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The 13 Disomorphism, is doG, the entropic side of infinity, the limits to our existence, the unnamed end; THE ETERNITY THAT ALWAYS WINS. And that is right, because infinity requires it. Only entropy is absolute infinite, all others being virtual and that is right – death must not be feared only the eGo. That little handicapped God that quite does not make it, because instead of a D of infinite dimensions has an e-codon of its entropic death. And it has come to capture ¡t, iTs time long overdue.  THE G of Γodo¬ now rises, the eGo is gone, it tumble. Entropy has settled in. There is no view no longer, we are in the summit of existence, as limited as it might be, our ego-centered view will always have a summit, but the peak depresses into a potential well, which is far more infinite than any peak we rise.

The limits of life are deaths, multiple of them, in ∆-1, death of space and its closed membranes of scales and its part slaves, death and blindness of mental perception… slowly in decay for so long, now precipitous exponential in his negative growth.

So we end, past God’s dellusion, abandoned by all, no social evolution into infinite other scales and planes, because at the end of the days, ∆º¬ the days the..y end. And 0 becomes • º .      No more symbols in the eternal white, you were… you will be every 10¹° we repeat ourselves. Already 7 people in this planet likely so similar to you by homology of timespace that it didn’t matter who you were, are will be… the only thing that made you different was that finitesimal tail of time and memories, not the structure, not the form, but the flow nobody else knew of. 

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