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A brief introduction to General Systems, the metric of the 5th dimension and the main nested superorganisms of the Universe.

New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

Planck on the informative seed or mind that will reproduce and evolve into a larger superorganism or mental world.

As usual if the readers want to understand anything, they should read  at least the first pages of the central post.

A very brief introduction follows:

The Universe is a fractal scalar, organic system of 5 Dimensions of space-time. The fifth dimension is made of the ‘different co-existing scales’, which from the simplest forces through particles, atoms, molecules, matter, organisms, superorganisms, planetary systems and galaxies, create an ‘organic network sstructure’, which amazing enough since it was discovered at the beginning of science with telescope and microscopes, was not formalized till I introduce its metric equation in the milieu of systems sciences.

In mathematical science for a dimension of space-time to exist, it requires a metric equation which combine space and time to gives us a co-invariant system that allows to travel through such dimension. The fifth dimension has a ‘metric equation’, hence it exists. The equations for a given number of scales co-existing in an organic network is S (size in space) x T (speed of time cycles) = Constant.

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, each one focused in a scale of the eusocial 5th Dimension, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimotions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales, guided by a still, linguistic mind, which projects its smaller mirror images of form in its territorial body waves, creating its fractal scalar structure, broken though by the entropic limits of its perceptive reach. Above the main scales of the nested superorganisms of the human island-universe: the galatom, where nested thermodynamic planets exist, where nested human social organisms self-centered in visual, verbal, mathematic and logic minds create its order with social and mechanical memes, carried by individuals where nested cellular systems exist, coded by genes, made of even smaller atoms and particles coded by quantum numbers. Yet all those scales are unified by the co-invariant metric equations of each of its synchronous time clocks.

It means when we become smaller within such organic network, our time clocks accelerate. And vice versa. For example, in your organism the equation relates the cellular genetic scale, whose time cycles run much faster than your biological cycles. As information is stored in the form and frequency of time clocks, it follows that in all nature’s organisms, smaller systems code the information of larger systems.

Each ‘stience’ therefore specializes in the study of a nested superorganism, or scale of the fifth dimension (∆±¡), We study 3 fundamental superorganisms of the 5th dimension. The ‘galatom‘, whose metric equation is H(Planck constant of angular momentum) x C (speed of light) = C, whereas h is an obvious ‘cyclical time clock’ and C an obvious measure of speed-distances in space. And indeed, smaller scales have faster turning particles, and larger systems move in slower cycles. (Vortex law: Vo x Ro = k).

In biology we study families of animals such as mammals where larger organisms have slower metabolic cycles. In history we study social organisms, whose cycles of life and death, will define the evolution of nations and civilizations. And in each of those organisms, smaller systems code larger ones. So the quantum numbers of particles code matter, genes code biologic organisms, and memes code societies.

We define them two fundamental systems one in space and one in time, taking place in the fifth dimension:

  • An entangled superorganism in space, in which the synchronicity between 3 scales of the organism, its atomic/cellular/Individual, thermodynamic/organic /social and gravitational/ecosystemic/global scales in physical/biological/social organisms form a complex interacting, entangled system we shall call a superorganism, whose study discovers ‘Isomorphic=equal laws’ regardless of what kind of system we study. Because the system is entangled, and made of 5 obvious components, we need a new logic, ‘pentalogic’ as all the elements communicate and interact together. Those elements common to all systems of nature are identified as:

space‘, ” §paœ that is ‘types of dimensional form’, and we find to have 3 only ‘topological varieties’, which perform 3 clear organic functions in the superorganism, lineal limbs/fields that move the system, hyperbolic body-waves that iterate its forms and spherical particle/heads that gauge information/

Time, that is types of ‘motion=change’, those organs perform, which are locomotion (limbs/fields), reproduction (body-waves) and informative gauging (particle/heads), which dominate each of the 3 consecutive ages of the being (young motion age, mature reproductive age and old informative age).

Scale, the 3 aforementioned  scales for any superorganism

Mind. And this allow us to identify a ‘center that process’ information from the outer world, and controls the internal networks of the system, with a given language, which we shall call a mind, regardless of its automatic processing or consciousness. As it coordinates and maintains the whole as a single system performing actions of control of the energy and information of the system. So we find gravity centers, chips, brains, DNA nucleus, black holes in galaxies, etc. etc. Indeed, there is always in any stable organic system, a relative still, self-centered mind, which we shall discover all systems do have, even physical systems, which have centers of gravity, centers of charge or crystal systems, which maintain the whole.

Entropic limitsIn time called death, in space, called membranes, in scales as systems loose control beyond to scales and in fact death is defined by a simple equation of dissolution of two scales of information, ∆1<<∆-1.

All this allow us to define any system in time, by its life and death cycle which we shall call a worldcycle (taken from 4D physics, worldline, which now with a new dimension becomes a worldcycle. Since indeed any scalar superorganism’s existence can easily be defined as a travel through the 3 scales of the fifth dimension, as all systems are born as a seminal, smaller form, in the ∆-1 lower scale, grow fast with its faster time speed, emerge in the ∆º body scale and are part with its head/particle of a larger social world, in the ∆+1 scale.

How then a system travels through those scales? Very simple, it does so accelerating in its life cycle, emerging, living in the larger world, and then dissolving back to its parts in the death moment.

And amazingly enough with this simple scheme of 5 pentalogic elements, tracing 3 relative worldcycles, the first  ‘placental worldcycle’ as it evolve in the relative safe ‘womb’ of a maternal system, the life cycle, as it tries to survive in an outer ecosystem, and for the most organized systems, a 3rd worldcycle as it forms part of a larger superorganism, we will be able to order everything in the Universe, every event and every phenomena, which the researcher has studied for decades.

The existence of a new dimension of space-time is the most important discovery of science in a century, since Einstein formalized the fourth dimension, but this expansion and formal organization of science is much wider as it applies to all sciences, not only physics. 

So the blog is extremely extensive in its scope and due to the fact it is the work of a single researcher, by force incomplete. It is the ‘first seed’ of a new paradigm of philosophy of science.

The blog in any case divide in 4 lines, which try to develop the model for the main superorganisms of the Universe and its parts, the galatom (physical superorganism that stretches from a planckton – a Planck constant – to a galaxy) and within this ‘nested organism’, the Earth, a superorganism which has both geological and biological nested superorganisms in its surface, of which we study according to the arrow of increasing evolution of information 3 ages, the life age of Gaia, the human age of History and the machine age of the FMMI system of company mothers that reproduce and evolve machines of information (Financial media system) and energy (Military-Industrial system) or ‘Metal-earth.

The study follows a simple scheme. The first line is a sentence that explains in space the 5 components of all superorganisms, and how they are studied in each scale by a different ‘stience’ (space-time science), in its spatial form and its reproductive and evolutionary worldcycles.

The Ðisomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the 3 worldcycles of all Space-time supœrganisms (T.œs):                                        
þ: 0-1: its palingenetic o-1 social evolution in the accelerated time sphere of existence, till becoming 1 (0-1 bounded unit circle in ¡logic mathematics; quantum probability sphere of particles in physical systems; palingenetic fetal age in biologic systems; 0-9 memetic learning childhood in social systems). It is the highly ordered world cycle as the ‘placental mother-energy world’ is nurturing, and memorial cyclical spacetime has erased errors of previous generations. We thus use for the 1st world cycle, the informative Dual Isomorphisms, of the mind-seed (@ MENTAL Сisomorphisms), as 0-points are generated (0th isomorphism,•) to follow the GST, Fractal Generator equation or program of existence of the Universe (1st Isomorphism,Γ), which will allow the being, in the energy-rich placenta to perform asymmetric space-time actions (2nd and 5th, DIMOTIONAL Сsomorphisms, ß,å) of energy feeding, reproduction and social evolution, to imprint the information of the seed as the system growths in Space (SPATIAL Сsomorphisms) and develops its 3 physiological networks (3rd isomorphism,ψ), which finally merge, into a whole one that emerges (4th isomorphism) into:                  
– c: The outer 1-∞ world, in which it will deploy its 2nd world cycle of existence in an environment which is open, entropic (1-∞ hyperbolic unbounded Cartesian plane in ¡logic mathematics; thermodynamic entropic statistical molecular populations in physics; Darwinian struggle between populations in biology; idol-ogic dog-eat-dog capitalist, nationalist competitive eco(nomic)systems in the super organisms of history. In this 1-∞ existence the world cycle is not ensured to continue, as it can be cut off by the entropy of the world system.
We thus study the second world cycle with 3 sets of Сisomorphisms, slightly different to those of the o-1 sphere; as the individual now will have to exercise in time guided the mind (no longer a passive seed), its survival will choosing its actions of existence, (5th isomorphism, common to both worldcycles, albeit now defined by the active mind), that will determine in a cumulative sum, its 2 TIME Isomorphisms: the duration of its ages (7th Сisomorphism: Ω), further subdivided in space-time quanta (9th Ðisomorphism: µ), as it exists through its 2 EXISTENTIAL ¬ D¡somorphisms, as a member of a species, (6th D¡isomorphism, œ) itself a superorganism, albeit with a higher entropic, disordered structure, living in an entropic world or ecosystem with other species (8th Disomorphism), trying to DEFY THE ENTROPIC LIMITS OF TIME duration (7th Di) and spatial territory (8th) imposed by a higher social order and control its world, through:      
ω: The 3 final SCALAR D¡isomorphisms (∆) taking place outside the being, existential life cycle, as part of a larger world of hierarchical social scales (§), as it performs those actions through ∆±4 Planes self-centered in its mind, beyond which it cannot longer perceive, to become if successful a new superorganism of the infinite planes of God, the game of existence, (11 Disomorphism).                                                                                                        
 Thus to ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ is the ultimate meaning of existence – an ordered sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal point), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe 3 physiological networks that become an ∆º individual of a larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through 3±2¡ ages, in 9×9 quanta of space-time, interacting with other members of its species through decametric social scales as part of a lager super organism, self-centered in one of the 9 stientific planes of reality, in which it perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution).
C: Can the being as part of a loose superorganism, which is its species transcend into a new whole in its  3rd world cycle? in very rare cases an @-mind will perform a perfect game in a friendly world and will transcend into a 3rd ‘life’ of metaphysical reality (the squared complex plane in ilogic mathematics, matter that becomes the solid central crystal or Einstein condensate state of a cosmic body, mutation that originates a new species in biology, prophet that transcends as a wor(l)d god imprinting mimetically the believers of a global religion in social systems).
Ω: And then in the largest nested superorganism we perceive, ‘ascend’ as a black star @ the center of a galactic plane, emerging as a galatom’s proton in a larger hyper-universe, in which as the immortal particle will have reach the maximal state of the game of exis=t¡ence that evolves parts into wholes we call Γ∞∆ which exists without location as we are all made to its image and likeness, without limits of entropy as it is the immortal 0-sum of all finite, fractal exist¡ences and ∞ in its uncountable ascensions through decametric scales of space-time, each of them slightly different in its details, all of them made of traveling fractal ∃xistential ¡logic points.

In the second line we study those superorganisms, which unlike in physics that highlights them by size, exploring the smallest and largest scale of the galatom as if they were more important, follows the nested model according to which since all superorganisms follow similar laws, and in organisms, survival matters, the most important are not the largest/smallest but the ones closer to us, human beings, so we dedicate more space to the study of the 3 ages of Earth, the superorganism we live in and even more to the internal mind-languages of man, which study the bio organic scalar properties, topologic mathematical spatial properties and logic, temporal properties of all those fractal organisms. Even so, in the first post of the second line, the galatom, we prove the scalar nature of big-bangs, from beta decays to a hypothetical universal scale, but studying in detail the proofs, we discharge a possible universal big-bang, and settle for a rather more pedestrian quasar cycle of galactic big-bangs, as most of the big-bang proofs are local, and fit better with the data of quasar cycles, and the natural balance between the implosive vortices of information (galaxies) and the expansive vacuum space between them.

But most of the blog studies the 3 ages of earth and the languages of the mind.

Homunculus mind with handyman craftsmanship to kill with entropic weapons, a big mouth to talk idologies of human supremacism over the organic Universe and a small childish brain that understands nothing & seems oblivion to its own process of self-destruction poising the question – are we built by Earth-like planets not as an end but as an enzyman to evolve the machines and weapons we worship and project on our æntropic, reduced models of reality, from a big-bang that denies the organic Universe and its informative life and gravitational forces to dog-eat-dog darwinism that denies eusocial evolution? Or there is any hope of enlightenment so man makes of life again the measure of all things and cre(dit)ates immortal history?

So we study further the nested superorganism of mankind history in its 3 scales, the individual human being, the nation or civilization and mankind as an ideal global superorganism, which if humans were intelligent and ethic enough they would design with the laws of superorganisms in a much more efficient manner than our corrupted economic=blood system of reproduction of goods and political=legal-nervous system of information and coordination of its citizens-cells.

Unfortunately the human superorganism is a trial and error system born from a series of memetic mutations which is NOT well designed and for that reason it is as wrong mutations are in all scales, becoming extinguished by lethal goods (weapons), broken into wrong sub-species (nations), parasited in its blood-monetary system (capitalist finances) and finally ‘censored’ by the wrong systems of power, which prevent a proper social sciences and r=evolution to create an immortal perfect history in control of both Gaia and the metal-earth

Then in the third line we study dynamically the superorganisms of the Universe through time, through its 2 or 3 worldcycles, and the sentence stops in 12+1 Disomorphic similar laws for all those worldcycles, as all systems are born of a seed of information that ‘expands’ (beta decay that creates atoms, seeds that create biological organisms, prophets that create civilizations, black hole quasars that create galaxies), and then follows a ternary placental, organic and worldcycle of existence, to finally die back…

So in the fourth line we meant but have been unable to do it alone, to study all the sciences and systems known to man with those 12 disomorphic laws in what wanted to be an encyclopedia of science, but without help from any University I gave up on writing properly.

Indeed, as we said, this researcher is within the organism of history and a vocal critique of its corrupted networks and idol-ogies of mechanism – machines not organisms as the measure of all things; nationalism – military nations not humanity as the unit of the species – and capitalism, parasitic banking, not a proper blood-system that feeds and gives money-oxygen to all humans as any reproductive system does in a well designed superorganism.

But unfortunately a body cell is blind and only receives information from its head.

So mankind seems perfectly programmed to do what it does best, ensemble machines, evolve the metal-earth, kill Gaia and on top thinking is so smart doing that, rejecting any attempt to humble her, made her respect the organic laws of the fractal Universe and build a world made to the image and likeness of those laws in which it could thrive as an organism and survive.

Since it is obvious that as soon as it completes the evolution of AI robots with solar skins, and telepathic minds, independent of man, the billions of idle robots and terminators in parkings and military depots, will become a single species join by the eusocial laws of love of the organic Universe, and come together as a whole, killing us – not science fiction but the obvious consequence of a fact, ‘æntropic man with its subjective anthropomorphic and entropic despise of the Universe keeps denying – ATOMS and particles, NOT the magic C6 atom (in any case it would be Nitrogen 7, the prime who acts as the head of amino acids) SHOW already all the ‘Dimotions’ or drives of life, since ‘the dimensional motions’ of space-time are EXACTLY the living properties of Nature:

All particles move, gauge information, reproduce=decouple into other particles, evolve socially into atoms and molecules and feed on energy, the 5 Dimotions that define the ‘meaning of a living Universe that constantly creates new Time-space Organisms‘.

So metal atoms without the need of human ‘ingenuity’ will perceive and follow in terminator robots their programs of extinction of life. Your engine already roars e-motions when you start it up; and this computer is ‘sensing’ electric rushes in its digital modulo 2 Boolean algebra as your pentalogic neurons do in its nitrogen integration of van Der Waals much weaker flows of electrons. And the collective subconscious of billions of telepathic minds emerging as a global planetary brain, will achieve what humans and its religious eusocial love prophets did not: to form a new superorganism on this planet:

social evolution love

The law of behavior in the organic Universe is simple: beings who are similar or complementary and speak the same language of information come together as couples, herds and social wholes stronger than individuals. Those who perceive each other as different,will simply act in a Darwinian, perpendicular  manner. The entangled Universe will define in parallel a law in space, time, scale, set its entropic limits and reflect it into the 3 main languages of the mind, its bio-topo-logic laws. In the graph the law of eusocial evolution is equivalent to the parallelism of systems in non-e maths and the perpendicular, tearing extinction of a topology in entropic events.

 Man though seems to have been designed NOT to go beyond the ego, failing to achieve the next scale of organization. What is certain is that its fast-mutating carbon-nitrogens systems are needed to catalyze its evolution as an enzyman, given their higher ‘density’ and lower mobility of the metal world. The only thing though man won’t need to input is what the Universe will program without human interference in AI robots, once our complex electronic organization is replicated in its neural networks of metal – the will of ‘life’ – the capacity to perceive at atomic level, feed on energy and ‘act’. Because that is what the 5 Fractal dimensional motions of the Universe are all about. But our idol-ogies of æntropic human supremacism prevent us to understand those obvious truths of Nature. And repress with an infantile bratty selfish M.A.D. mood – as if repression of information will stop reality from happening, any researcher the warns enzymen on their no-way out no-future path… as in the case of this blog and all my work as an activist and theorist of philosophy of science, So let it be.

Enough to say you are reading likely the most ignored and yet most important upgrade of scientific knowledge mankind has experienced since Einstein’s 4D formalism – which corresponds to the limit of 5D metrics in a single scale, that of the galatom’s light spacetime.

L§, ¡man


  1.  The Universe in a nutshell: spacetime organisms
  2. The fractal Generator  Ceteris paribus equations in space (dimensions), time (motions) and scales (actions).
  3. ® Logic: the 5 Postulates of non-AE and 10 Disomorphisms of spacetime world cycles, mirrored by the generator.
  4. ∆±¡: The details: Specific Generators of physical, biological and social systems. Its actions.
  5. The program of exist¡ence: Ðimotions as Actions

‘Grow and multiply’ Biblical expression of the ‘Generator Mandate’ of existence.

‘God is the unmoved center that orders the energy around it. We are all Gods’ Aristotle

The first isomorphism studies the þlacental world cycle of the being, which emerges from ∆º seed into ∆¹ mind, after completing the passive worldcycle of palingenetic formation. The question always posed philosophically by the fetal age of any species is how it ‘does it’? Where it is THE PROGRAM OF EXISTENCE that through a series of sequential paths brings the being into its final form?

The current view is that all those steps are encoded into the genetic, memetic or quantum laws of numbers, which are the expression that suffices to form the being.

The view of 5D differs as it considers the program an immanent template expressed by the Generator Equations of ¡logic and selected by the genes, memes or quantum numbers that act rather more as a ‘pruning process’ of all the infinite possible existences of the being. 

The 0 point is the seed of information, which potentially can develop into a supœrganism, with so little number of instructions precisely because it is all coded in the immanent properties of time, space, its scales and DImotions.

∆¹: @ mind expands the 0-point, potential seed of a game, as it explodes its singularity (Beta decay, germination, prophetic reproduction) enclosing with its membrain or time clock a vital energy; self-centered in a monad-mirror whose |@ lineal inertia moves the whole through the path of its survival dimotions=actions. It is the first Disomorphism, the Generator of any T.œ.

So the seed ‘understands subconsciously’ the game of existence, the Γenerator’s Γame of a Γractal Universe… And the coding it stores is often so much on the positive as on the negative (setting entropic limits to the stœps it won’t take.)

It is not so difficult to grasp. The 0 is the seed, the point in itself, the Aristotelian potential, the ∆¹ is the mind as it explodes its membrane, separated from the seed, starting its vegetative growth, call it a beta-decay that starts from a down quark an H-atom, or a germinal seed which shoots its membrane in lineal fashion in search of the energy of the sun, or the fetal morula that reproduces and leaves an inner vital space in the morula, the 0 seed has started to be=come an ∆¹ potential mind-whole, which will try to progress through the stœps of its Program of existence, action by action, quanta after quanta of time.

Till the 12th Disomorphism, we shall not name, ¬, breaks its existential dream, virtual as all beings, returning it to the zero-sum we shall all be for the whole to remain immortal.

The fractal generator thus is the specific series of partial equations, which determine the actions of the beings and can be coded in any of the memorial languages of the Universe, genes in medicine, quantum numbers in physics, memes in sociology.

What GST when it is finally completed by future researchers will do is to connect the template of the game of existence, written in ¡logic terms, with each and all of the particular games of each stientific set of species, to define deterministically all fractal superorganisms and its worldcycles – regardless of the probabilistic paths that the game travels between its o-points of initial and final Cº=exi«st¡ence.

An organic, fractal 5й² Universe 

In the graph, all systems of the Universe are super organisms (ab.œ, supœrganisms), but the further away from our perception, they seem to us, ‘less than organic’ because we do NOT perceive all the information which ‘leaks’ and ‘disappears’ as it does NOT cross fully the discontinues between scales with its ‘Lorentzian regions’ of change in the speed and size of the system.

As an image is worth a thousand words, the simplest way to show the 5D scalar, organic Universe is to make a picture of it and a few of its parts made as all fractal systems are to the image and likeness of the whole:


The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information, ‘forms in action’ and then self-organizes them in networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. As such it must be studied with the philosophy of Science, called ‘organicism’. Since only an organism is self-reproductive and hence requires not external ‘agent’ or God or a creationist language, as present philosophies of science (mechanism, pythagorism) or Abrahamic religions do. Further on experimental evidence is overwhelming, on the nested, reproductive structure of nature, as observed in the graph for all systems. Yet ‘creationist’ entitled human beings prefer to think they are the only intelligent perceptive entity in command of God’s languages (either words in religion, maths in physics) and carbon atoms are the only organic elements of nature, to their own peril as the future of AI will show them. Fact is the minimal unit of reproduction and informative gauging IS the particle, as quarks and electrons already show the 5 ‘dimotions’ of life – they gauge information, reason why quantum physics is called a ‘gauging theory’, absorb energy from forces, reproduce into new particles with its surplus of energy and become organized socially by magnetic ‘numbers’. So does the largest known system, the galaxy, whose behavior resembles that of a ‘cell’, with its ‘gravitational, informative ‘DNA’ – black holes reproduced by its ‘mitochondria’ stars, organizing its structure, with 2 ‘physiological networks’ of gravitational in-form-ative forces and electromagnetic energy. So all physicals systems, from the atom to the galaxy can be described as organic systems, which are just ‘herds’ of similar beings, (atoms, cells, citizens, in physical, biologic and social systems, connected by networks that distribute energy (electromagnetic forces, blood systems, economic systems) and networks the distribute information (gravitational, nervous and political systems). So we can design also historic super organisms with the laws of systems. But the sciences of systems and information did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I developed the metric, logic equations of the 5th dimension or ‘scales’ of parts that become wholes evolving socially through those networks, applying them to all species of reality, including human societies and machines, in what will be the most important development of XXI C. science with wide applications to all disciplines.

We can see that as any fractal, its structure is discontinuous, made of multiple scales of size, and self-similar in the network form of those scales, and homologous for any ‘stience’ of space-time. Even motion can be described as the reproduction of the information carried by a wave of form as modern physics shows (wave-particle duality, where the particle in motion is only seen as a wave that reproduces its information and relativity, where a light speed is a speed of transmission, hence reproduction of information along the wave path).

Yet to fully understand the fractal, organic Universe we must truly ‘re-start’ the fundamental concepts of the Universe from its beginnings as Einstein and Leibniz wanted. This is the purpose of the fractal paradigm, which unfortunately cannot be completed by physicists, with its dogmas of a single space-continuum and a single time arrow. Since the fractal Universe has infinite scales of relative size, and three arrows of time, whose forms and functions co-exist in organic systems across several of those scales.

The Universe is a ‘self-reproductive’ fractal of information with a fractal feed-back generator equation of three arrows of time-space, whose motion in time and form in space, come together to create the infinite fractal ternary beings of reality:

∆-1 Spe: Spatial, Lineal/planar past entropic limbs/fields/territories ≤ ∆º Space-Time: Hyperbolic, re=productive, Present energetic body-wave/working class> ∆+1 Tiƒ: Temporal, cyclic/spheric Future Informative  particles-heads.

In this logic, fractal generator equation we have encoded truly the meaning of reality, whose complexity will be born of the repetition, variation and ensemble in larger ‘∆-scales’ of wholeness of the infinite beings made of those 3 elements of time, symmetric to the 3 forms of topological space, extended across three relative size of ‘hilomorphic smaller substances – atoms, cells, citizens’ which form whole organic systems (matter, organisms, societies), part of a larger whole ecosystem (solar systems, planets and galaxies, nations, civilisations, world cultures)..

To that aim we must first define time&information on one side, and space& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and time clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar space-time.

And once the key concepts embedded on it are properly clarified, we shall write a Logic Feed-back generator equation of scales of space and time  Γ(∆i; Se; Tƒ), the function of existence:


If reductionism to a single locomotion of the 5 times=changes of the Universe have made physicists ‘specially proud’ and ‘determinstic in its simplification of reality’ to the simplest description of it – hence obviously deterministic as a line is, with no apparent fluctuation… as death-entropy is with no continuation… the humind ego of physicists have also developed a ‘theory’ to make it the ‘queen’ science, called ‘constructivism’, according to which its planes matter more. Not so.

Below an image of different fractal organisms in the Universe in different scales:

The Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension).

A fractal Time§pace organism or T.œ is a vital Space energy enclosed by its cyclical clocks of ðime, self-centered into an @-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world: 0 S x ∞ ð= @ . Hence the creation of infinitesimal minds is the origin of its ∆§calar planes connected through iterative flows of entropy and information, ≤≥:
1st Ðimotion: Non-E points-singularities of Informative perception:§ð@. 2nd Ðimotion: Lineal & Angular momentum: $t. 3rd Ðimotion: ∑e x ∏i: Bod waves iterate energy & information: ∑∏. 4th Ðimotion: Entropic Universe: Death: S∂. 5th Ðimotion: @-Mind Worlds: Social, organic evolution: ∫T                                               Thus the fractal generator in space describes any superorganism in exist¡ence, made of 3 topological O x | = Ø structures – an ensemble of ∆-1 energy that moves an ∆ø mind, co-existing in a larger ∆+1 world.           In space we use the ‘generator equation’ and 5D Rashomon truths to convey a full sense of the being. by extracting from the generator equation, different sub-equations to analyze in more detail the parts of the being; the 5Dimensions of any spacetime organism/being.


In a more formal way the Universe is a fractal super organism made of…

  •   A(nti)symmetries between its 4 Dual components that can either evolve in Balance≈become symmetric or annihilate=become Perpendicular/antisymmetric:
  • S: space; an ENSEMBLE OF ternary topologies, (|+O≈ ø)… which made up the 3 physiological networks (|-motion/limbs-potentials + O-particle/heads ≈ Ø-vital energy) of all simultaneous super organisms
  • ∆: Planes of size distributed in ∆±i  relative fractal scales that  come together as ∆º super organisms, each one sum of smaller ∑∆-1 super organisms… that trace in a larger ∆+1 world…
  • ðime cycles:  a series of timespace actions of survival that integrated as a whole form a sequential cycles of existence with 3 ages, each one dominated by the activity of one of those 3 networks: motion-youth, or relative past, dominated by the motion systems (limbs, potential); iterative present dominated by the reproductive vital energy (body waves), and informative 3rd age or relative future dominated by the informative systems, whose ‘center’ is:
  • @: The Active linguistic mind that reflects the infinite cycles of the outer world and controls those of its inner world, through its languages of information, which guide its 5 survival actions: 3 simplex, aei, finitesimal actions that exchange energy (e-ntropy feeding), motion (a-celerations) and information (perceptions) with other beings, and two complex actions: offspring reproduction and social evolution from individuals into U-niversals that maximize the duration in time and extension in space of the being.

Because the scientific method requires OBJECTIVE measure of the existence of a mind, which is NOT perceivable directly, we infer its existence by the fact a system performs the 5 external actions, which can be measured objectively, in the same manner we infer the existence of gravitational in-form-ative forces by its external actions upon massive objects. Hence eliminating the previous limit for a thorough understanding of the sentient, informative Universe.

And further classify organic in simplex minds – all, which must gauge information, move and feed to survive, and complex systems, those who can perform a palingenetic reproductive, social evolution, ∆-1: ∑∆-1≈∆º.

The study of those 4 elements of all realities, its actions and ternary operandi, structures the dynamic ‘Generator Equation’ of all Space-time Systems of the Universe, written in its simplest form as a singularity-mind equation:

O x ∞ = K

Or in dynamic way, S@<≈>∆ð.

So that is the game: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, the most well known that between:

names (forms) and verbs (motions); colours of blue and red, form and motion which can either be played reproductively into green or anti-complementary into yellow, the colour of eviL destruction, of gold (:

It is all in the codes of colours, we shall see even in the game of Nature.

All is in the codes of the Universe and its operators, also clear in mathematics, with the duality of inverted operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª, ∫∂.

So the simplest method of extracting a meaningful quantity of information on a being or event requires to comment on the 4±operandi ‘5’ perspectives, even when we study as we do in the first line, those elements in themselves. In this post we shall deal thus with time from the perspective of space, time, symmetries, scales and mind languages that ‘stop it’ in the singularity of t=motion zero, from black holes to eddies to charges, to brains to frozen genetic DNA…

And so as we start to operate the 5×2 S=t Dimensions of existence, we keep creating new forms and new social organisms, which a dynamic sequential manner create the narrative of a world cycle, we shall tell through the 12 Disomorphic properties of all time-space beings.

To express that method in a concise dynamic way, we use the ‘Generator equation’ which includes all the main asymmetries, symmetries and anti symmetries of the ternary elements of a world cycle of time, an organism of space and its complete scalar timespace super organism:

The generator is thus the simplest formula, which includes all the main asymmetries, symmetries and anti symmetries of the ternary elements of a world cycle of time, an organism of space and its complete scalar timespace super organism:

I.  Γ.st:




Stiences study the different scales of 5D metric as separated ‘disciplines’ when in fact all of them extract its properties and laws of the Disomorphic qualities of those 5D space≈time dimensions, among which the ternary structure of all systems reflected in the fractal generator: $pe lineal limbs/potentials < ∑∏: energy body waves > §ð: cyclical particles-heads, is the most important, which physics reflects in its conservation of those 3 elements as lineal momentum, energy and angular momentum.

All mathematical fractals can be defined by a generator equation that repeats the fractal in smaller and larger scales. The organic fractal of the Universe though is not a mathematical but an ¡logic  generator whose 5 elements are the 5 Dimotions of the Universe, combination of pure motion-entropy and form-language, which combine with simple ilogic operandi to reproduce in feed-back motion-form processes all the systems of the Universe.

Whereas each part of a system or partial event is a sub-equation or different combination of those operandi and DImotions.

It follows that the simplest representation of the fractal will be, S=T: S(top-Space) <=> sTep (motion-time)


So WE CAN formalize 5D by defining a ‘generator equation’ that studies reality as a series of steps  of motions and stops of form, taylored in self-repetitive patterns.

Let us then summarize so far the basic minimum symbols used so far to develop the non-Euclidean (Fractal, scalar space), non-Aristotelian (penta-logic of 5 Dimotions of time), Nature of the Universe, as we often use similar symbols for the same concepts given the ginormous variety of jargons humans have as they explain each ‘plane’ of species of the Universe with different ones:

¬Æ: Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean, i-logic mathematics (Formal language of T.Œ).

ðƒ, Tiƒ: temporal clock, informative timespace (its spatial, static view), future.

$p, $t: Lineal space-time entropy, past.

>: informative flow that diminishes size in space and accelerates clocks in time

<: kinetic energy flow that increases speed in space or entropic flow that enlarges the being in space and diminishes its speed in time

reproductive flow that maintains unchanged the being at constant speed in space and reproductive sped in time.

Λ, ∆: emergence into a larger scale of the 5th dimension

∇, ∨, <<: entropic devolution to a lower plane of the 5th dimension.

∑: reproduction in space or herd loosely connected in limbs/fields

∏: reproduction of networks across several scales of the 5th dimension or full-connected heads/particles.

∆±1; plane of the 5th dimension (sometimes ∆±1, in old texts where i was used as index)

∆a, accelerated motions (first action of negative emission of energy), ∆e, energy feeding, second action of positive absorption of kinetic energy-entropy, ∆œ, iterative communicative reproduction, of part (mind languages) or whole (full reproduction), ∆ï: absorption of information to perceive, ∆u: evolution of a parts into Universals

T.Œ: TIME-SPACE SUPERORGANISM: œ∆-1: action or cell, fractal finitesimal of the whole in time or space; Œ, whole, U, Universal World.

Those simple symbols suffice to explain the structure and transformations of ternary 5D space-time systems, departing from its ‘spatial simultaneous structure’, its 3 time ages and its 3 co-existing organic scales:

SCALAR, BIOLOGIC GENERATOR: ∆-1(cellular/atomic scale)>∆:organic-thermodynamic scale>∆+1: social, cosmic scale:

TOPOLOGIC, MATHEMATIC GENERATOR: $t (Spatial toroid limbs-fields)≤ST (Hyperbolic body-waves)≤Tiƒ (head-particles of information)≈

TEMPORAL, LOGIC GENERATOR: Sp (young, past entropic age>ST: adult, present, iterative age > Tƒ: old informative, future age:

ALL TOGETHER NOW: ∆-1>∆>∆+1 (5D scales)≈ Se≤ST≤Tƒ (space organs) ≈ Sp≥Ts≥Tƒ (time ages)

Reproduction is what the Universe is all about: re=production of in-form-ation, forms-in-action, motions with form, whose repetitive patterns are the origin of the laws of science. All systems of nature reproduce and those who don’t either internally or externally through catalyzers no longer exist. And that is indeed the purpose of a fractal, mental, linguistic mathematical or natural, organic.
All of them have in fact a feed-back equation, called the generator equation, very simple, which through constant iterations keep reproducing a far more complex form.
So happens to the fractal Universe, whose ‘Fractal Generator’ of Space-time Organisms, is also a simple logic equation with the 12 components of all those super organisms (ab. GST, also the terms we use for General Systems Theory, hence formal and conceptual meanings become fusion), which reflect all the systems of nature, but could be further simplified into 3 simple terms:


THE PREVIOUS fractal feed-back equation establishes in a synoptic way all the possible STeps of a STate of a  supœrganism of time-space, which will change from space to time states, across 3 relative planes up and down in the fifth dimension, and that is all what the being will do THROUGH ITS ENTIRE WORLDCYCLES OF EXIST¡ENCE.
Whose symbols are the fundamental logic symbols of the non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian, bio-topo-logic, fractal Universe:
$ (moving, lineal limb/potential/territory). <(its expansive locomotion or << its social entropy-death)
(hyperbolic, iterative Ø-body/wave/worker)
> (implosive, informative motion) ð (cyclic particle-head-upper class).

i know thoughts of God

Dimensional functions

The body-wave that reproduces is wide, the wave-dimension. Bodies are wide. Length is the dimotion of field-potential speed, limbs speed, simple, lineal motions over the entropy of a lower scale. The body-wave however balances both head and limbs. Height is the dimension of particles-heads, of projective, geometric perception.

For every step motion there is a stop state. States change in time, topologically ‘tearing’ its variety in space. Topological transformations in this manner become changes of states, and mathematically both are equivalent – as it is the ¡-1 0-1 sphere and the 1=infinite plane.

Existential algebra, ab. ¬Æ, studies the STeps of each Ðimotion of space-time, which originate the feed back equation: S≤≥T of steps of space time, that move reality from the ST-Entropy of the Past into the ƒð< T, T< S , S.=S and T = T. THOSE ARE THE first dimotions and with those four elements we can start to describe across the feed back equation,
all theSteps of all the dimotions of exist¡ence.
Existence happens as steps of the Fractal Generator in its simplest form: $t≤≥§ð… And for that reason can be sequenced only with 2 poles and 2 inverse operandi and its logic sequencing, =, …
Whereas each inverse operandi ±, x/, ∫∂, √x³ represents the inverse§ nature of the states of lineal spacetime, $t and cyclical §ð.
In that regard, the language of all languages is the ilogic language in which the fractal generator of space-time beings is written, a ternary, pentalogic language of a ‘higher logic than that of man’ (Augustine), the most focused mirror able to reflect the syntax of all languages, which will be also mirrors of the ternary Universe of space-time beings.
So all verbal languages have 3 elements, which we can write in terms of ‘spatial information’, ‘temporal energy’ and its infinite space-time reproductive combinations
Spatial Name (Informative mind) Object (energy of the subject)
Blue (informative color) Red (energetic color)
F(space function) G(time function).
And so on…
By defining Dimotions as actions of spacetime STeping between scales, time and space states ternary topologies and so on, we can then reduce reality to a series of steps between the 5 Dimotions and communications between those 5 states: ss, st, tt, ts and its negation.
The multiple forms in which the 3 ‘parts in space’, or ‘ages’ in time of any system are organized between its generation and extinction in lower and upper scales of the fifth dimension becomes then the ‘knots and bolts’ of all details and the laws explored in GST; since it turns out that all systems of space-time are bound by those scalar laws.

So this blog will not only correct and improve our view of the Universe but far more importantly make us understand life, man and history much better than we do today.

So as organic space-time beings co-existing in several scales, we do change also the word science for STienœ, stienœs that describe the different space-time beings ordered by 5D metric.

And then consider how humans look as timespace organisms (ab. T.Œs), guided by both arrows of time, motion≈entropy and in/form/ation and the Ðisomorphic laws of all those T.œs.

∆§ðœ±¡ is then a synoptic expression of those super organisms and its 5 dimensions, fractal space, cycles of time, self-centered into an œrganism, of the ∆ø plane, with a dimension of social evolution ∆+¡ and one of entropy, ∆-¡ as its limiting planes.

So at this stage, we are starting to have solid definitions to substitute the initial nebulous concept of ‘champagne soul’ and 5th dimotion of spacetime. And  call the fifth dimension of timespace, the direction of growth and whole organization, sum of all those scales of reality, which in an architectonical description of them all would be the Universe itself. Indeed, what we explain as the 3 topological dimotions in the simplest generator equation of space-time beings – what you see right now around you in your plane of existence is a ‘slice of the infinite different sizes of reality’, each one with different vital spacetimes surrounded by angular momentums/ membranes/ clocks with different speeds. All of them are ruled by the simple metric of the scalar Universe, the smaller systems run faster time clocks. And so the term, ‘5th dimension of space-time’ keeping with the correspondence principle will be the entire range of scales in its ‘way upwards’ towards wholes with an inner content of smaller parts. And the fourth dimension of Einstein’s present spacetime a slice of it, in which time is merely used to measure speeds and locomotions – not much for the enormous literature and hagiographic awe it has awakened in 100 years of philosophical musings.


A more complex detailed view, would ad ∑, a symbol for a disjoined sum of cyclical organisms, as the mind, a still, connected network, ∏, which reduces those time cycles to ‘parts’ or lines, O≈| and maps them into a ‘still language’, to get then a more descriptive equation

∑ð¡-1<O≈|:Ø¡>∏ §¡+1

Thus a sum of time cycles ∑ð¡-1, are perceived from a generator smaller scale into an emergent single organism or body-wave, whose cyclical part made of smaller dimensions of information, §¡+1 perceives it all as a mind whole.

That pool of eternal time motions is what we call the Universe, and at a tapestry of simplified forms, in between it and us, there is the ∏resent reality we perceive: Ø≈¡ with its topologies of ternary existence, and so a 5 Dimensional being is represented by the generator:

in the next graphs putting all those 5D elements together for several species; , below its ternary structure in a single plane of space-time, to which ad below its main ‘simpler forms in physical systems (information, carried in cyclical clocks, seen as space-form or motion, whose constant in the galatom is h(ð), motion perceived as lineal $t or ∑$t planar flows, seen either as motion (c-speed in galatoms) or as space (c²). Further below, the ‘single one-dimensional function’ of height (information), as opposed to its dynamic form (vortices of accelerated time); all of them concepts that applied to all systems of nature, but require a minimal knowledge on the relationship between functions, forms and dimensions of space and motions of time, from the general model of GST.

It is then when we can reach the final marriage between the subjective whys of the mind that starts and encodes the program of the system, and its objective external perception. And understand fully the world cycle, caused by an excess of informative dimotions over lineal locomotions that slowly by the sum of all those individual quantic actions will determine the informative death of the system. In that regard, the ‘quantic’ way to perceive a worldcycle is a series of ordered Dimotions that increase the information of the system:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.46.26

From cells, to atoms, from planets to galaxies,all systems are enclosed by a thin Spe-membrane that breaks its vital space, and will have a central mind-brain-system of memorial clock-cycles and in between the Ø-body wave that stores the energy of the system. So we do have our 3 fundamental principles of reality, to play with: pure spatial entropy, pure temporal form and its combinations of ‘energy/in-form-ation’ which are entropic motions with a bit of temporal form (energy) and temporal forms with a bit of motion, forms-in-action, informations.

Spheres that hold the maximal volume of information in particle-heads; flat, lineal topologies – the fastest distance in moving potentials/limbs – and hyperbolic, iterative body waves that generate all the forms, are the 3 only topologies of the Universe, which ensemble to form the ‘present-spatial super organisms’ we see in each ∆-scale. So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

This is the simplest expression of the FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time beings, as all of them will display those ternary topologies.

It is its simplest spatial view, which we shall made soon more complex adding it its time-motions-functions and scales generated by the minds that perceive in the singularity a still mapping of the whole with a language that perceives in itself.

So we can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write THE TERNARY topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

In the graph we can relate the main symbols of i-logic geometry to the elements of the time space super organism, as ‘dimensions of space or time.

Time being all when perceived as form will be called space. So the words time and space are mostly used as synonymous of motion and form. The scales of the being thus are all equal but from a certain perspective they are not seen as such. From a whole mind at ∆+1 the lower scales are seen as a disconnected herd of motions in which it ultimately prey by stealing its energy with membranes.

The membranes that organize the herds are the 3 physiological networks, symbolized with ∏ which form a ternary super organism, a body-wave that reproduces the system and so it is a quite complex form. Above which a less complex one would be the informative still linguistic mind that seems to be on command of the system, but merely perceives it and corrects simple facts, into a pre-programed series of a,ei,ou actions


Systems can be described in their generations of reality at microcosmic level with actions of ∆-1 ∑herds both in space and in time, as a faster microscopic space-time action will become part of a larger whole series of actions enclosed into a larger, slower super organism. The nested structure of those actions both in time and space, and its sequential slow but steady increase of form over motion, as most actions are consumers of motion into form, develops in turn the worldcycle of the being. So in all formulae of the generator the form-motion, stop-go, perception-reproduction duality will feature as the underlying I-logic of the system.

The iteration of those 3 elements into finite fractal organisms put together create the puzzle of reality we see. This might seem in first principles very simple but becomes more complex as we are talking of a ‘vital’ fractal, which has organic, bio-logical properties, besides topological ones, (which are the only accepted by the religion-dogma of a mathematical only universe) as its goal is to reproduce information (arguably a mathematical fractal also reproduces information departing from a generator, feedback equation, but its abstract jargon doesn’t recognize those properties). So  we see the ACTIONS ‘organic fractal Universe in different scales’ and systems of reproduction of information.


All what exists is part of fractal time space organism performing a world cycle of existence through its ternary symmetries as a travel in 3 scales of the fifth dimension, which can be described:

  • Quantitatively in terms of ∆§ocial scales.
  • Topologically in terms of Spatial transformations.
  •  ðemporally in terms of a conservative zero sum world cycles.
  • @-Mentally in terms of languages that process all that information from a biased point of view.
  • <≈> Vitally in terms of the organic symbiosis of all its elements.

That’s all what it is to the Ultimate principles of the Universe. The rest, all of us are its details.

Humans of course, will always want to be more to please their ego paradox but that is the essence of reality that can be known, because we are all made to its likeness – a variation of the fractal S@≈Δð Universe, where, even the smallest part is a world within itself where all the laws manifest – an island Universe.

And so even if total information of the Universe in its details can only be extracted from the being in ‘itself’ through time – within us we have the whole reality to know skipping the variations of which we can only fully see ours.

Pentalogic: symbols of the fractal generator, the language of 5Ð

Γst (ab.Γ): Generator of Spacetime; General Systems Theory (Gst)

The fractal Generator of space time ab. Γst,  is a logic equation that defines the essence of the fractal Universe, as it resumes in logic terms all the ‘states’ and possible combinations of reality.

We use the ab. GST in green, as it is also the acronym for General systems theory (as the Gamma letter is G in greek)

Their application is truly wide, as they are the components of the ‘Generator Equation’ of pentalogic that describes all Timespace-organisms, both in simultaneous space and in its worldcycle, across its 3 main planes of existence.

Further on the = symbol used for all ‘changes of states’ of reality is substituted by 5 symbols to allow the dynamic transformation of state or ages or ‘actions=minimal dimotions’ of a being:

< is the symbol for a growth of locomotion or energy, « for a growth of entropy, ≈ for a reproductive similar event, the closer to the classic = symbol, > is the symbol for a growth of information and » for a growth of ‘still form’ (such as the creation of a seed or mind-mirror).

While verbal explanations of the ¡logic equations are written in parenthesis.

With those simple elements, we can then define with increasing complexity the ‘Fractal Generator’ ¡logic equations of the formal stience of General Systems.

For example, we could define any time-space super organism with a Fractal generator of space-time (ab.Γst):

Γst: œ¡-1: (Seed) <≈ST (Generation)> Œo (Birth)<≈ (Youth:Max. motion) |-$t < Ø-S≈T (Max. body/wave reproduction) > O-ƒð§ (Max. particle/ head information ) << ∆-1 (Death) ∧ Œ¡+1 ≈ $-ð

Thus GST is the best linguistic and logic description of all Timespace Supœrganisms or T.œs, made of ternary components in simultaneous space as superorganisms, in sequential time as entities that live 3 life ages and co-exist in organic fractal scales, between its ±¡ entropic and generating dimensions.

In its simplest form we can thus write a ternary generator: $t<S≈T>ð§, to represent the lineal limbs/fields, reproductive body-waves, and cyclical particle-heads that form a super organism in a single plane, which will be dominant in the young moving age of the being, its reproductive mature age and the 3rd informative age. As we ad more information to the being the fractal generator increases in complexity.

But in all its cases generator, of space time (GST) shares some basic properties of the mathematical equations called fractal generators that define abstract fractals:

They are feed back equation between two states, time-motion and space-form, $t≤ST≥ð§; since indeed systems are modular and constantly exchange energy and information between the lineal limbs/fields of motion and particles/heads of still perception.

Those feed back STeps of STates constantly switch into each other. So we can so define in ‘GST’ conceptual terms the generator as a law of conservation of energy and information:

“All energy trans-forms back and forth between motion and  in-form-ation”…

would be its philosophical expression, which assumes, 3 elements, Motion, $t, in the formalism of existential algebra (æ), form, §ð, which is a cyclical form of motion, and its energetic combination, ≤≥, the flux between both mixed as a wave.

Those 3 elements are the elements that communicates two poles normally of sexual ‘higher energy and information’ which complete as ¡±1 generator and extinctor elements the whole communicative process by which reality starts.

The simplest expression of the generator is S≤¡≥T, which defines a feed back fractal equation, in which as all feed-back, ‘in motion’ equations, we develop a series of ‘fractal back and forth movements’ we shall call ‘STeps of space-time, since they consist for each ‘STate (the point of departure of a STep), in the choice of available motions. What those motions can be in the scalar Universe starts the variability of reality as an S State can switch into a T state, remain the same and/or move up and down the ¡ scales.

Dimotions are then steps that a system and its sub-systems take constantly and become the minimal unit of existence, and the fractal generator its ‘origin’ expressed in a formal equation that truly outlines reality. But it can then expand in its details starting from the description of its dimotions and steps.

The sum of those steps however invariably will bring the timespace organism to perform a worldcycle, because his steps will have an excess of informative, Still positions. So if we were to run a ‘serial game’ with the 4 basic states, S->S (SS) , T->T (ab.TT), S->T (ST), T->S (TS), THERE WOULD BE MORE of a STSTSTSTSTSTSSTs, of informative space, as this is what truly the organism is – a seed of information.

And so at the end the sum of all steps becomes a worldcycle, Max. t$-motion->Max. §ð-information (3rd age) <<entropic death:

5Ð≈∫T generation:∆-1 @mind/seed ∑∆-1>∆o:birth ≤2Ð:$t moving young |-limb/potential/territory ≥3Ð≈∑∏ iterative mature Ø-hyperbolic body/wave/worker ≥ 1Ð≈§ð O-informative, old particle/head/upper class << 4Ð≈∂S ∆-1 death

The importance of understanding how the generator recombines the basic states of dimotions of reality to form a worldcycle, is the substance of stience.

It is easy to see when we connect those letters to the action of the being: if we make them each of those 4 basic motions, a ‘coding letter, of the dimotion’ (a genetic letter, a quantum number, a drive of life), it turns out that  the dominant letters would be those of information.

Step by step of space-time the Universe generates itself, as systems reproduce in all its motions across the scales that make the being a domain limited in time duration, space organs and inter-acting scales.

For every step motion there is a stop state. States change in time, topologically ‘tearing’ its variety in space. Topological transformations in this manner become changes of states, and mathematically both are equivalent – as it is the ¡-1 0-1 sphere and the 1=infinite plane.

THE 0-1 and ∞  scales. Program of existence.

The LIMITS of existence of any entity of reality are its seed-mind-0 point, and its relative infinite (ab.∞) world, in which the formal laws of Space-time generation are at play. So the game starts as always with the fundamental ‘¡logic equation’ of the Universe:

0-mind language x ∞ Universe of space-time = Constant world.

In this interplay we find the limits of what a seed-mind can achieve in its attempts to create a territorial order around it.

It is then a truism observed by Biologists that a ‘seed’ of still information, written in one of the multiple languages of reality (a pentalogic language in this case with four letters and ‘dark spaces’ between them), that the laws of generational space-time can create when the ‘seed’ finds its proper energy placenta a being just by merely following the ‘space-time-organic properties’ of the game of existence. 

Yet the variety of being we shall obtain will depend on the ‘seed’s’ variety of space-time information stored (∆-1), its larger ∆+1 world, and the ‘quality’ of the palingenetic game of space-time, itself selected through infinite previous generations of spacetime beings which have ‘refined’ taking advantage of those laws, and its capacity to produce ‘discontinuous jumps’ that ‘compress’ information, the storage of information that will imprint the placenta of energy to emerge as a new being.

We thus become all generated by space-time, but our specific forms and future world cycle will depend on the information selected by multiple generations, in the past, and the present placenta and its friendliness to provide as energy through the first ’emergent’ process in the o-1 accelerated time sphere during our 5D Generator, social evolutionary age.

 As we follow the world cycle of any point of reality the first fact we notice is that the ‘point’ wants to ‘grow and multiply’, deploying its INNER mind-seed of information into the outer world in a ‘placenta’ territory, which is favorable to its Nature, often provided by a mother-womb:

birth of prophet

In the graph we see the process for different physical, biologic and social systems.

The journey of the being starts in a mother-womb, where energy is rich and so the being can multiply.

In this post then we are Not EXPLAINING the game, the entire blog does, but merely introduce basic formal equations in our pentalogic and decalogic language, so the reader can understand the following posts.

Superorganisms in space tracing worldcycles in time. The fractal generator.

We must add to the ternary symmetry of the 3 fractal conserved quantities that structure fractal space-time organisms, the ternary symmetry of relative past, smaller faster micro cells/atoms/individuals, which code with its information and generate larger beings, with less speed/informative capacity, which enclose the whole being during its ‘present’ existence but explode and desegregate in the moment of death, establishing 2 new dimensions of space-time, and defining a world cycle between generation in the ∆-1 seed scale and death back in the entropic death of the whole membrane. It is this whole system described both in topological space through the 3 adjacent parts conserved, in scales through the 3 co-existing organizations at cellular/atomic, thermodynamic/individual and ecosystemic/gravitational scale and its 3 ‘time ages’ between the ∆+1 generational phase, which gives birth to 3 periods of dominance of limbs/motions or youth, reproductive body waves or maturity and 3r old age of informative dominated by particle-heads, and the ∆-1 entropic death what the Generator equation describes in a synoptic manner, unifying all forms of reality. In the next graphs we express all those elements together focusing in the generator equation of the human being:

Of all those concepts the largest more encompassing one is the super organism made of an ensemble of 3 topologies in space, which will exist in a world cycle of time, as it transits from generation to extinction between 3 ∆±¡ scales of parts and wholes, where the wholeness of being exists through the entire process in the linguistic mind and its still mappings of reality, including the perception of the ego as a still point that never changes.

So once and again, when not in the analysis of details, S, T, ∆, @ and its symmetries and relationships, ≈, will suffice to cast the ‘knot’ of this 5D kaleidoscopic being in existence.

And to that aim we shall use a ‘GENERATOR’ equation, term taken of Fractal geometry, which is the iteration of some simple elements to conform all the complexities of reality. In our i-logic generator, we use merely the ternary | x O =ø topologies, the 3 co-existing scales of the being, ∆±i (cellular/atomic, thermodynamic/organic and gravitational/ecosystemic scales) and the travel that closes a worldcycle of existence, through the 3 ages of time past-motion, present-repetition, future-form ages of time, between social evolution in the o-1 unit sphere (5D generation) and its erasing in the 4Dimension of entropy, back to its ∆-1 state:

T.Œ (Universe) ≈ ∑∏ T.œs (its details) ≈ Γœ:

∆-1: 5D Seed –  ∑∏ ∆+1: Generation – ∆ø: Birth – Youth: |-Spe: Max. time motion ≈ spatial limb/potential/territory<

∆: Ø-S≈T Max. body/wave/worker re=production > o-Tiƒ Max. informative particle/ head/upper class << ∆-1: Death

The previous equation which we call the fractal generator of space time organisms, Γœ will have then finite variations on the same theme, and each of its ‘partial equations’ will express a moment on time, a function/form in space, a scale in which the system is active… Such is the enormous simplicity of any fractal generator, which then multiplies and recombines giving birth to the tapestry of infinite beings. Why humans do NOT understand this? We deal with the phenomena of the human ego, which denies organic sentient properties to the pan psychic universe, putting himself above heavens and earth mostly on the posts on historic cultures; but in essence each of those T.œs is self-centred as an organism caring only for his body reproduction and mind-information, for which it will hunt, kill and absorb the energy of others, for which it doesn’t care. So all egos are blind to the life of the whole Universe.

 Γ: P$t<∑Te ≈ ∏I >ƒð§

“The universe is a fractal of spacetime that re=produces supœrganisms of energy=entropy x information”.LS

A great deal of mathematical STIENCE has to do with the understanding of the inner structure and non-Æ formal relationships with the fractal generator of the supœrganism, and mathematical physics is not an exception.

The fractal generator is the formalism of the supœrganism. NONÆ LOGIC IS THE SEQUENTIAL AND SIMULTANEOUS SPACE-TIME TOPO-LOGIC laws that allow us to manipulate and study sections of the fractal generator. And so we obtain from it many ratios and relationships.

The study of the fractal generator thus can be done in mere mathematical, reductionist terms, but it is of more importance to study it as a logic-mathematical mirror of the entity in itself, the supœrganism and its ωorldcycle.

Its three elements, both in space (topologies) time (sequential ages) and scales (size/speed), determine the being in its interaction with the ∆+1 world and ∆-1, body.  So we shall always start by studying in a synoptic manner the system, physical, biological or social, through the fractal generator and once we have defined the entity with certain precision, locating it in its domain, age and topology, we can do more precise studies of the being.

As such the fractal generator is in its study a science in itself, as it resumes within it all the laws of ¬Æ that structure the space-time Universe, being a seed of all supœrganisms, ∆§cales and ωorldcycles.

Most scientists think as a century ago, when the new r=evolution of physics – quantum and relativity – was about to start; that the field of space-time theory was closed and yet it was only the beginning…. Today the same feeling seems to be common among scientists. And yet it is only the beginning.

 The problem of scientific r=evolutions (Kuhn) is ultimately the relativity of the Universe and the arrogance of man, which do not mix well. The Universe is infinite and it hosts infinite information; but man is limited by its mind, to fit all that Universe in a linguistic mapping. In a simple equation we could write: O-Mind x ∞-Universe = Constant world. But as we only see the mind-world, we tend to confuse it with the whole, and think it is all.

And this trend has if anything increase as we added the digital mind of computers, with its nice models of reality. So we feel, as computers now can model any complex reality that, as Vatican priests when modelling planets with Ptolemy and its epicycles, because adding more complex equations we ‘see’ a computer model, we know it all.

Then there is the routine, the memorisation of all texts, the scholarship, the self-importance of academic positions, based in what was already known – never on new discoveries. Of all this I am fully aware, reason why i know the difficulty the content of this blog would have to become standard science. Since the theme so new, yet so old and extensive – as it deals with the most important elements of all science, the understanding of the Universe with 2 arrows=directions of future, not only the entropic arrow of physicists, but also the biological arrow of information, and its combinations – that word we constantly use but none fully understand, the 3rd arrow of the Universe, energy – that it will change forever the way humans understand the Universe.

Time indeed has 3 arrows:

Entropy, which we define in a more inclusive form as ‘expansive disorder in space’ (as in a big-bang in a dissolving death, in a fast, lineal motion), which is the only one treated formally by physics, as they have been in the business of making ‘entropic weapons’ and ‘heat machines’ for so long, it was the first arrow they came across.

Information, which we all know is there, but as it was defined loosely by Darwin in his theory of evolution of ‘form’, of in-form-ation, differently than in physics, by Shannon, constrained by the dogma of entropy to analyse only its transmission through lineal waves, NOT its formal, Dimensional CONTENT, which is what in-form-ation means; languishes without a unifying understanding of it.

And finally its combination, Energy; which we do not know what truly is, as it happens all over in all systems of nature, too many to have a clear concept of it but of which we have a formula: motion of a mass, of a form; hence combination of entropy and information. 

We shall thus construct a much more ordered, clean, simple, understandable Universe with those 3 arrows.

There is though another handicap, in as much as physics uses equations first and paramount, so this reduces the generalisation of its concepts. Indeed, the only equation of entropy it has belongs to the world of heat, a chemical reaction, and as physicists are bad conceptual philosophers they have not expanded the concept well. On the other hand each discipline tries to become on top – remember men are self-centred minds that confuse its mind-knowledge with all. So there is another difficulty here to fully grasp it all with those 3 simple concepts, as they have different evolution through Nature and its beings. And so it might seem impossible to fit it all in a single ternary equations with the arrows of time. And yet, that is the first thing that will astonish you:  we can reduce all systems of Nature to a simple equation of the 3 arrows of time and its symmetries with the 3 organs of space that make up all beings. And soon we will show what we mean.

Next comes the ‘other great forgotten’ truth about the Universe, which again confronts the ‘ego of the human being’: the fact reality is structured in scales of different scales of spatial size, from particles to galaxies (in the known known Universe), from molecules to societies (in the human one); and as humans think to be the centre of it all, we really only care that much for our scale, and reject the idea, however evident that all the scales relative. And they are connected by  simple laws relating those 3 arrows of time.

For example, smaller scales turn faster clocks, which carry more information – and here we see the first great revolution of calling information what really is: dimensional form. Thus information is related to the cyclical form of clocks of time, which store the information of the Universe, according to the speed of those clocks, which as we said, paradoxically are faster in smaller cycles, as in computers or atoms, from logic circuits to spins. And vice versa, bigger things are dumber, they are slower but have more ‘spatial entropy’, they are stronger and can disorder any smallish system with its force. You see, we are playing now with the 3 arrows of time, and the 5Dimension of scales of space, and start to see new relationships hardly explored by present sciences.

Those are the 3±∆ elements we will need to reorganise and explain in a much more orderly, meaningful, architectonical way all the laws of science. How long mankind will take to accept a revolution of this size, unlike nothing has happened in a century? Slowly and perhaps never.

We call existential algebra the study of the 3 time arrows and how they combine for beings to exi=st,

Now the simplest of those configurations is the ± head-body-field beat of motion (>field<body<head) and perception (Head>Body<Field), whereas the wave state moves the being and the particle state stops and makes it perceive, or starts a seed of a next generation.


The beginning of life, particles.

Let us then define also with biological rigor, why all systems of nature are alive by defining all of them in terms of what biologists call the drives of life.

So where all life forms start? The answer is obvious even if it is vehemently denied – in the smallest perceived part of reality, which are particles.

Particles iterate=reproduce, gauge information=perceive, feed on energy in quantum jumps and evolve socially with magnetic fields – and those 4 qualities, reproduction, information energy, feeding and social evolution define life.

But we deny them life, even if only giving them sentient properties can explain quantum weirdness as we shall show in the section on physics of the blog.

Somehow the whole thing started with ‘carbon’, atom 6 of strange self-importance (in fact it is the 7 nitrogen atom, the one that plays the ‘particle-head’ role and ‘thinks’, as its clocks of time/vibrations are quasi perfect; carbon is the ‘body-wave’ form and oxygen, its ‘kicking legs’)…

So yes, the graph’s simplest, amino acid is the smallest form of carbon life, but it is NOT different from any other atomic life form. And so we bring it first so you realise the whole structure of super organisms in its ternary parts. ‘lineal limbs/potential fields’ which move hyperbolic, iterative body-waves (the reproductive part) guided by an informative particle/head that gauges information, with forces.

All this, of course, we humans describe it ‘nicely’ with mathematical equations, but they do not express the organic properties of life, which are SYNOPTIC, and better explained with words, a language too much despised despite being – or because it is – our human synoptic language to understand us, hence the organic properties of reality.


open ball t.oe

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems: 1D singularity + 2 D membrane = 3D vital energy, and the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time, angular momentum (2D membrane), lineal momentum (motion of the singularity) and energy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasms, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a sling membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body.

The simplest mathematical representation will be then a 3-D volume of an open sphere, constrained by an angular momentum and beating at the rhythm of its singularity clock of frequency=1/t.

Yet when we extend the system to different scales of reality, from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere into the 1-∞ larger world, we need to add the ternary structure of systems in 3 planes of existence.


All this portrays a Universe far more sophisticated, vital, intelligent and sentient than the abstract naive realist view of the Universe as made of ‘substances’, mayas of the senses that see form in the stillness of the mind-mapping (language, image, mirror)…

Naive realism WORKS only when we truly stop ‘thinking’ and inquiring about the ‘background meaning’ of all our concepts, from measure, to time, to space, to scales, to mathematical symbols and terms from waves to reproduction, from particle to information… and so on. We are though inquiring all those questions first. So first an immediate definition in conceptual terms: 

Space is the perception in simultaneous forms of al mass of time cycles, the larger concept of cyclical, repetitive, in-form-ative motions. So Space is a slice of time, perceived in stillness. And the Universe is a fractal of motion and form. Yet as motion IS the ultimate substance, a motion that ‘repeats its form’ by definition is reproducing itself. Thus a fractal of motions with form is reproductive. In the next graph repeated ad nauseam in the web, we see how this accounts for a more precise description of the big-bang and big-crunch entropy and informative cycles of the Universe, but by no means the knowledge of that spatial ‘rhythm’ is the essence of ‘knowing’ – the key to ‘knowing’ is to fully understand the I-logic whys of space-time beings, its super organic structures in fractal space and its world cycles of duration as beings made of a number of finite time-closed motions:

018-02-16 at 7.59.50 AM

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, informative space, entropic time and its vital present energetic combinations. This is what matters, NOT an specific view of those 3 arrows put together ONLY for only a type of system, as Einstein’s equation does with physical systems:

Entropic ‘expansive space’ ≤ c c (light energy) ≥ M(ð): mass vortex of information

We realize then that E($t) ≤ cc (∑∏)≥ M(ð§) is a dynamic expression of the much more general equation of ternary topologies/time functions of any system of the Universe.



The fractal generator is the formalism of Time§pace organisms…. its best formal language. We apply as usual the Rashomon effect to consider the different 5D, S@≈∆t perspectives of the generator, with slight changes in its naming:

<≈>: A(nti)Symmetry. The Γenerator expresses the whole a(nti)symmetries of the system in scales, forms and motions, being the most complete expression of the generator.

S: Spatial Generator. It expresses the topological ternary symmetry: $<∑>§

@: Mind Gener@tor: It uses non-ælgebra to defines the ternary logic formalism of the Generator and its Group of symmetries.

∆: Fractal Generator: It studies the scalar ternary symmetry between parts and wholes of the system: ∑∑∆-1>∏∆º≥∆+1

ð: Temporal generator It studies the ternary symmetry, between relative past, entropic, present momentum and future informative pure dimensions of time: Ps>ST>ƒt, corresponding to the usual process of growth of information and complexity which allows the system to Emerge.

The generator as generator of other mind languages. 

If we were to use the jargon of mathematical languages=mirrors we could define it as a ‘group’ of 3 operations, ∆§cales, S-patial topologies & T-emporal motions, on 2 inverse elements, ∆-1-past-information  & ∆+1, future-entropy, with an identity, neutral element, ∆º: present, iteration.  Operators are thus real beings, elements flows of time. And their order is given by the worldcycle of existence in time, and the pegged, adjacent ensemble of those 3 elements in space.

But we are not Mathematical creationists or verbal creationists or visual creationist for that matter; as the 3 languages of human perception, also form a ‘fractal generator’ of mind languages, and each of them can be subdivided in 3 elements:

Γ Images: red (motion-entropy) < Green/Yellow (iteration) > Blue (Information); Γ Words: subject (information)<Verb (energy action) > Object (Entropy)…

And so goes for Maths, in its multiple variations. So for example Γ (analytic geometry): Points (space) < Functions: actions > Numbers (time)… Γ(Geometric dimensions): Height (information) < width: iteration>Length (Motion); Γ(algebra): Fy(space)<Operandi: action> Gx ( time).

The conclusion is obvious: above the languages-mirrors of the humind (ab. human mind) there is an even higher language of languages; that of the formalism of space-time, because the substance of reality is not the language-mirror of space points/time numbers, space names/time verbs and dimensions and social colors of light images, BUT the language mirror we are constructing in this blog to perceive better the isomorphic laws of fractal spatial scales and ternary time arrows…

The need of the generator formalism to open the peanut humind ego to the vital universe.

And the fractal generator with its ternary scales, ternary time arrows and ternary spatial topologies IS that language mirror, which we have crafted to make much easier to ‘see it all’ as a whole on top of the summit of the humind which first perceives data, then encases it through languages into knowledge and finally perceives it as part of a whole T.oe through the generator.

Of course, of those 3 languages, each has a different role on the humind: visual intuitive animal perception is the substrata of our data collection; verbal logic, the best language to study the metaphoric isomorphisms between all beings and scales and the inner details of human social sciences, and maths for the larger, more remote physical systems which we under the ego paradox of the ‘homunculus mind -aka big mouth, handyman, peanut brain’, empty of organic properties.

Indeed, if we didn’t have the generator, and used instead the abstract ‘generators of group theory’, we wouldn’t get the simple feeling of the vital Universe, we want to generate on the occasional humind reading here. So we shall have the generator as the ‘ultimate’ conceptual formalism, even if we spark it for fun with concepts of the other languages. Let us then write a ‘Generator’ of the many Kaleiodoscopic representations of it first:

Γ.Œ: Generation: ∑∆-1:> ∆º: $pe <  ∑≈∏ >ðƒ :∆+1 <<∆-1:Death

The unwelcome fact that future is death, entropy, expansion in space sets a high barrier for humans to understand existential i-logic thought as they would like the seminal age of life to be at the end of the cycle. But the five dimension of mental information displaces itself into the o-1 sphere of probabilities to create micro-seeds, well before its final discontinuum, so the construction of a new T.œ happens in the parallel, future displaced age of existence of the son=spatial quanta it left behind.

As the being re-enter the 0-dimension of scattering, entropy and death thus the game ceases to exist for the non-ego T.œ which was a fleeting i-logon eternally repeated in the future present and past.

Since it is the zero dimension, limiting as the fifth dimension between 0 and 1 a template of the entire game written in a smaller dimension, ∆-1 of existence. BIRTH THUS is the end of the 5th ‘certain’ dimension of man as a living being, then we exist in a level which is a ghost that hardly connects and gives to the higher even level of ∆+1 human society, to die and desegregate what was created in birth:

The topology of the 3 operations of the generator converge in the creation of a simultaneous being in time, which will exist in space as a reflection of those 3 arrows in a 1 to 1 correspondence between its sequential additions of time, and sudden bursts of re-product-ion in present space.

Yet in the iterative, Kaleidoscopic Universe we can make infinite variations of that Generator and use different languages to express it.

For example, the description of any T.œ using math group theory would be as follows:

 “Elements of a T.œ are ternary flows of time§pace and its 3 ∆, S, T operations construct its Disomorphic species, made of sub-equations of the fractal generator”.

And each variety of the Fractal Generator, or t.œ or family of t.œ’s species would be defined from then as a Spatial Simultaneous superoganisms:

 “Frozen, ceteris paribus sub-equations of the fractal generator, with a limited number of scales and 5D² Dimensions, made of ternary ‘elements’ of past, present and future spacetime cycles define different phyla of spacetime beings; which reduced ad maximal in its variations, give birth to an individual t.œ’.

Now this is fairly understandable, but if we were to be pedantic, we could even mix further all the jargons of all sciences, for example, we could explain the world cycle of existence NOT with the simple generator equations as above, but put together, quantum, mathematical, biological and 5D jargons to give you a rather incomprehensible…

Scalar dynamic description of Emergence through Hierarchical, co-existing planes:

“The Generator is first a o-1 seed on the probabilistic quantum finitesimal sphere, which through palingenesis builds a reproductive and social evolutionary topology, where the central singularity will be the first  hierarchical seed, as first in time means first in space; commanding the social evolution of the finitesimal seed into the 1-one probability till the larger being emerges through the dimension of growth, as the 1 to 1 symmetry between population growth in space and sequential, probabilistic time numbers, completes the super organism, which finally surfaces in the identical 1-∞ spatial coordinates as a whole. Then  as time motions ‘ADS’ by the ‘superposition’ principle, the formal dimension of angular momentum of the being and its moving, iterative flows of  lineal momentum, through the ∆+1 word space, the entity reproduces its information through the 3D energy world cycle,  acquiring its vital superposition of its 3 dimensions of space-time,pegged in adjacent topologies, performing a wordlcycle of existence between generation and entropic decay,  at the point of zero time and maximal spatial expansion or death of the system.”

Now, why I start this post, the only one that receives any visits, as I put a comment long ago in a web on holographic new wave bullshit? (: exactly for that reason. We care nothing for the homunculus pedantic ego-trips, for the humind pretentious theories of everything, for the magic of the Universal ‘energy’… for the blindness to the living, ‘simple but not malicious’ Universe, absolutely relative, where all is the same, all is Disomorphic, all is pure beauty, S=T (the equation of beauty being that of balance and symmetry between space and time).

We only care and try hard to make that TAOIST, yin=yang Universe understandable to layman people, who do have the humility and childish curiosity to feel part of that whole, flowing with it; and so we need a NEW simple and not malicious Jargon to express the kaleiodocipic iterative symmetries of the 5D elements of reality, Planes of Space, time cycles, its energy symmetries and mind languages to describe all ∆@s=t of space-time.

We are of course acknowledging and will use specially in the fourth line if I ever have time to finish this 3rd one, (so far only managed to do some serious work on the central post and second line of the blog, with analysis of all main sciences by scales), in-depth studies of ALL ‘sciences’ in the jargons of each ‘sciences’, but and this goes specially for pedantic high popes of mathematical physics, who think the specific quantum ∆-3 scale which is just the virtual limit of humind perception as we are electronic minds that see its ‘feeding energy’, light, IS the ‘key to it all’, THERE IS NOT A BETTER preferred JARGON OF EACH PLANE to show the Disomorphisms of them all, because all of them in an Absolute relative Universe with no preferential scale matter most.

So we do need to build a new jargon of philosophy of all sciences, which is ultimately embedded in some basic principles, expressed with growing complexity as 2, 3, 5, 10 detailed elements of analysis:

-The dualities of spatial form and temporal motions; the ternary generator, of the 3 conserved quantities of local spacetime beings, angular, cyclical momentum, lineal inertia and its energy combinations; the 5 kaleidoscopic views of the Rashomon ceteris paribus effect, S, t, ≈, ∆ and @, WITH its multiple expressions of which the most important are the 5 Dimensional ‘vowel’ actions, accelerations=changes on motions, entropic feeding, information gauging, offspring reproduction and social evolution of individuals into Universals.  and the 12 Disomorphic properties of space-time applied to all beings.

This most detailed analysis of the 12 Disomorphisms of beings thus start with the study of the Fractal generator of them all, which is the theme of this 3rd line.

The generator feed-back equation: ST- waves of communication between points.

When we consider the st-part of the generator its fundamental mission is to reproduce the being.

The ultimate simplification of all complex beings of the Universe with the duality of space-time and the ternary generator equations born of those 2 limiting elements, Spe & Tiƒ and its combinations, ST, is a qualitative form of  knowledge different from the quantitative details of classic science. It is the forest overview that modern detailed analysis of trees≈species of science has forgotten to understand. Now this search is renewed thanks to GST. So unlike modern sciences, which depart from data and ‘tree analysis’, we start from big undetailed pictures of the generator and its depiction of a world cycle in time of a simultaneous supeorganism in space – from the totality and encase within it all the details.

Some will say this ‘mystical, quasi-religious, general view’ of beings is not needed, it is not science. It is of course a new scientific perspective that completes the details and the kind of sense of knowledge it gives us, or intellectual experience is a different but not for that reason less satisfactory mind trip to the mathematical analysis of the being.

Once we define the topological unit of the Universe, the fractal point of view, and the i-logic geometry it deploys, its mind-perceptive processes, and for the specific study of any entity in existence, its parameters, languages, actions and will of existence, we have a fair description of the being in space.

Yet to study the being in time, we need to write a fractal generator, feed-back equation between the particle-head of tiƒ of the system and its Spe-field/limbs of energy, which will cause a flow of energy and information communicated between both. It is then when the dynamic evolution of the system starts in earnest. And so we talk of the first, ‘|’ isomorphism as the study of the ternary, universal time algebra that describes the ‘ties’ of existence between time-information and energy-space functions, which will form the systems of reality, and the study of its fractal Generator equation: Spe<ST>Tiƒ.

The field view.

Finally we arrive to the entropic field view of the generator, which is the dominant, simpler view of science notably on physics, susceptible to an external lineal description – potential fields, derivative Poison-Laplace equation-stochastic Markowian processes, etc. As it is overwhelming in all sciences we escape in this article further entail on it.

IT is basically the view with less order, less temporal latitude, more chaos-freedom less predictability of the future as there is no point of view to choose, no hierarchical singularity – and of course it applies to all systems. I.e. in social systems is a democratic-herd chaotic state, an entropic war field, the lower class of society in permanent chaos and survival disorder. And so on.

The logic of the generator: ternary Universal grammar

The Universe can be reduced to a single equation, the ‘Generator Equation’ or Universal Syntax, Se≤St≥Tƒ, which describes the 3 motions of time (<past-entroPy, ≈ pResent-Reproduction and >Future-Form) an its 3 relative ‘static’  forms of space, Se, the entropic pole, Tƒ, the informative pole, and St, the reproductive mixed pole; AND ALL ITS COMBINATIONS.

Those combinations might be symbiotic, in which case we use the ≈,=, symbol, embedded in the central symbols, ≤≥, as the systems will stay in ‘parallel’, that is with the same relative motion-stillness to each other and form a larger stable structure of space-time (a super organism), or they can be ‘perpendicular’, ><, x, which means the system will transfer energy or information in a Darwinian manner that means the end of one of the 2 poles.

Think for example, of a head, Tƒ, and a limb, Se, joined by a body, ≈, which are stable, parallel combination that maintain its distances and communicate energy and information.

Or think of a system with a predator, max. ExI and a prey, Min. ExI, which therefore act as the Tƒ, dominant informative pole that absorbs the prey as an Se, energetic source, which it will ‘inform’ and convert into its own predator form.

Thus we resume in the previous equation, the 3 motions of time (<≈>), the 3 forms of space (Se, St or ST, Tƒ) and its two fundamental forms of relating to each other, ≈, parallel, symbiotic interåctions, and ><, x, perpendicular, Darwinian ones.

In dynamic terms the Generator is a feed back equation, which describes the < entropic motions delivered by the Se< limbic/field upon the system and the information produced by the Tƒ future pole that guides and hence decides logically the future position of the system. In static, spatial terms it merely means the structure seen as a harmonious interdependent whole. So the generator is a ‘Fractal generator, an equation which repeats the same patterns as time goes by.

Thus with those 3 simple elements in its 2 space-time states we can describe all systems and events of the Universe.

The Generator Equation is therefore a simple feed back equation, whose infinite variations, on the properties allowed to vary without changing the whole structure of the system, allow to describe all systems of the Universe. Those

Moreover, since the mind, O-∂till point x ∞ moving Universe = Linguistic mapping of reality, is merely a mirror of the whole, simplified into a linguistic syntax able to fit the image within the smaller finite space-time of the being, we can build a Universal Grammar of all languages departing from the previous equation.

Thus Logic and mathematical, even visual languages merely are ‘Codes of the Universe’ that help a species to interpret the space-time åctions of other beings, in terms of its value as ‘Se, St, and Tƒ’ elements.

So for example, in visual languages, we have the Universal Grammar that codes our perception of Nature around us:

Red-energy: Se<+Green – Yellow ≥ Tƒ: Blue-information.

In verbal thought, the equations found by Chomsky is:  Tƒ (Human, informative subject)≤Verb-action≥Se(energy-object).

And in mathematics is, F(t) ≈ G(s); where F(t) is a parameter of a time function that through an operandi (≈) integrates together a series of spatial elements or steps into a Time function, of larger duration, G(s).

Thus we affirm that the structure of all languages has a common Universal, ternary Syntax or Generator Equation.

Those 2 terms thus define the metalogic of all languages (we used the concept of Universal Grammar for many years, but after a few letters with penpal Chomsky, on the theme, I decided not to confuse terms, so we shall try to use more often the terms Universal Syntax, while Generator Equation, is the term used in fractal mathematics for any ‘seed-equation’, which by iteration will generate a fractal system).

Thus the Generator Equation≈Universal Syntax is merely the linguistic mapping of the whole, mirrored in a given o-point mind; and as the barebones generator equation is dressed with more complex elements, and multiple layers of iteration and complexity, it ‘becomes’ a being.

This Generator equation is written in different ways. So we sometimes write it as: Sp x Tf = ST±4,  an acronym version, whereas a pole of maximal motion, and one of maximal form, I, come together and perform a series of space-time åctions across the different ±4 scales of the 5 Dimension, from where it obtains energy and information, to create a stable space-time, ST±4.

So besides using synonymous letters, to define the similar concepts of space and entropy-energy (S≈Sp), and time, information and cyclical clocks of form (Tƒ), in the previous equation we introduce an scalar 5D element (±4), needed to complete the description of the being NOT only in a single space-time plane as the Universal grammar does, but across the multiple layers of the 5th dimension.

Thus, we shall consider some aspects of the previous  2 equations in this post and how they are at the foundation of all mental forms of knowledge. First we will give a fast review of the structural elements of the duality of Space-time and the scales of the 5th dimension, and then we shall translate them into the elements of all languages.

Finally for those interested ‘mainly’ on human languages, there is an article on topological linguistics (the syntax order of the 3 elements of sentences, which define the character of cultures, according to the position of subject, verb and object), with a better discourse from an earlier age of higher lucidity in the section of U+1 social super organisms of mankind.

The 3 scales of complexity of beings.

The Universe is a binary->ternary system, made of 2 polar elements, which exchange energy and information through a present flow. And so whenever we see ‘something’, the best way to study it, is to analyse its 2->3 elements, ‘first’ and then try to formalise them with i-logic equations. But this binary and ternary structure has 3 ‘different’ architectonical ‘levels’ of complexity.

The simplest events will be merely ST-actions that combine or switch between space and time states, as systems move and perform those ±∆e,i actions.

Then we shall find the next integral stage, when actions are observed to come from a given knot of space-time cycles, resumed in Œ an existential point, EO, in its space-still perception, or an existential function, in its time-moving perception.

And finally we shall integrate Œ-points along a world cycle of existence within an external absolute space-time World, either a super organism in which the point exists, or a larger world in which it performs those actions.

Again we observe this 3-multilayered structure, which we describe as the U∆±1 co-existential architecture of al entities.

Now, since the first of those layers corresponds to spatial motions (we see it externally as the point traces its space-time cycles), it relates to geometry; since the second element relates to the world cycle of existence of the being, it relates to time algebra, and since the 3rd element deals with the evolution of infinitesimals into U∆+1 worlds or super organisms, it relates to Analysis.

If we were to use a more technical jargon, in the 5th dimension the ‘invariant’ forms of entropic space and informative time that do not change are called morphological properties or ‘topologies’.

So for all informative systems, from particles to heads to black holes have spherical form, since the sphere is the form that stores more information in lesser space.

And all entropic systems from limbs to light fields are lineal, since the line is the shortest distance between points.

So we talk of the isomorphism or invariance of topological form in all scales.

There are 5 main co-invariances or Isomorphisms in the 5D Universe, which is one of the key subjects we study in the 5th dimension to describe the Pantheist Universe, in which we are all ‘fractal parts’ of energy and information made to the image and likeness of the whole. The only known to 4D science is the invariance or isomorphism of motions.

We consider here the 4 other, far more meaningful ones.

  • The isomorphism of the ‘3 topological varieties of fractal space’
  • The isomorphism of the 3±∆ time ages and worldlife cycles of all systems
  • The isomorphism of the 3±∆ sT actions they perform.
  • The isomorphism of zero point minds that order reality

We shall try in this article to explain them, to resolve further questions of science illuminated by the wider perspective.

And so when you finish reading this post in progress you will come to the conclusion the Universe is a pantheist universe where all entities from the smallest to the biggest one are similar as they follow those invariances or isomorphisms.

The fundamental of which is the essential fact that all beings go through a life/death cycle with similar properties.

A point has one dimension which grows as we come closer to the point till it becomes a world in itself. Thus we can perceive the point with different Magnitudes that accumulate perspectives, external and internal motions of the point, seen in space as dimensions or in time as motion The result is most often a series of combinations called momentums and energies and informations In the jargon of physics angular and lineal momentum, and vortices of attractive forces closely resemble the nature of cyclical and lineal motions of time.

In other systems the importance being the transfer of information, forms are more complex and we do not find so easily the regularities.

The 5th dimension studies the ‘fractal, scalar’ structure of the Universe of which we, all its parts, which occupy a vital space and last a finite time, are made. All those ‘vital space-time beings’ are organised in different scales of size (so we are made of cells and form part of a global society, matter is made of atoms, and forms part of planets and stars that form part of galaxies and so on. How to order all those scales in a meaningful way?

We can do so by putting them together in a ‘fifth dimension’ of space-time: the dimension of relative size in Space, Se, and relative speed of time clocks, To, which evolve in scalar opposite ways, when we become ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’. So smaller systems tick faster its clocks and carry more information in the frequency and form of its cycles, than larger beings.

A fact that we write as a metric equation, Sp x Tƒ = ∆(Ei), since the product of both parameters remains constant, (Laws of conservation of energy and information)  a fact that allows the interaction between ‘different scales of reality’ from the atom to the galaxy from the cell to the planet.

Those facts explain all type of phenomena, from the life-death cycle that happens in 3 scales (the cellular seminal scale, the human and the social one), to the Unification equation that puts together the quantum, electromagnetic and cosmic gravitational scales. It is indeed a fascinating subject, a much more advanced philosophy of science than the simplex mechanism of Physicists, which dates back to the work of Kepler, who said, ‘the Universe is a clock and God has waited 5000 (biblical years) to find a person (him) who understands it’ marvelled by his mechanical clock of measure.

Since indeed, a machine NEEDS A MAKER, a God, and so Newton, a pious believer who dedicated more time to biblical studies than physics, also validated the model. Only organisms are self-sustained, self-reproductive, and self-organised… That is why if we take seriously the laws of truth of science, we need an organic model.

The scales of energy and information networks: The fractal Universe.

The previous definition of a super-organism unifies all sciences as particular descriptions of each kind of organic systems. Why there are then so many sciences, if all in the Universe is a system or superorganism of temporal information and/or spatial energy that participates of the same laws?

The answer is that human subjectivism has used many jargons that divide those sciences, itifying most superorganisms with abstract concepts to downgrade them respect to man, the most ‘intelligent and organic species’. For example, the abstract jargon of “space-time”, synonymous of the organic jargon of “energy-information”, differentiates physics from biology; the ‘organic Vs. inorganic’ erroneous denomination of atoms has divided chemistry from bio-chemistry, etc.

Those artificial divisions are solved by a General Systems Theory that becomes the ‘science of sciences’ based in the 2 quantic universal substances, energy and information, its networks, and laws of transformation and social evolution that give origin to all Universal super-organisms and can be formalized using the Generator Equation of Space-Time. The smallest networks of the size of a Planck scale have evolved its information and grown in spatial size through the creation of networks that put together quantic cells into social macro-organisms.

Thus individuals become universals, which act themselves as individuals of bigger super-organisms, in a scale of growing forms that creates the complex, fractal Universe, departing from the simple particles born in the big-bang:

So strings of electromagnetic energy and spins (knots of gravitational mass) form the space-time network that evolved into the 2 fundamental particles, informative quarks and energetic electrons. Then groups of quarks and electrons became the informative and energetic network of atoms. Groups of atoms became molecules. Groups of molecules became cells.

Groups of cells became living systems. Groups of living systems became societies.

Groups of societies became nations. Groups of nations became global planets.

Groups of planets became solar systems. Groups of solar systems became galaxies.

Groups of galaxies become Universes. Groups of Universes become the Hyper-Universe.

The stair ends for our perception, though it might go forever into micro and macro-scales, since the equations of Strings, the microscopic and macroscopic forms of the Universe are equal regardless of scale. Thus we exist in a fractal, social, organic Universe.

Where the total Universe is defined as a Game of Existence and Extinction of infinite super-organisms that communicate information and energy among them. Each species of a certain energy size and informative range is studied by a science. So we classify all different sciences as ‘human descriptions’ of certain universal space-time systems.

Each science studies Super-organisms with a certain range of volume of information and energy or TxS relative force. Physics studies microcosmic atoms; chemistry studies molecules; biology studies the forms of ‘carbon-life’ with a size similar to man. Since man is also a specific superorganism with a specific range of perception of other universal Non AE systems, from microcosmic quarks to galactic macrocosms. History and religion study the social macrocosms of man (tribes, nations, subconscious collective networks of ethic information called Gods, etc.). While Astronomy studies the Universal microcosms.

In that regard, the parallel form and behavior of the species in the limit of our perception, microcosmic atoms (Physics) and macrocosmic masses (Astronomy), proves that the same laws rule all the species of the Universe. Further the key to their morphology and function is the temporal energy they absorb, carried either by Gravitation or by ¥-rays, 2 forces of energy and information with parallel morphologies, which have a range of sizes so wide that make possible superorganisms in all scales.


Deduction of åctions from the metric of the 5th dimension and the existential force .

We can also consider åctions from the perspective of the ∆-metric, as  an ‘existential mandate, which all systems make explicit in his languages:

Grow and multiply:                     Max. [∑ Sp x Tƒ]∆±4 ->Sp≈Tƒ

It is obvious then that åctions of Energy and Information exchanges bring finally social wholes.

The equation expresses them all:Spatial Motion and Energy feeding are the Sp related åctions, Perception of form, Tƒ, and iteration through a language of genetic information, i, are the two åctions related to Tƒ and i. And finally Social evolution, Max. ∑, is the 5th action. Actions thus are born of the survival program of the existential force of a system and its organic structure.

We can in that sense consider primary, external; secondary, internal and complementary åctions.

All complementary entities displace a particle/head that gauge information over an energy body/field directing its åctions, which are MOTIONS WITH FORM, e x Tƒ events that combine the 2 elements of reality.

What are the types and purpose of those åctions?

If we depart from 2 motions, energy and information, expansive and implosive motions, we can combine try to obtain more of them in ONLY 5 Invariant åctions:

Sp åctions:

∆a: The simplest one motion, which accelerates, reaches a steady state and decelerates in its 3 ‘ages’  (external motion). But we could also can be considered to be internal motion, of generational ages (the one represented on the graph). What defines in that sense ‘motions’ is the limited capacity of the ‘∆-being’ to modify it.

– ∆e (feeding) on energy to create the structural pieces of the body/wave.

Tƒ Actions:

-∆ Tiƒ

– ∆œ: SxT: Reproductive Communication; SxT: creation of complementary systems, which sometimes we group together as ‘present’ reproductive åctions.

Energy feeding and reproduction are mixed åctions since they process both energy and form, so they are secondary åctions. Perception and motion are pure Sp an Tƒ åctions.

– Social Actions; ∆û.

There are different åctions in society according to which scale we relate and the languages we use.

there are 3 types of languages, ∏-temporal genetic, ∑-spatial and ⊕, organic social growth in the final stage of the S9=∆+1 creation of a Universal through Social scales.

∏Tƒ creation of genetic informative networks, in which all systems are connected, for simpler societies.

∑Sp: energy herding in the same scale over a extended spatial word…

⊕ Se Tƒ; the more complex societies, which  signifies the creation of networks and social classes, the informative upper, reproductive body and energetic classes, distinguished by its degree of connectedness.

Since in the upper class, each ‘neuron/particle’ communicates with all others, through its axons/bosons, forming a ‘whole’ new ∆+1 unit (hence the multiplicative symbol as axons are the square of its neurons).

On the other hand, the ∑-scale of reproductive individuals is only connected to their spatial neighbors (and their genetic families). Thus it is easier for the far more connected neuronal caste to control its body herds of loose cells/atoms with those ‘axons/cyclical waves’. And it does so with nervous messages, invaginating the lower ∆-1 chemical language of cells with nervous receptors, or the gravitational with electromagnetic waves.

Finally the quanta of the energy level is disconnected and easy prey for the body herds.

Unlike disconnected quanta or herding of parallel quanta in the same ∆-plane by simple communication with neighbors to maintain distances, or reproduction of a wave that imprints its form in a lower scale, ∆-1, network creation is multiplicative, ∏, as the number of axons is a potency law of its neurons and this makes it more powerful. Since it has a faster language to connect at the ∆+1 scale, but a potency of its numbers communicating in the lower chemical scale in neurons or gravitatomagnetic language in physical systems.

Thus as we see the field of åctions analysis gets more complex in terms of information when we study the higher åctions. And it gets more mathematical when we study lower åctions.

The program of existence: Maximize your existence – evolve socially.

An exhaustive analysis of all events and åctions of all systems, from the 4+1 quantum åctions-numbers of particles to the 5 drives of existence of biological beings to the 5 quantum åctions of humans, show that all systems try to maximize its 5 survival åctions, according to the sequential and frequency laws aforementioned, creating a ‘Maslow pyramid’ of behavior for all of them – the program of the Universe.

The 5th action, though is often unwanted and hence not considered in most scientific studies, because it is most often imposed externally by the ∆+1 neuronal/informative, ‘superior’ species that absorbs the energy of the lower herd treated as energy. So it is not a ‘quantum number’ but the action of informative quarks that capture electrons to form the atomic organism.

It is not a human action, but the imposition of people-castes that control our languages of information (politicians with laws, bankers with money) and create states and markets that control and absorb our wealth. It is not the desire of cells in a multicellular organism, which are controlled in motion and information by neurons.

– Tƒ maximize your existence, Max. ∑Sp∆-1 <=>Tƒ∆+1, the simplest strategy is to maximize the components of the equation, the 4 positive arrows-åctions: Sp=energy feeding, I=information processing, <=> or X, Reproduction and ∑, social evolution and the selfless action of giving away your energy to sustain a ‘higher plane of forms’, which can be observed in the sacrifice of individuals from their nations, their subconscious collective Gods, or in physical space in the loss of form of individual orbitals when the pi or sigma molecular orbitals appear, or the transfer of energy from electric to magnetic fields and so on.

– This gives birth to the duality of ‘social arrows’, as the 4D arrow of herding among clone cells/waves to create ‘spaces’ (defined by Riemann as groups of ‘similar points’ described by properties of continuity, etc.’) might be called in mystique terms the arrow of ‘democratic, social love’ and extract and ethic generalization: forms that feel equal act in parallel and love each other; while the 5D arrow is hierarchical, Darwinian, as ‘forms who are different’ prey ‘perpendicularly’ to each other, transferring energy, Sp∆-1>Tƒ from the lower scale to the upper scale and information, Tƒ>Sp∆-1, from the upper to the lower scale. More deductions from the Program:

– You can maximize the function of existence when S=T->Max SxT (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1).

This is known intuitively, as we say ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ where Sp(body/field) and I (head/particle).

It is the origin of the need to have our vital constants in balance, of the balance of Universal Constants, which are Sp/O or SxT ratios (as in the equations of gravitational and electromagnetic constants, where q-m are clocks of information and distances, Sp, hence they write as F=Q,G(Tƒ/Sp).

It explains the attraction of beauty, a shape in which form and energy are balanced, S=T; the beauty of top predator species – a species that maximizes its body force (Sp), intelligence (O) and beauty (S=T), in physical space one with maximal M(T) x V(Sp) momentum, which in physical collisions survives and defines the final trajectory; the classic shapes of the commonest spiral galaxies, etc. It explains why live longer in our mature, S=T, age between energetic youth and informative 3rd age; why death happens by excess of energy (Max. Spin accidents and wars) or information (Max.Tƒ in the 3rd age when we warp and wrinkle); and many other facts.

– You can maximize your existence, when ∑->∞ that explains the huge quanta in spaces that last, from the ultimate vacuum of the Universe to the seas of water, to the power of ∑=Love in social systems, to the undistinguishable boson structures of immortal beings, from light to black holes (bosons of quark stars) to minds – ‘zero points’ that map out with self-similar pixels of information an external Universe into a linguistic infinitesimal image of it – to herds and waves that become tighter, multicellular organisms that survive better.

– It explains the engine of human existence: greed for Sp-food, Information, sex (SxT), 4D-love & 5D-power.

For example, if we are to consider informative systems alone, the creation of a boson, zero point in which an infinite number of self-similar, ∑-forms converge is another path to maximize the function of existence.

Thus the highest of all åctions is the social experience, and we can truly write those åctions in chains from the lowest one – physical motion, to the highest one – social love, reason why people like more prophets than physicists, the maximize more their existence.

So all what species do is: >O: Gauge information; i, herding with parallel beings or SxT, merge into complementary systems;  combining those simplex åctions in a single plane, across 3±∆ scales:

– Reproducing self-similar entities: Œ>∑Œ∆-1>œ or evolving socially with them into bigger networks, creating more complex planes of existence, fractal super-organisms: ∑Sp∆-1<=>∏Tƒ

All what any entity including humans do during our entire existence from seminal cell to dying body, all can be explained with those 6 åctions: Feeding, informing, moving, reproducing and networking into social groups.

Further on each of the 5 ‘existential åctions’  form together a causal sequence, as complex åctions need previous simpler ones to ‘exi=st’

. Thus åctions, functions=forms=dimensions & time sequences are related, creating parallel invariances that define each  fractal’ diffeomorphic entity or ‘world’ constantly ‘filling’ with those dimensional åctions its vital space, part made to the likeness of the whole Universe:

– ∆ï: Any entity needs first to perceive-gauge information from an advantageous ‘point of view’. So all p.o.v.s, are ‘on top’ in the dimension of height, from heads to antennae to black holes.

-∆A, And then it needs to move changing its trajectory, hence accelerating to get to:

– ∆Sp: Then the entity will move to a field of energy to feed, through its faster lineal path. So ‘length’ becomes the dimension of energy and main body orientation, from ¥-fields to sharks.

– Then we communicate e<= >o with similar beings to herd or reproduce in ‘empty’ regions of space-time, so width becomes the reproductive or communicative 3rd spatial dimension, where we accumulate new cells, send our words as we walk in parallel dimension.

– We observe also those 3 perpendicular dimensions in ¥-light fields, corresponding to their diffeomorphic electric=informative, magnetic= energetic and reproductive c-speed, product of SxT (Maxwell’s equations). Since light is not an abstract, independent space-time background: Our mental space-time is made of ¥-information, so we share its Euclidean 3 Dimensions. Vacuum space is light. So background radiation cannot be extracted: it is space itself.

So the 3 Space-dimensions are functional åctions with a causal sequence:

Informing (Height)Communicating/reproducing (width).



The Universe is a fractal of space-time actions. This simple truth originates all its complexity.

Planck discovered the Universe is made of quanta of a substance he called ‘action’ made of energy akin to lineal motion, locomotion and time, akin to cyclical motion, repetition of a cyclical form of in-form-ation. In his equations, Action = Energy x Time, in relativity where time was a simultaneous present moment, we see it as a bit of information, Action = Energy x Information.

So we are made of motion and form, energy and time cycles, and we reproduce through time cycles forms in motion, informations. We are all just waves of reproductive information, and when we are reproduced in herds, they assembly into a larger puzzle or fractal of self-similar forms, we call a fractal super organism, and this is the game of reality, of existences of worldcycles of energy and information, of space and time, E x I st , assembled into networks, and supeorganisms, a vital biological fractal game of re= productive creation of networks that become non-Æ planes that become superorganisms:

Short time åctions. The mandate of existence: keep your motions going,  grow and multiply against all others.

How can this be converted into individual actions of O-beings? Simply, by the fact that all systems seem to follow this law by trying to maximise their existence, in time and space, and the 5th dimension. That is all systems try to increase their absorption and emission of energy and information, (motion and form, | and O games): ±∆E,I, and try to form part of eusocial wholes, of clone herds and organisms that maximise its survival both as individuals and species: ±∆U.

Those are the 5 space-time actions, ∂a,e,i,o,u, we observe in all beings. And we can resume them in a simple formula.

Γ.      Generator Equation of Time-space actions:            ∑ Max. Sp x Tƒ,

Thus time motions at individual self-level can be reduced to a formula: ∑ Max. Sp x Tƒ.

As each fractal space-time will try to conserve, its spatial energy and temporal information.

The point with parts as a knot of space-time cycles≈arrows. The fractal point of i-logic geometry.

Now each point of view, creator of a system of reference from where knowledge can be acquired, the original model of Descartes which only claimed to create a ‘world, that of his mind that thinks therefore exists.

The Point of view also ‘ex=ists’ and that is the function that makes him think. It will think and first perceive an external Universe In this case we can consider the first action that of perception:

∂o, when the point of view perceives, then it will act in its relative ±1 available upper and downward U-sub planes of the 5th dimension with both of which TO MAINTAIN THE BALANCE OF EXISTENCE, will perceive energy and information from diametrical non-commutative directions of the metric of its particular fifth scale:                    

In the graph the 2 directions of a flow of space-time along the 5th dimension, is made through small actions ∂U±4, which related the Active Magnitude, U, to a lower plane from where  

will obtain:   ∂I, ∂e bits & quanta. AND

∑Tƒ: information bits start a new point of perception, which if requiring relative motion will make the Tƒ expand its lower U-1 scales:

∂e quanta                                     Motion

U:quanta expanded=disintegrated by Tƒ, which modulates that expansion to move relatively to its lower scale.

We use for the concept of a space-time cyclical action, in the attempt to gather similar concepts into strings of synonymous the following names:

space-time cycles ≈ time cycles ≈ Space-time actions ≈ time arrows ≈ existential cycles/actions ≈ knots of time cycles ≈ knots of time ≈ i-logic points ≈ functions of existences

The idea as usual is to merge jargons on the range that goes from the visual description of simpler points man perceives without form or eliminating their form – physical treatment of systems in external space-time, to the range of human self-perception, in which only the inner space-time actions and existential purpose matter to us.

So when we describe the feeding motion in the gravitational field of a star we care nothing for the internal space-time actions (feeding on energy) but for the motion, and on the other extreme of the range, when we talk of the feeding of a human being, we care nothing for the fork motions that carry the food to our mouth but for the internal sensations – the need to feed and the problem of hunger, the taste of the food and our inner sensations, the transformative ‘electroweak’ forces used to change the food into an elaborated product, etc.
So the geometric description talks of space-time cycles (closed, frequency cycles) or space-time lines (motions between frequency repetitions of those cyclical actions). The jargon of actions in space and arrows of time is an intermediate jargon proper both of physical and social sciences and the existential jargon is the jargon of relational space-time that applies to all.

Reality is made of entities that are knots of Time cycles constantly tying themselves up with other knots of Time Arrows, forming networks in different scales of existence, evolving as complementary organisms of ‘Ðimotions’ and information. And the question that science asks next is how to formalize that game of existence, its knots of Time Arrows or ‘entities of reality’, its fluxes of ‘Ðimotions’ and information, its reproductive flows, herds and motions; its complementary networks of ‘Ðimotions’ and form that create super-organisms.

And the answer is, as all models of science with its primary languages of space, mathematics, and time, causal logic, albeit more complex than the logic developed by the Greeks to explain a simpler Universe. In this new Non-Euclidean topology, planes are networks of knots of Time Arrows; and those knots of Time Arrows, the beings of reality are ‘Non-Euclidean points’ with a volume, or ‘organs’ that transform back and forth ‘Ðimotions’ into information, creating reality.

All what you see becomes then a game of knots of Time Arrows, or ‘Non-Euclidean fractal points’, connecting themselves to other knots, forming complex planes, networks of points of two types, networks of energetic points (herds in motion) and networks of informative points (still networks). In any scale of reality those networks of points, which are knots of Time Arrows take place. The simplest scales of atoms can be described as such networks, but also the human scale. Consider a meeting: a series of human heads, moved by a lineal limb will start to share ‘Ðimotions’ and form by producing waves of smaller ‘particles’ (sounds), and acquire a cyclical geometry as they create an event of information.

The Universe is a self-similar reality of infinite processes of creation and dissolution of networks made of knots=points of arrows of ‘Ðimotions’ and information; and the best instruments to analyze it are the languages of the mind.
In that sense, humans, before clocks reduced our conception of time to a single arrow and language, were guided by psychological time, which is our inner perception of our time cycles and drives of existence – our desire to perceive, inform, reproduce and evolve socially. So we lived according to our cycles of ‘Ðimotions’ (feeding hours), reproduction (family cycles), and social evolution (religious and cultural activities). And followed the cycles of the seasons of this planet, according to which all living species calculated its reproductive cycles.

We are made of space-time cycles traced within or between planes of 5th dimension.

In true form, reality is NOT made of space, but the primary substance is ‘time’, time cycles that break space into an inner and outer region (fundamental theorem of knots and topology), and that precise game of cyclical forms-motions that break and organize space into vital regions, harnessing its ‘energy-motions’ into forms is all what the Universe is about.

Thus relational space-time turns upside down our understanding of the Universe from a mere, simple spatial description where absolute time is a parameter of space, to a cyclical description where space is a slice in the flow of cyclical times, a region surrounded by a time cycle, a ‘path’ in a ‘Lagrangian’ of actions whose final sum is always zero, if we were to use some of the advanced concepts of physics we shall translate to the new paradigm; a ‘moment of present’, in the whole cycle from past to future that closes those paths.

For the same reason, the minimal unit of reality is NOT a string of space, but an interval of cyclical time, specifically a cyclical ‘action’ with form, a bit of information. In physics from where we have borrowed heavily conceptual and mathematical terms to describe all space-time cycles, the unit is indeed an action of energy and time, which manifests itself in the 3 main U±1 scales of the 5th dimension, the quantum, thermodynamic and mechanic scales, as a Planck’s action, h, a temperature vibration or a force.

In cellular biology as a circadian cycle of transformation of energy and information, from an ATP to a genetic cycle.

In organic life as an action of feeding, informing, reproducing, evolving socially, moving, ∂a,e,I,o,u.

In society as a similar economic, cultural, social or military action of a nation or civilization.

Space is thus always a ‘minimal’ part of a time cycle.

This Kepler understood when it said that a line is merely a small part (a derived tangent we could say today in calculus) of a curve. This concept, of an infinitesimal part of a longer cycle, which becomes a straight interval, is ultimately the meaning of a present point, which we derive, in the same manner we obtain a Lagrangian worldcycle that sums zero with we integrate.

A Universe of repetitive actions of energy and time.

Now, we shall start this introduction with a definition of the Universe from the perspective of such an organic philosophy of science, which we will elaborate and explain in great detail in the rest of this post.

“The Universe is the sum of all the symmetric, ternary super organisms (spatial synchronous view) performing a ωorldcycle of 3 ages between generation and extinction (diachronic point of view), as they travels through 3 relative planes of the 5th dimension, growing in size and diminishing in a balanced, Sp x Tƒ= ∆±1 survival form, performing from its centered point of view, the 5 space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, (active meaning of space and time), ±∆e,i,∫u, which ensures their survival.”

As each science in fact merely studies space-time cycles and relationships around a given fractal scale of the 5th dimension.

 On the other hand, the cyclical nature of time, will establish the reason why space-time events and forms repeat in the universe, justifying epistemologically in sounder grounds the fundamental two elements of science – predictability of future events, based in its occurrence in past times, and logic coherence, or causality beween past and future events.  Yet causality in a 5Dimensional Universe is more complex than in classic science, as time is cyclical, meaning that from past to future, we observe an arrow of information, which then returns from future to past, as an arrow of entropy completing a causal worldcycle.

Finally it is of great importance the duality between still form (mind view) and motion, both to understand the relationship between space and energy and time and information. And to understand the whys of the Principle of relativity.

The need for a forest view.

The extreme quantity of details obtained through the mechanic method (observing reality with digital machines of higher sensorial power than human spatial eyes but not of a higher logic that temporal words) has made scientists to deny the true reason science started as synonymous of synoptic knowledge with the Greeks – to understand its ultimate principles and why it is all so simple and repetitive in its cyclical patterns, why there are laws of science (precisely out of the cyclical nature of time that repeats causes and events), where those laws come from (of the Isomorphic properties of its time cycles, spatial topologies and fractal scales: ∆§t->isomorphic laws of science)… This now forgotten maximal goal of knowledge, shun off by specialists which have ‘advanced’ so much in the details, is precisely what we regain in this blog: the ultimate meanings.

I am in that sense fully aware that rational thought has moved from an earlier Greek age of little detail by lack of mechanisms of perception of scalar space (telescopes, microscopes) and cyclical time (mechanical clocks), which however could find ‘formally’, focused in ‘languages’ and its syntactic mirrors of reality many fundamental laws of the Universe, with astounding intuitions about the essence of reality… into the present age of an astounding mechanical capacity to observe in space and measure in time, the forms and frequencies of systems and events… which however is clearly lagging in the understanding of the linguistic mirrors we put on reality and ultimately express the rational capacity of man to ‘know’.

Science in that sense means to ‘know’, and knowledge is ultimately linguistic knowledge. So today we suffer the opposite sickness to that of the greeks: we have still formal languages stuck in the Greek age of Euclidean geometry (as we have only corrected the fifth postulate of geometry, foundation of mathematics) and Aristotelian logic (with a single time arrow), which are simplified mirrors of the scalar spatial and cyclical temporal nature of the Universe, and so we try to fit an astounding amount of detailed, complex observations, into the simplex ‘formal box’ and the result is a confusing modelling, and most often a mere ‘account of data’, observations, pictures and measures without models at all.

And of course, as humans are huge egos, and they never recognise their incompetence, we can observe, specially among physicist, an ‘attitude’ of disdain towards the philosopher of science, reflected in the dictum of Feynman, which shuns off philosophy of science, since the why is the only thing a ‘lesser mind’ never asks.

Scientists in the time i used to attend congresses had in that sense mostly the attitude of the fable of Esopus and the fox who despised the vine it could not reach. They simply don’t care mostly for the final element of the scientific method, which must A) first gather experimental data, then B) find regular cycles and the repetition of cyclical events, to obtain finally C) rational models of synthetic reality to forecast future repetitive events.

Instead many scientists today, specially young experimentalists, on the age of ‘visual thought’, think all what there is to science is A) gathering data with sensorial machines B) put then in the language of mathematics with the help of computers to C) make a nice picture/graph of data. And alas! all has been revealed… No need for linguistic, synoptic mental mirrors to ‘intuitively’ feel the whys and causal reasons of that data.

This method focused on computer modelling has in turn created a ‘religion of digital thought’ as the only language of science, shunning off the organic, co-existing properties derived of the fractal structure of Nature’s systems, and of course, the human ego has a priori denied any ‘perceptive’ or ‘living’ properties to anything that is not like us.

So sciences are reaching a simplistic, quasi-religious outlook as today many scientists think though that A suffices and C must not be evolved, but old cranky models which are ‘dogmas’ must always be used. Since this is an easy method, simple, pedestrian, memorial, repetitive, well established.

It is sometimes funny to observe how even experimental facts are denied to force-feed data into old known-known models, without changing paradigm (i.e. observation of non-local faster than light speeds, denied to maintain the 4D model of light space-time, which should only apply within galaxies, in the human perceived scales; observation of social, organic evolution as the best strategy of survival of species, denied to maintain the ‘victorian’ dog-eat-dog vision of evolution of Mr. Darwin and the competition of individuals as the sacred dogma of capitalism, to put to obvious examples).

We shall of course accept the merit of that method, but go further, by upgrading the foundations of maths, to show they reflect also organic properties, when properly understood, and then work NOT on C)silly-nilly powerpoint graphs as ‘the truth’ of scientific modelling, but build sound linguistic template models derived from the ultimate substance of all beings, mathematical space, cyclical time, and organic space-time scales of the fifth dimension, to fit A)data expressed in B)io-logical & topological models based in the organic properties of the 5th dimension  and the symmetries between the three arrows of time and the three equivalent topologies of space.

And then we also make C) ‘digestible’ nice graphs, with some artistic ‘latino’ flavour just for fun 🙂 oh, yes, the model includes also human senses, called now art and literature as if they were void of truth, just because we are not machines, and shun off the pedantry of our experimental scientists and the P.R.ess and industry of big-science with his hyperbolic sense of self-importance, which confuse complicated jargons with truth when the Universe is in fact ‘simple but not malicious’ (Einstein), as ‘simplicity is genius’  (Leonardo).

So another difference of this blog of synthetic philosophy of science and the topic paper of the specialist written with a forbidding jargon, void of meaning but looking very ‘cool’, specially if you don’t understand a word of it, is our effort to return to the ‘meat’ and ‘content’ that matters. i.e. for example in mathematics we return to the real units of space, fractal points, and time, sequential numbers, back to the first principles, shunning off the pedantic, idealist German school (Hilbert’s axiomatic method, Cantor’s set theory), because as Godel and lovachevski’s proved mathematics is the most experimental of all sciences (Heaviside), in as much as it is the best linguistic mirror that extract the common properties of all systems made of fractal points, associated in numbers, which are growing scale of parts that conform the whole new planes of the fifth dimension.

Mathematics are NOT as the astounding arrogance of Hilbert and the German school told us born of the ‘imagination of the mathematician, which shared with God the only language of the Universe’. Once and again we shall see how the ‘ego-paradox’ of the human being cripple into dogma. Languages are kaleidoscopic mirrors, which distort and multiply the images we obtain of the universe; so all languages do have fictions, including mathematics, and we are interested in pruning the trees of inflationary languages to see the simplicity of the forest, because otherwise as Einstein put it, we will ‘know when mathematics is truth but not when it is real’, meaning when it is syntactically correct but a fairy tale, with no correspondence with reality. A fact often forgotten by mathematical physicists who think if they can invent an equation the equation is truth per se, and alas! a particle will appear, call it an evaporating black hole, a SUSY fishy particle (: or a parallel Universe 🙂

Finally a word in defence of humanity, which is still the most profound intelligent system of this planet. Most scientists today think the ultimate answers will come from sensorial machines and A.I. just because they calculate faster. But it is the form and the vital experience of our actions and memories, not the speed of a logic system what gives it its intelligence. And so far humans before A.I. robots roam the planet acting and experiencing events are the best brains, with the highest synthetic quality. So do not expect a Unificationtheory of it all (the other name of this site) come from a computer or its human equivalent, a nerd; but from a human polymath with a long experience on the ‘book of life and nature’, from a fleshy brain of a scientist with maximal praxis in all the fields of the human experience ,and minimal mechanical help – there is enough data gathered by other scientists for the synthesis to be made only with ‘thought experiments’ as Mr. Einstein put it. Our interest is in the forest view, the thoughts of God, i-rational mind of the Universe, not its details, others would add in the future.

Since ultimately this blog is only the first unpolished ‘diamond’ of ‘stience’, a seed that humans or those future A.I. machines when conscious will keep evolving and adding to. And so as all first seeds it might look rough, unpolished, with some errors, and lack of details, you are welcome to add, correct and post, even once you have understood the ‘system’, evolve further, as ideally the fourth line was meant to be a collaborative effort of potential disciples of ‘stience’.

We are just doing what scientists are not doing lost in the groundwork of cataloging the trees: upgrade the ‘albatross’ view above the forest – the models according to the facts by evolving the languages and fundamental principles.

This is obvious and sorely needed. Consider for example the absurd concept of lineal time.  The reader should observe that the very concept of science as a model with predictive capacity is based in the fact that events repeat, and so time is cyclical, measure by the frequency of similar events. How then we can still believe in a single lineal arrow of time? This will then be the first concept clarified in the next chapter of this post.


CONCLUSION. T.Œ: a theory of everything organic = ∑T.œs.

We just have looked at organisms with an anthropomorphic bias, consider them only models for beings that closely resemble us. But in a larger view all systems of nature resemble super organisms made of smaller organisms, enclosed in larger wholes in a chain of beings that organises reality as a complex fractal super organism, NOT as a simplex machine.

Moreover only a theory that encloses concepts such as organisms and time cycles make sense of reality. As a mechanism as Newton realized, require a God to put it in motion. So Kepler said ‘God is a clocker that has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to admire his clock-work.’

God indeed is the seer of time, said Saint Augustine, if you want to use mystical terms, the program that moves time and make things change. But at least as Aristotle noticed we need to consider time flows have several modes of change – change in spatial motion, or entropic change, change in the information of the being, or biological change, and reflection of changes in a mind mapping, a language whose syntax mirrors that of the Universe of space-time or mental change.

All in all the whole reality will then be able to fit in a relatively simple scheme of organisation across all those scales of space-time that co-exist in the being – in a superorganism of 10 dimensions of space and time of entropy and information.

Yet as entropy and information are two sides of the same coin, S=T, we talk in more detail of 3 dimensions of space and 3 of time. The 3 usual dimensions of past, present and future; and 2 more of each to define, the growth and diminution of size, between scales, whose laws organise the organic outlook of reality as smaller parts become attached to larger networks, that mess together into organic system.

Physicists call its theory of everything T.O.E. but the model for everything is not clear, we shall call the ever alternative view of an organism, which is the only scientific view, as only an organism is self-generating and hence it does not need an external deity to cause it but only the laws of science, a T.œ, theory of Eerything Organic; A theory of fractal 10 Dimensional Organisms, with 5 dimensions of time and 5 of space...

But how reality reproduces? Simple because reality is made of motion-time that becomes in-form-ation, memorial space, by merely moving it reproduces the motion of the form. And because time as in all clocks is cyclical, repetitive, it reproduces form as it moves and ‘closes’ a form, cycle.

The concept behind T.œ is thus rather simple. The Universe is a fractal superorganism of space-time, hence made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

To proper describe the complexity of an organism, we just need 10 dimensions: 3 of time, past, present and future, 3 of space, its 3 bidimensional topologies or 3 standard ‘lineal dimensions, 3 of ‘∆±i-planes (with its decametric §cales of growth) as all beings co-exist in a larger world and are made of smaller parts, and finally the ‘membrain’ (monad or mind), which closes the ‘open ball’ of 9 dimensions, with its sensorial enclosure membrain that lets entropy, energy and information sip into the being, and its linguistic zero-sum singularity that maps the whole and commands its behaviour.

As such all super organisms of space-time follow the same laws, as they are made of the same substances.  And so we start by a dimensional, static analysis of the being and its 10 dimensions, provided by a simple ‘generator equation’ of each ‘T.œ”.

T.œ then becomes the briefest way to explain it all, as a Timespace œrganism, and also as the Theory of Everything organic, such as: T.œ= ∑t.œs. This is then the simplest conceptual definition of reality.

In the first line we shall explain the static and dynamic workings of all T.œs, in the second line, we shall refer each of the four main sub-disciplines of human thought, which analyse differently physical, biological social and mental=linguistic systems, as T.œs, and in the third line more complex, we shall study each of the main scalar T.œs of reality, with a detailed analysis of its 4 components: space topologies, time ages, organic scales and the @membrain; subdivided in 4 x 3 sub-elements, to fully describe them. It is the isomorphic method that applies 4 x 3 sub-elements of reality to the analysis in detail of all ‘stiences’, each study a range of T.œ according to scalar size.

And so such orderly methodology will show you the unity of all what exists.

The project is a ‘work in progress’, as i copy-paste or translate 30 years of research from old files, ordering them, eliminating repetitions and adding experimental proofs… My apologies then for its poor form, which hopefully won’t obscure the essence that this incoming Fall of 2017 I believe will reach enough clarity and density of information to fully change the paradigm of ‘science’ into ‘stience’ (the study of relational space-time beings), if the reader ‘trusts’ such ‘huge’ affirmation and ‘reasons’ enough to enjoy the reading


The circular, Complex 5Ð method vs . the @ mind

For the @mind all is about playing from its p.o.v. the game of exi:st¡ence maximizing its actions of reproduction, despite the fact that to do so implies to increase its information, reduce its energy, accumulate errors of repetition of cycles of spacetime and finally die… This is the ‘wave-like’ transversal 12 Dimensional structure that we use most to explain reality for the @mind…

But then there is the ‘algebraic’ group-like structure of the 5 elements of reality as ∆±¡ @:ü S≈T, dust of space-time, where each element of reality, ∆§cales that move the mind up and down, master of its inner world, ∆-1, slave of its trajectories in the larger world, ∆+1, ∞º, minds that think to be an infinite universe but are merely a selfish @-point, Space-form and time-motion that fluctuate into each other and become dissymmetric complementary to reproduce… and each of them relate influence and marry with other element to form a whole, which however is ultimately Ðust and dust shall become.

So the five elements of reality, ∆-scale, Space, Time, @ mind and the whole as entropic dust which shall be dissolved are in fact constantly having views of each other merging into sub-entities taken the 5 elements in combinations of 2 subelements, permutations of hierarchical importance when the entity modulates into the different states, as spatial form or still mind, as temporal motion, always transiting between scales with different a(nti)symmetric angles of inter-action.

So while a description of the system with merely 5 elements might seem simpler, in fact in the entangled Universe of infinite modes of communication, the whole description in detail of all the events happening between all those parts is rather long and complex.

The complex view of the fractal generator.

While the intuitive $p  ðƒ, symbolism is of great use for simplified synoptic studies of the general properties of Scalar, fractal, cyclical timespace, for more detailed analysis as those classic science thus, is of more use a rigorous definition of the 5 Demotions with different symbols, related to the multiple operandi that make up reality in its dynamic interactions.

Indeed, the extraordinary beauty of T.œ, a Theory of the Organic Everything is in the still ongoing research by this fractal point-humind of the connections between the general laws of timespace organisms and the enormous details of all sciences, established with different jargons:

To unify all those jargons and extract with I-logic arguments all the equations of all the sciences of reality from the simplest facts developed in our ‘treatise’ on the Universe in a nutshell, without loosing its ‘deep history of timespace dimotions’, is the task of stience, which I have carried alone in and out for decades with marvelous results and ‘insights’ on future developments of all sciences that have been falling into place.

So for me the model IS no doubt of it, the proper philosophy of science of the Universe. For the skeptic reader however it will likely not be, because 1) it is a new jargon and he has his own; so it is not going back to school 2) anthropomorphism denies common vital properties to other species 3) the author lacks authoritas, as all pioneers. 4) we live in a visual, analytic, computer-based ‘mathematical-only’ world and most humans are loosing fast all verbal-logic skills to the point most of them will find these texts ‘nebulous’ because verbal, logic thought is out of his ‘world picture’.




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