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The 12th isomorphism is God, the creative part of GODOG, the absolute, the one infinite, non-AE logic mind of the existential game of which the perceived Universe  is just a part, and God the positive logic, the creative side.

GodoG though is the whole, the 12th and 13th Disomorphisms. The alpha and the Omega.

We shall divide its study in two disomorphisms – the creative plane of existence in which the few seeds that live 3 superorganisms, perceive in their mind and even seed.

and ¬ the entropy limits of death, which we have been studying as the final cycle of the world, life and its scales.

GodoG is both a mind that reflects the best of all possible worlds, a space-time system of dimotions that embodies  its mind and the infinite zero sum of all its supœrganisms that make the game, but none of its forms immortal.

God is the Good part, the G∞D expectations for the parts, a whole, its mind, which ‘transcends’ into a 3rd world cycle of existence, so we can write the Disomorphism as a relative infinite symbol, ‘‘ or as a transcendental new 1¹, whole. And this completes from 0 to 1¹, the 12 Disomorphisms of exist¡ence… initiating for those lucky enough to experience transcendence into the higher third closed ϖorldcycle of existence, the completeness in God, in Social love, in ecstasy… So the being can be God if he is the seed that gave birth to a 3rd transcendental emergence, or it can be part of it, if it has played a role in one of its networks.

As such the 1¹ Disomorphism as all of them can be broken by the fractal principle in many sub-elements, according to what element of ‘God’ the emergent 3rd world cycle and superorganism we study, from which perspective of its parts or wholes. Normally not to irritate the causal humæn (æntropic reader), we refrain from the use of excessive metaphysical ¡nglish with its homologic poetry of thought. But being this ‘Being’ God, customarily expressed with foolish metaphysics of primitive religions of tribal wholes, we unleash here the beauty of the wor(l)d. So we start the post with a brief analysis of…

The þenta-Ðodecosa…man¡logics of GodoG.

As usual God will also be made of ¬∆@st of space-time and so it will have 5 formal, organic, structural elements, whose ceteris paribus ‘Rashomon analysis’ can enlighten further its complex entanglement within its parts and between those parts and the whole Universe.

This pentalogic, structural, fractal nature of all parts of reality is often expressed using different slightly changed wordings for the being – often varying as in earlier ‘Semitic’ languages, the vowels within its word (what I used to call in inglish, the Sem-antic method, though of late I refrain my imagination, as æntropic mæn keep reducing its ‘cogitans brain’ for the e-vident reality).

Thus we have several wording for it, using Greek – or inglish ones for the lazy – letters:

Γœ∆, which responds to Plato’s definition:

‘The universe is a supœrganism with a mind called God=Logos’ Timaeus… (For the irritant literalist of 1D¡mensional truth, he said organism, and Logos was the Greek Name for God, word and logic).

And so Gœd, or in Greek letters, Γœ∆, encompasses the whole superorganism of God, as ¬∆@st, in all its completeness

But within that supœrganism, God is often considered to be the conscious, God-mind which responds to Aristotle’s definition:

‘God is the unmoved center that moves all the energy (body waves) around it. We are all Gods’

So Γº∆ is God from the perspective of its @-mind.

Augustine’s wording though bring us in comparison God, the mind of the Universe and its supœrganisms of the transcendental 1¹ scale with its parts, æntropic men:

‘God is the seer of time of a higher logic than man and we write therefore æntropic God, the flow of time that with its higher logic will annihilate us, as:

¬od, which the III millennium expert in ¡logic ¡nglish will notice has ‘cleverly’ tumbled the creative Generator Gamma function of God, to become the symbol of entropy that among other things is used to represent the parts of a whole, in this case those of man.

But for a larger perspective, when we abandon the individual superorganism God of its parts and we move the concept of God as the impersonal Tao, game of existence; we can use two more symbols, not to crowd the perspective on God, which I personally prefer as I have been a taoist ever since in my youth of initiation landed North of Thailand past Chang Rae on opium dreams, and then descended down to Singapore where my friend’s Dayan’s mother introduced me into Hinduism and her friend in an adjacent temple into taoism, the vital and abstract versions of the Duality of GodoG, vishnu and Shiva, Yin and Yang, creator and destroyer of Worldcycles and exist¡ences.

In this case God is both, the commonest positive concept but  also the concept of Newton, and most physicists and other entropic, cultures such as Hinduism, where God is NOT the mind but the body-field from where all forms arise, to which all forms return, NOT the Si, spatial information but the Te, Temporal energy of the Universe

So Godog Is the symbol for the Impersonal game of existence in all its mirror symmetries or combined with Greek letters, Go∆oG (G instead of Γ for the lazy, as Gamma is not readily available, though it will become customary latter in the III millennia, when its significance as the Generator and alpha and omega of all Disomorphisms, make it substitute perhaps, the © or the ™? that’ll be the day). Enough wordiness, back to God, all in all, God is in the Tao Game, infinite, impersonal, immortal, immanent, imaginative, ¡n-so many things that we have the final and most used expression of all its pentalogic, dodecalogic, dodecosalogic, etc. etc. perspectives.

And so we write it in the impersonal Game as, Γ∞∆… where all minor Games, including this e-vident Universe are, were, will be, a block of time, for all of us are thoughts of G∞d.


5D: Γº∆


Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality. In the graph we see them ordering with different languages, different scales of reality which will reflect in a larger whole, the linguistic image they hold.

Epistemology of creation: feed-back mind mirrors.

What is wrong with ‘physics’ and increasingly with mankind can be resumed in the ego paradox. The equation of the mind is rather simple:

We humans are just ‘finitesimals’ of the ego paradox: o-point x ∞ Universe = constant mind.

So the Universe is out there, one and single; but it does not fit in the mind. And the mind reduces it to languages to perceive it, which resumes the main properties of the Universe, which are first bio-logical rules of ðime§pace existence (the Universe is a game of survival of ðime§pace beings, which constantly try to reproduce their information in ‘fractal seeds’ that latter evolve socially; the Universe is a vital fractal, and the rules are simple), then logic (temporal rules only) and then mathematical (spatial rules only), and then the human vision of those rules (artistic §pace, verbal ðime, ethic, social evolution of parts into stronger wholes). And so all those languages are mirrors.

In the graph, the back and forth relationship between the infinite single Universe, its infinite partial minds, which become perceptive through a language-mirror, and then in the left its individual ego-centered singularity mirror projecting aback through limited arrows/actions of ðime§pace, the linguistic image re-ordering a partial part of reality: its body and territory. It is this feedback constant equation what creates reality and so we can also write another Γenerator equation, about the interaction of those three elements that orders each relative fractal partial being/territory of the Universe to the mage and likeness of those languages, images of the whole, they will therefore copycat with slight variations, in the being:

Single, ∞ 5D Universe <≈ Ternary Languages of perception ≈> Spe ‹ST›Tiƒ super organisms>Ø-Mind

This is the shrinking process, but if we take the scalar view, the Universe become infinite smaller minds, growing in volume as we count the inner worlds, (Cantor’s paradox: the set of subsets is bigger than the whole set: the sum of all mind mirrors is bigger than the single Universe).

So human minds alone are infinitesimal compared to all the languages and minds.

We ‘are’ only in that territory of order with the stif-human mind  and what we feel and sense, which we by homology imagine is the hidden mind of every synchronous form that lasts, and develops as the frequency of its happenings increase, a short of computer burn-in which becomes a consciousness of the stiff-process.

Now for you to understand this we need to understand the limits of the mind, as a self-centred point of view on reality.

The ratio nature of physical systems IS the key TO a philosophical understanding of physical reality as an absolute virtual reality where to know you have to measure. In this sense while we prefer the more complete Bohm’s interpretation of quantum physics, which brings the much needed quantum field of the ∆-1 scale of >c forces; it is also important to nice that the ‘moon does appear when we see it’ regarding ∆±>3 scales beyond the entropy-death limit of dissolution of a system and this fact will be the key to fully grasp why the mathematical description of relativity and quantum has made use of the ill-understood Hilbert’s concept, ‘I imagine points, lines and planes’. 

Particle-points from the pov of the observer are indeed particle points even if they ‘hold a Universe within themselves’. Do they exist? For all purposes the mind-monad doesn’t go experimentally beyond ∆±3, to create its subjective mapping-linguistic-virtual consciousness of being. Reality on my view does exist, but we ARE linguistic perceivers and nothing else there is beyond, for all matters. And that is why we ‘feel’ the Universe to be mathematical, as we ARE projecting the mathematical mind which is the only thing we ‘extract’ (along other senses of man), from the Universe. I think therefore I am is thus indeed how far we can go. 

It is then when we realise it is often difficult to distinguish what is real behind the screen of linguistic perceiver.

I.e. Man is clearly made with 10 fingers to perceive 10-scales. We, as perceivers mainly measure in the S=10 logarithmic scales of the factual Universe. It is then a real reality of 10 scales? Logically the ternary 3 x 3 +0 symmetry seems to prove so.


All minds as the graphs show have local territories of order, and we humans can only spot them within the limits of galatom, but the impersonal taoist game seems to be infinite.

So we shall represent them as G∞∆, the tao, the God of infinite time motions; and Gº∆, the mind, the informative God. And both together, Gœ∆, the whole  superorganism with a ll its parts, as both the Tao of time and the minds come together.


Thus instead of monads, we use here a simple symbol for GOD, taken from Greek letter, for the Generator of time arrows, for the topologic combination of lines and cycles, which form a spatial ternary symmetry: |x 0=Ø, and for the ∆-infinite scales of its ‘plenum’ body of space, where fractal parts of it become super organisms, gods of existence. Many variations on the same theme, specially on the central ‘vowel’ can be used, º•Œø∞, as a mind, as an infinitesimal infinite as a super organism as a topology as an infinite dries of scales.

We  highlight three components of all realities: Γ, the three ARROWS/ages of time that generate it ,Φ the three topologies of space across the three scales ∆, of its super organism.

Personal God= Max. ð§

Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.


All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

ø-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view. But they do enter the mind of people who do science. And it is important to remember it, because the 5th dimension brings a much bigger jump into objectivity and lack of ego to our vision of the Universe.

Indeed, if information can only be obtained from a fixed point of view, it follows the Universe is made of egos. Or as Aristotle put it, God is the unmovable ‘ego’ that moves all the energy around himself and there are infinite Gods, particles that gauge information, heads that see, minds that smell… This must therefore be included in the next paradigm of science to build an even more objective, less anthropomorphic reality.

Now in 5D,  we have even a larger point of view. As we affirm there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information.

This is illustrated in the graph. In the right side we see our Universe, which Descartes affirmed correctly in his book ‘the world’, it was truly the ‘mind of man’ and Kant realized it was a light-mind.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believes to be it all.

Indeed, we summarize the formal and functional differences between entropy limbs, intermediate bodies  and information (minds) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=limbs/fields  Vs. Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

Why we die then must be ascribe to the fact that the whole system is ruled by the informative mind, which therefore determines the arrow of ðime of the Universe towards higher levels of information, till it exhausts and stops all motion into perceptive forms. 

And the sub-events of this type will again be easily classified into mind-mapping events, dominant in the human scale of perception; seed-reproductive events dominant in the lower genetic scales and physical ‘attractive events’ that transform entropy into vortices of ðime, charges and masses dominant in physical events.

Creationist ‘idealism’ in Physics and Religion vs. scientific organicism.

‘2 things I deem infinite, the Universe and the stupidity (arrogance) of man’ Einstein

‘God is the seer of time, with a logic more complex than man’s’ Saint Augustine

‘The body of God is Space, its plenum’ Newton

Ultimately though the fight of ideas in philosophy of science is between objective organicism, vs. Æntropic creationism. The first is truth, the second makes the human ego happy, in both religion and science.

The other two grand theories of reality astrophysics and religions use to that aim the same hyperbolic expansion of its models and languages-mirrors.

In religion, God, the human subconscious collective needed to convey the laws of eusocial love to mankind that puts parts into wholes, IS USED to explain the meaning of all realities.

IN astrophysics, the local BG radiation and possible quasar-big bang cycle of the galaxy becomes ‘cosmic’ infinite.

In both cases there is a deformation and deviation from truth and facts and the experimental method, with subtle censorships.

Physicists we saw, eliminate galactic vortices of accelerated time – the arrow of information of the Universe. In both there is a professional deformation:  ‘lineal physicists’ have as its worldly profession to make entropic weapons, and this practice has deformed their theories of reality to the point of thinking the Universe is dying and only entropy matters to reality – a cultural, professional distortion of theory by the praxis of their job NOT by a true fact.

And both have as common error to think that the Universal ultimate substance is NOT space and time, but the languages of mathematics and words they use to think and describe reality.

Both expand their local languages that order local reality for a simple reason – egocy: ego=Idiocy:

All minds think to be the center of the Universe and so reject by ‘will’, NOT by intelligence the possibility that all other beings of the Universe have singularities. Humans REGARDLESS OF WHAT ‘truth’ sponsor, religion, science or opinion WILL scandalously deny and most leave the blog as soon as I affirm they exist in a sentient Universe, by logic truth (as we humans are made of space-time our properties are common to any other fractal part of the whole) and by experimental evidence, which we show in the next graph.

As humans are what they are, with the limits of the ‘paradox’ of the mind, which is the ‘self-centred’, subjective view that puts ‘our system’ in the center of the Universe, we need finally to clarify a priori two elements – the paradox of the mind, which is NEITHER unique, nor more intelligent ass the languages it uses to reflect reality and order it and its properties are common to all beings:

Mind singularities exist in ALL systems, call it black hole for the galaxy; crystal for the planet; DNA for the cell, nervous system for man.

And all of them follow the same equation:
O-mind (linguistic still mapping) x ∞ universe (moving time-space cycles) = Infinitesimal world.

So all minds think the Universe is self-centred in your zero mind, so you feel unique. But you are just an automaton mirror, like the crystal of the planet, or the black hole of the galaxy (whose 5D equations reflect the galaxy in 4D – Maldacena; as your brain homunculus reflects your organism that it orders). So all singularities reflect its selfish p.o.v. in the territory they order around and nothing else matters. So you think your nose is bigger than the andromeda galaxy, you hardly see. Perception does matter then for faulty mind’s theories. 

The ego thinks to be the center of the Universe, but there are infinite ego-species, each one with a language mapping reality, visual, verbal, olfactory, gravitational-black hole minds, each one with a still mind-mapping busy-busy ordering around. Only western man since the age of metal as he started to ‘kill life’ with weapons of entropy, chose to decide the animist world was dead and entropy the only arrow of reality. A Korean shaman understood better the yin x yang = energy game of creation. A fractal Universe is just a reproductive system of information. We are all monads-mind mirrors busy busy, ordering our territory as everything else.

So at the risk of offending so early the ‘human believer’ that will not continue reading, missing the upgrade of its scientific or ethic mind, we roughly divide present dominant theories about everything into 1/2th of people who believe mathematical physics has found the meaning of it all in the creationist big-bang, and 1/2th who believe verbal religion knows how God created the Universe, we are trying to ‘reason’, why your dogmatic beliefs, call it ‘science’ supposedly to be ‘reasoning’ or ‘religion’ is today more or less the same: human anthropocentrism; and the only serious scientific explanation of reality is the humble realisation, humans are not the only intelligent species, neither they can perceive the whole Universe in space extension and time duration.

In the graph, unlike the modern creationist, linguistic methods of astrophysics and religion, which believe ‘reality is linguistic’, made of two languages shared by God and man, either mathematics or words (a hyperbolic arrogant, anthropomorphic ascientific belief), GST considers as Leibniz did, that the origin of reality is a necessary substance, space-time, siding with Einstein on the philosophical dispute of physics, and considering religion a historic phenomena that expresses the laws of eusocial evolution, of biological origin in the human language of thought, words. The difference is subtle but important. In relational space-time, we consider that the mathematical, spatial and verbal, logic language are derived of the ternary properties of space and time, (so both mathematical equations and dimensions and verbal syntax are ternary mirrors of those properties, which reduce information and simplify the whole ‘to fit’ it in the human or other Universal minds).

The immortal Universe. Upgrading astrophysics.

In the graph, an example of the power of the new formalism: We will be able to find using the metric of 5D the saint grail of physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which are just future informative accelerated vortices of time in the quantum and gravitational scale (principle of equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration by Einstein). So mass attracts as a hurricane does in our thermodynamic scale, the faster the frequency of its cycles: e=mcc + e=hƒ-> mc²=hƒ-> m=ƒ (h/c²). So the mass of a vortex is proportional to the frequency of its accelerated cycles.

In the next graph, we see how the dark entropy that expands space between galaxies, is balanced by the informative vortices of mass of galaxies that convert entropy into virtual particles and masses according to the two sides of Einstein’s equation: E<CC>M, which he in fact published not to express the creation of entropy from mass, but the transformation of entropy>energy>mass and only when our military civilisation used it in reverse to explode atomic bombs, became canonised as an entropic equation.

In the graph, the Universe is eternal and big-bangs are likely only galactic big-bangs as Fred Hoyle wanted, which release dark entropy through the axis of black holes and expands space, balanced by the constant contraction by gravitational forces of space into mass.

So why astrophysicists ONLY consider the expansive entropy of space between galaxies and do NOT put it together with the inverse arrow of informative creation of mass? IT IS NOT because of true science and the experimental method (put below for good measure in its principles: evidence, known cause, economy and no-falsification, which happens only when we take into account both vortices of relative future mass and expansive sheets of entropic space), but because of historic cultural reasons, often hidden as secret agendas of dogmatic religion or dogmatic science.

We live today in a world dominated by the Germanic cultures of entropic war, which entered history calling themselves, Goths, Gods, because they could kill anyone who opposed them with lineal, simple iron swords, reached its global power through the use of weapons, conquering and exterminating many rival cultures that opposed them, till transferring its idols of metal and derived idologies to the rest of mankind.

Thus we must first clarify a first clash between the dual reality of a Universe dominated by the arrow of life and information vs. a human idology of weapons as the meaning of it all, which German physicists have sold as science, which affirms the only arrow of time of the Universe is entropy, meaning, fast, expansive, bomb-like motions that kill and erase the information of life. So as death is both the beginning and the end of it all, it is Ok to murder life and evolve weapons; since even the Universe was born of a big bang, and will die into an entropic, expansive empty space.

How such a blunt theory of reality came into being the Universal Dogma of western thought is obvious: the Goth cult to lineal weapons, so intense that has even deformed its verbal mind with similar long agglutinative words which seem to be unbreakable truths often absolutely wrong simply has censored for centuries and purposely ignored the alternative arrow of information, calling it in fact, negantropy, the negation of entropy, as if information was a negative, irrelevant future.

Fact is languages information and the social, organic networks of life they create do balance the arrow of entropy and death, which moreover last a single quantum of time; while the arrow of life and information dominates the Universe because it takes much longer to happen and so occupies most of the time of reality; reason why we shall call information and its communicative use that create social networks, the dominant arrow of future of the Universe. While the brief moments of entropy and death, are local inverse processes of devolution and erasing of information, which we shall call for each fractal part of reality that dies away, its relative arrow of past.





We thus talk of God NOT as a fleeting material reality made of local galatoms, which is what physicists perceive as limited huminds, and call the Universe, where they project their limited æntropic view of reality as a simples entropic, anthropocentric world of expansive motions, ridiculed for a reason in our posts and proved utterly false, but a much more profound reality, an immortal self-reproductive game of 0-sum fractal existences, whose space-time rules generate ad eternal supœrganisms of space-time, made to the image and likeness of the whole  in ‘the most perfect of all possible worlds’ (Leibniz):


The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic vital and sentient properties, ignored by present science, and better described with tense verbs (the 3 ages of time and its causality) and 5D logic metric equations (the laws of scales) and biology (darwinian survival, organic laws, physiological networks). In that sense mathematical languages work better for the fine detail and how, but the why requires those other properties and languages, including the metalinguistic analysis of its ‘mathematical membrains’ and its mirrors.organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy. Finally to be able to perform a survival program of 5 Dimotions of existence, it requires to gauge information with an apperceptive, self-centered @-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world:  0 §@ x ∞ ð= World. Hence the creation of infinitesimal ∆º minds-worlds, or Leibnizian monads, which reduce a larger ∆+1 reality to its relative mapping, which is the origin of its ∆§calar planes, connected ‘perpendicularly’ through those @-minds, acting in physics as ‘centers of changes and masses’ wormholes of flows of entropy that become in the @-mind information, that perceives in itself.

THEY FORM an open ball for the self-centered mæn (anthropic-entropic huminds, who see reality with him @ its center)… WHICH only truly perceives the ∆±3 planes for the atom to the galaxy, in which the Decalogic of its ²worldcycles takes place.

The 4th plane, the cosmos is beyond the galaxy and we ignore all about it, as our horizon cannot see beyond its symmetry with light quanta (10¹¹), and the same can be said of the invisible forces of quantum potentials that entangle at relative ∞ speed -4>c, its ‘finitesimal ¼ parts’ (in ¬Ænalysis, a finitesimal is the minimal part of a whole, and we adopt Leibniz’s formula, 1/n; hence the finitesimal forces of the upper nested cosmos or fourth plane will be 1/4th).

So the fourth line is really between -3 electronic light and +3 star galaxies. And again the symbols displayed obey to the creative playful use of mystique English but also to the constrains of fitting all the posts entangled in each line within the space provided by WordPress. It is all however a bit of a riddle. So Gaia is the Earth, Gala which seems to be written the same is the ∆+1:Galaxy; ∆-1:Galatom; ∆º:Galacell, perceived from its 3 perspectives.

The first letters belong to 3 infinitesimals of the nested larger Universe, so a simple symbol suffices, ¥ for the electron and its light bundles of h-plancktons (photons), Z for the atom and its ‘atomic numbers’; and ν or >c, for the ¼ background scale of neutrinos, likely the quanta of the intergalactic space of the cosmos; which we place together to stress the nested relative infinite/finitesimal structure of al those dual Planes; to close the 4th line introduced in these posts – this dedicated to social scales, and ’10 planes’ to those ∆-planes proper; with the logic of the game, the mind of god; since we DO NOT want to end with the concept of a physical ‘visual universe’, but with the much larger truth for an evolved mind that he EXISTS in a game of logic survival actions, in a game of existence and minds-mirrors, of intelligent motions, NOT of shallow mæn’s pictures and physicists pretending to know it all.

So while the cosmos in indeterminate beyond the galactic known-known, the whole reality is ultimately cyclical and closed by the 10th, infinite scale of the ¡logic mind of the Universe, God, which we write following the ‘creative mystical use of the Inglish language – in an attempt to break Nietzsche’s dictum that English was impossible to write philosophy – with Greek Letters as Γ∞∆; the generator of space time, G=Γ; the only absolute infinity, which is not quantifiable, unlike the relative  of all other planes and worlds, and its ∆-planes of existence.

Instead of monads, we use here a simple symbol for GOD, taken from Greek letter, for the Generator of time arrows, for the topologic combination of lines and cycles, which form a spatial ternary symmetry: |x 0=Ø, and for the ∆-infinite scales of its ‘plenum’ body of space, where fractal parts of it become super organisms, gods of existence. Many variations on the same theme, specially on the central ‘vowel’ can be used, but I settled for 3, • Œ ∞, as a mind, • infinitesimal infinite, as an œ supœrganism and as the whole ∞  infinite sum of all scales.

We  highlight three components of all realities: Γ, the  generator equation with its three topologies of space across the three scales ∆, of its super organism, with its ∞ worldcycles – since while all topologies of space are limited and all superoganisms are nested systems also with a limited capacity to entangle its parts, what is truly infinite is the number of cyclical worldcycles of existence, and the similarity of them all.

Religions have a purpose but they neither give us the ultimate answers.

In the other extreme is on the other hand religions, which do not offer experimental evidence at first, on their creationist theories of reality. But surprisingly again, in scalar space-time they do have a role, they are not mere superstition, as the concept of Jung’s subconscious collective, which theory of super organisms renew. A religion, or ethic network of legal simultaneous mandates do exist because its purpose is to peg together and make harmonious the actions of people under the human interpretation of the forces of communication that put together parts into wholes – in this case the arrow of social love.

So religions merely translate for each time and people, with fancy myths to wrap up the whole, the need for a social force that organises humans into super organisms. And as such it offers some of those answers on the purpose of the Universe -to love each other and evolve together into larger wholes. But as it does so in old, primitive jargons, it brings a confusion that now GST clarifies (indeed a unification theory of it all cannot consider ANYTHING THAT EXISTS as not necessary and with a role for another part of reality or else, the efficient universe would eliminate it).

So the function of religion IS historic – to express the laws of eusocial love that evolve parts into wholes by sharing the energy and information of human beings, synchronising as DNA does, with its memetic messages of love to the human species, the different citizen-cells of the world.

In the next graph we show then the meaning of religions, the subconscious collective of human super organisms of history and its natural evolution in scales of growing size, which ideally would enclose all mankind, loose its ‘mystical hang-ups’ and become studied in history just a precursors of the laws of love of the social 5th dimension, both in its study of the anthropomorphic super organisms of mankind (western religions of social love) an the universal super organisms and its taoist laws of timespace arrows (eastern religions):

In the graph, the 6 main human cultures born of the natural evolution of the concept of social love and its super organisms of mankind and the Universe (western vs. eastern gods). From the graph we can get an obvious conclusion: tribal religions and tribal ‘nationalisms’, two expressions of the same concept which believe their ‘god/nation’ is the ‘only/best’ one are just a primitive version of the larger organic view of modern systemic sciences. And today a mere excuse to foster the evolution of weapons that will kill us.

For that reason the evolution of tribal religions ended in oikoumene love religions and finally socialist doctrines. While the evolution of animist and taoist cults became the final horizon of systems sciences with their organic models of a living Universe, this writer develop when working in science at the turn of the century. In brief, we can again apply the Correspondence principle of science to account for religions as evolutionary stages of an Organic Theory of Everything applied to human cultures or the Universe as super organisms.

So while religions express some of the whys of social evolution in old jargons, ideally they would be taught as stages in the search for the understanding of the organic nature of everything in scientific terms, which is how we shall describe them in this blog.

A final question though we shall leave pending. If we are as humans ‘cells of religious or national super organisms’, and in the case of religions, we co-share a revelation meme-book, similar to the DNA, and there are ‘unseen’ scale above us that organise parts but parts cannot ‘see’ in space, there exists an upper scale in which ‘a consciousness of a god’ as the consciousness of an ambulatory trillion cells called a human being exists?

It is obvious that if we exist but cells do not see us as smaller parts do not perceive wholes but only the networks that attach them; there might exist a collective consciousness of all muslims called Allah, of all Jewish called Yhwh, and so on. A fact which would explain why people-cells of those cults die for the subconscious collective, while others who do not believe in a god and hence are self-centred in their biological wholes find weird such behaviour. “Sangris martire semen christianorum’, said a roman philosophers. But even so, it will be a local ∆+1 scale NOT the creator of the Universe.  So again, religions fit within the larger theory of the living fractal universe.

 Only an organic philosophy of everything works.

So, we conclude that both in terms of the evolution of religion and natural sciences, GST, the organic philosophy of the Universe an its T.Œ, Theory of Everything based in the ultimate substances of reality, space and time, is the widest, most economic and comprehensive theory of reality – which in epistemology of truth are the proofs of veracity of a system (Ockham’s razor).

So I always saw my work as the ‘knot of thought’ of a millenarian search of mankind for responses to its ultimate questions – the path to a proper research for the ultimate whys, which includes all other previous inquires by the correspondence principle, including religions an big-bang theories (the two dominant dogmas of truth on the meaning of it all today believed by mankind).

What I did not know when i found those answers is the repetitive memorial nature of ‘minds-mirrors’, which make most human slaves of beliefs – this i would learn as an activist against the Nuclear Industry and through my attempts to explain the ascientific nature of the big-bang. 

Needless to say those texts will be irreverent with all models of reality that show no enough evidence, and back themselves with prestige, authority, dogma and so we shall move from correspondence with right theories to critical view of so many ones that do not pass the cut.


∆+1:‘Love each other as I have loved you’

Jesus, on the arrow of eusocial evolution, the sharing that merges a group of identical believers into a social god of a higher plane of existence.

In the next graphs we see some samples (from the reduced version with only energy and information networks) of those super organisms, and the human and economic systems.

The only way to explain the process of history is considering humans ‘citizens-cells’ of social super organisms, nations and civilisations. It then becomes simple to understand all the apparent contradictions of our world, and its mass actions, both in human systems guided by economic=reproductive ‘bodynetworks’, and informative=political and cultural ‘brains’. It is the hypothesis of the organic paradigm of systems sciences, applied in this blog to understand all phenomena related to cultures, and human societies, on one side ‘coded by memes’, and eco(nomic)systems on the other, coded by digital flows of money.

In the graph, self-explanative the reality of this planet and the two dominant super organisms. Unfortunately in a compacracy the dominant super organism, free citizen of the free market with all rights to credit, anonymous law ‘impunity’, and control of political power is NOT the super organism of mankind, its citizens and human mothers, but the company-mother of machines and its Financial-Media (informative machines head)/industrial-military (energetic and entropic machines) system, fast evolving into a global super organism with the digital language/head of money, which is used in its 90% not to serve the needs of man but the evolution and reproduction of those machines, which displace us from this terraformed planet.

So the REAL PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE OF THE UNIVERSE IS GST, General Systems theory or ORGANICISM, which understand the fractal, organic co-existing nature of reality:
In the graphs, the Universe is a fractal of three arrows of time, entropic motions, in-form-ation and its energetic combinations, in all its systems, and this ‘science of the XXI century’ Hawking (complexity or systems sciences) applies to all biologic and physical and social systems, extended across three ‘scales’, the cellular/atomic/ territorial entropic scale of parts, which become part of whole biological, thermodynamic, national scales, part of a larger whole, the society or gravitational cosmos:
The metric law of the fractal 5D organic Universe: smaller systems evolve faster.
When considering those superoganisms (ab. supœrganisms, œ), there are some basic laws of which the most important are the metric equation of the scalar, fractal Universe: Spe x Tiƒ = ∆, which means smaller systems run faster time cycles, and carry more information, in the frequency of those cycles. So smaller systems live shorter, but code informatively larger systems: quantum numbers code atoms, genes code biological systems, and cultural memes, ‘idol-ogies, instruments and social customs’ code human super organisms of history. So while racism is absurd because genes code individual humans, memetics IS the genetic cultural system that ‘controls’ waves of human beings with identical memes, ‘cultural people’, who believe those memes and behaves simultaneously. THIS IS THE MAIN HYPOTHESIS OF WORK, of bio-history: the ideas of cultures matter because they create the memetic super organisms of history. And some ARE dedicated to evolve the metal-earth, what we shall call ‘animetal cult(ure)s’, and some are dedicated to evolve the human earth. And we MUST side for those cultures of the tree of life because in the long term ARE the only ones that ensure the survival of mankind.

So despite the dog-eat-dog individualist memes our our entropic age of mankind, dissolved and consumed by weapons and hate memes, the true Maslow pyramid of needs of species is social, based in the ‘arrow of love’ that structures parts into wholes from atoms to molecules, cells, organisms, societies, planets and galaxies, all of them submitted to the same physiological laws that construct super organisms:

In the graph, human beings in its ‘entropic’ death age as a supœrganism of history have completely forgotten the real, organic fractal 5D Universal pyramid of drives of existence, toppled by social communication, which in its maximal form – eusocial love, structures the scales of the Universe.


It is god then just the program of creation of super organisms?  And as such always a ratio a balance, a domain within the limits of ∆±i of the domain?

I think so. Thus in this manner ΓœΔ will bring the three elements, time generation, organic topology, scalar, fractal form.

As we are all super organisms made to the image and likeness of god.

We all have Γime-Space & ∆-scalar dimensions. We are all gods, we are all super organisms but none is infinite in its impersonal, fractal worldcycles. The existence thus of a Universal particle, or god’s particle, the supœrganism, Œ=Γ∞Δ thus closes the third line between the mind and the whole, the first and final Disomorphism that describe all beings as both d@st of space-time and a Universal God, dust=d•st.

We shall close this third line on ‘the different functions of exi≈st¡ence§’ of the Universe with the study of the concept of God, as the whole of all wholeness –  Logos≈Mind of the Universal body, in a platonic sense, as the absolute cano of the cave, of which all its fractal parts are  made to its image and likeness – the point of absolute future, of the 5th dimension, of two imaginary time parts, singularity point of no reference, that does not exist ever in present, asymptotic to it:

Max. i

When we say that pure form does not exist, neither pure energy is because the game is never perfect except in the whole that never dies block of 5Dimensions where all the potential games are written.

God both in the Universe at large and the Human Wor(l)d, our Space-Time domain of perception is the pure form of immortal logic time – the world cycle of all world cycles, which never ends as it repeats itself in simultaneity non-locality, at every scale, composed of:

G, Γ, Gamma, the Generator equation that defines its actions

œ, •, ∞ its fractal 0-point, black hole Mind, Aristotelian still point of maximal density of information≈attraction of the Universe,

D, ∆, Delta its infinite scales.

Personally I like more Γ∞∆; I find it a symbol of absolute beauty, reason why I use it far more, even though Γœ∆ would be more correct theoretically.

Form in Space, Mind in time, Future in its infinite scales and hence in its distances – and yet purely as Plato envisioned a canon never to be reached except in the whole infinity itself


In the graph, the Absolute God of the Universe IS its mind of maximal information. Is that point conscious or impersonal? We can compare it with human Gods, the point of maximal information of a Human Superorgansim – its ‘self’ in the ∆ scale of individuals, a neuronal group of the brain; its prophets in the ∆+1 scale of societies; an informative master of the wor(l)d; its DNA in the ∆-1 scale of biological cells. All those ‘human gods’, ‘create’ the future of its systems, organism, society or cell with its logic patterns of information.

So such are the concepts of a personal God, or brain-mind with absolute control of the system that apply to a personal view of God and extrapolated to the Universe, gives the Black Hole, or gravitational brain of information as the God of the system, whose internal ‘chemical mind’ (Maldacena’s equations which show a black hole to have a 5D ‘homunculus’ representation of the 4D electromagnetic galaxy) controls the body of stars of its galactic plane, as the brain controls your cells.

But there is an impersonal Taoist concept of God as the game of existence and creation with the rules expressed in ¬Æ logic terms in this blog. For eastern religions, Ch’ang, God is the game of creation of yin and yang – the isomorphic laws of space-time that all systems obey, including the ‘God-brains’ of any scale of Organisms of the Universe.

And this God can be accessed by any part of the Universe made to its image and likeness, making you communicate and dissolve with the whole in a mystique experience I have lived now alone in this planet for 30 years and counting…

As we have studied in depth this impersonal god all over this web, we shall now concentrate a bit more in the personal God in the Human social scale of super organisms, which is the commonest concept of verbal god, humans better understand.

Personal God – Max.ƒð§.

Perhaps the closest description of God is that of the mind of a territory of order, by a future fractal point that moves the territory in synchronous motions around its self.

For each discontinuous whole, god is it point of maximal information, or self with the will to order the super organism in which the point of knowledge is inscribed. It follows that god has more information than the point of knowledge, and as such there are degrees of god, regarding how high in the size of the god, we are talking on the scale of super organisms, from where we deduce that god is the logic mind of the Universe – in formal terms, the fractal generator:

Impersonal god = ∆±∞ ($t<∑e∏i>ð§)

which FOR THE SCALES OF DECAMETRIC infinity we perceive as human beings, is the scale of atoms-galaxies, which are the limits we perceive and the game of existence of its super organisms. In other words, the future is created by the  ƒð§ point of maximal information that is in the Universe, the relative quark-black holes of each atomic-galactic system. But humans do not use the word ‘god’ in that sense, so we must explore what ‘god’ as a human semantic word means in our scale.

God in its commonest verbal expression means the most intelligent, informative point of the Universe. Yet as the Universe is a fractal of infinite self-similar TSymmetries of space-time, God can be defined by a simple equation, as the relative point of future of a super organism or whole of wholes, common set of all sets of superorganisms of fractal points in a 5Dimensional Universe:

Personal God= Max. ð§

Now, the question that immediately must be addressed, is how we can prove the existence of singularity minds of information if we cannot see inside its mirrors, the software, which can only be seen in itself in the infinitesimal point that holds its image, non susceptible of direct visual analysis?

The answer is like with forces such as gravitation, invisible to us – through it effects.

So human social prophets and artists the mind of our civilisations have always preached our collective program of survival, ‘welfare’ over warfare, which kills all civilisations.

God is Love and God rules over all, Love organize all beings of the Universe that want to survive into future wholes, stronger than its parts… As each species must express, through its languages, actions and beliefs, the mandate of multiplying, reproducing and becoming together growing into larger wholes that feel equal and dance in parallel as one….

So love is not a spiritual concept but the main attractive force of Nature, expressed for each species as a cyclical conservative, repetitive path of space-time.

The same beings, doing in parallel the same actions, emerge in a new plane of existence of the fifth dimension, a new whole that stretches from potential past to potential future, the scales of existence of reality.

Cosmos as the body of God: infinity vs. immortality.

God, the game of existence is immortal, the cosmos the scale of ∆±4 seems limited but for human purpose as each galaxy is an atom of the hyper universe, infinite.

What about its immortality and infinity? Here again we can’t definitely assess it. All seems to indicate the game of russian dolls in which the largest beings have larger population of smaller beings is not infinitely perceivable. Since, the closed nature of those 10 planes in scales and the virtual existence of zero energy balance across all those scales makes a whole ‘one’, ∆º±11, the limiting fractal game of space-time events flows and super organisms, even at logic level and that is what we shall call ‘God’:Γœ∆ (the logic limit, larger than the experimental one).

Now this is is a fast layman review of the alternative Universal model, which puts man in his just measure and truly upgrades and resolves all themes of cosmology, physics and science. As all other ternary models of cyclical time I have worked on – notably those of history and economics studied in other post here, in yet another resume of the whole adventure of man fro the perspective this time not of the evolution of the galaxy but of planet earth, it has no problems with reason but with ego, anthropomorphic religion and people-castes in power.

And those are elements I cannot solve as a mere scientist. Problem though of the present homunculus ego with his ‘pick-up by ego and happy wishful thinking’ theories of this planet, the galaxy, the role of man and his machines and weapons and the self-importance of our governing elites and indifference to the rest of mankind and our risks of extinction is that truth has nothing to do with ego, truth by definition is what it happens, truth is causal, can be causally determined and certainly is not impressed by authority. Since ‘those who impose truth with power’ are the laughs of the gods (einstein). So the gods, logos, mind of the universe is the one which will dictate its judgement day on entropy only-theories delivering to man his gods of entropy-death if that is what we want the Universe to be… they will say:

Let it be…

God if it were personal though would have the structure of a mind, so always we can define two concepts of god, the personal max. information Aristotelian god or mind which is the black hole of galaxies, or DNA of cells, or revelation languages of prophets, and the IMPERSONAL game of present social systems, whose intelligence cannot be localized, again the tao and the personal god, which shall require as all languages-minds…


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