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3Ð: reproduction



œº ∑œ°>Œ ¹:


The purpose of all systems is immortality achieved not through the ego but through the reproduction of the being, as all time durations are finite. So all systems reproduce:


All systems reproduce its information departing from an initial seed, or through an external enzyma(n), as in the human cellular and social case in factory-mothers of machines. Once the seed is born reproduction in similar cells-minds will bring forwards a new being in existence as the code spreads to similar cells which accelerate its process of reorganisation and emergence in a higher ∆+1 scale.185Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.55

In the graph all systems reproduce, in all scales, as reproduction is ultimately the program of exist¡ence of all system, which ensures the immortality of its information, which is what the Universe, a fractal that reproduces information, tries to preserve. 

So there are multiple views on reproduction, which can be observed from each of the different Ðimotions; casting them as reproductive actions, starting by locomotion – a reproduction of form in the lower plane of entropic motion, by adjacent pegging and fast erasing of the previous ‘father state’ of a wave.

Let us consider then first the most formal of all definitions of reproduction, as the ‘function that maximizes the exi=st¡enœ of beings’.

Since it is at the core of the formalism of T.œs. Indeed we could consider the feed back Generator Equation, the equation of reproduction, and its most synoptic form, Max. (∑e x ∏i)e=i, the function of existence, the main equation of…



“A perfect ∏ is an ∞ Present’ Ls  On the immortal information of time world cycles, repeated ad infinitum in new generations 

The connection more important in the world of stience is between GST and ®lgebra of Time.

¬Ålgebra is the study of the sequences of space-time cycles, its hidden causality and the phases of the existence of a supœrganism and its parts.

We give it also the name of i-logic (time perspective), ¬Ælgebra (mathematical perspective) or T.Œ, a Theory of the Organic Everything, scientific taoism, Generator Syntax, trinity, duality, you name it.

It is concern on how a Universe is constructed departing of 3 motions of time with different geometry that through synchronous, simultaneous actions regulated by cyclical patterns, networks and co-existing scales, becomes the complex œ-worlds we see around us.

In normal time theory all this sounds to mysticism. You just study motions in space with a simple formula v=s/t that makes time entropy and motion, in lineal fashion, and describe the motion of ensembles of beings with maximal detail and that’s that.

 The principle of cyclical inertia.

If the world is made of åctions, then it is cyclical because according to Newton, all action provokes a reaction of the same intensity and opposed direction, creating thus a cycle or field of space-time.

So movements are not lineal but cyclical, dual. Indeed, in the XX century, the real study of cosmological, macrocosmic space and the inner space of atoms, showed that everything moved in curves, in cycles, as clocks of time do. But aside from its partial application to Physics by Einstein that described space/time in curved terms, scientists kept using in their mathematical analysis the lineal Cartesian plane, origin of the linear principle of inertia.

We have to ad however a cyclical, inertial principle for atoms, galaxies and all temporal beings. In fact, cycles are represented with other type of numbers called complex numbers, which appear for that reason constantly in Einstein’s equations, in quantum mechanics and the mathematic models of this book.

The cyclical, eternal movement of sub-atomic particles, spins, galaxies and planets is natural to the Universe. Thus, we consider that the law of conservation of energy and its spatial expression, the principle of Linear Inertia, are partial cases of the Law of Cyclical Inertia. Or in geometrical terms, as Cusa and Kepler already noticed, and Non-EA Geometries proved, we say that a line is a section of a long curve; and a continuous action , a part of a discontinuous action -reaction cycle. Yet scientists disregard cyclical inertia, because they use a lineal, Cartesian plane in their mathematical representation of reality that tends to introduce errors of linearity in their analysis.

Thus, the next big difference between classic, lineal, continuous ‘Energy Physics’ and ‘Modern, Quantic Space-Time Physics’ is the principle of cyclical inertia.

Space-Time fields are cyclical, subject to external translation and morphological change.

We often forget that space-time is part of every process, not only a physical event. We live and die in space and time. Species evolve in space and time. Societies are subject to economical and historic, temporal rhythms that change their spatial form. Everything changes in space and time. Change is indeed the word we use to define a space-time field beyond the physical realm. Thus we consider 2 main types of space-time changes according to Aristotle: morphological change, studied by Biology and Theory of Evolution, which is mainly organic, inner change; and translation or external change, studied by classic Physics, which is concerned with change in position.

Galileo defined translation, the external change of Space-Time fields, with the equation of speed, V=S/T, a machine to measure it, a clock and a bidimensional plane to plot that speed. Today it is the main property of space-time we study. So quantic beings made of 4 dimensional temporal energy in perpetual, morphological, cyclical change are reduced to bidimensional planes and numbers, ‘points without parts’ that only change their physical, external movement.

In that process scientists deform 5 basic qualities of all space-time beings: their multiplicity; their dimensions of space and _time fields; their inner morphological change ; their cyclical trajectories, which imply 2 arrows of movement, back and forwards towards positive and negative directions; and their quantic nature, since all cycles which close into themselves, break reality into at least 2 discontinuous, quantic regions: the inner and outer zone of the cycle.

Those properties are so important to understand space-time that are in fact present at the clocks scientists use to measure the external change or ‘speed’ of any space-time field. Indeed, clocks, imitate the properties of a cyclical space-time field and so they are quantic, cyclical objects with 2 arrows in perpetual change, as any space-time field is. Because of that similarity between cyclical clocks and quantic space-time fields, scientists measure and compare with clocks the infinite cyclical changes of any quantic, fixed species of space-time. Each of those changes has a rhythm that scientists translate to the rhythms of their clock.

Yet, scientists latter fit those space-time fields into a bidimensional, Cartesian mathematical graph whose X and Y coordinates ‘extend’ time and space towards the infinite, transforming their 2 cyclical, geometric arrows into a lineal, single space-time continuous form, with a single arrow of energy and movement, the so-called arrow of entropy.

Thus those quantic, dual, cyclical fields of space-time become a single, lineal field. It is the main blunder of history of science that lingers today in all disciplines and hence it is the first of our 5 errors we have to correct to be able to fully grasp what those quantic space-time fields are.

The 2 arrows/organs of quantic space-time: energetic entropy ‘bodies’ and informative ‘brains’.

The geometrical description of those 2 directional arrows of the Universe, backwards and forwards, completes a visual cycle, which returns to its origin. Yet the conceptual meaning of a dual action -reaction cycle, in which the reaction ‘undoes’ what the action did previously, is far more revealing: a cycle implies that a certain parameter that grew in the active part of the cycle becomes destroyed in its reactive event. If we grow in energy in the first part of the cycle, we consume that energy in the second part, and hence we complete a feeding-digestive cycle.

If we ‘live’ in the first part of an existential cycle we ‘die’ in the second part and return to the space-time dust from where we came. So we can see a geometric cycle of space-time as a representation in 2 dimensions of those 2 arrows that move forwards and backwards any being, till returning to its origin, from conception to death.

Yet the Universe is 4-dimensional and a cycle is a bidimensional form. So in 4 dimensions that dual back and forth arrow shows through an expansive and implosive rhythm. For example, the big bang describes the energetic, explosive arrow of a process that will end with the opposite arrow of implosive order and in-formation, or big-crunch. Then the Universe will explode again.

The form of the cycle has changed, since now we observe a space-time field fluctuating in 4 dimensions, but the opposite arrows of the cycle, that we shall call from here on the arrow of ‘growing, spatial energy’, the arrow of ‘growing temporal, informative order’, and the fluctuation between both that complete a space-time action -reaction cycle, remain the same. So we can translate spatial, static, geometrical figures into dual, dynamic arrows, which are the ‘organic’ essence of those geometric, morphological changes:

– Å positive, creative direction of informative time that warps, orders and informs a certain quantic region of the Universe, causing the accumulation of informative forces and linguistic, genetic memories that originate the organic evolution of life as time passes. So masses order space fields of forces into cyclical particles of information, brains order organisms, black holes order galaxies and DNA orders cells as time passes.

– And a negative direction of energetic space, organic disintegration and explosion of information into energy, that expands space, which becomes the destructive arrow of death, of entropy, of big-bang processes, studied by physical sciences. So masses explode into A-Bombs, black holes into quasars; cells and organisms die and erase their physiological order, while societies tumble their governments or destroy themselves in wars.

– Which together, enacted in each space-time field by energetic organs or ‘relative bodies’ and informative organs or ‘relative Heads’, create the ‘fluctuations’ we call ‘life or existence’.
The 2 opposite arrows of a space-time cycle mean that all processes that take place in each quantic piece of space and time are processes with 2 ‘ages’, one of energetic entropy and one of informative order that put together complete the 2 phases of any cyclical process that cancel each other. All quantic pieces of reality can either emit energy moving in lineal trajectories, or create order, informing, perceiving, organizing reality. All organisms exist in time through those 2 arrows, one of temporal information, and one of energetic entropy.

They were discovered and studied first in depth by Boltzmann, the founder of Thermodynamics, which already acknowledged both arrows. Yet the 2 arrows of time were unfortunately discharged when Einstein consecrated the idea of a single universal space-time and big-bang theory discovered that the Universe was in its energetic, expanding entropic arrow. Thus if space-time was a lineal, single continuum every form of the Universe had to be on the entropic, energetic arrow. So Physicists tend to work with a single ‘energetic’ arrow, the arrow of disorder, of entropy. Yet the arrow of order, of information is at the core of all other disciplines of knowledge from Biology to Philosophy where we find the 2 arrows of life and evolution (creation of in-form-ation) Vs. death and devolution (extinction and destruction of form, released into energy.)

The error of a single arrow proper of Astrophysics occurs because the Universe is so huge that its dual arrows of life and death last far longer than those of any human being. So now we exist within a Universe dominated by the direction of negative entropy and disorder because we are closer to the explosive big bang. For that reason Physicists use only the arrow of energy, since they consider the Universal space-time the only one.

But in the future, surely the arrow of information will create the big-crunch and informative warping of the Universe. Further on, in a quantic Universe there are many quantic space-times, and each one is in a different arrow, regardless of the big-bang entropic phase of the total Universe. For example, we exist in a quantic part of that Universe, called a galaxy, which right now is warping into a form with more information under the mass effects of a central black hole. Hence it is in the informative arrow unlike the entire Universe.

Thus the fundamental analysis of any space-time field/cycle of reality consists on studying first the dual energetic and informative parts of the field as we perceive it in space; and the consider how those 2 organs create alternating cycles of existence in time, ordering and disordering reality through the 2 arrows of entropy and complexity, putting finally the spatial, static and temporal, dynamic analyses together into an organic vision of the being.

We call that methodology of knowledge that guides this book, the ternary principle. Let us then make a generic analysis of the 2 energy and information organs of any Quantic Spaces-Times in space and the 2 homologous cyclical arrows or events they cause in time, that we will latter apply to all the main Quantic Spaces-Times beings of the Universe.

ΔΩ. The program of existence.

What does a Point of view, an existential momentum, a fractal exi=st-ence, a zero-point, a function, program, equation of Existence once it is born as a single seed of an ∆-1 plane? How does it go to create a Cyclical existence, a sum of Actions ∑Sp≤ ∫∂x≥Tƒ, which move a function of existence through all its cycles of exchange of energy and information with the universe.

The Universe is made of 2 motions, lineal motions of space and cyclical motions of time, webbed into ‘planes of existence’, which human minds see still according to the ‘Galilean Paradox’.

Thus its structure is described by 3 basic formal languages:

– ∆-geometry (Non-Euclidean), which explains space & Causal logic (non-Aristotelian) which explains its time cycles, (hence our use of the next letter ‘i’ for this formalism), and organicism which explains the organization of the different planes (biological languages).

And yet there is a 4th language and property of the Universe, which surely abstract scientists will deny but it is there, and so it has been always argued by human beings, the language of the Will, which creates the needed order to organize those motions.

Indeed, we can describe externally objectively reality with its geometries and time cycles, and its organized planes of existence, but the question that remains to be answer is why? What causes those systems to organize themselves.

The answer is what I have called in different moments, ‘the program of existence’ or ‘Universal mandate’ (external vision of it in impersonal or mystical terms), the Will or Equation of Existence or Survival (internal vision), which resumes in a simple ‘partial equation’ of the Metric Generator of the 5th dimension:

Max. Sp X Tƒ

  • Systems that perceive in a rather automatic manner with O-minds minimal time cycles (∆ï∆-3) and move in invisible fields of force with Sp-nergetic limbs, through lineal paths (∆Å∆-4)….

And we call those external 2 åctions the external, or automatic will or primary åctions of existence. If we were to use the terminology of Leibniz or Aristotle, it would be the process of ‘apperception’, or ‘vegetative will’. Since they are automatic, caused by the mere structure of the being, which exists in a lower field of motion and absorbs bits of information.

Yet the external åctions have 2 internal counterparts, which ensure the maintenance of the components of energetic limbs (feeding on energy) and the informative system (reproduction of ‘form’):

  • First, the being feeds on quanta bigger than the bits of information to reproduce its forms, and this process is called feeding, ∆Sp∆-2.

The origin of reproduction are the åctions of the being that communicates its 2 poles, in an intermediate region, the body or wave, in which it exchanges flows of motion and form, between both poles of existence, combining them first into cyclical åctions, SxT, performed by those intermediate waves and bodies. And so åctions is the 3rd will, through which the being tries to maximize its ‘function of existence’. And the repetition of åctions finally creates a ‘burn-in’ reproduced structure, which becomes its 3 element, which allows the being to  survive in other form. Thus the 3rd will or action of all beings is iteration. Since reproduction of its body waves ensures its immortality beyond accidental or old age, death by excess of energy and information. And so the being reproduces its ∆-1 cellular structures, ∆R∆-1, till they organize themselves into a replica that surface at the ∆-plane.

And we call those 2 wills of existence, the internal will, and in terms of Aristotle’s classification, the animal will.

  • And yet there is a 5th will that helps to maximize the function of existence: the social gathering in groups coordinated by a common language, which make the whole stronger. So ∑SxT > SxT.

Thus it starts the scalar growth of herds into bigger social herds that hunt together. We express this gathering with the symbol of S for society or sum, but most often with the specific symbol of ∑ a summation (here not used in the strict mathematical sense of ‘a series’ but merely as an aggregation of individuals). And we say that the summation of individuals which gather through simple ‘spatial languages’ that coordinate them bring about a series of social groups or Unions of Individuals represented by those 3 symbols, ∑, S, U (i will try to unify symbology, time permitted).

It is this simple scheme what explains the formulae: ∑e=S, that is a group of quanta, points of a herd, e x Tƒ beings brings together a ‘space’, which is a bidimensional topology or loosely connected network that extends through a social space.

But and this is the final frontier of the will, as the space becomes denser in a single plane, organization must become more complex, and the equality rule breaks, as new languages of faster cyclical speed, Max. Tƒ, allow better coordination. And so society splits between the faster neurons and the bigger cells, Max. Tƒ and Max. Social classes of the system. The efficiency though has a heavy toll for the bigger, slower cells that must obey without doubt the neuronal, informative class. And so finally a 2-layer structure, with top neuronal fast points and body cells appears.

Further on, the energetic, simpler will of motion, is demoted in the hierarchy, as those cells must ‘expand entropically’ the space below them at ∆-4 level and so often the system stores ∆-4 species and creates a 3rd energetic layer of hardy cells, responsible for this carnage. And those are the cells of the limbs: informative neurons, ‘reproductive’ glandular cells and ‘muscle and bone cells’ to use specific types of an organism, becomes the 3 social classes of the organism, which maximize its åctions of existence.

Now, the informative cells must rule the body and limbs cells and so they must connect with all of them, and at the same time they must coordinate among themselves fast their orders to produce synchronicity. And so they often develop axons (in biological systems with a network fractal orientation in the high dimension of information) or produce informative spherical waves (in physical systems existing in an isomorphic medium, where the informative pole tends to be in the center of the wave), which reach simultaneously all the cells of each layer.

In both cases we talk of a multiplicative effect. For example, if all the neurons are connected to all, the number of axons is x². And so we use for the ‘organism’ in multiple layers, the symbol ∏, for ‘pi’ (circular motion) and for multiplication (the higher number of axons, or ∑².

And we can write then the complete will of existence through its 5 åctions of motion or acceleration, perception, feeding, reproduction and social evolution as:


And this 5th will or action, ∑∆+1, completes the game of existence,

This is the will of the Universe, its sequential program: o->æ->e->œ->û

acceleration and perception (with different order depending on the informative or energetic nature of the being), which brings feeding and reproduction, and finally the social evolution of the system.

This is what all beings do to maximize their existence: ∑SxT

Further on, the program is externally reinforced because those who follow it survive better. And so those who don’t perish, do not reproduce and do NOT exist in the future.

The constants of iterative creation: ST

 The Universe reproduces åctions: Sp x Tƒ=ST, åctions of existence which combine entropy and information, into present waves bodies of energy and information.

The minimal unit of the Universe is an action of space-time, a momentum of existence, and once we localize one we can study it at many levels.

Actions though can be considered cyclical, mostly produced by an ∆+1 entity as expression of its existential exchanges of energy and information with the surrounding Universe.

A function of existence, Sp x Tƒ = ST±4, maintains a rhythm of repetition of its ‘åctions’, which create waves, radiations from a focus.  The webbing of those åctions of existence form a world cycle, and the world cycle carries the 3±1 ages of space-time topologies. And so there is a chain order of a higher degree of detail, when we consider the different type of Reprod-åctions; åctions of existence, the being performs in its polar game between body and mind:

Actions of Existence, ∆A±4 , O±3, ∆E±2; ∆œ, ∆U±1.

A certain being will have certain internal constants that relate its Sp and Tƒ, body-head, wave-particle dual systems through similar dimensions. Most often, ∑Se ∆-1 ≈ ∑Tƒ, that is the number of cells of body and head, wave and particle is similar. In other cases the product in time of Tƒ cycles and Sp population of those cycles in simultaneous space is the same: ∑∆-1=∑∆.

 We shall study in this key post, the meaning of parameters, variables, magnitudes, constants, conservation principles and laws of science in terms of ∆ST metric.

That is, from the 4 fundamental elements of the Generator Equation: U= ∑ W: Sp x Tƒ = ST, the ‘world’, of space-time, which maintains a constant, balanced combination of its entropy and cyclical motions, by means of its ‘reprod-active’ action, ‘ST’, is the theme of this post and its sub-post.

What kind of ‘balances’, combinations and iterations, a world-system performs through its world cycle of existence, and how can we mathematically express the laws of balance between entropy and form that create and freeze the varieties of beings we perceive in the Universe? What is the relationship between those Sp x Tƒ =ST systems and its larger Space-time Plane, from where they are a relative fractal part, made to its image and likeness? Are both in a relationship of proportionality? What kind of laws rule the diversification of Sp x Tƒ = ST systems? And so on…

The ST enormous variety of meanings is the key to the multiplicity of the Universe, the rules that establish certain orders in those combinations (conservation laws, laws of balance and maximization of the Sp x Tƒ function of ‘existence’, etc.) are the laws that establish certain patterns of order, which allow its classification into ‘scientific knowledge’.

Let us remember in that sense the 2 main formulations of the Generator Equation:

Sp x Tƒ = ST, as a ‘spatial topology’ of 3 elements, (entropic limbs/fields x Particles/heads of information, which combine into reproductive åctions, bodies and waves)

Sp > ST  < Tƒ:  Dynamic flows of spatial entropy and temporal information combined or transferred through dynamic flows of energy and information, whereas the Spatial entropy or relative past element, cedes its energy=lineal motion> to a wave and the informative particle or relative future element, its form, to combine into a present form… Or in an alternative communicative wave:

Se x Tƒ <≈ (Se x Tƒ) ∆-1 > Sex Tƒ   two relative poles communicate motion and form through a smaller particle (fermions communicating bosons; any species communicating through a language in a social group, or herding into a hunting group, etc.)

Those 3 types of fundamental events in nature across different planes of reality define different ‘constants’ of åctions and ‘poles of maximal entropy and maximal information’ and ‘topologies of limbs/fields, bodies/waves and particles/heads’ and ages/states of entropy-past-youth, present-repetitive-mature age and old/informative/future age, which  are the core concepts behind the events and forms we study in ‘detail’.

Physical Systems. Its main constants, magnitudes and conservation laws.

We focus first in physical magnitudes, as we have studied the ‘ages of time’ and ‘topologies of organisms’ in greater detail in other posts.

Existence and åctions.

10 human scale informative scale

There is of course a deeper understanding in philosophical terms on the manner in which form and motion transcends through scales to be perceived by the human being, and why we only perceive those scales – namely because they are the ones we act upon. So we can build a human being as the sum of all those åctions across all its scales we perceive, from where an entire understanding of the program of existence of man, our will and what is ‘life and existence’ for us can be deduced.

This connects with the order of those åctions as a pyramid of ‘desires’, we do have a Maslow-like pyramid of åctions which emerge and require the previous one: to perceive we must move towards the perceived system, to feed we must perceive the food and move to it, to reproduce we need enough energy and genetic information in our body. And obviously to evolve socially we must reproduce previously

And since creation of social, organic networks, requires all other åctions, it is the summit of the ‘program’ of the ‘biological’ Universe that all its species follow. So åctions are ordered also in time, parallel to its symmetry in scales – relationship that between time ages and ∆-scales we have observed already in the study of the meaning of past, present and future, now further proved through the order of åctions:


Well it is not the same order than the vowels but almost (-;

Synchronicity of åctions among scales.

Finally another theme of importance regarding action, which we treat in other sections, mainly in time and planes are its synchronicity between planes, as the smallest åctions are faster and repeat more, so we do more ‘gravitational steps for each second-perception, and feed only once a day reproduce once a year and evolve socially through our entire life.  This is the most important reason for the order of the organic systems of reality.

For example, the faster åctions of cells (i.e. daily reproduction) are synchronized to the slower energy feeding cycle of its ∆+1 scale, which gives the energy it needs to put its information at work and enable the reproduction.

It also follows that the emergence of an action above, makes it a product of the lower ones Åi(∆-3) x Åe (∆-2) = Åœ-1

That is the cell takes its genetic, information coded in a few atoms, the energy obtained from above and reproduces the system.

This field needless to say is also huger.

The program of existence: Maximize your existence – evolve socially.

An exhaustive analysis of all events and åctions of all systems, from the 4+1 quantum åctions-numbers of particles to the 5 drives of existence of biological beings to the 5 quantum åctions of humans, show that all systems try to maximize its 5 survival åctions, according to the sequential and frequency laws aforementioned, creating a ‘Maslow pyramid’ of behavior for all of them – the program of the Universe.

The 5th action, though is often unwanted and hence not considered in most scientific studies, because it is most often imposed externally by the ∆+1 neuronal/informative, ‘superior’ species that absorbs the energy of the lower herd treated as energy. So it is not a ‘quantum number’ but the action of informative quarks that capture electrons to form the atomic organism.

It is not a human action, but the imposition of people-castes that control our languages of information (politicians with laws, bankers with money) and create states and markets that control and absorb our wealth. It is not the desire of cells in a multicellular organism, which are controlled in motion and information by neurons.

– Tƒ maximize your existence, Max. ∑Sp∆-1 <=>Tƒ∆+1, the simplest strategy is to maximize the components of the equation, the 4 positive arrows-åctions: Sp=energy feeding, I=information processing, <=> or X, Reproduction and ∑, social evolution and the selfless action of giving away your energy to sustain a ‘higher plane of forms’, which can be observed in the sacrifice of individuals from their nations, their subconscious collective Gods, or in physical space in the loss of form of individual orbitals when the pi or sigma molecular orbitals appear, or the transfer of energy from electric to magnetic fields and so on.

– This gives birth to the duality of ‘social arrows’, as the 4D arrow of herding among clone cells/waves to create ‘spaces’ (defined by Riemann as groups of ‘similar points’ described by properties of continuity, etc.’) might be called in mystique terms the arrow of ‘democratic, social love’ and extract and ethic generalization: forms that feel equal act in parallel and love each other; while the 5D arrow is hierarchical, Darwinian, as ‘forms who are different’ prey ‘perpendicularly’ to each other, transferring energy, Sp∆-1>Tƒ from the lower scale to the upper scale and information, Tƒ>Sp∆-1, from the upper to the lower scale. More deductions from the Program:

– You can maximize the function of existence when S=T->Max SxT (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1).

This is known intuitively, as we say ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ where Sp(body/field) and I (head/particle).

It is the origin of the need to have our vital constants in balance, of the balance of Universal Constants, which are Sp/O or SxT ratios (as in the equations of gravitational and electromagnetic constants, where q-m are clocks of information and distances, Sp, hence they write as F=Q,G(Tƒ/Sp).

It explains the attraction of beauty, a shape in which form and energy are balanced, S=T; the beauty of top predator species – a species that maximizes its body force (Sp), intelligence (O) and beauty (S=T), in physical space one with maximal M(T) x V(Sp) momentum, which in physical collisions survives and defines the final trajectory; the classic shapes of the commonest spiral galaxies, etc. It explains why live longer in our mature, S=T, age between energetic youth and informative 3rd age; why death happens by excess of energy (Max. Spin accidents and wars) or information (Max.Tƒ in the 3rd age when we warp and wrinkle); and many other facts.

– You can maximize your existence, when ∑->∞ that explains the huge quanta in spaces that last, from the ultimate vacuum of the Universe to the seas of water, to the power of ∑=Love in social systems, to the undistinguishable boson structures of immortal beings, from light to black holes (bosons of quark stars) to minds – ‘zero points’ that map out with self-similar pixels of information an external Universe into a linguistic infinitesimal image of it – to herds and waves that become tighter, multicellular organisms that survive better.

– It explains the engine of human existence: greed for Sp-food, Information, sex (SxT), 4D-love & 5D-power.

For example, if we are to consider informative systems alone, the creation of a boson, zero point in which an infinite number of self-similar, ∑-forms converge is another path to maximize the function of existence.

Thus the highest of all åctions is the social experience, and we can truly write those åctions in chains from the lowest one – physical motion, to the highest one – social love, reason why people like more prophets than physicists, the maximize more their existence.

So all what species do is: >O: Gauge information; <Sp: Feed on Energy; ∑Ei, herding with parallel beings or SxT, merge into complementary systems;  combining those simplex åctions in a single plane, across 3±∆ scales:

– Reproducing self-similar entities: ST>∑st∆-1>st or evolving socially with them into bigger networks, creating more complex planes of existence, fractal super-organisms: ∑Sp∆-1<=>∏Tƒ

All what any entity including humans do during our entire existence from seminal cell to dying body, all can be explained with those 6 åctions: Feeding, informing, moving, reproducing and networking into social groups.

Further on each of the 5 ‘existential åctions’  form together a causal sequence, as complex åctions need previous simpler ones to ‘exi=st’

. Thus åctions, functions=forms=dimensions & time sequences are related, creating parallel invariances that define each  fractal’ diffeomorphic entity or ‘world’ constantly ‘filling’ with those dimensional åctions its vital space, part made to the likeness of the whole Universe:

– ∆ï: Any entity needs first to perceive-gauge information from an advantageous ‘point of view’. So all p.o.v.s, are ‘on top’ in the dimension of height, from heads to antennae to black holes.

-∆A, And then it needs to move changing its trajectory, hence accelerating to get to:

– ∆Sp: Then the entity will move to a field of energy to feed, through its faster lineal path. So ‘length’ becomes the dimension of energy and main body orientation, from ¥-fields to sharks.

– Then we communicate e<= >o with similar beings to herd or reproduce in ‘empty’ regions of space-time, so width becomes the reproductive or communicative 3rd spatial dimension, where we accumulate new cells, send our words as we walk in parallel dimension.

– We observe also those 3 perpendicular dimensions in ¥-light fields, corresponding to their diffeomorphic electric=informative, magnetic= energetic and reproductive c-speed, product of SxT (Maxwell’s equations). Since light is not an abstract, independent space-time background: Our mental space-time is made of ¥-information, so we share its Euclidean 3 Dimensions. Vacuum space is light. So background radiation cannot be extracted: it is space itself.

So the 3 Space-dimensions are functional åctions with a causal sequence:

Informing (Height)<Feeding (Length)>Communicating/reproducing (width).

The program of the Fractal Universe and its Generator Equation. The will of ST superorganisms.

Now if we eliminate the action of motion, for which the organism hardly needs more than limbs to take advantage of the flow of forces, we can search for the ‘inner will’ that motivate those åctions, the coding factors.

The 5th isomorphism of all ST super organisms is thus their program of existence or 4 Drives of Life, which biology ‘cracked’ regarding the living organisms it studies, since it carries the highest truth of all sciences.

As all isomorphisms, the need of systems to construct its 3±1 common ∆±1 dimensions of scalar space-time, energy limbs/fields/territories, reproductive bodies/waves/working classes & informative particles/heads /upper classes and ∆±1 social scales, determine the 3+1 drives of existence all Nature’s ‘surviving’ systems follow:

– Max.Tƒ: All gauge information with their heads/particles to guide their search for Energy or else they die.

– Max. Sp: All systems feed on energy with limbs/fields. Since if they don’t, they become exhausted and die.

– SexTƒSe=Tƒ: All reproduce/iterate/decouple into new organisms and particles. Since, as they are limited in time duration, if they don’t repeat their topologic structures they become extinct.

– ∑Sp, ∏Tƒ: All evolve socially into higher systems and associate with similar forms; whereas simple ‘energy beings/cells’ form ∑=herds, simply connected to hunt and feed; while complex, ‘informative beings/neurons’ form complex networks, in which each individual is connected to all others. Hence the ∏-multiplicative symbol counts not the informative neurons but the connective axons that make efficient ∏-networks dominate ∑-herds.

Thus we rewrite scalar Space-time Metric as a Fractal generator of the ∞ Wills of the Universe, which encodes all the isomorphisms, parts, events and scales of all its ST superorganisms: ∞∑Se∆-1≤ST≥∏Tƒ∆+1

The Generator equation’s 3±∆ symbols describe the fundamental particle of reality, its 3±1 Wills & ternary structure, both in time and space: a cellular, social, ternary organism, each one distinguished by a balanced set of Sp≈Tƒ vital, biologic or universal, physical constants, which freeze the energy and information of the being into stable, balanced proportions, which define a specific variety or ‘species’ of the fractal generator.

So we can translate all ‘laws’ of the different scales and species of all scalar sciences, and the ‘parts’ of its organisms, as events related to the 3±∆ ‘drives of existence’ of the Generator Equation of all systems. It is then possible to generate all what is real, departing from the Generator, the symmetries and Constant proportions among the 10Dis of reality and the laws of i-logic mathematics, as this writer has done in his research.


Non-Ælgebra of timespace. 

In complex ternary universes, the causality is not so clear as it is both deterministic – from a point of time yu can only go, ∆S ∆T (-∆S) and ∆ST (SxT) ¬st (•). So you do have 3+0 possibilities in a modular Universe: passive mental perception, increase of entropy, of information or iteration of both. It is the constant ‘choice’ of 4 equal paths of action/non-action, what determines the future and so it constantly branches into possibilities.

Yet those choices tend to be apperceived, programmed, following the automatic, vegetative or conscious program of survival, which tries to maximise the ∑ExI structure of the being conserving its present.

So the Universe is both deterministic (in 4 branches) probabilistic in the choice of them but ‘played with charged dices’, those of survival.

now we call the algorithm of survival that automatically has been ‘selected’ as the informative algorithm that replicates constantly in the Universe, the supœrganism in space, the world cycle in time, and the algorithm of survival, Max. ∑Spe<≈>Tiƒ, the generator equation, which constantly repeats by performing survival actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, Max. ExI, taken from a balanced background space≈time (st)…

Epistemological and mathematical definition.

st¡ence is ultimately concerned with the existence of beings. How they are generated, live and die, regardless of which are its particular nature – those are the foundational questions, which as Leibniz put it, must have answers related to its ultimate substances: 

Those substances are the energy and information of the being, product of the combination of its motions and forms, which we call ‘space-entropy-lineal motion’ and ‘time-form-cyclical motion’; as form is also a motion, albeit cyclical and hence perceived without detail by a slow observer as cyclical form.

In non-abrahamic ‘tribal, historic religions’, where God is a pre-axial-rational age wor(l)d to signify the subconscious collective of a tribe, God was always considered the ‘form’ or ‘in-form-ation’ that moulded as ‘logos’, the entropic lineal motions with no form, which where the first ‘existential manifestation of the being’.

To exist therefore it was required that from the immortal lineal motions and cyclical forms of the Universe, a ‘drop of yin’ felt into yang and vice versa. And this is the first moment of creation, when entropy, lineal motion acquires its first curvature of time; or when time, the first cyclical form, breaks its closed nature and emits a wave of communication that resembles its form.

We thus establish a generic equation of ∃xist¡ence, for all stiences of space-time beings of all ∆¡ scales of reality, which in a mathematical form, would read: M∫∃xi∂st: Maximize your existence by combining quanta of space and time, of entropy and information ∂s ∂t, into energy (max. s: lineal motion x min. t) and information (max. t x min. s)

2, 3, 4. The real function of existence: maximise body-head, wave-particle, mens sana in corpore sanum.

If we call the body-wave of the system its energy and its head-particle-mind its information, the previous function of existence becomes immediately real, as it merely means  that all systems of Nature try to maximise their energy and information, extracting from its external Space-time world, ‘bits and bites’ of both (∂s, ∂t), while maintaining in balance their body and mind, their particle-head in a complementary state (and their limbs/fields of entropy when they are also attached to the system, which often externalises this component).

The law of balance – synchronicity of clocks.

We have come to a biological mandate of survival, which all systems obey or else they do NOT exist. Hence all beings are existential beings that try to maximise its generator equation, its three parts, limbs/fields< body-waves>Particle/heads. And this is what we write in an acronym manner as the maximisation of the function of existence: Max. entropy x information = energy, achieved when entropy and information are in balance (as e=i maximise the product of both: 5 x 5 >  6x 4…

So a simple equation defines the behaviour of all systems that try to maximise its motions with limbs/fields, its perception of information with heads/particles, switching modularly between both states, to balance them e->i->e, and as a result they also maximise its ‘body-waves’ of energy, interating them along its world cycle of existence, being the ‘energy of the system’, the integration of all its parts, ∫e x i =st, across space, and its worlcycle across time such as:

Eω = ∫ M(e x i ) ds dt = 0

This amazingly simple equation thus resume all the world cycles of energy of all the systems of the universe.

‘To live is to exist, to perform the five actions that ensure your survival and maximise your drives of live FROM birth to extinction:

Max. exi=stº

MAX. entropy (limb motions) x Information (Particle-Head perception ) =ST (MAX. momentum)

Now this IS real. In physical systems is called the conservation of energy and momentum; in biological systems define the actions of top predators and the drives of life; in societies, the way countries maximise their reproductive economy, multiply its people and conquer other cultures…

And its detailed expression means that all systems of the Universe will maximise 5 sets of ‘step by step, bit by bit, bite by bid actions of entropy, information and energy’:

∆a≈-∆e: maximal motion (acceleration≈expenditure of energy)

+∆ø: maximal entropic feeding (energy taking = prey extinction)

ƕ: max. information (+perception, Рcommunication)

∆œ: Max. organic reproduction into an œffspring of new supœrganisms

∆û: Max. social evolution from individuals into Universals (parts into wholes).


In the graph, the fundamental actions of space-time of all beings, performed through its world cycle which can be considered the integral of the function of existence, ∑exi ≈st

So if we were to summarise the whole generator, into three clear equations, we would use the equation of the ternary dimensions of all systems (S<st>t), the acronym equation of existence, exi=st, and the more detailed ‘quantic expression’ of its actions, which put together become a zero sum: ∫a,e,i,o,u ds dt=Eω=0

This expression of the generator is useful because it is a dynamic function of variations and can immediately relate to reality, in a mathematical form. Indeed, if we consider that all systems do perform actions of existence (absorption and emission of entropy, energy nd information in its different forms of motion) by knowing the basic operandi that relate those terms,we give a huge lap in advance. Yet given the vastness of phenomena represented by such a simple function: e x i =s±t, (one of its more common mathematical sub-functions), we have a bridge between GST and mathematical science, we shall explore ad nauseam in those texts.

The center piece of the whole formal structure  of the Universe is thus the world cycle OF supœrganisms or fractal generator, a function of cyclical space-time, which describes a whole ðime§pace cycle in all its perspectives:

Γ.                    U≈∞ [Se≤≥St≤≥Tƒ]∆±∞

Its minute realization is the function of existence, integral sum of a series of actions the being displays ‘bit by bit’ of time-information, bite by bite of space-time energy and step by step of entropic motion. We call that function both in its ‘steps, bits and bites’ and integral form, the function of existence, and simply affirm all systems try to maximise such function.

What is existence is the mother of all questions. And yet the answer is simple: to exist is to act in space and time with the spatial energy and temporal information a being possesses, performing a series of space-time åctions, which allow the system to ‘feel energy-time motions’ and ‘perceive forms-still spaces, and ‘combine them in reproductive clones that will survive the end of existence’.  We call the repetitive patterns of åctions entities follow through its life-death cycles, the function of existence.

When we express the organic existence in space and sequential events in time of any entity of reality through human logic and mathematical, verbal and digital languages, we acquired knowledge on existence.

This knowledge is NOT necessarily human ‘scholar, scientific, academic, religious, social or artistic knowledge’. Humans have an enormous capacity to ‘invent’ using the ‘inflationary properties’ of information (which being an accelerated vortex of form explodes into ‘information’ that might not be related to reality). In that regard humans show an enormous capacity to invent existential theories, which are subjective and anthropomorphic but respond not to the reality of the Universe; where all systems perform the same ‘Program of Existence’.

Tƒ formalize this equalization of all systems of nature, we do define 3 scales of ‘existential space time’:

The simplest level in which systems made of vital spaces and temporal particles/heads, absorb and emit spatial energy and temporal information, combining it into åctions of existence. This is the æ,e,ï,œ,û ‘åctions’, the minimal units of reality, which become cyclical trajectories through space-time in which an ‘Active Magnitude’ or ‘point of existence’ exchanges energy and information with the outer ‘Absolute space-time World’ in which he is confined.

Each of those åctions of existence performed by Œ, the given function of existence, performed towards the survival of the entity and its form beyond its finite duration can be studied as a separated event. And this is how mostly physics acts: describing trajectories in space-time (without studying its survival biological finalities), of points of existence.

The second level is the study of those points of existence by integrating all its åctions. We then can define any entity as a knot of cyclical åctions of space-time, whose content in energy and information, becomes organized into ‘cellular/atomic parts’, which establish a complex organic pattern with 3 parts, the |-limbs/fields of lineal momentum, the O-heads/particles of informative perception and the Ø-bodies/waves of hyperbolic iteration.

This second level of awareness of reality and its structures thus studies how the existence of individual åctions of space-time become organized into the patterns of survival and social evolution, which define the more formal, complex structure of the Universe, till the system emerges as:

The super organism, the fundamental function of existence of the being. This is the whole study of the being, both in time, as a world cycle between birth and death and in space as a super organism extending across several layers of planes of the 5th dimension.

Thus in this first Isomorphism, resume of all others we merely expose the entity, introduce its space-time functions and translate its knowledge by classic science into the isomorphisms of relational space-time. And all this is embedded in the particular variety of its function of existence:

Œ: Se<ST>Tƒ

The function of existence, as such, œ, is the first element to define regarding the isomorphisms that apply to all systems of the Universe.

Once we have defined this function, œ(s,t), all other elements of the system will be found.

The complexity of the definition depends on the generator equation of the space-time fractal we decide to use.

A simple one is the ExI=C,  (Space x Time parameters = Constant), fundamental equation of relational, isomorphic space-time (∆ST or TS, the most widely symbols used in those texts, which represent both the isomorphic Space-Time theory and the Timespace, present iterative, reproductive, hyperbolic dual function that represents al systems of the Universe).

The function of existence, ∆ST, œ, ST, Se<ST>Tƒ, or whatever other way we want to represent it, is the central element of all descriptions.

Existential algebra, thus is a first for all systems that learn to exist.

Existence vs. extinction, through a world cycle made of åctions of existence, æ,e,ï,œ,û that exchange internal energy and information with external space and time, constantly going forwards and backwards in those flows is the whole game.

So it is also the first fact we must confront when ‘doing Spence’, that is, when studying the different, complementary systems of spatial motion and time cycles, across any of the U=ST planes of existence of the Universe, each one studied by a ‘stience’, is to ‘set up a domain’ or ‘ST±∆’ world or ecosystem in which to define and study a Superorganism and Worldcycle –  an Œ Point of existence.

We thus need to define the parameters of the U∆≈ ST system in its outer parameters of Space-Speed and Time-density, which can be deduced from different fundamental constants:

  • Constant, reproductive Speed, (Se x Tƒ of the absolute space-time)
  • Curvature Constant (gradient/acceleration/field strength: α/s) or the similar concept of:
  • Density (ρ: Tƒ/S)
  • Action (Se x Tƒ: Energy x Time constant)

Those are examples of possible Observables that can be used to deduce the fundamental parameters of the medium.

The internal parameters of the system will then be in proportionality with those of its absolute space-time, from where it obtains its energy and information. And so we shall find:

  • Time-speed of the vital system, which will be in synchronicity with the rhythms and åctions of the world system
  • Energy metabolism of the vital system, also in relationship with the energy cycles of its environment.

Once we have the fundamental parameters of speed-space and time-information of the system, externally and internally, we can further consider the main symmetries and ‘states’, and dimensions of those parameters, for the specific variety of species we observe.

And to that aim, we will start to tabulate its external åctions and frequencies.

Tƒ exist, to observe, move, feed on energy, reproduce information and evolve socially from part into wholes, by performing cyclical åctions of space-time in that external Universe… the study of this pattern, ‘function’ of ‘5 åctions’, ‘reality’ as a dynamic whole, infinity of ∑æ,e,ï,œ,û vowel languages…

There are so many ways to express it as varieties of real isomorphs in the Universe.

Tƒ be made of Vital Space, Se and time Cycles, Tƒ, as to create a feed back polar equation between 2 systems, Se<=>Tƒ, which exchange energy and information with the external Universe, Sp x Tƒ ≡ ST±4…

Existence becomes in this manner a function, a world cycle across a Universe of an entity that performs åctions in space-time of cyclical nature, and it is itself made of a myriad of inner motions of space-time, as a ‘particle≈knot of time cycles’.

Such knots of time cycles, Œ, are rotary maximal volumes in minimal space of logic crossings, between those time arrows that appear as a modular ‘I’, which fluctuates in its apparently moving, but rather fixed from an Tƒ∆+1 points of existence, knotting the will of its æ,e,ï,œ,û cycles

We all feel free as points of existence, but are just knots tied to the cycles of space-time we acct in the external world.

one and first isomorphism of all beings is that they exist and their existence is perceived as systems of energy and information, placed in a larger reality we call space and time. So in this section we shall deal with the relationship of the 4 elements and the properties of ‘existence’, a very wide theme which scientists completely escape given the limits of their models of reality (reduced to a single artefact of space-times, the Cartesian plane, and a single language, mathematics of continuous space). We have though a much wider perception of it all, difficult to transfer I know to other people. But that is the purpose of this web. ‘Translator is traitor’, still we will try to give you a vision of that much more complex reality, starting for the simplest concepts.

Symbols for Internal Time x Space and its åctions of existence vs. External Time/Space and its motions.

We use for internal, finite, ‘fractal’ space and time (in as much as its sum gives us the absolute space and time), two composite symbols:

Sp or Se, for finite, fractal quanta of space with lineal speed.

for internal time cycles.

And so we can affirm that internally all systems of the Universe experience time cycles, and repeat cyclical åctions, thanks to its lineal, vital space, its fields and limbs of energy that put together create its internal space-time, which is fundamental to their existence, even if it is not described by the absolute external space-time of Cartesian, Newtonian physics.

This lack of a proper understanding of finite internal space-motions and time cycles, in the context of the wider external world-Universe of absolute space-time has deeply broken the unity of science and the understanding of the ‘whys’ and ‘existential processes of creation and destruction of finite vital space-times. So we understand in depth the background space-time of the Universe (first through the studies of Galilean Relativity, then through Einstein’s relativity metric), but we have yet to define clearly what is the ultimate substance of beings made of internal space-time, as we no longer use those terms to analyze the ‘rotational vortices of time’ called masses or charges, the spatial motions of speed, the lineal and cyclical momentum, the circadian or logic time cycles, the limbs, and fields, that is the different varieties of relational space-time, which put together create the ‘physical and biological systems’ of the Universe.

So the Earth is a cyclical space-time created by the rotation of its mass; you are a series of circadian time cycles and åctions that create your vital space-time. It is that internal space-time, of which we are all made, what physicists with its external description of motions of space and infinite lineal time have forgotten.

Physicists thus created a short of Universal ‘abstract coordinates’, the Absolute External Space-time where scientists plot the internal cyclical åctions of species, which live through those inner time cycles that trace in their cyclical motion and occupy a vital space/time – the essence of a being.

Thus the inner ‘being’, its cyclical time åctions and its vital space, which move in cyclical patterns is ignored and studied only externally.

And time is described as if it were always an outer infinite time plotted over an external infinite spatial frame of reference.

When in reality there are infinite beings of finite internal time cycles and finite vital spaces. This more accurate description of reality is called a model of ‘relational, fractal space-time’, of which we are all made.

Internal, vital spacetimes cycles are conceptually and quantitatively more complex than external space-time, in as much as there are an infinite number of varieties of internal vital spaces and time cycles, and that is the reason we will need many more similar symbols to define those varieties.

And that is also the reason why models of internal space-time have failed to become standard science. A complex machine is more difficult to describe and more fragile, with all its internal parts than a simple lineal, continuous sword. But we cannot give up on the understanding of complex, internal vital spaces and time cycles. We just need to systematize them and organize their varieties with simple mathematical and logic rules. We have observed a fundamental rule, hidden by the ‘simplification of time clocks into lines’:

The inverse geometric properties of lineal space motions vs. cyclical time clocks, which divided all forms of the Universe in Open Lines, Closed clock cycles and in its infinite curved combinations. And this is the fundamental element to classify ‘space quanta’ and ‘time cycles’, the 2 formal motions of the fractal space-time Universe. So from computers able to define all what exists with O and |, to geometry which can obtain all curves, called conics from a cone, which is a cycle moving along a line, to conservation principles of cyclical and lineal momentum, kinetic and potential energy, from ‘one’, the whole absolute Spacetime Universe, we could say it is born an explosion of infinite lineal and cyclical motions of space and time.

And then we shall see, this ‘geometric inversion’, becomes a general feature of all the different varieties and properties of lineal space vs. cyclical time, which are inverse. So time cycles are inward motions, which become ‘physical vortices’, charges and masses that last in time act as the ordered clocks of time of nature that store the information of reality; and space motions become outwards, expansive, explosive motions that create space, in fast big-bangs and entropic, disordered motions.

But, and this is the beauty of it all, lineal and cyclical motions constantly combine its properties and forms, and motions into complementary beings of space-time. And that dynamic combination of two inverse beings, from lineal male bodies expert in fast expansive, big spatial, energetic motions, and cyclical female bodies, smaller with more form and expert in reproduction of information, to physical systems made of energetic waves and informative particles is the essence of all the existential systems of the Universe.

So as we define absolute spacetime as ST, we define the systems made of complementary fractal, internal space-times with a combination of those symbols:

(a system dominant in Temporal cycles, Tƒ), Se (a system dominant in Lineal spatial energy);

Se x Tƒ = K, Constant… as both systems together form a constant space-time.

s x t =ST (iteration), as the combination of energetic space and temporal information causes the ‘space-time åctions’ and reproduce the waves and systems of reality.

ExI=ST, which is the acronym for the function of ‘existence’, that is the combination of internal and eternal space-time whose interaction defines the existence of all beings.

/ x O : Ø, which is a geometric description of those combinations.

As we learn in depth the duality of space and time in the Universe all those more profound varieties, combinations and properties of space and time will start to dress with meaning our analysis. In that regard, internal space-time is more an ‘Aristotelian, qualitative’ analysis than a ‘Platonic, Mathematical analysis’ of reality.

But the beauty of ‘relational, scalar space-time’, and General Systems theory, the mathematical, logical model and Philosophy of Science developed in this web, is that both, the qualitative and quantitative, the Aristotelian and Platonic, the Vital and Abstract elements of reality are studied together.

And so we write:

∑ Se (internal Space with Speed and energy) x ∑ Tƒ (cycles of internal Time with information) = ST (internal present, iterative time cycles) ≈  ST (absolute external Time).

As it happens this equation that relates internal and external time, can be written in a simplified ‘acronym’ as ∑ Sp x Tƒ = ST, whereas we call the internal Space with energetic, lineal motion and its organs (fields, limbs), Sp , and the internal Time cycles and its organs (particles, heads) which carry the information of the system in the form and frequency of those cycles, Tƒ.

This simplified ‘version’ of the equation of internal and external space-time can then be ’read’ as the acronym of the essential function that all systems perform: It Exist.

Thus we call the function of all the systems made of internal space-time that perform åctions in a larger external space-time, the function of existences.

We shall use the symbol œ, Œ for the Function of Existence, a composite of the time cycles, Tƒ, and Spatial Energy, Sp, which put together create the systems of the Universe, or in geometric terms, of the O-cycles and – _- spatial, lineal motions, which put together create the systems of the Universe. Ultimately I chose the symbol because it is available on all qwert keyboards and rarely used in science. It will also be the symbol of the mathematical Unit of Relational, Fractal, internal, vital space-time cycles, the ‘fractal, non-Euclidean point’, which ultimately is what we are all in mathematical terms, ‘a point of space-time’ with inner parts, fractal parts, which becomes larger the closer we come to the point.

This function of existences, of beings made of internal space-time that move externally, tracing åctions and cycles in a wider ‘world’ of external space-time, is likely the most important equation of the Universe, as it puts together the 2 great fields of analysis of space and time, the inner, changing cycles of life beings and systems made of relational space-time and the outer motions and åctions of those beings in a relative absolute space-time, we call ‘its world’ or ‘Universal Plane’ (W or U or ST).

Thus the function of existences shall show how the interaction of internal and external space-time defines the EXI=ST-ENCE of all beings, each one a variety of ‘fractal, relational space-time’, a variety of the function of existences.

On  the function of present existence,  Max. exi (s≈t), and how it creates systems through actions that combine yang-energy-motion and yin-information into balanced maximal standing points of a world cycle, where the system will try to maintain itself by sharing advantageously entropy and form with the external world, trying to iterate its information, making it survive.

The universe indeed conserves information as a fractal constantly reproducing ‘island-universes’,fractal space-time beings whose structure simplified mentally into the concept of a generator equation with 3 topological motional Spe < St>Tiƒ, self-centred in a point of max. information or TIƒ mind, spread over a field of entropy, which it transforms through space-time actions into a hyperbolic body-wave…

This being, the supœrganism (ab. œ) is the fundamental particle of the Universe, considered in time as a world cycle, in space as a simultaneous, co-existing supœrganism, extending in 3 ∆+1 scales of relative size and speed of cyclical informative clocks, in the 5th dimension.

We are made of actions of space and time, of energy and information, ExI in relativity, Ex T in quantum physics  Se x Ti = K, in the metric of the 5th dimension. This much we know since Planck, though few philosophers if any has explored in depth what it means to us.



‘The universe is made of actions of energy and time, h=E X T’  Planck, on the function of existence of physical beings.

One of the simplest equation of existence, ExIt (hst-3) is the equation of the constant of planck, the ‘space≈time’ constant.

‘To act or not to act. That is the question. Wether is… the mind to suffer… the arrows of… fortune, Or… by opposing to end them: to die.‘ Hamlet, Shakespeare

‘I don’t have enough energy of time for all this’ Naked, Leigh

Humans act with energy and time, and so while its function of existence is more complex than the one of quantum systems (exi|h:st-3), certainly is of the same ‘quality’, a function of temporal energy.

“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence” Charles Darwin

On the opposition between the being and the hostile world that surround it: To be is to exist, to exist is to move through the space-time symmetries and ∆-scales of the Universe absorbing energy and information for your system, ±∆e,i, reproducing both, exi, and coming together with similar beings. Yet in a fractal Universe ‘closed’, there is always a struggle to obtain that  ∆e,i, from other beings. And this causes uncertainty in each encounter, opposition and final death when someone else absorbs your exi.

‘To be is to be related.’ The world of the Non-A beings. A.E. Vogt.

‘Love each other’ Jesus, The law of eusocial evolution and ‘long term future’.

On the networks of existence and the best strategy of all being: to ally with similar forms through eusocial evolution and love≈sharing of energy and information.

By the number of ‘quotes’ on the function of existence that opens this post, the reader should realise of the importance of this post, which embeds in the function of existence the will of the Universe and all its parts.

Indeed, we have come to the fundamental algebraic expression of the generator equation, the ‘function of existence’ – again a logic, algebraic expression, which encodes the verbal, topological and analytical meaning of any super organism and its 3 parts, extended across the 3 scales of the super organism.

  • Tiƒo ∆+1: the cyclical particle-head-upper class in control of the linguistic algorithm, also residence of the mind of the system, which is a network, fully connected, ∏, hence with a complex dual structure, in which the upper ‘whole’ or mind (∆0+1) connects to all its individual axon cells forming a solid network that is displaced into the future, a quantum of time, ahead on the direction of motion, guiding the…
  • exi: body-wave of information and energy, which feeds on
  • s=t (-1), a relative field of entropy and information, which carries the ‘temporal energy’ to start the evolution of the system and/or replenish the motion and form, energy and curvature, loss in the game of existence:


In the graph, the absolute arrow of future in the Universe is social evolution from parts into wholes. Thus space-time ∆ust r=evolves into social networks, through the common search for similar energy and information, starting a process of ‘existence’, in time and space that will derive in the final creation of a social super organism.

This post was initially called ‘To<exi=st’, and also ‘function of exi=stence’, which resumes in a simple equation: Max exi (s=t). Indeed, all Nature’s systems of space-time have a ternary structure: Spe (limbs-fields of entropy) > St (wave-bodies of energy & in/form/ation) > Tiƒ (heads-particles of higher dimensional form) and as such they must engage in exchanges of motion≈entropy≈Spe, cyclical logic forms≈Tiƒ, and its body-wave combinations (energy and information), to renew the entropy of its limbs/fields, the energy of its wave-bodies, and the in-form-ation of its heads-particles; if they want to survive. 

To<exi(s=t), define therefore in a conceptual wor(l)d, the 3 parts of the being, its cyclical temporal head of maximal form, To, which absorbs energy < from a body exi, which absorbs entropy from a field, st.

So automatically by the mere fact that systems that absorbs energy and information for its bodies and heads, waves and particles, survive, ALL systems of nature perform cyclical actions of absorption and emission of energy and information.

The will of all super organisms: maximise your existence: Max. ∑Exi (s=t) 

The function though is MORE than a mere acronym of the generator equation, since we can indeed consider that all systems follow a simple mandate of survival: to maximise its function of existence, which written in a more proper way expresses the actions of space-time of all beings:

Will of survival: Max. ∑ e x i (s=t)

This apparently simple equation is at the heart of reality. As all systems made of 3 parts, will constantly emit and absorb energy and information, ±∆e, i, through its body-heads, wave-particles in order to survive, and will try to reproduce both (Exi) through those body-waves, which is a function, maximised when e=i (9×1<8×2-7×3).

So systems will have a balance between its energy and information networks, (mens sana in corpore sanum), and will constantly strive to replenish its energy and information, extracted from a lower field, made of smaller parts, which will also be in balance (S=t), between its components of entropy and curvature-form.

Further on, they will try to evolve socially, ∑, to maximise the survival and size in space and synchornicity in time of the system.

So for every system we shall find a similar equation which will explain the actions of the being, explained quantitatively for physical systems (and a fascinating adventure of the mind is to express physical quantum equations in terms of the function of existence and the actions of space-time of all beings, so for example the 4 quantum numbers as the 4 letters of genetics, express mainly one of those 4 fundamental actions (energy feeding and locomotion, 1st number, gauging of information, 2nd number, reproduction, spin number, and social evolution, magnetic number)

While in life beings, the equation resumes the 4 drives of existence (feeding, informing, reproducing evolving socially), which therefore are common to all survival beings. And also the top predator function of a system (max. ∑e xi, will be a top predator in all contacts, in physical systems akin to the maximal momentum, which wins the collisions between physical systems).

And so we can consider all systems ‘knots of cyclical actions of exchange of energy and information’, the primary drives of life that apply also to physical systems (where those exchanges are regulated by the main quantum numbers).

But the most evolved ‘dust of space-time’, also reproduces and evolves socially into larger wholes and scales of the 5th dimension, creating social networks and super organisms which are wholes stronger than individuals. So we can consider that the evolution of superorganisms and its world cycles, maximise the function of survival and existence of all systems of Nature, and have also become the ‘rule’ followed by all of them, including physical systems which evolve particles into atoms, molecules, matter states and cosmological bodies. 

So dust of space time r=evolves and evolves in cyclical patterns and frequency actions of survival, which are discontinuous as the system constantly ‘switches’ between survival tasks, alternately feeding on energy, spending it in locomotions, reproducing its systems and evolving socially with clone systems.

All this fascinating bio-logical and topological reality is what we study in this post and all posts related to the function  exi=stence, its cyclical actions and its space-time knots (organic systems that perform those cycles in time).

It is an enormous discipline in its own, as most equations of sciences can be derived from the Max. Exi (s=t) function. And if not of the different ‘derivative and integral functions’ of its individual actions of motion, feeding, perception and reproduction->social evolution.

We thus talk of a function of existence, whose study is the fundamental purpose of Universal algebra, as the sum of all the space-time actions of the Universe, integrated along time gives us a world cycle of existence of a supeorganism, which emerges as a whole knot or sum of those space-time actions, experiences 3 ages and then explodes back and dies:

∫Å:∫(±∆e,i, exi) ∂e∂i: Life arrow of Universal super organism} + [-∆i +∆e: moment of death] = 0 sum



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