German engines:1857-29

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1.   The II Cycle: Electrochemical energy. Top predator nation: Germany. Evolutionary ages: 

Bodies: Youth: Energy                      Maturity: transport                               Third Age: Weapon.

Bomb (dynamite) . . . .                 Motor . . . .      Car/Air plane . . . .                   Tank/Bomber

Minds: Telegraph, phone—                                  Wireless Radio—                                       Military: II W.W.

1867—1883—1890—Crash                                                      1929-1936                                                                           —1971:104 years.

At the end of the XIX C. Germany, without a huge Empire to extend its railroads, dedicates all its efforts to the new electrochemical industries, discovering the oil and electric engine and all kind of chemical products. Therefore Germany will be the leader of the II Cycle of the Industrial R=evolution. The 3 generations of German national power will be again the discoverers, reproducers and weapon producers of those electro-chemical industries:

Founders,                                                                 Reproductive Maturity,                                    Imperialism and decay.

1864—                                                                1894—                                              1914—                                      1945 

Bayer,   Benz,     Siemens,  Lasalle,   BismarkWilliam,  Goring,   Hitler


Founding fathers: 

Modern Germany was born during the railroad wars, from 1863 to 1871, when Moltke used railways to move faster his troops from the Austrian front to the Danish one and then from the different war theaters of the Prussian-French war. The use of the first chemical weapons, breech-loading guns against Austria and dynamite against France, decided those wars. After its victory over Austria, now Prussia becomes the heart of a new Germany, no longer rural, made of multiple cultures united by the social spirit of Catholicism, as Austria was, but industrial, racially pure, in the tradition of the Old Testament religions of Chosen of Go(l)d. At Versailles, in 1871, a defeated France recognizes the new German Empire.

As Britain was in the I Steam Cycle, Germany’s II Cycle is directed by a group of determined leaders, Industry captains, forged in those Unification wars, who create in the Northern Rhine region a huge weapons and steel industry, only comparable to the one German descendants are simultaneously building around the Great Lakes in America, which adopt very quickly all the discoveries of the German electro-chemical industry, latter through the work of Edison, leading in fact, head to head with Germany, the electro-chemical cycle.

In politics it is the age of Bismark, who isolates England, now in its cynical, colonial age, with his pacifism, lack of territorial greed and sense of International justice.

His idealism is a grave error of Realpolitiks, committed by an inexperienced founding generation, proper of a new nation, happy just with its birth. Since, as the industrial cycle progresses, Germany, unable to expand its trade, due to the economic protectionism of the French and British colonial empires, will feel unjustly treated.

In that sense, Germany committed 2 fundamental errors that will change the course of history. After winning over Austria its unification wars, during the Founding Fathers’ generation, the German emperor didn’t take both crowns, unifying all Germanic people into a single central European empire, expanded in the aftermath of the victory against the traditional Austrian enemy, the weak Turkish Empire. Such empire from Istanbul to Hamburg, with one hundred million people, would have dwindled metropolitan England, making the Germans the absolute leaders of the II Electrochemical Cycle. But the human error of the German Emperor creates a smaller Germany, which never reached enough financial GNP power to substitute the British Empire, preventing the Mark from becoming the ‘top predator’ international currency that substituted the Pound. The US could have also taken global leadership, after the Secession war, when the ‘Hawks’ of the Republican party wanted to conquer Canada, with its one million strong army, coming out of the civil war, taking over the decaying empire. But, due to the indecision and simplicity of its drunkard president, Mr. Grant, America left untouched the economical, financial and military prestige of the British Empire. The second idealist error was the Berlin Congress, where Bismark distributed Africa among all other nations, taking for Germany the smallest piece of the colonial pie. Bismark even rejected Zaire, the heart of Africa, rich in metals, an enormous territory that would have made up for the lack of other important colonies, instead he gave it away to the king of Belgium.

So Great Britain becomes a paradox of economical history, during the 2nd cycle. Despite being a secondary nation in Industrial power, it still holds the biggest empire, repeating its cycle as the top predator currency, with rights to cre(dit) the future of the world, running unending commercial deficits in free pounds. Since the total GNP of the British Empire that gives the ‘ring of go(l)d’ is higher than theGerman or American GNP. That monetary privilege allows England, as it allows today America, to create currency and buy goods for free. This only intensifies the laziness of an outdated English industry in perpetual crisis, as the new electro-chemical engines are invented by America and Germany.

Hence, as industrial competence intensifies, the financial and colonial privileges of England and its partner, France, create resentment among the German industrial and political leadership leading them to I and II World Wars.


Re=Productive generation: 

Unlike England, a parliamentary society where industrialists form oligarchies that choose the best man to lead the government, Germany is in the hands of Prussian aristocrats, whose military spirit misunderstands the ‘game of money’ that now directs the world. So Germany continued to mismanage its political and industrial capital in the next generations. Soon the combination of a mighty, new born economic and military power and a declining warrior caste, lead by a boastful emperor, puts in the hands of the wrong people the best machine-weapons of the Chemical age. Now Germany, more confident, swings from excessive pacifism to an extreme military arrogance that scares its neighbors, France and Russia, who prefer to keep its alliances with England. The world chooses an old, well-known master, to a new arrogant one . . .

—So finally, it arrives a violent, cynical generation that transforms Germany, its transportation machines (cars and trains powered by diesel) and chemicals (dyes), into mass-destruction weapons—mustard gas, tanks and Holocaust trains.

Germany, alone against everybody else, looses 2 World wars that its diplomacy should have won, isolating England, its economic rival, 2 generations before, becoming allied with Russia, his ‘daughter culture’ and fighting in a single front. The Nemesis of such arrogant, incompetent military leadership that plagues Germany till today, when the country again menaces to destroy the world, as the leading contributor to the Black Hole factory, endorsed by its president, a neo-fascist physicist, is then Hitler, who once the war with France was won with the most advanced weapons, instead of driving the Wehrmacht down to Singapore and Cape Town, conquering the French and British Empire, opens the Russian front. The tribe of the Gods by the power of death never learn, nor has mankind learned how to repress their lineal destiny, as it permits, even subventions today their retarded attempts to understand the universe, building a black hole cannon here on Earth. The harder they fall…

Germany completes in this manner, in 2 World wars, the destruction of Europe, reaching its baroque military decadence with the Nazi movement, which is not an isolated fact of history, only seen as more evil because Hitler killed our white people…

= but a parallel age to that of Colonial Europe in the XIX C. and neofascist America in the XXI C. Indeed, the Nazi, German baroque is a warning to the present militarization of the economy and growing fascist treatment of the III World and their citizens within our own countries, submitted to increasing vigilance by the new ‘military weapons’ of the electronic age—surveillance cameras, robotized weapons and plane-drones.

The incompetent German leadership lets its best scientists, the Jewish-German physicists that invented the Atomic bomb to move to America. Meanwhile a German scientist, who invents the relay technology of binary computers, is ignored. He publishes his work in an obscure magazine, copied by the American ENIAC Team. So during II World war, the III cycle of electronic machines starts, when America calculates with the first computer the Atomic bomb and takes over Germany at the head of the industrial cycle. Let us see now those 3 ages of ‘the cycle of Germany’ from the perspective of the machines of energy and information that powered it.


2.   I Age: Youth: Discovery of chemical energy.

The 1850s and 60s, the 3rd, cynical, declining age of railroads, constructed for the benefits of war, coincides with the age of discovery of chemical energy, dynamite and oil, used first peacefully to fill kerosene lamps to illuminate the streets. During the overproduction crash of railroads, in 1859, in Pennsylvania, the first oil well is perforated, as oil is used for lamps and heating. In the Civil War, Rockefeller builds up his oil monopoly, creating the Exxon empire, latter broken in several companies that put together make up the biggest energy conglomerate of the world. Meanwhile, in Germany chemical industries take off. The discovery of anilines diversifies and makes cheaper clothes dying, changing colors and fashions, from the serious grays and long beards of the XIX C. to the bright colors and clean faces of earlier XX century. Chemical drugs, coupled with the development of the germ theory by Pasteur, improve the health of the new man, thanks to Bayer, BASF, ICI in Britain and Du Pont in America, with Germany as the unsurpassed leader. But as it happens with all dual fruits of the tree of science, chemical products are also weapons that kill. So chemical energy becomes a bomb with Alfred Nobel, who makes a huge fortune in the French-Prussian war, selling dynamite to both contenders. He will say ‘my factories will end all peace congresses, creating a weapon that will annihilate nations in a second’. Today, his spiritual heirs, the physicists that are constructing the quark cannon at CERN in Geneva, might realize within a year his prophecy, creating the ‘Singularity’.

Unfortunately, physicists are far less intelligent than the machines they worship; or else they would not put at risk as Mr. Nobel did, so many lives on Earth. Those information machines reached its chemical threshold during the steam age, advance now a step further with the discovery of electricity. It is the age of telegraphs that are first used to reproduce speculative money faster, thanks to the invention of the stock ticker, which sends up stock-market quotes through its wires and soon verbal news on the ‘I World Wars of Unification’. But the information machine that astonishes the world will be the telephone, invented in Germany by Reiss in 1861, 2 years after the drilling of the first oil well. Bell in America turned it into a mass-consumption product, in a familiar pattern, consequence of the black hole/chip paradox: Germans, the small, informative nation evolve first the product; Americans, the big one, mass-reproduce it.


3. II Age: Reproductive, consumer age: cars & radio.

Informative machines are huge, fixed by wires, as the Press was at the beginning of chemical information. But as technology evolves, they become smaller and easier to reproduce. So as the book became the press, wired electrical machines became wireless, when Marconi invented the electric radio. It will replace the chemical press at the beginning of the XX C. reproducing industrial propaganda in millions of simultaneous believers. It is the new mass media information machine. Meanwhile the train evolves into the mobile car, a smaller machine, no longer dependant on rail tracks, thanks to the oil engine.

It is in Germany where Otto, in 1876 discovers the gas engine, the gasoline engine in 1885 and Diesel applies the engine, in 1892, to bigger transportation machines. Around 1893 the diesel engine turns the first helix of a boat and gasoline turns the first engine of a car. The consumption, transportation age of chemical energy, an age of peace and prosperity, begins. Its youth lasts 36 years, since the first oil well opens in Titusville. The precision of the cycle, according to the generational cycles of human beings, is remarkable.

America and Germany surpass all other nations in the production of cars. Germany is the pioneer, America because of its immense Market, is the great re=producer. Daimler and Benz put together Mercedes that makes the first gasoline car. It is still the second biggest car company in the world. In America Ford becomes the most powerful industrialist. His lobbying power is so enormous that Henry, who is abstemious, is able to amend the Constitution and impose the dry law. In the zenith of their power, Rockefeller, the oil Mogul, Ford, the car producer, Carnegie who makes the steel for those cars and their banker Morgan, who absorbs the speculative money of the entire nation to the glory of the machine, replace railroad barons as the owners of America. Together, they control 20% of the total GNP of the nation and lunch in the House of Morgan, in 5th avenue. Morgan’s bank capital belongs mainly to Rothschild and other City bankers. They engineer the creation of the Federal Reserve as a private bank, owned by Jewish-Calvinist capital still today. To that aim Morgan creates the 1907 bank panic, which the Federal Bank, masterminded by the Warburg Brothers, a German financial dynasty, is supposed to avoid from then on . . .  When in fact, it only makes those panics stronger, as the 1929 crisis and the present one, caused by the speculative profits of the Federal Reserve and its cronies in Wall Street, prove.  In Germany the Deutsche Bank finances Mercedes and is still today its biggest shareholder, while the Krupp-Thyssen group make the steel and the weapons of all wars. He manufactures grease, no longer with sacred cows, as the British did in India, during the Sepoy revolt, but with fat from prisoners. In reward, the ‘socialist’ Adenauer gives him back his 1/2 billion fortune with the connivance of Americans, by then in-loved with the weapons of Nazi physicists.

Those titans change the fate of countries, since their lobbies dominate their government’s policies, directed now to make a world to the image and likeness of the car. In 1907, the Ford T initiates its mass production. In that decade the car surpasses the railroad as the main industrial engine of the American Economy. During that XX c. governments invest massively in the building of highways, as they did in the XIX century in railroads. Again it is Germany who initiates the process with Hitler U-Bahns. After II W.W., due to the enormous bribes of General Motors and Ford, the American government rejects all kind of projects to build subways in cities like Los Angeles, creating instead a very expensive, always jammed highway system. The priority of industrial nations is now the car not the comfort of the human being (it never has been), to the point that Robert Moses, a Jewish-American Czar of the highway industry, tries to race Manhattan to build a highway in the middle. A rebellion of citizens prevents the sacrilege. In the 1stcycle, Stuart Mill, father of utilitarism, had tried also to race the Taj Mahal to build Delhi, as he found no utility on true human art and beauty… subtle forms of the human spirit, which animetals never understand.

4.   III Age: the 1913 crash and I World War.

In 1913 the stock market suffers its first mini-crash that precedes the 1929, II Kondratieff crack, due to overproduction of luxury cars, steel and oil . . .  as workers still have limited consumption power and cannot buy the hyper-expensive Cadillacs of that age. Some data for US production: Between 1904 and 1910 the production of household, electric appliances multiplies by seven in volume. Between 1910 and 1914 there is only a 10% of growth. Steel production also falls during that year 1913, from an index 100 to 80 in 1914.

It is an impressive crash. But the following year the world enters the Great European War and those steel inventories are spent making weapons. Production rises elsewhere in the world. Was the economic crisis the real cause of the war? Beyond dramatic excuses, in this case the murder of a prince in Serbia, economic wars need the agreement of politicians and industrialists, which in a lobbyist, free market democracy have to ‘authorize war’. The Industrialists that make weapons to increase profits, the financial industry that credits war, the warrior politicians that seek power and finally the mass-media moguls, who convince the people that war is ‘all right’ to sell more sensationalist papers, are the 4 key elements of those industrial wars. All of them usually agree in lethal symbiosis to make war when war brings them profits and fame. That was indeed the case in 1914. The 1913 economical crisis made it profitable. Germans, lead by their ‘warrior politician’, Emperor William, already wanted to go to war in 1910, when a political crisis, due to African colonization, awakened his longing for a colonial empire. But German banks, on top of the consumption era, without economic crisis, refused to pay for it. However, in 1914 the Emperor asked again and the Jewish-German banks, in the middle of the 1913 crisis, signed a blank check. Krupp made the cannons. And the young people of Europe were consumed by them.

Then, in 1917, when America entered war against Germany, the wealthiest Jewish-German houses, anticipating its defeat, formed the Warburg Syndicate and took the gold reserves from Hamburg to Washington, where they bribed the Senate and founded the Federal Reserve. Their ‘experts’ and the Economical laws and financial instruments they have crafted for a century to keep inventing money, through speculative markets that impose a tax of higher prices on all what humans consume, are the cause of the present crisis and their reward has been a few trillion dollars and the re-election of Mr. Bernanke, pupil of Mr. Greenspan, both ‘People of the Treasure’, to direct the ongoing larceny.

The Jacksonian Financial Democracy, based in a Demand economy that allowed small frontier banks to emit money and loans to peasants and was responsible for the awesome life standard of the West during the XIX century, ended. Soon, only the new Plutocracy of Federal Reserve Banks, dominated by stockrats, would have rights to reproduce dollars. Basically what the Warburg Syndicate did was to buy the right toinvent the American currency to the Senate, following the essential strategy of go(l)d cultures, who seek to control the rights to reproduce money and then bribe with it their path to political power. This is what happened in America as the consortium of International Bankers used that right to lend money to cronies and speculate in the stock market, provoking the awesome growth of stock values of the 20s and thesubsequent 29 crisis. This new monopoly destroyed in the process what was undoubtedly the best functioning financial democracy of that age.

Morgan, known to be a figurehead that represented the Rothschild and other financiers from the City, obtained it for the Jewish-German Bankers, who brought the gold of Germany, at the end of the I World War to the US, triggering the murderous revenge of the Nazis, on the poor polish peasants, as always happens in history, where go(l)d and sword masters dish out their fight for power, massacring the innocent Jewish farmers of Poland and Ukraine, the Khazars, people of the Wor(l))d, who had nothing to do with Mr. Warburg.

Because those facts cannot be known, or else both, warriors and bankers should change their Go(l)d-Smyth culture, the myth that holocausts don’t have economical causes was built after the war, as if the cycles of action-reaction of the Universe, whose force are now building in America, could be stopped by hiding them. Denial of the cyclical process of history will never change their outcome, as 13 real cycles of greed and murder of the Treasure People show. Only a humanist economical system, which doesn’t hide the process of evolution of machines and uses money not for financial scams, or to fuel war and mass-media hate among human beings, could avoid the repetition of the II Cycle of Fascism, now in America…


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