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5 Dimotions=Forces

±∞ ¬∆@ST:



FOREWORD: Physics the science of 5 Dimotions.

0. The 5 Ðimotions of physical space-time systems in its 4 scales: Forces, Atoms, Matter and galactic wholes.

I. First Dimotion: time vortices:Unification equation.

∆-4: Plancktons.

∆-3: atomic charges

∆0+2: masses.

∆+3,4: galatoms.

II. 2nd dimotion: Locomotion. Spatial Forces. Entanglement. Relativity revis(it)ed.

III. 3rd Dimotion: Energy & reproduction. Chirality.

∆-1: electromagnetism,

∆o: Electricity

∆+1: Galacell

IV. 4th Dimotion: Entropic ‘big-bangs’: ∆-1: neutrinos & beta decay,  ∆º: Heat. ∆+1: quasars and dark entropy

V. 5th Dimotion: social evolution:

∆-1: Weak force;

Ƽ:magnetic forces

∆+1: gravitational force: Mechanics



As usual we recommend to read at least the introductory pages of the main post of the web, to understand what the 5Dimensional fractal Universe an its fundamental elements, Space, Time, ∆-scales and linguistic @-minds, the four components of all Supœrganisms of Time-space are.

The 5Сmotions of reality mirrored by all languages and systems define the main symmetries between the two abstract ‘units’ of Euclidean mathematics – the geometric spatial continuous points (S@) and the sequential, scalar, social numbers, ∆ð void of vital and inner properties, by the æntropic principle of human ‘egocy’. AS SUCH BECause HUMANS strip of vital, organic, scalar and sentient properties all species through the use of those limited mathematical languages, the more so when more remote and difficult to understand in terms of similarity the t.œ is (ab. Timespace supœrganism) mathematics became the only language of physics, as we describe physical T.ŒS FAR REMOVED from the human point of view in scale, time duration and form, with minimalist external properties, notably its 2Dimotion of locomotion and 4Dimotion of entropy, suitable for human ab=use and extraction of energy – hence the science of human physics, itself a small part of the stience of physics, which includes also all those properties of galatoms and its molecular ensembles, physical entropic forces and larger ensembles of wholes.

Points are a ‘dominant’ spatial, mental view which reside in a single plane and the ‘mind’ perceives in stillness, with no internal scalar form and continuity when associated into lines, planes and volumes; even though in reality they have ‘fractal content’ as Non-Euclidean points; and hence breath, its lines are therefore waves able to communicate the external form and internal energy or fractal networks that branch to connect multiple points, and its planes intersection of three of such waves or networks that form topological organisms…

Numbers then, are dominant in ‘scalar’ social properties and sequential temporal causal properties, best to describe the inner ‘vital energy of those points’, its discrete configurations, and all the functions that express its Dimotions. Numbers it follow are more complete than points as time-motions are more fundamental than the spatial mental forms we make of them.

However in the entangled Universe ALL its ST-beings as fractals of the whole participate of the 5 Dimensional Motions of existence, ¬∆@st, ¬; so they will have limits, ¬, in space and time beyond which they break its form into entropy; ∆-scales internal to the T.œ, (cells, atoms, etc.) and be inscribed in a larger world, ∆+1 that sets those limits, will display the 3 Spatial canonical topologies of any 5D system in its own organic parts (|imbfields, bodywaves & particheads), evolving through an arrow of increasing information parameters and decreasing motion through its 3 temporal ages. And to survive and function, it will need NOT to be blind in that vital, entangled Universe, so the T.œ, will have @ singularity-mind of relative stillness that will act as a center of a referential language to be able to perform the 5 @tions of existence that reflect in a fractal, minimalist cyclical bit of time quanta and local space territory, its needs to perform those 5 Dimotions of relative exist¡ence also within a limited number of perceptive scales, where to feed on lower entropy ∆-4, to move, lower information, ∆-3 to perceive, lower energy, ∆-2 to feed, and emit lower ∆-1 cells to reproduce, evolve palingentically, emerge as a clone, ∆o of the being, and thus survive beyond the ¬ limits of time=death and space=decay, its T.œ will experience.

As all is a fractal mirror of a larger world-whole, all this properties will not only define fully all what is needed to know of the world cycle of exist¡ence of a relative T.œ, but will be able to describe, its parts, its wholes, its organs, and even its languages, whose internal structure will reflect in its grammar and parts, also all those elements. 

So we will also be able to describe all physical systems with the Pentalogic of ¬∆@st, as a mirror reflection of the larger Universe. And yet because huminds understand near nothing of the larger picture, of the fractal game of exist¡ences, and are as all other points, self-centered in its mind-language, limiting the vital properties of all other entities, ab=using them as open systems of entropy from where to extract motion for its @tions (actions performing by the will of a mind), this clear picture of the entangled, self-similar universe will be distorted by the æntropic principle of antropomorphism (man as the center and highest point of existence, which therefore must debase everything else including the intelligence of the Universe to come on top) and entropic behavior (man as the top predator destroyer of worlds, to absorb energy for its own creative processes), we must consider all humind’s languages as mirrors of reality distorted by the æntropic principle and so half-truths this blog will try to enlighten so the nebulous picture by lack of information or too clear one, by simplification, acquires the richness of grey proper of the pentalogic entangled Universe.

In the case of physical systems this distortion is maybe the largest among natural sciences, (social sciences are far more distorted as they are not even sciences, at all, that is they lack predictive capacity, miss elements, distort data, and all in all in 5D epistemology can only be considered praxis of power and idol-ogies of metal, as we study them in other posts)…

Physics at least DOES respect data (save in its grand theory of the big-bang), PROPERLY fits it in mathematical equations (which despite its simplicity by lacking points with breath is still a mirror of enormous quality) can predict fairly well the deterministic or probabilistic futures of its species, and as a consequence of it, gifts humans of a remarkable capacity to ‘create’ in its mental territory of order, new forms with its aggregates of social number-points atomic structures.

All this is known and we shall not repeat an encyclopedia of physics. Our interest is to highlight the biased æntropic errors and fill the gaps of modeling with ¬∆@st elements, humind’s physics lacks.

Since the field of theoretical 5D physics has 3 huge sub-fields as in all other stiences:

  1. The study of its METRIC equations and super organisms of physics through its 3 conserved parts (angular membrane, lineal singularity and energy between them).
  2. The study of locomotion or its simplest actions.
  3. And the study of the scalar states of physical systems, either Thermodynamics, or quantum statistics.

Fields then which then can be used to study in detail each ‘subspecies’ of physics, all of which will obey those laws.

In this post we shall study those 3 fields through its Dimotions.

Space-Time groups:

Physical symmetries: its 5 Dimotions.

A membrain or time clock encloses vital energy; self-centered in a monad-mirror whose lineal inertia moves the whole.

Expansion of conservation principles to 5D and organic, fractal explanation of its components.

Noether’s theorem considers that each conservation law of Physics, conservation of Lineal Inertia (1D¡ motion) or angular momentum (2D¡ motion) and energy (3D¡ motion), to which we add the 4th conservation law of 5D¡ entropy and 4D¡ social evolution or ‘zero sum worldcycles of existence’, is related to a symmetry of space-time, which obviously we must extend to the conservation of the scalar Universe and its 5th dimension of D=evolutionary inverse arrows, signified by those 2 inverse dimotions show in the next graph:

The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space,   and 5D logic metric equations (the laws of scales)   requires analysis of its ‘mathematical membranes’ that miirror organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, conserving as a zero sum of energy and information  5 Dimotions though 3 of those planes. So the conservation of energy and information extends from 1Dimotion of a membrane of angular momentum, 2D of lineal momentum, performed by its center and 3D of vital energy enclosed between both the conservation of 3 of its ∆§calar planes. The 3 conserved classic quantities reside in a single plane, connected ‘perpendicularly’ through the physical ‘centers of changes and masses’ ; while the 3 planes together with wormholes of flows of entropy sipping through the membrane and information moving between planes through the central singularity axis expand those laws to 3 co-exxisting organic scaled defined by 5D metric: S x T = ¡±1.

Nt.1: we use the term dimensional motion, ab. Сmotion for the 5arrows of time space which become ‘fractal forces’ in physics; and the term 5th Dimension of D=evolution for the whole range of scales=planes of exist¡ence, that is of stiences of the fractal Universe, keeping with the use of ‘metaphysical English’ changing slightly its wording.

The graph shows the NEW conservation law which ALLOWS small transfers of energetic entropy=pure motion and in-form-ation between scales, but determines a dual directionality of those arrows, with form going  inversely to energy either to a lower or upper plane, by liberating wholes into parts, while energy goes into an upper or lower nested Universe – being the paradigmatic case the beta decay or any physical big-bang that splits the dual fields of the system:

Conservation of energy and information through 3 planes imply inverse directionality of both, as a system dies=splits with form going own and entropy going upwards, described in physics by E=Mc2

So we rephrase Noether’s theorem in terms of the METRIC LAWS OF CO-INVARIANCE of the fifth dimension, to define the co-invariance of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe for any ternary relative system of scales, self-centered in the scale we study the event.

Consider a key case of Forces, the entropic beta decay of a Neutron, which ‘misses’ energy and form (1/2 spin) producing a neutrino, v, which IS NOT in our light scale as we CANNOT DETECT IT WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC forces, and hence MUST belong to the ¡±4 plane; yet adding both planes we get the proper conservation, and further on allow us to place neutrino physics in the ‘scale’ of the cosmos. Yet while the reaction produces entropy in the lower plane, it also grows in form, in the upper plane, as the neutron breaks into two particles.

It is then part of the systematization of scalar physics within the larger context of Generational space-time (Gst), to define all the laws of scales of dimotions, as entropy processes will be inverse to social evolutionary dimotions, locomotion to perception and both merge into reproduction, which we express with subequations of the general metric of present states of reproduction=iteration:

1D vs. 2D. 4D vs. 5 D; so 1D x 2D = K(3D), 4D x 5D = K(3D),  1D±2D=0, 4D±5D=0, ARE general sub-equations of 5D metric which originate most equations of physics, when substituted by the proper constants of time and space for each dimotion. Let us consider an example in reproductive locomotion of quantum waves.

Conservation of all time motion: Law of the Least Time, fastest Space principle.

Conservation laws though can be resumed in a dual law of ‘east time used’ to achieve ‘largest territorial space’, ‘faster, larger’… Max. Si x Te, the maximization of existence all systems of Nature try to achieve. This is expressed in physics with the law of conservation is the least time principle: All systems of reality want to maximize its existence in time, and its reach in space. That is, all selfish mind-points of view, all superorganisms will try to embrace maximal space – locomotion, entropic feeding, reproduction of the system – in minimal time.

And this absolute law of all systems suffices to explain the deterministic program of all systems – the greed of people, their fat eating customs, the least time principle of physics, and its fundamental equation, the Lagrangian-Hamiltonian formalism (the derivative of the actions of beings tends to zero, as the system moves through the shortest path in time); the program of reproduction, the pleasure of high speed cars, the behavior of black holes, you name it: systems program its actions to maximize its exist¡ence defined as its desire to accumulate more information for its  up and down high particle-head, more motion for its flat, moving ahead, long limbs/potentials, more reproductive energy for its wide body-wave.

Analysis of its Dimotions as Forces.

Locomotion as reproduction

In space, by adjacency, and in time by frequency locomotion measures consecutive adjacent reproductions of a physical wave-particle form in space

Next comes the analysis of those 5 Dimotions for the 3 conserved scales of a galatom as its main forces, which carry the transference of entropy=social motion, locomotion, reproductive energy and information, and pure form between the scales.

As it is customary to expose in terms of mathematical physics and forces those 5 Dimotions stripped off its organic, fractal element, we shall consider BOTH elements – its organic nature, as they are the actions physical systems perform to survive and its mathematical nature, as they can be quantified… using when possible visual mixed images to illustrate those dualities.

The graph shows this approach: reproduction of information in the quantum scale happens as the reproduction of form in a quantum potential through a wave state described by Schrodinger’s equation, which derives from the conservation laws of energy and momentum, via a Hamiltonian. All this however as nice and clean as it seems in mathematics, reveals NONE of the organic, reproductive, perceptive Dimotions then place on those stœps of the wave that becomes particle, stops gauges information with its spin, expands entropically as a herd of its parts in a density cloud moves, collapses etc.

So Locomotion IS A COMPLEX reproductive dimotion that happens in several scales of 5D (quantum potential, wave and particle states) and requires all its dimotion (stop-particle state of information gauging, wave locomotion, reproduction of information in adjacent positions of particles, entropic dissolution from particle into a herd of micro-points or density=probability cloud, and 4D social evolution and collapse of the wave.

All the Dimotions of existence are THUS RESPONSIBLE together for the supposed simpler Locomotion, which is the one that does NOT really happen (understood as a mere sliding on an absolute spacetime Newtonian background) but a series of actions=dimotions that reproduce the wave, making locomotion YET ANOTHER PROOF OF THE fractal reproductive nature of Generator space-time. Then its ¡logic Fractal Generator (name of the equations of fractal is):

Locomotion (2D) = 1D: particle/angular momentum/spin perception -> 5D (entropic expansion as a wave in the ¡-1 quantum potential), 4D (collapse in the adjacent region) forming a 3D (reproduced particle). So:

2D=1D->5D->4D->3D or in ‘vowel notation’: A(acceleration)->I(information gauging)ø(entropy)U(universals creation=social evolution)->E(energy reproduction). So we break down a complex locomotion into 4 dimotions:

2D=1D->5D->4D->3D.   a=ioue

IN 5D ALL SYSTEMS perform 3 simpler actions, perception, motion and feeding on energy to reproduce the system.

And 2 scalar action: social evolution and its inverse entropic death. And all of them tend to be entangled through scales and broken by the fractal principle into composite actions.

So when those 3±I actions=dimotions are studied together we have a whole understanding of the system.

Is this practical? wrong question. It does explain the deeper whys of physical events better than classic physics? YES!

What are then the 5D UNDERLYING VITAL, organic principles of physical systems that make them akin to those of any scale?

  • 1,2,3D: Locomotion, which embodies the simpler actions through its fundamental concept, that of AN ACTION of a particle, in its path through a field of forces in which IT FEEDS, reproduces and AS A RESULT OF BOTH, MOVES. Reason why locomotion is the physical EXISTENTIAL ACTION that embodies all other simpler actions, as the graph shows..
  • ∆±¡:4,5D: Entropic scattering, according to collision (loss of vital momentum) and angle (4th postulate of perpendicularity) vs. social evolution under an informative force (normally gravitation), which are the scalar actions of the system

So because Locomotion implies for physical systems, ‘perception in particle state-stop’; feeding on the energy of the lower field and reproduction by adjacent imprinting in wave state-motion; for PHYSICAL SYSTEMS, locomotion embodies the 3 simplest actions of the being; to which we just must add its ‘changes of state’ as its actions of physical d=evolution, to fully have an organic analysis of the species.

∆-symmetries of locomotion. As there are 3 conserved quantities in the Universe, which correspond to the capacity of Motions of angular momentum, lineal momentum and closed energy paths to PRESERVE the form of the system by reproducing itself over the undistinguishable particles of a lower field.

Because physical forms have rotational symmetries, where the membrane’s position and form=momentum is preserved; translational symmetries, where the singularity particle/head position and form=momentum is preserved, and energy cycles, where the vital content of the system is preserved, those 3 symmetries allow 3 kind of Dimotions in a single plane, and so if we were to use the jargon of mathematical physics, we could state that the 3 simplex Dimotions that leave invariant the system derive of its capacity to be performed without changing the 3 topological parts of a being in a single plane of existence.

From this fact to be possible though, the ‘perception of motion’ cannot alter the system, and for that reason the Dimotion of perception and locomotion, as LONG as it does NOT affect the lower plane in which the species reproduce its form IS NOT PERCEIVED to maintain the system co-invariant with himself and his environment.

Those forms however will change as we approach the limit of speed of the ∆-1 plane in which the system reproduces, c-speed, when the rate of reproduction of the form of the being, comes to equal that of the ∆-1 level and a distortion takes place. So we have then to consider the Lorentz Transformations to preserve the 3 conserved quantities of the system – theme those studied in more depth in the posts of mathematical physics when completed.

So the lack of perception of motion IS NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN the 1Dimotion of perception unchanged; the absence of friction and a closed system, to preserve the other simplex Dimotions.

What about the 4th Dimotion of scalar social devolution and evolution?

Here the treatment is different, as it is a type of symmetry that affects several systems together, but can be made explicit in its meaning:

For the social parts to become a whole, they must FEEL indistinguishable among themselves, bond by social love, so there is ‘superfluidity’ and the possibility to permute its positions and roles in the super organism in which they form part.

The group of symmetries of social love thus is also based in the existence of undistinguishable social numbers, based in the similarity of actions of all the elements of the group (4th postulate of parallelism). It is then when the system can evolve socially and further on, as it grows in size through scales, become a whole which resembles the elements of which it is made.

In ideal mathematics this could be shown as a ternary symmetry of a point that reproduces in a pi cycle around a central point or ‘singularity’ which does stay in the same form and distance from the growing points, which then rotates around that point in a height dimension to form a sphere that resembles in a larger scale, the parts.

Thus again the symmetry maintains static both the distance to the point respect to the reproductive points of its 1-2-3D surfaces, and the form of the points which are clone of each other and have as ‘identity’ neutral element’ that point which seems to mirror their form.

This symmetry is then the responsible for the bondage together of all those points, which feel reflected in a ‘leader’ or singularity point that makes them act as a single form.

In that regard, we can consider the fundamental mandate of all points to preserve unchanged its existence in an eternal present both in space, time and scale, through dynamic motions that preserve the coin variance of its form in time, space and scale.

What is then the justification of entropy=death from the pentalogic point of view of symmetries? Obviously it restores the  zero sum long-term symmetry of the whole region of the Universe in which the toe existed.

But the symmetry of entropy is more profound, when we apply the multiplication of transformations through the entropy, intermediate states, that allows the other dimotions to preserve the internal order of the T.œ.

I.e all other Dimotions go through the entropic process of extracting energy from the environment to perform those demotions, so we can say that if we were to form a symmetry group of the 4 Dimotions of positive existence, the extraction of entropy from the external Universe is the neutral, identity element that preserves the other 4 Dimotions.

Indeed, to perceive we destroy the pixels of the ∆-3 light elements we absorb, to move we convert energy after feeding into entropy of locomotion, and to reproduce a female species must absorb enough extra energy which will be given through the placenta for the entity to perform its palingenetic social evolution and emerge as a new whole. So while the being switches between the Different Dimotions, we can write a chain of transformations that preserve the being, by increasing its internal order to the expenses of the external order:

4D (∆-3: light feeding)>1D (perception) 4D>1D…

4D(∆-4: gravitational and electromagnetic feeding)>2D (locomotion)…4D … 2D

4D (∆-2: feeding on amino acids) > 3D (cellular reproduction)…

IN THIS MANNER, the entropic process allows cyclical transformation through scales of the fifth dimension, which become the actions of the being that preserve invariant its form while dynamically allowing it to perform those actions.

While the final entropic death of the system preserves the larger invariance of the whole ecosystem in which the system will feed another system of Nature.

What this means in the clearer jargon of 5D² is this. As a symmetry in space-time means a motion that carries a form from a point of space-time to another point of space-time without deforming its inner structure; the 5 LOCAL, DIFFEOMORPHIC, fractal motions of the Universe, one belongs to each of its Dimensions of space-time  are conserved, because they correspond to a motion that does NOT destroy the local T.Œ, which remains invariant after its ‘translation in space-time’.

In the case of the 4th and 5th dimension this process has 2 readings: during the birth to extinction phase of the cycle, the product of the motion and information of the system (1D+3D=2D) remains invariant. And if we ad the 4th dimension of death=entropy and the 5th dimension of birth=generation (social evolution from micro-seed to emergent organism) the total is also a zero sum: ‘dust you are and to dust of space-time you shall return’.

So we explain Noether’s theorem and its symmetry conservation principles in vital terms applied to local fractal space-time beings, T.œs, for whom the principle holds. And then affirm the principle is universal because the Universe is the sum of all its local T.œs:  T.Œ (UNIVERSAL SUPERORGANISM) = ∑T.œs. 

So  ‘Any fundamental law proved for a local T.œ made to the image and likeness of the absolute T.Œ, can be extended by Ð-isomorphism to all space-time species’. 

And this accounts for the relativity of motion, the local nature of physical measures which however have by parallelism a global symmetry, and the conservation of the 3 topological parts of the being in its translation, rotation and vital energy, even if in small actions it will cause entropic disorder outside the being itself.

Physical groups.

The other great field of Physics is then the use of Groups to classify all the possible STATES or DIMOTIONS of its physical particles, as each Dimotion might change or transform the particle or physical species into another one definitely or partially.

When those transformations are partial, then we can classify the ‘operator’ of the transformation as a Dimotion operator, which will obviously be – as entropy happens external to the being – a group of four operators upon similar species. This is the meaning of the 4 quantum numbers that operate dimotions in particles, or the 4 properties of light, (color and 3 dimensions) as the next graph shows.


After each of those actions however the light system becomes again an invariant collapsing particle, a photon, and so each of its properties is really a symmetry transformation or vital Dimotion in the jargon of 5D.

The other type of transformation however brings when ‘fixed’ as pure spatial states of different particles, a being into another. So for example a proton and a neutron are two different particles. But in terms of symmetries we could consider a dual dimotion of entropy (beta decay of the neutron into a proton and electron) and collapse (formation of a neutron by gravitational pressure in a star from an electron and a proton), as a cyclical symmetry that preserves the form of the neutron. Nature is then made of multiple of those symmetries, but ONLY THOSE REQUIRED FOR SYSTEMS TO PERFORM ITS vital processes or Dimotions.

I.e. when we study the particles of the Universe we shall show that all the particles that exist have a reason of existence derived of those dimotions. Families of masses are the ternary symmetry of social evolution symmetric to the parts of the galaxy. Protons, neutrons and electrons (u-d quarks and electrons) are the two Dimotions of entropy and social evolution which facilitate also the other Dimotions of locomotion (electronic big-bang), perception (collapse of information into a particle,) and reproductive generation (of 4 particles in a beta decay: e, p, v and ¥).

So we will NOT in our posts on physics play the magic of groups to fit physical systems, just because platonic physicists who don’t understand the vital reasons of those groups realized they can fit particles into SU2, 3 and 5 groups that are just operated by dimotions that transform those particles but explain the Dimotions and its transformations.





If we were to simplify and clarify the translation of classic physics into 5С physics, the answer is immediate. The Universe displays 5 D¡Motions, 3 of which exist in simultaneity in a single plane, becoming the 3 conserved quantities of physics, lineal and angular momentum, and the vital energy sandwiched between them, and two are the entropic dissolving 4D¡ and generating emerging 5D force of social evolution.

Nothing else it is needed to explain reality, but in physics this is explained in each of the 3 scales of reality as follows:

  • Physical systems first must be described with the 3 conserved quantities, the membrane of angular momentum, the vital energy it encloses and the central singularity or ‘static mind’ that performs its lineal Dimotions.
  • In the human ∆º plane, the 5 Dimotions become the 5 states of matter, 4D plasma to devolve into the quantum scale, which emerges as gaseous, 2D, liquid, 3D, solid, 1D and Boson condensate 5D to emerge in the scale of Cosmological Mass particles (dark matter, quark matter, strangelets, and black holes).
  • In the ∆±1 scales, of quantum and cosmology, that of the atom and the galaxy, which are self-similar, the 5 Dimotions are interpreted as ‘forces’, which humans wrongly model all in lineal fashion with electromagnetic ‘first models’ of exchanges of particles, missing thoroughly the fact that the attractive power is given by the ‘vortex of accelerated time-space’ charge or mass, and the exchanged particles regulate the distance between vortices, maintaining them in different forms of balance.

Let us then first introduce those 3 ‘basic elements’ of physics, and encase on them latter in more detail, the laws of mathematical physics that can be properly reordered within that ‘coherent frame of reference’ that defines physical organisms as all other systems of the Universe.


The 3 principles of conservation: singularity=lineal momentum, membrane=angular momentum, vital energy.

An easier form to describe those dimotions in connection with the laws of physics is to reduce them to the ‘ternary dimotions’ that happen in a single plane of space-time, perceived in physics as ‘conservation laws’. as the slow process of organic evolution (latter analyzed when studying the ‘gender chirality’ and weak interactions, which represent in the particle scale this process) and the fast process of entropic dissolution (represented by scattering, big-bangs, etc.) do NOT manifest in a ‘simultaneous present’, but are rather the ‘slow future’ and ‘fast past’ phases of a worldcycle.

Let us illustrate the case, with an analysis of those 3 conservation laws and the simplest WORLDCYCLE of the Physical Universe, the SMH (Simple Harmonic motion) as it is the fundamental worldcycle unit of those physical system in which all the elements humans consider on physical species already appear, and can be regarded as the unit, latter ‘expanded’ into social worldcycles that organize more complex physical systems.

The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross.

The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems:

The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy 

They give the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time:

-Angular momentum (2D membrane).

-Lineal momentum (motion of the singularity)

-Vital Energy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasm, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a sling membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, space, time and its vital energetic combinations. The iteration of those 3 elements into finite fractal organisms put together create the puzzle of reality we see. This might seem in first principles very simple but becomes more complex as we are talking of a ‘vital’ fractal, which has organic, bio-logical properties, besides topological ones, (which are the only accepted by the religion-dogma of a mathematical only universe) as its goal is to reproduce information (arguably a mathematical fractal also reproduces information departing from a generator, feedback equation, but its abstract jargon doesn’t recognize those properties).

The simplest mathematical representation will be then a 3-D volume of an open sphere, constrained by an angular momentum and beating at the rhythm of its singularity clock of frequency=1/t.

As physicists well know, all the classic laws of Kinematics can be extracted from the laws of conservation of physics AND a final element, the Law of Least time, the fourth conservation principle, so ill-understood despite its excellent mathematical formulation through Lagrangians and Hamiltonians, which we simply state as follows:

  • Any physical T.œ made of 3 conserved quantities, a lineal singularity, an angular membrane and a vital energy, will perform actions to maximize its conservation of spatial energy and minimize its expenditure of time.

What this essentially means is that while we can do a merely abstract description of a physical system in terms of its 3 conserved elements, to explain why physical systems do what they do, move as they move, we must acknowledge its ‘vital, survival nature’, as they will try to move through the least time path, from where we can obtain its Lagrangian equations, and will do so trying to conserve ad maximal its internal energy, (both facts intimately related as two sides of the same mirror), which can formalize with its Hamiltonian equations. 

Then it is simply to notice that because the quantum and gravitational self-similar atom and galaxy are the ‘perfect limits’ of efficiency of species in the Universe, unlike our thermodynamic species in our plane of existence, so prone to ‘dissolution’ and ‘death’, those acts of the will of existence, which will take any physical system along the path of minimal time, as they move in search of the maximal balance of energy-feeding, we can deterministically establish their routes, because they don’t make mistakes performing its will of existence, as we humans more often do.

That is PHYSICAL t.ŒS are automatons that know perfectly what they do. Imagine them as perfect robots with precise A.I. in their German-like boring behavior without doubts, as we thermodynamic confusing beings have.

A more profound analysis…

of those Dimotions though will have to consider what ‘physical systems feed on’ in his paths to maximize its inner energy, and then we must introduce scalar physics. That is, a physical system, ∆º, will absorb energy from smaller particles of faster speed (5D metric: S x T = K), on the ∆-1 scale, and so it will ‘let itself’ follow the flow, as a ‘particle in a fluid’ wherever the relative scales are found. This implies of course for the limiting scales of human perception, that particles must follow quantum potentials faster than light we do not perceive (Bohm’s realistic quantum description) and in the Cosmological space that Galaxies live in a tachyon sea of Dark energy we do Not perceive, to extract motion of them. And that we can compare them in the scale we perceive, to the motion of solid particles in a water fluid or gaseous system.

The particle then will start a Dimotion over its ‘feeding’ lower plane, maximizing its energy path, which normally is a conserved elliptic motion guided by the curvature of Spacetime, of a larger physical system, to which it is entangled as part of a bigger whole, feeding on the path of the force, with the least time motion but also trying to conserve its vital energy. I.e. a planet will NOT fall directly into the sun, but turn into an orbit, which tries by all means NOT to fall into the sun – though ultimately after billions of years, it will die into the sun. The planet also acts as a relative membrane to the sun, which has a ‘flat’ disk-like surface to absorb the gravitational waves that come from the central black hole, also trying NOT to fall into the black hole, though ultimately will fall into them. 

All this mechanical entangled games, which are explained in physics need them ONLY the acceptance that the c-limit of speed is merely one that works within the Galatom and the Human perceived scales, as our mind perceives light space-time. But beyond the 5D metric equations, $ x ð = K implies that there are faster than c-speeds. And there we find the dark energy forces which seem to expand the Universe as we perceive them as distance but are in fact just accelerating beyond the c-speed barrier that holds the galaxy on its background light space-time. And so it goes for quantum particles, which seem to be guided by non-local quantum potentials.

And so we can now connect those Dimotions with the scales of the Universe.

The 3 scales of Dimotions: quantum, thermodynamic and Gravitational scales. 

The Dimotions of the Universe as its ultimate elements, express in its ‘minimal units’, the infinitesimal actions performed by any Toe.

As we ad them on through the world cycle of the being, they become dominant in each phase of its life-death process and so we can order them as worldcycles.

If we consider a super organism in a static, simultaneous view, the Dimotions will be seen as part of the system, sandwiched between a smaller scale and a larger world.

Those are all the possible analysis of Dimotions for any system, and so physical systems can be analyzed in this manner. Though huminds have not done such exhaustive work, so we shall try to retrace parts of that full blown ‘future state of physical sciences’ considering the translation of the main work done by physicists on the 5 Dimotions of its systems, using the elements of fractal reality: the 3 ‘scales’ of physical systems and beyond the Universal scale outside galaxies and the 5 Dimotions of existence.

On those scales, the ones we do not fully perceive describe Dimotions as forces that allow particles and cosmological bodies to act in the ¡±1 scales, in as much as they transfer energy and information between the ‘particles and cosmic bodies and organisms of matter’ of those 3 scales:

In the graph, the ∆±4 scales of physical systems, self centred @ the human pov and the 5D metric equivalence between its time speed and space distance which gives us its co-invariant energy, in all scales (S x T = K)

In those scales as worldcycles are either too fast (quantum physics) or too slow (Cosmology) for huminds to see them as worldcycles (in particles they are grouped in bulk generations, so while a photon lives and dies it seems immortal as we consider the same photon through multiple generations, so goes for any wave with its 3 ages of blue, green and red color or a particle with its 3 quark states between beta decays, etc. etc.); while for Galaxies which run cycles of 20 billion years (quasar cycle) we ignore it all together as our ‘big-bang universe’ is shorter than the cycle.

The best analysis of the world cycle of cosmological bodies is then the one of the closest range-size to our size, and easier to observe ‘star cycle’ through the H-R diagram.

This said, it is obvious that in our scale of size we do observe the entire worldcycle of matter as a sum of Dimotional states, and so we shall start by considering it.

The 5 Dimotions=forces of the galatom

The vital energy of physical systems manifest itself in the manner of waves and forces. It is though important to understand those forces from the perspective of the entangled Universe, in relationship to the ‘scales’ in which they manifest themselves, in terms of the duality between cyclical time ‘fermion’ vortices and lineal bosons, and according to the functions they perform for its physical organisms:

time vortices

In the graph, in 5D, the explanation of forces and its proper unification is rather simple, as each main scale of space-time will display ‘attractive accelerated vortices’ (Equivalence principle of Relativity between mass and acceleration).

So there are 3 scales and vortices of ‘accelerated time’ that carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of those cycles: charges in the microcosms, thermodynamic eddies in our scale and masses in the larger cosmological scale. A simple proof also from classic Planck & Einstein’s equations: E=hƒ+ E=mc² gives us M=(h/c²) ƒ.

So Mass is the product of a constant number (h/c²) multiplied by the frequency of its accelerated attractive vortex, which attracts more the faster it turns till reaching the c-speed turning speed of the black hole in its horizon vortex, and likely its top quark components, which therefore are the heaviest particles of the Universe, where inertial mass merely is the way humans ‘perceive’ the intrinsic vortex resistence to lineal displacement, as it turns inwards into itself.

It follows also that as in a hurricane that attracts more the faster it turns, smaller, faster turning electromagnetic forces attract more than slow large mass vortices (solving the hierarchy problem of gravitational forces much weaker than electromagnetic ones).

Then just by applying the simplest metric equations of 5D that all physical systems follow: S x ƒ = k  (size in space x frequency in its rotary motion are inverse – so the smaller a system in space is the faster it will accelerate its time cycles), we can make sense of the mass of particles, as researchers on the strong force did before Higgs became by dogma the meaning of mass.

Further on, we can unify with those metric equations the 3 scales of physics, as the equations of a time mass vortex becomes those of a charge vortex, when we ‘accelerate’ and diminish its size in 5D metric.

But there is a difference between the 3 scales: while masses and charges are attractive vortices, which maintain in the case of charges its distances checked through exchanges of particles, thermodynamic systems are measured with ‘entropic’ expansive motions, as they are studied not at the atomic level but at the molecular external level; so humans lack the concept of a ‘thermodynamic Eddie’ as the attractive vortex of the intermediate scale, focusing as always in the entropic disordered heat – that is they completely ‘fail’ to understand the duality of cold eddies vs. hot, expansive ones (beyond the ‘weather man’ :). So as usual concepts are all messy disguised by the exactitude of the ptolemaic models of mathematical physics to describe the how. 

And so another key element to understand those forces and Dimotions is the ‘coincidentia oppositorum’. Such as:

Hot (entropic, lineal expansive) vs. Cold (informative, implosive cyclical processes)

Dark entropy between galaxies (entropic, lineal expansive) vs. Gravitational vortices (informative, implosive cyclical processes)

Negative charges (entropic, lineal expansive) vs. Positive (informative, implosive cyclical processes).

So those are the dualities to study, on the 3 scales to make some sense or ‘why’ of the messy but perfectly detailed analysis of the how.

We shall thus as usual introduce the organic paradigm of the 5 Dimotions=forces of nature, with the minimal deja vu, perfectly known mathematical expression of them. Our goal as usual is the why and the properties mathematical physicists do not describe or even care to understand…

Physicists, lacking, a philosophy of its science, beyond mathematical creationism – the gathering of data, plugged into equations, not always properly extended into infinities, and modeling everything else with the ‘first abstract idea’ they came up to explain the whys of physical systems – put all the forces together, and then try to unify them, as their view of reality is a mixture of ‘creationism’ (maths the language of God), monism (all must depart from the one, forgetting that Parmenides already proves if all is one, nothing can move, instead of the duality of Heraclitus and those texts) and reductionism (all what does not fit in the one, and the math, does not matter to us).

This explains as Feynman put it with some humor, why all the theories of forces look the same: 

“I would like to emphasize something. The theories about the rest of physics are very similar to the theory of quantum electrodynamics: they all involve the interaction of spin 1/2 objects (like electrons and quarks) with spin 1 objects (like photons, gluons, or W’s) within a framework of amplitudes by which the probability of an event is the square of the length of an arrow. Why are all the theories of physics so similar in their structure? There are a number of possibilities. The first is the limited imagination of physicists: when we see a new phenomenon we try to fit it into the framework we already have—until we have made enough experiments, we don’t know that it doesn’t work. So when some fool physicist gives a lecture at UCLA in 1983 and says, “This is the way it works, and look how wonderfully similar the theories are,” it’s not because Nature is really similar; it’s because the physicists have only been able to think of the same damn thing, over and over again.”

Richard Feynman. “QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter’

So for physicists all motions are caused by the exchange between fermion particles of 1/2 spin smaller bosons of 1 spin that seem to ‘push’ or ‘attract’ the fermions. What is 1/2 spin, what is a particle as opposed to a fermion, while they push each other, and why all forces must be tailored to the first they found (electromagnetism) doesn’t matter. Fact is NONE of the other forces responds to this scheme, because each force is different happens in a different scale of reality and has a different role. 

The five Ðimotions as forces of the lower and higher quantum and cosmological planes of the galatom.

In this post we ‘rephrase’ the classic XIX c. definition of mathematical physics, which is the only physics accepted by peers, as the ‘study of motion’, stating that:

“Physics is the study of the 5 Dimotions of the galatom and all its parts.”

As such the galatom is the minimal and maximal organic system of physics we perceive and it uses the internal and external forces in symmetries of scale between its atomic minimal part and galactic whole to interact and exchange energy and information with other galatoms through dark energy, and within itself trough the entropic strong regime forces of atomic nucleus and gravitation while using electromagnetic forces to fine tune its balances, performing in this manner the 5 Dimotions of its existence:

The forces=Dimotions of physical systems must be studied as different symmetries of the 3 elements of space-time:
4Ð and ∆±1 forces: The strong and gravitational ¡±1 forces are shown in its symmetry of scale in the left side equivalence between the entropic meson and gluon particles-antiparticles ‘feeding’ the heavier quarks inside protons and black holes.
1, 2, 3 Ðimotions in there human light space-time plane are on the other hand mediated by the electromagnetic ternary elements – the magnetic force responsible for the informative organization of particles, the photon, responsible for its reproduction and the electric force for its motion.
Finally 5Ð evolution and generation of particles is mediated by the weak force that happens in a point (right side), where the intermediate state of higher energy mass (W, z, H boson) gives birth to heavier fermions.

It is then evident that forces are not equal, as some are more ‘informative’, transformative and some are ‘more energetic-motion’ oriented and each belong to a different scale. So first we define two symmetries between forces by scale and duality:

  • ∆+1 scale: Informative, implosive force, gravitation, acting on the internal world of the galaxy, most noticeable on the central black hole area.
  • ∆+1,2 scale: Entropic, expansive, energetic force, Dark energy, acting between ‘galatoms’, similar to repulsive electromagnetism.
  • ∆-1 scale: Informative, implosive force, strong force, acting on the internal world of the atom, most noticeable, on the central region of the nucleus.
  • ∆-1, 0 scales: Entropic, expansive, energetic force, electromagnetism, acting between ‘atoms’, similar to repulsive Dark energy

Which leaves a force that is different from the others, the weak force – not a force but a transformation, which physicists only recently they start to recognize, admitting what slowly is becoming a new ‘language’ to talk the weak “interaction”, as different from the other forces:

“The weak force… least fits into our picture of what a force should do. …the categories of ‘attractive’ and ‘repulsive’ do not really fit …because it has the ability to change particles from one type to another. …The weak force can change one lepton into another provided they are in the same generation. The electron can be changed into an electron neutrino and vice versa, but the electron cannot be turned into the muon neutrino… Jonathan Allday, Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang (2016).

Why physicists do not fully understand this difference has to do with the fact they use only an arrow of future time, entropy or locomotion, which is what they study in their worldly profession (making weapons and transport machines of locomotion, since Galileo first study the locomotion of cannonballs for the Venice Arsenal calculating v=s/t).

The problem of this approach is that they do NOT study the other fundamental arrow of change=time=future in the Universe: changes not only in the locomotion (translation in space, change in position, v=s/t) of beings, but change in the in-form-ation, form, biological evolution of beings (field better understood in biology).

TO PUT together both arrows is precisely my job. This is the task of the ‘science of duality’, which I chaired for years in its International congresses as the leading researcher of the field.

So because physicists LACK a proper 5D formalism of the duality of arrows of time, entropy AND information, to explain not only ‘spatial forces’ but ‘temporal, informative transformations’, they are stuck with ‘entropic only theories’ of all what happens as the product of motion, and exchange of particles in space.

How they resolve then the whole ‘unification of forces’ (whose equation we shall show in the fifth dimension that studies the social scalar nature of the Universe) resumes in a single law of ‘range’. Forces whose ‘exchange particles’ are more massive (never mind what mass is) have a larger range.

And they just fill this law out of the hat as a dogma with the ‘missing elements’: Gravitation which is an informative vortex MUST reach to infinity (even if we never found it acting outside galaxies where dark energy is supreme), and so it must have a massless particle, the graviton (even if we never found one). The strong force which acts inside the atom has a very small range, so it must have a massive particle but alas, it doesn’t, as the gluon has no theoretical mass. So here they make an exception, and through intricate thought consider that of the 4 forces tailored all as the electromagnetic force, they first discovered, the strong force is ‘special’ as gluons interact with them (notice that gravitation is also ‘special’, as we never saw the graviton and never measured its effects between galaxies that seem to recede from each other not coming together; so alas the expansion of electromagnetism’s law of range of force to the two others is as the American manifest destiny ‘exceptionalist’ (:

This brings us to the weak force, which Fermi first rightly tailored as NOT having range, since it is NOT a force but a process of evolution of particles into other particles after a ‘time of pregnancy’ so to speak, since they first become a massive particle to gather enough energy to start up the reaction (as women only get pregnant with enough fat, and chemical reactions only start with a surplus of energy); and then giving birth to another particle.

Alas the 3rd force they tried to Taylor with the same ‘model’ simply is ALSO not working. Since with no range, the mass of the particle of interaction would have to be infinite. So they scrapped the original Fermi theory and ‘moved’ the pregnant little particle a bit to get the exact mass of the interaction (we cannot of course measure properly if the particle IS in the same place through the process from its internal point of view, as it is pregnant, or just we see it through the ‘long period of pregnancy’ moving a bit when it become a massive w, z particle and then giving birth but for all effects it is a particle in pregnancy.

Moreover it is always a left-handed chiral ‘female particle’ (see our post on gender-chirality to see what we mean), whereas the spin-head is focused in the wave-body, as women have more connections of the brain to the hypothalamus, than to the eye-outer world, which is what right-handed male particles have, with their spin aligned with its external motion, becoming sterile, as right-handed males do NOT interact with the weak force and give birth to other particles. 

So alas, physicists extended the formalism of electromagnetic waves with its law of range to all other forces, making in all of them huge exceptions and ad ons that made the entire law of range and the single unitarian model for all of them pure rubbish.

And so we shall ignore the ‘philosophy of science’ of physicists and concentrate on the ‘facts of those forces’, what they really do, and in the more complex 4th line, on what it equations truly describe.

The concept of force in ∆st.

This said, in each of those scales you will find an internal  cyclical in-formative, collapsing force on the dense regions of the vortex, and outside of it, an external, expansive force.

∆-1: So we have inside the atom the non-lineal strong force, and outside the atom the lineal expansive electromagnetic force.

∆+1: We have inside the galaxy in the cosmological scale the gravitational non-lineal force similar to the strong force, as it is also cyclical and it also ads the contributions of energy of the carrying bosons of the force (mass-energy tensors in Einstein’s equations, gluon contribution in the strong force).

And we have outside the galaxy the expansive dark entropy force similar to lineal expansive ¥-rays.

So the efficient, scalar Universe has only the forces it needs for the duality of explosive-implosive natural processes of its charges and masses, the space-time vortices of the limiting scales, which need them to construct its imploding and exploding balances and space-time Dimotions

But, between those scales we need transformative processes that bring parts into wholes, as in the graph of an eddie made of smaller eddies. And the transformative process that evolves light particles of the quantum scale into the denser quarks of the cosmological, gravitational galactic scale and its strangelet halos and top quark black holes is the weak interaction.

But for us is more telling to understand fully a force as the interaction of what physicists call an Active magnitude – a vortex of accelerated time of any scale, and a potential – an ∆-1 field destroyed into entropy to provide motion to the ‘ever consuming accelerated time vortex’.

THUS A FORCE is a double ∆-tƒ parameter, f=m (accelerated vortex of mass) x a (acceleration).

Force is important and we shall explain it in the section on mechanics, but for the time being we shall say what is evident:

‘A force is an ∆+1: tƒ< ∆-1:$p-otential state, in which the vortex of accelerated time provokes the entropy of a potential and absorbs its expanding space to ad it to its total mass-energy supœrganism.’

THAT IS WHY FORCES ARE SO IMPORTANT IN PHYSICS BECAUSE THEY REPRESENT ONE OF THE 3 BASIC TIME ARROWS THAT FUEL THE FUTURE accelerated vortex (being the other two, the inverse of a force, where the mass devolves into the potential) and the stable present state.

Thus, instead of thinking about particles accelerating in response to applied forces, one might think of them picking out the path with a stationary action, with the end points of the path in configuration space held fixed at the initial and final times. Hamilton’s principle is the principle of least action – the idea of finding the shortest path a particle can follow subject to a force solved by Leibniz… and as usual after Leibniz by Newton the following year saying again as in calculus that he was thinking long ago in variational calculus, but did not publish. Oh, my friend how harsh is mankind on his true genius when they just do thought experiments as opposed to the ambitious mediocrities that have power and make weapons.

NOW, HERE IS THE CONUNDRUM: How the particle finds its minimal time path on advance? This only Feynman worked out and wondered with no final result, because it implies that the particle knows where it is going – the end constrain of its trajectory and moves, stops, gauges, moves, stops, gauge to find the least time consuming trajectory as we would do if WE PERCEIVE=GAUGE INFORMATION.

So all the maths of modern mechanics based in that principle, in Lagrangian and Hamiltonians confirm two facts basic to ∆st, which is NOT SHY, egocentered, as if only humans perceive, to explain the reasons: the world cycle (Lagrangians, actions) as a zero sum, and the sentient perceptive state of the particle, which stops to gauge and correct in ‘derivative’ steps, the REAL meaning of each of those derivatives of momentum.

Alas, derivatives, stop and go perception and the most important equations of mathematical physics are all related.

And so if we want to manipulate further energy equations for a ‘time duration’ of a world cycle or least time path, we enter into the analysis of Hamiltonians and Lagrangian formulations; which might be expressed:

A)  Only as energy. THEN THEY ARE time independent (Hamiltonians of energy as in Schrodinger’s equation).

B) tend to zero sums in time or at least to the minimal time consumption as it does the whole world cycle for Lagrangian derivatives that return us to the momentum steps, which tends to minimise for each ‘action’ the consumption of the lifetime of the whole being (principle of least action).

So we have illuminated and encased within the ‘laws of ∆st’ the most important equations of physics.

And it is easy to see that wen dealing with frequencies we can do the same with fourier  transform the other ‘monster equation’ predating all the physics of time/frequency waves (the other present state). There again the Fourier transform ‘ads faster, multiple quanta of frequency, information’ and makes a whole, the bigger wave, and the beauty of it is that we can ‘decompose’ the whole into parts and ‘rescue’ the time frequencies that are faster in beat and come together to emerge as a whole.

As this is very standard math, we shall as usual merely ‘quote’ equations or bring them when they are very simple, on line with the purpose of the second line, which IS THAT ANYONE WHO HAS UNDERSTOOD THE CONCEPTUAL elements without more than high school physics/maths can get it all.

What here matters of the fourier transform IS the fact that we have resolved a KEY ELEMENT OF ALL ∆-§calar analysis: HOW BY RESONANCES AND MIXING AND SUPERPOSITION AND HERDING, A NEW WHOLE EMERGES FROM A SERIES OF ‘SYNCHRONIZED’ SMALLER PARTS.

And we shall return to it ‘a lot’ as this is indeed a key question in all sciences – the reasons and processes of emergence of whole new scales and parameters.

So here we have to ways of emerge, in time, through the merging of faster beat/frequencies and the whole science of synchronicity behind it that applies in all sciences: i.e. a moon cycle of the larger whole is synchronous to the woman’s menses. And we have studied how in space-time åctions integrate into momentum, which integrate into worldcycles.

All the concepts of nature can ultimately be translated to its ultimate components, form and motion and the 5 combined dimotions established by those 2 yin-yang poles of reality. It is in the infinite manifestations of those iterative dimotions where the complexity arises and confuses the human being.

How we use then those 5 Ðimotions of exist¡ence to study physics? In many ways, obviously first in the worldcycle of beings through its ‘ages’ called in physics ‘STates’. But mainly through its interactions that deploy the ‘program of exist¡ence of physical systems. And those are the laws of forces; which unlike the present models that try to cast them all as ‘different forms of locomotions achieved through the exchange of particles in space’ will differ so greatly in equations, functions and purpose that we must accept NOT the unitarian, uniform, unifying shallow vision of present philosophy of physics but upgrade their outlook to their roles for each physical system, which is to accomplish for them their 5 Dimotions of existence.

How then we transform those conceptual facts of the higher forest view to the mathematical details? Easy, as the analysis of mathematics will provide us with ‘functions’ appertaining to each dimotion.The scholar who reads physics will dismiss all together the forest view provided by these texts for the most complex possible mathematical formulae of physical systems, totally indifferent to those first principles. The philosopher of science might however realize that the details obscure the vision of the whole simple forest; and that whole vision of the ultimate whys regardless of which language are expressed is what 5D provides.

Consider a simple example: the 5 Dimotions of a system are organic, functions, actions with a survival purpose, which all systems need to exist. We can reduce them to 3 if we study them from the perspective of scale: an entropic dissolving motion, carried about by smaller parts (∆-1), a more complex, ternary dimotion, seeing in present as a ternary structure in ∆o and a larger dimotions that relates the being to its ∆+1 scale.

The multiplicity of views of those ‘elements’, then reconstruct all the terms of physics and the details and quantifications provided by maths probe on those details, from multiple perspectives and points of view, which only the simple first principles of GST can solve. One example should suffice: the forces of nature within this classification fit immediatly:

§ð: Gravitation is the ∆+1 force of the cosmos over smaller beings, and it is an informative attractive only force that allows the parts to becomes social, cosmological wholes.

∑∏: Electromagnetism is the ∆o force of our world, but it can be broken into electricity, magnetism and light (its ternary elements).

∂S: Then in the ∆-1 scale we have the strong force and its ‘derivative’, the nuclear force, which therefore must be an entropic form, product of the decay of the particles within the atom that provide the motion-entropy for the larger scale.

∫T: And the same happens with the weak ‘transformation’ that mutates particles and evolves them: when they measure the trans-form-ative weak process, they found it had NO range in space but its ‘coupling constant’ was measured in terms of time! as it is a trans-form-ation, not a force.

This requires a note on the clear difference between the 3 ‘spatial forces’ that communicate energy and information between particles (strong, electromagnetic and gravitational forces) and the weak interaction, NOT a spatial force, but a process of trans-form-ation of particles into each other, which does NOT have spatial range (as when you change internally your form you don’t move; it all happens within you). So the proper way to model the weak interaction is as an evolutionary process that trans-forms as in chemical reactions, one product into another – a particle into another.

For that reason the ‘weak interaction’ has a coupling constant measured in ‘time’; because it is an evolutionary process; and it does violate the CPT rule because ‘time is NOT symmetric as space’, or as Einstein put it, ‘wires don’t travel to the past’. 

This physicists of course know, but only recently they start to recognize it, since they do LACK a proper 5D formalism of the duality of arrows of time, entropy AND information, to explain not only ‘spatial forces’ but ‘temporal, informative transformations’:

“The weak force… least fits into our picture of what a force should do. …the categories of ‘attractive’ and ‘repulsive’ do not really fit …because it has the ability to change particles from one type to another. …The weak force can change one lepton into another provided they are in the same generation. The electron can be changed into an electron neutrino and vice versa, but the electron cannot be turned into the muon neutrino… Jonathan Allday, Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang (2016)

And so there are ‘naturally’ 3 scalar forces, and one ‘transformative’ process (the weak force), which is exactly no more no less what we need to account for the scales, dimotions and topologies of physical systems. This is what physicists ignore and we give here, the forest view – the details have been taken with great care and detail but still miss what they are truly measuring: a fractal reproductive Universe of motion (entropy) orm (language) and all its combinations.

But since the gravitational force is an informative social force, we shall study its main equation of ‘unification’ in the 5th social dimotion; while the strong force is a force of entropy; the strongest ‘feeding force’ of the Universe and so we shall study it in more detail in the fourth dimotion. On the other hand, the electromagnetic force is the ‘perceptive force for human beings’ which are electronic minds, and the social force for atoms, which are put together by magnetic fields. In that sense strictly speaking the reproductive force ‘par excellence’ is the weak force, and so we shall now consider it in more detail.

The functions, forms and mechanisms of the 5 Dimotions.

The way humans perceive THOSE 5 ‘Ðimotions’ of physical systems is through the concept of external forces in its historic analysis through mathematical physics, as if they were all ‘monist’ forces, with the same theory of a lineal exchange of particles – the way they describe electromagnetism. And so   the Universe they portray becomes lineal and ‘automatic’, missing the organic qualities of those forces and its functions.  As usual huminds taylor reality to bias life as the only ‘selfs’ with independence and capacity to modulate their Ðimotions.

This is not the case. By definition all particles=waves=fields, the ternary |<Ø>O system of physical matter, can manage their existence through the user of its 3±i forces (and be disordered by entropic forces coming from other ‘predator particles’), and they do so under simple laws that maximize its use of time and minimize its expenditures of its 3 parts, momentums and energy (law of less time, conservation laws) to ensure its maximal survival, displaying a higher degree of efficiency than our thermodynamic ensembles of life, but enacting the same 5 Dimensional program of survival. So we should not confuse efficiency with lack of will of survival as we should not confuse human inefficiency and chaos meeting the program with real freedom. Yet all those concepts hidden in the abstractions of mathematical physics and the comfort zone of mankind as the special species…

How then we should cast the concept of attractive forces in Nature? 3 basic processes, which clearly are reversed in the present paradigm, must be brought to the table to explain the mechanics of it:

  • Attraction is always performed by a cyclical vortex of accelerated time that sucks in through its plane of rotation, in different versions of the vortex law: V(ð) x R($) = k. This element however is ignored in present physics due to the error of a single entropic time arrow, with the obvios exception of thermodynamic eddies, as we see them directly in action and we cannot ‘idealize’ the process.
  • Repulsive/attractive dualities control and balance vortex attraction, through the emission of particles, which exchange on the lower ‘plane’ as ‘derivative’ units of the system. This is exactly the inverse fact to what pundits believe, thinking that the repulsive exchange of particles always brings attraction. It is then self-evident that if the particle emitted is the ‘background space-time’ fabric, and it is absorbed by the receiver, there will be attraction because the background spacetime shrinks. If the particle is not absorbed but bounce, it will provoke repulsion.
  • Systems tend to ‘equilibrium’, which allows to form more permanent liquid and crystal networks, in which distances are dynamically maintained, preferred to entropic, explosive or implosive states that change the phase of the system. This is often confused with a death of the system, as humans only care to extract energy towards its selfish plane, but from the point of view of particles, the best state is one of dynamic equilibrium between them.

While the Dimotions of any system will have organic value for the system to be able to interact with all other parts of the physical entangled Universe as to maximize its existence, minimize its time expenditure and conserve its 3 parts.

So we cannot fusion all forces as lineal ones, but must differentiate in the complex fractal Universe its purpose.

Because physicists study only the ‘motion-states’ of physical entities, disregarding its organic properties and understanding little of its scalar ones they use always a monist model of all forces and dimotions as lineal, tailored with electromagnetism.

Then because as Ptolemy’s single Earth center cannot account for any motion besides the one we turn around and the one that turns around us (sun and moon), as they found new properties of all other forces=Ðimotions, they added to take account properly of those new properties complex mathematical tools, instead of our classification of reality according to scale, space topology, time age, and ‘mind’ mirrors, such as for:

∆ forces: The renormalization of infinities that happens as a system emerges towards the ‘asymptotic’, entropic infinite ‘barrier’ that separates scales, and the new ‘symmetries’ of the chiral forces that transform particles and evolve them… FACT is the weak force is not a force but a transformation of particles into heavier scales. And the strong force is symmetric to the gravitational force of the cosmological scale when expressed as forces of two scales of size.

$t lineal forces: As in Ptolemy’s model only the lineal electromagnetic ‘template’ lineal force seems rather straight forward, even if its jargon is also unneeded in its complication… Further on, physicists miss the scalar equivalence between dark entropy outside the galatom and electromagnetism outside the atom.

§ð cyclical forces: Only the initial concept of a vortex of gravitation in Poison is understandable as a depiction of cyclical informative forces, which form the duality of motions with lineal boson particles exchanged between those vortices, which regulate this distances. So physicists truly miss the ‘workings’ of the force, which is NOT caused by exchange of particles, which in fact ‘expand’ space between both, as it will happen if you are thrown a ball that pushes you further, but by the vortices of masses and charges that ‘absorb inward’ spacetime in both scales. So particles in fact regulate distances and transfer energy and information, they do NOT attract particles in the sense physicists interpret, except when they are ‘swallowed’ as energy and shrink obviously the space, those particles ‘occupied’ (as there is horror vacuum meaning ‘vacuum’ IS part of space-time being.

So all the different forms of ‘Ðimotions’, which they call ‘forces’ are tailored with the lineal electromagnetic model. But as we have seen in this brief foreword, the 5 Dimotions are all equivalent to a given force and they MUST not be reduced to a single model, because the Universe is ‘simpler but not that simple’ Einstein.




WE CAN now work all those elements into an entangled modern description of conservation principles, physical worldcycles and scales.

It is what physicists know as the CPT symmetry in the quantum scale – conservation of Charge, Parity and Time, loosely equivalent to its conservation principles in the gravitational scale; Charge being the 3 possible states of an angular momentum, spinning out, inwards or cyclically; Lineal time, being the conservation of a relative static central point that moves with the will of existence in lineal paths maximizing its speed-intaking of energy an minimizing its time consumption; and so Parity, the less understood of them, loosely equivalent to the ‘reproduction and conservation of energy’ in the system. So we relate Charge to 1D=perception, Time to 2D=Locomotion and Parity to 3D=reproduction.

Of course, the Universe is self-similar in its fractal scales, not equal, so the way particles reproduce through parity, to conserve its energy, move through lineal time paths and perceive in vortices is slightly different from the mechanical scale – but it rests to argue in the deepest philosophical sense, if those dissimilarities are due to the different ‘angle of perception’ humans have of lower planes vs. larger planes.

Physical  Worldcycles revis(it)ed. CPT symmetries.

Physics was for very long correctly defined as the science of motion; in 5Ð we would say it is the ‘science of the 5 Ðimotions’. And as such this post will closely resemble the usual subjects studied in physics, in a more general manner manner to the one dedicated to the specific dimotions and species of each scale.

In physics forces are the external cause of most Ðimotions. While the weak force, not strictly a force is the cause of the ‘reproductive’ and evolutionary or inversely, decaying Ðimotions of particles,  in the ¡-1 quantum scale. And the gravitational force of its social evolution in the cosmological scale.

For what we have said already, it is obvious that the biggest blunder of physics is reductionism of all Ðimotions to locomotion and its ‘social grouping’ or entropy, which implies on the ‘theoretical modeling’ the ‘force-feeding’ of phenomena which are quite different as the weak force is, or the structure of the Universe as a whole fractal immortal system, within the ‘single model of the electromagnetic force’ and the ‘big-bang entropic scattering’. 

And finally, the use of entropy and gas thermodynamics as the single arrow of time in the Universe; hence the confusion of ‘key terminology’, and the extension of the laws of locomotion to invade processes that have NOTHING to do with that Ðimotion.

Our next statements then should surprise the reader and enrage the professional physicist, but while measures in physics are extremely accurate, modeling of the whys of those measures and an all encompassing, true NON-reductionist theory of everything is very poor. So one moves between the awe that the machines of measure and calculus of locomotions in physics inspire and the humorous criticism the explanation of ‘everything’ with locomotion brings to the more evolved philosopher of the 5 Dimensional Universe.

It is however imperative to do some criticism first, if we want to know the WHYS of physics (which Feynman infamously said we should never ask – meaning really physicists didn’t know them: ‘if you say you understand quantum physics then certainly you don’t’ ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never ask’, ‘physicists use the same gauge theory to explain all forces, not because the Universe always repeat itself, but because we were so dumb we never came up with anything else’ (quoting from memory), and finally from Landau, its Soviet counterpart, and my fav teacher – I developed the model of 5Ð physics in my youth annotating his 11 books encyclopedia… ‘cosmologists are seldom right but never in doubt’, ‘For physicists there is no uncertainty of time, we look at our (human) clock and always know the time it is’…

We shall then consider only with harsh criticism as it goes to the core of our view of the Universe, the big-bang, which is the epitome of Landau’s dictum, a form of pseudo-science which is not right but has become a religion we shall not doubt of it, akin to ‘biblical capitalism’ and ‘biological creationism’, all forms of egocy, natural to the humind and all the ‘Schopenhauer’s stupids’ that believe the language, mirror of the Universe – mathematics in the big-bang creationism, money in capitalist creationism, words that God utters to create in Abrahamic religions, have the power to ‘create reality’, instead of space-time.  

But the big-bang will be dealt with on the posts on cosmology. 

Here we are more concerned with Dimotions on the human thermodynamic, and quantum, particle scales. And so we make an immediate correspondence between forces and Ðimotions:

  • electromagnetism is the essential force of locomotions in the human scale, and most of its thermodynamic, molecular processes.

And so as Feynman put it, all other forces are wrongly interpreted in its same terms.

The strong and the gravitational forces are parallel in the quantum inner atomic regions and the galaxy inner black hole regions, extending through the nuclear forces and weak gravitational fields to the regions we humans exist, closer though to the ‘halo’ of the galatom, which as in the case of the electronic orbital regions of the atom and its molecular and matter ensembles, are ruled by electromagnetism. So physicists do have a point modeling reality – but not all of them – with the electromagnetic gauge theory.

Finally the weak force is as we said the internal force of a physical system. Let us see one example of this ‘inner nature’ similar to the reproductive nature of sexual wombs, from a book by Davies, an author we like to quote because of its simplicity and rigor, in a web that should be accessible to non-specialists as a philosophy of all sciences:

In the next graph, the basic rules of reproduction of quarks are similar to all other species, left-handed female quarks (which orientate its spin towards its body, as females in all scales do – in fact women have more connections to the hypothalamus and men to the external eye) reproduce new quarks. But they do so internally in their mother-womb (first graph). There is hardly any external reproduction (as fishes’ seminal reproduction in a friendly water environment), through seminal gluons, second graph. This is called the OZI rule. Further on, right handed antiquarks are sterile, but they can reproduce when paired with left-handed female quarks (commonest reproduction):

The text on the graph gives a more precise technical explanation. So the reader understand the purpose of the posts on physical systems in this blog: not so much to do an exhaustive encyclopedia of mathematical physics, available to any reader but to ADD THE ORGANIC SCALAR WHYS, THE CYCLICAL TEMPORAL ANALYSIS of its 5 Ðimotions AND THE FRACTAL TOPOLOGICAL UNDERSTANDING OF SCALES, TIME AND SPACE in physics, as those are the 3 new more complex properties of topologic space, cyclical time and fractal spacetime we must add to all sciences to correct modeling and improve understanding.

Why the weak force is not seen internally as a reproductive force has also to do with the incomprehension in physics of a fractal non-euclidean point with a volume of ‘parallels’ that appear as curved when we adopt the Physicists’ view of Non-Euclidean points as ‘points with no breath’, hence with no volume (string theory has repaired part of it but without a proper understanding of the background space-time of which they are made)… So all points do have volume, are as Leibniz put it, a world in itself:

Einstein’s interpretation of the 5th non-Euclidean postulate kept the view from our larger world, bending parallels, but parallels are straight lines, so particle points must be defined more like we see any of them with telescopes or microscopes, peering in its relative scale from its relative point of view, as enlarging worlds with a very complex internal structure when studied in detail.

In the graph, the scalar Universe implies all systems have an internal region and so singularities do NOT exist, but we need cut-off substances for all of them, including black holes and its reversal equations (big-bangs, which will therefore ‘stop’ on the galaxy as a point with volume, ruled NOT by the dark entropy force of the external intergalactic space.

So again there is a huge mess of modeling in cosmology due to the DOGMA of a single locomotion, the improper understanding of fractal non-Euclidean points and so on.

All in all it means that two of the main Ðimotions of exist¡ence, those closely related to information, are denied:

  • 3Ð: The reproductive processes of weak forces.
  • 1Ð: The linguistic monad-minds within particles mediated by spins and magnetic fields, which must form a non-understood inner topological, mental mapping, for the particle to interact in the world as a monad, (which we shall model with the perceived ‘crystal images’ of thermodynamic minds of matter) so as to guide the particle’s other Ðimotions (1Ð) is denied.

The reproductive 3Ðimotion or ‘weak force’ and the chirality of left-handed ‘female’ species and right-handed ‘male’ ones is completely misunderstood.

As the 4 Ðimotions they study (let us forget for now the 1Ð of o-mind perception in the center of a physical vortex, when ‘time moves to zero’), are all ‘cast’ in terms of spatial exchange of particles, from an external point of view. 

The result is a phenomena not clearly accepted in physics but very obvious for the objective, external philosopher of science judging the discipline: Physicist force-fed in all their models of reality a single lineal locomotion<<entropy arrow of time and try to explain everything in terms of this single time arrow deeply deforming their analysis to a degree then they justify with complicated ‘epicycles’, exceptional rules and ever more complex ‘ad hoc’ add ons to the single ‘dogma’ model of lineal forces.

So we must simply before even analyzing any of those forces and its direct connection with the main Ðimotions of existence give an introduction to the dimensional motions of space-time that create reality as it is. Only then we shall be able to correct physicists errors in the study of the forces that seem to cause those Ðimotions from a higher point of view

The fifth dimension is both a dynamic, inner new dimension of time=change – the flow from past to future to past that trans-forms the inner in-form-ation of beings as when you live and die from past to future, aging in your form, your in-form-ation, even if you don’t seem to change=move externally in space – the time-change physicists study, and a scalar, new dimension of spatial size. As in all those processes of evolution there is a clear trans-form-ation, growth and decay process, starting from a smallish ‘first seed’ that will slow down its rhythms of time and emerge as a whole, larger being, in a new scale of space:

Every culture has a religion and people-caste ‘seers of time’, Augustine’s definition of God. So it is necessary to introduce with some humor the fact that all the high popes of any religion, including present ‘meta-physics’ are human too, steps and stops in the constant march of the Universe towards an understanding of its space-time beings.

In that regard, the fundamental changes we must do regarding the studies of time-space in physics is to ‘explode’ the number of inverted ‘symmetries’ between the arrows of past and future of all the time space clocks of the Universe and the vital energy they store; as there are as many worldcycles as physical beings of broken space-time surrounded by an angular momentum or membrane, all of them enclosed within the ‘Galatom’, the physical super organism in which humans exist, and beyond.

The subject of a ‘real’ analysis of time and space in physics is thus extremely complex as it would require the full re-organization of all those species by scale and ‘Dimotions’, from the smallest perceived cyclical clocks of time (h-spins of §ð angular momentum, or its h lineal $t radius) to the largest one (c-speed curved around singularities of charge or gravitation, or lineal c-speed as an ‘$t’ dimotion).


Relative 2Ð past, 3Ð present and 1Ð future time dimotions in a singe plane vs.. Absolute 4Ð past and 5Ð future in d=evolutionary planes.

It is now simple to define the classic terms of past, present and future in terms of ¡logic Ðimotions. The Universe conserves the 3Ð ‘present= iterative=reproductive’ body waves of energy, which balance both the relative 1Ð particles/heads of information that ‘guide the system; in its forward locomotions performed by the relative simpler, less evolved lineal 1Ð potentials/limbs.

So in a single plane we can establish the relative future of the 1Ð particles/heads, the relative past of the 2 Ð limbs/potentials, and the relative present that seems not to change of the hyperbolic 3Ð body/waves that merge both, at the point in which they are closer in harmony with similar value.

In mathematical physics, we say that systems minimises their Lagrangian function, at the point in which S=T, Potential energy = Kinetic energy, angular=lineal momentum. In biology, we talk of the balance of body and mind, male and female. In terms of the ‘Generator equation’, the ¡logic formalism that represents all those elements both in time as ‘ages’ and space as ‘organs’, we write the 3 elements in a creative equality:

$t (lineal past potential-limbs) ≤ Ø-ST (hyperbolic  preSenT body waves) ≥ O-ðƒ (future cyclic particle-heads).

But as all relative simultaneous adjacent organisms composed of those 3 Dimotions in a single plane end up dissolving into an absolute past of less information in the moment of entropic death; and vice versa, might be generated again by its seminal seed through the organic 5th dimension of social evolution; in cyclical time we cannot use the concepts of past, present and future of the abstract, simplified infinite lineal time, a mere artifact of measure of locomotion physicists which does NOT apply to the whole Universe or the world cycle of individual species.

So we need to define in ¡logic ‘eternal’ causal terms the absolute past and absolute future, of the 4th entropic and 5th social, generating dimensions, which become then evident as for a ‘whole to exist’ (5Ð), the unconnected parts (4Ð) must exist ‘first’…

5D generation and emergence of new physical planes.

All this said Scalar space & cyclic time introduce an enormous range of explanations to reality and allow us to return to the concept of an absolute arrow of time space, now based in the logic properties of the fifth dimension of social evolution, since parts MUST come first BEFORE the whole appears, at least for the first time – even if then cyclical time will dissolve in the moment of death the whole and so after those initial first absolute creation of the whole organic system, we might consider death-entropy to come back.

Yet the Universe clearly focus on the arrow of eusocial evolution making life-organic co-existing wholes last much longer than parts, and when we solve the equations of time-death we shall see death, the dissolving entropic arrow lasts a single time quanta and life the longest possible number of them. So we consider that social evolution is the relative arrow of future, and entropy the relative arrow of past, but we stress the world RELATIVE because in cyclical time, we can only talk of a beginning and an end of the cycle, and the beginning will be the generation of the social whole and the end the entropic death, son in ‘mere lineal time duration’ we could also say the inverse, that the future always holds the entropic death of the system.

This ultimately brings us the need to make a conventional choice about the concepts of relative past, present and future and rather discharge the ‘lineal way’ of thought of the humind accustomed to think after so many centuries in terms of ‘before and after’, when reality is more like before-after-before-after in cyclical terms, but the ‘after’, the life-information growth arrow lasts much longer than the before, the death arrow and so a more proper way to define those arrows is that eusocial evolution is the dominant arrow of time and death its necessary but minimal, submissive arrow the Universe uses to restore the balance between form and motion.

The states of matter, are thus the essential elements of thermodynamic structure in the Galatom, ∆o intermediate state.

In that sense thermodynamic laws ‘are’ different for each state. So we can say that:

‘Boson and Solid crystal states have 0 entropy’: Third law.

‘Plasma and Gas states’ have maximal entropy: 2nd law

Liquid is in balance between entropy and information, and it becomes the present state that conserves itself.

As only present is conserved, meaning ¡logically that the past becomes erased and the multiple potential futures extinct as only one becomes.

TRINITY: The life and death worldcycle of physical systems.

Yet man is a mirror of languages, so mathematics cannot reflect all its properties, neither all languages of man together, which ad maximal will create an encyclopaedia based in the principles of this web – which resolves its syntax – but far more extended in information and yet an infinitesimal of the whole Universe.

Since only the entire Universe has ALL the information about itself, which infinite finitesimal mirror-minds, monads in Leibniz’s jargon (another humble genius, massacred by the arrogant Newton) reflect with many languages, some of which we do NOT understand or see, as the gravitational language of information that guides the motions of black holes (‘the languages of god are infinite’ said Upanishads).

Now, once we know that ternary structure all becomes simple also in physics  – from the unification equation of charges and masses, trivial in duality and 5D metric as they are both accelerated vortices of time of the quantum, microscopic and gravitational, macroscopic scale, to the 3 families of mass, trivial as they are the ternary ages of evolution of informative mass of the Universe, needed to construct the galaxy, to the meaning of dark matter, trivial as it is the halo of strangelets and other quark species of lumps, to why there is more particles than antiparticles, trivial as the antiparticle is the ‘entropic arrow of death’ of the particle and so there are as many particles and antiparticles, but BECAUSE THE ARROW OF LIFE IS DOMINANT and lasts much LONGER than the arrow of death, which is an instant of time.

So because death happens in an instant and life in a long period, as we do NOT see hardly any corpse and someone like Buddha, thought life particles were immortal, we do not see the instant of particles. Thus in duality the equation of death is also trivial:  Min. Time-information (death moment)  x Max. Space-entropy (explosion of information).

As in big-bangs and deaths that happen in an instant of time… (he, he, i like that word, trivial , to put down the homunculus ego ‘a lot’).

Ok, then you have here the development of the ages of life: Birth: Max. Information (seed of time) in a lower ∆-1 scale, which emerges in:

∆º:  Youth (Max. entropy x Min. Information) < Maturity (information x entropy = energy) > 3rd age (Max. Information) and then dissolves back:

∆-1: Death = 0-time information x ∞ entropy.

And this is the equation of any big bang that happens in no time, expands enormously space nd entropy because the big-bang IS the equation of death of physical matter. And that is what it will be for mankind. 

Yet as Kuhn explains this r=evolution of thought will take a long time to be understood as today sciences HAVE A PRIESTHOOD called mathematics, which is Ok if it had the proper experimental foundations.

But mathematics since Cantor and Hilbert is going through the informative 3RD BAROQUE, age of all language, which is INFLATIONARY, excessively filled with FORM, which does NO LONGER reflect reality.

It will then come in full force the discovery of how to translate sequential numbers into simultaneous space-points with Descartes analytic geometry (st-mathematics) and its immediate finding of ∆-scales (calculus), which shapes the three elements of reality and its mirrors in math (geometrical space, temporal algebra, and scalar mathematics) to really have a minimum mirror to see the world and do mathematical physics.

So we shall after an overview of this age, plunge also into the ‘real mathematical physics’, which started with the first knowledge on how ∆-scales can be used to transform space-distances into time motions and vice versa (birth of mechanics and calculus), and then how ∆-scales reflect the transformations between the 3 scalar elements of systems:

∆-1 fields of entropy that dissolve information < ∆-waves of reproduction of information > ∆+1 vortex of forces of information

When translating the three arrows of a system and its symmetry in 3 scales of ∆nalysis, mathematically it means that:

  • An entropic process ‘des-integrates’ twice from a vortex of information.
  • While a wave of present just switches within the same ‘scale’ of derivatives/integration, between space and time states as it reproduces a form.
  • And a vortex of information, ‘derivates’ twice into acceleration a spatial distance converting it into time form.

Thus ‘waves of energy’ disintegrate down into entropy through diffusion equations, which lower an ∆nalytical derivative scale of a system.

While equations are maintained both sides of the operandi in the same scale of integral/derivative ‘form’ in wave motions through space-time switching in those waves of motion merely in time=information or space=energy state. Hence we use the same ∆nalytic ∂erivative scale in String motions (while in an entropic heat equation energy escapes through two scales of ∆±1. Finally in vortex of time-cycles, the change is from a lineal motion into a cyclical, accelerated curvature. So in inverse fashion to entropic processes, which des-integrate twice, we derivate twice and found difficult to solve multiple solutions of curved paths, which the least time principle will help us to resolve.

Time = Space confusions.

A final concept must be ‘grounded into’ the mind of the physicist to understand the different coupling constants and ‘SU3’ and ‘SU2’ ‘groups’ which show the combinations that give birth to those particles-fermions and the bosons=forces that relate them:

because smaller vortices of timespace run faster the ‘time quanta’ of smaller particles CANNOT BE seen as a single quanta by the larger, slower species. I.e. a fast turning wheel will NEVER appear to your eyes of slow time quanta of a second as a series of different rays but as a whole together.

This means that as electronic beings, whose time quanta is in terms of information ad minimal a charge-light interaction, we cannot see the time-quanta of a quark deconfined (graph above).

Quarks never will exist deconfined, as the minimal quanta of ‘cyclical time’ in the human scale is an electron charge cycle, so what you see in fact are 3 temporal states of a quark to add up a cycle of time.
In brief, from the human perspective as electronic beings, we are NOT seeing 3 quarks in space, but 3 ‘ages of a time cycle of quarks that give us a total 1e- charge. But for physicists to understand that they would have to do better than using Newtonian absolute lineal time, and upgrade their chip to a relational Leibnizian concept of cyclical time.

What about ‘mesons’ which are combinations of two quark-antiquarks, and the equivalent gluons (quarks in the lower ¡-1 plane)? Are they an exception to the 3 ‘ages of time’ needed to create a slower time cycle of the electronic scale, from the p.o.v. of the faster quark exchange strong force (again the strength of the force being related to the vortex implies the smaller quark vortex produces stronger forces)>

No, because mesons are short lived particles that move from future to past directly as ‘dead states’ without lingering in the present. Since the arrow of death is a single time quanta without a present age. So we must then consider the color charge as a temporal charge of past, present and future; it follows also that the inverse future to past, gluon with color-anticolor charge is the ‘death process’ without present state of those quarks.

¡±1 scalar confusions.

Finally scalar confusions happen because physicists do not have a model of the 5th dimension and its symmetries, which regarding forces are between the galatom (galaxy and atom), its two nuclei, the black hole and the proton, the c and h scales (both in curved form, c-speed around the black hole, and h around the proton), and hence between the strong force inside the nucleus of the atom and the massive processes of quark exchange and transformation inside the black hole that must therefore be modeled as a quark black hole… 

It follows then that the external dark entropy between galaxies expanding space must be put in correspondence with the external electromagnetic force; the internal 2 rank tensor of gluons and gravitons put in relationship the strong force and the gravitational force in extremal black holes. And electromagnetism between the nucleus of atoms and the electron with electromagnetic, and heat-thermodynamic processes within the galaxy.

Finally the weak force IS the force that ALLOWS those scalar symmetries to run downwards with excess of left-handed chirality (W, Z, BCB dark atom excess of left-handed chirality) and vice versa, in the opposite direction MEDIATED by the Higgs, an excess of right-handed chirality as weaker particles evolve into heavier ones, establishing a new scalar symmetry, where there is at our human scale an excess of left-handed particles and at the cosmological scale an excess of right handed particles within the black hole that as all effects can be considered a ‘positron’.

It follows then that the gluon field is similar to the meson field happening within black star holes, the light uds quark is parallel to the toplet bct atoms inside the black hole and we just go from scale to scale through the inverse weak force arrows of left handed decay and right handed upgrade; establishing the 5Dimensional symmetry of particles and antiparticles, solving the hierarchy and parity problem, and opening a huge new field of study of the similarities between scales with the huge question to resolve – are the scales of the universe just similar between atoms and galatoms, or that similarity is absolute?

3 dimensions in a single plane: past-lineal motion, present-iteration, future-information

When we study the dimotions of space-time in terms of classic dimensional analysis, a key feature is the bidimensionality of all of them, which implies a holographic process of creation of complex 4-dimensional ‘perceivable’ energy systems.

Let us have a look now to those 3 Dimotions in terms of time motions and the classic dimensionality analysis of physics, illustrated in the graph:

The bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

In the graph, the Universe is composed of 3 external motions, the relative past, entropic, expansive, lineal ‘big-bang’ motions that expand space and eliminate dimensional form (left picture), the opposite, relative future, cyclical, time clocks that accelerate inwards in time vortices. And the middle relative repetitive present flows of hyperbolic body-waves in which formal motions of time repeat themselves, in a seemingly dynamic present.

If we apply dimensional analysis to ‘a bidimensional wave’ it can transform into a ‘bidimensional particle’. Because as we say both now have the same dimension; as a particle is a vortex in two dimensions. And entropy can be studied by the expansion of the external membrane.

THEY are organised as ‘actions’ of space-time, which come together into social networks, creating a fractal Universe that reproduces co-existing super organisms across several scales of size (packed together under the generic term of the fifth dimension).

The breaking of symmetries – a key concept of physics properly explained.

The Understanding of the 3 conservation principles of physics, is a good first exposure of a larger concept, the existence in all systems of a ‘present’ balanced state of minimal ‘consumption’ of the vital energy of the system, by its membrain (singularity point in lineal momentum motion towards its actions and cyclical, enclosing membrain of angular momentum).

What all systems of nature try to do is to keep the balance of those 3 elements, in a present immortal state, even if all of them will fail and break this simple symmetry, in minute or larger forms till indeed ‘breaking itself’ into an entropic arrow of death.

And this is the core reality studied by each science, including physics, even if it is not so apparent as the outlook of physical systems is not at first vital, because its time clocks are far removed from ours (sxt=k implies in the analysis of particles,  much faster clocks and in geologic, cosmic cycles much slower ones).

And the equations of physics are difficult to interpret in those terms, specially due to its confusing formalism and some obvious ‘errors’ that further disguise the vital reality behind it (notably the Born rule of normalization that converts densities of charge into probabilities, the absurd big-bang theory, and the egocy of extending as in big bang theory equations beyond its range, the null comprehension of infinities and negative numbers, constants as vital ratios, denial of the 5 Dimotions, specially those related to information, 1D perception, 3D reproduction and 5D social evolution, etc. etc.) A lot of work thus remain to be done to ‘teach physicists’ to typewrite the proper letters with the proper fingers to get the proper words of its language.

Still some fast examples will be recognized: Lagrangians are the most used equations of physics and they are based in the variational principle of ‘least time’, that is a system will try to spend the minimum time and energy of its vital worldcycle performing its spatial locomotions (min. 3D->Max.2D). All systems indeed will try to remain in the position of less (expenditure of) energy.

And this position will tends to coincide with the S=T state and 1st Dimotion of perception of time-motion as form (space) and yet, the being to ‘feel alive’ to ‘exist’ in the plenitude of the term will also want to interact with its other dimotions, but without breaking the balance AND THROW itself into entropy by ‘distending’ its adjacent superorganic 3 parts (limbs/potentials<body-waves>particle-heads) and its parameters.

So the being will fluctuate departing from a symmetric point of balance, S=T; between:

SxT: Max. §ð=k/Min.§t: the present states of fixed position and minimal energy expenditure (0 acceleration/speed), as a whole looking inwards (1Dimotion of perception) and…

SxT=K -> Max. $t=k/Min.§ð: the extreme exhilarating states of maximal energy consumption ( acceleration) and absorption (Darwinian feeding), and maximal locomotion, which are however states that trigger irreversible processes of entropic death.

Let us see how this simple scheme of the 3 ‘states-ages’ of spacetime of the being develops into the concepts of symmetry breaking in physics:

All symmetries depart from an S=T state that moves to the extreme separation of an SxT=K, S=K/T broken symmetry, which acts as the boundary limit for the ‘physical system’ to bounce between both, being the simplest one, a SHO, where the S=T state is at balance in the central point when time-speed is maximal and balance centered position=form is maximal, and it is in two points of broken ± symmetries on the extreme when position is minimal (max. distortion) and time speed is null, being S form and T motion.

So it is natural in any physical system to try to restore the broken symmetry, which further on will be the position of maximal form and minimal energy (when the SHO ends). This rules applies to all systems of the Universe.

This then can be illustrated for the forces of the Universe in the point of minimal space and motion, the D-quark, and its ‘broken symmetry’ that gives birth to an up quark, a neutrino from the lower scale and an electron and a photon, which then will be restored in the inverse process by the gravitational force that brings them together. But to stress the concept as physicists do without a full understanding of what truly means is bogus.

I.e they consider a crystal, which is the negantropic maximal position and maximal ‘internal energy’ from the broken symmetry of the disordered rotational liquid when it is the inverse.

Same goes – for the same reason, its belief in only entropy theories – with grand unified theories at the level of 10ˆ27 K degrees (hot), instead of the exact inverse – the neutron star with a cold, superfluid neutron of quark-gluon soup, which is the state of maximal order and internal energy. In that sense, on the larger view, the symmetric state of maximal position and internal energy is always cold, and corresponds to a ‘closed Universe’; but we might argue that life is in the exploding broken symmetry of opposites and ternary elements interacting in perpendicular and parallel flows.

So we must then distinguish 3 types of broken symmetries, those in space, those in time and those in scale. Physical ones tend to be of the type ‘space and scale’, biological ones, of the type, time and aging; social ones of the type ‘information’ and ‘energy’, all relative similar concepts.

Systems that break it symmetry tend to die,out of balance either as the time vortex accelerates imploding into its future death or the field lines decelerate in inverse version towards pure static form.

Thus all symmetry-splits of a Universal constant of action or wave can be seen also as a death process of the physical system, and its now unconnected parts.

It is the duality of symbiotic creation big-bang destruction, clearly shown in the particle-antiparticle ± charge fields vs. the proton-electron, ± symbiotic union. The same graph can represent the potential inverse symmetry wells of those positive and negative charges:

Another way in which physicists represent the two sides of a symmetry is the concept of a potential well:
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.00
A potential well is the region surrounding a local minimum of potential energy. Energy captured in a potential well is unable to convert to another type of energy (kinetic energy in the case of a gravitational potential well) because it is captured in the local minimum of a potential well.

The potential well will then be the ‘symmetry point’ or ‘Universal constant’, the c-speed of zero mass-energy; the place in which pure motion and pure form will reside eternally; which once broken will distend into the negative and positive ‘death’ maximals and minimal extremal points.

The potential well becomes then as the ‘death process’ splits its parameters into a potential barrier, which the system will NOT be able to cross unless it returns to its present-wave form (quantum barrier crossed in the wave state when the extremal past x future field-article system returns to the wave state).

An organic scalar description of electromagnetic forces. 

Now, the study of those potential wells will acquire organic properties as any other system of reality.

For example Dirac already noticed that around an electron, electromagnetism acquired curved properties. What this means is that as c-curves around the black hole, it DOES curve around the electronic charge, with its ‘infinity point in its potential well’, and so an electronic nebulae is a ‘trapped well’ for photons (light in cyclical form).

So we need to write ‘the new standard model: the organic universe’, giving birth to the new age of ‘vital mathematics’ – that is the understanding of the equation of physics in terms of the organic ternary ‘SU3’ symmetries of scale and time ages, SU2 symmetries of ‘gender’ and SU1 symmetries of space…

What this means is that in ‘the new standard model’ what we shall try is to add the scalar organic properties of space-time and hence a vital interpretation to those mathematical equations… The concept is simple. Physicists are ‘magicians’ that do not understand the connection between the organic, f fractal, vital universe and the maths-mirror that describe them, so we shall do that in the post, completing what Einstein->Broglie->Dirac->Bohm tried… a notch further, explaining the entangled Universe with its organic ‘dimotions’.

‘To know how mathematics become real’…

And introduce further S=T symmetries such as that between S-magnetism and T-electricity. For example, this symmetry implies that the monopole is the electron in particle-point spin position. And that the potential-wave-particle trinity and its ternary explanations (Feynman’s fields, Schrodinger’s wave, Heisenberg/Pauli matrices better for a particle analysis) are JUST the 3 topologic parts of the particle organism and we do NOT have to exclude any of them.

The wave is the body the particle is the head, both are synchronized, as Broglie found with a single clock-time, as you are sync head (1 second eye-thought), body (1 sec. Heart-rate), limbs (1 second/meter steps)… His clock was the particle, he found the particle though was ‘faster than light’ ahead of the body wave, ‘sliding’ on the quantum potential (limbs)… No yet why ‘there was a clock-logic brain… Next Schrodinger made the equation of his name,. ‘Time independent’, meaning, it was a headless equation, a body-wave (present state), with the logic future ‘head-guidance-clock-time’…

Next Dirac ,added relativistic element, that means while the body-wave was not going faster than light, now Dirac made it go faster than light and voila! He discovers the head: the spin, (accelerated vortex->future time state)… Now we had the present-body state, the future-spin state…

And then he found ‘sex’… Each particle a ± orientation of its spin, one focused in the body (female state, less energy, inwards looking) and one focused on the outer world (right handed) spin; when both merge, they form a stronger couple (cooper pairs, entanglement, 2 states in the same orbital) that overcomes all other ‘forces’… But he also found the war of sexes, the antiparticle, which has antigravity (so the right-handed macho antiparticle chases the left-handed particle that ‘tries to escape’ and when the macho reaches the left-handed ‘annihilate it)… Those are the 4 states its bispinor…

And further on he found the monopole, the electron not in wave-body state, but in head-spinning to a ‘pure point’ producing the strongest magnetic ‘upper, height flow of information’ (magnetic flows are the informative language of particles)… And so on and so on…

But Born came and without understanding s=t, all space-form is equivalent to a time-motion state, so statistical populations in the 1-∞ frame are equivalent in space to time-events in the 0-1 sphere of probabilities (theory of measure, all law of probabilities in the o-1 time sphere, described with complex numbers – as the negative exponential law – Euler’s identity – reduce them within the o-1 ‘existential cycle’ where the 1 is the whole, have an identical law in statistical in the Cartesian frame of populations. So the wave is a density of photons, the cells of charge kept enclosed by the electron particle, which tenders for his ‘farm’-body, and as a farmer will likely be in the region with more work-density of crop, the electron head, the RNA strain in the cell, the reclusive genius in his home, will likely be more time where he has his work, information books and food supplies, where the ‘amplitude=energy’ of the system is larger or its inverse function, the information is larger (± points of the wave), that is, where its electric-energy field and magnetic-informative language are produced.

So you have there the electron, head-nuclei of its territorial body, ‘god is the unmoved center of the energy that surrounds it’ Aristotle, doing the same thing anyone does at any scale, reason why it is surrounded of virtual photons (Feynman’s formalism) trying to escape into infinity, but this is a lower scale of the fifth dimension, the body density no need to renormalize, or rather understand the two types of renormalization:

– max born rule, to reduce a density of photon populations kept in the potential well of the electron to the o-1 sphere of time probabilities, this provoked an astoundingly ugly, formalism completely unnecessary, and all the errors of rumble-mumble.

– second age of normalization: the infinities, singularities, are as Wilson will prove solving the Kondo effect, in other scale of size of the universe, so we need to cut-off the equations, because the scales of the fifth dimension have a hyperbolic Klein-disk like structure, that is infinity is the limit of the potential barrier, membrane you cannot cross without destruction, it is a time limit of life, when the photons try to escape the electron prison, they cannot pass the barrier as in a hyperbolic disk (Escher drawings) they meet an insurmountable barrier (as a mass trying to cross c-speed into the neutrino world, but that is another story)… So they die, voila that is the infinite, you must cut-off and renormalize since the metric of the smaller photon scale needs to be renormalized to be added to the larger scale, as you must renormalize your ‘view’ of cells to add to your scale, making them infinitesimal, so they ‘are then at the same value: so you multiply infinities for infinitesimals.

Now, this must be done with the singularities of the big-bang also, with a cut-off substance, also in black holes, and which are its inverse equations as one is the entropy-death of the black-hole…

And so on and so on…

So this little spin-head, with its magnetic language as monopole, x its electric body both with equal value (angular momentum of the second and 4th quantum number are equaled as they are the clocks), which appears only at c-speed Dirac equations, in Dirac’s masterpiece on monopoles are both associated giving us the value of h/2 spin, which is what we measure, voila, the Heisenberg uncertainty is merely the ‘minimal planckton’ which of course is the ‘primordial mother cell’ of all quantum species…

The potential well with its central infinity in the electron becomes then the trap for the c-speefd photons to stay inside the electron as a black hole (Carter); and we can of course model the galaxy with those concepts in its ternary symmetries.

Other potential barriers however can be ‘escaped’ specially those who are not organic (as the electron-bodywave is for the atoms). This is quantum tunneling, in which the 5Ðimotion of social evolution operates for the group of particles to share with the ‘chosen one’ that will jump, part of its collective energy.

In that sense, the electron is a real potential well  in the sense of a hyperbolic ‘death barrier’ light cannot reach, as it is its death and it needs to split its body wave and spin head in the potential barrier, which the system will NOT be able to cross unless it returns to its present-wave form (quantum barrier crossed in the wave state when the extremal past x future field-article system returns to the wave state), and then maybe, ‘reconstruct’ the head it left behind:

In the graph, the quantum barrier can only be crossed in wave state. The understanding on T.Œ of those phenomena requires to fully grasp the ‘changes in time speed’ which all systems can perform within the limits of its constants of action: as we can accelerate our actions, increasing the tempo of our heart clock, which in turns do change our perception of time, systems can change its E x T = H quantum of action accelerating its time clocks or decelerating them, and can change its ‘states’ from body-actions (wave-state) to head-actions (particle state). After crossing as wave in the lower ∆-1 plane of the 5th dimension, the system though shows a lower energy-frequency, which it has spent going ‘under’ the well, in the ∆-1 dimension not above, jumping over the Height dimension of growth of form (which we observe in boson states of eusocial evolution that pile up frequencies of bidimensional spin 1).

Those are essential beats of absolute freedom and zero-viscosity, which all systems of the Universe can perform, in its vital state. The risks of those changes of state happen when the ‘change’ moves towards the ‘LNK’ limits of the physical function (Max. Sæ=c-speed > stable>Max. To-form= 0 k), where the split an cause the death of the system.

We can understand those processes thus also in terms of ‘translation’ and travel through the 5th dimension, ∆-particle < ∆-1: wave, faster state: motion > Particle-still form.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.05

Harmonic motion. A perfect worldcycle.

The harmonic oscillator is one of the most repeated elements in all scientific physical studies. We shall in the section on mathematical physics – the last to be completed, sorry creationist folks, it is much more important to understand the underlying game first – reduce the ‘elements that matter’ and its fundamental equations to the 5 Ðimotions and its ‘expanded Ðisomorphisms’; here we are interested in the harmonic motion as the ‘toy model’ of a physical worldcycle.

In the harmonic motion, we start with a displacement, you can consider as the ‘birth of the being’, which is displaced from its equilibrium position and then starts its life cycle, accelerating in its youth, when the STeps of the Ðimotions of any being are faster.

This in physics is called a restoring force, F, proportional to the displacement, {\vec {F}}=-k{\vec {x}}\,where k is a positive constant.

The word force though is quite a misleading concept specially because physicists use it for everything, including processes such as the weak interaction which are not forces but trans-formations of the being in the same place (in fact its first modelling by Fermi happened without displacement at all). What happens in the harmonic oscillator (Ab. SHM) is ‘the birth’ of a worldcycle of a being’ which happens in a ‘young’ point of maximal locomotion that the being will retrace back to its point S=T of maximal balance or ‘classic immortal age of the worldcycle’.

That is, as you go from youth of locomotion to the reproductive steady state of balance at 30, the SHO will try to return to its point of balance and no displacement. It will though make it through a series of worldcycles in which the 3 ‘elements’ are measured with 3 different parameters, which we have seen, correspond to the 3 ‘conserved elements’ of the system, ‘amplitude’ – the parameter of energy, ‘frequency’ – the parameter of the membrane – and speed, the parameter of the singularity.

This can be further assessed by the fact that the SHM is equivalent to a ‘lineal transformation’ of the motion of a disk, the ‘physical organism par excellence’:

In the graph, if F is the only force acting on the system, the system is called a simple harmonic oscillator, and it undergoes simple harmonic motion: sinusoidal oscillations, each one representing a worldcycle, about the equilibrium point, or classic age of balance, S=T with a constant amplitude (its energy content, which then will be a feature of all waves and quantum analysis that connect amplitude and energy) and a constant frequency (which does not depend on the amplitude) and represents the ‘angular momentum’ or membrane of the worldcycle.

It is then obvious according to the laws of 5D that such system will be an eternal zero sum, oscillating for ever, and you can consider each full oscillation the worldcycle of the system.

Space analysis.

It is then remarkable to notice how each of those 3 elements interact.

To see this we first must define a force that we  equate to its true meaning in 5D: the arrow of acceleration=time future of the system (represented by the active magnitude upon which the form acts: F= ma=Active magnitude x a; and since A is in general a constant, or rather the inertia of the being not to be displaced from its relative point of balance s=t, immortality, equilibrium, we can say F= Ka-> F= accelerated ‘future time’.

So what we observe is that the motion is periodic, repeating itself in a sinusoidal fashion with constant amplitude=energy, A.

In addition to its amplitude=energy, the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator is characterized by its period T, the time for a single oscillation or its frequency f = ​1T, the number of cycles per unit time, determined by the size of the mass m and the force constant, k – which therefore differentiates different ‘species’ of physical systems by its relative existential force.

Then the velocity of the ‘singularity’ can be deduced from the ‘first causes’ of the creation of a physical organism, its vital energy and the membrane’s frequency that encloses it. As in all systems the ‘singularity’ is born at the end of a process of evolution that encircles a vital energy and finally focuses it into its mind-singularity.

Time analysis.

Synchronicity between the 3 elements then kicks off, when we express it no longer as 3 elements of space but 3 ‘latitudes’ of time, past (the being, its position; present, the velocity, and future, the acceleration’:  The velocity, which represents that existential force at a moment of ‘life’ and acceleration, which represents its ‘future’ force at a ‘latter age’, in any system, including a simple harmonic oscillator oscillate with the same frequency as the position, which represents  but with shifted phases.

Then we notice that the present state of velocity is maximum for zero displacement, in the point of equilibrium, where the acceleration is minimal, the passing of time-future stops, the being’s preferred position to which it will constantly try to return.

While the acceleration is maximal in the two points where the equilibrium breaks with maximal displacement. The positive point of ‘birth’ where the motion started, and the negative point of ‘death’, where the displacement will have a negative ‘possible’ breaking=death end into entropy, if the displacement is out of range with the ‘structural balance of the parts of the being’.

Single, lineal one ‘lives’, and cyclical, reproductive SHM.

Indeed, consider now that the system is not PROPERLY grounded with a stronger structural ‘force’ to the point of equilibrium. We are then instead of a SHM into a system boosted, thrown out of its ‘ecosystem’, place at rest by an external agent, as when you throw a ball; the movement is born in the point where you displace ad maximal your hand, but in that negative final moment of the displacement you ‘really throw it’ detaching yourself of it. This is the moment of death of the system, hand-projectile, which is then the moment of ‘entropic dissolution’ of the system, and the system will enter from then on a ‘process of death’, decelerating in its speed-existential force/momentum till it dies at rest on the point of collision and end of its motion.

What the SHO has then is a very strong structure to resist this entropic death, and so in the negative point of maximal displacement, a new worldcycle starts in inverted direction to finally achieve a zero sum; and so you can consider that there are two type of worldcycles in physical systems, the open, lineal ones which have a wave-like locomotion, from birth to death, which lasts less as it does NOT reproduce, and the worldcycle proper or cyclical one, in which the SHO does an SHM according to the general laws and interactions of the 3 elements of the system that repeats itself.

Whereas the equations of SHM show the ‘entangled relationships’ between the 3 elements of the being as measured by humans, amplitude=energy body-extension of the being, speed=singularity/present, frequency=membrane.

The aging: ENERGY SPENT.

But systems in nature are never ‘isolated universes’ that last for ever, except the totality in its infinite relative scales and relative extensions.

So in nature, the worldcycle becomes ‘subject’ to the friction of the myriad of other worldcycles it interacts with loosing part of its energy.

So when a frictional force (damping) proportional to the velocity is also present, the harmonic oscillator is described as a damped oscillator. Depending on the friction coefficient, the system can:

  • Oscillate with a frequency lower than in the undampened case, and an amplitude decreasing with time (underdamped oscillator). This case is the commonest in living species, which as they age, they loose both ‘vital energy’=amplitude, and frequency on its vital cycles, slowing down its systems of thought. And the extreme case will be one in which the friction of the outer world predates so fast into the system (negative external influence) or the inner resistance to come out of its balance (positive internal control) is so huge that:
  • Decay to the equilibrium position, without oscillations (overdamped oscillator).

There is though as we all know a system, the pendulum clock, in which the frequency of ‘thought’ so to speak, the length of each worldcycle IS the same. Or in other words, as the ultimate ‘predated element’ of all organism is its vital body-wave energy, the system acts in such a manner as to preserve the frequency of the ‘membrane’ and the ‘mass-active magnitude’ of the singularity. So for the longest period of the life of the system, the informative mind/frequency parameter is maintained but the old ‘age’ makes those ‘frequency’ thoughts ever so small till at rest the worldcycle ends.Those are therefore the main classes of physical motions as interpreted by 5D and the examples are ALL motions indeed, which can be classified into open motions (lineal inertia), and closed cyclical motions, of the 3 varieties, which for active magnitudes of the ∆+1=mass scale include pendulums, springs, and acoustical systems, for the ∆o scale of thermodynamic and electromagnetic active magnitudes include electrical harmonic oscillators such as RLC circuits, and finally for the ∆-1 scale, include all short of quantum oscillators, as any mass or charge subject to a force in stable equilibrium acts as a harmonic oscillator for small vibrations (that do not entropically distort the elements of the system).

That is then a semi-classic analysis of the commonest ‘2nd dimotion of a physical being’, its locomotion.

However the model of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe is far more profound as it meant to study through its s=t logic stop and motion dualities applied to each of the 5 organic dimotions of 1D=informative gauging, 2D=locomotion, 3D=energy, the needed source of reproduction 4D=entropy and 5D social evolution and generation, every phenomena of a physical system in any of its 3 quantum, thermodynamic and cosmological scales.


The reader will forget my lack of order in the exposition of the many themes regarding the 5 Dimotions of physical systems. Let us now consider a key element – its organic nature, which does not prevent its mathematical description – a common error of literalist physicists who think if the mirror in mathematics is a ‘matrix’ then the matrix cannot describe ‘organic functions’ – as it in fact does, Paul Dirac’s matrices describe left and right handed particles and antiparticles, informative spin heads and so on.

What we need then IS TO HAVE ENOUGH ORGANIC UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY AND MATHEMATICAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE PROPERTIES of equations to ‘match’ those equations with the vital properties of physical systems. Let us see some examples of this:

The 5 Dimotions of timespace. A vital interpretation.

The first Dimotion, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a boson form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing together.

$t≥ST≥§ð«$tep by §ðep moving ahead from potential through wave into particle,  moving onto a constant ternary fluctuation we might call a  Simple Harmonic Motion: $t>ST>§ð…

Let us then start considering how the 5 Dimotions of timespace, locomotion; its inverse, information, its combination, hyperbolic iterative, reproductive waves, and its lower disordered planes of death, entropy (max. scattering, disordering motion) an organic upper, entangled wholes (5ht dimension of social evolution of discontinuous parts into wholes) define the entangled organic Universe, and why HUMANS do NOT perceive it as such due both to a historic limited evolution of the discipline, and the embedded egocy of man, who gauges information from its point of view, hence deforming its perspective, thinking of himself, the center of it all.

The i-logic of the Universe is pentagonal, meaning times have always 5 ‘paths of future’ a system can choose. Time is MOTION=CHANGE, what physicists study is a single time ‘arrow’ of future, locomotion, since Galileo defined ‘speed’ v=s/t with time. So in that so simple view of ‘brief time’ motion is absolutely deterministic. That is the pride of physicists. To think they can determine the motion of beings. And they do. But that is ONLY one motion=change of reality. One path. Call it speed or lineal inertia, say it is deterministic or a ‘conserved quantity’.

That would be though a boring Universe. From that ‘reduced’ Universe physicists have come to truly think they know it all – hence their belief they are soo intelligent that transpires in the attitude of so many of them…

The second arrow they discovered latter on, in the XIX century of the 5 TYPE OF MOTIONS was ENTROPY. Entropy is very closely related to lineal inertial motion, but it is let us put it this way the absolute maximal motion in space aptly symbolized with S. Entropy is so much about motion that it becomes explosive, Big Bang, scattering motion. Now the ‘form’ of the being is not even conserved, it is explosive motion that breaks the internal ‘form, information’ of the being. So it is the MOTION OF DEATH. All your parts explode away and your information dies.

So they said the Universe is dying  and they kept on KILLING IT as what they do IS MANUFACTURE MACHINES THAT MOVE IN LINEAL PATHS (TRANSPORTS) OR worse, machines that PRODUCE ENTROPY-scattering motions-death aka weapons.

But there are 3 more ARROWS of time, modes of change, which are THE POSITIVE, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIAL, LOVING ARROWS not the 2 simple, destructive negative, arrows of motion and entropy which they DO study: 3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them.

THE UNIVERSE REINFORCES THE PROGRAM OF THE 5 ARROWS OF TIME with SENSATIONS the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (ARROW of eusocial evolution) to orgasm (arrow of reproduction) to perceive (arrow of information) than to run (arrow of motion) and to kill (arrow of energy feeding).

But are they the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT. Those 5 ‘dimotions’ of timespace (a better word composed of dimensional motion, to define each of the 5 arrows of time), exist in all systems of Nature, as we can observe them in life. They in fact define the 5 arrows of life in biological terms, as life is defined as a system of 5 Dimotions able to process information, feed on energy, move, reproduce and evolve socially. 

Yet they ARE also the 5 Dimotions of quantum particles, both quarks and electrons, ‘expressed’ by the 5 quantum numbers that code each one, a dimotion of space-time as the attached graph shows:


The minimal particle-points,  electrons and quarks, which construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms.


So all systems of the Universe  ARE vital, each one perceiving reality with a different language that mirrors it; topological images in physical systems from bosons to crystals; verbal words in human beings; 4 genetic letters in cells; 4 quantum numbers in particles. Each entity is therefore a Timespace organism of 5 Dimotions and ALL try to achieve as the goal of the sentient organic Universe the ‘highest dimotion’ of social evolution. So particles come together into atoms that come together into molecules that come together into planetary and life organisms that come together into galaxies that come together into the organic networks of the Universe.

ONLY man obsessed since physicists took over as high priests of time with its shallow ‘brief history’ of those 5 ‘deep arrows; made of the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion the meaning of its existence. Because he has shown himself unable to love even his own species and emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms…

In the graphs, we observe the obvious: physical systems do obey the same laws that biological ones because their ultimate elements, particles follow the 5 dimotions=vital actions of all systems in ‘exi=stience’ and this happens because a system that doesn’t gauge information for his particle/head, moving entropically over a disordered ‘larger’ plane, as it displaces towers a field of energy for its iterative body wave; using the extra energy to reproduce its form into a clone system does NOT survive.

So regardless of nature all systems must ‘automatically’ perform those 4 arrows of timespace to exist (the number of synonymous words, dimotions, vital actions, timespace arrows, dimensional forms, we use are many but all mean the same – a combination of motion and form with a vital function that ensures the program of survival of the being).

But entropy=death is not coded for the being, but born of errors of reproduction and external predators that feed on it. Since it happens through the process of energy taking. In physics, basically by collision of Momenta, from where the species with more momenta predates on the other (the planet absorbs the rock, the black hole the star, etc.).

So momenta is the equivalent to our concept of existential force, i.e. Max. S x T, in this case maximal V($t) x Maximal M (§ð). And we shall return to that equation latter when we properly define the vortices of time-cycles of physical systems (masses, charges) and unify them. What matters here is to notice we can and must to give meaning translate the concepts of physics to observe what they mean and why they exist – to perform the vital dimotions of those physical systems.

Finally the 3 scales of any system of reality are:

œ-1: action or cell, fractal finitesimal of the whole in time or space; Œ, whole, U, Universal World.
Those simple symbols suffice to explain the basic logic structure and transformations of ternary 5D space-time systems, departing from its ‘spatial simultaneous structure’, its 3 time ages and its 3 co-existing organic scales:

∆-1(cellular/atomic scale)>∆:organic-thermodynamic scale>∆+1: social, cosmic scale:

Spe (Spatial toroid limbs-fields)≤ ExI (Hyperbolic body-waves)≤it(head-particles of information)≈

Ps (young, past entropic age > ExI: adult, present, iterative age > ðƒ: old informative, future age:

∆-1>∆>∆+1 (5D scales)≈ Spe≤ExI≤ðƒ (space organs) ≈ Ps≥ExI≥ƒt (time ages)

Actions as STeps:  SEQUENTIAL GAME

But how truly the long time motion of a worldcycles of exist¡ence, reduces to lower ‘scale’ of mere actions of the being, which makes steps of motion from a young to a mature to an old state, from its spatial limbs to its body to its particle of information (as we can always mirror a flow in time to an adjacent population of space)? It is easy to see it if we consider the worldcycle the sum of its minimal motions or ‘actions’.

The first Ðisomorphism, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a bosonic form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing together.

$t≥ST≥§ð«$tep by §ðep moving ahead from potential through wave into particle,  moving onto a constant ternary fluctuation we might call a  Simple Harmonic Motion: $t>ST>§ð…

The final step thought, is a dissolving step, « which balances the two motions of information, from youth and limb to body, and then old age/particle: $t≥ST≥§ð…

The conclusion is obvious:

Everything is alive, having the 4 properties of vital beings, which are in the smallest particles, which ‘sense’=gauge information, and so will systems composed of them, from animals to plants, from humans to robots that are now showing without being programmed clear sentient capacities – so for example, eyes move faster in robotic races towards the red color that ‘codes’ motion. All feed on energy, so particles jump to trap their energy-light. All evolve socially, so particles organize with magnetic fields.
And soon we shall see that ALL particles-heads DISPLAY at least 2 openings, one axial opening the ear-magnetic poles to absorb and emit a language of information and organize socially; and a flat mouth opening on the path of its motion to absorb the gravitational-quantum potential-food of the system.
This bare minimum then might decouple in ternary apertures as humans do with 3 senses (eyes, ears, nose), and so on, but the basic configuration of systems with a head that perceives energy and information, a body-wave that moves in a larger world that provides the pixels for its actions happens in all systems of Nature, physical, biological and we shall see ‘sociological’ (though we see the superorganisms of history from within as citizens-cells).
The reader must be humble and accept the obvious: we are as all what exists a time space organism and as such we share the properties of all other systems of the Universe. Our anthropomorphic ego-trip though is so in-rooted in the essence of the mind latter studied in detail that we deny Dimotions of information to all other species.

And yet we as life beings are just a grouping on a higher social scale of those Ðimotions. For example, the magnetic Ðimotion of social evolution that guides atoms is the same guidance used by salmons to return home in mass-groups, observing it from the cosmological Earth’s scale. The perception of the mind of man, with electronic eyes is the same that the one of a camera and tv-retina reason why we indeed communicate with those machines. Once you drop your sense of uniqueness naturally the common nature of all Dimotions and beings comes.

The two limits of sensation are the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion and the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with an H-constant of spin/informative gauging and a c²-constant speed, which are the ultimate components of the complementary reality of the Universe of light space-time.


The formalism of the fractal ∆§t±¡ universe is I-logic Geometry and ¬Ælgebra (existential Algebra), the 2 most used terms to describe the topo-logic structure of a Universe of fractal spaces and temporal energy. Existential Algebra is my favorite term, for all what has to do with the symbolic equations of non-Æ, I-logic geometry. So those are the wor(l)ds of most often used. ¬Æ, the best abbreviation.

The equations of ¬Æ are those of Dimotions of time§paces.

For example, V=s/t is a ¬Æ equation, which we must interpret better in terms of Ðimotions as:

Constant lineal inertia (motion) = $(λ) x ƒð = K

A case of the most general Metric of all possible time space demotions, ‘SxT’=K.

How many times of equation of Ðimotions of space-time there are, how much are related to the fractal generator, as all of them are sub-cases of the generator, how to connect them with the equation and laws of each science is the formalism of the stience of exist¡ences.

5 loco-motions. From the lack of it, in the informative stop, to the steady  locomotion, to the decelerating motion of entropic dissolution, to the SHM, back and forth motions of reproductive actions, to the accelerated inwards motions of social evolution into a TIGTHER higher whole:

The 3 Ðimotions in a single plane, whose limits are pure stillness and pure motion without form, neither perceivable in physical terms.

Ðimotions in physics as the 5 states of motion, acceleration, deceleration, stop and go processes

As all is connected and all is entangled the variations of events and forms born of the 5 elements or rather 3 ±¡ (given the clear oppositions between entropic actions and social evolutionary ones; between locomotions and information; whereas only reproduction in present seems to bring the 5 dimotions together) at a logical level the best way to express reality is through those oppositions:

4 vs. 5: Decelerating Entropic, 4th dimotions vs. Accelerating Social, evolutionary 5th Ðimotions. We can consider such oppositions to be the most extreme of reality hence we use the concept of antisymmetry for them, symbolized by the ‘warrior’ symbol of ♠ for entropy and the ♥ symbol for social evolution.

1 vs. 2: Stop, informative perception vs. Lineal locomotion. We consider such relationships to be alternate as in the processes of stop and go, perception and motion that are common to locomotion when fully understood as a combination of ‘form and motion’ (wave length and frequency). So the level of opposition is not so extreme and it is NOT a single event so often destroying its ‘repetitive nature’, and as such we can consider them disymmetric and use the suit of diamonds♦, to represent it.

3: Reproduction, which includes in its complex form the other 4 Ðimotions. And so we need a combined mixture of all those processes. 

The concepts of entropic deceleration, social acceleration, static position for information, steady motion for locomotion, and its full combination for reproduction would be in physical terms, the most proper way to describe the 5 Ðimotions, as states of motion in themselves.

In terms of language it means as each of those dimotions is better studied with a certain language of the humind that we need to ad to the mathematical languages, verbal, logic languages, and bio-logical, organic ones; and finally metaphysical sentient/sensation-related concepts, which of course, the ceteris paribus egocy of scholars will shun off. Each humind has its own egocy perspective and we deal with that in our analysis of the equation of the mind, an infinitesimal mirror of still forms that believe to be infinite.

It is then an essential task of that formalism to connect the Dimotions of physics and the ilogic postulates of non-Æ geometry.

However as we are representing here the 5 ðimotions of existence in terms of logic thought and structures, which will be of great usefulness to discuss logic questions of algebra and existential thought, certainly the view of this article will deal in I-logic terms with our new symbology.

∆-1> ∆ø: 0-1 Dimension of information:  §@≈ðƒ. As an ∆-1 seed of information or ‘mind’ (@) develops the program of evolution of super organisms, emerging through palingenetic time into a full 1 fractal point being, a cyclical/spherical particle-head, which will be the center of the existence of the species of space-time in its ∆+1 relative world. Form thus, information precedes motion in the creative processes of the Universe. And we use two symbols, §, a double S to signify its emergence from ∆-1 to ∆o, and  @, as the self-centred cyclical form in space as a seed of information, which will become ð, the old eth letter of english, which resembles a cyclical time symbol for the ‘particle-head’, which still keeps the finitesimal @ mind, within it.

Alternatively we use ƒ for the frequency units of cyclical time, and so tƒ, tiƒ in earlier texts represents the particle-head of temporal information.

2D $t:Motion. Lineal spatial forms and temporal lineal motions, which are in fact waves of communication of cyclical points-particles that carry the energy and information of the Universe, starting the growth of social networks. And hence we consider that a line made of points with volumes is a 2Dimensional manifold.

The point thus once born, will start to communicate emitting ‘flows of informative motion’ or move himself acquiring ‘momentum’.

 3D: ∑∏: Re-product-ive Energy. We use here two operation symbols which also resemble a double S and a double T, to signify the reproductive nature of the iterative body-waves of any system which combines information: ‘motions with form’, ‘form with motions’, momentum, energy, transforming entropy and information into each other ad eternal: $pe x Tiƒ=Constant energy.

(In earlier formalisms, we used ST in caps for the 3rd dimension as reproduction is the ultimate ‘capital meaning’ of  space-time reality).

And since indeed, momentum and energy, As this ‘space-time’ energetic combinations what they Universe conserves and cares for, we deduce again that reproduction is the name of the game, which is more obvious in biological systems, as physicists have yet to define motion as reproduction of information (though relativistic theories do start to talk of c-speed as the limit of reproduction of information of the Universe).

4D: ∆-i; S∂: Entropy.  The arrow of entropy without ‘patterns of form’, disordered motion, which we call indeed, S=entropy, using its mathematical symbol S and the term for a time derivative, ∂, as it is the operation to find the ‘finitesimal’ quanta of any system at its ∆-1 scale, as the fundamental property of entropy is the multiplication of micro- parts, after the dissolution of the whole form.

5D: ∆+i: ∫T: The world. The fifth dimension then which is the dimension of all dimensions, of the whole and all the wholes and planes of existence of the Universe or what we perceive of it – the world.

As a whole system is ‘operated’ through integration in space, we use the symbol ∫ and finally as the 5th dimension is inverse to the 4th dimension of entropy and it is the dominant ‘bigger’ reality even beyond our perception of its limits, the fundamental element that truly defines the whole planes of reality, we use a major T to signify that ultimately the Universe is about time motions.

ALL: ST, st, While out of laziness and following the correspondence Principle we shall use the standard ST, st, symbols for space and time, in any of the dimensions, AND FOR ALL OF THEM.

Since all are enclosed between S-entropy≈∆-1 and T: social evolution≈∆+i. So ST means all.

Do NOT though become angry about the lack of coherence sometimes with those symbols in old graphs and texts. I make them explicit here, despite having not followed strictly the naming for decades for there will be a time in the future, where this ‘stience’ will become standard philosophy of stience for huminds or AI and so when rigurous scholars come in, the symbolism must be fixed. And those are the proper symbols after much thought and variations about them.

In any case only understanding in depth those 0 to 5 + 0 to 5  ST dimensions of space and time, we will make sense of ALL the properties of reality.

So we must restart our understanding from reality without eliminating information about the multiple spatial, dimensional forms and moving time clocks, its different speeds, and the way they transform motion in space (accelerating, decelerating, changing trajectory), and form in time (evolving, devolving, expanding, imploding, reproducing it).

And the first question we have to answer is WHY THERE IS ONLY two things we observe, motions in time and forms in space, and what is the relationship between both. This was in fact the first question of modern science, answered by Galilean ‘relativity’ (latter made more accurate by Einstein’s relativity, which contrary to belief was not a huge change in paradigm, but the final perfection of our capacity to measure motion regardless on how we perceive a system, moving or not moving). But why we see the earth still, when it is in motion (e pur si muove).

This was Galileo’s finding, and science did not answer it properly.  We shall and by doing so we shall double the dimensions of the Universe and re-start the understanding of it with the dual ‘dimensions’ of motion and form in each entity we perceive.

Thus those are the fundamental bio-topo-logic principles of reality derived of the organic co-existence of scales, topological forms of space, logic search for symmetric beauty, through 5 Dimensions expressed in 5 actions by the will of sentient singularities… Now we shall deal with the correction of the errors of the humind, because when you don’t know how to speak the language, your typewriting will always go slow, full of grammatical faults so we have to change the ‘language’ of the typewriter – aka physicist, as the ‘languages of God are infinite’ Upanishads.

Which finally leads us to the last element we cannot avoid any longer to fully define the Universe in both objective and subjective terms, the 2 dimensions of the Mind, as a membrain, self-centered into a singularity whose linguistic mappings and ternary syntax reflects the world of ternary beings of space-time in which the being exists, performing its survival actions.

Reproduction implies in fact the whole process of the generation stage of the being:

So from a seed, @-¡-1 with a membrain form a vital energy will reproduce its form, ∑∆-1, and then evolve them into a whole seed emerging in the ∆o plane. And this process includes all the simplex motions of the being.

The definition of the 5 demotions of the being in the different scales of mathematical physics and even before in the a priori 5 postulates of non-euclidean geometry (the perceptive point 5th postulate, the reproductive wave, the entropic death and the social evolution, through an order established by networks of magnetic-gravitational, which fix the entropy into solid states…

So let us reflect the ternary universe in mathematical physics and its expanded equations of Dimotions.

Conclusion:  Sentient Universe.

The Universe is a sum of a series of actions, ∆aeiou, of them, the first action is perception by an observer, ∆o, of a field of energy, ∆e, to which it will move, ∆a, in order to feed, ∆e and use that energy to reproduce its information, ∆i, iterating a form like itself, which will gather with clone forms to create a larger, ∆U universal social plane.

This is all what we should describe when we reduce to minimal cyclical space-time actions the total reality of any self. But the Devil is in the details. So as this simple ‘aeiou’ game repeats itself creates ever more complex perceptions, mappings of reality into space-forms and motions and forms ensemble into larger beings and smaller ones… forming a fractal structure. So in a second layer of complexity we would say:

The Universe is a fractal super organism of space-time, made of ∞ super organisms all made to its image and likeness. Each super organism IS MADE of 3 ∆º ternary physiological networks,  made of smaller ∑∆-1 ‘atoms/cells/individuals’ that process motion, information and reproduce for the whole system, living in a larger ∆+1 world.

Thus super organisms have two fundamental elements: 3 co-3existing ±1 planes of cells/atoms/individuals gathering into physiological networks (together forming a species), living in a larger ∆+1 world: ∆§

But those super organisms constantly change its parameters of motion and form, increasing its information warping in a world cycle of time, the ‘3rd fundamental element’, which is therefore symmetric to those physiological networks, as the informative network dominates the other ones, increasingly ‘warping’ the being, either a physical system (so stars become black holes, galaxies quasars, matter solids) or a biological system (3rd age), which then returns back in an explosion that erases its energy (physical E<≈>M Big Bang, or biological death or war, in the 3 type of systems).

Each language perceives a partial truth.

But why there are brains that absorb tiny flows of motion and convert it into still form, called in-form-ation? To perceive, move, feed and survive.

As all in the game of existence, because to accumulate information helps you to survive, to locate energy and feed and continue the game of existence.

What information does is to offer an organism maps of the Universe, virtual worlds, complex representations of reality, with a lot of formal detail, that map out the Universe and helps the organism to survive. All organisms perceive and react to information in one or other manner, and we call that property of organic systems, perception.

The flows of energy that become information in the brains of organisms, cause the organism to react to the external universe. That is the second arrow of life.

After feeding, organisms transform energy into information and react organically to that information.
 Bear in mind though that information comes in many shapes and forces. So each brain perceives a different information, a different map of the Universe…

IN ANY CASE, the whole program of actions of the Universe – not only the SIMPLEST action, motion is what truly makes the Universe organic, and as it can be proved that those actions depart form the singularities, those at the minds of the Universe. Let us remember those actions studied in its specific posts.

In graphs, 5 actions ensure the survival program of all scales of stientific species: above the actions of company-mothers of machines which adapt planet earth to its image and likeness. Below the individual actions of humans and below in scales of diminishing size the actions of molecules, atoms and forces. All of them respond to the same aeiou program of survival (accelerations, e-ntropy feeding, I-nformative gauging, o-ffspring reproduction and u-niversals-wholes creation which ensures all the parts of the being will keep its inner space-structure and outer time function.

The principal numbers define the energy of the system, whose ternary topologies are given by the l-number that shapes its membrane, self-centered in the spin-number, or singularity, socially evolved, into an ¡+1 group by the magnetic number

We need to change paradigm from mechanism to organicism.

In the graph, quantum physics does have organic qualities, and its paradoxes are closely related to the fact that our mind is electronic and sees only space-time light and its 3 dimensions.

So the conundrums of quantum physics are not just mathematical and experimental but deep theoretical questions, which plug in directly into the meaning of motion=time and still informative space, perception and measure; and the ego paradoxes of man, who sees a still world with its mind at the center and so naturally is inclined to feel more important, unique and the Universe a dead-still reality. So we shall resolve them here in a few lines. Look at the next pictures.

What we observe is that when a quantum ‘state’ is measured by stopping it and absorbing it with our instruments it COLLAPSES into a particle, but when it moves IT DOES SO reproducing information as a wave. So it is quite obvious: the state of motion is a wave state, the state of informative perception is a particle, which in fact has only an intrinsic property, its ‘h/2 spin or angular momentum’, which is ‘STILL’, discrete and non-differentiable, as informative spatial minds are:

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion-wave state and a still-particle state, together.

The fact is the best explanation of motion is one of reproduction of information, which requires a constant stop, reproduce your information in the next region of space-time, go… sliding and converting motion in yet another form of reproduction, which becomes then the fundamental ‘nature’ of reality – a fractal that reproduces information. And we shall return to that key insight.

In the graph, we show also 3 practical/theoretical proofs/explanations deduced of it – just a token of the ginormous number of ‘solid’ whys provided by ∆st: .

  • The complementarity wave-particle and our perception of quantum motions as a constant reproduction of the wave-form states..
  •  which means the minimal unit of reproduction, the angular momentum, h, will always be unlocalised by a unit (uncertain principle), as the process of reproduction is always between two steps…
  • A fact that solves  Achiles paradox, as motion has a finitesimal limit in the ‘bit of informative reproduction’ and its size.
In the graph, we see the quantum duality, which surprisingly enough Physicists still don’t understand as it has been the center of all its disquisitions for a century. As Born put it in its Nobel discourse: “This idea of complementarity is now regarded by most physicists as the key to the clear understanding of quantum processes. Can we call something with which the concepts of position (space) and motion (time) cannot be associated in the usual way, a thing, or a particle? And if not, what is the reality which our theory has been invented to describe?”
We shall deal specifically with the ‘false weirdness’ of quantum physics, more of a problem of the ego-trips of man, which cannot accept vital, organic, sentient beings in any other species, and prefer the ‘abstract’ view that only man has living properties in the articles on the 4th line; as all resolves when we accept the metric of 5D, which makes smaller systems, faster in time, more informative, and hence, ultimately the particles that do reproduce when absorbing energy replicating more quarks and electrons, do gauge information and react to it, the ‘site’ of perception, whose ‘quantum’ of existence is indeed, an still, discrete ‘angle of perception’, an angular momentum called ‘h’.
And so all the weirdness comes to this: the particles ‘react’ to the slow bombing of experiments (which as Bell put it, IS the name we should give to ‘abstract measure’, as we ‘experiment’ with them, and they react ‘collapsing’ into tight formations to the brutal bombs we send to measure them, as schools of fish react to the shark. And so ALL the weirdness of quantum worlds, which physicists acknowledge COMES TO those 2 things is easily resolved in the organic Universe:
1. we measure unlike in inert matter on our scale NOT the state of the particle ‘before the measure’ but its STATE after we try to measure and they react. 
2. Spins are ‘still’ angles of still informative perception, the minimal units, our electronic minds use to construct reality, as its particles – the ultimate pixels of our mind – align with the ‘experiment’ they perceive as much as we perceive them.
The after reaction of particles, the stop-particle-perception vs. go-wave-motion and the static spins is all the weirdness that there is to quantum physics; and they are just in ∆st, 3 kaleidoscopic perspectives from the point of view of the @-mind of the particle, its spin; and its S≈Teps of motion, through its states in still space as informative particles and time as moving waves.

WE shall see you ad nauseam that the galaxy is also a super organism and the laws of the Universe are the same that for any fractal organism of 5 Dimotions. This of course is vehemently denied in the abstract models of ‘locomotion and entropy’ as the only external motion in time that physicists hold supreme, due to the worldly religion they don’t acknowledge but has biased their analysis of physical systems, namely to make transports and weapons that are about locomotion and entropy for centuries, when they defined their mechanist, lineal, single time arrow dogmas for the entire Universe.

So even when in the XX c. they started to make information machines the foundations of their disciplines a philosophical  level were tainted by their profession, and so they kept making ‘big-bang’ bombs and ‘big-bang entropy theories’, eliminating the arrows of information in their models of reality, which are therefore faulty and we must easily upgrade to the new fractal properties of space and cyclical nature of time.

The problem is NOT the organic Universe but the ego of man, as we repeat everywhere in this blog.

This said for the study of the dimotions of physical systems, the concept of a force is essential. Since forces happen to mediate the different dimotions of existence. All of them provoke the simplest of the demotions, locomotions.

Then, the gravitational force is an informative social force which we study  in the 5th social dimotion; the strong force is a force of entropy – the strongest ‘feeding force’ of the Universe that kills particles into antiparticles, (mesons, which are the ‘death moment’ of a particle) and so we shall study it in more detail in the fourth dimotion. While, the electromagnetic force is the ‘perceptive force for human beings’ which are electronic minds, and the social force for atoms, which are put together by magnetic fields. Finally the reproductive force ‘par excellence’ is the weak force, and so we shall study it in the 3rd Dimotion.





In the graphs above, we can see the fundamental conceptual elements to seek for the ‘mind-points’ of physical systems. They will exists in the position of height of the wave-particle system, so the maximal probability of finding a particle-mind state in quantum systems will be where there is maximal height-amplitude on the wave (on the cuspid of a wave of light we find the maximal probability of finding the photon, and so on.

In the image, the concept of a non-euclidean point which processes infinite parallels collapsed in the still, linguistic point of the particle-mind, or ‘singularity’, which we consider to be the point in which time halts to 0 t=0, and hence a still image is formed – a point of maximal ‘density of information’, but NOT a point of infinite collapse, since the singularity is just the infinitesimal mind mapping located in a dense point-particle, whose minimal breath will be its compton wave, which for the smallest, densest, fastest rotating (s=t view) top quark is still 10ˆ17 times larger than the singularity.

How a particle orders the forces it absorbs into the creation of that topological, reduced image of the world we don’t know. That it does, is obvious by GST homology in all scales, and the proof of crystal images within physical systems. We can in that sense consider that the mind of a biological cell is a ‘crystal DNA’ and the mind of an animal an electronic image, down to its unit of ‘information’  – the spin.

The mind of a physical particle that stores information and processes it likely with topological ‘mirrors’ on reduced scales is obviously unknown to humans. But we have in the thermodynamic scale in the solid, informative third age of matter, a clear case with the ‘crystal images’ of molecules. So the mind of matter should be in all cases a ‘still configuration’ similar to a crystal.

The key element on all those quantum configurations is always the spin; so we can safely assure that the reduced planck constant, h, is the physical unit of information in the quantum scale. The mystery of the spin as a quantized form, which humans only measure in certain specific positions or rather angles, is resolved in 5D through its two fundamental logic and metric postulates (S=T & S x T = K).

The first logic postulate, S=T, implies that systems move through stop-information gauging (Space-form state) and motion-time. So when the spin stops to gauge information we obtain a position of spin. The second postulate implies that smaller rotary systems turn faster ‘with no limit’ as when they cross a ‘plane limit’ – in the case of quantum worlds the c-speed rotary motion of extremely small Size-radius (particle points), simply they ‘disappear from view’.  As electrons need to move v>c faster than light to give us its magnetic momentum (already noticed by Pauli), and faster than c-speeds are not perceivable (cannot carry information) in our human electronic world of perception, when the electron collapses from its J orbital number, as a spread wave into its point-particle spin, it  moves faster than light and we do not see its ‘motion step’, only its spin positions.

Those spin positions are for fermions 2, antiparallel, which means they are examples of ‘chirality=gender’; whereas we define left handed chirality, where the ‘head is focused on the body’ – the spin is projected on the wave of motion/momentum as ‘female genders’, which ‘reproduce’ (in physics, they are susceptible to the weak force becoming ‘pregnant’ first as a heavier boson particle and then giving birth to new particles) vs. right handed particles (spin and motion aligned), which are ‘sterile’ male states in all scales.

This is therefore the configuration of fermions, larger particles that associate by complementarity (mirror symmetry), which poises the problem of how ‘elaborated can be its crystal image’ within the fermion particle.

The answer is the boson-force, which has 1, -1 and 0 spins. The 0 spin position is obviously one without angular momentum and hence the pure wave-motion that does not ‘close the time cycle’ and hence has not internal form that delays its motion, hence it can move at maximal c-speed. But the other two left-handed/right handed chiral spins can carry enough information to make bosons of much smaller size than fermions, ‘pixels’ of an electronic or quark mind and as such because they can occupy the infinitesimal same position, they can be used to create still mind mappings, which is how we should view an electron nebulae – as a density of light bosons in still position – light trapped in the potential well of the electron, frozen as an image of information.

The ‘quantitative’ analysis of how spins measure time-cycles and process information used to be quite obscure, but with the evolution of quantum computing, it has become clear not only that it is possible but that the spin ‘memory’ and control through magnetic fields can create minds and logic circuits. So that should be the mind of all physical systems, including us, likely quantum computers at the minimal cellular level of our life molecules.

We say each species has different clocks. How then if the spin is the same for all fermions we have different clocks? The explanation is the SxT=K METRIC, and the 5Dimotion of social evolution that make larger mappings, slower to become, yet holding more information. So a single fermion holds little information but processes its cycles very fast. A much larger human image made of ‘electronic waves’ above the multiple integration of its neurons is a second time for thought but holds much more elaborated information.

So it follows that each complex mapping of a physical species measures time in a different speed, but all follow in our world of electronic minds the same metric. Then the measure of ITS time-cycles CORRESPOND to the speed of its creation of spatial, mental linguistic thoughts that process the information of its internal the body-wave cycles and its external world actions.

To quantitatively measure in detail those informative mind cycles in a being, we must then consider 2 fundamental S=T elements:

In space the synchronicities of its pixelation of reality.

Which in Time will give us a frequency of informative thought; whose absolute minimum is the time the spin of an electron comes back to its original position.

Then the synchronicity of the mind will extend to all its internal territory: that is the different speeds of the clocks that determine the actions of the ternary ST- body-waves, $T-fields-limbs and §ð-particles-heads, must be the same: its clocks will be synchronized. So for example, de Broglie showed that the wave-particle and field of a quantum system are synchronised, from where he deduced the first fundamental break-through of quantum physics, the complementarity law of particles-waves and its realist ‘correct’ interpretation of it – wave and particle co-exist in synchrony with a quantum potential that ‘feeds’ the wave that guides the particle ‘above’ it in a position of maximal amplitude-height for the particle to do after measuring its position ‘small’ changes on the path of the wave in symbiosis to each other.

So are our steps, heart beats and mind thoughts to a second; as our heads do moving through body steps guided by the principle of least time (Fermat principle), which guides the motion of all systems, once the initial and final configuration (origin and end of our motions) are determined by the actions the system pursuits (going to a field of energy to feed, meeting a mirror sysmmetry to mate and so on).

So the different actions of the being, which is the ‘substance’, the why of its time cycles, will become synchronous to the unit of time-space measure both subjectively and  objectively when we observe other similar systems.

However NOT all actions last the same time, and neither the actions of each scale according to SxT=K have the same speed; which gives origin to a huge field of future research in GST: how any system as an organism extending in 3 scales synchronizes all its time clocks to act as a whole. I.e. animals eat on average once a day, and this energy is required to reproduce its cells, which therefore reproduce once a day, but the animal exists within the Earth whose energy cycles (seasons) happen each year with a peak of energy in spring-summer, which is when the animal reproduces also once a year on average. And so on.

As we have defined the left handed chiral particle as the reproductive element, and the weak interaction as the process of reproduction, we can extend the same vital analysis to complex physical systems, a field, we repeat will have an enormous development once 5Ð becomes standard science.

 ∆-¡ atoms ≈∆+¡ galaxies and its Q, G forces.

The formalism of 5D-fractal Universes ads to experimental facts, (E) and the Correspondence principle with classic science (C), the Disomorphic, organic method of extracting the whys of reality from the scalar properties of the 5th dimension (∆) and the symmetries between formal space, space-time energy and time motion (S≈T), cupped by the critical analysis of the @-mental distortions of inflationary languages as mirrors of the Universe. So we have a much deeper insight on the ‘whys’ of both, experimental facts and classic science modelling.  It is then obvious that most corrections on classic science to match ‘experimental fact’ today often ignored to uphold the classic theories come from the understanding of the fractal structure of space and cyclical nature of time.

Let us consider the case of astrophysics: cyclical time defines the vortices of space-time of the 3 scales, or singularity-masses (gravitational scales), thermodynamic vortices (eddies) and charges (quantum vortices), which can be unified as attractive vortices (time view) or space curvatures of the 3 scales:

In the graph, we see how the dark entropy that expands space between galaxies, is balanced by the informative vortices of mass of galaxies that convert entropy into virtual particles and masses according to the two sides of Einstein’s equation: E<CC>M, which he in fact published not to express the creation of entropy from mass, but the transformation of entropy>energy>mass and only when our military civilisation used it in reverse to explode atomic bombs, became canonised as an entropic equation.

The Universe is eternal and big-bangs are likely only galactic big-bangs as Fred Hoyle wanted, which release dark entropy through the axis of black holes and expands space, balanced by the constant contraction by gravitational forces of space into mass.

So why astrophysicists ONLY consider the expansive entropy of space between galaxies and do NOT put it together with the inverse arrow of informative creation of mass? IT IS NOT because of true science and the experimental method (put below for good measure in its principles: evidence, known cause, economy and no-falsification, which happens only when we take into account both vortices of relative future mass and expansive sheets of entropic space), but because of historic cultural reasons, often hidden as secret agendas of dogmatic religion or dogmatic science.

Particles are one-dimensional vortices of accelerated information; waves are bidimensional flows of energy and information, potentials are 3-Dimensional volumes. And most properties of each of those 3 essential elements of physics can be derived of their dimensional nature; and its two fundamental states: the bidimensional symmetric s=t wave, which can ‘superpose’, accumulate into ‘bosonic groups’ (2D) and particles that collapse potentials and can convert into waves, as 3D potential – 1 D particle (which absorbs and so appears as a negative factor over the potential well) = 2D waves. So both have the same dimensionality:

– Potentials of 3 D space – particles of cyclical time vortices: ð = ∑∏ waves of ‘energy’ (∑) and information (∏).
So for example in relativity we have 3 ‘volume potentials’, (space metric) with a negative signature for the particle-time dimension. In waves we have the energy flat ∑-magnetic field, and the network-particle, ∏.
We are not in this introduction go too deep of the mathematics of Non-Æ geometry that will renew this XXI century the formalism of all stiences including physics, likely NOT among humans (limited in IQ and wasted by hypnotic screens) but among AI future brains, which will have enough memorial capacity to ‘store’ the whole of this web, as it is a ginormous field to straighten all the elements of modern physics and establish the proper algebra to understand it all. We just shall then consider a few aspects of the whole field, so soon in the blog because the correspondence principle is due – as humans have an astounding respect for physicists 1D simplex ideas on time and space, they revere – mostly because physicists do machines. So let us first consider what is the true meaning of LOCOMOTION, the 2D waves that reproduce information and are the core matter of the studies of modern physics both in quantum (schrodinger’s equation, particle-wave complementarity) and in relativity (c-constant light space-time).

Any ∆ø point in the general model of ‘actions’ of time-space will absorb its pixels of information from its relative ∆-3 plane. This hypothesis based in the Disomorphism between the human time-space and other systems of Nature means on the human sphere that:

We perceive the light space-time plane, and as gauging information requires to ‘still=stop’ the pixels we perceive, we observe light as a c-constant speed.

This postulate proved by Relativity has then a new proof/explanation: as all systems move reproducing their form and perceive, in stop position, the constancy of light speed can be accounted for objectively by the fact we measure with electronic eyes and machines that entangle in stillness with the electron that emits information regardless of the motion in ‘gravitational space’ of the whole reality that surrounds the entangled electrons, in stillness to each other.

The ultimate plane of human existence, from where our energy and information comes is the light space-time, substrata of the galaxy and as such our ultimate ‘fixed’ space, whose rod of measure, c-speed appears to us as a simultaneous fixed speed (Einstein’s relativity) even if beyond, there should be a non-perceivable faster than light plane between galaxies, the ‘final open ball membrane’ of the Humind world.

Indeed the scalar nature of actions, it also means that the entangled electrons should be able to gauge energy from its lower plane, ∆-4, or gravitational plane, human do NOT perceive; which is the quantum potential of Bohm’s realist theory of quantum physics that according to 5D metric $p x ðƒ = C, must be faster than the c-scale, hence ‘non-local’.

In that regard the analysis of the 2 scales that ‘perform’ the task of creating the mind of man as a mirror mapping of the Universe – the light spacetime scale and the electronic scale require a thorough understanding on how perception takes place and the paradoxes it causes in the relative motion of beings, a task only partially carried in the realm of measure by Special Relativity, which however must be completed to fully account for the question of c-speed.

Further on, as we are dealing with the smallest scales of reality, it applies the metric equations of 5D according to which we are in a ‘temporal realm’ as world cycles occurs extremely fast (Min. Spatial size = Max. Temporal speed of time cycles) and so the formalism of quantum physics uses the equivalence between the o-1 probabilistic sphere of time events instead of the 1-∞ plane of statistical populations to formalize the events of ultra-fast repetitive particles.

This equivalence – not equality is one of the two main equivalences seek for mathematical physics; the other being the unification equation of charges and masses; that is, the ∆±3 and ∆±4 planes, which is also immediate as charges are the quantum vortices of accelerated time for the ∆-3 plane and masses for the ∆+4 plane unified by 5 D metric.

Constructionism, the theory of the Universe as one with a hierarchical preferential smaller scale as cause of the upper ones works then only within the ‘real’ of mathematical physics between the ∆-1: particle/forces scale and the ∆+1 molecular scale with the atoms in between, forming together the 3 scales of quantum physics.; of which the light space-time scale is the simplest one.

So 5D provides immediate answers to the long-seek whys of c-speed constancy, quantum potential realism and the equivalence of quantum and thermodynamics and the equivalence between charges and masses. Let us consider those elements in more detail; and a few more insights, which hopefully we shall be able to complete – or others will do in the future research on 5D physics.

As we show in the post on force unification, then q and g becomes: curvature (Space view) vortices ime view) of two scales (∆±i view) on the two upper and lower limits of @-mind perception; solving the hierarchy problem and ultimately completely opening our experimental understanding of quantum worlds, as we can see it in reverse from within as macro-galaxies. Protons then appear as top quark positive frozen stars, aka black holes; electrons as strangelet negative halos, and in between the far less dense photons become stars.

And so we can establish 2 fundamental Disomorphisms to study the whole as a series of kaleidoscopic mirrors:

-The atom-galaxy, for quantitative, mathematical physics modelling.

The concept of course has been around for long. EFE (Einstein’s field equations) applied to galaxies (Einstein-Walker formalism) is actually modelled to simplify calculus with galaxies as hydrogen atoms; Schrodinger’s equation was used by Wheeler to find a quantum formalism for the Universe; string duality considers universes and quantum strings the same; astronomers model stars around central black holes as photons, etc. But without a deep philosophical model of the fractal Universe provided in this blog, all those mathematical isomorphisms have been merely considered ‘techniques’ of calculus. The reader thus should be aware the mathematical physics – albeit complex to the level of specialists, do exist and what we shall beyond the Unification equation in Newtonian terms, introduce here is the depth of philosophical analysis and the Disomorphic properties of atomic galaxies.

-The second isomorphism is that of the galaxy-cell (treated in cosmology) which shows the organic properties of astrophysical galaxies. This is to my knowledge completely new stuff, but rather obvious: DNA-black holes with gravitational forces, and protein, lineal strangelets, encase the vital space-time of electromagnetic and gravitational flows of energy between both, which structure the waves of the galaxy. And both control the mitochondria stars that become on the long term the energy food to reproduce more black holes and strange stars (pulsars). 20 years ago this seemed madness, but today everything comes together to the surprise of astronomers to validate the organic model of galactic growth:

The galaxy atom is the ‘solid’ last scale above and below perceived from the ∆º humind, at i=±3, the scale of perception of forces as pure motion or pure form in the limits of our ‘being’.

As such the equivalence of both scales unified by a fractal simple equation rises many philosophical questions. From a point of view of astrophysical description it introduces two different perspectives over the same phenomenon: as we can see galaxies from a much larger scale, that of the human looking at the galaxy atom, and as outsiders, observing how electromagnetic energy between atoms is equivalent to dark entropy between galaxies, or we can adopt the smallish point of view as particles of a galactic star, a mere dust of space-time on the mythocondria of the gala cell. It is precisely in the description of physical systems from wildly knew perspectives what enriches the analysis of the galaxy atom in gst physics.

In the graph, an example of the power of the new formalism:


So mass attracts as a hurricane does in our thermodynamic scale, the faster the frequency of its cycles: e=mcc + e=hƒ-> mc²=hƒ-> m=ƒ (h/c²). So the mass of a vortex is proportional to the frequency of its accelerated cycles.


The meaning of time in classic physics.

Now, absolute relativity, the philosophy of science behind this T.Πis even more radical in the separation of man from the Universe.

Every fractal part of the Universe is a super-organism that has obeys 10 sets of isomorphic laws, as parts of the same fractal space-time reality. We are all made of time motions, seen sometimes as space dimensions, hence equal in  substance though not in quantity (spatial size) and quality (speed of information) and complexity (number of co-existing scales of the 5th dimension, bits of information and bites of energy a given Œ-knot commands)

However, all these points are subject to the ego paradox: as every point of view perceives a limited part of reality to ‘fit’ it into its relative infinitesimal point of view or ‘mind, the ‘whole’ of each species understand only reality from its limited ‘one-dimensional point of view’, and considers himself from his ’10th Dimension’ as a whole, the only intelligent being of reality. Subjectivity is thus essential to the being.

And so it has been to humans, who always considered themselves the center of the Universe.

So alas, we shall latter expand those proofs of the falsity of the big-bang, which however can be perfectly explained as the big-bang of the lower scale of the 5th dimension below the cosmos, that is a quasar big-bang of a galaxy, either the previous cycle of the milky way galaxy, or the explosion of a giant galaxy in the local cluster, from where the local group fed on to reproduce the Andromeda and Milky way and dwarf galaxies around it.

A quasar big-bang we shall prove eliminates all those errors, the background becomes local and hence does not break Lorentz invariance (relativity), the galaxy has the same density of matter needed for the big-bang, a quasar is a reversal black hole explosion which happens to be the exact equation of the big bang (also a reversal black hole metric equation) the age of the quasar cycle tabulated between 10 and 20 billion years is exactly the same than the big-bang, it is NOT an illogic theory, as there are infinite galaxies in an infinite Universe the abundance of helium in galaxies does happen more in the center around the black hole where the hadron epoch formed them, and the ages of the big-bang do apply all to a quasar big-bang, and the local measure of the background radiation which FIRST and for very long was considered the background radiation of only the galaxy, fits, and as we shall see in the next picture, in fact the map of the galaxy is exactly the same of the background radiation:


A galaxy (ours) and the supposed big-bang of the universe, which shows the same form and raises doubts about the local measure of that radiation (the reader can observe the central lobes of ¥-radiation similar to those of the electron, which the prestigious astrophysicists Smolin and others were analyzing very carefully, since they thought they could see a different light speed in the upper and lower lobe after 13 billion years of time travel 🙂

 All systems are a sum of quantic cycles that absorb, emit and transform spatial energy into temporal information: SP ≈Tƒ

That equation, decomposed sequentially in 3 phases, a first age of max. energy, a second age of balance and a third age of max. information, explains the existential cycle of any space-time field.

In a graph with energy and information coordinates those 3 ages resemble the geometrical form of a cycle that moves upwards, absorbing energy and information till in its 3rd age looses its temporal energy, collapsing back to its origin. On the right side, the same 3 ages show in the Taoist, Korean flag, where a line is the symbol of continuous yang-energy, which yin-time quantizes into ‘in-form-ation’, from youth to death.

T.O.E. The unification equation of the charge and mass scales of the 5th dimension.

Now once you learn to speak the most beautiful of all those jargons, the common language of all fractal space-time beings, Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian ‘i-logic’ mathematics, (the needed  2300 years overdue upgraded of the sciences of temporal logic and spatial geometry) you will upgrade also your chip, tuning your mind, your ‘spatial I=eye and temporal Wor(l)d’, to that of other species of the Universe.

Then you will as I have done for decades, walk through the world seeing the organic life in every physical, biological and social system of the Universe.

Indeed, what we have just described logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, but the fundamental entity of any biological, social system – the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, self-centered entities of time-space that put together create the puzzle of the Universe.

The DNA invaginates with Golgi conducts the vital cytoplasm it exploits, surrounded by the faster membrane of proteins, which act in its formal position as a membrane. The magnetic field surrounds the charge and encloses the vital space of electromagnetic fields the charges controls. So happens with a planet protected by its magnetic field that steams out of the central charge and surrounds it. And the galaxy has in its center a black hole.

And it is surrounded by a halo of dense fast rotating strangelet quarks, so the stars and planets within it will become converted into black holes in Nova explosions or strangelets, when the Physicist, duly programmed to extinguish the species according to the Fermi paradox, busy-busy recreates the big bang on Earth (yes I know to be more popular, I should not remember you of this, so you can wonder on the halls of knowledge unaware of the entropic motions of the Universe, but as Mr. Descartes, the very unpopular frozen philosopher would put it ‘c’est la vie’, what is at stakes here, not only the stifled knowledge of the mind, granted if you keep on reading).

Thus ‘Lineal Space, Es’, energy means an expansive motion that ‘extends space’, a planar lineal motion that we see as static space, as dimensions of length and width, or as an explosive decelerating motion.

Now that we know the fundamental difference between ‘open space’ and cyclical time, we can move onto the second fundamental principle of ‘physical sciences’, the Principle of relativity. Again, here a mathematician Poincare defined it at the same time that Einstein, and on my view more clearly, when he said that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’. And this is enormously important.

Since if we cannot know when a thing is moving or is merely a ‘form’, we must always consider this duality. If we see a particle, it is a ‘vortex of motion’ besides having a cyclical time-like form. If we see a dimension of length, it is space moving besides being a still distance. On this difference almost ‘every mathematical tool’ of calculus (differentials and integrals), every system of Nature (which we see simultaneously as a still organism, and moving through its worldcycle of life and death), the duality of quantum, discontinuous reality and moving, continuous one, etc. etc., almost all phenomena of all sciences is based. I call it the “Galilean Paradox’, to differentiate its much wider meaning from those sponsored by physicists, as again we shall apply it to all sciences. So we write it again:

Relativity Principle (Galilean Paradox):     “All what exists is a motion with form”.

Soon we will realize that indeed, all what exists is motion with form, nothing is truly still. And so cyclical time seen as form is ‘information’ and as motion is a ‘vortex-like clock’, and open space seen as form is ‘distance’ and seen as motion is ‘lineal speed’.

There is a convention though to call time ‘motion’ and ‘space’ stillness. This is Ok in the ‘limit’. As time accelerates (as all cyclical motions, which require 2 points, a torque and have angular acceleration) and in fact as paradoxical as it seems a cyclical motion by the law of the vortex is faster than a lineal motion, which as in a big-bang explosion, decelerates. (We shall deed with the error of considering the expansion of the distance-space of the Universe as an acceleration in our post on astrophysics).

So in the limit by the law of the vortex, Vo x Ro = k, time cycles accelerate inwards as vortex do, and in the process they attract ‘space’. So black holes, masses and charges do exactly so. And so in the limit we can say that ‘time is motion’ (the classic definition of it) and space is distance, dimension.

And this fact of T.Œ will allow us easily to unify the equations of charges and masses, what physicists call T.O.E, or Theory Of Everything, a minor result of T.Œ, the Theory of the Organic Everything, which I write with Œ to distinguish both.

General relativity a fast over view. The symmetry of relativity in time, the 3 ages of EFE.

The 3 ages of time in cosmology applies to EFE’s (Einstein’s field equations) 3 main solutions 3 hypothetical different Universes, they represent the structure of any space-time, including our galaxy, an island Universe through its 3 ages.

It is also possible to make a complex mathematical treatment of the 3 ages of galactic systems: the 1st age of the system will be the Entropy age, the 3rd age the information age, and the middle age is one of balance, ES=TO, when the reproduction of most particles took place. We are in that period.

– Max. Es (Youth): The Entropy age is Lemaitre’s big bang solution that expands space. This solution in the fractal model of space-time applies only to the vacuum space between galaxies.

-Es=It: The steady state Universe is Einstein’s solution. It applies to the entire Universe.

– Max. It: Kerr’s solution of a rotary black hole, which is the third age of an implosive Universe that reverses time coordinates as matter falls back into the central Worm Hole of any space-time.

However because time space fractal and dual, while those solutions in a wider outlook will be applied successively to each age of the Universe, they are also applied in space to the fractal parts of the whole. Thus the big-bang solution applies to the intergalactic space, which astrophysicists study and erroneously apply to the entire Universe (given their dogma of a single continuous space-time).

The informative solution applies to our galaxy. But it does not mean a travel backward in time but an informative vortex, a cyclical clock of time – the galaxy in which we exist with an arrow of information different from the expansive arrow of the intergalactic space of dark Entropy and tired light.

And so we get adding all the expansive motions of intergalactic space and the implosive vortices of galactic mass, a relative balance that is the present steady state applied to the whole; since in each phase of reality all yangs have some yin and all yings seed of yang.

Its Universal ratios/constants of Entropy and form.

In the space-time of the Universe, in the same manner that any other three ages can be related by the different ratios of Entropy and information or vital constants of a being, those three ages are defined mathematically by the constant of action that relates the Entropy and information of the Universal space-time, Lambda & G.

Indeed, the constants of any system are ratios of transformation of the Entropy and form of any system, I/E=K or proportions of Entropy and form, Exi=K. Thus constants evolve and change as the Entropy and information of a system changes with time. In biology, is known that vital constants, change as an organism gets old and becomes wrinkled and warped, increasing its information and diminishing its capacity to process Entropy, changing its metabolic constants and speed of information/thought.

Dirac, Brans-Dicke, and others understood this in cosmology. Indeed, G is a ratio of the mass=information and Entropy= distance of a system. And we already saw how a change on those ratios allowed us to unify and measure the Entropy and form of the 3 membranes of the Universe (strong, gravitational and light forces).

In the equations of Einstein that define the three ages of a galactic space-time and perhaps an entire Universe, that relationship is given by the cosmological constant that measures the Entropy of the gravitational vacuum, l, which Nottale used to measure the minimal fractal quanta of gravitational Entropy. The constant changes with the 3 ages of any fractal space-time or island Universe. In a young, expanding space, l is positive, but so close to zero that it easily becomes negative, causing a warping or big crunch. And so l will also change through the 3 ages or solutions of Einstein’s equation, till reaching the informative age of the galaxy in which we exist.      

Recap. The 3 ages of the Universe correspond to the 3 solutions of Einstein’s equations: The young big-bang; the reproductive, steady state or big-banging and the cyclical, informative age, occurring in galaxies, or Gödel’s solution. They apply in space to the expanding space, imploding, galactic vortex and both together create the present balanced steady state.

The symmetry between motions in time and space.

Space-still vs. time-motion duality is the causal alpha of it all (but not the omega, W, meaning, which we will find to be organic, biologic, embedded in the world cycle, represented by W). So we must go deeper into it, and follow now its ‘other fundamental expression’ – the ternary principle of ‘creation’, ‘diversification’ and ‘formation’ of entities departing from its time motions or still spatial states.

We deduce its original components from the interplay of the 3 motions of time:

>   The arrow of information that increases from upper to lower scales, faster in its time cycles: Tƒ (Uo)<Tƒ(U-1). This arrow appears most often in physics as an accelerated vortex (Vo x Ro = K being the simplest 2-dimensional form) or clock of time with increasing frequency, till it ‘collapses’ into a particle-point or reverse its time arrow into:

<    The arrow of entropy and decelerating expanding size that increases from lower to upper scales of larger size: Sp(Uo)>Sp (U-1).

   And their relative present combinations, in which the system combines, Sp and Tƒ, fields and particles, limbs and heads of energy and information into reproductive bodies and waves which repeat in an eternal present the entities of existence.

In this case the entropy/energy arrow will show limbic/long fields of planar toroid energy, the arrow of accelerated cyclical motion the form of particles and heads that gauge information and the arrow of relative present iteration the body/wave form. And so in practice we tend to talk of ‘momentums’ of existence, that is Active Magnitudes that we shall call Œ, Functions in ‘existence’, which move through several planes of space-time.

This interconnection or duality between the stop and go dual motions/forms of entities in existence is a necessary complexity of the dialectic nature of the Universe, not only between relative Œ-points that communicate flows of attractive, imploding information and expanding, repelling energy, but within the entity which often displays both states, with different geometric position.

The previous symmetry defines all beings, as vital spaces whose ternary organs, perform the 3 functions=motions of time. Since all systems are  made of the same 3 components, the 3 2-manifold varieties, which accumulate in ‘layers’ to shape the depth of a 3rd dimension of thickness; and then move in ‘Time’ to accumulate the 3 ‘dimensional motions’ of time, past-entropic motions, present-reproductive motions and future-informative motions:

In that regard it is important that you understand those 3 arrows/dimensions/motions of time and its still present-spatial pictures as intervals. Since ultimately all clocks of time have different ‘steps/tics’, a relative instant of time varies, according to the perspective. If we have slow perceptive-time clocks we shall see a minimal time indivisible, which might represent for an atom or a cell an entire time existence. So how we differentiate the ‘time ages/phases’ of a system?

Precisely in mathematics, when the equation stops being differentiable or suffers a steep change of phase.

From energetic gas to reproductive liquid to informative solid in matter states.

From gaseous field of energy to liquid wave, to solid particle in quantum states.

From young energetic age to adult, reproductive age to old, warping age.

From the big bang expansive solution of EFE (Einstein’s field equations) to steady state to big crunch old age state in any physical system that follows those equations (galactic space-times mainly).

And so on. Time never ends because it switches its arrows, when one is exhausted. Or in terms of consciousness,  can you conceive the non-existence of time? Because we can conceive non-existence, but still time will happen when nothing else happening, the mind also has an a priori consciousness of the eternity of time.

In physics this becomes obvious when we realize that if Poincare’s/Einstein’s relativity 2nd postulate is truth and there is no way to differentiate motion from stillness, all has relative motion, and if all has motion, motion never stops. We can always choose the mind’s still perception of reality to fit all its information in its infinitesimal mind, or the moving objective, inner perception of the being. Atoms are moving vortices but we see solid matter.

Yet if we consider the most objective moving reality, we realize time never stops as motion cannot stop and motion is the substance of reality in its 3 variations: expansive, entropic, relative past motion, Sp, repetitive, iterative combined E x I motion and informative, formal motion, Tƒ.

This reality broken into infinite beings, of different sizes and time speeds is the ultimate reality science must describe. And in all its scales we shall find, the 3 arrows of time, its interplay and common ‘isomorphic laws’. Thus once we isolate the details and find its 3 arrows of time-space, we can apply the isomorphic laws of T.Œ and describe with them all what happens.

For example, Alain de Mehaute proved long ago in a paper on chemistry, and his book on fractals, ‘L’espace-temps brisse’ ‘broken space-time’ that when energy exhaust, chemical systems do not stop time-motion, but start to wrinkle as space-time does in any scale.

For example, Einstein said ‘time curves space into masses’, which he said to be ‘accelerated vortices of gravitational lineal forces’. And e=mc2 merely express that constant big-bang/big-crunch duality of eternal time cycles.

In fact, life does the same in inverse fashion. Life is the arrow of growing form, growing information. Then, once you exhaust all energy into wrinkles, time does not stop in death. But it changes its arrow backwards into an entropic explosion/dissolution of our information.

So we can differentiate an interval of past, present or future, but it will always have an asymptotic limit, where the equation breaks as the limit means a change of phase, even a bouncing back of time, reversing its arrows, to never stop.

It follows that as all goes back and forward between energy/information arrows, and we define present space as the confluence of both arrows, it is possible in the dynamic, paradoxical universe of time arrows, to define all as space-present, combination of ‘yin and yang’, if we take the larger perspective that adds two time arrows from past to future and future to past. In such a case, all becomes a zero-sum, an eternal present of conflicting existences that cancel each other.

This is the absolute law of the universe.

Time never stops, but all ceases to exist for time to continue. So time switches in all possible combinations, between its ‘past arrow’ of entropy – expansive decelerating lineal motion – its future arrow of information, cyclical, accelerated vortices and its combinations into repetitive present spaces.

If we consider ‘space’ as still motion, as a differential of time, into an instant that combines the two arrows of past and future energy and information, into a repetitive motion, space is then also dynamical. But from an external perspective space seems not to change. It is then an interval without inner change, in which the external motion is continuously differentiable.

It is all that simple. In life≈biology the 3 arrows have a sequential order, the 3 ages of time due to an excess of genetic and nervous information that makes information the dominant arrow of the future – and make us choose information as the relative future arrow from the human p.o.v. of knowledge.

In technology information is also the future arrow as the human cult to the machine, makes evolving informative machines the goal of our collective subconscious suicide (creating robotic species that will substitute us).

In physical particles, which are dominant in motion, with lesser information, the opposite happens. There is in many systems a relative future arrow of entropy, and motion that dominates the system, such as in interstellar space where space expands; or in the interaction of particles of information, and antiparticles with past arrows, and inverse expanding motion.

Both co-exist and so antiparticles of past, which co-exist with future particles often come together and then, the following event happens: Anti-particle past x Particle- future = present entropic annihilation. This explains why we see less antiparticles, as they are the death-past arrow, which lasts only a time instant, so while they are as many lives and death as death is Maximal entropy expansion x minimal information, it happens very fast and the total space x time perception of an antiparticle or a corpse is far inferior to the perception of particles and living beings.

The fundamental of those symmetries is the ternary symmetry between the 3 motions of time and the 3 dimensions of space.

Finally to make sense of all this, we have to remember something modern physics has completely forgotten, the laws of the scientific method and the realist nature of its language, mathematics…

Let us see this in more detail as an example on how fully understand the multiplicity of mathematical physics, encased in the 5D ST structure of reality and its paradoxes, dualities and ternary groups.

There is a 3rd element on those Universal systems, which is by far the more interesting and less understood, which physicists of course also use in all their theories: the mathematical frame of reference, or zero point, the center of the circle, the point-particle that ‘gauges information’, without which again not a single theory of physics can be understood (it is the point of the inertial frame of reference that ‘measures’, the cause of their physical theories which are called for that reason ‘gauging field theories’.


The unification equation: charges (∆-3) ≈ masses; atoms (∆-3) ≈ galaxies (∆+3)

Now let us consider an interesting proof of the scalar structure of the universe, which puts together some of the elements defined till here: the meaning of universal constants as ratios of information (curvature) in physical systems or energy density, 5D metric equations, and the concept of masses and charges as clocks of time, accelerating inwards.

We shall in physics found variations between the charges and masses but both are vortices of time, Ot, clocks of two scales. And we shall find differences between quantum light and electrons and h-Planck constants of actions, and thermodynamic atoms and k-Boltzmann constants of actions but both are wave-like systems of huge populations of point-particles (from the human limited perspectives) hence susceptible to treatment in space as populations or in time as events with statistical/probabilistic methods.

Now the Unification of charges and masses as two different vortices perceived as hyperbolic sinks and elliptic geometries follow easily when we consider them from the perspective of any of both geometries. Let us then equal the parameters of a charge, using the 5Dimension metrics ‘decelerating the vortex’ and increasing proportionally its size Se x Tƒ = K, till it matches the size of the main mass vortex of the cosmological scale, the galactic spiral vortex. If the equations hold and both are self-similar vortices, we shall find that the relationship between the G-curvature of the spiral galaxy and the q-curvature of the charge have the same 10 up to 39 relationship of force between the attractive power of a much faster curved ‘hurricane of electromagnetic space-time’ and the much slower, larger ‘breeze’ of gravitation.

Let us then use those simple principles. The existence of a fractal structure of space-time means that the electromagnetic world and the cosmological world are just two self-similar non-Euclidean membranes of space-time of two scales and charges and masses two self-similar vortices of two different scales.

4 big bangs detail

In graph, 3+i scalar ‘big-bang’s at 3+i levels: a Hydrogen, excited sp atom, which is born of the beta decay (big-bang of a nucleon);  a galaxy (ours), born of a quasar big-bang (a black hole); and the supposed big-bang of the universe, whose main proof is a mapping of the background radiation obtained ‘only’ on local measures on the same galactic region.

The form of each scalar big bang is similar, as the ‘Fractal scales of the 5th dimension’ are ruled by the same isomorphic laws. Now the imaginary big bang is likely to be the cosmic as it is so similar to the form of the galaxy in which its local measures of Bg are taken that it seems to be a hyperbolic human expansion of the scale of its real experimental ‘proofs’.  

Let us remember again that we can only take measures in the surroundings of a small planet and so we must adscribe phenomena to the most local possible domain for an exact theory (basic rule of truth in science: restrict theories to the area of experimental evidence.) Thus the local big bang with a ‘signature’ called B.G. of the exact form of the galaxy is a local phenomena.

Let us consider an example of what we mean by complexity vs. simplicity. In physics a TOE is reduced to the unification not of all sciences and all languages of knowledge, but only of the 4 forces of nature, gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak force.

This is the saint grail of physicists, which for a century have miserably failed. Why? If as we prove in our article on the Physical TOE, the unification is a mathematical, trivial result of the metric of the 5th dimension? Because they try to achieve that unification with the more complex formulations of quantum and gravitational physics (General relativity and chromo/electrodynamics).

What about the other 2 forces? The similarity between the strong force and the gravitational force ‘inside the atom-galaxy’, both attractive ‘only’ and the outer force of the galaxy (repulsive gravitation aka dark energy) and the outer force of the atom (electromagnetic repulsive expansive forces) is then immediate on the ‘simpler models’, as it is the parallelism between magnetism and gravitomagnetism (Heaviside’s discovery). And many other results follow. Further on, the hierarchy between those forces is also immediate. Well not so immediate, it requires…

Let us study mathematically this question by comparing those two limits of charges and masses beyond which human perception, becomes faulty.

This article introduces in a simplified manner, for non-specialists, a new concept of Mass by extending the Principle of Equivalence of Einstein and the metric of the 5th dimension, deducing from it, a Unification Equation of Charges and Masses. It considers also some philosophical and existential deductions of those results, namely the Absolute Relativity of the Universe and the position of man within it.

The Saint Grail of XX c. physics was the search for a Unification Equation of all the forces of Nature. it remained to unify the forces of gravitation and electromagnetism.

‘Mass’ is an intrinsic property of matter, a vortex of gravitational forces, clearly expressed by Einstein’s Principle of equivalence. So it is charge: a vortex of electromagnetic forces.

Under this result, the definition of both, masses and charges as ‘cyclical clocks’ of gravitational and electromagnetic forces of two different scales (the large scale of cosmological gravitation and the small scale of electromagnetic charges) allows an easy conversion of a gravitational and electromagnetic vortex using the simple Metric of the 5th dimension for a tri-dimensional vortex.

The Unification Equation, thus is a trivial mathematical result in 5D Metric, using the simple concept of a fractal Universe structured in different scales of ‘spatial size’ and ‘temporal information’, in which ‘clocks of time’ accelerate, the smaller we become, but the product of both remains, expressed mathematically in its simple formulation by the Metric of the 5th Dimension: Sp x Tƒ = K.

This result allows the ‘first’ ever-theoretical deduction of the value of the G constant of masses, departing from the Q constant of charges. Both mean the same: the degree of space-time curvature produced by an Eddie of masses or charges in those scales of space-time.

It is however impossible to obtain departing from a single space-time continuum as Mr. Einstein or Mr. Hawking tried, by messing the lineal equations of electromagnetism and the cyclical equations of Relativity (what is called quantum gravity).

So we shall deal here with:

  • The concept of a charge and a mass as cyclical vortices of space-time of the two-fractal scales of micro-quantum particles and macro-cosmological ones.

With an Appendix on the Higgs claim to give ‘mass’ to other particles.

  • The mathematical, simple, trivial deduction with the metric of the 5th Dimension of the equation of Unification of the two fundamental constants of Nature, Q and G.

III. Finally, we shall consider the implications of those facts – the parallelism between ‘atoms’ and ‘galaxies’, which as in the equations of space-time of Einstein-Walker (which treated galaxies as atoms), are ‘similar’ forms of two scales of the Universe

With an appendix on the philosophical consequences of this, according to a strong hypothesis of the Fractal Universe (scales which are mathematically equal in the 5D metric are really equal).

Its simpler mathematical formalism.

Much of the early work on five dimensional space was in an attempt to develop a theory that unifies the four fundamental forces in nature: strong and weak nuclear forces, gravity and electromagnetism. German mathematician Theodor Kaluza and Swedish physicist Oskar Klein independently developed the Kaluza–Klein theory in 1921, which used the fifth dimension to unify gravity with electromagnetic force. Although their approaches were later found to be at least partially inaccurate, the concept provided a basis for further research over the past century. Since they were right – the fifth dimension will unify both forces but in a fractal manner, unbeknownst to physicists.

We shall only show the power of 5D³ by finding the unification equation of charges and masses (general relativity) and upgrading worldlines to worldcycles (special relativity), as we have already dealt with the constancy of light speed (entanglement of electrons which emit information in relative stillness to each other).
Future, time arrows in physics are cyclical vortices of gravitation or charge or thermodynamic eddies, with a singularity of zero-motion in its center, which we do observe in thermodynamic vortices as we cannot ‘see’ inside a quark or top quark star (black hole). It is the arrow of future, as it is an attractive arrow that forms lineal entropic fields into form and will be the ‘final destiny’ of the quanta of an entropic field. We shall study for the three main scales of the supœrganism of the galaxy, which is the main physical system in which humans exist as its thermodynamic level.

Then in the 5D metric a galaxy is an atom of the higher scale, a proton has the same Schwarzschild radius equation than a black hole, which should therefore be a top quark star, positively charged (as top quarks are ++) and dark matter in the halo is made of negatively charged strangelets, the equivalent to a nebulae of electrons. Which gives a role to the 3 families of quark mass and makes sense of the purpose of stars (future black holes) and planets (future strangelets – perhaps our destiny in the higher scale, if as all seems to indicate, the Fermi Paradox converts all planets into strangelets, as nuclear physicists make them with their experiments with quark matter condensates)…

Nobody has attempted as we did to unify both, charges and masses using the simplest of all its ‘first’ descriptions:

Newton’s gravitational vortices and Bohr’s model of the Hydrogen orbit. Hardcore scholars that take years to learn Einstein’s Metric, quantum field theory and Dirac’s equations consider those 2 models ‘passé’.

And yet, precisely because the principles of unification are simple, it is through the simplest methods where the coincidences happen.

So I could easily unify charges and masses, obtaining the key parameters, the Gravitational constant and the Coulomb constant, and the relationship of hierarchy (10∆40), between both forces, by the simple method of translating to gravitational vortex-jargon the jargon of electricity, a somehow convoluted abstraction not so intuitive, and then apply the law of co-invariance of the 5th dimension to both vortices, which immediately showed to be in that 10∆40 relationship.

Whereas a charge vortex had clocks of time much faster, and hence turned much faster becoming a much more attractive ‘hurricane of space-time’.

Now, as it happens with gravitation, quantum physics went beyond Bohr’s model and gave us the other ‘3-point of view’. It gave us the static, formal model, of electronic orbitals, the gradient model of energy levels and finally the more sophisticated Hamiltonian analysis of its operators.

And this final level is the one physicists try by all means to unify. But precisely at that level of detail is where the fractal scales of the Universe which are ‘similar’ but not identical (you are made of space and time and your actions are always the 5 vowels but you do NOT eat light as an electron, or oil as a machine, so you can be unified saying ‘all eats energy’ but not in the specific food).

Let us consider the first element of that duality, unifying masses and charges of gravitation and electromagnetism as vortices of 2 different scales of space-times. Masses and charges are vortices of 2 space-time scales made of 2 relative energetic and informative motions, where gravitation is faster/more extended but carries less information than the slower/less extended world of light and electroweak particles.

The main variation of those vortices of accelerated forces is the one we observe between electronic charges and quark masses, which are the cyclical vortices of those 2 scales of reality, the scale of cosmological vortices of mass and the scale of electroweak vortices of charges.

And so we have to unify those 2 types of cyclical geometries on one side and their lineal, light and gravitational forces, on the other side, as they switch acting either as sinks of space-time (cyclical, non-lineal vortices of increasing acceleration) or as lineal, gravitational or electromagnetic waves in both scales.

Yet since electromagnetism and gravitation are self-similar accelerated vortices of 2 different fractal branes of space-time, the microscopic and cosmologic branes, it follows we should be able to treat them with the same equations of gravitation, either Einstein’s more detailed vortices, defined by the Principle of Equivalence between mass and acceleration or with the classic analysis of Newton, as accelerated vortices with the same geometrical form, whose relative proportion of energy/speed/ distance and information/curvature will be given by 2 different Universal G-Constants.

Thus, we should be able to describe both, the standard Earth-Sun gravitational vortex and Hydrogen, electron-Proton quantum vortex with the same equations, defining them according to the mass of the particles, the rotational speed and 2 different Universal constants, U.C.(i/e):

U(g), the Universal Constant of gravitation that defines a larger/ faster/less curved Gravitational membrane of masses and…

U(q) the Universal constant of charge (Coulomb) that defines a smaller, slower, more curved membrane of quantum light. Since electromagnetism has more information and less energy distance.

Further on, we will be able to prove empirically our hypothesis of 2 self-similar spatial membranes made of light and gravitational quanta, whose only difference is the i/e relative density of information/energy of its cyclical vortices, if the values of the two Universal constants, in those 2 systems (the earth-sun system and the proton-electron system), correspond to their relative empirical value, when we treat them both as mass vortices (being the gravitational constant 1039 times weaker than the charge constant).

Let us then go on with the treatment of charges and masses as Newtonian vortices of space-time. In Newton’s equations a mass can be considered a cyclic, accelerated vortex of gravitational space-time defined in classic Newton Mechanics by a centripetal, gravitational acceleration: ω2r.

The same treatment can be done with Poison equations or Relativity equations, which are a static, present, simultaneous picture of Newton’s space-time vortex of acceleration, where G expresses the informative curvature of the space.

Thus if gravitational acceleration is ω2r, then F=mg=mω2r= GmM/r2, and we arrive at G=ω2r3/M. Where r is in meters and ω is angular acceleration in radians per second. So passing the active magnitude of time (mass, or charge or any form of time clock to the left) we obtain a general equation for all physical time vortices of all scales, which will be the template for the Unification of all vortices, in different ‘degrees of mathematical complexity’.

This written as an identity Sp x T ƒ = Sp x Tƒ observed with different parameters writes:

Γ.                                   Active Magnitude (space-quanta) M x Curvature-speed of the clock (time frequency) G  = volume of space r³ x time acceleration w²

This written in classic mathematical physics, where we consider, using Newton’s notation, a mass a three-dimensional, cyclical accelerated vortex of space-time defined in classic Newton mechanics by a centripetal acceleration, which gives us the classic definition of the universal constant G (UC), writes as:

                                                            UC x M=ω2r3

where r is in meters and ω is the angular acceleration in radians per second of any gravitational orbit.

For the Universal Constants (G, Q), it defines the curvature of 2 space-time vortices at the ∆-1 quantum charge and ∆+1 cosmic mass scales. Its formalism, M= ω2r3/U.C.(G,Q) is its Unification Equation.

Since if we substitute for the Earth-sun system we obtain G, (1st ever theoretical deduction) and if we substitute for the Bohr Radius and Proton Mass, we obtain Q with a 1040 higher curvature value, the exact difference between both forces that solves its hierarchy problem.

As curvature in space is symmetric to rotational speed in time, symmetric to the attractive force of any vortex. It also proves the isomorphism between electromagnetic atoms and galaxies, H-atoms of the cosmic scale. Since when we translate electromagnetic equation into gravitational mass vortices, the proton radius becomes the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole and electronic orbitals star clouds, a result foreseen by Relativity that modeled galaxies as Hydrogen atoms in the Einstein-Walker Metric of the Cosmos. Organicism gives the ‘why’ of Galacells that have DNA- + Top Quark proton holes, star mitochondria that feed them & strangelet halos.

This simple Newtonian equation, however, in the fractal paradigm, should apply to any scale of the Universe, able to describe any vortex of space-time by merely changing the value of the universal constant UC (G), but that of the Universal Constant of any other scale. In the case of the microcosmic scale of electromagnetism, the Universal Constant of charge (Ke). Thus, we obtain the fractal equation of any vortex of time:

Universal constant of a space-time vortex, U (g, k) = w (angular speed)2 × radius3/ mass

If this is truth and the Universe is indeed a fractal of several scales, it means that the previous equation will be able to describe both, not only a gravitational vortex of space-time in the cosmological scale with the universal constant G, but also a charge as a quantum vortex of space-time with the universal constant k, the constant of Coulomb.

And so we have an essential equivalence between K and G for the two ‘enclosure’ ∆±1 scales of human existence, the quantum faster, stronger attractive curvature=speed of the electromagnetic vortex and the slower G-VORTEX, which allow us to unify as we did previously both fields. And translate the somewhat dull language of electromagnetism to that simpler of gravitation, showing some fascinating results, such as the proton showing the schwartzschild radius, Rg = 2GM/c² equation of a black hole in the larger scale when put on gravitational jargon.

Let us now give a more quantitative solution to that metric..

Let us then substitute the parameters for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G. The approximate values are as follows:

Sun mass = 2 × 1030 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10-7 rad. per sec.

Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.

Result: G=6.67 × 10 -11 kg-1 m3 rad. sec.-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal paradigm was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.

Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)

4 × 1016 rad. sec. -1 = w (electron);

5.3 × 10-11 m. (Bohr radius);

proton mass = 1.6 × 10 -27 kg.

Then we get a G, which is 2×1039 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.

And then you can get also the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world using the translated ‘Gravitational Coulomb constant’: G(k)M/c2.

But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(k), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitational world.

To notice the results we obtained with the simplified Newtonian model are the first theoretical deduction of Ke departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

Yet a theoretical calculus of those values cannot be exact ‘by chance’, unless the theoretical model behind it – the fractal sel-similar structure as Sp x Tƒ entities of all physical systems is right. Thus, the previous calculus is a clear proof that both, charges and masses, are unified as values of the same type of space-time vortices in the 2 different scales of space-time of the Universe. And they are geometrically unified from the p.o.v. of geometrical relativity not from quantum theory, as Einstein wanted it. Thus, the Unification equation in terms of Newtonian mechanics is simple:

For a century, quantum cosmology has tried to obtain this unification, departing from quantum laws. Yet it can be obtained, departing from the gravitational equations of a vortex of space-time. Coulomb already hints at this fact when he decided to use a self-similar formula to that of Newton to describe a charge. What Einstein did was to refine those measures with the concept of simultaneous, present time and the use of the non-Euclidean Ricci tensor/flow, which is a more sophisticated, detailed picture of that curved vortex of space-time.

He, we might say, applied a mathematical method that allows to take a series of still photographs of the vortex with enormous accuracy, but the complexity of his calculus hid the unification equation for a century. So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric vortex at different scales, explained with two different historic jargons.

The upper astronomical scales of physical systems, ∆+1, are in double symmetry with the lower quantum scales in ∆-1, when considering man at the ∆o relative center of both; as we observe that the co-inverse metric equations of fast, small atoms and large, slow galaxies give the same constant value, origin of the Unification equation of masses and charges.
On the other hand they show equal topology in ST, with its halo, likely of negative strangelets, black hole center of positive black holes modelled as top quark stars, and intermediate region of electromagnetic star nebulae.
THUS we can unify them through the concept of fractal scales with different space-time curvature and time speed such as:
∆-2: atom ≈ ∆+3: galaxy.
 Both scales will follow then the general laws of 5D Metric space-time isomorphic beings.


So indeed, the Universe is a fractal of space-time, with two self-similar membranes. This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world.

NOW, THIS is the simplex ‘Newtonian’ version of the Unification. As we have said unending times the mathematical efficient mirror is however inflationary so as we have multiple views of an event according to the monad’s distorted perspective, all with a quantity of truth, the dynamic ‘undetailed’ timespace newtonian vortex of gravitational forces suffices to prove the point. Trust me, I have also done the EFE unification with Maxwell equations, which in any case the gravitomagnetic Heaviside equations express for low intensity gravitational regimes.

Planes of existence however are not absolutely equal, so the quantum world of atoms must differ from the quantum world of galaxies as atoms… So far it seems in fact that plane is more similar to an antiparticle Universe, as the ‘proton-black hole’ has minimal mass compared to the electron surrounding it as in antiparticles.

The importance of having a ‘hierarchy of logic laws’ based in the organic fractal properties of the Universe is to establish order and hierarchy among all those inflationary theories.

For example, in the ∆-4 plane of maximal inflationary Mathematical physics, as there is minimal experimental evidence to ‘screen down’ the infinity of particles, with an Ockham’s razor, we sold be able to put together all this: neutrinos ≈ strings ≈gravitons ≈ spooky entanglement ≈ action at distance≈ neutrino theory of light…

And explain its origin on the ∆+4 plane of black holes as top quark stars with a cover of bcb atoms… Considering only rotary Kerr black holes as real, to define black hole jets of dark entropy, faster than light in its center, cause of the death of tired redshift light, seen in stillness as expansion of space…  

I have done quite a lot of complex maths on all those themes, but as they are not more important analysis that let us say, the study of Wagner’s dissonance in Das flegender Hollander, on the creative forms of the language of music… have no idea when I will fancy to search for those notebooks and put them in the fourth line here.

So good luck to the XXI century physicist that find all the equations. All I know is that the theoretical analysis from a 5D perspective of those ∆±4 planes organically and mathematically must shown those results, because of the economicity imposed by the epistemological structure of the 5D Universe.

Another interesting field but far less essential than physicists think is to straighten up the huge gaps on theoretical knowledge on the meaning of the Universal constants turning around those particles, which are basically proportionality constants, between the 3 conserved elements of physical systems…

What about the other 2 forces? The similarity between the strong force and the gravitational force ‘inside the atom-galaxy’, both attractive ‘only’ and the outer force of the galaxy (repulsive gravitation aka dark energy) and the outer force of the atom (electromagnetic repulsive expansive forces) is then immediate on the ‘simpler models’, as it is the parallelism between magnetism and gravitomagnetism (Heaviside’s discovery). And many other results follow. Further on, the hierarchy between those forces is also immediate. Well not so immediate, it requires…

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.14.19 AMThey are NOT essential in the sense of being as the previous unification coming from first principles (5D metric theory) but rather as in the metabolic graphs of ‘metabolic species’ of the biological realm, species of growing frequency=mass, which can be plotted in a small range of ‘metabolic attractive power’, as we did with planets and mammals – a feat achieved long ago by Wilczek before ‘the Higgs became by decree’ the origin of mass (which is not), in great detail, and roughly by this author with 5D metric.

My interest again is not in the details but in the great families, which seem to be simply stated a stair of 3 decametric speeds on the rotational event horizon of those particles as time vortices such as: tbc>c, s≈c, Ud<c…

And the true interesting philosophical conundrum is the study of the number of Dimotions and specific flows of energy we collapse when we measure ‘mass’ as a ‘scalar’  of the form K (1D) = ð² x $³ – that is the information lost of the particle-point of mass, when perceived extrinsically without its internal form, by human observers.

Since obviously dimensionality varies in an external analysis as point-particles on a larger world (equations of energy of the graph).

In true form though masses, eddies and charges are 5D pentadimensional forms with 2 dimensions of ‘accelerated’ time, and 3 dimensions of ‘shrinking volume’.

It is then clear that K in each of those 3 planes of physical existence is the constant of action, with maximal space-form (S³), which has a scalar number of measure, for h-planck, for k-boltman actions of entropy and for m, the mass of particle’s vortices.

So indeed, the Universe is a fractal of space-time, with two self-similar membranes. This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world.

How the ‘general S x T = K’ EQUATION of 5D metric works out for different systems though must take into account the different power laws that apply too them.

A more precise metric equation for physics systems will be considering the different dimensions of Space=volume (3D), time (clock: 2D) and K (scalar = 1D), our Unification equation of charges and masses, where we write  in terms of Newtonian mechanics is simple:

So we do have a Unification Equation which now we can discuss for other vortices of time: 

UCG,C = ω2r3/MUCG,C x M= ω2r3   M= ω2r3/UCG,C

Where we obtain for 2 UC(i/e) values, G and Q, 2 different space/time scales and vortices acceleration (mass and  charges).

 Indeed Mass becomes then the ‘relative constant’ M= ð(ω²) x $(r³), we are in a power law which is essentially similar to Kepler’s 3rd law. Couldn’t be otherwise: T² ≈ R³. So T=1/w and we substitute, normalizing as a constant each relative mass of each quark, M = 1; proportional to the square of its angular speed.

We can look at it in terms of dimensionalities, M, is the one dimensional scalar-singularity, w is the 2 Dimensional angular enclosure and r is the 3-dimensional quantum potential vital energy of the system – the lineal enclosed ‘wave’ state of this potential invisible field

So the equation becomes dimensional: K (1D) = ð² x $³, which merely defines the growth of mass as a power law of  the speed of rotation and potential invisible field (distance-radius). This is Kepler’s law and in general it will be the law for all physical systems; but requiring for each scale a proper analysis of the dimensions in which we work, which are maximal obviously for the macro-gravitational scale, but might differ – and we shall see how, for lower scales.

So here we do have an M vs. r³ clear one thousand relationship, between the scalar (charge, Mass, h, M) and the potential (quantum likely gravitational potential  10.000 C field, faster than light for spooky action at distance, maybe mediated by ‘string neutrinos’  electromagnetic field for our Universe at maximal c-speed, a thermodynamic potential for molecules and a liquid flow potential and so on). which would make logic to consider the rotational speed of the electron and the proton equal.

2 obvious, simple proofs of that dual, scalar structure:

– Planck’s minimal value for Mass is far bigger (10-7 g.) than the minimal value for an electromagnetic action (h), which seems to mean that the mass scale is far bigger than the quantum world.

– The entire standard model works without gravitational forces. Thus we have to postulate that particles are not ‘mass-particles’ but electromagnetic systems, which become elements of mass only when they aggregate in huge numbers, as it happens with electromagnetic photons, which become electrons of the upper scale in huge nebulae.

But we see masses as static forms. This is due to the Galilean paradox: a space-time vortex-mass becomes then statically a space-time distortion, a deformation of space-time, which increases as we decrease size. Since the deformation of space-time is the same for any cycle. Hence, when we trace a smaller cycle the deformation increases. And so it does the mass and the U(w), now a static constant of deformation.

This is the interpretation most often assumed of G in Einstein’s Relativity. In a simpler, classic approximation based in fluid dynamics, M/r3 becomes the density of space/time and its inverse, R3/m, the displacement of space-time provoked by a given mass. It is then evident by Archimedes Principle that a bigger mass density will provoke a bigger displacement and distortion of space-time an inversely a bigger acceleration towards the central vortex. And since the density of a proton is much higher than the density of a planet, the Universal Constant for an atom is much higher and so it is its angular speed. Does the electromagnetic constant, or static curvature of an atomic system, is much stronger. So it is the density of a proton mass.

This reformulation of electromagnetism simplifies and clarifies the meaning of physics. Yet to grasp the relationships between the quantum world and the cosmos we have to transform, using the new coulomb constant, C=1.5×1029, electromagnetic parameters to the jargon of gravity, departing from its fundamental relationship:

F=UCC Mm/r2 = e2/4π eor2

Then we can translate the main constants of electromagnetism (Rydberg constant, α constant, which denotes the strength of the electromagnetic field, etc.) to the gravitational jargon and again the results obtained are close to the theoretical value.

So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric force at different scales, explained with 2 different historic jargons. Further on, as we ‘transform’ the concepts of electromagnetic vortices to gravitational, geometric symbols, the main discoveries of Relativity apply to electromagnetic vortices.

Perhaps the most interesting simplified value under the new U(q) charge constant is the Proton radius that appears with the same formula than a black hole, Schwarzschild horizon.

This means that a quark particle (a hadron, a proton, etc.) is basically a black hole of the quantum, gravitational scale and vice versa: a cosmological black hole might be a deconfined state of billions of ultra-dense quarks. In such fractal Universe, each small particle could from the perspective of a small observer a macrocosmic form. And each atom could be a galaxy. Such fractal Universe validates the Theory of Great Numbers, which are the parameters of self-repetition of the Universe, which might be from a lower perspective a mere atom or black hole of a hyper-Universe.

Now the EXTENSION of the model of electromagnetism, translating its equations to vortex equations of accelerated time is huge.

It means the foundation of the subject with the new physics of 5D time vortices; and makes sense of every part of electromagnetism, a cultural jargon, far more convoluted due to the lack of a precise understanding of it, in the times of Faraday, Franklin et al (for example all physicists do know about the – sign of electrons, an error as electrons are the + absorbing vortices, dominant in the electromagnetic scales NOT protons, which are the quark, dominant in the strong force and its symmetric gravitational informative inner galactic force). And all of them know that the only difference between G and Q is the 1/4e factor which was absorbed in G when Kepler->Newton developed their formulae.

One of the most fascinating results of the understanding of the 5th dimension of space-time, the dimension of fractal scales of space and different speeds of time clocks, is the enormous simplification it implies in our understanding of the fundamental concepts of the Universe, from the meaning of mass and energy, information and time to the solution of the equations yet not solved in classic physics.

In that regard, this new r=evolution of science must be understood as the simplification experimented by astronomy with the arrival of Copernicus which put in the center of the Universe the sun. He was first dismissed precisely for the simplicity of his discovery that made so easy to calculate the orbits of planets. The astronomers of the age found it so simple that they dismissed it. And yet as Einstein put it ‘God is simple and not malicious’. Again when Einstein introduced his most famous formulae, E=mc ², and then his special relativity, he was criticized for the simplicity of the mathematics required to reach those conclusions and Hilbert said it was so easy that a high school could find it.

Tƒ, Sp and Tƒ, Sp are similar concepts. If the reader observes i includes o and æ, a and e, a is in that sense expansive expulsion of energy taken in a larger conceptualization, o and a are the pure energy and form, emitted or absorbed with minimal interference of the being, e and I are the two more elaborated versions which approach to reach and e=I point in which the transformation ends and the being finds an equal connection that I and e are the same, and this realization starts the wave of present, puts in motion the system that finds a cyclical meaning to its communication of two poles and start to move with the purpose of growing and reproduction, Œ

Those masses and charges, prove that the Universe is much more than the physical definition. And we do still have to study the concept of the source, which we shall say now is the Tƒ closed element because once a cycle is closed it finds its purpose in repeating its path (law of the least action). And so it gives purpose to its motion. Closed motions become perceptive motions of its synchronicity with pat actions it is repeating and finding through its memorial logic volume of still time=information, it is itself.

Connecting knots: De Broglie, mass, frequency and time and energy dilation

But this is NOT the internal property of mass, which is a vortex of accelerated gravitational time, E=mc2+E=hƒ->M=ƒ(K).

We shall latter a more detailed analysis on the first concepts of quantum physics and its relationship with 5D, physics around those 2 Einstein equations and De Broglie’ interpretations of it, as he found that all physical ‘quanta’ had a body-wave and a head-particle as they move over an energy field:

Sp (lineal field) < ST – wave < Spherical Particle of information.

And so he wrote: λ x P (mv) = H (Planckton)

Written in 5D as Vs. (Sp-field) > l (ST-wave) > m (Tƒ) = H

But while this is now standard 1st course of physics, what is of interest in De Broglie original paper is its disquisitions about the difference between the wave internal clock and the particle clock, as he focused on the ‘time element’ of E=Hv, and how time changed its clock slowing down as the wave-particle increased its speed-length in the 5th dimension, by a proportion, which we should now remark is equal to Einstein’s increase of energy of the system in Special relativity, such as, if we consider that an increase in the speed of the wave is in fact a growth of the wave space-distance: ∆ L = -∆Tƒ x ∆ Es =K,

As always the reader should by now imagine that there are always according to the 8th isomorphism of variations of species, dualities and quartets of space/energy-time/information description (still vs. moving, cycle vs. line, external membrane vs. internal center, internal being vs. external world, etc.) ternary different points of view either those of the 3 parts of the being or those of the 3 parts of the external world of energy and information or equations that related both. Those are ALL the varieties possible, and yet they are enough to be combined into an infinity of different equations of physics.


And the puzzle of T.Œ IS TO DEFINE all physical equations with those symmetries, dualities and ternary differentiations in a rational manner, WIHOUT any further law or element to describe ALL the phenomena of physics. Let us illustrate the case with the previous equation of unification of charges and masses. There are in fact 2 x 2 definition of it which become immediately clear to be the static and motion, spatial- energetic and informative-cyclical description of the same phenomena HENCE ALL equally valid, only different in the degree of detail and particular ‘focus’ they have (so to be used for specific problems, related to their point of view).

All in all mass (not necessarily matter) and more often ‘momentum’, which ads to mass, speed, might be considered the quanta of space, which the different motions of those masses, of which angular (tƒ) and lineal speed (Spe) are the commonest ones, constantly transforming into each other, give us even closer analysis of some of the features of physical systems of space-time.


Let us then leave the emergence of physical systems at this point, which a ‘learned scientist’ can understand without entering in ‘only-for-pro-physicist’ details.

Scales are similar NOT equal.

It is important to notice though that the Universe of 5D planes is fractal, ruled by the 3rd postulate of ®, of similarity not equality, as fractals are not equal in scales, but similar with internal parts that might differ even if the outside form of the point seems equal to an external observer.

Thus self-similarity is not equality, an atom is self-similar to a galaxy but NOT likely a galaxy – reason why for example quantum cosmology, which models galaxies as atoms (albeit without the conceptual 5D understanding) does not give us exact results.

Quantum cosmologists consider by using exactly the same equations (in their ad hoc method with no conceptual reasoning) ‘identical’ the scales of the cosmos and the quantum world, so they use quantum equations for all. This is a hyperbolic error. We have equations for each scale and what we can show, as we did here, is the self-similarities of scales.

All in all, it is evident that what we call a black hole or pulsar is made of quark quanta; it is a fractal of quarks. Thus we can apply to its vortices the laws of Newtonian fluids or the more complex equations of a Non-Euclidean vortices of space-time, as we do with any other ‘medium’ called a ‘phase space’ in physics. They can be considered akin to a hurricane, which is a ‘medium’ of air molecules, or to a tornado, which is a medium of water molecules. All those mediums have limits of speed, which are the same for their lineal forces and cyclical vortices:

Light space-time has a c-speed limit, which is also the limit of speed of a rotational electron vortex and a 0 K limit.

Dark energy and quark matter belonging to the gravitational membrane seems to have a c<10 c lineal and rotational speeds.

Because each space-time membrane has vortices of information and energetic, lineal forces, we need equations of self-similarity, relating informative vortices of charges and masses on one side and gravitational and electromagnetic waves on the other. This is done with gravito-magnetism, which relates cosmic gravitational, lineal waves and electro-magnetic fields. So, the gravito-magnetic formalism just needs to be properly fit within the wider concept of 2 self-similar fractal space-times, to define in self-similar terms, light waves and dark-energy waves of gravitation; as the elementary, actions-units of the 2 fractal scales.

Needless to say if a proton is a black hole of the inferior scale, a black hole is a quark condensate. And measures give us black holes as ‘top quark condensates’.

Needless to say, the philosophical conundrum of the self-similarity of forces and forms on both scales cannot be solved experimentally. If the Universe is self-similar between those 2 scales, but those are the limits of scales of reality, there is nothing below the atom or over the galaxy. If the Universe is infinite in its scales we are nothing to the whole. And yet while the first answer pleases our ‘anthropocentric world view’, the second answer is far more logical and in accordance with the evolution of science and thought.

It would then mean that the Universe is absolutely relative. That is, reality is not only as General Relativity proved, relative in all its motions, which depending on the observer might be seen as motion or as stillness (so Galileo found the Earth moves but we see it still), but it would be also absolutely relative in scales.

Which form together the 5th dimension of the Universe. This fifth dimension in which science has worked since the first telescopes and microscopes opened it to our eyes, however has not been understood in logic terms at all beyond the beginning represented by Einstein, on my view by a lack of philosophical and logical depth in the work of physicists. 

We deal here, when talking of the fifth dimension with a concept that should have been obvious: if physics study in general relativity time as space, in a present slice, the total time includes a flow from past to future, and from the microcosms to the future evolution of more complex structures, from smaller to bigger scales – and those dimensions, the past, already evolved flows of time that created scales from the micro-quantum world to the macro-gravitational world, are the 5th and 6th dimension which physics does not study but must be understood to evolve science.

General relativity studies the ‘present, continuum space-time’ (hence spatializes time to gain precision in the measure by creating a simultaneous frame of reference). And Absolute relativity is the next step expanding the study of time with both, logic and geometric, topological, mathematical non-Euclidean tools.

I recall the only time I could give a conference on that unification at Sonoma’s 50 anniversary of Systems Sciences, in which many top physicists were present.

They were first in awe that such simple equations as a 3 dimensional vortex could unify and extract the never found theoretical result of G and Q (we have only empirical measures), solve the hierarchy problem and further on as I develop a bit more the gravitational ‘jargon’ of charges, prove that the Proton radius was equal to the black hole radius so an atom was self-similar to a galaxy and the scales of the Universe were infinite through the 5th dimension.

Then someone raised his hand and told me what Hilbert told to Einstein when we published special relativity: the mathematics is too simple (Hilbert quipped that they were at the level of an undergraduate), and the enthusiasm waned. Within months NY Times published in its Sunday magazine a cover with my suit to the Nuclear Industry and that killed my career with ad hominem so I loss all my scholar positions and never gave more master conferences…

But that is another story of the limits of ethics in science. What matters here is to realize of the multiplicity aroused by the 4 pillars of all descriptions of reality. And the Occam’s razor: simpler is better.

The strong principle of equivalence:  mass as a vortex of gravitational time.

Mass is the attractive, in/forming force of the Universe; and it is merely the last, accelerated, curved motion of the gravitational force. Einstein explained this with his principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass/gravitation. Initially, due to the ‘mirage’ of materialism, physicists thought the principle only applied to the external, curving vortex of gravitational forces that sunk into the mass. But the mass as a solid substance was never found and all pictures have seen merely vortices of curved motions.

Now we can explain all this and take further, conceptually and mathematically the discoveries of Einstein, thanks to the advances of complexity. In this post we shall deal at the simplest possible level with empirical, theoretical and mathematical demonstrations of those concepts, considering some of the new advances on theory of information and astro-physics, we are making departing from Einstein’s insight.

Einstein’s mass theory 

In Physics, according to Einstein the information of a particle is its mass. This can be easily proved theoretically, mathematically and empirically.

In the previous pictures there is an obvious empirical proof. All pictures of masses and charges appear as vortices with an accelerated inward motion. Let us now deal with the other proofs (and let us remember that truth in epistemology of science is based in 3 pillars – empirical, logical and mathematical proofs.

Einstein’s Conceptual proof.

Now this simple equation is in accordance with Einstein’s Principle of equivalence between acceleration and gravitational force. Both are the same in General Relativity. And so why we should stop this ‘comparison’ at a certain point of the accelerating vortex? Since in the Universe we have never seen ‘substance’ but only motions, it is logic to think that what we call a mass is exactly that: the final region of acceleration into a vortex of gravitational forces. Such vortex obviously offers a resistance to motion (inertial mass), which is dependent of the speed/acceleration of such motion.

Einstein’s Mathematical proof

The mathematical proof is simple, given by the 2 main equations of Einstein, which relate the frequency of information (a time parameter), the mass and the energy of physical systems:

ExT=K, E=Mc2, hence M=K/T=Kv; where v is the frequency of rotation of the vortex of mass.

Thus a mass is a vortex of space-time that carries the information of the Universe in its frequency.

This also has empirical proofs: All vortices attract inwards with a force equivalent to the strength of the rotating vortex. So a hurricane attracts more when it turns faster. And so a mass, which is a hurricane of space-time attracts more the faster it turns. Moreover vortices of all kind are ‘accelerating’ inwards: Vo x Ro = K, which means that the shorter the radius is, Ro, the faster its speed, Vo, so the closer you come to the vortex, the faster it turns, the more it attracts, the stronger its gravitational force is, and the more mass it has.

But what type of accelerated motion?  Well it turns out that there are only two accelerated motions, lineal and cyclical accelerations. Further on, accelerated motions can produce forces that ‘work’. And Newton gave us a simple equation to describe ‘all’ the forces of the Universe: F = M (cyclical acceleration) x A (lineal acceleration). This is fascinating because it means that the Universe is made of 2 accelerated motions: F = M x A, where A is lineal acceleration or ‘energy’ and Mass is a vortex with more dimensional form, or cyclical acceleration, whose form and frequency carry the in-form-ation of the Universe.

Of course when we enter into deeper analysis of the mathematical details, a mass vortex is more complex. Einstein described it with a set of equations that go beyond the scope of this introduction. But there is a different version of those equations much simpler – the gravito-magnetic version, recently proved experimentally by a Probe, which are mimetic from the equations of electromagnetism.

And so since charges are obvious accelerated vortices of electromagnetic forces, it is self-evident that if masses produce a self-similar field system, they will be accelerated vortices of gravitational forces.

As Einstein put it ‘the Universe is simple and not malicious’. And so there you have, the 3 simplest, more important equations of Physics, F=m a, E=Mc2, E=hv and then the more complex, equally essential Maxwell and Einstein’s equations come all together to accept mass as an ‘internal’ property that define mass and hence need no further fields and esoteric particles to be explained.

Some extra-ordinary solutions obtained with Mr. Einstein’s Principle of Strong Equivalence.

So we return to objective science and bring different perspectives to explain basic physical phenomena, and the simpler answers unlike the Germanic view are considered the more harmonic and larger truth: such as why certain particles like a black hole have more mass, while others like a photon have no mass?

It is really because particles are ‘prescient’ and foresee the arrival of a celebrity (they are also conscious) coming to it, distinguishing them? Or something more objective, physical and normal; as the Higgs interpretation for common consume would believe? Not, obvious. The Answer is because its vortex of time is faster.

Of course something more normal when we describe a mass as an accelerated vortex, whose frequency of rotation gives us like in a hurricane its speed and strength and attractive power. Then all the questions still unknown about mass and energy become solved:

– First, why and how energy becomes mass in that equation, E=Mc2. This is simple Energy is lineal acceleration, mass is cyclical acceleration, thus a mere topological change of the form of motion transforms one into the other. The Universe is eternal, made of motions. And so one becomes the other in the c-limit speed of our space-time membrane.

– Then why antiparticles have inverse time coordinates? Self-evident: they are time vortex that turns clock wards.

– Then, why black holes attract so much being so small? Obvious. The event horizon is the c-limit of speed that curves light into mass. So they turn at c-speed, and they are very small. Thus the frequency of its mass-cycle that is proportional to its speed and inverse to its length is the maximal possible in the Universe.

– So why light has no mass? A tautology: Light does not close a cycle, but it is a wave that deflects the cycle into an open wave. Hence it never has mass. But if we were to calculate its mass in terms of energy the higher the frequency of the web (analogous to the mass frequency) the more mass-energy it has.

– Then there is the scalar, fractal structure derived of the homology of the equations of charges and masses, which however exist in two different scales. This is a key discovery for the fractal structure of the Universe and proves one of my fundamental mathematical findings: the unification equation of the G and Ke Universal constants of charges and masses as two vortices of two fractal discontinuous scales of space-time, the quantum, smaller world and cosmic upper scale.

And we will return to that at the end of this article, when considering in depth the consequences of upholding and evolving Einstein’s theory of mass, instead of seeking and absurd scalar particle that explains so little…

– Finally, why the Universe accelerates between galaxies? It is accelerating and will end into pure entropy? No. Self-evident. Physicists ignore the meaning of information and mass and they have a continuous theory of space. None of that works anymore. As each time cycle ‘breaks’ space into an inner and outer region. So do the time cycles of the Universe of which the biggest clock is a galaxy that ‘warps space into time-mass’. So the acceleration of space between galaxies is balanced by its warping within them.

And both balance each other: gravitation informs light-space into mass vortices, galaxies. And then light-space the substance of which our space is made, once it abandons the galaxy, stretches his frequency (Doppler effect as ‘real’) till its ‘generational time cycle’ of around 10 up to 10 years dissolves it back into non-perceivable, lineal, gravitation with no form. But this and so many other fascinating results of a proper theory of time cycles require more knowledge of physics that I expect a non-physicists to have, so we shall end here the simpler version of Einstein’s mass theory.

A conceptual analysis of mass and charges, its scales and 5D metric.

That is the Universe of infinite 5D scales, is the integration of all its parts, smaller ∆±in islands universes that co-exist across 3 scales of the 5th dimension:

-The ±1 quantum-cellular/organic-thermodynamic/social-gravitational scales, both in its sequential time order, as they ‘increase its information and diminish in space, >and its spatial polar order, as they exchange simultaneously energy motion, <, and information,  perception, >, between its 2 poles, SP<ST>TƑ.

Then using the metric of the 5th dimension,  if we accelerate and diminish a galaxy, in its two parameters:

Sp (size) x Tƒ (angular momentum) =K

Alas,  it resolves the Saint Grail of Physics, the unification of charges and masses. As its equations matches those of the atom.

So the atom and the galaxy are two vortices of electromagnetic and gravitational forces, which in the metric of the 5th dimension are easily unified changing the jargon of electromagnetism to that of Gravitation.

Indeed in those metric each atom is similar to a galaxy. The proton has the Schwarzschild radius, as if it were a black hole of a galaxy atom… the electron seems a  halo of negative strangelets. But the mass relationship is inverse, so actually the scales of the 5th dimension change sign – the galaxy is similar to a ginormous antiparticle; dark energy can be modeled as repulsive gravitomagnetic waves – the equivalent of transversal electromagnetism… Not surprisingly the Walker-Einstein equations of Relativity model Galaxies like Hydrogen atoms.

How this can be possible requires some conceptual and mathematical analysis. So we shall explain the concepts behind and then prove mathematically the equation or T.O.E. which physicists have so long looking for – the unification of forces, charges and masses.

Now what seems surprising here is the fact that mass appears quantized, and the question of what is the quanta of mass remains to be clarified. Usually people hint that it might be a Planck Mass:

Mp=√hc/G ≈ 10 -9 kg

About the mass of a flea egg.

This as well as the large speed-distance of a second of light motion has always been a puzzle to scientists which study the lower scales of the thermodynamic and quanta world, but actually is one of the clearest proofs of the scalar nature of the 5th dimension as gravitational scales are well above our human scale corresponding to the galactic scale.

But if such is the minimal quanta of mass, what happens below that scale? Well, the standard model of particles does not give them rest mass.

So we must conclude something which should be obvious if physicists had the idea of fractal space-time clear enough: below a scale of the Planck mass there is NOT rest mass, particles at rest. All of them are moving.

In the same manner that there is a minimal H-planckton below which there is no possibility to ‘exist’ and so we do have the uncertainty principle of h, as the minimal quantity in which there are ‘quantum systems fully formed’, and this is the reason why the electron does have a minimal orbit, as it ‘disintegrates’ below that orbit, that is, becomes ‘something else’ absorbed by the nucleus (to form normally a neutron), below the level of the flea egg all contributions to the mass we observe are in the form of ‘energy’, of open motions.

This of course does NOT mean below that scale systems are NOT affected by gravitational fields. It simply means they are NOT at rest in a gravitational field, they are like the electron in its orbit, not at rest as a center of mass, as a point of view, as a fixed form. They are NOT forming ‘mass organisms’, but are under the thermodynamic and quantum effects of different energies. They CAN be enclosed into a mass organism, but they are then ‘energy’ of it. And if their inner thermodynamic or quantum-electromagnetic energy is strong enough they will ‘break the enclosure’ and set themselves free…

Or stated in a different manner, which I assume will be denied by the non-philosopher of science (and the modern one, which long ago submissive to physicists forgot what the ‘masters’, Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz told us about unmoved minds-gods, the units of ‘thought’):

a mass-center is a fixed frame of reference, a fractal world in itself, which does NOT move, as it can convert into an informative, gravitational mirror-mind the energies around it. It is a territorial top predator. And in the world of masses, this is a top quark on the low scale and a black hole on the large scale.

As it happens the Planck mass is nature’s maximum allowed mass for point-masses (quanta) – in other words, a mass capable of holding a single elementary charge.

If two quanta of the Planck mass or greater met, they could spontaneously form a black hole whose Schwarzschild radius equals their Compton wavelength.[

Once such a hole formed, other particles would fall in, and the black hole would experience runaway, explosive growth (it WILL NOT evaporate via Hawking radiation). And as it does so it will diminish its temperature, M=K/T, the active magnitude of its lower ∆-thermodynamic scale, as it is ‘digested’ and converted into this other plane, as ‘mass’ quanta, as top quarks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 19.59.41

Nature’s stable point-mass particles, electrons and quarks, are many, many orders of magnitude lighter than the Planck mass and cannot form black holes in this manner.

On the other hand, extended objects (as opposed to point-masses) can have any mass. Do they have in its center ‘top quarks’. Not necessarily.

Let us remember that a system does have a membrane and a center, which is the last part to be formed.

The liquid present state does NOT have a particle center. It is a liquid enclosed by a pressure surface, a wall, a surface tension. A wave does NOT have a center, unless the photon is formed at certain ‘level’ of frequency, it has only the enclosure.

Mass effects thus do not require a ‘pure mass center’, with ‘zero-temperature’, but there is this huge region in between, with ‘cool temperatures’ and heavy masses, and centers of mass which do have some motion, but are quite cool, normally dense, solid states and crystals, or regions of high density pressure, in which there are mass and thermodynamic combined effects and also electromagnetic interactions.

This is how the Universe is built. It is NOT one-dimensional but ternary. Most entities have 3 states interplaying and none is pure.

As the Chinese said when all is yin and all is yang, the system backs off, as those perfect future and past states are somehow dead states.

So in our Universe we do exist as humans in liquid, gas and solid state, and the liquid middle state dominates, we do have electromagnetic, gravitational and thermodynamic processes, and thermodynamic processes dominate.

That is the fun and complexity of it: the 3 scales co-exist, as you co-exist as cell, organism and social number of a nation.

But it is important to fully grasp the rules of exchange of energy and information between scales, the regions of lineal relatively placid dominance of a certain state and those where there is an exponential growth or decay as one ‘scale’ dies into the lower or upper scale becoming the ‘other;.

Now, in the 5th dimension we jump a full scale at the 1010-11 magnitudes, which as we shall repeat ad nauseam are the mean stars of a galaxy, ties of a dna molecule, galaxies of the cosmological horizon universe, cells in a regular superorganism, and so on.

So as we come two scales from quantum particles into thermodynamic and magnetic systems into mass systems, this is the proportion we must find, which is there:

Approximately 1019 protons (1021 electrons) give us a Planck mass (minimal black hole).

And approximately 1010 atoms give us a magnetic domain.

Now to fully grasp the formation of those scales, one has to look at the formation of organisms – yes I know every physicist will raise its eyebrow, but I am talking as a philosopher of science which sees unity in al sciences, not as a ‘me, I and myself is all what matters physicist, who only accepts its mathematical specific way to treat reality’…

And if the ‘postulate of philosophy of science’, the Ockham’s razor – all systems are similar and simple following the same isomorphic laws holds, biology is the master science because is the one we observe with more detail – reason why we model galaxies as ‘cells’, and atoms as simple organisms.

So how does a simple organism formed? First, and this is thoroughly backed in the observation of physical scales, the ‘FIELD’ or lower entropic, motion scale of ‘forces’ connecting different micro-quanta appears, then the membrane and finally the o-point of view.

It is the reversal of time arrows that makes creation come from micro to macro elements, from minimal form and maximal energy elements.

So for example in life, it was first the ‘water’ what appeared, then the proteins were formed and somehow they started to form circular rings, bubbles, which were empty and finally it appeared the central rnass, the nucleotide acids with the nitrogen heads that ruled the system, and the only then ‘life appeared as a whole ternary system.

And this is how we must consider the creation of a gravitational system

First we must consider the creation of a ‘field’ in which ‘Pressure’, the ‘membrane element’, and ‘emerging attractive forces’, between atomic particles, form a diffuse field without center, more like a ‘liquid’ rubbing of molecules with van der waals forces.

But as the relative not yet rest mass of the system increases and the energy quiets down, a ‘thin membrane’ or ‘enclosure’ which is not to be seen under the Galilean paradox of motion=form, yet as a ‘solid’ dense form of mass, but as a cyclical force-motion with an inward, gradient element, encloses it. This inward force is what we measure as ‘pressure’.

It is pressure ‘against’ temperature: PV= nKT.

A pressure and volume are parallel, but Pressure is more efficient than volume, in adiabatic reactions, an increase of pressure, that diminishes ore the volume of the system, from a gas to a liquid-solid state, lowers the temperature and increases the mass ‘density’ to a point in which there is both, the gravitational field and the membrane, the water enclosed by the proteins.

Or put in other terms if Clausius stated, “Heat does not transfer spontaneously from a cool body to a hotter body.”, pressure will heat the body reversing with gravitational forces the arrow of entropy.

And if, in an ideal entropic gas, as pressure increases, the product PV increases faster, in real gases, at lower temperature the increase of Pressure upsets that of Volume , which drops much faster increasing the mass density.

And if we consider crystals, we find even more clear examples of the growing informative order, which will finally develop the ‘rest mass’ of the being.

And as pressure increases the solid atoms in the center, the mass effects appear, how early and how much they count, depends on the strength of the other forces, the electromagnetic forces, the ferromagnetic forces the temperature forces.

Nature is NOT simple in the details. It is simple in the general laws. So we are not ENTERING here in what a good physicist or specialist knows well, the details on how those parameters interact and cancel each other, fight for dominance, as it happens in life in the interaction we see closer between membrane proteins, water forces of osmosis, DNA control of the cell, mitochondria energy production, ATPs, etc.

But the process is obvious. It is clear that for atomic forms below the threshold of the magnetic triad, Iron-Nickel-Cobalt, we are in the kingdoms of radiation, of electromagnetic flows, of stars, where the equilibrium between ‘pressure’ and ‘radiation’ maintains a balance, where thermodynamic and electromagnetic flows can interact as the two ‘gradients’ of a living, liquid plasma world. We are not ions so we shall not enter at this stage, into the final frontier on how all this affects the way existence and perception happens, and how the actions of ∆±e, I, reproduction and social evolution of stars go through. The material is there, plus we offer an analysis form the perspective of the points of view and the pan geometries they display in other sections of these posts.

What matters here is this. At a certain point ‘pressure wins’, and so we insisted for decades that in the center of stars and planets we will NOT find a very hot liquid core, as it was canonical, but a ‘Chrystal, cold’ and massive, created by the dominant pressure, which becomes a mass center.

Alas, now it has become canonical that in the center of planets there are crystals not liquid hot balls.

Humans being thermodynamic beings tend to exaggerate from their world point of view the value of heat.

I have always in my personal analysis for 30 years considered the power of cold order, and information. For example, I am quite sure that there should be a model to use the gas-solid palladium-hydrogen concept to create cold fusion, as all systems can arrive slow with more cold order or hot with faster ‘time clocks’ (as temperature is the clock of the ∆-thermodynamic scale), to the same point, in cold process the order is higher.

So cold fusion must happen. Another matter, which I haven’t calculated is how ‘fast’. Probably too slow to make it worthy but maybe not. So far the theme is not yet settled.

The same happens with crystal formation: slow crystal formation under ‘pressure’ creates excellent diamonds. Fast crystal formation with low pressure and high temperature forms glass, with amorphous nature.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 16.01.17Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 16.05.00

‘Death processes do not obey the conservation laws’

Notice here something miss? That’s right: the positive proton yields a negative pion! This is surely impossible to readers according to charge conservation rules.. The above excerpt does not say what charge these pions have except they are somehow created from protons. Since protons are positive this indicates the created pions must also be positive, in which case they could not decay into negative muons. Physicists say that somehow cosmic ray produce both, muons (negative) and anti muons (positive). So charge is conserved. But if anti muons are produced in equal numbers, we should observe them equally at sea level. Instead the literature indicates a vast abundance of muons only.

Now all this said Particles do have a moment of rest mass, a single moment, which we will latter describe, the moment of death, when they become antiparticle.

All systems do have a day and night a rest and a motion, a stop and go. Masses show in Dirac’s equation that acquire mass in the moment in which they are conjugated with the anti-article which is the reversal moment of death. So instead of giving up to the larger emerging scale a ‘quanta of space’ (as for example atoms do giving the outer electron to the valence forming matter or to the electronic flow that glues metal, but only the outer shell), mass receives its quanta from a moment of time. Precisely when the inversion between life-time and death-flat space particle and antiparticle stops into rest mass the being.

Only in the moment of death, mass resurrects.

Think of yourself when you die, and become a flat space surface, no longer a tall frequency of time motions, but flat space and you give your form and energy to Gaia and its lesser beings, insets of the lower life scale.

Well, it is the same concept. But particles resurrect easily into antiparticles and particles back again, as we observe in the quark-antiquark process, which gives its energy first to the meson (particle-antiparticle duality) of the nuclear force, where we find the contribution to the mass field.

It is not though a stable ‘mass rest’ but exactly what we just said, the contribution to the gravitational field of the equations of Einstein, the entropic contribution of the death-devolving moment.

And again you must grasp the ternary symmetries of the Universe at this stage Trust me it is a conceptual effort what physicists won’t like to do, but as important more indeed that the equations we are explaining.

The field comes first, reason why physicists say that waves-membranes and p.o.vs -particles are excitations of the field. In a way they are right. But how the field appears. The field is a force field of acceleration gradient, hence an entropic field. And entropy is the arrow of past-death of a system.

So this Dirac contribution is what creates ‘first’ the gravitational field, in the particle-antiparticle meson moment.

It is NOT enough to create the mass center. And that is why at the level of quantum scales we can only consider the ‘contribution of Dirac’s instant – the particle conjugate’.

The membrane must be considered to come from the next magnetic and thermodynamic scales, at the point it balances the radiation.

And then it comes the ‘center’, and when the center becomes the pure black hole. Ah, then it comes the nova, and the sudden explosive growth of ‘mass’. And we thermodynamic beings go to hell.

On the atomic table, this mass effect clearly starts with the more informative series of metal, in the 6th period, where the other effects start to become subdued.

If we consider the micro-quanta of mass the top quark, it has a similar weight to the gold atom, the informative gold atom which in accelerators they are bombing to create heavy quarks

On this range of the gold barrier, is where we find that a single atom might have some control of a gravitational field to act with this ‘new weapon’. There are several factors that might consider this ‘thin red line’ of gold and mercury and lead’ the region where atoms might have the first sense of mass. Indeed, the gold atom at this stage is a red single power force able to move with finesse, to the point that you can create bridges with a single gold atom, and the gold properties are quite amazing in that respect. In terms of information, form, ‘rest’ mass.

So I would say that at quanta level the top quark and the 6th period might be the absolute limit where mass effects start to subdue electromagnetic effects.

In that sense, Helium, Iron and Gold are the 3 top predator atoms of the table for their control of the 3 scales of the perceived Universe.

And what truly matters to us is to ‘relate them’ through simultaneous measure.

Einstein did that for some physical time cycles of light and gravitation (accelerated mass vortices which are clocks of gravitation as he explained in his principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration).

This is called 4D metric, in which Einstein synchronized through measures different time cycles and its different speeds using a more sophisticated form of  ‘calculus of infinitesimal’ present time moments than Galileo who had done the same with a simpler formula of infinitesimal, present measures v=∂s/∂t.

But we need now to expand all those previous, simplified models, as we are discovering with advanced tool an infinity of new time cycles, besides the physical, frequencies of light speed and the clock like vortex of masses that Einstein studied.

And before we introduce the 5th dimension, we must give you a first glimpse to the mathematics that will make it ‘so evident’ as it is to experience .

Today in Physics, the most important of those dualities is no longer the Galilean paradox of the moving-still Earth but the Paradox of Complementarity of quantum physics, between the motion state or ‘wave state’ and the form state or ‘particle state’ such as:

– A particle constantly stops to gauge information, from its particle point of view and moves with its wave state. And both co-exist as a body and head co-exist in a biological organism.

This organic interpretation of the Principle of Complementarity of quantum physics will have enormous consequences to clarify the spooky effects of both Einstein’s Relativity theory and Quantum physics, which we will deal with in other more specific posts.

So we must always consider the duality of still space-distance and moving space, lineal motion vs. still time-information and cyclical time clocks in motion.

The Paradox of Galileo explains those dualities of motion and stillness, continuity and discontinuity and the fractal scale of non-Euclidean points, which grow in size and form according to the point of view of the observer. Yet since motion, discontinuity and fractal structure becomes evident as we come closer to the object, increasing our information and the truth of an entity is a direct function of the quantity of information we have of it, a Universe made of motions NOT substances, of discontinuous, fractal space-time, not of continuum fixed space is more truth.

Physicists though had not properly defined all those concepts.

On one side Energy was an overstretched ‘bag’ where to fit all motions of the Universe in all its scales. What it truly means in that sense is ‘the sum of all the formal motions of a system through its entire worldcycle. So it will be a key concept also in the model of fractal and cyclical time, akin to the ‘quantity of formal motions of any scale of reality’. So it is in fact another way to express the fundamental dual law of science is: ‘

“All what exists is energy that converts Spatial Extension back and forth into temporal information: Sp<=>Tƒ:     Energy=Sp x Tƒ”.

And so in 5D metric, there are infinite ‘parallel Universes’, but not in parallel realities, but in this fractal reality: each planet was a different history, as each fractal nebulae of an electron, all its possible histories, and each 10 scales of the 5th dimension a similar Universe but with different ‘universal constants’… Infinity and Absolute Relativity reaches its true dimensions, blowing up the mind, as equations keep falling into place.

Its symmetry in space. The geometry of the 5D planes of the Universe.

Cosmology deals with the Entire Universe, taken in present models of reality as the absolute Whole, as they consider reality co-exists in a single, continuous plane of space-time. This is not the overwhelming truth shown by T.Œ

Plainly speaking the structure of the Universe is ‘pyramidal’, with parts that ‘emerge’ as wholes, by ‘co-existing’ in different scales, which in physical systems are the quantum-atomic, thermodynamic-material and cosmological scales. This means in geometrical terms, and terms of motion and form (which in physics are concepts known as kinetic energy and its derivative lineal momentum and potential energy, and angular momentum – related but not so clearly and in T.Œ have the general form of Sp- bidimensional spatial energy and Tƒ or Tƒ, Temporal clocks of information) that there are different behaviors either if we:

– Stay in a single plane, seen as Euclidean where motion and form are conserved when an entity interacts within a single plane.

– Move through planes from parts into wholes, growing in size or sending energy and information to a larger whole vs. moving from wholes into parts or sending Sp & Tƒ from wholes into parts. This is ruled by the metric of the 5th dimension, which in its simplest ‘lineal form’ write as Sp x Tƒ = K.

Now because motion moves downwards with no friction, so you move your hand and all its cells move synchronically but do not move upwards with the same fluidity (so there is entropy) and vice versa, information, form can be replicated upwards with no loss, so cells replicate genetically and small forms grow in size almost with no changes, but things do ‘NOT shrink’ easily and there is no Lamarckian evolution, this means the perception of systems ‘above’ as wholes is different from the perception of systems ‘below’ as parts.

All in all the smaller worlds seem to have more information, form, mass, charge, and hence more ‘energy’ in the conceptualization of physics, from our perspective and so they grow in detail and occupy a larger space when we observe it. While the upper world thins out in energy and form. Only the present world of our size and form remains constant.

Bell CORRECTScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.44.22

We can see this from an organic perspective as a trophic pyramid: the smaller parts sustain the larger parts, which therefore thin out in energy density, and informative speed. If we look at those changes from a geometric point of view ∆+1 elliptic and ∆o hyperbolic realities different from our, ∆-1 perspective of our Euclidean Universe:

In the graph, the human observer in his own plane sees an Euclidean image of the Universe.

Now why it is our scale Euclidean? If we consider it in terms of the structure of our underlying space-time, it is made of light, and so as we see the motions of light as fixed dimensions of space, So our eyes sees 3 perpendicular light space coordinates:

This is the definition of Euclidean space: Light space.

We thus will observe 3 type of geometries, according to our ‘angle’ of 5D motion and its simple metric: Sp x Tƒ = K:

In a single plane of mechanical and Thermodynamic forms, we shall observe lineal Euclidean geometries transmitted by the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space, as neither Sp or Tƒ suffers any deformation. Man perceives light at constant speed without a real change in its time= frequency, and space=speed parameters from the point of emission (particle in relative stop (and motion) relationship with the observer).

  • Both remain constant, so we observe a holographic Universe, where Sp= K/Tƒ define according to both parameters most equations of Mechanics and Thermodynamics. For example: Sp (volume) = K/Tƒ (pressure) is the equation of the commonest gas space around us (atmosphere).
  • In the upper gravitational space-time, as ‘space enlarges’ while ‘time slows down’ it appears a Riemannian, elliptic geometry one of the non-Euclidean geometries that completely rejects the validity of Euclid’s fifth postulate and modifies his second postulate. Simply stated, Euclid’s fifth postulate is: through a point not on a given line there is only one line parallel to the given line. In Riemannian geometry, there are no lines parallel to the given line because space enlarges, thus from our smaller perspective we see those lines diverging, and time slows down. And those are the exact effects defined in General relativity.
  • On the other hand the lower quantum scales will appear from our perspective made of point-particles, and those point-particles will appear to be crossed from our larger perspective by multiple parallels. So the charges and particles of quantum physics will show the inverse hyperbolic geometry, crossed by multiple parallels.

Some first insights on the galatom model. The 3rd age of black hole theory: heavy quark stars.

Now, in the future we shall obtain the same results with more complex gravitational models, (Einstein, quantum physics, Maxwell-Dirac-EFE equations, etc.) but we are NOT concern at the ‘birth’ of 5D with those results. To mention though a well-known result which requires those more complex physics, for the other key particle of the Universe, the so-called black hole electron, obtained using the same method – to treat electrons with the formalism of gravitation. Then a black hole with the same mass, charge and angular momentum as an electron, share the magnetic moment of an electron. Thus treating the electron as a small rotating sphere of charge, which follows 5D metric, and spins faster than light, when in its minimal point-particle radius (SxT=k) according to the vortex law that also acts on black holes, turning faster than light beyond the c-horizon, we obtain also a black hole.

It would then be  a ‘super-extremal’ black hole that display a naked singularity, NOT hidden behind an event horizon, which in fact would NEITHER exists, as it will be made of smaller quark particles and black atoms (cbb) of dense matter, which are fermions that cannot occupy the same place and whose minimal size is its compton wave-state of motion that for the smallest one, the top quark radius is 10ˆ17 times larger than the singularity – a mere mathematical entelechy born of the creationist construction of a universe with no substance and not scales. Notice also that such BH would give rise to closed timelike curves, aka local worldcycles, proving once more all the tenants of 5D.

Moreover, recent more sophisticated analysis show that the proper analogy is with the Kerr-newmann formalism, and then the electron appears as the ‘ring’ of the Kerr-Newman rotating charged black hole with its central superluminal axis that ’emits’ in the full model of the galatom, a constant neutrino faster than light, expansive space (if we take its motion as space-distance by virtue of S=T), jet latter converted into (Jordan theory of neutrino-light), a flow of electromagnetic photons and simple ud particles. But here is NOT the place to discuss what we shall call the ‘3rd age of black hole’ theory – first age being its treatment with Einstein’s equations, 2nd age the Hawking age treated with thermodynamic equations, the third age being the final proper age with its description as a ‘heavy quark cbt star’, which acts as the central proton-neutron system of the galaxy, atom of the next scale.

It is then when some evident connections appear: gluons which seem to have no mass (but we cannot measure them at rest, and they do have a huge contribution to the energy of the protons) will be for the homologous ∆+1 scale the heavy quarks inside the black hole, specifically mesons of the octet, which are combinations of those 3 type of quark flavors, equivalent to the 3 type of gluon colors. And as mesons are particle-antiparticle life-death worldcycles of a being, closing into its age of entropy and dissolution, we can imagine what is going on inside the black hole: the constant transformation of our mass through entropic meson processes of death and renewal into heavier top predator quarks till arriving to the top quark at the center of the black hole. This top quark bundle is then the equivalent to the ‘u-d’ quark of our atom, and the question left for the fourth line of more precise analysis is this: it is the ududud constant change of the ‘top quark bundle’ (in the upper scale), light quark on our scale a ‘symmetry in space’ or ‘in time’, that is, are we seeing the same particle so fast we think in our slow electromagnetic time we see 3 quark particles, or those 3 quarks are the same quark bundle in 3 ‘ages of time’?

And what about the other 2 forces of nature? The similarity between the strong force and the gravitational force ‘inside the atom-galaxy’, both attractive ‘only’ and the outer force of the galaxy (repulsive gravitation aka dark energy) and the outer force of the atom (electromagnetic repulsive expansive forces) is then immediate on the ‘simpler models’, as it is the parallelism between magnetism and gravitomagnetism (Heaviside’s discovery). And many other results follow. Further on, the hierarchy problem between those forces is also immediate: gravitation is weaker because it is the slow rotating galaxy with minimal curvature. But the theme of ‘forces’ properly belongs to the 2 Dimotion of locomotion. So we will return to it.

The 2 fundamental scalar vortices of time: Charges and Masses.

Let us then deduce from the previous metric, the main equations of the different world-plane constants, starting for the best known, remembering that T=1/Tƒ:

F= GmM/L²   = ma

a = GM/L²      GM = L³ xTƒ²   where G is the constant and M the ∆-scalar magnitude, Tƒ², the dimension of cyclical time (angular acceleration) and L³ the dimension of volume.

The same equation, substituting G for Q and M for charge, as we show in the Unification Equation of charges and masses gives us the value of a charge as an ∆-scalar magnitude, when we use the Bohr model to calculate the attractive charge of the first spherical S-orbital of an electron (obviously the complexity of non-circular electronic orbitals defy this simple calculus).

Thus both M and E are the scalar magnitudes of the two upper and lower limiting world-planes of human existence, as accelerated vortices, the ‘active magnitudes’ of those 2 fields.

How does a vortex of charge and mass becomes constructed geometrically? We must understand that all systems tend to curve a |-Motion into a cyclical, finally accelerating inwards vortex: |>Ø>o. Those 3 phases of a motion will give birth to a ‘ternary structure’, the commonest of the Universe and its simplest ones are those of nature:

In the graph we can see the 3 relative topologies: as a |-Motion curves into a field, it moves inward accelerating, till it reaches the zero point, in which it will often will split its ‘formal’ and ‘energetic content:

On one side it will slow down and be perceived as a stop- mapping, in the central zero point, on the other side it will be deflected and change its dimensional direction upward as a hyperbolic tube that becomes finally a lineal flow. In physical fields, the simplest systems, it means we will find a field, which will accelerate inwards (gravitational, charge field) and then it will create a ‘less energetic’ upwards-downwards ‘gravito-magnetic’ field, completing the 3 ‘topological membranes’ of a whole system.

This field will basically have the 3 components and write with the generic equation of all fields:

F= A x E, where F is the force, A the active magnitude (Charge, mass) and E the vectorial structure of the field.
Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 20.53.29A proof of the ∞ ∆-scalar nature of space-time, composed of isomorphic lineal forces of ‘spatial energy’ and cyclic, clock-time vortices of ‘informative time’, charges in the ∆-1 quantum scale, and masses in the ∆+1 cosmic scale are the recently found ”excited S-orbitals’ of the Milky Way: 2 bubbles of electromagnetic energy with the same form that ∆-1 atomic orbitals have in its excited states. The Metric of its isomorphism is the Unification Equation of Charges & Masses and its U. Constants (Q.G.).

As such the equivalence of both scales unified by a fractal simple equation rises many philosophical questions. From a point of view of astrophysical description it introduces two different perspectives over the same phenomenon: as we can see galaxies from a much larger scale, that of the human looking at the galaxy atom, and as outsiders, observing how electromagnetic energy between atoms is equivalent to dark entropy between galaxies, or we can adopt the smallish point of view as particles of a galactic star, a mere dust of space-time on the mythocondria of the gala cell. It is precisely in the description of physical systems from wildly knew perspectives what enriches the analysis of the galaxy atom in ∆§ð physics.

So mass is a gravitational vortex of frequency, moving with the quanta of light speed,  which becomes then (Paradox of Galileo) also the quanta of space-distance of the galactic scale – the limit of the spatial capacity to move=reproduce information in Galactic space.

How does really one scale transforms into the other requires to understand the different ways in which discontinuous time-cycles connect to each other and transfer through those knots-connections their angular momentum.

In essence though the idea is still as simple as a russian doll encasing and absorbing the motions of a smaller membrane-russian doll that becomes ‘muted’ by that larger encasing that absorbs its motion. The new scales of ‘membranous-closed’ wholes do therefore get their kicks of the enclosed vital space, and can at the same time act in the ∆+1 world outside their ∆o-1 particle<wave system.

THUS THE CONSTANT OF THE gravitational world is cc, a bidimensional sheet of light energy, which is measured here in entropic quantities, where mass is the frequency vortex measured as particle that will ‘vomit’ all its ccs.

Cc then is better understood through Maxwell equation as the inverse of µ x ε, the magnetic and electric constant, which become then the ‘split’ two constant exi-st¡ential  units of both fields in an even smaller scale of exi∂st¡ence

But in all of them we shall find three arrows of time-space with its form and function, topological and bio-logical organic description of phenomena, which when plugged into ‘vital ¬Æ mathematics further reveals many details and beautiful, darwinian process among the quanta of space-energy (whole being measured in instantaneous space as an energy amount, in detail as a ternary topology with a finite time and space size connected by the 5D metric of the being).

Pentalogic TRUTH on singularities: how to unify multiple views of the same phenomena

WE said that languages are inflationary, so there are multiple perspectives of any formalism of mathematical physics. They will respond mostly to the four essential components aforementioned – a wave, field, particle and scalar perspective, with some ad ons, such as relativity to account for mental distortions often in the ‘lorentzian’ regions between planes scales that become deformed in its parameters.

Of course I know the usual pedantic scholar of physics will state – but you have used a Newtonian concept of mass as a vortex, and the proper way to do it is with the complex Einstein’s formalism that accounts to the full detail of precision measure.

But he will miss completely the point: what truly matters is to understand the logic similarity between the charge and mass state of accelerated time vortices in both scales. A FRACTAL IS NEVER EQUAL, BUT SELF-SIMILAR, so are the scales of the Universe. Thus in physics we can go with more or less detail into all those scales and its key elements but we are not going to reach an exact measure and if we were to use the more complex formulations of Einstein’s mathematical mirror the whole ‘conceptual understanding of time vortices would disappear in our search for absolute precision of measure.

IT IS ESSENTIAL TO UNDERSTAND THAT LANGUAGES ARE MIRRORS WHICH ALWAYS WILL REFLECT A PART OF THE WHOLE INFORMATION WITH A BIAS, AND DIFFERENT DETAIL AND THE MORE DETAILED the mirror of mathematical formalism, the more difficult to see the forest. Further on as the entangled Universe has multiple elements 5 Dimotions there are mirrors who focus more in one or another view.

What we call PRECISE physics IS such because humans NO LONGER CARE TO UNDERSTAND with the synoptic verbal, logic language what they talk about. So they just care to measure with maths and the praxis of using those measures to construct GPS, MACHINES etc. Then the ego-paradox makes them believe that is truly the whole matter -as Kepler with his God as a clocker.

Specifically the previous unification equation of the two similar – NOT equal scales of physics can be cast in 4 basic Dimotion perspectives (as usual the entropic death dimotion is a complete different anti-view that is not coded or reflected):

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 08.39.19

 In the graph, the evolution of the concept of mass in relativity, from the initial image of an abstract substance in the center of an accelerated vortex of space-time, proper of the abstract, pre–world war age, when Einstein first published his work on gravitation, to the first pictures obtained in bubble chambers in the postwar age, to the realization that each mass is a fractal space-time made of smaller cyclic motions proper of twenty-first century.

In the graph, for the pedantic observer, which rejects Newton as too simple, over seeded by Einstein, a final note on the multiple perspectives we can have of any event of space-time according to the ∆±1 or Sp, Tƒ, ST perspective we adopt, we classify the 4 standing models of gravitation as relative truths, belonging to the 4 perspectives of reality: Sp< =>Tƒ.

In the graph the 4 obvious descriptions of mathematical physics regarding gravitation: T (relativity, dominant in form)≈ Ft (Newton – dominant in dynamic motion) <-> Ps (Poisson, dominant in past spatial field/gradient-form)≈ Se (Lagrange, dominant in the analysis of the balances of entropic motion-energy):

Ft: Newton is a moving CLOCK LIKE vortex of the same mass-motion regions)

Ps: Poisson is a potential static field of energy gradients..

Se: Hamiltonian-Lagrangian is a dynamic description of the conservative energy of the system.

Tiƒ: Einstein’s simultaneous measures in relativity are a still, formal description in ‘present’ of the gravitational space-time.

And so all of them are equivalent. In fact Einstein derived his work via Poisson from Newton. Today Relativity’ informative mappings of the galaxy space-time are transformed in AMD theory into a Lagrangian-Hamiltonian ‘bidimensional model’, for computer calculations, proving once more the bidimensional structure of space-time.

All are in fact derived one from each other, as Einstein took its beginnings from Poisson, who elaborated on Newton; and the more important of them all the Hamiltonian).

So we can consider the simpler newtonian view, the MOST important as the wider, less detailed more comprehensive ðime view of the phenomena of physical time clocks, and for that reason we have used it here. The Einstein formalism IS a simultaneous measure of maximal ‘precision’ of detail, which INCLUDES TOGETHER BOTH SCALES of gravitation (∆-3 plane) and the energy-matter of electromagnetic worlds that ‘flows’ through it, in feeding paths along the gravitational faster, lower scale. So we are getting with more information more precision. Yet however both descriptions, the shallower Newtonian description in a single plane with larger time-latitude and Einstein’s means the same. If we complete Wheeler’s famous conceptual dictum: ‘the scale of gravitational spacetime guides the Locomotion of waves of energy and electromagnetic particles, which in-form and curve the scales of gravitational space-time’.

In between those two points of view; which we might call the temporal, newtonian view and the spatial, mental, formal view of details of Einstein an write it in I-logic as ∆ð (Newton) ≈ (Poisson) ≈ §@ (Einstein); we had the intermediate Poisson’s gradient formulae.

So those would be the 3 relative views and then we have the one which is really conceptually different which is the Lagrangian, Hamiltonian formula, which is to so much focused on the past to future motion to form field>particle view of the simplex dimotions of the system but in a ‘present-energy’ complex social view and reproductive view of the whole ensemble of elements together, based in the conservation principles of ‘least time’ and efficiency of the system.

Contrary to belief the REAL new perspective was NOT Einstein’s more detailed analysis of Newton but Lagrange>Hamilton complex, social conservative least time principle.

The fundamental sub discipline of mathematical physics, mechanics of motion, have gone a full cycle from its initial geometric vortices  of motion (Newton) throughout the gradient work of Poison, into mental formal geometry with the simultaneous motion-pictures of relativity.

But the most comprehensive will be the energy-present analysis of combined spacetime actions, lagrangians and hamiltonians (its most algebraic description)

We, or future researchers, shall through the study of more advanced mathematics, come to the conclusion all are self-similar descriptions which stress some different element of the ∆st reality of mechanical motions (Newton focused in the vortex time motion, Poisson in the ∆±1 potential fields and gradients between both scales, Einstein fully completed both views with absolute detail CLOSING THIS VIEW  with derivative spatial, simultaneous pictures,  and Lagrangians added  into the mix, present and energy world cycles as zero-sums).

As we shall see when studying ‘GENDER’ symmetries, this is essentially the same duality between male past>future<past, field>particle<field states and female, present energy wave states. The conceptual richness of ∆St though cannot be brought so early into this page. Since as we said humans are fast loosing their verbal, conceptual intelligence in the digital, audiovisual mathematical computer-mediated age. So all what they expect is a couple of ‘conceptual sentences’ and then the ‘researcher to get into maths’ and that is what they call ‘doing science’.

The huge jump in quality and complexity of mathematics IN MECHANICS happens when we move from the first geometric understandings of physical motions into  an undetailed larger, single scale view in Newton, to its scalar understanding.

BUT THIS being a fundamental law of complexity, as we want to get more detail, the quantity of information and complexity of calculations for the mind mirror increases much further so it really is not worthy – minds have been made to hold a reduced but clear conceptual view. If we are today so worked up with Einstein’s gravitational view is because we have huge computers ‘surrogating’ as our minds with huge calculation details and then the human ego pumps up its sense of knowing this artificial construct even if as it happens it really understands so little of the whys behind we provide.

I am sorry, I do all my calculations by hand and use my computer as a typewriter precisely because MY GOAL IN SCIENCE WAS TO UNDERSTAND INTERNALLY WITH MY MIND LANGUAGES WHICH ARE LOGIC VERBAL THOUGHT AND VISUAL TOPOLOGY MORE THAN digital numerical computing, reality to ‘FEEL’ a full human mind. This today is ignored, even despised but as I see it, all those Nobel Prizes of supercomputer power are ‘attachments’ to the procedures of their computers, which in the future I imagine will truly put together both, mechanical calculus and ‘logic thought’ and would be really the next generation of intelligence.

In concept all this means that as the whole Tiƒ-elements (curved vortices of time, masses and charges) are refined in calculus from Leibniz, to Poisson to Einstein, man completed the  topologic description of motion (Einstein’s relativity) WHICH ads to the original Newtonian cyclical form of gravitation and the integral/derivative gradient of poisson the Non-Euclidean geometry of. the fractal points of those vortices to give us a complete description of all elements of motion.

Of more interest though is the immediate correspondence between the gravitational Einstein’s description which is only attractive and includes as a parameter the energy and relativistic motion of those masses, with the STRONG FORCE INSIDE THE ATOM-GALAXY, which is also very cumbersome to calculate as it includes the gluon-energy-force to the quarks. Another proof that inner gravitation in galaxy atoms and inner strong forces in atoms-galaxies must BE SELF-SIMILAR and so atoms are galaxies, and therefore the external force of dark entropy between galaxies IS NOT the same FORCE than inner gravitation, as the strong force of the atom is 10 times stronger and different to the electromagnetic weaker more entropic force outside the atom. This IS THE REAL conceptual break through, which explains why outside atoms-galaxies there are faster entropic >c motions. 

You see the real importance of ∆St is NOT in the new mathematics but in the new ‘conceptual whys’ that will enormously reduce the myriad of kaleidoscopic and fantaphysical images maths with NO LOGIC operate today in physics, making physicists the classic savant idiots, the ‘stupids’ of Schopenhauer, as they do NOT understand the whys. So they don’t know what is real and what is not and with no direct experience just expanded the strong-gravitational force within the galaxy atom to the outer world of electromagnetic like repulsive forces between galaxies.

RECAP. Fractal relativity means on the other hand, that the larger wholes emerge from the smaller ones. So the larger masses emerge from the smaller motions of strong quarks. Its synchronic collective, bigger motions are quark stars, pulsars, and black holes. Today we can model any type of vortex of space-time with fractal mathematics, as each small vortex transfers the momentum to the bigger vortex, which emerges as a macroscopic entity.

Thus, we conclude that a black hole is a fractal concentration of the densest matter of the Universe, quarks, since quarks represent on average more than 99.9% of the matter of our bodies. Those improvements on the details of mass theory, based on the advancement of its mathematical tools (discovery of fractals, chaos theory, and the five postulates of non-Euclidean geometry) is the natural way in which the evolution of science happens, departing from sound logic principles.

In the text quoted from the New Scientist that opened chapter 2, we came to the conclusion that the Universe has a fractal structure because it is made of fractal space and fractal time. But what is space and time? In simple terms, here are the two essential morphologies of the Universe: Space is the lineal, expansive energy of the vacuum in eternal motion (seeing as still distance or space, according to the paradox of Galileo). And fractal times are cyclical clocks of information, whose frequency or rhythm encodes the information of the Universe.

So space and lineal energy on one side and time and cyclical clocks of information on the other are synonymous. The static, continuous concepts of space and time become then sums of discontinuous, moving pieces of energy and infinite clocks of information that our senses put together into an abstract continuous single space-time.

One we have “exploded” and given movement to the abstraction of space and time, it is easy to recognize the minimal bytes of energy and bits of information of the real, physical Universe. Physical information, masses and charges, and physical energy, forces, which are not substances but motions, events in time of cyclical, informative nature (masses and charges) or energetic, spatial, expanding shape (energy), that constantly transform into each other ad eternal, creating the essential rhythm of the physical Universe:

E (forces) < => Tƒ- Particles (masses and charges)

The key to grasp the concept of mass as a vortex of acceleration are two physical laws: one of classic relativity, the principle of equivalence between accelerated motions and masses, and one of fractal relativity, the paradox of Galileo, the fact that we perceive reality either as a moving energy (in the case of a mass, as a vortex) or as fixed space (in the case of mass as a particle). All moves and doesn’t move depending on the way we look at it. Thus, all spaces have inner motion, even if our senses don’t see that motion or fix that motion into forms of in/form/ation.

Mass is the great problem unresolved by quantum physicists in their model of the Universe since it is not an energetic but an informative form. Einstein, who had a visual, geometrical image of mass, defined it as a vortex that absorbed space-time, attracting in its flow everything else traveling on that space-time as a bathtub attracts all what is in the water it absorbs.

How did Einstein come to that idea? As many textbooks and visualizations explain, he realized that when we accelerate, as it happens in a Formula 1 car or a lift, we feel more weight. Thus, he made a bold statement: mass and acceleration are the same. If we feel mass when we accelerate, it is because mass is acceleration. But what type of acceleration?

The answer is actually quite simple, because it turns out that Newton had long ago discovered a beautiful formula to describe all the forces of the Universe: F=m × a.

Where a means a lineal acceleration and so m must be a cyclical acceleration. Indeed, there are no more types of accelerations and so Einstein (using, of course, more complex mathematics than Newton to refine his calculus, as mathematics had evolved a lot since Newton’s time) postulated that masses would be vortices of space-times since only a vortex is a cyclical, accelerated movement.

That principle of equivalence is the fundamental principle in which general relativity is based. It states merely that mass and cyclical acceleration are the same. It means in layman terms that a mass is not a material form but a movement. And of course, because that movement is an inward, cyclical movement, it deploys a resistance to be pushed outward in a lineal manner, which from our macroscopic view seems to give mass a solid position.

Again this is intuitive. If you are a very small being turning at full speed, it will be very difficult to push you away. When you see a skater in a ring, he speeds up and closes his arms to move faster and become more stable in his position. Thus, the homology between acceleration and mass defines for a curved space the meaning of a mass, and the paradoxical fact that the smaller the vortex is, the faster it turns and the bigger the mass is. It is the same that happens in any tornado or hurricane: the closest you are to the center, the faster you turn and the more attractive the tornado is.

In that sense, what you experience as weight is the inertial resistance to any displacement of a vortex anchored in a point of space-time. The same happens in our macro universe when a skater turns around and bends his arms to spin faster. If he opens his arms spreading his vortex, he decelerates and moves easier in a lineal direction.

A mass is thus the inertial force that we need to push away, the accelerated vortex. Those vortex like spirals accelerating in a curved path, inward, are like the pictures we observe in accelerators, or the most recent pictures of masses we have obtained, in which indeed we see a fluctuating vacuum with the form of a vortex. Further on, we know that the frequency or rotational speed of those vortices, called spins, is related to the mass of each particle. So we have both, logic and experimental proofs. Of course, I have used here and will continue using the simple mathematics of Newton and the visual thought experiments of Einstein, to describe those concepts because this is a book for non-specialists.

Already Descartes said that the Universe was made of vortices and “res extensa,” that is, lineal space. What Einstein did was to apply the most modern non-Euclidean mathematics of his day to those well-known principles. So he improved greatly the detail of those vortices, as non-Euclidean geometry allowed much more refined calculations than those we could do with the mathematics of Newton, but in essence the principles stayed. So we can explain very easily in an intuitive manner, thanks to the principle of equivalence, a mass with a simple equation:

Equivalence principle: mass = curved acceleration= cyclical vortex that resists displacement

If we use the simpler mathematics of Newton to define Einstein’s mass, we can see in more detail the properties of such vortices, which can be described as fluid vortices of the bits of information, the particles that create any of the multiple fractal space-time membranes of the Universe. Consider the simplest bidimensional equation of a vortex:

Vortex Speed × Radius-size of vortex = Vo × Ro = Constant Value

Since the product of the speed and the radius is constant, the shorter the radius, the faster the speed. What this means is that any vortex paradoxically accelerates faster when it is smaller. So the product of a growing speed and diminishing radius remains constant. Hence we find that smaller particles that rotate faster have more mass. So the electron, which is bigger and rotates slower than the quark has less mass. In fact, the electron’s mass is 0.1% of the mass of an atom, which is all stored in the inner faster-rotating smaller quarks and gluons.

While in the cosmological scale, the black hole, which rotates at light speed and occupies the minimal space of all the cosmic bodies, is the most massive form of the Universe. Then it becomes a quark star called a pulsar, which has a center of strange quarks and a surface of dense neutrons. It rotates also very fast, near the speed of light, and it has an enormous mass.

We do not know what the substance of black holes is, but Einstein called them frozen stars and he said that if we were to obey the laws of the scientific method, they had to have a cut-off substance. Then when he died, we found quarks and so it is obvious that black holes, the densest rotating stars of the Universe, should be made of top quarks, the densest top quarks of the quantum world. Since black holes have very similar properties to those of a quark star or pulsar, ultra dense stars with enormous rotational speed, this fact reinforces the thesis that black holes are top stars.

But this fact, which anyone can understand, is ignored by quantum cosmologists because they don’t believe in Einstein; and of course, those who believe in Einstein are merely interested in the use of the more complex mathematical model of gravitation and mass, in which the principle of equivalence of Newton and Einstein is not so clear. The details of the trees prevent them from seeing the big picture of the forest. But here we are concerned with the picture that tells us that quarks are the atoms of the densest black holes and quark stars because only among the known particles, quarks are that heavy, and only among the known celestial bodies, black holes and quark stars are that heavy.

Further on, because dark matter represents 75% of the universe’s mass, very likely, dark matter is made of black holes, pulsars, and other types of quark stars.

Now when you get into details, the word vortex is substituted by spin, the word curved cycle by non-Euclidean geometry, and you use also two different names for the type of forces displayed by quark vortices (strong forces) and by black holes and pulsars (gravitational forces) because we are talking of two fractal scales of reality, the quantum microscopic world and the cosmological world. But those details that we will explain later in depth, unifying both scales, gravitation, and the quantum world with fractal equations (a long goal of Mr. Einstein, which I found thanks to the expansion of the postulates of non-Euclidean geometry that Mr. Einstein lacked) are of no importance to understand in simple mathematics, the meaning of mass:

Max. rotational speed × min. radius= quarks and black holes= the densest masses of the cosmos

Med. rotational speed × med. radius = electrons and stars

0 rotational speed × max. radius = light = 0 mass

It is in those terms how it becomes easy to understand the different masses of different particles and cosmic bodies, related to their angular momentum or spin: the electron which turns slower in a wider circumference is far lighter than the proton that turns faster in a smaller space, which is lighter than the black hole which turns to the limit of speed of our world.

While the mass of light is zero because the electromagnetic wave never closes in to itself, but once it has made half a circumference downward, it switches upward and so it moves as a transversal, lineal wave without mass and maximal, infinite radius: 0 mass × infinite radius = K.

In detail, light has an insignificant bit of mass because due to the rotation of galaxies (Mach principle), it has some curvature and it acquires more mass/frequency when it rotates around a quark or black hole vortex, finally evolving into a more complex form, absorbed by an electron, quark, or black hole.

Now it is easy to understand how mass (rotational motion) becomes energy (lineal movement) and vice versa (E=mc2 and M=E/c2). E=mc2 means just that when energy approaches the c-limit of speed of our space-time, as it cannot go faster, it deflects its energy that curls into cyclical motion into mass. This, of course, is another thing CERN pretends to research with the quark cannon. Because using quantum equations and Higgs particles, there is no way to understand how energy becomes mass and vice versa.

The Universe is simple. So a simpler explanation of reality is more truth, even if it is experimentally less refined in its initial conception. For example, Copernicus was simpler than Ptolemy. Further on, for many years, till Kepler and Newton refined its elliptical orbits into ellipses, Copernicus’s cyclical orbits were less accurate than Ptolemaic calculus, but the principles were sounder: The sun was put in the center and that simplified enormously the model.

So it satisfied better Occam’s principle. That is what the principle of equivalence between acceleration and gravity of Newton and Einstein does with masses: by considering that particles are cyclical, accelerated motions, not substances, this sounder principle simplifies all calculus, explains logically how mass attracts like a hurricane of space-time, and so it must be truer than the complicated quantum theories of mass, as the Higgs Mechanism, which does not even explain how mass attracts in a coherent manner.

Equivalence between Mass and Acceleration. Einstein’s Concept of Mass as a Frequency of Information

“I want to know God’s thoughts . . . the rest are details.”, said Einstein. Yet those thoughts are logic principles, the details are mathematical equations, which evolve with new developments in calculus, while the principles stay.

So in pure geometric terms the orbital vortices are accelerated time-clocks of gravitational forces with a gradient, that implies an elliptic conic that drags a field of invisivible max. Spe motion, defined by a curvature-speed, which can be explained analytically in terms of motion vortices (Newton>Poison) or curvature-distances, sliced in instantaneous, simultaneous moments (Einstein).

In that sense, it is a common mistake of Pythagorean physicists who believe God speaks only mathematics to consider that Einstein’s work on general relativity is unrelated to Newton because he uses different mathematics. Thus, Pythagorean physicists, who consider mathematics the only language of reality, think that Einstein explains a completely different view of the Universe, which invalidates totally Newton’s work. This view is wrong and leaves unexplained the very obvious fact that Newton’s description of gravitational forces works so well that it was considered an absolute truth till the twentieth century and is still used for most calculus of forces on Earth because both are based on the same logic principle of equivalence, which in the hierarchy of science dominates over the different detailed mathematical descriptions of it.

Moreover, it is known to the historian of physics that Newton’s equations were evolved by Poisson and Poisson was the departing point of Einstein, which is the departing point of fractal relativity, the twenty-first-century version sketched in this book. Yet the principle of equivalence between accelerations and masses is not the departing point of Higgs and Hawking’s entropic black holes, which deny Einstein’s principles, and so regardless of their mathematical complexity, they are wrong because their logic principles are false.

So we must consider a different view on the evolution of gravitational theory. Newton, Poisson, and Einstein’s theories are right because they describe the same logic principle of equivalence, with the best mathematical models available to each age. And since logic is in the hierarchy of the scientific method, superior to mathematics, from where it derives—as Gödel, Russell, and Frege proved, deducing the laws of mathematics from those of logic—what matters is to understand the logic principles of the Universe, which will then be described “in higher detail” with each new paradigm of mathematics. What this means is that as mathematics have grown in detail and precision, new physicists have applied the new mathematics and increased the detail of their calculus.

Yet the physical principles, events, and concepts that truly define the phenomenon physicists describe have not changed. So when those principles are changed by false principles as Higgs and Hawking do in mass and black hole theory, the results are false regardless of the mathematical detail they use to reinvent the Universe.

This is clearly shown in theory of mass by the three phases of evolution of the principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration, all of which can be used to calculate trajectories of masses, because all of them follow the three legs of the scientific method. The first paradigm was Newton’s paradigm, which used a simple formula of a gravitational vortex to describe them. And they worked fine for most calculus and they are still used. Then Poisson, Lagrange, and Hamilton refined those calculi. And finally Einstein used Poisson formulation of the gravitational force and took it a step further with the use of non-Euclidean maths.

What we have done is to take Einstein’s work further by using the next age of evolution of mathematics, fractal and non-Euclidean mathematics and the laws of endophysics, which includes the limits of human perception on those equations (Galilean paradox, changes in the speed of time around black holes), which solve the problem of the uncertainty of measure introduced by the observer.

But any of those three-plus-one ages of the principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration are good enough to explain what mass is; and none of the quantum alternatives, despite the complexity of its maths, is truth because they deny the principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration, considering mass an external property given by solid particles (the Higgs) that transfer it magically to all other entities of the Universe, not an internal property of the topological structure of space-time, its accelerated, cyclical motion.

Any of those models—Newton’s forces, Einstein’s relativity, or our non-Euclidean fractal description of the two membranes of the Universe—bring enough understanding of what a mass is. Yet because Pythagorean physicists ignore the underlying logic principles that rule their equations, they believe in the mathematical model of the day and when new mathematics appears, they think the old model was totally wrong. So they thought, as Alexander Pope put it, that “God created Newton and there was light,” but when Einstein came with new maths, they threw Newton’s work as if it were a fantasy when it had worked perfectly for three centuries in calculating all kinds of motions in the Universe. Newton had embedded the same true principles in his work—the principle of equivalence between accelerations and forces, masses and motions (F=m × a).

Next, Poisson and Hamilton applied the new refined tools of differential calculus to the study of the motion of planets, which was previously described by Newton with simpler operandi. So they found out another key principle of the Universe of energy and information—the law of minimal energy, which states that any system of the Universe tries to keep its internal energy and information, follows the path that saves more energy between two points.

Then when Riemann developed non-Euclidean mathematics, Einstein applied them to the previous work of Newton, using the notation of Poisson, to find a more precise analysis of gravitational mass vortices, by making a series of “simultaneous,” present pictures of those cyclical motions and adding the influence of the gravitational membrane that underlies our world of light and electroweak masses.

We could resume the differences between the classic formulation of Newton and the modern one, considering that Newton formulated the description of the whole, and its dynamics in an extended space and time duration, while Einstein formulated the detailed topology of the vortex in each non-Euclidean point of its space and in the simultaneity of each present moment of duration.

The description of those vortices in the scale of charges and quarks can be also done with two degrees of detail, as we do here, considering them whole vortices or as the so-called QCD theory of strong forces does, in detail, considering each fractal quanta (gluon and quark) at each moment of time and aggregating them together. Yet while the whole description of quarks we shall do here is less accurate than the detailed one, brought about by quantum chromodynamics, it provides a more logical, comprehensive overview, which is the aim of this book, since all those mathematical descriptions are truth as long as they describe accurately the equivalence principle between forces and accelerations.

If we compare them with a verbal description, we could say that all of them have the same core sentence, the principle of equivalence, but the description of it grows in detail. If Newton, for example, said Jesus had dark hair, Einstein refined the analysis and said Jesus had dark hair with brown touches in his forehead, and fractal relativity refines the sentence further, saying Jesus had long dark hair with brown touches on his forehead and a white stripe on his temples. But the essential concept remains: Jesus had dark hair, that is:

All the past forces-fields of entropy energy and future particles-clocks of the Universe are accelerated motions balanced in present inertial waves.

This principle, so stated, is what physicists dropped with a single arrow of entropy; and due to the excessive specialization of their mathematical models of enormous detail the general vision of the forest of all physical events, the equivalence principle is lost. For that reason, I have always preferred the opposite approach: to study first the forest, the principles of physics, with a limited mathematical precision, achieved by not using computers in my calculations and accepting as supreme guides the laws of the scientific method (Objectivity->Symmetric Minimalism; Linguistic Correspondence; Cyclical Experimental evidence: Œ=Mc2) and the well-established principles in which previous theories were founded. And only at the end, once the forest is mapped, I have considered some of its specific trees in more detail.

It is thus the comprehension of the principles of equivalence between the forces of the Universe and the two types of accelerations (F=m × a) and its invariance under change of position or scale in the Universe, not the mathematical details that casts further light on the meaning of mass and charges in the Universe.

Let us then summarize so far the meaning of that principle in Newton and Einstein’s work. Newton defined that principle with a simple formula: F= m × a; that is, the forces of the Universe are made of two elements, which we must consider to be both accelerated motions. Yet since we only know two types of accelerated motions, lineal acceleration (a) and vortices of cyclical acceleration (V × radius=k), masses should be curved, accelerated vortices of gravitational forces.

This was Einstein’s view. It led him to formulate with Riemannian tensors the four-dimensional space-time structures of gravitation and masses, measuring the structure of space under that principle in a simultaneous moment of time. Thus, he made still pictures in which we can gauge the curvature of the vortex to its finest detail, adding smaller corrections to the whole dynamic Newtonian view.

Thus, Einstein just made a more detailed analysis of Newton’s vortices of mass, turning around the sun, using Riemannian geometries and the concept of simultaneous present time. We could say in a way that he made a more precise picture, a still present photograph of the spatial form of those vortices, but the essential truth, the principle of equivalence between forces and acceleration remains the same from Newton to Einstein to fractal relativity. And so it is that principle and not the evolving mathematics of any of those three models what we have to consider in detail to fully grasp the essence of all the forces of the Universe. What fractal relativity does is to add the advances on theory of information, to go even further, respecting the work of those pioneers and founding fathers.

Now as we advance through different systems of physics we will realize that those 4 views are common to all of them, albeit, some have a better use than others. Of them the most all-encompassing one is the Lagrangian Hamiltonian as it is the vision of the whole time worldview of the entity (described with the peculiar concept of energy≈ time in physics, as it should distinguish ALWAYS potential, informative and kinetic energy momentum, as it does in the detailed analysis of its quanta, the scale angular and lineal momentum. So we shall before going into those studies make an analysis of the meaning of magnitudes and conservation laws to fully graph them in terms of T.Œ.

This of course does not mean the others do not work, but as a general rule, far away perception observes wholes (you do not see the hairs of your friend coming down the road but its head and before that its whole, so the Whole –energy worldview and the head – Tƒ element, in this case Newton and Hamilton – are by far the most widely used. And for that reason we have used the Newtonian easiest perspective that comes first – the head in motion that is talking so to speak – to unify forces. In 4th line we will make copious use of the other 3.



Kinematics is defined as motion studied in a single Plane of existence. This limitation springs from the observed fact that motion is reproduction of form over a lower plane of reality. But this ¡±1 pov of analysis is not classic science, so we shall merely mention it now, as we want to study classic Kinematics.

A fundamental question needs to be resolved to make a full swing on the paradigm of science from the study of pure motion (locomotion) to stience (the study of all motions with emphasis in the dominant arrow of reproduction of form, form-in-action, information), in an inverse fashion to classic physics: to define motion also as a fractal form of reproduction, showing then that actually what truly matters is reproduction and locomotion is just one of its expressions.

We have come now to the first principles and defined a particle- point of existence. There is in a place of space-time a spacetime being. What can he do? Travel through the five dimotions of space-time available to him, through a series of ‘sTeps and Stops’, dual STates that will move the being through reality. But as the Universe has at least a step that is a motion in time and a stop that is, a spatial form, (momentum and position in physical jargon, wave and particle, motion and perception), motion now is not that ‘simple’. It is not a continuous game but a stop and go motion as we observe in quantum particles.

Systems are minds-particles-languages-mappings-heads that stop motion into form, and as such ‘create’ the illusion of space, whose ‘volume’ is the sum of all those present infinitesimal minds thatmove=act in STates of sTeps and Stops, as they go from $tepping motions to §ðopping form. Science knows that. Momentum (motion state) and position, kinetic and potential energy, dualities of steps and stops are all over the place, but only stience explains why.


Physics as defined classically is the study of the motions of beings. As it has been reduced to locomotions, there is so much work to do… in the foundations and philosophy of physics, as well as its translation to spacetime stience. But knowing the Universe as a whole and its 5 dimotions makes the task easier…It all comes to study and measure the steps and stop states of the spacetime organism: Stop-Step gives us an œ-quantifiable ‘feed-back’ S-form/T-motion minimal unit patterns to study quantitatively entities as ‘physical beings’.

We can call this speed of STep-STop, Wave-Particle STates (solid-gas) different in each scale of physics but always obeying the same laws, the essential element to measure in physics, normally through ‘wave-lengths’ and ‘frequencies’ of motion


Let us consider then briefly the simplest of all actions – D2: reproductive motions in time.



Locomotion as reproduction of form.

The reader will notice we have established 4 Dimotions of physical systems in correspondence with the 4 forces of nature:

– ∂S-Entropy corresponds to the strong force from the point of view of the larger atom; its inverse ∫T-generation to the weak force; and in between §ð-perception of information to the gravitational vortex and its reproduction to the electromagnetic wave – but alas! the only dimotion physicists truly acknowledge, $t-locomotion does not respond to any of those forces specifically, or rather it is the effect of them all. So we need to study it in more detail to complete the correspondence of the 5Dimotions of exist¡ence and those of Nature. And since it is the ‘saint grail of physicists’, we shall consider it in more detail in a new paragraph.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 09.18.52

In the graph, both in space, by adjacency, and in time by frequency discontinuity as we measure consecutive adjacent reproductions of form in space, and returning lapses to measure time frequency, when the cycle is closed, there is always an error of ε, an unit of ƒ, in our measure (as the process of reproduction in adjacent places make us wonder where it is ‘the dynamic moment happening, hence the motion point, in SM1 or SM2; and the same measuring time lapses, has the cycle in its minimal space-time action happened yet or it is not concluded are we in TM1 or tM2)? We thus see always 2 moments together 2 adjacent beings to form the wave of space-time motion.

A quanta of time is then a sTep of frequency adding and superposing its elements in the volume constrained by the initial and final point-position of the being across which a wave of space reproduces lineally… and as such it is the simplest motion, a translation of space or ‘speed’. v=ƒ(t) = ∂S, whereas the ≈ operandi of all operations allowed as symmetries of space time is in this case the product x of a frequency, ƒ t and a space-step, λ: λ x ƒ = V.

How can then describe with ‘fractal points’ as the moving point of speed, this process? One of reproduction of a quanta of space, the step with a frequency of time, ƒ, which describes therefore a form with a certain radia, cyclical sin/cos ƒ(x) path.


In the next graphs we see the game of stop and go, space and time state, form and motion, dimension and motion, you name it… the essential duality S=T of the Universe:

When observing a particle, its motion is a jerk stop and motion, space and time state, where the memorial stop moment recedes into the past relative to the eternal moving universe the mental mapping mind.

We stated that the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information. Physicists say it is a system in constant motion, and study its locomotion, but they don’t even have a definition of motion.

This might surprise the believer in our technological civilization and its high popes of science, but physicists have not yet resolved the paradox of Achilles and the turtle:

In the graph, motion is reproduction of form in a lower scale of reality. This is what we observe in quantum physics. And so speed of reproduction of information, V=$ x ðƒ (as ƒrequency is the inverse of time duration) becomes the new reproductive definition of motion, and trans-forms all actions in different forms of reproduction.

In 5D metric LocoMotion is as the next graph shows a reproduction of form in adjacent regions as a wave displaces switching then into particle-gauging state; hence the Universe reproduces information:


The two limits of sensation, the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion, the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with a c-constant speed, are the ultimate components of the complementary reality.[/caption]Two immediate consequences of this duality of stopping and moving, particle and wave states are evident. First we find an ¡logic cause to the constancy of light speed: particles in still state entangled when they emit bosons of information, regardless of the motion around them, in its fractal local space, so c-speed is always measured as c.
It is then obvious that even locomotion the less relevant dimotion is more than a simple measure of ‘speed’. ONLY obsessed physicists as high priests of time with his shallow ‘brief history’ of those ‘5 Dimotions reduced to the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion can really think tracing speeds and worldlines is the meaning of its existence. Because physicists make weapons of mass destruction unable to love even their own species and so do humans embedded in a civilization of machines of entropy and dog-eat-dog people, who cannot emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms… we have converted the less important arrows in the meaning of the Universe.
But in that constant S-T, stop and MOVE, game of information and motion, it il NOT with locomotions, overrated and exhaustively studied by humans but with its inverse Dimotion, that of the mind that perceives in stillness.
So there is a duality between motion and stillness, which allow us to define the state of ‘mind perception’ as one of stillness.
Which finally leads us to the last element we cannot avoid any longer to fully define the Universe in both objective and subjective terms, the 2 dimensions of the Mind, as a membrain, self-centered into a singularity whose linguistic mappings and ternary syntax reflects the world of ternary beings of space-time in which the being exists, performing its survival actions.
It is important to fully understand a dimotion from the beginning as a generation or reproduction of information. The stop and go process of dimotions is required precisely because each step implies the reproduction of information of lower, ∆-¡ scales which externally seems as a stop position (generation in stillness) or because the system is absorbing ∆-¡ pixels of information creating a mind-image in a language that mirror the Universe and allows the perceptor to take the proper path of least time towards its goal of maximal intake of energy-vital space.
It follows then that the proper way to talk of particles is indeed, as we have expressed them before: as the minimal unit of reproduction of form and gender.

ONLY if infinitesimals are finitesimals, the paradoxes of Zeno can be solved.

The paradox concerns a race between the fleet-footed Achilles and a slow-moving tortoise. The two start moving at the same moment, but if the tortoise is initially given a head start and continues to move ahead, Achilles can run at any speed and will never catch up with it. Zeno’s argument rests on the presumption that Achilles must first reach the point where the tortoise started, by which time the tortoise will have moved ahead, even if but a small distance, to another point; by the time Achilles traverses the distance to this latter point, the tortoise will have moved ahead to another, and so on.

The solution is that in the plane of Achilles, the finitesimal is the ‘fractal step’ of Achilles SE system (its limbs). So the smallest distance per unit of time, Achilles crosses will be above one-meter step, longer than the maximal steps of the tortoise. As its ‘time quanta’ is also faster than the tortoise, Achilles’ Max. Se x Max. To > min. Se x Min. To(rtoise:). So in x To quanta, and x Se steps Achilles wins.


In the graph, the seemingly simplest of all equations of analysis, is an s=t lineal space-time motion, which still encodes some relevant information about reality; namely the Steps of stop and go, Ultimate Reason of reality.

In this case between $-lineal space-distance and t-lineal time; the simplest morphologies of time=space.

At the beginning of the present chapter we defined the velocity of a freely falling body. To do so we made use of a passage to the limit from the average velocity over short distances to the velocity at the given point and the given time. The same procedure may be used to define the instantaneous velocity for an arbitrary nonuniform motion. In fact, let the function:

S=ƒ(t)    express the dependence of the distance s covered by the material point in the time t.

Space-distance is the memory of a motion of time, which disappears before it solidifies into a being. So it is a virtual ‘particle’, and indeed in particle physics, we see a constant ‘cloud of virtual ‘stœps’ as the particle moves. So the memory of its traced path is called distance, S=V x T

Its calculus by Galileo was immediate but to fully grasp its meaning we need to use with derivatives that give us the value of a ‘finitesimal in time or space’; that is the minimal quanta of the motion taking place by virtual reproduction of the information of the particle-wave in its lower scale.

Since in 5D infinitesimals do not exist but are as Leibniz put it, the minimal 1/x element of the entity that moves and stops, reproduces, moves and stops.

So calculus allows to refine the analysis of each minimal time-space stœp.

To find the velocity at the moment t = t0, let us consider the interval of time from t0 to t0 + h(h ≠ 0). During this time the point will cover the distance:

∆S = ƒ (to+h) – ƒ(to)

The average velocity υav over this part of the path will depend on h:image229

and will represent the actual velocity at the point t0 with greater and greater accuracy as h becomes smaller. It follows that the true velocity at the time t0 is equal to the limit:


of the ratio of the increase in the distance to the increase in the time, as the latter approaches zero without ever being actually equal to zero.

So the derivative of space respect to time, gives us the ‘infinitesimal speed’ or minimal quanta of space-time reproduced by the entity, measured ‘ideally’ by the tangent of the curve as a RATIO of the distance covered=reproduced by the particle, divided by its finitesimal element, h.

So we define speed as V=$/ð, and deduce that the more information ð has the speed will be smaller.

This definition of speed is fundamental as it is its interpretation in terms of spacetime-distance=locomotion and cyclical time§pace=information; and therefore it will be able to explain all different motions depending on how we measure ‘lineal motion’ and ‘cyclical information’ in each scale, including the speed of waves, whose general form in the 2 dimensions in which it moves=reproduces is a function of $/ð= (√attractive tension= lineal distance / informative mass)².

We can consider then the stœps of motion as being a combination of all the elements of a reproductive Dimotion: the ‘center’ or singularity of the being displaces itself lineally to the adjacent form, it reforms its lower plane to configure its form again and this state is seeing as a stop, it then perceives and decides where to move to proceed to a new reproduction. So we write: 2D (motion) ->3D (reproduction) ->1D (contraction: perception) ->2D (motion)->3D (reproduction), and the effect is a wave-particle-wave-particle duality

detailed fractal description of  reproductive speed is NOT A CONTINUOUS GRAPH, but as a series of cyclical stœps, where the stœp is the finitesimal ‘fractal’ quanta of space and ƒ, the time frequency of its motion:

V= λ(s) x ƒ (ð)

In this case ‘h’, the quanta of space-time is λ.

h then should be written in the Limit of speed as 1/h, since it will be also related to the curvature required to reproduce the form as a vortex of space-time.

The laws of kinematics.

This said of course kinematics as it is formulated in physics doesn’t go in such ‘in-depth’ whys. It converts each unit of information to be reproduced in a ‘diameter’ of motion, dt, and so to calculate the distance traveled it just requires to integrate V across the number of dts reproduced, s= ∫ v dt between t1 and t2.

Acceleration=volume, Speed=area, distance=diameter.

If we then consider the symmetry between S=T, we can observe then that derivatives in cyclical time and integrals in lineal space are equivalent, as both opeands are inverse and so are the Dimotions of lineal space and cyclical time, which can transform into each other


The paradox of motion and form=dimension.
In modern physics, the more interesting pending questions are the conundrums of quantum physics, as they are not just experimental problems as in Relativity, but deep theoretical questions, which plug in directly into the meaning of motion=time and still informative space, perception and measure; and the ego paradoxes of man, who sees a still world with its mind at the center and so naturally is inclined to feel more important, unique and the Universe a dead-still reality. So we shall resolve them here in a few lines. Look at the next pictures.

What we observe is that when a quantum ‘state’ is measured by stopping it and absorbing it with our instruments it COLLAPSES into a particle, but when it moves IT DOES SO reproducing information as a wave. So it is quite obvious: the state of motion is a wave state, the state of informative perception is a particle, which in fact has only an intrinsic property, its ‘h/2 spin or angular momentum’, which is ‘STILL’, discrete and non-differentiable, as informative spatial minds are:

galileo paradox
The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

Because we can perceive the being as a spatial form and then we talk of its dimensions and as a motion and then we talk of time flows. But when we perceive, we stop our perception, collapsing waves into particles and entangling with the perceived particle, which is the real reason of c-speed constancy.

So the paradox of S=t is the key to understand ‘what formal motions’, the substance of the Universe truly mean, and how the interaction between form and motion, in the case of waves, frequency and form.

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion-wave state and a still-particle state, together.

In the graphs the stop and go motion. The particle encircles the wave, and so it is the group velocity, twice as great in quantum physics, hence the dominant form, which controls the wave, as it moves faster an encircles it as a dog-shepherd does around cattle. We observe this experimentally: a ternary wave (3 time phases/ages), encircled by the particle that stops it, perceives and changes its route. In the next graph the motion of a wave-particle of an electron:

It is indeed an stop, absorb information and energy, reproduce that information in an adjacent wave state, stop… with the head particle ‘ahead’ of the wave, as body and head are. In the next graph the duality and its ‘homologous pilot wave view’:

In the graph, we show also 3 practical/theoretical proofs/explanations deduced of it – just a token of the ginormous number of ‘solid’ whys provided by ∆st: .

The complementarity wave-particle and our perception of quantum motions as a constant reproduction of the wave-form states.

The paradox of achiles: in a discontinuous Universe of fractal parts, achiles should never reach the turtle. But if motion is reproduction of form, the faster system merely ‘reproduces’ its information faster in adjacent regions of space, and motion becomes ‘rational’ – and proves further the reproductive nature of reality as even locomotion IS reproduction.

A fact that solves  Achiles paradox, as motion has a finitesimal limit in the minimal quanta of size, of reproduction, the h-quanta of angular momentum, of both particles and waves. And so we can only measure 1/2 of the process smeared by the constant stop and go-reproduce, binary state of the particle as minimal ‘bit of informative reproduction’ and size.

But perhaps the most interesting consequence is the realist understanding of the uncertainty principle: we cannot measure position and momentum, because momentum is ‘motion’ and it is wave momentum, and position is still particle. So as the system is EITHER particle or wave in motion, the exact measure of the form as particle, ‘blurs’ the momentum-eve measuring, which means in other terms that the minimal unit of reproduction of the wave (kh) is the angular momentum, h/2π, which is always an unlocalised unit of reproductive motion. We could also say that the process of reproduction is always between two adjacent h-steps (h/2π)…

In the graph, we see the quantum duality, which surprisingly enough Physicists still don’t understand as it has been the center of all its disquisitions for a century. As Born put it in its Nobel discourse: “This idea of complementarity is now regarded by most physicists as the key to the clear understanding of quantum processes. Can we call something with which the concepts of position (space) and motion (time) cannot be associated in the usual way, a thing, or a particle? And if not, what is the reality which our theory has been invented to describe?”
We shall deal specifically with the ‘false weirdness’ of quantum physics, more of a problem of the ego-trips of man, which cannot accept vital, organic, sentient beings in any other species, and prefer the ‘abstract’ view that only man has living properties in the articles on the 4th line; as all resolves when we accept the metric of 5D, which makes smaller systems, faster in time, more informative, and hence, ultimately the particles that do reproduce when absorbing energy replicating more quarks and electrons, do gauge information and react to it, the ‘site’ of perception, whose ‘quantum’ of existence is indeed, an still, discrete ‘angle of perception’, an angular momentum called ‘h’.
And so all the weirdness comes to this: the particles ‘react’ to the slow bombing of experiments (which as Bell put it, IS the name we should give to ‘abstract measure’, as we ‘experiment’ with them, and they react ‘collapsing’ into tight formations to the brutal bombs we send to measure them, as schools of fish react to the shark. And so ALL the weirdness of quantum worlds, which physicists acknowledge COMES TO those 2 things is easily resolved in the organic Universe:
1. we measure unlike in inert matter on our scale NOT the state of the particle ‘before the measure’ but its STATE after we try to measure and they react. 
2. Spins are ‘still’ angles of still informative perception, the minimal units, our electronic minds use to construct reality, as its particles – the ultimate pixels of our mind – align with the ‘experiment’ they perceive as much as we perceive them.
The after reaction of particles, the stop-particle-perception vs. go-wave-motion and the static spins is all the weirdness that there is to quantum physics; and they are just in ∆st, 3 kaleidoscopic perspectives from the point of view of the @-mind of the particle, its spin; and its S≈Teps of motion, through its states in still space as informative particles and time as moving waves.
And with those insights we can also resolve the conundrums of relativity (constancy of c-speed, and its limit; why they define time as the 4th dimension of space, being the best known).


Virtual particles are ‘steps of reproduction’ of the particle through its locomotion paths, as they go on through that motion, each step of this motion has a value of ‘energy quanta’, which can be called in each scale an h-quanta, a Kb quanta or a C-quanta, whose ‘frequency’ is given by the ‘side’ element, frequency in one dimension, temperature in two dimensions and mass in 3 dimensions.

This simple truth has many implications in 5Ð quantum physics. Consider that all particles’ steps can only last an Energy x Time ≥ h in its printing steps on the lower plane; as that is the Unit of information it can reproduce in each step. This gives us a maximal time for each step of h/mc².

While this particle is in the wave state of motion on the other hand it can be treated as a ‘photon’ imprinting on the c-spacetime of the galaxy, given by the Compton wavelength of the particle; that  is equal to the wavelength of a photon whose energy is the same as the mass of that particle: λ=h/mc.

So the larger the mass, the shorter both in time and space of the steps the particle does imprinting the lower plane of light spacetime in its ‘2nd Ðimotion’ of locomotion. But alas! all particles can in fact if we calculate its speed, s/t = wavelength/time duration of the wave = mc² /h/mc = c, reach the speed of light in their imprinting of the background light spacetime of the galatom.

The difference being, that more massive particles do imprint much more mass-information, more ‘existential force’ as ‘stronger species’ than lighter ones.

It follows then that in the lower planes of existence the super predator is the black hole, which can move as fast as c-speed and imprint a ginormous mass in the process, albeit doing very small steps, till reaching the Planck Mass, of extremely small steps, occurring in a extremely Planck time period.

But this rule on praxis, reduces when the species are complex organisms, which have above the scale of radiation and the scale of mass or charge (which is the more proper concept to apply on them, as the vortex that is moving is normally a charge vortex of energy not a mass vortex), as it is not only a mass-radiation particle but it has to ‘redraw’ all the upper scales of ‘subtle forces’ that make up atomic interactions into molecules, cells, states of matter and so on.

In that regard, the rule of maximal c-speed occurs for what we might call the ‘minimal trace’ of information a particle can ‘send about itself’ – its existential force in terms of mass and wavelength, or ‘virtual particle’ of the being. When the entire being displaces, as it has to imprint then other types of scales of information, even a black hole star with its internal structure of heavy black atoms, the speed reproduces as the stop ‘state’ of the particle is much longer.

Now, this virtual messenger of the ‘incoming’ physical species, will also have a limited range-distance it can travel, according to mass, once the initial ‘impetus’ of its parental emitter is no longer here, based in the same ‘unit of information, h, that the parental emitter has disposed off to send the message, which is the justification of the range law of forces; which again is immediate: h/mc² (its time duration) x c (its maximal speed) =  h/mc², which is for example 10ˆ-13 for an electron. So if we consider the electron, the ‘message’ which two atoms share in a molecule, it follows that molecular ‘forces’ tend to be on that range, reason why they are so ‘tightly packed’. 

Now and here 5D physics departs sharply from current astrophysics and its ‘paralogic’ Kantian errors (which break the scientific method in the egocy of the cosmologist to have an explanation for all even when his range of perception does not allow it), there is NOT infinite range force, because ‘obviously’ the photon does HAVE energy hence it does HAVE mass, E=hƒ, so even if its mass is extremely small (and we cannot weight it as we cannot stop it, except when the electron does it, keeping it closed by its black hole-like infinite potential well that bends light into a c-speed trap, which is what the membrane of the electron is, being its nebulae a density of trapped electrons, it ‘feeds on’ as it moves with the obvious maximal probability for it to be feeding on the region of the trapped photons of maximal density (organic explanation of Born rule)…

So the range of the photon CANNOT be infinite unless we elongate its wave frequency to a limit of energy mass, in which the light is no longer light as we mean it, because it has gone to a range of size where ‘quantum effects’ are no longer meaningful as we have moved to a higher scale, on the gravitational cosmological world of galactic atoms… 

Now the light mass which can be considered the mass for simplicity of a polarized wave of a single electron, will always be mc² = h ƒ  m = ( h/ c²) ƒ…

If we add to that calculation all the other aforementioned facts, considering that the wave of light has MASS only when it is in the photon state, but that it is IN THE PHOTON state every time the wave collapses at the end of its wavelength, and that waves of ‘higher frequency’ (blue light) have both shorter wave-lengths, so it states in the photon state of mass more frequently, and have more mass when they are photons, hence their range-life existence as photons is smaller, this means in practical terms an obvious fact:

The distance-range of light is inversely proportional to the square of its frequency-mass (as there are 2 factors to consider, the time it stays in particle state, and the lesser length of its frequency).

This again of course, is the law for all vortices of time-space that ‘are exchanging virtual particles’ of information among them; which is by the Rashomon method yet another way to calculate the square mean distance law without resource to ‘geometrical means’ (the usual method we might term ‘entropic, ‘flat’ method’ as opposed to the previous one based in the opposite arrow of  curved, ‘information, form of the wave-particle’…

The falling of range of a force also extracts information about what is the use of that force for the particles involved. i.e. the strong force/gravitational strong field inside black holes decays ‘exponentially’ as it is essentially a ‘feeding force’, which is as we know always represented by an exponential equation of death-decay; in this case of particle-antiparticle mesons in the black hole star scale and its self-similar color-anticolor gluons within the nucleus of the atom.

And finally the weak force of no range, is obviously an evolutionary force that transforms quarks into larger scale masses.

Back to the 2Ð-locomotion study of light rays, its mass and range:

This aforementioned simple relationship explains a few things:

  • The inverse square law that applies to both gravitational and electromagnetic forces mediated in the galatom space-time light background (remember we are always talking locally).
  • The redshift of light coming from far away galaxies, as their blue light of higher frequencies does NOT reach us, having exhausted its virtual life
  • The existence of a limit or horizon of perception of light, as even redshifted light will finally ‘vanish’, when its ‘red frequency is so ‘huge’ in wavelength’ that no longer belongs to the scale of quantum/electronic existence in which we reside – electrons cannot longer capture them, its energy is too small and so we humans or our instruments become blacked out literally.
  • The explanation of the (no) big-bang horizon, as it is not the horizon of an explosion in the past, but a limit of our perception of light as electronic beings.

But if we were other type of mass species, much heavier, then we could ‘gravitationally shift’ and collapse the huge red-shifted waves of light, bending it around us, as black holes do at the galactic level, it is this precisely what happens with cosmic-like sized waves of light that in the presence of a galactic black hole bend such red-light giant electromagnetic waves  with its halo of strangelets, as atomic electrons do with far smaller wave-lengths, since ultimately both are self similar species.

So while we electronic humans are black out to larger distances galatom black hole stars and strangelet halos are not. They are able to communicate with far more remote distant galatoms of huge black hole masses.

What is then the limit of perception of light? As we have experimental evidence there is no need to do further calculus: Obviously the 13.5 billion light years from where red-shifted light of maximal z comes mistakingly taken as a time horizon of a supposed big-bang explosion.  

Now, if we apply the entangled, Rashomon method to this explanation, we can of course consider another points of view – from the entropic Ðimotion of light we might say that light gets ‘tired’ and dies; from the reproductive point of view of light, we might say that ‘blue short frequency light’ if entering a field of mass (another galatom) will not traverse it but will reach a reproductive ‘collapsing’ point giving birth with the extra boot of frequency to a 3Ðimotion, becoming a particle with rest mass and not traveling further; from the point of view of social evolution (5Ð) we can see this happening in huge amounts on the jets of blue light coming out of black holes, accelerated to collapse in a region in which a child irregular galaxy is born; and finally from the 1Ð point of informative perception, we have already explained those virtual particles give us the information of the emitter in terms of its Compton-wavelength and mass.

And from this fact it also follows that the further away we look, the more likely we are to find huge black star holes, as they will emit more energetic high frequency particles that will take longer time to relax in terms of the 4Ðimotion of entropy to reach us before dying into a red frequency blacked out of our perception; if they are ‘not intercepted’ by other galaxy that collapses into mass (which is what most do as obviously the galatom when emitting them tend to do so, through a twisted accelerator-like magnetic field set up first through its central kerr-singularity region in order to keep accelerating them for collapse into its seminal irregular galaxy baby, but that is another story that belongs to the study of how galaxies reproduce).

Let us then consider that some of the seminal flows produced by the galatom escape with a wider angle of emission the magnetic field set up as an accelerator trap by the father black hole. Those then will start is relaxation travel… And here is where the magic 10¹°-¹¹ number common to all structures of nature, both in space-populations/distances in time-frequencies/durations and in scale/masses kick in.

This is the number that gives us the mean life of stars, and the mean life of its minimal light space-time ‘unit’ of information, and the mean mass of the largest black holes from far away distances measured in terms of the mean star mass our sun, and the mean distance of the black out horizon of the big-bang.

So of course in 5 Ð, as we know the Universe is eternal, the big bang does not exist, and we have far more sound logical and epistemological and experimental proofs to explain everything.

On the other hand Big Bang theorists are at increasing pains with better telescopes to explain why the densest, largest black hole galaxies in the Universe are found to be born at larger distances, earlier ages of the Universe, when all theories imply they are very slow growing and appear latter in time. The largest black hole found is also the oldest, as it is the furthest, and it was supposed to be born in 500 million years after the big-bang when only some re-ionization of light hydrogen atoms has happened.

It then takes the pain of creationist dogma and believers to tinkle with all the equations and models we have to feed computers till some simulation of very extremal conditions very unlikely to happen can give us some bizarre model that might explain how on the hell, in just 500 million years a black hole of the size of 66 billion suns appeared in the middle of a perfectly formed gargantuan galaxy. Rational answer BECAUSE THERE WAS NOT BIG-BANG.

Simplest proof. Such a black hole will live 10¹ºº years ad minimal (counting that there is black hole evaporation, another no-no error we explain in our 5Ð study of black holes)…

So by mere statistical probability, we exist within the supposed life of the Universe which we can at least elongate to the life of that galactic black hole in the absolute infancy of the Universe, more or less in the 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000…. keep adding 90 000001% of its life span, and the probability that we exist in that moment without any other data, is similarly 0.0000000……..(keep adding 90 zeros)1 % chance.

The big-bang as we shall show in so many pages of this blog is the very proof not of the birth of the Universe but of the ‘common nature’ of all huminds, scientific or religious: dogma and belief is always higher in the esteem of the majority of humans of any profession than truth and reasoning.

Or as Landau put it: ‘cosmologists are seldom right but never in doubt’

Physics of 5 Dimotions: the 3rd age of mathematical physics.

The study of the 5 dimotions of time and ¡ts speed laws is the subject of the science of mathematical physics, which can be expanded greatly by the expansion of locomotion to 5 different forms of it, one of each belonging to an action-Ðimotion of space-time.

thus the actions of mathematical physics become differentiated and studied as expressions of the 5 Ðimotions of any Gst.

When we face then mathematical physics as the four equations of Maxwell + Lorentz force we need to understand they express those 5 DÐimotions. Yet how motion happens requires a pegging by adjacency that transfer existential momentum from a relative present ST balanced state up and down in future accelerated time or slow time motion, or when a system moves over a gliding world, with a gradient of slowing time, the system does decelerates by transfer of the slow time to the system.

It seems then that the system is attracted by a force that slows down the system towards a final halt in the point of collision or time=0 of the underlying gradient.

So when we talk of motion in mathematical physics we shall use also the equation of physics which are about v=s/t but start a deeper analysis of the meanings of all events described in physics as expressions of those motions.

By adjacency thus when a system moves within a vortex of a lower plane, because motion is reproduction, as the time of the other plane slow down outwards to the vortex or inwards, by adjacency a force is transferred that change the inner metrics of the system.

So first we realize that motion requires adjacency for transfer of energy and information between relative present states:

In the graph, the ultimate motion is reproduction as it implies a stop and go, absorption of energy emission of a seed that reproduces in an adjacent point, so a reproductive action is in itself a complex generator equation which fully accounts for the whole existence of the whole, reason why we can say that all what we see are different aspects of the reproduction of the galatom.


In 5D metric LocoMotion is as the next graph shows a reproduction of form in adjacent regions as a wave displaces switching then into particle-gauging state; hence the Universe reproduces information:

Two immediate consequences of this duality of stopping and moving, particle and wave states are evident. First we find an ¡logic cause to the constancy of light speed: particles in still state entangled when they emit bosons of information, regardless of the motion around them, in its fractal local space, so c-speed is always measured as c.
It is then obvious that even locomotion the less relevant dimotion is more than a simple measure of ‘speed’. ONLY obsessed physicists  as high priests of time with his shallow ‘brief history’ of those  ‘5 Dimotions reduced to the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion can really think tracing speeds and worldlines is the meaning of its existence. Because physicists make weapons of mass destruction unable to love even their own species and so do humans embedded in a civilization of machines of entropy and dog-eat-dog people, who cannot emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms… we have converted the less important arrows in the meaning of the Universe.
But in that constant S-T, stop and MOVE, game of information and motion, it il NOT with locomotions, overrated and exhaustively studied by humans but with its inverse Dimotion, that of the mind that perceives in stillness. So there is a duality between motion and stillness, which allow us to define the state of ‘mind perception’.

Motion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

The Universe reproduces information and it tries to do a perfect replica, and this is the origin of the conservation of present energy, as all systems combine motion=entropy and dimensional form. Yet when the system has too much form and no motion as time never stops it reverses its ‘arrow of time’ and in a single quanta explodes and erases all information, in an entropic big-bang.

So finally all is a zero-sum: entropy=motion is used to reproduce information, and evolves till the dominant arrow of information – call it a galaxy vortex, a technological planet, an ageing human, a species evolving through horizons, warps all the fields of entropy into information. In physical space-time ‘time curves space into masses (Einstein)’:  vortices of charges in lower scales, thermodynamic eddies and crystals in our scale and masses in the cosmological scales.

Thus the overwhelming purpose of the Universe is to maintain, conserve and repeat the ‘momentum’ that combines entropy-motion and vortex of information (charges and masses), of its beings, and its integral through time – or energy conserved in all systems of nature. Present reproductive energy is what the Fractal super organism of the Universe preserves.

For those skeptical readers, in simple terms, a mathematical fractal is defined by a generator equation, which ‘constantly iterates’, reproducing its form in different scales of reality. And this is exactly what nature does. And the fractal generator of 5D3 written above, to express the ternary topologies of all beings, through its 3 time ages, and co-existing 3 organic scales, is exactly that sought after centuries ‘formula which physicsts’ believe will conceptually resume all space-time events for all fractal beings.

Alas, there you have it a ‘simple fractal generator of 3 x 3 scales, topologies and ages of time’ define all systems of reality as parts or wholes of a super organism in a perfect, infinite, immortal ever balanced between entropy and information, to produce energy cycles, zero sum reality.

So take your pick: do you like what i just told you in a few pages – the 5D3 FORMALISM that describes REALITY AS IT IS in all its beauty and complexity, infinity and variety, including you.

So i state that the universe reproduces information; they say the Universe is about motion. Alas, I state then motion is just reproduction of ‘simpler information’ at faster speed.

Indeed, it is evident that all biological systems are about reproduction of genetic form in a lower scale of reality (cellular scale), which then reproduces and evolves, ’emerging’ into a higher scale. It is also evident that our historic civilisations are about reproduction of technological information in a lower ‘dimensional scale’ (blue prints for machines), which then ‘company-mothers’ reproduce.

So the big question left to answer is about physical systems, which are supposed to be about ‘motion’.

You might have heard an important insight of modern physics on the meaning of the limit of c-speed. Nothing can in this lolca part of the Universe – the galaxy – faster than light. There are many angles to study this important issue but now we are interested in the concept that this c-light speed is the limit of reproduction of information as the wave of light imprints vacuum space with its frequency and form.

In the graph motion has always had a difficult paradox, never clearly solved, of continuity called Achilles paradox; which only has a solution if we consider as quantum physics seem to prove that in the scalar Universe, reproduction of form happens in all scales.

In the right graph we see the actual appearance of a quantum wave, exactly as a reproductive wave, in which each new particle is the stop position reproduced, leaving behind a ‘memorial ghost’ as the previous particle-waves dissolves into the vacuum.

In the left any wave in motion, in which the group speed represents the particle form, co-existing as the outer membrane with the inner wave of energy, its phase speed, whose usual range is  between 2 and 1/2 the speed of the particle. Those are the faster systems of nature as the particle is merely the envelope of the wave, but as we grow in complexity of scale, the form to reproduce is much denser, in information and ‘planes of existence’, which makes the process of motion slower. 

So even motion is reproduction of form; and this, when extended to  the reproduction of a superorganism through all the scales of the fifth dimension determines that a being moves faster when less information reproduces.

And so a new fundamental equation of speed, which takes into account the fractal structure of reality and the true meaning of ‘light speed’, which is speed of transmission of information solves the paradox of the constancy of speed (the reason which when I was a kid, at 8, reading Asimov’s guide to science, came to my mind as the biggest question to resolve in my long quest for ‘whys’.

So we write: V=S/Ti: that is speed is speed of transmission of information.

So we change the canonical definition of time in Galileo (and Einstein’s refinement) substituting the term of time for information: v=s/Ti.

Thus the being with more form has lesser speed as it moves in stop-reproduction of form through motion-stop. And when the system has maximal density of form, obviously there is more to reproduce across all its scales of the fifth dimension, from its particles, through atoms, molecules, matter/cells, super organism  etc. While the maximal speed is that of light, because it has the MINIMAL information to reproduce.

And then gravitation that is invisible to us hence v=s/0 information must be infinite, non-local in speed. And inversely the densest vortex of gravitational information, the black hole IS ALWAYS STILL as it is in its own static frame of reference as the most attractive vortex of time.

So in the middle between maximal c-speed of reproduction of minimal information and zero speed of maximal black hole information the rest of beings, including us move reproducing all its scales of Information. So when you move your hand through all the scales of being you must reproduce all those scales to finally form your hand. What reproduces is NOT matter but form in motion, in action in-form-a(c)tion.

ou are the vital information which becomes imprinted in ever-changing, indistinguishable, repleceable CHNO atoms.

As your ‘real first scale’ of being, as a ternary superorganism of relational space-time, is your ∆-1, cellular genetic scale; formed with ‘any’ indistinguishable CHNO atom.

Thus light merely warps the entropy of the lower scale-field, ∆-1, which is invisible gravitation to us and hence must have less information and more speed, as experiment prove (gravitational non-local, invisible action at distance, due to the lack of human detectable information, which gives a speed for the quantum potential field/gravitational field of: v -> s/ti≈0 -> s/0=∞). So this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process):

In the graph, light as a supœrganism, feeding on the quantum potential field of the dark world. Its motion thus reproduces form, imprinting the lower scale of v>c of the dark world≈gravitational≈neutrino≈dark entropy≈expanding vacuum in the multiple physicists parallel ∆•st views.

Non-local quantum fields below light space-time, the next scale which Bohm formalised must therefore be much faster than light, to the point of being seemingly non-local or else causality essential to time processes (even if sometimes is co-causality or multiple causal rays joined in a point) would not happen.

Normally those parameters that quantify the difference of speed (s/t), density (t/s) and momentum ( s x t) between scales and its species are on decametric, ternary potencies, as the 5D scales are. So ± 1, 10, 1oo, 1ooo, 10.000 are the commonest differences between scales. I.e. the fine structure constant, measure the difference between the light scale speed and the next upper ∆+1 electronic scale, around +100 (137). The difference of scaling between photons and electrons and the lower ∆-1 scale though is larger.

After all dense photons are just the ‘cellular’ level of electrons. So for complex more detailed reasons concerning the parameters of GST scaling, action at distance should be on the α² bidimensional speed scaling, compared to the larger, light world, around 10.000 times faster and all that happens in 10 thousand times more distance within the minimal quanta of human observation should seem to us NON-LOCAL.

Actually recently a Chinese lab measured non-locality which turned out to have a c=10.000 speed, for its ‘thinner’ minimal messages; or upper boundary of maximal speed of non-local effects; and so we do observe all kind of non-local c<V<10.000 C PHENOMENA, which of course theorist then vehemently deny to uphold its pretension of absolute truths under c speed, which is only the speed of information in the scale of light space-time, as the substrata of the scale is the Bg light background radiation.

So as you cannot travel faster than a plane when you are inside of it, you cannot travel faster than light when you are inside a galaxy sustained by a light space-time substrata. But outside, in the dark world you do have the possibility to go faster.

So as motion is reproduction, all is reproduction in the fractal world.

But then departing from that primary entropic motion, the growth of reproduction will cause the different worldcycles of beings; which will lead to the system’s final warping into a cyclical vortex of time, mass or charge or any other particle of any other scale. And the mathematical or organic detail and mirror will put on it will always end up shown as the three ages of time or if we put a different mirror on it with less more detail we can analyse the system as we do in general in this blog with other biological systems, as the product of an… organic world cycle.

Speeds of reproduction

It is then when we can unify conceptually all waves being aware that we can do different S=T dimensional analysis, giving us different speeds of reproduction ‘formulae’ according to the detail and number of ‘reproductive S=T’ parameters we use. And the focus on the ‘speed of the outer membrane’ (phase velocity) or ‘wave-speed proper’ and the speed of the inner singularity, which as it has more information will be slower (group velocity), such as:

wave velocity > (both bigger and shrinking-informative arrow) group-singularity – velocity.

This general law thus applies to all wave-present states and as usual can be applied no longer in topological terms to ‘herds-states’ of any scale; even if it seems in principle contradictory, that a smaller ‘group-singularity’ takes longer. But what matters is the quantity of information and ‘network’ position of the singularity-mind-still whole. I.e. in an army the commander tends to move behind the soldiers, as it is the static, informative and key element protected, by the same law, no longer topological in its easy deduction.

It is though the group wave that carries most of the information/form/frequency patterns of the system, as the singularity general does.

Since a pure sine wave cannot convey any information. So some change in amplitude or frequency, known as modulation, is required. By combining two sines with slightly different frequencies and wavelengths, then we start to build up that inner modulation of the group.

It is this modulation that represents the signal content. Since each amplitude envelope contains a group of internal waves, this speed is usually called the group velocity, Vg.

The general formula of the wave-velocity then becomes self-evident, in terms of reproduction of information, no longer v=s/t which gives no information as v= wavelength (S-quanta) x ƒ (frequency); which gives us the reproduced element (the S-quanta) and the temporal frequency of its reproduction.

And it is then when we can apply the ‘rashomon effect’ and its different views to express this lineal wave (S-view) as an angular wave (t-view):

v= w (angular frequency)/k (wave number).

Whereas the wave propagates faster when higher frequency oscillations are distributed less densely in space. So the fundamental concept behind the speed of waves – maximal information = minimal speed is conserved.

But the view we have now can be considered the polar view of the singularity which harmonically vibrates up and down to produce the wave, establishing the first synchronicity of all systems between the ‘singularity’ vibrating in the height dimension of information and its membrane rotating in a balanced steady state.

This expresses mathematically with derivatives, which always represent an ∆+1 condensation of information, hence the preferred method to extract a Tƒ parameter, so in general, the phase velocity is Vp = ω/k and the group velocity Vg = dω/dk.

But this kind of waves, are indeed, waves of reproduction over a lower medium of a minimal information; where we can ‘split’ the dimensions of the wave-information and the ‘medium’, so we only need a 2 Dimensional v= s x ð = s/t analysis. 

It is of more interest, and closer to the essential reproductive motion – that of a light wave to consider the ‘motion of information’ in a fixed string, whereas we cannot ‘differentiate’ the string inner properties (mass, which plays here the role of the informative singularity; and tension, which is the force exerted on the extremes of the string and hence play the role of the ‘constrains’ of the wave-phase-membrane).

So the same conceptual equation of speed of reproduction is built now with the parameters of mass-information and tension-external membrane, which gives us the equation of all ‘waves’ within the intrinsic properties of the material. Therefore speed will have to be written with more dimensions – in fact as a bidimensional transformation which affects in an more extensive deeper sense the system:

v² = tension (outer parameter ≈membrane constrains)/ mass-density (inner parameter)

And so once we localise for each ‘substance’ the parameters of tension in space and density of information (wave-group, membrane-singularity, etc.) we get always the same equation. 3 canonical samples suffice:

The square speed of a transverse wave traveling along a vibrating string ( v ²) is directly proportional to the tension of the string ( T ) over the linear mass density ( μ ):

v²= T/ μ

where the linear density μ is the mass per unit length of the string.
Acoustic or sound waves travel at speed given by:

v²= B/ ρ

which are called the adiabatic bulk modulus divided by the ambient fluid density.

And so finally we return to the light wave:

c²= 4π k/µ

Which clarifies (as Maxwell first thought) the meaning of k (being ε, its inverse, used by physicists with little conceptual ‘why’ interest, completely misleading) – the tension/curvature of light space-time and its ‘denser’ electronic nebulae (charge constant) and µ, the informative, magnetic ‘density’ (the equivalent of mass in larger scales, of spin in lower ones) of light space-time.

All changes indeed in different ‘mediums’ and ‘planes’ to remain the same.

Tension then is obviously a ‘dual force’ exerted to ‘expand the space’ of a physical system, hence directly related to entropic motion (Galilean paradox), and magnetic constants appears then as the potential  ‘density of information’ which can be written as patterns of form and order in light space-time. All this concepts will enrich our analysis of electromagnetism in the more specific posts on the theme.

Why then the speed of light does not change with those parameters, is also studied everywhere: motion is in wave state, particles are in relative stop to each other entangled through the quantum potential field and hence they do not move related to each other, so happens to our electronic eyes or metal eyes of measure.  To account for that stopping in the quantum scale not perceived in our larger scale we do need to establish for translating stop into motion the Lorentz Transformations and the extraordinarily confuse jargon of modern relativity which hides a rather simple ‘galilean paradox’ of particle-stop vs. wave-motion/reproduction of information in space…

Expanding the notion of motion n physics. 

It follows for all what we know of GST THAT motion or locomotion is only  part of the full range of motions of the Universe, and as such we must incorporate the other motions described in physics with ‘weird’ languages, mostly of the ‘plague of group theory’.

Consider for example a simple motion encoded in the equations of quantum physics in which particles transform into particles closing a cyclical motion, in which particles transformations in ± parameters o ∆st give place to new ∆st@tes which are confused with fixed entities by physicists:


In the graph an algebraic operation which consists in transforming a particle with a different spin and back into the same particle after a conjugate (substitution of space by time functions) and transpose (substitution of information for entropy arrows). Such motions are small displacements through arrow of the spe<x ≥ tiƒ arrows of a gien system which are perceived in the position of maximal stability of the function (often stationary points) as paroles by a human observer.

In the proceses the conjugate an transpose however exchanges energy and information with the environment, and in the standing points a change of state happens.

The reductionism of lineal time only motions and its limited formulae. Time as 4D.
YOU MUST REALLY even if you are a physicist or a groupie of its equations, understand clearly that v=s/t, their equation of TIME from where all other time concepts of physics spread IS ONLY lineal time motion, ONLY a type of change and TO REDUCE the 5 Dimensions of time=change=motion of reality to that single line of a cartesian graph IS plainly speaking the main reason we have NOT understood the first principles of reality; and so unless YOU accept to break that ‘Jail of the Mind’ REGARDLESS of the absolute detail physics has achieved studying locomotions in space you will never expand your understanding of reality as IT IS.
Indeed, take the case of relativity. Mr. Einstein, our absolute idol and genius, the ‘seer of time’, actually just completed the work on Galileo’s formula of lineal time v=s/t, by adding on the verge of maximal speed within the galaxy (c-speed), a ‘factor’ to correct the ‘warping’ that ‘drags’=slow downs particles trying to go as fast as waves.
So his formula for measure of lineal time motions and distances in space, instead of v=s/t is S²=Δr²-c² t² and then of course the entire business of measuring distances in space with lineal time-motions with extreme detail get extremely complex for the sake of accuracy. But for a philosopher of all sciences, searching for the ultimate meanings of time and space, which can be applied to all of them, as we humans do live in time, have time worldcycles, occupy a vital space and DESERVE to be explained, THIS was more of the same ‘reductionism’ of time as A MEASURE OF motions in Space (hence the quip that time is the fourth dimension of space – Not SO, only if you reduce all the time motions, changes of in-form-ation and dimensions of reality to the lineal graph of Maese Galileo, measuring with Kepler’s clock the reach of cannonballs as a the master of ballistics of the venetian army.
Of course we WILL explain further all of physics, in growing detail as time goes by. But this must be clear again: you can either have dogmas, idols and believe, and then you have nothing to do in this blog, or you can ‘think’, be humble, understand as Aristotle, the highest mind of mankind put it ‘that the only thing we know is that we know nothing’ and then keep reading.
Further on we try to RESPECT as much as possible the correspondence principle. SO since physicists use only lineal time motion as a dimension of time, which they call the 4th dimension and then of course, when dealing with the future of time, use worldlines NOT worldcycles to describe life and death and ENTROPY=death (the next step of simplification of lineal time, now also expanding and breaking the being) as the supposed future of all realities, which they call the ‘arrow of time’, (but are at pains to understand what it means and how to related it to the 2Dimension of lineal motion), we shall call ENTROPY, scattering disordered death the 4TH DIMENSION of time.
That’s really the best I can do trying to respect our ‘seers of time’, which would do better going back to school.
Let us then for good ‘measure’ expand a bit or rather explain the ‘limits’ of an analysis of reality with only an abstract cartesian pen and paper continuous graph of light space-time as relativity does; and then give more interesting answers to quantum weirdness, from an organic pov.

The immortality of the Universe.

In physics, the content of motion and form of each scale of the 5th dimension is calculated with the concept of Energy and its 2 ‘parts’ conserved, angular momentum, and lineal momentum (in the human mechanic scale).

Thus the physical Universe has this constancy, which is the constancy of energy, of formal motions, which grow in size and slowdown upwards, or diminish in size and accelerated backwards. And there are many ways to define it. In Physics the closest ones would be lineal momentum or entropy or expansive motion in planes, and cyclical motion (as it appears as form, when perceived in a singe fast cycle, as a wheel turning very fast), or angular momentum; but we can also use the terms space and time, and in a loose terminology people use the whole energy as synonymous of motion, and information as synonymous of form. This ambivalence of meanings is born of the constant transformation of one into the other of yin into yang, of time into space, of motion into form, of lineal into cyclical momentum, so people get confused.

Hence the importance to have in mind the ultimate, purest yin an yang, form and motion, which are words clearly defined and without attachment to particular equations and definition as they have been rather forgotten as precise philosophical concepts, despite being at the origin of Greek philosophy. So we could then rewrite the fundamental principle of physics, the principle of conservation of energy in a more complex manner, with a formula, previous mentioned:

‘Energy never dies, it transforms itself from entropic motion into cyclical in-form-ations, back and forth ad eternal:   Ce= ∆±n= Sæ < ≈ > To”

Whereas Ce is constant energy, which we can define for each relative ∆-plane of reality with a constant of ‘action’, H, K, C2, or see dynamically as a constant transformation of entropic motions into cyclical forms, lineal and angular momentums. Or we can integrate into beings composed of both.

It follows from those laws the immortality of the Universe, and its dualist formal motions, which are a zero-sum when we put together its antisymmetries of space-time, which conserve together its potential vs. kinetic energy, angular vs. lineal momentum, time vs. space anti-symmetries, across 3 ∆±1 planes of the 5th dimension.

This is the ‘essence’ of it we must grasp. The immortality of the whole is based in the inverse symmetry of its 2 elements: form vs. motion, left vs. right, expansion vs. implosion; lineal, decelerating, expansive stillness vs. accelerating implosive cyclical motion; faster than c speed vs. slower than c speed, positive charge vs. negative charge, particle vs. antiparticle… Positive vs. negative wave sides. opposite genders, a ‘male’ or ‘female’ element, which are complementary and fusion in a reproductive present or divide in two opposite fractions.

Thus 5D Physics explains in a much more natural manner what many physicists came to call the group theory disease; that is, the use of the abstract jargons of modern mathematics, without understanding what they truly mean, and what is ‘truth’ and what is mere mathematics, provoking the present inflation of ‘Group transformations and Symmetries’. Reality is rather simple, and the proper jargon slightly different. There is not a breaking of symmetry as physicists express it but rather the creation of a symmetry of opposite elements, departing from a universal constant, of Present State, Se=To, an immortal point of balance in any plane of reality, which diverges both sides, to one side of more information, Max. To and a side of larger spatial energy, as that is the ONLY ternary elements of 5D space-time that might ‘’diverge or converge’ in any scale.

In brief, the 3 ‘standing points’ of the e ages of a Worldcycle in time or ternary symmetry in space or ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension might diverse from present to relative past and future, lineal and cyclical, higher or lower scales and that gives birth to diversity. So we shall first consider in the domain around our local scale, space and time parameters-constants, how those divergences might happen.

So zero systems expand into the negative (past-Se in our conventional choice) and positive (future, To in our choice) relative sides of a constant of symmetry, Se=To, which is EXPRESSED by giving birth to two cancelling opposites. Coincidentia Oppositorum, said Nicola da Cusa, the infinitely large and slow, the infinitely small and fast, the 0 and the ∞ which are relative and multiplied give us a constant ‘o’ for adding operations or 1 for multiplicative inversions, or a Universal constant for logarithmic scales of the 5th dimension (log vs. e, ln vs. 10, log2 vs. 2 vs. √2 being the most important of those inversions).

Let us recall from this or other posts, what those 3 Se, To, and Se=To, standing points and constants are in our world:

Se=To: constants of present action on 3 scales.

– C: the space-time fundamental constant of the galaxy, or present wave of energy and information, in the ∆+1 scale, k or Boltzmann constant in the thermodynamic scale and H or Planck constant in the quantum scale.

Max. Se & Max. To: Young-energetic and old Informative, antisymmetries on 3 scales.

– Lineal vs. Cyclical formal motions, which we call lineal and cyclical momentum, and its integral sum, kinetic and potential energy, in the ∆+1 scale of cosmic bodies.

– Lineal vs. Cyclical formal motions, which we call, negative and positive ‘charge’ in the quantum scale.

– And finally lineal vs. cyclical order in the thermodynamic scale which we consider to have a constant called 0-Kelvin temperature.

It is that reality which must tilt one or the other side of the constant to create the worlds and antiworlds, light and dark worlds of our Universes and Anti-Universes.

In other worlds the Universe which conserves, Se, To, Se=To, and ∆±1 elements, the 3 scales and its cyclical and lineal momentums must in its origin be made of both, in its Se=To original symmetries and this is the first being or constant of action, a particle, with lineal momentum, a wave, with c-speed a plane of space with angular momentum or spin.

We can in that sense define several possible births of Universes, but to be strict, we just will consider the quasar Universe of our light space-time galaxy, which is the only one we have enough information to fully understand.

In such Universe we do know there is a space-time, which is light space-time. So we can consider it split above or below a certain dividing constant Se x To, speed, ‘c’.

We know that the island galaxy, in which we are as masses and particles, have a c-speed barrier, we cannot cross. And we know

outside our Galaxy there is a whole world of dark space and dark energy, we do NOT see. So it is not made of c-speed light. So the origin of our reality ‘before we were born must be a split that left on our side the < c speed and outside of our galaxy there must be a >c speed. This is the world of dark energy, which seems to expand BECAUSE seeing as distance, faster than c-speed appears as expansive, entropic space.

This is not forbidden in Einstein’s equations, merely means a negative sign in the mass and energy of the system, which can only be crossed, when a ‘being’ suffers the antisymmetry of moving from the side of more to-order into the side of more se-entropy, in the action of death.

Now, for a system to be > C speed it must have a space which is scalar, and with 0 spin, outside. So what particle outside can be > c and 0 scalar angular momentum? As always we do NOT speculate (and that is why we have reduced our analysis to our galaxy). There is actually a boson, the Higgs boson that has 0 spin and negative mass in certain ranges of excited existence. So here we have the dark energy boson, the Higgs, outside the Universe, accelerating beyond c-speed, which therefore is the ‘event horizon’ or halo of the galaxy, which cannot be crossed in the larger scale of the anti-atom galaxy.

So the fundamental symmetry of the cosmological ∆+1 scale is >c (Higgs boson), ≈ c (Photon) < c (Mass) is resolved.

Next there is the question moves to the ∆-thermodynamic scale.

Again, we must consider here the constant of order, which we found to be 0 K Temperature. So there should be a world to one side of 0 temperature and a world to the other side of 0 temperature.

And since we find that our world CANNOT go under 0 temperature, we are in the side of > 0 Temperature and < C speed. This is evident. And so we must conclude that the dark world outside the galaxy must be below the 0 temperature barrier, which cannot be crossed either. Do we find then anything that is in the dark world below 0 temperature.

Indeed, black holes of large size have a perfect order and are 0 temperature. Their world starts in a accelerated vortex of gravitation, from where ‘light cannot speak’ because light actually turns at c-speed in its event horizon, but because vortices are accelerated (Principle of Equivalence between acceleration and gravity), beyond its 0-barrier black holes MUST move faster than light with less than zero temperature.

And so those are the fundamental barriers between the galactic world in space (< c-speed) and time (>0 k ) and the dark world of dark matter (black hole matter) and dark energy (expansive, > c speed).

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.47.30

In the graph, the pseudo sphere is used to represent Kerr black holes on its central, faster than light axis, which transforms ‘time cycles’ beyond c-speed into spatial dark energy shut through its tachyon jet-axis into the dark world outside galaxies. This spinning process of accelerating and expelling waves and fields of information and energy absorbed through the bidimensional plane-mouth, is natural to all fractal points of the Universe in any scale of reality.

The pseudo sphere however has 2 jets, one that emits the Sæ field of the system its absorbs and kills and one that emits its To particles, the red and blue shift sides of the black hole or star jet. Both are the sides of a ‘broken dead-symmetry’ when a physical species, Sæ<ExI≥To dies, as all systems, it does so because its ‘fields, waves and particles’ dissociate, loosing the synchronicity of its internal clocks (De Broglie’ s wave-particle analyzed that synchronicity in its masterpiece paper, today often forgotten on the forest of mathematical trees). A


The two limits of sensation, the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion, the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with a c-constant speed, are the ultimate components of the complementary reality.THE C-speed constant is the constant of reproduction of information or 5 D constant metric of the galaxy: $xð = C, as such all species within the galaxy have that maximal speed of reproduction of information, spent in the recreation of the mass-energy of the being that reduces the speed from the simplest information reproduced, light itself. But the nested Universe implies that the ¡±4 plane of the Universe must have a constant of speed (of reproduction) higher than its smaller ¡-3 galatom, hence c-speed is not the limit of speed outside the galaxy of dark entropy faster than c confused with an expansion of distance-space

Conservation principles, and the fundamental equations of physics.


The two limits of sensation, the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion, the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with a c-constant speed, are the ultimate components of the complementary reality.

THE C-speed constant is the constant of reproduction of information or 5 D constant metric of the galaxy: $xð = C, as such all species within the galaxy have that maximal speed of reproduction of information, spent in the recreation of the mass-energy of the being that reduces the speed from the simplest information reproduced, light itself. But the nested Universe implies that the ¡±4 plane of the Universe must have a constant of speed (of reproduction) higher than its smaller ¡-3 galatom, hence c-speed is not the limit of speed outside the galaxy of dark entropy faster than c confused with an expansion of distance-space

Two immediate consequences of this duality of stopping and moving, particle and wave states are evident. First we find an ¡logic cause to the constancy of light speed: particles in still state entangled when they emit bosons of information, regardless of the motion around them, in its fractal local space, so c-speed is always measured as c.
It is then obvious that even locomotion the less relevant dimotion is more than a simple measure of ‘speed’. ONLY obsessed physicists as high priests of time with his shallow ‘brief history’ of those ‘5 Dimotions reduced to the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion can really think tracing speeds and worldlines is the meaning of its existence. Because physicists make weapons of mass destruction unable to love even their own species and so do humans embedded in a civilization of machines of entropy and dog-eat-dog people, who cannot emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms… we have converted the less important arrows in the meaning of the Universe.
But in that constant S-T, stop and MOVE, game of information and motion, it il NOT with locomotions, overrated and exhaustively studied by humans but with its inverse Dimotion, that of the mind that perceives in stillness. So there is a duality between motion and stillness, which allow us to define the state of ‘mind perception’.
Which finally leads us to the last element we cannot avoid any longer to fully define the Universe in both objective and subjective terms, the 2 dimensions of the Mind, as a membrain, self-centered into a singularity whose linguistic mappings and ternary syntax reflects the world of ternary beings of space-time in which the being exists, performing its survival actions.

Specifically in the Light space-time ‘galatom superorganism’ in which humans co-exist, all systems have a speed of reproduction of information of c-speed above which all the other planes of light exist¡ence happen. So as the system becomes more complex its motion implies the reproduction of multiple layers of being, in adjacent ‘wave-like’ states of reproduction of information.

And so the fastest form is the one that must reproduce less information, life itself, all other particles, atoms and atomic configurations are slower.

Because C-speed is the speed of reproduction of information along all the ∆±¡ scales of a system, it follows that larger systems that try to be synchronous as supœrganisms must have constants of reproduction of speed, faster.

What other ‘constants’ matter to a system? Obviously a system must have 3 constants, for the 3 parts of the being.

So we define the 3 physiological constants of physics in terms of its 3 ‘galatom’s parts’ and scales:

  1. c or rather c² to keep the bidimensional holographic principle of information, is the constant of maximal speed of reproduction of form in the ∆+¡ relative planes of galatom’s ‘fractals’ (all of us made of evolved light particles). In fact all systems of nature should be able to reproduce form as ‘light space-time systems’ at c-speed. However as this happens in different scales; the larger parts of the galaxy as they reproduce through the path of c-speed diminish its translation, in an inverse form to the in-form-ation they must reproduce: V (ST) = $(λ) x ƒ (ð). If in terms of scale, it must be considered the constant of the ∆+1 gravitational scales, in terms of topology it must considered the constant of the vital ‘plenum’ body-wave of energy of the galatom as a superorganism. As such is the main constant of our island-universes.
  2. h or rather h/2π=h, is the constant of ‘informative gauging’, the ‘particle-state’ constant, the informative particle-head constant of all systems of light that gauge information in reality, and as such is the second most important constant of Nature. It belongs to the ∆-¡ planes. h will then become all pervading in theory of information and the building of all kind of social structures with particles and atoms. H is measured as Energy x Time or Momentum x Distance, which gives us the ‘long time’ cyclical and ‘short time’ open paths of the ‘Galilean paradox’ (all lineal motions become closed paths with enough time, momentum becomes energy and distance in space motion in time).
  3.  K is then the constant of ‘motion-entropy’, for all atomic systems in the intermediate thermodynamic plane of reality; and as such it corresponds to the ‘limbic/potential’, moving elements of atomic supœrganisms, made to the image and likeness of its larger supœrganism, the galatom, in its ∆º ‘human-size’ plane. K is measured in terms of entropy also.

And so we have 3 constants of Nature to define the galatom, each of them normally associated to a ‘parameter’ of frequency of its time cycles to give us the time-energy total for the system measured.  This implies each of those 3 constants will associate to a ‘membrane’-frequency parameter specific for each local system:

  1. Mass, the enclosure for energy systems at the cosmological scale,  which allows when an energy is enclosed within a domain to calculate its ‘weight’ or frequency of its angular enclosure as a mass vortex of accelerated time (Principle of equivalence mass-acceleration:  E=hƒ+e=mc2, M=ƒ(h/c2).
  2. ƒrequency for the quantum-photon scale, or rather density of photons in a single point of space, in its color configuration, for the quantum h-scale: E=hv
  3. Temperature, for the entropic, human thermodynamic ¡0 plane, which also measures the ‘frequency’ of vibration of an enclosed ‘gas-like’ system’ as perceived thermodynamically in the UPPER scale above the quantum ensemble of particles and molecules it is enclosing with the concept of ‘heat-temperature’ of the upper scale.

It also follows that those ‘enclosures’ – frequency of a radiation measured in the upper plane, temperature of a molecular ensemble also measured in the upper plane, and gravitational mass of an ensemble measured in the cosmological scale, are ∆+1 membrane enclosures of ∆º relative ensembles and as such the parameters of frequency, temperature and mass belong to a larger plane than the vital energy particles they trap. The minimal quanta of each scale, h, c and k become in this manner ‘gatherered’ to extract from them from the perspective of the larger scale energy, entropy or information: h accumulate in a single parameter of ‘wholeness’ as a color perceived by our electronic eyes, which extract information from it; k becomes then multiplied by nT to give us the ‘whole heat’ sensation provided by the system from where we shall extract motion; and

It is difficult to stress the importance of the 3 vital constants of the galatom, in all formulae of physics, which will study normally ‘fractal supœrganisms’ of matter within the galatom and its 5 Dimotions of exist¡ence. And the ginormous number of conceptual insights we can get in all fields of physics but the proper understanding in organic terms of the vital constants of Nature, and physical systems, which will loose its ‘abstract’ outlook.

How this work will require a thorough analysis of each of the main equations of physics, but it seems obvious that those dimotions involving entropic actions such as radiation, will see a ‘decay’ of exponential nature (the maximal speed of dissolution of any function of nature), involving ratios that transform one of those parameters into the other constants, such as in the equations of radiation (Planck’s law), where we observe the constant of decay, transforming kT into hƒ and vice versa, as temperature becomes radiation or radiation is upgraded into measure as heat (and appears as a huge temperature, which is not the proper way to measure it, since we should just refer in the quantum scale to frequencies, being temperature the untranslatable state for measuring molecular activity).

We could in that sense more properly consider that frequency is ‘grouped’ into ‘colors’ of temperature, and ‘transfers’ its activity to the higher scale, beyond the Curie limit.

By the same token in the other direction, we could consider that ‘heat’ is transferred to mass and so mass systems ‘cool down’ the previous scale as they acquire mass-energy (translation movement in the upper scale).

Let us then see the ‘classic concept of the Universe in physical terms’ under the upgrading of relational fractal space and cyclical time.

The 2 main rules/operandi between the 3 elements of a system, its lineal, angular momentum that enclose as singularity and membrane the vital energy within are the superposition rule of addition of bidimensional wave-states, and the product rule for particle states and perpendicular extensions of the form predating above a potential field. Each scale though requires based in a solid understanding of ∆st principles a detailed analysis of the boundary-membrane-angular momentum conditions, the singularity frequency of clocks or its inverse lineal momentum state, and the relationship between the bodywave/particle-head system and its predated ∆-1 potential field/limbs to fully grasp its functions, forms and equations

So what we call often ‘vital time§pace’ will be in more formal terms ‘Energy’; the enclosed timespace within a membrane or clock of time, in more formal terms an angular momentum (which becomes a membrane of multiple ‘cellular eddies’ of angular momentum in more complex, iterative systems). And finally the central still, ‘mind’ singularity, particle, crystal or ‘center of gravity’ in physical systems, still DNA of information, or nervous worldview that ‘makes you see’ the Earth still, which we CANNOT perceive internally, will be in physical terms defined by its lineal motion, but we shall explore further in this blog its inner information.

All systems of nature can be ‘reduced’ to fractal ensembles of 3 ‘conserved quantities’, angular momentum – the membrane of the system, which of course becomes a fractal sum of ‘cellular cycles’ of the skin of the system in human beings. And so on…

As we are opening a window to the absolute, each paragraph opens new questions, to which we shall return. Enough though said of the spatial, ‘simultaneous’ view of the being in a single spacetime continuum. We are indeed ‘toporganic’ variations of space. 

What about finite time duration, our second component that make us last through our motions a limited time?

Again, as time space is more complex than lineal or absolute time space, the first obvious truth about a system of limited time is to be cyclical made NOT of worldlines but of world cycles that end when the ‘cycle’ returns to its beginning.

So if we are in space simultaneous super organisms of the 3 topologies of space, in time we are ‘world cycles of finite duration’. Let us see indeed, how all those topological beings last cyclical time periods.

Now it is important to consider the necessary adaptation of the jargon of mathematical physics, to the larger view of the jargon of ∆§ð, as it differs slightly. Energy in Physics has precise equations, which differ slightly from the concepts more general used here, as ‘vital energy’, the content of the body-waves.

We shall deal with it in detail in our articles on mathematical physics ‘on the making’… So it will become more precise. I.e. in the graph we see the 3 main formulae for energy and motion in the 3 ‘scales’ of physical organisms. None of them has the exact meaning but all of them are parameters that can be easily related to the 3 conserved elements of any T.œ, whose sum for the entire Universe would give us the total conserved quantities known to physics.

Indeed, what we can see in all the graphs is the use of 3 parameters, loosely related to our 3 conserved quantities. Of them the most essential is angular momentum, the all pervading H constant, as it gives us partial but consistent information of the 3 elements together, the radius of the vital energy of the system, the position of the singularity, and the speed of the membrane-clock, and its ‘mass’ =vital energy distribution… which for most systems tend to be ‘I-logically’ closer to the membrane where its bits get ‘contact’ with the motion from the outside world (while in its center they are ‘devoured’ by the singularity-mind; hence ‘vitally’ systems accumulate their angular momentum on the outer parts of the system)…

Energy then multiplies H for ƒ, the proper measure of the ‘clock of time’ in its purest form, as frequency, but also what tells us the equation, E=Hƒ is that Energy as expressed in physics basically ads to our concept of the ‘content of vital energy of a system’ as a picture of simultaneous space, a ‘length’ of time. 

And so it comes immediate, as a solution, that energy ultimately is conserved because measuring the super organism in a length of time, it is in fact measuring its whole world cycle which is also a closed zero sum. This physicists know, but apply it to the single ‘space-time plane’ in which they measure energy, which is conserved when the work returns to the point (closed paths), but we know extend to the scalar dimensions of the ∆±¡, affirming that a Worldcycle of existence is a zero sum, a travel through 3 scales of the fifth dimension that doesn’t spend energy-time, hence making all systems ultimately as all are born and die, conserved energy cycles and the Universe immortal.

SO THE IMMEDIATE translation of one of the 3 key equations of Einstein, which is with Planck the great colossus of XX century physics for a reason (Planck in fact has there also the Boltzmann constant, of thermodynamics which he defined and gave its name to honor B), E=hƒ is self-evident in terms of ∆§ð:

H is the ‘still picture’ humind observers obtain of whole super organism, the photon, in simultaneous spaces, the minimal action-dimotion of a particle of light space-time, the ultimate layer of our existence we perceive with our electronic eyes. ƒ is its frequency or clock-speed, the number of ‘bits’, of actions, of cycles of existence it performs. And Energy its whole world cycle, at the entropic moment of death, when it is absorbed by its ∆+1 electronic scale (as that is the formula of the photoelectric effect).

And as the graph shows the same interpretation happens for thermodynamics, where we measure also in confusing terminology the entropy-energy of the system (Physicists constantly confuse the dimotions of entropy, energy and locomotion, as we shall clarify in our article on the philosophy of physics – entangled Universe)… And so happens in the other Einstein’s equation, E=mc², where here the key frequency element is given by a mass which is a vortex of accelerated time, whose frequency determines its weight, as we can observe easily putting together both equations: E=mc²+E=hƒ-> m=(h/c²) ƒ; that is the faster the vortex turns, the more mass it has.

This is the picture at the smallest level of ‘quantum paths’, which physicists express as the ‘path of least time’ and the ‘Lagrangian tending to zero’, etc. Do not feel taken aback by physical equations without a clear conceptual reasoning – we shall provide them; and vice versa, if you are a physicist don’t shun off this work because of its apparent simplicity. Trust me, if we have lifetime enough to complete I will pour in the 4th line my 11 annotated books on Lindau’s wonderful encyclopedia of physicists physics relating all the equations of all the subdisciplines of physics to ∆§t, a work I did some 30 years ago… to fully grasp the marvelous Universe, but it is NOT more important than the similar work on social sciences, or biological species… 

We shall though provide now the barebones of the Universe in a nutshell, and how this ‘energy zero sum’ works also for the entire Universe, which is also an eternal zero sum, without singularity big-bangs – a clear error of pythagorean wrong interpretation of languages NOT as mirrors of reality but as its cause, clarified in earnest in the III section, as Languages are with physical and socio-biological systems the true 3 disciplines of knowledge – being history just the study of the super organism of mankind and economics, the study of the industrial r=evolution of company-mothers and its offspring of machines and weapons fast evolving to our own peril into AI autonomous robots and self-reproductive factories…

RECAP. The 3 equations of energy in each major ∆±1 scales of physical systems must be reinterpreted from the human perspective, to consider its 3 ‘elements’ of a generic form: Energy =

 Symmetry of space, time & scales, the true, realist NOT magic ‘whys’ of physics.

So what is the non-magic why of all systems of the Universe? The 5гisomorphic properties of space-time NOT the fact that we can mirror them efficiently with mathematical equations.

The corruption of the scientific method by mathematics creationism has of course become an endemic sickness with the multiplication of Computers that improve the seemingly veracity of those models.
Fact is the principles of reality depart all from the ternary structure of space, time and its organic scales, which are therefore setting limits of efficiency, simplicty and organic survival nature to all systems. This is what we have shown in all the previous models of particles, galaxies and Universes.
Arguably we could establish a limit to the Universe in the atom and galaxy, but symmetry establish those limits as we shall see as THE NATURAL LIMITS OF HUMAN PERCEPTION IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM.
INDEED, it is an ego trip to think that we are the center of all scales of reality and that is why we see at the same distance the galaxy and the atom.
IT IS MORE i-LOGIC TO THINK that we just have a symmetric mind, whose actions engage from the pixels of light of the galaxy to the motions enabled by gravitation and that is why the ∆±4 are the limits of our perception. Hence my inference that there are beyond infinite other scales.
The same goes with the model of the galaxy and its ternary structures of quark families – it is the most symmetric entangled form to describe as in any similar systems the interaction of scales, time ages, and space parts, to fully account for a galaxy constructed with the same symmetry and simplicity and efficiency of survival of all other species of reality.
So only a realist economic model of the galaxy, self-contained to ‘particles we know that exist’ can solve that, by putting the laws of epistemology further evolved by 5D with concepts such as why there is symmetry in physics (main reason of most laws) why there are conservation laws, etc.
THIS IS only explained today as yet another form of creationism.
I.e. some say mathematics discovered antiparticles before we experimentally found them because we crafted an equation of them and so they must be real.
THIS IS NOT SO, ANTIPARTICLES had to exist once particles existed because IT IS THE MAIN TIME SYMMETRY of the first… Their relative arrow of death. So if a particle lives a long time, the state of antiparticle that annihilates it lives a quanta of death-time of entropy. And so as particles must die in its world cycle antiparticles must exist.
Others said that conservation laws of energy exist because they come out of the Lagrangian formalism.
NOT SO, conservation of ENERGY COMES FROM THE EXISTENCE OF TIME CYCLES, AS BOTH ARE essentially the same, and the efficiency of all timespace systems that try to conserve ITS DOMINANT element its lifetime, so it comes from the principle of Least time of my fellow countryman Fermat, therefore making Lagrangians tend to zero in each step.
So goes from conservation of momentum that comes from the existence of space. And the relationship between momentum as an open, small step of a whole cycle of time-energy, which we just explained (one of the dualities of the Galilean paradox).
So at the end IT ALL comes to what Leibniz, Einstein and Sancho tried to explain everybody: we are NOT made of absolute cartesian graphs of maths, but maths is a mirror of the ULTIMATE ELEMENTS OF REALITY vital spaces and temporal finite cycles. As the fifth dimension of time ads to lineal time the needed curvature to create a time cycle. And so on and so on… So we shall always deny the stupidity of magic mathematicians and explain the organic, space-time whys of mathematical physics and equation as we explore the different languages-mirrors of the mind – as we do with other languages…

O-angular momentum, |-lineal, Ø-vital energy.

Tƒ-conservation. Another view on those Universal constants is as parameters of the 3 sub-elements of the four elements of all systems, which also means each of those parameters will act according to the inversion laws and symmetries of the fractal generator in different roles.

I.e. c-speed is the speed of reproduction of information within the galaxy, but it is the ‘circular membrane’ or time clock of black holes and dark, quark matter; and it is also the body-wave of the hc planckton super organisms of light and its is the basic bit of information of electronic mechanical or life minds.

The multiple, ternary and quaternary (when including •mind-linguistic still-galileo-relativity paradoxes) method thus must reorder and give multiple meaning through the ‘rashomon effect’ to each variable and parameter, constant or ratio of physics, in its multiple roles.

Still each parameter will be dominant in one of its functions. And those are to measure ‘frequencies in time or populations in space – frequencies with a memorial longer duration; and we shall call those time parameters, which are mostly frequency, related, inverse to lineal time duration, t=1/ƒ; while there will be ‘quanta of energy-present space-time’ also acting as ratios and constants of each scale, and those are the h, k, c universal constants; which will also act as’ fixed’ units of ‘dead-memorial space’, when moving to a past state, as micro-points of larger scales.

So c-speed becomes also the ‘quanta-step’ of the dark world, the ultimate substrata over which it builds new forms.

$pe-conservation: It comes thus with the constancy of c-speed the inverse lineal momentum or Sp-conservation law.

However in ∆ST we need to transcend even those names of specific scales for the larger, purest topological description of the 3 elements of reality.

ST-conservation: Finally the third fundamental conservation law is that of the open ball energy component of the system (as seen in space) or world cycle zero sum (as seen in time).

We can though resume further those conservation laws in the simplest, most important of all equations of stience, recorded in my mind-point for decades

ALL THIS said the importance of ST-waves is multiple, and we shall here consider only two elements in certain depth, the laws of conservation of physics, which they explain with the Noether theorem, a mathematical abstraction that merely states that ‘each symmetry of nature means a conservation law’, and then gets into equations without any physicist able to explain you much of that cryptic sentence. We shall be more straightforward:

the Universe is a fractal that reproduces and hence conserves dynamically information, form in motion, momentum and its sum over a cyclical stretch of time, the integral of momentum called energy, which is never spent when the ‘time motion’ is a conservative closed cycle.

In other word the conservation principle tell us 2 fundamental things About nature:

  • THAT MOTION IS CONSERVED as it is the substance of nature.
  • And form is also conserved when the cyclical motion closes into itself in an energy ‘conservative cycle’ that moves but does not do work.

This simple logical, seemingly contradiction – that you can move and do work, but not spend ‘energy’ if you just go up and down a mountain or move a ton around the Earth back to the same point IS JUST TELLING US, the UNIVERSE CONSERVES TIME CYCLES, THE FORMAL, REPETITIVE MOTIONS that are the ultimate substance of Nature.

That is the core of all conservation laws: the conservation of reproduced information that seems to be the same, making a dynamic present to repeat its same formal motions and species. Conservation thus means reproductive motions. Point. Of course then if you are just doing esoteric interpretation of reality you can consider the Noether theory and connect ‘time cycles and energy conservation’ in more esoteric terms than those explained, and lineal momenta (a bit of a whole world cycle of energy-time) and conservation of space, made of open strings, lineal momenta, lineal inertia and any other way you want to ‘express’ in the kaleidoscope of languages and jargons something very simple: the universe conserves present reproduction of cyclical time motions in all its scales.

3 conservation laws: Energy ≈ 5th dimension; lineal momentum: open space; angular momentum: closed time.

PHYSICS, when trying to find the laws of conservation of the Universe found 2 laws, the law of conservation of angular momentum, which is a cyclical motion, self-centered into a point; and of lineal inertial motions – both minimal quanta of action of ‘motion and form’ (more form in angular momentum, more motion in lineal inertia). And its integrals in a closed cycle of energy.

The conservation of momentum is associated in quantum mechanics with the proposition that it makes no difference where you do the experiment, the results will always be the same. As independence in space has to do with the conservation of momentum, independence of time has to do with the conservation of energy.

And so we must deduce that there is NOT absolute space, as the location in space is completely independent on the result of an experiment. So all space is self-contained to the event of space-time and region affected by the experiment.

Then there is the conservation of time. If we turn our ‘experimental apparatus’ in a ‘time-like cycle’, this too makes no difference, and so the invariance of the world to angular orientation is related to the conservation of angular momentum; which means all worldcycles of time have a total zero-value, as they close into themselves in the same point.

So we found that the Universe conserves cyclical motions of time and lineal motions of space.

Then there is the conservation of Energy, which is roughly speaking the ‘integral sum of lineal and cyclical momentums’.

In quantum mechanics it turns out that the conservation of energy is very closely related to another important property of the world, things do not depend on the absolute time.

We can set up an experiment at a given moment and try it out, and then do the same experiment at a later moment, and it will behave in exactly the same way. From this we can deduce the principle of conservation of energy. It is a rather subtle and interesting thing, which can only have an explanation:

Absolute Time, duration, which integrates a series of lineal and cyclical motions, adding them to the extent of creating a new scale of the fifth dimension, IS FRACTAL. It does not exist as a continuous lineal infinite time in a single continuous space plane.

As such absolute time does not affect any event happening in time, which therefore is a self-contained process, a cycle related to the internal time of the event.

A Time cycle is therefore a closed, fractal cyclical proposition.

But we can add, integrate time cycles and that creates the illusion of absolute duration; and we can integrate space surfaces and that creates the illusion of absolute extension.

This is what Leibniz called relational space and relational time.

Leibniz would have said that ‘all substances are made of cyclical motions with different speeds = different clocks of time.’ And different vital spaces, fractal parts. And all together create the illusion of absolute space and absolute time.

But we can ad a third element, the ‘Integral of spaces and times’, which give us the concept of Energy, similar to that of a 5th dimension integral. So on the regions of reality where we can conserve Energy, we are observing a process of scalar, social growth of elements of the 5th dimension. And this gives us the fundamental equations for each scale of physical systems, which are the equations of energy for each of those scales:

E∆-1=hƒ for the quantum ∆-1 scale, Eo= RT for the scale of thermodynamics, and E∆1=1/2 mv2 with the limit E=mc2 for the gravitational scale.

Whereas as we can observe, a given Plane of the 5th dimension conserves a ‘constant of bidimensional space’ (h, k, m) and a different speed of time cycles, (ƒ, T, v).

We can study then the interaction of those 3 elements, how they transform into each other through the ‘frontiers’ between those 3 scales, and what it means the different combinations of those formula, specifically the one that defines each constant:

H = E x T, R (or n k) = E / T and m = E/c2

In this form they represent the constant of action of energy and Time of each of the 3 scales akin to the co-invariant law of the 5th dimension. It simply means that in each scale of the 5th dimension there is a certain constant ‘rod of measure of space and time that varies (never mind here that we, humans use for certain measures of time, the frequency, and for others the period: T=1/ƒ).

The enormous field open by the study of the 3 scales of the Universe, its constants of space-time, its time frequency clocks and its 5 Dimensional growth in social scales of energy, is a huge field, which we cannot ‘attack’ in this post further.

$-Distance=steps of entropy-motion, related to the field and/or limbs, which is the external parameter of the being, physics is more concerned with.

ð-Frequency=cycles of the external membrane, often related to distance, when the membrane is both translating in space and turning in time (wheel motions); which is related to the singularity we do not see, as both are connected and in synchrony. 

And 2 of its energetic combinations, which physics measure to extract mostly entropy-motion and discharge form as in all feeding/predatory processes where you discharge the ‘head’ without much entropy by definition and eat the rest:

ST: Total Vital Energy, which we often kill and so convert into pure entropy, measuring=extracting only the motion and discharging the form.

Å; @: And its ‘actions’ of ‘energy and time’ directed with a survival purpose by the mind, which is behind the system, but we repeat, we do not perceive in space due to its size, and we deny in its will and time spread through scales of the fifth dimension, which humans do not understand.

The graph illustrates the difference between both: If we consider a cellular entity of n small infinitesimal parts/cells, the action will correspond to the ‘small cycle’ that measures the ‘frequency of the minimal unit and roughly its inner content; while the whole will represent the total energy of the system.

So what parameter will be good to measure those 2 elements? Within the constrictions of physics, the commonest parameter is angular momentum, r m v, as it measures the radius, the energy-mass of the membrane’s cell (∆-1) and its ‘frequency in time’ or ‘volume of population in space’.

So we will find equations of the form:

Energetic entropy = Constant of information (∆-1 cell) x frequency of populations in space (energy volume)

Energetic entropy = Constant of angular momentum x  revolutions in time (membrane’s or action measure)

As in E=hv or E=nKT.

Another good measure which will also remain constant is Kepler’s second law aerolar surface.

If we ad the uncertainties of measures through scales, which physicists resolve with normalisation procedures, which become approximations, physics becomes then clearly contrary to belief, in terms of information the less exact of all sciences; as it does not extract all but a small part of the total information of the being.

Yet, as it extracts the simplest parameters of the being, those which are the essential ‘primary substances’ it is on the other hand the more regular in its constants of measure; since it analyses the most ‘extended’, efficient simple forms of Nature, with minimal variations.

Relationship between force and energy and momentum.

So the parameters used by man in physics correspond to the ternary parts of an ∆st system.

Energy or present conserved cycles has as minimal unit a quanta of momentum, which it integrates. E=∫p

Energy is though balanced, but if we extract and transform one of its dimensions of space in time-motion, we obtain force:

E= m v²= m l²/s² -> E/l = F = m a.

Thus we have not really eliminated the length but transformed it into acceleration, which is in itself a new vortex, within a fixed point, and so, a force is present energy transformed into future time.

Thus in dealing with the equations of mathematical physics, the reduced description of super organisms of physical space-time, by the egotist humind view of reality, all the laws of 5D³ systems apply, even if we only care to extract information that matter to us, and information about its motion-translations in space.

This means we are in a scalar Universe were all magnitudes are relative ratios, which means they are not ‘absolute constants’ as most people believe but proportions between scales, with limits that are equivalent to the singularity, informative and external membrane of an open ball, a classic ternary systems, similar to any other one in the Universe.

In the case of the galaxy-atom – the ∆±3 scale which humans are enclosed on, those two limits are the <0K T, which should operate beyond the c-horizon of the black hole event and that c-horizon, which acts as the maximal speed of the galactic membrane. Within those limits we exist – and obviously we don’t recognise them.

 Worldcycles in physics as zero-sums: lagrangian actions.

In Lagrangian and Hamiltonian physics, action is an attribute of the dynamics of a physical system from which the equations of motion of the system can be derived. It is a mathematical functional which takes the trajectory, path or history, of the system with different values for different paths. Action has the dimensions of energy x time  or momentum x length, and it IS perhaps the most important element in physics as it is the world cycle in ∆st and both have as value a zero sum, in a closed conservative world cycle.

Why? Because the NEXT scale of time as a ‘sum’ of energy instants does not grow further, as energy is a present ST-ate of the being. And the whole integration through the whole life-death cycle (energy x time: physical action) is a zero sum, with 3 standing points, which are the changes between ages of the being.

So once we have integrated the momentum actions into the whole ‘time’ content of in-form-ation as energy, we do NOT obtain more than a scalar or a zero sum when we integrate over time again energy as energy is ‘conserved’ in its ‘present state.

We integrate the 3±i ages of the being or event, taking into account that the whole world cycle will be a zero sum.

And this is the Lagrangian ‘world cycle≈physical action’:

This can be summarized by Hamilton’s principle:

∫δ L dt=0

The time integral of the Lagrangian is another quantity called the action, defined as:

S=∫ L d t
This is THE preferred expression of the laws of Newton, as IT does not have to deal with the concept of ‘force’, nebulous in classic physics.

Energy and momentum. Distinction between ∆st åctions and physical actions.

We explained already that the ternary ‘scaling’ happens both in time and space, and so we talk of 3 levels, of ‘integration:

∑∑3±i åctions= ∑3 time arrows/cycles: physiological functions = 3±i Worldcycle of life and death (time duration/existence; history in time)

∑∑cells/atoms/citizens = ∑3 matter states/networks/systems= 3±i time§paœrganism (planet, ecosystem; Humanity in space).

And we shall see therefore not only structure of space in 3 scales of ‘size-population’, but parallel structures in time with 3 ‘length of cycles’. 

How this works mathematically and with the parameters of physics and the symmetries it creates?

It has to be noticed first that we do not talk of the same concept when we refer to åctions or ‘drives of existence’ in ∆st and actions in physics as the concept of an action in physics is closer to that of a world cycle (the full timespace process), while in ∆st, in which we need to use more general terms with application to all stiences we use more the concept of an ‘event in time-space’, a minimal quanta measurable, in which a supœrganism ‘acts in  the external world’.

Hence the need for a clarification.

In physics we translate the 3 scales for the being as momentum, which is our quanta of åctions, its integral which is the energy of the system… and finally the integral of energy in time, which is our world cycle (and in physics an action – another reason to use different ‘as’, å for the momentum, and a for the world cycle – we shall then to avoid confusions call it in physical articles a physical action and a momentum-åction).

3Ð: Energy:



PRESENT is THE DOMINANT ARROW IN WHICH the entropic past and the informative future, act as limits of existence, where existence does  no longer happen for that specific local variation of the time-space arrows.

All the laws of conservation of physics (energy, momentum, etc.) are in fact expressions of the most general law of a constant reproductive Universe, where systems reproduce the same forms once and again, as even simple motion is reproduction.

∆º:   Electromagnetism

Maxwell equations

Of the many in-depth explanations provided by the laws of 5D to electromagnetism, the first and obvious application is that of the laws of relative perpendicularity and parallelism (4th non-euclidean postulate), as they apply immediately to the perpendicularity of electric and magnetic fields, which therefore might either be interacting in a darwinian manner in a single plane, or acting perpendicularly in two different planes of the fifth dimension.

As they are not Darwinian (or else one force would destroy the other) we conclude that the magnetic field is the ‘perpendicular force’ that organizes into larger social organisms, electric charges, as it is the obvious case. It follows then the obvious equations of electric and magnetic fields, which interact perpendicularly (curl) are inverse flows, where the magnetic field emerges as an upper scale of the electric field; and those who interact in parallel (divergence) are of the similar form, evolving socially.

Indeed, when dealing with the ‘scales’ of forces that ’emerge’ one from the other, and its Disomorphic laws of position=space and motion=time, the key questions is to consider how forces predate into each other, or how they combine complementary in symbiosis to form a single ‘whole’.

The most obvious case of study, because it happens in our scale along the thermodynamic equations of energy are those of Electromagnetism, which become both the social scaling of the electron (electric current) and its ‘predation’ into ‘form’ by the magnetic field, which ‘slows’ down the energy of the electric field, as a bridge force towards the emergence of the mass field that will definitely ‘trap’ and slow down all the energy fields within it (cooling down also the thermodynamic temperature in the growth of black holes)

So the scaling of forces in Nature through its scales of size is obvious is obvious:

∆-1: Quantum charges-> ∆º: Molecular Thermodynamic heat + Electric field/force-> Magnetic field/force -> ∆+1: Mass field/gravitation

Let us consider then Heaviside equations of electromagnetism:

\begin{array}{ll} i)&\nabla \cdot \vec{E} = \frac {\rho} {\varepsilon_0} \\ ii)&\nabla \cdot \vec{B} = 0 \\ iii)&\nabla \times \vec{B} = \mu_0\vec{J} + \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial \vec{E}} {\partial t}\\ iv)&\nabla \times \vec{E} = -\frac{\partial \vec{B}} {\partial t} \end{array}

In these equations \mu_0 and \varepsilon_0 are physical constants, equivalent to Q and G, related to 5D metric that dictate the  capacity a volume of space-time has to carry electric and magnetic forces.  So, taking them as units we have:

\begin{array}{ll} i)&\nabla \cdot \vec{E} = \rho\\ ii)&\nabla \cdot \vec{B} = 0 \\ iii)&\nabla \times \vec{B} = \vec{J} + \frac{\partial \vec{E}} {\partial t}\\ iv)&\nabla \times \vec{E} = -\frac{\partial \vec{B}} {\partial t} \end{array}


\begin{array}{ll}\vec{E} & \textrm{Is the electric field}\\\vec{B} & \textrm{Is the magnetic field}\\\vec{J} & \textrm{Is the electrical current}\\\rho & \textrm{Is the density of electric charge}\end{array}

It becomes then obvious that the electric field is the lineal force, the magnetic field is the cyclical force, and both ad by superposition, through the same divergent operator.

To show the TOPOLOGICAL HOMOLOGY of all scales, we can in the graph compare the electric and magnetic fields, “\vec{E}” and “\vec{B}“, with any thermodynamic fluid.  So we can easily understand the homology of the 3 type of ‘space-time vortex:

The equations group as 2 equations of Divergence (\nabla \cdot) which measure  how much a field comes together or flies apart in bidimensional space. So in the homology if “\vec{W}” is the flow of water or wind on the surface of the sink:

Positive divergence means that the field is “flowing” out of a region.

Negative divergence means that the field is “flowing” into a region.

When the divergence is zero, then the amount that “flows” in must be equal to the amount that flows out.

i) \nabla\cdot \vec{E} = \rho:

Thus, the first equation simply states that electric field lines (\vec{E}) only start at positive charges (\rho>0), and only end at negative charges (\rho<0).Electric field lines only begin and end at charges. Any region that contains no charges (or an equal number of positive and negative charges) will have the same amount of field lines entering it as exiting.


If a region contains no charges, then the number of field lines entering it is the same as the number of field lines exiting it.  Again, “field lines” don’t exist.  They’re just a really useful metaphor.

ii) \nabla \cdot \vec{B} = 0:

This is the magnetic version of the electric equation above.  This states that magnet field lines never begin or end.  Instead, they must always form closed loops. If  magnetic monopoles (“magnetic charges”) existed, then this equation would look exactly like (i).  However, there are no magnetic monopoles. The conclusion then is obvious: the magnetic field is the ‘membrane’ that predates the electric field and arises from it, creating an enclosure in a larger space, that ‘absorbs’ the energy of the electric current and the electric field creating a ternary ‘t.œ’, such as:

Electric field potential (∆-1: ∑ρ) < Electric body: current (∆o: J) > Magnetic field: head (B)

So we have the superorganism of electromagnetism in place. Whereas the magnetic field must ‘exist’ activated by both, its ‘electric body-current’ and its ‘Electric field: potential/limbs. And this is the next Heaviside Law, which shows the Magnetic field to ‘be fed’ by both, body and potential limbs:

On the other hand, when both forces interact, they make it perpendicularly, through curls.

Whereas a Curl is how much the field “twists”.  In a whirlpool or a tornado all of the curl is in the center funnel, and the field (wind) wraps around where the curl is.

If W is the way the wind is blowing, then the tornado is the curl of W. Curl is the “twistiness” of the field, which points around the curl. Although the wind around the tornado is moving, all of the twisting is happening only at the tornado itself.


iii) \nabla \times \vec{B} = \vec{J} + \frac{\partial \vec{E}} {\partial t}:

The “J” part: \nabla \times \vec{B} = \vec{J}  states that magnetic fields (B)  curl around electrical currents (J), containing them:

So, an electric current is homologous to the funnel of a tornado, and the magnetic field is the wind whipping around the funnel, caused by it.

While the second part of the equation: \nabla \times \vec{B} = \frac{\partial \vec{E}} {\partial t} means the magnetic field is also fed by the electric field that feeds the current. As a result,  current (\vec{J}) and changing electric fields (\frac{\partial E}{\partial t}) create curl in magnetic fields; \nabla \times \vec{B} = \vec{J} + \frac{\partial \vec{E}} {\partial t}

iv)\nabla \times \vec{E} = -\frac{\partial \vec{B}} {\partial t}:

But in any system of nature, bodies and heads are complementary, while both ‘feed’ on the ∆-1 limbs/potentials. And so the electric field MUST get back from the magnetic field part of the motion the cyclical magnetic ‘particle’ so to speak, gets from the electric potential, in a similar quantity but with an inverse direction signified by the negative sign. So like the last equation, this equation states that a changing magnetic field creates curl in the electric field: If you have an electric field that curls in a circle, then you can generate current and electrical power.

A changing magnetic field creates curl in the electric field. So if you increase the magnetic field through a loop of wire, there will be an electric field along the wire (tornado makes wind along the fence). When an electric field runs along a wire it pushes charges along it. Induced current!

So if you’ve got a loop of wire sitting next to a magnet, there will be no current.  But, it you move that magnet, the magnetic field through the loop changes, and there will be current: \nabla \times \vec{E} = -\frac{\partial \vec{B}} {\partial t}

Unlike in equation (iii), there’s no “J” moving electric charge or “magnetic charge”, since then you could have “magnetic current”, and there would be a magnetic current term in equation (iv). But because a loop is a fractal point with width observed from a larger scale, when we move ‘upscale’ to the mass field, the magnetic field will be ‘seen’ from the cosmological scale as a ‘magnetic monopole’ from the relative larger scale of the mass enclosure and so it will also contribute (Relativity) to the mass scale.

The speed of light.

Since Heaviside’s equations imply that changing electric fields created magnetic fields (iii) and that changing magnetic fields created electric fields (iv), electric and magnetic fields can sustain each other without the need for electrical charges or currents, by predating in symbiosis the lower electric potential; and so we might wonder what is that lower ∆-1 potential from which both obtain motion, and it is indeed the lower ∆-1 photon/light space-time (particle/wave duality), which forms the background space-time of the galaxy.

And so it should be evident that this lower potential light space-time is the plenum/body from where all other scales will arise and as such the minimal form of information, and maximal speed of reproduction of both the magnetic and the electric field; whose derivation by Maxwell (the other 4 are ‘Heaviside equations!!’) is simple as we can eliminate Charges, to study this background spacetime alone, so, with Maxwell’s equations in vacuum  with no charges, no currents, give us:

\begin{array}{ll} i)&\nabla \cdot \vec{E} = 0 \\ ii)&\nabla \cdot \vec{B} = 0 \\ iii)&\nabla \times \vec{B} = \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial \vec{E}} {\partial t}\\ iv)&\nabla \times \vec{E} = -\frac{\partial \vec{B}} {\partial t} \end{array}

So we solve for the electric field,  taking the time derivative of (iii) and then plugging in (iv) yields:

\begin{array}{ll}\mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial \vec{E}} {\partial t} = \nabla \times \vec{B} \\\Rightarrow \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = \nabla \times \frac{\partial \vec{B}}{\partial t} \\\Rightarrow \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = \nabla \times \left( -\nabla \times \vec{E} \right)\\\Rightarrow \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = -\nabla \times \left( \nabla \times \vec{E} \right) \end{array}

Whereas by Vector calculus: \nabla \times \left( \nabla \times \vec{A} \right) = \nabla(\nabla \cdot \vec{A}) - \nabla^{2}\vec{A}


\begin{array}{ll}\mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = -\nabla \times \left( \nabla \times \vec{E} \right)\\\Rightarrow \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = -\nabla(\nabla \cdot \vec{E}) + \nabla^{2}\vec{E}\\\Rightarrow \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = -\nabla(0) + \nabla^{2}\vec{E}\\\Rightarrow \mu_0 \varepsilon_0 \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = \nabla^{2}\vec{E}\\\Rightarrow \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = \frac{1}{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}\nabla^{2}\vec{E}\\\Rightarrow \frac{\partial^2 \vec{E}} {\partial t^2} = \left(\frac{1}{(\sqrt{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}}\right)^2\nabla^{2}\vec{E}\end{array}

And since \nabla \cdot \vec{E} = 0  we get the general wave equation: \frac{\partial^2 \vec{A}} {\partial t^2} = v^2\nabla^{2}\vec{A}, where A is a wave, and v is the propagation speed of that wave.  So, the electric field E, propagates as a wave at v = \frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0 \varepsilon_0}} = 2.99 \times 10^8 m/s(light speed). And since by Galilean Relativity all physical laws are independent of how fast you’re moving C speed is independent of how fast we’re moving as Einstein realized to buld its  Relativity theory.


The Rashomon effect on electromagnetism. Ternary arrows of time: st-fields, s-potentials and t-charges.

Nt. We use often the term field instead of potential to describe the entropic scale, ∆-2 from where a system obtains its motion, as physicists tend to confuse both terms. Probably it would be better to use the term ‘potential’, instead of field, which I will from here on -T.œ being always in flux as it is the singularity-mind still of a single human being):

It follows from what it has been said, that there should be at least 3±1 formulations of the electromagnetic field in terms of the 3 arrows of time, as it is the case:

S-Potential. ST-field, tƒ: charge: three approaches are customarily discussed, as the equations are in terms of electric and magnetic vectorial fields (present wave, st, the commonest), potentials (fields proper, the entropic, scattered solution), and charges with currents (the tƒ solution).

It should be notice that the Potential $pe description must have less ‘dimensions/ parameters’ than the wave description. As a general rule deduced from the properties of space and time, ‘entropy has the minimal number of dimensions, 2, for each ‘bidimensional field’, in this case 4 parameters; while the ST-liquid/wave description as a general rule must have the whole S≈T ternary symmetry effect, 3+3 parameters. And such is the case, the electric and magnetic fields together had six components to solve for. In the potential formulation, there are only four components:

the quantum potential

While the above presentation introduced the guidance equation as fundamental, the quantum potential For the phase of the wavefunction  holds:

∂S (∇S)² h²∇²R −∂t=2m+V−2mR .

Due to the similarity with the classical Hamilton-Jacobi equation (for the action S) the term ∝ h ̄2 has been baptized quantum potential . Within the Hamilton- Jacobi theory the particle velocity is constraint to m·v = ∇S, which corresponds to the guidance equation of the de Broglie-Bohm theory. If one adopts the quan- tum potential formulation the motion along the Bohmian trajectories can be thought of as taking place under the action of a novel quantum-force . However, the guidance equation can be motivated e.g. by symmetry arguments (Dürr/Goldstein/Zanghi, 1992) and needs no recourse to the Hamilton-Jacobi theory. Moreover, in Goldstein (1996) it is argued that the quantum potential formulation is misleading since it suggests that the deBroglie-Bohm theory is just classical mechanics with an additional potential (or force) term. But the deBroglie-Bohm theory is a rst-order theory (i.e. the velocity is constrained by the position already) and this important trait is disguised in the quantum potential formulation.

Whether this ambiguity in the formulation of the de Broglie-Bohm theory should be viewed as a substantial debate or a secondary matter depends on the context. These two readings of the theory have certainly a great deal in common and in comparing the de Broglie-Bohm approach with standard quantum mechanics the distinction between these di erent schools is usually irrelevant. However, more detailed discussions which involve subtleties regarding e.g. the status of the wavefunction or particle properties have to pay attention to these di erences.

Ƥ: The four fundamental approach in classic electromagnetism is the current description, which is the social scaling of electricity.

  • The mind approach, includes the human pov deformation from the perspective of our tools of measure. It is  the 4 vector solution of relativity, which roughly speaking can be considered the ∆• mind solution as it introduces the paradoxes of ‘mind stillness’ in the measure of beings (paradox of Galileo).

5D Unification from the perspective of electromagnetism: Heaviside equations.

We have considered only one of the many ways in which we can obtain the unification equation of masses and charges, to the point it is a wonder why physicists so stubbornly obey ‘dogma’ and reject even considering a 5D scalar nature to the Universe.

The first of those was done by Kaluza and Klein who rightly considered the 5th dimension an scalar one, defining points as fractal points with a volume, and approaching the values of G and Q departing from a ‘radius’ of accelerated curvature, 1/r², to use the jargon of 5D physics, to resolve a difference of forces similar to the one between the fine constant of electromagnetism and the coupling constant of gravitation for an electron. So basically it is the same concept. Much more recently than the work of Kaluza and mine, an Iranian new wave philosopher has approached the same proposition – modeling protons as black holes – using the holographic principle of Bekenstein that appeared (with the wrong arrow of time) in Hawking’s equations.

Carter on the other side, already in the 70s approached the electron as a rotary spinning charged black hole.

All this brings us multiple models with multiple parallelisms in different jargons of science. Of interest to understand that duality is another, perhaps the oldest representation of gravitation as electromagnetism, earlier even to the formalism of Einstein – the concept of gravitomagnetism.

Following with the concept of an atom-galaxy, albeit slightly different, as all fractal scales have slightly different laws, we come to the opposite view: to describe gravitation with the equations of electromagnetism.

We notice in the graphs of a hydrogen atom and the galaxy, which in Einstein-Walker model of the Universe was in fact modeled as a hydrogen atom, one of the most fascinating proofs of the fractal structure of the Universe in infinite self-similar scales of lineal forces of ‘spatial energy’ and cyclical particles of ‘informative time’ are the recently found ”excited S-orbitals’ of the galaxy: two bubbles of electromagnetic energy, with exactly the same form that the S orbitals of an atom have in its excited states. This fascinating image, beyond a discussion about galaxies as atoms in an infinite eternal fractal Universe, responds to two of the new ‘invariances’ of absolute relativity.

If Einstein showed that all systems are invariant to motions and rotations in space, Absolute relativity adds the invariance of scale (so gravitational and quantum scales are self-similar in properties) and the invariance of form (so its topologies are also the same).

So what the previous image shows is the self-similarity of the quantum, electro-magnetic and cosmological, gravitational membranes of space-time. They are the 2 main fractal scales of space-time of the Universe. In this post on the future of science we introduce the mathematical equation that unifies the constants of both forces, G and Q, complementary to the Gravito-magnetic equations recently proved by Probe A, which express Einstein’s field equations in a format self-similar to that of electromagnetic forces.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.44.36

According to general relativity, the gravitational field produced by a rotating object (or any rotating mass–energy) can, in a particular limiting case, be described by equations that have the same form as in classical electromagnetism. Starting from the basic equation of general relativity, the Einstein field equation, and assuming a weak gravitational field or reasonably flat space-time, the gravitational analogs to Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism, called the “GEM equations”, can be derived. GEM equations compared to Maxwell’s equations in SI units are:

In the graph Gravito electromagnetism, abbreviated GEM, refers to a set of formal analogies between the equations for electromagnetism and relativistic gravitation; specifically: between Maxwell’s field equations and an approximation, valid under certain conditions, to the Einstein field equations for general relativity. The most common version of GEM is valid only far from isolated sources, and for slowly moving test particles.

The analogy and equations were first published in 1893, before general relativity, by Oliver Heaviside as a separate theory expanding Newton’s law, differing essentially only by some small factors.


Lorentz force

For a test particle whose mass m is “small”, in a stationary system, the net (Lorentz) force acting on it due to a GEM field is described by the GEM analog to the Lorentz force equation. Where:

  • m is the mass of the test particle;
  • q is the electric charge of the test particle;
  • v is the velocity of the test particle.

The acceleration of any inertial test particle is simply the same (above graph), changing the ‘names’ of the lineal and cyclical motions.

The discrepancy in the factors arises because the source of the gravitational field is the second order stress–energy tensor, as opposed to the source of the electromagnetic field being the first order four-current tensor. This difference becomes clearer when one compares non-invariance of relativistic mass to electric charge invariance. This can be traced back to the spin-2 character of the gravitational field, in contrast to the electromagnetism being a spin-1 field.

We shall see along these articles specially on the 4th line the enormous importance that the concept of spin has for the structure of the Universe; as it is the minimal unit of information and perception of reality. And the first step in the construction of all forms of information, perception and reproduction of reality, and the emergence of new forms of ‘social organization’ that ultimately emerge as new planes of existence of physical systems.

In Planck units

From comparison of GEM equations and Maxwell’s equations it is obvious that −1/(4π G) is the gravitational analog of vacuum permittivity, ε0. Adopting Planck units normalizes G, c and 1/(4π ε0) to 1, thereby eliminating these constants from both sets of equations. The two sets of equations then become identical but for the minus sign preceding 4π in the GEM equations.

These minus signs stem from an essential difference between gravity and electromagnetism: electrostatic charges of identical sign repel each other, while masses attract each other.

Hence the GEM equations are simply Maxwell’s equations with mass (or mass density) substituting for charge (or charge density), and −G replacing the Coulomb force constant 1/(4π ε0).

The following table summarizes the results thus far:

4π appears in both the GEM and Maxwell equations, because Planck units normalize G and 1/(4πε0) to 1, and not 4πG and 1/ε0.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 00.02.00

In the graph, we can see the main difference between the gravito-magnetic field and the electromagnetic-field, which in terms of ‘spin orientation’, could be resumed in the concept that gravito-magnetism is the ‘anti-particle’ of electromagnetism as both are inverted in the direction of the angular momentum and the magnetic field.

Now it is important to observe a fundamental law of 5 D Physics: between planes of the 5th dimension

Yet since spin and magnetism are also inverted (left handed/right handed), the series of ‘growing cyclical vortices’ which ‘feed into each other’ as they emerge into larger configurations, as in the case of lineal momentum, in which each new ‘flow of lineal motion’ has the inverse direction of the previous ones (so the couple of neutrinos that give birth to photons in the neutrino theory of light, have longitudinal polarization, and the photon, transversal polarization, going in opposite directions, and then the electron, which feeds on electromagnetic fields have inverse direction and the electric current that is born of the electron displacement is also inverse in direction).

All in all physical systems in their directions of emergence as social wholes sustained by the energy and form of the lower scale follow a FUNDAMENTAL law of 5D metric:

|∆-1 ∧ O∆ ∧ | ∆+1

Which means that as we grow in scale the functions and forms of the points become inverted.

This approximate reformulation of gravitation as described by general relativity in the weak field limit makes an apparent field appear in a frame of reference different from that of a freely moving inertial body. This apparent field may be described by two components that act respectively like the electric and magnetic fields of electromagnetism, and by analogy these are called the gravito-electric and Gravitomagnetic fields, since these arise in the same way around a mass that a moving electric charge is the source of electric and magnetic fields.

The main consequence of the Gravitomagnetic field, or velocity-dependent acceleration, is that a moving object near a rotating massive object will experience acceleration not predicted by a purely Newtonian (gravitoelectric) gravity field. More subtle predictions, such as induced rotation of a falling object and precession of a spinning object are among the last basic predictions of general relativity to be directly tested.

Indirect validations of gravitomagnetic effects have been derived from analyses of relativistic jets.

Roger Penrose had proposed a frame dragging mechanism for extracting energy and momentum from rotating black holes. Relativistic jets can serve as the largest and brightest form of validations for gravitomagnetism.

Some higher-order gravitomagnetic effects can reproduce effects reminiscent of the interactions of more conventional polarized charges. For instance, if two wheels are spun on a common axis, the mutual gravitational attraction between the two wheels will be greater if they spin in opposite directions than in the same direction. This can be expressed as an attractive or repulsive gravitomagnetic component.’

The parallelism between the equations of electromagnetism and Gravitation were discovered by that forgotten Genius, Heaviside, even before Einstein discovered his. Then it was found that Heaviside and Einstein’s equation were self-similar in a gravitational field on flat space-time, which is more or less all the space-time of the Universe except the ‘peaks’ of height that black holes form.

Recently Probe B proved that gravito-magnetism (the equivalent to magnetism in the gravitational cosmological scale) exists. So the equations were right. And yet, this ‘new generation’ of mechanical physicists keep ignoring the implications of this and many self-similar discoveries that back Heaviside vision and the fractal nature of the Universe.

Let us then take further their work using that self-similarity to its ultimate consequences, considering the Q-constant just self-similar to the gravitational constant and finding what are the parallel particles of both scales.

Physical Reality is made of dual energetic/informative states (complementarity principle particle-wave): Cyclic vortices/ particles develop lineal actions-waves in 2 scales, the microscopic quantum world of Electromagnetism and the macroscopic, gravitational world. Once the duality of scales and forms is understood, we unify the constants of dimensional proportionality of both types of vortices and forces, studying transversal waves of ‘lineal speed’ in both scales of the fractal universe: the c-speed of small electromagnetic waves, and we contend, the superluminal ‘action at distance’ of gravitational waves.

Or that the magnetic field we just mention does have the same role that any other membrane on the particles and physical systems it shields.

The generator equation of electric fields.

If we consider the electric current described by the Maxwell equations, the U∆+1 upper, social scale of the electron, then we can consider its first law, the definition of Tƒ, electric charges, the point-particles at the centre of the system; the second law the definition of the magnetic field as the Se, membrane that surrounds the 0-point charge, and the 3rd and 4th equations as the reproductive interaction of both, which induce new magnetic, electric and electromagnetic waves. So we can easily define the Spatial generator with those 3 laws  that ad on to create the charge point-particle, magnetic membrane and electromagnetic waves between them:

Γ.  Se (Magnetic field) < ST-electromagnetic wave > Tƒ-charge

It follows that as the membrane of the ‘organic system’ of electric charges, the magnetic field does NOT have a point-source because its function is to be a membrane, the point is the charge, ‘point’. So happens in the smaller atomic n-1 scale and the larger ∆+1 material scale of planets: the magnetic field protects them, it is the membrane, ‘point’.

Now the answer,  as in so many whys on physics is a trivial response if we USE the linguistic method and add to the analysis of mathematical physics, the organic properties of 5D energy-information asymmetries and co-existing planes and fully understand the world cycles and spatial, organic structure of all those physical systems, and what is more anathema to anthropomorphic humans – the existence of a Point of view, or Tiƒ-center in all complete physical systems (charge, mass, center of gravity, crystal cell) from where the space-time cyclical actions of survival of the physical system (∆±e,i, U) depart.

Thus in 5D physics we consider an inverse methodology to explain the facts of physics, as in all other systems, departing from 5D-organic analysis, through the generator equation and its space-organs and time ages, to finish with the analysis of actions departing from the Tiƒ point of view, to add then the study of the Se/Tƒ, Tƒ/Se, Se=Tƒ internal constants and external constants between the œ and the bigger word in which it absorbs and emits energy and information, to end up studying with those constants and space-time symmetries the different subspecies (social classes, dual and ternary diversification and social scales of the system).

Nothing in that sense differentiates physics from any other isomorphic science. So to the point, why there are no monopoles? As many other bizarre particles, axons, wimps, evaporating holes, Susys etc. mathematical physics provides with its inflationary information (studied in our analysis of the 3rd age of a metalanguage) no criterion to distinguish them. This in the age of ‘dark energy and dark matter’ makes ALL possible, as we do not have criterion of selection when ONLY mathematical physics is accepted and no-evidence exists for it, means we shall FOREVER have fantaphysics.

Yet if we accept T.Œ there ARE rules of choice – Darwinian organic rules of balance and survival that make certain particles impossible beyond its virtual mutational moment, Hamiltonian≈ages of min. and max. standing points (which do apply to physics and at least physicists do recognize), inverse rules of chirality, parity related to the duality and ternary ages of space and time (which explain antiparticles) etc.

Now, this is the stuff of  5D Physics to give you through the symmetries of space, anti symmetries of time and asymmetries of 5D scales the whys of ALL THE EQUATIONS OF PHYSICS. And because there is hardly any why, unlike other fields better explained (the why of biology being mostly Darwinian evolution and the informative coding between scales genetic, and so T. Œ brings what is NOT explained, the eusocial evolution that creates organisms and the topological plan that allows punctuated evolution and the different speeds, and the structure of species as slower super organisms, ok, a lot too, but not so much).

There is then the beauty of pure mathematics, pure symmetry, the unfolding of all the beauty of the ® mathematical formalism of T.Πwhich only surfaces so clearly in physics.

So the intellectual bias and deformation introduced by physicists and their military worldly pursuits and its anthropomorphic point of view with 3 clear wrong theories:

  • Entropy=chaos as the only arrow of future universal death couple with its big-bang theoretical dogma of the Universe as an explosive birth (big-bangs are by definition as entropy is, the arrow of death of a system, which occupies a minimal quanta of time, hence in time terms the less durable, less important arrow).
  • The belief that the Universe is mechanical, as their machines, hence only having mathematical properties, and no freedom or organic, sentient and causal, logic nature, which reduces enormously the structures and actions they study, eliminating thoroughly the synthesis and larger worldview provided by an  organic vision of systems through its 3 x 3 5D ST symmetries.
  • Finally,  the astounding amount of money and neurons dedicated to research on the lower scale of particles, to foster the Nuclear and electronic, industries. And the consequent ‘belief’ that the ‘lower scales of reality’ matter more than the human scales; as the eschatological origin of it all – a concept reinforced with the  spooky interpretations of its mathematical equations, as a ‘proof’ that this lower quantum scale is ‘different’ and essential to the meaning of it all. This is not the case. Einstein was right: quantum physics do not differ from other scales. The human observer is limited by the distances on 5D scales, and so the difference is in the observer not the observable. Its symmetries are the same than any other 5D space-time being, when we apply the metric of the 5th dimension to those scales. And being size absolutely relative, its diminutive form matters not to apply organic, mental and logic, temporal symmetries to particles, which as we have shown in the previous post might be in fact galactic atoms of an infinite 5D scale.

And yet the privileged status of physics in sciences is rather obvious,  because of the mechanisms and weapons they provide – a theme however to be dealt in sociology when considering the meaning of machines, its twin top predator weapons and the wrong path mankind has taken in his no-way out future, by rejecting his own nature – the tree of life, and worshipping the tree of metal.

Finally to notice that as this is the 2nd line of T.Œ for all scientists to understand, we shall not use the more complex mathematics of quantum operators and general relativity but rather explain it conceptually since it is obvious that professionals do not need further mathematical analysis but the understanding of their models, and non-specialists nee to understand those physical systems in its ‘why’ not its mathematical details.

Further on, the lack of understanding by physics of their whys owes a lot precisely  to their  mathematical-only  analysis, which only professionals understand, a short of ‘experts’ Latin that as the popes in the Middle Ages that claimed to have the monopoly on  the contact with God has limited enormous the understanding of the ‘logic of God-the mind of the Universe’, which is as Saint Augustine put it, of a higher degree than the one humans and physicists use (Aristotelian logic).

So indeed the key to understand the whys of physics is to upgrade its concepts of time and space and study with 5D symmetries its particles, fields and events.

All this makes difficult to explain 5D physics to physicists; and use the isomorphic method and the space-time 5D symmetries which are the ultimate whys of the Universe.

And it requires even before we attempt to define magnitudes like mass, time and distance, or simple equations such as those of mechanics, and then those of light, thermodynamics and electromagnetism and relativity (we won’t do much on quantum, as there is no way to simplify enough, but merely do the conceptual analysis), to do a bit of ‘conceptual talk’.

Unification of energy-motions from above, of information from below.

For example, and this is an absolute key element on physics, the 5D asymmetric arrows of information that grows downwards implies that THE SMALLEST SCALES carry more ‘genetic-quantum information’ and so WE CANNOT UNIFY reality on the simple ‘dogma’ OF PHYSICS that there would be a single particle of God or something similar. And this explains also why quantum is SO COMPLICATED as it has to DESCRIBE an enormous number of ‘ensembles’, hence use ‘functionals’ (functions of functions) and ‘probabilities’ and ‘multiple stories-paths’.

Unification does come the other way around from the larger, simpler wholes, but not with the single time-line entropy arrow of the big-bang. In fact the only truly unifying principle of Physics, which is Energy (akin to the whole time motions of the Universe, conserved in the immortal 5D structure), that integrates the relative spatial steps of momentum, into a whole envelope, and moves along all 5D dimensions, come from above. It is NOT a quantum principle, but in the wider 5D model:

“All what existed are knots that communicate and transform its spatial energy and temporal information ad eternal: ∑ Se<=>Tƒ, across adjacent planes of the 5th dimension, according to its co-invariant asymmetry, Max. Se = Min. Tƒ, which makes information but not energy flow upwards with no entropy, from faster, smaller Time clocks, and motion but not information, downwards, with no entropy from larger wholes, with no entropy  “

This ‘normalized’ principle of conservation of energy ads some relevant points to give a general picture of the principles involved in 5D physics:

  • It ads information to energy conservation and differentiates both, O and | dualities, and both Motion (Time & energy) vs. Form (space and information) in its definitions.
  • So we talk of angular momentum and its sum, potential energy vs. lineal momentum and kinetic energy as the 4 conserved parts.
  • We talk of Tƒ=Time and Tiƒ=Information and the motion still perception of it, and of Se-still space and Sp, kinetic energy as the dual still-motion perception of Lineal formal motions.
  • And we add the fundamental asymmetry of 5D, which explains the meaning of the 2 type of entropies (loss of ordered information moving downwards and loss of ordered energy moving upwards), which explains a lot of facts, from heat, to coordination of whole motions in mechanics (motion downwards), from genetics (information upwards), to the chirality of angular momentum that ‘ascends’ information, to the linearity of mechanics that descends motion, etc. etc. etc.
  • And all this we mathematize with ¬Æ simple equations, the  Feed-back equation for a single scale, Se<=>Tƒ, and the metric of the 5th dimension. And in this part is where for respect to the common reader, interested in T.Œ, we shall keep it simple. Thus we shall keep for the 4th line the rigorous mathematical analysis of 5D physics – the details.

For example, in quantum we are not going to argue the maths of the wave-particle duality just explain why the envelope of the dispersion wave IS the time function, which prompted quantum physicists to interpret it as a probability in time, while the same kind of equation without dispersion variability makes physicists to study similar waves as density in space. As it happens quantum has more time=information so yes, we do need to add to fixed waves time dispersion. But that does not mean we are seeing ‘probabilities’ as very serious Nobel prize physicists explain to common people.

Now going to the organic forbidden, why explanation, when you get a predator observer, the huge energy electron of the ‘nice abstract scientist’ bombing you NOBODY states on the wave-moving pattern, but do either the macho-man thing (collapse into tight circular formation so the chart-circle defends the caravan from the Indians) or the not-so cautious woman thing, disperse and run as fast as you can; so they won’t eat you up, that is ‘measure’, LOL; and that is the 2 maximal and minimal limits where the quantum wave goes. If you don’t bother it though it will follow its path of least action, Hamiltonian standing point AS EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE DOES.

Further on, as the substrata of this galaxy is light space-time, the formal motion of which all is made, light space-time collapses into denser particles and vice versa, when an electron is in a free, not-tight state this dispersion dissolves the electron fast into light space-time, its photonic components observed in a nebulae picture. But this does NOT mean the electron is uncertain. It is just devolving back into the ‘water medium’ of its universe, once it is liberated from the quark pulling attraction. And its nebulae which is a picture taken in this universe, is NOT a probability neither a series of parallel Universes, but obviously the fractal cellular configuration.

So the electron as all physical systems have 3 ‘time states’ of increasing form, the field (wave spread into light space-time), the wave (around the nuclei) and the particle (in a flow of electricity or collapsing with a proton to form a neutron) states.

And all this is nicely explained here NOT with the complex equations of quantum physics in its 3 formalisms, the wave formalism (Schrodinger), the particle formalism (Heisenberg matrix) and the field formalism (Dirac-Feynman). What for? The 3 are right and any serious specialist in quantum physics, who knows them better than I do, could if he wanted to further evolve 5D physics get into the astounding number of details, enlightened with it.

Instead we shall just write the ‘general equation’ for all ternary time-systems of the Universe that defines its 3 ages:

Max:Se/Tƒ->Se=Tƒ->Max. Tƒ/Se

They are 3 ‘stationary points’ of the Hamiltonian for time-energy ages in physics, which represent the maximal point of energy-or youth ages (Max. Se x Min Tƒ: Max. Se/Tƒ), the point of balance in the classic age, Se=Tƒ, and the point of 3rd age information (Tƒ/Se).

So this simple equation define the field/gas states of quantum and thermodynamics, the wave-liquid state and the particle-solid state.

You see, if we used quantum matrix-waves-paths we could NOT even generalize the 3 time ages-states to the next upper scale of 5D physics, Thermodynamics; which now we realize uses very similar ‘canonical ensembles’ and ‘statistics’ akin to ‘probabilities’, in its analysis of its ‘entropic’ flows of energy upwards. So we can easily see we are considering two fractal similar realities.

But we stress once and again, the word ‘fractal’ as fractals are NOT identical. As we saw, the upper cosmic scales of galaxies look more as antiparticles than atoms, with more mass on the outskirt halo, even if cosmologists model stars as photons, and we showed the proton to have once normalized with 5D metric, to have the black hole radius.

In that regard unification equations are possible as we showed unifying charges and masses, BUT only WITH THE METRIC OF 5D because what we UNIFY if it has not been yet unified will always be because PHYSICISTS did not have this structure; and ONLY with the duality of symmetries of space-time (ITS AGES and TOPOLOGIES as we have done with the 3 ages-state of quantum and thermodynamic matter). IT IS THUS not EQUALITY but SYMMETRY in space, asymmetry in 5 D and anti-symmetry (inversion) in time ages – not Parmenides BUT HERACLITUS.

Plainly speaking quantum look like thermodynamics as ensembles of multiple point-particles but are NOT identical. Yet there is metaphysical question here, as to what is the ultimate cause of those differences – the human observer’s distortion of the way we perceive other scales that accumulate distortions as information cross them, or the real nature of the Universe?

This though is a question for the 4th line, last post on metaphysics and god, the mind of the Universe.

Recap. The difficulties to explain 5D physics to physicists .

The biggest difficulties of T.Œ is not Physics (the observable) but human physicists (the observer and its anthropomorphic ideologies and linguistic, mathematical-only method):

  • The distortion of information caused by the far away location of its two most studied present limits, cosmic physics (big bang theory, renormalized in the previous post) and quantum theory.
  • The use of somewhat simplified mathematics for all scientists to understand it in the context of a T.Œ, which by definition should have an ‘expression’ for all people to understand. This means to use more conceptual wording that mathematics, something physicists scorn with their ‘arrogance’ as Popes of science, who only speak Latin and only in Latin their wor(l)d must be expressed for none to understand its errors.
  • Which are many, mostly due to their wrong understanding of the 3 arrows of time (reduced to a single lineal arrow), a single space instead of its 3 topologies and a singe space-time membrane instead of the 5D structure of reality.
  • The sheer immensity of this, the first modern science, and the most evolved in a technological world based on the machines and weapons they construct, which makes difficult to be coherent and at the same time explain it all, a task I have given up, unlike in the posts of economics, history and biology, which are far more developed. So i will in this spring of 2016 focus on pouring information in this post and the parallel post on mathematics (U±∞) complementarity to it; once the other major social and biological sciences are fairly surveyed.
  • And finally because of this mathematical only expression in lineal single-spacetime, the denial of mental, organic and proper causal relationships, which makes physics as it is lacking on the understanding of its whole theories, despite its enormous detail on its mathematical how-description. Since quantum physics can ONLY be interpreted logically with the organic paradigm, to make sense of its maths, this is difficult. Neither the Copenhagen or the multi universe versions make logic sense, though the maths are good. The initial Schrodinger concept is the proper way, when we explain its time-space symmetries (why the treatment is of populations in space, not probabilities in time) and its 5D symmetries (why it is organic fractal behavior, as waves collapse into particles like all herds that move as waves and become tight particles when ‘bombed’ by huge observers, aka predators; why there is entanglement, as information travels in the lower, non-local gravitational space-time that connects particles at distance, as this text is NOT travelling to you by sound voice but instantaneous light speed, translated by the net)



THIS said, it is obvious that the first correction on quantum physics deal with the way we humans perceive fast cycles of time as pictures of space, because our slow time clocks see the entire life of a quark or electron as a single spatial picture of it.



Maxwell equations describe all the actions in time and forms in space of an electric field.

Now, the previous laws have 2  formulations that define the time and space symmetries of the system, which we shall study in more detail as we advance on this post.

In the previous formulation they explain the ‘actions’ electric fields perform (as always a differential is a shorter time description, or n-1 action, ∂a, e, i, o u; an integral over time or space is a larger description either the world cycle or the simultaneous space description of the being).

Thus in a geometric sense as ‘Integrals’ of ‘space’ they explain the Space symmetry of the electric system:

Se(Magnetic loop-membrane) <ST: electric wave> Tƒ (Electric point-particle charge)

1.Tƒ: The first Gauss law as the first law of gravitomagnetism does in gravitational cosmic space-time, defines the electric ‘informative’ attractive force of the electron, that is its action of gauging information in an spherical form, as the sphere is the topology that shrinks without tearing, allowing the electron to focus the information of the external universe. It does also allows to study the social structure of an electronic field in its static form.

It does define the central point of the Electromagnetic ‘species’ and allow us to configure once more the ‘electromagnetic species, in its Œn electronic form which is self-similar to that of the light species (wave form).

In it derivative action description it does obviously represent the informative gauging quantum time moments of the charges.

  1. The second integral defines the Se external membrane of the electric system, its magnetic field, telling us it does not sink in a loop. Does it is the canonical definition of an external membrane that surrounds the electric charge in a lineal flow or traces a larger loop through a cyclical electric field, acting as the ‘larger, external’ membrane or entropic element of the field. In its derivative version it represents the energetic action, defensive shield of the field.

3, 4. The third and 4th equations define the intermediate region, or interaction between both, the magnetic and electric field, explaining that both ‘reproduce each other’. It is thus the ‘body-wave’ element of the electric system, which is as always, a compound of interactions between both elements. In its derivative action formalism it does explain the reproductive actions of the system, as a varying electric field creates a magnetic field and a varying magnetic field creates an electric field.

And, further on, the 4th Maxwell addition defines the creation by varying electric and magnetic fields of an electromagnetic n-1 field of the lower scale, which is THE KEY law to understand the interaction of electric and magnetic field with is lower social scales, completing in this manner the description of the system.

The ∆->∆+1 interactions. 

It only rests to understand how ‘electric waves’ relate to the larger gravitational, thermodynamic scales. That is, how electrons collapse into the larger scales of mass (quantum wave collapse into particles), how they interact with gravitational fields (relativity description). What is the relationship between the n-electronic scale and the upper molecular, thermodynamic fields. But all those descriptions have been customarily analyzed from the perspective of the lower quantum or upper relativity theories, so it makes no sense to study them here.

There are no infinitesimals of magnetic fields? Why, simply speaking because magnetic fields ARE the membrane of the electron world, and hence are not point charges.

But by the antisymmetry of scale, we can find them at the cosmic galactic-atomic scale. This prediction seems to be confirmed with the concept of a magnetstar but requires further research.

In terms of classic mathematical physics they will tell you because it is an effect of relativity (4D metric).

In terms of scales I will tell you that it is because from 5D perspective, the magnetic field ‘brings’ as all membranes energy to the Tƒ-electronic point by connecting it with the upper gravito-magnetic field.

That is the magnetic field emerges in larger units, as membranes do (DNA is in your cells, the external protein membrane however dominates the larger skin). So magnetism exchanges energy and information, ±∆e,i, with the cosmic, gravitational field above the system.

And hence it is also the field that carries the social actions of electrons. It is the field which evolves socially electric charges into larger simultaneous, fixed spatial ordered whole configurations, both in the atom (magnetic social number that regulates the electron orbitals) and the electric flows.

When electricity though becomes ‘naked’ (superconductivity), it does expel the magnetic field (Meissner effect) to move faster taking off its ‘social structural’ membrane.

So there is another huge field (Physics is sooo large)-: The connection between the electromagnetic field, the magnetic social equations, and the gravito-magnetic equations of a weak gravitational field (Heaviside equations of gravity, which are essentially those of general relativity), which help us to understand how the arrow of motion travels downwards, from gravity into magnetic fields, the upper ‘crust’ of the electric field and how upwards the magnetic field of a mass organizes its spin and through the dragging effects fine tunes informatively the configuration of social systems.

But as always in those interactions at a certain level of ‘strength’ of the gravitational larger field magnetism disappears and the new force achieves its full classic configuration.

So the analysis of the perpendicular 5D interactions is as always an emergent process that brings us from:

-Electronic charges, into the emergence through social electric motions of magnetic membranes, to the emergence through massive moving charges of magnetic fields of planets and stars connected to the Gravitomagnetic fields – via Heaviside unification equations of gravitational space-time, and vice versa, downwards through Gravitomagnetic dragging effects, which induce rotation in smaller masses, which induce magnetic fields which induce electric fields which move electric charges.

So as always upwards information, form is created with no entropy and downwards, motion is transferred with no entropy.

The electromagnetic field is the ‘5D across planes’, field which brings us to the ∆o human pov the information of other planes, and in doing so it changes the parameters of its waves, ‘travelling across’ the 5th dimension itself. This little understood phenomena: the deformations light space-time suffers in its travel through 5D planes as it enlarges its time frequency cycles through the microscope is also a factor to be taken into account.

Why then there are not magnetic monopoles becomes clear, as in each whole, the infinitesimal is an identical, clone particle – cells in human organisms, electric charges in individual atoms. While the magnetic field is the ‘wrap around’ closed time cycle of the upper social scales of ∆-1 electromagnetic quanta.

Multiple Spaces-Times in Matter: Atoms & Molecules


In the graph, both in the quantum and cosmic world the geometrical inversions between Entropy and information and its perpendicular ST fields of motion define electromagnetic fields .

The holographic principle explains how bidimensional fields of Entropy and information come together, through perpendicularity to create 4-dimensional systems.

The perpendicularity of those fields is thus a key feature to create 4-dimensional world, and it is established by the general rule that the body will have a flat, energetic arrow of feeding and the head will have a tall, high diffeomorphic orientation, relative to the ecosystem of Entropy and form in which the entity exist.

If we consider those 2 inversions of form: lineal Entropy vs. cyclical information and flat vs. tall perpendicularity between Entropy and information systems, forces and charges /masses in the physical world, we can define many physical events as transformations of lineal waves and fields of Entropy forces into cyclical or high particles and cycles of information, whose ratios of transformation in each of the scales of the Universe are called Universal constants.

In the graph, the isomorphisms of electric and magnetic fields are defined by those relative perpendicular morphologies. The ratios of transformations of Entropy into form define some of their Universal constants: 2 perpendicular fields of magnetic Entropy and electric information define in Maxwell equations the c-constant of light, which in organic terms is the ‘reproductive constant’ of the wave of light, caused by the constant process of creation that the interaction of the magnetic, spatial body of light and its informative, electronic particles, cause.

All those processes ‘form’ the energetic, formless gravitational vacuum into electromagnetic shapes: The Maxwell screw defines a flow of Entropy that accelerates as its perpendicular, temporal vortex diminishes its spatial radius, increasing its speed; the Earth’s rotation creates a lineal flow of magnetism; while an inverse, lineal electric flow creates a cyclical, magnetic vortex.

In the graph, we can observe how the inverse properties of relative Entropy and information fields explain the why of many physical phenomena. If we add the dual structure of fractal space-time, roughly constructed by 2 membranes, our visible, Euclidean space-time, made of light and the invisible, larger sea of gravitation made of dark Entropy, with its wider Non-Euclidean topology, we can deduce all the isomorphisms of physical science and its whys with far more insight that quantum physics does.

Let us just indicate from the perspective of the whys of the arrows of time of an electron, as we did for light, some basic events of the electronic and atomic world:

– <=>: Reproductive, communicative cycles: They happen when 2 particles communicate through forces, made of small, spatial particles, called bosons, repeat their waveform in space with a reproductive speed that imprints over the energetic field of vacuum space the in/form/ation of the particle.

– Social cycles: Particles create herds=waves of moving space-time quanta (dynamic, temporal perspective) related by EXO networks (static, spatial perspective).

Social processes are all pervading in the Universe, from waves of bosons that sometimes come together into single condensates, to networks of atoms that become molecules or combined processes, such as waves of stars that form spiral galaxies.

Thus, waves and forces are spatial bosons that communicate Entropy and information between temporal particles, called fermions, either charges or masses. It is the so-called boson/fermion inversion, the fundamental equation of quantum physics:

T1 (fermion particle) < sxt (boson force) > T2 (fermion particle)

Existential=generational cycles: Again, we can adopt 2 points of view about particles. If we consider each particle/wave cycle a life/death cycle, particles have very short generational cycles. If we consider the next particle/wave cycle the same particle, particles are immortal.

In any case all those cycles can be summarized and formalized specific cases of the fractal, generator equation of the 2 arrows of time, spatial Entropy and temporal information: ∑∑ ∏Tƒ.

As we grow in scales of physical form, the nature of those cycles change slightly but the basic Entropy and information morphologies that define them are maintained. Since fractal, scalar paradigm is defined by its 3 invariances, invariance of relative motions (Einstein), invariance of scales (Nottale) and invariance of topological formal Time arrows (Sancho).

Those Time Arrows or dimensions of any fractal space/time are the 4 guiding whys or wills of any entity of the Universe:

– Entropy arrows that expand form into Entropy.

– Information arrows that form Entropy into information.

– Reproductive arrows that reproduce the Entropy and form of a complementarity system in other zone of space-time.

– Social arrows that create superorganisms by associating in complex networks Non-E particles of self-similar properties. This 4th arrow of social evolution is the cause of ‘scalar relativity’, as systems are made of parts that associate in wholes, which share the functions and morphologies of its parts. Yet scales are never equal as quantum physicists pretend, only self-similar. So the properties of a galaxy made of stars and black holes, made of quarks and electrons are self-similar to those of quarks and electrons.

For example, in the next social plane that gathers atoms into molecules, the 3 main cycles of Entropy, form and the reproductive combination of both, become the 3 states of matter:

-Energetic gas state, (max. spatial extension and energetic speed).

-The balanced, reproductive liquid state, S=T, which creates the more complex forms of life.

-The 3rd, informative solid age, which has temporal, informative properties (cyclical vibration, high density of form and minimal space). While the spin or temporal movement of particles that gives them mass emerges in the macro-plane of molecules as a ‘vortex’ that attracts those molecules.

The boson-fermion equation, fundamental event of physics.

What the boson-fermion interaction means is that both, masses and charges are accelerating vortices which produce constantly, as they decelerate, ‘fractal actions of constant speed’ and increase the curvature of space in the dimension of height, through which they emit most of those actions, as electric or magnetic quanta. In the case of an electromagnetic vortex part of its acceleration becomes also transformed in the Unruh radiation that increases the temperature of the accelerating vortex. In our macrocosmic Universe it means a friction that decelerates the vortex and increases also its temperature. In gravity the interaction of the 3 dimensions is also evident: As the G-deformation of the vortex grows, so it grows its speed and acceleration. Unification follows when we consider charge and mass merely 2 types of vortices that can be derived from a 5th fractal dimension of time, that can accelerate inwards, imploding space (and then we have the arrow of gravity) or decelerate outwards widening space and diminishing curvature (then we obtain, as Kaluza did, the electromagnetic arrow).

The perception of those dimensions becomes more complex if we introduce the errors of the mind that tends to average accelerations and decelerations into constant speeds and converts speeds into static distances or spaces. We say that the mind uncoils an accelerating time dimension into a wider static field of space, or a fixed density of space-time called a mass. This is easy to understand. Take for example, the representation of those 3 parameters, space, speed and acceleration in a Cartesian system of coordinates. Space is longer: it is a length in the x-coordinates without any angle, flat. Then we raise the dimension of height/time, and obtain a diagonal, straight line that represents a constant speed. Yet because it has an angle, the line is shorter in X-space coordinates. Fact though, is that the being that has speed is in fact moving a longer length, but we have transformed that longer length into a temporal height/form in the graph. Finally acceleration is represented by a parable that finally becomes a height line and so it occupies the less quantity of X-space. Yet an accelerating being will reach the longest distance of all the 3 beings in the shorter time.

What those accelerating beings peel off as friction or radiation, or speed is called in quantum Physics an action, which is a fundamental constant in all beings. In the quantum realm the accelerating vortex produces an h-constant action of Entropy and time; in the macro physical realm it produces a Temperature or radiation as in the Unruh case. So to avoid collapsing into a singularity of infinite speed, what particle’s vortices do is to peel off h or T actions, modes of constant speed, made of Entropy and time. So we can move from the Equivalence Principle of Relativity to the Gauge and Action principles of quantum physics.


Thus in physical space all what exists are 4 motions of time, and those 4 motions define a Universe in perpetual motion, perpetually creating and destroying organic systems of Entropy and information.

Yet because the physical Universe is the simplest of all systems, its main event is a transformation of Entropy into information, of vacuum space into vortex-like masses and charges, which cannot be reduced further. And so the simplest ‘events in time’ or ‘types of change/arrow of motions’ in the Universe are lineal energies that move (boson forces) and cyclical forms that turn around, storing information in their patterns of form and frequency.

And this explains why the boson/fermion inversion is the main law of quantum events and why E<=>M(t)c2 is the main law of the mass membrane. And we write it also as feedback equation since in physics Entropy/information events are reversible. So in the same manner Entropy can curl into mass, mass can explode into Entropy.

Indeed, if we depart from pure lineal motion or entropy (perceived statically as extension or space), then by ‘curling’ and ‘warping’, we can obtain cyclical forms (masses and charges), in the same way that by crunching a paper we obtain warps, angles of form. This primary event, E->O, diminishes the space, extension, lineal motion or speed (self-similar concepts) of space and increases its form. Thus, we obtain from Entropy ->Information. While the 2nd causal arrow of that feedback equation explains the destruction of form and creation of Entropy, I->E, which is the ultimate meaning of the big-bang and all other mini-big bangs (novae, supernovas, beta-decay, Bombs) of the physical world of matter.

Reason why Einstein said that ‘time warps space into masses’ – meaning that Entropy curls into cyclical vortices of mass – while Darwin said that ‘Time evolves the morphology of life beings’; and deduced first the equation M=E/c2 even if the Atomic bomb made more famous the destructive inversion

Recap. All the events of quantum particles can be explained as events Generated by the fractal equation of spatial Entropy (boson waves) and temporal information (fermion particles).

Physical constants are Entropy/form ratios of space-times.

Universal constants show ratios of Entropy, form, and ST=reproduction of space-time membranes. So they can all be written as partial equations of the Generator Equation of spatial Entropy and temporal information: SPe<ST>Tif.

The relationship between the Constants, O & e of those space-time membranes or ‘forces’ is a simple rule, known to physicists as the Law of Range: Max. E = Min. O and vice versa, which is a particular case of the inverse properties of Entropy and form.

In the widest ecosystem of physics and its 2 gravitational and light space-time membranes, those Universal constants are related to the informative density and spatial distance of the vortices of masses, charges and lineal flows of forces of those 2 membranes.

Because there are 2 membranes of space-time, the light space-time membrane we see and the dark, gravitational, bigger, faster space-time membrane we don’t see, the Universal constants of both membranes are different. This means that black holes and quarks beyond the event horizon keep accelerating faster than light, and the Entropy they expel through their poles, called dark Entropy is also faster than light, which is the limit of speed of our membrane of space-time, light. Thus, the specific physical constants used to describe the e/o ratios of the vortices of Entropy and form of the cosmological and quantum world of masses and charges differ in value, as they express those different Entropy/form ratios. Yet since there is invariance of topological form, the only difference between electromagnetic and gravitational fields will be the extension/speed in space of its forces and the informative frequency of its vortices of temporal information that will give us different Universal constants, which are ratios that measure the speed of transformation of spatial Entropy into cyclical frequency. Thus we write a generic, topological, invariant equation for all space-times which will differ in its specific Constant (T/S):

F = UC (Tiƒ/Spe) Mm (t) /Dd (s)

Recap. We measure universal constants as ratios between the frequency of a mass/charge or in-form-ative volume of the particle and its spatial distance. And so the faster the frequency of the ratio and the smaller the spatial extension, the stronger the Universal constant will be and the faster the exchanges of Entropy and form between the particles/vortices will happen. It results in 3 forces: the gravitational, macrocosmic force, the electromagnetic force and the strong microcosmic force of increasing strength and speed of rotation as we diminish our size.


The corrections of quantum physics.


Particles and antiparticles, positive and negative charges must be explained as space-time antisymmetries, which can be seen according to the Galilean paradox, both as inverted events in time, as in the left Feynman diagram or as geometrical inversions in space (right diagrams). They are the why of most physical dualities that classic physics fails to understand.

All the errors of interpretation of quantum physics derive also from the ignorance of the key dualities of the Universe:

-Duality of motion in time=distance in space.

-Duality of 2 space-time membranes, gravitation & light.

-Duality of wholes, made of fractal parts of a smaller scale.

-And duality of the arrows of form and Entropy natural to all complementary beings, which create 2 more complex arrows, energetic reproduction and informative, social evolution.

When we use those whys to interpret the magnificent scaffolding of mathematics and metric space times of measure built by quantum theories all becomes resolved. So we shall try to give meaning and explore the whys of quantum physics with the new tools of multiple spaces and times.

Let us then start with a basic clarification brought about by the knowledge that all cyclical patterns and forms are ‘time-clocks’ that carry the information of the species we study. This means particles are cyclical states and waves are energetic states; and cyclical properties such as spins are time-clocks that carry information while energetic states are lineal, extended forces.

The main error of quantum physics is the lack of understanding of the properties of temporal information, the cyclical nature of time and its multiple rhythms and clocks, obscured by the equalization of all those rhythms with a time-clock. This error is enhanced by the experimental limits of human instruments (uncertainty principle):

Time cycles and spatial flows cannot be differentiated in the quantum realm, as they can in the biological world, due to the minimal duration of ticks of time of quantum particles, which therefore are observed as space trajectories.

This is due to the black hole paradox: Max. Tƒ = Min. Se, which means the smaller the particle is the faster its cyclical, rotational clocks turn. So in experimental physics, you never get images short enough to ‘feel the tick’ of time. Time cycles appear as those pictures of a fast turning wheel, which seems a solid disk without motion. So particle’s cycles appear; as printed ‘images’ on the bubble chamber.

Yet once we understand the dualities and forms of time-clocks and spatial, lineal flows, there are easy ‘key elements’ to know when we are seeing ‘sequential time events’ instead of ‘spatial trajectories’. For example, systems that are ‘bilateral’, 2, are space-like, left-right. While systems that are composed of 3 elements are time-like, where each element represents the past, present and future states. So there are not 3 quarks but quarks in 3 time states/colors. And so in time the same quark changes its 3 states creating a charge of 3 x 1/3=1. More often we find that a ternary state is both, an organic structure in space and a ternary wave in time. And so the ternary topologies form the particle state, and the 3 phases of the wave represent the particle in time. 3 is thus the evolutionary limit, which explains why so many systems are ternary systems: 3 neutrinos evolve increasing information as a wave; 3 mass families are the 3 horizons of evolution of quark-masses, and so on.

Further on, particles must be classified in 2 different membranes, that of light and that of gravitation, which we do not perceive. Thus it is easy to classify those particles, as we did in previous paragraphs: the easiest criterion is its ‘visibility’. So gluons, quarks, boson strings, gravitons, black holes and neutrinos, which are not observables, are gravitational species.

Because time ‘bends Entropy into cyclical vortices’ masses or charges, depending on which of the two membranes of space-time we study (since both are self-similar as we showed by finding its unification equation), we can also differentiate the particles that are clocks of time and store most of the information in both systems (electrons and quarks), and particles which are lineal, energetic states (light and gluons).

Because the universe is in symmetric balance, as there are electric and magnetic fields in light to balance each other, and there is a repulsive, lineal electromagnetic, transversal wave and an attractive cyclical electronic particle; so there must exist an attractive, cyclical gravitation and a repulsive, transversal gravitational wave. Thus we conclude that dark Entropy is merely the transversal, repulsive gravitational waves that come out of galactic black holes.

Finally, since the formalism of temporal information is inverse to that of Entropy (meaning that Entropy moves forwards, information stops motion or reverses backwards with negative, imaginary numbers), and both cancel each other, we can distinguish, which are the parameters of Entropy and information of a field or particle.

For example, in electrons, the informative component is given by the imaginary parts of the Abelian phase of its mass field; and both fields – the real, energetic field and the informative imaginary component – are at a 90 degrees angle and when one is maximized the other is nullified. So even if our perception doesn’t distinguish both terms we can now which one carries the information of the system and which one the motion.

For the same reason the 4 quantum numbers can be easily classified as representing the 4 basic arrows of an electron:

  • E: The principal quantum number (n = 1, 2, 3, 4, …) denotes the eigenvalue of Hamiltonian (H), i.e. the Entropy. This number therefore has a dependence only on the distance between the electron and the nucleus (i.e., the radial coordinate, r). The average distance increases with n, and hence quantum states with different principal quantum numbers are said to belong to different shells.
  • The azimuthal quantum number ( = 0, 1, …, n − 1) (also known as the angular quantum number or orbital quantum number) gives the orbital angular momentum. In chemistry, this quantum number is very important, since it specifies the shape of an atomic orbital and strongly influences chemical bonds and bond angles. Thus it is the number that defines the form, or ‘static information’ of the system.
  • The spin projection quantum number (ms = ±½), is the intrinsic angular momentum of the electron or nucleon. This is the projection of the spin s = ½ along the specified axis. And it defines when a particle decouples producing two electrons, its ‘male’, ‘female’ forms, as only two electrons with inverse spin can reproduce. Results indicate that up to two electrons can occupy a single orbital – but they must be male and female, with ‘different spin’.
  • The magnetic quantum number (m = −, − + 1, …, 0, …, − 1, ) yields the projection of the orbital angular momentum along a specified axis. Lz = mℓħ.

It defines the number of electrons with clonic form but different relative orientation there can be in a shell, hence it is the ‘social arrow’ that defines the organization of a number of similar elements in the system. And also allows the system to understand an external magnetic field and organize its social evolution as a herd of electrons.

  1. However two electrons can never have the same exact quantum state nor the same set of quantum numbers.
  2. Further on, according to the isomorphisms of emergence between scales:

-The 2 energetic/informative arrows are represented by the 2 first numbers, the main number represents the reproductive wave of photons (lower scale) that shape the energetic volume of the electron as it displaces, imprinting the surface of Entropy around the nucleus. The second number represents the ‘changes in the shape’ of that electronic path, due to the absorption= feeding of a photon that evolves formally into the electron.

-Then the other 2 numbers, the magnetic number and spin mean the same for its information components: the spin represents the reproduction of two electrons, which are born with two orientations – short of the masculine and feminine sex, and the magnetic field is the language of social evolution that affects the electron as it is his ‘informative perception’ that can change the spin and orientate the electron from an external field.

This trivial explanation of the why of the 4 quantum numbers, using the theory of Multiple Spaces-Times however will be denied by most abstract physicist, for whom organicism is a taboo concept born from the anthropocentric nature of human beings and the mechanist approach to science of the founding fathers, whose memes are learned and repeated without much reflection by all texts on physics. Yet what marvels of a model of multiple, vital spaces and time arrows applied to quantum physics, is how easily data becomes structured into a ‘plan’ with meaning, explaining the whys of all previously paradoxical quantum processes.

Indeed, once those precisions are made we can truly clarify all the mysteries and meanings of the parameters of quantum physics, from spins to waves to complementarity isomorphisms, to spooky effects. For example, since a time state is an informative, still state with the ternary phases of time cycles and its hierarchical, non-commutative causality – given the fact that it is not the same a motion to the future (whereas Entropy becomes information) than a motion to the past (where information becomes Entropy), the meaning and mystery of spins becomes resolved:

Systems with 3 spin positions (spin number 1), are still systems and the 3 spins form a rotational clock.

Systems that are in motion have 1/2 spin number – 2 positions and they are bosons which display a spatial main lineal motion and its inverse negative ‘informative’ motion, creating a simple beat forwards, backwards. This beat is natural to all complementary systems that last, and so we find that an alternate currency of electrons is more stable and lasting than a continuous one as it has an Entropy/information beat in its motion.

Those rules of course are also useful to detect erroneous theories that cannot happen since they mix properties of time particles with spatial properties and vice versa.

For example, the Higgs cannot exist because it is a scalar boson7. And by definition, a scalar field with no rotation will not act as a boson moving at light speed.

Further on a boson cannot have mass as it does not close its cyclical trajectory so it does not form an attractive vortex, reason why light and gluons don’t have mass.

The same concept applies to forces, whose range law I just an expression of the Black hole paradox (max. Entropy=Minimal information/mass). So we can distinguish forces belonging to the strong-mass membrane – gluons – and forces belonging to the electromagnetic membrane – photons. And then forces belonging to the bigger cosmic membrane of gravitation, gravitons, which are boson strings of tachyon speed.

This leaves the 4th force, the weak force that has no range and time parameters that change the in/form/ation of the particle, and also breaks the symmetry of space (left-right). So it is obviously not a spatial force but a time event, which further explains why we have never found its ‘boson force’, the Higgs7.

The same error invalidates super symmetry and hence all string theories except the original one, which properly understood as background independent and using fractal co-dimensions of finite size extended through several relative scales of gravitational complexity should become departing from its Nambu’s minimal action and Planck length, the proper formalism of gravitons.

Thus, while the formalisms of most quantum theories are correct all those limits of perception added to the errors of using a single clock-time and a single space, explains why so many ‘whys’ are confused in quantum physics to the point that Feynman finally said: ‘the why is what you don’t ask in quantum physics’. We do and that is what this paragraph is about: the why of the perceived phenomena of quantum physics.

Finally physicists ignore the black hole paradox so they don’t understand that protons, neutrons and all other particles do not live eternally. On the contrary their life/death cycle is their complementary cycle between informative states and energetic states, either the clock of particle/wave complementarity or the clock of particle/antiparticle, past to future and future to past cycles.

And so their existential cycles are really short. But they do not disappear because what physicists see are ‘generational waves’, given the fact that at the quantum level unlike in our informative-dominant world of biology, past to future and future to past arrows are reversible. So as a very simple jellyfish does, turning his clock backwards when it gets old and becoming young again to turn the clock forwards; particles and antiparticles go forwards and backwards and forwards in time. Bosons and electrons move forwards in energetic motions and backwards in informative motions. Light imprints once and again a photon of information that becomes an energetic wave that becomes a photon.

And so what physicists call the life of a particle is its longer generational cycle, which can last an enormous number of self-repetitions, but should neither be eternal.

Indeed, it seems that light beams and light-evolved entities (stars) have a mean cycle of 10 billion years, after which they suffer an energetic big-bang expansion – stars explode into Novae and light gets tired and expands in a redshift process, returning to its gravitational, non-local lower scale of dark Entropy. This of course explains why far away light red shifts and seems to expand space: it is dying and beyond those mean 10 billion years an increasing ‘darkness’ is observed in the Universe, which a simple Gauss curve of probabilities show to be almost absolute beyond the x+1/3rd 13.3 billion years range.

Again physicists don’t see both, the dual space and time views of the Universe but only the temporal big-bang, which considers a cosmos in time failing to analyze it in space as a simultaneous system connected by non-local gravitation. So they think darkness is not caused by the spatial death of light, which they merely use as a clock of cosmic time, thinking therefore that beyond those ages we enter into a temporal darkness – and the Universe didn’t exist.

Recap. Quantum errors derive from the confusion of time clocks with spatial trajectories and the ignorance of the dualities of spatial Entropy and temporal information; and its rejection of organic theories of reality.

Informative inflation: The error of multiple dimensions.

After rejecting so many trendy theories of modern physics, I am afraid many practitioners of the ‘baroque’ age of information of quantum theories will ignore this text, so we must do further clarifications on the why of that multiplication of impossible theories.

The inflation of baroque theories of physics, which take the classic age of Metric spaces and its proper theories (Relativity and quantum physics) beyond its scope and reach, has caused many false theories without empirical proof, which try to correct and extend the metric paradigm beyond its power of resolution, without taking into account the needed corrections and widening view provided by the new tools of topology, fractal points and Non-Euclidean postulate. The main reasons of that inflation of false or unproved theories are:

– The fact that information is inflationary. This is self-evident. A language of the humankind maps out reality with far less Entropy. So it is rather easy to construct many linguistic images of a single reality, as we can find many mirror images of an object. And all of them will carry a minimal truth. But the theory that matters to us is the one that has the perfect focus with a given language. Again, if we focus an image with a camera, there would be many images similar to the object but only a point of perfect focus. So all those alternative theories with many dimensions are just half-truths, bad focused, linguistic and mathematical images of a single reality. We are however here concerned with the dimensional theory that has the perfect focus, both in logic and mathematical thought.

– A 2nd problem is the Pythagorean belief that mathematics is the only language of science and any mathematical theory must be truth. This absolute belief in a language fails to recognize the limits of linguistic knowledge. And it is proper of a young language, which evolves from an age of simple, dogmatic truths to a more sophisticated baroque age. Mathematics has been applied as the ‘language of God’ to the Universe only for 4 centuries. So scientists are believers in their language with a dogmatic degree that verbal writers only practiced in earlier, religious ages, when the written word was also considered the language of God. Pharaohs would just say, ‘it is written’. And that meant it was truth. Then philosophers of language found out the relativism of all linguistic statements. And finally an inflationary age of verbal information – the age of fiction thought – has settled down after millennia of using words.

This inflationary age happened in mathematics only a century ago and the relativism of those theories was exposed by the work of Gödel. Yet the believers still rule in science and so it is a fact that Gödel has been cornered and considered a heretic both in physics and mathematics for denying that ‘God speaks mathematics’ (Galileo). It is however about time for science to accept the linguistic limits of mathematics as verbal writers accepted the meaning of fiction in verbal thought precisely when Cervantes wrote the first fiction novel of the modern age, Don Quixote. Instead, scientists must accept that after Gödel we need experimental proof to show a mathematical theory certain.

– A third source of errors is the mechanist dogma that denies organic interpretations of physics, which are self-evident as quantum probabilities in time are easily transformed into spatial population of fractal knots of electromagnetism in space (real, mass side of the phase equation.)

The denial of Hylomorphism (the opposite philosophy of the platonic pythagorism of physicists who believe mathematics are truth per se, declared by Aristotle – all informative languages must have a physical, experimental truth to be real) and the denial of organicism (complex, vital arrows in physical systems – reproductive repetitions and eusocial evolution) are so pervading in quantum physics that is truly surprising… because all the fundamental isomorphisms of quantum physics are organic in nature.

The Complementarity law requires particles of information and fields of Entropy and one cannot exist without the other. Quantum theories are called gauge theories because all require that particles gauge, measure, hence process information as perceptive beings do, in order to interact with each other. The 2 fundamental particles, electrons and quarks constantly reproduce jets of new particles, hence they absorb Entropy. And finally all particles evolve socially into more complex systems, as cells do in organisms. So those are the same 4 arrows of time of all fractal systems of the Universe, which in mathematical, quantum equations are expressed through the different quantum numbers; as those informative/energetic processes take place in orbital paths and through the emission and absorption of electromagnetic Entropy and form.

Fact is we do not see 10-dimensional hyper-strings around us, because dimensions are diffeomorphic, fractal and attached to a temporal function/arrow. And they are topological and so in a 4 dimensional Universe there are only 3 topologies, 2 bidimensional substances, Entropy and form (Holographic Principle) that combine to create finite vital spaces with a time duration – the entities of reality. And that structure is enough to explain all systems.

Only then departing from such fractal 4-dimensional beings, we can build another plane of more extended dimensions in which each beings is a point of a bigger network of spacetime.

Further on, the 3 dimensions of time change, past-present and future parallel to the 3-topologies of space, energetic planar membranes, cyclical present, reproductive volumes and hyperbolic informative centers create harmonies of forms and functions, which have to be study with the rules of causality and logic, considering always the Galilean paradox: motions in time are equivalent to dimensional forms in space.

In its simplest creative processes, those logic chains and dualities mean that dimensions grow in time as points displace creating lines, lines displace creating planes, planes displace creating cubes, and cubes displace creating momentum, mv, where v becomes the 4th dimension, as the cube moves tracing the first trajectory of a bigger plane of existence.

And the same process describes a point that becomes a cycle that rotates into a bigger sphere that moves along a new cyclical trajectory, creating a 4th new dimension of a bigger plane.

So a 4-dimensional cube is not the fancy cube of hyper-dimensional geometry but a 2 dimensional plane of space or cycle of information that grows in height as a flat sheet of Entropy reproduces its form, or rotates cyclically and then, moved along a temporal path, with v or w lineal or cyclical speed.

We then obtain a translating cube. Since reality follows the dimensions of normal time and space, not the hyper cubes of idealized mathematics.

What truly happens is that a wave or form that displaces along a given path reproduces its form, its information, creating, reproducing a new dimension, which first is measured as speed and then leaves a solid trace behind. So when we emit a ray of light, light imprints and forms gravitational space creating a form with a new dimension of length. Only recently, physicists used this common sense definition of dimensionality in String Theory: where a string moves along a perpendicular path creating a plane and then again creating a cube of pure space.

In that regard, physicists’ role is not to invent mathematical fantasies but to limit mathematical models to the physical reality in which the inflationary information of mathematics is restricted by the resistance of Entropy to acquire complex forms.

So only certain efficient geometries and topologies exist, and the enormous numbers of imaginary, unstable particles do not matter, as the inflationary universe keeps creating forms but few survive.

Thus good physics describe only what reality shows: the constant, discontinuous, growth and extinction of dimensional beings, which can be seen as fixed forms or in movement (so a wheel spinning or a planetoid circling Saturn might seem a fixed dimensional form, when observed without detail). Yet once the 3 dimensions of space are filled up, the object will create moving, translation dimensions as its trajectories shape new cycles, or it will create real dimensions of form, if it reproduces in ‘biological radiations’, growing from micro-forms into macro-forms.

In both cases we would see how the object ads a new dimension that enlarges its world. For example, imagine a 3-dimensional living sphere, a cell. As it reproduces, it fills now a macro-dimension and after multiple processes of dimensional reproduction, it will create a macro-organism that has 6 dimensions, the 3 of microcosmic, cellular space, and the 3 of macrocosmic organic space.

Then again, if that individual organism, the first of its species, multiples, and organizes itself into a society, an ant-hill or a human society, it will expand in macro-macro space, again filling up 3 bigger macro-macro dimensions of space, till reaching 9 dimensions, whose growth can be measured as a t-duration with lineal time, giving us 9 (classic space) + 1 (lineal time) dimensions in ‘classic physics’. In this manner because space-times are fractal, moving geometries and dimensions are finite processes of reproductive growth, when we talk of multiple dimensions we don’t have to invent spatial geometries, and follow Minkowski’s definition of time as a spatial dimension, but just describe reality, as it is, and consider each movement or reproduction of form with a certain frequency, a dimension of time. In those terms, many ‘mysterious’ objects of the physical universe described mathematically with multiple dimensions, conceptually ill-defined, become now real, complex space-time fields, extended across fractal spaces from micro-worlds to macro-worlds, as your 9+1 dimensional organism extended in 3 scales, from cells to individuals to society, is.

Such 9+1 dimensional strings (expressed in lineal time and classic Euclidean space) are thus an error due to the ignorance of the Galilean Paradox: dimensions are initially moving and reproductive cycles of times perceived as fixed forms and distances. Yet those dimensions are dynamic, since they grow and occupy a volume creating new macro spaces – the fractal scales of reality – from microcosmic photons to macrocosmic galaxies.

For example, a moving photon-point reproduces a bidimensional line/wave, which wobbles upwards and creates finally a 4 dimensional macro-space of light with length-speed, electric height, magnetic width, and frequency-rhythm. In the same way a cycle of time can rotate upwards and sideward becoming a 4-dimensional mass or charge also with length, height, width and rhythm. A 5 dimensional object would then be a mass creating a new, lineal trajectory, giving birth to 5-dimensional, lineal momentum (a mass moving in a line); or a 5 dimensional rotating mass with angular momentum. Thus, reproductive movements and rotations create dimensions, which give origin to a growing fractal reality of repetitive, scalar forms – the vital reality we see. Unfortunately, in XX C. Physics, since Minkowski’s invention of a spatial, 4th dimension of time, most of the dimensional work done in physics is just about fancy mathematical objects, which have little to do with the real n-dimensional, space-time.

All languages are inflationary. So in the same way ‘hair is blue’ and ‘hair is green’ are 2 beautiful sentences, however false, physicists can create all kind of fanciful geometries, however false. Fact is reality doesn’t have 10, not even 4 continuous fixed, space dimensions, but it is constructed with fractal, scalar dimensions that grow from micro to macro worlds.

So we should apply 2 fundamental isomorphisms of scientific truth, the Occam principle (truth is the simplest explanation of reality) and the experimental method (truth is a description of real phenomena) to the problem of multiple dimensions. Reality is not born out of the complex geometry of 9 dimensional continuous spaces. Its complexity grows with the creation of dimensions that start as the temporal, reproductive movement of a form that becomes a fixed structure of space, and again reproduces its movement in time or inversely extinguish its dimensional form. Yet since those dimensions are limited, fractal dimensions they end when the wave ends its reproduction or the particle ends its movement – so they can be increased ad infinitum as the form grows into new macroforms.

-Such fractal, scalar nature also implies that we should always consider the interaction of both membranes, gravitational and electromagnetic membranes, instead of trying to simplify them. In that sense, physicists try to unify the micro-world of electro-magnetism and the macro-world of gravitation, without realizing they are 2 different scales of the Universe: to unify them is like trying to unify the existence of human beings and their macro-scale of societies; or the properties of cells and the ecology of its macro-organisms with the same equations/isomorphisms of behavior. What is relevant is to explain the relationships and self-similar isomorphisms of invariance that happen between those scales.

All in all what this means is that the holy grail of present physics, the scalar boson with a new field never found on Nature, the Higgs, and the super symmetric inflation of background dependent, 10 plus dimensional strings don’t exist. And an enormous number of virtual, unstable particles don’t live long enough to be relevant except as failed games of the inflationary game of reproduction of fractal information. So once we have limited the theme of our inquire to what is real – stable particles described by classic quantum numbers – in the realm of evolved light-space forms, and quantum gravitation (strong force and its boson strings, gluon and quarks), which is what quantum theory studies we can go on illuminating its whys with the tools of multiple spaces and times.

Recap. Information is inflationary, so it is the mathematical language, whose enormous number of possible theories about reality must be contrasted with the experimental method and the logic principles in which existence is based. But physicists are ‘Pythagorean’, so they cannot accept truths, which are not written with mathematical equations. This means till modern times despite Gödel’s work about the errors of mathematical equations; they have ignored the isomorphisms of information and morphological change. Unfortunately many of such simple solutions will require time to be adopted, as there is in a Universe of inflationary information, many ill-devised theories based in the faulty, previous paradigm of metric spaces, whose practitioners will have a hard time to abandon.

Whole and parts: quantum waves.

There is finally the problem of jargons, which is especially difficult when dealing with quantum physics, which is the less understood in conceptual terms of all the scales. As IT IS THE CLEAREST CASE OF ANTHROPOMOPRHIC, OBSERVER’S HUMAN POINT OF VIEW, analysis since Ptolemy, due to the self-centered ego-centered Germanic idealist culture that discovered it. Some examples of this needed translation following Einstein’s wishes:

  • Uncertainty principle: h is the minimal space-time being of the perceived light space-time Universe, it is NOT an abstraction, but an angular momentum, a cycle of time, enclosing a vital space with energy, hence a unit of energy and Time,  and Se x Tƒ, ‘FINITESIMAL’. So of course, there is always a remnant H, and H is the cellular unit of future creation of more complex social particles. Thus we shall call it Planckton, by analogy with the minimal unit of the trophic pyramid of sea life. Now, Heisenberg merely tell us that because the observer will always find this remnant to observe, and on top it will destroy it as it measures-absorbs its energy and information, it will be delocalized on position, or energy-momentum. He does explain it from the perspective of the observer, which is like a whale telling us that the ‘tasting’ of Planckton has the uncertainty of tearing it before tasting it.
  • Wave-particle duality, which are just the balanced ST and Tƒ states, which are preferred to move (ST state) in a steady speed or to gauge information, with its inward accelerated motion. Wave state is further preferred as any ‘group’ knows, when motion or defensive state. So an army, a school of fish or flock will always be in wave state when moving and particle tight formation when attacked by a predator or enemy army. This duality of all scales also explains why in small slits, the wave moves through several slits and appears at the other side’s screen as a wave.
  • Fractal nebulae, they are not probabilities in time, but as Schrodinger explained, density of populations in space, as we do see a simultaneous picture of them all in a single still, so it is the perception of the electronic wave at its ST level, under the symmetry of time or space perception, events as probabilities or fractal populations, both studied with the same statistical ‘bell-curves’ and Gaussian tools.
  • Spooky entanglement, which deals with the fact that most motions and information transfers required the translation in a lower faster Se x Tƒ = k scale of the 5th dimension. So as chemical cells often transfer information through faster electric neurons of a different 5D plane of existence; or as we do talk through faster invisible phones despite being verbal beings, information between particles transfer through the non-local, lower gravitational scale of ‘dark energy’, making possible entanglement, and simultaneous, immediate perception of information, which we do not see as it is transferred in a relative infinite speed, v=S/Tƒ= Se/0 gravitational perceived information = ∞ speed.

Now, we deal with the full translation of all spooky quantum effects to the isomorphic laws of T.œ in other parts of the blog. Some are that simple to translate in organic terms, some are caused by the asymmetry of 5D arrows, which causes more information in lower scale – hence the sum over histories and use of functional operators, to meet so much information, and the impossibility in this introductory post to get into detailed mathematical physics on quantum theory (only the simpler equations of upper scales of less information, mechanics and partially thermodynamics, will be translated).

The number of facts we shall explain with those isomorphic functionals is as in all other systems studied in this blog enormous – namely when/if the 4th line of the blog is finished, ‘all’ the facts of physical states/systems will be derived from them.

Thus all analysis of a single plane must be though combined with the 5th dimension duality of infinitesimals and wholes, so we can then define as the particle, the fractal, condensed, organic function of the wave, Tƒ, position, mostly around a fixed quark-gravitational points; then the herd, loose state, reached most often when in motion as an electronic herd and then the wave-field of light. So an electron is a condensed state of a wave of dense h-Planck light space-time fields, and this explains their behavior in quantum fields similar to that of any herd that moves loosely in any scale and becomes a knot in a static, solid crystallized form or when in defensive mood. So the army becomes a ball and the school of fishes and the electronic wave when defied by an enemy, predator or high energy human observer’s ray-bomb:


Fields, waves and particles are the ternary symmetry of physical spaces in its Se-field, Tƒ-particle and ST-wave states. As such they are the main protagonists of mathematical physics. And its evolution into each other by increasing the frequency, that is the speed of the Tƒ, time vortex is shown in the graph above.

It thus rests to study the isomorphism of physical actions to fully grasp the meaning of physics, and then study in more detail those isomorphic, frozen species, the atoms, the galaxy and in between matter states.

An electron is a herd of photons that gathers into a particle or expands as a wave, depending on which strategy maximizes its survival and movement, as a school of fishes does in front of a predator. The herd even splits its ST fields (P1, P2) when it finds an obstacle and later merges back those space and time fields into a compact form. Yet Physics ignores the bio-logic strategy of the electron and uses a probabilistic explanation of the wave/particle principle to keep its mechanist ideas on matter.

It also ignores that the 2 components of an ‘Abelian’ Phase space, which defines the mass-field of the electron, are an energetic and informative component (the imaginary number) since its concepts of space-time are still monist, continuous, ‘infinite’.

The units of both membranes, the gravitational and electromagnetic membrane are time actions, ST, product of the minimal spatial Entropy and cyclical time of both membranes. Here due to our limited space we shall not study the gravitational membrane, whose minimal quanta of lambda length and Planck time creates a lineal and cyclical string, or action of gravitational time; which becomes a gluon/neutrino wave in the next scale and then a quark wave.

We shall consider only some aspects of the self-similar wave of light bosons (h-plankton or ‘photons’) that condensate in cyclical phase space forming a De Broglie mass-wave, or electron whose pattern is defined by the real, lineal energetic component and imaginary, informative, height-dimension of its algebraic equations.

What is the ‘it’ that Schrodinger & Dirac equations describe? The duality between a whole and its fractal parts explains the nature of Physical Actions, microscopic quanta of Entropy and time that any physical vortex emits or absorbs to communicate with its environment, complete its existential cycles and stabilize its accelerations: Actions are projections of the form of a given being in the external Universe, achieved thanks to the use of Entropy that ‘translates’ in space its in-form-ation:

Present Macro-Organisms (∆) -> Micro-Actions (∆-1):

Max.E x Max.Tƒ (Organism)-> Σ Min. e x ∏ Min.Tiƒ (Action)


Both, in organisms and actions the arrows of Entropy and information merge in constant ‘presents’ – systems that exist longer precisely because their Entropy and information are in balance. A present organism is a cellular system with 2 poles – one dominant in Entropy or relative body/field, and one dominant in information, or relative head/particle, which constantly relate to each other by exchanging small bites and bits of Entropy and information, called actions, Min. ΣS x Tƒ=K.

A physical action, defined by the specific equation of a Universal action applied to the scale of electromagnetism, writes also ExT=K(h). Where Entropy and Time are inverse functions, whose product is always a balanced constant. Thus as inverse functions the growth of one of those 2 elements E or T means the diminution of the other. From where Physicists deduce a series of fundamental isomorphisms of physics, studied in detail in the non-abridged version of this book (Heisenberg Principle, Law of Force ranges, etc.)

The same law applies to any Universal action. For example, humans who process biological information sleep in absolute zero movement-space. They maximize information by minimizing Entropy. So happens with thinkers, which are quiet people when reflecting upon information, or informative chips which occupy little space and work better in coldness.

The exchanges of actions between beings resolve the paradox Leibniz encountered in his analysis of Space-time monads: how the different space-time beings communicate each other, creating the networks and complex systems we observe in the Universe? The answer is through microscopic actions.

Actions are microscopic ‘cells’ of the bigger organism – in terms of cyclical time, they are minimal frequencies, compared to the complex, bigger organism made of knows of multiple events), the duality of macro-knots of frequencies and individual actions define a fractal Universe organized in scales or ‘planes’ of space-time of different size and temporal duration. Any organism, in that sense, extends in 3 ±i relative planes of size and duration.

The natural St plane, for example, in the human case, our individual scale of existence; the microscopic, cellular plane, in which the Entropy and information of any entity’s action develops. In the human case, it is the cellular scale, which provides the Entropy and information for our actions. And finally, the social macroscopic, +st plane, in which the individual is often a microscopic action, part of a whole mass that performs a social cycle. So humans gather in masses that perform social actions that change their macroscopic scale, nation or civilization – while particles gather in waves and life beings in herds.

Thus, all organisms combine their S x T actions in knots we call cells, which gather together in constant species, creating an ∞ variety of relative Space-time beings, perceived simultaneously together as a present, continuous Universe.

Any entity in the Universe extends across 3 relative scales, the minimal scale of ‘actions’ of Entropy and time, the scale of cellular knots in which multiple cyclical actions gather together, and the scale of organisms and ecosystems made of multiple cells.

In those 3 cases reality is dynamic, as all those scales are made of moving cycles and fields of Entropy and time, despite the fact that we might see them as static forms.

The platonic, mathematic paradoxes of Quantum Theory can be explained in organic terms. Since, as Einstein said God doesn’t play dices and the Universe is not a mathematical probability but a dual, biological and geometrical game of herds and wholes.

The experimental proofs of quantum physics back organicism, in the image, the wave/particle behavior self-similar to that of organic herds, and a picture of an electron, which has the form of a nebula of fractal micro-points, self-similar to the whole.

We understand quantum waves and particles in terms of the structural duality of a Universe made of organic wholes or ‘particles’ that can be observed in its st-1, lower plane of existence as a wave of cellular, fractal, quantum parts.

In the graph, the wave-particle duality shows that physical particles behave in an organic form: an electron wave explodes into its multiple quanta (which seem to be ‘cellular’ condensates of st-1 photons) as it reaches a thin barrier in order to cross it. Light also divides itself into a herd of photonic quanta when it passes a slit.

In fact, fractal particles split their spatial and temporal fields, SxT when passing those apertures. Then sometimes they successfully mix both fields back together recreating the electron and sometimes fail to do that. Hence there are 2 possible solutions to the previous event, which fractal physics express as a quadratic probability when the electron reconstructs itself (sxt) or a null probability (s¹t) when it doesn’t; and we explain as a biological process. Further on, since life is caused by the social organization of cells into a higher plane of existence, those wave/particle fluctuations can be explained as particles that ‘die’ and ‘resurrect’ constantly.

The biological nature of those events is even clearer in the inverse process: when a spatial force, for example, light, comes closer to an informative, complex particle like an electron it evolves into a cellular, compact form – a dot of the photonic nebulae of the electron that integrates itself as a ‘probabilistic point=cell’ of the electron. On the other hand, when a researcher hits with a high Entropy beam an electronic wave, it collapses into a particle, as a school of fish clumps together in front of a bigger predator.

Recap. Physicists say that the wave solutions of the space-time field collapse, affected by the observer. It is the abstract, statistical way of saying that a wave of light is a herd of h-quanta, which evolves, imploding its form when it is absorbed by an electron of higher form. Yet the why of that how is biological, not ‘mathematical’, since as Einstein put it in his critique of a probabilistic interpretation of quantum waves, ‘God doesn’t play dices’.

Populations vs. Probabilities: Fractal, Quantum Particles.

We have now a general, simplified overview of the arrows of time and the topologies of space, which can be applied to resolve some of the basic riddles of quantum physics.

The first fact we must define, once the arrows of time are understood in its dualities, morphologically in space and dynamically as a series of events in time, is the duality of any physical system, composed of a relative energetic, past event/force and a relative informative, future event/particle. If we see reality fixed in space it will appear as a force/particle system; if we see it moving in time, it will appear as a relative energetic past wave that evolves and devolves constantly into a relative future particle of information. Our choice of reality as fixed or moving, in space or time is merely a question of the mind and how it perceives, according to the Paradox of Galileo, which stated that the Earth moves and doesn’t move, depending on our choice of perception. This is the solution to the quantum paradox of uncertainty.

Further on, in physical systems there is not at first sight an apparent dominant arrow of future, since we are making spatial pictures of them. That is why quantum physicists often confuse temporal events with spatial forces (such as the weak event or the mass-clocks that Higgs describes with spatial forces and particles).

They also don’t realize of the anti-symmetry of time and believe that moving forward in time (life arrow) is the same that moving backward (the death arrow). For the same reason Physicists confuse anti-particle events with particles in space – when they are 2 arrows of time of the same entity. All this happens because a cycle of space-time in electrons and particles is just too short and so physicists often make pictures of the entire event/life & death of the particle. So the particle life and antiparticle death is confused with a spatial cycle when in fact it establishes also an order of time, between life as a particle and death as an antiparticle.

The same life-death cycle happens when a particle dies and explodes back in a wave similar to star big-bang.

Tƒ make it all more confusing, physicists ignore the duality of the ages of time that become organs in space of a fractal organism. So sometimes a wave is the death of a particle but sometimes it is the spatial, organic energetic field, over which the particle/head exists as a complementary organism.

Only when all those dualities are understood, we can re-classify and re-order in a systematic manner all the forces, events, particles and systems of quantum physics in a complex, clear pattern.

In organic terms, the wave of a quantum system is the reproductive body of the system and the particle its informative state and both co-exist together (Complementarity system) as a dual system, whose energetic limbs are the fields of forces that displace the system.

Like life systems, particles have an order called the life/death cycle, first dominated by the arrow of information through the 3 life ages and then exploded into death by the arrow of Entropy. Thus physical systems do have temporal causality and anti-symmetry: they exist first slow as informative particles and then die fast in big-bangs as anti-particles or as disordered waves. Because the relationship between the informative-time speed of a system is related to its spatial size (ExTi=k), by the chip/mouse/hole paradox (smaller chips calculate faster), we can consider that the particle/wave duality or the particle/antiparticle duality are; when observed not as fixed space or dual organisms, but as casual events in time, the life cycles of physical matter, which are extremely short, as they are extremely small. In other cases though, they are part of a complex topological organism, acting as body, Entropy and form of a ternary Non-Euclidean structure:

Relative Entropy=past (Entropy field)<Body/Wave: present>Future=information=particle

In the previous equation, we added a bidimensional representation to the standard feedback wave: The information or future particle is as the relative past Entropy field, far less observable that the present body wave that mixes both, Entropy and information to create the combined field, reason why the phase space of a mass wave is not easily perceivable. The key to differentiate both types of entities, past and future, Entropy and form, motion and stop, E<=>I, as separate entities are the inverse properties of time that the present merges in a holographic form.

Thus, we distinguish for each ternary creation and form, the whole system and then its energetic parts more visible in space and its informative events more durable in time.

The symmetry between time and information on one side and its inverse symmetry between Entropy and space on the other, for the experiences theorist who fully grasp the isomorphisms of multiple times and spaces is the most revealing tool to classify reality and understand its events and isomorphisms as specific sub-equations of the generator of space and time.

Most dual particles are not spatial but transformational particle/antiparticle events of short duration and most bosons are wave /particle generational events, as they constantly switch between its big bang wave event and particle state. And so we write the anti-symmetry of time in those physical systems as a duality, a temporal, past to future life/death, informative particle/big bang cycle:

Big Bang arrows (energetic, expansive state)<Dual system> Big crunch (informative state)

All those different spatial, ternary systems and dual events happen in all the scales of the Universe, the quantum scale, the solar scale, the galactic scale and perhaps a higher scale of relative Universes made of cellular galaxies, in increasing time lengths. So we write for the Universe at large:

Past Expansive dark Entropy<Steady state:present cosmos>Future Implosive Galaxy

Thus in that cosmological scale the galaxy follows a generational cycle from the big-bang to the big-crunch, through a steady state of minimal creation of mass, in which we live.

If we were to observe in absolute detail two photons in 2 cycles, probably we would observe slight differences in its configuration; as we do when we see two Chinese, father and son, which at first look are both called Cheng and both look the same.

The dual cycle that matters most to us is obviously the one of creation and destruction of mass: the arrow of time bends space into mass (M=e/c2), and the arrow of entropy explodes form into Entropy (E=Mc2). Einstein said that the separation between past and future is an illusion. Those 2 equations of Einstein show the equal importance of both arrows of time, Entropy and mass/information. However when we transcend into beings with higher information, the dominance of information creates the order of future that we, biological beings, experience, and philosophers have always called the 3 ages of life.

The mysteries of quantum physics can also be explained from an organic perspective. In the graph, we observe 2 of those solutions:

– Particles choose to behave as a herd of fractal parts or as an organic whole, when they cross through doors and slits. Particles interact with the electronic beams of particles we use to detect them, modifying its position and speed (Uncertainty principle). In the graph, we can see that behavior: An electron is a herd of photons that gathers into a particle or expands as a wave, depending on which strategy maximizes its survival and movement, as a school of fishes does in front of a predator. The herd even splits its ST fields (P1, P2) when it finds an obstacle and later merges back those space and time geometries into a compact form. Quantum Physics ignores the bio-logic strategy of the electron and uses a probabilistic explanation of the wave/particle principle to maintain its mechanist, abstract ideas about matter. The misunderstanding of the dualities of time/information and Entropy/space make thoroughly confusing its explanation of time and space parameters in those processes. In the right picture, we can notice the self-similarity of the atom with a spiral galaxy. Both have a center black hole zone where the quark proton and quark hole are. But self-similarity is not identity, so even if quantum cosmologists try to use quantum isomorphisms to study the Universe, it is more meaningful to study directly the cosmos with satellites and telescopes, than replicating mini-big bangs of quarks on Earth.

In fractal space-time electrons become nebulae of self-similar fractal parts which can be described with fractal equations of the type biologists use to define cells as fractal parts with self-similar functions to those of the whole electronic organism. So only a fractal organic description of the quantum world, resolves its paradoxes and contradictions.

The alternative to all those proofs of the organic structure of the Universe is a Pythagorean fantasy called the Copenhagen interpretation. It considers the Universe uncertain as the herd of quanta is not a population described as any other group with percentages of the whole (which in statistics has a probability 1), but according to Bohr et al, those probabilities are real and the Universe is made of numbers. Indeed, quantum physics has finally achieved the religious goal of the founding fathers, Kepler and Galileo, God not only speaks mathematics but the Universe is mathematical.

This is nonsense, of course. Yet anytime a physicist in the past century has tried to put forward the organic, logic paradigm, his work has been ridiculed, while entire institutions of learning are dedicated to explore Everett’s thesis that each point of an electron nebulae is in a different, parallel Universe! All of them though shown in the same picture, hence cameras are machines that travel through infinite Universes! at the same time! This Bohr/Everett alternative is thus an absurd, abstract, illogic interpretation, which defies the 3 legs of the scientific method; logic consistency, mathematical accuracy (as the results are often uncertainties, singularities and infinities, cleaned up ad hoc) and experimental evidence obtained with the first pictures of electronic nebulae, 40 years ago:

The electron appeared as a fractal of smaller, self-similar electronic cells, dense, smaller electronic parts that adopt either a herd/wave configuration or a tight, organic, particle-like one. Or else, we would have observed in this Universe only a single electron point. Further on, the behavior of an electronic herd, when bombarded by massive particles, as those humans use to observe them is self-similar to that of any crowd, from fishes that come together when they are attacked by sharks, to soldiers in a battle field. 40 years have passed and yet the mathematical models of electrons as fractals are ignored by abstract, mechanist scientists.

The platonic, mathematic paradoxes of Quantum Theory can be explained in organic terms. The quantum world is not a mathematical probability but a ternary, geometric game of reproductive fractal herds=bodies and particles=knots of information, displacing over lines=fields of forces.

The equation of Entropy and information, Spe × Tiƒ = h(k) that defines quantum physics is not an uncertainty but a fluctuation. It is the equation of existence of ‘Planckton’, the minimal action of Entropy and time of the light Universe, which sometimes evolves into informative particles or relaxes further into space-waves. Thus the equation has two limits of death as Entropy and evolution as form. The particles that appear from the vacuum are those evolutions of form of the h-quanta, the substance of which our light space-time is made. The uncertainty of measure is only in our instruments which cannot measure at the same time the wave/body and photon/head states of the quanta. As you cannot make a dual picture of yourself as a whole body or a cellular network: you need to focus the picture in macro or microscopic scales.

Recap. We understand quantum waves and particles also in terms of the structural scales of a Universe made of organic wholes or particles that can be observed in its st-1, lower plane of existence as a wave of cellular, fractal, quantum parts. In this book we hardly touch the ternary scales of all systems that also structure particles as wholes of smaller particles and parts of bigger structures. So atoms are parts of molecules and wholes of particles. And the self-similar isomorphisms of hierarchical planes determine many of the events and relationships between particles, atoms and molecules.

Time motions. Physical Death. Big-bangs and antiparticles.


 In the graph, when we observe an electron we see it jumping backwards and forwards in time in an erratic trajectory, as it becomes its particle and antiparticle.

Traveling in time towards the past means in the restricted, spatial, geometrical definition of time in physics, an inverse, cyclical movement as the one created when moving backwards the needle of a clock. Since physicists ‘extract’ their concept of time from a spatial definition of movement: v=s/t. Thus physical time is only the analysis of change in the motion and geometry of space; and traveling backwards in time in both, the previous Galilean equation of relativity or Einstein’s equation is merely a geometrical change of direction or a contraction in the ‘dual’ perception of space as distance or c-speed.

In physical space there are also dual dissolutions in space, which are processes of death, the best known a big-bang process that annihilates particles and antiparticles into a release of pure Entropy and annihilates a black hole into a Supernova or quasar of pure Entropy: A dual process of palingenesis happens in those death processes when the big-bang gives birth to an accelerated birth. So black holes trigger the palingenesis and fast evolution of stars and a cosmic big-bang, the big-banging of particles.

The antiparticle is the 3rd age (inverse in Entropy/information parameters to the first age) and final death of the particle, reason why it lasts so little and its parameters of time are towards the past. This explains further 2 unexplained facts of astrophysics: why there are less perceived antiparticles. Simple: because the total perception we have of particles is its ‘existential force’=Entropy x Time and they last in time much more than the antiparticles, which die fast. In the same manner all men die but they die so fast that we see much more living humans than corpses around us.

A second interesting consequence of the antiparticle travelling to the past as the dying state of the particle is the fact that while physicists observe them as being born together in the same point and fusioning again in the point of death, the real path is, since the antiparticle travels to the past, that of a single particle when we observe them with the arrow of future information (Feynman diagram of the graph of palingenesis). The particle is born, explodes where it meets the antiparticle in the conventional drawing. Then it dies explodes into Entropy and leaves a remnant ghost, the antiparticle that moves backwards in time and fades away in the point of birth of the particle. But there is only a particle at each moment in the time loop, reason why for example, we have never observed black hole evaporation, which is based in the existence of two particles. This phenomenon happens in all scales. In the next scale of electrons, the same

In the previous graph we observe one of such processes. The graph shows the sum of the life (blue) arrow and death (red/antiparticle travelling to the past) arrow of an electron, which appears and disappears constantly in its path forwards. Thus, the motion of virtual photons and electrons seems to correspond to a series of life-death cycles shown as particle=life arrows/antiparticle=death arrows or wave (st-1 plane)/particle (st-plane) fluctuations, which include a ‘quantic jump of spacetime’ in which the particle disappears becomes its antiparticle moves to the past and re-appears in a relative present location, displaced both in time and space coordinates, proving the constant cycles of creation and destruction and the fluctuation between hierarchical past and future states of all palingenetic systems of the Universe.

Yet the same process happens in our biological death. Those who have survived death feel an explosion of light in the brain/informative human particle. Then memory rewinds backwards its path till youth, when you will awake in the lower plane of existence as a mere cell. This is equivalent to the death of the antiparticle that ‘reverses’ its coordinates till it meets its final death in the point of birth (hence it seems two particles are born in that point but one is the death particle returning to its past). At that point it dissolves in the lower vacuum plane.

The best known case of travel in time in physics is the virtual particle/antiparticle systems that constantly pop out in the Universe. Antiparticles seem to travel to the past while particles travel to the future and both annihilate themselves. What we observe here is 2 particles with different geometrical directions that together complete a ‘cycle of physical existence’. We could say that the particle is the 1st age of the entity, from past to future and the antiparticle its devolving age from future to past or 3rd age of the entity and together form a closed loop of space-time, an existence. Or in some cases, the particle is the life arrow and the antiparticle the death arrow. So we have to see them consequentially, one after another in time, even if when we measure them in present-simultaneity, as they are so fast we see the entire life of the particle in an instant of space. So they seem to us mere geometrical shapes.

The entire cycle of Time change is often perceived together, when studying flows from past to future in those fast, simultaneous phenomena that become then fixed loops of space. In any case a death/back in time travel never goes beyond the limits of the entity that experiences it. Those geometrical time travels do not influence the entire, absolute time of the Universe, as Hawking naively thinks, when he talks about black holes as time machines because their ‘t’ parameters are inverse. Or when he thinks that black holes evaporate because antiparticles make them ‘travel to the past’. Antiparticles are only the final stage of the life of a particle, which quantizes its existence in 2 broken phases that don’t affect the absolute time of the Universe. It is that absolute Time the one Einstein studies with its Equations.

Recap. Processes of death mean a short travel to the past in which information rewinds. Yet while we travel to the past we do not co-exist in both states as some physicists unaware of the process think it happens with dual particle/antiparticle systems.



We have already explained in the first dimotion most aspectst of general relativity and physics.

In here we deal with special relativity concerned with electromagnetism, in general comes from Galileo’s v=s/t and criticise its expansion as all the ‘time measures’. And reduce it to derivatives of time-present. Once this is clarified time-present analysis where the system we study does NOT change its state from past-entropy to future-form (i.e. a wave to become a scattering field of past-entropy or a future particle of information), specially those regarding the motion of beings are usefully described with relativity. And its formalism can be easily understood in terms of the principles of GST, such as the bidimensional holographic principle; the ternary structure and fractal scales of the Universe, etc. but some concepts must be redefined.So let us start with relativity postulates:

  • Relativity of motions must be expanded to relativity of scales so we move into absolute relativity. This work has been done albeit with the classic jargon, which makes it a bit confusing by Nottale for 30 years (we both started at the same time working on fractal universes but with a very different perspective, his only math, only physics).
  • The postulate of the limit of light space works only within the local universe, our island-galaxy and it means light is the ‘space-time’ rod of the galaxy. So we moved from man->earth->sun as the center, to the black hole (informative nuclei of mass) and the light space-time substrata (BG radiation) as the 2 largest centres of reality. Space in the galaxy is ‘light space-time’. Outside of it is dark energy of a larger scale, hence with more speed-distance (action at distance). So it is below the galaxy ∆-3 scale, where the same dark energy scale must exist in the quantum field potential that feeds light of which there are so many proofs (pilot-wave theory, annihilation and creation of photons, etc.)
  • So special relativity is the ‘limiting theory’ of GST for galactic light space-time waves of information in the ∆-3 scales and general relativity is the ‘limiting theory’ of curved gravitation, ∆+3.  Beyond the cosmological scale does not have to obey those limits of c-speed (limit of energy transmission in a lineal entropy field) and 0 k (limit of rotary information at the black hole event horizon).

Departing from those limits we can throw as usual new ‘unknown’ perspectives on the known formalisms of relativity.

It should though become clear that relativity is the generator model of the galaxy space-time at theoretical level:

Spe (entropic dark energy: action at distance) > ST-light space/time (special relativity) > Tiƒ (curved gravitational space-time: accelerated vortices of mass).

And so really the ‘entities’ of the galaxy, discounting the quantum field potential of dark energy faster than c, which as we know is NOT the core part of a system in its present-time state, made of body-waves and particle-heads (conserved momenta) are basically masses moving on the light space-time wave.

And we can consider on the upper boundary of ∆+1, the black hole as a point-particle and the lower boundary of ∆-1 the charge as a point-particle, the two sinks one opening up through the dark energy poles to the cosmic scale, and the other opening down, through the magnetic poles to the gravito-magnetic world. 

Now it must be stressed that relativity never forbade tachyon particles (which we consider both to be inside the black hole past the event horizon at c-speed as it IS a gravitational vortex of acceleration (principle of equivalence)) and in the dark energy beyond the c-speed past the tiredness=entropic death of light, into its original two neutrino components, freed in the interstellar space.

So such particles will go as follows:

In a Lorentz invariant theory, the same formulas that apply to ordinary slower-than-light particles (sometimes called “bradyons” in discussions of tachyons) must also apply to tachyons. In particular the energy–momentum relation:

E²=(pc)² +(mc²)²

where p is the relativistic momentum of the bradyon and m is its rest mass – should still apply, along with the formula for the total energy of a particle:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.22.06This equation shows that the total energy of a tachyon) contains a contribution from its rest mass (the “rest mass–energy”) and a contribution from its motion, the kinetic energy. When v is larger than c, the denominator in the equation for the energy is “imaginary”, as the value under the radical is negative. In classic physics the total energy must be real, so the numerator must also be imaginary: i.e. the rest mass m must be imaginary, as a pure imaginary number divided by another pure imaginary number is a real number.

And this is the conundrum, as physicists do not understand imaginary numbers.

i-number world cycleBut in GST we did understand them as bidimensional numbers of present space-time, with the arrow of time changing from the positive to the negative quadrant.

c-speed is the barrier of ‘stability’ within the galaxy, beyond which the motion changes from energy into entropy from the ‘life arrow to the death arrow’. From particle to antiparticle. It is in the organic interpretation an existential limit: you become something else.

If you are a wave of light, you spit into the two neutrinos (neutrino theory of light), if you are a mass; you explode into entropy E=mc², which can be considered negative mass (big-bang death), studied latter in this post and in the posts on cosmology.

In the graphs we observe the essential quality of imaginary numbers, which are bidimensional numbers that turn a system backwards in time, crossing an ‘impeding barrier’ of the Universe, in ‘rotary motions’ from a ‘positive entropy/information state’ to a negative inverse one. So they are the lateral present bidimensional ST state, and as such IDEAL TO EXPRESS SPACE-TIME EQUATIONS, reason why they will become standard in the formalism of relativity. YET without this insight knowledge provided by GST and its 3 time arrows, cosmologists who serendipitously found them and used rightly do not ‘interpret’ properly its meaning – the forte and ad on GST always provides to each science.

In the left side we see thus the proper way to represent space-time in relativity: a real number (for simplicity put together from the 3 cartesian coordinates) and an imaginary rotary number -ict (ct on the complex plane); which knowing its meaning allow us to infer new conceptual understandings on…

Singularities <> Potentials, vs. wave<fields

Before we consider further elements it must be noticed that the fundamental past-future-past relationship of singularities is with potentials, while waves are present forms that are ‘pegged’ closely to the substrate they mold, so as in biology we tal of female waves dominant in present, 1,2,3D iterative, liquid reproductive states, and males as past-future head/limbs solid/gaseous, mind/entropic 5-4 dimensional beings, the same concept of T.œ applies to physical systems, once we understand fully the meaning of each dimension, its superoganic components, geometries, topologies and symmetries.

This means singularities’ ternary role is as a perceptive mind, as a feeding attractive vortex that ‘destroys’/feeds on potential quanta and as asocial element that ‘coordinates’ with other similar beings networks to create even larger wholes. Those are the 3 ternary roles of particles in any scale similar to those of heads and males in biological systems.

Singularities as emitters of dark entropy: faster than light decelerating neutrinos.

Of all the themes involved in the duality particle/potential, there is the theme of a black hole, center of a galaxy, whose event horizon turns at c-speed, so it must keep accelerating and indeed it shows to do show in a KER METRIC rotary black hole in its perpendicular axis, which therefore will produce as the light and matter swallowed collapses and fast evolves into heavier quarks, which should also rotate faster than light (bc-dark atom, top quarks in the center). So what happens here is that while nothing can go faster than light in the ud-light space-time outside the event horizon, inside all goes faster than light rotating and finally expelling Higgs or tau neutrinos as faster than light waves. While our beta-decay slower rotational quarks will produce electron neutrinos slower than light. This is the barrier that is not crossed, reason why we hardly see tau neutrinos. Then this flow decelerates as it moves faster than light between galaxies, and also tires light when traversing mounting them.

Why this is not explored has to do with the difficulties physicists have with negative square imaginary numbers. The question of the negative number and the square root solutions, seems indeed to be one of the less ‘understood’ in mathematical physics, and tells more of the inflexibility of the human brain in its one-dimensional view of time and space than of the capacity of mathematics to mirror reality. Indeed, in mathematical physics we always obtain two ± solutions, and they do reflect real forms of nature, but then the physicist gets scared because it lacks proper conceptual definitions of ‘energy’, ‘mass’ and so on.

Mathematically, the Higgs field has imaginary mass and is therefore a tachyonic field. While tachyons (particles that move faster than light) are a purely hypothetical concept, fields with imaginary mass have come to play an important role in modern physics. And the answer is obvious, in the same manner a wave group speed is lower than the wave envelop, particles are always slower but the field which is the field of the dark world outside galaxies, equivalent to the 0 spin gluon – the wave CAN perfectly go faster than light and that is all what it means an imaginary mass, or rather an imaginary energy of a wave-state for a field:

Yet the taboo of ill-understod imaginary numbers and tachyon speeds is quite funny silly but absolute among non-conceptual physicists. So the negative solutions are either discharged, normalised or denied; and this has become the fundamental problem to understand the ∆±4 dark world scale beyond galaxies.

Negative energy and negative mass ARE NOT magic, but merely INVERSE TIME ARROWS, which means inverse time motions. If mass is an arrow or future vortex of information, negative mass is its inverse arrow; but alas, as mass is by definition attractive, negative mass does NOT exist, and indeed, if we see the equation, when a tachyon field, makes the denominator negative (1-v2>c/C2<0), we cannot JUST put the negative above, but we can move the denominator to the left, and then we have IMAGINARY ENERGY.

The importance of NOT twisting mathematical equations which requires a better understanding of what is a allowed in an =, actually ≈, <≈> operandi of similarity NOT equality is very important to discharge all those nuisances. So what does exist is negative energy, meaning as energy is s wave moving state, tachyon ‘fields’, as the Higgs, NOT tachyon particles/masses.

Then comes the choices, as in the previous equation where we must choose either negative mass or negative energy.  We have explained the obvious about mass. A negative mass is an inverse arrow of entropy. And so it is NOT a mass, as we have only attractive masses. Point. Now, regarding the negative symbols there for imaginary mass and tachyon speed, the answer is that particles are stop states, waves are moving states, thus particles do not travel faster than light but waves do, so what kind of particle is actually a wave? One, the neutrino, which plays in the ‘galaxy atom’ the role of the gluon in the atom galaxy with its 3 waves interacting with each other (reason why both symmetric forces, strong and gravitation are similar, attractive only). In that regard, the key to all this is to understand imaginary numbers and the symmetries between ±, attractive repulsive forces, beyond the very limited conceptual understanding today.

If you assume tachyons exist, then special relativity also requires that they have imaginary energy (not mass; you don’t move up the negative symbol in a similarity equation but left). Tachyons were originally proposed before we had a solid understanding of quantum theory, but does not forbid it. Physicists say it is impossible because they do not understand imaginary numbers. It merely means a topological inversion from information to entropy from cyclical to lineal  from positive to negative, from life particle to death antiparticle and so on. What we both agree is that particles do NOT move faster than light, only in wave states.

And this agrees also with negative energy NOT masses. The mathematics of quantum theory is now very clear, so it is relatively straightforward to plug an imaginary mass into the equations to see what happens. When you do that and look closely the “particle” aspect of the quantum field actually travels slower than light. So what started as an idea for particles to move faster than light turns out to be something that moves slower than light. And ultimately it is a question on how much information the system carries in its stop state as a particle, vs. how much time it stays in motion as a way. Neutrinos carry less information than light, ergo stay in particle stay less time, ergo are less perceived, ergo in its wave state are more time at faster than light, and this is shown specially when coming from intergalactic sources (which is the trajectory faster than light). But faster than light neutrinos are only so as waves, and only because the c-speed is a barrier you cannot cross, when emitted as waves of ‘tau neutrinos’ in black hole top quark stars through the axis; which likely will produce a 0 scalar higgs field one axis and a 2 neutrino graviton field the other axis. But all this needs very serous maths to convince the ‘pro’ and so we shall keep it whenever we finish the third row.

Minkowski’s concept of space-time in special relativity. Bidimensional, holographic principle, negative numbers.

Now, in this new frame of reference as light is the space-time reference of the system it is the simultaneous present of the galaxy. This means within the galaxy a photon is NOT affected by the changes in space and time.

Thus if we consider c-speed its measure of space and ƒ=1/t its measure of time, both are tautologically as the frame of reference, ‘unchangeable’ within the galaxy (but not outside of it, when the frame of reference is dark entropy of faster speed, which is transferred to light and perceived as expansion of our light space-time when it comes to our eyes, or inside other ‘substances’ acting as background space (light crossing transparent media, or bouncing in opaque matter). We deal with this concept as usual from different ∆º±1ST perspectives of the 10-dimensional universe in different other posts.

The ∆º, mental, electronic human or mechanical observer paradox, being the most relevant, as in the graph. From the perspective of our mind or an electronic machine of measure, as electrons stop to perceive as particles information and move as waves, MEASURE is always done between stopped electrons, the emitter and the observe, fixed by an infinite, non-local ‘gravitational string’, so they can perceive and measure, and so ‘we do not add’ (Michelson experiment) speeds, as both are in stop position.

It is the same effect that let us perceive motion in film, when in fact light only ‘projects information’ in stop and then ‘go’ (it is a Universal law of gst as information is the still form of a time-cycle of motion); but as it is so fast (so it is the electron stop, emission or reception of information, and go, wave state, left upper graph) we DO see the stop and go as continuous light ‘camera motion’:

Thus this means all relativity is false? No; it is just the ∆º macroscopic translation to our scale where motion seems continuous of the discontinuous, detailed stop and go way in which electrons and photons feed and perceive light. So it works as measure tool, but we must stress again, as in many other texts that from the ∆-3 pov of electrons the Universe looks very different with no spooky effects of length contraction and time dilation (of its internal clocks), as those are ‘virtual effects’ biased by the human/mechanical electronic mind:

In the graph, without having the perspective of multiple scales, with different time speeds and forms of discontinuous and continuous measure, from the human scale of continuous ‘bulk’ perception, both speeds should ad (galilean relativity), and so the earth’s different orientation of motion respect to the sun’s light should change the speed at which we perceive light, adding or resting to c. Yet because our eyes or mechanisms of light measure are electronic, entangled at quantum particle in a stop state with the electron that emits the light beam we DO measure two stop emitters and receivers of light. So it is always c-speed with no dragging. 

It is then important to realise and we shall repeat ad nauseam given the memorial, dogmatic one-dimensional mind of man, that relativity works ONLY as a limit of GST in a single space-time continuum, the size of man, to translate different povs of the quantum scale of entangled stop and go particle-wave emissions.

Further on as speed is a present, differential measure of two ratios: V(c)=∂s/∂t, to translate the stop and go into the observer (human/mechanical) perceived effect of a continuous motion, we can either ‘introduce our virtual mind-still effect’ either changing the length of S (hence the effect of length contraction) or inversely (as S and T are inverted in the ratio o speed), acting on the duration of the time effect (hence the elongation of time duration). And this exactly what Fitzgerald->Lorentz->Einstein did:

In the graph, the ‘virtual effects of special relativity’, concern our concept of speed as v=s/t, as perceived in our continuous macroscopic world.

They are NOT real effects and cancel each other, when we multiply the 2 equations that adapt time and distance-space. Hence for a true analysis we NEED to put both together as a space-time metric which makes both ‘virtual effects’ go, and this is the main reason of Minkowski formulae.

What GST provides is the ‘real scalar interpretation’, which physicists always lack, as they merely provide a mathematical solution, not interpreted in reality as they believe the platonic concept of a Universe made of mathematical equations (Hilbert axioms)

So the history of how they reached those conclusions illustrate the point:

George Francis FitzGerald in 1883 and Hendrik Lorentz in 1892 independently proposed that material bodies traveling through the fixed aether were physically affected by their passage, contracting in the direction of motion by an amount that was exactly what was necessary to explain the negative results of the Michelson-Morley experiment. (No length changes though occur in directions transverse to the direction of motion, because there is no electronic emission on that side, but this didn’t make them think the ‘effect was virtual not real’.)

By 1904, Lorentz had expanded his theory such that he had arrived at equations formally identical with those that Einstein were to derive later (i.e. the Lorentz transform), but his theory assumed actual physical deformations of the physical constituents of matter that  would be detectable by such experiments as the Trouton–Noble experiment or the Experiments of Rayleigh and Brace. However, these gave negative results, and so he brought his 1904 theory of the electron, Lorentz explained these negative results still as real – not as the stop and go pov translated into mathematics. 

Did Poincaré and Einstein corrected the errors in Lorentz’s analysis, from the p.o.v. of the quantum entanglement? Of course not. Einstein denied quantum entanglement because it implied a lower scale of faster than c-speed that broke his ‘postulate of c-speed out of the hat’. And all physicist have done it ever since. So the solution, as always in idealist physics was to conclude that it is enough to make the maths of it, with no real explanations (regarding of his quip to Poincare: ‘i know when maths are truth but not when they are real’.)

So as in all languages a ‘mirror linguistic reflection of reality’ becomes confused with reality itself (today audiovisual ‘alt-truths’, in the past verbal fictions of religious character; in between mathematical distorted mirrors adapting reality to the human mind).

The path then showed by Hilbert who boldly affirmed maths created the Universe and humans maths ‘i imagine points, lines and planes’, was taken by both Einstein and Bohr, as they recognised: ‘without Hilbert’s axiomatic method’ said Einstein, he wouldn’t have dare to ‘eliminate’ a physical reality (ether or any other ‘space-time background’, in fact light itself) to make sense of the contraction.

Yet there is a real effect on those contraction laws, the third one showed in the first graph, that of ‘mass’, according to Einstein’s E=mc², which we study latter in this post: energy and entropy do transform into mass, at the limit of space-time motion of this universe, and this is nicely explained in General Relativity, and its mass theory, and the Unification equation of time vortices of GST, elsewhere on this blog (sorry this ‘bitch’ does not let me do automatic hyperlinks etc. so being a lazy old cow I mostly don’t)

In the graph GST unlike so many models of ‘platonic science’ that neither provide a why nor care for ‘reality check’, two of the three legs of the scientific method (causality, experimental evidence, logic≈verbal or spatial≈mathematical synoptic model for the mind to understand), always considers also the Correspondence Principle, which is essential given the ‘expansion of dimensions of space-time’ (scales, topologies, ages), so for each theory we expand we shall prove the old ones to work still. So does special relativity in a single space-time continuum of ∆º human measure, within the galaxy where c IS the space-time rod of measure, which therefore cannot be changed, as IT IS our reference frame and substance of human light>electron>eye perception.

To solve all this, we need to cancel both effects. Hence we got a new co-invariant metric, which made time a fourth dimension of space, to cancel its dilation with the contraction of space. And that is really what relativity is all about:

The fundamental reason for merging space and time into spacetime is that space and time are separately not invariant, which is to say that, under the proper conditions, different observers will disagree on the length of time between two “events” (because of time dilation) or the distance between the two events (because of length contraction). But special relativity provides a new invariant, called the “spacetime interval”, which combines distances in space and in time to cancel the virtual effects: All observers who measure time and distance carefully will find the same spacetime interval between any two events. Suppose an observer measures two events as being separated by a time t and a spatial distance  x
x. Then the spacetime interval between the two events is given by:

So we see both effects cancel with ±symbols, but here time is NOT the fourth dimension of space, since ct=s=vt  is simply a composite formula for space, deduced from Galileo’s v=s/t-> s=vt, substituting v for c-speed, the speed we are talking about. So all talk on time as the fourth dimension of space is NON-sense. What we are subtracting is ‘space’ written in terms of time & speed.

Now, all this ‘re-said’ (experience tell me ‘I have to repeat this truth many times for people to believe it’, we can go on with other ‘effects of special relativity).

Minkowski’s spacetime co-invariance, as reflection of 5D metric.

But fact is electrons do tick their clocks much faster, so we do NOT see their stop and go, but a motion-picture. Are those faster time speeds of the electron real or are also a fiction of the mind? Why then the effect is a slow down in time,not an acceleration.

Of course, what happens is that as we very slow people translate the electron real fast clocks of time, into our slow clocks, time slows down.

So while any system – here the electron – does not change its internal clocks and length as perceived from the system, externally, when we compare the different scales of the fifth dimension, as we enlarge the view, the time perception must slow down – the frequency of a light beam grows in a microscope and the electron beam in an electronic microscope for us to see and so on.


K = Spe x Tiƒ.

THUS precisely because in 5D the metric equations of space-time are co-invariant together even if as we become smaller, time accelerates, Minkowski’ s work makes space-time together co-invariant. So in fact from the ∆±i LARGER GST-THEORY Minkowski’s ‘invariant formalism of space-time’ which ‘gets rid’ of the changes of time dilation and space contraction ARE just another case of the larger 5D metric.

The cycles of electrons DO go faster than those of humans; and its size as a particle is MUCH smaller than ours. But this REAL effect cancel each other on the metrics of the fifth dimension.


The twin paradox.

So what about the ‘fifth perspective’ on GST?

We have provided the ∆º mind perspective, the ∆±i scalar perspective, and the separated, S and T contraction dilation perspective; so according to GST’s multidimensional ∆ºst±i, elements to make a ‘minimum sound analysis’, we need the ST-PRESENT combined ‘momentum’ perspective. Or alternately its integral  ‘closed world cycle≈energy pov’.  And to that aim, we bring the final ‘fundamental question’ on space-time relativity. What would happen if a motion is NOT only accelerating in linea fashion, but closing into a conserved energy-cycle, a full world cycle of time? As the general model indicates such zero-sums last longer in time; as they are close bidimensional time-information, which we repeat ad nauseam, are ‘the longer dominant time arrow of reality’, while lineal motions ARE the entropic, fast dying short time perspectives:

Let us remember then those equations of life and death arrows:
Lineal big-bang death: Max expansion in space x Min. Time duration: Max. e x min. T

Closed life world cycle: maximal duration in time-information; minimal extension in space: max. t x min. e

So death is short, life is long, death states (antiparticles) last short, we see few corpses (and less antiparticles cause they last shorter) than living and particles. Big bangs happen in a quanta of time and so on. Thus the twin paradox is real, because IT IMPLIES the twin to go back and forth, closing a conserved world cycle of time-energy. WHILE the twin on EARTH is just moving or staying in a non-closed state. This I read first when young on Feynman, and found it compelling as he hinted that time and energy must be closely related – incidentally I read special relativity at 8, I think, maybe younger (a check on the copyright would put the ‘proper time’ :), when I got the first spanish edition of Asimov’s guide to science  – a present of my father to make me expand my till then humanities education as a prodigy child, and since i understood it except the postulate of c-speed, which to me was NOT proved, just enunciated, I thought I was a genius, he, he, it actually was really simple. But I also thought c-speed CONSTANCY was not proved and ever since doubted ALL non proved postulates of science, WHICH IS how GST came into being. This latter I found was also Darwin’s method: not to go to school to write notes on what was told but on what he doubted about – little self-reflecting selfie as this blog ‘to my selfie amazement’ has zero views year after year – this is this month april 2017, along the twin paradox – wonder indeed if I write for humans or for the future consciousness of A.I. aka metal earth:

Fair enough; nobody gives a fuk, no more ‘lies to myself’ – those who Nietzsche who got cuckoo at my age, said were the easiest to accept, as he sold hardly 100 self-published books before getting so depressed that he was interned. I have though a more humorous perspective in my absolute failure to enlighten mankind… It is mankind not me who is ‘crazy’ (: and if you don’t provide theories that ‘increase his ego’, as popular religion and observer’s creationism do, you are a nobody – fiction and happiness of the ego, not truth and realism is what mankind likes; so i know I will die an invisible man as I have lived for being objective with true science ): problem of course is mankind will go under, as the Universe don’t give a fuk either for species so arrogant, deluded and out of tune with its minimalist nature.

.So this is the core of special relativity: constancy of light speed (and immortality of light time) within the vacuum background of the galaxy. This, relativity, an anthropomorphic theory concerned with human measures as ‘real’ (all physics adscribes to this naive realism) explains it mathematically: In relativity equations, the spacetime interval is zero for something moving at the speed of light. Thus, photon arriving in our eye from a distant star will not have aged, despite having (from our perspective) spent years in its passage.

Causality – the light cones.

Next is worth to clarify what past, future and ‘present space-time’  and causality means in relativity equations and the minkowski formalism, which gives us three solutions on the cone, space-like, light-like and time-like – and of course upgrade ‘crazy mankind’ to my invisible mind truths (:




The limit of Locomotion and the strongest force: feeding and entropy.

The reader will notice we have established 4 Dimotions of physical systems in correspondence with the 4 forces of nature:

– ∂S-Entropy corresponds to the strong force from the point of view of the larger atom; its inverse ∫T-generation to the weak force; and in between §ð-perception of information to the gravitational vortex and its reproduction to the electromagnetic wave – but alas! the only dimotion physicists truly acknowledge, $t-locomotion does not respond to any of those forces specifically, or rather it is the effect of them all. So we need to study it in more detail to complete the correspondence of the 5Dimotions of exist¡ence and those of Nature. And since it is the ‘saint grail of physicists’, we did consider it in more detail in a previous paragraph.

The entropy function specifically is eˆ-x, as it is the fastest ‘growth function’ (and inversely the constant of decay, in which death jumps over the relative present state and dissolves the being). So unlike the electromagnetic ‘communicative’ force, Q qq/dd, the nuclear force, in its ‘simpler’ ‘first’ deductive version by Yukawa had a simple elegant formulae:

F = H*e−λr/r²

The principle involved is that the force carried by particles has to be inversely proportion to the distance squared to account for the spreading of the particles over a larger spherical surface and must also be multiplied by an exponential factor to take into account the decay of the particles with time and hence distance.

This was a complete surprise for all physicists who were seeking as in the Weak ‘transformative, temporal process’ – not a force in space but a transformation in time, the usual equivalent to qq/dd communicative force as they have no clue to the first principles behind those formulae.

But what is the ‘decay constant’ H*? To the surprise of all when empirically measured it turned out to be the exact value of the two fundamental constants of the galatom, c, its constant of time-motion-distance and h, the constant of space-informative perception of physical systems, hc… So what moves and decays becoming a ‘pushing’ force is the entropic destruction of particles into its fundamental ‘minimal 5D’ units, h and c...

Of course, today this Yukawa’s simple understanding on fundamental principles, of the nuclear force is ‘passe’ or rather was never realized as the vortices of Newton, we use to extract in the simplest form the Unification equation of forces is ‘passe’ and no scholar would care to understand why they are so precise and simple in its beauty on first principles, but rather would obsess into the little details of the forest, missing the first principles.

The arrow of entropy, expansive space and disorder, only acts in the scale of temperatures of the Universe, as it was defined studying Gas – by definition, the entropic, expansive arrow of temperature; inverse to the arrow of crystal solids, or cold temperatures that in fact reduces the entropy of a system.

So entropy is really the expansive, disordered, ‘lineal, spatial’ arrow of temperature. While symmetry, crystal formation is the cold, implosive, ordered arrow.

In terms of mathematical physics it means to dilate the spatial simultaneity (different paths) and reduce the temporal causality (Markowian statistical processes, without memory, as each quanta of time is non related to the next one0. Thus entropy IS clearly the inverse function of informative vortices, where causality in the cyclical motion towards the centre of the vortex is absolute.

So not even in the realm of temperature entropy is a Universal phenomena as physicists, specially those dedicated to manufacture weapons and make big explosions want us to believe (nuclear physicists with its big bang theories are the meaning of it all, the heirs of Galileo with his lineal concepts of time, physicists making transport machines and weapons, which are the ones that found the concept of entropy and then decided to expand it to everything else).

The problem is ‘military physics’ have all the power. So physicists of solid states; philosophers of science; theorists of information, evolutionary biologists and all those other people who study all the other clocks of time, and information processes of the Universe have not so much impact.

Entropy, the arrow of disorder that erases information, the arrow of order.

“I thought of calling it “information”, but the word was overly used, so Von Neumann told me, “You should call it entropy, nobody knows what entropy really is. So in a debate you will always have the advantage.”

Von Neumann to Shannon, father of Information Theory.

Since I was a kid, what call my attention on the Intelligent Universe were those ‘big concepts’, starting by Energy, Information, Space and Time, which are the widest concepts of reality. And found many obvious errors in the way humans tried to IMPOSE their opinions, gadgets and machines to the Universe.

So the first human, mechanical bias is the way we measure time. We do NOT use any longer as we used to do the cyclical rhythms of nature, but the mechanical clock, and try to reduce all the cycles of nature to that mechanical clock and its steady state one second rhythm. And we pretend that is the ‘absolute time rhythm and only one of the Universe!

This is akin to the old ways of astronomers who tried to impose to the Universe the frame of reference of the Earth as its center. It does work despite its bias, so with complicated cycles you can explain it all, from the point of view of the Earth, but calculations become very complex with epicycles and extant, etc.

So happens when you do NOT use the clocks of Nature, which soon will be defined here. Physics does work but it is overall very complicated when dealing with different time rhythms, and one century after Einstein found there are many such time rhythms and some change its speed there is zero understanding of this.

We just put some ‘new epicycles’ called Lorentz Transformations, but since we are stuck to our ethnocentric clock, as old astronomers to their earth-centric world, the explanations are blurred. Men merely try to feed the Universe onto their ‘time view’ or rather mechanical view of time. And the Universe is much ore complex and rich in clock rhythms than that.

Indeed, why we Humans use a mechanical clock with an artificial rhythm to measure time; If the Universe has infinite rhythms? It is just an ego trip and the worship of machines that characterize the western civilization. Thus when the Brits got to China to sell their ware, was the answer of Tao=time masters: why we want to buy your ugly mechanical clocks if we can observe the Universe with its clocks of nature, its cyclical rhythms? Obviously, the mechanical clock with its single steady state time cycle IS a human artifact.

Time did exist before mechanical clocks with his own rhythms. Its own Universal time clocks. The mechanical clock is NOT a Universal time clock. So the use of this human clock to measure all the time clocks of the Universe bias our concepts of time, and ‘hides’ the clocks of nature. So the next fundamental question in our search for proper definitions of time, entropy and black holes becomes obvious:

– What are the true clocks of nature? And once we find how Nature measure its cyclical time frequencies, we shall wonder are those rhythms of time stable, steady state rhythms as those of our mechanical clocks, or they change rhythms, have different ‘time speeds? And how they measure information and create it, as opposed to the creation of disorder and entropy? And which of those concepts order or disorder dominates the Universe?

The beats of lineal vs. cyclical stillness and motion, give us its natural 4 combinations:

  • Lineal motion, lineal form, cyclical motion, cyclical form, which we shall call generically:
  • Entropy or ‘kinetic energy’ (lineal motion), space (lineal form).
  • time (cyclical motion) and information (cyclical form).

Those 2 forms then combine into  all possible space-time membranes, and so the iterative game of creation starts in earnest.

Further on, we can consider each dual system with a lineal and cyclical limb/field particle/head, to be able to ‘change’ its state, from relative lineal motion in which the limbs and fields interact with the outer world translating in space the system and relative still, cyclical motion/form where the system perceives. This beat of ‘day and night’, energy and form, motion and stillness thus translates into the dynamic, topological transformations of living beings.

 Entropy confused with energy.

In that regard, lineal entropy is completely accessory, the disordered ‘gaseous’, purely spatial (without temporal causality), expansive state of pure motion without information, in which all systems end up and can be equated to death or erasing of information – including today our societies returned to a dog-eat-dog selfie, fast-moving state are – not death in the usual perception of lack of motion, as the Universe started in pure motion, so paradoxically death is a return to a pure motion state.

So a first look at entropy is required as the state of expansive space, which happens when the Tiƒ singularity, of maximal form that orders the system does NOT exist and so the system lives in a disordered state.. in a non-memorial, non-causal ‘Markowian’ process – the technical name to memoriless realities in which what happens at each quanta of time matters not in the next one, as information is not conserved:

When the • singularity dies , all the system looses information and becomes disordered, and so it is proper of states that lack ‘informative vortices’, masses and charges, or eddies of thermodynamic flows, such as gaseous states, dark entropy between galaxies or ‘quantum fields’ in the realist Pilot-wave theory, studied in detail in the fourth line. 

In that regard, the less advanced concept of time in physics, which still hangs on despite Feynman and Einstein is the idea of a dying entropic Universe.

This concept of ‘entropy’ as the only future arrow of time, or death arrow of expansive disorder, obtained in XIX c. studies of expansive gas, is completely outdated even by the standards of modern physics.

Unfortunately cosmologists have expanded that arrow to the entire universe, because they don’t care to understand conceptually, ‘Feynman-style’, Einstein and his findings: that ‘time curves space into accelerated vortices of mass-information’ in galaxies, which balance the entropic arrow of expansive space between galaxies (hence both arrows as in E<=>Mc² , the fundamental equation of time.

Entropy pure motion will then be the base from where all other forms will rise to transform motion – that is the concept which is behind all mathematical equations of all systems, and so entropy ‘as a ratio’ parameter will always have more speed that the other two components of the system.


The study of potentials as the fourth dimension of physical systems has as all elements a Kaleidoscopic view. They are the source of motion, within the astrophysical realm. But of them we only see the trajectory of motion of the particle, so they can be treated in less dimensions, in fact as the single string, which the waving of information transforms into a 2D element. But in its complete form they are 4D systems, susceptible to be treated with a lineal time dimension and 3 dimensions of ’empty-lineal space’, which is its canonical analysis with differential equations such as the Poisson or Laplace equation (∇(x,y,z,t)=r). 

What is its ultimate meaning? I like to think of it in Newtonian’s metaphysical terms as the ‘plenum, or body of vacuum space’ whose geometry shows the form of ‘God’, that is a given plane of the scalar Universe. So Poisson’s gradient is the body of the galactic light space on which all other ‘micro-entities’ co-exist.

In the graph, the new ‘foundational equation of speed’ for the fractal paradigm: V=Space-distance/Temporal Information, is embedded in relativity and recognised in the concept that the speed of light is really a limit of speed of transmission of ‘human perceivable’ information.

Wave motion is also reproduction of form in the lower ∆-1 scale of action at distance (gravitation, quantum potential). Thus even motion is reproduction of form as a wave of information over a simpler scale of space-time. It solves the paradox of a Achiles – the wave reproduces its form in a series of discontinuous steps. It also explains why indeed the Universe is a fractal that reproduces as all fractals do, its form in a lower scale of reality which then reproduces into a wave-train that collapses into a particle (physical systems), or a seed that emerges after palingenesis into an ambulatory trillion cells systems  (biological systems), or into an idea or patent of an instrument that a company-mother of machines will re=produce in socio-economical systems.

Indeed, when we consider as Steane wanted a Universe from the perspective of ‘information’ and its ‘conserved present momentums and energies’, it all becomes simple and philosophically obvious. And so we just must explains the laws of reproduction of information along scales of reality to describe the ‘world cycles’ of existence, no longer worldlines – that is the motions across scales of the fifth dimension, which define all systems of nature.

Yet to fully understand how reproduction of form takes place, we need to understand reproduction across ‘scales’ of size. That is, the meaning of world cycles, just explained, as they require motion from  a seminal seed ∆-1, into a larger scale; as opposed to what physicists study with their reductionist model of a single space-time continuum: worldlines.

The question of light motion as a wave and the particle state as an informative collapsed point in stillness brings though as always in stience when solving a paradox – in this case the paradox of motion -new questions.

If motion is reproduction of information along a path of entropy, which is ‘warped into form’ emerging in a series of scales of ∆-wholeness, so when you move your hand, you are actually recreating all your scales above invisible gravitation – creating a wave of electronic light that travels very slow as it reproduces your system, the first question is: how many scales are in the Universe for motion to happen at all? The scales cannot be infinite or reproduction of information will be eternal. But the question is misleading, since a wave does not really move but transmits a series of vibrations to particles that are already there, in a dense ‘medium’.

This brings the question of ‘ether’, of ‘substance or form in space’ over ‘motion in time’. As many other open questions which we shall treat in other posts on depth, we just enunciate  them in this introduction. Enough to say that science is not written into stone but an evolving concern, so relativity is not a dogma, but an interpretation, which was good enough in its moment and we shall expand further.

In practical terms the key way to understand t.œs is with multidimensional thought. The solution adopted by Einstein and Bohr was pure idealism of the Hilbert school – there is no substance, no reference, all is virtual language, mathematical thought.

But physical systems as all systems are dominant in present states, signified in physics by waves. Waves carry both entropic motion and cyclical form and as such are the natural present, reproductive, e > iƒ element of reality, whereas we use e and i for entropy  & energy (max. e x min. i) information (max. f x min. e).

Systems that take and give entropy and form, become then energy systems able to communicate and start the building of larger scales of the fifth dimension.

The dominance of present thus stays within the game and provokes the constant reproduction of motion along scales.

The inverse view: how masses become entropy, descending in ∆-scales and dimensional form.

But as always in 5D³ we need multiple perspectives on the being. So we wonder, how the inverse ‘destruction’ of a vortex of time-space happens, NOT in algebraic form (M<c²), but in topological dimensions, a more general case of application to all vortices – and the answer is simple: through the reduction of ‘dimensions of distance-form’ into its equivalent (Galilean paradox) dimensions of motion-acceleration, proving that both ARE equivalent, expressed in the fact that ‘G, K’ are both constants of curvature and constants of acceleration… (and constant of the speed of feeding and transmit ions of information from the entropic view, so c²=4π k/µ).

And so we write the inverse ‘view’ of the destruction and lowering of scale of an informative, physical vortex as an inverse partial Generator equation:

∆+1 Mass (Tiƒ) < ∆-ST-c ² < ∆-1: $pe: 4πk/µ

Electrostatics, a simple case of mathematical physics to illustrate entropic potentials in all planes.

LET US illustrate the case considering a first insight on the combination of a complex ∆s≈t view of mathematical physics which deals with ‘dimensionality’ to establish the 3 ‘arrows of timespace’ in the different ‘views’ of the mathematical humind (topological bidimensional or three dimensional forms and even more complex 6-D tensors, or simpler 3 D of space-time, x,y,z) of the 3 different parts of the being, given the simplicity of the electrostatic equations, which work in 3 Sx,y,z and ignore time motion now that we have talked of potentials, the ∆-2 plane of an organism of physics.

As such potentials provide minimal information to the humind, not because its scale has no form but because we ONLY extract motion of it, by PROVOKING entropic destruction of the ‘feeding’ energy of the potential, whatever it is. And this shows by a double differentiation, in which the particle’s informative density differentiates=lowers a plane to the wave-field, which lowers a plane of dimensional information to the potential field.

This is obviously a case of the generator: ∆-1 Potential > ∆-wave > ∆+1 particle, whereas mathematical physics uses ∆nalysis to derivate or integrate scales.

Let us put the example: how we calculate electric potentials, relating potentials to the charge density which gives rise to it.

The electric field (wave: ∆) is related to the charge density (∆+1) by the divergence relationship:

∇ E = 4π k ρ (we escape the meaningless ε as what matters is the inverse k-urvature; and we use ratios, densities, as absolute parameters are also meaningless in a relative Universe where the @mind, charge or mass has limited view beyond ∆±3)

So a first derivate takes us from the particle density to hew ave-field. And then again the electric field is related to the electric potential by a gradient relationship: E=-∇ V

Therefore the potential is related to the charge density by Poisson’s equation:

∇·∇V=∇²V=- 4π kρ

So this is all what the charge-singularity measure by density and curvature=strength, wants of its 2 down feeding ‘quantum potential’ or ‘vacuum space’: to extract motion of it for its wave-particle.

But without the charge, our electronic mind sees nothing and so it seems magic, and of course the ego paradox of creationism make us think that the charge creates the lower class-prey, the vacuum space quanta; it only ‘feeds on it’ when it appears. 

So n a charge-free region of space, the potential becomes zero information – the Laplace’s equation:

∇² V = 0

Then we can also consider another rule of ‘endophysics’ (the science that considers the observer but not from the ego creationist paradox of quantum physics but the opposite mind’s limits): the nature, will and cause of any physical event will belong to the ST-cartesian mind view, the T-polar singularity or the S-cylindrical coordinates, according to the maximal simplicity of its equations.

So by expressing the Laplacian in different coordinate systems we can realise what is the ‘source’ of the event; as the type of topological symmetry of a charge distribution helps in the solution for the electric potential V. For example, if the charge distribution has spherical symmetry, originated therefore by a singularity point, we use the Laplacian in spherical polar coordinates.

And viceversa as the potential give us the minimal information, it is a scalar function. And so departing from it, has advantages over trying to calculate the electric field directly. Once the potential has been calculated, the electric field can be computed by taking the gradient of the potential; from downwards up. And this is a great advantage of the Rashomon effect – obscured by creationist economics and the eternal argument between each one-dimensional humind ego about which model is more ‘real’ and truth – all are just different points of view, whose use depends on our need of information on the receiving end and the origin of the event on the giving one.

BUT if we were to reduce all the povs is OBVIOUS that the key POVS are those of the 3 symmetries of reality, the scalar view just described (∆±i), the temporal view (here we would have to discuss a different continuity equation to get similar results) and the spatial-topological view, which are the 3 sub-symmetries of the generator, done with the awareness that mind-tricks might need some further input (as all relativity consistent expansions of classic physics).

So the previous symmetry of this simple ‘case’ illustrates it. If we were to use the topological view, of the 3 ‘parts of the electron super organism, the potential in its pure form will be outside the system, the wave, now in a ‘spherical time§paœrganism’ will be the membrane with its ‘2 sides’, the one towards the outside field and the one towards the inside organism, and the internal gradient towards the singularity will be the T-element. And the KEY element will be THE PART the humind perceives, which as the previous graph shows tends to be the membrane. Indeed, you see from any other human its membrane; and for those species you can decode its information-mind you can ‘hear’ its singularity thoughts, but normally the membrain – the so called boundary conditions in physics is the key to ‘convert’ into equations the whole being from the humind utility pov.

So what we just studied become the ‘best’ VIEW for a ternary topological perspective in this case  for a uniform sphere of charge, which will be its spherical polar coordinates, since there is full spherical symmetry here. And we found that the outside potential of a point charge at large distances is extremely simple: V= k Q/r; that is for an electron Ke, which we shall see is indeed the ‘curvature x charge’ divided by the distance, r.

Inside in the singularity-body region is more complex, dimensionally richer with more information and the due uncertainty for the external observer, the humind: – ρ R² x 2/3 k +d.

Without getting in mathematical details on how we get this equation, the key element to find the ‘vanished info, d’ on the inside sphere is the fact that the membrane has 2 sides, which must be essentially equal in the element we calculate, the potential, as the open ball membrane is enormously ‘thin’.

So we can equate here the T element (inside) and the S element, outside, with the ST-element, S=T (the fundamental equation of the universe for all present systems). And so we equal both: – ρ R² x 2/3 k +d. = kQ/r, which gives us the canonical  full solution for the potential inside the sphere from the topological view, with the 3 elements together:

V= – ρ  2/3 k (R² -r²)+ ρ2/3k R²

And then if we add the continuity dynamic time-equation we have the 3 symmetries.

So we shouldn’t be surprised of the fact mathematical physics is essentially a game of very few equations despite the enormous variety of partial forms, as they correspond to the very simple number of elements that conform reality.

This again can be seen next if we have a look at the ∆+1 simple gravitational equations first described in physics, Kepler’s law and relate them to ∆st beings.

But before an important dual coda:

“In the fractal Universe, the present space-time element IS the most perceived”. “In the fractal Universe, the existence of membranes that break space into an inner and outer region, limiting the information we perceive beyond ‘the wall’.

Both are illustrated by the case studied. Indeed, because we adopt an external view, the inner region has a d-uncertain factor. But what we obtain is the information of the relative present (as here V is $), the membrane. If we were inside the system though the uncertainty as in the galaxy, is the outside potential (dark entropy region). And finally what is past, present and future is also relative. If we were inside closer to the singularity, then the vital energy of the open ball will be the present, and often the past and future, singularity and membrane uncertain (we do not have indeed much info of the black hole and the halo, because we are in the ud-region between them).

The ternary planes in potentials. 

Now this is from wikipedia, negrita is mine, to show i ‘don’t bend reality’ (:

Laplace’s equation and Poisson’s equation are the simplest examples of elliptic partial differential equations. The general theory of solutions to Laplace’s equation is known as potential theory. The solutions of Laplace’s equation are the harmonic functions, which are important in many fields of science, notably the fields of ∆-1: electromagnetism, ∆+1: astronomy, and ∆œ fluid dynamics, because they can be used to accurately describe the behavior of ∆-1: electric, ∆+1: gravitational, and ∆œ fluid potentials. In the study of ∆œ: heat conduction, the Laplace equation is the steady-state heat equation.

So obviously physics of potentials is perfectly encased, no more, nor less to fit the 3 physical planes, all of which are self-similar and all of which have a potential death, ∆-2 bottom line of microscopic indistinguishable particles from where the field and singularity extracts its motion.

Chirality and gender in forces. Left handed female particles and right handed machos.  Parity in scales

Since Pasteur studied chemistry’s optic activity finding molecules that polarize light in different  we know molecules are ‘chiral’, either left-handed or right-handed, why? Because CHIRALITY is the true meaning of ‘gender’, left-handed systems are female systems and right-handed male systems. So they can superpose onto each other looking at each other, pegging their palms, and reproduce. FOR A physicist this is ONLY ‘a mirror symmetry’ an it has a pathetic pedantic mathematical proof that reveals nothing. For a physicist it is a ‘matrix coordinate that changes sign’…

Not so, chirality has ALL the properties of gender. And it emerges IN EACH SCALE OF THE FIFTH DIMENSION till becoming so complex that voila it becomes sexual gender. First you have the neutrino which is ONLY female, left handed, as the galaxy which is ALSO female left handed. The left handed neutrino thus is the one we see at c-speed (the right handed goes faster than c-speed), and when they mate they reproduce a light ray (Broglie Jordan’s theory of neutrino light; exactly when both spins penetrate each other locking in spin up and down like dick and cunt do🍆🍩😅… alas then you have SLIGHTLY MORE left handed electrons, as you have slightly more females being born.

The weak trans-form-ation of left-handed ‘chiral female’ species happening in the same point (Fermi’s model) latter stretched to accommodate Born rule with a small displacement for the intermediate ‘pregnant’ massive W±,Z,H states

Moreover, ONLY left-handed particles (female ones) REPRODUCE new particles, through the weak force, which is NOT a force but the process of particles becoming ‘pregnant’, fattened by energy (women only become pregnant with extra energy), so they become a fat massive z particle and then they reproduce a bunch of other particles; but RIGHT-handed particles are sterile, are males, they do NOT reproduce other particles through the weak force… And then you get a left handed electron coupling with the proton but the result is a sterile right handed atom, there are NOT left handed atoms so they do NOT reproduce other atoms… and then you get the left handed amino acid which the top predator nucleotides neutered, killing all the right handed so they cannot REPRODUCE and are at the mercy of the RNA left and right that control them and reproduce/mate as mirror images to form the DNA, and voila now we are into left handed women (left brain dominant), slightly outnumbering at birth as left handed amino acids on primordial soups…

But why the left handed is woman? Because its head SPIN is orientated inward to his body-wave momentum, so they can in a’hyperbolic topology’, similar to the woman’s body with is ‘glass-hour figure’, combine its energy and information to reproduce, as women are connected in brain to the hypothalamus, but right handed are lineal, BOTH SPIN and momentum, body and wave move ahead; they have slightly more ENERGY than women, which are preferred by the universe that seeks the less energy state… So the right handed sterile machos go faster (so the right handed neutrinos go faster than light, reason why we do not see them)… And all this then connects wit the duality of particle, antiparticle left and right handed, life and death, antiparticles kill and die fast… and so on and so on…

The first gender level in the Universe is called parity. Asexual spheres do not have parity. Parity requires a mirror symmetry, and so we shall call left handed species women, and right handed species male:

The graphs, as all others taken from a SciAm’s article of chirality shows the achiral, non-sexual sphere, the chiral male-female screws and hands. Notice that right handed male systems show the ‘same directionality’ between the ‘head’ of the screw and the direction of ‘penetration’ of its body; while left handed female systems show inverse ‘complementary’ directions between the head and the body in its penetration the medium. They are ‘balanced’ female systems with inverse directions between body and head. While male systems are ‘lineal’, on the same path, with no paradoxical contradiction. Left handed females are more abundant in nature because they are the ‘state’ of minimal energy and maximal immobility as both tendencies, S and T contradict. The male is ‘physically’ bigger, faster as both directionalities are in the same path.

We observe chirality in all scales as it emerges from one to the other. Parity then would be the equal quantity of both. But as it turns out, the Universe prefers the ‘lesser energy consuming, balanced’ female species, in all its scales. So the electron tends to be left handed favored in the weak Z force – the time force of transformation in the height axis of information (the female axis), which the male (lineal, moving, in the length dimension) doesn’t even notice.

In the next scale of atoms, amino acids of L-enantiomere nature dominate and when reproduced from primordial atoms they are slightly more numerous, as they consume less energy. While energetic sugar molecules (male species), tend to be more D-dominant. So happens among humans which slightly favor the birth of female species. Moreover most proteins and enzymes responsible for the reproduction of life are L (in fact as any student knows all our amino acids are L, the why though is a selective ‘choice’ of likely Nucleotides, to prevent amino acids and proteins to reproduce without their intervention – we must say that in the different ‘ages’ of life, nucleotide dominant top predator molecules ‘castrated’ proteins.

In the second graph we see this choice as we ‘grow in scales’, meaning than in the hierarchical Universe, the upper dominant wholes ‘control’ the choice of reproductivity of the lower planes. So while the Universe is chiral, it tends to choose the inverted S><T complementary female of less energy, even if the difference of quantities is smaller.

Sexuality then arises of the mirror symmetry that allows to ‘peg’ in opposite directions, hence ‘attractive’ directions two inverse left and right handed. You can indeed bring them together to penetrate each other, or coil one around the other, which is the ultimate meaning of gender, the pegging together in an attractive mirror fashion of two beings, one dominant in energy, the male species and the other in form, the female one.

This dominance of left-handed is ultimately within the superorganism of the galatom connected to the fractal nature of the galaxy, which is you guess it left handed, as the electron and the weak force in its preferences, which simply goes up in scales.

But the true reason of the dominance of left handed system is the same than the need for sexual chirality: Since the female S><T combine in inverse directions the body and head they are ‘asexually reproductive’, while male and achiral species are not. So because the dimotion of reproduction dominates systems, females become dominant and in some species as the L-amino acids of proteins and DNA (which in fact is a combination of both type of spirals pegged into each other), the only one. Let us then resume the game of existence to show the dominance of the Dimotion of reproduction.


The W, Z, Higgs bosons and the weak force of the 5th dimension.


In that sense, the weak force and the heavy bosons, W, Z and H associated to them do NOT really give mass to particles. They are states of the process of transformation of particles of our smaller world into particles of the larger cosmological scales of heavy quarks, strange stars and black holes.

So the weak interaction represents the duality of entropic and evolving arrows of the fifth dimension in the physical scale of particles.

This requires a note on the clear difference between the 3 ‘spatial forces’ that communicate energy and information between particles (strong, electromagnetic and gravitational forces) and the weak interaction, NOT a spatial force, but a process of trans-form-ation of particles into each other, which does NOT have spatial range (as when you change internally your form you don’t move; it all happens within you). So the proper way to model the weak interaction is as an evolutionary process that trans-forms as in chemical reactions, one product into another – a particle into another.

For that reason the ‘weak interaction’ has a coupling constant measured in ‘time’; because it is an evolutionary process; and it does violate the CPT rule because ‘time is NOT symmetric as space’, or as Einstein put it, ‘wires don’t travel to the past’. 

This physicists of course know, but only recently they start to recognize it, since they do LACK a proper 5D formalism of the duality of arrows of time, entropy AND information, to explain not only ‘spatial forces’ but ‘temporal, informative transformations’.

As i was the leading researcher of duality, chairing the International congress of the discipline, which studies the Universe and all its systems with two arrows of time, entropy and information, crafting the metric 5D formalism of a scalar Universe, where the weak force is the ‘needed’ force to evolve those particles into ‘higher 5D scales of mass’; obviously the weak interaction has called my attention for very long.

This different, limited role of the weak interaction is now slowly becoming the new ‘language’ of physics: “The weak force… least fits into our picture of what a force should do. …the categories of ‘attractive’ and ‘repulsive’ do not really fit …because it has the ability to change particles from one type to another. …The weak force can change one lepton into another provided they are in the same generation. The electron can be changed into an electron neutrino and vice versa, but the electron cannot be turned into the muon neutrino… Jonathan Allday, Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang (2016).

As in a chemical transformation where an ‘extra-boost’ of energy is needed to produce new compounds which will pass often through intermediate unstable compounds before reaching its final stable product; when a particle transforms into a heavier one, it needs an ‘extra-boost’ of energy, which is what the accelerator provides on Earth – the crunching and inner pressures of stars in Nature. So the LHC first transforms light quarks into the intermediate, brief state represented by the W, Z or Higgs boson; and finally becomes the final product – a heavy quark, completing its transformation (leaving also as chemical transformations that waste heat, a wasted cloud of lighter particles).

In this manner our up and down light quarks can be transformed into heavy strange quarks and become part of strangelets with the intermediate state of an W or Z boson; and heavier quarks can transform into the ‘top predator’ quark with its intermediate state of the heaviest of all those intermediate states, the Higgs boson.

The multiple interactions and connections between particles while fitting in the dimotions and dualities, and ternary symmetries and pentagonal logic of 5D physics are too long to relate here. To notice that ultimately all are within those laws, which make its dualities and trinities all pervasive in all systems of nature. I.e. the W particles play a crucial role in interactions that turn one flavour of quark or lepton into another, as in the beta decay of a neutron, where a down quark turns into an up quark to form a proton.

Such flavour-changing interactions occur only through the weak force and are described by the SU(2) symmetry that underlies electroweak theory along with U(1). The basic representation of this mathematical group is a pair, or doublet, and, according to electroweak theory, the quarks and leptons are each grouped into pairs of increasing mass: (u, d), (c, s), (t, b) and (e, ve), (μ, vμ), (τ, vτ). .

So with those basic concepts of 5D physics, we can now solve one of the great questions pending in twentieth-century physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which is the key to properly mathematize the different masses of all those quarks and deduce the speeds of its vortices. To that aim, we must understand charges and masses as two fractal membranes of the Universe, not as two forces, that exist in the same continuous space-time. This is an improvement over Einstein relativity, but as the reader should understand by now, what fractal relativity has done is to improve Einstein by improving the mathematics he used, with the addition of fractal mathematics and the completion of the postulates of non-Euclidean geometry and by improving the logic of his work with the addition of information, the second arrow of time.

The equation that unifies charges and masses as a single type of force has been searched for one hundred years from the perspective of quantum particles, not with the geometrical/motion-based concepts of Einstein’s masses. Yet Einstein always said the unification equation should be based in the geometrical similarity between the equations of electromagnetism and gravitation and the equivalence principle between mass and acceleration.

Let us then use those simple principles. The existence of a fractal structure of space-time means that the electromagnetic world and the cosmological world are just two self-similar non-Euclidean membranes of space-time of two scales and charges and masses two self-similar vortices of two different scales.

So we shall be able to obtain for the first time theoretically, the value of the stronger universal constant of charges (Coulomb) by merely translating the jargon of a charge to the jargon of a vortex of space-time, which is the same in all scales. Since rotation is the essence of mass and the concept of a hard particle as a solid ball is a mere Maya of the senses, their only difference between quantum charges and cosmological bodies is the higher speed of rotation of charges and hence the stronger constant of the electromagnetic vortices of the quantum world.

This unification can be done with the mathematics of Newton, Poisson, or Einstein, which are just three stages in the constant refinement of the principle of equivalence and the geometrical analysis of the Universe. What matters is to understand the principles, which is what quantum cosmologists no longer do.

So now we have a quantum theory of gravitation and we can explore further both ways down and up the relationships.

The relationships between the particles of those two fractal scales, the cosmological and quantum scale, is the next great mystery of physics, resolved by the unification equation and Einstein’s mass theory. To find that relationship, we must translate to the gravitational jargon the radius of a proton, the particle made of quarks and gluons in the quantum world. If the hypothesis of a self-similar membrane of space-time of different scales of size holds since both, a proton and a black hole in the two scales, are made of quarks, the proton must be a black hole of the electromagnetic scale and so its radius, when translated to the jargon of gravitation, must have the same formula than a black hole radius, called a Schwarzschild Horizon.

Again, the mathematics is fairly straight: we equal the Coulomb, gravitational constant=1.5×10ˆ29 and the electromagnetic radius of the proton written in the jargon of gravity with its classic formula that describes the same vortex, written in the jargon of electromagnetism:

Electromagnetic force (gravitational jargon) = G(q) M proton x m electron /r2 = e2/4∏eor2 =F (classic jargon)

A hydrogen atom will be then a mass vortex of space-time, where G(q) is the Coulomb constant as a gravitational constant with value 1.5 x10ˆ29.

Now we use the previous equation to find the electron Bohr radius as a gravitational vortex. Then the magic transformation happens. Take the previous equation

e2= 4∏eoGq(1.5 x10ˆ29) Mproton melectron

And put it into the electron radius: e2/m electron x c2 x4∏eo. Now cancel m electron and 4∏eo.

And you get the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world as follows: G(q)M/c2.

It is a much simpler formula, which means we are doing “good physics” according to Ockham’s principle. But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(q), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitational world.

Indeed in the cosmological world, beyond that radius light sinks toward the central singularity, where the black hole, a quark star resides. And beyond that radius, the electromagnetic flow sinks into the nucleus where quarks feed on light. In both worlds beyond those event horizons, light cannot escape. And yet the proton has a magnetic pole, through which it emits magnetic flows, equivalent to the dark energy, we shall see, black holes emit through its poles.

In other words, protons are self-similar to cosmological black holes in the quantum scale. And black holes are probably made of strings, gluons, and quarks as protons are. They should be therefore frozen quark stars, of the only variety of quarks which is positively charged, which happens to be also the densest of all quarks, the top quark, whose parameters as a condensate coincide with those of a cosmological black hole. And so a black hole is a top quark star, positively charged, the “self-similar proton” of a galactic atom.

Tƒ notice those results, the first theoretical deduction of Q, departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

For a century, quantum cosmology has tried to obtain this unification, departing from quantum laws. Yet it can be obtained, departing from the gravitational equations of a vortex of space-time. Coulomb already hints at this fact when he decided to use a self-similar formula to that of Newton to describe a charge. What Einstein did was to refine those measures with the concept of simultaneous, present time and the use of the non-Euclidean Ricci tensor/flow, which is a more sophisticated, detailed picture of that curved vortex of space-time. He, we might say, applied a mathematical method that allows taking a series of still photographs of the vortex with enormous accuracy, but the complexity of his calculus hid the unification equation for a century. So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric vortex at different scales, explained with two different historic jargons.

So indeed, the Universe is a fractal of space-time, with two self-similar membranes. This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world.

But in what it concerns this book, the most interesting finding under the new U (q) value of the electromagnetic constant is the discovery that the proton horizon shows the same equation as that of a black hole, a Schwarzschild horizon. It means that a quark condensate is a black hole state and vice versa: a cosmological black hole is a deconfined state of billions of top quarks, a top quark star.

Now, the mathematical treatment of the equivalence principle to unify masses and charges can be done with the simplest descriptions of a vortex created by Newton and Poisson or with the more complex Riemannian geometries of Einstein. The general error of physicists and the obvious reason why this equation has not been found is precisely their rejection of the simplest mathematics of Newton and Poisson, which made the unification exceedingly difficult. Yet there was a second reason: the use of a single arrow energy. So Einstein tried to unify cyclical vortices of mass and lineal electromagnetism (Maxwell’s equations) because he didn’t realize that he had to unify information and information (charges and masses) on one side and lineal forces with lineal forces (gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves), which has been done with the self-similar equations of gravito-magnetism.

Thus, in a universe of multiple fractal space-times, each one with a different content of spatial speed and informative density defined by a different G, electromagnetism and gravitation are merely two types of vortices with different sizes, hence different contents of space and time, which translates into different universal constants.


Once we have considered a generic analysis of the PHYSICAL T.œs’ duality between strong-gravitational atom-galaxy attractive singularity forces and the expansive electro-magnetic, membrane forces; we can fly upwards into the more general T.Œ VIEW:

So we distinguish ‘four fundamental forces’ of attraction-repulsion (depending on the pov of the observer), which can be generalised in function – not in topological form, which we have repeated ad nauseam can only be applied exactly to pure forms (or those far away from the human observer, which therefore reduces its perception to pure form, and confuses time fast states with simultaneous space).

The attraction we deal with is that of a present vital energy-spacetime open ball, which will experience 4 potential forces:

  • A force that attracts the system to the ‘protein, time-cycle membrane’; in the atom to the electronic membrane; in the galaxy to the halo – this is a force related mostly to entropic expansion and destruction as ‘space grows’ towards the membrane, which also leave in and out by osmosis of any kind, motion and form.
  • A force that attracts the system towards its informative ‘DNA’ singularity; in the atom the strong force to the quarks; in the galaxy the gravitational force to the black hole center – it is a force related to the informative implosion, as time speed grows towards the vortex. It is hence more accelerated than the expansive, decelerating entropically related motion to the membrane. And so it is also related to a growth of density and upwards lifting.

Yet while those membrane-entropic-expansive-decelerating, ∆-1 motion and its inverse ∆+1 informative-singularity-accelerated motions seem the ∆±1 paths, the fact is both tend to kill, destroy and eat in bits and bites the components of the vital energy, and so they are both selfish, ab=using energy for the singularity and membrane.

So they tend to be ‘resisted’, by the vital energy, which will itself show when its is ‘heady’ (not a headless automaton, pre-programmed viral cell, human enzyman slavish to its machines, red cell with no nuclei, light wave with a minimalist photon particle and so on). Otherwise it will just flow down or upwards and die.

So we might find two inverse anti forces, which try NOT to send the being either path, and keep it in the middle range balance.

And this is obvious for example in planetary systems which try NOT to fall down the path of the star. But, and this responds to an obvious question – which force is stronger; it ultimately falls into the sun-singularity, as the inward accelerated, compressing force is stronger. So the strong force is stronger than the expansive electromagnetic force that sends you in your way to the electron, and the gravitational force should be stronger in a similar ‘fine constant’ proportion to the dark entropy forces that are in the galaxy-atom self-similar to the electromagnetic ones and expand space between galaxies.

Then there is of course for the vital energy quanta of the open ball region forces towards its fifth dimension of social evolution, without MOTION to the singularity but rather ‘collapsing’ of the wave into a particle state; and viceversa, the scattering entropic fourth dimension of downwards dissolution.

When this happens ‘spontaneously’ not caused by the attractive power of membranes and singularities, it is a self-sustained process, which we distinguish by lack of relative motion of the particle towards the $ or ð regions, and because it is a slower than the fastest of all processes, any process of death, with an exponential rate of maximal ‘growth’-dissolution (e being the constant of death≈decay). 

T.œs follow T.Œ isomorphic laws.

This is a T.Œ law (T.œ used for particular timespaœrganisms, T. Œ FOR generalisation as the law is an isomorphism that happens in all systems.)

So for example humans have a pull towards social love (5th dimension), a fear but unavoidable end into an entropic explosion, often caused by the larger whole, its nation, which sends you packing to the border/membrane where the hard proteins/weapons/electronic wall will likely kill you; or to the seemingly nicer central black hole; where the legal government will ‘jail you’ in a dense, quiet ‘hole’.

Do NOT be surprised we use often human comparisons, because that is the ULTIMATE MESSAGE OF T.Œ, we are all just time§pace beings subject to the same laws. Humans simply see more detail about themselves and simplify all other forms.

So the star falling in the black hole, the carbohydrate packed to serve the DNA and the man jailed for wanting r=evolutionary freedom, or the planet converted by ACCELERATORS into strangelets going to the halo of the galaxy, the photon sent to the electron, or the soldier going to defend the border ARE isomorphisms. So it is the bosonic piling of atoms or souls into a larger whole, subconscious collective god.

As we are working the physical world we shall not dwell on the injustice of national membranes and capitals ab=using the human lot and sheeple with financial and military zeal… But obviously to be ‘a solar system’ in the wilderness of the less dense, less informed open ball territory of a galaxy, or a photon in the atom-galaxy, its equivalent; is NOT the best position of the organism which is all about ‘membranes and singularities’, DNA and proteins, working together, strangelet halos and black holes, military borders and financial capitals.

The democratic placebo vote, the ‘permission’ to exist of the open ball, is just the wisdom of the singularity and membrane which has its ‘farming region’ in the middle to store its vital energy and slowly feed on, but ultimately it will devour it all and without ‘pressure/density’ the emptied vital energy of the present body-wave will collapse and the membrane wrinkle, warp and the singularity without protection and feeding energy bust. Alas, death is the necessary reward to the abusive singularity-mnds that stiffen into stoppage, the vital energy of the re=productive body-wave and working class.

So the strong/gravitational force sends you packing to the centre, the electromagnetic/dark entropy to the membrane and beyond into the coldness of infinite distances between galaxy-atoms; and no more translative forces are needed.

As the weak force is NOT A FORCE, it has no range in space, it lasts much longer in time, as its coupling constant is indeed expressed in time intervals. And so it is a huge error of ‘space physicists who always want to transform time dimensions and processes into spatial rods, to treat weak forces as ‘fields’ (Higgs field) as spatial forces, by lack of time understanding.

For an even more detailed break-down, we can consider actually the 3 forces as dual scaling forces.

So the strong force sends you to the centre, but its membrane emerges from it as the nuclear force that encloses gluons and quarks in the centre of particles.

Then the same concept works with charge, the singularity and membrane, the magnetic field, which ’emanates’ from the electric force; as an intermediate stage between the atom-galaxy and the galaxy-atom.

And finally the gravitational force sends you to the enter and the higgs field/dark entropy works outside the membrane.

And so we find then the proper formalism and parallelisms. I.e. the graviton has 2 spin but the Higgs outside is a 0 scalar. So happens to the gluon that has a light ‘graviton-like’ 2 spin and a heavy scalar highs-like 0 spin.

Of this conundrum only a correction is needed, regarding the graviton-neutrino which now is considered to be a 1 spin; but to correct that in meaningful ways we would need a huge leap into the formalism of quantum physics, which we avoid in purpose to show how meaning can be given conceptually with basic maths, when we upgrade our understanding of them.

While the thermodynamic arrow is not entropy but the clever molecular region, and resistance of the weak ud-beings to be packed in flocks to their death by excessive information or excessive entropy in the centre/membrane; and parasite as long as it lasts all other forces. So when you heat a system, gravitation misses the gaseous motion; magnetic fields are expelled by the Curie effect, beyond a Curie temperature. 

The game is just and the open ball is often left its own ‘space’ to cultivate its ghostly motions and forms – us.

Now of course, the ‘creationist view of egocentered humans’ about reality with man as the only sentient being with organic properties imposed by western cultures will have none of it. If taoism->buddhism would have spread as the substrata of our science and not yhwh the pantheist, organic sentient Universe that all of us, the masters of time-space models, consider the only rational explanation of reality would have prevailed, and man probably would have a longer future in this lost rock of the emptiness (Leibniz>Einstein>ls)


THE GALATOM: A 5гGalaxy of 11 isomorphisms.

The fundamental super organism of the physical Universe is the cosmological, ¡+3 galaxy, whose minimal unit is the ¡-3 atom; with man sandwiched in the center, as an ∆0 thermodynamic being.

Hence the galaxy-atom with the human thermodynamic scale in between form a ternary super organism. And since all super organisms, by definition have the same fifth dimensional metric, $ x ð = K, to PROVE the galatom is a superorganism we just need to unify both limiting quantum and cosmological scales and its CHARGE AND MASS vortices of time with that simple theoretical ‘principle’: as we slow down the atom and increase its size ‘magically’ its $ x ð = Co-invariant metric will give us the average size and speed of the galaxy; and the electromagnetic force will be reduced in ‘strength’ to the force of gravitation.

Alas! You might think, easier told than done, as the unification of charges and masses and the proper explanation of the nature of forces and why there are 4 is the saint grail of physics in 4Ð, but trivial in 5Ð. Let us do so, in the simplest formalism of newtonian time-space vortices.



The unification equation of masses and charges. 

In  an example of the power of the new formalism: We will be able to find using the metric of 5D the saint grail of physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which are just future informative accelerated vortices of time in the quantum and gravitational scale (principle of equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration by Einstein).

So mass attracts as a hurricane does in our thermodynamic scale, the faster the frequency of its cycles: e=mcc + e=hƒ-> mc²=hƒ-> m=ƒ (h/c²). So the mass of a vortex is proportional to the frequency of its accelerated cycles.

In the graph, the 0-1 Dimension of a particle-state or vortex of accelerated time, the key element to understand the creation and destruction of symmetric dimensions of time (distance, motion, acceleration) back and forth into dimensions of space (length, width, height).

A key element of a physical system is the singularity ‘membrain’, which includes as in any key system of nature, a center that processes information and a membrane that encloses and breaks the system into an inner region, the T.œ and an outer region, the Universe. This dual system IS the COVER AND CENTER of a topological open ball, which is the vital energy enclosed by the system, which DOES NOT EXIST as a full T.œ unless those 2 elements are formed.  Consider the case of ‘Mass’. Energy contributes to ‘mass’, but if we do NOT have an enclosure we cannot measure mass, as energy is moving around and there is nothing to ‘weight’. Yet as soon as we close the membrane, the mass parameter will exist, as measured externally by the membrane.

Further on, as the membrane is CLOSING the inner region, which we normally do NOT access, or else we will have to tear the membrane and then mass might escape and a continuity equation will have to be applied to assess the flow of mass in and out, we cannot truly measure the mass.

It is then obvious that the ‘parameter’ of ‘density-weight-charge-angular momentum-rotational speed’ etc, tends to accumulate in each scale in the external region, where the ‘mass-force’ is maximal; while in the inner singularity center, it reaches ‘zero value’, and that point is the mind-still singularity, where motion stops, and so in black hole equations time moves to zero in the singularity, in the vortex of an Eddie.

Finally a principle which will be abhorred by classic physicists but it is really the ice in the cake is the sentient nature of singularities WHICH IS PROVED BY THE FACT THEY ARE THE ENGINE OF THE 5 SURVIVAL ACTIONS OF EVERY PART OF THE UNIVERSE.

The dimensional question: 1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy.

Now it is obvious that the eye of the hurricane and the eye of the black hole has maximal height as it is indeed the informative center of the system, in fact ‘infinite height’ in the axis of a black hole, which means that ‘motion stops’ in the perpendicular plane but shuts off as a yet of dark entropy and matter through the axis of superluminal speed according to the Kerr equations of a rotating black hole.

Because a clock is curved, we can see the new Ðimotion of information as a curvature on the dimotion of lineal time. This would be the first step for an extension of great importance in 5Ð theory: the holographic principle.

In 1993, the physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft put forward the holographic principle, which explains that the information about an extra dimension is visible as a curvature in a spacetime with one fewer dimension. For example, holograms are three-dimensional pictures placed on a two-dimensional surface, which gives the image a curvature when the observer moves. Similarly, in general relativity, the fourth dimension is manifested in observable three dimensions as the curvature path of a moving infinitesimal (test) particle. ‘T Hooft has speculated that the fifth dimension is really the spacetime fabric.

So again as in many cases we shall find indeed that inflationary ‘language-mirrors’ are all more or less right. Indeed, the second dimotion of time, of form, of in-form-ation is seen as a ‘curvature’ of the first motion of lineal time. The holographic principle is then essential to many themes of this blog, upgraded to ST, SS and TT combinations, which we will be able to compare by dimensional analysis and further our understanding of space-time systems. And the fifth dimension is the ‘space-time fabric’, as it fabricates all other dimensions in scales. Let us see how.


Ƽ+1 Scale:

Gravitational Mechanics

I. Mechanics, 2nd Dimotion, Locomotion in the human scale. Gravitational T.œs.

II. The parameters of mechanics translated: Mass, Momentum, Energy, its5D  Metric equations.

III. The best 5D way to cast mechanics: Lagrangians and Hamiltonians.



Abstract. On keeping with the fractal self-similar structure of his blog which establishes isomorphisms of scales, ideally this post should study the DImotions of Gravitation in the cosmological scale, Strong force in the atomic scale, and Mechanics in the intermediate scale, which respond to the in-formative, 5th dimotion of the galatom (its informative forces).

Those forces needless to say as all other Dimotions participate of its capacity to move and enact locomotion on the entities that perceive them, which is the only aspect of its ‘pentalogic’ studied in physics, but the less important of them.

We shall then study slowly the Strong force and the Gravitational force in its self-similarities, which are the ‘strong regime’ of the informative force of the Galatom in its ∆±1 planes, while the ‘weak regime’, in the intermediate area of atoms and galaxies is experienced through standard gravitation and nuclear forces:

The forces=Dimotions of physical systems must be studied as different symmetries of the 3 elements of space-time:
4Ð and ∆±1 forces: The strong and gravitational ¡±1 forces are shown in its symmetry of scale in the left side equivalence between the entropic meson and gluon particles-antiparticles ‘feeding’ the heavier quarks inside protons and black holes.
1, 2, 3 Ðimotions in there human light space-time plane are on the other hand mediated by the electromagnetic ternary elements – the magnetic force responsible for the informative organization of particles, the photon, responsible for its reproduction and the electric force for its motion.
Finally 5Ð evolution and generation of particles is mediated by the weak force that happens in a point (right side), where the intermediate state of higher energy mass (W, z, H boson) gives birth to heavier fermions.




The two limits of sensation, the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion, the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other.

Locomotion as reproduction

In space, by adjacency, and in time by frequency locomotion measures consecutive adjacent reproductions of a physical wave-particle form in space


IN 5D ALL SYSTEMS perform 3 simpler actions, perception, motion and feeding on energy to reproduce the system.

And 2 scalar action: social evolution and its inverse entropic death.

So when those 3±I actions=dimotions are studied we have a whole understanding of the system.

What are then the 5D UNDERLYING VITAL, organic principles of physical systems that make them akin to those of any scale?

  • 1,2,3D: Locomotion, which embodies the simpler actions through its fundamental concept, that of AN ACTION of a particle, in its path through a field of forces in which IT FEEDS, reproduces and AS A RESULT OF BOTH, MOVES. Reason why locomotion is the physical EXISTENTIAL ACTION that embodies all other simpler actions, as the graph shows..
  • ∆±¡:4,5D: Entropic scattering, according to collision (loss of vital momentum) and angle (4th postulate of perpendicularity) vs. social evolution under an informative force (normally gravitation), which are the scalar actions of the system

So because Locomotion implies for physical systems, ‘perception in particle state-stop’; feeding on the energy of the lower field and reproduction by adjacent imprinting in wave state-motion; for PHYSICAL SYSTEMS, locomotion embodies the 3 simplest actions of the being; to which we just must add its ‘changes of state’ as its actions of physical d=evolution, to fully have an organic analysis of the species.



A mechanical system is a T.œ whose vital energy is a gravitational field, which feeds a ‘mass’ singularity often shielded by a ‘pi’ membrane. It is the simplest.= less perceived T.œ in nature, invisible to man but perceived by its effects on physical bodies.

Where the center of mass co-exists with all the other scales of sensations of the being is obvious for 5D, at the lowest symmetric ¡-4 plane, likely a quantum potential, non-local, faster than light field limited to c-speed (relativity) in the light-controlled background of a galatom… which feeds radiation, made perhaps of neutrinos (as gravitons and origin of light, which feeds on them). We are not though studying here the particle aspects of Gravitation but its classic analysis in mechanics of matter.

What then a ‘mechanical material’ system in its gravitational scale tries to achieve? The answer must be that of any other T.œ – to survive in that scale by maximizing its ‘feeding’ and ‘perception of gravitational fields’, with its ‘material body and gravitational mind-singularity, which we cannot see.

As such all the laws of T.œs are in place for mechanical systems. Let us then remember them briefly.

The 3 parts of the system will be:

1D: ð@: As perception shrinks a force into a still mapping, its behavior is ‘non-lineal’, and provokes a fascinating ‘still state’ – the center of gravity doesn’t move while the rest of the body system. What is the path of the center of gravity once it perceives will be as in all T.œs determine primarily by its positive actions of feeding and social evolution. It will feed in its gravitational field and move towards similar mass beings.

And it will be also a trajectory based in the conservation of existence, which implies the laws of conservation of momentum and energy equivalent to the Least Time principle for Lagrangian formulations and Hamiltonian ones: in essence the physical system will try to remain in its state of maximal internal conservation of its vital energy (minimal external energy state) and seat there, or when moving it will try to do so spending the minimal time-motion in its trajectory. 

2D, Body-wave motion, ending either in 4D-entropy: As the particle wishes to feed its vital energy, it will follow in a deterministic way the geodesic of maximal gravitational force, its relative ¡-1 field (Newton’s equation of mechanics). It will be then a lineal motion towards M1 if M1>>M2… and likely end in the death of M2 broken perpendicularity by collision. This is the direction of its motion, which only at quantum level we shall explain as a process of 3D reproduction of form.

Or 5D-social evolution. A gravitational locomotion thus might end in entropic scattering of the form of the T.œ, or fusion into a social evolutionary growth.

So those are the vital translations in terms of 5Dimotions of the laws of mechanical physics. Of them the conservation of the 3 parts of the being, its survival is the most determinant one:

The 3 Ðimotion of energy and momentum, or 3 parts of the being. 

3 PARTSAll systems are modeled in a single ‘∆-plane’ with ternary elements: a vital energy enclosed by a membrane that isolates the system from the external world (or angular momentum if we perceive its ‘dimotion’ in time) self-centered into a seed/mind of information (or attractive particle-point, when perceived as a ‘well of motion’).

This ternary ‘ideal structure’ can then be studied for each different system, but in all of them, the purpose of the vital energy enclosed by the system is to iterate the whole T.œ; as it will merge in its body-wave, the external entropic motion and internal information, allowing the reproduction of the forms stored in the ‘mind/seed’ of pure form with the motions provided by the membrane, which absorbs from the ‘external world an excess of entropy that the ‘informative seed or mind-mirror’ will reorder and imprint with it form.

So the interaction of the vital energy of the system with its enclosed membrane and central mind-seed is essential, reason why the 3 elements and its different parameters (conserved angular and lineal momentum, and energy in physics) are closely related.

This is the wider conception of energy, which then must be studied in detail in its social, re=productive working class, biological, reproductive body class and iterative physical waves and matter cycles. Since energy in physical system mostly adopts a wave configuration,  in biological systems, is stored by the body and in social systems is associated to the working, middle class of the social ternary structure; showing that ultimately function matters more than form, as time-functions are the same for the 3 types of energy but its forms and detailed equations obviously not.

What will be required to describe a T.œ: its main parameters.

The previous graph that describes a  TimeSpace Supœrganism (ab. T.œ) brings us to the realization we need new properties to define them.

And as physics has been the main science of time-space (wrongly siding Evolution and Philosophy of science which have as much to say on the subject), we have extracted the main parameters of T.œs from classic physics:

Its Metric equation of space size and time speed, which will define its ‘time clock’ speed synchronizing all its parts (in humans one second, the glimpse of the eye, heart and speed of steps of its 3 synchronous topological parts), and spatial size (in man the meter, size of its motion limbs, and basic tool of its measure).

Its 3 topological parts, which will become more irregular in non homogenous worlds (as the human being is, a thermodynamic liquid being ‘living between gaseous and solid matter); and more regular in homogeneous worlds (cosmic bodies in the ‘sea’ of gravitation, protozoa in the sea of water, atoms in the quantum world), hence following closer the laws of non-Euclidean Geometry and Social numbers.

Its Active Magnitude that defines its Scale, vital Energy and ‘existential momentum’… A parameter that will be established along its 3 relative scales of existence as a T.œ, with a dominant i-scale, which In life is the thermodynamic scale of temperature, sandwiched between the mass scale of growing importance for larger super organisms (man being one of the largest life beings on planet Earth), and the quantum electromagnetic scale, of lesser importance even for the smallest ones… So the fundamental values to define for humans swimming between the temperature-frequency and mass-frequency (m=ƒ h/c²) will be its thermodynamic temperature at cellular scale, 37º and its mass, 80 kilos on the higher range…

So we define the existential momentum or ‘force’, essential for the survival chances of the being as the product of its active magnitude and 5D metric. Ie in a physical system will be its ‘lineal and angular momentum’, the first one, defining its motion-lineal speed and mass, the second its time-clock speed of processing information. To notice then that those concepts are ‘functional’ not mechanical, and so they vary and change according to scale. In life beings, it will be its ‘physical force’, not a mere quantitative number, but a functional, morphological capacity as in top predator animals, multiplied by the speed of its nervous system, which defines its intelligence and capacity to think. In future robots will again be a similar much larger stronger steel and light-speed chip brains. The existential momentum thus is the capacity to process energy and information of a body wave/particle-head system.

And it will determiner the beings capacity to survive (so in physical systems, black holes of maximal momentum survive collisions, in biologic systems top predators of max. intelligence as man, or force as lions and packed sums of predators, survive better, and in societies, technological societies with maximal military and informative systems win wars), by performing higher rates of…

Its 5 Dimotions=Actions of survival existence, which are the minimal ‘bits and bites’ that allow the system to feed on energy, move, reproduce, inform evolve socially and we shall call a-cceleration, e-nergy feeding, I-nformation gauging, o-ffsrping reproduction and u-niversals (social evolution of wholes), or the aeiou actions of existence… whose total sum will define the wordcycle of life and death of the being, as it increases its information (since most actions require more information) and diminish its vital energy in 3 self-similar ages:

In the graph the Worldcycle’s ages of different species, which being the Universe a decametric scalar reality both in space and time (i.e. 10¹° are the mean number between scales, Dna atomic ties, cells in organisms, people on Earth, stars on galaxies, galaxies on perceived Universe), means also a mean limit of bits of cyclical time for an efficient species, i.e. man lives ¼ 10¹° seconds=80 years).

To notice again a parallelism in the external world scales of cosmology in time, years and mass, between the active magnitude and the life age span – NOTHING of this being coincidence but part of the infinite intelligence of the immortal universe always based in balances and symmetries between the spatial, scalar, temporal and mind-languages of the being in its 3 scales, of inner parts, wholes and worlds/ecosystems.

So we left for the final basic parameter the concept of energy, which in physics is the integral of a force, itself, the change of momentum of the being, along a path in space, and so for a fractal entity Is the best measure of its total world cycle as it ads to the momentum, its change in time through its existence  and change in spatial position through its worldline… Acceleration as we saw in the graph of masses, is in fact the measure of the arrow of time towards the future of a system; while displacement defines its territorial space in which it will perform its actions of existence, so beyond the MECHANICAL VIEW of displacement and forces, in 5D vital space-time, displacement measures territory (body-energy) and acceleration, the total time frequency of actions. 

The total energy of a being thus become a parallel ‘symmetric’ quantity to measure its potential world cycle duration and territorial power, when we transform the concepts of abstract physics into vital ‘generational space-time’.

Since it is precisely what the game does as we depart from the perfect, ideal immortal scales of atomic physics into the functions and organs, territories and life-death cycles of less ‘perfect’ species, of higher scales, a fact which proves that ultimately the game is not about mathematical abstractions but about survival and life.

It might seem odd given the structure of this web with its constant debasing of the importance of the 2Dimotion, locomotion, to dedicate a full post to the Dimotions of the human scale, which forms the main corpus of mathematical physics, i.e. mechanics, but after all ‘science is culture’, and we live in the culture of locomotion and entropy, so while we pack the other 4 Dimotions on the Thermodynamic articles on states of matter, and its scalar analysis (which implies the study of the 4th Dimotion of entropy and 5th Dimotion of social evolution), we dedicate specially in the article about matter – the human scale – an entire post to it.

Of course, this post can then be applied to all the Dimotions in the ‘weak regime’ of gravitation within the Galatom, that is, all motions taking place between the Halo of dark heavy quark matter and its nuclear swarm of black stars (formerly black holes).

It is also customary to understand first as we get more detail and intelligence, the human scale. And then since the Universe is self-similar but not equal between scales (or else it would defeat the purpose of being the most perfect of all possible world), we can follow in the slow but steady increase of quality and quantity within this web of small ‘treatises’ of different stiences, with a similar analysis on the other fundamental scales of the galatom – the cosmic scale, and the quantum scale.

Thus Classical mechanics describes the motion of macroscopic Earth’s objects and astronomical ones, not very dense, with good approximation, from planets to stars but not as it is widely believed whole galaxies and Black holes, the first ones, being Galatoms better studied with dark energy motions akin to electromagnetism in our scale, the second one, suffering the strong gravitational regime, better studied with Relativity.

As we have considered elsewhere the difference and parallelism of forces inside and outside the galaxy, in weak and strong regimes, I am on the view that regardless of Mercury’s deviation due to the curvature of strong gravitation in the sun, the vortex concept of Newton is far more telling of the workings of reality – as it is a dynamic simpler one. But we shall obviously NOT come out of Earth and its surface, the true realm of mechanics being the human scale.

At that scale the information achieved according to the ‘laws of epistemology’ is maximal since it is the human scale, and so in the duality paradoxes of freedom vs. order, related to the quantity of information we have, order is maximal. So  if the present state of an object is known it is possible to predict by the laws of classical mechanics how it will move in the future (determinism) and how it has moved in the past (reversibility), converting the separation of past-present and future in an illusion.

Mechanics thus establishes the reality of motions as a ‘block of time’, as we shall do with all other world cycle of motion including History.

The earliest development of classical mechanics is often referred to as Newtonian mechanics. It consists of the physical concepts employed by and the mathematical methods invented by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and others in the 17th century to describe the motion of bodies under the influence of a system of forces.

A membrain or time clock encloses vital energy; self-centered in a monad-mirror whose lineal inertia moves the whole.

Later, more abstract methods were developed, leading to the reformulations of classical mechanics known as Lagrangian mechanics and Hamiltonian mechanics. These advances, made predominantly in the 18th and 19th centuries, extend substantially beyond Newton’s work, particularly through their use of analytical mechanics. They are, with some modification, also used in all areas of modern physics. Even in ∆-1 quantum mechanics and ∆+1 relativity that complete the five ways to formulate mechanics of locomotion.

The answer to why there are 5 different forms of expressing mechanics is then obvious in 5D… pentalogic:

Each one represents a different view of the whole being, its 3 scales, and within the human scale, its 3 parts: Hamiltonians study motion from the pov of the conservation of energy.

Lagrangians, from the pov. of its ‘singularity’.

And Newtonian physics from the pov of the external world (fields and forces) in which the motion takes place.

Finally all of them treat the being as if the whole ‘fractal point’ had no volume, described always as to have a non-zero size. In reality all fractal points  have more complicated behavior than hypothetical point particles, because of the additional degrees of freedom, specially its angular momentum of its time-clock membrane that can spin while it is moving.

However, the results for point particles can be used to study such objects by treating them as composite objects, made of a large number of collectively acting point particles, since the singularity-mind called the center of mass of a composite object behaves like a particle/head with no motion relative to the whole system – something classic physics acknowledge but does not explain.

@: The position of a point particle is then defined in relation to a coordinate system centered on an arbitrary fixed reference point in space called the origin O. This is problematic in relational space-time, because such background frame of reference does not exist.

Further on, in pre-Einstein relativity (known as Galilean relativity), time is considered an absolute. So its clocks do NOT change, which again is not the case in both General Relativity and 5D: it is the frequency of time, what changes to define the ratio of speed, while internal vital space is not changing, neither the relative motion of the @-center of gravity.

So Newtonian mechanics IS THE EXTERNAL DESCRIPTION, as space is THE ABSOLUTE EXTERNAL WORLD, not the internal vital space (so it changes in translation) and the internal frequency of the system matters not.

In addition to relying on absolute time, classical mechanics assumes Euclidean geometry for the structure of THAT background space.

It is then the ‘gravitational brain’, which follows the path of least time, which is the principle in which Lagrangian mechanics are based. Because it also uses generalize coordinates without a background space, Lagrangian mechanics is more ‘real’, and so by the occam’s principle simpler to calculate, proving once more the relational nature of space-time.

Classical mechanics also assumes that forces act instantaneously (Action at a distance), which again as action is at least c-speed in planet Earth, makes sense.

So Newton studies the being as determined by the outer field; Hamilton, as a system who tries to preserve its ‘present balance of energy’ and Lagrange, as a singularity which tries to preserve its ‘time’…

Those 2 are also intimately related, since as we shall see when studying the parameters of time and energy in physics, both are just ‘two concepts’ of the ‘series’ of time parameters, where Energy just have one more dimension of spatial content than a mere time frequency – as in E=hƒ, where h is the quanta of action and ƒ of cyclical time (reason why Hamiltonians work with derivatives of a single order that reduce a single dimension and Lagrangians with 2nd order derivatives, as we know by 5D analysis that derivatives lower an ∆-1 plane or dimensional motion the system in which they are applied).



As physics has been the main science of time-space (wrongly siding Evolution and Philosophy of science which have as much to say on the subject), we have extracted the main parameters of T.œs from classic physics. So it is relatively easy to translate the classic parameters of physics to those which are required to define a T.œ, that is:

Its Metric equation of space size and time speed, which will define its ‘time clock’ speed synchronizing all its parts (in humans one second, the glimpse of the eye, heart and speed of steps of its 3 synchronous topological parts), and spatial size (in man the meter, size of its motion limbs, and basic tool of its measure).

In physics is obviously inertial speed: wavelength x Frequency; V=λ($) x ƒ(ð).

Its 3 topological parts, which will become more irregular in non homogenous worlds (as the human being is, a thermodynamic liquid being ‘living between gaseous and solid matter); and more regular in homogeneous worlds (cosmic bodies in the ‘sea’ of gravitation, protozoa in the sea of water, atoms in the quantum world), hence following closer the laws of non-Euclidean Geometry and Social numbers.

Its Active Magnitude that defines its Scale, vital Energy and ‘existential momentum’, and according to scale in Physics will be the Charge, thermodynamic Temperature or Mass of the System, which will give

fundamental values to define…

Its 5 Dimotions=Actions of existence, which are the minimal ‘bits and bites’ that allow the system to feed on energy, move, reproduce, inform evolve socially and…

Its Worldcycle’s ages

Space, Time and Mass and its composite, multidimensional parameters. 

Because mechanics works in a single plane of space-time,the 3 parameters are also related to the 3 elements of the previous graphed 3 conserved quantities and parts of the being: the frequency of the membrane (cyclical time, converted into its inverse, lineal time=1/ƒ), the motions guided by the singularity, center of mass, or ‘lineal space’, and the vital energy enclosed within them or ‘mass’. What is mass then for mechanics is simple; the enclosed energy of the whole, sum of all its ∆-1 ‘cellular points’.

SI units of lineal time: second, human space scale, meter, and ‘vital’ energy=mass.
position m
angular position/angle unitless (radian)
velocity m·s−1
angular velocity s−1
acceleration m·s−2
angular acceleration s−2
jerk m·s−3
“angular jerk” s−3
specific energy m2·s−2
absorbed dose rate m2·s−3
moment of inertia kg·m2
momentum kg·m·s−1
angular momentum kg·m2·s−1
force kg·m·s−2
torque kg·m2·s−2
energy kg·m2·s−2
power kg·m2·s−3
pressure and energy density kg·m−1·s−2
surface tension kg·s−2
spring constant kg·s−2
irradiance and energy flux kg·s−3
kinematic viscosity m2·s−1
dynamic viscosity kg·m−1·s−1
density (mass density) kg·m−3
density (weight density) kg·m−2·s−2
number density m−3
action kg·m2·s−1

In the graph we see all the combined parameters of those 3 elements, which we will further enlighten with ‘vital analysis’ on why they are relevant for the physical T.œ (timespace supœrganism). Just a fast look at them shows that MOST time parameters are NOT measured in lineal time but in cyclical time frequencies (negative exponentials), which again by the Occam’s razor Principle shows that cyclical time is the real thing, since if we use it, instead of being more difficult to operate fractions, the results will be multiplication of real numbers. Let us then explaining the 3 parameters, time, space and mass/scales in 5D.

Cyclical vs. Lineal speed/time.

One little known eelement of cyclical time, becomes then the fact that it is TIME=MOTION RATE, not SPACE=FORM DISTANCE, what changes as we increase speed. Since Space is akin to in-form-ation and as such a discrete fixed form vs.time which is akin to motion, it is time by accelerating its frequency what increases speed, not space by increasing its distance. This means that in Relativity which is the purest form of studying speed in fact time does change to zero, and so inversely frequency moves to infinity… as it comes to c, the limit of both in our galactic spacetime.

But the 3rd element energy has also an increase to infinity, hence we can relate it to frequency; the more we increase the frequency of time-motion, hence the speed of the system, we increase its energy. Either as mass in relativity or as energy in radiation proportional to time frequency, or as temperature, the frequency of vibration of molecules.

Time->mass, speed->momentum and Energy therefore must be considered as 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional growing complex states of the same concept.

Galilean relativity was ill-understood, as the true question about time-change was why ‘we see systems still when they move’, and ‘why we see space as continuum, when in detail is made of quanta’, and why all systems are made of smaller self-similar systems.

We said that all dimensions of space have a hidden motion to them. This again was slowly realized in mathematics, as they finally came to the conclusion that the still Geometry of the Greeks was part of a much vaster, generalized concept, a topological variety, where a topology as opposed to a geometry had internal motion-change. So while you could describe the dimensions of a being in an external locomotion without inner change, the internal change in the in-form-ation of beings, we have started with MUST BE A TOPOLOGICAL VARIETY.

So there is NOT really a Dimension or a motion but a combination of both, even if mentally we tend to reduce motion and focus on forms, all has motion=time, and form=space, and this is truly the meaning of ‘spacetime’, the messing of both into DIMOTIONS.

We are now introducing another ‘novel feature’ of a world which has NOT only a clock and time motion or arrow of time (entropy in physics) but 5 ‘Dimotions’, the fact that logically we can explain reality from multiple perspectives, one for each dimotion, as all is entangled. So there are always several ways to prove a certain truth.Even In-form-ation must be transmited through motion, it is a form-in-action – a topological Ðimotion of space-time. It has a content of space=form, we shall call in ceteris paribus (isolated) analysis, a dimension, and it has a content of time-motion, we shall call in ceteris paribus analysis ‘states, functions or ages of time’.

Such paradox in which so much literature have been ‘wasted’ by lack of clear thought; is the foundation of modern science, namely the principles in which Physics are based: Relativity conservation of motion-energy and information and symmetry, between both, S=T, principles derived of THE NATURE OF SPACE AND TIME.

So once clarified an important definition, tracking back where the Physicists made his first huge error – NOT treating BOTH concepts space and time as mental and real, mirror-world and Universe; but choosing just one side of it, that of motion, we can jump to the second huge error of choice they made a century latter – siding with Newton not with Leibniz on the question of what is space and time – an abstract background put by God or the substance of which we are all made.

Time is cyclical.

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics and denied the obvious truth that we can know the future because it will repeat the causality of the past, and we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive. Of course, lineal and cyclical time render the same equations as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclical time, are ginormous and the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, erased by lineal time, a handicap for humans to truly understand the cycles of history and economics, the ‘deep time’ scales of the fifth dimension, and the whole workings of super organisms and its physiological structures.

The first fact you must understand IS that science is BOTH an instrument of power, and a form of culture, beyond the collection of data and its expression in equations, at the most basic detailed level. All what comes after – the general models of reality of each science are always biased by the power idol-ogy of the historic culture that develops them.

THE GRAPH shows one of the many examples we shall include in this blog: the obvious fact that time clocks are cyclical and multiple, but humans have reduced them all to the concept of a single lineal time clock for the entire Universe that progresses towards a future, obviously ‘positive’ for the human kind.

The equations are indeed the same. Lineal time writes T and cyclical time measured in frequency its inverse 1/ƒ; so if we were to change all the equations of physics by putting 1/ƒ instead of T, we would change the PARADIGM of time to cyclical time but all the practical results will be the same, just expressed in frequency.

I.e. Speed = Space/Lineal time (V=S/T), becomes Speed = wavelength x Frequency, (V=λ x ƒ) …

Cyclical time just moved to the numerator and that is all.

But the consequences are huge when we ‘perceive reality as chaotic, lineal, free and entropic’ guided towards the obvious ‘future of death’, which therefore JUSTIFIES WAR AND BIG-BANG THEORIES OF A DYING EXPLOSIVE UNIVERSE vs. the perception of time as cyclical, hence reality as bounded, entangled, multiple, whereas death is just the necessary end of a cycle of renewal of life, which we shall very soon show to be also the case for the fractal, organic eternal Universe, when we model it with the tools of cyclic time.

Further on in the previous simple cycle, we shall notice that in the equation of cyclical time we get also more information, as cyclical time requires a second dimension to form a cycle of height, which is the dimension of information, where all heads, antennae, particles reside.

So we recover the form, the information of the Universe back expressed in the ‘form and frequency of those cycles’ (indeed a computer calculates information with logic cyclical formal algorithms processed in Ghz frequencies).

Mass is the encasing of gravitational acceleration

All what exist is a motion in time. Space forms are Maya of the senses. In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (S x T=K∆), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales.

Mass is the acceleration of the vortex of gravitational forces: E=mcc + E=hƒ Mass = ƒ(h/cc).

We must then consider Mass to be the scalar parameter of Energy of the larger cosmological world. However, in mechanics we do NOT perceive mass as an accelerated vortex that uncoils into entropy and vice versa, in relativity: Entropy/c² = M(ð). Why?

Because what we measure as mass is the enclosed energy of the whole system, NOT its acceleration or gravitational force, the vortex proper. So again back to the graph of the 3 parts of a physical system in a single ‘plane’, Mass will be the ‘surface’ measure of the whole ‘inward gravitational force’ which anchors the system in the scalar ¡+1 cosmological plane (relative to the Earth’s center on our planet, to the black hole center in the galaxy).

Mass is the superficial box measure of the interior. And this also goes for the measure of heat, which is ‘surface’ frequency of motion of its molecules and charge, which is also measured on the surface of the atomic or molecular ensemble, NOT as a vortex of thermodynamic or electric energy.

Why mass is inertial, resist motion in that background cosmological space-time is obvious: it is a cyclical vortex and so it stays put. The faster its frequency the more it resists motion. So again mass IS NOT given by Higgs but intrinsic, theme those though not proper of mechanics, which studies only the ‘external motion’ of those mass-systems.

Constant Speed is the Metric equation of mechanics in 5D.

Deduction of the main laws of mechanics from it.

It is then knowing better the meaning of the 3 fundamental parameters of reality when we can consider its composite parameters, in terms of the Metric of the cosmological scale, yet, we shall not use it here, as we just try to follow classic mechanics and put some 5D in-depth comments as the causes of those motion laws in terms of ∆@st.

How to extract then from classic mechanics the 5D metric, $ð equation of classic physics? Easy:

E=1/2mv² = v  x mv/2 =  $ð x mv/2 .

So the first deduction of it, is the principle of lineal inertia, as speed is the basic metric equation of 5D physics that must be conserved.

The second deduction is its relationship to Energy and momentum

$ð= 2 (Energy/Momentum) = Energy/lineal momentum + Energy/angular momentum or Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy.

And since the metric equation of a physical 5D system as any other family of spacetime super organisms must be conserved, we deduce that Energy and Momentum (either lineal or angular) ARE THE CONSERVED QUANTITIES OF PHYSICS. And Energy is the sum of its potential and Kinetic energy.

AGAIN BY Occam’s principle, the simplest true deduction of the conservation of the 3 quantities of physics.

It then follows a Principle of Conservation of energy in terms of 5D:

‘Energy never dies, it constantly transforms its form and motion, into different scales’.

Which again we shall not study here, as it is concerned with the ‘transfer of energy and information between the 3 scales of Nature’.

Forces; Newton’s second law 

Because force is the time derivative of momentum, the concept of force is redundant and subordinate to the conservation of momentum, and is not used in fundamental theories. A change in momentum, which is the vital force of the physical entity, as m is its vital energy and v, its ‘trace’ in the outer world that encompasses its 5D metric (s/t=sƒ), is then an expression of the external influence in the being measured by the ‘time quanta’ of its interaction (its derivative in time).

In that regard, Newton was the first to mathematically express the relationship between force and momentum. Some physicists interpret Newton’s second law of motion as a definition of force and mass, while others consider it a fundamental postulate, a law of nature.  Either interpretation has the same mathematical consequences but the first one, adopted here, limits the importance of its Nature, as it merely relates to mass and momentum in the terms we have explained:

The equation of Force = ma = mv/t = momentum x frequency = mð.

A force then merely implies that a static mass will receive a new dimension of time=motion=change. And so it is a measure of change, in this case the 2D locomotion in relationship to its position in the gravitational spacetime in which it was fixed by its mass.

Acceleration then must be considered as the other way to conceive speed, but with 2 dimensions of time… since we have now time x time. So IT IS NO LONGER A NON-CHANGING PARAMETER, as we have added to the metric speed, a ‘new parameter’ of motion, and so we should write it as S x T².

To nor then that as Mass is a form of acceleration (hidden by the static membrane we measure) the quantity mv can change in both elements, m and v. And this will be found latter by Einstein’s relativity.

The net force on a particle is thus equal to the rate of change of the momentum of the particle with time.

And so ‘time-frequency again’ as momentum is conserved, is the variable that changes in 5D which again only in relativity becomes explicit.

Nothing else is then needed. So long as the force acting on a particle is known, Newton’s second law is sufficient to describe the motion of a particle. Once independent relations for each force acting on a particle are available, they can be substituted into Newton’s second law to obtain an ordinary differential equation, which is called the equation of motion.



Acceleration then is in terms of time ages the ‘future’ growth of information (Vo x Ro = k), in vortices, while the opposite, deceleration happens when the system after a ‘big-bang’ initial impetus slows down giving birth to the 3 forms of motion:

The 3 Ðimotions in a single plane, whose limits are pure stillness when the entropic lineal past deceleration stops and pure motion without form, when the vortex reaches its singularity point, neither perceivable in physical terms.

As an example of those 3 type of movements, consider entropic deceleration, assume that friction is the only force acting on the particle, and that it may be modeled as a function of the velocity of the particle, for example:

 where λ is a positive constant, the negative sign states that the force is opposite the sense of the velocity. Then the equation of motion is:

  This can be integrated to obtain

 where v0 is the initial velocity.

This means that the velocity of this particle decays exponentially to zero as time progresses, which is THE DEFINITION OF ENTROPY ,and indeed we use the entropic function (negative exponential).

In this case, an equivalent viewpoint is that the kinetic energy of the particle is absorbed by friction (which converts it to heat energy in accordance with the conservation of energy), and the particle is slowing down.

In 5D terms, the ‘larger world’ is ‘absorbing’, predating in the energy of the smaller particle. However when the motion is inward, accelerating into a vortex, there is no friction and acceleration continues towards the central relative future singularity.

Forces thus are related to the ‘external world’ or the relative background space of the system, studied in the article on the 5 DImotions by scale: so we shall find ¡+1,  gravitational forces and I-1 Lorentz force for electromagnetism and thermodynamic forces mostly entropic heat-like in our ∆º human scale.

The third law: steady states and equilibrium. 

What about the Principle that every action imposes a reaction of the inverse direction? This is the evident balance of the Universe which in this manner conserves its relative infinite space and time, as in the cosmology of 5D imploding galaxies and exploding dark entropy between them. The principle of communication or 2nd postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry is ultimately its origin. In vital terms, we could say that in the living Universe all systems ‘communicate’ constantly, and so all systems tend to equilibrium.

It does responds to the second of the forces of the graph above, the steady state or equilibrium or relative present,andhence is all pervading.

Newton’s third law thus is USED FOR SOCIAL GROUPS of entities in constant balance and communication as it represent also the 5D social dimotion of physical systems.

Thus it can be used to deduce the forces acting on a particle: if it is known that particle exerts a force F on another particle B, it follows that B must exert an equal and opposite reaction force, −F, on A.

The implosive accelerated form in classic terms.

Those parameters, then can be measure in a long stretch of time, or in a single step. To that aim the acceleration, or rate of change of velocity, is the derivative of the velocity with respect to time (the second derivative of the position with respect to time):

 Since as we have seen, derivatives reduce a dimension of a system, here ‘compressing it to an instant’.

Acceleration represents the velocity’s change over time. Velocity can change in either magnitude or direction, or both. Occasionally, a decrease in the magnitude of velocity “v” is referred to as deceleration, but generally any change in the velocity over time, including deceleration, is simply referred to as acceleration. It should NOT in 5D, neither we should consider the existence of centripetal forces, but as in quantum physics, accept that there is also as there is lineal inertia, which implies conservation of lineal momentum, cyclical inertia, which implies conservation of cyclical momentum.

But as usual we shall NOT make changes in equations, as in any case the results are the same, and those ad ons, only ‘Occam’s razor’ proofs of a possible more simple physics (a force now is eliminated) if Philosophy of 5D had been invented before the mechanic method had imposed the more complicated Newtonian version. As mach and Einstein noticed, those centripetal forces happen NOT because they are natural to a system but because THE COSMOLOGICAL SCALE OF GRAVITATION acts to create them.

In an ideal non-gravitational space as quantum physics is (given the difference of forces that make negligible gravitation), cyclical inertia indeed to the ‘surprise’ of all quantum physics did NOT exist and the electron turns without emitting radiation.

Or in other words, because lineal inertia is based in lineal time and Aristotelian logic causality A->B, it needs no further forces.

But since cyclical motion REQUIRES a 2 dimensional system, in this case the relationship between the singularity and the membrane, which are both in connection it has a DUALITY logic: there are two forces acting, the cyclical motion and the ‘central singularity’ that attracts it. When that center is lacking, there is a centripetal force that tries to move lineally the system. But BECAUSE IN THE UNIVERSE THERE ARE 5 DIMOTIONS AND ALL OF THEM EXIST, DUALITY (cyclical inertia), TRINITY (conservation of 3 elements) and pentalogic (scalar systems, with entropic ¡-1 electromagnetic and I+1 cosmological social informative gravitational forces/scales) do exist.

So the existence of cyclical inertia just explains the need for two elements-dimensions of reality, the center of reference and the satellite system. If we put a string to the bucket it will turn with cyclical inertia and never escape.

Frames of reference 

Now Galilean relativity is simply the adaptation to human perspectives of a much larger truth: the mind stops motion into stillness, so we see motion as fixed form of space. Failing to recognize that, what Galileo did was to adapt the different motions of beings to that still frame of reference of the humind, which suits the practical purpose of physics. We just here ad the deeper philosophical reason; of the duality of ‘scalar’ perception of reality as all motions in time are perceived as distances in space by a relative mind/frame:

S= T; Dimension-Distance = Time-motion = ST Ðimotion:

A dimension of spatial form can also be seen as a motion in time. But we cannot know from the mental, still point of view, what truly is motion and what is dimensional form. So we must conclude both co-exist together. And so instead of talking of space forms and time motions as something different we must talk of space-time dimensional motions. Both together become a ‘Ðimotion’, the fundamental element of reality. It is the paradox of relativity of motion that started modern science but was not quite properly understood either by Galileo that chose ‘motion’ and discharged the static form of the Earth or Einstein that chose form and measured the ‘simultaneity of space’: Time Motions & space dimensions however co-exist and merge in every ‘space-time being of the Universe. The 3 essential paradoxes of Galileo: how can we distinguish a closed, cyclical deterministic orde