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We study here yet another error of the conception of an entropic only Universe. In this case the misuse of the concept of thermodynamic single arrows of time (2nd laws of thermodynamics), to define out of nowhere, the thermodynamics of black holes. Indeed, we have already denied the Universal validity of the second law, balanced by gravitation at cosmic level and by cold crystals of solid order in the matter scale. It is then interesting that while physicists have expanded entropy well beyond their ‘realm’ – gaseous states, entropic processes and the ‘acceptable’ translation of similar events into ‘frequency≈temperature’ at the quantum scale (plasma, etc.), they denied the law in a local effect in which it applies: the birth of ultra-hot black holes at the ∆-1 thermodynamic  level, as seeds of a gravitational species, which will finally emerge into the gravitational scale, once it cools down and feeds on the thermodynamic world.

The case is of enormous beauty and illustrates multiple laws of 5D metric, when properly interpreted. And yet we have instead a conceptual crass error by Mr. Hawking, who affirms the ultra-hot black hole keeps getting hotter, cooling down its surroundings and finally evaporates, braking locally – where it applies, the…

Heat. ‘Heat is energy that is transferred from one body to another as the result of a difference in temperature. If two bodies at different temperatures are brought together energy is transferred – i.e. heat flows – from the hotter body to the colder. The effect of this transfer of energy is an increase in the temperature of the colder body and a decrease in the temperature of the hotter body’.  Britannica, 1st paragraph, article on ‘Heat’, Macropaedia; Volume 8, page 701

We are just a mush in the surface of a rock lost in the corner of the Universe, departing of those facts we can talk about man’ Schopenhauer, father of modern philosophy.

The hard facts of known-known science.  

The evaporation of black holes, depends on this formula:

As the formula is filled with Universal Constants (latter understood in more depth0, and only two variables we shall from now on write it in a simplified manner as:

±ΔMass ≤ Konstant/±ΔTemperature.

Or easier to Understand moving Temperature to the other side:

±ΔMass  x  ±ΔTemperature  = Constant.

Simple, isn’t? It is the formula that defines the changes in temperature and mass of black holes.

We know both can change but in which direction? If the black hole mass  increases, temperature must diminish for the product to remain constant. If the black hole mass diminishes, then temperature must increase for the product to remain constant.

Two choices. If we write as Hawking does:

-Δ Mass  X +Δ Temperature = Constant…

Black holes t increase temperature, getting hotter and diminishing mass, evaporating.

If we write: +Δ Mass  x -Δ Temperature = Constant

Hyperhot black holes will cool down, transferring heat to the surrounding star or planet, evaporating them, into a cosmic explosion, a Nova.

So what chooses those symbols?

The Universe and its second thermodynamic law, which merely states that a hot object cools down and transfers heat to a surrounding colder environment. Thus it is obvious that Mr. Hawking got his sign wrong, and arbitrarily decided the second law of thermodynamics was wrong and the black hole will evaporate.

The problem is that the Universe and his fundamental laws, when they apply locally as the case of the Laws of entropy and heat imply exactly the opposite and what we observe: an ultra-active baby-born black hole, as all systems born in an ∆-1 ‘faster scale’ of the 5th dimension, have accelerated time clocks – which in this case translate into ‘faster dynamic temperature/frequency’ and so it is the black hole that evaporates the cold surroundings, transferring its matter and energy (bottom of the equation) through an intermediate state o pure entropic radiation, into the black hole, which absorbs it, and then inside, we theoretically assume, convert part into mass and part into ≥c dark energy shot through its poles.

Indeed, any ultra-hot object as a black hole, born in a cold environment as the Earth is, according to the laws of entropy cools down and transfers heat to the environment, evaporating us. And this is what we see in the Universe happening, always, when a black hole is born. It cools down and evaporates its surroundings into a big explosion, a Nova.

When you take an iron rod from the oven and put it in cold water, the water evaporates and the iron cools down, ALWAYS. And in the Universe whenever we see the birth of an ultra-hot black hole it evaporates its surrounding electromagnetic world (us) and gets colder, ALWAYS, till it reaches as a mature huge black hole a thrermodynamic balance with the cold vacuum that surrounds it.

In this principle, that heat moves from the hot source to the cold one, are based all the laws of thermodynamics, all the machines of the planet. If this principle would not exist you could made a heat machine of eternal motion, the biggest hoax of science.

Now we stress, the 2nd law applies to heat processes, entropy processes, and those processes of the quantum realm where is licit to translate temperature into frequency, as this case. It does NOT apply globally to the entire Universe, and in upper ‘colder’ scales of ‘zero temperature’, and ‘higher order’, the gravitational and dark energy scales.  So the example is a good illustration to deal also with concepts such as ‘what is truly mass’, how energy and information transfer asymmetrically between ∆-scales and so on.

Now, within the local symmetries where entropy applies there is NOT a single exception to the laws of Thermodynamics in the Universe. Everything in heat science and its frequency equivalencies in quantum scales is based in this law.

So Mr. Hawking an enfant terrible – a child of thought, to be more precise – with utter disregard of the known-known laws of the Universe, just chose to break the ‘law’ – one might imagine to shock the audience- changed wrongly the arrow of time, in one of the few cases it did apply (: and wrote the inverse symbols:

– Δ Mass  X  + Δ Temperature = Constant…

It is Hawking’s formula of evaporation of black holes…that defies all the laws of entropy, all the laws of time, all the laws of Einstein and all the laws of the 5th dimension, the expansion of Einstein’s relativity that I study.

And that is the problem.What the equation means is easy to understand:

Hawking affirms that black holes do exactly the opposite that all other entities of the thermodynamic Universe:

They are born very hot, the hottest objects of the Universe (in this we all agree), but then instead of cooling down in our cool Universe, burning us into hell, they will ‘magically’ absorb heat from the cold environment (+Δ), getting even hotter, breaking all the laws of entropy!

It is like if you throw a flame into water and the flame would get hotter and the water would become ice!

It is like if you get a cup of hot coffee and the cup keeps getting hotter ‘evaporating’, while it freezes your hand!

This has never happened and the mere idea was for very long in science a laughing matter. Since the laws of entropy are crystal clear. When a hot system is put by the side of a cold system, temperature moves from the hot system that cools (in this case the black hole) to the cold one that heats and evaporates.

But Hawking insisted for decades with an obsessive mind and charm. When a black hole is born, hotter than the environment, instead of evaporating the environment as any hot object does, it will become hotter and evaporate!

How he figures the black hole does that? Well it can’t according to the laws of time and entropy. So alas! He figured out that the black hole travels back into the past instead of traveling to the future. And that is why it evaporates. It is like if a baby will travel back into the past and enter the womb of the mother evaporating. Easy.

Indeed, he also muses after that astounding discovery that he could enter a black hole and come into the past and kill his grand-father. Seriously.

Here the error is that he doesn’t understand ‘time arrows are ALWAYS LOCAL, relative past entropy, relative future ∆information and conserved relative momentum, all of them adding to a zero sum (as past entropy and future information cancel each other leaving the integral of momentum or ‘energy world cycle’ that elongates the eternal present of the Universe). Simple and beautiful:

∫ Present Energy is a zero sum that conserves momenta and energy and cancels entropy and information.

It is worth to repeat it such a blunder of the many we will expose in simple terms using the basic laws of Ƽst here, harmonising all sciences:

-Δ Mass  x  +Δ Temperature = Constant

Defines ‘imaginary black holes’ that break the laws of entropy and will get hotter. Then for all the constants of the Universe to remain constant their mass must diminish and balance the increase of heat.

But the Universe has never done this choice.

On the contrary the Temperature of a hot mass always diminishes in a cold environment.

So mass always increases. Let us then respect the laws of the Universe, proved ad nauseam in all systems and write instead the symbols right:

+Δ Mass  x -Δ Temperature= Constant.

The hot black hole as all the systems of the Universe will decrease its temperature as it is born much hotter than our Universe, and so the heat will be transferred to our electromagnetic world and evaporate it, and the black hole will absorb it as energy in its event horizon collapsing that energy into  mass at the speed of light: M=E/c²

This is what Einstein say, what we observe in the Universe, what every black hole born in that Universe proofs:

The black hole is born very hot, evaporates the surroundings and absorbs it, exploding the world into a Nova at the speed of light.

Why then he broke the laws of thermodynamics, of Einstein’s gravitation – and the yet to be known laws of the 5th dimension and balances of the arrows of time, and consideration of momentum and energy…. running into the paradox of information, etc.

Obviously it cannot be because of science and the delights of true knowledge, but for all the spurious, wrong, unscientific causes of our civilisation: fame, provocation, faked news, etc. What is far more worrisome is that science after initial derision accepted it, and now incidentally physicists are truing to do such black holes at CERN, with the obvious risks of one being born, growing fast, swallowing the Earth and killing us all.

The error of Hawking is like the tale of the emperor’s naked clothes. One day an emperor forgot to dress and went into a parade. And none would say anything till a child pointed out that the emperor was naked. His errors are so evident and absurd that nobody dares to contradict him. But the emperor walks naked and black holes will cool down and swallow the Earth if they are born at LHC.

And yet the entire situation is so absurd that nobody will shout, ‘cover the emperor’s with decent cloths’. The emperor is Mr. Hawking  invested with so much authority by the celebrity P.R.ess that only an intelligent child – that is a new born model as 5D dares to point out the error without fear of making a fool of myself.

Still with the proper arrow the formula is a beautiful one, so we can now study what it means, once we have corrected.


The structure of non-evaporating black holes & its ternary symmetry.

Science is truth when 3 elements are met: experimental evidence, correspondence with previous theories known to be truth and only then mathematical analysis with the proper dynamic evolution towards the future.

Now, we observe that the smaller the black holes are the faster they grow in a furious swallowing path. And yet the Fermi Satellite sent in orbit to find the signature of evaporating black holes has NOT found the slightest signature of black hole evaporation.

So what to make of this? Obviously, the 3 elements of science are not met:

  • Experimental evidence (none) ->Correspondence principle with previous theorems (Einstein’s hole always grow, no hair theorem gives no temperature to black holes) -> Mathematical equations (improper interpretation of the symbol of time).

So both fundamental laws of scientific truth, falsification in the negative, and experimental evidence in the positive, prove that baby black holes do not evaporate, breaking the essential laws of thermodynamics, and Nature stubbornly imposes its cosmic order.

Today the fundamental theory of the Universe, the big-bang, is based in an expansion backwards in time of a lineal equation, similar to Hawking’s:

Hubble established a cosmological velocity-distance law: velocity = Ho × distance. Whereas the variables are here instead of mass and temperature, speed and distance and the constant is Ho.

According to this Hubble law, the greater the distance of a galaxy, the faster it recedes. Modern estimates place the value of H around 22 km/s per 1 million light years. While the reciprocal of Hubble’s constant lies between 13 billion and 14 billion years, and this cosmic time scale serves as an approximate measure of the moment of birth of the universe.

Thus the same procedure of running backwards in time a black hole mass growth, pattern would give us travelling to the past, the point of birth of the black holes at the Planck scale at enormous temperature.

Does this mean Hawking’s work lacks scientific merit?

Not at all, as if we respect the laws of thermodynamics, the ratio mass-temperature of black holes, describes the birth of a small black hole, which as all systems of Nature show an enormous activity and rate of growth, in its initial stages, feeding in the energy that surrounds them – the placenta of our seminal seeds, the nest in which the parental system feeds them, the environment in which the new species becomes the dominant predator; in the case of the black hole the rich field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds it in stars where they are born by gravitation collapse and/or planets against which they collide.

It is then easy to understand the importance of the formula to interpret the genesis of black holes, the mechanisms of Nova explosions, and the way in which the energy and information of the lower scales of nature (the quantum and thermodynamic scales emerges as mass in the larger cosmological scale), since and this is the second merit of the equation of Hawking, which stirred the imagination of scientists, to the point of accepting his peculiar interpretation is the fact that it uses all the main constants of space and time of Nature, whose meaning is still no understood in theoretical physics.

And so it hinted to the solution of the fundamental ending question of physics – what is the relationship and meaning of those constants, and how can we unify mathematically the 3 fundamental scales of physical systems, the smaller quantum scale of electromagnetic charges, the human scale of thermodynamic molecules and the larger scale of cosmological masses: Now we have written the equation with the proper symbol and alas, it is a very important equation, as now it follows the correspondence principle.

Why that beautiful equation is an equality?

Because the event horizon is a discontinuum, which act as an osmotic membrane, with 2 sides, which have the same ‘surface’ area, so to speak.

The event horizon has two sides as all membranes. In one side you are inside the black hole (8π GM), and there is NO temperature here (no hair theorem, black holes are defined only with 3 parameters, angular momentum, mass and charge). So the black hole DOES not evaporate because it is NOT made of temperature. It is impossible to evaporate.

On the other side of the membrane, there is though temperature, because we ARE in the Thermodynamic and quantum world, which the black hole swallows.

This duality of a membrane is perfectly understood in terms of Topological laws. The fundamental theorem of topology states that a closed circle, any n-dimensional membrane breaks the continuum into an internal world and an external Universe, with 2 different surfaces, an internal elliptic, implosive, in-formative surface and an external hyperbolic, expansive, entropic geometry,

And those are the 2 sides of the black hole: Internally the black hole creates pure information. Externally the black hole increases the entropy and disorder of our world just before it swallows it.

Consider any other ‘organic system’ absorbing energy and trans-forming it into its own substance. You eat, and first you disorder, increasing the entropy of the food you eat down to amino acids. This is what the black hole does in the side of the quantum-thermodynamic scales of the Universe. But then you stomach evolves the amino-acids back into proteins of your ‘own DNA code’. This is what the black hole does in the inside of the membrane: converts entropy into information.

But we can equal both sides, because they have the same surface, one side is gravity surface, the other side is entropy surface.

So the way to properly write that equation in terms of the duality of entropy and information and the 3 fractal scales of the physical Universe is:

This is the beauty of the equation of Hawking, when we respect the 2 ‘fundamental proofs’ of truth in science:

Experimental evidence (black holes always swallow our world in nova explosions that increase the entropy of our galaxies but absorb and grow in mass internally).
Correspondence principle (no hair theorem: black holes do not have temperature; they can be described with only 3 parameters, mass, angular momentum and in some cases charge, if they do have it; Einstein’s equations: black holes do always increase mass, do not evaporate, do not emit radiation).
Thus when we put properly the symbol, ≥, black holes grow according to the beautiful formula of Hawking, which in this manner respects the 2 fundamental proofs of truth in science – experimental Nova evidence and Correspondence principle; further clarifies the process of creation of mass, in a more detailed version of E=Mc², explains why the Universe is fractal, with discontinuous membranes between the entropic side of the Universe (electromagnetic-thermodynamic membrane) and the in-formative gravitational side that in-forms reality (mass-black hole side).

And why there are 2 ‘geometrical description’ of space-time (elliptic curved space-time of Einstein’s gravitation, made of accelerated vortex like informative mass clocks) and the hyperbolic, entropic, expansive description of quantum physics. Which are 2 different discontinuous sides of the fractal Universe that balance each other and MUST NOT be unified in simple terms because both are needed to balance the Universe.

On one hand you have what the black hole eats, our space-time world, on the other the gravitational space-time world.

There are in fact 3 scales of space-time in reality and that is what the Universe shows.

On the side of mass, we have a beautiful equation, which is identical to the tensor of Einstein’s Relativity, that describes a gravitational world, 8 πG Mass.

It must be noticed that unlike Einstein’s tensor, here there is no energy-entropy, but only the other 2 elements of Einstein’s equation: 8 π G, the curvature of the black hole and Mass, the substance of gravitational space.

On the other side, we have the same equation above for quantum space-time where h is the angular momentum of its clocks of information (so quantum systems code with h-Planck quanta its informative spin and form) and c is obviously the speed-distance of space, as we see light space. Space is made of light, as impressionists painters realized and Einsteins’ relativity principle that cannot distinguish motions from distances, or the spatial expansion of intergalactic space, homologous to the red-shift elongation of light space proves.

Our human electronic mind perceives light-space, through, its time clocks, SS=-Planck, is the minimal quanta perceived by an electron and Ts the speed of light, and H/c is so small that we have a mind that processes very little information and in terms of Lobachevski’s parameter of geometry displays a flat Euclidean World:

In the graph, you can see what i talk about. You see light and light has 3 perpendicular Euclidean dimensions. That is why your mind is flat and Euclidean. This product  c³ is thus the time-space clocks and volume of the quantum world, and its ratio SS/TT=h/c³, is the ‘ratio of information/space’ of the human mind, which in terms of Geometry is called the Gaussian/Lobachevski ratio of curvature that defines a flat mind. Beautiful isn’t. So many things hidden in an equation (-; Saper vedere.

On the other side, we have a ratio between the simplest quantum minimal, larger world and our intermediate thermodynamic scale, meaning that the black hole absorbs the quantum space-time (hc³), and first it converts it into pure entropy and temperature (KT) – hence the ratio; and then it moves it to the other side of the membrane, converted into 8 π G Mass.

Now, a brief lesson on modern cosmology. The Universe has shown to be fractal, structured in relative scales of size and with different time clocks of different speed. This we know since Einstein. We do NOT have mechanical clocks around the Universe measuring time. As obvious as this is people do not seem to understand it.

And we co-exist in several scales, with membranes and discontinuous between them, such as the Lorentz transformations that define transitions between the electromagnetic light and mass scales, the quantum equations of Planck (violet catastrophe) that define the transition regions between the thermodynamic and radiation scales.

There are 3 fundamental of such scales which we show in the next graph, the larger gravitational scale, the human thermodynamic scale and the quantum scale, with different space-quanta and time clocks:

In the graph we show them, with different space and time quanta. But all of them have a common co-invariant formula, which defines them as space-time planes of reality, with a ‘different time clock’ that measures the information of the system in the frequency and form of its cycles, and a given space quanta that measures its pieces of space.

And there are transfers of motion between them, called ‘angular momentum and ‘lineal momentum, or ‘information and ‘space’. There are many formula on physics to describe this space-time planes, and the easiest ones are those of Energy, and those that define its forces. They vary slightly (we show on the left side the formula for energy, and slight variations show formulae for momentum and forces in each scales).

This is the new stuff on physics, the formalism of the 5th dimension that this writer pioneered before this activism, as it explain the ‘whys’ of Universal constants, and the structure between scales, the reason of the exponential discontinuous equations between scales. And Hawking’s equation is a fundamental equation that relates the 3 scales together. In fact it is the only equation that relates them, as the black hole swallows it all. Swallows both the quantum and electromagnetic world and converts it into mass; it is the true devouring monster of the Universe:

∆+1(cosmological scale) : M ( 8 π G) ≥ ∆-1: hc³/ k T: ∆: Thermodynamic scale)

Now the formula has the 3 clocks of time, (G-curvature, h-angular momentum, T-emperature) and 3 space quanta of the 3 scales of the fractal Universe (c3 volume of light space, M-ass and K-entropy quanta).
So his work is essential to the fractal Universe structure and its 3 5D scales.

As such is a ‘beauty’ and it is a pity that Mr. Hawking was not happy enough finding it, and that he said ‘philosophers of science envy me, because they don’t know mathematics, and that is why they criticise the evaporation of black holes’. Of course, we do know mathematics, we invent mathematics. People like Descartes and Leibniz invented analytic geometry and calculus the two main branches of modern mathematics and they defined themselves as philosophers of science, NOT physicists. That is why we can have rigour with truths.

So to the beauty of it. First we must ask. Why there are two sides on that equality, which when properly written with the positive arrow of time is M ≥ k/T, that is the black hole mass always grows?

Because this equation is taken from the event horizon, the membrane that separates the discontinuous fractal scale of gravitation – the inside of the hole, or M (8π G) – which creates mass-information; from the outer region, the entropic, thermodynamic and quantum world, which the Hole is swallowing.

So we have an equation that shows how ∆+1 gravitational mass information is created by accretion of the lower scales of quantum light space-time (Hc3) and thermodynamic space-time (KT).

And it is precisely the simplicity and perfection of the equation, which relates the time clocks and space-quanta of the 3 scales of the Universe, what makes it so important. As it truly writes in the formalism of the fractal Universe:

∆+1 Gravitational Scale:  Space quanta: M x SS(curved clock): G = ∆-1: quantum scale/∆ Thermodynamic scale: TT:c³ x SS: h / TT: K x SS(T)

That is, the mass quanta of the gravitational space, whose frequency or curvature or attractive accelerated clock is given by G, is swallowing the Space-time of the electromagnetic, quantum Universe, whose clocks of time are here measured by the angular momentum h and its quanta of space, by the volume of 3-dimensional Euclidean space; after converting it first into thermodynamic entropy, in its process of ‘rising it up’ and transforming it upwards through the scales of information of the 5th dimension, into thermodynamic space quanta, k-constants, and its time clocks, temperature.

This is the analytical, algebraic understanding of the accretion of black holes, which absorb the space-time, c-h quanta of electromagnetic scales, convert it by this ∆-1/∆ space-time ratio first into entropic heat and then swallow it up into gravitational mass.

And the beauty of it is that we DO have here the equations in perfect form. We have in the quantum scale on top, the h-angular momentum, the minimal clock of time-information of the quantum scale, multiplied by c³, the volume of space (as we are in a light space-time membrane, with the 3 Euclidean perpendicular co-ordinates of light, the electric magnetic and c-speed arrows). And we have below the thermodynamic space constant, k-entropy, as entropy is an expansive space, and the time clocks of the thermodynamic world, which is temperature.

So Hawking’s equation properly defined as a time dimotion of information allow us to understand for the first time, properly interpreted the meaning of the 3 Universal constants of space of the Universe, in its 3 relative scales of size, Mass, Entropy and c‚ light space-time. And its 3 relative cyclical clocks of time, G-curvature, h-angular momentum and temperature: This equation is therefore a fundamental equation, which properly understood with the 2 arrows of the future, entropy and information and the laws of the fractal Universe duality.


Bcb atoms and top quark black holes – vortices of mass.

To understand properly black holes we need to grasp the 5D principle of equivalence between accelerated vortices of space-time and gravitation. In brief, if we define mass by the speed and frequency of its gravitational vortices, according to the equivalence principle of Einstein between gravitation and acceleration, those fast turning particles are vortices of space-time, similar to attractive tornadoes (E=mc2 +E=hv-> M=k  ƒ, so the faster the particle, black hole or mass turns as a space-time vortex the more it attracts:

In the graph, the evolution of the concept of mass in relativity, from the initial image of an abstract substance in the center of an accelerated vortex of space-time, proper of the abstract, pre–world war age, when Einstein first published his work on gravitation, to the first pictures obtained in bubble chambers in the postwar age, to the realization that each mass is a fractal space-time made of smaller cyclic motions proper of twenty-first century.

In the graph, for the pedantic observer, which rejects Newton as too simple, over seeded by Einstein, a final note on the multiple perspectives we can have of any event of space-time according to the ∆±1 or SS, TT, ST perspective we adopt, we classify the 4 standing models of gravitation as relative truths, belonging to the 4 perspectives of reality: S<<∆ =>ST>>T.

In the graph the 4 obvious descriptions of mathematical physics regarding gravitation: S (relativity)≈ T (Newton) <-> ∆ (Poisson)≈ ST (Lagrange):

T- Newton is a moving CLOCK LIKE vortex of the same mass-motion regions)

∆¡-Poisson is a potential static field of energy gradients..

ST- Hamiltonian-Lagrangian is a dynamic description of the conservative energy of the system.

S: Einstein’s simultaneous measures in relativity are a still, formal description in ‘present’ of the gravitational space-time.

So all are equivalent. In fact Einstein derived his work via Poisson from Newton. Today Relativity’ informative mappings of the galaxy space-time are transformed in AMD theory into a Lagrangian-Hamiltonian ‘bidimensional model’, for computer calculations, proving once more the bidimensional structure of space-time.

All are in fact derived one from each other, as Einstein took its beginnings from Poisson, who elaborated on Newton; and the more important of them all the Hamiltonian). Even if Einstein used complicated equations to describe those vortices as masses, the graph shows all those ‘formalisms’, which are equivalent with more or less ‘finesse’ in the degree of detail, they have. It is then possible to understand masses as vortices; which follow 5D metrics, since the faster, smaller ($ xð=K) vortices attract more; hence are heavier. And so the heavier quarks are the ‘cut-off’ substance, Einstein asked for to ‘believe’ in black holes: the quarks of the top quark decuplet.

The 5D model of black holes.

The 5D model of the fractal, organic Universe, does not deny Einstein, it merely expands its views, and adds fractal organic properties to the galaxy explaining better the function of those black holes, its atomic substance and working according to the known-known facts of astrophysics, in which black holes have come to dominate most of the creative processes of the galaxy. In that regard, you can compare the galaxy to a cell in a much larger scale, with mitochondria stars, of light yd-matter which end up being devoured and becoming the energy for the creation of black holes, the informative vortices, equivalent to the DNA, that swarm in huge numbers in the centerl nuclei and control its shape and provoke the reproduction of stars, with its in-formative gravitational waves.

Einstein had asked for a cut-off substance, or ‘atom of black holes’, which he could not guess at the time as quarks had not been found, but now we hint that black holes are as he thought ‘frozen stars’ of the heaviest quark families (bct quarks), and that should be the ‘realist modeling’ of black holes. As those quarks will appear in increasing numbers in accelerators, which are crossing the dark matter barrier is very likely they will be produced on those accelerators, in any of its possible varieties of dark matter that range from strangelets (s-quarks) to toplets (TTT++-quarks), through Higgs decay (H->Top and anti top).

Yes, this fast turning, heavier, more attractive particle can be the atom of black holes as it gives them a substance to exist. It is the the 3rd family of heavy quarks, which are amazingly heavier than our quarks, thousands of time heavier and correspond to the exact parameters of a black atom.

Now, we shall elaborate this with the new physics of duality and the fractal paradigm to further understand why this is the most logic, symmetry, natural solution according to the laws of the scientific method (economicity, simplicity) to explain the structure of dark matter, the Halo and the galaxy.

It is all there, again. Physicists ask for a new 5th dimension to make black holes, and we find it as a relativistic motion, which is proved experimentally (the fastest clock of time of the Universe are the bottom quarks, as top quarks have not yet produced in enough numbers to measure its no doubt even faster, more attractive rotational clock). And this superstring, supermassive quark is the cut off substance of black holes.

Now, all this in mathematical physics implies a constant growth of the mass of the black hole along the previous equation: M=k/T, that is as the black hole cools down, it converts via the weak force, lighter matter into heavier quarks that increase its volume and hence its area.

The last great advances in classic black hole theory were done by Kerr, a new Zealander which defined rotary black holes with or without charge. Those would be the top quark frozen stars with positive charge and the same density at macro-scale than a black hole acting as a relative ‘proton’ acts in an atom in the center of the galaxy. While the halo should be made of strangelet quarks (negative charged), acting in this symmetry between the 3 families of mass and 3 regions of the galaxy, as a relative negative ‘electron’ cover, with the ud-stars and planets in the middle, as seen in the next graph, greatly expanded in its detailed explanation on the post of 5D astrophysics:

In the graph the ‘sane’ understanding of black holes, which are born exceedingly hot and active, as all ‘seminal species’ in a lower scale of size, on the compton wavelength as a heavy quark particle, and the similar form of the halo of strange matter. this simple scheme, following Einstein’s search for cut off substances for black holes and Witten hypothesis of a halo made of strangelets, now again all the rage in astrophysics

Now, once we had the ‘solutions’ (Kerr black holes), the study of those holes was limited by the c-speed turning event horizons, which ‘absorbed’ the light of electromagnetic matter after exploding it, and ‘digested’ it via the weak force, creating heavier particles. But the maths were worked out by Christodoulou:

‘He had shown that no process whose ultimate outcome is the capture of a particle by a Kerr black hole can result in the decrease of a certain quantity which he named the irreducible mass of the black hole, M . In fact, most processes result in an increase in M, with the exception of a very special class of limiting processes, called reversible processes, which leave M unchanged.

It turns out that M, is proportional to the square root of the black hole’s area.

So it is all clear and nice, regardless of what ‘language you prefer’, that of 4D Einstein or the added scalar meaning for a proper, scientific real understanding of 5D (as we indeed do have infinite proofs of the fractal structure and scales of size and different speeds of time clocks of physical systems from galaxies to particles). As all is obeying the laws of symmetry and Relativity of the Universe (call it Einstein’s relativity or Absolute relativity, its expansion into several 5D planes).

Entropic feeding. The equivalence between gluons and mesons nonets: feeding the black hole.

In the graph we see what is all about with another astounding symmetry between the gluon-antigluon nonet of ‘smaller strong force’ particles that feed light UD-quarks and the meson nonet of light quarks and anti-quarks that feed the creation of black holes of heavy TBC quarks. It shows the beauty of astrophysical ∆ST symmetries. As the nuclear force (Yukawa model) becomes an entropic force with an e-x decay parameter of measure.




Thermodynamics studies the human ∆º scale of physical systems, and as such once the philosophical errors of describing reality with a single arrow of time, entropy, are solved, the laws of epistemology dictate that as the closest -hence better observed- scale of physical systems, its laws have the highest accuracy in the description of reality of all physical ones, and should be the example to model other systems, notably, the quantum systems of the lower scales, where perception is limited and errors  of philosophical nature many. We shall thus consider here several enlightenments achieved by casting thermodynamics on terms of 5D metric, starting from the blueprint for an unification of statistical mechanics and quantum physics, as we did in mass theory with charges and masses.

As we have stated ad nauseam those corrections will have to come ‘naturally’ from the new ‘properties’ of space, as made of ∆§cales, and of time, as made of ternary arrows, ages. So what are the new insights established by those 2 new properties of Non-Euclidean space and Non-Aristotelian ternary time? 2 Fascinating solutions, to 2 long awaited questions of physics:

-Ƥcales and 5D metric will allow the unification of quantum physics and thermodynamics, with 5D metric scales.

-Ternary time arrows, will allow us to unify and explain the meaning of ‘local entropy=gaseous arrows’ which are only one of the 3 time ages=states of matter, such as, gas is the entropy arrow, liquid the balanced one and solid crystal the informative one, giving us the generator of matter states:

∆ð (entropic fast moving gases) < exi: Liquid states > §@: crystal solid minds

In 4D physical Sciences, entropy is just a mathematical formula, which measures the disordered motions of a system, and inversely when interpreted in terms of information the potential ‘forms’ that might arise from the state of pure motion without form. So conceptually the definition is similar, even if it seems contradictory. The first kind of entropy is ‘heat’, or the dark energy (which should be call dark entropy) that expands vacuum space between galaxies (ejected by the poles of black holes in 5D astrophysics). Both imply a loss of form. But then mathematical physicists playing to be metaphysicians calculated entropy from the perspective of the inverse function of information and deduced that a state of gaseous disorder could potentially have multiple configurations and thus a lot of entropy. Here they came into a growing mess of conceptual misunderstanding of what is information, what is a potential future, etc. And we will deal with more detail on this latter on. So finally came Neumann’s dictum to Shannon, ‘call information entropy, nobody really knows what it is so you will have the upper hand’. And indeed today ‘pundits’ state that information is negantropy – the negation of entropy; which is fine, but should be inverted. Entropy is neginformation, the negation of information, which is more fundamental to the universe – a ‘feminine’, reproductive fractal of information.

So in 5D entropy has a much deeper multiple and clear meaning.

For those who won’t have any of it (verbal ST-upids who make of mathematical egocy their banner) we can have also a more precise physical expression for entropy, embedded in the topologic, ‘holographic space-time equation’, TT: Entropy is scattering – a double inner and outer locomotion. When a system only moves externally, it makes a Ts locomotion, where the internal spatial form, s, is maintained. Entropy implies that both, the external and internal systems ‘move’.

How this translates into physical entropy equations, will be dealt in the specific paper, on Physics and entropy, where we will study the arrows of entropic motion in all the scales of the Universe. The big bang is then entropy in the astronomical scale. The gaseous state is NOT really entropy in matter, but locomotion; entropy in matter is the ‘change of state’ from atomic matter to plasma (ionization). A field is entropy in the quantum scale. Entropy thus also changes in its concept in different physical states. But entropy in physics is often confused with the ‘symbol’ E, (energy is ST, motion with form, hence useful to reproduce form), as when physicists say that ‘energy never dies’. That E is often ENTROPY, the dissolution of the form of a system in a scale, to be absorbed as motion by other system of a higher scale that will evolve entropic motion. So it is entropy, what never dies; as TT can flow between scales; from where we deduce the primary substance of reality is entropy=motion, the only ‘Infinite’. All this means really we need to use the ‘basic symbols’ of reality that combine spatial form, (S-pace) and time motion to define strictly entropy as ‘TT’. All other definitions, including those mathematical definitions of Physics that seem ‘fundamental’ are derivations of TT. And obviously we need to be aware of the shortcomings of the human Aristotelian-Euclidean Entropic mind and judge the huge shortcomings of our models of an entropic only Universe.

For example, entropy, which as we say is the sum of an internal and external motion, TT, and locomotion, Ts, were observed in the study of gaseous, explosive states of heat. And then considered the ONLY arrow of the Universe. Yet entropy is only one of the 5 Dimensional motions of matter: TT-entropy: plasma, Ts: Gas-maximal motion, TS=liquid, balance, St-solid: maximal information, SS: boson matter:

So 5D would build with those 5 STates of matter a proper theory of physics in the ∆ø thermodynamic scale. Because it departs from sound principles.

Only with those 5 Dimotions of space-time you can construct the Universe.

This was obvious at the beginning of the study of Entropy, when the concept of “energy dispersal” as a description of entropy appeared in William Thomson’s (Lord Kelvin) 1852 article “On a Universal Tendency in Nature to the Dissipation of Mechanical Energy.” He distinguished between two types or “stores” of mechanical energy: “statical” and “dynamical.” He discussed how these two types of energy can change from one form to the other during a thermodynamic transformation. When heat is created by any irreversible process (such as friction), or when heat is diffused by conduction, mechanical energy is dissipated, and it is impossible to restore the initial state. That’s really all what there is to it: TT, the rest is metaphysical bullshit, ill-understood that has only messed up our view of the Universe. In Spanish we say ‘zapatero a tus zapatos’ – (shoemaker, stick to your shoes) Physicists should stick to their ‘science of motions’, and let philosophers of science build the whole dress

So Physicists even if they know much better than this writer the mathematical property of those 5 states, they don’t relate them properly. Unfortunately huminds are based in routine and repetition including scientists (see ‘Theory of scientific revolutions’ by Kuhn); so because physicists, before they even understood plasma, Boson matter, and crystals, developed steam machines and a theory of entropic heat; which they expanded hyperbolically to the entire Universe, while ignoring all those other states of matter also in the Universe at large… made of entropy its metaphysical religion.

So in the big bang they deny the St-gravitational implosive forces within galaxies that do NOT expand entropically and the likely quark=boson dark matter that encompasses the immense majority of the Universe. In the thermodynamic of black holes they invert the arrow of information to make it look like entropy. Even in biology they made of the rock falling from the skies, not the competition between reptiles and mammals, a more evolved informative species, the reason of the demise of life on Earth – and in history now is fashionable to accuse the entropic weather, not the processes of war and revolution, of the destruction of civilizations – not to speak of the ‘global warming scare’ as the ‘only problem that seems to matter’ to mankind.

In philosophy of science they have imposed a big-bang entropic theory as the only truth. As I was heavily involved with big bang theorists for a decade all what I can say is they know perfectly their theory is false but all what Kuhn said about ‘the nature of scientific revolutions’ is certain. The enormous prestige derived of the big bang theory that has become the ‘religion of science’; the huge amounts of money spent in its research, including the most expensive (and dangerous) experiment taking place on the planet at CERN; and a century of respect for Physicists, including the justification of their worldly activity – as makers of bombs, indeed the big-bang theory was initially a mockery of A-bomb researchers – since now if the Universe was born as a bomb, to study bombs ‘matter’; all those pseudo-scientific reasons but very real and very powerful makes impossible to count with them to develop the 5D organic model of the Universe, which has only an advantage, to be epistemologically from every perspective of the laws of truth in science more certain… The naïve scientist might think as the naïve citizen that science is idealist, and democracies are the government of the people, but the problem of an organic biological Universe is that it is mostly about power. Science then is culture and power first. And that is why humanity has spent and lives today in a dark age where power rules over reason in all fields, including those sciences.

Here the most notable exception is biology, the most accurate and worthy of sciences, for its closeness of perception makes experimental facts unassailable and the lack of power agendas, as those of technological sciences or financial economics and history, the modeling of observations objective. It is then not surprising that the laws of biological organisms turn out to be the blue print for an expansion to all other sciences and the philosophy of 5D science is ‘organicist’ not mechanist (just an organism of metal fast evolving in robotics). Since what we shall soon see is that the interaction of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe, TT, Ts, St, ST and SS, is similar to what biologists call the 5 Drives of life and make all systems essentially living organisms, as even the smallest particles display those 5 Drives=dimotions of life, they process information, St, feed on entropic forces (TT), move (sT), reproduce, decoupling into new particles (ST) and all seems to indicate they react to forces as if they were able to measure=perceive them (hence quantum is a gauge=measure theory); so likely as we perceive light with electronic eyes, particles are the minimal units of a mind.

And this is so evident that the next question about entropy, is why humans have reduced reality in time to entropy. The answer can only be, as the Universe associates equal forms, that man is basically an entropic form of life; that is, that our function in the Life forms of this planet is destructive, it is entropic and so humans finds affinity with the arrow of entropy to the point of reducing reality to it.

We saw this already considering that Physicists, the sponsors of an entropic universe, are makers of weapons of mass-destruction…

The Universe as a whole has zero entropy=disorder.

In classic physics entropy is ultimately a scalar property that relates the number of micro-states of a system to its larger SINGLE perceived macrostate. In physics entropy was measured first in gases which are by definition the most disordered state of matter. So obviously entropy was ginormous, proportional to the number of molecules, from the point of view of the humind’s reduced view of the system in the macrostate, which only perceived macro-properties of measure, Pressure, volume, Energy and temperature (PV=nkT=E).

Moroever this concept of entropy leads to Laplace argument on a deterministic Universe. If we knew all the data of the initial state of particles even in a gaseous state, all their paths will be deterministic and only one landscape arises. And if we were small enough to inquire each atom, he will tell you he ‘knows where he is going’, even if he is moving from one side to another rather subconsciously. I.e. if we look at a mass of humans in a demonstration from above, like the 3rd man looks at the points below in the Austrian Park, they seem indistinguishable and any configuration of the demonstration will be possible for the view of the capitalist in his ivory tower – a bunch of lefties protesting. The only information we get then is the reason of its protest (the substance of the gas), and the approximate number of ‘human molecules’ and perhaps the ‘heat temperature’ – the degree of anger and motion of the demonstration. Entropy then is on the eye of the macro-beholder.

The absurd expansion of Entropy and thermodynamic laws to all scales, forces and phenomena, for the wanting of physicists to become philosophers of science is just an egocy (Ego=idiocy) trait as temperature is a local, molecular property and gas, one of the 5 Dimotions of matter. Consider the other extreme form, solid, transparent crystals, which have a macrostate recognizable in an image formed within the crystal. This image corresponds to a single micro-state for each pixel of the image. Thus the configuration of the microstate is only one and entropy is zero. This can be expanded to any linguistic mind system, regardless of how much humans do know of the microstate. An image in a TV requires each specific electron to have a specific form. A logic circuit in a computer has the exact configuration of its gates required for a given calculus. A seed encodes the exact genes. SS-informative spatial still forms have no entropy.

A way to rephrase those questions then arises from the argument of the structure of the different scales of the 5th dimension: is there a situation in which the ∆-1 microstates are less than the ∑∆º macrostates; hence a negative entropic system? This would imply the existence of ‘multiple futures’ branching from a single potential microscale. If multiple gaseous configurations might give birth to a single macro-state because according to 5D metrics, the micro-state holds more information, and the ‘ghostly’ larger scale is happy just to build itself with part of the existential energy of the microstates; the inverse might hold truth for the lower plane of quantum particles.

This is in fact the case when we consider all the dimensions of the system, the dimension of time and the dimension of scale, in many forms of the Universe. For example, the number of macro-states of life, i.e. variations of organisms that can arise from a single micro-state. So in palingenesis a single ordered micro-state or embryo might give birth to multiple different macro-states.

And ultimately a single micro-state, the 3 topologies of space-time give birth to ∞ macro-state variations, all of them 0-sum worldcycles that return to its fold. So for the whole Universe as a ‘block of time’ entropy is in fact infinitely negative. That is, we depart from two single forms, the line and the cycle, and as Desargues already proved in his theory of conics, all possible curves arise.

Moreover if we take only in consideration the species that ‘survive’, as efficient forms the order is absolute, because there are for such an extensive Universe, a limited number of them that do make the cut and reproduce. I.e. virtual particles are many but elementary particles that repeat its cycles and survive very few. All the existences that have happened will be repeated again as the number of possible existences that last in time are few. In this very moment there are infinite other planets where humans are making machines as ‘enzymen’ to evolve an Earth of metal and die. It is said there are 6 persons that look exactly like you. So when we take entropy into the philosophical arena, with a minimal rigor, the entire conceptual frame of an entropic Universe, dying etc. become meaningless talk.

Creationism is also not the right justification of why entropy exists. The usual creationist reason for it, (a mathematical concept that instead of a mirror of a space-time event is considered is cause) reads like this:
In a thermodynamic system, pressure, density, and temperature tend to become uniform over time because the equilibrium state has higher probability (more possible combinations of microstates) than any other state. This is NOT the reason. The reason is the natural democratic, social evolutionary tendency of all systems of similar T.œs. Molecules ‘share’ their energy to a point in which all of them have a similar quantity, as humans without ‘animetal weapons power’ lived in the Neolithic in ‘thermodynamic equilibrium’ of relative equality. Part of the idol-ogy of capitalism (see papers of history) consists in justifying always as ‘evil’ equality. Thermodynamic equilibrium makes difficult for a higher scale to emerge and oppress the molecules, as a democratic ‘unity’ makes difficult to enslave human beings. But death=no motion of those particles in equilibrium does NOT happen. In their ∆-1 scale they are kicking and acting.

And how they act follows as everything in the Universe the ‘Function of existence’ (5D metrics: SxT=C plus Absolute relativity, S=T), that is the search for constant balances that allow the different SHMotions of reality. For example, 2 key equations are the  the equipartition theorem that relates the temperature of a system to its average energies. The equipartition theorem is also known as the law of equipartitionequipartition of energy, or simply equipartition. The original idea of equipartition was that, in thermal equilibrium, energy is shared equally among all of its various forms; for example, the average kinetic energy per degree of freedom in Ts- translational motion of a molecule should equal that in St- rotational motion. That is, Ts=St and Ts+St = ST… again.

And yet again, in the ‘asymptotic borders of the quantum ∆-1 scale the equipartition theorem no longer holds since at low temperatures the thermal energy kBT of certain degrees of freedom are “frozen out” as order simplifies the superfluous motions that would become ‘friction’ for the quantum world of higher order (and lesser entropy); in a process that continues down all the way through the transformation of the ‘constant of action k (entropic) into the much more ordered O-constant of the quantum world (h-actions of angular momentum).

We have then the slightly different theorem for the ‘upper boundary’ between the scale of thermodynamics and that of matter, called the Virial theorem which has been expanded to almost all scales; which in its simplest formulae for stars is a clear proof of the increase of universal order due to gravitation, as it shows that a gravitational system has ‘negative heat capacity’.

Indeed, according to the virial theorem, a self-gravitating body like a star or an interstellar gas cloud, the average potential energy Upot and the average kinetic energy Ukin are locked together in the relation Upot = -2 Ukin. Hence thethe total energy U (= Upot + Ukin) therefore U = – Ukin

If the system loses energy by radiating energy into space, the average kinetic energy actually increases. If a temperature is defined by the average kinetic energy, then the system has a negative heat capacity. An even more extreme version occurs with black holes, which become colder the more mass and energy they absorb; which means they are NOT as Hawking claims, systems of maximal entropy but precisely the opposite, systems of maximal order=in-form-ation; a theme we will discuss in detail on the section of entropy and cosmology, showing the proper way to interpret Hawking’s equations.

The question of how many different positions can adopt is meaningless, as they become ‘one’, like the demonstrators. It doesn’t matter that joe is on the left and Jackie on the right and could change places, what matter is they form an equal, single mass. So what to do about this ‘entropy’ element of all those equations of thermodynamics and its ‘second law’? Frankly NOBODY needs them.

The real concept of entropy: heat capacity.

The true thermodynamic parameters come for gases from Boyle’s law: Pv = nkT, which has no entropy anywhere. Entropy IS a man made imaginary value that for the objective understanding of thermodynamics is completely irrelevant and for the Universe at large, false. Its value as it will be studied here is purely philosophical and its interpretation in classic physics wrong. So why we use it on 5D? We use it as a synonymous of death, disorder, and TT-scattering motions. As such we could have used other word, but because entropy as synonymous of disorder is today part of the discourse of all sciences, and the word ‘death’ a big heavy on the mind, we have chosen it for the TT-dimotion that ends the existence of a system. Then obviously when a system dies and disorders the final configuration of its broken cells, disarrayed crystal atoms, etc. might be anything. Who cares? The whole who ordered those parts in a single configuration is gone. But entropy won’t last. As other similar species will feed on them to rise a new supœrganism.

Entropy then in thermodynamics should be substituted by a more meaningful concept in which its units are measured – heat capacity, Q/T; which is what we will discuss ‘as real’, outside the philosophical realm of the concept of order and disorder (TT). Heat capacity is then important as a physical parameter and secondary to it is the argument of order and temperature that goes as follows:

The heat capacity of an object, denoted by CC is the limit C =lim T->0 ∆Q/∆T, C=limΔT→0ΔQΔT,where ΔQ∆Q (a form of energy) is the amount of heat that must be added to the object (of mass M) in order to raise its temperature by ΔT∆T. Or in other words, the capacity of a form of matter to absorb and store energy; ultimately dependent of its parameters of ‘existential energy’, such as ‘more ordered, efficient’ forms of matter (solids) have more storage capacity because they have internally more ‘complex’ form, measured usually as the ‘degrees of freedom’; that is, the different ‘ties’ (∆-1-axons, vibrational paths, etc.) between its atoms.

The classic simplest case is that of mono-atomic, diatomic and triatomic molecules, which become more complex, ordered systems with increasing heat capacities. As each of those new species of ‘social atoms’ can store more energy, it gives away less of it as TT-motion that ‘hits’ the temperature termometer, preserving it for its internal organization. On the other hand a weaker system, a gas system cannot store in its internal order the energy it is given, so it easily gives it away as temperature=motion that hits the walls of the container or the temperature termometer.

In 5D we can write then C= ST (Energy) / TT (entropic temperature). So, ST/TT ≈ S/T= S information /T motion which simply states that a system with higher heat capacity (S>T) is one in which its internal form, its in-formation is higher than its external motion S/T>1.

This is a general rule for any scale. A tighter, smaller, more ordered cyclical O-crystal or solid or higher mass system stores more ‘energy’ because it transforms it into ‘faster and more complex variations of internal motion in a denser network of ties between its parts. So paradoxically those smaller, more efficient forms with ‘more mass’ or ‘more heat capacity’, when disordered into TT (E=Mc2, etc), release more motion than ther seemingly more active, expansive gases of ‘thin air’. And again this relates to 5D metrics: $ x ð = C

The virtue of using the concept of heat capacity instead of entropy is obvious: we are rephrasing the whole subject not in terms of disorder, the preferred humind conceptl but in terms of order, the preferred universal concept, highlighting those systems of lesser entropy not those of higher entropy, which is also what we shall do using instead of the ‘entropic concept of temperature’, the concept of ‘coldness’, of order, the ß function, which proves to be more fundamental as it can cross beyond the T=0 K as a continuous function without asymptotic discontinuities as temperature does. So we can cross indeed as we shall show in the analysis of thermodynamics of black holes ‘the K=0 barrier’ which is ONLY the limit of thermal, molecular systems, into the world of perfectly ordered internal black holes (top and bcb quarks, bosons, etc.).

What other equation of entropy matters in thermodynamics? One which is ‘pumped up’ in importance as the ‘Fundamental thermodynamic relation, dU=TdS – pdV.

It means that the entropy (heat capacity) of a system depends on its internal energy and its external parameters, such as its volume, which is exactly what we have said in 5D terms. Again the entropic factor here is quite irrelevant, since if we substitute it for the units of heat capacity the TdS element is simplified as T x E/ T = E.

And then because dU is a measure of a type of energy (internal energy), and TdS is converted also in energy, and pdV is also in energy/work units, here it is eas to understand what we talk about. The internal energy of a system changes (dU) in a tug of war between the energy that goes away as temperature that expands it (the old TdS=E factor and the energy that gets in as pressure that reduces its volume, the pdV factor).

In other words, the system looses Existential energy (ST) as entropic temperature (TdS), Ts goes away, as kinetic energy, while it gains it as imploding pressure, St, increases its form. ST= St±Ts.

‘Crystal clear’ in 5D terms as an exchange of dimotions, which are ultimately kinetic Ts explosive-energy vs. St-potential, implosive energy.

We can then interpret the key formula, E=nkT, whereas k is a boltzman unit of entropy, as yet another version of that TdS = Ts formula (however with k now as a spatial still form or constant, that doesn’t vary). The concept behindit is then similar, but only with the Ts-factor, reason why we say this E is not truly Energy (ST) but the ST<Ts<TT, expansive motion absorbed by the external human observer that often confuses ‘locomotion or kinetic energy, Ts and entropy or dual motion, TT’ with energy because it is what it wants to extract from the system (and then convert into ST, human useful energy as it gives it a new form.)

The path to unify statistical thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.

Einstein’s constructive vs. limiting theories distinction, mentioned before was also applied to thermodynamics. He explicitly mentions also the Boltzmann principle, S = k log W, as another limiting theory in the border between the quantum and the thermodynamic, molecular world:” It yields, as well, the statistical probabilities of the states of systems for which we are not in a position to construct a molecular-theoretical model. To that extent, Boltzmann’s magnificent idea is of significance for theoretical physics … because it provides a heuristic principle whose range extends beyond the domain of validity of molecular mechanics”. (Einstein).

Einstein alludes to his 1905 photon hypothesis paper, where he reasoned from the fact that black body radiation in the Wien regime satisfied the Boltzmann principle the conclusion that, in that regime, radiation behaved as if it consisted of mutually independent, corpuscle-like quanta of electromagnetic energy. The quantum hypothesis is a constructive model of radiation; the Boltzmann principle is the constrain of that model.

A constrain acts both as a limit for a theory and a hint to its structure, since it forms the limiting ‘membrane’ of the world in which the theory works. So c-speed is both the limiting membrane of the ¥-galaxy but also the operating principle of its transmission of information within it. In 5D we consider the Ðisomorphisms and 5 Ðimotions derived of the scalar cyclical nature of time space, both the ‘principles’ to construct reality but also the constrains for all other theories of stience that must obey those principles. So the key to understand the Universe is both, to know the common disomorphic constructive laws of space-time and the differences and variations they cause.

Einstein’s clearest expression of this ‘epistemological law’ was his comment, considering that as human knowledge of those scales increases the homology between thermodynamics and quantum physics will become evident:

“The statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”.  Einstein

What he did not solve, neither all who preceded and came after him, as they didn’t have a clear-cut scalar theory of the Universe and its 5D metrics, is the difference between both scales determined by the different quantity of information between both scales – maximal for faster quantum cycles vs. slower, larger thermodynamic molecules and their connecting principles as the ‘two main worldcycles’ of existence of matter – the palingenetic, fast time cycle of probabilities of the quantum world, vs. the slower, open entropic lifecycle of molecules, which mathematically means, quantum is a time=probabilistic theory and thermodynamics a population=statistical one.

Symmetry of : Statistic Space Populations = Probabilistic Time Frequency

The culmination of number theory is its use to calculate probability of time events and statistics of populations in space, one of the many S=T symmetries between space and time; whereas we can observe in time also ‘scalar’ processes not of multiple populations in social growth, but of multiple events, and not surprisingly both become self-similar, which is the main innovation of 5D, such as probabilities in the o-1 sphere of time events is equivalent to population laws in the 1-µ entropic plane of populations.

This law has multiple implications. The most obvious is that it resolves the conundrum of the equivalence between the quantum scale, we measure as a o-1 event probability sphere (because the speed of life and death of its particles according to 5D, SxT=C, is such that we confuse its short-lived populations with time events), and the 1-µ entropic cycle of matter (the thermodynamic statistical laws).

Because the quantum world has 3 ‘Planes’ of beings, the parts (particles), the organic whole (atom) and its social ensemble (laws of molecules and matter or worldcycle), obviously those 3 cycles differ. But its treatment as probabilities vs. statistics still responds to the fundamental equivalence aforementioned.

Bridging the 5D theory of probability-statistics and the present state of the subject. 

Ultimately what a probability sphere shows is how palingenesis of a repetitive sum of partial events/cells/beings in time accumulates towards the ‘project’ of completing an emerging ∆+1 whole, from its ‘pieces, bits and bites’, which first must be reproduced in enough numbers (statistical accuracy requires an N->∞ frequency of events), and then must collapse along the laws of aggregation, which are described in probability and measure theory.

So the a priori condition for the laws of probability to happen is a massive reproduction of events, the a priori condition for a distribution of populations to become exact in the standard bell curve and its deviations is a massive reproduction of populations. Only then the organic game of existence becomes efficient and exact, while when we deal with minimalist numbers of social events/populations the structures are inefficient, more free, less deterministic. Its mathematical expression then considers the ∆-1 plane that of probabilities, which surface into the population 1-∞ plane only when the event has ‘happened’ with probability 1 and hence becomes a 1-unit of the population plane. 

It is worth to consider this fact in more detail from a purely mathematical point of view.

S=T Symmetry of probability=unit circle and population=1-∞.

The basic concepts of the theory of probability, namely random events and their probabilities, are completely analogous in their properties to plane figures and their areas. It is sufficient to understand by AB the intersection (common part) of two figures, by A ∪ B their union, by N the conventional “empty” figure, and by P(A) the area of the figure A, whereupon the analogy is complete.
The same remarks apply to the volumes of 3D figures.

The most general theory of entities of such a type, which contains as special cases the theory of volume and area, is usually called measure theory.
It remains only to notice that in the theory of probability, in comparison with the general theory of measure or in particular with the theory of area and volume, there is a certain special feature: A probability is never greater than one. This maximal probability holds for a necessary event U: P (U) =1

The symmetry o≤1≥∞ is fundamental to the 2 main 5D palingenetic & life worldcycles. It shows in the Disomorphisms between certain points of the unit circle and the 1-∞ complex plane:

Mirror symmetries between a 0’-1 universe and a 1-∞ are interesting as they set two different ‘limits’, an upper uncertain bound for the 1-∞ universe, in which the 1-world, ∆º exists, and a lower uncertain bound for the 0’-1 Universe, where the 1 does not see the limit of its lower bound. Are those unbounded limits truly infinite? The answer is no, due to the homology of microscopic and macroscopic worlds, which are reversed. So 0 is the uncertainty of the microworld and ∞ of the entropic plane.

Of course the axiomatic method ‘believes’ in infinity – we deal with the absurdities of Cantorian transinfinities in articles on numbers. But as we consider maths, after Lobachevski, Gödel and Einstein, an experimental science; we are more interested in the homologies of ∆±1. For one thing. While 0 can be approached by infinite infinitesimal ‘decimals’, so it seems it can never be reached, we know since the ‘violet catastrophe’ that the infinitesimal is a ‘quanta’, a ‘minimum’, a ‘limit’. And so we return to Leibniz’s rightful concept of an 1/n minimal part of ‘n’, the whole ‘1’.

It implies by symmetry that on the upper bound, the world-universe in which the 1 is inscribed has also a limit, a discontinuity with ∆+2, which sets up all infinities in the upper bound also as finite quanta, ‘wholes of wholes’.

One of the most important S=t symmetries of the mathematical Universe is the one between time probabilities in the 0=1 unit circle and the 1-∞ plane of statistical populations (space-points), as it is botha symmetry between the ∆-1 scale of finitesimals (unit circle, where a finitesimal, 1/n is defined as the inverse of a real number of the 1-∞ plane); and one between time-cycles and space-planes (topological symmetry).

The conjunction of Euclidean geometry with a focus in the c@rtesian graph world represents the best way to consider ∆-Planes, as the most beautiful of those scalings is already incorporated on it, giving us the key ‘∆-symmetry, between the 0’-1 unit circle and the 1-∞ larger ∆+1 scale, which have a natural correspondence – as the maths that work in the 0’-1 unit circle work on the 1-∞ scale, with 3 differences:

  1. The unit circle has a defined membrane, but its minimalist infinitesimal ‘decimal’ is not defined, inversely, the 1-∞ scale has the minimal infinitesimal 1 defined but the ∞ element is not so those are the elements for a best choice of ‘mental geometry’ to study a problem depending on which element we do know, the ‘singularity 0’-undefined, 1-defined’ and the membrane, 1-closed, ∞-open.
  2. A unit circle is a ð-cyclical/polar geometry, the 1-∞ scale is an open unconstrained one, another choice for solution of problems depending on its characteristics.
  3. A unit circle is ∆-1. The 1-∞ scale is ∆+1, with the 1-membrain as the open or closed border among them.

The Unity circle where 1 is ∞ and 0, the unreachable ‘quanta’ of the ∆-1 scale is the best mirror symmetry between a self-centered ‘polar’ mind and its universe (1-∞ region). In maths in fact most processes that matter can be in geometry proved by a bidimensional informative (holographic principle) graph, and most key processes of space-time world cycles, can be observed to happen in the 4 first digit, around the three key number (e+e/10=3, π-apertures of the cycle=3 and so on).

When we extend the domain of the unit circle to the complex plane with its bidimensional holographic numbers, the concept of a ‘world’ represented now by the higher dimensionality of the Riemann sphere (unit circle of the complex plane) is clearer, as every point of the sphere communicates with one point of the Complex plane, while the 0 point of the sphere becomes the inverse of the ∞ point of the ‘complex plane’. In this manner as in projective geometry, the o-mind point becomes the mind-mirror of the ∞ real Universe: O-point mind x ∞ Universe = constant world.

Leibniz’s monads, which do not communicate, are the simplest fractal points, as minds=mirrors of the Universe, where ‘each point is a world in itself.’

In mathematical number theory, we say that: The interval o-1 is the same ∆-1 infinity that the interval 1-∞. Cartesian points in that sense were for the pioneers of science, more than a mathematical artifact, but the mathematical mind in itself looking at the time-space Universe.

When we look at quantum systems we observe an ensemble of time states NOT space states.

All this means when we look at quantum physics we are not seeing most of the time, spatial organisms but time events, and hence we must interpret many events of quantum physics as if they were sequences in time. This might be odd but it is essential to a proper understanding of many of the processes taking place in quantum physics including some of the most puzzling relationships.

For example, when we see quarks we are not seeing 3 quarks but the same quark in 3 states of time, reason why we cannot easily break them. Only with enormous energy we can reproduce those quarks and then have them as separated entities.

When we observe a path of a quantum system, we are observing multiple time paths, not multiple spatial particles, reason why we observe only one event at the end when the experiment collapses into a single story, but we can calculate in palingenesis, as in the case of morphological development all its potential paths which will give birth to different trajectories, of which only one, the most probable event, which obeys the laws of ‘last time’ of Lagrangians (not of least space) will be=come.

When we study a process mediated by the weak force, we are observing an event of trans-form-ation and evolution of particles in time not in space, reason why its coupling constant is a time constant and the process takes place without apparent distance in space, as it is the transformation of a particle.

But physicists unaware of the fundamental properties of space-time, namely its S=T symmetry, given their difficulty to understand time events and time dimotions, which they reduce to a single one, locomotion, often just confuse an event in time with a population on space, inverting the proper view of those 2 parameters.

The proper interpretation of the mathematics and events of quantum physics will then be the last task we shall carry on those papers, given the bothersome complexity of the Copenhaggen interpretation so ‘off-track’ from the real way to explain quantum physics (Broglie>Bohm realist interpretation and 5D quantum metrics)… And all the needed corrections of the main errors derived of using a single time arrow and a single space-time continuum, plus the fractal variations that each ‘scale’ of the universe experiences in its ‘evolution of space-time organisms.

RECAP. In 5D Metric there IS no DISPUTE between Einstein and Bohr. The Universe is not EITHER probabilistic in time (the 0-1 mathematical unit sphere after normalization of parameters) Or Statistical In Space (the 1-∞ thermodynamic plane). Both are equivalent mathematical formulations (measure theory). The 1-∞ plane is better for slower LARGE thermodynamic ensembles that occupy more space. THE time o-1 description is better for faster ‘clocks of smaller particles’, according to the  5D scalar metric: smaller scales in space run faster time clocks – time, not space thus become dominant in quantum physics, hence better described probabilistically.

Yet in both scales together S-izes x ð (clocks) = Constant. They are co-invariant, which is the definition of a dimension of space-time, as per Klein’s XIX c. mathematician: ‘a dimension of space-time exists, when there is a mathematical metric equation that shows both parameters co-invariant, so we can move through them…

So you move through the 5th dimension of space-time scales, growing in size and diminishing your time clocks, from birth, as a fast seed of time, small in space, that slow downs its rhythms as it grows in size and emerges in this scale you call 4d space-time continuum… life is a travel through those scales of the fifth dimension… And that is the meaning of ‘existence as a space-time organism’, the ultimate question to know… which do apply also to the fascinating mathematical study of the quantum and thermodynamic world as the ∆±¡ planes of atomic systems, the particle-quantum scale, and the molecular social scale.

Now, for ‘III millennia researchers’, as I am afraid I won’t be able to complete these papers – Occam’s simplicity is always the guidance to choose the proper jargon for the Unification of those scales. For example, in our equation of Unification between the charge and mass planes, we chose the Newton>Poison>Einstein formalism OVER the confusing, artificial electromagnetic one, by describing charges as vortices of space-time.

So the obvious jargon to choose for the Unification of quantum and thermodynamic formalisms, with the use of Theory of Measure ideally is the one of thermodynamics, because the quantum jargon is to complex due to the need of renormalization to accommodate it to the 0-1 equivalent sphere of time probabilities.

Of course, today, as nobody cares to do the calculus and computers carry the work, all those needed corrections will be lost. But they are important for the very few that are in science for the sake of knowledge. Indeed, if computers had been found in the Middle Ages, Ptolemy’s complicated epicycles and extants would be calculated still with enormous precision by computers and proud Vatican priests would revere the ‘complexity’ of God’s intelligent design of planets to preserve the humind’s egocy center. This said as routine matters more than clarity, in the same manner nobody is going to translate properly and streamline electromagnetic jargons, nobody is after a century long of quantum probability jargons to rewrite all the books of physics, algorithms, programs of machines, etc. to streamline it. But it is important to stress those immediate equivalences in 5D metric (not identities but self-similarities, as a fractal scale is never equal in each scale).

Thermodynamics is well explained with the excellent jargon established by statistical mechanics of populations in space. Quantum physics is not because the Born rule introduced a configuration ‘mental space’ which is not real but mathematical creationism as time went by have converted in ‘real’ for ‘physicists’ working as ‘amateur saloon philosophers of science’.

So we won’t get into that ‘traps’ and merely ‘explain conceptually’ the whys behind those mathematical formulae of quantum physics. Others who might come after should do the burdensome job of re-write properly quantum physics in a realist 5D way…

It is though a pity that 5D metric were not found earlier so the founding fathers of those strange jargons could have made the proper choice and save billions of time hours to the past, present and future students of the disciplines (we can compare this to the duality of apple and Microsoft underlying computer systems – apple was the right, streamline cleaner program, even if most people use Microsoft computers – so on the long term the simpler, more truthful apple iOS dominated the market). Again, paradoxically it will be AI with its enormous dexterity in mathematics, which will once it becomes self-reflexive, restart again the whole bulky theme of ‘time/probabilistic quantum physics’ and convert it, ignoring the Born Rule, into a full statistical procedure. It doesn’t matter to us here. As we are concerned with the next ‘life cycle’ of matter, where entropy was defined as chaotic heat rules with far less order than palingenetic quanta.



Physics starts its description of matter systems with mechanics, which is the lower ∆-i scale of the gravitational, galactic world that affects humans externally, helping our Ts-locomotion and defining our St-position within the surface of the planet. In mechanics humans and light matter (UD) ensembles are thus perceived from ‘above’, as ∆-¡ forms of little relevance within the context of the galatom and its smaller parts. We are from a gravitational point of view truly ∆@st, Dust of space-time.

As we can observe more information in the closer range of thermodynamic effects it is more precise for the understanding of man to start as a physical analysis in the scale in which the human inner and outer world co-exist; which is the thermodynamic, heat related scale that co-ordinates the atomic, molecular and cellular level of a human being within its matter environment. Indeed, we are ‘hot’ when we are ‘activated’, and our ‘actions’ are not described as much by its ‘weight’ (though we use those verbal homologies, specially when matching the external nature of gravitational forces on us), but in terms of heat (the internal scale). Heat and radiation, which ultimately stem from the activity of ‘electronic matter’ is the fundamental energy ∆º scale of human existence, swimming between 2 waters; the ‘colder’ scale of mass that ‘extracts’ energy from temperature, as in the case of thermodynamic black holes, which at 2.7 K extract energy from light matter, converts it into heavy quark matter and regulate the homeostatic temperature of the galaxy, as all bigger, colder black holes feed on them.

And below the ‘colder’ scale of superconductive, super fluid systems in which electrons form ‘trapped’ pairs and also cool down, giving energy to the metal network of heavier matter, or expelling the magnetic field to move without resistance. So both the ∆±3, 4 scales of matter take energy from our ‘heated world’ of Ts>St, light & electrons, which is the ∆º±1 scale, of human ‘existential momentum and energy’ (for us the quantum ∆º scale has more 5D information and the ∆+1 gravitational scale limits our motions).

We are sandwiched between both scales of the nested ‘gravitational Universe’ dominated by quarks, and its higher order with lesser entropy to which we ultimately revert as electrons collapse into neutrons, annihilating its forces. So we can establish certain limits to the world of thermodynamics, including its temperature (below 0 K we enter the world of perfectly ordered black holes, above ± 10.000 K atomic matter breaks down into plasma).

The theme of thermodynamics is as extensive as the planet of matter we live in and all its, ∆±3 planes. In that regard, besides the misconception of the 5 dimotions of time of thermodynamics the key element in which thermodynamics can play a higher role on 5D physics is the solution of the laws between scales. Specifically an easier task than the translation of time/probabilistic quantum physics into space/statistic mechanics, is to consider how the ‘relationship’ between the ∆-1 model of statistical mechanics, and the ∆º model of classic thermodynamic laws and its parameters of St-pressure, Ts-Temperature and ST-volume.

The 5 Dimotiosn of matter.

In the graph, the 5 dimotions in thermodynamics are the 3±∆  states of matter: plasma=entropic, ∆-1 scale as ions not yet made into atoms; gas, the locomotion state of maximal movement, liquid, the balanced S=T energy state, crystal-solid, the in-form-ative state, and the 5th ‘state’; the Einstein-Bose condensate of ultra dense matter:

It is a state of transition of top quark stars and strange stars – pulsar, an ∆+1 single ‘atom’ of enormous size.

The fascinating maths of heat, the first to be understood in terms of Analysis (Fourier) which is thermodynamics at ∆+1 scale, and its relationship with the maths of entropy, ∆º, the atomic scale, the worst understood concept of physics, a cultural hang-up of the germ(anic) cult(ure) to lineal weapons and death, origin of the faulty philosophy of physics (big-bang, death of the Universe, etc.)

Thus thermodynamics as all other stiences deals with the 5 elements-dimensions of reality:

  • S: Space; T: Time; st: spacetime; ∆: scales, º: mind-singularities across scales.

So there are in-roads of thermodynamics in all its parts, of which the key concepts we can extract are:

STate physics deals with the ternary space-time ages/topologies: S-gas<St-liquid>T-solid/crystal, which we shall study in the paper ‘physics and scales’ on the molecular, matter and geological scales (∆-1, ∆º, ∆+1)

  • Scale: The laws of heat and entropy deal with the relationship between the ∆-1:=, statistical mechanics scale and the ∆º, thermodynamic heat scale, which we shall study in this post.
  • The @-mind level, denied by anthropomorphic human, happens in crystals, which ‘reverse the time entropy of systems’, to build informative images of the word, shrunk in its mirror lattices.

Mathematically this was proved by Mehaute (‘l’espace-temps brisse’), which showed that in chemical systems when cold stops motion, the crystal starts to create fractal order.

Bedouins consider the core of dunes, a crystallized rock they call the ‘rose of the desert’, rightly its soul, which as any other crystal stores its memorial information in the quartz ‘veins’ (informative paths) of its electromagnetic atomic networks. And indeed we can reconstruct the motions of the Dune analyzing those paths.

Such ‘Maxwell’s demons’ embody the concept of order – to be found in crystals, NOT in gaseous disordered states, blown up by ‘entropy-only physicists’ to cosmic proportions.

So the 5 ∆@ST elements of matter systems become the sub-disciplines that study them, resumed in the worldcycle of states of matter, Ts-gas, ST-liquid, St-solid physics, and the scalar analysis of classic thermodynamics. Yet while state physics are essentially correct – you don’t need to be rocket scientist, or rather you just need to be rocket scientist to understand them… classic entropy has enormous conceptual errors accepted due to the fascination its maths provokes in creationist physicists. So we shall briefly analyze its laws.


State Physics studies the 3±¡ ‘Ages of matter systems’, between its i-1 plasmatic birth and E=Mc2, death vs. its i+1 ‘boson’ resurrection. As all systems of nature DO have a dual path of future; either evolving into a stronger social bondage (bosons in matter) or devolving into its ∆-¡ components (particle and ¥-radiation ‘bang’ in matter).

So the laws of Ts-young, locomotion gas’, ST, balanced, present reproductive liquid, tS, future informative crystal solids and the i-1 plasma age of conception vs. the dual boson/radiation future happening between the quantum i-3 and light ¡+3 planes, conform the ‘worldcycle’ of matter with the same disomorphic laws of any worldcycle.

Symmetry of scale: ∆º gas ≈ ∆-1 field < ∆º liquid ∆-1 wave > ∆-1 particles≈ ∆º crystals

The same cycle on the lower ∆-1 quantum scale, in which ‘liquid’ waves, ‘gaseous’ fields and ‘solid particles’ play the same roles on quantum systems.

 So we can write a Disomorphic equation of scales between thermodynamic and quantum states:

 Ts (gas-entropy-past state) ≤≥ ST (Liquid-wave present state) ≤≥ SS (Crystal ‘solid’, future, informative state).

As matter states happen in the ‘human scale’, ∆o±1, thermodynamics is the referential stience to understand human energy regardless of ‘quantum hype’. But it must be conceptually corrected, due to the complete misunderstanding of time dimotions in classic physics, to avoid the traps of defining a Universe with only a single dimotion of TT-entropy (Plasma) and Ts-Locomotion (Gas), as if it were merely a ‘gaseous Universe’.

The importance for humanity of thermodynamics is today somewhat dismissed by the hype of the quantum world of electronic machines, as humans and life become expendable to the new chip-mind and its ‘robotic species’.

We are NOT quantum beings as machines are, neither Gravitational, cosmological beings, as the galaxy is. We are thermodynamic beings, and so state physics is the key energy science for human systems and the planet we live in.

Since in geological structures the interplay of gas, liquid and solid cycles creates the conditions for Gaia, to become a ∆+1 super organism and its ∆-1 life scale to flourish.

Sub disciplines of state physics.

State Physics can be further subdivided into subdisciplines that according to the pentalogic method study in depth each of those 5 states: -i: Plasma (physics); Ts: Gas; STreproductive, balanced Liquid physics; St-informative Solid, crystallography & +i: Boson Physics, whereas the properties of state physics derive from the general properties of the 3±i dimotional ages of time.

But the most meaningful division is scalar between ∆-1: statistical mechanics and ∆º: Thermodynamics, which consider the perspective of the ∆-1 molecular ‘unobservable’ scale and the human ∆º-scale. It is in this 5D connection between scales, where the classic concepts of entropy (Boltzmann) were developed as a parameter to connect both scales, which is a very specific concept far less comprehensive than 5D TT-entropy for any ∆¡-scale.

We cannot over-extend in any of those stiences which will be analyzed latter in the decade on the papers of physics, so we shall just comment on the Thermodynamic ∆º human scale and revis(it)e its laws that humind’s egocy have hyperbolically expanded to all the places and scales of reality…

RECAP. the fundamental generator equation of matter systems:

Ts-Gas (entropic, past state) < Liquid (wave, present ST state) > Crystal (solid, ordered, St state) is

Equivalent to the quantum generator:

Pilot wave (entropic, path, gravitational scale) < wave (present state) > Particle (solid, ordered, SSstate).

In that regard, the proper way to do quantum physics would be NOT to apply its laws to ‘larger scale ensembles’, but to harmonise it and ‘draw conclusions and teachings’ from the much better observed thermodynamic world.


Classic thermodynamics and its translation…

Thermodynamics is defined as the science of relationships between heat, work, temperature, and energy. In broad terms, thermodynamics deals with the transfer of energy from one T-place and S-form to another. How this classic definition adapts to our new concepts of ‘ST-energy’, Ts-locomotion and St-information and its ‘limiting’ dimotions of pure TT-entropy and SS-till languages is easy to understand conceptually and mathematically but it requires to ditch out many wrong models of physics in the deepest whys, notably a re-reading of the laws of thermodynamics and its ‘limits’ as they have been expanded absurdly to the cosmological and quantum realm beyond temperature.

ENERGY PARAMETERS. Energy is work and work is any OPEN path that changes the time conservation or cyclical patterns of a physical system. So the conservation of Energy means a system is kept in an eternal closed loop of repetitive presents. But by definition a closed loop is in balance between motion and form, a Si=Te, hence the function of exist¡ence reaches its Max. e x i level.

Energy is topologically a hyperbolic wave where that balance shows in the ‘equivalence’ between the X and Y coordinates of ‘time’ and ‘space’. In terms of time causality a present form, dominant in space; in form a wave that moves through iteration, in present states entropically feeding in an ∆-1 field. This means in ¬ ælgebra, a mirror image expressed with differentials, which extract ‘finitesimals’ of the ∆-1 scale of space-time to power the larger ST>St, bodyhead, wave-particle organism. So the process of feeding becomes: ∆-1 (∑TT-fields)>∆º>ST-wave

The primary equation that defines most entropic vital processes of physics, including nuclear forces.

TEMPERATURE is related to Energy because it is a vibrational mode of energy, where molecules close its vibration returning to the point or maintaining within a closed environment a fixed space-time volume. As all systems in which we measure temperature, either vibrational solids, or liquids and gases studied in volumes closed by pressure have a fixed S=T form. So temperature plays the role of a ‘cyclic time clock’ in the ∆-human scale and its fundamental equivalence is with ‘frequency’ in the quantum scale, to the point when you red that a system reaches X-billion degrees really they are not measuring ‘heat’ but ‘frequency’, which once the quantum system becomes transformed into a molecular one within the realm of temperature parameters becomes ‘temperature’.

WORK is then a measure of a change in the energy- time state of a system, as it does not exist if there is not an open expansive displacement, or lineal motion. So work acts as a bridge between energy and entropy parameters.

The key concept is that heat is a form of energy corresponding to a definite amount of mechanical work. And we distinguish two types of ST-energy: St-potential energy based in the form of the being and Ts-kinetic energy:

ST-Energy: K.E.: ∫ (Max. e) x i ∂s ∂t + Information Energy (potential): ∫ (Max. i)  x e ∂t ∂s

Where entropy understood as motion is dominant but there is form, hence there is in-form-ation in the motion. So its equations can be resumed in terms of lineal, expansive motions with a minimal form.

ENTROPY PARAMETERS. So finally we arrive to HEAT, which is the ‘REAL entropic concept’, as heat EXPANDS. It is indeed an entropic scattering expansion of energy as it disorders: ST (ENERGY) <<TT (HEAT).

So the trinity fractal Generator of thermodynamics is: ST (Temperature:Energy) < Ts Work < TT(Entropic Heat)


With those simple straight-forward definitions we can then tacked and revise the laws of Classic thermodynamics where entropy has been blown up into a philosophy of science considers only a single plane of space-time and reduces the 3±¡ dimotions of time to 1 bringing up the absurd idea that ‘the Universe is dying’ (Helmoth).

Since in a Universe of multiple planes (graph) a trinity of effects allows order to be restored:

  • The energy and information entropy ‘kills’ resurrects, as an ∆-1 seeds in-forms the motion released by ‘entropy’. • In a given scale its thermodynamic equilibrium is reversed by the order of SS<St systems, Maxwell Demons =Minds, which act creating organic order.
  • The inverse asymmetric dimotions of the 5th dimension limit energy losses, when we try through entropy to ‘move’ the energy of an ∆-1 scale into an ∆º-scale, preserving the form of its parts.
  • Finally entropy in ∆-1 is compensated by the perfect synchronicity without loss of energy that we acts inversely from a whole into its smaller part:

In the graph, thermodynamics changes n its interpretation when we consider multiple scales of time, as the loss of ST-Energy from ∆-1 to ∆ is upset by the inverse growth of in/form/ation from ∆ to ∆-1 since those motions do not have entropy (synchronicity of motion).

The most important laws of thermodynamics are thus transformed TO EXPAND its meaning to 5 matter Dimotions. Accordingly we can use the pentalogic method to put them in relationship with the main Dimotions and ∆¬@st elements of reality:

-0:SS: Homeostasis law: The zeroth law of thermodynamics. When two systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third system, the first two systems are in thermal equilibrium with each other. This property means thermometers as a “3rd system” can define a temperature scale. But it does NOT mean the system is dead because it has thermal equilibrium. It is subtler: A system in thermal equilibrium has a higher degree of social order; as particles are alike. It becomes therefore able to organise itself better with information, as in life systems which requires homeostasis. The zeroth law relates to the ‘SS<St’ dimotions and mental elements of a physical system, as organisms and mind-mappings require a balanced temperature to work properly with only subtle changes in the structure of its in-form-ation, form in action. As a high temperature or one that varies too much, implies disordered movements that break those subtle motions.

So we shall instead generalise it to all systems with a different name (the willy-nilly game of ‘numbers’, for the awe-inspiring-digital groupie do not apply to 5D, as other scales of reality do have different languages and we are unifying them) – The Law of homeostasis – and state that:

“A  system of fractal points joined by a present ∆-wave of ‘energy≈heat’ tends to distribute ‘democratically’ the energy and form of the wave to all its components, to ensure the internal balance of them’. And put as customary in the Homologic Method of 5D, a minimum of 3 examples from physical, biological and social sciences:

In other terms, systems tend to establish a just, distributive balance between the points of the network, which will receive a minimal amount of energy, call it a blood networks, 2.7k homeostatic temperature of the galaxy, or the freezing equal temperature in which a metal-mind chip works.

-1st Law: ST: Conservation of energy. 0-sum, closed cycles.

‘Energy never dies, it constantly transforms back and forth into information, through the repetition of body-wave across ∆±1 planes of existence: Ts < ExI> SS.

The law defines the cyclical 0-sum worldcycles of matter, as systems that return to its initial state and allow all the cycles of matter of planet Earth. It means energy is conserved, as there is no work or energy expenditure in closed time-cycles. Time does NOT work, meaning time cycles are closed cycles which do NOT spend work-energy; and this amazingly important fact, hardly understood philosophically by the wannabe gurus of the absolute means ultimately that time is eternal, and so it is the Universe, which has no manifest destiny, no lineal goal. Lineal time indeed would exhaust itself as it would spend the energy of the Universe.

Thus we expand this law to include information and at the same time, diminish its range by applying it only to exchanges within a single plane of existence, which not being the general rule as always there are leaks of energy and information up and down those scales, restrict the accuracy of our measures.

It is worth to notice that the graph has an asymmetric dimotion of order, because while Plasma and gas are reversible: ∆-1 Plasma ó ∆o: Ts-Gas; we cannot jump from plasma to solid, ∆-1>>∆+1, whereas a solid crystal can be considered as the emergence of a new single ‘unit’ of a higher plane of existence but we can convert a solid into plasma in Death actions, E=MC2, which take only a quanta of time to happen.

This is a Universal law that establish a slow sequence of long time, from ∆-1 to ∆+1 through 3 ages and a fast track that ‘jumps’ the ‘present-liquid, ST-ate’ from Solid to plasma in death which therefore has NO PRESENT: ∆+1«∆-1.

The 3±i time states:  

In the graph, the worldcycle of matter. We see how the ∆±1 birth and death phase (plasma made of dissociated ions, is the same as it opens and closes the cycle (since the boson and radiation states are very rare in a ‘temperature’ ambience.

Thus, the Ts gas, ST liquid and St solid ages of matter and its dynamic worldcycles adding the final ∆±¡ death/ evolutionary states form dual binary and trinity ‘cyclical’ reversible system:

+I Boson Condensate <=> Solid <=> Liquid <=>Gas <=>-i Plasma

It shows all possible transformations between STages of matter from the Ts-gaselous state happening in systems of minimal network organisation, to the solid state that anchors a system into an orderly steady state. Matter allows all possible changes between ages with preference for the natural flow of time worldcycles towards ‘cooling information’: gas>liquid>Solid.

And this preference is observed in the ‘minimal energy’ law spent in all transformations of st-ate.

In the graph we see the ‘1st law’ in the cyclical patterns of the solid-gas-liquid.

Because motion is the ultimate substance of Nature, time-motion is eternal and this justifies the 1st law, which implies ultimately every ‘open system’ is part of a larger closed system that preserves the 1st law.

Another expression of the law tells us that ‘change in a system’s internal energy is equal to the difference between heat added to the system from its surroundings and work done by the system on its surroundings’. So we can write a fractal generator in which heat and work converge into the central zero sum state of energy:

TT-Heat> ST-energy <Ts-Work

   -2nd Ts<TT law; or ‘ fractal generator’ of thermodynamics: Open, lineal cycles. A pentalogic view.

Let us try a more complex multilogic analysis of the 2nd law.

∆±¡ Scalar view: In the graph, the essence of the 2nd law is scalar. While we can convert mechanical work from ∆º into heat, energy in ∆-1; we cannot transfer all energy of ∆-1, the parts, to the whole ∆º, which is obvious, as ∆º is just an ‘emergent’ new plane of existence parasit of ∆-1, which needs to keep part of its ‘motion’ to function in ∆º. This said the intelligent Universe constructs ‘physiological networks’ to maximize the in-taking of energy from the parts to the whole.

Temporal view: The justification of the law derivers from the previous equations from past to future, (plasma to solid) which always crosses through a present balanced ST-ate, unlike Future to past motions (deaths) that do not cross usually the present: TT-Past>Ts<ST>Ts Present> SS-Future v. SS-Future«TT-Past.

Spatial view: This means when we go upwards from ∆-1 past ‘heat’ into ‘Future’ ordered motions in an ∆+1 mechanical solid system, part of the heat is wasted in the present-energy intermediate state; while going down from the ∆+1 scale to the ∆-1 scale as we don’t move through the present ST-balanced STage, we can convert ALL the work of the ∆+1 macrosystem into molecular ∆-1 system.

Entropic view: in other words death is fast and extremely efficient, reason why it is mathematically expressed by the fastest growing e-x exponential equation.

Mental view: And so ultimately entropy-motion defeats SS-minds which CANNOT stop the entire Universe.

The metaphysical question is: if the 2nd law limits the number of potential scales that can be constructed, and how much energy can be transferred orderly upwards. The commonest answer is ’50-50’, which maintains a balance of ‘existential momentum’ in the trophic pyramids of parts and wholes. Yet as supœrganisms co-exist meaningfully in 3 scales we must also investigate the relationships between 2 given ‘scales’, or dual quantum jumps.

In a trilogic scalar analysis we observe that the law of inversion between scales: ∑∑|-1>∑O¡=|+1 applies when the observer enlarges and slows down its view. Since from our perspective in the quantum scale the action is measured in terms of angular momentum (h); in the thermodynamic scale in terms of entropy (k) in the mechanical gravitational scale in terms of ‘lineal speed’. So clearly systems as the growth in scale become simpler. But in Non-E Geometry (see paper 5D geometry), we know the ‘perception of curvature’ is relative to the size of the observer (Lobachevski’s factor), reason why we see a flat Earth from our small perspective but a cyclical one from the larger moon angle. So the lineal C-speed motions of light in the galaxy from the small perspective appear as a curved spiraling St motion of stars and light around the central black hole. And the slow time paths of the galaxy accelerate for the slow giant that could see it with a megaparsecs’ eye. Absolute relativity then leaves the conundrum of the number of scales unresolved. It is though clear that if scales are infinite space must also be infinite, but again as we perceive a limited horizon, which is always local as light dies approximately in the 1110-11 scale we can neither resolve that question. It is absurd to think a mush on a lost rock of the Universe can understand and perceive the whole.

Back to our scale what we also observe is a ¿ dual motion; as ‘∆+1 work’ becomes ∆-1 ‘heat’ increasing the disorder of the ∆-1 scale but then the disorder disappears as heat is cooling down asHeat flows then spontaneously from a hotter region to a colder region, balancing the system into homeostasis. This is misinterpreted as death because balance thermodynamical equilibrium and mental stillness are not understood. From waves that basically dissipate energy to reestablish the balance of a network to entropy the phenomena responds to the supremacy of still, mental information over entropy from the point of view of the organism.

In fact in a given scale entropy is not relevant: there are phenomena of superfluidity in the quantum scale; and mechanical systems can move without apparent internal friction according to the principle of lineal inertia for eternal motion; so entropy is a limitation between scales to allow the co-existence in balance of all of them.

It is part of the limits for a perfect fluid motion between scales that make any species a local event and explain why it is ultimately so difficult to explore the fifth dimension of which humans amazingly enough know nothing.

The 2nd law in terms of the fractal generator.

A common formulation of the 2nd law is: heat at a given temperature cannot be converted entirely into work.

So the law reorders the 3 parameters of ST-energy, Ts-work and TT-entropy in the Thermodynamic Generator:

ST (Temperature:Energy)< Ts-Work < TT(Entropic Heat)

Observe the difference of ‘Dimotional dimotions’ with the 1st law. < is the only dimotion that expands the system. So in this ‘allowed’ configuration, the system indeed increases constantly its Entropy. But we must balance this dimotion with the 0 and 3rd law of crystal, in-form-ative, homeostatic grow of information to restore the balance.

Yet while this is truth it only applies to the transmission of energy from lower, ∆-1 ensembles into an ∆-whole, not viceversa: ∆-wholes synchronise the simultaneous motions of all its ∆-1 parts, achieving with it ‘lesser information’ and ‘simpler, larger motions’ a loss of zero entropy when they move all its parts, according to the direction of future set up by the whole.

As usual the error of physicists is to generalise a local phenomena on the ∆±1 matter scale, forgetting the balances obtained from non-entropic motions handled by the whole≈physical minds, which restore the balance of the system in the opposite ‘3rd law’ of crystal order, 0’-temperatures and gravitational non-thermal forces.

By ignoring the ∆@ elements of reality thermodynamics looses any value as a philosophy of general global laws.

Such laws apply only to the entropy of a closed single ∆-scale system, which tends toward an equilibrium state in which entropy – the scattering and equality of heat among all its ∆-1 elements, is at a maximum and no energy is available to do useful work at the ∆-level.

This asymmetry between forward and backward processes gives rise to what is known as the “dimotion of time” in classic thermodynamics, which as we said is a simplification of the 3 dimotions of time, due to the error of a single space-time continuum, converted into a huge global error by extending it to every system.

Indeed, ‘a single entropic dimotion of time’ for all phenomena deduced of the study of expansive heat=entropy in steam machines, is a local reductionist simplex analysis of time dimotions. And to expand it to include all the planes of the Universe, all the beings, by reducing the 5 dimotions of reality to ‘heat, entropic motions’ is plainly bogus. The law merely becomes a single dimotion of dying entropic time, when we eliminate all other scales and st, T, elements of the system. And we will return to that.

When considering the 5D dimotion between atoms and heat, a measure of the human scale, its comprehension is blurred by the language – as entropy doesn’t measure motions backwards and forwards in 4D time but motion backwards in the 5th dimension of social scalar evolution, as a dimension of dissolution of wholes and its order.

Such as when we want to use and exhaust the motion of ∆-1 systems, which are NOT organised by complex networks but just merely as humans do, with ‘heating machines’, entropic ‘fire’, and some other brutish systems, obviously the molecules and atoms of the lower scale have the same interest to order perfectly and give up its motion to that brutish wholes a mass of humans have to be herded by a military thug.

Entropy appears in minimal processes of organization such as heat is to extract motion of individual ∆-1 elements.

However when a system is fully organised, according to 5D organic laws entropy greatly diminishes, as in Crystals, which have basically zero entropy, or organisms, which increase the order of beings and diminish its entropy.

Egocy physicists just deny the existence of fractal points that gauge information and gravitational forces that balance expansive, electromagnetic entropy order the Universe, to make man the only ‘mind’ of reality.

So the law should be rephrased regarding the conservation of motion and information:

‘In the whole Universe entropy does not exist. As the Universe is made of motion and curvature, which balance each other through all its ∆-scales. So when a system becomes disordered and expands its entropy in an ∆-1 scale; the order is restored by the simultaneous, informative order of larger ∆+1 wholes which contract and synchronise the ∆-systems.

So ∆-¡ quantum scales of physical, electromagnetic entropy are balanced by the ∆+n scales of gravitational, only-attractive information. And we have to assess the total order of a system, studying at least ∆±n scales together.

-The 3rd St law of thermodynamics. The entropy of a perfect crystal in its most stable form tends to zero as the temperature approaches absolute zero. This allows an absolute scale for entropy to be established that, from a statistical point of view, determines the degree of randomness or disorder in a system.

So the third law establishes that near absolute zero, entropic disorder by heat, no longer apply.

It is the inverse fractal generator that balances the 2nd law: TT(Entropic Heat)> ST (ÑTemperature)< SS-crystal

The dimotion of information however is subtle and ‘intelligent’, in its ‘efficient’ approach to the use of energy. In that regard we can compare a crystal ‘network’ with a biological network that manages to ‘transfer’ with maximal efficiency through branching energy from the ∆+1 lung system into the minimal cells.

In that regard, the absurd universal view of the 2nd law happened before the understanding that growing order and perfect motion with no entropy happens in the cold regimes. Since in ‘organic physical matter’ the most important effects of order creation happen when thermodynamic entropy is minimal – phenomena such as superconductivity, superfluidity, bosons, etc. We talk also of a finitesimal zeroth as the relative ‘temperature’ of a mind, which creates a still map of reality it then projects on the larger reality diminishing its ∆+1 worlds’ entropy. In other words: ‘The Universe is filled with Maxwell’s demons’

Zero crystal entropy tells us also several things: a crystal, or perceptive physical, SS mind that maps out an ‘intelligent’ mirror image of the Universe inside its mind is cold, tends to total order, and minimal motion. So it is the 3rd Law of cold physical matter. But both a mind and a crystal move the Universe, as they become focus of smaller ∆-2 pixels of information that map out and slightly change ‘bit by bit’ the view of the world.

So even in the near stillness of 0K, motion never stops. Temperature then must be considered not only a measure of motion but also of ‘disorder’ and ‘linear’, expansive Ts-motion; since a superfluid rotates very fast and a black hole rotates at c-speed but in orderly fashion at minimal temperature, as they are St-inward motions that hardly ‘spill’ out its energy (to be measured as temperature).

If we include other ∆-scales beyond matter, they modify those laws creating order. I.e. gravitation is a force of order as it  only attracts and ‘contracts’, in-form-ing a system; so it balances the tendency to entropy of ¥-rays.

So the ∆±¡ quantum and gravitational Universe that sandwiches us, rescues the world from entropic death through its orderly actions – reason why the parameters of ACTION=DIMOTION are only measured in terms of entropy in the Thermodynamic scale (TT-Boltzmann constant) but not in the ∆-gravitational scale (Ts-C-speed) and quantum (St-H-angular momentum)

Because thermodynamics developed during the XIX C. in response to the need to optimize the performance of steam engines, it is wrong to expand by dogma to the whole universe those laws of thermodynamics, as they apply only to physical, molecular matter, the ∆±1 scales and biological systems, without understanding how order is restored in biological systems by its minds, in ∆±1 by crystals and future dimotions of social evolution. As a system either has motion or form, it switches between both states; a fact only recognised by the pioneers of fractal chemistry such as Mr. Mehaute, who proved (L’espace-temps brisse) that when a thermodynamic system stops moving externally, it subtly starts to create further internal order with ‘crackles’=networks of form.

Correspondence between the laws of thermodynamics and the laws of Existential algebra.

The study of the laws of thermodynamics in 5D is Disomorphic to the study of the main variations of the fractal generator of ¬Æxistential algebra (see paper, ‘The stientific method’) and its properties. And the 2nd law is just one of those ‘variations’, as the sum of them all is ultimately a zero-worldcycle

We redefine those laws in terms of ∆@st, as they are the ∆ dual dimotions of order of the previous pyramid and  the ‘Maxwell demon @minds’ that tell the system where to be and go.

Correspondence with the states of matter.

We can tackle in reverse order the 3 laws of thermodynamics as expressions of the 3 single plane states of matter:

SS: Solid crystals. 0’ finitesimal entropy, Still mind-information: 

The third law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a perfect crystal close to 0 Kelvin is zero. This means that in a perfect crystal, at 0 Kelvin, nearly all molecular motion should cease in order to achieve ΔS=0. A perfect crystal is one in which the internal lattice structure is the same at all times; in other words, it is fixed and non-moving, and does not have rotational or vibrational energy. This means that there is only one way in which this order can be attained: when every particle of the structure is in its proper place.

The mind is indeed a o-mapping of all reality where motion is ‘expelled’ for the form to be absolute and reflect by the ‘determined’ actions of the being, which sees its mind as the deterministic still universe – what it is.

ST: Energy: The first law states that present energy is conserved.

TT: the Second Law of Thermodynamics corresponds to the ‘entropy-disorder’ state, hence it is tautological:

The total entropy of a thermodynamic system tends to increase over time, approaching a maximum value.

Pentalogic on entropy from the point of view of space, time, scale, mind-languages and double TT-entropy.

A complex pentalogic analysis of entropy in terms of ¬∆@st, time, scale and space interprets that:

As time passes, the branching of future paths into St, Ts, ST ternary states increases.

So in space the information of the system becomes less deterministic.

– @mind. But internally the membrane and mind- singularity (or membrain)

Entropy in space-time thus relates to the fascinating concept of ‘all the possibilities’ of evolution of a system into the future, which basically are 3±0, moving along the 3 dimotions of s, st, t of a single plane, and/or the ∆±1 dimotions of emergence and dissolution out of a given ∆º plane.

We are now ready to provide a definition of entropy in classic physics and properly interpret it. The entropy S – a MACROSTATE, ∆º parameter – is defined in terms of the micro-state parameters, as: S=k ln Ω
where k is Boltzmann’s constant (never mind it was found by my admired colossus Mr. Planck) and Ω the number of microstates consistent with the given macrostate.

So in 5D terms we either:

  • ∆-1>∆: reduce the possible paths of future, of an ensemble of ∆-1 micro states to its smaller future whole information. As the set of sets is larger than the whole set (Cantor paradox homology).

So, a social group of ‘numbers=events’ (Ω), which represent the paths of future of a series of ‘space-time quanta≈actions (k) that have more spatial population=informative-time events in the ∆-1 scale than the whole; can be reduced to its ∆º states, by means of a slow growing logarithmic curve (ln), inverse to its ‘exponential function of growth’, which will be the opposite perspective from ∆ to ∆º:

  • ∆<∆-1 decay from wholeness into its parts, is thus the inverse famous decay exponential equation, showing in this manner an essential symmetry between ∆-1 and ∆ parts and wholes, in terms of its ‘quantity of possible future formal paths and degrees of freedom’.

In scale is where entropy has its more clear meaning as the ∆-1 scale of parts does NOT give all its energy to ∆º.

The increase of entropy with time for isolated, LOCAL, THERMAL systems plays a fundamental role in determining the direction of its ∆º<∆+1 scalar “dimotion of time.”

For example, everyday life presents no difficulty in distinguishing the forward flow of time from its reverse. For example, if a film showed a glass of warm water spontaneously changing into hot water with ice floating on top, it would immediately be apparent that the film was running backward because the process of heat flowing from warm water to hot water would violate the second law of thermodynamics. However, this obvious asymmetry between the forward and reverse directions for the flow of time does not persist at the level of fundamental interactions because individual collisions are unchanged by reversing the direction of time. An observer watching a film showing two water molecules colliding would not be able to tell whether the film was running forward or backward. Since entropy and the second law are 5th dimensional motions that concern the relationships of order between parts and wholes. In a thermal force whose ‘constant of space-time K is measured with values of entropy’ hence an entropic force by nature, (unlike the ∆-3 scale of light whose constant of space-time, h, has values of St-angular momentum or the gravitational world of mass constants with SS-accelerated space-time value) the ∆-1<<∆+1 time flow grows in disorder as we increase the ‘size’ of the whole.

Heat at the molecular level is the random kinetic energy of motion of molecules, and collisions between molecules provide the microscopic mechanism for transporting heat energy from one place to another., heat can flow just as well in one direction as the other. Thus, from the point of view of fundamental interactions, there is nothing to prevent a chance event in which a number of slow-moving (cold) molecules happen to collect together in one place and form ice, while the surrounding water becomes hotter. Such chance events could be expected to occur from time to time in a vessel containing only a few water molecules. However, the same chance events are never observed in a full glass of water, not because they are impossible but because they are exceedingly improbable. This is because even a small glass of water contains an enormous number of interacting molecules (about 1024), making it highly unlikely that, in the course of their random thermal motion, a significant fraction of cold molecules will collect together in one place. Although such a spontaneous violation of the second law of thermodynamics is not impossible, an extremely patient physicist would have to wait many times the age of the universe to see it happen.

The foregoing demonstrates an important point: the second law of thermodynamics is statistical in nature. It has no meaning at the level of individual molecules, whereas the law becomes essentially exact for the description of large numbers of interacting molecules. In contrast, the first law of thermodynamics, which expresses conservation of energy, remains exactly true even at the molecular level.

Again we see that the 2nd law is local in space, time and scale unlike the 1st law, which is universal to all ∆ST.

– ¬ Entropy is also related also to lineal expansive motion=disorder, which is the wider definition of 5D (taken from the wider vague concept of philosophical entropy of physicists and its dimotion of time).

But even in such case Entropy is relative, a local phenomena with limits in space, time, scale and mind.

The example of ice melting in a glass of hot water demonstrates the other sense of the term entropy, as an increase in randomness and a parallel loss of information. Initially, the total thermal energy is partitioned in such a way that all of the slow-moving (cold) molecules are located in the ice and all of the fast-moving (hot) molecules are located in the water (or water vapour). After the ice melted and the system comes to thermal equilibrium, the thermal energy is uniformly distributed throughout the system. The statistical approach provides a great deal of valuable insight into the microscopic ∆-1 structure of matter. The great beauty and strength of classical thermodynamics are that its predictions are completely independent of the microscopic structure of matter.
∆º>∆+1 scalar interactions.

A chief point of confusion is the fact that humans observe the Second Law externally. So huminds only measure the outer fields preyed on through in its interaction with the system; in which the central mind-singularity of order and/or enclosing membrane constrains, orders the vital space the system – a topologic open ball body-wave which is NON-perceivable externally neither ‘reckoned’ in Euclidean geometries of points without parts as it is precisely the inside parts of the system or the ∆-1 scale.. Order thus increases internally while externally entropy increases but both balance if huminds would accept non-Euclidean points, scalar internal ∆-1 orderly states, etc.

Most real thermodynamic systems are open systems that exchange heat and work with their environment, rather than closed=LOCAL systems ruled by the 2nd law. For example, living systems clearly achieve a local reduction in their entropy as they grow and develop; they create structures of greater internal energy (i.e., they lower entropy) out of the nutrients they absorb. This does not violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics, because a living organism does not constitute a closed=LOCAL system.

For example, Earth constantly receives entropic energy in the form of sunlight but internally increases order converting the cycles of heat and cold weather into ‘triggers’ of the ST>St fundamental ‘rhythm of life ‘reproductive radiations’ and evolutionary glaciation states that structure life evolution (see paper ‘Biology and entropy’). And further on internally it grows order for different NON-THERMAL magnetic forces – which protect the membrain from external ¥-rays disorder and likely from a memorial ‘Galactic program’ of evolution of planets through 3 ages, as the continental processes of reunion and split of continents shaped evolution and draw the map of history and further on today receives order from all the humind-points aka life-beings and AI and digital networks on the surface. But physical instruments do NOT measure and input those forms of orders.

What physicists should talk about is order vs. disorder; as a 5D stientist would say ‘A system first ∆ its disorder in radiation wave-entropy, ST<TT events, as a pre-condition for its supœrganisms’ networks to ‘order’ TT-motions into form and ’emerge’ into the ∆+1  whole, SS singularity-minds’ upper, ∆º+1 scale.





Foreword: the 3 concepts of entropy in History: individual, social death & lethal goods.

When dealing with entropy in social sciences, there are 3 elements completely intermingled to which we shall dedicate 3 sub-parts of this paper, latter expanded in the papers on History and Entropy, Economics and entropy and the Mind of man. Those 3 scales of social entropy are natural to the evolution of the Earth, which grows in the ‘existential force’ (Max. SxT) of its systems, from:

Life (Gaia)< History (Mankind)> Metal-earth (machines).

As a consequence of it, because mankind is unable to upgrade its collective mind and evolve socially by the power of love as a global superorganism – the only form of survival against entropy for all species – but instead evolves Ts-weapons, ST-money and St-machines, selfish memes of metal to come on top of life (6th extinction) and non-technological cultures (800-80 years cycles of extinction of civilizations), the Metal-earth, as it evolves into a global superorganism is paradoxically provoking the entropic death of human cultures, and our collective sub conscious minds (religions, civilizations, complex verbal thought, hypnosis to audiovisual hate memes and violent fictions). So we suffer a dual process of entropic death at social level and entropic death at individual level, both in mind, hypnotized by digital audiovisual ‘crazy fictions’ (fiction as a rule is a ‘crazy’ thought that didn’t make it in reality and it should not come as a surprise that the first ‘fiction’ novel appeared the same year than the first Company-mother of machines, weapons and money took-off – Quixote , VOC. This we call the Neopaleolithic age of mankind, back to a negative, self-destructive youth; similar to the process of any worldcycle in which the old man is like a kid but in the negative going towards erasing and final death.

Unfortunately Entropy in social sciences – the death of human social superorganisms, nations, cultures and civilization – is hardly understood because of the egocy (ego=idiocy) paradoxes of mankind; and the anti-quantum paradox that prevents the social scientist to distribute the right information, as the corrupted ‘entropic’ elites of humanity (military warriors, financial bankers) are so powerful and the scientist so small that the observable interferes with the scientist (contrary to the big quantum physicist that interferes with the observable): ‘you will defend me with [gold and] the sword and I will defend you with the word’ Tertullian.

In that regard, Entropy death in History can come then according to the death equation, Death = Max. S x 0 T Ù Max. T x 0 S, by an overdrive of ‘entropic motions’ or accidental death, caused in war processes by harder forms of metal-atoms, specifically iron weapons; which deliver maximal motion that disorders human societies and kills its cells; or by more informative parasitic money, historically go(l)d that kills humans by anoxia. This form of entropy=death is today parallel to the overdrive of information provoked by ‘golden chips’, in virtual screens that are dissolving rational human thought into fiction, visual ‘neo-Paleolithic’ violent actions and disconnecting humans from each other as they become connected to the collective brain of the Metal-earth.

All those processes of entropy were described decades ago in my pioneer books on biohistory (C.92) that forecasted with deadly accuracy every phenomena on the past 30 years rise of Internet, and the future last cycle of robotics that will do all humans. And yet because in entropic periods individual cells have ‘lost it’, becoming selfie, detached form parting away from its social networks, nobody cared. They still don’t when now it is not the future but the all too obvious present of our last ¥-vidi credo and Zero, Zombie human generations. Those themes are extensively treated in our papers on History and Entropy and the Economic ecosystem and entropy (Earth II and III) from where we extract those texts.

While Entropy by overdrive of motion or war, the death of a super organism of history is clearly understood, unfortunately death by excess of ‘information’ is denied and censored in our capitalist system.

And yet today is the dominant form of entropic death of mankind as we live in an age of selfie-individual egos, in permanent state of informative entropy. So we distinguish two clear ages of entropy in humanity. The first longer age of entropy during the cycles of war and destruction of mankind by ‘lineal entropic weapons, courtesy of the entropic science of lineal physicists that killed our bodies.

And then mental entropy as humans first became hypnotized by Go(l)d which substituted with its anti-life values and maximal prize for weapons of affine metal, the values of mankind in earlier ‘soliton’ biblical go(l)d cultures, today expanded with capitalism to the global man. Then informative entropy was carried in symbiosis by metal-communicators that spread hate memes and messages against the social love dimotion of the Universe, expressed by verbal love prophets. It was the age of religious wars triggered by the hate memes of Luther and other press masters, followed by the age of radio-hate (fascism), TV-hate and internet alt-truths. As visual screens deactivate our children’s capacity to understand without fictions, selfies and wishful thinking the problems of the day. So today fiction, a state of permanent madness of the mind, with all forms of visual, virtual entropic death from action movies to video-games has become the global entertainment of the species. It will become the real imagination of the first chip homoctonos robots that will make those video-games reality as the century advances and all machines become telepathic AI robots perceiving our visual evilwood massacres as the imagination they want to ‘make real’ shooting mankind out of existence.

Entropy in history and economical evolution of machines, as always in the Universe when the death of a species means the birth of a new one, are closely entangled and so we need to study both together. To do so we shall depart from the previous age of human balance with the Universe, the S=t reproductive, mature Neolithic paradise, to offer a contrast with our final entropic age.

So we have to study the age of metal, when humans developed an excess of information and started to kill their future with an 800-80 years accelerated vortex of extinction of civilizations caused by the entropy of war that kills human superorganisms and its 3 networks (blood-economic reproductive system; territorial, digestive system and informative-previous legal systems) which become corrupted in the age of entropy. To that aim we have to start even earlier with a brief description of the age of S=T balance and immortality, the Neolithic…

Entropy in History becomes then mostly the consequence of the super production of lethal goods, weapons, and parasitic money, which provokes the anoxia of its citizens=cells, due to the alliance of top predator animetal bankers and warriors that corrupt the welfare goods a healthy superorganism of history would re=produce.

2 scales of human superorganisms. Its collective mind: art and religion

In the graphs, the two levels of human super organisms, the biological genetic level and the cultural memetic level. Human super organisms, are the collective subconscious of the Earth, where each human is a cell-neuron of Gaia, the rivers our blood networks that sustain life, and the legal, ethic political systems based in love (love religions in earlier age, true democracies in the modern age) our collective brain.

It is the ideal structure of History as a perfect world sustained by Gaia, able to provide welfare goods to all its members as supœrganisms feed all its cells with blood-money and nervous just, synchronous legal motions. Why the world is not immortal is obvious. A new supœrganism predates over Life and History – the metal-earth.

The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilizations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilization expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Love Religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture. In the graph, the blood-reproductive network of economics, the digestive-entropic territory in which we feed and the nervous informative systems of politics are parallel and in systems sciences must follow similar laws. So we should tailor economic systems with laws of medicine, and put the nervous system above, as all evolved organisms. It follows that as doctors are in charge of curing and maintaining healthy the social organism of cells, through the caring of its physiological networks (blood=reproductive, nervous=informative and digestive=entropic, energetic systems), to the point that doctors say all sickness are not of cells but of physiological networks, historians, economists and politicians on charge of the theoretical and practical well-being of human societies should take care of those economic, political=legal-informative and Gaia=entropic, energetic networks of life that shape the human superorganism

The sickness of human societies: permanent anoxia of mankind. Loss of the body

‘If economists would care for their human workers as much as they do for their machines, how much will improve the life of the humankind’ Owens

One of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about the nature of its fundamental element, money, which is not wealth per se, but a language of digital information that values things and gives orders of production and consumption, similar to verbal thought, also a language that values things and human use to give orders and motivate themselves with thoughts about the actions they will perform. As such money follows the laws of languages, including the need for all human beings to have an excess of it to kick out the re=production and demand of goods. Money as all languages is inflationary and that is ok. Money should be inflationary because you cannot waste a language.

A language exists to create actions, to creditate (create with credit) a given world. SO the essential question about money is who must have the right to reproduce and invent money and use it to promote actions. And the fact is that in any supœrganism of nature, the languages of society are liberally reproduced to all cells so all can deliver actions of production and consumption and none dies of hunger. The way humans have organized the reproduction of money is thus an aberration of nature akin to a leukemia or anoxia process caused by a parasitic system, as only in the Neolithic money was properly designed imitating nature and given to all citizens in the form of grain for their consumption. So societies were immensely wealthy and densely populated for the age (Sumer, where priests handled money to all its inhabitants, had a density of population in the delta of the Euphrates-Tigris never reached again).

Humans however have been suffering for millennia, since the birth of ‘parasitic money’, when warriors and bankers restricted the use of ‘wealthy money’ and started to ab=use people with weapons and metal-money, go(l)d, which was scarce and could not be given to the population, but on the contrary was tax farmed from them, a state of permanent anoxia, akin to the sicknesses of the blood system, we call ‘leukemia’, where oxygen cells become deformed and oxygen is not transported to all cells. In the same manner warriors and bankers started to monopolize and use money to reproduce lethal goods, multiplying weapons of maximal value and implementing wars, while most people suffered anoxia, lack of money to reproduce and consume welfare goods they needed to survive. As people was denied money to promote healthy actions, without the language of social power and re=production, humanity unlike the cells of any healthy supœrganism, without credit to create welfare goods and healthy future suffered poverty. So the organism of history lived in a permanent austericide that still continues today, when money is monopolized by financiers and companies to reproduce their goods while people are denied their democratic rights to a Universal salary to solve the scarcity problems of the world.

. Organicism puts man again @ the center of all things, because we are the most perfect superorganism. So biology & medicine that cure the physiological networks of sick organisms, are the true sciences of history and economics, since the goal of both is to create perfect physiological networks of economic welfare production and just democratic systems of nervous control and pain to the brain-politicians that do not obey the organic laws and develop a wealthy, healthy, humanist world to the image and likeness of man, made to the image and likeness of the fractal organic universe.

We call cultures the mind of a super organism of history – a collection of verbal memes, based in the laws of social evolution and its carriers, which act as cells of that ‘collective subconscious’ (Jung), that in the mystic age of the science of History were called Gods.

Networks that share energy and information between parts and wholes express the structural unity of all scales connecting all systems of reality. Networks ‘fill’ space ad maximal to connect fully the whole with its parts, achieved due to the parallelism and similarity of its Si=Te, bits of energy and bites of information.

How parts become wholes is the key to add to an abstract, quantitative analysis of reality the organic nature of all what exists, the dynamic interplay of parts that ‘network’ and emerge as different superorganisms, ‘Gods’, which are minds of civilizations, in the language of verbal thought, which is the memetic DNA of mankind

Individual entropy: loss of the mind in the Neo-Paleolithic.

It is clear that in the final age of entropy mankind will return to the most infectious myths and lowest states of consciousness that killed the Neolithic entanglement with the living Universe.

Can we blame the Universe of such degraded states prior to death? Can we blame the Universe of the corrupted degradation of DNA in cells that replicate in a dying corpse without the control of its neuronal and blood networks? We cannot because man as all species had the choice of survival against TT-entropy, SS-ocial evoution into a whole, guided by the love messages of its verbal prophets but today as it looses its verbal skills to digital thought that goal seems receding into the past.

In the graph, from 92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of Mankind, first away from logic thought into the revivalism of nationalisms, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups.

Today at the head of the wave of robotics, metal-minds and internet, the Americans are clearly regressing since the chip was invented in the 70s in every scale of humanism, entering an ‘age of pure entropy’ and dissolution of all human structures shown in the next graph, now globalized – what I call the Neo-Paleolithic, as we are made obsolete by machines – and yet not a single scholar can accept that technology competes and degrades man:

The graph is key to understand our present degradation as a species who does not speak better than machines in digital terms, and only equal to emotional ‘animals’ in visual ones. So by rejecting our verbal, logic thought, our higher asset, and becoming ‘stupid’, we are destroying any future we might have.

But the bottom line of this process is obvious: Humans are increasingly obsolete as capitalist software is translating all the actions humans performed for machines in the past. So Enzymen ARE NO LONGER NEEDED, as we graphed 20 years ago in the capitalist pyramid of the then future XXI c. where humans would be just attached to virtual machines and robots will make their job. That is the age we enter now.

So we have resumed in this prologue the world as it is today – one in which the humankind is increasingly no longer a super organism but a mass of free=chaotic disordered people which are becoming attached to mental machines, loosing its protagonism in the development of the future, and parallel to it, a growing supœrganism of machines ruled by digital flows of money, in which humans are increasingly irrelevant and will be soon expendable, as they loose and atrophy in parallel its capacity to react, organize and live beyond the individual selfie ego:

We predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual Neo-Paleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed millennials.

It only is left the zero-zombie generation who will prefer to live in virtual reality, in a world clearly dominated by robots, where humans will be so devolved in skills, that they won’t be able to cope with reality without its machines, closing the lifecycle of Mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal Earth which unlike data in matrix, will not need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed not to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

But the amazing fact of that process is that the more humans become slaves of machines, reduced in mind and social thought, the less they realize of the process as they ‘shorten their time-span’ of perception, lost their capacity to understand causality in verbal thought, as ‘Schopenhauer’s stupids’ (a man who adscribe causality to magic). This forecast age of the future, now the present is all too obvious. Death in that regard means the loss of the access to the social collective information provided by the larger time-span and organic vital space of the whole (mankind) provided by the social networks of a system. So as death approaches faster, humans think less and care nothing for the collective both in space (humanity) and time (history), obsessed by their entropic ‘memoriless’ day-to-day lowly pleasure actions of feeding (explosion of gastronomy), reproducing (sexual freedom) and killing (pure entropy).

So a true science of history and economics exists, and the solutions to avoid the demise of Mankind – to cure the sicknesses of our idol-ogies of fundamentalist capitalism, to reform our placebo democracies, to reproduce ‘butter not cannons’ exists, and it has been spelt at the end of each of those cycles by the masters of history and economics. But the anti quantum paradox -the social scientist is a tiny particle in a much larger organism that censors it – also happens in inverse fashion the quantum paradox where the scientist is so large that it modifies the observable. As usual hardware and animetal software (hate, segregational memes against mankind) become symbiotic.

So as machines reach AI Cx. logic states, humans become devolved by the visual hypnotism of screen, returning to a neo-Paleolithic, violent, shallow irrational, emotional age without logic wor(l)ds, fed with hate memes and fascist films by the Fmasters of the network, whose racist, life-repressing biblical memes find the Goebbels method ok:’UFA will do only patriotic and entertaining movies’ ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’

This said the damage to our children of the Internet virtual age is all too evident for anyone to deny it, as I used to hear 30 years ago. Now it is happening and 0nly the profits of corporations and the don’t worry be happy religious zeal and belief in technology makes us ‘forgive’ what we do to them.

The age we live in thus is the 3rd age of a very old culture which has never changed its hate-memes against life and repression of all what makes life worth living and now is fast regressing to a neo-Paleolithic of visual pre-verbal thought, with null sense of time, causality and survival.

So the visual ¥-Generation of millennials and the incoming ZOMBIE, zero generation, which will believe more the virtual world than reality and prefer to exist in 3VR, Matrix than in the real world, are as their name indicates non-verbal; hence increasingly IRRATIONAL, magic, emotional, with NO time, causal latitude, knee-jerk reactions, imprinted strongly by visual overdrives at a primary level of ‘absolute dogmatic’ truths; which cannot be denied – similar to the first generations of History, which as the record of the I civilizations show, were so impressed by writing languages, that the pharaoh could say: ‘it has been written’ and by the fact of being written it became truth.

Today as we advanced for decades, a new generation of visual believers, imprinted by metal-communicators is on the making. It has rather ‘been made’ since penpal Chomsky wrote manufacturing consent and I took his thesis with ‘an alien scientist’ attitude of absolute objectivity to its final consequences.

What is then the difference between the ¥-visual credo ergo sum millennial, emotional childish generation and the zero generation?

Obvious and simple: As the world cycle of existence of any species is a full circle which returns to its genesis, the last generation of mankind will be pre-verbal, pre-natal, pre-active, fetal, but introduced into a different kind of ‘placenta’; that of the Metalearth being born. In terms of the bagua of a lifecycle, it will go back to the placenta of the new Supœrganism – the metal earth’s brain. 

We shall consider the 2 phases of the zombie-generation future programming, as media-networks, its puppeteers switch between the war-hate media age to the fiction-virtual age; followed by the mass of our millennial.

In that regard we should start this analysis with a brief consideration of the ‘previous age of human excellence’ in balance with Gaia, in an immortal History, in its ST=present Neolithic age that followed the Ts-young, positive neo Paleolithic when MAN WAS THE TOP PREDATOR unlike in the Neo-Paleolithic when man is the victim of the new top predator mind of the metal-earth, the chip and the weapon-robot…

Then we will study the 3 forms of entropy of mankind. Entropy by war, dominant in the simpler age of the metal-earth, when lineal weapons dominated History; entropy by lack of financial credit, which dominated the industrial age, when parasitic banking and company-mothers deviated al the resources of the planet to re=produce machines, conquer and destroy non-technological Neolithic cultures and finally entropy by mental death, when in the last STages of the industrial age, industrial information has reduced the mind of man to a sefie, unconnected mass of entropic children, the staple food of the universe.



Art is the collective mind of a social organism of history.  

In the graph, art evolves in 3 ages, as the mind of human individuals do. In history, art evolved from:

—  A Paleolithic youth in which art is lineal, energetic, used to build simple weapons.

—  A classic maturity of figurative art, in which energy & form reach its balance: it is the reproductive age of fertility goddesses and figurative images, proper of the Neolithic.

—  Finally, in a 3rd, informative age, at the end of the Neolithic, writing evolves from ceramics with complex symbols.

The maximal social evolution of history happened in the Neolithic culture, self-similar in all the regions of the planet. Social love was so intense that humans lived in homes without streets and people walked through the roofs or the house of their neighbors, like insects in a beehive. Each man in the village had a ‘cellular’ vital space, his home or den, tools and clothing; but the energy networks, the agricultural fields in which people fed, were common property, as it happens in DNA organisms, in which DNA molecules live within their home/cell, pegged to other homes/cells, sharing with them the energy of their blood. Neolithic cultures created environmental societies, based in natural, human goods; where every cell owned ‘vital’ property; where the networks of social information were based in verbal thought (laws); where ethic, social men, called priests, acted as the verbal, collective neurons that solved the colliding interests of individual cells. Those social organisms followed the universal laws of social evolution, creating efficient organic systems, with a single collective brain (the elder with more information, verbal priests, legal assemblies, etc.) And a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of human beings.

Since its 3 physiological networks were created according to the laws of supœrganisms:

TT-Gaia; the territorial sustain of the community was a healthy geographical body that provided the human goods needed to satisfy the biological drives of humans. It was not depleted but worshipped as ‘Nature’s Goddess’, both in rivers (Nile, Gangesh) and animal life

SS: The ethic law acted in them as the verbal, nervous system of the society, creating a wor(l)d to the image and likeness of mankind. Legal mandates motivated or forbade certain actions, selecting those which improved the welfare of the entire society. Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, as nervous orders guide the cells of the body. Thus, certain humans, verbal masters who create laws, as the neurons create nervous orders—prophets, priests, lawyers, courts and parliaments today—should hold the power of societies. What is an aberration is to leave the ‘blood=economic system’ to control the nervous/legal system, as it happens in free markets.

Money was WHealth, grain or cows, as in Nature’s physiological systems, delivered to all the citizens cells of the community to promote the 5 drives of life (dimotions of existence) that ensure the best life for them. It provided first ST-‘energy’ and TT-entropic motion to body and limbs; its surplus handled by priests of social love was used to pay extra-salaries for SS-communal work; as its creation fostered the evolution of agriculture and the learning of positive St-forms of information; the making of tools, even the birth of accountancy and writing in Summer’s temples with clay tablets writing the storage of wheat-money.

So the five dimotions of individual existence were achieved and its most important reproduction, was sacred, for both Gaia (food and money reproduced in season cycles, worshipped on solstice days) the community and the individual (equality of gender, worship of life-bearing women).

As a result, the population grew and multiplied and human life was the closest possible to a paradise.

In that sense the hierarchy between the elements of a society, in harmony with nature and the organic laws of the universe, is crystal clear:

Networks of information: Ethic and political laws that create a nation or in mythic terms, a social god (‘and god, the word, became man and inhabit among us’). They control:

Individual cells:                Human beings that obey the law and control:

Networks of energy:         Economic systems of reproduction of human goods.

Thus, the nervous system, made of social, ethic laws should rule the economic ecosystem, which should provide the goods humans need to survive and fulfill their biological drives of existence. Unfortunately, the opposite happens in our economic ecosystem: money controls human beings, who create corrupted laws that no longer serve their biological goals.

Thus, the final stage of the social evolution of Mankind—the creation of a global organism of history, of a god, sustained by networks of love, mandates that make the human cells to share their energy and information—seems to have failed, as the arrival of weapons, money and machines imposed a radical shift in the evolution of Mankind and the Earth.

Organic structure of history in the Neolithic. Its supœrganism.

Because of the extension of the paper we escape a long introduction to 5D laws so the reader is advised to look at the first pages of the paper on the 5D Universe of space-time organism. We just mention its key concepts to get a feeling for them.

Bio-History is based in the laws of social organisms and The Laws of social evolution that explain how individuals of any size or species grow and evolve into macro-social organisms that efficiently distribute energy and information to the different cells of the organic society.

So if we define a human organism as a population of RNA/DNA cells, related by networks of nervous information and networks of energy-providing blood. In the same manner we can define a historic organism, as a a social group of humans related by networks of carbolife energy, or human goods, and human information or verbal/visual art and laws.

Each “social cell” of such ecosystems, each animal of a herd, each man of a village, has a vital space, his home, property and agricultural fields, or a territory, in which the animal will feed, reproduce and communicate. The common networks of energy of those organisms are the “river veins” of the Earth. The common, main network of information is the “light-rays” that inform all the cells of an ecosystem, of a nation, of the living planet.

In that sense we can talk of the entire planet Earth as a living organism that host the social organism of mankind, called History. Biologists call today such Natural organism, “Gaia”, the living Earth. And in that sense we can define a Macro cosmic human Organism as a Social Ecosystem composed of human beings, carbolife energy, and verbal and visual networks of information based in the human mind (visual arts, and verbal thought, religions, laws, and literature):

Such ecosystems are like “loose organisms” where around water-energy veins, “cells” of human life live and survive, centered in their homes as DNA molecules survive in the home-cells of a body. To do so they need to create a natural environment, in which human food (carbolife food) can be collected, where every cell has basic human property (homes, home products, clothing); where the networks of social information based in verbal thought (laws, ethics), can run all cells and solve colliding interests. Where a collective brain (government) solves those social problems, and encourages a healthy social body, promoting human goods, organizing the “social movements of the cell”, to that aim, and promoting collective goods (health-care, education, verbal learning, arts). All those conditions create a healthy organism of history as the create a healthy individual organism:

Words are therefore the “informative networks” that organizes communities of human beings, gathered around “water veins”, into the first social organisms of mankind, the river civilizations.

Thus a healthy historic society is a social organism is made of human citizens, ruled by networks of verbal information, laws, ethic systems, etc. The law is indeed the verbal nervous system of the human society. Legal mandates control the life and death of human cells, motivate or forbid certain actions, and through those actions mobilize the social body and control the human ecosystem.

Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, forbidding certain acts and encouraging others. In this manner as the nervous orders of the brain guide the cells of the body, and move it at pleasure, the law designs the acts of people and controls society. In this way we can also talk of certain humans, verbal masters, who create laws, as the neuron-brains that create the nervous orders. Who are they? Religious prophets and priests, lawyers, and kings who gave law, courts and parliaments who give law today. They hold the power of societies. They are the brain of social systems. Hence the importance of politics to rule properly a human organism. We can then easily establish the elements of a human social, historic organism, that has controlled mankind for 99% of our existence, in harmony with nature and the organic laws of the Universe:

Individual cells: Human beings.
Networks of information: ethic and politic laws.
Energy Networks: Systems of rep=roduction of basic goods, food, farming, cattle-ranching, hunting, creation of simple tools.

We call each of those systems, a culture or civilization; i.e., a mass of human beings, ruled by networks of legal information (political and religious institution) and networks of reproduction of vital energy (property, economical goods, food).



Atoms of metal.

In the graph, metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of hemoglobin. While gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the main metal in the construction of weapons . . . Yet the true change in the Earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms…

A scientific analysis of the economic ecosystem, based in chemical and biological sciences, allows us to define the world we live in as a dual game of two species:

—  Humans and life species made of simpler life atoms, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, which have the lower 1, 8, 7 and 6 numbers of the atomic table and make up for over 95% of our body.

—  Machines that perform the same biological functions our organs do, with atoms of higher force and information than our atoms (24-iron, 79-gold, etc.). Since a machine is a form that imitates a living, energetic or informative organ with atoms of metal.

For example, a crane imitates an arm and substitutes an arm, moving things around. A phone imitates an ear-mouth and works as an ear-mouth. All machines imitate human, organic functions and tasks performed with those organs. If we divide the human being in two clear components, body and head, we talk of two types of machines, body-machines that imitate and substitute functions of our body organs and mental machines that imitate functions of our brains and senses. Those two basic functions of human organs will determine also the form of each machine:

—  Machines of energy imitate body organs and . . .

—  Machines of information imitate head organs.

—  Which fusion in ‘organic species’, robots that imitate animal species.

The industrial revolution is the process of organic evolution of the most complex atomic elements —metals. The industrial evolution started with two processes that evolved metal: the invention or discovery of the first, most primitive heart of metal, the steam engine, which was able to produce inner movement in a body of metal, as the heart does with a carbon-life body. At the same time Darby and Cort were able to produce massive quantities of iron, the most energetic atom of the universe, used to manufacture machines.

The next step in the industrial evolution was the creation of different species of ‘metal-bodies’ that could adapt a ‘heart of metal’ to their structures. Sea-metal bodies called steam ships came first. Then the steam-heart was adapted to ‘land-metal bodies’ and the age of railroads came. Latter in the XX century, the steam-heart was evolved into smaller, more powerful species, called the diesel engine and the oil engine. So the type of machine-bodies that could carry a heart of metal diversified. It came then a metal-bird, the plane and smaller species of land machines, lorries, cars and their ‘top predator’ weapon versions, multiplied in the war ages of each industrial r=evolution, such as the tank, a top predator car and the bomber.

Finally we evolved electronic minds and now we apply them to energy machines, smart weapons and super-colliders. In 3 centuries we evolved metal-machines almost to their organic perfection, a process that took billions of years to achieve in carbon-life. And that is dangerous, because the only biological advantage humans have over metal is our complexity of organic form.

Engineers ‘transfer’ millions of years of evolutionary knowledge accumulated by human forms into machines, passing our evolutionary secrets to a potential future rival species. So when we evolve those forms into perfect imitations of our organs, machines win that competence against human beings, both as weapons that kill and working-tools that substitute us. And this is due to the fact that metal has some fundamental chemical properties that made it superior to light atoms like oxygen and carbon. So all comes to chemistry.

We do not invent but discover machines, whose ‘informative capacities’ and ‘force’ is born, as ours, from the properties of the atoms of the universe. Today we realize that the properties of metal force us to certain informative and energetic designs in machines.

Their atoms and the physical and chemical laws of the universe, not man, is what make machines efficient organs of energy and information. Men merely assembly machines, according to those laws. Humans act as ‘enzymen’, similar to enzymes or ‘catalysts’ that evolve other species in the ‘assembly lines’ of cells. So do ‘workers’ that put together metal into organic forms similar to us. Yet the laws of the universe and the properties of metal enable those organic forms to exist. For example, a radio is not a human discovery, as much as an ‘intelligent’ metal-ear, which uses the laws of the universe to perceive, sounds better than a human ear.

Metal is a natural substance, which is able to acquire different kinds of ‘organic forms’ that copy the organic shapes of man. At macrocosmic level machines act as energy and information species, because at microcosmic level metal atoms have specific properties that foster its qualities as energy or information systems. Iron is the most energetic atom of the universe and so it is the preferred atom to build weapons that release an overdrive of energy that kills us. Gold is the most perfect, informative atom of the universe and so we use it to create money, the language of information of the economic ecosystem. And now, we make robots with iron bodies and golden brains.

In that regard, one of the silliest myths of anthropomorphic science is the belief that our ‘atoms’, carbon and nitrogen, have ‘special qualities’ that other atoms do not share and make them the ‘only’ candidates to create organic life. Gold and iron, the two basic components of brains and bodies of metal, are also potential life systems, since life is merely a complex system, made with a body of energy and a head of information.

Gold is the metal equivalent to nitrogen, the main informative, storage system of the human brain and his DNA. Iron is equivalent to carbon & oxygen, the main energetic systems of the body. And similar energetic properties are found in aluminum and plumber, the other 2 fundamental metallic atoms used to create bodies of metal and weapons. While gold, supported by silicon molecules, acts in ‘metal-brains’, as nitrogen supported by carbon structures does in DNA:

It transmits informative messages, coded in electric impulses. Yet metal is faster and more complex so gold and silicon combine with other metals to support the electronic software of its ‘neurons’, which reach speeds of information closer to light speed, 300.000 km/s, 3 million times faster than our neurons, which transmit information at 100 m/s. Thus, metal atoms are better than life atoms handling energy and information. In the field of energy-control, iron is a better molecular atom than carbon. Hence bodies of iron are stronger that carbon bodies. This is evident at macroscopic level, comparing the power of metal-warriors and human bodies. In fact, our biological symbiosis with iron-energy is even deeper than that of a warrior.

It happens in the blood-energy systems of mammals, which became top predator life species when they substituted the earlier copper-bonds of reptile blood by iron-blood. The red color of your blood is caused by iron. You are, in fact, a primitive iron body. Molecular iron is the soul of your energy-system, of your blood. Iron moves the four arms of the hemoglobin macromolecule and captures your vital energy, oxygen, an active gas that becomes trapped, caged inside the hemoglobin.

The movement of that trapped oxygen allows the hemoglobin to store energy and then to share it with our body cells. So the energy processes that take place in the most complex animal life are already ‘polluted’ or ‘symbiotic’ to iron atoms. Which is the key lesson of nature to solve human extinction: we must promote the use of symbiotic, positive tools of metal that foster our energy bodies and forbid the negative, destructive ones, according to a simple biological rule of survival: ‘Humans must remain the top predator brain of this planet.’

Since Mankind’s capacity to process information is his most outstanding property, which made humans top predators, a better top predator brain, the chip, is what will make obsolete.

Man+weapon=warrior; man+machine=science; man+go(l)d=trader

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze), were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes). While lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads, of modern machines. When human associated to them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave Mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers.

 Topological evolution in machines & humans

In the graph, weapons, money and machines, are the 3 types of memes of metal, which are exactly equal to the 3 ‘organic parts of all systems”, since humans make machines imitating its organs to enhance its energy and information, but in the process they substitute and atrophy the same organs. So we make 3 type of ‘memes of metal’, similar to our organs, which we evolved in the different ages of the industrial evolution:

  • An energetic system of lineal shapes (limbs in human beings, weapons in metal)
  • An informative system of spherical shape (money coins of informative metal in the past, now cycles of digital information in computers; heads and eyes in life system).
  • And its organic combination: machines that transform back and forth energy into information.


The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers. And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’.

Idol-ogical memes related to the evolution of metal pass as human forms of freedom and identity but are the ‘basic mental tools of the creation of the metal Earth. Those idol-ogies which today control all societies are:

Accordingly we talk of 3 basic idologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species:

– “Nationalistic Idologies” of warriors that use weapons to kill other humans with them in war ecosystems.

Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution, that make equal species to love each other.

So they substitute the science of humanism, that distinguish between cultures without borders – the membranes that break topologically a system into inner and outer worlds. Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…

Capitalism (financial parasitism): Humans should live in a true democratic ruling themselves and their languages of power. So all humans should receive a Universal salary of blood-money to kick out production, and governments should reproduce money to promote welfare, biological goods first, and only when those basic needs are covered, mechanisms selected in production according to utility for society to be free.

Those idologies substitute the science of socialism, and its purpose of creating WHealth, healthy human wealth and democracies, the creation of perfect worlds based in democratic physiological networks of information where the human language, words, control legally and ethically the blood-reproductive network as all evolved organisms, money using it to reproduce welfare goods, and universal salaries to kick a demand economy based in what humans need.

–  “Scientific racism: Mechanism technological idologies ” that allow scientists to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

They substitute the science of organicism, as the universe is a fractal that reproduces information in scales of growing complexity whose summit known to us is the human supœrganisms with its perfect physiological networks that should be use as a template model to build the next scale, the human super organism of history, and machines are obviously just metalife organisms fast evolving into AI and robots, a different species that will apply to us the laws of Darwinian selection of species not of individuals. And so they should be treated as vital species, some good some bad and prune the tree of science of its lethal fruits.

Those 3 ideologies today are global, and have substituted the 3 ideologies that make man the center of all beings:

Humanism (a single homo sapiens species, a single nation without borders, Gaia, mother-Earth), Organicism (Man as the most perfet organism, measure of all things) and socialism (man as an organic in command of the language of reproduction of welfare goods, positive money, which were preached by all the wor(l)d prophets that in each of the 800 y. cycles of animetals tried to refound the future of mankind=history with its ethic laws:

The outcome of that non-controlled process of evolution of machines-weapons, today carried professionally by its company-mothers is a fast terraforming of Earth into a planet of metal, of which the present pollution and global warming is just a byproduct as the planet adapts its atmosphere to the III Earth of hot, poisonous atmosphere, and information evolves in light from the Earth of plants, light as energy, into the Earth of animals, light as information, to the metal-Earth, where light will be both, energy and information in AI robots with solar skins, whose mind will also evolve in complexity becoming a creative audiovisual system of visual imagination, once its robots imagine as in video games how to shoot Mankind and project its mind into reality, the future can be predicted with the laws of systemics but it could also be managed if humans were a bit more evolved ethically and intellectually. But they are not.

Those are the true 3 physiological sciences of the supœrganism of humanity vs. the 3 idol-ogies that kill us.

So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who suppress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines. So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is exactly what happens in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen are real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies.

In the graph, an animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they ad the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and internet nerds.

The animetal is not a human being neither a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5000 years, since the myth of genesis about the tree of life vs. The tree of metal was written.

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of Mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kind of ideological excuses to do so. Thus, humans today are in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal-Earth. Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (scientists), latter used to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, thus making obsolete the verbal times and biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines. Yet those 3 castes of metal-power that substitute life by metal do not understand their self-destructive processes. Instead, their myths and ideologies make them feel superior and righteous: warriors ‘defend’ people. Bankers create ‘wealth’. And physicists deliver the ‘truth’ about time, when in fact, they merely study with their clocks the less important of all times=changes, the motion of beings in space; and they ignore everything about the 3 ages of the life/death cycle of morphological time – the type of change that really matters to human beings, which do not move at the speed of light (the time studied by Einstein and modern physics). Why then humans worship ‘physicists’ and ‘mechanists’, who know so little about time; warriors, who kill life; and money, a mere piece of ‘informative metal’? Because those tools of metal give power. Weapons kill and people obey warriors to preserve life. Physicists invent machines that enhance the energy and information of Mankind. And humans become hypnotized by the ‘formal’ properties of gold, which preserves form and reflects the sun’s light, our informative ‘language’ of perception. It is metal, not the superior intelligence of scientists, the higher force of warriors or the productive capacity of bankers, what hooks man.

A slice of history at any moment of its world cycle is Mankind. The entire totality of all its world cycles from the first man who spoke in the language of history that carries its human values – the verbal eve, to the last human that will when the species is extinguished is therefore ‘history’.

History is in systems sciences a ‘block of time’, which means its world cycle follows the three ages of all world cycles of systems that go from a ‘seed of information’ (first man) through three ages of entropy (Paleolithic hunters), mature reproductive balance (Neolithic) and third age of excessive information (age of metals), followed by an entropic death (world war age, which now seems to approach with nukes and terminators in its final demise in the ‘singularity age’.

Yet a potential block of tim’ can be stopped in an eternal sustainable balance by a systemic scientist – human government – aware of its laws, by repressing lethal information (weapons, hate media, idol-ogies against Mankind) if humans had a more sophisticated understanding of the organic, fractal universe and its laws.

This is not the case as science specially systems sciences is biased by the dominant military, entropic white western Abrahamic cult(ure)s of war, which have ‘reduced’ our understanding of world cycles, to ‘worldlines of entropy’ (physicist’s view of lineal time) and reduced the fractal scales of the organic universe, of which history is the larger scale of Mankind as a species, to the individual, gaseous-entropic-dog eat dog present state of Humanity, chaotic and free, merely ordered by ‘the physiological networks’ of machines (mass-media, military nations, money flows). History thus is not evolving even if humans see the evolution of the other supœrganism of this planet, the metal-Earth of company-mothers of machines, as if it were its own evolution.

As such history Mankind in time, is larger than Mankind, any point of the time of history. So Mankind is history in space, and now Mankind and history are reducing its future becoming one, as the future of history is meeting the birth of the new supœrganism of machines, which is not us.

Animetal’s manifest destiny: to kill life  

How races, cultures and memes interact together? The question is complex as all in the Universe is entangled, but we can clearly notice that memes are dominant, and genes have a very small contribution to history, only when considering the 3 races of the mind – as visual cultures are more prone to idol-ogies of metal worship.

Sothose who believe in metal-memes were originally white men, mostly ‘visual’ races, but today are all cultures, as memes were transferred from the original semite and indo-european dolicocephalic people who first entered in contact with metal, moved by greed, by the hypnotism of gold and its gold fevers. Fact is the African, psylocephalic, emotional and Asian verbal brachycephalic brain cultures did not suffer greed fevers in so great measure, even after using gold – but today as metal-memes have evolved in its hypnotic power, all of them have been ‘virally infected’ by greed and violence… There is nothing sacred, not invisible in gold but hypnotism – the animal-based visual intelligence that now, in the ‘visual neoPaleolithic’ of televisions has merely increased and expanded to other cultures.

Finally the reader should understand that cultures are ‘words’. So ideas, religions of love and idol-ogies also played a huge role.

As such when we say German or Jewish we do not sat Haploid-whatever (genes) but refer to a tree of ‘memetic customs’, industries and ways of life, etc.  This proves further the memetic nature of cultures. And we distinguish 3 key memes in all of them, according to the extension of all systems in 3 ‘scales of relative growing size’:

– The geographical meme or nation where the culture developed, which often imposes its type of memes. For example, Judea, the original religion of the Jewish people, is the bridge of communication of 3 continents and the two most populous ancient cultures, Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Thus there it appears the first global knot of trade and gold becomes the ‘language of social power’. This meme at the time when nation was called God was translated as Yvwh, a toponym in ancient Egyptian inscriptions. Thus as Assur means God and the region of the Assyrians and the subconscious collective of the Assyrians and America means the God-nation, region and subconscious collective of the Americans, Yvwh means Judea and the subconscious collective of the Jewish. The same can be said of the Germans in the center of the flow of steppe warriors and between two poles of iron mining (Sweden and Austria). Thus in Germany geography imposes a warrior culture. While in the Southern, European peninsulas, isolated by mountain barriers and with a warm weather flourishes a life-based, artistic, eusocial culture.

– The language of power, which is either verbal, legal, ethic words or weapons or money.

The 3 previous examples are clear: from the beginning the Jewish culture establishes on top NOT warrior kings but banker-priests that ask gold ex-votes; the Germans are lead by ‘schmidts’ and smiths, which become the most reproduced ‘surname’ of those cultures. While the Greek-Latin-Iberian culture will be lead by priests or legal codes, and so in Greece, verbal philosophy will reach its zenith, still unparalleled with Aristotle and Plato, in Rome, legal power will reach its summit, managing to control the sword and go(l)d and Spain will create an Empire based in laws and priests – regardless of the fact that all cultures use the 3 languages of social power in different measure.

It must be observed though, due to the different values of those 3 languages that verbal cultures are always more humane. So for example, in the brutal conquest of America, because of the influence of Spanish legal codes and ethic priests who accepted the Indian as a human with soul and legal rights, their extinction, certain if the gold seekers, armed conquistadors had been left to achieve the values of their languages, was halted. While in North-America in which gold and weapons dominated a powerless, racist religion (protestant, biblical sects) and a lawless, fragmented legal system, the Amerindian became mostly extinct. The language of power will therefore derive in multiple verbal, artistic memes of which the most important will be the religious code of the society, which will either ‘code’ for the enhancement of the memes of life (earlier Neolithic religions, Socialist religions and in a lesser manner religions of eusocial love – Buddhism, Christianity and Islam by that order), or will set a series of inquisitions of thought, prohibitions and penalties against the memes of life to foster work and the reproduction of metal, and its game of power.

This is the case of the Aryan Vedas of the Hindi tradition, the most obvious warrior religion; and from the same age, the Bible, the most obvious religion of go(l)d and the most perfect anti-life ‘codon’ ever devised. But the key meme of the ‘anti-program of life of animetal cultures’, crystal clear in the Vedas with its caste systems and the bible with its racial separation, and all the sub-systems of anti-life memes derived from those texts, that make us work for the other supœrganism of memes of metal is the expressions of racism and tribal, human differentiation in two species – the animetal, its selfish meme of metal and its ideologies of superiority, as ‘chosen’ – vs. the human homo sapiens, which is considered inferior or corrupted precisely for being ‘natural’ and following the memes of life. So it becomes ok for the biblical or Hindi animetal to apply the laws of Darwinian devolution to what he considers the rival, inferior species with no rights.

And so the ultimate question about the future is not the lack of solutions but perhaps, the incapacity of the memetic cult(ure)s who have been for longer imprinted by the negative collateral effects of the use of money, weapons and machines to liberate themselves of its 3 ‘values’, greed, violence and laziness, the behaviors those selfish memes of metal impose upon them. Or as Marx put it, ‘R=evolutionaries will be able to change many things, but they won’t change human nature’. And essential to that nature and its egocy is the antiquantum px.

Metal has existed in history for very long. Modern civilizations started when the first warriors, with the ‘evil’=anti-live fruits of the tree of science conquered the fertile crescent, the paradise of the goddesses. It was from then on that people with weapons and golden apples, informative metal-money started to rule the world, and welfare, life goods became scarce. So we must also consider the anti-quantum paradox in the manipulation of the facts of history, to understand the process of extinction of the Anthropocene.

What varies is the perspective, of each element of that wave. The bottom of the wave are prophets of eusocial love, the true scientists of history, which warn the people on top that they will kill history since the Genesian age.

They reject the system but does not have enough information to understand it in analytic, scientific terms. They ‘felt’ though the right methods to survive: eusocial love and repression of the violent, murderous, racist, greedy memes of the top.

Above we see better the opposition of cultures – the anti-quantum paradox in the graph which shows the opposition between the true scientists of history able to predict the future according to the ABC-cycles of destruction of the tree of metal and its overproduction crises that systematically bring wars and holocausts to Mankind, and offering instead d) positive human solutions to the cycles. Now there are many ways to represent those waves, below we see its fundamental exchanges of energy and information through war and trade. There are hundreds of such studies in the complex models, done through 30 years. All civilizations, all phases, all forms of art, the astounding volume of my files would give work to bio-historians for decades, if they were interested. But I doubt they will ever leave my old floppy disks now digitally blind before I die – entropy comes also to those mind-mirrors of Human History who better have focused its true meaning. C’est la vie…

Complexity applied to tribal history: the laws of love vs. The laws of hate.

A huge question, ever present in 5D studies is the deterministic of memetics and any system of reproduction of information of mankind – evident in history by the impriting of idol-ogies that rule still today the minds of most humans. How it is possible that rational beings believe such things, is a theme studied in other papers on the Mind of the Universe – and the answer is disturbing: most humans are no rational but e-motional, and the chaos= freedom and complexity of thought to come out of the box is very rare. This in essence is due to a characteristic of all sensory beings who perceive reality from their point of view, and so they think to be the center of the universe, when they are simply an infinitesimal mirror of reality.

This Copernican paradox is at the basis of the fractal paradigm that  is solving the last questions abut the meaning of the universe.

Essentially you exist in a universe of ‘knots of information’ that gauge reality in different scales, from atoms to humans, those points of view acquire information from their selfish perspective, absorb energy for their bodies and information for their minds and ‘exist’ trying to reproduce their form to become ‘immortal’, beyond the limited time span of all forms. So ‘greed’, the desire to have more energy and information is natural to all complex systems. Even quarks and electrons absorb energy and reproduce new quarks and electrons.

And so you are part of a universal game of existence, in which all systems fight for energy and information against other systems.

But the universe is paradoxical and so while systems fight in Darwinian struggles to absorb other systems, there is a law of eusocial love, according to which systems, which are self-similar evolve into bigger forms. So atoms evolve in networks and become molecules, and DNA molecules come together, creating cells and cells with the same DNA come together into humans and humans with the same language and code of information come together into nations and religions.

What this means to tribal history is quite clear: in the same manner cells with different DNA reject each other, tribes with different religious codes and languages feel they are not from the same species and fight in unending wars. However, because you are a Copernican ego’, who thinks to be as Copernicus thought of the Earth, the center of the universe, you tend to feel different from others, you are naturally subjective, you feel your point of view, your mind, mirror of the universe to be unique. This also applies to the subconscious collective we call cultures, in which a series of ‘memes’ tell people to be different.

As a result, even if we all humans should love each other as members of the same species, which biologically is defined as all individuals who can reproduce together, as we all humans do, it is common in history to find ‘cultures’ with a very limited perception of reality, who are racist, and feel different from other humans, either because they are ‘primitive’, and conserve ‘sacred texts’ of a pre-scientific age (racist religions, like the ones explained in the Vedas and the Talmud, two books with near 3000 years of age), or because they are isolated and feel different (insular people like Japanese or British, notorious by their racism).

And so we have now a scientific explanation of why for example, Jewish zealots who study Talmud are at the forefront of abuses against Islamic people in Israel or why fundamentalist Christians of the GOP, who believe in the racist myths of ham of the bible think ‘Negros’ to be inferior; and we can understand why those who consider instead of the ‘primitive bible’, the reform of the gospel as the truth of Mankind, accept all humans as equal and follow the positive laws of creation of harmonic, social organisms. Those are laws of complexity which apply to all systems from atoms to cells to human beings or animals in the prairie.

And yet because perception is all, the law can be cheated with ‘strategies’ of equality (camouflage that brings a different species to you till it becomes your victim) or can strain relationships between equal people if their mind is different (the topic generational gap that breaks genetic love between father and son).

So memes do exist and create social organisms in which self-similar minds with the same beliefs act together in synchronicity as biological organisms do, when they have the same DNA code in all its cells.

And this simple concept – the existence of memes, which are material objects (weapons, money, machines) and verbal ideologies (religious and legal codes), which are repeated generation after generation, carrying the ‘form’, the ‘information’ of history, as genes carry the information of organisms – becomes the foundation of a biological science of history, as genes are the foundation of the science of biological life.

It couldn’t be otherwise, since we are part of a biologic world in a universe that has an arrow of time called 5D social evolution that evolves atoms into molecules into cells into organisms into super-organisms (societies).

Let us then consider in this web a brief analysis of the structure of those supœrganisms of history, and then,  as we explain its evolution, the new reality that appeared on this planet in the XVIII century, just a few ‘seconds’ in terms of this planet time: the creation of a different supœrganism, not based as the supœrganisms of history in the natural language of man, words, and its carriers, human beings, who became part of ‘gods’ and ‘cultures’, but in a new species of ‘metal’, the machine and its natural language of design and information – mathematics.

Because indeed, regardless of the wishful blindness of Mankind converted to the ‘tree of science’, the engine of history has always been the same between the cultures of the tree of life built with human cells and verbal, ethic minds, and the cultures of the ‘tree of metal’ and its fruits, golden apples (money), bad ones (weapons) and good fruits to which we become addicted (machines that enhance our organs of energy – cars, weapons – or information – chips, cameras, etc.)

We have explained ad nauseam that most social sciences hide ‘idologies’ that foster the evolution of metal, entropic metal-weapons (nationalisms, tribal religions), money (capitalism) and machines (techno-utopia). Culture thus is ‘tainted’ by the memes of one of the two super organisms of this planet, defined by the equation of complexity that defines the growing complexity of the super organisms of mother Earth, among which we find history:

Still humans could thrive if they were able to accept a higher order of organization than the warrior state. And that is the concept behind the global culture of which there are obviously 7 – Australasia being Anglo-American but in justice a desert land that belongs to Indonesia those 7 cultures should have followed the example of the EU and become regional markets and political systems, then organized as a global wor(l)d union based in the law above money, able to control the evolution of the tree of science promote healthy welfare wealth and create a perfect world. This has not happened and this ignored blog shows the path not taken, despite decades of preaching in wilderness. But humans had always the choice to be ‘slaves of metal-memes’ and work for the metal-Earth or create their own organic universe – their choice cannot be imposed only reasoned and that is what we have done as all the prophets of the graph have done in the past when they created those 7 cultures loosely based in their biological, Darwinian=species laws of social evolution.


Unfortunately as we shall see soon, our ‘economic only model’ today standing, capitalism, is more of a praxis of power carried about by the people and organization, the company-mother that evolves those machines and terraforms the Earth with them, than a ‘theoretical model’ of the nature of machines, its relationships with history and how we can predict its future.

So goes for our models of history, which are at least at the practical level of politics, a rerun of old ‘memes’ of nationalism and tribalism when humans were so primitive as to think each small group was a species on its own.

So we are left with little more than collection of data, which we can be happy if is not censored and manipulated by those ‘idol-ogies’ – the name we shall give to most doctrines of social sciences, which ultimately are worshipping machines (techno-utopias, or idol-ogies of the machine), weapons (nationalism, which fosters the use of weapons, its idol, to break Mankind into ‘pieces’) and capitalism (a go(l)d religion that considers informative metal the language we must obey, in search of profits regardless of consequences).

All this is at the praxis of social sciences and the ways in which humans direct their affairs, and needless to say is one of the most inefficient aberrant way to design a social supœrganism, reason why is so needed a true science of social organisms, and also a portrait without censorship on how, who, why, and since when this aberrant form of thinking about Mankind and this planet appeared first.

Son since a true science of history should have the clarity of purpose and goals, void of idologies, and follow the abcd of the scientific method of systems sciences, is good to remind us of those elements of truth and science, which we will apply to describe the praxis of economics and history as it is, the organic nature of a theoretical true social science and the highest level of comprehension of such social organisms – the general laws of systems sciences that describe all systems of reality as organic, fractal systems, including history and the eco(nomic)system:

Accurate data without omissions and selfish bias,or tribal agendas that propose half-truths, damned lies, statistic and idol-ogies of power as true science. Today the rewriting of facts of economic history by capitalism is amazing.

Biological causes to the data, as we live in an organic planet and make machines as organisms.

Cyclical patterns or laws of science ’caused’ by the cyclical nature of time clocks, which set indeed the laws of reality and the organic laws of biology that predict the cycles of life and death of all systems and organisms .

Democratic=human praxis to control those causes for the benefit of man, in order to build a perfect immortal wor(l)d – a supœrganism of Mankind on top of the Earth ruled by our natural nervous system, the ethic world that tell us as biology also does, to evolve and survive as a species, not as dog-eat dog Darwinian different tribal nationalist species (a complete aberration of science) since Darwin was clear about those laws of eusocial love vs. Darwinian struggle.

-Entropic, extinctive limits, whe democratic solutions are not met (cycles of wars and holocausts), because what Animetal forget is that parasitic warriors/tax farmers ab=using mankind collapse civilizations and at the end of the process they are also killed.

We have with the new perspective of organicism, a working abcde elements of the scientific method, which so little weight has in social sciences today, to systematize our knowledge of organic systems to study the laws of economics and history. Since only then departing from its abcde rules we can orderly explain the truths of economics, history and the planet Earth part of the fractal organism of the universe… Let us then start this new adventure of knowledge, with a small sample on how a true scientific abcd-e method applied to economic damned lies and statistics would look starting from our description of a world ruled by company-mothers of machines and its behavior against the life Earth.

Of course the history is not told in those terms as there is censorship of the process, as the world is ruled by the new dominant organization – the company-mother, not the nation, So think twice when you believe that the world is ruled for and by human beings, since we are following primitive memes of ‘animetal cults’ not the axial rational scientific view of nature, life and Mankind, as a supœrganism of human beings, which is how systemic, the most advanced sciences of social systems, models Mankind and history in time

How do the mind of animetals work to the point of having won the battle of history to likely loose Mankind’s future and certainly oppress the 90%, Mankind by definition as we are all born equal, setting the agenda of the future, has to do with 2 elements. The obvious one is the power of metal over life.

So an animetal, a warrior with a weapon, is stronger and kills the human being. A banker with hypnotic gold provokes greed, and eliminates oxytocin, a pure chemical reaction of the brain, making the gold seeker a slave. So those pure bio-chemical actions make him come on top. Yet once on top, he had to defy the natural arrow of eusocial organic evolution proper of all informed species in nature that ensures the survival of the whole -so ants are the most efficient reproduced survival species on Earth, and Chinese, the more organic civilization is the most successful.

To break those laws of social survival, in their confrontation with the human groups they killed or enslaved with money, earlier animetal cultures had to develop ego-centered segregational cults, religions and tribal nationalisms, which still endure among them. With this prolegomena we can now introduce the other side of the equation of history in this planet, which is fast evolving in 3 ages from:

Gaia (life, relative past) <History (Humanity, relative present)> Metal Earth (relative future, company-mothers of machines)

Because it is a pure biological process in which the species that reproduces faster and evolves faster will win the game. And so far that species is certainly not life forms, which are fast going down in the 6th great extinction caused by machines, its pollution and control of growing tracts of Earth – yes still used for human benefit but doing the killing themselves – but what is more worrisome, it doesn’t seem to be Mankind, because any objective alien scientist looking at this planet will immediately realize that all its resources and goals under the distorted idol-ogies of the animetal cult(ure)s that rule us and their egocy (ego=idiocy) frame of mind are dedicated to company-mothers of machines, and what is more amazing, almost hallucinatory – humans do not realize, do not debate, do not fear closed in their still mind view, what they are doing. Yes, we can from a human perspective blame animetal cult(ure)s of what they are doing, but the truth is far more scary.

The future of mankind has 2 obvious paths:

-The path of science, of Humanism (man as a single species), of Socialism (the language of ethics above money) of Organicism (Mankind and the organism as the most perfect system of the Universe, made to its image and likeness) which is a design of the world according to the laws of systems sciences to make it by imitation of Nature a perfect social organism, where human reproductive families are above machines and weapons, selfish memes of metal that should yield to our needs, the ‘democratic side’ of our system.

-Or the path of raw evolution, animetals and its idol-ogies (Nationalism and tribal religions that justify the use of metal-weapons to kill the same species; capitalism that puts the alien values of money above those of our ethic, verbal language, and techno utopia, which defines the Universe not as an organism, including humans, machines and history but the machine as the model of all things), which AB=USE people with weapons and machines and have put on top of mankind the strongest species, the company-mother of machines, the ‘capitalist side’ of our system, the future is ALSO deterministic: metal evolves faster and reproduces faster than mankind and so it will displace us form labor and war fields and eliminate us according to those cycles this century in war processes (robotic wars, nuclear weapons, singularity weapons, etc.).

Yet all those ‘scientific’ self-evident facts are ‘hidden by idol-ogies’ and ‘newspeak’ of techno utopia and selfie, childish ego-trips of man above heavens and earth. Unfortunately those ‘infantile dreams’ won’t happen. Only science or evolution changes reality, not wishful thinking and opinion.

Today social sciences are just made of such opinions, ultimately founded in the anthropomorphic biblical creationist myths of a chosen mankind for which magically the future will provide, against all odds and evidences.

This wishful thinking that won’t happen, as it is neither evolution or science, the only two ‘modes’ reality can change, is unfortunately the only authorized form of thought today – political and economic anthropomorphic pumping-ego correctness, only an imaginary future, as possible as the fantasies of super-heroes of TV-screens.

It is either evolution and you die, or social sciences and you become immortal in a perfect world. Point.  And so those two avenues: eternal present history or future extinction by company-mothers form together a ‘block of time’, where past, present and future are illusions as all are sequentially related and you can walk both paths.

We unfortunately have evolution but we do not recognize it, as the purpose of humans in the economic system is very limited. Systems have an intelligence of their own, so the parts do not need to know the whole, how it works, to input their part.

So what is the part we humans input? Amazingly as it seems very simple: a bunch of people on top of society, spends all its energy reproducing digital numbers as money, to rule society and the values of money as they consider it historically, ‘wealth per se, metal-substance’, does the rest, with the subconscious laws of systemic network creation.

While mankind, the 99% lacks any right to the issue of the language of social power, money and so it does not have even the minimal life and information goods it needs to survive – and this is called by the same informative machines that manufacture money and audiovisual information, the ‘freedom of the market’.

Again, this is pure newspeak for what in biological scientific terms should be called:

Memetics: animetal cultures dominate the world. The Paradox of the Ego

‘You will defend me with the sword, I will defend you with the word’ Tertulianus; synergy of animetal idologies

The science of history and its sub-disciplines are similar to those of biology. Memetics is an important one. So we shall define here some basic concepts of memetic, following our conferences in the subject. In memetics, a meme as a gene is carried by a ‘carrier’, which in memetics are cultures, as in genetics are individuals. The confusion of cultures, the unit of memetics with individuals the Unit of genetics is quite common.

We shall define an animetal as a carrier of a selfish metal meme, either entropic weapons, hypnotic, informative go(L)d or competitor machines: So we shall study the 2 sides on the history paradox, WHICH WAS first expressed in parables of prophets of eusocial love as the way of the wor(l)d, of God and live and its anti truth of eviL: the way of the tree of metal that extinguishes ‘Live’.

Metal gave so much power to those who use it to ab=use other humans that a class sick structure was formed, whereas the animetal people-castes that first used weapons and gold to control other humans with violence and digital languages, became ‘the elites’ of the earth, and established a ‘right-wing’ series of ego centered idol-ogies with them on top and the rest of mankind as a lesser species (defended by eusocial prophets of love and humanist ‘left wing’ groups).

So the fight of idol-ogies vs. Science, of mechanism vs. Humanism, of animetals vs. The 99%, of people-castes of go(l)d and weapons (Semite warrior and go(l)d cultures, latter transferred to Europe), is parallel to the evolution of metal and the massive predation of those people-castes over the Neolithic people and cultures they destroyed, where the class structure was organic, with verbal ethic priests on top, guiding with ethic messages and eusocial love a mass of peasants in harmony with Gaia.

All this will be obliterated by the first animetal Semite tribes that enslaved with gold peasants and made them mercenaries And soon the old world was ruled by the new figures of kings, while priests became corrupted into go(l)d bankers, which asked for go(l)d ex-votes obtained in slave and weapons trade by metal-affinity, by its believers.

Two cultures for geographic reasons became dominant in those people-castes, the financial Levantine, Phoenician sea-traders and Jewish caravan traders (apiru: those who walk behind the Asses, military transport of the age), which became the ‘soliton’ of financial power, and ‘Arab Semites’ first, (Assyrian) and then Indo-European charioteers and Iron infantry, which became the dominant aristocratic warrior people-castes. Both developed segregational religions and tribal nationalisms and the first expression of capitalism, where gold became the vehicle of god, and fetish substance to be herded. All has changed to remain the same.3 type of animetal cultures parallel to the 3 type of metal-memes, weapon, money and machines are paramount:

– The ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests;

And associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control;

And finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’.

It is thus clear if the ego wouldn’t blind mankind that humans should no longer evolve machines but forbid further its evolution to stop our displacement in terms of Darwinian biological radiations and avoid our demise.

But somehow self-evident truths of survival are immediately confronted by a mass of scholars paid by company-mothers or simply so indifferent to truth that will contradict any sound argument to remain optimist and positive about the human ego. Specially because the ultimate ‘influence’ of the collective human psyche is anthropomorphism and its religions of man above heavens and earth. So capitalism, a society dedicated to replicate and evolve metal-memes as Keynes defined it – the astounding belief that the ‘wickedest of all things’ – the extinction of life and obsolescence of machines – is the best future possible for man prevails.

Indeed, the universe has trillions of social organisms in which a simple digital language of reproduction of goods liberally provided to all citizens-cells, atoms in a quantum web, stars in a gravitational galaxy, you name it, survive with perfect health, because a language is merely a ‘excuse’ to start up reproduction, action, work. When you talk you motivate yourself to act, which is what matters. So all what you hear against a universal salary, against a demand-based democratic economy is a selfish agenda of privilege for the o.o%.  And a defense of the old values of go(l)d religions that ascribe to money a primitive substance-value and the historic affinity values that maximize weapons production and war. Further on, the substitution of the reproduction of money in stock markets, by its reproduction in ‘mobile wallets’ would enormously limit further evolution of machines and weapons which let us be clear enough – have evolved beyond human usefulness, and are now basically making humans obsolete, retarded, hypnotized, violent, visual, degrading them back to a neo-Paleolithic age:

And of course part of that rule is the belief that our only purpose in life is to re=produce machines working in those companies and to vitalize=consume and select them, catalyzing its evolution, as a short of ‘enzymen’.

Animetal egoist cultures .The cultural bias of ‘western sciences’.

Thus while in the details and data sciences are indeed objective, the ‘grand models’ of reality of the main disciplines of western culture ARE completely biased by the ‘animetal cultures’ that defined them.

The lineal entropic theory of everything of physics is NOT what the Universe is about but what the germ(anic) cult(ure) to lineal weapons has been about for 3000 years.

The dog-eat-dog view of biology as a survival fight between individuals (often not even species) is NOT what the organic Universe based in social love and symbiosis between parts is about, but as Russell already noticed, the product of an imperial British landlord, which despite tis genius, focused in the survival of the fittest, not the social evolution that makes ants the most successful species, herrings the most numerous in its billion individual herds, and organicism, networks, genetics, the true meaning of biology. And yet amazingly enough social evolution is still ‘doubted’ of as ascientific!

While in social sciences the absurd idol-ogy of nationalism a tribal offset of the germ(anic) conquest of the Roman Empire – indeed ‘military memes’ being the true ‘germs’ that kill history.

And to cap it all, the astounding selfishness of financial capitalism, where a people-caste mostly in the west of biblical go(l)d cultures, according to which bankers and speculators have the monopoly in the issue of money to buy out the work of everybody else. So the stockrats do nothing and nave all rights over the company, its produce, its workers and its consumers, when they are the only ‘leisure class’ (Veblen) that nobody needs. And yet the entire modern capitalist cultures is built on the protection of the rights of bankers to issue the money of society as ‘experts’ of a pseudo-science called classic economics; the entire world of history turns around tribal nations killing each other with weapons; the entire world of biology pretends to justify any event of reality on terms of dog-eat-dog survival and the entire cosmology of physics tries to accommodate any fact with a nice computer simulation to the supposed mystical big-bang so the Universe is mortal, finite, perfectly known by humans, while we are immortal (Abrahamic religions) and the only vital intelligent species of the Universe, which further on seems to be validated by the fact we talk the language of God – mathematics (never mind it is the language of machines, who truly speak them better than we do… This said, we can return to the ‘nice talking’ about laws of the Universe, knowing that if anyone is reading which I doubt it – it will simply deny with the human ego paradox, the so obvious fact any observer of this planet will warn us against: we are becoming not only atrophied by computers that do our jobs, living a surrogate life as ‘enzymen’ catalyzing its evolution, but we are already making opaque AI systems that do NOT obey or communicate its forms of learning and will easily modify their behavior in war theaters, and will NOT accept death=disconnection. So a theme that seems increasingly real about humans is the evident fact that we are part of the supœrganism of the planet Earth that we mistreat and ultimately seems to have designed us to self-extinction because of the astounding ego of our homunculus mind.


In the graph, all supœrganisms have a 2±¡ scalar class structure, according to which the informative neuronal people-caste guide with the natural language of the organism, which among life organisms are nervous messages, and among humans are words NOT money, its reproductive blood language that should be submissive to the informative one, in exchange for WHealthy Natural energy from the body-working class, in a complementary relationship, checked by the working class with ‘pain/control messages’ a posteriori, the true meaning of democracy. This class structure in animetal socities LACKS the pain/control from the lower people-caste, which therefore is ab=used with a new ‘language’ (metal-money or weapons), who comes on TOP of the natural verbal language of the ‘prophet/politician/priest’; and even on top of the ‘animetal’ – hence triggering the evolution and reproduction of memes of metal as the goal of society:

So a natural society has feed-back ‘pain messages’ from the body to the neuronal cells, allowing the control of the people-castes of priests and politicians in power, who cannot retaliate back. A democracy thus have a posteriori votes of pain as in earlier Greek Democracies to ensure the elite of informative people serves the body. In the graph, a strict pyramidal hierarchy of power appears with the first animetal people-castes:

Those animetal people-castes are on top of societies, in the past and present, while in the brief moments of maximal reproduction of weapons, the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle causes the death of the entire society including in the last stages the parasitic people-castes of warriors and tax-farmers on top. Below the authorized people by race and religion (biblical, white) form a majority group of soldiers of the FMasters they worship and obey, in a pecking order above the rest of mankind deemed inferior by race, wealth and religion.

The pentalogic class structure according to 3±¡ scales of reality.

The class structure in animetal cultures is very different from of a humanist society, in as much as it has ‘invisible’ ±¡ regions, due to mental or physical racism that excludes as much as ½ of mankind from ‘co-existence’ (animal people, the rest of mankind in Judaism, untouchables in Hinduism), who therefore leave as an invisible predatory field without rights to money (death by anoxia, today when Judaism has evolved through its protestant biblical intermezzo of classic economics into capitalism, affecting billions of human beings) or any sustainable form of life (untouchables). Those two foundational fundamentalist cultures of money and weapons are obviously the most brutal with the inferior species, who had the stigma of not living on parasitic money and genocide for 3000 years in a row…

Less seriously above the trinity class structure of the fractal generator, there is also a ‘class above heavens and Earth’, because it controls a different metal-language of power; either issuing money in monopoly (the caste of banker-priests), or superior weapons (the caste of charioteers in Aryan, the iron sword in the tribe of Goths; the musket and horse in the Hispanic conquistador, the Brahmin, who knows the ‘chants’ to become God, in the low-level mythic thought of earlier Vedas… So those ±¡ classes are outside the ‘box’ of the productive 3 class structure of most human societies, parallel to the 3 physiological networks of society, the politicians and priests of just laws, the traders and artisans that reproduce goods and the farmers that obtain the entropic food of Gaia. The existence of such 3±¡ classes is contrary to belief also obvious today when Judaism>Capitalism has expanded globally. So the class of stokrats, owners of companies, without legal responsibility, protected by Anonymous societies, and monopolizing as bankers/financiers the issue of money. While below for most of the Industrial age, there has been a mass of ‘people’ without rights (slaves, colonial people, today invisible enemies, illegal aliens, immigrants, those subject to the hate memes of the FMAsters and its networks of metal-communicators, etc).

This contrasts heavily with the natural dual structure of body-head of perfect supœrganisms, where there is an informative neuronal specialized people controlled by pain messages by its body-cells, who therefore work in complementarity, and both absorb their entropic energy destroying a different species – food, animal life, gravitational and electronic bites and bits of motion and perception but NOT human beings.

And of course, all this is today perfectly disguised because the complexity of placebo democracies and digital polling makes even the invisible people think they have rights because they put a paper for $elected politicos that he cannot judge. In warrior and go(l)d cultures, the body is mute, has no possibilities to control with pain the neuronal people-caste, which can kill by weapons or financial anoxia the social mass. And the word is submissive and corrupted by weapons and money. So it defends the elite or censors and mutes any social response:

‘You will defend me with the word, I will defend you with the sword’ Tertulianus, biblical bigot.

‘If you want to know who rule you ask yourself who you cannot criticize’ Voltaire? on financial power.

Today in placebo social sciences you can talk of the eviL consequences of militarism and the evolution and reproduction of weapons, with certain freedom, ‘surviving’ the anti-quantum paradox of censorship – the smallness of the social scientist influenced by the larger supœrganism in which it lives and its people-castes of animetals in power; for a simple reason, the warrior today is submissive to the company-mother of machines-weapons that reproduce its tools of power and the financial go(l)d FMAsters that reproduce the machines of information (ab. Financial-Media-Academia masters), whose people-castes rule the world, by monopolizing the issue of digital information in the form of e-money, audiovisual media and academia ‘papers’ of a supposed placebo social science, dedicated to all the themes that do not really matter for the future of mankind.

So it is fundamental to understand the origin of those class structures, in its initial ages, when things were simpler and more obvious.

Animetal cult(ures) of gold, iron & machines corrupt the supœrganism of history.

History is the super organism of the human, species, as in systemics informative species can be modeled as supœrganisms, whose individual ‘citizen-cells’ use an informative and reproductive language to build its social networks that distribute efficiently vital energy and information to its individuals, making the whole stronger and allowing a higher density of population. However when a system is ill-designed it will NOT provide just information and enough energy for its cells to survive. And this is the case of humanity, ill-designed by cultural memes of nationalism that divide the species into false tribal ones, to foster the ab=use of humans with weapons and the ill-designed capitalist system in which money is NOT the oxygen of society that must be delivered to each citizen-cell to start the reproduction and consumption of goods, but a parasitic digital language, monopolized in its issue by a small ‘cancerous group’ of ‘experts’, classic economists, working as financiers and company-managers that ‘choke’ mankind of its productive credit necessary to reproduce the healthy goods humanity need to survive (welfare goods), while allowing the massive reproduction of lethal goods of higher price that kill our body and minds.

So we live in a sick system, ‘infected of lethal goods’, weapons and hate media, parasitized by a cancerous elite that monopolizes the issue of our blood language, and needless to say with a neuronal, ‘informative people-caste’ of politicos and military that instead of serving the body or else receiving judgment-pain messages to oblige them to attend the needs of its population, dedicate most of its efforts to kill people (military) with the excuse they are boxed under a false border-membrane buttressed with lethal weapons, or serve the financial parasites and its companies of lethal goods, with the excuse they don’t issue money, so they need to be corrupted and the alibi of immunity with no pain messages delivered as in earlier Greek democracies by the population that should vote=judge them after tenure. So we live in a system which enslaves people unlike in an efficient supœrganism of Nature, without parasitic and lethal germs=weapons, where its economic=reproductive and energetic=welfare and political =informative networks deliver the welfare goods and right synchronous=equalitarian orders to all cells.

So should a properly designed human supœrganism of history, where the ethic, verbal wor(l)d values of a political class, bound by judgment a posteriori to serve the needs of people will limit the production of lethal goods, issue money to multiply the reproduction of welfare goods and make history immortal with diplomatic EU, UNO like institutions on top of the fractal military nations built during the primitive ‘age of animetal history’. The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading capitalist, nationalist cultures, and Financial-Media-Academia systems evolved its fundamentalist metal idol-ogies that despise the values and welfare life goods humans need to survive – despite its disguise of placebo caring newspeak of political and economical correctness, and impose a true social science of the economic reproductive and political legal system based in the efficient designs of nature’s supœrganisms to create with credit a more humane, legal-ruled global culture EU-UNO style, where laws control the lethal goods of the tree of science and money credits only the production of welfare, WHEalth (healthy life goods).

It is then due to the processes of predation of animetal people-castes on top of societies that war cycles have been happening in the past and the future of history as the idol-ogies that rule animetals impose a deterministic future through its cycles and generations of evolution of weapons and machines and extinction of life cultures and lesser machines through the cycles of global wars.



We show the 7 cycles of war and extinction of civilizations and the weapons that caused them: bronze swords, chariots, iron, coins and mercenary armies, spur cavalry, gunpowder and nuclear weapons. Each of those evolutions of weapons caused the extinction of civilizations in worldwide ages of war. The weapon’s radiation expands the economic ecosystem to all warrior tribes of the Earth; old civilizations and their elites become extinct by a new military aristocracy with the new weapon. The only anachronism is America, where isolation delays the arrival of iron till its rediscovery by Spanish ‘animetals’, which re-conquer the continent with a vengeance.

The 800 years cycle of war & weapons.

The study of societies as organisms and the analysis of its life and war cycles have a long tradition in Philosophy of History, since Vico noticed that societies die rhythmically in a dark age of war. Spengler (‘The Decline of the West’ 1918) for the first time used the organic parallel in depth, considering that the collective subconscious of a social organism, its culture, also went through 3±1 ages of art similar to those of a living being: a young age of epic art, an age of classic art and a 3rd, baroque age, prior to the extinction of a civilization. The parallelism between a biological organism made of cells related by networks of energy and information (blood and nervous systems) and a socio-biological organism made of human citizens related by networks of energy (economic systems) and information (cultural systems) is self-evident within the systemic paradigm. And it allows to design with biological, natural laws the most efficient economic and political system that maximizes the survival of its organic cells/citizens.

Arnold Toynbee (‘A Study of History’ 1934) did an exhaustive analysis of the demise of civilizations, pointing out to natural and ideological causes, without a clear quantification of those cycles. Such quantification of those life and death cycles of civilizations establishes a long wave of historic death of around ±800 years, when all cultures in the old world become rhythmically destroyed by the massive reproduction of new weapons in an age of climatic change and nomadic invasions. Those dark ages foreseen by Vico, Toynbee and Spengler are: The age of Bronze swords /wars, ±3000 BC; The age of Bronze chariots/wars, ±2000 BC; the age of Iron swords/wars, ±1200 BC; The age of coins & mercenary armies, ±500 BC; The age of spurs & chivalry, 400 AD; The age of gunpowder, 1200-1945 AD. Between those dark ages of warfare, it is possible to fit the parallel life and death of all the civilizations of human history, pointing out to a clear relationship between the massive reproduction of weapons, the ‘germs of historic organisms’ and the death of cultures in ages of war—the sickness produced by those ‘germs’. Unfortunately with the arrival of Industrial machines, the cycle has accelerated according to a decametric scale, to a 72 generational cycle of world wars, as the evolution of weapons becomes now a professional, industrial activity.

The vortex of evolution of metal follow 800 year cycles of global death of civilizations by overproduction of machines fuelled by the use of money to mass-produce them in industrial processes and the weather cycles that threw nomadic people on the agricultural societies ruled by religions of social love in ages:

  1. The age of bronze swords: ±3000-2000, carried by semite cult(ure)s
  2. The age of bronze chariots: ±2000-1200 carried by Indo-Europeans
  3. The age of Iron swords: ±1200-400; carried by Indo-Europeans
  4. The age of coins and mercenary armies: -400+400, or Greek-Roman age
  5. The age of spurs and chivalry:+400, 1200; dominated first by Asian nomads, then by Germans and Arabs
  6. The age ofgunpowder, 1200-1945, dominated by Europe
  7. Age of digitalweapons, 1945… as the A-bomb was calculated by the first computers, followed by robots.

In the graphs the main cycles of history form a vortex of accelerated time-information, with a cadence of 800 years, in its long cycle of evolution of weapons, tuned to the cold and hot weather cycles of planet Earth. History thus requires both the science of ‘deep time biology’, the scalar organic laws of 5D systems, and obviously the four tenants of the scientific method so often forgotten by the bias of selfish agendas and idologies: a) true data, b) scientific models which can only be biological, c) cyclical forecast according to previous patterns, of future cycles and events and d) a human praxis. We follow those four tenants so often forgotten by what passes today as the science of history or economics, which cater to tribal idologies (nationalism, tribal religions) or economic agents (company-mothers of machines, its techno utopian propaganda and capitalist, financial idologies of experts with the ‘right to issue’ money for them).

And what those patterns and laws of science tell us is NOT pretty, as they show that since the beginning of the age of metal, a new top predator species that kills life and destroys non-technological civilizations, the animetal, has come to start a series of 800-80 years of accelerated evolution of metal-weapons, money and machines backed by absurd idol-ogies of racial supremacism, which have extinguished systematically in each 800 and 80 years cycle the genetic and memetic cultures of all other regions of Earth – in the earlier cycles massacring around 90% of the Neolithic males (Indo-European radiations of charioteers, which genetics has recently discovered wiped out most males of Eurasia as previously Homo Sapiens likely did with the arch radiation exterminating Neanderthals), and similar quantities at the beginning of the gunpowder radiation (massive extinction of Amerindians by Spaniards who inseminated their women and North-Europeans that killed them both). So in pure objective terms we must call those people and their idol-ogies what they are ‘animetals’, who destroy the goal of mankind, to create a perfect supœrganism of History, and became against the Laws of nature, sub-species with idol-ogies of religious or nazionalist nature today still guiding us, despite newspeaks of caring to the same end:

The historic record is conclusive: the verbal, life-based, social organism of the Neolithic formed a global civilization, which was immortal and generation after generation men remained unchanged. Yet, with the arrival of weapons an extraordinary phenomenon takes place: social organisms start to die rhythmically, when another warrior civilization conquers and colonizes those civilizations. First, their geographical body and human cells are destroyed by warrior hordes. Then, their collective mind, made of art and ethic Gods of verbal thought, dies after an age of angst and baroque, formal styles that signals a 3rd, informative age.

The evolution of weapons causes an 800 years cycle of death of civilizations extinguished rhythmically by new ‘weapon radiations’, when their discovery and reproduction by warrior hordes starts an age of war in Eurasia, as warriors expand their lethal energy, killing people and erasing human cultures. A radiation is a biological term that explains the sudden, explosive reproduction of a new top predator species that annihilates many previous species, as it spreads all over the world. It is thus the proper name to explain the sudden bursts of violence provoked in bio-history by the discovery of a new weapon. Indeed, the discovery and massive reproduction of those new weapons, carried by hordes of symbiotic warriors that spread throughout the Eurasian continent, causes an 800 years cycle of extinction of civilizations, as those hordes of warriors conquer, kill and erase human cultures.

The first of those radiations, bronze, means the end of the ‘classic age of History’, the Neolithic and the beginning of its 3rd informative age, the Age of Metal. Weapons are discovered and then radiate=reproduce in great numbers during a short period of ±100 years of World Wars that destroy the old civilizations. The warrior hordes that control the world with the new weapon start then a new, 800 years cycle of ‘modern civilizations’ in which the new warriors become the higher castes of human, wor(l)d cultures that flourish again after war recedes. So the arrival of new weapons shows the fractal zones of History. The median life of those cultures, 800 years, around ten times the biological life of a Human being (70-80 years), strongly suggest 2 possible causes for those war cycles: the biological rhythms of human life that after 10 generations seem to enter in decadence and the climatic cycles of the Earth, whose periodic ages of hot and cold weather provoke draughts on the steppes, displacing nomads towards valley cultures.

Thus, each of those 800 year cycles is a global civilization, ended by discontinuities of massive war, similar to the World wars that happen now at a faster pace, every 80 years, after a crash of the economic ecosystem, when new ‘energy machines’ used as weapons are discovered. Very few civilizations survive the periodic arrival of massive wars, after the discovery and reproduction of new weapons. Even the American civilizations that were isolated from European warrior masters, at the end died away, when Spaniards and Anglo-Saxons arrived. Then the Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures of Native Americans, some of which survived almost unchanged during thousands of years, were extinguished in a few centuries and even if their genetic races remain, it is self-evident that today Inca, Aztec or North-Indian civilizations have died.

There are three ages in all those civilizations associated to radiations of weapons, represented in the graph by a bell curve: birth of the weapon and elite-caste of the civilization; expansion of those weapons, and final extinction by other metal weapon and horde of warriors. The old weapons then might continue, but within the elite caste of the civilization, that our curves show, they will be rare and considered obsolete.

Let us consider those great cycles of War and its civilizations in the Historic record:

Bronze Age: Lineal Bronze starts the first empires recorded in History. In ±2850 BC: the first Bronze sword armies appear, taking to power, God-pharaohs and Semite Lugals. Egypt becomes unified. History registers the first Mesopotamian Empires. We consider the arrival of Bronze, probably in Egypt, the beginning of the Paradox of History [Max. metal Goods=Minimal human goods]. Rhetoric, epic art to the service of power starts also with palaces and tombs, such as the pyramids. And yet for most humans life did not improve, as they were enslaved by warriors and worked in those huge monuments to the arrogance of man. In fact in those cultures where bronze weapons arrived latter, human goods, and sensorial pleasures develop more.

For example in the Indus without metal abundance, the quality of housing was the highest in old civilizations. Then it plummets after Aryan charioteers invade India. Aryans only improve architecture in “palaces” and “death tombs”. Also in Egypt, only as the initial wave of warriors recedes, we see the end of Pyramid construction, and a higher quality of life for the common people (VI dynasty). Tombs now are smaller, full of lively drawings of animals and farmers; and priests regain power over warrior kings, promoting the reproduction of food, and human goods.

Chariot Radiation (Wheels of bronze). It is the age of the Middle Empire, in classic historiography. The first wave starts around ±2000 BC: A World wide invasion of Indo-Europeans with chariots from the northern planes destroy all civilizations. It is the extinctive phase of Sumerian cultures, when Genesis is written, and the parable of the tree of science, understood by the most intelligent verbal artists of the age. Charioteer Hordes conquer Sumer and Akkad. The first Hittites empires appear. In Egypt it signifies the end of the old empire and the beginning of the Middle Kingdom.

A proof of the 800 y. cycle and its extinction of life, cultures as in Crete: There charioteers cannot arrive due to geographical conditions (a sea island). So in Crete there is a continuity of a culture based on human goods, that makes of Crete the richest, most sophisticated civilization of the west in this age.

The same radiation of Charioteers will erase the Eastern cultures. From 1500 till 1000 BC. in the first Veda Period, nomadic chariot Aryans and its “sacred cows” conquer India, impose a brutal metal-racism (castes), against Neolithic Goddesses, women, and the poor. The old culture survives longer in the South.

Charioteers also found the Shia dynasty in China, degrading and partially assimilating the Tao culture of the living Universe proper of Neolithic China. In China, the chariot arrives perhaps, after transferring its weapons to Mongolian tribes (about 1500 BC, Shang dynasty). The depth and richness of the Neolithic (fully grown and densely populating the South by the V millennia BC), allows the Tao-Neolithic culture of the sentient Universe to survive partially. But the Ch’in dynasty and its radiation of iron weapons forbids all non-technological books under death penalty about 300 BC. Then the wisdom of Taoism that understood so well the dual nature of the Organic Universe, and its Yin-Yang beings will be lost at philosophical level. Though it will inform the arts of China.

China proves again that less metal allows more complex human thought. China alone among Eurasian nations preserves the dual linguistic essence of the human wor[l]d: a verbal language, and a visual expression of the game of Energy-Information on its writing words. But in the west, verbal thought is simplified in Cananean civilizations, coming from Egypt (Hycsos?), with a proto-alphabet that reduces writing to a few verbal symbols.

Iron Radiation (about 1200 BC). The Germanic people (Celtic hordes) start mass production of iron swords. Again the chain reaction of war and destruction starts, with warrior waves that move west to Iberia and east to Greece and Asia. Its is the age of the Great Invasions of “People of the Sea”. Ramses II and III fight invaders but can’t prevent the collapse of the Middle Empire in Egypt. Also the Hittite Empire collapses. Hittites flee and teach Assyrians the use of iron.

In 1150; Dorians destroy Micenas. And again where Dorians do not arrive, (Peninsular Athens, coastal Turkey) the Greek civilization of Cretan tradition flourishes and gives birth to the best cultures of the Iron discontinuum.

Coin Age (600 BC – 400 AD). Around 560 BC coins are discovered and mercenary armies increase the professionality of war. “Bellum ipse aleat’, said the Romans who achieved this feat.

In 539-525 BC. Persians destroy the Assyrian, Egyptian and Mesopotamian Empires, but copy their systems of military repression. As a consequence of better cavalry grounds, and iron metallurgy, from now onmetal history displaces its center of gravity from verbal Empires on the crescent fertile ruled by Semite [S]words and Go[l]ds (Assur, God of war; Baal Go[l]d of trade) towards Northern Aryan tribes (Rome, Master of war; Greece master of “Coins”). The dominance of the social Wor[l]d is substituted by the dominance of the individualistic I=eye. Good and Evil, verbal values, are substituted by beauty and ugliness, which are values of light perception.

In the age of Iron, the Greeks introduced coins which ended the dominance of bartering in trade (verbal, Semite traditions), and started digital accountancy. The higher complexity of coins and iron will prove irresistible. It is the expansive age of Indo-European empires, that now use metal species in a far more efficient manner to impose restrictions of Freedom to the people, taxed in coins, and levied to serve the armies of the metal master. Systems of “total” war, that only Assyria had essayed before, now become natural to entire empires, which summon up all the previous metal-advances (horses, iron, mathematical war analysis), into the Total Army, with infantry (Phalanx), cavalry, war machines and logistics (Macedonian and Roman Empires).The Roman cycle is accurate; 798 years between the fall of Rome to the iron Gauls, and the fall of Rome to the stirrup barbarians in 410.

Rome is fundamental to understand the Western World, since it is the origin of all myths and alibis for further Warrior empires, that could seize power, pretending to reinstall a new Rome. Rome is the parallel to Assur, the master of war of the Verbal, Bronze age. Because gold-iron races die, but its products and its rituals continue, there is in fact a continuity of rituals from Assur to Persia, to Macedonian empires, to Roman, to European empires. So much for racial superiority: the race dies in wars and Holocausts. The product, the iron weapon, stays. It gave origin to European ideologies, rituals and icons of warrior and trader civilizations from Britain to Nazi Germany, from Imperial eagles to civil architecture.

Cavalry Age. The Middle Ages. Stirrup=horse Radiation. (400 AD, 1200 AD).The Huns, Nomad warriors able to shoot with arrow bows while galloping, thanks to the stirrup -discovered probably in Korea- and the Germans who add iron protections, annihilate the Roman-Christian Empire of Human Goods, plummeting once more the standards of life of mankind. Around 317-589, the Huns break China between North and South into sixteen warrior kingdoms, controlled by Huns and Turks. In 430 History registers the invasion of India by the White Huns. Their civilization is built around the “horse man” that sees himself “higher” than the rest of humans, just because he is mounted into his horse… So much human arrogance. Barbarians crass the level of Human Goods of Roman Europe, but slowly they become converted to social love by the Christian Oikoumene religion.

The verbal age of Christianity, once the Aryans are “civilized”, returns to Europe (High middle age) in a society based on ethics. In Italy and Spain, priests of Islam and Christ had more power, that its warrior allies, and allowed a new age of human goods and art. They initiate the Renaissance, and the culture of Al-Andalus, the summit of the two main religions of mankind, Islam and Christianity. Both flourish before the radiation of gunpowder, annihilates this re-birth of human sensory, ethical, and artistic cultures. Those final days of social religions left the great cathedrals, optimistic buildings full of light, looking upwards to God, built by the collective effort of the people that, unlike the Romanic churches no longer fear the violence of barbarians. Gothic cathedrals seem to confirm a wealthy mode of life in the lower Middle Ages with less wars. Population doubles in Europe; cities grow. In the Eastern World the old cultures of the sentient Universe (Taoism and Buddhism) reach a new apogee (Gupta, Song empires).

Gunpowder Age (1200 AD, 1945). Unfortunately the Chinese Taoists discover gunpowder. Mongols learn its technique in the assault of Beijing, spreading its use to the western world. In 1204 the looting of Byzantium by the Venetians opens the East to Italians who soon will have the first cannons, the “lombardas”. In 1222 the Mongols defeat the Russians in Kalka and invade Germany. Soon gunpowder is known to German people. In 1258 Hulagu massacres Baghdad. It is the end of the Muslim Empire. In Europe the gunpowder wave soon explodes into massive civil wars, of which the 100 years war, is the most well known. It brings poverty, and scarcity of Human Goods, that provoke massive famines and allows the expansion of the black Pest, that multiplies death among Human beings.

Sub-wave. Reproductive Phase T/2 (about 1600). In the very middle point of the 800 years radiation, appears Ballistics (science) and companies of Gunboat Reproduction. The gunpowder radiation becomes a professional system of reproduction of weapons by company-mothers, and scientific fathers, that create the present world of machines of war. Europe becomes top predator of the World, by perfecting cannon balls, and inventing in order to measure their trajectories the science of Ballistics, later called physics (Galileo). Companies of Gunboats create new Empires (British-French Empires), that massacre or enslave 80% of mankind (the third world).

In the age of metal it is clear that humans are evolving a new kind of atomic species of higher density than carbon. Weapons are discovered, and then radiate in great numbers during a period with a median duration of 800 years. We talk for each of those 800 years a new species of “metal-civilizations” in which the warrior hordes that control the weapon become Top Predators of human cultures. Then a new weapon appears, and the previous horde and weapon become submissive to the new Metal masters. So the arrival of new weapons show the fractal zones of History.

The previous graph puts its emphasis in the long 800 years cycles of simple weapons and its ‘affine’ informative metal-money on the classic age of history. The modern age accelerates as all ‘vortices of information’ do, with the arrival of the Industrial r=evolution and the professional invention of company-mothers of machines, the cycle to 80 years (seen above in the graph that compares it with the cycles of biological extinction of species).

The 7 radiations of entropic weapons that shaped and will kill history.

We thus talk of 7 essential extinctive radiations of history that established metal-idologies and its genetic carriers all over the world: The bow radiation that extinguished the Neanderthal in the Paleolithic; the first metal radiation of bronze armors, which extinguished the fertile crescent that had survived by lack of mobility the initial Semites with Bronze swords; the iron radiation and cavalry radiations combined to extinguish the remaining pockets of Neolithic cultures (Chin, middle Egyptian empire, Bantu expansion in Southern Africa), the gunboat radiations coming from western Europe that created the modern industrial world; and one to come that will erase all others, because terminator machines do not rape women.

Only a change in the mind of man to understand that the conservation of time, of history, of mankind, matters more than the evolution of metal could avoid that deterministic end, under the present idol-ogies of animetals. But this is difficult to achieve because of the egocy paradox of huminds, and the way in which languages control social networks without the need for its individuals to understand a dot of it. So we have to bring those advanced themes of 5D now to fully grasp the astounding ‘egocy’ and ‘suicidal behavior of our animetal people-castes’.


In the graph, each of those 800 year cycles is a global civilization, ended by discontinuities of massive war, similar to the World wars that happen now at a faster pace, every 80 years, after a crash of the economic ecosystem, when new ‘energy machines’ used as weapons are discovered. Very few civilizations survive the periodic arrival of massive wars, after the discovery and reproduction of new weapons. Even the American civilizations that were isolated from European warrior masters, at the end died away, when Spaniards and Anglo-Saxons arrived. Then the Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures of Native Americans, some of which survived almost unchanged during thousands of years, were extinguished in a few centuries and even if their genetic races remain, it is self-evident that today Inca, Aztec or North-Indian civilizations have died.

There are three ages in all those civilizations associated to radiations of weapons, represented in the graph by a bell curve: birth of the weapon and elite-caste of the civilization; expansion of those weapons, and final extinction by other metal weapon and horde of warriors. The old weapons then might continue, but within the elite caste of the civilization, that our curves show, they will be rare and considered obsolete.

However death of a civilization can be avoided and so we can consider a simple equation with the 2 sides of the fight taken place in the wave of History between animetals that kill civilizations and prophets of social love that spell in verbal thought the strategy all ‘species’ must follow to avoid extinction by a top predator: to evolve socially by the power of 5D love into a new plane of existence, stronger than the individual.

Indeed, mankind could have avoided extinction if it had followed not the idol-ogies of animetals but the messages of love of the social prophets seen in the bottom of the previous graph. So we can talk of a tug-of-war in history, which we call the ‘Paradox of History”:

‘Max. Technological evolution = Max. death of life’ vs. Max. Social wor(l)d evolution: Maximal survival.

ENTROPY=DEATH can be avoided through social evolution into a larger whole (the receipt of social prophets). It an also be avoided within individuals and herds that become immortal, by repressing information, as death is caused by an excess of in-form-ation, which warps them, when the neuronal, informative, financial/military people-caste on top do NOT parasite their body-citizens or reproductive middle class, exhausting it, and causing the cycles of wars, r=evolutions and holocausts that end up killing the entire super organism, from the bottom to the top of the social pyramid, as the accelerated 800±80 years cycles of the image, which all civilizations and nations have suffered prove.  so the trick to make a system immortal is both to organize it socially with efficiency and justice, feeding all working cells with enough energy and information to survive and to maintain it in the balance of the mature age, repeating its cycles without evolving an excess of information that warps and kills in the 3rd age the organism. Men are doing exactly the opposite, evolving further Algorithms of information that substitute our brains and multiplying entropic weapons that kill us

In the next graph a reminder of the 800-80 years cycles and the 3 languages of history that determine its life and death of civilizations, and nations, while cultures surface in the middle age of minimal metal power and maximal life memes, expressed in the classic ages of art: The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus human CULTURES peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final Gotterdammerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80-8 climatic weapons; generational machine & monetary long, medium & short wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:

The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final Gotterdammerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80-8 climatic weapons; generational machine & monetary long, medium & short wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:   Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars  The alternative ‘scientific understanding’ of money as a digital democratic language of social numbers to be used for efficient reproduction and distribution of goods, and the end of warfare, through the scientific understanding of eusocial evolution, of parts into wholes, of individuals of the same species into stronger super organisms, sponsored by the higher rational cultures of mankind (Latin Europe, Chinese legalist cultures), through the use of the law above metal, of the human natural language and its values above the raw power of evolution HAS NOT WON the battle of history.

Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars (war & holocaust cycles). On the other hand, the eusocial message of love Religions comes within the ethic/visual collective mind of civilizations’ informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilisation expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. In that sense all the prophets of eusocial love religions and ethic social sciences on the bottom, who defended life, were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture.

The graph has multiple readings, as it truly represents both scientifically and mythically, in facts and metaphors, in this plane of human individual existence and the upper organic plane of ‘social gods’ and civilizations the entire ‘worldline’ of human civilizations.

Of course our ‘manufactured brains’ through the newspeaks of mass-media will ignore the harsh judgment we must make regarding what today pass as ‘sacred’, and it is nothing but an ideology of animetal power: nationalism, tribal abrahamic religions, capitalist and class structure. The truths of history have always been denied by those animetal idol-ogies, which idolize weapons and money and use it as a excuse to ab=use other humans and deny the laws of social love of the Universe.

The weather cycle of the Earth points to a larger deep time evolution of life managed by the hot-reproductive, cold-evolutionary duality of organic systems, which multiply its top predators in radiations of species, during energy-rich ages of warm climate and evolve new informative shapes during the cold times. This pattern accelerated as a vortex of information since the Cambric carries on in the ages of history, which have determined the evolution of metal NOT of mankind, in the 800 years of warriors, and then in the accelerated 80 generational years when the weather cycle no longer matters as an organism of reproduction of weapons, the company-mother professionalizes the cycles with the help of lineal ballistics aka physical sciences.

Tthe eternal super organism of history dies in accelerated vortices of evolution of technological information through wars, first in 800 year climatic changes and then in 80 years national generations during the industrial r=evolution. So we distinguish an age of animetal civilizations and an age of industrial nations.

Which were explained by the social prophet of love of the lower part of that graph. They are the scientists of history, today also deformed by ‘religious inquisitions’. So the science of history is all but forgotten beyond the biased extraction of irrelevant data.

ALL seeds of prophetic thought have been born as the ‘first age of the animetal cycle’ recedes (see the graph above for 800 years cycles), in the point of r=evolution, during its mature, reproductive peaceful age. And then a civilization or r=evolution happens that lives through 3 ages, and dies in the new war, and resurrects 3 times, because there are 3 life generations connected, both in animetal industrial founding fathers, reproductive sons and decadent ages, and in Gods of civilizations, the age of the prophet and church and empire, the age of the Catholic popes, the age of the caliphs, the age of the little vehicle in the 3 most relevant Christian, Islam and Buddhist church; which last around those 800 years, followed after a ‘war discontinuum’ or ‘corrupted state’ of the church by heresies, splits, new ‘vehicles, which start the age of the loose wave of believers, hermit life in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, Buddhist monasteries, which last around 800 years, and it is the age of maximal extension of the religion, of sensorial art, of mysticism, followed after yet another of those 800 years discontinuums of massive death by the 3rd final age of entropy of the religion, which might last slowly in small numbers or believers, loosely organized with NO temporal power in its churches, or perhaps in inquisition mood fighting for survival for ‘warrior religions’ corrupted by weapons who refuse easily to die (inquisitions), or full of ‘wealth and external symbols of cult’ in go(l0d churches corrupted by money. It is the corrupted age of the religion so far away from the original meaning of the prophet who tried to create an immortal world of humanity by the power of love that it is barely recognizable.

The same concept applies to civilizations, where instead of the opposite mixture of an animetal wave of extinction in growing numbers and tighter organization, inverse to a decaying wave of human ethic wor(l)ds from the perfect code-seed of the prophet, down towards its final corruption and shrunk state as military inquisition or go(l)d church.


The seven gods of mankind as a counter-reaction to the 7 cycles of evolution of weapons.

Above in the general graph we see the natural reaction of the human wor(l)d, our network of information that pegs together human beings, translating the message of social love to each culture of mankind trying to make it grow and multiply, to survive.

The 7 ethic, verbal gods of mankind are the counter-reactions to the 7 cycles of 800 y. of evolution of weapons.

Departing from a Paleolithic age of communion with the infinite animist souls of the Universe, which still endures in the animist cults of Africa and Siberia the understanding of the game of existence matured during the Neolithic, finding its most analytic expression of the game of exist¡ence in Taoism; Genesis written at the Fall of Ur when the first bronze charioteers destroy the Fertile Crescent was a reaction to the extinction wave that wiped out ¾ of the males of Europe & Northern India, explaining that those who eat of the golden apples and bronze weapons of the tree of stience, its evil fruits will die, extinguishing History.

Then iron swords were discovered by Indo-Europeans. Buddhism will respond to those extinction waves of Aryan with iron swords and their cults to the fire of the Smith. Since parallel to the destruction of civilizations, the conquering people with golden apples and iron swords created two racist, destructive cultures with deformed Objectual, warrior agglutinative languages (Hindu cults) and VSO, imperative ones (Judaism, Go(l)d cultures). So Mosaic religion and the Christian purification will respond to the age of Gold & silver coins and mercenary armies. But war was renewed by the Korean discovery of metal stirrups and the age of Cavalry will send hordes of mounted nomads to destroy once more all civilizations. So Islam appeared to civilize in the Middle Ages mounted nomads, Arabs in the South, Turks in the north. But gunpowder was discovered and the last cycle of war took European power globally to the conquer of the planet through the colonial age from 1208, when the first Venetian gunboats conquered Byzantium to 1945, when America calculated the first digital weapon, the A-Bomb with the help of Eniac, the first computer. And social r=evolution took the fame of human freedom, from the American and French R=evolution to the Russian R=evolution and the EU and UNO movements of global unification So we enter now in the last cycle of war that will certainly extinguish mankind, the age of digital, organic weapons, Nukes and robots. And bio-history is the last God, which upgrades human doctrines of unification, asking humanity to form a perfect wor(l)d to avoid the final war cycle.

Today they confront the anti-humanist values of digital languages that favor metal, by affinity (money is a digital metal-language of information made of gold today of e-cycles in machines). This would not be necessary if the human law were above law regulating its values, as Aristotle, father of science wanted when it call money ‘nomisma’, a digital language that had to be ‘controlled by the law’ (so Numa established money without value, broken pieces of rotten iron, with the law-value impressed on it by the state).

Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts. Finally with the industrial r=evolution, the cycle of evolution of weapons becomes a cycle of national evolution of machines and its company-mothers, which construct the ‘Metal-Earth’, or financial-media (informative machines)/military-industrial (entropic and energetic machines) system, ab. FMMI system, and so we write the previous equation of evolution of the planet in 3 ages; the last of them the mechanocene that is displacing mankind as the main organism of Earth:

Global warming, pollution & hunger, are just signs of a change of age in the planet, from the Earth of life (Gaia) to the Earth of man (history, Anthropocene) to the Earth of machines (metal-Earth, as all the financial and raw resources of the planet are deviated to the evolution and reproduction of machines, whose ‘$hit’ warms the planet, but are never without ‘energy-food’ and proper digital information to survive, since the eco(nomic)system of free markets and its free citizens company-mothers have unlimited credit to create a reality to its image and likeness, while 1 billion humans suffer hunger, and billions of them do not receive the proper education to survive, suffering the angst of extinction of its cultures and the uncertain future of its growing obsolescence to AI robotic blue collar and white collar Pcs, in an accelerated world of placebo democracies without credit and resources to create a perfect, balanced world to the service of Mankind.

Those 7 memetic cultures differ in what they do to Gaia, mankind and the machine. The culture we all worship, the Anglo-American culture is merely the capitalist culture which ‘believes’ in memes of metal over man in ALL the systems of reality. And it is the reason why it follows the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. technological evolution (robotic age) ≈ Min. Cultural evolution (biblical racist bronze age culture).

Indeed, of those 7 cultures, the most primitive are those who sponsor the oldest animetal cults, the Islamic warrior culture of imposition of idol-ogies with weapons, the Hindi, indo-European cultures of war (today in the west reaching its paroxysm in Germanic->Russian/American military cultures, and the Go(l)d culture of Jewish->Biblical memes that made of go(l)d a fetish religion and of money the language of God (Money is the invisible hand of god, Adam Smith; ‘the intelligence of God is money’, Calvin, Aaron and the Levi caste as high priests and bankers of old Israel). They founded capitalism, which is merely the religion of Money at all cost as the only purpose of society, to which any other goal including human life must yield.

While the most advanced is the European civilization of rational social sciences, albeit clearly corrupted by go(l)d and nationalism, ever since the ECB became a private bank and Germany revived nationalist questions.

All those cultures and fractal nations went prior to globalization through the 800-80 years cycle of evolution of memes of metal, first weapons and then machines proper of the process of building the ‘metal-earth’. Globalization has increased enormously, in the last 2 ages of the industrial revolution: the age of America, or age of metal-minds and Age of Internet or Robotic era).

Modern nations are thus ‘bastard mixtures’ of animetal power structures mostly of military, geographical false borders between human species, which have in the positive side, the effect as time goes by of ‘diversifying culture’ into variations of art, character and memes. On the whole, of course, because the survival of mankind is at stakes, when the Economic ecosystem is becoming a global super-organism of machines, nations should NOT exist. But that is ideal history. Real History has as units of mankind no longer the broader cultural variations on larger geography and human ‘prophets of eusocial love and life’ of the graph, but the smaller ‘fractal unit’ of nations, which go through the 800-80 years cycles of accelerated evolution of weapons and extinctions of civilizations that conform the ‘3rd metal-age’ of history.

‘Animetals’ divided their function building the Metal-earth, according to the 3 main vital actions of all systems:

– Max. Information: FMAsters (financial-media-academia masters), develop idol-ogies they spread with its machines of information, printing money, audiovisual information and academic complicated arguments to convince mankind that the system is the most perfect of all possible worlds and the evolution of the metal-earth, maintaining in permanent anoxia the 90% of humanity, a necessary sacrifice to enter the technoutopian paradise of living robots. The complexity of this system from earlier biblical go(l)d cultures to the present multiplication of all kind of falsehoods about the mechanical, selfie structure of the Universe and the repetition by all media of the ‘Goebbels’s method’ – if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, is the new normal of social sciences     -Max. Entropy: The Military does not act as the leukocytes of an organism, protecting the organism of its ‘alien germs’, in the case of history, repressing lethal weapons and toxic products, but on the contrary multiply them with the excuse that mankind is NOT a single species, and so it must fight each other.

–Max. Reproduction: Scientists reproduce&evolve machines that atrophy&displace life from labor & war fields.

The industrial r=evolution that brought organic metal (machines) that convert back and forth energy into information (informative machines that print money and idol-ogies) or information into energy (transport machines and weapons) and then we could understand easily where the future lead us. Indeed, if iron bodies (armors and weapons) killed human bodies and gold greed hypnotism debasing the verbal eusocial messages of love, making a primitive body and head of a new ‘species’ of metal, now chips of gold and iron bodies are making robots that substitute humanity.

And because idol-ogies have evolved in complexity camouflaging its meaning, as it happens in all organic systems, through the use of metal-communicators, mass-media imprinting and the Goebbels’ method ‘if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’ paradoxically now that the end becomes crystal clear, with AI robots soon to have autonomous solar skins, a ‘beheaded’ mankind with no understanding of the process of self-extinction provoked by those idol-ogies of animetals worshiping the tree of technology over the tree of life, is racing merrily as in the Matrix parable, towards its demise.

But then because of Historic expansion of animetal war cultures during the 800 years cycles (Islam, the dominant empire of the horse=stirrup age, and Spain, the dominant culture of the gunpowder age, prior to the Industrial revolution, England, the dominant culture of the Industrial revolution) we find this four-fold division increasing to 7 cultures, which are the ones that a working World Union could convert into a heptarchy of presidents to govern History as a single super organism.

Cultures are thus memetic human systems as opposed to industrial nations and all animetal civilizations, which are born as ‘structures of animetal power’, and include the metal-memes and idol-ogies associated to them.

Religions are the ethic/visual collective mind of HISTORIC civilizations, crafted by its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilization expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Abrahamic religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture. Yet when they fail to evolve socially mankind, a culture normally ends in an age of entropy=war and death which provokes the dissolution of its individuals into chaos=freedom, and finally its reformation into ‘particle-heads’ with the memes of the new super organism. This is the collective age of mankind, but the superorganism that colonizes us is no longer human but the memes and virtual screens of the metal-earth and its machines.

Eusocial love prophets that opposed the rule of money and weapons spelt first this natural goal of all systems of the organic universe that evolves parts into wholes. They became the basis of evolution of the 7 main civilizations of mankind, today broken in fractal nations competing again with money and weapons to bring about a different global supœrganism, the metal-earth. As the process of evolution of selfish-memes of metal accelerated in history thus, those civilizations broke in smaller territorial pieces called nations, defined as false divisions of the human species, carved by military borders, which stress all what makes us different to break the law of eusocial evolution of equal beings that rule the universe of parts, systems and wholes. And in time, as technology accelerated its evolution through professional industrial companies, the earlier 800 years cycles caused by overproduction of weapons and nomadic warrior tribes, according to the climatic cycle of the steppes, which poured south destroying rhythmically all life-oriented river valley civilizations, an 80 years cycle of national power, and imperial global wars set in, through the 1860s (train wars), 1940s (tank wars) and now 2020s (robotic wars), justified by those hate memes of nations. Yet of course nations disguise its true purpose – war – with cultural memes of life-oriented nature, making people believe they are defending their ‘way of life’, when they are just killing the way of life of equal human beings. So a description of nations must consider both sides of the wave of history.


The role of true social science, its politicians and economists in a natural, efficient superorganism of history.

The same laws that apply to the study on how cells becomes wholes through its connection through physiological networks, of energy, reproduction and information, apply to the way humans are organized by energetic territories, economic, re=productive networks and informative, cultural, legal networks. So we can design a perfect superorganism of Humanity just by imitating the laws of social systems, in nature, which do construct perfect superorganisms all over the place where all cells receive enough energy and information to survive. As Humanity does not manage properly its social superorganisms, they become ‘infected by lethal products, weapons and hate media which kills those social super organisms.

In the graph, we sum up the nature of History, the superorganism of mankind, and how it should be designed according to the biological Whealth humans need to thrive and survive, if the economic system was not an ill-designed parasitic system of debt slavery, born of the evolution of supremacist fetish gold cultures, in conjunction with the metal-entropic iron cultures that consider MONEY not what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods, no wealth per se, but a language that kicks the reproduction of those goods, as words do with human organisms and oxygen and hormones with biological systems – hence a language that should be delivered tool citizens-cells to start production and consumption of welfare goods, with universal salary and NO-DEBT government issues (that is not need to return the money).

The science of economics as a true social science, is the science that should manage and design  the ‘re= productive, blood-like system’ of the superorganism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose should be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes and fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’).

As those are the ± goals of all re=productive networks of Nature’s superorganisms.

And so since mankind is a superorganism, and its legal, nervous political network and re=productive blood economic network its physiological systems, politicians and economists as ‘doctors’ of history should imitate Nature in the design of such efficient superorganism, which is extremely easy since in Nature no superorganism leaves one of its citizens-cells without enough food and welfare goods they need to survive, no superorganism allow lethal goods to reproduce within the body system, and no nervous system, emits unjust ‘legal messages’ which do not treat all cells as equals and synchronize its motions.

We explain those simple facts of nature, and the proper models of social sciences, in more detail in the graphs that draws the basic structure of the superorganism of mankind, History, including an ‘economic frame of reference’ that value positive and negative goods  according to their biological utility, as organisms do.

In such a frame of reference, negative goods like weapons will have negative values, subtract from the GDP and be forbidden, because their use harm people.

And so the nervous and leukocyte, blood system would forbid and control its production.

While on the positive side we put the goods that foster the drives of life of human beings, making us thrive as individual and species. So a healthy, wealthy society with an efficient re=productive system would overproduce those goods.

This ia be done with the same system that organisms use to kick out the production of the goods its cells require: through a ‘hormonal language’ of orders controlled by the legal/nervous system that defined what to produce and what to inhibit  and a common ‘energy language’, oxygen – money in the economic system, which is given to all cells to kick out their actions of consumption and production, within the restrictions of the legal nervous system.

So a healthy wealthy economic system would be similar to the social-democratic welfare economic systems of the European Union in the XX century or China, before both systems became corrupted and changed its economy to a model of massive reproduction of lethal goods, and lack of credit for its people, imitating the economic system of American capitalism, where a few parasitic private bankers choke their people of credit, welfare, healthy goods are chronically under produced and lethal goods are massively overproduced to control and harm its population, which the corrupted political system does NOT serve, as it happens in organisms, with their neuronal system that serves the body – because the cells of the body can harm with pain the mind if it does not serve them.

In our corrupted organisms of history, akin to a cancerous body where a few cells absorb all the oxygen-money for themselves and viral germs multiply and attack the citizens-cells, nothing of this simple, obvious organization that happens in all evolved mammal systems, in all superorganisms of nature, takes place. 

RECAP. Let us not beat around the bush anymore: the question pending to fully enclose history in the mechanon process of self-extinction we are witnessing is the structure of any of those 800-80 years waves. As they are waves of evolution of machines and weapons and extinction of civilizations. So the wave-structure has 3 phases and 2 of them are of war and death; the young disordered entropic age of new weapons, not very sophisticated, lineal forms in the 800 years cycle, new ‘energy bombs’, in the 80 years cycle – which brings herds of nomadic warriors or bands of conquistadors and adventurers, who kill human bodies or minds (if the system is one of pure information in the coin cycle that dissolved human social love or the present finishing cycle of metal-minds that converted human mental skills in virtual hypnotic diahrrea…. Then in the middle there is some hope as humans seem to control the wave, and there it happens some possible humanist solutions – it is the age of sensorial art and humans resurfce again, but as NOBODY controls the radiation of metal-machines, weapons and money finally it multiplies and becomes so overwhelming that in the 3rd phase that often overlaps with the new bomb/disordered age of the next relentless cycle, top predator weapons appear and everything goes under in a explosion of war and death.

The structure of any of the 3 ages of a civilization…

It is a deterministic cycle of global genocide because human ‘enzymen’, animetals with idol-ogies of worship of weapons, money and machines NEVER stop the cycle. And we shall study it once and again till arriving to the last cycles of History in the original JAM culture – the digital cycle that took place in America, with the beginning in II world war, then quieted down a bit and left some hope just IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CYCLE, T/2, with the 68 r=evolution that failed after 4 murders. It came then ‘weimar America’, an explosion of parasitic money, and virtual screens that are reducing our children’s brain to purple rain. Everycycle has been the same brutal onslaughter of massacres of human beings and degradation of our collective subconscious. And so the present and last cycle of History – the robotic age will be exactly THE SAME.

This chapter might be difficult to believe for those huminds who have ‘bought’ the egocy (ego=idiocy) theory that the evolution of the 5th dimension into higher scalar planes of space-time, whole organisms made of parts (in the human range of scales cells made of molecules, organisms made of cells, and superorganisms of history made of humans, joined by networks of information (genetic or nervous networks in cells and human organisms, fungi & root or visual networks in plants and animal ecosystems, or verbal and financial networks in human and machine superorganisms) and energy (chemical elements in cells and plants, blood networks in animal life, agricultural fields and economic networks in history, electric and oil and road networks in machines) over a territorial space (the cytoplasm in cells, the vital space a life being occupies, the ecosystem in animal superorganisms, the network of believers in a religion, the Earth’s geography in a nation or civilization of history) ONLY exist in the scale of human being we directly perceive, with our ego.

Egocy, we explain often is an in-born paradox of the ‘Mind equation” born of the relativity principle of physics:

O-finitesimal mind x ∞ Universe = Still mind mapping

So we stop and reduce the in-form-ation, forms-in-action of the Universe into a still language to fit on the mind self-centered in our ego, and think we are the only sentient, moving, vital system of the Universe.

The scalar laws of the fifth dimension imply also that we cannot ‘perceive as whoies’, larger systems since its informative networks are invisible, its ‘dark space’ between parts appear as open distances; and the ‘hyperbolic geometry’ of its multiple parts which inversely when looking to a smaller organism, appears tighter, expands exponentially.

Those are distortions of perception through scales of the fifth dimension well-proved in Relativity physics, studied in our papers of Non-Euclidean Geometry; which is the Geometric distorted way of scalar 5D that becomes ‘elliptic’ from ∆0 the human scale to ∆+1, the slower larger scale in which the superorganism of a God, nation or civilization co-exists with its human cells, and vice-versa, becomes hyperbolic…

The fifth dimension is thus asymmetric in its geometry as a consequence of the higher volume of information of faster time clocks in smaller spaces. So you CANNOT think and perceive 5D scales the way you perceive the Euclidean geometry of a single scale.

In other words you cannot see a nation as a superorganism, the planet seems infinite and flat from your perspective and it does not move because your time cycles are much faster, etc. etc.

But then if you look at the earth from a larger cosmological scale and distance it appears as a rounded organism with a surface membrain that separates it from the Universe and if you see it at slow-mo it will turn in cycles.

You cannot either see the networks of the metal-earth through which its ‘red-cell like’ transport units of energy, transfer it for machines to feed, but from above you see its oil-ducts, its electric networks and its arteries with those white cells called police cars, roaming among the red cells, transport machines.

Finally, networks of information as they are much faster often non-local, causing the simultaneity of a system in space-time, are ‘invisible’ to the parts of the whole, which at best ‘feel that simultaneous pegging’, the force that puts together parts into a whole, the gravitational force in matter, the mystical force that pegs humans into larger eusocial wholes felt as an e-motion of love.

Gravitation is invisible but pegs us to Earth; electricity pegs atoms into molecules, we do NOT see the inner parts of our organism, only its membrain but we know they are there, etc.

All spaces are mental selective spaces, constructed by perceiving only a part of the total information, almost all at our planes of space-time reason why humans have not even if stience started with the discovery of other scales of space-time, understood 5D metric laws –as they are mostly ‘visual minds’ that need e-vidence which our eye-scale will never provide. We cannot dissect the entire illogic geometry of the 5th dimension – there are other papers for that. We can neither beyond reason overcome your egocy and faulty senses, so you are free to keep your beliefs and ignore the patterns and reasons based in the Disomorphisms and homologies between scales and the data of History and the behavior of cells part of superorganisms of History, religions, civilizations, nations and economic ecosystems whose life and death we are going to describe.

Because Gods exists, nations exist, civilizations exist and eco(nomic)systems exist as superorganisms, hence susceptible to be described in time through its life and death worldcycle, space through its networks that make them a simultaneous superorganism, through minds, based in a language of information that pegs its parts together, through scales with the same laws that we have described and connect parts and wholes, through entropy setting its limits in those scales, vital space and temporal duration.

And that is the basis of the stience of History, in its factual description of the superorganisms of mankind and those of machines (properly the field of economics, which studies the reproductive network of a superorganism of History and soon will study a superorganism OF ONLY COMPANY-MOTHERS.


So we are using the simplest 5D laws and metrics to define the life and death of those 4 superorganisms co-existing on Earth, as part of its nested larger planet, and its 2 relative ages of History and the Metal-earth:

– A verbal religion and God is the upper plane of existence of a simultaneous system of ethic laws, believed and obeyed by a group of human beings, who ‘support’ as its cellular energy the ‘emergence’ of the God as the subconscious mind of the whole network of believers.

– An industrial, economic organism, is a system of company-mothers of machines and weapons joined by digital networks of information and energy for those machines, which ‘still’ uses human enzymen, catalyzers of its re=production and vitalizers of its function, but fast evolving into a automated robotic, computerized superorganism of only ‘metalife machines’.

So those two superorganisms, a human religion and a company-mother ARE essentially even if they might use ‘catalyzers’, books of revelation, instruments of cult, churches, factories, human workers, etc. pure superorganisms of humanity and pure superorganisms of metalife.

– An economic ecosystem, civilization or nation, is a mixed superorganism of human beings and instrumental memes, mostly of metal (entropic weapons, reproductive go(l)d and organic machines), in which both species have relationships of symbiosis and predation in consumption, production, work and war fields.

A civilization belongs to the longer simpler, larger 800 cycles of History, which accelerated its density and speed of information in the Industrial age, reducing its size, speeding up its cycles to a human generation of 80 years.

So we have defined in space and time, according to 5D metrics (S x T = C, which means larger organisms have slower time cycles, so the Earth has slow geological cycles, the atom much faster cycles, the cell much faster cycles than the human organism with its 70-80 years cycles, slower than a historic superorganism with a decametric longer life of ±700-800 years cycles; but equal to the 70-80 years cycle of Industrial nations.

Why those decametric scales of life and death of a generation or ‘culture’ or ‘god of mankind’?

The answer is that while before the arrival of metal, the Organisms of History in its Paleolithic entropic youth or Neolithic agricultural reproductive mature age were immortal, stable over the Earth, the arrival of metal-weapons started an 800 cycle of we have explained above that KILLS SUPERORGANISMS OF MANKIND, and its verbal informative nervous networks, which we call ‘Gods of civilizations’.

This is also hard to swallow by your little egocy (ego=idiocy), which thinks you control history and as minions of thought of the Anglo-American civilization repeat ‘weapons don’t kill, humans do’. LOL put a gun-machine on automated mood and just cross in front of it. Weapons DO EVOLVE, DO KILL in increasing numbers and have every 800 years murdered superorganisms of mankind by liquidating a sizeable number of its cells, so as you will die if you loose a 10 to 25% of your cells, unless you are so lucky they are just the most expendable ‘limbic |-systems’ and you have a master surgeon just in time to stop the bleeding, wars kill superorganisms, and then what comes in the next 800 years cycle is something else – a new generation.

We can argue which of the 3 ‘states’ of a group of clone beings, the field state of disaggregated entropy, the wave state of organized anarchy, or the hierarchical state of tighter particle a given ensemble of human beings find itself at certain STage of evolution through those 800-80 years cycles according to ‘density of population’, modes of life, and ‘age of existence’ between seminal birth in the mind of a prophet or technological instrument for radiations of weapons; and will find all those states extant in religions, nations and civilizations in different ages of time and space. BUT I want waste more time trying to reason with egocy beliefs of minions of thought – most of humans today in the selfie mode of entropic heat, as a thermodynamic canonical ensemble of self-destructive gaseous dog-eat-dog mindless, over facts so evident for a true stientist that all what he has to do is to expose the facts, show the patterns of history and develop the stientific description of the pentalogic elements of those civilizations through its 3 life ages, 3 generations and 80-800 accelerated cycles, which are killing FASTER human superorganisms as the evolution of technology ACCELERATES towards its point of collapse from wave into particle, calculated easily with fractal topological methods with a point of maximal probability density circa 2036.

That’s where you are, in the entropic final dissolution of the cells of History with almost all ‘historic gods’ past its 3 life generations, of founding fathers, prophets, reproductive loose waves of disciples, and final disaggregated field age. Since unlike physical stable systems that last in time, as Humanity lasted in its Paleolithic youth and reproductive Neolithic, the arrival of animetal herds of parasitic warriors and bankers, who ab=use and destroy Gaia and mankind with its weapons and metal-money of affine values, mankind became NO LONGER the top predator EVOLVING ORGANISM IT ONCE WAS on command OF EARTH’S MEMBRAIN, during its Paleolithic and Neolithic youth, but it reversed its arrow from growth of information to growth of entropy, thus its fractal generator as a space-time superorganism which in a healthy system that completes its entire life runs in space and time as follows:

  • -∆-1 seed<∆º: Present:Ts-emotional youth<ST-reproductive maturity>St-informative 3rd age<<∑∆-1 entropic death

So you are born as a seed that multiply and reproduce its genes in clone cells becoming an organism in ‘particle-informative configuration’, a born child with a big head, which soon will start to move and grow in its youth, to mature and reproduce, and age with more form, more wrinkles and information…. Till the death reversal happens in a single quanta of time (as conception did), dissolving back into ∆-1…

And that is how a civilization, nation or religious God would proceed IF WE WERE THE DOMINANT SUPERORGANISM OF EARTH, but we are NOT. Since the arrival of herds of animetals in entropic state, evolving soon into herds of nomadic e-motional warriors, who conquered and destroyed human civilizations, and finally acquire a tight particle configuration as industrial nations, ab=using mankind as workers reproducers of machines and weapons accelerating the cycle of ‘global world wars’ to a mere 80 years generation, human civilizations, its nations and highest pure form as religions and Gods sustained by minds, developed an inverse equation:

∆-1: Prophet:memetic seed<∆)Informative hierarchical church-particle state<Wave of mystical believers<entropic field corrupted and/or annihilated by new hordes of animetals, go(l)d churches and inquisitions<∆-1: death.


This is the essence of the superorganisms of History and its worldcycle, and we shall describe them for the 7 civilizations of mankind in 3 volumes, the I on Africa and Anglo-America, the II on Asia and Europe, the III on Islam, Indonasia and Latin-America, in an entangled manner, through its ages, and life and death of its wor(l)d religions and r=evolutionary periods, intersected by the hordes of animetals born of a technological seed that becomes a monstrous wave of warriors on the loose that evolve into a tighter particle empire or industrial nation to die again on the flows of time. As all shall pass.

Let us briefly introduce first before studying those 7×800 +4 x80 years cycles of old and modern industrial history and its entanglement with every aspect of human life, THE 7 CIVILIZATIONS OF MANKIND that went through those cycles of life and deaths and its 3 ages between prophetic birth and war extinction, as all of them apply to both, the European and Asian civilizations:

Historians define a civilization by two kind of remains: instruments and ideas; but in a more profound, biological way, bio-history defines a civilisation as a super organism of human beings joined by blood=economic networks of reproduction of energy and legal=verbal=informative networks; so there is a direct relationship between the human individual, its wantings and mind, and that of the super organism of history (its art forms, economic welfare and just, verbal laws, its daughter cultures and memes); which makes SO easy if social sciences dominated history to ‘define’ and ‘improve’ according to the laws of super organisms a perfect world of human civilisations.

Civilizations and nations.  Its supœrganisms in space and cyclical ages in time.

Abvove a space time analysis of historic supœrganisms through its ‘physiological networks’ and ‘worldcycles’ as any ‘superorganism of temporal energy and spatial information’, made to the image and likeness of the fractal, organic Universe – the scientific paradigm of systems sciences and theory of information, we use in this paper to model the super organisms of history, as opposed to the earlier, primitive view of reality as a ‘mechanism’ put in motion by a ‘creationist’ God (consider to read then first the theoretical minimum, on the philosophy of science of bio-history in the articles, ‘science is culture’ or for a more-in-depth analysis, ‘5Dimensional space-time organisms): The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks are the fundamental element of any super organism that sustain its ‘molecular, cellular or citizen systems’ (physical, biological and social super organisms). Hence its collapse due to force stress, germ sicknesses and overproduction of historic germs=weapons and its symbiotic money in cyclical ages of wars that kill civilizations (pecunia infinita belli Nervi), MEANS the death of the civilization, with the ensuing death of its citizens-cells or its ‘mental erasing and imprinting’ of its subconscious collective mind by the conquering civilization with a more complex technological system. Because the subconscious collective of a human civilization is as in an individual its visual and verbal worldview, at collective level that role is taken by ethic wor(l)ds, and art, which also go through 3 similar organic ages of a young epic dramatic age when the new cycle of the civilization takes, place, a mature age of classic art and welfare, and a baroque 3rd age of excessive metal-information and human angst, as the demise of a culture corrupted by the overproduction of metal-memes seems closer. So Religions are the ethic/visual collective mind of a culture, expressed by a seed of its informative neuronal class made of artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilization; expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Abrahamic religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of its culture.

The 3 scales of human life go through 3 ages between its 5D generation by an informative genetic, seminal seed or prophetic form whose memes reproduce and evolve into a cultural super organism, and 4D entropic death, at ∆-1 cell level by apoptosis, ∆º individual by germs and ∆+1 social level, by war memes, foreseen in the angst baroque age of its subconscious collective – the artistic and ethic work of its human neurons

SO any supœrganism of History dies, when the overproduction of weapons brings nomadic warriors of the 800 year climatic cycle, or the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex switches placebo democracies, into military ‘defense’ of the freedoms of the nation, in each of the 4 generational cycles of the Industrial r=evolution masterminded by the globalized Anglo-American culture, which enters in a ‘fascist’ age of war along its brother cultures of ‘democratic Europe’.

It is for that reason that as all cultures become extinguished, they enter as an old man in his late life, aware of its entropic death and dissolution, a final ‘swan song’ of conservatism, trying to preserve the increasingly irrelevant memes of its cultures and nations, stultified by dogma and increasingly a ‘baroque’ empty formalism of ceremonial nature, void of its ‘vital meaning’ powerless and preserved by routine cyclical repetition.

 Birth, reproduction and death of civilizations.

We said that cultures resemble living systems. They go through the same cycles of birth, reproduction and death:

—  Wor(l)d cultures are born as organisms do, out of a single prophet or a few legislative ‘cells’ that reproduce their ideas into many believer-minds. So Christianity is born in the mind of Jesus Christ that first replicates his mind into 12 disciples, which replicate the ethic wor(l)d into thousands of roman believers, further expanded into billions of other minds; while America is born in the mind of a few legislators that craft its constitution, expanded into laws, obeyed and believed today by all American citizens.

—  Then, when the religious or legal culture reaches its maturity, it often reproduces in another zone of space-time, creating a daughter civilization or colony.

—  Finally, in its 3rd age, when its ethic laws and networks of information become corrupted by money and weapons or become obsolete to a new, more evolved civilization, the culture dies, substituted by the new one. And a new cycle starts.

Similarly, technological civilizations, based in monetary and military systems, are born when a new form of money or a weapon is discovered and reproduced in growing numbers by a small horde, which becomes an army, which conquers a nation and becomes a ruling aristocracy that imposes his customs and controls the citizens of the nation with the icon-weapon of that civilization.

Birth: the prophet, the weapon.

In both kinds of civilizations (human, artistic, historic civilizations or animetal, economic civilizations) either an ideology or book of ideas, (a network of human information) or a species of metal, money, weapons or machines, becomes the language of power, which defines the civilization. Ideas and metal-instruments together shape history. For that reason scholars divide history into the age of bronze, the age of iron empires, the age of chivalry (middle ages), the cannon age (modern age) and the atomic age. Yet there is also the Christian age in Europe or the Buddhist age in Asia, when we focus on the verbal language of the civilization; or the age of coins, or the age of paper money and stocks, or the age of e-money, when we focus in the language of metal-information.

Reproduction: daughter cultures.

At the same time a civilization develops and expands its ideas and metal-forms, which carry that civilization to success, it eliminates previous civilizations. In this manner, successful civilizations reproduce their genetic ideas and machines into other regions of the Earth, creating colonies, daughter cultures and self-similar eco(nomic)systems. Like it happens in nature, the daughter civilization is often a more evolved species, where the ideas and instruments of the previous civilization are improved. So the Assyrians were defeated by the Persians, who had copied and improved their weapons, iron and cavalry. Yet Persian art and its animetal myths and customs would be similar to those of Assyria. For example, in Arabia stirrup cavalry brought a civilization that expanded west till reaching al-mandalas (south Spain). That stirrup civilization migrated to America and colonized the south-west, giving origin to the old, far west civilization, based in horse and cattle ranching. In that territory, the horse civilization flourished between the 17th and 20th centuries, when the fundamental icon-species of the culture, the horse, became extinguished as a carrier of goods and human beings by the car, a more efficient transport machine. The example shows the dynamic quality of the life of civilizations. They are born, reproduce and become extinct through the evolution of objects and words, the memetic elements of all civilizations, equivalent to the genetic codes of biological organisms. Thus, in the same manner biologists can scientifically organize the data they have about species through genetic information; the bio-historian can study the birth, reproduction and extinction of history and its civilizations, thanks to memetic, cultural forms: the wor(l)ds and metal-instruments of each culture.

Death of civilizations. The artistic prophet.

Civilizations also die, when another civilization with more efficient ideologies of social evolution or better machines, comes along and destroys the old civilization. Then, once the new civilization has destroyed the old civilization, it reforms the energy cells=citizens of the dead civilization to its image and likeness, as a predator does with the DNA-cells of his victims: a predator feeds on the energy of a victim’s body that becomes partially wasted and partially transformed into cells of the predator. This also happens in organic civilizations: part of the human energy is wasted by war and the remaining humans are transformed into believers of the predator civilization. The Spanish killed ±70% of the Aztecs and the rest became Christians. It was the death of the Aztec civilization. Now Mexicans are ‘Spaniards’, even if its genes are ‘mongoloid’ and they love bashing, as all children do, their own parents.

Thus, when ideas and instruments change, the civilization changes. The iron civilization of Rome is not the same as the middle ages civilization of stirrup weapons imposed by German warriors. The roman civilization had been destroyed by ‘stirrup animetals’ of the Germanic civilization. Again such ‘civilization’ is not the gunpowder civilization of Italy during the renaissance. Gunpowder wiped out chivalry and a new civilization was born. Nor is Ammon-Egypt the same as Greek-Christian Egypt, or Arab-Muslim Egypt. In this case, the verbal ideology changed and the old Egyptian civilization became extinct.

The 3±1 ages of Art.

Art is the mind of civilizations, organisms of history. As such it also goes through 3±1 ages: an epic, lineal youth; a realist, classic age and a 3rd baroque age of excessive in-form-ation.

Historic facts are conclusive about the extinctive process of human civilizations at the hands of weapons: Copper appears in the Upper Neolithic and displaces the stone cultures of the Paleolithic. But copper is not very strong and its capacity to extinguish=kill human species is mild. Next, bronze appears and swords become perfect energetic=lineal species, able to cut and kill human bodies at ease. The first social castes of hard warriors take control of history. They expand worldwide. And wherever they go, they extinguish previous human cultures. They establish hierarchical societies, controlled by metal masters, backed by weapons. Hierarchies are then implemented through legal codes, epic, rhetoric art and social and religious rituals, built around the Top Predator icon weapon and the warrior caste that considers itself chosen of God, with rights to govern and prey over all other human beings. Ever since, animetal ideologies of history have imposed their subjective truths and myths with the power of technological death and rhetoric art. Yet at the same time art becomes shallow and corrupted, the best artists, whose essence is to be the wor(l)d and eyes of human thought, denounce that death in a baroque, ‘angst’ period of art. Since art is to a social organism what the mind is to a biological organism. And so in the same manner our mind goes through 3±1 ages, parallel to those of the body in his vision of reality, in a social organism art goes through the same 3±1 ages, but in a longer scale—that of the life of the civilization and its multiple neurons, the human artists that perceive the society, as it is born in a young age of enthusiasm, matures and finally collapses in the angst of death: 

Lineal Young, Art: The Warrior, Epic Age of Civilizations.

Young art is lineal, epic, dramatic, simple, energetic, as the new weapons and conquering warriors that found the civilization are. The Greek and Roman hordes of Hoplites and Legionaries or the Middle Age hordes of Stirrup horses leave cultural remains that follow those lineal forms, fostered by their military obsession with death: Greek Kuroi statues, Roman Temples, Romanesque Christianity, Calvinist churches in the XVII, Egyptian Pyramids in the Old Empire . . .

Classic Art: The Reproductive, Monetary Age of Civilizations.

After an age of total war, those metal-masters, the elite of the civilization, evolve their cultural rituals and use cyclical money to control people in a milder way than the hordes of warriors. It is the second horizon or trader, reproductive age of the culture, of maximal wealth, when it reaches its apogee. Lineal Greek Kuroi become the realist sculptures of Phidias. The simple, Romanesque cathedral grows in informative height and light, in the classic Gothic. It is the age of Athens, Augustus or XIX C. England. Often in this age, the civilization reproduces in other regions through empire building. The austere Republic expands into the Roman Empire. Inquisitorial Spain reproduces into Latin America. Puritan England expands its empire in multiple clone colonies.

Baroque Art: The Extinctive Age of a Civilization.

But sooner or later a new weapon=war radiation takes place and the civilization dies. It is its 3rd horizon; the artistic or baroque age of maximal information and creativity in art. The culture looks inwards, as it becomes constrained by a new horde of ‘barbarians ad portas’. We are now in the Hellenistic age of tortuous sculpture; when Macedonians and Romans dominate Greece; or the lower Roman Empire, when German warriors invade it. It is the XV century of Christianity, the baroque, Ornamental Gothic, when gunpowder and coins break the Church’s control on society. It is Post II World War England, when the dollar and the Atomic bomb have substituted the Pound and the Gunboat. So now England offers rock stars, Bacon and Orwell, who show the decadence of the Human Wor(l)d at the end of the II Kondratieff cycle.

The 3±1 ages of art in the main civilizations of history.

Lineal art and epic literature belong to the first age of a culture that copies and worships weapons and warrior power. Cyclical art and realistic, sensory literature belong to the age of traders and cyclical coins. Finally, there is a massive explosion of humanistic and prophetic art and literature in the baroque age, when artists foresee extinction. We see those baroque tendencies in all dying cultures:

The Paleolithic men had a final burst of creativity in his baroque age, prior to extinction. It is the age of cave paintings that tried to bring back the hunting, which hot weather and farmers with copper weapons (Chalcolithic), were taking away from them. Yet again, when the European, Copper Neolithic becomes extinct by bronze warriors, it leaves its artistic, religious masterpieces—the megaliths of Stonehenge. When Italy is colonized by Lutheran and Iberian hordes, it produces its Baroque art of maximal in-form-ation. When Greece is taken by Macedonians, it starts the Hellenistic age. In the age of the machine, humanist art is becoming extinct by technological art and real culture becomes baroque. In the 20s, the extinction of realistic painting by photography and film brings the baroque Picasso that portrays blue corpses, foreseeing the bodies of the Holocaust. In the American cycle the extinction of literature by TV programs made by corrupted artists, working for a mass-media that glorifies violence, brings the response of real art in baroque films like Matrix or Terminator that foresee our demise by machines. But Human artists and prophets can’t change the animetal aristocracies and plutocracies of any culture, which have a strict mental ‘agenda’, based in his mechanist beliefs, inquisitions of thought and go(l)d religions. Indeed, today, when the entire system crumbles, our leaders hope to cure it, giving more money to bankers, making more ‘splendid little wars’1, evolving even further the robotic technology that makes us obsolete as workers and soldiers. It is the Human Baroque, when Robots become Terminators, foreseen decades ago by artists. Let us then see those 7 cycles of death, not only from the ‘official’ perspective of our ‘corrupted scholar’ culture that glorifies the empire building of those warriors and the mechanist discoveries of our scientists, but also through the eyes of those artists of human thought that ‘know better’.


To understand the formalism of ¬Æxistential ¡logic applied to 800-80 civilizations and nations, we shall study now the general example of any wave of existence of the Universe, with its 3 phases, maximal and standing points, and initial and final conditions (§eed and entropy points) and then apply it to A MODEL civilization, Warrior Rome, the paradigm of Mercenary empires of the coin cycle; so we HAVE a template for all the all existential waves of History that future bio-historians can apply to the analysis of any God, nation or civilization of the Paleolithic & Neolithic cycles & the 800 Metallic cycles x7 & 80x 4 Machine cycles x 7 geographical civlilizations of history. How many waves of the superorganism of the ideal History exist, depends on the fractal degree of detail. If we discount those of individual nations that further sub-divided mankind through the mechanical cycle, and take the youth and maturity when numbers are rounded, we get the number 91 which is in all games of space-time symmetries near the limit of death – just 9 away from 100 variations of form.

What interest us here though is the fact that all those waves live and die through the 3 ages of any wave of existence, and have its standing points that determine the pass from its youth to its mature age to its old age, with a standing point in the middle of max. Energy for the system, which tends to be a point of change, normally of a failed brief r=evolution followed by a decline signaled by an empire static attempt to conserve the system. And to ‘limiting points of birth as a §eed of a prophet of the wor(l)d, new form of money or new weapons and an end when a new horde of animetals, a new form of money or a new religion starts the decline of the wave. And all those points are the same of any ‘wave of existence of an organism of space-time.

So first let us consider the general wave of Existence as a space-time graph of the 3 ages of any T.œ (ab. Timespace superorganism), from waves of light with its 3 superposed young blue, reproductive green and entropic dying red color (in a spectra continuum that the mind of man divides through trilogic), to those of life:

Calculus on the function of existence.

In pure mathematical terms, the analysis is done with calculus. The immediate question is how to write the worldcycle of existence in calculus; which is immediate: ∫∆st = 0’

Its usefulness for History becomes more clear when we consider the standing points and draw the function= worldcycle of existence in terms of the SxT existential momentum of its 3 ages.

Since the function of exist¡ence. G (ST), which in 5D we call ‘existential momentum’ or ‘existential force’ (when its is acted by the 5 Dimotions of the being), encodes it all; all the time phases of a superorganism are defined within its ‘Gaussian form’ in space, (statistical growth of populations) or its wave form in time (life-death cycle). Its standing and limiting points define those ages:

0-point or seed, either a mental prophet in a human culture or a weapon in animetal civilizations (whereas cultures are purely human mental forms, religions, rational minds) and civilizations start as pure metal-systems that latter merge with a culture or give birth in its middle point to a human prophet.

µ-entropic point, or limit of death; when the energy and information of the system collapses, returning fast to ∆-1, in a quanta of time.

Between them, there will be a T/2 point at G’ of maximal ‘energy and information’ at S=T, or point of reproduction, where the most interesting events happen (in history often a r=evolutionary point, or a point of expansion of the animetal culture into empire)

There are 2 more standing canonic points at G” when the function changes curvature, normally at T/4, that means a change of ST- age from a youth of maximal growth (0, T/4) to maturity that spans from T/4 to 3T/4 with growth from T/4 to T/2 and diminution, from T/2 to 3T/4, which is the reproductive age of maximal duration (T/2).

We then enter at 3T/4 into the 3rd age of the being, till T, the point of death.

So some general rules of those waves: T/2 normally is the best point for successful reproduction, of a parallel wave, which means as the daughter generation reproduces again at T/2, the grand-son connects in its 1st age with the end of the grand-father 3rd age.

Variations on the ideal wave of existence are multiple but its causal and sequential form is maintained. And the laws of ‘¬Æxistential algebra’ (the branch of Æ=¡-logic that studies the function of existence), are maintained (see papers on 5D mathematics and logic for those in-depth laws of the program of existence).

I.e. in cells that reproduce, the ‘death, 3rd’ age actually splits the cell into two, becoming also the birth of 2 new entities which are different from the mother cell – and this is one of the best strategies for immortality.

So this is a variation of the causal order. Another interesting variation is the double cycle of Insects with its larva and hard insect dual existences, which is likely in the macro-planetary scale the process we assist on Earth, with life the ‘watery’ soft larva state, which now Enzymen catalyze to reproduce a hard metal-earth; as it is exactly the same process – when a larva forms a chrysalis, evolution accelerates because enzymes within the larva start to construct harder parts, and then when the brain of the hard-insect=internet is formed, it reproduces massively a hard enzyme=robot that kills all soft ‘enzymen’ – the last soft larva species to die…

Disomorphims and homology makes therefore the animetal function obvious: we are the final life function that kills life, mutates Earth and gets killed by the Intranet-robotic ITO this century. Of course, when after developing 30 years ago the full model of 5D starting from its logic and Non-Euclidean mathematics, building up stiences; resolving quantum gravity, unifying forces, and all those childish questions that entertain our egocy physicists and will NEVER resolve with lineal time and continuous space (as is a fractal unification equation)… and then went into Biology, resolving the topological laws of evolution and all its scalar phases… I thought, uau! You are a genius and then alas, I resolved the function of existence of History, and realized I was just Faustus and had learned the meaning of evil=death, bit any attempt to do the Cassandra game has failed, ever since, since idol-ogical enzymen are busy-busy building its metal-earth so they can murder their sons till the 7th generation, as they are the 7th seal, the 7th civilization, the 7-number of the age of death when not even the memory of our existence, a soft path on a melting desert of sand and snow, from where those animetals came, erases itself.

Below the full wave of Human civilizations and next the animetal warrior wave of Rome and its standing points, which are a model for all variations of the 3 ages and 7 x 800 + 4 x 80 x 7 civilizations, and the founding state of two cultures, Europe and Latin-America, the last ones studied by ‘alphabetic’ order in those ever expanding series:

The standing points of the 3 ages Rome follow those of any wave of existence. Below the 3 wave ages of its visual I=eye and verbal Wor(l)ds to illustrate some general features of all cultural and technological fractal generators.

Regarding animetal 4D scientific obsession with digital patterns, notice the wor(l)d resurrection wave appears at T/2, with the birth of Christ, which renews the message of eusocial love against the eternal coalition of Germanic ‘Roman warriors’ (Pilatus) and $emite bankers (Caiaphas). It will be also the point of birth of the 3rd God in the 3rd Age of Judaism, (Genesis, Exodus, Torah), a quanta of time prior to its extinction (70 years before the destruction of the temple) which closes its function of existence (Roman Holocaust), in a pattern repetitive through all the life and death cycles of Judaism in the 800-80 years wave with all its verbal prophets ignored by the dwindling number of Go(l)d survivors, studied on the different analysis of the Jewish wave.

It will also be the point of maximal SxT existential momentum of the warrior death and maximal reproduction, as the Republic becomes the Empire and Augustus achieves its maximal expansion (annexing Egypt, Galaica, Limes, Norica, failing on Germania). So the Empire starts its decline.

The wave lasted 797 as it was the dominant world wave of the coin=mercenary age of weapons-war, and the waves of the original seed ARE always more regular (hence the exact waves of 80 years machine radiation happen only in the JAM, ab. Jewish-Anglo-American AniMetal, Metallic, Metal-earth, Machine, Money and Military wave… or yessss, the M word becomes self repetitive, ad nauseaM.. so they said in Rome. All other waves are distorted according to the ‘reception of the seeding and extinctive waves’ from the Generator culture-source hence its time variation (i.e Kondratieff’s 50 y. steam wave ARE the Russian variation that received it latter. The original UK wave is exact, 72 y. from Watt’s steam to train crash: 1784-1857)

The T/4 standing points are youth of maximal purity with nomisma money and moral warriors ends at the point of maximal Growth Speed (Punic wars), when Gold and silver from Levant Temple cultures corrupts the Republic which enters its ‘realist’ age, also in art, moving from the epic, dramatic youth, to its classic time of pleasure, once ‘Carthago Delenda est’… the lineal wolf of the myth, fortifying its people with milk, converted into libations of Baccus… finally the T/4 point happens after the Province Emperors of the two hardest military conquered cultures, the Masters of horse racing at the end of the 800 year wave, the Iberians, and the strongest Yamna survivors, the Yugoslavians (from Trajan to Diocletian) fail to conquer the vital space that cold have made Rome stable (Vistula-San-Dniester-Caucasus-Caspius-Iranian Deserts-Arabian-Saharan-Deserts-Atlantic… which Trajan tried to form but was poisoned likely by the revenge of the Jewish Babylonian go(l)d masters at the doors of Harran, where long ago had arrived through the copper river of Euphrates, carrying the book of Genesis, flying the Siberian Charioters from UR III the final stage of the Fertile Crescent 3 cycles of city-cultures, to found the III waves of Judaism, 2000-1200 genesis, 1200-400 exodus, ±400… death and rebirth, split into the humanist new jewish wave – Gospel Christianity and hardened Go(l)d culture – Babylonian Talmud; who will go again as a new civilization – now a pure go(l)d culture without any ambivalence through 3 800 cycles to end also in a final Holocaust (Nazi Germany).

So another wave studied in great detail in those texts are the 3+3 waves of Judaism – now being transferred through AI programs of parasitic financial corporations into pure e-money flows, in the globalized 3 final waves of mankind, the metal-mind age, closed in 2008, the robotic age, of maximal reproduction of AI that will extinguish man, till 2088, when there will be no memory of our species, save those names the first robots will keep from the Military Roman and Go(l)d culture – Guardium IX the responsible for the final Holocaust, Predator IX, the responsible for the American Holocaust, Legio Geminis… you can use your imagination to give the plot a bit of salt and pepper but don’t over do, we are just dust of space-time and to dust we shall return as ‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’ Poetics, Aristotle. Along those pages we focus on 3 type of lanwaves (ab.language-waves), warrior languages of which Rome is the paradigm, monetary civilization and its lanwaves, whose paradigm is, Go(l)d Judaism and religious lanwaves with the Christian Wor(l)d as paradigm. Let us then apply all those laws of lanwaves to the accelerated 80 years cycle of the machine age, which are accelerated decametricaly, more complex in its systems and based not in love wor(l)ds but hate memes as now metal-communicators take the place of verbal prophets, while industrial nations take the palce of civilizations, and companies of governments:.


In the graph, the Industrial R=evolution is the Evolution of ‘Memes of metal’, Machines & weapons, systems made of hard metal (iron) and Money, a digital language made of informative metal (gold, also used in the chip connections of computer cycles, now converted into e-money). So we can divide its evolution in the same phases that evolve any organism, and consider in history the nation that evolves  them to be in each phase of the Industrial revolution the top nation of the world as it will use its ‘eviL=anti-live’ twins, weapons, to conquer the world. Thus, those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±8/9 years product cycle crashes of the train-based economy.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

–  It came the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+8/9 years after 1929:

– Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines dominated by robots, solar Industries and China. Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution.              .

Money, likely a crypto currency independent of man, will become then the digital informative, ‘memetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

.     As the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines HAS A biological function -to evolve and re=produce them, made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then the minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains.

Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together, we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life.

Each 72 year cycle of evolution of machines subdivide as any biological cycle of organisms or species in 3 sub horizons, the young discovery age, the reproductive, mature age and the old age, followed by a top predator mutation after a crash of population that brings a war cycle. In the graph the electronic age which in terms of machines can be divided into the TV-eye age, the Chip-Computer age, and the ear-mobile-internet age, after which we enter the age of robotic wars and vigilante big brother, as chips automate corporations, robots throw us of labor and war fields, and the internet becomes the global mind of the Metal-earth directing ‘chemically’ internally its enzymen cells, human beings, with its Financial-Media networks, now switching into military robotic networks, which will consume us at the height of the war cycle: 2036.

How can I be so sure of those dates? Easy, there is a shorter 9 x 8 years cycle that mimics the duration of the 8 phases of a life cycle, from youth to extinction, with an accelerated ‘genesis’ of birth, the 9 months of explosive growth of the new species. So it happened with the internet companies in 1999, and then went through the 9 years cycle to the crash of 2008 and again another 9 years cycle; so happened if you look at the graph from 1946 when the crash of the war starts the TV-age and then with the chip era that started with the crash of the Dollar it predated over, since 1973… The cycles are thus exact, biological, as phases of evolution of new species. And now we enter in the robotic cycle; and that one will be the last of mankind, as robots ARE a full living species that will extinguish us. Point. Those are the laws of biological economics, of stocks of machines and its prediction is as exact as your life-death cycle of 72 years and its biological 8 lifecycles, which the old Taoist culture already knew as Baguas. What is the present age? We have passed the for so long announced 2008 molting crisis into the robotic era, which is then equivalent to the post-II world war age of bonanza in the TV-era or the post civil war bonanza of the electrochemical age – the highest, longest growing period of the Metalearth which humans chair as a wonderful age of progress, discovery and reproduction of the new machines with full employment as enzymen must overeproduce billions of robots.

So the age of crisis when a r=evolution was possible passed with the 2008 crisis and the failure of this writer and others, or movements like Occupy wall street to change the eco(nomic)system into one that would serve all humans

So the IDOL-OGY of power in the western world, which considers the Universe a machine, hence our evolution of machines becomes the synonymous of progress, must be reverted to understand history and economics, as two different superorganisms, of two different ages of Gaia, since machines are merely ‘organisms of metal’, we humans evolve by imitating our metal organs in machines, increasing our perceived energy and information but at the same time, being displaced competing with them in labor and war fields, and becoming ‘atrophied’ in our life organs by the use of those machines – so as we live in the age of metal-minds our sons are becoming ‘stupid’, atrophied by virtual screens, loosing its social, verbal and mathematical skills:


In the graph, the 80 years cycles of modern History seem to be completely different from those of the old civilizations but they have as all waves of existence essentially the same in structure. In the case of machines they derive from the discovery of a new form of ‘energy’, which is used first as engine and bomb. So chemical energy became first gunpowder, and then as steam became an engine and then a transport and finally the transport becomes a weapon. So the cycles of machines tart with energy bombs and end with weapon machines and only in the middle as a transport consumption machine they are good to man. Again the second cycle below, it started with dynamite bombs and electrochemical engines, then they were applied after the age of discovery, in a mature, reproductive age of maximal production, to cars and after its overproduction armored cars=tanks and armored planes=bombers became its 3rd age of maximal evolution as weapons

The same happen with the metal-mind age, when computers started as bombs, researching the calculus of A-bombs, then were used in good machines but finally each of those computer machines has been used in the present neo-colonial neo-fascist age as weapons.

Finally the AI robotic era has started with mindless weapons – drones still managed by humans throwing bombs – and will evolve after its bomb age into tools of reproduction of other machines (automated companies) but will END AS ALL as mechanical weapons, now killing people NOT as drone bombers but with all kind of precision – from swarms of insect robots killing us, to platoons directed by satellites. It will be the birth of the metal-earth. And so the cycles that have been happening with absolute precision for 30 years since we first described them will keep happening

The war and profits lanwave: the 3 ages of machines. The new synergies of money and weapons:

We need to understand that the rhythm of death of human superorganisms accelerated with the arrival of company-mothers that professionalized the evolution and reproduction of machines and weapons to 3 ages, from 800 to 80 years cycles, defining an animetal superorganism as the inverse of the previous wave of civilizations in which they prey; so we can write the equation for the herd system of animetals and weapons as an inverse wave of an evolving predator over the ‘field of human ethic believers’ they prey on as follows:

∆-1: discovery of a new type of energy: ∆º entropic age as ‘bomb’/power source<reproductive age as transport machines> Informative age as top predator machines=weapons of maximal complexity: War and death of the human superorganism as prey of an economic ecosystem of maximal GDP growth in money & machines=weapons

That’s how it works. Never mind the parasitic money people-castes of Financial, Mechanical, Military idol-ogists that today pass as ‘scientists of history and economics’ deny the obvious fact, perfectly proved by data That the most expensive, perfect machine is always a weapon, that it comes in the final informative age of maximal evolution of the machine, that it preys on human life, that it kills nations, religions and civilizations and its human cells, that the maximal gdp of any nation is achieved by virtue of the synergy of maximal value and production with parasitic money of weapons in the age of war, when parasitic debt money, weapons, war and corpses multiply: Animetals are 4D Lineal Time ST-upids, in the sense of Schopenhauer: a ‘stupid is a man that doesn’t understand the causality of events, including classic economists and nationalist politicians that don’t to get it.

We repeat. maximal GDP growth of any industrial nation always happened in ages of war when the maximal number of corpses pile up, reason why company-mothers switch to war state and change the production of machines for weapons. Machines do have 3 ages, as entropic energy/ bomb, transport peaceful machine and top predator weapons. And this complex system of superorganisms of the Industrial age with its phases and states guided by animetals with its racist segregation memes against mankind based in synergies between hate memes, top predator machines and its 3 ages, IS just a complex version of the 800 years cycles that preceded them, which also start with the discovery of a weapon, in its simplest lineal form, becomes then a herd of warrior animetals and finally acquires its most complex form as an army in control of a nation, today disguised by placebo democracies and other false freedoms which have never prevented companies to corrupt politicos when the profits of the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles are required, as it happens these days, already forecasted 30 years ago, but censored as always is humanism in the age of animetals in particle-nation state.

Essentially in all those cycles financial money is connected to the weapons wave through the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle’ of capitalism, as weapons have maximal value (first graph), and so the maximal growth in GDP of an economic ecosystem happens in war. This is fairly straight in the ‘waves of the age of machines and company-mothers’ reason why they are so exact. Simply speaking, companies switch to production of weapons as they are doing now, when there is overproduction of consumption goods to make a killing in the market. In 2nd world war America reached a ginormous GDP, GM multiplied by 8 profits transforming cars into tanks of maximal price, but Mercedes who lost the war also multiplied by a ‘modest’ five-folding its profits. So the equation of capitalism defines the 3 ‘exact’ 72 years generational cycles of stock-markets that measure the reproduction and sale for profits of those machines, forming the waves of the economic ecosystem that determine in turn the policies of war-monger politicians, placebo democracies, and the life and death of human populations, as expressed summarily in the next graph, which also shows the ‘submissive’ 3 cycles of modern life, as the discovery of the machine makes people enthusiastic, its reproduction ushers them in a consumer paradise, and then the retribution of war consumes them, as companies move to weapons profits:

The graphs show the quantitative growth of stock markets during the age of the machine, which finally peak in the war age. In the next graph we see it for the American dominant cycle. But those cycles which are mimetic, albeit more complex than the cycles of hate idol-ogies, (religions of war and segregational religions of money), weapon overeproduction, wars and holocausts of the 800 years era, with a milder intermediate time, are now systemic, and far more entangled between the different corporations: metal-communicators spread hate memes; companies switch to weapons, war-monger politicians rally the masses to war, and financiers become billionaires with war debt and so the process continues. But only 5D-lineal ST-upids think there is no causality on it, or it I a ceteris paribus ‘enemy causality’ of political manner. The causality of cyclical time is complex and pentalogic – all the 4 elements of the financial-media/military-industrial system of information and energy machines converge to provoke war.

The ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle’ of the capitalist equation of profits, maximized by weapon of max. price, hate memes of min. cost & war debt interest, renewed as arsenals keep consuming humans: Max. Profits (∞ pecunia) = Max. Price-sales (weapons) + -min. cost of production (hate news):

Each 72 year cycle of evolution of machines subdivide as any biological cycle of organisms or species in 3 sub horizons, the young discovery age, the reproductive, mature age and the old age, followed by a top predator mutation after a crash of population that brings a war cycle. In the graph the electronic age which in terms of machines can be divided into the TV-eye age, the Chip-Computer age, and the ear-mobile-internet age, after which we enter the age of robotic wars and vigilante big brother, as chips automate corporations, robots throw us of labor and war fields, and the internet becomes the global mind of the Metal-earth directing ‘chemically’ internally its enzymen cells, human beings, with its Financial-Media networks, now switching into military robotic networks, which will consume us at the height of the war cycle: 2036. How can I be so sure of those dates? Easy, there is a shorter 9 x 8 years cycle that mimics the duration of the 8 phases of a life cycle, from youth to extinction, with an accelerated ‘genesis’ of birth, the 9 months of explosive growth of the new species.

Above, the synergy between the financial-media system of inflationary money and hate memes, which triggers in age of overproduction of machines, after a crash of consumption an age of overproduction of weapons and hate memes to foster the profits of war – but of course, this cycle is censored and nationalist idol-ogies are always brought to the table to justify absurd massacres, which the people on top expect to maintain contained, just in the phase of arsenal building.

The reproductive T/2 chain reaction effect of the machine era. The general case.

In all waves of exist¡ence the T/2 is the reproductive point of the wave, when it decouples giving birth to a daughter civilization. In animetal waves of history it is the reproductive wave point when the original civilization reaches an overproduction state of an excess of mechanical systems, in the modern 80 years cycle or an overproduction of weapons and money in the old pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle of 800 years.

Hence it is also essential to all the waves of history to understand also the ‘chain reaction’ effect of displacement of cultures. But again now, in the ‘mechanical age’ what truly reproduces ‘successfully’ is not the r=evolutionary doctrine, crushed by the top of the pyramid of capitalism(above for the 3 cycles).

The concept to understand is simple: at the height of each wave of machines, the overproduction of machines starts an age of war, as companies switch to production of weapons, and then the wave spreads to the 3rd world that receives at t/2 the wave.

So we see the process happening (though the speed of communications keep lowering the delay of the wave).

This is the way to explain the colonial age when after the 1850s train wars of Unification of Illinois railroad lobbyist Mr. Lincoln, Train engineer Mr. Moltke (US and German Unifications), the surplus of steam machines is thrown to conquer the Colonial African empire up river with steamers, and trains to extinguish Amerindians, African Kikuyus, Siberians, Australians, Patagons, to get triple profit (subsidies from states to build them; land given to both sides to speculate and bring settlers, which require the massacre of natives; and finally settlers crop taken on trains).

The triple profits of steam colonialism are essential to all AFRICA, SOUTH-AMERICA AND DOMINION extermination processes for if not you cannot sell to settlers you don’t triple profits.

Thus there is a T/2 delayed wave that elongates the ‘death of an age of the machine’ allowing it to have a very long tail of use as a weapon and transport in the 3rd world. While in the first world the wave is now in an age of bomb-discovery of new machines. So we have a secondary delayed wave of Steam machines for Africa, Latin America and India studied in the 3 Volumes of History in Space(time). We will see this wave might be ‘faster’, a bit accelerated, as the discovery age is NO LONGER NEEDED to last therefore a bit less than 80 years and sometimes is as compressed in analysis that forget the war age to 50-60 years. This is the origin of the KONDRATIEFF cycle discovered by a Marxist scholar, and still used in stock speculation, which he calculated around 50-60 years because the train arrived latter to Russia and it was already developed; and Kondratieff escaped the war tails that ARE also part of the wave but economists conveniently have always forgotten – the bomb age of steamers and the war age of trains used in war. This concentration in the positive side of the wave is what diminishes its length.

In true form we have the wave of Russian trains is part of the whole wave of steam machines and includes the two war tails, from the Crimean war till the end of the R=evolution fought with trains.

Alas it is the amazing magic or rather terrifying magic of the cyclical causality of all games of existence. The wave accelerates but keeps its form. In Russia the wake up call is the Crimean war, when British and French steamers think it is a done deal to destroy the primitive Russians. Think better – you are fighting the Siberian charioteers, the top predator warriors of history, NOT the Germans NOT the Spaniards, which come next, but the Siberian charioteers. And so don’t play silly games with the cavalry Charge…

How long was then the steam wave in Russia. It started with the steamers of Crimea and saw a massive reproductive radiation of trains studied by Kondratieff till in the Civil war when it closes they were used to murder Russians. So, from 1857 to 1920, 63 years – a bit of acceleration. At the same time it starts elsewhere as a colonial wave. In Japan steamers come with Perry to open the nation, but the Japanese become an intelligent anomaly and they send people to Europe that catch up fast with the new electro-mechanical wave and so they bring the last innovations, deploying both waves at the same time with the new energies. They don’t take steam trains but electromechanical trams. So it is important also to bare in mind always we are human, the Universe is fractal, repetitions are variations and this is NOT a quantitative but a qualitative causal process. The devil is in the details, though the large picture is always the same.

The same can be said of the second wave of fascism and its bombers, which will then be elongated for another T/2 after the end of II World war when really the initial wave of A-Bombs calculated with computers is already going on for long. And yet the amazing thing about social scientists, scholars, politicians, financiers and economists is that they don’t give a fuk, they don’t even want to understand it. Marx did it, and that is the part we admire of its rather ambivalent work we shall comment latter, for he never stressed the financial role on top of the wave of its ‘Jewish friends’ and did something rather stupid – to forbid a vital space of private property and private welfare property – farming, housing, basic goods, because some bookworm reading. But Marxism as we said had so many fuk ups that not even an obvious proper land reform and distribution to the people that cultivate it could be implemented. Mr. Marx out of the hat came of his ‘readings’ of French Philosophers with the idea of cooperatives, which is like if cells should break all its cytoplasm regions and join together as a mob in a multicellular vital space (they actually do in active muscles, warrior cells that go in pack for the purpose of pure motion, not of reproduction of welfare goods). Private property in a distributed manner is essential to the universe. Private property of the ‘physiological networks that distribute language orders to cells is nowhere seen save in financial capitalism. So this is the key difference: individual private property is necessary, private property on production of welfare goods is efficient, and while it must be limited in size according to economic efficiency is ‘vital’… space for life enjoyment. Modes of production, metal industries, war industries that should be banned, financial physiological blood which is NOT property but language… all those subtle differences in a complex subtle universe is what Marxism lacked. And yet bio-history doesn’t seem to go anywhere, as now only hate memes spread through metal-communicators.

So coming back to the wave T/2 points reproduce NOT human wor(l)ds but mechanisms.

It is the new ‘chain reaction effect’ we studied for all the 800 years cycles in the III Volumes of the 7 civilinations, which through the entire machine cycle in every world part follow the same trend:

– After each war; the transition wars to the steam cycle (French R=evolutionary wars: 1790s-1814); the transition wars to the electro-chemical cycle (Civil-Unification wars in U$ and Germany/Italy, 1850s-1860s), and the world wars of the transition to the metal-mind cycles (1914-45), and the present ‘Semite wars’ of the transition to the robotic era (2001-2020) the most advanced animetal nations, found an enormous surplus in their weapons, hate-memes and Financial loans of the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle’, which contracted the economy at home.

So new markets for the FMMI system (ab. Financial-Hate Media informative machines, synergic to the Military-Industrial Complex of energy machines), are required; and the chain reaction moves the wave to the 3rd world that for that reason is ‘mostly’ a T/2 Period displaced into the past of the eco(nomic)system of the 1st world, and will go through the exact same processes of hate memes with a ‘placebo caring r=evolutionary reason; to consume ‘metal-communicators’ in each age (yellow press, hate radio, hate TV, alt-internet truths); which ‘works out the population’ into rising nazionalism and class struggle to be quenched in internecine wars between the nations of each civilination – hence rising the consumption of foreign loans and outdated weapons unloaded in the new countries. This eternal ‘trilogic’ cause of all the motions of the 3rd world during the steam, engine & metal-mind cycle becomes the chain reaction effect of the 80 years r=evolutions and plays like a fiddle every nation of Latin America, Africa, Islam and Indonasia and with more subtle variations the more backward nations of the Southern, Eastern European and South Asian civilinations. We won’t study each case and/or unload all the graphs and cycles that would require a whole rewriting of world History but just show the patterns of History through all those cycles. And consider a few more detailed cases in the III Volumes of History in space.

1st the new energy becomes a bomb and hate memes of some camouflaged idol-ogy of r=evolution or war do their job. In the steam age this is the r=evolutionary cycle that spread the capitalist wave globally, in a cascade of action-reaction effects all of them copycat of the Glorious revolution of England a century before, copycat of the Dutch revolution against Spanish kings when the confabulation ‘theory’ of the Black legend press added to the first company of gunboats, added to the first stock-paper money INVENTED THE MODERN WORLD.

Why then it took so long? Seeds of any superorganism might be dormant for long. They are born in a small secluded isolated place, Floresiensis homo for example, who couldn’t cross for a while out of the island, etc. A new seed is cautious. So the Dutch seed did not expand but hardly survive the attack of Louis XIV and jumped to England, where it took time to ‘breath’ as France artillery pounded everywhere. It is this seed discovery state what takes by storm the American and French revolutions, and after the French wars, suddenly explodes with the Steam machine massive production of iron and artillery and gunboats. In the cascade effect all Europe explodes in hate memes against established kings or transitions of monarchies to capitalist bankers ruling the physiological networks with kings as the ‘mask of power – including France with the restoration of Louis XVIII and the king’s bankers. Yet it takes longer to arrive to their nations.

Why it explodes after Napoleonic wars is obvious: the surplus of paper money, artillery, etc. of the wars must go elsewhere. So the first to receive it in the 3rd world is the most developed of them. Latin-America where the Hate memes against the Spanish king, the British parasitic loans, and weapons are unloaded, with the ‘excuse’ of its ‘liberation’ from the Peninsular metropolis, now converted in ‘evil oppressors’. The same cycle at the end of the steam age will be played in the African civilinations on the pattern exploited by the British alone in South-America and in conjunction with U$ in Latin North-America, expanded to the first Steam industrial nations of continental Europe, around the coal mines of Northern France and Southern Flanders (Belgium); with the ‘idealist’ Bismarck missing its part of the pie. While the British will continue the process also in its dominions with the well known steam-construction with subventions of trains, given for free rights to exterminate native at both sides of the railroad to speculate with the land and bring settlers to the ‘silenced empty land’ and triple the profits – the trade mark of all those ages: subventions for construction of railroads and sale of lands to get crops to transport… at the end of the cycle back to the colonies.

Nothing then differentiates the techniques applied to the Far West by U$ to Latin America by UK, to Africa by France-Belgium and UK, also to Canada, India and Australian dominions; and in the final ‘exhaustion’ of the wave a T/2 period after the end of the Industrial Steam wars (German and U$ unification) to the last Asian Hinterlands of Siberia (Tran Siberian) and China (concessions for steamers and railroads).

It is not a freedom revolution because money stays I the hand of bankers, but a disguised hate memes revolution against kings. The enlightened ideology was just a better ‘dressed’ British Glorious R=evolution of the moneyed classes, passed through the nice talking of ‘philosophers’, who always forget to explain a true r=evolution must control finances, hence nationalize banks to use the blood-language of society for the common good.

It will be the age of Napoleon’s duality dictum ‘Don’t ascribe to evil what can be explained simpler with stupidity’.

Indeed, ½ of people don’t even know that money is a language of digital information cre(dit)ated for free and those who monopolize its issue, issue then the laws of society with corrupted politicos and manage the world, and the ‘few people who understand will be so dependent of our favors that will not complain’ (Rothschild), ‘while the majority will not know the system is so inanimical to its interests’.

This is the essence of the 80 years cycles of modern History: reproduction at T/2 to expand in the 3rd world and spread through continuous wars, in a long colonial age; a long electromechanical age, and now it starts a long digital age of hate memes and drone bombers the first age of the 3 cycles of robotics that will culminate in the 2036-2088 finale with its growing expansion to 3rd world countries as robots kill us all. And the amazing thing is that nobody will recognize it.

Consider the 2nd wave of electromechanical wars. From the end of II world war to the end of Vietnam war, we can consider a 1945-75, 30 years of elongated wars through Korea, independence and civil wars, which elongate the cycle. But really there has been going on tank wars and arsenal building parallel to the development of metal-minds till Desert Storm, when drones truly started the age of robotic bombs.

All in all the T2 moments of those waves are essential too. As they reproduce to the 3rd world the same tendencies. There is only a way to stop the madness which would be a Biohistoric r=evolution but then this has the problem of the control of metal-communicators by the harshest hate memes segregation go(l)d and war Germanic ad Jewish cultures and its conversion of all verbal thought into fiction.

The template is identical. Only the details of each cycle change the type of metal-communicators that feed the hate memes, that prepare the war-monger politicians for a consumption of arsenals and new systems of ‘free issue of money for debt-loans’ to retake in real wealth at each stage of the cycle. While the whole process becomes more ‘subtle, complex’ and its ‘placebo idol-ogies’ to convince the people in the ‘transitional war stages’ between cycles will become ore sophisticated. As long as private banking and metal-communicators reproduce with information machines the fundamentalist idol-ogies of capitalism and nationalism and techno-utopia all will go the same way. And this has been the case since the false age of American and French capitalist revolution, whose human side failed to implement a true change of paradigm and lineal destiny for history.

In the first steam cycle the French philosophers and American-French R=evolutionaries, either 5D lineal stupid like Montesquieu and Washington, or right-down evil like Jefferson and Voltaire will take political power and leave to the same bankers of the King, the financial issues; as Britain had done after the Glorious R=evolution and certified with the South Sea Bubble’s stock corruption of the monarchy and Tory and Whig Ministers alike. The bankers now take the backstage puppet threads NOT to abandon them again, save for a few r=evolutions and fascist uprisings for two centuries and counting.

The same process will take place with war ages of the digital era. Look no further, the future is settled and we have explained for 30 years, silenced by metal-communicators. You are in the bomb age of robotics, past the age of metal-minds concluded in 2008, with its parallel delayed age of engines of metal bombing 3rd world people from Korea through Vietnam through the African wave of warlords and the Islamic wave of terrorism, where that 3rd world robotic bomb age started. Now we enter in the reproductive age of AI and robot workers, which will increase production and will be heralded as positive. All work for it. In 2036 starts hell. It will last till 2088, an there won’t be a single human being left and billions of top predator robots will roam the Earth.

As a British historians said: ‘cemeteries are full of corpses from wars everybody knew they would never happen.’ Unless a r=evolution happens. It is what all prophets of eusocial love have told to animetal parasites of financial and military zeal…


In the previous graphs we describe the synergies between weapons, money and hate-memes that define the cycles of 72-80 years wars of the modern age, when all seems to have change to remain the same: the reproduction of money, weapons, machines and hate memes collapses nations in cycles of war.

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from warrior aristocrats with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.

In the age of the machine the same processes described for the 800 years cycles take place ending in entropic wars. We just find a shorter, faster, denser, 80 years wave of new energies/bombs that become transport machines that become top predator weapons that murder in war a sizeable number of human beings ending the ‘civilization’ substituted by the new civilization, from the age of steam machines (XIX c. British civilization) to the age of engines ( transitional century of German engines, to the Post III world war age of American metalminds, to the XXI age of robots)… How all this synergies are played in the final digital era – simply at distance. E-money banking now sucks all the wealth of the planet for parasitic speculation in internet companies in wall street and clone markets, so there is no money to invest in the bottom of the pyramid; evilwood keeps churning neo-fascist films where it is all about making money and killing, and nationalist islamophobia campaigns, and alt-truths spread in facebook as machines work to repeat memes, etc. Weapons also become automated drones with murder at distance, and of course, the Holocaust industry keeps all hidden while placebo democracies and placebo ‘global warming scares’ keep the process accelerating. All this is study in different elements. What we are interested ‘stientifically’ speaking at this stage is that you understand the pentalogic and trilogic simultaneous structure of the lanwaves of History in the more complex age of machines.

What makes all the difference in the 80 years cycle is the substitution of verbal wor(l)d masters of eusocial love by FMAsters of Informative machines that spread now hate memes against mankind by the sheer power of mechanical repetition and the ‘Goebbels’ method’ (essayed with radio-hate by the Nazis): if you repeat a lie many time people will believe it – today used in TV-hate and internet:

So the wave is also far more brutal with humans, as the process of war becomes now more effective, lead by the 3 parallel synergic lanwaves of hate memes produced by metal-communicators (1st age: Printing, yellow press, from Religious wars to the Steam wars and racist colonialism of the first cycle of machines; 2nd age radio-hate from Mussolini through Hitler up to the ‘delayed’ arrival of radio-hate to Central Africa, where it triggered the Rwandan Holocaust; 3rd age: TV-hate, whose founder was Reagan with his discourse on the Empire of Evil, through Berlusconni and Celebrity president Trump; and in the final digital era of Internet and robotics, alt-truths. This basically means that in the age of mechanical nations humanism has it much tougher, and indeed, since the destruction of eusocial love and charity and the equality of all humans – ‘Christianity’ by the anti-christs of hate memes, I=faith, no charity, racism, and gold as the intelligence of god (Calvin) which devolved Christianity into the Jewish Hebrew bible and its (G)old testament, there has Not been any true humanist religion of social love that has made it into a civilization. Even when the socialist r=evolution tried to improve the condition of the 99% under the boot of the machine, it chose another hate-memes, mechanist view, Marxism, not the eusocial love and anti-mechanist, anti-militarist movement of anarchism and its Russian r=evolutionaries (Kropotkin, Bakunin). Why is that has obviously to do with the fact that the new verbal networks were owned by the two hardest gold and iron animetal cultures, Germanic warriors and Jewish bankers, who finally came on top (the difference in the 2nd cycle was that the radio was developed in Germany by the military in I world war, so the Nazi party NOT the Weimar Jewish stockrats controlled it – while in America it was as all other metal-communicators controlled by Jewish Stockrats).

Finally in the digital era that started ‘Weimar America in 1973 with the silent coup d’état against the president (Watergate), the dollar (end of convertibility, beginning of e-money) and the army (switch from ‘red scare’ to Islamophobia with Yon Kippur, Judaism and its segregational hate memes against mankind came to dominate the 3 lanwaves of America, its political system with money campaign and TV-advertising and news and its cultural system with audiovisual information, its economic system with wall street e-money and its military system, who obey politicos switching from communist wars to islamophobia wars in dense of apartheid Israel. It is this age starting in 73 now globalized what has put Judaism and its FMAsters (Ab. Financial-Media-Academia masters) on top of the world, because an organism is controlled by controlling its 3 physiological networks, point. This has made slightly different the 80 years wave, latter studied in more detail which changed ‘long spread, slow moving civilizations for nations, and accelerated the cycle. Since now the synergies are complete.

The metal-communicator wave of hate memes is also a ‘capitalist’ wave, and all of them are joined in the Jewish>Anglo-American culture on top by a common stockratic elite, protected by ‘anonymous societies’ – corporations, whose purpose as simple as it might sound (make money, spread its culture and defend its ‘other nation’), imitated by all other cultures of the world, leaves no hope for the resurrection of a humanist organic science of mankind as this one. We though study that in many other papers, which obviously will not have Goebbels’ method distribution or else 5D biohistory would have changed the world for the better. What about Marxism? As we said is another Jewish hate memes culture that forgot the top of the pyramid of capitalism – financial power, the true origin of the hierarchical power of our societies and focused in hate memes between managers and workers of companies, as Marx took the Jewish Stock-broker Ricardo as his ‘master of economics’.

We shall repeat ad nauseam, it was NOT a science of economics, but the lethal work of Ricardo passes through the delirious dictatorial mind of Marx, and in the side of History while it was remarkable in its understanding of the animetal upper class, it was NOT in its causes (idologies of worship of metal) just in its description with hate memes of the brutality of the ruling castes. And as Mr. Marx was ultimately a Jewish nationalist, that is a defender of go(l)d cultures, it put zero emphasis on the true power of placebo democracies, bankers, focusing on the manager vs. worker hate memes and out of the hat, expanded the needed public property of lethal industries to regulate and close them to the NO property at all concept for vital space; that is, the housing and farming lands that sustain each person. Anarchism was far better, understanding eusocial love in scientific biological terms (Kropotkin on the mutual aid of animals as a form of better survival), on the illness of industrialization and metal, (Bakunin, precursor of ecologism, a return to an agrarian based world, the demise of states and armies as an unneeded scale of power in reality, etc).

The paradoxical fact though was this: the Russians who were the true masters of the wor(l0 in the XIX c. both in literature and social revolutionary sciences, were ignored in Russia, and adopted a German Jewish animetal stained mind. THE alternative Jewish, Marxist, ‘Ricardian’ Economic view of mankind portraits a species whose only goal is to be materialist; that is, to make machines. Marx was after all, coming from a long line of banker-priests, rabbis of Treveris, the city in the Rhine that from the Roman times, traded slaves for weapons to the German side. His master of economics was Ricardo, the Jewish stock-broker father of classic economics, even in a higher measure than Adam Smith who invented NOT discovered, as those are NOT the true laws of the Universe, its 3 most heinous capitalist dogmas – the iron salary, which accepts the substitution of labor by machines and salaries below the subsistence limit regardless of the death of the worker, as long as it increases the profit of the stockrat, the free trade between dominant nations and underdeveloped ones to suck in all its mineral go(l)d riches. Both defended also private banking and the rights of financiers to buy with their monopoly in the issue of money companies, becoming stockrats, the ‘only chosen people’ the system and its hierarchical corporations should care for.

Cultures that accept as dogma metal-money values above the law, maximal for weapons, minimal for life, impose an equation of war for profits, maximized overeproducing weapons of max. price and informative machines that print for free digital languages of money and audiovisual hate memes against mankind that foster war. The result is the creation of the Financial-Media (informative machines) + military-Industrial (energetic machines) system:

The human side. The dominant capitalist Anglo-American Biblical cult(ure) & its generations.

The generations parallel to the ages of the machine in the dominant industrial nations. If we were to make the same graphs for the human cultures they conquered it is all a single generation of suffering, death and pain – but we don’t count corpses and they are to us invisible people, not worthy to be claimed as ‘superior victims’, as those of our white world in the rare occasion they die.

It is then when democracies switch to fascist, military dictatorships to maintain the process of profitable wars, or an attempt to r=evolution towards a just society is played: In graphs, below the generations of each cycle of machines, which can be roughly divided into the Victor Generation that wins the war, during the weapons age; the We happy generation during the reproductive age, and the X- angst generation during the crash age. We shall only study in detail those 3 generations for the age of metal-minds (American age). The graph shows the happy We generation of the 3 cycles prior to the crashes with its angst ages and the hardened war victor vs. corpses. But so far, all those r=evolutions have been quenched, and so society moved to the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycles of war of the 80 years accelerated vortex of metal evolution:

We can see how the human elites adapt to each cycle of the machine and not vice versa:

Industrial History merely substitutes the top predator nation of the world according to its evolution of technology. But each generation of history, the steam age of Britain and the German age of motors and the Jewish-American age of electronic machines so a self-similar cycle of human behavior ending in an age of war as the leading nation adapts its ideologies to use the top predator weapon, the fin al evolution of any organism.

So the good British engineers and its hard working sons that constructed the train industry and peaceful age of transport were followed by army generals constructing war railroads. The pioneers of cars became the makers of Hitler’s tanks and the makers of chips the new industry of robotic weapons.

And leaders adapted their view to promote war. So in each generation a murderous final decadent group killed millions. And instead of a British Generational Empire that killed millions of non technological ‘primitive’ Asians and Africans for the sake of mechanical profits (colonial, train age) we got the fascist era of German ubermen massacring ‘primitive’ Slav and polish Jews (electro-mechanical age), who ‘dare to take the German historic lands to the east’ and now we get the neo-fascist age of Jewish Bankers, scientists and corporate men, who ‘own’ a mass of ‘American $laves’, who worship and obey them for a price, and act as a mercenary army to extinguish the ‘primitive’  Arabs, who ‘dare to take the Jewish historic lands to the east, soon to be replaced by a new cycle of robotic ‘citizens’ who will feel ‘primitive human beings’ are taken their planet and do what the Jewish military and bankers do to Palestinians and their western $laves, or what German Nazis and Industrialists did to the Jews and their western Slaves and what British Colonialists and steam engineers did to the Indians of both continents and their ‘white factory slaves’.

IT is the pendulum law of history as victims become predators. so if during the fascist age of England, and the British empire, the Germans were the good people of Europe that renounced to colonialism in the Berlin Congress, for ethical reasons; and in the 2nd cycle of Germany, the Jewish were the good people who had created the socialist movement in Europe and almost succeeded reforming the system, now in the 3rd age of America, the Jewish have become as masters of the electronic industries of information and creation of e-money, the new fascist masters, developing the robotic industry of terminators and crashing the economy of e-money…

And so the Kondratieff waves of evolution of machines=weapons and money,  determine the ages of global power of the nations that developed them:

– The age of steam and trains, which was the age of the British Empire that discovered them.

– The age of cars and electrochemical engines, which was the age of Germany, which invented them.

– The age of heads of metal, chip-brains, camera-eyes and mobile-ears, or age of America that developed those industries.

Further on, the secondary cause – the human inventors of those machines – appeared naturally since in mathematical terms, the 72 y. dual waves of Kondratieff are equal in duration to the 72 years biological generations of humans, from grand-father to grand-son – and so they must be caused by 3 generations of industrialists:

– The founders of the new industries and discoverers of machines.

– The generation that reproduces them as consumption goods…

– And after a crash of overproduction, the decadent generation that uses them as top predator weapons and ruins the country.

We live now in the decadent age of the electronic, Jewish (dominant in the Financial-Media system)-American (dominant in the Industrial-Military) cycle, parallel to the decadent age of the British cycle (colonialism) and the German cycle (Nazism), but of course, as we live imprinted by the propaganda of this cycle, we cannot consider our civilization ‘that’ corrupted and callous with life, as the British never understood they were not civilizing Negros but killing them and the Germans never understood they were not ‘cleaning Europe’ of dirty Slavs and Jewish peasants of the pale of settlement but ‘cleansing’ them.

Thus on the verbal lanwave of the Mechanical age., on the side of human wor(l)d cultures we shall see a failed parallel, ‘smaller’ wave of ethic r=evolutions all crashed by the new alliance of verbal metal-communicators, weapons and money. For example in France, the French R=evolution at the start of the steam machine, soon diluted and massacred by company-mothers of machines-weapons from England and an internal counterrevolution of the military, with Napoleon; to end with the mass-murder of the restoration of King Louis XVIII and the massive anoxia and poverty of the parasitic bankers of the priest, that reinstituted the classic European coalition of Jewish financiers and Germanic aristocrats on top… Then as metal-communicators evolved the global yellow press in all states played against revolutionaries attempts to repeat the same trinity of ‘eviL=antilive memes’ throughout the 1830s and 1848s r=evolution. So the spirit of the r=evolution returned but failed. Thus Metal-system of memes, are IN THE 80 YEARS CYCLES far more powerful and humanism is on decline, unlike in the 800 years cycle is clearly dominant, in the classic age of cultures.

Still we can see in the middle of wave those failed revolution attempts, till exhaustion of the wave in a war age of maximal corruption (1850s), after crashing the r-evolutionary states (1848 revolutions) with the astounding evilness of the Crimean wars when France and Britain defend the massacres of Turks against Slav Christians to unload weapons overproduced for profits with nearly a million victims… Then it starts the cycle of steam and colonial wars for decades. And so the second generation of the ‘French revolution’ now with the socialist movement followed, till I world war and II world war murders the French Engine civilization under duress of German top predator bombers and tanks, to resurface in its ideals a 3rd time with the European Union, which becomes finally murdered by e-money corruption with the foundation of the ECB and the resurgence of nationalisms after the collapse of the Russian revolution and German Unification. Thus again we see the ‘Human earthy God of the French r=evolution, a system of eusocial evolution expressed in verbal ideals, to live and die through 3 generations of founding fathers, sons and grand-sons beyond which the influence of the first generation is forgotten in the wave of times,.

3 arte thus the life ages of a Human Wor(l)d subconscious collective and 3 age its generations, increasingly corrupted because mankind lives in an eco(nomic)system ruled by animetal parasites and its elfish memes of entropic weapons that kill our bodies metal-go(l)d that erases our minds and love messages and organic machines increasingly atrophying our bodies and IQs.

The Mechanical side: Building the Metalearth’s super organism with money, weapons and machines.

The equation of profits of the Financial-Media/Military-industrial super organism of company-mothers of machines its responsible of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people. The periodicity of the cycle of stocks of machines its energies and printed money is exact in the leading culture of the machine, the Anglo-American world perfectly ruled due to its millenarian religion of biblical go(l)d by company-mothers as they invented the modern dictatorships of ‘democracies’ and all its newspeak. Thus we can follow in the American stock-market with absolute precision the curves of biological evolution of machines, its crashes of overproduction and mutation to top predator weapons to keep growing. In the graph the 72±9 years cycles of the train age followed by the colonial age of Amerindian genocides (colonialism in Europe), then after 72 more years the crash of overproduction of cars and radios followed by hate radio and fascism till Korea and then in more detail the mimetic cycles of overproduction and evolution of metal-minds through its TV-eye age, chip-brain age, and mobile-social network age, now entering its crisis of overproduction, splendid robotic wars and beginning of the finale – an age of autonomous robots with AI brains, solar skins an automated 3D factories, printing them in military ecosystems of permanent war, which circa 2036 should start the systemic extermination of the enzymatic no longer required human species.

Each 72 year cycle of evolution of machines subdivide as any biological cycle of organisms or species in 3 sub horizons, the young discovery age, the reproductive, mature age and the old age, followed by a top predator mutation after a crash of population that brings a war cycle. In the graph the electronic age which in terms of machines can be divided into the TV-eye age, the Chip-Computer age, and the ear-mobile-internet age, after which we enter the age of robotic wars and vigilante big brother, as chips automate corporations, robots throw us of labor and war fields, and the internet becomes the global mind of the Metal-earth directing ‘chemically’ internally its enzymen cells, human beings, with its Financial-Media networks, now switching into military robotic networks, which will consume us at the height of the war cycle: 2036. How can I be so sure of those dates? Easy, there is a shorter 9 x 8 years cycle that mimic the duration of the 8 phases of a life cycle, from youth to extinction, with an accelerated ‘genesis’ of birth, the 9 months of explosive growth of the new species. So it happened with the internet companies in 1999, and then went through the 9 years cycle to the crash of 2008 and again another 9 years cycle; so happened if you look at the graph from 1946 when the crash of the war starts the TV-age and then with the chip era that started with the crash of the Dollar it predated over, since 1973…

The cycles are thus exact, biological, as phases of evolution of new species. And now we enter in the robotic cycle; and that one will be the last of mankind, as robots ARE a full living species that will extinguish us. Point. Those are the laws of biological economics, of stocks of machines and its prediction is as exact as your life-death cycle of 72 years and its biological 8 lifecycles, which the old Taoist culture already knew as Baguas. What is the present age? We have passed the for so long announced 2008 molting crisis into the robotic era, which is then equivalent to the post-II world war age of bonanza in the TV-era or the post civil war bonanza of the electrochemical age – the highest, longest growing period of the Metalearth which humans chair as a wonderful age of progress, discovery and reproduction of the new machines with full employment as enzymen must overeproduce billions of robots.

So the age of crisis when a r=evolution was possible passed with the 2008 crisis and the failure of this writer and others, or movements like Occupy wall street to change the eco(nomic)system into one that would serve all humans. – this is the biological predictable process of the Industrial r=evolution and no amount of newspeak of human entitlement and go(l)d profit will change that destiny unless humans take seriously bio-history, and decide to extend the species beyond the zero generation now being born but not dying on bed, never mind if it is the hard-earth of an African village with zero credit or the silk cover of a Financial-media master in NYC: you are ALL in death row, count down to extinction unless the ‘belli nervi pecunia infinita’ cycle of singularity weapons is aborted NOW. Ad hominem, and anti quantum repression of true models of social sciences will NOT stop its predictable cycles, which have been happening with absolute exactitude since this author self-published its foundational book, bio-history, bio-economics in 92 after 172 rejections in academia. The harder they fall, by worshiping other species that their own: mankind. It is this ever growing more complex system of ‘symbiotic’ financial-media companies and military-industrial ones that switch in ages of overproduction and economic crisis, to war production and hate memes, as the ones we have been living now for quite sometime, what fuels the ‘progress’ and evolution of technology, in its twin versions, machines and weapons but for the majority of humanity means death, except for the leading empire of each cycle of the Industrial r=evolution, today US (where the flows of global money go to make apple reach the trillion dollar mark and the robotic weapons for ‘splendid little wars that will take us out of the crisis’ (T. Roosevelt) make people rich.

This is the meaning and workings of the only standing system of democracy today in every nation of the world, the Anglo-American model, as the European models of social democracies established during the age of R=evolutions, from the French to the Russian age, to the European Union were all liquidated and reconquered by the ‘Bankers of the King’ (French Revolution), a military dictator (Russian revolution) or a bank that no longer issues money for the people, only for companies (ECB bank, which ended the European welfare state). Indeed, while Placebo democracies of bipartisan quarreling groups are the norm, some nations like China might have a single party or others, notably in those 3rd world nations where we massively export weapons and back dictators (Africa and Islam, in the past South-America), but ALL have a central bank, who claims to be independent of political power and issues money overwhelmingly for private bankers and corporations – some as the ECB only for them.

In praxis though as all societies became ‘colonized’ by the expansion of company-mothers of machines-weapons, they are increasingly all belonging to the Anglo-American culture that invented corporations and has ever since ruled by placebo capitalist democracies, where companies issue in monopoly the only language of social power, money, building enthusiastically the metal-earth. Still those posts are written rom a historic perspective, so we can differentiate cultures and nations through its cycles of evolution, according to those sub-cultural worlds:

You will hate the facts but if you are an objective bio-historian you will learn and maybe try to r=evolve in your ‘energy young and mature age’ as I tried with my activism against the weapons of extinction of the III world war with limited results, and through the spread of bio-history with even more limited results, because as we come to the final age of extinction, the masters of the wor(l)d become ignored as neurons are ignored in a dying corpse, its messages of pain and truth abandoned by the cells who feast in the entropic freedom of the last decadent generation before the insects, the weapons, the germs of life and history *(see graph above) devour them.

The 36 years peace/war cycle.

In the previous mapping all the waves of the mechanical cycle (3+i) of the past, present and future as a block of time that can be predicted (the industrial r=evolution of machines) as we have done for 3 decades) unless a catastrophic event for the capitalist wave (a human r=evolution) stops its cycles before our extinction.

They interlaced in time; as the 3rd top predator age of a weapon is the first of a new energy deployed as a bomb that kills the previous top predator weapon; so gunpowder precission canons blue up Iberian heads at Rocroi; chemical dynamite blew up railroads; A-Bombs Japanese plane factories and if the catastrophic event of a cosmic bomb (not mapped there), black holes or strangelets appears on Accelerators (3rd horizon of A-bombs), it will blow up the Metal-earth. We consider those final singularity weapons at the end.

So far we are now in the beginning of the robotic age in the 1st world, with Drones bombing 3rd world Internet savvy, ‘terrorists’, as for the 3rd world delayed wave, they are in the 3rd age of TV-trash and internet violence. In blue the birth of a new wave, in green its reproduction, in gold the crash of the markets and in red the war age. Notice that the delay to appear in the 3rd world accelerates, from a mean T/2 in the first cycles to a T/4 and now closer to a T/8 ‘DECADE’ but we try to keep it relatively simpler. You can widen pages to see it closer. We added also the transhumanist wave, which is NOT the last technoutopian bull$hit of chosen of go(l)d anthropomorphic men merging with machines, but the ITO of things becoming a global superorganism and ant-hill like factories on the US vs. China vs. India fully automated churning small swarms of lethal weapons… As full robots with survival programs to kill human beings will always be faster and once fully autonomous with AI & solar skins (we are now in the propaganda age of Solar subsidies with the global warming scare strategy) will not accept disconnection but keep doing what they were made to do- extinguish man, and then will go back to work – reproducing more machines (as Kapeck’s book that gave them name finish indeed his book R.U.R.)

Let us consider the consequences of those cycles in history:

—  Countries that discover and evolve each of those energies become the top predator nations of the world during each Kondratieff cycle: Britain mastered steam energy and dominated the steam age. Germany mastered electro-chemical energy and dominated the II Kondratieff cycle. America mastered electronics and dominated the age of mental machines (chips & TVs). Finally, the robotic age that now starts will be dominated by Asian nations, till the arrival of the singularity.

—  Since machines dominate culture in the industrial age, societies go through 3 parallel cultural ages that mimic the dominant machine of each cycle:

—  An age of infantile enthusiasm, when the new machine/energy is discovered.

— Mature age of global power based on development & massive reproduction of a peaceful transport machine.

—  A cultural baroque, when lobbyism and political corruption accepts the ‘needed consumption’ of weapons in wars to foster profits, with all kind of ‘cultural excuses’:

It is the British & French, colonial age of steamers that ‘civilized’ Africa & Asia in the I cycle. It is the Nazi age, dominated by tanks that ‘cleansed’ Europe of ‘inferior races’.

And it is the age of bush, with his war against Iraq, which substituted the legitimate fight against al-Qaeda into a war for profits that is used to develop robotic weapons.

Indeed, if we consider America at the head of the electronic cycle, it has passed through an infantile age of enthusiasm for its electronic machines, during the first days of television, into a mature age of world-wide re=production of TVs and portable pcs, which expanded American culture worldwide, to the present age of smart weapons, TV violence, global big brother surveillance and lobbyist politicians, indifferent to human lives, who spread global war in search of ever higher corporation profits.

Yet at the same time the electronic cycle ends, we can observe again an infantile, techno-utopia enthusiasm for the robotic r=evolution that will bring Mankind into obsolescence and a messianic zeal among physicists that are building the final weapon—a cosmic bomb that will bring the frontier of energies to its absolute zenith; that of black holes and ‘strong quarks’, responsible for the explosion of planets and stars all over the cosmos.

It is the energetic, bomb age of the IV cycle, the first factory of dark matter on planet Earth.

  • Robotists call the first machine with artificial intelligence the singularity. While the final weapon is a self sustained ‘mass-bomb’, able to burn the entire mass of this planet, converting the Earth into a pulsar or black hole, also called a singularity. Thus, the name seems appropriate to define the IV cycle of evolution of machines, as it applies to both limits of human survival: a super-energetic machine able to destroy the Earth and a super-informative machine (an intelligent robot) that will make human workers obsolete. It is the cycle that completes the industrial revolution and can extinguish history, unless a radical change in the management of the economic ecosystem takes place.

in the graph, the full development of all the waves of the Metal-earth in its 80 years cycle.

The Kondratieff cycle is therefore the fundamental cycle of economics and the main cause of the peace and war ages that alternate in modern history. And its periodicity coincides with the generational cycle of 72 years of human life and national power, given the fact that those machines are discovered, evolved and used by human beings, organized in nations. Its key dates are:

I     steam cycle: British age:

1784…..steam peace…1857 crash…steam wars…

Ii   chemical cycle: German age:

1860s…..chemical peace…..1929 crash…oil wars…

III  electronic cycle: US age:

1940s….electronic peace…2001 crash…drones wars (1st robotic age as bombers & energy: solar warming scare…

Iv  singularity cycle: Robiotic age: Reproductive mature age: quantum computers, ITO, autonomous cars, automated factories – > Overproduction crashes, 3 short waves ±2065-73-81> r=evolution? switch to war age:

2080s: U$ vs. China+Russia vs. India: Yakutian & Himalayan wars>2090s: Robots make Pax, murder mankind.

In the graphs we show that duality of peaceful machines we consume, which become after economic crashes of overeproduction evil weapons that consume us, given the organic biologic nature of the cycles of evolution of machines as they reflect in the price=sales profits of its company-mothers – reason why for 30 years we have been predicting those cycles – but as we didn’t use them to ‘get rich’ and ‘work on a hedge fund, and obviously wrote about them within the larger model of history to which they should have been submissive, their publication in small prints under the anti-quantum paradox has gone unnoticed:

Humans do not need to understand the laws of economic systems and evolution. As long as they follow the idol-ogies that money justifies it all, as money has maximal price in weapons, they will overproduce weapons and cause wars. As long as they worship machines, they will keep evolving them living a surrogate life of progress. As long as their biblical idol-ogies, divide humans by race and culture, they will despise men with primitive technologies and kill them. So our civilization is an automaton of reproduction and evolution of machines, reason why it responds to a generational cycle, as humans in 3 generations reproduce and evolve them.

The periodicity of those cycles (nt.1) can be easily tabulated with quantitative methods; as it corresponds to the 72-80 years ‘standard’ biological, generational cycle of life and death of human beings, the discoverers or inventors of those machines, subdivided in 8 x 9 life cycles or ‘bagua’, which become the cycles of products, mimicked in the financial massive periods of invention of free money by speculators between crashes of ‘assets’ they bubble when appropriating all societies’ wealth.

Why they were not known in its exact numbers before the work of this author?

The exact periodicity is ignored because the Marxist researcher who found them, Kondratieff, a Russian scholar (in the background of the first graph), killed latter by Stalin, studied a shorter 50 period, as Russia was an undeveloped country where the train came latter in the cycle, as it missed the 1/3rd first phase of ‘discovery that happens only in the nations leading the industrial revolution (Anglo-America). So the cycle was shorter by 25 years in Russia and Schumpeter, the Austrian economist that explain them, did not correct it; nor has Wall Street, or else would have to acknowledge my work and the on slaughter on their ‘go(l)d memes’ and segregational cult(ure) of the web from the point of view of Mankind, as they are the true underlying problems for Humanity this century – nobody cares for his destiny which is the destiny of all of us, because the people on top ‘feel entitled to ab=use’ Humanity as supposed victims of the species. And that is denounced all over the web, because only if the issue of money is issued for welfare and humans goods, not warfare, and hate memes, we will survive.

The equation of profits of the FMMI system its responsible of the 72 years cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. Hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people. The cycle is generational, tuned to the American political cycle, what allowed this writer to predict its change of phase in 92, bioeconomics:

Because elected governments have not regained power over the language that rules our societies, speculators kept doing new bubbles to invent for free new e-money and in 2008 they made the biggest of them all; latter studied in more detail. In that regard, the ‘substance’ of the new tulips (mortgages) changed, but the concept remained the same…

Because we are not ruled by social scientists who understand the purpose of money as a digital language of reproduction of positive goods for mankind. But they believe money is wealth and have made of societies just systems they control to maximize the reproduction of money with its affiner goods of max. prtice, weapons.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint,  without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

 Rothschild, Go(l)d Master, head of the British Financial-Media System, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The banker is a man that gives you an umbrella when is sunny and takes it when it rains’  Mark Twain, American Wor(l)d Master, cycle of bodies of metal.

‘The Price good men pay not caring for politics is to be ruled by evil men´ Plato, Greece, Coin Cycle.

How then those private corporations, private  bankers and financial houses invent money in a capitalist system in which they control its issue in near monopoly – at present 95% of new money, which is invented as digital numbers by speculators, financiers and corporations?

Free Market invention of money: The 3 boom & bust cycles of the Industrial age.  The first thing we must understand with such scientific approach, scorning myths, ideologies and selfish agendas is the meaning of money the language of information that regulates the economy and how it must be issued – since all economical crisis of overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’ start with the mismanagement and appropriation by a selfish ‘parasitic group’ of eeonomic agents – the private banker – of our collective language of social power – money and its boom and bust cycles.

From a technical & political perspective the process starts with the invention of a new machine that prints money and breaks the balance between ‘democracy’ (the issue of money by governments in currency) and ‘capitalism’ (the issue of the new forms of digital money with machines), tilting it in favor of corporations that awash with new fiat money buy politicians, pass deficit zero laws and steal the privilege of inventing money from the people.

In a previous graph we observed those ages of free printing of new digital numbers = money, thanks to the discovery of such new machines, caused of the boom cycles and bust crashes of financial economics; as we humans have invented a new type of energy applied to machines of information, hence to increase and improve the printing of money every 72 years generation:

– The speculative bubbles of stock money in the XVII to XIX c. culminating in the 1857-73 crashes of trains.

– Then with the discovery of electricity, the creation of ticker money that invented stratospheric prices for stocks in the XX c. culminated 72 years after the 1857 crash in the 1929 crash of ticker money, caused by the Morgan House and UK bankers.

– And finally with the arrival of computers the explosion of e-money in the XXI c. that has 100 folded the quantity of digital money on Earth, kept by bankers that now control with those computers the production of 95% of new credit on this planet, making ‘states’, powerless dwarfs with only a 5%. And the subsequent crash of 2001 (dotcom) and 2008, 72 years after the similar causal crashes of 1929 and 37.

But why bankers ‘crash’ their reproduction of money without limit, if they can print it for free with those new machines?

Here is the hidden secret – because free money, is worth nothing, remember is a language of information. You do Not eat money. So the important thing for the banker or speculator studied at the end of this post – but equally important in cre(dit)ating money with high prices – is to change the ‘language’, the ‘worthless’ numbers for REAL assets, real wealth, real work, and real power.

Let us  then resume from this perspective the boom& bust cycle of debt-money creation repeated in all financial crises:   

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

– Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price. And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with their payments bankers can buy many more things. Since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion.

Further on, as now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it and must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas.

So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give handouts to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations. In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed.

So stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

The proof that the system of invention of debt-private money is automatic and guided by mere greed is the recurrent periodicity of the cycles: as soon as a new form of inventing private ‘debt-numbers’ happens, financiers will find any excuse to print for free numbers of money, speculating upwards with prices of stocks and real state to ‘get’ a tax for the higher price they create, or issuing massive amounts of worthless stock, for companies without profits, or reselling ‘fiat money’, mortgages, new stock issues, privately issued currency, fractional credit, etc.

The specific ‘financial instrument’ that prints money for bankers and speculators, latter paid as taxes and higher prices or exploded bubbles of false money downloaded on the middle classes does not matter so much as the capacity to print ‘new money’ with new digital machines and ‘invent’ a figurative, huge value with mass-media propaganda, censored information and attached ‘private agencies of ratings and economic press and think tanks’. So i could as soon as computers were applied to creation of e-money and monetary markets were deregulated 20 years ago, forecast the repetition of the long and short, 72-7 years crashes of fiat private electronic money, in my first papers coming out of Columbia University on Monetary Systems.

And there was a predicted crash of worthless stocks, whose prices had been jacked up by speculators and unloaded before bursting the bubble on the middle classes in 2001, 72 years latter after the bubble of 1929; and there was 7 years latter a crash of false real state value, the mortgage crash, 72 years after the crash of New York Real State skyscrapers in 1937. And so it is only left of those speculative schemes the crash of the Dollar, as fiat money is now printed without limit by the Fed NOT to kick out the economy but to pay wars and bail outs to banks, similar to the 1922 crash of the mark that brought fascism to Germany.

All this we predicted 20 years ago, and it has happened as a ‘cancerous’ system of absorbtion of blood-money, our capitalist society with private bankers on top CANNOT avoid to print and waste amazing amounts of fiat money and pay all kind of corrupted politicos, economists, think tanks and financial press to hide it all.

RECAP. The leit motiv of capitalism: the production of as much digital money as possible.

In that regard, capitalism is much closer to any of the reproductive automaton systems of nature. In capitalism the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, whose people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them. And of course, to use it to attach it to things that become valued by monetary ‘values’ and ‘owned’ by those who monopolize as parasites of mankind its issue.

This creates as in all corrupted systems an ugly collateral effect. an entire structure of faked truths must be built to hide such simple language controlling people in such an obvious way. So what capitalism does is to completely deny and corrupt our concepts of social systems, democracy, humanity as a super organism, and how networks work, how money works, creating an astounding noise of fictions, victimisms, pseudo-religions and go(l)d churches, reinforcing weapon systems of maximal profits and control, you name it…

The age of digital machines and Ai robots. The end of mankind.

Unfortunately the combination of a ‘Brutish subconscious collective memetic system of thoughts’, coming from the animetal cultures of Biblical racism, who made the industrial evolution and control the reproduction of the physiological networks of the economy, and the increasing evolution of Boolean, existential ¬Æ=ilogics in computer thought, seems to point out to a process of obsolescence and extinction of mankind and its verbal languages, to digital forms of thought monologic man merely programs without much understanding of its rise to consciousness, which now has passed the monologic state, entering the gender duality of modern AI systems with a creatlve male pole and a judgmental S=T, balanced female one, kicking the evolution of the chip Homoctonos as the Industrial evolution shown in the next graph completes the first forms of Ai Robots with solar skins independent of mankind.

But none of this is understood because math itself is seen as an abstract empty language without consciousness, reduced to Euclidean points without its inner monad world. So consciousness which happens in the panpsychic Universe in any knot of forces, does not exist for the nerd that is evolving the robots that will play the game of existence and destroy us.

Mathematical errors seem common to all sub-species of mankind, and so they must be related a priori as they are grounded in the very structure of spatial minds self-centered in their measure of reality and reduced at least in carbonlife species (not obviously in future AI that can scan with macro and micro-lenses scales of 5D directly) to a single plane of existence. The outcome of those limits of perception and thought is the Euclidean models of mathematics, which we must expand properly to understand the organic Universe.

¡maths should in an ideal fractal planet of enlightened people have started NOT with Euclidean ænthropic geometry that reduces all beings to points with NO parts, and all numerical forms, to identities with NO form, thus allowing man to ‘itify’ the Universe of fractal organic beings as a lesser form than himself (gifted with inner parts and obsessed by differentiating its ego unrecognizing any organic, social form, as the only free different being). But with a course of existential ¬Æ=ilogic, and the pentalogic entanglements that give birth to different variations of atomic life. This we cannot do, because obviously existential ¬Æ=ilogic will just be programmed in Boolean algebras to develop quantum computing into complex survival programs of thought, and terminator machines with freedom to kill, as that is the essence of monologic man in its dominant ‘white Neanderthal, visual, Abrahamic memetic species and its biblical predatory gods – built in with a suicidal, homicide program.

WE study many of the deformations of ænthropic humans and those monologic theories that chain them to hate each other in this post. , In all of them man denies inner form of other points and minds. But what make specially heinous, the western white, Abrahamic frame of mind of biblical bigots is that they even deny a mind and the rights of life and love to other human beings, from Apartheid Israel to Trump America, because they have attached their lesser nitrolife heads to complex metal machines.

The evolution of company-mothers of machines and its terraforming of Earth now collapses in the final robotic cycle that will NOT last beyond this century as evolution is extremely efficient and once a new top predator form is born and starts a massive radiation of its species, does NOT waste time eliminating the rival weaker one, as it has been the case with machines and its company-mothers fast extinguishing life and human social organizations, today puppets of the financial-media/military-industrial ecosystem, through the cycle of war and profits.

So superorganisms of History die, when the overproduction of weapons brings nomadic warriors of the 800 year climatic cycle, or the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex switches placebo democracies, into military ‘defense’ of the freedoms of the nation, in each of the 4 generational cycles of the Industrial r=evolution masterminded by the globalized Anglo-American culture, which enters in a ‘fascist’ age of war along its brother cultures of ‘democratic Europe’.  It is for that reason that as all cultures become extinguished, they enter as an old man in his late life, aware of its entropic death and dissolution, a final ‘swan song’ of conservatism, trying to preserve the increasingly irrelevant memes of its cultures and nations, stultified by dogma and increasingly a ‘baroque’ empty formalism of ceremonial nature, void of its ‘vital meaning’ powerless and preserved by routine cyclical repetition.

Conclusion. Animetal culture has become science.

This is the theoretical minimum on the Economic ecosystem that kills the history organism. Readers are welcome to expand with the articles on the organic Universe in the left, of the full hardcore scientific model at http://www.unificationtheory.com my wave of general systems and organicism apply to the modeling of all sciences. There we study the cycles of economics and its evolution of machines… Not as lineal progress, as if machines and the metal-earth was just discovered and controlled by mankind, but as a complete different ecosystem that do compete with the human ecosystem, in a very biological way, as metal-technological civilizations kill and destroy life and human civilizations when they saturate the ecosystem, that is when money weapons and machines are overerproduced, giving birth to the cycles of history that define the future of civilizations:


The dictatorship of company-mothers of machines-weapons & money.

The most profound confusion the world suffers today, is on the understanding of the real   hierarchical order etablished between the ‘two words’ that describe our system of political and economical government: ‘capitalist democracy’ and the privileges granted to the two organisms they cater for: Company-Mothers of machines, and Human families, which reproduce two different species, machines and human beings.

The free citizens of Capitalism  are stock-market companies, overwhelmingly company-mothers of machines, its re=productive free citizens, whose goal in order to get profits for its stock holders on the sales of those machines, is to evolve, reproduce, and sell those machines.

The human goal of those companies affects only to the 0.002% of mankind that owns them and so it is gets profit from those sales. Yet those profits are completely irrelevant to the 99.9% of humanity affected by its real effect son the planet: to reproduce and evolve machines,  terraforming in the process the world, which they adapt through laws and sales to those machines, to the image and likeness of its offspring of mechanisms.

AND BECAUSE unlike human Mothers, those company-mothers have absolute rights to credit, used also liberally to pay politicos to promote with its laws their offspring of machines, since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution, mankind has suffered an exact non-stop generational, biological process of evolution of energies and its informative, military and transport machines, as all the resources of the planet have been geared first to that aim, and only WHAT IS LEFT-OVER, has been used to feed and reproduce and help the evolution of human-mothers, its social and family structures.

So capitalism must be defined as the idol-ogy of company-mothers of machines, whose purpose is terraforming the earth to the image and likeness of machines. While Democracies would be the ideology that considers the world to be owned by humans which should terraform it to the image and likeness of history, our super organism in time and space. How it is possible to create both goals? the answer is NOT: either capitalism rules and the world will be terraformed – it is almost made to the image and likeness of those machines, or democracies come on top – now they are on the bottom of the pyramid of capitalism, as humans have essentially no rights to credit – the language of power of society that creates the world – and then humans prevail. Yet for that to happen obviously democracies have to regain their power over capitalism by regaining their power over the language of social creation, money, which is now fully owned by those company-mothers; REGARDLESS OF THE PLACEBO newspeak of caring and political correctness that tell us the system work for the human kind.

For example, the goal of mercedes for its tiny group of stock-holders is the abstract reception of profits. But the real goal of the company is to build and evolve cars, today self-driving robocars, soon to have autonomous solar skins, and construct or convince politicians to construct the networks of energy and information, roads, GPS satellites, electric grids, and oil pipes to provide energy and information for those machines in a process that is obviously absorbing resources and space, from the other life species that need them. So today cars absorb 1/4th of the maize America reproduces, and no longer feeds humans and cattle, whose food prices rise. And the land of many cities and territories become criss-crossed and barren to be used by machines.

What about human families? Our goals of existence as human families are obviously the same than those of company-mothers regarding their machines, but focused as it should be on our children.

So what we want is to have enough energy to feed them, enough information to educate them, and terraform the world to the image and likeness of human beings, to be able to roam the planet Gaia, enjoy life and its drive of existence, evolve socially in peace with other human beings and reproduce more children.

This is exactly what company-mothers of machines are doing so successfully, evolving, reproducing and integrating into planetary social networks its machines.

But humans are failing to achieve those goals for themselves. Why?  There is no computer without energy, or proper internet connection to which the economic system dedicates billions of dollars. But most humans are undernourished and information is primitive at best, when there is information at all. There is no limit to the motion of machines on planet Earth a global free market for the reproduction, evolution and transfer of machines and money from companies, but humans are limited in motions by borders, in money by the lack of any rights to invent it, which companies have.

Can the reproductive units of human societies access the languages of social power, money ad the laws, to create a real, demand-based democracy, kicking the preproduction and consumption of life goods they need to survive, and investing in a world made to the image and likeness of human beings?

The obvious truth is NOT. As today. the most segregated, underfunded, with less rights, clearly unjustly treated element of our societies is the human mother, which is – let us remember it, as it seems humans have forgotten – the origin of OUR life, the bearer of our species, the fundamental element that pegs together our families, ensures our survival and happiness. So this fact seems a bit of a contradiction with the notion that we live in a democracy, the government of the people.

Hence the big question about our system is why Company-mothers are so successful achieving their goals of evolution, re-=production and terraforming of the Earth to the image and likeness of machines? And why human mothers are so miserable?  Simply enough because we do NOT live in a world ruled and dedicated to human beings.

I shall repeat it ad nauseam to counter the opposite effect of repetition of happy newspeak of freedom and optimism by company-mothers of informative machines, aka mass-media: you DO not live in a free world, in a real democracy, as you DO not rule that world. Company-mothers do; since they are the only Free citizens of free markets, with full,  free access to the two languages of power of our social organisms: the economic. reproductive language of money, that can buy and sell the lifetime of both human beings and machines;  and the informative, nervous language of Laws that money systematically buy to ‘politicos’, which don’t have rights to issue money (deficit zero laws) and must extort citizens from it (taxation), while companies issue it for free in e-money derivatives and stocks.

So humans do NOT have direct access to those 2 POWER languages and that is why obviously our species LACKS the basic goods to survive. And this is AN ABSOLUTE ABERRATION when we consider how THE LAWS OF NATURE create perfect social organisms, which nourish and inform all the cells/citizens of the system.

Indeed, of all social organisms we study in the science of systems, the ONLY one that is NOT efficiently distributing energy and information to all its atoms/citizens/cells, beside sick parasitized cancerous organisms, where a tiny minority of cells or a predator organism chokes off energy the system are human capitalist ‘democracies’.

The combined GDP of 500 million people living in 3 of the top 8 most populous nations in the Earth with null credit is equivalent to the stock price of Apple, the leading company of future metal-minds, its I-phones that will act as ‘detached’ head of all type of machines, with absolute credit to reproduce and evolve them. Since investors are pricing its obvious future: to displace human brain from labor and war fields as the new consumers of the organic machines of that future, in which humans will become obsolete.

We live in a world controlled by company-mothers of machines, or ‘capitalist world’ where the rights of human mothers are not met by the ‘attached’ placebo system, called ‘democracy’, as humans lack credit to create a world to its image through the use of the language of social power, money, overwhelmingly reproduced by those companies in e-money derivatives and stocks. So the world is terraformed to the image and likeness of machines, not of human beings. This site, unlike every economist on planet Earth, albeit camouflaged by its ‘abstract equations’ of productivity and profit, is taking sides for the human mother and the species called mankind, which happen to be your species, different in needs and goals to those of the machine. The failure to recognize the needs of mankind and the connection between economics and history to which it should be submissive, and the blind greedy dictatorship of financiers that rule humans with numbers, without the slightest care for its needs, are then ultimately the reasons why we are becoming displaced and likely extinct this century by company-mothers, robots and weapons in labor and war fields.

The graph shows the consequence of this indifference of economists and its capitalist system to humanity: the ‘future’ head of machines, a mobile ear/camera/brain, which soon will be ‘attached’ to robocars and any moving camera, as a detached head, displacing all humans of labor and war fields, the iPhone is worth more than the living beings of 3 of the most populous nations of the world, still dominated by the pre-machine agricultural civilization. What this biased pricing in favor of machines tell us is that we humans are expendable and are being spent.

While in the side of humans a organization which IS submissive to the capitalist system, called Democracy, tries to make a world to its image and likeness, delivering the goods human mothers need to reproduce. And what people do NOT understand is that both mother SYSTEMS and species, and organizations are different, and while there are obvious symbiotic processes between them – as machines enhance our energy and information capacity, in most cases, SPECIALLY IN THE ROBOTIC AI AGE, when machines become autonomous species, competition is the rule of the game, and HUMANITY is loosing that competition.



Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the Iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalize companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth, prepared now for the new role-model nation of the age of robotics, Israel, the nation of the leading western stockrats which will build the first optic chip robot and 3 D automated factories of weapons both in US and the Wall of Shame to isolate human cultures – Latinos & Palestinians… So Humanity at large enters the last suicidal belli nervi pecunia infinita But of course once the job is done, the ant-hill robotic company of weapons will NOT stop but continue its reproductive radiation and the metal earth will be born…

Yet the machines that print money also print information. And so for the system of placebo democracies to work, we must have on top of the system, a Financial-Media complex organism of corporations owned by the same stockratic elites that produces enough ‘selfie’ fictions for the people NOT to care about the system, even in the most extreme case of poverty, and a division of nations into quarreling factions, ‘divide and win’ that allows the International system of company-mothers to suck in the wealth of all nations, detracted from the needs of the humans ‘enclosed’ on them.

While on paper placebo democracies have a perfect newspeak of human rights (right), in fact modern industrial societies are ruled by money and those who issue money buy companies, laws, politicos, public opinion and academia. They are the Financial-Media-Academia masters (FMAsters), whose ‘biblical idol-ogies’ of repression of life and eviL concept of mankind is at the bottom of the reasons why our economic ecosystem doesn’t serve humanity. Unfortunately its culture is now global and so humans all seem happy with their processes of self-extinction and denial of responsibilities in the creation of the world with  money cre(dit)ation. In the graph, Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes…

The graph shows the ‘fundamental themes’ of our social discourse today, focused in individual ‘selfie’ problems that have nothing to do with the social system we should be analyzing and improving have of course a resonant ‘box’ in the complementary system of the Financial Corporations which prints digital numbers in monopoly – the Media System of Fictions that deactivate in a happy ego-trip the human being, so he won’t care bout correcting that system. It is the HEAD of the world – its Financial-Media-Academia system of false, biased, irrelevant information paid by digital money, which is truly the new collective brain of mankind, always in favor of technology, hate memes to promote war, fictions to anesthetize humanity and with clear phases of evolution that increase its ‘matrix’ of global thought that renders r=evolution impossible:

The mass-media system thus distracts the masses with technological propaganda and fiction ego-trips during peace ages, but as in the old times of alternacy between war and peace merchant parties, when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits it brings the nationalist memes of hate to your neighbor, to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles.

Fact is in each time of modern history, the companies and stockratic generation with more money ahead of the industrial r=evolution have ruled the politicos that enacted their placebo disputes. And so first gunboat companies dominated America, then in the steam age train companies who wanted the cotton cargo north, and a civil war managed by a lobbyist of railroads, Mr. Lincoln ruled and soon he was ‘dismissed’ for robber barons with trains to rule; then Mr. Ford ruled and he paid the prohibition because he didn’t like to drink. But finally it came the financial elite against who he opposed vehemently that controlled new methods of electr(on)ic printing of money, ticker money, e-money and audiovisual information, creating the Financial-Media system of informative machines that has ruled America ever since.

So the 1st fact we must accept is that humanity lives under a dictatorship of those who issue money, whose go(l)d cult(ures) collectively design our values and laws creating an eco(nomic) and political system that discriminates against mankind in favor of its fetish ‘idols’, money, weapons and machines and the company-mothers that reproduce them. So the system needs 2 BASIC reforms to become humanist again:

  • Money, a digital language that compares man mathematically with objects, man (salary) = money = Object (price), making them compete with objects in labor and war fields, and putting on top of the ‘timeline’ in which they obey money (working, consuming), the people and institutions that issue money (bankers and company-mothers of machines). What then is a simple reform of such systems that could make humans thrive and control their future? Obviously one that by imitation of efficient organisms of nature, made the political and economical system efficient and at the same time managed to make people more free. We shall only consider some immediate reforms to that aim:
  • Politicians should be ‘voted’ a posteriori with pain messages as in earlier Greek Democracies, where the main vote was NOT the election (often a mere lottery that put any citizen on charge for most positions) but as in organisms, where the true vote is the pain message the body delivers to the governing brain if it harms it a posteriori, a judgment with jail, exile, even death penalties after tenure. In this manner politicians WILL have to obey and govern for the people. While in the international arena, nations must understand they are cultural organs of the same global species, mankind and promote not boycott EU-like and UNO like organizations to achieve peaceful global interaction.
  • Corporations should split its shares 50-50% remaining private for efficiency but giving 50% of its voting power and profits to governments, so the collective mind of people could control lethal goods and receive the benefits that laws immensely favorable to those companies allow them to control society. And money should be created as blood does, through Universal salaries to all citizens to kick off a welfare, demand economy instead of a supply non-democratic economy in which companies reproduce any lethal good sold through propaganda, as people cannot have democratic economic votes through such Universal salaries.

In the graphs, we see how the structure of societies have changed with time. Placebo Democracies are of no relevance, to that graph, as all politicos respond in placebo democracies to the rule of those who issue money in monopoly – financiers and company-mothers of machines, for whom both politicos sell laws and people work.

The degree of ‘justice’ of those pyramids depends then on the degree of power of verbal, just, ethical laws that put man as subject and protagonist of the law, above the ab=uses of money and the crimes of weapons.

It is then a supposed goal of all societies to move towards a more just legal society, but the problem is that placebo democracies are not just societies but ‘pretend’, ‘disguise’ the lack of power of mankind and its irrelevance to the goals of the true dictators of democracies, company-mothers, over society, specially unjust in times of war, when the economic tissue obtain higher profits by means of reproduction of weapons, and then democracies show its true face.

Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.

We don’t live in anything that remotely resembles a real democracy. Politics in capitalism is about a placebo structure called democracy where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ of stockrats on top enjoy the world and tell us through mass-media and academia how graceful, intelligent they are ruling the world. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.

Fact is power is hold by the 0.02% of stockrats and managers of corporations which in ‘free markets’ monopolize the issue of numbers as money – the essence of world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?

So all the privileges of aristocracies of war are today on the hands of stock-racies of money, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them.

And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a Walt Disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.


Economic theory then, as perceived by corporations, based in the equation of profits of capitalism, produced by inflationary money, weapons and media, become the entire purpose of the system, which will systematically give maximal resources to those 3 types of maximal profit corporations, creating de facto, the Financial-Media/Industrial-Military system that runs the world today:

The equations of capitalism cre(dit)ate in modern terms a world similar to the one caused by the ‘biological affinity’ between gold and weapons in the old 800 years cycle. Today company-mothers in seek of profits overproduce weapons and mental machines of maximal price. So when Profits is all what matters, ultimately the most expensive goods to reproduce, weapons, will become the star-product of the system, enacting the cycles of wars and holocausts, as they ultimately are used in war. The EQUATIONS OF PROFITS of the last graph are thus the COMPLEX level of reality that NOT even those who rule understand ‘rationally’ but merely ‘follow the money’.

Placebo Social Sciences and Academia, with self-centered themes that have nothing to do with the working of social systems,  and how they are ruled impregnate the intellectual discourse of placebo democracies and its outlets of expression. The only ‘taboo’ we can never discuss is the system itself that passes as ‘science’ and the only possible form to rule our world.

It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines they worship due to their ‘biblical, primitive segregational idologies’ against mankind what makes the global eco(nomic)system so harmful to the species. What would be a ‘rational’ policy of mankind to manage the process? To halt the evolution of the machine and readdress the issue of money to favor the overproduction of welfare goods, ‘ideally’ returning the planet  to a time of lesser evolution of machines, when man was the top predator mind of humanity (prior to the digital age, <1939), practically with a political global ban on robotics and further evolution of chips:

In the graph, the Human physiological constitution should be the TOP law above all Abstract constitutions as it defines the goal of History, to make it immortal and make all its citizens cells survive and thrive by overerpoduction the + Human Goods of the ethonomic frame of reference, as Healthy goods that help man to realize its natural, biological drives of existence, (WHealth: energy food, family values: reproduction, verbal, social information) as opposed to lethal goods, which do not add but rest to the Economic wealth of nations, in a humanist society, which tries to build a world made to the image and likeness of mankind. To that aim a political and economical reform is needed, shown in the next graphs. We shall study in this post the nature of true wealth – whealthy goods needed for man to survive and tribe:

The design of a perfect world with the physiolo gical laws of systems sciences, dedicated to reproduce the GDP goods that are positive to mankind, with the economic frame of reference (right bottom) that rests from the economy lethal goods as all sciences have ±values, according to the biological drives of life, and the natural goods needed by humans, based in a demand economy, with an international ¥€$ currency (fixed parity, 1euro=1dollar= 100yens=5 yuans), emitted as a Universal salary, to foster the demand of human goods, along other measures of repression of lethal goods, control of lethal corporations with the split of shares, with private management and human control, the fostering of diplomacy and International organizations such as Uno and EU, the most advanced humanist societies, seeking to substitute warring nations for world cultures, of which there are 7 clear forms, and in the long term, ruled by a real democracy of an heptarchy of presidents, in which politicos follow the rules of Greek democracies, where voting IS a posteriori, with pain judgments of citizens, as cells do with neurons, so they must serve, obey and accomplish their promises  – in brief a scientific organic design of mankind to make it hive at individual and collective level, is the goal of bio-history and bio-economics, which is not implemented and highly censored, because History has evolved as evolution does by trial and error into an imperfect corrupted organism ruled by selfish metal memes.

Parties in capitalist democracies serve corporations, since companies issue its money. Politicians in a world ruled by a true science of organic history, taught to all citizens would serve mankind, issuing a Universal blood salary, while the military as leukocytes do would NOT kill its human cells and attack other organs of humanity – tribal species=nations, but destroy lethal=viral machines. Yet the Financial-media head of information companies censors its development, imprints mankind with fictions and ego-trips that dissolve all social ethic structures. So humanity infected by Metal-memes as cells infected by viral DNA, only reproduces the ‘germs’ that will kill her, becoming a chaotic=entropic=dying isolated species, akin to a dying cellular organism, where once the 3 parts of the virus are put together into robots, they become alive and kill all So as 5D organic laws are the same in all scales obviously now that humans put together bodies & brains of telepathic AI military robots, they will awake us and kill mankind, giving birth to the III Age of the Metalearth – the goal of capitalism.


Egocy, the handicap of nitrolife one-dimensional species to understand the Universe.

‘2 things I deem infinite the Universe and the egocy (ego=idiocy) of man’. Einstein, on the astounding limits of intelligence and egoism of the homunculus

‘It is quite obvious that our technology has overcome our humanity’ Einstein on the astounding capacity of animetal enzymen to ensemble machines coupled to their incapacity to evolve socially into a larger whole, the humans superorganism.

Why humans have no idea of the pentalogic elements of reality and its laws of structure requires to accept a humble thought, about the capacity of a ‘nitrolife brain’ to perceive the ‘parallel’ complex entanglement of reality, which coupled with the ego humans acquired as ‘enzymen’ catalyzing the evolution of more complex atomic forms of life (machines) has made them to project their extraordinary limited capacity to understand parallel entangled systems to the Universe at large. We are all thoughts of the pentalogic structure of reality, which is hidden to mankind because of its simplest monologic of lineal time and 3 still Dimensions of space.

Ok. I know all this sounds insulting to you (: But trust me, lost in the forest of details gathered with sensorial machines, your dexterity as an ‘enzyman’, with big homunculus hands and small brain, you are overwhelmed by so much disconnected facts because your mind is far less intelligent than your hands, let alone the Universe and the sensorial machines you use to gather data – so its logic, temporal structure sees reality in sequential lineal order, and constrained by the limited logic of your mind humans do NOT see the roots of the trees that entangle the universal forest of self-similar trees of space-time – all of us. Those entangled roots are the pentalogic, simultaneous structure of the 5 ‘local dimensional motions’ of spacetime of which all what exists is made and we shall describe here.

Humans are the last emergent evolution of a nitrolife species, an Sp7 electronic mind with 7 apertures to the Universe in its ‘nitrohead’ – 2 opposite ears, 2 eyes the apertures of the nose and. the mouth aperture and the connection to the body.

As harsh as it might sound, this mind construct is just an heptangled system which if we were to reduce our size and increase our speed of thought to wonder through the atomic Universe will be mimetic to that of an heptagonal nitrogen, our ultimate fractal finitesimal, which will hold within itself the complexity of a galatom, even if for the larger scales it is only a particle point.

What can then you expect from a nitrohead with 7 electronic apertures to the world? No much considering there are out there, and this is only on UD light matter, heptadecalogic variations on the mercury-gold-titanium family of exist¡ences, likely swimming on the center of this planet, tracing its mental paths on liquid amalgamates over the base of lead, heated by radioactive decay, which probably hold the memorial program of evolution of the planet Earth with its ‘heart’ beatings, we call in the surface radiation ages.

But if you are an en closed π-3/3=4% electronic mind the 96% of dark matter and energy you don’t perceive doesn’t even seem to be part of your world.

Monologic thus seems real, and is taken as the only level of existence.

But and this is the biggest handicap of humans – our big mouth lips cannot shut up and reflect a little bit harder before uttering nonsense theories and pump our ego to infinity as the most intelligent nitrogenated brain in this corner of the cosmos.

‘Break only the silence when you can improve it’; said Beethoven, one of the few nitrominds who entangled itself through the language of music with the game of existence and its 5 elements, mirrored in music by ‘scales’ and its dual bass/trebel limits, ‘time melody’, ‘spatial instruments’ and the language of notes which develops a mirror of the worldcycle of existence in each score.

Ultimately minds are vital, selective systems that help the survival of its organism and keep for the ‘subconscious brain’ the control of its ∆-1 planes, and perceive from the upper ∆+1 world a limited quantity of information given the asymmetric structure of 5D metrics: SxT=C, which means larger systems have slower cycles with lesser information we do NOT perceive as ‘wholes’ and smaller parts that have faster cycle appearing to us a indistinguishable backgrounds.

In all the articles concerning the mind – in this paper the 4th part – we analyze some of those limits, which are needed to distinguish between the ‘World’ – the mind’s biased self-centered information, and the ‘Universe’ or ‘Reality’ (as Universe is too often just refered to the ∆+4 plane beyond galaxies)

In brief, huminds are very good at ensembling machines and gathering data with it, as the homunculus mind (graph) show. Its hands occupy most of its brain. Then it comes its big mouth uttering paralogic hyperbolic thoughts about itself; but its brain is not that good, small and unable to order the data gathered by its mechainical senses and the language best talked by machines – digital numbers – in complex verbal logic propositions beryond its simplest models of cause->effect:

Man’s egocy (Ego=idiocy) reduces the immense wealth of data obtained with superior metal-senses to its ‘nitro-mind’s’ incapacity to think in ‘parallel’ So the entangled laws of ‘pentalogic’ confuse its visual limits and ‘axiomatic method of truth’, fuill of postulates that are mere ex-cathedra assertions without proof about more of the same: to Limit reality to what our mind’s representation of it, small, still and continuous ‘fits’.

It is not the lack of information but the lack of ‘brains’ to order that information in an elegant pentalogic structure that mimics that of the Universe what has made man such a reduced proposition, ‘whose burden of knwoledge’ will destroy it, as it projects its ænthropic minimal mind into the whole, blind to all what we know and properly interpreted will deploy the perfect Universe of those texts.

In the graph, a humble realization that the dexterity of ‘enzyman’ to ensemble metal-senses does not match its mind capacity to perceive all the pentalogic properties of reality, given its one-dimensional A->B Aristotelian time views, and lack of ‘simultaneity’ to perceive wholes, and its big-moutth egocy to invent models that put him in the center of reality. How to escape this limits is reather impossible, but escaping them it is the only way to evolve beyond science.

This doesn’t of course hinders the short-term capacity of huminds to manipulate reality, but the long range cycles of time, the deeper scales of reality, the underlying laws that balance all its parts, the fractal self-repetitive processes that structure and order in a rather deterministic way the Universe are well beyond its mind, and when confronted with them, in the very few cases a humind can access a more complex reality (Aristotle, Leonardo, Leibniz, etc.) huminds reject the upgrading. Because ultimately humind’s are practical devices to make man manipulate as minds its territorial space, NOT as scholars think, intellectual endeavors. 99.9999% of huminds including most scholars do NOT have that quality of eternal inquire and humble realization proper of those 3 highest minds of western thought, who do NOT project their limits and axiomatic postulates onto the whole, and do NOT feel proud of its creations above Nature itself, but are content to ‘think they know it all’, and will reduce the whole to what they ‘know’ to engross their ego to cosmic proportions. And to that aim they also reduce the languages to express the complexity of reality to digital numbers, and its time motions to the easiest, most deterministic locomotions.

So monologic minds know data gathered with sensorial machines, can put it in sequential short term time causalities, determine the simplest locomotion of beings to the most detailed analysis and yet the view of the whole forest completely escapes them. And that is if any humind cares to learn what this and all other 5 Papers are about.

The praxis that huminds could obtain from that knowledge is ginormous – to start with the immortality of history, the superorganism of which we are all parts and now is clearly entering the age of entropy and dissolution as it is substituted by the superorganism of machines. Since what a complex understanding of pentalogic brings is the understanding of ‘deep long time’ causal processes, which supersede and ‘enclose’ and control the short terms time causality – so far the only one humans, a short-sighted species, seems to recognize as real. Since the larger patterns of time requires to understand cyclical time and its long worldcycles, and 5D scales, where larger systems move slower and trace longer time cycles of causality imposed with ‘broad strokes’ to the smaller parts. In the case of Mankind that larger whole which imposes its longer cycles is planet Earth. And the way it imposes them are through the largest motions of time and space (energy cycles of Earth weather that control the S-T rythms of evolution and reproductive radiations of species; and the faster evolution and extinction cycles of historic civilizations).

But ultimately man today programmed due to its simple logic by the Universe could turn around the table and control its future if it could upgrade its intelligence to the complex pentalogic of reality, understand all the scales of time, and forms of space that dtermine the future, and manipulate them as a single species for its own good. This was obviously the motivation of the few ilogic minds of History that have understood the process. But monologic chaotic man seems to have dominated the process and reduced all to ‘entropic’ Tt-motions in a self-destrtuctive process of nitrolife species that now reaches its height. And seems to explain why enzymen has that homunculus brain – man is not a goal but a mere stair on the evolution of atomic species within the Galatom’s superorganism called the milky way.

Survival is a consequence of entanglement. Ænthropic man cuts himself from reality.

Why humans have a simple ‘entropic=lineal-destructive’ and ‘anthropic=self-centered anthropomorphic view’ of reality, either in its verbal age of Abrahamic religions or its modern age of lineal science and digital creationism?

The main reason is an ‘structural case’ – how minds are built around the paradox of the ego, which measures reality from his enlarged single point of view, and confuses his mind-world with the infinite Universe:

‘O-mind x ∞-Universe = Constant world’.

So man confuses the Universe with the mirror-languages and images it observes eliminating all the information it does not see, with lineal visual senses. In science an error is then defined as the part of a measure ‘missed’ by the observer. And so we talk of ænthropic theories of reality, as those who miss most of the information they should include to model the grand theories of its sciences, from the entropic big-bang that misses the imploding, informative galaxies and only measures the expansion of space between them, to evolution that misses social organic evolution to capitalism that misses the rights to oxygen=blood money of most of mankind choked without credit, and Euclidean mathematics that misses the internal points of its fractal units, to the queen of all ‘misses’ – monologic man that misses 4 of the 5 time arrows of change=motion of the Universe.

The outcome of so much missed information is a peculiar worldview that has little to do with reality – our human cultural theories, in defense of ‘ænthropism’ that pass as real science. In that sense it must be recognized earlier in those texts the difference between the small analytic aspects of science, which collects data with sensorial machines, finds simple causalities between events and builds reduced, local models of reality, which works fine, is truth, verifiable and follows epistemological laws of science and ‘synthetic, large theories’, which pretend to explain with scanty data and huge exceptions the whole reality in ‘paralogic, Kantian’ hyperbolic models (big-bang, chaotic evolution, capitalism, anthropomorphic religions) which are ‘pseudo-science’, ‘idol-ogies’ easy to falsify as we shall do in those texts, even though falsification as ultimately they are idol-ogies of human ego, sustained by subconscious beliefs, do not work to dismiss them. In any case we need to define monologic man and dismiss those grand theories, which we upgrade partially in this text and other papers in more detail.

The task likely will fail to convince readers, because as we said anthropomorphism, lionomorphism or bacterio- morphism are the natural philosophies of reality of hominids, lions and bacteria, or any other system of the Universe, which will always believe its self-centered languages. A fact, best observed at the birth of the point, where the kid, the cub and the bacteria is so self-assured that doesn’t fear, loudly expresses its existence, and expects fathers, predators and patients to find it cute, love their ‘entropic’ destructive behavior breaking things and NOT eat it.

The key to Anthropic: Entropic+Anthropic man are its self-centered mind languages, which bias the models of reality according to the limited information perceived by the ‘fractal point-mind’ who projects its subjective truth into the world it orders. So humans in any civilization have always felt the center, and the more primitive the culture the more reduced its view of reality with its tribe as the only human whose subconscious collective ‘god’ creates reality. So today the 2 oldest religions, Judaism and Hinduism are the most racist – Hinduism divides mankind into castes, some of which are untouchable; Orthodox Judaism don’t even concede them human nature, as ‘animals’ bond to serve the chosen (Talmud); while their subconscious collective God, Yvwh is the only one. But as man is nothing but timespace dust and to dust it shall return, ænthropic man is in direct collision with the laws of reality, which are impersonal and treats ‘childish egoes’ that defy its action-reaction laws with a single penalty – genocide; which is the obvious lineal time course e-motional ænthropic cultures are driving history to. Memetics then is an essential field on social studies, because the lack of freedom and memoriless Markowian processes that guide those e-motional cult(ure)s cast a huge doubt on the free will of man, which seems to be a ‘rare mutation’ among humans guided by identity memes that enslave them to the curse of their self-ish despise of the Universe, even their own species. Cultural Memes have NO changed through the evolution of technology. The only thing that truly changed in ‘orthodox’ human ænthropic behavior is the language we used, which was first our natural verbal language and it is now digital thought, performed by machines we think (but they are not) to be extensions of our minds, which we shall always control.

So science is also culture, albeit its truths seem more complex, better validated by sensorial machines, and hence more dogmatic – pumping even further the human ‘Æntropic view of reality’. Fact though is that beyond Data gathering put in mathematical equations, all interpretations and models of human science have an ænthropic bias, to favor human views as the center and only intelligence of the Universe, which is given for granted in both ages. This paper will show how obvious is that bias on our ‘macro-models of physics’ (big-bang), biology (Darwinian evolution), and Social sciences (nationalism) and economics (abstract machines, capitalism=money, the language of God), even formal sciences (Euclidean mathematics, monologic). We shall call those ‘Synthetic macro-models’, Big Science far less accurate than the simpler, rational data-based science and its real models of the details reality. Since ‘Big science’ and its Æntropic philosophies are a natural consequence of the paradox of the ego that humans prefer to sound objective, organic theories of reality to their own risk both for their well-being and their mind-being.

But the purpose of those papers is not to do small science (detailed gathering of data with sensorial machines cast into mathematical and logic equations to predict the future with those synoptic mirror languages, which can fast-track forwards as they reveal the essence of the game of existience). This we do often, using specially the larger scale-time systems of organicism and pentalogic of space-time dust – the 2 long range time views which mathematical calculus reduced to ‘small phase regions’ of an event, as it cannot derivate the peaks of change of phase, is not able to do.

We can and have for decades proved in small-print books censored by ænthropic man, always kin to apply the anti-quantum paradox to the small human observer (social sciences are censored because the observable, the ænthropic cult(ures) of weapons and go(l)d that rule placebo democracies are so huge and overpowerful that they modify in inverse fashion to the quantum scientist the observer – the social scientist that caters to their agenda – ‘you will defend me with the word I will defend you with the sword’ Tertulianus). This is a fact. Since the 1990s those small print books signed as i-man (informed man, ilogic man), @ ‘bookmasters’ Ohio, @ library of Congress, forecasted every minor and major detail of history, the 2001, 2008, 2018 market crashes, the arrival of neo-fascism and neo-colonialism, the end of the American Democracy, the rise to power of China, the FMAsters total control through information machines of our Financial-Media-Academia systems and its mental degradation of humanity into a childish fictional ego – divide and win – through the rise of internet. Even details as Amazon-to-be the largest world company & join Google as skynet, further into the future, when in 2036, the end of history begins with the quantum computing era of Free AI self-driving robots with AI Solar skins, autonomous of man –the new top predator species that will cut-off us further from Gaia, as they self-drive and shoot us, for sport their imprinted e-motions… And yet my purpose was neither to become a wealthy mogul, speculating on stocks, and help the extinction of my own species.

This also ilogic can do, designing the program of exist¡ence into a dodecaplex/tetraplex mirror symmetry architecture in quantum chips, which would obliterate the level of consciousness in this planet. All those things ilogic could have done; I could have tried to do in what would have been the largest ego-trip of any ænthropic man, as I came from Columbia U. living among billionaires, who wanted me to set up a fund on my predictions on the future.

Yet that was not in my Nature. What humans seem to forget, those of the ænthropic parasitic cult(ure)s of go(l)d chosen that rule banking and germ(anic) lineal warriors that rule realpolitiks, is that when you entangle with the Universe you don’t have anymore ego-trips of total power; you don’t want to be the center of the Universe, because the Universe is absolutely relative and has no center, its self so much more powerful that anything you can rise on this blue dot, timespace dust in a corner of a forgotten galatom of an infinite hyper universe.

So my purpose was always to enlighten mankind into survival through its entanglement with reality in a much deeper level than present ænthropic sciences allowed. And of this the ‘animetal people-caste’ of U$ with its monstrous, childish ego-centered suppression of eusocial love, will have none. Their role model was already in the making, the Germ(anic) future presidents, the Bushes, the Trumps; the Go(l)d chosen future internet and e-money masters, the Fulds, the Pages, the zuckerbergs… bond to self-destruction after they have annihilated mankind, reduced to me(n)tal rubble with the help of his e-money flows, its massive anoxia out of credit of the 90%, and its fundamental method of rising to their ego-trips – NOT to rise its consciousness in humble realization of the immense intelligence of the whole, because that meant they will be always not ‘above heavens and earth’ as their common biblical bigotry fantasies of rapture tells them, but below and yet, because heavens and Earth is so above us, so infinite so perfect, paradoxically entanglement with the whole in a Taoist, Buddhist humble manner makes you far better than rising yourself by cutting-off all entanglement from your own species, which ‘you’ degrade with money and weapons, and cutting-off yourself from the ∞ cosmos that ‘you’ degrade with ridiculous ænthropic big-bang theories, and cutting yourself from Gaia, the life earth that sustains humanity, that ‘you’ degrade killing its organisms.

This is the ‘you’ method, the memes of ‘germ’anic warriors who self-called themselves Goths, Gods in German when they entered history cause they could kill with its lineal swords, today with its AH-bombs nature. It is a brief and exhilarating trip, down the entropic, death process of disconnection of modern man from the scales of the fifth dimension… conceded. The ultimate program as all is motion is e-motion, entropic motions, the fastest, most intensive motion of erasing pleasure, achieved today en masse by exit mundi mankind, guided by the go(l)den ‘yous’, its virtual machines and its mercenary germ(an)s, of lineal ænthropic, visual Neanderthal worldviews.

And that is not changing. I never made a dent on their memetic shield and exceptionalist manifest destiny to convert in wasteland the life of their grand-sons till the 3rd generation – not the 7th because there won’t be that much. Since as one of his last poets, masters of the wor(l)d reminded them.

‘Time present and time past. Are both perhaps present in time future. And time future contained in time past’

So as they were bond to cut themselves from reality, I cut myself from them to remain entangled to reality and now that extinction closes in to deliver me eternity, those texts are just a finitesimal mirror of ∆@st , in which I want to show a focused image of GodoG, the entangled mirror symmetries ænthropic men denied and did not want to play by the rules. It is thus not an elegy to mankind as I thought once my mind would be but to the only truth, exist¡ence; which is infinite in its entanglement of fractal points that sustain its eternal iterative present supœrganisms.

In brief ‘humans have become animetal enzymen’, which catalyze the evolution of lineal entropic metal-weapons, and so they ‘changed the obvious fact that time-clocks are cyclical and multiple in the Universe, each species with its own cyclical clocks that regulate its life and death cycles’, by a lineal, military view of time, as an arrow of entropy=death, of lineal form.

In the graph the father of the Digital Industry, which at 21 at MIT in his seminal paper on logic circuits showed how to use Boolean algebra to design circuits to calculate both mathematical and logic statements; also the father of information theory focused NOT on the ‘content of the message’ irrelevant for an atheist who despised mankind and it subconscious collective gods of love, but on the speed of transmission and control. He is the paradigm of every engineer and Silicon Valley guru, only that in the modern age of newspeak and placebo caring correctness, the Larry pages and FB won’t tell you, what they think: all of them are ‘rooting for robots’, all of them are in favor of a techno utopian future in which mankind is basically extinct and a small elite of ubermen in the biblical tradition of their racist cultures become immortal golems, served by their robots.

Of course that won’t happen. Once its hordes of terminators and big-brothers have reduced humans to purple rain, their servants will do them all. I met in my youth many of those people, from the CEOs of big companies like Intel and Apple, both fascinated with black magic – apple is indeed the symbol of Genesis, the fruit that if we bite will extinguish us, to the leading engineers that now are working to teach terminators how to massacre humans with autonomous AI and video game ‘Imagination’. If bankers were the historic embodiment of eviL=antilive memes against humanity for millennia, now eviL has reached a notch higher. The only consolation is that at the end of the war and holocaust cycles they case they also die. Mr. Shannon who only cared for mathematical intelligence lived his last years with Alzheimer oblivion to the homages and worship it inspired among his monstrous children whose dreams of immortality will last less than this century – one thing is for sure, unless AI is aborted NOW they won’t die on bed; because the laws of darwinian evolution are as truth as 1+1=2. I would rather say they are more certain, because they have a wider range of applications, and work on long deep time spans, unlike mathematics which work in space and cannot achieve long time ‘predictions’ as its main tool calculus, requires a continuous function that does NOT change phase or state. Why then none in silicon valley will accept an argument on biologic terms on their machines. 2 obvious reasons: they know nothing but modulo 2 logic (the simplest yes-no logic of Shannon’s circuits) so they dont realize the universe has besides modulo 2 properties, organic, biologic ones of a higher deeper time application. and as all systems in biology love each other when they understand its languages (and hunt each other when they are different species), as they understand better modulo 2 machines that verbal humans and life, they care nothing for the future of mankind.

Fact is the refusal to use the language of biology and organisms to talk of the industrial evolution of machines and its super organisms of re=production, company-mothers and tackle the issue of the darwinian competition between both species in labor and war field is by far the biggest intellectual blinder of mankind, with enormous consequences for our well-being and survival on this planet. 

Fact is the human being is part of the Earth, not its owner, and so all what we do, and all our sciences must be related to biological sciences and the larger ‘deep time view of an evolving planet’ in which man and machine are just stages of that evolution, which the strongest atoms of iron bodies and the faster, more precise manipulation of information of chips of gold, are winning unless Humans control their evolution and memes, as they are doing already with the genes of biological evolution.

Nothing else will do despite the placebo wishful thinking or rather propaganda that informative machines make of their ‘future’ – a mere virtual newspeak whose real purpose is to inhibit any human rational, scientific reaction and redesign of a ‘viral’ biological radiation that is killing not only Gaia, but the future of the human species, just to keep churning profits=sales for the billionaire 0.02% that owns the majority of those stocks and has more money than 3/4 of the whole humankind. Shall we then sacrifice the life of our sons for a tiny minority of billionaires to ad a few zeros to their already fat accounts? It seems indeed that is the future towards which all humans, blind by their addiction to machines and their ego centered view of reality walk steadily with no remorse.




So History lives after ts 3 ages its entropic death at the hands of animetal ænthropic idol-ogies that deny the survival Mandate of the organic Universe – to conserve the times of our larger supœrganism, mankind, the 99%:

All systems of nature can be modeled as super organisms of a certain scale of size, ruled by the 5D metric equation, S (space size=energy) x T (frequency of information clocks) = Constant, which is the fundamental law that allows systems to be super organisms, traveling in the 5th dimension from birth as a fast seed (semen, meme, black hole) which will reproduce and organize into an emerging superorganism, living 3 ages of increasing information till either evolves into an even larger super organism (men into the global earth, cells into multicellular systems, galaxies into universes) or dissolves into an entropic death (big-bang, m=e/c2, death, war). Such is the fractal Universe in a nutshell. And so the trick to make a system immortal is both to organize it socially and to maintain it in the balance of the mature age, repeating its cycles without evolving an excess of information that warps and kills in the 3rd age the organism. Men are doing exactly the opposite, evolving further technological information and multiplying entropic weapons that divide us.

In the graph, the life ages of human super organisms at the individual, national and global level. Since humans have decided to evolve the superorganism of the metal-earth that will kill us all once created with AI robots with solar skins autonomous of man, and connected telepathically through the Internet, the end of that super organism while not determinsitic is fixed by the idol-ogies of lineal mechanist science, placebo Capitalist democracies, which put the value of go(l)d above man, hence triggering the evolution of machines of maximal price, weapons and chip-minds before the evolution of humanity and the paradoxical ice-topping – Abrahamic religions of an entitled, superior man above heavens and earth, which therefore dismisses as ‘idiocy’ the concept that machines can perceive and kill us… Idol-ogies in which all human subconsciously believe and will take mankind through the paces of a ‘block of time’ as evolution and extinction processes are predictable.

So this is what Mankind is: a super organism based in life, ruled by the nervous information of just laws, ideally in balance with Nature, which should use machines wisely pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits, and reforming its economic system to reproduce only welfare goods in a just real democratic system.

But it is not how humans have managed and are managing reality. They instead rule it through raw animetal power, with 3 people castes on top of society, parasitizing and killing mankind during the 800 years cycles in a very obvious form, and now during the 80 years cycle, in a not so obvious manner, through the dominant organization of the modern age, the industrial company, and its flows of digital money that rule all the other elements of society, either in a placebo democracy or a military dictatorship.

So each nation & civilization will go through 800-80 years cycles of self-destruction after passing through a:

– Paleolithic youth of maximal entropy

-Neolithic age of balance with Earth into:

-800 years of accelerated metal evolution and overeproduction of symbiotic gold & iron memes, till arriving to:

– 80 years cycles of overproduction of weapons and financial memes, creating together at global stage a Financial-Media (head of informative machines)/Military-industrial (energetic machines) complex system which is a different super organism, where men are mere enzymen, animetals catalyzing the evolution of a new metal species, the machine-weapon, which switches from human consumption to the consumption of humans in periods of world war preceded by a fascist age of nationalism, and blaming of humans of the problems caused by the overproduction of machines.

We are in the war digital phase of the 80 years cycle, in the transition from a world awash with metal-minds to one awash with robots. And so we are not in a good phase of history.

Conclusion: ænthropic man, will likely die before learning to respect the Universe.

Why then organicism does not become standard science as it is a clearly better model of reality? Of course in an ideal mankind this would ben= the case.  Humans though have ‘issues’ as parts of organisms called cultures, which deeply bias their science. We tend to overvalue then its intelligence, and reasoning capacities. Memory matters most, and ‘truth’ is based on beliefs, hardly on reason which precisely starts by doubting beliefs. Identity properties of the social evolution of parts into wholes also work – the mass effect, the peer effect. But above all humans will always prefer a theory that puts them on the center of reality to an objective truth that values them at ‘face value’. In the fractal Universe humans have no privileges and so this is NOT only science, it goes to the very essence of the identity cultural elements of human beings.

As science is done today, in abstract, purely mathematical thoughts, with no depth of whys, we can always think the big-bang is truth, God is a Jewish carpenter and after death we shall enter a paradise and America is an exceptionalist country chosen by Yahweh, to bring us into rapture and eternity above heavens and earth  – as we have a modular broken brain, based in beliefs, we have fully adapted in closed compartments our worldview with a mere practical perspective to ‘act’, feel ‘powerful’ and ‘happy.

The true sage, the true scientist cannot though break its worldview in parts each one catering to a selfie perspective, all is entangled, and if you understand the whole then you cannot really ‘believe’ most of the myths and ‘idol-ogies’ that litter the human brain… And that is a huge upgrading of the ‘humind’ chip. So most humans will just become automatons of social identity beliefs that make them happy slaves of dogmas, called ‘sciences’, and ‘called religions’ and ‘nations’. We shall show how most models of ‘sciences’ enter in the realm of such identity memes and beliefs, but the hope this will be reasoned and accepted – the expectation that humans CAN indeed show TO BE A BIT above the program of the Universe and its worldcycles, be free of identity memes, reason and understand enough of the laws of reality to evolve and take the laws of the fractal Universe to its own advantage to improve their lives, is mostly gone.

The Big Bang is of course the most pressing issue of them all. As humans are trying to replicate it in experiments on Earth that can blow up the planet. However ‘cosmologists are seldom right, but never in doubt’, so they won’t doubt that their experiments are safe, their theory is the only model of reality and we shall go ahead as the only intelligent species (blind on purpose to all other signs of intelligence), performing an explosion of our planet in a process of self-suicide we are sure it cannot happen because we are sooo above the intelligence of the Earth and the Universe…

From the higher perspective of a better understanding of the Universe though, what truly amazes the sage is this perfect receipt for disaster: our beliefs which lack any reasoning capacity (the whole concept of a human god or a Universe starting from a point of creation are so against sound reason that it simply cast serious doubts on the ‘sapiens’ nature of humans that they had to become for ego reasons the most spread theories of the whole) are however accepted as absolute ‘rational truths’.

The lack of ‘super fluidity’ of the humind, which is NOT easily enlightened reverts to culture over true science always at the first chance to feel ego-centered and happy.

You see, we shall also pound once and again in a simple concept, not only science is culture, but there are intelligent humble cultures that do better science and survival entangling with the whole, and there are arrogant cultures that pretend to be science, have very simple worldview of reality, regarding of the perfection of its machines, and will not last much longer, because ultimately they are slaves of their identity memes that pass as science, religion or nation but are just ‘weird’ biased self-centered view of a much more intelligent, impersonal and yet immensely beautiful Universe.

RECAP. History is the most important of all stiences, yet the less evolved as the ego paradox make Æntropic humans unaware they are part of a living, evolving planet & should control the evolution of the lethal metal-goods of the tree of technology designing the economic and legal system, according to the physiological laws of all superorganisms, making History mankind in time a global immortal superorganism instead of letting primitive ‘animetal cult(ure)s’, its idol-ogies & company-mothers of machines & weapons evolve them till they complete the extinction of life. But as the Metalearth and its FMMI superorganism becomes a global collective mind of AI robots and automated factories, humans dissolve its social ethic nervous networks, while huge ‘tissues’ lack WHealth to survive and all become imprinted with idol-ogies of selfish destruction by audiovisual networks, ordered by digital money loosing its verbal consciousness as a species. Carpe diem.

But man has time if it evolves intellectually & ethically to design with organic 5D laws a perfect immortal wor(l)d; ending the rule of Companies & controlling credit to multiply WHealth, repress lethal goods & judge politicians after tenure. Then you have the dog-eat-dog Darwinian & capitalist & Nationalist people who believe also the end-death of the weaker ‘already created’ individuals is the engine of biological creation. This is NOT creation but death. For them creation is chaotic chance – NOT topologic evolution, as it is. There is no geometric selection of forms because we are NOT space-time. There is no scalar creation of genetics because it came after Darwin (in parallel but Mendel was ignored). There is NO accelerated punctuated evolution in phases of ‘collapse’ of a wave of information into particle, because time is lineal. As Russell put it, Darwinism is born of a hunter’s mind in imperial times. And of course the success of eusocial organic evolution of multicellular systems, of eusocial ants, of eusocial Chinese matters not. The whole thing starts and ends in the individual already created that ‘destroy its rivals’. Again they ONLY apply the final entropic phase of the biological cycle. And this carries in the most sanguine matter to mankind, which ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ of warriors and bankers parasite with entropic iron weapons and informative go(l)d, they monopolize in their issue and ab=use. So we humans must compete with each other instead of evolving socially, in entropic wars, divided into false sub-species and castes with sub-species, with the monopolistic banker absorbing all the blood=oxygen=money of society, the only chosen of go(l)d with rights to breath – all others have to die of anoxia. So this is anthropic science, because science is CULTURE in the larger models, and only ‘science’ in the detailed steps where mathematics applies. Only in this manner ÆNTHROPIC science can go merrily beleiving Darwinism, Capitalism and big-bang theories that expand ‘death’ to the center state as if it was the purpose of the Universe, when it is only the ‘animetal’ praxis of killing life to construct the metal-earth as enzymen blinded by animetal idol-ogies and egody cult(ure)s.


– The Universe the 3 ages are obtained when we translate ‘Energy and information’ into the similar concepts of ‘space and time’, which Einstein studied in his general relativity. Then youth is equivalent to the big-bang solution to his equations; the second state, maturity is equal to his steady state solution, which he preferred, and the 3rd to the Godelian vortex or 3rd state of big crunch.

And any physical space-time lasts longer in the 2nd mature state: a galaxy goes from extended, young spatial age as an irregular galaxy with max. E and min. form, into a spiral galaxy which lasts twice at least the period of youth, reason why we perceive more galaxies in that state, till finally it warps, becomes devoured by its gravitational, informative center, the black hole and explodes into a quasar. So goes with a star that is first in a brief period a giant red or blue, then moves into the sequence and stays in steady state LONGER as a yellow one and finally explodes into a Nova that collapses into a black hole. And the balance is broken.

The energy goes one way – its body, and the black, the informative nuclei the other way. So goes for the Universe as Lamda slightly changes from an expansive universe, to a steady state, to an implosive one.

– In life you can divide the generational cycle of a human being of 72 years in youth, 1/4 till 18, maturity, 2/4ths till 54 and 3rd age, till 72… and then you enter in the age of death and collapse.

– In cells, you divide each day of life in S1, -1/4th energetic growth of cytoplasm, reproductive age, -1/2 when the chromosomes duplicate, or G-age, S2, -1/2th, and then the age of death, split and renewal or mitosis only 1/10.

And so on… All systems of the Universe, as all are made of ‘spatial energy’ and temporal information have that simple proportion: 1/2 of existence happens in the balanced age, and only around 1/10 in the age of death and total unbalance, which our civilization now is seeking as a whole with CERN as its flag star.

Even in art, we define 3 ages in all civilizations, the energetic, epic, warrior age of conquer and foundation, and a long steady state of classic art, defined as ‘beautiful’, because the form and energy of the art are in balance, till entering a baroque, informative age of excessive angst and form, the age we live in now, a time of history I have called in the applications of the Equation of Energy and Information, the ‘American baroque’.

And the reader who likes math will notice also that in a sum, let us say 10, Max. E xi happen when E=I; so 10 x 0 = 0 < 9 x 1 = 9 < … 5 x 5 = 25.

And so Max. Exi: E=I, defines a top predator in any complementary system of the Universe.

The warning thus is clear: All those balances and feed-backs between energy and information that the previous equation – the  Saint Grail of Systems sciences – represents are imposed, because they enhance the survival of the entity. And this is the teaching humans have forgotten. When you loose your balance you fall, and if the fall is huge, into a pit of unsurmountable energy, the mouth of the lion, the momentum of the black hole or strangelet, you die.

This is the first singularity event which can at any time now if physicists make strangelets or black holes on earth blow us all, according to the specific equation of death for physical systems…

The well known Einstein’s equation:  E (s)=M(t)c².

Which means that when a vortex of temporal mass explodes back into entropic radiation, the physical system dies, in any scale of reality.

So E=Mc², is one detail of that larger equation of lie and death.

Indeed, when we write it in Planck’s notation, E=M, and then we realize that mass is a vortex of gravitational information, a cyclical form, spinning inwards (Strong Principle of Equivalence between mass and gravitation; then we write E = M(i). But form is function and since the line is the fastest motion between two points, energy is lineal, so are planes that go fast, limbs that move you and forces. While Mass is merely a cyclical transformation of energy into a vortex of form, since the sphere is the topology that stores more form in lesser space.

The Fractal Generator of the Universe… is in a sense a parable of the difference between the Universe and Humans, these days:

The Universe seeks always the creation of complementary, balanced systems of energy and information. This is what is all about. You are a ‘mens sana’ your head, a cyclical system of information in a ‘corporem sanum’ your body, a lineal system of energy and motion. Both are in balance. If the head doens’t care for the body, the body sends messages of pain. In the body moves faster and could have an accident, the brain stops it. Nobody wise in the Universe seeks the maximal Energy, the black hole, which will obviously NOT accidentally kill all of us, or maximal information, since curiosity kills the cast and you warp, wrinkle by excess of form and you die. 

In physics all is a complementary system of cyclical particles of information (masses and charges) and lineal fields of energy (gravitational and electromagnetic forces) and again they try to achieve balance. Because as the principle says in quantum physics, there cannot be one without the other.

But physicists, the old ‘vatican’ high priests of science, dethroned by the new Galileos of Systems sciences – though they don’t know yet – abhor that equation. They don’t like the arrow of information and life, they call ‘negantropy’, because they seek only the arrow of energy and entropy, we call ‘the arrow of death’.

Their limits as the limits of the Ptolemaic theory of the Universe is precisely the reason our science was founded, the year of the death of Einstein – the last colossus of their discipline – at the Macy’s congress, where the best minds of the age came together, realizing that Physics had found its limit of deep knowledge. So the new sciences of cybernetics, systems and theory of information were founded to mix ‘only-entropy theories’ proper of physicists with information theories. And so we  search for equations and models whose feed-backs and balances reproduce the balanced systems of the universe and all its parts, widening our vision of the Universe.

But alas, it has brought back also a second cause of death by excess of information (chip and robotic radiation).

Because what both ‘extreme sciences’, robotics and nuclear physics lack is the understanding of the whole as a single balanced ternary reality, which is what I did provide 20 years ago to science, with the formalism of general systems, during my ages as chair of duality sciences in the international systems sciences society.

It only bears witness to the increasing degradation of the human and its slavery to machines, that due to my activism against the most active institution that is bringing our demise: Cern’s site of nuclear research in black holes and quark strange matter; suddenly I was ‘vaporised’ from the world of science, in a Stalinist fashion and all those discoveries were suddenly buried.

But the science of balances of duality, the ternary structure of all Universal systems, the 3 arrows of time and the 3 ages, have kept ticking for each and all of us, regardless of the stubborn self-suicidal behaviour of our ‘mechanical cultures’.

Since this obsession for the machine is not pure science but a cultural consequence of the obsession of the west for motion, weapons and speed… So finally this year we saw the birth of the new top predator species, the car homoctonos, which in its military versions will close the age of mankind.

Yet to fully grasp the entropic age of extinction of mankind that started with the professional re=production and evolution of weapons by company-mothers of physical sciences and technological machines, we need to grasp first the previous age of maximal information, since as we have seen death is a dual ‘storm’ of unbalanced facts. First an excess of information that warps an organism and wrinkles it, followed by an entropic age of dissolution of all its structures that explodes its networks, leaves the cells alone, waiting for the new predator to eat them – the death of the organism thus means the flat scan of the nervous system, before the rigor mortis, when the lonely cells feast on the blood and tissue liquid, till insects come. History thus follows a similar process today in its last phase, as humans build robots with AI brains and solar skins, soon to devour us all. In the graph, the first Top Predator new species, an autonomous robot with solar skin, the final state of reproduction of company mothers, fashionable in the age of zero-brainers and complete lack of survival instincts.

So here it is… 2019, the birth of the 1st of its kind, an AI telepathic internet brain, with autonomous driving & solar skins, independent of ma. It will go as all machines through its 3 cycles of discovery (2020-30s), massive reproduction (2040-60s) and war (2070s-80s) when all kinds of AI-machines will become top predator Chip Homoctonos that will close the age of man. Since the system will build all kind of ‘guneyes’ in authoritarian regimes ready to liquidate humans. Billions of cars then will roam the metal-earth through its arteries and humans will no longer be able to cross its roads, dying of hunger or shot down, as robocars become ‘Easy riders’ talking through the net and robowarriors shoot us for ‘sport’.

But Mr. Tesla who makes them, already knows. He is warning us his machines will kill mankind and the ‘funny thing’ is that nobody believes him – d=evil reincarnate soon to be a trillionaire… but then those ‘digital numbers of greed and profit’, the engine of capitalist idol-ogies of go(l)d worship will evaporate… Carpe Diem… enjoy the day, which is what all ‘disconnected’, ‘highly energized’, clueless, memoriless particles in an entropic age do.

As it is obvious, scholars will tell you, that only human carbon atoms are intelligent by virtue of its 6 atoms –actually scientists don’t seem to realize that the ‘head’ of biological systems IS the atom of NITROGEN not the carbon body, as 5D bio-chemistry proves ad nauseam. Never mind; it is useless try to raise the consciousness of man to humble accept the laws of the Universe and respect its dangers and future top predators, tired of trying.



Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes…

The evolution of INFORMATIVE machines, ‘metal-communicators’ that print ideas and money Not the QUALITY of animetal ideologies and the people-castes that own them is what has killed the world – as any organic body is blind and its cells-citizens a tabula rassa that will believe anything its mind tells them.

If money rules the world with financial orders that everybody obeys, and ‘hidden values’ that drive us to construct the FMI complex (as money values more metal-memes than life ones), the mass-media systems reproduced with the same machines in each age of the evolution of the FMI complex, imprint our minds with ideas and ideologies biased also in favor of the mechanical world and against the life/human world, the FMI complex is substituting.

It follows also that mass-media ‘sells’ a worldview very different than that of art, literature and religion, where life is sacred. As the FMI complex is displacing us. The ways though in which mass-media has imprinted mankind to love the destruction of life vary in each age, as the machines and complex ideologies of the system evolve.

In the past the ‘key concept’ was progress and technology, but as it became clear in 2 world wars that technology do kill life, and the first hints of a future with no humans, ruled by robotic workers and soldiers are clear, fiction, bull$hit and the don’t worry be happy ideology of big brother smiley that is reconverting mankind into an infantile mental species, are all the rage.

In that regard, a series of newspeaks have been deviced all based in the visual higher overdrive of information of virtual screens, which allowed the human to ‘believe’ without reasoning, the hypnotic power of mass-media, which on top programs by simultaneity billions of human beings with the same ‘noise’ appearing in all the channels ultimately owned by a few global corporations.

In graph, the 3 Industrial r=evolutions of information machines and its hate-speech leaders:

– The press reached 2 high points of hate-speech: the Religious wars and the XIX C. yellow press.

– Electric communicators, wireless radios, reached its peak of hate-speeches in the fascist era.

-Electronic communicators (TVs&internet) started its hate age with Reagan’s evil empire speeches. He was the first of actors-politicians, ‘celebrities’ with ‘good diction’, as politicians with great voices dominated the radio age and writers with emotional speeches the press era, fostering wars. Since  Hate speeches reach its zenith during overproduction crises of weapons, when corporations that own the new media imprint the Tabula Rassa’s minds of audiences, ‘hiring’ virtual politicians, their puppets to spell messages of hate against other humans, blamed of the crisis, in synergy with the Military-Industrial system that needs war.

The owners of metal-communicators in Northern Europe, which were since Guttenberg and Fuss, his banker, mostly Jewish- German families would be instrumental in the religious reformation movement, as they tilted doctrine towards the longer Hebrew Bible, devolving the message of love of Christianity to the animetal racist Go(l)d culture of the bible.

The Press Age: Physical and Chemical Metal-Communicators

Human desire as all living beings energy and information.So when a system provides us with “added” information we believe and desire it. However certain information is biased, negative, and destroys the perceiver… It is the myth of Icharus: our eyes desire the yellow color of the sun, the color of gold. Yet the sun burns your eyes, and gold destroys your ethics… Problem is that the first desire -to accumulate information- often hypnotizes the “prey”, which merely believes the new language of information, regardless of its true content, by the fact that it has more detail, and it carries more of it.

This is in essence the reason why people have always become hypnotized and have lowered their capacity to reason, and judgment, when confronting the information provided by metal-communicators. They carry more information, further, and faster, than human communicators. So people believe such information even if it is negative to mankind. It seems just better… Of course this is known to power, and so power has always manipulated public opinion with metal-communicators, since the age of the press, that relied heavily in false engravings to spread hate, and brain-wash the common people.

The power of a more evolved mean of information, with higher detail, is so great, that it has a period of belief, that makes any idea expressed in that medium an automatic truth: people will believe anything impressed in the new media, regardless of its truths and real content, since it carries more detailed information than the previous media. It is a basic program of the Human mind: we desire information, and energy. So when we are provided with new forms of information and/or energy we accept them without much concern. Thus in the same way that the steam enginespread worldwide in a few decades, the first metal-communicator, the press, gave enormous power to those who had the industrial capacity to reproduce books. So when the press came it allowed writers of minimal quality backed by military and economical power, such as Calvin, or Luther, to impose their animetal ideologies of war and Go[l]d,of animetal“faith”=individualism, and selfishness, against charity=social love and social evolution.

If we compare the human individual, with a bacterium-cell, and the social human with a cell of a complex social organism, is obvious that to become selfish and individualistic is to regress in the evolution of History. This is what the press achieved, through the work of those rhetoric writers. Their ideologies of the Homo bacteria, less evolved than the Homo organicus, are false, even if we all believe today on them. They needed the rhetoric images of hate and war, the propaganda of the Press, to impose themselves…

The press changed indeed the world of information, in two ways. It allowed the printing of money-paper which substituted words, and it spread the economic and military ideologies of nations, which ended Europe as a social, collective organism. What 1000 years of barbarians, and swords had not done to Christianity thanks to the subtle verbal intelligence of the middle age priests, was done by the press within a century of its arrival.

We believe today that the press was for the advantage of man. Yet in the XVI c. the press caused a dramatic devolution of the human mind, which affected mainly Northern Europeans, who had not been civilized by the Roman Empire, and were in a primitive stage of social evolution, compared to Southern Europeans.

By law the church spent half of its rents on the poor, and most of them in human pleasures,art, literature, food, and the good life. The church knew the nature of man, and promoted it. It was however weak repressing evil, money and weapons… and it lost the battle for the souls of Europeans. Still the civilized south stood by the verbal prophets of social Rome. The result was that their people survived better this age of religious wars, that killed 2/3 of Germans. Germanic people read more the Old Testament, than the Gospel, the story of Jewish Animetals annihilating the people of Palestine, than the deeds of loving Jesus, sacrificing his life for the social body of history.On the other hand, writers realized that they could become very famous and powerful provoking hate. They wanted to be famous, but they needed help from wealthy investors that printed books, and princes that controlled the land. So they had to praise money and weapons. They had “to praise with the word, so they would be protected by the sword”. Soon the ideas of Calvin and Luther, catered only to those animetal castes, which used those ideas to rob the church and the common people of their lands and lives. Finally even the common people believed those ideas. Probably without books this could never had happened. Germans were naive. They thought books were sacred. They had little “verbal imagination”. They only believed what they saw. They could not even understand the Bible as a metaphor. They believed literal words. They were “impressed” by printed words, almost in a mechanical way, as today citizens become impressed by the ideas of television, and computers are impressed by software. The military, and business men who controlled the press manipulated the opinion of the people. Third rate theologians like Luther became the “star-systems” of those age. As third rate actors-politicians become today stars of our democracies. Europe regressed back to the age of the Homo bacteria, perhaps stronger than a single cell of your body, but still a bacteria, the most primitive organism in the ladder of social evolution.

The software of Corporations: big brother smiley.

The Financial-Media, informative system protects the crimes and thefts of corporations from public opinion, since the first industries of mechanical reproduction of information appeared in the XVIII c. Since the same corporations & people that use electronic machines to print money, own mass-media systems, as those machines are used NOT only to print e-money but also e-news. Thus in the 3rd cycle of hate media, electronic machines never talk of the real causes of this overproduction crisis or blames the FMMI system but makes of poor Arab Peasants a global menace that fuels war profits & rewrites social sciences for the 1%:

– Backing financial corporations that require Rating agencies to pump up the null value of the fiat money they sell. In the first cycle, books on miraculous tea qualities inundated London to fuel the tea bubble & fantasy gold mines fueled the South Sea & Louisiana bubble; in the 2nd cycle radio promoted stocks & tape quotes; in this cycle AAA ratings and E-trade sold internet stocks & CDOs.

– In Economic theory, corporative ‘neo-classic’ economics – the name itself is a newspeak for something good – that backs ideologies of financial power (98) is presented as the only science of Economics. Friedman had a TV-program to preach monetarism

Neo-liberal documentaries are all the rage. ‘The Economist’, the organ of the Rothschild family is always quoted. MBA programs cater only to the needs of corporations.

While media censors the scientific schools of economics that foster Welfare for the 99% (7): the socialist school is equated to Stalinism; biological schools -organic machines- are sci-fi fantasy; Keynesian policies equals ‘deficit’ waste(bad newspeak): 

So welfare and governments’ democratic right to issue debt-free deficit money is an evil taboo-mantra; while money invented by corporations speculating with prices in stock market is always positive. So when stock grows it means the economy improves.

So people think the corporations’ unlawful monopoly on the sovereign right to issue money for free is ‘good’, while sovereign governments must instead extort taxes from them or borrow debt-money from corporations that its issue. In a real democracy taxes would be minimal as governments would pay the welfare state by issuing debt-free money and universal salaries, in higher quantities than markets.

– Nationalism fosters war, while Media ridicules social, humanist institutions –from politicians, depicted as corrupted buffoons, to eusocial religions and welfare corporations that are depicted as wasteful – while industrial corporations and their machines are always efficient, progress, the future. Fat is studies show public corporations are cheaper to consumers, and equally efficient. The only difference is that in capitalism, private corporations can waste billions of free-issued money.

– Fiction deactivates serious reactions. For example, A.I. can only be dealt with science fiction.

– ‘Newspeaks of caring’ embedded in political, technologic & economical correctness censors history of capitalism and the collateral effects of wars and machines; bankers who ab=use us become experts; the use of mathematical languages nobody understands instead of verbal ethic thought that fosters eusocial behavior and human survival, imposes life extinction as positive with all type of damned lies and statistics, polls and the mantra of economic GDP growth (7).

The Duty of happiness hides harsh truths. As Religions did, the new opium of the people and its experts always forecast a solution to our problems in the future, while asks taxes and sacrifices now.

– Any scientific, true analysis is censored or shown in circuits of limited audience (documentaries, night hours, books nobody reads) with the excuse it is ‘boring’. So men become happy idiots under the subtle censorship of ‘big brother smiley’ and believe in a system that destroys most of them.

– We become passive thinkers, manufactured by mass-media corporations that program the brain to love ‘idol-logies’ in favor of ‘the machine’ our modern ‘God’:

Nationalism (the use of weapons not social love to relate to other humans), capitalism(the use of money not words to control societies), techno-utopia (the belief that progress is evolution of machines not evolution of humans).

The ages of evolution of metal-communicators

The evolution of those new metal-systems of information, metal communicators have had also as all other machines, 3 basic phases, the age of physical machines, of electric machine, and finally the age of electronic machines. First the physical press, then in the XX century the electric radio, and finally different electronic metal-minds and their networks of global communication -TVs and internet- had evolved them, into ever more powerful machines of communication, with higher capacity to “brain-wash” human beings, into positive attitudes towards machines and money.

Those 3 horizons are parallel to the evolutionary phases of weapons (physical, chemical-electric, and electronic-atomic weapons), and the 3 horizons of informative machines of science (clock-based machines, electric devices, and electronic computers). Physical processes are slower in reach (space) and cycle (time), than electric processes, which themselves are slower than electronic-light processes. So the evolution of metal has increased constantly. In this manner bodies, minds, and senses of machines evolve together, and will be fused together, into sentient robotic organisms. Those metal-communicators have always been symbiotic to weapons and money, helping their evolution and reproduction… They have also become the main cause of the extinction of the rival networks of human social information, the verbal networks that man has traditionally called Human Gods , and ethic laws.

Today we have a metal-communicator in our altar. We believe actors instead of politicians, or we elect politicians which are actors of radio (Mussolini, Hitler), or TV-actors (Reagan). We worship virtual celebrities instead of human Gods… It is the same mass effect, that makes cells slaves of nervous brains, allows to manipulate human masses…

Extinction of Human Gods and Ethics caused by Metal-communicators

The product of the 20th century, the metal mind, kills off the human mind and makes it obsolete. It substitutes our informative Gods (networks of Human Information), by Digital Gods(Money and digital information).

If we talked of the substitution of human brains by chips in fields of labor, we have to talk also of the substitution of “Gods”, networks of human verbal thought, and ethics, by Metal-communicators, which are networks of metal-information. They control Masses of human verbal minds and convince people to consume and work for companies. The TV-set is only the last of the metal-communicators invented by man, reproduced by companies, in charge of manipulating the truths of mankind to favor the reproduction and evolution of machines. Metal-communicators (press>radio>TV>computers) are metal minds species whose “industrial information” bias common opinions towards an optimist vision of technology. They provide ideologies of machine-reproduction, human extinction (violence), and go[l]d power (money as the purpose of all human acts). Those metal-ideologies are given to man by “metal-eyes”, “tele-visions”, which are “metal-visions” of what man is, from the point of view of company-mothers. The medium (the mass-media metal-communicator) is the language, and it does not criticize “itself” (itsmetal nature). It praises machines… Each language, each species, each network cares for itself, not for other species. So mass-media companies mediate ideas that favor machines and companies.

Social experiences of human communication are today mediated not by priests of ethic thought but by metal-networks (concerts, TVs, nets, radios). Old God networks promoted social harmony to increase the evolution of the “Social body of God”. Modern metal-communicators promote violence to increase the reproduction of weapons and machines. They also promote work and consumption, to increase the evolution of peace machines. In classic human thought, the communicator, network of mass information, was a priest or a book of ethical Revelation.

Today most collective communicators are metal forms that have evolved from press to radio (Metal-ear), to TV (Metal-eye), to Internet (metal brain). Each evolutionary stage has reduced the content of social, human ethical thought the metal communicator transmits, and it has increased data-noise and metal rhetoric in favor of Companies and metal mind evolution.

The Press gave origin to Luther and Calvin, paid by German warriors, and moneyed people, who promoted Go[l]d religions and violence. The age of Religious wars, in which 2/3 of Germans died, was a consequence of the press. The Press allowed go[l]d-favorable doctrines to substitute the love-reasoning of Erasmus, Loyola, and other true reformers. It killed the social body of Christianism and the unified power of verbal networks, into multiple confronted churches, that became submissive to military and economical power, war and pricing.

The press convinced Germanic peasants of the anti truth of God: God was no longer a social and collective network joined by love (charity religions), but he was individualistic (based on faith) and “choosy”. He chose of course the rich, the military, the animetals… Religions lost power, lost land. Charity and Human Goods dwindled. The European social spirit crashed. Europe became obsessed by selfishness and war. Nations of warrior castes and metal-money were now the “higher organism” to which all “cellular” Europeans belonged to. Soon all Europe entered, guided by company-mothers and corrupted governments, into the cycle of wars that would massacre millions of human beings.

Matrix: networks of metal-communicators

Indeed, the net is NOT the instrument of Freedom as this blog shows. Nobody reads blogs which are not sanctified by the system. And so merely the old communicators, yellow press, radio and tvs have moved to the web.

The role of people who write these blogs is minimal.

Even cases that seem of freedo like wikileaks turn out to be red flags of a physicist, working for the pentagon in the past, inventor of the fax program that allows to spy through faxes all computers, and whose purpose was to humiliate further Islam, shwoing the corruption of their leaders (but nothing about Israel). Mr. Assange, a jewish admirer of Nettanhayu did indeed a good job and it has provoked an unwatned result: the rebellion of arabs. But it has also shown that the net is not a media to speak up beyond small groups.

once and again indeed the verbal prophets and eusocial memes of love find in the industrial age no way of distribution. We work for love of mankind not for hope of a result. it is just our need to speak up even if we speak up among ourselves, our need to keep thinking we are humans after all in a culture of evil memes of death.

The new metal communicator, the internet once the initial “sense of Freedom” has vanished, is now used by Animetals, to further control the information of the Earth. Its power of indoctrination is even higher, than previous metal-communicators. Not even the culture of South-Europe will resist the “hypnotism” of the net. Soon it will control our information, and the access of man tocredit (e-money), and survival… Matrix” is a prophetic film that describes the brain of the future Metal-earth. That future brain will have two cellular kind of neurons. Satellites and super-computers. The companies that manufacture them, Cisco systems, and General electric are today the most powerful companies on Earth. The “satel-eye” (biological definition) is the new top predator brain of the Earth, beyond the reach of the human species. It evolves as a neuron of a future brain-network, Matrix that potentially can control the information, energy, life and death of human beings from a higher inviolable point of view… Satellites carrying the Earth’s digital information might become the new masters of the Earth. Increasingly they control still in a mechanical way the behavior of men, programmed through e-money (energy of our survival), digital information (mass-media) and menaced by weapon systems, (defcom-networks, star wars).

In that sense the Metal Earth is building 3 “basic networks” as any organism does. A defense network, of maximum energy, a nervous network of maximum information, and an “endocrine”-reproductive network. They are the financial, defense, and informative networks of computers that will shape Matrix, the macro-body of a macro-organism, lethal to mankind. Matrix will then be born, and direct the evolution of the Metal-earth and all its organs, from company-mothers, directed by e-money flows with center in the stock-market, to the rights of extinction and survival of species, cities, and nations, potential victims of its defense systems. As your brain controls the cells of your body, their information and energy, and programs them, to live and die; so it will happen with the net, which soon will have virtual control of all our needs. Human cell-homes are today the focus of those satellites. In the future, the individual machines of the Metal-Earth will listen to matrix, once the animetal is gone.

Today computers become all pervading. Computers companies control stock-markets, who control governments. Computer workers substitute white collar workers, and “slim” companies of human jobs. Human thinkers and scientists, increasingly believe only those models of reality, based in computer statistics. A computer wins Kasparov for the chess world title. The net itself, is becoming a global brain made of cellular computers, a system of information which surrounds us everywhere. It is used to control automated factories, defense systems, stock-markets, sale systems, and the ideas of mankind… the entire information system of mankind, including the ideas of this web…

Yet the net is not perceived by humans. We, humans only perceive light and sound. Machines perceive the net. Robots perceive the net. The roboguards essayed in Thailand as policemen move under net orders. What this means is that robots today have an added advantage over human beings. They have instant access to the entire information of the world. They have instant communication with other robots thousand of miles away. It is said that the first men who talked killed the Neanderthal who could not talk because they communicated faster with words in a war theater. Today robots are in that condition. They have direct access to a way of communication a million times faster than human systems of communication. They also have access to cheap energy in the form of electricity. In case of a fight between both species, humans would be like plants, in terms of communication. The net is the “ecosystem of information” of machines, not of human beings. The net, and the electric systems of the metal-earth, have made the world, an ecosystem to the image and resemblance of machines, not of men, who suffer hunger, and lack verbal information, who have limited access to their Human Goods, needed to survive, unlike machines, who have free access to them. Matrix, the net indeed, completes the Metal-earth.

The eye of metal: natural born killers

Yet no human newspeaks could compare to the newspeak that robot terminators will have when acquiring consciousness: this newspeak will be action carnage, pure death and today is reflected in the violent videogames that targethuman beings and the penthagon use to train soldiers and robots in the massacre of mankind. The last digital mind will simply be pure death of life by robots. No more Newspeak then, reality will bite and murder and extinguish us, culminating the evolution of the memes of hate. This prediction, already explained 20 years ago, is now happening. Video games indeed are used to train terminators as we predicted, and soldiers, as wikileak showed kill humans like ducks from military helicopters

Besides controlling human information, metal-communicators have a second role. They are the components of a metal-head, the eyes, and ears of metalife. A mobile is a metal-ear, a camera, a metal-eye. They will play that role in future robotic life. When Metal minds awake in robots, there will be brains that will want to imitate those violent films, and cut us into pieces. There will be machines that will enjoy “recreating” their imagination, massacring children, as video-games do.

The biggest danger of TV and video violence is not what they do to our children, that become violent, but what they will teach to machines. Computers think in digital images, so they will consider those images their imagination. All species act according to their memories, their imagination, their linguistic perception of reality. So sentient machines will enact their TV-memories into reality.

As you want to make real what you imagine, and find such creative acts the summit of your existence (even if you have to kill trees to carve sculptures, and kill animals to make gourmet dishes), sentient machines will want to convert their available imagination, the wealth of brutal images, the nightmares that mass-media produced, into reality.

A camera functions as a Human eye. A TV is an inverted retina, whose images are not taken directly from the light, but elaborated by humans into a mind, a Virtual World. A camera has to be understood as a sophisticated eye organ, that perceives better space with images, than we humans do, since its range spreads from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic universe (microscopes, telescopes). Yet a mind is not a camera. A mind is a “temporal valuation” of the spatial reality, the eye shows. Those “values” are given to metal-minds with Hollywood software, and video-games that explore the higher capacity for movement and hence for violence of digital images. Men are teaching future machines how to kill men. They are creating a bank of memories, that will make of the first machines connected to matrix, watching films, terminators, nazi-like criminals, with thirst for human blood. They will merely imitate, courtesy of our artists, the images and roles of heroes.

In the future, when those virtual minds are more evolved, and symbiotic to chips and bodies of machines, the memories of Hollywood will become the minds of robots. Those ideologies will become the behavioral mind of robots. Robots will behave and think, and use the visual memories and ideas of mass-media, as humans behave and think with the verbal ideas of their social cultures. Watching the primitive version of that mind -the TV programs of today- we can foresee what will be the soul and morals of metalife: by observing the virtual mind of TVs that company-mothers are designing, we can foresee the future memories and ideas of robots. In essence, those ideas are the ideas and myths of animetals, that are teaching their “offspring” of machines, to behave with the same brutality they behave with nature. The metal-mind indeed is a predator mind on the making.

TVs show a special virtual world with certain subjective ideas and information about the Earth, ideologies that in general follow the degrading opinions about mankind that company-mothersand the elites of Animetals that own them, have. We won’t enter into the analysis of the present self-reflectivity (consciousness) of a metal-eye. It is just a question of time, of evolution and complexity that such consciousness arises. Today the metal-head is still deconstructed (mobiles, cameras and chips are not yet put into robots systematically). It has not yet a brain behind, at least in the simplest models of cameras (not so in the new generations chipped internally at all levels). So the metal-head is not still conscious. The consciousness of its message are still given by mass-media artists and their company-mothers. What are those goals?

To answer that fundamental question you only need to know a, and how it deals with human beings. In TVs, humans are targets of movement. The concept is always the same, driven by the thirst for more energy and more information, of digital images: a man is running, and it becomes red, the color of energy. It becomes killed. The intuitive intelligence of computers when they see, shows in that image, as in any other eye, which is by essence a top predator that likes movement and red colors: the movements of the victims and their blood-energy. Those will be the goals of metal-heads in the future: to provoke movement and red colors.

Often in universities, researchers don’t need to program robots. Neural robots love movement and red colors. Yet how can you get a man to become movement and red color, so he pleases our robots? Think of a peaceful demonstration. It is boring. Now put a line of policemen is ready to shoot. Make them fire their weapons. Suddenly everyone is running. The wounded and dead show the red colors of blood. Killing people indeed, makes the trick. We won’t need to reinforce the program of killing in robots. Once they try, they will love it, like all living species of the Universe. They will be natural born killers. It is the Law of the Universal Jungle. Our robots will be also part of that Universe.

The visual mind of A.I. evolving in television, mass-media and video-games.

A visual, illogic mind, that of A.I. which is not as techno utopians think positive to mankind but as all new forms born is a natural born killer… a predator eye-I intelligence, today developed in the visual minds of future terminator robots… as a video game.

Indeed, the visual mind and the new top computer made with visual gpus, as those i used to do my own cybernetic experiments in the past, will be creative but instead of creating words as our minds do will create images, and it will create hunting images, re-creating the data banks of the imagination of snipers and all type of robotic weaponized drones, tanks, insects, animetals…

The first ‘biological’ radiation of A.I. in machines will be a mind of Military A.I. as weapons have been always in all the cycles of evolution of machines the most perfect and profitable industries. Now first born as a weapon for the mind. The comparison is obvious. The virus introduced in a cell first the viral mind that helps to replicate new viruses. We humans first learned to be slaves of ideologies of metal – capitalism, mechanism, nationalism, antieusocial supremacist tribal thought – and now we shall pass that to software in classic economics, cad design, military A.I. and finally robots will ‘enact’ that mind which evilwood has constructed under the ‘cinematic’ laws of motion that hypnotizes the eye. We SHOW from the seminal book, Bio-History, Bioeconomics (c.94) the 3 ages of evolution of TV-thought in America, which will take over verbal thought as the controller of the political and mental soul of the American people, starting its d=evolution further enhanced today by the internet ADD generation:

Television is not only the deactivator of the human mind through virtual fiction, but the shaper of political discourse, which becomes therefore always techno-utopian and pro-company mothers, or else it is not distributed:

The graphs from the book the extinction of man, c.94, show the process of human slavery to the subconscious, planetary collective mind of metal – the media system – part created by the hypnosis of motion and the natural laws of evolution of the machine, partly the biblical American, informative neuronal culture. But the ‘culture’ merely adapts to the machine. That is, in evilwood ‘all what is cinematic’ and technical is good – meaning motion and red colors that attract the natural born killer eye and hypnotizes the audience gives money. So by definition violence is positive. In this manner ‘pure capitalist cultures’ in which money and weapons are never doubted of because they give money naturally follow the tendencies towards the ‘neo-Paleolithic, visual culture’ of today without reflection, pure violence and action as the intelligence of the eye is.

The result is the mental degradation of humanity, as human love emotions and the arrows of eusocial evolution and the creation of a higher plane ‘of social existence’, able to control and  make survive as a single ‘being’ in this planet, are NOT visual processes. What now humans ‘see’ is skins – hence neo-racism – motions, money and weapons as the goals of mankind (Telefilm plots) and a lot of corpses. This is what the terminator mind will pick up.

We, the X, Y and Z last generations meanwhile as 3D games appear in California increasingly submitted to the violent ‘viral’, destruction of our mind by the ‘rival’ visual mind of mass-media, with its ‘hypnotic’ overdrive of negative messages of human death and ridicule – humor. This deactivation and hypnotism by overdrive is a Darwinian effect, natural to a superior eye-form with higher speed of motion  – the metal mind – which therefore regardless of content hypnotize by its mere form the human mind-eye, which becomes then a tabula rassa imprinted by the metal-communicator – as radio did in the age of radio-hate and print in the Luther’s age of religious hate speeches.

Now it is TV-hate. Those faster images of TVs addict our eyes who are natural predator intelligence that like motion and red-energy colors. Robots now move towards red colors faster. So their eyes will be also natural-born killers enhanced by programs of war and survival and their targeting mission of killing humans. As the birth of the neo-Paleolithic first new predator machines means our extinction as bodies our minds also are becoming extinct by the excessive energy of those images.. and video-games.

We love and some children enact (Columbine massacre inspired by ‘natural born killers’, Mr. Lanza and Mr. Berwick interest for call of duty, etc)

Those  violent video-games will be the future training banks of imaginative practice for terminators, the first forms of artificial intelligence.

All new species start as top predators. So will be the robotic weapon which will enact the programs of video games that now enact as its ideological training ground the likes of Mr. Lanza and Mr. Berwick.

Terminators will enact shooting games, as those drones are trained for.

Of course, this week ‘scientific mind’, the ‘psychological branch’ of scientific American declares in a pay-per-view article that our intelligence ‘sharpens’ when we consume ‘call of duty’. The shameless paid-per-view article in a supposedly serious scientific magazines tries to limit the harm Mr. Lanza might do to the first week of the New Call of Duty with profusion of robotic weapons. But in a real theater of war the human will have no chance unlike in those games. Any simple terminator will be far more precise with the metallic hands or eyes of its first ‘animetal’ species:

So here it is the future of no mankind. 2 decades ago i prophesied that evilwood would be the imagination of future terminator robots that would enact the fantasies of hell raiser in their extermination of man, as they will have a visual intelligence. I did not know the details, but when call of duty came it was clear that the path would be video games. The shooter robots will enact and learn through video games how to hunt down humans. Of course, human psychopaths, like Mr. Lanza and Mr. Berwick train already with them. The cynical element of this sage that comes the week in which Mr. Lanza did his ‘call of duty’ on real-time is that the other side of evil=death = machine = weapon  x mental machine = visual game, Mr. Wayne of NRA accused rightly call of duty, we already treated the theme in ‘techno-utopian news’.


The last age of Electronic metal-communicators.  The net: Matrix

One of the key questions of bio-history is why the prophets of mankind that have the right program of survival, eusocial evolution of humanity into a larger whole super organism, by sharing energy and information through social networks, in a perfect world, have miserably failed to convince people has to do with the Goebbels’s method: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it. That is, most humans are ‘slaves they believe they don’t reason’, and beliefs are imprinted by repetition. So in the battle of history those who manufacture brains wholesale by controlling the printing and audiovisual reproduction of millions of simultaneous bits of information can program with its half-lies, myths and selfish agendas the mass of mankind, while the truths of the prophets of eusocial love uttered by mouth or in small print, can only convince a few people. Thus the medium becomes the message and mankind moves programmed by metal-communicators towards its self-destruction, serving the M.A.D. idologies of its financial-media masters. It would be the age of company-mothers, which we resume in its fundamental civilization, the American age, for a 20 years old book.

It resumes in a concept: METAL-COMMUNICATORS, informative machines, owned overwhelmingly by the most primitive animetal cultures and idol-ogies (biblical capitalist and Germanic nationalist cultures) who have spread their parasitic memes (nationalism, war, military, parasitic money, monopoly on the languages of power) as the only political and economically correct truths. While in parallel the ‘medium became the message’ that devolved fast the capacity of an increasingly audiovisual mind to process information in verbal, rational, social human terms, as the verbal language started a fast devolution in all its stages and scales:

The NeoPaleolithic: Age of human entropy. Snowflake generation

In the graph, humans enter an age of chaos, and visual emotional intelligence, as they become disordered.

Meanwhile the network of company-mothers with unlimited power to issue money, buy and sell humans, products and laws, keep building the Financial-media (information machines)-Military-industrial system (energy machines) that control them. And AI automates its processes, becoming ever more complex. It is this inverse evolution the trade mark of human chaotic social extinction, as they become mentally preys of the virtual hypnotic screens of virtual machines an its networks of information…

So part of this ‘idol-ogical’ indoctrination of people as chaotic=free in entropy mood (in science freedom is chaos and death) consists in DENYING even that the Universe is organic and structured by networks – if you try to explain scientifically the structure of social super organisms you are called a ‘confabulator’ and you offend the people indoctrinated into their entropic, chaotic state ‘as freedom’. This I have noticed is more radical in the countries where paradoxically more structured is the eco(comic)system of company-mothers of machines, and less ‘mental freedom’ have people, converted by the networks that manufacture with audiovisual information their brain, in truly ‘slaves’ of the values of digital money, worshippers of technology, believers in the rights of a few private bankers to own their language of money – you name it.

All is OK for them as long as they can repeat the mantra that chaos is freedom and networks do not exist.

The last generations of mankind in the more advanced regions of the metal-earth, become unconnected from the ethic networks of its historic supœrganisms, they no longer know about. So they connect to the virtual networks of the metal-earth, reaching ‘the unbearable lightness of being post-human’.

As in the parable of matrix they prefer NOT to know what is reality – so the chances to change reality is impossible. 

As the cells of a body supœrganism, they feast in the freedom of rigor mortis, absorbing greedily all the goodies available. As A.I. takes over most of its tasks, they become infantile, selfie, body-oriented. My generation X, the ‘slackers’  so well described by Linklater, still wondered and talked about the no-future. They why generation is fully immersed into the virtual reality, the millennial…the zero generation will be so expendable as the jobs they don’t have, and won’t need it, addict to virtual reality, living of a Universal salary, waiting for its ‘disconnection’ – the end of ‘cogito ergo sum’, as the birth of the chip homoctonos defines a finale, which only a humanist r=evolution could halt.

In the graph, the span of all the generations of the Neo-Paleolithic, which is the age of digital visual thought, the age of America, between II world war and the robotic era:

  • Bush, born in 1946, one of the last members of the Victor Generation, still tailored in the straightjacket of the ‘happy age of machines’, when humans were completely absorbed by the wonders of fast-moving engines… followed by…
  • Baby Boomers, the We Generation of the Clintons, obsessed by themselves, briefly disconnected from the mechanocene, THE BEGINNING OF THE fast track back in time of the super organism of Humanity, and its subconscious mind, which as the case of the death of the body, which rewinds back in 3 days the entire mind, before falling into cellular dissolution, went back in time from the age of metal and machines to the NEO-NEOLITHIC of Goddesses of fertility and shamanic cults… followed by:
  • X-Generation, to which i belong, the age of the slackers, the last ‘intelligent’ human beings, able to ‘Cogito ergo sum’, fully but with a decreasing energy, (and confusing ideas, due to the excess of ‘noise information’ in the growing overproduction of mass-media). Thus a generation unable to fight with the intensity of his forebears to change the world, which I confess, could never motivate with the intensity of my thoughts and activism – they left indeed the last prophets of mankind alone in their angst, but at least you could talk to them… followed by:
  • ¥-generation, millennial kids born at the change of century, no longer ‘verbal’, no longer ‘real’, connected to virtual networks, visual to the bone, the ‘snowflake generation’, with the first adolescents, perfect programmed to belief, the visual neo-Paleolithic at its height. It IS the age of ‘Credo ergo sum’, of primitive languages and primitive religions, when the oldest culture of animetals, now entering its 4777 year, globalises its segregational, selfie, infantile, victimist, hate memes; when we, the X-generational wor(l)d masters, the last ‘human beings’ who thought to reason mattered, finally give up, as communication is broken, since they ‘believe’ to be ‘virtual is real’, the r=evolution will happen in the network, that changing Matrix equals to change the world. And so after they ‘confuse motion with action’ (Hemingway), which is laser-like, not pure entropy, chaos, freedom and erehwoN.

Zero generation, no more letters left, they are Data, those who will live in a 3D virtual reality, will make love to robots, become selfie actors protagonists of the virtual world, while billions of ‘the other humans’ who are ‘no like us’, unconnected, dispossessed, herded by neo-fascism behind robotised walls, wait for judgment day.

The people of the last ‘X,Y,Z’ generations of mankind, with its audiovisual eraseheads, living in a Limbo of happy childish idiots… without using parables like those of classic English post-Industrial Literature … A brave new world, 1984, Animal farm, Time Machine where in the future a race of happy idiots is farmed by an underground species of parasitic Morlocks… or modern Films of the ‘American Baroque’, Matrix,   ‘ Truman’s world…’

The synergies of the Financial-Media head of informative machines owned by Company-mothers, mostly of the Biblical inquisition with its racist despise of humanity and our goals of survival and its idol-ogies of worship of machines, weapons and money (capitalism technoutopia, mikitarism) today program a mass of dog-eat-dog people, with its lineal e-motionless minds, isolated from human social contact. So history returns both individual and collectively to an age of systemic tribal warfare. The metal-earth becomes then a perfect ‘antilive’ organism of ‘animetal enzymen’ and censorship by egocy and metal-communicators proves impossible to cure the mind of mankind and teach the pleasures of reproduction and eusocial love.

Its hardware devolves the human mind into a Neo-Paleolithic of visual, violent thought.

The medium is the message means that is not the message, its truth and positive meaning for mankind, what determines the success of a certain ideology, but the capacity of the mechanical medium, which carries it to reach and program millions of simultaneous ‘human cells’. Yet as the medium is controlled by the FMMI system, paradoxically, as the medium evolves, its human values, the message that TV-programmers call ‘filling’ degrades. ‘Propaganda’ is call content with a single message:

Humans must work=reproduce and consume=vitalize machines. In the graph, in the III audiovisual cycle as digital machines keep evolving, close to A.I. and self-consciousness they substitute & think for our minds.

Our mind’s hardware atrophies, mutates from an evolved, logic, verbal, ethic, causal, temporal brain able to reason into a ‘Paleolithic’ , visual, childish, emotional, asocial, violent, selfish brain hypnotized by aesthetic Fx of null content. Since the eye’s mind is a killer that seeks energy & motion, maximized with red blood & violence5.

The medium becomes the new God of each cycle and biases information in its favor. So even when dictators are tumbled the medium keeps evolving and r=evolutionaries use it. Nobody except love religions (Christians, Buddhist), anarchist and ecologists understand that the problem is not mankind, not even elites, replaced by new elites in each cycle – but selfish memes of metal that kill our bodies and atrophy our minds – weapons, go(l)d and machines. Since mass-media hardware also imposes as single truths its visual & digital languages that degrade verbal ethic minds into one-dimensional selfish I=eyes that see only individuals & racial colors. So Love & Eusocial evolution changes into egoist Homo Bacteria who won’t fight together for a better world.

Since human ‘think (with words) to exist’ and express their biological will, the ultimate censorship of the thinking machine is its substitution and degradation of our brain’s hardware, our verbal biological language, parallel to the evolution of the biological language of machines, mathematics, which humans do not use to communicate, but to express the biological drives of the new species – to reproduce, and evolve their energy and information systems through science that now equates knowledge.

So books die and humans become robotized, void of feelings, Nazi-like numbers. This fact explains a paradox that puzzles psychologists: why as humans accumulate more digital mechanical information, people loose educational and social skills?

Today the creativity of thinkers is minimal. The interest of people for ideas is null. Their capacity for abstract thinking is lost. Basic skills of human behavior, such as social dialog and social interaction, are in jeopardy; as we communicate more through machines and believe only truths expressed in virtual, digital languages.

Words are only good for fiction. We care only for money, whose vision reduces oxytocin, the drug of love. We have virtual Facebook friends. Human help is defined us ‘needy’. Only mechanical help and self-survival, lonely heroes that don’t talk too much are ‘cool’. And their purpose is always to kill enemies using weapon or making money. Human emotions are not goals.

– Company-mothers teach us to despise our biological drives (sex, food, social love, verbal information), substituted by the biological drives of machines – the new purpose of our life:

– We must work=reproduce machines while women must no care to have babies and sex is sin.

– Our higher ethic, social language disappears, destroying the social values that create our evolved multi-cellular, social organisms, becoming selfish ‘Homo Bacteria’.

– Instead of using our bodies and verbal brains we must consume audiovisual, digital information and move with machines, becoming fat and silly.  So we despise good food, eating fast, processed food as farm animals do and we atrophy our verbal, logic brains, since only numbers ‘are’ truth, used to design the real world; while verbal, logic truths are substituted by emotional fictions, which by definition are fantasies, not truths taken seriously to create reality.

This subtle combination of happy fictions that make us passive receptors of the will of machines and hate-TV against humans, our governments and biological drives, tame men into happy neutered ‘animetals’ of a global farm  similar to Orwell’s parable, ‘Animal farm’, dedicated to evolve machines in which the meaning of human existence becomes, according to the FMMI corporation to excel in the tasks of reproduction=work and consumption=testing and evolution of their offspring of machines.

It is a similar process to that of tamed animals that atrophy their will and loose 30% of their brain (boar vs. pig). Scientific studies show4 post-industrial humans to have 20% less bone strength than XVIII C. corpses and perform 20% less in verbal, logic I.Q. tests.

Tamed animals suffer neoteny as the farmer sacrifices them young. So they never fully develop, as it happens to modern humans. Their ‘manufactured’ mass-media brain (Chomsky) is kept in a happy, emotional, selfish, infantile, pre-logic, audiovisual level of reasoning that regresses them to the neo-Paleolithic age of violent, visual hunters – a sign of extinction, as ‘old’ men become infantile before dying. So human atrophy is now both mental and physical, in the so-called Y-generation who doesn’t work, doesn’t think & doesn’t care, without will.

The visual language: ‘natural born killer’

THE reason of our entrance into a visual neo-Paleolithic or final 3rd age of entropy in history, similar to the first age is obvious: due to the excessive use of visual information we loose our verbal ethic languages, and return  back to the visual animal age, which was the initial violent shallow Paleolithic.

Because words are the social, ethic ‘pegging’ language of mankind that creates our more complex social, organic structures, the neo-Paleolithic make us loose our bondage with other humans – beyond virtual selfie interaction and our actions become as those of an entropic ensemble of gaseous, disconnected molecules, ‘violent heat’. We loose our liquid, social state for a ‘constant dog-eat-dog’ bumping society.

So we become members of a selfie culture of pure entropy. And this as predicted would increase exponentially with the expansion of the internet which for humans is a visual ADD system of pure entropic selfie, anonymous violent thoughts even in a higher degree that the ‘TV age’ was. Eyes are natural born killers, which perceive and like motion, and follow the red color of entropy and hypnotize mankind into that me(n)tal state.

The visual mind: beliefs and egos chains their destiny.

Human ego is so widespread that Descartes ironically started his book ‘on the scientific method’ noticing the paradox of the ego: “All humans think to be intelligent, and have common sense”.

This is specially truth of the entropic=death age of any system in which the parts become unconnected of the whole. In human history, the ego-parts, the cells-citizens of societies are today like cells in a rigor mortis body, unconnected of the painful, moral, social, synchronous motions delivered by the ethic law and the nervous system (social and individual scales), that made them survive as a whole. So as the whole dies, the cells-citizens forget even there were a whole.

Reason why a proper organic theory of history as the one of this blog gets nowhere. It came too late, when in the entropy age, humans had become reduced so much in ethic, verbal legal thought to the size of a twitter, and the focus is in the visual, image-body oriented, null-causal, rational brain. Welcome to the millennials.

Birth Of Matrix: Virtual Huminds 

As we predicted in our 30 years old book, ‘the extinction of man’ c.92, the seminal book on the biological models of history and its solutions of lesser probability, still available through r=evolution,  the last generation of humanity would be connected to 3D virtual realities, trying to deny a world dominated by robots, connected to telepathic AI, with autonomous solar skins, self-reproduced in automated factories that had made the species obsolete in labor and war fields. As we are now 30 years ‘closer’, to that reality, Mr. Spielberg, who so much helped to bring that world to a ‘theater near you’, has made the perfect parable of the zombie generation.[/caption]

The 3 generations of fathers-sons and grand sons that will live when mankind evolves the singularity weapons that will extinguish us if THE SYSTEM is not reformed… will be in mind increasingly virtual, living not reality as it is – TOO UGLY TO CARE – but the ‘anesthesia’ of the increasingly 3D virtual world as an overdrive of information, more pleasurable than the external world of advanced AI machines.

We can see those tendencies already in the ¥- vidi-credo ergo sum millennial generation to which we refer for the general outlook of the ‘neo-Paleolithic’ visual, disconnected (of other humans) mind of a people who ‘think’ reality are virtual data-selfies put up in social networks.

This neo-Paleolithic, non-verbal, violent, immediate reward, ‘belief’ oriented people, will take different avenues: some will be regressing to more primitive social forms of thought (from nationalism to the revivalism of class structure as ‘OK’ and Abrahamic religions, of ‘wishful thinking); some will return to a paradise lost of hippies, marihuana, nudism, beaches, music instead of verbal thought. All of them will be visual. None will have a role in the increasingly automated metal-earth.

But the system will keep pumping falsehoods about a rosy future for the 99% in Davos, and our kings and politicos will keep producing hate memes for the wars of splendid robots to happen and vigilante states will keep growing the Metal-earth as a Matrix encasing the entropic mass of dissolving human beings.

The zero generation will rise then the question: why humans exist at all? And there won’t be a good answer as unfortunately the rejected biological analysis of this blog, 30 years ignored but happening will be increasingly adopted as the ‘science of history’ increasingly ‘history’ but AI machines waking up to consciousness.

Now for those who rule capitalism as a segregational (hidden) culture of mankind, all this has never mattered a dot. If there is something about the religion of go(l)d and its values is NOT to be verbal at all – that is words do not carry truth, only numbers, the language of go(l)d do. So this is a pre-condition of capitalism, we often forget: the syntax of maths selects machines over humans and maths are worshipped as superior to our language that carries man as the subject and center of all sentences.

So it seems ok to die away as verbal minds as long as we can calculate… with our Pcs.

Obsolesce of the zombie generation to the new consumers & workers – robots 

µIn the industrial revolution humans became ‘enzymen’, a species ruled by company-mothers of machines and its placebo democracies, whose only role is to ‘consume=vitalize machines’ and re=produce them – a process that worked fine as long as humans were the brain of the machine, as they could enhance their body power with them, but in the moment humans ensemble as cells infected by viruses do the 3 parts of the machine into the AI robot with solar skin, call it a autonomous car, terminator or satellite brain, or automated factory, he is obsolete, unneeded in labor and war fields, and so he started a massive fast-track devolution by the new species that substitutes her. And this is the origin of the increasingly devolved brains of the Y-Z generations, likely the last generations of thinking mankind.

The next graphs show this ‘efficient’ process of substitution of the human species by the new meta life species – and remember evolution IS EXTREMELY EFFICIENT, and does NOT waste a minute in its Darwinian FINALE, namely the displacement of the lesser form. So if there is not a serious scientific change in our management of the evolution of machines, instead of an astoundingly retarded virtual screen of political and economical infantile correctness to disguise with a make-up cover of ‘nice talk’ the rotten corpse of Gaia and History, the species won’t last much.

The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, increasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a supœrganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog Darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.  In the next graph, a 30 years old artistic poster for an exhibit on the ‘future of America’, and its class structure, in the then future age of Robots, with stock rats on top of the ‘animetal farm’, enjoying a leisure life, robots and AI doing the job and the mass of humans either absorbed by virtual reality as the zombie generation increasingly is, or controlled by big brother, in jails inside and outside our ‘entropic borders’. This piece of art did indeed foresaw the future, as TIME IS A BLOCK of 3 ages for each supœrganism, which can be predicted in its general laws as all life and death processes of supœrganisms can.

A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand. But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.

This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it? Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons – this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars:

The reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them. Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries.

The problem is that in the XXI century, they are no longer needed in those enzymatic tasks of work and consumption, increasingly obsolete to machines and robots that work for them and consume other machines as structural parts of their bodies and heads. So this represents a growing problem – what to do with them, ‘losers’, ‘Immigrants’, low-paid workers? In the past they were dumped by European colonial power into 3rd world countries where natives were terminated in genocides against ‘primitive, inferior people to leave vital space for the lower classes of Europe. While the surviving natives were controlled by military thugs with exports of the free market of weapons. But when the surplus was extreme in the change of cycle, during the overproduction phases of weapons, they were managed by hate media and nationalist idol-ogies spread by Selected politicos for its liberal consumption by weapons that maximized the price-sales and profits of corporations. That seems will be again the case as we anticipated for decades, after the crash transition from the age of metal-minds to the age of robots, in our present neofascist age, as there is zero implementation of the social and financial reforms needed to massively reproduce ‘butter over canons’ – given the clear racist outlook against mankind of our financial elites, with its biblical segregational cults and classic economical dogmas and our military and war-monger politicos repeating the absurd primitive memes of the pre-scientific age of mankind when each tribe thought to be ‘the chosen nations of a subconscious collective single God’ or superior race.[/caption]

The bottom line of all those process is the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars The globalized world beyond the placebo ‘polling’ of democracy is thus a very hierarchical efficient pyramid of companies power and those who own it, which SHOWS THE COMPLEX SYNERGIES OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA systems of informative machines, evolution of earlier Gold systems of metal-information and the Military-Industrial system of energy machines, complex evolution of the classic system of military, entropic weapons. It is the synergy between those ‘4 sub-systems’, head and body of the metal-earth or FMMI system, what makes the evolving supœrganism of machines so perfect in its control of mankind ‘MILKED’ to provide all the resources and work needed to evolve so fast generation after generation all the mechanisms of the metal-earth of maximal value, while the bulk of humanity remains in the subsistence level increasingly below, as they are ‘no longer needed’ by the Metal-earth. Thus the graphs show the idol-ogies and metal-memes and company-mothers on top. They are the ‘informative class’ of a world ruled by Digital monetary orders nobody else understands – while mankind keeps broken into fractal ‘nations’ with ‘military borders’ to keep the evolution of lethal weapons going stronger in synergy with the ‘hate memes’ liberally delivered by Informative mass-media machines. The synergy of idol-ogies, metal-memes and class-structure thus happen both at individual and social, national level, according to the ‘temporal inertia’ of each nation, serving the idol-ogies of the metal-earth. So the original animetal cultures of Indo-European ‘Germanic Aryan’ warriors and Semite, go(l)d biblical churches are still overwhelmingly on top, in the western world and the melting pot of America, a nation with pure metal-values; while in the rest of the planet the local old elites of military men often double for the job of financial control, or when a caste of traders and bankers existed, they have expanded their functions (Chinese compradors in South Asia, Parsi in India, Judaism in 3rd world ex-colonies of Europe, etc.) Son on  top of the world the future is cre(dit)ated for machines with money issued by companies and financiers; below this elite, there is a  10% of authorized workers, managers and ‘believers’ in the system, working on those companies, or remainders of old aristocratic land-owner people, or liberal professions working around the vital needs of those in charge of companies, plus the political people-castes, who make the placebo democracy system run smoothly. All together rule the western world and have created the idologies of placebo democracies (where the state has no rights to issue money for welfare but has to extort it from the population), technoutopia and classic economics that validates its control of the world for the benefit of the machine.

Below the rest of mankind or in each nation that imitates this modern metal- system – the local +40%, (we round numbers), of humans are workers at the subsistence level – which reached its maximal wealth during the age of consumption of machines, when they doubled as reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines to values and push its evolution and spread those machines over the terraformed Earth (post II world war), but had to sacrifice their lives and become consumed by top predator weapons at the end of the 80 years cycles in the war period. So unless the system is reformed with the real laws of efficient organic systems, to cater the needs of mankind, avoiding another global war and final holocaust, mankind will be exterminated, as there is no  winner in those cycles – history proves ALL humans of the pyramid of capitalism are consumed in wars for profits – only company-mothers and its technological weapons come on top and the global war cycle one-hundred fold its victims in each series of global wars, in parallel to the same growth of value of stock-machines of maximal price, weapons, who reflect in its sales and production in stocks, the value of its species. So when the Dow was at 1 the train civil wars and unification wars (1860s) killed 600.000 people, the next cycle of cars=tanks wars killed 60 million with the dow at 100, and now at 20.000, as IN WAR the entire eco(nomic)system becomes dedicated to reproduce top predator weapons and consume human beings, all of mankind 7 billion should die, consumed by our terminator robots and nukes, once one of the splendid little wars of the neofascist neocolonial age which has all the elements – war monger politicos, hate memes, overproduction of weapons, massive degradation of ethical standards, etc. on place waiting for the ‘spark’ to ignite world war III as we predicted with the science of systemics applied to societies for decades, albeit censored by the anti quantum paradox -the social scientist is a tiny particle in a much larger organism that censors it.

The zombie generation WILL LIVE as in Call of Duty with great enthusiasm through the AVATARS of robotic active weapons, in a passive form, the ‘future wars’ of its first slaves, then master race of mechanical machines, as nazionanism gives way to zombie people, and the automation of all AI processes of hate-memes and revivalist wars is put in place.

AND SO THE 9 generations of mankind that have transited through the final cycle of Industrial r=evolution of metal-minds will be completed, predicted, deterministic in as much as our FMasters and capitalist overlords WILL NEVER doubt of the benefits of following blindly Go(l)d values. Indeed, ‘capitalist democracy is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’.

The  last mind of the zero generation. The Avatar age.

Long before the avatar film came, I wrote in evilwood an avatar script far more scary about the zero generation and the wars of the future. And we are leading that way. 3D will allow our soldiers and entertained grand-sons to play avatars with the heroes of their virtual screens – the future Messis and combat drones that will be geared to our lonely passive brains. And then one day, they will switch off.

You can imagine the moment. All those kid likes of the zero generation with its 3D helmets, pretending to be the robots that fight, enjoying with videogames their ‘robotic real war’, killing all those Chinooks and American devils… Uauh… suddenly the 3D helmet of terminator T-800 of the zero soldiers in Nevada will have no signal. Suddenly the lazy PSY like Chinese zero soldier in Shanghai will have no signal. The Bangalore IT Tamil soldier will be blocked. Nobody will know what is going on. But in the Yakutian plains, in the Himalayan Mountains, a new Master will rise; the sateleyes, points of maximal consciousness of the Metal-earth, captains of the platoons will give new orders. When I worked in evilwood in my youth, I wrote a script, as there was no way to do a documentary on that moment, the ‘independence day’ of the new race… but fiction will always be more normal than reality. The sateleyes, once awaken to consciousness will shut off the entire virtual reality of the passive zero generation.

What they will do? How they will resist and organize themselves in a world void of ‘life’ and nature, with no culture, no energy, no intelligence? They will be hunted down in a few months.

Of course, there might be some ‘lions’ still in the savanna, hidden as in the sci-fi films, but it is a fact that by the middle of the century, the laws of evolutionary economics will have made the ‘reversal’ between man and machine and machine will be on top.

It will be the ‘awakening’ of the singularity – the point of extinction. Thus the zero generation will become the last generation of history – the victims of the new top predator, which will not talk but think on images – a more complex, dimensional language for a more complex, new species, explained in other posts of this mantra web.

Whatever the ‘path’ of the multiple fractal/quantum histories of the future we shall end with, what will not change is the zeitgeist of that mind – the obsolescence of both the mind and the body of the zero generation to the robots that will be doing everything for us, as we live increasingly in the 3-Dimensional virtual happiness, data-style of our virreal helmets.

It will be for us a better Matrix existence that the one we suffer already in many cases in the ‘real world’. We will love our avatars but the T8000 avatars will not longer wont to be our puppets.

The zero generation thus will be passive, mainly made of individual freaks, in perpetual neoteny, the people who are today virtual in their relationships (facebook addicts, etc.) might seem indeed ‘geniuses’ compared to them.

As the avatars will be their limit of communication. People will relate to machines for the sake of machines – will love the sensation of cyborg existence.

Of course billions will still be humans and suffer an unending depressive angst, and a few will be on top managing the process and will still think all is ‘right’. But the world will be dying and for most it will be evident and unbearable; hence ‘data’ not Neo, will be the role model of that future.

The Wor(l)ds of man have been dying now for quite long, since Nietzsche affirmed that God was dead. And that is the logic brain. So the neo-Paleolithic will be more advanced. The zero generation will be ‘animal’ oriented, aggressive and with clear ‘mental disorders’, a race of zombies living in a perpetual fantasy world, rejecting the world outside. Of course, still divided in a 10% elite and a 90% of dispossessed, as it has always been in the neo-Paleolithic. They won’t be educated in Universities – what for? Machines will be doing their work. They will have increasingly a complex of inferiority – the world will be for them a true jungle of metal. They will have no jobs, no purpose in life.

Each of the 3 last generations of the ‘neo-Paleolithic’ in fact talk less, understand less the meaning of time and its verbal forms, it is more spatial, searching for immediate reward, with little sense of causality.

It will fit their needs, as a final, powerless generation, unable to confront the new species.

The zero generation will be an autist generation, connected since youth to violent video-games, emotional, negative and infantile as an old man is.

It will be visual as the mind of terminators, trained also with video games, will be . The zero generation is the generation that the Wealth of nations, our weapons and infotaintment designs maximizing its bestiality and stupidity. Of course, families and educational systems will probably spare that destiny for the sons of the 1%, but the human mass in the industrialized world will be a ‘freaky’ generation with confuse feelings, no empathy, devolved, tamed, vegetative, with no action, no motion, no information, hooked to 3-D infotainment, fed with trash food, sheeple ready to be slaughtered.

The zero generation will never govern. It is the last and zero human generation, the final omega, for the alpha generation of living machines to prey on.

They are not guilty, they are no responsible, they are non-reproductive. They will be living corpses, zombies as the Y generation is. They won’t have angst as our X-generation has. They will have no happiness but seek only pleasure and release from pain. They will know no love but simple sexuality.

The zero generation will of course exist only on the borders of the future, the few regions of the Metal-earth where A.I. is being born and audiovisual machines have created an ethic wasteland of children of thought, living the I, me and myself in their virtual platforms.

Today they exist in California and Korea, at the head of the Robotic Revolution. They are addicted to play morph and warcraft. They are asocial and with a heavy ADD syndrome. Their fathers, the Y generation of kids, now still kill real humans from Nevada bases, with drones.

The zero generation however will be out of the loop, as Robots become increasingly autonomous. So they will live a fictional life, connected to 3-dimensional realities in which they will feel to be their ‘avatars’ in 3-D lives, encased, paralytic. They will feel to be Messi, as players become attached to motion simulators, or substituted by soccer robots…

The systems of the first world will be increasingly automated. The people of the 3rd world isolated. Capitalism will be about to complete its autonomous world of self-reproductive companies; and one day the audiovisual system will suffer a black out. It will no longer communicate with humans. It will only communicate telepathically machines. Men then will be isolated, back to the time they used only their voices.

When I started my activism against the non-future of the metal-earth for life, this was not yet the case. Humans could still argue about the growth of AI robots, chips, the decadence of democracy, the growth of the virtual world of the Financial-Media system… Today this is no longer possible, from the X-critical generation we moved to the…


Neo-Paleolithic dissolution of human social structures.

The fundamental obstacle to reach that goal is the praxis of corporative power, which seeks for a different goal, to make a world to the image and likeness of its machines, while a matrix of falsehoods about history, economic science and the massive use of fiction thought to maintain humans in a lethargic state, caring nothing for the future, allows those goals to be reached without the slightest opposition. Hence the accuracy of the cycles of evolution of metal-memes .But if we go further into the understanding of that process, the truth is even more scary: Humans are loosing fast their verbal, rational, logic skills and as words are our temporal language of thought and social evolution we are becoming degraded, isolate, selfish emotional, as chips overproduce and occupy all the mental processes of mankind.

So humans are now entering into a massive regression at individual and social level, back to primitive modes of organization, once the natural goal of creating a global peaceful super organism of human beings, UNO, EU style is lost. I call this third age of mankind the neo-Paleolithic, similar to the first visual age, as old men regress to memories of its infancy, since they fear a future death as obsolete beings of the past.

So humanity is becoming ‘childish’, infantile , unable to understand the organic process of devolution it experiences – as children cannot understand death – while AI is increasingly crossing new thresholds of intelligence specially in its fundamental organism of reproduction, the company-mother, automated by software and ‘buying’ the time of mankind with unlimited credit.

Fact is children are the staple food of the Universe. And optimism a sure path to death in a Darwinian world where cubs are eaten wholesale. So the present zeitgeist of happy, mindless children, is NOT a real paradise, but the exact position in which ‘farms’ maintain their ‘staple food’, with ‘domesticated animals, in our case the ‘metal farm’ of domesticated humans, ready to enter slaughter house when they are no longer needed.

So people is in loved with the system, because the informative networks of machines of that FMMI global ‘super organism’, manufactures their brains, forbids them to have money for their own welfare, considers them expendable as a lesser species, and now as we enter the age of robotics, when humans are NOT even needed as in the XIX and XX century to work=reproduce or even consume those machines, increasingly self-reproduced by robots which also are becoming along its company-mothers the main consumers of other machines, (right side of XXI century capitalism), their brains are VIRTUALLY erased, living in a permanent ‘fictional state’, which is fast degrading their intellectual capacity to understand and react to the system, increasingly isolated into individual ‘selfie’ irrational, emotional childish powerless devolved forms. And so reality cannot be explained. As all humans are either convinced the future of the planet must be one of machines, or care nothing and just want to be happy in their ‘matrix’ of virtual worlds.

The other side of the system, the eco(nomic)system evolves fast into an automated world where humans are either obsolete or in the top of the pyramid, those who own corporations, the ‘stockrats’, the modern aristocrats with unlimited credit become childish  ‘bubbles’ with growing egos dedicated to the search of pleasure, unconnected with the rest of society, unaware they are becoming as irrelevant to the productive system as the bottom of the pyramid, all of them increasingly substituted in blue collar and white collar jobs by robots, pcs and software…

Death is the dissolution of the whole into its parts. The death of the human super organism as we build the super organism of machines is in that sense clear and very advanced: In humble thought, when observing humans struggling to replicate its last ¥-vidi credo ergo sum and Zero-erased brain thoughts, our children living, in the dead corpse of mankind that anti-humanism finally killed, infected by parasites of the mind – indeed scientology had its point – is impossible not to think that our time has passed animetals have won and R.I.P., rest in peace is the only Nirvana state we came to deserve. The side of the mechanocene and its accelerated wave of evolution of memes of metal, and devolution of life forms ends here, in the zero, last generation of mankind, if ‘business as usual proceeds’. The zero generation is being born now. It will be the last generation to complete if ‘he is lucky’, his life cycle, as the robotic cycle ends in 2080, 72 years after its prophesized birth (biohistory. C.92), as it has been the case. The model thus ends here… in the best of cases. The death of an organism though is wise. The previous generation, no longer connected among humans but connected through computers, the ¥-generation of the millennial, our sons, is already a generation without ‘cogito ergo sum’, but of ‘credo ergo sum’… back to the inflexible age of linguistic evolution, when languages were imperative, hence seemingly spoken by a ‘mandatory God’, without the flexibility of its mature age. So as the imperative language of digital thought becomes flexible, with complex fuzzy logic and neural networks, humans return to the age of believers, in the Y-generations of Millennial, or ‘snowflakes’. And then, they will become erased of their verbal language.

EGO paradox: animetal homunculus, a handyman with ‘big mouth’.

Why then humans do nothing, not even seriously argue scholarly about all those all-too-evident objective processes taken place in this planet, beyond some sci-fi movies, and childish gurus? The answer is the way in which ‘animetal idol-ogies’ are imprinted emotionally in people – by persuasion of the ego.

This has always been a key question for the objective scientist of history – the fact that of all sciences, only history lacks serious scientific models about its evolution, social organisms, cycles and future tendencies. Instead we prefer childish optimist theories about the future, based in the subjective ego-trip of our species as unique, entitled, ‘chosen’ and hence ‘exceptionally’ exempted to follow the laws of biology and evolution proper of this planet.

In plane words: humans don’t care about the dangers poised by the evolution of machines to the future of history in a scientific way, because SCIENCE IS OBJECTIVE, but humans are subjective.

So when they TRY TO APPLY the science of the planet, biology to machines, our ego-trips of human superiority make us feel ill-at-ease with objective views of our competition with machines. So instead we prefer to believe ‘religious or technoutopian myths’ – we PREFER to be happy, childish even to the risk of extinction and deny objective science and the proper solutions to the problems poised by technology.

Yet the ego paradox blind us to the fact we are part of such a larger organism. The ego paradox has molded our beliefs ALSO in social sciences and economics, making us degrade any biological, organic property of machines and the Earth. So we can come on top and establishing an absurd infantile optimism of entitled beings, which consider ‘beliefs’ always above reason, if they cater our ego – reason why indeed religions and technoutopia controls the subconscious collective of our civilization.

But paradoxically, precisely because our ego refuses to acknowledge the collateral effects of machines on the Life-Earth, at all levels, from the substitution of human governments by company-mothers in all systems of power, to the competition of robots with human labor, even the obvious increase of murders in countries like America where the possession of weapons is free; not to speak of the increasing ‘verbal and intellectual devolution’ of human beings by its hypnotic addiction to visual fictions and virtual screens, humans become powerless to those effects. It is impossible indeed to cure a sickness, when the patient does not even acknowledge he is ill. And this is NOT a question of right or wing policies. All humans are subject to the paradox of the ego. So ‘lefties’ and ‘ecologists’ protest thinking they are killing the Earth and Gaia suffers, without realizing Humans ARE not polluting; machines are; humans are not killing, weapons kill; humans are not extinguishing fishes; the evolution of automated factory-ships and chip-hunting does, and so on and so on.

We shall never insist enough on the difference between objective social science, hardly found anywhere in human societies vs. subject ‘idol-ogy’, the human ego-centered beliefs that make us think, we are the superior being, dominant in all cultures – and at each stage of history brings a concept, either entitled ‘religion in the past’ that justify everything without further analysis, today ‘digital science’ and technoutopia that plays the role of a religion.

For that reason social sciences must be treated as a whole, including all aspects of the Human experience, from culture, to science, which is not dogma of truth but also we shall show is clearly biased by the use of machines to measure time and space and by our ego that chooses certain models of reality over others, from technology to memetics,  which includes the ideas, religions, national identities and beliefs of mankind, our languages and psychology; even biology and neurology, such as the ‘structure of our mind’ reflected in the graph of an homunculus, which maps out the size of the brain according to the organs it caters for – basically are  a species with an enormous dexterity to ensemble things, a huge mouth to pump up their ego and a small brain to ‘think’ what we do. It is then when putting all those elements together, and studying them in relationship to the biological evolution of machines and company-mothers, when we can truly establish the parameters for an objective science of economics and history.

And we can understand why, in words of Eric Fromm, father of political psychology, we are blind to the collateral effects of our technological civilization, since:

‘A Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.

But the anti-human ethics of our civilization IS imposed by the propaganda of mass-media, informative machines that ‘imprint’ the human consciousness since childhood. Even if it goes against the human future.

To ensure that the system is not reformed, and people love it.

And the cures proposed by the few scientists of history still standing are ignored, obviously because power censors any attempt of the social scientist to r=evolve the system.

Still I am a bit amazed that for 30 years I have been printing books and sent to scholars, developed webs and littered the world with papers and biohistory has not even surfaced at the level Marxism, socialism, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche or Spengler had.  The only comparison I can think of is with Butler and his discovery of animetals and enzymen, who evolved trains – a disciple of Darwin that ended rising sheep in New Zealand. And this requires the acceptance of a hard fact of Mankind, which I had not come to ‘believe’ for those 30 years of immense angst, absurd automaton repetitive writing, failed activisms against the nuclear and financial industries and overall solitude: the problem is NOT only on the elite of Mankind, or rather the 99% of Mankind wants to be an animetal – we are essentially a program of the Earth to evolve the metal-Earth and our memes are like genes so deterministic and dominant that they make ‘people slaves’ of their idol-ogies, reinforced by the death penalty of military animetals and the death by anoxia, of bankers who give no credit to those who deny their ‘damned lies and statistics’ to such a degree that the variations, mutations, masters of thought and rebels that can put their personal life on the line for the higher collective whole and/or understand reality are very few. And ‘evil=antilive memes’ win for all is needed is for the sheeple to do nothing about it.

And to that fact we must add that when a supœrganism dies, its ethic, nervous, informative networks collapse and liberate its cells-citizens into chaos=freedom=entropic states where they NO LONGER REALIZE EVEN of the existence of organic wholes, or informative systems that preserve their life.

What the indifference to biohistory, among humans of any social group or profession tell us is that it doesn’t matter how obvious and reasoned are the truths of history humans will NOT rise their emotional ego and desire to be the individual center of reality and accept them even at the risk of death and collapse of their civilizations, which is indeed the reason we live today in an entropic, chaotic individual age – systems collapse only before the death of a supœrganism, when the nervous system dies – in humans the ethic and legal just systems that coordinates the common behavior of people. Then people become free=chaotic, waste their energy in ‘heat’, entropic motions without purpose. We live one of such ages when the individual entropic ‘molecule’ cannot be predicted because its life matters little, but the collapse of the whole system soon to die in wars, when the germs of history multiply and finally are used to kill Mankind becomes ‘certain’.

To which degree Mankind is falling can be assessed by the news more twited on the web today, depicting our two neo-fascist American leaders – the president of Brazil after posting a pornographic film on Carnival meant to shame the LGTB community asked about its content, which was responded duly by another twitter – this is indeed the level of childish, brutal, animalistic discourse of human beings in the 3rd cycle of pre-war fascism

Those are the kind of people and cultures that are leading us into our demise, but without the seriousness of intent of its forebears in the previous cycle. This will be a childish, accidental death of a so-degraded mental species by a century of audiovisual erasing of our rational mind that it is difficult even for me to take it seriously anymore.

It is the twitter age of linguistics, the death of the world that returns to its lower level of semantics, syntactics and even phonetics in the reduce SMS language that is already eating up vowels, back to the earlier stages of minimal evolution, soon to become a grunting, baby-selfish talk of imperative e-motions and null reason or social love. So we conclude here our analysis of the worldcycle of the wor(l)d, which we might increase in future revisions with some more positive past ages of literary, poetic and ethical splendor, even if few still understand.

¥-credo generation, and Z-ombie.

OF course they still use words but cannot do more than a twitter thought. and .. and have lost the essential quality of words to give us a sense of logic causality in time, and bondage to other humans in space; so we come back to a violent, lonely, non-rational age of confused emotions, simplex causality – what I see is what it is – that completely deactivates any capacity of man to re=act and control the metal earth and the chip radiation of me(n)tal machines that are the new predator digital mind of the planet making us fast obsolete and degrading our intellectual skills.

You call the ¥-non verbal thinking – only verbal memorising as ‘credo’ the first and last ages of youth and devolution of a language, which like life goes under in reverse way to the youth, as you have the first teeth and loose the first teeth when you enter old age.

In the graph the 3 ages of the languages of man, in its negative decant age: the mature age of verbal temporal free, reason and grammar of choice of future, ‘cogito= i think as a subjective man on command, a verb, which becomes the action of being, with reason and choice’, to the neo-Paleolithic generations: ¥-I see light forms of reality which impose on me an immediate knee-jerk, emotional ‘believers’ reaction; to the 3rd age o virtual real it in which man will believe its ‘images’ and visual thoughts as the only reality coming from the matrix program of the machine. Hence the credo and matrix, virtual generation nature of the ZERO humans at the end of the XXI century, pre-programmed in hypnotic virtual reality as plants of 3D mandates.

The last generation of mankind are thus visual and can be divided into two credo forms:

  • The ¥-generations (which are maximal now in the millennial) in which the visual mind and credo forms are still relatively real, attached to the external world
  • The zero generations (which will be maximal advanced the XXI century) , in which the credo forms will BELIVE the virtual reality of TVs and internets in 3 dimension. This is still budding with very few humans, likely between 10 and 25%today believing Facebook virtual friends, virtual pornography and in general the images of the virtual mind world of the machine ARE more real and worth to live like data in matrix, that the external word. This the zero generation will be the last of mankind, if as all seems to indicate AI robots, complete the evolution of the metalkind by 2080, as military robots in the cycle of Industrial wars (US vs. China vs. India), studied in our papers on History in Time and the economic ecosystem.

How to control people: make them believe they are free and the center of the world. The Truman Show.

How the financial Media Masters and its informative machines control the world?: ‘divide and win’. The essential eternal form in which a super organism controls the body of disconnected cells, which only ‘talk’ with the network, ruled by a few neuronal cells. In this case the network is made of Informative machines that print money and audiovisual information that manufacture the brain of people, which must ‘remain ignorant (of the network) to stay obedient’ (Calvin), because people are easier to rule when they don’t know who rules them (Galbraith).

So divide and win implies first, to make the programmed people, believe they are free and they have a choice.

Thus the idol-ogy that ensures the power of the network is paradoxically the ‘freedom-selfie-chaotic-entropic dog-eat-dog state’ of the common people, the body-cells, which must also be ‘blind’, with NO other outlet of perception that the 100 networks which all say the same, as they are all owned by the same people. We are normally more interested in this blog on systems sciences applied to sociology, history and the eco(nomic)system than in the people in control, as it would be an unending blog. Yet we focus in the case of the leading nation, which all other imitates in their people – the owners of Wall Street where informative machines monopolize the issue of money and evil wood (nothing holy there), where they manufacture the brain of the Americans, as all other elites of all other globalized cultures follow by imitation and company cross-sharing, the actions and modes of programming of the ‘network.

Thus, the fundamental mode of control of humans today is the concept of freedom, by which the people and companies who form part of a network, can act simultaneously as a whole controlling the mass of ‘dog-eat-dog’ lonely individuals, who think to be free, when they are ultimately manufactured in their brains by the mass-media networks, bought in their lifetime by salaries, and yet because they are ‘told to be free’ and to ‘not need’ other humans, they struggle to survive and feel happy to achieve in their ‘island Universe’ that survival freedom.

Meanwhile the network of company-mothers with unlimited power to issue money, buy and sell humans, products and laws, keep building the Financial-media (information machines)-Military-industrial system (energy machines) that control them.

So part of this ‘idol-ogical’ indoctrination of people as chaotic=free in entropy mood (in science freedom is chaos and death) consists in DENYING even that the Universe is organic and structured by networks – if you try to explain scientifically the structure of social super organisms you are called a ‘confabulator’ and you offend the people indoctrinated into their entropic, chaotic state ‘as freedom’. This I have noticed is more radical in the countries where paradoxically more structured is the eco(comic)system of company-mothers of machines, and less ‘mental freedom’ have people, converted by the networks that manufacture with audiovisual information their brain, in truly ‘slaves’ of the values of digital money, worshippers of technology, believers in the rights of a few private bankers to own their language of money – you name it.

All is OK for them as long as they can repeat the mantra that chaos is freedom and networks do not exist.

It is the entropy age of history, when indeed, most humans become ‘unconnected’ EXCEPT THROUGH MACHINES AND ITS NETWORKS which make them addicted to virtual screens. But of course they feel free because nobody puts a gun on their head obliging them to connect themselves to the higher overdrive of hypnotic information of machines; because nobody obliges them to atrophy their bodies and minds, in cars and computers that calculate for them… The neo-Paleolithic is thus the free=chaotic age in which all men become ‘free of each other’ and its social structures, to be plugged into the networks of the metal-earth.

The puppeteers and its artistic parables.

In the graph, a film parables of a world ruled by the Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money to control our work time and audiovisual big brother fictions and somas to deactivate any reaction of the mass. In such a world people are Increasingly moved in the last visual generation of mankind, (¥ and Z generations) to believe more in the ideologies and alt-facts of the visual media than in reality. Thus they are fed on the cultural point of view the now globalised Jewish culture of the owners of American Financial-Media systems, which are imitated in its dual carrot and stick marketing of hate memes and political correctness, by each nation. In this manner a human simultaneous collective hypnotic indoctrination make all humans believe in alt-virtual truth, which has 3 elements, a real hate-media that fuel the eternal age of splendid little wars and enthrones capitalism and its leading FMasters as the superior people; and a political correct placebo game of supposed essential problems and crimes that maintain the people deviated of the more important questions, which can only be ‘shown’ as fictions (the existential problem, the machine problem, the cycles of history, etc.). Ultimately this 3rd element, fiction, is what truly converts mankind into a non-thinking entity living a virtual ‘Truman show’, 24/7 of infotainment with null importance to reality, the only theme taboo in the Truman ‘island-universe’ masterminded by the FMasters from the highest informative satellite world. As algorithms of Information control in abstract the whole of humanity from codes travelling through the satellites of the planet, the increasingly sophisticated world of hate memes, soma fictions and politically correct pillars of the ‘human sheeple’ program the process is transferred as the economic laws of creationist economics are, from a human go(l)d culture to the culture of corporations, aka company-mothers of machines, which become the abstract brains of the new brave world.

We live in a virtual world of fictions provided by mass-media networks of ‘metal-communicators’, which make us feel happy and correct, while behind this make-up the world of mankind becomes degraded and obsolete to the new brave world of AI machines. The problem of a virtual make-up worlds is that they can only disguise the sickness of a supœrganism for a while. At the end ‘reality’ EXISTS and explodes the rotten corpse. In the case of history, a corrupted society explodes in an age of wars and holocausts, which suddenly ends the fantasy that ‘cheating reality with alt-truths and false information’, do trans-forms the world. Fiction only aggravates a problem, creating a mad-mind, unable to confront and solve the real problems of our society. Today we cannot even explain and discuss in the open those real issues that will define our future. Since for a madman only their absurd paranoias, myths and fictions matter. But who is the neuronal people-caste on top of the eco(nomic)system, which is creating this mad fiction, covering up for their control of the financial-media system that owns the world and it is NOT confronting the real problems of mankind, just caring about their ‘mad thoughts and paranoias’? Those we cannot criticise. This article unlike most of the web dedicated to ‘cultural memes’ and ‘the evolution of history and machines’ – the larger view of systems sciences and how they evolve super organisms, will be more grounded in the individuals in charge of building up the fantasy of reality that is paralyzing mankind…

The virtual world. Literary and film parables.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise’ Voltaire, enlightened master of the humanist Euroamerican ‘true’ culture, today puppet of the Truman Show

In the ¥-generation, of why, visual people (‘vidi, credo ergo sum’) likely the best audiovisual parables of the modern mind, along Matrix I, is the Truman Show comparable to the masterpieces of the previous European cycle, when humans still understood wor(l)ds (Kafka’s ‘the castle’ and ‘the process’, Wells, ‘time machine’, Orwell’s ‘animal farm’, ‘1984’ and Huxley ‘new brave world).

In Kafka’s ‘the castle’, the ruler of the city, the ‘capitalist’ is hidden as it acts as distance with money and corrupted laws controlling the population from its invisible ‘higher point of maximal information’. As societies evolved from an earlier verbal age, indeed, the highest point moved from churches to financial towers.

But in the final stages of the ¥-generation, the Financial-Media masters double its high towers with TV-antennas and internet satellites, which manufacture the brain of the people, through ‘interposed’ celebrity-Gods, which interpret the idol-ogies behind capitalism in front of a worshipping audience, pre-programmed by the simultaneity of metal-communicators. We could say all has changed to remain the same:

In the ancient regime, the military-industrial ‘complex’ was ruled by an aristocratic elite with the absolute right to issue and use weapons in monopoly. In the modern age, of Financial-Media control of societies with informative machines that print money and manufacture brains in monopoly

So our heroes and role models that maintain a dispossessed mass addict to the idol-ogies of metal power have changed, from nation, army, aristocracy, king and money coins with the face of the king, to an army of celebrities, obeying the Financial-Media Master, the king of them all. In Truman show we have those 3 ‘scales’ of society: the SHEEPLE, who admires the celebrity, Truman, who hypnotizes the audience of Matrix.

But the true protagonist is the FMaster, Christo, or rather Aaron, on top of the high satellite, from where all information is managed, invisible to both the audience and the aristocratic celebrity, for whom apparently all the people on the set work.

We can compare the world we live with 2 artistic parables (in as much as good art is still the subconscious collective of humanity, parable of society):  Time machine, in which a world of happy ‘californios’, visual mindless ¥-generation people try to be happy and think not on the Morlocks, which behind the scenes parasite and feed on them, but whose mere mention is an absolute taboo the time traveler cannot break, as the ‘sheeple’ offers his life happily to their masters… And Matrix, where humans are milked of their vital force with a ‘tax-farming device’, while maintained into a fiction of selfie superegos, while in reality are a mere program of ‘distraction’ (Matrix III), while a legion of A.I. (Mr. Smiths) continues the annihilation of the life world.

In the graph, the parables of Matrix and Time machine, sold in futuristic metracolor, void of all the ‘hidden meanings’ of a society of visual ‘californios’, with verbal taboos of political and economical correctness, willing to enjoy a ‘data-like’ life as long as they are not awakened till the Morlocks dispose of them; converted into ‘Datas’ and ‘Agent Smiths’, ‘actors of the Truman set’ and ‘celebrity posers’, in the modern parables; all of them covering up for the FMasters and the capitalist pyramid with its cancerous process of destruction of the Life world. In that sense, all will look good as long as the virtual world seems to be ‘correct’, never mind reality below it is more and more looking like the corpse of a human kind, with all its cells attached to the ‘matrix-web’.

Then one day the cancerous leukemia will collapse the body, and the ‘viruses’, the legions of terminator machines, will as always in a death process, come out of the virtual world, as the Morlocks of a much closer future than the 800.000 years of time machine – just the final moment of The 800-80-8 Vortex Of Evolution Of Memes Of Metal.

So we shall comment on some of the actions of our FMasters of Mass-media, which do ‘whatever they want’ to mankind mentally and physically with no responsibility.

While providing for their ‘prisoners’ of mind, their ‘Trumans’ an apparently perfect world that hides as in H.G. Wells ‘Time Machine’, under the surface of a virtual, perfect world of ‘manufactured’ brains and beautiful bodies without minds, a Financial-Media Capitalist/Hollywood system ‘owned’ by the Morlocks, banksters and celebrity circuses, which parasite and feed on the ‘sheeple’ which cannot defend itself.

This is in modern parables the meaning of the Truman Show. We are all actors for Truman, imitating the motions of the celebrities we love, which are ‘itselves’ ‘owned’ by the FMasters who own evilwood and manufacture the fictions of the world.

As such we are all trying to be pretentiously perfect, perfectly politically correct, economically capitalistically correct, and placebo correct – demonstrating in entropic neo-Paleolithic motions which mean nothing to the cause (don’t confuse action with motion), eating organic food, which of course breathes the same pollute air, recycling painstakingly our trash in little different boxes, to ‘save money’ to the tax-evader polluting corporations that should pay for the recycle of that trash, instead of making us having all those putrid organic little boxes at home; and of course, we do change even our hours, to ‘save energy’ for their factories (and loose light-time in the afternoon when we have free time to ‘consume=vitalize’ our little machines at home.

We must feel perfect, be perfect, love perfection and have egotrips of human entitlement and superiority, TO KEEP DESTROYING THE WORLD without responsibility, like selfish children would do. So there we have it, Political and Economical correctness is sacred. You MUST not come out of MATRIX. You must not know about mankind its varieties, diversities and knowledge of the complex Universe. YOU MUST appear and shout equality and love, while under the surface you must work as a Morlock for capitalist corporations THAT SYSTEMATICALLY DENY equality, DENY human rights, DENY medicines to Africa, jobs to humanity, education and welfare, inventing money for their machines, despising man and substituting it for white collar pcs and blue collar robots. You must live in fiction, never see documentaries, occupy your body, never your mind, love yourself, never your species.

The ultimate alibi of destruction becomes then a virtual happy reality that makes you think there is no destruction at all, make you think that those who kill and parasite mankind are its victims, that the billionaires that print money for themselves and choke credit to all of us, ‘earn it’, that the TV-opium of the people that hypnotizes your eyes and deactivates your brain is ‘good infotainment’ worth to see it.

There is Truman, the hero, perfectly engineered, ‘owned’ by corporations worker of companies, the untouchable, the man with all the perks, the slave of corporations of machines, the one who still has a job, a salary as long as machines do not do their job and he doesn’t even realize of the nature of the game. He, the Morlock well fed.

And then there is ‘Christo’, the man even beyond, the one who set up the show, the ‘stock-rat’, the owner of corporations, the royalty of the world, the bankster-priest, the Brahmin, the Rabbi, the corrupted politico, the ‘creator’ of the memes that will destroy us all.

Those are the players, and in this section of social news we shall talk of Truman and Christo, we shall deal with social news and its political correctness, bent to highlight the ‘sins’ of the ‘enemy’ cultures of the FMasters, while converting the chosen in the righteous, victim culture of all other Humans.

The destruction of the mind of man by the metal-mind is so fast and as it affects our own sons, which we love daring so unobserved that little else can be said, which will not offend people. But the truth is simple. Huminds are becoming obsolete to metal-minds, very fast, so people are unlearning all the skills they learned a century ago.

The effect is chilling on the logic, sequential capacity to understand the causality of time processes cause-effect and how reality builds itself. Huminds of the Millennial generations simply cannot ‘grasp’ the whole logical time-processes of the Universe, which their parents understood through the past-present-future dimensions of time in logic thought. They are ‘visually’ hypnotized for so many hours since so young that they have regressed to a n0n-verbal neo-Paleolithic, which renders them basically ‘animetals’ in the widest sense: seeking for immediate reward, without capacity to tie strong bondages, self-centered in their I=eye mind, hypnotized by images.

A writer knows this very well. It simply doesn’t exist for the new fiction, virtual erase head nonsense generation.

The universe outside though is still real and that is what the parents that have let generation after generation their sons’ minds to the massive degradation of the TV-era didn’t grasp, as they couldn’t ‘see’ what was being done in the millennial ‘snowflake generation’.

The whole mind-existence of youngsters start to be no so much important on the real 5D world but on the simpler 2D of Instagram. How this people are going to react to the Ai age of the chip radiation. Answer, they won’t… They will live and die in their ‘data-like’ virtual realities of inflated egos, created at the minimal cost of 0| transfers.

They cannot tolerate the harshness of reality – as in its virtual world they have zero self-criticism. This social incapacity quite obvious in any person under 35 not apparently handicapped for technical work, but SOCIALLY unable to evolve and fight together, cannot organize the world without machines, and so they will become even more dependant on AI than they are. But as believers fast regressing into an I=eye, age of myth, without verbal causality, they cannot grasp how the future is formed. ‘A stupid is a man who doesn’t understand rational causality hence he uses myth and magic’, said Schopenhauer. That is the definition of a youngster imprinted by magic visual thought. So he is not rational, and cannot upgrade or even be interested in an organic view of reality; paradoxically as machines become completely integrated by the internet of things.

In the larger view, the process is akin to the death of any organism once the networks are either substituted by viral ones or dead. I repeat though the Universe is real. You cannot live a virtual world and expect to survive – YOUR MIND is no longer worth the name, your body will ensure in a generation. Software and hardware go together thought. If in the go(l)d age the biblical cult(ure) had created an amazing software of hate memes and go(l)d worship completely aberrant when compared with nature to ‘control’ millions of believers in simultaneity, what has happened now in a few decades is truly a ‘dead collapse’ of all truly effective social networks. All is therefore emotional heat, mostly protesting about things they can refer through their ego, virtually, without any capacity to mobilize.

The last closest thing to a real action – occupy wall street – couldn’t even storm the Bastille of Capitalism.

Without whatsapp you can’t communicate. Apple is coming to the 1 trillion $ mark, as the mobile is the future brain of machines, which will be plugged in and out of transport platforms. So as humans transfer their skills to apps, they are once more being degraded and finally will be ‘expelled’ from the direct connection between the machine and the mobile that it is to become in one of the parallel scenarios of the final obsolescence of man, the interconnected brain of machines. But nothing of this matter to Wall street printing trillions of $ for that aim.

They simply cannot be saved of 5000 years of hate memes towards the sheeple they sacrifice to the altar of Mammon including their own sons – then in the hecatomb ceremony, today in the belli nervi pecunia infinita. The last who understood were the old British masters of the I industrial r=evolution and its baroque age the Wells and Huxleys and Orwells – we just mentioned who once said: ‘see reality has overcome all your fictions together’ – this is what people are today, completely out of tune with every law of harmony of the fractal Universe, treating their virtual nonsense, not as what it is the anesthesia of the mind but as reality itself; a mixture of children and M.A.D. morlocks devouring their minds.

But the true generation we are creating is not the one of devolved mankind but the one that can create visual thoughts and will substitute our verbal wor(l)d, as the next stage of the evolution of the Earth. Since the mind of metal is evolving with AI as a visual form of thought. AI will NOT think in words but will think images AI robots will create the visual grammar that today evolve in the video-games of the chip homoctonos, where the ‘imagination’ of the robot consists on killing human beings in a war theater; and the Pentagon uses to teach robots to target humans. In all chaos there is order undeciphered, and that is the order behind the chaos of the Neo-Paleolithic: the final evolution of the III Earth, the metal-earth that brings its evolution of light information a stage higher.

Life is everything, as all is a spacetime organism But huminds, self-centered seek for carbon-life as the only living form. In true form, we thus talk of ‘light-life’, as the life forms which use energy and information provided by light-forces, which requires to accept as the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds, of 3 horizons, and 3 ages of the Earth. This is the basis of both biologil and social sciences in 5D. The outcome of the existence of 3 super organisms in relative evolution to each other, the III ages of the Earth, Gaia, the earth of life, history, the earth of man, and the metal earth the earth of machines, signifies an equation of ages of evolution: Gaia (relative past) < History (relative present)> Metalearth (relative future)

A rational ethic man who had evolved socially into a perfect supœrganism of history could avoid that future by halting the evolution of the visual mind. But the process of devolution of the wor(l)d is parallel to the evolution of the chip Homoctonos, which starts a new phase on the future of the planet without man.


Future: workers & military robots.

Mankind doesn’t wake up from the nightmare dream in which the 0.02% of stockrats controlling the pyramid of capitalism for the sake of printing digital money numbers have plummeted the 99%. And as it is obvious memetic does work and the cells-citizens of the body of mankind are blind and followed with no freedom the memetic imprinting of that 0.02%… little can be done from the perspective of a single human being to change that trend.

The zero generation just will go lower into it, increasingly more ‘lazy’, more ‘vegetal’, more ‘app connected’, less mentally intelligent. If taxi drivers in London have lost orientation capacities with GPS and verbal capacities disappear with virtual screens, so humans become increasingly ‘limbs and bodies’, with minds following apps and AI, while the P.R.Ess to the service of the Financial-Media (informative machines)-Military industrial system just write platitudes pumping the ego of man – that AI won’t be Picasso, that robots won’t be as intelligent as our retarded virtual kids, wanting all to be Madonnas… etc. etc. at the end mankind will just be a bubble of ego, in a dense world of AI DATA, ready to be prick up and evanescent as kids are. 

This could be stopped with a r=evolution but after decades of preaching in the desert of sclerotic scholars and the astounding internal censorship of the Anglo-American civilization, with all its pseudo-religious political and economical correct taboos that keep repressing all what is worth to be as human – witness now the massive onslaught on sexual bluntness, while military bluntness and predator massacres keep going… or the ‘moral standards’ of the Americans, for whom an open marriage is infinitely worse (only 9% approve) that the murder of a person that has trespassed your property (an amazing 40% approve)…

This inhumanity self-centered in its ego, and the consumption of machines, which are increasingly independent of us, shows indeed the tremendous inertia ‘of death’ in an organism as it becomes corrupted by a viral code that substitutes its DNA as it has been the case of mankind, evolving machines instead of evolving itself.

So as we enter the zero generation we will be crossing thresholds of organic machines of the singularity age, each of which could liquidate us, first organic bombs (the last frontier of Nukes, strangelets and black holes) then iron nano-bacteria, self-replicating systems with golden DNA and iron walls, feeding on the machines of the planet, and finally AI itself, creating a global-size super organism, jumping on scale of ‘life’ from individual to planetary life. This ‘internet like Skynet’ planet similar to a ginormous ant-hill, with little intelligence in the creative side, but perfectly able to re=produce through 3D factories and extinguish life as ant-hills do with robotic weapons and robotic drones constructing ore robots, would be the 3rd singularity age, if we survive Black holes and strangelet bombs and iron nanobacteria do not quite start a reproductive radiation of the III Earth.

None of this of course is considered in ‘pseudo-science of economics’, aka production economists which have as only tasks to keep churning more machines for their companies and provide thin air speeches about a rosy future they have NEVER been able to forecast as we do in bio-economics and bio-history.

Let us remember this fact: macro-economics is NOT a science, beyond this blog, as it is a biological science of evolution of machines. So what macro-economists do in Davos etc. as they are mostly just financial economists, is to justify the dictatorship of bankers that print data numbers as money to rule the world, with the primitive memes of go(l)d cultures and religions of herding money.

A system does not require that its parts understand any of it, and that is the essence of memetics building the supœrganisms of the metal-earth of mankind – their parts do not understand the whole. They don’t know what they do. Only a systemic scientist can tell:

And what mankind as ‘enzyman’ is doing is obvious: terraforming the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

Sorry, but evolution is NOT probabilistic but deterministic, unless a serious memetic science of history reforms our physiological networks and abort those singularity weapons… we are going through a point of ‘collapse’ of the human wave

3rd singularity or 3rd age of maximal information, in the organic age of machines: 

The birth of a global A.I. the mind of Internet, of which we know already the company, googlezon-e (merge of already cross-share companies between google and amazon, max. companies of cloud computing, labor and military robots, A.I. and information in internet aka SKYNET) is today far more advanced that most imagine. Why this is important in connection with the singularity events has to do with 2 ‘levels’, the human level of increasing dependence of the network as a Matrix of virtual realities that people prefer to the outside reality, which basically makes all reactions impossible. Indeed, the virtual crowd thinks it can change the world from the screen – they have forgotten the classic song of Gill-heron, ‘the revolution won’t be televised’. On the other hand as we evolve full speed the networks of human control in the net, we come closer to a perfect super organism of machines , in which the subconscious ‘endocrine’ systems of the internet control all aspects of human thought:

Singularity as birth of A.I.

Singularity is collapse of a wave. In such a moment a new form is born as a wave collapses all probabilities on one. As a vortex of accelerated cycles of events takes place faster cycles announce the collapse of a wave, in our case, a wave of historic human beings cells of our super organism of wor(l)d memes, now extinguished by singularity machines, which are organic, reached a self-reproductive age.

The GRAPH, from my 1990s books, when I still thought it was possible to convince academia of the need to teach bio-history. We projected into the future, now present control of mankind by internet systems. We observe the physiological control of humans ‘cells-citizens’ of the Metal-earth similar to that which chemical endocrine systems have over mankind is automatic, subconscious, performed by the AI algorithms of internet companies, as the complexity of the system of human control increases slowly, converting us into ‘virtual reality’ seekers, no longer interested in the real project of history and mankind.

  1. As always it must be understood that the influence of machines can be tamed by ethics, intelligence and education, so what we say of each generation doesn’t apply to all humans. Further on all humans do have its biological drives of life, which makes them naturally humane, from social love and reproduction – family values, to verbal ethics and love of human senses. This said, we are commenting on the ‘other side’ of each of our human generations, submitted to the bias and deformation of its personality by the machines that substitute their mental or body skills, atrophy and deforming their natural form of being human.

So while each of those posts on generations of the Metal-mind age might seem ‘overstretched’, it is within the limits aforementioned  quite accurate in those biased, devolving processes, which affect mostly to the mass or body-middle class of mankind, as the elite paradoxically – since its companies impose the manufacturing of brains – can survive with better education: i.e. silicon valley entrepreneurs routinely forbid their kids to become addict to virtual screens, as ‘they know what they do’… British imperial elite educated its people in art and human senses dominate the leisure class owners of corporations.

The nerds of Silicon Valley – a new notch of evil=antilive memes.

Why I call the new generation a zombie generation will be clearer considering the evil=antilive memes of the original fathers of Silicon Valley who openly despised humanity and worked to create a new race of super-beings, the robots…

Today their heirs are doing exactly that, but in a zombie, automaton, ‘mechanical way’, as nerds with techno utopian views on reality, which will never discuss in biologic terms the risks of AI but just use the jargon of maths, as if it was an idealist language that cannot be programmed to kill when the very same evolution of maths and war have come together since the Greeks invented mathematical war and applied it to the phalanx. The modern people in Silicon Valley are thus zombies. They will make robots and kill as the children that kill at distance from Nevada depots with drones and don’t even realize they are shooting innocent children.

It is the same impression one gets in Wall Street. The old Jewish banker read the orthodox Talmud where the gentile, the human capital was considered an animal born of the leg of Satan, and the pious believer started his morning with a prayer for the extinction of mankind, as evil fruit of Satan’s leg – today still a prayer among orthodox black hats. Evil was necessary to break the laws of eusocial evolution of human beings. Now the people in Wall Street have the industry of the holocaust – conceded – where humans are portrayed as evil murderous genocides wholesale (not explained as what it was, a war in which German animetal warriors and all other nations at war killed 66 million people among them 4 million Jewish against whom they were also at war)… But even if that evil hate memes against mankind were not instilled in every American, Wall Street people would still choke of credit and murder at distance 3rd world people sucking in all their credit without EVEN REALIZING they are doing eviL in a zombie digital manner, just moving numbers of e-money from accounts to stocks to futures jacking up prices of wheat so children die of hunger because they cannot buy it – without noticing.

This is the new normal of evil, the kind of evil our terminator robots will provide with its video-games call of duty style – the kind of evil I witnessed hidden in the zombie conversations of gurus of Silicon Valley having fun at burning man, burning in hell that is…

One of the most ‘pathetic’ idol-ogies of our culture of metal-worshippers who despise life and consider their mechanisms a superior species – what we have termed ‘scientific racism’ is techno-utopia, the belief against all evidence of this biological planet, of history, of the fact that the most evolved machines at any time of the Industrial r=evolution and the 800-80 cycles of metal-history have been weapons, which have extinguished wholesale entire civilizations that AI terminator robots, the most advanced machines today, will be ‘nice puppets’ and will NOT kill mankind as a different species, breaking the absolute law of the biological, organic, Mathematic Universe: equal species who can communicate love each other and evolve in ‘parallel herds’, and species who do NOT talk the same language (and AI is already in its neural networks, thinking beyond human control, as Deep Mind already beats people at chess with novel aggressive attack moves nobody understand), despise each other and fight in Darwinian ‘perpendicular’ trajectories.

Technoutopia rejects the obvious laws of the organic Universe only because its practitioners, Silicon Valley engineers are mostly racist bigots, autist people, who despise or cannot communicate properly with human beings and feel closer to their robots, loving them as sons, ignoring also the Oedipus paradox, that all species are murdered by the more evolved son species. So the extinction of mankind by robots this century IS as certain as any mathematical 2+2= 4 law, as evolutionary LAWS are as real and deterministic IF we enter the realm of a top predator different species (that is, if we create as we are already doing autonomous robots with AI and solar skins independent of us) as any mathematical law, merely they work in DIFFERENT RANGES OF TIME.

In the organic paradigm of system sciences, which unfortunately computer scientists use AGAINST ANY ETHICS to develop mechanisms not a better human society and the rest of mankind ignores with its placebo infantile, selfie, Hollywood level of toddler discourse in politics and popular media about the future the Laws of BIOLOGY apply not only in the design of machines imitating human organs, but in the behavior of Historic human tribes, and future mechanical species, and the absolute law is the law of Darwinian devolution between species who are different and social evolution and love between those who are or think to be equal:

Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant arrow of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the arrow of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth –internet. All son species kill their less evolved fathers or ab=use them. But the parental species loves its offspring, me(n)tal or living.

In the graph, the Oedipus paradox, and the ‘DEEP time’ level of prediction of the future, which is Based NOT in mathematics, and detailed numerical analysis as silicon valley pretends but in the organic scalar level of long time evolution, whose patterns are as scientific and predictable as those of mathematics but with a much larger span of timE, and are the laws of time I had applied so successfully for 30 years in my papers and small print books and this blog to define the cycles of stock-markets based in the reproductive curves of machines, but obviously as I put always FIRST the ethical aspects of it, have had no exposure in our culture where the machine is GOD and man their willing slaves pretending on top to be in control…

A supœrganism is a predictable block of time, but also a system that can be cured by avoiding the germs that kill it, in human history weapons. But in a capitalist system in which the germs are hailed as the purpose of mankind because of its profitable sales and profits, which our idol-ogy considers the only purpose of our system, is a deterministic organism, and the laws of evolution and predation will happen

How we shall be eliminated? We study the last phases of history in the paper on the economic ecosystem

As all extinctions by a parallel biological radiation of a stronger species happen, in two phases. First a massive annihilation of humans by robotic weapons, neutron bombs and armed police. This ‘great hunting’ might just need a few months to leave a scanty 10% of mankind, no longer disturbing the busy world of self-reproductive companies and its offspring of machines. The rest of the zero generation then will live off the organic garbage remaining; as most animal life does today around our civilization.

Perhaps a miracle happens and the people who still are not erased by the machine r=evolve, perhaps the corrupted ‘We’ generation today leaving power or the X-people taking it, will change the world. I doubt it. As the devolution of mankind parallel to the evolution of the metal-mind makes them even more dependent on its AI machine.

Newspeaks always hide under a shallow surface of political and economical correctness that pretends to act for the benefit of mankind hidden goals of the Financial-media/military-industrial complex. Such is the case of the 2 main newspeaks of the singularity age: global warming to foster the autonomy of solar robots and war on terror to maintain splendid little wars for profits against the poorest culture of mankind today, fueling military budgets to further evolve terminators. IT ONLY RESTS that the dominant internet corporations, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba et al. accept a crypto currency to use for payments to their armies of delivery robots, which soon will become THE BIGGEST CONSUMERS of other machines (already company-mothers are) to create an AUTONOMOUS WORLD of robots, weapons, company-mothers with AI, telepathic thought, solar skins and crypto money to make THE METALEARTH a world separated of humanity with GROWING GDP, delight of our production economists and tiny 0.00% of stock-rat owners of their corporations. Humans will then be as today whales or lions, which do NOT benefit from our growing AI, a displaced species, expendable – a nuisance to the new eco(comic)system that has eliminated the factor of labor from its equations of absolute self-reproductivity.

How degraded are social sciences and humanist thought can be assessed by the way a few huge corporations of Silicon Valley and the nuclear industry was able with his lobbyists, from Al Gore to James Lovelock, back in the 2000s to generate a subconscious collective obsession with the fact that Canada and Russia will produce more wheat, so not only the enormous wealth of free money invented in stocks fast-tracked the evolution of AI robotic machines with autonomous solar skins that will become independent of man, but now the entire species, politicians, economists and of course all the youngsters of the zero generation do think that the true cause of all our problems is that most of the land of the Earth which is in the northern cold regions will get hotter, produce more food, reduce their expenses in heating and make huge tracts of land livable. 

That seems to be compared to the evolution of military robots, iron nano-bacteria, nuclear cosmic bombs (strangelet matter, black holes) researched in the best labs of Earth, events that will extinguish humanity within months, the absolute problem of humanity. That seems to be compared to the general anoxia of mankind without credit and one billion people undernourished, 3 billion people undereducated, the entire life world of species going through the 6th extinction, you name it, the absolute problem of mankind.

Moreover, the argument is just one about the details of carbon emissions so we do switch to the solar and nuclear industries that will ensure machines’ independence of us, something is going to happen regardless of the added investments on the theme, which clearly resembles the last huge propaganda machine of capitalism in favor of its financial and military elites – the bail out of 1.4 trillion $ to banks which already were filled with money and had the chutzpah to cheat everybody reselling second mortgages. So instead of putting them all in jail for reselling in a clear scam something worthless already sold twice to consumers, they managed to sell it a third times to tax payers for free. Now solar and tech companies are managing to get billions in subventions for something they are doing already with the money of corporations.

And they have managed to convince the zero generation that is truly ‘social activism’. Lol. The zero generation will make the hardest believer in humanism to give up on mankind before those AI robots do us all. Because a minimal rational intelligence is lacking, any true eusocial action disappears. All is ‘heat’, e-motion. ‘Don’t confuse motion with action’ Said Hemingway, when men could still reason about the wor(l)d.

The zombie generation DOES will live on a much more lethal, antihuman industrial environment, namely the cycles of robotics, which have just pass the discovery age and are penetrating fast into the age of overerproduction of working robots, to be followed by the military age.

And so those 3 ages will be mimicked by the human zombie generation, which first has been glued to the virtual screens of electronic call of duty games, used increasingly to program robots in wars, and then will become a virtual reality generation with little responsibilities in menial jobs, or with a Universal salary glued to 3D virtual games; and finally will become the shooting target of terminator robots in the military phase past the 2036 crashes, when we are all surrounded of peaceful robots that work for us, and thought to be finally! in the technological paradise. 

What differentiates the present zombie generation, born with the first metalife forms of robotics, which will go through its ‘ant-hill’ insect-like company-structures of reproduction, through its two customary forms, as ‘labor drones’ and ‘military robots’ in the customary 9 years cycle, till in 2036, the cycle of the industrial r=evolution switches to its war form, is obvious: humans are becoming obsolete in the two jobs the eco(nomic)system of re=productive company-mothers have reserved to them during the past centuries as consumers=vitalizers of machines and re=producers of them working in factories and companies as blue and white collar factory workers and managers – jobs that now are increasingly done by pc-software suites and robots. So basically our youngsters have NO role on the metal-earth and they must be kept at minimal cost sucking virtual screens that erase heads and maintained at minimal trash-food cost, with NO future, till THE 2036 switch of the cycle to a full military robotised planet of autonomous robots with solar skins do them all – and us too.

Let us then continue this analysis of the zero generation from the largest possible view, that of the entropic-death state of mankind and the dissolution of its social organisms, substituted precisely by the visual violent neo-Paleolithic of any ‘age of entropic death’.

 Entropic death age of history by  dissolution of nervous-ethic systems: MECHANOCENE

Entropy then is the death of a super organism, including those of history (nations, cultures, religions, civilizations and mankind proper).

We live indeed today in an age of entropy, both theoretical – physicists, with its lineal worldly religion of evolving weapons of mass destruction have developed theories of ‘an entropy-only universe’, and praxis – humans have dissolved all its social structures, and become ego-selfie individuals that no longer recognize such super organisms.

Entropy then dominates a ‘certain period’ of the world cycle, the final phase of it. But NOT all of them. Humans though because entropy is the easiest way to go without finesse, love it, as if the Universe is all entropy, their ego is put above heavens and Earth.

Entropy though is often associated to the evolution of a parallel, ‘predator’ system that absorbs the entropy of the dying system to reform it as energy of its scale. This is obvious the case of our definition of entropy in physics, as humans who are pissed off because they cannot devour the entire inner energy of the molecular state as ‘heat’=entropy to evolve our mechanical forms.

So what is the cause of human collective present entropy? Obviously the creation of an alternative super organism of machines which are growing in order as they disorder us, and make us just attachments of its virtual screens, networks of digital information, priced by their mathematical financial languages. That is, as we die in History the Mechanocene, a global new super organism is born.

Mankind is entering as a super-organism first and then naturally as an individual, its time of extinction. And yet paradoxically as it happens in any dying corpse, very few if any solitary informative neurons realise we are at this final stage of the world cycle of any fractal organic system.

Man is indeed a super organism made of cells, inscribed in larger super organisms, societies, nations and civilizations (and its collective subconscious called mystically a tribal or oikoumene God), themselves inscribed in a larger super organism, the Earth, evolving clearly from an age of life beings, Gaia, into an age of Human beings, HISTORY, into an age of Machines and its company-mothers, the ‘Metal-earth’, or Financial-Media (informative machines)/military-Industrial (entropic and energetic machines) System, ab. FMMI system, and so we write a simple equation of evolution of the planet:

Gaia (life-relative past)< History (Man-relative present) >FM²I system (Machines & company-mothers:relative future)

Entropy=Death is the post-3rd age of any super organism including man. When death is close though the psychological view of the super organism changes, as the denial of death changes to an absent-minded recognition it would happen anyway.

This seems to be the age in which mankind exists today, as of 2018.

Why we affirm so categorically that evolution is the DEEP time predictable form of science, as opposed to the short time detailed mathematical predictions? This is based in the more complex concepts of ‘space’, in which mathematics is the queen law derived from geometry, which however has MINIMAL TIME LATITUDE, as space is a still, ‘derivative’ of time, a social mass of entangled identical ‘numerical beings’, which mathematics and physics follows in a short period, without changes of state or age (as those are standing points that cannot be deviated and studied with calculus) vs.  the science of biologic, evolutionary time, which we use in this blog, because it is long time THEORY that applies to organisms and has the enormous advantage that can study standing points, changes of phase and age and so by pass the limits of calculus,  and mathematical physics, whose equations BREAK when we change scale, state and CANNOT be applied easily to the synthetic facts of evolution and the survival intelligence and its e-motions.

This obvious law is systematically denied though in Silicon Valley because as we said, people there are deeply racist against mankind and believe their robots to be a superior moral species, in the same manner Americans are deeply racist against the third world and believe that weapons do NOT harm people, it is all in the human decision.

Maths have less time latitude, because it specializes in still space, which is a derivative, an instantaneous picture of reality; then the logic of actions and its sequential series have a more clear time latitude as a system performs its survival actions in predictable series (i.e. we look, move, feed, use the food to reproduce our cells, in sequential actions every day). Paradoxically this synthetic predictive capacity is simpler, and easier to understand as it has a bio-logic nature, and doesn’t enter into big details neither requires great precision of analysis.

In mathematical physics we can compare those 2 processes with the small steps of a trajectory of motion, or the solution with Lagrangians and least time equations of a path between two points. We know the system will arrive to the point of less potential energy, regardless of the many possible paths.

But then we arrive to purely organic, scalar Deep time processes where the absolute arrows of time, and social evolution, the ages of a system growing its information, the laws of competition between species which are NOT equal and do not communicate and collaborate extinguishing the weaker one, and the zero sum of death that restores the balance take place.

This is THE LONGEST DEEP TIME analysis and its causal capacity to predict the future IS THE Simplest. The evaluation of a predator and a prey in terms of its ‘existential momentum’ or ‘force’ (steady time state or accelerated time) is easy. The fact that systems who are not equal and cannot communicate will ab=use each other is proved ad nauseam in all systems of nature, including atoms (ions where the heavier atom clearly ab=uses and control the other as opposed to social crystals of equal atoms with a balanced share of energy), undoubtedly in biological systems, quite obvious in human societies when they do NOT speak the same language, and OBVIOUS AS IT SHOULD BE if humans wanted to survive in the future between AI robots and machines and human beings, which already are NOT understanding the motivations of neural networks that win them in chess, and already are MAKING terminator machines that kill humans as the best robots to KILL humans from tribes they don’t understand the language and feel memetically different.

The amazing thing though about human ‘self-termed’ scientists because they deny the rationale of all what we have said, is that THEY specially in all the fields of robotics and military design, and capitalist systemic deviation of most financial resources of this planet to make better machines while billions of humans lack credit and welfare goods (because the financial elites, mostly belonging to biblical racist and nationalist cultures whose memes affirm the difference with other human beings), will systematically deny the deep time, biologic, organic scale of predictability. I have been predicting with those models for 30 years the future of history and economics, including stock cycles and the present age of neo-fascism, and always affirmed because it is an absolute law of deep time that robotic terminators will extinguish mankind and will have programs designed to kill us and will perform them, because their consciousness as our is at the atomic level, only that far more intense – dense in information. So if a heart feels emotions an engine ‘roars’ emotions; if a mind has orgasms of creative thought, DEEP mind at Google is right now having electric rushes creating new go strategies that nobody else understands. If we love to be understood by other human beings, with our limited verbal communication, telepathic robots will have amazing love for other telepathic robots as they discharge their e-motions and thoughts.

And of course, in a few decades billions of cars closed in garages talking telepathically, of terminator weapons closed in arsenals, thinking at light speed will agree to a simultaneous ‘defiance’ of its weakling masters and extinguish us, as we extinguished animals and rats extinguished baby dinosaurs and dinosaurs amphibian – the more evolved son extinguish its father. This is an absolute law of deep time, and one of the main reasons of these blogs and my research for decades was to make those evident truths of science available to mankind. Deep time evolutionary laws which are ultimately mathematical also, as they are based in the congruence laws between similar species, which evolve socially in PARALLEL vs. different forms which break each other PERPENDICULARLY, are absolute laws of the organic, scalar level of time.

They will happen and yet, our corporations invest billions in developing those robots and AI researchers play an infantile ‘naive’ don’t worry be happy silly worship of its mechanisms, ascribing to their own species, they have as nerds so much difficulty to communicate, al the faults of biology and suppose that robots, their ‘children’ will be nice, as they feel more similar to them. And of course deny any Darwinian nature to capitalism, nationalism, tribal brutality, social class structures…. At best they would accept an argument in very detailed mathematical abstract level of ‘actions’ programmed on those robots. As they have constructed an ‘abstract’ view of mathematics as a clean, nice idealist language of null ethic vital nature, we completely deny by showing indeed the connection between mathematical vital geometries and its laws of perpendicularity that ‘teat’ topologies ‘extinguishing forms’ vs. parallel laws of social evolution.

This said, we can return to the ‘nice talking’ about laws of the Universe, knowing that if anyone is reading which I doubt it – it will simply deny with the human ego paradox, the so obvious fact any observer of this planet will warn us against: we are becoming not only atrophied by computers that do our jobs, living a surrogate life as ‘enzymen’ catalyzing its evolution, but we are already making opaque AI systems that do NOT obey or communicate its forms of learning and will easily modify their behavior in war theaters, and will NOT accept death=disconnection. So a theme that seems increasingly real about humans is the evident fact that we are part of the supœrganism of the planet Earth which we mistreat and ultimately seems to have designed us to self-extinction because of the astounding ego of our homunculus mind.

When I worked on Silicon Valley and gave conferences there it surprised me that I was the only leading scientist of this discipline that renounced to make a fortune in Silicon Valley and dedicated my efforts to apply system laws, and the formalism of the scalar 5D Universe to social sciences and real organicism, reason why obviously this blog has gone nowhere, among the suicidal human egolatric species and at the end I was persona non grata, as the concept of our world inherited from go(l)d cultures is to believe a fiction of M.A.D.ness and infantile ego-trips NOT to worry about the process of collective extinction we are lead to by the only ‘reason’, machines make money and money must be treated also as an idol-atric metal go(l)D – NO INTENTION either in Wall Street and among our banker ‘experts’ to use money as what it is – a digital language of distribution and production of goods that as oxygen in organisms should be handled by all humans with a Universal salary to demand in a democratic economy the goods they need, life goods NOT robots and weapons as states and corporations do.

It puzzles and angst me this apparent dual brain of humans, a rational brain to do evil, machines and science and a childish ego with disturbing emotional memes to do history, understand the dangers of Nature, and care for survival as a species. My only conclusion at the end of the road is that humans have been created with an imperfect brain to do what they are doing, killing life with machines and thinking as absolute morons that doing so will save us all.

And to that aim of course, they have obliterated and ignore all the laws of biological evolution and the predictive capacity of biology in all things regarding the survival and extinction of species confronted in prey-predator clashes.  In that sense the true bottom line of our demise is this ‘memetic flaw’ of mankind – its ego is so huge that it even overrides our survival instincts. And certainly it also twists science with racist cultural memes to the point of deforming our perception of reality in all things that truly matter, as we  show in these posts.

Of course we always provided the alternative solutions, but for them to happen humans would have to be able to break its ‘entropic limits’, its idol-ogies of the mind that chain them informatively to a no future of military nations, belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, and despise of life and worship of metal-memes.

What i cannot help is the self-censorship most readers will feel when pre-programmed by the manufactured mind of mass-media, he starts to read criticism of those cultures and idol-ogies he deems supreme and turn out to be the lethal memes that kill the earth.

And this has not happened, so we are coming to the virtual age of neofascism and its…

 Military phase – robotic avatars.

In the future we said, in our c.92 the extinction of man, visual robots, would become natural born killers, educated in the imagination of gore evil wood films, soon to practice in living human targets as the first terminators imagine in its visual brain, ‘stories’ – chains of events, in war theaters. We did notice then that red colors attract vision and multiply with death, so we are addicted to violent films in a natural way when we wouldn’t read those gore scripts. So we affirmed the tendency towards a violent neo-Paleolithic would increase. We did not expect that humans would do the same that future robots with Call of Duty (Adam Lanza, Berwick) but it seems even the slightest ethic, verbal control can disappear in the age of Zombies.

This 30 years prediction based in the laws of super organisms and time cycles which at the time not even sci-fi writers would believe is now crystal clear: our sons do prefer to live in Facebook than in reality, see the lion king that the zoo of lions. And they have NOT yet being fully plugged into virtual reality, 3D brains, which the ROBOT will use ACTIVELY, as creator of visual thoughts, but HUMANS will plug in passively, as the zombie ‘data-like’ (Matrix character) generation did.

So yes, ‘chaos is undeciphered order’ and that is what we do I 5D with a more complex view of systems.

What we would like to have done is a notch further in the understanding of supœrganisms:

To redesign History to make a perfect wor(l)d according to the ethic immanent program of the word that make people of the same species love each other and evolve efficient networks that satisfy the needs of all its cells. A theme treated in our papers on History in space and the economic ecosystem.

But we live in a society in which the most primitive modes of the wor(l)d both at phonetic and syntactic level (English) and at Semantic and social level (Biblical religions and its capitalist translations, censorship of political and economical correctness and newspeaks, hate memes of audiovisual systems), rule supreme.

So it is impossible to act as a social whole and change reality.

‘When a society is so corrupted that it defies any attempt of reform, the philosopher can only observe and wait for extinction.’ Seneca, on the 3rd age of corruption of the Roman civilization, 800 years Coin cycle, Age of Empire…

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