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Existential, ternary logic



Non-Æxistential logic


‘The Universe is a ternary space-time fractal. made of infinitesimal parts, that co-exists in three simultaneous topological regions of space, three sequential cycles of time extended across three scales of the fifth dimension’. ls

How the Universe reproduces its actions, super organisms, species and planes of energy and information? Through its ternary logic as nothing exists, if it does not have three topologies of space, three sequential ages in time and extends through three scales of size. Reason why we can describe all systems of reality with the fractal generator.

We shall call therefore the study of the ternary laws that ensure the existences of all beings, ¬existential logic or i-logic, as it comes after a and e and it is a key symbol of GST.

Thus Existential Logic, ab. ®, deals with the rules of ternary logic that define the existence and extinction of beings and the algebraic equations derived of the fractal generator that define the possible events and species of reality and those who break the laws of existential algebra and cannot therefore be possible.

Logic proof of ¾xistential logic.

‘2 things i deem infinite the universe and the stupidity≈lack of existential logic of man’

The proof of the existence of a ternary logic depends on the infinity of the Universe, which is in itself a property derived of the nature of fractals, which can be divided ad nauseam, that is, of ∞ scales of the fifth dimension.

(I am not though using formal logic, pedantic forms of expression to prove but classic logic, the logic embedded in the verbal syntax of reason, which is FAR MORE POWERFUL FOR MAN THAN ANY pedantic version ‘imagined by Hilbert like individuals who pretend to substitute the logic of the whole human species)

Indeed, the ONE DOES NOT EXIST PERSE IN TERNARY LOGIC, because if the one exists per se in a dynamic universe, of finite parts, its existence will be limited to the space-time occupied by the one, which is an infinitesimal compared to the infinite duration of the Universe in time, and its infinite extension in relative size in any scale. We just need to realise that a larger scale will be so vastly large in its ‘point-sizes’ compared to the infinitesimal, that the o-will not exist.

So it is necessary to extend backwards and forwards in time, in space and in scales reality. And as systems are dynamic, that motion upwards and backwards can only be real if it is ternary.

In the graph, the ternary principle in physical and biological systems.

This is experimentally evident. So the second ‘proof’ which must be besides ‘theory’, ‘experience’, shows you that if you want to exist you have to reproduce in three discontinuous generational cycles. You exist because a father conceived you and you will keep existing because your son reproduces your genes, and generally speaking the three generations co-exist together.

This is also the rule in space: you exist because you have three topological parts, body, head and limbs. Physical systems also coexist in ‘three wave-packets’ and three parts (complementarity principle, particle-weave-field: pilot interpretation of quantum physics). So the ternary logic makes possible existence.

In the graph, we see ternary logic in quantum physics, the system is ‘both’ (i have no found a good adjective for 3, so we settle for 2 showing indeed human logic faulty with wording) field, particle and wave. And it goes through three generations in any possible event (the graph shows the transformation from a moving wave into a stop-particle.

The examples of ternary logic would be infinite.

So, Why then we are NOT aware of it? BECAUSE THE MIND WHICH DOES NOT EXIST without the other 9=3×3 dimensions, HAS A SINGLE DIMENSION THAT GATHERS THEM ALL. So the mind tends to have Aristotelian logic, @ (expanded symbol for the mind). But for the mind to exist it must order a ternary super organism, in space time and scales, to become at least ∆•±ûst (dust of space-time).


what is not existential logic.

Existential logic is the final evolution of logic, after the age of simple one-dimensional Aristotelian logic, and the age of dual, taoist, hegelian logic – which does have the ternary logic embedded on it, taking it to its final consequences, as ‘there is not two without three’

It does NOT deal directly with the fictions of the mind – where the possibilities of existence as simple temporal beings without ternary co-existence in entropy, energy and information are infinite; but will never transcend from the singularity of the mind ‘moving’ entropy into form.

IT does NOT deal with the chances of existence, in the struggle for its continuation through the exchange of entropy, energy and information, in particular cases, but in the general case of the rules of engagement (third postulate of non-Euclidean geometry).

It does NOT deal with the ego-trips and fantasies, and errors of thought of the humind in its absurd search for existence OUTSIDE of the rules of the game (a case of mind fictions).

It is NOT a mathematical language, though we are going to call its specific application to maths existential algebra, which that lucky guy al-jorizzim, coined with a little book of no importance. It is indeed funny that the only two ‘names’ that might survive from humanity in the future robotic era, Mr. Americo, an impostor who wrote a lewd letter and got the name of a continent for his ‘imaginary feats’ of indian raping and an arab who wrote a compendium of mathematical formulae by other authors and left us the names of algebra and algorithm, which will be the essential ‘names of the mind of computers’, survived the human ego-trips of importance and celebrity.

This tells us something from the start about existential algebra – humans have no idea what makes them survive.

Algebra though is the logic system of mathematics, which develops its structures, with axiomatic rigour but little discrimination, on which structures do exist in reality and which ones are outside, as Einstein quipped ‘I know when maths are truth but not when they are real’

So we need to add existential algebra to adjust the inflationary state of information of mathematical languages, to better mirror reality.

It i also not the same than syntax and its universal grammar (here penpal friend chom went a bit hyperbolic) though universal grammar does have a ternary logic. So we could say is the logic of all systems of the Universe and all its languages – the logic of its generator.

As such while it is related mostly to temporal algebra of quantitative numbers in mathematics and the ternary grammar of topological linguistics in verbal, biological thought and systems, it has so much a different out look with the use of the three arrows of time that we have decided to inaugurate yet another new discipline, which deals with the temporal algebra of three arrows of time.

We have not done so with ‘existential topology’, in as much as the knowledge of the three varieties of time-space and the non-euclidean understanding of fractal points is advance enough in classic physics to grant that the expansion of Non-e geometry with the definition of fractal points, waves, topological networks and congruence suffices.

In the case of temporal algebra, we found difficult to adapt modern algebra, despite having many points of understanding underlying group theory and equations operandi. So we shall start a fresh an entire new analysis of the Function of Existence and its isomorphisms and symmetries along its 10 dimensions of space-time and cal it existential algebra.

This rather short definition is deeply meaningful, because unlike other ‘spatial’ definitions concerning the structure of the Universe in space (a theme enclosed in the concept of fractal), the main stress is on the concept of time actions. Hence we are dealing with a Universe NOT made of substances but of actions which are motions with form, with information – the canonical definition of an action, ‘K’=e x t.

Actions are the smallest unit of reality. This is known since Planck founded quantum theory defining light as a sum of actions, made of energy and time – a fact which Einstein also proved for cosmological entities ( E x T is in Einstein’s Relativity the definition of an action.)

So the small and the big are both made of actions. But we are also made of actions in time performed by our spatial, vital organism, and those actions we perform in time, our ego, is less ‘evident’, visual but far more important and deep for our meaning.

And indeed you are made of energy and time too, as when you say ‘I have no energy and time to do this’. That so common statement is far more meaningful that you have thought. Because that is what you are – not what you see but a series of chained actions with a purpose, in which you spend part of your total time (your life-death cycle being that total) and your energy/body.

But what is an action and what have in common all those actions?

Why we create actions?  To survive… To exist, since the very definition of an action (exi) of space-time (st). The parallelism between the mathematical and logical, verbal concept is of course not causal but part of the fractal genetic linguistics of our parallel languages of thought.

In any case it is important to grasp from the beginning that a Universe of actions is not the same that a Universe of static ‘substances’. It is a Universe in perpetual motion, as actions have motion. But it is neither a mindless Universe of pure energy and motion, as actions have also a causal purpose; they have form.

Some Physicists tend to consider that there is a final substance or static form, the fundamental particle. Or they tend to believe that all is motion and energy – entropy.

But you have to combine both, form and motion to get an action. This, Hemingway knew better when he said to Dietrich – ‘don’t confuse motion with action’. Since motions are meaningless, with no form and purpose and so merely dissipate energy.

Actions need both, ‘motion’ (what we shall call here ‘energy’ in a generic manner) and form, in-form-ation, to obtain ‘results’. For example, if you want to change a social system you can do demonstrations, but those are placebo motions, unless the people take over the specific centers of power of a society, its banking, political and military systems, with precise actions, the revolution will fail and motions will just dissipate life and energies.  But we shall not consider in this  volume socio-biological actions  – merely mathematical and physical actions, based in the existence of a whole – the ‘Universe’, which has a spatial structure (it is a ‘fractal’, meaning it is made like a puzzle of smaller self-similar parts) each one performing a series of temporal events (called ‘actions’) – is however complex enough to explain the meaning of it all, including you also a ‘fractal of actions’ of energy and time… or Energy and information (quantum definition). We shall see now that Time and information are synonymous concepts. But time is more accurate since it includes motion. And we shall see that space and energy are also synonymous, but energy is more accurate since it includes motion and actions have motion.  So what we call space is just the perception of the motions of energy particles in the vacuum as a single sheet without motion (as we see the Earth quiet, even if it moves). This Galilean paradox also applies to information, which is created by clocks of time repeating the same forms and cycles, with a frequency that provides us information.

Thus we could lengthen our previous definition of the Universe: ‘The Universe is a fractal of actions of energy and time’.

But Information is a static way of observing cyclical, formal motions – clocks of time. Information is provided by ‘clocks of time’ that have cyclical forms and frequency, the parameters that carry information (measured by frequencies and repetitive patterns).

So the Universe is a game of multiple forms-in-action, i-nform-ations with energy.

And it follows that time and information are self-similar concepts as time cycles ‘create’ information.

In fact they write either ExT or ExI (Einstein/quantum formulation). So the Universe is a game of two types of ‘actions’, Energy motions and Time motions.

And so we can say that the Universe is a fractal of actions of energy and time. What type of actions of energy and time? Are all those actions the same type of action? No, they are not. Because they are combinations of energy and time, it follows there are 4 possible actions: energetic/feeding actions, informative/gauging actions, reproductive, combined actions, ExI and finally social actions (multiples of a single action either because the same being repeats the action or self-similar beings act together in the same fashion).

So now we have much more information: the Universe is the sum of all the actions of energy and temporal information, performed by all its entities.

But that gives us the key to understand the other word, a ‘fractal’ or rather an ‘organic fractal’, as an organism is defined as an entity that performs 4 actions, feeding on energy, gauging information, reproducing in other region of time and space and evolve socially with other beings.

And so we have this bigger definition:


‘The Universe is an organic fractal of actions of energy and time.’

Let us deal with the other ‘part’ of the definition, an organic fractal. The concept of an organic fractal is a complex version of a mathematical fractal, with similar properties. A fractal is a mathematical form defined by a self-generating; feedback equation that reproduces in smaller or bigger scales the same entities.

So does the Universe, which reproduces in smaller and bigger scales waves of self-similar entities that repeat the same 4 dimensional actions we have just mentioned. Indeed, try for a moment to leave aside your self-centered anthropomorphic belief you are the center of reality. You are not and if you look around you will see that all entities from the smallest particles that ‘gauge information’ (definition of quantum theory as a gauge theory), feed on energy (move displaced by a field of energy), reproduce (decouple in similar particles) and evolve socially (form atoms, which aggregate many particles), to the next ‘fractal scales’ of space-time ‘size and duration’ – atoms, molecules, cells and states of matter, organisms and planets, social systems and solar systems, galaxies and Universes…

And so the whole, the Universe – or at least the biggest clear part we can study, the galaxy – and its infinitesimal parts – atoms – and all in between, including life beings, corporations that reproduce machines, cells and black holes can be defined as ‘organic fractals’ that repeat the 4 dimensional actions of a Universe made of two eternal motions, energetic, ‘vital space’ (as energy is merely the perception of space in motion) and time:

∑ Es < x > Ti.

This equation is the key equation of General Systems science or ‘Complexity’, a theory of multiple space-times, which will be to XXI century science what Einstein’s field equations of space-time, Darwin’s theory of temporal evolution, Leibniz’s relational time or Galileo’s definition of time in terms of speed and space, V=s/t have been for the previous centuries of science – the initial, simple equation from where an entire new discipline, more evolved cosmology of it all is derived a theory of…

Multiple spaces and times

Now the reader surely will be taken aback by the methodology of this new discipline, which is in fact a ‘science of all sciences’, because:

– The Unifying principle is NOT so much a substance or mathematical equation (though we just wrote its concepts in a mathematical form) but a logic, causal motion, an action.

The Universe is not a mechanism, but an organism (those actions are the very definition of life and so they are called in biology drives of existence – though in physics are described by 4 quantum numbers, in medicine by ‘physiological networks’ and so on).

– And finally because it implies that ‘events’ in time are more important than structures of space, and both are infinite in its numbers.

Those 3 differences: multiplicity of time and spaces vs. single space-time continuum, dominance of time events and actions over spatial structures, which are just the ‘memorial trace’ of those actions and organic nature of the ‘purpose of those actions’, over mechanical behavior, are the key to upgrade the human perception of the Universe.

Let us consider its precedents and importance in this brief introduction.

Multiple Space-times.

This book and the series on General Systems Sciences formalizes for the first time in human history, a theory of multiple, relational, infinite spaces and times, as conceived in eastern philosophies, and then in the west, by Leibniz, in his famous letters to Clarke – Newton’s friend.

The Model of General Systems Sciences of these books however goes well beyond Leibniz’s insights as it puts together the 3 main theories of time discovered by human beings worth to mention:

– The single space-time continuum, which becomes a simplified, ‘limit case’ of this wider theory of multiple space-times.

– Relational space-times, as conceived by Leibniz and Eastern philosophies, in which each part of the Universe is a ‘broken’ fractal of the whole, a smaller universe in itself with its own inner cycles of time, performed by its different parts that occupy together a ‘fractal, broken piece of space’. Relational space-time means a fractal Universe made of infinite self-similar beings with a content of ‘vital space’, of energy able to move a knot of cycles of temporal information, often a spherical head/particle that gauges information and directs the whole to perform different actions.

– And Darwin’s theory of evolution of form, of in/form/ation, which establishes the arrow of informative growth, parallel to the passing of time, essential to create order among all those different ‘space-time’ species.

Thus multiple space-times put together physics and biology, the disciplines concerned in greater measure with time, in its two Aristotelian definitions – time as change and motion; either biological, morphological change (Darwin) or translational motion (Einstein, Galileo).

As such the model of multiple space-times according to the Principle of Correspondence has a higher value of truth that those 3 theories it completes and harmonizes.

The existence of multiple time-clocks, found everywhere in the Universe, resurfaces in the thoughts of Einstein, which affirms Leibniz is right and time cycles and time speeds are infinite, but to adapt the present data of science, all measured with a single clock and time-speed to the entire new perspective of a world of multiple clocks and speeds of time (as he found to be the case of the Relative Universe), would be too complex and useless for practical measure. Indeed, since a single space-time suffices to the practical purpose of science – to measure reality and build with those measures technological machines – research and awareness of such theory is not a priority of the praxis of science. Because technology, machines are today more important than science, which means only human knowledge, such theory has never been the goal of big, industrial science, but it is researched by individual scientists in pursuit of a higher goal: pure knowledge.

And yet because it is evident there are infinite clocks in the Universe, from vortices of charge to circadian, stellar cycles, to frequencies of vibration, etc. such theory is sorely needed to fully grasp in depth the meaning and whys of the Universe.

– Actions and events dominate space. Time means change and so space is just a ‘present’, static sheet of a flow of time actions that constantly change, evolve, devolve and trans-form that space sheet. So we could say, unlike physicists who spatialize time with its definition in terms of space and speed (T=S/V), that all what you see is time. Space is just a slice, perceived as a simultaneous picture, of the world lines of all the actions taking place in a ‘dharma’ of time. This is what Leibniz called relational time that we shall formalize here through the concept of actions and fractal spaces. Further on, since times are cycles and Jordan proved that a cyclical cord that closes into itself divides the Universe into an inner vital space and an external one, time cycles create the fractal space structure of the Universe.

– Finally, the most difficult truth of a more complex vision of the Universe is its organic nature, as the 4 actions that combine energy and information are the same than the drives of existence of organisms.

So we define the Universe as a super-organism in which each part is an organism that attempts to perform the 4 actions. Why? For no reason at all except that those actions allow beings to survive. Indeed, without energy there is no motion, without information, motions are erratic and blind and will end you in the mouth of a predator that will absorb your energy and re-form it into its information, and because accidents happen, without reproduction (internal or external caused by a 3rd enzymatic being) species don’t survive and exist. So even machines must be reproduced by company-mothers in which human ‘enzymes’, ‘enzymen’ make them, and carbohydrates are reproduced by DNA genes and stars by black hole processes and galaxies seem to be born of central black holes’ ejection of matter or by the social evolution of infinite smaller particles… The conclusion is evident. The Universe is a living, organic system because to survive and exist you must perform those 4 actions. And this gives us another particular structure, which is self-repetitive: a complementary being with an energy, lineal, spatial, bigger system (field or body) and a smaller cyclical, informative, temporal system (head or particle).

And so we now can make a shorter definition of it: ‘the Universe is a fractal of time’, since time includes space and time has motion, it is an action, and a fractal self-generates itself, so it is organic.

Or a longer one: ‘The Universe is an organic fractal made of complementary systems of actions of energy and time’, as all physical systems are made of particles and fields (quantum complementarity) and all biological systems have a nucleus of DNA and a body (cells) or a head and a body.

And that’s all what there is to it: an infinite tapestry of body/heads, fields/particles trying to survive by performing feeding body/field actions of energy, gauging head/particle actions of information, reproducing/decoupling in self-similar beings which will make the ‘entity’ immortal or gathering in more social systems, more complex that last longer in time and space and survive better as they have more energy and information, they are ‘top predators’: Max. E xi = ∑ e xi.

As I said General Systems sciences is a Unification theory of all sciences, each one studying a scale of space-time size and duration in which particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, planets, galaxies perform self-similar actions of lineal spatial energy with their bodies and fields of energy and cyclical, informative time, with their heads and particles. This intuitive truth will be here connected and formalized with new tools of logic and mathematics, and put in perspective, deducing from its general laws the laws of most sciences. It IS a fascinating model of reality, far more transcendental for knowledge – the logic explanation of why ‘things happen’ than the present alternative of physics, which hints at those laws only for its restricted ‘scales’ of physical particles. But for you to understand it you must ‘change your chip’ and stop being ‘anthropomorphic’ and realize you share all those properties and so we can explain reality with your ‘vital properties’, since you ARE NOT DIFFERENT from the rest. You can take this as most do, with skepticism to keep your special, fantasy status in the order of things or you can be humble and marvel about that astounding organic fractal and keep reading. If you do so with patience and detail when you end this book you will have changed your chip and upgraded it to a far more complex, richer and explanative vision of it all, including yourself.

Paradoxically it will be more difficult to achieve that upgrading if you are a physicist, even if the entire jargon we use comes mainly from such discipline, because of the ‘ideological’ denial of life as a set of different properties from matter that matter, proper of physicists that want to reduce reality to the mechanical outlook of the instruments it uses to measure it. But I can do nothing about ideologies that pass as science, and so we just hope if you are a physicist that you will put aside those taboos.




The Universe is made of 2 substances: spatial energy and informative time. We can see it with motion as energy and time or as fixed forms, as space and information. We can see it as a single reality, as space and time, or as a multiple quanta, as energy and information. We can differentiate them by form, as space and energy are lineal or planar surfaces and time and information are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings, the simplest of which is an action of light, ext=k. This duality structures all beings of reality. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal bodies. Weapons are lines that release energy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.                


 Nt. As we go into a deeper geometrical analysis of those forms in 4D space the exact shapes of each action will be defined according to topology. So the sphere, often a whole, will be divided into the external energetic surface, a toroid ‘body’ of cyclical ‘actions’ that transfer energy and information to the high, central axis, or informative, hyperbolic center of the sphere, and so on.

Time and space are like Leibniz thought of them: a sum of different ‘spaces and times’ as each entity that exists has a certain vital space or body of energy that lasts a certain duration of time or life.

This brings a key duality, between Universal, ‘whole’ concepts (space and time) and particular parts (the energies and cycles of information of each part):

If space has motion and it is broken in vital spaces with extension, it is equivalent to a sum of energies. Thus space is made of ∑energies.

And if time is broken in multiple clock cycles, each of them a cyclical trajectory that closes into itself, and we consider each time cycle by its ‘lifespan’ or duration absolute time is equivalent to all the cyclical forms or ‘in/form/ ations’ of the Universe. So time is the sum of all informations, all forms-in-action, all cyclical forms.

Moreover in any 4-dimensional Universe as expressed in the fundamental theorem of knots (Jordan’s theorem), a trivial cycle, traced by a string that closes into itself divides the Universe in an inner and external part. Thus if we call the internal part of the cycle the ‘vital space’ of that cycle or ‘body/field’ of energy, the mere existence of a time cycle will create a complementary entity distinguishable from the Universe – the external cycle and the inner body of the system. And it will cause a fractal Universe, as each informative clock-cycle will become the border between the miniature Universe it encloses and the larger whole.

The meaning of absolute time: ∑Ti and absolute space ∑Se

When we add all the informative cycles of all beings and all its ‘vital energies’, we obtain absolute time and space, which ultimately is an error of perception due to the use of a single mechanical clock.

First approach to the paradox of Galileo: Space is a Maya of moving energy. All is motion.

The Unit of reality is the action of energy and time, as discovered by Planck: Exi=Constant. Each of those combinations of energy and information, which we can write also in a dynamic way EóTi, is what we call here a space-time cycle. All of them have motion as Energy has motion and a time clock has motion. So the Universe can be defined as a fractal of actions of energy and time. The study of those actions, its varieties and differences is thus essential to grasp the Universe of eternal motions in which we live.

The paradox of Galileo – the fact that humans and any system that perceives eliminate motion and create still maps of reality, despite its motion nature – has never been properly understood. Galileo saw the Earth moving mathematically but its senses told him it didn’t move. This still holds in the definitions of standard science of space and information, the ‘still versions’ of the real things, energy and time that together combine to form the exi ‘actions’ units of existence of the fractal Universe.

It is a fact that all moves yet when the brain perceives, to store in its limited vital space, mirror images of all those forms in action, informations, it eliminates motion. And so we see space quiet, as we see the Earth quiet, despite moving along paths of gravitational energy; or your skin quiet despite being made of cellular cycles. Thus we further reduce our knowledge of the parts gathered in a whole that appears as quiet space, with a few motions that truly matter to the perceiver – of preys, predators and individuals of the same species – while the rest of reality appears as a continuous space-time, often represented in a continuous Cartesian, mathematical graph. This is natural to the limits of storage of information of any perceiver, because the brain cannot hold all the fractal motions, vital spaces, time durations of the life of all beings. So it reduces information. But this has caused grave errors in human knowledge, as we believe what we see. So science tends to reductionism, considering beings things and ignoring the laws that relate all those scales.

The inverse properties of spatial energy and temporal information.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

Informative time, Ti          Vs.       Energetic Space, ΣS
Time-clocks:Information             Vs.                     Space motion:Lineal  energy
Small, still                  Vs.                 Large,  moving fast
Tall, Perpendicular            Vs.                                Long, Parallel,

Hierarchical               Vs.                               Democratic
Bidimensional   Height             Vs.                        Bidimensional, Length,

Repetition                      Vs.                             Width-Growth
Cyclical, Rotation, imploding          Vs.                       Lineal, uncoiling, exploding
Informative Frequency               Vs.                                         Lineal Speed
Broken form                               Vs.                    Continuous, differentiable
Intelligent, perceptive            Vs.                                       Strong, fast.

Social, organic, creative                   Vs.                 Darwinian, destructive behavior
Future, evolved predator                 Vs,                             Past, energetic victim
Life arrow                             Vs.                               Death arrow.
Waves of space                      Vs.                         Particles of Time
Female, yin principle               Vs.                     Male, yang principle
Masses, charges                   Vs.                            Forces, fields
Heads  & senses                     Vs.                          Limbs & Bodies.

This resumes in its two fundamental equations: e x I = K, and E<=>I.

The constant transformation of one into another.

Despite their inversion, and this is the most important law of the Universe, energy and information constantly transformed into each other. It is the principle of ‘conservation and transformation of energy back and forth into in/form/ation, forms in action’ which becomes the new fundamental law of the 4th paradigm, widening the principle of conservation of energy:

‘All energies, trans/form constantly back and forth into information, E<=>I’

Thus the Universe is truly an eternal infinite of beats of energy warping into dimensional form, information and informations uncoiling into spatial energy. And since both elements energy and temporal information have motion this is possible as they are truly just the two extreme types of topological motions of the Universe, each one associated to a series of ‘functions’ and ‘perceptions’:

Energy=Extension=Space= Fast motion  = Lineal, planar shapes = Pleasure = Reproduction = Death

Information=Implosion=Time=Slow motion=Cyclical ball=Pain =Communication = Evolution = Life

The infinite balances and combinations of those two fields and its forms are the essence of reality.

The four actions of energy and time performed by all species.

Since all is space-time, all is energy and information; all is a sum of complementary entities of energy and information that perform 4 actions in space-time to enhance its survival:

-Energy feeding (e), information or perception of it (i), reproduction that combines both in other surface of space-time (exi) and finally social evolution, ∑exi, which as the reader can see summons up all the other arrows.

We call the composite, reproductive and evolutionary arrows, the complex arrows.

And so we can express all in the synoptic language of science with a simple equation that we call the fractal generator of the Space-time Universe:  ∑exi

Since e and i are the two initial variables of reality, the program is self-evident, deduced from them and it proves itself by the experimental method (all is a complementary system of energy and information) and then by the logic of evolution: those 4 space-time arrows encompass and explain all what exists in space-time, and all actions and laws of all sciences, as the are needed to survive.

Some of those sciences need some minor corrections to adapt it to the program, but most don’t; just a translation of jargons. Because of the importance of it, I believe it will start a new paradigm of science, the paradigm of ‘whys’, that would deepen the understanding of the ‘hows’ of the present age of knowledge, based in metric measure.


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