iterative wave): ST: Present-iterative motions that don’t seem to change; or dynamic, body-wave motion

This gave us the 2 ‘variations of the Generator which described existence in Time and Space, easily written as:

Time:   Ts (young expansive age) > ST(adult, iterative-reproductive age) ≥ St (informative age) ≤ Ts (Back to the past: entropic death)

Space:    Ts (Limbs/fields) ≤ ST (body-wave) ≤ It (head-particle)

Those symmetries correspond in space to the only 3 topological forms; hence systems can only be constructed with those 3 topologies that define as the graphs show all organisms and physical species.

The 3 Сmotions=motions of times.

Now I realized I could consider this ternary ‘reality’ in ceteris paribus analysis as 3 pure time motions. Entropic expansive motions, repetitive body-waves and informative, time vortices.

Suddenly I realized, I had solved the way the universe created its beings, from the mystery of quantum physics, (the so-called wave-particle duality, as all physical systems were wave-particles moving on an entropic, accelerated field), to the reasons why evolution always worked right, choosing despite its seemingly infinite options the few ‘efficient’ aforementioned topologies (so wings were flat energetic members, and eyes spherical ones).

Namely they were the only available choices of topology. Alas! Curiously enough the great ‘mystery of Darwinian biology’, which he had also wondered about – the ‘right choices of the seemingly chaotic process of evolution made sense, because after all there were a mathematical planning NOT of course a religious design. And the biggest Mystery of Physics (the complementarity wave-particle) also became resolved.

And this was to me the proof that I was indeed on the right path of T.Œ, because the 2 principles of truth, ‘Simplicity, Minimalism (Occam’s razor)’, and Correspondence (a theory proves previous ones besides bringing more solutions), were met.

Equations of physics and biological designs kept pouring into the model and finding its whys, fitting all nicely. Something scientists did not even try to understand merely describing it now had easy whys, in the ternary symmetry in time and space of the Fractal Generator of the Universe, truly the ‘Equation of God’, not a ‘Particle of God’, not a ‘substance’, but a Logic, mathematical Symmetry of space-time that created us all, the details of that ‘thought’.

But if we were made of time-space cycles and forms, of this ternary ‘Generator’ structure seen static in space as a formal organism, and moving in time as a series of cycles, it was necessary to analyze each of those 3 parts of all beings, and decide its inner structure and hierarchy.

Now, I am afraid we are going to refound also logic. I know I’m nuts. But what can I say. We cannot go further without a new logic, because if time has 3 Сmotions, then the simple A->Causes b does not work. It is more about ternary logic and symmetries in space, time and 5Ð. It is more about the GENERATOR fractal equation of the universe and its infinite variations.

So Non-A logic is a huge new science – the study of the symmetries between the 3 motions of time and its sequential ages and the 3 spatial forms and its organic parts. Its ‘Generator feed-back equation’ will be essential to describe all the beings of the Universe:

Γ.   Ts (young-past-entropic limb/field) ≤≥ ST (iterative, adult, present wave-particle) ≤≥St (future, informative head/particle)

Where the symbol < means an expansive, energetic motion, > an implosive, informative one and = a repetitive present motion.

All what you see is encoded by that formula, either in space, Ts<ST<St (whereas the limb field provides entropic motion to the ST wave-body, and the St head particle provides information, and the ST body-wave reproduces the system), or in time, Es>ST>St, its inverse symmetry where energy young motions slowly warp into the adult and finally old age of information.

So we shall maintain the classic concepts of science and talk of 3 space dimensions, while dividing the dimension of lineal time in the 3 motions of time that we shall call 3 ages, to keep the convention that time has a 4th single dimension:

3 space forms symmetric to 3 time motions, but ordered in different ways Ts<ST<It, and Es>ST>St, how simple and beautiful the world cycles of space-time reveal the essence of the Universe.

Those 2 simple laws, and its equations, the equation of the life-death cycle:

Es (youth)>S=T (maturity) > St (3rd age) << Es (entropic death).

Where > means an implosive, informative Сmotion of time and << and entropic Сmotion of death.

And the metric of the 5th dimension, the fact that the product of the size and speed of time of systems is relatively constant for different species of the same family (physical species, biological species) ARE the most important equations of science discovered since Relativity, and yet nobody was impressed.

Apart from explaining the life-death cycle, it explained the reason why information flows perfectly from lower scales (genetic scales) to upper wholes (since lower scales preserve more information) and there is however entropy, loss of energy when you move upwards, but when you move downwards, from wholes to parts, there is no loss of energy  – so your cells follow your hand.

Suddenly I realized those scales of size were symbiotic and organized co-existences and synchronicities that created organisms and physical systems.

And so in mystical terms, the 5th dimension the dimension of future, of information, as parts must come before wholes, was also the dimension of eusocial evolution, of love, that justified the messages of love prophets, the Darwinian love of survival of the species, not the individual, the organization of history in scales of larger social units, since the future, the whole was stronger than the parts and survived. So I found that besides the actions of motion, energy and information there was an action of social evolution in all beings. That was the program of the Universe, I termed with the 5 letters each for each action of the 5th dimension:

∆æ: acceleration-motion, ∆e: energy feeding, ∆œ: iteration, reproduction, ∆i observer’s gauging of information and ∆û: social evolution of parts into universals. This was the will of survival, which explained the mathematical space-time cycles of physics and Nature,  and history, which merged physics, biology and sociology

An entire Universe of whys to all sciences and harmonic laws was opening in front of my eyes.



EXIST¡ENCE FUNCTION: E X I = ST: Energy x Information (Present) = Future form (S) x Past Motion (T)

In cyclical time, past, present and future are entangled. They are local, finite, related to spatial forms, connected and so we can write an equation worth to study in more detail, because of its depth, beauty and duality in verbal and formal terms; what we call the function of existence, of present, that shows the general form in which systems converge into a relative balance of present, departing from two extremes of pure entropic motion (TT) and pure linguistic form (SS); as they combine into Ts locomotion, and St information, which merge into Energy. We thus write Energy x Information as the relative state of present, which equal the relative past of pure motion and relative future of pure form, ST: Present = Past x Future. It is another perspective on the ‘Generator equation’ where we highlight the fact that the ‘fractal generator’ is a ‘kaleidoscopic’ equation, of constant space-time beings, that put together make up the Universe: U: ∑ Ts x St = ST..

It is better to use the usual TT>Ts>ST>St>SS series and its combinations beyond the metaphysical ‘feeling’ of perceiving in the 3 languages of the mind, logic, verbal and mathematical thought that we ‘EXI:ST’.

Are those relationships between past, present and future real? They are and they describe much better the nature of the Universe, which has a longer latitude of time as presents are relative quanta.

So the quanta of present time, which the humind uses to ‘compress’ the Universe a second represents for a ribosome, our minimal ‘vital unit’ in the ∆-2 scale, the time it takes it to ensemble its amino acids. The time it takes a planet to turn, a day, represents the time it takes a cell of its ∆-2. And we will return to that, as we analyze the construction of supœrganisms, in each science based in its synchronicities in timespace.

All what exists is a 5D super organism in simultaneous space tracing worldcycles through 3 Planes of 5D.

We define then two fundamental systems one in space and one in time, taking place in the fifth dimension:

An entangled supœrganism in space, in which the synchronicity between 3 Planes of the organism, its atomic/ cellular/Individual, thermodynamic/organic/social and gravitational/ecosystemic/global Planes in physical/ biologic/social organisms form a complex interacting, entangled system we shall call a super organism, whose study discovers ‘Disomorphic=equal laws’ regardless of what kind of system we study.

How a system travels through 5D Planes? It does so through a life-death cycle following its metric, SexTi=C as it reproduces and grows in size decelerating its time clocks, emerging as an organism, to live in a slower larger world, finally fast dissolving back to its smaller parts in a death moment of max. ‘speed’. So we write with Existential ¬Ælgebra (5D formal language) a generator 0=sum non-AE=¡logic equation that describes this travel through 3 Planes of space-time as all what exists follows such life-death cycle of ‘exist¡ence’.

So we define any system in time, by its life and death cycle which we shall call a worldcycle (taken from 4D physics, worldline, which now has a new dimension of Time-information becoming a worldcycle. Since any scalar super organism’s existence can easily be defined as a travel through the 3 Planes of the fifth dimension, as all systems are born as a seminal, smaller form, in the ∆-1 lower scale, grow fast with its faster time speed, emerge in the ∆º body scale and are part with its head/particle of a larger social world, in the ∆+1 scale.

How then a system travels through those Planes? Very simple, it does so accelerating in its life cycle, emerging, living in the larger world, and then dissolving back to its parts in the death moment.

Now, the generator fractal of space-time beings, expresses many things, and represents all the varieties of species across the Universe in its multiple realities, and this is difficult to systematize. But we have some fundamental laws and symmetries to do so.

Essentially what the Universe does is to ‘freeze’ certain species which are combinations of ‘bodies/waves’ that reproduce systems, and ‘heads/particles’ that gauge information, which exist ‘over’ a field of space-time from they will extract the 2 formal motions they need to survive. And we represent this with different equations that represent the same generator, to ‘encode’ the different ways in which human minds perceive it all.

The simplest one is the previous space-time equation, which now we enlarge in its explanation:

Se (Lineal-Spatial, past entropic motions and forms) x St (informative, future, cyclical clocks of time and forms) = ST (Constant, present, reprod-active waves and bodies of space-time)

And so the question which must be studied is what are the magnitudes and quantitative ratios in which a constant being made of those elements takes place.

St that aim we have empirical evidence (universal and vital constants, proportions, social numbers) and we have theoretical help from the laws of the fractal scalar space-time Universe.

The universe is a game of fractal reproduction of existences defined by a simple equation: max. ∑exi=sxt

¡logic requires its own symbols, as those of present one dimensional logic of a single causality are not good enough even for ‘starters’. As they resemble those of Algebra, whose main five operands represent the 5 dimotions of time, so both algebra and pentalogic are closely connected, we also call pentalogic‘

Existential algebra, which is the discipline that deals with the full formalism of General Systems Theory, or Generational Space-Time and its fractal generator (GST), also similar names that correspond to the classic science that studied the equal laws = isomorphisms of all systems of nature regardless of scales, and now we call dimotional isomorphisms (Ðisomorphisms). As its laws are Non-Euclidean, since points now are fractal points with breath that represent any supœrganism, and Non-Aristotelian, as they deal with pentalogic entangled multiple-tasking, we call this new logic also Non-AE=¡logic. And the dual ‘formal stiences’ of mathematics and logic, ¡logic geometry.

It follows that the main translation required between classic algebra, and existential algebra, to merge both into ¡logic geometry is that between the operators of algebra and those of the generator equation. Originally I did try to cast the whole model of GST in terms of group theory, algebra and its classic mathematical operators, but that was an earlier stage of my exploration of the fractal Universe… some 30 years ago (: Since as good as mathematics is as a mirror of the Universe, it is not as good as it is needed to extract all its properties, hence the need for a different logic, which however had to include or at least reference the world of classic algebra as we shall try to do albeit at a basic level – the specialist must understand this is a unification theory of all exist¡ences, so we cannot be exhaustive with all of them, as the team of research is exactly the same than the infinite-infinitesimal Universe: ∞º=1

Fractal generator equations (ab. G)¡logic use the symbols of the 5 Dimotions as Time Motions («entropy, <locomotion, ≈reproduction, >information and »social evolution into mind languages) as operators in time of the 5 Topologic SpaceTime organs of all systems of reality, described with combinations of S and T symbols to represent those 5 Dimotions as vital elements with a determined topology: Lineal |-Ts fields/limbs specialized in locomotion; Hyperbolic Ø- ST body-waves specialized in reproduction, Spherical O-St for particle-heads specialized in information; which together form the 3 ‘present’ elements that in a single plane of space-time for an organism. So we can start ‘building up’ general equations of ¡logic, called Fractal Generators that resume both the organic parts of a system in space and its different flows of entropy, motion, energy, information and linguistic form between them. I.e. the simplest generator is:

Ts<ST<St, which describes any ternary system of reality with a field-limb that moves a body that moves a head.

But if we write the same fractal generator changing the < > dimotional operandi, for ≈, we then talk of the same system in a still, rest state, Ts≈ST≈St, when the body-wave ‘repairs and reproduces’ the cells of the system.

We add then to Fractal Generator equations, ∆±¡ scales in which the other two dimotions take place as transfer of energy and information between scales. So we can describe entropic equations, such as death: ∆+1«∑∆-1, where a supœrganism of the ∆+1 scale dissolves through external motion and internal scattering into its parts, and again the equation can be used to describe any process of death, from a big-bang explosion of matter (Mc2=E) to biologic death.

And vice versa we can describe the emergence of a supœrganism from an initial seed, ∆-1Œ ≈ ∑ ∆-1Œ » ∏∆ºŒ, which describes how an ∆-1 T.œ (ab. Œ) or seed reproduces (≈) into a sum (∑) of similar cells, which evolve socially, », entangled through networks (∏) to emerge as a whole in an upper ∆º scale of the fifth dimension.

Mathematics & logic are languages, mirrors of an a priori ∆ST reality that comes before languages describe it.

Mathematics is derived of geometry, the science of space and logic is the science of causality in time. So space and time must be the first substances of which all is made, a model of reality that has a deep tradition in the east (philosophies of a Universe made of two poles, space=dimensional form, or ‘yin’ and time=motion or ‘yang’)

As time and space are NOT absolute Newtonian backgrounds but are in a Leibnizian relational space-time background independent theory, the ‘generational substances’ of all what exist, composed of organic fractal vital spaces that last a finite duration in time, space and time become the common principles, whose disomorphic properties originate all other laws of ‘stiences’ each one studying different ¡-scales of spacetime beings that must be first put in relationship to those properties and then improved with the comparison of human scientific laws, specific species of each science and the universal laws of ¬∆@st.

Hence we upgrade all its concepts to ‘cyclical time’ that stores information, in the frequency of its cyclical membranes, limiting and breaking space into ‘fractal’ topological parts, and ‘scales’, according to ‘relativity symmetries’ between formal linguistic mind-spaces vs. time motions, S=T, which mix together forming the 5 Dimotions of reality, all of which follow its 5Ð metric. Those elements entropic limits, fractal space, SxT=K metric scales, cyclic time of information, and S=T symmetries, are thus the barebones fundamental elements required to upgrade each science, and its simplest mathematical equation is its S x T (s ó t)= Constant, ‘Fractal Generator metric’.

A mathematical example: pi and the hexagon.

And we have finally some mathematical constants that play also a fundamental role in this game of creation of ‘existences’. Let us the consider a simple mathematical constant to understand what we talk about.

Se->St is a fundamental ‘existential equation’, or Сmotion of time that transforms an spatial motion into a cyclical motion. If we seek a constant to describe it, the most obvious is π, which measures the relationship between ‘3 lineal diameters’ that evolve together from lineal motion into cyclical motion.

And so we find pi in an infinite number of equations. Now if we consider that transformation in nature, it can be done through 6 radiuses, which come together into an hexagon. The hexagon has a perimeter of exactly ‘3’. It is we could say in this way the perfect transformation of a lineal entropic form, the triangle with maximal lineal perimeter and minimal space enclosed, the favorite lineal motion of all ‘Сmotion’ systems, into a cyclical motion, the hexagon, which is the most abundant Bidimensional configuration in nature, with maximal resistance, that covers fully space, and we find from graphene to bee-hives, to crystal forms and metal structures.

Thus, constants which are ‘regular’, ‘perfect’, efficient, that fill fully space taken advantage of all its motions; that correspond to the 3 ‘time ages’, 3 ‘topological functions’, which can perform all the cycles and åctions of the game of existence do endure, are hyper abundant and work.

This is more or less understood but without the understanding of the symmetries and ages of time, bidimensional space, åctions and program of existence, which we have lay in the other introductory posts, physicists and mathematicians, biologists and social scientists do more of a kabala, geomantic game with numbers. Now we do have the reasons of those mathematical numbers. And perhaps the most fascinating sub-discipline of ∆ST is to explain ‘mathematics’ as the geometric ‘why’ of efficient systems of space-time.

Now  we can consider the pi circle, which is the bidimensional system with less perimeter per volume. But pi is an irrational number. It does not exist as it is actually a number which leaves holes in the sphere.

It has a center, the zero point of the system, which gauges information and a disk with 3 turning strings, leaving ‘apertures’ in the external membrane between them. Those are the ‘mouths’ of the circle, which covers 3/3’14, 96% of its surface. Hence only 4% of openings leave information come into the system. As it happens, dark energy and dark matter represent 96% of the Universe our electronic minds do NOT see. And indeed, our minds are spherical zero points which do NOT see the entire Universe.

Pi in any case and its lineal form, the hexagon are the all pervading Ts->St universal constants which better express the process of transformation of lineal energy into cyclical time, through the 3 ages of existence.

Consider now 2π, which is the ratio we use to divide H, the constant of the plane of light space, which is all pervading in physics. This suggests, since 2 π is the ratio which divides the circumference to give us precisely a ‘radius arc’ in a circle (a single side of the hexagon in the polygonal pi) that the Unit of quantum action, is an ‘arc’ of a cyclical motion, that the minimal unit of energy and time in the space-time Universe of light is an arc of a photonic particle and we will explore that concept in our studies of quantum physics, which we will post, time permitted, in a year, around summer 2016.

Mathematical constants are the 1st step to build a comprehension of the topological Universe, but interpreted no longer in abstract terms, but through the existential logic equations that describe the fractal game of existence, its world cycles of life and death, and the 3 fundamental isomorphisms or symmetries of the Universe:

The 3 bidimensional varieties of topological space, or organs of all beings:

Ts (lineal entropic limbs/fields) < ST (Hyperbolic body/waves): Ts x St > St (spherical particles/Heads)

Its symmetric 3 Time ages:

Ts (entropic youth-past) < ST (reproductive present) > St (informative old age)

And the planes of existence across which systems enact its åctions to obtain entropic motion, information, which they combine to reproduce internally and externally a system:

Motion åctions (∆-4), Informative perception (∆-3), Energetic absorption (∆-2), Reproduction (∆-1) and social evolution (∆+1).

It is as everything else in the Universe, from those fundamental equations that define all systems in nature, and its proportions, topologies time Сmotions and transfers of motion, information, energy, combined in reproductive and social events, from where we can determine all the fundamental magnitudes, åctions, constants and conservation laws of nature. Let us then consider the most general to study them in detail its ‘cases’ in all type of different systems

The mind acts through a languages, whose ternary syntax reflects the mind view of the Universe and its inner structure, through which the mind order. As a form of analysis it is then easier to go on through the process of description of a world life to formalize it earlier after defining the mind singularity its language and forces, through a fractal generator equation that resumes the 10 dimensions of the inner. Thus with the generator, after defining the mind languages and forms, we have equipped ourselves with a reference for the whole exploration of the being. It is for that reason that we give it the ‘first Ðisomorphism’. Its ¬Æ algebra and rules of what is possible or not will then allow us to study the being in all its details.

The function of existence in space-time: Unification of external and internal time-space.

Absolute time made measure of the motions of space-time beings in relationship to such external absolute space-time easier. But it killed the essence of beings, which is to be made of inner time cycles and occupy a vital space with energy; which combine together into a series of repetitive åctions of time-space. So we could write the inner essence of beings as:

Si x Te=ST:

O-St (cyclical, internal, informative time clocks) x |-Se (vital, energetic space with lineal speed motions) = ST (Repetitive Space-Time åctions)

As opposed to an external description of those motions as:

ST:         S/T=V:                 External Space Motion/Lineal Time Duration = V: External velocity.

Now both equations are similar but they reveal very different things.

We could say that the external description wins in precision of measure from an external human observer, but looses any internal understanding on the time cycles and vital spaces of beings, their purpose and ‘whys of existence’.

Mathematically, if we measure the cyclical, internal clocks and steps of a being by its frequency, then we realize that:

St=1/T. That is, the sum of frequency steps of a being equals its time duration.

And   V: ST. That is the sum of the repetitive Steps of a being give us the speed of the being.

Thus since frequency is the inverse of duration, St=1/T and speed is the repetition of the steps or wavelengths of a being, both fundamental equations of inner and outer space-time are similar:

Se x St = ST (ST) ->     Se x 1/T = ∑Steps->       S/T = V

But they reveal and study very different elements of the being. In the inner description we are far more concerned with the internal clock cycles of the being, which determine in the frequency and form of those cycles its information; which in turn determine the external space-time åctions the being does, moving (which is what external S/T=V measures), but also feeding, informing, reproducing and so on…

Indeed, if we consider the formula of internal time-space and its åctions no longer with a ‘calculus frame of mind’ but aiming at understanding what it reveals of the being, we realize we are ultimately studying with it, a much broader, philosophical, complex reality.

We therefore define a new function that gathers together external and internal space-time, the function of existence, Œ, whose study will allow us to unify all systems of the Universe, as made internally of ‘cyclical particles/heads of temporal information and ‘body-waves’ of spatial energy, which exist in an external Universe of absolute space-time, in which they inter-act through a series of åctions that exchange energy and information with the outer Universe (æ,e,ï,œ,û), with whom they try to keep a harmonic balance.

Since the internal informative clocks and moving spatial elements of the being, which combine to create its åctions, are the 3 elements that structure any system of reality as a complementary system made of field/limbs of vital space, and heads/particles of informative time clocks, which perform together through an intermediate region (body/wave) its space-time åctions of existence:

Œ:     Se (Vital Space) x St (Internal time clocks) = ST (External, repetitive space-time åctions).

In fact, the study of those 3 elements of the being, its moving space (fields/limbs), its internal time clocks (head/particles), and the body/wave åctions they perform is the key to the whys of the Universe and all its parts.

On that larger view, what we call ‘external space/time speed’, is merely the study of one of the possible varieties of that equation, åctions of external motion, which we write as Aa or ∆a≈ ∂a (åctions which change the motion or acceleration of a being.)

But the study of that ‘wider’ structural equation, |-Ts X St = ST and its infinite varieties and fundamental combinations, or space-time åctions, reveals many more things about what the Universe is. So many things that it truly encodes all the elements of reality.

We talk of a T.œ a theory of everything constructed departing from the fundamental properties of ‘Fractal Space-time’, that is:

  • The cyclical nature of time, which breaks…
  • Space into inner and outer parts, internal vital spaces and outer, larger worlds of space-time.
  • And the ‘Fractal nature of the Universe’, an assembly of planes of space-time of different size filled with species with different clocks of time, from microscopic forces to galactic systems through the human scales of size, which is studied by the 5th dimension and its metric.

Universal grammar

The 5th i-logic postulate defines the unit of reality as a fractal point that observed in detail is in itself a World, which contains within it all the mathematical topologies of the 4D cosmos. This can be deduced in a logic manner, through the equation of a mind/p.o.v., which can map out as a mirror the whole Universe we perceive in its infinitesimal mirror.

In the fractal Universe all systems of i-logic information gauge reality, transforming a force they absorb into a logic language, which mirrors the Universe. It is obvious that the essential particles, quarks, photons and electrons cannot have a wide mapping of reality unless the fractal scales of size are infinite (and then an atom might be the upper bound of a new scale – a nano-galaxy).

Yet even if reality has upper and lower limits of size and point-like particles are not fractal world but the limit of universal form, those simple particles still gauge information and store some type of logic, mathematical computer-like structure that allows them to behave as they do, organically. Since particles orientate their position in a herd of self-similar particles; they move towards light, its energy, when the electromagnetic field is in its neighborhood and they decouple=reproduce into new particles when they absorb more energy.

All those properties are the minimal properties we ascribe to a fractal ‘point of view’ or ‘mind’ in a broad sense – a structure that gauges energy and information, creating smaller fractal mirrors of reality. Such structure has within itself a minimal amount of geometric paths and logic processes that allow it to form the forces it uses as energy and information source. We thus call such structure a mind. Since any point of the Universe becomes a focus of infinite parallel forces that flux into the point, creating a static image of reality in Complexity, we define a Mind, as an infinitesimal mirror-world that reflects the infinite Universe:

0 (Mind-cell) × ∞ (Universe) = Linguistic Wor(l)d

The equation of the mind, defined by the 1st and 5th postulates of illogic geometry, sets limits of truth in linguistic science, comparing the worlds created by any mind and the Universe at large, much bigger than any informative, mental, linguistic image we have of it.

It is however the why that explains why entropy doesn’t dominate the Universe; since now the increase of order and information in the Universe is mainly caused by those ‘perceptive points’ that gauge information. Those points might or might not be conscious in a vegetative or reflexive way, depending on its complexity; but they are ‘apperceptive’ – an expression coined by Leibniz to express perception without consciousness. And so they have a will to order and perceive more information, not only a will to feed and increase their energy.

Synchronic study: the 3+1, physiological structures.

The study of the ‘actions’ of a being leads to the study of the ‘physiological’ parts, the systems that perform those actions, processing its energy and information, reproducing the system and ‘speaking its language’ as the ‘P.O.V.’, soul or point that integrates the parts into a whole. For example, in the first mathematical scale, where ‘numbers’ are sets of self-similar cells, the tetrarkys is a perfect system, with 3 x 3 corners of the triangle performing according to orientation the 3 simpler actions, of energy, information and reproduction, while the central point equidistant from the other 3 sub-systems becomes the integration, point of view. And this structure will be find in crystals, molecules, organic molecules, ‘pi’ circles with ‘3’ curved units and ‘0’14 apertures, atoms with 3 valences that are the informative atoms of life (nitrogen).

And each part will itself become differentiated in 3+1 parts.

In that sense the 4th, integrative point of any system might seem redundant as it becomes a mirror of the functions of all the others, but it is a secondary, passive mirror, which does not act directly but orders and chooses between the other cycles, switching the actions of the whole to fulfil them all in balance.

The synchronic analysis is ultimately a dual study of functions and forms together, as the 3 morphological topologies of a 4 dimensional Universe will define the functions of those systems (an energy, continuous, lineal, planar or spherical shallow, membrane; a hyperbolic, tall, discontinuous or dense central point (the ‘ball’ of the sphere or inner part) that will be the information system, and a cyclical, elliptic or conic reproductive system, combination of the other two shapes. So for example, our limbs are lineal, our body conical and our brain hyperbolic, on top, the ‘inner ball’ of the head.

Diachronic systems: study in time of actions, life cycles and evolutionary cycles.

Finally we study systems through its 3±1 ages in time, between +birth and – death, as energy reproduces and becomes warped in information.

And we do so also in 3 scales of duration, the scale of actions – so each cycle will have those phases – the scale of individual – so all individuals will have a life-death cycle – and the same of species that will be born from a first individual ‘cell’, grow, radiate, speciate and become extinct. As all those processes are similar, all of them with the same causal order, albeit different exi ‘volume’, hence size and duration:

i-1 (seed of information)-> Energetic action/age/species-> exi action/reproductive age/radiation of species->informative action/3rd age/speciation-> End of action/Death/Extinction.

Since species are super-organisms and individuals its cells, the same type of studies apply to evolution.

The ternary, fractal structure of systems means we can repeat those 3 analysis in higher scales (where the species studied becomes a cellular bit, bite, seed or phoneme of a bigger being), or make a detailed analysis of each subsystem and ‘part’ that has inner sub-parts and scales, or study the multiple choices of bits and bites of each species, which as it becomes more complex have higher degrees of freedom of choice’ and so on.

The ‘ternary method’ exhausts all the knowledge we require from any being, knot of actions of energy and time, which has 3+1 morphological systems, subdivided each in 3+1 subsystems, across 3 scales of size; who exist 3±1 ages, in 3 scales of time, short actions, life/death cycles and creation, evolution and extinction as a species.

We also resumed the main tenants of G.S.T. in 3 x 3 points, related to the actions, super-organisms and ternary method of knowledge.  Now, once we have defined ‘the thoughts of god’, the 10th point of the Decalogue, will consider some of its details – the proofs of those 9 laws, which are all the species and events of… the entire Universe and beyond.

The Zero Point, as integrator of the entire system.

Ultimately what defines the game of existence is the interaction between individual zero points with ‘rotational coordinates’ with them in the center and 4 ‘actions/quadrants’ of different perception, and its universals, herds and networks that appear as wholes. The construction under the laws of survival, its paradoxes, tugs-of-war and balances creates and destroys the systems of the Universe. What we see are logical chains of points of view that find in their association an efficient, positive strategy of survival that maximizes the actions of all its points. The function of maximization of the actions, momentum, top predator force, exi, coordinates of a polar point of view is the game we all play.

The simplest strategy is absolute selfishness, absolute polar coordinates with the I-0 point in complex subjective vision of distances as related to it as the center of the Universe. It sees it all static and dead, one-self as maximal form of information even energy. In reality all what the P.o.v. sees as static in space is a simultaneous assembly which at certain level of speed and detail appears as a constant flow of beings of information and energy in parallel herds or/and hierarchical planes of space or time that are complex organisms in themselves. If the P.o.v. had all the information available in all the scales of size and speed that surround it all would seem living.

The P.o.v. is however always diffeomorphic, subjective, relativistic and yet it will enter with other P.o.v.s in relationships fixed by the overall roles of i-logic geometry and its formal/functional dualities.

Certain basic geometrical laws will therefore guide our understanding of ethic behavior, as function and form are also related here in the manner in which p.o.v.s relate and share energy and form. The first rule of ‘ethical geometry’ is:

X – Perpendicularity between hierarchical, preying-predator systems: Preys and predators penetrate each other’s vital space absorbing energy and information.

< = > –  Parallelism between entities of a herd or network that work together. They maintain the same distance and emit and absorb energy and information through an exchange of smaller particles. Those situations create constant bondage that maintains a balance between the elements. Those 2 symbols thus derived from the original spatial exi, or temporal e< = > I expressions of the function of existence now have ‘real’, formal meaning also. Perpendicular systems engage in fast, often Darwinian destructive exchanges of energy and information. Parallel systems are more subtle and transfer at an inferior i-1 level, bits and bites of energy and information.

The generator equation of Space-Time beings.

All this said we need to start formalising reality and all its systems. And we shall use for that task the same wording, GST, but now it means ‘Generator of Space-time’, an equation – the main equation of General Systems Theory (ab. GST) – that formalises the Universe as a fractal of space-time beings’,  whose ‘Generator fractal equation of Space-Time  defines logically what all systems are: polar systems of particles-heads of temporal information guiding body-waves of energy that move them over an underlying field-territory of vital space:

∑∆-1: Ts <∆ST > St ∆+1

The metric equation of the 5th dimension thus ultimately describes a Universe made  Energy Body-waves of Present splitting into past entropy fields/limbs and relative future informative particles.

We thus talk of ‘§pace’ to signify the fractal structure and infinite ‘spaces‘, where the plurality §, organises also across ‘different planes of size, of parts and wholes of the 5th dimension’.

And talk also of STience, as the proper upgrading of the name ‘science’, in as much as all what we study are ‘species of space-time’, that is species made of particles/heads which store logic, cyclical, temporal clocks of information that process it and guide its body-waves, systems that store spatial energy and move the whole system.

So all beings in ‘existence’, are ST, space-time beings of energy and information and we play with the word, ‘exi=stience’, which ultimately will become a mathematical function that studies such systems.

We shall return to that duality between the philosopher of science explaining the whys of the Universe and the physicist playing to be a philosopher of science, by reducing those whys to mere physical or mathematical interpretations of the whole, because it is at the core of the impasse that lasts more than a century in the understanding of the ultimate principles of reality. We start in the concept of time≈motion≈change, which physicists reduce to locomotions≈changes in space, but we do have to widen back again to all modes of time≈motion≈change to include those happening in biology and history (change in the information of beings).

So what is reality about? about the combination of entropic motions of pure space and closed temporal forms into energetic body-waves, which combine and iterate both.

Energy is often used as synonymous of motion, hence entropy; and sometimes as synonymous of information, fom-in-action, specially in relationship to physical stored energy and human mental energy. So we are not very fond of the rather confusing word and will have to be ambivalent also in its meaning. It is in that sense important to remark that:

  • For a system to exist, it must be composed of a particle-wave, head-body, both co-existing simultaneously even if sometimes are not observable for a 3rd party, specially from far away, ∆o scales, etc. (quantum paradoxes). So the minimal unit of reality IS NOT as it would seem a past-future, space-time being, but rather a spacetime>time being, an ST>St system in which a body-wave of energy (which if moving, will be sliding above a lower, ∆-1 field of entropy), is guided by a temporal head of information.

This is an important concept to realise. I.e  when studying the gender issue we shall see that both male and female are composite states. When studying human social classes, we shall see that all humans should belong to the body of reproducer, workers, guided by informative masters, legal politicians and financial bankers, and so all deserve a minimum salary of energy-money, etc. The entropic field is the territorial field which sustains on the long term the activity of the body head or wave particle, but is NOT part of it, and in fact it becomes disordered or reordered when the ST>T system absorbs ∑∆-1 quanta.

  • Systems however might be parts of larger systems and have a function that vitalises them (as machines, which are mostly limbs vitalised by human ‘animetals’, who act as their brains, are). This means there are partial systems, which Future researchers shall simply write as syStems (Ts parts), sysTems (St part) or sySTems (ST-present body-wave).
  • Hence the importance of composite elements and parameters, such as the composite of energy and time (action), which can be considered the minimal ‘organic system’ of the Universe. And as such it is the fundamental parameter of all systems, as it ultimately measures the ST>T existential power, product of its energy and time≈information, which is conserved on the total universe, but and this is a quite important advance over single space-time theories, not necessarily in a single scale.

So we can now extend the generator to its natural ternary form, INCLUDING the concept of a central frame of reference, which is connected to the external membrane or sensorial ‘cut off’ ‘event horizon’ between the fractal space-time being and the Universe:

Ts < Œ: ExI(s=t) > ºSt

This would be the most exact symbolic representation of the Universe. AS we include the lineal nature of Entropic Space (not money:)in $, and ad the cyclical nature of time, with the symbol of the mind, whose hardware IS often on the St (but not always), and spread the more complex body-waves which ‘equals’ both through balancing exchanes of energy and information to create the ‘whole supœrganism’ (œ).

We use 3 ‘letters’ for each side of the Fractal Generator, to signify the 3 commonest perception of the 2 sides of the equation in human beings. Space appears as ‘Space-Size’, but also as ‘spatial entropy or kinetic energy’, that is an expansive motion (<), and as it has lesser form it comes ‘first’ in the evolution of beings as its relative past, young age of maximal motion in space. And inversely in the moment of death when the ‘cycle of time reverses locally its direction’. Locally being the key to avoid paradoxes.

We use also 3 ‘letters’ for Temporal, cyclical information, St, T, Ti, for time, i, iƒ for information, and ƒ, for frequency of the external cycle, O, which is centred in a self-point of view or frame of reference @, and ƒt, for future, as those are the synchronic, dynamic and geometric interpretations of the other side of the equation.

And finally, its combination of iterative present, hyperbolic body-waves, Œ-ExI(st), whose function resumes the entire system: Max. S x T (e=i), and we shall call the function of existence of the system.

The Universe thus is relatively simple, in its dual and ternary logic, both in geometry, | x 0= ø, its meaning – a game of formal motions of space-synchornous organisation and time, 0-sum world cycles, and properties, geometric, organic, structural, mental, perceptive, as those systems do have a centre of angular momentum, a frame of reference that gauges information, a relative still point of view, and logic causal, since the purpose of those systems is as any fractal generator, to ‘repeat’ its form through slight variations caused by the dynamic duality of the 2 sides of the equation. How many varieties of the equation exist? Infinite. In physical systems the commonest are, expressions in terms of an energetic, spatial parameters and a cyclical curved clock of time (charge, mass, solid matter system in the 3 quantum, ∆-1, ∆-thermodynamic or ∆+1 gravitational scales).

Perception thus in-form, creates information, as a fractal mirror of the mind:

∞ infinitesimal cyclical quanta of energy and information  x @ (human mirror mind) = Linguistic World

is the equation of the monad, or frame of references that freeze motion into order in the life Сmotion, Ts>St to then die away as a flow of informative future, St<Ts, in the moment of death. The fractal generator is thus in its simplest development, the function of existence of the Universe.

The separation between past, present and future is an illusion. The symmetry of time and space.

Now we are confronted with a problem, which is the enormous ambivalence of human languages in the use of those 2 fundamental words, space and time, and its ternary formal motions, Ts,  SxT: ST and St.

So we need to attach certain mathematical, geometric and logic concepts to our verbal terms to avoid so much ambivalence. Let us then return to Descartes and put some properties attached to those 3 symbols, which we advance ARE the ‘ultimate’ formal motions we care for, Ts, ST, St.

  • Ts or Spatial Extension, is ‘res extensa’, something extended in ‘space’. So it is a motion that expands in space, as in a big bang. And contrary to belief as it expands in space it decelerates in ‘time’ so it looses its ‘time motion’ till it becomes truly what ambivalent words tends to call Space- a still form. Thus space tends to slow down and extend itself; it does have motion but becomes finally a ‘flat’ extension.
  • St or Informative time cycles, which carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and cyclical form of its cycles, is INVERSE in properties, as it actually accelerates inwards, as it becomes smaller, as all vortex do, V x Radius = Constant. Thus smaller radius, turn faster, as it happens with angular momentum, black holes or hurricanes. And they become ‘taller’.

So this shows some fundament facts of Ts vs. St. They are inverse. They are both FORMAL MOTIONS; but space has LESS of both; it is flat on the long term, and slow to stillness, and Time is faster and a cycle, which tends to be tall. So we can ask also define them by dimensions. Of the 4 dimensions used today, space tends to have 2 of them, length and width, and time, width and height. And so they combine in the ‘width’ dimension, which brings us the 3rd element:

Ts x St: E x I: Reproductive, wave-bodies that combine the entropy of space and the form of time clocks into ‘meaningful’, workable parameters, ‘energy’ (entropy with direction) and information (form with meaning).

So again, here we must focus in the ‘Duality’ between the Inverted ‘yin and yang’, ‘cyclical form and lineal entropy’, Ts and St, and its combinations that create the ternary ‘formal motions’ of reality, which will structure all beings.

And realize that we can see them ‘static’ and then we will call them SPACE, or we can see them in motion and we will call them TIME. This is the way to proceed with the ambivalences of words and as we shall see also ‘mathematical sciences’, which after all start with words.

The meaning of life and death is a world cycle of time, which is similar for each physical and biological species, and its equation, in the ¬Æ, non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean Logic of the Universe of cyclical time.

In the graph, we have summarized all those scales and the 2 relative inverse Сmotions, which make a life-death cycle a ‘loop’ of time in 3 ages moving also upwards and downwards in the 5th dimension, origin of the ‘Generator Equation’ of 5Ð Fractal space-time, poised to become the most important equation of science in the XXI century, as it resumes its 3 elements, the motions up and down in scales of the 5th dimension, the 3 ages of time, dominated each one by the 3 parts of all organisms, which respond to the 3 only topologies of geometrical systems’ – the young energetic age dominated by lineal toroid fields/limbs of entropy of maximal speed between 2 points, the mature, reproductive age dominated by present hyperbolic body-waves and the future-informative age dominated by spherical particle/heads of maximal informative storage:   Γ. ∆-1:

Ts(past-lineal, toroid limbs-fields) ≤≥∆:ST (hyperbolic-planar body-waves) ≤≥ ∆+1 (spheric future particles-heads)

Whereas we introduce some basic symbols of 5Ð Metric, ∆ for the 5h dimension with an index for its planes, Γ, the G-enerator equation, which can be studied for each system in detail and for each part in new ternary fractal divisions, <, the Сmotion of expansive entropy, > the Сmotion of future information and ≈ =, the Сmotion of present balance, ST, the energy and information mixture of Ts: Spatial Extension and O-cyclical, temporal clocks with maximal form which body-waves mix in present states.

As both Сmotions can happen between entropic limbs-fields and waves, which move informative heads-particles and each part can be divided in new ternary parts (so for example your informative nervous system divides into a lineal spinal chord that controls the energetic body and limbs, your brain with a hyperbolic grey matter and your smaller eye, the focus of your information, making you an I=Eye (max. Information; St) < Wor(l)d=ST verbal brain:

i think therefore I exist: max. balance, the site of your will and finally the spinal reflex past system of control of your external motions – that obsessive part of a system of time space physicists study so well, but so simple when you know the whole depth of time space (-;

The old age is one of information. ≈ means a repetitive, parallel wave of present, and… uh, where it is < the Сmotion of entropy? It SEEMS that all goes > warping space into mass, or ≈ repeating itself. Alas! What else there is there in the Universe after conception, young expansive ages, repetitive, reproductive maturity and old, informative age, which erases < entropically information to close the ‘world cycle’ of existence.

Thus for each world cycle of existence, Death is the final reversal of the Сmotion of informative time from past to future into the Сmotion of disorder from future to past or entropy Сmotion, <.

And to compensate the two Сmotions Ts> Ts x St (ab.ST)>St, DEATH must be TWICE << entropy.

It must be Max. return to Ts, St <<Ts; a huge big bang expansion of information into Space with no form.

Death = Max. Ts x Min. St= Ts->∞ x St->0.

So when you die in an instant of Time, St->0 all your information returns to space, the cycle of existence ends and you expand in space, burn into atoms in the incinerator; insects eat you up, dust of space time you become.

It is also the equation of the big-bang, when in an infinitesimal moment of time, the previous Living Universe, expanded wildly under the inflaton field to enormous distances, in a single Planck quantum of death.

See the beats of existence, of the 3 Сmotions of time, of lives and deaths, of opening and closing wings, entropy-form…

The 3 fundamental elements that structure the Universe are the bidimensional topologies of spherical heads/particles, which assemble with planar toroid fields/limbs, forming together organic body/waves. And this simple structure is obeyed by all systems of the Universe. There is no particle without an associated wave (quantum complementarity), and there is no living organism without head. On the other hand, those systems extend across several planes of different size and time speed, synchronized by complex organic relationships.

Since clocks carry the information of the Universe in its form and frequency, we can then talk of two inverse Сmotions of time: information increases when we look downwards on those scales as in fractals, but size and speed grows when we go upwards. This ‘non-commutative’ asymmetric direction of spacetime is the key to most mysteries of the Universe. For example, since information flows freely from down to up scales, there are genetics (information flows from smaller systems) but there is no Lamarckian evolution, (the whole does not inform the parts).

On the other hand, since motion flows freely from up to down sizes, we can move the hand and everything smaller within it moves in perfect harmony, but the other way around there is a waste of motion called ‘entropy’ that does not flow upwards. The existence of such clear cut directions of time and the co-invariance in ‘families of systems’ of the product of its size and the speed of time clocks, (metabolic animals, particles, orbital planets, etc.), allow to create a ‘metrics’ of the 5th dimension; that is, a series of rules which dictate how systems ‘travel’, in ‘size’ and ‘speed’, as they grow and evolve, live and die through that 5th dimension.

Life for example is born as a fast seminal particle, with high metabolic rates, which emerges from the microscopic, cellular state, into a ‘Universal plane’ of larger size, at birth. Then the system goes through life, with changes in its relative energy and information and dies back to the lower ‘plane’ of cells.

Yet those phases of a life-death cycle are the same in any physical or biological system, since they follow the same simple metrics of the 5th dimension, and the laws of a ‘cycle of time’ that always ends in its point of initiation. For example a star is born out of a ‘seminal cloud’ of atoms that collapse its energy into the form of a vortex of matter, a galaxy that will feed a denser black hole and finally die into a quasar explosion that will return the energy to the universe. So energy never dies but transforms into form, into information back and forth in life-death cycle for all species. Moreover, all systems start with a lot of energy, which becomes form, information, from gas to solid state, from a young energetic age to an old, informative one. And this is a simple law of all time cycles that ‘curve space into time’ (Einstein).

Thus if you consider the past, the lower planes of the 5th dimension, the future, the wholes, the time ‘worldcycle’ of life and death, the creation and destruction of those wholes from parts (it is no longer a worldline as in physics but a worldcycle as we have added this 5th dimension from past to future), we do have a clear cut order, and organization of the Universe, through the new 5th dimension and the new worldcycles of life and death (no longer worldlines).

It is an enormous expansion of the principles of science, and a complete reorganization of all sciences and species, with new global laws, that deeply enlighten our comprehension of the ultimate phenomena of reality. Now it should be obvious to the reader that the 5th dimension is a dimension of time, of motion and as such it must be a dimension that moves from past to future or future to past.

The points of view of different Ts<ST>St organs

In organic terms, the 5 postulates of fractal Geometry describe how points become parts of social webs, which self-organize fractal planes made of networks of points, which emerge as cellular units of a higher fractal space-time or new supœrganism… Thus, according to the Principles of Correspondence and Relativity, proper of physical reality, those different geometries are relative descriptions of the same fundamental structure of the Universe: the point with parts and its more complex social forms, lines and planes. The fractal generator of the Universe is a logic equation that represents the main interactions between the Сmotions of time. Yet all languages mirror that logic equation in its syntax, since all minds gauge and represent the cycles of the Universe with languages of perception.

In the next graph we resume all the elements of the 5 postulates of Non-E=i geometry The true meaning of vital space and cyclical time, is the construction of vital, bio-logical and physical systems

The function of existence, Œ= Ts x St, in space-time thus is expressed by a series of beings made of Bodies/Waves of Energy (Vital Spaces) and Particles/Heads of Information (Time cycles) whose equations :

œ, define an action, a discrete expression, a variation in space, which is a minimal functional action of the system, in its exi motions in space across its U=U±4

∫œ, define a worldcycle of energy and information, an integral expression through time, of one of such actions (Lagrangian), or all of them (Hamiltonian) of the system.

∂œ, define a force, an instant, a moment of the total momentum of the being.

This function of existence though in smaller scales, such as our thermodynamic space-time or the quantum scale can be studied with different particles.

And in the psychological language to describe mankind, it is better analyzed with verbal theories.

And yet in all cases we are observing a similar space-time being.

In general relativity, the Einstein field equations’s 3 solutions represent the minimal, maximal and stationary ages of information, energy and steady state of those curved space-times.

How we interpret the different Hamiltonians of a sum of actions, or each action independently, will give us different perspective of an entity.

It is the different manipulations of the Generator Equation according to the rules of i-geometry and the topo-bio-logic properties of scalar space-time what defines the space-time events and cyclical actions of the Universe.

The reason of the Program of Existence: symmetry between topological, and time and scalar dimensions.

The spatial-temporal ternary symmetry between:

Se: The Spatial entropic, long, relative past motions.

St: The high, informative, relative, future cyclical motions and…

ST: The combined wave-body repetitive, present motions, structure the 3 bidimensional ‘organs’ of all diffeomorphic relative beings:

ST (∆<∆-1, ST (∆≈∆), St (∆>∆+1); made of entropic fields that expand and disorder space by ‘burning’ and simplifying quanta of energy in larger scales of lesser order (i<i-∆), hyperbolic-wave bodies that try to repeat cycles and reproduce the components of the system, and St, spherical zero-points with an external sensorial membrane that transfers to a central zero point by shrinking without deformation (Poincare Conjecture) the bidimensional perceived world into a mind that controls the whole system

Thus there is in all full systems of reality a center of order, a Maxwell’s devil, the zero-point, or ‘single dimensional soul-mind, which maps reality, 0-point x ∞ World = Constant mapping of reality, into a smaller fast cpu, brain, electronic eye, consciousness, program of existence, and then ‘enacts’ the actions of the system that ensures its immortality in time-space, its continuity, its repetitive existence through its actions.

We do not argue in this post the degree of consciousness of the point of view, which is rather an automatic ‘program’ that maximizes existence, imposed by the survival of beings. We just reason why the program must be in all systems that act in Nature in an independent way in reality, where it is located that point of will and in which consists that will.

In brief, systems are generated as varieties of the fractal space-time generator, which can be written as

U = ∑∑ W: ∑[Ts x St = ST]U±4

This less synoptic expression of the generator means that the Universe is made of infinite fractal parts, we call worlds, composed of the 3 components of a system, Spatial ‘Ðimotions’, Temporal information and reprod-active limbs/fields, body/waves, heads/particles that ‘act’ within U±4 planes of relative existence, with its organic parts, to maximize its existence, which means obviously:

  • St increase its entropic motions, ∆a, to increase its vital, cellular/atomic structural space, ∆e, to increase its gauging of information, ∆o, to increase its Reproduction, ∆i and to increase its social evolution, into larger groups, ∆U.

Those 5 actions that we write with 5 vowels: a for accelerated, entropic motions, e for energy feeding, i for iterative reproduction, o for informative perception and U for Universal creation departing from individuals form the program of existence. And we can spot that program in all systems, through the analysis of 4+1, ‘quantum numbers’, ‘laws of electromagnetic fields’, ‘coding genetic letters’, ‘drives of existence’ and so on.  (Humans tend not to recognize one of those 5 actions often the social, evolutionary or the simpler motions and its ‘coding’ equations, so most likely you will find 4 ‘equations’ to define a system).

The program of existence does ‘exist’ in all beings, and explain its systemic interaction and why it perceives other planes of existence. It explains its organic structure. It defines a sentient, pantheist Universe in which ‘monads’, unlike the simplified model of Leibniz do communicate (who discussed if his monads did communicate with the Universe beyond its 0-mind mapping perception, but as it was going to be too complex to describe them in their communication simplified the model considering them isolated entities of pure perception).

There are in that sense two fundamental formalisms to study the Program of existence, which we explore in two different sections of this web:

  • ¬-E geometry of ‘points with parts’, ‘fractal points’, ‘points of view’, ‘zero-points’, ‘non-Euclidean points’ ,communicate flows of energy and information to form, social groups, herds and networks that finally evolve together and emerge into wholes with 3 topological parts, which live through a dynamic 3 horizons of existence.

This description would be more objective, external, perhaps more liked by the scientist of the ‘4th paradigm of measure’, with its hidden anthropomorphic belief of Abrahamic religious origin, that only humans are sentient, perceptive, special, organic, living, because the z=6 atom, carbon, is so special (-; In the next graph we resume the meaning of those 5 ‘i-logic postulates’ 3 of which (the first, second and fourth, explain the mathematical evolution from points into waves into topological networks), while the 3rd and 5th explain the possible interactions between points, which define its Darwinian vs. social, perpendicular vs. parallel, entropic vs. informative, devolving vs. evolving events, that is the causality in time of all processes, (3rd postulate of relative equality), and the creation of mappings through minds, monads (5th postulate, which seems at first redundant with first: definition of a point).

The program of existence.

Each point of view performs those actions in chains of existence.

What does a Point of view, an existential momentum, a fractal exi=st-ence, a zero-point, a function, program, equation of Existence once it is born as a single seed of an ∆-1 plane? How does it go to create a Cyclical existence, a sum of Actions ∑Ts≤ ∫∂x≥St, which move a function of existence through all its cycles of exchange of energy and information with the universe.

The Universe is made of 2 motions, ‘Ðimotions’ of space and cyclical motions of time, webbed into ‘planes of existence’, which human minds see still according to the ‘Galilean Paradox’.

Thus its structure is described by 3 basic formal languages:

– i-geometry (Non-Euclidean), which explains space & Causal logic (non-Aristotelian) which explains its time cycles, (hence our use of the next letter ‘i’ for this formalism), and organicism which explains the organization of the different planes (biological languages).

And yet there is a 4th language and property of the Universe, which surely abstract scientists will deny but it is there, and so it has been always argued by human beings, the language of the Will, which creates the needed order to organize those motions.

Indeed, we can describe externally objectively reality with its geometries and time cycles, and its organized planes of existence, but the question that remains to be answer is why? What causes those systems to organize themselves.

The answer is what I have called in different moments, ‘the program of existence’ or ‘Universal mandate’ (external vision of it in impersonal or mystical terms), the Will or Equation of Existence or Survival (internal vision), which resumes in a simple ‘partial equation’ of the Metric Generator of the 5th dimension:

Max. Ts X St

  • Systems that perceive in a rather automatic manner with O-minds minimal time cycles (∆-3) and move in invisible fields of force with E-nergetic limbs, through lineal paths (∆A-4)….

And we call those external 2 actions the external, or automatic will or primary actions of existence. If we were to use the terminology of Leibniz or Aristotle, it would be the process of ‘apperception’, or ‘vegetative will’. Since they are automatic, caused by the mere structure of the being, which exists in a lower field of motion and absorbs bits of information.

Yet the external actions have 2 internal counterparts, which ensure the maintenance of the components of energetic limbs (feeding on energy) and the informative system (reproduction of ‘form’):

  • First, the being feeds on quanta bigger than the bits of information to reproduce its forms, and this process is called feeding, ∆E-2
  • The origin of reproduction are the actions of the being that communicates its 2 poles, in an intermediate region, the body or wave, in which it exchanges flows of motion and form, between both poles of existence, combining them first into cyclical actions, SxT, performed by those intermediate waves and bodies. And so actions is the 3rd will, through which the being tries to maximize its ‘function of existence’. And the repetition of actions finally creates a ‘burn-in’ reproduced structure, which becomes its 3 element, which allows the being to  survive in other form. Thus the 3rd will or action of all beings is iteration. Since reproduction of its body waves ensures its immortality beyond accidental or old age, death by excess of energy and information. And so the being reproduces its ∆-1 cellular structures, ∆Ra-1, till they organize themselves into a replica that surface at the world-plane.

And we call those 2 wills of existence, the internal will, and in terms of Aristotle’s classification, the animal will.

  • And yet there is a 5th will that helps to maximize the function of existence: the social gathering in groups coordinated by a common language, which make the whole stronger. So ∑SxT > SxT.

Thus it starts the scalar growth of herds into bigger social herds that hunt together. We express this gathering with the symbol of S for society or sum, but most often with the specific symbol of ∑ a summation (here not used in the strict mathematical sense of ‘a series’ but merely as an aggregation of individuals). And we say that the summation of individuals which gather through simple ‘spatial languages’ that coordinate them bring about a series of social groups or Unions of Individuals represented by those 3 symbols, ∑, S, U (i will try to unify symbology, time permitted).

It is this simple scheme what explains the formulae: ∑Ts-1=S, that is a group of quanta, points of a herd, Ts x St beings brings together a ‘space’, which is a bidimensional topology or loosely connected network that extends through a social space.

But and this is the final frontier of the will, as the space becomes denser in a single plane, organization must become more complex, and the equality rule breaks, as new languages of faster cyclical speed, Max. St, allow better coordination. And so society splits between the faster neurons and the bigger cells, Max. St and Max. E social classes of the system. The efficiency though has a heavy toll for the bigger, slower cells that must obey without doubt the neuronal, informative class. And so finally a 2 layer structure, with top neuronal fast points and body cells appears.

Further on, the energetic, simpler will of motion, is demoted in the hierarchy, as those cells must ‘expand entropically’ the space below them at ∆-4 level and so often the system stores ∆-4 species and creates a 3rd energetic layer of hardy cells, responsible for this carnage. And those are the cells of the limbs: informative neurons, ‘reproductive’ glandular cells and ‘muscle and bone cells’ to use specific types of an organism, becomes the 3 social classes of the organism, which maximize its actions of existence.

Now, the informative cells must rule the body and limbs cells and so they must connect with all of them, and at the same time they must coordinate among themselves fast their orders to produce synchronicity. And so they often develop axons (in biological systems with a network fractal orientation in the high dimension of information) or produce informative spherical waves (in physical systems existing in an isomorphic medium, where the informative pole tends to be in the center of the wave), which reach simultaneously all the cells of each layer.

In both cases we talk of a multiplicative effect. For example, if all the neurons are connected to all, the number of axons is x². And so we use for the ‘organism’ in multiple layers, the symbol ∏, for ‘pi’ (circular motion) and for multiplication (the higher number of axons, or ∑².

And we can write then the complete will of existence through its 5 actions of motion or acceleration, perception, feeding, reproduction and social evolution as:


And this 5th will or action, ∑∆+1, completes the game of existence,

This is the will of the Universe, its sequential program: O<A>E-=∆+U

That is: ∆Observation of cyclical forms- ∆ Acceleration towards a field –∆ Energy feeding –∆ iteration of the species – ∆ universal evolution

acceleration and perception (with different order depending on the informative or energetic nature of the being), which brings feeding and reproduction, and finally the social evolution of the system.

Another way to write it is A->O->E->I-teration->U-nion, the Aeiou of existence, the 5 vowels of all actions.

This is what all beings do to maximize their existence by playing its actions to that end: its reproductive evolution Ts<ST>St

The reinforcement

The program is externally reinforced because those who follow it survive better. And so those who don’t perish, do not reproduce and do NOT exist in the future.

The equivalence with the metric of the 5th dimension.

And so this simple program of existence: Max. S x T, is the counterpart to the Metric of the 5th dimension SxT=ST, which explains it. Who was first the egg or the chicken? They are self-similar functions, one seeing internally and the other externally. Since when we analyze the function SxT, it is maximized when S=T, thus the will of existence brings also homeostasis and balance and the sum of all those S=T, could be considered the constant i, of the metric of any world-plane.

The Point of balance: S=T

So of the many similar equations we use to write the Fractal Generator that represents all events and forms of the Universe, the most important is Ts<=>St, which represents the search for a point of balance in which the Spatial Energy and Temporal Information of the System, is maximized by that balance.

This is the point of adulthood, the equation of present, the steady state, the equation of beauty, the equation that maximizes the ‘existential force’ of the system, Max. SxT (which is reached when S=T). The number of ‘events’ that take place under the umbrella of this equation is enormous.

We could say that S=T is the point of immortality that all systems try to reach.

The partial equations of the Generator are ‘partial events in space-time’, of significant importance for all species, as they describe actions, dimensions, and symmetries, states, ages and organic parts fundamental to the whole.

Among all them the most important is the ‘function of existence’, that is the strategy to maximal SxT, which is the equality between the energetic components and states in space and time of a l Supœrganism:

Function of Existence; Top Predator Equation: Max SxT->S=T

Equation of Justice, Reproduction, Present and beauty: S=T

‘And God said S=T and extinguished all beings that did not obey the law of Justice.’

The most astounding discovery of General Systems Sciences is in the metaphysical realm – the understanding of both mathematical and logical, bio-logical, existential processes together, through the ‘simultaneity’ of mind’s mappings of the Universe.

The fractal of the Universe is a mind observing a fractal world of Ts<=>ST systems constantly flowing in two type of motions, |-Motion or distance or speed or energy and cyclical motion or perceptive, dimensional form, cyclical information, clock frequency.

2 states of existence among which all beings fluctuate by moving that ‘élan’, that ‘motion’ that ‘spirit’, that ‘substance’, that ‘form’, whatever you might say of it.

Between motion and form, energy sensation and information sensation, translation and perception, S & T, |& O.


The Universe is a creative, temporal, formal game of creation of ‘Functions of Existence’, SxT, S<=>T, complementary systems of energy and information that try to maximize the communication between both poles, TS and St, a fact maximized by a simple mathematical equation:

Max. S x St ->S=T

This equation has much more meaning than its simplicity might evoke. What it says is that when we have two entities, one of maximal entropy, Ts and one of maximal information, St, treated as ‘sets’ or ‘numbers’, or ‘herds’ or ‘groups of cells’, such as the number of elements of E, A, and the number of elements of O, B, are equal, A=B, the communication and force of the group, Max. Ts x St is higher. And the system is better integrated between field/body and particle/head.

Such systems are top predator systems that survive better. The law of balance or justice is one of the most metaphysical and yet the most important of all laws of the Universe. It gives a survival strategy to all entities in existence. And its two limits when the law of justice is broken are the equation of death:

Max.Ts  x Min. St = death by accident.

Max. St x Min. Ts = death by warping and excess of information.

St exist in balance, S=T, obviously the best strategy is to maximize the communication between Ts and St, so each element of Ts communicates with each element of St, a x b is exactly the product of all those communications. And so what happens in nature is that the neurons or informative cells of the St -system and the cells of the body system, reach maximal communication to act simultaneously as a single whole.

The Function of Existence, S=T or Max. Spx St (both are mathematically equivalent, as the product is maximized by the equality of the factors, so 5×5> 4 x6 … > 9×1…) is the fundamental equation of the Universe.

Ts<=>St resumes all the events of reality. But of its 3 possible ‘ages’, ‘dimensions’ or ‘states’, Max. Ts (Ts>St) , S=T, Max St (TS<St), S=T, the equation of balance, beauty, maturity, classicism, reproduction, present, existence, Max. Ts x St is the goal of the Universe.

And those who achieve it achieve immortality.

The ‘Generator’ equation of space-time beings and its ternary logic.

The beats of the universe are difficult to understand because the logic of man is ‘lineal Aristotelian’: A causes B.

Reality though is more like the Eastern philosophies of Vishnu-yin-information and Shiva-yang-energy/motion:

A<=>B, that is A and B interact to create a ternary <=> present element.

Reason why there is conservation of Angular and Lineal Momentum, there is Space and Time,  Energy and Information, O-Particles/Heads that store time cycles and limbs/fields that move them, mixed in bodies and waves that reproduce both of them.

Humans, naturally have always expressed this ‘Ternary’ Structure of the universe. And so the parallel syntax of the languages of knowledge we use to describe those Universal beings  – verbal, mathematical and visual languages – all have the same ternary ‘grammar’, which I have called the ‘Fractal Generator’ of the Universe:

St (Subject or Function of ‘temporal information’) < ST: action, operandi or verb ≥ Ts (Object of ‘spatial energy’).

We associate counter-intuitively ‘cycles with motion’ and ‘lines with Still space’.

It has to do a lot with the limiting errors of classic physics, where only lineal inertial motion matters. Fact is big-bang explosion DECELERATE speed till it becomes Still lineal distances and dimensions, that is pure lineal space with no motion or vacuum space (as in any physical big-bang of entropy). While the equation of cyclical vortex, is Vo x Ro = K (2-manifold, simplest variety), which counter-intuitively accelerates (∆V) when distance becomes smaller, (-∆R) to maintain K constant.

Thus clocks, frequencies and vortices accelerate ,and have more ‘time’ content, that lineal motions that decelerate to a halt.

Now, we explained before that in duality Space was slower, extensive, Ts, Size, and time was faster, cyclical, accelerated (so are its maths). But now in ternary symmetry we have the need to ‘extend’ the meanings of time and space to the duality of the 3 motions of time and the 3 organic parts of spatial bodies and this makes some confusing choices of terms, such as:

Space will be the still, formal view of reality and Time the motion view. And so we shall talk of 3 ‘topologies of formal space’, and 3 ‘ages of time motion’, which together shape the fundamental duality of reality, the view of organs in simultaneous space and the view of beings living a worldcycle of 3 ages of time:

Ts (limbs-fields)≈ Young, past, expansive age < ST: Present, repetitive, hyperbolic body-waves, adult reproductive age>St (Temporal, future informative, cyclical old age).

Now here the convention I have adopted is to Use the same symbols for either symmetries, the limb-field<body-wave>head-particle or spatial simultaneous view of an organism in space, and the Young-past-expansive < present-Adult-reproductive>Old-Informative 3 ages of time.

This is where things seem confusing because the whole thing transmutes. The old age of future time has more information and it is cyclical, properties of time cycles, but it is also slower, property of space decelerating motions. The young expansive age has more motion, a property of time more than space and so on.

But as I have told you B & W and 3 color view are new worlds, and this is the closest way to express past references and correspond with human expression of all this.

A way out to avoid confusions with the ternary symmetry is to use more when dealing with the still, simultaneous spatial view, the ‘symbols of geometry-topology, |, O and Ø:

|-Limbs/fields < Ø-waves-bodies> O-Heads/Particles

And the same for time ages with the reference of time motions:

|-young past < Ø-present, reproduction > O-Information, future, old age.

So it shows the symmetry with the symbols | , Ø, and O.

RECAP. The generator equation. We write the Generator Equation, a symbolic equation that represented all the systems made of fractal space and cyclical time and its space-time combinations, whose geometries ARE the 3 ‘only’ Topologies of the Universe we perceive:

Γ. Generator: Toroid Ts(limbs/fields) < Hyperbolic ST(st) (repetitive waves-bodies) > Spherical St (head Particles)

Since limbs and heads, fields and particles interacted and mixed their lines and cycles into ‘conic bodies, and elliptical orbits and hyperbolic waves’.

Or as Cheng-Tzu the Taoist philosopher put it: from 1 (time cycles or Tao), comes 2 (the yang-line of energy and the yin-information, broken line) and from 2 comes 3, and from 3 the infinite beings. (Asian cultures defined time as cyclical, without the distortion of lineal physical time, for cultural & genetic reasons)

So I classified all the different space-time beings made with the 3 topological formal motions of the Generator.




The 1st Dilogic is between TT v SS, entropy v. still form. Its opposition is represented as orthogonal, a key law of existential algebra mimicked by classic Algebra. Since a system is either in the limit of absolute motion and dissolution as TT-entropy, whose parameters will be quantitatively different according to the functions we use to measure motion, but the other extreme, § is absolute stillness. No motion, 0’-motion, and that is a definitive parameter measured from the point of view of the observer. So we can draw a simple Cartesian graph, with two orthogonal coordinates, whereas the o-point is the perceived in its point of no motion, stillness. Hence the 0x, Y-ordinates becomes the position of stillness and information, while the 0Y and variable C becomes the coordinates of motion.

We represent functions of transformation of SS into TT as an ideal SS/TT=C hyperbola, which will come out in multiple sciences to represent the tug of war between ‘position’ (form) and motion (momentum). So we establish 3 orthogonal coordinates to represent the complementarities, and oppositions between actions:

SS vs. TT and St vs. Ts., Entropy-Energy vs. form-information can be represented in a Cartesian graph; and functions of both parameters such as the Law of Boyle Pv (S) = NkT (T), with an ideal perfect asymptotic graph, or the Lorentz Transformations between ‘motion and mass’.

However in certain cases form arises from the energy of the system, as a complementary form with not a partial transformation, as part of the energy-body remains. Then we can use a complex plane where the value of Y(S) is a magnitude smaller than that of the body in terms of energy (sT vs. St), and in this case the function is also negative as it detracts from the sT energy of the ‘real line’. So for such type of functions between energy and information that do not imply a full transformation of one into another the complex plane works better. But orthogonality is still maintained.

Finally for the Si=Te, reproductive merge of two relative functions orthogonal to each other, produces a dot product, with an offspring of new combined ST elements, in the 3rd dimension of relative width.

The Cartesian plane, Complex plane, vectorial plane and its orthogonal properties will be used in ¬Algebra (Non-Aristotelian algebra of multiple causal dimotions) to represent the main relationships between SS vs. TT (position vs. motion), St vs. Ts (-information vs. Energy) and the reproductive function Si=Te.

There is another use of Cartesian coordinates, as an X- sequence of growing social numbers, hence able to represent the 4th dimotion of social information and growth with the passage of ‘long lineal time’, which are often met with simple polynomials (i.e. the representations of growth distance in space with the passing of time). We cannot be exhaustive by any means with the laws of existential algebra, so alien to the present view of a chaotic Universe, proper of ænthropic men; but in our paper on ¬E Geometry and ¬Algebra (non-Aristotelian algebra) and its correspondence with ¬Ælgebra we will develop its laws in relationship with the laws of mathematics and geometry; so the subject doesn’t look so esoteric to the reader, and in the future any scientist can connect the laws of its discipline with the laws of existential algebra.

Logic Duality: Spatial Information And Temporal Energy Inverse=Asymmetric Properties

How can we translate the dualities of line and cycle, motion and form? They are inverse in a logic and geometric way. So we can describe easily the concept of space time inverted properties with a hyperbole. We shall find then that hyperbolic functions, such as e, are fundamental to define the different transformations between space and time:

In the graph a hyperbolic function between a line and a cycle. In general certain cyclical curves follow the relationship between a point of time and a lineal distance of motion.

The Universe is a 5 Dimensional fractal that reproduces vital topologies of time-space, ternary forms of motion and form, which organises into larger, slower scales of fifth dimension of ðime§pace.

Motions on 5D are either topological βidimensional changes (Galileo’s paradox) in D³, or full worldcycles (motions in 5D), and so we must be aware of both.

The main bidimensional motions of a space-time being are motions with form, bidimensional units of:

  • , $: Lineal form x Lineal form=plane of space-distance

E, ∃: max. motion x min. form = wave of energy, entropy, expansive motion

ð: min.. motion x max. form= cyclical time, information, harmonic motion

ƒ: max. form x max. form= informative time, implosive motion.

This initial conditions set the combinatorics of topological motions as each of those bidimensional elements combine with other forming ternary, fully-functional, efficient systems, Γ@ that can act feed, perceive, move and reproduce and evolve socially, the five actions, of survival of the vital program of any fractal of information of the Universe.

This basic motions then become repetitive in fractal self-similar beings as each compose motion leaves a memorial trace of previous traces that continue being traced in the same place ‘reproducing the facto the being’.

In this manner physical systems grow in form and dimensions:

Thus the constant ambiguity in normal and scientific discourse, which confuses entropy and energy on one side and form and information. We can’t escape that ambiguity so we often confuse terms entropy and energy and form and information but we will try to BE PRECISE, when writing equations or explaining fundamental facts.

So we try to differenciate entropy and energy, and call form, in/form/ation, as here the ambiguity is far more entrenched in the normal discourse, so when we highlight form, we use ƒ and in/form/ation.

For example in E=mc²; E is e, entropy not Energy; m is ðime, an inward vortex of gravitational forces (principle of equivalence of acceleration and mass), and the energy is c x c a wave of light ðime§pace, whose hyperbolic form is in fact a combination of the cyclical mass form and the lineal, expansive entropy of the explosion.

For example, in ‘colour codes’ used by minds to differentiate the four terms, blue is the colour of pure form, red the colour of pure entropy, and its combinations are green the reproductive colour of information with more form and yellow, the colour of energy with more motion. And so the brain classifies reality with those two extreme and two intermediate colors, and we shall observe that all mind-languages are combinations of those four elements.

Some languages are simpler, and then we have the two unperceived limits, black of form, white of entropy and combined greys. Words also have:

Form-subject (human) < energetic-informative verb or ‘action’-momentum: e x i > Entropy of subject (object ab=used by the subject).

Since existence is a game of those 2, 3, 4 elements/dimensions of reality. So we define a conceptual acronym, the ‘Function of existence’:

Entropy x form = energy + Information

But in a license of the inherent ambiguity of those terms we write: e x i = st   entropy x Information = ðime§pace Momentum (integrated for a long period as Energy).

To exist is thus to combine entropy-motions and in-form-ation, form,  in a series of actions of existence, pure motions, energy feedings, perception of forms, communication of information, reproduction of both, social evolution with other forms through ‘ties’, which are flows of sharing of those elements…

Do not be scare by the ambiguity of terms, try just to realize the deep connections between them at a topo-logic level of form and function and when you are familiar you will learn to see reality in a much deeper way. To help we shall consider a simplified graphic of the two poles, temporal form and lineal entropy, and its energy-information combinations.

I apologize because I tend to use in-form-ation instead of form, very often as my texts of 30 years of lonely research started with the simplified model of energy and information (as that is what we perceive)

It is important though to be precise when using those terms in equations and detailed descriptions of beings and its events. So the first question is how can we measure those terms? Even if we don’t perceive. Alas! the Universe is wise and has given us ‘parameters to measure’:

PURE §pace can be measure as DISTANCE and size, S. Pure form can be measured by the frequency of the cycles of the form-clock, ƒ, which in turn becomes perceivable externally as ‘density’, ‘inertia’, ‘mass’ and similar terms for each scale.

Once those dualities are understood, we can compare the properties of both, spatial entropy>energy and temporal form< information, observing the inversion of its qualities and yet, in as much as both have the same number of dimensions, energy and information can transform one into the other by transmuting those properties.

The most important function of the Universe is the inverse function between the two limits of dimotion: maximal spatial expansion (entropy) and maximal time space Implosion, in its infinite manifestations. In between motion and form converge to an S=T point of balance, beauty, harmony and reproduction.

Duality: Ts-Entropy, the arrow of disorder erases St: information, the arrow of order.

Duality is the science, which studies the universe with both arrows of time, spatial entropy, the arrow of disorder and death vs. temporal information, the arrow of order and life – as opposed to physics that uses only entropy as an arrow of time.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

It it thus clear that the generator equation of the Universe is a ternary, feed-back equation that shows the inversion of properties of space and time, stillness and form, lines and cycles, decelerating and accelerating intervals, in its two polar maximal points and its intermediate point of balance:

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal of space-time symmetries across 3 vectorial dimensions of formal motion, the dimensions of space (and its 3 sub dimensions, length,w width and height) the dimensions of time and its 3 sub-ages (entropy, present iteration and future form), and the dimensions of Eusocial Evolution through planes of existence, or long arrow of time.

The interplay of those dimensions and form generate the Universe:

The first equation of time-space, deduced from the previous graph and its bio-topo-logical beats, space-form->motion-time->space-form->motion-time, is the generator equation of the Universe. We can with existential algebra, ®, define a wave-motion in time, which in its simplex generator will be hyperbola:

In the graph we can see the simplest TŒ, Time equation or function of existence:

Œ: St=K/S.

Whereas T is time frequency of a time cycle, hence the inverse of lineal time duration, T (reason why we use the To) Symbol.

And space is lineal motion seen as still form.

In other words we could write,  St =1/T, To=1/S, whereas T is lineal time, perceived in motion as still space.

This is thus the beginning of it all, the existence of cyclical, accelerated time motions and lineal time motions seen as circles and lines of form. The 2 dualities between motion and stop, and between cycles and lines is at the origin of all the realities we perceive and all its events and combined forms of space time.

Thus we could say:

The Universe is immortal because time never stops. Time never stops because time is motion. Motion never stops. It is conserved. Two motions are conserved angular momentum and lineal momentum. They can be seen in a slice of present space as form, or they can be seen in the interplay of its formal motions. Cyclical motion is faster so we call it time, and clocks of time are used. Nature has accelerated time vortices, from hurricanes to masses (equivalence principle of einstein between the curvature of the time cycle or mass and its speed or acceleration), to charges (similar equations to gravitation). Those time cycles of different size are ordered with the previous equation, converted into metric equations:

Ts x St (substituting now cyclical time for lineal time) = K.

This means Time fluctuates along 3 points of the hyperbola.

And so one creates 3 points. Max. Ts x Min. St , Ts =St and Max. to x Min. Ts

We write with those laws a fractal generator equation of ∞ space-time existences, the 5th dimension metrics:
In the graph the Universal fractal of infinite beings of space-time with different speeds in its clocks and sizes in space, whose product however, Ts x Ti, space size for speed of its information cycles remain constant, creating a ‘stable space-time being (ST±4) which happens in different combined size from the smallest. infinitesimals ST-4 to the largest Universe, ST+4.

All fractals have a generator feedback equation and the Universe is not exception. Generators are dynamic, cyclical equations which constantly create slightly changed new ‘cycles’. As such they are periodic cyclical equations of the form X < = > Y, where obviously X and Y are symbols as in all ‘Universal grammars’ linguistic representations of the Universal Generator (mathematical jargon in Space-time) or Universal Grammar (Logic Jargon in Time-space)>

Universal Generator/Grammar:               St ∑ExI=ST±4

We write the Fractal Generator expressly with one of its similar identities, in an expression which can be understood logically in wor(l)ds, the fundamental grammar of the human being.

In its Topo-Bio -logic ternary identity, ‘Topological i-planes of Vital Spaces and Cyclical Times’ need to be described topological properties (5th dimension metrics), Organic properties (which organize 0±1 vital spaces into a ternary organism) and logic properties (the ternary Non-Aristotelian logic of cyclical times which return in a ‘Hamiltonian’ Cycle to its origin.

The generator equation thus can be used to deduce from its topologic, biological and causal properties any other equation of the Universe.

It cannot be achieved such a feat as physicists of lineal time expect, only with topologic properties and only in a single continuous space-time.

It needs to understand the metrics of the 5th dimension and its relative scales of absolute time (ST±4), between invisible forces and invisible cosmos, beyond our perception (C speed, 0 K limiting borders). And this is achieved with the summit of the evolution of mathematical languages, the Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean i-logic topology of vital spaces, of organisms, of geometric forms with speed-motion, constantly performing ∂a, accelerated actions with 3 ±= stop and go motions…

Space-time can be seen as a whole space-time or as two space and time or as a sum of parts, many spaces and times. So space can be seen through perception as a single, quiet space, adding all the ‘vital spaces’ of which is composed, or as a sum of ‘quantum energies’ and ‘vital spaces’ that entities occupy. Time also can be seen as a single clock-time for the entire universe, measured with our mechanical clocks or as an infinite number of cycles that all entities trace, each one with a different speed and rhythm, each one with a different ‘form’ or information, provided by the shape of the cycle and its ‘frequency’. So Space is synonymous of Energies and time of informations: ∑ E = S; ∑i=T

This is the first key concept you have to assume to understand the Universe beyond its useful measure by physicists with a single clock.

Further on, we recognize both types of entities by their form: clocks are cyclical, so it is information and its systems. Space is a lineal plane, so are energetic system. This leads to a key principle to understand and classify entities of reality: Form is function. And so the ball – the inner part of a sphere – is the perfect form of information as it is the shape that stores more form in lesser space, and the line or plane the perfect form of energy, as it is the fastest motion/biggest surface of space between two points.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

The dimensions are thus 1 for lineal motion, 2 for cyclical form and so 3 for Energy, which can be considered a sum of the 2 other elements (though the operandi to relate angular and lineal momentum, limbs and head with bodies will vary according to the phenomena we study).

Often in fact we shall use the product to combine them (for the meaning of each operandi look at our post on non-Ælgebra).

The rule being that when we merely peg adjacently a limb-particle system we add it, and when we combine them at the lower ∆-1 scale also we multiply it. I.e. a system of 3 elements and 2 elements will have 3 x 2 possible axons combined each element with all the other elements of the different set. So multiplication combines a system in a lower scale (and it is used for particles), and sum is a superposition more shallow in a single scale (and its proper of waves).

This resumes in its two fundamental equations: e x I = K (that describes any complementary system of energy and information,  in space) and E<=>I (which describes it in time as a series of flows of transformation of energy into information), since E=I maximizes a product of E+I; and so we do have now 3 basic relationships E+I, E=I, and e x I to get a functional balanced form communicating across two scale.s

In physics it followsthose laws are always of the type ‘superposition’ for waves that ad, and product for particles: ST = Space quanta (H, k) x Time frequency (v, T).

So we can easily derive the fundamental laws of quantum and thermodynamics and the meaning of its constants, with the left side equation (which the nuclear physicist will immediately identify with the decay rate of an atom, and the ‘entropic believer’ with the Pv=nKT law of gases).

In that regard, we have now a better mirror theoretically to understand the Universe, with 2 arrows and its energetic combination, so we just need to apply it.

This sound-sound theory of the Universe, IS called Duality, the science which explains reality with the 2 arrows of time, lineal entropy and cyclical information, form, stored in the frequency and form of those logic closed circuits and ‘clocks of time’ of which brains, particles and chips are made.

It has always been with us, for simple humble people to wonder, since even the smallest atom follows it laws. So taoists called yin, information, yang, entropy and its ∞ combinations the creative energy of reality.

Duality as we said has always been in the tradition of knowledge, as it is obviously truth. Specially in Asian cultures. So Hindi called the 2 arrows of time, the female, informative principle, Visnu and Shiva, the God of entropy and death; and its ‘energetic’ combinations the ‘hairs of Brama.’ Duality is everywhere, from the computer you are watching made with binary languages of ‘O’ and ‘|’, to the duality of body and mind, female with curved bodies and males with lineal ones; and then when we look at it in depth, trinity, its combination comes (even there is a gay sex that mixes qualities of both).

The only discipline of science which is ‘entropy only’ and has ‘entropy only theories of the Universe as dogma’ is Nuclear physics. Even if of course duality is all over physics, albeit not expressed in terms of time arrows. So for example, a time cycle which is represented by ‘frequencies’, appears in physics as the ‘inverse function of lineal time’: ƒ=1/T.

The constant transformation of one into another.

Despite their inversion, and this is the most important law of the Universe, energy and information constantly transform into each other. It is the principle of ‘conservation and transformation of energy back and forth into in/form/ation, forms in action’ which becomes the new fundamental law of the 4th paradigm, widening the principle of conservation of energy:

‘All motion, trans/form constantly back and forth into form, combining into energy beings, E<=>I’

Motion and form are the 2 primary elements of the Universe, which combine into complementary systems of energy. And those 3 ‘conserved elements’ akin to lineal, angular momentum and energy, broken into infinite fractal parts can then be ensemble to create the systems of the Universe with limbs/potentials, body waves and particle-heads that exist between its dissolution into ‘scattering entropy’ or its social evolution into tighter wholes. THAT SIMPLE IS REALITY when expressed with the dual->ternary->5D principles explained in this blog.

In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, lineal motion (lineal momentum) and cyclical form (angular momentum), mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Entropy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.


4D»∆-1(seed)∑∆:|-Ts(limb-field)<Ø-S≈T (iterative bodywave)> O-St (particle-head)«5D∆-1(death)

The natural name for the worldcycle of a supœrganism traveling through 3 planes of space-time is the function of exist¡ence, as we take advantage of the similarity of all languages, mirrors of the same Universe made of synchronous organisms whose topological trinity parts are entangled by the < ≈ > 3 operands of informative evolution, T>S that synchronizes time cycles slowing down its rhythms, entropic energy, S<T that expands entropic timespace dissolving its information and T≈S that gathers together in parallel herds T.œs (ab. Timespace organisms) with a common property/dimotion of exist¡ence. So as energy and information are synonymous of Time and Space, and both entangle together through the re=productive operand, ExI=ST¡ becomes the acronym for the function of existence of an entangled supœrganism, studied by a given ‘st¡ence’, that is a science that studies a relative plane of size and time speed of the 5th dimension – the name we keep for the whole of wholes:

In graph, a mathematical algebraic and geometric description of a worldcycle in lineal time, through 3D scales. Left the worldcycle represented with ± exponentials & its inverse, logarithmic curve around the key points of change of phase: as growth slows, ‘entropy-motion’ diminishes. So we move from ‘childhood of max. growth in both parameters (sT energy & St information) to the y”=0 point of youth, in slower logarithmic growth. Together they form, one half of the cycle of existence, till reaching the y’=0 point of Max.SxT). Then lifecycles become negative, in a slow decay of – Logarithm in maturity, and – exponential in the final collapse of death. So the worldcycle has a mirror symmetry around the Si=Te, when at Max. SxT the system reproduces. Those composite functions appear in all growth curves and expressed as e±ix in complex planes become lineal sinusoidal sine/cosine series & functions. Finally in the ∆-1 scale can be seen in the placental probabilistic 0-1 ‘unit’ sphere of max. exponential palingenetic growth or as part of a species, in simultaneity, as a Bell curve of spatial statistical populations (i.e. as in the duality of the T-probability 0-1 sphere of the placental particle age of quantum physics vs its. 1-∞ entropic statistical function of grown up molecular thermodynamics..


The fundamental beat of existence between the entropic limits caused by the Standing points of Max. S x T and Max. T x S is part of such worldcycles, and can be described as usual for any ‘plane of exi=st¡ence’. So we can start with the simpler one, an SHM.

In essence the beat starts with the mind opening to exist¡ence in a given plane, to perceive, @; and as the mind moves on the fifth dimension of scales, absorbing bits of information from ∆-¡ and bites from ∆-e, such as ¡>e, the mind is a traveler through the fifth dimension. The mind as a ‘whole’ thus will move if we were to consider a simple physical system in ‘Euclidean geometric space’, up and down to extract the bits of information from an advantageous, vertical point of view; and laterally to absorb bites of energy. So the second ‘element’ to enter the game is ‘scale’:


But the function of a mind is always the same: to reproduce its inner information into outer space, trying to start a radiation; which might be seen as motion if the reproduction dominates its form and the previous state disappears, or an act of communication if the reproduction in ∆-1 takes off as a wave of form towards a perceiver. But in both cases the reproduction extends through Space, and so the third element in the game is space: @->∆->S; and as reproduction continues away from the source, through a limited time, entropy will finally makes the reproduction loose its ‘definition’ as information, and its ‘energy content’ enclosed by the membrain that forms it, and so at a certain point of time, @->∆->S->¬ > T, the reproductive wave will disappear.

So @∆S¬T becomes the sequential basis for all ‘units’ of Dimotions, and on that simple scheme with multiple variations the events of reality build its complexity.

How then can we account for all its variations? The answer are the rules of existential Algebra, which are imposed mostly the ¬entropic limits of a competitive Universe between different supœrganisms part of a larger world ecosystem. So the ∆+1 world ecosystems tends to impose limits to growth in space through reproduction, and duration in time, and to the capacity of a mind to peer through other ∆-scales of reality in search of bits of information and bites of energy, to merge and web in its mental s-pace to reproduce new clone function of exist¡ence. How we perceive those @∆S¬T existential events and how we describe them and how we code them varies. The easiest division, which we will perform in our two articles dedicated to worldcycles in sequential time and supœrganisms in simultaneous space, is between the 3 first elements, @∆S and ¬T.

But the logic of the Universe is more complex than the humind’s structural capacity to perceive it. The mind mirror of man is very limited in 99.99999% of humans, which expect to construct truths with single causal Aristotelian logic and see e=vidence in the visual plane. And my experience is that is that. Doesn’t really mind how many Nobel prizes the humind has, it will try to return to ceteris paribus causality, single mathematical languages or verbal Aristotelian causality when reality happens rather like a magic puzzle of simultaneous entanglement of the 5 elements, which are better grasped without words as a mental intuition of things ‘closing in’ and finally locking in simultaneity.

Still we could describe as the variations of that simpler sequential way of perceiving events to come from STRATEGIES of survival within the fundamental limits of the topology of ∆ST: events must happen in adjacency, through the discontinuities, a term of topology that means each stœp is pegged to the other or else it dies away. When a system ‘ruptures’ simultaneously in two scales, in 2 time quanta, ∆0«∆-2 it dies. It looses first its networks and immediately its cells are left undefended and unfed and dissolve faster as their ∆-1 time cycle by virtue of 5D metric, SxT=C is faster. A cascade of death might ensue as far as the minimal atomic unit; but when two planes are dissolved the information of the system cannot be recomposed. And this is the big error scientists do. Information is NOT conserved in a continuous form, but reproduced in discontinuity.

Some of the tricks to bypass the game.

This said of course there are some tricks the smartest elements of reality have to by-pass the stringent rules of adjacency in space, scale and time, of those stœps of existence. To mention a few:

– Transmission of information happens very often at ∆-1, in the form of a seed that moves in 5D metrics faster, so it can reproduce and travel in the faster ∆-1 medium to ‘surface’ again at a certain distance and magically reproduce far away from adjacency. We observe this happening in all scales.

Seminal seeds of ∆-1 light, the cellular component of electrons travel to reproduce an electron further away. And in the symmetric Max.¡ galaxy, flows of dark entropy from black holes (top quark stars) give birth far away through hyperluminal jets to new irregular galaxies (we won’t argue with primitive physicists on their hang-up on ‘God Einstein’ ‘out of the hat’ ‘ill understood’ limit of c-speed which amounts to this: physicists do not understand i-complex number and negative mass/energy so they just scrap it with its fundamental method of no-knowledge, reductionism, point… papers on 5D physics will illustrate that).

So yes, the Brogile->Bohm theory is right, quantum potential is faster than light, it is the ∆-1 plane, it is likely the background neutrino plane and through it, top quark stars, aka BH do communicate enough information to surface at 10c Speed giving birth to new galaxies. As electrons produce seminal seeds of ¥-rays at a mean 10 times the speed of its orbital form; and huminds talk at c-speed through ¥-waves of radio to communicate, surfacing words far away, and neurons translate chemical calcium waves of glia and glandular cells.

And here we can see a first paradox of simultaneous time. Who is first, where causality lays? Because in terms of physics, without math details we know going faster than light appears to us as moving backwards in time. And if the slower calcium way is the transmitter of the order in the faster neuronal electrical wave, then the neuronal thought comes after the emotional thought, as recent analysis of human actions seem to show.

The answer though is more on the way Einstein described simultaneity… Both acts of communication come to agree on complementarity to form a ‘simultaneous time period’ where both happen at the same time, webbing a ‘new time unit’ or ‘envelope’ in terms of S=T symmetry of slower time tics where we can perceive the simultaneity of both clocks – as expressed in Broglie’s 1st masterpiece paper, so envied by the lesser Pauli and Bohr’s ensuing on slaughter in his quantum realist theory; the most astounding error of science still going on, by which a bunch of mediocre scholars imposed in team a mediocre interpretation to the father of it all.

This inner tug of war between two orders coming in different past to future to past paths, emerges therefore as a synchronicity and the way we interpret it from our single time point of view matters less than the new envelope. I.e. we could see from our v<c speed a faster than light speed as a future to past motion, such as the time it costs the wave to move in our c-limiting speed, v=s/t, t=s/c, can be matched with the future to past interval ‘gained’, such t=s/c = t1-to . So this interval from past to future plus the v=s/time from future to past of standard motion cancel each other into an eternal 0-present.

Those concepts then are the structural elements we need to understand in the other article focused in the simultaneity and synchronicity that emerges as a new ‘envelope’ of time-space to allow supœrganisms to appear as single wholes, though the larger they come the slower their tics of time are (5D metrics) precisely because in the ‘pentalogic’ complex view of an event from the 5 ‘relative perspectives’ of ∆, S, T, ¬ and @; we can also consider a ‘trick’ of the mental space a mind creates this present non-local Time=0; and consider in fact the motion has happened in a fraction of time because its v->∞ from past to future; and yet its was a ‘finitesimal amount’, 0’ so immortal present did NOT exist, there was just a very fast tic of time.

What is then truth in 5D? As in the simpler paradoxes of 4D where we hint to some of those effects, it is relative to what the mind perceives and comprehends. In any case, the pentalogic study of supœrganisms, will be our final paper accompanying this one which is simpler – smile – to grasp because worldcycles despite becoming in its smaller actions, ‘Lagrangians tending to 0’, do accumulate in the repetition of a relative µ number of 0’ actions a sizeable amount of ‘errors’ of information that keep warping the being making it older.

So in the ∆-1 scale those @∆S actions finally meet its ¬T entropic limits in time, which are parallel to the loss of ‘range’ of the mind in its travels through scales to get energy and information, closer in tighter ranges till the system cannot reach out in the world for more bites and bits and starts to ‘eat’ its own vital energy, and so we see warping, wrinkling, loss of ‘mass-weight’, of the ‘active magnitude’, of the ‘cellular space’ of the vital organisms till it will implode collapse, die and then explode in a big-bang of dissolution of form, giving back whatever it still has to an ∆-2 lower plane. So the star implodes and collapses fast into a nova that explodes as ejects its heavier atoms; and a man warps fast looses weight, gets older, enters its death and then its vital matter escapes eaten by flying flies… and the black hole, aka top quark swarm on the center of the galaxy devours all its dust of space-time, and then its formed stars and then the halo of strangelet matter collapses into the quasar, which explodes back into a beta decay of the larger galatom scale; and the species which grew in informative height, but not enough becomes devoured by the placental mammal that eats inside out in the night the dinosaur and its eggs, and only those who fly away and escape as birds to the rocks and islands where the rat didn’t go survived.

So the game through its 3 sub-worldcycles, þ, the placental cycle, l, the lifecycle as an I,1 being, and the worldcycle in the larger world, tends to be always set up by the search for the Mandate of Exist¡ence, Maximize your ∑SxT (∏s=t) function. The final slide in a 3rd age of information and entropic collapse in that sense can be considered an ‘error’ of the game, such as the larger nested organisms live longer, and it is a fact of Cosmology (not of the erroneous human big-bang entropic projection of our love for simplex entropy) that there is an immortal species, the proton-black hole, which so far in the atomic and galaxy self-similar scales lives for ever, implying that the game of exist¡ence is indeed immortal for the absolute whole decametric scale but not for the internal parts and partial equations of which those of Earth, the supœrganism in which man nests, are part.

Duality as an asymmetric action between planes of existence.

Duality in that sense can be perceived as an asymmetric action that the selfish 0’-point tries to acehive in all contacts with other species of the Universe. Perpendicularity is an action that doesn’t evolve socially two elements, save for gender symmetries that reproduce a third form and hence are part of trinity, and the subsequent evolution of form. In pure duality the system is Darwinian, predatory. So we can establish the main actions of existence of a system, through those asymmetric exchanges between planes.


The 2nd postulate defines lines as waves of points with volume (which explain complementarity wave particle), no longer as an abstract form like Euclidean geometry does, but as a physical wave of self-similar, fractal micro-points that carry energy and information, as they move between 2 macroscopic points, with 2 possible functions, to communicate energetic forces or linguistic information.

2nd Postulate: A cycle of fractal space-time: ‘A wave of communication is a group of self-similar micro-points that move in parallel lines between 2 macro-points, transferring energy and information between them’.

In Non-E geometry a line with parts is not defined by a sequence of numeric intervals within a straight line, but by the communication of 2 poles of energy and information that establish a flow of particles in 2 opposite directions, creating a simultaneous, paradoxical wave. Such waves again can have different purposes. A wave dominant in information communicates symbiotic particles, creating an informative bondage/network; a wave dominant in energy might be an aggressive action between different species that fight for each other’s vital energy or territorial space; and a wave that balances the energy and information of both points meets in the center, creating a new self-similar, seminal particle, as when 2 electrons emit waves of densely packed photons, which merge in the middle and give birth to another wave.

When we observe a one-dimensional line as a form with inner parts it becomes then a 4-dimensional wave made of cyclical points with motion. Hence in quantum theory we say that any particle in motion has associated a wave. Thus the 2nd postulate resolves the wave/particle duality, as all lines are now waves traced by a point with inner volume. Further on, since all lines have volume, they carry information and so all forces can in fact act both as a source of energy and as a language of information – as physical experiments prove. Since when we observe a ray of light in detail it becomes a 4-dimensional wave with electric height and magnetic width, often exchanging flows of energy and information in action-reaction processes of communication between bigger points.

When we generalize those concepts to n-points we can define a space as a network of Non-Euclidean points. Indeed, Riemann affirmed that a space is a network made of herds of points with similar ‘properties’. Planes of space are therefore networks of points. The self-similarity of their properties defines its density determined by the number of points and its proximity that grows with self-similarity. So similar points come together into a tighter, more continuous space; whereas the density of the space is proportional to the similarity of its points, till reaching ‘boson state’ of maximal density when points are equal.  And when a volume of spatial energy is very dense, it is very difficult to go through it, as it happens in the ultra-dense, small space of black holes.

Spatial extension and form/density/mass are inverse parameters, Max. T = Min. S. If we generalize that property to all scales, we can define different fractal spaces by its proportion of mass/density and energy /distance. This is done with ‘Universal constants’ that explain the proportions of energy and information of those spaces.

For example, in physical scales, there are 4 fundamental space-times, the gravitational space-time between galaxies of max. energetic space and minimal formal density; the light space-time of our world, which carries information in the frequency of the wave; the electronic space-time of atoms with more formal density and lesser spatial speed and finally the quark-gluon liquid of atomic nuclei and probably black holes, with maximal density and minimal spatial information. All of them are defined by Universal constants and functions that are either ratios between the energy and form of those space-times, or define the transformations of one space-time into the others. Einstein’s field functions would be the first case, defining the relationship between energy and mass in a gravitational space, while the fine constant of electromagnetism would define the transformation between light space and electronic space/ charge; and the gravitational constant between gravitational space-time and quark/mass. Where the relative densities of information and extension in space of those space-times are in balance, such as ΣTxSi=K. Thus electrons move slower than light but have more density.

All this said it is thus obvious that the fundamental unit defined by the 2nd postulate is no longer a point but an action, Tex Si= k between points, a dimotion.

From duality to trinity: acts of creation. Gender, parity, chirality, as functions of reproduction, Si=Te S<T>S

Yet as Space=Time, we can talk of two fundamental states of beings, the Si=Te, reproductive female gender, and the entropic/informative S<T>S beat of creation and destruction from the relative past to future to past stœps, dominant in male species. In its simplest form, the Si=Te differences interlock by ‘mirror symmetry’ reproducing the system. Which is the common method of reproduction from parity particles to chirality molecules to gender, to AI dual brains where one pole is the creative/destructive pole and the other the Si=Te balanced pole that chooses and reproduces the best systems. in biology we find the equivalent beat for biologic systems brings together S-female and T-male genders into an SóT act of reproduction (vibration back and forth between both elements); which does happen also in Species as a whole, which S-evolve in smaller sizes during cold ages of minimal motion, followed by ST-radiations of reproductive species; and in socio-biologic sciences, as smaller nations (Greece, Holland>England now robotized Korea & Israel) evolve new technology and ideas then radiated in global empires – today virtual networks.

How those four ‘logic dimensions’ of motion, information, stillness and entropy recombine is the truly fun moment of creation in time. As all combinations are possible departing from the first antinomial dualities:

Space vs. Time, words so confused in different human jargons that are kept mostly for tradition:

Entropy=expansive motion vs. Information=Imploding motion

Space=stillness vs. time=motion, the most used definition for them, which gives birth to:

Mind-intelligence-synchronous space vs. cyclical time motions, with its two inverse arrows.

This is the ultimate conceptual duality, that between the magic harmonious creation of minds of space vs. Temporal, mindless motion with its automaton deterministic cyclical order.

Time cycles, St                    Vs X       Entropic Space, ΣEs            ≈ST-momentum-actions- energetic information

Time-clocks: O-form           Vs.        Space motion: Lineal        ≈ waves

Small, still                             Vs.       Large,  moving fast      ≈   Open curves

Tall, Perpendicular                     Vs.             Long, Parallel   ≈  wide, intersecting

Hierarchical  Order                           Vs.           Democratic chaos-freedom

Bidimensional Height                Vs.            Bidimensional Length  ≈ tri-dimensional entity

Cyclical, Rotation, imploding     Vs.            Lineal, uncoiling, exploding   = beating rhythm

Informative Frequency         Vs.             Lineal Speed                        = momentum

Broken  form                           Vs.               Continuous, differentiable

Intelligent, perceptive             Vs.                   Strong, fast.   =        energetic top predator

Social, organic, creative              Vs.           Darwinian, destructive behaviour   =

Future, logic path              Vs.            Past, trailing motion

Life arrow                                Vs.                      Death arrow.     = existential world cycle

Waves of §pace                      Vs.                     Particles of Time

Female, yin principle             Vs.               Male, yang principle   = reproduced child

Masses, charges                  Vs.                       Forces, fields       = energy

Heads  & senses                     Vs.                    Limbs               =  Bodies.

The formal=functional differences between entropy and information (organs) is a duality – the ‘Black hole Law’:

Limbs/fields of Maximal Space=Entropy x  Min. Form Vs.Max. speed of Information=Minimal Spatial extension= heads & particles

For example, as the chip becomes smaller halving its size every 2 years it doubles its capacity to process information (‘Moore’s Law) The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster communication takes place within that brain and the faster it calculates and processes information in a logic manner.

If we consider that each being can be in a time or state of space, the question now is. What defines then its state?

In mathematical terms the answer is its curvature, its form, FORM becomes then the definitive element of being, as you cannot change so fast from cyclical to lineal form and viceversa, as you can between state of form and state of motion.

Cyclical time and the world cycles of existence of beings, made of a sum of ‘actions’, which become ‘arrows of time’ (spatial entropy, temporal form and its e x i =st combinations) which are ordered in sequential world cycles of time, which gives us the sensation of a cyclical time program of past to future, which we can also see as a sum of synchronous minds in which ‘knots’ of timespace actions converge, through several co-existing scales.

And yet despite its inverse properties, energy and information transform into each other ad eternal – a fact, which requires them to have the same dimensions. And indeed, information is bidimensional along the dimension of height while energy is a bidimensional plane (holographic principle), what makes possible the transformation of one into another.

A fact that defines the aforementioned ‘law of conservation of energy and information’ and the ‘Invariance’ of the product of energy and information of any part or whole of the Universe, resumed in two fundamental equations of Absolute Relativity:

e x I = K, and E<=>I, which in general relativity and quantum physics read as ext=K and now we shall expand to all ‘complementary systems of the Universe’.

The game of inversions of space and time.

In the graph we illustrate the ‘Space-time’ Essence: Time is measured with clocks, which are actually, one dimensional cycles. Information is the same than a time clock, a ‘form’ that we see static. Energy is made of quanta, which are lines, that group together into sheets of space. And to perceive them, we have ‘spheres’ made of multiple layers of cells, and cameras which are isomorphic. An to move through Space we have ‘lineal members’, which move us in toroid open and closed curves. And so happens to lineal weapons. And then fields of energy and information make together a light ray, which is really also a bidimensional surface.

How time states transform into space states, how motion becomes stillness, how life dies, how space integrates in time, leaving a tail of memorial quanta, how time integrates in space, creating an organism of multiple flows of energy and information – those are the most interesting and profound dualities of the Universe.

Time slows down till it becomes space, as a new quantum of the upper scale, and then a new clock of time are created.

This is the arrow of growth of the 5th dimension: the slow down of time as it multiplies the quanta into a larger surface.

There is though an inverse game when descending scales.

The clock of time makes the quanta of space grow, till it reaches a limit of death.

Then time becomes space, and a new quantum of time appears, to multiply the quanta.

Then time finds a barrier and all starts again.

So time becomes spatial h-Planck quanta of the upper scale and a new clock, frequency is found: E=hv.

Frequency freezes as quanta, in the form of entropy K-boltzmann, and a new clock, temperature appears.

The clock again freezes, and becomes space, in the form of mass, and a new time clock, speed appears.

Speed frees as c-space, light space, becomes neutrino quanta, and a new clock of time appears…

We shall study those combinations of the 3 x 3 x 3 elements of space organs, time ages, and social quantifiers, ∑s, ∏t, ∆st which defines the clocks of time, quanta of space and forms of transformation, in each specific science in more detail.


ASSOCIATED to those exchanges of entropy, energy and information there are ‘constants’ that establish the main s≤≥t exchanges possible according to a series of ratios that define how the singularity>organism interacts with its world, of which 3, speed, density and existential force are the most important (s/t, t/s, s xt), as they define the entropic, reproductive, informative and social power of the system.

So the quantitative analysis of bidimensioanl flows and actions go through the use of vital and universal constants in equations of ®lgebra (existential algebra).


What is all about? The survival of a point of view, which maps in stillness a world of information and tries to imprint its universe with mirror images of its self, clone images that become cells of a supœrganism. Order is repetition of information, in present body-waves that maximise, ExI, the parts of a point of view. We can describe all this in a simple formalism known as the function of existence, whose development in 3 phases, of max. E, youth-past-gaseous-entropic state, max. i, future, old-informative-solid state/ age, and Max. E xI (e=i) balances steady liquid state form a world cycle.

Let us then study after we have analysed the topology of the Universe its ‘existential algebra’, which is the origin of the algebraic equations of sciences.

The function of existence: Max. e xi (s=t)

The function of existence in 3 ages, with its max. point of balance in the wave-female, s=t, max. ExI state, between the field, of maximal entropy and the particle of maximal information, which combine into the 2 ‘male states of max. entropy (particle disintegrating its information) and maximal information (particle transforming field-limbs motion into informative perception).

Both together provide also a gender interpretation of the states of the being and its complementarity wave-particle, female-male, body-head elements which prey on the limb/field of energy as they travel through its ages and trace a whole world cycle -already provided by the bagua of earlier taoism, the first analysis of existential algebra in human sciences:

In the simplest description of the Universe, we can talk of the use of existential algebra, which studies in detail the space-time actions of all points of view that first gauge information, create a still mapping of the Universe, and then try to imprint a territorial field of energy with the perceived form, enacting its imagination, as an act of survival of its self, which becomes the body of its organism, which will through a series of isomorphic actions of absorption of energy and information, trace a world cycle, step by step of present repetition of its wave-body actions and informative perception, e>i, on its field-particle state, till finally it becomes so unbalanced, as the wave is present but the particle-field male state is E>I integrative and diminish the energy of the system, hence defining an overall Сmotion:

Female Present-wave-body state: S=T + Past>Future, field>particle male state = ∆I: Life Сmotion + E:Death Сmotion: Big bang=0


Non-E points were discovered in the XIX C. as ideal geometries of space. Einstein used them to explain gravitational space/time; but its quantic , empirical understanding is poor due to the error of continuity that considers only 1 Non-E space, the Universe, when there are infinite discreet Non-E space-times.

The 3 zones of a Non-E point are:

– An informative center and outer membrane of energy, described by Riemann’s spherical geometries.

– A central reproductive zone, described by Klein as a disk, made of quanta in cyclical movement that communicate energy and information between the 2 discontinuous inner and outer zones.

– A field of energy or limbs, described by Belgrami as a series of cones of ‘height’ with a negative curvature.

Galilean paradox

The st beatings of the Universe define 4 dimensions immediately of motion, s≈S, T≈t,  S<T, T<S, which are the four fundamental motions of the Universe. being the fifth dimension, the no motion of them all in the still pure space-time of the Mind, @.

So departing from 4 motions, we must first consider if an S≈s and a t≈T is motion: it is in the scalar growth OR DIMINUTION. WHILE the stop and Tgo, Stop, Tgo motion and form gives us the other two:

we cannot see motion and form together, the whole and its parts, we confuse lineal detailed view in short space-time intervals with cyclical, larger slower view… such galilean paradoxes are the reflection of Space=time dualities that the mind tries to ‘con-form’ into space-simultaneous view to ‘perceive them’. (Perception being always in space-simultaneity as still form a quanta of space=time).

The Universe is a fractal supœrganism of 5 dimensions of space-time, where the fourth dimension of parts and the fifth dimension of wholes create its scalar, organic structure, as it is made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

Those super organisms follow a fundamental logic rule, which started modern science – the realisation that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from form’ (Poncaire, Principle of Galilean relativity) according to which all motions in time can be seen as form-distances in simultaneous space and vice versa.

So we conclude that space-time, what we perceive as motion and form is composed of 5 dimensions of space undistinguishable of its equivalent perceptions as motions of time, hence:

5 D ST = 5 T-motions + 5 S motions (S=t).

This simple equations of the logic behind galilean relativity will suffice to explain all what exists.

S=T; creation of form and motion dimensions and its balances.

The Universe is a supœrganism of 5 dimensions of symmetric space-time. Whereas time means motion and space form. Yet since due to Galilean>Einstein’s relativity we cannot distinguish motion from form, for each dimension of space, we must consider a symmetric dimensions of time (the form we see in motion).

Since as we can only compare entities with equal number of dimensions we must write:


as the fundamental law of the Universe, which is display in all kind of beings.

(The equivalent of this law of balance in physics, is a Lagrangian of the form:

Ts (size in space) x St (speed of time clocks of information) = Constant


And or, the laws of conservation of momentum: S x T (mv, etc.), and energy its integral in a closed cycle.

And so physicists go around into this third degree of complexity, space, time and space-time elements to conform reality and conserve it… Through the conservation laws.

Two simple laws of conservation and least time in which all of physics is based; albeit explained with complicated ‘pedantic’ obtuse laws, such as the Noether theorem, group theory, etc. which obviously need them to go back to school and learn what the magic of maths and the origin of those laws are in 10D.

Thus we can start studying beings of one dimension of space and one dimension of time-motion, simultaneously.  Or keep growing in analysis till getting to the 5 S = 5t level.

Reality is a then 10 dimensional game of space and time, based in a physical property called Galilean relativity. The fact that we cannot distinguish motion and form, so both dimensions of motion=time and form=space, happen together. This holographic symmetry makes reality a game of N s=t dimensions, which create space-time symmetries, go and stop motions and sets the stage to study dual st systems of at least 2 dimensions, one of space-form one of time-motion and the ‘reproductive’ perception of both together, the ‘third dimension of space-time’.

Starting with those simple principles then we can build different systems of bidimensional frames of reference, starting from the 2 simplest studied by human scientists, mostly physicists, the bidimensional system of motion and form, whereas humans have adopted by convention, according to natural reasons, latter studied in detail, the dimension of length as the first dimension of motion, to measure motions, distances and trajectories in space and the dimension of height as the first dimension of form, of in-form-ation.

It follows then that we must keep labelling dimensions and use bidimensional or four-dimensional graphs of time space, where by the simple method of giving twice the dimensionality to each one, i.e. distance and motion, define lineal space and lineal time, in the X coordinates, height and vibration, are ‘motion space-time related dimensions’ of height.

In general also we can use algebraic conventions to represent those dimensions. So we give negative values to the dimension of information and positive values to the dimension of motion, and in this manner we can rest and operate in classic algebra. So for example, in Einstein’s special relativity the dimension of motion sums in the Sx, Sy, Sz coordinates and the dimension of temporal information, of motion, -ct, rests. This is a classic way to represent the inverse first dimensions of space and time all together, and why Einstein’s equation work.

We can then move to tridimensional pairs, for 6 dimensions and so on, let us then study them in an exhausting manner, realizing of a simple algebraic rule: time dimensions can be modelled with negative numbers that rest to space dimensions by adding motion to a form, and vice versa. We adopt this convention as it suits better present mathematical physics. Then the second dimensions of negative time is the i-complex map, or its ‘squared’ value, recommended in many physical equations (where the unit is i²=-1, c²= k/µ and so on).

Those are different conventions which we shall study in mathematical physics, but show the way the Universe is built up: adding balanced S=t dual dimensions according to the galilean paradox.

The new principle  of conservation of energy.

Now the best way to formalize all those ‘dimensional symmetries’ (4, space-like and 5 time-like being the absolute symmetry between entropy and evolution) IS by EXPANDING THE FUNDAMENTAL EQUATION OF THE UNIVERSE S<≈>T, which constantly transforms spatial dimensions into temporal dimensions.

This is what fractal theorists call a ‘fractal generator equation’, one which through feed backs constantly iterate and reproduce and trans-form reality. It is also the ‘expanded fundamental principle of science, the principle of conservation of energy and information which we rewrite adding the fundamental definition of energy-present = past-entropy x future-information in an absolute sense, (a single plane of present sandwiched between its death-past entropic 4D and its potential future, 5Ð social evolution) or a relative sense (lineal spatial motion x vortex of time-clocks = present momenta).

‘All what exists is a super organism of temporal information and spatial entropy, which combine into energy beings that reproduce constantly in an eternal SYMMETRIC present, S≈T, across infinite scales of size and speed’

The reproduction of 1, 2, 3… 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions.

Now we could consider all this as a reproduction of dimensions, through s=t steps, all motions BEING A STOP AND GO displacement, and s=t beat, so construct a s=t=s=t=s, series of harmonies in which through symmetries of space-time reflections into the similar motion-stop dimension the being reproduces a tail of time-space imprinted above the ‘previous scales’ as a wave’ of new forms, that become wholes, and so the creative ‘upper wave’ over an indistinguishable surface of 1/n finitesimals creates beings literally as the upper form that organises and rises into awareness the ∆-1 beings. Waves, crystals, organisms are thus just the ‘creative’ emergent final @ membrain…

So there are many ways to describe any island-universe, world made to the image and likeness of the whole but the 5Ð and 10D stop-go symmetric conceptualisation is best (expressed in mathematical algebra best, here through the generator equation more than group theory as it is a better mirror)

The Universe is a superoganism of 10 dimensions of symmetric space-time. Whereas time means motion and space form. Yet since due to Galilean>Einstein’s relativity we cannot distinguish motion from form, for each dimension of space, we must consider a symmetric dimensions of time (the form we see in motion).

Since as we can only compare entities with equal number of dimensions we must write,  S=T, as the fundamental law of the Universe, which is display in all kind of beings.

The equivalent of this law of balance in physics, is a Lagrangian of the form:

Ts (size in space) x St (speed of time clocks of information) = Constant ∫S-T∂st=0

And or, the laws of conservation of momentum: S x T (mv, etc.), and energy its integral in a closed cycle.

Two simple laws of conservation and least time in which all of physics is based; albeit explained with complicated ‘pedantic’ obtuse laws, such as the Noether theorem, group theory, etc. which obviously need them to go back to school and learn what the magic of maths and the origin of those laws are in 10D.

This is the law of balance and co-existence of reality that make humans and civilisations co-exist as single super organisms. Cells and organisms co-exists in a single individual, and so, the Universe is a beautiful organic, fractal of scales of reality which follow the same goals of reproducing information to become immortal in ‘states of balance’. And those laws apply also to history and economy systems that should try to find such balances to survive.

So the simplest analysis are those in which we observe a ‘non-e point in space, a point with breath’, as a single dimension, coupled with a dimension of lineal motion, the first dimension of time.

Then we can consider holographic bidimensional entities with dimensions of form and motion:

In the graph we see systems with information and motion=time; systems with entropy and form (bidimensional space), and 4D combinations, of which the basic one is light space-time (our electronic perception of both being tuned to such ‘minimal quanta’ of our perceived reality.

Next we can consider combinations of 3 dimensions of form and 3 dimensions of space; and here we exhaust the existence of a system in single space-time continuum.

In the graph we see 6 dimensional descriptions of a space-time super organism. Now we are talking (: indeed, we can describe an enormous number of systems with 3 ‘fractal parts’ with 3 topologies in space and 3 functions in time, and as it happens since a 4Dimensional system have only 3 possible topologies, that is enough to understand the processes of topological evolution that complete our work in evolution, through 3 topological ages, dominated by each of those 3 elements, and describe a generator equation for all of them:

Γ; Ts: lineal limbs/fields of entropy <Ø-∑ex∏i hyperbolic-bodywaves>St-particle/heads of information.

Spheres that hold the maximal volume of information in particle-heads; flat, lineal topologies – the fastest distance in moving potentials/limbs – and hyperbolic, iterative body waves that generate all the forms, are the 3 only topologies of the Universe, which ensemble to form the ‘present-spatial super organisms’ we see in each ∆-scale of reality:[/caption]

The Interaction between limbs and membranes of energy, informative zero points and cyclic, toroid bodies.

In the previous graphs we can observe some of the interactions between the zero-points (minds), spherical membranes (energetic skin) and toroid cycles that structure the ‘physiological or inner forces’ of all physical systems or organisms.

In topology we consider a form to be the same one, if it is only deformed but not torn. Thus a sphere is in fact any membrane, or skin that closes an inner space inside. This inner space is called the ‘ball’, and the ball does not include the external membrane, neither the hyperbolic center, or zero point. The 3 together form the ternary structure of most systems, with an external barrier communicated with a torus of cyclical flows of energy and information with an informative, hyperbolic center or north south axis.

What matters about those morphological, ternary systems is not so much the specific form but the functions derived of the common properties of each of those 3 universal topologies, which are not rigid, solid substances but deformable networks of points bonded by flows/lines of energy and information. Its dynamism means as distances and flows between points of the network shorten or lengthen the whole form changes but if the cellular network does not break the form remains one of those 3 topologies:

– The membrane is a network of planar, self-similar cells, which expand and enclose the inner organism from the outside. It allows the transfer of energy and information with the external world through the holes of the network; developing specific functional holes: those for energy are called mouths, those for information are called senses. They will be also positive or negative in its directional motion in order to absorb or expel wasted energy and information. All systems will have at least those 2 types of wholes in their strong, energetic, spatially extended membrane that circles the ‘vital space or body territory’ of the entity.

In complex analysis, the external membrane can be multiple: the most extended, less loosely guarded one is the territorial zone in which the informative center moves. In the organic Universe, spatial structures are always ‘functional’ and made of loose networks with motion, which therefore have, as any network does, dark spaces in the holes between them.

Thus the 3 topologies exist to perform informative, reproductive and energetic ‘functions’, which rule the morphology that adapts itself to preserve the function or ‘action’ they perform.

A key property of all membranes according to their function is the equality of all its cellular units, which have similar functions and are exchangeable, submitted in physical systems to the Bose-Einstein statistics, since they are invariant to rotation and substitution in space.

– The still center or hyperbolic north-south axis, or zero point is the point that processes information and hence also the point of consciousness of any system, of any world, of any topology of 4 dimensions, of anything that exists, of anything that is.

To create a mental image, the pixels of the zero point are able to form a boson, synthesis of all its units. In the same manner, a sphere can create in the center of its inner space-time a reflection mirror of all its cells – a zero point of the whole self.

According to the opposite nature of energy and information, the zero point is far smaller than the membrane, but its cycles and processes are much faster.

Look around yourself and you will not see any zero point. That is the beauty of it. All ‘brains’ are internal. They are all guarded they are all secretive, they are all connected, communicated, but at the same time isolated, ego-centers of all the complementary systems of the Universe:

The zero point function is kept in bilateral and planar forms but their position changes from the center to the head, on which the informative cells reside, on the relative dimension of information (height, which allows perception of a wider angle): politicians, kings, priests or markets rule a society from a top position that receive and distribute information.

– The torus. In a film that now has a lot of followers, ‘thrive’, a Californian guru explains that the torus is the most repeated topology of the Universe. He is right, but it is only one of the 3 topologies of any 4-dimensional universe.

The simplest torus is a cycle: we can build a torus departing from a cycle, pi, made with 3 units and 3 apertures, of 0.05Ð between the 1 D-units of the membrane. The cycle then will reproduce a self-similar inner cycle, an internal ring. Then both will form a dual system, in which the inner cycle becomes the zero point that will integrate the flows information that cross through the external disk through those 3 apertures. Thus a dual energy-information circle is formed.

The natural direction of flows of energy and information is from the outer spherical cells into the internal cycle-space: The zero point then observes a reduced mirror image, of the universe, transported through informative channels that interconnect the membrane and the knot of information or zero point in the interior.

The flows between both then rise the dual cycle, creating a curved dimension of height, forming a toroid.

If we extrapolate this fact to all systems, energy becomes the first causal action that gives birth through a cyclical warping to an informative, final form.  Or as Einstein put it: time curves space into mass (a zero point of the gravitational scale).

Alternately such a system can grow and the toroid between the membrane and zero point will finally expand in a big-bang, giving birth to a bigger form.

In this manner a dual system is re=produced; one with a more complex, vital center, and en external, more expansive membrane that protects it. For example in beta decays, a nucleon becomes a bigger, more dynamic atom, with an external membrane, the electron and an internal zero point, the quark/nuclei. Cells in mitosis also reproduce by growing their toroid body and duplicating their zero point – the DNA center of information. Then the cell breaks in two.

We can see that simple assembly in the graph, the eye-zero point system is the hemisphere (right side), in which the flows of the torus converge, coming from an external ‘Riemann sphere’, or membrane, joined with the zero point by a series of flows that reduce energy into denser form.

In the point in which that speed is reduced to zero, a zero point appears, in which a pixel mirror of the external sphere, corrugated into a linguistic image gives consciousness to the system. Then something magical occurs, the zero point processes that energy into information that forms and provokes a change in the position of the entire system. Since the zero point is the will of the system. The membrane develop the limbs of the system. The zero point is the brain and consciousness and the torus the physiological systems or flows of energy and information between both.

Causality determines the flow of growth: the external membrane gives birth to the zero point – it is the father element.  Fact this which brings the theme of evolutionary development in time of a ternary structure in space.

So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

This is the simplest expression of the FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time beings, as all of them will display those ternary topologies.

It is its simplest spatial view, which we shall made soon more complex adding it its time-motions-functions and scales generated by the minds that perceive in the singularity a still mapping of the whole with a language that perceives in itself.

o Swe can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write the ternary topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

Lobachevski was the first geometrician to define a Non-E geometry that Riemann generalized to all relative space/times.

Latter Einstein used Riemann’s geometry to describe the gravitational space/time, assumed, due to the error of continuity, to be the only real space/time of the Universe.

Yet in a discontinuous reality, there are infinite Non-E space-times; and all of them can be analyzed with the mathematical tools of Riemann, Klein and Lobachevski, that describe the inner geometry of quantic space/time fields (physical jargon) that we shall call in the mathematical jargon Non-E points and its 3 quantic zones.

If we put together the work of those 3 authors we obtain a complete description of any Quantic Spaces-Times field and its fundamental properties:

– According to Klein, Non-E space-times have movement. So their ‘speeds’ measure their distances; as physicists do in Cosmology with the expanding speeds of spatial vacuum, which are proportional by a ‘Hubble constant’ to the distance of stars; or as people do in life with real space-time.

So we say that Brooklyn is at 5 minutes by train from Wembley not at 5 miles.

– According to Riemann, space is quantic, made of herds of points with similar ‘properties’; and so it has a quantic density determined by its number of quanta, like the space defined by light does. So when a volume of spatial energy is very dense, it is very difficult to go through it, as it happens in the gravitational space close to black holes. Also Riemann’s space-times might have beyond its discontinuous borders an inner space-time with several dimensions, one for each of its ‘energetic or informative properties’ as it happens with the points of physical reality, from strings to super-symmetric fermions.

Hence Riemann through the concept of ‘properties’, defines a ‘dimension’ as a certain energy or informative network (static point of view), which ‘puts together’ points that share an energetic or informative ‘property=flow’ (dynamic p.o.v.). – Finally Lobachevski and Belgrami proved that space is curved and indeed temporal information curves the spatial energy of any real space-time. So points move in curves, which are ‘cycles’, gathering energy and information through their ‘dimensional networks’.

In the graph, those 3 abstract analyses of Non-Euclidean space-time define 3 different regions that structure all space-time fields (Physical jargon), all Non-E points (Mathematical jargon), all organisms (Biological jargon) and all entities (Philosophical jargon) of the Universe:

– Max. Information: An informative, quantized center or temporal brain, connected to an external, continuous membrane or Riemann’s sphere of maximum form that acts as a relative infinite, unreachable distance, creating the discontinuity between the inner parts of the point. Since the internal quanta points are either jailed by the membrane’s structural density or destroyed by its energy when touching it.

The membrane is the opposite form to the central, informative singularity, with max. spatial extension and continuity, hence with a minimal number of quantic, discreet elements: Max. E=Min.T.

– Max. Energy: the so-called hemisphere of Belgrami, a Non-E space-time, with a dimension of height that transforms energy into information, absorbed or emitted by the central singularity. It is a quantized, informative region similar to a black hole structure. Since it follows the ‘black hole paradox’: Max. T x min. E. So according to the inverse properties of space and time, it has max. temporal information and minimal spatial energy.

– Energy=Information: A middle volume or intermediate territory, discovered by Klein, which combines the energy coming out of the membrane and the information provided by the center, in quantic herds of ‘points with parts’ in perpetual movement, that draw cycles of “parallel lines”. Those inner quanta are confined within the Klein’s disk by the 2 other regions, which have more energy and information and might destroy them by overdrive or absorb their energy and information at will.

Thus, Klein introduces the concept of an infinite, relative distance measured in terms of time and movement. Since in any discontinuous world the infinite are those insurmountable borders the inner time-space quanta can’t cross, as a cell cannot go out of a body, an atom beyond C speed or 0K temperature and a man beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Further on, since those 2 relative infinite limits make any temporal movement of an intermediate point towards the inner informative singularity or the external, energetic border, eternal. As in the myth of Achilles and the turtle, Achilles never arrives because every time it moves it crosses a smaller spatial distance.

The same happens in a Non-E space-time, when a point moves temporally towards its inner or outer spatial limits and finds an increasing resistance to its movement, till finally it is deviated into a cyclical trajectory around the outer, energetic membrane or the height dimension of the inner informative singularity. So the intermediate, quantic cells of the point circulate in parallel cycles always inside the interior of the sphere with contact zones of the type “A” (central figure). For that reason Klein interprets the intermediate region as a circle with an invisible, unreachable membrane, equaling the ‘space-time distance’ between the intervals B1-B2 and B2-B3, despite being increasingly shorter in space. Since the quanta take longer in each step and don’t reach the membrane.

When they do it at point C they become destroyed or deviated. Thus, the energetic membrane and informative center are the discontinuities that isolate their cellular quanta of temporal energy and create a discontinuous ‘World’ within the point. Those discontinuities are called in Geometry a relative infinite, in Biology a membrane, in Sociology or Topology a border. They explain the existence of many different species, which occupy a limited region of spatial energy and last a limited time. So we define a Non-E point as:

A curved region of energy & information quanta, with cyclical movement, confined by 2 limits, an external, spherical membrane of max. energy and an internal informative nucleus.’

Spatial structures are systems made of bidimensional layers of space, networks which had also perpendicular flows through which energy and information was exchanged between layers; because almost every system of reality was structured in this manner.  And since bidimensional geometries were only of 3 types, called varieties. We could limit the Universe to 3 type of spatial bidimensional layers, ‘toroid or energetic layers’, informative or spherical layers, and hyperbolic, cyclical repetitive layers.

And so with 3 layers you can only form a kind of whole, one that has toroid, energetic limbs/fields, spherical, informative particles/heads, and hyperbolic waves-bodies, that mixed both energy and information, lineal and cyclical motions, reproducing both.   The reader can see how little by little I was reconstructing as Einstein wanted the entire Universe, departing from its fractal parts: bidimensional layers of space, and time cycles.

The next discovery was for realize that time cycles also had 3 phases, horizons or ages, an accelerated, energetic beginning or youth of the cycle, a steady repetitive state of constant speed and a decelerating state till the cycle came to a halt. Acceleration-steady state-deceleration; energetic youth-reproductive maturity-old informative age; evolutionary age – reproductive radiation – extinction age; big bang, steady state-big crunch. And so on. I had discovered then the fundamental symmetry of the Universe, between its 3 type of bidimensional space varieties or layers, and the 3 time ages of any system, in which one of those forms of space performed a function in time, and so there was an order or organization in space and an order or organization time.

So the unit of reality is a space-time cycle, and many of them create a knot of time cycles or entity of reality, which will be reproduced by repeating those formal cycles with motion in other region of space-time; and many of those knots of time cycles, which are self-similar, since they are born from the reproduction of a first form, come together with self-similar beings into networks.

Some of those networks are spatially extended with a lot of motion (fields in physics, bodies in biology) and some are very tight, formal, with a lot of in/form/ation, (particles and heads or nuclei in physical and biological jargons). Both types of networks together then create a complementary organism, which is fitter to handle both ‘DImotions’ and form; hence it survives better, it ‘exists’.

Today scientists of measure scorn philosophical and logical analysis of causality in time because it cannot be easily put in Nº.

But numbers are only one of the languages of information in the Universe, and many of its properties of bio-logic nature are better described with logic words. In that regard, we can now fusion philosophy and science answering the fundamental question, ‘why we exist’; since once we realize that we are ‘made of time cycles’, knots of time cycles and networks of knots of time cycles, an intelligent, informative, eternal universe of motions and wills of existence makes the dogmas of deism and mechanism, childish myths.

‘What is existence’ cannot be revealed from the simplex point of view of a mechanical world, which cannot explain the fact that we are made of motions with form that leave a trace on space but are essentially actions in time that have a social finality – to create more complex networks, chaining knots of actions into systems. This social will of every point and entity of the Universe is completely at odds with a mechanist, fixed, solid, senseless, dumb Universe.

Motion in Time and social evolution are concepts that require the capacity to gauge information and interact with other self-similar points to create those organic networks. Further on, dual networks tend to evolve and reproduce new points through exchanges of ‘DImotions’ and information.

The result is the creation of 3rd network/system: the reproductive network. And so most systems of the Universe are organic, ternary systems made of points (which can be anything from atoms to cells to human heads) organized in 3 networks. We exist as organic networks, to sense flows of ‘Dimotions’ and gauge information. Existence justifies itself.

Those Non-Euclidean points crossed by infinite parallels are able to gauge information, which implies a perceptive, intelligent Universe in all its fractal, self-similar scales of reality – a world in which even the smallest atoms can act-react to the environment, ‘aperceiving’ light and gravitational forces. Aristotle and Leibniz, the 2 foremost predecessors of the 4th paradigm of biological whys distinguished conscious perception from vegetative and mechanical perception.

It means perception has degrees of complexity. So the simplex particles of the Universe act-react in a mechanical way; yet they still gauge information, reason why quantum physicists called their theories gauge theories, and they still have 2 complementary networks of ‘DImotions’ and information, reason why quantum physics is based in such complementary principle.

Yet this intelligent, active, temporal, informative Universe can be described with the formalism of logic and mathematics because its fundamental unit – a spacetime cycle – can be explained with ‘feedback’ equations, used in system sciences to explain the back and forth interaction between two poles or elements of an equation. Ts<=>St where Ts is a component of spatial ‘DImotions’, a motion element, body or field and St is a cycle of time that carries information, particle or head, becomes the syntactic, logic, minimal unit of reality.

These simple first elements of reality – points with volume that exchange ‘DImotions’ and information, creating waves of DImotions’ with form (no longer lines – 2nd postulate), according to a set of isomorphisms based in their self-similarity, (no longer equality – 3rd postulate), that makes them evolve into different topological networks (no longer planes – 4th postulate) – make mathematics an organic language able to describe the logic of creation of all systems of the Universe made of infinite fractal, organic networks intersecting and creating when we put them together under those isomorphisms and topological restrictions, the puzzle of reality that the simpler, 3rd paradigm called the space-time continuum and becomes now a General System of Multiple, Fractal Spaces with vital ‘Dimotions’ and Time cycles with information, the two substances of which all beings are made.

And so with those 3 scales of ‘existence’: time cycles, knots of time cycles and networks of knots of time cycles (Non-E Points) we can explain all the ‘actions’ and systems of reality made of those cycles, knots and networks; and describe a complex Universe that exists ‘in time’ more than in fixed space, since it has always motion; it is also dynamic, made of cyclical, feed-back equations whose causal relationships, forms and trajectories are the essence and purpose of existence. We thus consider a more complex analysis of time Сmotions, beyond the duality of ‘Dimotions’ and information, which combine creating a reproductive Сmotion, SxT, and further on socialize, ∑SxT, creating networks. And so the universe has also an organic will: to create networks of self-reproductive points of ‘Dimotions’ and information.

Yet the most astounding property of those points is to be points of view, points with will, which perform actions with the purpose mechanical or not, but probably felt in all scales as the inner freedom of the point, of obtaining ‘Dimotions’, information reproduction and social evolution. The 4 wills or whys of the Universe are indeed embedded in the postulates of i-logic geometry.

The point to exist has to be complementary, to feed and gauge ‘Dimotions’ and information and to last beyond its wearing it has to form part of bigger social networks or reproduce itself to last beyond death.

This program selects those species that reproduce and evolve socially even if that contradicts the primary individual Сmotions of the point. Thus the engine of the contradictions of behavior of points is that tug of war between the Galilean paradox of all points which gauge bigger his nose than Andromeda but need to hunt in herds and control the forms of the Universe with self-similar minds, joined in networks, this eternal duality of freedom vs. order, individual ego vs. collective spirit.

St exist is to act with motion and form, trying to achieve the ‘Сmotions of time’ or will of the Universe – feeding your ‘Dimotions’ network, absorbing information for your informative network, reproduce your system and in doing so, starting an external process of social evolution with self-similar entities to yourself.

Those processes can be described with mathematics but we have to accept an intelligent, perceptive, fractal, self-similar Universe of infinite points of view gauging reality in a mechanical, vegetative or conscious way to explain why it happens. Their mathematical description stems from the duality between geometric form and logical function (hilomorphism).

Thus, the postulates of fractal i-logic geometry define also the basic Сmotions= cycles/dimensions of the Universe: the 1st and 5th postulate define a point as a system whose inner parts are able to transform and emit ‘Dimotions’ and information, E>O<e; the 2nd postulate defines an SxT wave of communication that reproduces ‘Dimotions’ and form between 2 fractal points; the 4th postulate defines the social evolution of a herd that creates a fractal plane – a network with dark spaces; and the 5th postulate explains a point mapping reality, as it absorbs ‘Dimotions’ and transforms it into information through its small apertures to the Universe. Since even a minimal quark, as Einstein affirms, should be crossed by a relative ∞ number of strong forces.

It is the organic will of all systems that search for those 4 Сmotions what makes the quark to exist as a knot of such flows of time Сmotions: a physical particle traces energetic cycles described by the principal quantum number; shapes the form of its trajectory, a fact explained by the secondary quantum number; iterates along the 3 coordinates in similar shapes, an act described by the magnetic number, and gauges information to evolve in social groups, a fact described by its spin number.

And those 4 numbers define it as a Non-Euclidean quantum knot of complementary ‘Dimotions’ and information with a 4D will of time. And as it happens they express the 4 Сmotions of time: E->Principal number; I-> secondary number; Re-> spin number; 4-> social evolution: magnetic number.

Further on, we can reduce all those topologies of social numbers and networks to the canonical 3 topologies of a 4-dimensional Universe, proving that those 3 topologies have the properties of ‘Dimotions’, information and reproductive events.

And so we talk of 4 ‘Сmotions of time’ or dimensions of change that create the future: energetic and informative systems and events, which reproduce a wealth of self-similar beings that organize themselves into social networks, creating bigger wholes – new scales of reality.

And this simple game of complementary beings that in favorable conditions reproduce self-similar beings, self-organized into bigger social networks becomes the why of all realities. Even the simplest particles, quarks of maximal information and electrons of maximal spatial extension and motion ‘decouple’, reproduce, when absorbing ‘Dimotions’ into self-similar forms, and associate in complementary networks called atoms, made with a central informative mass of quarks and an energetic, electromagnetic, wider body of electrons.

The 3rd paradigm of metric measure is not at ease with such ‘dynamic, spiritual concepts’, even if they can be described with the same mathematical formalisms as the previous example of the quantum numbers show. Those apprehensions however are dogmas, which stem from anthropomorphic beliefs.

Fact is that even the simplest complementary systems (quarks and electrons) interact together and if they can absorb more ‘Dimotions’=motion they are able to repeat=reproduce the cycles of its system. And so we talk of a 3rd reproductive system: from quarks and electrons, the fundamental particles of the Universe that decouple in new particles when they absorb new ‘Dimotions’ to living organisms, the fact that all is motion with form makes easy to reproduce those formal motions in an organic way. Thus the new concept of a world made of formal motions brings about also a more complex philosophy of reality – organicism.


From a pure logic perspective, the interaction of form and motion, space and time, mind and entropy, order and disorder is connected through a concept dear to physicists but not so clearly understood, which we shall truly dwell into in the 3-4th post on a(nti)symmetries:

In terms of ‘Space’ we can talk of present time, the body-wave state or ‘asymmetric, hyperbolic form’ (when seen from a spatial, topological view) that ‘splits’ into ternary elements, generating the 3 ‘classic dimensions of time-space – of formal topologies with motions’:

This would be the more profound non-AE understanding on how a present asymmetric body-wave generates its limb/head systems, very much as an egg or seed shoots its vegetative and animal, limbic and head system…

So Present refines itself into 3 sub-present forms, a relative past-present, the limbs of entropy, and the particles-heads of information.

But then we can talk of ‘deep time’, that of the larger scalar planes of entropy and information or ‘absolute time arrow towards the future’ (the arrow of eusocial evolution) and towards the past (the entropic, dissolution event).

Time on space would then be relationships of the kind S≈ T, S≥T and S≤T. It gives birth to the 3 fundamental type of events between form and motion, and they can also be expressed as such in terms of ‘cone of spacetime’ in the way physicists do with simple worldlines but now it would be a ternary number of world cycles, which we just illustrate here, as it is a bit more complex than the first line, but an essential discipline of I-logic geometry (or well, T.œ is to modern stience, sorry science what Aristotle to the previous paradigm – so a lot of new disciplines will pop out of it):








<≈>:  Æxistential algebra 

A more profound formal view of the 3 arrows of time is that of non-AE logic that establishes the rules of engagement between relative past, darwinian, entropic antisymmetric events, and relative future, symmetric, social, evolutionary informative ones, departing from an asymmetric ‘body-wave’ state that fusions both in present realities.

In the graph, the fundamental 3 dimensions-events of time as constructed by the existential algebra between past=antisymmetry, present=asymmetry and future=symmetry, starts the combinations that will form the ultimate underlying structure of reality and its ‘simplest operandi’, easily adapted from the mathematical inverse operandi and its group symmetries. We shall consider in this blog an introduction to what time permitted will be the highest level of comprehension of fractal space-time beings and its rhythms and world cycles of exist¡ences.

The highest level of formalism of the Universe is the process of creation of new systems or destruction due to the a(nti)symmetric properties of a system and its correspondence with the Future (Symmetry), past (antisymmetry) and present (asymmetry) in such a mode that we can calculate past, present and future combinations in terms of its corresponding topological, formal states.

Non-Ælgebra existential deals then with the creation or destruction of dimensions of time departing from present asymmetries, which are present forms that split into past=antisymmetry, and future, symmetry, the topological expression of which is:

|-past x O-future symmetry = Present Asymmetry Ø

So present splits in a superposition of past + future, past – future and future – past variations that can be added into 2 past, 2 future, and 2 past future on different orders, that become then annihilated or evolved into new symmetries.

Now in time we can write:

Present Asymmetry = (Future symmetry – past Asymmetry)  + (Past asymmetry – future symmetry) = 0.

But if we operate them by product = 2 F x P;   – F²;  – P² which logically must give zero also:

2 F@P – F² – P² = 0

Thus 2 F@P = F² + P²

It is then clear that present FxP states are dominant and equivalent to the relative past and future together.

This first law of existential algebra happens in all the systems of the Universe: the present, classic, mature state of the being lasts in time twice the sum of the youth and old age of the system:

The present lasts as much as the past and future combined; it exists in the classic age of balance between form and motion in any system of the Universe.

And so we start to operate in Temporal algebra from simple principles from where we shall extract some fundamental laws and properties of the world cycle, knowing that:

Past is antisymmetric, and its topology simplifies into lines, that break the asymmetric figure in two parts that diverge and…

Future is a rotary motion of angular momentum of the…

Conserved present asymmetry…

Thus past, the line of opposite diverging exploded parts relates to death with less form that future the angular momentum, rotary form which encircles the antipasti, into linguini, of vital energy.

The algebra of i-logic, non-Aristotelian, non-Euclidean geometries is thus essentially an existential algebra in which both the symmetry antisymmetry and asymmetry of operators can be defined both in time and space.

We then by convention define space as present-future, time as past-present and consider its static and moving forms. the line in motion.

The most important element of the Universe in terms of its logic and hence linguistic structure are its modes of connecting its ternary fractal points or ‘parts’ to build larger wholes or annihilate its organisms. This is the subject of Non-æ logic, which can be observed either from a geometric perspective, or from a bio-logic one, through the actions of its organisms. We talk then of ‘asymmetric’ systems, Lines and cycles upper and lower scalar planes, discontinuous parts and continuous wholes, which converge into a middle term. But also of the opposite effect: the destruction when the asymmetric terms do NOT converge but diverge. And this depends on its degree of similarity=parallelism or perpendicularity.

The mixture of both bio-logical and topological properties to determine behavior is then an important feature of ¬Æ, which shows the essential S≈T interaction between space and time form and motion dimensions. Let us then define the Universe and group all its behavior geometrically in destructive antisymmetries, <, parallel symmetries ≈ and asymmetries that come closer to each other to start a social relationship of ‘love’:∑∆-1 >∆º

Types of change in the universe: translational, physical and biological, morphological change.

If we escape the measure of time with quantitative models and study time with qualitative concepts, the meaning of time becomes ‘change’. In philosophical terms we perceive time as change. When something does not change it seems as time would not pass. Change in the form, in the in-form-ation of things is what we perceive as time. Time therefore has as change a formal pattern, it carries information.

If we do not see change in the form of things we do not say time.

Time is change of all kinds. Two time-changes are paramount.

Translational change or external change in the spatial position of beings, studied by physics. And Morphological change, change in the form, or in/form/ation of the being, internal and studied by Biology. General Systems sciences unifies both types of time-change in a larger model based in the multiplicity of time cycles, simplified by the definition of time in physics:

Physics only studies translational time-change, in which there is NOT internal morphological change, defined by Galilean Relativity, as V=∂s/dt. This restricted ‘sphere of time-phenomena’ implied a study of ‘present’ slices of the total flow of time events of a being – between points in which it only translates but does not changes morphologically or else its balance of energy and information will chaotically change its trajectory and would not be easy to calculate.

In the XX century, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity improved Galilean relativity and formalized, simultaneous, present time, derived initially from Galileo’s equation, V=∂s/∂t, hence still studying time as a ‘derivative’ of space parameters – a present slice of the total flow of time=changes of the Universe.

To do so he used a new type of mathematics, non-Euclidean points defined as points in which multiple parallels exist, hence points with volume, with parts, what we call here ‘fractal points’.

This restricted concept of time  is only apt to study ‘translations in space’ . It did not identify the causal laws of morphological change. We thus have to widen further our analysis of time, beyond present to its dimensions of past and future…

Differences between space and time, information and energy and its dimensions.

The Universe is made of fractal clocks of time that break and enclose vital spaces of energy which they use to move and act on the Universe.

And we say ‘vital spaces’ because the paper of the Cartesian continuum space-time is also a simplification with no motion, but all pieces of vacuum have energy, motion. And so we have actually two substances, time which has motion as it moves and shapes into frequencies and cycles, ‘space volumes’, quantum herds of energy motions.

And so the Universe is truly made not of an abstract fixed space-time continuum but it is an astoundingly complex, infinite puzzle, tapestry of energetic motions which ‘cyclical clocks of time’ harness into ‘forms’ with in/form/ation’. In detail all what you see will be a combination of an energy, lineal, expansive, disordering, explosive, ‘spatial’, entropic motion, or ‘field of energy’ in physics, body of energy in biology, social mass in sociology, harnessed, guided controlled, in/form/ed by a cyclical, informative, implosive, ordering, ‘temporal’, negantropic motion or ‘particle of information’ in physics, head of information in biology or ‘informative class’ in sociology, which controls the languages of information of society, the mathematical language of money and the verbal language to harness and form and control society.

This structure and its ‘whole view’ – a tapestry of infinite pieces of vital energy, controlled by informative, gauging particles and heads – is far more complex than the simple space-time continuum of the old paradigm. But it is essential to start from the scratch and change this simplified space-time continuum paradigm, if we want to make sense of reality as it is, and prevent us from making the grossly misconceptions of present science and advance in our understanding of the organic universe.

The next step thus is to reorganize the classic 4 dimensions of the continuum paradigm.

First we realize that this complex broken space-time, now made as a puzzle with infinite particles/fields of information/energy and heads/bodies of information energy, still has the 4 dimensions of classic space-time.

But NOW they must be REORDERED IN two dimensions of time-information (holographic principle), those of the heads and particles of each ‘piece, species’ of space-time and two dimensions of space-energy, those of the bodies/fields of energy.

The graph explains the differences between the old primitive paradigm of a single space-time continuum and the new, more complex paradigm based in the holographic principle and the definition of a fractal Universe of multiple non-Euclidean space-tie planes.

Now all is motion so information and space become cyclical time and expansive energy. And all what exists is a combination of fields/bodies of energy of lineal nature and informative particle/heads. We show 3 dual systems, the light system with its two fields/states as lineal energetic wave/photonic particle; the human head-eye, lineal body system and the essence of all robotic systems, eyes-cameras and lineal transports/weapons.

So what ultimately changes in the Universe are its energy and information systems, made of cyclical complex ‘brains and particles’ that gauge, measure and remember cycles of information, from physical particles to eyes, heads and mechanical chips, and bodies of lineal energy that move those heads and particles, from fields of energy to organic bodies.

We can thus study now the fundamental particle of the Universe, a complementary system of energy and information and study its time cycles, its cycles of change.

Do those time cycles have patterns in themselves, common to all of them? There is, if we were to use the cyclical religions of time (Mayans, Taoists, Zurvanists), a pattern in all cycles? There is indeed. As all systems increase with time its cyclical form, its information and hence diminish its energy:

As time flows, systems become more complex, warped, in-form-ed, from its energy youth to its 3rd age, and this law applies to all systems from big-bang big-crunch universes to history through its Paleolithic youth, mature Neolithic and present age of excessive memes of metal-information.

The most important element of the Universe is time. We live in a society that does not understand time. It is a society whose main idol-ogy has been space, energy, entropy, lineal weapons and physicists have defined time in those terms since Galileo used it as a parameter of space and speed, of motion: t= s/v.

This of course is only an aspect of time, but the idol-ogy of physics has expanded at the rhythm of its machines and its formulae, so today nobody understands the wider concept of time as ‘change’ in the form and motion of things.

In those Terms Aristotle, founder of modern rational thought, divided the study of time – the perception of change around us – in two main sciences, the study of changes in motion and energy would be the realm of physics, So within  that restricted analysis of change of motion time would be a function of space, energy and motion.

But there was also biology, the study of the changes in the morphology, in the form, in the in-form-ation of beings. And this other ‘arrow of time-change’, change in information, would be the key to understand biology, evolution and human societies, as we are living beings.

Time thus has two main ‘arrows of change’, energy or entropy or motion or space or speed, all synonymous concepts studied by physics. And information or form, studied mainly by biology.

And when you put together both ‘arrows of time’ and study both together, its changes, switches between both modes of change, motion and form, you enter a new science, complexity or general systems sciences that studies the dual arrows of time change, E<=>I, in a Universe in which all ‘energies never die but trans-form themselves, back and forth into information’…

This simple postulate defines cyclical time, as the absolute time, of which lineal time, t=s/v, the study of changes in motion is only an aspect, and evolutionary time, the change in form, another. Most entities in fact have ‘rhythms’, and ‘beats’ of change, due to the alternacy between expansive, energetic motions, Max. E, one of the two arrows of time and implosive, informative motions, Max. I, the other arrow.

So the beat of your mouth, of your heart, of your lungs, the flying of a bird, the motions of your legs, all of them respond to beat of explosive and implosive entropy and information, E<=>I, the ‘fractal generator’ of all the cycles of space-time you will observe.

Look around you, the beats of time, the infinite clocks of the Universe made of explosive and implosive rhythms, of entropy and information, of shapes that are changed growing in spatial energy or growing in implosive information, creating with little motion, more form. All those beats of the Universe is what science studies, and General Systems Sciences, the discipline in which this writer is likely the most advanced researcher today, analyzes them all and extracts common  laws and tabulates the rhythms and cycles of exchange of energy and information, of evolution, the rhythms of the 2 arrows of time.


During a few years in International congresses, I chaired the discipline duality – the science, which studies the universe with both arrows of time, spatial entropy, the arrow of disorder and death vs. temporal information, the arrow of order and life – as opposed to physics that uses only entropy as an arrow of time.

In duality we learn that modern science, was reborn in the 50s when Einstein died at the Macy’s congress, where our sciences of information, cybernetic and the study of the Universe with 2 arrows entropy and information became the canonical future of philosophy of science.

Physicists missed it except Von Neumann, and while they now use computers constantly because they did not accept ‘information’ as an arrow of time, meaning the future can follow always 2 paths:

An increase of information, which happens to be the commonest path. So you increase through life your form, your in-form-ation (dimensional form being the most correct definition of information, something artists who create informations, forms with the mind and human senses do understand better than most physicists, who think information is just a single digital language, as they confuse it with computers only).

So the galaxy also increases its form, its information as ‘time bends space into mass’, which falls towards the black hole. And cellular systems evolve into more efficient forms, with more information, and become super organisms. Yet the form or information of the Universe is stored in cyclical time clocks that carry the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles. And this is the essence of the fractal paradigm and the meaning of relativity: the Universe is made of infinite time clocks, with different speeds of processing information, and different forms and dimensions, till the 4 we perceive. Then we do not perceive more forms, but ‘scalar planes’ of information, which evolve socially parts into wholes. This is what we have experienced probing smaller and larger scalar planes of reality.

So at most we can talk of the 5th dimension of relative scalar planes of size, and infinite time clocks, which paradoxically carry more information, the smaller they are – so smaller systems code larger, ones, small chips code our civilization, small genes our body, quantum particles, physical systems. And we can directly put into correspondence, the arrow of information, of form and the clocks of time, such as a bit of information is created when a cycle of time closes into itself.

So computers which calculate bits as 0-1-0 logic closed loops calculate their information by the frequency of its cyclical clocks; and proteins store information in the form of its dimensional warps. Does we define a closed loop of time, frozen as a memorial form, as a bit of information, and the faster a clock of time closes its cycles, there is more information. And it follows that both time cycles and information is broken, made of infinite pieces, and the Universe is in terms of information a fractal, made of formal motions, which leaves a constant trace of information as its time cycles close its loops.

An increase of entropy, which is exactly the inverse arrow of information, as it means the erasing of information and breaking of loops that become opened, erased as they expand in space. So entropy is as an arrow of general time understood as an expansion of space, and diminution of the information stored in closed loops of time. It is also a synonymous of death in this philosophical concept, different though from the mathematical equation of entropy taken from a specific expansive motion – that of ideal gases.

Now this better understanding of the 2 arrows of future, cyclical time clocks of information, and entropic, open, kinetic energy motions, and the construction of more real models of the Universe and all its fractal parts made of cyclical clocks and kinetic motions, stored in the particle/heads and body/waves of physical and biological systems (principle of complementarity of physics and duality body-mind in biology), already expressed by the classic Eastern philosophers of yin-information and yang energy, resurrected by Descartes, with his description of a Universe made of res extensa (spatial entropy) and time clocks of information (vortices), resurrected at Macy’s congress, but never properly formalized, became the theme of Duality, one of the founding disciplines of Information theory, systems sciences and cybernetics.

Because information not entropy, dominates the Universe; and information, form-in-action, is created, re=produced by those fractal systems of cyclical clocks duality therefore became the foundations of modern philosophy of science.

But there was not formal model of the science till I arrived to the field in the late 90s, and formalized duality in those modern terms, with a book called Time cycles, which landed me the world chair of the discipline. This blog 2 decades latter will pour all the research I have done, which never was passed to the scientific community.

 A more complex logic of time MOTIONS.

To systematize the time motions of the Universe for each species, and to establish its causal relationship, departing from Aristotle we establish the only possible motions in time of the fractal 5ST Universe: changes in the parameters of energy, information and ∆-scalar planes of the being, which will either emit energy (locomotion), absorb it (feeding), emit information (reproduction), absorb it (communication), and evolve into larger wholes (social evolution, generation) or devolve (death): ±∆, Se, St. An eye of time a worldcycle that returns to its origin is the minimal unit of the Universe.

All in the Universe is made of such worldcycles, and all what the Universe does is to repeat world cycles.

Reproduction is thus synonymous of reproduction of a worldcycle, of the passing of time. By the mere fact that time exists and it is an immortal winding and unwinding of time clocks, seen in present space-time as a steady tic repetition of the frequency of worldcycles, which however are expanding or diminishing its energy and information, < > , till they repeat themselves.

The reality of the Universe as it is due to the reproduction of its time tics, time frequencies, time cycles, make it a wonder for an of the eyes of time that focuses existences into a mapping of reality in synchronous space. It is at the end of the tunnel of existence of micro worlds, where hiding into the knowledgeable perception, it is the perceiver of its time cycles, its collective mind-point, its relative God.

In the graph, the perception of the world cycle of existence in a synchronic, simultaneous way, which stresses the balanced wave-present-body state in which the entropic field and the informative field, both work to maintain the system in a balance between its information and energy components: Ts<ST>St.

Those 6 motions of time will be the origin of all space-time events of the Universe and its rules define the cycles of space-time of all beings, of which the world cycle of existence is obviously the most important. The order of those motions though will happen in such a fashion that at the end all the processes when integrated along 3 scalar planes, 3 forms and 3 arrows of time will give us a zero sum, that is all locomotions will balance with the energy fed to the system (emission and absorption of energy), and all life organizations upwards in the scalar planes of the 5th dimension will be compensated by al the deaths downwards.

This the ultimate truth of reality: the whole Universe is immortal for each of its parts to live a finite cycle of existence. But each existence itself is immortal in the reproduction of its present form through the different space-time actions of the Universe.

As a wave of actions forms, for each being there will be then the perspective of steady reproduction, of informative perception of the wave as it diminishing in time or space, each variation of the fundamental mode of reproduction SxT-> ∑st: becomes then a different variation on the same eternal theme, the completion of worldcycles, the repetition of existences, the closing of conservative paths of energy and information feed back cycles, S<≈>T, which define the Universe, constantly as flows of energy and information web new forms that become parts of wholes, which a new eye of time will reorder as a supœrganism, preying on it, growing as a subconscious collective god-mind, emerging to become a new point-mind of the whole. As information copies its fractal structure and becomes a mind-organism, then all becomes simple and then complex and then simple in reproductive waves across 3 ∆+-1 planes of existence.

The fifth motion of ages of existence.

Change on quality are the motions generated in the world cycle; which as we show in our analysis of the life-death cycle are fundamentally all parts of the reproduction, growth and extinction of those motions

This leaves us with change in quantity an substance.

The fourth dimensional -∆ motions of entropic death and informative emergence.

Change in substance are motions along the ∆-scalar planes of the fifth dimension, when a system dies truly changing the substance of its wholes, as the parts become ‘free’ of the physiological networks that created the being. So wholes become ∑∆-1 parts, which die again into ∑∑∆-2 parts, truly new wholes memoryless of its ∆º existence. And vice versa. Emergence is a change of substance from the seminal seed into the ∆o+1 new whole, opened to a new world, which becomes memoryless of its previous ∆-1.

But to understand those processes of growth into new planes of social existence as forms of reproductive motion, we must study the intermediate process between birth and emergence or the exponential decay of the being that dies and dissolves as reproductive motion.


In the graph, a galaxy, a DNA molecule, a tornado, a shell, a sunflower, and 2 logic, mental mirrors of the Universe – a Mandelbrot set and a yin-yang, eightfold life cycle – are all made of shapes that combine the most efficient morphologies of Entropy and information: the line or shortest distance between 2 points and the cycle that stores the max. quantity of information in lesser space. Both combine to reproduce the infinite beings of reality. It is the game of existence we all play.

 Frequency of Cyclical Clocks vs. spatial lineal duration.

Essentially all clocks of time are cyclical motions, so the speed of a clock of time depends on the number of ‘Hertzs’ or frequency of its motion, the smaller the more Hertz, as information is the form-frequency of those cycles, smaller beings have more information and code larger beings, but and that is the ‘trick’ that creates the fifth dimension, the ‘general law’ of those time clocks is accelerated.

i.e. Einstein’s principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass, define mass as an accelerated vortex of gravitational information, our life existence is accelerated when you are a seminal seed, etc.

physicists  uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation… humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time. Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.

Einstein more than in its discoveries in its quotes and thoughts showed to have a grasp of it: ‘Leibniz is right, there are infinite clocks of time in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from the beginning’ and its panpsychism pantheist Universe,

All time cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time – an artifact of measure, and equalizing all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single ‘time clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

Galileo’s principle of lineal inertia, derived from his worldly profession. Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a parabola.

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

In the graph, even our mechanical times measurements are done with cyclical mechanical clocks that turn around a cycle in fixed periods of time, usually an hour and 24 hours, forming a day, itself a measure of a cycle: the rotation of the Earth around its axis. time has always been cyclical, in any system studied by human beings.

In the bottom of the graph, Lineal time merely ‘erases’ the detail of the form and meaning of those cycles focusing only in its ‘spatial extension’ or motion-speed. It is a simplification of time frequency and cyclical time.

As such lineal time duration is a simplification of a length of time caused by the sum of multiple time frequencies measured by a cyclical time.

We shall therefore in this post describe a ‘Universe’ made of time cycles in all its scalar planes. time cycles that have basically two positions or arrows of future, to implode inwards, the arrow of future we shall call information, or explode outwards, the arrow of future we shall call entropy and a balanced, perfect cycle.

Now we shall return to the proper definition of time and space in simple terms, from where we shall derive much more meaningful truths about reality:

‘Times are cyclical, closed motions. Spaces are lineal, open extensions’.

The concept of cyclical times is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical times. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if times were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in time of patterns of behavior and causality. So to deny cyclical times is to deny science, logic and objectivity. But it also means to deny the fundamental particle of the Universe – a being made of space-time cycles that ‘thinks, therefore exists’ as a world in itself.

The human clock

This said the second is the human clock of our 3 ‘topological parts’, the glimpse of the I=eye-wor(l)d and so of our thoughts, the beat of the heart, the time of a limb step. So we write the equation of the human time clock, which we should also write for each species (De broglie’s seminal article on the synchronicity of waves and particle give us the result for quantum physics and so on):

Human clock = ð-second:  Limb Steps < Body heart beat > Eye-mind glimpse thought

It is obvious that our ‘times’ are both finite, synchronous between our 3 topological parts and different from other species. Our total time-clock then will be the ‘sum’ of all the individual actions provided by the previous time-clock. And we can as we shall do in the articles of synchronicity consider if our time-clock has a number of ‘steps/beats/thoughts’ and if that number is equal to the number of the Universe, and indeed, one of the infinite new avenues of research of T.œ for future scientist will be the whole quantification of the time clocks of each species of the Universe, according to the simple measure of how many ‘frequencies’ its time-clock rates have between birth and extinction for each of them.

Further on the aeiou, actions of beings have different time speeds.

Yet in each scalar plane of being the time clocks vary its cyclical patterns. As indeed, smaller scalar planes will have faster time clocks, and synchronous balances with larger ones (so the cell reproduces each day because the larger slower system feeds every day). What is then the clock of minimal time of the minimal meaningful scalar plane of life beings? If we study the cell instead of the human scalar plane, the minimal ∆-1 unit is the amino acid.

So that should be the ultimate minimal time-clock of life. And as the Head dominates the body, it imposes its time-clock to the rest of the organism. So the head of the amino acid the ‘Amina’, NH3 is the time clock of life. Specifically it is the nitrogen cycle in the Amina:

Time is a curved hence with two dimensions, besides length: curvature and frequency. Time cycles thus break reality into an inner and outer ‘vital space’, and add a singularity point or focus of its motion. Because pi is not exact, steady state clocks are less common than vortex spiral or fluctuating ±π mouths, but all time cycles tend inwards in a 3rd age of warping and in-form-ation till the flow of motion ‘stops’ in the still singularity, ejected perpendicularly in an explosion of death-entropy. It is the last time quanta of the clock when motion becomes a 5th dimensional still image before dying into a lineal 4D entropic flow

In the graph, we are all made of vital spaces – whose motions are in-formed by self-centered cyclical time clocks. But unlike the artificial steady, mechanical clocks of time of our machines, the clocks of nature, are vortex-like clocks with a clear inward arrow of increasing information and decreasing energy, as those of the graph, tracing for each finite species of space-time a ‘world cycle’ of life and death between creation and existence.

The synchronicities of knots of time Сmotions.

Each active organism is a complex chain of cyclical åctions performed to achieve the 4 main Сmotions of time. Yet that chaos of action is ordered by causal processes, synchronized clocks and ‘Ðimotions’/information networks that harmonize all those seemingly chaotic cycles of åctions into a dance of existential beats, interdependent and in permanent symbiosis – being the key to those harmonies among different Time Сmotions the concept of ‘time-speed’, the speed at which a certain cycle of time closes its trajectory into a ‘loop’ or event (spatial/temporal description) that will be repeated with a frequency that defines the regularity of the time cycle and its speed of perception.

For example, the subjective cycle of time perception in man is the cycle of informative perception determined by the wink of the eye which opens to absorb ‘Ðimotions’ and closes when it processes it as information every second. This rhythm is self-similar to the rhythm of the heart, which is approximately of a beat per second, when blood is expanded as ‘Ðimotions’ and imploded carrying the released chemical information of the body. So, since we have a thought per second and a beat per second, the second is in fact the ‘clock-time’ of the human brain and the mechanical instruments we use to compare all the cycles of time of the Universe with our own cycles.

Each species and cycle of time has a different frequency, which depends on the ‘size’ of the species we study, and the causality of those Сmotions, such as:

Max. ‘Ðimotions’-extension=Min. Speed-Frequency of Time cycles:

Max. Speed/frequency: Informative cycle->Energetic ->Reproductive ->Social cycle: Min. Frequency.

For example, the cycle of perception of the human eye – each second –determines the beat of the heart/breathing cycle of ‘Ðimotions’ for the body; the cycle of rotation of the Sun-Earth system – a day – determines the ‘Ðimotions’ cycle of the planetary surface, whose microscopic, life-species adjust their energetic /formative, awaken/sleep cycle to that of the bigger organism. And vice versa, the smaller microscopic cells of the body reproduce each day, according to that awaken/sleep cycle. There are in fact a series of General Isomorphisms of synchronicity between those Time Сmotions/cycles that apply to any entity or complex system of the Universe, which extends through several scales of spatial size and informative complexity.

All the åctions of all species can in fact be described by ‘beats’ of existence, partial sub-equations of the Generator Equation, which define rhythmical chains of action. In an individual those beats of existence become the life rhythms of each of our organs, from the eye that feeds on light and then informs the brain, which produces a visual thought every second (the blink time of the eye), (o->e->o) to the night/day, dreaming/acting rhythm (Release of chemical information->dreaming->release of ‘Ðimotions’->acting), etc.

A 2nd series of ternary rhythms occur as organisms switch between the 3 physiological networks of hormonal, reproductive activity; nervous, informative activity and feeding, energetic activity (Re->in->en).

Those rhythms happen also in the social plane of existence as a single organism, cell of our civilizations. In society those rhythms shape the ternary bio-rhythms of our daily life; the 8 hours of work (obtaining our social ‘Ðimotions’, money), 8 hours of play (dedicated to family reproduction), and 8 hours of sleep (when our organism repairs its form). Moreover those rhythms of our daily life are synchronous to the rhythms of the global organism, Gaia; and self-similar rhythms are found in the activity of animals and plants.

Since in objective terms humans are created by the same temporal Сmotions and display the same properties than the rest of the entities of the Universe. A human being is the same kind of entity than ‘an atom’ – a complex chain of time cycles of ‘Ðimotions’, information, reproduction and social evolution. The difference is not of quality but of quantity and hence of complexity: Humans are knots of an enormous amount of time cycles whose spatial topologies, åctions and motions configure our existence.

On the other extreme of simplicity, an atomic particle (quark, electron or photon) is the simpler species, we can study with those Сmotions, in terms of size and complexity of its ‘action’ cycles, compared to a human being. Since a particle can be described with just 4 quantum numbers that resume the 4 kinds of ‘åctions’ particles constantly perform:

– Particles gauge information (reason why quantum theory is a ‘gauge theory’). That is, they calculate the distances with other atoms and act-react to exchanges of ‘Ðimotions’ and information with them.

– Particles feed on ‘Ðimotions’, absorbing electromagnetic and gravitational forces and other particles.

– Particles decouple, repeating themselves in other regions of space-time (they reproduce by iterating its particles, quarks, electrons and photons).

– Finally particles evolve together into complex social structures, called atoms and molecules, which also feed on ‘Ðimotions’, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially.

All those ‘motions’, quantum numbers, molecular vibrations, decouplings and physical events can be re-considered as manifestations of the 4 main Сmotions of time, chained in synchronic patterns and cycles, cyclical and lineal geometries, whose abstract definition conform the Isomorphisms of quantum physics.

The description physicists do of those Сmotions is an abstract, mathematical, mechanical description, which corresponds to the limits of the mechanical, monist, ‘religious’ philosophy of science of our founding fathers4, which did not require an ‘internal’, self-organizing will to describe the Universe, since it was understood that the ‘will’, the ‘why’ of all the clock-like motions of the Universe was ‘God’, an entity that seems to have appeared to a pastor of the bronze age.

System sciences reasons those ultimate questions from the perspective of science and its mathematical and logic languages, albeit with a degree of complexity superior to that provided by monist, reductionist, mechanist, classic scientific philosophies of reality. Thus we substitute the ‘will of a personal God’ or any other anthropic principle with the 4 objective ‘Сmotions of causality’ or Time Сmotions that all particles and entities of ‘existence’ follow, which can be described objectively with mathematical and logical equations, and finds in the subjective will for survival its sufficient reason.

Further on, all quantum entities obey the Complementarity Principle. They show 2 states or structures that co-exist simultaneously: a field of energetic forces that moves a particle of information, which gauges the space-time that surrounds the particle. And we cannot distinguish or perceive both entities: the force/body and head/particle together. In other words, physical entities are made of ‘motion fields’ and ‘gauging particles’.

They constantly move, stop and gauge information, move, gauge… So because they have 2 components, one specialized in energetic motions (the field of forces) and one specialized in informative gauging (the particle, mass or charge), all their åctions are either ‘energetic åctions’, informative gauging, the combinations of both type of åctions (decouplings, which produce self-similar particles) or more complex åctions in which the particle, atom or molecule share smaller particles, called bosons, creating social networks, made of fields of forces and particles of information.

If we widen the concept of ‘Ðimotions’ as lineal, expansive motion, and information as a cyclical, in/formative motion, we realize that the biological realm also follows a Principle of Complementarity between reproductive bodies and informative heads, which co-exist together in living beings. And bodies are responsible for ‘Ðimotions’, while heads map out the Universe, creating images, reflected in the mind of the external motions of reality, imitated by small cyclical motions within the brain and its neurons. So again we observe a dual structure, body/head, with energetic/informative properties that move and gauge, feed on ‘Ðimotions’ and perceive information. And in more complex events, reproduce the biological entity or use languages of information to create complex social structures.

All what exists is a ‘fractal knot of ‘Ðimotions’ and information motions’, whose why is ‘to absorb more ‘Ðimotions’ and information’ from the perspective of the entity or ‘point of view’ that gauge and moves in the Universe. Imagine a universe of infinite ‘species’ made of ‘‘Ðimotions’’, ‘forces or bodies’, upon which certain structures of information, called ‘cyclical motions’, particles or heads, are sustained. Reality is a fractal sum of those 2 motions, ‘Ðimotions’ and information, which combine to create an infinite number of entities that gauge information, feed on ‘Ðimotions’, reproduce their form and evolve into social structures till reaching the complex Universe.

We cannot describe human åctions with simple equations because humans can gauge many types of information, feed in many forms of different ‘Ðimotions’, choose many different couples to court, love and reproduce, and make very complex choices in our decisions on how to relate socially to other human beings. But at the end of the journey, amazingly enough we observe that all what we humans do is also gauging information, absorbing ‘Ðimotions’, reproducing and evolve into social systems. So those 4 types of events or causal Сmotions of time are all what we humans do; even if we use a complex, ‘ambiguous’ language – words -to describe those åctions.

St exist, to be in this Universe means to absorb ‘Ðimotions’, gauge information, reproduce our form and evolve socially by acts of communication with other beings. Those ‘åctions’ are considered mechanical in the physical world and åctions of will in the human world. Yet they are described in both worlds with the same ‘2 elements’: ‘Ðimotions’ and clocks of time. So Planck proved that all physical forces are made of h-quanta, whose parameters are ‘‘Ðimotions’ and time’, while we say in layman terms that ‘we do not have enough time and ‘Ðimotions’ to do this’ – meaning we are made of a limited quantity of vital space, our ‘Ðimotions’/body, and time-clocks of information – our minds.

There is no difference between ‘us’, human beings and ‘particles’ that also have a limited ‘Ðimotions’ and time, which they spend performing the same game of 4 types of åctions – the Game of Existence. We all play the same game, regardless of what plays it, an atom, or a human being.

Religions will tell you that the ‘will’ of man is a property of ‘our soul’, which is supposed to exist according to the tradition of our ‘pious’ founding father, Mr. Descartes, in some non-local space-time4. Stience will tell you that the ‘will of man’ is the ‘why’ we don’t ask, or at best it will be born of a chaotic series of circumstances and physical events that come together to ‘create life’. While biologists will affirm that the will of man has the same drives of existence (gauging, feeding, reproducing and evolving socially) that all forms of life have, but only forms of life have.

System sciences depart from anthropomorphic traditions, validating instead the ideas of Eastern philosophies (Taoism, Buddhism, Zurvanism), upgraded with the scientific method, showing that the Universe is ‘organic’, not mechanical, because all its particles share the ‘4 drives of existence’ of biological beings, whose ‘why’ is self-evident in a world made of perpetual motions. Since if we all are made of motions, life is embedded in the existence of those motions that repeat themselves by the mere ‘action of moving’: Reproduction becomes natural to the existence itself of cyclical and ‘Ðimotions’ that repeat their forms as they trace their trajectories.

If we leave aside metaphysical, subjective questions on the ‘nature of consciousness’ and ‘will’, we could affirm that all entities of the Universe have both, a ‘will of existence’, shown in its constant pursuit of those 4 Сmotions, and an objective nature, in as much as those 4 Сmotions or wills can be proved objectively by the events that atoms, humans, animals or any other entity perform. It is though necessary to understand in which scale of reality a certain region of Time-space ‘acts’. For example, a chair, made with human formal imagination is not organic neither it shows any of the 4 main Сmotions of time unless it is attached to a human being (so it helps humans to think- process information – in a ‘still’, formal position). Yet at the spatial scale of atomic wood, the chair shows those Сmotions and in the temporal distance when the chair was wood, it had also at macroscopic level those vital Сmotions of time.

What is then reality – the ultimate meaning of those time Сmotions? At first sight, it seems there is no meaning at all, but merely the eternal beat of existence, ‘Ðimotions’ becoming form, becoming ‘Ðimotions’… and the sensations related to those motions, which might be shared by all realities – pain/pressure and pleasure/release.

A closer view on both Сmotions and the complementarity of all physical and biological entities, which achieve immortality through reproduction of their own form – from light imprinting its waves on the vacuum, to quarks jetting bundles of ‘quarkitos’, to humans ‘growing and multiplying’ all over the Earth – seemingly makes the 3rd existential Сmotion of reproduction, the meaning of it all, and the Universe a constant orgasm of repetitive, present forms.

But then, we realize that reproduction in itself is just a step towards self-organization, as self-similar cells that can ‘decode’ their common language of information come together into stronger, bigger waves, herds and organisms, which survive better, due to their higher ∑SxT, existential force. So the answer to the meaning of it all is clear: the Universe has a dominant Сmotion, the creation of ‘fractal supœrganisms’, species which are self-similar to their parts and emerge through processes of evolution into bigger wholes.

Since the 4 main Сmotions of time and its discontinuous cycles come together, creating vital knots of motions that energize, gauge information, reproduce and finally evolve socially into herds and organisms: T->S->ST->S. In other words, a fractal infinite Universe of ‘Ðimotions’ and information struggles to create ‘more of it’ by expanding inwards and outwards its relative scales of organic size; since a Universe made of motions has no limits of size and form, as it becomes ever more organized in bigger and smaller social herds and organisms: T->S->ST->S.

Yet even if social evolution is the dominant Сmotion of the Universe, it is also the less common, more distanced in the frequency of its events, since all other Сmotions must exist ‘a priori’ for an event of social evolution – the final causal Сmotion of reality – to take place, thanks to a common language that carries information among self-similar cellular individuals.

The highest frequency of events always corresponds to informative events, particles and heads gauging and thinking, mapping reality with its hardware, as they run inside the software of a force, whose frequency carries informations decoded and transferred into such mappings. So the atom figures out first in its inner quark-systems how to move, searching for a flow of ‘Ðimotions’ or its relocation in harmony with the other atoms of its web, while an office clerk thinks first and then writes or makes a call related to those informative thoughts – an act of measure precedes an act of motion.

Accordingly to those frequencies and the generic law, Min.Ts= Max.St, the light pixels of informative mappings are smaller and faster to allow faster events/cycles of perception than the bits of ‘Ðimotions’ that feed the body – amino acids, which are smaller than the seminal cells that carry the information of reproductive acts, which are smaller than the units of social evolution (other humans).

So happens to the frequency of perception (each second), faster than that of feeding, which happens more often than the frequency of sexual reproduction, which is more common than our acts of love – social acts of evolution that ‘collapse’ a wave of individuals into a particle/organism, emerging as a whole action, born of the self-organization of its parts, such as a religious mass or a voting action, or a marriage, all acts that create social groups.

Yet, the ultimate why of any chain of causal Time Сmotions must be found in the goal of ‘survival’, the final drive of all entities of the Universe, maximized by its 2 complex Сmotions, reproduction and social evolution that evolves cellular entities into macrocosmic wholes, which become cellular entities of a higher ‘space-time plane’.

What we are then can be expressed in more poetic terms: knots of existence, flows of Сmotions of time, mirrors of information, bodies in action, ‘wills of the penis’14, loving cells of bigger social units, exi=stential flows, ‘vanitas, vanitatum et omnia vanitates’; motions of time in perpetual conflict.

The rules of engagement of all those knots of time, ‘points of view’ that gauge information, seek for ‘Ðimotions’, reproduce and evolve socially, creating ‘ad eternal’ the infinite scales upwards and inwards, is the ultimate knowledge of the game of existence, which system sciences study.

This holistic view is a mystique revealing existence of the unity of it all, which few self-centered humans accept. Scientists rejected it in the past, because it had not been properly formalized. But one of the advantages of the new formalism of Non-Euclidean, fractal, logic, causal chains of Time Сmotions/events, is that it renders a mathematical analysis of those Сmotions of times are its generic isomorphisms, hence allowing their application to the study of the species of any scientific network of self-similar points in an open flow of communication.

Thus, the range and power of the formalism of Multiple Spaces-Times will not become evident till we develop the logic of multiple causes and the non-Euclidean geometry of flows of communication between the fundamental particles of the Universe, its non-Euclidean, Fractal points. A consequence of those postulates is in fact the definition of a soul as a non-Euclidean point of view:

‘Every point of view=mind feels the center of the Universe, but it is only an infinitesimal Non-Euclidean point that stores a limited mapping of reality with its informative languages.’

We are all Atmans, informative CPUs, souls that gauge in different languages reality, to construct a mental mapping that caters to our point of view and Сmotions of time. So we create our ‘perceived Universe’ – a fact known from Descartes to Schopenhauer, but lost to ‘naïve, realist’ physicists. All of them thinking clocks are the only point that matters to measure time, and the human mind, the only ego that knots ‘Ðimotions’ into form, since that is the only perspective they perceive. That is why most of history, humans thought the Earth to be the center of reality; and still think they are the only intelligent species.

All is memorial because cyclical inertia, the repetition of the cycles of existence of any form, is common to all space-time fields. This is a tautology: a species that forgets, that does not repeat a fractal cycle of existence becomes extinct and its cycles of existence disappear. Thus, a being has to remember and repeat its fractal cycles to last in time. That is the existential game of any being: to feed on ‘Ðimotions’ and use its genetic, memorial information to transform it through reproduction into new cyclical åctions.

Yet those åctions are encoded in ‘fractal equations of information’ which are logical chains that constantly repeat themselves, becoming memorial patterns. Those patterns have different names in science: genes in biology, memes in history, Universal constants, which are proportions between physical ‘Ðimotions’ and information in physics, etc. Yet what all those fractal equations and e/o proportions become are cyclical, self-repetitive events that respond to an Сmotion of time.

Recap: All what exi=st is a fractal knot of cycles of ‘Ðimotions’, information, reproduction and social evolution. There is not a difference of quality among universal entities – only a difference in the quantity and complexity of those cyclical Сmotions that ‘inform’ each species of reality. The ultimate meaning of a Universe made of time motions not of spatial forms is closer to a Philosophical tradition that ranges from Plato and Buddha to Leibniz and Schopenhauer: reality is a game of ‘fractal mirrors’, souls=Atmans= quantum knots of information that gauge reality to absorb ‘Ðimotions’ in order to repeat=iterate=reproduce their form. Since we are all fractal parts of the whole with a limited duration in time and a limited quantity of space. And so only those species, which reproduce their ‘logic Сmotions’ of time, their information, in other zone of space survive. Thus the game of existence is in essence a game of repetition of forms, a game of exi=stences.

Generational cycle. 

The previous, simplified analysis of the synchronicities between time cycles raises again the existence of more dimensions of space-time beyond the classic, ‘individual’ cycles of Entropy feeding, informative perception, reproduction and social evolution.

We already showed the existence of a generational cycle in ‘reproductive waves’ of physical Entropy, such as light, whose motion is just the sum of all the reproductive cycles of the wave; and the same can be said of the complex particle/wave generational cycle, equivalent to a complete life-death cycle, as the physical entity switches between its Entropy and information states, Ts<=>o. In the case of the body those generational cycles of cells are fundamental to understand the synchronicities of the body, as all its cells except the neuronal cells that dominate its informative system have a limited numbers of reproductions, setting up a generational cycle. And the same can be said of the species of life in this planet.

Thus, there is a generational cycle, which creates in physical entities a lineal dimension of speed or width in the light and gravitational membranes of space-time between which humans are sandwiched; and sets a telomere limit to the number of reproductions of living species, both at cellular and multicellular level. And since such dimension is a ‘complex of the reproductive, complex dimension’, which is in itself a complex of the energetic, simplex dimension (as all acts of reproduction require a surface of vital space to imprint; so for example women cannot reproduce without a 17% of body-fat volume and particles only reproduce in highly energetic environments), we write:

∑ Reproductive Сmotions->Generational Сmotion.

It defines the existence of a new Сmotion or dimension of time. We have not considered though such Сmotion in this book for simplicity and because ultimately in the fractal universe, the number of dimensions when we keep adding complex planes made of networks of st-points, which restart again new macro-energetic, informative, social and reproductive cycles is infinite. And ultimately because we live in a 4-dimensional Universe, in which the ‘generational cycle’, except for simple, short-lived entities as those who create the 2 Universal membranes of gravitation and light, are non-perceivable except for long spans of time.

Recap. The sum of reproductive cycles gives birth to the generational cycle, which is also a finite Сmotion, as all forms have a limited number of generations, after which the reproductive systems fail.

The transcendental Сmotion: Emergence.

In the same manner that the sum of multiple reproductive cycles gives birth to the generational Сmotion, the product of multiple networks of informative beings gives birth to the transcendental Сmotion, such as:

∏∑2 informative particles: ∏ Social networks: Transcendental Сmotion.

Thus a new dimension of time is the social evolution of organisms into bigger super-organisms, scale after scale, from particles to atoms to molecules to cells to organisms, to supœrganisms to the entire Universe with its infinite scales.

Though each organism is when observed in detail a super-organism, if we were to consider a rigorous distinction between both, the difference would be of our detail of perception: a super-organism observes each of its cells as an organism of smaller ‘cellular element’ and an organic view stops in the analysis of its cells.

A fact, which leads to a metaphysical question: it is transcendental Сmotion infinite in scales; or it is as all other dimensions a finite dimension? Unfortunately an argument on the number of scales of the Universe will always be theoretical, because unlike the other dimensions we cannot observe the absolute totality of space extensions and informative, scales created through time durations to have any experimental evidence of such limit.

The Transcendental dimension, the dimension of emergence, studied by the ‘science of emergence’ or transcendental Сmotion, as it is often not perceived, especially for the individuals who become part of the whole; believers that form part of an eusocial human organism through the Сmotion of love; physicists, who don’t see the super-organisms of galaxies, etc.

The difference between the transcendental Сmotion and the organic Сmotion is subtle. Unlike organic systems mediated by the 4th Сmotion, the transcendental Сmotion is far less brutal than the stick and carrot system by which the informative, nervous systems of organisms dominate the cells of its body; in as much as it implies a high degree of homogeneity and collaboration between the parts that transcend.

We could consider that the social Сmotion forms ‘herds’, waves and bodies, while the transcendental Сmotion is the Сmotion that puts together complex, informative particles together, and while the Сmotion of organic evolution would be based in the concept of ‘safety’, the transcendental dimension will be based in the concept of love, as the particles know each other more intimately, and in certain cases can even become fusion in a boson structure, in which all occupy the same space.

Thus the difference between the Generational and Transcendental Сmotions and its fractal units, the Сmotions of Reproduction and Organic Evolution is minimal and that self-similarity brings about some philosophical, metaphysical conclusions:

-As in a succession that converges with less difference between terms, the convergence of time Сmotions seems to indicate that there are no more ‘dimensions of reality’ beyond the transcendental Сmotion.

-The Transcendental and generational Сmotion seems to act, ‘reinforce’ each other, as the generational limit obliges species to evolve into eusocial organisms if they want to survive, hence ‘transcendence’ is the ultimate mechanism of survival in the Universe. In the same manner the Simplex and Complex Сmotions are intertwined as one cannot exist without the other. Such is the harmony of all the systems of an interconnected Universe.

– The more complex Сmotions of time seem to create more perfect worlds. If we assign to each Сmotion a sensation and/or its negative lack of it, blindness vs. perception =information; hunger vs. taste=Entropy feeding, pleasure= reproduction; safety=organic evolution; eternity=generational cycle and love= transcendental cycle, and postulate that all entities of existence are moved to action by the existence of sensorial fields associated to its Сmotions; we reach some philosophical conclusions:

– The simplex Сmotions are automated and reinforced by the duality of negative/positive sensations, where the negative sensation is so powerful that it obliges the entity to act without delay to achieve the Сmotion. We can then image the simplex physical particles whose basic fields is a dual energetic /informative system to be far more automated than the next scale of beings, biological beings dominated by the reproductive and organic Сmotions.

– Those 2 Сmotions are what Aristotle called ‘vegetative wills’ and are reinforced by the objective isomorphisms of survival, as those species who do not reproduce or evolve into bigger organisms tend to perish and become food of larger biological systems. Thus, we observe in those 2 Сmotions and systems a higher degree of freedom, as species can live without reproducing or acting in social groups, but the penalty a ‘posteriori’, extinction is equally deterministic.

– Finally the generational cycle and the Сmotion of transcendental evolution seem not to be imposed from within the system but from outside and despite of it.

Indeed, the generational limits of existence are not positive and certainly not liked by the species, which is subject to it. A solution is found when we realize that the generational limit as well as the organic Сmotion that creates herds does not affect to the informative cells and its networks; since indeed, black holes are immortal, as the informative elements of the universe and neuronal cells live all the existence of the organism. And so it becomes obvious that the neuronal, informative networks of the system impose the limits of existence of those Сmotions.

And so the transcendental Сmotion of eusocial love is the summit of all the Сmotions of existence, unique to informative networks, whose members know each other deeply, share Entropy and information in higher degree, command totally the other elements of the organism, last forever, as long as the organism exist and have a higher degree of freedom that all other species. Reason why there is not clear systems of reinforcement. It is the summit of existence, free and eternal, within the limits of the ecosystem or super-organism in which those cells exist.

Recap. The transcendental Сmotion makes individual organisms transcend into super-organisms, creating the scales of the Universe.

The function of existence of the universe.

We humans have a clear limit in our perception of those scales, given by a series of parameters proper of radiant matter. We can’t see beyond quarks and galaxies; we can’t absorb information coming from faster than light forces (non-local gravitation) or perceive ordered vibrations below 0 K temperature. It is a metaphysical question to wonder if those are the hard limits of reality; in which case the smallest point, the quark, won’t be as Leibniz put it, a world in itself, but a hard limit: the simplest rotational movement or ‘spin’ of the Universe; or they are, as I believe, only the limits of human perception.

Then all what exists is truly relative in its scale, and the atom is an object self-similar to a galaxy, which would reveal infinite detail if we could approach the ultra-diminutive Planck scale. A fact, which translated into fractal notation, gives us the simplest formalism for all Universes, sum of all potential cyclical forms of all its ∞ fractals:

∏ (∑Ts <=> ∑2Tƒ)∆=∞       Universal function of Existence

The previous equation resumes all the possible infinite combinations of cycles of times, made of ∆-points in communication, that create all type of networks of Entropy and form, which become complementary organisms, and start a function of existence. So first Entropy appears, Entropy becomes form, Entropy and form reproduce and create social organisms with the reproduced cells.

We can observe the universal equation also as a game that grows causal dimensions: from lineal Entropy (1) comes from (2) and both combine to reproduce (3), self-similar waves of being. This simple description of the game of the Universe, Ts ->ST->Ts X St->∑Ts X St, is already present in Taoism (from 1 comes 2 from 2 comes 3 from 3 the infinite beings, Cheng Tzu). It resumes the constant, dimensional creation and extinction of reality (as finally the fracking of so many cells, Ts X St, dissolves the form or the form explodes and dies in a big bang).

The Cycles of the Universe are thus self-repetitive; sine as Taoists understood, the universe you see is not its function of existence, which is expressed in that synoptic equation. The processes of creation and destruction of planes of existence however are too complex to study them as a whole without doing some basic distinctions.

St start with there are two different type of Сmotions, simplex, Ts<=>St processes, more proper of physical sciences (as in changes of state by increase of Entropy, from solid to liquid to gas or vice versa; or as changes from lineal energetic motions into cyclical vortices, as in Ts=Mc2), are easier to analyze as they happen in the same place of existence. But we, men co-exist between the quantum and galactic scale of physical objects and between the cellular and social scale of biological beings. And so most of the events we must consider are events that take place between 3 co-planes of existence. In physical events between the quantum, human and gravitational planes and in biological events between the cellular, human and social plane.

The human mind is an I=Eye+wor(l)d who selects perceptively from the infinite number of forms of the Universe only those that matter to us. Thus, we do not see beyond the galactic, gravitational plane; though there are hints about a network structure of Galaxies, a big-bang model, which in organic terms would mean the birth of a first cell-particle that reproduced the entire cosmos and a model of fractal space-times with infinite scales of size that this work represents. Since the classic model of space-time continuum only considers a single light-space, our existential membrane with limits of Entropy and information (c-speed, 0 Kelvin).

Yet both in human and cosmic organisms only multiple space-time scales explains those cycles of life and death, which happen as a ‘travel between 3 scales of size, the cellular semen, human individual and social super-organism of history.

In the same manner cosmology needs to grasp the fact that physical space is organized in 2 planes, the electroweak membrane we exist in and the gravitational space membrane of masses, and gravitational forces, which we do not perceive. Yet it is needed to resolve the meaning of dark matter, dark Entropy, gravitational non-local action, the death of light into gravitational space, its formation of a background radiation, the åctions taken place in black holes, etc.

Recap: A Non-Euclidean space or plane, defined by Riemann in the XIX C, is a network space – a space created by a network of self-similar points, related by constant flows of Entropy and information, whose properties are defined by the degree of ‘homogeneity’ or self-similarity of those points.

So your body is a discontinuous spacetime, a small world in itself, constructed with 3 clear ‘cellular spaces’, the nervous space, an informative network, the ‘energetic space’ – your digestive and breathing networks – and a reproductive space, the blood and hormonal networks and organs. We shall see then reality in organic terms as a series of ‘network spaces’, which will have all the properties of Non-Euclidean spaces (motion, curvature, dark spaces in the ‘holes’ left by the network, etc.).


Now because of the Principle of relativity, likely better expressed by Poincare – what we call here the Galilean paradox – the incapacity to distinguish motion from form

The conservation of ST-presents.

The conservation laws of the Universe can be resumed in the conservation of the total Ts<ST>St reality and its ternary symmetries across space, time and the 5th dimension. So angular and lineal, Ts and St momentum is conserved, and its larger, 5Рvision as integrated planes of systems or energy and information (kinetic and potential energy) is conserved. And the number of particles and antiparticles, or life and death states of a world cycle is conserved. Yet because Ts and St are relative past and future Сmotions merged into ST-waves-bodies of present, which constantly iterate its forms, actually all reduces to the conservation of ST dual fields. Present Fields. We do exist always in present.

Thus all starts with a simple philosophical statement: ‘The Universe exists constantly in present’.

This seemingly simple statement, is a powerful instrument as soon as we realise that the present, ST, is a bidimensional system with a parameter of a dimension of relative space-frm and time-motion, or O-x |=Ø, that is an event which is creative.

The study of the Function of present, Spast, x Tƒuture = Ø-Present, a Constant of existence, which ‘exists’ in one of the scales of the 10th dimension ‘alone at a time’, and the study of other ‘simplex dimensional conservations in any ∆-Plane of the energy and information, Ts and St, quanta and infinite continuum vibration in space of two poles, which brome a harmonic oscillator creative event:

Ts = ∞ x O = Time point -> Constant of existence which fluctuates through its differential equations from a lineal function ∂y to a full cyclical function, Dy/dx, in any of the two possible upwards and downward social dimensions of affine or topological spas.

Thus a constant of existence, Ts x St = E∆i, can be also perceived as a sum of quanta of space, of discrete volume dimensions which are seen as fixed and a seemingly continuous due to its extreme range f harmonic oscillator functions between 2 poles.

The line then becomes the true ‘minimal entity of the Universe’, and as such, since lines have breath soon become waves of points, extended also transversally till finally are organised in a different type of vibration, that of a plane.

Which has by definition, one more dimension and so has points of view, called particles, with a larger gravitational mind of dimensions that the simpler, thermodynamic and electromagnetic, j, µ and h quanta.

So we could say that the mind is gravitational because of the way we perceives geometry operate with eyes, etc. and so it is cold because it makes a reduction of thermodynamic form – hence its gravitational in the scale it measures.

What are the quanta of gravitation? The only known candidate is the neutrino hence, IT IS the neutrino. How to adapt the equations of present mathematical physics is through the Jordan theory of neutrino light in which particles, first exchange along the invisible side of the c, m, t barriers, a measure line, invisible but that we know it is there to form the first informative neutrino-giravtational connections.

So we are gravitational beings.

We become then frames of references of mechanics in the equation of the mind which is the equation that truly defines as the relative constant of existence, c-speed or 0 temperature or H-planck.

The Universe is immortal in 0-sum time cycles that never end, perfectly anti(symmetric) between the two directions/forms/motions on the extreme of those two cycles, which converge into present, static forms and its infinite-simal up and down in the 5th dimension. And having that on mind we can describe it all.

The main of those laws is the immortality of the Universe, and its dualist formal motions, which are a zero-sum when we put together its antisymmetries of space-time, which conserve together its potential vs. kinetic energy, angular vs. lineal momentum, time vs. space anti-symmetries, across 3 ∆±1 planes of the 5th dimension.

This is the ‘essence’ of it we must grasp. The immortality of the whole is based in the inverse symmetry of its 2 elements: form vs. motion, left vs. right, expansion vs. implosion; lineal, decelerating, expansive stillness vs. accelerating implosive cyclical motion; faster than c speed vs. slower than c speed, positive charge vs. negative charge, particle vs. antiparticle… Positive vs. negative wave sides. opposite genders, a ‘male’ or ‘female’ element, which are complementary and fusion in a reproductive present or divide in two opposite fractions.

Thus 5Ð Physics explains in a much more natural manner what many physicists came to call the group theory disease; that is, the use of the abstract jargons of modern mathematics, without understanding what they truly mean, and what is ‘truth’ and what is mere mathematics, provoking the present inflation of ‘Group transformations and Symmetries’.

Reality is rather simple, and the proper jargon slightly different. There is not a breaking of symmetry as physicists express it but rather the creation of a symmetry of opposite elements, departing from a universal constant, of Present State, Ts=St, an immortal point of balance in any plane of reality, which diverges both sides, to one side of MORE INFORMATION, Max. St and a side of larger spatial energy, as that is the ONLY ternary elements of 5Ð space-time that might ‘’diverge or converge’ in any scale.

In brief, the 3 ‘standing points’ of the e ages of a Worldcycle in time or ternary symmetry in space or ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension might diverse from present to relative past and future, lineal and cyclical, higher or lower scales and that gives birth to diversity. So we shall first consider in the domain around our local scale, space and time parameters-constants, how those divergences might happen.

So zero systems expand into the negative (past-Ts in our conventional choice) and positive (future, St in our choice) relative sides of a constant of symmetry, Ts=St, which is expressed by giving birth to two cancelling opposites.

Coincidentia Oppositorum, said Nicola da Cusa, the infinitely large and slow, the infinitely small and fast, the 0 and the ∞ which are relative and multiplied give us a constant ‘o’ for adding operations or 1 for multiplicative inversions, or a Universal constant for logarithmic scales of the 5th dimension (log vs. e, ln vs. 10, log2 vs. 2 vs. √2 being the most important of those inversions).

A exhaustive classification for each being its 7 type of Constants.

Now, in order to qualify quantitative through constants a given systems, we can establish a series of basic constants according to our previous ∆@ST classification.

In a loose, we could talk of 7 type of constants, for any of the ±∆@ST systems of the Universe:

±Social constants of the 2 Сmotions of its ∆-scales

±Constants of S-topologies and T-ages and its ratios.

±Constants of the Generator, S<st>t of the system.

And a 7th type of constant that maps out in stillness a certain mind.

However unlike the other isomorphisms, where there is a surprising ‘neat’ relationship between the number of the Ðisomorphism and the type of elements we define (1.generator, 2.st bidimensional systems, 3. time ages, ±4 planes in which an ∆0 being communicates, 5 actions, 6 species, 8 motion, 9 scales and 10 planes), the 7th constants are chose to adjust better to that number; given the fact that the vital constants of the internal being, the universal, external constants of the world and those of each of those ±4 planes with which the being interact, and those of each of its sub-species of the ∆±1 scales, etc, make them quasi-infinite in number.

So not to be exhaustive, we shall choose 7 in the sense of ‘general ±∆, ±ST, ±s<st>T & 0-Mind type of constants.

Classification by ∆-regions.

In that sense a simple way to classify the constants that act in a being is to divide them into:

-Internal, ∆-n ‘vital constants’ (ab. VC)

-External, ∆+n, ‘Universal Constants’ (ab. UC), of the larger world with which the system communicates, absorbing and emitting energy and information.

Those types of constants are the most studied and so they are clear in terms of magnitudes and physical equations and quantities and proportions for physical systems

For each of those planes, the physical Active Magnitude (∆C) and its constants of action will be the mosre important, giving origin to:

– Internal<=>External exchanges; with its 5 sub-constants of actions performed by the inner being in the outer world: ÅC.

Those are better studied in biology, as they acquire more qualitative, topological, social or mental properties when we deal with species closer to the human.

So as we grow from entropic to informative scales and study those ±∆ ‘constants’ for each scale of the universe, we shall switch for quantitative extensive analysis to qualitative intensive studies in biology.

Linguistic Constants: Universal Grammar and beauty constants. Finally we can also consider as reflection of reality the Universal grammar and syntax, proportions and beauty (E=T) BALANCES of language and art, as ‘constants ratios’ , which illustrate perfectly the concept of balance and conservation of ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, of classic art.. It is the mental creative analysis of constants of beauty considering the ratios and proportions of artistic space-time (the ∆o mind of man).

Now if we want to be more specific we can make a brief summary of the main constants we shall find in terms of the 3 elements of the Generator in each of those 3 classifications.

Vital Constants: Space quanta; Space quantifier: ∑; Time Frequency & Synchronicity: ƒ; Energy Density: S/T; Information Density: T/S; Existential Momentum: SxT.

Å.C.: Active Constants: Å.C.: Active Magnitude; Æ.C.: Motion constant, E.C.: Feeding constant; ±ïC: Information constants; Œ.C.: Reproductive Constant.

U.C. Universal Constants: û.C. Universal Constant, and its §10: Social constants normally of a decametric scale.

And similar V.Constants of the larger physical planes:

It is then clear that the number of Vital constants of a system is enormous, as the complexity of any fractal has infinite limit. But we shall consider generally the explanation of the Constants study for each science and species, introducing only a few ∆ST constants in more detail, which vary slightly in reference to those used in science, notably, quantifiers of space & time, its densities and Existential speeds.

The 7th Ðisomorphism is more technical and perhaps the one of maximal interest to the quantitative age of ‘measure science’ we live in. Since it deals with all the Universal constants and vital constants and physical, chemical, biological, sociological, you name it, constants which ‘specify’ and ‘diversify’ all the varieties of dimensional beings, its scales, ratios of åctions of exchanges of energy and information, etc.

In detail. Nature’s numbers as expressions of ∆st actions

Constants of Nature are the quantitative ‘substance’ of ∆ST related to the Constancy of the S, T, ∆ elements of  the Metric equation and its partial analysis. Thus the metric and the constants are the 2 essential isomorphisms that connect ∆ST and classic science.

Each of those space, time dimensions, scales, planes, and åctions between them must be defined by a Constant.

We use 5Ð ”symbols’ and names slightly changed in meaning for those main Constants, dividing them in internal, ∆-n ‘vital constants’ (ab. VC), and external, ∆+n, ‘Universal Constants’ (ab. UC), self-centred in the Active Magnitude (∆C) and its action constants that value all the System (∆-constant, or main metric of the Œ-point), with its 5 sub-constants of action, ÅC.

∑ and ∏. The Se constants &St constants that relate Space and energy, ∑e=Ts, and Time and Information, ∏T=St

3 S-Dimensional Constants related to the ‘extension and energy’ of the Sl, Sh and Sw dimensions.

T-Age Constants, related to the duration and inverse frequency rhythms of the 3 ages of time.

ST-constants, related to the topological shapes of its 3 bidimensional varieties.

Action Constants, related to the ratios of exchange of energy and information of the 5 åctions of the entity.

Social ∆-Plane Constants, related to the numerical ratios of Size and Speed ratios between ∆-planes (normally around a 10 factor), needed to transcend between social scales.

So Decametric constants are social § constants, till arriving to the discontinuous between planes that creates a whole.

As 10¹² individuals create an ∆+1 super organism. It is the final step of the game of existence played by all entities through its world cycles of space-time, as all systems are moved by their desire to maximize their existence, their vital space and cyclical time, formal motions.

Thus this max. Se x St, this mandate of existence means species try to climb the stair between planes.

Drives of Existence: The constants of action of all systems.

And both combine into Hyperbolic, Ø, Space-Time Fields, ST, in which energy and information combine, exi, to reproduce the system, STexi, which is achieved when e and i equal its value, S≈T, e=i, maximising its production, Max. E x I or function of ‘Exi=ST-ence” of the system, as this reproductive iterative present function, ST, is the goal of all systems, which can be resumed in a single statement:

‘The Universe is a fractal of present space-time systems that constantly iterate, by combining diffeomorphically (locally) relative past entropy fields of energy and relative future cyclical knot of information,  |-Ts x O-St = Ø-STexi”

If we observe those 3 motions as ‘still forms in space’, they give birth to the 3 ‘ONLY’ topologies of our Universe:

Toroid, lineal entropic past-forms – limbs/fields; spheric, informative, ‘future forms’ – heads/particles that guide the whole system towards its future; and in-between its combined, hyperbolic, bodies/waves that iterate the system.

In the next graph we show a basic spatial topological ‘Ðisomorphism’ of all scales of the 5th dimension, constructed with 3 topologies, which always will be the only 3 topologies of the Universe, cyclical-informative centres, lineal, toroid larger space-boundaries and an intermediate territory of hyperbolic form:

In the graphs we see the 3 ages of time and 3 topologies of space, which become pegged into space-time organic parts in each being, which will then perform actions, dominant in energy or information according to that organic pegging. In the graph we see the human being born of that pegging, which performs the canonical motions-actions possible in all space-time beings.

WE map out the human being with all what we have learned to fully graph, what we are:

In the graph, the Universe, including human beings is a fractal super organism of two formal motions, spatial energy and temporal information. You are a living fractal, as everything else in the universe, competing with infinite other fractals to survive, and the only thing that redeems you in the absolutely relative universe is the absolute Сmotion of eusocial evolution, the Сmotion of eusocial love that creates from parts wholes.

It means also a new expansion of our paradigm of knowledge, as it implies that absolute relativity of the human T.Œ, over an other Œ: SpxTiƒ being of reality.

We are made of a finite amount of energy and time, as when we say, ‘I don’t have time and energy to do this’ – conscious that our worldcycle between conception and extinction, is limited by death.

“We are made of a finite amount of energy and time, which conforms our worldcycle between conception, in a lower plane, ∆-1, of cellular existence, which emerges, L, in a higher plane, ∆, as a supœrganism of a mass of billions, ∑, of cells, knotted, ∏, by our physiological, E-nergetic, I-nformative and Reproductive networks, which help us to perform a series of cyclical space-time ±∆ actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, in 3 sequential ages dominated by each of those networks, the young, relative past age of maximal energy, the adult age of balance of energy and information or reproductive, present age and the informative old age of maximal form, as we move and accelerate, ∆æ, feed on energy, ∆e, perceive and communicating information, ∆œ, copy our selves in an offspring of similar beings, our sons, ∆œ, and evolving socially, ∆û, as part of an external Universe, ∆+1, with social beings of the same speciestill our extinction, when the Сmotion of growing information and life reverses its path into an explosion of Energy called death, that erases all our information, devolving back, <<, two planes down from the ∆+1 society to the cellular ∆-1 plane.”

‘We are all knots of time-space world cycles, minds synchnonize those cycles according to its time space symmetries, mapping out languages biased by the will of its acts of representation’

Next we show a human organism constructed with 3 topologies, which always will be the only 3 topologies of the Universe, cyclical-informative centres, lineal, toroid larger space-boundaries and an intermediate territory of hyperbolic form:

We see the 3 ages of time and 3 topologies of space, which become pegged into space-time organic parts in each being, which will then perform actions, dominant in energy or information according to that organic pegging. In the graph we see the human being born of that pegging, which performs the canonical motions-actions possible in all space-time beings.

In the lower graph we show man, a space-time being made of lineal energy and cyclical, temporal information, assembled in 3 parts, through cellular networks specialised in energy feeding, informative perception and reproduction, and the 3 ages of life between birth in a lower seminal scale and extinction. We write below the logic formalism that describes with simple equations of 5Ð space-time the organic parts in space and temporal ages of the human super-organism, the same equations we shall use to describe all systems of the Universe.

Finally, in the bottom, we see the decomposition of the worldcycle of existence of a human being into a sum of infinite actions, which together form the function of existence, the fundamental ‘detailed’ equation of each species of the Universe.

In the graph a human being described in the most abstract form with the generator equation of 5Ð space-time symmetries, its existential actions, levels of cellular , individual and social existence, world cycle of life from fetus to death, actions of space-time existence, which integrate in the whole world cycle, and its main ‘a,eiou’ actions of survival by exchanging energy and information with bodies and minds, reproduce the system, evolve socially with other humans into a whole, and of course, move in accelerated locomotions, the less important of the actions of the being, even if they are the most thoroughly researched by human scientists (physics).

The 3 motions=ages of time and its parallel forms of space.

This always surprised me. How people could believe in a single infinite time duration if their ‘time cycles of life and death were all similar to those of all other beings and all were finite?’

Let us give you a first hint to what might be considered the most important sequential beat of time – the finite life death cycle of beings:

All systems are born as seminal seeds, including physical systems (crystals, black holes), growing, going through 3 ages and then dying away back to simpler forms. So they had to be made of finite time cycles which somewhat warped, wrinkled their vital spaces.

But T.œ requires topping the cake, with an eternal equation – why we exist? The answer is organic and obvious: to survive. As if we didn’t we would not exist. And then all comes to the question, how we survive? And this is an organic, biological question: providing energy and information to our ternary systems, and further on, evolving into larger, more powerful wholes, through the 5th dimension. And this simple truth is the program of the Universe.

It is interesting to remember the founding fathers of science, which ARE NOT the Mechanists of the XVII century but the Greeks who understood it all:

– Democritus said the Universe was made of atoms, and atoms had 2 qualities ‘MOTION AND FORM’. Yes, he didn’t see them so he went straight to the philosophical essence. This, Plato understood. And he divided motion into ‘biological motion or internal change’ and physical motion or external locomotion. He understood.

– Aristotle, the highest mind of the western decoupling, only comparable to Leibniz, went into detail and classified motions into 6 types, and it is worth to mention:

– Motions in lineal space, or locomotions, the only one physicists study.

– Motions in a time cycle, divided into ‘conception and birth’, change of state (internal form or quality motion) and extinction, dissolution.

– Motions in the 5th dimension, which he divided into growth and diminution or ‘motions of quantity’.

He understood without the need of telescopes and microscopes the essence of the Universe.

Yet if we consider a simple graph of those ages in terms of yin-information (broken, warped forms) and energy, yang (continuous lines), we will easily realize that the same knowledge was already in the Chinese-Korean traditional culture.

In the first and second line we study the previous graph, in detail.

The main space supœrganisms, and its world cycles of time life-death sequences, as they are made of points that evolve into social networks which perform with those networks ∆-1 finitesimal actions of space-time to keep on living but finally wear down and die, because of the 3 ‘sequential orders’ of time Сmotions and state forms, space and time Сmotions are inverse, but 5Ð is a time Сmotion, it increases the overall information of the system warping it into super organism:

Ts≤ST≤St (space symmetry)   Ps≥Ts≥ƒt (time symmetry)   ∆-1>∆>∆+1 (entropy asymmetry)

Thus the sum of the 3 symmetries S+T+∆ gives, the implosive informative Сmotion > dominant towards the future, till all is warped and only entropic fast death<< can restore the Universal balance, liberating information, as the system descends back two scales from a point of a world society to a cellular disaggregated mass.

Thus there is in space a balanced flow towards present-past (dominance of entropic motions and reproductive bodies), unbalanced by the fact that in time there is a dominant Сmotion of information throughout the life cycle (aging process) and in 5Рthere is also an Сmotion of information from parts to wholes that tight the system and warp it as the 3 scales co-exist together but the larger whole actually dominates the system and receives information with no entropy from lower scales.

So overall information dominates any life cycle, till it is exhausted and death dissolves it, in as much as the 5th dimension of parts that become wholes is biased by the different entropies (energy flows worst upwards than downwards).

Now when we say we use all the linguistic perspectives we mean each property has a different point of view:

From the point of view of eusocial evolution and shynchronicity the 5th dimension is pure poetry of love

From the mental St, point of view, it is a linguistic survival game of calculus of probabilities, selfishness and greed as it uses smaller beings as bites and bits of energy an information.

From the perspective of the entire range of 5Ð planes it is a game of justice as we give it all for our social scales and ab=use our internal parts and the world we use to absorb energy and information.

From the perspective of the being as a whole it is all an organic game of survival through its actions

From its spatial objective analysis is a game of ratios, proportions, constants and mathematical topologies.

From the perspective of sequential time world cycles is a game of Nirvana, of non-freedom and determinism, of no egos, as all is repeated and all dies away.

Beings as Knots of cyclical space-time actions: Simple physical constants.

Let us then consider the simplest Universal constant: | < π > O

In this simple ratio 3 forms of space, 3 lines curve to create a cycle of time, by virtue of a curvature function, π, which therefore is the Universal constant most often repeated in all |πO: > transformations of entropy into information, which are an enormous array of physical equations.

A polynomial on base 10 on the other hand will be a sign most often of an ∆-motions, in equations of resonance, herding, reproduction and social evolution.

THUS, we can obtain from those regular exchanges, motions, rations and transformations of | , Ø, O, >≈ < functions/flows o space and time.

Living universe. Physical constants.

Can we treat other universal constants as pi functions that transform back and forth entropy into information?

Yes, if we consider the same algorithm for the main scales of physical systems such as:

|-E < h-planck > O-ƒrequency for the quantum scale

|-E < k-boltzmann <> O-Temperature for the thermodynamic scale

|-E<c2>O-Mass for the gravitational scale.

So what we observe on those physical scales is the transformation of an entropy-energy Сmotion into one of time-frequency/information through a constant of action/entropy/speed square which is the transformative < π> factor back and forth, and as such an Ø-present constant of action combination of the other 2.

So, Universal constants are ratios of those transformations, which become all pervading for those who relate the largest possible physical space-time scales (the gravitational, thermodynamic and quantum scales):

In the graph on the left side we can see the different Universal constants as metric and ratios of exchange of energy and information between the 3 main scales of human actions, the gravitational, thermodynamic and quantum scales. In the graph the equations of the 3 physical scales and its ‘constants of space’:

Est = ∆-2 (quantum scale): Hs x ƒt = Ks x Tt (∆-1: thermodynamic scale)= 1/2 Ms x vt : ∆+i (Gravitational scales)

So the quanta of space, h, k, m, varies as we change planes of existence, since the transition between points into superoranisms ‘fogs’ the vision of information along more than one scale. Closer and hence more accurately observed there is the thermodynamic scale with k, the unit of entropy as the quanta of space and temperature, the vibration of motion of molecules, or its ‘cyclical thermodynamic clocks’ as the unit of motion in time, and its product energy. Finally in the gravitational scale, the quanta of space is ‘mass’ (which of course must be combined with the dilatation of ‘temperature’, and the underlying ‘extension’ of space-time ‘h-light quanta’). All in all mass (not necessarily matter) and more often ‘momentum’, which ads to mass speed, might be consider the quanta of space, which the different motions of those masses, of which angular and lineal speed are the commonest ones, give us even closer analysis of some of the features of physical systems of space-time.

Some deep philosophical thoughts about the last paragraph – mass and speed change their functions when we move from ∆+3, galactic space to ∆+4, cosmological space. So mass which is fixed in value at ∆+3, becomes close to c-speed, in the fringe of the galactic organism (at its membrane and nuclei).

Now, again we must refer to the general structure of fractal space-time points, when fully constructed as functional ternary super organisms. It will then have a simple ternary structure with its membrane fine-tuned and synchronized sensorially to its singularity. Yet for the enclosed territorial vital space, or body-wave system, those 2 ‘invisible’ unreachable limits of maximal information (singularity) and maximal energy (enclosure), determines the limits of ‘energetic speed’ and ‘density of information’ of the system, which as long as it is within the membrane and singularity cannot colder/superfluid in its informative density-mass, than the center, and have a harder, faster, simultaneous, longer constant of space than the surrounding membrane.

This means as each scale will find a perfect ‘frozen’, efficient particle-head, and body-wave to ensemble a dominant super organism in practical terms that each scale will be populated from the perspective of its minimal space-quanta by what was the maximal space quanta of its ∆-1 scale, which then becomes in the upper scale the entropic unit.

The ∆-1 scale maximal space quanta, by the law of balance, S=T, is also the max. S xT, as it turns out it is the top predator element on the lower scale which sets the constant parameters of the upper scale. And so the function of this ‘being’ changes from ∆-1, Top Predator vital being, to ∆-space, entropic cell of the larger whole.

And this brings a long way our understanding of the 3 previous constants h, k, m and how as we focus in larger scales, their role transmutes from active to passive System.

We indicate such fluxes we use a simply intuitive term, S>T, which shows how a larger spatial form becomes a smaller, more informative systems.

Now consider its inverse symbol, T<S, which shows how information dissolves into entropy as in the case of human biological deaths, when our information is erased and our body expands back into cells gaining space.

Does this inverse ‘Сmotion of time’, of pure entropy holds also for physical systems? Of course it does. In fact it is embedded in the most important equation of physics: E<=>M(t) c², which as it happens can go one way or another. And so when Mass explodes into pure entropy-radiation, we are ultimately also observing a specific case of 5Ð metric.

Those Universal constants and by rule all the Universal constants of systems, tend to be formal ratios of transformation along one of the permitted flows of energy and information of the Universe, between scales or social groups; horizons of evolution and any  other fixed ‘allied Ælgebraic condition of a system:

In the graphs we can see how a Universal constant is viewed as a ‘limit’ by science, beyond which the system enters a higher or lower scale of the 5th dimension suffering ‘asymptotic transformations’, sudden accelerations or decelerations, growth or reductions of its time and space parameters (in physical space, lorentz transformations, changes of energy regimes in fluids and cut-offs in radiation are examples of those cases in the gravitational, ∆+1; thermodynamic, ∆ and quantum, ∆-1 scales.

But the proper way to understand Universal constants are as places of S=t BALANCE, which maximise the ‘Max. e x i’, knots of systems and its body-waves. So Universal constants are points of absolute balance whose s=t symmetry becomes ‘broken’ by a moving wave or particle that uses the energy-form fields of the constant to extract its own subject motion; often by association with a similar e x i entity, which will ‘encircle’ the energy and information o the lower ∆-1 ‘constant space-time’ to extract motion and form/curvature from it.

In the graph, the perception of the world cycle of existence in a synchronic, simultaneous way, which stresses the balanced wave-present-body state in which the entropic field and the informative field, both work to maintain the system in a balance between its information and energy components: S<ST>T

Those 6 motions of time will be the origin of all space-time events of the Universe and its rules define the cycles of space-time of all beings, of which the world cycle of existence is obviously the most important. The order of those motions though will happen in such a fashion that at the end all the processes when integrated along 3 scales, 3 forms and 3 Сmotions of time will give us a zero sum, that is all locomotions will balance with the energy fed to the system (emission and absorption of energy), and all life organizations upwards in the scales of the 5th dimension will be compensated by al the deaths downwards.

Is the ultimate truth of reality: the whole Universe is immortal for each of its parts to live a finite cycle of existence. But each existence itself is immortal in the reproduction of its present form through the different space-time actions of the Universe.

As a wave of actions forms, for each being there will be then the perspective of steady reproduction, of informative perception of the wave as it diminishing in time or space, each variation of the fundamental mode of reproduction SxT-> ∑st: becomes then a different variation on the same eternal theme, the completion of worldcycles, the repetition of existences, the closing of conservative paths of energy and information feed back cycles, S<≈>T, which define the Universe, constantly as flows of energy and information web new forms that become parts of wholes, which a new eye of time will reorder as a supœrganism, preying on it, growing as a subconscious collective god-mind, emerging to become a new point-mind of the whole. As information copies its fractal structure and becomes a mind-organism, then all becomes simple and then complex and then simple in reproductive waves across 3 ∆+-1 planes of existence.

In the graph in any exchange of energy and information between two polar particles of time, through a wave that mixes both, there are certain relationships that establish stable, topologically correct changes of curvature and motion, ruled by ‘vital constants’ that measure the fixed content of energy and information, motion and curvature transferred in each exchange.

The Universe on the other hand, though it is constantly in motion, has numerical patterns and regularities, which are deterministic values for the energy, information, entropy and curvature=form=time speed of its different species.

Those are the quantitative values of science, where a number is a social gathering of indistinguishable forms, which are all herds of clonic beings, put together in social scales – mostly of decametric or ternary nature, hence the abundance of π and 10 logarithmic scales


5 ∆-1 Actions integrated in ∆o worldcycles part of the larger ∆+1  Dimotions of the external world.

We said all systems are super organisms tracing worldcycles in a larger world, with smaller parts of faster time cycles, according to the metric of 5Ð: S x T = ∆±¡

Now, it is necessary to understand that as there are 3 scales of size in space, there are 3 scales of time quanta parallel to them. So we talk of smaller, faster ‘actions’ as the minimal unit of time dimotions, of larger sums of them, the world cycle of individuals as the time-range of organisms, and the slower ‘deep time’ cycles of the supœrganism or world in which the system co-exists with other systems as the 3rd level of time clocks.

And while spatial, visual man might have an easier time to understand the 3 scales of spatial size of super organisms, they are always entangled with the 3 scales of time clocks of reality and what truly matters to the order of reality are the games of synchronicity of those actions, as some are larger in time-scale than others.  Reason why we have a post on synchronicity which is likely the hidden gem of this blog.

The minimal description of a species of space-time implies to define its 5 Dimensions of space that make up its organic structure in simultaneous, time, its sequential motions through its world cycle between generation and extinction as it travels through the 3 planes of co-existence, in its cellular/atomic, organic/thermodynamic and ecosystemic/cosmological scales; and the 5 actions of exchange of energy and information it performs in those relative scales.

This description in pentalogic terms of all systems of reality that perform those 5 actions gathered in worldcycles giving birth to the isomorphic dimotions of all systems is then a subtle process of synchronicities and simultaneities.

So we shall use 3 terms for the scales of time duration, parallel to the scales of size of beings:

  • ∆-1   5 actions which are the minimal quanta of time, for the relative ¡-1 scale of the being. So all beings will first perceive (D1) to move (D2) towards a source of entropy where they will feed (D4) or be killed (prey predator game), converted into entropy themselves. And if successful will use that entropy, reconverted into their own form as ‘energy’ to reproduce (D3), and integrate the reproduced cell or clone being into a social group part of a Universal whole (D5). We thus use for each of those action a mnemonic vowel which first perceive information (i), to define the change in motion of all beings (a-ccelerations), going towards the feeding fields where entropic death happens ending the o-sum worldcycle (ø) of predator or prey, that will reproduce with the reconverted energy (e),1, to start its social evolution (u): ï->a->ø->e->û, thus being the natural series in sequential time of the actions of existence of beings, which we shall call the Program of existence.

But those actions, which are short time actions that involve only a small part of the being (an ∆-1 organ) keep accumulating in a larger plane of time giving origin to the worldcycles of the being, as they keep…

  • Gathering in 5 ∆º ages, which gather those actions in each age of life, dominated by one of those 5 type of actions (genesis dominated by social evolution; youth dominated by locomotion, maturity by acts of reproduction, third age by acts of information and death age by entropic processes).

It is then worth to notice that in the Ƽ SCALE ages have a different order than actions, as actions start with an informative dual process of perception and communication with the outer world, which correspond to the third age of the being, and follow by locomotion and entropic feeding, while the entropic death of the system is the final age, which in actions tends to be the positive first age of social evolution (palingenesis).

To notice that in physics and matter, those ages are called ‘states’ of matter, entropic gaseous youth, liquid balanced age and informative solid crystal age between plasma generation and social evolution into boson and quark matter.

It is the key to the complexity of the universe: when we start to combine 5 Dimotions in different scales, with different synchronicities and different variations of forms and motions, entangled to shape different super organisms the ‘variations’ on the same theme are truly infinite, giving birth to the astounding variety of reality.

  • Deep time Horizons, which correspond to the ∆+1 ecosystem or world in which the individual as part of a larger whole belongs – in human individuals the supœrganism of History. The terms are taken from Hutton’s father of geology who first coined the word supœrganism to refer to the Earth ‘geological horizons’, whose ‘deep time’ he rightly considered to be slow expressions of what now systems sciences defines as the metric of 5Ð (well that is me, I and myself but you know as Planck said, all ‘scientific r=evolutions start in the mind-point of a pioneer ):

“] Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant Сmotion of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the Сmotion of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth -internet

In the graph, if we apply the ages to species, the paths of future define the 3 Horizons of the species, its process of final social evolution into super organisms, or extinction, as evolution resolves in 3 type of evolutionary branching, one species of more ‘information’ – higher St, one of more reproductive energy, S=T, and one of more entropic force, Ts…

3 subspecies that are strategies of survival, by killing more rivals (predator strategy), reproducing faster (generator strategy) or becoming more intelligent able to evolve socially through languages of common information (social strategy) – so always those 3 specialized sub-species succeed – which will easily applied to mankind to resolve the tree of anthropology, the 3 dominant sub races and the 3 type of sexes.

Ultimately though the darwinian predator strategy is the less successful… and so we call it the ‘past horizon’, as it also comes first, the reproductive present strategy is on the short term the most successful so we call it the present but the future will be dominated by the Сmotion of eusocial evolution that creates wholes…

Or rather we talk of 2 relative future horizons: if the species fails to evolve socially it will face entropic extinction, into a lower plane of the fifth dimension, ¡-1 but if it is successful in social evolution it will evolve into a more efficient survival super organism, ¡+1.

Since the longest surviving future is that of the Сmotion of wholes, of eusocial love, denied by the simplex lineal logic of entropic, Aristotelian military human cultures, which therefore are FACING EXTINCTION BY KILLING EACH OTHER IN UNENDING WAR CYCLES – themes those extensively treated in the posts on the 3 ages of time and the paths of evolution and the posts on the failure of History to evolve by the power of social love.

Indeed evolution is supposed to be chaotic, as all human models of reality are ‘entropic’ regardless of evidence, since Science is culture, and we live in a military-based culture originated in the gunpowder age of mankind, so as big-bang is the model of physics, chaotic evolution is the model of biology born on the hunter’s mind of Darwin, who emphasized the LESS important dimotion of species, its dog-eat-dog struggle for entropic energy – themes those treated in our post on æntropic science as culture.

So we shall CALL THE LARGEST TIME-SPAN belonging to the species or ¡+1 world, ‘DEEP TIME‘ and its time spans, Horizons, honoring Hutton, and so its 5 Dimotions are ∆-1: Evolution (the generator fast phase, similar to the palingenesis of the individual); ‘past= the top predator  horizon’, PRESENT, the reproductive species, horizon, and future, the informative horizon, which branches into two probabilities, social evolution, the relative ∆+1 of the species which therefore is a new palingenetic Evolution, or a process of collective death, back to ∆-2 (as individuals also die in death, which is a double jeopardy, considered in detail in other posts) or extinction, the entropic Dimotion of species and worlds.

TO notice that Horizons are closer to ages in its natural order, as palingenesis is similar to evolution, the 3 horizons of past, present and future to the 3 ages, and death to extinction, reason why I so often use for Horizon the term ages, which might make it a bit confusing sometimes.

THE REAL DIFFERENCE is in the final phase, as Individuals are super organisms, of the maximal possible informative dominance of the mind; so there is ONLY a future for a supœrganism in which the selfish MIND TOTALLY DOMINATES AND WARPS the organism as nervous systems do in humans, and it seems, financial and legal-military neuronal people-castes ab=using the reproductive middle class do in our societies (treated in our posts on history). So when the @-mind exhausts the present energy of the system, there is NO future but death, in a final entropic big-bang.

Species however are NOT so controlled by information but rather form Herds, and so when they evolve into social super organisms, as ants did, they can maintain still a balance between the individual and the whole, not so deeply controlled by information and to maintain an open longer future.

It is then obvious that death can be by excess of information (selfish nervous system, gravitational black hole eating the whole galaxy, selfish financial and legal corrupted neuronal, informative upper castes, in biologic, physical or social organisms) or excess of entropic power (worms that die poisoned by eating all kind of substances without control, lonely top predators like neanderthals or tooth tigers that are cornered by social hunters, humans and wolves, military societies that kill their own body in wars, nova and quasar explosions that kill astrophysical systems).

And so survival is once more a balanced S=T, present ascension into an emergent supœrganism that balances the democratic rights of the parts, of the working reproductive body to which the mind-neurons must serve.

Needless to say time reversal from future to past, which is the definition of local entropy is always possible through r=evolution (societies), turning back the clock of aging (simple jellyfish do it), or when as we shall see in astrophysics the nucleon beta decays into its components and the galaxy suffers a quasar cycle of renewal. so time travels are local loss of information decelerating aging and creating a back and forth beating between past and future, to remain in present.

it is then essential to fully grasp in parallel to the 3 scales of reality, its 3 type of supœrganisms, the 3 type of time dimotions of existence, which we formalize in ¡logic with the following terms (my apologies though for many of the posts that mix jargons, as only recently I have come to take seriously the diffusion of this blog and so will try to rewrite slowly and standardize all the posts to the quality of this central one, which should be taken at the template for future researchers):

To notice that ‘pTs’ is a single one, but  the ‘futures=ƒSt’ have 3 paths, departing from the horizon of information, which might decline into entropic extinction or might evolve into social evolution and we shall return to it.

Finally to notice we compose its acronyms with 3 self-evident letters:

  • Those of Past are lineal space-distances, $ and lineal time, t, which shows its main dimotion=action=function, locomotion.
  • Those of present, are its main action=dimotion=function, Reproduction, which repeats dynamically time seemingly never changing its Space-Time, in caps as it is the dominant dimension of reality.
  • Those of future shows its main function, ƒrequency of ðime clocks of cyclical information, and its multiple 3±i future paths, .

Their application is truly wide, as they are the components of the ‘Generator Equation’ of pentalogic that describes all Timespace-organisms, both in simultaneous space and in its worldcycle, across its 3 main planes of existence.

The parallelisms, synchronicities and entanglements of all those scales of space and time IS THEN THE detailed knots and bolts of each science, as they happen in all scales: indeed, there is a parallelism in the external world scales of cosmology in time, years and mass, between the active magnitude and the life age span – NOTHING of this being coincidence but part of the infinite intelligence of the immortal universe always based in balances and symmetries between the spatial, scalar, temporal and mind-languages of the being in its 3 scales, of inner parts, wholes and worlds/ecosystems.

How we measure the total value of spacetime of a system in its parallel from and world cycle?, With the concept of energy.

So we left for the final basic parameter the concept of energy, which in physics is the integral of a force, itself, the change of momentum of the being, along a path in space, and so for a fractal entity Is the best measure of its total world cycle as it ads to the momentum, its change in time through its existence  and change in spatial position through its worldline… Acceleration as we saw in the graph of masses, is in fact the measure of the Сmotion of time towards the future of a system; while displacement defines its territorial space in which it will perform its actions of existence, so beyond the MECHANICAL VIEW of displacement and forces, in 5Ð vital space-time, displacement measures territory (body-energy) and acceleration, the total time frequency of actions. 

The total energy of a being thus become a parallel ‘symmetric’ quantity to measure its potential world cycle duration and territorial power, when we transform the concepts of abstract physics into vital ‘generational space-time’.

Since it is precisely what the game does as we depart from the perfect, ideal immortal scales of atomic physics into the functions and organs, territories and life-death cycles of less ‘perfect’ species, of higher scales, a fact which proves that ultimately the game is not about mathematical abstractions but about survival and life.





In the graph, the ‘Plan of evolution’ and ‘structure of super organisms’, and its ‘3 networks’ can be studied also from an I-ntegrated point of view as the 3 parts of a ‘whole’.

Then the whole will be made with the only 3 topologies in space of bidimensional ‘membranes’ , the essential part of the Universe.

The graph shows how those 3 topologies combine in the ‘simplest’ of all varieties of organisms, the ‘spherical being’, living in a ‘homogenous’ medium, which provides it with energy and information and allows it to reproduce in a parallel extinction of space-time

All of them will have an external membrane, which will act as ‘rotational limbs’ exchanging energy and information through its ‘sensorial openings’.

This membrane will be enclosing a toroidal body, which will cyclically exchange energy and information through networks with a central zero point of information or hyperbolic brain.

The 3 parts will assembly together to form from sea urchins to phetus, from electromagnetic fields to galaxies with black holes, from atoms to tomatoes, from cells to planets. In all of them, the central hyperbolic ‘head’/nucleus, will direct a toroidal body, and an external membrane will feed the system with energy.

The graph shows a different fundamental variety of super organism, one existing not in an homgoneous medium but a planar surface, with a relative ‘energy-information’ directionality such as the planet Earth, where the sun provides light and the floor chemical elements. In this system, the morphology of the 3 networks vary and so does its orientation but the trinary structure of the Universe does not change:

In the graph we see how function matters more than form, and yet both are in symmetric symbiosis. The galaxy is a ‘homogenous’ organism with a black hole in the centre; the plant has also its 3 parts, and it has a root brain with maximal fractal branching to gather more atomic information, while ‘flat’ energy leaves absorb light as energy. Humans though have the inverse orientation as they use light to obtain information and take energy from plants. both predators and preys have inverse functions/forms.

Moreover it is evident that there is a symmetry between the 3 spatial dimensions and its functions,a s ‘height is always the dimension of information’ to perceive better, so we have our heads on top in the direction where information comes. Length on the other hand is the dimension of forward motion the most common, and finally, width is the parallel direction of social organization and reproduction.

Thus we are beings made of dimension of energy and information and live according to its laws, of which the ternary morphology of systems and its 3 ages in time, were the most astoundin, perfect symmetry and ‘deterministic law’ of the Universe.

There are thus ‘3 topologies that correspond to the ‘3 components’ in space of any physical or biological system:

– Max. Energy: the energetic, ‘lineal’ limbs/fields, as the line is the shortest distance between two points that dominated the youth of a system.

– Max. information: the spherical, particle/heads of information, since the sphere is the geometry that stores more form in lesser space, that dominated the 3rd age of the system, as the passing of time increased the informative complexity of the system, exhausting its energy.

– And the intermediate, e x i , ‘conic’, ovoidal or wave-like ‘bodies’ of the system that reproduced them, and repeated its actions, making the system stable, and ‘immortal’, when an organism could be kept in such a state.

So i extended the analysis of the 3 dimensions of time, to a deeper, ‘topological’ understanding of the ‘morphologies’ in space of all systems; and study with them engineering; and forecasted the evolution of machines, both diachronically (so we made bodies of machines in the XIX c. heads in the XX c. and now we put them into organic robots). This was the beginning of my accurate predictions of the future of economics, where company-mothers evolved and reproduced those machines.

And concluded that all systems of Nature followed the same rules, as we were ‘all’ made of ‘energy, information and its infinite combinations, which dominated those 3 ‘ages’ of time – the age of ‘energy’, the age of balance and reproduction (exi) and the 3rd age of information – symmetric to the 3 ‘components’ of all organisms, machines, and physical systems:

– The energetic limbs/engines/fields, the reproductive wave/factories/bodies and the informative particle/chips/heads.

It was then evident that the deepest understanding of the organisms of the Universe and its 3 parts, organs and ages, was through the study of the 3 ONLY ‘spatial topologies’ that a bidimensional surface, (a 2 manifold) had.

Thus we were all from the external point of view ‘bimdimesional membranes’ with 3 type of organs, parallel to the 3 ‘only’ topologies of the 2-manifold Universe – the 3 ‘energetic, informative and body parts’ of any system of nature. And each of those 3 parts dominated each of the 3 ‘ages’ in time of all those systems. The young age dominated by our limbs and motions, the adulthood dominated by the body and our reproduction and the 3rd age dominated by the head of information. The 3 ages of life, were just a consequence of the 3 topologies of space of our bidimensional membrane of information. We were topological organisms living as such.

And so where machines which could relate to us through their equivalent morphologies making us stronger bodies and smarter heads – or so it seems initially.

In any case ‘hooking us’ , making us addicts to them. To fully grasp this, we shall now introduce the evolution of life in this planet, according to those 3 ages and morphologies of time and space,e of the Universe at large.

Since machines followed the same organic laws, and our relationships with them are equivalent to those of animals among them.

The formalism of Complex Sciences applied to ‘Socio-Biological’ systems.

– It came next the application of those fascinating discoveries and symmetries to biology, from genetic studies (the relationship between the i-1 scale that coded the i-ndividual one) to physiology.

I also used it to study the morphology of all systems made with Energetic Limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads, which evolved in 3 ‘scales’ , the cellular, organic and species state. So me dine, was the study of the energetic, digestive, reproductive, blood and informative networks of the human organism and its balances with the cellular scale.

-It followed that in the i+1 scale there were also such 3 networks, the political informative system, the economic, reproductive system and the energetic geography of Gaia. And we could also establish a ‘medical discipline’ for history, as the laws of all systems were the same. So in the same manner we could cure the sickness of a cellular organism, we could solve and cure human social systems, in which we all humans were citizen cells. And so I designed a perfect world. One in which all human beings would have as cells do in a body enough energy and information to survive and thrive.

Nature ‘pegs’ those 3 networks as forms & functions, which put together create the underlying structure of all systems of reality, both physical and biological, as all combined the ternary elements of the generator equation, either in sequential time orders (entropic youth, reproductive maturity, 3rd informative old age) or simultaneous, spatial organisms.

Yet that is always a simultaneous organic construction, or rather superorganjc, as it is made of smaller beings which are also super organisms, controlled by the central point of view-network, the elliptic ‘sub-system’ of information that controls it all, in the 3 x 3 +0 decametric structure of all systems. So in the 10 sub-systems of the human super organism, it is the brain, the 10th element; in a 10 military system will be the sergeant, the captain, the general of each 10, 100, 1000 scalar levels. And in a simple tetraktys, similar to the billiard triangle, the central dark ball which coordinates all other balls, by being precisely in the middle, able to communicate with them all and organise the whole system.

Ternary symmetry between space topologies & time ages. The fractal generator: Symbolism

All fractals have a generator feedback equation and the Universe is not exception.

Let us then write the fractal generator of time motions, the fact that time never stops, and it has 3 varieties of motions-forms that switch into each other ad eternal into an equation, we shall call the generator equation of the Universe. It merely states that |-Se<, past-entropy, >To future-information and its combined, ≈X present-repetitions, the 3 flows of time constantly switch into each other, ad eternal:  Se<=X=>To

Generators are dynamic, cyclical equations which constantly create slightly changed new ‘cycles’. As such they are periodic cyclical equations of the form X < = > Y, where obviously X and Y are symbols as in all ‘Universal grammars’ linguistic representations of the Universal Generator (mathematical jargon in Space-time) or Universal Grammar (Logic Jargon in Time-space). So what is the Generator equation of the Universe? Easy the inverse metrics of time and space, written as the metrics of the fifth dimension, shown as a hyperbolic graph, origin of the existential algebra of the Universe and all other equations:

Γ.   Universal Generator≈Grammar:  Se x Ti = Constant Space-time:  Se-Past<Present-space>Future-time

The many iterations, combinations, dual forms, inverse equations, derived metrics and symmetries of space-time originated by that equation will be enough to explain the meaning of it all. Trust me (-;

Let us first remember the dualities of Ts and St, which are the ‘first’ simpler’ steps, needed to reach the ternary symmetries of the full ¬Æ structure of the Universe.

2-manifold spaces and its 3 varieties: the 3 organs of all systems.

We live in a Universe in which all beings are made of the same substances, energy which occupies space and information, carried in the frequency and cycle of time clocks. Those 2 ‘substances’ that we call Se (Spatial energy) and St (Temporal information), combine together in ‘bidimensional’ systems to create together all the species in the Universe. And as it happens, since there are only 3 varieties of ‘bidimensional’ geometries, all systems have 3 kind of parts: toroid, lineal limbs and fields that provide energy and move the system (biological/physical jargon), hyperbolic bodies waves that iterate/reproduce it, and spherical membranes which enclose the system and ‘sense’ the Universe around, mirroring it in an internal ‘infinitesimal zero point’ or informative mind that controls the whole organism. Below, atoms, seeds, planets, cells and bosons show similar topological structures.

The study of all the ‘isomorphisms’ (similar=iso forms and functions) across all the systems of the Universe is one of the key elements of the alternative philosophy of science called ‘General Systems’, ‘cybernetics’  or ‘complexity’ , born after II world war, by the hand of he pioneers of Information Theory. General Systems builds models of science and the Universe, no longer as a simplex machine dominated by ‘energy’ or ‘entropy’ existing in a single space-time continuum (Physicists’ world view), but as a fractal organism, dominated by information.

The Universe and all its parts are made of Topological Dimensions of Space and Time. The spatial organs have a form which perform a function in time, and both together make ‘us’.

Which is the dynamic, ensemble concept behind the second Ðisomorphism of ‘energetic limbs/fields’ and Informative ‘heads/particles’, assembled by hyperbolic bodies/waves that iterate and reproduce the system.

This is the ‘e,i,o’ of General Systems Sciences: beings are made of 3 dimensional finite pieces of ‘energetic space’ which perform 3 symmetric motions or functions that last a finite time and both together create the only 3 varieties of bidimensional space (called a 2-manifold); and everywhere in the Universe this pattern repeats, creating an ‘Ðisomorphism’ of Nature.

Another way to divide those dimensions is giving 1 to entropy (pure space without form) 1 to form (to a fractal point @), the singularity and boundary of any fractal organism, S and T, and 2 to its product SxT or present hyperbolic way-form, which will then be those of energy and information in perpetual transformations:

  • Energy never dies but transforms itself into information ad eternal.

Since a body-wave shares both the singularity information and the boundary membrane, St and Ts, and mixes them in a constant flux between energy and information, the ‘messed’ equivalents, which being both bidimensional STATES of the same being become the engine of immortal present timespace steps; as the body-wave iterates itself in an existential action≈ motion.

The universe is a FRACTAL holography of bidimensional spatial, lineal entropy and bidimensional clocks of time cycles. The concept is complex for the standard platitudes of modern science, but the principles behind, as we have seen are rather simple. The applications enormous in all fields. Consider for example the relationship between fractal structures and storage of information. In a hologram, any part of the hologram with sufficient size contains the whole of the stored information – and that is how the Universe indeed can store all its laws in so small ‘parts’, which fold the whole, such as a seminal seed that will unfold with those ∆STø laws. Moreover, the laws we shall study do apply to mankind’s actions and parts as any other part of the Universe.

This is objective science not subjective ego-trips, as most science is.

Consider the case of quantum physics and brain behaviour. Only Bohm did understand a bit of those ‘bits’. In his right holomorphic theory of memory, constructed on the basis of his right interpretation of quantum waves, memory is also holography,  distributed over a dendritic arbor so that each part of the dendritic network contains all the information stored over the entire network. We shall in the 3rd line of ‘details’ go through infinite of such parallel structures of all systems, but what we try to do in the first line is to give you the ‘wider picture’ in simpler terms. Another matter is if the human brain can be upgraded ethically and intellectually to understand it all.

We ARE space-time beings, and space-time is a fractal structured extended across multiple scales of social networks, growing and diminishing in size. This is what reality is, and while its initial components, space, time and its fractal scales, grouped in a new ‘5th dimension’ of scalar size are more complex than the old paradigm of a single space-time shallow continuum, once we grasp the unicity of all beings, made of those scales of space and time cycles, as when Copernicus put the sun in the centre, it will be evident that most laws of science become simplified, similar expressions of the laws that explain the interaction of cycles of time and planes of space.

Thus the first principle to consider is how the geometry of bidimensional time cycles and bidimensional networks of space-points mess up to create all the beings of the Universe. It is the holographic principle… And its fundamental logic concept is ‘the opposition of forms and motions, which however combine in ternary systems, creating the 3 organic topologies and time-ages of all what exists.

Since there is not 2 without 3, born of the combination of the other 2.

The principle of conservation of entropy, energy and in/form/ation…

A key to fully grasp the workings of the Universe is to have a clear understanding of the terms, energy and information, which bridge the ‘present’ between a relative past of ENTROPY, ‘pure motion with no form’ and ‘pure form’, the absolute ‘future’, or immortal kingdom of eidos… with no motion, the ‘potential of formal futures of the game of exi=st¡ence’ (in strict philo-stientific terms).

Another way to consider a time cycle is as a ‘feed-back’ exchange of energy and information, which gives origin to an enlarged principles of conservation that enlarges the present concept based in an energy-entropy only Сmotion of time.

Since general systems sciences is defined as the philosophy of science which includes simplex physics, as a ceteris paribus case, whose principle of conservation of energy is extended to conservation of information and its principle of lineal inertia ads a principle of cyclical inertia, caused by the ‘existence of infinite closed time clocks’ in the universe, from vortices of charges in the smaller scales, to larger mass vortices and galaxies in the larger scales, which carry its information in the frequency and form of its closed trajectories.

What will be then the formalism of a Universe, constructed with both Сmotions of future in equal footing? A more realist description as all systems seem to be constructed with both elements in a complementary combinations – heads and bodies in biological systems, particles of information and waves of energy in physical systems, machines and chips in economical systems, linguistic classes in control of the languages of social power, law and money, and working energy class in social systems.

So as a first step to construct that formalism and study all those systems with its common laws (called in G.S.T. ab. general systems theory), we shall expand the principle of conservation of energy, to include information, and define an equation for all systems of the Universe, using both Сmotions:

‘All what exists is a system made of lineal, spatial, entropic, fields, Ts,  and cyclical, temporal, clocks of information, Τiƒ, which transforms into each other ad eternal, through intermediate body-waves of energy (Max. Ts x Min. St) and information (Max. St x Min. Ts):

|-Ts (entropic limbs-fields) < ≈ Ø-exi (iterative body-waves) ≈> O-Τiƒ (formal informative time-clocks)

Τhis equation, Ts<≈ST≈>Τiƒ is the ternary, proper way to define a Universe made of infinite systems of space-time, which become ternary systems of entropic limb/fields combined with particles-heads of cyclical time clocks with ‘formal frequencies of information’, giving birth to stable complementary body-wave systems.

So 3 terms are essential to grasp in its correct non-ambivalent version, as ‘geometric, dimensional and motion related terms’:

  • Ts: Pure, Entropic SPACE, which expands space and relaxes form
  • St: Pure ‘dimensional form‘, stored in the closed, ‘implosive’ clock-like cycles of ‘∏IME‘ systems.
  • ST: And its combination as steady state, ‘present’, iterative, Energetic & Informative body-waves,  where energy and information arecombinations of ENTROPY-motion (dominant in energetic limbs-fields), and dimensional time-form≈cycles (dominant in in-form-ative,particle heads).
  • So, expansive space and dimensional form come together into THE TRUE conserved entities, ‘PRESENT space-time body-waves of energy and information, able to iterate≈re-produce the 3 whole 3 parts of the system.

As the energy of wave-bodies is close to pure motion of entropy fields; and its information is closer to the closed cyclical forms of particles-heads, science and people often confuse motion and form with energy and information (the messed concepts).

So we shall go along with mainstream ‘talk’ many times, when using energy as synonymous of entropy (pure space motion) and ‘closed time clocks’ whose frequency and cyclical form stores the logic information of a system as synonymous words.

But WHEN WE COME into the formalism IS imperative to fully grasp the difference between them, as the ternary play of those concepts is ESSENTIAL to Nature’s games.

Thanks to classic science we  know precise equations that will guide us, sometimes with slight corrections into that inquire, which ultimately will reduce most equations of ‘energy’ to a simple space-time equation:

Past-Entropy x Future-Form = Present, iterative energetic/informative body-waves.

We call that logic equation of space-time in GST, the fractal generator of Space-Time systems (also ab. GST), which combines and transforms energy back and forth into information through body-waves.

Since only when we add both energy and information, we can obtain a truly descriptive equation of all scientific systems made of spatial energy and informative time, the ‘3 elements of which all beings of the Universe are made’.

Since the primary entropy-form, Ts, St, 2 elements can combine into a third one, it follows easily that there is not 2 without 3 and so we must include as the fundamental Сmotion of time, the combination of a relative ‘past-entropic’ and ‘future-informative’ Сmotion into a PRESENT, iterative body-wave composite of energy and information, an existential form, exi=st.

Whereas the content of energy and information of the body-wave, its ‘existential’ product or ‘action’, will be equivalent to the entropic space and formal time cycles of the limbs/fields of entropy and heads/particles of logic form that combine and mergen into the body-wave system.

So we shall EXPLAIN for the first time in the history of human thought WHY 3 is the overwhelming structure of reality, departing from the 3 ‘ages’ of time and the 3 dimensions of space, which now ARE JUST 2 sides of the same coin, as Einstein rightly understood, albeit in a simplified manner; which now we can consider in far more detail, for each ‘being’ made of those 3 dimensions/ages of space-time.

LET US see how they construct reality. We shall be more rigourous and unlike previous versions scrap off all the work on interpretations, corrections and comments on previous outdated paradigms. So we save space here. That means we hardly will comment on quantum, relativity and other ‘simpler’ versions, with its single time Сmotion.

We shall state the obvious: there is not 2 without 3, so the existence of at least 2 related elements, space and time, energy and information precludes the existence of a third element which includes both, exi, st, ‘exi≈st’.

This thing we shall call the ‘function’ ‘exi≈st’ OF  Spatial energy and temporal information of ‘temporal energy’,  is the true essence of it all, and so we do have 3 elements to play with, space, time, energy, information, and its space-time combinations.

But as we have now the 3 elements we shall use to construct reality, we shall be more precise in all the definitions.

Ω≈B: The 3 motions of time and its symmetry with the 3 bi-dimensions of space

We shall start describing the ‘smaller parts’ of a time element and an energy element of a space=time action, which combines both in a symmetry between time ages and space topologies that put together a holography of sopace-time dimensions.

So we play with a lego of space and time dimensions pegged together in harmonic pieces of ‘motion and form’, that combine perfectly a topology of space and motion in time. Those motions in time will be generically called past-enetropy, present-interation and future-infomration, with lineal, hyperbolic and spherical forms:

The three fundamental motions: decelerating entropy, steady state wave, vortex acceleration of information.

In graphs, the 3 ‘broken’ time motions of the Universe, below pegged in synchronous systems as the 3 organic geometries, that mimic the 3 topologies of the Universe. Their combination creates self-similar ternary systems, combinations of the Ts and St, lineal and cyclical components, combined in STexi- hyperbolic body-waves:

Three fundamental motions of the Universe, or changes in time, which in reproductive terms, means that each repetition of a motion will be a shrinking motion, hence an informative motion, an expansive motion hence an entropic motion or a repetitive motion, hence a perfect steady-state present motion without apparent change on the being:

The three fundamental motions of the Universe, expand, repeat or implode the being in each ‘step’ or quantum of motion. They correspond in the pure study of motion, to entropic ‘deceleration’ which ends the motions into a final state of space, present repetitive motions which can be eternal (as waves of light ‘almost are’) or informative, accelerated vortices of motion, which end when they reach the central singularity.

In the graph, the simplest variation of the three modes of reproduction of form is ‘set’ by the existence of irrational numbers, which do not close the circle but allow a beat of opening an closing spiral mouths, inward or outward-looking.

What other fundamental motions can we then consider. We could consider the motions=changes of the entity in time as the series of motion that ‘generate’ a world cycle of existence, but it seems more proper to study those motions (generation, evolution, emergence, growth etc.) in the Ðisomorphism of life ages an its worldcycles; not in pure reproductive motions or locomotions.

Hence considering the subdivisions of the father of all philosophers, in what regards the depth and exhaustive analysis of all relevant rational concepts about the Logos, Mind of the organic Universe, Mr. Aristotle, we shall consider the following ‘other forms of reproductive’ motions, besides the three essential ones.

Aristotle’s account of motion can be found in the Physics. By motion, Aristotle understands any kind of change. In his jargon he defines motion as the actuality of a potentiality. So in principle Aristotle has a classification of motions, as the whole range of stages of the life cycle, ∆-1 ‘generation & evolution’, ‘young growth’, ‘mature reproduction’, ‘old age diminution’ and ‘extinction’

So all motions are ‘stages’ of the motion of a worldcycle through the fifth dimension. All are ‘reproductive variations of loco-motion’, are the same essential universal event, a reproduction of information in scales of the fifth dimension.

In the graph, a few of the ternary systems, made with the 3 only topologies-functions of all systems of the Universe, an atom, a tomato, a planet, a cell an embryo and an electromagnetic field.

In the graph, when we make a diachronic analysis, we shall find that Fractal Space and Local Past, on one side and Future local temporal information on the other side are similar (as systems start as lineal motions, which time bends: ‘time bends space into masses’ said  and You Einstein  Since they are the 2 reverse sides of the same coin, we shall use the same symbols, merely inverting their order, and call them:

|-Ts: Open Spatial Extension; Ts, with max. entropy, (kinetic energy), lineal momentum, which dominate a young past age:

Ps: Lineal Entropy-Energy or “Past’ (soon we will show indeed why in the past there was more entropy-lineal energy).

o-Ti: closed Temporal cycles that carry information in its form and frequency, St, and guide a system growing in its future:

ƒt: Informative, future forms.  (And soon we shall see why indeed the future does have more information).

All of us ST organisms live by travelling in growth through our vital dimensions, by growing in informative complexity through the ages of life, till all warped information in our 3rd age dissolve back to our ∆-1 cell state.


-Trilogic is de facto the most important analysis for all forms, as we describe the entity in a single plane of existence with its 3 topological organs of space, T<ST>S, its 3 ages in time, T<ST>S or its 3 co-existing scales, ∆±1. Often we just make a trilogic analysis of the being in a single Space-time plane (T<ST>S), and from the point of view of scales, as this is the bare minimum to define an ∆ST system…

Trilogic is thus the basis of all languages beyond, the simplest ‘first order logic’ a causality of falsity and truth, such as if A is false, and from A we deduce B, A->B, B is false. As truths are linguistic mirrors of reality a better term than ‘falsity’ is ‘focus’. A good truth is one in which the syntax of the language and its semantic mimics the syntax of the Universe and its meanings. The syntax is a given. Most languages are ‘innate’ ternary syntax of the 3 parts of reality.

Back in the 90s when I was pen pal with Chomsky for political activism, I explained him that his Universal grammar was just a case of a ternary syntax for all languages of reality, which all minds code with slight differences, but as all verbal languages could be referred to the subject (man:information-space) >Verb(time-dimotion) <Object (energy) a Universal grammar for all languages existed and its rules based in Generational space-time were the ultimate ¡logic language of reality, even superior in its capacity to describe in synoptic form the events of all systems of Nature than mathematics (albeit with less detail, which is precisely what a synoptic language does). But Chomsky wasn’t interested. So I went alone without help and by 92 I had developed the existential grammar of the Universe, departing from 5D metric and wrote a 30 meters mural painting during my artistic age as I was innovating in 2D with a style called ‘Conceptual cubism’, using 3 layers of paintings, the first one of universal grammar, the second one using expressioniost colors, decomposed ‘lineal cubism’ ‘cyclical taoist’ and ‘hyperbolic, fractal forms’ painting waves of timespace, and the third pictures of reality… So this ‘grand work’ I intended for my ‘Museum of the 3 ages of art’, would be the final painting… In the branched 30 meters from the initial Max. ∑ SxT(s=t)= ∆±¡ existential function of the galatom (S=h, T=C) all the main functions of the Universe were generated in increasing detail through the disomorphic set of 3×3±¡ laws that are the ‘restriction’ for the selection of ‘domains’ in which ‘variations’ of the same theme, compose the creative symphony of reality…

As life didn’t go well that work was left in a storage in NYC, which finally on one of many low points didn’t care to renew and I imagine is lost. There was a 1000 pages manuscript at WGA (E) also from 1992, the codes of the Universe, but I guess it got burned because every 20 years you had to renew it and I was no longer living In U$. So alas, existential algebra has to be recomposed and I hope to leave some traces of it, in Academia, Health permitted, in the next years. Here we shall just consider its basic symbols. I changed though the name of Universal Grammar to Existential Algebra, just in case Mr. Chomsk denounces me for ‘plagiarism’ (: in the classic vein of the Jewish->Protestant->Anglo-American cult(ure)s of the chosen who are always against us, social Europeans, from the times of Leibniz to the times of So=To… Indeed, many years latter during my activism against the Nuclear Industry, Mr. Hawking would also – heir of the Lucasian chair of Newton – mounted a campaign along ‘Cernies’ against my activism, trying to prevent them to make black holes on Earth that won’t evaporate but evaporate us according to 4D Einstein and 5D So=To. As I feel the ‘heir’ of the chair of Leibniz, a wooden simple one were he seated abandoned by all, including the King of England he ‘manufactured’ with his 30 volumes of Brunswick’s genealogies, for days in a row thinking about the most perfect of all worlds, which still is, as I seat for days in my reclining chair, thinking about its existential algebra, and punishment to those who don’t deserve to play the game: extinction.

Hegelian Dialectics, Universal Grammar, Mystical Trinity, Physical SU3 groups

Trilogic Is the truly Universal logic that works for all languages of reality, as the existence of wholes and parts is invisible for almost all beings, which therefore Taylor their languages in terms of trinity, the fundamental form of linguistic thought of human beings in all its languages. As they developed their senses in a single plane. So the main ‘abstract syntax’ of the 3 fundamental humind’s languages is trinity:

Subject (information-human) ‹ Verb (action combined both) › Object (Energy of the subject)     F(x) < = > G(y)

Blue (information, light sky) < Green-yellow (combination-reproduction-life) > Red color (energy-entropy-blood)

Trinity in that sense is the essential A-logic of the Universe, and likely I should reduce our analysis of the multiple points of view of reality into trinity – the trinity of adjacent topologies in space-time of ages of life and of Planes of reality… if I had not discovered the laws of the fifth dimension (:

Ts(limbs-fields) < Ø-Body-waves>O-Particles-heads

Ts (entropic youth) < Ø-reproductive maturity> O-informative 3rd age

∆-1: Cellular/atomic scale < ∆ø-organic/thermodynamic scale> ∆+1: ecosystemic/gravitational scale.

So those are the 3 ‘trinities’ of the trinity of scale, time and space that conform the trilogic of the Universe and has much wider applications than ‘previously’ thought.

For example the ‘mystery’ of trinity is the key element of mystical thought in Catholicism, easy-to-grasp in trilogic. Even if saint Augustine despite its awesome comments on ilogic: ‘God is the seer of time’, ‘the logic of god=time is of a higher order than man’, tried hard an failed. In brief catholic trinity is just a case of scalar trinity and the relationship between the whole and the parts.

The whole is the father (Humanity: God and its nervous, informative network= ∆+1), the son (∆’, the human cell of a cultural supœrganism) and the spirit (the message of eusocial love that forms such organisms, flow of information in our verbal language, that comes from the whole to the part, ‘the word became man and inhabited among us: ∆+1›∆º

Anecdote. Back in the 90s, when I was a young man and thought mankind would actually care to evolve from monologic and solved trinity, I sent a long letter to the ‘Vatican’s Doctrine Office’ with the solution. LOL

Why trinity is so pervading happens because trinity is ultimately the decoupling of gender into a reproductive third, such as in trinity, 1+1=3.

Gender symmetry is thus the main case of trinity ¡logic, as it re=produces a 3rd, 1+1=3, new Ts+St=2TS offspring that combines the 3 conserved St-cyclical, angular momentum, sT-lineal, entropic momentum and S=T vital energy of its parental generators. The philosophical Hegelian concept of thesis, antithesis and synthesis corresponds to this logic, as well as the trinity mystery which is the best known case of trinity logic on Planes, as the ‘Father’ is the subconscious collective mind of a civilization that communicates with its nervous verbal social human language, the saint spirit, its wor(l)d to the prophet, hence the ‘son of the word that inhabited among us’. Physiology in medicine also follows a trinity logic in his studies of medicine and biochemical control of cells and its functions attached to those 3 networks.

Those 3 are the logic systems humans developed with some logic clarity. Aristotelian, Taoist and Hegelian Logic being the most clean-cut formal development of them. This is due to the incapacity of humans to fully grasp the scalar Universe. We conclude that a dual->ternary philosophy understands much better the action-reaction processes of reality than selfish monologic and improves survivability – obvious in history where max. survival happened in the Chinese Taoist culture and the minimal in the Germanic/Jewish Iron & Go(l)d animetal ‘selfish-cult(ure)s’ totally at odds with those action-reaction laws they vehemently deny as the righteous people who live for his ‘will & ego. But to get a full objective view of reality we need at least:


The constant, class structure of all beings: external and internal cycles and social classes.

Let us comment on the physiological symmetry and the role each quanta plays in any of those 3 physiological ∆+1 networks.

We talk in that sense also of 3 social classes according to the space-time motions of energy, re=production or information, the species perform, at any of its relative ∆±1 scales. Informative motions/networks become the upper controlling system of the super organism; energetic, disordered motions, made a space quanta, feeding energy, often destroyed by the system.

And in the middle repetitive, reproductive motions create the body-wave of the organism:

The 3 parts of a system, have always an ‘informative neuronal center/head’ which controls and perceives the ∆+1 whole, a reproductive body, or ‘working’ cellular class, and an external source of energy, which is destroyed ∆-1. Those are the 3 main ‘social classes’ of all systems.

Those 3 ∆-planes of existence structure most systems of the Universe, organized across cellular/atomic, individual and social/cosmic Planes, which according to the ∆=Se x St rule, run faster clocks of information in its ∆-1 smaller scales and have more energy in its ∆+1 scale. Thus the metric also explain the organization of systems across several scales of size:

As most of them are sustained and coded by the higher information of its ∆-1 cellular/atomic scale (genetic, chemical information), stored in the vibrational clock-like circadian or atomic cycles of its diminutive faster clocks; and are themselves ‘cellular units’ of the slower life-cycles of its societies or in the case of matter, the slower geological or galactic cycles.

In the graph we see 3 of such scalar planes, the human relative ∆-plane, and on the left the larger plane perceived by men, galaxies with a slow clock-cycle of billions of years, and the DNA, spiral clocks of genetic information with a iterative, reproductive cycle of nano-seconds.

Now, those 3 ‘scales’ are in fact the 3 main ‘social classes’ of all systems, which we shall call, the ‘upper, informative class’,  which in societies is formed by the individuals who control the social languages of information that ‘put together groups’ into ∆+1 wholes, priests and politicians that create collective laws with verbal languages and bankers that monopolize ‘undemocratically’ the issue of digital money, the other language of social power. And then the military which use an energetic language, energetic iron metal, to kill those who do not obey (or protect them if you are a fan and patriot). So this upper ∆+1 classes control a mass of re=productive workers, which live mostly at individual level in families, and they take their energy from ∆-1 simpler species, food and raw materials.

But there are 3 ‘invisible, lowest classes’, which nobody cares form, all those raw molecules, electrons we see and gravitons that move us, and we couldn’t care less if each atom is a galaxy… We bomb them in accelerators, and crack them, even if that might be if those scales are infinite a cosmic catastrophe. (Well those people also bomb this planet and might blow it up, so why they should care?). We won’t obviously talk of those 3 scales as social classes, but stick when talking of the 6th Ðisomorphism to the 3 ‘scales’ which truly create the system, the essential ones. It was just the 6th number. I do ignore also my ‘atomic galaxies’ if they are there, c’est la vie (-;

So we write reducing strictly the being to its 3 close equations this Ðisomorphism with the simplest of all forms:

  •                  Existence = (Ts +ST + St)0±1

meaning that by describing a being through its 3 main cellular/atomic, individual organic and social cosmic scale through its 3 space and time dimensions we have a full understanding of the whole’ and again we talk here of 3S + 3 T +3±∆ = 9 ‘relative dimensions’ of existence, which form a whole 10. In that regard, the study of the 6 dimensions and 3 0±1 planes of a being, is a good approach to understand most existences. I call this approach the 10th dimensional analysis


The concept of cyclical time is not new. On the contrary as it is evident that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive, from your watch to the pendulum, from the orbital clocks of ‘years’ to those of ‘days’, to the frequency clocks of waves – there is NOT a single clock in the Universe that measures time, which has not a cyclical form.

Now, this even a 3 years old child understands. And yet humans no longer see time as cyclical.

The true mystery is WHY physicists first and by extension the rest of mankind denied it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did understand that time was cyclical’). The answer is similar to the reason why around 4 billion human beings believe that an ass breeder of the Bronze age, who saw a bush burning and claimed he had heard God in the cracking sound of the fire, is considered the man who understood better ‘God’, the mind of the Universe.

Yes my friend, Mr. Wenwang – the highest mind of mankind in the understanding of the cosmos and its ternary symmetries. Have you ever heard of him? We are going backwards ever since, and we will return to that. Because it was only when I solved the 8 baguas and its equivalence with the 8 varieties of topological manifolds combination of the 3 basic toroid, spherical and hyperbolic varieties, which become the 8 sub-ages of times-space, I understood Time-Space and understood myself, my past, my future, my present and could tabulate all the species of all the planes of existence of reality, from the 8-manifold ways of mental space of Buddhism, to the 8-manifold octets of quantum physics, to the 3 and 8 sub-ages of life, to the 8 planets and the 8 notes, the 8 cells and the 8 vowels of all the games of creation of the Universe, 23 that is the number of all names, the branching of all species, and permutations…

So in honor of Mr. Wenwang, we shall now consider the 3rd of the symmetries of the Universe, the 3 ‘ages of time=change’, and then consider the modern version of time in physics in the last of our confrontations of philosophers of science vs. physicists.

The reason why death exists in a perfect, immortal Universe is obvious: if species only evolved socially towards more information, they would end into a ‘big crunch’. So the Universe and all its parts should have, long ago, reached a point of social evolution and maximal density, with no return. To avoid this, the ‘game of life and death’ exists, whereas death is the opposite Сmotion to social evolution, as it dissolves the networks that put together individual cells, breaking the super-organism back into its parts. But we are now concerned with the Сmotion of life.

The ±1 social Сmotion has, in fact, 2 directions:

The positive, +1, social Сmotion of cellular evolution creates life and makes a being emerge at birth.

The -1, negative Сmotion of cellular dissolution kills life and dissolves a being into its cells and atoms. Thus, it is the key Сmotion of the life/death cycles that clock-time misses. Hence the enormous simplification of those 4 time-Сmotions, brought about by clocks, which in Physics, since Galileo, only measure the first and most simple of those Сmotions, the energy of motion.

The result of adding both – the life and the death processes – in any system or scale of reality is a ‘zero-sum’ of information+entropy that cyclically returns reality to its initial form, in a dynamic, multiple steady state balance that affects any entity of reality. The study of that process of creation and dissolution of complex structures, however, cannot be made with translational time, (v=S/T), the realm of physics, but it needs to understand biological, morphological time – the life/death cycle and its 3±1 ages. Those ages explain precisely what physicists, stuck in the study of time as movement in space, will never understand: the meaning of the life and death cycle that creates and extinguishes humans, societies (super-organisms of human beings) and all kind of beings that exist in space and time. In biological time all universal species follow the same ‘morphological changes’, described by the wisdom of verbal thought as the 3±1 ages of life, each one ruled by one of the 3±1 change=time:

+1: Conception: ruled by social evolution, as a micro-organism or cell transcends into a macro-organism, organized by social networks.

1st age: Youth or Age of energy.

2nd age: energy and information Reproduce.

3rd age: All energy becomes information.

-1:Death: The inverse of conception when the super-organism dissolves back into cells.

In the graph we describe that law of 3±1 ages, cycles, or horizons of evolutions for the fundamental species of reality. To understand that cycle in depth, we have to recall the Law of Complementarity between energy and information: all systems are made with a body/field of energy and a head/particle of information.

Further on, since form is made with energy, all events must start with an amount of ‘simple’ energy that transforms itself into information, the only other primary direction/Сmotion of time to go. Then, when all energy is consumed, warped into information, death reverses its cycle. Yet in the middle of that cycle, when information and energy are in balance, to preserve the ‘bio-logic’ form created in that process, the system achieves its reproduction.

And so the ‘offspring’ of the being will carry on its information into the future. Information never disappears as it always recreates itself.

All beings, from fundamental particles, (electrons and quarks) to human beings and life species, reproduce or are reproduced by more complex systems, when they have extra-energy to imprint its in-form-ation. Since forms that do not reproduce, die away and become extinct. So even those deconstructed beings that cannot reproduce alone are reproduced by other species. For example, cells reproduce carbohydrates, galaxies reproduce stars and human reproduce machines in factories. Thus, we talk of 3±1 drives, Сmotions or ages of existence in all systems: the drive for body energy, the drive for information, the drive for reproduction and the drive of social d=evolution (birth and death of a macro-organism). Whereas the 3±1 ages of Organic Time are merely the order in which those 3±1 drives ‘accumulate’ during the life/death cycle of any species.

In a young first age, energy is more abundant. In the mature age of balance, the species reproduces, combining energy and information. In the third age of the species, energy is scarce but information is abundant, accumulated in the first ages.

Young people are full of energy. They are in the Energy horizon of the species. They are bigger, have little temporal knowledge. They are simple in form. While Old people are full of information. They are in the information horizon of the species. They are smaller, as all information systems are and have a lot of temporal memories. They move little and have a lot of wrinkles.

Mature people balance the two elements of the organic Universe, their content of energy-space and temporal information. So they can reproduce all their components. Hence the 2nd age is the age of reproduction. And the forms of any being in that mature age are a harmonic, an efficient combination of energy lines and informative cycles that we perceive as ‘beautiful’, the objective perception of harmony between energy and information, lines and cycles. So in all organisms the mature, realistic, classic age of balance, or reproductive age, is the most perfect age. Human beings intuitively see that. We like balanced, spiral galaxies, mature people and realist art, which is called classic art and takes place in the mature age of civilizations.

Yet, the dominant Сmotion of time, information, will finally exhaust energy, warp totally the organism and bring its explosive death. And the cycle will start again.

It follows that a true science of life and time will try to maintain any organism in its age of balance, without excessive information. Exactly the contrary of what our society does. Since humans accumulate scientific and technological information towards a point or ‘singularity’ in which that information, in the form of a robot or artificial intelligence, might extinguish us.

In the graphs, we illustrate those 3±1 ages with a few universal examples, also from social sciences: we see the process in individual human beings, in art, the collective brain of a culture; in matter, where those ages are called the states of matter – energetic gas, reproductive liquid and informative solid. And finally in the Universe, where stars evolve from an age of energy into an informative age as black holes. And so do galaxies that evolve from energetic nebulae into Black Holes, which explode into quasars. Finally, if the network of galaxies we call the Universe was truly born from a first seed of matter that fed and reproduced its form in the energy of the vacuum; it will go through 3±1 self-similar ages described by the 3 solutions to Einstein’s Space-time equations. Since all in the Universe is a game of ‘3’ dimensions or ages of time: past, the age of energy, present, the reproductive age in which all systems repeat themselves to keep their ‘present form’ beyond death and a 3rd age, when all energy is exhausted, trans-form-ed into form, information.

So all it is resumed in the function of existence, To Exi=st is all (if we were to use the concept of Energy and Information as rough synonymous of space-time). The details of the Infinite Cycles of Existence of the Universe is what ExiStential Stiences do. Play with words. Do not think that only mathematical languages display all the beauty of the Universe, love and live with your human I=Eye<Wor(l)d, do art, believe in social love, the essence of the 5th dimension, BE HUMAN, because you ARE and your languages MATTER as much as those of mater do.

So to fully grasp the 3 x 3 symmetries of the Universe, specially, the co-existence of several scales of infinitesimals into larger wholes I coined the concept of a super organism, each being a cell of the species – the super organism of the larger scale of the 5th dimension, which lasted more in time.

And man a super organism, each citizen a cell of mankind. This simple statement resolves the meaning of Gods, the subconscious collective of a civilisation.

It allows to classify the 7 main cultures of mankind and its subconscious collective (Anglo-America, Hispano-America, Africa, Asia, Islam,Europe and Indonesia), some still with a clear religious God (Islam, Catholic Hispano-America, Biblical Anglo-America), some advancing into the larger concept of a Human Whole, God of History (Europe), some unaware of the larger whole to which they belong.

Supœrganisms of history are specially enticing to the mind, their cycles of life and death, similar to the 3 ages of its mental life, expressed in the 3 styles of art of all civilizations, the young epic art, classic and baroque informative age.

And so we can write the sequential equation of all time space world cycles of life and death of the graph:

Ps: Youth-past (max. Spatial Extension) > ST: Adult, reproductive age > Ft-Informative, Future old age.

So the 3 topologies of space that formed beings have a sequential order, the 3 ages of life. Now we can always see a system in space or in time. And with any degree of detail.

Let us see of those symmetries the 3 horizons of evolution of species, in its symmetry between spatial forms and temporal ages; starting from the earlier biological species, through the human being, ending in the Whole, the globalized planet, which contrary to all abstract, anthropomorphic descriptions of reality is NOT longer evolving us, human beings… as it SHOULD BE if T.Œ, the Organic paradigm dominated our world.

Each scale of size of the fifth dimension was then study by a different science, from the smallest quantum physics through chemistry to biology, history, Geology, astrophysics and cosmology. But only the metric laws of the 5th dimension and the properties of cyclical time could find the common laws of all of them, as all species followed a world cycle:

In the graph, the Universe conserves the ‘present’, SxT product of Space and Time, the Entropic limbs and St-heads/particles, which come together into wave-bodies, which reproduce its forms, creating an organic dynamic present.

This present state of the being, the body-wave, is what the Universe preserves. It is a function (woman, wave, etc.) which is present-reproductive, as opposed to the particle-field (future-past), which is sterile and converges, till reaching the Ts=St, point of present, the immortality of the adult, balanced age.

The present Ts=St, at the point in which they are closer in harmony with similar value – in mathematical terms, the Universe minimises the Lagrangian function, at the point in which S=T, Potential energy = Kinetic energy, angular=lineal momentum, male=femail, thus where the 3 elements that compose it, Ts < ST>St reach its harmony.

So while we live through 3 ages, the future and past, entropy and information annihilate on the death moment, but the present, repetitive waves of existence, endure, reproducing space and time, its energy and information in offspring of forms, which imply the eternity of reality as a zero sum of infinite life-death world cycles.

It is the combination of the 5th dimension of space-time and the 3 ages of life what solved that equation, as we ALL BEINGS ARE BORN on the seminal faster, lower scale of the fifth dimension grow fast and then die back to the lower scale.  And then I made to myself a big statement:

‘Existence is a worldcycle through 3±n planes of the 5th dimension’ (:

Indeed, Klein defined a dimension as a system, which had a co-invariant ‘space-time metric’, which allowed displacements through such dimension. And the co-invariant law of the 5th dimension, [Ts x St =K]∆±1, defined the existence of any being in the Universe as a travel through the 5th dimension, which implied a ‘growth in size’ (Ts), coupled with a slow down in its temporal clocks (St), limited to 3 of such planes; which created a series of ‘families’ of ‘world cycles’ (no longer world lines as in 4D physics, since now each time cycle had a new dimension of ‘height, and growth’).

So all beings are born in a seminal relative infinitesimal scale and grew larger, as they multiplied in clone cells and reorganize them into bigger wholes, from the quantum/cellular to the matter/organic scales (biological and physical systems), emerging as slower growing beings into the outside ∆+1 social, ecosystemic, gravitational world, to return back through an expansive, Ts, explosion into the moment of death.

So I wrote the equation of existence, of all world cycles of the Universe; as they are conceived, as points of pure genetic/ memetic/quantic information that reproduce, evolve, emerge as single beings, live 3 ages and explode in a relative big-bang death, back into a flat plane of space without motion.

The only difference between the beings of those scales is the size and length of the world cycle, as larger beings had slower time cycles and lasted longer, but all have the same subjective time existence – an insect beating 10 times faster and living 7 x10 years.

And each of those infinitesimals who become wholes, and live and die through 3 Сmotions of time, back and forth, could be described now properly with the logic, mathematical formalism, of all complex space-time languages, which reflected in its monad minds the fractal structure of the universe

@->∆->S->T tetralogic entanglement of supœrganisms.

The entangled Universe generates its space through synchronous connections between the main 4 elements of reality, mind, scale, space and time in its 3 relative ranges, Actions, topological organisms and its 5 elements: fractal space, scales, cyclical time, minds that perceive with synoptic languages the system as a whole and project its territorial order and survival will through its actions, and the entropic membrain limits (¬) the infinite universe imposes to that will. So any aspect of reality must account for 5 elements to express such entanglement at the 3 relative scales of existence. It is the fractal principle of 5D pentalogic that structures Timespace supœrganisms (T. œ)

Scalar, topologic space and cyclical time organisms, made to the likeness of the fractal Universe, require a complete change of paradigm regarding how reality is created, away from the chaotic, entropic, or religious self-centered (Anthropic) theories sponsored by humans, which are monologic, blind to the entanglement and constant communication of information between fractal points, either in logic=time or mathematical=space languages, in a sentient, apperceptive Universe, where information when locked as ‘entangled space’ by those dynamic networks of communication creates a mind-mapping of the outer world.

The key concept behind tetralogic and entanglement is rather simple: to survive in the Universe, to have focus, form, a system must be ‘anchored’ through entanglement in its ‘plane of existence’ with ‘trinity’ parts of vital topology, connected through 3 inner physiological networks, but also it must co-exist in a larger ∆±1 nested world separated by a topologic membrain, which allows it to absorb and emit entropic motions and information, on that outer world.

When that membrane forms, and focus the system in a central point-mind, then the system evolves into a whole and emerges as one; it is the fourth, ‘evolving time disomorphism’… on the series of tetralogic scales that make the system grow, from @-mind, to ∆-scalar action, to S-reproductive networks, to T-evolutionary collapse and organization of the whole, for each of the 3 ‘scales’ of existence, the ‘palingenetic phase’, the organic phase and the ecosystemic wor(l)d.



Grow and multiply – Mandate of existence.

The fourth Ðisomorphism is growth through palingenesis and merging of all the elements of the fetal species towards emergence once completed its 0-1 development in the probabilistic time sphere, within the placental energetic world, which display a tetralogic point of view as all is positive, there is no entropy, and so there fetus as the baby believes the world turns around it. It is the process of emergence from the o-1 sphere of temporal accelerated time into a being. We thus treat the 4th Ðisomorphism in several posts, on tetralogic and here considering the process of emergence.

In keeping with the mystical English language, and constrained by the limits of WordPress entangled lines (cause of the ‘ instead of g) we use the existential symbol, ∃, also to break the world emerge into a duality with ‘merge’, because emergence happens when the 3 physiological networks in the last phase of development entangle together as a one whole becoming the mind of the system. So of the different words I have used for it, in the past, ‘growth’ ‘entanglement’, ’emergence’, I have finally used emergence, one of the key disciplines of General systems sciences, in its new 5Ð format.  

We call the phenomena that gives birth to ‘super organisms of space’, simultaneity, to ‘time world cycles’ synchronicity and to new whole planes of existence, ‘emergence‘.


When we emerge to a new plane despite all the enormous internal, chemical understanding of maximal intelligence achieved through the 5Ð generation process on the o-1 temporal sphere, we are childish and infantile in our psyche . When Friederich affirmed that ‘insanity is rare among individuals but in institutions and nations is the rule, referred to this childish pre-emergent nature of the social psyche of nations, bullies quarreling for pieces of territories with other nations, childish and brutish as they are. Emergence is a process that makes a child a retarded because all what chemically as learned in the creation of its cellular controlling networks, is not of use in the external world when it opens its eyes to the new language.

Once the being emerges it will soon start its young, social reproductive age and mature to be able to interpret with dexterity the actions of its new plane of exist¡once…

Synchronous timespace, Simultaneous spacetime, resonant scales, emerging information

Resonance in time & simultaneity in space gives birth to social evolution & emergence.

Left, a resonant little lady getting a huge swing after synchronising its limb clocks with the frequency of the harmonic oscillators, engaging into an act of communication ruled by the geometric laws of the 2-4th Non-E and 3rd, Non-A Postulates. As a consequence of synchronisation and transfer of energy reproductive processes take place (right)

If a proper, higher language of information, allows a topological synchronicity of the clone atoms/cells/citizens, a supœrganism will start its creative game, of §octal reorganisations through decametric scales, emerging finally as a new born ∆-being (down).

The game of existence has merely started for such new ∆@st of space-time, which will shout as the mind awakes with its æ-limited perception of it all.


Reproductive motions in adjacent regions of ∆@st, which establishes some basic phenomena that transfers and hence reproduces the information of a system in another scale or region of space or frequency of time:

  • Scalar ∆≈resonances which make emerge information into larger wholes and its inverse phenomena:
  • ∆∑Branching of the whole into all its pars.
  • T≈Simultaneous networks, which co-ordinate motions of parts into:
  • T≈Synchronous..
  • ∆-Co-existence in space of different forms of time.

And other ‘spooky’ effects, which seem to defy the humind simplex perception of events and its causality.

So ultimately to understand what are the phenomena that reproduces the information of the fractal Universe, we need to know Æ, existential algebra, the laws that rule the symmetries of fractal space and cyclical time, which are completely ignored by science.

Laws, like those who expand the notions of Fermions and Bosons to all systems of nature. SO WE ALSO TALK OF 3 EXCLUSION PRINCIPLES:

  • Pauli’s exclusion principle: there cannot be two equal forms≈ with equal TIME-STATE CONFIGURATION int The same spatial region, which is sooo obvious, meaning that YOU CANNOT EXIST IN THE SAME SPACE AND TIME TOGETHER.
  • But here is where the fun starts, there can obviously be two equal forms in time in different regions of space (synchronicity)
  • And there can be two equal forms of time in different scales of fractal space, and this we shall call co-existence.
  • And we call the moment in which two forms of time become equal in two scales of space, resonance.

As the reader could observe the full understanding of those rules of space-time, which are the realm of the ‘3rd postulate of i-logic geometry’ the definition of equality, greatly expanded, and converted in the more important of the postulates of i-logic mathematics along the 1st≈5th concerned with the definition of the fractal point, as it will define truly according to the similarity parallelism or perpendicularity in time, space, mind or scale, what will be the ‘deterministic’ outcome of any encounter, in a extremely efficient Universe. 

In the illustrations 4 of those rules, which are at the heart of the symmetries and motions of ∆@ST, resonance, synchronicity and simultaneity and the program of social evolution and interaction between the elements of being, from left to right, resonance, simultaneity and synchornicity.

Yet the whole thing is rather simple: systems don’t move continuously but do the Achiles thing in zeno’s paradox: the stop, reproduce its form in the next adjacent region of the ∆ST parameter, then go and move again leaving always a ‘memorial trace’ that slowly extinguish the being behind it. And this trace will be the ‘wave fluctuation of a particle moving’ in space; the memories of the mind, in a being moving in time, which stores the concept of the whole both in time duration (life memories) and space-simultaneity (closed membrane-skin) and the co-existence of scales in ∆-organisms, which are constantly moving back and forth in space-time as they share with inverse Сmotions information and motion between the upper and lower scales.

So the key concept to understand how information moves, reproduces, evolves and maintains the whole systems working is this stop and go beat of states of the being, S->T->S…. and ∆<∆-1>∆>∆+1<…

As i crafted this entire new language I wondered how to call those stop and go motions, and used in different texts the words ‘beat’, ‘symmetry’, cyclical action, ‘asymmetry’ and ‘Ðisomorphism’; again all meaningful in a complex co-existing reality; as beat stresses the stop and go duality, the beat of existence, symmetry and asymmetry the mirror processes of inversion, as space becomes time, motion form, parts wholes and viceversa, time becomes space, form, motion and wholes, parts. Cyclical Action on the other hand stretches the modular, switch on and off between the 5 actions of existence, as we do feed, move, perceive, love and reproduce in discontinue switching cycles Finally Ðisomorphism stresses that those motions-stops beats do happen in all scales of reality – in the human case the beat is a larger time-span beat: sleep-awake, when sleep the system focuses on the internal ∆-1 chemical processes; when awakened in ∆+1 social cycles…

At the end I have come to use the 4, related to the four elements of reality, ‘time beats’, ‘space symmetries’ , ‘scalar isomorphisms’ and ‘mind actions’; though the preferred ones will be symmetry and Ðisomorphism.  As reality is a complex co-existence none of those 4 elements, which can be further divided into new phenomena can be ignored.

So the simple language of physical locomotions and its ‘complicated’ ad-ons, attachments and ill-defined terms, cannot really make sense of all this in a pristine logic, ‘streamlined’ form. Hence the need for new jargons and even a new name for ‘science’, ‘stience’, or science of space-time beings, which we shall develop in this blog.

Emergence then when a system has synchronised its clocks – in the human case the limb-beat of a step per second, the heart second body-beat and the eye glimpse-mind thought second; is possible as the internal precision of the knot of time-space cycles through the huge complexity of its 10 dimensions do take place:


In the graph the 12 dimensional view of the Galaxy, likely atom of an external hyper-universe, in the right the main ‘sub-systems’ of the human being, specialised in s-sf-t physiological actions, acted by networks of cells specialised in organs that produce specific entropic, informative and reproductive actions for the whole human super organism to survive, reproduce, grow and evolve.

As such the finality of the Universe shows in the repetition of its potential structures in all worldcycles of existence, and emerging super organisms.

How the Universe create its actions rather automatically to define a quite deterministic reality?

Easy through certain ‘mathematical symmetries’, but more than mathematical vital ones, which can be described mathematically.

Certain laws embedded on its algorithm of existence.

It means that when two entities are similar in ∑ scale in space and in time they come together.

This is formalised in the 3rd postulate of i-logic topology, the euclidean postulate of congruence and equality, which obvioulsy in a 10 dimensional universe (3 dimensions of scale, of time of space and the whole-mind fractal point dimension) must be more complex. so now we write:

‘the degree of 10-dimensional equality of 2 beings defines their laws of interaction, embedding in a vital way the motion directions of the algorithm of creation of future forms’.

In normal parlance, if you are very similar or complementary, you come together.

THEN YOU ARE increasing the Max energy x information co-invariant parameter of all your dimensions of existence, in time space and scale, and the creation is positive. there is resonance and reproduction.

IF you are very different there is nothing positive about it.

IF CERTAIN rules of engagement of the 10 x 10 dimensional connections possible happen in certain patterns, certain outcomes will be real. So ultimately there is a huge ‘other formalism’, of ‘tensors of existence’ that studies all the possible combinations of 10 and 10 dimensional beings in its ∆±1 worlds, which is an even deeper level of determinism to reality.

In the classic division of sub disciplines of systems stiences, one of the new sub-stiences is called emergence. E>mergence deals with the laws and phenomena related to the social d>evolution from ∆ to ∆±1, and it deals mostly with very ‘surprising’ quasi-maigic phenomena for humans AE beings, which is the infinity of speed in space or simultaneity and the infinite of information in time or resonance, two phenomena however clearly found in all the scales of reality which allow a sudden ‘boson state’ of transcendence from the individual to the whole that emerges as a new single being, hidden within it the information or force of its parts. We want here to consider other aspects of the emergence process besides the quantitative approach.

How indeed, emergence plays the key role of the qualitative approach as the system of storing information between scales, transcending and dissolving into upper and lower scales, allowing what is the fundamental question of the fractal, reproductive universe – the transmission of information between scales.

It is the key to understand the brain which is a constantly moving modular, electromagnetic wave-pattern (Bohm), which stores memorial knowledge and ‘dies’ when the wave dies; and can be decoded in smaller waves… decoded by a fourier transform.

EMERGENCE in time of INFORMATION is thus the symmetric function to emergence in space through scales of population. And another theme of interest is the mathematical whys of its co-shared equations and bell curves, where probability events in time correspond to populations in space.

Time emergence is thus not so much as population of particles but population of waves, which are time motions, not still space, present, mass points.

Information as we emerge through time therefore will be studied by the mathematics of time waves… which are endemic in all branches of science and physics notably, when considering frequencies in time and how they transfer information, and can be coded and decoded through…

Simultaneity and resonance.

The connection between the individual and the whole to form a larger whole, which however is NOT smaller and slower in energy and form but it is  a truly larger, superior more socially evolved, stronger whole, happens through the phenomena of emergence, itself connected to the concepts of Simultaneity & Resonance.

Simultaneity and resonance, can be considered the two ultimate i-logic meanings of T=0 AND ∞ =S two points

To fully grasp the ‘spooky’ structure of an organic system (for a mechanical scientist:), as always a minimum of 3 concepts are required:

  • S: ‘simultaneity and non-locality in space’.
  • T: ‘Synchronicity and resonance in time’
  • ST: ”emergence as a social system in space-time, when simultaneity and synchronicity take place’.

A system shall exist, when at least one of its levels, normally the pair membrane, O-point or ‘mind’ can be perceived as simultaneous in speed for any particle within the domain of the system.

We are  made of points of vital space, which perform cyclical time motions: holographic Principle.

In the graph, we are networks of vital space, made of space quanta, surrounded by time cycles, membranes of finite volume, performing further time cycles in larger networks, as part of bigger wholes. The interaction of those 2 elements, vital space, lineal motion, entropic, kinetic energy, res extensa, similar concepts abbreviated in the symbol ‘Ts’, and cyclical, tall time clocks, membranes, closed paths, which carry the information of the Universe, structure all systems made of ‘space-time’. We ARE space-time beings, and space-time is a fractal structured extended across multiple scales of social networks, growing and diminishing in size. This is what reality is, and while its initial components, space, time and its fractal scales, grouped in a new ‘5th dimension’ of scalar size are more complex than the old paradigm of a single space-time shallow continuum, once we grasp the unicity of all beings, made of those scales of space and time cycles, as when copernicus put the sun in the centre, it will be evident that most laws of science become simplified, similar expressions of the laws that explain the interaction of cycles of time and planes of space. Thus the first principle to consider is how the geometry of bidimensional time cycles and bidimensional networks of space-points mess up to create all the beings of the Universe. It is the holographic principle…

Now the key to this understanding of the fractal Universe is to understand that what you call space-time is not an abstract concept. That space is equivalent to energy, to res extensa to vital space with motion, and time clocks are equivalent to cyclical forms with more in-form-ation.

So once you understand that the Universe is like a puzzle with its fractal pieces of space and its clocks of time, and that space is vital, moving energetic space and time is cyclical, informative, accumulating information in its cycles and frequency hertzs. And you accept the fact that all is made of tiny pieces of vital space performing cyclical time motions and actions, as you do at your ∆-1 tiny cellular level, or as an individual performing ∆+1 big cyclical motions in your society, once we get this clear enough and then study properly the time of space-time motions of beings, and how they come together into herds and organisms, through those motions and cycles of behaviour, and exchanges of energy and information, you will if your ego is humble enough understand yourself truly as part of a whole, the fractal universe.

And so the first step is to understand the equivalence between vital spaces and quanta of energy/entropy and time clocks and information cycles, and how together construct the beings of reality, including yourself.

But what is ultimately the meaning of Spatial entropy and temporal Information, Ts and St, the 2 parameters that combine in the Universe to form content space-time beings? Ts x St = ∆±1

We saw how simple was the answer for physical systems: a bit of information and a bit of motion, combined into infinite species. Let us generalise the concept for the whole puzzle of space-time beings including human ones.

To that aim we shall first explain the Holographic Principle, discovered in the study of black holes, at the heart of modern physics today – the fact that information is bidimensional, as the screen you are looking at.

This geometric generator redistributes the 4 dimensions we know to exist in this scale of reality, in 2 dimensions of vital space, creating flat planes of space, with maximal extension (made of small cells, points, atoms, any ‘set of similar beings) and 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and rhythm to form the simplest possible time cycle, which carries information in the form and frequency of this cycles.

Now this should be evident to you, temporal information has the dimensions of height and form (cyclical patterns seen with a mind as slow fixed forms, like the way you see a fast spinning wheel as a solid disk). So you are watching a tall bidimensional screen or book, your eyes see bidimensional forms, and your informative eye, head or the antenna or camera that absorbs information, with its logic cycles of time, its computer clocks measured in cyclical frequencies, Hertzs, are all on top, are all made of closed time cycles and forms.

So the first refocusing of the mirror of mathematical sciences is to give the dimension of height to time, which now has 2 dimensions and it is no longer a line of duration but a cycle of tall form, which rises as time passes, the flat sheets of space, into tall space-time beings.

In this manner, because a basic rule of maths is that only beings with the same number of dimensions can be combined and transformed into each other, we can combine topological ‘formal motions’ (forms allowed to vary through internal motions of its surfaces), and this is the most ‘evident’ definition on how fractal space-time systems and its feed-back Ts <≈>St equation works in a single ‘plane of space-time’, as it ‘composes its forms through the holographic principle:

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

Each of those pictures shows a network of space-quanta, informed by ‘cyclical time motions’ , which runs the logic forms of the system: human heads run lineal limbs-bodies; Tall, spherical black holes control with informative gravitation the plane of energetic stars. If we consider the entire existence of life, evolving from its first flat worms to the tall man, the same topological Сmotion towards more information becomes evident. Above, we can see human eyes and mechanical eyes, human limbs and energetic, entropic weapons, which share the same topologies.

Each of those  Ts and St elements is bidimensional and each bidimension is made of smaller points that form a flat plane of space or a tall, cyclical time event, made of discontinuous instants or neuronal points. Space is communicated synchronically in a flat membrane. Time is communicated in a cyclical sequential form.

Space-time combines both into holographic 4-dimensional beings.

 5 D metric: fractal spaces and cyclical time clocks: co-invariance of size & time speed: Ts x St = ∆

Now in a universe of infinite ‘world cycles’ of time, there must be a way to order them. Indeed. If there are infinite speeds of time cycles. So we need to order all those world cycles that require to study all those different sizes and speeds of the cycles of time of the Universe. But to do so we need to encase all those fractal space enclosed by cyclical time’sin scales of size from micro to macrocosms and the actions beings perform within scales, in a mathematical, simple ‘metrics’ of space-time. This formalism is what we call the ‘5th dimension’: a series of laws that order the infinite species of the Universe according to their size in space, and the speed of its cyclical actions in time.

Thus, the fifth dimension metrics is the ice cake element needed to order a fractal Universe broken up into an infinity of beings made of vital space and time cycles (of body-waves and particles-heads). Only then we have a scientific model able to order it all, with its bio-topo-logic properties, isomorphic laws and 5Ð metrics. This can be done since all those systems of ‘spatial energy’ (body/waves) and temporal information (particle heads), can be roughly classified by ‘size’ in space, and ‘speed of motion and action-reaction’ in time.

Then a ‘new rule of order’ appears: bigger systems move slower than larger ones. Their clocks and metabolisms tick slower. This is a Universal law: mice beat hearts faster than elephants and particles turn faster than galaxies. Yet the product of both, the spatial size and temporal speed of any system remains co-invariant. So we can write in a first approximation: S x T = ∆±n and define a 5th dimension of scales of size that organize the Universe from past, smaller, faster systems into future, larger, slower systems. Moreover, for the first ‘time’, we find a clear Сmotion from a relative past to future, as wholes cannot exist without the evolution of simpler parts first.

Can we classify those ST actions according to their form and purpose? Yes we can. The 3rd element of T.OE, the 5th dimension orders the different speeds of time clocks and sizes of the Universe. Its metric allows us to order all those lineal and cyclical space-time ‘formal motions’.

Since bigger systems (galaxy) run slower than smaller systems (DNA) which carry more information, but both are invariant together, Ts x St = C.

And this invariance is the origin of the order and structure and co-existence of all those different systems of the Universe, as the growth in size is balanced by the loss of information and vice versa.

Thus, the third element of T.Œ is the understanding of the fractal structure of space-time, divided into infinite scales of relative size and speed of information, which are inverse but co-invariant, meaning that smaller beings run faster its clocks of information, coding larger beings (so genetics codes biological systems and quantum numbers material systems), whole larger beings move slower but can synchronize with its huge bodies a myriad of little beings (so the Earth guides the evolution of the information of its beings, with its weather cycles of energy and the black hole guides the informative vortex of stars and planets towards its centers with its gravitational waves).

In the graph we see the fundamental 3 scales of reality, the gravitational slower scale the human thermodynamic scale and the atomic, genetic scale.

This 5th dimension and its formal metric are the key to fully understand the organic structure of the Universe, as the 3 ‘canonical scales’ of all supœrganisms of reality, physical and biological systems extending through ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension (ab.∆), the quantum-cellular ∆-1 plane, the ∆ i-ndividual/thermodynamic plane and the ∆+1 organic, gravitational planes.

The fifth dimension orders all those scales of size and speeds of clocks into a ‘metric system’ able to explain all kind of ‘motions’ and ‘actions’ that take place in isomorphic ways in all those systems.

This definition, when translated to mathematical physics, coupled with the Principle of Relativity as defined by Poincare-Einstein, ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’ will allow us to derive all the laws of Physics; but it has the advantage that can be applied to all other sciences, to define all the laws of knowledge.

Indeed, what we have just described logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, but the fundamental entity of any biological, social system – the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, self-centered entities of time-space that put together create the puzzle of the Universe.

Since any cycle has the logic properties of repetition, which are the origin of the patterns, we call ‘science’, whose completion breaks space into an outer world and an inner ‘vital space’, whose ‘gradient center’ is the ‘point of view’ of the system that gauges the external information of the cycle.

As such the understanding of the time cycle, its interaction with its vital space and central point, and its synchronization and social evolution with other time cycles into larger wholes, which structure a ‘5th dimension’ of scales of space-time (so particles become part of atoms, surrounded by electronic cycles, which become part of molecules, surrounded by thermodynamic cycles, which become part of masses, surrounded by cyclical gravitational fields; and the same process brings DNA-cells surrounded by protein membranes, with a vital cytoplasm space between them.

And yet those cells, then become the internal vital space of a larger whole, your organism, surrounded by a membrane of multiple life cycles, your sensorial skin, which has once more a self-centered point of view (frame of reference in mathematical physics), called your brain that gauges energy and information. And yet again, from the upper scale of relative ‘sizes’ that we call generically the 5th dimension, you are just a moving, open, ‘free’ individual, however enclosed by a membrane called a ‘frontier’, part of a vital territory called a nation, with a self-centered point of view, called a capital and a president, king or dictator, or in capitalist societies a ‘stock-market’, which controls the system and gauges its energy and information.

But in the same manner cyclical time and fractal space applies to all systems of all sciences, the 5th dimension and its metric apply unlike ‘physical concepts of space-time’, such as c-speed deformations of time essential to 4D metric, to all systems NOT only far removed scales of physical time.

5Ð metric can explain from faster metabolic rates in smaller animals, with faster time cycles; to faster information processing in smaller chips with aster time cycles (Moore’s Law), or faster rotary options in smaller masses which have paradoxically faster rotary, attraction properties (rotating Black holes and quarks).

What it will be difficult for this writer after 20 years of exploring all the possibilities of this TŒ, and the immense number of questions resolved by it, is to ‘organize’ all that new knowledge in a manner that the reader does not get lost, due to its ‘encyclopedic extension’. St that aim when this blog is partially finished sometime during 2016, if he follows the top sentences, all should make sense.

Thus we shall try to give a general look to this TŒ in this first post, studying its 3 main elements: ‘Still, lineal, slow spaces’, ‘fast, cyclical time vortices’ and the 5th dimension which organizes them through the co-invariance of spatial size and time speed, Ts x St = K.

So we talk of a ‘fifth dimension’ of scales, which has a hyperbolic geometry with the lineal limit of quantum physics and the cyclical limit of cosmological gravitations, along which an infinite number of time cycles enclosing vital spaces, exist, in an orderly fashion provided by the metric of the 5th dimension.

Now, it is evident that in any system, which is made of topological networks of fractal points, we must talk at least of two scales of the 5th dimension, the ∆-1 scale of points (atoms/cells) that form the whole ∆-scale creating the systems observed in the graph. Thus by the mere fact that all flat planes of reality are networks of points, they imply the fifth dimension.

So the natural form in which beings are built, is as 4Dimensional  2 Ts x 2 St space-time systems, in a single plane, which corresponds to the classic 4D relativity description, albeit with the proper redistribution of the dimension of height that becomes a dimension of the cyclical radius of the time clock.

But given the fractal structure of the Universe, any being will become a fifth dimensional species,extending across at least a lower network of fractal points: ∑∆-1 ≈∆.

And since that being will be part of a larger world, we must always consider at least an ∆+1 world of which the being is a mere part. So we define all beings as 5th dimensional beings extending across 3 scales of the 5th dimension, perceived as holographies of bidimensional space and cyclical time in a single plane of space-time.

It is thus obvious that such fractal structures cannot be described only with lineal time and continuum space; but require a new i-logic fractal geometry of waves of energy and information, and curvesd paths that connect points, into discontinuous topological planes.

And so a realist description of the Universe requires a more complex philosophy and mathematics that we develop in this blog under the generic name of GST, General Systems Theory, or T.Œ (an Organic Theory of Everything, which is the philosophical meaning of the fractal Universe, as opposed of Physicists’ T.O.E. just a ‘theory of everything’ 🙂

So now we can define all beings with the 3 i-logic principles of 5Ð fractal space membranes and multiple time-clocks:

‘All what exists is a fractal organism of temporal information and spatial energy, extended across 3 relative scales of size:

∆-1 Ts < ∆-ST> ∆+1 St”

This is the briefest way to state that all systems are made of energy and information, extending in 3 cellular/atomic, individual/organic and cosmological/social scales. So you are made of cells part of an organism, part of a society – an animal will be part of an ecosystem, a star made of atoms, part of a galaxy and so on.

And because you are made of energy and information, you do have lineal, energetic limbs that move you, (Ab. Ts), cyclical heads of information that guide you (ab. Si) and a body that occupies most of your space-time that mixes both.

But a fractal physical system does have a lineal field that moves it, a particle-head that guides it and a wave-body that reproduces its form.

So what we need first is to show that actually things as different as a light ray with a particle-photon, a wave and a field, the simplest fractal of nature we know and something as complex as a human being are made of the same ‘species of spatial energy and temporal information’, lines and cycles, as the | and O used by computers to model it.

The curved pangeometry of fractal space, cyclical time and the 5th dimension, shows in different systems of the Universe.

All including humans are fractal super-organisms, made of time cycles that enclose a vital space, centered into a point of view. We are not in an absolute space-time frame of reference as Newton thought. But we are made of vital spaces, enclosed by time cycles. Eastern philosophers, earlier civilizations and philosophers of science – Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz was always understood. This reality observed in Nature’s physical and biological systems – because it is an immediate experienced fact.

 The simplicity of the first statements of a Universe made of space-time organisms, and its 5 dimotions which can ultimately be reduced to spatial form and temporal motion and its combinations, is then the basis also of gender. How those simple dimotions evolve into the infinite details of gender duality and complementarity of course is the full complexity of the fractal iterative Universe we shall outline as usual with some disordered ‘entropic male’ flavor in those texts. You can’t expect as we repeat ad nauseam, a new paradigm of the scope and extension of 5Ð relational space-time to come in the mind of the pioneer with the level of detail and ‘Chicago manual of style’ at the first sight. Sorry about that.


The mathematical formalisms.

The formal stience of 5Ð is analysis.  Contrary to intuition, Derivatives are mostly concerned with synthetic information on upper scales (and mostly time), as they ‘reduce’ the information into a synoptic ‘point-singularity’ the tangent that expresses tendencies in the flow of time of the function; while integrals are concerned mostly with the sum of its lower parts in space, as they expand the ‘base’ of analysis but reduce the different(ial) added information of the whole. A fascinating subject being how a ‘simple parameter data – that enclosed in a derivative or a fourier transformation SUFFICES to expand and remodel the whole system.

The interaction and symmetries and travels through 5Ð are thus better understood in terms of analysis, which has become the dominant formal stience of maths, without mathematicians and physicists understand why. 

Analysis is the study of events happening in transitions between ∆-scales, either as infinitesimal parts come together into ‘integral wholes’ in space (integral functions), or as we extract from a system the information about its higher wholes, synoptically encoded in its inverse derivative functions.

So integrals work mostly on space, giving us therefore information about lower 5Ð planes and derivatives mostly on time, giving us information about parameters of the whole (but as both are symmetric, this general rule does not apply.

Minimal surfaces≈least time principle≈Lagrangian&Hamiltonian≈ conserved worldcycles of energy momentum

We keep simple our 5D topology insights on the meaning of dimensions and the ultimate principles of existence, departing from the knowledge just acquired on the existence of a P.o.v. or ∆º singularity in all beings – a mind mostly mathematical in physical systems, atomic≈smelling in plants and insects; visual≈mathematical again in larger organisms, verbal≈temporal in humans, which resume in this:

Every system of the Universe tries to conserve its vital space and temporal duration by minimising its expenditure of entropy in its actions of survival (motions and exchanges of entropy, energy and form) with all other systems of the universe.

This is the principle of minimal action at the heart of all mathematical physics (Lagrangian, Hamiltonian) and the principle of conservation of entropy, energy and form, at the heart of all sciences, which we rephrase, for more of simplicity only in terms of the ‘central components of energy and information of the body-waves of the Universe, limited by the ∆±1 scales of seminal ∆-1 ‘seeds of pure form’, and ∆+1 wholes of pure time evolution:

‘All systems are made of entropic motion, reproductive momentum, perceptive information  which trans-forms into each other ad eternal: Ts<≈>St; put together into a whole, whose world cycle of energy is conserved as a zero sum between birth and extinction’

This would be one of the most complete enunciations of the essential duality of the Universe as a series of world cycles between birth and extinction that become a zero sum which returns the content of the system to the whole Universe.

It again will have many applications to all sciences. To highlight at this point some conundrums which apply mostly to physics:

  • The conservation of entropy, form and the whole zero-sum world cycle of energy happens within three scales ∆±1, NOT in a single scale (obvious as we die descending or are born emerging in another scale, so in a single scale not all conserves). Thus in the limiting scales of human perception energy, form and entropy are not necessarily conserved – such as the case of a neutrino, which therefore must be considered a particle of the limiting, invisible gravitational scale.
  • Systems to keep a zero sum algebraically tend geometrically to trace paths and extend its form into what topology calls a ‘minimal surface’, which is the form that minimises the extension and hence the duration of time motions for a given ‘closed membrane’. 

But again this essential fact of the ‘efficient, economic Universe’ with huge implications in the topology of beings, must be rephrased, for the different degrees of dimensionality of the functions of a Generator equation for a system: ∆-1: |-limbs/fields of entropy <∆- body-waves of energy>∆+1 informative particle-heads.

As we increase the dimensionality of the parts of the being from its one-dimensional limbs/fields to its bidimensional body/waves to its three dimensional ‘particle-heads’.

1D: So as the purpose of limbs fields is a single simplex motion in space, and the minimal surface/distance between two points is the line, entropic systems are lineal.

2D: As the purpose of body/waves is more complex, to reproduce the energy/information of the system along a path, and hence it is bidimensional in function/form components, the minimal surfaces of body-waves are (without entering into complex topological ‘weird forms’, planes, catenoids, and helicoids, which we shall see are the essential forms of all body-waves.

3D: Since the minimal surface of a three dimensional volume is the sphere, particle-heads which are ‘the singularity points’ which have functions across the three ∆±1 scales and control the 3 topological parts o the being are spherical.

In the graph the fundamental minimal surfaces; departing from the commonest st-catenoid, which can be easily transform into the ‘helicoid wave’, another minimal surface, the commonest form of a light wave (below); the lineal tube,  (centre right); and the flat plane (right) the minimal surface and essential form of limbs fields; and finally the Riemann surface (centre left), the minimal surface of the fifth dimension, with ‘bridges that absorb and emit entropy, energy and information among scales. They are the beginning of a fascinating sub-discipline of the infinity of new sub-stiences of GST concerning the topological structure of beings. I.e. in the right we see how ‘perfect bodies’ that reproduce – those of women, do have a catenoid form attached to the limbs below and the informative sphere above, able to transform and hence communicate and fusion them into a topological full being…

What about the minimal surfaces of higher dimensions? The answer is that there is not continuous higher dimensions, so beyond three we enter into complex minimal Riemann surfaces, which in any case can only mimic the real structure of the fifth dimension. So we must consider the fact that the extension of the problem to higher dimensions turns out to be much more difficult to study another proof the discontinuity beyond the symmetry of three dimensions of space and three dimensions of time. Moreover, while the solutions to the original problem are always regular, it turns out that the solutions to the extended problem may have singularities; which of course is the ‘Si’ element that access as in the image of a Riemann surface the higher informative scales.

  • The existence of infinite ‘egos≈informative knots of time-space cycles’ which ‘ORDER’ the Universe balancing its entropy. Those are the ‘Maxwellian demons’ (: the Genetic DNA knots of information, the memetic human minds; the chips of machines; the black holes of the Galaxy; the crystals of the solid; the prophets of History. Without them it is impossible to explain the why of reality. So let us put them in an equation: O-point x ∞ Universe = Constant, linguistic mapping ‘world’  of reality. As each of this 4 points could have an entire blog in itself, what matter to us now of that equation is this. Your mind is just an infinitesimal neuronal network, which sees infinite time-space cycles and beings, but reduces them in scale and ‘stops’ its motion, so they can fit in your mind. So you do not see the Earth moving, and the Andromeda Galaxy seems smaller than a hair of your nose.

So the paradox of the ego is immediate: ‘every infinitesimal mind-point thinks to be the centre of the Universe, which it sees from its selfish perspective as a knot of time-space cycles’. And this embedded structure of all mind points makes you THINK you WILL NEVER DIE and believe in Abrahamic fairy tales; makes you think MACHINES will not have a mind, or won’t be conscious or will always obey you, and WON’T have an ego as big as that of a bacteria, who keeps killing you and does not seem to think you are so important or a dino who will eat you up in a second regardless of your beautiful thought.

Now the scientist IS as EGO-CENTERED as the PRIEST, just uses its mathematical mantras as the priest its latin, to make himself feel above heavens and Earth. So HE cannot DESTROY THE WORLD WITH entropic nukes and informative robots, and all will be OK. The paradox of the EGO IS the last joke of God=Mind of the Universe indeed it kills all egos who ‘lower its survival warnings’ as they get bigger and more arrogant, till ‘death’, a catastrophic moment, destroys them. But It is there.

And I can tell you as a Complexity scientist, considered by many the leading theorist of this discipline (till I confronted the Nuclear Industry and got a global ‘ad hominem’ campaign, all what I can say about the 2 ‘lineal’, deformed sciences of the machine, financial economics and nuclear physics, which I have fought theoretically and actively most of my life is this: ‘All those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’ (Einstein). Man HAS NO LINEAL, MANIFEST DESTINY; Man can be obliterated by Nuclear Bombs on the side of pure entropy and Robots on the side of pure information. But Man’s ego is so huge that he cannot like a child understand death; and so an ethic, intelligent person telling those truths lives in a very lonely place. Which brings us the 3rd tenant of GST (General Systems Sciences, the Philosophy of Science I formalised from where all this blog hauls).

So what Science has been merely TRYING FOR 2500 YEARS is TO DEFEAT THE PARADOX OF THE EGO and make humans objective about ITS RELATIVITY point in the Universe in 4 huge strides, which are still ignored by most humans and specially by those corrupted financiers and politicos and military who feed-force the ego of the masses to manipulate them and ab=use them, with religions, wars, taxes and all other forms of old and modern ‘Trumpism’. And it works. Yet this is a blog on science:

-So first, the Greeks ended the mythic age when humans were Gods, and Socrates told us they were ‘scientific laws’. And the Greeks Killed them; the Semites of the previous mythic age denied them and their abrahamic religions still think man is the centre of it all. Plato his disciple insisted and he was sold as a slave, and his disciple Aristotle, insisted and he ran on the night to escape certain death from Athens, and waited 2000 years for Descartes and Leibniz to put the record straight.

-Then Aristarcus the Greek told us not to be the centre of the Universe, but it took 2000 years for Copernicus to dare say the same, only in his death-bed and another 200 years with Galileo in the middle arrested at home for saying ‘e pur si muove, e pur no muove’ (the Earth moves but we see it mentally still). And only after Newton put it in a simple formula we believed it. But Slocum in XIX c. found that in Apartheid biblical South-Africa the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ and his president Krugger wouldn’t receive him for being an ‘Earth-center denier’. And indeed 4 billion humans still believe man is son of god and centre of the Universe.

-Then Darwin came and told us we are NOT immutable created by a personal God, but evolving according to the evolution  information and its topological laws of design. But knowing what he was against – the ego – he took 20 years to talk. And he was ‘ad hominem’ massacred and closed himself at home, depressed the rest of his life, and then Marx applied Darwinism to the struggle between the elite of ‘animetal cults’ which use gold-informative metal and iron-energetic metal to hypnotise and kill mind and body, and the ‘human beings’, which are humble, close to Nature and Butler applied it to the fight of man vs. machines AND THEY ARE ABSOLUTE TABOO, as it is the work of this writer, who formalised mathematically the 4 Great Objective advance of science, and has ever since been ostracised:

-Indeed, it came then Mr. Einstein with the concept that all positions in the Universe are Relative, so he first did special relativity, then general relativity.

And when I came into the field of Philosophy of Science and theory of information I coined the 3rd stage of this Process, talking about ‘Absolute relativity’, that is, the fact that all the scales of the Universe have the same value, because larger beings have lesser quantity of information, are stupider  and  ‘smaller systems’ run faster time cycles of information, hence store more of it, reason why small humans code larger organisms of history, small genes code larger biological organisms and small atoms code larger physical systems. So I wrote to complete General relativity a metric equation of the fifth dimension from past to future, adding the Сmotion of TEMPORAL CLOCKS OF INFORMATION to the Сmotion of size-entropy-space: Ts (size) x St (time cycles speed) =∆k (constant value).


5Ð. Finitesimals – the present, static spatial view of ∆-1 beings.

While the topological ternary structures and growth of social networks of fractal points can define easily the emergence of a super organism, in strict mathematical terms, the second sub discipline of mathematics, analysis, deals directly with the relationships between finitesimal parts and social, organic wholes. So the specific mathematical discipline that studies the scalar, fractal 5th dimension of space-time Beings in quantitative terms is analysis. And it is specially useful for the study of systems in which the internal organisation is minimal – that is systems of herds displaced in space and of growth and events happening in time.

What is then the main difference between analysis and ∆nalysis. Simple: in the fractal universe, we take sides with the dispute on the meaning of infinitesimals, which as Leibniz thought are ‘finitesimals’, minimal constant parts of a whole, which do NOT diminish ad infinitum in size, but will always have a minimal number – in planes of ∆, normally on the 10ˆ10 scale.

So we solve this logical paradox, never fully resolved, stating that the parts of a whole are finitesimals, ‘undistinguishable’ from the perspective of the ∆+1 consciousness – in fact from an ∆+1, the information and perspective of its parts blurs till it seems a continuous. And so all scales below ∆, become increasingly ‘indistinguishable, continuous’ and finally its information erases.

Moreover its cycles become so fast that they close into themselves, converting the whole motion of the being and its world cycle into a relative static present; and in this manner discontinous motion, becomes continuous, static present form of space. A fact which resolves the paradox of Galileo (see above, Saturn’s rings). THE COMPLEX plane will define one plane as specially interesting from the ∆ view of reality; specially when we establish it in square coordinates:

Different views of the complex plane:

The newest addition is the square plane with  ± conjugate planes on a bipolar real axis, closer to the organic ternary topology of t.œs in reality:

St: A Riemann sphere² in the i²= ±1 axis, sets a dual ð<Ts-ate of entropy.

ST: As the squared complex plane becomes a topological plane with the real axis, rˆ2 representing the reproductive conjugate ±bilateral plane of dimotion of reproduction.

It does represent in its R² Axis the present bilateral wave state and in the T<S SQUARED imaginary ±asis the particle, polar state and outer world. Ie. Schrodinger  & Bohm polar and wave equations of quantum physics.

The 3 elements of all systems, lineal/flat limbs/potentials; spherical, tall heads/particles and its hard membranes of dark matter, trunks and skins accomplish the 3 functions of motion, energetic reproduction and informative perception in all systems, varying to adapt the system to its larger world. They can be represented in the complex plane with the i2 plane as the negative real particle/head state, with a polar coordinates which can be compared to a Riemann sphere, who will represent its body with a real bilateral coordinates and a +i2 for its entropic world.

It is easy to see in the C2 plane, how from a +real +1 conjugate, from the lower entropic plane, through the bilateral r2 plane a flow of space-time enters the final -1 imaginary mental plane of the being, completing a dimotion through the 3 parts of the supœrganism, or in formal terms from the entropic to the wave to the particle states

Integrals in topology.

As the Universe is a kaleidoscopic mirror of symmetries between all its elements, this dominant of analysis on ∆-scaling must ad also the use of analysis on a single plane, in fact the most common, whereas the essential consideration is the ∆§ocial decametric and e-π ternary scaling, with minimal distortion (which happens in the Lorentzian limits between scales). 

This key distinction on GST (∆§ well-behaved scaling versus ∆±i ‘distorted emerging and dissolution, which does change the form of the system) does have special relevance in analysis as for very long it was necessary the ‘continuity’ without such distortions of the function studied, and so analysis was restricted to ∆(±1 – 0) intervals and ‘broke’ when jumping two scales as in processes of entropy (death-feeding). But with improved approximation techniques, functionals and operators (which assume a whole scale of ∞ parts as a function of functions in the operator of the larger scale) and renormalisation in double and triple integrals and derivatives by praxis, without understanding the scalar theory behind it, this hurdle today…

And it has always amused me that humans can get so far in all disciplines by trial and error, when a ‘little bit of thought on first principles’ could make thinks much easier. It seems though-thought beings are scarce in our species and highly disregarded, as the site’§ight§how (allow me, a bit of cacophony and repetition the trade mark of this blog and the Universe 🙂 As usual I shall also repeat, I welcome comments, and offers of serious help from specialists and Universities, since nothing would make me happier than unloading tons of now-confusing analysis not only of analysis, before I get another health crisis and all goes to waste in the eternal entropic Сmotion of two derivatives, aka death.

The Fourier transform and harmonic functions.

It is also needed to consider in processes of emergence in time, that is in the creation of worldcycles of super organisms, sum of its 3±i actions, another key set of equations also applied in the resonance processes of emergence, namely those cyclical trigonometrical functions which better express the ‘cumulative’ process of repetition into a single final continuous whole.

And all this could be resumed in a simple definition:

The Fourier transform takes a time series or a ‘whole’ function of continuous time, and maps it into a series of discontinuous frequency spectrum. That is, it takes a function from the time domain into the frequency domain; it is a decomposition of a function into sinusoids of different frequencies, which corresponds to the ‘discrete actions=Сmotions’ performed with different frequencies by the Γœ system.

And vice versa each fourier transform used for harmonic analysis has a corresponding inverse transform that can be used for synthesis. So it is a mathematical tool of ðime akin to integral/derivative analysis for ∆§scales or Hamiltonian/Lagrangian functions for Spatial, Energy, single, present scales and frames of reference and its distortions of the same single Universe for O-mind views; reason why ‘Hamiltonians≈Lagrangians, frames of reference, fourier, harmonic functions and integral/derivatives are absolutely all-pervading equations in all branches, as they are the key functions for the ∆@st four elements of all realities, an astounding ‘magic’ fact (: which platonic gurus who know nothing about first principles have always wondered about (customary quip:)

In the languages of ðime no other equation as the fourier transform has more applications, and it is so for a reason: it is the essential equation that shows how ‘mathematically’, the process of time-evolution of parts (waves with faster frequency and smaller wave-length) become wholes and so as such is the fundamental equation of emergence in time.

Synchronicity becomes then achieved by the Fourier transform of a ‘queue’ of frequency waves that merge into each other, loosing apparently its individual quality, though the immanent properties of the ‘Game of existence’, imply we can deduce the individual forms of the emergent process.

The fourier transform thus can be seen as a queue in time, in the fifth dimension of scalar growth: in this case the whole pyramid represents the whole series of the fourier transform:  the fourier transform is an inverse graph of the fifth dimension, whereas the wave seemingly looses information as it integrates its faster frequency resonances till becoming a whole. Does the whole exists at the same time than the queue of previous, relative past fractal parts? The profound philosophy behind the wave is that it is a wave of time and so the previous parts of the fourier transform co-exist as a queue displaced from past to future in the time part of the 5th dimension metric. 

Resonance is the key concept of emergence in time pure information and its cycles. The laws of pure information transfer, as pure energy transfer are relatively magic, as it deals with perceived relative infinities, that are seen as some asymptotic equation or quantum jump. Resonance ultimately means that the Universe is communicative, as resonance is NOT a system of events that can be explained in terms of pure force transmission but rather of reception of an informative image, mirrored internally by the larger ∆@st  being.

‘Dast of space-time we are and dust we shall become…


∆: In the graph, the fundamental Сmotion of future, is the Сmotion of social evolution of the 5th dimension, shown here above as a sum of worldcycles of increasing information, described by the Fourier integral, which puts them together into a whole, larger single wave, which emerges according to the fundamental law of ‘inversion of roles’, from cyclical to lineal: ∑oi-|i. Below the scales in space, which evolve into larger wholes.

This absolute ‘Сmotion of future’ is one of the 4 ∆ºst concepts of future in GST, the main one.

T: But there is also the relative future of any world cycle, our 3rd age of information which will return back through death, which releases our information into entropy to the beginning of the cycle. Thus the 3rd age is only a relative future, coupled with the St, head, which is…

S: always moving ‘ahead’ in space; hence the relative future of the ‘body-limbs’, and wave-fields that ‘follow it’.

@: And finally the mental future, which is inside the head, is a logic future, as the head-particle ‘sees’ ahead and projects its space-time actions, creating the future with its mirror language, projected into the outer world.

∆ºST:  SO THE FUTURE, is indeed complex but rational, causal, logic and can be predicted according to the probable paths any system will follow to survive and ensure its existence; building organic wholes, following entropic paths in search of its energy for reproduction…

Deterministic future with its variations on the same theme.

And this means existence is a block of time, for the whole Universe, a volume of self-contained probable combinations of every and information that will always be contained in the bell distribution on any way we see it in space as topology in logic space as a bell curve of populations, within a super organism self-contained a myriad of other potential futures and past Сmotions up and down co-existing supœrganissm of the Universe, the logic game will be combined into ∞ beings, but all of them, predictable and replicable. For that reason in strictu sense we can say that…

‘The separation between past, present and future is an illusion’ Einstein

The future is both probabilistic in the short term with ±3-1 chances of motion in each dimension of the being, and deterministic in the long term as all worldcyles become a final zero sum; so all paths do collapse into the same final ‘death-point’.

This though is the simplest way to perceive the future.

The creation of ternary future waves within ‘finite systems’: Fourier transforms.

Let us consider of the many perspectives of the future how it ‘webs’ a block of time, making more dense reality in 3 ‘waves from past to future to past’…

How the future is webbed? Through 3 waves which seem when we reduce the space =time of a higher frequency in fact packed in time who is born in the late time of a slower wave but accelerates into the future in 3a yes which become then synchronic when we put the time cycle as equal in duration regardless of size:

Each λ therefore last the same in fifth dimension, and the 3 waves of frequency acceleration of both waves of communication between two points and two pints accelerated cycles sand then the inverse alpha i-dimensions of height, which becomes negative expanding entropy:

Equal time frequency = equal lineal time.

O = | the equation of the universe, when we equal time lineal and cyclical we see life developing in 3 waves the 3rd accelerated but with the same wave time, lives 3 times the first slow wave, so at the 3rd slow wave the third form in the third cycle of the single wave is in the same time, in the second life of it, the second era the younger is already going faster and erasing the echoes of the first in the past:

In the graph the 3 waves of existence: ≈λ imply that the 3rd in energy has the same than the first, and hence if energy is real time, in real time the 3rd goes 3 times faster in time. After birth it takes 3 o repetitions to fill 1/3rd faster full wave with higher frequency energy.

Energy = k x λs=t is therefore the fundamental function of time and the future starts for the last 3rd after 3 0s.

We then understand Energy, as the relative parameter of equal valued present time for all waves, except ‘seemingly’ (as we shall change that paradigm regis(it)ing relativity), the waves of light. It would then be a choice of human perception to ‘see’ those waves of present value as different in length or time according to the physical scales:

In the graph we see the main accelerated scales of forces, in which the sam concept applies not to an St wave but a St accelerated clock of time, which creates the future of inner faster cycles of the same energy/force but smaller size in space and larger information.

In the graph, as the density of energy increases, the cyclical vortices of energy and its ‘wave’ state between two relative fixed points of communication, come bother. the cyclical form is the particle-lfield the wave of communication through points caries the information and increases into a fourier form, till time magically emerges as a new space-whole, which integrates all its faster micro-waves, micro-cells, micro-atoms, point on the fourier space of transforms and transfers of energy and information on mathematical series of 2 and 3 fluctuations mainly around certain constants of transformation, notably pi, and e.

The simple Fourier transform which keeps adding series till it emerges as a square graph:


∑Oi-1>|i (topological notation: O≈t, |≈s represents in a clean cut way some of the fundamental properties of timespace systems):

  • The creation of emerging levels departing from the sum of the ‘social scales’ below them.
  • The transformation of the role of the ∑-1 particles which become points of the larger |-Ts fields.
  • And therefore its changes of form from cyclical to lineal squaring the circle; making a wave triangular and so on.

This remarkable triangulation likely can be extended to the black hole or gravitational clock of information, as pi derives to ‘3’ in Einstein’s equations, the perimeter of a hexagon, which is also the strongest ‘holder’ of the gravitational pressure sum of all the accelerate cycles of the vortex-clock.

The future for |-fields>O-particles: Hamiltonians and Lagrangians.

Now, the 2 most important equations of GST physics are the fourier, who show from the time perspective, Ts ∆-1: St ∆, that is an emergence through resonance built by a quantic ad on of series into whole numbers, 1, 2, 3 being the series by differentiation of waves into male female positive negative directions on the high axis and i-coordinates, and a motion on lineal flows of entropic past-uture, field-partilce state ruled by the Hamiltonians.

On the other hand, when we study the inverse Сmotion that extracts motion from a ‘storage of time-energy the equations we use are the Lagrangians and Hamiltonans, which are essentially  derivatives, that keep ex-foliating the relative past of its depth reservoir surfacing it in the form of motion.

Hamiltonians and Fourier transforms are thus the opposite key equations for the inverse Сmotion of entropic disorder absorbed by the particle of future from a past/field vs. the temporal relationships of increasing organisations and emergence of a wave of time that reproduces information, and when constrained by a first and final point, must ‘densify its energy and information’ into a whole.

And so we have identified the equations of mathematical physics that integrate and derivate the fifth dimension.

Now the process of waving of the past by the future happens from the P.o.v. of the future, as it sends to the past a flow of information, which DOES reach the past, then hence, travels t the past and this is the hamiltonian.

ITs ends energy to the past which as it moves flourishes in smaller breaking of fractal flows of iterative information which the energy enlightens into the past beings.

And then the beings send to the future, logic flows of information ‘creating, constructing, crepitating, speaking the future and creation it as a reflection that information sends to the future transforming the energy is feeding of.

In this the hamiltonians and the fouriers forms an integrative, derivative world of flows of past to future through the relative concepts of them we have if we add the 5th dimension long concepts of those terms.

In a fourier the future is the accumulation and integration of increasing fractalized smaller waves, which emerge as a single whole described by the mirror equations of the derivative. Both derivative and integration added together to a 1 sum. And as such are inverse but complemtnary versions of the different states of the 1 being.

Now the derivative is really the tangent, = x/y, and viceversa, is really the integral in a point by the lebesgue or rimenan method. So we write knowing x and y   X=y, is the crossing point where the tangent exists.

So tangiest are S(x) = t(y) reflections of the balance to balance points of the function as they move in different states.

But the points have a value attached, x and y, so those two values are the populations of x and t in a discrete numbers that enter in relationship in the point of the curve. If one grows faster than the other it is obviously a sorbing in this particular relationship ‘value’ from the other.

this is an easy way to determine which phase of a cycle of existence the being is interpreting he maximal an minimal of the ucrives in terms of x and y:

In the graphs we can see different events that are key to the curve of existence and its Lagrangian zeros in each point test constant motion to different 3 approaches to how mix s and t and who comes on top, information formally through projective geometry, the particle is on top, the wave below, ‘touching’ the field, still below it. so the wave is constant sinking and rising more giving food to the particle that rules it with its projective perspective and yet in the future the particle can interact with the wave and the field in the 3 ways we show above:

In favor of the wave, the field or the particle, as final outcomes, which is to say in a reproductive event (middle) after a communication of information (sides) or wave particle duality,

Or as a motion wave of iterative reproductions and translations (middle).

Waves thus fluctuate between the inverse states that can cel each other as well as the step by step motions creating a… world cycle, which combines those 3 simple motions: S>t, t>S and t=s in different non commutative steps .


Emergence however requires both simultaneity in space and synchronicity in time for the whole to become a resonance of each part, made to its image and likeness; in a mirror symmetry only fully explored in physics.

So WE ARE TO substitute ‘words’ with multiple historic meanings, such as space, time and scales by the active concepts that give birth to those perceptions of the mind, we come to several logic equivalences that define the knots and bolts of the Universe:

∆-Scales as resonance of a smaller form that provokes the emergence of the same information in a larger plane of space.

Time as social evolution, which emerges IN A larger plane.

Space as Simultaneity in the perception of things from a 3rd observer

And all together, ∆-space-time as the synchronous, simultaneous action of a ‘lanwave’ of similar present beings with the same coding information that becomes a whole and emerges into a §upœrganism.

A system MUST FIRST SYNCHRONIZE, and then it will be able to act together and to transfer vast amounts of motion and form, e xi in events of exist¡ence between its components. So the synchronicity of the three parts of the system, $pe limbs/fields < R(St)-bodywaves > ðƒ-particles heads is the a priori condition for a simultaneous supœrganism to emerge. How many of those synchronicities or symmetries of ∆$ð are need for a super organism to emerge becomes then the fundamental question of epistemology of existence.

The answer is to create a stable 10-dimensional being, across ∆±1 three dimensional scales, three topologies an three Сmotions-functions of time constantly acting up and down, its relative ∆±4 world.

Emergence requires the synchronicity of ∆±i scales together, such as the quanta of the ∆-i scale couples its speed/clock time frequency to the ∆+i scale of the whole particle-network, membrane that surrounds the system, and god in fact together with the particle-head as a whole body-head controller of the whole.

In the graph, broglie in his masterpiece on pilot-wave theory defines a ‘quantum entity’ as one in which there is time synchronicity between its particle-head and wave-body, over a quantum field whose interaction generated all other actions of the particle-wave. As such his paper is the seminal paper of quantum realism and the initial right steps on the inquire in the mathematical space-time dimensions of the electron-photon system.

In the synchronicity between the membrane closed cycle and the singularity temporal speed, we have a constant stretching which in the Universe is measure in the mass-frequency-speed of top quarks and black holes in the macro-scale with their c-speed event horizon and faster speeds beyond.


WE thus postulate a new scale of faster than c rotational St quark stars and entropic dark energy, which together would stretch into the ∆±4 ‘russian dual doll’, the perceived Universe:

Systems in that sense have two relative infinities from the point of view of its internal cells, which are part of the super organism in which perception takes place, the lineal membrane, of infinite relative speed and the central black hole of infinite informative density.

Any entity that exists, exists so between a membrane of entropic energy and a central pole of information, when it translates its world-universe to polar coordinates.

Then within this ∆±2 structure, we can observe a disrupted hyperbolic view of reality with an ‘EM engine’ caused by the mere existence of two infinities, the singularity and the outer infinite relative speed region.

In graphs, some organisms where a non relative infinite entropic source of energy-motion is tapped by the ‘entities’ within it:

  • EM engine which seems to take advantage of the pilot v>c gravitational (neutrino?) wave of quantum gravitation.
  • An electric field with its relative infinities renormalised in physical equations, and one of such fields limited to its bare minimum – as all the equations of electromagnetism (and any other organic stience, when properly interpreted) are reduced to the understanding of an external membrane with a circulation flow, of maximal Ts in relationship to all internal points, and the laws of density of a central point, which provokes within both, a series of cyclical paths between oth relative infinities of max. information and max. energy, by the particles of the ‘present-middle class-reproductive ‘moving’ region.
  • The GALAXY’s underlying dark entropy, outer membrane has V>c relative infinite dark speed and the point of information in the center relative infinite density, regardless of which parameters we use in each scale to define ‘speed’ and ‘density’ of energy and information:

Networks of simultaneity and resonance (informative axons): consciousness and emergence.

All this said there are elements in the Universe which are difficult to understand in terms of ‘classic’ human thought and science, which are at the heart of the processes of ‘existence’, and emergence of information in upper scales, and organisation of parts into wholes. They deal with the fact that ‘St’ particles-heads-upper informative classes must be fully connected with its lower ∆-1 scale to synchronise, make it work together as a whole, resonate its orders in all lower systems and finally be conscious of a whole – and the key to all those processes are fractal branching networks, which unlike herds loosely connected in a single plane, conned the upper scale of a being with all its lower parts/regions.

It must be understood that those networks have many levels of connection between scales. They are though basically always the same. Informative networks break information in reproductive waves through axons and so they can produce informative actions of multiplication of information both ways through effects of simultaneity and resonance.

The resonance of all resonances, one can consider an imaginary space of dimensions of time – the 3 first dimensions those of a space of lesser form on which we transit – in our case the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space – all other dimensions becoming dimensions of scalar growth of information, through resonances between the larger and the smaller scales with self-similar forms, merely differentiated by its TIME metric:

Max. Ts   = Min. St, the larger resonance encodes the smaller one.

How whole minds imprint smaller parts, through the simultaneous fractal network division of an impulse of maximal energy into multiple quantum’s of information. Such as E = h v, is proportional to the information the system emits (v) along an ‘H’, constant of space-time, or ‘lower field’ (S=t), from where the E(e) x V(i) body of ∆+1 extracts its energy of motion.

On the other hand, parallel networks of energy ,pipes and blood flow are less concerned with the form but with the energy it provides to the motion of its cells, and are based in adjacency and other topological, spatial properties.

The devil is in the details, so once we understand this general picture of the whole, its parts and its common time world cycles, sum of all the frequencies of its space-time actions, which construct a super organism that will go through 3 ages between birth and extinction, as it carries as a whole its 3 ∆±1 scale of beings, we shall realise we just have explained they very surface of a extremely intelligent and complex world in which almost magically, all works together because of the complementary connections between simultaneous parts in space and synchronous rhythms in time and ‘resonant’ effects in scales.

So 4 ‘magic phenomena’ will be of enormous importance to fully grasp how ∆, S and T, dynamically organise (or inversely become disorganised):

  • Space Simultaneity, which is an a priori condition for a vital organic space to exist, and act efficiently as a whole.
  • Time Synchronicity, which is an a priori condition for a temporal ensemble of parts to exist, and act as a shoe.
  • ∆-Scale Resonance, which is the a priori condition for ‘parts and wholes’ to interact together.
  • Consciousness, which is an a posteriori condition of complexity in a panpsychic Universe: consciousness arises within any sufficiently complex, information-processing system. All animals, from humans on down to earthworms, are conscious; even the internet could be. That’s just the way the universe works.

In the graph an infinite relative function that studies the resonance processes, which crate from a series of frequencies of smaller, ∆-1 cycles a learner wave, in the point of maximal synchronicity. Such points become singularities of information as they store in fact despite its relative invisible simple form, all the ‘backwards run information of the system’, when the ‘program of existence and its i-logic equations are applied to them, to perform an ∆st symmetry. In this case the application of the fourier transform ‘extracts’ the information of the ‘genetic-memetic-quantum’ singularity.

A Resonance process is ultimately the final phase of a translation of information by which a single bit of information albeit in its perfect synchronicity, with its perfect form, acts as a key for a reaction in a larger, ∆-being, of which the bit of information, or frequency of the resonance is the ‘hormonal’ coder, alphabet, which triggers the translation into an action. Determinism, being much more strict in a multiple causal world, as all events that happen are determined at least by 3 Сmotions of time, hence far denser in its existence, applies here triggering as an action-reflection process, by the mere act of hearing the communication, a resonate action. They will vary though in the way humans st@ perceive it from its relative active mind-view.

∆-3: resonance in quantum physics. 

In particle physics, an extremely short-lived phenomenon associated with subatomic particles called hadrons that decay via the strong nuclear force. This force is so powerful that it allows resonances to exist only for the amount of time it takes light to cross each such “object.” A resonance occurs when the net energy of the colliding subatomic particles is just enough to produce its rest mass, which the strong force then causes to disintegrate within 10ˆ-23 second.

But do those resonant particles exist? Not really. THEY must be seen as fractal images, holographies of the external information of the being, which is what it is transferred to us, human observers, at ∆0. They are thus ghost images, in the quanta of time of action-reaction of the particle, which provides us with information tabulated by mathematical physics, already translated by the object-language-object event between the observable and the observer. 

  1. Emergence in biologic systems. Supœrganisms.

In the graph, the Universe is in a broken scalar puzzle, a lego of three motions of time, entropy and information, and its infinite energetic combinations, put together into knots of multiple space-time points forming three physiological networks (of entropy, energy and information :), called beings and species; sπcies in the ‘slightly modified jargon of GST).




This we know, that God is Love, brotherhood, the feeling of being part of a larger whole, as we equal beings create God, making him emerge from the network, bonded by the birth of the new being made to Our image and likeness.

God exists because it is the informative message, cloned in each believer that becomes one new consciousness shared by all, a force of social love that makes people to work as a single whole.

The mystical phenomenon of creation of a new god seeded by a prophet that reveals the memetic DNA all believers will share to become one is not however a phenomena circumscribed to human societies and supœrganisms, but it is the most remarkable feature, of the scalar organic Universe, happening among all identical beings, who share a common form, a common information in any scale of reality.

To the point that the phenomenon of emergence is the most remarkable event of the science of complexity or systems science, which Hawking rightly said, it would be the science of the XXI century. As a consequence The universe constantly bores deeper into new scales and planes of existence, as each new whole that emerges into the larger space, requires a new ensemble of micro-particles, mind-mirrors of the larger whole

Which will command with his collective intelligence the actions of the individuals.

Emergence is the process by which a whole is formed departing from its ∆-1 elements. Emergence requires the whole to synchronise in time the actions and cycles of information of its beings, while simultaneously connect them in space through its networks of energy.  Those two words, ‘simultaneity in space and synchronicity in time’ are thus the key elements to create super organisms.

While physicists through its theory of relativity have studied in depth the simultaneity in space-time, the synchronicity of time cycles is far less understood. As parts synchronise and become dependant of each other, according to the different speeds of its cycles of ‘the fifth dimension’. For example cells reproduce every day synchronising their actions with the feeding of the larger slower whole body, which feeds every day (humans with available ready-food have divided their meals according to the ternary principle in three with an earlier S, middle larger st and lighter T meals).


The future in man: heads, artists, social civilisations, 3rd ages… and deaths.

Now this theme treated extensively (in the future:) on mathematical physics, allow us to extract a description of those motions as derivatives of future and integrations of past, which give the ∂∫ operation a meaning on the fifth dimension.

Here we shall not treat algebra of time but a description on how it acts in a qualitative way, as we derivate to the past and integrate into the future, literally in words of the ‘verbal meaning’ of those equations, we derivate to the easy past, we integrate in the climbing future, towards the higher states of the fifth dimension, integrate into the bosonic whole, which so well mysticals have described when integrating into god, the super organism of the human kind.

We shall thus concentrate in the qualitative description of the future to past derivation and integration of men into superoganisms of history.

The future seers of times: prophets, seeds of the death of the father. Mystical, religious futures.

We are now to give you a prime of the most beautiful part of all ‘social sciences’ and 5Ð metric, oh, yes, I know it will blow up your mind and you will either leave the blog if you are still here or go to your nearest temple. It is the birth of a God/mind/subconscious collective of a super organism of mankind; compared to a well known similar process in 2 other scales of physical systems and biological systems for good measure:

You can see in the first graph, the birth of a particle, after its antiparticle dies and travels literally to the past, in a quantum jump, which lasts the life of the anti-particle (Feynman’s diag