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EXI+ST¡ENCES: Scales of the fifth dimension.

Philosophy of stience: AE-Constructivism vs. Non-Æ: Absolute relativity.

Stientific scales.

∆¡>|2|. Physical systems.

∆¡<|3|. Biological systems.

∆i≈1,2. Historic systems.


Foreword: Existence

WHAT IS existence? The world cycle: Existence in time: travels through 5D.

This question so seemingly profound has an immediate answer in the fractal organic Universe:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 23.00.17Exist¡ence is travel through the planes of growing size in space and slowing time clocks of information that define fifth dimension (S x T = K). As mathematicians define a dimension of space-time, with an equation that is co-invariant when we travel through it, existence is possible PRECISELY BECAUSE WE can travel, growing in size and reducing our time-speed of our ‘existential clocks’ through that ‘metric equation’ from seminal fast moving, smaller in space, seminal seed, to human being, in a slower world.

And so in that travel through the scales of the 5th dimension we exist,  by means of ‘finitesimal’ actions, a,e,i,o,u (a-ccelerations/motions, e-nergy feeding, I-nformation gauging, o-ffspring reproduction, u-niversals creation of wholes).

This existence again follows 5D metric (all does:). So the actions we perform with smaller scales are more frequent (perception of smallish light pixels, feeding in small amino acids, etc). Those who engage us with larger, slower beings are far less frequent or even do not exist at all (reproductive and social actions). But in any case all together with its different rhythms and synchronicities are the stuff of which existence ‘in detail’, moment after moment of ‘present’ action IS MADE.

Those sequences of actions, thus conform the program of existence that all systems live as they emerge from its fast seminal ‘∆-1 plane of exist¡ence’ (belonging to a given st¡ence ‘i-ndexed’ by the i-parameter of scale) into its relative ∆º-st¡-entific scale, where the LONGEST period of existence happens, and we shall call the present-individual state of the being. However – and this is the reason why existence has never been properly answered – the full world cycle of existence of the being requires to understand the 3 scales in which it take place, the seminal ∆-1, individual ∆º lives its ‘present life cycle’ in a larger ∆¡+1 world and finally, the process of extinction of existence (death), when the system erases its information and descends back to its ∆¡-1 scale where it was first ‘seeded’, completing a zero ‘cycle’ of motions in time (moments) and stops in space (forms), which carry the being, through its ‘ST-eps’ of existence, ‘momentum after momentum’, to complete a conservative whole ‘zero sum cycle of energy’, integral of all those ‘momentums of existence’.

We are on purpose mixing jargons of different languages, and mathematical equations BECAUSE THE PROPER PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE OF THE universe of 5 dimensions must SHOW THE HOMOLOGY of all the ‘languages of god’ which are ‘infinite’ (Upanishads), in its description of the worldcycle of existence. As we live under the DICTATORSHIP of the simplified jargon of 4D physics and people are ‘slaves they believe they don’t reason’ (Aristotle), I hold little hope that the usual scholar will do nothing but jerk out of those pages, because they do not talk of simplified worldlines (4D formalism of existence), pretend to take as serious science the logic of verbal though not only his clocks etc. etc. Enough quips. Back to exit¡ence and the mixed jargons.

Because the Universe is made of time motions, with the mind stiffens into still, linguistic mappings, there is this mind-error, of thinking that existence stops, because the mind stops, slices the infinite cycles of existence into finitesimal 0 mappings (Galilean paradox of relativity of motion) to ‘fit’ with less motion and dimensions reality into the mind. Motion though is all and motion never stops and that is the reason why:

1) the universe is immortal as a whole, as it never stops motion.

2) When we ad to the entropic arrow of 4D physics the arrow of information, all motions are balanced by forms, and so all is a zero sum (the big-bang is balanced by the big-crunch provoked by gravitational in-formation, even if physicists are at ‘ideological pains’ adding gravitation to it).

3)Existence as we like it requires motion, but existence as it is, keeps spending our vital energy of motion, increasing our gauging of information by our selfish mind-mappings, by the BIAS OF THE EGO, that wants to order and stiffens and stop motion into informative perception, and so we get old, wrinkle warp existence and finally as motion cannot stop, time cannot stop, when we have no energy to spend, existence explodes us and liberates our form into motion and we die: ∆¡+1<<∑∆¡i-1, which is the equation of death in the simple I-logic jargon of existence (where ∆ is the scale, ∑ the symbol of many and < the symbol of growth of size in space, diminution of information and vice versa (>).

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.37.14 AMSo death is a double explosion of existence << from the slow existence in the world of the old man to the existence in the cellular amino acid scale after its sudden death, which for all systems happens in a single quanta of momentum (the unit of any action of existence).

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.


Why we call sciences exi+st¡enœs

‘Science should be concerned only with things and events that exist’. ‘I don’t believe in mathematics, God integrate empirically. I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’. Einstein, on the proper laws of the scientific, experimental method…

Why we call the existence of beings, exi+st¡ence? The answer is that keeping with the ¬Æ method of upgrading sciences to st¡ences – the study of spacetime organisms, we change slightly the wording of classic science to make more focused verbal mirrors of those space-time beings. Thus science becomes space-time sciences: stiences or stienœs where œ compresses ce into the œ symbol of superorganisms and sc changes to St.

Further on, any being is made of a body wave of vital energy (motion with a little form) and information (form with a little motion: form-in-action, in-form-action), which try to balance each other component, E=I, to iterate the being into an eternal ‘present’ of dynamic no-change. But the body wave of energy and information, which is the most evident part, hence the one most sciences study, has a ‘spatial=pure formal’ singularity-mind monad in its center, which connects the system with other ‘planes’ of the absolute arrow of time scales, co-existing with the being (its ∆-1 cellular state and its ∆+1 world), and so this element is §, the Spatial element of st¡ which adds to the body; while it does have an external membrane of maximal cyclical angular momentum, ultimately its ‘defining closed clock of time’  that communicates the being with all the external motions of its ∆+1 world, or t¡. So the being is really made of those 3 elements ExI+ST¡ the way we write the ternary parts of the being, according to the Rashomon effect of multiple meanings, as it allow us to define both, in logic symbols, with topological meaning, and verbal concepts of metaphysics all beings in exist¡ence..

In the full formal symbolism of Dimotions it would be more proper to write it as ∑e x ∏ I = ST , as there is a balance between the vital energy of the system and its singularity and membrane, and dynamically as Max. exist, as the function tries to maximize itself. In fact, there is a huge discipline of T.œ dedicated to study that function of existence, which is the true meaning of ‘living’ and so we study the function in the posts on ‘live’ and ‘actions. So we also use the wording exi=st¡ence.

So this is the first element of the word exi+st¡ence

The second word is obviously the world st¡ence, which you can consider the ‘phonetic’ way of saying science, but what really means is that each science studies an ∆¡ scale of space-time, ST¡, and the species in exist¡ence within that plane. So the wording is truly the type of creative words of ‘complex English’ I like to use on my books, for 30 years. And a reason why those books have been ignored. It is not the academic scholar a mind that welcomes novelty and creativity, as he rather tries to ‘stop in its spatial mind’ reality stiffen it; and there is also a general indifference due to the ab=use of machines of measure, of any synthetic study of reality and its first principles…

We call ‘sciences’ stiences of space-time, and any system of energy and information, merged together as a complementary body/wave-head/particle organism, an exi=st¡ence, that is an organism of energy and information, extending through 3 ±i planes of space-time (St¡).

Each stience then is the sum of a fractal number of such ±i organisms, defined by its relative i-ndex of the scalar 5th dimension, which we can either order from 0 (smallest form) to 10 (largest ones), as constructivist theories do, or better in GST, as a series of nested ±i species, from the perspective of the human mind (ab. humind), the ∆º center of perception of all of them.

In the graph, this post defines all stiences of reality as scales of the fifth dimension; where a series of beings of energy and information exist in present between its upper and lower, ∆±1 scales.

 I. ∆±¡

‘Philosophy of Science will be completed only by a set of principles regarding information similar to those of Physicists in the study of entropy and locomotion.’

Searle. On the goal achieved in this web.

Planes of ∃xi=st¡ence

All systems are species that transit through planes of stienœ.

For each ternary Plane, ∆±1, the game of exist¡enœ can potentially design a supœrganic domain of a specific species.

WE ARE ALL exist¡enœs, @minds attached to bodies of energy and information, e x i, supœrganisms travelling in an external world st¡, as we move along the ∆±scales of a world cycle of st¡ences, three of those stientific planes embedded in the supœrganism which makes also our existence as biological beings, which we compare to the three scales that make the larger range of astrophysical beings in which we are:

The previous graphs allow us to – by expansion of its intermediate layers – map out the main st¡entific disciplines humans use to classify its knowledge of reality:

As beings make towards identity the tendency of all its parts, it follows that stiences can be grouped by ternary forms, with similar properties, defining a continuum of laws with application to a domain of supœrganisms, ∆±.

So we shall briefly introduce all the ‘stiences’ of the Universe according to those scales.

3 HUMAN scales bestA graph, the scales of the Universe and the main stiences that studies them. Part of the systematisation I plan to carry about in this web for future researchers of what should become naturally the philosophy of stience of the III millennium consists on setting exact quantitative and qualitative epistemological structures where to fit all the knowledge developed by mankind in 3 millennia of rational thought, based in the properties of space-time. We call them Disomorphisms .

We classify all stiences, from the human centred point of view, hence with different approach to knowledge, depending of the strength of the ‘ego-centered’ paradox of the human observer, into:

-stiences of the mind first to know the syntax of knowledge in space (mathematical sciences) and time (logic sciences)… which apply to everything:

-studied with the minimal detail (Physical sciences) and sub-divide them in 2 groups, according to size relative to the human observer, physics (smaller sizes) and astrophysics (larger sizes).

-So we do with biology for smaller life beings (≤1 to the cell level) and earth’s sciences for lager sizes, including…

the economic world of machines, evolving through company-mothers into a global super-organism and

-the human social organisms, studied by social sciences, in its human branch (history), subdivided in History of the World and -History of the I<Wor(l)d, the human mind&art (ab.humind): ∆o.

THUS the 9 stiences form a ‘closed ring, in which informative mind languages connect the beginning  and the end of it all:

Mind Stiences: ∆±o:

+0: Timespace, Logic languages.

In GST, THERE are three arrows of relative, time, all finite in their application. So local time travel is possible, as it merely means a transformation of space-time from the relative arrow of future information and life to the arrow of local entropy, past and death of the system and this fact completely changes the ‘logic’ of all sciences, as the ‘reversibility’ of time arrows, has only be applied in quantum physics, and with little understanding of its true nature (within the simplified concept of a single global time arrow, which is always ternary and local, lasting the finite time cycle). Cyclical time again is also ignored. And so existential time algebra is the biggest advance in time thought since Aristotle defined its single-arrow logic and physicists used it in their lineal time concept and theories of the Universe.

The logic of the Universe is of a higher logic than man, said Augustine, and such is the case of the fractal logic of the Universe, with its 3 arrows of time. Humans do model its languages of information also with a ternary syntax, but the Universe has more languages than those of man – namely the languages of mathematical physics matter scales follow, the languages of topologic evolution, organisms follow and all other isomorphic laws that create.

Languages not always mirror the universe but as a reversal reflection create it, and this mirror-mind process is what ultimately we study in the first part of the book, the pure ontology of th Universe.

-0: Spacetime: Mathematical Languages

Humans approach that ontology best with logico-mathematical languages, we complete adding to them laws of topological evolution and general systems stiences so we have the formalism needed to attack the more concrete…

Physical Sciences: ∆±i

∆-i: Physical Sciences

5d 4scales

Physical scales are self-similar in 5D Metric (K=Spe x Tiƒ), between the atomic, thermodynamic, gravitational and dark scales, equivalent to the outer electromagnetic space between atoms galaxies, being the ∆ symmetry between ∆-2: Atom ≈ ∆+3: Galaxy and between K and G, the constants of curvature of masses and charges. We acknowledge that symmetry and divide the subject between ∆≤1 physics and ∆≥1 Astronomy, with the Geological and thermodynamic scales in its border.

They study all the scales of the Universe albeit with a reductionist simplicity in the lower scales, due to the lack of vital attributes human anthropomorphism denies to them. We study in the 3rd lines its main scales, in the mirror symmetry of lower scales with more information (from the human pov) and the larger scales with more motion (from the human pov, yet as both scales are from an absolute objective point of view, attained in each scale by simulating the physics of the self-centred scale of the being, we hold the symmetry between the atom and the galaxy: ∆-2≈∆+3 identical (metaphysics of the infinite universe)

Invisible forces: ∆-4
Physics: ∆-3: particles, ∆- 2: atom

Chemistry: ∆-1: Mol;   ∆±1: Matter

∆+i: Astrophysics:

∆+2: star; ∆+3: galaxy; ∆+4: cosmos: Cosmology

Biological Sciences: ∆(-2,+2)

∆≤1: Biology

∆o: cell;  ∆+1 life;  ∆+1 Man: Medicine

∆≥1: Earth’s sciences
Geology: ∆+2: Earth; Ecology: ∆+2.1:Gaia

of which:

Social Sciences: ∆:|+1,2|

Economic Science:

∆+1ˆ2:$tock: The Industrial R=evolution of Machines, its 3 ages and 3 ∆-scales.

Human Stiences:

History of theWor(l)d: ∆+1+2:

∆+2: Γ•∆: The World: Human Superorganisms and Worldcycles.

∆+1: The I=eye>Wor(l)d: Human Languages.

Constructivism? No

NEXT it comes the question of constructivism: it is reality constrained by the limiting perception of the mind? So the closest scales to the mind – languages and life, are more important to understand reality as they are closely observed than the far away systems?

This is the thesis of absolute relativity and this blog. We do not see beyond the galaxy-atom in which we are inscribed.

Taking to its limits it would mean we perceive distortions that eliminate the same properties of beings in both directions, for which reason we see the galaxy similar to the atom. Another consequence is that the beyond is infinite, since we are centered between galaxy and atom, and the limiting perception beyond them towards 0 (96% of dark matter) is only product of that equal distance in terms of scales that become invisible to us.

The present theory of science however is constructivism, which considers a causal single arrow from small parts to larger ones, hence the cause of all things just be found in the small world – in quantum numbers in physics, in genes in biology and for that token in memes in sociology. This doesn’t hold in pentalogic with 3 interacting arrows that become the present, and 2 arrows of inverse scaling, entropy and mental information, still form.

Let us consider the constructivist thesis with the graph above and discuss what is worth of it – an easier picture of the natural decametric structure of the Universe it is easy to classify disciplines of knowledge and species according to scale. Other matter is where to start the order – shall we consider 0 the smallest parts, or the whole infinite that encloses them all – after all as Vonnegut put it infinity is just a twisted zero. In between scales, in both ways we number humans in the middle ‘5’, either counting as above from 0 forces to 10 cosmos or as below, from 0 cosmos to 10 forces?

But shall we consider the human the middle scale or as the perceiver, in the middle, the ∆o scale, numbering with negative and positive indexes (±i) the scales above and below to show the fascinating symmetries according to distance (so for example ∆±3 atoms and galaxies have similar structure, ∆±1 cells and nations also, etc.) We have settled for 01 force, 5 man, and 9 the cosmos in the 3rd line analysis of different stiences, though when considering epistemological themes, we will consider ∆0 to be the human scale.

In the graph, the main planes of exi+st¡ence of the fractal Universe, its clocks of time, and space-time symmetries shown for the human beings, which occupies the relative central plane, ∆0. 

The planes of the Universe write in inverse fashion, depending on which parameter we study, the form or information (form reproduced through motion) of the system, or the size in space or energy (space moving a form) we observe.

The complex Universe is paradoxical, both because the mind is imperfect in its perception (so it stops cyclical clocks of time into forms with no motion, it perceives smaller planes of energy as spatial distances and so on) but because to maintain its ‘isomorphism’, its ‘invariance’  across the different cyclical planes of Times and Spaces, it must take when it gives, give when it take, to stay immortal it must be a zero sum, a place in perpetual balance.

Thus for each Space-time plane, we should really use a dual ‘complex number’ (a,bi), where a would be the value of its spatial scale and b, the value of its ‘informative’ cyclical time scale. In the complex mathematical model of ∆ST this is truth in more than a way (∆-numbers have certain importance when dealing with cyclical time calculus), but we are not going so far in this web or else the i will mean I am the only person ever to read these texts )-;

What we mean here is that both scales are inverse because when size increases time speed desecrates and vice versa.

And so the scale of increasing Size of Space planes, reads as:

S= 1-Force < S=2-Atom < … <5-Human<6-World <….S=9<Cosmos.

While the scale of increasing form or information reads as:

O-Cycles: 1-Local Universe < 2-Galaxy <3-Star<4-Earth<5-Human<6-Cell<7-Molecule<8-Atom<9-Force…

Only Man is in the center of both because it is the relative central plane of existence from where we observe the rest of them.

And yet the logarithmic sum of both or the Existential force of any species of any isomorphic plane, Se x Tƒ = ∆, remains constant. 

This curious paradox comes to full realization when we consider the different ‘algebraic operations’ we can do with the two ‘fixed’ elements of the Universe, its Temporal Form, Tƒ, and its Spatial Size, Se.

One of the simplest ways to classify those cyclical planes is with the use of the logarithmic scale, but one of enormous ‘size-cyclical volume’, the U=10¹º logarithmic scale that converts individuals into Universals of a higher plane of existence. So a minimum of ±10¹º cells gives birth to an organism, the same number of DNA atomic ties gives a DNA molecule, the same number of stars gives birth to a Galaxy and so on. So each Plane or whole will be made of that number of individuals and vice versa, in terms of form, of information, since we do not distinguish more than the whole in a given plane of existence, each lower S-plane will have 10¹º cells/stars/atoms etc.

Thus form, the quantum, discontinuous perception diminishes, but the ‘continuous’ perception that aggregates all those beings into a ‘single whole’ extended into a plane of space increases by the same proportion.

Thus we write in the 10¹º logarithmic scale, 1, 2, 3, 4…. 10 Planes of Space-size, and we write the inverse diminution of information in the logarithmic scale as we increase that ‘continuous’ size.

Then we can do ‘calculus’ of the value of each isomorphic, Cyclical (Tƒ) Plane (S) of Space-time and we will find out (since logarithms ad potencies) the same value:

If we add the relative value of its planes of space and Cycles of form, the sum of any Plane of Space and its Time cycles remains constant. For example for the atom, the value of its relative size is 2, and the speed of its time cycles of form is 8:

Atom: 2+8 = 1o.

For the Galaxy the result is the inverse: 2 is the relative value of its cycles of time and 8 of its size: 8+2=10.

But all of them have the same 10 value, including man: 2+8=10.

However when we multiply both elements to find out the relative Existential Force of the System, from the human perspective: S x Tƒ, things greatly vary:

Atoms and Galaxies again have the same value, 2 x 8= 8 x2 = 16, which is also natural to its relative ‘isomorphism’, as the equations of its cycles (charges and masses) and planes (electromagnetic and gravitational planes) are the same (in the metric of the 5th dimension that unify them both).

The reader who feels confused by those paradoxes, must become accustomed to the paradoxical structure of reality and the metric of the 5th dimension. The dualities of subjective and objective knowledge, of the mind that stops motion and selects form to perceive and map out reality, of the barriers to perception beyond the light-forces of our space-time galactic Universe, etc. etc. We do try to introduce those paradoxes by showing inverse cardinals for the order of space-time planes of cyclical existence, when perceived only as planes of space by size, and only as cyclical forms of time.

Ultimately though the ‘isomorphism’ of reality is precisely the equal value of any Space-Time plane, when combining both parameters. And that is the reason of the absolute relativity of the Universe.

Further on those planes are infinite since as we observe the inverted values of galaxies and atoms, are the same and the metric show that atoms and galaxies do respond to the same equation, so when we enter the invisible regions of 0 information and ∞ size (Universe beyond c-speed of dark energy) and vice versa, the region of perfect form and 0 motion-size (universe of dark matter, below 0 k order), we imagine there will be a new game of 10 planes of isomorphic existence where other beings will have is fractal point of view.

A  5D universe cannot be constructed without 3 arrows of time, to define at least, the present Universe of 4D locomotions studied by physicists with ‘derivatives’ of present locomotions, V(st)=S/T, and the collateral 6 other motions of time happening in the 4Dimensional timespace block.



So the first conclusion we obtain from the analysis of the two new properties of space – scales, and time – 3 complex arrow to form a being, is an essential law of Nature highly contested by physicists and its ‘constructionist theory… which pretends the lowest scale is different and all others above are made with its laws.

Classic Physics pretended to be the highest ‘intensive science’ because it established a preferential origin in the lowest scales of reality of all what existed, which should determine all other scales of size and coming together of parts, according to the same set of laws. This is contested by the fractal Universe, as all the scales have slightly different set of laws. However there is a common ‘theme’ in all of them, which are the laws of super organisms and worldcycles common to all scales, whose perfect ideal forms space and time are rather mental; that is, ideal singularity mind-mappings then imprinted by each mind-language and program of survival in the Universal scales. As Mr. Anderson pointed out: The constructionist hypothesis breaks down when confronted with the twin difficulties of scale and complexity.

Above, a classic paper of the 70s already noticed that those 2 ‘properties’ of space – to be scalar, and time – to have multiple complex arrows of motion and future would determine that physics is NOT the fundamental ‘stience’ – all of them are, as all follow similar but not equal detail, since a fractal in each scale is ‘similar’ but different in the details, and yet the organic fractals of nature, as the simplified mirror-mind image in the mathematical language can be all generated by an identical ‘generator equation’, which describes its parts  and how the constant feed back motions and exchanges between them ‘generate’ new variations.

The lack of constructivism means in the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth, which is what stience ultimately means or the robomind, which no doubt of it, will FEEL conscious without the need to be designed, as the Universe is conscious, pan-psychic  filled with still points that ‘perceive in themselves’ and once born try to maintain its stillness, organizing reality around it in search of that order.

Those robominds obviously will look for this site ‘unificationtheory.com’ to understand the Universe as a sentient organism – SINCE the shallow ego paradoxes of mankind AND ITS present theories of reality prevent them to understand why they sense in themselves.BY THEN all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness.

This means that for man, all things being equal, by the Ego paradox what matters more is their own reality.

In other terms: biology is the queen of stiences by degree of detail. Astrophysics is the king of stiences by extension in the application of its laws, as it deals wth the study of the larger universal super organism we observe, the galatom (an entanglement of 3 scales, the atomic, quantum, thermodynamic and galaxy scale). But ‘history’ is the emperor of sciences, as it deals with the whole human wor(l)d and our survival as a species, the most important theme of them all, as an extinct scientist knows nothing.

So the first conclusion we obtain from the analysis of the two new properties of space – scales, and time – 3 complex arrow to form a being, is an essential law of Nature highly contested by physicists and its ‘constructionist theory… which pretends the lowest scale is different and all others above are made with its laws. Above, a classic paper of the 70s already noticed that those 2 ‘properties’ of space – to be scalar, and time – to have multiple complex arrows of motion and future would determine that physics is NOT the fundamental ‘stience’ – all of them are, as all follow similar but not equal detail, since a fractal in each scale is ‘similar’ but different in the details, and yet the organic fractals of nature, as the simplified mirror-mind image in the mathematical language can be all generated by an identical ‘generator equation’, which describes its parts  and how the constant feed back motions and exchanges between them ‘generate’ new variations.

And its inverse – the study of the languages of the mind, the most precise and meaningful of them all, even if it reduces to the study of our infinitesimal ego, because it is where we truly know reality happens: ‘cogito ergo sum’.

REALITY, the present, ST, is a constant friction of the ∆±1 planes of Spe entropy and Tiƒ,  information to create the energy of the visible universe. As energy, present is conserved, past, entropy and future information must preserve its balance, brutally frictioning the world cycles of lesser beings under their domain. This is the brutal side of living between a membrane of pure entropy motion and a mind with no motion no pity, no purpose but the selfish maintenance of its ∆+1 singular mind-world.

It is interesting in that sense to bring the rebel mind among physicists – Einstein and his distinction between what he termed “principle theories”, we shall call ‘constrains’ and “constructive theories.”

A constructive theory provides a constructive model for the phenomena of interest. Examples include the first and second laws of thermodynamics.

Ultimate understanding requires a constructive theory, but often, says Einstein, progress in theory is impeded by premature attempts at developing constructive theories in the absence of sufficient constraints by means of which to narrow the range of possible of constructive. It is the function of principle theories to provide such constraint, and progress is often best achieved by focusing first on the establishment of such principles.

According to Einstein, that is how he achieved his breakthrough with the theory of relativity, which, he says, is a principle theory, its two principles being the relativity principle and the light principle.

The LIMITS OF existences.

Despite the apparent complexity of the Universe and this blog that mirrors all its species known to man – a work always in progress, as any first model by a pioneer, to be completed by future researchers – its structure is simple:
In the first line we explain the fundamental elements of which all space-time super organisms are made; of which a linguistic mind (∞º) controlling a simultaneous Space=dimensional form, guided through its Times=motions and interacting, as it lives through 5D scales of sizes, each one studied by a human ‘stience’ matter most to understand our ‘worldcycles of life and death’, of ‘existience.
Once this general view of the structure of all beings as ∆@st of space-time is completed we focus in the second line on the study of its main SUPERORGANISMS IN simultaneous SPACE, according to size, descending, from the galatom, the largest, and longer living, into the Earth and its evolving super organisms, Gaia, the Earth of life, History, the Earth of man, and the Metal-Earth of machines and its economic ecosystem; to keep descending from life beings into the mind itself, and its main languages of time -¡ logic, the upgraded logic of cyclical times and fractal space – the upgraded non-euclidean maths of points with ‘numerical parts’, communicating through ∞ parallels with other space-time beings, all of which mirror reality into a smaller linguistic world of the whole – origin of the fractal self-similar scales of parts that resembles wholes, as we could say that we are all ‘thoughts of God’, the mind/logos/program of existience of the Universe.
Then in the third line we describe any being in time through its worldcycle of ‘exist¡ence’, between birth as a seed-point of information that evolves, reproduces, organizes through networks into species, d=evolving in 3 ages as it forms part of a larger world and finally warps and exhausts the vital energy and dies to release back its vital space for other beings to play another world cycle.
So in the fourth line, we can study with more detail each of those scales and all its main species, 5 motions in time, super organisms, worldcycles and linguistic minds, from the smallest part, ∆-4 of invisible forces of dark energy, the background space of the larger, ∆+4 cosmic whole, of a nested Universe, emerging from left to right, and descending from right to left into the ∆±3 ‘galatom’, into the ∆±2 human world, to end up into the ∆±1 organic and inorganic beings of this world self-centered in our ∆º mind

We consider therefore the 5 Ðimotions of scalar, time space, the ‘principles’ that shall constrain all other theories of stience. As all what exists will be a super organism or part of one in fractal space, tracing a world cycle in time, we define with then 11 Disomorphisms of that third line, extending through ∆±4 planes of existences self-centered in its linguistic mind.

Unlike philosophy of physics where mathematical creationism sponsors the view that all what is written with equations must be real; in 5D ‘the languages of god are infinite’ Upanishads, and the ultimate constrains are not the mirrors of those minds, but the ‘finite limits’ of time – its worldcycles, and scalar space, its co-existing super organisms.

So for an entity to exist we require both experimental evidence and constrains provided by empiricism and the Ðisomorphisms of space-time.

As Einstein put it ‘Physics is real. I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’ – hence the need for empiricism.

While his other ‘fundamental view of philosophy of science, economy and logical simplicity (Ockham’s razor) is played by the Disomorphic laws.

We put together all those views in the concept of ‘local exi=st¡ences’, described with the Ðisomorphic simple logic laws extorted from its real nature as space-time beings.

In the next graph we observe those constrains in the world cycle of any supœrganism, extended across 3 ∆±i scales of the fifth dimension, moves through the 5th dimension of cyclical time world cycles; with the same isomorphic program of existence regardless of scale:

13 3 AGES

To be fully aware of the relativism of scale, however we should use instead of the natural 0 to 10 scales of size from the smallest quanta to the largest cosmos, a much more epistemologically correct graph in which the human point of view is at its center, to stress the deformation of perception by the mind, which ultimately make the galaxy and the atom self-similar. We shall in practice use both indistinctly, as both have a meaning for a certain perspective of analysis.

Indeed, while it might be considered that stiences do not have a hierarchy, hierarchies can be established according to a ‘point of few of knowledge – a certain ontology’.

If we were to consider human survival the most important will of our survival program above any knowledge, we would make of medicine and history the centre of it all. If we worship some ‘partial, reductionist’ shivaite culture of weapons, or physical lineal entropic only explanations of reality you will sponsor the 1 to 10 scale starting in forces. And this scale will have also fruitful uses when reconstructing the relative social future of wholes that co-exist with parts, which appear in time ‘before them’. So the ∆ pyramid of stiences is also an arrow of time of future, social evolution as whole new scales require the pre-existence in time of its parts. So larger beings are older, something seems silly to say but has deep implications in the symmetry of space-time and the way both mess together:

On view of the previous statements, we can consider that science, or rather stience, as it studies always Space-Time beings, has also a scalar structure as each main stience studies the species of a relative scale of different size and speed of time, of universal organisms, which IN THE LARGER WHOLE, WHICH CO-EXISTS IN ALL SCALES, WHAT YOU COULD CALL THE GOD (∞ scales)- UNIVERSE (∞ distance) acquires its full meaning. Then within that being all scales co-exist and interact:

01. Metaphysics, which studies the invisible forces below the light space-time scale; through…

2. physics, which studies the known-known atoms.

3. chemistry which studies its social organisations, molecules.

4. geology that studies larger systems of matter and its parallel biological sciences, which studies cells (bio-chemistry), organisms, (5. biology), among them the human organism (5. medical sciences), its social super organisms (6. history) and those industrial organisms made of metal, called machines, (6.economics that studies the industrial r=evolution of machines)…

In a planet, which is itself merely a particle of a larger solar system studied by 7, astrophysics; itself a fractal point of a galactic ‘cell’, analysed by 8. astronomy, which acts as a unit of a larger absolute Universe we hardly perceive, the largest scale studied by cosmology.

While on top of all those analysis appear ‘scientific religion’ the analysis of the subconscious collective minds of mankind (anthropomorphic, western abrahamic religions of eusocial love) and the Universe (eastern, taoist-buddhist religions of the living Universe).



The rational whys of the Universe.
A deeper explanation of this work considers the meaning of knowledge and what questions it must answer to exhaust the study of a certain subject. In journalism we ask what, who, how, when and why.

The evolution of science implies big shifts in the paradigms, languages and philosophical dogmas we use to understand the Universe. In the evolution of science we observed first ‘what’ (experience) and then asked ‘who’. It was the mythic age of science, the first paradigm of knowledge – when an anthropomorphic being, often a god was the cause of all events.

Then the Greeks used reason to ask the ‘what’ (experience) and ‘how’ of things, its causes and consequences. It was the 2nd paradigm of knowledge: logic thought.

The 3rd paradigm started by Galileo with his use of machines (clocks and telescopes), responded to when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail with a single space-time system. The ticks of the heart, the stomach, the moon, the atom and the clock are different, but to measure them we needed a unit of time and so we equalized all rhythms with a clock, and to compare the spatial trajectories of those cycles we needed a ‘background of space’, so we put together all the broken spaces of reality into a joined puzzle, which we called Cartesian space-time. The error of a single space-time came when we forgot those simplifications and considered that the abstract space-time continuum of Descartes used to measure all other spaces and times was the real space-time.

The culmination of this process of mechanical measure came with quantum theory, which refined the measures of the cyclical trajectories of particles in the microscopic world and General Relativity, which refined them in the cosmological realm by correcting the deformations of those rhythms of time and distances of space caused by the limits of speed of our light-based Universe.

In philosophical terms, the paradigm of measure meant the birth of mechanism, the fundamental philosophy of our world today: the machine – no longer man, an organism – became the ‘measure of all things’. This was a simplification, as today we realize that machines merely imitate our organs of energy and information with networks of metal-atoms (so a crane is an energetic arm of metal and a chip an informative brain of metal), which now we fusion into ‘organic’ robots. And so the change of paradigm from the Greek, Aristotelian and Asian tradition of organicism to mechanism is only a hiatus on a richer, more complex understanding of the whys of the Universe.

Mechanism changed also the language of understanding of the Universe, from Aristotelian Logic to mathematical Platonism, since mathematics was the language used by machines to measure the Universe of time and space with clocks and telescopes; while logic was the language embedded in the syntax of words, which measure time with causal verbs that describe the logic relationships between its 3 dimensions of past, present and future.

So in terms of philosophy of science, mechanism meant a pendulum law that changed the paradigm from Aristotle (organic, temporal causality) to Plato (mechanical, spatial geometry). This was a wrong choice, because a truly inclusive theory of reality has to put together both languages and approaches as we shall do in this work: the geometric how & instrumental when matched by a temporal why, which must be by definition a causal, temporal process. The 3rd paradigm obsessed by spatial measure was not very kin of such inquire, as Feynman famously put it: ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never asks’. And yet the why has always been a fundamental question of knowledge.

That why should respond to the existence of a program of creation, evolution and extinction of the reality we see all around us, which always gives birth and extinguishes the same entities, repeating their forms once and again. What is the purpose of the Universe and all its repeated parts?

Why they have those forms and follow always a life and death cycle? Thus, scientists, not satisfied with the limits of the 3rd paradigm of measure kept asking the why, which could not be a personal God (the who of the 1st paradigm), neither the machine, the instrument of measure of the 3rd paradigm (‘God is a clocker’ said Kepler, because he used clocks to measure it and ‘God speaks mathematics’ said Galileo, because those machines translated the events of the Universe into mathematical data).

According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton (‘Letters to Clarke’). Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Unfortunately such theories cannot satisfy the rational, objective, self-sufficient nature of science, as they require external myths to work. This leaves us only with a 3rd objective, scientific possibility, organicism – a more complex theory that comes of age in this work: if the why is neither God nor the machine, there is only a 3rd option in between – the organism, which is an intermediate concept; since an organism is self-sufficient as the myth of God is, yet it is part of Nature as the machine is.

The overhauling of the human worldview due to the inclusion of information as the second arrow of time is so huge, that we need to introduce a new word, STience to signify the Human Mind’s study of all the space-time beings of the Universe.

We choose a new term for knowledge, as Science is too limited by the dogmas of lineal entropy as the single arrow of time and information as its ‘negantropy”, negation. Problem is physicists doing philosophy of science, computers calculating quantitatively and drawing models of reality, newtonians setting abstract space-time backgrounds have been so long on power regarding the meaning of it all that we constantly have to upgrade and slightly change models and terms of present science.

Thus Stience means straight forward that all what exists is made of space and time and so each science, STi, is defined by an index ‘i’ of relative information in the 5th dimension: ∆±i will thus denote the main scales of stience. And all have as common laws those of the generator of space-time beings.

Inverse scales of form vs. Entropy, Time vs. Space, Form vs. Distance. Correspondence & GST INDEX.

Bell BEST2

In that sense, regarding the classification of all stiences, we can use a ‘Physical Temporal scale’  from past to future, using the Spatial scale as absolute, from Maximal Spe to Maxmal Tiƒ, as physicists do. It is the index that respects the correspondence principle. So we write:

i= 1-Force < 2-Atom < … <5-Human<6-World <….9<Cosmos.

However as we moved from the 5th dimension concept of a past to future  dimension, to complete the 4th dimension of Einstein’s simultaneous present time, into the 10th dimensional GST formalism of 3 x 3 +0 dimensions of ∆•ST, far more precise for ‘XXI c. stiences’, we prefer to use the human self-centred scale, either with the neuron-mind, as ∆o or the human being as ∆o (the 3 scales are all over the place).

Now of that ternary symmetry of scale I finally settled down with the cell of life as ∆o, since it ‘allows a more accurate analysis OF THE SYMMETRIES of human perception. So we write:

∆-4 Invisible Planck Forces (neutrino scale) < ∆-3 Light space-time (electron scale)< ∆-2: Atomic scale < ∆-1: Molecule< ∆-o: Cell < ∆+1: =human, machine, life, matter (sub-discilines: medicine, economics, biology, state physics) ∆+2: Gaia, Earth, solar system;  Star > ∆+3: Galaxy >∆+4: Cosmos.

Which is philosophically, epistemologically and objectively much more accurate.

Why? Simple, because it stresses several of the paradoxes of the Universe:

That we humans are the center of our perception of the Universe as the space-time ∆-scale to which all other refers.

That from our point of view we perceive as equal both in form and 5th dimensional equations the upper world of galaxies and atoms, the scale of molecular atoms and the local Universe, and the scale of the nebulae of stars and the nebulae of electrons. As in fact, Einstein-Walker model of relativity model galaxies as Hydrogen atoms; modern astrophysicists model star’s nebulae around black holes as electron nebulae, and I have obtained for the proton the same equation than for the black hole of the galaxy using the metric of the 5th dimension.


In the graph, two representations of the scales of stience. We have finally after many changes of index, settled down in an ∆o, in the scale of cellular life, as ultimately the mind-ego is also a small cellular region of the brain, and the symmetry of the limits of cosmos, ∆±4, where perception is visible to man at the Planck and Universal scale, become ‘symmetric’ with a cell-centered scale. But as most of this work spreads for decades behind, the most used classifications are those above.

In the right a scale from 0, the smallest scale below quantum physics, and the underlying o-| game of strings, of time and space. Man occupies then an ∆+4 scale. In the left the most often used scaling with man at ∆o, as an individual. This scale is the commonest on old texts, as it made quite evident the symmetry of form between charges on the quantum scale and galaxies (∆±3), which is lost when we make the cell the center.

 It is ultimately a case of classification of human abstract knowledge. In nature what really matters is the particle/wave/field states for each point of view, above and below, from where it extracts energy and information and so there are as many subjective ∆± scales as beings in the Universe.

In the graphs, the fifth dimension of organic scalar space-time shows how the Universe is formally and structurally social, with an absolute arrow of ‘future’, which is the organisation of individuals into social networks that deliver energy and information to all its parts. 

This again can be mathematised with a simple  metric equation, which defines how all those scales organise systems and social organisms, in a symbiotic manner, as smaller scales code larger systems with less information that deliver energy and motion to the lower scales.

Indeed, as we become larger, our time clocks slow down, and vice versa; smaller systems run faster time clocks, which carry the information of the system, making big and small scales symbiotic; since the smaller scales reproduce the information of the larger systems, which moves the smaller part in synchronous motion.

So chips run faster cycles of information that control machines that move them, genes store our information but the Earth’s gravitational larger field moves us.

But how we are so sure, the scalar structure of the Universe define a new dimension of space-time? Easy. Let us just check the most authoritative definition of a dimension, from XIX c. mathematician Klein:

‘A dimension of space-time exists, when we can move through it, while leaving its parameters of space and time co-invariant’  Klein, on the expansion of Non-euclidean geometries and its new dimensions.

What this means for example is that when you move up and down, your parameters of size in space and inner time clocks remain invariant. So ‘up and down’ form the height dimension.

What if you ‘are’ the space-time that moves, like when a wave of light, which IS the space-time underling the galaxy (the so-called background radiation) moves. Einstein proved it has a constant c-speed, wherever we measure it.

So goes when other waves moves. They doe so with a simple formula: Spe (wavelength) x Frequency (speed of time clock) = K;

 So because precisely the product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of all beings existing in such scale, within a certain connected organic structure are co-invariant, it is easy to define the metric of the 5th dimension (its co-invariant space-time product):

‘$ (Relative Size in space) x ð (Relative speed of time clocks) = ∆±¡ (Domain of a constant relative family of planes of space-time).’

That simple equation is the fundamental metric of the 5th dimension of scalar space-time… which encloses all the other dimensions as ‘single space-time’ studied by each science (in the graph we have ‘piled them up’, according to the inverse arrows of size in space or ENTROPY and speed of its time clocks that carry the information of the system, prioritising in an inverse fashion to physicists, INFORMATION, the dominant arrow of the Universe that is NOT about entropic death but growing information and LIFE.

So where it is the 4th dimension of Einstein there?

In science any expansion of knowledge must inclose a previous theory as a ‘limiting case’.

For example Einstein’s relativity is merely the expansion of Galilean relativity and its equation of speed, v=s//t, to include also motions at c-light speed, which as we have seen is the underlying space-time of our galaxy.

So when you go at the maximal speed of the galaxy’s space, as when you swim as fast as the river’s water there are ‘curls’ and ‘drags’, and so Einstein added a factor, ct, to Galileo’s formula, which disappears if you go slow – (when you swim slow in the river, you do not really affect the speed of the river space that much and there are not added effects).

So alas, if you observe the pyramidal graph of layers of the 5th dimension, what Einstein does is to study 2 of those layers, the ones of ‘light space-time’ or ‘quantum layer’ and the one of gravitational space, below it.

And there is where its concepts of space-time as a 4th dimension applies.

All the other layers do obey however the wider metric equation we just have described: Sp x Ti = K, AND IT is that simple because the simpler a theory and the more facts it explains the more truth it is. But do not be fooled by such simplicity, as TO AD the temporal information, carried by those varying clock speeds to the mix, IS so sorely NEEDED, that an astounding amount of facts do happen and become explained.

The limits of stientific scales: STrings or galatoms?

The S-T dualities and 5D entangled theories put together with the 11 Disomorphisms of M-Therory makes string theory when properly corrected for relational space-time and 5D metric, the likely limit of reality made of lineal $trings of formal motion and $ð-rings of cyclical motion; the absolute simple limits of reality combined into the infinite vibrations of time space we all are.

All this said an important theme of 5D is the consideration on how many scales do exist, and what are the limits if the scales are infinite of the repetition of those scales. I am on this of the general view that it is likely the Universe can be mirrored by the 2 simplest forms of motion: a rotary motion or closed string, ‘§ð-ring;’ in the always modified jargon of 5D and a lineal motion or open STring -$tring – the two limits of topology in space and time of 5D.

String theory in that sense is a fascinating theme, which however requires:

1) to correct the errors of being Newtonian, that is using absolute space-time in its formulation 2)to simplify and clarify its math, putting them in relationship to 5D, which is a ginormous task both of mathematical work and of penpal, congress activity to ‘convert the believers’… which in any case I can’t do at this time and age, given the philosophy of stience that considers the highest stience history, the study of human super organisms.

This said I believe in string theory in its proper format due to the many parallelisms with 5D. It is almost magic to study string theory and find when properly translated that all its laws are mirror laws of 5D: from its duality of open-locomotion strings vs. closed, information strings to its 5D entangled versions, mirror symmetries of each other, which come together into the 11 Disomorphisms of M-Theory, through its ‘vital properties’, similar to our 5Dimotions (strings move, reproduce, as they grow when energy feeds them, evolve socially into branes, etc.) to its S and T dualities, which properly understood are the key to the symmetries between the 5D views of any species of the Universe.

String theory is thus the most obvious candidate to the be ‘unobserved limits’ of reality, where a  series of superstrings connected to circles of galaxies, will be the best way to describe the local universe, as the graphs of Lanakea shows, and viceversa, micro strings are the best way to describe.

So if we want to consider ‘stientific, experimental truths’, we should start physics beyond STring metaphysics and consider in the nested Universe the truly observable reality of the galaxy-atom, of which we observer fully the ‘vital energy’ between the dark world of the Universe past the $>c and ð<0 barrier of lineal motion and temperature order of our world. We shall call this super organism the galatom and consider physics the stience that studies it.

This of course is a very different view on physics that the present view – the philosophy of all sciences based in the wrong concept of constructivism; and the more accurate view of the XIX c. regarding what human physic(ist)s do: the study of motion – locomotion and entropy.

All this said, humans have committed a very obvious error on their perception of reality – to believe that their clock of time, the lineal mechanical systems deviced by Galileo are the only time of the Universe, just because we invent those clocks and used them to equalize all time cycles of reality.


The 9+i scales of stiences in the Universe.

In the graph, the scales of the Universe can be studied through the flows of entropy, energy and information that describe its supœrganisms as they trace their world cycles or ‘r=evolutions’ of existence. Those revolutions of timespace beings trace the essential world cycle of life and death, and evolution, which is merely the world cycle applied to species as super organisms. The vital nature of that world cycle when applied to physical scales and historic super organisms who also live and die in the same manner, brings a new light to physical and social sciences, married easily with the biology of living organisms:


Now in our analysis of different planes of existence, though we shall use the S-scales of 10¹º logarithmic elements, there will be an exception, when using graphs (so to remember also the reader the duality of those scales), in as much as in the Universe, the height dimension is the dimension of information and the length dimension of motion in space. So we use a Logarithmic informative scale to study the ‘real forms of social systems’, which tend to create a ‘wave’ of informative populations as they evolve and transcend to a higher plane, and in general analysis of all the planes through the 5th dimension:So we shall call the S i=1 forces, Si=2 atoms, S i=3 molecules, Si=4 cells, Si=5: states of matter, Si=5 human scale, Si=6 Earth social scales, Si=7 stars, Si=8 galaxies and Si=9 Universes.

First let us consider  the basic terminology of ∆ST:

  • Each being is a ‘fractal’ Space-time System, made of 3 ‘bidimensional’ topologies of space-time, an Spe-energetic limb field, a St reproductive wave-body, and a Tƒ informative head-particle, which exists fundamentally in an ∆-plane of reality whose metric, i=ST defines its relative ‘speed’ of processing information and spatial size.
  • Yet such being will form part of a series of Social, Decametric Scales of growing size, whose limit is the creation of a bigger Social organism, unit of a higher ‘plane of existence’, or ∆+1 reality. So particles gather in societies that emerge in the next plane of existence, the atomic world, which gather in groups that become the next plane of existence, the molecular plane, till finally becoming part of a ‘Galactic Plane’.

So there are 3 levels of organization in all beings:

  • Its 3 spatial dimensions, which perform 3 motions in time, and together form the 3 Space-time bidimensional topologies of all beings.
  • Its Social Scales as individuals that gather into decametric scales till form a bigger ∆+1 unit, of another plane of Space-time.
  • Its 9 ∆-planes of space-time, from the simplest particles to the bigger Universe.

Bidimensional Space-time Topologies, Social Scales and ∆-Planes of existence together create the organization of the Universe.

As science uses the concept of ‘Dimension’ for Space and Time, we only use the concept of Dimensions for space and time dimensions.

Thus we talk of Space (3 dimensions) and its parallel 3 Time Dimensions (past-present duration, the so called 4th dimension, and Future time), and its bidimensional topologies.

And we also use the ‘concept of 5th dimension’ for compact analysis of all the scales (so past, will be the 6th and future, the 7th dimension, since what physicists call the 4 Dimension is in fact a lineal elongation of ‘present’ repetitive, frequencies T=1/v)

The problem of terminology in that sense should go away as time goes by and the 3+3 space-time dimensions become standard in scientific studies, the we shall substitute the ‘5th’ dimension for ∆-planes of space-time.

In that regard to the question how many space-time dimensions have the Universe? The proper answer is ‘infinite’.

Social scales are obviously ‘gathering of fractal 6 dimensional space-time beings’. So if we were to gather all the ‘beings’ of a world into a social organism, they would still be 6 Dimensions, merely more extended through a social group.

Yet, planes of space-time do have ‘different metric’, different clocks and different sizes, and this is ESSENTIAL to understand its peculiar laws. So we must consider each plane to have 6 dimensions, 3 of space and 3 of time.

Further on the Isomorphic planes of space-time, which co-exist together to create a human organism do not have beyond humans any foreseeable limit. And each one has 3+3 space+time dimensions. so infinity is the dimensions of reality, and in the human case, 6 ST dimensions 9 Planes we perceive, 54 Dimensions.

It is though more important a qualitative analysis of their structure in dimensions, scales and planes, where man is just an ∆-entity, centered in its particular plane.

The absolute relativity of those dimensions: the human ∆-centered plane.

However the ∆-dimensions of the Universe  – as we shall prove in the post on the Unification of charges and masses, and the similarity of atoms and galaxies deduced from it)  – are infinite in number.

Thus humans merely occupy the ‘central ∆-position’ of the scales we know. And this explains also the similarity of the smaller and larger one, and the lack of perception of both (quantum uncertainty and cosmic dark matter and energy).

So we get much more information on the scales of organisms, life and societies, NOT because they are more complex but because we perceive it all. If we were able to see the entire galaxy 96% hidden energy and dark matter, it would resemble a cell. And since an atom and a galaxy are self-similar the most obvious hypothesis is that all scales are organic, all have complex forms.

So for the 3³ ∆-dimensions known to man, we shall form groups of 3 that form the 3 fundamental systems:

-The ‘∆-1 force, ∆-atom, ∆+1 molecules.

-The ∆-1 cell, individual, ∆+1 society.

-And the ∆-1 star, ∆-galaxy and ∆+1 Universe. And as it happens, we can model a galaxy as an atom, whereas the stars are the electronic nebulae, the black holes the protons, and so the Universe we see must be the commonest group of atoms we perceive (99% of the atoms of the cosmos): a cloud of hydrogen.

Indeed, Einstein-Walker model already modeled galaxies as hydrogen atoms to get his relativity equations.

The metric of ∆-scales show protons to have the radius of black holes and electronic nebulae the quantum wave equation of galaxies. 

Further on, when we consider the entire human scale, we find that we use as ‘energy’ ∆-2 molecules, breath ∆-3 oxygen and perceive ∆-4 light pixels, and further above us, we receive our ‘sun-energy’ from ∆+2 solar systems…

While the galaxy is responsible of the existence of the sun and its gravitational, black hole waves might even be cause of the 11 year cycles of sun spots, with the same periodicity, which themselves influence the cycles of weather of the planet, which determine the cycles of history in great measure.

So to fully grasp the interrelationships of mankind at all levels the full model must account for all the ∆-planes mankind perceives, the 3³ planes that organize the quantum, biological and cosmic worlds.

And yet for 400 years humans have studied them as if they were not interrelated, without searching for a full account of all of them together.

At best we have attempts to study the 3 ∆-3,4 and ∆+3,4 astrophysical scales on one side.

And  in the case of biology the central scales.

This is remarkable enough since science was born, precisely when human beings found the existence of those scales with at the discovery of telescopes and microscopes, which open the perception of the multiple scales of reality. Yet humanity has for 4 centuries stubbornly maintained at the old tradition of the existence of only one continuum absolute space-time for all the structures of reality.

This error of Absolute, Newtonian space-time treated elsewhere, proved false by Leibniz and Einstein is what we definitely give away with.

Since the two fundamental elements of measure of space, ‘size’, and time, ‘speed of motion’ change when we change those scales. Hence we must establish not only a quantum theory of space-time for each scale, but a quantum theory of scales, which vary in their relative spatial energy and temporal information, when we change size, but maintain the product of both elements invariant.

Thus there exists a metric for the scalar dimensions of space-time, Sp X Tƒ = Constant, which had never been formalized properly and study with the tools of dimensional analysis.

This is the purpose of this blog: to establish a formal model of scalar space-time and use it to unify all sciences and solve many unsolved problems of all disciplines, which are either non-resolved by lack of understanding of those dimensions and laws, or are not rigorously defined. And this post introduces the full 9 planes perceived by man, to study them in the ‘line’ above, in great detail (the full work will be finished by 2016, as it will take me a year to complete the orderly pouring of thousands of pages of studies in 6D-10S-9Pi… and all its species, of studies, if I ever finish this fit.

We shall then realize that all species of all ∆-planes of space-time follow the same properties and laws, and it is mostly the human failure to ‘perceive’ the reality of those scales with the same jargons and accuracy, (uncertainty of ∆-planes far above or below us, from where less information arrives), the reason we differentiate sciences in different jargons and ‘qualities’.

The anti-quantum paradoxes of truth.

Why we divide knowledge on those seemingly arbitrary categories requires to understand epistemology and mind sciences – namely the distortion human knowledge casts on species far away from its self-centred p.o.v., such as the maximal detail happens to close space-time beings – your nose is indeed bigger than the Andromeda galaxy from that perspective. So another way to see those classifications is from:

∆±i: the largest view (Astrophysics) with the smallest detail (only studying/aknowledging locomotions and entropy arrows of time). Hence the outlook of the discipline i under the uncertainty of the quantum paradox (dark matter, dark energy in the largest scales, uncertainty of measure in the lower ones)

∆(-2,2) Biology: studying the closer scales from cells to gaia, acknowledging for them vital properties.

∆0: human mind languages, acknowledging  perception for mankind

∆+1,+2: Human social scales, its social super organisms (historic cultures) and the rival species of machines and its global re=productive super organisms (company-mothers). Here the paradox of uncertainty is inverse to the quantum paradox: the scientist is so small, living inside the super organisms of history and economics, that he is influenced by the huge observable (censorship of social stiences or ‘anti-quantum paradox’).

Thus we must always bear in  mind the subjective limits of human inquire which makes physics a limited reductionist stience and social stiences a censored, biased one to favor the languages of social power (money, weapons) and the elites that ab=use mankind with them, preventing a stientific design of the super organisms of history (the so called ‘animetal’ warriors/military bankers/financiers and scientists, makers of machines, which degrade and extinguish non-technological cultures).

In brief: due to the anti(quantum) paradoxes the only stience where all information flows, all points of view and properties of ∆•ST beings apply and so stience reaches its maximum detail and objectivism is Biology, which should be the measure of all other stiences.

The fundamental ingredient missing in human sciences is the understanding of the common laws of ‘Isomorphic’, Scalar Planes of Spaces&times, which are the same set of laws for all the different species of those Planes of Space-time. Thus Atoms, cells, stars, galaxies, all existing in different ∆-Planes, can be studied with the same isomorphisms. In this section we will study in great detail each of the 9 planes humans perceive, numbered in inverse fashion to the informative growth of systems as they become smaller, by the opposite growth in size.

The Universe is a fractal supœrganism (ab. œ: superorganism), of space-time beings, all of them following the same isomorphic laws. Those laws are defined as the blueprint for all stiences. Stiences then are classified by the planes of the species they study. Stiences must though be defined also by the Mind-Paradox which makes man not to give vital properties to other species.


Now the 9 stiences as we shall study them here, have been grouped regardless of the enormous number of sub-disciplines in 9 simple categories:

We classify all stiences, from the human centred point of view, hence with different approach to knowledge, depending of the strength of the ‘ego-centered’ paradox of the human observer, into:

-Stiences of the mind first to know the syntax of knowledge in space (mathematical sciences) and time (logic sciences)… which apply to everything:


In the graph mathematical stiences with more emphasis in spatial operandi and verbal stiences with more emphasis in time verbs are the languages of space and time of the human mind GST upgrades with its ¬Æ more advanced models of points, words and numbers.

-Studied with the minimal detail (Physical sciences) and sub-divide them in 2 groups, according to size relative to the human observer, physics (smaller sizes) and astrophysics (larger sizes):

-So we do with biology for smaller life beings (≤1 to the cell level) and earth’s sciences for lager sizes, including…

the economic world of machines, evolving through company-mothers into a global super-organism and

-the human social organisms, studied by social sciences, in its human branch (history), subdivided in History of the World and -History of the I<Wor(l)d, the human mind&art (ab.humind): ∆o.

5 life

In the graph, the highest scale of biological stiences studies the Earth’s super organism as it evolves its ‘cellular species’ through the motions/actions of existence, from Gaia, the world of life, to History the world of man, to the Metal-earth, the world of machines, which humans wrongly manage unable to grasp the stience of Economics and design the super organism of history to its image and likeness.

THUS the 9 stiences form a ‘closed ring, in which informative mind languages connect the beginning and the end of it all.

Economics as it deals with a small phase of the evolution of the planet – its evolution of metalife, albeit with huge consequences for mankind – namely our likely obsolescence to machines, is studied as a whole, focused on the evolution of machine.



In the graph, stiences are self-centred as mental products of the Human Mind (9th stience of the Human Spatial Eye=I & Time wor(l)ds), with its distorted perception of far removed scales of time and space (astrophysical ∆±i scales) and limited by its own game of existence through 3 scales of the 5th dimension to belong to the scale of social stiences, in which he is a mere cell-citizen of a larger super organism.

Thus the importance of each stience and its quantity of truth is biased by the human observer and that bias must be taken into account both to describe the errors of present sciences and to define the ideal ‘world of the human mind’, one in which the maximisation of the Human Function of Existence, which we resume in the maximisation of whealth, at individual and social level, must guide the species and its social scientists, politicos and financiers in control of the legal and financial bills that cre(dit)ate the future of all of us.

Minds are Mirrors that map the Universe within an infinitesimal point, to reflect then through actions the mind-mapping in a biased selfish way, expressing as imaginative creative actions, the natural distortion which the self-centred language provokes into the being.

Mental Stiences in each species might differ in language and mapping, but always imply a back and forth, reversal motion from Universe to mind to Universe, in which the mind will express according to the mirror, its program of survival and existence. And that is the self, which is the same for an atom, a human being, a lion or a black hole, as observed in the selfish acts of survival of all of them.

Artistic, proper human senses: verbal modes of time, literature and ethics (Tiƒ) and visual modes of space (Arts)
Mechanical senses: clocks that measure time digitally and telescopes and microscopes which see all the fractal §cales of reality.
Thus the absurd belief of enzymen who worship mechanisms and its digital senses as superior to those of man, makes no ‘sense’ at all, as humans DO have their own visual and verbal, aesthetic and ethic mind mirrors of the whole.

All this said conscious of where we live, I will not dwell so much in this intro on art and ethics, studied in depth in our web on ‘evolutionaryeconomics.wordpress’ dedicated to human sciences but on the purest, most extended languages of most species, maths and logic.

Yet the maths and logic of ‘God’, the mind of the Universe are of a ‘higher kind’ than those of man’ (Saint Augustine).

The immediate consequences of changing the outlook of the ultimate 2 elements of reality completely upgrade our vision of physical systems. The reader will notice if he keeps reading this blog that we will resolve for all sciences multiple unanswered questions and we will have to re-interpret many information, as we better focus the truths of the underlying concepts of space-time – and this is a task that starts in the bare bone human languages of those 2 substances, logic of time and mathematics of space, which now will be considered Non-euclidean and Non-Aristotelian. As all beings made of space-time are.

Non-æ logic. The Universal Syntax of all languages.

The ‘Generator’ equation of space-time beings and its ternary logic.

Unfortunately the beats of the universe are difficult to understand because the logic of present man, especially that of physicists seems ‘lineal Aristotelian’: A causes B.

Reality though is more like the Eastern philosophies of Vishnu-yin-information and Shiva-yang-energy/motion:

A<=>B, that is A and B interact to create a ternary <=> present element.

Reason why there is conservation of Angular and Lineal Momentum, there is Space and Time,  Energy and Information, O-Particles/Heads that store time cycles and limbs/fields that move them, mixed in bodies and waves that reproduce both of them.

Humans of course, naturally have always expressed this ‘Ternary’ Structure of the universe.

And so the parallel syntax of the languages of knowledge we use to describe those Universal beings  – verbal, mathematical and visual languages – all have the same ternary ‘grammar’, which I have called the ‘Fractal Generator’ of the Universe:

Tƒ (Subject or Function of ‘temporal information’) < ST: action, operandi or verb ≥ Sp (Object of ‘spatial energy’).

We associate counter-intuitively ‘cycles with motion’ and ‘lines with Still space’.

It has to do a lot with the limiting errors of classic physics, where only lineal inertial motion matters. Fact is big-bang explosion DECELERATE speed till it becomes Still lineal distances and dimensions, that is pure lineal space with no motion or vacuum space (as in any physical big-bang of entropy). While the equation of cyclical vortex, is Vo x Ro = K (2-manifold, simplest variety), which counter-intuitively accelerates (∆V) when distance becomes smaller, (-∆R) to maintain K constant.

Thus clocks, frequencies and vortices accelerate ,and have more ‘time’ content, that lineal motions that decelerate to a halt.

Now, we explained before that in duality Space was slower, extensive, Sp, Size, and time was faster, cyclical, accelerated (so are its maths). But now in ternary symmetry we have the need to ‘extend’ the meanings of time and space to the duality of the 3 motions of time and the 3 organic parts of spatial bodies and this makes some confusing choices of terms, such as:

Space will be the still, formal view of reality and Time the motion view. And so we shall talk of 3 ‘topologies of formal space’, and 3 ‘ages of time motion’, which together shape the fundamental duality of reality, the view of organs in simultaneous space and the view of beings living a worldcycle of 3 ages of time:

Sp (limbs-fields)≈ Young, past, expansive age < ST: Present, repetitive, hyperbolic body-waves, adult reproductive age>Tƒ (Temporal, future informative, cyclical old age).

Now here the convention I have adopted is to Use the same symbols for either symmetries, the limb-field<body-wave>head-particle or spatial simultaneous view of an organism in space, and the Young-past-expansive < present-Adult-reproductive>Old-Informative 3 ages of time.

This is where things seem confusing because the whole thing transmutes. The old age of future time has more information and it is cyclical, properties of time cycles, but it is also slower, property of space decelerating motions. The young expansive age has more motion, a property of time more than space and so on.

But as I have told you B & W and 3 color view are new worlds, and this is the closest way to express past references and correspond with human expression of all this.

A way out to avoid confusions with the ternary symmetry is to use more when dealing with the still, simultaneous spatial view, the ‘symbols of geometry-topology, |, O and Ø:

|-Limbs/fields < Ø-waves-bodies> O-Heads/Particles

And the same for time ages with the reference of time motions:

|-young past < Ø-present, reproduction > O-Information, future, old age.

So it shows the symmetry with the symbols | , Ø, and O.

And the ® formalism that better express them.

Then I realized why mathematics was a language, so closely related to 5D space-time.

Since geometry was the science of space, logic algebra, with its sequential social numbers, the time language, and analysis the 3rd branch of mathematics, the study of the 5th dimension, of infinitesimals and wholes.

So it IS easy to translate the laws of mathematics into isomorphic laws of 5D space-times, with the proper corrections to account for the fact that each point was a world in itself, when we came closer to see it – the true meaning of the 5th non-Euclidean postulate which defines points as crossed by infinite parallels; part of waves, connected into planes, that grew through the fifth dimension into co-existing organisms, which used the clocks of time of different speeds to build up its complex forms. It did not matter so much that form, as knots made it convoluted, but the functions of those networks, which now became the 3 ‘physiological networks of all systems’, again described by the Generator equation:

Sp; Digestive-energetic network of Non-AE points < ST: reproductive, ‘blood’ networks > Informative, nervous networks: Tƒ

 Of those elements, the most important is the most spiritual of them, the mind, defined by the 5th Non-AE postulate of pan geometry:

5) Definition of a mind: O-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time (world)= Linguistic mapping (mind).

The 3 elements of the Universe: 2-manifolds, 3 time motions and ages, and 5D scales.

3 time arrows

In the graph, the 3 type of motions of the Universe, expansive, decelerating, Se-entropic, past motions; present, vibrating, wave-like repetitive, present motions and future, informative, implosive, accelerated, vortex like motions.

Its sequential combinations in life-death cycles (world cycles of the ‘existential function’), its simultaneous adjacent construction of ternary organisms, with moving, entropic toroid limbs/fields, repetitive, hyperbolic body/waves and cyclical spherical heads/particles of information, and its complex, architectonical design of the co-existing planes of the 5th dimension that build together the systems of the Universe, require the formalism of existential algebra, Æ, departing from the symbols that represent those motions, forms and scales. It will then be easy to represent all space-time events and define the simple symmetries, transformations and inversions of space-time that define the Universe and all its parts.

In the graph, the Universe has 3 different arrows of time, which being time broken into infinite events can travel simultaneously in different regions of space-time towards a local future or past, as when we die ( a past dissolving event) or we live (a future, informative arrow). The combination of both arrows creates a repetitive present, which reproduces a certain form in space-time. Thus we write:

Ω.  Tƒ (future, informative arrow) x Se (past-energetic arrow) = ST: Present iterative arrow.

The 3 arrows of time must be always understood in relationship to the 3 ‘scales’ of growing complexity and organization of the Universe. That means, they can be the phases of a single, ±∆e,i space-time action, or they can be part of a larger, sequential order, as the one represented in the world cycle of life and death, which is a journey through 3 scales of the 5th dimension (seminal-cellular/atomic->Idividual-organic->social/gravitomagnetic), between birth and extinction.

In the case of the perception of those 3 arrows in space, we shall observe beings with fields/limbs of entropic energetic motions hyperbolic bodies/waves that iterate those motions and particles/heads that project into the future and guide the system.

This combination is the one we most often observe, and so we can say that it generates most systems of reality:


265In the graph from the original c.92 book, ‘A theory of Unification’, the creation of flows of communication between points starts the creative process of the fractal Universe. Its formal study is the field of Existential Algebra, which along i-logic geometry (the study of fractal points and its topologies in space) and 5D analysis (the study of the laws of transfer of energy and information between scales of the 5th dimension and how its finitesimal parts become wholes), complete the formal mathematical and logic analysis of General Systems Sciences, reason why they are the 2 first isomorphisms, which resume all others that will develop that formalism, and the partial equations of the Fractal, ternary generator, in great detail, for each species of the Universe.


How language interferes with reality. The Universal Grammar of all languages.

In Newton’s model there are ‘beings’, whose substance is not considered but reduced to Euclidean ‘points with no volume’  that exist in a background abstract frame of reference, mimetic of the Cartesian graphs Newton used to do its calculus (as if God had drawn a mathematical graph in the ‘background of reality’) independent of those beings. Thus this model which merely ‘translates’ the linguistic tool of the mind – the Cartesian mathematical graph, and affirms IS reality, is called ‘background independent’ space-time. Yet as there is NO experience of that background (there is no absolute vacuum, vacuum is always ‘something’ that ‘fills’ – ultimately light radiation, or ‘background radiation’, so ultimately space still IS light space), this concept seems to be a basic ERROR of logic thought, expressed by Kant – to confuse REALITY with LANGUAGE.

So in the same manner religions say that the language of time humans use to describe reality with ‘verbs’ is GOD, the reality itself, scientists, specially physicists say that the language we humans use to express reality, mathematics is REALITY itself. This ‘simple’, tautological way to define everything goes in science from Newton’s absolute space-time to quantum interpretations of particles as probabilities.

But it IS wrong – a human linguistic ego-trip, similar to that of Abrahamic religions, where ‘The word thy God became man and inhabited among us’ (Saint John’s 1.1.).  And it is also a simple way to give up in the explanation of reality. Reading Newton one notice immediately that because he couldn’t explain what caused gravitation, he came to the conclusion that ‘gravitation’ was a mathematical background space-time. Point. So goes for the quantum masters who could not explain why particles were waves and particles at the same time, and why they could not control them (uncertainty of measure, different behavior in experiments, etc.). So they decided particles and waves were the mathematical tool they used to express them (probabilities).

Knowledge is linguistic knowledge, when after:

  1. A) finding experimental data.
  2. B) introducing such data into regular mathematical and logic laws, the languages of space and time.
  3. C) we create synoptic linguistic models of reality that ‘focus’ the infinite data of the Universe into the ‘finite’ volume of the brain, through the synoptic ‘syntax’ of those languages. Thus we need to go to the basic elements of all linguistic knowledge, and its syntax, to the Universal Grammar of all languages that reflect all events of space-time, such as:

 Λ.  Tƒ (Time function, informative subject) < operandi≈action≈ verb ≈space & time: ST > Se (space element, object)

This Universal Grammar will be very important to our analysis of minds and languages that perceive the 3 elements of the Universe, space, time and its combinations, and how minds use 3 elements to map out reality (for example 3 colors of spatial energy, red, temporal information, blue, and its active combinations, greens and yellows). But we cannot get now distracted with it. Suffice to notice that all mathematical formulae are F(x) operandi F(y), which tend to be relationships and transformations of vital spaces and time cycles, and all languages have a Universal grammar of subject, object and the verb that mixes them. So in general all is really Space Magnitude < Spacetime transformation > Time cycle, and we will return to that.

So far we write both equations, with the letter Lambda, which in the notation of relational space-time is the letter (not number) for all equations related to Languages. So the Universal grammar of all languages is ternary as it reflects the Universal space-time cycle/event, minimal unit of reality:

Λ.   Space < Action of space-time > Time.

So the next task is to fully grasp those 2 dualities together: the duality between mind perception in stillness or ‘information’ and a moving reality of vital spaces and time cycles.

And the duality of the 2 geometries of the Universe, cyclical time clocks that close curves into themselves and lineal open motions. Those 2 dualities will give us 4 elements of reality, which will merge into infinite systems: curves with motion or curves with form, and lines with motion and lines with form.

We formalize the ∆ST Universe, thanks to i-logic geometry and existential Algebra – the two sides of its formalism, which complement each other as classic geometry, emphasizing space and classic algebra, emphasizing sequential time logic do.

i-logic geometry thus ads the 4 remaining Non-Euclidean definitions to the 5th, the only one known till date, basis of Relativity.

On the other hand Existential algebra, studies mainly the 3 dimensions of Time; that is the ternary, causal logic of 3 time dimensions and its relationship with its hierarchical, isomorphic organic, evolutionary ‘∆-scales’.

This POST deals with the geometric perspective.

The study of the Generator Equation or Existential Function and its existential algebra deals with its causal, temporal perspective.

And the 3rd formalism of ∆-scales which is organic, vital, is dealt in the analysis of complex super-organisms.


Symbols of Existential Algebra used to describe the 9+i isomorphisms, social scales and ∆-planes of reality:

Paraphrasing Einstein, i-logic geometry (space p.o.v.) = existential algebra (time p.o.v.) – give us both, the Thoughts of The Creator – the Generator Equation and ‘Its’ details – every part and event of the Universe, whose laws derive from such ‘Thoughts’:

The 3 Arrows/Dimensions of Time: <, >, =.

<: It is the explosive big-bang, death-entropy arrow that defines the creation of spatial energy: O<Sp or past arrow.

 >:  It is the implosive temporal life-order arrow that defines the creation of information: Sp>O.

=, <=>: Is the arrow of present, simultaneous exchange of energy and information between 2 poles: Sp<=>O.

In Universal Grammar is the arrow of self-similarity.

The 3 Topologies of Space are represented by letters or ‘geometric symbols’ (O=Es; O=Tƒ: <=>, Ø =Sp X Tƒ):

– Sp or |: It is the membrane, energetic part, male pole, 3D spherical topology  (in 2, 1D, the plane or line)

-Tƒ, O: It’s the zero point, informative part, brain, female pole, 3D hyperbolic topology (in 2, 1D, the vortex, cycle)

-<=>,Ø, Sp X Tƒ: It is the body, reproductive part, ‘son’, 3D toroid topology, (in 2D, the cone).

The 4 Existential åctions: ∆ï, ∆E, ï,œ û; ∑ , ∏: They, and their combinations, define the program of existence.

 ∆ï is the action of information gauging.It is the 1st Postulate of i-logic, the 1D of information – rotation, cycle.

– ∆Sp is the action of Energy feeding. It is the 2nd Postulate & the 1st Dimension of Energy – length, motion.

 ST=Sp X Tƒ is the action of Bonding that creates complementary systems related to the 3rd Postulate.

– <=> is the action of communication; mostly between 2 points, Sp<=>Tƒ & defines the 2nd Dimension: the wave.

– ∑, ∑û is the action of social evolution, either reproduction ∑Sp X Tƒ, or Herding: ∑ Ei, creating a 3D, width-plane. And its variety:

∏, ±∆ is the action of network creation of superorganisms across 3 existential planes: ∆-1 cellular, ∆-organic & ∆+1 social plane through an informative language. It obeys a power law, as T cycles will create Tƒ  axons. Thus: ∏T>Tƒ

Those symbols define by similarity and combination in sequential sentences/equations all the invariances in space (topological invariances) and Time (causal chains, sequential ages), origin of all the events and forms of reality applicable to all entities of Existence: ∑Sp∆-1<=>∏Tƒ.

Such as the Universe allows any combination forwards (>) and backwards (<) or without motion=change (=) in time; any topological combination or transformation between Sp, Tƒ,<=>; any sequential sum of åctions (∆ï, ∆Sp, Sp<ST>Tƒ; ∑, ∏ ±∆ ) and any ∆±2 jump and/or transfer of energy and/or information between planes of existence (as systems co-exist in 3 scales) but nothing else.


‘The universe is a supœrganism, the body of a mind called God≈Logos’ Plato…

‘…of a (non-AE) Logic higher than the Aristotelian (@) human mind’ Augustine

So how the mind of the scientist looks at the Universe with those languages?

Easy: extracting the topological (logic & mathematical SPACE-TIME symmetries), & organic, biological properties (due to the co-existence of ∆-scales in the same §upœrganisms) of the being, explaining it with BOTH human languages of space and time (geometric maths and verbal logic).

So of course, our analysis of the mind implies a complete upgrading of those 3 ‘foundational sciences’, ‘logic’, ‘mathematics’ & organicism-systems.

The generator of maths

We state that all what exists is a fractal being of ‘∆•st’, dust of space-time, with 3±o components, spatial entropy, temporal information (its energetic combinations), extended across several scales of relative size in space and speed of time clocks from forces to Universes (ab.∆), which is apperceived in a Leibnizian way by a mind, the linguistic software that codes the GST laws in a biological survival language for the system to ‘see’. We humans use words, but most of the biological world uses ‘light’ and its 4-fold grammar of red-entropy, blue-form, yellow energy and green information.

Or simpler languages of black-information, white-energy, or ternary games of red-entropy, green-energy and blue-form. But always at least 2 elements. So does math in its minimal o-| models of computer thought, through the 10-social scales of the decametric ‘tetraktys’ explained elsewhere.

So we need always to define 2, 3 or 4 elements of reality for any species, science, event and linguistic form. The result being the GST, GENERATOR of a system, which can get more complex, from 1, the name, to 2, the yin-yang, space-time, to 3, the entropy-energy-form, to 4, the Spe,St (energy proper) x Ts (Information proper) T (DIMENSIONAL FORM).

So the Correspondence of Mathematics and reality is immediate, as mathematics STARTED, with 2 branches, its B&W (arithmetics of time-numbers and geometry of points). Then developed into 3 branches: Space≈Geometry, Time≈Algebra and 5D≈Analysis. An  finally developed the 4th element, the mind-languag of mathematics itself – set theory and the axiomatic method, which we consider superfluous, a 3rd age of excessive information that has taken maths away from empirical knowledge and intuitive understanding (of the 3 schools of philosophy of math, obviously we are closer to the intuitive and reject the axiomatic, dominant in the 3rd imploding age of all language that separates from reality and looks at itself).

The generator equation of mathematics is thus simple:

Γ (Time): Spe (Geometry>Analytic Geometry>Time Geometry > 5D Topology) x  Tiƒ (Arithmetic > Algebra) = 5D Planes (calculus>analysis)

Thus corresponding to the 3 parts of the Universe, there are 3 types of mathematical sub-disciplines:

∆nalysis, STopology and ¬Ælgebra. 

We shall just look now very briefly to the beginning and end of the evolution of geometry, which started with Pythagoras and ended with topology and Non-euclidean geometry that we shall further evolve.

THE 11 ISOMORPHIC PARAMETERS OF A GALATOM OR ANY SUPŒRGANISMS As we quantify and formalize reality, the best description of any T.œ is to consider, the being has 3∆st +2@¡=11 isomorphic dimensions (if we were to use the present confusing jargon, which we rather avoid it calling them ‘isomorphisms’): The membrain (mind+membrane) becomes the 2 key ISOMORPHISMS or ‘limiting conditions’ that focus into its 3 spatial, topologic organs (limbs/fieldsHead-particles, whose functions in time live through 3 ages of sequential dominance (young, dominant motion age, reproductive mature age and informative 3rd age), across its 3 ∆±1 relative planes of existence within its ∆-1 atoms/cells, ∆ø-thermodynamic/organic scale and ∆+1 outer world/gravitational-cosmological scale, which the mind ‘focuses as a single whole’ self-centered in the singularity and warped by a membrane. In topological terms beings are ‘an open ball of vital energy’ – its body, invaginated from the membrane to the brain-singularity through 3 physiological networks. So we can in the fractal Universe again consider each dimension as a whole and break it into ternary patterns. The development of this 11th isomorphic view in detail self-centered in a mind which in a dynamic way will evolve a seed of information, emerge as a super organism and live and die within the 3 scales of its inner and outer world is the basis for the Ðisomorphic method, which as the name indicates introduces ALL the elements required for a thorough study of the system: Its 11 isomorphisms and 5 Ðimotions to study in the 3rd and 4th line of the being in its whole full world cycle of existence. In the graph, we show those 11 parameters, trying to cope with the correspondence Principle relating them to the ‘dimensions’ of classic physics and the 5 Ðimotions, we have given the same number we give to the 3 Ðimotions of information, locomotion and iteration to the 3 spatial dimensions; maintaining for the 4th dimension of present-time the name given by Einstein to the present simultaneous time of relativity and the fifth dimension of social evolution, to the implosive accelerated motion; hence we just had to displace the entropic 6th dimension of time. And then finally in the architectonical universe in which space is a slice of time-motion, a slice of scalar dimensions, the easier naming of the 7th dimension of the being, its lower dimension of ∞:8 parts and the upper 9th dimension of its higher, ∆+1 warped by the 10th and 11th dimensions of the membrain and mind-singularity, which is properly speaking the 11th dimension of the being as ‘1’ of the higher scale, ∞º=1. In the graph a picture of the galaxy in 11 isomorphisms, above its ternary topologies for a range of its parts, in the middle its 3 time-ages/states/arrows and below its 3 scales, with the ‘membrain’ that should surround each galaxy or binary/group system as a whole. BUT this said, we rather upgrade stience and the concept of dimensions, distinguishing the following terms: Dimensions of space, Motions of Time, Dimotions=actions of spacetime; isomorphisms=parameters for the structural description of the T.œ more focused in its spatial still structure and 11 Disomorphisms when we re-arrange those properties in the most efficient logic manner to describe a world cycle.

The first and paramount formal stience is i-logic mathematics, which combines the non-aristotelian logic of 3 arrows of time and the 3 topologies and dimensions of space, to create vital topological super organisms. WE need though to adequate human abstract, anthropomorphic mathematics and its dogmas of truth and postulates to a more objective Universe, non-Æ=i-logic 3rd age of mathematical mirrors of the Universe, to better understand how all the tiƒ monads of information apperceive and reflect in creative motions the constant cycles of existence of all realities. To that aim, we must describe the formal 10-dimensional Universe and its ∆•st ternary elements, with an expanded Non-euclidean formalism of fractal points with ‘parts’ that let infinite parallels cross and reflect in their minds, and develop the ternary choices of time arrows and futures they have, in each of its ‘specular motions’, to construct with it the deterministic yet probabilistic worlds of reality. 

i-Logic Mathematics as realist sciences.

The formalism humans use to observe time and space is called (verbal) logic and (digital) mathematics.

Such is the way humans observe reality with logic words and digital geometry. So the realism of logic and mathematics must be absolute and if it is not is because we still need to evolve both languages to make it closer to reality.

tHIS is the origin of Non-Aristotelian logic and Non-Euclidean mathematics, the needed upgrading of those sciences to express better the fractal properties of scalar space and multiple causality of a universe made with 3 arrows NOT one of time.

Logic Mathematics, the forma sciences of time and space, which science uses to descry the Universe are the time and space forms of the mind and can be evolved into higher models as we can closer to our understanding of what time and space is, which we explained in the pervious post.

So to introduce the formal model of GST (general systems theory), we must introduce its formalism, the formalism of the Genrator of Space-time, its mathematical and logic equations.

In that sense as all is space and time, mathematics and logic are both idealist sciences not  idealist languages – as all sciences are. More so logic of time and mathematics of space, the languages of the fundamental elements of the Universe, as they serve a survival purpose for the species that speak it: to mirror in the mind, the outer reality and connect the internal and outer world of the being.


This realist fact is essential to set the ‘boundaries’ of efficiency of our mathematical elements that mirror reality. It means we reject ‘modern mathematics’, an offspring of the German idealist ‘school’ of science, which has taken the ego-trip of human only intelligence to its paroxysm, with the tandem Cantor-Hilbert that ‘imagined sets, points, lines and planes’.

The units of mathematics are the fractal point in geometric space and the social number in algebraic time, and they must be returned to the centre of the science – and reject the axiomatic method, of ‘human minds’ self-appointed seers of truth. Since Godel already proved it is an incomplete truth that needs experimental evidence.

Experience must in mathematics as in any other science to be the final check on the logic theories discovered. In this manner mathematics is much more fruitful as it provides constantly new ‘insights’ on the structure of mathematics.

A simple example will suffice. Fermat’s last theorem: X³ + Y³ ≠ Z³ proves that space and time are bidimensional, NOT tridimensional, as there are not 3-dimensional numbers. How mathematics ‘knows’ it? Because GEOMETRY is the linguistic mirror of space and follows the same laws.

Another example is the structure of reality in ‘o-points’, minds which are frames of reference, its vital space and the membrane that acts as boundaries. Well, we do need for all mathematical statements a frame of reference, and there are basically 3 which correspond to the only 3 topologies which correspond to the only 3 type of organs of nature. Again, this ternary structure reflects mathematically the 3 organs of reality.

In fact, multiple equations and functions of mathematics find no solution when there are no ‘boundaries’ established, showing how both concepts relate.  Solutions are then integrals limited by the function of the external membrane. Reality indeed is ‘limited’ by the survival efficiency of its forms. So only proper solutions survive.

In the more amenable internal surface of a brain language truth can be deformed in greater measure by the subjective point of view. So there are distorted theories of mathematics as in all sciences, which are only half-truths. And the ego expands them to full meaning as physicists do with the restricted concept of gas entropy. So ‘parts’ of algebra, which have some meaning for certain questions of reality – as the composition of parts and wholes, which is what set theory studies, hence a sub discipline of 5D mathematics – have been blown up by ego-centered german idealists (Cantor-Hilbert) to become the ‘truth of all other mathematical systems’. And this has harm enormously the comprehension of the fractal point of space and social number in time, which are the units both of the mathematical and the real Universe.

So the main task of T.œ in the science of mathematics is return to the meaningful, classic age, and put back mathematics and logic with the nature of reality, as it is and a proper evolution of mathematical thought would enlighten it.

The 3 parts of mathematics correspond to the 3 parts of reality.

Mathematics is the most experimental of all sciences, due to the fact that its 3 disciplines are homeomorphic with the 3 elements of T.Œ: 5D analysis, space geometry and the logic operandi of  ‘time algebra’.

Thus for starters the easiest way to translate mathematics to study knots of fractal space-time cycles, is to consider that the 3 main branches of mathematics are related to the 3 elements of the Universe:

  • Geometry relates to space. Hence it merely needs an upgrading of continuous single space-time into fractal space-times in which ‘each point is a world in itself’; a fractal, Non-AE point, Œ. So we must complete the 5 postulates of Non-E geometry, as mathematics only resolved the 5th. We shall also consider what of the different topologies exist in the bidimensional space-time reality (2-manifolds).
  • Sequential Algebra of growing social numbers, corresponds to the 5th dimension’s Informative-Time order of growing societies/numbers from past to future. At its birth, because Algebra is pure arithmetic and the order of numbers from minor to major, is self-evident (5D future arrow of wholes), the logic of future algebraic complex systems is yet not merged, in its Pure Aristotelian Style. Moreover it is a single arrow logic, A->B, which will have enormous implications.
  • Analysis which studies the laws of social scales and planes of the 5th dimension, its indivisible, infinitesimal Œ-points that become whole; societies or Superorganism and Planes of existence. So we shall interpret Analysis in terms of the underlying equations of existential algebra, which gather infinitesimal indivisibles (.n-1) into Universal Wholes, (Un+1).

This is the easy way to analyse, and teach the foundation of mathematics: understanding both synchronic and diachronically its direct relationship with reality.  And scrapping all excess of… the formal nonsense of Philosophers of mathematics.

Indeed diachronically Geometry was born of the measure of fields and the observation of moon and astronomical cycles.

Numbers and algebra express the laws of a sum of objects that gather into social groups: ∑∆-1 ≈@number, group

Analysis of the study of parts that become wholes (integration) and forms of space that vary in time (derivation).

Now let us try a more complex thorough definition with the jargon of ∆ST or ‘Tœ’ (a theory of everything):

Definition of mathematics : ‘i-logic mathematics is an experimental science, based in the fact that it studies the laws of Fractal Space-time, (ab. ∆ST), the substances of which all beings are made, focusing on its highest synthetic conceptualisation, the Fractal Generator, Γ, with 3  sub-disciplines:

Γeometry, which studies the forms in space of all universal systems, departing of its natural units, the fractal point, the waveline and the plane-network and its topological structures defined by the Fractal Generator in synchronous states, Sp<ST>Tƒ.

‘∆nalysis’, which studies the social scales of the 5th dimension, expressed through its time events of ∫∂, integration and derivation and actions along its world cycles, focusing on the fractal generator in diachronic state:   ∆-1 Tƒ ∑> ∆Sp > ∆+1 ST > ∆ Tƒ << ∆-1 Sp

¬ Ælgebra, which studies the internal logic structures of the Fractal Generator, its actions and symmetries in space and time, through its discontinuous variable units, the social number.

The previous definition is more complex than a simple definition of Analysis of 5D planes, Geometry of each of its systems in space, and the algebraic study of the ternary temporal logic causality of its space-time events. But it remains still clear that the true elements of mathematics are not sets and undefined concepts (Cantor, Hilbert’s axiomatic method), but the classic 3 elements of ‘numbers’ (Algebra), ‘points’ (Geometry) and Operandi (Algebra and Analysis).

From points then we derive, the lines, planes, and logic of similarity that completes geometry.

From numbers, we derive variables, functions and functionals manipulated with operandi that reflect the logic motions in time of the different actions of beings.

And as a branch of Algebra, of special extension, given that it studies the fractal structure of more actions, including the world cycle through scales of the 5th dimension, there is Analysis.

So the realism of mathematics derives of the fact that we are not placed in fractal space-time, we ARE FRACTAL SPACE-TIME.

The issue of the realist foundations of mathematics as an experimental science should have long been resolved by experimental proofs (mathematics is the language with more applications to reality) and formally by Gödel’s theorem of incompleteness. But Platonism is so ‘entrenched’ on mathematics and physics that nobody seemed to have taken seriously Godel, except his friend Einstein:

Truth can only be proved by the connection between reality and the language, as the language itself does not provide enough consistency to prove its truth, only its coherence.

Einstein thus quipped ‘I know when mathematics are truth – consistent within the language – but not when they are real’. And Lobachevski affirmed they should be tested experimentally. Einstein though soon felt under the spell of the Axiomatic method of Hilbert, and did away with ether, setting a one hundred years confusion on the nature of reality.

And so what we would have expected in objective terms – the evolution together of the pan geometry of Lobachevski and the experimental method of mathematical physics, which so many fruits of knowledge had brought to mankind during the age of mathematical analysis floundered. Both mathematics and physics became ‘imagined sciences’, in which substance – the fractal point, the social number, the space-time bidimensional system or plane – became imagined. It is important thus to trace the historic origin of this trend in the same german idealist school that brought us ‘probabilities as the substance of reality’, ‘nazi numbers’ tagged on the wrists of people – today substituted by credit numbers in the globalised capitalism, and ‘communist’ masses of ‘undistinguishable’ human points controlled by the ‘party’ entity, as expressions of what the ‘superior human mind’ could do to classify without respect the laws of nature.

The idealist school of mathematical physics.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.36.10

In the graph, few scientists are aware of the idealist, Hegelian bias of German culture a century ago, which still permeates the loss of interest for the foundations of the scientific method in mathematical physics today. Thus we shall remember here the foundations of the scientific method…

Search for truth through experimental evidence, and logic sound models of reality with the addition of the elements of an organic model of the Universe. In the graph, two german idealists, during the panic of the ‘parallels’, which seized in rapture the entire world of mathematical physics after the greatest minds of the age could not solve, where to fit, the ‘multiple new geometries of the Universe, unlocalised in space and time.

Unaware of the rather obvious 5th dimensional structure of those geometries, the panic extended from Gauss and Riemann, as propagators of Lobacjevski and soon brought to mathematical physics, the confusing notions of an idealist school of geometry where ‘by decree of Hilbert’, we human minds invent points, lines and cycles which are not defined.

It was the axiomatic method of Hilbert, which influenced the 3rd, formal age of mathematics; Einstein’s rejection of ‘substance’ (formal motion in fact) for the waves of light, and Bohr’s rejection of density (fractal structure) for electrons.

So Hilbert converted mathematical elements (points, lines and planes and their logic relationships into ‘platonic eidos=forms of the mind’, Einstein converted ‘space’ into ‘frames of reference’, perspectives of the human mind and its visual light space-time rod of measure, and Bohr converted densities of ‘bosonic light’ which form the electronic wave into probabilities of human mesure.

Now back to reality mathematics remained immutable, points still existed as fractal beings, lines were still waves of points communicating formal motions between them and planes still were created by points into topological networks and planes outside the brain of Hilbert.

For example, a number which is ‘a society of identical beings’, whose properties are derived of the social nature of the 5D universe of parts and wholes, and whose sequential order in a line derives of the fact that parts come before wholes, is not yet defined.

A philosopher of mathematics, which by definition is a metalanguage of the 3rd baroque, informative age would inquire:

“What kind of thing is a number? Some philosophers (antirealists) have responded here with disbelief—according to them, there are simply no such things as numbers. Others (realists) think that there are such things as numbers (as well as other mathematical objects).

“Among the realists, however, there are several different views of what kind of thing a number is. Some realists think that numbers are mental objects (something like ideas in people’s heads). Other realists claim that numbers exist outside of people’s heads, as features of the physical world. There is, however, a third view of the nature of numbers, known as Platonism or mathematical Platonism, that has been more popular in the history of philosophy. This is the view that numbers are abstract objects, where an abstract object is both nonphysical and non-mental. According to Platonists, abstract objects exist but not anywhere in the physical world or in people’s minds. In fact, they do not exist in space and time at all.” (Britannica)

Now the difference between ‘fiction in languages and reality’ is due to the inflationary property of form, of information, which in its 3rd formal age multiplies its forms, and departs from reality. It is not though useful to take fiction more serious than reality, or the classic age of the language when the correspondence between form and energy, language and reality is maximal (STi-age).

The perfect forms are non-evident ‘time cycles’.

Moreover perfect forms do exist in time – the cycle being obviously the most perfect form of TIME, WHICH WE DO SEE IN SPACE, for very fast cycles (quantum forms: Max. Sp x Min. Tƒ =K), which ARE perfect as they return to its initial point – that is closing the pi cycle in pure time, with 3 perfect ages-diameters.

The perfect geometries that exist in atomic systems.

The perfect orbit, which ideally would be the more stable cycle (so the higher the e-xcentricity, the less stable is).

The perfect logarithmic spiral. The perfect wave of energy-information, which has no apparent limit and ‘transcends’ between 5D scales.

It is indeed surprising how ‘geometric ‘ is the Universe in all the scales we do not perceive directly.

Only the ‘evident’ simplicity of human beings, who must ‘see’ the direct visual truth, especially in the age of visual machines, has failed to understand this fact, ‘inventing’ platonic explanations for the ‘non-evident’, temporal structure of the Universe where the ‘perfect cycles’ are. As we do NOT see time, we do not see the ‘perfect ideos=forms’ of the Platonic Universe. We only see ‘space’ and so we do not ‘perceive’ visually the forms of time, of which space is a mere ‘still’ imperfect form, ∂T=S/V.

This simple equation of 5D analysis is telling of the true ‘logic formalism of mathematics’; THE GAME OF PERFECT FORMS, ‘IDEOS’, which imprint the motions and vibrations of the Universe – the mental language that stop those forms into a ‘partial mirror’ of reality.

We thus consider mathematical logic (two indivisible space-time languages , albeit initially born as different subjects, today evolved into the Boolean Algebra and digital thought), the main (but not only) language of ALL the scales of the Universe.

It is only comparable in the Human Mind to the pure visual languages (eye colors and arts) and the pure temporal language (verbal actions and words), studied however on the section of History (the superorganism of mankind).

So it is quite amazing the need for a ‘philosophy of mathematics’, which only expresses the limits of the human mind to go beyond the ‘visual’ first layer of reality.

As in the case of physics, the ‘sickness’ of mathematics happened in the 3rd baroque, formal ‘Germanic age’ of mathematics at the turn of the century when Hilbert affirmed that we ‘imagine, points, lines and planes’ unable to understand at all the ternary relationship and fractal nature of points of the 5th dimension.

So he just had as Einstein with the gravitational scale of space and Bohr with the quantum scale, an ego-trip of self-centered anthropomorphism and the 3 influencing each other ‘decided’ that reality was NOT outside the mind f man, but ONLY WHAT MAN PERCEIVES AND IMAGINES MATTERED.

All this said there is the more elevated pure way to understand all this evolution, through the ‘¬Æ formalism’ of the generator equation, which is how we started this text (no for need of confusion but because we have to knock out experts always ‘first’ as they are pedantic non-interdisciplinary ‘bonobo’ monkeys that only mate among themselves so my experience tells me T.œ must start raping their minds, and them maybe some will ‘listen’ 🙂

All this is needed to fully grasp the division of mathematics in T.œ in its 2 main fields: i-logic geometry and Non-Ælgebra.

Non-E≈ i-logic geometry deals with the Absolute Geometry, taking it from where the evolution of geometry ended in the work of Bachmann (1970s: absolute geometry), after the insights of Lobachevski and Riemann among others on the pan-geometries of the Universe, and starts by defining the undefined terms of points, lines, planes, lay on, and betweenness, needed to construct mathematics, with the exclusion of continuity, which is NOT a feature of the Universe but of the ‘mind-worlds’ that perceive it.

i-logic geometry thus is mainly concerned with 4 sub-themes:

  • The 3 geometries of systems orientated from a point of view or frame of reference, which perceive Euclidean space in its own plane of existence, hyperbolic space, looking downwards in the 5th dimension and elliptic space looking upwards.
  • The definition of the undefined terms of geometry and its 5th postulate, the core element of i-logic geometry, which defines fractal points with parts, waves of communication between them, topological networks (discontinuous planes), and the i-logic structure of perpendicular and parallel relationships defined by the 5th postulate and the rules of ‘similarity’, congruence and equality defined by the 3rd postulate. The new defined terms create the scaffolding for all direct mirroring between reality and mathematics, which thereafter become vital mathematics, much closer to reality when describing points, lines, planes and the properties and postulates.
  • And the analysis with the new understanding of the 3 topologies of geometrical forms (Euclidean, hyperbolic, elliptic) and its 8 sub-varieties, and the 5 postulates of i-logic geometry, of the real organisms of the Universe perceived in synchronous analysis as forms of space.
  • Finally, the most extensive part, which we can hardly treat in this post, just a few examples, would be the translation to this vital mathematical new scaffolding of the enormous wealth of geometric and topological laws, discovered by 2300 years of mathematicians hard at work.

¬Ælgebra (Non-Aristotelian  Algebra or Existential Algebra), deals with ‘social numbers’, the discontinuous unit of the temporal Universe. It groups back 5D  analysis and time algebra split in the XVIII century, due to the excessive development of mathematical physics; which latter would be paralleled by the expansion of Modern Algebra (group theory, set theory and the axiomatic method). Now we shrink back the whole subject and its inflationary human minds, to fit it within the total Universe! (-;

In essence, the 3 ‘abstract configurations’ of modern mathematics, group theory, set theory and the axiomatic method should go back to the Pandora box, and take it only when it is proper; substituted by:

  • Symmetries of the Generator of fractal space-time beings, which substitutes the abstract language of groups.
  • Social numbers, which evolve from parts into wholes, which substitutes the abstract jargon of set theory.
  • The experimental method, which shows the isomorphic laws of mathematics applied to all the species of all the scales of reality and substitutes the axiomatic method.

Now, we will ‘bundle’ the 3 parts into the 2 original ones, geometry of space, and algebra of 5D time cycles, because of the experimental method.

It is proved by experience that the 6 motions of the Universe (regardless if they are seen as form or motion), roughly break into the main 5 organic motions, which conform a world cycle between ‘birth, evolution, growth, diminution and extinction’ along 3 ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension’. And so this is what Algebra will study.

And the locomotions in external space-time and between scales of the 5th dimension, which are studied by geometry, its differential equations, expressed through analytic and differential geometry and the 3 pangeometries of the Universe.

Obviously as T.œ explains all what exists together with the same laws, our division in i-logic geometry and ¬Æ is an organic division, since ultimately points are numbers, just seen in synchronous space or dynamic time. And so both change into each other constantly and the methods of one and its postulates work into the other.

Thus the main fields of ® are:

  • Analysis, which studies social numbers in their growth and diminution along scales of the 5th dimension, either integrated or derived in time or space. It does so from a continuous perspective, so analysis bridges really the geometric and algebraic point of view.
  • Symmetry theory (group theory), which studies the symmetric transformations and diversifications of the ternary structure of reality in 3 spatial forms, 3 time ages, 3 scales of the 5th dimension and infinite ternary fractal sub-elements.
  • Functions, which study the relationships between space constants, time frequencies, and conserved quantities, along different scales of the 5th dimension. It is a large field as we study how multiple polynomial sub-dimensions, integrate into larger systems. And vice versa, how wholes in time and space divide into sub-systems (Fourier systems, binomials, etc.)
  • Probability, Populations and Combinatorics. Which studies the 5th dimension social numbers from a discrete point of view.
  • Numbers theory, which studies the most efficient configurations in space of geometrical numbers (so also as analysis a bridge between both i-logic and non-æ), the relationships between its 3 ‘species’, even, odd and prime numbers and the 3 parts of the Universe, the laws of social numbers, which define its efficient configurations, and the relationship between the bidimensional 3 scales of creation of space-time systems and the 3 type of numbers, the numbers of the real line, the complex bidimensional numbers and the quaternions, whose structure DO tell us essential facts about the nature of spas-time.
  • And the translation of the amazing wealth of knowledge accumulated in algebra throughout history.

The article will first introduce the history of mathematics and it main ages, as it performs as usual its own mental world cycle, starting from its realist youth, in which mathematics derived from the reality of social numbers (to calculate groups) and geographical planes (to measure areas and distances), and then slowly separated from reality as the ill-understood concepts of infinity and multi-dimensionality creeped in, and the reality of finitesimal quanta gave up, despite the advices of Leibniz, and finally with the discovery of pangeometries, and the scaring runaway age of idealist mathematics, now we return to the beginning and reconnect mathematics with reality, both from a human linguistic perspective (this work) and from the new dominant species of the planet (the chip and its digital models of reality).

Then we shall consider the laws of i-logic geometry, symmetric topologies and non-AE existential algebra. Here is where the creative part of T.œ comes in, studying mathematics with the scientific experimental method in correspondence with the 5D fractal structure of cyclical space-time actions. We describe the more general laws of T.Œ with application to all the sciences and worlds of reality from a mathematical perspective.

Finally in the 3rd part, which will take sometime to have a minimal volume to be meaningful, once we have understood vital, realist mathematics and defined all its elements, we will start the translation into realist theorems of the bulk of mathematical studies of those last millennia.


Thus once the simple truths of mathematics are clear, a way to proceed through it is the study of the main operandi of mathematics first to define the correspondence between mathematical operations and ® 5D fractal space-time cycles; so to establish a proper formalism. And then study the fundamental propositions of mathematics and its relationship with the laws of 5D space-time they represent.

This can be done in different ways. We have chosen instead of the usual analysis of the isomorphic, linguistic method a more discursive approach that once the work is well done (this is so far the less advanced post of the 2nd line as I work them in inverse fashion, from the human world down to the Universe, which is the humanist perspective) might be reorganized.

In any case we shall still study mathematics as any other science with S-T dualities, T-ages, S-forms, 5D-inverse arrows, and generators.

I-logic, non-Aristotelian, organic. Non-Euclidean topology.

®-mathematics: The fractal point-knot of space-time as a mind.

Can we enlighten mathematics further with the laws of ƥst of space-time?

Indeed, XX c. was about topology and we used extensively its 3 varieties to define organic space, but GST will go further with the completion of…

The formalism of ∆-planes: Non-Euclidean definitions.

I-LOGIC GEOMETRYb5Disomorphisms show a Universe made of multiple scales of broken, intertwined ‘spacetime’ membranes. Thus, its formalism must combine geometric equations and causal, logic, sequential time laws.

So we need to upgrade our simplex space language (continuous single space defined by Euclidean geometry) and time causality (Aristotelian one-dimensional causality from past to future, A->B) to explain multiple spatial scales and 3 time dimensions, past-energy and future-information combined into complementary, present beings. I baptized this new mathematic-logic formalism, ‘i-logic geometry’ that completes the 5 Postulates of Non-Euclidean Geometry.

What mathematicians did was rather a runaway path. Because once geometers realized that multiple lines can cross a point, they could not use any longer the Euclidean definitions.

Now points, lines, planes and equality could no longer hold under the definitions of Euclid (points, lines and planes with no breadth), they remained undefined, when Hilbert, the father of modern mathematics affirmed ‘I imagine lines, points, planes…’.

Instead the proper solution was to redefine them in terms of their ‘inner parts’ as fractal points that grew in size when we observed them with a more detailed ‘hyperbolic geometrical view’, as that unveiled by non-E mathematics. So we ‘create new postulates of geometry’ by defining its essential elements, points, lines, planes and the laws of congruence (similarity) between them, as well as re-interpreting the concept of a Non-Euclidean point crossed by infinite parallels (5th postulate) in terms of a mind that absorbs flows of energy and information: O-mind x ∞ time cycles = Spacetime mapping.

So T.œ redefines points, planes and line-waves and their relative laws of equality (also called congruence) and continuity (which no longer holds), to refound mathematics on the basis of a far more realist view of its laws as ‘experimental laws’ that reflect the geometry of the 5th dimension and the complex casualty of a world with multiple time motions. And consider that those points with volume form social ‘numbers’, whose laws are therefore related to the laws of the 5th dimension that brings parts into social wholes.

Einstein used the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean Geometry (Points through which multiple parallels can cross), to describe the structure of Gravitational space, using a single clock, the 4th present time dimension.

 Tƒ complete his analysis, we expand Non-Euclidean geometry, adapting the 3 Geometric, Euclidean definitions to multiple ∆-spaces and the 2 logic postulates (3rd& 5th) redefining identity and causality using the 3 dimensions of time.

Albeit a reformed 5 set of Geometric Postulates to adapt it to the Nature of scalar space-time, where ‘points have parts’, lines are waves that communicate energy and information, planes are organic networks, and the similarity of systems define their behavior.


– 1st Postulate: ‘A fractal point shows 3D volume as we come closer to it’Since only fractal points, which grow in volume as we come closer to their scale, can fit multiple parallels.

– 2nd postulate: ‘A line-wave is made of ∆-1 points with ‘breath’ that communicate energy and information among ∆-points’.

–  4th postulate: a plane is a discontinuous network of fractal points joined by waves of energy and information that leave interstitial dark spaces. (Particles in physical planes, cells in biological spaces and so on.)

– 3rd postulate: ‘2 entities are ‘equal’, when both, their external form (Euclidean definition) and internal 3D parts are identical.’

Yet since we cannot perceive the complete internal information of 2 points, still and isolated by its external membrane (Galilean Paradox) instead of equality we talk of degrees of ‘similarity’.

So Isomorphisms between entities of different scales are NOT equalities but ‘similarities’.

-5th Postulate: ‘0-Points gauge information & energy, transforming waves of external ∆-i points into inner body cells and mind’s pixels.’

And so the fifth postulate formalises the Galilean-Ego Paradox:

‘Every point of view=mind feels, subjectively, from his point to view, the center of the Universe, but it is only a zero-point, an infinitesimal mirror, which maps in stillness a minimal part of the ∞ information of the ∞ Universe’.

As Aristotle put it, ‘there are ∞ Gods, still minds that order and move the energy that surrounds them’.

Thus we define a sequential, causal behaviour in all systems, which start with the perception of the mind that absorbs entropy to create body åctions:

– ∆ï -> ∏∆+1(mind’s creation) ->  ∆Sp (entropy feeding) -> ∑Sp X Tƒ (cellular reproduction)

This ‘Existential algebra’ is the ultimate formalism of GST, which advanced researchers will use in the future to model all realities, but we shall try to keep ad minimal except in the 2nd  line of isomorphisms which will develop the language and fourth line, applied to high-level science.

In the graph a resume of the 5 postulates of i-logic geometry.

Amazingly enough we can study the 3 ‘formal languages’ of the Universe together, departing from the classic Postulates of Geometry, which started also the adventure of Formal Knowledge with the Greeks.


Systems who have different informative languages and cannot communicate, but have equal n-1 scalar dimensions enter in Darwinian prey-predator relationships by sharing the same space in which the predator tears the topology of the prey, provoking toroid flows that dissolve its i-scale, absorbing it as n-1 energy, etc.

Further on, membranes enclose points’ parts. So external camouflage confuses preys that engage as equals with predators, becoming an essential strategy of 0-points in search of STe-Feeding. Thus the 3rd Postulate reduces all possible behaviors among species according to their 10Ds similarities. Thus 10Di-logic mathematics means the biggest advance in both sciences since Euclid & Aristotle found the mathematic-logic formalism of 4Di. Without it, GST cannot exist.

We shall use the following symbols for them:

Œ, the function of existence, a point with volume and parts, the Informative (O) and Energetic (E) lineal fields, is used for ALL fractal points in general.

It will be the general symbol for an i-point, along ‘i’, which also expresses nicely the energy line with its top head of information.

So for its conceptual use in ® we shall use:

Θ for the 1st postulate, as the point has internal parts.

Φ symbol for the 5th Postulate, as the points is cross by a flow of information.

Both are also symbols for a O-point mind, which normally has an axis of informative perception in the dimension of height and a wider opening in the equator or mouth to absorb energy. So the first and 5th postulate ultimately represent the inward state of the mind and its outward perceptive state.

Represents the 2nd postulate (a wave instead of a line).

Represents the 3rd postulate of relative equality, as it shows both the perpendicular + and parallel = dual relationships of beings, with species they feed on (equal energy, different information) or evolve together with (equal information) forming

 ‰… for the 4th postulate of a plane-network made at least of 3 points with parts joined by lineal networks.

You think you knew the Pythagoras theorem?

Where is the maths in all this? We insist the maths are well-known so we shall not dwell on them, though we shall enlighten maths also with the a priori ‘Axioms’ of GST (cyclical time, fractal space, holographic principle of bidimensional space and time which come together into ST-presents), from where we will deduce the 5 ‘postulates of non-Euclidean geometry’, basis of the next ‘LAYER’ of causal science: i-logic mathematics, the upgrading of mathematics, which will further ‘enlighten’ mathematical physics.

It must be understood in that sense, why we do have 4 lines in this blog to rebuild 400 years of human knowledge till i get tired of it and leave as ‘Descartes’ said things to do to further ‘disciples’ (:oh, well yes we genius are very lazy people (: the point is to start from the foundations (first line), will gives ‘slack’ to define the fundamental knowledge of sciences in the second line at a ‘relatively’ simple level (now in construction).

While the huge wealth of knowledge of the past century, will need a more ‘pro’ approach in the 2nd line of ‘isomorphisms’, to go with the 4th line studying with pure GST each science and all its laws.

So this first line on theory and the one with explicit name for sciences is the ‘theoretical minimum’ and it starts from very first principles, but alas, all can be enlightened again. Indeed, when I was young there were few people I truly admired. One of them was Einstein, though latter i would think he was overrated. Now being old I enjoy most, his quips and collateral work. So one thing stroke me when young – a new demonstration of the Pythagoras theorem, the first theorem of maths, which seemed so simple and without nothing deeper, based in the ‘scales’ and self-similarities of its ratios, pure ‘fractal paradigm’. Now can we get more of it with GST, as an example on how you must really look at all what you think you knew and see it with new eyes and cyclical corrections? Oh yes we do. As it will happen, the deepest revelations will come ALWAYS from the simplest theorems as they are at the base of all other knowledge, the pedantic scholar of the XXI century thinks is the ‘new physics’ as if the ‘old stuff’ was all dogma of truth. Not so. Thus before we make a fast on-slaughter on all those dogmas of physics, we give you the ‘Einstein tease’; another proof of Pythagoras.

We have told you that the universe is a bidimensional hologram of space & time like forms; or a ternary one, if we add the result of mixing space and time into an st PRESENT, or a fifth dimensional game of scales of ternary and bidimensional holographs.  So from those simple principles we shall in maths find many enlightening thoughts. Now, the Pythagoras theorem is obvious: the bidimensional sides of a triangle ad up to the bidimensional diagonal. Thus we write: A(ST) + B(TS) = C (S). But why A is a function of T (obviously it is the smaller), b of ST and c of S? Ultimately because the triangle is a fourier sum of waves, and c is  always the largest volume of bidimensional space; hence the entropic ∆-1 flat field that feeds both the body and the head of the system.

And so b and a will be the ST-body and Tiƒ-head of the system, expressed in terms of the entropy they consume; which in the most perfect systems, will in fact be similar in a balance body-head, wave-particle, ST≈tiƒ, which tends to be the rule.  So much then we can extract knowing GST of the relationships of the simplest forms of mathematics (and also of the complex ones).

But Alas, if x²+y²=z², according to the holographic principle, why not x³+y³=z³? Precisely because the Universe is in each scale a bidimensional holography of space & time. And this ‘proof in less than a margin’ of the most famous unproved Theorem by any human mind (a computer did it in thousands of pages), called the Fermat Grand THEOREM, is a clear proof of GST.

Two more examples will suffice on the original work of Pythagoras illuminated by GST:


The 3 waves. Finally Pythagoras is remembered by a 3rd discovery, that of the harmony of music.

Schopenhauer, by far the best philosopher of the industrial age, said that music encodes the secret program of time in its rhythms.

So thought Pythagoras when he found the perfect harmony of the ‘fifth’, the musical chord obtained by plugging 1/3rd or 2/3rds of a string, attached to a point of future and past, the birth and death of the frequency of its world cycle.

As you can see in the next image, if we consider the vibration of the string, the simplest possible world cycle going from 0 to 1 and back to 0; the string will wave back and forth 3 times, increasing each time the ‘information’ it carries and diminishing its entropy≈energy≈amplitude. And the perfect form will be reached in the most harmonious sound produced at 1/3rd, in the change of age or state of the system. But what is more beautiful, time waves back and forth 3 durations and we can fusion them as Nature does in a single ‘social being’, integral of all those webs. This is called the Fourier transform, and in complex 5D metric is the essential equation of time cycles; since it keeps adding on ‘social scales’ of larger simpler wholes (the single wave) and smaller more informative parts. And finally ’emerges’ as a ‘single being’, a square wave:


screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-12-41-47The beauty of i-logic mathematics thus will the reside in its capacity to express (as music does in human arts, with its 3 elements, ∆±1 3 scales, T-beat, ST-melody and S-ynchornicity of instruments) the purest GST laws.

Now this was the beginning of geometry, and we have seen how much GST can extract from it.

Then there was of course pi, and the legend has it that when Pi-thagoras found it to be not exact, but a fluctuating dynamic open and closed number which always made the circle both a spiral inwards (-π:tiƒ) an outwards spiral (+π… Spe) and a steady state (St=pi closed cycle) fluctuation, as a ratio that transforms 3 Spe into one Tiƒ, he hang himself desperado that the world was not perfect and static. When I found it on the other hand, i started my journey.

If you are mathematically inclined the easiest revelations with a ‘little bit of thought’ are enormous if you can ‘switch’ from a continuous lineal description of time as duration, with the more ‘detailed’ and real description of cyclical, discontinuous time cycles that move in ‘steps’. Indeed, consider for example the car, as a whole that seems to move in lineal time, but in fact it is the sum of the cyclical steps of its wheels. Both are equivalent mathematically but the analysis of each wheel step gives us MORE information. And this will be the constant of this blog: you will find a lot of new information and laws of science that were hidden by the simplification of using the continuous sums of time cycles, ‘erasing’ in the process the form and frequency of those cyclical steps.

So we close this intro with the meaning of Universal constants.

Universal ratios/constants: Beings as Knots of Constant Cyclic Space-Time Actions




In graph, the 2 fundamental mathematical and physical constants of Nature

We shall depart from their ‘unification’ to explain how the Universe creates reality departing from those ‘perfect rations of energy and information’. As such G and Q can be easily unified as two space time vortices of 2 scales of nature, the quantum and gravitational scale, showing the ratios between distance/speed/lineal space and time cycles/curvatures.

The 3 main constants of mathematics are directly related to the fundamental generator of space-time:

  1. pi, relates the transformation of spatial field of entropy into a vortex of temporal information: 3 x ( Spe)  > ∏ Tiƒ.
  2. e the constant of the only function, which is a derivative of itself, eª  represents the fundamental function of reproduction of any system, at the lower ‘cellular scale’, as the system increases by a derivative at each step.
  3. Phi, the golden ratio is essentially the ratio of a bidimensional ‘page of information, whereas  ST=φ and Tiƒ=1. Therefore it is connected to the proportion of energy needed to breed an ‘informative’ head. Yet both the particle and the body-wave arise from a field of entropy, and so if we consider the whole to be Spe, the field of entropy which feeds both: Spe= ST+Tiƒ, gives us the golden ratio and once more, ST gives rise to the particle head, in a series of inclusive parts. So Spe, the whole is to ST as ST is to Tiƒ.

To notice that both, π (+3.14) and e (2.81) are close to 3 by a minimal difference of +0.1, as ultimately the curvature of 3 lineal elements makes a larger cycle with aperture-wholes, while the reproduction of a system extracts energy from its ternary parts to reproduce an infinitesimal or transfer a quanta of energy to the larger whole, x².

Dynamically we can define any space-time being as a knot of cyclical space-time  actions, ruled by the simple metric of 5D which define the parameters, limits and gradients of its exchanges of energy and information, with the different planes of the ∆-universe.

It is the detailed analysis of bit and bite by bit and bite of the being, as its r=evolves in its world cycles, pushed by quantum motions and stops that consume and feed its energy, ±∆3, splitting the ratios of energy and information of a ‘smaller being’; or ratios between the information and energy of a system, that gives us its ‘exi=st-ential power, in actions that put together as universal constants. Or exchanges of information in processes of social evolution that happen often in decametric scales, and measured as a population in space or process of evolution in time will show also its numeral constants.

Such constants tend to be constants of actions or ratios of feeding and perceiving energy and information or social evolution, and it will affect to ∆±∞ species of scales. Yet from the human ∆0 perspective, when they belong to huge super organisms (earth, galaxy, universe) they tend to be considered ‘universal’ and treated with the abstract reductionism of physics. They are though not different from the vital constants of local biological beings, and its functions are similar for the whole organism of the Universe. Consider for example, the Lamba cosmological constant that merely defines the 3 ages of an EFE space-time (gravitational). If it changes from 0 to ±0, it will define one of the 3 ‘topological ages’ of the Universe, the elliptic, hyperbolic or flat, old steady state, young age of the Universe.

Other constants represent flows between ∆±1 scales, when two species exchange energy and information ,as part of their social activity and creation of symbiotic space-time cycles.

Thus constants express form and function and ratios of energy and information, within the generator equation. It follows that each system of the Universe has its constants. And while we seem obsessed by physical constants of the larger Universe, those are a small part of them.

Indeed, the number of Universal constants of the larger super organisms of mankind – the galaxy-universe and its symmetries in the lower ∆-3 scale, the atom – is far inferior though to the enormous number of local constants, as the creative Universe form resonant frequencies, synchronicities and flows of energy and information between ∆st• beings constantly.

Finally to notice that those constants are dynamic motions and exchanges of energy and information. So while here we treat them mostly quantitatively in the next isomorphism, we develop them from a qualitative point of view.

Now the fact that mathematical constants are RATIOS NOT NUMBERS, AND HENCE IRRATIONAL NUMBERS ARE RATIOS TOO, and they are most of the numbers of the real line sets up the possibility of infinite mathematical games of existence encoded in the ratios of those irrational numbers. But ratios of what? Normally of topological motions which exchange energy and information, between parts or entities of the Universe. So they are ultimately the constants of time motions of the Universe,  which change state along its ternary elements of Γ=GST and dual or ternary ‘social structures and networks’.




Thus, we stress again that Pi and e, and φ, the ratios of basic Spe<st>Tiƒ transformations and events:

  • π: 3 |spe > O-Tiƒ;
  • e: ∇1 e->∆1+∆º
  • φ: œ=Tif+ST
  • 10: 10 §º  ≈ §¹

And so those are the fundamental constants of Nature.

Phi, the ‘minor’ universal constant: the golden ratio.

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-16-36-43While phi is the golden ratio of proportions of the 3 topological parts of the being, expressly the commonest ratio of the function Tiƒ (height)/Spe (length), proper of a bidimensional form of in-form-ation.

Thus the answer to why those are the constants of nature and no others is obvious: ONCE THOSE RATIOS CAN BE understood as the perfect algebraic expression of the main motions/events of any species of ternary Spe<ST>Tiƒ elements in the Universe, CERTAINLY, those ratios/events are more efficient and SURVIVE BETTER AS THEY ARE MORE HARMONIC.



2 philosophies of science based in 2 levels of complexity understanding space§ & ∏imEs.

What is reality would ask a philosopher? A machine of energy, a mechanism that explodes, or a system of information, and organism that evolves? After all the machine is an organism of metal, evolving into robots. The problem though  trying to model reality as an organism, is its difficulty. The mechanical paradigm is straight forwards. The big-bang explanation of the Universe is easy to visualise.

We are in an age of visual children of thought with a extremely lazy brain, and so the advantage of the big-bang its simplicity and visual appeal covers up by the fact it does not explain anything.  For 50 years since those conferences though the organic model was not properly formalised. So scientists lost interest in the alternative philosophy of science, and General systems withered away.

There were though signs in its favor: the fractal structure of so many systems of nature, the organic evolution of machines and human societies into larger super organisms, the existence of life. As the century progressed though humans simplified their minds, their verbal logic brains, and today, they simply are not curious enough to ask the whys. They run inside their mechanisms, collect things, no longer ask about ‘Da-sein’, being and time. Science today is all about measure and manipulation, according to rules and compartments. Being seems irrelevant, time the realm of simplex physics.

And yet to know the whys we need to go further, explain information, languages, organisms, creation beyond the big-bang, if we were to believe on it, the ‘now’, why things exist as oppose to the nothingness, the being, here. How to explain those depths to children of thought, we shall try. Likely nobody will read very far. I have never been a good teacher. And the jump of depth between what people think today reality is and why we will explains is huge. Let us start then comparing both philosophies of Sciences:

  • Simplex physics, dedicated to study the Universe with ‘lineal entropy’ as the only arrow that models the future, which served well its purpose till the XX century, specially in a civilisation, which was based in energetic, lineal weapons and steam machines, whose main characteristic was to deliver lineal motion and ‘speed’, and
  • Complex Systems Sciences, which ads a second arrow of future, information, all too evident in all life processes, which increase information through 3 ages of increasing ‘form’; in physical gravitational systems, the force that in-forms the Universe, increasing the form and density of matter in galactic vortices, as we accelerate inwards towards the central black hole vortex; and in sociological systems as history increases its social and technological evolution. Τherefore an arrow, also common to all sciences and species, dominant in biological evolution and mankind, as we are the final informative stage of evolution of life in this planet, itself a cosmic ‘particle’ evolving inwards within the galactic vortex of information.

So it is evident that for humans, in this biological planet inside a vortex of physical gravitation, within a technological civilisation, information mattered as much as energy, and the laws that related both parameters to create the future were a huge field of scientific inquire, grossly neglected by the dominance of ‘entropy physics’ in the age of the machine of energy. So they founded the closely related sciences of cybernetics (Wiener), information and General Systems theory (Bertalanffy).

Further on, cybernetics and systems sciences, realised that by including information in the mix – the dominant element of biological systems, it was possible to  model the universe and all its parts with the concept of an organism.

So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive, rational, non-deist theory of reality the fathers of information sciences, considered 2 key elements of reality:

  • Duality of Spatial energy and Temporal Information: all ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists) were dual and should have two elements, able to transform into each other ad eternal: Entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and in/form/ation carried in the form and frequency of clocks of time (implosive, cyclical vortex like motions).

Such complementary duality between two poles, one of energy (i.e. bodies, waves, working class) and one of information (i.e. heads, particles, ruling class in control of the languages of social information, money & laws), were all pervading in all physical, biological and social systems, in which those poles exchange symbiotically energy and information, creating a ‘system’, which was a world in itself – a whole, part of a much larger reality. And so a more complex organic understanding of reality was possible.

So now we shall return to the proper definition of time and space in simple terms as the fundamental duality of the universe, from where we shall derive much more meaningful truths about reality:

‘Time clocks are cyclical, closed motions. Spaces are lineal, open extensions’.

Notice that time and space are ‘words’, human words, concepts of abstract minds.

So it is more important to extract from what we learned two oppositions: line. vs. cycle (O vs.|) and motion vs. stillness, which are definitely more real concepts, and so while we will use the ambiguous human terms, time and space, what matters really, what is real, are those inverse terms.

The key to this understanding of the fractal Universe is to understand that what you call space-time is not an abstract concept. That space is equivalent to energy, to res extensa to vital space with motion, and time clocks are equivalent to cyclical forms with more in-form-ation.

So once you understand that the Universe is like a puzzle with its fractal pieces of space and its clocks of time, and that space is vital, moving energetic space and time is cyclical, informative, accumulating information in its cycles and frequency hertzs. And you accept the fact that all is made of tiny pieces of vital space performing cyclical time motions and actions, as you do at your ∆-1 tiny cellular level, or as an individual performing ∆+1 big cyclical motions in your society, once we get this clear enough and then study properly the time of space-time motions of beings, and how they come together into herds and organisms, through those motions and cycles of behaviour, and exchanges of energy and information, you will if your ego is humble enough understand yourself truly as part of a whole, the fractal universe.

And so the first step is to understand the equivalence between vital spaces and quanta of energy/entropy and time clocks and information cycles, and how together construct the beings of reality, including yourself.

But what is ultimately the meaning of Spatial entropy and temporal Information, Spe and Tiƒ, the 2 parameters that combine in the Universe to form content space-time beings? Sp x Tiƒ = ∆±1

We saw how simple was the answer for physical systems: a bit of information and a bit of motion, combined into infinite species. Let us generalise the concept for the whole puzzle of space-time beings including human ones.

To that aim we shall first explain the Holographic Principle, discovered in the study of black holes, at the heart of modern physics today – the fact that information is bidimensional, as the screen you are looking at.

This geometric generator redistributes the 4 dimensions we know to exist in this scale of reality, in 2 dimensions of vital space, creating flat planes of space, with maximal extension (made of small cells, points, atoms, any ‘set of similar beings) and 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and rhythm to form the simplest possible time cycle, which carries information in the form and frequency of this cycles.

Now this should be evident to you, temporal information has the dimensions of height and form (cyclical patterns seen with a mind as slow fixed forms, like the way you see a fast spinning wheel as a solid disk). So you are watching a tall bidimensional screen or book, your eyes see bidimensional forms, and your informative eye, head or the antenna or camera that absorbs information, with its logic cycles of time, its computer clocks measured in cyclical frequencies, Hertzs, are all on top, are all made of closed time cycles and forms.

So the first refocusing of the mirror of mathematical sciences is to give the dimension of height to time, which now has 2 dimensions and it is no longer a line of duration but a cycle of tall form, which rises as time passes, the flat sheets of space, into tall space-time beings.

In this manner, because a basic rule of maths is that only beings with the same number of dimensions can be combined and transformed into each other, we can combine topological ‘formal motions’ (forms allowed to vary through internal motions of its surfaces), and this is the most ‘evident’ definition on how fractal space-time systems and its feed-back Sp <≈>Tƒ equation works in a single ‘plane of space-time’, as it ‘composes its forms through the holographic principle.

Each of those pictures shows a network of space-quanta, informed by ‘cyclical time motions’ , which runs the logic forms of the system: human heads run lineal limbs-bodies; Tall, spherical black holes control with informative gravitation the plane of energetic stars. If we consider the entire existence of life, evolving from its first flat worms to the tall man, the same topological arrow towards more information becomes evident. Above, we can see human eyes and mechanical eyes, human limbs and energetic, entropic weapons, which share the same topologies.

Each of those  Sp and Tiƒ elements is bidimensional and each bidimension is made of smaller points that form a flat plane of space or a tall, cyclical time event, made of discontinuous instants or neuronal points. Space is communicated synchronically in a flat membrane. Time is communicated in a cyclical sequential form.

And so are the topological forms that better manifest those 3 arrows of time (toroid, energetic topologies, informative spherical topologies and hyperbolic combined ones).

So reality unfolds departing from the duality of energy and time whose multiple meanings and manifestations carry the creative activity of the Universe. And yet, we can use as a guidance for the discerning choice of theories and models, those initial laws. For example in quantum mechanics, the pilot wave (De broglie>Bohm interpretation), which respects the duality ‘time particle’, ‘energy wave”, and its causal interaction is the natural ‘theory’ that better fits GST; in biology it will easy give birth to topological evolution and a simple explanation of the 3 ages of all systems which increase its information departing from a young, energetic state, through a series of fluctuations in the dominant actions of the system (energetic young actions, reproductive actions and informative old actions), and so on and so on.

To have a much larger, all encompassing view of reality will therefore enlighten our choice and explanation of all other detailed elements.

Thus GST constructs the Universe with only 2 concepts which once defined in its widest meaning as energetic space and temporal information, will become the underlying structure from where all other complex details will spring.

And vice versa, in its final ‘simplification’ the combination of both elements, energetic motions and dimensional forms, create an action, the unit space-time event of all realities, which again can be subdivided in only a few types: ±∆e, i, (+e: feeding, -e: moving, +i: perceiving, -i: communicating; exi: reproducing, ∑e,i: evolving socially).

This duality of energy-information, coupled with the fractal structure of parts that become wholes, joined by networks that distribute efficiently energy and information to all parts (creating an organic system, by definition a network of energy and information, symbiotic to a series of smaller particles, which conform a topological network specialised in the absorption of e & i quanta), is all what we shall need to define the structure of the Universe and all its elements:

Particles-waves and head-bodies will then form complementary Spe>Tiƒ systems which will feed on quanta of energy and information from a lower scale, ∆-1 and organise those quanta into ‘topological systems’, able to survive and maintain its balances as it goes through the Universe ‘enacting’  space-time actions of absorption, emission and reproduction of its internal quanta (∑±∆e x i)

Actions are possible because they combine a head/particle of information which stores time cycles in its memory and combines them creatively to guide the wave-body towards fields of new exi. So it is the complementarity of a particle that guides a body that moves it and reproduces the system as it moves in other regions of space, time, what constantly creates all kind of dual systems in reality:

Body-wave of spatial energy >Particle-head of temporal information, witch have the planar, lineal form and cyclical one of the maximal systems of energy (lines, shortest distance in space) and time (cycles, maximal volume of information).


Past-space (entropy limbs/fields) X future (informative particle/heads) = Present: Energy Body-waves.


We can see the equations of the 3 physical scales:

E(∆i) = ∆-2 (quantum scale): Hs x ƒt = Ks x Tt (∆-1: thermodynamic scale)= 1/2 Ms x vt : ∆+1 (Gravitational scale)

So the quanta of space, h, k, m, varies as we change planes of existence, and so do the type of parameter we use to measure the time clocks of each ‘Plane of the 5th dimension’.

How then we relate the quanta of space of each scale with the parameter of the upper scales?

  • Quantitatively due to deep reasons of ternary form and scalar structure, the 3 x 3 + ∆+1 = 10 ‘tetraktys’ structure, is the fundamental spatial organic structure of 3 x 3 organs of ‘entropy’, ‘form’  and ‘energy’ (S-T-ST), which come together into a whole O-mind point, the 10th point that sees all as a single being. So the Universe of scalar space-time is decametric in its scales of organisation, and because it is also fractal, the 10±¹º elements is the key parameter to differentiate the emergence of a new ∆-plane. So we will find that very often in all systems after reaching this degree of population, the system ‘evolves’ into a super-organic ‘other whole’ reality and the effects of the ‘smallish quanta’ that create that billion plus reality are despicable amounts, only important through ‘renormalisation’ processes and ‘polynomial degradation’ to the astounding obsession for perfect measure of physical systems. Thus we shall find that 10ˆ10 elements are the atoms of a magnetic domain, ties of a DNA molecule, human population in the Earth’s globalised super organism, stars in most spiral galaxies, cells in mammal super organisms, etc. etc.

And so in those ‘transition’ states, we shall observe a fast sudden disappearance of the effects of a lower scale, as the new parameters of a combined ‘fusion’ of all the smallish time clocks and discontinuous space-quanta ’emerge’ as a new whole unit of the new scale. So ‘frequencies of waves’ become ‘temperature’. And in fact physicists measure the temperature of smaller waves and particles in terms of frequencies. THEY DO NOT measure ‘heat’ in a wave (a meaningless concept) but just calculate according to frequency the equivalent temperature. 

So happens when we transcend from the thermodynamic scale which is the fundamental scale of bio-chemical processes of life, in which energy and time is provided by entropy (K-boltzmann) ‘space’ units and ‘temperature’ degrees; into the gravitational scale, whose minimal unit or ‘graviton’ (Planck’s mass of a black hole with an event horizon equal to its compton wave), weights as much as a fully functional decametric multicellular simple organism. Thus it is at the multicellular scale of life, and the ‘solid matter’ networks (crystal structures), when the first gravitational ‘effects’ appear in its lowest forms, which will then become an in-crescendo force till reaching its zenith in the galactic, planetary scale.

It is then absurd and useless to argue as physicists keep doing with their faulty single space-time models how to unify gravitation and quantum physics, as there is NOTHING TO UNIFY here, in terms of a SINGLE force, but rather explain as we do AND UNIFY IN TERMS OF Quantitative  SCALES AND TOPOLOGIES, the 2 dominant ‘organic systems’ of both scales, the atom and the galaxy. 

It is a fact though that once we pass the transition between scales, the change of parameters of space-time ‘fogs’ the perception of the fading information buried in the deep transformations that happen along more than one scale.

Hence the uncertainty of human analysis of quantum physics, which has for so long fogged our realist description of it.

Closer and hence more accurately observed there is the thermodynamic scale with k, the unit of entropy as the quanta of space and temperature, the vibration of motion of molecules, or its ‘cyclical thermodynamic clocks’ as the unit of motion in time, and its product energy. Finally in the gravitational scale, the quanta of space is ‘mass’ (which of course must be combined with the dilatation of ‘temperature’, and the underlying ‘extension’ of space-time ‘h-light quanta’).

Again, we realise as soon as we introduce the concept of Universal constants of space (h,k,c), how ‘limited’ are the conceptual analysis of present physics, which does not have any real definition of space, time, universal constant, energy, information, entropy and the like…

Finally to observe a key law of ∆ST scales, which we shall introduce but not fully explain so early:

When a system transcends into a larger scale its ‘moving, informative cyclical Tiƒ elements’ which rule the lower parts of the ∆-system becomes submissive ‘spatial energy quanta’ of the higher scale: ∆-1 Tiƒ ≈ ∆-Spe.

It is a very important law. You are the head, and ‘relative god’ of your body cells, but you are only a ‘cell-citizen’ of the larger super organism of history, nation or civilisation, which you obey and work for.

This means that we have to associate NOT ∆-1 Spe with ∆-Spe, but ∆-1 Tiƒ, with ∆-Spe. Thus in physical systems the relationships we must find (3rd line of detailed analysis of each ‘STience’) are between:

ƒ (frequency of a quantum wave) and k (boltzmann constant of entropy)

T (Temperature of a thermodynamic wave) and mass (constant of space of the gravitational scale).

And so on.

5d 4scales

In the graph we show some ‘fractal domains of the Universe’ where we can define a 5th dimension of existence:

  • In the left, in physical systems we find the 3 scales that put together, the quantum, ∆-1, thermodynamic, ∆ and gravitational ∆+1 scales), allow the travel of physical systems through the 5th dimension (we use the symbol ∆±i for a given scale of the 5th dimension, with ∆o as the human scale or in sequential form an absolute scale from ∆o: forces to ∆10: cosmos).
  • In the right, we see those 3 scales as they create the ‘∆-1 cellular, genetic’, ∆-human, organic, and ∆+1 planetary and cosmological scales were socio-biological systems exist and travel through the 5th dimension.

Therefore, the geometry of the 5th dimension exists and we can define formally general systems sciences, as the discipline that studies the invariant properties of such space-time, as we move within it, expressed in a series of formal equations that describe the invariant ‘topological, spatial properties’ of species of those different scales, and the temporal, invariant properties of systems, traveling in time through them.

What is the clearest proof we have of this transformation as we transcend on scale? The answer is we can see this transformation right through in the processes that ’emerge’ beyond the gravitational scale into the scale of dark energy and matter, beyond the galaxy (cosmological scale), where the frequency of time of gravitational systems, v, becomes a fixed spatial value, c, the constant speed of space-light that does NOT change for fast systems, entering that final dark scale.

The unification equation of charges and masses.

Now let us consider an interesting proof of the scalar structure of the universe, which puts together some of the elements defined till here: the meaning of universal constants as ratios of information (curvature) in physical systems or energy density, 5D metric equations, and the concept of masses and charges as clocks of time, accelerating inwards.

We shall in physics found variations between the charges and masses but both are vortices of time, Ot, clocks of two scales. And we shall find differences between quantum light and electrons and h-Planck constants of actions, and thermodynamic atoms and k-Boltzmann constants of actions but both are wave-like systems of huge populations of point-particles (from the human limited perspectives) hence susceptible to treatment in space as populations or in time as events with statistical/probabilistic methods.

Now the Unification of charges and masses as two different vortices perceived as hyperbolic sinks and elliptic geometries follow easily when we consider them from the perspective of any of both geometries. Let us then equal the parameters of a charge, using the 5Dimension metrics ‘decelerating the vortex’ and increasing proportionally its size Se x Tƒ = K, till it matches the size of the main mass vortex of the cosmological scale, the galactic spiral vortex. If the equations hold and both are self-similar vortices, we shall find that the relationship between the G-curvature of the spiral galaxy and the q-curvature of the charge have the same 10 up to 39 relationship of force between the attractive power of a much faster curved ‘hurricane of electromagnetic space-time’ and the much slower, larger ‘breeze’ of gravitation.

Let us then use those simple principles. The existence of a fractal structure of space-time means that the electromagnetic world and the cosmological world are just two self-similar non-Euclidean membranes of space-time of two scales and charges and masses two self-similar vortices of two different scales.

So we shall be able to obtain for the first time theoretically, the value of the stronger universal constant of charges (Coulomb) by merely translating the jargon of a charge to the jargon of a vortex of space-time, which is the same in all scales. Since rotation is the essence of mass and the concept of a hard particle as a solid ball is a mere Maya of the senses, their only difference between quantum charges and cosmological bodies is the higher speed of rotation of charges and hence the stronger constant of the electromagnetic vortices of the quantum world.

This unification can be done with the mathematics of Newton, Poisson, or Einstein, which are just three stages in the constant refinement of the principle of equivalence and the geometrical analysis of the Universe. What matters is to understand the principles, which is what quantum cosmologists no longer do.

Let us then bring here with the notation of Newton and Poisson, which is far simpler than that of Einstein’s relativity, the simplified proof of the fractal nature of the Universe and its two scales, the quantum world and the cosmological world in which charges and masses are gravitational vortices of space-time of two different scales. We consider, using Newton’s notation, a mass a three-dimensional, cyclical accelerated vortex of space-time defined in classic Newton mechanics by a centripetal acceleration, which gives us the classic definition of the universal constant G as:

                                                             G M=ω2r3

Where r is in meters and ω is the angular acceleration in radians per second of any gravitational orbit.

This simple Newtonian equation, however, in the fractal paradigm, should apply to any scale of the Universe, able to describe any vortex of space-time by merely changing the value of the universal constant G. Thus, we obtain the fractal equation of any vortex of time:

Universal constant of a space-time vortex, U (g,q) = w (angular speed)2 × radius2/ mass

If this is truth and the Universe is indeed a fractal of several scales, it means that the previous equation will be able to describe both, not only a gravitational vortex of space-time in the cosmological scale with the universal constant G, but also a charge as a quantum vortex of space-time with the universal constant Q, the constant of Coulomb.

Let us then substitute the parameters for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G. The approximate values are as follows:

Sun mass = 2 × 1030 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10-7 rad. per sec.

Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.

Result: G=6.67 × 10 -11 kg-1 m3 rad. sec.-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal paradigm was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.

Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)

4 × 1016 rad. sec. -1 = w (electron);

5.3 × 10-11 m. (Bohr radius);

Proton mass = 1.6 × 10 -27 kg.,

Then we get a G, which is 2×1039 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.

And both charges and masses are unified as electromagnetic and gravitation accelerated clocks of time, Tƒ, of the two limiting scales of the physical systems of the 5th dimension. To notice, this is the first theoretical deduction of one constant departing from the other.

Now the same work can be done using more complex relativity and quantum equations (as we know Newton’s vortices are the simpler version of gravitation and Bohr’s radius the simplest formalism of quantum physics). So we shall do also a conceptual consideration on how many ‘canonical’ parallel equations describe a certain truth in physics (where the detail is not so important except for mechanist and engineers who need precision measures but the concept behind each different formation).

As always the reader should by now imagine that there are always according to the 8th isomorphism of variations of species, dualities and quartets of space/energy-time/information description (still vs. moving, cycle vs. line, external membrane vs. internal center, internal being vs. external world, etc.) ternary different points of view either those of the 3 parts of the being or those of the 3 parts of the external world of energy and information or equations that related both. Those are ALL the varieties possible, and yet they are enough to be combined into an infinity of different equations of physics.

And the puzzle of T.Œ IS TO DEFINE all physical equations with those symmetries, dualities and ternary differentiations in a rational manner, WIHOUT any further law or element to describe ALL the phenomena of physics. Let us illustrate the case with the previous equation of unification of charges and masses. There are in fact 2 x 2 definition of it which become immediately clear to be the static and motion, spatial- energetic and informative-cyclical description of the same phenomena HENCE ALL equally valid, only different in the degree of detail and particular ‘focus’ they have (so to be used for specific problems, related to their point of view).


All in all mass (not necessarily matter) and more often ‘momentum’, which ads to mass, speed, might be considered the quanta of space, which the different motions of those masses, of which angular (tƒ) and lineal speed (Spe) are the commonest ones, constantly transforming into each other, give us even closer analysis of some of the features of physical systems of space-time.

How far mankind or most likely the robot kind will get in the III millennium when the proper conceptual understanding of the fractal universe is reached, in terms of digital measure, and praxis, only one can imagine in his lifetime.

So far though those concepts are merely used in mathematical constructs, but with no clue as why they happen.

Let us then leave the emergence of physical systems at this point, which a ‘learned scientist’ can understand without entering in ‘only-for-pro-physicist’ details.


Now we will extend more in the understanding of physical systems and its generator equations, and scales of the 5th dimension of which 3 are paramount (susceptible to be analysed by the ternary fractal principle of i-logic Non-AE algebra in ternary sub scales): the quantum scale with its frequency clocks, and h-constants of space, the thermodynamic scale with its temperature clocks and entropy k-constants of space, and the gravitational scale with its speed clocks and its mass-densities of space.

The physical jargon. The time clocks of the 3 scales of physical systems

n clocks

A key element to T.Œ, a Theory of Everything Organic, is to translate all the abstract jargons to its interdisciplinary language. As the physical sciences are considered ‘wrongly’ on top, we will deal extensively with their concepts (they are merely the sciences who study the limiting scales, further away from man, and only with mathematical languages, hence loosing its organic properties and with the most deformed of all time concepts, as a mere ‘locomotion’ or translation in lineal space – hence loosing all understanding of its form, its information, the dimension of time they ‘deny’ to the point they call it negantropy (the negation of entropy) – so we share the view of Eddington and Einstein that ‘physicists’ invent much of its ‘entelechy’ entities).

Still the species they study are overwhelmingly the majority of reality so we do have to deal extensively with them. And the fundamental concept they use to express all the ‘formal motions’ of those species; that is the combination of all the cyclical motions or ‘angular momentums’ of each scale of the 5th dimension and all its ‘entropic spatial intervals’ or constants of space action or ‘lineal momentums’ is ENERGY.

In normal parlance energy is closer to the concept of expansive lineal motion – our capacity to move. In physics though there is a clear equation that relates Energy and Work. So Energy is the capacity to move with certain ‘directionality’ or form. Or alternately the capacity to move ‘forms’. And it is a very integrative concept both in time and space. So for example, in our human scale, Energy is the sum of the Internal Energy made mostly of cyclical motions (U) that give the form to the being and the External motion or kinetic energy (ke). So it is the closest concept to what we call a ‘plane of the 5th dimension’, which measures all the formal motions of a ‘closed system’, ‘superorganism’, or relative Universe.

And for that reason we DO have a close similarity between the Metrics of a given plane of the 5th dimension:

∆= Sp x Tƒ and the equations of energy of each Plane of the Universe:

∆ : Sp x Tƒ   ≈ Energy : Constant of Space-action x Frequency

What is energy then remains the fundamental first question of physical science 5D cosmology must clarify. It is not possible to clearly define energy in physics with a single formula, which becomes the first surprise of a seemingly ‘exact’ science. But we do have 3 equations for it, in the 3 scales of relative size of the Universe, which we shall call, ∆-1: quantum scale, ∆-Thermodynamic scale and ∆+1: gravitational scale:

∆-1: E= h v; ∆: E= kT; ∆+1: E= c2 M

They are the Clocks of Time and quanta of space that put together create the 3 ∆±1 planes of physical systems that interact with the human being. Latter we shall study those 3 ‘big planes of space-time’ and its clocks, its space constants and its Energies and formulae in more detail.

To stress though that all systems are in a fractal Universe susceptible to study in ternary sub-systems, ternary functions, etc. This we repeat ad nausea because humans tend to understand reality in a single one-dimensional way and the ‘manners of the brain’ are the more difficult to break. You must then always deal with the transformative duality (systems constantly beat between space and time states, entropy and information, motion and form) and so sometimes T.Œ will seem confusing as the rule A is NOT B is often broken (with time A-entropy becomes B information). So the true law of science is:

Energy never dies, it transforms its entropy into information back and forth ad eternal.

And then we must understand that those equations do have 3 elements: energy, which carries on one side a frequency of form, a time clock or frequency or density of information and on the other side a lineal motion an ‘kinetic energy’, expansive entropy (the concept of entropy hence is quite different from the one of science, but it will make sense, for example, in the previous equation, of the thermodynamic scale, E= nKT, K the Boltzmann constant of entropy multiplies by temperature the clock of time that defines the speed of actions in our life scale).

Those are the 3 elements we shall see constantly, ply with it reveal them in its infinite ‘transformations’, because the inversion of both but their coming together into different shapes of motion and form is truly all what is about. In physics all is about E= M c2, where Mass is a cyclical time vortex of gravitation, which attracts the faster it turns; E is the energy it stores and c2 is a plane of expansive light-space, the entropy factor.

And so a third element, which we can call generically ‘Energy’, philosophically ‘formal motions’, geometrically a plane of the 5th dimension and mathematically:

E= SxT or ST, which combines the lineal and cyclical formal motions of Space, Sp, and Time, Tƒ, completes the physical description of a given ∆-scale.

Now, while Energy stays  humans deform its perceptions of time and space parameters, reason why the constants and clocks of space and time are different when we introduce the multiple deformations the human observer introduce in all those scales.

And we will account for them when studying the generator equation of each scale in which ‘the quantifiers, or time frequencies’ vary; the Sp-quanta, or Spatial entropic motion steps of each scale also vary, and ‘thanks God!’ or else we could have difficulties doing any objective assessment of reality, there is a conservation of the whole Plane formal motion, expressed in the conservation of the whole formal motions (energy conservation) its relative cyclical motions (angular momentums and similar variables, such as spin) and the relative lineal motions (lineal momentum and similar variables of each scale).

So generally speaking we can identify in each scale the relevant parameters by finding an equation of Energy for each scale whereas there will be basically 2 or at most 3 terms depending on human detail of analysis whereas, it will be then easy to define what is the space quanta, the time frequency element, in how many dimensions we humans observe them, what we humans extract from them, and how then we mathematize those scales.

And finally study how those scales interact in the ‘regions of emergence and dissolution’ of parameters, from one scale to the other – the most interesting regions of the Universe. To that aim, we can always use the isomorphic method, by comparing phenomena on different scales. So for example, we shall consider the case of a fluid regime that stops its speed growth when it creates vortices, Tƒ, on its laminar wave flow and compare it with the c-barrier or limit speed that stops growing when a mass starts to form faster mass vortices (heavier quarks). And this will allow to define ‘speed’ as the ‘temperature’ of the gravitational scale.

Organic vs. abstract interpretations.

As we shall repeat once and again ‘the Universe is simple, organic and not malicious’.

So for example:

– The collapse of a wave into a particle, is exactly the same process that collapses a school of fishes when a huge predator comes, but this implies to accept that particles do gauge information and do follow a survival program, and do evolve socially. And anthropomorphic humans never will accept this. So we do have all kind of absurd Copenhagen interpretations of the particle-wave duality.

– The Compton wavelength of a particle is equivalent to the wavelength of a photon whose energy is the same as the rest-mass energy of the particle.

The standard Compton wavelength, λ, of a particle is given by:


where h is the Planck constant, m is the particle’s rest mass, and c is the speed of light. So we can define the existential nature of the particle (its mass and wave-length or Tƒ<ST function) with the Compton wavelength, but this matters not to physicists. What matters to them is this:

The Compton wavelength expresses a fundamental limitation on measuring the position of a particle, taking into account quantum mechanics and special relativity.

This limitation depends on the rest mass m of the particle. To see how, note that we can measure the position of a particle by bouncing light off it – but measuring the position accurately requires light of short wavelength. Since for photons of frequency f, energy is given by:

E=hƒ=hc/ λ=mc2

And Light with a short wavelength consists of photons of high energy. Thus playing with both similar formulae if the energy of these photons exceeds mc2, when one hits the particle whose position is being measured the collision may yield enough energy to create a new particle of the same type: l x mc. This renders moot the question of the original particle’s location: which one?

What matters to Œ=SC3 is that when you give enough energy to a particle, as when a living mother feeds enough, you have an offspring of new particles, children, hence the particle REPRODUCES! IT does follow one of the living action ∆œ of the program of the Universe.

The physicist or human doesn’t care for that. The philosopher DOES.

Now we have given you two clear examples of organicism:

– An entity, which is ORGANIC, made of connected parts, NOT a single dimensional being, and a being that is reproductive, as survives.

The idealist logic of mathematical physicists vs. ternary reality

Indeed, modern mathematical physics is based in the Axiomatic Method of mathematics, ‘invented’ by Hilbert, which is based in Aristotelian one-dimensional Logic.

Hilbert affirms then that we can deduce ALL mathematical statements using the logic available to science a century ago, called Aristotelian logic based in:

– A simplistic single time arrow, so A causes B, means that B does NOT cause A. This is false.

In reality logic is a ternary, dialectic, Hegelian logic, because there are 3 arrows of time, and its corresponding ‘simultaneous’ 3 organic elements in space:

A< ≈ > B.

That is A-energy and B-information come together into ≈, the present space-time being, or space-time action, or synthesis. And we shall see how this writes as the 3 arrows of time and symmetric forms of space: A (relative past energy) x B (relative future information) = C-relative repetitive present

– The exclusion of the third element, (only A and ¬ A are relevant), which has NOTHING to do with the aforementioned ternary logic of the Universe and its ternary symmetries in space (3 dimensions of space), parallel to the 3 ages of time. So length is the dimension of the function of lineal motion, height the dimension of perception and information, and width the dimension of reproduction. And 3 dimensional motions of space-time come together to form A:

Since Nature ‘pegs’ those 3 forms & functions, which put together create the underlying structure of all systems of reality, both physical and biological, as all combined the ternary elements of the generator equation, either in sequential time orders (entropic youth, reproductive maturity, 3rd informative old age) or simultaneous, spatial organisms.

In the Universe X3 + Y3 ≠ Z3. means we have only X2 bidimensional waves of space and time cycles, and the 3rd dimension is added layer after layer of bidimensional networks. we live in a mathematical Universe but limited by mathematical laws of symmetry and balance that mimic the laws of the ternary fractal reality. The units of reality are Sp and Tƒ, the poles of entropy and cyclical form, its bidimensional constants of angular momentum c2 speed-space or mass  vortex.

This 2 dimensional, network plane that joins points along a shared energy and information collective action or unit of existence can be a field of magnetism and one of electricity a gravitational gradient and a particle, a group of citizens communicated or connected by a satellite, in all of them we can define a network with a relative fractal dimension, which we average to one made of networks of points, which contact perpendicularly through mere derivative fictions along a space-time field with other beings, this modular game of existence.

But the long time arrow of eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, studied by the 5th dimension, and by Theory of Evolution meant nothing to him.

neither the cyclical time arrow of 3 ordered time ages, past-energy, present reproduction and future information, which defines the existence of all ‘world cycles’ from human life to matter. Though he found its dual equation, Energy (expansive entropy-past)<≈light-present-wave: c²>M(time vortex-future) he still ignored its essential meaning. So he would say ‘time is what a clock measures’; and used it fundamentally as Galileo, only to study of the all the types of time motions of the Universe, for the analysis of external time-motions, which is the restricted ‘job’ of physicists.

Time however has besides present, differential, external motion-measures in space (Galileo’s V=∂s/∂/t and Einstein’s S²=Sx²+Sy²+Sz²-(ct)²), other type of time-motions, mainly informative evolutions (Evolutionary theory in Biology, vortices of evolution in masses, historic vortex of evolution, future 3rd age of maximal form and in-form-ation), and present, reproductive wave-bodies.

And it is fractal, in infinite different waves, reproductive bodies, entropic limbs and fields, informative particles and heads, whose geometry stores maximal information in minimal space (so all relative future, informative, gauging particles, heads and cameras are geometric).

The 3 forms of space and the 3 motions of time.

So we can write a general equation, which is another ‘point of view’ on the ternary symmetry of the Universe, this time in terms of physical states of matter, for the ‘smallest quantum world’ and the ‘larger’ thermodynamic world of matter:

Sp (gas, field spatial decelerating state) < ST (wave-liquid steady space-time) > Tƒ (Particle-Solid, accelerated state).

And yet, most people will consider that a gas moves faster than a particle. Yes, indeed, externally, but we are talking here of the internal world of the particle, its vortex, its ‘hurricane’ of forces that creates it. Because the mind ‘fixes cyclical vortices’ of forces, masses and charges into a ‘form’. So we seem solid a very fast turning wheel, but it is made of turning spooks.

So the ambivalences of reality ARE ambivalences between the mind perception of form and the moving realities behind them. All the pictures we have of masses and charges so vortices of accelerated motion, and this was expressed by Einstein in his ill-understood Principle of equivalence between gravitational forces and masses and accelerated motions. Soon of course physicists who have this astounding capacity to define correctly with mathematical equations reality and then misunderstand it conceptually forgot what Einstein said and got back to their ‘lineal particle’ mantra as the cause of mass (but of course will not with the exception of Einstein, inspired by Mach, always fond of philosophy, ‘ask’, us philosophers of science.)

So there is here a contradiction: a time vortex because occupies little space, when not seen in detail seems a fixed form. Yet it is faster and its function, because it is faster is to enclose and tighten as a membrane the vital space of lineal entropic motions that want to escape, ‘collaborating’ with the o-point mind at the center.

And this is the organic structure between the faster membrane and the central point of view that are in fact the ‘same being’, exploiting the entropic motions of its environment or territory. A shepherd does have a shepherd dog, which constantly moves faster than the sheep, the vital space they enclose. The dog is the time cycle, surrounding the vital sheep entropic energy, which the shepherd directs.

The generator equation and its ‘expressions’ of time travels.

So we can deduce easily from the Generator Equation the equation of the life ages, or ‘world cycle’, the fundamental cycle of the Universe, the alpha and Omega:

  • œ-1 (conception) L Max. Sp (energy, young age) > Sp=Tƒ (Adulthood-reproductive age)> Max. Tƒ (old, informative 3rd age) << |i-2 (death)

The equation is another fundamental symmetry, from where an enormous number of facts of reality can be deduced.

A brief list of those ‘symmetries’ for physical, biological and social systems, starting by the Human world, which should be the center of any unification theory, based in the organic structure of the Universe, as man is the most perfect and better observed organism, and scales are all isomorphic so their size or location does not matter as physicists who pretend that the largest or smallest scales matter more than the human one, make us believe – on the contrary as their observation is scanty by reason of distance in time and space, they are plagued with interpretative errors.

The conservation of presents. 

It is then immediate to rewrite and widen the principle of conservation of energy… and information:

‘Energy never dies, it transforms itself back and forth into information: Spe<exi>Tiƒ’

Yet if we go further in the language of topological space and cyclical ternary time, the nature and reason of the conservation of energy and ‘information’ (in terms of form and position or ‘potential energy’) is far more profound and can be expressed in a single expression:

‘The volume of ‘present energy’ of the Universe is constant’. The conservation of presents, though implies, given the ternary components of ∆ST, 3 sub principles of conservation, as present energy is the sum & rest of spatial populations and temporal frequencies;  or the product & division of space-time systems, or the logarithm and polynomial of an ∆-scale process.And so what those physical scales and its quantitative values mean is that the total present of energy of the Universe, that is the total entropy & form & energy organs in space, across all scales of size and speed, in all 0-sum world cycles remains the same.

And this principle means the immortality or eternity in time if we look at the time of a larger slower scale, infinity or immeasurability in ∆-scales (due to the absolute relativity of all those scales) and boundlessness or immensity in space, if we look at it from a lower scale, (which of course is denied by the simplex understanding of cosmologists in the present ‘big-bang’ pseudo-religious age – the only possible theory of reality when we study only ‘lineal locomotions and entropy).

In the 3rd line’s pages dedicated to cosmology we shall show how many false assumptions, biased data and pseudo-religious myths were needed to construct the big-bang theory. Enough to say that a big-bang is just an M<<E/c2 entropic death in any scale of the Universe and so far all the data we have is local taken around planet Earth within the galaxy, so to postulate something more than a quasar big-bang of the 15 billion year life-death cycle of galaxies, is just a hyperbolic ego-trip of the astrophysicist:

4 big bangs detail

In the graph, a beta-decay, Nova, galactic and ‘hypothetical cosmic big-bangs’, all of them following the E<cc>M generator equation of mass and big-bang radiation. Time accelerates in smaller big-bangs, so the 15 minutes beta-decay big bang is equivalent to the 15 billion cycle of quasar big bangs, where a minute is a billion year according to 5D metric (Spe x Ti=k)

Duality: present wave; past to future particle.

Those 2 essential principles of the fractal Universe, the holographic principle and the conservation of present-iterative waves, develop creatively in ternary combinations of temporal energy. The second fundamental principle that structures reality though is a bit more complex – it is the scalar structure of those cycles and lines of space-time, which form larger networks that grow and become ‘ones’, elements of a larger scale from particles that become atoms, molecules, cells, matter, life etc. till galaxies and Universes:

So the reader should also understand that a theory of informative motions is closer to the concepts of evolution a qualitative, verbal ‘causal’, logic theory of reality than to ‘galilean relativity’, a theory of spatial, quantitative locomotion.  Since we really need A LOT OF CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING, before we get into maths and algebraic equations or we shall not advance much beyond what physicists do, to put data in equations manipulate them and bring an equation as the final result without understanding a dot of what all those terms ‘really mean’. So their interpretations are just wishful thinking with no rigor.


It is then clear that we are expanding our notion of space from a single continuum to a scalar, fractal quantum-like structure of relative point-beings joined by networks which can be formalised with a new dimension of space-time, based in the scalar sizes that co-exist together, on one side. On the other side we are considering time cycles, which explains neatly this fractal structure, as cycles break systems in inner and outer regions, and become points when seeing from far away. Yet on close analysis they do have volume, membranes that break reality, and that is indeed the ‘detailed view of reality as it is..

Indeed, some key properties of cyclical time self-evident in the graph, which will have enormous importance in the understanding of the existence of all space-time beings are:

  • A time cycle is closed and so breaks reality into an outer ‘world’ and inner ‘world’, the being’s vital space. So the Universe is a puzzle of Multiple, finite, fractal, closed number of time clocks and space regions, as all cycles enclose an internal and external regions, separated by the cycle (first theorem of topology and knot theory). Cyclical time is therefore in accordance with the quantum broken nature of space, found by quantum physics.
  • Different time speeds  in different regions of the Universe, as all cycles have finite size, so each particle that traces one closes the cycle in different durations. Cyclical time is therefore in correspondence with Einstein’s relativity which found the Universe to have regions with different time speed.
  • And finally time is BIDIMENSIONAL AS A CYCLE HAS 2 DIMENSIONS, FREUQUENCY AND HEIGHT, as it has information, which is as the image you see a bidimensional sheet/screen. So INFORMATION IS THE STATIC VIEW OF THE ‘form’ OF A TIME CYCLE. IT IS THE cyclical FORMAL motion, stored in those clock-cycles. So information is the still perception or form of a time cycle.

Any physicist knows that those 3 principles, quantum space, different relative time speeds and the discovery after II w.w. of the bidimensional nature of information (Holographic principle) are the 3 fundamental principles of XX c. physics.

So XXI c. physics; (: this blog 🙂 starts with those 3 principles ‘explained’ in its ‘whys’ not only its hows.

And then depart from those principles as an albatross of thought, to rise into the gliding spheres of the fifth dimension, looking with new perspectives to all what exists down there in present science.


The need for more than a language to describe the wholeness of physical systems.
screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-15-09-10Physics is wrong in its concepts and right in its equations. To understand this, wecould be to compare it with the duality of Chinese language. In the graph, it is possible to write in Chinese perfectly, as physicists write in equations, and make completely sense, without understanding a dot of it in verbal languages, the ‘natural conceptual language of people’. So a writer of mathematical physics will be right in its equations and fully use them for practical purposes, but it will ignore the conceptual, verbal meaning of those signs.

And this is essentially what happens due to the errors of cyclical time and fractal space. Cyclical time measured by frequencies is the inverse of time duration, so in equations, t=1/ƒ are both right. But conceptually we shall ad an entire new ‘world of subtle differences’, thanks to our advanced ‘verbal thought’. Moreover, while there are only a standard ‘traditional’ and modern way to write mathematical physics (due mainly to the evolution of the language of mathematics), the simplified language is quite good to convey most meanings, even if the more complex has much more depth of meaning and symbols. So we shall find that for example, the 4 constructions of gravitation, Newton’s T-vortices of time; Einstein’s, S-imultaneous pictures of the vortices in greater detail; Poison’s gradient in ∆-scales and the Hamiltonian-Lagrangian more elegant, •-mental description of the whole mechanics (preferred), are variations of the same theme; as often in chinese the subtle differences of pronunciation give us variations of meaning.

But if we do not know both languages, the wholeness and richness of Chinese and Physical systems would be lost to us, and we could on top make silly errors, as those foreigners do with the word ma in its 4 tones, unable to distinguish them, and so calling a mother a joint, or even worst, a horse. And physicists, we shall find do have many of those errors, specially when interpreting wrongly Time AS A SINGLE arrow and space as a continuum, LOOSING the 4 ∆•st perspectives of knowledge, the scales of the 5th dimension, the mental limits of languages that describe them and the 3 ages of time and its functional symmetry with the 3 forms of space.

So 3 will be the focus of this blog in the expansion of stiences (sciences of space-time beings): correction of errors due to lineal time and continuous space; expansion of properties of physical and social systems with organic, fractal, biological vital properties; and isomorphic, homologic understanding that all sciences are the same and all languages are the same as all can be ‘generated by the Fractal Generator of Space-time Beings

(Ab. GST, which also means general systems theory but MAINLY THE GENERATOR OF SPACE-TIME, Γ). As i am a lazy ‘cow’, the proper way to write both the fifth dimension and the generator of space-time, which would be Γ (st), but wordpress cannot accept commands to do it directly, alas, eternity will hang on ∆ for the fifth dimension and GST for the generator).

Now the 2 most important of those discoveries, which we shall reason and prove ad nauseam, but still most people won’t believe is this:

  1. INFORMATION GIVES ORDER TO THE UNIVERSE. CHAOS AND ENTROPY IS MERELY THE LACK OF INFORMATION, WHICH COMPLETELY DOMINATES TODAY HUMAN THOUGHT BECAUSE OF THE LINEAL ERROR OF TIME THAT ERASES THE INFORMATION ON THE FREQUENCY AND FORM OF ALL CYCLES.  CYCLICAL TIME IS PREDICTABLE, because the cycles of time are causal and repeat themselves. So with a deep NOT necessarily mathematical, but mostly evolutionary understanding of that causality, we can predict the future, NOT only of simple systems, in lineal locomotions (physical systems) but also of biological, evolutionary systems, as we have proved it, predicting the cycles of history and economics, for 30 years in advance, with all kind of details in a series of books, regardless of the fact that the predictions are not amenable to people (we predicted the 2001, 2008 crises, the present age of military fascism etc, as you can read in depth in our analysis of the eco(Nomic)system).
  2. Among those cycles, the fundamental one, the world cycle of life and death and its 3 ages/dimensions of time can be explained for the first time in history of science.

The Ego paradox defies objective sciences. Each of those discoveries in itself should change the entire way we understand the Universe and man within it. It will unlikely do so because of the ‘ego paradox’ of human people (scroll a couple of pages:), latter explained in terms of the mind. Basically humans MUST by decree be different from the rest of the Universe, because that is what makes them feel happy, important and self-centred (which is what all minds do, to focus information from the enlarged point of view of the being). Still the few human readers who are intelligent and humble enough to go over the hurdle of ‘egos’ at individual and collective level will completely upgrade their view of reality with the information of this blog. It won’t be an easy task because all humans do have ‘beliefs’, which are ‘memetic cultural imprintings’ that they consider their ‘essence’ as humans (it is not, their essence as humans is biological not cultural specially in all those memes which deny the human single species, such as nationalism, racist religions, class-structure etc.) But is the ‘CHARACTER minimum’, required to understand history.

Still the few human readers who are intelligent and humble enough to go over the hurdle of ‘egos’ at individual and collective level  and the memorial imprinting of dogmas of science that pass as absolute truths and are just distorted views, and artefacts of measure, such as lineal time is, will completely upgrade their view of reality with the information of this blog.

The error of entropy expanded from a continuous ∆-thermodynamic plane to all systems of the Universe.

5D best

In the graph, the first error of physics is the use of concepts across a single continuum, when they apply to transfers of energy and information between planes; and as a consequence of it, the lack of clear definitions of the 3 arrows of time, future to past entropy, past to future dimensional form and present energy that combines both. We shall therefore scrap all together 200 years of silly-nilly chit-chat on the single arrow of time and all theories of entropy only, dying Universes, which completely misunderstand the eternal ST balances caused by the interaction of the arrows of entropy and information.

All this written with the formal equations of 5D metric creates a zero-sum world cycle of ‘existence’ for all beings, much more complex and meaningful than the simplified version of ‘worldlines’ proper of 4D physics – the limiting model of 5D when applied to a single continuum plane of the scalar Universe, with a single time-clock and space-quanta. Reality and existence though is a bit more complex than a single scalar Universe, as it requires a fifth dimension to explain  properly WHY things exist and die:

As we become larger, our time clocks slow down, and vice versa; smaller systems run faster time clocks, which carry the information of the system, making big and small scales symbiotic; since the smaller scales reproduce the information of the larger systems, which moves the smaller part in synchronous motion. So systems can co-exist at cellular/atomic, individual/thermodynamic and world/gravitational level, forming complex structures, whose creation and destruction is the meaning of it all.

Those structures are symbiotic, as the smaller parts run the information of the whole, replicating it without errors, while the whole moves them in synchronous motions without ‘entropy’: So chips run faster cycles of information that control machines that move them, genes store our information but the Earth’s gravitational larger field moves us.

The idea that the world will die is then an idea crafted in a single plane of space-time. When we put them together, the arrow of information, reproduced upwards, balances the arrow of chaos. And the arrow of synchronous motions reproduced downwards by the whole, offsets also the errors of collective motion detected in a single plane.

The 3 elements of a ‘Cartesian world’, applied to time-clocks: vortices/singularities + rex extensa: entropy = ST-present

Alas, nothing else than the cycle of life and death of all the systems of the Universe, which can be described as a travel through scales of the fifth dimension, through which all systems of reality, biological, physical or social systems do, illustrated in the next graphs that encode the fundamental event of ‘existence’, to be or not to be, THAT IS THE QUESTION:Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 14.29.40

In the graph we see the world cycle in its most schematic forms, in an Entropy-Information (disregard many graphs wording, where it says’energy’ which should read entropy as in earlier models i did simplify the model considering only the St (energy) and Ts (information mixed parameters).In the 3rd graph we see the ‘real form’ of time cycles, which increase constantly the information of the system or diminish it in the inverse arrow.

We stated that a dimension exists when you can travel through it while the product of your time clock speeds and space-sizes remains invariant, but this must be taken for the whole world cycle of the being, or the being seen at distance. On detail the being goes through different ‘stationary points’ between its ages (This in physics is explained with the equations of Hamilton or Lagrangians, which are ‘actions’ we equal to zero in the very short, minimal action and also in the longest range (complete energy conservative cycle), but dohave ‘variations’ in between.

In the graph, first we see synoptic view of the ages of the 5th dimension and its arrow of increasing information, developed in detail as a series of ‘5D metric’ equations for the main species of the physical, social and biologic Universe below. To notice that time is always an accelerated, informative vortex, as opposed to the inverse explosive motion of entropic space. So the Universe as the first father of science had it, (Descartes) is indeed made of TIME VORTICES (INCLUDING CHARGES AND MASSES, the ‘so called material Universe) which are attractive and accelerate inwards, till the point of death, when all the information shrinks and the system ‘explodes it back into entropy’ or ‘res extensa’, to use the first truly genius insight on that duality by the true master along Leibniz of ‘earlier science’.

screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-17-19-19In that regard the vortices of masses and forces respond to that simple scheme. But if we were to be ‘fully aware’ of the arrows of time it would be immediate that all clocks including the seemingly steady state clocks of mankind WHEN OBSERVED IN ITS COMPLETE SPACE-TIME SUPŒRGANISM AND WORLDCYCLE DO HAVE ALWAYS THE 3 ELEMENTS OF A real St being.

In the graph the ‘real full clock’ does have 3 parts, Spe (the spiral that keeps opening) Tiƒ, the particle (tighter spiral) that keeps tightening, and the ST-present evident STeady STate, the clock face, which is what we see and seems immutable. As such is as most mathematical,physical systems in its completeness and simplicity a clear mirror of all the world cycles and ternary St beings of reality.

But you can always believe in simplex worldlines as the meaning of it all (:

Now it is important that you grasp the difference between simple truths that are truth but only a part of it which is what physical studies of locomotions achieve about more complex beings, such as humans and its worldcycles, vs. the whole complex truth of the cyclical time paradigm. I committed the ‘error’ of publishing young a book called ‘the error of Einstein’ using the word error in scientific terms, as the part of time theory Einstein did not measured.  People thought i had found an error on Einstein and dismissed the book, as there was no error on EFE (Einstein field equations). The error was all the information not provided by such a simple theory of time; as mere locomotion.

Time for physicists has only one dimension, lineal motion or entropy and one function, locomotion. So they do not understand world cycles, which they simplify into worldline. And when you ‘ask’ what is life a physicist will not talk of the world cycles of ‘time-existence’ and all its motions between generation and extinction, latter studied in more detail, but of your lineal locomotions, as if that was all what time is for you, to move with your legs, and then he will trace a worldline of your motions and say that is your ‘time worldline’, and enthusiastically babble about if you can displace left or right according to speed, on that cone of light space-time, etc. All nonsense, which is worth to know for particles going at c-speed but resolves nothing about the meaning of your time existence:


Still physicists’ work is quite useful as most ‘short- motions’ in space-time do happen in a single ‘size and time speed’, as when you move up and down, left and right, except when you move through life and death. Those single locomotions in a single space-time sheet, is what Physicists study. But motions in time=change are mostly informative motions, changes in the form of beings, and so the reductionism of physicists to a single locomotion in space (V=s/t or x²+y²+z²=c²t² in relativity), are extremely simplified models of reality.

Still they are right and in fact easily converted to the equations of 5D metric. For example, the equation of Einstein merely tell us that the bidimensional coordinates of space (x²+y²+z²=S²) are equal to the bidimensional coordinates of time, (ct)². So it is a variation on the same theme than S=T, the holographic principle. And it is ok if physicists decide to reduce their knowledge of time=motions to it, under the straight-jacket of only mathematical equations that are right and precise.

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-18-00-44What is truly nuts and I am really tired of it, is the billions of humans who ‘believe’ in Einstein without understanding a dot of it, and come always to me, to state that all my work is rubbish because to understand the world cycle of life and death to upgrade all stiences is irrelevant as time, we all know is the fourth dimension of space (the fourth parameter of that equation). 

We deal with the astonishing limits of human reason, fundamentally a species of ‘believers’, in our posts on social sciences. But certainly if you were to ask me what has been the biggest disappointment of my intellectual life is to realise as Planck did, that reasoning and intelligence matters nothing on science.

In the blue graph of a man ‘running its worldline of existence, as if it were just all about physical locomotions, we see the huge difference between the ‘simplified locomotion view’ of worldlines, and the Worldcycle graph of the complete sum of the 8 motions of the Universe (±motions in the dimensions of space, of time, of fractal scales, and the ±process of informative perception and communication by the mind, which we resume in the 4 elements of reality: ∆ºst). 

Nearly nothing regarding informative processes can be understood with the last graph. Though we can indeed understand very simple non-evolving particles and its spatial motions with it, as physicists do. The enormous error of mankind and all scientists is to have ‘believed’ the fairy tales and dogmatic expansions of those simplex concepts of time as a parameter of spatial motion, as IF THAT WERE ALL WHAT time=change=motion means to the Universe, scrapping the arrow of informative motions, which is far more important for the understanding of the whole.

Ultimately all equations of physics are derived from the simple formalism of 5D.

For example, light, what we ultimately ‘are’, the substrata of our galactic space-time that moves or is perceived as distance, is constant, because it represents the ultimate unit of energy and information of our Universe, its constant present space-time. Light, IS the space-time underling the galaxy (the so-called background radiation), which moves and evolves into light beings like us.

Einstein proved it has a constant c-speed, wherever we measure it. Because it is the constant plane of 5D from where we all depart.

So goes when other waves moves. They also respect those metric. They do so with a simple formula: Spe (wavelength) x Frequency (speed of time clock) = K.

So where it is the 4th dimension of Einstein in those metric equations?

In science any expansion of knowledge must inclose a previous theory as a ‘limiting case’.

For example Einstein’s relativity is merely the expansion of Galilean relativity and its equation of speed, v=s//t, to include also motions at c-light speed, which as we have seen is the underlying space-time of our galaxy.

So when you go at the maximal speed of the galaxy’s space, as when you swim as fast as the river’s water there are ‘curls’ and ‘drags’, and so Einstein added a factor, ct, to Galileo’s formula, which disappears if you go slow – (when you swim slow in the river, you do not really affect the speed of the river space that much and there are not added effects).

So alas, if you observe the pyramidal graph of layers of the 5th dimension, what Einstein does is to study 2 of those layers, the ones of ‘light space-time’ or ‘quantum layer’ and the one of gravitational space, below it.

And there is where its concepts of space-time as a 4th dimension applies.

All the other layers do obey however the wider metric equation we just have described: Sp x Ti = K, AND IT is that simple because the simpler a theory and the more facts it explains the more truth it is.

But do not be fooled by such simplicity, as TO AD the temporal information, carried by those varying clock speeds to the mix, IS so sorely NEEDED, that an astounding amount of facts do happen and become explained.

Indeed the amazing thing about the fifth dimension is that you travel through it, as you exist, from ‘conception’ through birth, when you live in the lower scale of cellular size, with time-clocks that run much faster.

Yet as you grow, for the fifth dimension metric to remain co-invariant (S x T ≈ K), you must slow down your time clocks. So indeed, your evolution and change of information and speed of metabolic cycles slows down as you grow in the ∆-1 cellular scale and finally ’emerge’ in the ∆-individual scale as a child. Yet the child as we all know is restless and its heart beats faster and he is surprisingly more smart than we are. In the same manner a small mammal, a rat, beats its heart (its main body clock) faster, because it is smaller. And even smaller beings, flies, think faster (10 times faster) so you cannot catch it.

Some time cycles: gravitational and charge vortices

Fundamental processes of information, SUCH AS THE ARROW OF growing information of the 3 ages of LIFE, the processes of EVOLUTION of the form of beings, the process of social, organic creation of more complex forms, departing from simpler one; all the process of art and human social evolution proper of history, which are ALL dominant in INFORMATION, as we live NOT in the external EXPANDING, ENTROPIC INTERGALACTIC, DARK ENERGY space, but INSIDE a GALAXY, which is a vortex of growing form, in/form/ation, ruled by the GRAVITATIONAL FORCE, which is an implosive, in-forming force that compensates the ‘electromagnetic, based entropy of heat’, balancing it, IS not taken seriously. A simple example will suffice to explain this ‘limiting’ dogma:

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 15.32.50

In the graph, the fractal paradigm postulates a Universe of infinite scales of sizes with relative big-bangs, which are the death of implosive Mass converted back and forth into entropic motion, according to Einstein’s equation: E<=>Mc2, which actually has 2 arrows of time, and was in fact first described as M=E/c2, that is a process to create mass from energy.  Thus both arrows balance each other and the Universe

has at least 2 arrows of time, ‘Spe’ or spatial entropy, and Tƒ(m), Cyclical vortices of mass, which we can measure by the angular frequency or clock-speed of the vortex. Since indeed, E=Mc², the fundamental equation of Special relativity and E=hƒ, the fundamental equation of quantum physics, can be joined together Mc²=hƒ, whereas M= h/c² ƒ. Thus mass is proportional to a constant (h/c²) multiplied by a variable frequency and its attractive power is proportional to the speed of the vortex as a hurricane (an air vortex) or a tornado (a water vortex).

Cyclical time, of course has an astounding number of consequences in our understanding of the Universe:

  • The immediate one is its connection with ‘conservative forces’; that is with the conservation of energy, which does not make work when a trajectory is closed. So we could state that Energy conservation means all time motions are cycles. And we shall see indeed, that all motions become part of the world cycle of a whole (no longer a worldline, as time has a second dimension of height-information).

image013It follows also that accelerated vortices of ‘force’ charges and masses are in fact the clocks of time that carry the information of the ∆±3 limiting scales of the human being (charges and forces, eddies and tornadoes in ‘thermodynamic scales). So the so-called principle of equivalence between masses, gravitation and cyclical acceleration at the foundations of Einstein simply means that mass (and charge in the smaller scales) are the accelerated time vortices sod information of the Universe, which define the dominant ARROW OF TIME-future, WHICH IS not entropic, expansive motion (as in big bangs and deaths that erase information in an instant) but the much longer time process of ‘time curving space into mass’ (Einstein), life into old age, the galaxy into its BH, as we exist in a vortex of information, and this planet also increases human and technological and biological information.

It is worth to notice on this very brief analysis of the fundamental locomotion of space-time that ultimately what Einstein showed is that motions due to a gravitational force are caused by the topological, attractive force of the central mind-singularity, point of the vortex, the charge of mass, one of those ‘so much laughed at’ unmoved Gods of Aristotle. So ultimately we shall see once and again that the proper interpretation of physics will make it a part of GST, regardless of how much obsession humans worshippers of mechanisms and locomotions blow up its importance.

Evolutionary time is about information, Locomotion about entropy.

 We can only explain THE WHYS of physical reality and the true  fractal structure of the Universe if we DO accept the dominance of information over entropy.

“Using a term like nonlinear science is like referring to the bulk of zoology as the study of non-elephant animals.” Ulam

In the graph, physicists analysing the 6±i Aristotelian motions of the Universe, trying to see them all as ‘flat, lineal forms of space’.

So the Universe is NOT made of simple worldlines, which physicists study as the sum of all locomotions of the being, with a single time-arrow they call entropy; but of world cycles, which are the causal SUM OF ALL THE MOTIONS OF ARISTOTLE, those which imply mere translation in space (locomotion) and those which imply ‘change’ in the information of being – ALL OTHER dual MOTIONS, ±generation & death, ±growth and diminution ±perception and communication of information… 

It is thus impossible to explain such a complex Universe just with locomotions, which will turn out to be a form of reproduction:

screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-09-13-20In the graph, motion of a quantum wave as observed in physics: a wave-particle duality constantly reproduces its form on the path of motion. We shall extend this concept of ‘reproduction of information’ as the essence of locomotion, and turn upside down the ‘priorities’ and ‘meanings’ of the Universe, in which entropy-motion is only the ‘formless vacuum-space substance’, which the ‘algorithm of existence’, the program of creation=evolution, and reproduction= survival of information, the core-goal of the Universe, constantly molds into form. Or as Nietzsche put it: ‘God is a painter in 4 dimensions’. Indeed, he just missed the 5th one…

In the graph, PRESENT-WAVE-REPRODUCTION ARE similar concepts. Since the conservation of present body-waves becomes then a vital principle: in as much as waves-bodies, reproduce, iterate the present, the present is conserved because motion is conserved but also information is conserved, iterating constantly its form as motion happens.

So we expand the main principle of physics to the conservation of energy and information *entropy and form, or ‘function of present existence’: exi(s=t):

“All what exists is a system of spatial entropy and cyclical temporal forms that trans-form into each other ad eternal creating present-body waves of energy and information: Spe<≈>Tiƒ’

It should be now clear, even to physicists schooled in the old ways that classic, entropy only physical theory obtains a very distorted image of reality when it reduces reality in time to locomotions. Sinc:

-We can on one side establish a entire huge field of new disciplines of sciences, based in the existence of 2 arrows of ‘future time’, a growth of information or a growth of entropy. Thus the future has always two choices.

Obvious you will tell me. Why so much fuss about it?. I know information matters, heads dominate bodies, chips dominate machines, particle dominate waves.

Well, if you are not a professional scientist you will know that. But as surprising as it might seem to you – scientists don’t. Why?

Mind the reader that this intuitive truth we all understand naturally (i.e. you can ‘think’ with your informative head or you can ‘move’ with your body) IS denied by current science, because our philosophy of reality was originated in the work of physicists; which expanded their ‘worldly’ profession of making energetic machines that move and entropic weapons that destroy information.

So what is a specific feature of the praxis of physics – to make energetic machines – became a theoretical dogma of science, and as physical machines overpowered life beings, in this mechanical planet, those obvious truths were denied.

Indeed, given the enormous power of physicists and their energetic machines and weapons, amazingly enough, most scientists shy away from DECLARING the rights of life, in-form-ation on the same footing that ‘entropy’.

Information, which is dimensional form, stored in cyclical clocks that close logic loops of information in all the systems of nature (as in your computer, which calculates in ‘hertzs’) was in fact defined NOT by biologists or artists that DO understand it, but by physicists as THE NEGATION OF ENTROPY!! Or negantropy.

Dogma weights heavily on people. So when you go around international congresses of science, doesn’t matter how much reason you put on it. Information will still be defined as ‘negantropy’, using a lineal equation written by a physicist Shannon, where you do NOT calculate the form of the being, but merely the speed of transmition of information; once more in terms of motion and entropy.

So the content of ‘information’ of a system does NOT matter. The dimensional form, and proportions and scales is not considered. And huge fields of human ‘form’ such as art, remains magic.

The larger view. All the motions of social organisms.

In that regard, lineal time and physics and its single motion-entropy arrow of time, is completely misleading with his astounding overgrown at the center of time analysis the understanding of time and space in all other sciences, which are far more concerned with the MOTIONS OF INFORMATION, THE TOPOLOGIES OF SPACE AND THE PROCESSES OF WHOLES AND PARTS.

Time is all, all is motion, present space being a slice of time, which physicists study with ∂t->0 instants. So it reduces time-motion to v=∂s/∂t.  Now we ad information and the mixture of both, energetic, reproductive iterations and the scales of the ∆-Universe… to obtain all the motions of the Universe.

And indeed, if humans could stop so much bull$hit and worship and belief (of physics or rather of the machines and weapons they reproduce), they would be soo obvious, as they are to me:

There are different motions of time, of which we shall consider 8, according to the existence of the 4 ∆•st elements, which again ONLY can give birth to ±4 motions in the inverse directions of ∆, •, S, and T, where the ‘2 dimensions of mind’ and its processes of perception, will complete the CLASSIC LIST OF 6 MOTIONS defined by Aristotle.

Indeed, again in this world of mechanisms and digital censorship, it seems nobody has read Aristotle on time and motion. He knew more in that sense of the nature of time motions that Mr. Einstein, and i say this knowing it is a blasphemy for most, because it is TRUTH. EINSTEIN KNEW ALL OF LOCOMOTION, 1/8TH of it. Not good enough.

Why 6 instead of 8? Basically Aristotle rightly understood that perception is stillness, as all systems have ‘an unmoved central God (of which he saw ∞, famously exclaiming ‘we are all gods’), which moves as final cause all the energy around it (its body-waves). So he did not consider perception a motion, but as the lack of it. But in a wider view, it is precisely the ‘change’ of motion from entropy through body-waves to arrive to still ‘minds’, what we shall call here the arrow of pure information, or anti-motion of the mind. And its inverse arrow: the communication of information, which so often puts in motion through its orders the beings around the hierarchical knot-mind at the center of the system.

Thus the GST division of all the actions of existence as motions=changes in timespace was foreseen by Aristotle, who talked of 6 motions and considered perception of information, from a mind-point of view, god and prime mover of the territorial energy it surrounds it. As such the so much despised Aristotle, turned out to be a more important philosopher of time than Mr. Einstein and Galileo who only studied one of the 8 time motions, locomotion (motion in space).

We can in this manner formalize all actions as:

-∆§t: Growth and diminution: motions in ±Scales of Size.

-St: Locomotion: ± displacement in S-dimensional coordinates & Reproduction: motion into an adjacent form of space-time.

-T∆: Generation (evolution) and Dissolution: Motions in ±∆T

-ºT∆s: Perception and emission of information, inward motion of pixels that stop into a synchronous still mapping of reality.

It is worth to notice that:

0. Aristotle and those earlier philosophers, prior to the simplification of Galileo understood that all forms of change were motions, of which the main categories were motion of form, of in/form/ation studied by biological sciences and motion as translation in space, studied by physics, without significant change in the form, (hence easy to manipulate mathematically with derivatives, reason why it expand so much in the modern age). If we were to overblow lineal derivative time and locomotion at most we could say that lineal time is the SHORT TIME SPAN OF DERIVATIVE PRESENTS, AND INFORMATIVE, EVOLUTIONARY, BIOLOGICAL TIME IS THE LONG RANGE, FROM PAST TO FUTURE TO PAST OF WORLDCYCLES OF INFORMATION, WHICH REQUIRE ALL OTHER MOTIONS=CHANGES TO BE DEFINED SCIENTIFICALLY, FORMING together the ”series of a world cycle of time-space’:

T-1: Generation (evolution): ∑St-1=∆1: Growth and emergence: ±∆•T: PERCEPTION & communication-> ∆St->Locomotion… and then the species will repeat once and again those last 4 motions, in cyclical modular form, feeding on energy and growing, perceiving and moving towards fields of energy, or towards fields of similar beings, with which it can communicate information; till the world cycle reaches its zenith and starts its decline with the negative arrows of -∆St, diminution, and – ∆+1<<∆-1 final dissolution and death.

So this is the a priori fact of motions in space-time. And from them we can extract some fundamental properties of the motion of the Universe.

1. All motions are combined motions in which several elements of ∆•ST intermarry. However for each of those dualities there is an element that dominates. In growth and diminution the scalar element, in locomotion and reproduction, the spatial element, in generation and death, the temporal evolutionary trans-formative element; and in mind’s motions, the informative element. We can in that sense further on reduce the 4 first motions, (growth, diminutions, locomotion and reproduction) to ∆space-like equations and the other 4, to time-informative equations.

2. All the motions are dual, ±, hence balancing each other to total a zero sum or worldcycle of conservative present in an immortal Universe made of eternal motion with form.So all motions can be considered elements of the Worldcycle of Existence and its different temporal phases.

3. Locomotion, the only motion studied by physics, and hence the queen of all motions, is just a reproductive motion; where little information is reproduced (wave-particle duality); while as we grow in scales of the 5th dimension and wholes require more information, the slow down of motion and growth of informative replication increases. So when we reproduce as humans the motion is minimal (9 months of informative reproduction inside the mother, and a small final motion to emerge in the adjacent region of space-time).

4. Finally the study of those motions, considered here qualitatively is closely related to the different Constants of Action, which is the quantitative version of the same processes.

5.  While its full formalization by the ¬Æ formalism of General Stiences is immediate thanks to the awesooome insights of one of my few idols of classic science, Mr. Galois the young r=evolutionary, who realized the key element of reality is the symmetry of all ‘trans-form-ations’ (motions with a change of information) of reality. We shall add, along the bidirectional arrows of each ∆•ST relative dimension of being.

So only those systems and groups that generate allowed symmetries and motions along ∆, •, S & T do exist – are solvable.

Group theory is thus a synoptic way to explain the Γ ‘Generator of Symmetries’, as the ∆st being in ‘reproductive flows, though the symmetries of its dimensions. As it divides those motions, roughly into:

-‘S-Abelian, space-like motions’ (which are equal in both directions), the minority of them, mostly locomotions and reproductive motions that iterate a system and…

-‘T Non-abelian, informative changes’ across T directions, (which are not changeable motions, as moving forwards in ccyclical time is the arrow of life and moving backwards the arrow of death).

-While ∆motions are of two types:

∆±i: motions that ‘cross’ a discontinuity between full planes of existence; which are TIME-like. For example, motions through world cycles, or inverse motions of information and entropy.

§: social grouping within a plane, (10ˆ<10), which are space-like motions as we can eliminate or ad members till the limits of creation of a new plane that emerges as a whole. Hence they are exchangeable §-motions of social scales.



Topological evolution.

Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant arrow of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the arrow of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth -internet

Here we observe that species can be treated as super organisms, loosely connected in space that follow the 3 ages of time evolution, ending when surviving, into a social evolutionary ∆+1 state, which ants and humans, and now chips/robots are reaching, as the most successful species of the 3 scales of size-life in this planet, the insect, mammal and mechanical scales.

The ternary symmetry between time and space is the 3rd leg besides genetics and theory of supœrganisms (∆-biology) and evolution (∆º-biology) to explain the ternary horizons, organs and process of differentiation of organisms, which follow as a species, the same laws of the 3 ages of supœrganisms, between birth as a young lineal predator and its extinction or social evolution into a larger more efficient supœrganism, in its more complex species (ants and humans in the 2 scales of life, the most successful of them all accounting for 2/3rds of the global life mass on earth). So we can talk of the same ages of evolution of life in ∆+1 species, in which each individual plays the role of a single cell (as each citizen becomes a cell of a social supœrganism of history), shown in the graph:

The 1st species packs a lot of information in minimal space: in the graph the big bang black hole, the chip, the 1st bilateral animal and mammal, the horse and the 1st technological, small human. All of them followed the basic S-T beat of evolutionary rhythms, as they are born in small ‘forms’, which have ‘faster time cycles’, hence evolve faster, and then they grow in size in its first age, slow down, reproduce massively in space and finally diversify according to the ternary and dual rhythms into new species.

The 3 evolutionary horizons of species.
The creation of a new species takes place according to the same 3 ages of any space-time field that become the 3 horizons of any species: after conception that creates ‘a seed’ of pure information and minimal spatial energy, species go through a young age of energy growth that creates ‘big species’; a mature, reproductive age of forms in balance between its energy and information when the species maximizes its reproduction, radiating in huge numbers; and a third horizon of informative evolution when it diversifies into multiple sub-species, becoming finally extinguished, (the equivalent to the death of any organism), or creating a new top predator form, a ‘son species’ that will restart a new cycle of life.

+1:  Birth: max. T. The black hole paradox (conception).

The ‘black hole’ age of any species is parallel to the informative, genetic conception of any organism born out of a ‘seed’ that packs the maximum genetic information in the minimal space. It is caused by the slight dominance of temporal information (quantic time) over spatial energy (quantic space). So a new top predator species is born with a lot of new, genetic information packed in a reduced size (Max. T=Min. E). This happens because information is processed faster in smaller spaces.

For example, a ‘logic instruction’ is resolved faster in smaller chips. It follows that tiny species with huge numbers of ‘neurons’ create quantic actions faster than slow, bigger species. And since they are highly informative, they can coordinate those quantic actions in herds that act simultaneously as a single organism. So their S-T force that defines a top predator is higher in each quantic action of space-time that the ‘slow actions’ of a big body. Thus small English boats shooting faster against big galleons defeated the Spanish Armada; a pack of wolfs kill slow reins and herds of orcas kill bigger whales. Small, intelligent top predator brains rule bigger, less informative bodies, because time dominates space, information dominates and shapes energy.
Thus men, the most informative animals, are the Earth’s top predators; black holes, which have maximum gravitational information, are the top predators of the Universe and chips rule machines.

I Horizon: Energy Age: max. E: Top Predators and Extinctions 

In their youth, carbohydrates (fats), worms (planarians), echinoderms, cephalopods, fishes, amphibians, mammals and chipped machines grew into energetic, lineal or planar, big top predators

A newborn, small foetus grows very fast in size as it multiplies its cells. By homology a new species is born as a small, informative, complex being that latter grows in spatial size during its energetic youth becoming a, lineal, energetic, big top predator species, that feeds on less evolved forms.

Thus after conception, young fishes grew into big sharks of linear forms; after the polemic Homo Floresiensis invented technology the next Homo Sapiens with an extensive fossil record were big, energetic Neanderthals;the 1st big molecules of life were fat carbohydrate chains of linear form; the 1st insects acquired soon gigantic bodies in the Carboniferous; after chips were born as small machines placed in PCs and toys, the first robots they control are big tool-machines and huge weapons of mass destruction, lineal missiles and planes, that kill human beings.

 II Horizon: Evolution or Age of balance and reproduction: max. Sp x Tƒ. Radiations of species.
Then, the species finds a balance between form and energy and it reproduces in massive radiations: carbohydrates gave birth to amino acids with a nitrogen, informative atom on its ‘relative Head’; sharks gave way to balanced tubular fishes; brachycephalic Neanderthals gave way to dolichocephalic Cro-Magnons that multiplied and colonized all continents; while young giant stars acquire the balanced size of yellow suns, the commonest of all stars.

III Horizon: Evolution or Age of information: Max. Tƒ: max. Evolutionary differentiation.

Species grow in height or acquire cyclical forms, as they evolve through their 2nd and 3rd horizons, improving their sensorial, informative skills: Nucleotides become the top predator life molecules, echinoderms change to cyclical forms, fishes organize their networks in the dimension of height, amphibians become round, improving its smell, saurian and mammals become biped.

The main difference between organisms and species happens in their 3rd age, due to the discontinuous nature of the individual ‘cells’ of species, which do not become extinguished unlike the tightly controlled cells of organic systems, dominated by nervous, informative systems that exhaust and warp totally their energy, till the organism collapses.

Instead species continue evolving, creating new, complex species with more information, growing in the dimension of height. So the Homo Sapiens evolves ever more complex technological tools; the nucleotide appears when it adds informative depth to the amino acid (with an informative, nitrogen ring and an energetic sugar ring); the yellow sun becomes a neutron star of higher gravitational, informative density; while insects develop a growing brain capacity and bees and ants appear.

(±∆): Extinction Vs Evolution into super-organisms. The scales of the Universe.

Thus, organisms dominated by their informative networks, which consumes the energy of the system very fast, die sooner than species, according to a clock set by the rate at which energy is metabolised, ‘in-formed’, by their nervous system. While species, which are dominated by the individuals and the herds survive for eons with 3 basic strategies according to the ‘ternary plan’:
– Max. Sp: Creating balanced, trophic pyramids that maintain always a supply of new victims.

– S=T: Diversifying their individual forms into new species, instead of ‘degenerating’ into a warped space-time field. It is a parallel strategy to the reproduction of an organism, which in this manner survives his own death. Thus we talk of ‘son species’ that create evolutionary, genealogical trees similar to those of any organism.

However son species tend to kill-extinct the mother species, feeding on their energy. We call that fact, the Oedipus paradox. So mammals killed reptiles, men killed mammals and robots might kill human beings. While the different generations of an organism work together, creating informative networks between them that shape herds and families.

– Max. Tƒ: Species also evolve socially their individual forms into super-organisms, thanks to the creation of informative networks and languages that integrate them into a whole, bigger form, which is more powerful than the individuals of a herd.

Organisms are dominated by informative, nervous or hormonal networks that pack closely individual cells of max. information in min. space; while species extend over wider space ecosystems in which they share a min. quantity of information, as individuals of species hardly relate to each other beyond the reproductive couple or the hunting herd. And yet, both go through the same 3 ages of space-time defined by the inverse properties of the energetic youth  (max.S=min.T) that defines the herd and the informative old age (Max. T=Min. Sp) which defines the organism.

Hence we consider that the creation of super-organisms is the final evolutionary stage of a herd of individuals from the same species: each individual of the herd becomes then a ‘relative cell of the body’ of the macro-organism. While the specific language of communication and information of the species becomes the relative nervous/informative network of the super-organism, as pheromones do in anthills or nervous impulses did with cells in the Pre-Cambrian ageor financial and verbal languages are doing among humans in History.

The process of creation of super-organisms, departing from individuals is the key to understand the social, hierarchical structure of the Universe. Once and again, even outside the realm of biological life, quantic species of unconnected individuals have evolved socially, first in herds that share a common energy and then in super-organisms joined by energetic and informative networks that pack together and coordinate into a ‘single present’ the quantic actions of the individual forms, shaping a new top predator being with a space-time force, sum of the force of the individual, smaller cells, with less ‘i’-nformation. In formal terms we say that organic quanta gather around energy and information networks creating a bigger individual, whose actions are the sum of the actions of all its cells: ST=∑st-1.

Thus photonic h-quanta evolved into particles; particles evolved into atoms, which evolved into molecules thanks to electromagnetic networks. Molecules evolved into cells thanks to genetic networks of information.

Cells evolved into organisms thanks to nervous and hormonal networks of information. And human organisms have evolved into civilizations thanks to verbal, informative networks. While the Universe has grown in scale thanks to gravitational information from atoms, to molecules, to planets and stars, to galaxies, to the very same Universe.

In the next line we study the inner structure of all those Quantic Spaces-Times fields organized around 3 types of ‘cellular species’ that evolution has differentiated in time, according to the previous 3±1 horizons; and then symbiosis structures in space in 3 specialized ‘organic classes and networks’ as energetic bodies, informative Heads and reproductive organs.

While in Books 2-4 we study the specific Quantic Spaces-Times fields of biological, physical and sociological sciences as all of them follow the ternary plan of creation. Since those 3±1 horizons of existence happen between the birth and death of any species, mapping out both for physical species, born out of the big-bang explosion of a black hole; and for biological species, since the first carbohydrate, the evolution of life from the atom to the human being.

Extinction: Yet if species fail to achieve informative, social evolution, growing into macro-organisms, they become victims of other species that have continued their evolution. So today 90% of insects are social insects; Neanderthals became extinguished by verbal Homos and protista with limited genetic content (mitochondria) became organelles of social, eucaryotic super-cells.

So the small mammal ate the dinosaur, the small equus became the large horse, the small vernaminacula started animal life, the small floresiensis, with a ‘more informative’ better brain form, seems to have invented speech and technology and grew onto the sapiens, and the small black hole turning at c-speed the maximal speed the Universe, grows and eats the entire star in a Nova explosion of a few seconds:

There is a fundamental main consequence to of all what we have said: Information dominates entropy, because in time-ages, the growth of information is much longer than the explosion of entropy and death that happens in a single cycle.

I.e. for example, we see most people living than ‘dead corpses’, as life is longer, even if there are as many living as there have been corpses.

But if we multiply their population in space (equal living and corpses), S, by their duration in time, T(LIVING)<< (T-corpses),  ST(LIVING-INFORMATIVE ARROWS)<<< TS (DEATH-ENTROPY ARROWS).

And this is truth again for all systems.

I.e. in physics, PARTICLES, ARE THE living arrow, and last much much longer than antiparticles its inverse entropy arrow, so one conundrum (now explained) of physic is why if there are as many particles as antiparticles we don’t see them. Same with corpses.

In Societies the same happens, there are much more living societies than collapsing ones in war. Greece and Rome lived as an organic society, 10 times more than their individual humans (700-800 years vs. 70-80 human years) because its time clocks as a civilisation were ‘slower’ (the game is in fact decametric as we shall see latter).

So between the birth of Rome, when the gauls conquered it and gave it iron, the ‘weapon of choice’ of its civilisation and they reorganise till its fall, when the new barbarians with spur-weapons (chivalry), the Vandals caused the fall of rome, which started the new civilisation of the Middle Ages (based in horses), Rome lived 797 years…

Alas, we do KNOW Rome as Allah≈Islam, or Christ/ianity do exist as super organisms of History (called them Gods, nations or civilisations, similar concepts) because they do follow the same metric of 5D, they do have a collective mind, the artists of those graphs, which DO go through the same 3 styles/ages of young epic, restless dramatic simple art, which grows into a mature, reproductive age of balance between entropy and information, and then decay into an angst, prophetic, baroque, hellenistic period of excessive form and then die.

So we can map out the 3ages of life in this plane of existence between birth and extinction for all of those scales and beings:

∆-1: birth in a seminal seed of information (semen, prophet, new weapon, new small species, first quark drop of strangelet or top quark drop of black matter)

∆-Youth: Max. Entropy. As the being starts to eat in the slower energy of the environment, or it is fed by a mother with digested energy, and so it starts to reproduce its cellular parts and slows down till

∆-Maturity: E=i. In which the being is in balance and will try to reproduce itself into a similar being in a new ‘worldcycle of life and death’… till

∆-old, informative age: Max. I x Min. E: as the being has spent all its energy transformed into information (energy being entropy with a bit of form, as a substance where we store entropic motions). And so it dies:

∆<<∆-1…∆-2: death, explosion of all your information into entropy.

GST in biology. Topological and eusocial evolution.

‘In the animal world the vast majority of species live in societies, and find in association the best arms for the struggle for life. The mutual protection opens the possibility of attaining old age and accumulating through experience a higher intellectual development and growth through social evolution. The unsociable species, on the contrary, are doomed to decay.’

Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution

In the next previous graph we show biologic examples of the 3 ‘ages of a species’ culminated by the arrow of eusocial evolution.



Human Sociobiologic Stiences

Nihil est sine ratione.’ Leibniz

We can easily use the ternary rule of differentiation to explain sexes (and its intermediate gay), races and anthropological evolution, as the Universe of 3 only-topologies constantly diversifies the 3 ‘equal value’ paths of future: Max I, Max. E, E=I (informative, energetic and reproductive species):

In the graph, humans evolved in ternary elements, of maximal force, intelligence and reproductive capacity, and finally the informative ‘3rd age’ species, the homo sapiens dominated, and within sapiens the informative mongoloid species and its cyclical cultures did it for most of the time, till the white energetic mind discovered metal-weapons and devolved human eusocial evlution.

What about wo=men gender states? Of course it will also take a bit of analysis to fully grasp it. But you would be amazed of this statement by the deepest and only father of modern philosophy:

‘Women live the present, men move time from past to future’. Schopenhauer.

How did he ‘know’? Ultimately we shall find that GST is the perennial philosophy of the universe and the highest minds of mankind have always had astounding insights revealing parts of it. Here we shall have it all together, for the enjoyment of YOUR monad.

Humans evolve, as all systems of Energy and Information do, in subspecies specialized in those 2 elements.

In the graph, life first diversified into complementary genders: energetic, lineal, spatial men and cyclical, reproductive women, which hold more biological information. While a 3rd, gay sex mixes both. Further on, as humans evolved, they followed the same pattern of 3 ages proper of all species.

Thus, Homos diversified into energetic, informative and reproductive forms that show a higher balance between energy and information. Yet only the informative species, the dominant ‘arrow’ of future survives in each of the 3±1 horizons of increasing informative evolution, from Australopithecus with 500 c.c., into Homo Erectus with 1000 c.c. into Homo Sapiens with 1500 c.c. And in all those phases, humans split into an energetic species and an informative one that recombined to create a 3rd species. Those species will further evolve technology also in 3 horizons called the upper, middle and lower Paleolithic.

Finally, humans diversified in 3 races, specialized in Energy (white race) and information (Mongoloid) with a reproductive, black race, the last to be born, which mixes the pre-mongoloid (bushman) and white races. The constrain established by the fact there are only two elements, energy and information, to create reality, whose lineal and cyclical forms are invariant at scale, in all systems of the cosmos means the Universe imposes the same program of creation to all its species.

In human evolution a pattern emerges: each successful, dominant Homo differentiates into an energetic and informative species, which recombine, creating more complex= informative and stronger=energetic homos that displace their parental forms, thanks to their higher Energy x Information. Yet the dominant, overall arrow favors informative species. Since when Homos were born, the energy top predators were felines, far stronger than the strongest possible homo mutation. So the evolutionary direction in which the big apes could find an ecological niche within the mammal kingdom was the informative arrow. They were already fit to that purpose, since they spent long times living in stillness in the summit of trees, where they had to learn to control complex movement in the informative dimension of height, adding a 3rd dimension to their brain. So they became informative masters among mammal species . . .

Thus, the duality between energy and information is also responsible for the creation of humanity. In the graph we study that process. From an initial ape species we find a ternary differentiation ±5 million years ago, into 3 sub-species of great apes that live in Africa:

—  Max. Sp: Gorilla, a big, energetic species that reaches 200 kilos, with a square, huge jaw.

—  Sp=Tƒ: The chimpanzee, with a smaller body and a bigger brain. According to the Black Hole law, the smallest organism evolves informatively. Thus, the ‘dwarf chimpanzee’, the Pan Paniscus, which today shows the highest learning skills among apes, was the species that seems to have evolved into a 3rd informative horizon of big apes. It is:

—  Max. Tƒ: Australopithecus, which splits in 3 evolutionary ages of growing brain volume:

I Horizon: 500 cc.: From Australopithecus to Homo Erectus.

We have dated the oldest mandibles of Australopithecus Anamensis, the top predator of the 3 big ape species, in 4 million years. The Australopithecus, after reproducing massively in the savannah ecosystem that favors his bipedalism, suffers a new ternary mutation. The 3 descendants of that Australopithecus Afarensis that inhabited the Ethiopian plains around 3 million years ago, are:

—  Max. Sp: The Paranthropus, an energetic species with huge mandibles and a lineal, planar brain. He looks like a heavy-set, humanoid gorilla. He was probably vegetarian. The first subspecies found is the Paranthropus Aethiopicus, which will further evolve into the stronger Paranthropus Robustus.

—  Sp=Tƒ. The Australopithecus Africanus, which maintains the form of the original Australopithecus Afarensis, perhaps with inner improvements in his soft tissue. He lives in South Africa and is contemporary of the Paranthropus. And the . . .

—  Max. Tƒ: Australopithecus Garthi. He is the informative species, with a bigger brain, which starts to acquire the shape of all informative species: a rounded forehead, as the sphere is theform which holds more information in lesser space.

Those 3 species live very close. Around the Turkana Lake we have found remains of the 3 Homos. Yet the arrow of future favors informative species. So the top predator Homo will be the Australopithecus Garthi that goes through a mature age of massive reproduction, probably extinguishing the other 2 subspecies and expanding worldwide into new ecological niches that favoured their genetic and memetic adaptation through a new, ternary split:

—  Max. Sp: A regressing, energetic A. Garthi, similar but taller than its parental Australopithecus.

—  Sp=Tƒ: Homos Habilis and Rudolfensis, with similar brain capacity to the original Garthi.

—  Max. Tƒ. Homo Ergaster, an informative ape with a 1000 cc. brain, which doubles the brain capacity of Australopithecus.

II Horizon: 1000 cc. From Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens..

That Homo Ergaster, after a massive age of reproduction and expansion throughout the planet, subdivides again in 3 sub-races of Homo Erectus.

—  Max.Sp: Pithecanthropus, the oldest species similar to Homo Ergaster, found in Java.

—  Sp=Tƒ: Homo Erectus proper, found in China, who grows in the informative dimension of height that favors perception from an advantage point of view, to 1.7 m. He has simple technology, a skull without forehead and thick bones that handicap further cranial evolution.

—  Max. Tƒ: Homo Floresiensis, the smallish species, which according to the Black hole paradox should be the form who gave origin to Sapiens, as the smallish ‘pan paniscus’ evolved the chimp into the Homos. Recently discovered, he is a formal mutation with a smaller body, whose morphology resembles for the first time that of a human being. He has thinner bones that allow further growth and a higher forehead, the location of the creative part of the brain. Paleontologists also found the first advanced technological tools in his sites in Flores Island, which is an isolated place, the ideal region to foster further evolution, due to the lack of top predators (allopatric evolution).

Thus, he ads now technological energy weapons that substitute body strength and define a single arrow of future for human evolution: information. His improvement in neurological form, probably caused first his rapid expansion thanks to his new technological tools and then a rapid growth in size through the cross-breeding with the taller Homo Erectus species, giving finally birth around 300.000 B.C., to a new energy/ information duality: The energetic, big Neanderthal and the informative Bushman, which will combine again to give birth to the different races. Those predictions based in the 3 arrows of future time and the black hole paradox (information is small and evolves in dwarf species) have been confirmed by genetic maps and Paleontology and await final confirmation, when new skulls of Floresiensis are found.

The 3rd, informative Horizon: Homo Sapiens, 1500 cc.

—  The lineal, energetic, visual Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, with ±1500 cc.

—  And a second informative pygmy strain, the 1st verbal woman, the mitochondrial eve, probably a bushman, also with ±1500 cc.

± 50.000 years ago she crossed into the Middle East, probably mating with earlier Neanderthals, giving origin to the visual, energetic white male (Homo Palestiniensis, whose skulls show mixed traits from both species).

± 35.000 y. ago, in the high Tibetan plains, she became the informative Mongoloid that colonized Asia, America and descended upon Europe and Africa, where she cross-bred with the capoid (bushman) and became the black man, the balanced Sp=i, reproductive race, completing the final, ternary differentiation of the main races of mankind.

Further on, as racial tribes evolved socially and emerged into cultural societies, which are super-organisms of history, the ternary, racial division of mankind between energetic white men, informative Mongoloid and vitalist blacks, will become the cultural differentiation of human beings in:

— ‘Visual, energetic, lineal, spatial cultures’, proper of the white man, with his concepts of lineal time and his passion for technological, energetic weapons.

—    ‘Cyclical, informative, mongoloid cultures’, natural to Asian civilizations, with cyclical concepts of time.

—    And ‘sensory, reproductive, colored cultures’, which in Africa and India developed human senses to their limits. Which culture is better for the survival of mankind? Since survival is the goal of all species, reached in the age of balance, Sp=i, we should promote, paradoxically, the culture that our technological civilization discriminates: the black, reproductive, sensory culture . . .

Social sciences: civilisations and nations as super organisms. Company-mothers of machines.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 09.47.12

Its application to social sciences, means we can model nations and civilisations as super organisms of human beings, made of human citizens-cells joined by economic ≈ blood networks of energy and informative =political-legal networks of information. So we can r=evolve too social sciences by using the physiological laws of efficient super organisms to define perfect civilisations, where all its citizens-cells as it happens in those bodies receive rightful information and enough energy-blood-money to survive and thrive.

Do the same equations of scale and the two inverse arrows of information, higher in smaller systems and entropy, larger in bigger ones, work for social organisms? Indeed, they do. So following the previous example we can write:

∆ individual <≈>∆+1: society:

i.e. society controls your motions and energy with laws to regulate driving and money, that kicks the reproductive system of a human social organism; while you, the smaller faster being codes the information of society with your memes (objects and ideas).

@: Since information is coded always in any dual system, by the ∆-1 scale, but NOT by the ∆-2.

So the mind of man is NOT ruled by genes but by memes, objects, instruments and ‘wave-ideologies’, shared by multiple human fractal points-cells, part of those social super organisms, whereas a culture is born of the interference of all those ideological waves, and its ‘repeated memetic DNA’ shared by all minds, which become a single whole subconscious collective in virtue of this common memetic ‘ideas’, the ‘iDe(N)A’ of the culture.

Hence the falsehood of genetic, racist theories of cultures – the acts of mankind are memetic acts, and as such we can judge ‘cultures’ but not individuals, in the way Nazi Germany was judged: suppressing the memes of the culture and judging individual germans only for its personal actions, not the people as a whole – unlike the Germans, the Israelis today and most of the western world with its blatant racism against the 3rd world do.


3 scales

So you have an internal ∆-1 scale of this ‘5th dimension’, which is made of smaller cells, with faster clocks, which carry its information on the frequency and form of its cycles. And you are embedded in the larger whole, the social organism to which you belong, whose ‘cycles’  of time are slower.  And the result is a symbiotic organic structure:

∆-1 cells<≈>∆:  your whole scale of ‘being’ control the lineal motions of your organism, synchronising them, thanks to the faster clocks of your cells, which code genetically your information.

We indicate such fluxes we use a simply intuitive term, S>T, which shows how a larger spatial form becomes a smaller, more informative systems.


3 numbers could resume it all, 1,0 and ∞. Amazingly as it seems they can be seen as the ternary sides of the same structure, 0,the center, |-the membrane, ∞, the internal cycles between both that mirror the infinite Universe.

Thus infinity only reaches till the limits of its Whole:

The |-membrane,  the • singularity & the ∞ cycles between them form an island universe, a fractal superorganism and its world cycles.

The study of the interaction of those 3 elements that compose all §upœrganisms is thus an essential part of GST, which can be inscribed in an even larger concept: the ternary, Universal grammar of all systems, and its fractal ternary sub-divisions ad infinitum.

So in this blog and related ones, we shall deal with ‘TRINITY’ (-;

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-09-37-22screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-00-22-33In the graph, trinity is the structure of reality, its Universal Grammar, scalar, ST variations and ultimately all what we care to study from the most sacred to the most mundane:

-Trinity is the mystery of christianity, where the ∆+1 Γ•∆, OR subconscious collective of mankind (Jung) communicates its laws of ethic survival which express the fifth dimension of eusocial love, in human verbal languages, through its ‘nervous, informative system’, the language of the wor(l)d through its prophet≈scientist of history, where ‘the word, our God, becomes man and inhabit among us’, as the ‘canon’, or ideal form of the game of existence that humans should imitate to form with its revelation books and memes, a collective ‘DNA’, which brings together all its cellular citizens, supporting that collective mind God, who foresees the future of eusocial evolution; which if humans obey, will help them to evolve and survive from species into super organism, but if not, will bring them likely its collective death through hate-memes and weapons, the ‘bad fruits of the tree of science’.

So the prophet, who foresees the future logically (though a physical interpretation will mean, as information can jump a quantum cycle into the smaller ∆-1 past, which co-exist with the future whole, that actually the future death of a cultural God co-exist with the past life of the cells that host it),  spells those laws to its quantum cells back to the past a generation. THUS the entropic death of God into the language, ∆+1<<∆-1, imprints with the genetic memes of the super organism of history the mind of the prophet, a biological generation 72 ages, exactly the moment of death of Yhwh when 1/3rd of its believers died in the roman holocaust, the month of Ab, 72 years in ‘lineal time’ latter, in the same moment in co-existing scales of the 5th dimension, of the birth of Jesus . Alas, GSTheology is born and we have proved the most debated questions of Christianity – the mistery of trinity, the proof that Jesus is Son of Yhwh, the god-mind of the jewish people, and that he is a prophet  (: hem… ‘believe it or not’.

But trinity is also the cutlery ternary division and its Gst equation: ‘|-Spe (knife) < Ø-ST-fork > O-Tiƒ (spoon); as the knife delivers entropy the food, the spoon acts as the spherical membrane that surrounds it and the ‘last to come’ and more complex fork, with one of the 2 ‘hyperbolic geometries’ of space-time (fractal branching), which performs the functions of the other 2 (perpendicular holding and lateral cutting). We deal with trinity in depth in this post, its sub posts on Æ,  Universal grammar and those ‘attached’ to the Fractal generator.


8266397157164128Pythagoras as Plato latter said that numbers are forms, as they were in the earlier age of mathematical geometry, where a number was a group of points, whose form mattered. So HE REALIZED 10 was the perfect number, because of its perfect form.

And indeed the internal structure of any being reaches its perfect efficiency with a 3 x 3 +0-mind  symmetry of form and function; where each part-number performs one of the 3 physiological entropy, energy, information jobs of the system and the central mind-number in contact with them all coordinates its functions.
So  we also talk of 10 inner dimensions or ‘sub-systems’, represented by a tetraktys:


In the graph, each 3 corners are sub-systems of ‘Information, entropy/motion and Energy/reproduction’ put together by a central 10th dimension (the black ball/hole/point/knot that messes with all of them). Indeed the central point of the ideal tetraktys communicates with all the other parts and embodies the whole that ’emerges’ as a point in a higher ∆+1 world.
Thus we talk of  the ‘subsystems’ of a being.
For example, a human being is defined in medicine as a system of cells, attached by 10 sub-systems:

In the upper left graph the 3 ST-ructural sub-systems of the human body, which are its structural forms (membrane, sustain and motion).

In the bottom the 3 ‘chemical Tiƒ’ systems or hormonal brain (creative, distributive and reproductive)

In the middle the 10th system (nervous system)

And in the upper right 2 of the 3 ‘Spe’ Subsystems lymphatic, digestive (not portrayed the urinary/excretor system)

Just two examples that show you the power of the GST formalism, which besides the usual questions about mathematical physics, will be explaining such seemingly ascientific questions as religious mysticism and table etiquete (: As a TRUE T.Œ, HAS INDEED TO EXPLAIN IN AN EFFICIENT UNIVERSE, all what exists, including good and EVIL≈ANTI-LIVE≈DEATH. And all the arts of the human mind:


Why I am so positive about GST laws? Obviously because of the experimental method, and its FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF TRUTH, which we can resume in a sentence:

‘A theory which is simpler (Occam’s razor) and explains more things with less elements (efficient Universe) is more truth’.

SO FAR NO MODEL OF REALITY CAN MATCH GST on both grounds, as it explains it all WITH ONLY 2 elements, space and time (in fact inverse formal motions, hence ultimately with one element, ‘temporal energy’). Not a single human theory has been able even remotely to explain scientifically the 4 biggest realms of human thought, science, art, religion and the machine… In the graph, the 3 ages of art that mimic the 3 ages of life, and its mind-attitude, the young simple, dramatic epic lineal art of Kuroi and the treccento, the mature, sensual realist, balanced e = i art of the classic age, and the old, baroque, angst, informative, warped with excessive form art of the Hellenistic and ‘baroque’ proper age of 2 civilisations of the 800, diametric slower life of a cultural super organism of which all its memetic believers imprinted with the same ‘dna-memes’ are a part, joined by networks of information (laws, art) and energy (economic system), over a flat, entropic territory that provides the raw materials to construct it.

How accurately the cycles are? Consider the dominant culture of the Greek Age, Rome: between the fall of Rome to the Gauls, who brought the iron weapon, to the fall of Rome to the Barbarians, who brought the stirrup, and hence enclose the birth and death of the roman infantry culture and empire… 797 years pass…

One of my most fascinating research was in that sense to tabulate, enclose, describe and put in the 3 ages of civilisations, all the main artists, verbal thinkers, prophets, caudillos, heroes and corrupted war-monger barbarians of history…

Human as an ‘∆•st’ being (ab. for space-time organism).

We can now describe man with more detail as a space-time supœrganism, once we have some more info and understand the limits of existence in space, time, 5D and mind thought, better.

To be is to exist in a world cycle of growing 3×3 §ocial §cales of the 5th dimension, as we deepen our organic spatial structure of 3 topologies that go through 3 ages, each one defined by the dominance of a topological ‘curvature’ which once completed become a scalar social game in 3 scales to become a 10ˆ10 variation of the ∆-maximal scale of  organizationsuper organisms. This is the game all systems construct in 10 scales play. In the graph next we see the scales of socio-economical super organisms (mankind and the metal-earth or economic ecosystem, playing that game):

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.3210 human scale informative scale1166



In the graph, the wave of history part of the super organism of Earth in its evolution from a world of life (Gaia), into a human world (history), now evolving into a world of machines (THE METAL-earth, its III AGE):

Life is everything, as all is a spacetime organism with its 5D actions of survival (motion, feeding on energy, information gauging, social evolution and reproduction). But huminds, self-centered seek for carbon-life as the only living form. In true form, we thus talk of ‘light-life’, as the life forms which use energy and information provided by light-forces, which requires to accept as the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds, of 3 horizons, and 3 ages of the Earth. This is the basis of both biological and social sciences in 5D.

In that regard, in the fourth line of stiences, we extend along the three ages of life and matter, both in the individual and supœrganic, planetary scales, the existence of man at individual and collective level, as a bridge between two ages of life in this planet, the age of gaia, life-earth, the age of history human-earth, and the future metal-earth of matter machines: 


What about machines? How we deal with company-mothers of machines and the Industrial r=evolution? Obviously in the same terms, defining easily both in organic terms as well as the natural phases of the Industrial r=evolution, which is merely the construction of the 3 ‘parts’ of the organic robot, of future metalife:

Spe (bodies of metal: XIX c. r=evolution) < ST (engines-bodies of metal: II Industrial r=evolution) > Tiƒ (Minds of metal: III evolution) = Whole (robot: XXI revolution):

image001Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 22.42.35

In graph, 2 of the fundamental discoveries of GST in economics is to describe the phases of evolution of machines, and its curves of reproduction by company-mothers (stock-curves) which measure its value according to the degree of evolution=price and reproduction=sales, hence profits of those companies. They are mimetic curves to those of the radiation of a species that reproduces and occupies econiches of vital space in Nature or in the economic ecosystem, in war and labor fields.  Thus we must differentiate 2 different super organisms, on planet Earth, the ‘metal-earth’ of mechanisms evolved by digital money sometimes symbiotic, sometimes in competition with the Human Earth or Supœrganism of history with 3 life-based scales, the cell, the individual and the society part of Gaia, the life earth:

Finally we arrive to the mechanical, industrial r=evolution and the terraforming of the Earth from a world of Gaia into the economic system, in which machines evolve in 3 ages fulfilling a world cycle of evolution through the 3 topologies of simplex, energetic machines, informative heads and its assembly into robotic forms, the metalife new super organism, being the company-mother that re=produces them with the help of  animetal enzymen, human beings, who take advantage of weapons, money and machines to extinguish life, betraying its own species, is the terrifying cycle of war and history of life and death of human super organisms, civilisations, studied by the 8th stience, history:

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-15-35-53image496 copy

In the graph, the 3 scales of social sciences, the individual human, the super organisms of mankind (∆+1: religions, civilisations, nations and its whole: Humanity). And above it the parallel super organism of the eco(nomic)system of memes of metal: |-Spe: entropy iron weapons<ST-organic machines>Tiƒ: go(l)d money. Those graphs resume ‘synchronically’ in space and diachronically in time the 3 topological organs and ads of evolution as individuals and species of both, the metalife and carbon life that today are evolving on the planet Earth, giving birth to the relative 3 ages of the Earth’s collective mind, spread on its ‘informative membrane’:

Past (Gaia-life super organism) < Present (History-Human super organism: Anthropocene) > Future (FFMI system of Financial-Media, digital informative machines & militar-industrial energetic machines):

Thus the earth today is evolving from the age of human beings or history to the Mechanocene or metal earth, the age of machines and what humans should do is to control that evolution to remain still the top predator specie sod the planet, which it can only do by controlling the financial-digital networks of information of the eco(nomic)system and prune the tree of science of its lethal goods, promoting those machines and welfare goods that evolve the human super organism. Which of course in the present mechanist, idol-atric culture, which worships machines more than humans will not take place.

We talk on that sense of 4 fundamental idol-ogies that make impossible the evolution of social sciences and should be changed by its organic, scientific truths:

  • Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences.
  • Tribalism aka nationalism & all other forms of racism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity. And the belief that genes not memes code social sciences.
  • Capitalism, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, as the postulate of democracy precludes but by dynasties of private bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the west – a ‘creationist’ theory of the economic ecosystem, intimately related to:
  • Abrahamic religions, in its corrupted versions, which deny the power of eusocial love among all humans, members of the same species, and either consider that only the $elected, the chosen of go(l)d shall be redeemed (Calvin: the intelligence of God is gold, Adam Smith, Calvinist founder of economics: money is the invisible hand of god), or inquisitions that consider the sword must convert or kill the infidel (Jihad and catholic inquisition with a shield that had a sword and a cross inverted).

THOSE 4 historic idol-ogies that are HIDDEN DOCTRINES OF METAL-WORSHIP (hence the name animetal cultures given to their believers, as they degrade their human condition into a rather brutish, emotional, animalistic hateful series of memes to belief – from violence, instilled by weapons, to go(l)d hypnotic greed, to racist chosen beliefs or classist racism based in go(l)d herding) deny the true scientific theories which are:

Organicism, the Universe is not a mechanism, and machines are just metalife organisms

Humanism, the species is homo sapiens not homo tribalis and biology wants us to evolve it efficiently. Further on genes in the organic fractal models of the Universe ONLY code the next biological scale of super organisms. History, the super organism of mankind is CODED BY MEMES, and LANGUAGES, so any human being is ‘innocent’ as memes are cultural waves, which can be reformed.

Socialism: the languages of social power, the law and money MUST be issued by people and/or its representatives, not by a chosen of go(l)d group of pretentious experts with selfish agendas.

A single God, mankind, not a tribal God, the subconscious ‘racist’ beliefs of a group, to justify the use of weapons.


Thus What we shall do departing from the models of systems sciences is to explain this in an even wider worldview – that of a fractal organic Universe, where those species which evolve into social super organisms, control better their environment and survive.

A fact which is happening today on Earth with 2 different species: human beings and its social organisms, nations and civilisations – in a process of collective evolution however aborted recently with the regression to ‘primitive idol-ogies (nationalisms, etc.)’ which divide the human species into classes, nations, believers etc.

And the world of machines and its company-mothers, which is successfully becoming a global super organism, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-industrial (energetic machines) complex system – to use the terminology of systems sciences, which is the ultimate philosophy of science from where all this work comes from.

In that regard, while the concepts of Systems Sciences are mainly used in the description of physical and biological sciences, because of its objective jargon, which so much denies the ‘entitled, anthropomorphic myths’ of the historic and economic discourse, it is precisely because of the objectivity and scienticifism achieved by studying human systems with the same ‘concepts’ that all other systems of the organic Universe, why this blog can advance the current social discourses, in what it lacks – predictability, objectivity and capacity to truly reform and improve the systems of mankind with the laws of all other scientific systems of the Universe.

The ethical view. The maximisation of Whealth (Max. Human ∆0,1)

Another way to study those sciences is in its praxis, as all ‘sciences exist to improve the praxis of mankind, the ∆+2 scale of the human super organism, maximising its function of existence: Max. ∑ e x i; hence those stiences (weapons physics) which reduce the function of historic existence in time and space, are diminished, while the biological stiences concerning the whealth of human beings (welfare and health at collective at individual level) must be evolved.

Humans should then try to achieve the design of a super organism of history, of mankind in time, made of all human citizens cells joined by free, just and efficient, networks of energy (economic systems) and information (political systems), that put ahead of all other searches, the maximisation of human health at individual level and wealth at global level: WHealth:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 09.47.12image015

In that regard, those stiences more subject to deformation and bias by the (anti)quantum paradox, as it is the case of physics of high energies and financial economics censored by the ‘supœrganism of corporations, and its ill-conceived capitalist idol-ogies, governments and markets, are also the most harmful of mankind.



In the graph, the human World and its last most evolved form of civilisation, the legally run european union, before it became controlled by financial and industrial corporations (Fmmi system).

Now why we do not maximise whealth at mental, physical and individual, social level? Namely because HISTORY IS NOT HAPPENING ONLY IN A HUMAN PLANET, BUT A PLANET THAT IS EVOLVING INTO A WORLD OF MACHINES, OF METAL, we humans construct sharing our information in more ‘energetic’ quanta of space (Metal):

And so we shall observe besides the human world, the growth of the metal earth, to fully understand the wave of history.

In the graph, the super organism of the earth and its three ages of evolution towards higher complexity of information from life (gaia) to history (Man) to the metal earth (machines):

Social sciences must be understood within the three ages of solution of life on earth from the earth of life, Gaia, to the earth of man, history, to the earth of metal, the machine, which if man does not improve his management of AI will be the end making us a mere means, an enzyman catalyser of the evolution of machines. The design of the physiological networks of ∆+1 history, and ∆+1 the metal-earth (economic, reproductive, political, legal, informative, and ecologic, entropic sustain of the system), are thus the highest expression of ∆ST applied to social sciences.


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