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  1. @tions as demotions of exist¡once.
  2. Non-Æ 5th Isomorphism
  3. Åctions of physical, biological and social systems.

Abstract. When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.

We perceive Ðimotions externally. They are internally actions for the being in exist¡ence.

We use 5 terms for the same event according to the ‘entangled principles of the Universe’ which make a ternary ‘minimum’ ¡logic view necessary to absorb in present space-time a minimal amount of truth on the being.

Dimensions, Motions, Ðimotions, Åctions & ±∆¡motions, which express the concept of Dimotion from different perspectives, being obviously ∆imotion, the scalar perspective, Åctions, the O-mind perspective and Dimotions the external, entropic, all gathering perspective; Dimensions the spatial perspective and Motions the time perspective.

Galileo’s paradox: meaning of dimensions and motions.

The first truth to understand about the Universe is that a motion of time is equivalent to a dimension of space. This was what Galileo found since we see still the Earth and flat but it is round and moving. Motions are perceived by minds that stop motion into form, into information, as distances. So if we see slow motion in the night a light it seems a long distance. Distance and motion CANNOT BE distinguished so they must be taken as two side of the same being, a Space=time ÐIMOTION (ab. Dimensional Motion):

S= T; Dimension-Distance = Time-motion = ST Ðimotion:

A dimension of spatial form can also be seen as a motion in time. Both together become a ‘Ðimotion’, the fundamental element of reality. It is the paradox of relativity of motion that started modern science but was not understood: Time Motions & space dimensions merge.

We said that all dimensions of space have a hidden motion to them. This again was slowly realized in mathematics, as they finally came to the conclusion that the still Geometry of the Greeks was part of a much vaster, generalized concept, a topological variety, where a topology as opposed to a geometry had internal motion-change. So while you could describe the dimensions of a being in an external locomotion without inner change, the internal change in the in-form-ation of beings, we have started with MUST BE A TOPOLOGICAL VARIETY. In-form-ation, form-in-action thus was in fact a topological dimotion of space-time. It had a content of space, we shall call in ceteris paribus (isolated) analysis, dimensions, and it had a content of time-motion, we shall call in ceteris paribus analysis ‘states, functions or ages of time’.
All this said about the real Universe, we can go back and trace the beginning of physics and comment on its I-logic paradoxical principles, in which so much literature have been ‘wasted’ by lack of clear thought; namely the principles in which Physics are based, Relativity conservation and symmetry, principles derived of THE NATURE OF SPACE AND TIME, not MAGICALLY produced by the mathematical language as creationist physics, latter studied in more detail will show.

Let us  consider very briefly the correspondence principle between the classic concepts of time space from Galileo to Einstein and the expanded one, which includes properly all the dimotions of time.
Specifically we shall state now that what Physicists study as time, IS only present time, instants in which they measure simultaneously the locomotions of beings, with ‘derivatives’ – so reducing change to its minimal expression within a single slice of the whole flow of time. The question then to define is the absolute arrows of time, of past and future, missed in that description of time, as a mere instant of ‘space-motion’ v=∂s/∂t. In other words, when we ad the arrow of entropy and dissolution and the arrow of wholeness, of evolution of form, THE SCALAR ARROWS OF DEEP TIME-SPACE, which one is the past and the future? 
The answer is obvious. As a whole needs its parts first, to become, the arrow of the disjoined parts or ‘entropy’ is the arrow of past, and the arrow of ‘wholeness’ and organic evolution of ‘DEEP time’, as it includes both parts and wholes co-existing together is the arrow of the future.
And this is an absolute arrow, as it is pure logic. The Universe thus becomes constantly more and more entangled, building up new organic co-existing structures made of multiple layers. And because that is the preferential arrow of the Universe, call it eusocial love in social systems, and biological herds, or mathematical numbers in physics, as numbers are just social herds, every part of it strives to increase its social evolution and languages of information that synchronize them. In a short term view of course all systems end up ‘going back to the past of entropy and dissolving’. But in as much as systems want to acquire information, death IS a single quanta of time, which explodes the being, so he can keep returning again to the slow process of time-building of social structure.
So when we wrote the metric equation of the fifth dimension as:
$p x ðƒ = K we can interpret it in terms of past present and future as $p, lineal past, entropic, spacetime  and  ðƒ: curved, informative temporal future, where ƒ is the frequency of the system and the symbol for future flows.

We will latter give different versions of the formula, according to the different dimotions we consider – the universe, mind the reader, has a very different ‘logic’ to that of man, as it is an entangled reality in which all the parts constantly influence each other, all the dimotions interact, and so despite starting with only 5 motions-forms (3±¡, if we account for the difference between the present space-time super organisms, and the ∆§cales) by iteration and combination things can get as complex as they seem.
Thus unlike the simplified concept of time=change=locomotion of physicists as ONLY change=translation in space (v=s/t), when we add the ‘biological’, evolutionary time=change in in/form/ation, we can also explain the biological changes of life and death of human organisms, our topological VARIATIONS of forms in (evolution theory), and the mirrors of those changes produced by our languages of perception… which become the memetic ‘languages’ that organize change in the social organisms of history, mankind in time.
So we shall expand the analysis of time change and its laws to both biological and social sciences, something physicists have tried repeatedly with very awkward results (quantum fantaphysics, worldlines, entropy philosophers of ‘death’).
SINCE HUMAN AND BIOLOGICAL CHANGE is primarily ‘informative, social, technological and biological time=change’ NOT translative change=time, the ONLY one physicists study (v=s/t, or Galilean relativity and its fine-tuned Einstein’s version: S²=X²+Y²+z²-c²t²).
So we have put the theory of time of physicists at face value, the path that physicists should have taken when they discovered their fundamental theory of LOCOMOTION, also called Galilean Relativity, latter improved by Einstein, which defined time as the fourth dimension of space, since physicists merely was used it to measure spatial changes in location.

The simplest description of a being thus happens when we consider its 5=3±∆ dimensions in space, motions in time and actions in space-time, which define the existence of the being. Hence our title, 5г; observed in the next graph for the human being:

5 Dimotions and worldcycles.

The minimal description of an species of space-time implies to define its 5 Dimensions of space that make up its organic structure in simultaneous, time, its sequential motions through its world cycle between generation and extinction as it travels through the 3 planes of co-existence, in its cellular/atomic, organic/thermodynamic and ecosystemic/cosmological scales; and the 5 actions of exchange of energy and information it performs in those relative scales. This description is what we call the 5гisomorphic method, as all systems of reality perform those 5  dimotions and actions. In a dynamic way the best ‘tale’ of the being is a sequential story of its existence from birth as a relative fractal point in a lower plane, through its palingenesis, clone reproduction, social evolution, emergence and a ternary physiological network of cells, who will then life a cycle through the 3 ages of life and death, in a larger ∆+1 world till its entropic extinction and desegregation into its cellular/atomic components. In the graph, the Human world cycle and the 5 actions in scalar space-time of different species of the Universe.

The disomorphic Method considers two levels of analysis of all Time-Space Organisms (ab.T.œ): a simple analysis of the ‘Fractal generator’ and its 5 Demotions as dimensions of space that form a simultaneous super organism, motions in time that shape a world cycle and in the lower scale of shorter actions, the scalar exchanges of energy and information that allow the system to survive providing motion to its limbs/potentials, energy to its body-wave, information to its particle-head (simplex motions that define the male gender); while reproducing and evolving socially the system with similar forms (complex dimotions that ensure the survival beyond its individual life and define the ‘female’ S=T gender.)
Such 3 x 5 description of the motions, dimensions and actions of the system is then complemented by a more diachronic analysis on how a single species goes through its world cycle of life and death, starting from a seed of information, taken ‘still pictures’ of that world cycle through the main stages of its existence as a travel through emerging scales of the fifth dimension.

 What of those 3 elements, dimensions, motions or actions matter most? Obviously actions, as they combine ALL the elements of reality, dimension, motion and scale. So we can say as Planck realized a century ago that the unit of reality is an action, but unlike Physicists who basically study only an action (the first, locomotion) we shall consider a more complex pentagonal Universe of 5 different active dimotions.

When we order those ‘dimotions’ in space we get a superorganism,when we order them in time we obtain a worldcycle of existence, when we order them in scales, we obtain the 5 actions of all systems that absorb energy from its lower ∆-2 scale (humans absorb amino acids), information from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb light), motion from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb gravitation) or simplex actions, while developing two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution from its higher, ∆-1 seminal scale, ∆o scale and ∆+1 social scale.

Actions are thus the FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE of the limits of perception of any ∆ø and relate directly ‘perception’ and ‘stientific’ knowledge to the relative position of the mind that perceives. They are also the essential element to fully grasp WHY we perceive only a limit number of scales of reality with us at the center: namely because we ‘HAVE THOSE ∆±¡ practical limits in our actions’ – NOT because there are NO more scales above or below.

It is also important to realize that actions are either predatory (those involving smaller beings), equalitarian (reproduction with an ∆ø equal form) or submissive to the ∆+1 social world. We are, as Shakespeare put it, buffoons citizens or kings depending of our perspective.

So in this post we shall introduce briefly the model from the home page and then talk a bit of each of the 5 D³imotions (dimension, motions and action) of reality, which in the future will be the main method of study of beings, to understand its structure in space (dimensions of the superorganism) its worldcycle in time (ordered as sequential motions by the symmetry S=T) and combined use for the program of survival – the program of its 5 actions.

IN THE GRAPH, we see the five dimensions of reality, 3 of present organic ensembles of beings, two in scales of lower smaller parts and larger wholes. They are symmetric to the 3±1 ages of a world cycle between its 5D generation as a seed that evolves socially into a whole and its entropic death:

1st Ðimotion: informative particles/heads: §ð 2 Ð: limb/potential momenta: st. 3rd Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏, ST. 4th Ðimotion: entropy: ∂S. 5th Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.   The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its  constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of  lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through  3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its worldcycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

The basic symbology of i-logic dimotions.

We shall study this ‘organic, vital reformulation’ of the Universe based in a simple ‘first principle’: we are all super organisms in space tracing worldcycles in time, which we shall elaborate in the first line.

So the 5 Dimotions (ab. of dimension in space and motion in time) that create the form and function of all systems and its parts, between its generation by a mind-seed and extinction in entropic explosions are:

  1. First Ðimotion: Non-Euclidean points-singularities: particles/heads: Informative perception: §ð
  2. Second Ðimotion: limbs/potentials:  Lineal momentum: $t.
  3. Third Ðimotion: ∑e x ∏i: Bod waves iterate energy & information: ∑∏.
  4. Fourth Ðimotion: Entropic Universe: Death: S∂.
  5.  Fifth Ðimotion: @-Mind Worlds: Social, organic evolution: ∫T

 Some basic rules:

Since dimotions evolve in time they acquire form. So we move from ‘lineal $pace’ (line crossing not money), and the symbol of lineal time in physics, t into…

the ‘curved symbol of time’ ð, and the ‘complex view’ of space, as ‘extending through 3 planes’ self-centered into the o-point, §…

 With the intermediate phase of reproductive in body-waves organized around the duality body-head, wave-particle, whose main difference is this: body waves are blind herds of minimal connection, hence sums, ∑energy (which also resembles a wave put upwards) while  neuronal, informative particle-heads are networks that exist across 2 scales the whole and its axons (hence the ∏ multiplicative symbol for a ‘crossed’ network, since if we have 5 and 5 elements, the number of axons to join them will be 5 x 5).

FINALLY for the two scalar dimension of entropy and generational organic evolution, the symbols which look like S and T are running out (:

S and T in capitals though have not been used and stress the capital importance of those dimensions which include all others as present sheets in a single plane of the fifth dimension. So those are actually the FULL meanings. Since Entropy is symbolized in physics by S, the choice is not rocket science. As the main operation to extract a part from a whole is a derivative, a ‘moment in time’ tangential to the function we study, ∂S is therefore a clear representation of Entropy (it does in fact happen mathematically very often as we shall study in mathematical physics and non-AElgebra).

So we are left with T, the capital Time of all times, for the most important dimension of them all the fifth dimension of social evolution, love, mind wholeness, organic generation, you name it. And aptly enough we still have an s left!, ∫, the symbol of integration, which is what truly social evolution is: the integration of similar clones into networks that become single wholes with an inner time synchronized externally by the mind (ok, im here letting my stream of consciousness flow, so we shall stop).

It follows some simplex symbols that define a logic equation of life and death with 3 phases:

$t: young age when motion dominates.

∑=∏: an age of balance and reproduction of the being, into waves of clone ‘cells’ that become reorganized by physiological networks emerging as a larger whole.

§ð: 3rd age of excess of information…

§ð<<∑∆-1: $t when death reverses the whole process as explode back a whole into its parts…

And as we observe death is fast and short and it exists only because it is necessary, as the positive arrows of information, reproduction and social evolution through a language of information increases so much the form of beings that finally there is no motion left, no energy to re-form… So to replenish the simplest motions for reality to keep moving, death must come but fast…

Further on, when we apply those organic structures also to social and physical systems, whose organic properties have been denied in the case of physics or reduced to the individual human scale in the case of social super organisms of history,  WE CAN describe THEM all in terms of an homologic ‘worldcycle of existence’ in the graphs, explained in great detail.

The previous ‘equation’ thus uses the symbols of ‘I-logic’ topology and causal time chains of information (>) and entropy (<), intuitive in its expansive and implosive forms, is thus an expression of the generator in ‘time terms’, as the ‘flow of spacetime cycles of the fractal Universe’ (∆ð±¡) becomes ‘formed’ after feeding head and body into meaningful forms and motions of the 3 supeorganic parts of the plane of existence of the system (∆ø=| xO). Yet as information constantly increases in the ‘minute’ actions of the being, accumulating errors of reproduction, the system warps and gets older and the mind-language-head-system (§@) STILLS reality.

For example, humans keep ‘growing in the fifth dimension of space’ in territorial property as they get old till finally all its motionless – the old man, his money in the account, his territories of orders, homes and properties but there is NO vitality on it. The maximal ‘reach in space’ is achieved the minimal motion in time and at that point the system dies ‘fast’ << in entropic explosion that returns the timespace being, to the lower ‘plane of the fifth dimension, ∆ð¡-1.

The world cycle is an impressive element to study, as we travel through the fifth dimension precisely as we grow in size, by clone reproduction and self-organization of similar ∆-1 faster units (atoms, cells, citizens), which slow down the whole as first they have to evolve inner networks of simultaneous organization and synchronous motions which consume time. Then the being once it is perfectly synchronized internally but with a SLOWER time-clock for all those synchronous systems OUTWARDLY, emerges as a whole, and keeps ‘increasing its territorial size’ that will ‘slow down its vital rhythms’ till ending and old stultified property ‘thingy’.

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

∆ð±¡≈≥>S@< informative third age age exploded black to its ∆-1 beings and as memories in its larger world place.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

The ultimate whys of 5D metric… are thus in fact, as we anticipated, organic. Indeed, the reduction of speed of motion and cyclical events in larger beings happen because they must first establish a simultaneous, present, co-existence of its clone reproduced parts, necessary to act externally as a whole. So the ‘whole’ clock of the system must slow down as it enlarges into multiple organic clone-like beings which will then adopt the ‘slower collective clock’ as its new ‘unit’ of simultaneous action as a whole.

The simplest generator equation.

 Let us consider then with the simplest possible symbols of Non-Æ Logic (the advanced formalism needed to describe the more complex space and time), a logic equation of the ternary space-time topological forms=functions of all ‘organisms’ of the Universe:

≥: iterative, reproductive, hyperbolic networks that become body waves, as the hyperbola has all the shapes within it to reproduce the whole being.

| ≈: Flat planes of lineal parallel networks of ‘fractal points’ that become  limbs/fields of maximal entropic motions as the line/plane is the fastest distance between two points.

O: Informative, implosive ‘neuronal networks that become cyclical spherical particles-heads that process information as the sphere stores maximal information in minimal space.

So the simultaneous ensemble of ‘networks of cellular/atomic/organic herds’ into those 3 differentiated functions=forms which therefore extends across to ∆ø and ∆-1 scales, within the ∆+1 world in which the ternary network/system exists is what we call a super organism.

So we write with those symbols fa Generator Equation of T.œs.

$t: (limbs/fields of motion and Universe) ≤iterative body-wave≥ §ð  (still mind form or world)

The ginormous quantity of consequences, detailed and laws derived from that simple formula being made of those 3 topologies would fill up when study in its details – all the beings and super organisms of reality and its ternary parts – an entire galactic encyclopedia.

So in this very brief introduction we shall consider  onlythe most remarkable consequence in the simplest level of understanding of it – the ternary principles of conservation of physics that correspond to the 3 parts of all systems.

Each of those vital topologies would require an entire post and encyclopedia to fully analyze the marriage of mathematics and organic existence.

Let us now consider the most important of them, the cyclic/spheric form. Its vital function is to process in-form-ation, memorial form. And so it is cyclic, spherical for two reasons: A sphere has maximal volume in minimal space, ensuring the ‘still, informative’ system to process maximal information and disguise with minimal exposure. But most important memorial in-form-ation is cyclical because TO RETURN TO A POINT, THE SHORTEST PATH IS A CYCLE.

So cycles impose their form in all kind of Universal structures which ‘conserve’, ‘memorize’ and reproduce the information of its external world and the information of its internal existence (as in the conserved cycles of energy).

The full formalism of a Theory of the Organic Everything or whole and its Time§pace Œrganisms (T.œ), its fractal parts, should be made departing from a description of its 5 Ðimotions in simultaneous space that describes the system as a super organism, in 3 fractal ∆±¡ planes, in a static, ‘structural space-like form’ through ¬Æ: Existential algebra and in a ‘time-like dynamic flow as it is generated by a singularity  mind-seed of information which will grow, evolve into 3 networks, emerge as a whole, trace its worldcycles between birth and extinction in the external world through actions of exchange of energy and information, aging till a point in which all its energy will be exhausted and it will collapse, in an entropic explosion of death.

We call the analysis of its 5 Dimotions in abstract as adjacent topologies of a super organism or in vital terms as ‘actions’; the Rashomon effect, since we study as in the famous film 5 different points of view or elements through which the being expresses itself. And we call the study of its world cycle through the entire life-death existence of the being the Disomorphic method as we study the defining elements of the whole process of life, from its palingenetic generation of a seed that will become a ‘mind’ of a territory of external world and internal ternary physiological control of its ‘brother cells/atoms/citizens’, to fully create a super organism that will live and die again through those 5 Dimotions.

Those 2 approaches together, the space-like and the time-like define the super organism and its worldcycle in a far more complex and rich manner than the previous 4D formalism of Mr. Einstein did with its single analysis of only one time arrow, the worldline or locomotion; which from this far richer and meaningful analysis of Times seems rather a childish exercise compared to our full blown complex extraction of all the information about a being and its worldcycle of existence.



The 5 Dimotions of timespace are actions in its vital, organic content, motions whose biotopology correspond to the 5 drives of life of the singularity-minds, self-centers of those actions.

We express its 5 forms & functions performed by all space-time entities with a simple mnemonic rule – 5 vowels, slightly changed as usual in the building of a proper jargon for philosophy of ∃xist¡ence:

-å-ccelerations for locomotions, as it is the first perceived action, but requires previously an ∆º mind to take the will-decision of moving, normally towards an

∃-ntropic field in which to feed and absorb energy. It is the most existential action, hence the use of the inverted e-letter symbol IN LOGIC of existence.

ï-nformation gauging, as information is a dual action, of absorption of information but also communication of information, inner and outer duality with the purpose of:

œ-ffspring reproduction of a new supœrganism clone of the seeding father, hence the use of the symbol for super organisms, œ.

Which then will engage in a process of social evolution into a û-niversal whole that will emerge as a full being; and again in the world at large will participate in its ecosystem of different social ∆§cales of beings. Hence the ˆ symbol for emergence into an upper social scale.

So the 5 actions/vowels, would be: å,∃,ï,œ,û.

In praxis though as we don’t care that much for the form or content of this blog, which huminds don’t seem to have much interest in reading, we shall use the faster-writing aeiou. In the next graph an old montage of the different aeious of several scales of reality:


The mind’s  5 ±∆ e, ï, œ, û fractal space-time åctions of all beings that move, feed on energy, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially from the simplest particles to the highest systems; whose integral creates in space a super organism in time a world cycle. 

Every being of the Universe responds to the same actions because it is made of the same substances. It is a perennial philosophical reflection that if one looks deeply enough into oneself, one will discover not only one’s own essence, but also the essence of the universe. For as one is a part of the universe as it is everything else, the basic energies and forms of the universe flow through oneself, as they flow through everything else. For that reason it is thought that one can come into contact with the nature of the universe if one comes into substantial contact with one’s ultimate inner being. This ultimate inner being is the desire of the mind, the will to live, exist and experience the actions and ‘co-existing’ sensations related to them.

The flow of timespaces advances through the actions of its systems, which constantly exchange energy and informations.

We have resumed those actions in 5 subgroups, and named them with the simple vowels of the alphabet of existence:

locomotions (åccelerations) ∃ntropic actions of energy feeding, ïnformative ones of perception and communication, reproductive (œffspring creation) and final the social evolution of individuals into Universals – new emerging super organisms appearing in a higher ∆+1 plane of existence.

Those actions are the ‘knots and bolts’ of reality, the manifest ‘expressed’  existence of beings, its program of survival.

And so as a whole package they are deterministic among all beings that survive, and yet they are probabilistic in as much as the being is ‘free’ to choose between them; and they are NOT a free choice into what regards its outcome – as it depends on the interaction with the outer world in which they happen.

Its specific form is also not free as it is determined by the ‘constitution’ of the being, once it emerges as a whole T.œ:

Actions are allowed combinations of the pertinent entropy, energy and information, which beings constantly absorb and emit with limbs, bodywaves and particle/heads as they exist, trying to maximize their total actions, combinations of energy and information, expression of its ‘vitality’, the stuff of which exist¡ence is made.

As they are both sequential-causal: ï>å>∃>œ>û; and hierarchical û<œ<∃<å<ï in exactly the inverse fashion; that is the being ( if we apply the homolog method: what humans experience must be the program of all other time space beings) has the exact inverse wish to that of its sequential order of actions, the program of actions, of exist¡ence is quite determined.

Since the order to reach universal social evolution, the highest goal, requires first the reproduction of an offspring of clones, which requires to feed on the energy of others, which requires its entropic killing, which requires a motion to perpendicularly intercept the being, which requires its perception… and yet we are driven to perform those actions because we want the higher goal of complex actions of reproduction and social evolution into powerful wholes, the program of exist¡ence in the Universe reaches an extraordinary order.

In the graph, human beings in its ‘entropic’ dissolution age as a supœrganism of history, dominated by the emerging super organism of machines and its company-mothers and Metal-earth, global digital planet that substitute our wor(l)d, have completely forgotten the real, organic fractal 5D Universal pyramid of drives of existence, toppled by social communication, which in its maximal form – eusocial love, structures the scales of the fractal, organic Universe; and reduced to the simplest actions of each individual means, its desire to be part of the whole, to love IS THE COMPLEX higher action our capitalist ideology that worships machines above man and surrogates our exist¡ence as ‘enzymen’ of those company-mothers in which we evolve and reproduce its organisms make us become disordered in a dog-eat-dog society when behaving as humans, but the primitive capitalist culture in which we live has nothing to do with ‘reality’ as it should be in a perfect human world. Since the Universe has a clear goal: social love, evolution into wholes.

So the negation of the hierarchical order of actions and the desire to exist is very rare, proper of the last entropic age of existence, or a conscious decision of the mind that performs them for philosophical reasons (Buddhism, denial of exist¡ence) or a difficult ‘Buridan choice’,  as when we don’t want to act and say ‘i dont have energy and time to do this’.

Actions, we know naturally is what we are made of, combining energy and information, exi, in space-time fields, ST¡, where we act to exi=st¡

Duality of actions-reactions

As we said we try to maximize our actions, which in praxis means to eat ad maximal, run the most, fuk every other day, and have fun with friends, not to speak of becoming overdrive of tv-trash information?! That shows you actions must be ordered and are regulated indeed by the limits of being just another virtual T.œ in pursuit of vital actions as everything else from the smaller particle to the whole galaxy in its hyper universe.

So in praxis actions are balanced, for the being to last and not burst out of exist¡ence for excessive action and imbalance. This means the very same actions we perform have ± dualities: actions cause external reactions of opposite sign, in the generalization of Newton’s second law and also in the internal balance of the organism, which for each positive outward action has a negative inward one.

The function of existence thus resumes in the number of actions a being performs with its energy and information which are basically:

±∆e: feeding (+) and moving (-) that spends the. energy obtained entropically in the action of feeding.

±∆ï: informing (+) and communicating (-). So we hear and talk, we see and draw…

±∆exi: reproducing (+) and killing (-), as we need the energy obtained entropically to reproduce ourselves.

±∑exi: Evolving socially (+) or dissolving≈dying (-)…

Thus it turns out that the function of existence of beings, made of a sum of actions, which can logically be put sequentially (as ∑exi needs first, ∆exi, which needs first, ∆e and ∆i) creates a natural evolution of a being through simple logic equations of motions in time and space where:

> is an implosion of space into time, of energy into information, S>T and vice versa: T<S is an entropic flow of disorder.

Tƒ Exi≈ST∆U±4 : S-Topologies, Informative Time Cycles & Scalar Actions, the 3 ‘elements’ of existence.

All this said it is quite easy to understand the Function of Existence, in its simplest meaningful version, a ternary understanding of its components, forms in space, cycles in time and cyclical åctions in space-time.

If we depart from a ‘fractal point’. The Worldcycle of that fractal world, ω≈∑∂æ,e,ï,œ,û, will be the sum of all its åctions of motion, ∂a, energy feeding, ∂e, informative perception, ∂I, offspring reproduction, ∂o, and universal creation, ∂u:




Diffeomorphic systems. The translation of form into motion. The isomorphism of åctions in the Universe.

Galileo’s Paradox makes the 3 dimensions of space also motions: At quantum scale ‘space’ is a bubbling world of electromagnetic energies and particles condensed from those energies. In our scale, space is a gas whose volume is proportional to its motion/temperature: PxV=knT. And as its motion grows volume-space grows.

Physicists, unaware of the paradox of Galileo still draw higher dimensions as weird spatial drawings, when beyond 3D, dimensions are time motions of a higher fractal scale. Yet they wrongly try to spatialize those time dimensions of higher fractal 5D scales, making them still and placing them in the same space-time sheet, with  impossible drawings of dimensions beyond the 3rd one of ‘volume’, which of course lack any functional purpose.

Yet Dimensions are functional motions perceived in stillness, which explains the generation of dimensions:

A point with motion creates first a height dimension to ‘gauge’ from an advantageous P.O.V.; then it moves forward in its diffeomorphic dimension of energy feeding, creating a plane; a line in motion creates a bidimensional plane of information; a plane in motion, reproduces laterally, creating a mass-volume and a volume in motion creates a life-cycle or world-cone – the concept used in Relativity to define the 4th dimension of time. But we cannot generate more dimensions in this fashion, except as mathematical entelechies, at least in our observed Universe, since they are neither such forms nor further functions in a single continuous space-time plane. Thus the 5th dimension of scales, with different time speeds structures superorganisms.

It is the holographic principle: 3D space has 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and width (so a book or a screen has those 2 dimensions that you ‘read’) and 2 dimensions of energy, length and width, as we absorb energy in the direction of motion, reproducing and storing cells in the ‘fat’ dimension of width that merges both, Sp X Tƒ dimensions of space-time.

Thus both, energy ‘sheets’ and ‘informative antennae’ are bidimensional, perceived by human senses as a duality of motion-stillness (Galileo’s Paradox). So the 1st dimension is length or speed; the 2D are a moving plane or sheet of information as this page is; the 3rd is a volume or rotating body, which moves through the 4th dimension, treated as space in Relativity (a world line). Finally, an organism in 5D seems ‘still’ but within it all cells and particles are performing complex cycles of energy and form.

Moreover we observe that as each more complex action includes the previous ones, each ‘bigger dimension’ includes the previous ones. So the line includes the point; the plane, the line; the volume the plane and the world-cone the plane. Thus we write in dynamic terms the Generator, as a feedback equation of fluxes of energy and information between 2 poles, ∑Sp∆-1<=>∏ ∆, that create 5 Diffeomorphic, fractal, Space-Time Dimensions.


In the graph, the diffeomorphic Principle of Einstein’s 4D analysis acquires an organic nature, when we see the Universe as the sum of ∞ Complementary exi systems whose dimensions have organic functions: Systems feed on their relative dimension of energy-length, perceive in their relative dimension of height and reproduce in their relative combined dimension of width, which are assembled into each specific species. In the graph, an animal has its informative height in its high perceptive light dimension, but a plant, which uses light as energy has its up and down dimensions inverted respect to the man and its chemical brain buried on the Earth. So both have opposite energy-time coordinates.

Yet both have an ‘anteroposterior’, lineal’ ‘outward’ energy oriented structure. While a galaxy has a cyclical, informative, inward structure, as the stars’ body absorbs energy from intergalactic space, reproduces matter with it and feeds the internal informative knot of gravitation, with a higher height dimension the black hole.

 Thus there is a correspondence between the inner physiological networks of a being that perform SP X TƑ åctions and its external diffeomorphic dimensions. So a dimensional form is also motion with a function. Even in a human being the height dimension is really the nervous-brain system network, his length motion, the natural path of his energy limbs, and his width is maximal in the digestive system that reproduces new cells.

Forms respond always to functions/åctions in time, the commanding ‘element’ to which the form of any being adapts diffeomorphically to maximize its existential åctions. Thus, there is a parallelism between ‘vital function’ and ‘abstract dimension’ as each Dimension is diffeomorphic created by the vital space-time of each entity of the Universe performing its exi åctions. And each species is a ‘fractal universe in itself’, with different relative, energetic and informative directions that determine its own up & down arrows and complementary morphology,

The specific geometry of each species and its 3 simplex åctions, energy feeding=length, information-gauging =height and reproduction=width fluctuate in shape, but they don’t vary in topological form, giving birth to the Invariance of the 3 topological forms=functions of any entity observed in a single 3D space-time: Toroid informative heads, hyperbolic reproductive bodies and energetic limbs studied in the next paragraph.

While the 2 social ±∆ fractal dimensions, the 4th dimension of social motion in a social ∆+1 herd and the 5D dimension of inner scales within the being follow the physiological invariances that create super-organisms co-existing in a higher ∆+1 ecosystem with a lower ∆-1 internal, cellular space (B3). In the next graph we resume the

5 diffeomorphic dimensions=åctions create a Generator Equation any being maximizes: Max. ∑Sp x ∏Tƒ.

It describes the 3±∆ åctions all systems perform: gauging information, Tƒ, feeding on energy, ∑Sp, reproducing both, x, and evolving socially as parts of bigger scales.

So 4 parameters suffice to describe all systems in terms of its åctions:

But mechanist science ignores the 3 topological ages of space-time organisms and its social, scalar evolutions between its informative births and entropic deaths, because it fails to understand the organic whys its mathematical equations describe. As scientific equations are mere varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4 functions. They represent the 4 vital åctions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4 functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social åctions that suffice to describe the existence of each species.

4 Vital Dimensions explain the existence of light-space: the wide, energetic, magnetic field; the tall, informative, electric field; the reproductive, long wave speed, calculated as the product of its electric and magnetic field and its frequency colors, which are societies of photons.

4 Maxwell equations describe all the åctions of an electric field. 4 quantum numbers describe all the åctions of particles: the first number explains its energy level; the second number, its feeding & perceptive gauging; the 3rd spin number shows its chances of reproducing new particles with a particle of opposite sexual spin; the 4th magnetic number shows the social distribution of its atomic organism. 4 type of vibrations organize a social molecule. 4 nucleotide acids code the vital åctions of the cell. And 4 drives of existence -feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially- explain the game of life, which now mankind finally understands, just before she ends her existence.

So be humble, you are nothing, just a 10 dimensional being, an infinitesimal soul who looked at the infinite Universe, a variety of the 4 symbols of the fractal generator, who denied the meaning of existence confused itself with the whole, and now will die dust of space-time.

Since only the Universe, and its soul, the fractal generator of infinite existences is eternal. @… monads are minds composed of a max. still form or linguistic singularity and a cyclical time membrane, connected through invaginations. It is the ‘invisible’ central command of the being, which perceives the Universe’s timespace cycles and stop its motion through a mirror image in the ‘languages’ of ‘the mind’, which then reflect its back ordering reality as it converts its motions into ‘@ctions’…

So we study the form of the monad in space as a linguistic mirror.

A≈ @Å≈∆ ≈∀


But a pure spatial analysis is very limited beyond the first dimensions of the point moving and communicating information, as the essence of existence is social growth first in scales within a single plane (∆§) then in planes, ∆±i, which are not perceived directly as wholes or not perceived at all… So communication becomes then ore complex as the different planes of the being travel in search of bits of information and bites of energy, performing the..

Ðisomorphism: 5 a,e,i,o,u åctions: A series of actions of motion, information, reproduction, energy feeding and social evolution whose purpose is to ‘reproduce the information of the being and survive’, emerging as a larger super organism in a higher scale.

This IS the program of existence, a simple 5 dimensional action process, restricted by the fact the system is merely composed of two elements, space and time and its combinations, and the fact that those species who did not maximised its existence, and ternary elements, with those actions did not survive. So the program is not conscious but an automatic selection of the actions that ensure the survival of the being, 

In this manner the monad webs a reproductive and evolutionary process, from ‘minor to major’ starting from the seed of information or @mind, which will emerge through its actions and flows of bidimensional communication, growing within its world by absorbing energy and information, through its dynamic flows and actions, illustrated then with samples for the 3 FUNDAMENTAL classifications of beings of classic science:


 This post thus shall study the seemingly less objective, objectively most essential of all events of reality, the five actions of exist¡ence that create reality as a discontinuous sum of infinite survival actions performed by infinite monads’ singularities.

The Rashomon TRUTHS on actions of space-time.

1st Ðimotion: informative particles/heads: §ð 2 Ð: limb/potential momenta: st.
3rd Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏, ST. 4th Ðimotion: entropy: ∂S. 5th Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.   The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its  constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of  lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through  3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its worldcycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.


As usual we shall switch in our analysis between the 5 elements of all realities applied to the concept of actions using ‘ ideally’ different names for each perspective. The 5 different manifolds thus created with the Rashomon effect are:

Actions, Åctions, ∆ctions, ∀ctions or @tions, are the 5 verbal forms we shall use to study the will of the Universe,  as they depart from a singularity that controls the whole and perceive the super organism, enacting its actions of existence. Why different words are simple: we constantly use the ‘ternary method’ or Rashomon effect, explaining reality from ∆@s=t 3±1 Dimensional perspectives to reach the maximal quantity of truth:

Truth=one for the being in itself that holds all its information.

Max. Mind truth = Multiple languages and perspectives cast upon the same being.

So this comes into effect with the Rashomon effect of reaching higher truths with at least dual, ternary or pentadimensional perspectives, as reality indeed moves from potential into reality precisely when the system plugs into all the dimensions and becomes useful within the complex structure of reality performing all its 5D actions:

Thus for the ‘fundamental concepts of reality’, we try to create the kaleidoscopic perspective of the Rashomon effect, which comes from the classic film in which 4 views are needed for a mind-mapping to have a fifth @-whole view.

When applied to the program of existence and survival, we use then a ternary view with 3 ‘actions’ symbols:@tions, obviously considers the mind perspective…

∆ctions refer to the perspective of its scales, as those actions absorb pixels of different planes of reality…

S:Actions uses the quantifier for ‘all’ spatial populations, as all perform the same actions and so defines actions in terms of spatial, simultaneous synchronicities, in super organisms.

S≈ð: ctions, taken from the use in quantum physics consider then actions in relationship with the momentum of the system and its space-time symmetries.

ð: Åctions, therefore are the final symbol to study actions in relationship to the O-clocks of time. Such as the law of  minimal, least time ‘Lagrangian’ in which the system tries to achieve with actions.

And finally aeiou, will be the 5 different actions related to the Dimensions of the being and its scales of existence.

An action is therefore defined for all ∀cting being, as a Mind’s @ction that absorbs ∆±i bits and bites of different scales, to maintain the balance of the being, with the maximal efficiency, and minimal consumption of time for each åction.



Dimensions of time are discontinuous events=actions ≈arrows of time that are played by monads in discontinuous actions enabling the complex 5Dimensional ‘time-action-oriented’ program of existence. The five discontinuous time-space cycles or actions that all systems perform, become then the kaleidoscopic new vision of the five dimensions of time from another mind-monad perspective to grasp the whole synchronicity and simultaneity of it all.

As the sum of all the discontinuous five actions of all the monads of the Universe is also a program in itself that encodes all the relevant information of reality from the ‘active’, ab. å, @, point of view.

Actions as discontinuous fractal D(å)<1 dimensions of ðime§pace is an essential formal fact of reality. As we go on accelerating, energising, informing, and reproducing into new supœrganisms or socially evolving into Universals, the sum of the time-space spent in each of those actions will discontinuously amount during the finite duration of the being for a total 1-dimensional fractal sum, such as we can the portrait reality as an infinite tapestry of sum of fluid actions which happen from an ∆º±4 domain due to the ∆º actions of the being exchanging motion (å±4), energy (å±2), information (å±3), reproducing (å±1) and evolving socially, (å+)…

As the discontinuous cyclical dimensions=actions=arrows=events of time of the modular • being continue, the web of its discontinuous dimensions will become a mess, which has a point of origin, alpha and omega the • monad itself…



Actions – the subjective perspective of objective time arrows:

In the graph, the three arrows of timespace perceived in a single scale are equivalent to the three main ‘actions’ of energy feeding and entropy creation, informative perception or reproduction:

Actions are arrows perceived from the point of view of a ‘5D mind’ which acts with other scales of the fifth dimension to extract and exchange entropy and information. 

årrows of timespace and Åctions, Åre two sides of the same reality, the arrow is an objective more mathematical pictorial analysis, the actions is observed, mind-oriented, subjective, evolutionary view of the survival reasons by which the independent arrows are emitted by a will of a monad that tries to order its territory with it.

Actions are intelligent promoted by particle-heads-people castes in control of information, are ‘meaningful’. Arrows of time are more objective, geometric, detached of the will which is the last ultimate why and purpose: a mind reproducing, ordering a territory, perceiving, moving, feeding…

The arrow of time-space can always be decomposed in smaller actions of its fractal points, which together create a network action of certain magnitude as observed by an ∆+1 pov. The actions of the arrow=network then become physiologically added: ∑åctions=∑Årrows=∏N=Œω.

A SYSTEM exists guided by a singularity who apperceives, ∆i a field of energy, ∆e, towards which it will move, ∆a, to absorb that energy and reproduce, ∆œ into a complex social wave that become an organic network; in this eternal construction of pyramidal levels of reality:

In each scale of reality the growth of new wholes departing from parts is the embedded ‘secret’ intelligence and program of monads that become topological networks and mess into ternary wholes. And as such is the guidance also of history and social groups, species of individuals collaborating with each other – you name it. IT is the summit of the series of simple actions, perception->motion->feeding that derive into reproductive ones and self-organizative. Reproduction becomes then the ‘linking’ action of all of them, the summit of the first simpler needs – motion, perception, feeding – towards the higher goal of socially communicating and forming networks with other semi-identical beings.

Those 5 åctions in which the fractal point will be occupied, will be performed with its 3 2-manifold organic networks, the toroid limb fields of maximal entropic & energetic |-S motions, its cyclical, reproductive body, Ø-ST, and its spherical, informative head, O-T, perceptive motions. As it extracts and uses energy and information from its environment, reproducing that information as language and as body cell to create complex Universal 10n societies of maximal Population-momentum, P. P=An, means that any population of åctions, which goes through certain ‘magic numbers’ born of perfect tetraktys configurations, become wholes of higher scales, increasing the total momentum of the being.

A whole in that sense unlike a wave is measured by its momentum as the whole becomes a scalar undifferentiated boson entity in certain dimensions of existence. For example, mass is perceived as a whole and can be operated from a Gravity center, without much matter of waves. Light cannot.

The nature of the Universe is ambivalent, and this science has forgotten for very long by looking always from precise mathematical equations that ‘break’ reality into infinite jargons and miss the similarity of beings. Relational space-time works on the inverse mode of knowledge. It is not so much analytical as synthetic. So the tools of this science are those, which look for generalities more than individualities.

Thus what we call a fractal complementary system of space-times has different names. In mathematics will be a network of points; in biology a species; in quantum theory a Complementary particle/wave system, in physics a field of motion, in which a particle/wave system perform certain åctions.

That is, we live in a Universe made of complementary systems of energy (body/waves) and information (particles/heads), which perform a series of repetitive åctions in space-time (ST±4).

Thus the key elements of all beings are its ‘vital space with energy, Se, Sp’, its cycles of temporal form with information, ‘Tƒ, I’, which together create repetitive åctions of space-time, ST±4, RU±4, A±4.

Now the reader will notice the ambivalence of such of those terms. So we shall group them in 3 categories:

‘Space≈motion≈speed≈limbs/fields of energy’ x ‘Time≈form≈heads/particles of information≈cycles’ = spacetime≈ åctions ≈ body-waves.

For example, in mathematics we prefer topological concepts to geometrical ones, as topologies study ‘general forms with motion’; that is space-time forms. And so we shall define the properties of vital spaces in terms of topologies.

In time we prefer the concepts of frequency and cyclical, angular, rotary motions, or ‘cyclical clocks of time’, to the inverse concept of lineal duration. As cyclical time gives us much more information about the nature of those time cycles, and its phases/ages/horizons/frequencies. It is precisely in the understanding of time where relational space-time models give the largest jump on new science over the simplistic single-lineal time models of classic physics.

An enormous number of new laws of science are unveiled by studying instead of simplified T-time duration, the more complex concept of Tƒ, cyclical Time, even when we just translate a formula, by substituting T by 1/T=Tƒ (Frequency of a time cycle).

But by far the largest growth of knowledge applied to all sciences, is obtained from the understanding of the ‘scalar’ structure of those multiple vital spaces and time cycles that organize all systems of the Universe, what we call the metric of the 5th dimension.

Let us then study in more detail the 3 fundamental concepts of ∆ST: a topological bidimensional space with motion, with energy, which merges with cyclical motions in time, cycles of time, and together create åctions with energy and information that modify reality according to an existential game, a simple biological game of survival that all fractal complementary systems of spatial energy and temporal information perform: to exist as long as possible by absorbing energy and reproduce their own information beyond death.

We can consider all complementary systems made of dimensions of vital space with motion and cyclical time clocks also a biological being, in the sense that they all perform åctions, which can only be explained in their causal whys with the 5 classic biological drives of existence: Energetic Motion and absorption of energy for inner and outer motions perception of information, and repetition of the system’s information in similar system, and finally social organization of cellular systems into social groups.

This is the essence of the game, a Universe made of fractal systems of ‘topological vital spaces’, which move in repetitive time cycles, in search of 5 åctions that ensure its survival, ∆a (accelerated motions), ∆ï, informative perception of time cycles, ∆e: absorption of feeding energy, ∆œ, iteration of the individual system into an offspring and ∆U, social evolution.

Thus we can consider a simple pattern of creation: 3 topological vital geometries with motion cause 3 time ages as they develop their åctions of ‘energy and information’, organized in social groups.

This game of existence thus needs to explore in great depth the meaning of its S, T, ∆ components

Recap. 3 elements are the essence of the Universe of relational space-time:

The existence of ∞ quanta of space with motion, ‘Non-Euclidean fractal points’, which have a volume of energy and information, which they share and communicate forming more complex networks, worlds and Organisms.

The existence of 3 time arrows, a relative past of maximal motion or ‘entropy, death arrow’; the relative future, with more information, or ‘informative, life arrow’, and its combinations, the relative repetitive, present arrow that seems not to change, as systems are reproduced into similar present forms.

And the existence of infinite ‘Universal Planes’ (which we shall call ∆-planes, when measured in terms of its informative speed of time or u-planes, when measured in terms of its relative spatial size), which organize systems across scales of size, so all systems tend to exist in 3 ±∆ scales, the cellular/quantum, individual/organic and social/cosmic planes, exchanging energy and information between them.

In reality our existence is made of a series of actions of space-time, ∂(a,e,I,o,u), that is actions of motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution into Universals, which are performed in cyclical and synchronized patterns; and the sum of all those actions, conform a worldcycle of existence between birth and death.

Thus once more we observe that by analyzing in greater detail the frequency and form of those cycles instead of ‘gathering’ them together into a single duration, we loose an enormous quantity of information about the life-death cycle or motion or actions of a being.

Thus the study of cyclical space-time actions, its forms, purpose, duration and its sum into the worldcycle of existence of different beings, is an entire new discipline of knowledge that completes the simplified analysis of ‘physical motions’ with lineal time.

In that regard, as always in the study of the fractal universe, a ‘bio-topo-logical’ system, of ‘scalar-space-time’, 3 ‘formal sciences’ and parameters are fundamental to the study of space-time cycles.

– Bio-logy, which defines the actions of existence, and the purpose of those space-time cycles.

– Topo-logy, which studies the form of those space-time cycles and its changes of internal topological forms.

– And causality, which studies the beginning, steady state, and conclusion of any space-time cycle and action that goes through those stages, from the simplest accelerated, steady-state, decelerated motion, to the more complex cyclical actions of space-time (reproduction and social evolution of information, of form, which ties multiple ‘fractal points’ and synchronizes them into bigger social organizations).

Regarding its parameters, we have 2 fundamental mathematical tools to study all those actions and Time cycles:

-The study of the form or topological varieties, of which the 3 2-manifold varieties (elliptic, toroid and planar geometries) will be fundamental.

– And the measured of the frequencies of those time cycles .

Since those time cycles store the information of the Universe in its form and frequency (ie.: a better informative computer is one which runs to faster Gigahertzs).

Thus the study of time cycles is a discipline fully within the realm of both mathematical physics, biology and philosophy of science, given the fact that all systems of the Universe perform space-time cycles. Of which the most important is the life-death world cycle of all beings, born, evolved through 3 ages and dying back to the seminal and atomic scales in which they were born.

So this post deals with space-time cycles, and specially with the fundamental time cycle of the Universe, the worldcycle of life and death that integrates all the cyclical actions (∂a, e, I, o, u) of a system from birth to extinction.

If we were to use the main operations of fractal space-time, derivation and integration. We would define as usual, a system of relational space-time as one which puts together the lineal and cyclical motions, space and time parts of a being, measured by its existential momentum. That existential momentum then can be derived into a series of forceful actions, in which the entity exchanges energy and information with their bigger absolute space-time world in which it is immersed, through exchanges of ‘existential momentum’. And the sum of all those actions, its integration along the path of space-time of the being forms its worldcycle.

Since energy is the integral of momentum the best parameter to measure the existential worldcycle of a being is through its changes of energy along its entire life.

And since ‘information’ form is the inverse function of energy’, (a definition that we shall fine-tune for different systems with slightly different equations and concepts such as cyclical form≈ information and entropy), the best parameter to measure a worldcycle is through the different amounts of energy and information of a system, which will display a first age of maximal energy, an age of balance between its energy and information and a 3rd age of minimal energy and maximal information, whose total integration will give us the entire worldcycle of the being.

Yet, the mathematical description of the existential momentum of a beings, its derived actions of space-time (created through its existential forces) and its integration into a whole worldcycle of energy and information is only relevant for the simplest world time cycles of physical systems, where, œ (existential function) ≈ Mv or qevS (I) that is mass-momentum or charge momentum; its actions are measured by derivatives of that existential function ∂œ ≈ (∂a, e, I, o u) ≈ Forces, and its kinetic energy and potential energy (information) by the integrals of its momentum (1/2 mv2, mgh and so on).

For all other systems it is much better to take the concepts of energy and information in conceptual terms and describe qualitatively the internal space-time cycles, actions and events of a being along its entire life and death worldcycle. In that regard the reader should always understand that relational space-time is a theory in which the 3 main languages of thought, geometrical, mathematical descriptions, biologic organic analysis and causal languages apply, but as we move upwards and downwards towards the U=5 plane of existence of mankind, the mathematical description is secondary to bio-logical analysis.

In any case, we do use very often the jargon of physics because it has taken over the biological, evolutionary jargon of biology regarding time analysis

So for the time being, the biggest difference between physical theory of absolute space-time and relational space-time is:

Absolute space-time simplifies and unifies all space-time cycles into a single duration.

It only studies a single space-time continuum of the multiple space-times of the 5th dimension and ignores its order according to the 5D metrics (Max. S = Min. Tƒ: maximal size, minimal speed of clocks cycles).

And so it considers only 4D and defines the existence of beings as a simple world line as in 4D.

Whereas relational space-time adds a 5D of ‘depth’ according to those metrics. Smaller beings run faster time cycles and accumulate more information. And this explains life as a travel through scales of the 5th dimension. Since all systems are born as seeds of information in a lower scale of spacetime, in the process of birth. Then from that ‘lower scale of faster time cycles’, the cellular seminal scale, the system through a series of actions of energy feeding, informative reproduction and social organization (∆e, ∆o, ∆u) emerges into the world-plane of organic existence, where it lives through 3 ages/horizons/states of increasing transformation and expenditure of its potential energy into kinetic energy, which makes the system accumulate information, towards a state of minimal energy.

This in physics is called ‘entropy’, the loss of function energy, and also, the law of minimal action, the search for a state of maximal form and minimal motion.

In biology is called the passing of life towards a 3rd age of information.

In sociology, the growth of complexity of information and development of information.

And so after the 3 ages, the worldcycle exhausts all its potential and kinetic energy, and becomes warped into a system of information, that ends with death when information explodes into energy, the form of the system disappears, and the organism, descends 2 planes of the 5th dimension, till becoming energy for a new cycle (big bang in matter, death and predation in nature.

And so we explain with those world cycles for life, humans, and matter, from birth to death, all its actions and forces, energy and information, in a sequential manner, which is the equation of life and death, probably the most important equation of the Universe.

If time is cyclical, hence clocks of time close into themselves, dividing the Universe in an infinite number of fractal vital spaces (the space including by the time cycle – 1st postulate of knot theory – vs. the space outside the time cycle); and further on time cycles run at different speeds, the Universe is indeed a relational multiple space-time Universe made of infinite time cycles.

And the proof of this, is the fact that time cycles run at different speeds in the Universe.

The order of all those time cycles is the origin of the 5th dimension and its ‘fractal generator’ of time cycles and broken space – the metric equation of the 5th dimension that relates the size in space and  the speed of its cyclical forms, its clocks of time, (or in terms of transfer of spatial motion and temporal forms, the quantity of energy and speed processing information of a system, in all the scales of reality.)

Sp x Tƒ= ∆ IS the key equation of 5D  metrics: larger systems (the galaxy) run slower time cycles than the smaller ones, the human i-scale, which runs slower than the cells in the right, which run much faster its atomic clocks. This law explains in decametric scales (the graph is taken from Eames’ film ‘potencies of 10’), the structure of the Universe, and so it is the key to unify all sciences.

Clocks of time run at different species according to size, being faster, hence processing more information in smaller planes, explains an infinite number of facts, from the Chip evolution (Moore’s law, if you half the size which we do every 2 years, the chip runs twice more time-cycles or Hertzs of potency), to genetics (smaller systems store more information in the frequency and form of its cycles, and that is why genetics codes slower humans and not the other way around)

This is possible because there is a fundamental property to those scales of space-time, the ‘law of informative vortices’, that is, the smaller we become the faster our clocks of time go. So atoms beat trillions of time per second and galaxies, turn once every 100 billion years and the entire universe maybe has an even larger big-bang rhythm. Between those limits, man beats once a second, both its informative brain (a thought and glimpse of the eye every second) and its heart beat, and measures around 1/1000th of a mile in space.

Those are our rhythms of processing time information and the vital space we occupy. But as we become smaller, time clocks beat faster and space becomes reduced according to a generic vortex law: V x Ro = K, that is the smaller a clock cycle is the faster it turns:

The 5th dimension representation of the ‘arrows of time’ now across several scales of size explains a basic fact of social organization: Information moves from the lower scale (genes and memes in socio-biological scales) to the upper scale (organisms) and energy moves from the upper scale of maximal size-space to the lower scale. And the result is that all systems of the Universe co-exist in 3 scales whose relationships organize the existence of beings.

And so we observe that ∆-1 parts become wholes of a higher scale thanks to those flows, the synchronicities they create and the specialization of smaller faster beings in information and larger ones in energy. So particles can code and become atoms that give them flows of energy and gather together into molecules that gather into planets and cells that evolve into solar systems and organic systems that evolve into galaxies and social super-organisms…

The hierarchical, scalar nature of the Universe, and its duality of time arrows, as opposed to a description of a Universe with a single space-time scale and a single time arrow (Euclidean, Aristotelian current model of physics) represent a huge advance in our understanding of the ultimate elements of reality, space (static vision) or energy-motion (Moving vision) and time (moving, cyclical vision) or information (static vision).

We use normally for the 5th dimension the symbol ∆, in terms of time dynamics, which are more hierarchical as it is indeed an arrow ‘head’ put upwards, to symbolise time themes of the space-time fifth dimension.

We shall use, ∑, with its ‘summitry of populations sense, its 3 planes (the one in the middle merely suggested, and its five vertex points and perimeter – one opened) as a good symbology to understand the fifth dimension in space. And finally when studying 3-dimensional super organisms, we talk of 3 organic Ξlanes and use the greek beautiful symbol for those 3 organic planes with the self in its center.

The concept of existential force: momentum and the sum of all energies.

‘Existential force’ will be then defined in physics by momentum, M(Tƒ) x Se (V) = ST. And it is the essential parameter of the physical Universe, being the laws of conservation of lineal momentum (Dominant in Se-lineal, entropic motions) and Cyclical momentum (dominant in Tƒ, cyclical motions) but both having a ‘bit’ of the other, yin and yang, Mv=ST, the fundamental expression in physics of the Generator Equation.

In that regard, the definition of energy as 1/2 Mv2, will be clearly related to momentum. Its derivative respect to speed, is indeed the momentum (∂Sp/∂v=mv).

And this is what really energy is all about, which will become more clear if the reader goes through the mathematical sections of this blog (not yet put up), in which we discuss in depth the fascinating matter of the meaning of ‘operandi’, such as derivatives, integrals, potencies, polynomials and other fundamental quantitative modes to describe the different emergent processes between planes of existence.

Here what the derivative of energy in terms of motion, v, means, is that when a system with an existential force or momentum, transfers part of that existential force, Mv = Se x Tƒ to another being, as a ‘speed’,  it can only transfer a quantity of it, with ‘one dimension less’ of it.

Derivatives thus skim a dimension in its transfer, as you would take the surface of cream on the volume of milk. Thus we cut down a polynomial factor, ∂ x² =  2 x, from energy to momentum, and then if we derivate again, we cut again the v factor and are left with the mass-form of the system. Thus energy->momentum->Mass, skim away the spatial entropic motion of a being in two dimensional steps down leaving us with the pure form of the species. It follows that 3 ‘degrees’ of analysis of spatial motion/’Ðimotions’ are:

  • Pure space-motion without the mass factor. Its first combination or existential force, M(tƒ) x Se(V), which is the constant conserved by all systems, as it balances both ‘Ðimotions’ and form, and finally, adding more ‘dimensions’ of motion to the mix, kinetic energy, which having more motion, gives as ‘more force’ (another mixed magnitude with more of Se than Tƒ, but in an accelerated manner F=ma) to be able to transfer momentum.




We call this full understanding of both internal and external space time, the function of all existences of space-time, Œ.

The function of existence studies both, internal and external space-time together, analyzing the interrelationships between internal and external time, which define the åctions of beings, as they exchange its momentum, its energy and information with the external world.

In that regard, the relationships between the 4 fundamental elements of that equation, internal space or ‘energy’ and internal time cycles or ‘information’ (two concepts which are somewhat wider than the restricted equations of physics) and external space and time or ‘duration’, give birth to 5 fundamental type of ‘åctions’ in space-time:

– ‘External motions’, with its accelerations, decelerations and changes of speed (∂a); absorption and storage of energy for those motions (∂e), absorption of information to gauge, perceive and direct those motions (∂i), reproduction of the cycles and organs of energy and information of the being in a parallel offspring (∂o), and finally the social evolution of individual, fractal space-times into ‘Universal’, larger social planes (∂u).

And so those 5 vowels, or åctions of space-time, ∂(æ,e,ï,œ,û), which all existential functions perform through their finite life-death cycle is the next step of analysis of the function of existences, as those 5 åctions are common to all systems of the Universe, even if science describes them with different jargons and equations. For example, in quantum physics, they are analyzed with the 4 quantum numbers, which code the motion of the particle (1st number), its absorption and emission of particles of energy and information (2nd number), its processes of decoupling≈ reproduction (spin number) and its processes of social evolution organized by its magnetic number.

While in biology the 4-5 nucleotide letters of DNA seem increasingly as we learn more of the genome of biological beings to be specialized in the coding of such functions. In organisms, biologists call those 5 åctions the drives of life, and define life as systems, which absorb energy, perceive information, move, reproduce and evolve socially into complex molecular and multicellular systems.

What the function of existences does, therefore is to widen the concept of ‘life drives’, through the mathematical analysis of the ‘åctions’ in space-time of all systems, to physical sciences. It describes therefore a pantheist Universe, which only the anthropomorphism of Humans fails to accept. So when particles gauge information and use it to move towards fields of energy, where they absorb that energy to decouple into new particles, with whom they will aggregate into social groups, we dare not to say particles are performing their life drives, as when organisms perceive information and use it to move towards energy preys, which they absorb as energy to reproduce into new organisms, which will aggregate into social herds. But beyond the use of different words, they are doing exactly the same.

And it is the function of existences, of internal and external space-time, what explains why they are doing the same.

Moreover, when we order those cyclical åctions across the finite time duration, the finite existence of a being between birth and extinction, the frequency of the åctions shows a clear pattern, an order common to all systems of the Universe, which in a first ‘young age’, perform more simpler åctions of motion and energy feeding (∂ a,e), in its adult age, perform more åctions of reproduction, (∂œ), and in the old age, it performs more åctions of information and social evolution from parts into Universal wholes (∂ï, û).

And so we can divide the T-duration of a being perceived externally between birth and death as a single timeline into multiple åctions, multiple time cycles, grouped roughly in 3 main ages, a young, energetic age of maximal motion: Max.Sp, an old age of maximal information, Max. Tƒ, and an intermediate adult age, in which Sp and Tƒ combine in balance to reproduce the being, S≈T:

Max. Sp> Sp≈ I > Max. Tƒ

We call this ‘development’ of the function of existences in 3 ages for each life-death cycle the ‘Worldcycle’ equation of a being. Again we prefer to use a more ‘physical, philosophical’ term than the life-death cycle, to avoid the usual anthropomorphic reserves humans have to any pantheist theory that make us not different from other beings. So if physicists call the entire sum of motions of a being in spacetime a worldline (using lineal time), as we use cyclical time, we call the entire duration of a being, and its åctions of spacetime, its worldcycle.

And as we shall see all ‘spacetime cycles do have those 3 ‘ages, horizons or dimension of time’. For example, motions do have a first age of acceleration and impulse, a steady state age of speed, and a final deceleration till the motion stops. And they are obviously equivalent to the first age (Max. Sp≈ acceleration), the balanced age (steady speed, S≈T) and the 3rd age of maximal form and minimal motion, as the system stops.

In mathematical terms, we can consider the worldcycle the ‘derivative’ in time of the function of existence, Œ, ∂Œ/∂Tƒ.

And the topological structure in space, made of 3 varieties of 2-manifolds that create all beings, the derivative in space of the function of existence, ∂œ/∂Sp

But only, if we consider the system all together, analyzing all the vital cycles and vital spaces, organizing them, extracting their laws, we will reach a higher, deeper, more harmonic understanding of it all and all its fractal parts.


The Generator of Fractal, bidimensional Space-time Worldcycles, SexTƒ=∑RU±4, can be ceteris paribus analyzed in its 3 fundamental components:

Sp: Its 2-manifold organic parts that create a diffeomorphic being in space.

Tƒ: Its worldcycle that makes the being live and die using those 3 parts to enact.

∑RU±4: Its cyclical ‘åctions’ which make him absorb and emit ‘—motions’ and information, Sp x Tƒ, in motions, ∇Sp, feeding åctions, ∆Sp,  ∆ï perceptions, reproductive åctions, ∇O, and Social and Darwinian events, ∇∆U with the different planes of existence of the being.

This is the Program of Existence that all systems follow to survive, deduced from the structural elements of any fractal Superorganism of scalar space and cyclical time, which will try to maintain stable its ST-form and reproduce it beyond death in small ‘åctions’ and full ‘reproductions’ of the being, such as:

∑a=R, ∑e=S, ∑t=O. Reprod-åctions of a being across its ST±4 planes is the existential game we all play.

In the ambivalent symbolism of 5D, I used often the term i for information and instead of ∆-somorphic planes, U-space time planes.

Then we can write the Generator equation, Se x Tƒ = ∑ST, as  ∑ExI=ST,  this alternative ‘old expression’ of the Generator means that to “Exist’ is to absorb and emit entropy/energy and information in a series of åctions, ∑, which try to maintain a system in balance with its space-time environment. And all this is managed by the relative zero-point, Tƒ, of the system:

Tƒ Exi=st is therefore a tautological word. The rules of existence are in that sense common to all beings. What will vary is the specific form in which a certain particle, head or informative center, Tƒ, manage to survive by its åctions. Or fail. 

There are 3 natural – 3 always 3 – ways to perceive the scales of the 5th dimension in relationship with any of us, beings.

– H(w) or ∑. Through its entire existence, and that is the worldcycle of the being, whose ages we explained in our posts on time cycles; there is the level of the I in a given point of its external, absolute space-time world. This is the Worldcycle Function of the being

– G(œ). Then we can make a slice of the worldcycle and see that relative non-Euclidean point=being in that moment of space-time, and study its vital space and cyclical time functions, its body/wave and particle/head in that moment, structurally in its forms and functions. And this is the function of existence of the being G(œ) or Œ

– F(a). Finally we can take not the being but the external cyclical action of the being in the Universe in a moment of space-time. Since really this is what the Universe is truly about: beings existing in a given U∆±∆ , Universal Plane sandwiched between other Universal Planes of Different U-scale, which exist inside of it. Whereas the being, develop survival åctions, as its internal space-time exchanges energy and information with those Universal Panes. And each of those ‘forceful åctions’ become an external motion which influences the external world with more or less depth or consequence. And so the last level of understanding of reality is that of the analysis of its minute åctions (themselves decomposed finally into forces and its co-related elements).

And so we considered in the previous posts on the åctions of the Universe, a general equation that encompasses the 3 other:

U = ∑ H (w) = ∫œ dt = ∫ F (æ,e,ï,œ,û) dst±4 = 0

But we can also consider from a more philosophical, continuous way, the whole system and its worldcycle, precisely not so much from the two extreme of the worldcycle and its åctions (which considers the existential being as a non-entity, the ego as a programmed non-aware of the program point playing to maximize tis function of existence (åctions) and at the same time to ‘cheat’ the final limits or zero points of birth and death where the function cancels its two opposite ‘±waves of inverted, energy-information åctions…

This rather mathematical way to express it all, requires still an integrative point of view, from the ∫Œ, being as a whole, his will and ‘fantasy’ of being an independent entity that chooses.

Choice indeed is part of the function of existence. We could say it is all what it does. To choose between the oaeiu, to talk the ‘language of åctions’ through life with the subconscious mechanic or vegetative apperceptive knowledge that he ‘is playing.

This is what we prefer to discuss in those posts where we write the function as Sp x I = ST±4.

The Generator of Fractal, bidimensional Space-time Worldcycles:

can then be written as an ideography of its components…


where Tƒ is the head-particle, the body that exchanges energy and information through its 3networks, ∑ExI, and the ±åctions that absorb energy and information from the external Universe.

Thus Existence is a program that tries to satisfy the needs of the mind and body through space-time åctions performed with the world-Universe that surrounds the system.

So as always there are in this view of the function of existence 3 fundamental components:

Tƒ: Its worldcycle that makes the being live and die using those 3 parts to enact.

∑ Sp x Tƒ: Its 2-manifold 3 organic parts that create a diffeomorphic being in space.

And the external field

∑ST±4: Its cyclical ‘åctions’ which make him absorb and emit entropy and information, Se x Tƒ, in motions, ∇Sp, feeding åctions, ∆Sp,  ∆ï perceptions, reproductive åctions, ∇O, and Social and Darwinian events, ∇∆U with the different planes of existence of the being.

Tƒ exist is therefore to perform the function of existence through åctions in the external world that exchange energy and information to reproduce and evolve socially the internal world that expands cellular and socially through the world cycle of the being.

The meaning of existence is a tautology in itself: we ‘exi=st’ to inform ourselves in order to absorb Energy – the capacity to move and order those motions into form with the aim of reproducing our organism in other zone of space-time, avoiding in this manner ‘extinction’, the inverse function of existence – since we are only ‘parts’ of the total Universe with a limited quantity of vital Entropy/space and a limited duration of time. So to ensure the survival of our in/form/ation we must either reproduce in other zones of space-time or increase our quantity of vital Entropy and our duration in time, by becoming a part of a bigger entity, a wave, herd or organism.

So our åctions become ‘bricks’, units, frequencies of those 4 main arrows of time. And while all ‘yin=information has a bit of yang=Entropy’ and vice versa, we can distinguish those åctions by the quantity of Entropy or information they deploy, within the limits of an action, whose total product is constant:

  • Tƒ x Min a: Informative action
  • Max Sp x Min Tƒ: Energetic action
  • S=T: Reproductive action
  • ∑ Sp x ∑Tƒ2: Social action

The sum of all those åctions is what all beings do as existential beings whatever type of existence, the entity carries on. All this can be formalized in a simple Mandate, which all the languages, equations and åctions of all particles, beings and entities of reality follow: maximize your time arrows, maximize your function of existence:

Max. ∑ Sp X Tƒ

Thus, if the Universe can be defined externally, objectively, as a geometry of two inverse motions, Entropy and information; from the internal perspective of the ‘will’ or ‘why’ of those motions of time, the Universe is a game of ‘exi=stence’, where ‘to grow=evolve and multiply’ is the meaning of it all.

Some scientists think that this mandate can only expressed in the language of particles and forces, machines and spatial forms, geometry=mathematics. But this is by no means truth. Indeed, all languages of all species, which each particle or entity of reality use to guide its behavior in the Universe express the mandate to its species.

As Pythagorism affirms, physical entities are mathematical entities in as much as they use the language of mathematics to gauge Entropy and information and maximize their exi=stence. This is self-evident. We can describe the åctions of physical particles only with mathematics because that is the language which they possess. Probably all particles are like small computers and vice versa. We are about to be able to make quantum computers using the simplest physical particles. But you need then the ‘errors’ of the Galilean=Ego paradox of Physicists – aka reductionism – not to go further than that, and affirm that the Universe is only mathematics, and that the mathematical åctions of particles that gauge constantly information and Entropy, have no will behind, no purpose, no goal.

This of course means that nothing else matter, nor Biology, nor life, nor Humanity and History, because when we enter into those other scales and entities, mathematics is not enough to describe the behavior of humans and living beings. Yet, with 3×3 time arrows and the mandate of existence, we can still explain all the åctions and forms of biology and history. So again, according to the Principle of Correspondence, we can consider that mathematics as the language of physical particles and physics, as the science that studies only those particles of information and its forces of Entropy, are part of a bigger Stience of Stiences, the science of Multiple Spaces-Times.

Consider indeed, Biological beings. They have a geometrical, topological form, which we briefly described in previous paragraphs and will analyze in more detail. Essentially, any biological being is a complementary being, made of networks of cells that try to maximize the simplex arrows of time: perception of information, with their heads; and absorption of Entropy with their body.

They also try to maximize their complex arrows of time, which are less common (yet still exist in physical particles): the arrow of reproduction and the arrow of social evolution that gathers cells into organisms.

Physical particles, quarks and electrons, also reproduce when they absorb a lot of Entropy and evolve in social networks, molecules, planets and stars; yet their dominant arrows are Entropy and information, the simplest ones, given their minimal ‘volume of existence’. And so Sp<=>Tƒ, the fundamental beat of reality will suffice to explain most physical åctions.

In Biology though, the dominant arrow is reproduction, Max. Sp X Tƒ; and so we shall understand finally the ultimate meaning of theory of Evolution encoded in Mr. Darwin’s dictum: A struggle for existence follows from the constant reproduction of species in an environment of limited resources.

The way this fight for existence between species takes place is what Darwin described. The Biological networks or organs of each species (nervous=informative system, digestive= energetic system and hormonal=blood, reproductive system) define its physiology, the key science of medicine and biology at the scale of organisms.

Yet, because entities of reality spread over several fractal scales of size, the language that living beings ‘speak’ to reproduce and create a self-similar entity is the genetic code. And so we have a new language, genetics, which encodes the function of existence of living beings, trying to maximize its reproduction, Entropy and information absorption and social evolution.

Finally, in the scale of human beings, the main language that expresses the function of existence is NOT mathematics, neither genetics, which encodes our biological life as individuals, since we are guided in the external, social world, by the arrow of social evolution and the memetic, cultural objects we use to organize societies. Thus, again the language has changed: humans encode their wantings and will for Entropy, information, social evolution and reproduction in verbal mandates, which are either philosophical, logical, religious or legal codes. So Genesis said ‘and God told man, grow and multiply’, which again means Max. Sp X Tƒ, reproduce, grow your Entropy and information.

And Jesus said ‘love each other as I have loved you’, which means share your Entropy and information with other self-similar beings of your species or culture (in more reduced, tribal religions, which have not evolved verbally to understand that we all humans belong to the same species) so you can create an efficient social organisms, nation, God, civilization, all parts of the whole: mankind.

It is thus obvious that to maximize the function of exi=stence and its åctions has self-similar expressions in all languages of the Fractal Universe – reason why indeed, in English the verbal expression, to exist and the equation, exi=st is self-similar

The physical description of the mandate gives origin to the type of physical Isomorphisms, which describe the geometrical forms generated by those cycles of time in physical entities.

The verbal, historic description gives origin to the type of memes, Books of Revelation or Codes of Isomorphisms that are handed from generation to generation and develop human societies, which are either Religious bodies of God, the temple of the spirit, the ‘word that became man and inhabited among us’, Saint John 1.1, (God means then the subconscious collective of a social organism, expressed through the verbal mandates of its prophets that tell the believers to maximize their collective existence through the arrow of social love).

The result is what you see around you, the game of existence of infinite points of view, trying to gauge more information and Entropy, to maximize its reproductive and social existence, forming knots of time arrows at individual and collective level in all scales of reality.

Recap. The Universe is a game played by infinite actors, which try in all scales of reality to maximize their Entropy and information in order to multiply and share that Entropy and information with self-similar particles, forming networks and superorganisms. The function of maximal existence can be expressed in all languages, Max. Sp X Tƒ is its logic and mathematical expression, ‘grow and multiply’’ its most successful verbal expression (Bible). The will of times is also expressed in verbal mandates by Biologists (theory of evolution as a struggle for existence) and explains our existence as human beings at all levels.


As a consequence of all this, all systems try to maximize its function of existence: Max Sp xTƒ=∑ST±4

And from this fact as survival program arouses as all beings will:

Try to process Sp, storing energy for future motion and moving faster in its field. ∆Sp ∆A

Perceiving more detailed worlds, ∆ï, and reproducing its information, ∆œ

And finally multiplying its åctions and evolving socially with other beings into bigger systems that maximize the existential force of the system and make it survive, ∆U,

The reprod/action of those 5 åctions, R(æ,e,ï,œ,û), becomes thus the meaning of existence, and as they take place along the different planes of existence of the being, they define a program of existence, coded by every super organism with a different language.

Thus we call the function of existence: Entropy x Information ExI= ST±4 Planes of Space-Time.

The Function of Existence, is thus what we try to maximize through our åctions, in each world cycle of life and death, followed by any entity of the Universe Max. Sp x Tƒ = ST.

Thus 2 decades ago when i like to philosophize about the 5th dimension, I would write Tƒ  ExI=ST is somehow a magic word which means as an equation what it means as a word, Tƒ=zero point of perception, with a will to Absorb Energy, Sp, move in Space, S, Perceive Information, T, Iterate, Reproduce, I, and do so in a social environment, across planes of existence was what all was about.

But there is a more geometric way to see the function of existence, as a ternary System, TRS, with a head, Tƒ that guides a body/wave that combines the energy and information of the system, ExI, in balance with the larger space-time world, ST±4, in which it proportionally enact its åctions.

And so we could define literally a function of existence, ∑ ExI=ST, and each point of view had a simple function:

Tƒ: ExI=ST, that was all to move in Space and feed on Energy, to Iterate, to perceive information, to perform your world cycle of life and death.

An Existential Being, is a ternary organism, with its entropic, informative and reproductive parts, an St entity a symmetry of time cycles and spatial membranes.

We are games of time and topology… The capacity to realize entropic, informative and reproductive motions, which become åctions by virtue of form, and reproduced, autonomous existence, when enough intensity and density of energy and information is provided to them, will thus appear as a zero Point and start to ‘reprod-act’ ‘reproduces its 5 cyclical åctions’ of exchange of energy and information across the planes of existence that surround him, a larger 0±1 World, with a frequency that determines the intensity of its ‘momentum’.

In the articles of existential algebra we deal with the general equations of ‘the mandate’ of existence:

‘Feed on energy, move with it, perceive, reproduce your information and evolve socially, ∆Sp,˙∆A, ∆ï, ∆œ, ∆U’, Max. ∑Sp x Tƒ, which is achieved by multiplying those ‘Reprod-åctions’ across planes of existence, ∆0±4

Whereas we use the symbol ∆ as a symbol for ‘Action’, an ‘infinitesimal change’ on the Existential force of a ‘whole being’.

In the next graph we show those åctions:

5th bestsn human


In the graph, the åctions of existence of human beings, or ‘drives’ of life, moving, feeding on energy, perceiving, reproducing and evolving socially in groups and its equivalent in the quantum world, coded by the 4 main quantum numbers, which measure the structural energy of the electron, is ‘energy jumps due to feeding in electromagnetism’, its social order, produced by its magnetic fields, and its decouplings and iterations according to the ± similarity of spins. In each system, a 4, 5 ‘genetic system of vowels’ code the process of each relative particle-point of the Universe.

RECAP: The program of the Universe and its fundamental concepts that generate all realities can be resumed in some simple points:

  1. From 1 comes 2: The Universe of space-time is the ultimate simplification of a world made of multiple åctions of spatial Entropy and temporal information, performed by an infinite tapestry of complementary systems composed of both ‘formal motions’.
  2. From 2 comes 4: There are 4 åctions of Entropy and time, each one with an internal and external, negative or positive direction: The simplex åctions of Entropy (external motion and internal feeding). The simplex åctions of time (external cyclical motion, and internal perception). And their 2 complex combinations: SxT, or external ‘åctions’ and internal reproductions’ and ∑SxT, the fractal, social repetition of those åctions, which creates external herds that feed on Entropy along an external network or super-organisms structured with inner networks that deliver Entropy and information to all its cells.
  3. All systems of the Universe are defined as ‘knots’ of those 4 type of åctions, which are cyclical and discontinuous, as each being switches between them, trying to survive by feeding (Sp), perceiving (I), reproducing (SxT) and evolving socially ∑SxT. We define the central point of those knots as a P.O.V. or fractal Non-Euclidean point, the ‘apperceptive’ engine that orders the Universe. And there are infinite of them.

Superorganisms: The outcome of this structure is a fractal Universe, in which knots of cyclical åctions become herds and super organisms, in which the ‘informative network’ emerges again as a knot that controls the åctions of the herd, packing it tightly as a new ‘cell-point’ of a new ‘fractal’ scale of the Universe.

We must understand the structure of those worlds.

The Universe has man as its center, perceived sandwiches around itself inward and outward, of larger wholes made of smaller beings with a higher, ∑-parameter of quanta of relative entropy and relative information.

Once a zero point is born in that environment it will start to en-act in iterative cycles its energy, information, outward and inward impulses and establish social and Darwinian events with other points. This birth of a point thus implies a series of events points do by merely existing as systems of 3 varieties of bidimensional topological membranes with motions

It is the program of the Universe, which we all do:

Act, Repeat your åctions of exi=stence.

Sp x Tƒ = ST±4

Now if we write the generator of existences in a somehow self-explanative word:

Max. Sp x Tƒ = sT, maximize the existence of the being, both as a system of ‘motions in time’, entropy and its continuous sum of motions, space, on one side and its forms, of information and cycles of moving time on the other.

Maximize your function of existence. The formula interpreted in those terms becomes both an existential philosophy and mathematical description of systems. Max. Sp x Tƒ means Maximizes your existence (in the most common formula used here).

Max. Exi = ST means the same. And this is what points of view do once they have surface as fractal points with inner topologies that allow the creation of a homeomorphic correspondence between its Poincare conjecture (definition of a mind as c instant mapping in O of a relative ∞ external membrane-universe.

But how you maximize this product, of your spatial entropy, Sp,  free motions and cyclical, orderly information, how you maximize your body and mind, your existence? The answer is that a product maximizes when S=T, S=T, and so the being obtains an immediate mandate after trying to find an strategy to survive better with maximal  Existential force.

Thus this series of harmonies: ∑ Sp≈S, ∑O≈T, Sp ≈ Tƒ, not only establish certain tendencies in time and space, the ‘primacy’ of what we call present, hyperbolic or planar geometries, which re all pervading in the universe and the basic ‘first society’.

The Universe is organic, not mechanical. But to fully understand this fact we have to upgrade the 4D abstract paradigm of physical sciences to a larger view and understanding of the world cycles of all physical, biological and sociological systems of the Universe.

The organic structure of the Universe is proved by a series of common properties, which we call ‘isomorphisms’ that all systems follow, themselves based in the existence of 3 ‘logico-mathematical’ properties observed from that Universe:

Topological Properties studied by Œ-Geometry.
Temporal Properties studied by Æ-Algebra.
Infinitesimal Properties studies by Analysis.
Now we must understand the foundation of physical sciences, to be the Galilean-Einsteinian relativity explained by Poincare: we cannot distinguish motion from form. So we have two states, one of still space and one of spatial form.

Yet since still-space and motion-time are two states of the same being, we say that all beings are dual systems of space and time, and to understand how of this simple duality all other beings form, we must consider the next stage which is the beat between both states, which need a transitional dual zone of decelerations and accelerations to move from stop to go states. This results in 2+2 elements, the 2 still and steady state motion inertial states, and the 2 transitional acceleration and deceleration, and we call the 4 forms of motions as:

Space-still form no motion death

first age of life, decelerating young motions

steady state, time, present state,

and future, informative cyclical motion, accelerated towards…. big bang of death.

And thus we deduce from the simplest fact that there are motion and stillness, space and time the equation of the life-death cycle that defines all systems of the Universe as organic: since what we have described before, the sequential world cycle of life and death of all systems, is also the sequential sum of a series of ±∆e x i åctions that change the levels of energy and information of the system. As this happens the beings transits through the 5th dimension in a life death cycle.

The Mandate of existence: Maximize your Space-Time Actions.


The spatial-temporal ternary symmetry between:

Se: The Spatial entropic, long, relative past motions.

Tƒ: The high, informative, relative, future cyclical motions and…

St: The combined wave-body repetitive, present motions, structure the 3 bidimensional ‘organs’ of all diffeomorphic relative beings:

ST (-∆), St (∆), Tƒ (+∆); made of entropic fields that expand and disorder space by ‘burning’ and simplifying quanta of energy in larger scales of lesser order (-∆), hyperbolic-wave bodies that try to repeat cycles and reproduce the components of the system, and Tƒ, spherical zero-points with an external sensorial membrane that transfers to a central zero point by shrinking without deformation (Poincare Conjecture) the bidimensional perceived world into a mind that controls the whole system

Thus there is in all full systems of reality a center of order, a Maxwell’s devil, the zero-point, or ‘single dimensional soul-mind, which maps reality, 0-point x ∞ World = Constant mapping of reality, into a smaller fast cpu, brain, electronic eye, consciousness, program of existence, and then ‘enacts’ the åctions of the system that ensures its immortality in time-space, its continuity, its repetitive existence through its åctions.

We do not argue in this post the degree of consciousness of the point of view, which is rather an automatic ‘program’ that maximizes existence, imposed by the survival of beings. We just reason why the program must be in all systems that act in Nature in an independent way in reality, where it is located that point of will and in which consists that will.

In brief, systems are generated as varieties of the fractal space-time generator, which can be written as

U = ∑∑ W: ∑[Sp x Tƒ]= ST±4

This less synoptic expression of the generator means that the Universe is made of infinite fractal parts, we call worlds, composed of the 3 components of a system, Spatial entropy, Temporal information and reprod-active limbs/fields, body/waves, heads/particles that ‘act’ within 0±4 planes of relative existence, with its organic parts, to maximize its existence, which means obviously:

  • Tƒ increase its entropic motions, ∆a, to increase its vital, cellular/atomic structural space, ∆e, to increase its gauging of information, ∆ï, to increase its Reproduction, ∆œ and to increase its social evolution, into larger groups, ∆U.

Those 5 åctions that we write with 5 vowels: a for accelerated, entropic motions, e for energy feeding, i for iterative reproduction, o for informative perception and U for Universal creation departing from individuals form the program of existence. And we can spot that program in all systems, through the analysis of 4+1, ‘quantum numbers’, ‘laws of electromagnetic fields’, ‘coding genetic letters’, ‘drives of existence’ and so on.  (Humans tend not to recognize one of those 5 åctions often the social, evolutionary or the simpler motions and its ‘coding’ equations, so most likely you will find 4 ‘equations’ to define a system).

The program of existence does ‘exist’ in all beings, and explain its systemic interaction and why it perceives other planes of existence. It explains its organic structure. It defines a sentient, pantheist Universe in which ‘monads’, unlike the simplified model of Leibniz do communicate (who discussed if his monads did communicate with the Universe beyond its 0-mind mapping perception, but as it was going to be too complex to describe them in their communication simplified the model considering them isolated entities of pure perception).

There are in that sense two fundamental formalisms to study the Program of existence, which we explore in two different sections of this web:

  • The non-Euclidean geometry of ‘points with parts’, ‘fractal points’, ‘points of view’, ‘zero-points’, ‘non-Euclidean points’ , which communicate flows of energy and information to form, social groups, herds and networks that finally evolve together and emerge into wholes with 3 topological parts, which live through a dynamic 3 horizons of existence.

This description would be more objective, external, perhaps more liked by the scientist of the ‘4th paradigm of measure’, with its hidden anthropomorphic belief of Abrahamic religious origin, that only humans are sentient, perceptive, special, organic, living, because the z=6 atom, carbon, is so special (-;


We all live through a Hamiltonian, our existence in åctions on closed paths who cancel each other forces as work becomes entropy, in those cycles.

This is a travel of life and death, a worldcycle, a Hamiltonian. And we distinguish 3 fundamental space-time points that divide sections of a life, the maxima, minima and stationary points.

Such as we can divide a wave of existence in 3 phases with 3 points:

Adulthood, Max. ExI (s≈t), Min. Birth and death points. Steady state points around Maximal, Tangents=√2 at solstices.

A simple function of existence with a maximal in the center at the highest point of amplitude of the wave, SxT=Max. S=T.


Departing from 2 elements spatial energy, Sp, and temporal Information, Tƒ, we can only have events in which energy and information increase or diminish, ±∆e,i, which give us the 4 type of space-time action entities can perform, ∆a: acceleration, deceleration and steady motion in which energy is expelled and spent, ∆e, energy absorption or feeding, ∆œ, information emission or reproduction, and ∆ï, information absorption, or observer’s perception. This, æ,e,ï,œ form the 4 fundamental åctions the Universe codes for each of its species. Why those species want to ±∆e,i, is obvious:

They have limbs/fields and heads/particles that process spatial energy and temporal information, and so they need to exchange it. The game of Existence is therefore literally a series of ExI åctions played in space times, ExIst, thus we call the game the existential game, which all systems of space-time play.

Tƒ Exist becomes then to be a ‘Point of view’, Tƒ, a still frame of reference, a mind mapping, ∂till space and take åctions, in which the inner mind rotates freely into new paths that direct its inner vital space its body-limbs, wave-particle in a direction which will allow the entity Tƒ ExiST, to exchange energy and information through the different planes of space-time of the Universe.

The order of those åctions is also clear. First the observer, ∆ï, or 0-point of view, infinitesimal mind that in its spatula stillness stops time into form, O-Point x ∞ Universe = Constant mapping of reality, observes with an angular momentum, often just a mere 4%, π-3/π, apertures, the infinite, scans, sees, detains, transforms, pixels and notices a source of energy, e, towards which it will move with a mixture of angular and line momentums, its active magnitude, ∆ï->∆a-≥∆e; and as it accelerates through the gradient of its ∆-2 field space, its waves of existence create ripples of information, memories that translate its event for other observers to see.

Once, the observer, arrives to the feeding point it will feed, ∆ï->∆a->∆e, and only in extreme favorable conditions, when filled with excess of energy and information, it will iterate its form, ∆œ, in an adjacent location of space-time. In this manner points of view, fractal entities of the Universe, exist, from the simplest particles of the quantum Universe, whose 4 numbers code its 4 åctions, to bio-chemical systems coded by 4 letters, to living beings who follow those 4 drives of existence – the codes of the Universe code åctions of ∆e,i, which ensure a system to survive. How can we resume them all?

Simple: Since the maximization of the energy and information is what a system seeks for: Max. Sp x I (which happens mathematically when Sp= I), becomes the natural function that resumes the existence of all systems.

Max. Sp x I, thus becomes the ‘mandate of existence’, the ‘Hamiltonian’ closed path of all beings, in which the inverse functions of ‘lineal motion’s (kinetic)energy and ‘temporal cyclical motion’ or information (potential energy in physical jargons), try to reach its maximal, equal point.

This is a confusing paradox. I know. But it is the ultimate inversion and paradoxical truth of the Universe. we are made of two inverse motions, cyclical time(which we call in systems information, stored in the frequency of time cycles) and lineal time (which we call often energy, as lineal motions tend to be associated to momentum and work).

This two inverse functions, shape us, and they can transform into each other. Moreover, their product Max. ExI, is maximized when they are equal, in harmony, in beauty. This concepts thus when applied to the whole of the åctions of a being, start to show the ‘trick’ for the Universe to be immortal, its cancelling balances. We absorb energy by feeding but use it up by motion. We absorb information by perception but use it up in communication and reproduction. All becomes sooner or latter a zero sum.

And yet when we are into it, into existence, it always seems a positive sum for us. All points of view feel free and enjoy their existence. That is the magic of it all. To be a virtual zero sum and yet to be so intense, in its åctions which seem motions with purpose.

Why Ernest said that to the actress? Because the writer has purpose in his character’s motions. He has a plot, he has a direction, he describes an action. Motions are entropic, disordered if they do not have a purpose. The motions managed by the monads that order the Universe, its Fractal points of view have a purpose on their åctions. They are therefore intelligent, sentient.

The Universe has a will broken into infinite points of view, static minds, still presents, that reduce the dimensions of motions to mappings of reality that allow the point to know, gauge, observe and from its frame of reference establish åctions with a clear goal, a clear purpose.

Tƒ Survive.

A function of existence Œ, has vital energetic and informative head/particle wave/body parts, which need to be nourished with new energy and information, and so the game is simple. 2 parts of energy and information that can only emit and absorb them: ±∆e,i, and then they absorb and emit, communicate energy and information, iterate, reproduce, create waves of points that grow into larger Space-Time beings, ∆ST.

Simple, ∆ ExI ST, this is the meaning, the mandate, the purpose, the program of existence: to perform åctions in space and time that are ∆a, motions, accelerations, decelerations that consume energy, ∆e, so the system will feed inwards the energy lost outwards, and then ∆œ, iterate, replicate itself to survive before death. And yet for all that to happen, the system must observe, perceive, absorb information, ∆ï, and so there are always points of view, observers, o-points of information. And in this manner systems go on absorbing and emitting, reproducing, gauging, feeding moving, ∆e,i, and webbing networks of cloned points that grow into Universals, ∆u, ∆+1 new Space-Time ST-planes of Existence.

∆a, ∆e, ∆ï, ∆o, ∆u, move, feed, iterate, perceive, evolve socially, the æ,e,ï,œ,û of existence. In fact the order is a different one:

∆ï->perceive->∆a->move towards the perceived->∆e field of energy in which to feed and use -≥∆œ, the spared energy to reproduce yourself, and then it is the social game of clones that form networks and evolve into ∆u-niversal.

The cyclical åctions between planes of existence create superorganisms

Now we can return to our analysis of cyclical space-time åctions, as they are performed by any system through the different planes of space-time in which it co-exists.

Indeed, the relational space-time Universe of multiple time cycles breaks space into inner and outer fractal regions, creating cloned formal motions, existential beings, which evolve socially along the 5th dimension increasing in size and internal depth (complexity of invariant co-planes that organize its structure), till becoming a complex super-organism.

This is truly the unit of existence of reality, a system of vital cycles of space-time, extended across several planes of organization, the cellular, individual, organic and social U±1 planes in biological systems and the parallel quantum-atomic, Thermodynamic-molecular and cosmic-gravitational U±1 scales of physical systems.

In those multiple co-existing, co-invariant organic scales, beings perform the 5 fundamental åctions of the Universe echoing energy and information with other planes, which are nested Universes that as in Nature, the bigger they are the smallish their minimal points of energy become. So as big whales eat smallish planckton, the largest cosmic scale is sustained by the smallest, invisible gravitational strings.

So we extract motion, ∆a±4 of the furthest biggest and smallish in its quanta, Cosmic plane of gravitational strings.

Then we extract information from the next scale, visible to us, ∆ï±3, the electromagnetic, galactic Universe

And we take energy from the next molecular scale, ∆e±2 of our immediate planetary world.

And finally we co-exist intimately related to our cellular and social ±1 scales, reproducing ∆œ>Tƒ, departing from a seminal cells which emerges in our ∆-scale and then evolves socially ∆+1, into a universal, superorganism of human beings ∫u. And those 5 åctions of existence, which are limited by:

– The existence of only 2 formal motions O Time and – Space, which therefore restrict the needs and åctions of beings to absorb external energy and motion (∂a,e), collapse information into mental mapping and emit it to reproduce externally and finally evolve socially in bigger groups or disaggregate in the processes of death, ∫±u.

Those 5 åctions further one, are inverse, as the properties of energy and information, space and time are. So we could consider that along the entire worldcycle of existence of an active superorganism of vital space and cyclical time, the moving and informing åctions, the energetic feeding and reproductive, emitting åctions and the aggregations and disaggregation of death will cancel each other into a zero sum, which returns the entity after its longest vital worldcycle of life and death to its origin, back to the cellular place.

Minimal åctions: Its physical description: Angular Momentums, Temperatures, Forces.

Actions are topo-bio-logic as everything in the Universe. Physical sciences though do not tend to consider the bio-logic properties in great precision. Thus topologically a minimal action is a meaningful section of a time-cycle, which can be no other than an areolar arc of a radian. The radian is thus the minimal meaningful unit of the Universe, and its minimal action is an m x v x r action, where between 2 points, O1,2 we perceive an angle, given by the arc, mv=P1 and the radius, R2, with the second point.

The unit of the Universe is the cycle of space-time, and yet this cycle as it moves upward, becomes more ‘discrete’, broken in frequencies with gaps in between, since information is lost. So we can see a perfect cycle in the lowest scales, which is an H-Planck action, made of 6 h ‘angular momentums.

This minimal unit of the Universe, an angular momentum that occupies roughly 1/6th of a space-time cycle, which we shall call a Planckton, is the ‘value’ of the ½ spin of the smallest entities, particles. And so we can build a quantitative, realist description on how the Universe is constructed departing from those angular momentums.

But as we come forwards to more sensorial, conscious scales close to man, the concept of angular momentum and time cycle, becomes increasingly less reliant on geometries and more on functions. Form is substituted by function, and so we talk of drives of existence. We do not care when we feed if we move along certain paths to the restaurant tor others. The important part is the function. So it is for a particle, as we shall see defined by several åctions, each ones explained by a quantum number.

But and this is the essence of endophysics – of the interference of the observer – we humans observe the quantum world with great slowness respect to its cycles, and with great size. So we see the entire cycle drawn in the space-time, because it is so fast and so small that we see the entire worldview.

The emergence of certain properties according to those arrows and the damping of others and the interplay of the flows of existence upward and downwards through the limitative nature of those 2 inverse directions.

Another sub-discipline of the 5th dimension is to study the way in which populations of spatial quanta become continuous beings, through organic networks and languages, becoming wholes, mostly in decametric scales of 3×3+1 relative tetraktys = S+1. So soldiers become units of ten with a caporal that become units of 10 for a captain=100 soldiers and so on, till filling the classic army (centurion, Mongol units, etc.). This ideal structure has as always in the Universe variations, which account for lesser probabilities of existence.

As the Universe allows freedom of creation but penalizes with less existence, more extinction the paths that do not follow a perfect geometrical structure.

Thus we order all those sub-scales with a new dimension, the U 5th dimension of relative S-ize, and information. The U logarithmic 101o scale that goes from the simplest U=1 force scale through social groups of ±1010 elements that become units of a bigger whole (so 104×10 gravitational strings across 4 dimensions of space-time create an electromagnetic wave of force, 1010 ties of atoms create a DNA cells, 10±10 cells or stars an organism or a galaxy, and around those logarithmic numbers all kind of varieties of species with lesser or larger ‘fractal points-particles’ create new worlds.

U+1: U+1 ≈ 10±10 U

The formalism of scalar space-times describes the Universe as a Fractal System of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information, extended through a 5th dimension of scales in which all those systems obey the same=isomorphic sets of mathematical and logic laws – the formalism of the 5th dimension. In each of those scales species change in 2 parameters, its ‘spatial size’ and its ‘speed of informative clocks’. And both parameters are inverted.

Thus we can refine the ‘equation of relational space-time’ ∑Se x Tƒ=ST, where ST is any relative constant relationship or ratio between both parameters that make up the Universe.

And write it as an inverse function of the properties of its 2 formal motions:

Max. Se (maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tƒ = Minimal Temporal Speed of Information.

From where we deduce the Metric of the Fifth dimension:

Se x Tƒ = ST±4

This equation, whose first member is, similar to the equation of relational space-time, now establishes a constant quantity, ST, the co-invariant value of the product of the inner speed of time clocks and size in space of a certain family of species, across multiple relative ‘scales’ of absolute space-time, ST±4, whose combined value is the same, but have different sizes in space and speed of times.

A fact, of enormous importance to understand the scalar, organic structure of the Universe, and the relationships between the microcosms and macrocosms, which can relate to each other, through their co-invariance of size and informative speed of time-cycles, but are essentially different, to the point we can talk of ‘different discontinuous planes of space-time’, and 2 opposite gradients of increasing size and diminishing information, as we change the ±∆ logarithmic parameter of those scales.

The fifth dimension of time thus gives us an enormous range of new knowledge about each point of space-time, now enlarged. This would be from the topological/mathematical perspective the way to ‘widen those points of the plane, numbers, 6 humans, 10 up to 23 atoms, and so on to the full information they possess.

This must also be understood from the beginning. There is nothing ‘new wave’, ‘philosophical only’, ‘speculative’ thought on the model of relational space-time, but as in the case of Leibniz’s insights, a perfect merging of the 3 qualities of the Universe, which is topological, hence mathematical, social; cyclical, causal in its worldcycles of life and death, hence also vital, and biological, in the processes of synchronicity and organization of the time cycles of smaller parts that become wholes.

Leibniz, was not only the father of relational space-time, but the true father of modern science, with his discovery of calculus and analysis (published earlier than newton, with a simpler notation still in use), binary computer mathematics (with his discovery of the 0-1 binary language and construction of first computer machines), the fundamental principles of modern science (with the first formulation of the principle of conservation of energy, and what it is more amazing, his consideration of mass as a form of energy, anticipating 3 centuries in advance, Einstein’s work), and so many other insights in the future of science that we would need an entire treatise to enumerate them, due to his departure from a much sounder philosophy of space and time.

And the T.œ. the reader will find in this web, following on his steps, is in that sense also a harmony of philosophy of science and the qualities and quantities of reality, with many insights and discoveries for the future of science, because it departs from this wider, deeper, more objective analysis of times and spaces.

And its mathematical, logic version, requires as it happened in the case of Leibniz’s work, also key advances in mathematical and logic sciences (completion of the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry, development of a causal logic with 3 arrows of time, corresponding to the 3 phases/ages/horizons/dimensions of any time cycle, its relative, past, present and future dimensions), and in the comprehension of the discontinuous, fractal structure of space-times, with the metric of the 5th dimension.

This slight detour on the philosophy of science needed to understand internal vital space-times is needed to introduce the 3rd fundamental element of the Fractal Universe, besides the duality of formal motions (–Space-speed vs. cyclical time motions), and the existence of 5 space-time, repetitive vital åctions in all beings, the metric of the 5th dimension, which order all those beings is social planes of organization.

Cyclical åctions of space-time

When we accumulate enough worldcycles in 3 U±1 Universal planes of the logarithmic 101o scales of social evolution, a function of existence, Œ, will reach such a size that it will become a superorganism, a U∆±1, partial universe extended in 3 So Planes of Absolute |-Space and O-Time, either the quantum, thermodynamic or gravitational scales of physical systems or the cellular, organic and ecosystemic scales of biological systems. In each of those scales a relative infinite of smaller ±1010 beings will trace a worldcycle of existence as they evolve from seminal to organic to social being of an eco-system of cloned similar beings. 

Thus we arrive to the fundamental ‘particle’ of the Universe, which is NOT the whole super-organism, but its minimal parts, cyclical åctions of space-time, which the superorganisms traces in the external world of absolute space-time, in which it exists.

In that absolute space-time the Organism will perform exchanges of energy and information of 5 types to ensure its survival and renewal:

Рƕ: informative gauging that maps in the relative stillness of its logic, cyclical smaller faster brain patterns a memorial conduct, which guides its motions:

-∆a: acceleration and decelerations, that is motions in the external space-time, guided by:

– ∆e: fields of energy in which to feed and store further energy to imprint its information in other region of that absolute space-time

– ∆œ: decoupling, iterating, reproducing its space-time form to survive beyond death, and then

-∆u: evolve with similar reproduced, clone individuals into bigger wholes, social spaces that as they keep growing, create an arrow from past to future of increasing social organization, and co-existences of different ‘planes of space-time’ from smaller to larger sizes, from particles into atoms, into molecules, states of matter, organisms, societies, planetary systems and galaxies…

Thus before we fully understand the ‘stages’ of growth of reality, from ‘Spatial motions’ which curve into ‘temporal cycles’ that become organic systems, which perform with their bodies/waves and particles/heads space-time åctions in an absolute external world, we have to return to that world, and consider how it structures all its planes of relative space-time size.

The inverted properties of time and space.

Now it must be understood that spatial motion and temporal cycles are completely different, of inverse products in most cases. We are NOT talking of ‘same formal motions’, and ‘same logic arrows’ and same ‘Thermodynamic properties’, etc.

But to full understand this divergence we must explore in detail absolute space and absolute time, in its quanta of speed-energy and cyclical clocks of information.

Thus we talk of 2 different kind of substances of the Universe, made of infinite time cycles and vital spaces:

U∆= ∑ S x ∑T =K; where the product expresses exactly the fundamental property of both, Spatial quanta and cyclical time, its inverse value: | S / O t= Œ

Which is one of the fundamental equations of the 5th dimension, what we call the ‘function of existence’, a constant function proportionally different for each species, and scale of reality or ecosystem we study, but always there as a fundamental function that expresses an existential event of space-time.

The commonest being speed: V=S/T Duration = S x Tƒ (Frequency) = l x v = œ.

As those cycles carry the in-form-ation of systems in its frequency and form, we shall use the term Tƒ, and measure it to standardize many physical equations by its frequency, ƒ=1/T, hence:

Tƒ ≈1/T.

While its specific form as a ‘space-time cycle’, a cycle that ‘closes’ a vital space (1st knot theorem), will be studied by ‘bidimensional topology’, called ‘2-manifold’ topology, which is the classification of all bidimensional forms, of which there are only 3, the 3 fundamental type of space-time cycles.

It is then evident, that we can establish a fundamental equation for the Universe, the equation of the ‘speed’ of the Universe and all its fractal parts that expresses the inverse nature of information, and its clock like attractive vortices of time, and reproduction and its waves of cloned forms in space:


The multiple consequences of that equation will be evident as we go onto studying the ‘detailed’ species of vital cycles of spacetime, performing its 5 type of cyclical ST-åctions, constantly micro-reproducing their forms in radiating waves of existential clones, evolving socially back into the emerging U-scale.

We can in that sense start to consider laws of general behavior, of which physical sciences, with the exception of the Hamiltonian/Lagrangian formulation of forces, lack many.

Se/Tƒ=K (Inverted properties of space and time) plus,

Max. Se x Tƒ = ∆(æ,e,ï,œ,û)

the definition of the åctions of space-time and the will of survival of the system, which tries to maximize the energy of its body, Se and the information of its mind, Tƒ; and the rule that maximizes products, Se=Tƒ, and defines the steady state, standing point which all functions seek for, we have 3 general laws,


S ≈ Tƒ

Max. Se x Tƒ =∑Å(æ,e,ï,œ,û,)

as 3 initial elections to ‘play’ and ‘fit’ all other laws of science.

For example, Sp=Mc2, reads, Se = Tƒ, whereas M(Tƒ) are accelerated vortex of time, in the gravitational scale: M=∑Tƒ±4, and ∑=c, the constant involved.

Masses, time cycles transform themselves back and forth into energetic flows: E≤ = ≥M(t±4)

Space is thus always a ‘minimal’ part of a time cycle.

This, Kepler understood when it said that a line is merely a small part (a derived tangent we could say today in calculus) of a curve. This concept, of an infinitesimal part of a longer cycle, which becomes a straight interval, is ultimately the meaning of a present point, which we derive, in the same manner we obtain a Lagrangian worldcycle that sums zero with we integrate.

The parameters of worldcycles: the wider concepts energy and information

Of similar interest for the understanding of those worldcycles is the concept of energy, in physics, which roughly includes both concepts of relational space-time, the energy and information of a system (since in physics ‘all is energy’, that is the energy of rotary motions is also included, and the energy of formal location is included as potential energy).

Thus since energy in physics is the integration along a path of space-time (or speed) of the momentum of a being: Sp ∫p=mv=1/mv2 we can represent the worldcycle by changes on the energy and information of a system, considering a general rule of the inverse properties of space(energy) and time (information), eq.1.2:

Worldcycle and its ages:

∫œ dt = Max. Energy (young-past age) > Energy = Information (adult age) > Max.Information (Old age) << Energetic big bang (death): Max. Sp.

This description of the worldcycle of a system, in 3 ages is the fundamental law of all time cycles of existence, and will be paramount to describe any physical, biological or organic system of the Universe.

As life is a travel through two scales of the 5th dimension, between birth and extinction, through those 3 ages of maximal space-motion, Max. Se, (youth), reproductive balance Se=Tƒ and old, informative age, Max Tƒ, join then back to the ST=∆-+1 cellular plane.

Information≈ time cycles vs. Energy≈ Space

It is now easier to understand why we relate energy to space-speed and information to time cycles.

Since a conservative field does not consider that work is done when a rotary point returns to the beginning of the cycle, it follows that time cycles do not vary the energy of the system, a property which will latter allow us to deduce the immortality of the Universe (as no loss of energy, hence of entropy exists in a Universe made of worldcycles).

On the other hand, information, form in action is measured by the frequency and form of those cycles. And so in a perfect lineal motion there is no information. A property, which will allow us to understand the non-local infinite speed of invisible gravitation.

In the graph below we observe that process and write the equation of existential algebra that describes it in the simplified notation.  The reader could notice even if it does not fully grasp what we just explained, the enormous enlightenment that the understanding of the paradoxes and inverse arrows of scalar space and cyclical time, and the flows of energy and information between planes of existence, should bring to many themes of science.

So dynamically all can be resumed in a concept: the world cycle of life and death which all systems follow as they use their topologies in an orderly fashion:

Now once this is clear, the metric and partial equations and dynamic analysis of motions through those world-planes, will be able to describe an enormous number of phenomena of which perhaps the most important s the world cycle of life and death:

∆-1 (seed) <∑∆-1 (fetus)>i (birth)< Max. Ei (Youth) ≈ Se=Tƒ (adult iteration)> Max Tƒ (3 informative age) <∑Sp∆-2  (death).

If he is able to go through the initial difficulties of understanding the primary concept and paradoxes that structure the Universe, he will learn about a revolution of thought, unlike any other in modern science since a century ago the understanding of the 4th dimension and the paradoxes of quantum physics, many of which find an explanation in the metric of the 5th dimension.

It is now clear what we mean by an immortal Universe, and the null energy spent in time cycles, which become a zero sum that appears also as such in geometrical, simpler physical systems, where there is no work≈energy change when a cycle closes itself.

In the larger view of relational space-time this is also truth: when the cycle closes, the total energy-information of a system returns to a zero sum.

In that regard if we consider each worldcycle of existence, Ω, extended in length across a 5th dimension such as, we establish an interval in which t is no longer ‘duration’ but ‘frequency’, we can plot in this phase space of the 5th dimension, in one coordinates, the size of the system and in the other the time frequency of its time cycles and then we obtain the simplest coordinates of the 5th dimension.

This kind of plots however must be done for families of species across the different sciences of the 5th dimension:

5th     Dimension coordinates: Size ordinates: Space-motion

For example in physics, we can consider graphs in appearance so different as the H-R graph  of the life-death cycle of stars and the table elements to be 5D graphs of the organic evolution of quanta of the SI-2 and SI=2 scales:

In the previous graph, some fundamental worldcycles, which expand the concept of a worldline of 4D metric, to a worldcycle by adding new dimensions, from past to future (which we shall call ages, as we are more interested in its qualitative nature, and treat them all within the metric of the 5th dimension that encompasses the entire evolution of the Universe, across its scales of size and its speeds of time).

We see in the graph 2 human, sociological cycles, the human life death cycle and its parallel social life-death cycle of civilizations shown in the ages of art before war-death; the states of matter which are the thermodynamic ages and its gaseous, liquid and solid state; the ages of stars and galaxies which end in an ultra solid black hole state, and the similar 3 ages of the Local Universe described by the 3 solutions of Einstein’s 4D metric, which must be considered sequential time solutions, not as physicists do 3 ‘parallel Universe’, but rather as Dirac thought and the cosmological constant varying in 3 phases proves, the 3 ages of warping of space into information, which complete the Universe’s time cycle.

So what are the relationships between those 3 dimension of time and the 3 classic dimensions of space, length, width and height?

The human case illustrates them: Young age is dominant in spatial, body, energetic networks, the reproductive adult age of balance in endocrine, glandular and the 3rd age in informative, inner motion.

Simple, the dimensions of time and the parts of the body are symmetric.

Systems are ‘organic’. They are NOT only made of a single plane of existence, a ‘solid’ head/particle and a ‘solid’ body/wave.



As scientific equations are varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4+∆ functions that represent the 4+∆ vital actions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4+∆ functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions that suffice to describe the existence of each species.

The purpose of the fractal Universe: organic, reproductive actions: ∆o±4 (Exi)


In the graph, several experimental proofs of the fractal organic structure of all beings of reality: On the left, the Sloan fractal map of galaxies and its comparison with a neuronal cell; on the middle, an ice fractal, a plant and a river; on the right, a cluster of galaxies and a lung. Fractal and non-Euclidean mathematics have evolved our understanding of information in topological terms, defining a new arrow of time, fractal information, which all structures of nature constantly reproduce over a canvas of simpler, energetic motions. Time bends space into masses, said Einstein. Time evolves form, said Darwin. We can mathematize those processes through self-reproductive fractal equations that iterate a certain form of nature—an ice geometry, a DNA code, a cellular structure, a physical particle. Since the Universe is a “fractal of energy and information, made of self-similar parts, which constantly reproduce their forms.” Indeed, from the simplest particles, quarks, and electron, which absorb energy and reproduce new particles to the most complex informative species, human beings, reality is made of bits of information and bytes of energy, evolved in complex, social networks through fractal scales, from atoms to molecules, to cells to organisms, planets and galaxies.

In the previous graph we showed some experimental proofs of the fractal Universe. Each photograph is a fractal structure, taken from different sciences that study different entities of nature since each part of the Universe has a fractal structure, and so does the Universe at large, made of all those fractal parts.

In March 2007, after Pietronero, an Italian astrophysicist, showed the fractal nature of the Universe, tabulating an enormous number of galaxies, whose distribution was fractal, the magazine New Scientist1 published an article on the theme, confronting Mr. Pietronero and Mr. Hogg, a quantum physicist from the previous outdated probabilistic, mechanist, quantum paradigm:

“The universe is not a fractal,” Hogg insists, “and if it were a fractal, it would create many more problems than we currently have.” A universe patterned by fractals would throw all of cosmology out the window. The big bang would be tossed first, and the expansion of the universe following closely behind.

Hoggs’s team feels that until there’s a theory to explain why the galaxy clustering is fractal, there’s no point in taking it seriously. “My view is that there’s no reason to even contemplate a fractal structure for the universe until there is a physical fractal model,” says Hogg. “Until there’s an inhomogeneous fractal model to test, it’s like tilting at windmills.”

Pietronero is equally insistent. “This is fact,” he says. “It’s not a theory.” He says he is interested only in what he sees in the data and argues that the galaxies are fractal regardless of whether someone can explain why.

As it turns out, there is a model that may be able to explain a fractal universe. The work of a little-known French astrophysicist named Laurent Nottale, the theory is called scale relativity. According to Nottale, the distribution of matter in the universe is fractal because space-time itself is fractal. It is a theory on the fringe, but if the universe does turn out to be fractal, more people might sit up and take notice.

A resolution to the fractal debate will only come with more data. Sloan is currently charting more galaxies and will release a new map in the middle of 2008.

Of course, the Sloan 2008 showed the Universe is a fractal.2

This should have been big news all over the world. But that means, as Hogg recognizes, that we have to throw to the trash the big bang and the expansion of the Universe, accept the fractal informative structure of reality, and close down some big projects of science, such as the large hadron collider, which will merely cause a planetary big bang, very different from the birth of the entire Universe.

Indeed, in the fractal paradigm, the Universe is infinite and the big bang is not the birth of all realities, but any local big bang and big crunch dual process, any explosion that splits the physical energy and information of a complex system, in any of the multiple scales of physical reality.

Let us then prove the fractal paradigm, the true evolution of cosmology, with the three legs of the scientific method: experimental proofs, logic consistency, and mathematical accuracy.

Logic Consistency: The Infinite, Hierarchical Universe

A good description of the fractal universe and its logic principles is this text from the Web by Mr. Oldershaw from Amherst University:3

With regard to cosmology, we live at a very privileged time. When we read about exciting and revolutionary paradigm changes, in which our most fundamental ideas about nature undergo radical revisions, the drama usually has taken place well before we were born. Today, however, we have the rare opportunity of witnessing at first hand a profound transformation in our understanding of how the Universe is structured. This ongoing change of cosmological paradigms from a “small” finite cosmos to an infinite fractal cosmos began about two decades ago and is in full swing at present. The short version of what is happening goes like this. For about 50 years the Big Bang model of the Universe has provided an excellent explanation for the basic cosmological observations: a very large-scale expansion, an approximately uniform background of microwave radiation and a unique set of abundances for the atomic elements. However, there were some technical problems with this model, such as an a causal beginning of space-time, a lack of magnetic monopoles, an unexpectedly high degree of uniformity, and an enigmatic knife-edge balance between the open and closed states.

Then in the early 1980s Alan Guth4 showed how these and other problems with the Big Bang model could be solved in one fell swoop with the Inflationary Scenario. But, an ironic thing has happened. Although the Inflationary Scenario was developed to rescue the Big Bang model, the most logical consequence of pursuing the concept of Inflation is the replacement the Big Bang paradigm with a much grander and more encompassing paradigm. According to Guth and a growing number of leading cosmologists, the most natural version of Inflation theory is Eternal Inflation in which Inflation is, was and always will be occurring on an infinite number of size scales. The new paradigm that cosmologists have arrived at by several routes is an infinite fractal hierarchy that has “universes” within “universes” without end. The astronomer Carl Sagan once referred to the general idea of an infinite fractal universe as “strange, haunting, evocative—one of the most exquisite conjectures in science or religion.”

That is the basic story, but because of the profound changes the fractal paradigm will have on our understanding of the Universe and the place of humans within that Universe, it is important to explore the implications of this new vision. Firstly, there is no edge or boundary of the Universe; space is infinite in all directions. What we used to refer to as “The Universe” can be more appropriately called the “observable universe” (note the small “u”) or the “Hubble Volume,” and it is only a tiny part of what one might call our “metagalaxy” or “level 1 universe”. We currently have no way of determining the size of our metagalaxy or the number of galaxies it contains, but we could reasonably assume that both figures would be vastly beyond anything previously contemplated.

There would be an infinite number of these level 1 universes, and on an unimaginably large scale they too would be organized into level 2 universes, and so on without limit.

Secondly, time is also infinite in the unbounded Organic universe. Whereas our Hubble Volume may have come into being and began to expand approximately 13.7 billion years ago, the Universe has always existed and always will. Parts of the Universe may be created or annihilated, may undergo expansion or contraction, but the infinite fractal hierarchy remains unchanged overall, and thus is without any temporal limits.

Thirdly, there is no limit to size scales. In the infinite fractal paradigm there is no class of largest objects that would cap off the cosmological hierarchy; the hierarchy is infinite in scale.

This fact removes one of the more suspect aspects of the old paradigm. Natural philosophers had long noted the unusual fact that within the Big Bang paradigm humans found themselves roughly in the middle of nature’s hierarchy of size scales. This anthropocentric state of affairs seemed to violate the Copernican concept that when humans appear to be at the center of the cosmos, we should suspect that a bias is leading us astray. In an infinite fractal hierarchy there is no center of the Universe, nor any preferred reference frame.

Some interesting questions immediately arise. Why are fractal hierarchies so ubiquitous in nature? By studying empirical phenomena within the observable universe, how much will we be able to learn scientifically about the parts of the Universe that lie beyond our observational limits? Does the infinite cosmological hierarchy have a bottom-most scale of sub-atomic particles as is currently thought, or is this another artificial limit to an infinite Organic universe that actually extends without limits to ever smaller scales?

Centuries ago Immanuel Kant, J.H. Lambert and a few others proposed an infinite hierarchical model of nature based largely on natural philosophy arguments. This general hierarchical paradigm never garnered a large following, but it was kept alive by numerous rediscoveries. In the 1800s and 1900s quite a few scientists, including E.E. Fournier d’Albe, F. Selety, C.V.L. Charlier and G. de Vaucouleurs, argued for hierarchical cosmological models based on the hierarchical organization within the observable universe. Then toward the end of the 1970s, the mathematician B. B. Mandelbrot5 gave the hierarchical paradigm new life and widespread exposure by developing the mathematics of fractal geometry and demonstrating that fractal phenomena based on hierarchical self-similarity are ubiquitous in nature. In this way natural philosophers, empirical scientists, mathematicians and theoretical physicists have all found their way, slowly but surely, to the infinite fractal paradigm. There are many routes to this paradigm, and certainly there are a large number of distinct versions of the basic paradigm that have their own unique theoretical explanations for why nature is organized in this manner, but the general paradigm that nature is an infinite hierarchy of worlds within worlds has fully arrived, and will probably be our dominant cosmological paradigm for the foreseeable future.

But what does it mean that the Universe is organized in fractal patterns of form? To fully grasp this concept, we have to realize that “fractal equations” are “organic equations,” which participate of the properties of organisms. Fractal equations create forms as life does. Fractal equations create self-similar “cells,” as life does. And in fact, they use the same term. Fractal equations are also called generator equations, as they are the mother cells that encode the information needed to repeat a living form. Finally a fractal equation will create a pattern of interconnected parts, which put together reproduce a whole, self-similar to their parts, as organisms do.

The only thing a fractal equation does not have is motion, as it is a simplified geometrical description of reality. So in the same manner, geometry lacks motion; simplified fractal equations didn’t have motion when they were first discovered.

But now, fractal science has advanced a step further, thanks to the evolution of fractal logic, duality, and non-Euclidean geometries, so we can understand finally the meaning of motion in the Universe.

Let us then explain the logic and mathematical principles of the fractal paradigm, starting for what fractal relativists mean when they say that the Universe is built in fractal scales made of pieces of vital space and informative time. To that aim, we apply to the understanding of masses of physical information and black holes and pulsars, which are fractals, made of quarks.


The 3 geometries of physical scales.

We thus will observe 3 type of geometries, according to our ‘angle’ of 5D motion and its simple metrics: Se x Tƒ = K:

  • In a single plane of mechanical and Thermodynamic forms, we shall observe lineal Euclidean geometries transmitted by the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space, as neither Se or Tƒ suffers any deformation. Both remain constant , so we observe a holographic Universe, where Se= K/Tƒ define according to both parameters most equations of Mechanics and Thermodynamics. For example: Se (volume) = K/Tƒ (pressure) is the equation of the commonest gas space around us (atmosphere).
  • In the upper gravitational space-time, as ‘space enlarges’ while ‘time slows down’ it appears a Riemannian, elliptic geometry one of the non-Euclidean geometries that completely rejects the validity of Euclid’s fifth postulate and modifies his second postulate. Simply stated, Euclid’s fifth postulate is: through a point not on a given line there is only one line parallel to the given line. In Riemannian geometry, there are no lines parallel to the given line because space enlarges, thus from our smaller perspective we see those lines diverging, and time slows down. And those are the exact effects defined in General relativity.
  • On the other hand the lower quantum scales will appear from our perspective made of point-particles, and those point-particles will appear to be crossed from our larger perspective by multiple parallels. So the charges and particles of quantum physics will show the inverse hyperbolic geometry, crossed by multiple parallels.

Now in this quantum scale time goes ‘much faster’ than in our universe, so when we take measure of it, we actually cannot easily differentiate a spatial and a temporal vision of it. And so the question which is always discussed as if it is a wave density or a wave probability can be interpreted both ways due to the duality inherited to the Universe: it is an electron moving so fast that we cannot see it in a given point and when we capture it is the sum of the points it travels though, or it is a sum of fractal bosons? This is my preferred solution albeit not the standard one.

Ultimately it does not matter to me as duality is essential to my understanding of the Universe. Populations in time and forms in space use the same maths because they ‘ARE’ co-existing. One is NOT more truth than the other because PLANES OF THE 5TH DIMENSION CO-EXIST, so while right now your whole is static in form, your cells are busy, busy moving. This is what never got through the mind of humans who see ONLY one thing at a time, and what fascinates me of quantum dualities – they DO prove 5D metrics.

This said we could introduce understanding that there are ALWAYS 4 true model perspectives the iƒ, informative, Ti, clock-like moving, Se-space and Sp-kinetic energy perspective…. Using the simplest of the 4 (latter analyzed), the Newtonian, Tƒ perspective of gravitation NOT the more complex, iƒ-informative Einstein’s analysis of space-time as still, formal geometry…

Now the analysis of all the elements of space in the 3 scales of physical systems (Se-light space, ST-waves and Tƒ cyclical time clocks) will be obviously too extensive for this introduction so we merely will consider here a few themes:

– First define the relationship between space and energy: se and sp, two sides of the same coin by introduce the still-moving lineal and cyclical parts (Galileo’s paradox and Holographic principle of bidimensionality of time and space state).

– Then study together the space and time symmetries, which is the form and function of the different parts of beings as Tƒ, Tiƒ, Se, Sp.

– Then study together the 5D planes and space symmetry, which explains the fractal structure of the Universe. We shall consider the philosophical aspects of space as a fractal through different 5Dimensions (in other posts we formalize it with fractal equations).

– Finally to consider in other posts the analysis of Tƒ, ST wave and Se fields.

We have study the Tƒ-cyclical time vortices masses and charges, unifying them through the metrics of the fifth dimension in the isomorphism of the zero point.

– Se: We will consider revisiting special relativity the meaning of the Se-field or light speed, which is the constant of space of our Universe (hence a fixed parameter) both in philosophical and mathematical terms. But this part will be put on the description of the first scale of reality – that of light space (∆-3).

And we shall study some elements of the ST-wave transformations, which communicate the two Tƒ, and Se fields in our universe in the analysis of light space-time, as it is really the mother fall battles.

So basically here we give an over all geometric-topological understanding of the space-symmetry, which will be further analyzed in physical terms of parity and chirality on the 3rd and 4th lines.

So what changes as we move into larger sizes of the Universe?

The simplest ternary fractal analysis is that of the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scale; but as we already know the Universe can divide any ternary system into sub-fractal scales. So we can keep adding intermediate scales. All in all, we human beings do NOT have an infinite perception of all the scales of the 5th dimension. So with the information we have, the following scales are ‘self-evident’, because they do have an Energy ‘different formula’, a different space/action constant, a time clock or similar scalar parameter and finally a scaling around the 1010 scales.



Planes of the 5th dimension from the human p.o.v.; its key features, unresolved questions and 5D innovations.

So from the human perspective, the ∆±4 physical scales will be (we shall add some important features of each scale, as each one should be formed by social evolution of the previous one, but not so ‘simply’ as each new scale implies a full transformation and the addition of a new ‘time clock’ and creation of a new ‘space quanta’, so it is not ‘as simple’ as physicists think – just finding an equation for it):

– ∆-4: Invisible forces. Gravitational quanta? Planck scale? Neutrino background scale? Final spatial scale of entropy-motion? How it relates to magnetism, spin and the theoretical string scale? Does it go faster than c-speed? It is the dark energy of the cosmological scale? It is gravitational transversal repulsive waves? Neutrino-antineutrino theory of light formation? Higgs field? Higgs particle? Scalar non-spinning scale? Or 2 spin?

This scale is full of interrogations. It cannot be otherwise, since even if we can reconstruct the scale with the help of the isomorphic method by homology with other scales; it is beyond the quanta of human perception (light) and so it will NEVER have full confirmation. Further on all attempts to perceive the ‘dark world’, will bring levels of entropy that will destroy our world, and this is what researchers of the dark world at institution like CERN with their abstract, mathematical only view of reality forget: an extinct scientist knows nothing. Curiosity kills the cat. We shall explore it in our post on 5D cosmology.

– ∆-3: Minimal bit of human information. Visible forces. Light quanta. Fundamental equations. E=h (space quanta) v (time frequency). Whereas h is the minimal quanta of information of the electron and hence human mind, and as such is expressed in ‘angular momentum’ as an informative step, Sp≈Tƒ, to construct minds and forms of the quantum world.

We shall call this minimal ‘quanta’, a Planckton (by similarity with the minimal quanta of sea-life and honoring Planck), which gathers into photons.

∆-2: Minimal bit of human energy. Thermal forces. Heat quanta. Fundamental equation. Boltzmann: E= ‘n’ k (entropy-space quanta) T (temperature: time frequency). We shall call k a ‘boltz’, the minimal unit of entropic motion based on heat at molecular level, which depending on the different directions of motion of gases (3 arrows of motion), diatomic molecules (5) or tri-atomic molecules (6), will be ‘packed’ with higher density, and depending on the degrees of temperature will vibrate faster with higher total energy.

∆-1: Human Cellular/Physical Magnetic scale:  µo is therefore the quanta of space. Energy=µ E x B, the equation.

And the unit of action, the magnetic domains.

Here there is the first clear split between biological and physical systems, as they diverge in the social growth. In matter it is clearly the scale of magnetism, where ‘magnetic domains of the 1010 scaling order of atoms create a magnetic domain, in which the dominant most energetic atoms of the Universe, iron-nickel become top predators and use the ‘Sp-quanta’, µ, to gather enormous strength and control the next scale of creation of huge magnetic-mass systems (planets with iron centers, protected by magnetic membranes).

The human cellular scale however is still controlled mainly despite some magnetic elements observed in certain cellular-simpler insect scales of life by the thermodynamic scale.

It is in this scale of maximal scientific observation (and the next human scales, though one does not observe himself properly, and since information is higher in lower scales the ∆-1 scale is by far the most objective, better known), where we can see the whole richness of relationships and organic interconnections of all the planes, forces, quanta, clocks in an enormous complexity of relationships, which however we suppose to exist in all scales if humans did have the same capacity to perceive them.

∆o: Human, Individual scale: Matter states.

Here in the ternary symmetry of ‘states’ of matter, the maximal temperature, entropic gas< balanced E xI liquid > Tƒ, solid, crystal colder scale.

This is the realm of Temperature for humans, interacting with gravitation. It is also the realm of temperature, gravitation and magnetism for physical systems.

G (Gibbs energy) = S x T + PdV, which for a closed system, without change of volume reduces to E= ST is the equation, where the energy available for the scale, emerging from the lower scales of molecular energy is the product of the entropy (S) and Temperature. Where entropy now uses the Gas constant in which we again ‘grow in scale’, now multiplying the Boltzmann constant per mole, 2 jump of 10+10 scales – though properly it should be only one ‘scaling’, but as this is done by humans, humans do jump in the measuring of this scale to the ∆+1 level, 2 planes of the 5th dimension.

In a non-human world, a mole would be 1010 times smaller, which is the proper scale of the Universe, and very likely the scale at which observing atomic substances, in the same way we observe the creation of magnetic domains with 1010 atoms, we would observe ‘somewhat’ units of order at least in liquid states (gases being purely entropic states of maximal motion will be likely free in a larger degree.)

As the reader can observe it is closely related to the ∆-2 scale, and this should not surprise him. As indeed one of the more fascinating laws of the isomorphic method is the similarity of systems when we jump an scale (remember they invert values in contiguous 5D planes).

So for example, we are making the next scale of life-size, metal-robots, which look like insects, our lower scale but at a much larger size. Nations resemble cells, two scale below, in the bio-sociological world. And humans in a factory resemble the RNA molecules ruling their cells and working reproducing materials moving around under the management of the fixed ‘white collar DNAs’. Those are NOT metaphors but true similarities.

– ∆+1: Human, social Mechanical scale. Now we do enter fully the gravitational scale, for motions. And the equation is that related to wait, speed and energy:

E=1/2mv2 and the ‘clocks’ the speed that multiplies the fractal steps according to its rhythm, better understood in a ‘wave in motion’: v= l x ƒ.

Of course if we want to analyze it in a more subjective human perspective the ‘step of space’ is the meter humans jump when they run in each step and the second humans use to measure all its ‘synchronic motions’ – the time of an eye perceptive glimpse, a mind thought, a heart beat and a step.

∆+2: Planetary, Gravitational Scale: E=mgh. The quanta of space action being obviously for the local gravitational planet in which humans display its actions g, the 10 m/second acceleration

– ∆+3: Galactic scale: E=Mc2. Here, while we are still in the Gravitational general ∆+ scale, we depart from the human gravitational world and move further up in the scale entering the realm of cosmology. And now we reach the limit of our entropic speed, light speed. And so it is no longer possible to go beyond. So suddenly c becomes a constant and there is a ‘reversal of function’, yet a c2 is the space-entropy element of the equation and mass the time

Proper ‘ether’ interpretation: c2= √4π k/µ; whereas 4π k is the charge curvature or gradient of attraction-repulsion between 2 particles (the equivalent to the tension of a wave),the cyclical Tƒ, element and µ the magnetic constant, the or relative density of ‘magnetic nano-loops’.

∆+4: Cosmic scale: Dark world. And so we arrive to the limit of our perception, the world of dark energy. Where repulsive gravitation is dark energy, the galaxy-atom the entity of existence, its internal world of gravitation, ruled by the limit of c speed. Its outer world beyond c speed. Its constant, the cosmological constant… But this is beyond our perception and studying this scale will only bring our demise as a species, because it is beyond the limits of energy and information we can perceive.

Actions of space-time: the Content of Mathematical physics

A second but fundamental element of the Generator Equation is the analysis of the equations of mathematical physics as partial equations of the Generator. In as much as the generator explains the main events and forms of the Universe and any of its scales, it must describe the equations of physics, through simple translations of the jargons of mathematical physics into the elements of the generator.

There is though a fundamental difference between the 1st isomorphism – the generator as a whole describing in static form the ternary systems of the Universe; and mathematical physics – the study of partial elements of the generator, in minimal space-time actions both in space (minimal elements, either one of the 3 parts of the being, often a field-wave-particle), or in time (quanta of space-time actions).

So mathematical physics, which is more concerned with the study of the ∆-1 actions of the generator, is dealt more properly in the 5th to 7th isomorphisms – actions of space, time; partial equations of a ternary element of the being, or universal constants – that is, ratios of the being.

Only perhaps the most encompassing ‘integral of an entity’s action’, its energy might be analyzed as a sizable amount of the whole

Let us then make a fast description of the main equations of energy physics with the symbolism of the generator latter developed in some details through the isomorphisms and the 4th line of this page.

Energy equations.

The first equations to consider of mathematical physics are the equations of energy, which integrate in each scale a given spatial quanta, according to its ‘population’ for unit of time.

Such as: Energy = ∑ Sp, whereas ∑ varies according to the quantity of simultaneous ‘spatial quanta’ we measure in a given ‘time clock’ of different speed or ‘density of information’.

So we shall find an entire range of different species, with different ‘energy power’, regarding their ∑ Sp total value. If we call each of those Sp quanta a ‘quanta of lineal momentum’, or quanta of space, then we can consider that (kinetic) Energy is the integral of the lineal momentum of the system:


In the graph, the metrics of the 5th dimension, Se x Tƒ = K, and its inverse arrows of informative entropy (downwards) and energetic entropy (upwards) establish the difference perceptions human have of its geometries and volume of information: we will find elliptic geometry upwards (general relativity), Euclidean in our plane, and hyperbolic downwards (wave states dominant on quantum physics). On the other hand, we will find much more information downwards (quantum multiple paths and fractal electrons, and sum over histories), as the speed of time clocks are much faster (hence we see many world cycles of particle together from our slower world); that upwards (slow paths of galaxies). Finally this in terms of curvature will appear as a huge increase of curvature in the lower scales (Q-constants) compared to the upper scales (weak G-constant). allowing a simple unification equation of both scales. Those results can be achieved with great detail using the more complex formalisms of quantum and relativity, but as we shall show now (as all sound models are similar), we can achieved the same ‘whys’ of the most seek after answers of mathematical physics, just with a sound conceptual reasoning and simple maths:

According to those metric, Time vortices accelerate downwards the speed of its time cycles, making smaller vortices more attractive Tƒ-Particles with increasing information, and hence the smaller spaces paradoxically more complex, storing more energy too. Reason why electromagnetic ‘smaller forces’ are much more attractive than gravitational.



In the graph, all systems, including physical systems, illustrated with examples from the atomic, ∆-1 and ∆+1 galactic scales (as the thermodynamic scale has its living examples), follow the 5 actions that ensure their biological survival, written in the graph with generator equations: ∆a, moving; ∆e: feeding in energy, ∆ï: informing and communicating, ∆œ, reproducing, and ∆û evolving socially. So galaxies do have seminal flows that reproduce other galaxies, and quarks and electrons reproduce new particles after feeding on energy. And both evolve socially into complex networks of atoms and galaxies. Yet to perform those ‘complex actions’, also all physical systems do move, do gauge information (so physical theories are called gauging theories) and do feed on energy from fields, ∆-1, of its lower scale. The Fractal paradigm merely introduces within this scheme, developed through its 10 sets of isomorphic laws (this being the 5th isomorphism of 5, a,e,i,o,u vital actions of all beings), all its mathematical equations.

So when we describe energy equations, we will find they are all of the same form: E= Sp quanta x Time Frequency; whereas energy measures the amount of spatial quanta with lineal motion or vital space, accumulated by a specific species of the Universe, or range of them: E=∆-1:  h(sp) x ƒ (quantifier) = ∆ nk (sp) x T (quantifier)=1/2m (sp) x v2 (quantifier). A key element though to fully grasp those formulae, which makes them often very confusing is the fact that a space-time parameter, might be a ceteris paribus analysis ‘fixing’ the space quanta, and letting the time variable change, or vice versa, a system that fixes the time quanta and lets the space quanta varying.

So we will have to develop slowly the general rules that make sometimes the Universe to create ‘populations in space’ (space quanta x time frequency) and some times probabilities in time (time events x Space occurrence).  Both are ultimately sides of the same coin, as quantum physics shows (probability, time Copenhagen interpretation vs. Schrodinger’s charge density – space interpretation).

We will  consider in more detail only 2 of those actions in organic terms, the simplest and first 2 actions of all systems, which normally enact a world cycle as a series of repetitive steps of actions, such as first, the being ‘perceives’, ∆ï, seeking for a source of energy or reproduction or social evolution (the higher goals), then it moves, ∆æ, towards the source in which it will ‘∆e’ feed, and/or ∆œ, reproduce or evolve socially.

Organic vs. abstract interpretations.

Now, the difference between abstract and organic paradigms is one of choice – the ego paradox of man will reduce alway the organic properties of the Universe to feel on top.

So for example:

– The collapse of a wave into a particle, is exactly the same process that collapses a school of fishes when a huge predator comes, but this implies to accept that particles do gauge information and do follow a survival program, and do evolve socially. And anthropomorphic humans never will accept this. So we do have all kind of absurd Copenhagen interpretations of the particle-wave duality.

– The Compton wavelength of a particle is equivalent to the wavelength of a photon whose energy is the same as the rest-mass energy of the particle.

The standard Compton wavelength, λ, of a particle is given by


where h is the Planck constant, m is the particle’s rest mass, and c is the speed of light. So we can define the existential nature of the particle (its mass and wave-length or To<ST function) with the Compton wavelength, but this matters not to physicists. What matters to them is this:

The Compton wavelength expresses a fundamental limitation on measuring the position of a particle, taking into account quantum mechanics and special relativity.

This limitation depends on the rest mass m of the particle. To see how, note that we can measure the position of a particle by bouncing light off it – but measuring the position accurately requires light of short wavelength. Since for photons of frequency f, energy is given by


And Light with a short wavelength consists of photons of high energy. Thus playing with both similar formulae if the energy of these photons exceeds mc2, when one hits the particle whose position is being measured the collision may yield enough energy to create a new particle of the same type: l x mc. This renders moot the question of the original particle’s location: which one?

Now what THIS means in negative organic terms is an event of death, not the fact that you cannot measure the particle you have shot!

And what it means in positive organic terms is that when you give enough energy to a particle, as when a living mother feeds enough, you have an offspring of new particles, children, hence the particle REPRODUCES!, IT does follow one of the living action ∆œ of the program of the Universe.

The physicist or human doesn’t give a shit for that. The philosopher of Science, explaining it all with the organic paradigm however takes note.

NOW WE HAVE given you two clear examples of organicism:

– An entity, which is ORGANIC, made of connected parts, NOT a single dimensional being, and a being that is reproductive, as it survives.

In fact, all events are part of that organic worldview, it is the human ego paradox what makes the interpretation of them always abstract.

Light fields, Quantum numbers, Maxwell equations: The program of physical existence.

Now, here we are not going into the difficult part, just the electron, our preferred particle -as that is what our mind is.

Now if we eliminate the action of motion, for which the organism hardly needs more than limbs to take advantage of the flow of forces, we can search for the ‘inner will’ that motivate those actions, the coding factors.

The 5th isomorphism of all ST super organisms is thus their program of existence or 4 Drives of Life, which biology ‘cracked’ regarding the living organisms it studies, since it carries the highest truth of all sciences.

As all isomorphisms, the need of systems to construct its 3±1 common ST±1 dimensions of scalar space-time, energy limbs/fields/territories, reproductive bodies/waves/working classes & informative particles/heads /upper classes and i±1 social scales, determine the 3+1 drives of existence all Nature’s ‘surviving’ systems follow:

– Max.Tƒ: All gauge information with their heads/particles to guide their search for Energy or else they die.

– Max. Se: All systems feed on energy with limbs/fields. Since if they don’t, they become exhausted and die.

– Se xTƒ: Se≤=≥Tƒ: All reproduce/iterate/decouple into new organisms and particles. Since, as they are limited in time duration, if they don’t repeat their topologic structures they become extinct.

– ∑Se, ∏Tƒ: All evolve socially into higher systems and associate with similar forms; whereas simple ‘energy beings/cells’ form ∑=herds, simply connected to hunt and feed; while complex, ‘informative beings/neurons’ form complex networks, in which each individual is connected to all others. Hence the ∏-multiplicative symbol counts not the informative neurons but the connective axons that make efficient ∏-networks dominate ∑-herds.

Thus we rewrite scalar Space-time Metrics as a Fractal generator of the ∞ Wills of the Universe, which encodes all the isomorphisms, parts, events and scales of all its ST superorganisms: ∞∑Se∆-1≤ST≥∏Tƒ+1

The Generator equation’s 3±i symbols describe the fundamental particle of reality, its 3±1 Wills & ternary structure, both in time and space: a cellular, social, ternary organism, each one distinguished by a balanced set of Se≈Tƒ vital, biologic or universal, physical constants, which freeze the energy and information of the being into stable, balanced proportions, which define a specific variety or ‘species’ of the fractal generator.

So we can translate all ‘laws’ of the different scales and species of all scalar sciences, and the ‘parts’ of its organisms, as events related to the 3±i ‘drives of existence’ of the Generator Equation of all systems. It is then possible to generate all what is real, departing from the Generator, the symmetries and Constant proportions among the 10Dis of reality and the laws of i-logic mathematics, as this writer has done in his research.

Now the analysis of physical actions is the best system to study the smallest scales of reality, notably those of particles and quantum physics, as we ‘integrate’ into larger world cycles those scales when studying thermodynamic and cosmic bodies.

Those actions are in any case ruled by the equations of balance and the zero-sum represented in all systems of reality, meaning that positive and negative, particle and antiparticle, are related by balanced equations where the time arrows ±∆e,i balance each other.

Examples of the 4 codes of actions.

As scientific equations are varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4 functions that represent the 4 vital actions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4 functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions that suffice to describe the existence of each species:


4 Vital Dimensions explain the existence of light-space: the wide, energetic, magnetic field; the tall, informative, electric field; the reproductive, long wave speed, calculated as the product of its electric and magnetic field and its frequency colors, which are societies of photons:

In the graph, we have written the 3 dimensions of time, past, slow energy and future, fast information with the human time-clock speed as our relative present, point of view. Since simpler scales are causally in the past; as an entity is created literally by informing, molding with higher i+1 networks, simpler scales ‘cell by cell’. When a light wave moves, it does not ‘displace’ but reproduces its wave motions, ‘warping’ simpler gravitational 1D string lines, by a height factor of –ct (Relativity). Motion is really reproduction of information on a simpler i-1 scale. Thus we describe the 3 Time Dimensions of ‘social evolution’ of light across 3 i-scales as:

– ∑: Color is the 4th ‘social dimension’ of light, made by herding together multiple frequencies of light into a photon, its present, simultaneous space dimension. As space from the perspective of time dimensions is a present ‘slice’ of the total time flow – the 4th dimension of time. While inversely the Present, simultaneous measures of Time, are in Relativity the 4th dimension of space. Yet we reach a sounder description separating those 3+3 spacetime dimensions, by using multiple time speeds instead of a single 4D clock.

+i: Fractal electrons are Light’s i+1 dimension of future network evolution.

-i: The gravitational i-1 scale in which it feeds is its relative, to which it returns after ‘dying’, red-shifting and expanding its length-speed between galaxies (z>c).

Then as light warps into more informative, smaller beings (Max.O x Min. E), first electrons, then molecular orbitals and so on, each new ‘scale’ of light space-time requires the previous scales to be born. Thus causally simpler scales are in the past. When your i-neurons, create your ∏-whole, they are in the past, requiring an action-bit of time to synchronize and emerge as an i+1 whole into the future. That’s why the subconscious rules, and the ‘ego’ merely observes with its electric whole brain waves; or the molecular orbital appears ‘after’ the atomic ones dissolve into the whole.

Further on, complex i+n systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane. But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of E-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.

 In the graph, the n-principal number codes the ∆a, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆o, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆ï actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆u, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).



4 quantum numbers describe all the 4 ‘drives’ of existence of electrons:

its level of energy (principal number), its gauging of information (2nd number), its reproductive decoupling when they have opposite ‘sexual’ spin number and evolve socially organized by the magnetic number.


Further on, complex i+n systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane.

But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of E-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.


4 Maxwell equations describe all the actions of an electric field.




4 type of vibrations organize a social molecule.


Now, the study of the ‘Program of Existence’ of all physical systems, let alone those considered above, is an enormously extended field, and so we must consider for the reader not to loose its ‘mind’ (-; on such vast field, which encompasses all the actions and events of the Universe, only a few physical systems and codes are latter studied in detail for each scale of physical systems, the 4 quantum numbers of the U∆-3, electromagnetic scale, the  laws of thermodynamics and 4 Maxwell + Lorentz equations for the intermediate states of electric currents and states of matter, and the totally unknown as the field is completely new, the organic description of a galaxy and its inner actions as an organism similar to a ‘cell’, which will allow us to drive many interesting parallelisms and conclusions that complete with the atom/galaxy duality the complete understanding of it.

Thus in this very brief introduction we can see that we can find across the main ∆ scales of physical systems, the same Se<ST>Tƒ symmetries in space and time, and its transformations, from where most laws, events and species of physical systems are created. In those processes of creation, however we must be sure we are studying fields where uncertainty (low scales) and darkness (upper scales) or ‘ego-centrism’ (central scales), do not deform our ‘knowledge’.

In this epistemology and the understanding of the relativity of all knowledge with the 3 relative uncertainties of -∆ uncertainty, Ä-self-certainty and +∆-darkness… must be always understood in terms of communication. The lower, excessive information of the potential identical quantum parts, which have many possible histories – creations of larger wholes – creates uncertainty.

The middle, ego-centered, ∆o, human point of view introduces anthropomorphic limits to the kind of knowledge he expects to accept from far away particles and galaxies (notably perceptive and life-related characteristics, which all systems do have).

And finally the larger world is silent, dark, it simply does not send information, as it is far removed from us and the bias of information towards larger scales here finds a minimal.

So it is essential to know how the ‘inverse arrows of information and energy’ make entropy and reproductive evolution two different ‘directions’.


Actions can be then calculated easily with parameters of quantity, and motion, specially in physical systems, but also in biological ones. So for example, a woman has to have a percentage of fat-energy stored to start a reproductive action; or a certain external time-temperature will activate a chemical re-action or a reproductive plant action.

The inter-action of all those elements, for each being and a group of them, part of a higher ∆+1 world, are the most beautiful expression of the symphonies of the webs of existence, of which we are all parts.


Now what is the natural form of those actions? Obviously they will be ‘ratios’ between the ternary element of the system that performs the action, the limb/field for locomotions (Spe: -∆e=æ), the limb/field and/or the body-wave for energetic actions (Sp>ST: +∆e=e), the particle, head for informative actions (Tƒ: +∆i), and superposed or in conjunction with others for communicative actions (∑Tƒ: ±∆ï), the body-wave for reproductive actions (ST: ∆œ), and the whole system for social actions, as part of a larger whole: Œ->û.

As I said, the details of interpretation of each action and equation of physics requires a conceptual understanding of the O-points, symmetric parts, and ‘feeding, perceiving, coupling’ processes involved. So it is a lengthy theme, which I guess will be completed well into the future if humans or robots are still here.

All what I have to say si that every time I have in the past considered an equation of physics, I have been able to translate it into one of the 5 actions of the species, which is the center of the action. Often though human equations omit the species, as the action is taken from the human point of view, and this makes difficult to translate them. For example, the simplest quantum action, a photoelectric effect is a feeding action of an electron that absorbs its ∆-1 quanta, a light photon. But the equation is expressed in terms of ‘work’, the human element of interest here.

So Einstein assumed that a photon would penetrate the material and transfer its energy to an electron. As the electron moved through the metal at high speed and finally emerged from the material, its kinetic energy would diminish by an amount F, called the work function, which represents the energy required for the electron to escape the metal. By conservation of energy, this reasoning led Einstein to the photoelectric equation Ek = hf – F, where Ek is the maximum kinetic energy of the ejected electron. So we observe that the O-point is omitted as it happens in general, but understood to exist (the electron), the function humans care for is ‘work and energy’, as they will use that electron for their own actions (from heating-feeding on energy, to informing, creating a visual electronic screen). Still it is easy to see that there is here a dual action. The ∆-electron, absorbs, and ∆-1 photon, and uses it for a dual, æ, action, of absorbtion of energy, e: F, the work function, and motion, a: Ek.

We find on it then the 3 parameters of time-frequency, ƒ, Energy, E, space quanta, h, and would properly write it as: hƒ (∆-1) = Ek (∆a) + F (∆e).

Next we could consider the Schrodinger equation in terms of a Lagrangian Action, which is really what it is. And the case would be an example, of the general ‘beahvior’ of species, regarding the Universe and their purpose of existence, which is to maximize their actions, while conserving ad maximal its balance of ivital constants (Tƒ/Sp ratios, or balance between kinetic and potential energy, such as ke-u->o).

Now the practical use of this ‘rewriting’ of the photoelectric effect obviously is null. The ‘knowledge’ of the ‘why’ of the photoelectric however is now clear. Electrons use photons as the source of energy for its motion and feeding actions. And this basic truth of quantum physics has vast implication to understand the entire field.

Conservation laws in actions.

But what general forms do actions have beyond those simple, merely ennincative equations?

Departing from that general law of all species, then we can establish a correspondence for each scale, a series of equations that defines the actions of the systems, under some basic rules of ‘behavior’, wich can be resumed in 2 simple principles:

– Actions try to conserve the energy and information of the system, minimizing its expenditure.

– And as a consequence of it, actions try to complete its motions in the minimal time possible, as systems do try to make its time of existence efficient and ever lasting.

These laws are often expressed as the law of the least time or as a Lagrangian equation, the commonest of science, The Lagrangian L is defined as L = T – V, where T is the kinetic energy and V the potential energy of the system So we write it as T-V->0, T≈V -> T(Sp) ≈ V(Tƒ), which is simply speaking the law of balance of Energy and information, which maximizes what we call the function of existence or present function: Max. Sp x Tƒ. Since the product of two parameters is maximized when both are equal. So 1 x9 < 2 x 8 < < 5 x 5.

That is, in each ‘momentum step’, the system tries to perform the action with minimal expenditure of energy and maintaining its internal balance between the Tƒ (potential energy, angular momentum) and Spe (kinetic energy, lineal momentum) parameters.

As physicists study mostly locomotions, the simplest æ actions, this law is widely used to define the path of any particle or system. So a ray of light will follow the least time action in its motion, a particle will position itself in the most stable point of minimal potential energy, and so on.


Tƒ start with the frequency of the light wave, the charge of an accelerated vortex like the mass, with its curvature Q, and G, form a system of clocks of time which define perfectly a beat, related to an energy, which is inverse. And so we find ourselves with different degree of integration worldcycle or minimal forceful action, of such parameters, as:

H = Sp x V, T = d Q/ d S= d Q x dO, which we call Order, the inverse function to entropy.

And so on: , we define a simple law of the least action, to unify the fundamental equation of ach of those scales:

F= A x Sp, -∂H/∂q=dp/dt and its inverse function, ∂H/∂p=dq/dt

Indeed, in cyclical time, we consider that entropy has as a secondary feature the quantity of information of the system, multiplied by conserving its åctions in the multiple toroid U-1,2, fields of existence

Thus in the scales of matter we find, the functions of existence, in the åctions, H, T,

Those 5 åctions determine therefore a Program of existence, which all systems follow in a mechanical, vegetative or conscious manner. And thus we can also write the 5th isomorphism, as a Generator Equation of all the åctions of the Universe, written as a dynamic, temporal feed back equation or a static, organic, structural, spatial equation:

∑Se <=> Tƒ ….. or Se x Tƒ = ST…… or     Sp x Tƒ = ST±4


∑ represents the social gathering of individuals into Universals (∂u).

S signifies the motions in space, (∂a).

e signifies the increases of structural energy of the system, ∂e.

<=> in the dynamic expression or X = ST in the structural one, signifies the combination of Se and Tƒ which gives birth to ‘reprod-active’ åctions and offspring: ∂o.

And Tiƒ signifies, the perceptive åctions of the being, ∂i.

And this 5 åctions are represented also in the ‘philosophical equation’ Sp x Tƒ = ST, whereas Sp≈ ∂e, S≈∂a, I≈∂I, x≈∂o, ST≈ ∂U

Because åctions imply motion and form, we can in certain ways relate and analyze those åctions as ‘4-vectors’, or positive and negative directions of a given frame of reference, and things can get easily quite complicated mathematically; when we want to study in certain detail those codes.



The chains of actions

Δ  The whys of physics  – its existential actions, ∆(a, e, i, o, u) – are the same that all other ∆TS beings.

Now this site is called http://www.unificationtheory.com for a reason. The isomorphic method implies the analysis of the 3 main symmetries of space, time and the 5th dimension; and the cyclical space-time actions taken place between them, from the perspective of the Œ-points or ‘knots which order reality’ performing those survival actions. According to the Œ=mc3 method of scientific truth, ‘Logic Objectivity’ and ‘Experimental Evidence’ must guide in this order and NOT the other way around, a synthetic NOT analytic Theory Of Everything.

This means that while we first obtain evidence and then use logic objectivity (minimalism correspondence, logic coherence, cyclical predictability) to model and predict the future, that ultimate future causes will be found in the survival program of the Œ-point of maximal space-time momentum/energy of a given territory-world. And so to proper organize the data we obtain the easiest way will be to study it from the perspective of the cyclical actions of space-time of the being observed. As this section is on physics, with its mathematical outlook we shall try to be more concrete on our expressions:

Œ∆+1: ∫ [∑ œ-1: ∑∂(o<a>e)≈i)=U

Is the general function of actions of any spacetime system.

That is any point will spend its total energy-time function, Œ through small cyclical space-time ‘actions’, which in physical systems will be quantized by a certain cyclical time frequency, and a certain derived energy expenditure, through angular, Tƒ, and lineal Sp, momentum, to maintain its Hamiltonian, Steady function unchanged externally (minimal exchange of energy) while maximizing its internal function of present reproduction (∑i). This process as the internal will of the being, however will have to ‘compete’ with all other external points of view, which will try to maximize also their functions of existence within the limits of a closed Universe, U, born of the social evolution of multiple iterative, reproductive function, ∫i=U, in which that harmonization of individual functions (∂ o, e, a) takes place.

This is explained with the second law of thermodynamics – of balance between the micro points of any canonical ensemble, as indeed, the different attempts of each elementary action, œ-1 (o: gauging information, a: accelerated motions, e: absorption of energy) to get advantage for the Œ entity, is balanced by other points which try to achieve that advantage through its 3 ‘relative degrees’ of freedom, engaging in necessary Darwinian actions (collisions in physics) in which their total momentum unchanged, it becomes distributed in a gradient of decreasing potential energy, till the system finds its thermodynamic equilibrium. This means from the perspective of lineal physics a death of the system, but from the perspective of the internal system, the creation of a relative still spatial, harmonic point of view, which in the case of a mind, in which those actions are not Darwinian energetic, but associative, creating a solid mapping perspective will finally form an structural neuronal mind, whereas the external energy that might enter the system will be channeled orderly to create a perceptive coactive, emerging consciousness of being and the consequent synchronicity of all motions into a larger being

This larger being then surprisingly enough will be able to move in a larger entropic field of a larger 5D dimension breaking the notion of entropy-death of simplex physics in a single space-time continuum. As there is always available for those who might emerge into a larger scale, of larger Motion (Se x Tƒ = K), the available energy of the larger field, when the system has synchronized its elements enough to absorb the frictional forces and redirect it for external motion in the larger field.

The actions that come to create those new emergent fields then will be repeated by the new larger point, which will first observe with angular momentum, move in accelerated paths (either because it has angular acceleration – change of direction, or lineal acceleration towards the energy field). How this perception happens depends now again on the peculiar morphology of the system, which ultimately will respond to angular momentums with a radian-limited point of view (no system focuses on the whole Universe but chooses an angle of perception)

So the previous equations Resumes the chain of actions in space-time of each independent œ point, which will first observe, ∂o reality, with an angular point of view measured in constant still flows of information, entering it through a radian angle, K/2π or in a 3-dimensional system, through a solid angle k/4π of its total angular momentum/perspective; or if its perception is limited through an external membrane through the 5% = π-3/π aperture left by the 6 ‘radians’ that structure its ‘hexagonal’ efficient geometry of perception. Variations on those themes define the different subspecies of geometric ‘souls’ in Nature, crystal systems, in the thermodynamic scale, quantum orbitals in the atomic scale, gravitational antennae in the galactic, cosmic scale.

Points once perceived reality though will within its relative degrees of freedom, which will be limited normally to 3 ‘directions’ in canonical ensembles of free particles with greater entropy on the young state of the being (galactic nebulae,

Indeed, the causality of the Universe IS the inverse to the Human Observer’s description of it.

It is the human anthropomorphic bias that discharges the iterative and social properties of physical systems, which reproduce form with waves, and evolve in social ‘numbers’ to become wholes, in most case organized by magnetic≈social fields, what makes us feel that physical systems are inert. So when a quark or electron, the 2 Tƒ, Se, fundamental particles of the Universe and its Gravitational (Tƒ) + Electromagnetic (Se) fields interact through the same ‘actions’ of life systems (∆a, moving, ∆o, gauging information, ∆e, feeding on energy, ∆ï, iterating and ∆û, evolving socially into larger atoms), we never dare to say this is exactly the 5 drives of existence of life beings; and so, since the simplest particles of the Universe are ‘alive’, all is alive.

Once this obvious truth devoid of anthropomorphism is accepted, we can easily explain rationally, topo-biologically all the ‘spooky effects’ of quantum particles (i.e. they move as all herds in extended fashion, collapse into tighter formations nearby ‘huge’ systems of space-time that absorb and/or prey on them; so light travels as a wave but nearby a huge electron that feeds on light collapses into a photon; i.e. the 4 quantum numbers code, informative, energetic social and iterative properties and so on).

Unfortunately physical scientists do NOT accept from its anthropomorphic biased ideologies, an analysis of physical systems with those organic patterns and laws. Scientists, we must say are ‘racist’ against physical systems (-; They won’t interpret ever their actions in organic terms, and recognize the organic Universe, but will always mathematic and affirm that ‘abstract mathematics is the language of the physical god’ and all other properties must be ‘reduced’ to mechanical mathematical equations without a ‘biological, survival why-meaning’.

For that reason, and this is the fundamental difference from a Human ∆o perspective between physical systems as compared to biological ones; humans stress on physical systems, the simplest actions (∆a, ∆e) of motion and energy, and when dealing with the other actions and world cycles, (information gauging, social evolution and iteration), they describe those phenomena as if they were NOT subjective and internal in its motivation, but external, forced mechanically – that is, the electron or quark that ‘sees’ a photon and swallows it, and when it has enough energy, iterates into new electrons, is NOT really following a ‘program of existence’ that maximizes the actions that make the electron and its information survive, but merely obey a mathematical law, a short of ‘mathematical blind instinct’ without purpose.

Survival is the ultimate finality of all systems and its 5 actions of exchange of energy and information that maximize the ‘world cycle’ ‘Hamiltonian’ of a being, multiplying its survival actions with the minimal consumption of energy. And this of course physicists accept mathematically – no other is the non-abstract explanation of the commonest equation of physics, the Hamiltonian with its 3 ‘maximal, minimal, steady stationary’ points that describe the 3 ages of physical closed space-time cycles.

Tƒ: Quark actions. The more complex theory of strong forces and nuclear shells, similar numbers code for the actions of quarks (we won’t study in this introduction, the quark system).

∆: Temperature. Constant of Action for Molecular systems of matter. T(ƒ)≈ E

Tƒ: Crystals.    ST: Electric currents.  Se: Heat

Molecular actions are coded by temperature, which defines its vibrations, states of matter, catalyzes the reproductive growth of crystals, the resistance of matter to the motion of electrons, and all other different actions of the ∆-human level of matter.

The enormous wealth of information and range of space-time actions about the human ∆-thermodynamic scale, and each atomic<∑molecular form of matter, roughly divided in 4 family groups (H-He; light non metal, ‘organic atoms’; metals and heavy and radioactive metal atoms) requires a full encyclopedia to explain all its details.

We shall try a general survey on the meaning of its fundamental symmetries, defined by equations between those fundamental elements (3 time ages, 3 topologies, 3 scales and its constants of action).

∆+1: Cosmological scale. As we have studied it in the previous post, we shall not be concerned with it here. However in the Earth’s scale, the cosmological, gravitational scale appears at the Earth level, through the force of gravitation that acts on the bodies of the Earth, beyond the molecular level (where electromagnetic and thermodynamic actions control all its processes).

Thus the ∆+1 scale is the level to study gravitational forces, and its physical discipline, ‘Mechanics’.

Thus in this post we shall study, the physical laws of the Earth, and its parts of matter, the world of man.

∆+1: Constant of Action: g-acceleration.

Tƒ: Mass; ST: Speed, momentum: Se: Gravitational Field, Energy

Actions:  ∆a; ∆e: acceleration, angular momentum; ∆o: center of gravity; angular momentum; ∆ï: c-speed (lorentzian region that transforms energy into mass); ∆u: gravitational informative force.

The creative processes of ‘points of existence=knots of actions’ that become topological planes.

Those actions tend to be repeated and extend in a web of relationships that creates a network, a sum of quantic action-reactions between a series of organic points.

The result is the most common structure of the Universe, a quantic network of energy or information. In Nature, networks organize all type of quanta of spatial energy and temporal information into systems of growing complexity. The most complex of those systems studied by classic sciences are biological super-organisms, which can also be defined as networks of energetic cells that form a body and networks of informative cells that form a Head, joined by fluxes of energy and information.

We contend that any organism is a super-organism. And the Universe itself is one of those super-organisms composed of networks of electromagnetic energy and gravitational information.

Indeed, since any super-organism is  made of a number of smaller super-organisms that act as its relative cells, connected through networks of energy and information, the result of that simple change of definition defines a fractal Universe made of 9 scales of growing organic forms, as every super-organism is made of smaller super-organisms made of smaller super-organisms: Universes are made of super-organisms called galaxies made of super-organisms called solar systems, whose planets are made of super-organisms called living beings, made of super-organisms called cells, made of super-organic molecules, made of super-organic atoms, made informative quarks and energetic electrons that shape the quantic, minimal cells of our Universe.

Thus, we define all what exists in the Universe as a super-organism, a concept formalized in the Generator equation of quantic Space-Time , ΣE<=>ΣTi, where ΣE represents a network of Energetic points; ΣŒ, represents a network of Informative points and <=> the flow of energy and information

Thus we study its 4 ±∆, e, i cyclic actions of energy & time and its minimal  E x T quanta used to perform them, which for the 3 Planes of physical systems are:

 ∆-1: Atomic particles: Constant of Energy and Time Actions: H-Planck: H= E/Tƒ (ƒ)

Point particles: Tƒ: quarks; ST: Photons and Se: Electrons, whose 4+n actions are code by:

– ST: Photonic actions: ∆o: electric, informative; ∆e: magnetic, energetic; ∆a, ∆ï: c-reproductive speed; ∆u: color, social field.

– Se: Electronic actions, coded by its 4 quantum numbers.



Motion as reproduction of form. Solving Zeno’s paradox.

Now that we have analyzed reality from the perspective of the true nature of cyclical time and fractal space and the 5th dimension along which they exist, measured by the mental worlds of each discontinuous point of view, it turns out that the only non-evident, strange motion of time is locomotion. How do a form moves through a fractal discontinuous geometry of multiple planes of existence?

As there are always ‘3 elements and symmetries’, by definition we need to define at least 3 forms of locomotion, that of the field, that of the wave and that of the particle.

Locomotion of the ∆-1: field ‘information’.

How the Universe creates dimensions? Reproducing forms. But we have to differentiate the reproduction of the lowest ‘pixels’ of reality, which for any system are the ∆-2 mental=mathematical creation of worlds, with the pixels of the field in which the system of information feeds. In that sense the way our mind reproduces within the far away clouds I am just seeing now, is the simplest faster reproduction of form, different from the physical creation of forms with energy. In the first case the dimension is only a wave of information and we can compare to the way in which mathematicians create 3 or 4 dimensional ‘virtual forms’:

 Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.38creation of 4dimensional polihedron

In the graph, in the plane the simplest polygon is a triangle; it has the least possible number of vertices. In order to obtain a polyhedron with the least number of vertices it is sufficient to take a point not in the plane of a triangle and join it by segments to each point of the triangle. The segments so obtained fill a three-sided pyramid, i.e., a tetrahedron. In order to obtain the simplest polyhedron in a four-dimensional space we take an arbitrary three-dimensional hyperplane and in it a certain tetrahedron T.

Next we take a point not in the given three-dimensional hyperplane and join it by segments to all the points of the tetrahedron T. On the right of figure, we have illustrated this construction symbolically. Each of the segments joining the point O to a point of the tetrahedron T has no other points in common with the tetrahedron, because otherwise it would lie entirely in the three-dimensional space containing T. All these segments, as it were, “go into the fourth dimension.” They form the simplest four-dimensional polyhedron, the so-called four-dimensional simplex.

Its three-dimensional faces are tetrahedra: one at the base and 4 lateral faces resting on the two-dimensional faces of the basis; altogether 5 faces. Its two-dimensional faces are triangles; there are 10 of them: 4 in the basis and 6 lateral. Finally, it has 10 edges and 5 vertices. In exactly the same way, by starting from an (n − 1)-dimensional polyhedron Q, we can define an n-dimensional prism and an n-dimensional pyramid.

This type of creation is however mental, not physical and allows the human mind to create 3 dimensions and a computer to model any 4-dimensional phase space.

In nature, it is comparable to the motion of a wave, which is only the evolving frequency-time cycle of an Œ-point. Hence it is simple and fast to form (hence the enormous speeds of waves that carry contrary to believe the form, the in-form-ation, not the matter, the energy-space of the system).

Yet, it already indicates that the true nature of motion in space is the ‘reproduction of form’.

Reproduction of ST-waves.

Thus we can now return, once we have established trough the worldcycle the relationship between 5 out of 6 motions of time, generation, growth, evolution, diminution and extinction, where to fit the locomotion studied by physicists and affirm:

Definition of Motion:           ‘A wave locomotion is the reproduction of a form that imprints a lower plane of the 5th dimension’.

Motion is still an unresolved concept, as the Paradox of Zeno shows. The paradox can be solved though with the concept of an indivisible quanta of time (infinitesimals have a limit), so there is a minimal step in space and quanta in time for the turtle to move, stop and move. But it is motion real?

It is when we deal with the never solved question of motion and its meaning from the perspective of the 3 ages of existence in time – as a reproduction of form in its wave state, and then ‘energy is carried through the wave’:Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 07.44.29

Motion in lineal time vs. cyclical, reproductive motions.

A second reason why the blunder of lineal time now is canonical has to do with a ‘systemic method of hiding falsity’, also proper of believers of the modern age – the use of mathematics. This lineal time definition was carried in the mathematical definitions, apparently and improvement, which however obscured its simplistic falsehood. So when Galileo defined mathematical time he used a formula:

V=S/T, where 2 parameters are of open space (lineal motion or speed and spatial distance), and so time became forcefully a parameter of lineal speed-space, linearized into the x-line of the ‘Cartesian coordinates’ (which from a mere mathematical tool became the canonical expression of a single lineal time duration as a parameter to measure displacements in lineal space.). Hence Lineal Time duration = Lineal space/Lineal speed.

This process culminated when Einstein introduced in his equations of special relativity a parameter directly derived from Galilean ‘spatial time’, just by substituting the speed of any object by the speed of light, c. So Einstein instead of writing v= s/t, wrote: c=s/t. From where space=ct.

Now for the shortsighted physicists – get a good telescope, and look at this formula: S=ct, means that ‘ct’ is NOT the equation of time, but an equation of Space.

You are NOT defining Time. You are defining space= CT. So when you write: S2=x2 + y2 +z2 –(ct)2 you cannot go around saying alas!, we have found that ct is time and time is a dimension of space!!! Because s=ct is NOT time.

Besides there is nothing especially new about ‘it’≈ct. As it is the same definition of lineal time of Galileo, changing the speed of the object by the speed of light (s=ct as opposed to s=vt).

The difference is that Galileo was not so dumb, as to say that time was a dimension of space. He always knew v=s/t, was just the measure of the speed of an entity, using a clock to ad the frequency of the steps of space he measured. Neither Einstein was so dumb.

It was Minkowski, the guy who suddenly claimed this ct=s, is Time and called it the 4th dimension of space. How silly is that? As silly as it looks. And for that reason Einstein protested; and quipped that this was NOT time, but ct, and added ‘wires don’t travel to the past’. And then he quipped when he was asked again ‘what is then time’, ‘what a clock measures’.

Indeed, when dealing with the errors of the 4th dimension of time as ‘space’ we must ascribe those errors to Minkowski, the guy who invented the concept, not to the young Einstein, which only when becoming so famous and fond of power commit its errors, and became a ‘physicist’ after 50, when all his most relevant work was done and his attempts to unify geometrically the forces of nature, lacking the understanding of fractal space-time and the 5th dimension, became a barren land.

Einstein’s greatest discovery, which not only laid the corner stone of the theory of relativity but revolutionized the whole physical and philosophical understanding of the problem of space and time, was the discovery that absolute time does NOT really exist.

This was a prolegomena to build up the metric of the 5th dimension of a Universe of infinite time cycles. But alas! Tƒ the rescue of lineal time came Minkowski to establish an even more ‘solid’ form of lineal space-time.

Shortly after Einstein developed his theory in 1905, Minkowski tricked the world, considering that its essence consists not as much in the rejection of absolute time as in the institution of a mutual link of space and time, in virtue of which there exists a single absolute form of existence of matter: space-time.

The separation of space (the spatial coordinates) from time (from the time coordinate t) is to a certain degree relative, depending on the material system (the “system of reference”) in relation to which the spatial and temporal order of the phenomena is determined.

Events that are simultaneous with reference to one system need not be so with reference to another.

“The definition of the order of phenomena cannot be, of course, completely dependent on the system of reference. The order of events that are connected by direct interaction, it stands to reason, remains one and the same with reference to all systems, so that an action always precedes its result. But for events that are not connected by interaction the order of time turns out to be relative.

Since the spatial order (in its pure form) refers to simultaneous events and simultaneity is relative, the separation of purely spatial relationships from the general aggregate of space-time relationships turns out to be relative, depending on the system of reference. Space in the abstract sense is, as it were, a “section” of the four-dimensional manifold of space-time that is laid through simultaneous events (in reference to a given system).”

So WHAT!?@

This is trivial, obvious and completely irrelevant to the deep finding of Mr. Einstein who complained for a while with his quipping ‘time wires don’t travel to the past’ (information indeed does not travel to the past only entropy-death, as we shall see latter).

Now, the attention from the big discovery, that there are infinite different time cycles in the Universe, was completely forgotten, to give way to a fully irrelevant fact, that because time cycles ARE of different speed in different regions of the Universe, we cannot know simultaneously unless there IS a direct causal relationship what is the time clock in other ‘region’ of reality.

Alas, the whole thing that mattered then was to ‘measure’ the other time cycle as precisely and fast as possible from our human clock point of view, using to that aim a ray of light, which travelled to us at a ct=s speed – a time delay that we had to subtract match the present time in our point. This is really basically what is all about in Minkowski rule of measure.

And then his nonsense self-publicity about his ‘discovery’ of the 4th dimension of time.

I do understand though Einstein, a loner, fed up of his peers who once said ‘in this profession there are less people than fingers in one hand who are here for knowledge’ and ‘two things I find infinite the Universe and the stupidity of man,’ and I am not sure of the first.

The opportunism of people like Minkowski and Hilbert, those who stay in the ego of ‘imagining’ science who first scorned his work for simplicity and then lionized it is telling of a truth of philosophers of science: truth and good nature go hand on hand from Socrates to Leibniz, and among physicist probably Einstein, who despite its letter pressed by his Jewish friends was quite a pacifist.

Consider this: in November 1915 Einstein finally completed the general theory of relativity, which he considered to be his masterpiece. In the summer of 1915, Einstein had given six two-hour lectures at the University of Gottingen that thoroughly explained an incomplete version of general relativity that lacked a few necessary mathematical details.

Much to Einstein’s consternation, the mathematician David Hilbert, who had organized the lectures at his university and had been corresponding with Einstein, then completed these details and submitted a paper in November on general relativity just five days before Einstein, as if the theory were his own.

There you have Mr. Hilbert who was not happy enough ‘imagining the whole body of mathematics, in the past and the future – he also imagined the 20 some problems we were supposed to resolve to complete his work’, but alas, was on the path to discover also the foundation of modern physics.

It reminds me of those physicists that keep imagining the truth of all sciences, which is fine – to understand the thoughts of god not its details, as Einstein also wanted – but and this is where they ALL failed, including Einstein – departing ONLY from the limited reductionism of a single plane of space-time, the Newtonian aberration of the Cartesian multiple worlds, and of only a kind of properties – mathematical, and of only a kind of mathematics, those with imagined points, and only from the bottom up, departing from particles, and only with the external properties of particles (only one of its 6 Aristotelian motions).

The likes of Mr. Schrodinger, who ‘imagined to understand life’ (what is life?), or Mr. Penrose who imagine what is consciousness and of course Mr. Hawking who imagined black holes and M-Theories – not to mention the past ones, Mr. Kepler who thought finding the orbits of a star was ALL we needed to know of stars to have ‘an intelligence like God’, or Newton, with his absolute space-time and silly formula extracted from Kepler, through a derivation that doesn’t need more than 3 lines and of Clausius who extended the heat pressure of a steam machine to the entire universe as its single arrow of time!

It is of interest to mention now that we have trashed Mr. Minkowski (: it is a pleasure of the Taoist philosopher to reduce human egos to rubble, as one will then receive by the law of action-reaction, the true merit of Mr. Newton a similar treatment, increasing the feeling of finitesimal existence required to dilute one-self into the whole :), the merit of his 4th space-time formalism.

Essentially what Mr. Minkowski discovered was just another co-invariant law of the 5th dimension metric: Sp x Tƒ= K

In his case, he found that despite the variation of the length in space of a system and its parallel dilation of time, as a being moved faster trying to cross the barrier of c-speed and emerge into a larger plane of the 5th dimension, the product of both Space and Time, remain co-invariant.

Thus he found a particular case of 5 D Metric, and defined a co-invariant quantity, the timespace 4-dimensional block. It just made it ‘too rigid’, ‘too lineal’, and missed the duality of bidimensional planes of space and cyclical time, its holographic processes of creation, and scalar pan geometries.

So this was a worldview, which we accept but clarify and correct into a larger, simpler, more revealing worldview with the 5th dimensional metric.

The concept was further expanded with a 4-vector analysis of many other fields of physics, and in all of them, we shall find the same duality. On one side the 3 vector that describes the volume of space, on the other the lineal time duration of the system.

Now in those 4-vector analysis, the most interesting is the one in which the elements ‘evolve’ further in length of time and space, using to represent time, the function of Energy and to represent space the function of momentum (with 3 vectors).

The meaning of this process of bringing together integrals in time and space of smaller moments is in fact the essence of 5th Dimensional growth. In that regard momentum ads to a space-field, a scalar magnitude, which is a particle state of a larger, denser 5th Dimensional scale.

We could say that if space exists in a single plane of the 5th dimension, momentum exists in 2 of them. And energy is the integral of momentum along speed, the ‘clock of time of the gravitational scale’, and so it can only be understood properly in terms of multiple co-existing 5th dimensional scales.

Yet all what mattered to Einstein, as to physicists, who are merely those who study the ‘external motions/energies of beings’ was to measure exactly the paths in space of beings, in relationship to the human frame of reference. So what really he did was to establish a new rod of measure, -constant c speed- for the entire Universe, expanding a notch more human objectivity from the valley of Abrahamic religions (chosen race/land) to the species (oikoumene religions), to the planet (Buddhism, Greek Naturalism), t to the sun (Copernican revolution), to the galaxy (that exists on a background of fixed light space-time). This of course was NOT the final frontier. In 5D we expand further to all scales of space-time, AS LIGHT IS ONLY ONE OF SUCH SCALES of measure size and time speeds.

It is not even the speed of light (though light moves at such speed, other beings do). It is rather the ‘rod of measure of space, of galaxies, and its lowest perceived human scale, which is electronic and feeds, absorbs, gauges and measures reality as fixed distances with the light it absorbs.

Thus the organic paradox merely explains the limit of light speed with the Galilean paradox of relativity: all what moves is a distance in still perception and when 2 electrons measure light is because they entangle and lock its distances with other electrons, fixing their distances (and causing all other fractal parts of the Universe to change their coordinates).

This is the true meaning of relativity: the stillness is not that of light but of the electrons that measure light in their stop and go motions, provoking the changes in parameters of all other parts of the universe around them.

And so ultimately the speed of light is how fast information can be transmitted externally between electronic ‘minds’, through its informative wave of light space-time.

But the corrections finally made physicists to measure accurately or at least from an electronic mind point of view, the distances of the Universe. And thus it was a huge success.

Since in physics, all what matters about time is a single equation of spatial external translation, V=s/t, and the same in relativity where time is ct, hence vt, hence s/t x t = S, a mere parameter of space disguised as ‘all types of time’, as no other of the time-motions of realty are mathematized on those equations. So physicists would do much better and help mankind broad his horizons if they were more humble and explain that whenever they talk of time, they just mean ‘speed’ of external motion. And that is what has its curious properties of spatialization (as it is in fact just a lineal spatial motion) etc. So the properties of ‘time studied in relativity physics’ are those related to motion in space (we shall see other time notions in physics, such as expansive motion in space, or entropy and present, simultaneous measure etc. in due ‘time’).

In the center of the cone we see, the ‘slice’ of present, instantaneous space, or 4 Dimension of time, which represents the modern version of Newton’s ‘instantaneous’ absolute space, perceived in an infinitesimal quantum of time, again used merely to measure external motions=changes of time: V=∂s/∂t.

Einstein went into further detail in those measures, using instants of time to give us the ‘still photographs’ (curved geometry) of the cyclical, physical Newtonian ‘time-clocks’ or masses. So if Newton had given us a ‘long time’ view of the clocks of the Universe, in lineal equations, now Einstein said that ‘time curves space into mass’, and added precision to the instantaneous measures of the largest clocks of time of the Universe, showing their curvature and establishing they accelerated inwards, increasing the future information of matter systems (Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration).

So we live in one of such mass vortices of accelerated information (the galaxy centered into a black hole) – reason why it is so important to know cyclical time. We DO not live in the outer Lineal Space between galaxies which expands and represents a relative past arrow of death, disorder and decelerations.

This duality of past-entropy-death and future-information-life was better understood by Feynman, who defined in the left graph, antiparticles as relative past flows that annihilated future flows or particles. Feynman took thus a bolder step, with its time-space perpendicular coordinates, considering that light-space ‘travels’ in present time (green photon), as a reproductive wave, and antiparticles (right) travel backwards in time, as they indeed do. Since they represent the entropy of death.

In that regard, a deep error in mathematical physics and its models, which ignore the 3 arrows of time, is the use of a faulty logic in mathematics and physics based in single causality. All what matters is to know how fast information can be transmitted externally through the fastest informative wave our light space-time.

And it is fractal, in infinite different waves, reproductive bodies, entropic limbs and fields, informative particles and heads, whose geometry stores maximal information in minimal space (so all relative future, informative, gauging particles, heads and cameras are geometric).

But there is a much more important concept of time, in 5dimensional physics, related to the meaning of the Universal Constants of ‘Energy and Time’, of the 3 fundamental planes of the 5th dimension and its physical systems, the ∆-1 quantum scale, the ∆-Thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1 cosmological scale, which will truly explain the equations and meanings of physics.

It is a simple relationship. There are 3 Constants of space-time in each scale:

∆-1: H-Planck constant: Energy = H x ƒ; whereas H is the constant of action and ƒ the measure of frequency, the internal clock of time of quantum systems.

∆: k-Boltzmann Constant: Energy = 2/3k x T, whereas k is the constant of action of thermodynamic systems and T, temperature, the measure of molecular vibrations, the internal clock of molecular systems.

∆+1: c-Light Space Constant: E = c2 x M, whereas c² is the constant of action of the Gravitational scale and M, Mass, the cyclical vortex of time, the clock of Gravitational systems.

How energy and time transfer between scales, how a clock of time disappears in one scale, so Standard Model particles do not have mass, and then its frequency clocks transfer time in the form of radiation to the thermodynamic scale, and then Black holes of the gravitational scale don’t have temperature… questions that physicists have not even answered because using lineal time, as Pauli once said of a paper, ‘they are no even wrong’… and will open up an entire new world of relationships and meanings to each and all sciences.

We are fast introducing a picture of the enormous number of advances in all sciences, brought about by cyclical time and the understanding of the 5th dimension and its rather simple but powerful metric to explain all what exists as travels in time through its arrows of cyclical time from birth to extinction and then the arrow of social evolution from parts into wholes, of social love of superorganisms, of 5D.

For example, genetics codes time from the lower ∆-1 cellular scale to the upper organic scale, providing its social evolution through the informative arrow of future. But the larger whole does NOT code the lower scale as that is a flow of relative past motion.

However the larger future whole DOES move synchronically the past cells. And the past scale cannot send pure flows of past motion to the future (entropy arrow of thermodynamic). Recently we have found that in fact psychological time also obeys the same arrows.

We move first subconsciously in the past, and then we do think with the relative future brain and control motion. Time IS all and existence is a travel through 3 scales of the fifth dimension from seminal seeds that accelerate in time (palingenetic evolution) and then slow down their clocks as they surface into the ∆+1 scale of time, and then live the slower times of the super organisms of nations and civilizations of history, to die fast back to cells, completing a world cycle…

Those are fast reviews of some classic themes of time in physics, biology, sociology and psychology – mental time, which conform the 4 fields of time-space sciences unified by the new metric of 5D fractal, cyclical space-time.

In that regard, perhaps the most important truth about time in physics is that is NOT at all what there is to time, but people and physicists think it is, limiting their inquire.

Most people today believe that all what matters to time is what ‘physicists measure’; so it is a lineal single duration. So before we go ahead understanding the meaning of a time cycle and its 3 ages, and its symmetries with the 3 scales of the 5th dimension and the 3 forms of topological space, we have to understand the limited understanding of time in physics, in terms of ‘external time changes’, instead of the much wider concept of multiple time arrows, in a Universe made of space-time beings.

Time in physics in that sense also understand ‘lineal time-entropy’, informative time and reproductive time, but in an unconnected historic manner. So it first studied ‘lineal time’, still its dominant form, as its wordily profession is to make energetic machines.

As Europe expanded its military empires physicists lineal worldview on time became global, and time all over the world was measured with a single mechanical clock equalizing to the standard second of lineal duration, all other cycles of the Universe – never mind all those mechanical clocks were also made with spheres and cycles, including Galileo’s pendulum clock!

Now if we define philosophically time as motion, which is the scientific definition of it, and space as ‘res extensa’; what we say is nothing new. Already Descartes said that the Universe was made of vortices (of Time) and res extensa. The Asians always considered reality made of two principles, yin (temporal information) and yang (spatial energy). But science must quantify and understand in details those terms. So the first task of a Theory of Everything ‘Organic’, must define with great detail what ‘fractal, vital space’ and ‘cyclical time’ means.

The concept of a Universe made of infinite vital spaces and time cycles, which Leibniz postulated against the absolute space-time of newton was resurrected by Quantum physics, which realized the Universe of vacuum space is a sum of ‘light space quanta with energy – the famous H-constant, or minimal unit of light: E=hv’ and by Einstein’s relativity, who realized the Universe was filled with clocks of time of different speed, and ‘ time curved space into masses’, themselves accelerate clock-like vortices of gravitational force. So he affirmed the Universe was curved; Time was what a curved ‘clock measures’. And that there was no difference between curved accelerated vortices and mass.

The Newtonian concept of a single, lineal infinite time and single space is in that sense merely a mathematical abstraction, useful for measure, born of the pegging of those ‘sequential finite ‘life cycles’ and fractal spaces in a Cartesian, ‘Euclidean graph’ of the Universe. And it should have ended as the central concept of western science after Planck and Einstein.

And yet, nobody understood clearly what he and Planck meant – they haven’t yet. So Planck said, all physicists had to die first for a new generation to understand the new paradigm. And Einstein said that ‘he was the only physicist who understood there are infinite time cycles in the Universe’, and well, it seems they both died before the new generation understood Leibniz, Planck and Einstein.

Now the reader should realize the difference between data in science and conceptual understanding. The data of the planet orbits fits both in Kepler’s and Ptolemy models. But Ptolemy’s model is wrong; the Earth is not in the center. And so it requires much more complex equations and explanations to fit the data (extant, epicycles, retrograde motions).

So Kepler came and put the sun in the center and simplified everything. And as all was now simpler, it found soon many more applications to orbital analysis and motions on Earth (mechanics). What he will witness in this blog is how all becomes simplified, after we put time into a cycle, of which a line is a mere segment, and classify all time cycles of the Universe, with the metric of the 5th dimension of relative size and speed, such as bigger space entities trace slower time cycles. Soon we will able to explain all kind of facts, never explained before by lineal time, from the cycle of life and death, to the cycles of stock-markets, from the cycles of history, to the cycles of magnetic fields, to the cycles of stars and the proper, cyclical cosmology of the Universe.

We are doing here a thought experiment on the tradition of Einstein, because there is enough data, as there was enough data on planets, after Brahe, not to need any huge machine to understand better the Universe. It is only needed to correct a wrong concept that has no proof on the Universe (nothing lasts for ever except perhaps the ‘set of all sets’, which is indefinable as the Cantor paradox proved, if we were to use mathematical concepts). All is cyclical in time, and the very essence of science precisely consists on extracting cyclical laws from nature, as all exists in time, and so all repeats.

And how much of a belief and dogma are the main ‘theories of lineal time’, sponsored by ‘pretentious science’ – from the lineal infinite time of a Cartesian abstract graph, to the lineal, entropy-only arrow of time used by Cosmologists that denies the obvious fact that we live in a world that turns cycles around itself and the sun, as it increases the information of life, stored in the cyclical clocks of its genetic, cellular systems, within a galaxy that moves also in cycles, towards its black hole center, a rotary mass of maximal gravitational information.

This deformed our conception of time and motion, and hid the purpose of time cycles, and the differences between the species that perform them and the information they store in the form and frequency of its space-time cycles.

Reproduction of particles – matter reproduction.

So we arrive to the final form of reproduction, in which not only information is transferred inwards collapsing into a mind-particle (field reproduction, which is the mental perspective on a field force from the point of view of the inner particle-mind), or a wave in which only the energy and form, or external envelop, with its frequency translates along a previous, simpler ∆-1 field, but to the 3rd category: reproduction of a 3 dimensional particle, which can be treated as the reproduction of the full density of the being as it moves.

It is the slowest reproduction, as the form must be reproduced in all the previous scales of the 5th dimension. And this means the ‘form, must as it moves ‘reproduce’ its entire wave of pyramidal scales on the next region of the ‘deep’ space-time, making one by one all its scales of form, reason why the relative motion of a human being, decomposed in all its scales of form, departing from the lowest gravitational scale is comparatively so slow, just a few meters per second, on the order of 1011 times slower than light. Again the magic number of Dimensional scales.

What this tell us is simply that the proportion of density of information of a thermodynamic human being in comparison to a quantum particle is precisely of that order. So again according to the general rule of 5D metric: Sp x Tƒ = ∆(ei), to reproduce all those planes we must move much slower:

men 300 dpi

In the graph to reproduce all the planes of existence of the Human being, the speed of creation of adjacent spaces must be in a 10±10 lower order than the light space quanta which have just to reproduce its ‘envelop’ of frequency over the gravitational quanta of ‘longitudinal neutrinos’.

Predatory actions. NEW physical systems’ Emergence: top predator enclosures of faster time cycles.

The perspective of the motions of the atoms – both its kinetic, lineal motions and cyclical, angular momentum and combined spin of atoms with multiple particles from ‘below’, and the perspective of the neutrino ‘quanta’ and its gravitational transverse waves and the classic circular gravitational waves, of Einstein’s equations which are the ‘transmitters’ of mass.

So to the point, what matters are the levels in which a force emerges into the next level.

And how much it takes from the lower level. And this follows for all systems of the Universe the yes, usual decametric scales:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.51.02

The efficiency at which energy is transferred from one trophic level to another is called ecological efficiency. On average it is estimated that there is only a 10 percent transfer of energy. Usually as systems jump one step, the proportion tends to be on the 100 scale.

So the strong force is one hundred times stronger than the electromagnetic force, which we presume after ‘the breaking of symmetry, etc.’ (mathematical description of it with the jargon of physics), emerges as the ‘predator force’ that is able to ‘enclose’ quarks into the center of atoms to create our electronic world.

But the electronic world is then ‘closed into’ the magnetic and gravitational larger world. And again we observe this to start with the Zeeman effect and grow in intensity till the ferromagnetic maximal power of the magnetic world. And then decline and we see the emergence of the gravitational world around the f orbital with enormous momentum.

Now this is ‘what matters tot eh organic perspective’, the maths can be worked out and it has an enormous merit but we must distinguish what is good maths and bad maths.

The heliocentric theory is good maths because on the organic equation of the solar system:

Spe (Oort belt) < ExI (planet belt) > Tƒ (Sun).

The commanding element as always is the Tƒ sun and that is the point of view that matters. To work out those equation from the perspective of ExI and Spe is always POSSIBLE, as it is possible to consider equations based in the symmetry of time:

Spe > ExI > Tƒ and its inverse Tƒ < ExI < Spe (transfer of mass towards the center of the sun system and transfer of momentum away from the mass system).

But when we do those ‘wrong points of view’, the breaking of the symmetry, and the transformation equations to consider the secondary point of view, must be adjusted, with new ‘elements’ to ‘straighten up the equations’ to get the results right.

This is what the Higgs mechanism does, because it makes a spatial point of view on a temporal force.

Now we must also understand the way the ∆ï+1 scale and ∆I scales relate to each other. The larger scale space force or time vortex prey on the lower scale when the lower scale is made of lonely, smaller parts. It then uses it as pure entropy. What this means is that for example, light does NOT help insects much with bad eyes, merely uncover them so bigger predators that dominate that force of energy and information localize and eat them. But starting with the squid on the sea light allowed location of prey and make the squid stronger.



We won’t overextend on biological and human actions as the concept of an action, understood here, IS exactly the definition of life, and its drives of existence: motion, feeding on energy,  informing, reproducing and evolving socially – explain the game of life.


In the graph, two coordinates of vital space and cyclical time for biological systems. We in general consider as two parameters in organisms:

– Se: Rate of reproduction in space

– Tƒ: Rate of perception or rotary motion (angular momentum) in time.

A being is made of two functions, perception and reproduction, and a 3rd often borrowed exchange with the environment,

As it happens systems do have a structure of ‘smaller systems’ and they form part of bigger systems.

In that regard there is an important reductionism, beyond the deformation of the form of time cycles, caused by the preponderance of absolute lineal space-time and physical analysis of time durations as a mere parameter of space, which has increased enormously in the XX century, since the publication of Relativity and the Minkowski 4D metric, the elimination as a fundamental characteristic of the Universe of causal, logic processes, biological, evolutionary, survival reasons and sensorial, informative whys, to the nature and purpose of time cycles.

In true form, reality is NOT made of space, but the primary substance is ‘time’, time cycles that break space into an inner and outer region (fundamental theorem of knots and topology), and that precise game of cyclical forms-motions that break and organize space into vital regions, harnessing its ‘energy-motions’ into forms is all what the Universe is about.

Thus relational space-time turns upside down our understanding of the Universe from a mere, simple spatial description where absolute time is a parameter of space, to a cyclical description where space is a slice in the flow of cyclical times, a region surrounded by a time cycle, a ‘path’ in a ‘Lagrangian’ of åctions whose final sum is always zero, if we were to use some of the advanced concepts of physics we shall translate to the new paradigm; a ‘moment of present’, in the whole cycle from past to future that closes those paths.

For the same reason, the minimal unit of reality is NOT a string of space, but an interval of cyclical time, specifically a cyclical ‘action’ with form, a bit of information. In physics from where we have borrowed heavily conceptual and mathematical terms to describe all space-time cycles, the unit is indeed an action of energy and time, which manifests itself in the 3 main U±1 scales of the 5th dimension, the quantum, thermodynamic and mechanic scales, as a Planck’s action, h, a temperature vibration or a force.

In cellular biology as a circadian cycle of transformation of energy and information, from an ATP to a genetic cycle.

In organic life as an action of feeding, informing, reproducing, evolving socially, moving, ∂æ,e,ï,œ,û.

In society as a similar economic, cultural, social or military action of a nation or civilization.

This said the more important sub discipline in the study of the actions of biological beings are its coding elements, the hormones, and genes and social customs of the different multicellular, cellular and social scales that code those actions. In the next graph an example.


4 nucleotide acids code the vital actions of the cell:

image050In the graph, Purines code informative actions, Pyrimidines entropic actions.

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