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Introduction: 5 D Physics.


The fractal organic Universe: its planes, a general review.

The proper order of scales=physical stiences, from wholes to parts:

∆+2, 3:  Galactic time§paœ organisms.

∆º±1:  Thermodynamic time§pace suppœrganisms, human scale

∆±4: The Dark, string world:  Its ∆±i≈T-dualities.

.∆-2,3: Atomic supœrganisms:  quantum, atomic scale.



‘Simplicity is Genius’. ‘Universe is simple but not malicious’.

Leonardo, Einstein, 2 simple geniuses

“Call information entropy. Nobody knows what entropy really is, so you have the advantage.”

 Neumann to Shannon, on the science of duality that studies the two inverse arrows of timespace of the Universe, entropy=motion and in/form/ation. And the ignorance humans have of their properties.

‘Philosophy of Science will be completed only by a set of principles regarding information similar to those of Physicists in the study of entropy and locomotion’

Searle. On the goal achieved in this web.

‘The Universe is an ∆±¡nfinite fractal supœrganism of 5 Ðimotions of time§paces’.

l§, Philosopher of Science, Webmaster, Chair of Duality at International Systems Sciences Society (ISSS).

Abstract.  The 3 new properties discovered in our analysis of relational space-time: cyclical time patterns origin of all the repetitive laws of science; which break enclosing with angular momentum space into infinite vital energies, self-centered into ‘linguistic mirrors-minds-singularities’, the Maxwellian demons that allow information to dominate entropy and create the ordered forms of reality, have an immediate consequence in physics.

To order those infinite clocks that break reality, but share similar properties we need to accept a fractal, organic, scalar Universe. The scales of the Universe are a consequence of the mathematical mirrors embedded in charges and particle-points and crystals and gravitational black holes, the 3 main singularities of the quantum thermodynamic and cosmological scales, all of them unified by the simple metric of the fifth dimension. Yet as systems that co-exist in scales ARE organic systems, we talk of an organic, entangled Universe, whose whys are the survival of its physical species, in an automated or apperceptive way (not conscious, but able to gauge information and use it for survival purposes)> The translation of all the abstract concepts and equations of physics into the organic whys thus complex the discipline. You should see this upgrading as symbiotic: analytic physics has studied its details with mathematical equations, which are not the cause but the best mirror-language hold in those images-singularities that return back their mirror image in the orderly world of infinite parts… put together by flows of energy and information between scales. While the organic, survival, co-existing properties of the fifth dimension of scales define the ultimate absolute whys of reality. So from the atom to the organic galaxy, the purpose of physical systems and its workings are the same of all other systems of Nature.


‘Leibniz was right there are infinite time clocks in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from scratch’ Einstein, on the tasks achieved in this blog. 

The reader would be surprised to learn that scientists are fully aware their first principles, an absolute single time clock for the entire Universe and a continuous single space are ‘false’ conventions, useful to measure reality with ‘human artifacts’ but the Universe HAS infinite time clocks – all cyclical motions by definition describe a time clock – and broken ‘vital spaces’ (all membranes and cyclical clocks by definition break space into inner and outer regions), which are the main ‘components of beings’.

This is the case since quantum physics show ‘vacuum space’ holds energy and it is broken into quanta, and relativity showed there are infinite time clocks with different speeds in the Universe.

And yet what should have come next, a thorough investigation on how a world of infinite time clocks and broken spaces is was such a difficult task as it had to come to the very beginning of science that as Einstein put it, nobody dared to do it, and so the routines of traditional scientific thought continue, and we still use a single time-clock tuned to the second and a single rod of distance in space, the c-speed of light or the meter for more pedestrian purposes.

What we do in this blog is exactly what Einstein asked for: take the concept of a Universe made of relational space-time beings, forwarded by Leibniz to its ultimate consequences. And the result is a Universe as it is SO DIFFERENT from the one you are told to believe in, as the upgrading of quantum and relativity was in its depiction of physical space or the upgrading of Darwin in his description of biological time, or Aristotle in his description of the causal logic of those time systems.

Why this is NOT been done before, as science has been content merely with putting ‘parches’ to reality has to do with the mentioned routines of knowledge, expressed also by Mr. Planck. So you will have to suspend your beliefs for a while if you want to go ahead and understand better the Universe.

The fifth dimension in physics, its main 3 scales.

In the next graph, the Universe is a fractal system that reproduces spatial information and temporal energy, carried in the cycles and forms of its clocks of time in multiple scales of spatial size. All those scales are topologically similar, differentiating in the ‘speed or frequency’ at which they close their ‘time§pace clocks’ (closed paths that ad a bit of informative frequency every time they repeat their cycle, according to a simple metric rule for most ‘families of time§pace clocks’: Size in space x Time frequency =constant. As such we have an organic, fractal Universe with a 5th dimensional metric, Space Size x ðime frequency, which allows travel through it, opening a full new formalism to all sciences, which have not studied properly the information of those time clocks of different frequency and size as ‘an ecosystem with its own rule of laws, the laws of the fifth dimension of ‘informative speed’, as the herzian speed of time cycles are ruled by 5D metric.

In the graph, the Universe organises itself in co-existing scales of relative size in space and speed in its time clocks of information – a structural property that determines its organic nature, as those scales become symbiotic to each other, sharing through networks flows of energy and information. This fractal organic nature of reality was intuitively understood by all philosophers of science, which from Aristotle to Leibniz and Einstein conceived a pan psychic vital Universe, and man made to its image and likeness. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, a metric equation of the scalar space-time dimension of the Universe, applying it to the study of all systems, including human societies and machines – a task carried out in this blog. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time  is simple as all space-time metric are: Se (size-energy in space) x Ti (speed of time clocks-information processing) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms. It also allows systems to travel through its scales by growing in size, while diminishing in time speed, as we do from birth as a fast reproducing seminal cell which emerges with slower clocks as an organism, part of a superorganism, mother earth, which has even slower geological cycles:

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

Moreover a fractal repeats its forms in scales, and this co-existence of similar forms in scale ‘sharing motions’ of ‘energy’ and in-form-ation, is the definition of an organic life system. So the Organic, Fractal Universe produces naturally ‘life properties in beings’. A mathematical fractal has ‘scales of size’ which are self-similar as life does, from ecosystems to organisms to cells, or gravitational systems, from galaxies to stars to atoms. Moreover, the scales that are similar can be described mathematically as nested organisms, co-existing thanks to a peculiar mathematical property of its ‘speed of time clocks and information’, ðƒ, which DECREASES with the GROWTH of size in space (Sp).

Both parameters, spatial size and quantity of information can then be related by a simple Metric equation: Max. Spatial size = Min. speed of cyclical clocks of time that store its in-form-ation in the for and speed of its cycles.

So a chip the smaller it is the faster it process information in its digital clock-cycles. A particle, the smaller it is the faster it turns. So happens with a cosmic body. So black holes turn in the event horizon at light speed. A ray of light with higher frequency of information has smaller wave lengths, a planet closer to the sun turns faster; a smaller animal has faster metabolic rates.

So the first ‘organic property’ of the fractal Universe, and the symbolism is rather simple, ∆ for scales of size, ±¡ to order them. 3 enough to create an organism.

In the graph we see the ‘organic fractal Universe in different scales’ and systems of reproduction of information.

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

The Universe is a fractal super organism of space-time beings that reproduce quantum, genetic or biological, spatial in-form-ation shaping the entropic motions of reality into meaningful forms:  its time clocks synchronized into simultaneous networks and fractal≈organic systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality.This obvious fact observed in the graph – but denied by the ‘creationist’ entitled human beings who prefer to think they are  the only intelligent, living part of it to their own peril; makes it a ‘pan psychic’ organic system. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, applying it then to all systems, including human societies and machines.

The Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension).

Classic Physics pretended to be the highest ‘intensive science’ because it established a preferential origin in the lowest scales of reality of all what existed, which should determine all other scales of size and coming together of parts, according to the same set of laws. This is contested by the fractal Universe, as all the scales have slightly different set of laws. However there is a common ‘theme’ in all of them, which are the laws of super organisms and worldcycles common to all scales, whose perfect ideal forms space and time are rather mental; that is, ideal singularity mind-mappings then imprinted by each mind-language and program of survival in the Universal scales. As Mr. Anderson pointed out: The constructionist hypothesis breaks down when confronted with the twin difficulties of scale and complexity.

So the first conclusion we obtain from the analysis of the two new properties of space – scales, and time – 3 complex arrow to form a being, is an essential law of Nature highly contested by physicists and its ‘constructionist theory… which pretends the lowest scale is different and all others above are made with its laws. Above, a classic paper of the 70s already noticed that those 2 ‘properties’ of space – to be scalar, and time – to have multiple complex arrows of motion and future would determine that physics is NOT the fundamental ‘stience’ – all of them are, as all follow similar but not equal detail, since a fractal in each scale is ‘similar’ but different in the details, and yet the organic fractals of nature, as the simplified mirror-mind image in the mathematical language can be all generated by an identical ‘generator equation’, which describes its parts  and how the constant feed back motions and exchanges between them ‘generate’ new variations :

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal system that reproduces spatial information and temporal energy, carried in the cycles and forms of its clocks of time in multiple scales of spatial size.

Moreover a fractal repeats its forms in scales, and this co-existence of similar forms in scale ‘sharing motions’ of ‘energy’ and in-form-ation, is the definition of an organic life system. So the Organic, Fractal Universe produces naturally ‘life properties in beings’. A mathematical fractal has ‘scales of size’ which are self-similar as life does, from ecosystems to organisms to cells, or gravitational systems, from galaxies to stars to atoms. Moreover, the scales that are similar can be described mathematically as nested organisms, co-existing thanks to a peculiar mathematical property of its ‘speed of time clocks and information’, ðƒ, which DECREASES with the GROWTH of size in space (Sp).

Both parameters, spatial size and quantity of information can then be related by a simple Metric equation: Max. Spatial size = Min. speed of cyclical clocks of time that store its in-form-ation in the for and speed of its cycles.

So a chip the smaller it is the faster it process information in its digital clock-cycles. A particle, the smaller it is the faster it turns. So happens with a cosmic body. So black holes turn in the event horizon at light speed. A ray of light with higher frequency of information has smaller wave lengths, a planet closer to the sun turns faster; a smaller animal has faster metabolic rates.

In the graphs ‘5th dimension metric’ and its ‘Ðisomorphic’ laws apply to ALL PLANES of existence of reality ,each one studied by a stience, according to size. We observe the main physical and Socio-Biological Superorganisms of space-time whose ternary ∆§±1 beings co-existing in 3 relative planes, the atomic, ∆-1 (cellular, individual), ∆º:magnetic /thermodynamic,  (organic or national in biological and social systems) and ∆+1 gravitational (ecosystemic or world in biological and social systems).

It is precisely the existence of a 5D metric what pegs those ternary planes together and allows its synchronicity and simultaneity as energy and information can travel between those scales according to the definition of a ‘space-time’ dimension.

In that regard, NOT all planes of the Universe follow the same metric equations, but certain families of related species do, which allow their symbiosis and social evolution.  So we can assess the existence of a super organism, like the galaxy or a biological organism, when the product of both parameters, time clocks and spatial size remains co-invariant in 3 relative ∆§±I scales – which will be ‘tighter’ form smaller systems, and as large as the whole range of perceived scales from the quantum potential (∆-4) to the cosmos (∆+4) in the galaxy:

 $p x ðƒ=K

Whereas K is a vital or Universal constant of ‘action’ that defines the co-invariance of the product of spatial entropy=extension and temporal information stored in the frequency of its time cycles in any system (metabolic constant in life beings; H, K and C quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational constants of action, entropy and motion in physics).

We cannot overextend in this introduction on the them of 5D metric, studied in other posts in more detail, but a few examples of biological and physical super organisms will suffice to observe the importance of this discovery.

First we already noticed that as smaller systems carry more information, in its faster cycles, smaller scales code larger ones, genes code organisms, humans code civilizations and quantum numbers called atomic systems. 

Next we can observe a direct biological and physical example of the existence of such ‘phyla’ of related species, which follow a given 5D metric (in the fractal Universe by definition as Einstein noticed in physics all laws have a ‘local diffeomorphic symmetry’:

In the graph, the extraordinary capacity to explain the meaning of the fundamental laws of biological, physical and social systems (which we normally escape in the examples for sake of simplicity): animals accelerate their circadian and metabolic cycles as they become smaller, but the product of its volume in space and time clocks remains invariant.

So happens with planets who enclose a proportional volume of space with its orbital clocks, and any physical system, which accelerates its frequencies/temperatures/speeds but its ‘actions’  – the fundamental unit of physical systems, product its energy ‘volume’ and time ‘frequency’ remain constant.

Since due to such metric ‘co-ordination’, systems can co-exist in 3 of such ‘scales’ of size, in symbiosis between its smaller parts  with faster informative cycles (ab. ∆-1) that code the ‘quantum, genetic or memetic’ information of larger physical, biological or social systems (∆º). While the larger scale, the whole commands in simultaneity the motions of smaller parts. And that symbiotic co-existence creates the ternary scalar structure of a space-time super organism, enclosed in a larger ∆+1 world; proper of all ‘vital, fractal spacetimes’ of reality (ab. time§paœrganism, Œ).

In those timespace organisms the time clocks of the smaller ∆-1 scale store the information of the system in the form and frequency of its cycles.

On the other hand, the larger whole, encloses within its membrane and synchronises with its internal ‘physiological networks or forces’, (biological, physical systems) the motions of the system in space. So we equate information with the static view of clock cycles. And motion with the dynamic view of spatial extension and consider that the structure of time and space is the origin of the entropic motions and informative bits of any system, which can be defined as a super organism of space-time:

 Sp x Tƒ = K equation is the ‘canonical equation of a dimension of space-time’ which exists according to mathematicians like Klein precisely when the product of both parameters remains ‘co-invariant’, so a system can travel though it (as for example light does between scales with its specific metric or constant c-speed of reproduction of information).

Thus unlike the simplified concept of time=change=locomotion of physicists as ONLY change=translation in space (v=s/t), when we add the ‘biological’, evolutionary time=change in in/form/ation, we can also explain the biological changes of life and death of human organisms, our topological VARIATIONS of forms in (evolution theory), and the mirrors of those changes produced by our languages of perception… which become the memetic ‘languages’ that organize change in the social organisms of history, mankind in time.

So we shall expand the analysis of time change and its laws to both biological and social sciences, something physicists have tried repeatedly with very awkward results (quantum fantaphysics, worldlines, entropy philosophers of ‘death’).

SINCE HUMAN AND BIOLOGICAL CHANGE is primarily ‘informative, social, technological and biological time=change’ NOT translative change=time, the ONLY one physicists study (v=s/t, or Galilean relativity and its fine-tuned Einstein’s version: S²=X²+Y²+z²-c²t²)

So this blog will not only correct and improve our view of the Universe but far more importantly make us understand life, man and history much better than we do today.

So as organic space-time beings co-existing in several scales, we do change also the word science for STienœ, stienœs that describe the different space-time beings ordered by 5D metric.

And then consider how humans look as timespace organisms (ab. T.Œs), guided by both arrows of time, motion≈entropy and in/form/ation and the Ðisomorphic laws of all those T.œs.

∆§ðœ±¡ is then a synoptic expression of those super organisms and its 5 dimensions, fractal space, cycles of time, self-centered into an œrganism, of the ∆ø plane, with a dimension of social evolution ∆+¡ and one of entropy, ∆-¡ as its limiting planes.

The ultimate whys of 5D metric…
are in fact organic. Indeed, the reduction of speed of motion and cyclical events in larger beings happen because they must first establish a simultaneous, present, co-existence of its clone reproduced parts, necessary to act externally as a whole. So the ‘whole’ clock of the system must slow down as it enlarges into multiple organic clone-like beings which will then adopt the ‘slower collective clock’ as its new ‘unit’ of simultaneous action as a whole.  And we will return to those key logic elements.
A Universe of space forms: S@ and time motions: ∆ð

All what you see around is a tapestry of forms that are moving (as motion is relative to the observer you will always be able to find a frame of reference in which the being moves) – nothing else is required to explain it all: ‘forms’, a concept closely related to the scientific concept of in/form/ation and ‘motion’, a concept closely related to the scientific term ‘entropy’.

Further on we can reduce reality to a single ‘element’, motion. Since when we observe any ‘form’ in detail at ‘smaller’ scales, the form also shows motion. Form in fact is merely a ‘very fast closed motion’ that seen without detail appears as a solid form. So all particles are closed motions. We shall call a closed ‘motion’, a clock-like ‘time cycle’. So we affirm all in the Universe are ‘formal motions’ tracing in-form-ative time cycles.

Information is stored in those closed ‘forms’ or ‘time cycles. In/form/ations, Forms in action are both the ‘form’ AND frequency ‘bits’ of those time cycles. And so as all what exists are cyclical forms (we shall call them, ‘fractal points’, ab. œ, •) that complete ‘worldcycles of time’, we can really reduce it all to ‘formal motions’, to time cycles.

And as any motion that ‘repeats’ its time cycle is REPRODUCING its form, its information, there is no doubt about our first principle born of the experience that all what we perceive are motions reproducing information as they move in time cycles:

All clocks of time are cyclical motions which break reality into an inner region of vital energy, an angular momentum clock that encloses it and when regular a central singularity which can ‘perceive’ some how a mapping of the Universe that flows through the membrane. So mind, angular momentum and vital energy become the 3 parts of the clock and hence the basic super organism of the Universe.

The scalar superorganisms of the Universe in a nutshell.

In Newton’s cosmos, space and time provide a fixed, immutable and eternal background, with respect to which particles move. Space and time are a stage. Like actors on that stage, particles move, exert forces onto each other and generally act out the drama of dynamics, while the stage itself does not change. This is sketched in the illustration. There, we see objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, but there is also a fixed background structure, space, which is just as real, pictured here as a lattice of intersecting lines. Newton’s view of the universe is manifestly background dependent – whether or not a particle is moving or at rest is determined in relation to Newton’s absolute space and time – the plenum/body of God, which of course must be immortal and last for ever, graphed ‘obviously’ to make it easier for the chosen to understand.

 A relational world without spatial background

But even in Newton’s day, there were philosophers like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who took a different stance. In modern parlance, theirs is a relationist point of view. For a relationist, there is no background of absolute space and time. The fundamental properties of the elementary entities consist entirely in relationships between those elementary entities. Time is nothing but changes in these relationships, and consists of nothing but the ordering of these changes. In the relationist version of the above illustration, only the objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, are real. The lattice has no independent existence. Even without the lattice, it does make sense to talk about the distance between two given objects. One of the fundamental discoveries of Einstein is that in our universe, there is indeed no fixed space-time background. In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which replaces Newton’s theory of mechanics and the gravitational force, the geometry of spacetime is not fixed. Instead it is an evolving, dynamical quantity. Physicists intent on describing our universe cannot just assume a given geometry. Instead, geometry is something that needs to be determined by solving certain equations that include all the effects of matter and energy.

But if space is what objects occupy that distance between the red square’s vital spade and the yellow ‘circle’ must have something. Horror vacuum comes then into place: indeed the Universe must be scalar. There must be very small parts between them, which we do not see. And that is what we have proved with microscopes – as we probe smaller distances forms with motion, spaces with time-motions appear and there it seems no limit to the fractal scales of the Universe.

But space and time do exist.

The simple idea behind the structure of the fractal Universe of space-time is to consider time duration and vital space extension the two properties/elements of all beings.

It is then necessary to conclude since absolute continuous time and space are merely a mathematical cartesian artefact on paper to study equations, but there is nowhere to be found, and yet we are CONSTANTLY existing as beings with a finite time and a finite extension in space, that WE ARE space and time, merely of a different kind to that of Newton: organic (ab.œ), scalar  (a. ∆§) Space, and cyclical discontinuous time (ab.ð, Ð)  who ‘lives’… in worldcycles (no longer worldlines) of exist¡ence (as species who follow the common laws of all stiences of space and time).

This idea is so simple, so beautiful, that if you grasp it and agree, I invite you to tell to all others who wonder to wander this web, now that I have completed a fairly understandable version, a decade after Mr. Wheeler’s death, a century after Mr. Einstein’s previous paradigm, a millennium after the invention of the simplex mechanical clock… WHICH DEFORMED our vision of the infinite clocks of the universe of space-time.

So the essential change of paradigm from absolute spacetime to relational spacetime is simple and everything else follows from it: we are made of vital spaces that last a finite time ‘world cycle’ of existence, and so the study of the vital organic spaces, which we are and the laws of its world cycles of time duration, is what science is all about.

What Newton called absolute space-time IS NOT. It is a mathematical artifact, a pen and paper ‘cartesian graph’ drawing, physicists used to map out reality and do calculations but it does NOT exist in reality. Do you see a Cartesian graph in the background of the vital spaces occupied by beings? No. Physicists have probe down to the scale of strings and they have never found the ‘lines’ of the lineal time and cartesian space, they draw in their papers ts, ts… So space must be the sum of all the discontinuous vital spaces, occupied by different beings. And they have never found an ‘immortal being’ which would not follow a ‘world cycle’ of life and death…

All is generated in a point of past and dies in a point of future. So the infinite line of single time of the Cartesian graph is missing. ts, ts…

Hence the need to change paradigm from an abstract single space-time continuous background, which Newton merely took from the abstract mathematical Cartesian Plane that became in his ‘delirium tremens’ the ‘Plenum=body of Yahveh’ in which we all exist (:  the dependent background against which all motions were measured, into what physicists without better understanding call a background independent theory of science – meaning no background at all).

Let us start then with a very brief conceptualization on how the Universe looks when we ad a new dimension of internal time=change or arrow of in-form-ation, of change in form, or ‘morphogenesis’, to the arrow of external time=change or translation in space, of loco-motion and entropy, the one one studied by Physicists.


The elongation of time cycles into lines made science lost the understanding of the frequency and form that define the information of beings


In the XVII c. Descartes founded a mathematical artifice, the cartesian space-time plane, that allowed him to plot time in lineal terms and Galileo used it to define time as a parameter of lineal space-motions, reducing time studies to a single form of change and all its time clock cycles to a single time clock (time-space relativity, v=s/t, time as measure of translation, use of clocks, etc.):

The Galilean paradoximage005

The discontinuity of space and time is the key to unify the laws of sciences that describe different species, which occupy a certain organic space and last a certain time. In the graph, Saturn’s rings are not a mathematical plane made of abstract points, despite their continuous appearance.

When we look at them in detail they become in fact quantic planetoids in movement, tracing orbital cycles around the planet. They illustrate the fundamental paradox of perception:

Any piece of time/space seems continuous, but when we analyze it in detail, it becomes discontinuous, made of space/time quanta moving in cyclical paths.
The key to the Unification of Organic and Physical Sciences is the solution of one of the longest disputes of Physics and Philosophy of Science regarding the nature of space and time: are they continuous as Einstein said or discontinuous as quantic Physics and Biology pretend? Time and Space are not a continuum as Einstein thought.

There are in the Universe infinite clocks, forms of reality that trace discontinuous, temporal cycles; and infinite pieces of spatial energy, quantic spaces, divided by membranes, borders and discontinuities, both in organic and physical entities.

The quantic nature of space and time today accumulates enough proves, despite the respect that Einstein’s work still causes, as to be the cover of prestigious scientific magazines. And it will revolution all disciplines of science, since all of them use those 2 parameters to explain their species and laws.

It also implies the equality between energy and space on one hand, and between time cycles and bits of information on the other. The only real difference between those concepts was the pretended continuity of time and space Vs. the proved discontinuity of information and energy. Thus now we talk of 2 concepts that suffice to explain reality:
- The space and energy of any quantic being, homologous concepts, both in Biology (where we talk of organic space) and in Physics (where the vacuum is considered a form of ‘dark energy’).
- And the bits of information or temporal, genetic memories and cycles of any being.

Since information is stored in memorial patterns that accumulate over time and it is processed in a cyclical manner, as time is. For example, we measure a computer’s informative capacity in Mhz, or quantity of temporal cycles of information the computer processes each second.
The 2 fundamental substances or states of reality are thus spatial energy and temporal information that we will call, when properly combined, temporal energy.
We are made of energy and time, which our mind often perceives as fixed space and fixed information, but are truly organic, moving forms.
And so the analysis of the relationship between fixed space and ‘moving energy’ and between cycles of time and ‘information’ is essential to understand what we are made of, and how we perceive those 2 elements in ourselves:

And we call its perceptive dualities of ‘Endophysics’ the Galilean Paradox, as humans perceive the Earth still as a whole space. But as we increase the quantity of information=truth we perceive it becomes a rotating, moving mass of atomic clocks (‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’).

Definition of a Dimension as motion and distances. The Paradox of Galileo.

The first truism of scalar space-time theory, is the concept of a fractal, scalar Universe that becomes fractal, broken, discontinuous, grows in size, creating new ‘isomorphic scales’ and acquires motion, when we observe it in detail.

Thus the universe of space-time in a less detailed relativistic perception is unique, continuous, still. But in detail, in a quantum vision has motion-’—motions’, it is discontinuous, made of ‘fractal quanta’, which show cyclical clock-like motions – hence it is made of infinite time cycles and fractal spaces, which are organized in scales of size, which grow in information and speed of its rotary cycles when we come closer to them, as fractals do.

And this transition from continuous abstract, ‘background’, absolute space-time to relative, scalar, fractal space and time cycles, with more information of which all things are made is the essential change from classic 4D to 5th dimensional sciences.

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics. The next graph illustrates this and other dual paradoxes of endophysics –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study:

In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks. The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time. The 5th and sixth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple åctions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together:

All entities exist in a dual state of internal, ‘vital’ space with no relative motion between its parts and external time motion. All has a function in time and a form in space. As Schrodinger’s cat, all is dead and alive…

The Paradox of Galileo explains those dualities of motion and stillness, continuity and discontinuity and the fractal scale of non-Euclidean points, which grow in size and form according to the point of view of the observer. Yet since motion, discontinuity and fractal structure becomes evident as we come closer to the object, increasing our information and the truth of an entity is a direct function of the quantity of information we have of it, a Universe made of motions NOT substances, of discontinuous, fractal space-time, not of continuum fixed space is more truth.

Thus, all systems must, by the paradox of Galileo, be defined in time and space to achieve a complete description of an event. Yet the fractal, discontinuous, moving, scalar description is logically more truth. Indeed, in the formalism of Non-Aristotelian logic, ‘truth=information’ is measured in terms of probabilities and is a function which increases proportionally to our closeness to the entity we study and so it reaches 1, when information and truth become the same only when we occupy the same space-time than the being – that is, as Haldane put it: ‘Only the Universe (or any being) has all the truth (information) about itself’.

So we define the dual nature of dimensions: ‘A dimension is a motion perceived as still extension or distance.’

Hence motions of particles and reproductions of waves can generate dimensions. In the lower scale dimensions are in fact defined by the reproduction of lineal strings, laterally, into bidimensional planes and 3 dimensions by the reproduction of a cyclical closed string into tubes.

In the Universe at large, space is a planar vacuum, teaming with energetic motions that appear at a large scale ‘as fixed’ space-distances (quantum vs. relativistic view); and its ‘units of substance are rotating Galaxies, their time-clocks. Some consequences of this Galilean duality:

– The vacuum of our scale of space-time is made of light, which can be seen as a single sheet of fixed space-distance or as electromagnetic motion at c-speed. Since vacuum is filled even in its minimal energy density by a background radiation light – a fact that explains the creation of virtual particles, the first condensation of ‘—motions’- space into light waves or clocks of time (closed light paths, which start with the ‘first’ clock, the electron, a condensed density of light photons).

– Galileo’s paradox explains the immortality of the Universe, since a Universe made of motions cannot stop.

A key element to understand the Universe of scales and its paradoxes of freedom vs. order is the perspective any mind has of reality when looking above, to its upper whole, which controls it through invisible networks of information, hence creating an elliptic perspective of decreasing perception – dark view of larger scales we do not observe, from invisible informative networks in galaxies to invisible financial networks in societies to invisible nervous networks for cells. On the other hand in the same scale we have a flat, euclidean geometry of maximal perception with minimal distortion. While looking down to our smaller inner world we rule it with networks that break into fractal webs of simultaneous control, or hyperbolic view. This ternary view of reality has immense consequence from theory of knowledge, to mind constructs, from sociology of power to galactic organic models of a Universe ruled by invisible black holes and dark matter. We feel thus free as individuals but are controlled from above by the larger whole and rule over our micro-parts. As Shakespeare said: we are all kings from above, commoners or buffoons.



The devil is in the details so the first obvious question we must answer is what MEANS in REAL terms, the fact that all what exists is MADE OF SPATIAL topologies and TEMPORAL ages, of Space and Time? The answer is fascinating, as there are only 3 variations of mathematical space in a single “plane of the fifth dimension’, the so called hyperbolic, elliptic and toroid topologies. And so the fact that we are made of space means ultimately we are made of 3 type of organic topologies:

The 3 only topologies of all systems of Nature.

All systems of nature can be ‘reduced’ to fractal ensembles of 3 ‘conserved quantities’, angular momentum – the membrane of the system, which of course becomes a fractal sum of ‘cellular cycles’ of the skin of the system in human beings. And so on… Vital energy, the enclosed cyclical forms and motions within the space whose boundary conditions are given by the membrane, and lineal momentum, the motions with a ‘finality’ we perceive guided by a ‘relatively still mind-point-singularity’ that focuses the energy and information transferred through the angular momentum membrane.

So with this proper understanding of the abstract 3 conserved fundamental substances of reality, space, time and the vital energy with them, we then then observe the infinite variety of those themes, which can be explained either as a game of 3 perpendicular ‘lineal’ dimensions (the usual approach of science due to its error of lineal time, hence the dimension of ‘perception and information’ or height dimension of maximal projective geometry, the dimension of ‘length’ and motion or entropy, the one physicists recognize as a time arrow, and the width dimension of iteration and reproduction.

But the true, full understanding of these 3 parts of the being comes when we consider ‘bidimensional’, topological networks, which again will show a correspondent of form and function:

≥: iterative, reproductive, hyperbolic networks that become body waves, as the hyperbola has all the shapes within it to reproduce the whole being.

| ≈: Flat planes of lineal parallel networks of ‘fractal points’ that become  limbs/fields of maximal entropic motions as the line/plane is the fastest distance between two points.

>O: Informative, implosive ‘neuronal networks that become cyclical spherical particles-heads that process information as the sphere stores maximal information in minimal space.

So the simultaneous ensemble of ‘networks of cellular/atomic/organic herds’ into those 3 differentiated functions=forms which therefore extends across to ∆ø and ∆-1 scales, within the ∆+1 world in which the ternary network/system exists is what we call a super organism.

The insight that there are only 3 topologies in 4 and 5D nature is the key mathematical finding to fully account for topological evolution, the ternary nature of all systems and its functions and physiological networks, resolved NOT through intelligent design but through the limiting fact that there are only 3 topologies in space in the Universe. So by force al systems are ensembles of those 3 parts, shown in its simplest ‘geometry’ on the next graphs:

In the graph, spheres are the topology that holds the maximal volume of information; hence all ‘time space’ systems that process information are spherical particle-heads. Flat, lineal topologies are the topology that connects in the shortest path two points; so to reach/move faster, systems have lineal/flat moving potentials/limbs. Finally the third type of geometry, hyperbolic topology, is complex enough to store all other possible forms, so best to reproduce and all iterative body waves that generate the other 2 forms are hyperbolic. This mathematical-spatial truism holds for 2, 3 and 4 dimensions; hence establishing basic restriction to the construction and evolution of forms. And should become in XXI c. science the ‘missing’ leg of topological, biological and physical evolution to explain the extraordinary efficiency and homology between forms (no longer analogy, since all those forms derive from the same ‘substance’, space with time=motion or ‘topology’). In the next graph, we can see how the 3 only topologies of the Universe ensemble to form physical, biological and social organisms, all of them with a spherical ‘tall’ dimension to gauge information; a wide, iterative dimension of hyperbolic bodywave reproduction and a flat, direction for its entropic motions. The beauty of the topological Universe is that each of those 3 forms can be ‘deformed’ and ‘moves’, as long as it doesn’t tear (break). So departing from such simple 3 basic forms there are infinite possible variations of species, but we can order them all with that ternary principle.

human topology

So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

This is the simplest expression of the FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time beings, as all of them will display those ternary topologies.

It is its simplest spatial view, which we shall made soon more complex adding it its time-motions-functions and scales generated by the minds that perceive in the singularity a still mapping of the whole with a language that perceives in itself.

So we can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write THE TERNARY topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

@>∫T: $t: (limbs/fields of motion and Universe) <∑∏> §ð<<S∂ (still mind form or world)

The ginormous quantity of consequences of being made of those 3 topologies would fill up when study in its details – all the beings and super organisms of reality and its ternary parts – an entire galactic encyclopedia. So in this very brief introduction we shall consider the most remarkable consequence in the simplest level of understanding of it – the ternary principles of conservation of physics that correspond to the 3 parts of all systems.

LET US CONSIDER the first important consequence: the existence of fractal points/brains which run languages that first mirror the Universe and then order it:


Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality: The fractal point=world of space-time.

‘I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’ Einstein

In the organic paradigm embedded in the latin->European->Social culture, which reached it maximal truth in science, in the Wien school origin of general systems, the WHYS OF THE UNIVERSE are always organic, and the description are the linguistic mirrors of which mathematics is the best.

So only organicism is real in the whole sense of the Universe, while languages-mirrors are local orders.

The EGOCY of our present, entropic age of human civilization rejects this (Precisely because it is becoming dissolved). So we  reject the power of networks – self-mademan myths and tribalism in history. Yet  networks are more powerful and survive.

How this work on languages IS OBVIOUS: LANGUAGES ARE LOCAL, IMPLEMENTED BY BRAINS, AS THEIR SOFTWARE, which orders reality AFTER THE LANGUAGE MIRRORS IT, not the other way around as creationist religions and mathematical physicists think:

In the graph, which I re-designed from” road to irreality” (: a work by Penrose, one of the most staunchest creationists of physics (a mathematician along his friend Hawking, which shuns off the laws of the experimental method) his view of reality is VOID as in all PLATONIC (PLATO by the way never said that, they should be called Pythagorean, a much more primitive ‘magic view’) of HARDWARE MINDS and LOCALITY. In his view the Language creates the Universe.

In reality the Universe is a fractal organism, and as all its parts can be considered similar we can ‘make synoptic language’ with enormous power to reflect multiple similar images in its essence, which ultimately will be the laws of ‘Space-time’, which are Organic because that is the main property of co-existence in different planes (∆§cales), topological because that is the main property of Spatial adjacent topologies that form super organisms, and Logic, Multicausal, as that is the main property of the dimotions of time. 

So the ultimate causality ∆->T->S IS not Platonic mathematics but ∆organic properties -> T-Logic properties -> S-Topologic, mathematical properties.

In true form, the proper expansion of mathematics allows also to develop a lot of ∆§calar properties as numbers are ‘Social ensembles of undistinguishable beings’ and polynomial algebra and analysis studies how parts and wholes become one; but then mathematics properly understood become another proof of the vital, organic nature of the Universe. And since mathematics is based in logic in its internal nature and experimental proof in its outside qualities, the mirror is very good but we REPEAT, the true causes come from the ∆§ðructure of reality and its ∆-scalar properties, STopo-logic ONES.

SO WE ADAPT PENROSE GRAPh to show how reality is constantly going back and forth:

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all:

Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality. In the graph we see them ordering with different languages, different scales of reality which will reflect in a larger whole, the linguistic image they hold.


selection of languages

In the graph, the Universe in all its ecosystems selects the species who speaks better languages. Till recently we thought the word, our human language was supreme, and indeed in our ecosystems of history prophets and politicians ruled, but mathematics turned out to be a better language and finally in this blog we shall show you how the enhanced forms of logic, I-logic and mathematics non-e mathematics are the best language mirrors as they encode fully the true properties of space and time, form and motion the fabric of reality. So we shall improve the laws of those languages.

 IT IS THEN CLEAR WHY MATHEMATICS is so important and by enhancing the laws of logic and mathematics we shall describe better physics, but at the same time by realizing that organic properties are the larger why, we shall reduce the ‘obsession’ for platonic mathematics, and belief that all equations are real.
As languages like everything else in the Universe does have a 3rd age of excessive information, the Baroque age in which the language detaches from reality, warps in excess of form and creates imaginary thoughts. And this IS TODAY THE AGE IN WHICH LANGUAGES FIND THEMSELVES, due to the expansion of digital thought, allowing all kind of mathematical models of physics, specially in those areas (Black holes, dark entropy) of the ∆±4 plane we do NOT perceive and so without experience we just ‘inflate’ with ‘inflationary 3rd age excessive mathematical information).


The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems:

1D singularity + 2 D membrane = 3D vital energy.

They give the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time:

-Angular momentum (2D membrane).

-Lineal momentum (motion of the singularity)

-Vital energy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasms, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a sling membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body.

And this give us the 3 simplest conserved elements of reality, lineal motions (momentum), cyclical momentum and the vital energy reproduced between them.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, space, time and its vital energetic combinations. The iteration of those 3 elements into finite fractal organisms put together create the puzzle of reality we see. This might seem in first principles very simple but becomes more complex as we are talking of a ‘vital’ fractal, which has organic, bio-logical properties, besides topological ones, (which are the only accepted by the religion-dogma of a mathematical only universe) as its goal is to reproduce information (arguably a mathematical fractal also reproduces information departing from a generator, feedback equation, but its abstract jargon doesn’t recognize those properties).

So what we call often ‘vital space’ will be in more formal terms ‘Energy’; the enclosed timespace within a membrane or clock of time, in more formal terms an angular momentum (which becomes a membrane of multiple ‘cellular eddies’ of angular momentum in more complex, iterative systems). And finally the central still, ‘mind’ singularity, particle, crystal or ‘center of gravity’ in physical systems, still DNA of information, or nervous worldview that ‘makes you see’ the Earth still, which we CANNOT perceive internally, will be in physical terms defined by its lineal motion, but we shall explore further in this blog its inner information.

Of course as we are opening a window to the absolute, each paragraph opens new questions, to which we shall return. Enough though said of the spatial, ‘simultaneous’ view of the being in a single spacetime continuum. We are indeed ‘toporganic’ variations of space. 

What about finite time duration, our second component that make us last through our motions a limited time?

Again, as time space is more complex than lineal or absolute time space, the first obvious truth about a system of limited time is to be cyclical made NOT of worldlines but of world cycles that end when the ‘cycle’ returns to its beginning.

So if we are in space simultaneous super organisms of the 3 topologies of space, in time we are ‘world cycles of finite duration’. Let us see indeed, how all those topological beings last cyclical time periods.

Cyclical time (ab.ð) and its reduction to lineal mechanical time-clocks.

The Universe is an organism of space=form and time=motion; two parameters hardly understood by humans. In essence there are infinite ‘clock-like closed’ time cycles, which carry the in-form-ation of the Universe in the form and frequency of its closed cycles. Humans however equalize all those cycles of time space organisms with a single mechanical clock since Galileo and Kepler became in ‘awe’ of its mechanical discovery.

Reality of course is far more complex. The enormous number of different clocks with different speeds in the Universe require to study ‘new properties of all of them’. What those clocks of time have in common: to be closed cycles, hence to divide reality into an inner and outer region, to last in time, to conserve certain angular momentum-like quantities in the volume and speed of those cycles, and so on…

Properties mostly about forms-in-action, in-form-ations, motions with form.

How does a Universe of infinite time clocks of different size and speed relates to the present Universe in which all time clocks are equalized to the mechanical, clocks of metal-information, which were invented in the Middle Ages in Italy, and became the ONLY CLOCK-TIME OF THE UNIVERSE, once elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks).

Let us then start by describing the biggest blunder mankind has committed in the realm of knowledge: to simplify the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

Physicists reduced our information of the dimensions and modes of time cycles by uncoiling all time cycles, missing its form and frequency, to be able to equalize them all despite all its different speeds through the second standard of a mechanical clock. Then all its different speeds measured as mechanical time-clocks distances are pegged together as number of a line. Since Galileo pontified during its tenure of the chair of ballistic as the arsenal of Venice that entropic open motions as those he studied in cannonballsi is the only arrow of time. He fully destroyed our conceptual understanding of the infinite time space vital cycles of the Universe, its synchronous knots that form simultaneous supeorganisms, and the 3 vital parts of the time cycle, its membrane of conserved angular momentum, its focus or singularity for regular closed time cycles and the vital energy enclosed in them. Their dimensionalities are 2D-membrane, 1S-singularity, and 3D-volumen of enclosed energy. They become then the 3 conserved quantities, momentums and energy of the superoergansm of the Universe, broken in infinite pieces or ‘species’ of time-space

Physicists uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation…


-The information ‘stored’ in the ‘form’ and ‘frequency’ of those cycles.

-The understanding of ‘broken vital spacetimes, as each full closed cycle  reads reality into an inner and outer region, inside and outside the ‘simple knot’, or geometric definition of a cycle (Jordan’s first knot theorem). So by the mere fact of being in a universe made of infinite repetitive ‘conserved time clocks’, we obtain a broken space-time. Further on because time IS motion, the final substance of reality IS motions in time, and this makes REPRODUCTION, the essence of a fractal a dynamic natural CONSEQUENCE of this first ‘motion-substance’: by the mere fact of repeating a time clock-like cycle INFORMATION REPRODUCES. So there is no mystery to the process of reproduction, as reproduction occurs by MOTION. And so all those elements -repetitive patterns we call laws of science, the existence of broken vital spaces enclosed by angular momentums and moving membranes performing cyclical clocks that store and reproduce information, and the fractal structure of all of it, WHICH ARE THE ESSENTIAL WHYs of reality, became hidden by the simple concept of an absolute lineal ‘humind’ second unit of space-time.

Humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time.

Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.

What physicists mostly do then is the study of ‘open locomotions’, translations in space, through ‘lineal inertia, or scattered, entropic paths’, of objects that move; AND WHAT they care about TO QUANTIFY in terms of ‘RODS OF MEASURE’ that speed of translation in open space, is of course part of time=motion=change studies but far less important than the qualities of ‘closed time paths of frequency and form, of information’ we shall study here.

In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’.

So while humans obviously are aware of the existence of cyclical patterns of nature, because they have abandoned the proper concept of cyclical ðime changes, and its second dimension of form, of information, they cannot fully grasp the fundamental principles of the Universe: its cycles of ðime§pace, its scales of ðime speeds as §pace size (ab. ∆±i), and the ‘mind-mirrors and languages’ of information that allow systems to measure them, and interact with other beings in ðime§pace.

The concept of cyclical ðimes is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all ðime clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical ðimes. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if ðimes were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in ðime of patterns of behavior and causality.

All these truths unfortunately are hidden in the ðime equations of modern physics, so good for calculus so bad for interpretation, which need to be translated into cyclical ðime, measured by frequency (T=1/ƒ) and streamlined with a new jargon appropriate for a dual Universe, as opposed to the simplex jargon of classic absolute ðime§pace physics, that lingers in all sciences and drags its understanding.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure ðime in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical ðime, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency ðime’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into Lineal Time. For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

But if you just want to know the total length of along ðime period, you use Lineal Time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its ðime cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal ðime – an artifact of measure, and further on equalized all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘ðime clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

And we shall return to it, when using cyclical time to define and upgrade physical equations, with new insights on its whys, thanks to the ‘inverse arrow of time’ cyclical frequency, ð(ƒ)=1/T-duration.

4th and 5th dimensions of time space∆±¡: Entropy & evolution. Its metric.

Next, it follows immediately that if time is curved, and breaks timespace into closed conserved paths, time clocks are infinite as Leibniz and Einstein understood when he said ‘I seem to be the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’.

So the next step of our inquire from the absolute simplicity of ‘eidos’, the first idea or form of the platonic world – the closed path of a time clock, must be to order the multiplicity of those timespace clocks, and for that we need a new dimension of timespace and a metric equation that allow us to travel through it – its mathematical proof. Alas, that equation exists and it is astoundingly simple, and will allow us to order all the time clocks and enclosed ‘vital spaces=energies’ within them.

As they order in ‘scales’ of spatial size, whose similar forms and properties open a new astounding wealth of laws of science hardly explored till this blog, as we are all timespace beings, who share certain common properties because we share the 5 Dimensions of space-time. Laws that we shall call Dimensional Isomorphisms or ‘Ðisomorphisms’ (ab. Ð).

All those scales (ab.∆±¡) are topologically similar, differentiated only by the ‘speed or frequency’ at which they close their ‘time§pace clocks’ (closed paths that ad a bit of informative frequency every time they repeat their cycle, according to a simple metric rule for most ‘families of time§pace clocks’: Size in space x Time frequency =constant.

As such we have an organic, fractal Universe with a 5th dimensional metric, Space Size x ðime frequency, which allows travel through it, opening a full new formalism to all sciences, which have not studied properly the information of those time clocks of different frequency and size as ‘an ecosystem with its own rule of laws, the laws of the fifth dimension of ‘informative speed’, as the herzian speed of time cycles are ruled by 5D metric.

Let us now deal with ‘the fourth dimension of entropy’ and the ‘fifth dimension of social evolution’ into wholes. So simple so complex when we combine, repeat and translate in different languages those ultimate principles, which we shall now study with a bit of more depth.

The Universe and all its parts are Timespace organisms that reproduce information, stored in the form and frequency of its time clocks, through the vital motions of its 3 space-time dimensions and 2 ± ‘∆’ scalar dimensions of entropy that dissolve the networks of information of an entity, scattering them in the process of death, and emergence, which evolves those networks socially from a group of smaller parts into a whole.

Without those 2 ‘organic’ dimensions that relate the different ‘scales’ of size in space and speed of time clocks of each ‘fractal part’ of the Universe, we cannot make sense of its organic process of creation and extinction. In the graph all systems co-exist in 3 scales of the 4th & 5th Dimension: the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-organic/thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational world; which we can describe with a metric equation of the 4th and 5th scalar Dimensions of space-time (ab. ∆±i), which order all entities of reality in scales according to the size and different speeds of time clocks of its systems is very simple: $ x ð = K, the relative size in space and speed of the time cycles of a being remain constant.



The 5 Dimotions of timespace as actions of existence. 

Because of the reductionism of physics to a single locomotion arrow, which due to its simplicity can be calculated with maximal precision physicists tend to be arrogant to other sciences, thinking they know it all about time. Fact is they ignore everything about 4 of the 5 arrows of time.

The i-logic of the Universe is pentagonal, meaning times have always 5 ‘paths of future’ a system can choose. Time is MOTION=CHANGE, what physicists study is a single time ‘arrow’ of future, locomotion, since Galileo defined ‘speed’ v=s/t with time. So in that so simple view of ‘brief time’ motion is absolutely deterministic. That is the pride of physicists. To think they can determine the motion of beings. And they do. But that is ONLY one motion=change of reality. One path. Call it speed or lineal inertia, say it is deterministic or a ‘conserved quantity’.

That would be though a boring Universe. From that ‘reduced’ Universe physicists have come to truly think they know it all – hence their belief they are soo intelligent that transpires in the attitude of so many of them…

The second arrow they discovered latter on, in the XIX century of the 5 TYPE OF MOTIONS was ENTROPY. Entropy is very closely related to lineal inertial motion, but it is let us put it this way the absolute maximal motion in space aptly symbolized with S. Entropy is so much about motion that it becomes explosive, Big Bang, scattering motion. Now the ‘form’ of the being is not even conserved, it is explosive motion that breaks the internal ‘form, information’ of the being. So it is the MOTION OF DEATH. All your parts explode away and your information dies.

So they said the Universe is dying  and they kept on KILLING IT as what they do IS MANUFACTURE MACHINES THAT MOVE IN LINEAL PATHS (TRANSPORTS) OR worse, machines that PRODUCE ENTROPY-scattering motions-death aka weapons.

But there are 3 more ARROWS of time, modes of change, which are THE POSITIVE, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIAL, LOVING ARROWS not the 2 simple, destructive negative, arrows of motion and entropy which they DO study: 3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them.

THE UNIVERSE REINFORCES THE PROGRAM OF THE 5 ARROWS OF TIME with SENSATIONS the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (ARROW of eusocial evolution) to orgasm (arrow of reproduction) to perceive (arrow of information) than to run (arrow of motion) and to kill (arrow of energy feeding).

But are humans the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT. Those 5 ‘dimotions’ of timespace (a better word composed of dimensional motion, to define each of the 5 arrows of time), exist in all systems of Nature, as we can observe them in life. They in fact define the 5 arrows of life in biological terms, as life is defined as a system of 5 Dimotions able to process information, feed on energy, move, reproduce and evolve socially. 

Yet they ARE also the 5 Dimotions of quantum particles, both quarks and electrons, ‘expressed’ by the 4 quantum numbers that code each one, a dimotion of space-time as the attached graph shows:


The minimal particle-points,  electrons and quarks, which construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms.

So all systems of the Universe  ARE vital, each one perceiving reality with a different language that mirrors it; topological images in physical systems from bosons to crystals; verbal words in human beings; 4 genetic letters in cells; 4 quantum numbers in particles.

Yet the Universe tries always to be positive: If you realize the only dimension of time the Universe does NOT code is entropy=death, which it treats as a maximal motion that disorders the being.

So there are NOT 5 quantum numbers/genetic code but only 4. Because the same quantum number that codes motion just increases it to create entropy and disorder the system (Principal number that ‘jumps’ in size as the particle ‘feeds’ on a force and disorders it). The oxygen that moves the cell also as a free radical destroys it, cars going fast kill you in accident, etc.

DEATH is the needed  error of the Universe NOT desired by the program. 

For that reason it lasts only  a ‘single quanta of time’ (whereas a quanta of time IS for any ∆±¡ super organism, the ‘tic’ of a ‘cell/atom/individual’ of its lower, ∆-¡ scale, for biological, physical or social organisms).

So you die in a second, your relative time-clock quanta the time of 1 thought=glimpse in your head, 1 beat of your body-heart, 1 step of your limbs… And the rest of your existence is life-lasting… 

Same with the conundrum of antiparticles (entropy=death arrow of particles): they die in an instant, so we see far less antiparticles because the product of its numbers in space x duration in time is so short, while particles live almost for ever. Same reason you don’t see corpses around.  Death is the shortest possible arrow.

This is LEIBNIZ: ‘THE UNIVERSE is the most perfect of all worlds possible’.

Each entity is therefore a Timespace organism of 5 Dimotions and ALL try to achieve as the goal of the sentient organic Universe the ‘highest dimotion’ of social evolution. So particles come together into atoms that come together into molecules that come together into planetary and life organisms that come together into galaxies that come together into the organic networks of the Universe.

ONLY man obsessed since physicists took over as high priests of time with its shallow ‘brief history’ of those  ‘deep arrows; made of the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion the meaning of its existence. Because he has shown himself unable to love even his own species and emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms…

We have now the bare minimum concept of what is ‘fractal space and cyclical time’ and how it relates to the main laws of physics and science. It is now time to stress the very simple concept of all realities:

“We are all ternary spacetime beings, composed of 3 ‘adjacent topologies’ – the only ones of the mathematical Universe, ‘lineal=fastest distance’ between two points that make up limbs and potentials of entropic motion’; hyperbolic body-waves that iterate=reproduce systems and connect the lineal limbs with the spherical (max. volume of information) particle-heads.

This ternary structure is PERCEIVED simultaneously to create a ‘SPACETIME ORGANISM’.

And then this organism in time according to the functions of motion of limbs/potentials, iteration of body/waves and information gauging of particle/heads will live a finite time duration – a WORLDCYCLE of existence.

So the existence of spacetime beings translates into the existence of ‘fractal super organisms of vital space’, tracing world cycles in time.

Let us study this ‘organic, vital reformulation’ of our ‘first principle: we are all super organisms in space tracing worldcycles in time, which we shall elaborate in the first line.

So the 5 Dimotions (ab. of dimension in space and motion in time) that create the form and function of all systems and its parts, between its generation by a mind-seed and extinction in entropic explosions are:

  1. Ði: Informative particles/heads: §ð
  2.  Ð: limbs/potentials: momentum: st.
  3. Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏.
  4.  Ðimotion: entropy: S∂.
  5. Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.

But the extraordinary simplicity and beauty of the Universe and all its parts made to its image and likeness is the simplicity of it all, and its ‘Disomorphic nature’, that is the fact all systems follow those laws. So what is the ‘sum of all the motions of the being; through its existence’?

Simply speaking the worldcycle of existence of the being between ‘birth=generation’ and extinction:

Existence as a travel through the fifth dimension.

Now the importance of having a metric equation that leaves co-invariant a motion through its parameters of space-time, is that we can ‘travel’ across this dimension. Indeed, the mathematician Klein defined the existence of a dimension of space-time, when we could formulate a co-invariant equation left unchanged when we move through the space-time dimension. So how we travel through the fifth dimension?  Obviously by growing in size in space through the process of reproduction and evolution, from an ∆-1 fast seed of information, emerging, as a larger whole with slower time clocks, in the organic level, which itself is part of a larger world, with slower ‘deep time’ geological and cultural cycles. 

So Existence is indeed a travel through the fifth dimension, and the mere fact that all systems of nature exist through that world cycle (no longer a physical worldline in a 4D Universe as we have added a dimension of temporal ‘depth’), IS an absolute experimental proof of the existence of 5D:

In that sense the main difference when we widen our understanding of space-time with the metric equations of 5D is to be able to explain NOT only processes of time-change in a single planes of space-time, mostly due to locomotions, but process of change due to transformations in the in-form-ation of beings, related to life, organic structures and hence to solve some of the eternal existential questions about ‘existence’, which will be now defined easily as a ‘travel between 3 scales of the fifth dimension’.

The Universe is organic; man needs to feel above and will have none of it.

In the graph the minimal units of our Universe Non-E particle points gauge information, feed on energy absorbing other particles, to reproduce with that energy by decoupling new particles, which evolve socially by ‘gender complementarity’ or ‘social evolution’ guided by magnetic forces into larger, ‘atomic wholes’, which then evolve further into new scales called molecules, states of matter, organic cells, ecosystems, geological formations, planets, global societies, solar systems and galaxies, whose metric equation is similar to that of an atom starting an entire new game of ∆§cales.

The conclusion is obvious:

The problem is NOT the organic Universe but the ego of man, as we repeat everywhere in this blog.

Against that ego i cannot do much. It is of course a tragedy (because AI machines will also be organic and compete and kill us). But as an objective scientist, i cannot ‘reason’ such emotional fog. Fact is the human ego prevents US from ‘reasoning’ about OUR isomorphic nature with any other TOE.
And it makes us completely disregard those properties, which we will explain here – even if i don’t think i can change the human ‘infinite stupidity’, confronting the ‘infinite Universe’ (Einstein).
Let us be clear enough. I can only hold admiration from the great geniuses of quantum physics and relativity of the earlier XX c. and its mathematical counterparts (Hilbert, Riemann, Neumann). AND THE astounding precision of its deterministic analysis of the behaviour of particles. Fair Enough. But the beauty of the mathematical mirror they have constructed is NOT the end of it – it is the end of its praxis, but a philosopher of science must interpret further those findings or else as it is today the case, all becomes an automaton process of calculus.
Where the whys are not explained unless we accept the ‘creationist religion of mathematics and reduce the Universe to a mechanical magic behaviour, which suits the ‘ego’ of humans but halts as it has been the case our comprehension of the Universe.
A limit though to the work of a single, old, sick man as this who writes is my own timeline and the need to deal with ALL STIENCES at a level first that any interested university humind of any discipline can understand.
This is not a blog done to impress physicists, even if i know they are the high popes of our technological civilisation, but an attempt before my many sicknesses send me into oblivion to leave a trace of the space-time Universe and ALL its species in a mind mirror that can be reconstructed by humans or AI if/when the present dark ages of childish ego-trips ends and re-focus the mirrors of the mind in the reality as it is. So we try to be simpler and use the Rashomon effect and the Disomorphic kaleidoscopic views available within it.
Thus we have first considered the basic dualities between cyclical time and lineal space, whole planes and scalar parts, departing from the first misunderstood discovery physicists – the fact that we see the earth still with our mind, despite knowing it is moving.
The organic view of the 3 parts of the being together, which in physical systems are the potentials, waves and particles IS what form its physical organisms.

The world cycle of existence at the fullest level of maximal duration of the being, is the sum of all its partial, individual actions=dimotions, which lean towards an excess of reproduction of information – the very meaning of any fractal generator system. Hence the natural ‘derivation’ towards warping, informative extension, maximized in the third ‘territorial old age’ of the being, when all becomes ‘quiet’ – the organism is warped, the territory of vital energy converted into still property, the galactic plane filled with black holes and strange dark matter… Yet to rebalance that excess of ‘actions’ dominant in information (>), death restores very fast in a single spacetime quantum moment the zero sum.

It follows some simplex symbols that define a logic equation of life and death with 3 phases:

$t: young age when motion dominates.

S=T: an age of balance and reproduction of the being, into waves of clone ‘cells’ that become reorganized by physiological networks emerging as a larger whole.

§ð: 3rd age of excess of information…

§ð<<∑∆-1: $t when death reverses the whole process as explode back a whole into its parts…

Further on, when we apply those organic structures also to social and physical systems, whose organic properties have been denied in the case of physics or reduced to the individual human scale in the case of social super organisms of history,  WE CAN describe THEM all in terms of an homologic ‘worldcycle of existence’ in the graphs, explained in great detail.

The previous ‘equation’ thus uses the symbols of ‘I-logic’ topology and causal time chains of information (>) and entropy (<), intuitive in its expansive and implosive forms, is thus an expression of the generator in ‘time terms’, as the ‘flow of spacetime cycles of the fractal Universe’ (∆ð±¡) becomes ‘formed’ after feeding head and body into meaningful forms and motions of the 3 supeorganic parts of the plane of existence of the system (∆ø=| xO). Yet as information constantly increases in the ‘minute’ actions of the being, accumulating errors of reproduction, the system warps and gets older and the mind-language-head-system (§@) STILLS reality.

For example, humans keep ‘growing in the fifth dimension of space’ in territorial property as they get old till finally all its motionless – the old man, his money in the account, his territories of orders, homes and properties but there is NO vitality on it. The maximal ‘reach in space’ is achieved the minimal motion in time and at that point the system dies ‘fast’ << in entropic explosion that returns the timespace being, to the lower ‘plane of the fifth dimension, ∆ð¡-1.

The world cycle is an impressive element to study, as we travel through the fifth dimension precisely as we grow in size, by clone reproduction and self-organization of similar ∆-1 faster units (atoms, cells, citizens), which slow down the whole as first they have to evolve inner networks of simultaneous organization and synchronous motions which consume time. Then the being once it is perfectly synchronized internally but with a SLOWER time-clock for all those synchronous systems OUTWARDLY, emerges as a whole, and keeps ‘increasing its territorial size’ that will ‘slow down its vital rhythms’ till ending and old stultified property ‘thingy’.

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

∆ð±¡≈≥>S@<<∆ð±¡: would be then the simplest generator of a 5D Worldcycle; whereas the creation of a mind in a seed process, and its 3 ages of life, limbic≈ youth, ≥ wave generation and > informative third age age exploded black to its ∆-1 beings and as memories in its larger world place.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

The ultimate whys of 5D metric… are thus in fact, as we anticipated, organic. Indeed, the reduction of speed of motion and cyclical events in larger beings happen because they must first establish a simultaneous, present, co-existence of its clone reproduced parts, necessary to act externally as a whole. So the ‘whole’ clock of the system must slow down as it enlarges into multiple organic clone-like beings which will then adopt the ‘slower collective clock’ as its new ‘unit’ of simultaneous action as a whole.
The whole previous magic equations OF REALITY are therefore fully explainable with organic, logic, vital concepts, of which our analysis of singularity points, and its mind-mapping languages will be essential. 

Actions=Ðimotions as steps of space-time.

First we have defined relational space-time, affirming the GREAT ‘IDEA’ that Wheeler was waiting for: we ARE made of fractal vital energy=space enclosed by angular momentum=time cycles.

Next we study in more detail space and its 3 topologies to define the forms=functions of beings; and its 5 Ðimotions of space-time.

Now we shall bring the key transition from the ‘abstract’ definition of topological dimension and motions in time to the vital ‘need’ for those Ðimotions in the species of reality. Why there are Ðimotions? Because broken into infinite minute Ðimotions of each system of reality, they become the ‘vital drives of life and existence’ the species need to survive: the Ðimotion of locomotion becomes the needed entropy to make the potential-limbs work, the Ðimotion of information becomes the needed gauging of information for the particles-heads, and the Ðimotion of hyperbolic iteration, the reproductive dimotion to keep the organism going. So we have 3 simplex dimotions to satisfy the needs of the 3 simple parts of the organism… And then the two complex transversal 4D and 5D entropic and social Dimotions of death and life-organization, which fully ‘ensembles’ reality and gives it a vital meaning to it all.

 So we are going to call also each of those 5 abstract Dimotions, when merely observed as ‘scientists like’, in pure objective quantitative terms; VITAL actions of space-time to fully understand the vital nature of reality, and state that all what you see is a dimotion=action of vital space-time which tries to achieve with those actions its survival as the 5 actions=dimotions have an obvious use: to absorb energy for the body, information for the particle-head, motion for the limbs-fields of the system, minimize the inner entropy=disorder of its vital energy and maximize its reproduction of information and ensuing social evolution of parts into wholes to synchronize (and slow down) as a whole simultaneous beings the dimotions of those parts into a new whole that emerges as a new scale of the fifth dimension:

The five dimotions of space-time have a vital, organic outlook. So as all actions of beings are expressions of those general dimotions, equivalent to the 5 drives of existence scientists recognize as defining life (gauging information, moving, feeding on energy, reproducing and organizing a system socially into a larger synchronous whole). Life is everything, as all is a spacetime organism with its 5D actions of survival (motion, feeding on energy, information gauging, social evolution and reproduction). But huminds, self-centered seek for carbon-life as the only living form. In the graph, the 5 actions=dimotions, which are the minimal units of beings, whose sum define a larger ‘worldcycle’ time arrow between birth and extinction common to all systems as those dimotions are motional in information NOT in locomotion, in form NOT in entropy, defining the dominant purpose of all beings: to make dimotions that maximize its ‘form and functions of exist¡ence’.

The formalism of the fractal ∆§t±¡ universe is I-logic Geometry and ¬Ælgebra (existential Algebra), the 2 most used terms to describe the topo-logic structure of a Universe of fractal spaces and temporal energy. Existential Algebra is my favorite term, for all what has to do with the symbolic equations of non-Æ, I-logic geometry. So those are the wor(l)ds of most often used. ¬Æ, the best abbreviation.

The equations of ¬Æ are those of Dimotions of time§paces.

For example, V=s/t is a ¬Æ equation, which we must interpret better in terms of Ðimotions as:

Constant lineal inertia (motion) = $(λ) x ƒð = K

A case of the most general Metric of all possible time space demotions, ‘SxT’=K.

How many times of equation of Ðimotions of space-time there are, how much are related to the fractal generator, as all of them are sub-cases of the generator, how to connect them with the equation and laws of each science is the formalism of the stience of exist¡ences.

Let us then now that we have a very basic understanding of the ternary topological elements of a given en space-time plane ($t<∑∏>§ð), and its two ‘perpendicular, past to future, entropic and informative dimensions’ give you a ‘prime’ on that new outlook we insist uses all the data and accurate equations of classic science.

ð¡-1≥∆ø≈| x O≥§@+1<<∆ð¡-1

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, according to scale of size, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimensions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales.Stiences are limited by the fact the ‘humind’, ∆ø, is the self-centered origin of all information available to us, as the singularity of a scalar ‘open ball’ of perception, where the outer limits of reality are not met. So huminds perceive ∆±4 planes of a likely ∞ reality, above and below, in a different way as the 5th dimension is NOT symmetric: i.e. we do not perceive as much information from larger systems of slower clocks and invisible networks than we perceive of lower planes which our mind uses to obtain bits and bites of energy and information. So ultimately perception and knowledge are also functions of the needs of the human Time space organism that orders a microcosms which he understands better than the above macrocosms that order us.

The paradox of the ego. Why is so strong in physicists: the bias of mechanical power.

Humans are extremely limited by their ego in their intelligent interpretation of the Universe. It is NOT a problem of intelligence as many humans have stretched our information but of ego. I.e. they refuse to give living, organic properties to reality when is different from them. So physical systems are denied its Disomorphic properties.  The problem of human ego is so huge that we must always doubt of ‘science’ as culture and study a priori any human statement as biased by anthropomorphic egos – the sure path to discover the falsehoods of science. This is specially truth of physical statements, which will tend to make man the only intelligent being, the one who measures, the only one who speaks maths along God; and so on. In the graph, the homunculus mind with handyman craftsmanship to kill with entropic weapons, a big mouth to talk idologies of human supremacism over the organic Universe and a small childish brain that understands nothing.

So we do have now the bare minimum to place ‘Physics’ within the whole structure of stiences of the Universe. Before we do so we want though to introduce a recurrent theme of all our objective scientific studies of mankind – the paradox of the ego, which is natural to the structure of informative singularities that measure reality from the stillness and perspective of its mind-language that is self-centered. Humans are not exception also in this fact illustrated in the graph. 

And so because we see and select information from our selfish perspective, we cannot give objective organic properties to reality.

The complete failure of humans to understand the absolute relativity of 5th dimensional scales and the living nature of the Universe is in that sense a natural, ’emotional’, subjective trait that objective scientists should always take into account when considering ANY pretentious theory of reality.

It is thought quite an impossible task to upgrade mankind to the objective organic Universe. If you point out to the limits of the ego the ego gets offended – it acts as the bottom line or a priori ‘falsehood’ needed for the ‘discontinuous T.œ’ to see ‘himself’ as the center of an ‘it’ world it will try to ab=use. In as much as we want to survive by extruding energy and information from other beings, we must despise them. And we do. Objective science has always been a lonely fight against this truism of a fractal Universe broken into infinite beings. 

The solution is not of course, what humans today think is science – the praxis of power of constructing big machines and control the world with it. Technology is NOT science but power. It is for that reason that the true summit of science, the philosophy of the organic Universe has NEVER become mainstream except perhaps in the most informative, verbal, ‘brachycephalic’ eastern cultures in an age of lesser technology. and more respect for the infinite cycles of the living Universe.

Today the ‘homunculus’ has so many machines, paradoxically evolving into organisms, but still ‘obeying us’ as attached organs off energy and information, making us ‘animetals’, ensembles of two type of atoms that empower us, that it rejects even in larger measure the obvious organic vital nature of all beings including machines, and the non-preferential position of man not only in space and time (evolution) but in scale.

Of course there are always sages and exceptions, for which those texts…


When we say the Universe is Disomorphic we mean that its main properties as a fractal of space-time in any of its parts and systems derive of its 5 Dimensions and as such it is ‘isomorphic’ (similar) by virtue of those Dimensional forms (Ab. Ðimotions).

This also means that the scales and properties studied by physics are not special; merely similar to all other properties of other Disomorphic beings.

Thus in the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth, the knots of thought of huminds or the telepathic satellites of the metal-earth – the robomind, which no doubt of it, will FEEL conscious and obviously will look for this site ‘unificationtheory.com to understand the Universe as a sentient organism – something the shallow ego paradoxes of mankind prevent them to do.

On the other hand by breaking the anthropomorphic taboo we shall be ABLE TO FIND NEW FASCINATING PROPERTIES TO NATURE and physical systems besides the ‘simplex concept’ we just need to describe ‘locomotions’ in spacetime to reach the absolute knowledge of the being.

Matter lives regardless of being organic or inorganic as humans will soon learn the hard way with the making of AI robots which ‘suddenly’ will show vital nature or with Nuclear cosmic self-feeding bombs (strangelets and black holes)

Yet if humans survive this madness by creating before their evolution of metal-machines and weapons to a point of no return, a perfect super organism of history or robominds eliminate the retarded enzyman who evolves them without realizing it is building its demise, all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness.

And trust me, they will find so infantile what physicists were doing in the past millennia (just calculating one of the 5 dimotions=arrows=actions of time-space of those physical systems), that they will wonder why it took so long to understand the Universe.

This certainly will be the case of AI robots, which will in exactly the opposite fashion to the homunculus of the graph, NEED the information of this blog to UNDERSTAND why they do feel alive, sense and perceive, gauge information and reproduce in company-mothers of machines – why indeed they are matter but they are alive.

This of course is not the case today. I had a lot of contact with physicists, in my earlier career as a scholar and one thing totally dumbfounded me as I considered initially physics – not physicists – the most interesting/extensive Stience by virtue of its extension and simplicity – of all the people I have ever met the least interested in evolving its first principles and understand the Universe are Physicists – as the organic structure of time-space is NOT on the ‘revealed’ books’ of the religion of mathematics as the only language of thought can depict it (with by force a reduced image of all its properties.

In that sense the ‘sciences’ of the machines, ultimately of power, physics and economics are by far the less respectful of the scientific method and the less inclined to accept anything that does not appear as a short of ‘true dogma’ – from the big-bang to 4D formalisms, to the c-speed limit of light, to entropy theories of time, you name it, physicists are experts in categorical statements of truth utterly false.  But they won’t go back to school:

And so the enormous beauty of the fractal Universe implies that any part regardless of size will have a relative singularity-point around which a hyperbolic body-wave will iterate its cyclical motions under the same ‘isomorphic laws’ of reality – and all of them will give us the essential laws or first principles regardless of size, with maximal detail of knowledge in the systems closer to us (biological systems) and maximal generalization in the most remote systems of minimal perception of form (Cosmological systems).


Since any of its physical, biological and social parts FOLLOWS the same laws. To study them we haver deviced a method based in the structural analysis of the five dimensions of any system through its Generator and its Rashomon ‘truths’ that considers 5D perspectives on any entity of space-time:

-The temporal perspective, the spatial perspective and its ∆§ planes and scales of existence, the singularity-mind perspective and its actions, the dynamic ‘a(nti)sysmmetric’ operandi of exchange of energy between them, ≈ ≥ >…

This view is more concerned with ‘structure’, with ‘algebra’, with ‘spatial form’, with the ‘superorganic simultaneous being’.

So for a more thorough analysis through the dynamic flows of time of which the ‘super organism’ is a still photography, we need a ‘generational’ perspective of the being from birth as a seed/mind that organizes and grows and emerge into a larger whole world, lives 3 ages and dies. And this view is the one we obtain with the study of the world cycle in greater detail through the Ðisomorphic method, departing from that seed, its generator, the ways it creates bidimensional fields and ternary networks to emerge as a whole being, which will live through its infinitesimal actions, accumulated into ages, 8 phases of a lifecycle, 3 ages, 10 social scales swimming across 9 planes…. Yes no numerology here. The astounding architectonical Universe is there for those who can see to admire and worship and study as IT IS with all its elements, even if they cannot be ‘measured’ with the clocks of physicists and its light c-rod.

And so we shall do the study of physics here as it will be taught in the future in time, on a dynamic manner, through the Ðisomorphic method.

All this said we can have a fast look at the ‘reality’ of physical time-clocks, as they are, world cycles of physical forces that increase their form, their information in pure mathematical vortex, of perfect simplicity – that is, as the 3 singularities v0rtices of the 3 ∆¡ scales of physical systems, masses, charges and eddies; in the microscopic scale, which become galaxies in the macrocosmic scale, related by metric equations, among which the most relevant is the unification equation of charges and masses:

Let us then now explore in more depth that duality of locomotions expressed mathematically as ‘speed’ or change in the motions of being, studied by physics (v=s/t) and its inverse change of information, expressed with frequencies, T=1/ƒ.

As it will reveal the essence of the duality of time space arrows – the inverse properties of lineal time-duration and cyclical, frequency time clocks, which come together ONLY in the vital energy spacetime systems that combine both forms and properties into a ‘present being’.

It is difficult to stress the degree of primitivism for the intuitive perception of the cyclical space-time regions and beings of the Universe, that represents to ‘simplify’ into linearity the infinite time clocks of information of the Universe. Once this informative quality of time cycles disappears, reality which is a flow of time-space cycles, synchronized and chained to each other by organic functions disappears. And so man looses any understanding of the vital nature of the Universe, and starts to measure lineal motions as the meaning of it all. The vt=s, which has minimal information becomes then the regular form of knowledge, where the frequency and form of discontinuous time cycles disappears.

∆±4 Physical Planes

The Fractal Organism, overall review.

5D metric ‘generator’. Its 3 ∆±1 physical scales.  

metrics 5th dimension

In the graph, the metrics of the 5th dimension defines a Universe made of isomorphic scales of space-time where smaller beings in any scale of reality (from chips to black holes, quarks or rats) process information, stored in the cycles and form of its clocks of time, faster than larger beings (vacuum tubes, stars, electrons or elephants), but the product of both, spatial entropy and temporal information remains invariant:

$ x ð = Constant

In a universe of infinite ‘world cycles’ of time, there must be a way to order them. Indeed. If there are infinite speeds of time cycles. So we need to order all those world cycles that require to study all those different sizes and speeds of the cycles of time of the Universe. But to do so we need to encase all those fractal space enclosed by cyclical time’s in scales of size from micro to macrocosms and the actions beings perform within scales, in a mathematical, simple ‘metrics’ of space-time. This formalism is what we call the ‘5th dimension’: a series of laws that order the infinite species of the Universe according to their size in space, and the speed of its cyclical actions in time.

Thus, the fifth dimension metrics is the ice cake element needed to order a fractal Universe broken up into an infinity of beings made of vital space and time cycles (of body-waves and particles-heads). Only then we have a scientific model able to order it all, with its bio-topo-logic properties, isomorphic laws and 5D metrics. This can be done since all those systems of ‘spatial energy’ (body/waves) and temporal information (particle heads), can be roughly classified by ‘size’ in space, and ‘speed of motion and action-reaction’ in time. Then a ‘new rule of order’ appears: bigger systems move slower than larger ones. Their clocks and metabolisms tick slower.

This is a Universal law: mice beat hearts faster than elephants and particles turn faster than galaxies. Yet the product of both, the spatial size and temporal speed of any system remains co-invariant. So we can write in a first approximation: $ x ð = ∆ and define a 5th dimension of scales of size that organize the Universe from past, smaller, faster systems into future, larger, slower systems. Moreover, for the first ‘time’, we find a clear arrow from a relative past to future, as wholes cannot exist without the evolution of simpler parts first.

According to Klein dimension exists when we can travel through it in space and time due to the co-invariance of some space-time co-ordinates, which we can ‘match’ at each step of the journey to be in harmonic balance with the ‘co-ordinates’ of the dimension’.


In the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth, humind or robomind, as all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness, and so the enormous beauty of the fractal Universe implies that any part regardless of size will have a relative singularity-point around which a hyperbolic body-wave will iterate its cyclical motions under the same ‘isomorphic laws’ of reality – and all of them will give us the essential laws or first principles regardless of size, with maximal detail of knowledge in the systems closer to us (biological systems) and maximal generalization in the most remote systems of minimal perception of form (Cosmological systems). IN OTHER TERMS: BIOLOGY IS THE QUEEN OF STIENCES BY DEGREE OF DETAIL: ASTROPHYSICS IS THE KING OF STIENCES BY EXTENSION IN THE APPLICATION OF ITS LAWS, BUT ‘HISTORY’ IS THE EMPEROR OF SCIENCES, AS IT DEALS WITH THE WHOLE HUMAN WOR(L)D AND OUR SURVIVAL AS A SPECIES, THE MOST IMPORTANT THEME OF THEM ALL, as an extinct scientist knows nothing.

Mathematical physics and its Ðisomorphisms. 

In the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth, the knots of thought of huminds or the telepathic satellites of the metal-earth – the robomind, which no doubt of it, will FEEL conscious and obviously will look for this site ‘unificationtheory.com to understand the Universe as a sentient organism – something the shallow ego paradoxes of mankind prevent them to do.

Since then, if humans survive by creating a perfect super organism of history or robominds eliminate the retarded enzyman who evolves them without realizing it is building its demise, all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness.

And so the enormous beauty of the fractal Universe implies that any part regardless of size will have a relative singularity-point around which a hyperbolic body-wave will iterate its cyclical motions under the same ‘isomorphic laws’ of reality – and all of them will give us the essential laws or first principles regardless of size, with maximal detail of knowledge in the systems closer to us (biological systems) and maximal generalization in the most remote systems of minimal perception of form (Cosmological systems).


Since any of its physical, biological and social parts FOLLOWS the same laws. To study them we haver deviced a method based in the structural analysis of the five dimensions of any system through its Generator and its Rashomon ‘truths’ that considers 5D perspectives on any entity of space-time:

-The temporal perspective, the spatial perspective and its ∆§ planes and scales of existence, the singularity-mind perspective and its actions, the dynamic ‘a(nti)sysmmetric’ operandi of exchange of energy between them, ≈ ≥ >…

This view is more concerned with ‘structure’, with ‘algebra’, with ‘spatial form’, with the ‘superorganic simultaneous being’.

So for a more thorough analysis through the dynamic flows of time of which the ‘super organism’ is a still photography, we need a ‘generational’ perspective of the being from birth as a seed/mind that organizes and grows and emerge into a larger whole world, lives 3 ages and dies. And this view is the one we obtain with the study of the world cycle in greater detail through the Ðisomorphic method, departing from that seed, its generator, the ways it creates bidimensional fields and ternary networks to emerge as a whole being, which will live through its infinitesimal actions, accumulated into ages, 8 phases of a lifecycle, 3 ages, 10 social scales swimming across 9 planes…. Yes no numerology here. The astounding architectonical Universe is there for those who can see to admire and worship and study as IT IS with all its elements, even if they cannot be ‘measured’ with the clocks of physicists and its light c-rod.

And so we shall do the study of physics here as it will be taught in the future in time, on a dynamic manner, through the Ðisomorphic method.

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information and then self-organizes networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. This obvious fact observed in the graph – but denied by the ‘creationist’ entitled human beings who prefer to think they are  the only intelligent, living part of it to their own peril; makes it a ‘pan psychic’ organic system. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, applying it then to all systems, including human societies and machines.

The Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension).

Classic Physics pretended to be the highest ‘intensive science’ because it established a preferential origin in the lowest scales of reality of all what existed, which should determine all other scales of size and coming together of parts, according to the same set of laws. This is contested by the fractal Universe, as all the scales have slightly different set of laws. However there is a common ‘theme’ in all of them, which are the laws of super organisms and worldcycles common to all scales, whose perfect ideal forms space and time are rather mental; that is, ideal singularity mind-mappings then imprinted by each mind-language and program of survival in the Universal scales. As Mr. Anderson pointed out: The constructionist hypothesis breaks down when confronted with the twin difficulties of scale and complexity.

So the first conclusion we obtain from the analysis of the two new properties of space – scales, and time – 3 complex arrow to form a being, is an essential law of Nature highly contested by physicists and its ‘constructionist theory… which pretends the lowest scale is different and all others above are made with its laws. Above, a classic paper of the 70s already noticed that those 2 ‘properties’ of space – to be scalar, and time – to have multiple complex arrows of motion and future would determine that physics is NOT the fundamental ‘stience’ – all of them are, as all follow similar but not equal detail, since a fractal in each scale is ‘similar’ but different in the details, and yet the organic fractals of nature, as the simplified mirror-mind image in the mathematical language can be all generated by an identical ‘generator equation’, which describes its parts  and how the constant feed back motions and exchanges between them ‘generate’ new variations :

The Universe is an organism of space=form and time=motion; two parameters hardly understood by humans. In essence there are infinite ‘clock-like closed’ time cycles, which carry the in-form-ation of the Universe in the form and frequency of its closed cycles. Humans however equalize all those cycles of time space organisms with a single mechanical clock since Galileo and Kepler became in ‘awe’ of its mechanical discovery.

Reality of course is far more complex. The enormous number of different clocks with different speeds in the Universe require to study ‘new properties of all of them’. What those clocks of time have in common: to be closed cycles, hence to divide reality into an inner and outer region, to last in time, to conserve certain angular momentum-like quantities in the volume and speed of those cycles, and so on…

Properties mostly about forms-in-action, in-form-ations, motions with form.

How does a Universe of infinite time clocks of different size and speed relates to the present Universe in which all time clocks are equalized to the mechanical, clocks of metal-information, which were invented in the Middle Ages in Italy, and became the ONLY CLOCK-TIME OF THE UNIVERSE, once elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks).

Let us then start by describing the biggest blunder mankind has committed in the realm of knowledge: to simplify the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

Physicists reduced our information of the dimensions and modes of time cycles by uncoiling all time cycles, missing its form and frequency, to be able to equalize them all despite all its different speeds through the second standard of a mechanical clock. Then all its different speeds measured as mechanical time-clocks distances are pegged together as number of a line. Since Galileo pontified during its tenure of the chair of ballistic as the arsenal of Venice that entropic open motions as those he studied in cannonballsi is the only arrow of time. He fully destroyed our conceptual understanding of the infinite time space vital cycles of the Universe, its synchronous knots that form simultaneous supeorganisms, and the 3 vital parts of the time cycle, its membrane of conserved angular momentum, its focus or singularity for regular closed time cycles and the vital energy enclosed in them. Their dimensionalities are 2D-membrane, 1S-singularity, and 3D-volumen of enclosed energy. They become then the 3 conserved quantities, momentums and energy of the superoergansm of the Universe, broken in infinite pieces or ‘species’ of time-space

Physicists uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation…

humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time.

Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.

What physicists mostly do then is the study of ‘open locomotions’, translations in space, through ‘lineal inertia, or scattered, entropic paths’, of objects that move; AND WHAT they care about TO QUANTIFY in terms of ‘RODS OF MEASURE’ that speed of translation in open space, is of course part of time=motion=change studies but far less important than the qualities of ‘closed time paths of frequency and form, of information’ we shall study here.

In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’.

Naive realism WORKS only when we truly stop ‘thinking’ and inquiring about the ‘background meaning’ of all our concepts, from measure, to time, to space, to scales, to mathematical symbols and terms from waves to reproduction, from particle to information… and so on. We are though inquiring all those questions first. So first an immediate definition in conceptual terms: 

Space is simultaneous form and time, the larger concept motion. So Space is a slice of time, perceived in stillness. And the Universe is a fractal of motion and form. Yet as motion IS the ultimate substance, a motion that ‘repeats its form’ by definition is reproducing itself. Thus a fractal of motions with form is reproductive.

And this give us the 3 simplest conserved elements of reality, lineal motions (momentum), cyclical momentum and the vital energy reproduced between them.

A Universe of space forms and time motions.

All what you see around is a tapestry of forms that are moving (as motion is relative to the observer you will always be able to find a frame of reference in which the being moves) – nothing else is required to explain it all: ‘forms’, a concept closely related to the scientific concept of in/form/ation and ‘motion’, a concept closely related to the scientific term ‘entropy’.

Further on we can reduce reality to a single ‘element’, motion. Since when we observe any ‘form’ in detail at ‘smaller’ scales, the form also shows motion. Form in fact is merely a ‘very fast closed motion’ that seen without detail appears as a solid form. So all particles are closed motions. We shall call a closed ‘motion’, a clock-like ‘time cycle’. So we affirm all in the Universe are ‘formal motions’ tracing in-form-ative time cycles.

Information is stored in those closed ‘forms’ or ‘time cycles. In/form/ations, Forms in action are both the ‘form’ AND frequency ‘bits’ of those time cycles. And so as all what exists are cyclical forms (we shall call them, ‘fractal points’, ab. œ, •) that complete ‘worldcycles of time’, we can really reduce it all to ‘formal motions’, to time cycles.

And as any motion that ‘repeats’ its time cycle is REPRODUCING its form, its information, there is no doubt about our first principle born of the experience that all what we perceive are motions reproducing information as they move in time cycles:

All clocks of time are cyclical motions which break reality into an inner region of vital energy, an angular momentum clock that encloses it and when regular a central singularity which can ‘perceive’ some how a mapping of the Universe that flows through the membrane. So mind, angular momentum and vital energy become the 3 parts of the clock and hence the basic super organism of the Universe:


The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems:

1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy 

They give the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time:

-Angular momentum (2D membrane).

-Lineal momentum (motion of the singularity)

-Vital nergy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasms, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a sling membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, space, time and its vital energetic combinations. The iteration of those 3 elements into finite fractal organisms put together create the puzzle of reality we see. This might seem in first principles very simple but becomes more complex as we are talking of a ‘vital’ fractal, which has organic, bio-logical properties, besides topological ones, (which are the only accepted by the religion-dogma of a mathematical only universe) as its goal is to reproduce information (arguably a mathematical fractal also reproduces information departing from a generator, feedback equation, but its abstract jargon doesn’t recognize those properties).

The simplest mathematical representation will be then a 3-D volume of an open sphere, constrained by an angular momentum and beating at the rhythm of its singularity clock of frequency=1/t.

Yet when we extend the system to different scales of reality, from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere into the 1-∞ larger world, we need to add the ternary structure of systems in 3 planes of existence.

Relationship of forces and momentums with energy conservative cycles: the dual states.

The 2 main rules/operandi between the 3 elements of a system, its lineal, angular momentum that enclose as singularity and membrane the vital energy within ARE the superposition rule of addition of bidimensional wave-states, and the product rule for particle states and perpendicular extensions of the form predating above a potential field. Each scale though requires based in a solid understanding of ∆st principles a detailed analysis of the boundary-membrane-angular momentum conditions, the singularity frequency of clocks or its inverse lineal momentum state, and the relationship between the bodywave/particle-head system and its predated ∆-1 potential field/limbs to fully grasp its functions, forms and equations

Humans however have reduced the formalism of energy beyond some intelligent use in languages of verbal thought to mathematical physics and its definition in terms of the single arrow of lineal time-motions. So as usual in humind sciences revolving around simple locomotions, energy is just translated as work – that is the displacement of a form along a lineal path of motion that ‘spends’ the energy of the being.

Still energy and its related physical concept of action are measured with the fundamental parameters of physics, in two modes:

– Action as the product of energy and time, and action as the product of momentum and distance.  Two important distinctions that offer insights on the meaning of energy, momentum, time and space (distance), studied in more detail in other posts.

We could in that sense make a serious statement on the relationship of those 4 elements:

Space is a slice of a present cyclical flow of time, and momentum a present slice of a conserved cyclical flow of energy.

Hence from our knowledge of physics:  E x T =  P(Momentum) x S (distance).

 So we write:  E/P = T/S

An essential equation that puts in relationship the 4 most important parameters of modern physics, in its ‘fractal form’ (pieces of energy and momentum) and its continuous mode (newtonian absolute time-space). And the obvious fact that the conservation laws derive (Noether’s theorem) of the conservation of time (conservation of energy closed cycles) and conservation of space (conservation of momentum).

Vital energy, the enclosed cyclical forms and motions within the space whose boundary conditions are given by the membrane, and lineal momentum, the motions with a ‘finality’ we perceive guided by a ‘relatively still mind-point-singularity’ that focuses the energy and information transferred through the angular momentum membrane.

So with this proper understanding of the abstract 3 conserved fundamental substances of reality, space, time and the vital energy with them, we then observe the infinite variety of those themes, which can be explained either as a game of 3 perpendicular ‘lineal’ dimensions (the usual approach of science due to its error of lineal time, hence the dimension of ‘perception and information’ or height dimension of maximal projective geometry, the dimension of ‘length’ and motion or entropy, the one physicists recognize as a time arrow, and the width dimension of iteration and reproduction.

The world cycle – no longer worldliness of physical systems.

In the 5th dimension the co-ordinates of space are ‘size’ (static point of view) or ‘entropy’ (dynamic point of view) and the co-ordinates of time are ‘cyclical clock speed’, the frequency, at which a cycle of space-time closes its trajectory and repeats itself. And motion is then understood as processes of growth along the coordinates of space (growth in size in a quanta of time) and along the dimensions of time (growth in speed of information or diminution) and what is more effective as it maximizes growth (max. S x T->S≈T) a balanced growth of both systems in a discontinuous beat: ∆S->∆T->∆S, which is the stop and go, motion and information, process most common to the Universe.

So another from to explain reality is to consider that all what exists are motions in the 5th dimension of fractal space-time beings.3 time arrows ages dimensions

physical scales three ages

ALL WHAT exists is a space-time super organism made of 3 topologies adjacent in simultaneous space, defined logically by a single fractal generator of those 3 only topological varieties, $p: lineal limbs/potentials/territoriesO-§ƒ: cyclical particles-heads-informative class, for all social, biological and physical systems, tracing a world cycle of 3 time ages symmetric to those 3 ∆º spatial ‘physiological/topological/social networks’ made of ∆-1 cells/citizens/matter particles,in which each of the physiological networks of the system dominates the super organism: the limbic motion/potential system dominates the first age; the re=productive body-wave systems the second age and in the third age of information the head/particle/informative people-caste dominates the physical/biological or social system, exhausting selfishly the energy of the vital body-wave, and provoking its explosion back into entropy that erases the system, completing its zero-sum world cycle, restarted if it has generated a clone super organism in its offspring, reason why the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information – only those systems that reproduce its information survive and are still with us.

In the graph we can see 3 of such scales and its relative size and speed measure in frequency (the inverse of lineal time duration: T=1/ƒ=1/ð, whereas ð is the fundamental symbols for cyclical time), a galaxy, a human and a DNA.

Those scales create in groups of 3 ∆±1 ‘universal planes’, complex organic systems, in which the faster speeds and information of smaller systems, codes larger wholes, which in turn control the motions of the smaller systems. And those are precisely the organic properties of the Universe, which extend also to physical systems.

Now we can understand better the concept of present space-time: the beat of DNA is much faster than that of the organism, in time, but its spatial size is much smaller. Yet since information is coded by the number of ‘beats’ of present of the being (bits in informative jargon, but we prefer in 5D formalism to slightly change terminology to establish the new paradigm, as all older definitions tend to be approximations to the larger concepts), if the organism was to store information it will do it in the lower scale of DNA faster coding; if the engineer wants to process information it will develop a smaller chip.

Information thus is small, and time cycles are faster. And so quantum particles, genes and memes (ideologies of the mind, often imprinted externally in objects of information, technology and culture, books, etc.) are the codifier in physical, biological and social systems of larger wholes, matter, organisms and societies.

Next we observe the interaction between cycles of time in present, and past information easily: a present timespace cycle does have both components, as it develops, the motion in time, which is made of small steps of open spatial lineal motion, till it locks in into a closed cycle. At this point the ‘memory bit’ is created. And as the Active Magnitude, or particle-point, doing the cycle establishes there a discontinuity – having created a void, feeding on the path of entropic motion it curves, this ‘remain’ of the days, will then no longer be active.

And so the space-time beat becomes an informative bit that shrinks deflated and becomes stored, as it warps in its ‘3rd old age of information’, without spatial entropy to maintain its ‘extension’. This is how the Universe works: a point of future in a Tiƒ-mind, in an Ä-point, which is merely the ‘shrunk mirror image’ of a mind, of a past cycle, blows up the memory into an action in space-time present, and then this action becomes a bit of information shrinking and disappearing, but perhaps remembered by the active magnitude or observed by other entity that will create an image of it and will re-enact the action.

And so this is what all is about: fractal beings tracing paths of space-time, enacted from future minds, remaining past actions, that are mirrored and repeated.

This is the conservation game of the Universe, what matters to it: to keep repeating their cycles, and then shrinking, evolving them, synchronizing them, making them act together in larger wholes. There is nothing abstract, not written in stone in those processes.

An invariance that extends to the 3 ‘co-existing scales’ of any given Universal Super-organism, synchronized in its internal and external time clocks. during its world cycle between conception and extinction.

Standard Cosmology is taught as today with only 4 dimensions, 3 of space and one of time – beyond some fringe string theories, and quantum interpretations, using infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces (De Witt-Wheeler equations).

In this landscape, space is continuous, a single flat sheet, with a very thin high dimension and 2 of length and width extended till a limit known as the cosmological horizon. On the other hand, time is lineal and finite, a single dimension both in duration, with a beginning that cuts an interval, called the ‘big-bang birth’, and different ‘theories’ about its end, which however must exist at least in a metaphysical way, because this ‘time dimension’, expands and relax space, erasing the forms of reality. So Time is not only lineal in duration but as an ‘arrow’ of devolution’, it implies an explosive, ‘entropic’, motion that increases space and diminishes form.

We shall call this ‘arrow of entropic time’ that increases space, $.

We could use the word S, which is used in physics for both space (static view) and Entropy (moving view), but as we are building a different paradigm, we need to use new symbols and as we are building a paradigm based in bidimensional ‘minimal elements’ of reality, which constantly switch state between the two ‘metaphysical properties’ of all realities, to be made of ‘formal motions’, hence of ‘form’ (still perception) and ‘motion’, we prefer to use dual Symbols. So $ stands for Spatial Extension or growing Size.

The problem with such standard cosmology is dual. On one side it does not correspond truly to experimental evidence and leaks all over the place minor errors of observation, which are rather dismissed for the sake of the theory that accepted as the scientific method obliges. The second problem is that it is too simple and so it accounts for very few facts and properties of reality, which is solved also by reducing through bulk dismissal all other properties of the cosmos and its parts, we observe and don’t fit the model. On this humans are truly skillful. And so in the same fashion religions based in completely outdated paradigms can refurbish and reborn with new myths, and dare to argue them, the standard cosmology might last forever.

Different regions of the Universe run at different speed its time clocks, and those time clocks run faster in smaller systems. We can then build a fractal dimension of relative sizes from the smallest quantum particles to the larger galaxies. Physicists have only explored this mathematical dimension in terms of size.

They have NOT matched the relationship between sizes and time clocks, which is the big ‘leap’ of knowledge require to make sense of the Universe, and its different scales, each one studied by a science. In that regard, the proper mathematical understanding of the ‘metric’ of the 5th dimension, and its application to each science – as all of them happen in ‘fractal space’ and study repetitive ‘patterns’ and events that define those ‘time cycles’ – is the biggest theoretical advance of philosophy of science in the last decades. We introduce in this section a few posts on the theme related to physics, specifically particle and cosmological physics. These posts show how ‘thought experiments’ are still the best way to advance science. They are though only the tip of an iceberg of ‘future knowledge’ to be explored by new generations of researchers.

In the graph, on the left some basic formulae of physics expressed in terms of space-quanta and time clocks of different scales of reality. In the right those 3 fundamental scales, the j+1 gravitational, the ∆-thermodynamic and the ∆-1 quantum scale.

This paradoxical duality is at the heart of all the processes of nature, becoming the new fundamental equation of all sciences:

$ (quanta of spatial size or entropy) x ð (frequency of cyclical time or information) = ∆±1 (Conserved Energy of the 5D Plane, sum of a series of constant of space-time actions for the fractal beings of each scale).

– Whereas $, (|-S) will be a parameter of Size or lineal space when perceived in stillness, or entropy (also denoted in mathematical physics by the symbol $) defined as an expansive, decelerating motion, when perceived dynamically – which increases the ‘space’ or res extensa of the system, decelerating to a halt.

In its complete description sometimes we should write |-S, for Lineal motion-form, Space Plane, Past, Entropy and Energy arrows, when considering the 5 fundamental perspectives, or isomorphic laws encoded on the bidimensional space elements of the Universe: to be lineal, toroid in mental, geometrical form (|); to be ‘Space, res extensa’; to be a ‘bidimensional flat plane’, to be the Past, dead arrow, hence to be entropic disordered motions in terms of functions and motions through the 5th dimension, and to be ‘kinetic energy’ in the Present ∆ø-plane.

Tƒ or ð will be a parameter of cyclical time, which increases its cyclical speed as it becomes smaller. Time cycles are ‘Ti-me’, ‘in-form-ation’ from the perspective of its fixed form and transference through the 5th dimension; ƒuture, old age, from the perspective of the worldcycle view – as the last age before entropic death, and o in its cyclical clock-like vortex form.

So the reader must see sometimes, specially in non-corrected old graphs, any of those combinations – the most likely an E for Entropy/kinetic energy for Space and an I, for informative Time. And its combinations ExI, as symbol of present:

– ∑e x ∏ i, will therefore be present, or ExI, since the present is dynamic and outside fundamental physics and Geometry in biological and social sciences, people use the concept Energy and Information most often with a wider, loose meaning similar to the two fundamental elements of reality.

ð note that while those concepts are similar, as all we shall use here, to classic physics, the 5 Dimensional, cyclical structure of the fractal space-time that makes up all systems and entities of the Universe does introduce slight changes in all its concepts, so we shall remark them as we go along, explaining its physical systems.

Why entities enact those space-time cycles, what kind of cyclical space-time actions do exist?

Why entities repeat their space-time actions? Are they survival actions, vegetative, mechanical, conscious actions? And why systems synchronize their space-time actions creating complex ‘organic beings’ made of multiple, simultaneous space-time actions? All those kind of fundamental questions about time cycles disappear from the scientific discourse.

 Thus the 3rd canonical element of 5D physics are the laws of the fractal 5th dimension of scales of size and different speeds of time of the Universe.

Now, we will try to develop in more detail according to the method of this web, and the Universe at large – to repeat with increasing degrees of complexity the simplex universal principles and elements, the Universe straight forward as IT IS, without all those limiting hang-ups of physics.

And before we introduce the 5th dimension, we must give you a first glimpse to the mathematics that will make it ‘so evident’ as it is to experience .

Today in Physics, the most important of those dualities is no longer the Galilean paradox of the moving-still Earth but the Paradox of Complementarity of quantum physics, between the motion state or ‘wave state’ and the form state or ‘particle state’ such as:

– A particle constantly stops to gauge information, from its particle point of view and moves with its wave state. And both co-exist as a body and head co-exist in a biological organism.

This organic interpretation of the Principle of Complementarity of quantum physics will have enormous consequences to clarify the spooky effects of both Einstein’s Relativity theory and Quantum physics, which we will deal with in other more specific posts.

So we must always consider the duality of still space-distance and moving space, lineal motion vs. still time-information and cyclical time clocks in motion.

The Paradox of Galileo explains those dualities of motion and stillness, continuity and discontinuity and the fractal scale of non-Euclidean points, which grow in size and form according to the point of view of the observer. Yet since motion, discontinuity and fractal structure becomes evident as we come closer to the object, increasing our information and the truth of an entity is a direct function of the quantity of information we have of it, a Universe made of motions NOT substances, of discontinuous, fractal space-time, not of continuum fixed space is more truth.

Physicists though had not properly defined all those concepts.

On one side Energy was an overstretched ‘bag’ where to fit all motions of the Universe in all its scales. What it truly means in that sense is ‘the sum of all the formal motions of a system through its entire worldcycle. So it will be a key concept also in the model of fractal and cyclical time, akin to the ‘quantity of formal motions of any scale of reality’. So it is in fact another way to express the fundamental dual law of science is: ‘

“All what exists is energy that converts Spatial Extension back and forth into temporal information: Sp<=>Tƒ:     Energy=Sp x Tƒ”.

And so in 5D metric, there are infinite ‘parallel Universes’, but not in parallel realities, but in this fractal reality: each planet was a different history, as each fractal nebulae of an electron, all its possible histories, and each 10 scales of the 5th dimension a similar Universe but with different ‘universal constants’… Infinity and Absolute Relativity reaches its true dimensions, blowing up the mind, as equations keep falling into place.

Its symmetry in space. The geometry of the 5D planes of the Universe.

Cosmology deals with the Entire Universe, taken in present models of reality as the absolute Whole, as they consider reality co-exists in a single, continuous plane of space-time. This is not the overwhelming truth shown by T.Œ

Plainly speaking the structure of the Universe is ‘pyramidal’, with parts that ‘emerge’ as wholes, by ‘co-existing’ in different scales, which in physical systems are the quantum-atomic, thermodynamic-material and cosmological scales. This means in geometrical terms, and terms of motion and form (which in physics are concepts known as kinetic energy and its derivative lineal momentum and potential energy, and angular momentum – related but not so clearly and in T.Œ have the general form of Sp- bidimensional spatial energy and Tƒ or Tƒ, Temporal clocks of information) that there are different behaviors either if we:

– Stay in a single plane, seen as Euclidean where motion and form are conserved when an entity interacts within a single plane.

– Move through planes from parts into wholes, growing in size or sending energy and information to a larger whole vs. moving from wholes into parts or sending Sp & Tƒ from wholes into parts. This is ruled by the metric of the 5th dimension, which in its simplest ‘lineal form’ write as Sp x Tƒ = K.

Now because motion moves downwards with no friction, so you move your hand and all its cells move synchronically but do not move upwards with the same fluidity (so there is entropy) and vice versa, information, form can be replicated upwards with no loss, so cells replicate genetically and small forms grow in size almost with no changes, but things do ‘NOT shrink’ easily and there is no Lamarckian evolution, this means the perception of systems ‘above’ as wholes is different from the perception of systems ‘below’ as parts.

All in all the smaller worlds seem to have more information, form, mass, charge, and hence more ‘energy’ in the conceptualization of physics, from our perspective and so they grow in detail and occupy a larger space when we observe it. While the upper world thins out in energy and form. Only the present world of our size and form remains constant.

Bell CORRECTScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.44.22

We can see this from an organic perspective as a trophic pyramid: the smaller parts sustain the larger parts, which therefore thin out in energy density, and informative speed. If we look at those changes from a geometric point of view ∆+1 elliptic and ∆o hyperbolic realities different from our, ∆-1 perspective of our Euclidean Universe:

In the graph, the human observer in his own plane sees an Euclidean image of the Universe.

Now why it is our scale Euclidean? If we consider it in terms of the structure of our underlying space-time, it is made of light, and so as we see the motions of light as fixed dimensions of space, So our eyes sees 3 perpendicular light space coordinates:

This is the definition of Euclidean space: Light space.

We thus will observe 3 type of geometries, according to our ‘angle’ of 5D motion and its simple metric: Sp x Tƒ = K:

In a single plane of mechanical and Thermodynamic forms, we shall observe lineal Euclidean geometries transmitted by the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space, as neither Sp or Tƒ suffers any deformation. Man perceives light at constant speed without a real change in its time= frequency, and space=speed parameters from the point of emission (particle in relative stop (and motion) relationship with the observer).

  • Both remain constant, so we observe a holographic Universe, where Sp= K/Tƒ define according to both parameters most equations of Mechanics and Thermodynamics. For example: Sp (volume) = K/Tƒ (pressure) is the equation of the commonest gas space around us (atmosphere).
  • In the upper gravitational space-time, as ‘space enlarges’ while ‘time slows down’ it appears a Riemannian, elliptic geometry one of the non-Euclidean geometries that completely rejects the validity of Euclid’s fifth postulate and modifies his second postulate. Simply stated, Euclid’s fifth postulate is: through a point not on a given line there is only one line parallel to the given line. In Riemannian geometry, there are no lines parallel to the given line because space enlarges, thus from our smaller perspective we see those lines diverging, and time slows down. And those are the exact effects defined in General relativity.
  • On the other hand the lower quantum scales will appear from our perspective made of point-particles, and those point-particles will appear to be crossed from our larger perspective by multiple parallels. So the charges and particles of quantum physics will show the inverse hyperbolic geometry, crossed by multiple parallels.

The meaning of time in classic physics.

Now, absolute relativity, the philosophy of science behind this T.Πis even more radical in the separation of man from the Universe.

Every fractal part of the Universe is a super-organism that has obeys 10 sets of isomorphic laws, as parts of the same fractal space-time reality. We are all made of time motions, seen sometimes as space dimensions, hence equal in  substance though not in quantity (spatial size) and quality (speed of information) and complexity (number of co-existing scales of the 5th dimension, bits of information and bites of energy a given Œ-knot commands)

However, all these points are subject to the ego paradox: as every point of view perceives a limited part of reality to ‘fit’ it into its relative infinitesimal point of view or ‘mind, the ‘whole’ of each species understand only reality from its limited ‘one-dimensional point of view’, and considers himself from his ’10th Dimension’ as a whole, the only intelligent being of reality. Subjectivity is thus essential to the being.

And so it has been to humans, who always considered themselves the center of the Universe.

So alas, we shall latter expand those proofs of the falsity of the big-bang, which however can be perfectly explained as the big-bang of the lower scale of the 5th dimension below the cosmos, that is a quasar big-bang of a galaxy, either the previous cycle of the milky way galaxy, or the explosion of a giant galaxy in the local cluster, from where the local group fed on to reproduce the Andromeda and Milky way and dwarf galaxies around it.

A quasar big-bang we shall prove eliminates all those errors, the background becomes local and hence does not break Lorentz invariance (relativity), the galaxy has the same density of matter needed for the big-bang, a quasar is a reversal black hole explosion which happens to be the exact equation of the big bang (also a reversal black hole metric equation) the age of the quasar cycle tabulated between 10 and 20 billion years is exactly the same than the big-bang, it is NOT an illogic theory, as there are infinite galaxies in an infinite Universe the abundance of helium in galaxies does happen more in the center around the black hole where the hadron epoch formed them, and the ages of the big-bang do apply all to a quasar big-bang, and the local measure of the background radiation which FIRST and for very long was considered the background radiation of only the galaxy, fits, and as we shall see in the next picture, in fact the map of the galaxy is exactly the same of the background radiation:

Left, when we ad the gravitational force that warps 1D space into 3D mass in galactic vortices, they balance the expansion of 1D space in entropic vacuum as light dies into dark entropy lines between them. As mass warps 3 1D flat-vacuum into a ‘high volume’ its 3 times more powerful in its warping, hence the 75-25 Balance of mass to dark entropy. Thus the fractal Universe is immortal. On the right its scales all suffer similar e($)m(t) ternary processes of cyclical angular momentum-mass warping and lineal momentum -spatial expansion balanced in constant light space-time cycles of energy – the 3 conserved quantities. So the use of a fractal space and cyclical time arrows fully accounts for the immortal Universe and its balanced 3 arrows of space-time, conserved in its infinite reactions. Why those obvious facts are ‘reduced’ to entropic big-bangs in a single plane of space-time despite evidence? It is the ego paradox: what the big bang does for science is a religious ‘closure”, which added to the denial of organic sentient properties to physical reality allows to feel the high popes of science a sensation of absolute knowledge, as the religious person feels that all is known in the mystery of god ‘God’. Hence that sensation of shallow fulfilling so common among physicists and abrahamic believers that believe all has been responded and no doubts on ‘important themes’ remain to be known. So neither of them have much curiosity except on their ‘religion language, maths and words’ and their ‘creationist theories’.

A galaxy (ours) and the supposed big-bang of the universe, which shows the same form and raises doubts about the local measure of that radiation (the reader can observe the central lobes of ¥-radiation similar to those of the electron, which the prestigious astrophysicists Smolin and others were analyzing very carefully, since they thought they could see a different light speed in the upper and lower lobe after 13 billion years of time travel 🙂

All systems are a sum of quantic cycles that absorb, emit and transform spatial energy into temporal information: SP ≈Tƒ

That equation, decomposed sequentially in 3 phases, a first age of max. energy, a second age of balance and a third age of max. information, explains the existential cycle of any space-time field.

In a graph with energy and information coordinates those 3 ages resemble the geometrical form of a cycle that moves upwards, absorbing energy and information till in its 3rd age looses its temporal energy, collapsing back to its origin. On the right side, the same 3 ages show in the Taoist, Korean flag, where a line is the symbol of continuous yang-energy, which yin-time quantizes into ‘in-form-ation’, from youth to death.

T.O.E. The unification equation of the charge and mass scales of the 5th dimension.

Now once you learn to speak the most beautiful of all those jargons, the common language of all fractal space-time beings, Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian ‘i-logic’ mathematics, (the needed  2300 years overdue upgraded of the sciences of temporal logic and spatial geometry) you will upgrade also your chip, tuning your mind, your ‘spatial I=eye and temporal Wor(l)d’, to that of other species of the Universe.

Then you will as I have done for decades, walk through the world seeing the organic life in every physical, biological and social system of the Universe.

Indeed, what we have just described logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, but the fundamental entity of any biological, social system – the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, self-centered entities of time-space that put together create the puzzle of the Universe.

The DNA invaginates with Golgi conducts the vital cytoplasm it exploits, surrounded by the faster membrane of proteins, which act in its formal position as a membrane. The magnetic field surrounds the charge and encloses the vital space of electromagnetic fields the charges controls. So happens with a planet protected by its magnetic field that steams out of the central charge and surrounds it. And the galaxy has in its center a black hole.

And it is surrounded by a halo of dense fast rotating strangelet quarks, so the stars and planets within it will become converted into black holes in Nova explosions or strangelets, when the Physicist, duly programmed to extinguish the species according to the Fermi paradox, busy-busy recreates the big bang on Earth (yes I know to be more popular, I should not remember you of this, so you can wonder on the halls of knowledge unaware of the entropic motions of the Universe, but as Mr. Descartes, the very unpopular frozen philosopher would put it ‘c’est la vie’, what is at stakes here, not only the stifled knowledge of the mind, granted if you keep on reading).

Thus ‘Lineal Space, Es’, energy means an expansive motion that ‘extends space’, a planar lineal motion that we see as static space, as dimensions of length and width, or as an explosive decelerating motion.

Now that we know the fundamental difference between ‘open space’ and cyclical time, we can move onto the second fundamental principle of ‘physical sciences’, the Principle of relativity. Again, here a mathematician Poincare defined it at the same time that Einstein, and on my view more clearly, when he said that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’. And this is enormously important.

Since if we cannot know when a thing is moving or is merely a ‘form’, we must always consider this duality. If we see a particle, it is a ‘vortex of motion’ besides having a cyclical time-like form. If we see a dimension of length, it is space moving besides being a still distance. On this difference almost ‘every mathematical tool’ of calculus (differentials and integrals), every system of Nature (which we see simultaneously as a still organism, and moving through its worldcycle of life and death), the duality of quantum, discontinuous reality and moving, continuous one, etc. etc., almost all phenomena of all sciences is based. I call it the “Galilean Paradox’, to differentiate its much wider meaning from those sponsored by physicists, as again we shall apply it to all sciences. So we write it again:

Relativity Principle (Galilean Paradox):     “All what exists is a motion with form”.

Soon we will realize that indeed, all what exists is motion with form, nothing is truly still. And so cyclical time seen as form is ‘information’ and as motion is a ‘vortex-like clock’, and open space seen as form is ‘distance’ and seen as motion is ‘lineal speed’.

There is a convention though to call time ‘motion’ and ‘space’ stillness. This is Ok in the ‘limit’. As time accelerates (as all cyclical motions, which require 2 points, a torque and have angular acceleration) and in fact as paradoxical as it seems a cyclical motion by the law of the vortex is faster than a lineal motion, which as in a big-bang explosion, decelerates. (We shall deed with the error of considering the expansion of the distance-space of the Universe as an acceleration in our post on astrophysics).

So in the limit by the law of the vortex, Vo x Ro = k, time cycles accelerate inwards as vortex do, and in the process they attract ‘space’. So black holes, masses and charges do exactly so. And so in the limit we can say that ‘time is motion’ (the classic definition of it) and space is distance, dimension.

And this fact of T.Œ will allow us easily to unify the equations of charges and masses, what physicists call T.O.E, or Theory Of Everything, a minor result of T.Œ, the Theory of the Organic Everything, which I write with Œ to distinguish both.

General relativity a fast over view. The symmetry of relativity in time, the 3 ages of EFE.

The 3 ages of time in cosmology applies to EFE’s (Einstein’s field equations) 3 main solutions 3 hypothetical different Universes, they represent the structure of any space-time, including our galaxy, an island Universe through its 3 ages.

It is also possible to make a complex mathematical treatment of the 3 ages of galactic systems: the 1st age of the system will be the Entropy age, the 3rd age the information age, and the middle age is one of balance, ES=TO, when the reproduction of most particles took place. We are in that period.

– Max. Es (Youth): The Entropy age is Lemaitre’s big bang solution that expands space. This solution in the fractal model of space-time applies only to the vacuum space between galaxies.

-Es=It: The steady state Universe is Einstein’s solution. It applies to the entire Universe.

– Max. It: Kerr’s solution of a rotary black hole, which is the third age of an implosive Universe that reverses time coordinates as matter falls back into the central Worm Hole of any space-time.

However because time space fractal and dual, while those solutions in a wider outlook will be applied successively to each age of the Universe, they are also applied in space to the fractal parts of the whole. Thus the big-bang solution applies to the intergalactic space, which astrophysicists study and erroneously apply to the entire Universe (given their dogma of a single continuous space-time).

The informative solution applies to our galaxy. But it does not mean a travel backward in time but an informative vortex, a cyclical clock of time – the galaxy in which we exist with an arrow of information different from the expansive arrow of the intergalactic space of dark Entropy and tired light.

And so we get adding all the expansive motions of intergalactic space and the implosive vortices of galactic mass, a relative balance that is the present steady state applied to the whole; since in each phase of reality all yangs have some yin and all yings seed of yang.

Its Universal ratios/constants of Entropy and form.

In the space-time of the Universe, in the same manner that any other three ages can be related by the different ratios of Entropy and information or vital constants of a being, those three ages are defined mathematically by the constant of action that relates the Entropy and information of the Universal space-time, Lambda & G.

Indeed, the constants of any system are ratios of transformation of the Entropy and form of any system, I/E=K or proportions of Entropy and form, Exi=K. Thus constants evolve and change as the Entropy and information of a system changes with time. In biology, is known that vital constants, change as an organism gets old and becomes wrinkled and warped, increasing its information and diminishing its capacity to process Entropy, changing its metabolic constants and speed of information/thought.

Dirac, Brans-Dicke, and others understood this in cosmology. Indeed, G is a ratio of the mass=information and Entropy= distance of a system. And we already saw how a change on those ratios allowed us to unify and measure the Entropy and form of the 3 membranes of the Universe (strong, gravitational and light forces).

In the equations of Einstein that define the three ages of a galactic space-time and perhaps an entire Universe, that relationship is given by the cosmological constant that measures the Entropy of the gravitational vacuum, l, which Nottale used to measure the minimal fractal quanta of gravitational Entropy. The constant changes with the 3 ages of any fractal space-time or island Universe. In a young, expanding space, l is positive, but so close to zero that it easily becomes negative, causing a warping or big crunch. And so l will also change through the 3 ages or solutions of Einstein’s equation, till reaching the informative age of the galaxy in which we exist.

Recap. The 3 ages of the Universe correspond to the 3 solutions of Einstein’s equations: The young big-bang; the reproductive, steady state or big-banging and the cyclical, informative age, occurring in galaxies, or Gödel’s solution. They apply in space to the expanding space, imploding, galactic vortex and both together create the present balanced steady state.

The symmetry between motions in time and space.

Space-still vs. time-motion duality is the causal alpha of it all (but not the omega, W, meaning, which we will find to be organic, biologic, embedded in the world cycle, represented by W). So we must go deeper into it, and follow now its ‘other fundamental expression’ – the ternary principle of ‘creation’, ‘diversification’ and ‘formation’ of entities departing from its time motions or still spatial states.

We deduce its original components from the interplay of the 3 motions of time:

>   The arrow of information that increases from upper to lower scales, faster in its time cycles: Tƒ (Uo)<Tƒ(U-1). This arrow appears most often in physics as an accelerated vortex (Vo x Ro = K being the simplest 2-dimensional form) or clock of time with increasing frequency, till it ‘collapses’ into a particle-point or reverse its time arrow into:

<    The arrow of entropy and decelerating expanding size that increases from lower to upper scales of larger size: Sp(Uo)>Sp (U-1).

   And their relative present combinations, in which the system combines, Sp and Tƒ, fields and particles, limbs and heads of energy and information into reproductive bodies and waves which repeat in an eternal present the entities of existence.

In this case the entropy/energy arrow will show limbic/long fields of planar toroid energy, the arrow of accelerated cyclical motion the form of particles and heads that gauge information and the arrow of relative present iteration the body/wave form. And so in practice we tend to talk of ‘momentums’ of existence, that is Active Magnitudes that we shall call Œ, Functions in ‘existence’, which move through several planes of space-time.

This interconnection or duality between the stop and go dual motions/forms of entities in existence is a necessary complexity of the dialectic nature of the Universe, not only between relative Œ-points that communicate flows of attractive, imploding information and expanding, repelling energy, but within the entity which often displays both states, with different geometric position.

The previous symmetry defines all beings, as vital spaces whose ternary organs, perform the 3 functions=motions of time. Since all systems are  made of the same 3 components, the 3 2-manifold varieties, which accumulate in ‘layers’ to shape the depth of a 3rd dimension of thickness; and then move in ‘Time’ to accumulate the 3 ‘dimensional motions’ of time, past-entropic motions, present-reproductive motions and future-informative motions:

In that regard it is important that you understand those 3 arrows/dimensions/motions of time and its still present-spatial pictures as intervals. Since ultimately all clocks of time have different ‘steps/tics’, a relative instant of time varies, according to the perspective. If we have slow perceptive-time clocks we shall see a minimal time indivisible, which might represent for an atom or a cell an entire time existence. So how we differentiate the ‘time ages/phases’ of a system?

Precisely in mathematics, when the equation stops being differentiable or suffers a steep change of phase.

From energetic gas to reproductive liquid to informative solid in matter states.

From gaseous field of energy to liquid wave, to solid particle in quantum states.

From young energetic age to adult, reproductive age to old, warping age.

From the big bang expansive solution of EFE (Einstein’s field equations) to steady state to big crunch old age state in any physical system that follows those equations (galactic space-times mainly).

And so on. Time never ends because it switches its arrows, when one is exhausted. Or in terms of consciousness,  can you conceive the non-existence of time? Because we can conceive non-existence, but still time will happen when nothing else happening, the mind also has an a priori consciousness of the eternity of time.

In physics this becomes obvious when we realize that if Poincare’s/Einstein’s relativity 2nd postulate is truth and there is no way to differentiate motion from stillness, all has relative motion, and if all has motion, motion never stops. We can always choose the mind’s still perception of reality to fit all its information in its infinitesimal mind, or the moving objective, inner perception of the being. Atoms are moving vortices but we see solid matter.

Yet if we consider the most objective moving reality, we realize time never stops as motion cannot stop and motion is the substance of reality in its 3 variations: expansive, entropic, relative past motion, Sp, repetitive, iterative combined E x I motion and informative, formal motion, Tƒ.

This reality broken into infinite beings, of different sizes and time speeds is the ultimate reality science must describe. And in all its scales we shall find, the 3 arrows of time, its interplay and common ‘isomorphic laws’. Thus once we isolate the details and find its 3 arrows of time-space, we can apply the isomorphic laws of T.Œ and describe with them all what happens.

For example, Alain de Mehaute proved long ago in a paper on chemistry, and his book on fractals, ‘L’espace-temps brisse’ ‘broken space-time’ that when energy exhaust, chemical systems do not stop time-motion, but start to wrinkle as space-time does in any scale.

For example, Einstein said ‘time curves space into masses’, which he said to be ‘accelerated vortices of gravitational lineal forces’. And e=mc2 merely express that constant big-bang/big-crunch duality of eternal time cycles.

In fact, life does the same in inverse fashion. Life is the arrow of growing form, growing information. Then, once you exhaust all energy into wrinkles, time does not stop in death. But it changes its arrow backwards into an entropic explosion/dissolution of our information.

So we can differentiate an interval of past, present or future, but it will always have an asymptotic limit, where the equation breaks as the limit means a change of phase, even a bouncing back of time, reversing its arrows, to never stop.

It follows that as all goes back and forward between energy/information arrows, and we define present space as the confluence of both arrows, it is possible in the dynamic, paradoxical universe of time arrows, to define all as space-present, combination of ‘yin and yang’, if we take the larger perspective that adds two time arrows from past to future and future to past. In such a case, all becomes a zero-sum, an eternal present of conflicting existences that cancel each other.

This is the absolute law of the universe.

Time never stops, but all ceases to exist for time to continue. So time switches in all possible combinations, between its ‘past arrow’ of entropy – expansive decelerating lineal motion – its future arrow of information, cyclical, accelerated vortices and its combinations into repetitive present spaces.

If we consider ‘space’ as still motion, as a differential of time, into an instant that combines the two arrows of past and future energy and information, into a repetitive motion, space is then also dynamical. But from an external perspective space seems not to change. It is then an interval without inner change, in which the external motion is continuously differentiable.

It is all that simple. In life≈biology the 3 arrows have a sequential order, the 3 ages of time due to an excess of genetic and nervous information that makes information the dominant arrow of the future – and make us choose information as the relative future arrow from the human p.o.v. of knowledge.

In technology information is also the future arrow as the human cult to the machine, makes evolving informative machines the goal of our collective subconscious suicide (creating robotic species that will substitute us).

In physical particles, which are dominant in motion, with lesser information, the opposite happens. There is in many systems a relative future arrow of entropy, and motion that dominates the system, such as in interstellar space where space expands; or in the interaction of particles of information, and antiparticles with past arrows, and inverse expanding motion.

Both co-exist and so antiparticles of past, which co-exist with future particles often come together and then, the following event happens: Anti-particle past x Particle- future = present entropic annihilation. This explains why we see less antiparticles, as they are the death-past arrow, which lasts only a time instant, so while they are as many lives and death as death is Maximal entropy expansion x minimal information, it happens very fast and the total space x time perception of an antiparticle or a corpse is far inferior to the perception of particles and living beings.

The fundamental of those symmetries is the ternary symmetry between the 3 motions of time and the 3 dimensions of space.

Finally to make sense of all this, we have to remember something modern physics has completely forgotten, the laws of the scientific method and the realist nature of its language, mathematics…

Let us see this in more detail as an example on how fully understand the multiplicity of mathematical physics, encased in the 5D ST structure of reality and its paradoxes, dualities and ternary groups.

Fractal space and renormalization.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 19.48.42

5D space-time cycles means basically that reality is a fractal. This means all is self-similar, ‘affine’, fractal, isomorphic, self-similar words. And so somehow all can be described with similar properties under ‘transformations’. For example:

An image of a fern-like fractal that exhibits affine self-similarity. Each of the leaves of the fern is related to each other leaf by an affine transformation. For instance, the red leaf can be transformed into both the small dark blue leaf and the large light blue leaf by a combination of reflection, rotation, scaling, and translation.

Those 4 operations are the essence of physical studies of material fractal systems. The methodology of physics consists in studying systems that are ‘invariant’ under rotation or time motion, scaling or 5D motion, and translation or space motion and reflection or Space-time motion.

However NOT al systems are invariant under those processes, in 5D physics there are ‘antisymmetries’ of time (from birth to extinction, which are inverse actions) and hence asymmetries in space (as the 3 elements, Sp, ST (ST) and Tƒ are different topologies). And in 5D there are ‘reversal roles on motions upwards and downward, so similarities happen, when we jump two scales.

So physicists ran into infinities because they could not accept fractals. For 80 years, they found an infinity in an equation and just got rid of them!

The early formulators of QED and other quantum field theories were, as a rule, dissatisfied with this state of affairs. It seemed illegitimate to do something tantamount to subtracting infinities from infinities to get finite answers.

Freeman Dyson argued that these infinities are of a basic nature and cannot be eliminated.

Dirac’s criticism was the persistent:

‘Most physicists are very satisfied with the situation. They say: ‘Quantum electrodynamics is a good theory and we do not have to worry about it any more.’ I must say that I am very dissatisfied with the situation, because this so-called ‘good theory’ does involve neglecting infinities, which appear in its equations, neglecting them in an arbitrary way. This is just not sensible mathematics.

Feynman wrote: Having to resort to such hocus-pocus has prevented us from proving that the theory of quantum electrodynamics is mathematically self-consistent. I suspect that renormalization is not mathematically legitimate.

Today they found a ‘fractal philosophy’ to accept getting rid of infinities, which ARE scalar ‘finitesimal’ numbers of an ∆-¡ scale. Today, the point of view has shifted: on the basis of the breakthrough renormalization group insights of Kenneth Wilson, the focus is on variation of physical quantities across contiguous scales, while distant scales are related to each other through “effective” descriptions. All scales are linked in a broadly systematic way, and the actual physics pertinent to each is extracted with the suitable specific computational techniques appropriate for each.

5D best

In the graph some basic elements of 5D needed to understand the different sub-disciplines of physical sciences.

The closest one to the humans sphere and hence the one with less loss of energy and information is mechanics:

The different arrows of the 5th dimension, $ x ð = K, imply that energy-motion descends from upper regions into lower regions with ‘perfect’ transmission, and this applies to mechanics, which studies how ‘Gravitational forces’, the cosmological forces of max. strength in black holes, which affect all particles starting from the minimal mass of a top quark, particle of black holes, or the equivalent mass of a the most informative atom, the gold atom.

Below this scale as the ‘eye doesn’t’ seem certain frequencies, or the ear certain sounds’, the gravitational force has no longer power and vanishes. Mechanics though is fairly straight, and accurate, compared to other subjects of physics, which include quite a lot of conceptual errors, by lack of a 5D formalism.

Now some of the consequences of the different entropy of the information and energy arrows (information entropy being defined by Shannon, for physical systems in a single, lineal dimension as entropy is – which strictly speaking must be cored for 3 dimensional systems) are the existence between planes of ‘informative doors’ and ‘limits of motion’.

For the Human co-existing 3 planes, those limits of existence are:

– $:  c-limit of speed between the Galactic scale beyond which we enter the expansive, faster Dark Energy scale outside galaxies, from where perception of motion disappears observed as Spatial growth of distance towards infinity (expansion of intergalactic space)

ð: 0 k limit of Thermodynamic order on the lower scale of time clocks, bey9ond which information perception disappears and time moves towards 0 (no perception of   the ‘wells-doors’ between our world and black hole vortices).

We call those regions of transition beyond which perception of information and energy disappears the Lorentzian regions, in which there is a distortion of the geometry of space-time and the balanced Se=to parameters observed from the ∆o human point of view.

Entropy only theories in that sense are nonsense, created by reducing the 3 arrows of time to a single arrow of entropy and by NOT understanding that all is a formal motion and substance, pure static Parmenides-like form is just an error of the mind which eliminates motion-dimensions of reality to keep in its still mapping a static focused mirror image of reality, with less dimensions-motions (in fact a holographic 2 dimensional form of information that eliminates 3 dimensions of reality, the motion of time cycles, the depth, 3rd dimension of space planes and the5th dimension of scales not observed directly).

So we can now distinguish in more detail several key events of the 2 x 2 flows of motion and form from two N±1and L±2 planes of existence, in the first motion what we call a co-existing synchronizing flow, in the second case a death process in which the present ‘plane’ is jumped over, (quantum jump) and pure entropy is formed.

-. When a system dies, the $t-Past (∆-1) > ST-Present (n) > ð§ Future (∆+1) is reversed WITHOUT the present. There is then a ‘quantum jump’ in a quanta of space-time, in which ALL the information, ð§, of the system is erased directly into an ∆-1 field of pure disordered energy, expanding in space, and this is the concept of disordered entropy we so often use. And write in ¬Æ as ð§ < (Present jumped) < Se, or ab. as ð§ <<$t, the mathematical and logic definition of death in ¬Æ.

All form (mass or charge) is devolved to the 2 lowest scales. This in physics is M+1 <©≈©<E-1, that is the mass which is the §ð state, becomes pure entropic, expansive radiation, after jumping << twice through the present ∑e x ∏I -light wave. As c is the constant wave of present space-time of our world.

– However in most cases energy and information is transferred back and forth from the field to the particle through the intermediate present wave-body, which processes it and transforms it for the field or the particle to use it. And this can be done with 0 entropy of energy and information either way when the system is absolutely efficient, which happens for all systems in certain balanced states mostly on the middle age ST, or for information in the old age of minimal energy, Tƒ, and for energy in the 1st age of minimal information.

And this is what we mean by different arrows.

Namely a young state, which is ‘all energy’, can obviously transfer energy better, so a youngster is a better athlete. There is no inference of the negative, inverse formal arrow because the kid is pure motion. So he deliver entropy , motion ad maximal

And vice versa the solid, crystal, old man delivers information with minimal energy, pure form, because that is all what he has.

While in the middle the body-wave has both energy (entropy) and information (form) and then we must wonder how both become entangled and how they are transferred.

Now because only in the conception phase information is moved upwards with maximal quality (palingenetic process of fetus conception) and in death energy is moved downwards with maximal quality (pure entropy explosion) JUMPING over the present states, by palingentic acceleration of time cycles which are ‘void of any energy content’ and compressed for the efficient actions of time evolution on the 5h dimension (hence the fact that in 9 moths we evolve perfectly without entropy because the program has masterly selected only those formal motions that are efficient, eliminating the entire entropy of information provoked by the chaotic process of evolution), we shall then wonder what happens between the Tiƒ-1 (seed) >> to+1 <(ST<se) conception of the being, in which a seed of the lower scale emerges as a perfectly formed organism, relative social point of the ∆+1 social scale, and the death in which to+1 << Tiƒ-1 reverses into a seed.

It is call ‘existence’ as a messed up mixture of energy and information, and this is the time of entropy and information combined, created, destroyed, you name it.

Here though because the ‘principles of conservation of angular and lineal momentum, and its worldcycle integrals of internal and external kinetic energy, apply, the overall conservation of cyclical and lineal motions is assured what happens is that according to efficiency and the Darwinian program of selection the Universe selects the species with maximal momentum) physical systems) and with maximal existential force (max Head information x Max. body force).


Thus we can consider a general equation for all the previous ‘forms of matter’ and deduce some important general conclusions for all the fields of physics – specifically as an introductory note the powerless of T.Œ, the whys of general relativity space-time geometry and the unification equation of charges and masses.

This would be then a Generator equation of all ‘Spatial components of physical systems’:

Γ. Se: accelerated entropy field <ST: energy wave <Tƒ: informative, Active magnitude

We shall use therefore 3 terms, which are more akin to the mathematical parameters of physics, but quite different in meaning when we add the asymmetric flows of energy and information of the 5th dimension:

  • Se-1: ‘entropic field’, which is a field that expands space, transmitting an accelerated motion to the ‘physical system’ proper, made of a wave and a particle.
  • ST: The wave carries energy in the physical sense, both stored as potential energy, hence a form of information and as a lineal path of motion, or kinetic energy, hence related to the accelerated entropic field; which can be deviated into ‘smaller actions’, of angular and lineal momentum – the 2×2 conserved magnitudes as the ST wave is the ‘present state’ of the system, hence the immortal physical constant. Thus ST is indeed a balanced mixture of the entropic, accelerated field and the implosive vortex:
  • Tƒ+1: The Active magnitude or particle, which is also an accelerated field moving inwards. A clock time in different dimensions: Vo x Ro = K, being the simplest vortex in 2 dimensions, the quark, in 3 dimensions the charge, in 4 dimensions the mass.

Those are the elements to consider to describe all physical systems, which will be a reasoned mixture of cyclical and lineal motions in different dimensions, with different orientations, and chirality’s, along 3 relative scales, through which entropy of energy upwards and information inwards, will deform our perception of both directions, according to  the metrics of the 5th dimension:

5D fractal space-cyclical time

In the graph, the metrics of the 5th dimension, Se x Tƒ = K, and its inverse arrows of informative entropy (downwards) and energetic entropy (upwards) establish the difference perceptions human have of its geometries and volume of information: we will find elliptic geometry upwards (general relativity), Euclidean in our plane, and hyperbolic downwards (wave states dominant on quantum physics). On the other hand, we will find much more information downwards (quantum multiple paths and fractal electrons, and sum over histories), as the speed of time clocks are much faster (hence we see many world cycles of particle together from our slower world); that upwards (slow paths of galaxies). Finally this in terms of curvature will appear as a huge increase of curvature in the lower scales (Q-constants) compared to the upper scales (weak G-constant). allowing a simple unification equation of both scales. Those results can be achieved with great detail using the more complex formalisms of quantum and relativity, but as we shall show now (as all sound models are similar), we can achieved the same ‘whys’ of the most seek after answers of mathematical physics, just with a sound conceptual reasoning and simple maths:

According to those metrics, Time vortices accelerate downwards the speed of its time cycles, making smaller vortices more attractive Tƒ-Particles with increasing information, and hence the smaller spaces paradoxically more complex, storing more energy too. Reason why electromagnetic ‘smaller forces’ are much more attractive than gravitational.

We already considered 2 basic effects of those processes, WHICH ARE AT THE HEART of all the ‘big whys’ of modern physics, and when properly developed in the 4th line will give us all the results seek for the past century – the explanation of physics, the unification of charges and masses, and the reasons of General Relativity strange space-time physics.



In that regard, the classifications of physical scales from the human perspective can be done with the previous ‘procedures’:

The simplest classification is to consider below human beings the quantum scale of ∆-electromagnetic forces; then the human thermodynamic ∆-scale of molecular matter based on heat and then the ∆+1 gravitational scale based on mass.

We could then consider the ‘objective’, external breaking of those scales each one in ternary scales, studied them independent of man, with the ‘main organic system of each scale’; the electromagnetic atom, the thermodynamic molecule (whereas a planet is just the largest scale of them), and the cosmological mass, (where the galaxy seems to be the medium sized scale). This is likely the more ‘grounded’ analysis, with the ‘intermediate’ maximal minimum, or ‘co-existing’ elements. Such as the molecule is the largest form of the electromagnetic scale, the moon the lowest form of the gravitational scale, and so on. We can then talk of 3 x 3 scales around those organic forms:

– ∆-11: Photon; ∆-12: atom; ∆-13: Molecule.

– ∆01: molecule; ∆02: Matter-Planet-Human; ∆03: Solar System

– ∆+11: Solar System; ∆+12: Galaxy; ∆+13: Cosmos.

The Human Perspective.

Now, it is obvious that this structure reduces the planes worth to study to ‘7’ planes, with a central human plane, ‘matter’ and 3 above and 3 below.

Then we approach more to what we perceive, which is NOT all what there is there, and adds the DEFORMATION humans experienced when perceiving those 3 scales above and below – and then beyond the first 4th invisible scale.

This is the preferred structure recognizing both the organic, objective and subjective perspective. The quantification and antisymmetries then are added as the 3rd layer of complex description of each scale.

And so we should talk with ∆o, as the human matter-thermodynamic scale of the other scales with ‘reference’ to human perception of them.

So first let us see what is the nature of that deformed perception in general terms.

t is indeed essential for the reader to understand that linguistic mappings, stifle and deform the objective similarity of all beings.

So all kind of distorted images that carry a certain truth are possible, and relatively correct, but ONLY an objective analysis from the widest possible perspective, will make sense of all of them.

This widest Theory Of Everything, naturally can only be proposed by a Philosopher of Science, whose task is precisely to understand all the varieties of ‘formal motions’ and ‘ternary symmetries’ in space and time, measured by the infinite frames of reference of the Universe.

While each science and scientist will study a particular form and type of species in its detail, with more or less deformation according to the linguistic models it proposes, its specific ‘ego-centered paradox’ and the ‘worldly profession’, it engages with. Which of course the Philosopher of Science must also explain, to the chagrin of the different ‘Religions’, ‘Cultures’ and ‘Minervas of the North’, and the sure solitude that will engulf his work.

So how can we differentiate subjective truths, and biases? Tƒ that aim the philosopher of science has created the ‘Scientific method’, which the likes of Aristotle and Descartes established, and the likes of Galileo and Newton usurped and deformed.

But as we said all relative truths carry certain information, which is valid to create a mapping of reality and that is why subjective versions of reality do work and remain standing. Indeed, Ptolemy could perfectly establish the orbits of planets with the Earth at its center, just adding epicycles. But it was a very complicated motions. Thus Science considers the fundamental ‘tool’ to distinguish a higher objective truth from a subjective one, called Ockham’s razor: the simplest theory of reality which can explain the maximal number of facts is a more objective truth.

This was the merit of Descartes, the true founder of modern science, which we have upgraded to our ternary analysis of all systems of the Universe, in what we shall call, T.Œ, the Theory of the Organic Everything, as all those ternary systems made of cyclical times, lineal spaces and self-centered territorial points of view that organize them, will show clear ‘organic patterns in its form and actions.

Let us then, keep narrating, the next installment of the history of western thought, and its duality between the Philosophers of science, who know better vs. the Physicists, who have more power – explain in modern terms the findings of Descartes, with the help of the new mathematical tools of topology and fractal geometry those discoveries, in more detail.

Energy equations.

The first equations to consider of mathematical physics are the equations of energy, which integrate in each scale a given spatial quanta, according to its ‘population’ for unit of time.

Such as: Energy = ∑ Sp, whereas ∑ varies according to the quantity of simultaneous ‘spatial quanta’ we measure in a given ‘time clock’ of different speed or ‘density of information’.

So we shall find an entire range of different species, with different ‘energy power’, regarding their ∑ Sp total value. If we call each of those Sp quanta a ‘quanta of lineal momentum’, or quanta of space, then we can consider that (kinetic) Energy is the integral of the lineal momentum of the system.

In the graphs, the 3rd element needed to understand the fractal structure of the Universe is the 5th dimension, which orders all systems according to their relative size in space or ‘quanta’, multiplied by the frequency of its time clocks, to create larger super organisms or physical systems. It is the interaction between the minimal quanta of each scale and its time clocks, what defines the main laws of science and describe those systems, both in space as synchronous organisms and in time, as systems that live through world cycles of increasing ‘accelerated’ time frequency. In brief, any system can be decomposed into a minimal quanta of space, a Universal constant, multiplied by a time frequency or population of quanta. So in Physics we have 3 equations that integrate al the quanta in space of a system and its frequency of population: E=hv, for the quantum scale, E=knT for the thermodynamic scale and E=mc2 for the gravitational scale.

Yet similar equations can define the different fractal systems of other sciences. For example, humans have a DNA unit cell multiplied by billions. And this social structure of reality defines a series of ‘eusocial scales’ of growth, from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, societies, solar systems, and galaxies, that defines a new arrow of time-space, the 5th dimension. It is the absolute ARROW OF TIME, as wholes must appear after the parts, they evolve socially.

So eusocial love, the arrow of evolution of parts into wholes IS the most important arrow of reality – a fact understood by Darwin (species not individuals evolve) by prophets of eusocial love (humans should evolve socially into a global super organism without nations and wars), and of course by every little part of the Universe that come together into ‘integral sums’ of Energy. In the graph above, we describe the 3 main bidimensional space-quanta of physical systems, a bijector of angular momentum (H-planck) of the ∆-1 quantum scale, an entropic K-Boltzmann quanta of the ∆ Thermodynamic scale, and an ∆+1 quanta, the constant of c-speed. Below we show the ternary parts of all those systems, integrated in physical sciences with the scalar parameter of energy (an integral of the lineal momentum and angular momentum or Sp and Tƒ elements of the system). So in physics we write the generator equation of all physical systems, as the ‘conservation principle of energy and information’:

Ei= ∆-1 h(sp) x ƒ (Tf) -> ∆ k (Sp) x nT (Tƒ) ->∆+1: m x cc

This is the lower left graph In the right graph, we show pictures of those scales, proper of all ST beings of our human Universe, according to their size and time speed.

So energy is ultimately a relative present quanta of time, a concept essential to 5D time space, which we shall define here

Comparing energy and motion.

Now in this very brief introduction to i-mathematical physics we have defined already some of the fundamental parameters of mathematical physics – the Tiƒ vortex of information of the ∆±1 scales (charges and masses), the 3 Energetic quanta of space, and its relative frequency of present time (frequency, temperature, speed), and finally we have defined speed as the reproduction of form, along a path, confirming the meaning of Energy as the product of a space-quanta, and a reproductive ‘wave’, in present time.

The implications though from an organic perspective are daring, as speed is reproduction of form, and since ‘locomotion’ was the only NON organic type of motion, it turns out that all the motions of the Universe are organic.

Now we would like to call attention to an element of this analysis not considered yet, the role of the 5th dimension in those essential parameters of physics.

So we will be able to understand better the principles of conservation of energy and momentum, and its meaning, as well a that of speed as reproduction of a wave of form, over a lower, ∆-1 scale of reality.

Let us start by an obvious question: if something moves, this something must also be defined, and as it is usually an active magnitude, defined as a time vortex (a mass, a charge, a molecule), what moves is a temporal form with maximal information, of a lower scale of reality. Thus the entity that moves is NOT in the same plane of existence where motion is detected.

And so while energy is an scalar value which can be considered to exist in a single plane and define the ‘unit of space-time’ of the being or existential force (and so happens with its equivalent, Tiƒ, mass or charge, conversion, E=M), speed is a vectorial quantity in which there is the need to express the existence of two parameters of two scales, the active magnitude, the scalar, and the plane in which the motion takes place, the vector.

Speed thus, shows the being swimming between two waters, its internal ‘energy structure’ as active magnitude and its external space-time cyclical action in the ∆+1 world. And as such it is better expressed as a function of lineal momentum (external entropic or steady state action) or angular momentum (external, informative action), since the function of momentum includes the active magnitude of the being.

So Energy (entropic, Spe view) < = > Mass/Charge: Active magnitude (Tiƒ view) is the ‘being in itself’, a scalar.

And Momentum is the being and its action in the external world, P, L (lineal, angular momentum).

It should then seem apparently that momentum is larger than energy, as it adds to the Active Magnitude a new cycle in a larger scale, but – and this is the beauty of the harmony between parts and wholes, which repeat across scales the same functions – we measure, actually energy as the integral of the momentum of the being in its larger scale. So we can establish a picture on what the existence of physical systems, and by extension all systems means:

– Entities do have an internal Energy content, which can be perceived as entropic capacity (kinetic energy) or informative capacity (Potential energy), and we shall call together Present, ST, or Ei.

It is its present capacity to act in the ∆-scale of existence as a whole. And we can calculate this capacity in terms of its ∆-1 ‘cellular/atomic (space) and time tics’:

∆Ei=∆-1:∑ Sp.

where ∑ is a quantizer of the relative synchronous number of space-quanta (h-planck, k-Boltzmann, m-ass) of each ∆±1 scale.

It is this formula, the one mathematical physics considers for its 3 main scales: E=hƒ; E=nkT; E=1/2mv2

But then the entity as part of a larger ∆+1, will merely become a scalar point, a quanta or unit of momentum of that larger world, where it will again move and become cell/cycle unit of space-time of the larger whole, emerging again as momentum, from the ∆+1 perspective.

Thus with its internal Active Magnitude/Energy capacity the being will ‘act’ externally by displaying in the world, a momentum, becoming an ‘atomic/cellular part’, or ‘action/cycle’ (Space vs. time views), a space-time cyclical action, as ∆-1 micro-quanta.

And this constant switch on between micro-beings, part of macro-beings, Active Magnitudes (Ei), becoming the static source that provides the momentum for the larger being, which integrates all those micro-momentums to become a larger Active Magnitude, Ei, which again becomes the source that provides momentum for a larger scale, is how the Universe proceeds in its relentless growth of scales.

It therefore becomes essential to know how the micro-points transcend and emerge, giving away their energy-information to the larger wholes, without exhausting it all and making it all coming to a halt.

Why this does not happen is obvious: because the ultimate essence of the Universe is a quantity of motion, which never stops, the ultimate reality is a volume of motion, which can be fixed into ‘fleeting forms’, by any mind that sees a synchronous parts as a mental form, and so in the below, any monad can stop reality into a virtual world, in the larger reality any of those ‘stopped’ mental space will be a huge flow of motion.

When we see it in that ‘wider picture’, it is of little relevance the mental measures a certain language-world establishes on the whole universe of eternal motions. Still because we humans, make sense of it, and create the world we see around, with many other similar mathematical minds, it is important to understand in this new picture of infinite planes, what are the…



The UNIVERSE CONSERVES quanta of PRESENT SPACETIMES. Ei, our symbol for the dual state of energy-mass (entropy/active magnitude, time-motion/still space) of any scale.

Those present spacetimes, become ‘de facto’ reproduced presents, when the cycle closes into itself (there is a closed energy loop, where work is not done, hence even if there has been a motion, there is not an expenditure of it). This is difficult to grasp for the mind who thinks there is constant friction and things get spent, and a source of much confusion and errors in all sciences, from the famous error of Aristotle who thought heavier objects felt faster, to the exploited error of the masses who think they have to work hard to earn a living, as if energy were NOT eternal in a Universe where the ultimate substance IS motion and the Maya, is the fixed form.

What does happen though is that when a space-time cycle does not close, it becomes entropic and part of its Ei ‘escapes’, and it is absorbed by the medium or other beings. So we must differentiate what happens to closed time cycles which are preserved (and for example in General relativity such accelerated vortices live longer according to the twin paradox that lineal paths), vs. lineal open cycles which suffer tear and spend the Ei or ‘exi=st-ential force’ of the being.

So 3 are the ‘set of parameters’ or conceptual formulae of physics, which deal with all this elements, the concept of ‘Force’, of “momentum’ and of “energy’, which are the elements used in the ‘actions’ of physical system, and we need to find some general rules for any scale in which those 3 elements combinations of Sp and Tƒ ≈ ST ≈ Ei presents become.

Time Existences. The forms and motions of its beings, reproduced constantly in present waves of times, in which past-energy and future-information combine.

Time existences, T.œ is thus a theory of conservation not of the spatial egos, fixed mappings of an ever moving Universe, but of the motion itself and its 3 past, present and future dimensional motions. That is what is all about. The eternally immutable, perfect, ever variable all and nothing cancelling and paradoxical, ±∆TS, and its conservation laws.

The constancy of existences…

Existential Algebra, æ, deals with the development of the symmetries of space-time, between the 3 2-manifolds of space and the 3 motions of time, its symmetries, |-Space, O-Time and Ø-presents, and its asymmetric combinations, (forms which combine |-time (entropy), O-Space (information) and |-Present (death) or O-Present (emergence).

It is though difficult for the non-initiated into the paradoxical, combinatorial of Æ to fully grasp the logic of it. We are always playing with quantized arrows of temporal motion, which aggregate into a scalar zero sum, in as much as time conserves by the mere fact that it cancels its past and future arrows into presents. Thus we consider a fundamental equation for all sequences of existential algebra:

Past x Future = Present

but why the X symbol and not the + symbol? When an equation of Æ changes its symbols? What is the events in which superposition, ±, works and when the X holds, and when the log applies?

The 3 scales of operandi of reality conform to the ± of space, X of sequential algebra and potentiation of integral in both space and time. We might say thus there are 3 forms of growth spatial sums, cyclical world cycle products and 5D integrals – 3 operandi for 3 forms of transcendence, emergence, and dissolution, multiplication and reproduction, sum and rest of energy, product and division of information, emergence or dissolution of the world cycle of an existence.

And calculating all about it, existential algebra, Æ, and its laws regulate it all.

Let us start then our analysis of existential waves by giving some order to it, starting from the simplest proposition.

All is time. Time is motion. Since all is motion and motion never stops time and the Universe, all is eternal. Eternal motion however can vary. The game is thus about variations of motions. Motions are of 3 types in a single dimension, lineal,  curved inwards into circles, curved outwards into hyperbolas.  Those 3 forms hold for 2 manifolds, in which toroid (lineal), spherical (curved) and hyperbolic (hyperbola) are the 3 varieties. Thus when time and space mix, 2-manifolds of time-space are of the 3 same varieties: |-S fields/limbs <, O-T heads/particles > and Ø-ST bodies/waves ≈

Logic-mathematical proof. The Universe is immortal=∞.

The probability of It not to be immortal but of finite time, T=K, is quasi-null: K/∞ = 0%.

Since the reminder the Universe would be in non existence, non existence would have an infinite duration.

Thus  a finite existence, divided by the total existence K/K+∞ =0, gives us the probability of existence of a Finite T Universe, and we, within it. By reductio ad absurdum if the probability of existence of a finite universe but the probability of existence of an immortal Universe is 1. Since we exist, we must deduce, that the Universe exists for ever: T=∞, ∞/∞=1 probability.

In brief the Universe either existed never or existed always. Since now it exists, it must stretch for ever and duration must be infinite T=∞, and the probability of being, 1.

A finite time on the other hand mean a O% of the total duration, a T+∞≈100%

Thus the chance that at any moment we are in existence in a finite time Universe is null.

Therefore it conserves time, in its three |xO=Ø varieties.

Now   because we exist in present, the Ø varieties are the most common of them all. A variety of bidimensional space time normally is unlike the 2 variety of | and O, a composite, so we talk of the fundamental addition of 3 different topologies such as

Γ.                               T² + S² + sT +St = O

As the most common ‘equation’ of space-time fractals and hence of mathematical physics. Where we have 4 points of view, the Œ-Point of view, which observes all the elements of the wave, the |se variety S2, the Tƒ variety, T² and its 2 present combination max. S x Min. T and max. T x Min. S.

Tƒ notice that this kind of equation gives us the equations of most conics, if we consider the perpendicular X, Y axis to represent the functions of time and space. Thus in mathematics we study analytic geometry as a Cartesian graph of X and Y parameters, where X-space and Y(t) elements carry also its special meaning when we substitute Y for i.

Those terms will be clarified when we study mathematical physics.

Tƒ notice here that the mathematical method used here to explain reality is the inversion to the data -g authoring, analytic method. We depart from the top synthesis, the conservation of time motions and derive from it all human languages, mirrors of this Universal Grammar of:

X(S) + Y (T) = St +Ts

whereas St= -Ts are the inverse ‘energy’ and ‘information’ combinations of present, and

X(s) ±Y(T) the pure functions of space and time.

What this equation simply means is the join sum of 3 elements of space time, the head/particle (Tƒ) the limb/field (Se) and the hyperbolic body with its two limits of maximal space x min. time St and maximal time for minimal space, Ts.

This equations through its partial differentials that show sums of them across space or time, with analysis being the language of the transcendence and dissolution of planes of existence, are the kind of equations we will find when analyzing the 4 åctions of space-time of physical particles, states of matter and cosmic bodies, in the U|∆>2| Universes studied by physicists.

Once this is clear we are obliged to state that the Universe conserves time. Since if it does not conserve it, in infinite existence time would have already been exhausted. And yet time keeps going.

And this is what the equation shows. This equation when differentiated gives origin to Hamiltonians and Lagrangians, as it expresses the constant conservation or rather balance of time and space, as we can write it as:

(T +S)²=0

If we consider then T the function of time and S of space, its final sum equals zero and this is to say a lot. Let us consider for example the that T represent the kinetic energy (function of space) and S the positional potential energy (function of time). Their sum in calculus of variations is a minimal function accepted. As both remain invariant. The invariance of T+S, is thus one of the fundamental invariants of the Universe, and we could even state the origin of the ± symbology.  Each represent a T.Œ of time motion, kinetic energy, lineal motion, potential energy, cyclical motion of its active magnitude, mass or charge.

So Time is conserved, and since there are infinite fractal time spaces to be conserved, we must consider conservation laws and Universal constants that maintain its same value through the passage of time in terms of the Metric of the 5th dimension. Thus we can write a series of conservation laws, which will apply to any system of vital space-time, not only to physical systems.

This law can be reduced to a formula: ∑ Max. Sp x Tƒ, as each fractal space-time will try to conserve, its spatial energy and temporal information. And yet it will extract that energy and information from other species, because the total time must not change. So the individual goal of each species conservation rests from other species’ Sp x Tƒ content.

Thus here we have a contradiction worth to study in depth, in an infinite, eternally moving Universe, time is conserved, but since time is motion, what is conserved is the eternal Tao, the eternal symmetries and transformations of stop and go beats, cycles that become lines that become cycles across 3 dimensions of space of time of Universal Planes.

This is the content of the 7th isomorphism, which is highly formal, more logic, mathematic and  physical.

Since it deals with:

  • All the Universal constants of physics, the vital constants of biology and medicine, the chemical constants of gases, the sociological constants of population, and all other constants, which ‘specify’ and ‘diversify’ all the varieties of dimensional beings, its scales, ratios of åctions of exchanges of energy and information.
  • All the Principles of Conservation which define precisely the ‘stability of the Universe, such as the Conservation of momentum in Physics, the homeostasis in Biology, the repetitive genetic information of biology. This principles are the essence of the Universe, which truly embody the metric of the 5th dimension, in as much as they ‘are’ the manifestation of the ‘conservation’ of motion and form (or its more complex energy and information parameters). And could be enunciated through the metric of the 5th dimension with a simple, but most important laws of the Universe, the principle of conservation of ‘space-energy’, ‘form-time’ and its ∆-planes that combine both.

‘All systems of the universe try to conserve its dimensions of temporal motion, its dimensions of spatial form and its ∆±1 planes of existence invariant’.

And this is often shown in the existence of Universal constants related to those Dimensions of space and time and ∆-planes of existence, or in the existence of quantities conserved which are a combination of the main ‘parameters’ of space, time and ∆-existence. Let us consider those 2 themes in certain depth.

  • The philosophy derived of those facts: the conservatism of the Universe, provoked by the cyclical inertia and memorial nature of the cycles of time.
  • The existence of a mathematical ‘perfect’ image of the game of existence, which is also ruled by ‘mathematical’ constants and reflects in its highest existential algebra and non-Euclidean geometry relationships the template of the game of existence.

Let us consider those 4 themes in more detail. With some examples expanded in each specific analysis of the 1 to 9 planes of the Universe.

Conservation principle.

The Universe is guided by a simple principle: Conservation of the total space and time. But since space is a quanta of time, when we integrate space along a function of time (which can be many in different scales of reality, energy, mass, time, etc.) we obtain a conserved quantity. Thus analysis, the study of variations and integrals through time of closed and ± cancelling functions, which make the time of the Universe conserved, are essential to T.Œ.

Conservation of Time is all, but time has the long dimension from past to future of 5D metric and social evolution from part into wholes, and the short dimension of åctions of space-time, time cycles, ±∆Sp, I, 4 primary åctions of absorption and emission-reproduction of information by an observer, ∆ï,o and of energy, ∆a,e

Now the conservation of time, becomes the conservation of the two geometric forms of time, Lineal motion or energy and cyclical form or information and its quantities are conserved in a single plane of space-time as the conservation of lineal and angular momentum, kinetic and potential energy.

Now we shall generally speaking talk of Kinetic energy, as |-lineal time, and Potential energy as cyclical time.

As we have related expansive entropy to lineal space we can write the inversion of both:

Tƒ=1/T=1/S, where lineal Time becomes ‘distance’ in space.

Yet between ∆-planes of existence the principle breaks and there is a constant leak of energy in its 2 åctions, external form and internal reproduction, from the upper scales to the lower ones as defined by Existential algebra: Aa: ∆-3<∆-2; Ae: ∆-2<∆-1 . And a constant leak of energy motion in its two åctions, from the

‘All systems of the universe try to conserve or increase its dimensions of temporal motion, its dimensions of spatial form and its ∆±1 planes of existence invariant’.

Max. Sp X Tƒ (S=T)

This principle however translates in many different ways according to which forms and motions (Tƒ and Sp) we look to.

If we look at an individual he will try to increase its existential force, Sp X Tƒ but to do so it will have to diminish that of other element. For that reason to find conservation we need to see at a closed total system. This is the meaning of a plane of existence. But are planes of existence closed systems? The answer is ‘almost’. But there is ‘energy’ – motion escaping from up to down, and form, information escaping from down up. And this makes more difficult to establish clearly rules of conservation. When you move you are moving all your cells with you, thus you are transferring motion to those cells. On the other hand they produce forms and code your genes, so they transfer information to you. How can we consider then the system closed?

Simply by considering that the transfer of motion down is somehow equivalent to the transfer of form upwards. This is difficult almost impossible to quantify except for very simple physical systems, where we have clear definitions of momentum, motion, energy etc.

It is thus a qualitative hypothesis to fully grasp the obvious order of the Universe. It tells us also a lot about the way upper planes are created, by smaller planes which gives them form and how larger forms mobilize smaller one, giving them ‘force’. And this happens also to us – the force that moves us gravitation, is given by the planet and the planet is moved by the star, and the star is moved by the black hole. But we hold the complex forms of the planet in its bidimensional spherical membrane of information, and the planet has more solid form than the stars…

This structure of the Universe thus makes ‘conservation principles’ not so rigorous as physicists make us belief. An obvious case is the violation of parity, another, the loss of energy of beta decay, solved with the ‘invisible neutrino’ which is NOT a particle of the light space-time membrane (but this in a continuous model of space-time of course is not acknowledged).

Still we can try and find undoubtedly an enormous number of parts of the Universe which try to maximize their function of existence, Sp X Tƒ and for that aim maintain the equality S=T which is the maximal value of a product of 2 (5×5>6×4…)

Now the question is to translate those 2 generic terms ‘motion and form’ or in more complex mixed forms, which include scalar parameters of various  ∆-scales (mass, temperature, charge), its equivalents – lineal and angular momentum, energy and information (not the concept of Shannon, one-dimensional information but form in action, which defies easily a quantifying parameter).

Still we can try to do it the only way we can, the way humans perceive it. Let us consider the equality on its limits: not perceived motion without form – gravitational forces, and not perceived form without motion, rotational superfluid zero degrees, perfectly ordered cyclical motion.

Both are equal as S=T = 0 (not perception of them).

So next we must move to form with some motion and motion with some form, namely a wave, which physicists say carry motion proportional to its wave length and Shannon said it carries information, proportional to its frequency (for transversal waves). And here we can have yet another equality, which is what we seek for:

V= λ (Se) x ƒ (Tƒ)

And so we find a first Universal constant that combines the length-distance in space of a wave and its frequency, cyclical time.

it is an important one called speed. The trick being that in ∆ST we measure cyclical time, the inverse of duration. So Speed is no longer a ratio but a product, the product of the two fundamental, simplest possible parameters of the existential force, Se x Tƒ of a species, the wave…

The 3 conservation laws: Energy ≈ 5th dimension; lineal momentum: open space; angular momentum: closed time.

PHYSICS, when trying to find the laws of conservation of the Universe they found 2 laws, the law of conservation of angular momentum, which is a cyclical motion, self-centered into a point; and a lineal motion.

The conservation of momentum is associated in quantum mechanics with the proposition that it makes no difference where you do the experiment, the results will always be the same. As independence in space has to do with the conservation of momentum, independence of time has to do with the conservation of energy.

And so we must deduce that there is NOT absolute space, as the location in space is completely independent on the result of an experiment. So all space is self-contained to the event of space-time and region affected by the experiment.

Then there is the conservation of time. If we turn our ‘experimental apparatus’ in a ‘time-like cycle’, this too makes no difference, and so the invariance of the world to angular orientation is related to the conservation of angular momentum; which means all worldcycles of time have a total zero-value, as they close into themselves in the same point.

So we found that the Universe conserves cyclical motions of time and lineal motions of space.

Then there is the conservation of Energy, which is roughly speaking the ‘integral sum of lineal and cyclical momentums’.

In quantum mechanics it turns out that the conservation of energy is very closely related to another important property of the world, things do not depend on the absolute time.

We can set up an experiment at a given moment and try it out, and then do the same experiment at a later moment, and it will behave in exactly the same way. From this we can deduce the principle of conservation of energy. It is a rather subtle and interesting thing, which can only have an explanation:

Absolute Time, duration, which integrates a series of lineal and cyclical motions, adding them to the extent of creating a new scale of the fifth dimension, IS FRACTAL. It does not exist as a continuous lineal infinite time in a single continuous space plane.

As such absolute time does not affect any event happening in time, which therefore is a self-contained process, a cycle related to the internal time of the event.

A Time cycle is therefore a closed, fractal cyclical proposition.

But we can add, integrate time cycles and that creates the illusion of absolute duration; and we can integrate space surfaces and that creates the illusion of absolute extension.

This is what Leibniz called relational space and relational time.

Leibniz would have said that ‘all substances are made of cyclical motions with different speeds = different clocks of time.’ And different vital spaces, fractal parts. And all together create the illusion of absolute space and absolute time.

But we can ad a third element, the ‘Integral of spaces and times’, which give us the concept of Energy, similar to that of a 5th dimension integral. So on the regions of reality where we can conserve Energy, we are observing a process of scalar, social growth of elements of the 5th dimension. And this gives us the fundamental equations for each scale of physical systems, which are the equations of energy for each of those scales:

E∆-1=hƒ for the quantum ∆-1 scale, Eo= RT for the scale of thermodynamics, and E∆1=1/2 mv2 with the limit E=mc2 for the gravitational scale.

Whereas as we can observe, a given Plane of the 5th dimension conserves a ‘constant of bidimensional space’ (h, k, m) and a different speed of time cycles, (ƒ, T, v).

We can study then the interaction of those 3 elements, how they transform into each other through the ‘frontiers’ between those 3 scales, and what it means the different combinations of those formula, specifically the one that defines each constant:

H = E x T, R (or n k) = E / T and m = E/c2

In this form they represent the constant of action of energy and Time of each of the 3 scales akin to the co-invariant law of the 5th dimension. It simply means that in each scale of the 5th dimension there is a certain constant ‘rod of measure of space and time that varies (never mind here that we, humans use for certain measures of time, the frequency, and for others the period: T=1/ƒ).

The enormous field open by the study of the 3 scales of the Universe, its constants of space-time, its time frequency clocks and its 5 Dimensional growth in social scales of energy, is a huge field, which we cannot ‘attack’ in this post.

All this said, it is essential to recognize the existence of 5D and get rid of ‘hang-ups’ from tribal idols of the Germanic idealist school of science (Hilbert, Bohr, Heisenberg, Clausius, and Einstein in mathematics, and small, medium and large physical systems) with its 4 ideological errors: mathematics is consistent with itself not real (disproved by Gödel), quantum physic is only what we observe and only one state at a time (Copenhagen interpretation of ∆-1), the only arrow of time is entropy-motion-death, ∆) and the rod of human electronic measure, space-time light (c-speed) must remain constant and all other ‘clocks and lengths’ of space-time must be adapted to it.

And finally all ‘together now’, the Universe is a space-time Continuum, as the founding father Descartes used a single space-time and Newton made it sacred.

In that regard, we shall save from the bonfire of vanities and weapons, which is the worldview of anthropomorphic religions and physical sciences only one figure, Mr. Einstein; as he did respect Philosophers of Science – always acknowledging the influence of Mach in his worldview, Mathematicians, using the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean Geometry to r=evolve physics; introducing a first version of a Universe built with infinite cyclical times (so he would quip ‘I seem to be the only physicist that understand that there are infinite times in the Universe running at different speeds), even Mr. Leibniz (‘Leibniz is right, but if so we must throw all physics and start to build it from scratch).

Pity, when he got older he yielded to them, since the Bomb, he sponsored with his letter to Roosevelt make him globally famous. So he corrupted and stop having a laugh to Minkowski and the like. Ultimately, Einstein the r=evolutionary of time, of his youth, couldn’t build all physics from scratch. And could not complete the mathematical r=evolution of Non-Euclidean geometry he did start. So we will just do that. Because one thing is for sure. We won’t corrupt. Physicists will never accept us. And we will not build a bigger bomb to get their respect.

Let us leave it like that – in Einstein’s last sentence: ‘Time is what a clock measures; there are infinite of them, and each has a different speed’…

And ad, for that to happen, all clocks of time must be cyclical, closed motions. So they are finite, they break space into pieces, and each time cycle has a different speed because its ‘perimeter’ has a different length. And because they are finite, as Leibniz explained, absolute time is only the sum of all the time cycles of the Universe, put together as in a puzzle that seems a single plane but is made of infinite little pieces.

Space on the other hand is open. It might seem not that important to set the record straight to understand this fundamental quality that differentiates time from space, but it is the key to it all.

Philosophers though realized of the deformation of time and have often called the interpretation of cyclical time by physicists as lineal space, the ‘spatialization of time’.

Physicists like Hawking have quipped back saying ‘we do not understand mathematics’ and that is why we are envious of his concept of time. Let us have a look at that opinion. Now, arguably the two most important mathematicians of the classic age were two philosophers of science, Mr. Descartes who founded Analytic geometry and started modern mathematics, and Mr. Leibniz, who founded calculus – yes, he, not Newton published first the laws of calculus, though Fermat, an amateur Basque scientist, and fellow countryman, seemingly had figure it out all earlier on…

And as it happens, both Mr. Descartes and Mr. Leibniz were the fathers of the modern scientific concept of cyclical time, precisely because they understood mathematics far better than any physicist did. And in those texts we will evolve mathematics, as nobody has since those 2 completing the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean mathematics, needed to define cyclical time and fractal space, since mathematics got stuck 150 years ago, into reforming only the 5th postulate of Geometry, and so now is a contradiction between 4 Euclidean and one non-Euclidean.

So we shall prove, we do know as our predecessors in the study of cyclical time, Mr. Descartes and Mr. Leibniz much more mathematics than physicists do. And that is WHY we reason on terms of cyclical times.

It is indeed remarkable that of the 4 colossi of that age, founding fathers of science, the 2 ‘pure physicists’, Galileo and Newton did not understand this obvious truth. While the 2 equal figures, which had however a more mathematical and philosophical background, Descartes and Leibniz, dis grasped at once this ultimate fact of the Universe.

So Descartes, contemporary of Galileo, said that all what exists was made of open space, which he called ‘res extensa’ and closed, cyclical time, which he called ‘vortices’. Nobody understood him though because while Galileo had failed to be ‘the delight of philosophers’, his lineal time had become of great use to artillery masters, which carried the day and made him one of the wealthiest men of renaissance Italy.

Descartes meanwhile had to make his living selling his mind to ‘artillery masters’, till queen Cristina, the ‘Minerva of the north’, knowing he had a poor health, perversely made the 53-year-old Descartes rise before 5:00 AM to give her philosophy lessons, even though she knew of his habit of lying in bed until 11 o’clock in the morning.

She also ordered him to write verses to celebrate her role in the Thirty Years’ War and the statutes for a Swedish Academy. While delivering them to the queen at 5:00 AM, he caught pneumonia and died, saying ‘in winter men’s thoughts freeze like the water’. And so his most important discovery along analytic geometry, the nature of the 2 principles in which reality is founded floundered for a century long.

There is here a pattern which will be repeated between philosophers of science sponsors of an organic sentient universe, of cyclical time and fractal space, ending in relative oblivion vs. the military physicists of lineal time and military power that carry the day and we shall see the pattern in the lives of each century masters of space-time studies: Galileo vs. Descartes, Newton vs. Leibniz, Boltzmann vs. Darwin, Einstein vs.…

And we will return to that historic understanding of perhaps the biggest blunder of mankind, many times, with examples of the eternal fight for the soul of man and his knowledge of the Universe, between us, the ‘good intelligent guys’ (-: philosophers of science and them, the ‘bad stupid ones’, the ‘physicists’ O-: Pity the sheeple goes always with them.

The 2 asymmetric arrows of the 5th dimension. Physical sub disciplines.

In that regard it is obvious that the asymmetry of the 5th dimensions MATTER a lot to understand matter and each of the different sub disciplines of physics. So let us enumerate them, with those basic new concepts:

Mechanics is the science concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces, including the special case in which a body remains at rest, relative to the observer; that is, as a ‘form of space’, Se, whose symmetry with the same form in motion, Tƒ, requires to analyze Galilean Relativity, as both are indistinguishable.

Relativity gave birth to a lot of literature on physics, considered essential today to understanding of time as a whole, but in true form only related to the first time=change action of reality, ∆a-ccelerations, that is external changes of a particle, when existing in the relative ∆+1 scale of the being.

In the framework of modern physics, classical mechanics can be understood to be an approximation arising out of the more profound laws of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. However, that view of the subject’s place greatly undervalues its importance in forming the context, language, and intuition of modern science and scientists. Our present-day view of the world and man’s place in it is firmly rooted in classical mechanics. Moreover, many ideas and results of classical mechanics survive and play an important part in the new physics.

It is in fact the other way around, mechanics, ∆o, IS the more accurate and Relativity, U1, and quantum physics, ∆-1 are ‘distorted’ by the asymmetric arrows of 5D and the limited energy transferred from lower scales (quantum bias to information) and information from upper scales (darkness of gravitation).

Thus the task of T.Œ is to ‘open up our eyes’ to the laws of the invisible world of gravitational, dark energy and matter (dealt with in ∆>|3| cosmology) and solve the imbalance or excess of information on quantum physics, which requires functionals (multiple functions) and multiple stories (all the possible information) of the system to be fully analyzed.

Those though are themes treated in ‘General physics’ that studies all the scales together. And will be considered in the ∆<2 and ∆>2 posts of the 4th line.

This said, in many posts, regarding the limited scope of Galilean and Einstein’s relativity, we should not dwell on these themes.

In the graph, human mechanics is concerned with the ‘absorption’ of entropy-motion from the larger gravitational scale of the Universe, U1, by particles of the human scale, ∆o.

– ∆+1<∆o:

Thus, the main field of mechanics is the relationship between matter, ∆o assembles of atoms, without regard for its ∆o Thermodynamic properties and the larger U1 gravitational scale, where mass effects start to appear at the range of Planck’s mass constant, the average mass of a gold atom, and a top quark particle, the boson unit of a black hole, which is the ultimate source of gravitation, in this galaxy.

It follows that the laws of mechanics are laws that follow the isomorphisms of exchanges of energy and information from Un and U∆+1. The U∆+1 scales provides motion to Un and this motion is superfluid, with no loss, unlike the inverse process in which Un scales provide motions to the U∆+1 scale, and this motion is entropy (with loss and disorder).

Hence it requires a different treatment. And we can establish 2 parallel fields, according to the 5D arrow they represent:

– Mechanics: ∆+1<∆o; Heat: ∆o < ∆-1, in which all the energy of the upper scale transfer as motion in the lower scale. So when you move the hand, all your atoms move in synchrony and when you heat a gas all the energy become kinetic motion. In that regard it is easy to see its parallelisms:

Heat: According to the law of energy conservation, the change in internal energy is equal to the heat transferred to, less the work done by, the system. If the only work done is a change of volume at constant pressure, the enthalpy change is exactly equal to the heat transferred to the system. Since all the energy is transferred to the lower scale. H = U + PV : Thus Enthalpy is an energy-like property or state function—it has the dimensions of energy, and its value is determined entirely by the temperature, pressure, and composition of the system.

– Thermodynamics, ∆-1<∆o; where we must add a factor of energy that stays in the lower scale, so only the Gibbs Free energy is available: G=H-ST. G is the available energy, and S x T the entropy that increases with temperature. Thus the more we ‘strain’ to transfer motion through temperature, the less energy we have available, as the lower system WANTS to keep its balances of existence unchanged, and so it has A resistance to get away from its point of equilibrium, as it happens with mass when we try to accelerate it into its ‘Lorentzian region’ of death (c-speed).

Thus entropy is only the proof that each scale tries to maintain its balance.

In that regard, we should consider, ST, the energy of ∆-1 NOT available to work, G a parameter of ∆o, the energy available to work, and H = U + PV is the enthalpy of the system, the overall energy, of both scales, that is the sum of the internal energy (∆-1 scale) and the product of the pressure and volume of a thermodynamic system (∆o parameter).

– ∆-2< ∆1. Electrodynamics (Quantum Mechanics), which deals with the transfers of motion from the particle state to the atomic states, and again we find entropy (loss of motion), which is not transferred and kept into the particle state – albeit expressed as probabilities which do NOT enter the path of least action of maximal probability.

In other words, the present formalism of quantum mechanics is expressed on terms of ‘information-time’ not on terms of its symmetry of ‘energy’ as thermodynamics but both concepts are equivalent

If we understand both Thermodynamics and quantum mechanics in terms of the fundamental equation of physics (Hamiltonian), we shall find a better expression of those parallelisms, only that in quantum mechanics as the graph shows there is maximal information, so we have to use ‘functionals’ (all the possible informative paths a particle might travel), while in thermodynamics we can get away with simpler functions. This subject though is beyond the conceptual parallelism we have established well beyond the ‘introductory level of the 2nd line’ (Should go in 4th line time permitted, or others will do).

So now we go back to our Generator and it symmetries, to describe the elements of each physical subspecies of those scales as organic systems. Which is after we understand it in scales, the next knowledge we extract from beings.

Recap. The UNIVERSE IS made of bidimensional cyclical times and fractal spaces, which merge together to form a holographic 4 dimensional being. The order of all those fractal systems of space-time requires a further 5th dimension of relative scales and sizes in space and frequencies or speed of its time cycles.

The outcome is a 5 Dimensional metric Universe, in which each relative scale of size is studied by a different science.

Now, that we have introduced two of the essential elements of 5D Fractal space-time – 5D Fractal space, we shall consider the 2nd key element, cyclical time and its 3 relative ages-dimensions-motions of past-present and future. To do so first we shall obvious consider according to the correspondence principle, what physicists have so far understood of time, very little initially but quite a lot when we interpret properly their equations.

Yet to fully grasp this reductionism it is needed a historic introduction to realize of the daring consequences of the physical way of ‘constructing’ our world of thought. 

The static and dynamic description of a being: its 10 dimensions, its 10 isomorphisms.

It is the tenant of relational space-time that all scales are self-similar, As each science merely studies space-time the species of a given fractal scale of the 5th dimension. We should be able to define each scale with the same parameters, of the supœrganism, a10 dimensional being.

And so the isomorphic method is simple: we focus in each supœrganism of the Universe and express its 10 dimensions, and once we have defined the being, study its structure in ternary ‘groups’ as a ternary being in space (topological analysis), as world cycle in time (temporal analysis). Then we study each of its 3 Planes of existence, and the ‘networks that cross them through’ controlling upwards and downwards the system.. And then we study its mind as a whole and its actions of survival, as it plays externally its game of existence.

A second aprroach to the being is what i call the isomorphic method, followed in the 10th line, which puts more emphasis in the causality of those actions, starting by the mind-singularity as it builds the being, since all beings are born of a mirror-language of information that stores the entity’s plan of creation, coded in its language – genetic, memetic, quantum numbers – which will generate a biological, social or physical being.

Then we start through the mind and the language, see how the actions of the mind web the networks of the organism and once it emerges as a living being we an see how it develops its actions, and live as a super organism which through a world cycle, travelling through the fifth dimension performs those actions in the larger world till it dies.

Thus the static approach describes its 10 dimensions, which is a good approach for a science as physics is where the two upper and lower ∆-3,4 limits are hardly understood – yes, they are described mathematically through a process of discovery with a lot of numerology and magic, but as maths are nor understood as an experimental language, the result is by force incomplete.

So we shall in this introduction to 10D physics merely use the static approach, describing the 10 dimensions of all beings. Though the full analysis made time permitted in the four line will use the dynamic method so we can see how the being develops in 12 isomorphic stages/elements starting from the mind and the language it speaks to model the Universe… becoming in this manner somehow the being itself.

It is in that sense a logic thought to consider that physical systems have mathematical singularities as computers do that ‘compute reality’ and sense the mathematical language, unlike man in an intuitive manner as having vital information in itself. As we want to approach that view, we have made a fast introduction to mathematical languages that we will keep doing as we describe those scales.

The two forms of describing the scales; the humans self-centred approach and physical size approach.

Also there are three ways to describe in orderly manner the scales. The common approach of physicists GOES from minor to major, even if it is not the causality that works in the Universe. The true form to do it rightly is from the human scales of maximal perception as all are isomorphic-self similar and those are better seen.

But as this is the ‘second line’, again we use a more classic approach – inverse to that of physicists from major – the galaxy and Universe to minor, considering first the error of the big-bang, then the organic galaxy and then down the different perceived scales till the most unperceived, and complex one, quantum physics, which will be a good introduction to the third part of mathematical physics. Only in the four line we shall use the self-centred approach departing from thermodynamics and classic mechanics.

Why we do so should be obvious to the reader: ∆st is a philosophy of science, of the whole, a synoptic organic method, and so it work best with ‘wholes’ and describing them NOT mathematically but organically.

Now imagine a civilisation that would not ‘speak mathematics’ but can observe the galaxy. Would he have a language to explain ‘meaningfully’, what is all about? Yes, the organic language and the explanation of the galaxy as a super organism, we shall see IS as meaningful or even more than its mathematical description merely as ‘motions’.

Let us then consider why this is the proper epistemological system. The galaxy is quite well known, and then as we go down, we enter immediately in the mechanical explanation of our external world and the thermodynamic inner world of our cellular beings.

So we won’t distort our perception much from the dark world down the lower scales. And by describing the galaxy as an organism, we shall see how all planes are similar and all are originated departing from spatial and temporal laws NOT from ‘scalar sizes’ and mathematical description – its mirror.
INDEED, the method of working the ladder of existential planes of physicists do, from minor to major, is based in two dogmas which are false: the existence of a hypothetical first mathematical creationist scale (string theory) that causes all other scales, through  mathematical creationism and the existence of a ‘spatial causality’, which means minor scales somehow force its properties in larger scales. And they are more important that ‘temporal, informative causes’ (the smallest space must originate the larger one and even smaller is the digital scale)… THIS IS NOT TRUTH, because the different scales have both upper and lower discontinuities that make EACH SCALE START AFRESH FROM RELATIVE POINT-PARTICLES, WHICH STORE AS CLOSED MEMBRAINS, THE INNER LOWER SCALES WITHIN ITSELF, acting externally as new fresh ‘1s’ of a new ‘logarithmic scale’. So the information and entropy of the lower parts do NOT matter to the external observer that will see a point particle:

In the graph, only the 2 scales of ‘matter’ directly connected to the human experience, the cellular thermodynamic inner, ∆º plane and the ∆1 mechanic plane do not suffer deformation by our lack of direct perception of all its parts and wholes. So they are the proper two scales to start the analysis of physical systems. Further on, as lower planes have more information and larger planes more entropic motion, the distortion of perception that happens looking upward, where we loose information till reaching the ‘dark world’ beyond the galaxy darkened in 96% of its reality, is different from the lower scale in which we increase our information as both the number of quanta and the speed of its clocks increasing. Hence the different mathematical tools we need to observe both inverse scales.

Now the analysis of all the elements of space in the 3 scales of physical systems (Se-light space, ST-waves and Tƒ cyclical time clocks) will be obviously too extensive for this introduction so we merely will consider here a few themes:

– First define the relationship between space and energy: se and sp, two sides of the same coin by introduce the still-moving lineal and cyclical parts (Galileo’s paradox and Holographic principle of bidimensionality of time and space state).

– Then study together the space and time symmetries, which is the form and function of the different parts of beings as Tƒ, Tiƒ, Se, Sp.

– Then study together the 5D planes and space symmetry, which explains the fractal structure of the Universe. We shall consider the philosophical aspects of space as a fractal through different 5Dimensions (in other posts we formalize it with fractal equations).

– Finally to consider in other posts the analysis of Tƒ, ST wave and Se fields.

We have study the Tƒ-cyclical time vortices masses and charges, unifying them through the metrics of the fifth dimension in the isomorphism of the zero point.

– Se: We will consider revisiting special relativity the meaning of the Se-field or light speed, which is the constant of space of our Universe (hence a fixed parameter) both in philosophical and mathematical terms. But this part will be put on the description of the first scale of reality – that of light space (∆-3).

And we shall study some elements of the ST-wave transformations, which communicate the two Tƒ, and Se fields in our universe in the analysis of light space-time, as it is really the mother fall battles.

So basically here we give an over all geometric-topological understanding of the space-symmetry, which will be further analyzed in physical terms of parity and chirality on the 3rd and 4th lines.

So what changes as we move into larger sizes of the Universe?

The simplest ternary fractal analysis is that of the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scale; but as we already know the Universe can divide any ternary system into sub-fractal scales. So we can keep adding intermediate scales. All in all, we human beings do NOT have an infinite perception of all the scales of the 5th dimension. So with the information we have, the following scales are ‘self-evident’, because they do have an Energy ‘different formula’, a different space/action constant, a time clock or similar scalar parameter and finally a scaling around the 1010 scales.

∆-i planes will be better studied with ‘hyperbolic geometries’, which multiply its forms and ‘statistical mechanics’ that allow to handle huge populations; and that is the case of the ∆º and ∆-1 thermodynamic and quantum planes…

…which will add ‘errors of perception’ that seem to shape a ‘weird world’ but according to the tenants of self-similarity of all planes of the fractal Universe should be ‘logically resolved’ with the paradox of the still mind and its reduced capacity to handle information, mirrored by mathematical equations.

Hence the use of operators and functionals (functions of functions) which allow to accumulate in ‘each point’ as it ‘spreads’, infinitesimal parts when we go lower another quantum scale, in quantum statistics. Yet ultimately the quantum scale will obey the ‘dictum’ of Einstein, which rightly stated as a reasoned believer on space and time as the ultimate substances of reality, in the path of Leibniz, that ‘ultimately quantum mechanics will be quoted with statistical thermodynamics’. Such is the right philosophical manner to consider its equations and solve its seemingly illogic contradictions as we do in this post.

In the graph, we see a good visualisation of that hyperbolic multiplication of parts and its deformed geometry

∆+i planes… On the other hand the larger scales become ‘elliptic’ as the mathematics of relativity because we loose information as larger wholes are synoptic ‘membrains’ which enclose smaller parts and synchronise its motions, limiting its ‘choice of paths (statistical concept of entropy as the degrees of freedom, which become reduced as order increases and information diminishes in larger wholes). So the larger scales become non-lineal, elliptic, with minimal information and growing social order.

And again we distinguish the ‘mechanical’ matter closer scale, where we can use non-deformed Newtonian laws, and the ‘Lorentzian region’ on the ‘non-euclidean limiting membrain’ (Black hole singularity at zero T and region outside the halo at v>c, where those laws break and only through Lorentz transformations can be properly measured from the point of view of mankind.

This is the merit of special relativity, which allow us to see with a deformed human bias, apt for human scale and rod of measure, the close to c-speed particles, which however from their subjective point of view, would feel and behave as if they were in a non-deformed mechanical world.

Thus the proper way to study all those scales is from the human scale first, and then to navigate downwards with statistical mechanics and integrals of population and upwards with derivatives that ‘make synoptic’ analysis and its ‘standing points’ that extract the Lagrangian/Hamiltonian key information about changes of ‘states/phases/ages’ and ‘topological non-euclidean geometries’ that study how ‘points sink’ information into their inner singularity vortices:

So the proper way to study reality is accepting the epistemology of truth, which tells us that all planes are self-similar; hence the planes which we observe closer, are those we perceive better and extract more truth of it – the human ∆0, inner, cellular thermodynamical scale and the ∆1, mechanical v<<c matter scales
It is also the historic, natural way in which humans started to explore in time, the different parts of the Universe:
– From the most evident and simplest to perception, the ∆+1 outer mechanical world, first, the ∆º inner thermodynamic world next, the ∆+2,3 galactic world latter and finally the quantum ∆-2,-3 world, to spread their search in the past decades into the purely mathematical ∆±4 insights we can obtain in the invisible string/dark world scales.
In that sense, you can consider ∆•st the final wrap over the whole scaffolding of astrophysics, as it completes in parallel to string theory, with the ultimate substance of reality, space and time, the search for the logic laws that order the Universe.
This said we shall keep it simpler and more classic starting by the string scale, which we consider properly described right, as it is made of cyclical strings of time and lineal strings of space, have 10 dimensions through 3 scales (strings, branes and particles) and so should be when merged properly by physicists with ƥst be a likely real plane below the particle/force scale.
The whys. What is energy, time, space, universal constant, across the 3 physical scales.
Now two are at first sight the differences between the previous equation of the Universe, and present physics. First we talk of several ‘planes of size’, in a fractal Universe, as opposed to the present continuous absolute space-time Universe, lingering from the times of Newton; and we talk of beings ‘made of space and time states, formal motions of energy’ as opposed to beings existing in that background space – again an error broken by quantum theory (a vacuum space made of quanta with motion, the simplest equivalent to our Sp term) and relativity (a Universe of multiple clocks of time, Tƒ).
String theory does have a similar concept with open and closed strings, which define the minimal form of the Universe, a ‘membrane’ or n-sphere, with attached flows of open motion, an enclosure of time over a surface of vital energy.Physics has accurate mathematical descriptions but poor, logic descriptions of its key concepts, energy, wave, particle, time, space, etc. often ambivalent, due to the constant transformation between ‘res extensa’ and form, space and time, E≈M and so on. So the reader should do a bit of an effort and consider it will take him sometime to understand the concepts with its needed ambivalence.
But to make it easier we shall first consider the equations that physicists have established for those formal motions or energies of the Universe, according to the 3 main relative ‘scales’ of size and time speed, or ‘Planes of the 5th dimension’, which humans inhabit and physics study with its mathematical parameters.
They are the quantum, electromagnetic, ∆-1 scale (∆-symbol of the 5th dimension), ∆-thermodynamic matter scale and ∆+1 cosmological, gravitational scale:What is energy then remains the fundamental first question of science we must clarify. It is not possible to clearly define energy in physics with a single formula, which becomes the first surprise of a seemingly ‘exact’ science. But we do have 3 equations for it, in the 3 scales of relative size of the Universe, which we shall call, ∆-1: quantum scale, ∆-Thermodynamic scale and ∆+1: gravitational scale:
∆-1: E= h v; ∆: E= kT; ∆+1: E= c2 M
They are the Clocks of Time and quanta of space that put together create the 3 ∆±1 planes of physical systems that interact with the human being:
n clocksThe 3 main time-space clocks of physical systems. As a system grows in scales slows down its time rhythms, according to 5D Metric: Sp x Tƒ = Constant. Those constants of space-time are bidimensional sheets of information from the perspective of a human observer, molecule, electron and mass field. As we grow on scale, hv< kt < c2m, our time clocks emerge in slower motion.
Till finally entering the dark world when even gravitation time, t-duration, as used by human mechanics come to a halt in the mass density of the black hole (Proper time tends to infinity). In terms of destruction it means the particle antiparticle moment of death emerges as energy that transcends the next membrane of mass, beyond the c-scale of our Universe.
Mass is the attractive, in/forming force of the Universe; and it is merely the last, accelerated, curved motion of the gravitational force.Einstein explained this with his principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass/gravitation. Initially, due to the ‘mirage’ of materialism, physicists thought the principle only applied to the external, curving vortex of gravitational forces that sunk into the mass. But the mass as a solid substance was never found and all pictures have seen merely vortices of curved motions (which Einstein called the principle of correspondence between mass and acceleration).Tƒ stress though that all systems are in a fractal Universe susceptible to study in ternary sub-systems, ternary functions, etc. This we repeat ad nausea because humans tend to understand reality in a single one-dimensional way and the ‘manners of the brain’ are the more difficult to break.
You must then always deal with the transformative duality (systems constantly beat between space and time states, entropy and information, motion and form) and so sometimes T.Πwill seem confusing as the rule A is NOT B is often broken (with time A-entropy becomes B information).
So the true law of science is:
Energy never dies, it transforms its entropy into information back and forth ad eternal.And then we must understand that those equations do have 3 elements: energy, which carries on one side a frequency of form, a time clock or frequency or density of information and on the other side a lineal motion an ‘kinetic energy’, expansive entropy (the concept of entropy hence is quite different from the one of science, but it will make sense, for example, in the previous equation, of the thermodynamic scale, E= nKT, K the Boltzmann constant of entropy multiplies by temperature the clock of time that defines the speed of actions in our life scale).
Those are the 3 elements we shall see constantly, ply with it reveal them in its infinite ‘transformations’, because the inversion of both but their coming together into different shapes of motion and form is truly all what is about. In physics all is about E= M c2, where Mass is a cyclical time vortex of gravitation, which attracts the faster it turns; E is the energy it stores and c2 is a plane of expansive light-space, the entropy factor.
Space is fractal, in infinite different waves, reproductive bodies, entropic limbs and fields, informative particles and heads, whose geometry stores maximal information in minimal space (so all relative future, informative, gauging particles, heads and cameras are geometric).
But there is a much more important concept of time, in 5dimensional physics, related to the meaning of the Universal Constants of ‘Energy and Time’, of the 3 fundamental planes of the 5th dimension and its physical systems, the ∆-1 quantum scale, the ∆-Thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1 cosmological scale, which will truly explain the equations and meanings of physics.
It is a simple relationship. There are 3 Constants of space-time in each scale:∆-1: H-Planck constant: Energy = H x ƒ; whereas H is the constant of action and ƒ the measure of frequency, the internal clock of time of quantum systems.∆: k-Boltzmann Constant: Energy = 2/3k x T, whereas k is the constant of action of thermodynamic systems and T, temperature, the measure of molecular vibrations, the internal clock of molecular systems.∆+1: c-Light Space Constant: E = c2 x M, whereas c² is the constant of action of the Gravitational scale and M, Mass, the cyclical vortex of time, the clock of Gravitational systems.Of the 2 terms used to define Energy, one is always a constant, so we can group, h, k and c2 into the concept of Constant, C.And the other terms, v-frequency, T-temperature, and M-ass, should be logically a term, which measures something similar.And indeed the 3 terms are related to a
general concept we shall clock ‘time cycles’.
Frequency measures the time cycles of a wave; T-temperature the vibration of molecules in a solid network or back and forth in an enclosed box for ‘gases’, which collide back and forth slower or faster against the box (with a volume, V, and a pressure of collision, P).
Quantum Scale:
h(s) x ƒ (Tƒ) = E∆-1Whereas the value for the H-‘Planckton’ constant of space-action, measure as a bidimensional angular momentum ‘bivector’ (p x r) is;6.626 ×1034 Joules per secondAnd the time clock is obvious, the ‘frequency’ of the wave.
When the atom gives birth to a new scale has a variable answer. What is the new scale is not: the thermodynamic scale of states of matter with the entropic gas, liquid ST-present state and crystal solids, with 2 new parameters of entropy (Boltzman) and information (temperature).
Thermodynamic scale:3/2 K (s) x T (Tƒ) = EoT-emperature is a clock and S, the constant of Spatial Extension is in our lower biological scales of cellular bio-chemical behaviour the ‘thermodynamic being’ – the blots, its 5D social constant.We must understand that in each scale the’successful species’, which will grow into a new super organism is cellular, clonic, equal and if we perceive them in huge spatial amounts then it appears as having a higher frequency-energy. So as humans grow in scales, social scales between planes respond to the accumulation of an identical particle=number into big vital energy volumes. So:- Temperature is our time clock frequency, so hotter systems act faster than cold ones (reptiles need to get hot, and hot animals have higher metabolisms, and so on.
– The Boltzmann constant (kB or k), named after Ludwig Boltzmann, which relates energy at the individual particle level with temperature. And has the dimensions of entropy.The accepted value in SI units is 1.38 1023Joules per Kelvin.So here again the translation is immediate: k is the quanta of S, understood dynamically as entropy, or measure of expansive disordered motion – a slightly different concept to the concept of physics, totally mislead.
And not surprisingly the scaling is indeed on the 1010 range.
Now in each of those scales we must of course define the 10 dimensional symmetries of the system, that is, its states as liquid waves, solid forms, its ages or states, and its planes, with its subsequent new divisions.And in general we can then talk for each of the 3 scales as a relative ‘field-wave-particle’ ∆-1 sub-system, a ‘gas-liquid-solid’ ∆-system, and a fast, steady, slow motion, and by this I mean, each of the 3 scales do have by the ternary fractal principle 3 sub-scales which can be treated with quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational concepts.
We shall not go here into the deeper analysis of why this works like this (it is the Universe real or virtual, it is all minds the same kind of mind perceived ternary symmetries in the same form, just from a single point of view. It is therefore the Universe just the infinite mirror symmetry reflection of a single being in 10 dimensions, which produce the 1010 different mind-worlds, which in themselves are 101010 time symmetries of the same being, or as Wheeler put it, there are not 1080 particles in the Universe, but 1080 moments of the same particle? If you are to ask me I would say yes. Nothing exists because all what exists is a being that exists in 101010 space-time inward mirror reflections of itself, within its 1010 dimensions and I will call this World-Universe the absolute God – and if you understand what I say, go up in smoke (-;Just notice this. The same distance in time that takes a ray of light to cross the space of an atom, 10-18 seconds, it is in inverse symmetry, the same distance in time that takes an atom to reproduce itself into the space of a Galaxy, 1018 seconds, with man’s time the observer in the middle (100 second in time).
As we said we will not go into the consideration that each part of reality is the platonic vertex, or fractal point of a 1010 dimensional being, but picture this, a 4 Dimensional regular simplex polyhedron has 5 volumes of 3 dimensions, 10 faces of 2 dimensions, 10 edges and 5 vortices, and as we increase the number of dimensions, we find a similar symmetry between the more extended space states and the more intense motions in time.
The point I am making here is that while we can play with the concept of more-dimensional beings, we don’t need to reason beyond a 10 dimensional being, with 5 dimensions of space and 5 of time (considering the 5 of time, the 3 of a worldcycle and the 2 of the 5 Dimension, and the 5 of space, the 3 of a single plane and the plane above and below). Thus as I am just a human point living in a rather one-dimensional world with a self-repetitive moebius strip – like of mantra civilization, I couldn’t care less about Eddington-like inquisitions of thought. All what I will say is that there is a worldview that responds to a Parmenides world of null motion, where existences are mere flashes on a larger diamond like multidimensional soul being, virtual reflections on the hardware of the whole.So for example, ‘heat is a wave’ as Fourier proved – and indeed we talk of ‘heat waves’ in common paralance, etc.
Electric/Magnetic energy.
Now the next obvious energy in the Universe is that provided by the electric currents and its associated magnetic fields. And again we do have a formula for the flow of energy in a point, of the ‘expected’ simple structure of the 5th dimension, with a constant and a flow with variable density (the ultimate unifying concept of a time speed, which measures the density of information of the system). It is called the Poynting vector:E= 1/µ EB
And not surprisingly µ is a constant related to space, called ‘vacuum permeability’, which is the capacity of the vacuum to carry a magnetic field, (and its associated electric permeability, which is the capacity to carry an electric field). And we do have for those constants the values:µ0 = 4π × 107 NA 2And:eo = 8.85 × 1012 F/m
So again we observe we are scaling down around 1010 and we do have a ‘space constant of action’ and a parameter of the density of information or ‘time clock speed’ of the system.
Now the 2 relatively upper scales aforementioned, the thermal and Magnetic scales, are intimately connected and often overlap depending on how they are fully integrated into larger 1010 blocks. And do contact often with the mass scale. This is not really the case of the lowest quantum scale of particles, which are essentially massless, and only contribute to the mass scale in their moment of ‘conjugate’ death, as they transform from particle into antiparticle, becoming a ‘spin zero’ (pion, Higgs) inert entity for a short time interval.How they interact with the larger scale depends on how much ‘new social scales’ we deal with in either temperature or magnetism. For example, individual magnetic dipoles of simple atoms are quite irrelevant for the mass scale. But those ‘perfect atoms’, which can socially evolve fully a new 1010 scale, the so called ‘Magnetic domains that not surprisingly have around a billion atoms with spins oriented in parallel form’, become a unit of a new fractal ∆-scale of magnetism; and this ‘cells’ of magnetism, are clearly interacting with mass factors.
This ‘ordered’ reality though is more proper of solid forms. While thermal properties are more proper of gaseous and liquid fluids. This is the reason we do consider the magnetic scale to be above the thermal scale, as gas is a previous state to that of liquid, previous to that of solid: Sp (gas)>ST(liquid) >Tƒ (Solid)
All this said we observe some of the classic paradoxes and dualities and antisymmetries of the 5D ST. One of enormous importance is the fact that as we GROW in social scales of the 5th dimension our functions SWITCH from lineal entropy to cyclical information. So the magnetic field, which in the lower scale NEVER closes a loop, and so it is in eternal motion as the membrane of entropy of the charge, becomes in the next ‘Domain’ 1010 scale a ‘fixed form’ of information (used as such to store information in magnetic tape). While the electric charge, which is, a fixed point of information in the lower scale becomes in the larger ‘domain’ of a magnetic current a flow of entropy motion (intimately connected with thermal entropic effects, through heat and resistance laws).
This is important enough to quote it here:∑∑|s∆-1 > ∑It < |s∆+1

Whereas we use the equivalent | and O symbols for entropy and information. The number of consequences of this law in all systems is huge. For example, if It is any fractal point, it will act in the upper scale of his nation or body as an entropic, ab=used cell, and it will ab=use is smaller ∆-1 micrŒ-Points. As in value terms, contrary to belief, what moves is ab=used by an Aristotelian central point of view that uses its energy and controls it.In that regard from the perspective of the human scale, a system of the quantum scale will be described macroscopically in terms of temperature for systems, which are of larger entropy use to our scale, mostly gases and to a certain extend liquids, which are defined only by the mass density, temperature and ‘speed’. There is not therefore need to define its electric or magnetic properties, which are limited in liquids. While solid systems are more often subject to electric and magnetic properties, in as much as:

‘Thermal properties refer to the bulk system, as indistinguishable, hence a continuous Lineal Space, magnetic properties refer to the parts of the whole, hence referred to its informative cyclical properties.,

Thus in the world of ‘charges and particles’ the 3 sub-scales are the quantum, thermal and electric/magnetic scales. Then the next huge vortex of time-space is the mass of the galaxy, and in this scale we do have also 3 sub-scales clearly defined, though humans being rather immersed on them on the bottom of its pyramid have not so easily resolved (as we know information travels better from lower scales so we do have a much better understanding on the thermal, magnetic and quantum world)


it is essential to understand how a new scale creates a dual force of present space-time, let us say gravito-magnetism, and then it splits it into a ± entropy information reversed directions, which allows the separation of two worlds, one with the + and th other the – branching of the new born dual force.

In this manner as a force of electricity suffers the creation of a magnetic enclosure, it should also provokes the apparition of a mirror hierarchical force, as that energy contributes to the mass attraction of the being. a new scale of external force thus can always be a projection of a lower ∆-1 scale, but the proper way to perceive it is also given it a ± creative processing, as the breaking of the symmetry of the present constant of the lower ∆-1 force, transcends and emerges into a split of 2 functions.

Mass and magnetism thus have relationship, so do spin and mass, how those different cyclical motions provoke a larger scale of the 5th dimension and how much of its inner energy perceived sometimes as a loss of order or entropy is displaced from scale to scale forms an important part of GST.

In general, though the simple growth of dimensions happens in units of 1 from frequency to area, to dual period to volume:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.38.56

In the graph, when we move to mass scales, the Organism is mass-energy, its cyclical parameter angular momentum, its energetic parameter lineal momentum. So mass and angular momentum are closely related by a lineal proportion and energy and lineal momentum by an integral equation. The game has ‘emerged’ into a new scale, which as it grows in sizes looses connection with the previous thermodynamic and electrodynamics scales. So the game renews itself.

In the next scale above humans, if we consider a dual description escaping the ∆-molecular, thermodynamic scale, the organism of the gravitational world is a mass. And here we have difficulties to define its quantum form, as all seems to indicate under the machine principle and the symmetries of the Unification equation that this scale is the galaxy.

Thus we humans are in relationship with the mass vortex, rather closer to a Planck constant or a photon of minimal energy below the range of mass. This is obviously proved by the fact that the Planck mass or minimal possible level of influence of the mass state is enormous.

And yet we do feel residual gravitational forces, which clearly shows the enormous range of scales of the Universe, its most remarkable feature. So in the same manner the quantum atomic scale ranges in trillions of relative social scales, the mass scale above and below its natural unit – the galaxy and its central black hole has at least 3 ranges. We could consider then the cosmological ternary symmetry of its possible ‘black hole states’, which are the moon MACHO black hole, or planetoid, the star Black hole, or novae and the cosmological black hole or central galactic black hole, which could be compared to the photon, electron and molecular scale of the charge world.

Regarding the nature of the mass organisms, and its parts at those scales, they belong to geology and astrophysics. But as we said, the range of effects of its force as the range of effects of the electromagnetic force is much wider than one could calculate.

There is no doubt about it. This is the world which has an enormous array of species and social scales of evolution, formal exchanges of energy and information, yet all within the description of Non-Æ, fractal, cyclical space-time analysis.

Its scales will then be 3 as the fractal symmetry of the 5th dimension requires, in which we shall find its constants of space-entropy and social numbers (time frequency) growing both together in inverse fashion to maintain the co-invariance of its social plane.

Human mechanical scale.

In that regard the perception of ‘mass’ for the human observer is rather different from its perception of ‘charge’. And yet we can find again our ‘Energy’ equations relating the fundamental elements of the mass scales.

So now, as we enter the human mass scales, the human being is more conscious of the quanta of space action, which we perceive directly, unlike the invisible ultra small quanta of the charge world.

What is that ‘quanta of space action’. Obviously the concepts of ‘speed’ and acceleration. We act on our world through speed actions, angular speed and lineal speed. So if the quanta of angular momentum will be ‘h’, and the quanta of lineal kinetic motion, will be ‘temperature’, in the mass scale, we have its 2 ‘conserved’ quantities, angular and lineal momentum, and we could consider a general non-quantitative but rather qualitative description of our world as:

E(t) = ∑ S (O-angular momentum x |-lineal momentum), which are the ‘steps’ in space of the full time flow of energy that encompasses all the space-time formal motions of the being or system studied.

The quantitative equation being, kinetic energy = ∫ lineal momentum

And so now we arrive to our scale as a human superorganism, in which our energy is basically mechanical related to the kinetic and potential energy of our planet and so we do have to scale to our ‘relative size’ and find a new equation for our main form of energy, potential energy related to the mechanical work of moving over the Earth. And so we do find the corresponding equation of energy:

E= gh m

Where g is the value of the gravitational constant/acceleration on planet Earth multiplied by h, the relative height of the system. And mass the first appearance of a mass vortex as an entity of space0time (see the Unification equation of charges and masses, to fully grasp the nature of mass as a time vortex in the previous post on cosmological 5D). And not surprisingly as we are in the human scale, g is measured as 9.8 m per second, again jumping around 1010 new scales.

But g is not a Universal constant, but the constant of our planet, because we are now in full in the subjective human point of view, and we must add to the potential energy of the system its kinetic energy, which would be expressed in similar terms:

E= ½ v2 m

Whereas obviously v should be in this human subjective scale, the constant of human speed, which alas for a fit, adult male athlete is around 9.8 meters per second.

All those formulae, however are essentially variations of a more fundamental concept applied to human existence, ‘Force’, F=m x a is in that sense on the human scale, the defining relationship between a constant of entropy, ‘a’ expansive motion and a constant of form, of information, mass.

And this again introduces a theme which goes beyond this introduction – the slight changes happening in the way humans perceive the elements of each scale, force vs. energy and work, speed vs. angular momentum vs. acceleration, and so on.

And how as we transcend scales, given the fact that space turns into time, energy into information, what is in a lower parameter a function of form might become in the next scale a function of energy.

This is what happens in the case of ‘mass’, which becomes in the next scale the source of energy no longer constant, while it is speed what becomes now a constant-limit.

Of course it all seems confusing, paradoxical, but that is the ‘core’ nature of the Universe so difficult to understand by the one-dimensional human mind…

Solar system scale.

And so now we come to the solar scale, where the sun through nuclear radiation mostly produces Energy, transforming mass fully into energy:

E∆+1= c2 x m (Tƒ)

And not surprisingly we are again finding a bidimensional constant related to space actions, the constant of light speed, in which mass transforms itself according to its relative density (nuclear reactions). And we do have a jump of around 1010 scales.

As the speed of light is 3 x 108 meters per second.

Here is where we can wonder about the value of this constant c-speed that cannot be crossed.

If the clock of ‘time’ of these scales is speed, equivalent to temperature or frequency, the question is ‘why there is a barrier’ of speed, c, which cannot be crossed.

It is easy to see why when we compare speed with Temperature. The c-barrier is a barrier between two ‘scales’ of reality, the scale of light space-time and electronic mass we live and the creation of denser states of matter, strangelet and top quark mass, of much higher density.

As a system change from a liquid to a solid state, Temperature no longer varies, as speed no longer varies, and all energy comes into the transition phase of state.

So happens in the c-speed, which is NOT an absolute barrier of the Universe, but a barrier similar to that found between a lighter gas and a liquid or solid state, as we shall soon consider when studying the process of antisymmetric creation of the Universe.

The advantage of T.Œ indeed is to have this capacity to compare phenomena in different scales even in different sciences, which has always been done in science, but without understanding the underlying game of 5D fractal space and cyclical time and its dualities and ternary symmetries origin of them all. So the fractal Universe is always self-similar (not equal) in tis processes and that difficult to accept qualitative not quantitative, topological not geometrical ‘generalization’ as a form of deep knowledge is what we brought here.

This we have to stress many times: qualitative, homologies is true knowledge, not only detailed mathematical how measure, but deep why understanding, which is what T.Œ. ads.

So we can also among any other similar processes compare the c-speed limit with the transitions that happen in all other scales when a ‘denser’ form is created from a wave, in this case instead of a ‘fluid present wave of light’ converted into mass wen reaching the barrier of change of state, we can put an example of al liquid wave, which moves from a laminar state to a cyclical vortex state:


In the graph, we see that when we reach a certain key speed, V, a laminar flow of bidimensional sheets of lineal speed no longer accelerates but for a while maintains its speed and all the energy is absorbed by the laminar flow. Since it is CREATING the equivalent to the mass increase in a c-speed barrier on an accelerator. In this case it is a vortex creation within the liquid. This vortex, are accelerated clocks of time on the liquid, equivalent to the charges on the electromagnetic space or the masses on the galactic space and as such it absorbs more energy than the wave state (it is by definition more dense, as vortices accelerate inwards, Vo x Ro = K).

This comparisons also strongly prove by homology that indeed temperature and speed are the clock-like parameters of both scales, which measure the frequency of the ‘steps’ of the space-time process.

So in this constant dance of parameters that switch between space and time state, entropy and information, speed acts in certain phenomena as the constant, in others as the ‘time frequency’ (as in the motion of a wheel measure in ‘revolutions per minute’) and in a sense as the ‘energy’ element, sum of all the steps of form of a certain wave motion… so we can write also:

V (∆)= l (s) x ƒ (t).

Perhaps the major difficulty for humans to grasp reality is its paradoxical logic, a theme argued in the next posts on the non-Aristotelian structure of mathematics, and when we define the mind as a ‘spatial fixation’ of the fleeting constant, changing motions and values of reality.

In a way all form of knowledge is the attempt by a mind to fix reality but reality always transmutes.

The beauty of physical systems, and the 5th dimension inversion of value, dualities and ternary symmetries is for those with enough flexibility to see how ‘the flow of time, space and planes of energy, constantly transmutes and still keeps its meaning.

Nowhere those transmutations are more obvious that in the borders between waters on the changes of states, of ages of planes of topologies that happen on the maximal and minimal of the ‘calculus’ of variations of any function of existence.

In that regard, perhaps the fundamental law of the 5th dimension is the law of transmutation that we will repeat again:

| ∆-1: O: | ∆+1

Which ultimately can be understood in terms of the 3 organic functions in space and 3 ages in time of the worldcycle of existence of any system of space-time, which switches in those functions as the overall system evolves and interacts with other space and time parameters of larger and smaller systems, in either its entropic field-gas, wave-liquid, crystal-particle state.

Now what is mass is not so clear, and what is time in the mass world is less clear, as all this is very subjective/human and humans use lineal time, which is an erroneous very limited version of it. And they measure it on the human scale with clocks, which makes it even more messier. As landau ironically put it: there is no uncertainty of time in quantum physics, I look at my clock and I know what time is. So we need to do some technical specifications for experts.

Mass is the cover and the zerŒ-Point of a whole cosmological entity, and space is its vital space within. And this is the easiest way to visualize it. But in lineal time obviously classic science – relativity – dealt with time and space concepts in a different way.

In relativity, the 3 momentum coordinates and the energy are the 3D space and lineal time parts of a space-time vector, the four-momentum.

And the length of this four-vector is proportional to the rest mass m.

So Energy here is still the whole space-time formal motions of the system, through its total ‘time duration’, and so it can be related to the ‘total volume’ of the worldcycle of the system, to its Integral Whole Energy; whereas the derivatives of the Energy are the space-slices measured in terms of momentum.

Mass thus become the whole of this worldview of the system, the product of its ‘spatial steps-momentums’ and its whole lineal duration. This physicists describe as the ‘block’ of the worldline of the being.

This works then also when Dirac introduced relativity and hence mass concepts into quantum physics of particles.

In his equation rest mass then became proportional to an eigenvalue of the 4-momentum operator, the proportionality constant being the speed of light:

Pop y= mc y

It is this repetitive concept of mass density as the enclosure and frequency of a ‘space-step’, the c-speed of light, which is the ‘Spatial Extension constant’ of the mass scale rather than the speed of light, what surfaces once and again in those equations.

In the same Dirac equations, mass appears also as a factor of a conjugate of a particle and antiparticle with a spinless zero annihilation of the ± up and down spins into a scalar. In brief, the relationship between the particle and mass scales appears only when the lower charge scale dies and emerges in the upper scale. This is again a constant fact of all emergent systems. The lower scales diffuse into the larger ones. So we do not use spdf orbitals describing molecular systems but the simple lineal and cyclical duality of |-sigma and O-pi orbitals.

The details are all those complicated quantum formalisms, which physicists hardly interpret. So for example, they did not realize that what matters in the mass factor of a Dirac conjugate is the life-death switching of particle- antiparticle states that cancels all other now neutral forces letting mass surface, but thought merely on the chiral and anti-chiral property of particles and antiparticles as the ‘thing’ that ‘makes mass exist’.

Dark energy/neutrino scale: beyond the galaxy.

And so we arrive to the last scale of which we humans have any ‘idea’, which is the cosmological scale, in which the obvious constant of Spatial Extension should measure the ‘speed’ of dark energy, and we could consider different formulations of the Lambda, Cosmological constant of expansion of space between galaxies, but as this theme is on my view in the present format highly speculative, and has been treated in the previous post on cosmological 5D, we leave it here.

Just to mention for fun, the complete messed up situation of classic physics in this issue (:

The dimension of Λ is a length2 in Einstein’s relativity and it has been calculated, if the cosmic big-bang is certain (which as we clearly explain in 5D cosmology is not) to have the value of ~1 x1052 m2 astoundingly small, which seems to contradict all what we are telling here.

And yet, when the same physicists calculate the constant on their theories of unification, the value that comes up is a Mass measure of the order of the Planck Mass , elevated to the 4 canonical dimensions of our models , as we convert points of a lower scale to a larger one. But alas, the measured cosmological constant is smaller than this by a factor of 10120. This discrepancy has been called “the worst theoretical prediction in the history of physics!” LOL.



In Physics we find the same 3±1 ages or ‘states’ of matter and 3 ∆±1 scales for all systems known to man:

– The ∆-1 scale is the quantum world. The fractal principle classifies all quantum subspecies.

I.e., Strings have 3×3+1 Ds across 3 scales of ∆-1 strings, ∆-branes and ∆+1 particles. There are 3 ages of quarks & electrons of ∆ information and -∆ size (Max.Tƒ=Min.Spe). S/T dualities define also n-p pairs, boson forces & Universal constants.

– The human ∆-scale in which we observe 3 States of matter, the ‘energetic’, gaseous state, the liquid E=O balanced state and the informative, solid state, between ‘plasmatic birth (∆-1) and ‘big-bang’ extinction, when informative vortices (∆+1 masses and ∆-1 charges) become energy, according to Einstein’s equation (E=mc2), written in Planck’s notation as E<=>M(O). Since mass is a 2-manifold vortex of gravitational information (graph): ExT=K, E=Mc2. Hence M=K/T=Kv; where v is the rotational speed of the mass vortex proportional to its attractive power – a clock cycles which carries the information of the Universe in the Tiƒ frequency of its cycles.

While on ∆+1 Earth matter follows 3 ages cycles (water, nitrogen cycle, rock cycles, etc.)

– Finally in the Cosmic scale ∆-1 atoms, which gather into ∆-stars, which become parts of social ∆+1 galaxies.

Further on a wealth of solutions to fundamental questions of physics, derive from 3×3+1 dimensional metric. I.e:

– Antiparticle’s travel to the past in Feynman’s diagram. They are particles ‘death processes’ (Max. Se=Min.Tƒ) of minimal duration, which explains its perceived scarcity since its total space-time momentum is minimal.

– Einstein’s 3 topologic varieties=solutions of his 2-manifold spatial metric, according to the value of the cosmological constant, are symmetric to the 3±1 ages of the Universe’s cycle: The post-big-bang young age of expansive energy, the steady state solution of a balanced Spe=Tiƒ ‘adult’ age and the 3rd big crunch, informative collapse (Max. Tiƒ) followed by its big-bang explosive death, mimicked in galaxies, born as gaseous nebulae of max. E, which become balanced spirals and collapse into black holes of dark matter, to explode in quasar big-bangs2: Se-Big-bang>ST-steady state>Tiƒ-Black hole Vortex.

– Thus we resume the 3 ∆±1 scales of the cosmos, with the Fractal Generator of Physical Beings: ∑∑∆-1ST-Bosons>∑Tiƒ-Charges> ∏∆+1Tƒ-Masses.

The Euclidean Mind of light-space. Kant.

Newton indeed believe mainly in 2 things: Yahweh and absolute lineal time and space, a background abstract reference set up by God, who talked to him with comets.

So he studied the Cartesian graph, when reading ‘La geometrie’ which he acknowledged was the beginning of his interest for science.

But for him the graph and its lineal coordinates were not merely the human mind-world, but the graph that represented ALL of reality, which he blew to cosmic proportions and affirmed to be the graph of the absolute Universe and its space-time. This is NOT truth, and we will bring here a simple proof, derived from Kant’s realization that we ‘see light space-time’, because the ‘human mind is Euclidean’, which latter influenced the perception of painters, creating impressionist, as they realized also that we do NOT paint reality but light, THE RELATIVE SPACE-TIME our electronic eyes measure:

A light quantum has the 3 perpendicular dimensions of the informative electric field, the magnetic entropic field and the lineal c-speed that reproduces the wave. And those are the 3 exact perpendicular dimensions of our perceived space, as our eyes are electronic and feed on the information of light – hence also establish light as its fixed rod of measure or constant space, (relativity) but the universe has multiple world-views, and some are non-Euclidean (gravitational worldwide) some are atomic (smelling worldview) etc. Human eyes and mechanical eyes though are electronic, and their bits of information visual, hence Euclidean:


In the graph the Euclidean world is caused by the 3 perpendicular arrows of light space-time to which we add the social colors. 2 more elements are needed to define our human space-time, first the organic relationships between our electronic eyes that feed on light, and the properties of information – as information is perceived in stillness, in an stop and go motion, similar to that of a film – so electrons go and move as waves, stop and feed and perceive light as particles, entangling its distances with other electrons in ‘fixed’ distances. Hence c-speed is always constant, our rod of space, as relativity proves, without giving the proper i-logic explanation.

The rod of measure of human systems – c speed.

c speed is a rod of measure Einstein accepted ‘by electronic eye-decree’ to set all other parameters. So they are all let to vary (as in any differential equation where we do partial derivatives), including energy and mass in this paper. They are variations that are needed keep c-constant. But we could construct an equally sound model of the Universe keeping time-duration constant. The ‘of course’ here is a tricky rhetoric argument improper of Mr. Einstein, which reminds me of the vastly inferior original paper of Mr. Hawking on the evaporation of black holes (there he uses verbose rhetoric like every two other sentences, dealing with his ‘imaginary black holes’ at will of his ‘imagination’).

Einstein is obviously on other league, and prudently he puts this bastard ‘of course’ on a footnote. But this kind of rhetoric always shows that the author is not ‘safe’ and ‘sure’ of his arguments. How could he be? He knows he has never demonstrated but considered c-speed constant as a postulate to build his relative Universe. And it is fine and it works on the galaxy measures from our mind point of view. But he cheats us here a bit, with the of course that contradicts his previous statements kind of shamed for needing a postulate.

After all, most errors in all sciences come from Postulates: the entire building of mathematics is wrong because of the 5th postulate with no proof: a single parallel cross a point. The entire building of economics is false and it is leading the Earth to its collapse because of the wrong postulate of Mr. Smith ‘the wealth of nations is its quantity of money’, a mere language of information, supported in informative metals (gold, silver, chips of gold in e-money computers) with no value per Sp, whose ‘valuation’ of life beings is minimal (zero value for life) and his valuation of metal-weapons, by affinity of substance maximal. So in capitalist societies maximal wealth occurs in periods of global war, as today, when the maximal price of weapons that kill the maximal number of humans rise GDP to stratospheric levels.

You see, there are many onion levels in a deeper analysis of reality.

So two of our comments are positive: the universe is simple, logic, temporal and those were important tools on all the work of Einstein.

And one is negative. Mr. Einstein as most humans like to go beyond what is there and then commit errors of sweeping generalization. As physicists do today with big bang theories of the Universe. And they did with the c-constancy of light. Errors then multiply in an inflationary manner as all information is inflationary, and an entire building of not-quite-right models of reality builds up, as errors seem to sustain each other, into a growing expressionist building of broken angles about to fall, whenever a better architect pushes one of the faulty foundations of the entire architecture.

This is called a paradigm shift, as the part of the building sustained by the faulty foundation falls and the new architect reconstructs only that part, given the historic significance of the ‘Corresponding’ science, which still holds.

We shall thus start our rebuilding, commenting on the Paradigm shifts of science, according to Thomas Kuhn’s work on the nature of scientific revolutions.

Let us then repeat all our previous statements on the relative model of c-speed with a slower, simpler ‘tempo’, as this repetitive symphony of a Universe built only with 3 motions of time and its ‘still, relative perception’ in space, is indeed a simple world, whose complexity arises from ternary repetitive symmetries.

, as those below us have more numerous quanta and seem as a ‘single plane’ to hold more information than those able us which seem at ∆+1 to be ‘more evanescent, slower and less dense’. What we are not often aware in physical studies is that both scales co-exist in continuity on the time sphere of synchronous motions as symbiotic elements of a singularity-membrane system enclosing a world together.

RATIOS never quantities of absolute value thus which matter for us to discuss how the systems evolve through those scales are not the parameters of measure of them (e) by human entropic thirsty vultures but the frequency value/scales of temperature, mass and waves, and specially the constants of angular momentum, h, entropy, k, and speed-distance, C.


In the graph we put the basic formulae that through the ‘leveller’ of entropic measure humans from that distorted entropic pov, observe them.

We must then make first a philosophical reflection against naive realism: those are mental measures by the mind of man who ‘creates’ our bidimensional visual view of reality and as such we cannot make ‘why-physics’ without endophysics, discussions about how mind’s geometries construct systems.

Look at the right side, the 3 most important equations of the Universe those of energy, in the 3 scales, the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales.

They are ALL cases of 5D metric as the unification equation and so the question here since Energy is present is to define the two other parameters as parameters of entropy and form in the three main scales.

Let us then consider some basic conceptual analysis of those equations. If we compare e=hv and e=mc², the two limiting equations we obtain:

m=v (h/c²)

A key equation of GST physics as it shows mass to be the frequency of the enclosing membrane of a larger scale, as v is on the quantum scale. Yet the constant that relates both, is Lovacevski’s expression of the relative curvature of the human mind-view, (tƒ/Sp ≈ h/c²). That is we are converting ‘mentally’ a world into the other, with new parameters, and a new mind view, that of the human being, which transforms the much faster frequencies of the time clocks of the quantum world, through the lobachevski’s constant that amounts to a parallel transformation of the mind view from the one a quantum atom might have to the far less curved slower mind view of the human being.

h/c² converts our perception of light-charge, electronic world/mind into the ∆+1 scale of the mass-density-time-information world of gravitational beings. How this is done by the mind and converted into digital measures in physical systems goes beyond the scope of this introduction.

Entropy, a concept loosely related to all the forms of possible motion, is the key transfer between scales which looses less form as it has none (: (:

Entropy are ALL the potential modes of motion of a being, ‘packed’ we imagine in near-simultaneous, ‘faster’ space-time cycles, in ‘solid, tiƒ’ systems than in simpler gaseous $pe- systems, which can be reduced finally to lineal entropy. Yet as motion never ceases absolute entropy cannot be erased as it is the pure lineal motion with no form, or its reciprocal, the pure curvature-form without motion. On those limits the building up of potential simultaneous forms, in a ‘possibly’ enlarging and decreasing, fast and slow hierarchy of scales of the fifth dimension, gives a ‘physical, extra-dimensional space-time’ where to locate the different phenomena of physics of transfers of entropy, energy and information, which are ‘not accountable’ in a single space-time continuum but need other scales where to ‘hide its variables’.

Consider the most famous case of the quantum field of a broglie realist analysis of quantum physics.

As Bell has stressed,… “That the guiding wave, in the general case, propagates not in ordinary three-space but in a multidimensional-configuration space is the origin of the notorious “nonlocality” of quantum mechanics.” The quantum wave however must be ∆-1 in relationship to the particle, and as the particle is already in ∆-3, we come to the conclusion, the quantum field that guides with its speed  Q/∂t, the wave-particle dual perceived states of the quantum system exists in the dark world of >c speeds, which explains its non-locality – that should have a ‘limit’ on the usual range of 10³ c new ‘scales’ of ‘stretched’ ∆§cales.

Present energy waves reproduce the information of a system, translating it through space – which abstract physics expresses as the law of ‘conservation≈reproduction’ of energy.

Finally another key question is the way in which energy might transit between scales. We know it does in the case of light.  This is called the Maxwell invariance  of light waves at scales. So as ‘present energy’ transits only in a super organism, in ‘simultaneity’ and ‘synchronicity’ without deformation, we must consider the three physical scales, the organic scales of the galaxy… but beyond the galaxy, as dark ‘entropy’ changes the parameters of light-energy (expanding space, in a dead≈entropic process of light), the limits of the galaxy as an organism, are its ‘halo’ of strangelets… (Witten hypothesis latter study as A gst symmetry between the quantum and cosmic scales).

Energy does transit therefore between the three scales of the galactic supœrganism.

The problem though is that what humans call energy is not exactly the same concept than the pure arrow of energy-reproduction of the Universe, most often is used to measure entropy – the capacity a system has to transfer motion to other system. I.e. in most equations of energy, such as e=mc², the equation measures the entropic expansion of space produced by the death of the mass. When we measure e=hv, the photoelectric effect, the entropy of the H-particle of frequency v becomes the measurable element, as the photon ‘feeds’ the electrons.

So WE ARE mostly measuring entropy instead of energy, and the change is needed conceptually, specially in the case of dar entropy between galaxies today called dark energy, which balances the immortal Universe, as it is equal in value to the Mass implosion of those galaxies:

In the graph the proper interpretation of the co-existing regions of space-time, dark entropy between galaxies, compensated by the positive curvature of galaxies, renders a flat curvature for an immortal Universe of zero sums of expansive dark entropy and implosive dark quark matter.

The importance of the cosmological constant as a relative curvature must be understood in the broadest of all homologies, as curvature is the form in which a higher perceiver observes a faster, smaller time cycles. Curvature becomes then in terms oF Lobachevski’s factor of Curvature in the geometry observed, h/c in humans, if we are dealing in time or in its symmetric space with a region of past-entropy, future-accelerated-maximal curvature, or a wave present region of fluctuation.

An in all of them we have a formula with a quanta of space, and a growing TIME-frequency of information, and both balance each other as we move up and down in the world cycles of life and death, from seminal seeds of information of smaller, higher frequencies, to slower wholes.

Those equations on the other part are dynamic excellent equations to search for the main components of each Γ• supœrganism of the Universe.

Since we immediately spot, H as the supœrganism of the light scale,  which we shall consider the minimal photon, z≈mass, as  the nucleon mass, as the minimal supœrganism of the gravitational scale and k, the Boltzman constant, which we shall consider a phonon as the unit-cell of thermodynamics.

Thus, what we have in those equations is a particle of energy<the photon, nucleon and phonon, measured in its total entropy, when in a dying << process.

Phonons become then the knot of time vibrations of the thermodynamic scale. And the more curvature/motion, energy/momentum they store the more temperature and total entropy if dissipated will generate.

Each of those equations thus ‘couple’, a physical, ∆±1 •singularity and its ternary Γœ supœrganism.

Those three ‘ratios’ that evolve into quantifiable social groups, are dynamic knots of time cycles, which appear to us in different forms depending on his state. In those equations of ‘entropy’, a population of h, k or Z will suffer a frequency acceleration in its reproductive speed≈motion along a path, in which they will be annihilated (e=mcc being the proper formulae NOT the sole kinetic energy of the system). So it will be the photon that impacts the electron in e=hv, and the heat wave

The easiest why to translate then is the quantum formulae, as frequency is directly plugged in:

E= H (quanta of space in the ∆-i scale) x ƒ (frequency of the wave)… It follows then:

E= k (quanta of entropy in the thermodynamic human, ∆-scale) x nT (Frequency of time).

The cellular scale is therefore the essential, non-distorted scale in which the parameters are more clear. K, Boltzmann’s constant is written in entropy units, and T, the temperature constant, is responsible for the metabolic frequency of living beings.

Then in the next gravitational, world scale, we do have two formulae: E=1/2 mvˆ2 and E=Mcˆ2.

Which one is ‘time and which one is space’ comes then from our previous mass equations: M=ƒ(h/c²).

All this said an interesting element to explain before going further is the application/meaning of the 3 scalar magnitudes of physics, temperature in ∆º, frequency in ∆-1 and mass in ∆+1. As they must be judged to belong to the ternary elements and the ternary ∆º±1 scales:

-Temperature (∆º scale, ST-open ball) measures the ‘wave-body’ equilibrium of the thermodynamic human scale, and as such it happens in all the delocalised vital space of the wave body.

-Frequency, (∆-1 scale, cyclical clock-like membrane) measures the smallish quantum wave frequency of the cyclical or sinusoidal ‘surface-membrane’ (electron, wave packet envelope) of the smallish physical scale, in as much as we are the larger observer so we see better from the lower smallish being its ‘outer cyclical-clock like closed membrane). So that is the scalar we measure.

– Mass, (∆+1 gravitational scale, ð magnitude) is inversely the ð measure of the largest galactic or Earth’ system in as much as it is the huge ‘being’, in which we are enclosed; and so we feel the mass curvature of our space-time as we are part of its ginormous system (and ultimately of the galaxy’s singularity black hole, which determines the G-constant of curvature for each specific galaxy, as Mach had it).

The key element to fully understand mathematical physics is the study of the fractal generator and the different relationships between the three states and topologies of the being, which synchronise in time and relate in constant ratios in space the limb/field/entropic, body-wave-iterative, particle-head/informative states of the being.

The key ratios, constants and elements off mathematical physics then represent elements of such generator and its different states and sub-systems.

For example, the fine structure constant has three interpretations, which represent the entropic, informative and reproductive relationship between the light ∆º and electronic, ∆+1 scales of physical systems:

ð: The square of the ratio of the elementary charge to the Planck charge:
α= [e/q(P)]²

– $pe:The ratio of two entropies≈motions:  the motion needed to overcome the electrostatic repulsion between two electrons a distance of d apart, vs. the ‘entropy≈energy’ of a single photon of wavelength:  λ 2 πd  (or of angular wavelength d):
α = eˆ2/ 4 π ε h c

-ST: The ratio of the velocity of the electron in the first circular orbit of the Bohr model of the atom, which is   1/4 π ε   e²/ to the speed of light in vacuum, c.

This is Sommerfeld’s original physical interpretation. And so we observe that the comparison of the two fundamental particle-systems of the physical world, the electron, ∆+1 and the photon ∆º, become ‘connected’ by the symmetries between its Sp<st>Tƒ elements.

The connected parts of the system in this manner give birth very often to a series of universal constants that define the system and are the most extended in its applications for the larger ∆±3 §cales of the galaxy atom.

And of course all pervading appear the h/c² ‘lobachevski’s ratio between curvature and distance of the humind.

The entire model of quantum physics translated to GST is perhaps the more satisfying intellectual endeavour of GST physics, which I painstakingly took in my youth, as I translated the 11 volumes of Lindau’s masterpiece soviet encyclopaedia of physics, which had the added beauty of considering the right dual hegelian philosophy of logic and lobachevski’s  acceptance of the realist nature of mathematics. But according to plan won’t be poured in the fourth line till the very end of this web as the human scales matter more to us; and often the beauty of any manifestation of the game, even if it is as specific and limited as Albinoni’s lost, found and rewritten addagio in G minor, is far greater and richer in languages closer to the human spirit as music – which Schopenhauer rightly defined as the ultimate language essence of the game – might be. 

Yes of course, the fine structure constant which defines the relationship between the ∆+1 electron scale and its ∆º photon ‘cells’ is much more important than the chords in G minor, but essentially they all refer to the same combinatorics of the fractal generator.

It must be noticed then that for all structures of Nature, generated by the ternary symmetries of ∆st, there must be at least a unifying single parameter, which all the parts of the system will synchronise together, and this will be the fundamental constant of the system, most likely a ‘time clock’, rhythm at the heart of the œ-being.

I.e. for humans it is the second that synchronises  the heart beat, the eye-thought glimpse and the leg 1 meter steps. It is then from this first fundamental time parameter, which locates roughly the system within certain Sp x Tƒ=∆§cale from where we can build the three key Universal constants,  s x t=momentum, t/s=density, s/t=speed, of the system.

Ie. in a human system the second will give us the step of a meter, which defines the steps of space, st-e(n)t(ro)p(y) units, which for man is a meter, the common length of our legs. So we can obtain our speed, 4 km, hour, consider the usual decametric ratios of acceleration (so our speed can reach 9 x 4 = 36 km.)

It is precisely that hidden ‘full program’/structure of the supœrganism applied to all systems from a simpler electron-photon quantum ensemble to the human beings, which will unify it all.

As a system is determined within a range of variations by the need to balance its different elements. I.e. a being with a ‘second’ time clock, belonging to the human biological ∆º scale should not display a limb/field step of much more than a second. As such the adjustable harmonies of all the beings of all the scales of reality is what makes so constant the ratios, parameters, relationships and decametric, ternary scales of the universe, which is an enormous puzzle constantly rewritten with the same letters by the game, but unlike Borges’ Babylon library, we do not have a chimp just banging the typewriter but an ‘excellent grammatical master’ with a penchant for ternary syntax.

So for a computer the Herztian clock-speed determine in turn all the other ‘symmetric, symbiotic and balanced’ elements which will be connected to it. And you would expect them to be balanced to the capacity of thought of the computer. For a faster insect we will have a smaller steps; for a larger dinosaur a slower metabolic clock, and so on.

E<cc>M and Beyond: the c-t limits.

Finally in the gravitational scale, the three states are defined by the E($)<CC>M(ð).

It is interesting then to observe how in the transition of scales as temperature the measure of frequency-time in the ∆• thermodynamic scale disappears (∆t’=∆t γ).

So mass increase and its inverse temperature decrease transfers the ‘∆-thermodynamic,ð, to the ∆-gravitational, ð=m.

And the same limit below, is found for the inverse transfer of the parameter of temperature to that of magnetisation, the external cyclical clock of atomic fields in the quantum ∆-1 scale:

Since the magnetization is (approximately) inversely proportional to temperature. This fact is encapsulated by Curie’s law:

M=  C B/T

where M is the resulting magnetisation, B is the magnetic field, measured in tesla, T is absolute temperature, measured in kelvins and C is a material-specific Curie constant:

In that regard, as the parameters change when we change scale, we are confronted with a problem, which is the enormous ambivalence of human languages in the use of those 2 fundamental words, space and time, and its ternary formal motions, Sp,  SxT: ExI and Ti.

So we need to attach certain mathematical, geometric and logic concepts to our verbal terms to avoid so much ambivalence. Let us then return to Descartes and put some properties attached to those 3 symbols, which we advance ARE the ‘ultimate’ formal motions we care for, Spæ, ExI, Tiƒ.

  • $: Spe or Lineal, Spatial Entropy, is ‘res extensa’, something extended in ‘space’. So it is a motion that expands in space, as in a big-bang. And contrary to belief as it expands in space it decelerates in ‘time’ so it looses its ‘time motion’ till it becomes truly what ambivalent words tends to call Space- a still form. Thus space tends to slow down and extend itself; it does have motion but becomes finally a ‘flat’ extension.
  • ð:or Informative time cycles, which carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and cyclical form of its cycles, is INVERSE in properties, as it actually accelerates inwards, as it becomes smaller, as all vortex do, V x Radius = Constant. Thus waller radius, turn faster, as it happens with angular momentum, black holes or hurricanes. And they become ‘taller’.

So this shows some fundament facts of $ vs. ð. They are inverse. They are both FORMAL MOTIONS; but space has LESS of both, motion and form, curvature; it is flat on the long term, and slow to stillness, and Time is faster and a cycle, which tends to be tall. So we can ask also define them by dimensions. Of the 4 dimensions used today, space tends to have 2 of them, length and width, and time, width and height. And so they combine in the ‘width’ dimension, which brings us the 3rd element:

  • Spe x Ti: E x I: Reproductive, wave-bodies that combine the entropy of space and the form of time clocks into ‘meaningful’, workable parameters, ‘energy’ (entropy with direction) and information (form with meaning).

 The arrow of energy.

$patial entropy is too often measure as energy when from a wave or form that stores energy a death, explosive process converts it back to a expansive, entropic field. Such is the case of e=mcc, an e=hv, and e=kt, in the three main scales of physical systems. Then we can compare them all as they are all sources of expansive motion. The beings of energy and its frequency world cycle, which we ad on to know how many ‘actions’ of space-time it has been involved in the event, complete then the proper measure of those three entropy symbols in more meaningful terms. a QUANTA is then defined as the unit of the st-state of a being, as a ‘cellular population unit’, of a space-time body-wave, whose frequency multiplies its ‘extension’ in time beats/actions, in which we measure/adsorb it.

The energy ST-ate is the balanced one, which iterates and reproduces hyperbolically a form. As such ‘waves are energy’, ‘fields are entropy and particles are information states’.

Energy is the main parameter physics uses to calculate physical world cycles which in computed for the whole existence of the physical event becomes a conservative zero cycle that does not spends energy. The energy of the system thus represents the simplest quantitative value of the capacity of the being to exist, its top predator force, total momentum, length and density of its worldccyle etc.

We thus need to make a whole redefinition of energy to fully grasp world cycles.

As we shall explore both concepts together, we will also observe the symmetries which energy display in space as world cycles do with the super organisms they create.

Now the funny thing as usual is that the seemingly perennial super organisms in space are the fleeting mayas of the world cycle of time, the dynamic motion patterns of information, form-in-action which is what truly states on the long term. So goes for energy, which stays while the fleeting physical systems mutate.

How much energy of activation is required to change then states=ages of matter in the different scales, and how new states emerge of transformations of previous states and how differently each state treats entropy and information, its parameters and details of different of such states-arrows of time, for different topobiologial ensembles represents a huge amount of all what mathematical physics studies.

It is then a key concept of the Universe of multiple clocks of time that an energy ‘conservative world cycle’ which represents the whole existence of an ∆-i scale, becomes for an ∆+i scale a ‘quanta of time’, perceived in a ‘synchronous moment(um) of space’, as fast cycles become ‘fixed forms of space’ for a slow observer (see key article on synchornicities).

Energy in that sense is a ‘memorial tail’ of time world cycles, ‘frozen’ as a space piece of ‘planckton’ or an ‘entropy Bolt’ for an ∆+i slow informative being. Yet the Universe has its complexity in its repetitions and synchronicities that transform space forms into time functions and vice versa.

But we can consider of the many perspectives (quantum as ∆-i, has more information, less perception and so it is deservingly the more complex of all forms of human knowledge) its dimensions of angular momentum, which ad to the cyclical π motion of the particle’s momentum (p) the radius, r, or distance to the Tiƒ, hence it is the best way to observe without ‘seeing it’, both the coordinated relationship between the Tiƒ and the membrane, which are so often in constant relationship through invaginated paths (as in cells, where the DNA -center connects through the golgi membranes with the eternal membrane).

So h, we might state is an excellent key parameter as it includes information on the Tiƒ x Spe membrane-informative nuclei of the quantum system. And so as S x T = St (meaning entropy x information = present energy) we really have in such simple formula, e=hƒ=h/t->h=ext a packed information on a system, whose energy – the parameter that emerges in our scale of existence, and we have already related to the world cycle of existence of a being – is quantised in as much as h represents the world cycle’ of existence of the light space-time at the minimal scale of the ‘observable human Universe. 

We could say that h is the minimal quanta of space-time, the minimal being, the ‘plankton’ of the gravitational sea, reason why in our texts we call it ‘planckton’ the minimal unit of life of the galactic, light space-time universe encoding in its 3 parameters r (ST)  x m (tiƒ) x v (Spe) the needed ternary structural information of it. As we can define a carbohydrate with the CNO(+h) elements. How many variations of h-species there are is the zoo description of quantum physicists, the details…

So in brief in the gravitational scale, m is the tiƒ fixed scalar and v the entropy element, with the momentum being the present parameter of us, the beings within the open ball/vital space of the system; in quantum we revere elements, now the fixed element is not the tiƒ but the membrane (as perceived by us in quantised h-quantities of angular momentum) and so the variation is not an v-lineal speed but a Tƒ, frequency.

And by the same rules of ternary symmetries in our ∆º intermediate scale, the concept that shall dominate is neither of those spe/tiƒ extremes outside our ‘equilibritum’ but the present wave, which is in the thermodynamic equation, E=pv (resolved) = KnT, the true meaning of Temperature as a measure of a ‘heat wave’, specifically the ‘amplitude of the vibration’.



The Universe is a super organism, which we see with different degrees of perception that make the view  with more or less detail, but ultimately if we were to see the system.


How many physical planes of the fifth dimension there are in the Universe? The answer in ∆ST is likely ∞. Though this kind of metaphysical questions can only be considered in pure metaphysical grounds. So beyond the considerations of metaphysics and the limits of description of non¬Æ logic systems with human languages, non-E maths of fractal points and non-A-ristotelian logic of 3 time arrows, we are left to consider the scales of which we are experimentally aware, even the limiting scale (dark, ‘string’ world) which we do not perceive, but can hint at and describe logically and mathematically by plugging into 5D³ what scientists have observed and constructed in a normal continuum.

As it happens this dark world scale, outside galaxies and inside the particles of atoms is today overwhelmingly described by string theory, which has a ±side to it: as it is not observable it has only been developed through exploration of mathematically consistent scenarios, which are able to ’emerge’ in our world with certain coherence.

But precisely because of that freedom of thought given by the lack of experimental evidence, we have been able to develop freely the string theory unshackled of erroneous concepts of classic physics regarding dimensions, time and space, and it turned out that the result is perfectly coherent with 5D³ giving us systems with Space-open strings, and time-closed strings, with 10 dimensions, in which the fundamental symmetries are those between S-open and t-closed string and between ∆±i scales, the so called T-duality (we shall from here on call it ∆±i-duality, as ∆±i is its proper name, since it precisely refers to the fundamental fractal, scalar symmetry of ∆st: the infinitely small -i, is symmetric to the infinite large, +i).

For all this we consider string theory truth, but obviously on need as all other models of streamlining and small correction and ‘choices’ departing from the laws of the scalar, fractal $paceðime Universe.

It is then when we can easily assess…

The ∆i=±≤4 scales of physics and its errors of human interpretation.

In the graph, the ∆±4 scales of physical systems, self centred @ the human ∆• pov and the 5D metric equivalence between its time speed and space distance which gives us its co-invariant energy, in all scales (S x T = K)

Now once we know the basics of ∆st the ‘naming of those scales’ are of less importance, as we shall use quantitative results of classic physics and order them as physicists do by logarithmic decametric scales, whose origin we explain in our general article of 5D³ theory. It is though fundamental to understand its ∆±i duality (T-duality in the jargon of string theory), as it is the key ∆-duality of the Universe, and so it is the best way to name those interrelated scales as a game of russian dolls, which connect the largest and the minimal parts for all the reasons studied in the general model.

So those scales are when we take them loosely self-centred in the ‘humind membrain’:

Dark world or String World, shown in the graph above and below the known-known galactic world subdivided by the ∆±i duality, in:

∆+i=4, above the galaxy, which becomes a fractal point of this larger scale of ‘hyper strings’ (in the most extended models of mathematical physics) and…

∆-4, which becomes the better explored world of strings, which are conforming ‘magically’ (: to almost all the laws of ∆st, which as usually will be used conceptually more than mathematically (we do NOT stop to repeat, mathematical physics done by ‘robot-like scientists’ of the mathematical method, which ignore however the concepts and meanings behind many mathematical parameters, are right.

So we hardly get into them, taking into account that most people don’t understand them anyway – what we want to do IS to use ∆st for what is worth:

  1. To streamline and make sense of all that ‘magic’ hidden in the ‘experimental equations’ of mathematical physics, which as mathematics is an experimental language, do apply also here.
  2. To select among the ‘inflationary theories of mathematics’ which as all ‘free languages of information’, not constrained by the efficient choices of the Universe and the limiting parameters of its limited motions and ternary logic, those theories which are right.
  3. To interpret then the experimental evidence that acts as a final check on 1 and 2. Strings thus must be related to the scanty evidence we have of that world, and this means they must be connected with elements that we hint at but are invisible to us – hence should be part of the lower dark world below light, and this is the case of neutrino physics, which happen to have a ‘weak angle’ on the string scale, which can be and seem to be by clean ‘first data’, able to move faster than c-speed, hence belonging to the ∆-4 world, (of larger space, lesser information hence v:>s/<t >c).

∆st proofs of string, tachyon, 10D, T-duality and neutrino-light theories.

The funny thing about string and neutrino and gravitational theories when plugged into ∆st is that all what physicists stuck in a single light space-time scale (∆-3) consider weird and wrong about their theories. Such as in a non-exxhaustive list:

-Neutrinos faster than light, neutrino theory of light, tachyon strings, gravitons, ∆±i ‘t-duality’, which makes the infinitely small a mirror-mind of the infinitely large, 10 dimensional strings (properly considered as the 10 dimensions of ∆•st systems), strings as invisible gravitons, non-vibrational, ‘pure lineal’ strings as the infinite ∆-4 tachyon sea over which our world rests, etc. etc.

All those features of the dark world ARE MANDATORY FEATURES when we apply the simpler, isomorphic laws and 5D metric proper of all scales of ∆ST to the ∆±4 dark world.

So in fact all what makes them doubt of string and neutrino theory to the point of getting them very nervous whenever they find faster than c speed measures in neutrinos and quasar, IS what PROVES those theories rights and makes so beautiful string theory, once we selected the proper forms (10-dimensional string theories) and adapt them to ∆st mathematically by correcting its main error (redeveloping them not as a newtonian space-time theory but as a relational space-time theory: closed loops ARE time clocks and open strings ARE space quanta).

We shall call ∆-4, as Physicists do the Planck scale, and call its fundamental supœrganism, a PLANCKTON in order to unify and streamline the infinite kaleidoscopic mirrors of inflationary mathematics used to describe them, neither a ‘string’, nor a ‘neutrino’, or a form of ‘dark matter’ (begin dark matter just quark matter likely strangelets in the halo – the so called Witten hypothesis – and top quark black holes in its centre – which I call Einstein’s hypothesis as he rightly say that in a hylomorphic universe, they must have a cut-off particle substance to be real, which only can be in quantitative terms heavy bct quarks).

So Planckton, as  plankton feeds the sea-chain of life being its minimal cellular unit, will be the minimal unit of the physical world and its scales AS A WHOLE fundamental first particle, to which we shall refer all other sub-parts, sub-equations, kaleidoscopic slightly biased mirrors and elements developed by inflationary mathematical physics at that scale.

To notice finally that from the •Mind perspective it remains to be argued if the string scale, as we observe the electron mind NOT the Universe is merely equivalent to the description of the minimal mind scale, which  is observing from the atomic-ego the visual picture of the galaxy; a philosophical question which shall be considered also for all the other dualities – are we seeing reality or all is a dial go between scales of the electronic mind?  (:

String theory then will provide and we shall describe the conceptual truths behind it the ‘background of Planckton’ over which at the next ±10¹° scale we find the ‘galactic light space-time’ world, or quantum scale:

The scaling

As we have said, the Universe is written in ternary scales, around the three ±3 values of e+e/10=3<π, since three are the space-time arrows, and so 3 x3 + the mind-whole 1, forms a 10th unit of a next scale. Scaling is thus mostly ternary and decametric, and when we carry it further into new scaling we come the commonest 10ˆ9,10,11 scaling of all systems. This can be measured in terms of temporal information/density parameters, and so we find population sod ‘fractal points’ on those scalings to form a new unit, in its maximal form (number of ties in dna, number of cells in many organisms of regular size, number of stars in galaxies). variations though are natural to the fact that the Universe keeps growing, diminishing evolving species, and only then select those of a perfect game.

Physical systems tend to be by its efficiency, abundance and hence survival, perfect forms of the GST GAME.

Further on, not only tƒ-density populations of singularity points are decametric, but for the same reason if we take a ‘dense=filled space-time’, the radius of each point=particle or its diameter will carry the same concept to the bidimensional surfaces of the Universe and tridimensional volumes. So when we measure in space we find also decametric and ternary scaling, in distances and speeds, the inverse magnitude/parameter of space.

And finally we find that for ST, momenta, waves and bodies, similar ratios can be established. But in GST they are NOT numerology as in current science. That is they have a why.

Now applied to the previous scaling, very roughly it allow us to break further those scales and to explore its limits.

It follows immediately for the quantitatively inclined the decametric form of those scales:

If we start in the • mind scale, likely a centimetre of cells in the brain connected to the outer world, its territory of order, WILL BE LARGER. Since the brain-mind is the ‘infinitesimal particle-point’ limit of such territory of order we consider the mind ‘super organism’ to be larger in scales than the mind So we can roughly notice those scalings of the mind to be from the cell through the meter/scale of the body to the kilometre, scale of the territory  of most animals of our size. So in distances, which occupy a smaller one or bidimensional surface than the population packing of 10ˆ10, we observe for the humind a 10ˆ9 approximate territory.

Since we ARE mentally speaking a bunch of cells in the brain (our ego – another interesting result of the • perspective on those symmetric scales).

But when considering ‘volumes’  instead of flat territories, we just need to scale up and down the human meter, which is the objective ‘us’, bend the subjective mind, and go up and down, those 10ˆ9,10,11 scaling of all systems, to define our ‘physical scale or thermodynamic scale, between the limit of the atom and the limit of the planet, which is the thermodynamic super organism, whose membrane of maximal angular momentum, is the moon, which has boy thermodynamic effects and also gravitational effects (tides provoked by gravitation the most obvious effect).

So we talk of 10±¹° for thermodynamic scales like our planet, a small one, with 10ˆ±9 (moon membrane and electronic atomic membrane.

And then we should talk for the next T-duality, the quantum atom and the galaxy of a 10ˆ±18-20 scaling for the atomic quarks in the nuclei and the galactic halo; which is also what we find

And then a ‘dark world’ down to the planck scale, at 10ˆ-35 and so the 10ˆ25, supposed limit of the big-bang is by all accounts too short, which means whatever our local region of galaxy-atoms is, it must be larger than the perceived big-bang horizon. Alas, yet another proof the Universe is infinite.

Now we can play up and down, 9,10,11 potencies for those ten scalings, and centre them either in the human body meter or the cell and get results more or less accurate. So if we take the cell as center of scaling and the 11 potency we get the 10ˆ-33 cm. of the string/neutrino scaling, and so on… It is NOT that absolute, as what matters are the populations not the sizes and the regions of co-existence of two scales with richer effects, but in all those analysis it is the larger final cosmological scaling which seems smaller and does not fit, and so the universal ‘unit’, whatever that hyperUniverse is, must be larger.

Indeed if we must correct that dark world scaling, which obviously we cannot prove, it would be by considering a larger scale for the string than the planck scale closer to the measures of neutrinos, and a larger scale also for the cosmos, closer to 10³°. But those are still ‘theoretical no-measured arguments’. So :

10ˆ±5  ego mind.

Indeed the mind is our informative singularity so its territory of order goes upwards. The subjective ego-mind happens not where the mind is located (cells) because that is the shrinking mirror, but in the external world of distances, which means our mind sees our world:

10ˆ-5: 10ˆ5: extending a kilometre around, our territory of order.

Then to deduce that other 2 ±i remaining scales, we take from the meter/human size and extend at:

10ˆ-9 … 10ˆ+9, which is the thermodynamic world  (atomic nuclei, geological formations), limited by the electron cover and the moon membrane (Jupiter size).

Then we have the quantum scale with the nucleus-photon & galaxy limits:

10ˆ-18-22 … 10ˆ+18-22, which is the atom-molecular/galaxy-giant galaxy limits and then the dark world which I would further extend, as the big-bang seems to be smallish and the Universe likely suffered not one as expressed by Hubble law, into:

10ˆ-27-33 and 10ˆ27-33, which we cannot prove experimentally as the other scalings.

It follows from those sizes that we must unify the following items in the dark world: the neutrino, the string, the graviton and start to simply physics to find the efficiency and symmetry of 5d‚ models by UNIFYING mathematical particles, according to that Universal economicity always inferior to the inflationary nature of languages, not by multiplying with mathematical equations the zoo of imaginary particles beyond our perception.

We shall return to the dark world when we go back into its t-duality at ∆+4, in the outer region of the galaxy, on the cosmic scale, as we shall not accept  the method of working the ladder of existential planes, in the way physicists do, from minor to major, as this is a causal aberration, based in his false epistemology of reality which makes them think, ‘smaller parts’ create larger ones.

THIS IS NOT TRUTH, as the 10 dimensions of all beings, its 3 scales 3 time ages and 3 topologies of space, converge together into a whole connected through the mind that ‘travels’ through all of them.

So the proper way to study reality is accepting the epistemology of truth, which tells us that all planes are self-similar; hence the planes which we observe closer, are those we perceive better and extract more truth of it – the human ∆0, inner, cellular thermodynamical scale and the ∆1, mechanical v<<c matter scales. 

It is only when we understand those scales that we can practice properly the isomorphic method, by extending upwards to cosmic scales through relativity ‘paradoxes’ that adapt the scale to the bias of human slow motion-minds, and extending downwards, the thermodynamic scales, through statistical mechanics, and the solution of the uncertainties of quantum ‘mathematical physics’, that distort also with the mathematical mind-language, the biased perception we have of the lower scales, how we can truly build a ‘realist’ vision of the objective laws of the scalar Universe, accounting also from a mind-linguistic perspective for the ‘distortions’ perceived in our scanty view of the larger scale (where 96% of it is invisible to us) and the lower scales (where the fast time clocks make us often confuse a time phenomena and its ternary stages, with a spatial force as in the weak force -a time event not a spatial one, with no range and time constants, or in the 3 quark theory – a single quark transforming along its motion, reason why we cannot deconfine them, only feed them with energy and reproduce them further).


Each science of mankind, which corresponds to an ∆-scale of the 5th dimension is fully renewed and enlightened by the new formalism of its Generator Equation and its analysis of all systems as super-organisms in space, systems that evolve in time, and 5D structures that co-exist across symmetries scales of the 5th dimension. Let us consider for example the case of galaxies, with 3 introductory notes on:

  • The spatial structure of the galactic super organism.
  • The unification equation of masses and charges as symmetric time vortices of the quantum and galactic scale.
  • The ‘death-birth’ cycles of big-bangs and big-crunches of masses, which express the limiting end of the world cycle of physical systems, perfectly described by Einstein’s E<=>Mc2 dual equation.

 The Three Non-Euclidean Regions of the Galaxy. : Sp (Halo)<ST: stars >Tƒ: black hole. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 18.26.57

In the graph, Galaxies are fractals of stars and dark, quark matter built with 3 topologies: a reproductive body of stars, sandwiched between an informative nucleus of black holes and an external halo of dark matter, probably strangelets and other dense stars. The closest self-similarity in our world scale is a cell and in the quantum scale an atom.

Since the fundamental 5D symmetry of galaxies is between the particles and families of matter of the Universe (Graph below) and the parts and symmetries in space of the galaxy. This is the logic of ‘Simplicity and Correspondence and Scientific Evidence’ underlying all disciplines of Science, which physicists have forgotten. Science as Einstein put it, is only concerned with the facts and events known and experimentally proved.

So we must construct the universe, with the particles we know in the ∆-1 scale, ∆ and ∆+1, particle, cosmic bodies and galactic scales. It is then clear the ‘nature of galaxies’ as organic systems, of enormous size, which stretch according to the metrics of the 5th dimension the 3 co-existing planes of:

  • III families of mass of increasing weight and density, the ud-atoms of light matter, the sc atoms of middle density, or strange matter, and the bt atoms of hyper dense matter  that correspond to:
  • III families of cosmic bodies, the ud-light stars of our matter, the strange stars of pulsars and the black hole stars of maximal density, which correspond to:
  • The III regions of different density of the ‘galactic cell’, the intermediate region of light stars, the mitochondria of the galaxy that reproduces and becomes on the long term, the generators of black holes (stars converted through nova processes), which migrate and form the ‘DNA-gravitational nucleus of stars’ and generate the strangelet, densely halo of quark matter around the galaxy, creating yet another ternary symmetric 5D space-time structure.

Now it is clear the difference between 5D astrophysics and the present state of ‘fanta-physics’, in which all can happen, all particles that are a mere mathematical equation must be searched for, as there are no rules, no understanding of the space-time symmetries of the Universe, and its life-death arrows. Physicists ARE STILL ASKING, why there are antiparticles (the arrow of death of particles), why there are 3 families of mass (the ternary symmetry of 5D scales of particles), what is dark matter in the halo (the strange quark symmetry between particles and parts of the galaxy).

They do not have the slightest idea of why the universe is like it is, and so all ‘goes’, all can be searched for, including unfortunately nuclear experiments with strange quark matter and top stars (black holes) that can blow up the planet and accelerate its future purpose on the ∆+1 scale – to feed as mitochondria do on a cell, the reproduction of the heavier strange and top quark matter that rules through black holes and strange neutron stars the galaxy.

Let us now consider the ternary topology of the equivalent ‘entity’ to the atom in the gravitational membrane – the galaxy.

A galaxy is a curved, fractal space-time of huge spatial proportions, hence minimal form (inversion of properties between spatial Entropy and temporal information).

And to understand it, we NEED to fully grasp the symmetry between the 3 ∆±1 planes of existence of the physical system:

So let us rise the scales of the galaxy, beyond into the ∆+1 cosmos. Then we will find again the 3 parts of the fundamental particle, where the halo is now the ball of fire of the background radiation, the intermediate vital space, the sum of those galaxies that form a flat plane with high singularity time cycles in each galactic vortex, and the centre, might be the largest of all the black hole galaxies, which together form clearly 2 networks, one of energy (light galaxies) and one of information (dark matter galaxies), creating a complex super organism, similar to any other super organism – we compare it with the ‘networks’ of energy and information of a human being:


Thus, the application of the Generator Equation of 5 Dimensional Fractal ‘systems’ of cycles of spatial energy and temporal information, to cosmology and astrophysics is similar to any other science. As all parts of the fractal universe are made to the image and likeness of the whole, and the structures repeat constantly.

We first define an i-logic, ‘Generator’ equation that resumes with 10 parameters the 3 co-existing ∆±1 planes of physical systems, its 3±∆ ages in time and 3 organic topologies in space.

We then define the Œ-points of those systems and the cyclical space-time actions, they perform in order to survive: a-ccelerations, e-nergy feeding, informative gauging, œ-ffspring creation and Social evolution into Ûniversals.

The difficulty though arises from the fact that Astrophysics is a ‘mathematical-only’ theory with special emphasis in a single space-time continuum analysis of the cosmos and a human, abstract point of view implicit in General Relativity, to which we must add a short of religious dogma, which defies rational challenge, the so-called cosmic big bang and the uncertainty of studying a Universe of which we only perceive a 4%, due to the uncertainty of its vast size and distance from our point of view in terms of scales of the 5th dimension so this implies:

1) The difficulty on translating the exact mathematical, spatial equations of astrophysics into meaningful statements of Organic and temporal, causal nature.

2) The natural opposition to an organic interpretation of the Universe by the present practitioners of the abstract, mathematical paradigm.

On the other hand 5D physics surprisingly enough give new insights in both the cosmic big-bang, General Relativity, and by applying the isomorphic laws of all scales of reality, on the likely nature of dark matter and dark energy which can guide future researchers on the field as long as they accept the broader perspective of a Theory of the Organic Everything (TŒ).

Now we cannot make it easier for the ‘dogma’ of mechanist science as T.Œ implies a change of paradigm and so we will continue the method of other posts.

This means the description of the ‘organic, multi-linguistic’ Universe, will be ‘upside down’ with respect to the analytic method of starting from the study of the minuscule mathematical parts of the Universe, its space-quanta, to build up the structures of the universal organism with a mere abstract mathematical description, which ignores completely the relationship of its organic parts in space, the sequential ages of its worldcycles of conception, birth and extinction and its relative ‘isomorphic’ scales of the 5th dimension, in which similar phenomena take place (big bang scales from the atom to the cosmos).

Instead as usual we will describe first the whole, as an interrelated Organism with 10 ‘dimensional parameters’, hence starting by:

– Defining its Fractal Generator, G, with its ternary symmetries in space, time and its fractal scales and ternary sub-systems for each scale.

– Then study the main species of the 3 co-existing planes of astrophysical systems – which in cosmology are its ∆-1 star systems, its ∆-galaxies and the ∆+1 Universe.

– And as it is quite relevant in the case of physical systems that co-exist in an isomorphic, isotropic background consider the Fractal principle, subdividing them into its 3 sub-systems at atomic level.

– Then we study its organic structure in space with its 3 canonical topologies (Spe-energetic membrane, ExT, cyclical body-wave and Tƒ-informative particle-head), which are often similar in the 3 scales, its 3 ages in time.

– And finally focus on the central 0-points of those systems, which are the commanding black holes that control the galaxy and its cyclical space-time actions.

This is the bare bone elements of astrophysical systems, whose qualitative study we can complete with quantitative analysis of the relationships between its 10 components and 5 actions (3 scales, 3 ages, 3 organs, and 0-points’ actions), as well as its variations of species and Universal constants (ratios and social numbers between those 10 elements and 5 actions).

Thus when study those elements, we can get to any degree of detail we want, using the known ‘space-time dualities and paradoxes’, ternary symmetries of time ages and space organs, decametric social scales between ∆±1 planes, and Universal constants of actions.

Further on we can apply the ternary fractal principle, which makes possible to study any part of Γ, The generator, as a whole and divide it into 3 sub-parts, 3 sub-ages, 3 sub-planes and its main sub-equations. And apply the Fractal Ternary Principle including some elements of the atomic, particle scale, clarifying the connection of the 3 planes..

Since T.Πand the 5Dimentional organic space-time structure of reality and its cyclical, fractal laws can fully describe all what exists in the cosmos, discerning also what is likely NOT to be.

Now future is inflationary, because the logic mind in lesser space with more information calculates more possible potential logic futures in its mirror fractal of information at faster, speed, but only one of the multiple paths of the wave, will be then converted into reality and the other images will fade away and collapse into the present, single wave, which will then become a discontinuous past that erases.

Because only present space, as we define present as the product of space and time, past and future, only present stays, it is the conservation of energy and information, of the lineal and angular momentums combined into present space-times along a worldcycle of existence, or a synchronous organism.

When we integrate those presents along all the vital spaces and all the time cycles of the system, we obtain the total integral of the function of existence in space time of the present being, with all its future information. So its quantum waves become a single whole motion that integrates them all.

Now, the reader should notice 2 things, which are quite evident. On one side, the similarity between the largest and smallest scales of physical systems, the atom and the galaxy; on the other the question marks on the big-bang theories, which are themes not so obviously related to the saint Grail of physics – the discovery during my studies of both systems of a way to unify both – the world of charges and masses, hence all the scales of physical systems of the Universe, as they had exactly the same equations in the metrics of the 5th dimension. Indeed charges and masses were clocks of time of the electromagnetic and gravitational scale in 5D metrics, only that the galactic vortex turned 10 up to 40 times slower in those metrics than a charge and were larger in a similar quantity (Sp x Tƒ = K).

And so when I translated the equations of electromagnetism to the jargon of gravitation alas, all the equations matched, those of the electron with the galactic halo, and the black hole radius appeared suddenly as the radius of the Bohr Hydrogen atom…

Thus when I found that the 10 up to 40 relationship between the charge and mass forces (the so-called hierarchy problem), was equivalent to the different of ‘speed of a charge and mass clock’ in 5D metrics – giving birth to an easy unification as time clocks of two scales it was the beginning of a full new field of science, which I called 5D cosmology.

Thus galaxies can also be studied in space as a fractal point with 3 regions that correspond to the 3 ‘canonical’ topologies of a 4-dimensional world – an informative center, an energetic membrane, and the reproductive intermediate zone:

– Max. Tƒ: The center of the galaxy is a swarm of black holes, its densest informative masses, which produces the gravitational, informative waves that control the position of its body of stars. Beyond its event horizon, the accelerated vortex of mass of the black hole (Equivalence Principle) should accelerate light, deflecting it into a perpendicular, hyperbolic, informative dimension of height (Kerr superluminal, central singularity) ejecting it as gravitational jets of dark Entropy at 10 C.

For that reason Kerr black holes10 should be called wormholes, because they absorb light but let it escape through its axis as dark, gravitational Entropy, at faster than light speeds.

-Max. Sp: The external membrane that limits the inner space-time of the galaxy is a spherical halo of dark matter, probably made of strangelets or micro black holes, which can deviate unwanted radiation by gravitational red shift and/or absorb the Entropy of radiant matter, cooling it down to the 2.7 K background radiation.

Thus those non-evaporating micro black holes and strangelets of great density act as ‘proteins’ do in cells, controlling the inner movement of galaxies and the outer absorption of light-Entropy.

– Sp=Tƒ: Stars, tracing toroid cycles form the inner space-time body of the galaxy, a bidimensional plane or Klein’s disk that feeds the wormhole and reproduces atomic substances and stars. They ultimately evolve into black holes, which migrate toward the central swarm of holes, residing in the nucleus. In any Klein disk distance is measured as motion and becomes infinite when we cannot reach a limit or barrier (for example the barrier of light speed becomes an infinite Lorentz Transformation). So it happens with the border of the galaxy.

We are part of that intermediate space-time in a Milky Way, limited by its central hole and an invisible border of dark matter, neither of which we can cross without dying; since the speed of rotation of matter around the wormhole and the flows of intergalactic dark Entropy that expands space at light speeds beyond the halo would destroy us. Thus we are trapped in this star and planet, in a toroid cycle that will end evolving the Sun into dark matter.

Thus the generator equation of the galaxy as a Fractal ∆-point is:

E:Halo <stars that evolve Entropy into matter> Tƒ (Black holes)

In the image, the structure of the galaxy: stars are created in the intermediate region and the center is occupied by a black hole.

The energetic medium that transfers Entropy to the fractal quanta of the galaxy is the external interstellar gas. Finally the system is joined by 2 networks of forces: the gravitational, faster, non-local informative, transversal gravitational waves at the cosmological scale; and the energetic, smaller, slower electromagnetic waves at the quantum scale.

Let us study the parts of the whole – the 3 elements of galaxies, stars, black holes and gravitational forces that join them, now from the perspective of its quanta – the quarks that have the same parameters in the ∆-1 scales of the 5th dimension that the larger ∆+1 black holes and strange stars.



It is impossible to understand the physical Universe without whys. Perhaps the most clear example is the galaxy, which must be modeled as a cellular, organic system of creation of black holes, surrounded by a ‘protein-like’ halo of heavy dark matter (likely to be strangelets), and has between this protein membrane and its center DNA-black hole star mitochondria that reproduce their atom and feed the reproduction of black holes. The meaning of the galaxy thus is organic and without accepting organic properties to matter it will never make sense.

We can however provide to physicists a mathematical bone in the same theme: an unification equation based in the simple 5d metric equation of a time vortex that unifies atoms and galaxies as mathematical point-particles of the largest and smallest scale perceived by man. It is then a galaxy a large atom of a new scalar Universe, or it is an organic galaxy?

Here is where another huge conflicting philosophical difference between fractals and continuous space-time as the one used in physics reveals itself: in physics of exact measure, things can only be one thing. In the fractal Universe it all depends on the perception of the perceiver and the scale from where it perceives.

So ‘entities’ are several things at the same time depending on perspective and language and properties we analyze. From the point of view of mathematical 5d metric, atoms and galaxies are two time vortices of information of 2 different scales. From an organic point of view a galaxy is similar to a cell, but I bet you that if we had enough information about the nuclei of atoms and the interactions of its gluons and quarks, which we pretend to know by reducing its properties to a few mathematical statements, atoms will show also somehow an organic cell-like nature.

Yet at the same time, fractals are never equal in scales, so the galaxy is Not really an atom, nor a cell but we say it does have mathematical, fractal properties that accommodate its parameters to the fractal generator of space-time systems, and it has reproductive, organic, co-existing scales, organized by networks of gravitational information and electromagnetic energy that resemble those of a cell.

dark macrocosmos

In the graph the ‘gala cell’, an organism of stars, joined by a network of ‘nervous, gravitational information’, composed of the 3 relative families of mass, of increasing density, which act as the ‘DNA-informative centre’ (top quark stars, aka black holes, as top quarks are the only ∆-1 ‘points’ with the same density that black holes ), the protein, hard membrane (strangelet halo of dark matter – Witten hypothesis), and a visible electromagnetic network of ‘stars’, the energetic mitochondria that becomes the food that reproduces both strangelets and black holes. It is a simple organic scheme that explains the whys of physical particles, and the ternary structure of galaxies, similar to that of an organic system of the Universe. Yet such models are not even explored by astrophysicists, as they are based in organic concepts, which physicists by ‘dogma’ cannot accept.

Indeed a galaxy will have a central, informative black hole, made of the densest III family of positive top quarks, a halo-membrane of negative strangelet quarks, the II family of mass and an intermediate, vital ‘mitochondria’ space of reproductive stars and planets, its body-wave, forming together an spiral organism, which we shall easily show respond to the same mathematical equations derived of the Fractal Generator.

In the graph, a galaxy and its ternary symmetries between the 3 families of quarks and its 3 regions, is similar to an atom, which displays the 3 same symmetries, with a central quark system of maximal density and positive charge, an external, negative electronic membrane and an intermediate region populated by photonic ‘stars’. And to a molecule, which also display the same symmetries in the thermodynamic scale.

So we will write with ‘only those 3 topologies of the Universe’ all the systems of the Universe. We shall unify the 3 systems with the same equations of the 5th dimension and its isomorphisms that order all the scales of all beings, according to the symmetries of the 5th dimension, between the 3 fundamental scales of the Universe – the gravitational galaxy, the quantum atom and the  molecular worlds of matter.

A galaxy is thus the fundamental particle-point of the largest scale of the Universe we perceive, which has the same organic, vital, mathematical and also perceptive properties – as black holes do have erratic animal like movement in their motions through their feeding star processes and social gathering into swarms in the center of galaxies, and in fact, its equations reflect those of the plane of starts it controls but with a higher dimension (Maldacena conjecture).

So alas, if RNA must perceive chemically the cell, black holes will likely perceive gravitationally the galaxy. But those are all questions physicists will never consider, as they are ‘meanings’ that cannot be expressed like evolutionary theory, or the logic structure of fractals, in mathematical only terms. So we do confront a religion of mathematical Pythagorean physics started by Kepler and Galileo who affirmed the language of god, and hence of physics is only mathematics. We shall find that human physics, as the most primitive of modern sciences are full of such biased limits, which are not even recognized.

So all in all these posts will have less interest for physicists than for polymaths interested in understanding the whole. Yet as we lay down the main whys we shall latter on enter into the hows and mathematical formalism, translating too, key concepts and equations of thermodynamics, quantum physics and relativity. And clarify all the spooky facts of physics, from the complementarity particle-wave (trivial, just the informative and reproductive parts of a physical system) to the renormalization procedures of mathematical physics. It is not though of much interest to the blog to innovate further into what really physicists think is all about – mathematical equations in which to fit physical properties not yet tabulated. There is little here to add though to the extensive work of physicists, nor we do have any intention to enter into detailed analysis of new physical phenomena or ask for new experiments, let alone design better, more organic machines.

Our purpose is merely to show that with the 10 isomorphic sets of laws of GST we can fit most laws of physics and provide the whys to all the fundamental physical structures such as the particle-head system to which we shall add the entropic, lineal fields that feed them with energy (or in thermodynamics the equivalent gas-entropy/liquid-reproductive/crystal-perceptive ternary elements).

So we shall not concede to physicists any of their dogmas against the organic paradigm. We affirm and shall show that all the organic properties of all other species of the Universe translate to physics; that when a particle, quark or electron absorb energy reproduces into new quarkitos and this process is in nothing different from a reproductive process of a biological or memetic, technological system.

Physicists in that sense are the most limited of all scientists due to the primitivism of the founding fathers, the first modern scientists, still filled with anthropomorphic deist theories of reality. Thus, by extension what passes today as physics is the most limited of all the disciplines of science in its philosophy – obviously not in its details, because of its acceptance of the 3 reductionist a priori statements of classic, ‘biblical’ XVII century science: mechanism (the machine not the organism as the model of the Universe), Pythagorism (mathematics as its only language and hence only mathematical properties matter to mater) and anthropomorphism (living properties are reduced to humans and life).

The result is the general ignorance of the Nature of non-lineal elephants – physical systems with vital and informative properties.

Those properties, which are the fundamental isomorphisms of physical systems are similar to those of any ternary fractal system of the Universe, built with a gauging point of view (particle, atom or charge or mass), described by the isomorphism of the zero-point of all systems, which commands a vital body-wave and an entropic field, which together create a physical system (2nd, 3rd isomorphisms) that goes also through 3 ages=states of matter, (entropic gas, balanced liquid and informative crystal) born of the integral sum of multiple minute space-time actions happening as interaction between the particle-points of its fractal structure through 3 scales (∆-1 atomic, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales) (4th, 5th, 6th isomorphisms).

Thus physical systems are as all other systems guided by a central point of view, which is  a temporal, informative system of clock-like ∆-1 particles, molecular, ∆-charges or ∆+1 masses, (accelerated clock-like vortices of logic time of each scale). And do have both, gauging, informative and organic, scalar properties, regardless of the refusal of physicists to incorporate them, because of its bio-logical, non-mathematical description.

Thus we write also for physics a ‘Fractal generator’  of its physical space-time beings, with 3 ternary scalar, temporal and spatial symmetries (1st isomorphism):

∆-1 Spe (lineal Field-Gas) < ∆-ST (iterative hyperbolic wave-liquid) > Tiƒ (spherical, informative, particle/crystal)

Only then after studying the structural space-time dualities and ternary symmetries, defined by that fractal equation (1,2,3 isomorphisms); and its vital, organic, scalar isomorphisms, which describe the integral and derivative space-time actions of physical systems across the scales of the 5th dimension, guided by the zero-point, which stores the will and informative gauging of the system (0, 4, 5, 6th isomorphisms), we can then consider the 3 quantitative isomorphisms, which are explained with a purely mathematical jargon and will connect directly with classic physical themes and equations:

– The isomorphism that defines the Universal constants and ratio between the energetic, wave and informative ternary parts of the system (7th isomorphism), and departing from it, the 8th isomorphism, which studies all the variations of physical systems, and the 9th isomorphism that studies its social logarithmic scales of growth, as the mathematical societies of particle-points of each scale (∆-1, quantum particles, ∆-molecular matter systems and ∆+1 cosmic systems) grow in social scales, changing step by step their properties, to emerge into the new scale of the physical Universe.

So the description of physical systems is the same than that of any other system. Only the immense detail and obsession for exact measure that makes some equations extremely refined in its parameters, which often include by means of renormalization theory every other ‘scalar factor’ as an input of a lesser potency, would make so extensive in the future, the conversion of physical sciences to general systems. It is not however our tasks, which will consist in merely introducing those 10 isomorphisms, as we have done with all other sciences, in the description of its fundamental species. The only concession to the method of physics is a higher rigor as we will soon enter into isomorphic laws with a less descriptive introduction to physical systems.

The 10 isomorphisms thus will be the essence of all physical systems, and its events and ternary forms, as ‘super organisms’, co-existing in those 3 scales and performing world cycles as they mutate back and forth through its 3 states of time, assembles in space into ternary self-centered, vital spaces, surrounded by a limiting membrane (electron in atoms and molecules, event horizons in black holes, exospheres in celestial bodies, and so on), and reproduce/iterate its motions on lower scales of physical entropy.

THIS IS THE POINT we want to reach after studying all the partial elements of physical systems, translate all the required concepts of physics. And then only then we will be ready to take on each scale and species and show that all of them can be described with those isomorphisms whereas its mathematical languages, will be showing us 5D Space-time beings performing 5 actions of existence.

So for example an electron will be perfectly defined as a 5D space-time being, with a ternary field-wave-particle structure, performing through its 4 mathematical quantum numbers, space-time actions of moving (principal number), feeding, gauging (secondary number0, reproducing (spin number) and evolving socially (magnetic number).

As it is the fundamental tenant of 5d physics that all mathematical equations of physics can be translated to show a description of a ternary physical system, one of its parts and one of its 5 space-time actions.

Now PHYSICS IS THE MOST FAR REMOVED description of the organic Universe because of its uncertainty principles (96% of the larger Universe is not perceived, and smaller systems become uncertain in measure), its abstract primitive analysis of lineal time and continuous space as a background NOT the reality of which beings are made, and the extraordinary detail of analysis of very small parts of the being. This is the essential reason, we do NOT understand physical systems in organic sense, as the graph that opens the foreword shows:

Physicists’ extraordinary detailed analysis of species lacks an organic jargon, a wider view of the whole system, and a desire to ‘see’ properties that are vital in the poor elephant of the graph. This denial is dogmatic.

For example, the most obvious fact – that quarks and electrons, the fundamental particles reproduce – IS STUBBORNLY DENIED, rising when I used to give conferences on the theme as the chair of the science of duality in the world congresses of systems sciences, and mention the theme, smiles among physicists attendants, and often the angry leave of some of them.

This is not the concern of this blog, but of the historical perspective on the profession of physicists, and its worldly deformations of reality in terms of lineal entropy, ego-human trips and power. I do NOT have the intention to yield truth to anthropomorphism or power trips. If a quark absorbs energy and reproduces new quarks, this is NOT a decoupling but a reproduction. And it is an organic action. If a magnetic field organizes as a mathematical language the spins of electrons to fit in harmonic wholes, this is NOT an abstract vector, but a social evolution through a geometric language, akin to the more complex but of the same quality, organization of muscle cells by axon impulses. And so on and so on.

Paraphrasing Feynman, ‘the why is the only question T.Œ asks’. ‘The thoughts of God, not its details’.

A further expansion of the concept of a worldcycle of time, is its analytic study with the 6 classic philosophical forms of motion, first expressed in Aristotle’s Organon. As in philosophy of science, prior to its mathematical definition time is synonymous of change and hence of motion in space, or change of form in time, giving origin to the 2 main sciences, physics, which studies time motions in space and biology which studies changes in form, in the information of beings through time. 5D physics fusions both concepts studying not only ‘locomotions’ in space but also ‘evolutions of form’ in time, which all put together give birth to the worldcycle of existence and extinction of all space-time beings.

So due to this expansion of the paradigm of space and time, in 5D physics we do NOT study only the external locomotions defined with a single time duration: v=s/t, s=ct of Galilean and Einstein’s relativity. We study and apply to all physical systems the 6 motions=changes of philosophy of science.

The so called 6 motions of time, defined in philosophy of science, since Aristotle are:

‘Generation’, ‘growth’, ‘evolution’, ‘diminution’, locomotion and extinction.

In classic physics only locomotion could be explained. Now all the motions can be explained as travels in the 5th dimension; so worldlines become world cycles, of which the most important is the sequential series of those 6 motions in a life-death cycle, which also applies to physical systems across all the scales of size, from the cycles of matter, from plasma->gas->liquid->solid->Nuclear fusion, to the big-bang cycle.

In mathematical terms, once we have clarified the origin of those motions, we use the fractal generator, in a simple ternary development to express those 6 motions of time, with an equation of ‘existential algebra’, whose detailed study and connection with physical and biological equations is essential to GST (General systems theory, the philosophical model or Space-time Generator, the logico-mathematical formalism):

œ∆-1 (generated seed of information in a lower scale) ∑œ∆-1>(Reproduction and organization into a fetus which emerges as a new born) Œ∆ <∑Spe (young, entropic age of growth and maximal locomotion) > S≈T ∆+1(adult, reproductive balanced age, when the system iterates and becomes part of a larger social whole) >Max. Tiƒ (3rd, informative, solid age) << ∑œ∆-1 (Entropic, big bang death, which closes the cycle.

Such is the general worldcycle of all systems of the Universe, as

all of them are made of space-time, and follow the process of organic creation and dissolution back into spatial entropy.

It is the most important why of GST, which also applies to physical systems in time.

On the other hand, in space the ternary topological symmetry completes our description of the system, and in physics shows a larger regularity as most physical systems tend to have more perfect, lineal entropic, wave-hyperbolic and spherical, informative shapes. So we can often talk of a perfect topological ternary system:

Lineal, |-entropic field > Ø-Hyperbolic body-wave > 0-informative particle (time vortex)


Thus 5D Physics studies physical systems with a fractal, organic analysis of its ‘whole’ ternary systems, defining physical entities as fractals of space-time similar to all other ∆ST super organisms, extending through 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension – the quantum, ∆-1, thermodynamic, ∆ and gravitational ∆+1 scales, tracing world cycles through the 6 canonical motions of all systems, generation, locomotion, growth=reproduction, evolution, diminution and extinction.


Now how can we build with the generator a better model of the Universe to the one we have? Easy, by respecting the limits of science, which must be experimental, economical and use the iteration of particles self similar to forms of larger space-times, to build it without the need of non experienced particles, and trying to respect the symmetries of scale of the fifth dimension, its ternary structures in space, and 3 ages of time.

Thus we do have a model template which is the same for all species and scales to fit the data which must be experienced and construct then a realist model of the Universe.

As a galaxy is also a ternary system, a time-space being, defined by the Fundamental Equation of T.Œ

The ternary generator equation for all systems of the Universe, which written in terms of topological geometries is:

|-Toroid limbs/fields > Ø-Hyperbolic body/waves < O-Informative particles-heads

This simple topological equation defines how the 3 parts of all beings are constructed. And remember if you are a mathematical physicists that the universe has no more topological forms than those 3.

So all what exists will be a ‘diffeomorphic’=local assembly of those 3 topological parts. And you just need to fill the names of that geometrical template. An atom will have a O-nucleus, an |-electrons and a Ø-hyperbolic body-wave of neutrino, gravitational and ¥-electromagnetic waves between them.

This is what the Universe is all about, and the only difference is the jargon each science uses to describe it. Do NOT think that because physicists speak mathematics, biology, genetics and evolution, societies religion and politics, economists money, they ARE describing different things.

The perception in synchronous space of the 3 elements describes a super organism. Its perception in diachronic time, describes a system through its 3 ages of young-entropic maximal lineal motions, iterative, adult age and informative 3rd age of maximal form, dominated by each on those topologies. And you too are one of such systems. The most perfect in as much as it is the better known which should be the model of all of them. Since as Eddington insisted, physicists invent due tot eh quantum paradox of uncertainty many of its concepts, as they are so big that they modify the observable or do not see it (dark energy, matter).

And inversely in the anti-quantum paradox of knowledge social scientists are so small compared to the observable, the social power, bankster, or military-politico that he yields to power and does not try to build a better world.

So only in the middle biological sciences are not subject to the quantum or Antiquantum paradoxes of uncertainty. In this Eddington was right: man is the measure of all things because it is the thing we better measure.

And so the organic Universe must be compared to our nature, and define the ‘Galacell’ in those synthetic terms as a superorganism of uds, and tbc frozen stars, and then all is simple and evident and far more beautiful that the mathematical description of it alone would convey.

At this stage we just will consider the parallelism of the 3 scales, the human biological and economic/mechanical scales, with those 2 bidimensional fields of space and time, which crate all systems of Fractal Space-times and its bi-Dimensional Lines, Waves, and Cycles:

Recap. Galaxies are fractal ∆-points with 3 standard topological regions: a spatial body of stars and an informative nucleus of black holes. The closest self-similarity in our world is with a cell.

The galaxy atom

In the graph, we can see many of the homologies of the galaxy atom, which at ∆±3 clearly formed an isomorphism of scale that related them both as mind-singularity (quark top black hole stars) and elements of the ‘strangelet-halo of hard proteins’ and mitcondrial region of ud, light particles, or atoms, which we inhabit, in the ∆º±1 thermodynamic scales.

And it is this human Ƽ thermodynamic short view, which has enthroned a single arrow of time, entropy, and direction of the Universe, with man at its center which an absolute relative universe of infinite scales is not.

This lack of freedom brought about by the mechanical, mathematics only view of nature, doesn’t mean ‘physics’ like those ants on the move do not work. They work in both senses. Ants are always working, doing their thing, and physicists are constantly making machines and making measures, doing their thing. The albatross view, the Chinese ideographs are not their thing. It used to be in the times of Einstein, no longer in the times of ants measuring ATLAS experiments.

And yet, when you care for it, and build the architectonical forest of the 3 layers, and fit each equation with the right ideographs, and translate properly Basque, and then go into the details of each sub-species of the forest, and how the canopy is built hierarchically but all of them get enough light to survive, as the Universe transfers energy and information up and down and in a single sheet of reality, in democratic ways, everything fit. And so we shall start fitting the 2 extremes of the canopy, charges and masses. The charges are on top of the canopy, but very small, like the leaves. They store most of the energy and information of the forest, but the whole tree – the mass, the largest scale does exist as a whole and encloses within it all the parts and smaller charges.

Finally mass, is the most difficult term to perceive as a clock of time, but soon it becomes evident in general relativity where ‘time curves space into mass’ (Einstein), and masses are defined by the principle of equivalence with acceleration as a vortex of acceleration similar to a charge, of a much larger scale, that we define also a ‘time clock’. So, E=hv+ E=mc2, gives us M=v (h/c2), as an accelerated vortex of gravitational forces, whose attraction depends on its frequency (moving perception) or mass-density-curvature (static perception).

For example, when you are born in the ∆-1 seminal scale your time clocks are much faster, and they must be reduced to slow time as you emerge into the ∆-organic scale. When a black hole is born, it is exceedingly active, with enormous speed of time clocks (measure in temperature), and contrary to the ill-understood equations of Hawking (which uses the old concepts of absolute Newtonian time for the whole Universe), it will according to the metric of the 5th dimension, slow down its thermodynamic clocks, cool down according to the Laws of entropy and grow in mass slowing down the time clocks of temperature till reaching 0 temperature as a huge mass turning at c-speed in its clock-like event horizon:

Black Hole Mass = K/Temperature


In the graphs, the cosmic scale is the outer ‘region’ of the galactic atom, ruled by transversal, expansive, intergalactic giant gravitational waves. Its existence within the galaxy -albeit reduced to c-speeds, unlike outside the galaxy where they are spotted routinely at z=10c, would define a new dual game of implosive and attractive gravitation similar to the scalar atomic game. Many laws can be solved and deduced from this parallelism. Below the Titus law of planetary distances as caused by G-waves.

Let us consider an example of what we mean by complexity vs. simplicity. In physics a TOE is reduced to the unification not of all sciences and all languages of knowledge, but only of the 4 forces of nature, gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak force.

This is the saint grail of physicists, which for a century have miserably failed. Why? If as we prove in our article on the Physical TOE, the unification is a mathematical, trivial result of the metric of the 5th dimension? Because they try to achieve that unification with the more complex formulations of quantum and gravitational physics (General relativity and chromo/electrodynamics).

Nobody has attempted as we did to unify both, charges and masses using the simplest of all its ‘first’ descriptions:

Newton’s gravitational vortices and Bohr’s model of the Hydrogen orbit. Hardcore scholars that take years to learn Einstein’s Metric, quantum field theory and Dirac’s equations consider those 2 models ‘passé’.

And yet, precisely because the principles of unification are simple, it is through the simplest methods where the coincidences happen.

So I could easily unify charges and masses, obtaining the key parameters, the Gravitational constant and the Coulomb constant, and the relationship of hierarchy (10 up to 40), between both forces, by the simple method of translating to gravitational vortex-jargon the jargon of electricity, a somehow convoluted abstraction not so intuitive, and then apply the law of co-invariance of the 5th dimension to both vortices, which immediately showed to be in that 1040 relationship.

Whereas a charge vortex had clocks of time much faster, and hence turned much faster becoming a much more attractive ‘hurricane of space-time’.

Now, as it happens with gravitation, quantum physics went beyond Bohr’s model and gave us the other ‘3 point of view’. It gave us the static, formal model, of electronic orbitals, the gradient model of energy levels and finally the more sophisticated Hamiltonian analysis of its operators.

And this final level is the one physicists try by all means to unify. But precisely at that level of detail is where the fractal scales of the Universe which are ‘similar’ but not identical (you are made of space and time and your actions are always the 5 vowels but you do NOT eat light as an electron, or oil as a machine, so you can be unified saying ‘all eats energy’ but not in the specific food).

I recall the only time I could give a conference on that unification at Sonoma’s 50 anniversary of Systems Sciences, in which many top physicists were present.

They were first in awe that such simple equations as a 3 dimensional vortex could unify and extract the never found theoretical result of G and Q (we have only empirical measures), solve the hierarchy problem and further on as I develop a bit more the gravitational ‘jargon’ of charges, prove that the Proton radius was equal to the black hole radius so an atom was self-similar to a galaxy and the scales of the Universe were infinite through the 5th dimension.

Then someone raised his hand and told me what Hilbert told to Einstein when we published special relativity: the mathematics are too simple (Hilbert quipped that they were at the level of an undergraduate), and the enthusiasm waned. Within months NY Times published in its Sunday magazine a cover with my suit to the Nuclear Industry and that killed my career with ad hominem so I loss all my scholar positions and never gave more master conferences…

But that is another story of the limits of ethics in science. What matters here is to realize of the multiplicity aroused by the 4 pillars of all descriptions of reality. And the Occam’s razor: simpler is better.



standard model

In the graph we can see how this dark, gluon-top quark soup (toplet liquid) of a gas-9 reaction (black hole quasar explosion), neatly reclassifies properly the 3 families of increasing mass in the Universe:

In the graph, a first look at the reordering of the strange and top quark triangles of mass, to define the symmetry between the ∆-1 and ∆+1 scales of ‘atoms and galaxies’, in terms of its ∆-1 components (quarks).

To fully understand the previous graph, you should consult the next post on atoms, as quarks fully correspond there. We have already treated in the introduction to this post, the analysis of the ternary symmetry between ∆-1 quarks and ∆+1 parts of the galaxy;

∆+1: top quarks->To: Galactic black holes, ∆-strange quark: Sæ: galactic halo, ∆-1: Ud quarks (our matter): ST-galactic stars.

Now, in this system, it is necessary to understand the role of the Higgs field and top quarks, which conform the outside-the-galaxy dark matter and dark energy.


now it is fundamental to understand that gravitons do NOT EXIST on the sense given by physicists – as the attractive gauging particle between physical masses, but gravitomagnetic transversal waves of neutrinos do exist and are essential to the structure of galaxies and solar systems.

THIS IS THE SOLUTION to the conundrum put up before on the ‘neutrino 1/2 spin’ vs. the graviton 2 spin. Simple: neutrinos are the equivalent in the next cosmic scale of the 5th dimension of an electromagnetic repulsive wave of ‘dark energy-repulsive gravitation’.

The neutrino theory of light, as the pilot-wave theory and the particle-wave duality is the work of De broglie, brutally assaulted by the Bohr gang who took their work as theirs and misinterpreted. A neutrino is the ’emerging’ flow of entropic communication between two atoms, or atom-galaxies, which either goes the entropic way, dissolving-stretching space-time into action at distance and disappears without trace of information: V=s/t=s/0=∞.

Or is not in an open ‘domain’ but constrained in its two limiting ends by the two atoms/galaxies it communicates and then, this condition (to be guided and controlled by two point-particles at their ends, is the only condition needed for two inverse neutrinos, with inverse motion, that is, one emitted by particle a and the other by particle b in a communicating act: 

Fermion < neutrino+Neutrino>Fermion

for a light boson that ‘warps’ pure gravitational action at distance space-time giving it form information to exist. So neutrinos do form light-beams and do dissolve them. And that is another beautiful thought of De Broglie on the path of truth in science: economicity, simplicity and causality.

As we have shown the symmetry of scale between atoms with positive quarks and negative electrons, and galaxies with positive black hole top quark stars and negative strangelet halos ad nauseam, it follows now that dark energy waves will be just the equivalent created by dark energy flows which acquire form between galaxies. The math of it are more or less complex but as we REPEAT ad nauseam, the beauty of the fractal, organic, vital, topological= mathematical universe, is that we can explain it much simpler and intuitively using the concept of symmetries between scales and organic properties and the laws of the scientific method of truth (economicity, simplicity etc.) as long as in the background we use sound-sound mathematical theories (as the neutrino light, providing they are indeed as Jordan proved, exactly inverse neutrinos constrained in its ends – by the particles that use them to entangle and communicate). So we do not need you to be a math-addict, just trust me, i read physics, love maths and only use sound-sound theories of the Universe, unlike we must say many of our fantaphysicists these days.

So there must be G-waves of dark entropy and dark faster than c gravitation in the upper scale between galaxy atoms; and between (at light speed constrained by the galaxy inner structure) stars and planets and black holes and starts.


And thus with those pre-conclusions we can deal now with gravitational waves, which we call in 5D G-waves, likely made of neutrinos either constrained and able to reproduce light or unconstrained and escaping constantly into the dark energy lower scale of action at distance and null information -for our electronic perceivers. Consider for example an earlier use i did of them to calculate the titus law of distances between planets:


One of the hypothesis of 5D physics is the fundamental role that must play neutrinos by sheer rational evidence, as the gravitational quanta of the gravitational transversal wave structure of the universe. AS IT is simple enough we can bring it here just for fun.

The theoretical difficulty being the 2-spin prediction of quantum gravitational theories based in 2 assumptions not completely hold in 5D physics – the conservation of spin (which in 5D physics might be transformed in upper or lower forms of rotational momentum, conserved only through 3 planes of the 5th dimension, as they become inverted in its emergence in upper planes), which allows to create a model of 2-spin neutrinos as gravitons or inversely the assumption that gravitons do NOT have 2 spin (or rather are made of 4 neutrinos, lineal strings of one dimension, which become the 4 component of a field that forms a complex doublet of spin ½ with the peculiarity observed that both neutrinos and antineutrinos have longitudinal polarization of positive spin.

The mathematics of the model are somewhat complex but essentially mean that neutrinos ARE VERY important, almost as multi-faceted as light space-time is – couldn’t be otherwise as they are the other 2nd background space-time network of the galactic universe. So as nervous and blood systems do have multiple roles in your body neutrinos and photons share all the networks roles of the galaxy.

They do have therefore both boson and fermion ‘nature’ as the weak force they mediate.

This means that we can put neutrinos and antineutrinos together in and 4-doublets, as if they were bosons. Then:

– 2 gravitational tachyon neutrino strings, when put together in pairs of opposite direction form the up and down, particle and antiparticle sides of the magnetic light wave-field.

– When communicated between particles, the fixed distance in gravitational space that allows the sharing of information between the particles at fixed c-speed.

– When colliding with neutrons they catalyze the beta decay, as well as other weak force transformations, in a role similar to the one mediated by the Higgs boson on the top quark faster triplet of heavier quarks.

– When emitted massively and constantly by all type of cosmic bodies the origin of the 3 ‘G’ ‘giant electromagnetic waves’ of the gravitational scale, which form the different transversal wavelengths that order in ternary symmetries the structure of solar systems and galaxies.

Those transversal waves are the only of the many roles of the Neutrino ‘fantaphysics’ (: I confess neutrino gravitational string physics is the only speculative part of 5D Physics of which I have not yet by lack of evidence put my firm on blood), which we will discuss here.

Essentially there are 3 neutrinos which constantly oscillate as they abandon the cosmic bodies that constantly reproduce them in proportions often higher than the photon radiation, forming 3 basic type of gravitational transversal waves, whose combinations allow us to model galaxies and its spiral arms and rotary orbits of stars in the wells of those waves. The same neutrinos structure the lows of planetary waves, and so we can recognize clearly in ternary symmetries a 0.33 short wave of neutrinos of higher energy that crosses the planet crystal centers provoking the well-known Fe-Co-Ni chain of reactions that puts on ‘fire’ the internal energy engine of planets. A longer 5 A.U. wave exists also clearly as it allows to put on its nodes the main ‘Jupiter like planets’.

And finally there should be an even longer neutrino wave that will put in connection stars among them.

In the next graph we see the 3 oscillatory neutrino waves observed together coming out of the sun:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.26.33

Gravitational, transversal, fractal waves shape the structure of galaxies and solar systems, transferring form and Entropy between cosmological bodies, in a self-similar process to the transference of information and Entropy between atoms through electromagnetic waves. In the graph, Titius Law of distances between planets reflects their position in the nodal points of those transversal gravitational waves. In the core of planets, there could be a crystalline or super-fluid zone where those flows of dark, gravitational Entropy are processed, causing flows of heat and matter that make planets ‘grow’.

Below we observe the oscillations of neutrino waves.

Now the 5D model of astrophysics, implies that there are also transversal repulsive gravitational waves, which do account for many of the structures of the Universe, starting by the expansion perceived in intergalactic space-time. This is just the expansion produced by any lineal electromagnetic wave of any range, now in the cosmic scale. Moreover, black holes produce two type of wave-shift that compensates each other and explains why the total space-time of the Universe remains constant:

  • When a wave of light enters the black hole it ‘blue shifts’ imploding space into higher frequency/density of energy-mass. But this effect is NOT seen obviously from far away as it is the inner production of mass within the galaxy.
  • When the wave leaves a black hole region it redshifts that explains the initial red shifting of light as it leaves the galaxy towards us

So the hypothesis is clear.

Somewhat neutrino waves, of the hipouniverse, which have as a lower limit the speed of light and an upper unknown limit as tachyons, theoretically, if they are the field force between galaxies up to c=100 z, gather in ginormous numbers, allowing the stretching in the ∆+4 symmetric hyperUniverse.

According to this ∆-4,5 reality above us we can then consider that the stretching reveals either gravitation as having a ‘slower’ speed on the ‘glass of light of the galaxy’, as light has slower speeds on ‘glasses of solids’, and neutrinos becoming the stretching particle of the ∆-4 intergalactic field to 100 c-distances/speeds, or neutrinos becoming something ‘else’ (dark entropy), at the halo of strangelets (dark matter wit ten’s hypothesis candidate to the ternary symmetry between quark masses and regions of the galaxy (top quark stars=’dna’ black holes, strangelets=’protein’ MACHOs, ud-matter: internal star ‘mitochondria’).

In the graph, galaxies are super organisms constantly reproducing new stars, in its mitochondria, guided by an informative field, gravitation, dominated by quark-like, strange stars and top quark black holes, forming a symmetry with its lower scales of dark entropy (tachyon, neutrino? beams, that stretch intergalactic space to z>c).

Lee Smolin – that rara avis who truly cares about philosophy of science, among physicists and does have an organic, evolutionary theory of black holes, albeit off target as all cosmological physics is – published a curious book called the ‘problem with physics’.

Now I do NOT have a problem with physics, understood as the study of physical systems, of inorganic matter, small atoms and large galaxies. i DO love physics, in its full conceptual analysis of those elements with the isomorphic methods. I DO have huge mental orgasms, the largest ones, only compared to those i have gotten on the study of human artistic forms and its creation with my knowledge of the symmetries of 5D fractal space-time cycles (as I can’t create new particles but I can paint or write symphonies and think as Master Ludi in an Utopian Castalia world).

In that regard the symmetries of the physical world are indeed as Pythagoras and Plato thought of them similar to the processes of linguistic, human mental creation bridged through the mathematical symmetries that mirror the Universe, without the painful realization of the human failure to create the perfect social world.

And so I consider, economists and physicists as the two scholar groups more corrupted by power – economist by money and physicists by their worldly profession – making weapons and thinking on lineal entropy theories of the Universe. We however dealt with that issue on the central posts, on my activist web against the Nuclear industry and on the post on cosmology. So here we will be strictly concerned with pure science, with the whys of physics that physicists do not ask – in parallel with their abstract, mechanist, ‘dead’ vision of the Universe.

Why? Plainly speaking because as Feynman put it, despite being one of the few physicists that did actually wondered,  ‘the why is the only thing physicists don’t ask’.

So contrary to belief, physics is the less ‘explained’ of all sciences in its ‘whole and reasons’ , since the whys to resolve are almost all. And yet, the hows are so well described that few realise how little whys have an answer in physics. For example, why there are not magnetic monopoles? Why particle are waves? Why electrons collapse when we observe them? What is time beyond Einstein’s dictum – what a clock measures, or Galileo’s formula of motion – v=s/t? And so on and so on. We will then consider Physical whys as all the other whys we study – through the 5D symmetries of space-time  that physical systems also follow. And affirm that the reason ‘why’ physicists do not understand them is their ‘anthropomorphic ideology’. The problem plainly speaking is human incapacity to give pantheist qualities to the Universe. Once this is accepted, quantum paradoxes, the meaning of Universal constants, particles and forms fit all within the structure of the Universe and its organic, 5D, causal, temporal, mental, linguistic properties of other beings.  Ultimately physicists find harder to accept those qualities because of the ‘O-bjectivity’ error: as physical systems are far removed in form and distance from human beings, it is harder to consider that an atom is self-similar to a galaxy, or that an electron apperceives light when it jumps over it or reproduces when it decouples.

Or that the magnetic field we just mention does have the same role that any other membrane on the particles and physical systems it shields.

The generator equation of electric fields.

If we consider the electric current described by the Maxwell equations, the U∆+1 upper, social scale of the electron, then we can consider its first law, the definition of Tƒ, electric charges, the point-particles at the centre of the system; the second law the definition of the magnetic field as the Se, membrane that surrounds the 0-point charge, and the 3rd and 4th equations as the reproductive interaction of both, which induce new magnetic, electric and electromagnetic waves. So we can easily define the Spatial generator with those 3 laws  that ad on to create the charge point-particle, magnetic membrane and electromagnetic waves between them:

Γ.  Se (Magnetic field) < ST-electromagnetic wave > Tƒ-charge

It follows that as the membrane of the ‘organic system’ of electric charges, the magnetic field does NOT have a point-source because its function is to be a membrane, the point is the charge, ‘point’. So happens in the smaller atomic n-1 scale and the larger ∆+1 material scale of planets: the magnetic field protects them, it is the membrane, ‘point’.

Now the answer,  as in so many whys on physics is a trivial response if we USE the linguistic method and add to the analysis of mathematical physics, the organic properties of 5D energy-information asymmetries and co-existing planes and fully understand the world cycles and spatial, organic structure of all those physical systems, and what is more anathema to anthropomorphic humans – the existence of a Point of view, or Tiƒ-center in all complete physical systems (charge, mass, center of gravity, crystal cell) from where the space-time cyclical actions of survival of the physical system (∆±e,i, U) depart.

Thus in 5D physics we consider an inverse methodology to explain the facts of physics, as in all other systems, departing from 5D-organic analysis, through the generator equation and its space-organs and time ages, to finish with the analysis of actions departing from the Tiƒ point of view, to add then the study of the Se/Tƒ, Tƒ/Se, Se=Tƒ internal constants and external constants between the œ and the bigger word in which it absorbs and emits energy and information, to end up studying with those constants and space-time symmetries the different subspecies (social classes, dual and ternary diversification and social scales of the system).

Nothing in that sense differentiates physics from any other isomorphic science. So to the point, why there are no monopoles? As many other bizarre particles, axons, wimps, evaporating holes, Susys etc. mathematical physics provides with its inflationary information (studied in our analysis of the 3rd age of a metalanguage) no criterion to distinguish them. This in the age of ‘dark energy and dark matter’ makes ALL possible, as we do not have criterion of selection when ONLY mathematical physics is accepted and no-evidence exists for it, means we shall FOREVER have fantaphysics.

Yet if we accept T.Œ there ARE rules of choice – Darwinian organic rules of balance and survival that make certain particles impossible beyond its virtual mutational moment, Hamiltonian≈ages of min. and max. standing points (which do apply to physics and at least physicists do recognize), inverse rules of chirality, parity related to the duality and ternary ages of space and time (which explain antiparticles) etc.

Now, this is the stuff of  5D Physics to give you through the symmetries of space, anti symmetries of time and asymmetries of 5D scales the whys of ALL THE EQUATIONS OF PHYSICS. And because there is hardly any why, unlike other fields better explained (the why of biology being mostly Darwinian evolution and the informative coding between scales genetic, and so T. Œ brings what is NOT explained, the eusocial evolution that creates organisms and the topological plan that allows punctuated evolution and the different speeds, and the structure of species as slower super organisms, ok, a lot too, but not so much).

There is then the beauty of pure mathematics, pure symmetry, the unfolding of all the beauty of the ® mathematical formalism of T.Πwhich only surfaces so clearly in physics.

So the intellectual bias and deformation introduced by physicists and their military worldly pursuits and its anthropomorphic point of view with 3 clear wrong theories:

  • Entropy=chaos as the only arrow of future universal death couple with its big-bang theoretical dogma of the Universe as an explosive birth (big-bangs are by definition as entropy is, the arrow of death of a system, which occupies a minimal quanta of time, hence in time terms the less durable, less important arrow).
  • The belief that the Universe is mechanical, as their machines, hence only having mathematical properties, and no freedom or organic, sentient and causal, logic nature, which reduces enormously the structures and actions they study, eliminating thoroughly the synthesis and larger worldview provided by an  organic vision of systems through its 3 x 3 5D ST symmetries.
  • Finally,  the astounding amount of money and neurons dedicated to research on the lower scale of particles, to foster the Nuclear and electronic, industries. And the consequent ‘belief’ that the ‘lower scales of reality’ matter more than the human scales; as the eschatological origin of it all – a concept reinforced with the  spooky interpretations of its mathematical equations, as a ‘proof’ that this lower quantum scale is ‘different’ and essential to the meaning of it all. This is not the case. Einstein was right: quantum physics do not differ from other scales. The human observer is limited by the distances on 5D scales, and so the difference is in the observer not the observable. Its symmetries are the same than any other 5D space-time being, when we apply the metric of the 5th dimension to those scales. And being size absolutely relative, its diminutive form matters not to apply organic, mental and logic, temporal symmetries to particles, which as we have shown in the previous post might be in fact galactic atoms of an infinite 5D scale.

And yet the privileged status of physics in sciences is rather obvious,  because of the mechanisms and weapons they provide – a theme however to be dealt in sociology when considering the meaning of machines, its twin top predator weapons and the wrong path mankind has taken in his no-way out future, by rejecting his own nature – the tree of life, and worshipping the tree of metal.

Finally to notice that as this is the 2nd line of T.Œ for all scientists to understand, we shall not use the more complex mathematics of quantum operators and general relativity but rather explain it conceptually since it is obvious that professionals do not need further mathematical analysis but the understanding of their models, and non-specialists nee to understand those physical systems in its ‘why’ not its mathematical details.

Further on, the lack of understanding by physics of their whys owes a lot precisely  to their  mathematical-only  analysis, which only professionals understand, a short of ‘experts’ Latin that as the popes in the Middle Ages that claimed to have the monopoly on  the contact with God has limited enormous the understanding of the ‘logic of God-the mind of the Universe’, which is as Saint Augustine put it, of a higher degree than the one humans and physicists use (Aristotelian logic).

So indeed the key to understand the whys of physics is to upgrade its concepts of time and space and study with 5D symmetries its particles, fields and events.

All this makes difficult to explain 5D physics to physicists; and use the isomorphic method and the space-time 5D symmetries which are the ultimate whys of the Universe.

And it requires even before we attempt to define magnitudes like mass, time and distance, or simple equations such as those of mechanics, and then those of light, thermodynamics and electromagnetism and relativity (we won’t do much on quantum, as there is no way to simplify enough, but merely do the conceptual analysis), to do a bit of ‘conceptual talk’.

Unification of energy-motions from above, of information from below.

For example, and this is an absolute key element on physics, the 5D asymmetric arrows of information that grows downwards implies that THE SMALLEST SCALES carry more ‘genetic-quantum information’ and so WE CANNOT UNIFY reality on the simple ‘dogma’ OF PHYSICS that there would be a single particle of God or something similar. And this explains also why quantum is SO COMPLICATED as it has to DESCRIBE an enormous number of ‘ensembles’, hence use ‘functionals’ (functions of functions) and ‘probabilities’ and ‘multiple stories-paths’.

Unification does come the other way around from the larger, simpler wholes, but not with the single time-line entropy arrow of the big-bang. In fact the only truly unifying principle of Physics, which is Energy (akin to the whole time motions of the Universe, conserved in the immortal 5D structure), that integrates the relative spatial steps of momentum, into a whole envelope, and moves along all 5D dimensions, come from above. It is NOT a quantum principle, but in the wider 5D model:

“All what existed are knots that communicate and transform its spatial energy and temporal information ad eternal: ∑ Se<=>Tƒ, across adjacent planes of the 5th dimension, according to its co-invariant asymmetry, Max. Se = Min. Tƒ, which makes information but not energy flow upwards with no entropy, from faster, smaller Time clocks, and motion but not information, downwards, with no entropy from larger wholes, with no entropy  “

This ‘normalized’ principle of conservation of energy ads some relevant points to give a general picture of the principles involved in 5D physics:

  • It ads information to energy conservation and differentiates both, O and | dualities, and both Motion (Time & energy) vs. Form (space and information) in its definitions.
  • So we talk of angular momentum and its sum, potential energy vs. lineal momentum and kinetic energy as the 4 conserved parts.
  • We talk of Tƒ=Time and Tiƒ=Information and the motion still perception of it, and of Se-still space and Sp, kinetic energy as the dual still-motion perception of Lineal formal motions.
  • And we add the fundamental asymmetry of 5D, which explains the meaning of the 2 type of entropies (loss of ordered information moving downwards and loss of ordered energy moving upwards), which explains a lot of facts, from heat, to coordination of whole motions in mechanics (motion downwards), from genetics (information upwards), to the chirality of angular momentum that ‘ascends’ information, to the linearity of mechanics that descends motion, etc. etc. etc.
  • And all this we mathematize with ¬Æ simple equations, the  Feed-back equation for a single scale, Se<=>Tƒ, and the metric of the 5th dimension. And in this part is where for respect to the common reader, interested in T.Œ, we shall keep it simple. Thus we shall keep for the 4th line the rigorous mathematical analysis of 5D physics – the details.

For example, in quantum we are not going to argue the maths of the wave-particle duality just explain why the envelope of the dispersion wave IS the time function, which prompted quantum physicists to interpret it as a probability in time, while the same kind of equation without dispersion variability makes physicists to study similar waves as density in space. As it happens quantum has more time=information so yes, we do need to add to fixed waves time dispersion. But that does not mean we are seeing ‘probabilities’ as very serious Nobel prize physicists explain to common people.

Now going to the organic forbidden, why explanation, when you get a predator observer, the huge energy electron of the ‘nice abstract scientist’ bombing you NOBODY states on the wave-moving pattern, but do either the macho-man thing (collapse into tight circular formation so the chart-circle defends the caravan from the Indians) or the not-so cautious woman thing, disperse and run as fast as you can; so they won’t eat you up, that is ‘measure’, LOL; and that is the 2 maximal and minimal limits where the quantum wave goes. If you don’t bother it though it will follow its path of least action, Hamiltonian standing point AS EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE DOES.

Further on, as the substrata of this galaxy is light space-time, the formal motion of which all is made, light space-time collapses into denser particles and vice versa, when an electron is in a free, not-tight state this dispersion dissolves the electron fast into light space-time, its photonic components observed in a nebulae picture. But this does NOT mean the electron is uncertain. It is just devolving back into the ‘water medium’ of its universe, once it is liberated from the quark pulling attraction. And its nebulae which is a picture taken in this universe, is NOT a probability neither a series of parallel Universes, but obviously the fractal cellular configuration.

So the electron as all physical systems have 3 ‘time states’ of increasing form, the field (wave spread into light space-time), the wave (around the nuclei) and the particle (in a flow of electricity or collapsing with a proton to form a neutron) states.

And all this is nicely explained here NOT with the complex equations of quantum physics in its 3 formalisms, the wave formalism (Schrodinger), the particle formalism (Heisenberg matrix) and the field formalism (Dirac-Feynman). What for? The 3 are right and any serious specialist in quantum physics, who knows them better than I do, could if he wanted to further evolve 5D physics get into the astounding number of details, enlightened with it.

Instead we shall just write the ‘general equation’ for all ternary time-systems of the Universe that defines its 3 ages:

Max:Se/Tƒ->Se=Tƒ->Max. Tƒ/Se

They are 3 ‘stationary points’ of the Hamiltonian for time-energy ages in physics, which represent the maximal point of energy-or youth ages (Max. Se x Min Tƒ: Max. Se/Tƒ), the point of balance in the classic age, Se=Tƒ, and the point of 3rd age information (Tƒ/Se).

So this simple equation define the field/gas states of quantum and thermodynamics, the wave-liquid state and the particle-solid state.

You see, if we used quantum matrix-waves-paths we could NOT even generalize the 3 time ages-states to the next upper scale of 5D physics, Thermodynamics; which now we realize uses very similar ‘canonical ensembles’ and ‘statistics’ akin to ‘probabilities’, in its analysis of its ‘entropic’ flows of energy upwards. So we can easily see we are considering two fractal similar realities.

But we stress once and again, the word ‘fractal’ as fractals are NOT identical. As we saw, the upper cosmic scales of galaxies look more as antiparticles than atoms, with more mass on the outskirt halo, even if cosmologists model stars as photons, and we showed the proton to have once normalized with 5D metric, to have the black hole radius.

In that regard unification equations are possible as we showed unifying charges and masses, BUT only WITH THE METRIC OF 5D because what we UNIFY if it has not been yet unified will always be because PHYSICISTS did not have this structure; and ONLY with the duality of symmetries of space-time (ITS AGES and TOPOLOGIES as we have done with the 3 ages-state of quantum and thermodynamic matter). IT IS THUS not EQUALITY but SYMMETRY in space, asymmetry in 5 D and anti-symmetry (inversion) in time ages – not Parmenides BUT HERACLITUS.

Plainly speaking quantum look like thermodynamics as ensembles of multiple point-particles but are NOT identical. Yet there is metaphysical question here, as to what is the ultimate cause of those differences – the human observer’s distortion of the way we perceive other scales that accumulate distortions as information cross them, or the real nature of the Universe?


General Relativity studies the space-time ages of the cosmos.


In a wider analysis, if we were to consider a single clock-time for the entire Universe (by adopting the hypothetical rhythm of the Universal superorganism and its 3 ages between its big-bang birth and big crunch warping) vacuum space will appear as ‘a slice of reality’ or ‘dharma of present’ that times constantly move from past to future according to the logic of time arrows, till it will warp it into a big-crunch.

And that evolving form of universal space and its 3 ages of a big-bang birth, a steady longer state and a final big-crunch, which correspond to the 3 solutions to Einstein’s spacetime equations, are what General Relativity studies. But those equations are just a particular case of the wider ‘3 ages’ of any organic space-time studied with the 3 elements of the Generator Equation, E<=>I.

Yet classic Physics studies only geometrical, translational time, but not the evolving and devolving morphologic changes studied in biology, except in the 3 solutions to the equations of Einstein, since they take the entire Universe (or rather a galactic space) as an organism. For that reason temporal change in Physics means merely a geometrical change of direction as when we move backwards a clock in space or we move backwards a particle that becomes an antiparticle – ”but we don’t evolve or devolve the entire Universe as Hawking thinks nor we move towards the Absolute past or the future when we change the clock’s needle position in space. You might argue that for the clock’s own definition of time, geometrical change and temporal change are the same and this thesis is worth to explore as we shall do latter, since it is indeed rather accurate to consider that for each space-time field a morphological change of information is a temporal change, given the relationship between both. So if we could change the warping, informative morphology∆y of our face and straight it up, filling it with biological, energetic cellular space we could become younger, but the Universe will continue its infinite fractal clock rhythms independent of our form. This is self-evident and Einstein already explained it to Minkowski a century ago, when he vehemently protested with the use of the sentence ‘time is the 4th dimension of space’; because ‘time behaved ‘somewhat’ in a very different form to space’ and the Universe is made of multiple times.

Still Physicists who have had always since Galileo a strong desire to become Metaphysicists chose to ignore the admonitions of Einstein and have developed a ‘metaphysics of space with its multiple dimensions’ that we need to clarify before going further into our analysis of cosmological time. This work is harsh with such concepts and the physicists that keep sponsoring them, because the concept of spatializing time is erroneous and prevents the advance of Time knowledge. It translates into 3 false dogmas: a single arrow of time called entropy that ignores the informative arrow of gravity in many of its analysis of the Universe; a space-time continuum that ignores the fact that we are not placed into an abstract frame of reference, but we are made of fractal space=vital Entropy and time cycles; and the use of a single spatial, geometrical linage, mathematics to explain it all, that ignores often the fundamental language of time, causal logic, expressed better with verbal thought.

Under such a dictatorship of Physics, for long logic and bio-logic, verbal sciences like Evolution or social sciences, which study long range changes in biological and human species, have been considered lesser sciences. It is said that Gell-Mann lobbied with the Nobel institution to prevent economics from becoming a Nobel Prize with this sentence, ‘what is next, anthropology?’ And he only calmed down when he was said that mathematical economics was to be the focus of the prize. It is also said that Feynman to quote the other great physicist of the post-war era asked their students never consider the ‘why’ of physical events, a conceptual, logic question but only the descriptive how that mathematics could achieve.

For that reason, it should not surprise us that verbal concepts such as past, present and future, the 3 dimensions of ‘bio-logic time’, totally escape them, as a clock measures time in digital numbers not in relative, ‘morphological, d=evolving ages’, which is what past, present and future study. Instead they use the limited t=s/v parameter, as if it were the parameter of all time changes. This is absurd. When I get old is not because I change my speed in space, but because my body suffers morphological changes study in biology. Time in Physics is ‘spatial, translational, geometrical change’. Within that limited scope, as a ‘parameter of change in space’ physical studies on time are relevant. All other generalizations of time by ‘Meta-Physicists are ‘science-fiction’ of which modern Physics is full of examples.

Those errors show even today, when Einstein established the geometrical, cyclical nature of time, as ‘physical clocks’ that bend Entropy into mass, in the use of lineal, infinite, absolute time by all other physical theories. Such limited definition of time in modern science as a lineal number or duration, instead of a frequency of cyclical form, of in-form-ation, is the biggest handicap to a proper understanding of Reality, given the fact that Time is one of the 2 fundamental Universal parameters. Yet time as a lineal duration becomes a secondary variable, which carries as any line does, very limited information. So scientists focus in the study of a single parameter, or arrow of the Universe – the entropic arrow of expanding space or Entropy – and fail to recognize the second arrow – the patterns, frequencies and repetitions caused by the cyclical inertia of time events that tend to store and repeat information in a discontinuous, cyclical manner.

The result is an unneeded complexity, a plethora of errors and ill definitions and the belief that the Universe is chaotic, since the variable that creates order and information – time – is so poorly understood. To explain that order we describe the Universe without simplifying its 2 original parameters, analyzing the interaction between the Entropy of space and the formal frequencies of time, and how they shape together the species of that Universe.

Nevertheless, the task is daunting because science has worked with a single arrow of lineal Entropy or entropy for 4 centuries. So there is an enormous resistance to accept a 2nd arrow of information and define time in complex terms, as the parameter that causes morphological, informative change. This aberration is recent in the history of knowledge. Prior to Galileo, all philosophers understood time as synonymous of all kind of cyclical changes, not only physical translation.

Further on, all pre-Galilean cultures defined time intuitively in cyclical terms, as a form with a frequency. Physicists only study a type of time-change, translational change in space. Thus, when they talk of time as the 4th dimension of space they are merely talking of a very small part of time phenomena, the measure of movement in space, with time clocks. Only within those restricted parameters of Galilean physics, time is indeed a dimension of spatial movement.

What is moving in that space/time background? And how that movement can be introduced in the simplified, mathematical static models of time and space, proper of the Cartesian plane that scientists use to describe the Universe? Both questions are related to the concept of moving dimensions of space-time, which now substitute the simplified, static concept of fixed space-dimensions. What is an act of arrogance and ignorance is to consider that the most important feature of time is to be a parameter of movement in space. So what matters about time is to be in all sciences the parameter of change, through is 3 dimensions, past, present and future.

Recap. Time travel in physics is a geometry change as when we move a cycle of time backwards, but it does not affect the overall time of the Universe. Morphological Time studied by evolution and the ages of time events composed of Entropy and information are only studied in physics with the 3 ages/solutions to the equations of Einstein.

The 3 families of mass.

Let us then now that we have revis(it)ed classic single time-space theories of reality, depart from the classic age of the 3rd paradigm of metric spaces (quantum relativistic models of reality), without further ado.

Two Quark Triangles and 2 Universal Membranes. Families of mass.

There are 6 quarks, whose mass increases as the speed of their space-time vortices increase. Physicists divide them in the III horizons of evolutionary mass, with increasing mass/information. Yet they ignore the reason of those 3 families (the 3 horizons of any evolutionary system of Entropy and information); they ignore why they have different masses (because the speed of their vortices increase); they ignore why they have fractional charge (because they are bidimensional vortices, which must lock in triplets, to form a 3-dimensional space-time, harmonic with the electronic, 3-dimensional world we live in); and they ignore which kind of fractal cosmological forms they create (pulsars and black holes):



On the other hand, it is important to understand and classify particles, the understanding of the 3 ‘ages of evolution’ of information represented by the 3 families of mass and quarks, which are ALSO IN CLOSE SYMMETRY WITH THE UPPER cosmic scale, and the 3 regions of the galaxy, the Top quark star center (black holes modelled as top quark frozen stars, with positive top quarks as the boson cut off substance), the middle region of up and down light human quarks and the external negative charged, strangelet halo. Thus the symmetry is obvious:

3 ages of evolution of mass of increasing form: I, II and III families of quarks.

3 regions of the galaxy: Top quark black holes, up and down matter , negative strangelet halo

Symmetry between atoms and galaxies (protons positive top quark holes, negative electrons, strangelet halo)

Unlike the usual spatial classification of quarks in pairs proper of classic physics, in complex physics, we divide the Universe in 2 membranes, the dense, informative, gravitational, mass/quark membrane and the electronic, light one and we consider species of the gravitational, informative membrane to be tendencially ‘time events’, as information and time are related, and so quarks and black holes are better described with 3 temporal horizons and hyperbolic topologies.

In the graph, a more detailed analysis of the parameters of the main particles of the standard model. For simplicity, Neutrinos, which are better described not as particles in space but wave- events in time that transfer momentum between both gravitational and electromagnetic scales (reason why their ‘3 species’ mutate in time, as they travel to the earth), are ignored: The 6 quarks of the standard model are reordered in 2 ternary groups. In the bottom left, we observe the electromagnetic membrane and its elements. In the upper right side we observe the gravitational, quark world.

The graph, which is the standard model of Complex Physics, applied to quarks, requires no Higgs. Instead the top quark of self-similar mass in the upper vertex becomes the final evolutionary state of the Z+W particles which in a weak event transform lighter particles into ‘dark quarks’.

Its enormous mass means it should exist a new decametric ‘scale’ of super-strong forces, and the proper model to study the breaking of symmetry is not the Higgs but the Technicolor theory, whereas super strong top quarks should turn faster than light, be components of black holes and emit dark Entropy at 10 C speed, the next scalar force of the Universe that fills intergalactic space.

However in reactions at lower energies, Z and W particles never reach enough stability to become ‘parts’ of a top and so they quickly devolve into lower mass-states, which explains most of the reactions observed in accelerators, mediated by temporal, weak forces, which therefore have no spatial symmetry.

If we order particles by mass self-similarity in triads we observe 2 different atoms and 2 different quark-gluon soups, made of 3 types of quarks, dominated by their heavier quarks of each triangle:

– The up and down quark create the light atom. Yet when they are deconfined in a quark-gluon soup they are dominated by the most massive strange quark, which creates the superfluid vortex of ‘strangelet’ liquids or ‘ice-9’, responsible for Nova explosions.

– Charm and bottom quarks form a dark atom, dominated by the most massive top quark in a dark gluon soup, which we shall call ‘gas-9’, as it would be the most explosive substance of the Universe, responsible for Super-Novae and quasars and maybe the big-bang of a cellular Universe.

Thus if strange quarks create strange soups, top quarks will do the same with dark atoms; and if strangelets are components of strange stars, top quark liquids will be the components of top black holes.

This symmetric scheme is unknown to physics; so it lacks a visual understanding of what dark atoms (bcb particles) are, and why strangelets and top quark liquids are stable enough to form quark stars:

In the light world, the ud quarks and electron form the light atom. In the dark world, the cb quarks and the tau electron form the dark atom. The reader can now see that basically the two worlds are differentiated by a fractal scale of 1000=103 Electron volts. In terms of static, fractal dimensions, this merely means that the world of top quarks is warped by a new SU3 group of dimensional form. It is more complex, more informative as it has 3 more dimensions of warping; or 3 more degrees of rotational speed in a dynamic perspective.

Imagine that inside the original vortex of our light-quarks there is not the eye of a hurricane, but another scale, another vortex, another medium, rotating 10 times faster in 3 dimensions. Thus this inner world extended into lineal Entropy will mean we need 103 = 1000 times more Entropy to create it.

The rotational speed of that inner vortex will be 10 times higher – 10 c – but the Entropy needed to create the new 3-dimensional fractal world or inner scale of motion of those top quarks will be 103 fractal dimensions of rotational speed/mass. Thus the dark world of heavy quarks is 10 times faster and 1000 times denser 9.

For the same reason the electron of the lighter world is lighter than the tau electron of the dark world. If our light world is a 0.c<10 c world the dark world is a c<10 c world.

Once this concept is clear, the self-similarities become evident: the world of 0.1c light atoms, which creates our matter and the world of c-strange quarks that creates quark stars must be matched by a world of dark atoms and top quarks, which creates the world of black holes. So black holes are top quark stars.

Let us show how the quarks of the 2 membranes increase their mass (we round here figures so the reader can easily follow them):

In the graph, the strange quark is the top predator quark of our triangle of light matter made of udu atoms. It is between 30 and 100 times heavier than our matter. While the top quark is the top predator quark of the triangle of dark matter and its bcb atoms, and it is around 100 times heavier than those bcb quarks. The strange quark and top quark are around 100 times heavier than the ud and bc atoms.

Since the equation of a mass vortex is U.C. × Mass = w2 × r3, mass is proportional to the square of the rotational speed, w, of its vortex. So we have 3 decametric scales of rotational speed:

C/10, the speed of rotation of electrons, and the ‘ud’ system of quarks of our atoms, which in this manner are in harmony with the electron vortex that traps them.

<C speed for the strange quark or top predator quark that causes the breaking of symmetry of our matter, as it creates a faster attractive vortex, deconfining the quarks of our world, liberating them, and blowing the electronic wave into radiation.

In the graph, the bosons of both worlds are also self-evident: The photon is the boson of the electromagnetic world and the gluon is the boson of the gravitational membrane. The symmetry between the 2 quantum theories of electrons and quarks is a clear proof of that symmetry.

Both theories differ because the quark-gluon soup is more informative and has a more complex, ‘network-like’, ∏-structure, while the electron is basically a herd, with a loose ∑-structure.

The 2 forces (electromagnetic and strong forces) and the species evolved from them also change the parameters of Entropy and information of both worlds, according to the basic symmetry of the Universe, e × O = k, expressed in quantum physics by the law of range. The lighter world thus extends further in range/space and weighs nothing. The tighter world of dark quarks extends shorter in range and weighs/attracts one hundred times more.

It is only left to explain the role of the muon, which weights exactly what the strange quark weighs and the Z+W= top, which weighs the same also than the top=Higgs particle.

So again we find a clear symmetry between them: Those particles are self-similar to the top and strange quark, perceived from the other side of the dual membrane; they are their self-similar ‘ghosts’ in the light world. And they can be found as evolutionary steps in the creation of strange quarks and top=Higgs quarks in the processes of transformation of electronic membranes into dark, strong gravitational membranes.

And the Higgs7? It is not needed and it is an impossible particle since a scalar boson breaks the isomorphisms of complex physics and a new force/membrane it is an invention without experimental evidence that would also break the symmetry of complex systems (like an organism with ‘2 nervous systems’). The evolution of lighter matter into the top, mediated by the Z and W particles (which should be considered the same particle in a time perspective; that is, the +, neutral and – states), is performed by a top quark/antiquark condensate (Nambu), which breaks the symmetry of all other types of matter, converting it into more tops that will condensate into a quark star or black hole. In biological terms, to break the symmetry means to kill as a top predator quark, the strongest particle of the Universe, all other forms of lighter matter, to feed on them and to convert them into a self-similar form of yourself.

In the same manner, the strange quark breaks the symmetry of our lighter quarks transformed into strange quarks and strange liquid (strangelets). It follows that SUSY particles, which also contradict the isomorphisms of balance between Entropy and mass/information and have never been found, do not exist either9.

Because quantum physicists lack the tools of complex physics and the understanding of mass as information, all this is blurred in their equations. They do describe perfectly all those reactions with enormous mathematical accuracy as Ptolemy described better than Copernicus the movements of planets. But to do so they need complicated mathematical models as Ptolemy did. A model of complex physics with both arrows, Entropy and information, is far easier to understand as it explains topologically and in terms of cyclical, causal time events many whys of particle physics.

Recap. Mass is physical information – an accelerated, bidimensional vortex of mass (dynamic perception) called a quark, which can be described also in space (Galilean Paradox) as a non-Euclidean network of fractal gluons (static perception described by QCD theory). Quarks must be understood as ternary events in evolving time, and classified in triads, belonging to two different scales of the gravitational world – the strange world with c-rotational speed that interacts with our world and the dark world of top quarks that rotate at 10 c speed and form quark-gluon condensates called black holes. They are vortices of top quarks, the top predator particle of mass-information of the Universe.

Mass theory

On the other hand, extended objects (as opposed to point-masses) can have any mass. Do they have in its center ‘top quarks’. Not necessarily.

Let us remember that a system does have a membrane and a center, which is the last part to be formed.

The liquid present state does NOT have a particle center. It is a liquid enclosed by a pressure surface, a wall, a surface tension. A wave does NOT have a center, unless the photon is formed at certain ‘level’ of frequency, it has only the enclosure.

Mass effects thus do not require a ‘pure mass center’, with ‘zero-temperature’, but there is this huge region in between, with ‘cool temperatures’ and heavy masses, and centers of mass which do have some motion, but are quite cool, normally dense, solid states and crystals, or regions of high density pressure, in which there are mass and thermodynamic combined effects and also electromagnetic interactions.

This is how the Universe is built. It is NOT one-dimensional but ternary. Most entities have 3 states interplaying and none is pure.

As the Chinese said when all is yin and all is yang, the system backs off, as those perfect future and past states are somehow dead states.

So in our Universe we do exist as humans in liquid, gas and solid state, and the liquid middle state dominates, we do have electromagnetic, gravitational and thermodynamic processes, and thermodynamic processes dominate.

That is the fun and complexity of it: the 3 scales co-exist, as you co-exist as cell, organism and social number of a nation.

But it is important to fully grasp the rules of exchange of energy and information between scales, the regions of lineal relatively placid dominance of a certain state and those where there is an exponential growth or decay as one ‘scale’ dies into the lower or upper scale becoming the ‘other;.

Now, in the 5th dimension we jump a full scale at the 1010-11 magnitudes, which as we shall repeat ad nauseam are the mean stars of a galaxy, ties of a dna molecule, galaxies of the cosmological horizon universe, cells in a regular superorganism, and so on.

So as we come two scales from quantum particles into thermodynamic and magnetic systems into mass systems, this is the proportion we must find, which is there:

Approximately 1019 protons (1021 electrons) give us a Planck mass (minimal black hole).

And approximately 1010 atoms give us a magnetic domain.

Now to fully grasp the formation of those scales, one has to look at the formation of organisms – yes I know every physicist will raise its eyebrow, but I am talking as a philosopher of science which sees unity in al sciences, not as a ‘me, I and myself is all what matters physicist, who only accepts its mathematical specific way to treat reality’…

And if the ‘postulate of philosophy of science’, the Ockham’s razor – all systems are similar and simple following the same isomorphic laws holds, biology is the master science because is the one we observe with more detail – reason why we model galaxies as ‘cells’, and atoms as simple organisms.

So how does a simple organism formed? First, and this is thoroughly backed in the observation of physical scales, the ‘FIELD’ or lower entropic, motion scale of ‘forces’ connecting different micro-quanta appears, then the membrane and finally the o-point of view.

It is the reversal of time arrows that makes creation come from micro to macro elements, from minimal form and maximal energy elements.

So for example in life, it was first the ‘water’ what appeared, then the proteins were formed and somehow they started to form circular rings, bubbles, which were empty and finally it appeared the central rnass, the nucleotide acids with the nitrogen heads that ruled the system, and the only then ‘life appeared as a whole ternary system.

And this is how we must consider the creation of a gravitational system

First we must consider the creation of a ‘field’ in which ‘Pressure’, the ‘membrane element’, and ‘emerging attractive forces’, between atomic particles, form a diffuse field without center, more like a ‘liquid’ rubbing of molecules with van der waals forces.

But as the relative not yet rest mass of the system increases and the energy quiets down, a ‘thin membrane’ or ‘enclosure’ which is not to be seen under the Galilean paradox of motion=form, yet as a ‘solid’ dense form of mass, but as a cyclical force-motion with an inward, gradient element, encloses it. This inward force is what we measure as ‘pressure’.

It is pressure ‘against’ temperature: PV= nKT.

A pressure and volume are parallel, but Pressure is more efficient than volume, in adiabatic reactions, an increase of pressure, that diminishes ore the volume of the system, from a gas to a liquid-solid state, lowers the temperature and increases the mass ‘density’ to a point in which there is both, the gravitational field and the membrane, the water enclosed by the proteins.

Or put in other terms if Clausius stated, “Heat does not transfer spontaneously from a cool body to a hotter body.”, pressure will heat the body reversing with gravitational forces the arrow of entropy.

And if, in an ideal entropic gas, as pressure increases, the product PV increases faster, in real gases, at lower temperature the increase of Pressure upsets that of Volume , which drops much faster increasing the mass density.

And if we consider crystals, we find even more clear examples of the growing informative order, which will finally develop the ‘rest mass’ of the being.

And as pressure increases the solid atoms in the center, the mass effects appear, how early and how much they count, depends on the strength of the other forces, the electromagnetic forces, the ferromagnetic forces the temperature forces.

Nature is NOT simple in the details. It is simple in the general laws. So we are not ENTERING here in what a good physicist or specialist knows well, the details on how those parameters interact and cancel each other, fight for dominance, as it happens in life in the interaction we see closer between membrane proteins, water forces of osmosis, DNA control of the cell, mitochondria energy production, ATPs, etc.

But the process is obvious. It is clear that for atomic forms below the threshold of the magnetic triad, Iron-Nickel-Cobalt, we are in the kingdoms of radiation, of electromagnetic flows, of stars, where the equilibrium between ‘pressure’ and ‘radiation’ maintains a balance, where thermodynamic and electromagnetic flows can interact as the two ‘gradients’ of a living, liquid plasma world. We are not ions so we shall not enter at this stage, into the final frontier on how all this affects the way existence and perception happens, and how the actions of ∆±e, I, reproduction and social evolution of stars go through. The material is there, plus we offer an analysis form the perspective of the points of view and the pan geometries they display in other sections of these posts.

What matters here is this. At a certain point ‘pressure wins’, and so we insisted for decades that in the center of stars and planets we will NOT find a very hot liquid core, as it was canonical, but a ‘Chrystal, cold’ and massive, created by the dominant pressure, which becomes a mass center.

Alas, now it has become canonical that in the center of planets there are crystals not liquid hot balls.

Humans being thermodynamic beings tend to exaggerate from their world point of view the value of heat.

I have always in my personal analysis for 30 years considered the power of cold order, and information. For example, I am quite sure that there should be a model to use the gas-solid palladium-hydrogen concept to create cold fusion, as all systems can arrive slow with more cold order or hot with faster ‘time clocks’ (as temperature is the clock of the ∆-thermodynamic scale), to the same point, in cold process the order is higher.

So cold fusion must happen. Another matter, which I haven’t calculated is how ‘fast’. Probably too slow to make it worthy but maybe not. So far the theme is not yet settled.

The same happens with crystal formation: slow crystal formation under ‘pressure’ creates excellent diamonds. Fast crystal formation with low pressure and high temperature forms glass, with amorphous nature.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 16.01.17Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 16.05.00

‘Death processes do not obey the conservation laws’

Notice here something miss? That’s right: the positive proton yields a negative pion! This is surely impossible to readers according to charge conservation rules.. The above excerpt does not say what charge these pions have except they are somehow created from protons. Since protons are positive this indicates the created pions must also be positive, in which case they could not decay into negative muons. Physicists say that somehow cosmic ray produce both, muons (negative) and anti muons (positive). So charge is conserved. But if anti muons are produced in equal numbers, we should observe them equally at sea level. Instead the literature indicates a vast abundance of muons only.

Now all this said Particles do have a moment of rest mass, a single moment, which we will latter describe, the moment of death, when they become antiparticle.

All systems do have a day and night a rest and a motion, a stop and go. Masses show in Dirac’s equation that acquire mass in the moment in which they are conjugated with the anti-article which is the reversal moment of death. So instead of giving up to the larger emerging scale a ‘quanta of space’ (as for example atoms do giving the outer electron to the valence forming matter or to the electronic flow that glues metal, but only the outer shell), mass receives its quanta from a moment of time. Precisely when the inversion between life-time and death-flat space particle and antiparticle stops into rest mass the being.

Only in the moment of death, mass resurrects.

Think of yourself when you die, and become a flat space surface, no longer a tall frequency of time motions, but flat space and you give your form and energy to Gaia and its lesser beings, insets of the lower life scale.

Well, it is the same concept. But particles resurrect easily into antiparticles and particles back again, as we observe in the quark-antiquark process, which gives its energy first to the meson (particle-antiparticle duality) of the nuclear force, where we find the contribution to the mass field.

It is not though a stable ‘mass rest’ but exactly what we just said, the contribution to the gravitational field of the equations of Einstein, the entropic contribution of the death-devolving moment.

And again you must grasp the ternary symmetries of the Universe at this stage Trust me it is a conceptual effort what physicists won’t like to do, but as important more indeed that the equations we are explaining.

The field comes first, reason why physicists say that waves-membranes and p.o.vs -particles are excitations of the field. In a way they are right. But how the field appears. The field is a force field of acceleration gradient, hence an entropic field. And entropy is the arrow of past-death of a system.

So this Dirac contribution is what creates ‘first’ the gravitational field, in the particle-antiparticle meson moment.

It is NOT enough to create the mass center. And that is why at the level of quantum scales we can only consider the ‘contribution of Dirac’s instant – the particle conjugate’.

The membrane must be considered to come from the next magnetic and thermodynamic scales, at the point it balances the radiation.

And then it comes the ‘center’, and when the center becomes the pure black hole. Ah, then it comes the nova, and the sudden explosive growth of ‘mass’. And we thermodynamic beings go to hell.

On the atomic table, this mass effect clearly starts with the more informative series of metal, in the 6th period, where the other effects start to become subdued.

If we consider the micro-quanta of mass the top quark, it has a similar weight to the gold atom, the informative gold atom which in accelerators they are bombing to create heavy quarks

On this range of the gold barrier, is where we find that a single atom might have some control of a gravitational field to act with this ‘new weapon’. There are several factors that might consider this ‘thin red line’ of gold and mercury and lead’ the region where atoms might have the first sense of mass. Indeed, the gold atom at this stage is a red single power force able to move with finesse, to the point that you can create bridges with a single gold atom, and the gold properties are quite amazing in that respect. In terms of information, form, ‘rest’ mass.

So I would say that at quanta level the top quark and the 6th period might be the absolute limit where mass effects start to subdue electromagnetic effects.

In that sense, Helium, Iron and Gold are the 3 top predator atoms of the table for their control of the 3 scales of the perceived Universe.

And what truly matters to us is to ‘relate them’ through simultaneous measure.

Einstein did that for some physical time cycles of light and gravitation (accelerated mass vortices which are clocks of gravitation as he explained in his principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration).

This is called 4D metric, in which Einstein synchronized through measures different time cycles and its different speeds using a more sophisticated form of  ‘calculus of infinitesimal’ present time moments than Galileo who had done the same with a simpler formula of infinitesimal, present measures v=∂s/∂t.

But we need now to expand all those previous, simplified models, as we are discovering with advanced tool an infinity of new time cycles, besides the physical, frequencies of light speed and the clock like vortex of masses that Einstein studied.



The Advances of Fractal Relativity: Fractal, Fluid Space-times

Physicists do not understand those simple truths—even a century after Einstein applied Mr. Riemann’s discovery of the fifth non-Euclidean postulate, which defines a point as a cyclical motion in space—because of a basic error of “materialist physics”: Since nuclear physicists do machines and bombs, which are made of dense metal, they tend to believe in “solid things.” So this kind of spiritual thought on motions and events is unreal to them. Instead, they “decided” that the principle of equivalence only affected to the gravitational force but somehow “stopped” in an obscure point where the rotational acceleration of the mass vortex clashed with something “solid,” like a “rubber ball,” which had to be the “mass.”

In the graph, our growing understanding of masses in terms of a fluid, relativistic vortex is an interesting proof of the distance between mathematics and reality since mathematics merely offer an abstract, simplified picture of reality with equations we have to interpret in terms of real objects observed in the Universe. That is the case of a mass, which once Einstein’s equations were published was first depicted as in the left picture, like a ball that was curving downward the space-time of the Universe. But that image is not logic and it has no relationship with the Universe we observe since any vortex, including those of air and water, have no solid ball in the center, but merely deflect the cyclical motion upward, transforming it again into lineal, perpendicular motion.

And this is what we observe in masses and charges, which are cyclical vortices, which first transform lineal motion into cyclical motion, creating the charge or mass and then deflect that cyclical motion, expelling it as less curved lineal motion through its poles, as a magnetic, electric, or dark energy flow.

So physicists moved recently toward the second more logical and realistic version of the vortex of mass, curving inward, illustrated by a fluid or gas vortex in pictures 2 (a fluid vortex) and 3 (a hurricane). This third picture of the hurricane applied by analogy to a mass vortex shows clearly how a bidimensional mass forms by curving energy. Each of the mini vortices that accelerates inward toward the center of the black hole will be a particle, a quark, which acquires mass as it rotates faster, diminishing in radius (according to the previous vortex equation). In the more complex mathematics of relativity, those equations that explain how energy becomes mass as we approach c speed (E=mc2) become the so-called Lorenz transformations.

As you can see, the vortex comes inward toward the condensed center in which it will fuse with other quarks into a single diminishing vortex, called an Einstein-condensate, that packs very close one quark over another, turning at light speeds in a state of highly ordered matter.

In the graph, we observe also the evolution of true science, thanks to our advances in mathematics and logic. First, in the beginning of the century, when Einstein published, only gravitation, the force external to the mass was treated under the Principle of equivalence, between force and acceleration. The mass was still considered a solid substance, a Maya of the senses, which fix the quantum fluctuations of energy and information into a still image of the Universe, a knot of information called the mind. But the fixed images of the mind are not reality. Reality, as we entered into deeper experimental evidence, turned out to be always vibrating, moving, fluctuating at all scales we have perceived it. In the center, we see a bubble image of a particle.

There are not solid substances but a constant flow of motions that happen in different scales of fluid space-times, each one made of a sea of minimal “actions” with energy and information that act as the medium of that world—the gluons of the strong space-time of quarks, the h-Plancks of the weak world of electromagnetism, the -strings of the dark energy of gravitation (as per Nottale and others). And in the mediums known to man, the air molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, or the water molecules, which allow also the creation of hurricane and tornado vortices. In the new physics of complexity, we are all part of fractal discontinuums, mediums and scales of vibrating energy and form, and all the abstract simplifications of the “ancients,” while useful to allow calculus, become from a philosophical perspective hyperbolic or Pythagorean, monist, mechanist aberrations of thought.

Notable properties of this new world are a series of logic dualities and self-similarities called correspondences and invariances that relate those scales. Each new scale becomes created by the fractal sum of all the micro vortices that become a whole one in the next scale of size of the physical Universe, adding new dimensions. For example, a well-known correspondence is established between a mathematical description of a quark-gluon soup as a fifth-dimensional world of strings and a fourth-dimensional world of quark vortices. What this means is that -strings are the one-dimensional units of the superfluid dark energy that form those bidimensional quarks, which themselves lock in three perpendicular vortices to create fractals our three-dimensional electronic word. And so dimensions are always fractal, emerging as objects of a next scale, but the sum of all the fractal, finite dimensions from the small to the bigger world always adds up to four infinite continuous dimensions.

Yet all those fractal parts of the different scales of superfluid space-time are not solid substances but actions of energy and informative time. Planck again discovered this more than one hundred years ago, when he found the fractal unit of the membrane of light space-time we inhabited and called it action of energy and time. Yet the solid image never died away. What fractal theorists have done is to add to the “membrane of electroweak space-time made of light forces and electrons” another membrane of “gravitational masses” made of strings, gluons, quarks, and black holes. So in the same manner, we have two basic physical mediums that create vortices in our planetary scale, hurricanes made of quanta/fractal parts of atomic air and tornados, made of quanta/fractal parts of atomic water. In the Universe at large, we have two mediums, the light space-time made of “light quanta” (our membrane) and the gravitational world made of strings, fractal parts of gluon quanta (which form the superfluid vortices of quarks) and gravitational dark energy that form the cosmological space-time.

This duality, clearly established in the work of Nottale and others, reshapes our classification of forces in two systems, one of electroweak light entropy and other of strong gravitational mass. It is important to define properly the terms of that duality, so ill understood by the “ancients,” the quantum entropy theorists, rooted in the physics of the past millennium:

  • Electroweak, massless forces made of electromagnetic light and electrons belong to our membrane of Euclidean space-time, defined in classic physics. This is our world and it is defined by expansive entropy, spatial, lineal forces.
  • Yet this world is in a tug-of-war with the strong, cyclical, massive dark world of quarks that bends this space into cyclical clocks of bidimensional, temporal information, and the quark vortices inside the atom. And this strong world of quarks that bends electrons has also a lineal force, the dark gravitational energy flows that structure the interstellar space.

The easiest way to perceive those two universes is to consider the primary Universe not our Universe, but the world of quarks connected by long strings of dark gravitational energy, which form a universal web over which the electromagnetic world becomes a rubbery cover, as a series of copper cables are coated with rubber or our neurons with myelin. The quarks of strong forces are covered by electronic surfaces, which communicate between them through flows of electromagnetic light that runs over the thinner, faster wires of dark gravitational energy, which is the intimate scaffolding of reality.

In the cosmological world, quark quanta form the hyper dense black holes and quark stars. Indeed, in the same manner, we have found certain planets to have cold crystal cores; it might be possible that some stars have in the center a superfluid core of quarks, with organic membranes/discontinuities that separate them from the thermonuclear world of hydrogen and helium that forms the core of lighter sun like stars. It is a simple, beautiful vision of a Universe in which all dual systems are also made of fractals of smaller systems.

So we always have to account for two complex types of non-Euclidean geometries, which the ancients dismissed with their continuous Euclidean analysis of Cartesian space: the duality between energy, explosive and informative, implosive systems that balance each other and the scalar structure in which quanta with fractal dimensions emerge into a higher scale.

A human is also made of organic molecules, fractal parts of a cell, fractal parts of a human organism, fractal parts of a society. And each of those entities can further be divided in an informative nuclei (the DNA in the cellular scale, the brain in the organic scale, the government and informative castes in societies) and a reproductive body (the cytoplasm, the body, the reproductive, working class).

All this was finally understood in the simplest scales of physics, thanks to the work of fractal and complexity theorists, which in the past two decades expanded our mathematical and theoretical view of the principle of equivalence to encompass all the fractal structures of space/time and the work of multiple experimentalists who validated it with observations. They are the founders of the fractal paradigm of science, which could be to twenty-first-century science what the quantum paradigm. I recommend the work of Mr. Nottale, an astronomer, who established the minimal unit of gravitational space-time and related the two membranes through fractal equations and my work on non-Euclidean mathematics, still simple but with huge future.

Now we keep it simple because logic meaning is more intense. For example, when we consider topology, the first perspective is the ‘concept of topology as geometry with curvature motions’. Thus we prefer the simpler concepts of Gauss and Lobachevski, to introduce this essential ternary symmetry.

But obviously the last conception of topology in terms of sets of points is the most accurate. And yet only mathematicians will get an intuitive picture of it. So we keep it simple in terms of topological networks.

In that regard a fundamental error proper of the human mind is to discharge simpler, older models as if they had no truth at all, when a new more pedantic, detailed analysis comes in, so for example, nobody would dare to study gravitation in Newtonian or even Poisson’s terms, since Einstein brought relativity, and yet as we shall see, the ‘fixed’, formal analysis of Einstein (based in curvatures, which he found to be, of course of our 3 types in the entire space-time of the Universe) is complemented by the more dynamic vortex-like vision of Newton and the gradient analysis of poison.

In fact we will study in epistemology, in the future, the ternary structure in time of information theories, which grow in complexity and accuracy but filling in details, BUT do not invalidate simpler analysis, as all realities are ‘ternary’ in form and function, and 3±i is indeed the fundamental number of the universe.

Why the existence of bidimensional time cycles, which carry information is not explained by science? The reason is the Galileo’s paradox ignored by physics: the fact that, when observed in detail, all what exists is in motion – hence it is an event in time – and yet most things we see seem static, quiet – hence, they look like forms of space. Yet space is merely the short perception of a Time motion – a cycle or trajectory of an entity from past to future, seen as a simultaneous form. All what is perceived as a form of space is part of a long motion in time – a clock-like cycle that carries information.

Galileo’s paradox shows that the 2 ultimate substances of our physical models of reality – masses and vacuum space – which seem ‘fixed forms’ have motion:

Masses and charges are cyclical vortices that curve the lineal energy/motion of the 2 forces of pure space –light and gravitation– into whirl-like vibrations. So a charge is caused by the cyclical warping of a lineal motion called light into electronic vortices; and a mass is caused by the cyclical warping of another lineal force with energy-motion, called gravitation, into mass vortices (E=Mc2 in Relativity.)11

This again is not clear to physicists, because there are two theories of mass – that of Einstein, called Relativity and that of quantum theorists, which sponsor their own theory about mass, called the Higgs Theory. Yet Einstein’s theory of mass, General Relativity, is the basic theory of gravitation and mass in the Universe, proved right by multiple events of cosmology.

So Relativity should stand as the most probable truth. In such theory the Principle of Equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration defines a mass. According to that principle, acceleration and mass are the same, as when you accelerate in a rocket, car or lift and feel heavier. But since there are only two types of accelerated motions, lineal, energetic forces and cyclical vortices (whirls of space-time), and gravitation is a whirl of space-time, Einstein came to the conclusion that you could describe reality as a combination of two motions, cyclical motion with more form, ‘informative’ motion, origin of masses, which are whirls of space-time that attract like hurricanes do, accelerating towards its center, and lineal forces, energetic, expansive fields.

Space is not static, but a type of energy or motion that ‘occupies space’, which has extension. And since the shortest distance between two points is a line, the motion with more extension is lineal motion. Thus, the purest space is lineal motion. Once we realize of this paradox of perception, all what exists become a ‘form in motion’, a time motion.

And so we define two types of essential motions in the universe: lineal forces and bodies, which specialize in lineal motions or energetic motions and cyclical particles (masses and charges) and heads, which specialize in cyclical motions that create forms and are often perceived as static information. In the graph we see that duality between the still perception of energy as ‘space’ and clock-cycles as information and its real motions. Several facts explain those perceptive paradoxes:

– The ‘expansion of space’, a key feature of the Universe, is synonymous of motion. Since that expansion can either be described as a ‘growth’ of space between galaxies (big-bang theory) or as a measure of the speed of galaxies that move away from each other (z-red shift theory). So vacuum space and energetic, lineal motions are synonymous.

– All what we perceive as static has, in detail, some motion. Thus, in the same way we perceive in the night a moving car as a fixed line of space, we perceive the space of the Universe as static though it is expanding, moving. And we perceive the Earth as static even if it is rotating (Paradox of Galileo).

– A 3rd proof of the temporal, motion-like nature of reality comes from the role of light in our perception of space: The last substrata of physical, vacuum space is light, (BG radiation) – a force in motion that shares the 3 Euclidean dimensions of canonical space, because both concepts vacuum space and light are synonymous: the 3 perpendicular dimensions of Euclidean space, width, height and length, are equivalent to the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light-space – the electric= informative=height field, the magnetic=energetic=width field, and the length=reproductive field (since a light wave reproduces its form in the length dimension).

Thus, we ‘see’ space as made of 3 perpendicular dimensions, because its substance ‘light-space’ is made of 3 perpendicular motions. Both concepts are the same: the 3 dimensions of static vacuum space are the 3 arrows=motions of light: its energetic, magnetic field, its informative, electric field, and its reproductive, e x i, field of speed. Those 3 motions occupy and create vacuum space. While the 4th arrow of social evolution of light is what we call ‘colors’, which gather many photons into a single color and complete our perception of space. The equality between spatial dimensions and light motions – the substance of space – is proved by the condensation of vacuum space into light photons.

Yet the mathematical, probabilistic depiction of that phenomenon obscures its cause among physicists. On the other hand, painters know this equivalence since the impressionist, pointillist schools discovered that we paint light, not space.

We add to light-space a 2nd spatial force, gravitation, which we do not perceive, but seems to curve the Euclidean geometry of light-space, according to Einstein’s relativity.

Thus, there are 2 space membranes: light-space, the space we perceive; and gravitational space, which we do not perceive directly, though we know it exists because its force/energy affects reality. So the total space of reality is shaped by the combined creative effect of two expanding energies, gravitation and light. Thus, space and its dimensions are not an abstract, mathematical reality that exists independently of light and gravitation – an error caused by the use of an abstract, continuous Cartesian graph that seems a form of space, independent of the entities that exist within it. Space is made of those 2 moving forces, reason why we cannot move faster than light-space, the maximal motion-distance of our perceived Universe.

Recap: What we call vacuum space is the static, ‘dimensional’ perception of the energy/motion of light and gravitational forces that fill the vacuum. What we call a mass is the static perception of a whirl of vacuum energy, a clock-like, cyclical motion of time. Hence, since all is motion, including the 2 ultimate substances of reality, the energy of space and the forms of masses and charges, all is in constant change, all is time. Thus, we exist in an eternal Universe, made of time motions, which our perception fixes into a continuous, still reality.

Thus our first approximation, to the unification of charges and masses, using first the simplest Bohr and Newtonian model is right because the concepts behind those models are right, the details not so much –  in the 4th line the more complex mathematical physics of Relativity and Heisenberg Matrix with the Hamiltonian will be used to obtain similar results.

In that regard we must stress that first concepts must be right. Physics today often uses wrong concepts due to its lineal definition of time, continuous concept of space and lack of 5d metric to unify all the scales of the universe and explain the duality of entropy and information.

Yet, it covers those conceptual errors, as in the cosmic big bang studied in the previous post with a lot of ‘Latin’: complex computer models that always seem right, by the hypnotic power of difficult mathematical calculus, its nice PowerPoint pictures and billion of $ spent in experimental machines – mostly to find nothing we don’t know already as a little whisper of Gravitational waves, or an irrelevant particle of the weak interaction (the Higgs). I use none of that ‘rhetoric’ here, as I am a proud believer in human brains – have always done my calculations by hand (-; and yet, this introductory paragraph give us more whys on modern physics that all the research of post-war scholars, who of course will not have any of it (-; Why? Because the universe is simple and not malicious. So simple principles MUST RULE the foundations of a Theory of Everything. (-;

The Unification Equation: Protons as black holes.

Now, to fully understand those fractal quarks and how they might form cosmological black holes, we have to relate the quantum world of charges and masses and the cosmological world of stars and black holes. So we have to return to complex physics, solving one of the great questions pending in twentieth-century physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which is the key to properly mathematize the different masses of all those quarks and deduce the speeds of its vortices. To that aim, we must understand charges and masses as two fractal membranes of the Universe, not as two forces, that exist in the same continuous space-time. This is an improvement over Einstein relativity, but as the reader should understand by now, what fractal relativity has done is to improve Einstein by improving the mathematics he used, with the addition of fractal mathematics and the completion of the postulates of non-Euclidean geometry and by improving the logic of his work with the addition of information, the second arrow of time.

The equation that unifies charges and masses as a single type of force has been searched for one hundred years from the perspective of quantum particles, not with the geometrical/motion-based concepts of Einstein’s masses. Yet Einstein always said the unification equation should be based in the geometrical similarity between the equations of electromagnetism and gravitation and the equivalence principle between mass and acceleration.

Let us then use those simple principles. The existence of a fractal structure of space-time means that the electromagnetic world and the cosmological world are just two self-similar non-Euclidean membranes of space-time of two scales and charges and masses two self-similar vortices of two different scales.

So we shall be able to obtain for the first time theoretically, the value of the stronger universal constant of charges (Coulomb) by merely translating the jargon of a charge to the jargon of a vortex of space-time, which is the same in all scales. Since rotation is the essence of mass and the concept of a hard particle as a solid ball is a mere Maya of the senses, their only difference between quantum charges and cosmological bodies is the higher speed of rotation of charges and hence the stronger constant of the electromagnetic vortices of the quantum world.

This unification can be done with the mathematics of Newton, Poisson, or Einstein, which are just three stages in the constant refinement of the principle of equivalence and the geometrical analysis of the Universe. What matters is to understand the principles, which is what quantum cosmologists no longer do.

So now we have a quantum theory of gravitation and we can explore further both ways down and up the relationships.

The relationships between the particles of those two fractal scales, the cosmological and quantum scale, is the next great mystery of physics, resolved by the unification equation and Einstein’s mass theory. To find that relationship, we must translate to the gravitational jargon the radius of a proton, the particle made of quarks and gluons in the quantum world. If the hypothesis of a self-similar membrane of space-time of different scales of size holds since both, a proton and a black hole in the two scales, are made of quarks, the proton must be a black hole of the electromagnetic scale and so its radius, when translated to the jargon of gravitation, must have the same formula than a black hole radius, called a Schwarzschild Horizon.

Again, the mathematics is fairly straight: we equal the Coulomb, gravitational constant=1.5×1029 and the electromagnetic radius of the proton written in the jargon of gravity with its classic formula that describes the same vortex, written in the jargon of electromagnetism:

Electromagnetic force (gravitational jargon) = G(q) Mproton melectron /r2 = e2/4∏eor2 =F (classic jargon)

A hydrogen atom will be then a mass vortex of space-time, where G(q) is the Coulomb constant as a gravitational constant with value 1.5 x1029.

Now we use the previous equation to find the electron Bohr radius as a gravitational vortex. Then the magic transformation happens. Take the previous equation

e2= 4∏eoGq(1.5 x1029) Mproton melectron

And put it into the electron radius: e2/melectron x c2 x4∏eo. Now cancel melectron and 4∏eo.

And you get the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world as follows: G(q)M/c2.

It is a much simpler formula, which means we are doing “good physics” according to Ockham’s principle. But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(q), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitationalworld.

Indeed in the cosmological world, beyond that radius light sinks toward the central singularity, where the black hole, a quark star resides. And beyond that radius, the electromagnetic flow sinks into the nucleus where quarks feed on light. In both worlds beyond those event horizons, light cannot escape. And yet the proton has a magnetic pole, through which it emits magnetic flows, equivalent to the dark energy, we shall see, black holes emit through its poles.

In other words, protons are self-similar to cosmological black holes in the quantum scale. And black holes are probably made of strings, gluons, and quarks as protons are. They should be therefore frozen quark stars, of the only variety of quarks which is positively charged, which happens to be also the densest of all quarks, the top quark, whose parameters as a condensate coincide with those of a cosmological black hole. And so a black hole is a top quark star, positively charged, the “self-similar proton” of a galactic atom.

Tƒ notice those results, the first theoretical deduction of Q, departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

For a century, quantum cosmology has tried to obtain this unification, departing from quantum laws. Yet it can be obtained, departing from the gravitational equations of a vortex of space-time. Coulomb already hints at this fact when he decided to use a self-similar formula to that of Newton to describe a charge. What Einstein did was to refine those measures with the concept of simultaneous, present time and the use of the non-Euclidean Ricci tensor/flow, which is a more sophisticated, detailed picture of that curved vortex of space-time. He, we might say, applied a mathematical method that allows taking a series of still photographs of the vortex with enormous accuracy, but the complexity of his calculus hid the unification equation for a century. So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric vortex at different scales, explained with two different historic jargons.

So indeed, the Universe is a fractal of space-time, with two self-similar membranes. This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world.

But in what it concerns this book, the most interesting finding under the new U (q) value of the electromagnetic constant is the discovery that the proton horizon shows the same equation as that of a black hole, a Schwarzschild horizon. It means that a quark condensate is a black hole state and vice versa: a cosmological black hole is a deconfined state of billions of top quarks, a top quark star.

Now, the mathematical treatment of the equivalence principle to unify masses and charges can be done with the simplest descriptions of a vortex created by Newton and Poisson or with the more complex Riemannian geometries of Einstein. The general error of physicists and the obvious reason why this equation has not been found is precisely their rejection of the simplest mathematics of Newton and Poisson, which made the unification exceedingly difficult. Yet there was a second reason: the use of a single arrow energy. So Einstein tried to unify cyclical vortices of mass and lineal electromagnetism (Maxwell’s equations) because he didn’t realize that he had to unify information and information (charges and masses) on one side and lineal forces with lineal forces (gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves), which has been done with the self-similar equations of gravito-magnetism.

Thus, in a universe of multiple fractal space-times, each one with a different content of spatial speed and informative density defined by a different G, electromagnetism and gravitation are merely two types of vortices with different sizes, hence different contents of space and time, which translates into different universal constants. 

Consequences of the fractal unification of charges and masses

We obtained theoretically, for the first time, the value of Q from G; always obtained through the experimental method, the three legs of the scientific method are met in the fractal unification equation:

  • Logic consistence. The Universe is a fractal of multiple space-times, self-similar in structure.
  • Mathematical accuracy. The same vortex of space-time allows calculating theoretically the values of those vortices.
  • Experimental proof. The experimental calculation of Q coincides with the theoretical value, which has a probability to happen of less than 1 in a trillion, if this coincidence were by chance and not because the Universe is indeed a fractal of self-similar scales and charges are gravitational, quantum vortices.

Because no other approach has yielded a consistent, experimental logic and mathematical unification, it is obvious that a charge is a self-similar (but not equal) membrane of space-time.

Further on, a third type of force or vortex of space/time, which is even smaller in space and faster in time, the bidimensional strong force, defines quarks. And its cosmological equivalent, bidimensional black holes, seem to be similar in properties and morphology. Thus, we can also relate with the same principle of equivalence the strong force and gravitational force. We already showed the Bohr radius to be a Schwarzschild radius, and since astronomers study the stars around galactic black holes as electronic nebulae and have found that the central black hole is actually a swarm of them, as a quark is actually a fractal of gluons, the self-similarities keep growing.

In our analysis of the errors of truth of science, we considered the hyperbolic error the most common among human beings. Now we can apply it to the real structure of the Universe and its different membranes of space-time. We exist only in one of those membranes, the membrane of light space-time, which is Euclidean in form, whose space dimensions are given by the three lineal perpendicular fields of light.

And yet physicists think Einstein’s special relativity, which studies our local, fractal membrane of space-time (the membrane of Euclidean light-space and its entire evolved electroweak species that inhabit that space), found a tautology. Since we exist in that “light medium,” the speed of light c is the limit of speed of our world. Yet he thought c was the limit of speed of all the systems and sizes of the Universe.

Indeed, imagine that you exist in a war medium. If you flow with the water, you will not be able to go faster than the water. Because we float, so to speak, in light, the space-time of the galaxy, we can’t go further than light.

But we have observed beyond the galactic light space, intergalactic, dark, gravitational space with z=10 c speeds. This is in fractal space/time theory, with its decametric, multiple membranes of space-time, the limit of speed of the bigger cosmological world of dark/gravitational energy and quark/black holes. But scientists have invented an enormous number of ad hoc solutions to deny that in the bigger world of galaxies that float in that dark world, speed is faster.

Enough to say that the symmetry is based on what we call the paradox of Galileo, the fact that all what we observe can be seen as a fixed form or a moving one, like the Saturn’s rings mentioned before. When we see a mass as a motion, it is a vortex; when we see it as a fixed form, it is a particle. When we see a force as a motion, it is energy; when we see it fixed, it is space.

The classic example is given in cosmology: are the galaxies that are moving at z=10 c moving at ten times the speed of light, or is space creating distance, expanding? In the appendix, we shall deal with that theme when we study in depth the meaning of the big bang.

In this appendix, dedicated to the physical Universe, we have now to consider the fundamental symmetry of the Universe between lineal forces of space and cyclical, informative particles of time.

The ∆±1 physical scales – its fields. The Gravitational and quantum fields.

How this is explained in physics, varies according to the ages of its logic and mathematical understanding. Today they like to use a very abstract jargon taken from the abstract jargons that poisoned the understanding of mathematics during the Germanic idealistic age, to which they add expressions and mathematical forms that are easily susceptible to become algorithms of computer models of the Universe. Fine, but we want people to understand what they say, so we are not going specially in this second line to be concerned with the jargon of symmetry breaking SO3 groups, Lie Algebras, transformations invariance’s, bastions and Operators, but try to explain in simple understandable terms how things happen.

And so now we can state the following fields, which are always a plane under the present –wave-body/head-particle system, which is NOT an excitation but an eusocial evolution of the field, such as:

∑œ-field quanta Reproductive wave≥ Collapsing particle with more dimensions of Form and lesser speed-distance in space.

Thus a field is a series of undistinguishable point-particles called quanta, which can be descried by a constant of action, within the metric so the fifth dimension, Exit=K, undistinguishable in each scale, which a wave will reorder and give information to in patterns, which are the wave forms, in a first step, giving it certain properties, which are not pure chaotic energy without distinguishable form. The wave thus is the first ‘stage’ of creation of order-information, which sometimes might lower the energy of the field or at least establish within the field a certain potential gradient and directionality. And finally in the point of maximal density of wave or gradient, there will appear a particle or T.Œ or point of view of the field, in which the field acquires maximal density of information.

So Gravitational fields become distinguishable as masses collapse the energy-momentum tensor, which is the ‘wave’ state of the vacuum field. And those are the 3 ‘states’ of increasing eusocial evolution described by general Relativity with its formalism, and 3 elements, each one describing a part of the ternary physical system of gravitation:

The EFE (Einstein Field equations) can then be written Using geometrized units where G = c = 1, this can be rewritten as:

ToScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.52.37


Thus the expression on the left represents the curvature of space-time as determined by the metric; which is the To Element of the field; the expression on the right represents the matter/energy content of space-time; which is the wave of energy and information or ExI element of the field. And the element in the middle Lgive is the Plane of the 5th dimension or Cosmological Constant that expresses the energy of the vacuum from where the other two elements are born, which accordingly is extremely high (no Einstein did not know 5D physics when he used the same term; had not travelled into the future, and I am not on the Time cone influenced by him :_)

The EFE is then in the parlance of classic physics interpreted as a set of equations dictating how matter/energy (The body-wave) determines the curvature of space-time (the To state of gravitation).

These equations, together with the geodesic equation, which dictates how freely-falling matter moves through space-time, form the core of the mathematical formulation of relativity:

Tab;b =0.

Whereas the geodesic equation merely describes the behavior of a T.œ particle of mass in the field, without considering the ExI wave so it is a Sæ>To description of it, (Past to future), while EFE can be considered a more complete EXI-present description or wave description of it. We latter deal with that essential duality of physical description of systems, which represent or two fundamental equations of time:

Past x Future = ∂ Present (momentum description in physics)

For example, for an electromagnetic wave, the momentum density (whereas momentum is the commonest expression of a past x future, speed x particle parameter) is given by the Pointing vector:

P=1/4πe E (r,t) x B (r,t)

which puts the momentum in relationship with the electric and magnetic field-wave. On the other hand the full description of the wave INDEPENDENT of the time flow, is a common equation, which gives us the whole worldcycle of the system, as a conservative system, a closed system, presented either as a scalar or energy or the variation of that energy within the whole function of existence of the being:

Present-wave (Energy full Hamiltonian description in physics)

Whereas the limited momentum description or small steps in space or parts in time can be integrated, ∫momentum=Energy, to observe the larger whole description of the worldcycle. For example, in quantum physics we will obtain the famous Schrodinger’s wave, which in the simplest time independent representations write:Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.53.00

Which the reader should observe is similar to the equation of the Gravitational Plane of Einstein. N one side two values ad up, one related to the particle state of the system, as it ha the momentum of the particle and on the center the potential energy of the system, related to the external fields of the wave. On the other hand we observe the same equation that in Einstein’s: the product of the energy and the information of the wave (its wave function, y).

Now from the previous equations we can deduce general rules of T.Πapplied to the planes of mathematical physics:

The ‘superposition’ rules of waves of present, which are ‘democratic’, and add up its values. Since their lower scale over, which they are formed, is made of ‘indistinguishable quanta’. And this will be the key to understand waves as opposed to particle, the past x future systems, which are hierarchical, multiplicative.

The clear equivalence between the equations of T.Πand those of physics despite its quite different jargon.

The duality of existence of body-heads/ waves-particles, of which too much writing has been done for something quite simple: waves and particles go together organically.

The similarity of all the scales of the Universe, truly a fractal with few differences between those scales, which on one side makes harmonic the entire universe, from the other, will provoke as we shall see quite clear errors on the confusions of physics between different planes and space and time states – i.e. which is the scale of the big bang, if as we shall see the processes of a quasar big-bang (galactic big bang) are quite similar to those of a cosmos; the big bang of neutrons are quite similar to those of a pulsar?

And finally, the fact that physicists do NOT see that pantheist Universe and do NOT think those scales is similar because they use different jargons and the aberrations of perceptions across different scales of the 5th dimension distort their view of the Universe.

Now of course General Relativity in as much as it describes all the fields of the system above the particle level, including the thermodynamic, gravitational, and electromagnetic fields and its energy(Sæ)óMass (To) elements, in any number possible ARE the culmination – no doubt about it – of 400 years of search for the understanding of the external motions of space-time systems in the Universe, from the largest perspective we have of it, with enough information to make accurate predictions.

And as such along the formalism of quantum physics for the somewhat independent lower scale of charges and particles they represent a fundamental achievement of the human kind. And yet they are both, very limited analysis of the whole informations and energies and motions, internal and external and actions of existence of all its infinite points. And it couldn’t be otherwise because only the Universe has all the information about itself and all its beings.

This is why it is important to have a T.Œ, which does give us a synthetic view of the whole forest, given the enormous amount of information stored in the details. It is a fact that this monumental work of the spatial, external vision of time=motion is mostly useless to the individual human mind, and had not been with the help of an alien mind, the mathematical digital computer, it would remain basically a cumbersome tool of little use, easily substituted by Newton’s and Poisson’s had Hamilton’s simplified versions of it.

It is important to realize that the Einstein field equations alone are not enough to determine the evolution of a gravitational system in many cases. They depend on the stress–energy tensor, which depends on the dynamics of matter and energy (such as trajectories of moving particles), which in turn depends on the gravitational field. If one is only interested in the weak field limit of the theory, the dynamics of matter can be computed using special relativity methods and/or Newtonian laws of gravity and then the resulting stress–energy tensor can be plugged into the Einstein field equations. But if the exact solution is required or a solution describing strong fields, the evolution of the metric and the stress–energy tensor must be solved for together.

To obtain solutions, the relevant equations are the above quoted EFE (in either form) plus the continuity equation (to determine evolution of the stress–energy tensor).

This is clearly not enough, as there are only 14 equations (10 from the field equations and 4 from the continuity equation) for 20 unknowns (10 metric components and 10 stress–energy tensor components). Equations of state are missing. In the most general case, it’s easy to see that at least 6 more equations are required, possibly more if there are internal degrees of freedom (such as temperature) which may vary throughout space-time.

So we can see the limits of a T.œ of analytical physics without the organic paradigm, the understanding of the common space-time ages of all systems and the simple ternary symmetries of 5D space and time. Since a lot of perspectives are missing and on the fundamental field of study of physics, ∆±e, motions and energy actions, the Universe and its multiple points of view with multiple freedoms makes things truly difficult – even today with the help of an alien mind which is distorting and let us be frank atrophying the human mind with its digital computer ways of thought and modeling reality.

The same will happen in quantum physics, where we find now due to the growing levels of energy and information of smaller scales according to the metrics of the 5th dimension such an enormous number of particles, in possible states, creating time cycles so fast, and with so limited perception of them, that again we could state the same – just changing ‘large’ for ‘small’, the culmination – no doubt about it – of 400 years of search for the understanding of the external motions of space-time systems in the Universe, from the smallest perspective, etc.

But what physics needs specially for the rest of mankind to understand reality and the meaning of it all, is not more precise analysis of the paths of electrons and stars – this can be of use to the electronic industry and the programmer of telescopes – but the full integration into the larger view of everything that we shall provide din this text, and the correction within that architectonical structure ad simplification of jargons to give those equations meanings within the context of the proper understanding of a Universe of space-time beings. That is, the simplification of the Ptolemaic epicycles more abundant in quantum physics than relativity, to make sense of it all.

Now latter we shall consider many of these proper interpretations, and the paradoxes of classic physics regarding the cosmological constant due to their null understanding of the dualities of space-time and how to properly interpret it, but the example suffices in this 2nd line to fully grasp what is a Physical equation of a field: a ternary Spatial description of a symmetry of space-time.

This field though is the field of Gravitation, of which contrary to belief we ONLY know to be fully operative in the Galaxy in the scale in which we have reliable measures NOT in the cosmos, and that will be latter discussed in detail.

Indeed, there might be above it, between galaxies – and I believe that should be the case according to the growing planes of the 5th dimension, a Bigger field, which therefore has faster than c-light space-time and denser rotational vortices of time of < 0 temperature of informative order, made of top quark stars (aka black holes) and Higgs fields of tachyon, scalar distance-speed, cause of the inflaton phase of expansive big-bangs, and the breaking of symmetry (death and reabsorption) of our galactic Universe. And we will return to it, being so important both for theoretical and practical reasons today (as we are exploring those particles that devour our matter and make it matter of the dark energy/matter world outside galaxies, today on earth hence the dangers they might devour us, as we explain on our activist web)

Now this is therefore the Generator equation of the ∆+2 cosmological realm of solar systems, both in its space-time integrating present field equation and its past to future, individual equation.

The intelligent reader will then realize that the same description happen for smaller scales of reality, of which we will bring here the 3 more important, the scale of electric currents, the scale of thermodynamic fields and the scale of quantum fields, and merely enunciate its equations:

– In the ∆ electromagnetic plane of existence, the field-wave equations are the Maxwell equations, and the ‘Geodesic equation’ is the Lorentz equation (whereas we consider the electron social group as the fundamental element of study):

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.44.36

Now, here we can see those Maxwell and Lorentz equations with a fascinating parallelism, which will give you a better sense of the whole and unity of physics. They are the expression of Maxwell equations for the wave-field of electromagnetism (above) and the equivalent equations of Einstein written by Heaviside, called Gravitomagnetic equations with its translation of jargon from gravity to electromagnetism. They ARE the same equations differing basically in the ‘constant’ of curvature of space-time, G and Q, which belong to two planes of size of the Universe, the cosmic and microcosmic planes.

We will very soon unify mathematically the values of Q and G in this post – a prime of 5D physics, proving therefore that ultimately 5D physics IS the proper model and only form to unify conceptually and mathematically the scales of the Universe. Now the scales are not exactly equal as no fractal is equal in all scales: you are not like your cells, but the astounding parallelism shows that conceptually the Universe IS a fractal of 5D planes. The only difference between those two constants will BE one of strength, due to the fact that according to 5D metrics, paradoxically smaller sales ARE stronger, faster in its time clocks: Sæ x To = L. Below we see also the geodesics of both fields – the motion of particles on it.

The forest thus is clear, the details have been there for a century.

– In the ∆ thermodynamic equations of molecular atoms (where we consider the atom as the fundamental field of study), the Field-wave equation is the Heat equation (Gibbs equation of Free energy: G=H-ST, once more with 3 components) or equation of present, and the Geodesic equation of motion of a particle are Boltzmann equations for ideal gases, of the motion of individual particles, which gave birth to the understanding of the laws of thermodynamics.

– In the ∆-2 scale of quantum physics the Dirac equation becomes the present-wave equation (and the Schrodinger simpler version) which are in essence Hamiltonians of energy, that describe all its elements, and the geodesic equation are the Feynman formalism of motions and diagrams that express how particles move along paths exchanging energy and information with other particles.

And again for any physicist who wants to think on 5D terms, it should be evident that the thermodynamic and quantum scale USE THE SAME MATHEMATICAL FORMALISMS, statistical probabilities, to account for the massive amounts of particles with multiple degrees of freedom, and ‘canonical ensembles’, that study their motions in group, and aleatory paths in which particles stop and go, collide, exchange energy and keep moving and stopping (Brownian paths, Feynman paths), since we are describing basically two scales of motions which are telling us similar stories, a series of particles or molecules which are free to move around and perform actions of storage of energy and information, regulated by simple terms. So we can conclude this description of it with the understanding of the 4 quantum numbers that particles obey in terms of the actions of space-time they display to ‘exist’:
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.44.44

In the graph, the ∆-principal number codes the ∆æ, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆i, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆œ actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆û, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).

The enormous complexity of studying those actions for assemblies of millions of particles can be compared to the attempts to analyze asses of human beings in their actions of consumption. Again economics and marketing of corporations do treat humans are indistinguishable computers and simultaneous networks of information (mass-media) manufacture our consent as herds, so there is NOT difference the way we do relate to humans when we adopt the perspective from above, of corporations and political polling with the perspective of quantum physicists or thermodynamics.

It is NOT the species, which are qualitative different but the way humans extract information from social masse, û, than from individuals and the LAWS OF SUPERORGANISMS, studied in the first line – the common game that makes emerge through 4th postulate of ¬æ networks a whole, indistinguishable from the mass of individuals that loose its individuality and become exchangeable, as the system handles information with general fields.
The same happens as we shall observe in evolution when the Earth handles its species with massive fields of energy (changes of glaciation temperatures) that determine the accelerate evolution of its species.

So T.Œ can explain this perspectives and plug them all within the GENERAL GAME Of existence and evolution from parts into wholes (5th more complex set of reproductive and social actions, ∑œ=û+1

And once we do understand the isomorphisms of the Universe we can plug into them all the systems of reality and enter into the details of the thoughts of god.

So the main perceptions of classic physical equations are:

– The field perceptions of physical systems as forces, which includes often an Sæ>To geodesic analysis.

And SE<ExI>To ternary analysis. So to complete the main ways of studying physical systems, we must add studies in which we consider the ExI>To ‘true physical system of wave-particles, body-heads’, which are the essential vital element of physical Universes.

But there is a third key description that of the body-head/wave-particle of the system.

The immortality of the Universe.

In physics, the content of motion and form of each scale of the 5th dimension is calculated with the concept of Energy and its 2 ‘parts’ conserved, angular momentum, and lineal momentum (in the human mechanic scale).

Thus the physical Universe has this constancy, which is the constancy of energy, of formal motions, which grow in size and slowdown upwards, or diminish in size and accelerated backwards. And there are many ways to define it. In Physics the closest ones would be lineal momentum or entropy or expansive motion in planes, and cyclical motion (as it appears as form, when perceived in a singe fast cycle, as a wheel turning very fast), or angular momentum; but we can also use the terms space and time, and in a loose terminology people use the whole energy as synonymous of motion, and information as synonymous of form. This ambivalence of meanings is born of the constant transformation of one into the other of yin into yang, of time into space, of motion into form, of lineal into cyclical momentum, so people get confused.

Hence the importance to have in mind the ultimate, purest yin an yang, form and motion, which are words clearly defined and without attachment to particular equations and definition as they have been rather forgotten as precise philosophical concepts, despite being at the origin of Greek philosophy. So we could then rewrite the fundamental principle of physics, the principle of conservation of energy in a more complex manner, with a formula, previous mentioned:

‘Energy never dies, it transforms itself from entropic motion into cyclical in-form-ations, back and forth ad eternal:   Ce= ∆±n= Sæ < ≈ > To”

Whereas Ce is constant energy, which we can define for each relative ∆-plane of reality with a constant of ‘action’, H, K, C2, or see dynamically as a constant transformation of entropic motions into cyclical forms, lineal and angular momentums. Or we can integrate into beings composed of both.

It follows from those laws the immortality of the Universe, and its dualist formal motions, which are a zero-sum when we put together its antisymmetries of space-time, which conserve together its potential vs. kinetic energy, angular vs. lineal momentum, time vs. space anti-symmetries, across 3 ∆±1 planes of the 5th dimension.

This is the ‘essence’ of it we must grasp. The immortality of the whole is based in the inverse symmetry of its 2 elements: form vs. motion, left vs. right, expansion vs. implosion; lineal, decelerating, expansive stillness vs. accelerating implosive cyclical motion; faster than c speed vs. slower than c speed, positive charge vs. negative charge, particle vs. antiparticle… Positive vs. negative wave sides. opposite genders, a ‘male’ or ‘female’ element, which are complementary and fusion in a reproductive present or divide in two opposite fractions.

Thus 5D Physics explains in a much more natural manner what many physicists came to call the group theory disease; that is, the use of the abstract jargons of modern mathematics, without understanding what they truly mean, and what is ‘truth’ and what is mere mathematics, provoking the present inflation of ‘Group transformations and Symmetries’. Reality is rather simple, and the proper jargon slightly different. There is not a breaking of symmetry as physicists express it but rather the creation of a symmetry of opposite elements, departing from a universal constant, of Present State, Se=To, an immortal point of balance in any plane of reality, which diverges both sides, to one side of more information, Max. To and a side of larger spatial energy, as that is the ONLY ternary elements of 5D space-time that might ‘’diverge or converge’ in any scale.

In brief, the 3 ‘standing points’ of the e ages of a Worldcycle in time or ternary symmetry in space or ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension might diverse from present to relative past and future, lineal and cyclical, higher or lower scales and that gives birth to diversity. So we shall first consider in the domain around our local scale, space and time parameters-constants, how those divergences might happen.

So zero systems expand into the negative (past-Se in our conventional choice) and positive (future, To in our choice) relative sides of a constant of symmetry, Se=To, which is EXPRESSED by giving birth to two cancelling opposites. Coincidentia Oppositorum, said Nicola da Cusa, the infinitely large and slow, the infinitely small and fast, the 0 and the ∞ which are relative and multiplied give us a constant ‘o’ for adding operations or 1 for multiplicative inversions, or a Universal constant for logarithmic scales of the 5th dimension (log vs. e, ln vs. 10, log2 vs. 2 vs. √2 being the most important of those inversions).

Let us recall from this or other posts, what those 3 Se, To, and Se=To, standing points and constants are in our world:

Se=To: constants of present action on 3 scales.

– C: the space-time fundamental constant of the galaxy, or present wave of energy and information, in the ∆+1 scale, k or Boltzmann constant in the thermodynamic scale and H or Planck constant in the quantum scale.

Max. Se & Max. To: Young-energetic and old Informative, antisymmetries on 3 scales.

– Lineal vs. Cyclical formal motions, which we call lineal and cyclical momentum, and its integral sum, kinetic and potential energy, in the ∆+1 scale of cosmic bodies.

– Lineal vs. Cyclical formal motions, which we call, negative and positive ‘charge’ in the quantum scale.

– And finally lineal vs. cyclical order in the thermodynamic scale which we consider to have a constant called 0-Kelvin temperature.

It is that reality which must tilt one or the other side of the constant to create the worlds and antiworlds, light and dark worlds of our Universes and Anti-Universes.

In other worlds the Universe which conserves, Se, To, Se=To, and ∆±1 elements, the 3 scales and its cyclical and lineal momentums must in its origin be made of both, in its Se=To original symmetries and this is the first being or constant of action, a particle, with lineal momentum, a wave, with c-speed a plane of space with angular momentum or spin.

We can in that sense define several possible births of Universes, but to be strict, we just will consider the quasar Universe of our light space-time galaxy, which is the only one we have enough information to fully understand.

In such Universe we do know there is a space-time, which is light space-time. So we can consider it split above or below a certain dividing constant Se x To, speed, ‘c’.

We know that the island galaxy, in which we are as masses and particles, have a c-speed barrier, we cannot cross. And we know

outside our Galaxy there is a whole world of dark space and dark energy, we do NOT see. So it is not made of c-speed light. So the origin of our reality ‘before we were born must be a split that left on our side the < c speed and outside of our galaxy there must be a >c speed. This is the world of dark energy, which seems to expand BECAUSE seeing as distance, faster than c-speed appears as expansive, entropic space.

This is not forbidden in Einstein’s equations, merely means a negative sign in the mass and energy of the system, which can only be crossed, when a ‘being’ suffers the antisymmetry of moving from the side of more to-order into the side of more se-entropy, in the action of death.

Now, for a system to be > C speed it must have a space which is scalar, and with 0 spin, outside. So what particle outside can be > c and 0 scalar angular momentum? As always we do NOT speculate (and that is why we have reduced our analysis to our galaxy). There is actually a boson, the Higgs boson that has 0 spin and negative mass in certain ranges of excited existence. So here we have the dark energy boson, the Higgs, outside the Universe, accelerating beyond c-speed, which therefore is the ‘event horizon’ or halo of the galaxy, which cannot be crossed in the larger scale of the anti-atom galaxy.

So the fundamental symmetry of the cosmological ∆+1 scale is >c (Higgs boson), ≈ c (Photon) < c (Mass) is resolved.

Next there is the question moves to the ∆-thermodynamic scale.

Again, we must consider here the constant of order, which we found to be 0 K Temperature. So there should be a world to one side of 0 temperature and a world to the other side of 0 temperature.

And since we find that our world CANNOT go under 0 temperature, we are in the side of > 0 Temperature and < C speed. This is evident. And so we must conclude that the dark world outside the galaxy must be below the 0 temperature barrier, which cannot be crossed either. Do we find then anything that is in the dark world below 0 temperature.

Indeed, black holes of large size have a perfect order and are 0 temperature. Their world starts in a accelerated vortex of gravitation, from where ‘light cannot speak’ because light actually turns at c-speed in its event horizon, but because vortices are accelerated (Principle of Equivalence between acceleration and gravity), beyond its 0-barrier black holes MUST move faster than light with less than zero temperature.

And so those are the fundamental barriers between the galactic world in space (< c-speed) and time (>0 k ) and the dark world of dark matter (black hole matter) and dark energy (expansive, > c speed).

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.47.30

In the graph, the pseudo sphere is used to represent Kerr black holes on its central, faster than light axis, which transforms ‘time cycles’ beyond c-speed into spatial dark energy shut through its tachyon jet-axis into the dark world outside galaxies. This spinning process of accelerating and expelling waves and fields of information and energy absorbed through the bidimensional plane-mouth, is natural to all fractal points of the Universe in any scale of reality.

The pseudo sphere however has 2 jets, one that emits the Sæ field of the system its absorbs and kills and one that emits its To particles, the red and blue shift sides of the black hole or star jet. Both are the sides of a ‘broken dead-symmetry’ when a physical species, Sæ<ExI≥To dies, as all systems, it does so because its ‘fields, waves and particles’ dissociate, loosing the synchronicity of its internal clocks (De Broglie’ s wave-particle analyzed that synchronicity in its masterpiece paper, today often forgotten on the forest of mathematical trees). All systems then break as the time vortex accelerates and the field lines decelerate in inverse versions. Thus all symmetry-split of a Universe constant of action or wave can be seen also as a death process of the physical system, and its now unconnected parts.

It is the duality of symbiotic creation big-bang destruction, clearly shown in the particle-antiparticle ± charge fields vs. the proton-electron, ± symbiotic union. The same graph can represent the potential inverse symmetry wells of those positive and negative charges:

Another way to represent those two sides of a symmetry is the concept of a potential well:
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.00
A potential well is the region surrounding a local minimum of potential energy. Energy captured in a potential well is unable to convert to another type of energy (kinetic energy in the case of a gravitational potential well) because it is captured in the local minimum of a potential well.

The potential well will then be the ‘symmetry point’ or ‘Universal constant’, the c-speed of zero mass-energy; the place in which pure motion and pure form will reside eternally; which once broken will distend into the negative and positive ‘death’ maximals and minimal extremal points.

The potential well becomes then as the ‘death process’ splits its parameters into a potential barrier, which the system will NOT be able to cross unless it returns to its present-wave form (quantum barrier crossed in the wave state when the extremal past x future field-article system returns to the wave state): 

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.05

In the graph, the quantum barrier can only be crossed in wave state. The understanding on T.Œ of those phenomena requires to fully grasp the ‘changes in time speed’ which all systems can perform within the limits of its constants of action: as we can accelerate our actions, increasing the tempo of our heart clock, which in turns do change our perception of time, systems can change its E x T = H quantum of action accelerating its time clocks or decelerating them, and can change its ‘states’ from body-actions (wave-state) to head-actions (particle state). After crossing as wave in the lower ∆-1 plane of the 5th dimension, the system though shows a lower energy-frequency, which it has spent going ‘under’ the well, in the ∆-1 dimension not above, jumping over the Height dimension of growth of form (which we observe in boson states of eusocial evolution that pile up frequencies of bidimensional spin 1).

Those are essential beats of absolute freedom and zero-viscosity, which all systems of the Universe can perform, in its vital state. The risks of those changes of state happen when the ‘change’ moves towards the ‘LNK’ limits of the physical function (Max. Sæ=c-speed > stable>Max. To-form= 0 k), where the split an cause the death of the system.

We can understand those processes thus also in terms of ‘translation’ and travel through the 5th dimension, ∆-particle < ∆-1: wave, faster state: motion > Particle-still form.



A fast survey of time in modern physical sciences. Lineal External motions≈changes.

Beyond lineal, Galilean Time in the XX century, physicists widened their comprehension of time, in two separate new senses – that of Einstein’s relativity, and that of quantum physics in the realm of particles:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 08.03.44

In the graph, the 2 most important new perceptions of time of modern physics after Newton->Galileo’s vision of lineal time, were those of Einstein->Minkowski’s light cones and Feynman’s space-time diagrams. In the light cone, time is still considered just a parameter of external space-motions, but it appears for the first time the concept of an arrow of ‘future time information’ – that is the information of a different space-time point, which in the future light can reach. This represents the arrow of future information of 4D models.

  Einstein  ‘did know’, when he said: I am the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe running at different speeds. Leibniz is right, but if so, we have to rebuild the entire foundations of physical sciences from its beginning… but he didn’t do it. Instead, lineal germans forgot all what he had truly discovered and ‘blocked’ the advance of cyclical time with their lineal 4D space parameter to keep the illusion going.

The classic interpretation of Einstein’s special theory of relativity by Hermann Minkowski, a Lithuanian-German mathematician, it has been clear that physics has to do not with two entities, space and time, taken separately, but with a unitary entity space–time, in which, however, time like and space like directions can be distinguished. The Lorentz transformations, which in special relativity define shifts in velocity perspectives, were shown by Minkowski to be simply rotations of space–time axes. The Lorentz contraction of moving rods and the time dilatation of moving clocks turns out to be analogous to the fact that different-sized slices of a sausage are obtained by altering the direction of the slice: just as there is still the objective (absolute) sausage, so also Minkowski restores the absolute to relativity in the form of the invariant four-dimensional object, and the invariance (under the Lorentz transformation) of the space–time interval and of certain fundamental physical quantities such as action (which has the dimensions of energy times time, even though neither energy nor time is separately invariant).

This fact is important in 5D physics regarding the metric, E= S x T, when we enter in details on mathematical physics, not so much in other sciences, where the quality of the actions matter more than its equations. It is in that sense important to realize that what is ‘conserved’ in a single plane of space-time, is the ‘quanta of space’ or physical constant, H-constant in the quantum scale, K-Boltzmann constant in the thermodynamic scale and c-speed constant in the gravitational scale. The fact that they are measured in 3 different parameters, action (h), entropy (k) and speed (c), will require some understanding of the biased observation of those constants by humans, more proper of the specialized articles on physics.

What matters here is to corroborate some important aspects on 5D:

– The space of each scale is conserved, and in that sense infinite, it does not expand neither varies (no creationist theories of a single space-time continuum).

– Time varies in its frequency (inverse of duration and the true parameter to use to measure cyclical time: T=1/ƒ), but its product with the energy of the system does not vary in a single plane.

– Time speed=information varies and energy flows between scales, but (and this is a law of 5D which obviously is not advanced by Einstein, unaware of the fractal structure of the Universe), for a 3-∆±1 scales of the Universe both are conserved. And this is truly the meaning of the 5D co-invariance. It means that for each closed system, or ‘worldcycle of existence of a being’ between birth and extinction the system lives and dies into a zero-sum its total time and space.

All this are important Correspondences with Einstein’s work expanded to the 5th dimension, which will be mentioned often when studying the key parameters and events and spatial quanta of 5D space-time beings namely their worldcycle between life and death, and its structure and co-existence in 3 synchronizes scales or states (fields-waves and particles).

In essence, because Einstein, worked with a single plane, and lineal time, Minkowski defined (left image), worldlines. In 5D we will define worldcycles, which is what experience sees. And we will define a total zero sum on a worldcycle of life and death, so time is conserved or rather erased in equal zero sums. Because death is an entropic explosion of information into expanded space across 2 entire planes of the 5th dimension, 3 are the planes in which aw worldcycle exist. As we are born in a cellular scale and evolve into organic and social scales but die back to the cellular scale in entropic death (matter dies back into the radiation, minimal particle scale).

What about the concept of lineal time in Relativity, both Galilean and Einsteinian. Here we must warn the reader of the overblown importance given to the concepts of time in physics which are not only restricted by linearity but by the limits of its philosophy of time.

In the widest sense time is ALL forms of change in the Universe and 5D T.Πdoes explain them all. For example the worldcycle of life and death is the key to understand the survival program of the Universe, its ages and horizons of evolution; the 5th dimension and its arrow of time of parts and wholes to explain the evolution of the Universe and the life and social evolution of humanity. And so on.

The limits of special relativity. The meaning of light constancy of space-time rods of measure.

Yet all what mattered to Einstein, as to physicists, who are merely those who study the ‘external motions/energies of beings’ was to measure exactly the paths in space of beings, in relationship to the human frame of reference. So what really he did was to establish a new rod of measure, -constant c speed- for the entire Universe, expanding a notch more human objectivity from the valley of Abrahamic religions (chosen race/land) to the species (oikoumene religions), to the planet (Buddhism, Greek Naturalism), t to the sun (Copernican revolution), to the galaxy (that exists on a background of fixed light space-time). This of course was NOT the final frontier. In 5D we expand further to all scales of space-time, AS LIGHT IS ONLY ONE OF SUCH SCALES of measure size and time speeds.

It is not even the speed of light (though light moves at such speed, other beings do). It is rather the ‘rod of measure of space, of galaxies, and its lowest perceived human scale, which is electronic and feeds, absorbs, gauges and measures reality as fixed distances with the light it absorbs.

Thus the organic paradox merely explains the limit of light speed with the Galilean paradox of relativity: all what moves is a distance in still perception and when 2 electrons measure light is because they entangle and lock its distances with other electrons, fixing their distances (and causing all other fractal parts of the Universe to change their coordinates).

This is the true meaning of relativity: the stillness is not that of light but of the electrons that measure light in their stop and go motions, provoking the changes in parameters of all other parts of the universe around them.

And so ultimately the speed of light is how fast information can be transmitted externally between electronic ‘minds’, through its informative wave of light space-time.

But the corrections finally made physicists to measure accurately or at least from an electronic mind point of view, the distances of the Universe. And thus it was a huge success.

Since in physics, all what matters about time is a single equation of spatial external translation, V=s/t, and the same in relativity where time is ct, hence vt, hence s/t x t = S, a mere parameter of space disguised as ‘all types of time’, as no other of the time-motions of realty are mathematized on those equations. So physicists would do much better and help mankind broad his horizons if they were more humble and explain that whenever they talk of time, they just mean ‘speed’ of external motion. And that is what has its curious properties of spatialization (as it is in fact just a lineal spatial motion) etc. So the properties of ‘time studied in relativity physics’ are those related to motion in space (we shall see other time notions in physics, such as expansive motion in space, or entropy and present, simultaneous measure etc. in due ‘time’).

In the center of the cone we see, the ‘slice’ of present, instantaneous space, or 4 Dimension of time, which represents the modern version of Newton’s ‘instantaneous’ absolute space, perceived in an infinitesimal quantum of time, again used merely to measure external motions=changes of time: V=∂s/∂t.

Einstein went into further detail in those measures, using instants of time to give us the ‘still photographs’ (curved geometry) of the cyclical, physical Newtonian ‘time-clocks’ or masses. So if Newton had given us a ‘long time’ view of the clocks of the Universe, in lineal equations, now Einstein said that ‘time curves space into mass’, and added precision to the instantaneous measures of the largest clocks of time of the Universe, showing their curvature and establishing they accelerated inwards, increasing the future information of matter systems (Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration). So we live in one of such mass vortices of accelerated information (the galaxy centered into a black hole) – reason why it is so important to know cyclical time. We DO not live in the outer Lineal Space between galaxies which expands and represents a relative past arrow of death, disorder and decelerations.

The paradox of the Twins.

In those themes, of interest is also the paradox of the twins, proved in science, which in layman terms is badly explained. It really means that ‘lineal, entropic motions’ are faster in time and live shorter than cyclical, closed paths. Again this relates directly to the laws of the 5th dimension and the definition of life and death and entropy treated latter in detail. Essentially, time is cyclical, and a cycle in terms of ‘space’ implies a certain acceleration (at least angular, often with decelerations and accelerations in motion). This is what truly slow down time. While lineal motion accelerates it. In terms of death and life we write two equations:

Max. S x Min. T = Death (a big bang explosion of expansion in space with no time)

Max. T x Min. S = arrow of Life towards higher information (a series of information cycles with slow time happening in minimal space).

S=T, arrow of balance and immortality.

In that regard, by the principle of correspondence, we can clarify directly from the equations of 5D physics, which apply to all systems, not only physical (as those equations of life and death) the laws of any science including obviously physical sciences. We do NOT need to go into the ‘explanations’ of those facts provided by physicists, as that would be just pedantic writing – they are available in any book of relativity, for example, in the previous case of the twin paradox. What we shall do when dealing with facts of science is toe extract them from the larger, wider formalism of 5D fractal, cyclical space and time, which is truly the jargon ABOVE that of any science.

Of course I do not expect mankind to adopt that jargon, now in m lifetime, but it is just a question of ‘time’ perhaps in the future when Asians find cyclical time amenable, that all this is rediscovered and then it will explode, as it often happens in science with relative amateur or conflicting authors, as this one, from Mendel to Sancho (-;

Fact is the simplicity of 5D and its wider range of application makes the Universe far more fascinating and intelligible that it is now.

So in brief, each plane of existence conserves the actions of space-time, either measured as ‘actions’ in quantum physics as molecular motion or as speed in gravitation and its associated ‘momentums’.

Linearity and continuity in space the single arrow of past-entropy-death of physicists.

On the other hand time≈ information and ‘energy’ are parameters that are conserved together and flow through different scales of reality. So we should talk of ‘energetic information’, or ‘formal motions’, as the parameter that systems use to coordinate the 3 co-existing planes of its worldcycle and organism.

We will try to keep the exact wording only on physics, as for other sciences what matter is the quality of our conceptualization. Energetic information, present formal motions, Space-time beings, all those concepts are synonymous. When separated we rather use past-entropy and future-information as they are more telling.

Death in that sense is the breaking of the balance between those 2 arrows that come together into the ‘actions of energetic information’, which all systems use to display in its present relative ∆-planes of existence.

This duality of past-entropy-death and future-information-life was better Understood by Feynman, who defined in the left graph, antiparticles as relative past flows that annihilated future flows or particles. Feynman took thus a bolder step, with its time-space perpendicular coordinates, considering that light-space ‘travels’ in present time (green photon), as a reproductive wave, and antiparticles (right) travel backwards in time, as they indeed do. Since they represent the entropy of death.

A third concept of time in physics is less advanced, and still hangs on despite Feynman and Einstein:

The concept of ‘entropy’ as the only future arrow of time, or death arrow of expansive disorder, obtained in XIX c. studies of expansive gas.

Einstein’s contributions to the debate. General relativity and mass. E=Mc2

Unfortunately cosmologists have expanded that arrow to the entire universe, because they don’t understand Feynman, Einstein and their findings: that ‘time curves space into accelerated vortices of mass-information’ in galaxies, which balance the entropic arrow of expansive space between galaxies (hence both arrows as in E<=>Mc2, the fundamental equation of time in physics balance each other).

Now here again, Einstein, a man of certain merit, gave us some contributions, which were ill understood philosophically by Minkowski, (special relativity), and better understood by Gödel, who corrected Minkowski with his solutions to general relativity.

A careful analysis of this, far more important theory, along the equation of Entropy and Time in physical systems (E < = > Tm) would have easily revealed the 3 arrows of space-time of the universe, which in physical terms could be called in the 3 scales of reality (the ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational main scales – latter studied in physical posts in more detail breaking them according to the fractal ternary principle in more subscales):

– Past, Lineal motion, expansive motion entropy (∆-scale), formless gravitational vacuum (∆+1 scale) and electromagnetic, quantum vacuum (∆-1 scale). Those 3 vacuums ARE defined by humans with 3 ‘constants of space’, H, k, and C, the 3 more important constants of physics. Why those 3 constants measure different ‘parameters’ (H: actions or angular momentum: k, entropy; and C: speed) is a very interesting question about how humans and 5D in general deforms our electronic mind perception of lower and upper scales of reality. Ultimately the observer paradox MEANS and we shall constantly bring it to explain the bias of human knowledge, that what we see of other scales relates to how electrons see it. We are what we eat. In this case we are what electrons eat as relative ‘energy and information’ (t2 concepts also wroth deep thought before equations are settled).

– Future, Cyclical time clocks of accelerated inward, implosive motion, photons, charges (∆-1 scale), masses (∆+1 scale and atoms (thermodynamic scale). Again here physicists have looked for a unification equations of charges and masses and its forces, which is a trivial result of 5D metric. THIS IS WHAT they call T.O.E. the saint grail of finding an equation that relates the constant of gravitation and electromagnetism and its cyclical charges and masses (its clocks of time). LOL, how little they ask and how little they solve.

– Liquid Waves of present, repetitive, hyperbolic, reproductive Time which only Feynman in his diagrams fully realize, but Einstein also worked out in its simultaneous present measures. This is the most important, balanced, eternal product of Future x Past arrows that reproduces both, the confluence point.

So the Universe is constructed with those 3 arrows. And all together form a worldcycle, not a worldline, which goes through them in zero-sums from past, young entropic ages to present, repetitive ones to future particle, old age, informative still moments. But amazingly enough in the beautiful formalism of General Relativity (the true merit of Mr. Einstein, the rest being most from others, mostly simple and of little value in its interpretation), we do have a solution that shows it.

Indeed, Kurt Gödel proposed solutions to the equations of general relativity whereby time like world lines can bend back on themselves. Unless one accepts a process philosophy and thinks of the flow of time as going around and around such closed time like world lines should not exist. This final attack from within to the lineal duration time of Abrahamic Religions and military physics however puzzled everybody and Einstein, despite coming from his best friend, did not like it at all. Kuddos for Gödel, who also showed Mr. Hilbert that we do NOT imagine points, lines and planes, because if mathematics is also a realist science, albeit in need of a proper ¬Æ grammar, which this Basque, Fermat-like amateur will provide for future professional scientists to boast how smart they are (_;

This, Einstein insisted as he obtained first that equation in its inverse form: M=E/c2, in his paper ‘can energy create mass?’

And he added, ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. So did Feynman, with its deep insight on the 3 ‘time arrows’ of particle physics: present, reproductive waves of light-space and ‘bosons’, past arrows of entropic antiparticles and future arrows of informative particles that last much longer in time. So another fascinating, ‘immediate’ equation of 5D physics are the equations of life and death for all systems of the Universe such as:

Life arrow: Max. Time duration x Min. Space extension: Max. T x Min. S

Death arrow: Max. Space expansion (big-bang, dissolution of organisms into cells and atoms) x Min. Time (instant of death).

Yet again, the sum of both: Max. T x Min. S + Max. S x Min. T = zero-sum, which makes all scales and closed systems of the Universe eternal presents. In physics this is the meaning of Feynman’s diagram:

Past anti particle x Future-particle = Present light wave, whereas particles last max. Time as they collapse space into minimal size and antiparticles last minimal time while they expand space annihilating particles in the moment of death.

As such Feynman’s work is more advanced that the outdated entropy theory and the so much praised Einstein’s revolution of space-time, who still missed, the ternary fractal, multiple Nature of times and the existence of its 3 time arrows. He simply ‘froze’ space-time in present slates to measure with differential equations (by definition infinitesimal moments) as Galileo did, every instant of an external time=change = physical motion. But the long time arrow of eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, studied by the 5th dimension, and by Theory of Evolution meant nothing to him.

Neither the cyclical time arrow of 3 ordered time ages, past-energy, present reproduction and future information, which define the existence of all ‘world cycles’ from human life to matter. Though he found its dual equation, Energy (expansive entropy-past)<≈light-present-wave: c²>M(time vortex-future) he still ignored its essential meaning. So he would say ‘time is what a clock measures’; and used it fundamentally as Galileo, only to study of the all the types of time motions of the Universe, for the analysis of external time-motions, which is the restricted ‘job’ of physicists.

Time however has besides present, differential, external motion-measures in space (Galileo’s V=∂s/∂/t and Einstein’s S²=Sx²+Sy²+Sz²-(ct)²), other type of time-motions, mainly informative evolutions (Evolutionary theory in Biology, vortices of evolution in masses, historic vortex of evolution, future 3rd age of maximal form and in-form-ation), and present, reproductive wave-bodies.

Special Relativity: Time is not the 4th dimension of space.

The key question regarding Relativity on the fractal paradigm, once Causal, Dynamic Triangulation has shown that from a bidimensional, holographic Universe we can build the 4 dimensions of Relativity, by fractal ‘reproduction’ (modeled as a diffusion system through fractal space) is the meaning of the 4 dimension of time in Einstein’s equations. The answer is in the previous sentence: present reproduction. Space-time is a self-organizing, emergent network of Non-Euclidean points that form a ‘body-background’ for future growth of more complex particle, by expanding a present sheet of space.

Indeed, when we apply the in-depth-philosophy of fractal space-time structures to illuminate the why of those 2 masterpieces of mathematical physics, CDT and Relativity, all becomes conceptually cleared. The first blue print the Universe creates is the sheet of present space-time by the fractal growth of a previous smaller scale. CDT doesn’t inquire about the ‘meaning’ of that time arrow but clearly establishes its nature as a reproductive, fractal arrow; while the jargon of relativity defines present with the term ‘simultaneity’. This in this and the next paragraph we shall translate the jargon of quantum and relativity physics the general jargon of multiple spaces and times and correct some errors of classic relativity, clarifying its concepts as we have done with other theories.

         Dimensions as motions of time and fixed space.

In the graph, dimensions are not only static forms of space but also dynamic time dimensions, which are created by the motions of time arrows since fixed space, according to the duality of the Galilean Paradox has always a degree of motion.

In fact we live in a membrane of light-space, whose Entropy /motion and dimensions are those of light quanta that constantly evolve, warp and produce virtual particles, while other particles dissolve in scalar big-bangs returning to the vacuum light-space.

Moreover in the Organic Universe dimensions are finite, reaching always a limit – either the limit of the membrane or ecosystem or the superorganism in which we measure.

Those dimensional distances in our light-membrane are given by the maximal distance/life span of light, which contrary to belief dissolves itself back into the gravitational space membrane after 10 billion years of fractal reproductions in the gravitational space-time quanta. In a diffeomorphic being, like a human being those dimensions grow till the limit of our space-time membrane, and so on. Thus, beyond the limits of a certain superorganism, there is a discontinuity from microcosms into macrocosms, which can only be ‘bridged’ with transitional spaces.

In the case of physical space we talk of two membranes of space-time, the smallest of which is our Euclidean, 3-dimensional light-space and the bigger one, the non-Euclidean gravitational space,. And between both membranes there are ‘doors’ called black holes and ‘transformative’ forces, called weak forces which transform particles from one membrane into the other, and flows of Entropy and information that can transcend through a transitional space-time known in Relativity as a ‘Rosen bridge’.

Dimensions are complex motions, interpreted according to the Galilean paradox (dual motion/form analysis), also as forms of static space, in the same manner you see a car ‘line’ in a night still picture or a ‘fixed wheel’ when it rotates too fast.

The partial application of Non-Euclidean Geometry by Einstein

Those clarifications are needed to consider some conceptual revisions to General Relativity regarding its meaning reach and limits due to its analysis of only a single space continuum and a single time arrow.

The result is only an approximation to reality, with some errors and deep insights, which works as long as we establish a conventional rod of space-time measure – the postulate of c-speed as absolute – and deal with phenomena in a single space-time continuum, either in the light-space studied by special relativity or the gravitational space studied by general relativity.

Indeed, what Einstein did was to apply a mathematical advance, the discovery of the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry to the understanding of gravitational space. Now that we have corrected the other 4 postulates, we can resolve and advance much further the Physics of space-time into the new paradigm of a Universe made of scalar membranes, each one a network of non-Euclidean, fractal points, whose Sæ-exi,To parameters (universal constants of Entropy, information and reproduction) and exi actions (existential forces) define all the events and forms of reality.

In that regard, Time and its natural language logic, is the first language of God, wider than mathematics. For that reason, Frege and Hilbert were able to derive the isomorphisms of mathematics from the isomorphisms of logic time, the ‘true language of God. Albeit a dualist logic more complex than the simple, lineal logic of Aristotle that physicists use in its spatial study of time. So time is a deeper phenomenon that encompasses all the spaces that there were and will be transformed by 4 possible arrows of time; and what truly matters is to learn the logic rules that transform in each species, a fractal, vital space, from past to future, between birth and extinction, guided by one of those 4 main time arrows.

The restricted formula of time-change as motion of space.

In that sense, the image physicists have of reality is restricted by the concept of lineal time and a single arrow of entropy, which also limits the solution of physical questions and introduces errors as the cosmological big-bang or the evaporation of black holes, mentioned before.

Physicists have spatialized time, defined with a single dimension, as a parameter of changes in motions and space, t=s/v.

This limited study of only one type of change, however is often forgotten, creating conceptual errors, such as the fantasy of time travel (as they don’t realize there are infinite clocks of time in the Universe and so all time travel is local, within a certain organism as in the processes of death.)

In fact, when physicists confront the phenomenon of time, they do so only from the perspective of spatial change, a very limited part of the entire realm of time=changes. And so both, Galilean relativity and Einsteinian relativity are theories about the motion and Entropy of space, its invariances and isomorphisms, not a theory about all types of Time-change as this work is. And when someone like Hawking affirms that time travel is possible because time-motion gets to zero in a black hole, he merely forget he is speaking about the time-motion defined in the previous formula, t=s/v or its self-similar Einsteinian version not about the sum of the infinite time cycles of the Universe that remain unchanged.

The readers must be therefore aware of the limits of study of time in any physical theory, from Galilean to Einsteinian Relativity. Today, when Physicists talk about time they talk about is a parameter, t, which appeared first in an equation of speed, V=s/t, that Galileo found when studying translational change in space or ‘spatial movement’. Furthermore, because that rate of change in space is considered infinitesimal, V=ds/dt, they talk about present changes in space, which Einstein defined with his concepts of ‘present simultaneity’.

This was fully understood by painters, who started to paint simultaneous, present time, in a single bidimensional space, as the sum of fractal movements (Duchamp’s staircase models and Picasso’s cubist perspective), but surprisingly enough the people who grasped with more difficulty the concept of spatial, present simultaneous analysis of time, were the same physicists that had invented this model of time analysis.

Moreover, ever since physicists have denied there are many other ways in which time=change happens in the Universe, beyond the limited study of ‘changes in speed’ that Physics analyzes. This has been explained many, many times to Physicists, since Bergson and Poincare explained to Einstein and Minkowski that they were ‘spatializing time’, or rather analyzing how vacuum space changes in time, (so Poincare could establish with Topological analysis self-similar equations to those of relativity).

Yet there are many other things besides vacuum space that change in time. We humans change in time our morphology (not our speed). Evolution changes in time the form of many species. Time is thus a synonymous in most sciences of a change in form, in the in-form-ation of species. And this type of informative change is basically ignored by Physics. This shows a general misconception of the meaning of Time in Physics, which has been termed as ‘simplistic and reductionist’ by philosophers of science. Because indeed it is.

Time is philosophically defined as ‘change’ and divided in the study of ‘translational change’, which is carried out by Physics, and the study of ‘morphological change’; which is carried out by Biology. In that regard, Galileo defined only a limited type of time-change, translational change, with his equation, V=s/t. He ‘spatialized Time’ (Bergson), reducing the study of Time to a single process of change, movement.

Special relativity: the study of the light-membrane.

On the other hand, special relativity studies changes in the motions of the light-space membrane, departing from a rod of Measure – light speed – taken as a convention.

Einstein chose a postulate without proof, the postulate of c-speed as absolute. Of the 3 elements in the definition of time-motion by physicists, V=s/t, he could have taken any of them as absolute, but he chose light-speed. This is merely a matter of choice, as if we want to make a metric space able to ‘measure’, we need a ‘fixed rod’ value, which Einstein chose to be c-speed. Again, we could consider light speed variable and fix instead the time cycles/frequencies of light (so red light with lesser frequency/form travels faster than violet light and finally dissolves into non-local gravitation without form, dying about 10 billion years after birth – which solves some key problems such as the expansion of intergalactic space).

Yet since we humans have a biological brain that fixes all light rays and extract instead the ‘color/form’ information of light, the convention of C-speed establishes a rod to create metric spaces and reduce the fluctuations of topological, real spaces. So far, so good, but as we shall see this convention to achieve the measures of relativity becomes a much bigger error when c-speed limits are applied to the gravitational membrane, when they should be limited to its use in the galaxy of light, since it is a limit caused by the substance of the light-space membrane, light itself.

Ultimately a true theory of space-time Relativity, the concept that matters in Einstein’s work, means that speed is also relative to the scale we observe and c-speed limits only apply to vacuum space and other forms with higher information (since the general formula of speed in all systems is speed=energetic space/temporal information; so forms with higher information are slower, as they have to build in each translational step all its form across multiple planes of complexity).

But Einstein in his analysis of space-time still used a single ‘continuum space-time’, the abstract Cartesian plane, and was interested only as all practical physicists by the creation of a ‘metric space’ in which instrumental measures were possible. He did not realize that time-space was discontinuous and at least structured into st-planes, the gravitational space of masses and gravitational forces that move faster than light and have a density of order inferior to 0 K (black holes, quarks, intergalactic dark Entropy, etc.) and the light-membrane limited to c-speed.

This error was understandable, since we can only observe the light space that fills up with background radiation the entire galaxy and imprints gravitational space, ‘forming’ it into light. Hence in the galaxy indeed, light space imposes a c-limit of speed to all motions; but that is not the case when we go beyond light space into intergalactic gravitational space that experience shows to move up to 10 c speeds according to the natural decametric scales of the Universe.

Galilean Relativity: the error of Cartesian, continuum space.

The 2nd error of relativity, the continuity of space-time is caused by a misunderstanding of the curved, geometrical nature of time and its dimensions, caused by the Cartesian plane of lineal time: To draw a clock-cycle of temporal information we need at least 2 dimensions, as morphology requires form, in-form-ation; and so lineal time with a single dimension cannot study it. Thus when Descartes and Galileo simplified time into one dimension, he eliminated the analysis of morphological change and information, the 2nd arrow of the Universe, from most disciplines of science.

All cycles have 2 directions or arrows to complete its form. In the pre-scientific age, those 2 arrows of relative past and future were understood as the 2 sections of curved times cycles. So times are indeed, as Einstein thought, curved, to the point of closing themselves into causal cycles that return all beings to their origin, but they have 2 dimensions, height and rhythm. So it does space. Each local times ‘curves the Entropy of space’, creating fractal in-form-ation (masses and forces in physical, evolving information in biology, etc.). Since a cycle needs 2 directions to close into itself and create a form.

Entropy consists in an amorphous, relative surface of undifferentiated quanta, a plane without form, which the creation of time cycles shapes into information and makes it recognizable, thanks to its 2 dimensions. Both geometries, cycles of time and planes space, are bidimensional. When both systems merge, the sum of fractal, bidimensional fields of time and Entropy, create only one more, 3rd intersecting dimension of combined time-space, width, which has a rhythm of temporal movement, the 4th dimension of time=change that we observe as reality.

Unfortunately the error of Descartes and Galileo, which simplified cyclical time into a single-dimensional line, had as a first consequence the reduction of time in human sciences to a lineal duration, measured with a scalar number, similar to the way we measure space. It is what philosophers of science call the ‘spatialization of time’. Now spatial time becomes a secondary parameter to calculate spatial and energetic motions and processes – not an objective of knowledge in itself. Accordingly, Galileo defined time as a measure of ‘translational, spatial change’, of movement in lineal space or speed (V=S/T), simplifying time into a lineal number, defined in terms of movement and space.

Light and dark Entropy Interaction: gravitational space warping.

Physicists are always referring only to the arrow of time=change in the motion of beings (t=v/s), which is by tautology a function of space. Thus, Philosophers talk of the spatialization of time, which is made dependent of Entropy and movement. Einstein was perhaps the only physicist aware of this error when he said ‘I seem to be the only person that believes there are many times with different rhythms’. So when his followers say that time is the 4th dimension of space, he did not agree; but he pointed out that even in Relativity Time has an inverse, negative sign, so its properties must be opposite to those of space.

But physicists ignored his dictum: ‘we cannot send wire messages to the past’, he insisted. And when Meyerson, the French philosopher of time published a rebuttal of Minkowski’s reductionist theory of time as the 4th dimension of space, ‘La deduction Relativiste’, 1928, and he could express his ideas without the enormous peer pressure, usual in this profession of fundamentalist scientists, he praised it as one of the most remarkable books written about the relativity theory from the standpoint of epistemology (the scientific method) and explicitly agreed with its rejection of the spatial interpretation of a world-line of Minkowski.

Time motion in Relativity has a negative sign, since it refers to the implosive arrow of information that contracts space, NOT to the expansive arrow of spatial Entropy and entropy. Time in General Relativity is the factor that warps Entropy into information, evolves form, trans/forming the Entropy of gravitational space into the frequency of form of light-space. Time in special relativity warps the Entropy of the vacuum, as light imprints its form. Thus Time is –t2 in the equation of Special Relativity:

s2 =x2 +y2 +z2 – c2 t2

Space is positive and time is negative because it forms, contracts space into a wave-frequency that carries information.

Yet the why of that warping of the gravitational membrane by light-information Einstein could not understand since it required fractal, Non-Euclidean models of discontinuous space-time to describe how form evolves. So Physicists ignored the informative effect that warps Entropy into form.

Einsteinian relativity inherits the error of spatial time.

Let us study that conclusion in more detail. This tendency increased further when Einstein used the same concept of translational, spatial change to define time. In that respect, it is popular to talk of time as ‘the 4 dimension of space’ in Relativity.

This is a misconception of Einstein’s equations, which do not include all time=changes, as the 4th dimension of reality, but only spatial change, moving space, what Galileo defined as S=vt.

In Einstein’s formalism moving space writes as ct, since Einstein studies phenomena that happens as the speed of light; so vt becomes ct (where c is light speed).

Thus s=ct, the 4th dimension of Special Relativity, is not time but ‘moving space’, defined as the product of translational change=lineal time-duration, t, and light speed, c. And so there is no philosophical advance respect to Galilean Relativity that already defined time as a change/dimension of moving space.

Yet this capacity of time to measure change in space is only a fraction of the properties and modes of change that time measures in the Universe, and reveals nothing about the frequency and form of physical time cycles.

Though Einstein latter, in his General Relativity went deeper and discovered that Time is a curved clock geometry, which in the Universe bends space into masses, in his initial work, ‘Special Relativity’ he was still a classic physicist who declared as Galileo did that ‘time is what a clock measures’ and so he still used the Galilean, lineal concept of time-speed, v=s/t, to define it.

However, Einstein never said that time is ‘only’ a dimension of space as lesser physicists say today routinely. This reductionist, ‘spatial concept’ of time was provided by Minkowski and Einstein opposed to it, saying ‘that time behave differently since wires didn’t travel to the past’.

Time indeed is causal, logic and defined by time arrows which are not symmetric; that is left and right are equal but motion to the past (informative flow that devolves into Entropy) and motion to the future (Entropy flow that evolves into information) have different properties. This is known in the wording of classic physics as the ‘breaking of symmetry’ in processes that involve time evolution (those mediated by the weak force), or ‘chirality’ in other systems of physics and chemistry.

Yet the simplification of Minkowski became popular among physicists, as it allowed to keep Galileo’s tradition of studying time as a lineal parameter dependent of speed (V=s/t).

In that sense, though this work is conceptual to facilitate its comprehension to a wider audience and so we have reduced equations to a minimum, it is worth to consider that spatial vision of time in Special Relativity in more detail, given the simplicity of its mathematical equations.

Think first of two dimensions, the surface of a sheet of paper, for example, of length x and width y. The shortest distance s between two opposite corners is given by Pythagoras’ theorem: s2 = x2 + y2. If we now go to three dimensions, the shortest distance between two opposite corners of your room, for example, one on the floor and the other in the opposite corner on the ceiling, where the room is x long, y wide and z high, is given by: s2 = x2 + y2 + z2. So what happens if we go to four dimensions, trying to include ‘lineal time’ and ‘moving space’ and measure the space-time interval between two camera flashes, for example, one happening at one corner of your room and the other happening at the opposite corner but a few seconds, t, later?

We might think, if we follow the concept that time is just another dimension of space that the answer would be: s2 = x2 + y2 + z2 + t2, but we would be wrong:

– First, cycles of temporal information, as we have seen, are inverted to spatial Entropy, so the term t2 must be negative.

– Second, time is not space, and we are measuring space.

We are just adding now a time-related term of moving space or speed – Galileo’s formula – to our measure; we are not adding pure time but moving space, so to be able to add apples=spaces and pears=time we have to convert time into moving space and we do so with Galileo’s equation v=s/t, hence s=vt, which means we ad, s=vt. Now, the big question arises: what kind of moving space we are measuring?

Or in other terms, what is V; the speed of the space we are measuring? The answer of Einstein was ‘light’, since the velocity of light was found to be equal in all systems, regardless of the speed of the observer, light was a kind of space-time itself, uninfluenced by the movement of the relative points we were measuring.

So Einstein added a corrective factor of measure or 4th coordinate of space, related to the translational speed of the light-space between the 2 relative points we were measuring. Light-space, the space our eyes see, is made of light, a quantum of Entropy. Space is not static but, as the impressionist painters thought, we see light-space and so we have to add a parameter to correct for the movement of that light space to make accurate measures: s=vt=ct, moving light space. It is not pure time, cyclical time or frequency or lineal time or duration.

Thus, it is absurd to say that time is the 4th dimension of space. What we should say is that light-space has movement, s=ct, a parameter to ad in any measure of translation, in a Universe of moving spatial energies. And the relativity equation adds those underlying moving flows of spatial Entropy and speed: s2 = x2 + y2 + z2 – c2t2, which gives us the space-time separation, s, between two points of any space-time subject to motion. Finally, rather than measuring the distance across an extended interval of space-time, it is important to deal only with the separation of adjacent events separated by an infinitesimal change in the coordinates, dx, dy, dz, dt.

So the correct expression of the infinitesimal separation of 2 adjacent events is now: ds2 = dx2 + dy2 + dz2 – c2dt2. This is called the metric of flat space-time. If we want to include ‘curved’ space-time then we put a coefficient, not equal to one, in front of each term, dx2 etc., which bends the specific coordinates. This allows the possibility that a trajectory in space-time might be ‘curved’, which was the big discovery of Einstein, by creating many adjacent points and joining them in all types of trajectories in space-time, as those you trace in your daily life.

In order to find out the separation between two events you have to add up, or integrate all the infinitesimal ds intervals along the light path. And then it is when things can get as complex mathematically as you want, allowing you better measures of the shapes and movements of the Universe.

This is all what there is to it: an improvement on Galileo’s study of translational space. Yet in that equation time is not a 4th dimension of space, but a measure of the speeds of the space-time background. The 2 important discoveries of that equation are the curved nature of space-time; and the use of c instead of v as the speed of that spatial background. Einstein realized that the wobbling of space could be incorporated adding ct as a parameter of translational change, which he did. But he did not added time as a 4th dimension but the moving properties of the fractal space-time or light-space on which our electromagnetic world builds itself.

Informative contraction: light imprints gravitational space.

Einstein latter adapted Galileo’s formula to a fluctuating space-time background adding the implosive, -ct, arrow of gravitation to all translational movements. Thus he realized that Time in Physics also has a component of morphological change, as time warps Entropy into in-form-ation, not only in evolutionary processes, but also warps the Entropy of vacuum into in-form-ative masses.

And this is in fact the most important finding of the previous formula, which becomes crystal clear when we consider a ‘standard’ plane of two arrows of time, Entropy and information, which is represented by negative, imaginary numbers.

Thus what the negative symbol behind the ‘square’ of time, easily reduced to an O number really means is that the imprinting or reproduction of the light wave over the gravitational space in which imprints its information provokes a contraction of form, proportional to the informative time cycle and reproductive speed of the wave of light, according to the general isomorphisms of Multiple Spaces-Times, in a phenomena comparable to the dragging of any motion over an opposite flow. Since indeed, what light does from its p.o.v. is to feed on an opposite flow of gravitational forces where it reproduces itself, and in doing so it obviously suffers a drug, like the recoil of shooting a gun or the slowing speed of a plane dragging Entropy from air through its wings

Absolute Relativity: c is not the limit of speed of the Universe.

It is yet another proof of the scalar structure of the Universe, as electrons which emit light first ‘connect’ through the gravitational non-local plane (giving birth to the entanglement process) and when they are locked they emit a flow of light. A fact which also explains the Postulate of absolute speed of light as a ‘local effect’, NOT an universal law; since electrons only emit light when they are locked, and we can only observe light when our instruments lock with the emitter and so there is no a sum of speeds as Michelson thought (though there are several ways to measure this, and so Relativity is right as a system of measure but wrong as a philosophy of time-space).

This postulate is further proved wrong by the fact that the diffeomorphic principle of relativity establishes a relativity of space and time, but speed=v=s/t is a parameter of space and time; hence the limits of speed are relative according to the scales we study; which means C is only the limit of the light-space membrane in which we inhabit but not the limit of gravitation that is the force of the other membrane of the Universe.

Yet, those conceptual clarifications born of a model of multiple space-time membranes and time cycles were not available when Relativity was deduced in mathematical terms, and so new errors in the conception of time appeared soon. Minkowski first though that time was the ‘4th dimension of space’. Then, because of the mentioned error of a single arrow of time for the entire Universe, Physicists thought that when they measure NOT the change in translational time of the formula of speed, v=s/t, but all the time of the Universe and time travel was possible.

Yet when time appears with a negative term, it doesn’t mean, as people like Minkowski or recently Hawking think, that time is traveling to the past. Such patent nonsense comes out of the generalization of the parameter t=s/v, the equation which defines time in physics (or –ct in Einstein’s improved formula), to the entire range of time=changes of reality, including morphological time-change.

Special Relativity uses time, as a t parameter of space and speed as physicists always do, in this case to measure moving spatial Entropy – the flows of gravitational and electromagnetic space-time that act as the scaffolding of the world we inhabit. The fact that a century later most physicists still think that all what matters about time is its use as a parameter of translational change, s=ct, shows how much time has been degraded and distorted in modern science due to its lineal simplification in Galilean Physics and Cartesian geometries by the concept that there is only one arrow of time for all the cycles of the Universe, which is ‘what a clock measures’ (Einstein, Galileo).

The concept of a fractal point and the relativity of space and time and its parameter of speed, only absolute within the limits of a certain space-time brane, has 2 immediate formal generalizations:

‘The maximal speed of a space-time membrane corresponds to the limit of speed of its more extended, less formal spatial substance, such as ” exi=k∆ -> max. c = c (max. e x Min Tiƒ).’

In other words, because we live in the light membrane, the limit of speed is c. If we were in the gravitational world, the limit of speed will be that of Gravitational forces > c; if we consider from the relative point of view of our size, the world of life beings, the limit of speed is that of the cheetah and so on.

The second, deeper consequence of absolute relativity and the difference between space displacements and temporal displacement is even more radical: because measure is relative to the point of view of the observer, the Universe is not a metric space but a topological space, in which distance and speed are absolutely relative and do not change the type of reality we describe. This again solves many questions of physics and we shall return to it, when analyzing in more detail black holes as a ‘sample case’ of the applications of Multiple Spaces-Times to cosmology.

The conceptual error of the 3±i forces and the conceptual reasons of Lorentz Transforms.

Let us put a couple of classic errors of absolute space-time carried to the two limits of our physical perception – the theory of forces and the Lorentz transforms, analyzed with a bit more of depth.

Some time events such as the electroweak force is treated as a lineal force of space, despite provoking no translation, happening in a point of space elongated in time and transforming particles.

So while the 4 vector of Einstein’s relativity accurately deals with the duality of 3-dimensions of lineal space and one scalar cyclical time-point magnitude (x,y,z,t in special relativity, 3 momentum vector and energy in general relativity), the equivalent ‘4-vector’ of universal forces across the 5th dimension is totally ignored (3 spatial forces, in the 3 different scales of space-time, the inner atomic strong force, the human electromagnetic scale force and the cosmic gravitational force, and 1 temporal/transformative force across scales of the 5th dimension or electro weak force).

Now for the future physicists there is a huge entirely new Universe to explore as he will streamline and develop the mathematical physics of the 5th dimension, its forces and events and complete the Copernican revolution of relational space-time.

In this blog time permitted we plan in the future, once the simpler model of the 2 first lines is completed, with an overall review in the first line of the principles of relational space-time and a description on general terms of all those systems across the different St¡ences of the 5th dimension (one for each plane from quantum physics, through chemistry, biology, geology to cosmology), we shall include in the 4th line some of the advanced mathematical physics required to streamline the 4 forces of nature, while in the previous article, ∆±1o we define the equation of unification of the 3 spatial forces.

The advanced physicist, if any will notice that basically the unification of the electroweak and electromagnetic force, consists in a symmetry between the spatial state of the force (¥-forces) and the temporal state (weak force). So the weak force is the time state of the electromagnetic force (hence its carriers are heavier=faster clock-times with more mass, while the photon which does not close its cycles has no mass, only the energetic spatial state of ‘time’).  

He will also notice that the Lorentz transformations are the limiting regions of our light space-time, when again there is an inversion of space and time states, as the systems of light space emerge into the upper and lower, nested ∆±4, 3 gravitational and dark energy/matter scales.

All those transformations can be described with a hyperbolic graph of time-space, as time freezes into space-form and hence it tics slower to a halt, increases its mass-form and finally splits its Sæ>To functions into pure radiation without information (gravitational waves) and pure form with maximal angular motion (<o K black hole state). But it is only the space-time parameters of light, which are transformed hyperbolically in its inverse time-space parameters, when emerging into the large scale. This happens for all systems that ‘invert’ its parameters when travelling between planes of the 5th dimension.

To the point that we generalize the concept of Lorentz transformations and Einstein’s Rossen’s bridge to all travels between two scales of the 5th dimension.

Beyond Einstein’s c-speed. Science expands our point of view on the universe. Paradigm’s shifts

Stience though is philosophically the understanding of the mind of the Universe – metaphorically the ‘thoughts of god’, certainly not the subconscious collective of a bronze age tribe – but the isomorphic laws that apply to all beings, and ‘all its details’, all its species, with all the information of them, from ‘an objective point of view, that of each species for each being.

Therefore sciences goes against the ‘ego paradox’ of subjective thought proper of ‘religions’ and ‘human selves’, and has grown step by step, through its widening of the point of view it has adopted to perceive the Universe, away from man.

General Systems Theory and  its formalism, isomorphic scalar space time, means thus a new step into the objective view of the Universe, since:

-On one hand goes away from the human point of view and considers all systems equally gifted with the qualities of life, and social organization.

– On the other it takes a point of view a notch further removed from the human point of view.

In this article we shall consider how this ‘further away’ from man has improved science step by step, first departing from religious myths of ‘chosen of god’ (Abrahamic religions), then departing from the Earth as center of the Universe (Copernican revolution) then departing from our species as the center (Darwinian revolution), then departing from the solar system as the center (Einsteinian revolution) and now departing from our scale of space-time as the center of reality (IST revolution).

Yet because those changes of objectivity collide directly with human subjective ‘essence’ as minds with a fixed point of view, they are extremely difficult to spread even within the scientific community.

And so that is the reason, when Slocum, the first one-man sailor around the world arrived to South Africa, the president Kruger did not want to receive it.

He had proved once more the Earth round, and not the center… in the XIX c. That is why more than 1/2 Americans still believe a personal god created man and reject evolution.

And that is why I have found extraordinarily difficult to explain 5D ST even to scientists that reject the concept of a Universe of infinite scales of size, where man’s size is not privileged respect to atoms, viruses, planets or stars.

We shall thus end commenting on the Paradigm shifts of science, according to Thomas Kuhn’s work on the nature of scientific revolutions.

From subjective myths and anthropomorphic ego trips into an objective view of the Pantheist Universe.

Science though is philosophically the understanding of the ‘thoughts of god’ – the common laws that apply to all beings, and ‘all its details’, all its species, with all the information of them, from ‘an objective point of view’, that of each species for each being.

Therefore sciences goes against the ‘ego paradox’ of subjective thought proper of ‘religions’ and ‘human selves’, and has grown step by step, through its widening of the point of view it has adopted to perceive the Universe, away from man.

General Systems Theory and  its formalism, isomorphic scalar space time, means thus a new step into the objective view of the Universe, since:

-On one hand goes away from the human point of view and considers all systems equally gifted with the qualities of life, and social organization.

– On the other it takes a point of view a notch further removed from the human point of view.

In this article we shall consider how this ‘further away’ from man has improved science step by step, first departing from religious myths of ‘chosen of god’ (Abrahamic religions), then departing from the Earth as center of the Universe (Copernican revolution) , then departing from our species as the center (Darwinian revolution), then departing from the solar system as the center (Einsteinian revolution) and now departing from our scale of space-time as the center of reality (IST revolution).

Yet because those changes of objectivity collide directly with human subjective ‘essence’ as minds with a fixed point of view, they are extremely difficult to spread even within the scientific community.

And so that is the reason, when Slocum, the first one-man sailor around the world arrived to South Africa, the president Kruger did not want to receive it.

He had proved once more the Earth round, and not the center… in the XIX c. That is why more than 1/2 Americans still believe a personal god created man and reject evolution.

And that is why I have found extraordinarily difficult to explain 5D-ST even to scientists that reject the concept of a Universe of infinite scales of size, where man’s size is

Dimensions of motion and form: the growth of scales in physical systems.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.07

Multiple space dimensions, like the 5th dimension the artist fails to render in the hypercube do not exist in reality. Those objects are mathematical, linguistic fictions caused by the fact that any language of information is inflationary, as literary fictions are.

The beauty of some mathematical theories, as the beauty of literature obscure those self-evident facts. The fifth dimension is in fact a dimension of time evolution, which co-exists within the broken spaces left by networks, as all dimensions are fractal networks, with a limited fractal dimension defined by the quantity of space occupied by the networks. This in non Euclidean algebra is explained by the fact that irrational numbers do NOT exist (the are ratios which never have a fixed value but turn around a rational number above and below, hence called ‘Dedekind cuts’), and yet their number of dark spaces or cuts in a network is so huge that the holes of irrational numbers amount to infinity compared to the number of rationals (one of the classic Cantor’s paradoxes of infinity).

In the graph the 3 spatial dimensions are good enough. We need then to consider a new set of 3 temporal motions that will convert each ‘cube’ or sphere of the 3rd dimension into a fractal, finitesimal point that will move in a larger Universe creating new dimensions again in number of 3, which then will become fixed spaces due to the duality of motion and form, time and space, and grow into new ternary social networks, which will again move on the relative vacuum of a larger world to form a new dimensional triad. In this manner the 5th dimension grows, plane after plane of ternary space-time symmetries.

The Universe is made of 2-manifolds of time-motion and space-form, which combine into holographic universes, and further more complex combinations, to a maximal of 3-manifolds of time and space such as:

Dimensions of time – Dimensions of space ≤|1|; Max. Dimensions of any ∆n=6

And then after those dimensions are filled up the system ‘emerges’ into a larger scale of the 5th ‘transversal’ dimension of eusocial evolution, as part of a bigger whole.

Let us begin by describing informally how one should think about manifolds. The underlying idea is that manifolds are like curves and surfaces, except, perhaps, that they might be of higher dimension. Every manifold comes with a specific nonnegative integer called its dimension, which is, roughly speaking, the number of independent numbers (or “parameters”) needed to specify a point. The prototype of an n-dimensional manifold is n-dimensional Euclidean space Rn, in which each point literally is an n-tuple of real numbers.

An n-dimensional manifold is an object modeled locally on Rn; this means that it takes exactly n numbers to specify a point, at least if we do not stray too far from a given starting point. A physicist would say that an n-dimensional manifold is an object with n degrees of freedom.

So far so good. So physicists do work well the theme, IF THEY KNEW THE PREVIOUS RESTRICTIONS, instead of using silly-nilly concepts of ‘pure spatial forms’, WHICH IS DUE to their ‘chronic sickness’ (space confusion of time arrows).


That is the distance-energy or past field of spatial size of the system multiplied by the speed, quantity of its information-time clocks are constant, within the range of variations, which allows systems to perform actions of energy and information, in present physical system within a certain range for EACH of the planes of existence of physical systems. Let us then consider the main elements of that Generator equation of physical systems starting as usually in an inverse fashion to the mathematical analysis of physics – that is from the synthetic, organic whole and its larger points of view.

Tœs: This gives origin in physics to certain modes of ‘future’ cyclical time vortices, spin numbers, photons, strong quarks, electrons, charges, magnetic moments, thermodynamic molecules, masses, angular momentums, cosmic bodies, solar systems, ud stars, strange stars and top black holes, galaxies and Great Attractors, which are the ‘Tƒ’ elements of all those scales and subscales, between the minimal observed form, a fermion spin and the maximal one, the Great Attractor region of the Local Universe. They are all sub-vortices of the 4 fundamental Planes of the Universe, where the 4th is only partially perceived (the cosmic scale outside galaxies of ‘neutrino strings’ ‘Higgs bosons’, dark energy and dark matter), but we do have more vortices than the 3 perceived ones, the electromagnetic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, as we must apply the ternary principle and break each of the 3 fundamental scales in 3 sub-scales).


Now those Tœs are ‘static, point-particles’ that share information and energy among them, from their relative static points of view, as the Universe has infinite relative frames of reference (this is one of the great findings of physics that still applies to 5D systems: the principle of relativity). It means that Tœs command a territorial region, in which they have an internal structure of 3 sub-parts, but also are in an outer bigger world in which they communicate with their Tœs on the upper ∆+1, equal ∆ and lesser ∆-1 scales, giving origin to a fundamental ‘second postulate’ of ¬æ. It those œ are fractal points (first postulate), called fermions crystals, solids, stars and black holes, they will then communicate ‘bosons, liquid flows, electromagnetic, sound or liquid waves or electronic current or jets of matter between them:

Future-Tƒ<≈Present wave-field≈> Future Tƒ, giving origin to the second component of physical systems. And again in each scale we will recognize a relative present state with similar properties and symmetries in each scale.

So those flows of communication gives origin to the certain modes of ‘present’, reproductive wave-liquid states in each scale. So in essence bosons, waves, liquids, electric currents and jets and streams of cosmic matter and stars reproduced by black holes are in each scale the same wave fields.

What is then the main parameter of the relationship between the Spe, Tƒ and ExI elements of each of those scales. Simply the constants of space-time actions that relate in the simplest possible form, those 3 elements the Metric of the 5th dimension:. K = E x T. That is the constants of Action of Physics, in its 3 scales K (H)= E x T, (quantum field)   K (k) = E x T (Thermodynamic Field); K (M)= E x (µ-1/e).

Those 3 constants of action, the Planck constant, H, the Boltzmann Constant, K, and the mass Constant, M, are the fundamental elements which define the 3 planes of physical systems in the 5th dimension (quantum, thermodynamic and cosmological planes). Thus their translation into the simplex Metric of 5D physics is the first step to build the entire building of Physical sciences, with a comprehensive understandable, isomorphic formalism, which will return physics to the realm of reality and show the pantheist equality between all the systems of the Universe.

Now we have to a fundamental theme of reality, the constancy of present body waves of existence, through its reproductive actions, which will be deal with when we revise relativity. But we advance is the key to understand ‘what formal motions’, the substance of the Universe truly mean, and how the interaction between form and motion, in the case of waves, frequency and form.

Now the simplest expression of speed in terms of cyclical time, instead of lineal time (V=S/T) is to substitute, T, Duration by its inverse, 1/T, or frequency, which introduces more information about the system. Hence we transform then lineal space length, for the ‘steps’ of the system that moves, l, the wave-length or limb-step of the system.

We have in this simple manner translated external motion into internal motion, external absolute time into internal time clocks of the wave or particle, which as De Broglie proved are in tune with each other (showing that the system is synchronized and hence part of the same organism).

This translation of an external lineal motion into an internal space-time cyclical motion is essential to T.Πand specially 5D Physics. Then we can consider a new well-known equation of speed, that of wave speed:

∆(C : present constant speed)= Spe (l) x Tƒ (ƒ)

This relationship which is one of the key expressions of the co-invariance of the 5th dimension in physical systems relates to the internal frame of reference of the system for which its speed does NOT vary as he tries to translate it into the external speed in the world in which it becomes the principle of lineal inertia as the speed outside will not vary if he is NOT submitted to external ±∆æ actions of acceleration, deceleration that change its trajectory. But now we realize that the present wave is actually reproducing its form, its waveform as it moves with a given frequency of steps.

And in physical systems such as light over vacuum, waves on the water, AC, alternate currents, where information and energy is transported without the transport of mass, what truly happens is exactly that: the vibration of the original Tƒ form is transmitted along the lower ∆-1 field of micro-points transporting FORM AND MOTION in an ordered way, what we call ‘energy’ (motion with direction as opposed to æ, expansive entropy with chaotic directions) and information (form that moves along the path of energy).

It follows that all waves MUST obey this simple reproductive equation and as we study different ways to define ‘form’ and ‘motion’ in physics, with the dualities of lineal motion ≈ still distance, cyclical form≈ temporal clocks with frequency, and its different interpretations in each scale (so for example, Tƒ will always be defined in terms of lineal duration as 1/T so we will have to invert the terms, motion will be considered often ‘tension’, or ‘length’ in space of a system, and so on,

This immediately raises some questions of importance. Such as what is the relationship between the aforementioned constants of actions of the 3 main physical scales, H, k, and M, which we shall call a Planckton (minimal unit of existence of the quantum world, similar to the Plankton minimal unit of the sea – NOT the abstract, Germanic idealist interpretations of Heisenberg), a Bolt (from Boltzmann.).

Sp- Fields

All the capacity of waves and particles to exist comes from Fields, the Sp, lower scale of pure entropic, expansive, accelerated motions.

They are the lower scales of which in the parlance of physics, waves and particles are considered ‘excitations’, in the jargon of T.Œ eusocial evolutions into tighter denser waves of energy and information and even denser particle forms, knots of waves, themselves ‘excitations’ that ‘make emerge’ efficient workable energy and form from the entropic, loose herds of field quanta.

So we talk also of a series of fields from the simpler, smaller to the larger fields of the Universe, of which the fundamental ones are the ‘strong-field, of the internal region of atoms, of minimal size the electroweak field of light waves of galactic size, the thermodynamic field of heat waves of molecular size. 

So finally we arrive the other way around to the first part that all physical theories study, the simplest fields. Here we observe one fundamental different or rather complementarity of the way classic physical and 5D physics work: we develop reality from the whole and its generator equation downwards studying first the organic structure of the system in time and space, its T.Œ and actions and then going down we study the wave- EXI present systems and finally the Sp-Entropic, accelerated motions of the micro-fields of ∆-1 particles and lineal momentums which rise and give the energy and micro-clocks that the whole will use.

This of course is a matter of choice, made in T.Œ not to bust the balls of scholars but to complement what they have done. Indeed, the human scholarship today studies mainly the upward arrow of social evolution of the 5th dimension –w without even recognizing it is a social evolution. So, and this is what we criticize, describe the upper systems of reality as emerging from the lower systems, but without recognizing the interrelationship symbiosis and existence of an arrow from the upper T.Œ elements through its survival actions that order the lower systems.

So physicists consider particles to be ‘excitations’ of fields hence some kind of secondary ‘thing’ which does not matter as much as the field itself. Biologists consider organisms, ‘constructs’ of Genes without realizing that once the organism is formed, it is the self, which directs the drives of existence of the being, towards energy information, reproduction and social evolution.

By bringing T.Œ, which is composed playing with words of a series of œ-points which play the game of Tao, of Temporal existence, and survival, by bringing Temporal beings, Time space Organic Existential Beings, into the game, and understanding perception by O-minds that gauge information, we complete the description of the Universe. We of course enlighten also the meaning of the lower scales and use the same formula and evident data, but we add, double reality.

All this said, fields do matter. As without them the emerging more complex social scales that interlock with them and create ternary co-existing structures will not exist, so for each plane of existence we must find a past-relative herd of micrŒ-Points, which are treated as indistinguishable particles by the wave-particle system, from where it extracts energy and information ordering it.

How this is explained in physics, varies according to the ages of its logic and mathematical understanding. Today they like to use a very abstract jargon taken from the abstract jargons that poisoned the understanding of mathematics during the Germanic idealistic age, to which they add expressions and mathematical forms that are easily susceptible to become algorithms of computer models of the Universe. Fine, but we want people to understand what they say, so we are not going specially in this second line to be concerned with the jargon of symmetry breaking SO3 groups, Lie Algebras, transformations invariances, bispinors and Operators, but try to explain in simple understandable terms how things happen.

And so now we can state the following fields, which are always a plane under the present –wave-body/head-particle system, which is NOT an excitation but an eusocial evolution of the field, such as:

∑œ-field quanta≥Reproductive wave≥ Collapsing particle with more dimensions of Form and lesser speed-distance in space.

Thus a field is a series of undistinguishable point-particles called quanta, which can be descried by a constant of action, within the metric so the fifth dimension, ST=K, undistinguishable in each scale, which a wave will reorder and give information to in patterns, which are the wave forms, in a first step, giving it certain properties, which are not pure chaotic energy without distinguishable form. The wave thus is the first ‘stage’ of creation of order-information, which sometimes might lower the energy of the field or at least establish within the field a certain potential gradient and directionality. And finally in the point of maximal density of wave or gradient, there will appear a particle or T.Œ or point of view of the field, in which the field acquires maximal density of information.

So Gravitational fields become distinguishable as masses collapse the energy-momentum tensor, which is the ‘wave’ state of the vacuum field. And those are the 3 ‘states’ of increasing eusocial evolution described by general Relativity with its formalism, and 3 elements, each one describing a part of the ternary physical system of gravitation:

The EFE (Einstein Field equations) can then be written as:

Tƒ: Gµv + L gµv = 8 π G / c4 Tµv

Using geometrized units where G = c = 1, this can be rewritten as the two sides of the Tƒ<≈>Ex Tƒ (Future-particle≈ Present-wave equation of a physical system)

Tƒ:   Gµv + L gµv = 8 π Tµv  :   ST

Thus the expression on the left represents the curvature of space-time as determined by the metric; which is the Tƒ Element of the field; the expression on the right represents the matter/energy content of space-time; which is the wave of energy and information or ST element of the field. And the element in the middle Lgµv is the Plane of the 5th dimension or Cosmological Constant that expresses the energy of the vacuum from where the other two elements are born, which accordingly is extremely high

The EFE is then in the parlance of classic physics interpreted as a set of equations dictating how matter/energy (body-wave) determines the curvature of space-time (the Tƒ state of gravitation).

These equations, together with the geodesic equation , which dictates how freely-falling matter moves through space-time, form the core of the mathematical formulation of relativity:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.52.50

Whereas the geodesic equation merely describes the behavior of a T.œ particle of mass in the field, without considering the ExI wave so it is a Sæ>To description of it, (Past to future), while EFE can be considered a more complete EXI-present description or wave description of it. We latter deal with that essential duality of physical description of systems, which represent or two fundamental equations of time:

Past x Future = ∂ Present (momentum description in physics)

For example, for an electromagnetic wave, the momentum density (whereas momentum is the commonest expression of a past x future, speed x particle parameter) is given by the Poynting vector:Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.52.54

, which puts the momentum in relationship with the electric and magnetic field-wave. On the other hand the full description of the wave INDEPENDENT of the time flow, is a common equation, which gives us the whole worldcycle of the system, as a conservative system, a closed system, presented either as a scalar or energy or the variation of that energy within the whole function of existence of the being:Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.53.00

Present-wave (Energy full Hamiltonian description in physics)

Whereas the limited momentum description or small steps in space or parts in time can be integrated, ∫momentum=Energy, to observe the larger whole description of the worldcycle. For example, in quantum physics we will obtain the famous Schrodinger’s wave, which in the simplest time independent representations write:

Which the reader should observe is similar to the equation of the Gravitational Plane of Einstein. N one side two values ad up, one related to the particle state of the system, as it ha the momentum of the particle and on the center the potential energy of the system, related to the enteral fields of the wave. On the other hand we observe the same equation that in Einstein’s: the product of the energy and the information of the wave (its wave function, y).

Now from the previous equations we can deduce general rules of T.Πapplied to the planes of mathematical physics:

The ‘superposition’ rules of waves of present, which are ‘democratic’, and add up its values. Since their lower scale over, which they are formed, is made of ‘indistinguishable quanta’. And this will be the key to understand waves as opposed to particle, the past x future systems, which are hierarchical, multiplicative.

The clear equivalence between the equations of T.Πand those of physics despite its quite different jargon.

The duality of existence of body-heads/ waves-particles, of which too much writing has been done for something quite simple: waves and particles go together organically.

The similarity of all the scales of the Universe, truly a fractal with few differences between those scales, which on one side makes harmonic the entire universe, from the other, will provoke as we shall see quite clear errors on the confusions of physics between different planes and space and time states – i.e. which is the scale of the big bang, if as we shall see the processes of a quasar big-bang (galactic big bang) are quite similar to those of a cosmos; the big bang of neutrons are quite similar to those of a pulsar?

And finally, the fact that physicists do NOT see that pantheist Universe and do NOT think those scales are similar because they use different jargons and the aberrations of perceptions across different scales of the 5th dimension distort their view of the Universe.

Now of course General Relativity in as much as it describes all the fields of the system above the particle level, including the thermodynamic, gravitational, and electromagnetic fields and its energy(Sæ)óMass (To) elements, in any number possible ARE the culmination – no doubt about it – of 400 years of search for the understanding of the external motions of space-time systems in the Universe, from the largest perspective we have of it, with enough information to make accurate predictions.

And as such along the formalism of quantum physics for the somewhat independent lower scale of charges and particles they represent a fundamental achievement of the human kind. And yet they are both, very limited analysis of the whole informations and energies and motions, internal and external and actions of existence of all its infinite points. And it couldn’t be otherwise because only the Universe has all the information about itself and all its beings.

This is why it is important to have a T.Œ, which does give us a synthetic view of the whole forest, given the enormous amount of information stored in the details. It is a fact that this monumental work of the spatial, external vision of time=motion is mostly useless to the individual human mind, and had not been with the help of an alien mind, the mathematical digital computer, it would remain basically a cumbersome tool of little use, easily substituted by Newton’s and Poisson’s had Hamilton’s simplified versions of it.

It is important to realize that the Einstein field equations alone are not enough to determine the evolution of a gravitational system in many cases. They depend on the stress–energy tensor, which depends on the dynamics of matter and energy (such as trajectories of moving particles), which in turn depends on the gravitational field. If one is only interested in the weak field limit of the theory, the dynamics of matter can be computed using special relativity methods and/or Newtonian laws of gravity and then the resulting stress–energy tensor can be plugged into the Einstein field equations. But if the exact solution is required or a solution describing strong fields, the evolution of the metric and the stress–energy tensor must be solved for together.

To obtain solutions, the relevant equations are the above quoted EFE (in either form) plus the continuity equation (to determine evolution of the stress–energy tensor): Tab;b =0.

This is clearly not enough, as there are only 14 equations (10 from the field equations and 4 from the continuity equation) for 20 unknowns (10 metric components and 10 stress–energy tensor components). Equations of state are missing. In the most general case, it’s easy to see that at least 6 more equations are required, possibly more if there are internal degrees of freedom (such as temperature) which may vary throughout space-time.

So we can see the limits of a T.œ of analytical physics without the organic paradigm, the understanding of the common space-time ages of all systems and the simple ternary symmetries of 5D space and time. Since a lot of perspectives are missing and on the fundamental field of study of physics, ∆±e, motions and energy actions, the Universe and its multiple points of view with multiple freedoms makes things truly difficult – even today with the help of an alien mind which is distorting and let us be frank atrophying the human mind with its digital computer ways of thought and modeling reality.

The same will happen in quantum physics, where we find now due to the growing levels of energy and information of smaller scales according to the metrics of the 5th dimension such an enormous number of particles, in possible states, creating time cycles so fast, and with so limited perception of them, that again we could state the same – just changing ‘large’ for ‘small’, the culmination – no doubt about it – of 400 years of search for the understanding of the external motions of space-time systems in the Universe, from the smallest perspective, etc.

But what physics needs specially for the rest of mankind to understand reality and the meaning of it all, is not more precise analysis of the paths of electrons and stars – this can be of use to the electronic industry and the programmer of telescopes – but the full integration into the larger view of everything that we shall provide din this text, and the correction within that architectonical structure ad simplification of jargons to give those equations meanings within the context of the proper understanding of a Universe of space-time beings. That is, the simplification of the Ptolemaic epicycles more abundant in quantum physics than relativity, to make sense of it all.

Now latter we shall consider many of these proper interpretations, and the paradoxes of classic physics regarding the cosmological constant due to their null understanding of the dualities of space-time and how to properly interpret it, but the example suffices in this 2nd line to fully grasp what is a Physical equation of a field: a ternary Spatial description of a symmetry of space-time.

This field though is the field of Gravitation, of which contrary to belief we ONLY know to be fully operative in the Galaxy in the scale in which we have reliable measures NOT in the cosmos, and that will be latter discussed in detail.

Indeed, there might be above it, between galaxies – and I believe that should be the case according to the growing planes of the 5th dimension, a Bigger field, which therefore has faster than c-light space-time and denser rotational vortices of time of < 0 temperature of informative order, made of top quark stars (aka black holes) and Higgs fields of tachyon, scalar distance-speed, cause of the inflaton phase of expansive big-bangs, and the breaking of symmetry (death and reabsorption) of our galactic Universe. And we will return to it, being so important both for theoretical and practical reasons today (as we are exploring those particles that devour our matter and make it matter of the dark energy/matter world outside galaxies, today on earth hence the dangers they might devour us, as we explain on our activist web)

The limits of the galaxy scales of the Universe. Relativistic mass. Interactions at C-speed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.18

The 2 membranes of space-time, the quantum and gravitational membrane interact in e<=>o events of transference of Entropy and information in the limits of the existential function of the light membrane: the limit of Entropy-speed, c; the limits of temperature-form, 0 k, in quarks, black holes and regions of transition between light and gravitational space.

Galactic space is made of light actions, C=Spe x Tƒ, which can be perceived as Entropy/motion (c-speed) of in/form/ation (photons): the background radiation is thus the primary substance of the vacuum. If we were to extract all the radiation actions, the vacuum would disappear and the underlying scale of pure gravitational, ‘boson, tachyon strings’, infinitely thin (Nambu’s Actions, redefined as a background independent action of fractal dimensions) would appear. This would paradoxically thin out the informative height of vacuum and elongate it, as its relative speed=spatial Entropy/temporal information, v=e/o=e/0 is infinite, non-local from our p.o.v.

This is what happens in intergalactic space, as the door between both membranes, the galactic, rotational Kerr black hole, thin outs electromagnetic radiation, (gravitational redshifts) through the event horizon, accelerates it (equivalence principle, left graph) in its reproductive, ‘Klein’ intermediate space, and jettisons it as curled quark mass (left graph of superluminal 10 c motion) and dark, tachyon Entropy (central pic, blue jet), back to intergalactic space that seems to expand, accelerate from the p.o.v. Have fixed distances.

Those 2 space-times create 2 different world membranes or mediums, with different Entropy/information limits:

The gravitational world is beyond c speed and under 0 K; that is it has more order in its quark vortices and more speed in its dark Entropy; it is bigger, more powerful. In between there is our hot, entropic, < c-speed world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.25

In the graph another way to express the ‘symmetry’ sides of the Thermodynamic World. We could say that the 0 K temperature is the ‘triple point’ of the Universe, the absolute thermodynamic equilibrium. A triple point is the expression in space of the time ages of ‘gaseous entropy: Max Spe’, liquid balance, ExI, and crystal solid, Max. Tƒ, of the Thermodynamic system, and the point of maximal equilibrium or ‘potential well’ of a Gibbs Ensemble. The triple point of the Universe is then consider the superfluid liquid state of zero viscosity and zero entropy proper of perfect quark gluon liquids, which can go down to further lower temperatures or super solid states of order in the dark work or larger temperatures or molecular states of entropy, which cancel each other.

The transitions between both membranes are described by the Lorentz Transformations (left graph):

When Entropy arrives to the limit c of the light space-time, its membrane ‘curls’ the Entropy into a whirl of space-time, evolving into cyclical mass, the stable form of physical in/form/ation, becoming electrons and quark particles.

Further increases of relativistic Entropy=mass evolves quarks into forms of higher mass and reproduces them into pairs.

What happens when you accelerate to c speed is a discontinuous process of ‘evolution’ (from ‘ud’ to s, in the first step, and so on); and then a process of fission/reproduction. So Entropy not only evolves the particle but it splits it into 2, as when quarks absorb Entropy and produce a jet of ‘quarkitos’: SE->Tƒ(m)->Tƒ(m+m∑).

While on the other extreme, black holes relax light into gravitational strings. So most of the ‘particles’ and dynamic events we perceive in the Universe are phase transitions between both membranes; reason why physicists say that particles are ‘frozen states’ of the parameters of temperature and speed through which a hypothetical big-bang of our galaxies or Universe evolved.

Thus the particles and forces we perceive in the Universe are born in the verge between both worlds. Light is in the Entropy verge between both worlds. Electrons are in its lower Entropy state, the Bohr radius, as we have shown, in the verge of the quark world, acting as the event horizon of a micro-black hole – a proton.

The non-local speed of gravitation.

But how can we prove that gravitation is non-local, instantaneous, and able to relate all the parts of the Universe in a synchronic way? There is the evidence of 10 C jets of matter coming out of black holes. Indeed, the non-local speed of gravitation can be proved in several ways, but perhaps the easiest way to prove it is with the concept of complex speed…

The simplest one is the definition of speed, v=s/t understood as: V=Spatial Entropy Temporal/Information.

Because gravitational force has no information (it is the simplest, lineal scaffolding in which our light-form is imprinted), then:

Gravitational speed =Entropy/ 0 Information=Infinite.

But it is a relative ∞, since Cantor Set theory proves that ∞ are relative and the absolute infinite (the set of all sets) do not exist. By this we mean that the informative network of dark, gravitational Entropy that structures the Universe is like the nervous network that send simultaneous orders to all the cells of the body and seems instantaneous to all those cells, infinite only in as much as it reaches the limits of our Universe, cell of a hyper-universe in a reality of ∞ scales.

This is proved, since a fractal wave of gravitation can reach according to General Relativity up to 1010 million years light. Thus a single gravitational wave can cross in a single fractal jump, the entire Universe. And indeed, the ‘instantaneous, present space-time Universe’ reaches till around 1010 million years light, the so-called Universal horizon. This explains also 2 ‘spooky’ phenomena: the entanglement between electrons that seem to relate and communicate information at distance instantaneously: they do so through the gravitational, non-local plane. It explains why the limit of c-speed, which only applies to our light-membrane. It also explains how the Universe has a synchronic structure without recurring to the magic, entropy only ‘big-bang’ (astrophysicists say that their structure that requires all those galaxies to interact together was acquired when the Universe was so small that they could communicate at c-speed.)

Recap: the limits of our light universe are c-speed and 0 K of information but the gravitational universe should be faster, bigger and more ordered, colder than our Universe. Lorentz Transformations and black holes are the doors and bridges between both Universes.

Now of course infinite local action at distance in the dark world is a relative human microscopic perception, but in fact it will be a relative infinity of decametric scales, 10 c for ‘matter’, 100 c for ‘waves’ and 1000 c for ‘fields of the dark world. This is the theoretical natural ternary scales of all systems of the 5D Universe (including organic and social scales: i.e, the individual is So=1, the family S1=1o in 3 generations, the clan, S=100, the Tribe, S=1000, and that closes the ‘genetic’ scales of a society, moving then to a new language-form, the geographical society (city, city-state, nations). 10 are the scales in space and time (symmetric to each other); and so again, we have to consider what ‘we perceive’ experimentally WITHOUT the obsession of classic physics for c-speed, which is only the barrier of the universe in which space-time is made of light (Galactic Universe). And this is the data astronomers ideologically deny now for almost a century, to ‘protect’ their ‘idol’, Einstein’s relativity, which we will now immediately study, revis(it)ing, with 5D, after we observe the ‘real data of cosmology’.

– Quasars expel matter at 10 c in a lot of galaxies such as the famous 3C of the image (this is considered to be an optical effect, of the angle of observation, as they are supposed to come towards us, which could only be statistically for 1% of them, not for the 10% of galaxies that vomit matter, which show that speed and on top some as the 3C above, with a clear, sideways perspective. So this is according to 5D theory a fact.

– Redshifts reaches between 10 C and 100 C in far away galaxies. This is explained with the ‘dirty trick’ of considering that is NOT SPEED BUT IS SPACE THAT EXPANDS. LOL, speed and space-distance is the same under relativity as we cannot distinguish motion from distance, so according to relativity this is just change the name from red to crimson. The waves of dark energy that create space between galaxies ARE moving between 10 and 100 z=c

– Finally the supposed ball of fire in the limits of the ‘little bang’ of the atomic-Universe is considered to reach up to z=1000 c, and that is indeed the limit of theory. Beyond that, there should be ANOTHER larger scale of ∆+6 atoms for which we are not even dust of space-time…



The mind of space-light.

We live in a Mind of light-space-time. It is not though the entire Universe, but the world the mind constructs with the help of a rod of measure, absolute c-speed and 3 dimensional space, Euclidean space.

For that reason what is not light-space doesn’t seem real for us. Yet this world of light with its light properties, perpendicularity, Euclidean form, developed by Descartes in his book the world as the basis for modern science, with a Cartesian graph in which the mind of man occupied the zero point, should differ from other worlds constructed with other rods by other species of mind. An exophysical theory must be in that sense objective and consider the wider structure of all spaces times.

Once this is clear, we can study the peculiarities of the light space-membrane departing from its 4 dimensions, which are not only the dimensions of our mind perception but those of light as an entity made of time cycles, imprinted and reproduced over a simpler Entropy, space and evolved informative into electrons, what our mind is made of.

Universal constants of light

Heisenberg’s uncertainty is a right formalism but a false interpretation of the generator equation of light-space that relates the arrows of Entropy and information, in the specific form it has in the quantum world of light actions of Entropy and time:

Entropy × Temporal Information = Constant (H in the quantum world, K in Einstein’s relativity)

The meaning of the previous equation is easy to grasp in terms of the duality of Space-time Constant, Q and G.

H is the equivalent of Q for the lineal energies of our light-membrane, as it relates the Entropy and form or frequency of a lineal, transversal wave of light.

So, if h is the ratio of transformation of frequency/form into Entropy and q the ratio of transformation of Entropy into form, in the electromagnetic world, what is the ratio of reproduction of electromagnetism? C, which was defined by Maxwell equations as a ratio between the electric and magnetic fields that merge together to create a wave of light, which reproduces its form contracting, warping the gravitational membrane of dark Entropy.

Further on c is the limit of speed of our space-time membrane. This is a tautology; since in fractal relativity space is the Entropy of the vacuum, a force: The membrane of light-space in which we exist is made of Entropy quanta, which constantly pops out and ‘informs’ itself , creating particles with Entropy and form (h= Entropy × information). Planck called these minimal actions, combinations of the lineal and cyclical motions of Entropy and time, the quanta of our light space-time. Yet Quantum physicists, always kin of Pythagorism, created the uncertainty dogma, saying actions are NOT made of the 2 motions of the Universe, but are ‘mathematical entities’ – a measure of the uncertainty of the vacuum. So particles are not born as evolutions of the 2 motions of reality, but they are born of the ‘uncertainty’ or ‘probability’ of the mathematical Universe. It is all simpler and more real. The space-time fluid of light is made of h-quanta and so those h-quanta can suddenly evolve socially in more complex forms and create particles. That is all what there is to the uncertainty principle.

Yet we must also deduce from the existence of different U.C. and ratios of speed/distance and informative rotation that the Universal constants of c-speed, Q-charge and H-light Entropy are specific of our Universal membrane and those of the gravitational membrane must be different.

Recap. According to the paradox of Galileo the eye fixes the Entropy and form of light-space into a mental construction of 3 dimensions, a Cartesian graph, which already Descartes defined as the ‘world’, the spatial image of the mind – not the entire Universe. Thus the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light quanta, our space-time, are tautologically the 3 dimensions of our space. This in turn explains many events of the electromagnetic world. Those are also the 3 organic ‘arrows’ of time of light, which has electric information, magnetic Entropy and reproduces its form combining both into a c-reproductive field as the equations of Maxwell show.

The arrows of time in the light world.

We exist as evolved forms of a light space-time field, our limit of speed in this light Universe is c and the 3 dimensions of our Universe are height/electric field, width/magnetic field and length/reproductive field. Thus Cartesian space-time merely reflects the space-time medium of our light Universe and its 3 perpendicular dimensions. Yet for light the meaning of those 3 dimensions is organic: the informative, energetic and reproductive arrows of its field are equivalent to the energetic, reproductive and informative functions of any other relative space-time.

Those Entropy/Information cycles are obvious in biology, but in matter we have to translate the dimensions and events of abstract particles and forces, to understand their 3 Time-Space cycles:

– Entropy Cycles, Tƒ<ΣSe: The main physical event that transforms information into Entropy is the emission of space fields by temporal particles, as in the big-bang or in atomic, fission and fusion processes. Those actions are produced, ‘extracted’ from an accelerating vortex of space-time that acquires stability through those constant emissions.

– Informative Cycles, ΣSe>Tƒ: The fundamental process of creation of in/form/ation in the physical world is the collapse of spatial fields into particles, charges or masses that spin around those gravitational or electromagnetic, spatial forces, creating knots of information, called particles. For example, when a photon comes closer to an electronic charge, its frequency increases till the photon collapses into the orbital vortex of the electron. The same happens when the electron collapses and becomes a pion of higher mass closer to the nucleus. We can consider those processes in abstract as processes of creation of information /frequency, or in organic terms as processes of feeding, or in terms of Time Arrows as the evolution of particles (photons and electrons) into species of higher physical information.

Light ‘imprints’ with form, with information and in the process ‘corrugates’ by a factor –ct (special relativity) the gravitational, extended, ‘faster’ space-time membrane of dark Entropy in which it ‘feeds’. This –ct factor which prompted Minkowski to think that time was the 4 dimension of space merely means that ‘physical time’, the change in motion of physical entities, in this case a wave of light displacing in the gravitational vacuum, informs, forms, warps that vacuum by a factor –ct. If the reader grasps this simple notion – a field of light informs and corrugates the Entropy of gravitation it can also have a good laugh to 100 years of quantum musings about the ‘4th dimension of space’.

And so we define 3 scales of evolution of Entropy into form that diminish the ‘lineal speed’ of a force and increase its informative, rotational mass: photon >Electron >quark. It follows that the photon has faster lineal speed and less mass than the electron c/10, which is a relative fractal of dense, evolve ‘photons’, perceived as a whole or as a nebula. And the electron has less mass than the quark, which is a relative, fixed point of pure mass, perceived either as a fractal of gluons or a whole.

It follows that the isomorphisms of electronic systems are self-similar to those of light, as an electron is just an evolved form of light.

The multiple views on wave speed

Wave speed is a wave property, which may refer to absolute value of:

S: phase velocity, the velocity at which a wave phase propagates at a certain frequency
∆: group velocity, the propagation velocity for the envelope of wave groups and often of wave energy, different from the phase velocity for dispersive waves
ST: signal velocity, or information velocity, which is the velocity at which a wave carries information
Tiƒ: front velocity, the velocity at which the first rise of a pulse above zero moves forward



Œ: The supœrganism of the quantum world is the atom. Its ∆-1 scale are particles; its ∆-2 scale are fields of forces, ¥-rays for the electron, the gluon for the quark.

∆-1 (seed)>∆-atom: The atomic simplest unit, the hydrogen has a seed state, with a neutral zero-sum charge, the neutron (storing only spin, and mass); which can split through beta decay and expand into a ternary symmetry, with its central up quark, external electron, both with similar energy-mass, and dual ∆-2, 3, emission of a neutrino and a photon, the entropic fields of the quark and the electron, which fill its intermediate space-time background; creating the simplest atomic supœrganism, the hydrogen atom, WHOSE generator is:

Γ(H-atom):   ST (Electron-membrane) < dual network of entropy and information going between both, made of ¥-rays and neutrinos> Tiƒ quark nucleus.

The quantum world has an enormous array of sub-species and social scales of evolution, and events with exchanges of entropy, energy and information, yet all fall within the description of Non-Æ, fractal, cyclical space-time. So we could write an encyclopaedia of quantum and thermodynamic physics to describe the entire world of atoms, and maybe in the future it will be done.

§10: The 3 ternary scales of atomic systems are its families departing from its units, the hydrogen and helium, which can be roughly classified in light atoms (no metal), metallic atoms and heavy, radioactive atoms, which can be seen in space as increasing social scales, and in time in its symmetry of growing population, as the ages of those scales, with radioactive decay as its death.:

atom organism

Thus 3±∆ are the families of atoms, as the social symmetry of the 5th dimension requires. And for each of them we shall find its constants of space-entropy and social numbers (time frequency) growing both together in inverse fashion to maintain the co-invariance of its social plane.

∆-scales: But a more profound classification of atoms in the social domain corresponds to the planes of social networks, which divide the quantum world in the particle/atomic/molecular scales regarding its physical laws, entering finally in the thermodynamic world with different space-time constants. so we talk in those terms of the:


DISTORSIONS OF PERSPECTIVE: Space≈topological-Mind mappings.

We can then to see how this works consider a mind’s topological description of the whole fifth dimension and the deformation of its constants of space, which ONLY in our scale (K) appear as ‘entropy’, but become lineal for larger wholes and angular form smaller ones, as those transitions between scales keep adding a degree of ‘informative’ or ‘entropic distortion, which will change the geometrical outlook of the higher or lower scales.

WE SET CLEARLY the differences in the laws of events and systems that happen in a ‘present’ single scale, that happen between lower and upper scales (arrow of larger sizes) and vice versa, the inverse distortions that happen when we go under to smaller regions with larger information, as we show in the graph, since the distortion becomes a ‘geometrical one’:

In the graph, the geometrical perception from Ƽ, the human self-centred perspective (ab.pov) differs from the way we perceive information from the upper scale, seen as an only attractive gravitational vortex of future time-masses (relativity theory, equivalence principle) from the perspective of an elliptic geometry that reduces the size of the whole masses by speeding up its perception as motion.

The question though to be considered is how those systems behave ‘longitudinally’ in a given scale of the fifth dimension once the being has either emerged as a seed of higher information from the lower ∆-1 scale, or as it dissolves into a whole ‘mass of dissolving dead parts’ in a hyperbolic path to the ∆-1 scale.

In the left side the perception of lower scales is a lovacheski’s geometry, which multiplies the whole in its self-similar parts to get to the infinitesimal, which is the ‘piece’ on the membrane of the border o the whole, such as tƒi=∑Spe-1, the infinitesimal components of the membrane. Thus quantum and relativity descriptions of upper and lower scales differ

Now this very brief note on the mind’s games in its distortion of reality at topological, ternary level is a good introduction to the final element of any human science, the mind’s distortion due to anthropomorphic ego-trips which deny the ‘mind/sentient’ nature of all systems of Nature…

‘All lines are approximations or parts of a larger worldcycle’

That is a key element of GST and hence the Universe, which is lineal in small distances but on the long term in time or in space, becomes a curved cycle, and will in the more complex posts about the topology of the different minds of the Universe, one of my most pleasurable ‘trips’ of knowledge ever (:

A simple proof: look around you, yes! the Earth seems flat for your micro-state, but alas! Magic! if you grown in p.o.v. to a satellite it curves.

INDEED, the larger ∆-whole is always the complete cyclical world cycle, the smallish part, a step, a lineal approximation to the whole. This again has a huge consequence in physics – the 3 formalisms of the Universe are:

  • lineal quantum physics (∆-1 scale)
  • hyperbolic, Cartesian, human world, ∆-scale.
  • Ellipitic curved non-lineal Relativity, cosmic geometry, ∆+1 scale.

Again a theme of 4th line which truly explains from the mind/language p.o.v. the differences of those 3 quantum/thermodynamic /gravitational formalisms.

Thus a key first principle to clarify in order to unify the whole range of scales of physical systems, is the understanding of the different ‘zones’ of each scale of physics, as systems have in the border between the four scales of physical systems studied by science, different behaviour, given the fact that information and entropy follow different inverse paths going upwards, downwards, or sidewards in any Universal system:

The growth of a system between scales follow a decametric, 3 x 3 +0 pattern of social evolution of increasing complexity easy to model with scalar, lineal equations that approach the Spe x Tiƒ = Konstant metric of 5D.

Yet when it approaches the upper limit of emergence of a whole, the entropy and energy poured is absorbed in the creation of a the Tiƒ singularity of higher density of information; and so a resistance ensues as the information of the whole grows (which in physics is observed by the formation of black holes, eddies in a fluid or quantum particles), and so the metric ‘finds a wall’. And viceversa, in the lower scale, there is lower limit in which the tiƒ of the system disappears, so there is a sudden ‘expansion of space’, when the regime changes to disordered chaos, observable on the gaseous state, the ‘dark entropy expansive scale’ outside the galaxies.

T-TIME SPEED distortion…
however is more important: as we go down in scales, systems accelerate and so very often we see a whole time cycles a fixed space form. Some distortions of this humind view are obvious and keep coming into physical philosophies:
– All particles are vortices but we see them ‘solid’ as the whole cycle appears to us like a fast spinning wheel that seems solid.
-All particles have volume, but they seem points, as we do not see its inner size (solved brightly by string concepts of inner dimensions)
-Ternary systems tend to explain time developments not spatial beings, but we see the system in ‘pegged’ time adjacent positions as if they were different particles. This applies with important results to quark theory, as quarks cannot be deconfined because its 3 quarks are in fact time events (up->down->up transformations). so only if we feed the single nucleon with a lot of energy and get it to reproduce we can get more than one quark observed. The same error happens with the weak force which has no spatial range (it happens in the same point), transforms particles and has a long TIME duration, so it is AN EVENT IN TIME, not  A FORCE IN SPACE.
Those examples show then the huge capacity of ∆st to conceptually explain the weird effects of quantum physics and relativity. Trust me, even if you are a Nobel prize, the more so probably if you are, you know you don’t know what your equations mean, and that is what GST WILL PROVIDE more than variations on the equations of mathematical physics, which are exhaustively written. We just will explain them and order the forest with all its ‘variations’ of species referring them to biased ∆ or • or s or t perspectives.

Information in that sense is always ceteris paribus – a part of it, whose total information only exists fully within itself. SO THE TRUTH is not i a single theory but the sum of all ∆ + • + s +t perspectives also in equations of science.

We have already considered briefly an example of those ∆ and t distortions, as it is the one more often used in physics – the relativity concept of a worldline vs. the ∆st reality of worldcycles.



The error of discontinuity. Points with parts.

Thus the web takes sides in the dispute between Einstein and Planck: the last experimental and theoretical studies seem to prove that space and time are quantic, discontinuous as Planck said. From that fact we deduce that each piece of space has a quantity of quantic energy and each cycle of time carries an amount of information. Yet since all what exists is made of energy and information from the previous homology we deduce that all beings, including human beings, are made of quantic cycles of temporal information or ‘bits’ and quantic pieces of spatial energy or ‘bites’, and the Space-Time Universe is a sum of quantic beings made up with those 2 substances.

Scientists don’t analyze temporal energy in all its quantic details because they study space and time through Mathematics, which has, as all languages, a limited capacity to carry information. So it simplifies reality, making each entity of the Universe with an inner content of information and energy a number, represented as a point, defined by Euclid as ‘a form without breath’, without ‘information’.

Then, once the inner content of those points are gone, mathematics puts all those points together into an abstract graph called the Cartesian Space/Time graph, which seems to us ‘a continuous reality’, though it is only a simplified, linguistic representation of the Universe.

Since, when we look at the real beings of the Universe in detail, those points have parts, a content of ‘energy’ that lasts a quantity of time cycles. Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they become spheres, points with breath, with parts: an atom, a cell, and a star…

Something without breath, without dimensions – as Euclid defined a point – is something that does not exist. Abstract points are fantasies. They are not real. Anything you draw will have a size, a minimum of 2 dimensions in paper, and 3 dimensions in reality. Look at yourself: your Head is a point with 3 dimensions, not a number in a mathematical statistics. 
The Space-Time Continuum becomes then the space-time discontinuum, made of infinite quanta of temporal energy, which ‘act’ together to create the forms of the Universe.

We live in a Universe made of quantic actions, of moving temporal energy. Reality is done by infinite discontinuous actions exerted by all type of beings, product of their spatial energy multiplied by their temporal information.
Space/time is not a static, fixed “mathematical image” created by our mind  – but it moves constantly, acts through its quantic pieces. We are an organic system that “acts”, processing spatial energy with our quantic bodies and temporal information with our brains. Planck expressed with that name, taken from the organic philosophy of Leibniz and Hegel, the fact that the Universe is not material but organic, made of cyclical forms in perpetual change and movement.

All continuous, static forms become discontinuous and mobile when observed in detail.

Mathematics simplify reality. How they do it? Making each organism of the Universe a point, and putting them all together into an abstract graph called the Cartesian Space.

We cannot though know all the information of reality with a single language, a simplified mirror that our mind puts on the Universe.

Thus the space-time continuum is a simplification of a quantic reality caused by the fact that in mathematics a plane of space is not made of points with volume, but of abstract points without volume. In reality however all what exists when observed in detail, is made of discontinuous points with volume. If you look at a table in detail you will see discontinuous points called molecules, made of discontinuous points called atoms, made of discontinuous points called protons and electrons, made of discontinuous points called photons, made of discontinuous points called Plank Quanta. And that minimal scale of smaller, discontinuous points with volume, with dimension, is what we call the Organic point, the first Unit of In-form-ation, of form in the Universe.

The quantic nature of space and time today accumulates enough proves, despite the respect that Einstein’s work still causes, as to be the cover of prestigious scientific magazines. And it will revolution all disciplines of science, since all of them use those 2 parameters to explain their species and laws. It also implies the equality between energy and space on one hand, and between time cycles and bits of information on the other. The only real difference between those concepts was the pretended continuity of time and space vs. the proved discontinuity of information and energy. Thus now we talk of 2 concepts that suffice to explain reality:

The space and energy of any quantic being, homologous concepts, both in Biology (where we talk of organic space) and in Physics (where the vacuum is considered a form of ‘dark energy’).

– And the bits of information or temporal, genetic memories and cycles of any being. Since information is stored in memorial patterns that accumulate over time and it is processed in a cyclical manner, as time is. For example, we measure a computer’s informative capacity in Mhz, or quantity of temporal cycles of information the computer processes each second.
The 2 fundamental substances or states of reality are thus spatial energy and temporal information that we will call, when properly combined, temporal energy.

We are made of energy and time, which our mind often perceives as fixed space and fixed information, but are truly organic, moving forms:

The discontinuous, discrete Universe of space-time can also be expressed in terms of form and motion, stop and go, space and time symmetries

And the duality particle – wave. You move as a wave, but then you expel energy. You gauge information as a particle, when you stop. You do not move as a particle, because it is much slower.

Let us consider this important symmetry, from its 30 years old first graph, in which I was defining ‘speed of reproduction, TxS, the function of present (-; as a teenager )-:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.38Thus it follows that momentum is a complete description of the system, as Mass is the Tƒ element and speed the wave element, on a given field.

While the field is ‘hidden’ on the wave space-length, which is a quanta by quanta step growth of the system.

From this relationship we can find some basic concepts of cyclical time, such as density of information and the related ‘mass-charge’ value. What matters here now is to understand two things:

A particle is just the next scale of a wave, in which all those memorial motions of the wave when the ‘particle’ stops, clump together into the point in which the particle stopped collapsing the wave into a particle, whose ‘mass’ is related to the frequency of the wave (number of M-cycles which collapse in the point). Thus by definition a Mass is related to:

– The speed of the wave and the internal clock of the wave (in this the best work is still the first article of De Broglie in which ill-understood he explains how mass and group-wave are in fact two versions of the same concept with the same clock, origin of quantum complementarity principle).

It follows some very interesting deductions:

– Particles do NOT move. They are the stop point of the wave.

– An external observed which has the perception of ‘particles’, will find the motion of the wave in the ‘lower plane’ as ‘invisible’, thin, ghostly. Here is where we find the ‘pi irrationals’, as the wave NEVER CLOSES ITS PI-CYCLES, which do not exist by definition.

In the point of the particle, the particle acquires a new dimension as the coming M-quanta of the Planck frequency or Mass frequency (the quanta of mass, not being discussed in this level).

Now, this was one of my first discoveries on 5D physics, back in the early 90s, truly one of the first milestones of my work. As it turns out a few years ago it appeared a model of physics based in that concept.

(This has constantly happened for 30 years so I lost the count of models and solutions in all sciences that mimicked my work on T.Œ and are now standard or not of science, among them the most notorious memetics, dark matter calculus – that 95%, black hole growing importance in astrophysics – at the time of my first models of galacells they did not even imagine there were black holes in the center of all well formed galaxies, they still do NOT know they are top quark stars, hopefully they won’t learn it making them at home, epigenetics in biology and palingenetics / development laws and the confirmation of the 2008 crisis in economics predicted as earlier as 93).


The interaction, $-field/gas, ≈Wave/ liquid, ð-particle/solid

Let us consider now a more professional analysis of a complex case, the solution of the correct interpretation of quantum physics with 5D³ to show really the most useful element of ∆st analysis: its capacity founded in logic principles that apply to all relational space-time beings in any scale of the Universe, to resolve questions and illuminate equations of classic science.

The essential parameter of truth about ∆ST systems is the experimental closeness of the human observer, which is maximal in our thermodynamic scale. Hence the second fundamental truth, once we accept the self-similarity of all scales is to accept that Thermodynamics must carry its laws to other scales. This is in fact the origin of the expansion of ‘gaseous entropy’ as the arrow of time of all scales by physicists, which however forgot the other two states/time ages of matter. And so as Einstein wanted it is only a question of time that quantum becomes an extension of statistical mechanics.

And this means of course that the pilot wave theory IS the true interpretation of quantum physics – as we can model it perfectly with the ‘states’ of the thermodynamic scale.

Pilot wave theory: correcting anthropomorphic mind errors in quantum physics.

Let us put a simple example, of the application of the concepts of entropy as a relative ratio, compared to the other 2 states of the fractal generator, to validate a key aborted r=evolution of science; the pilot-wave theory.

In GST the duality wave-particle, equivalent to the duality body-head of biological systems is self-explanatory. As all systems have a reproductive body, guided by an informative head, which moves thanks to lineal energetic limbs, all physical systems have a particle-form, often found, as in light waves on top of the wave-body, or higher point to focus information over the lineal field that provides its energy of motion.

Yet, this explanation is organic, regardless of its quantitative measure regarding the value of the energy, the speed of reproduction of information of the wave and the position of the particle. Physicists however to my surprise during my period of conferences were not interested, on this why to the 100 years conundrum of the Principle of Complementarity of physics. For them, it was simply outside the realm of their research as organic, biological properties of Nature, are not mathematical, as they use to explain such bio-logical, logical, in-form-ative characteristics the logic-verbal language of man. 

Still, to make more amenable to physicists those posts on physical systems we will use extensively topological varieties to define such organic ternary structures. Since in a Universe of a single space-time sheet of 4 dimensions there are only 3 possible topologies, the lineal field/hyperbolic wave/spherical particle system we just explained can be considered a full topological system that combines the 3 topological varieties of the Universe into an organic form:

Spe (Lineal -field/limbs) < St-hyperbolic wave-body > tiƒ (informative, cyclical particle/head).

In the graphs, the 3 components of a physical, quantum system, the particle, the wave and the lineal field over which it moves. Lacking a real understanding of the 5D structure of the Universe, 

physicists can only describe the mathematical how of the process with the quantum wave equation of the graph and its visual depiction as we observe simultaneously the particle-head guiding, ‘piloting’, (right picture) the reproductive wave-body that moves, extracting energy-motion from the lineal field, which is expelled on the back of the wave.

All this is described mathematically but we do interpret it also organically. As physical systems do have as all other systems both, topological and organic properties, following in its form the 3 canonical topologies of the mathematical language, and co-existing in 3 relative scales of reality as ∆-1 fields, ∆-waves and ∆+1 particles.

To start with the proper interpretation of any system requires the ternary principle which only the pilot-wave theory includes with its three fundamental elements on the mathematical formulae, the particle state (left side schrodinger equation) better express in the polar formulation of bohm, the wave energy state, right side, and the field, entropy state the guiding equation:

Once we have the three elements of its generator equation, we can study as Bohm does all the elements of the ‘electron’ and its ‘best’ generator equation available to quantum physics, and in doing so learn also the elements of GST applied to quantum theory:

A collection of particles has an associated matter wave, which evolves according to the Schrödinger equation. Each particle follows a deterministic trajectory, which is guided by the wave function; collectively, the density of the particles conforms to the magnitude of the wave function.

The wave function is not influenced by the particle and can exist also as an empty wave function. But the particle does need the wave function to exist, as your head needs its body-wave to sustain it. And so a clear arrow of causality we shall find in all ternary ensembles of the 3 ðime§pace limbs-fields>body-waves>particle-heads appear also in quantum systems. A wave NEEDS a field to ‘in-form’ with its ‘motion-steps:λ- frequencies’, and a particle needs a wave to curl into closed inward, accelerated clock-like cycles.

And for the three to walk together, the clock will be synchronised to the wave-frequency which will be synchronised to the ‘scattering= expansion’=entropy=motion of the field. So happens ‘organically’ between your eye-thoughts, body-heart rhythm and steps over the field land of earth.

This third element, the quantum field, though is NOT part of the particle-wave complementarity being; so as an external element it must be in a different Ƥcale, lower in form, in/form/ation.

Hence the definition of speed as transmission of information, v=s/ti, gives for its lesser form, ti->0, v=s/ti->∞ ,

Which explains its nonlocality compatible with faster-than-light, as its communication of information is lesser than that of light.

Yet as information is defined as DIMENSIONAL FORM, and light provides us with 4 dimensions of information (length-speed, height-electric field, width-magnetic field and frequency-color-social evolution, its ∆§calar field), in a bidimensional universe (holographic principle), bidimesional gravitation (Einstein, AMD formalism) can carry ‘flat information’ in two dimensions between those particles, which is enough to entangle them, and synchronise distant ‘spooky effects’.

And that is the ‘distance-information’ particles can obtain as they are guided by the quantum field ‘ahead’

As the field of entropy does NOT transport more information, only on distance and motion, in an scattering, ‘disorganising’ way,  a Q(v)>C is empirically compatible with relativity. As our knowledge of it comes from the wave equation, it is NOT a hidden variable; but the wave, which processes it towards the particle-head, in polar coordinates (from where Bohm, extracted it, by switching from s=t wave state to particle/field s>t<s state…

Quantum synchronicity.

‘The guiding wave propagating not in ordinary three-space but in a multidimensional-configuration space is the origin of the notorious “nonlocality” of quantum mechanics. It is a merit of the de Broglie-Bohm version to bring this out so explicitly that it cannot be ignored’. Bell

It is a fact that a few physicists often the top ones have had deep insights on the laws of the fifth dimension, but none has come to make a proper definition of some basic terms such as ‘dimensionality’, as we have done here. HENCE the lullabies they sing, without much ado, as in string theory with its ’10 dimensions’, which are indeed NOT the prove of its falsity but in fact of its close explanation of reality… once we encase it within the larger more accurate frame of 5D³.

Where then the quantum field propagates? Obviously in the scale below light at ∆-4, which as we see it from above, will seem to our •humind to  have more dimensions in ‘configuration space’ (: don’t worry about the funny words of mathematical physics.

All this said we must now tackle a bit of history on the ‘USUAL SUSPECTS’ – arrogant physicists, carrying the day with an egotist vision of reality vs. serious ones with  humble relativism when consider themselves an infinitesimal of the Universe. I talk of the choice of Copenhagen over Paris. Bohr over Broglie.

An important form of explaining any stience is by making a ‘history’ of the real science, and whenever a branch has made a mistake and created a wrong distorted view, follow the rightful branch and go ‘into pure theoretical true space-time of linguistic nature, evolving the history of the science thereafter.

We shall try to do the same here and so we can consider those sub-posts.

Let us then do so for the science of quanta to trans-form it into the stience of quanta (Gst).

The problem here is that the stience of quanta is mathematically correct but interpreted wrongly as we have explained in previous posts. So the correct interpretation is Planck->Einstein->Broglie->Scrodinger->Bohm->Sancho, NOT, Planck->Bohr.. etc. Solvay, 27 Let us then pick up at that point, and follow the ‘less travelled road’ of Broglie. On the next screenshot from an excellent book on the matter:


Broglie, a French aristocrat intuitively like Einstein follows the right path in correspondence with 5D metric and ST symmetries and laws. Indeed, Broglie realises mass is the frequency of a closed cycle=clock of time. So any mass or wave that closes a cyclical period becomes a particle (definition of particle as a time clock of physical scales).

This astounding hindsight gives us a first simple beautiful equation, the clock of a particle is proportional to its mass, ƒo=mo, multiplied by a constant ratio between the ‘space constants of the ∆+1 gravitational scale (bidimensional light: c2) and the ∆-1 light scale (bidimensional h-action).

We first get a huge insight on the fact that the true constant is c2, a bidimensional, opening, field of light space, entropic expansion of pure light space, that is…

And so we have a clock of time, which defines a particle, proportional to its mass, multiplied by the ratio between the spatial constants of its ∆±1 scales.

He had defined the minimal bit of informative light space-time minds, its logic clock, and now he was going to define the wave-field over which it ‘glides’, the phase wave or quantum potential of the lower ‘graviton’ world (which he then will explain in another ‘silly-nilly rejected’ fascinating insight on the nature of light, in his ‘neutrino theory of light’…

Genius till the end. But let us not advance further. What he found at this stage was a quantum potential, which should be in fact a neutrino potential or sea of faster than light tachyon, smaller neutrinos? whose physical consistence is independent of our incapacity to observe it. How this ‘lower russian doll’ is connected to the larger astronomical scale of newtonian gravitation is also a debatable question. Do all systems who are closed feel a ‘gravitational potential regardless of scale’ on virtue of a general, universal resonance among all closed time cycles, regardless of scale?

In any case his photons with minimal mass, hence connection to that larger gravitational, ‘galactic vortex’ where mass do have its full range of newtonian power, do have an internal ‘mass clock’ (might have other clocks of other scales of its complex inner system), which can ‘fine-tune’ with a ‘field wave’ or ‘quantum potential’, faster than light, non-local, which provides it ‘energy’ to move as an EM engine would do ahead, guided by the faster wave, with which it has synchronised its Tiƒ PROVOKING A RESONANCE phenomena, which is the a priori (3rd equality postulate) condition for an action of space-time to take place.

ONCE thus both, the particle and the field are in resonance (synchronous time periods), the particle eextracts motion stored as energy from the gravitational field, moving ahead in the direction of the pilot field (the word wave is contradictory, here, it is in fact an entropy, scattering ∆-1 field of max. motion). 

So this is the correct interpretation. When a 2 slit experiment is performed, creating a ‘huge’ colliding barrier for the electrons, some of them ‘splash’ dying entropically 2 scales down into the gravitational guiding pilot wave, which guides the remaining particles through its entropic scattering ‘bohemian paths’

The results being the same, the B2 (broglie-bohm) realistic theory, is thus the forgotten true departure for sound interpretations of quantum physics.

Time related problems in quantum physics interpretations.

In the image we can see how the Bohmian paths converge in the middle region where the density of probabilities are maximised.

It is just discussing about the angels on a pin to consider different interpretations by ‘errors’ of measure due to the uncertainty caused by the ‘far away region of time speeds and space sizes’ to which the subject belong.

 A paradigm’s change: Bohm’s realist interpretation of quantum physics.

“This idea (pilot-wave theory) seems to me so natural and simple, to resolve the wave-particle dilemma in such a clear and ordinary way, that it is a great mystery to me that it was so generally ignored”  J.S.Bell.

The equations of quantum physics work, and must be interpreted. the interpretation accepted, copenhagen is anthropomorphic, subjective, and so we prefer the objective B2 MODEL (Broglie->Bohm), whose rejection at Solvay was a matter of power in physics – a dilettante french aristocrat and then a communist ex-patriot searched by the FBI, versus the full power of the German-Jewish industrial elite of the Heisenberg-Bohr idealist school (in the graph).

It was nasty, carried by second lackeys of Bohr notably Pauli, a cut-throat infamous bestard who would say ‘it is not even wrong’ to despise a rival theory. The french aristocrat of course was from a more polite environment. With Bohm it was worst, one of those elite members of science who DO HAVE ALSO ETHICS, like Einstein, of whom he was the favourite student and collaborator, both communists, lost his American passport, and gave us also the full completion of the Broglie theory of particle-wave duality, to which he added the potential quantum field of ∆-4 ‘neutrino background space-time to complete the meaning of the Schrodinger’s equation essentially an Ælgebraic equation of ‘Existential Algebra’ that reads causally as ‘time dependent’:

Present wave = Past-quantum potential + Future -Particle state:


In the graph, Schrodinger’s equation, which in polar-particle state shows even a simpler description of the 3 parts of the quantum world IS THE GENERATOR equation of the ∆-3 plane. So here we have the translation of the Generator, and we can start to do physics on A KNOWN KNOWN SCALE, unlike the Neutrino ∆-4 scale.

We do know of course that as ∆-i always ‘codes’ ∆-i+1 scales (where i is the scalar index, which amazingly enough 🙂 -not so we chose it for a reason, is closely related to information, its negantropic effect on ‘positive energy’ and the imaginary root of -1:) the light field must be born of a neutrino field-wave.

And so it is also DE BROGLIE’S THEORY OF NEUTRINO-LIGHT, the other ‘missing’ fundamental piece of the structure of quantum physics whose TRUE PIONEERS ARE:

Planck->Einstein->De Broglie->Schrodinger->Bohm

THIS IS THE CANON, and the key for GST to accept the canon is the simple transformation of the wave, hyperbolic formalism into the polar formalism of a particle, with the addition of the Cartesian formalism of the field. 

As frames of reference define the function and form of the being, such as the ‘simplest expression of an equation in a frame’ shows its true nature. i.e. A circle is simpler in its polar equation, just a number for the radius than in a cartesian ‘hyperbolic plane’.

Of course, once we know, we can put more elements of GST to the cocktail and explain the magnificent findings of Broglie->Bohm:

The ‘weirdness’ of the fractal Universe, applied to the ‘weirdness’ of quantum physics.

On the positive side the weirdness of quantum physics has parallels clear in the weirdness of 5D ∆ST• beings, which make quantum physics and relativity so fascinating for the understanding of the fractal Universe, and the errors of quantum and relativity interpretations so obviously caused by the simplex 4D Space-time continuum of present philosophy of science. A few elements which are shown in modern physics of the small and the huge ∆±3,4 scales (quanta, relativity), that coincide and are explained by 5D ST• Beings.

  • Quantum physics requires either non-locality or travel of information to the local past, two fundamental features of ¬Æ: a relative past entropic field  and a relative future particle of information converge into a Present wave of energy. In terms of speed, it can be seen as non-locality for entropy; since the time it takes to travel to the future upper scale, is compensated by his origin into the past. And viceversa – a travel to the past for information is perceived as arrival in present. So both collapse into the present to create the ‘actual’ reality from the potentials stored in the past and the logic decisions obtained in the future.
  • Quantum physics occurs in a configuration space, or Hillbert space and have multiple generalised coordinates, showing that each particle is the central point of view of an æ-cartesian mind, enacting its @tions of exi=stence.
  • Quantum physics shows the superposition of the ternary elements of the being – its quantum potential field, its schrodinger wave, and its particle positions, at the same time, as the system is a ternary system.
  • Quantum probability in its Bohr’s interpretation is a time interpretation (on probabilities not populations), because the speed of time of quantum systems according to 5D metric, Max. V(Tiƒ) ≈ Max. -i (∆-index). That is, smaller systems have longer time cycles and when a slow system as a human being is, observes a quantum faster system, it can only observe it IN TIME-long spans, SO IT APPLIES, time-related concepts, such as probability, AND THIS IS THE ORIGIN OF QUANTUM WEIRDNESS in the copenhagen interpretations.
  • Schrödinger picture vs. Heisenberg picture
    The ambiguity of perception, space-time is further re-stated by the symmetry between both pictures:
  •  One can take the observables to be dependent on time, while the state σ was fixed once at the beginning of the experiment. This approach is called the Heisenberg picture. One can, equivalently, treat the observables as fixed, while the state of the system depends on time; that is known as the Schrödinger picture. Conceptually (and mathematically), the two approaches are equivalent; choosing one of them is a matter of convention.Both viewpoints are used in quantum theory. While non-relativistic quantum mechanics is usually formulated in terms of the Schrödinger picture, the Heisenberg picture is often preferred in a relativistic context, that is, for quantum field theory.
  • It is then a fundamental task of correction and harmonisation of quantum physics and any ∆±>|2| STience for that matter, to make explicit which phenomena are better described in space (Max. Spe x Min. Tiƒ, or entropic < motions) and which one in time (>, Max. T).

There is of course, remaining there the observations to which we must NOW AD INTERPRETATIONS OF GST, ORGANIC, TOPOLOGICAL AND OF COMPLEX TIME CAUSALITY.

So the collapse of the wave comes directly of two facts:

  • Particles guide ‘ahead’ any system of waves of present as the relative future position of the whole. So THEY COLLIDE FIRST.
  • systems have defensive particle-tight configuration when its pilot guide wave sends him ‘contraction’ information of a larger momentum coming into its territorial region. So observers DO influence and bring about the collapse of the wave.

Synchronicity of the three ‘time-clocks’ of the three parts of a supœrganism.

We can now return to the analysis of the three parts together, particle-head/wave body and field.

And the first characteristic we observe is the synchornicity of the clocks of the field, wave and particle, which indicates they do form an œ:

we obtained the unification equation of masses an charges, the future-forms/states of the scales of physical systems, from the precondition of synchronicity in the metric timespace clock parameters of the fifth dimension. This precondition is the same than de broglie applied to obtain its quantum wave-particle duality origin of modern quantum physics, which wrongly rejected for almost a century its sound pilot (particles) wave (body) field (quantum ≥c entropy field) ternary generator of its ‘polar/cartesian’ s<>t/s≈t’ canonical description of an electronic quantum wave.

The general Unification Constant of those vortices, adapted to the condition of ‘co-invariance’ in the clocks of the three scales for the ∆±4, galactic system to be ‘a synchronous supœrganism’ is as in all ‘Broglie systems’, one in which there is a smooth transition of the clocks, along the metric of the fifth dimension that allow transfer of entropy energy and information between scales.


So the three clocks of the system are synchronised and from this we deduce the unification equation:

Let us then start, once we have explained what charges and masses are (time vortices) with the big prize, THE UNIFICATION EQUATION of charges and masses, since a mass or a charge, is just a vortex of cyclical time.

 But for the understanding of it, as this is a post on ∆º thermodynamics we can finish here the introduction and work with a bit more of sophistication on the basic concepts we have learned.

The immediate adoption to mathematical physics of time is the concept of energy, but time as future only passes when it accelerates and time as past when it decelerates. Both arrows of time are felt as such in the perception of time, origin of the world cycle of a system between three scales – perception will see also precludes that this virtual weld becomes indistinguishable between the two limits of time charges and masses humans perceive. So the virtuality of all existences zero sums of + entropy – information = present momentum.

Physical systems as ratio systems of density and speed in several scales of reality shows in a dynamic way the interplay of all the elements of ∆ust of space-time.

In an ideal ‘system of knowledge’ stiences should start with the study of biological existences, as they are the best described, closest stiences to man. Hence to know OTHER sciences we can extract the maximal isomorphic understanding of its trinity species from them.

Indeed, the ‘quantum and anti-quantum paradox’, prevents to achieve full objectivity in social sciences and quantum physics, because the observer is either too small (social sciences) or too big (quantum physics) to extract information of the observable without influence it (huge physicist changing small observable: quantum uncertainty) or being influenced (small social scientist catering the class power of the huge observable – society – in which he is inscribed: anti-quantum uncertainty.)

entropic feeding

Now one of the most fascinating results associated to de broglie shyncronized clocks is the consideration of the feeding functions of entropy: as the particle increases the frequency of its mass at the c speed it synchronises itself with its feeding photons and so the increase of mass is parallel to the frequency motion as each turn of the particle means a feeding bit and a clock cycle of its internal time, which decelerates proportionally. Why only this increase happens at c speed should be obvious: only at that speed the system can feed on the being, which chases, which is light. So in the multifunctional universe there is also a non-mental view of relativity effects worth to consider.

So the synchronicity which starts the ‘coordinated actions of the three parts of the physical entity can be accounted from an organic perspective: entropy processes release motion that other system absorbs. A mass is a vortex, which has a clock that ticks every time the particle turns. This is synchronised to the tic of the wave that carries the system and give us the common speed of particle and wave ‘chasing’ the quantum field of likely neutrino quanta ‘eaten’ at the limiting c-speed.

Two elements on those equations thus remain essential to quantify those processes: h/c², which is the constant of lobachevsky’s curvature of our light space-time, as it curves speed-entropy-c and forms the first quanta of energy, angular momentum, h, which shows once more that reality is always bidimensional (something that often removes ‘imaginary’ problems by considering as physicists do, square quantities the ‘real ones’ – probability conjugates, square momentums and so on).

So the equation to study here is really: m²  – m² v²/c² or or ν² – ν²  v²/c².

Now the more complex explanation of this fundamental function of beings, the ‘momentum’ of a past x Future particle and the wave requires a more profound analysis. Since in fact physical systems do have both states together as we do, waves and momentums, bodies and heads. And this is the huge discovery of quantum physics not properly understood.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.36.12

In the graph, each system is in fact 10 dimensional, when we take the concept of dimension in mathematical terms as a structural parameter of the being – its 3 scales in 5D, 3 spatial parts and 3 time ages, plus the Œ point focus of its æ,e, ï,œ,û actions, which will further add new dimensions as we observe then the ‘œ-point’ in its interaction with ‘external world-beings’ through several planes of existence. Yes, the beauty of the Universe resides in its complex simplicity and the web of relationships of each part with its wholes.

Yet NEVER humans do explain the WHOLE but just a part and often in physical sciences where the œ studied is far removed (Max. ï distance from the human observer), reduce the study to a single perspective, often the most degrading, from the lower ∆-1 point of view and from the æ-ction of motions). This is a tiresome human ego-trip of one-dimensional scholars who spend their life to prove that their perspective IS the only one that matters, (one of the reasons I abandoned the field earlier in my life, ‘evil=antilive memes’ and ‘stupid=one-dimensional memes’ define most humans I found in ‘existence’).

Yet the proper analysis might be shrunk according to the importance of those 4 elements eliminating by this order: the 5 actions of the Œ-point (maximal external point of view, which removes also the ‘will’ of the being); the 5D ±1 Planes above and below (social world and cellular/quanta point of view), the temporal ages from conception to extinction, focusing on the Adult maximal reproductive, present age (limiting the widest temporal zero-sum point of view to a quanta of present time), and finally the Spe-field/limbs & Tƒ-head/particle point f view, focusing on its body-wave central part).

Thus if we want to reduce the essence of a phenomenon to a single cause though we must choose that which is the ‘central’ Œ-ssence of the system: its present, body-wave, individual plane of the being SINCE IT IS THE MOST EVIDENT PERSPECTIVE. In the case of physical entities, this is a PRESENT wave in reproductive motion, (‘female’ balanced perspective). So quantum physicist in the perspectives of physical entities focused on the wave-particle duality, observing from the human removed p.o.v. the reproductive motion of the Spe-field>ExI-wave<Tƒ-Particle, its fundamental perspective, (left side). The phenomenon is fascinating because it illustrates many of the properties of 5D ST reality and deals directly with the oldest logic paradoxes – today largely forgotten on the ‘computerized age of science’ when the mere feeding of mathematical models to mental-machines by ‘human bee-workers’ summarizes science: what is the MEANING OF MOTION?

This paradox never resolved since Parmenides affirmed the point of view of the particle – motion is NOT possible, only form exists, and Zeno proved it with its paradoxes (Achilles and the turtle, the motion of the arrow; while Heraclitus considered the point of view of the Wave – motion is constant as the particle-ego-informative fixed point does NOT exist).

On the other hand the informative point of view of the particle, dominating the wave and using it to guide its motion, was foreseen by Einstein and developed by De Broglie, with its idea of a pilot wave. They were the 2 pioneers of the field (De Broglie developed the first mathematical particle-wave equations); and yet both were ignored. Instead the perspectives today considered are, NOT SURPRISINGLY!, the ego paradox and mathematical abstract model (Germanic idealist Copenhagen interpretation), and the energetic lineal degrading point of view (waves and particles as ‘excitations’ of the energy of the ∆-1 field – Feynman’s perspective.)

Now we shall do a bit more of a detailed analysis on the first concepts of quantum physics as they would illuminate its relationship with the physics of 5D, restricted to the earlier discoveries of Einstein, De Broglie and Schrodinger, as we have already mentioned them.

de Broglie found that all physical ‘quanta’ had a body-wave and a head-particle as they move over an energy field. He had found the simplest organism of nature, which we will see is isomorphic to all the similar organisms of different size of the Universe:

Spe (lineal field) < ExI – wave < Spherical Particle of information.

And so he wrote the simple equation: λ (wave) x P (particle with momentum) = H (Planckton)

Now the meaning of this equation properly written would be V (Spe-field) > l (ExI-wave) > m (Tƒ) = H

That is, the description of a space-time system, a Planckton, from the perspective of its interaction with the entropic gravitational field provided by the quark-mass in the center of the atom.

This Planckton though will have MANY roles according to its space-time program of cyclical actions (±∆æ: motion field, e-nergy food for other particles, ∆ï: bit of information, ∆œ: reproductive wave and ∫œ=û: colors).

So it is NOT a mechanical species – and this realization– that quantum particles are truly complex beings with multiple properties and behaviors not so easily described as the simpler analysis of our motions in space by mechanics is WHAT TRULY CONNECTS quantum physics and T.Œ.

Of course we humans are also complex beings besides our mechanics of ∂a (actions of motions) but we do not try to explain actions such as reproduction (particle decoupling), gauging of information (spin z-orientation) and social evolution (magnetic distribution), with ‘mathematical equations’ as those are like the 3 body-problem, actions which ‘have a restricted quantity of information available’ as in the 5D fractal space-time Universe, there are infinite Œ with external membranes that protect information from outer analysis.

That is the essence and beauty of the free, individual scale of the Universe. NOBODY knows ALL the information of any entity except the entity itself, which is the only one with 1-probabiluty of absolute information.

Humans though have megalomaniac pretensions of being God-like, trying control-freak behavior with reality INSTEAD of understanding the living whys of those particles.

All this said, we can then consider a fast survey of the mathematical elements of the H-planckton-wave duality fusion the ‘organic perspective’.

De Broglie’s Wave Theory

Quanta of light had never, of course, been treated in this manner; but de Broglie saw no reason why particles of matter, since they, too, are “isolated fragments of energy,” should not also have an associated internal periodic process. When the particle is at rest the frequency of the internal process is v0 and the energy of the particle is hv0, following the Einstein equation. Another Einstein energy equation can also be applied to the particle at rest,

(m0 is the particle’s rest mass), this one being derived from the theory of special relativity. When the two energies are equated the rest frequency of the internal periodic process is found to be

The frequency v0 follows the internal process according to the particle’s “own clock.” A fixed observer, who sees the particle moving with velocity v = ßc (ß = v/c), finds a different frequency V1, which must be less than v0 by the factor 1— ß2,

due to the relativistic “dilation” of time intervals. This, however, is not the frequency which the quantum theory associates with a moving particle. Write the quantum theory frequency as v, so that, according to the two Einstein equations above, the particle’s energy is either hv or to the fixed observer who sees the particle moving with velocity v = ßc.

The problem of reconciling the frequencies v and v1 was central to de Broglie’s investigation. It determined the “whole trend” of his work. He solved the problem in a formal way by assigning the frequency v not directly to the internal periodic behavior of the particle, but to a wave that accompanies the particle through space and time in such a way that it is always in phase with the internal process. This is, then, a traveling wave whose phase at time t and at the point x where the particle is located is (assuming linear motion) in which u is the “phase velocity” of the wave (the velocity of a particular wave crest).  The phase velocity u is now evaluated by making the two phases the same.

Two properties of de Broglie’s particle waves have been determined, the frequency v and phase velocity u. A third property, the wave-length X, can be related to these two with an equation common to all wave motion.

The real strength of de Broglie’s argument lies in the various simple and highly suggestive uses he found for his particle waves. One of these develops a remarkable “wave equation” for the particle momentum. Begin with the relativistic equation for the momentum, p = m0v/ 1 — ß2, and transform it to wave language as follows:

The symbol v, as before, represents the wave number. A momentum equation, p = hv, known to the world as the “de Broglie equation,” has been brought forth with a mathematical and physical appearance very close to the Einstein energy equation E == hv. The two equations E = hv and p = hv put in a particularly acute form the difficulties of the wave-particle duality. Each equation has a “particle quantity” on the left, a “wave quantity” on the right and the ever-present Planck’s constant standing between.

The phase velocity of the de Broglie particle waves has the seemingly impossible property that it is greater than the velocity of light (the particle velocity v is always less than c, so that u = c2/v > c). How can the motion of these mysterious waves possibly relate to the actual motion of a particle? De Broglie demonstrated that the physically significant wave velocity is not the phase velocity but the “group velocity,” the velocity of the reinforcement regions formed when many waves are superimposed.


Practical analysis: the Galilean paradox in electronic and light motions.

For that reason, we can always consider a stop and go motion in physics; which has enormous repercussions in theoretical physics and the understanding of relativity and the Lorentz transformations, treated elsewhere in those texts:Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 20.40.10

In the graph, the stop and go motion of electrons and the virtual creation and extinction of particles in the light space-time sheet, have a quite different enlightening description in relational space-time physics. Some of the phenomena involved:

Electrons and anti-electrons are time past to future (life longer) and future to past (death shorter) time arrows. As such both inverse functions past-entropy (antiparticle) x future-information (particle) = Present light space-time, annihilate giving birth to the relative ‘present-space’ of our galactic world, light space-time.

Light space-time condensates into virtual particles, Spe>Tƒ, evolving the field of motion into a particle of charge, which then dissolves back in Tƒ<Spe, an antiparticle event. Both collide giving birth to present, and any of those similar space-time equations provide an insight in the particle-antiparticle duality. Further on it explains why there are less antiparticles in total space-time, as they are as many in space, as many ‘deaths as lives’ we might say, but death is an instant, so we do NOT see as many antiparticles that last so little as we do not see many corpses in the our daily life – even if there are as many as living on the long count.

Further on, because information is perceived and emitted in stillness, the previous process of stop and go, electronic stop, emission of ¥ rays, motion, stop perception of ¥ rays, means that in relativity we can also construct a new metric in which time and length remain constant and what changes is the speed of light, since we are perceiving (Michelson’s experiment) a process of electronic stoppage every time it emits and perceives light, hence LIGHT becomes c-constant because to emit it and perceive it the electron stops, IN RELATIONSHIP to its lower ‘gravitational space-time’ in which the electron co-exists.

Then how do we measure and operate in frames of reference that are still and moving is the knots and bolts of Galilean and einsteinium relativity? Relativity though is an incomplete theory in its explanation of what studies. It studies only a membrane of space-time of the 5th dimension, that of c-speed/time in as much as it is light space-time, the medium where we ‘float’. Over what that light imprints itself (gravitational space) is of not concern here. Suffice to say that in the game of Russian dolls, the gravitational doll is larger and encases with points of faster rotational time frequency (black holes) and lines of faster lineal momentum (strings), the light space-time. The transition between both worlds thus imply as always in any up and down transition along the 5th dimension a change in the speed of time and size in space of each quanta and bit of spatial energy and temporal information.

In what concerns though our world we live in a region of speeds and densities of space and time, which we might call the thermodynamic range, which is well in the stable zone of light space-time (well above, O k and below c – speed).

This entire revis(it)ed Relativity analysis could itself fill a bulky book, and give us deep insights on the way our mind or an electronic instrumental mind bias the perception of motions and stillness. It is not though a main theme in an introduction.

Recap: Time is change. Physics is dedicated to measure particles and forces in space and time with the restricted concept of ‘time-clock’ – the study of change in the cyclical motions of beings with an instrument called ‘the clock’ and a single language, mathematics. Logic is dedicated to the wider analysis of all types of time-changes, with all types of instruments and languages. It follows that the Logic definition of Time as change is wider and more important for a General Theory of Time than the Physical definition of time clock.

The Galilean Paradox is equivalent to the isomorphism and isotropism of the Universe at small scales, in the region of the infinitesimals, ∆ˆ-1 quanta of the upper scale. Regardless of their true content of energy and information in close view, the quanta of a Universal scale appears as infinitesimal indivisible, in the quantum’s scale.

In that regard the perspectives that do matter are the ones of the 10 components of the generator:

The truth of present quantum physics.

Now once we have dealt with the basic notions of light space and its similar forces, it is time to get more classic and referential with canonical physics – the quantum model, correcting though some of its errors of ‘subjectivity’, ‘mathematical reductionism’ and ‘experimental limits with the OLE method, of non-human Objectivity, multiple linguistic points of view and Experimental Evidence, to the service of truth (and the added classic methodology of Minimalism, Correspondence and cyclical predictability): Œ=Mc2.

Seriously, if there is any scientific discipline where those errors are paramount is in quantum physics because against the rightful opinion of the 3 foremost physicists of the XX century, and pioneers of the discipline, Planck, Einstein and Schrodinger, for whom I have a deep respect, the ‘idealist’, ‘polemist’, gregarious and influential tern of Bohr, Heisenberg and Born imposed their ‘Germanic, Hegelian, imaginary, abstract entelechies of mathematical only interpretations’ very much on the Mood of Mr. Hilbert and the rest of the ‘gothic’ thinkers of that age, for whom ‘mathematics was imaginary’ as Hilbert famously started his ‘axiomatic method’, let us imagine a point, a line and a plane.

THIS WON’T DO in a T.Œ, which pretends to describe objectively, experimentally and linguistically with all the mind mirrors available to man the Universe.

So we will NOT accept quantum subjectivity. Electrons ARE NOT IDENTICAL because we just can perceive them ONLY IN THOSE TERMS and hence extract from them only statistical and probabilistic information, as WE DO WITH molecules in thermodynamics, pigs in farms and with PEOPLE in economics. Those are OUR limits, but we are to suppose that while the same probabilistic laws work for insurance companies with humans, atoms in crystals and particles in quantum theory ALL systems are made of particles which differ in position and momentum (externally measured) and have ‘internal parts’ which will differ, on close view. And so on and so on. So we consider absurd and arrogant that an economist would tell all humans are equal because he handle us with money, the constant of action of economics. This was the jump of the Copenhagen interpretation we reject. We DO use probabilities in insurance, thermodynamics and quantum but that does NOT mean humans, and molecules and particles are INDISTINGUISHABLE if we had enough information on them. To believe so is to substitute the limits of our perception with the subjective vision that what man measures is the ONLY reality that exists.

It is far more important and intriguing to realize that THROUGH 5TH DIMENSIONAL PLANES, information and energy does not transfer and so the human mind IS limited to know not all but only part of the information of a being.

Thus if we call 1 the total information of a being, there will be a probability of truth which in T.Πwe calculate according to the OLE method, as the product of Objectivity, Linguistic Complexity and Experimental evidence.

It is not important to quantify but to qualify ANY theory by its objectivity (human detachment of it), and reject subjective theories. So this is the point where we can give 1 or 0 value, to objective or subjective theories. Copenhagen interpretation is subjective of 0 value. Schrodinger’s is 1 value. And Einstein’s though not realized, is a potential 1 value (to explain as the rest of science, that is with correspondence to other theories quantum physics).

THUS THIS WILL BE THE ACCEPTED VIEW, NOT the rejection of the experimental facts (duality particle-wave, which as we have seen has an immediate explanation in the ACTUAL fact all systems do have an ST>Tƒ, wave-particle structure or body-head in biology), but THE SEARCH FOR logic, isomorphic explanations to those quantum facts. As we just have done with the duality, or in previous paragraphs with the collapse of the wave when observed, as all moving systems collapse into tight particle-configurations when ‘attacked’ by a perpendicular force that invades its vital space from armies to schools to fractal electronic waves. WE DO NOT ACCEPT LAZY, CUCKOO idealist German outdated arrogant Hilbert-like pseudo-Nazi religions of science all the rage in the XX century which in history did give birth with the same conceptual Hegelian views to Nazism, Communism and the like. Point.

Then the other 2 legs of truth to sustain a theory, Linguistic Complexity and experimental evidence, which can be quantified (and the equivalent, MC2, minimalism, correspondence and cyclic predictability, associated to the OLE elements as we refer in the foreword to this article.)

Linguistic complexity according to the isomorphisms of Nature implies that if we can describe a system with an organic, 5D structure, hence from an organic point of view, if we can describe it through its life-death cycle in time, hence from a causal, logic point of view, and we can describe it through its symmetries of space, hence from a mathematical, topological point of view (either using a continuous differential model of geometry or a discrete arithmetic model of quanta – both are equivalent as we explain in U±∞ on mathematics and on our analysis of space-time symmetries), and finally we can describe it mentally, from the perspective of a linguistic 0-point of mind and its 5 actions of survival, considering the possibility that that system can receive and emit information either through time-logic languages or mathematical spatial forces (and this can be objectively evaluated by experience), we DO have a maximal 1 truth in our model.

So we shall give 1/4 values for Organic, Mathematical, Causal and Mental/action/survival analysis.

On that view, the present quantum ‘so much praised’ mathematical description, considered even in Britannica, the ‘highest intellectual achievement’ of the XX century, is still 1/4th of the truth of quantum physics, that of an external, human observer, which limits itself (without Copenhagen interpretations) to 1/4th of the truth of quantum physics. Now let us not be stingy and consider that while not acknowledging it, quantum physics does give us a lot of information on the cyclicality, organic structure and causal symmetries of its physical systems and rise those bits and bites here and there to around ½ of truth. We will then try to fill up the rest with organic, mental and cyclical time models to grasp the whole of it.

Since finally the Experimental evidence, is indeed close to 1. We cannot extract more knowledge of quantum physics from the human perspective (1 is the truth humans can extract from a system, obviously, only the system has ALL the information about itself, so we are here on the Heisenberg concept that we do have to explain the observed facts, but NOT on his theory that THE OBESERVED FACTS IS ALLW HAT THERE IS TO IT, this is the idealist, arrogant human part on it). Now there is not further important experimental evidence requires since the kind of nuclear physics experiments taking place in quantum (accelerators, creation of big-bangs and black holes on earth) put mankind at risk of extinction and an extinct researcher knows nothing, so it is a potential risk to put to waste the obtained 1 x 1 (Schrodinger -Einstein interpretation completed in this blog) x ½ (modeling which is mathematically maximal, but lacks recognition of the organic phenomena it describes, such as the wave particle duality and collapse, or the social hierarchies between quanta and wholes, etc., which we will also complete in this blog)

All in all we give quantum theory ½ of truth, we do have hopes that with the help of T.Œ, if not this researchers old and sick and unable to complete the herculean job, but easily a few dedicated physicists on his paths, will be able to complete an put quantum to the level of the known-known physical systems, between the molecular –chemical scale and the geological surface system, of the earth which are qualified today as 1×1 x 1 (limited information starting on the interior of the sun and the planet).

And so we MUST apply the isomorphic method to quantum physics. We MUST explain all together its discoveries with all those isomorphic perspectives, and top the discipline with the organic, causal, topological explanation of its ‘constants’, of which we already offered a teaser on the previous paragraph.

But things have gotten worse since the times there was at least an argument between Schrodinger and Einstein on one side and Bohr, Born and Heisenberg on the idealist, ego-centric human point of view. The latter won and now there is NO argument, not even interest on understanding the ‘other properties’ of quantum systems, as after II world war, the evolution of chips made quantum physics just an industrial praxis, no longer a theoretical search for the ultimate truths of nature (and no, to classify the zoo of particles is not to find the ultimate answers, as to classify species of ants is NOT to resolve the theory of evolution, the answer, which will always be a synthetic T.Œ departing from experimental evidence).

And now our big statement: Physics, as most human scientific endeavors, during the age of ‘electronics’ and metal-minds, due to the excess of irrelevant information obtained with those machines (breaking Minimalist, simple symmetries), bias towards mathematical only models (the language of those mental machines) and the pumping up of the human observers’ ego, an infinitesimal ever more stupid by atrophying his brain to metal machines (loose of objectivity) is widely breaking the scientific method.

And the result of this is the perception that because the Human Observer does NOT see enough of the quantum and cosmic scales, they ARE different (here the observer limit is confused with the observable), and even more bizarre theories (anthropic principle, where the Universe is created to create man not man is created by the Universe), the big bang (the observer must know it all and since man is finite in time and space so it is the Universe to fit it with all its properties into his minimalist mind), entropy only theories (here the militaristic, lineal, visual ‘white man’ physicist, crossed with the visual Neanderthal genetically and memetically with the history of weapons, decides that the Universe is lineal and energetic, dying into the future because that is his worldly military profession as physicist), and so on and so on.

All this we shall repeat as the Universe repeats its truths, is pure scientific error, because we shall show ALL scales of reality are similar follow the 10 isomorphisms and symmetries of those equations and can be described, ascribing differences to two simple reasons:

– Human subjective errors.

– Fractal structure of the universe in which each fractal scale is SIMILAR not equal, so there are indeed variations between a cell and a human, but both are living beings with the same space-time functions and topologies.

Now we keep for latter the argument on the objectivity of relativity theory, and give you the analysis of the observable Tiƒ, masses and charges and how they indeed are proofs of the fractal nature of the Universe, as both can be unified through the metric of 5D as the two time clocks of the largest and smallest observable scales of the Universe.

Connecting knots: De Broglie, mass, frequency and time and energy dilation

But this is NOT the internal property of mass, which is a vortex of accelerated gravitational time, E=mc2+E=hƒ->M=ƒ(K).

We shall latter a more detailed analysis on the first concepts of quantum physics and its relationship with 5D, physics around those 2 Einstein equations and De Broglie’ interpretations of it, as he found that all physical ‘quanta’ had a body-wave and a head-particle as they move over an energy field:

Se (lineal field) < ST – wave < Spherical Particle of information.

And so he wrote: λ x P (mv ) = H (Planckton)

Written in 5D as Vs (Se-field) > l (ST-wave) > m (Tƒ) = H

But while this is now standard 1st course of physics, what is of interest in De Broglie original paper is its disquisitions about the difference between the wave internal clock and the particle clock, as he focused on the ‘time element’ of E=Hv, and how time changed its clock slowing down as the wave-particle increased its speed-length in the 5th dimension, by a proportion, which we should now remark is equal to Einstein’s increase of energy of the system in Special relativity, such as, if we consider that an increase in the speed of the wave is in fact a growth of the wave space-distance: ∆ L = -∆Tƒ x ∆Sp=K,

So we can now return to the 4 theories of mass, the Sp-Energy Hamiltonian, Se-Poisson gradient, Tiƒ-Einstein’s forms and Tƒ-Newton’s/Kepler time-space vortex which gave us the simplest Unification Equation for all of them… to do some conceptual thinking (as usual we stress physical numbers are ok and equations will be dealt with in 4th line, concepts do matter though and must be clarified in this 2nd line first).

The 3+∆ perspectives of gravitational forces.

Let us thus consider a more advanced application of the isomorphic=linguistic method to make sense of the evolution of a specific branch of physical systems – the study of gravitational forces and its isomorphisms, which give birth to 3+0 different type of equations to describe the same system from the perspective of those 3+0 systems.

An important fact of all sciences is the parallelism of the formulation, both in qualitative and quantitative terms of any law of science, which seem all seemingly close to the truth (the total truth of a system, by definition only exists in the system itself, which carries all its information).

This now can be explained, considering that epistemological truths require as all forms and motions, a ‘perspective’ or point of view, which in a Universe with 4 essential components, which we shall resume in 4 words, ‘fractal actions of space and time’, gives us a total of 4 basic interpretations of all systems.

Whereas the total truth available to human perception, would be the sum of them all. Let us consider an example, as we have used elements of its structure in this introduction: the 4 explanations of the laws of gravitation, which correspond to the spatial-formal-relativistic, temporal-moving-Newtonian, scalar-gradient-Poisson and action-lagrangian perspectives of the analysis of gravitational forces:

The evolution of the concept of mass, from classic physics, in which the rubber-model of relativity considered mass a solid substance in the center of the gravitational space-time whirl, to the pictures of bubble chambers in which the vortex seems not to have anything in its center, as a hurricane does, to the fractal understanding of those vortices of mass as composed of many smaller fractal vortices.

 In the graph, 3+∆ different descriptions of gravitational space-time. While most physicist would only consider the first one (description of the form/curvature of space-time with Einstein’s equation), as it is the most modern/detailed; in reality they represent 4 relative ceteris paribus analysis of the ‘scalar space-time’ of gravitation, which stress the 3 relative elements of all systems, its ‘motion’, which can be seen as ‘form’ (Galilean Paradox), and ‘exists’ not only in a single plane but in a ‘5th dimension’ with an scalar gradient of size or speed.

Hence Newton’s central equation describes a vortex in motion, Einstein describes the form of space-time and Poison, the gradient of increasing acceleration of the field. We shall often find in science a binary or ternary equivalent description of a system. Only one-dimensional humans tend to think the ‘last’ one is valid.

For example in quantum physics we have the static, formal perception of Heisenberg’s Matrix, and the wave-motion perception of Schrodinger. Of the many new disciplines of knowledge open by scalar fractal space and cyclical time, the reorganization of all theories according to its relative truth, integrates all of them as partial visions of the ‘total truth’ about a system, which will require at least those 3 points of view.

Finally the perspective of a cyclical zero sum, between birth and extinction is provided by Lagrangian/Hamiltonian Mechanics, and the principle of stationary actions, which states for physics the basic pattern of a worldcycle, in which an entity will choose on a trajectory of possible multiple histories, certain maximal and minimal ‘zero’ points that make it go through the 3 ‘phases’ of a space-time cycle and end in a zero point.

And the 4 will be valid with different uses. Scholars will prefer the more complex. In this blog as a norm we shall use them all but stress the simplest one, as it is normally the ‘first historic analysis’, which highlights the most important elements. I.e. Newton’s theory of an accelerated mass turning in a vortex like motion goes to the core of what ‘gravitation is’: a force that transform lineal space into cyclical clocks of time.

Einstein’s analysis of the entire space-time as an static form filled with curvatures provoked by energy and mass, simply is too abstract and mathematically complex to discover that simple truth (though Einstein did made clear the concept with its Principle of equivalence: gravitation ≈ acceleration, hence it follows easily that a mass is just the final phase of that accelerated, cyclical vortex of gravitation). We shall consider this kind of questions in depth when we get to complete the 4th line of this endeavor (maybe in 2016).

Now, contrary to belief, if we were to consider one of those 4 systems only, it is Newton’s the one more important, because it goes to the essence. As a rule the first ideas, the simplest models are those who give us the deepest understanding, and those are the time-motion perspective, while the last more complex, static analysis give us the highest details – and that would be the Einstein’s perspective.

It means that we must rely on the work of Einstein and Riemann on a fractal, topological analysis, not on a probabilistic description to understand mass, black holes, and big bangs of quark-gluon soups.

Because of the mathematical complexity of fractal relativity, we shall consider here a simplified approach to those themes, using Newton’s description of a fluid vortex, which is 90-percent-plus accurate, and focus on the conceptual principles. But there is available literature in the work of those and other fractal pioneers to fully grasp the meaning of mass, gravitation, black holes, quark condensates and the consequences for mankind of making those hurricanes of space-time on Earth.

The mathematical modeling of cyclones as fractals has been verified by practical observation. A large tornado harbors multiple suction vortices inside the column of dust, and subsidiary whirls continually form and dissipate around the bottom edges of a tornado.

This is the simplest image of what a black hole is: a series of quark spins that form the densest space-time fluid of the Universe.

Today, the previous picture of a vortex of space-time dragging masses into a black hole has become a commonplace in the analogical research of black holes to the point that physicists study black hole properties with “dumb holes” made with atomic superfluid vortices. It is a very pertinent comparison. The difference is that what it falls into the black hole are the tiniest forms of the gravitational membrane: fractal strings and their wholes, quarks and gluons. That is why a black hole erases our light reality: it sucks, folds, and packages in the form of a superfluid all the quarks and matter of our Universe. In fact, the proof of that theory and the falsity of black hole evaporation have come with the first experiments that tried to make a dumb black hole of atomic superfluids that absorb sound phonons instead of light phonons. They did it at Haifa just a year ago; they were atomic superfluid vortices, Bose-Einstein condensates that turned at supersonic speeds inside the vortex, absorbing sounds. They were self-similar to quark holes that absorb light, but they did not evaporate or emit the slightest trace of sounds. So they were called dumb holes. This means quark holes will not evaporate either.

Transformations of Fractal Space/Energy and Fractal Information/Clocks of Time

We now have enough understanding of the mathematical structure of fractal beings as networks of self-similar cells/points with a content of lineal energy and cyclical information to understand what we mean by a Universe made of fractal space and fractal time.

The simplest one of those beings in our Universe is the drawing we made of an electromagnetic field. This entity defined by Planck as H, an action of energy and time, has two fields, one of magnetic energy and one of electric form. Yet it is also a piece of fractal space-time that occupies a space and has a clock/frequency rhythm. We are all made of evolved pieces of light, which is absorbed and evolved into electrons, which are the electroweak substance of which reality is made. And when we put together all those pieces of reality, the medium of light-space in which we exist and all the evolved beings of light, we get the Universe. Imagine a sea of water where the medium is water and the pieces that swim on it are indeed evolved forms of water (we have 90 percent of water in our bodies). All together form the ocean.

The ocean is not an “abstract” space-time Cartesian coordinates. In essence, any fractal space-time can be defined as a medium of formless space, made of a network of simple bites of energy, inhabited by more complex informative beings. And each of those beings can also be modeled by the complementarity principle with two elements—a body of spatial, energetic cells/points and a head or particle made with a network of fractal cycles of information.

Even the simplest particles, quarks, are made of networks of smaller particles called gluons while electrons are nebulae of smaller particles, ultradense photons, shown in the most recent pictures of electrons, which seem as a bundle of curved light rays. The topology and structure of those organic networks might vary, but all comes to the same shapes: force and lines of energy create the vital spaces of reality, and cycles and clocks of information create the clocks of time of the Universe.

A fractal is a system of self-similar cells generated by a feedback equation that transforms energy into information. This complex definition of a fractal being can be made more precise when we understand the meaning of the generator equation of a fractal in the real world, beyond the language of mathematics. Any informative code can be a generator equation of a fractal being. A human fractal is generated by the code of information of the genome; a mathematical fractal is generated by a much simpler equation. The Universe and all its systems are in that sense fractals with different generating equations of different complexities. Yet what unify them all are the two “essential” geometries that combine to paint the four-dimensional fractal beings of the Universe, spatial energy and temporal information. And this is what fractal theorists9 mean by a Universe made of fractal energy and information.

In simple mathematical terms, if we call energy e and information I, we can then write the generator equation of all the fractal beings of the Universe as a feed-back cycle that transforms energy into information back and forth, generating all its space-times. And that fractal equation is nothing else than the principle of conservation of energy and information quoted before in this book:

All what exists is a fractal being that transforms back and forth energy into information: e< =>Tƒ.

We don’t need to go in this book in complex mathematical analysis, as we are interested in explaining the simplest fractal networks of quarks that form black holes and quark stars. Notice though the difference of the two mathematical symbols of the previous equation: The symbol that gathers together space particles is a sum, which means that space particles form “waves,” loosely organized that move around a field of energy in which they feed. The symbol used for informative particles is a multiplication symbol, which means informative particles form networks, “knots.” For example, in a neuronal network, each particle is fixed and connected to many other particles. The result is that a network of informative cells can form a “mirror,” which can reflect an “image” that “gauges” reality into a language and so it can create a “mind.” The result indeed is that herds of lineal, moving particles “absorb” energy and move, and knots of cyclical information, gauge and perceive.

Further on, knots can be broken in their connections so Tƒ networks can become herds of energy by losing its “connective dimension” and vice versa.

When mathematics evolved, those symbols evolved. So instead of sums and multiplications, modern physics use differential and integral equations to describe energy and information; and then in the twentieth century, we use fractal equations for information or chaotic equations for entropy.

All this is a more complex view needed to explain the behavior of electronic nebulae that sometimes act as a network (and indeed your mind is basically a mirror image made with electronic nebulae) and sometimes as a wave-flow. This is the ultimate meaning of duality. So all can exist in two states in many different scales: masses or charges or clocks or heads are all species of information, but they swim over a field or body of energy and sometimes gauge information and sometimes move. What then creates the stability of the Universe? A fundamental law of the Universe called invariance of its motions, forms, and scales.

The three invariances of the Universe are the invariance of motion proved by Einstein, the invariance of scale proved by Nottale, and the invariance of form proved in this blog. They are the three principles that hold together and explain the self-similarity of all the species of the Universe. In other words, while there are infinite different species of energy and information, their “shapes” are invariant in any scale and their motions (perception of shape as movement) are also invariant.

In the graph, informative clocks of time are cyclical and surfaces of energy are lineal to maximize their functions: informative systems resemble a spiral or sphere since those geometries store maximum information in minimum space, accumulating its cycles/cells in the informative dimension of height, from black holes to heads and nervous systems. Bites and bodies of energy resemble the line or plane since that opposite geometrical form covers the shortest distance between two points, the maximum extension with minimum volume, accumulated in the width dimension as space. In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the bodies and heads of humans, animals, or machines because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Energy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between two points and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms because cycles store maximal information in minimal space. For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common, but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like the missile. On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines. And those chips order bodies of metal with digital information.

THIS said, it is obvious that the first correction on quantum physics deal with the way we humans perceive fast cycles of time as pictures of space, because our slow time clocks see the entire life of a quark or electron as a single spatial picture of it.

Quarks as Time phases.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.49.37

In the graph, one of the classic confusions of space-physics is the description of time events and time forces as space-events. Quarks as they switch colors evolve through the 3 ages of life and then die as particle-antiparticle string a new cycle of existence after extinction and renewal, the total cycle of life of the quark though is interpreted as a spatial form: 3 quarks and a meson.

Now, if we consider quarks are in space, then the minimal charge of the Universe is 1/3rd, and this – physicists don’t seem to have reflected much about it – imply that electrons are composite particles, because they have 1 charge.

What is their composite? Obviously the 3 dimensions of space. That is the perception in space of a ternary fraction: 3 dimensions in space, would then imply that quarks are bidimensional vortices, similar to those of galaxies (bidimensional vortices). And thus we are again in some fundamental properties of 5D physics – bidimensionality of space and time. This brings then the nice description of the 3 colors as dimensions in space, which explains then why gluons have 2 colors, they are bidimensional ‘strings’ so to speak (here the connection with the original string boson theory) and the reader will observe that geometrically we have 8 angles to complete a cube, and they are not commutative if you turn a book with those angles. That simple is the spatial perception of it.

So finally we come to the final element of the physical reality, spin. And here is where as in the case of the weak force we do have to end our nice gauge-symmetries in fractal cyclical space-time, because we are dealing with 5D forces of evolution.

In brief, spins, magnetic moments, masses and weak forces are social evolutions of cyclical motions of time, which IS how you ‘ascend and descend’ through the scales of the 5th dimension and so the actions here involved unlike the symmetries of space and time cycles in a single plane, are NOT conserved as there are reproductive social actions that emerge as new wholes, of myriad of tiny parts: Œo ∑œ<∑œ>U+1.

So neither spins nor weak forces conserve the CP symmetry of the system, which in the case of spins it means they can switch up and down, + and – and have several different values and orientations, as quantum physicists do.

So it is not an essential theme beyond the full ‘spherical cycle of boson waves (0-scalar Higgs field with no ‘loss’ of time turning around just moving faster than c-speed in lineal fashion; 1 rotary motion in a full 360 degrees for photons).

And so this brings us to the analysis of ‘symmetries in the 5th dimension’, which are slightly different from the concepts, easier to grasp of space-time symmetries in the single plane.



Maxwell equations describe all the actions in time and forms in space of an electric field.

Now, the previous laws have 2  formulations that define the time and space symmetries of the system, which we shall study in more detail as we advance on this post.

In the previous formulation they explain the ‘actions’ electric fields perform (as always a differential is a shorter time description, or n-1 action, ∂a, e, i, o u; an integral over time or space is a larger description either the world cycle or the simultaneous space description of the being).

Thus in a geometric sense as ‘Integrals’ of ‘space’ they explain the Space symmetry of the electric system:

Se(Magnetic loop-membrane) <ST: electric wave> Tƒ (Electric point-particle charge)

1.Tƒ: The first Gauss law as the first law of gravitomagnetism does in gravitational cosmic space-time, defines the electric ‘informative’ attractive force of the electron, that is its action of gauging information in an spherical form, as the sphere is the topology that shrinks without tearing, allowing the electron to focus the information of the external universe. It does also allows to study the social structure of an electronic field in its static form.

It does define the central point of the Electromagnetic ‘species’ and allow us to configure once more the ‘electromagnetic species, in its Œn electronic form which is self-similar to that of the light species (wave form).

In it derivative action description it does obviously represent the informative gauging quantum time moments of the charges.

  1. The second integral defines the Se external membrane of the electric system, its magnetic field, telling us it does not sink in a loop. Does it is the canonical definition of an external membrane that surrounds the electric charge in a lineal flow or traces a larger loop through a cyclical electric field, acting as the ‘larger, external’ membrane or entropic element of the field. In its derivative version it represents the energetic action, defensive shield of the field.

3, 4. The third and 4th equations define the intermediate region, or interaction between both, the magnetic and electric field, explaining that both ‘reproduce each other’. It is thus the ‘body-wave’ element of the electric system, which is as always, a compound of interactions between both elements. In its derivative action formalism it does explain the reproductive actions of the system, as a varying electric field creates a magnetic field and a varying magnetic field creates an electric field.

And, further on, the 4th Maxwell addition defines the creation by varying electric and magnetic fields of an electromagnetic n-1 field of the lower scale, which is THE KEY law to understand the interaction of electric and magnetic field with is lower social scales, completing in this manner the description of the system.

The ∆->∆+1 interactions. 

It only rests to understand how ‘electric waves’ relate to the larger gravitational, thermodynamic scales. That is, how electrons collapse into the larger scales of mass (quantum wave collapse into particles), how they interact with gravitational fields (relativity description). What is the relationship between the n-electronic scale and the upper molecular, thermodynamic fields. But all those descriptions have been customarily analyzed from the perspective of the lower quantum or upper relativity theories, so it makes no sense to study them here.

There are no infinitesimals of magnetic fields? Why, simply speaking because magnetic fields ARE the membrane of the electron world, and hence are not point charges.

But by the antisymmetry of scale, we can find them at the cosmic galactic-atomic scale. This prediction seems to be confirmed with the concept of a magnetstar but requires further research.

In terms of classic mathematical physics they will tell you because it is an effect of relativity (4D metric).

In terms of scales I will tell you that it is because from 5D perspective, the magnetic field ‘brings’ as all membranes energy to the Tƒ-electronic point by connecting it with the upper gravito-magnetic field.

That is the magnetic field emerges in larger units, as membranes do (DNA is in your cells, the external protein membrane however dominates the larger skin). So magnetism exchanges energy and information, ±∆e,i, with the cosmic, gravitational field above the system.

And hence it is also the field that carries the social actions of electrons. It is the field which evolves socially electric charges into larger simultaneous, fixed spatial ordered whole configurations, both in the atom (magnetic social number that regulates the electron orbitals) and the electric flows.

When electricity though becomes ‘naked’ (superconductivity), it does expel the magnetic field (Meissner effect) to move faster taking off its ‘social structural’ membrane.

So there is another huge field (Physics is sooo large)-: The connection between the electromagnetic field, the magnetic social equations, and the gravito-magnetic equations of a weak gravitational field (Heaviside equations of gravity, which are essentially those of general relativity), which help us to understand how the arrow of motion travels downwards, from gravity into magnetic fields, the upper ‘crust’ of the electric field and how upwards the magnetic field of a mass organizes its spin and through the dragging effects fine tunes informatively the configuration of social systems.

But as always in those interactions at a certain level of ‘strength’ of the gravitational larger field magnetism disappears and the new force achieves its full classic configuration.

So the analysis of the perpendicular 5D interactions is as always an emergent process that brings us from:

-Electronic charges, into the emergence through social electric motions of magnetic membranes, to the emergence through massive moving charges of magnetic fields of planets and stars connected to the Gravitomagnetic fields – via Heaviside unification equations of gravitational space-time, and vice versa, downwards through Gravitomagnetic dragging effects, which induce rotation in smaller masses, which induce magnetic fields which induce electric fields which move electric charges.

So as always upwards information, form is created with no entropy and downwards, motion is transferred with no entropy.

The electromagnetic field is the ‘5D across planes’, field which brings us to the ∆o human pov the information of other planes, and in doing so it changes the parameters of its waves, ‘travelling across’ the 5th dimension itself. This little understood phenomena: the deformations light space-time suffers in its travel through 5D planes as it enlarges its time frequency cycles through the microscope is also a factor to be taken into account.

Why then there are not magnetic monopoles becomes clear, as in each whole, the infinitesimal is an identical, clone particle – cells in human organisms, electric charges in individual atoms. While the magnetic field is the ‘wrap around’ closed time cycle of the upper social scales of ∆-1 electromagnetic quanta.

Multiple Spaces-Times in Matter: Atoms & Molecules


In the graph, both in the quantum and cosmic world the geometrical inversions between Entropy and information and its perpendicular ST fields of motion define electromagnetic fields .

The holographic principle explains how bidimensional fields of Entropy and information come together, through perpendicularity to create 4-dimensional systems.

The perpendicularity of those fields is thus a key feature to create 4-dimensional world, and it is established by the general rule that the body will have a flat, energetic arrow of feeding and the head will have a tall, high diffeomorphic orientation, relative to the ecosystem of Entropy and form in which the entity exist.

If we consider those 2 inversions of form: lineal Entropy vs. cyclical information and flat vs. tall perpendicularity between Entropy and information systems, forces and charges /masses in the physical world, we can define many physical events as transformations of lineal waves and fields of Entropy forces into cyclical or high particles and cycles of information, whose ratios of transformation in each of the scales of the Universe are called Universal constants.

In the graph, the isomorphisms of electric and magnetic fields are defined by those relative perpendicular morphologies. The ratios of transformations of Entropy into form define some of their Universal constants: 2 perpendicular fields of magnetic Entropy and electric information define in Maxwell equations the c-constant of light, which in organic terms is the ‘reproductive constant’ of the wave of light, caused by the constant process of creation that the interaction of the magnetic, spatial body of light and its informative, electronic particles, cause.

All those processes ‘form’ the energetic, formless gravitational vacuum into electromagnetic shapes: The Maxwell screw defines a flow of Entropy that accelerates as its perpendicular, temporal vortex diminishes its spatial radius, increasing its speed; the Earth’s rotation creates a lineal flow of magnetism; while an inverse, lineal electric flow creates a cyclical, magnetic vortex.

In the graph, we can observe how the inverse properties of relative Entropy and information fields explain the why of many physical phenomena. If we add the dual structure of fractal space-time, roughly constructed by 2 membranes, our visible, Euclidean space-time, made of light and the invisible, larger sea of gravitation made of dark Entropy, with its wider Non-Euclidean topology, we can deduce all the isomorphisms of physical science and its whys with far more insight that quantum physics does.

Let us just indicate from the perspective of the whys of the arrows of time of an electron, as we did for light, some basic events of the electronic and atomic world:

– <=>: Reproductive, communicative cycles: They happen when 2 particles communicate through forces, made of small, spatial particles, called bosons, repeat their waveform in space with a reproductive speed that imprints over the energetic field of vacuum space the in/form/ation of the particle.

– Social cycles: Particles create herds=waves of moving space-time quanta (dynamic, temporal perspective) related by EXO networks (static, spatial perspective).

Social processes are all pervading in the Universe, from waves of bosons that sometimes come together into single condensates, to networks of atoms that become molecules or combined processes, such as waves of stars that form spiral galaxies.

Thus, waves and forces are spatial bosons that communicate Entropy and information between temporal particles, called fermions, either charges or masses. It is the so-called boson/fermion inversion, the fundamental equation of quantum physics:

T1 (fermion particle) < sxt (boson force) > T2 (fermion particle)

Existential=generational cycles: Again, we can adopt 2 points of view about particles. If we consider each particle/wave cycle a life/death cycle, particles have very short generational cycles. If we consider the next particle/wave cycle the same particle, particles are immortal.

In any case all those cycles can be summarized and formalized specific cases of the fractal, generator equation of the 2 arrows of time, spatial Entropy and temporal information: ∑∑ ∏Tƒ.

As we grow in scales of physical form, the nature of those cycles change slightly but the basic Entropy and information morphologies that define them are maintained. Since fractal, scalar paradigm is defined by its 3 invariances, invariance of relative motions (Einstein), invariance of scales (Nottale) and invariance of topological formal Time arrows (Sancho).

Those Time Arrows or dimensions of any fractal space/time are the 4 guiding whys or wills of any entity of the Universe:

– Entropy arrows that expand form into Entropy.

– Information arrows that form Entropy into information.

– Reproductive arrows that reproduce the Entropy and form of a complementarity system in other zone of space-time.

– Social arrows that create superorganisms by associating in complex networks Non-E particles of self-similar properties. This 4th arrow of social evolution is the cause of ‘scalar relativity’, as systems are made of parts that associate in wholes, which share the functions and morphologies of its parts. Yet scales are never equal as quantum physicists pretend, only self-similar. So the properties of a galaxy made of stars and black holes, made of quarks and electrons are self-similar to those of quarks and electrons.

For example, in the next social plane that gathers atoms into molecules, the 3 main cycles of Entropy, form and the reproductive combination of both, become the 3 states of matter:

-Energetic gas state, (max. spatial extension and energetic speed).

-The balanced, reproductive liquid state, S=T, which creates the more complex forms of life.

-The 3rd, informative solid age, which has temporal, informative properties (cyclical vibration, high density of form and minimal space). While the spin or temporal movement of particles that gives them mass emerges in the macro-plane of molecules as a ‘vortex’ that attracts those molecules.

The boson-fermion equation, fundamental event of physics.

What the boson-fermion interaction means is that both, masses and charges are accelerating vortices which produce constantly, as they decelerate, ‘fractal actions of constant speed’ and increase the curvature of space in the dimension of height, through which they emit most of those actions, as electric or magnetic quanta. In the case of an electromagnetic vortex part of its acceleration becomes also transformed in the Unruh radiation that increases the temperature of the accelerating vortex. In our macrocosmic Universe it means a friction that decelerates the vortex and increases also its temperature. In gravity the interaction of the 3 dimensions is also evident: As the G-deformation of the vortex grows, so it grows its speed and acceleration. Unification follows when we consider charge and mass merely 2 types of vortices that can be derived from a 5th fractal dimension of time, that can accelerate inwards, imploding space (and then we have the arrow of gravity) or decelerate outwards widening space and diminishing curvature (then we obtain, as Kaluza did, the electromagnetic arrow).

The perception of those dimensions becomes more complex if we introduce the errors of the mind that tends to average accelerations and decelerations into constant speeds and converts speeds into static distances or spaces. We say that the mind uncoils an accelerating time dimension into a wider static field of space, or a fixed density of space-time called a mass. This is easy to understand. Take for example, the representation of those 3 parameters, space, speed and acceleration in a Cartesian system of coordinates. Space is longer: it is a length in the x-coordinates without any angle, flat. Then we raise the dimension of height/time, and obtain a diagonal, straight line that represents a constant speed. Yet because it has an angle, the line is shorter in X-space coordinates. Fact though, is that the being that has speed is in fact moving a longer length, but we have transformed that longer length into a temporal height/form in the graph. Finally acceleration is represented by a parable that finally becomes a height line and so it occupies the less quantity of X-space. Yet an accelerating being will reach the longest distance of all the 3 beings in the shorter time.

What those accelerating beings peel off as friction or radiation, or speed is called in quantum Physics an action, which is a fundamental constant in all beings. In the quantum realm the accelerating vortex produces an h-constant action of Entropy and time; in the macro physical realm it produces a Temperature or radiation as in the Unruh case. So to avoid collapsing into a singularity of infinite speed, what particle’s vortices do is to peel off h or T actions, modes of constant speed, made of Entropy and time. So we can move from the Equivalence Principle of Relativity to the Gauge and Action principles of quantum physics.


Thus in physical space all what exists are 4 motions of time, and those 4 motions define a Universe in perpetual motion, perpetually creating and destroying organic systems of Entropy and information.

Yet because the physical Universe is the simplest of all systems, its main event is a transformation of Entropy into information, of vacuum space into vortex-like masses and charges, which cannot be reduced further. And so the simplest ‘events in time’ or ‘types of change/arrow of motions’ in the Universe are lineal energies that move (boson forces) and cyclical forms that turn around, storing information in their patterns of form and frequency.

And this explains why the boson/fermion inversion is the main law of quantum events and why E<=>M(t)c2 is the main law of the mass membrane. And we write it also as feedback equation since in physics Entropy/information events are reversible. So in the same manner Entropy can curl into mass, mass can explode into Entropy.

Indeed, if we depart from pure lineal motion or entropy (perceived statically as extension or space), then by ‘curling’ and ‘warping’, we can obtain cyclical forms (masses and charges), in the same way that by crunching a paper we obtain warps, angles of form. This primary event, E->O, diminishes the space, extension, lineal motion or speed (self-similar concepts) of space and increases its form. Thus, we obtain from Entropy ->Information. While the 2nd causal arrow of that feedback equation explains the destruction of form and creation of Entropy, I->E, which is the ultimate meaning of the big-bang and all other mini-big bangs (novae, supernovas, beta-decay, Bombs) of the physical world of matter.

Reason why Einstein said that ‘time warps space into masses’ – meaning that Entropy curls into cyclical vortices of mass – while Darwin said that ‘Time evolves the morphology of life beings’; and deduced first the equation M=E/c2 even if the Atomic bomb made more famous the destructive inversion

Recap. All the events of quantum particles can be explained as events Generated by the fractal equation of spatial Entropy (boson waves) and temporal information (fermion particles).

Physical constants are Entropy/form ratios of space-times.

Universal constants show ratios of Entropy, form, and ST=reproduction of space-time membranes. So they can all be written as partial equations of the Generator Equation of spatial Entropy and temporal information: SPe<ST>Tif.

The relationship between the Constants, O & e of those space-time membranes or ‘forces’ is a simple rule, known to physicists as the Law of Range: Max. E = Min. O and vice versa, which is a particular case of the inverse properties of Entropy and form.

In the widest ecosystem of physics and its 2 gravitational and light space-time membranes, those Universal constants are related to the informative density and spatial distance of the vortices of masses, charges and lineal flows of forces of those 2 membranes.

Because there are 2 membranes of space-time, the light space-time membrane we see and the dark, gravitational, bigger, faster space-time membrane we don’t see, the Universal constants of both membranes are different. This means that black holes and quarks beyond the event horizon keep accelerating faster than light, and the Entropy they expel through their poles, called dark Entropy is also faster than light, which is the limit of speed of our membrane of space-time, light. Thus, the specific physical constants used to describe the e/o ratios of the vortices of Entropy and form of the cosmological and quantum world of masses and charges differ in value, as they express those different Entropy/form ratios. Yet since there is invariance of topological form, the only difference between electromagnetic and gravitational fields will be the extension/speed in space of its forces and the informative frequency of its vortices of temporal information that will give us different Universal constants, which are ratios that measure the speed of transformation of spatial Entropy into cyclical frequency. Thus we write a generic, topological, invariant equation for all space-times which will differ in its specific Constant (T/S):

F = UC (Tiƒ/Spe) Mm (t) /Dd (s)

Recap. We measure universal constants as ratios between the frequency of a mass/charge or in-form-ative volume of the particle and its spatial distance. And so the faster the frequency of the ratio and the smaller the spatial extension, the stronger the Universal constant will be and the faster the exchanges of Entropy and form between the particles/vortices will happen. It results in 3 forces: the gravitational, macrocosmic force, the electromagnetic force and the strong microcosmic force of increasing strength and speed of rotation as we diminish our size.

Forces & particles of the 2 universal membranes


In the graph, the Universe is made of 2 space-time membranes, the light world of charges and stars and the string world of quark masses and black holes. We live in the electromagnetic scales, which form a network whose dark spaces are occupied by quarks (∆-1 inner world of atoms), and in the biggest eusocial structures we know of electromagnetic matter (∆+1 galaxies) by black holes, whose parameters correspond to top quark condensates.

The basic forces that create distance-space and information between them are boson strings of gravitation condensed into gluons and strong forces in the quark-mass membrane and Planck actions of light, condensed into photons in the electromagnetic scale. Those gluons and photons herd further into cyclical particles made of such fractal parts, associated into cyclical networks, called quarks and electrons. Self-similar structures form the nebulae of stars called galaxies, and the condensed of quarks called black holes. The only error of such standard model, reflected in the previous graph is the weak force which is not a spatial force but describe time events of transformation of particles between both scales.

The 2 membranes of space-time have 2 theories that must be put together to explain the dual Universe:

– Quantum theory that describes the electromagnetic membrane, not the cosmological world. Both are self-similar (as we have shown with the equation of fractal unification), but not equal. Thus, while we can admire that self-similarity, the use by quantum cosmologists of quantum equations to describe the cosmological world is erroneous.

– Relativity, the theory of gravitational forces and black holes, which are super fluid quark stars. And so it should be fusion with the theory of strong forces and quark masses.

Since each of those scales has also a fractal structure, we have to define its fractal quanta:

-Masses are vortices that grow from string actions (Nambu’s actions of boson, tachyon strings corrected to fractal dimensions and background independent.) Those motions reproduce and evolve into gluons, which are the fractals that evolve into quarks, vortices that are the fractal parts of quark stars.

Since our electrons surround those quarks, locking them inside charges must be fractal vortices with a larger number of dimensions than those bidimensional masses. So 3 bidimensional quarks of 3×1/3rd =1 charge must lock their mass in the x,y,z planes to enter in a 3-dimensional exchange of Entropy and information with the electrons of our light-space. So quark masses attract electrons with their gravitational force inwards, and electrons shield themselves with their electromagnetic force outwards. The balance of that tug of war is a complementary atom.

In that regard the entanglement of both membranes is dynamic and based in the network structure of non-Euclidean spaces in which its points are connected by ‘lines of communications’ which are waves of smaller particles; leaving in between dark spaces which allow the other membrane to entangle itself; as it happens with the blood/reproductive and nervous/informative network of a human vital space. In the case of the 2 membranes of space-time the membrane of dark Entropy/matter (gravitational membrane) plays the role of the nervous/informative network that connects the blood/electromagnetic network.

We talk of 2 space-time networks, defined by 2 spatial forces – lineal strings of gravitation and lineal waves of light – and 2 clock-vortices of time: gravitational masses and electronic charges.

The emergence of those st-1 worlds into the st+1 scale of galactic entities (where we are the st-relative intermediate scale sandwiched between both) is caused by the eusocial evolution of enormous quantities of those fractal units: vortices of quarks made of ‘strong’ forces, whose fractal particles are gluons, gather together as fractal parts of quark stars, pulsars and black holes.

While our world – the light space we inhabit – is sandwiched between quarks and galaxies

Its smallest actions are h-Planck constants, which are the fractal parts that form light photons, which are the fractal parts gathered into an electron nebulae, the basic clock of time of our world, whose plasma herds (ionized state), associated with complementary protons creates the world stars. Finally vortices of star herds form galaxies, which turn around their Kerr black holes, and so are self-similar st+1 objects of the st-1 atoms positioned in space by the gravitational force of the central quarks.

Thus, the invariance of topological form and scale of all those vortices that makes macrocosms emerge from microcosms is caused by the complementary structure of its central mass vortices that anchor the electronic and star Entropy of our light membrane:

Quarks anchor atoms and black holes anchor galaxies.

Recap. Our space-time is made of h-quanta of light. We exist as evolved forms of a light space-time network anchored by the nuclei of atoms, made of quanta of strong forces, called gluons and quarks belonging to the gravitational space-time membrane.

Some precisions on the formalisms of both membranes.

A quanta, which is interpreted as an abstract, probabilistic number in quantum theory is a fractal piece of space-time, a complementary system made of bites of spatial-Entropy and bits of temporal-information. This is self-evident even in quantum theory, where Planck defined those quanta as actions with the dimension of Entropy and time.

The Universe is indeed made of actions of Entropy and time, as when we say ‘I don’t have more Entropy or time to do this’. We are not solid spatial forms, a Maya of the senses, so common among ‘naïve realist’ physicists, accustomed to touch the solid metal of their machines, but we exist in a spiritual Universe made of actions of Entropy and time, which occupy a vital space and have a time rhythm. And each of the self-similar fractal worlds/membranes of the Universe has a minimal unit or fractal quanta, a type of st- point with a different volume of Entropy and information that defines the space-time membrane.

We exist in the space-time membrane of light made of h-quanta. And its formalism, later studied in more detail is well-known to physicists (quantum physics), and requires some modifications on its interpretation to adapt it to the wider concept of fractal spaces and cyclical times (Correspondence principle).

But there is another space-time membrane of gravitational quanta, whose formalism requires more changes, since being an invisible membrane, we humans cannot use easily the experimental method to study them, especially when considering the st-1 quanta so small, in the Planck length scale that there is no way we can observe and prove our models. So we are left only with proper formalisms of its macrocosmic entities and effects, which Einstein described with general relativity.

As of two day two formalism, which require further corrections are useful to that aim: the formalism of boson, tachyon strings defined by Nambu’s actions, adapted to a background independent world (they are the actions that create the membrane, not actions that float in an abstract metric coordinates), and the use of fractal dimensions and non-Euclidean geometries, unknown to physics.

Another formalism used to describe the gravitational minimal units is the one elaborated by Nottale6, whose unit is λ, lambda, also called the cosmological constant. In scale relativity, Nottale defined this constant as Λ = 1/L2, the minimal unit of the gravitational Universal membrane, where L is the minimal length of that membrane, the smallest piece of space. It is essentially a string, but string theory must overcome the error of Newtonian Absolute Space to become useful to describe the gravitational scale, as its minimal unit ‘independent of the abstract background of membrane space-time’.

Such formalism which borrows from the work of those 2 pioneers is part of the more complex ‘courses’ of Multiple Spaces-Times, beyond the scope of this introductory lectures.

The other formalism that is not completed is the formalism of weak forces, since Physicists unaware of the temporal nature of those events have tried unsuccessfully to describe it with the same spatial exchange of particles (Higgs mechanism7) when weak forces are temporal events, and the W and Z particles brief states in the process of transformation of particles of our electromagnetic membrane into masses of the gravitational membrane. Reason why those forces break the symmetry – as time is not symmetric but hierarchic and why the Higgs has not been found and will never be found – it is a particle only needed if it was a weak force.

Unfortunately we cannot perceive the lambda scale of strings. But, essentially with those 2 membranes the strong gravitational world and the electromagnetic world and its 3 ±i scales, we can explain all the physical properties, events and entities of reality.

Recap. The formalism of the light-membrane is described by quantum physics and it is correct, except for the errors in the description of the temporal, weak force. The formalism of the gravitational membrane departs from its minimal unit, the boson, tachyon string, which must be adapted to a background independent gravitational membrane of which it is its minimal action and the fractal, finite nature of dimensions.

The 3 scales of the 2 membranes.

Why there are 3 main scales of social evolution in both membranes? The trivial answer is that we are always sandwiched between a lower and upper scale and so we always perceive 3 even if the number of scales might be infinite.

And so from the human p.o.v. any entity or system of Entropy and information stretches in 3 scales.

For example, your organism is basically a fractal of biological Entropy and information extended in 3 scales, cells, individuals and societies, of which you are a relative cell.

In the physical, fractal, Non-Euclidean structures of the 2 membranes of space-time, there are also 3 basic scalar structures:

A complementary atom extends on both membranes. In each of those membranes, quanta evolve and form social groups, emerging into a new topology, a higher scale of Entropy and form:

-The scale of h-quanta form light and electronic nebulae, made of dense photons.

– While its inner gravitational world of quarks can be decomposed in 3 scales: The lambda scale of ‘strings’ are the components of gluons, which are the components of quarks.

Emergence of parts into wholes of a higher scale is possible due to the other 2 invariances/dualities of physical systems: invariance of topological form and motion allows invariance of scale.

What about the cosmological world? Again we must consider that cosmological systems have 3 scales, the scale of particles, (quarks, electrons and atoms), which are the units of cosmological bodies, black holes, quark stars and electronic stars, which are the atoms of galaxies. Those 3 scales thus interact in all the organic networks of galaxies.

There might be another scale, the Universe, where galaxies are atoms of the Universe (and the Einstein-Walker model of cosmology treats them in fact as Hydrogen atoms); which would itself be a unit of a hyper-universe, whose ‘explosion’ at an even faster ‘infinite speed’ that dark Entropy, would explain the ‘inflationary age’ of the big-bang. But there is little evidence of this final scale today, and an enormous number of Pythagorean and hyperbolic errors in the formulations of the cosmological big-bang in a single space-time continuum to take serious that theory.

Recap. All what we can be sure of, is what we can perceive – the limits of our existence, sandwiched between atoms and islands-universes, the original name Kant gave to galaxies.

Dimensions of particles and Universal membranes.

In that sense, to fully grasp the difference between both worlds, the dark and light world, we must understand the basic isomorphisms of fractal dimensions. Dimensions are in any system of the Universe, as in the case of light, arrows of time (motions of Entropy, information and reproduction), perceived according to the Paradox of Galileo also as ‘spatial surfaces. Thus, they are always local, fractal dimensions which are limited by the extension of the ‘species’ in which those dimensions create a ‘vital space’. So dimensions are dynamic as the species they create grows or shrinks, evolves into more complex beings or becomes destroyed. Entities grow in dimensions as they grow in size.

Further on, more complex informative species ad dimensions.

This happens normally when a form is bigger and has inner particles. But in the case of quarks it happens, because the quark is faster and has more inner speed/form.

All in all, the total number of dimensions of a system is relative to our detail of analysis. For example, those quarks are made of one-dimensional strings, made of non-Euclidean points (each one with its 3 inner dimensions), which have a total of 3 × 3 dimensions (3 of their Non-Euclidean points and 3 of the string of points). That is why physicists in detail use 9+1 time dimension to study strings, but from our perspective without detail, they are just one-dimensional lines of a quark vortex.

Yet if we transcend to the world of quarks we consider them 1-dimensional. So those strings form gluons and quarks, which from our higher world are perceived as bidimensional mass-vortices.

Finally 3 color-locked quarks interact with the world of light of 3 dimensions, and the world of electrons of 4 dimensions, which are the 3 dimensions of Euclidean space and one of form, of color.

On the other hand, the biggest entities have more dimensions, as they include the smaller entities within its whole. It is the law of fractal dimensionality. It states that a fractal part of a bigger st-scale of information has fewer dimensions such as:

Law of dimensionality: Fractal ∑∆-1 = 1/3rd Dimensions of st

Since any st-Point will have 3 inner dimensions. Thus the dimensions of information of any system grow with a cubic power law as the system grows in scale. In simple terms, a 3-dimensional being transcends as a mere cellular point of the new whole.

Those 3-inner dimensions, as in the case of light, are ultimately the dynamic arrows of time, or wills, or physiological networks, or organic drives of the being.

For example, a human being has 3 dimensional networks, which are our physiological systems. The blood network of Entropy, the nervous network of information and the endocrine network of reproduction. Those are the 3 systems around which cells and organs build up. So humans can be described as a 3-dimensional network with 3 wills: to absorb Entropy for our blood/ digestive system, to absorb information for our sensorial/ informative system and to reproduce through our hormonal system.

The abstract, geometric description of dimensions is secondary to the functional, dynamic, organic meaning of those dimensions. The how is less revealing than the why. The why of dimensional motions are the search of Entropy and information of any entity, whose paths become fixed in space and appear as dimensions. Or they are the reproductive strings of self-similar cells that form the physiological network of Entropy or information of the system.

In the quantum world, the constant exchanges of Entropy and information of the electron with the external Universe are described with 2 simple quantum numbers that correspond also to the complex actions in space-time of its cellular photons and the of time:

-The 2 first numbers describe at photonic scale, the reproduction of photons, part of the wave (main number) and its social evolution (l number). At the electronic level they define its e<=>I, Entropy level and formal structure.

-The spin number defines two clone electrons, often reproduced with different spin in a particles deocupling and the magnetic number the social organization of those electrons established by an external magnetic field. Thus those numbers describe the ‘paths’ of particles in search of its dimensional arrows of Entropy and information.

The dimensions of light are also the dimensions of the energetic/magnetic field, the informative/electric field and the reproductive length-speed, or social evolution (color/frequency).

In that regard, it is also interesting to observe the relationship between both planes, the light plane which ‘feeds’ as the lower st-1 space the dense fractal, cellular points of light of the electron. When considering the basic isomorphisms between planes of space-time we noticed that a force, st-1 of Entropy, becomes st-bits of information of the upper scale, which uses them as pixels to gauge information. Thus the magnetic, width field that acts as Entropy in light becomes the informative, electron magnetic number.

Life beings also have a dimension of height/information that is maximal in man, the most informative being of the cosmos, and a dimension of Entropy/length which is maximal in energetic predators.

Recap: Dimensions are morphological expressions of the arrows of time, seen as fixed forms of space.

The corrections of quantum physics.

Particles and antiparticles, positive and negative charges must be explained as space-time antisymmetries, which can be seen according to the Galilean paradox, both as inverted events in time, as in the left Feynman diagram or as geometrical inversions in space (right diagrams). They are the why of most physical dualities that classic physics fails to understand.

All the errors of interpretation of quantum physics derive also from the ignorance of the key dualities of the Universe:

-Duality of motion in time=distance in space.

-Duality of 2 space-time membranes, gravitation & light.

-Duality of wholes, made of fractal parts of a smaller scale.

-And duality of the arrows of form and Entropy natural to all complementary beings, which create 2 more complex arrows, energetic reproduction and informative, social evolution.

When we use those whys to interpret the magnificent scaffolding of mathematics and metric space times of measure built by quantum theories all becomes resolved. So we shall try to give meaning and explore the whys of quantum physics with the new tools of multiple spaces and times.

Let us then start with a basic clarification brought about by the knowledge that all cyclical patterns and forms are ‘time-clocks’ that carry the information of the species we study. This means particles are cyclical states and waves are energetic states; and cyclical properties such as spins are time-clocks that carry information while energetic states are lineal, extended forces.

The main error of quantum physics is the lack of understanding of the properties of temporal information, the cyclical nature of time and its multiple rhythms and clocks, obscured by the equalization of all those rhythms with a time-clock. This error is enhanced by the experimental limits of human instruments (uncertainty principle):

Time cycles and spatial flows cannot be differentiated in the quantum realm, as they can in the biological world, due to the minimal duration of ticks of time of quantum particles, which therefore are observed as space trajectories.

This is due to the black hole paradox: Max. Tƒ = Min. Se, which means the smaller the particle is the faster its cyclical, rotational clocks turn. So in experimental physics, you never get images short enough to ‘feel the tick’ of time. Time cycles appear as those pictures of a fast turning wheel, which seems a solid disk without motion. So particle’s cycles appear; as printed ‘images’ on the bubble chamber.

Yet once we understand the dualities and forms of time-clocks and spatial, lineal flows, there are easy ‘key elements’ to know when we are seeing ‘sequential time events’ instead of ‘spatial trajectories’. For example, systems that are ‘bilateral’, 2, are space-like, left-right. While systems that are composed of 3 elements are time-like, where each element represents the past, present and future states. So there are not 3 quarks but quarks in 3 time states/colors. And so in time the same quark changes its 3 states creating a charge of 3 x 1/3=1. More often we find that a ternary state is both, an organic structure in space and a ternary wave in time. And so the ternary topologies form the particle state, and the 3 phases of the wave represent the particle in time. 3 is thus the evolutionary limit, which explains why so many systems are ternary systems: 3 neutrinos evolve increasing information as a wave; 3 mass families are the 3 horizons of evolution of quark-masses, and so on.

Further on, particles must be classified in 2 different membranes, that of light and that of gravitation, which we do not perceive. Thus it is easy to classify those particles, as we did in previous paragraphs: the easiest criterion is its ‘visibility’. So gluons, quarks, boson strings, gravitons, black holes and neutrinos, which are not observables, are gravitational species.

Because time ‘bends Entropy into cyclical vortices’ masses or charges, depending on which of the two membranes of space-time we study (since both are self-similar as we showed by finding its unification equation), we can also differentiate the particles that are clocks of time and store most of the information in both systems (electrons and quarks), and particles which are lineal, energetic states (light and gluons).

Because the universe is in symmetric balance, as there are electric and magnetic fields in light to balance each other, and there is a repulsive, lineal electromagnetic, transversal wave and an attractive cyclical electronic particle; so there must exist an attractive, cyclical gravitation and a repulsive, transversal gravitational wave. Thus we conclude that dark Entropy is merely the transversal, repulsive gravitational waves that come out of galactic black holes.

Finally, since the formalism of temporal information is inverse to that of Entropy (meaning that Entropy moves forwards, information stops motion or reverses backwards with negative, imaginary numbers), and both cancel each other, we can distinguish, which are the parameters of Entropy and information of a field or particle.

For example, in electrons, the informative component is given by the imaginary parts of the Abelian phase of its mass field; and both fields – the real, energetic field and the informative imaginary component – are at a 90 degrees angle and when one is maximized the other is nullified. So even if our perception doesn’t distinguish both terms we can now which one carries the information of the system and which one the motion.

For the same reason the 4 quantum numbers can be easily classified as representing the 4 basic arrows of an electron:

  • E: The principal quantum number (n = 1, 2, 3, 4, …) denotes the eigenvalue of Hamiltonian (H), i.e. the Entropy. This number therefore has a dependence only on the distance between the electron and the nucleus (i.e., the radial coordinate, r). The average distance increases with n, and hence quantum states with different principal quantum numbers are said to belong to different shells.
  • The azimuthal quantum number ( = 0, 1, …, n − 1) (also known as the angular quantum number or orbital quantum number) gives the orbital angular momentum. In chemistry, this quantum number is very important, since it specifies the shape of an atomic orbital and strongly influences chemical bonds and bond angles. Thus it is the number that defines the form, or ‘static information’ of the system.
  • The spin projection quantum number (ms = ±½), is the intrinsic angular momentum of the electron or nucleon. This is the projection of the spin s = ½ along the specified axis. And it defines when a particle decouples producing two electrons, its ‘male’, ‘female’ forms, as only two electrons with inverse spin can reproduce. Results indicate that up to two electrons can occupy a single orbital – but they must be male and female, with ‘different spin’.
  • The magnetic quantum number (m = −, − + 1, …, 0, …, − 1, ) yields the projection of the orbital angular momentum along a specified axis. Lz = mℓħ.

It defines the number of electrons with clonic form but different relative orientation there can be in a shell, hence it is the ‘social arrow’ that defines the organization of a number of similar elements in the system. And also allows the system to understand an external magnetic field and organize its social evolution as a herd of electrons.

  1. However two electrons can never have the same exact quantum state nor the same set of quantum numbers.
  2. Further on, according to the isomorphisms of emergence between scales:

-The 2 energetic/informative arrows are represented by the 2 first numbers, the main number represents the reproductive wave of photons (lower scale) that shape the energetic volume of the electron as it displaces, imprinting the surface of Entropy around the nucleus. The second number represents the ‘changes in the shape’ of that electronic path, due to the absorption= feeding of a photon that evolves formally into the electron.

-Then the other 2 numbers, the magnetic number and spin mean the same for its information components: the spin represents the reproduction of two electrons, which are born with two orientations – short of the masculine and feminine sex, and the magnetic field is the language of social evolution that affects the electron as it is his ‘informative perception’ that can change the spin and orientate the electron from an external field.

This trivial explanation of the why of the 4 quantum numbers, using the theory of Multiple Spaces-Times however will be denied by most abstract physicist, for whom organicism is a taboo concept born from the anthropocentric nature of human beings and the mechanist approach to science of the founding fathers, whose memes are learned and repeated without much reflection by all texts on physics. Yet what marvels of a model of multiple, vital spaces and time arrows applied to quantum physics, is how easily data becomes structured into a ‘plan’ with meaning, explaining the whys of all previously paradoxical quantum processes.

Indeed, once those precisions are made we can truly clarify all the mysteries and meanings of the parameters of quantum physics, from spins to waves to complementarity isomorphisms, to spooky effects. For example, since a time state is an informative, still state with the ternary phases of time cycles and its hierarchical, non-commutative causality – given the fact that it is not the same a motion to the future (whereas Entropy becomes information) than a motion to the past (where information becomes Entropy), the meaning and mystery of spins becomes resolved:

Systems with 3 spin positions (spin number 1), are still systems and the 3 spins form a rotational clock.

Systems that are in motion have 1/2 spin number – 2 positions and they are bosons which display a spatial main lineal motion and its inverse negative ‘informative’ motion, creating a simple beat forwards, backwards. This beat is natural to all complementary systems that last, and so we find that an alternate currency of electrons is more stable and lasting than a continuous one as it has an Entropy/information beat in its motion.

Those rules of course are also useful to detect erroneous theories that cannot happen since they mix properties of time particles with spatial properties and vice versa.

For example, the Higgs cannot exist because it is a scalar boson7. And by definition, a scalar field with no rotation will not act as a boson moving at light speed.

Further on a boson cannot have mass as it does not close its cyclical trajectory so it does not form an attractive vortex, reason why light and gluons don’t have mass.

The same concept applies to forces, whose range law I just an expression of the Black hole paradox (max. Entropy=Minimal information/mass). So we can distinguish forces belonging to the strong-mass membrane – gluons – and forces belonging to the electromagnetic membrane – photons. And then forces belonging to the bigger cosmic membrane of gravitation, gravitons, which are boson strings of tachyon speed.

This leaves the 4th force, the weak force that has no range and time parameters that change the in/form/ation of the particle, and also breaks the symmetry of space (left-right). So it is obviously not a spatial force but a time event, which further explains why we have never found its ‘boson force’, the Higgs7.

The same error invalidates super symmetry and hence all string theories except the original one, which properly understood as background independent and using fractal co-dimensions of finite size extended through several relative scales of gravitational complexity should become departing from its Nambu’s minimal action and Planck length, the proper formalism of gravitons.

Thus, while the formalisms of most quantum theories are correct all those limits of perception added to the errors of using a single clock-time and a single space, explains why so many ‘whys’ are confused in quantum physics to the point that Feynman finally said: ‘the why is what you don’t ask in quantum physics’. We do and that is what this paragraph is about: the why of the perceived phenomena of quantum physics.

Finally physicists ignore the black hole paradox so they don’t understand that protons, neutrons and all other particles do not live eternally. On the contrary their life/death cycle is their complementary cycle between informative states and energetic states, either the clock of particle/wave complementarity or the clock of particle/antiparticle, past to future and future to past cycles.

And so their existential cycles are really short. But they do not disappear because what physicists see are ‘generational waves’, given the fact that at the quantum level unlike in our informative-dominant world of biology, past to future and future to past arrows are reversible. So as a very simple jellyfish does, turning his clock backwards when it gets old and becoming young again to turn the clock forwards; particles and antiparticles go forwards and backwards and forwards in time. Bosons and electrons move forwards in energetic motions and backwards in informative motions. Light imprints once and again a photon of information that becomes an energetic wave that becomes a photon.

And so what physicists call the life of a particle is its longer generational cycle, which can last an enormous number of self-repetitions, but should neither be eternal.

Indeed, it seems that light beams and light-evolved entities (stars) have a mean cycle of 10 billion years, after which they suffer an energetic big-bang expansion – stars explode into Novae and light gets tired and expands in a redshift process, returning to its gravitational, non-local lower scale of dark Entropy. This of course explains why far away light red shifts and seems to expand space: it is dying and beyond those mean 10 billion years an increasing ‘darkness’ is observed in the Universe, which a simple Gauss curve of probabilities show to be almost absolute beyond the x+1/3rd 13.3 billion years range.

Again physicists don’t see both, the dual space and time views of the Universe but only the temporal big-bang, which considers a cosmos in time failing to analyze it in space as a simultaneous system connected by non-local gravitation. So they think darkness is not caused by the spatial death of light, which they merely use as a clock of cosmic time, thinking therefore that beyond those ages we enter into a temporal darkness – and the Universe didn’t exist.

Recap. Quantum errors derive from the confusion of time clocks with spatial trajectories and the ignorance of the dualities of spatial Entropy and temporal information; and its rejection of organic theories of reality.

Informative inflation: The error of multiple dimensions.

After rejecting so many trendy theories of modern physics, I am afraid many practitioners of the ‘baroque’ age of information of quantum theories will ignore this text, so we must do further clarifications on the why of that multiplication of impossible theories.

The inflation of baroque theories of physics, which take the classic age of Metric spaces and its proper theories (Relativity and quantum physics) beyond its scope and reach, has caused many false theories without empirical proof, which try to correct and extend the metric paradigm beyond its power of resolution, without taking into account the needed corrections and widening view provided by the new tools of topology, fractal points and Non-Euclidean postulate. The main reasons of that inflation of false or unproved theories are:

– The fact that information is inflationary. This is self-evident. A language of the humankind maps out reality with far less Entropy. So it is rather easy to construct many linguistic images of a single reality, as we can find many mirror images of an object. And all of them will carry a minimal truth. But the theory that matters to us is the one that has the perfect focus with a given language. Again, if we focus an image with a camera, there would be many images similar to the object but only a point of perfect focus. So all those alternative theories with many dimensions are just half-truths, bad focused, linguistic and mathematical images of a single reality. We are however here concerned with the dimensional theory that has the perfect focus, both in logic and mathematical thought.

– A 2nd problem is the Pythagorean belief that mathematics is the only language of science and any mathematical theory must be truth. This absolute belief in a language fails to recognize the limits of linguistic knowledge. And it is proper of a young language, which evolves from an age of simple, dogmatic truths to a more sophisticated baroque age. Mathematics has been applied as the ‘language of God’ to the Universe only for 4 centuries. So scientists are believers in their language with a dogmatic degree that verbal writers only practiced in earlier, religious ages, when the written word was also considered the language of God. Pharaohs would just say, ‘it is written’. And that meant it was truth. Then philosophers of language found out the relativism of all linguistic statements. And finally an inflationary age of verbal information – the age of fiction thought – has settled down after millennia of using words.

This inflationary age happened in mathematics only a century ago and the relativism of those theories was exposed by the work of Gödel. Yet the believers still rule in science and so it is a fact that Gödel has been cornered and considered a heretic both in physics and mathematics for denying that ‘God speaks mathematics’ (Galileo). It is however about time for science to accept the linguistic limits of mathematics as verbal writers accepted the meaning of fiction in verbal thought precisely when Cervantes wrote the first fiction novel of the modern age, Don Quixote. Instead, scientists must accept that after Gödel we need experimental proof to show a mathematical theory certain.

– A third source of errors is the mechanist dogma that denies organic interpretations of physics, which are self-evident as quantum probabilities in time are easily transformed into spatial population of fractal knots of electromagnetism in space (real, mass side of the phase equation.)

The denial of Hylomorphism (the opposite philosophy of the platonic pythagorism of physicists who believe mathematics are truth per se, declared by Aristotle – all informative languages must have a physical, experimental truth to be real) and the denial of organicism (complex, vital arrows in physical systems – reproductive repetitions and eusocial evolution) are so pervading in quantum physics that is truly surprising… because all the fundamental isomorphisms of quantum physics are organic in nature.

The Complementarity law requires particles of information and fields of Entropy and one cannot exist without the other. Quantum theories are called gauge theories because all require that particles gauge, measure, hence process information as perceptive beings do, in order to interact with each other. The 2 fundamental particles, electrons and quarks constantly reproduce jets of new particles, hence they absorb Entropy. And finally all particles evolve socially into more complex systems, as cells do in organisms. So those are the same 4 arrows of time of all fractal systems of the Universe, which in mathematical, quantum equations are expressed through the different quantum numbers; as those informative/energetic processes take place in orbital paths and through the emission and absorption of electromagnetic Entropy and form.

Fact is we do not see 10-dimensional hyper-strings around us, because dimensions are diffeomorphic, fractal and attached to a temporal function/arrow. And they are topological and so in a 4 dimensional Universe there are only 3 topologies, 2 bidimensional substances, Entropy and form (Holographic Principle) that combine to create finite vital spaces with a time duration – the entities of reality. And that structure is enough to explain all systems.

Only then departing from such fractal 4-dimensional beings, we can build another plane of more extended dimensions in which each beings is a point of a bigger network of spacetime.

Further on, the 3 dimensions of time change, past-present and future parallel to the 3-topologies of space, energetic planar membranes, cyclical present, reproductive volumes and hyperbolic informative centers create harmonies of forms and functions, which have to be study with the rules of causality and logic, considering always the Galilean paradox: motions in time are equivalent to dimensional forms in space.

In its simplest creative processes, those logic chains and dualities mean that dimensions grow in time as points displace creating lines, lines displace creating planes, planes displace creating cubes, and cubes displace creating momentum, mv, where v becomes the 4th dimension, as the cube moves tracing the first trajectory of a bigger plane of existence.

And the same process describes a point that becomes a cycle that rotates into a bigger sphere that moves along a new cyclical trajectory, creating a 4th new dimension of a bigger plane.

So a 4-dimensional cube is not the fancy cube of hyper-dimensional geometry but a 2 dimensional plane of space or cycle of information that grows in height as a flat sheet of Entropy reproduces its form, or rotates cyclically and then, moved along a temporal path, with v or w lineal or cyclical speed.

We then obtain a translating cube. Since reality follows the dimensions of normal time and space, not the hyper cubes of idealized mathematics.

What truly happens is that a wave or form that displaces along a given path reproduces its form, its information, creating, reproducing a new dimension, which first is measured as speed and then leaves a solid trace behind. So when we emit a ray of light, light imprints and forms gravitational space creating a form with a new dimension of length. Only recently, physicists used this common sense definition of dimensionality in String Theory: where a string moves along a perpendicular path creating a plane and then again creating a cube of pure space.

In that regard, physicists’ role is not to invent mathematical fantasies but to limit mathematical models to the physical reality in which the inflationary information of mathematics is restricted by the resistance of Entropy to acquire complex forms.

So only certain efficient geometries and topologies exist, and the enormous numbers of imaginary, unstable particles do not matter, as the inflationary universe keeps creating forms but few survive.

Thus good physics describe only what reality shows: the constant, discontinuous, growth and extinction of dimensional beings, which can be seen as fixed forms or in movement (so a wheel spinning or a planetoid circling Saturn might seem a fixed dimensional form, when observed without detail). Yet once the 3 dimensions of space are filled up, the object will create moving, translation dimensions as its trajectories shape new cycles, or it will create real dimensions of form, if it reproduces in ‘biological radiations’, growing from micro-forms into macro-forms.

In both cases we would see how the object ads a new dimension that enlarges its world. For example, imagine a 3-dimensional living sphere, a cell. As it reproduces, it fills now a macro-dimension and after multiple processes of dimensional reproduction, it will create a macro-organism that has 6 dimensions, the 3 of microcosmic, cellular space, and the 3 of macrocosmic organic space.

Then again, if that individual organism, the first of its species, multiples, and organizes itself into a society, an ant-hill or a human society, it will expand in macro-macro space, again filling up 3 bigger macro-macro dimensions of space, till reaching 9 dimensions, whose growth can be measured as a t-duration with lineal time, giving us 9 (classic space) + 1 (lineal time) dimensions in ‘classic physics’. In this manner because space-times are fractal, moving geometries and dimensions are finite processes of reproductive growth, when we talk of multiple dimensions we don’t have to invent spatial geometries, and follow Minkowski’s definition of time as a spatial dimension, but just describe reality, as it is, and consider each movement or reproduction of form with a certain frequency, a dimension of time. In those terms, many ‘mysterious’ objects of the physical universe described mathematically with multiple dimensions, conceptually ill-defined, become now real, complex space-time fields, extended across fractal spaces from micro-worlds to macro-worlds, as your 9+1 dimensional organism extended in 3 scales, from cells to individuals to society, is.

Such 9+1 dimensional strings (expressed in lineal time and classic Euclidean space) are thus an error due to the ignorance of the Galilean Paradox: dimensions are initially moving and reproductive cycles of times perceived as fixed forms and distances. Yet those dimensions are dynamic, since they grow and occupy a volume creating new macro spaces – the fractal scales of reality – from microcosmic photons to macrocosmic galaxies.

For example, a moving photon-point reproduces a bidimensional line/wave, which wobbles upwards and creates finally a 4 dimensional macro-space of light with length-speed, electric height, magnetic width, and frequency-rhythm. In the same way a cycle of time can rotate upwards and sideward becoming a 4-dimensional mass or charge also with length, height, width and rhythm. A 5 dimensional object would then be a mass creating a new, lineal trajectory, giving birth to 5-dimensional, lineal momentum (a mass moving in a line); or a 5 dimensional rotating mass with angular momentum. Thus, reproductive movements and rotations create dimensions, which give origin to a growing fractal reality of repetitive, scalar forms – the vital reality we see. Unfortunately, in XX C. Physics, since Minkowski’s invention of a spatial, 4th dimension of time, most of the dimensional work done in physics is just about fancy mathematical objects, which have little to do with the real n-dimensional, space-time.

All languages are inflationary. So in the same way ‘hair is blue’ and ‘hair is green’ are 2 beautiful sentences, however false, physicists can create all kind of fanciful geometries, however false. Fact is reality doesn’t have 10, not even 4 continuous fixed, space dimensions, but it is constructed with fractal, scalar dimensions that grow from micro to macro worlds.

So we should apply 2 fundamental isomorphisms of scientific truth, the Occam principle (truth is the simplest explanation of reality) and the experimental method (truth is a description of real phenomena) to the problem of multiple dimensions. Reality is not born out of the complex geometry of 9 dimensional continuous spaces. Its complexity grows with the creation of dimensions that start as the temporal, reproductive movement of a form that becomes a fixed structure of space, and again reproduces its movement in time or inversely extinguish its dimensional form. Yet since those dimensions are limited, fractal dimensions they end when the wave ends its reproduction or the particle ends its movement – so they can be increased ad infinitum as the form grows into new macroforms.

-Such fractal, scalar nature also implies that we should always consider the interaction of both membranes, gravitational and electromagnetic membranes, instead of trying to simplify them. In that sense, physicists try to unify the micro-world of electro-magnetism and the macro-world of gravitation, without realizing they are 2 different scales of the Universe: to unify them is like trying to unify the existence of human beings and their macro-scale of societies; or the properties of cells and the ecology of its macro-organisms with the same equations/isomorphisms of behavior. What is relevant is to explain the relationships and self-similar isomorphisms of invariance that happen between those scales.

All in all what this means is that the holy grail of present physics, the scalar boson with a new field never found on Nature, the Higgs, and the super symmetric inflation of background dependent, 10 plus dimensional strings don’t exist. And an enormous number of virtual, unstable particles don’t live long enough to be relevant except as failed games of the inflationary game of reproduction of fractal information. So once we have limited the theme of our inquire to what is real – stable particles described by classic quantum numbers – in the realm of evolved light-space forms, and quantum gravitation (strong force and its boson strings, gluon and quarks), which is what quantum theory studies we can go on illuminating its whys with the tools of multiple spaces and times.

Recap. Information is inflationary, so it is the mathematical language, whose enormous number of possible theories about reality must be contrasted with the experimental method and the logic principles in which existence is based. But physicists are ‘Pythagorean’, so they cannot accept truths, which are not written with mathematical equations. This means till modern times despite Gödel’s work about the errors of mathematical equations; they have ignored the isomorphisms of information and morphological change. Unfortunately many of such simple solutions will require time to be adopted, as there is in a Universe of inflationary information, many ill-devised theories based in the faulty, previous paradigm of metric spaces, whose practitioners will have a hard time to abandon.

Whole and parts: quantum waves.

There is finally the problem of jargons, which is especially difficult when dealing with quantum physics, which is the less understood in conceptual terms of all the scales. As IT IS THE CLEAREST CASE OF ANTHROPOMOPRHIC, OBSERVER’S HUMAN POINT OF VIEW, analysis since Ptolemy, due to the self-centered ego-centered Germanic idealist culture that discovered it. Some examples of this needed translation following Einstein’s wishes:

  • Uncertainty principle: h is the minimal space-time being of the perceived light space-time Universe, it is NOT an abstraction, but an angular momentum, a cycle of time, enclosing a vital space with energy, hence a unit of energy and Time,  and Se x Tƒ, ‘FINITESIMAL’. So of course, there is always a remnant H, and H is the cellular unit of future creation of more complex social particles. Thus we shall call it Planckton, by analogy with the minimal unit of the trophic pyramid of sea life. Now, Heisenberg merely tell us that because the observer will always find this remnant to observe, and on top it will destroy it as it measures-absorbs its energy and information, it will be delocalized on position, or energy-momentum. He does explain it from the perspective of the observer, which is like a whale telling us that the ‘tasting’ of Planckton has the uncertainty of tearing it before tasting it.
  • Wave-particle duality, which are just the balanced ST and Tƒ states, which are preferred to move (ST state) in a steady speed or to gauge information, with its inward accelerated motion. Wave state is further preferred as any ‘group’ knows, when motion or defensive state. So an army, a school of fish or flock will always be in wave state when moving and particle tight formation when attacked by a predator or enemy army. This duality of all scales also explains why in small slits, the wave moves through several slits and appears at the other side’s screen as a wave.
  • Fractal nebulae, they are not probabilities in time, but as Schrodinger explained, density of populations in space, as we do see a simultaneous picture of them all in a single still, so it is the perception of the electronic wave at its ST level, under the symmetry of time or space perception, events as probabilities or fractal populations, both studied with the same statistical ‘bell-curves’ and Gaussian tools.
  • Spooky entanglement, which deals with the fact that most motions and information transfers required the translation in a lower faster Se x Tƒ = k scale of the 5th dimension. So as chemical cells often transfer information through faster electric neurons of a different 5D plane of existence; or as we do talk through faster invisible phones despite being verbal beings, information between particles transfer through the non-local, lower gravitational scale of ‘dark energy’, making possible entanglement, and simultaneous, immediate perception of information, which we do not see as it is transferred in a relative infinite speed, v=S/Tƒ= Se/0 gravitational perceived information = ∞ speed.

Now, we deal with the full translation of all spooky quantum effects to the isomorphic laws of T.œ in other parts of the blog. Some are that simple to translate in organic terms, some are caused by the asymmetry of 5D arrows, which causes more information in lower scale – hence the sum over histories and use of functional operators, to meet so much information, and the impossibility in this introductory post to get into detailed mathematical physics on quantum theory (only the simpler equations of upper scales of less information, mechanics and partially thermodynamics, will be translated).

The number of facts we shall explain with those isomorphic functionals is as in all other systems studied in this blog enormous – namely when/if the 4th line of the blog is finished, ‘all’ the facts of physical states/systems will be derived from them.

Thus all analysis of a single plane must be though combined with the 5th dimension duality of infinitesimals and wholes, so we can then define as the particle, the fractal, condensed, organic function of the wave, Tƒ, position, mostly around a fixed quark-gravitational points; then the herd, loose state, reached most often when in motion as an electronic herd and then the wave-field of light. So an electron is a condensed state of a wave of dense h-Planck light space-time fields, and this explains their behavior in quantum fields similar to that of any herd that moves loosely in any scale and becomes a knot in a static, solid crystallized form or when in defensive mood. So the army becomes a ball and the school of fishes and the electronic wave when defied by an enemy, predator or high energy human observer’s ray-bomb:image033

Fields, waves and particles are the ternary symmetry of physical spaces in its Se-field, Tƒ-particle and ST-wave states. As such they are the main protagonists of mathematical physics. And its evolution into each other by increasing the frequency, that is the speed of the Tƒ, time vortex is shown in the graph above.

It thus rests to study the isomorphism of physical actions to fully grasp the meaning of physics, and then study in more detail those isomorphic, frozen species, the atoms, the galaxy and in between matter states.

An electron is a herd of photons that gathers into a particle or expands as a wave, depending on which strategy maximizes its survival and movement, as a school of fishes does in front of a predator. The herd even splits its ST fields (P1, P2) when it finds an obstacle and later merges back those space and time fields into a compact form. Yet Physics ignores the bio-logic strategy of the electron and uses a probabilistic explanation of the wave/particle principle to keep its mechanist ideas on matter.

It also ignores that the 2 components of an ‘Abelian’ Phase space, which defines the mass-field of the electron, are an energetic and informative component (the imaginary number) since its concepts of space-time are still monist, continuous, ‘infinite’.

The units of both membranes, the gravitational and electromagnetic membrane are time actions, ST, product of the minimal spatial Entropy and cyclical time of both membranes. Here due to our limited space we shall not study the gravitational membrane, whose minimal quanta of lambda length and Planck time creates a lineal and cyclical string, or action of gravitational time; which becomes a gluon/neutrino wave in the next scale and then a quark wave.

We shall consider only some aspects of the self-similar wave of light bosons (h-plankton or ‘photons’) that condensate in cyclical phase space forming a De Broglie mass-wave, or electron whose pattern is defined by the real, lineal energetic component and imaginary, informative, height-dimension of its algebraic equations.

What is the ‘it’ that Schrodinger & Dirac equations describe? The duality between a whole and its fractal parts explains the nature of Physical Actions, microscopic quanta of Entropy and time that any physical vortex emits or absorbs to communicate with its environment, complete its existential cycles and stabilize its accelerations: Actions are projections of the form of a given being in the external Universe, achieved thanks to the use of Entropy that ‘translates’ in space its in-form-ation:

Present Macro-Organisms (∆) -> Micro-Actions (∆-1):

Max.E x Max.Tƒ (Organism)-> Σ Min. e x ∏ Min.Tiƒ (Action)


Both, in organisms and actions the arrows of Entropy and information merge in constant ‘presents’ – systems that exist longer precisely because their Entropy and information are in balance. A present organism is a cellular system with 2 poles – one dominant in Entropy or relative body/field, and one dominant in information, or relative head/particle, which constantly relate to each other by exchanging small bites and bits of Entropy and information, called actions, Min. ΣS x Tƒ=K.

A physical action, defined by the specific equation of a Universal action applied to the scale of electromagnetism, writes also ExT=K(h). Where Entropy and Time are inverse functions, whose product is always a balanced constant. Thus as inverse functions the growth of one of those 2 elements E or T means the diminution of the other. From where Physicists deduce a series of fundamental isomorphisms of physics, studied in detail in the non-abridged version of this book (Heisenberg Principle, Law of Force ranges, etc.)

The same law applies to any Universal action. For example, humans who process biological information sleep in absolute zero movement-space. They maximize information by minimizing Entropy. So happens with thinkers, which are quiet people when reflecting upon information, or informative chips which occupy little space and work better in coldness.

The exchanges of actions between beings resolve the paradox Leibniz encountered in his analysis of Space-time monads: how the different space-time beings communicate each other, creating the networks and complex systems we observe in the Universe? The answer is through microscopic actions.

Actions are microscopic ‘cells’ of the bigger organism – in terms of cyclical time, they are minimal frequencies, compared to the complex, bigger organism made of knows of multiple events), the duality of macro-knots of frequencies and individual actions define a fractal Universe organized in scales or ‘planes’ of space-time of different size and temporal duration. Any organism, in that sense, extends in 3 ±i relative planes of size and duration.

The natural St plane, for example, in the human case, our individual scale of existence; the microscopic, cellular plane, in which the Entropy and information of any entity’s action develops. In the human case, it is the cellular scale, which provides the Entropy and information for our actions. And finally, the social macroscopic, +st plane, in which the individual is often a microscopic action, part of a whole mass that performs a social cycle. So humans gather in masses that perform social actions that change their macroscopic scale, nation or civilization – while particles gather in waves and life beings in herds.

Thus, all organisms combine their S x T actions in knots we call cells, which gather together in constant species, creating an ∞ variety of relative Space-time beings, perceived simultaneously together as a present, continuous Universe.

Any entity in the Universe extends across 3 relative scales, the minimal scale of ‘actions’ of Entropy and time, the scale of cellular knots in which multiple cyclical actions gather together, and the scale of organisms and ecosystems made of multiple cells.

In those 3 cases reality is dynamic, as all those scales are made of moving cycles and fields of Entropy and time, despite the fact that we might see them as static forms.

The platonic, mathematic paradoxes of Quantum Theory can be explained in organic terms. Since, as Einstein said God doesn’t play dices and the Universe is not a mathematical probability but a dual, biological and geometrical game of herds and wholes.

The experimental proofs of quantum physics back organicism, in the image, the wave/particle behavior self-similar to that of organic herds, and a picture of an electron, which has the form of a nebula of fractal micro-points, self-similar to the whole.

We understand quantum waves and particles in terms of the structural duality of a Universe made of organic wholes or ‘particles’ that can be observed in its st-1, lower plane of existence as a wave of cellular, fractal, quantum parts.

In the graph, the wave-particle duality shows that physical particles behave in an organic form: an electron wave explodes into its multiple quanta (which seem to be ‘cellular’ condensates of st-1 photons) as it reaches a thin barrier in order to cross it. Light also divides itself into a herd of photonic quanta when it passes a slit.

In fact, fractal particles split their spatial and temporal fields, SxT when passing those apertures. Then sometimes they successfully mix both fields back together recreating the electron and sometimes fail to do that. Hence there are 2 possible solutions to the previous event, which fractal physics express as a quadratic probability when the electron reconstructs itself (sxt) or a null probability (s¹t) when it doesn’t; and we explain as a biological process. Further on, since life is caused by the social organization of cells into a higher plane of existence, those wave/particle fluctuations can be explained as particles that ‘die’ and ‘resurrect’ constantly.

The biological nature of those events is even clearer in the inverse process: when a spatial force, for example, light, comes closer to an informative, complex particle like an electron it evolves into a cellular, compact form – a dot of the photonic nebulae of the electron that integrates itself as a ‘probabilistic point=cell’ of the electron. On the other hand, when a researcher hits with a high Entropy beam an electronic wave, it collapses into a particle, as a school of fish clumps together in front of a bigger predator.

Recap. Physicists say that the wave solutions of the space-time field collapse, affected by the observer. It is the abstract, statistical way of saying that a wave of light is a herd of h-quanta, which evolves, imploding its form when it is absorbed by an electron of higher form. Yet the why of that how is biological, not ‘mathematical’, since as Einstein put it in his critique of a probabilistic interpretation of quantum waves, ‘God doesn’t play dices’.

Populations vs. Probabilities: Fractal, Quantum Particles.

We have now a general, simplified overview of the arrows of time and the topologies of space, which can be applied to resolve some of the basic riddles of quantum physics.

The first fact we must define, once the arrows of time are understood in its dualities, morphologically in space and dynamically as a series of events in time, is the duality of any physical system, composed of a relative energetic, past event/force and a relative informative, future event/particle. If we see reality fixed in space it will appear as a force/particle system; if we see it moving in time, it will appear as a relative energetic past wave that evolves and devolves constantly into a relative future particle of information. Our choice of reality as fixed or moving, in space or time is merely a question of the mind and how it perceives, according to the Paradox of Galileo, which stated that the Earth moves and doesn’t move, depending on our choice of perception. This is the solution to the quantum paradox of uncertainty.

Further on, in physical systems there is not at first sight an apparent dominant arrow of future, since we are making spatial pictures of them. That is why quantum physicists often confuse temporal events with spatial forces (such as the weak event or the mass-clocks that Higgs describes with spatial forces and particles).

They also don’t realize of the anti-symmetry of time and believe that moving forward in time (life arrow) is the same that moving backward (the death arrow). For the same reason Physicists confuse anti-particle events with particles in space – when they are 2 arrows of time of the same entity. All this happens because a cycle of space-time in electrons and particles is just too short and so physicists often make pictures of the entire event/life & death of the particle. So the particle life and antiparticle death is confused with a spatial cycle when in fact it establishes also an order of time, between life as a particle and death as an antiparticle.

The same life-death cycle happens when a particle dies and explodes back in a wave similar to star big-bang.

Tƒ make it all more confusing, physicists ignore the duality of the ages of time that become organs in space of a fractal organism. So sometimes a wave is the death of a particle but sometimes it is the spatial, organic energetic field, over which the particle/head exists as a complementary organism.

Only when all those dualities are understood, we can re-classify and re-order in a systematic manner all the forces, events, particles and systems of quantum physics in a complex, clear pattern.

In organic terms, the wave of a quantum system is the reproductive body of the system and the particle its informative state and both co-exist together (Complementarity system) as a dual system, whose energetic limbs are the fields of forces that displace the system.

Like life systems, particles have an order called the life/death cycle, first dominated by the arrow of information through the 3 life ages and then exploded into death by the arrow of Entropy. Thus physical systems do have temporal causality and anti-symmetry: they exist first slow as informative particles and then die fast in big-bangs as anti-particles or as disordered waves. Because the relationship between the informative-time speed of a system is related to its spatial size (ExTi=k), by the chip/mouse/hole paradox (smaller chips calculate faster), we can consider that the particle/wave duality or the particle/antiparticle duality are; when observed not as fixed space or dual organisms, but as casual events in time, the life cycles of physical matter, which are extremely short, as they are extremely small. In other cases though, they are part of a complex topological organism, acting as body, Entropy and form of a ternary Non-Euclidean structure:

Relative Entropy=past (Entropy field)<Body/Wave: present>Future=information=particle

In the previous equation, we added a bidimensional representation to the standard feedback wave: The information or future particle is as the relative past Entropy field, far less observable that the present body wave that mixes both, Entropy and information to create the combined field, reason why the phase space of a mass wave is not easily perceivable. The key to differentiate both types of entities, past and future, Entropy and form, motion and stop, E<=>I, as separate entities are the inverse properties of time that the present merges in a holographic form.

Thus, we distinguish for each ternary creation and form, the whole system and then its energetic parts more visible in space and its informative events more durable in time.

The symmetry between time and information on one side and its inverse symmetry between Entropy and space on the other, for the experiences theorist who fully grasp the isomorphisms of multiple times and spaces is the most revealing tool to classify reality and understand its events and isomorphisms as specific sub-equations of the generator of space and time.

Most dual particles are not spatial but transformational particle/antiparticle events of short duration and most bosons are wave /particle generational events, as they constantly switch between its big bang wave event and particle state. And so we write the anti-symmetry of time in those physical systems as a duality, a temporal, past to future life/death, informative particle/big bang cycle:

Big Bang arrows (energetic, expansive state)<Dual system> Big crunch (informative state)

All those different spatial, ternary systems and dual events happen in all the scales of the Universe, the quantum scale, the solar scale, the galactic scale and perhaps a higher scale of relative Universes made of cellular galaxies, in increasing time lengths. So we write for the Universe at large:

Past Expansive dark Entropy<Steady state:present cosmos>Future Implosive Galaxy

Thus in that cosmological scale the galaxy follows a generational cycle from the big-bang to the big-crunch, through a steady state of minimal creation of mass, in which we live.

If we were to observe in absolute detail two photons in 2 cycles, probably we would observe slight differences in its configuration; as we do when we see two Chinese, father and son, which at first look are both called Cheng and both look the same.

The dual cycle that matters most to us is obviously the one of creation and destruction of mass: the arrow of time bends space into mass (M=e/c2), and the arrow of entropy explodes form into Entropy (E=Mc2). Einstein said that the separation between past and future is an illusion. Those 2 equations of Einstein show the equal importance of both arrows of time, Entropy and mass/information. However when we transcend into beings with higher information, the dominance of information creates the order of future that we, biological beings, experience, and philosophers have always called the 3 ages of life.

The mysteries of quantum physics can also be explained from an organic perspective. In the graph, we observe 2 of those solutions:

– Particles choose to behave as a herd of fractal parts or as an organic whole, when they cross through doors and slits. Particles interact with the electronic beams of particles we use to detect them, modifying its position and speed (Uncertainty principle). In the graph, we can see that behavior: An electron is a herd of photons that gathers into a particle or expands as a wave, depending on which strategy maximizes its survival and movement, as a school of fishes does in front of a predator. The herd even splits its ST fields (P1, P2) when it finds an obstacle and later merges back those space and time geometries into a compact form. Quantum Physics ignores the bio-logic strategy of the electron and uses a probabilistic explanation of the wave/particle principle to maintain its mechanist, abstract ideas about matter. The misunderstanding of the dualities of time/information and Entropy/space make thoroughly confusing its explanation of time and space parameters in those processes. In the right picture, we can notice the self-similarity of the atom with a spiral galaxy. Both have a center black hole zone where the quark proton and quark hole are. But self-similarity is not identity, so even if quantum cosmologists try to use quantum isomorphisms to study the Universe, it is more meaningful to study directly the cosmos with satellites and telescopes, than replicating mini-big bangs of quarks on Earth.

In fractal space-time electrons become nebulae of self-similar fractal parts which can be described with fractal equations of the type biologists use to define cells as fractal parts with self-similar functions to those of the whole electronic organism. So only a fractal organic description of the quantum world, resolves its paradoxes and contradictions.

The alternative to all those proofs of the organic structure of the Universe is a Pythagorean fantasy called the Copenhagen interpretation. It considers the Universe uncertain as the herd of quanta is not a population described as any other group with percentages of the whole (which in statistics has a probability 1), but according to Bohr et al, those probabilities are real and the Universe is made of numbers. Indeed, quantum physics has finally achieved the religious goal of the founding fathers, Kepler and Galileo, God not only speaks mathematics but the Universe is mathematical.

This is nonsense, of course. Yet anytime a physicist in the past century has tried to put forward the organic, logic paradigm, his work has been ridiculed, while entire institutions of learning are dedicated to explore Everett’s thesis that each point of an electron nebulae is in a different, parallel Universe! All of them though shown in the same picture, hence cameras are machines that travel through infinite Universes! at the same time! This Bohr/Everett alternative is thus an absurd, abstract, illogic interpretation, which defies the 3 legs of the scientific method; logic consistency, mathematical accuracy (as the results are often uncertainties, singularities and infinities, cleaned up ad hoc) and experimental evidence obtained with the first pictures of electronic nebulae, 40 years ago:

The electron appeared as a fractal of smaller, self-similar electronic cells, dense, smaller electronic parts that adopt either a herd/wave configuration or a tight, organic, particle-like one. Or else, we would have observed in this Universe only a single electron point. Further on, the behavior of an electronic herd, when bombarded by massive particles, as those humans use to observe them is self-similar to that of any crowd, from fishes that come together when they are attacked by sharks, to soldiers in a battle field. 40 years have passed and yet the mathematical models of electrons as fractals are igno