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±∞ ¬∆@ST:


  1. Actions as Ðimotions of exist¡ence.
  2. Actions through scales.
  3. Åctions of physical, biological and social systems.


Basic symbols of Existential Algebra (¬Æ): 

Sp, |, $t, Spt: Past, lineal, entropic Space-Time, gaseous, limbs/fields of pure motion.

§ð, Tiƒ, ƒð§, O: Future, cyclical, informative, space-time, solid, crystal particle-head states

S=T, Si=Te, Ø, ST, SxT: Present, balanced, Space-time; iterative body-waves.

Œ: super organism, composed of @ (fractal points, monads, minds), an ST body-wave, its ¬ Entropy limits encased in an ∆§t±1 world.

Ðimotions, Ð1: seed, perception, Ð2: locomotion, Ð3: reproduction, Ð4: social evolution, Ð5: Entropy.

Scales: ∆-1 plane of ‘past, entropic parts’, ∆º plane of present body-waves, ∆+1, plane of future minds

Operand: <, growth of motion, «, growth of entropy, > growth of information, » growth of form, ≤≥ =, balanced stœps of present.

Classic Operand: ∑: superposition, sum in a single plane; ∏: entanglement through ∆º planes; ∂: finitesimal calculus, ∫: integral whole.

Fractal Generator: Any combination of those symbols is a potential partial equation, hence event or organic part of the fractal generator that describes the whole superorganism word cycle between birth and death:  Γ: ∆œ-1 ∏ œ-1≈Œº<$t>Ø-ST>§ð« ∑œ-1

Nt. The symbolism often has errors due to my lonely work for decades and laziness, so erroneously I use ∆º for the mind scale which is ∆¹ (∆º is the body scale) not to look for the superscript symbol; in old texts I used Sp (lineal space-time past) and Tiƒ (informative future) but in modern texts I prefer the more precise $t and ð§. In future texts and corrections I try to change ∆º for ∆1 as the mind is precisely the perception of the whole being within its larger world). Regarding the Fractal Generator and all its sub-equations, is also a bit of a mess. Sorry, if the blog had more viewers I would have tried harder.




Combining thought and motion.

“DAVID BOHM: We are seeking a substance, something, that stands under the appearances. We seek it in reality. It has been the age-long habit to look for some solid, permanent reality that underlies all the changes and explains them so that we understand. But it may be that the whole of reality is no substance. Perhaps it does not have an independent existence, is a field, and what stands under this reality is truth. Would that make sense to you?
KRISHNAMURTI: The inner is the truth. Are you saying that?
DAVID BOHM: Not exactly, no. We are saying that truth is action.
KRISHNAMURTI: Yes, truth is action. Perception is action, seeing is action.”

“The Limits of Thought.” iBooks.

‘Don’t confuse motion with action’ Hemingway to Dietrich.

Any Theory of Everything (T.œ) must explain why systems are created, exist and become extinct (¬), departing from the ultimate elements of reality, which are time motions (T) and spatial forms (S), gathering in discontinuous systems extending in 3 relative size scales (∆±¡), to which we add the languages used to describe them (@): ¬∆@st
3-PENTALOGIC studies how Time§pace ‘∆ust’ generates synchronic entangled supœrganisms from 1Ð seed in the lower plane, ∆-¡, which emerges as a supœrganism made of 3¡± scales & 3±¡ space topologies, changing through 3±¡ life ages, informed by languages= minds that interact diachronically with a larger ∆+1 world or through 3±Ð¡motions =actions of survival, 2Ð locomotion, 3Ð reproduction, 4Ð social evolution & 5D entropic feeding and death that dissolves the system into a 0-sum in the ∆-¡ plane. So a mind that sees the Universe as an entropic world in which to feed and survive is selfish, monologic. One that sees the extremes of 1D informative generation and 5D entropic disordered motions is Dual. A study of the being in a single space-time plane will see its trilogic spatial organs, dominant in each of its 3 time ages, ‘past-young’ lineal fields/ limbs, ‘adult-present’ iterative body-waves and ‘future-old’ informative particle-heads. But a full scalar description of a superorganism taking a worldcycle of existence as a travel through its 5 Dimensional motions any Time§pace organism (T.œ) is 3-pentalogic. We thus use 3 ¡logic methods of analysis of ¬∆@st, trilogic, pentalogic & dodecalogic, whereas we choose 12 non-repetitive elements of a T.œs’ existence studied through its 3 scales of þcw-timecycles – the 0-1 þ-cellular/atomic placental cycle, the 1 life cycle as a whole matter organism, and its social world cycle in the external 1-∞ world or ecosystem.

On the simplicity of those who think the only motion of the Universe is scattering entropy and locomotion; while the true purpose of the Universe is to mix motion and form, in actions perception and reproduction – the TRUE GOALS of the Universe.

As rightly understood by Hemingway and Mr. Bohm, from the heterodox, true interpretation of quantum physics (Planck>Einstein>De Broglie>Bohm) reality is always dual and balanced, entangled and made of actions that COMBINE FORM AND  motion (ENERGY X INFORMATION: CLASSIC ACTION OF QUANTUM, ENTROPY X TIME, the more extreme classic action of relativity).

Without entering in details of physics, as we should do a lengthy conceptual correction and disquisition of the differences of energy and entropy done on our article on 4D entropy, this ultimate reality – that the Universe is based in a substrata that is pure MOTION without form, the field, and over it, rises constantly form, combining therefore both to produce actions the true=existence of reality (as ultimately a pure motion with no form cannot be perceived and a pure form without motion cannot be communicated). TRUTH always has a bit of form and a bit of motion, and so it is a Dimotion, all yin=form has a drop of Yang=entropy, said the taoists.

It is this concept of a Universe with two ‘unperceived limits’, pure linguistic still form and pure motion, the first isolated, unable to communicate, the second unperceived as its motion has no form, which are mixed in DIMOTIONS (dimensional=formal motions), which each ‘fractal entity’ performs as its actions of existence, what better resumes the Game.

Life is then the process of constant switching between the 5 Dimotions=actions of existence from a selfish ‘formal linguistic point of view’ the mind (the extreme of pure form of the being), which aims to form the motions around it – God is the unmoved last cause of the motions of the body of energy around it, and we are all Gods, said Aristotle.

Those concepts are ESSENTIAL to fully cast life as a sum of dimotions, with a survival purpose for the point of view that acts. And then to affirm that ALL IS ALIVE, because all ENTITIES perform what biologists call the 5 drives of existence, the 5 actions of all particles, the Dimotions.

Yet of those two elements, pure mental, spatial form is the Maya of the senses, whose truth perceives the ultimate substance, a field of temporal motion as form.

We perceive Ðimotions externally. They are internally actions for the being in exist¡ence.

We use 5 terms for the same event according to the ‘entangled principles of the Universe’ which make a ternary ‘minimum’ ¡logic view necessary to absorb in present space-time a minimal amount of truth on the being.

S-Dimensions, T-Motions, 5¬Ðimotions, @-ctions & ±∆¡motions, which express the concept of Dimotion from different perspectives, being obviously ∆imotion, the scalar perspective, Åctions, the O-mind perspective and Dimotions the external, entropic, all gathering perspective; Dimensions the spatial perspective and Motions the time perspective..

The simplest description of a being thus happens when we consider its 5=3±∆ dimensions in space, motions in time and actions in space-time, which define the existence of the being. Hence our title, 5г; observed in the next graph for the human being.

Social Actions.

Probably the man who better understood its concept in the upper scales of life was Hemingway in the above sentence; for an action to be meaningful it must have both motion (P) and form (F), yin and yang, in purposeful combination. Most motions today are confused with åctions – demonstrations without purpose. Social Actions must have a point-like directionality, a form, a goal. 

Thus the classic concept of physics and normal language, as when we say, ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this (action)’ do open a wide field of physical, biological and psychological, social analysis.

Ðimotions as actions.

When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.

So we can study the Dimotions of the Universe in a general objective way, and then the actions of each physical, biological or social system as the expression of those Ðimotions from the point of view of a given species.

It is then when we can reach the final marriage between the subjective whys of the mind that starts and encodes the program of the system, and its objective external perception. And understand fully the world cycle, caused by an excess of informative dimotions over lineal locomotions that slowly by the sum of all those individual quantic actions will determine the informative death of the system.  In that regard, the ‘quantic’ way to perceive a worldcycle is a series of ordered Dimotions that increase the information of the system.

The most important of those visions is the internal åctions; and further on, the only non-testable element beyond the mind: the sensations which seem to form the ultimate will of existence, as even humans have been tested to act subconsciously the ‘program of survival’ through sensations of pain, pleasure, etc.
THE UNIVERSE REINFORCES THE PROGRAM OF THE 5 ARROWS OF TIME with SENSATIONS the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (ARROW of eusocial evolution) to orgasm (arrow of reproduction) to perceive (arrow of information) than to run (arrow of motion) and to kill (arrow of energy feeding).

 So we are going to call also each of those 5 abstract Dimotions, when merely observed as ‘scientists like’, in pure objective quantitative terms; VITAL actions of space-time to fully understand the vital nature of reality, and state that all what you see is a dimotion=action of vital space-time which tries to achieve with those actions its survival as the 5 actions=dimotions have an obvious use: to absorb energy for the body, information for the particle-head, motion for the limbs-fields of the system, minimize the inner entropy=disorder of its vital energy and maximize its reproduction of information and ensuing social evolution of parts into wholes to synchronize (and slow down) as a whole simultaneous beings the dimotions of those parts into a new whole that emerges as a new scale of the fifth dimension.

5 Actions integrated in Dimotions integrated in worldcycles.  The 3 scales of time-space.

We said all systems are super organisms tracing worldcycles in a larger world, with smaller parts of faster time cycles, according to the metric of 5D: S x T = ∆±¡

Now, it is necessary to understand that as there are 3 scales of size in space, there are 3 scales of time quanta parallel to them. So we talk of smaller, faster ‘actions’ as the minimal unit of time dimotions, of larger sums of them, the world cycle of individuals as the time-range of organisms, and the slower ‘deep time’ cycles of the superorganism or world in which the system co-exists with other systems as the 3rd level of time clocks.

And while spatial, visual man might have an easier time to understand the 3 scales of spatial size of super organisms, they are ALWAYS ENTANGLED WITH THE 3 SCALES OF TIME CLOCKS OF REALITY AND WHAT TRULY MATTERS TO THE ORDER OF REALITY are the games of synchronicity of those actions, as some are larger in time-scale than others.  Reason why we have a post on synchronicity which is likely the hidden gem of this blog.

The minimal description of a species of space-time implies to define its 5 Dimensions of space that make up its organic structure in simultaneous, time, its sequential motions through its world cycle between generation and extinction as it travels through the 3 planes of co-existence, in its cellular/atomic, organic/thermodynamic and ecosystemic/cosmological scales; and the 5 actions of exchange of energy and information it performs in those relative scales.

This description in pentalogic terms of all systems of reality that perform those 5 actions gathered in worldcycles giving birth to the isomorphic dimotions of all systems is then a subtle process of synchronicities and simultaneities.

In a dynamic way the best ‘tale’ of the being is a sequential story of its existence from birth as a relative fractal point in a lower plane, through its palingenesis, clone reproduction, social evolution, emergence and a ternary physiological network of cells, who will then life a cycle through the 3 ages of life and death, in a larger ∆+1 world till its entropic extinction and desegregation into its cellular/atomic components. In the graph, the Human world cycle and the 5 actions in scalar space-time of different species of the Universe.

 What of those 3 elements, dimensions, motions or actions matter most? Obviously actions, as they combine ALL the elements of reality, dimension, motion and scale. So we can say as Planck realized a century ago that the unit of reality is an action, but unlike Physicists who basically study only an action (the first, locomotion) we shall consider a more complex pentagonal Universe of 5 different active dimotions.

When we order those ‘dimotions’ in space we get a superorganism,when we order them in time we obtain a worldcycle of existence, when we order them in scales, we obtain the 5 actions of all systems that absorb energy from its lower ∆-2 scale (humans absorb amino acids), information from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb light), motion from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb gravitation) or simplex actions, while developing two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution from its higher, ∆-1 seminal scale, ∆o scale and ∆+1 social scale.

Actions are thus the FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE of the limits of perception of any ∆ø and relate directly ‘perception’ and ‘stientific’ knowledge to the relative position of the mind that perceives. They are also the essential element to fully grasp WHY we perceive only a limit number of scales of reality with us at the center: namely because we ‘HAVE THOSE ∆±¡ practical limits in our actions’ – NOT because there are NO more scales above or below.

It is also important to realize that actions are either predatory (those involving smaller beings), equalitarian (reproduction with an ∆ø equal form) or submissive to the ∆+1 social world. We are, as Shakespeare put it, buffoons citizens or kings depending of our perspective.

So in this post we shall introduce briefly the model from the home page and then talk a bit of each of the 5 D³imotions (dimension, motions and action) of reality, which in the future will be the main method of study of beings, to understand its structure in space (dimensions of the superorganism) its worldcycle in time (ordered as sequential motions by the symmetry S=T) and combined use for the program of survival – the program of its 5 actions.

IN THE GRAPH, we see the five dimensions of reality, 3 of present organic ensembles of beings, two in scales of lower smaller parts and larger wholes. They are symmetric to the 3±1 ages of a world cycle between its 5D generation as a seed that evolves socially into a whole and its entropic death:

The basic symbology of i-logic dimotions.

We shall study this ‘organic, vital reformulation’ of the Universe based in a simple ‘first principle’: we are all super organisms in space tracing worldcycles in time, which we shall elaborate in the first line.

So the 5 Dimotions (ab. of dimension in space and motion in time) that create the form and function of all systems and its parts, between its generation by a mind-seed and extinction in entropic explosions are:

  1. First Ðimotion: Non-Euclidean points-singularities: particles/heads: Informative perception: §ð
  2. Second Ðimotion: limbs/potentials:  Lineal momentum: $t.
  3. Third Ðimotion: ∑e x ∏i: Bod waves iterate energy & information: ∑∏.
  4. Fourth Ðimotion: Entropic Universe: Death: S∂.
  5.  Fifth Ðimotion: @-Mind Worlds: Social, organic evolution: ∫T

 Some basic rules:

Since dimotions evolve in time they acquire form. So we move from ‘lineal $pace’ (line crossing not money), and the symbol of lineal time in physics, t into…

the ‘curved symbol of time’ ð, and the ‘complex view’ of space, as ‘extending through 3 planes’ self-centered into the o-point, §…

 With the intermediate phase of reproductive in body-waves organized around the duality body-head, wave-particle, whose main difference is this: body waves are blind herds of minimal connection, hence sums, ∑energy (which also resembles a wave put upwards) while  neuronal, informative particle-heads are networks that exist across 2 scales the whole and its axons (hence the ∏ multiplicative symbol for a ‘crossed’ network, since if we have 5 and 5 elements, the number of axons to join them will be 5 x 5).

FINALLY for the two scalar dimension of entropy and generational organic evolution, the symbols which look like S and T are running out (:

S and T in capitals though have not been used and stress the capital importance of those dimensions which include all others as present sheets in a single plane of the fifth dimension. So those are actually the FULL meanings. Since Entropy is symbolized in physics by S, the choice is not rocket science. As the main operation to extract a part from a whole is a derivative, a ‘moment in time’ tangential to the function we study, ∂S is therefore a clear representation of Entropy (it does in fact happen mathematically very often as we shall study in mathematical physics and non-AElgebra).

So we are left with T, the capital Time of all times, for the most important dimension of them all the fifth dimension of social evolution, love, mind wholeness, organic generation, you name it. And aptly enough we still have an s left!, ∫, the symbol of integration, which is what truly social evolution is: the integration of similar clones into networks that become single wholes with an inner time synchronized externally by the mind (ok, im here letting my stream of consciousness flow, so we shall stop).

It follows some simplex symbols that define a logic equation of life and death with 3 phases:

$t: young age when motion dominates.

∑=∏: an age of balance and reproduction of the being, into waves of clone ‘cells’ that become reorganized by physiological networks emerging as a larger whole.

§ð: 3rd age of excess of information…

§ð<<∑∆-1: $t when death reverses the whole process as explode back a whole into its parts…

And as we observe death is fast and short and it exists only because it is necessary, as the positive arrows of information, reproduction and social evolution through a language of information increases so much the form of beings that finally there is no motion left, no energy to re-form… So to replenish the simplest motions for reality to keep moving, death must come but fast…

Further on, when we apply those organic structures also to social and physical systems, whose organic properties have been denied in the case of physics or reduced to the individual human scale in the case of social super organisms of history,  WE CAN describe THEM all in terms of an homologic ‘worldcycle of existence’ in the graphs, explained in great detail.

The previous ‘equation’ thus uses the symbols of ‘I-logic’ topology and causal time chains of information (>) and entropy (<), intuitive in its expansive and implosive forms, is thus an expression of the generator in ‘time terms’, as the ‘flow of spacetime cycles of the fractal Universe’ (∆ð±¡) becomes ‘formed’ after feeding head and body into meaningful forms and motions of the 3 supeorganic parts of the plane of existence of the system (∆ø=| xO). Yet as information constantly increases in the ‘minute’ actions of the being, accumulating errors of reproduction, the system warps and gets older and the mind-language-head-system (§@) STILLS reality.

For example, humans keep ‘growing in the fifth dimension of space’ in territorial property as they get old till finally all its motionless – the old man, his money in the account, his territories of orders, homes and properties but there is NO vitality on it. The maximal ‘reach in space’ is achieved the minimal motion in time and at that point the system dies ‘fast’ << in entropic explosion that returns the timespace being, to the lower ‘plane of the fifth dimension, ∆ð¡-1.

The world cycle is an impressive element to study, as we travel through the fifth dimension precisely as we grow in size, by clone reproduction and self-organization of similar ∆-1 faster units (atoms, cells, citizens), which slow down the whole as first they have to evolve inner networks of simultaneous organization and synchronous motions which consume time. Then the being once it is perfectly synchronized internally but with a SLOWER time-clock for all those synchronous systems OUTWARDLY, emerges as a whole, and keeps ‘increasing its territorial size’ that will ‘slow down its vital rhythms’ till ending and old stultified property ‘thingy’.

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

∆ð±¡≈≥>S@< informative third age age exploded black to its ∆-1 beings and as memories in its larger world place.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

The ultimate whys of 5D metric… are thus in fact, as we anticipated, organic. Indeed, the reduction of speed of motion and cyclical events in larger beings happen because they must first establish a simultaneous, present, co-existence of its clone reproduced parts, necessary to act externally as a whole. So the ‘whole’ clock of the system must slow down as it enlarges into multiple organic clone-like beings which will then adopt the ‘slower collective clock’ as its new ‘unit’ of simultaneous action as a whole.



II. S=T:


There is a huge other field of analysis of time-space, called Evolution, founded by Darwin which deals with the changes in the information of beings. And can be modelled also with the 3 ages – horizons of beings, because species also follow the growing information of all systems, which is dominant over mere locomotion.
Why? Because besides the 2 dimotions analyzed by physicists in extreme detail, locomotion, origin of relativity, and entropy, a social extreme sum of locomotions, synonymous of death and dissolution, which physicists confuse with the locomotion of gases and wrongly expand to the entire Universe as its single ‘arrow of future’), there are 3 more ARROWS of timespace, ‘modes of change’, which are THE POSITIVE, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIAL, LOVING ARROWS not the 2 simple, destructive negative, arrows of motion and entropy which they DO study: 3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them. Yet the dimotion of information dominate with its 3 forms those of locomotion and entropy setting the direction of the world cycles towards ages of maximal form (3rd ages).
But are humans the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT. Those 5 ‘dimotions’ of timespace (a better word composed of dimensional motion, to define each of the 5 arrows of time), exist in all systems of Nature, as we can observe them in life. They in fact define the 5 arrows of life in biological terms, as life is defined as a system of 5 Dimotions able to process information, feed on energy, move, reproduce and evolve socially. 

 Physical, Biological and social åctions.

All systems perform the 5 åctions of space-time existence.

In fact most of the parameters we use to study them refer precisely to those actions, from quantum numbers to genetic coding to biological drives to social behaviour.

We shall then bring again the ultimate vital meaning of those dimensions in light space-time and electronic minds, as ONLY IN THOSE LOWER SCALES OF OUR MIND-VIEW BOTH THE PHYSICAL, GEOMETRICAL DIMENSIONS AND ITS VITAL MEANING COME TOGETHER, WITHOUT ABSTRACTION – meaning the height, width and length, and colour that define the four dimensions of a ray of light DO have all a vital meaning for the photon-wave, as they code their reproductive speed, social color/frequency, magnetic information/entropy and electric entropic/informative forces (in the complex Universe all elements have ternary roles, so the way magnetism and electricity act in both arrows/roles, depend of the specific function light has for the larger organism that uses it to transmit energy and information):

Yet they ARE also the 5 Dimotions of quantum particles, both quarks and electrons, ‘expressed’ by the 4 quantum numbers that code each one, a dimotion of space-time as the attached graph shows:

In the graph the minimal units of our Universe Non-E particle points gauge information, feed on energy absorbing other particles, to reproduce with that energy by decoupling new particles, which evolve socially by ‘gender complementarity’ or ‘social evolution’ guided by magnetic forces into larger, ‘atomic wholes’, which then evolve further into new scales called molecules, states of matter, organic cells, ecosystems, geological formations, planets, global societies, solar systems and galaxies, whose metric equation is similar to that of an atom starting an entire new game of ∆§cales.

Below we see also that our electronic mind is ordered by the ‘vital’ uses of the geometry in space of an electronic orbital. The electron will have a particle state, hence a particle spin, a body wave state, hence an angular momentum for the standing bidimensional wave, a social action given by the magnetic field that organises all the social electrons in harmonious orbital game; and a reproductive event, which required spins of opposite direction os they can ‘couple’ decouple merge and reproduce new particles, and the simplest numbers that regulate its motions (principal number) and energy/informative simpler actions, absorbing=feeding on light (provoking quantum jumps on size-volume-energy) and using it to orientate its spin, angular momentum, and form of in-form-ation (second number).

On the other hand when form has motion becomes in-form-action and can be transmitted and reproduced, and then we apply the concepts of Shannon which rightly talked always of communication NOT of the form, that is the information of the message, but of REPRODUCTION WITHOUT ERRORS OF A MESSAGE Transmitted and replicated in two different points of space-time.

So Shannon’s classic paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” opening with the assertion that “The fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point, either exactly or approximately, a message selected at another point…”corresponds to the 3rd Dimotion of reproduction.

It is for that reason closely related to ‘energy’ (rather than entropy also two very confused terminologies as they arose from pure mathematical disquisitions (Carnot cycles, work theory) and we shall clarify in detail in other posts, as energy is motion with a little form and information form with a little motion, and both come together E=I when a system merges and reproduces. So both information and energy are the two sides of the 3rd Dimotion, while pure form is a mental linguistic image with zero entropy and pure entropy is an scattering disorder, measured in mathematical terms at the ∆-1 scale of ‘all potential future orders’ a microcosms with no form can give birth to… Hence the definition of entropy in statistical mechanics will be more precise and accurate than the concept of thermodynamics in the ¡o scale, which is closer to the proper definition of vital energy – not surprisingly Entropy was a word chosen on purpose for its similarity to energy; and it can be equated to the ‘vital feeding formless energy the system will imprint with information to shape its 3 ‘present Ðimotions’.

We will obviously clarify conceptually all the main equations of thermodynamics in the more detailed posts of the 4th line; as the beauty of mathematical physics, when the concepts are properly understood grows enormously – (beauty being in any case S=T, the sense of proportion reached when form and motion merge in equal parts).

It is between those limits of absolute motion, or proper concept of entropy as the potential vacuum that might give birth to all particles and inversely the being dying, expanding in space and destroying the formal, physiological networks that order it and absolute mental, linguistic, social form, ‘perceived in the stillness of an infinitesimal mind with no space’, (5th dimotion), where through combination of ‘motion and form’, a system builds its 3 adjacent organic topologies that ensure its survival, structuring all the beings of reality. So we shall be able to explain all entities and events as a combination of those 5 Ðimotions of space-time:

In the graph, spheres are the topology that holds the maximal volume of information; hence all ‘time space’ systems that process information are spherical particle-heads. Flat, lineal topologies are the topology that connects in the shortest path two points; so to reach/move faster, systems have lineal/flat moving potentials/limbs. Finally the third type of geometry, hyperbolic topology, is complex enough to store all other possible forms, so best to reproduce and all iterative body waves that generate the other 2 forms are hyperbolic. This mathematical-spatial truism holds for 2, 3 and 4 dimensions; hence establishing basic restriction to the construction and evolution of forms. And should become in XXI c. science the ‘missing’ leg of topological, biological and physical evolution to explain the extraordinary efficiency and homology between forms (no longer analogy, since all those forms derive from the same ‘substance’, space with time=motion or ‘topology’). In the next graph, we can see how the 3 only topologies of the Universe ensemble to form physical, biological and social organisms, all of them with a spherical ‘tall’ dimension to gauge information; a wide, iterative dimension of hyperbolic bodywave reproduction and a flat, direction for its entropic motions. The beauty of the topological Universe is that each of those 3 forms can be ‘deformed’ and ‘moves’, as long as it doesn’t tear (break). So departing from such simple 3 basic forms there are infinite possible variations of species, but we can order them all with that ternary principle.

 So all systems of the Universe  ARE vital, each one perceiving reality with a different language that mirrors it; topological images in physical systems from bosons to crystals; verbal words in human beings; 4 genetic letters in cells; 4 quantum numbers in particles.

Yet the Universe tries always to be positive: If you realize the only dimension of time the Universe does NOT code is entropy=death, which it treats as a maximal motion that disorders the being.

So there are NOT 5 quantum numbers/genetic code but only 4. Because the same quantum number that codes motion just increases it to create entropy and disorder the system (Principal number that ‘jumps’ in size as the particle ‘feeds’ on a force and disorders it). The oxygen that moves the cell also as a free radical destroys it, cars going fast kill you in accident, etc.

DEATH is the needed  error of the Universe NOT desired by the program.

For that reason it lasts only  a ‘single quanta of time’ (whereas a quanta of time IS for any ∆±¡ super organism, the ‘tic’ of a ‘cell/atom/individual’ of its lower, ∆-¡ scale, for biological, physical or social organisms).

So you die in a second, your relative time-clock quanta the time of 1 thought=glimpse in your head, 1 beat of your body-heart, 1 step of your limbs… And the rest of your existence is life-lasting…

Same with the conundrum of antiparticles (entropy=death arrow of particles): they die in an instant, so we see far less antiparticles because the product of its numbers in space x duration in time is so short, while particles live almost for ever. Same reason you don’t see corpses around.  Death is the shortest possible arrow.

This is LEIBNIZ: ‘THE UNIVERSE is the most perfect of all worlds possible’.

Each entity is therefore a Timespace organism of 5 Dimotions and ALL try to achieve as the goal of the sentient organic Universe the ‘highest dimotion’ of social evolution. So particles come together into atoms that come together into molecules that come together into planetary and life organisms that come together into galaxies that come together into the organic networks of the Universe.

ONLY man obsessed since physicists took over as high priests of time with its shallow ‘brief history’ of those  ‘deep arrows; made of the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion the meaning of its existence. Because he has shown himself unable to love even his own species and emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms…



Vital topology is simple, when we come to the first mathematical definitions. The simplest one is between parallelism (=) and perpendicularity (≠), whose angle of perpendicularity is defined by the relative similarity ≈ of the species in communication its ‘wave-body’ state (principle of superposition). We prefer the symbol ≠ for perpendicularity than + (actually mostly a symbol of parallelism) or X of mixed value.

Now the use of pure topological methods is more suitable to mathematical physics and the quantum realm in which the isomorphism between mathematical topologies and vital behavior, once we understand fractal points with parts (wave-particles or body-heads as the minimal complementary ‘vital being’ to be considered a T.œ, Timespace Superorganism, susceptible of performing the 5 Dimotions of existence).

On the account of which species do not perform which of those 5 Dimotions, in the simplest ¬Æ we shall trace just the existence of full beings, not ‘ghosts’ such as virtual particles, traces of a locomotion in the simplest levels of reproduction form and such.

In principle we observe the opposition of the dimotions of Generation (evolution) and Entropy (Dissolution), and the asymmetry between the dimotions of perception-position-mass and locomotion, put together in the existential momentum of the being.

It then rest as the ‘convergent’ Dimotion, which ‘attracts’ all others as it makes use of them all, the Dimotion of present-reproduction, the ultimate purpose of the game. Such as the ‘Ti-es’ of Time Space organisms that cancel each other emerge as a complex present, born of the balances between the fourth and fifth dimotions of the being, and its 1st and second… So they all converge into the 3rd: reproductive present – the eternal function of pentagonal logic, it ultimately always preserves, making it both immortal but finite, and hence immortal for each piece of spacetime.


That is how a world cycle of existence of a micro-point taken as Euclidean, becomes a pixel of information for a digestive system, a mind, a non-Euclidean point.

  1. First Act : Non-Euclidean points-singularities:Informative perception: §ð
  2. Second Action-Dimotion: Locomotion: Lineal momentum: $t.
  3. Third Action-Ðimotion: ∑e x ∏i: Body waves iterate energy & information: ∑∏.
  4. Fourth Action-Ðimotion: Entropic Universe: Death: S∂.
  5.  Fifth Ðimotion-Action: @-Mind Worlds: Social, organic evolution: ∫T

The oldest graph of 5Ð: Human ¡±4 perceived planes

In the graphs, from a 30 years old book on 5D planes,  one of my first drawings of the planes and dimotions in which the humind co-exists.

In the graph to reproduce all the planes of existence of the Human being, the speed of creation of adjacent spaces must be in a 10±10 lower order than the light space quanta which have just to reproduce its ‘envelop’ of frequency over the gravitational quanta of ‘longitudinal neutrinos’.We can see the symmetry between those actions across different scales of existence of the fifth dimension, while extracting from the ∆±4 levels of existence the different quanta of ‘energy’ (∆-2), ‘information’ (∆-3), ‘motion’ (∆-4), or actions at distance, easy to obtain, ‘simplex actions’, vs. the actions of complex organisation, Œ, and Û, capitalised, for that reason, most often, or complex actions which also require ‘bits and bites’ of ∆-1 seminal and ∆º social scales.

Then in each of those 5D time scales, the mind ‘traveller’ through the interposed regions of its Γ•, will be able to absorb and emit the different forms of entropy, energy and information (exi), which ensures the being’s proper control of its world.

Perception: information perceives in the stillness of simultaneity.

Regarding perception I have never thought to be a mystery: perception is the very essence of information in still simultaneity – the existence of a still mapping in a minimal §pace, during a quanta of ðime, must be ‘felt in itself’ as Leibniz and Aristotle intuitively thought – in other words §pace is the intelligent of reality and its pure order and stillness the sensation of being, not self-reflecting, not self-conscious but ‘Dasein’, being in itself. But this ‘static’ awareness of calm and form, must be connected to multiple networks for the mirror-image of the mind to ‘act’ and order reality.

How this consciousness of every stif point emerges then is another question – A QUESTION OF TIME FLOW AWARENESS AS THE STIFF POINT SEEMS TO CONTINUE with slightly changes due to motion; and the existence of modular languages, as one perceives the other, in the human case the:

Universal §pace > language of sight >eye> I< wor(l)d < ðime language

So LANGUAGES DO also create reality as smaller ‘mappings’ of a larger universe, with more information paradoxically (5D metric: Max. Information = Min. Space) than the whole.

The negative, lethal effects on the mind, parasite of energy: its ego paradox.

IT follows that the physical, biological or psychological mind has a negative effect on systems – to create more information than energy so systems finally become old, warped, still, informed and this is the origin of death and the finite world cycle of beings…

The languages of God are infinite. While we do NOT shy to mathematical equations, the languages of ‘God are infinite’ (Upanishads). That means the religion of machines, among Humans, which are today basically slaves of their computer machines for most themes including the perception of knowledge, and so need to talk with numbers to feel truth, is NOT real. We shall specially in this blog on social sciences use and justify and explain why the VALUES OF the wor(l)d, and our natural language is a better language for truth, and certainly for evolution and ðime predictions (being evolution a verbal language). I get specially irritated by all those ‘nerds’ who think if you don’t show a PowerPoint presentation with nice graphs and equations you are NOT doing science.

Not so, qualitative, formal, dimensional information, in human beings HAVE always been explained with human ðime-clocks, the ‘verbal ðimes’ of our flexible sentences and human eyes – the artistic sensorial work of our spatial senses. This means they are also excellent ðime records which today the ‘mathematical/mechanical school’ of social sciences tends to shun off – the classic case being Herodotus’ books of history, which turned out to be actually filled of facts, despite being so much prone to mythology. So words and facts come together to verify truths, and words are when conceptually sound are the proper causal language to explain evolution theory and the extensions due to cyclical ðime.


Dimensions of time are discontinuous events=actions ≈arrows of time that are played by monads in discontinuous actions enabling the complex 5Dimensional ‘time-action-oriented’ program of existence. The five discontinuous time-space cycles or actions that all systems perform, become then the kaleidoscopic new vision of the five dimensions of time from another mind-monad perspective to grasp the whole synchronicity and simultaneity of it all.

As the sum of all the discontinuous five actions of all the monads of the Universe is also a program in itself that encodes all the relevant information of reality from the ‘active’, ab. å, @, point of view.

Actions as discontinuous fractal D(å)<1 dimensions of ðime§pace is an essential formal fact of reality. As we go on accelerating, energising, informing, and reproducing into new supœrganisms or socially evolving into Universals, the sum of the time-space spent in each of those actions will discontinuously amount during the finite duration of the being for a total 1-dimensional fractal sum, such as we can the portrait reality as an infinite tapestry of sum of fluid actions which happen from an ∆º±4 domain due to the ∆º actions of the being exchanging motion (å±4), energy (å±2), information (å±3), reproducing (å±1) and evolving socially, (å+)…

As the discontinuous cyclical dimensions=actions=arrows=events of time of the modular • being continue, the web of its discontinuous dimensions will become a mess, which has a point of origin, alpha and omega the • monad itself…



I.. The @tions of beings. The will of existence.Max. ∫ e x i ∂st

II. Epistemology: Rashomon effect: The five perspectives on Existential Algebra: S@≈∆ð

III. Proofs in all ∆ Planes

∆¡>|2|. Physical systems.

∆¡<|3|. Biological systems.

∆i≈1,2. Historic systems.

Abstract. The multiple p.o.v.s on spacetime reality

When we approach reality there is always a multidimensionality to it, because there will always be at least 5 elements about the reality we observe: space, S, time T, scale, ∆, the perceiver’s mind, @, and the connecting relationships between them, which in turn will give us duality systems, spacetime Ðimotions: scalar space, ∆§ and so on…

We can then group the elements in triads and finally we can put the 5 together, ∆ð≥S@. So there are many possible entangled realities to study them as whole connected elements. 

What are then the ‘relevant combinations’? Obviously the Ðimotions of spacetime, which considered from the perspective of the singularity are ‘actions’ of existence, attempts of the @ mind to survive, to exist, to interact with the external world, to @ct and exist are thus similar realities, @cts give us the internal perspective, existence, is our external point of view. And what the being that acts tries is to maximize its existence; its force and momentum, its perception, feeding, growth, evolution, its worldcycle…

So in this and the next post, we study those time-space actions, from the inner point of view of the singularity as actions of space-time and from the outer point of view of the receiver, as the existence of a being, whose existential force, in what it is better perceived, the body-wave, exi, is maximized when e=I, or s=t (its singularity and clock membrane).

Actions – the minimal quanta of space-time beings.

‘Don’t confuse motion (entropy) with action (motion with a goal)’ Hemingway to Dietritch

life; noun 1. The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for energy feeding, informative gauging, social and individual growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
All systems of nature are alive, as all act simplex or complex, to survive in the game of exist¡ence.

Life is Action, a program of drives of existence that should rule the memes of mankind and society. We consider then 5 actions that define life: 3 simplex actions: energy feeding for the body, motion for the limbs, information gauging for the head, and together they ‘feed, and maintain’ the 3 ‘elements’ and physiological networks of our organisms. And two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution that ensure our existence beyond death.

In the graph we can understand life, observing a human being, as the feeding with 3 simplex actions of the 3 parts of the organism, its moving limbs, energetic body and informative mind.

But as parts of social organisms humans also reproduce with other human organisms, and evolve socially defining two complex actions. Nothing else is needed to define life, including life of mechanical beings, whose actions of ‘existence’ are performed by its company-mother-mothers, which show the ‘living properties of machines”:

In graphs, 5 actions ensure the survival program of all scales of stientific species: above the actions of company-mothers of machines which adapt planet earth to its image and likeness. Below the individual actions of humans and below in scales of diminishing size the actions of molecules, atoms and forces. All of them respond to the same aeiou program of survival (accelerations, e-ntropy feeding, I-nformative gauging, o-ffspring reproduction and u-niversals-wholes creation which ensures all the parts of the being will keep its inner space-structure and outer time function.

Actions of space-time are the minimal vital Unit of reality, and as such all the codes of the Universe can be written in åctions

In that sense, the definition of biological live, which sets the goals of being human, in turn sets the products and goods a proper economic systems should reproduce for humans to thrive at individual level through ‘our simplex’ 3 actions of feeding, moving and perceiving and at social level through our reproductive and eusocial, loving actions.

To live is to act. And there are only 5 type of actions, which a proper economic and political system should promote and enhance for all cells to thrive. In the next graph we consider those 5 actions from the highest level of complexity in systems sciences, observing how all systems of reality reproduce those actions, including atoms, and company-mothers.

Humans however are NOT meeting those actions in most beings who cannot thrive and enjoy life ad maximal, because we live in a planet dedicated to promoting the life of machines.

Abstract. To exist is the game we all play. To do so we try to survive, and so we can establish a simple function of existence, which consists on 5 actions to survive that all systems of the Universe play. We like to use for the function not a mathematical but a logic acronym. To exist, is to act gauging information, moving towards energy absorbing it to reproduce and evolve socially into larger wholes, aeiou… to exist is to @ct, from a singularity-mind, whose external actions will always be those 5 actions and as such since even the smallest particles quarks and electrons perform those actios, all exists, all has will, all has a mind.

Yet the purpose of those 5 actions is also to find a balance as a complementary being, in the symmetric centre of your relative ∆±¡ scales, | x O lineal entropic feeding fields and O-informative minds, in between your motion, young age and your age of information, maintaining your present state, the longest possible time; and so existence is maximised in the point of balance.

How can we define this point of balance of symmetry with the asymmetric forces of your world? Here is where our acronym for existence makes sense: exi≈st, when our 3 elements are in balance our spatial mind and temporal membrane is in balance with the energy and information stored in its internal vital body-wave; the being reaches its maximal plenitude, as its ‘existential force’, which we define as the product of both elements, either measured internally (Exi) or through its membrane and singularity (sxt) is maximised precisely by the equality of both. 

THAT IS for a total number 10, 5×5 > 6×4>7×3 and so on. So balance maximises the existential force of any system.

RECAP: Space-time actions.

The will of the Universe has its site in the @-monads which internally map with a language the Universe. While the human ego, which we along Einstein consider infinite only paralleled by the Universe itself will REFUSE to accept with the poor excuse of not being ‘measurable’ with our senses, digital or biological, the informative gauging capacity of all systems, we can study externally the actions that after informative gauging, the singularity or linguistic mind of the system performs.

So in one side the beings as Schopenhauer put it is ‘representation through perception’ and then it is ‘action, the will of survival’.

And the constant representation and will of survival T-S-T IS the essence of the game. The mind of the super organism REPRESENTS IN formal spatial languages the Universe, and then MOVES performing time cycles with their will of survival. Can we classify those actions? Yes, we can because they respond to the need of the being made of 5 Dimension of space-time of ‘being’, that is maintaining the 5 dimensions ‘replenished’, active, so we talk of five actions, in a sequential pattern similar to that of the being, using a mnemonic vowel system for them:

1D: information gauging; 1-2 D acelerations/motions, 2-3D:Offspring reproduction,  4D entropic feeding, 0-5D: Universals creation (social evolution).

@tions (åctions) mediated by the @-monad, are thus the will of the Universe, and also its infinitesimal quanta, in as much as they consist most often in the absorption of entropy, energy and information in its minimal bits and bites from an ∆-1 plane of reality.

In that sense when we apply the Rashomon effect of multiple points of view on actions, it will be easy to classify them in simplex, a, E, i and complex, o,u actions according to the quanta involved, smaller in the motions (∆-4,3 force quanta), information (∆-3,2 pixel quanta) and energy quanta (∆-2,1) absorbed by the being, and the larger quanta (∆-1,o) of reproduction and social evolution (∆o+1) involved in the success of an action.

Actions are in that sense perhaps the most important of all the elements of 5D², as it truly brings together all the elements of space and time, mind, scales, into a single space-time event type which applies to everything and on top solves the question of the will, function of the mind and program of survival of the Universe.

recap. Actions are the scalar expression of demotions in time space, meaning they are always relationships between the One and the Whole through its scales. So we can define actions in which the being is predator, as the 3 simpler, aei actions happening with ∆-¡ smaller beings. And actions in which the being is equal, as those happening with ∆o beings (reproduction) and actions in which the being is submissive as those concerning ∆+¡ events social evolution)

Actions of space-time are the minimal vital Unit of reality, and as such all the codes of the Universe can be written in åctions

∆.  ACTIONS AND PLANES OF EXISTENCE – the finitesimal quanta.

We DO not reduce the concept to S, the action of physics, or h, its quanta, but expand enormously it meaning to include the 5 ‘vowels’ or dimensional space-time actions, which are the main ISOMORPHISMS to start constructing from ∆-1 upwards the structure of ∆o organisms and ∆+1 worlds.

The five åctions as expressions of discontinuous ‘steps=quanta’ of the 5 Dimensions of space-time.

Actions are the minimal unit in the 5 construction of the 5 Dimensions of the being, and its physiological networks.

So they are closely related to those five dimensions, which we translate into 5 symbolic vowels for each of these Sx. and Cx. actions:

  • The lineal motion, simplest ‘accelerated/decelerated/steady state’ motions: ‘æ‘, first dimensional action.
  • The reproductive event in space-time, the ‘œ’ second dimension action.
  • The informative perception, collapsing the potential into wave into form, the ‘i’ , third dimensional action.
  • The energy feeding = scattering entropic death of the prey, the ‘e’ action, fourth dimensional action.
  • The social evolution into wholes, or fifth dimensional action, always realized in the generation of the being as emergent, and tried but seldom achieved in the existence on the larger ∆+1 world. We use the letter ‘u’ for Universals.

Hence the terminology differs from numbers into letters, as I use the mnemonic rule, motions as a-cceleration, e-nergy feeding, information, offspring and Universal evolution of individuals to make an easy a,e,i,o,u.

Why we do so is obvious: we stress the ‘quality of actions’, WHICH IS FUNCTION not form. And as form and geometry are languages of space better suited to math, function and logic words are better to represent actions in time (being words our language of time-motions).

Further on actions are complex and often involve multiple dimensions of space-time. 

Yet still there is a certain dominance of dimensions in each action, so the loose correspondence of those actions with the 5 digits of Dimensions is:

  1. Informative Vortex; §ð: IMPLOSIVE fracta point: informative actions, (ï)
  2. $: lineal space,’DISTANCE’,  t: Lineal time ‘DURATION, $t: action of motion (æ).
  3. ∑: Width, body-wave. ∏: Frequency of repetition. ST: REPRODUCTIVE ACTION (œ)
  4.  S: scattering potential T: entropy; ST: Death; energy feeding (ø)
  5. & 0 to 1: Whole, social evolution from Mind seed into super organism (û)



How we travel through scales of the 5th dimension? Through the operations of integration and derivation, which is what makes emerge in an upper scale the physical action.

Now the simplest actions of motion are derivatives of the previous scales which emerge in the higher scale. And we can talk basically of two type of operations:

∂S-4=V-3;  ∂V-3=a-2  This simple chain describes the meaning of physical actions. The gravitational scale of the ∆-4 perceived as distant space, gives part of its distance by deviating it in time, emerging as speed in the light-space, atomic scale, which gives part of its speed, by emerging in the upper molecular scale as acceleration and temperature. So physical parameters are the elements perceived in the actions that emerge between scales.

But those are ‘pure’ actions of motion, in the spatial dimensions of those lower scales.

We though by the Galilean paradox consider the Sp duality (space perception as pure distance, motion and acceleration, or complex perception as energy).

And so we have also the e-perception of those basic actions, which accordingly is symmetric.

∂E-4=momentum(∆-3); ∂p (momentum)∆-3 = mass (∆-2).

Thus again we observe that the ultimate energy of reality (stored in the distance of strings of gravitational forces, where S≈E, that is strings energy is equivalent to its length), emerges as momentum in the atomic scale and emerges as mass in the upper scales of matter. And so we define also the main parameters of physics related to the complex energy-mass duality (perception in detail of the components of those scales) in terms of actions.

The derivatives are also immediate: Energy =1/2Mv², and if we derivate considering V=X, the variable, we obtain the momentum of an atomic particle: ∂x²=2x.

Thus ∂E=mv=p. And again now if we derivate mv, considering v the variable, V=X, ∂p=m.

And we associate S≈E, V≈p and a=m. As we shall see in the specific analysis f the meaning of mass, mass is considered a vortex of accelerated gravitational form. And this is one of the many parallel ways to deduce this fact. Since ∆ST is a perfectly symmetric complex structure of a beauty, order and balance…

The Fractal Universe: qualitative definition.

What is the Universe? In simple, philosophical terms, a game of ‘motion’ and ‘form’. When you look around you observe ‘forms in motion’ performing ‘åctions’, which combine both. And nothing else.

Now call, motion | and form O, and its combination, Ø. And so you could in the simplest possible expression of reality to say that the Universe is ∑ – x O = Ø

This would be the simplest way to define it all. Scientists tend to quantify reality and so they have shunned for too long the explanation of the ‘whys’ of reality, of ‘its qualities’. We do both in ‘philosophy of science’.  Now let us try to be more precise with the previous equation.

It could be called ‘speed’, V, a motion in ‘space’, and O could be called a cycle of form, a ‘clock’ of time.

So we could now say the Universe is made of infinite motions in space and cycles of time, combined into infinite åctions. And that is indeed what we perceive. Look around you. Or inside you. Beings perform ‘åctions’ which consist in going ‘cyclically’ to a place, to feed, to inform themselves to meet with other social beings, to reproduce… Actions are cyclical and they are performed through motions, which have certain form. Desargues a mathematician proved that all curves where in fact a combination of the line and cycle that created the cone. Computers use | and O, 1s and 0s, to model the entire Universe.

And if you realize all what is needed to trans-form, a lineal motion into a cyclical clock of time, is to close the ‘string of lineal motion’ into a ‘closed string’ of temporal form. In fact  with those 2 elements, open and closed strings physicists construct all the particles of the Universe.

So this is another way to explain the meaning of any System of reality:

‘All what exists in the Universe are systems made of lineal motions of space and cyclical forms of time that trans-form into each other ad eternal throughout åctions that combine both:


Quantitative definition

This would be the simplest possible Universe. But then we realize that the motion is not just ‘pure motion’ at least in this plane of existence in which humans develop its åctions. But there is always a ‘being’ that is moving, which from an external point of view tends to be defined by ‘a mass’, an ‘inertia’, a ‘form’ that is fixed and the motion drags through. So we rather say that:

‘All what exits are forms that perform motions with form.’

What is mass so far escapes us at this stage, but all things around us have mass and move dragging their mass, so we should get a bit more complex and consider now that all what we see are masses moving in cyclical patterns around reality. And so we can write this with 3 ‘terms’, one for ‘mass’, M, one for cyclical motion, which is quantized with a term called frequency=1/T (that is the number of times per second a cyclical motion completes its cycle), and a 3rd term called ‘space’, the space traversed in lineal terms from the initial point to the final point. So a being is a mass moving from point A to B in space and performing in time cyclical trajectories: M x L x T ‾ ¹

As it happens, physicists describe all what exists in this plane of reality with only those 3 parameters, M, L and T, and have a fundamental postulate, that the quantity of M x L x T ‾ ¹ of the Universe which they call ‘momentum’, remains invariant when we add all the momentums of all the beings of the Universe.

And so the quantitative way to express the qualitative nature of the Universe is rather simple too: The Universe is a game of ‘momentums’ in perpetual exchange of motion and form.

The reader would observe at this point that humans use a lot of ‘different’ concepts, which at the end tend to be reduced to motion and form. And this a problem of humans which love to make specific definitions, attach differentiating terms, break reality according to quantitative methods, classify, divide and confuse.

The Universe though works in a different manner, it breaks, quantizes and multiplies into:

  • An infinite myriad of varieties or Ø-åctions, the 2 essential realities it is made of:
  • Lineal motions that expand and create open lines and planes of space.
  • And O-cyclical motions or ‘forms’, which shrink, warp and close into time clocks.

So if we want truly to understand what reality is made of. We must depart from those essential things. And called the Universe a ‘fractal’ which iterates and combines lineal motions of Space, and cyclical clocks of time into infinite åctions. We can now change from the intuitive geometric symbols to the conventions of man and so write Se (for Space) and Tƒ (for cyclical clocks of time) our equation:

Se x Tƒ = A.

And this is the simplest way to explain it.

The combinations of motions and forms.

What makes though the Universe so confusing is the fact that it constantly messes motion and form. And so at least in this plane of existence there is nothing ‘pure’. This the old Taoists, the philosophers of antiquity that understood in simpler closer terms this reality, calling motion yang which they represented with a ___ and form yin, which they represented with a O or a broken line — (with more form than __), make it clear, when affirming that no yin exists without a bit of yang, and no yang exists without a bit of yin, and that reality, existence was a game of combinations of yin and yang that created the infinite beings of reality.

The o±4 plane.

So we are obliged to use the purest terms of motion and form, only when dealing with the purest concept of pure Space without form in nature vacuum space and pure cyclical clocks of time without any translatinv motion, pure rotatory clocks, in nature, black holes in the cosmic scales and superfluid 0 K vortices of mass and charges without any vibration. And as it happens we cannot perceive those limits of pure motion without form and pure form without motion, pure Space and Time.

Now I shall call our ‘plane of existence’, where I exist. the individual, human plane, the ∆-plane. And so this remote plane which I don’t even perceive, will be called the 0±4 planes, the ∆-4 plane that of far away forces with zero form, the gravitational plane, and the plane of remote black holes with maximal form at 0 K, which I don’t perceive either the ∆+4. It is only logic to call them with the same ± number, because as it happens, the gravitational plane of absolute motion with no form (called for that reason non-local or ‘action at distance’) is created by the plane of absolute form with no motion (called for that reason a black hole).

How this is done is obvious. Remember that we said all what exists are O x | = Ø. So what happens here is this

O (black holes) emit, |, gravitational space, which other O black hole will absorb, creating between both a gravitational attractive force. So we write:

[O (Tƒ) < = > O]±4.

Where we have added  the plane in which this happens to know what varieties of ‘form’ and ‘motion’ we are talking about.

The duality of distance and motion, cycle and form.

Now, because we do not see this gravitational lines and we do not see this perfect cycles, but they are there, they must appear somehow to us. And they do so, lines of pure motion are seen as ‘distances’, and cycles of pure rotational cyclical motion are seen as ‘masses’ and ‘spherical forms’.  We can picture how this happens, since we have two elementary realities, the Tƒ cyclical clock (which we perceive as fixed form, like when we see a very fast turning wheel that we see as a fixed form) and the – of space, which we can see as distance or motion, as we see fast cars in a picture at night as fixed lines or motion.

This is thus an important law of reality we call the Galilean paradox: when we do not see in detail a lineal motion a speed it appears as distance, and when we do not see in detail a cyclical clock of time, a rotary motion, we see it as a mass of form. So Galileo didn’t see the motion of the Earth but only the distance it travelled around the sun, neither its rotation but only its mass-form, and yet it was there: e pur si muove e pur no muove.

So we must make two equivalences:

Lineal motion = Space distance;  Rotary motion = Time Clock.

And so we see either motions, lineal speeds and rotary clocks of time, or fixed distances and forms.

And the result is the stable combination or ‘space-time’ reality we see around us.

Further on an interesting deduction of the fact we do NOT see gravitational motion, is that it must appear to us as infinite ‘non local or action at distance, as physicists call it.

Indeed, if we consider the equation of :

– x O = Øst, whereas Øst is the constant space-time we see around us. For Øst to be constant, since O the form we see is zero, none, the – element must be infinite.

As the only quantity multiplied by 0 that gives as a constant value is ∞:

∞ x 0 = C. And this is indeed what we experience: gravitational forces have zero form, and are infinite in its motion from the human perspective. We do not mean they are necessarily infinite in objective terms, but for humans they are infinite in motion, non local, ‘acting at distance’, the neat expression physicists used for centuries without reasoning why.

Now we bring this solution because I believe the reader trained in ‘quantitative’ methods will surely miss the essential element of ∆ST – to mix logic reasoning and mathematical equations to achieve a much more complex, rich and meaningful understanding of the Universe with all its languages, not only as an abstract concoction of mathematical formulae. The previous ‘sample case’ is a simple, clear proof of that power of ∆ST to enlighten our comprehension of all realities.


The ∆-3 scale.

So in the next stage of reality, beyond this ∆-plane of existence that we do not perceive, which we shall call, the 0±4 Plane, of pure forces of motion, ‘gravitational forces’, ∆-4, and pure form without motion, ‘cosmic black holes’ or 0±4, the rest of realities are ‘messed up’. Their motions have some form and their forms have some motion. And so they are all Ø-species. And we call them ‘waves’.

Indeed, when we come to the minimal reality we perceive, we realize it is made of pure motions which have a bit of form, that is their ‘lines of space in motion’, their gravitational lines curve up and down as they move linearly’, and they become ‘transversal waves’ of light. And then alas! they are now ‘light-space’, forms in motion, forms in action, in-form-åctions, in-form-ations. And so ‘light-space’ carries information, and it is the ‘limit of our perception’. And we call this plane of existence, which is the first we perceive the ∆-3 plane of electronic light. The beginning of the human universe. And so the myths of the bible said ‘and God said, there is light’ and creation started. Indeed, when gravitational forces of the ∆-4 scale warp into transversal waves, which carry information, or ‘light-space’, we enter reality.

This ‘light space’ in turn will be made by ∆-3 galaxies, which produce this light space.

And we call them the ∆+3 plane according to our terminology of planes of existence.

And so if we look at it from the ‘smallish’ point of view, the ∆-3 plane is made of the components of most of the matter of the galaxy: plasma particles, electrons and protons in ionized state, mixed up with electromagnetic fields of light. And from the larger point of view we will be talking of galaxies.

They are the next clear thing beyond the Universe and its dark matter, dark energy and dark black holes we do not see

Now here, we shall by ‘isomorphism’ (similarity) with the ∆-4 scale consider some facts, which have escaped for very long the work of physicists in their understanding of reality.

If we have said that the space of the ∆-4 scale is actually pure motion, seen as distance by lack of detail, the space of galaxies, must be made of light, which we do see, but not with enough detail to perceive its motion, and so we also perceive ‘light-space’ as distance. This is our ‘space’ and accordingly the space we see has exactly the same 3 perpendicular, Euclidean components that light have because both are the same:

In the graph, we can see this straightforward. It is not a coincidence that the 3 elements of light, its magnetic, electric fields and its speed are perpendicular to each other as our ‘Euclidean space is’. This physicists do not really understand, because they just do quantification with maths, and as Feynman famously put it, ‘the why’ is the only thing physicists do not ask. Curiously enough philosophers did understand, so Kant said that our space-light is Euclidean, and Descartes said we see the ‘world’ of light with Euclidean coordinates in his book ‘the world’, and draw the Cartesian space-time graph of light space. And artists understood it, so the impressionists said they paint light when they paint space.  Again an important insight by using more than numbers to explain reality.

Next the equation with our geometric symbolism of this scale, will be also rather simple;

[O < ≈ > O]0±3

In simple terms, a ‘particle’ or ‘star’ or ‘galaxy’ with cyclical form O, produces a wave ≈ of light space, which another O-being will perceive and absorb. (Remember at this time we do see and all systems that emit light do perceive; your mind is nothing but a bunch of electrons perceiving light).

Remembers also that we have said the Universe has only 2 ultimate simple elements, O and – and its infinite Ø combinations, but it likes to iterate them, repeat them, mix them together, group them in huge numbers. So that equation can mean an extraordinary number of beings of different sizes. The most common interpretation when we enter in detail will be that of Physicists, which they call the fundamental equation of quantum physics:

O-Fermion particle < Boson Force > O-Fermion particle.

Where a fermion, electron or quark will emit a boson a gamma ray and another fermion will absorb it.

There are a few other varieties of ‘forces’ and ‘fermions’ but roughly speaking without entering in detail this ‘is it’. (Remember this blog has 3 ‘planes of explanation’ the upper line very general and encyclopedic, resumes the entire thing; so if  you read it you will have a generic vision of the whole reality but still a bit fogged, this second line of isomorphisms, gives you more detail and the 3rd line dedicated to each plane with very detailed references to scientific laws of each species, do connect fully with simplex sciences).

  • Now the second thing physicists do know but again interpret in too abstract ways, is the fact that the equation works both sides: the electron produces a boson – a photon of light that moves through a transversal wave that carries motion and form, and gets to another electron, where it collapses being absorbed by the electron into a dense photonic form, which becomes part of the nebulae of the electron.


Thus what happens here which they describe with mathematical artifacts called probabilities in quantum equations they do not know what they mean, is clear, if you are not ‘cuckoo’ about having weird interpretations of reality that make you sound very smart and reinforce your beliefs in an only-mathematical Universe. This i know will irritate physicists, people which as the adults of ‘le petit prince’ believe they know everything and don’t see the elephant in the hut. Well, Schrodinger who discovered all this, first told us that the electron is smeared all over the place. And it is. it is made of very dense boson light photons that collapse from ≈ state into O-state, and come together into the nebulae we see.

Now, when we observe them, with even bigger particles, the smeared electron, collapses further into a tighter ball, as it happens when any system of nature made of fractal points (anything is a fractal point, a number, a group of any set of beings), receives a massive interfering attack from outside. Flocks of birds, schools of fishes, armies spread on a battle field, collapse into tighter configurations when a predator eagle, a shark, an enemy come to attack them.

So the densely packed photons of the electron nebulae collapse, around the point where there is a maximal density at this moment of dense photons and become a particle point, when the killer electron of the microscope bombs it. Simple enough to explain in a perfectly intelligent manner, the weird things – not so weird if you believe in the isomorphism=equality of all systems of the universe – and have been a soldier, or have seen a school of fishes, a bird flock, a herd in the savanna, an at hill – that happen in quantum physics.

This is what it happens: nebulae of densely packed groups of photons, spread to form together ∑∆-1 photons = ∆-electrons gather around the denser point of the flock in the moment the observer’s electron bomb it, and so quantum physicists say that point is the most probable point to find the electron as a particle-point. And they are puzzled because they never detect the nebulae but a particle point, so they unable to grasp the vitality of the entire universe affirm that the nebulae is a mathematical reality made of probabilities of finding the electron. Yes, each point will have a probability according to its density, as the probability that a school, a flock, an army or an ant group gathers in a point is proportional to the density of that point prior to the attack, as it is the fastest way to become a ball, coming together where there are already a lot of points. Point.

So this is enough to know now about this plane and its equations.

To mention though that because light has information, form, it is no longer infinite in speed. It must have a limited speed, because now we see it so, O x – = Constant Øst does not need to be infinite. Further on, because what is happening here is that light ‘draws’ space-motion, as it has to draw a curve is slower. Indeed, the fastest distance between two points is a line, a wave is slower than a line, as it has a longer trajectory. So light has a limit of speed. It is called c-speed, and is huge but limited.

However, this distance-speeds of light once they abandon the galaxy, no longer are in the light-space realm so they start to elongate, becoming red waves, the ones with longer distance per wavelength, and hence they start to accelerate, which we see as an increase of space-distance, and so between galaxies space-distance grows at an accelerated rate as the light expands space, and this again physicists measure but don’t understand, it is the expansion of light space. We could say that light space dies into the gravitational strings it was made of. And so the immortal, infinite black holes and gravitational infinite distances of the Universe now warp into light which have a finite light-space speed and a finite time duration as it is born from a pure motion that warps into form and then spreads out again when abandoning the galaxy into pure motion again:

– > ≈ < –  and this is a life cycle. Notice now the 2 symbols we add here which are visual also: > which means something with more distance, collapses into a point, and this is the symbol of creation of form, of formation, of in-form-ation,  and on the other side < is the symbol of expansion of form into motion, or entropy.

And here again those to dynamic process of change in time, are ‘called appropriately the two arrow of time -> and <-, information and entropy. Physicists unfortunately only recognize one, the bad one, <- entropy expansive motions, which is the reason they say the Universe is dying. Because they only study the space between galaxies. It seems silly, very dumb, but physicists beyond manipulating equations and making machines to perceive reality are very dumb. Sorry that is ‘a fact’. Or rather very arrogant in their conclusions (which makes them be very dumb)

Fact is the whole Space-time, remember O x – =Øst is in perpetual balance.

So the expansion of accelerated light space between galaxies is compensated by the warping of light space into photons, then electrons and matter within galaxies, which is so evident looking at those galaxies corrugating light space into warping black holes, that one wonders how blind physicists can be?

They seem to see the only thing nobody sees, dark expanding space and they do not seem to see what all of us see, warping galaxies. And so:

∑ (O-galaxies < ≈–≈> O) is the equation for  the sum of all the galaxies emitting expansive light, ≈ which becomes gravitational faster distances, – between galaxies and then reenter another galaxy and collapses.

Easy. Now you can throw in to that model all the correct equations of quantum physics, relativity and cosmology and you will get the details. The whys are only in this blog.

Some clarifications on physical errors.

All this brings us to the almost impossible need to correct ‘physical concepts’ which truly deform in favor of action, motion and other fundamental traits of the worldly religion of physicists (to make weapons and of late machines that use energy to move) that have transpired to all sciences.

Consider for example, my lost battle to redefine and reduce the concept of energy to entropic, lineal motion transfers.

In physics, the fundamental concept is ‘energy’, which never changes. This is its fundamental law.

For long I have tried to ‘change’ that ‘enclose-∆- all saint grail concept’ of energy, and reduce it to a mere ‘transfer’ of lineal, spatial motion, and redefine the principle as ‘lineal energy motions constantly transform into cyclical informative motions back and forth’. But I realize this has only produced rejection from physicists that have the big issue of arrogance – that is, trying to explain everything else with the specific limits of material systems. So i am into the painful, long process of rewriting every time i put ‘energy’, and substitute it for ‘entropy’, the spatial, expansive arrow of motion. To physicists in that sense all is entropy and informative life processes are called ‘negantropy’, not information, the arrow they ignore.

So they do with the ‘Reprod-Active’ 3rd present arrow of repetitive åctions that combine energy, sorry entropy and information, and when repeated many times, reproduce a system. Entropy only physics, its biggest conceptual error though makes sense in external physical systems, where most changes are changes in motion in space. In this view, ‘energy’ which they basically define as a transfer of lineal motion through the formula of Work (that only takes the lineal direction in which the force is applied as the component of motion).

And there, they include also potential energy, stored in the form, or information of systems, from mass Sp=mc2, to position (in a gravitational field). Thus in physics ‘energy’ is really all, it is the existential force of the system, as it includes both its ‘kinetic energy’ (which is the concept i had failed to reduce energy to), but also ‘form’, vortices-clocks of accelerated time, charge and masses, which transform their form into ‘kinetic energy’.)

The reader of these texts therefore should forgive the author who calls ‘entropy’ energy, expansive lineal motion.

As physicists are the popes of science, we yield to them, and I will correct in the future all those terms of ‘energy’ and substitute them for entropy. And we will use the physical concept of ‘energy’ as existential force,  Max. Sp X Tƒ, of a system. Which is really what they mean when they say mass is a form of energy. In true ‘form’ is not, Mass is a vortex of information, the particle state of the cosmic Universe, and energy is its opposite variety.  So the reader should realize this minor error, and read ‘entropy’ when I say energy, a word I will try to eliminate. 


 We are an integration of space-time cyclical åctions performed across those o±4 planes of existence.

A Space-Time cycle of finite Duration, or life-death cycle is thus defined as:

O-1, ∑O-1>Si<ST>Tƒ<<So-2 if we are to use algebraic notation of the different partial equations of a world cycle.

If we define the function, W=∫∫∂ (æ,e,ï,œ,û) dtds=0, as the worldcycle or function of existence of a system between birth and extinction, this is the fundamental equation we seek to resolve for any being.

We need now to see how space-time fields, ‘lines with motion’, momentums, the commonest st manifold, either an Le (Long-energy-entropy), Tƒ, Tall Information and Wa, Wide-Reprod-active Wave bidimensional system with an spatial and temporal dimension.

Now the bidimensional ST systems follow the natural laws of topology, and are a bidimensional motion, perceived as a line of space with a speed that will define in an external field its ‘reproduction of information’ as it traces its motions in the external absolute space-time.

The simplicity of integrating a worldcycle path on those 3 bidimensional systems

Worldcycle, similar to a Hamiltonian

3 W = ∫ Le x Tƒ d(st) = ∑ a = 0

Any world cycle: W, thus will transit through the existential ±,∫ æ,e,ï,œ,û, åctions of the being with different increasing length of time and space.

The motions in ∂a, accelerated, decelerated and steady state caused by the perceptive åctions, ∂I, which have perceive external cycles and accumulated it in logic thoughts to enact them in the future, are directed towards a field of energy, from where to extract bits of existential momentum to deliver forceful impulse into the future.

All this mechanical åctions though have a clear goal> Energy is always transformed into potential forms of information. Which is the new principle of internal and external energy:

Sp = External Energy (kinetic energy), internal-external energy (internal energy of the external Universe: Potential Energy) + Internal energy (vital energy and cyclical information of the being)

Is a quantity which is conserved. Since it includes angular momentum, lineal momentum, we can perceive in this manner different conservation laws of physics.

Where the worldcycle function of relative present, ∑ or W, for width-summation, will be constantly used to represent the constant steady state balanced space-time function, made of åctions

in a wide analytic equation, would give us obviously a lot of information on the system. Enough to say now that the 3 variation space-time fields are simplified by the fact that almost always Length-entropy, height-information and width-reproduction follow this harmony simplification of bidimensional space-time fields.

There are though also other inverted functions, for example, an Lo dimension, which is a cycloid, a cyclical wheel which moves along a lineal path tracing an 8 Radius longer wave cycle, combination of both.

The body wave, reproductive Past x future, energy x information, system is thus the more complex, variable and interesting of all of them.

And we could consider its worldcycle between birth and extinction, form its first beat of existence to its last, the ‘present existence’ of a being. We are bodies, our heads in the future with information are invisible particles, our limbs absorb its energy and information from the external Universe with its hyperbolic openings, but the being is its body-wave, its reproductive organ for whom the being mostly exists.

Of the 5 åctions of existence, reproduction, the preservation of the relative present is the highest of all mandates.

In existential algebra we write:

Present (angular momentum: Mvr, in physical equations, or ‘action’) = Past (energy) x Future (information), whose operational functions, of which the Hamiltonian, Lagrangian are the most relevant of physics, try to combine this anti-symmetric equation (as both are inverse functions, hence Past / Future = Constant.

Now if we are calculating past x future, whereas Past = Constant Future, P = C x F.

And we would obtain:

  1. Present = Constant x Future x Future = C F2

A fundamental equation of all time Physics.

While for Past we can calculate:

Past = C F

And obviously Future = F

It is then interesting to observe that knowing the future, measuring the future space-time point (external or internal of a being) allow us to deduce the past, and relatively consider the Present, which will be more variable (as now the future has 2 possible solutions from the present point, as there are in fact 2 possible decisions to be made in the present. That is, the present can choose to increase any of its 2 components future information or past energy.

This always-dual solution to a point of space-time or first degree of freedom increases the external uncertainty on when the point of time, will make discontinuous its cycles of space-time action, switching to another different active integral path, that might even cancel the first.

Entities thus travel through a multiple Universe with different regions with different dimensions. How travel through such 5th dimensional fractal Universe filled with nested sub-universes of different symmetric past and present and future, Sp, A, O, dimensions of spacetime

The relationship between a bidimensional space field and a bidimensional time cycle, is also a 2-manifold.

However cutting each other with a single dimension of connection as they intersect in a creative wave-particle encounter, is fundamentally an A x Sp, Active magnitude x accelerating field of kinetic energy (perceived as its derivative speed by the active magnitude) : M x V – a momentum.

A second fundamental new element of cyclical time is the cyclical nature of the relative fractal past-present-future dimensions of space time, in world cycles which means that the future return to the past by means of the action of death.

Past x Future = Present-> Energy x Information -> wave-reproduction/momentum, is the kind of new quantized time equations that will be able to reveal an enormous numbers of facts and whys of science.

Now the study of that previous equation, which is the perception of the Universe, from a different time frame of reference, as if the past and the future co-exist together in the manufacturing of present, as it actually happiness in reality, creating an immortal Universe in a perpetual present is a high discipline of physics of time.

Since to exist through åctions that ensure the immortality of the system, by absorption and reproductive emission of energy and information is the fundamental purpose of time cycles.

Thus we shall elaborate its concept, as it is truly in the ‘åctions of space-time’ that all beings perform, where we shall find the whys of the Universe.

Thus the whys of reality are the active, biological purposes of most time cycles, performed by existential beings, whose geometric forms drawn in space are secondary to the ‘biological functional nature’ of those ‘space-time åctions’.

Since those cycles will be the 5 ‘drives of existence’ that ensure the entity:

– ∫o, perceptive, gauging, to move towards…

– ∂a: accelerated fields where

– ∂e, to feed in energy, and store it to.

≈i, reproduce and achieve immortality within

±∫u: a social stronger group.

And those topo-biological whys, performed by all kind of systems, including physical systems to ensure mechanically or vegetative its survival.The sum of all the planes of increasing information of parts that become wholes, of knots of space-time cycles that are joined by networks into systems and super organisms IS the arrow of SCALAR SPACE-TIME, or relative 5th dimension (if we consider the 4 classic ones of physics though as we shall see this is a simplistic confusing nomenklatura, better substituted by the ternary symmetries between space topology, S, time age, T, and space-time scale, ∆ which is a future time arrow ∑∆>∆+1, of eusocial evolution, of potential forms, which might or might not happen but if happening will have certain non-Æ forms that are set as the most efficient survival forms of a given ternary topology of existence.

So a being will be the sum of all the planes and super organisms, floating and occupying a limited domain of that dimension, as its internal knots trace its world cycles, sum of fractal quantum motions, or ‘∆-1 actions’ of the being in its internal space, as they transfer energy and information from the outer, ∆+1 world:


Whereas a being, ∆, is the sum of exchanges of energy and information between its outer world, ∆+1, and its inner world, ∑∆-1, which is what beings do through its existence: absorb and emit energy and information between its inner world and outer world.

In this experience the being will show 2 selfish arrows of accumulation of energy and information in its internal territories and at the same time trying to minimise its output of both:

Max. Spe x Tiƒ

Yet the mind, Œ≈Ø, function (in timeT: Œ and space: Ø), of the being while trying to maximise its body energy and mind information it might exchange in unfavourable conditions with larger stronger wholes, and by the simple reason that wholes are more than Is in space-time size and volume, finally loose the game of existence and loose its capacity to regenerate its energy, collapsing into death.

Min. Spe x Tiƒ: Max. Spe x O Tiƒ=Death equation.

Thus an existential cycle ends with the fall back into dissolution of the being that existed and that ultimate reality: that all existences in time are closed zero point travels between 3 planes of the 5th dimension, resumes all reality:


Life death cycle: its 3 ages is a trip across 3 co-invariant scales of the 5th dimension

So we talk of a 5th dimension, which orders reality according to its growing sizes, and paradoxically, slower time motions. As we grow in space we diminish in speed, and yet both properties put together are invariant:

Λ. 5D metric:   Sp x Tƒ =Constant;   Sp= K/Tƒ ;   Sp (Past-energy) < Present-iteration: Sp x Tƒ>Tƒ future information;

|-Sp (energy age, field, gas, youth) > Sp x Ti (liquid, adult, wave, reproductive age)>Tƒ (3rd age, particle solid) <<Sp (death).

All systems do travel through the 5th dimension performing 3 basic motions:

  • Present translations performing time actions in space, along the same Universal plane.
  •  Past, transfer of energy and information upwards towards higher social scales.
  • And transfers of energy and information downwards.

Those 3 motions, performed in infinitesimal, indivisible cycles made of tics of time and quanta of energetic space form together a sequential world cycle of life and death – as the point is a super organism in existential mode.

And so the integration of all those motions through the world cycle, Ω, of the whole system, in a life-death duration. Yet the same structures considered in space, gave us a ternary form, or super organism, made of energetic, reproductive and informative parts. And so departing from a single Œ point, through its existential travels and synchronicities, we can tell the tale of the Universe: the creation and extinction of wholes from parts, which perform space-time actions, which are motions that exchange energy and information through the 5th dimension.

And so the motions of each point of each scale can all be traced and included in a larger frame of reference of multiple space-time symmetries.

It is though needed to understand how the arrows o information and energy emerge and download between the fractal planes of the 5th dimension. Hence we need a 3rd symmetry to fully grasp the behaviour of the species of the Universe.

There is always a Particle (Physical Jargon), Point of View (Logical Jargon), Brain (biological jargon), Non-Euclidean, Fractal point (Mathematical jargon) or ‘soul’ (mystique, existential jargon) that ‘integrates’ the incoming flows of energy and information of the system thanks to its control of a common language, used for the system to code information (geometry in physics, electronic images in biological systems, verbal thought in sociological systems, digital languages in economic systems). What is the will or goal of those points of view?: To maximize its four survival actions.

And we can formalize these combined actions with the generator equation, as each of its 4 terms means one of those actions: E=energy feeding, I=information processing, ó or X, Reproduction and ∑, social evolution.

Thus to maximize the function of existence of its system becomes the Universal mandate of any entity: Max. e x Max. I, which is achieved when E=I (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1) and ∑->infinite.

Thus, when a system grows in balance between its energy and information and multiplies its quanta, it increases its ‘existential force’ (GST Jargon), top predator force (biological jargon) or Momentum (Physical jargon).

The mandate of existence means that all p.o.v.s will try to perceive and absorb energy till they have enough to reproduce themselves, and then, they will be ‘forced’ to evolve socially in a dense environment of self-similar cells to survive.

∑: The Bosonic point and the zero mind. Max. information and beauty, E=I

We can consider also ‘partial maxima of the function of existence.

For example, if we are to consider informative systems alone, the creation of a bosonic, zero point in which an infinite number of self-similar, ∑-forms converge is another path to maximize the function of existence.

As the bosonic point maximizes its information and informative ∑-quanta.

In the scale of informative particles all physical particles can be bosons in the proper conditions, becoming undistinguishable. The result is the formation of a single, new whole, a condensed plane of existence to which each bosonic particle gives part of its existential momentum, which emerges creating a new fractal form, combination of the topological points fusioned into the new form: The median of each S=T values for each individual field of energy and information create together a new topology that looks like a single one, as it has become either a toroid, sphere or hyperbolic new whole. So orbitals become a molecular pi-orbital that envelops the now indistinguishable ones, and our cells become part of a new whole, which emerges into a new scale, as an individual organism and so on.

The system’s integration happens in all kind of forms, from neuronal integration to cpus and gravitational fields of multiple bodies.

Perception is in fact a bosonic process: An internal zero point once formed trans/forms from its p.o.v. the forces of energy that pass through it, creating a pixelled image to perceive.

If we were to consider from a philosophical point of view that fractal mind, made of i-2 pixels that converge in stillness in the zero point, perception of ‘classic beauty’, defined by an obvious equation of harmony and balance E=I, maximizes our existence.

Herds of undistinguishable bosons are also essential in the creation of membranes. They are also essential in parallel flows of bits and bites of information and energy transiting within or between planes of existence in the toroid forms. Thus the creation of bosonic wholes from individual herds is key in the 3 type of networks that assembly together in functions of existence, E<=>I.

The will of the Universe. Sensation of beauty, pleasure, greed & love.

Each of the maximal points of the function of existence is reinforced by a positive sensation. Beauty of information; ‘greed’ for energy, and ‘sex’, which reproduces in an e=I state our forms of existence. Hence all systems reach the maximal will/pleasure/ desire at the moment of orgasm.

In other words, the Universe is an infinite game of orgasms (-: Reproduction is the game, achieved by growing in energy and information, and reproducing the system in new quanta that will evolve socially into new macro-organisms, units of the higher plane of existence.

And this brings the 4th ‘desired’ sensation – love, the desire to evolve socially with complementary beings (e=I, gender definition, where women are cyclical, max. informative beings, and male, lineal, max. Energy beings).

The conclusion is obvious: in human beings and probably in all ‘complementary fields of existence’, the program reinforces itself through 4 desired sensations: to perceive beauty, to feed on energy, to reproduce and to love socially. So the ultimate will of the Universe is spiritual, as all is motion and motion is due to the achievement of a cycle of existence, driven by a sensation.

And those sensations can be easily written as partial equations of the Generator: beauty (Max. I, i=e), happiness (Max. E, i=e), sexual pleasure (Max. ExI) and love (Max. ∑), which might be the ultimate will and sensations that resume the universal mandate.

The duality of eusocial parallel love vs. Darwinian, destructive hunting.

Of the many sub-laws derived from the mandate of existence, the duality of predator vs. loving behavior is paramount to explain multiple events of reality: All systems of the universe display a dual behavior: they prey on different systems to absorb energy and information for their bodies and minds and they evolve eusocially with members of the same species to reproduce and become bigger, more complex eusocial super organisms, sharing energy and information through common networks that create a new whole made of cellular parts.

It is the duality of the arrows of love and hate. Yet the arrow of love is a better strategy as it is the arrow of creation that the arrow of death and hate. Since the 4 actions and sensations that create the will of the Universe and evolve its 5th dimension form a Maslow pyramid of preferences: I->E->Exi->∑Exi: perception-greed-pleasure-love.

So we can describe the social evolution of the universe under the arrow of love, as a whole whose parts are all made to its image and likeness guided by the laws of all cellular systems who strive to survive by evolving eusocially to become a cellular part of that whole.

According to emergence, the mandate of existence and its fundamental sub-laws, must express itself as a fundamental law of all systems, in all the scales of the Universe.

For example, the duality expresses itself geometrically in the first scale as perpendicularity (Darwinian behavior, in which one form penetrates the other, destroying it) or communicative parallelism (which enhances the arrow of social love, as flows of information invisible to third observer, are shared at equal distances).

Two self-similar beings, which share energy and information along a small gap between them leads in fact to ‘fusion love’ – reproduction – in which parallelism occurs in two scales, the macrocosmic and cellular lower scale of existence. Reproduction across two planes of existence happens in fact in all systems:

From electrons that merge in spin/anti-spin genders till the last human being, sexuality is essential to reproduce a certain ‘function of existence’.

The why of existence, thus is the constant creation of cycles of life and wills and knots of time that want to order, committing actions that maximize its function of existence. And its highest will is love, which requires to fly further with your own will and empathize with the will of all knots of time cycles of the Universe.

While in the field of perception you want perceive, what you understand as beauty – a balance of energy and information. So goes for your actions, which are balanced, as you switch between them, perceiving forms and feeding on energies, and having sex, and loving…



‘To be or not to be that is the question‘  WS


ðº ∃xi∂st or not ðº -∃xi∂st,­ that is the ∃quætion   LS (:

‘Do not confuse motion (S) with Action (SxT).’ 

Hemingway, MEANING, action is not only ‘disordered entropic heat’ but motion with ‘form’ and MEANING≈purpose; something our demonstrator activists & entropic athletes often forget.

‘The function of ∃xist¡ence combines yin-formation and yang-entropy  to create the ³10 waves of qi: energy beings’

Lao Tse, translation of taoism to modern GST

The algorithm of creation is a very simple program by which all monad singularity that are sink of entropic/energetic/informative flows that sink into the monad will be able to perform in order to reproduce itself and radiate in an infecting manner over its world ∆+1 environment, kicking in the program of existential, survival, biological, darwinian but also social, evolving actions in which the universe performs itself as a sum of infinite individual selfish monads organised around its territories of orders its actions ‘generate’: ∑Γœ.

The dimensions of the being perceived in time are then the actions of the being as a monad performing its algorithm of survival and creation of new SuperorganiSms.

IT will consist in a serie of discontinuous actions≈exchanges of energy and information (accelerations, e-nergy feedings, information, reproduction and social evolution into Universals) of time-space caused by the monad following its program of existence, ∆i-≥ ∆a-≥∆≥∆œ, to reproduce and continue as a being in new generations. Let us consider them in more detail.

1st Action: Mind perception

‘The smallest point is a world in in itself: •≈û’

Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality: The fr@ctal •point=ûniverse of space-time.

‘The languages of god are infinite’ Upanishads

“@ Monad is a Mortal Mind Mapping Mirrored into reality”5Ðefinition of a mind l§


¬E MINDS: ∆$t≥§ð@

The fundamental element of reality is the Mind-singularity, @, where space is more pure and motion more restricted, inward, as the structure of the mind – a non-euclidean point, starts to ‘attract’ irreversible flows of space-time towards its central point of maximal information, where it will then ‘explode into pure entropy’ the perceived pixels, once they have been used to slow down a time=zero point of perception for the higher entity in tao. We perceive stop-death and as such we are then able to take those pixels into memories that might be replicated in the other world…

We can express the process of perception departing from a world of ∆ hardly perceived ‘distances’ in space, $, which the force of the attractive point puts into motion becoming potentials, t, which then will start to turn and move ≥ in implosive waves, vortices of diminishing radius, Vo to=k, as they come into the larger point-singularity, § which will absorb it into its temporal vortex, ð, till it becomes perceived in the pure still mind, @ which point will die.

And the explode perpendicularly through the ‘tall axis’ as pure entropic motion scattered in space…

The being exists causally primary because it is a fractal point, •, a vortex of time that perceives by accelerating the influx of in-form-ation, forms in action its central singularity:

This vortex of time thus constantly pulls inwards towards its zero-mind singularity energy, entropy and form of microscopic ∆-i pixels, which as smaller as they can reach, will imply paradoxically a larger territory of order created by the actions of the monad:

It is then when a purely subjective fractal view of the existence of the monad through its actions of ordering perceiving feeding and reproducing, vital actions of an organism, can be assessed.

The fractal sum of dimensional actions of  3/5 D, brings the three dimensional universe.

It is the most telling explanation in detail as the dimensions of the monad will then be the sum of all its fractal actions, each one with less than a 1 dimensionality, all of them, five actions, together however forming a whole.

Dimensions of time are discontinuous events=actions ≈arrows of time that are played by monads in discontinuous actions enabling the complex 5Dimensional ‘time-action-oriented’ program of existence. The five discontinuous time-space cycles or actions that all systems perform, become then the kaleidoscopic new vision of the five dimensions of time from another mind-monad perspective to grasp the whole synchronicity and simultaneity of it all.

As the sum of all the discontinuous five actions of all the monads of the Universe is also a program in itself that encodes all the relevant information of reality from the ‘active’, ab. å, @, point of view.

Actions as discontinuous fractal D(å)<1 dimensions of ðime§pace is an essential formal fact of reality. As we go on accelerating, energising, informing, and reproducing into new supœrganisms or socially evolving into Universals, the sum of the time-space spent in each of those actions will discontinuously amount during the finite duration of the being for a total 1-dimensional fractal sum, such as we can the portrait reality as an infinite tapestry of sum of fluid actions which happen from an ∆º±4 domain due to the ∆º actions of the being exchanging motion (å±4), energy (å±2), information (å±3), reproducing (å±1) and evolving socially, (å+)…

we must then continuously distinguish the simplex actions of accelerated motions, energetic feeding and informative perception, a, e, i from the complex actions that involve true travels of the being in the fifth dimension (not of the beings around itself which the feeding, informing, moving system performs), which are the offspring reproduction and Universals social evolution (œ, û, in mnemonic terms, or simply, R§, reproduction and Social Scalar evolution).

∆<i: SIMPLEX ACTIONS: æ-cceleration, ø:entropy feeding, informative communication.

Whereas the being DOES not travel/change through the fifth dimension but ab=uses smaller, ∆-1 bites of energy ∆-2 bits of information and ∆-3 quanta of motion to perform its actions.

∆±1… Complex actions, R§: Reproduction and social evolution of clone beings into wholes.

Where the being relates to equal or larger systems in its process of reproduction in identical clones and social evolution with clones into larger wholes and as such it is the being the one that enslaves and it is ab=used by the larger system or the younger, longer-lasting new generation.

The being in its constant balanced existence between larger and smaller, faster and slower, younger and older, forward and backward arrows, actions and tendencies of ∆st thus exist as the sum of those ‘fractal dimensional actions in time’, which in its sum will give ‘a tail’ f continuous past-spatial, formed, ‘whole’.

IT is then a hypothesis of work that the sums of all the fractal dimensions of time-actions equals the sum of the continuous dimensions of past-space: ∑Då=∑DS.

As the discontinuous cyclical dimensions=actions=arrows=events of time of the modular • being continue, the web of its discontinuous dimensions will become a mess, which has a point of origin, alpha and omega the • monad itself…

 Now the value of the dimensions of the actions of entropy, energy and information, reproduction and social evolution of the being vary and its calculus in mere quantitative terms is a science in itself. We are though more interested in the quality and nature of those dimensions in terms of its provoked flows of s-entropy, st-iteration and t-information
As the perceiver first attracts all those arrows of microscopic beings, converging into its focus.
But then it will select, transform and ab=use those arrows absorbed, unchaining a series of sequential events, which mostly will consist on the monad diverting some of the information coming as entropy of a flow of motion, which will direct the ‘evil monad’ (: towards a field of infantile little points of similar form, to be used as feeding energy, for the monad to reform in a burst of evil selfishness its territory to the image and likeness of its master, the monad exists as a selfish being. And as it goes through the worldcycle the monad of pretentious order will be and exi±∆st maximising its exchanges of energy and information with the outer world. This is what to be is all about:

In the graph, the arrows=actions=motions with form of existence, have all the same purpose: to help, the active element to survive, and play the game of existence of the Universe.

The action in itself is meaningful, but it is its collective ‘intelligence’ as a modular action, of a game of simple elements, which ensure the survival of the being, what matters to us.

Those actions in that sense respond to the ternary elements of reality, and are performed by each of the three parts of the Generator of the being:

So they range from the simplest pure entropic motions, ∆a (red, right side) performed by the spe-limbs/fields (Mr. Bolt), to the more complex formal, social evolution (long time absolute arrow of the fifth dimension) – signified by the UNO picture; and its in between elements:

Actions that absorb energy for the body and information for the mind which can be considered 2 present combinations, feeding on energy (max. e x i), feeding on information (Max. i x e), as all yin has a drop of yang… and finally its combined reproduction.

This simple scheme of actions is common to all beings of reality as there is no more parts to be had:

S (motion) + ∆ (Evolution) + Max. t x s (INFORMATION) + Max s x t (energy) +  s=t: reproduction.

And al what all the elements of all the potential fractal worlds of all the Universes will play this simple game, of 4+∆ åctions which form the will of the ∆º mind. 

The integral sum of those actions, then become sequentially a world cycle of existence, through three scales of super organism living.

Actions of ‘spatial entropy, temporal information and its energetic combinations and social coming togethers’ are then the fractal units from which the study of any entity of reality shall depart.

They are in temporal terms, the ∆ð-1 scale, as cells are the ∆§-1 element; and so we shall also find in complex gst clear symmetries between the beats of existence, its actions and cellular parts.

As the being acts in a modular way,it builds a social network of synchronicities, and emerges into larger wholes, which maintain the symbiosis of its order through the dynamical feed-backbondage it establishes with all other beings, in the building of non-Euclidean networks through the five postulates which reflect formally the nature of those communicative and social networks, that create first waves and then topological planes:

In the graph, the mind of the fifth non-e postulate feeds on entropic and informative flows that transverse it as the elliptic focus of a non-euclidean geometry in which it is the polar sink But the mind is not a leibnizian monad, but communicates through its axis of expression, which tend to be bidimensional holes in its π-3 membrane, to be able to form networks, and so the events of the Universe become more complex as the communication between membranes (second postulate) becomes regulated by a logic postulate, the third postulate of relative similarity and complementarity, such as systems whose topology is complementary form bondages, so do identical systems in social bondages, but systems who have different codes of information tend to use each other as entropy and energy feeding and submitting each other to darwinian behaviour.

The ethic postulate is thus essential to the organic, sentient, perceptive causal sequential structure of the Universe, and forms with the fifth postulate – definition of the mind – the basis for a causal, why-geometry of existence, able to explain all its events and actions as born of the ethic postulate of relative perception of equality – a perception defined by the topological structure of the monad accruing to its ternary forms, hyperbolic, elliptic or planar shape.

The postulates of non-e are thus also logic and i-logic in the sense that they show in the third (similarity) and fifth (monad), a logic sentient nature that implies communication of languages perceive in themselves  languages/forms-in-action have sensations attached to them as to be able to process information in a meaningful sensorial way. But the linguistic sentient nature of the Universe is a philosophical question.

The praxis that matters is the fact that all systems can be CONSIDERED IN ALL ITS EVENTS CAUSED BY A MONAD. All events will then be originated ultimately in the action of a more often wholeness/larger monad, in which the being will be performed within a network a submissive action. We can then always start our analysis seeking the cause of the action, event or being we observe, which would have been born in a seed that started with a reproductive action – the beginning of its worldcycle, soon to be≈come a series of actions in itself.

As the actions of the being build those super organisms then the subconscious intelligence of time magically will shape a ‘derive’ towards more information, which is the consequence of the discontinuous sum of those actions, which are mostly tending, as focused by the monad in the increase of information.

If systems WERE ABLE in that sense to let the monad kill/die/clean its form and rejuvenate by performing perhaps in all its scales more entropic actions of self-destruction it could be possible to make the monad immortal.

Immortality though is the inverse unnatural arrow of the monad’s existence in its constant ‘stiff-ness’ of existence as it converts lineal motions of space into time-information of growing frequency: S>ti>ƒƒ…

This arrow of informative stillness that is the ultimate reason why systems become stiff forms, and finally die in a third age in which time stops totally in the zero-point of the monad, and the whole system freezes (as the monad has somehow obturate its capacity to entropically die and rejuvenate in small doses, in a fully reversible process).

So entropy sets in after the long time of informative stillness, when time dilates as stillness sets in. Now suddenly time disentangle in an explosive impressive impetu-acceleration on the point of death, and explodes literally in an erasing frenzy, which is the death point, in which a tremendous discontinuous jump from zero motion to infinite speed happens in the most discontinuous of all jumps of reality when O (monad) x ∞ (universe)  reverses for an instant into ∞ (monad dying exploding dissolving into the Universe) x O (monad’s information completely erased).

Indeed, from the zero to the vertical motion into infinity the monad can only in this trick of topology – the axis of infinity – be both zero in the motion of lateral thought, infinite in the motions rising up and down in the scales of time of the fifth dimension.

As such the monad can keep its zero state while moving at infinite co-existing instantaneous speed between the magic co-existing scales as they are for the monad time-webbed in different past and futures which the monad co-perceives in present time.

The monad as instantaneous traveller in time due to the boring of the fifth dimension through its invagination of network systems, that communicate its parts with the different regions of time-space, introduces questions, which are difficult to grasp for the human mind, as instantaneous speed, co-existence of past to future tails of time (the different scales the monads transit) and travels to the local past. So we shall leave it here at this introductory level.

In the graph the black hole monad with its axis of infinity where time goes to zero to accelerate suddenly in a jet of blue z>c dark entropy that connects the galaxy with other ‘gala cells’ of the Universe. The different perception in time and inverse perpendicular space of the regions of a super organism explains in differing time ages its functions and forms.

The function and arrows of existence: Æ,œ,ï,ø,û.

To be in the larger picture is to be part of a super organism in which the ∆-1 being (i-1)  performs smaller tasks; to be an individual which performs the 6 motions of a world cycle of existence as it goes through its world cycle, and to be the ‘God’, ∆+1 whole of a smaller myridad of beings that make up the system. This 3rd function however is modulated by the ‘subconscious ego’ of the system, its inner networks, and so does not affect to what we call generically existence, ‘self-centred’ in the being and its ∆+1 whole.

If we define the being by its highest informative language-head or particle ab. i, all i-beings of a given i-scale of the 5th dimension will become a fractal point around which a territory and a series of social flows of communication will establish a wave of existence, Max. ExI (s-t), the function of existence thus will be displayed by the fractal point, which will enact symmetries across the scales of the 5th dimension, seeking more energy for its body moves and reproductions, more information for its mind games of perception and love.

What is the purpose of the fractal game? To preserve by repetition of present balanced space-time actions, the super organism in an immortal state. To exist the being absorbs and emits energy and information, ±∆E x I.

In the graph actions of energy’s and information’s absorption and emission (-∆æ: acceleration, +∆e: feeding, -∆i: communication +∆i: perception) move the being through its ages as it absorbs more energy than information.

In the graph, the program of the Universe is simple, made of survival åctions performed by each Œ-point, with the help of its ‘ternary, organic parts’, as all systems, make 2 type of Simplex Actions of absorption and emission of energy and information with their limbs/fields and heads/particles and Complex Åctions of reproduction and social evolution with their bodies/waves, TO ENSURE THEIR SURVIVAL in a fractal, bio-logical Universe:

Simplex, æ, ï Actions:


±∆Æ: Feed on spatial energy to perform future spatial motions and grow their territorial Vital Space (±∆æ: – a: locomotion, which emits energy, +e: absorbtion of energy or feeding). We introduce with those actions the Logic Concept of ‘Energy’, as Potential Energy (Stored, fed Energy: +∆E) and Kinetic Energy (Accelerated motions that change the trajectory of the being,   -∆E). Those will be the only verbal concepts of Energy in T.Œ, while we shall respect the Physical concept for other equations)

– Tƒ-actions: ±∆ï: Emit≈ Communicate or absorb Information=perceive with their particles-heads (±∆ ï: +∆i: perception, -∆i: communication by emission of information )

We call this actions, ‘simplex actions’, as they involve merely the absorbtion or emission of the simplest substances of reality, spatial, lineal motions and cyclical information.

And use to define them the ‘verbal concepts’ of energy and information, less precise than its mathematical formulae (as energy is a precise mathematical concept which includes both, potential energy, related to form, position, information and kinetic energy related to lineal motion, but in the common language energy is used more as synonymous of capacity to push and asmove, of kinetic energy).

Simplex actions are connected to the world cycle of beings and its symmetry in space, Sp (energy action)Tƒ (informative action), by the fact they are performed through the 3 connected parts of any system, and chained causally, as a system needs to ‘absorb information’ (∆i) in order to perceive the energy they want to feed on (+∆ø), and will move towards that energy (-∆a), and communicate often with other beings of its herd to hunt that energy (∆ï).

On the other hand, when the system has achieved this primary actions (±Ei), in the short term, which are needed to refill the energy and information of its minds, bodies and limbs (particles, waves and fields in physical systems); it tries on the long term to realize two complex actions of survival, reproduction, which ensures survival after death and social evolution, which makes the parts stronger:

– So we talk of two complex åctions, when there is stored enough energy and information available to perform them: the Œ-point will reproduce its System in a small offspring of similar beings, (Œ ∑œ-1) in other region of space-time, and then those clones and similar beings will evolve together to become a larger whole of the 5th dimension: ∑œ-1>Œ.

Reproduction and social evolution are thus two complex actions intimately connected. And the result of those 5 actions, we shall call the ‘a, e, ï, œ, û’ of existence is a simple program of survival which all systems follow.

The symbols we shall use for those actions are vowels, and they are self-evident (we prefer them to the strict Spe, Tƒ, ST ternary elements and ages of space-time, to make them easily comprehensible). So a is ‘acceleration’, e is energy feeding, i is perception of information, ï is communication between two points, œ is an offspring of similar œ-points and û is the creation of a a Universal whole in an upper ˆplane of the 5th dimension.

We shall also use the å symbol for an existential action, as it is performed always by a o-point, and as in the case of the ‘added’ terms on our vowels, distinguish the concept easily from other uses of normal languages.

The wider game.

Our game of existence is limited to perform a few actions for our bodies and minds – as we feed, we perceive, we reproduce and we socialize with other humans or construct mechanisms that manipulate energy and information. And this type of actions we do, limited by the fact that we are systems as everything else in the Universe made of energy and information, is what we call the game of existence, the will for which we live and breathe and feel and want to ‘be’.

We exist by performing certain actions between birth and extinction in a society, actions remarkably identical to each other, to the point they can all be qualified in a few groups that we might call ‘dimensions of existence’. Departing from this fact we can trace for each particle of the Universe a simple physiological, structural program determined by its dimensions of existence, or type of actions it performs. This are the basis of a General Unification Theory of all sciences, called Systems sciences, in which we define a first ‘Generator’ equation of those ‘dimensions’ or actions of existence we all perform.

What are those dimensions? Simple. We are all systems of energy and information, either particles of information/fields of energy (physical species) or heads that process information and are moved by a body of energy (biological beings). Thus all systems absorb, emit and transfer and merge energy and information of an specific type they can decode and use to reconstruct their form, their own information. And so we establish 4 basic dimensions that all systems follow:

– Gauging information

– Feeding on energy to move and

– Reproduce its own information

– Forming networks with other self-similar beings with whom exchange of energy and information takes place.

Informing, feeding, reproducing and forming networks that become then units of a higher scale of the fractal game of the Universe, departing from a General Generator Equation and a series of rules, laws and simple causal processes creates a game of rather deterministic nature that can be even run as an algorithm of ‘life’ and ‘existence’ and will reproduce most of the events and forms of any physical or biological Universe.

This web uses mostly common or biological jargons, more anthropomorphic and less inclusive proper of XX century science, in the description of social sciences, of humans transferring information to machines, creating social networks called gods and civilizations, exchanging.

But there is a higher jargon, one which is more inclusive and hence deals with the terms of space and time instead of energy )space) and information *time cycles with a frequency.

This is the jargon of general systems sciences of which i consider myself the leading scientist on the blue planet but not perhaps further than alpha centauri (-;

How do we apply those dimensions to our analysis of sociological life? Easy.

Consider what you are in more detail: your desire for energy is expressed in your body and blood/digestive/motion-muscle systems, those 3 sub-physiological systems are ‘living systems’ that desire and show a will to hunt for that energy.

You are also made of 3 endocrine systems that reproduce different hormones and nervous thought impulses that process information and so on. We can in fact decompose you as a system which is made like a knot of flows of energy and information – those physiological systems – constantly processing.

So the sum of all those ‘dimensional wills’ of all the similar individuals of the homo species, results in an economy and the goods of the welfare state we want.

And this is the application of a biological analysis of economics: a perfect society is one that satisfies with maximal production those needs, for right energy and information, family/reproductive values and social peace and communication (free social time).

Its measure is already applied by the UNO which also calls ‘dimensions’ those types of goods, since obviously each species knows what he needs to take care of its dimensional actions to survive – feeding and informing and reproducing and evolving socially in peace, the UNO has ‘figured it out’ without the need of having a ‘theory’ behind.

So the IHD, the index of Human Development of societies shows the ‘WHealth’, the healthy wealth of a society that fulfills those dimensions and gives to its citizens food, shelter, health, information and social peace, is a good example of 3 dimensions of social and life existence that are maximized by an economical index of welfare, and represent the type of actions that we need to do to satisfy our welfare.

We use it extensively here.

In a wider view, all what we do can be resumed as e xi actions, which coincidentally can be written as a mirror of its verbal meaning: e x i = st, we mix energy and information performing a time-space cycle in which we obtain or not energy, information reproduction social actions with others.

All what you do is tending to feed your body your mind, reproduce/love and come together with others.

So we are in that wider jargon ‘knots of space-time cycles’. A space-time cycle is any trajectory of any entity of the Universe in search of one of its 4 dimensions of existence, energy, information, reproduction and social evolution.

Those 4 ‘quantum numbers’ (in the case of particles of physics) or ‘drives of life’ (in the case of biological beings), or ‘social actions’ (in the case of human beings), or ‘types of machines’ (in the case of the economic ecosystem) and so on, are the underlying, logic, biologic, survival, systemic, social program that runs the universe with a precision of mathematical origin and a vitality of biological, and perceptive nature.

The Mandate of existence: Maximize your Space-Time Actions.

The spatial-temporal ternary symmetry between:

Se: The Spatial entropic, long, relative past motions.

Tƒ: The high, informative, relative, future cyclical motions and…

St: The combined wave-body repetitive, present motions, structure the 3 bidimensional ‘organs’ of all diffeomorphic relative beings:

ST (-∆), St (∆), Tƒ (+∆); made of entropic fields that expand and disorder space by ‘burning’ and simplifying quanta of energy in larger scales of lesser order (-∆), hyperbolic-wave bodies that try to repeat cycles and reproduce the components of the system, and Tƒ, spherical zero-points with an external sensorial membrane that transfers to a central zero point by shrinking without deformation (Poincare Conjecture) the bidimensional perceived world into a mind that controls the whole system

Thus there is in all full systems of reality a center of order, a Maxwell’s devil, the zero-point, or ‘single dimensional soul-mind, which maps reality, 0-point x ∞ World = Constant mapping of reality, into a smaller fast cpu, brain, electronic eye, consciousness, program of existence, and then ‘enacts’ the åctions of the system that ensures its immortality in time-space, its continuity, its repetitive existence through its åctions.

We do not argue in this post the degree of consciousness of the point of view, which is rather an automatic ‘program’ that maximizes existence, imposed by the survival of beings. We just reason why the program must be in all systems that act in Nature in an independent way in reality, where it is located that point of will and in which consists that will.

In brief, systems are generated as varieties of the fractal space-time generator, which can be written as

U = ∑∑ W: ∑[Sp x Tƒ]= ST±4

This less synoptic expression of the generator means that the Universe is made of infinite fractal parts, we call worlds, composed of the 3 components of a system, Spatial entropy, Temporal information and reprod-active limbs/fields, body/waves, heads/particles that ‘act’ within 0±4 planes of relative existence, with its organic parts, to maximize its existence, which means obviously:

  • To increase its entropic motions, ∆a, to increase its vital, cellular/atomic structural space, ∆e, to increase its gauging of information, ∆ï, to increase its Reproduction, ∆œ and to increase its social evolution, into larger groups, ∆U.

Those 5 åctions that we write with 5 vowels: a for accelerated, entropic motions, e for energy feeding, i for iterative reproduction, o for informative perception and U for Universal creation departing from individuals form the program of existence. And we can spot that program in all systems, through the analysis of 4+1, ‘quantum numbers’, ‘laws of electromagnetic fields’, ‘coding genetic letters’, ‘drives of existence’ and so on.  (Humans tend not to recognize one of those 5 åctions often the social, evolutionary or the simpler motions and its ‘coding’ equations, so most likely you will find 4 ‘equations’ to define a system).

The program of existence does ‘exist’ in all beings, and explain its systemic interaction and why it perceives other planes of existence. It explains its organic structure. It defines a sentient, pantheist Universe in which ‘monads’, unlike the simplified model of Leibniz do communicate (who discussed if his monads did communicate with the Universe beyond its 0-mind mapping perception, but as it was going to be too complex to describe them in their communication simplified the model considering them isolated entities of pure perception).

There are in that sense two fundamental formalisms to study the Program of existence, which we explore in two different sections of this web:

  • The non-Euclidean geometry of ‘points with parts’, ‘fractal points’, ‘points of view’, ‘zero-points’, ‘non-Euclidean points’ , which communicate flows of energy and information to form, social groups, herds and networks that finally evolve together and emerge into wholes with 3 topological parts, which live through a dynamic 3 horizons of existence.

This description would be more objective, external, perhaps more liked by the scientist of the ‘4th paradigm of measure’, with its hidden anthropomorphic belief of Abrahamic religious origin, that only humans are sentient, perceptive, special, organic, living, because the z=6 atom, carbon, is so special (-;


Minimal åctions: Its physical description: Angular Momentums, Temperatures, Forces.

Actions are topo-bio-logic as everything in the Universe. Physical sciences though do not tend to consider the bio-logic properties in great precision. Thus topologically a minimal action is a meaningful section of a time-cycle, which can be no other than an areolar arc of a radian. The radian is thus the minimal meaningful unit of the Universe, and its minimal action is an m x v x r action, where between 2 points, O1,2 we perceive an angle, given by the arc, mv=P1 and the radius, R2, with the second point.

The unit of the Universe is the cycle of space-time, and yet this cycle as it moves upward, becomes more ‘discrete’, broken in frequencies with gaps in between, since information is lost. So we can see a perfect cycle in the lowest scales, which is an H-Planck action, made of 6 h ‘angular momentums.

This minimal unit of the Universe, an angular momentum that occupies roughly 1/6th of a space-time cycle, which we shall call a Planckton, is the ‘value’ of the ½ spin of the smallest entities, particles. And so we can build a quantitative, realist description on how the Universe is constructed departing from those angular momentums.

But as we come forwards to more sensorial, conscious scales close to man, the concept of angular momentum and time cycle, becomes increasingly less reliant on geometries and more on functions. Form is substituted by function, and so we talk of drives of existence. We do not care when we feed if we move along certain paths to the restaurant tor others. The important part is the function. So it is for a particle, as we shall see defined by several åctions, each ones explained by a quantum number.

But and this is the essence of endophysics – of the interference of the observer – we humans observe the quantum world with great slowness respect to its cycles, and with great size. So we see the entire cycle drawn in the space-time, because it is so fast and so small that we see the entire worldview.

The emergence of certain properties according to those arrows and the damping of others and the interplay of the flows of existence upward and downwards through the limitative nature of those 2 inverse directions.

Another sub-discipline of the 5th dimension is to study the way in which populations of spatial quanta become continuous beings, through organic networks and languages, becoming wholes, mostly in decametric scales of 3×3+1 relative tetraktys = S+1. So soldiers become units of ten with a caporal that become units of 10 for a captain=100 soldiers and so on, till filling the classic army (centurion, Mongol units, etc.). This ideal structure has as always in the Universe variations, which account for lesser probabilities of existence.

As the Universe allows freedom of creation but penalizes with less existence, more extinction the paths that do not follow a perfect geometrical structure.

Thus we order all those sub-scales with a new dimension, the U 5th dimension of relative S-ize, and information. The U logarithmic 101o scale that goes from the simplest U=1 force scale through social groups of ±1010 elements that become units of a bigger whole (so 104×10 gravitational strings across 4 dimensions of space-time create an electromagnetic wave of force, 1010 ties of atoms create a DNA cells, 10±10 cells or stars an organism or a galaxy, and around those logarithmic numbers all kind of varieties of species with lesser or larger ‘fractal points-particles’ create new worlds.

U+1: U+1 ≈ 10±10 U

The formalism of scalar space-times describes the Universe as a Fractal System of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information, extended through a 5th dimension of scales in which all those systems obey the same=isomorphic sets of mathematical and logic laws – the formalism of the 5th dimension. In each of those scales species change in 2 parameters, its ‘spatial size’ and its ‘speed of informative clocks’. And both parameters are inverted.

Thus we can refine the ‘equation of relational space-time’ ∑Se x Tƒ=ST, where ST is any relative constant relationship or ratio between both parameters that make up the Universe.

And write it as an inverse function of the properties of its 2 formal motions:

Max. Se (maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tƒ = Minimal Temporal Speed of Information.

From where we deduce the Metric of the Fifth dimension:

Se x Tƒ = ST±4

This equation, whose first member is, similar to the equation of relational space-time, now establishes a constant quantity, ST, the co-invariant value of the product of the inner speed of time clocks and size in space of a certain family of species, across multiple relative ‘scales’ of absolute space-time, ST±4, whose combined value is the same, but have different sizes in space and speed of times.

A fact, of enormous importance to understand the scalar, organic structure of the Universe, and the relationships between the microcosms and macrocosms, which can relate to each other, through their co-invariance of size and informative speed of time-cycles, but are essentially different, to the point we can talk of ‘different discontinuous planes of space-time’, and 2 opposite gradients of increasing size and diminishing information, as we change the ±∆ logarithmic parameter of those scales.

The fifth dimension of time thus gives us an enormous range of new knowledge about each point of space-time, now enlarged. This would be from the topological/mathematical perspective the way to ‘widen those points of the plane, numbers, 6 humans, 10 up to 23 atoms, and so on to the full information they possess.

This must also be understood from the beginning. There is nothing ‘new wave’, ‘philosophical only’, ‘speculative’ thought on the model of relational space-time, but as in the case of Leibniz’s insights, a perfect merging of the 3 qualities of the Universe, which is topological, hence mathematical, social; cyclical, causal in its worldcycles of life and death, hence also vital, and biological, in the processes of synchronicity and organization of the time cycles of smaller parts that become wholes.

Leibniz, was not only the father of relational space-time, but the true father of modern science, with his discovery of calculus and analysis (published earlier than newton, with a simpler notation still in use), binary computer mathematics (with his discovery of the 0-1 binary language and construction of first computer machines), the fundamental principles of modern science (with the first formulation of the principle of conservation of energy, and what it is more amazing, his consideration of mass as a form of energy, anticipating 3 centuries in advance, Einstein’s work), and so many other insights in the future of science that we would need an entire treatise to enumerate them, due to his departure from a much sounder philosophy of space and time.

And the T.œ. the reader will find in this web, following on his steps, is in that sense also a harmony of philosophy of science and the qualities and quantities of reality, with many insights and discoveries for the future of science, because it departs from this wider, deeper, more objective analysis of times and spaces.

And its mathematical, logic version, requires as it happened in the case of Leibniz’s work, also key advances in mathematical and logic sciences (completion of the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry, development of a causal logic with 3 arrows of time, corresponding to the 3 phases/ages/horizons/dimensions of any time cycle, its relative, past, present and future dimensions), and in the comprehension of the discontinuous, fractal structure of space-times, with the metric of the 5th dimension.

This slight detour on the philosophy of science needed to understand internal vital space-times is needed to introduce the 3rd fundamental element of the Fractal Universe, besides the duality of formal motions (–Space-speed vs. cyclical time motions), and the existence of 5 space-time, repetitive vital åctions in all beings, the metric of the 5th dimension, which order all those beings is social planes of organization.

Cyclical åctions of space-time

When we accumulate enough worldcycles in 3 U±1 Universal planes of the logarithmic 101o scales of social evolution, a function of existence, Œ, will reach such a size that it will become a superorganism, a U∆±1, partial universe extended in 3 So Planes of Absolute |-Space and O-Time, either the quantum, thermodynamic or gravitational scales of physical systems or the cellular, organic and ecosystemic scales of biological systems. In each of those scales a relative infinite of smaller ±1010 beings will trace a worldcycle of existence as they evolve from seminal to organic to social being of an eco-system of cloned similar beings. 

Thus we arrive to the fundamental ‘particle’ of the Universe, which is NOT the whole super-organism, but its minimal parts, cyclical åctions of space-time, which the superorganisms traces in the external world of absolute space-time, in which it exists.

In that absolute space-time the Organism will perform exchanges of energy and information of 5 types to ensure its survival and renewal:

Рƕ: informative gauging that maps in the relative stillness of its logic, cyclical smaller faster brain patterns a memorial conduct, which guides its motions:

-∆a: acceleration and decelerations, that is motions in the external space-time, guided by:

– ∆e: fields of energy in which to feed and store further energy to imprint its information in other region of that absolute space-time

– ∆œ: decoupling, iterating, reproducing its space-time form to survive beyond death, and then

-∆u: evolve with similar reproduced, clone individuals into bigger wholes, social spaces that as they keep growing, create an arrow from past to future of increasing social organization, and co-existences of different ‘planes of space-time’ from smaller to larger sizes, from particles into atoms, into molecules, states of matter, organisms, societies, planetary systems and galaxies…

Thus before we fully understand the ‘stages’ of growth of reality, from ‘Spatial motions’ which curve into ‘temporal cycles’ that become organic systems, which perform with their bodies/waves and particles/heads space-time åctions in an absolute external world, we have to return to that world, and consider how it structures all its planes of relative space-time size.

The inverted properties of time and space.

Now it must be understood that spatial motion and temporal cycles are completely different, of inverse products in most cases. We are NOT talking of ‘same formal motions’, and ‘same logic arrows’ and same ‘Thermodynamic properties’, etc.

But to full understand this divergence we must explore in detail absolute space and absolute time, in its quanta of speed-energy and cyclical clocks of information.

Thus we talk of 2 different kind of substances of the Universe, made of infinite time cycles and vital spaces:

U∆= ∑ S x ∑T =K; where the product expresses exactly the fundamental property of both, Spatial quanta and cyclical time, its inverse value: | S / O t= Œ

Which is one of the fundamental equations of the 5th dimension, what we call the ‘function of existence’, a constant function proportionally different for each species, and scale of reality or ecosystem we study, but always there as a fundamental function that expresses an existential event of space-time.

The commonest being speed: V=S/T Duration = S x Tƒ (Frequency) = l x v = œ.

As those cycles carry the in-form-ation of systems in its frequency and form, we shall use the term Tƒ, and measure it to standardize many physical equations by its frequency, ƒ=1/T, hence:

Tƒ ≈1/T.

While its specific form as a ‘space-time cycle’, a cycle that ‘closes’ a vital space (1st knot theorem), will be studied by ‘bidimensional topology’, called ‘2-manifold’ topology, which is the classification of all bidimensional forms, of which there are only 3, the 3 fundamental type of space-time cycles.

It is then evident, that we can establish a fundamental equation for the Universe, the equation of the ‘speed’ of the Universe and all its fractal parts that expresses the inverse nature of information, and its clock like attractive vortices of time, and reproduction and its waves of cloned forms in space:


The multiple consequences of that equation will be evident as we go onto studying the ‘detailed’ species of vital cycles of spacetime, performing its 5 type of cyclical ST-åctions, constantly micro-reproducing their forms in radiating waves of existential clones, evolving socially back into the emerging U-scale.

We can in that sense start to consider laws of general behavior, of which physical sciences, with the exception of the Hamiltonian/Lagrangian formulation of forces, lack many.

Se/Tƒ=K (Inverted properties of space and time) plus,

Max. Se x Tƒ = ∆(æ,e,ï,œ,û)

the definition of the åctions of space-time and the will of survival of the system, which tries to maximize the energy of its body, Se and the information of its mind, Tƒ; and the rule that maximizes products, Se=Tƒ, and defines the steady state, standing point which all functions seek for, we have 3 general laws,


S ≈ Tƒ

Max. Se x Tƒ =∑Å(æ,e,ï,œ,û,)

as 3 initial elections to ‘play’ and ‘fit’ all other laws of science.

For example, Sp=Mc2, reads, Se = Tƒ, whereas M(Tƒ) are accelerated vortex of time, in the gravitational scale: M=∑Tƒ±4, and ∑=c, the constant involved.

Masses, time cycles transform themselves back and forth into energetic flows: E≤ = ≥M(t±4)

Space is thus always a ‘minimal’ part of a time cycle.

This, Kepler understood when it said that a line is merely a small part (a derived tangent we could say today in calculus) of a curve. This concept, of an infinitesimal part of a longer cycle, which becomes a straight interval, is ultimately the meaning of a present point, which we derive, in the same manner we obtain a Lagrangian worldcycle that sums zero with we integrate.

The parameters of worldcycles: the wider concepts energy and information

Of similar interest for the understanding of those worldcycles is the concept of energy, in physics, which roughly includes both concepts of relational space-time, the energy and information of a system (since in physics ‘all is energy’, that is the energy of rotary motions is also included, and the energy of formal location is included as potential energy).

Thus since energy in physics is the integration along a path of space-time (or speed) of the momentum of a being: Sp ∫p=mv=1/mv2 we can represent the worldcycle by changes on the energy and information of a system, considering a general rule of the inverse properties of space(energy) and time (information), eq.1.2:

Worldcycle and its ages:

∫œ dt = Max. Energy (young-past age) > Energy = Information (adult age) > Max.Information (Old age) << Energetic big bang (death): Max. Sp.

This description of the worldcycle of a system, in 3 ages is the fundamental law of all time cycles of existence, and will be paramount to describe any physical, biological or organic system of the Universe.

As life is a travel through two scales of the 5th dimension, between birth and extinction, through those 3 ages of maximal space-motion, Max. Se, (youth), reproductive balance Se=Tƒ and old, informative age, Max Tƒ, join then back to the ST=∆-+1 cellular plane.

Information≈ time cycles vs. Energy≈ Space

It is now easier to understand why we relate energy to space-speed and information to time cycles.

Since a conservative field does not consider that work is done when a rotary point returns to the beginning of the cycle, it follows that time cycles do not vary the energy of the system, a property which will latter allow us to deduce the immortality of the Universe (as no loss of energy, hence of entropy exists in a Universe made of worldcycles).

On the other hand, information, form in action is measured by the frequency and form of those cycles. And so in a perfect lineal motion there is no information. A property, which will allow us to understand the non-local infinite speed of invisible gravitation.

In the graph below we observe that process and write the equation of existential algebra that describes it in the simplified notation.  The reader could notice even if it does not fully grasp what we just explained, the enormous enlightenment that the understanding of the paradoxes and inverse arrows of scalar space and cyclical time, and the flows of energy and information between planes of existence, should bring to many themes of science.

So dynamically all can be resumed in a concept: the world cycle of life and death which all systems follow as they use their topologies in an orderly fashion:

Now once this is clear, the metric and partial equations and dynamic analysis of motions through those world-planes, will be able to describe an enormous number of phenomena of which perhaps the most important s the world cycle of life and death:

∆-1 (seed) <∑∆-1 (fetus)>i (birth)< Max. Ei (Youth) ≈ Se=Tƒ (adult iteration)> Max Tƒ (3 informative age) <∑Sp∆-2  (death).

If he is able to go through the initial difficulties of understanding the primary concept and paradoxes that structure the Universe, he will learn about a revolution of thought, unlike any other in modern science since a century ago the understanding of the 4th dimension and the paradoxes of quantum physics, many of which find an explanation in the metric of the 5th dimension.

It is now clear what we mean by an immortal Universe, and the null energy spent in time cycles, which become a zero sum that appears also as such in geometrical, simpler physical systems, where there is no work≈energy change when a cycle closes itself.

In the larger view of relational space-time this is also truth: when the cycle closes, the total energy-information of a system returns to a zero sum.

In that regard if we consider each worldcycle of existence, Ω, extended in length across a 5th dimension such as, we establish an interval in which t is no longer ‘duration’ but ‘frequency’, we can plot in this phase space of the 5th dimension, in one coordinates, the size of the system and in the other the time frequency of its time cycles and then we obtain the simplest coordinates of the 5th dimension.

This kind of plots however must be done for families of species across the different sciences of the 5th dimension:

5th     Dimension coordinates: Size ordinates: Space-motion

For example in physics, we can consider graphs in appearance so different as the H-R graph  of the life-death cycle of stars and the table elements to be 5D graphs of the organic evolution of quanta of the SI-2 and SI=2 scales:

In the previous graph, some fundamental worldcycles, which expand the concept of a worldline of 4D metric, to a worldcycle by adding new dimensions, from past to future (which we shall call ages, as we are more interested in its qualitative nature, and treat them all within the metric of the 5th dimension that encompasses the entire evolution of the Universe, across its scales of size and its speeds of time).

We see in the graph 2 human, sociological cycles, the human life death cycle and its parallel social life-death cycle of civilizations shown in the ages of art before war-death; the states of matter which are the thermodynamic ages and its gaseous, liquid and solid state; the ages of stars and galaxies which end in an ultra solid black hole state, and the similar 3 ages of the Local Universe described by the 3 solutions of Einstein’s 4D metric, which must be considered sequential time solutions, not as physicists do 3 ‘parallel Universe’, but rather as Dirac thought and the cosmological constant varying in 3 phases proves, the 3 ages of warping of space into information, which complete the Universe’s time cycle.

So what are the relationships between those 3 dimension of time and the 3 classic dimensions of space, length, width and height?

The human case illustrates them: Young age is dominant in spatial, body, energetic networks, the reproductive adult age of balance in endocrine, glandular and the 3rd age in informative, inner motion.

Simple, the dimensions of time and the parts of the body are symmetric.

Systems are ‘organic’. They are NOT only made of a single plane of existence, a ‘solid’ head/particle and a ‘solid’ body/wave.



As scientific equations are varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4+∆ functions that represent the 4+∆ vital actions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4+∆ functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions that suffice to describe the existence of each species.

The  fractal Universe: organic, reproductive actions: ∆o±4 (Exi)

Actions of space-time: the Content of Mathematical physics

A second but fundamental element of the Generator Equation is the analysis of the equations of mathematical physics as partial equations of the Generator. In as much as the generator explains the main events and forms of the Universe and any of its scales, it must describe the equations of physics, through simple translations of the jargons of mathematical physics into the elements of the generator.

There is though a fundamental difference between the 1st isomorphism – the generator as a whole describing in static form the ternary systems of the Universe; and mathematical physics – the study of partial elements of the generator, in minimal space-time actions both in space (minimal elements, either one of the 3 parts of the being, often a field-wave-particle), or in time (quanta of space-time actions).

So mathematical physics, which is more concerned with the study of the ∆-1 actions of the generator, is dealt more properly in the 5th to 7th isomorphisms – actions of space, time; partial equations of a ternary element of the being, or universal constants – that is, ratios of the being.

Only perhaps the most encompassing ‘integral of an entity’s action’, its energy might be analyzed as a sizable amount of the whole

Let us then make a fast description of the main equations of energy physics with the symbolism of the generator latter developed in some details through the isomorphisms and the 4th line of this page.

Energy equations.

The first equations to consider of mathematical physics are the equations of energy, which integrate in each scale a given spatial quanta, according to its ‘population’ for unit of time.

Such as: Energy = ∑ Sp, whereas ∑ varies according to the quantity of simultaneous ‘spatial quanta’ we measure in a given ‘time clock’ of different speed or ‘density of information’.

So we shall find an entire range of different species, with different ‘energy power’, regarding their ∑ Sp total value. If we call each of those Sp quanta a ‘quanta of lineal momentum’, or quanta of space, then we can consider that (kinetic) Energy is the integral of the lineal momentum of the system:


In the graph, the metrics of the 5th dimension, Se x Tƒ = K, and its inverse arrows of informative entropy (downwards) and energetic entropy (upwards) establish the difference perceptions human have of its geometries and volume of information: we will find elliptic geometry upwards (general relativity), Euclidean in our plane, and hyperbolic downwards (wave states dominant on quantum physics). On the other hand, we will find much more information downwards (quantum multiple paths and fractal electrons, and sum over histories), as the speed of time clocks are much faster (hence we see many world cycles of particle together from our slower world); that upwards (slow paths of galaxies). Finally this in terms of curvature will appear as a huge increase of curvature in the lower scales (Q-constants) compared to the upper scales (weak G-constant). allowing a simple unification equation of both scales. Those results can be achieved with great detail using the more complex formalisms of quantum and relativity, but as we shall show now (as all sound models are similar), we can achieved the same ‘whys’ of the most seek after answers of mathematical physics, just with a sound conceptual reasoning and simple maths:

According to those metric, Time vortices accelerate downwards the speed of its time cycles, making smaller vortices more attractive Tƒ-Particles with increasing information, and hence the smaller spaces paradoxically more complex, storing more energy too. Reason why electromagnetic ‘smaller forces’ are much more attractive than gravitational.



In the graph, all systems, including physical systems, illustrated with examples from the atomic, ∆-1 and ∆+1 galactic scales (as the thermodynamic scale has its living examples), follow the 5 actions that ensure their biological survival, written in the graph with generator equations: ∆a, moving; ∆e: feeding in energy, ∆ï: informing and communicating, ∆œ, reproducing, and ∆û evolving socially. So galaxies do have seminal flows that reproduce other galaxies, and quarks and electrons reproduce new particles after feeding on energy. And both evolve socially into complex networks of atoms and galaxies. Yet to perform those ‘complex actions’, also all physical systems do move, do gauge information (so physical theories are called gauging theories) and do feed on energy from fields, ∆-1, of its lower scale. The Fractal paradigm merely introduces within this scheme, developed through its 10 sets of isomorphic laws (this being the 5th isomorphism of 5, a,e,i,o,u vital actions of all beings), all its mathematical equations.

So when we describe energy equations, we will find they are all of the same form: E= Sp quanta x Time Frequency; whereas energy measures the amount of spatial quanta with lineal motion or vital space, accumulated by a specific species of the Universe, or range of them: E=∆-1:  h(sp) x ƒ (quantifier) = ∆ nk (sp) x T (quantifier)=1/2m (sp) x v2 (quantifier). A key element though to fully grasp those formulae, which makes them often very confusing is the fact that a space-time parameter, might be a ceteris paribus analysis ‘fixing’ the space quanta, and letting the time variable change, or vice versa, a system that fixes the time quanta and lets the space quanta varying.

So we will have to develop slowly the general rules that make sometimes the Universe to create ‘populations in space’ (space quanta x time frequency) and some times probabilities in time (time events x Space occurrence).  Both are ultimately sides of the same coin, as quantum physics shows (probability, time Copenhagen interpretation vs. Schrodinger’s charge density – space interpretation).

We will  consider in more detail only 2 of those actions in organic terms, the simplest and first 2 actions of all systems, which normally enact a world cycle as a series of repetitive steps of actions, such as first, the being ‘perceives’, ∆ï, seeking for a source of energy or reproduction or social evolution (the higher goals), then it moves, ∆æ, towards the source in which it will ‘∆e’ feed, and/or ∆œ, reproduce or evolve socially.

Organic vs. abstract interpretations.

Now, the difference between abstract and organic paradigms is one of choice – the ego paradox of man will reduce alway the organic properties of the Universe to feel on top.

So for example:

– The collapse of a wave into a particle, is exactly the same process that collapses a school of fishes when a huge predator comes, but this implies to accept that particles do gauge information and do follow a survival program, and do evolve socially. And anthropomorphic humans never will accept this. So we do have all kind of absurd Copenhagen interpretations of the particle-wave duality.

– The Compton wavelength of a particle is equivalent to the wavelength of a photon whose energy is the same as the rest-mass energy of the particle.

The standard Compton wavelength, λ, of a particle is given by


where h is the Planck constant, m is the particle’s rest mass, and c is the speed of light. So we can define the existential nature of the particle (its mass and wave-length or To<ST function) with the Compton wavelength, but this matters not to physicists. What matters to them is this:

The Compton wavelength expresses a fundamental limitation on measuring the position of a particle, taking into account quantum mechanics and special relativity.

This limitation depends on the rest mass m of the particle. To see how, note that we can measure the position of a particle by bouncing light off it – but measuring the position accurately requires light of short wavelength. Since for photons of frequency f, energy is given by


And Light with a short wavelength consists of photons of high energy. Thus playing with both similar formulae if the energy of these photons exceeds mc2, when one hits the particle whose position is being measured the collision may yield enough energy to create a new particle of the same type: l x mc. This renders moot the question of the original particle’s location: which one?

Now what THIS means in negative organic terms is an event of death, not the fact that you cannot measure the particle you have shot!

And what it means in positive organic terms is that when you give enough energy to a particle, as when a living mother feeds enough, you have an offspring of new particles, children, hence the particle REPRODUCES!, IT does follow one of the living action ∆œ of the program of the Universe.

The physicist or human doesn’t give a shit for that. The philosopher of Science, explaining it all with the organic paradigm however takes note.

NOW WE HAVE given you two clear examples of organicism:

– An entity, which is ORGANIC, made of connected parts, NOT a single dimensional being, and a being that is reproductive, as it survives.

In fact, all events are part of that organic worldview, it is the human ego paradox what makes the interpretation of them always abstract.

Light fields, Quantum numbers, Maxwell equations: The program of physical existence.

Now, here we are not going into the difficult part, just the electron, our preferred particle -as that is what our mind is.

Now if we eliminate the action of motion, for which the organism hardly needs more than limbs to take advantage of the flow of forces, we can search for the ‘inner will’ that motivate those actions, the coding factors.

The 5th isomorphism of all ST super organisms is thus their program of existence or 4 Drives of Life, which biology ‘cracked’ regarding the living organisms it studies, since it carries the highest truth of all sciences.

As all isomorphisms, the need of systems to construct its 3±1 common ST±1 dimensions of scalar space-time, energy limbs/fields/territories, reproductive bodies/waves/working classes & informative particles/heads /upper classes and i±1 social scales, determine the 3+1 drives of existence all Nature’s ‘surviving’ systems follow:

– Max.Tƒ: All gauge information with their heads/particles to guide their search for Energy or else they die.

– Max. Se: All systems feed on energy with limbs/fields. Since if they don’t, they become exhausted and die.

– Se xTƒ: Se≤=≥Tƒ: All reproduce/iterate/decouple into new organisms and particles. Since, as they are limited in time duration, if they don’t repeat their topologic structures they become extinct.

– ∑Se, ∏Tƒ: All evolve socially into higher systems and associate with similar forms; whereas simple ‘energy beings/cells’ form ∑=herds, simply connected to hunt and feed; while complex, ‘informative beings/neurons’ form complex networks, in which each individual is connected to all others. Hence the ∏-multiplicative symbol counts not the informative neurons but the connective axons that make efficient ∏-networks dominate ∑-herds.

Thus we rewrite scalar Space-time Metrics as a Fractal generator of the ∞ Wills of the Universe, which encodes all the isomorphisms, parts, events and scales of all its ST superorganisms: ∞∑Se∆-1≤ST≥∏Tƒ+1

The Generator equation’s 3±i symbols describe the fundamental particle of reality, its 3±1 Wills & ternary structure, both in time and space: a cellular, social, ternary organism, each one distinguished by a balanced set of Se≈Tƒ vital, biologic or universal, physical constants, which freeze the energy and information of the being into stable, balanced proportions, which define a specific variety or ‘species’ of the fractal generator.

So we can translate all ‘laws’ of the different scales and species of all scalar sciences, and the ‘parts’ of its organisms, as events related to the 3±i ‘drives of existence’ of the Generator Equation of all systems. It is then possible to generate all what is real, departing from the Generator, the symmetries and Constant proportions among the 10Dis of reality and the laws of i-logic mathematics, as this writer has done in his research.

Now the analysis of physical actions is the best system to study the smallest scales of reality, notably those of particles and quantum physics, as we ‘integrate’ into larger world cycles those scales when studying thermodynamic and cosmic bodies.

Those actions are in any case ruled by the equations of balance and the zero-sum represented in all systems of reality, meaning that positive and negative, particle and antiparticle, are related by balanced equations where the time arrows ±∆e,i balance each other.

Examples of the 4 codes of actions.

As scientific equations are varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4 functions that represent the 4 vital actions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4 functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions that suffice to describe the existence of each species:


4 Vital Dimensions explain the existence of light-space: the wide, energetic, magnetic field; the tall, informative, electric field; the reproductive, long wave speed, calculated as the product of its electric and magnetic field and its frequency colors, which are societies of photons:

In the graph, we have written the 3 dimensions of time, past, slow energy and future, fast information with the human time-clock speed as our relative present, point of view. Since simpler scales are causally in the past; as an entity is created literally by informing, molding with higher i+1 networks, simpler scales ‘cell by cell’. When a light wave moves, it does not ‘displace’ but reproduces its wave motions, ‘warping’ simpler gravitational 1D string lines, by a height factor of –ct (Relativity). Motion is really reproduction of information on a simpler i-1 scale. Thus we describe the 3 Time Dimensions of ‘social evolution’ of light across 3 i-scales as:

– ∑: Color is the 4th ‘social dimension’ of light, made by herding together multiple frequencies of light into a photon, its present, simultaneous space dimension. As space from the perspective of time dimensions is a present ‘slice’ of the total time flow – the 4th dimension of time. While inversely the Present, simultaneous measures of Time, are in Relativity the 4th dimension of space. Yet we reach a sounder description separating those 3+3 spacetime dimensions, by using multiple time speeds instead of a single 4D clock.

+i: Fractal electrons are Light’s i+1 dimension of future network evolution.

-i: The gravitational i-1 scale in which it feeds is its relative, to which it returns after ‘dying’, red-shifting and expanding its length-speed between galaxies (z>c).

Then as light warps into more informative, smaller beings (Max.O x Min. E), first electrons, then molecular orbitals and so on, each new ‘scale’ of light space-time requires the previous scales to be born. Thus causally simpler scales are in the past. When your i-neurons, create your ∏-whole, they are in the past, requiring an action-bit of time to synchronize and emerge as an i+1 whole into the future. That’s why the subconscious rules, and the ‘ego’ merely observes with its electric whole brain waves; or the molecular orbital appears ‘after’ the atomic ones dissolve into the whole.

Further on, complex i+n systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane. But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of E-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.

 In the graph, the n-principal number codes the ∆a, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆o, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆ï actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆u, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).



4 quantum numbers describe all the 4 ‘drives’ of existence of electrons:

its level of energy (principal number), its gauging of information (2nd number), its reproductive decoupling when they have opposite ‘sexual’ spin number and evolve socially organized by the magnetic number.


Further on, complex i+n systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane.

But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of E-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.


4 Maxwell equations describe all the actions of an electric field.






4 type of vibrations organize a social molecule.


Now, the study of the ‘Program of Existence’ of all physical systems, let alone those considered above, is an enormously extended field, and so we must consider for the reader not to loose its ‘mind’ (-; on such vast field, which encompasses all the actions and events of the Universe, only a few physical systems and codes are latter studied in detail for each scale of physical systems, the 4 quantum numbers of the U∆-3, electromagnetic scale, the  laws of thermodynamics and 4 Maxwell + Lorentz equations for the intermediate states of electric currents and states of matter, and the totally unknown as the field is completely new, the organic description of a galaxy and its inner actions as an organism similar to a ‘cell’, which will allow us to drive many interesting parallelisms and conclusions that complete with the atom/galaxy duality the complete understanding of it.

Thus in this very brief introduction we can see that we can find across the main ∆ scales of physical systems, the same Se<ST>Tƒ symmetries in space and time, and its transformations, from where most laws, events and species of physical systems are created. In those processes of creation, however we must be sure we are studying fields where uncertainty (low scales) and darkness (upper scales) or ‘ego-centrism’ (central scales), do not deform our ‘knowledge’.

In this epistemology and the understanding of the relativity of all knowledge with the 3 relative uncertainties of -∆ uncertainty, Ä-self-certainty and +∆-darkness… must be always understood in terms of communication. The lower, excessive information of the potential identical quantum parts, which have many possible histories – creations of larger wholes – creates uncertainty.

The middle, ego-centered, ∆o, human point of view introduces anthropomorphic limits to the kind of knowledge he expects to accept from far away particles and galaxies (notably perceptive and life-related characteristics, which all systems do have).

And finally the larger world is silent, dark, it simply does not send information, as it is far removed from us and the bias of information towards larger scales here finds a minimal.

So it is essential to know how the ‘inverse arrows of information and energy’ make entropy and reproductive evolution two different ‘directions’.


Actions can be then calculated easily with parameters of quantity, and motion, specially in physical systems, but also in biological ones. So for example, a woman has to have a percentage of fat-energy stored to start a reproductive action; or a certain external time-temperature will activate a chemical re-action or a reproductive plant action.

The inter-action of all those elements, for each being and a group of them, part of a higher ∆+1 world, are the most beautiful expression of the symphonies of the webs of existence, of which we are all parts.


Now what is the natural form of those actions? Obviously they will be ‘ratios’ between the ternary element of the system that performs the action, the limb/field for locomotions (Spe: -∆e=æ), the limb/field and/or the body-wave for energetic actions (Sp>ST: +∆e=e), the particle, head for informative actions (Tƒ: +∆i), and superposed or in conjunction with others for communicative actions (∑Tƒ: ±∆ï), the body-wave for reproductive actions (ST: ∆œ), and the whole system for social actions, as part of a larger whole: Œ->û.

As I said, the details of interpretation of each action and equation of physics requires a conceptual understanding of the O-points, symmetric parts, and ‘feeding, perceiving, coupling’ processes involved. So it is a lengthy theme, which I guess will be completed well into the future if humans or robots are still here.

All what I have to say si that every time I have in the past considered an equation of physics, I have been able to translate it into one of the 5 actions of the species, which is the center of the action. Often though human equations omit the species, as the action is taken from the human point of view, and this makes difficult to translate them. For example, the simplest quantum action, a photoelectric effect is a feeding action of an electron that absorbs its ∆-1 quanta, a light photon. But the equation is expressed in terms of ‘work’, the human element of interest here.

So Einstein assumed that a photon would penetrate the material and transfer its energy to an electron. As the electron moved through the metal at high speed and finally emerged from the material, its kinetic energy would diminish by an amount F, called the work function, which represents the energy required for the electron to escape the metal. By conservation of energy, this reasoning led Einstein to the photoelectric equation Ek = hf – F, where Ek is the maximum kinetic energy of the ejected electron. So we observe that the O-point is omitted as it happens in general, but understood to exist (the electron), the function humans care for is ‘work and energy’, as they will use that electron for their own actions (from heating-feeding on energy, to informing, creating a visual electronic screen). Still it is easy to see that there is here a dual action. The ∆-electron, absorbs, and ∆-1 photon, and uses it for a dual, æ, action, of absorbtion of energy, e: F, the work function, and motion, a: Ek.

We find on it then the 3 parameters of time-frequency, ƒ, Energy, E, space quanta, h, and would properly write it as: hƒ (∆-1) = Ek (∆a) + F (∆e).

Next we could consider the Schrodinger equation in terms of a Lagrangian Action, which is really what it is. And the case would be an example, of the general ‘beahvior’ of species, regarding the Universe and their purpose of existence, which is to maximize their actions, while conserving ad maximal its balance of ivital constants (Tƒ/Sp ratios, or balance between kinetic and potential energy, such as ke-u->o).

Now the practical use of this ‘rewriting’ of the photoelectric effect obviously is null. The ‘knowledge’ of the ‘why’ of the photoelectric however is now clear. Electrons use photons as the source of energy for its motion and feeding actions. And this basic truth of quantum physics has vast implication to understand the entire field.

Conservation laws in actions.

But what general forms do actions have beyond those simple, merely ennincative equations?

Departing from that general law of all species, then we can establish a correspondence for each scale, a series of equations that defines the actions of the systems, under some basic rules of ‘behavior’, wich can be resumed in 2 simple principles:

– Actions try to conserve the energy and information of the system, minimizing its expenditure.

– And as a consequence of it, actions try to complete its motions in the minimal time possible, as systems do try to make its time of existence efficient and ever lasting.

These laws are often expressed as the law of the least time or as a Lagrangian equation, the commonest of science, The Lagrangian L is defined as L = T – V, where T is the kinetic energy and V the potential energy of the system So we write it as T-V->0, T≈V -> T(Sp) ≈ V(Tƒ), which is simply speaking the law of balance of Energy and information, which maximizes what we call the function of existence or present function: Max. Sp x Tƒ. Since the product of two parameters is maximized when both are equal. So 1 x9 < 2 x 8 < < 5 x 5.

That is, in each ‘momentum step’, the system tries to perform the action with minimal expenditure of energy and maintaining its internal balance between the Tƒ (potential energy, angular momentum) and Spe (kinetic energy, lineal momentum) parameters.

As physicists study mostly locomotions, the simplest æ actions, this law is widely used to define the path of any particle or system. So a ray of light will follow the least time action in its motion, a particle will position itself in the most stable point of minimal potential energy, and so on.


Tƒ start with the frequency of the light wave, the charge of an accelerated vortex like the mass, with its curvature Q, and G, form a system of clocks of time which define perfectly a beat, related to an energy, which is inverse. And so we find ourselves with different degree of integration worldcycle or minimal forceful action, of such parameters, as:

H = Sp x V, T = d Q/ d S= d Q x dO, which we call Order, the inverse function to entropy.

And so on: , we define a simple law of the least action, to unify the fundamental equation of ach of those scales:

F= A x Sp, -∂H/∂q=dp/dt and its inverse function, ∂H/∂p=dq/dt

Indeed, in cyclical time, we consider that entropy has as a secondary feature the quantity of information of the system, multiplied by conserving its åctions in the multiple toroid U-1,2, fields of existence

Thus in the scales of matter we find, the functions of existence, in the åctions, H, T,

Those 5 åctions determine therefore a Program of existence, which all systems follow in a mechanical, vegetative or conscious manner. And thus we can also write the 5th isomorphism, as a Generator Equation of all the åctions of the Universe, written as a dynamic, temporal feed back equation or a static, organic, structural, spatial equation:

∑Se <=> Tƒ ….. or Se x Tƒ = ST…… or     Sp x Tƒ = ST±4


∑ represents the social gathering of individuals into Universals (∂u).

S signifies the motions in space, (∂a).

e signifies the increases of structural energy of the system, ∂e.

<=> in the dynamic expression or X = ST in the structural one, signifies the combination of Se and Tƒ which gives birth to ‘reprod-active’ åctions and offspring: ∂o.

And Tiƒ signifies, the perceptive åctions of the being, ∂i.

And this 5 åctions are represented also in the ‘philosophical equation’ Sp x Tƒ = ST, whereas Sp≈ ∂e, S≈∂a, I≈∂I, x≈∂o, ST≈ ∂U

Because åctions imply motion and form, we can in certain ways relate and analyze those åctions as ‘4-vectors’, or positive and negative directions of a given frame of reference, and things can get easily quite complicated mathematically; when we want to study in certain detail those codes.



The chains of actions

Δ  The whys of physics  – its existential actions, ∆(a, e, i, o, u) – are the same that all other ∆TS beings.

Now this site is called http://www.unificationtheory.com for a reason. The isomorphic method implies the analysis of the 3 main symmetries of space, time and the 5th dimension; and the cyclical space-time actions taken place between them, from the perspective of the Œ-points or ‘knots which order reality’ performing those survival actions. According to the Œ=mc3 method of scientific truth, ‘Logic Objectivity’ and ‘Experimental Evidence’ must guide in this order and NOT the other way around, a synthetic NOT analytic Theory Of Everything.

This means that while we first obtain evidence and then use logic objectivity (minimalism correspondence, logic coherence, cyclical predictability) to model and predict the future, that ultimate future causes will be found in the survival program of the Œ-point of maximal space-time momentum/energy of a given territory-world. And so to proper organize the data we obtain the easiest way will be to study it from the perspective of the cyclical actions of space-time of the being observed. As this section is on physics, with its mathematical outlook we shall try to be more concrete on our expressions:

Œ∆+1: ∫ [∑ œ-1: ∑∂(o<a>e)≈i)=U

Is the general function of actions of any spacetime system.

That is any point will spend its total energy-time function, Œ through small cyclical space-time ‘actions’, which in physical systems will be quantized by a certain cyclical time frequency, and a certain derived energy expenditure, through angular, Tƒ, and lineal Sp, momentum, to maintain its Hamiltonian, Steady function unchanged externally (minimal exchange of energy) while maximizing its internal function of present reproduction (∑i). This process as the internal will of the being, however will have to ‘compete’ with all other external points of view, which will try to maximize also their functions of existence within the limits of a closed Universe, U, born of the social evolution of multiple iterative, reproductive function, ∫i=U, in which that harmonization of individual functions (∂ o, e, a) takes place.

This is explained with the second law of thermodynamics – of balance between the micro points of any canonical ensemble, as indeed, the different attempts of each elementary action, œ-1 (o: gauging information, a: accelerated motions, e: absorption of energy) to get advantage for the Œ entity, is balanced by other points which try to achieve that advantage through its 3 ‘relative degrees’ of freedom, engaging in necessary Darwinian actions (collisions in physics) in which their total momentum unchanged, it becomes distributed in a gradient of decreasing potential energy, till the system finds its thermodynamic equilibrium. This means from the perspective of lineal physics a death of the system, but from the perspective of the internal system, the creation of a relative still spatial, harmonic point of view, which in the case of a mind, in which those actions are not Darwinian energetic, but associative, creating a solid mapping perspective will finally form an structural neuronal mind, whereas the external energy that might enter the system will be channeled orderly to create a perceptive coactive, emerging consciousness of being and the consequent synchronicity of all motions into a larger being

This larger being then surprisingly enough will be able to move in a larger entropic field of a larger 5D dimension breaking the notion of entropy-death of simplex physics in a single space-time continuum. As there is always available for those who might emerge into a larger scale, of larger Motion (Se x Tƒ = K), the available energy of the larger field, when the system has synchronized its elements enough to absorb the frictional forces and redirect it for external motion in the larger field.

The actions that come to create those new emergent fields then will be repeated by the new larger point, which will first observe with angular momentum, move in accelerated paths (either because it has angular acceleration – change of direction, or lineal acceleration towards the energy field). How this perception happens depends now again on the peculiar morphology of the system, which ultimately will respond to angular momentums with a radian-limited point of view (no system focuses on the whole Universe but chooses an angle of perception)

So the previous equations Resumes the chain of actions in space-time of each independent œ point, which will first observe, ∂o reality, with an angular point of view measured in constant still flows of information, entering it through a radian angle, K/2π or in a 3-dimensional system, through a solid angle k/4π of its total angular momentum/perspective; or if its perception is limited through an external membrane through the 5% = π-3/π aperture left by the 6 ‘radians’ that structure its ‘hexagonal’ efficient geometry of perception. Variations on those themes define the different subspecies of geometric ‘souls’ in Nature, crystal systems, in the thermodynamic scale, quantum orbitals in the atomic scale, gravitational antennae in the galactic, cosmic scale.

Points once perceived reality though will within its relative degrees of freedom, which will be limited normally to 3 ‘directions’ in canonical ensembles of free particles with greater entropy on the young state of the being (galactic nebulae,

Indeed, the causality of the Universe IS the inverse to the Human Observer’s description of it.

It is the human anthropomorphic bias that discharges the iterative and social properties of physical systems, which reproduce form with waves, and evolve in social ‘numbers’ to become wholes, in most case organized by magnetic≈social fields, what makes us feel that physical systems are inert. So when a quark or electron, the 2 Tƒ, Se, fundamental particles of the Universe and its Gravitational (Tƒ) + Electromagnetic (Se) fields interact through the same ‘actions’ of life systems (∆a, moving, ∆o, gauging information, ∆e, feeding on energy, ∆ï, iterating and ∆û, evolving socially into larger atoms), we never dare to say this is exactly the 5 drives of existence of life beings; and so, since the simplest particles of the Universe are ‘alive’, all is alive.

Once this obvious truth devoid of anthropomorphism is accepted, we can easily explain rationally, topo-biologically all the ‘spooky effects’ of quantum particles (i.e. they move as all herds in extended fashion, collapse into tighter formations nearby ‘huge’ systems of space-time that absorb and/or prey on them; so light travels as a wave but nearby a huge electron that feeds on light collapses into a photon; i.e. the 4 quantum numbers code, informative, energetic social and iterative properties and so on).

Unfortunately physical scientists do NOT accept from its anthropomorphic biased ideologies, an analysis of physical systems with those organic patterns and laws. Scientists, we must say are ‘racist’ against physical systems (-; They won’t interpret ever their actions in organic terms, and recognize the organic Universe, but will always mathematic and affirm that ‘abstract mathematics is the language of the physical god’ and all other properties must be ‘reduced’ to mechanical mathematical equations without a ‘biological, survival why-meaning’.

For that reason, and this is the fundamental difference from a Human ∆o perspective between physical systems as compared to biological ones; humans stress on physical systems, the simplest actions (∆a, ∆e) of motion and energy, and when dealing with the other actions and world cycles, (information gauging, social evolution and iteration), they describe those phenomena as if they were NOT subjective and internal in its motivation, but external, forced mechanically – that is, the electron or quark that ‘sees’ a photon and swallows it, and when it has enough energy, iterates into new electrons, is NOT really following a ‘program of existence’ that maximizes the actions that make the electron and its information survive, but merely obey a mathematical law, a short of ‘mathematical blind instinct’ without purpose.

Survival is the ultimate finality of all systems and its 5 actions of exchange of energy and information that maximize the ‘world cycle’ ‘Hamiltonian’ of a being, multiplying its survival actions with the minimal consumption of energy. And this of course physicists accept mathematically – no other is the non-abstract explanation of the commonest equation of physics, the Hamiltonian with its 3 ‘maximal, minimal, steady stationary’ points that describe the 3 ages of physical closed space-time cycles.

Tƒ: Quark actions. The more complex theory of strong forces and nuclear shells, similar numbers code for the actions of quarks (we won’t study in this introduction, the quark system).

∆: Temperature. Constant of Action for Molecular systems of matter. T(ƒ)≈ E

Tƒ: Crystals.    ST: Electric currents.  Se: Heat

Molecular actions are coded by temperature, which defines its vibrations, states of matter, catalyzes the reproductive growth of crystals, the resistance of matter to the motion of electrons, and all other different actions of the ∆-human level of matter.

The enormous wealth of information and range of space-time actions about the human ∆-thermodynamic scale, and each atomic<∑molecular form of matter, roughly divided in 4 family groups (H-He; light non metal, ‘organic atoms’; metals and heavy and radioactive metal atoms) requires a full encyclopedia to explain all its details.

We shall try a general survey on the meaning of its fundamental symmetries, defined by equations between those fundamental elements (3 time ages, 3 topologies, 3 scales and its constants of action).

∆+1: Cosmological scale. As we have studied it in the previous post, we shall not be concerned with it here. However in the Earth’s scale, the cosmological, gravitational scale appears at the Earth level, through the force of gravitation that acts on the bodies of the Earth, beyond the molecular level (where electromagnetic and thermodynamic actions control all its processes).

Thus the ∆+1 scale is the level to study gravitational forces, and its physical discipline, ‘Mechanics’.

Thus in this post we shall study, the physical laws of the Earth, and its parts of matter, the world of man.

∆+1: Constant of Action: g-acceleration.

Tƒ: Mass; ST: Speed, momentum: Se: Gravitational Field, Energy

Actions:  ∆a; ∆e: acceleration, angular momentum; ∆o: center of gravity; angular momentum; ∆ï: c-speed (lorentzian region that transforms energy into mass); ∆u: gravitational informative force.

The creative processes of ‘points of existence=knots of actions’ that become topological planes.

Those actions tend to be repeated and extend in a web of relationships that creates a network, a sum of quantic action-reactions between a series of organic points.

The result is the most common structure of the Universe, a quantic network of energy or information. In Nature, networks organize all type of quanta of spatial energy and temporal information into systems of growing complexity. The most complex of those systems studied by classic sciences are biological super-organisms, which can also be defined as networks of energetic cells that form a body and networks of informative cells that form a Head, joined by fluxes of energy and information.

We contend that any organism is a super-organism. And the Universe itself is one of those super-organisms composed of networks of electromagnetic energy and gravitational information.

Indeed, since any super-organism is  made of a number of smaller super-organisms that act as its relative cells, connected through networks of energy and information, the result of that simple change of definition defines a fractal Universe made of 9 scales of growing organic forms, as every super-organism is made of smaller super-organisms made of smaller super-organisms: Universes are made of super-organisms called galaxies made of super-organisms called solar systems, whose planets are made of super-organisms called living beings, made of super-organisms called cells, made of super-organic molecules, made of super-organic atoms, made informative quarks and energetic electrons that shape the quantic, minimal cells of our Universe.

Thus, we define all what exists in the Universe as a super-organism, a concept formalized in the Generator equation of quantic Space-Time , ΣE<=>ΣTi, where ΣE represents a network of Energetic points; ΣŒ, represents a network of Informative points and <=> the flow of energy and information

Thus we study its 4 ±∆, e, i cyclic actions of energy & time and its minimal  E x T quanta used to perform them, which for the 3 Planes of physical systems are:

 ∆-1: Atomic particles: Constant of Energy and Time Actions: H-Planck: H= E/Tƒ (ƒ)

Point particles: Tƒ: quarks; ST: Photons and Se: Electrons, whose 4+n actions are code by:

– ST: Photonic actions: ∆o: electric, informative; ∆e: magnetic, energetic; ∆a, ∆ï: c-reproductive speed; ∆u: color, social field.

– Se: Electronic actions, coded by its 4 quantum numbers.



Motion as reproduction of form. Solving Zeno’s paradox.

Now that we have analyzed reality from the perspective of the true nature of cyclical time and fractal space and the 5th dimension along which they exist, measured by the mental worlds of each discontinuous point of view, it turns out that the only non-evident, strange motion of time is locomotion. How do a form moves through a fractal discontinuous geometry of multiple planes of existence?

As there are always ‘3 elements and symmetries’, by definition we need to define at least 3 forms of locomotion, that of the field, that of the wave and that of the particle.

Locomotion of the ∆-1: field ‘information’.

How the Universe creates dimensions? Reproducing forms. But we have to differentiate the reproduction of the lowest ‘pixels’ of reality, which for any system are the ∆-2 mental=mathematical creation of worlds, with the pixels of the field in which the system of information feeds. In that sense the way our mind reproduces within the far away clouds I am just seeing now, is the simplest faster reproduction of form, different from the physical creation of forms with energy. In the first case the dimension is only a wave of information and we can compare to the way in which mathematicians create 3 or 4 dimensional ‘virtual forms’:

 Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.38creation of 4dimensional polihedron

In the graph, in the plane the simplest polygon is a triangle; it has the least possible number of vertices. In order to obtain a polyhedron with the least number of vertices it is sufficient to take a point not in the plane of a triangle and join it by segments to each point of the triangle. The segments so obtained fill a three-sided pyramid, i.e., a tetrahedron. In order to obtain the simplest polyhedron in a four-dimensional space we take an arbitrary three-dimensional hyperplane and in it a certain tetrahedron T.

Next we take a point not in the given three-dimensional hyperplane and join it by segments to all the points of the tetrahedron T. On the right of figure, we have illustrated this construction symbolically. Each of the segments joining the point O to a point of the tetrahedron T has no other points in common with the tetrahedron, because otherwise it would lie entirely in the three-dimensional space containing T. All these segments, as it were, “go into the fourth dimension.” They form the simplest four-dimensional polyhedron, the so-called four-dimensional simplex.

Its three-dimensional faces are tetrahedra: one at the base and 4 lateral faces resting on the two-dimensional faces of the basis; altogether 5 faces. Its two-dimensional faces are triangles; there are 10 of them: 4 in the basis and 6 lateral. Finally, it has 10 edges and 5 vertices. In exactly the same way, by starting from an (n − 1)-dimensional polyhedron Q, we can define an n-dimensional prism and an n-dimensional pyramid.

This type of creation is however mental, not physical and allows the human mind to create 3 dimensions and a computer to model any 4-dimensional phase space.

In nature, it is comparable to the motion of a wave, which is only the evolving frequency-time cycle of an Œ-point. Hence it is simple and fast to form (hence the enormous speeds of waves that carry contrary to believe the form, the in-form-ation, not the matter, the energy-space of the system).

Yet, it already indicates that the true nature of motion in space is the ‘reproduction of form’.

Reproduction of ST-waves.

Thus we can now return, once we have established trough the worldcycle the relationship between 5 out of 6 motions of time, generation, growth, evolution, diminution and extinction, where to fit the locomotion studied by physicists and affirm:

Definition of Motion:           ‘A wave locomotion is the reproduction of a form that imprints a lower plane of the 5th dimension’.

Motion is still an unresolved concept, as the Paradox of Zeno shows. The paradox can be solved though with the concept of an indivisible quanta of time (infinitesimals have a limit), so there is a minimal step in space and quanta in time for the turtle to move, stop and move. But it is motion real?

It is when we deal with the never solved question of motion and its meaning from the perspective of the 3 ages of existence in time – as a reproduction of form in its wave state, and then ‘energy is carried through the wave’:Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 07.44.29

Motion in lineal time vs. cyclical, reproductive motions.

A second reason why the blunder of lineal time now is canonical has to do with a ‘systemic method of hiding falsity’, also proper of believers of the modern age – the use of mathematics. This lineal time definition was carried in the mathematical definitions, apparently and improvement, which however obscured its simplistic falsehood. So when Galileo defined mathematical time he used a formula:

V=S/T, where 2 parameters are of open space (lineal motion or speed and spatial distance), and so time became forcefully a parameter of lineal speed-space, linearized into the x-line of the ‘Cartesian coordinates’ (which from a mere mathematical tool became the canonical expression of a single lineal time duration as a parameter to measure displacements in lineal space.). Hence Lineal Time duration = Lineal space/Lineal speed.

This process culminated when Einstein introduced in his equations of special relativity a parameter directly derived from Galilean ‘spatial time’, just by substituting the speed of any object by the speed of light, c. So Einstein instead of writing v= s/t, wrote: c=s/t. From where space=ct.

Now for the shortsighted physicists – get a good telescope, and look at this formula: S=ct, means that ‘ct’ is NOT the equation of time, but an equation of Space.

You are NOT defining Time. You are defining space= CT. So when you write: S2=x2 + y2 +z2 –(ct)2 you cannot go around saying alas!, we have found that ct is time and time is a dimension of space!!! Because s=ct is NOT time.

Besides there is nothing especially new about ‘it’≈ct. As it is the same definition of lineal time of Galileo, changing the speed of the object by the speed of light (s=ct as opposed to s=vt).

The difference is that Galileo was not so dumb, as to say that time was a dimension of space. He always knew v=s/t, was just the measure of the speed of an entity, using a clock to ad the frequency of the steps of space he measured. Neither Einstein was so dumb.

It was Minkowski, the guy who suddenly claimed this ct=s, is Time and called it the 4th dimension of space. How silly is that? As silly as it looks. And for that reason Einstein protested; and quipped that this was NOT time, but ct, and added ‘wires don’t travel to the past’. And then he quipped when he was asked again ‘what is then time’, ‘what a clock measures’.

Indeed, when dealing with the errors of the 4th dimension of time as ‘space’ we must ascribe those errors to Minkowski, the guy who invented the concept, not to the young Einstein, which only when becoming so famous and fond of power commit its errors, and became a ‘physicist’ after 50, when all his most relevant work was done and his attempts to unify geometrically the forces of nature, lacking the understanding of fractal space-time and the 5th dimension, became a barren land.

Einstein’s greatest discovery, which not only laid the corner stone of the theory of relativity but revolutionized the whole physical and philosophical understanding of the problem of space and time, was the discovery that absolute time does NOT really exist.

This was a prolegomena to build up the metric of the 5th dimension of a Universe of infinite time cycles. But alas! Tƒ the rescue of lineal time came Minkowski to establish an even more ‘solid’ form of lineal space-time.

Shortly after Einstein developed his theory in 1905, Minkowski tricked the world, considering that its essence consists not as much in the rejection of absolute time as in the institution of a mutual link of space and time, in virtue of which there exists a single absolute form of existence of matter: space-time.

The separation of space (the spatial coordinates) from time (from the time coordinate t) is to a certain degree relative, depending on the material system (the “system of reference”) in relation to which the spatial and temporal order of the phenomena is determined.

Events that are simultaneous with reference to one system need not be so with reference to another.

“The definition of the order of phenomena cannot be, of course, completely dependent on the system of reference. The order of events that are connected by direct interaction, it stands to reason, remains one and the same with reference to all systems, so that an action always precedes its result. But for events that are not connected by interaction the order of time turns out to be relative.

Since the spatial order (in its pure form) refers to simultaneous events and simultaneity is relative, the separation of purely spatial relationships from the general aggregate of space-time relationships turns out to be relative, depending on the system of reference. Space in the abstract sense is, as it were, a “section” of the four-dimensional manifold of space-time that is laid through simultaneous events (in reference to a given system).”

So WHAT!?@

This is trivial, obvious and completely irrelevant to the deep finding of Mr. Einstein who complained for a while with his quipping ‘time wires don’t travel to the past’ (information indeed does not travel to the past only entropy-death, as we shall see latter).

Now, the attention from the big discovery, that there are infinite different time cycles in the Universe, was completely forgotten, to give way to a fully irrelevant fact, that because time cycles ARE of different speed in different regions of the Universe, we cannot know simultaneously unless there IS a direct causal relationship what is the time clock in other ‘region’ of reality.

Alas, the whole thing that mattered then was to ‘measure’ the other time cycle as precisely and fast as possible from our human clock point of view, using to that aim a ray of light, which travelled to us at a ct=s speed – a time delay that we had to subtract match the present time in our point. This is really basically what is all about in Minkowski rule of measure.

And then his nonsense self-publicity about his ‘discovery’ of the 4th dimension of time.

I do understand though Einstein, a loner, fed up of his peers who once said ‘in this profession there are less people than fingers in one hand who are here for knowledge’ and ‘two things I find infinite the Universe and the stupidity of man,’ and I am not sure of the first.

The opportunism of people like Minkowski and Hilbert, those who stay in the ego of ‘imagining’ science who first scorned his work for simplicity and then lionized it is telling of a truth of philosophers of science: truth and good nature go hand on hand from Socrates to Leibniz, and among physicist probably Einstein, who despite its letter pressed by his Jewish friends was quite a pacifist.

Consider this: in November 1915 Einstein finally completed the general theory of relativity, which he considered to be his masterpiece. In the summer of 1915, Einstein had given six two-hour lectures at the University of Gottingen that thoroughly explained an incomplete version of general relativity that lacked a few necessary mathematical details.

Much to Einstein’s consternation, the mathematician David Hilbert, who had organized the lectures at his university and had been corresponding with Einstein, then completed these details and submitted a paper in November on general relativity just five days before Einstein, as if the theory were his own.

There you have Mr. Hilbert who was not happy enough ‘imagining the whole body of mathematics, in the past and the future – he also imagined the 20 some problems we were supposed to resolve to complete his work’, but alas, was on the path to discover also the foundation of modern physics.

It reminds me of those physicists that keep imagining the truth of all sciences, which is fine – to understand the thoughts of god not its details, as Einstein also wanted – but and this is where they ALL failed, including Einstein – departing ONLY from the limited reductionism of a single plane of space-time, the Newtonian aberration of the Cartesian multiple worlds, and of only a kind of properties – mathematical, and of only a kind of mathematics, those with imagined points, and only from the bottom up, departing from particles, and only with the external properties of particles (only one of its 6 Aristotelian motions).

The likes of Mr. Schrodinger, who ‘imagined to understand life’ (what is life?), or Mr. Penrose who imagine what is consciousness and of course Mr. Hawking who imagined black holes and M-Theories – not to mention the past ones, Mr. Kepler who thought finding the orbits of a star was ALL we needed to know of stars to have ‘an intelligence like God’, or Newton, with his absolute space-time and silly formula extracted from Kepler, through a derivation that doesn’t need more than 3 lines and of Clausius who extended the heat pressure of a steam machine to the entire universe as its single arrow of time!

It is of interest to mention now that we have trashed Mr. Minkowski (: it is a pleasure of the Taoist philosopher to reduce human egos to rubble, as one will then receive by the law of action-reaction, the true merit of Mr. Newton a similar treatment, increasing the feeling of finitesimal existence required to dilute one-self into the whole :), the merit of his 4th space-time formalism.

Essentially what Mr. Minkowski discovered was just another co-invariant law of the 5th dimension metric: Sp x Tƒ= K

In his case, he found that despite the variation of the length in space of a system and its parallel dilation of time, as a being moved faster trying to cross the barrier of c-speed and emerge into a larger plane of the 5th dimension, the product of both Space and Time, remain co-invariant.

Thus he found a particular case of 5 D Metric, and defined a co-invariant quantity, the timespace 4-dimensional block. It just made it ‘too rigid’, ‘too lineal’, and missed the duality of bidimensional planes of space and cyclical time, its holographic processes of creation, and scalar pan geometries.

So this was a worldview, which we accept but clarify and correct into a larger, simpler, more revealing worldview with the 5th dimensional metric.

The concept was further expanded with a 4-vector analysis of many other fields of physics, and in all of them, we shall find the same duality. On one side the 3 vector that describes the volume of space, on the other the lineal time duration of the system.

Now in those 4-vector analysis, the most interesting is the one in which the elements ‘evolve’ further in length of time and space, using to represent time, the function of Energy and to represent space the function of momentum (with 3 vectors).

The meaning of this process of bringing together integrals in time and space of smaller moments is in fact the essence of 5th Dimensional growth. In that regard momentum ads to a space-field, a scalar magnitude, which is a particle state of a larger, denser 5th Dimensional scale.

We could say that if space exists in a single plane of the 5th dimension, momentum exists in 2 of them. And energy is the integral of momentum along speed, the ‘clock of time of the gravitational scale’, and so it can only be understood properly in terms of multiple co-existing 5th dimensional scales.

Yet all what mattered to Einstein, as to physicists, who are merely those who study the ‘external motions/energies of beings’ was to measure exactly the paths in space of beings, in relationship to the human frame of reference. So what really he did was to establish a new rod of measure, -constant c speed- for the entire Universe, expanding a notch more human objectivity from the valley of Abrahamic religions (chosen race/land) to the species (oikoumene religions), to the planet (Buddhism, Greek Naturalism), t to the sun (Copernican revolution), to the galaxy (that exists on a background of fixed light space-time). This of course was NOT the final frontier. In 5D we expand further to all scales of space-time, AS LIGHT IS ONLY ONE OF SUCH SCALES of measure size and time speeds.

It is not even the speed of light (though light moves at such speed, other beings do). It is rather the ‘rod of measure of space, of galaxies, and its lowest perceived human scale, which is electronic and feeds, absorbs, gauges and measures reality as fixed distances with the light it absorbs.

Thus the organic paradox merely explains the limit of light speed with the Galilean paradox of relativity: all what moves is a distance in still perception and when 2 electrons measure light is because they entangle and lock its distances with other electrons, fixing their distances (and causing all other fractal parts of the Universe to change their coordinates).

This is the true meaning of relativity: the stillness is not that of light but of the electrons that measure light in their stop and go motions, provoking the changes in parameters of all other parts of the universe around them.

And so ultimately the speed of light is how fast information can be transmitted externally between electronic ‘minds’, through its informative wave of light space-time.

But the corrections finally made physicists to measure accurately or at least from an electronic mind point of view, the distances of the Universe. And thus it was a huge success.

Since in physics, all what matters about time is a single equation of spatial external translation, V=s/t, and the same in relativity where time is ct, hence vt, hence s/t x t = S, a mere parameter of space disguised as ‘all types of time’, as no other of the time-motions of realty are mathematized on those equations. So physicists would do much better and help mankind broad his horizons if they were more humble and explain that whenever they talk of time, they just mean ‘speed’ of external motion. And that is what has its curious properties of spatialization (as it is in fact just a lineal spatial motion) etc. So the properties of ‘time studied in relativity physics’ are those related to motion in space (we shall see other time notions in physics, such as expansive motion in space, or entropy and present, simultaneous measure etc. in due ‘time’).

In the center of the cone we see, the ‘slice’ of present, instantaneous space, or 4 Dimension of time, which represents the modern version of Newton’s ‘instantaneous’ absolute space, perceived in an infinitesimal quantum of time, again used merely to measure external motions=changes of time: V=∂s/∂t.

Einstein went into further detail in those measures, using instants of time to give us the ‘still photographs’ (curved geometry) of the cyclical, physical Newtonian ‘time-clocks’ or masses. So if Newton had given us a ‘long time’ view of the clocks of the Universe, in lineal equations, now Einstein said that ‘time curves space into mass’, and added precision to the instantaneous measures of the largest clocks of time of the Universe, showing their curvature and establishing they accelerated inwards, increasing the future information of matter systems (Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration).

So we live in one of such mass vortices of accelerated information (the galaxy centered into a black hole) – reason why it is so important to know cyclical time. We DO not live in the outer Lineal Space between galaxies which expands and represents a relative past arrow of death, disorder and decelerations.

This duality of past-entropy-death and future-information-life was better understood by Feynman, who defined in the left graph, antiparticles as relative past flows that annihilated future flows or particles. Feynman took thus a bolder step, with its time-space perpendicular coordinates, considering that light-space ‘travels’ in present time (green photon), as a reproductive wave, and antiparticles (right) travel backwards in time, as they indeed do. Since they represent the entropy of death.

In that regard, a deep error in mathematical physics and its models, which ignore the 3 arrows of time, is the use of a faulty logic in mathematics and physics based in single causality. All what matters is to know how fast information can be transmitted externally through the fastest informative wave our light space-time.

And it is fractal, in infinite different waves, reproductive bodies, entropic limbs and fields, informative particles and heads, whose geometry stores maximal information in minimal space (so all relative future, informative, gauging particles, heads and cameras are geometric).

But there is a much more important concept of time, in 5dimensional physics, related to the meaning of the Universal Constants of ‘Energy and Time’, of the 3 fundamental planes of the 5th dimension and its physical systems, the ∆-1 quantum scale, the ∆-Thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1 cosmological scale, which will truly explain the equations and meanings of physics.

It is a simple relationship. There are 3 Constants of space-time in each scale:

∆-1: H-Planck constant: Energy = H x ƒ; whereas H is the constant of action and ƒ the measure of frequency, the internal clock of time of quantum systems.

∆: k-Boltzmann Constant: Energy = 2/3k x T, whereas k is the constant of action of thermodynamic systems and T, temperature, the measure of molecular vibrations, the internal clock of molecular systems.

∆+1: c-Light Space Constant: E = c2 x M, whereas c² is the constant of action of the Gravitational scale and M, Mass, the cyclical vortex of time, the clock of Gravitational systems.

How energy and time transfer between scales, how a clock of time disappears in one scale, so Standard Model particles do not have mass, and then its frequency clocks transfer time in the form of radiation to the thermodynamic scale, and then Black holes of the gravitational scale don’t have temperature… questions that physicists have not even answered because using lineal time, as Pauli once said of a paper, ‘they are no even wrong’… and will open up an entire new world of relationships and meanings to each and all sciences.

We are fast introducing a picture of the enormous number of advances in all sciences, brought about by cyclical time and the understanding of the 5th dimension and its rather simple but powerful metric to explain all what exists as travels in time through its arrows of cyclical time from birth to extinction and then the arrow of social evolution from parts into wholes, of social love of superorganisms, of 5D.

For example, genetics codes time from the lower ∆-1 cellular scale to the upper organic scale, providing its social evolution through the informative arrow of future. But the larger whole does NOT code the lower scale as that is a flow of relative past motion.

However the larger future whole DOES move synchronically the past cells. And the past scale cannot send pure flows of past motion to the future (entropy arrow of thermodynamic). Recently we have found that in fact psychological time also obeys the same arrows.

We move first subconsciously in the past, and then we do think with the relative future brain and control motion. Time IS all and existence is a travel through 3 scales of the fifth dimension from seminal seeds that accelerate in time (palingenetic evolution) and then slow down their clocks as they surface into the ∆+1 scale of time, and then live the slower times of the super organisms of nations and civilizations of history, to die fast back to cells, completing a world cycle…

Those are fast reviews of some classic themes of time in physics, biology, sociology and psychology – mental time, which conform the 4 fields of time-space sciences unified by the new metric of 5D fractal, cyclical space-time.

In that regard, perhaps the most important truth about time in physics is that is NOT at all what there is to time, but people and physicists think it is, limiting their inquire.

Most people today believe that all what matters to time is what ‘physicists measure’; so it is a lineal single duration. So before we go ahead understanding the meaning of a time cycle and its 3 ages, and its symmetries with the 3 scales of the 5th dimension and the 3 forms of topological space, we have to understand the limited understanding of time in physics, in terms of ‘external time changes’, instead of the much wider concept of multiple time arrows, in a Universe made of space-time beings.

Time in physics in that sense also understand ‘lineal time-entropy’, informative time and reproductive time, but in an unconnected historic manner. So it first studied ‘lineal time’, still its dominant form, as its wordily profession is to make energetic machines.

As Europe expanded its military empires physicists lineal worldview on time became global, and time all over the world was measured with a single mechanical clock equalizing to the standard second of lineal duration, all other cycles of the Universe – never mind all those mechanical clocks were also made with spheres and cycles, including Galileo’s pendulum clock!

Now if we define philosophically time as motion, which is the scientific definition of it, and space as ‘res extensa’; what we say is nothing new. Already Descartes said that the Universe was made of vortices (of Time) and res extensa. The Asians always considered reality made of two principles, yin (temporal information) and yang (spatial energy). But science must quantify and understand in details those terms. So the first task of a Theory of Everything ‘Organic’, must define with great detail what ‘fractal, vital space’ and ‘cyclical time’ means.

The concept of a Universe made of infinite vital spaces and time cycles, which Leibniz postulated against the absolute space-time of newton was resurrected by Quantum physics, which realized the Universe of vacuum space is a sum of ‘light space quanta with energy – the famous H-constant, or minimal unit of light: E=hv’ and by Einstein’s relativity, who realized the Universe was filled with clocks of time of different speed, and ‘ time curved space into masses’, themselves accelerate clock-like vortices of gravitational force. So he affirmed the Universe was curved; Time was what a curved ‘clock measures’. And that there was no difference between curved accelerated vortices and mass.

The Newtonian concept of a single, lineal infinite time and single space is in that sense merely a mathematical abstraction, useful for measure, born of the pegging of those ‘sequential finite ‘life cycles’ and fractal spaces in a Cartesian, ‘Euclidean graph’ of the Universe. And it should have ended as the central concept of western science after Planck and Einstein.

And yet, nobody understood clearly what he and Planck meant – they haven’t yet. So Planck said, all physicists had to die first for a new generation to understand the new paradigm. And Einstein said that ‘he was the only physicist who understood there are infinite time cycles in the Universe’, and well, it seems they both died before the new generation understood Leibniz, Planck and Einstein.

Now the reader should realize the difference between data in science and conceptual understanding. The data of the planet orbits fits both in Kepler’s and Ptolemy models. But Ptolemy’s model is wrong; the Earth is not in the center. And so it requires much more complex equations and explanations to fit the data (extant, epicycles, retrograde motions).

So Kepler came and put the sun in the center and simplified everything. And as all was now simpler, it found soon many more applications to orbital analysis and motions on Earth (mechanics). What he will witness in this blog is how all becomes simplified, after we put time into a cycle, of which a line is a mere segment, and classify all time cycles of the Universe, with the metric of the 5th dimension of relative size and speed, such as bigger space entities trace slower time cycles. Soon we will able to explain all kind of facts, never explained before by lineal time, from the cycle of life and death, to the cycles of stock-markets, from the cycles of history, to the cycles of magnetic fields, to the cycles of stars and the proper, cyclical cosmology of the Universe.

We are doing here a thought experiment on the tradition of Einstein, because there is enough data, as there was enough data on planets, after Brahe, not to need any huge machine to understand better the Universe. It is only needed to correct a wrong concept that has no proof on the Universe (nothing lasts for ever except perhaps the ‘set of all sets’, which is indefinable as the Cantor paradox proved, if we were to use mathematical concepts). All is cyclical in time, and the very essence of science precisely consists on extracting cyclical laws from nature, as all exists in time, and so all repeats.

And how much of a belief and dogma are the main ‘theories of lineal time’, sponsored by ‘pretentious science’ – from the lineal infinite time of a Cartesian abstract graph, to the lineal, entropy-only arrow of time used by Cosmologists that denies the obvious fact that we live in a world that turns cycles around itself and the sun, as it increases the information of life, stored in the cyclical clocks of its genetic, cellular systems, within a galaxy that moves also in cycles, towards its black hole center, a rotary mass of maximal gravitational information.

This deformed our conception of time and motion, and hid the purpose of time cycles, and the differences between the species that perform them and the information they store in the form and frequency of its space-time cycles.

Reproduction of particles – matter reproduction.

So we arrive to the final form of reproduction, in which not only information is transferred inwards collapsing into a mind-particle (field reproduction, which is the mental perspective on a field force from the point of view of the inner particle-mind), or a wave in which only the energy and form, or external envelop, with its frequency translates along a previous, simpler ∆-1 field, but to the 3rd category: reproduction of a 3 dimensional particle, which can be treated as the reproduction of the full density of the being as it moves.

It is the slowest reproduction, as the form must be reproduced in all the previous scales of the 5th dimension. And this means the ‘form, must as it moves ‘reproduce’ its entire wave of pyramidal scales on the next region of the ‘deep’ space-time, making one by one all its scales of form, reason why the relative motion of a human being, decomposed in all its scales of form, departing from the lowest gravitational scale is comparatively so slow, just a few meters per second, on the order of 1011 times slower than light. Again the magic number of Dimensional scales.

What this tell us is simply that the proportion of density of information of a thermodynamic human being in comparison to a quantum particle is precisely of that order. So again according to the general rule of 5D metric: Sp x Tƒ = ∆(ei), to reproduce all those planes we must move much slower.


Predatory actions. NEW physical systems’ Emergence: top predator enclosures of faster time cycles.

The perspective of the motions of the atoms – both its kinetic, lineal motions and cyclical, angular momentum and combined spin of atoms with multiple particles from ‘below’, and the perspective of the neutrino ‘quanta’ and its gravitational transverse waves and the classic circular gravitational waves, of Einstein’s equations which are the ‘transmitters’ of mass.

So to the point, what matters are the levels in which a force emerges into the next level.

And how much it takes from the lower level. And this follows for all systems of the Universe the yes, usual decametric scales:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.51.02

The efficiency at which energy is transferred from one trophic level to another is called ecological efficiency. On average it is estimated that there is only a 10 percent transfer of energy. Usually as systems jump one step, the proportion tends to be on the 100 scale.

So the strong force is one hundred times stronger than the electromagnetic force, which we presume after ‘the breaking of symmetry, etc.’ (mathematical description of it with the jargon of physics), emerges as the ‘predator force’ that is able to ‘enclose’ quarks into the center of atoms to create our electronic world.

But the electronic world is then ‘closed into’ the magnetic and gravitational larger world. And again we observe this to start with the Zeeman effect and grow in intensity till the ferromagnetic maximal power of the magnetic world. And then decline and we see the emergence of the gravitational world around the f orbital with enormous momentum.

Now this is ‘what matters tot eh organic perspective’, the maths can be worked out and it has an enormous merit but we must distinguish what is good maths and bad maths.

The heliocentric theory is good maths because on the organic equation of the solar system:

Spe (Oort belt) < ExI (planet belt) > Tƒ (Sun).

The commanding element as always is the Tƒ sun and that is the point of view that matters. To work out those equation from the perspective of ExI and Spe is always POSSIBLE, as it is possible to consider equations based in the symmetry of time:

Spe > ExI > Tƒ and its inverse Tƒ < ExI < Spe (transfer of mass towards the center of the sun system and transfer of momentum away from the mass system).

But when we do those ‘wrong points of view’, the breaking of the symmetry, and the transformation equations to consider the secondary point of view, must be adjusted, with new ‘elements’ to ‘straighten up the equations’ to get the results right.

This is what the Higgs mechanism does, because it makes a spatial point of view on a temporal force.

Now we must also understand the way the ∆ï+1 scale and ∆I scales relate to each other. The larger scale space force or time vortex prey on the lower scale when the lower scale is made of lonely, smaller parts. It then uses it as pure entropy. What this means is that for example, light does NOT help insects much with bad eyes, merely uncover them so bigger predators that dominate that force of energy and information localize and eat them. But starting with the squid on the sea light allowed location of prey and make the squid stronger.



We won’t overextend on biological and human actions as the concept of an action, understood here, IS exactly the definition of life, and its drives of existence: motion, feeding on energy,  informing, reproducing and evolving socially – explain the game of life.


In the graph, two coordinates of vital space and cyclical time for biological systems. We in general consider as two parameters in organisms:

– Se: Rate of reproduction in space

– Tƒ: Rate of perception or rotary motion (angular momentum) in time.

A being is made of two functions, perception and reproduction, and a 3rd often borrowed exchange with the environment,

As it happens systems do have a structure of ‘smaller systems’ and they form part of bigger systems.

In that regard there is an important reductionism, beyond the deformation of the form of time cycles, caused by the preponderance of absolute lineal space-time and physical analysis of time durations as a mere parameter of space, which has increased enormously in the XX century, since the publication of Relativity and the Minkowski 4D metric, the elimination as a fundamental characteristic of the Universe of causal, logic processes, biological, evolutionary, survival reasons and sensorial, informative whys, to the nature and purpose of time cycles.

In true form, reality is NOT made of space, but the primary substance is ‘time’, time cycles that break space into an inner and outer region (fundamental theorem of knots and topology), and that precise game of cyclical forms-motions that break and organize space into vital regions, harnessing its ‘energy-motions’ into forms is all what the Universe is about.

Thus relational space-time turns upside down our understanding of the Universe from a mere, simple spatial description where absolute time is a parameter of space, to a cyclical description where space is a slice in the flow of cyclical times, a region surrounded by a time cycle, a ‘path’ in a ‘Lagrangian’ of åctions whose final sum is always zero, if we were to use some of the advanced concepts of physics we shall translate to the new paradigm; a ‘moment of present’, in the whole cycle from past to future that closes those paths.

For the same reason, the minimal unit of reality is NOT a string of space, but an interval of cyclical time, specifically a cyclical ‘action’ with form, a bit of information. In physics from where we have borrowed heavily conceptual and mathematical terms to describe all space-time cycles, the unit is indeed an action of energy and time, which manifests itself in the 3 main U±1 scales of the 5th dimension, the quantum, thermodynamic and mechanic scales, as a Planck’s action, h, a temperature vibration or a force.

In cellular biology as a circadian cycle of transformation of energy and information, from an ATP to a genetic cycle.

In organic life as an action of feeding, informing, reproducing, evolving socially, moving, ∂æ,e,ï,œ,û.

In society as a similar economic, cultural, social or military action of a nation or civilization.

This said the more important sub discipline in the study of the actions of biological beings are its coding elements, the hormones, and genes and social customs of the different multicellular, cellular and social scales that code those actions. In the next graph an example.


4 nucleotide acids code the vital actions of the cell:

image050In the graph, Purines code informative actions, Pyrimidines entropic actions.

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